William Dudley Pelley

This article covers some key aspects of the life of Pelley, including his involvement with forging quotes from Ben Franklin and Andrew Jackson, his role as intelligence operative and propagandist for the British and Vatican interests promoting World War I and especially his attempts to portray the real Russian revolutionists as “Jewish Communist Bolshevists” (they were not) and the continuation of that career evidenced in his pro-Nazi deep cover intelligence activities on behalf of British and Vatican interests promoting World War II, where he was used as a fall guy to stop free speech in America that opposed the War.

– published Sunday, 21 January 2018 –


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William Dudley Pelley

by Virginia McClaughry


Note: the primary research for this library article was first done and blog posted on 10 March 2013. It was titled: 1929 Article by William Pelley – Who WAS Pelley? and What’s He Got To Do with Andrew Jackson? I am now re-organizing and updating that initial research with the intention of creating a much more comprehensive article.




In June of 1929, an article by William Pelley was published in American Magazine at a time when James C. Derieux was the managing editor and Mary Derieux was the Fiction editor.

Mary, at the same time, also served a position in the ASPR – the American Society of Psychical Research. The ASPR was a branch of the SPR, the original British MI6 Intelligence front group founded in 1882 by men from what has been referred to as the Cecil Bloc, named after then spymaster family head Robert Cecil.

What I’m sure many people have no knowledge of is that William Pelley was also connected through a publisher called Gollifox to the infamous misquote “You are a den of vipers and thieves” of President Jackson presented in a book by Stan. Henkels Jr. – also in the 1920′s.

William Pelley has a long history of being utilized in various propaganda and intelligence activities of the British slavemasters. It is that history that we are going to examine in-depth today.

* * *


The Purpose of The Two World Wars


Although there are many examples that I could choose from, I am going to keep this simple and focus on just three. Three men, who make it clear what the purpose of the two World Wars was.

The first is George Brock Chisholm, and two fabulously insane lectures he gave. A collection of his and others lectures was put together by the William Alanson White foundation,and the intro to it is rather key.

The object of the William Alanson White Memorial Lectures is stated as the perpetuation of “the tradition of Dr. White in disseminating significant developments in psychiatry to the profession and in encouraging the critical utilization of psychiatric principles by those responsible people on whom largely depends the functional effectiveness of our democratic social order.

– PDF – Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – 1946


Democracy has now been turned into a social order.

As in social hierarchy.

As in having an American nobility.

Just as Thomas Jefferson predicted that Democracy would become way back in 1825 – in the hands these nutcases that we call the slavemasters.

…But this opens with a vast accession of strength from their younger recruits, who, having nothing in them of the feelings or principles of ’76, now look to a single and splendid government of an aristocracy, founded on banking institutions, and moneyed incorporations under the guise and cloak of their favored branches of manufactures, commerce and navigation, riding and ruling over the plundered ploughman and beggared yeomanry.

This will be to them [The Federalists – British front group bent on retaking America] a next best blessing to the monarchy of their first aim, and perhaps the surest stepping-stone to it.

— Thomas Jefferson to William B. Giles, vii, 428. Ford ed., x, 356. (M., 1825.)


That is what that term democratic social order means.

And who are the designated gate-keepers of this new order?

Psychiatrists and “Social Science” acolytes – both of whom practice eugenics to control said order.

Enter – eugenicist and psychiatrist George Brock Chisholm.


The people who definitely do not want to fight any more wars must promise annihilation to any nation which starts to fight and must be prepared immediately and ruthlessly to carry out that promise without parley or negotiation.

This involves the continual upkeep of widely dispersed atomic rocket stations covering the whole world and a continual high pressure research program to discover ever more efficient methods of killing to keep ahead of any possible competition. This must go on until we, all the people, are re-educated to be able to live in peace together…

to watch carefully for signs that any individuals or groups are becoming potential enemies and to kill them all ruthlessly before they can become strong…

– PDF – Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – 1946; George Brock Chisholm lecture titled: The Reestablishment of Peacetime Society, The Responsibility of Psychiatry originally given in New York City at the Academy of Medicine on 29 October 1945.


Do you know what they mean
by ‘anyonebecoming potential enemies?

burning question

They mean any person objecting
to being a subject under the British/Vatican New World Order.


They would consider that – that objection – an act of war because the person has not accepted the idea being forced on him by the British and Vatican slavemasters. The idea they want you to have is for you to be a willing subject in the their New World Order.

How to get you, trick you into being willing is the realm and reason for ALL psychiatric treatment; is the realm and reason for ALL propaganda of any kind or type delivered by any method or vehicle.

If they cannot trick you into being willing?

You saw what was said.



They have now defined their battleground.


There are many methods of killing, many degrees or levels of death (as any anesthesiologist will tell you with great aplomb). What perhaps you do not realize, or have ever thought of, is that there are methods that they consider to be killing your mind.

It was John Rawlings Rees, the first head of the World Federation for Mental Health, who in 1959 truthfully defined the actual battleground of the Slavemasters.

Unesco has naturally always borne in mind the phrase in its Constitution which runs:
‘wars begin in the minds of men’.

– In International Social Science Journal Volume XI, No. 1 1959, “By Way of Introduction” presented by British psychiatrist John Rees.


He should have specified which men…

The Slavemasters.


But there’s your true cause of War – ANY kind of War, be it mental or physical.

Whether it be killing you slowly or killing you quick – they mean to destroy anyone who opposes their idea.

To them, the war for the minds of men really is a war.

Literally right out of the mandate of the PSB (Psychological Strategy Board) and their top secret Doctrinal Program – Rees also specifically defined those who needed this kind of “killing”.

He said:

sick and deviating personalities

But, deviating from what?

Most especially anyone who was against, wanted to overthrow, or remove from power their order.

Harry Stack Sullivan was another psychiatrist who strongly advocated this kind of “killing” and World government – citing that these things combined would bring about a better world.

What did he think should be established to accomplish this goal?

I think that the peoples of the world would be less hesitant to become subjects of a world government eternally vigilant to maintain overwhelming destructive force, ready instantly to use every sanction and to destroy any who would again provoke war, if …it were certain that this mighty garrison state which would exercise sovereignty over every person in the world was to be but a temporary precaution to protect the helpless while men of good will would be working out a fully civilized way of life for the peoples of the earth.

– PDF – Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – 1946


Definition of Garrison State –

A centralized state dominated by military rather than by civilian personnel and policies, especially one whose military preparations threaten to convert it into a totalitarian state. A permanent military installation, a police state.

Sullivan was revealing the slavemaster idea of what their world government should be – a Police State exercising sovereignty over every person in the world. That is their true idea for their world government.

And then there’s World War financer Bernard Mannes Baum Baruch –

Who contributed the explanation for why this massive amount of killing to bring about this “better” world was all A-Ok.

The death toll of WWI, if you were to ask the average person, isn’t commonly understood to be as huge as it actually was.

The following figures are cited from The Longman Companion to the First World War (Colin Nicholson, Longman 2001, pg. 248); they have been rounded to the nearest thousand.

Casualties of World War 1

The same June 1929 issue of American magazine that carried Pelley’s disgusting “Life is to Find Out” article, also carried an even worse article by and about Baruch.

PDF – Bernard Baruch Future of American Business American Mag June 1929

[large image – click to see full size]

Baruch spends quite a bit of time promoting how great World War I was for the slavemasters.

For example:

“So we came out of the war, having vastly expanded our productive capacity and self-confidence. We came out a creditor nation, which might possibly have happened in twenty-five years of peace, but was actually accomplished in three or four years of war.”

BEFORE the war… Everything was fixed, curbed, static. Then came the war, tumbling over thrones, destroying feudal privileges, and wiping out feudal fortunes. The process went too far, of course, as in Russia, where the people experienced a rush of liberty to the head and attempted to beat economic laws that are as fixed and unbeatable as the law of gravitation. [Note: that is an extremely veiled attack against rebels to their plan that were branded “communist”]

But then he says something truly astounding.

But the great effect of the war, aside from its suffering and destruction of wealth, was in jarring dead brain cells into life, throwing people out of ruts, striking down barriers and chains, and giving hundreds of millions of people the right to look forward, to hope and to have.”

Killing millions of people was GOOD because it jarred dead brain cells into life??????? That has to be one of the all-time disgusting statements ever uttered.

What else did he say would never be allowed to happen?

Equal prosperity for all humanity.


– Bernard Baruch

Said ever so smugly…

He also was quoted as having this as his mantra –

“Let unswerving integrity always be your guide.”

I think it is safe to say that Bernard Baruch had no idea what integrity really is, let alone could be guided by it. His actions were guided by something far less noble.

