Specific Persons section additions – Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman – Special note: This is an extremely comprehensive article detailing both the life of British intelligence/propagandist Charles Masterman and many, many of the tactics that he and his secret organization (and his Nobility friends) employed to cause both World Wars. This is a must read for any would be student of slavemaster tactics. – January 14, 2018

I was working on a library article and came across something…[read more]

The creator of the Star Trek series, science-fiction screenwriter and producer Gene Roddenberry, was also somewhat responsible for the creation of a lesser-known cosmology-based series called Andromeda…[read more]

This is about the ‘art’ of turning good relationships into toxic ones and its corollary of filling the void with actual toxic relationships presented as good ones….[read more]

So goes the words of Trithemius in Steganographica. (with a little slight poetic license taken from the original). He actually called such people that thought that books like his are about the Occult or “Magic” – turnip eaters. Meaning a peasant with a dull intellect….[read more]

In my as yet unpublished British Security Compendium Part VI (I’m working on it, never fear) there are some very relevant points to what is done even today with those falsely deemed unworthy of friendship, support, or even having anything resembling a peaceful life.