– Selling Victimhood and Anti-Identities –

Most recent additions: World Government section—Unification Church – A History Of Korea And The Unification Church That You Won’t See Anywhere Else – Part 1: Back Story. This article examines the enslavement and degradation of Korea by the machinations of Slavemaster ’empire’ building in the Far East and how the founders of the Unification Church fit into their schemes. – June 6, 2017

Sometimes, getting up above all the ‘noise’ is the best way to really see things in proper perspective.

I think that it’s important to clue people in on just how much anti-democracy is built into the very fabric of Scientology.

. Just a thought. (see comment below)      

Donald Ewen Cameron’s application to the Defence Research Board was dated April 17, 1948…[read more]

There was an interesting discussion buried in the comments of journalist Tony Ortega’s blog on June 9, 2017 concerning a new registration of Mark Rathbun’s blog as a domain name.