He was involved with financing and profiting hugely from BOTH World wars.

Here he is pictured with fellow Rat Bastards (as my husband likes to call them) John Foster Dulles, Winston Churchill and Winthrop Aldrich. Baruch is second from right.

Baruch is what Idaho Senator William Borah referred to as one of the “few men” whose selfish policies and personal scheming were literally forcing War upon the world.

After the first time Borah had submitted an outlawry bill, In September of 1924, Borah engaged in a sort of newspaper debate with Robert Lansing on the subject of the Outlawry of War – especially anyone profiting from it in any way. (He even established a foundation for this Outlawry goal at the University of Idaho in 1929.)

William E. Borah –

We must bear in mind also that wars seldom come by reason of mass movements. They are the result of selfish policies and personal scheming.

…The peoples of the different nations were not responsible for the late war.

Had the peoples of the different nations been consulted, or even informed of the real facts, there would have been no war.

It was forced upon the world with all its attendant sacrifices and misery by a few men.

Lord Loreburn, ex-Chancellor of England, declared: “We went to war in a Russian quarrel because we were tied to France in the dark.”

Lord Hugh Cecil declared: “When war was decided upon, it was not decided upon by the House of Commons, or the electorate, but by a concurrence of ministers and ex-ministers.”

The Outlawry of War: A Debate Between Robert Lansing and William E. Borah September 13, 1924; originally published in the Indendendent as a response to an article by Robert Lansing.


Guess who was one of the first people (1923) to harshly criticize the outlawry of war? Walter Lippmann – the C.F.G. Masterman and British Intelligence lapdog. It’s practically a seal of approval that you’re not on-board the Slavemaster train, to be attacked by that man.

slavemaster seal of disapproval

He even tried to marginalize Borah by saying ridiculously puerile things like this: “Like the universe and like the weather the only thing to do about Borah is to accept him.

You can practically feel the hand-wave there trying to act like Borah was so easily dismissable.

Borah? He’s like the weather. Never mind him.

Let’s just say that it didn’t turn out to be quite that easy to dismiss Borah.

Now that you have an idea of the kind of people that William Pelley was in the sway (and the pay) of, let’s move on to what kinds of things he did for them and their war is great! psychosis.


The Early Years


So who was William Pelley?

Well, that’s a very interesting story. The non-fiction kind!

We’ll start with the usual.

Born on 12 March 1890, little William Pelley grew up in poverty, the son of William George Apsey Pelley and his wife, Grace (née Goodale). During his formative years, his father was a Southern Methodist Church minister.

Too poor for most schooling, Pelley mostly educated himself, until he was chosen to be mentored by a slavemaster “recruiter” who steered him towards a career in journalism. He was only 12 when he was first spotted, he then purchased a used hand press with the help of a loan from his father. In pieces, he had to assemble it in his father’s barn in his spare time. Once completed and working, he began to publish a small newspaper for his classmates called the Junior Star.

Moving on to his high school years in Springfield, Massachusetts – he started a magazine:The Black Crow but in 1907 his father moved the family to Fulton, New York where he had been offered an executive position at a toilet paper factory.  A somewhat inglorious profession by some standards, still we find our young Mr. Pelley taking a position there himself where he eventually becoming the treasurer and general superintendent. (William Dudley Pelley: a Life in Right-wing Extremism and the Occult, by Scott Beekman, page 9)

Once graduated, however, by 1909, as editor and publisher of Philosopher Magazine issued in Fulton, New York, he was fully on-board with the Round Table and Vatican warmongers, pretending to be a proponent of propaganda that rejected patriotism and called Jesus “comrade Christ”.  (Testimony of Robert B. Barker, Investigator for the Special Committee on Un-American Activities, August 28, 1939, before the House of Un-American Activities Committee, page 4184; Hollywood and anti-semitism: a cultural history up to World War II, By Steven Alan Carr, page 119)

Not too obvious at all in his pretend pro-communism schtick, now was he.

The Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer, Volume 32, May 1910 listing

The Philosopher’s Magazine is a monthly periodical issued on the 25th of each month by W. D. Pelley, Fulton, N. Y. It contains essays on desultory subjects of varying interest, from racial prejudices to common-sense talk about success and what wins it. There is philosophy and idealism in this slender periodical, guiltless of illustrations. Occasional poems and pertinent excerpts are included. The publishers aim to discuss social, civic, and religious subjects sanely and simply. It is new mental meat for the alive business man who thinks. Single copies, 10 cents ; $1.00 per year.

In the 1929 introduction to Pelley’s Seven Minutes in Eternity article reprint, he has a curious way of characterizing what a Bolshevik is, ie: as a rebel against authority. He also talks about the above publication that he refers to as a “brochure” magazine. (whatever that means).

In the years between fourteen and twenty-two I became a smouldering little Bolshevik against every kind of authority — particularly against religious authority which had apparently sanctioned these injustices against me — and picking up the rudiments of a denied education by permiscuous reading, I went far afield from accredited Christianity. No need to clutter up this article with the books I read, but at twenty-two, in a little town in northern New York I was publishing a brochure magazine of heretical tendencies. Not exactly atheistic but holding few illusions about the Scribes and Pharisees who wail loudly in public praying places and who take good care that their alms are seen of men. I had discovered myself possessed of a certain facility with iconoclastic language, no censor, and the courage of my ignorance. Fresh from a wry, lonely, misunderstood childhood, cluttered up psychologically with the worst sort of New England inhibitions, revengeful that I had been denied social and academic advantages for which my hunger was instinctive, I proceeded to play a lone hand and Make Things Hot for several goodly people whose only indictment was that they represented Authority as aforesaid — and especially spiritual. I know I made existence rather annoying In Eternity for a number of representative ministers of the faith who saw life as through a glass darkly along with myself but weren’t blatting about it as I was. On maturer perspective I should have been spanked — or educated — but all the theological misfits in forty-eight states and a couple of foreign countries were soon buying my magazine and my twaddle was piling up to give me much heartburn later when I came to see that I took out on God what I should have taken out on an inhibited environment.

Seven Minutes in Eternity, book form 1929

The 1932 version that I found is a bit different, it kind of leaves out some of the rather more revealing narrative points, but gives more specifics regarding other papers he was writing for.

I was sixteen years old when I joined my father in his northern New York factory making tissue-paper products. Five years
later. on reaching my majority, the business had grown to such a point that I had become General Superintendent of a plant employing 103 men. When unfriendly elements secured control of the concern, freezing father and me from its control, I went into newspaper work. I became feature writer on the Springfield (Mass.) Homestead, I was night-man on the Boston Globe for western Massachusetts, I founded and ran the Chicopee Journal, I sold this first paper of mine to purchase the Deerfield Valley Times in Wilmington, Vermont. I sold this second paper to work for Gov. Frank E. Howe on the Bennington Banner.


Printing Trade News, Volume 46


Just before he was hired on in full-on wartime propaganda capacity, for 3 short years he tried to “have a life” – or at least look like he was – with his wife, when from 1912 to 1915 he worked at the Wilmington Times.

published by the Pelley Publishers, Asheville, North Carolina, 1939. (ebay listing)

“He became a feature writer for the Springfield (Mass.) Homestead, then the night man for the Boston Globe, and ultimately owned the Chicopee Journal, Deerfield Valley Times and Caledonian-Record in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.”

It was in 1917 that John M. Siddall took over the American Magazine which had declined to having only a handful of subscribers compared to what it had previously. It was literally dying on the vine when Siddal began an aggressive campaign of looking for and recruiting new and easy to direct writers. As American was going to serve as one of the British slavemasters propaganda organs regarding the War, this was an important first step.

Siddall tasked his staff to be on the look-out for any hitherto unknown but promising writers, and one day his managing editor (Derioux) brought his attention to a story submitted by Pelley, entitled “Their Mother’ and that was it. Pelley was signed to his first contract which brought him a national reading audience. (The Millenarian Right)

Pelley describes this time (albeit rather briefly) –

While on the Banner, I began writing fiction for the national magazines. I was making highly profitable strides as a fiction writer when I bought the St. Johnsbury Evening Caledonian. (Seven Minutes in Eternity, book form 1929)

But then? He was almost immediately tasked with something far more secretive, something that would mark and mold him for the rest of his life – he got recruited into intelligence activities.

