Just when it seems there is no hope…

Another full-circle area of research done. See…[read more]

Specific Persons section additions – George Hunter White – The CIA Years; MKULTRA and UFOs – This library article covers George’s activities with the CIA, MKULTRA, and his peripheral involvement with James Phelan and Chadwell’s UFO investigation.This is the last of three segments. – May 20, 2018

In this third tactics section – Part 4 of the Field Guide For Whistleblowers and Truth-Tellers – we’re going to just focus on the tactics themselves. Stripped down and sorted as to type in a list form, meant to act as a handy reference…[read more]

Happy Friday everyone! Nothing a little good weekend reading. You’ll want to head on over and check out…[read more]

Hubbard never completed college, essentially dropping out. While there, he spent quite some time with Dr. White at St. Elizabeth’s where he developed a fascination for the mentally ill and “curing” man’s ills, of which he considered communism to be an “illness” just like he had been taught at so impressionable of an age…[read more]

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