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  • My book: Scientology Roots is here
  • My book: The Reckoning (for non-scientologists) is here
  • List of all additions to the Reading Library is here

If you’re looking for the blog posts you can find them here.

The most recent blog posts are:

For a listing of all additions to the library please see this post.

The most recent additions are:


What topic are you interested in?


Declassified CIA documents Mind Control
Scientology World Government
Religious History Specific Persons
Encyclopedia of the Bad Guys
The Basement – Just dox The Unrepentant
Persons of Vision and Courage
Encyclopedia of The Bad Guys The Reckoning
REAL History


Join the conversation! 12 Comments

  1. I can’t get to the table of contents which appeared previously. The “search” buttons seem to be circular. For example, I hit Religious History. “Catholicism/Christianity” appears in blue but only goes to one article. The Oriental and India buttons are inactive Help – lol

  2. I clicked on the above link and it still brings me back here – lol

  3. I got to the table of contents by hitting Books:Scientology Roots in Google. Whatever works, right? – lol – Thanks again to you and Virginia for an interesting and colorful blog. 🙂

  4. Aha! I wasn’t using the drop down feature correctly – my bad

  5. I wonder what to make of the Watergate Hoax book. The author seems to paint a picture of Hubbard rejecting the intelligence community and renouncing his reserve officer status. The impression is given of a pure Scientology.


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