I had run the Caledonian only a few months when I was solicited by the sponsors of the Methodist Centenary Movement
to go to the Orient on a layman’s survey of Foreign Missionary Work. When America entered the war, I got into khaki in the Far East, becoming a Red-Triangle man with the troops in Siberia and impromptu consular courier. (Seven Minutes in Eternity, book form 1929)

In late 1917, Fred B. Fisher, a Methodist bishop from New York, traveled to St. Johnsbury to make a proposal to Pelley. At the suggestion of Dr. Earl Taylor, a director of the Methodist Centenary Movement and a reader of American Magazine, Pelley was chosen to survey the Methodist missionary movement in the Far East. The proposal, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation, offered Pelley transportation plus a year’s compensation of $5000 to write of Methodist missionary activities in Japan, Korea and China, returning home via the Holy Land and Egypt. (The Millenarian Right)

We’ll come back to these events in a separate section as there’s much to be said about who these people are that tasked Pelley, but essentially thus began Pelley’s secretive era, where he is actually doing any number of things as part of intelligence-work, including working for the CPI at Hollywood. This had begun before he even left the U.S., with Pelley helping out the war effort in several ways.

* * *


Before Pelley Goes To Russia

So, now, what was the CPI?


I give a fairly in-depth description of it in my article World War Propagandists – A Vignette but I’ll just give you a more condensed version for the purposes of this article on Pelley.

On April 6th 1917 the United States of America officially declared war on Germany, joining the Allies against Germany and Austro – Hungaria on the Western Front in the First World War, which had been on – going in Europe since 1914.

The CPI – aka the Creel committee – was created to “protect the control and management of American society” by “a technical elite who would serve established power”. The Wilson regime’s ministry of propaganda and manipulation immediately identifies the basic methods by which it will control the minds of the American masses: appeal to emotion while largely ignoring truth or logic, replace facts with symbols, demonize the “enemy” and promise a war which will “make the world safe for democracy”.

It was of great importance that America should be represented not merely as a strong man fully armed, but as a strong man fully armed and believing in the cause for which he was fighting. (Creel 1920, p. xv)

Let’s just say they didn’t exactly do a bang-up job, and the British intelligence Round Table guys took things over and taught them thar “mericans”, parenthetically speaking, a thing or two about the right sleazy way to do propaganda.

Prior to going to Russia on assignment, Pelley helped out in the U.S. wartime Division of Films, which, now under the direction of the British, ensured that the war was promoted in the cinema. The film industry suffered from a well-deserved rather gutter level sleaze reputation, and producers sought respectability by lending wholehearted support to the war effort.

Hollywood’s mood was summed up in a 1917 editorial in The Motion Picture News which proclaimed that “every individual at work in this industry wants to do his share” and promised that “through slides, film leaders and trailers, posters, and newspaper publicity they will spread that propaganda so necessary to the immediate mobilization of the country’s great resources.”

The CPI was on the job!

Movies with titles like The Kaiser:The Beast of Berlin, Wolves of Kultur, and Pershing’s Crusaders flooded American theaters. Get a load of some of these puppies!



The Kaiser:The Beast of Berlin

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Wolves of Kultur was a 15 episode serial starring Leah Baird and Charles Hutchinson. Here’s a clip from episode 1: The Torture Trap found in the internet archive.


Pershings Crusaders was the first supposed war reporting film.

Pershing’s crusaders–Auspices of the United States government. Library of Congress Summary: Poster showing Pershing leading troops, with spirits of crusaders floating above. LOC Notes: The first official American war picture, taken by U.S. Signal Corps and Navy photographers. Date Created/Published: 1917.



So, wow, eh?

Besides doing his bit in Hollywood contributing to the above types of things for the CPI, Pelley also does his part to help out the propaganda effort in other ways. By this time, he had developed a particular penchant for targeting his propaganda writing at American women.

An example story he wrote in this time period was, “The Toast to Forty-five” included in The Best American Short Stories of 1918, pp. 200-222 which was a piece Pelley had written for a snag-rag called The Pictorial Review.

This Pictorial Review, was a magazine that first showed up in 1899, originally designed to showcase dress patterns of William Paul Ahnelt’s American Fashion Company. By the late 1920s it was one of the largest of the “women’s magazines” and by June of 1931 it had a circulation of 2,540,000. In 1936, the publisher sold the magazine to its Vice President, Adman George S. Fowler. In 1937 it merged with The Delineator, another women’s magazine. Two years later it ceased publication.

That was just one example in 1917/1918, of how Pelley was helping to propagandize World War I. The story that he wrote for this magazine is typical Pelley, filled with many examples of degraded versions of Americans, our history and the usual hysterically trite “messages” that American women need to learn.

Here’s another example of the type of “flat” or literary propaganda being pushed during World War I at that same magazine– a page from the July 1917 issues of The Pictorial Review.

The image pictured is a copy of a painting by Marion Powers called, The Girl I Left Behind Me. This was created and then juxtaposed with a song that was often sung during World War I whenever a soldier would go off to war or during this period of time whenever a man had to leave his girl behind. In the magazine, the lyrics to the song are written beside the painting.


About those magazines


Particularly the American magazine, has a very important intersecting connection point that Pelley has so we need to get into a little background on that, and a couple other magazines.

Let’s start with Collier’s.

Brief History of Collier’s

Peter Fenelon Collier was an Irish Catholic immigrant who left the company he worked for in 1875 to form his own book subscription service producing books for the Roman Catholic market. this move led to to the formation of the company P.F. Collier’s and Son. In April of 1888 he published his own magazine called Once A Week sold in conjunction with the bi-weekly Collier’s Library series of popular literature, and that was would would be renamed Collier’s Weekly in 1895. It was advertised as a magazine of “fiction, fact, sensation, wit, humour, news”. By 1892 the magazine had achieved a circulation of 250,000 putting it among the top weeklies. In 1893, the advent of half-tone photoengraving revolutionized publishing because the cost of reproducing illustrations and photographs dropped. This nurtured the creation of a further element to assist British Slavemaster propaganda aims – that of visual impact propaganda.

Robert Joseph Collier (Peter’s son) assumed editorship in 1898 upon graduating from Harvard. He hired James H. Hare, the photojournalist (Hare’s photos would be a big part of the magazine’s “success” at the beginning of the twentieth century); and then Norman Hapgood as editor in 1902. Within a few years, Collier’s began what some call its muckraking phase.

*muckraking – The action of searching out and publicizing scandalous information about famous people in an underhanded way.

Collier’s was a major source for visual propaganda, often highlighting vivid drawings from Maxfield Parrish. Collier’s also featured articles by Edith Wharton, Winston Churchill, and so on.

Maxfield Parrish – Ecstasy

Collier’s magazine first big breakthrough would come under Robert Collier’s stewardship. The “breakthrough’ was in photojournalism – when Robert sent photographer Jimmy Hare to Cuba with writer Stephen Crane in 1898 to cover the slavemaster sponsored Spanish-American War. (See section on the Spanish-American War in What IS A False Flag Operation? )

Hare’s photographs of the wreckage of the U.S.S. Maine, which exploded in Havana harbor early in The Turn of the Screw’s serial run in Collier’s, and his continuing coverage of “the Cuban crisis” established Collier’s as one of the most up-to-date sources for images of the war. Hare’s photographs—were nearly all taken by the newly developed “pocket camera”.

Peter Collier died on 24th April, 1909 and his son fully took over Collier’s Weekly. When Norman Hapgood left for Harper’s Weekly in 1912, Robert again became the editor. Circulation continued to grow and by 1917 circulation had reached a million.

Robert Joseph Collier died on 9th November, 1918. In his will he left the magazine to three of his friends, Samuel Orace Dunn, Harry Payne Whitney and Francis P. Garvan.

They sold control to Crowell Publishing in the summer of 1919. Under the terms of the contract Crowell would publish the magazine and all the books formerly published by P.F. Collier & Son. In the spring of 1920, Crowell Publishing Co. was incorporated in Delaware as the successor of the New Jersey company. By 1921, Crowell owned the majority of common stocks in P.F. Collier & Son.

In 1914, Colliers had begun emphasizing the “serialization” of novels. One of the other magazines underneath the Collier/Crowell publishing empire was The American Magazine, the very same magazine that William Pelley first came out with his story “Seven Minutes in Eternity”, in 1929, which we will be getting into later.

Pelley was continuing in his role as slavemaster propagandist, in fact following right along with the next-gen spiritual propaganda being dutifully carried out by another Robert Collier, Peter Collier’s nephew who founded Robert Collier Publications.

Robert Collier (born April 19, 1885 and died January 9, 1950)

He wrote a book in 1926 entitled The Secret of The Ages, which sold 300,000 copies during his life. In it, are quite a few of the concepts that L. Ron Hubbard took and put into Dianetics and Scientology. Collier’s books have recently been brought back to prominence from being referenced in the hokily skewed metaphysical movie The Secret.


