– to the public, and yet so right in what he secretly did and ordered.

Most recent additions: World Government section—> Thomas Jefferson and The French Revolution. This article examines the leadup and background of the actual events that spawned the creation of the Order of Illuminati, how a conspiracy was built out of it to try and destroy Jeffersonians, and how that has been it’s use ever since – to hide the real evil-doers and misdirect onto the wrong people and situations. – October 21, 2017

It’s not what you think… In fact, so much so, that if you are looking for me to say the ILLUMINATI is “behind it all”? You are in the wrong place and will be sorely disappointed.

On May 14, 1977, Shelley Duvall performed a skit featuring a horror-movie style (think Night of the Living Dead) Moonie “deprogramming”… [read more]

I was checking up on a badly PR-positioned cite today and managed to track the thing down so I could see what it actually was about.

One of our readers brought up some interesting points based on both his personal experience and observations concerning homosexuality and slavemaster hierarchies.

A little birdie told me today about a recent article by the BBC from August 9 of this year (2017). It’s a real propaganda dog’s breakfast of…as Jacques Ellul puts it…slipping from the facts.

A hard to find reference now made easier for everyone to access. This is from the Catholic Encyclopedia published 1913…[read more]

What with all the hurricane activity lately down south in the Puerto Rico area, it reminded me that I have lots of fun research for newer readers to consider concerning what Hubbard was really doing in Puerto Rico back in the 1930s – as opposed to what the “approved” and “official” British and American intelligence apologists would rather have you believe.