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Books by Mike McClaughry

  • The Reckoning For Earthindex
  • Scientology Rootsindex
  • Brief Time Track of Fair Game Attacks Against the McClaughrys – narrative


New – The Liander Collaboration


Research by Virginia McClaughry

Note: If you’re looking for the blog posts you can find them here.

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  1. A New World Order from point of view of Russia – the world going to which place now?–19782

    • Hi Bbz. It’s obvious to me that any alliance between Russia, America and China would certainly be viewed as a bad thing by the slavemasters, except one that is a controlled opposition for setting up the “board” for WWIII. Perhaps even with “alien arrival” holographic projections (not a conspiracy theory, by the way) just to confuse things even more. Although that one is risky and I doubt they are entirely committed to using that level of accessing racial memory, especially considering that their real enemy might decide to show themselves as well. There ain’t nothin like the real thing, right?


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