* * *


Pelley Goes To Russia – Via Japan

Spy and Propagandist, Part One: Covers

Leaving Hollywood for Russia in 1918, he was officially one of the Committee on Public Information (CPI) reps in Russia, primarily Moscow and Vladivostok.

References: Records of Committee on Public Information commissioners at Paris, Rome, Madrid, The Hague, London, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Lima, 1918-19. Records of Committee on Public Information representatives in Russia, primarily in Moscow and Vladivostok, 1918-19 Records of the Committee on Public Information Archives.gov

He was recruited by British military intelligence to spy in Russia and assist the White Russians during the Civil War – at the same time as he was officially working for the CPI and the State Department.

His cover was essentially two-fold.

The first was that he was “studying Protestant missions” around the world on behalf of the Methodist Centenary and for the Y.M.C.A. – both are well known to have been used for intelligence covers for quite some time by when World War I rolled around.

The second was to use his established history as “reporter” or “writer” as a cover, quite common during this time period (especially with British intelligence operations). He said under oath that he was a foreign correspondent for the Saturday Evening Post.

These two combined gave him plausible deniability for why he was spending time in Russia, the Balkans, Turkey, and assorted other European locales during World War I.

It was when he was “helping” the White Russians (while spying on those labeled Bolsheviks) he took on a third and fourth cover – that of Red Cross worker and YMCA missionary thereby adding extra layers of “deniability” to the mix.

That YMCA one is particularly interesting because of that organizations clear connections with both British and Vatican slavemasters front-man Frank Buchman (who would form the Oxford Group and later the Moral ReArmament) and with the equally slavemaster-driven and highly secretive Japanese group called the Genyosha. We’ll be exploring those connections a bit further in the next sections.

To read much more about the White Russians, the Bosheviks, and how that was all mostly total bullshit and how the real agenda was about stopping rebellions from spreading and blocking slavemaster world domination plans, please see these reference articles:

That last article noted – Casimir Pilenas – is particularly relevant to this time period when Pelley was tasked to spy. So much so, that I think it’s worthwhile to excerpt at least one portion of this great article, so we’re going do that now.

The British, together with the Vatican, kept changing their propaganda about who was the supposed “enemy” during this period.

Excerpt –

In 1914 Wickham Steed moved to London to take over as foreign editor of The Times.

Just in time for their planned war – WWI- working directly for C.F.G. Masterman through Milner’s other man in The Times – Geoffrey Dawson – to plant whatever propaganda articles that the Slavemasters wanted in The Times. Steed would later be the man who first publicized The Protocols of Zion.

That, is a very, very, nasty connection there, ladies and gentleman. It absolutely proves complicity on the part of British intelligence to rally later attacks against the “enemy” – The Jews.

The same complicity on the part of British intelligence of rallying hate against the “enemy” of Communists/Bolsheviks and “international anarchists” as they were then calling them, prior to the lets-attack-the-Jews now operation that began in 1920.

It was Wickham Steed who first broached the Bolshevist/Jew change of propaganda angle, in an editorial he “wrote” (as in approved writing) for the Daily Mail on 28 March 1919. In it, he “accused” the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George of betraying the White Russians because of a plot by “international Jewish financiers” and the Germans to help the Bolsheviks stay in power.

Remember, that kind of fomenting up the public against “the Bolsheviks” was entirely a British intelligence operation. On recommendation of Wiseman – because agent Sydney Reilly would help to foment the war conditions the British so desired – Reilly had been “officially” tasked into the SIS in March 1918 and posted to Murmansk with the codename “ST-1”.

His task was to foment resistance “against” the Bolsheviks.


That is over a year earlier than Steed’s article.

—end excerpt


There’s lots more in that library article but at least now you get a pretty clear idea of that the propaganda was shifting from labeling the big bad ENEMY as “international anarchists” to “Bolsheviks” to “Jews” all during this same rather condensed time period.

All of the above, of course, were labelled by the Vatican and the Brits as communism – and we have already well-documented what a crock that is (in numerous places here at the blog) but it is very important that you understand the slavemaster code word of “communist”.

For over two and a half centuries now, it has been used to degrade and stigmatize anyone who even vaguely followed in the path of the American Revolutionists.

This is what Pelley is being groomed in as a doctrine during this time (and he fell for it hook-line-and-sinker). This is what he would spend his entire life doing – helping to suppress rebellions by misleading people with parallel and false doctrines through propaganda.

Comes under that “kill” idea we talked about in the Two World Wars section.

* * *


Why Russia?

and why Japan, for that matter.


What the heck is going on in Japan/Korea and Russia that William Pelley would even need to be sent there?

An excellent question, and before we get into what Pelley was doing there I’d like to bring in a little back history taken primarily from my comprehensive article in our Reading Library – Unification Church History…part 2.

OK, maybe not so little, but to get the full impact of what Pelley’s role is here, there really is no way around at least some study of key historical points revolving around these geographical areas.

The two factions of slavemasters, British nobility and Vatican, despite their outward appearances are not so different as you may have been led to believe.

They share one very important thing in common.

They must rule. We must work.

Britain’s big “thing” is that THEY need to control everyone elses foreign relations. This goes back to their whole “we are the only ones capable of controlling the “Balance of Power” schtick – which “God” put into their hands.

The Vatican’s big “thing” is that Priests-and-Kings must rule the world under “God” which goes all the way back to the days of the Nesilim (NOT the same as the Nephilim).

Both of them prefer humanity to stay in a pastoral, nine-to-five, do your work and don’t complain medieval kind of state. We’re too stupid and fluffy to do anything else, you see.


The Catholics promote what appears to be a strong penchant for medieval fiefdoms.

From the Jesuit initial founding documents –

…sending abroad a large number of those who have talent…armed with sound Catholic teaching, they could return to their lands and help their fellow countrymen.

Gaining the Heart of Prester John: Loyola’s Blueprint for Ethiopia in Three Key Documents by Matteo Salvadore


Just what are some examples of “sound” Catholic teaching? Let’s look at some very representative examples that have not changed in over 500 years.

#1 Never rebel against your “rightful” rulers.

never to resort to violence in defending their own cause, nor to engage in riot or disorder…

– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891


When work people have recourse to a strike and become voluntarily idle…such paralysing of labor not only affects the masters and their work people alike…The laws should forestall and prevent such troubles from arising…

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


#2 – Be A Good Slave

… be content with frugal living

– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891


Especially needful, however, for the present situation is the shining example of a life which is humble, poor and disinterested

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


They rule. We work. See what I mean?

This is not different than the British, they too were part of that model. The ONLY difference, and it is slight, is that their modern view is industrial and corporate workers in addition to the humble, poor and disinterested farmer workers. They simply added the apparency of an extra “class” of slaves or peasants, if you will. With better plumbing, if I may joke for a moment.

In all seriousness, there is NO difference in their mentality.

Not the part that matters anyways (and is most problematic for humanity). They are extremely duplicitous, and work very hard nowadays to try and trick people into thinking they are free (hile at the same time telling them how they have to work to be free.

You gotta love the utter irony there in that one.

Historically, they both use “freedom from slavery” as an outer recruiting tactic as well as a weapon against each other (when they are having one of their snit attacks) but also against people and countries whom they are targeting.

For example, in the pre-history section of my Unification Church series part 2, you read about that the British and Vatican were behind (ultimately) agitating to “free the black slaves” in America. This was done purely as an attempt to undermine and split our country. You know, ye old divide-and-conquer.

What’s their real view on slavery?

William Reade in 1872 Martyrdom of Man

Enforced labour is undoubtedly a hardship, but it is one which at present belongs to the lot of man, and is indispensable to progress. Mankind grows because men desire to better themselves in life, and this desire proceeds from the Inequality of Conditions…

Meanwhile, 18 October 1960 clearly marks in time a point when they were happily exploiting Chinese slaves (and building into treaties the use of). Convention of Peking point #5: British ships were allowed to carry indentured Chinese to the Americas where they replaced the labor of recently freed slaves.

While Britain is using President Lincoln to cause the Civil War over slavery to get going in America, they are forcing thousands of Chinese into slavery and sending them to America!

Practically as soon as he was in office in March of 1861, the new American President, Mr. I’m freeing the slaves! Lincoln sold out America to the British. He gave them the right to rule our foreign affairs in Japan, Korea and China. Making us a British colony again in one fell swoop.

That was the same year that over in Korea, spiritual leader Choe wrote On Propagating Virtue (P’odok Mun), where he taught about the need to become a gentleman and sage through following the Way (the Mandate of Heaven – meaning spirituality in its highest sense) and about the equality of all men and women. He wished to do away with slavery.

See why Britain wanted control of the foreign affairs in that area? They didn’t want another America.

