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Including WHEN they Categorized Telepathy And Clairvoyance (Remote Viewing) as Schizophrenia – this may be THE most criminal and hypocritical conspiracy that you may ever see. Documented with their own books, it has continued for over thirty years of so-called “diagnosis” and “criteria” that they KNEW was false.


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I was contacted some time ago concerning a series of events that happened during November of 2015 at the private Facebook group called Outer Banks.


– to the public, and yet so right in what he secretly did and ordered.

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– or – How Scientology Works to Wreck any Real Activism against Crazy Psychiatric Methods, and a few other things to think about.

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The Abyss. Even the word immediately conjures up images of a deeply horrifying yet somehow fascinating level of existence.

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I was shocked, literally shocked, to see just how many websites, articles, books and so on (many by licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists) there are who advocate breaking up families.

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The only link that I’ve come across regarding any connection between the Atomic Energy Commission (Manhattan Project to create the nuclear bomb) and mind control interests was one that Arnie Lerma found.


With an Ozark accent, no less… Jon Storm is a stage name of Jon Randall McDonald. (Note: video is now working again. Had to be replaced after original uploader terminated their account for some strange reason – June 28, 2016)