December 13, 2019 – Master Timeline #2 of  Thorvald A. Solberg – Meet the Man Who L. Ron Hubbard Says Tried to Make Him Do “Thought Reform”  fully updated with new sections “Special Oliver Field Section” and “Special Mini-Section on Leo Bartemeier”. Article is complete (for now).

We, the McClaughry’s, are spear-heading the announcement of the commencement of the real what comes next. In the coming years, every single scrap of paper, video, audio, internet and private documentation, notes, journals, logs, books, sworn affidavits, court filings, private and legal surveillance records, names, dates, and anything else of usefulness to the general public […]

When executing particularly parts 21 and 24 of the L. Ron Hubbard Intelligence History series, a strong sense of accomplishment was realized. In acknowledgement of that demarcation line we are now ready to move on. To what comes next.      

Here we are about 240 years after the American Revolution now and where are we?…[read more]

Sometimes you gotta just shake your head at the viciousness that shows up courtesy of sock-puppets on the internet…[read more]

This one is going to be quite a ride. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together….[read more]