Please understand that by 1864, the British would control over 90 percent of all trade between Japan and the West, and yes. That included America and its guns the British were accidentally on purpose convincing the Japanese that they ‘needed’.

They used their humiliation and their fear like a whip at their backs, in order to lure them into arming themselves. To do what? Mostly to crush Korea, actually, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

They were counseled (from helpful little skekses agents from within) that they needed to ‘redress the military imbalance‘.

Arm yourselves!

What this was really about, was taking away military power from the hands of a hereditary class of samurai. Sadly, a number of the samurai actually fell for the cheesy British-and-Vatican driven propaganda of sonno joi, which means revere the emperor, expel the barbarian.

And so, on May 11, 1863 the “War to expel the barbarians” begins as the deadline for the expulsion of all Westerners is reached. Rebel ronin (master-less samurai hired by the Brits) fire on foreign shipping in the Shimonoseki Strait off Choshu Province and assassinate Shogunate officials and Westerners, including the English trader Charles Lennox Richardson. (Craig)

See how that gave the Brits what they could now use to drum up support for exerting ‘firmer’ control over Japan?

Egads! It’s an atrocity!

That we planned, but never mind that little detail.

“A handy rule for arousing hate is, if at first they do not enrage, use an atrocity. It has been employed with unvarying success in every conflict known to man.

– Lasswell, 1927 Propaganda Technique in World War, You can view the 1938 reprint at Hathitrust.


Know what else happened in 1864? The Koreans were influenced to execute Choe. Accusing him, of all things, of being Catholic!

Choe had provided Korea with a spiritual teaching but government officials feared – with a little “helpful’ whispering-in-the-ear from the slavemasters – that his religious movement presented the threat of a popular uprising against their unbridled corruption. And so…’the throne’ approved his execution, which took place by public beheading in 1864.

He had elected a replacement before he died, Cho’e Sihyeong, and he continued and took the entire movement underground for the next 30 years.

After destroying independence movements in both Korea and China that year – interesting definition of ‘foreign relations’ they have, yes? – the Brits weren’t done yet over in Japan. They weren’t satisfied with the results because not all the samurai were ‘with the program’ yet. Takamori Saigo (Satsuma Clan) gets brought out of exile to train (and corral/occupy) Satsuma warriors who might get revolutionary ideas in their heads if they weren’t properly ‘channeled’.

With what Choe had been doing over in Korea, what might you imagine was the FIRST target for Japan’s new ‘imperial’ ambitions – which are run by the British, remember – might be?

Yep. Korea.

In 1877, with the encouragement of the students of his private school in Kyushu, Saigo organized the Satsuma Rebellion against the government he had helped to restore – it should be obvious to you now why.

Saigo Takamori (seated, in Western uniform)
Surrounded by his officers, in samurai attire.
News article in Le Monde Illustré, 1877

The government in Tokyo – which really meant the British/Vatican – became concerned that Kagoshima might become the center of a samurai rebellion and ‘took some steps’ to deliberately aggravate the tension. The purpose was to escalate matters before Saigo could a: gain any more followers and b: gain arms and aid from China, Korea, or even Americans sympathetic to what was happening in Japan.

So, on January 29, 1877, while Saigo was away on a hunting trip, a group of his supporters attacked the Kagoshima arsenal. Saigo hastily returned and very reluctantly agreed to become their leader.

See how that works? That’s exactly the result that was intended by the British. He is now forced into a battle he could have been much better prepared for.

Just for a little context here, it was right about now in time (1877) that Cecil Rhodes is at Oxford and decides to form his very own secret society to unite the Anglo-Saxon race and bring whole world under British rule. He wrote a little manifesto which he called “confession of faith”. This is extensively documented in my reading library article about that, but here’s a quote from it:

Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire? What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible.

It was also right about this time that the Brits and the Vatican decided to activate their controlled opposition movement – communism – over in America due to the ‘unrest’ of the population after the TOTAL DECIMATION of the country by them during the Civil War.

In 1876, the Workingmen’s Party of America formed in Newark, New Jersey advocating the works of Karl Marx – the puppet-man that they had brought to prominence during the time of President Jackson. Within only a year, a name change had taken place (the better to cloak what it really was) and it became known as the Socialist Labor Party or the SLP.

That’s actually quite important, because…

Socialism in America was essentially unheard of prior to this time.

Socialism hardly existed at that time in English-speaking countries…

The History of the Fabian Society by Edward R. Pease


In the 1.2 section Part 2 – 1880-1893 of my Unification History article, just 4 years after communism gets activated in America, Japan becomes the great pawn of the British and Vatican slavemasters. They were used to bully China and Korea with all those lovely guns that they had ever so helpfully been provided with.

The Black Ocean secret society was formed in 1880 to do exactly that.

Originally formed as Kayosha – just 3 years after Satsuma clan of samurais were defeated by the government, this is basically the beginning of the rise in power of what is later knows as the yakuza – the Japanese Mafia – but here is where history needs a reboot, a rather overdue correction.


Because of what this group was originally.

Kotaro Hiroaka was a wealthy samurai and mine-owner (Chikuho region) who it is said was a former follower of Takamori Saigo. What he formed was called the Kayosha “Turn to the Sun Society” and it advocated the establishment of a national assembly and a people’s rights program.

You know there’s going to be trouble when you see people’s rights being promoted, and sure enough? Infiltration and a split was engineered almost immediately by many of its more corrupt members, such as Toyama Mitsuru and Ryohei Uchida’s uncle.

It was these that broke away to form the Genyosha or Black Ocean Society with Hakoda Rokusuke as its first President until his death in 1888.

So here we go again, what was a great idea and more in keeping with the actual spirit of the West (Jeffersonian democracy) gets split off and ever thereafter everyone and their brother is promoting the idea that Hiraoka was the start of the Genyosha – and all it’s corrupt and heinous activities – when he was NOT.

Note: This is exactly what was done with Yong Do Lee’s movement. A bunch of corrupt crazies formed a church (Jesus Church) in his name even over his protests and even now we have people who have been made to believe Yong Do did it still promoting that false idea! (See Part 1 of this series).

So now we have that same British-controlled Japanese government backing a secret society that “recruits” masterless samurai to do it’s dirty work to “spread the influence of Japan through Asia” aka China, Manchuria, Russia and Korea.

Which wasn’t really Japanese influence at all, get it? Those were all areas of British and Vatican interest, but it was really Korea that was the focus. Even its Japanese name reveals that fact. The Japanese name, Genyosha, is derived from Genkai nada (the Black Ocean) for the strait that separates Kyushu from Korea.

The split-off of Hiraoka’s society happens with Genyosha7 (Black Ocean) formed as an “unofficial” organization with the main goal of…wait for it…taking control of Korea as it’s first task.

And that’s were Hakoda Rokusuke takes over as its new President and Toyama Mitsuru, as a founder, comes into play gathering up and using rather less than noble – ahem – Ronin to act as enforcers for the new Genyosha.

“Lean and hungry samurai were still hiding from government forces in their caves and mountain fasts when the word went out from Genyosha…Bearded and ragged, but still tough and defiant they slipped into Fukuoka and quietly inquired…

While never named the official leader of Genyosha, Toyama Mitsuru became known as the “Genro of the Ronin.”

Toyama Mitsuru’s specialty was working behind the scenes, literally creating the role of the modern-day kuromaku. A term from the Kabuki theatre, it refers literally to the “black curtain” used to disguise scene changes, and has come to mean a behind-the-scenes ‘godfather’ of Japanese politics. (Junas paper #5 p. 3-5)

It is no accident that he was referred to as the Shadow Shogun

Toyama at the time of forming the Black Ocean Society

Toyama provided the financing for Genyosha having amassed a fortune speculating in the coal mines of Fukuoka, primarily because of his contacts with powerful overseas firms (I suspect Jardine & Mattheson, the British opium lords) as well as having many contacts with the Zaibatsu (big capitalists) that controlled the Japanese economy. Toyama also financed Genyosha through gambling, prostitution, extortion, opium smuggling, and pornography.

He had his fingers in all sorts of intelligence ‘pies’, anywhere from naive Korean revolutionaries, anti-Manchu nationalists in China, Filipino rebels, White Russians, and anti-British groups in India. Toyama offered these groups financial support in exchange for political intelligence, which was then passed on to the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) and the Foreign Office – which in turn ended up in British and Vatican hands.

A tidy little arrangement.

Almost as one of the first things that he did, he sent 100 agents into Hankow China to ‘set up operations’ – meaning one of those “Halls of Celestial Delights”.

They used these bordellos as intelligence organizations, which turned out to be their most successful operation. Established throughout Japan and in Hankow, Shanghai, Tientsin, and Pusan (Seoul, Korea) and throughout Sinkiang (now the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Northwest China) and in Russian-controlled Central Asia, they were called Rakuzendo “Halls of Celestial Delights” and proved to be one of the most successful of the Black Ocean activities.

They targeted the usual British/vatican hate list ‘political’ problems. When the victim was in great debt or trouble, Black Ocean agents would step in with loans to bring their victim under control.Their bordellos also acted as safe-houses for Japanese agents in the region.

Basically, those that could not be bribed were seduced with prostitutes and narcotics within Black Ocean brothels. Those that could not be seduced were intimidated with blackmail. If necessary, Black Ocean would dispatch thugs, often recruited from organized crime – the yakuza – to beat up their opposition. And if that failed? Assassination.

I doubt it will surprise you that they patterned their organization of the Genyosha after the Jesuits.

His agents formed alliances with some of the Triad Sects, such as the ones that Wen Bing-chung (B.C. Wen) and New Shan-chow (S.C. New) as well as Soong, were involved in through the same prominent Catholic family they all married into. The same family that traced back to being the first Jesuit supporter in China – the guy that helped the Jesuits fabricate Confucianism. (See Why China article).

In the 40 years of its shadowy, cloak-and-dagger existence, the long hand of the Black Ocean Society could be found in wars and revolutions, the assassination of a queen and the abdication of an emperor, the murder of prime ministers, the overthrow of cabinets, the intimidation of statesmen, the annexation of foreign colonies and the operation of extensive overseas spy rings.

Then there’s Russia…and what Helena Blavatsky’s cousin Sergei Witte was doing. An organization that he had helped found (you can read about it in Unification History part 2) spawned the creation of what would soon become Russian intelligence – the Dobrovolnaya Okhrana in October of 1881.

One of its initial areas of intelligence penetration was Hankow China. You know. Where Mitsuru had just sent 100 ronin to ‘set up operations’ – meaning one of those “Halls of Celestial Delights”.

This same year (1891) those 100 agents that Toyama Mitsuru (Black Ocean) had previously sent to Hankow, established the Tung Wen college in Shanghai to train future espionage agents to spy in China. THIS CONTINUES TO OPERATE UNTIL THE END OF WORLD WAR II.

It was just the next year, 1892 that Sergei Witte was promoted to being Minister of Ways of Communication (Railways), then again promoted (that same year) to Minister of Finance. Now becoming the most influential minister in the government, he then abandons his “slavophile” so-called position and posturing. He begins overtly making deals with who he has really been working for all along – the Slavemasters – to “industrialize” Russia.

Sergei Witte

Please remember that this man has been and still is ALLIED WITH THE MEIJI government and the Black Ocean Society…and he will play a key role in the upcoming planned wars – especially the war coming up here in 1904 that Jacob Schiff will be tasked to finance.

Speaking of which, let’s fast forward to 1901 when the Genyosha sub-group called the Black Dragon or Amur River Society was formed with the support of Toyama Mitsuru. It was led by Ryohei Uchida.

Please note: the name Black Dragon Society is actually an inaccurate Western interpretation of their name. The Chinese characters for the Amur River are translated as Black Dragon River (or Kokuryukai in Japanese), thus Westerners have incorrectly labeled this group the Black Dragon Society.

This became the Japanese “shadow government”. Main target – Russia. Ah but what part of Russia, because don’t forget now…Sergei Witte was allied with the Meiji government and was the Finance Minister of Russia, completely in bed with the slavemasters – that was the “real” government.

So why is Russia being targeted?

Two reasons. One, to take down its monarchy, the Brits didn’t want anyone left but them and the Netherlands, and two: because, as usual, there was an actual American-style independence move afoot. Which was NOT the “Bolshevists” by the way, and neither were they communist.

The other reason is that the slavemasters were afraid of even the possibility that the people of the two countries, Russia and China, who completely out-numbered the rest of the “world” put together, might stage a revolution. Hence, Russia had to get “locked down” under the guise of becoming “communist” before China could recover, following that in the 20th century with the final China lockdown culminating with the installation of Dictator Mao in 1950.

This was the task of the Black Dragon Society – to help facilitate this “New World” order or structure, so to speak. Outwardly, the Kokuryu-kai stated that, in the words of Ryohei himself:

its aspiration was to ensure lasting peace in the world, at least in this part of the world, which it wishes to be saved from any ruffle of disturbance-a peace in which justice and humanity reign supreme the ideal of civilization, but not a patched-up peace in which everything is stagnant and calm on the surface alone, nor a false peace which is used by aggressive nations as a cloak to hide their dire designs.

…It is hardly necessary to mention that the Japanese, including the Kokuryu-kai members, had no aggressive designs, as has been recognized by the intellectuals of the world.

…Thus, the Kokuryu-kai was formally organised in January 1901, for the purpose of formulating a plan to ensure lasting peace for the Far East…17

Peace, peace and more peace – through WAR, you understand. Just some slight cognitive dissonance there.

Uchida had been trained as a judoka. It was said that he was the fiercest fighter in practical, street fighting judo, and no one could best him as a young man. As a youth, Uchida joined the Genyosha nationalist group and soon became the leading disciple of its founder, Toyama Mitsuru.5

Toyama and Uchida soon became an ‘unbeatable’ team.

Toyama mapped out the policies, while Uchida directed the operations. Singly, each man was impressive and powerful in his own right, but together they made an unbeatable pair. They sent literally hundreds of their followers to Manchuria and-Siberia as secret agents. (Blood Brothers: The Criminal Underworld of Asia, Lintner p. 152)

Back in 1895, the Genyosha became a significant ‘patron’ of the martial arts – which means they paid for the promotion of them, schools, etc. which they used as intelligence fronts. For their ‘special’ status as strong arm squads for the Japanese “shadow” goverment, they needed more recruits and the schools provided fertile ground for that endeavor as well.

Mistsuru tasked Uchida for another operation, sending him to Toyogo Univerity in Tokyo to establish a special espionage school dedicated to studying Russia and Russian. While there, he continued his martial arts work, training at the Kodokan where he established a special relationship with shihan Jigoro Kano. Ryohei achieved the rank of go-dan.

Together with Jigoro he then founded the first judo dojo in Kyushu called Tenshikan in 1897. It was headed by a colleague of Uchida named Hyozo Chiba who later became the first instructor to visit the U.S. to teach judo. 5

Kodakan High Ranks

Front row l-r: Ryohei Uchida, Kamasaburo Lizuka, Sakuzo Uchida (younger brother) and Ikkan Miyakawa.
Back row: Isogai, Nagaoka, Jigaro Kano (seated) Yoshitsugu Yamashita (taught Pres. Teddy Roosevelt Judo) and an unidentified man.

Fast forward to 1903 now, and in less than a year Japan and Russia would be at war. Ryohei Uchida was in Vladivostok, Russia – exactly where William Pelley is going to be going later on here.


Uchida had formed the first overseas judo dojo as part of the “Vladivostok Resident Association” (ウラジオ居留民会 Urajio Kyoryūminkai). Japanese government documents seized during WWII show that even though it was supposedly disbanded in 1912, it continued to operate clandestinely until 1920, when most Japanese in Vladivostok returned to Japan.

This was the secret headquarters for the spy activities of The Kokuryu-kai (the Black Dragon Society) in Russia.

It was actually already a Black Ocean (Genyosha) front, it just shifted under Uchida and the Black Dragons. From that location their agents could observe much of the Russian military and naval movements.

If you look where the red arrow is on this map pointing to Validivostok, you’ll see why that was.

The dojo was run by six hand picked men by Ryohei Uchida. Their job was to specifically cater to young Russian military officers by exposing them to the new Japanese art of judo and hopefully gain access onto the military base under the guise of instructing officers in judo.5

The real reason the Black Dragons were formed was because the Genyosha group was starting to be found out about a bit too much so this was a way to re-shield that organization, but it’s definitely true that it’s first task was as detailed above – begin operations against the Russians in Manchuria.

The Black Dragons began to seriously penetrate the region with its intelligence agents of all kinds, shapes and forms, placing a large number in Manchuria and Siberia before war broke out.

From the beginning, there was a feeling of patriotic duty and romanticism concerning joining the Black Dragons and acting as one of its agents. While expenses would be paid for agents operating in the field they received little or no other financial compensation for their activities. The secrecy surrounding the group would be maintained all the way up until the 1930s and even then only just a little information leaked out.

The group became so powerful that all military attaches abroad had to be cleared through them. Uchida also pressured the War Office for an increased military presence and intelligence-gathering capability along the Mongolian border with Russia.

Toyama Mitsuru’s political influence guaranteed the safety and success of the new organization and it grew to be the largest of Japan’s secret societies, eclipsing the Black Ocean (which was the plan). Toyama never officially joined the Black Dragons but he didn’t really need to. In the closed world of the genro, Mitsuru’s position as an advisor and patron until his death in 1944 meant that he was still the true power and “mind” behind the organization.

By the time February 8, 1904 rolled around (the start of the war) the Black Dragons had gathered intelligence showing detailed troop strengths and locations, as well as logistical networks. Japan essentially knew more of the Russian strengths and weaknesses than the Russians did – due in no small part to the fact that Sergei Witte and Russian Intelligence, the Okhrana (which he and his uncle had formed) were working very tightly (and secretly) with Lord Melville and British Intelligence.

You certainly can’t accuse the Brit and Catholic slavemasters of not knowing what “buttons” to push to motivate people. Using the Japanese and Russians to incite both sides of a Jewish conflict in Russia, had to have them snickering in their chambers at night as the death toll climbed. They hated all those they considered “inferior” races – and they called the Jews a race which they weren’t.

While at the same time?

This ‘conflict’ is prompting Jewish-man Jacob Schiff of Temple Emanuel and Felix Adler’s Ethical Culture Society (intelligence front group) to finance millions of dollars of Black Dragon operations to break Russia. That would be billions and billions in today’s money.


It’s kind of sad really, to see people of the Jewish faith get so emotionally and spiritually manipulated by a False Flag operation such as the Bolsheviks and “Jewish pogroms” was – that Schiff helped sell as true to his own people.

What a betrayal.

But that’s the special quality, what makes them the worst of the worst, that the Vatican slavemasters bring to the party. The Brits tended to go after co-opting the body and the minds of people, sort of the more tangibles. But, the Vatican boys? They went after body, mind AND SPIRIT.

And that’s the worst of the worst.

Jacob Schiff, then the head of Kuhn Loeb, takes “great delight” in floating a spectacular 200 million dollar bond for Japan to help them war on Czarist Russia because he is “angered and infuriated with the anti-Semitic pogroms and policies of the Czar” – thereby cementing the slavemaster world domination plan (over the Jews too) into place.

Even if you wanted to try and claim this mans’ ignorance over what he was really supporting there in Russia, about the best you could say about this is that he got suckered, not to put too fine a point on it.

And guess who get assigned to conduct the peace treaty with Japan on behalf of Russia?

Sergei Witte – covert slavemaster agent extraordinaire. You know, the same guy that had been secretly allied with the new Soshi-Ronin provided Meiji government of Japan for the last 40 years or so.

On 29 July, 1905, Sergei was appointed Chief plenipotentiary of Russia for the purpose of conducting a peace treaty with Japan at Portsmout, N.H. Sergei is then rewarded for his duplicitous betrayal of Russia on 5 September, 1905 by being made Prime Minister of Russia with President Roosevelt right in the thick of things. THIS is what makes it possible for Japan to become a World Power.

Sergei also gets made a noble, a Count, due to his role.

He was now officially elevated.


Probably the least understood by most people, but the most important thing to come out of this “peace treaty” was Russia “recognizing” Japanese hegemony in Korea.

What’s hegemony? Leadership or dominance, especially one country over another.

So, out of this “war” any ideas of being a Jeffersonian-inspired independent nation by Korea? Were crushed. Ground into dust by American, British, and Vatican forces. Which is really just British and Vatican forces controlling American puppet presidents at this point.

Side note – Also right at this time, Sergei’s intelligence agent cousin, Helena Blavatsky, was bringing in Theosophy as the newly-fashionable cult of the St. Petersburg intelligentsia, including trapping in some of the real Jeffersonian type rebels and directing them (misleading them) into leading the totally wrong thing – the revolutionary Bolshevik movement.

So now we know what that was really all about too.

The really horrifying part of this is that all during this time Korea was pleading, literally begging for support and help from the United States. Repeatedly! (Project Eagle p. 10)



That’s just GROSS.

Guess who else shows up in this nasty stew of slavemaster elements?


Soon to be a major Korean betrayor himself, Wild Bill Donovan’s interest in Asia began this same year, 1905, the year of his graduation from Columbia University which coincided with the Russo-Japanese War that sealed Japan’s conquest of Korea.

In that year he won the George William Curtis Medal for Public Speaking with an address entitled “The Awakening of Japan.” (Project Eagle p. 90)

The awakening?

By crushing Korea?


The U.S. government stood aside as these events occurred, acquiescing to Japan’s protectorate and annexation of Korea.


Well, because remember. Lincoln had handed over our Foreign Affairs to Britain – so it is goddamn Britain that is behind this. NOT America.

That was why President Theodore Roosevelt, the little British bitch sycophant (that he acquiesced into becoming) had already “decided” – more like was orderedto recognize Japanese domination of Korea.

The United States closed its legation in Korea after Japan established its protectorate in November 1905, and except for consular activities on behalf of American citizens, U.S. government involvement in Korea ceased until the end of the Second World War. (Project Eagle p. 11, 12)

Roosevelt literally betrayed the entire American country, its ideals and its Founding Fathers when he left Korea hung-out to dry like that – millions died or were tortured or forced into slave labor under Japanese hands. Homes and families were torn apart and Korean woman were forced into prostitution to serve the Japanese men’s “needs” as Comfort Women.

Roosevelt deserves to be called this –

and this too –

May he burn in hell.

Such cold-blooded cruelty is practically unfathomable the depths to which these greedy ball-less men like Roosevelt will sink.

Under that kind of devastating betrayal, psychologically Korea was like a woman who had just been gang-raped. Glazed, staring-eyed, barely able to comprehend their circumstances, when in November 1905, with victorious Japanese troops occupying the country, she (Korea) signed a treaty that yielded control over its foreign affairs, making itself a protectorate of Japan.

See that foreign affairs part? Well, we know who that means. The fricking Brits. Again.

Little did Korea know, but they had just become part of the British Commonwealth of Nations (whether it was “put on paper” or not). And what, pray tell, did our other half of the slavemasters, the Catholic representative in Korea say, about all this? Oh yes.

This –

…he did not think much of the Japanese colonial government, he also had little faith in the ability of Koreans to govern the peninsula effectively. …Koreans were a ‘‘slothful people who just go along with fate and should be governed by someone else’’ (Mutel, July 14, 1907, 4:167–168).11

Remember that, you’re about to see William Pelley forward that exact same propaganda line.

Fast forward to 1919 –

When Japan crushed the March First Movement in Korea (the one that Yong Do Lee was part of where they actually made a Declaration of Independence like America) this vicious crushing was then used to get the groups of Koreans in Shanghai and Vladivostok to “resolve their differences and unite” – and there comes the solution part of problem-reaction-solution – and all the little rebel kitties were now totally locked up in a trap with invisible walls.

Bad kitties – thinking you should have independence without us.

The Korean Provisional Government, with its headquarters in Shanghai, right where Black Ocean has one major spy school and base, and where both the British nobility and the Vatican are power-enslaving away with the Soong family in the drug trade, and Vladivostok where the Black Dragons had anther big spy base and were working with Jacob Schiff and the Temple Emanu-El British Ethical Culture op being run on people of Jewish faith to keep them busy going nowhere fast.

You know, with the accompanying “The Messiah is Coming!” deviationist cult approach to trying to corral in some more rebel kitties.

I’m sure that’s all just a coincidence.

The Korean Provisional Government claimed to be the legitimate government in exile of the people of Korea, dedicated to the overthrow of Japanese rule and the reestablishment of Korean independence. It initially became the rallying point for Korean nationalists of all ideologies from around the world. In September 1919 it selected Syngman Rhee as its first president. A Christian convert educated at Seoul’s leading Methodist school, since his release from prison in 1904 he had been living in the United States, where he had attempted to argue for the Korean cause before Secretary of State John Hay and President Theodore Roosevelt. The first prime minister was Yi Tonghwi, who had lived in exile in Russia since 1913 and after the Russian Revolution had been one of the founders of the Korean Socialist Party in June 1918. Despite their ideological differences, they initially cooperated for the larger goal of ending Japanese rule over Korea. (Project Eagle p. 26)

Diplomatic efforts to gain the support of the United States and other foreign powers were equally unsuccessful. Syngman Rhee attempted to use his years of experience in the United States to obtain recognition from the U.S. government, supported by Philip Jaisohn and other Koreans in America, but the United States had no interest in disturbing its generally cordial relations with Japan. (Project Eagle p 27)

That’s because of their DEAL WITH BRITAIN.

But really, might as well put on a good show for the kitties, right?

Yea! We’re really trying hard! Really we are!

No, they weren’t.

Check this out though –

During the March First Movement of 1919, Korean nationalists in the United States such as Syngman Rhee and Kim Kyusik had written appeals for U.S. assistance and recognition of the Korean Provisional Government, but the State Department filed them away without responding. At the Paris Peace Conference during the same year, Korean envoys seeking a hearing before the American commissioners in Paris were turned away. Attempts by Koreans to contact U.S. officials after the inauguration of President Warren Harding in 1921 and at the Washington Arms Conference of 1921- 22 similarly ended in rejections. (Project Eagle p.40)

Key point here, that Washington Arms Conference was attended by Frank Buchman and it was just after that he was tasked to form up the Oxford Movement, better known as the MRA or Moral Re-Armament, which would immediately become deep in bed with Black Ocean and Black Dragon Society members as well as both British and Vatican slavemaster intelligence fronts and assets. (See post Forget The Idea Scientology Was Taken Over)

Why would Buchman end up working with those slimy fucks? Because he was already working with them underneath the spying auspices of the front group – the YMCA. Strangely enough, exactly who tasked William Pelley to spy in Russia this very same year – 1919.

Now where, do you imagine, would you expect ole Kim Ku, the I-work-for-the-British-and-the-Vatican Korean to show up next?

On March 29, 1919, Kim Ku began another journey to China.

Arriving in Shanghai after riding the railroad across the Yalu and boarding a ship in the Chinese border city of Andong, Kim Ku joined a gathering of hundreds of people who had arrived from Korea, Japan, Russia, Europe, and the United States, including many whom he had known well in Korea. They made him part of the government with the title of police commissioner, responsible for the security of the Korean Provisional Government. With about twenty men, his task was to counter the actions of Japanese intelligence agents operating from the Japanese consulate in Shanghai. (Project Eagle p. 37, 38)

Ok, now. A covert slavemaster agent is put in charge of security for the front group with all the Korean Kitties Rebels being trapped in it without their overt knowledge. You really gotta appreciate the irony here. In charge of security. Wow.

Guess who else shows up again in the mix here, just as Kim Ku is getting his new spiffy position while fresh out of jail? I doubt you’ll guess this one, and this time I’m being serious.

William Donovan.

Yep. Again.

…in the summer of 1919, after distinguished service as a Medal of Honor-winning officer commanding an infantry battalion during the First World War, his interest in Asia drew him into a tour of Northeast Asia. It began as a second honeymoon for his wife, Ruth, to repair their relationship after his absence during the war, but it became a personal fact-finding mission surveying the political problems of the region. He and Ruth toured Japan, Korea, and China together in June and July 1919. They were treated as visiting VIPS in each country, and they met with the U.S. ambassadors in Tokyo and Beijing. From Beijing he went by himself through Manchuria and across the Russian Far East on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, all the way to Omsk, to meet the leader of the White forces fighting the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War. (Project Eagle)

So, besides leaving his wife behind (that he’s supposed be spending time with to “repair” his relationship) – that’s some “honeymoon” their Mr. Donovan –  clearly this trip is an intelligence mission through and through, and he was obviously going to meet secretly with Sergei Witte’s Okhrana, the Japanese Black Dragons, and the Red Triangle leaders. Of course he would. (insert eye roll here).

And he was right there when Pelley was, and when Frank Buchman was. It’s a regular hootenanny of spies! We’ll be going much deeper into the facts that Buchman, Donovan, and Pelley were all together at the same time in Japan and Russia in the next section.

By the way, this means that at WWII they (the Brits and Vatican slavemasters) didn’t just discover Donovan and put him in charge of their baby intelligence ageny in America – the OSS – HE WAS ALREADY UNDER THEIR WING for 20 years by then!

But this part of the above, is really over the top.

“a personal fact-finding mission surveying the political problems”?

I believe that’s what some call…


No. It’s a “fact-finding” mission.


Speaking of which…

* * *


Pelley Goes To Russia – Via Japan

Spy and Propagandist, Part Two: What’s Pelley doing in Japan?

As promised, we will now get much deeper into the events leading up to Pelley being sent overseas – starting with that Pelley is “chosen”.

First to propagandize for the American magazine –

In 1917 John M. Siddall took over the American Magazine with a desire for encouraging new writers. Siddall’s managing editor called the publisher’s attention to a story submitted by Pelley, entitled “Their Mother” and the author was signed to a contract which brought him a national reading audience. Ibid., pp. 82-83; Appeal Records and Briefs, p. 516; Seven Minutes In Eternity With Their Aftermath, pp. 49-52. (Millenarian Right)

Siddall in 1921

Second to propagandize Russia and the Far East –

In late 1917, Fred B. Fisher, a Methodist bishop from New York, traveled to St. Johnsbury to make a proposal to Pelley. At the suggestion of Dr. S. Earl Taylor, a director of the Methodist Centenary Movement and a reader of American Magazine, Pelley was chosen to survey the Methodist missionary movement in the Far East. The proposal, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation… Ibid., pp. 82-83; Appeal Records and Briefs, p. 516; Seven Minutes In Eternity With Their Aftermath, pp. 49-52. (Millenarian Right)


Who are these people?

and what do they want with Pelley

Let’s start with Fred B. Fisher – aka Frederick Bohn Fisher who was not a bishop at the time he was sent to hire Pelley. He didn’t become a bishop until 1920. He was born to a British family, and his office at the time he contacted Pelley was at the rather swanky address of His office was located at 1 Madison Avenue, New York City.

Fisher ca. 1920

In the publication: Men and world service: addresses delivered at the National Missionary Program for the Congress of the Layman’s Missionary Movement in Washington D.C. April 26-30 1916; Biographical sketches of Speakers and Presiding Officers. Right above Fred Fisher’s name we see:

George Sherwood Eddy, associate general secretary of the Foreign Department of the International committee of Young Men’s Christian Associations and secretary for Asia.

That’s not good.

Who is Sherwood Eddy? Umm, well. That makes things get real interesting here, real fast, because Eddy is one of Frank Buchman’s mentors. I go into Buchman in quite a bit of detail in my post Forget the Idea that Scientology Was “Taken Over” so I won’t go into all that here, but what I will do is focus a bit tighter on this particular period of time and what Buchman and Eddy were doing together.

You see Fisher here, the guy sent to recruit Pelley, was working with Stephen Earl Taylor, whom I’ll be discussing next – you saw his name mentioned in this same quote –

In late 1917, Fred B. Fisher, a Methodist bishop from New York, traveled to St. Johnsbury to make a proposal to Pelley. At the suggestion of Dr. S. Earl Taylor, a director of the Methodist Centenary Movement and a reader of American Magazine, Pelley was chosen to survey the Methodist missionary movement in the Far East. The proposal, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation… Ibid., pp. 82-83; Appeal Records and Briefs, p. 516; Seven Minutes In Eternity With Their Aftermath, pp. 49-52. (Millenarian Right)

Which in turn is sourcing directly to Pelley’s statements at the Senate Hearings and in Pelley’s introduction to his Seven Minutes article.

Stephen Earl Taylor was directly connected with John Raleigh Mott and Sherwood Eddy with Eddy being a sort of mentor for a young Frank Buchman – all through the YMCA.

Mott’s background with the YMCA is as follows.

John Raleigh Mott

John R. Mott

In September of 1888 he began a service of twenty-seven years as national secretary of the Intercollegiate Y.M.C.A. of the U.S.A. and Canada, also during this period he was the chairman of the executive committee of the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions. Seven years later, in 1895, Mott led in the formation of the World’s Student Christian Federation in 1895, becoming its general secretary (1895-1920) and its chairman (1920-1928).

In this key time period involving Pelley, starting in 1915 (through 1928) Mott was general-secretary of the International Committee of the Y.M.C.A. (that would later become the World Alliance of YMCAs).

On April 6, 1917, as the United States entered World War I, John R. Mott wired President Woodrow Wilson to volunteer the full service of the YMCA movement. Mott became general secretary of the National War Work Council. He raised funds to support YMCA relief programs for prisoners of war and what is often euphemistically referred to as “other projects”.

Yea, other projects like running intelligence operations for the slavemasters in countries targeted by them for takeover, subjugation or whatever other world domination plan target they have in mind.

You see, our boy John Mott here, was a millenarian whose special talent was to sell the world on “hastening” the Second Coming of Christ by evangelizing the world “in this generation.” Mott had interesting ways of trying to mix science with religion (he said science was the probing of God’s mind) and also some rather unique propaganda methods to moralize about stripping people of money.

For example, Mott said:

“To ask money of a man for the purposes of the world-wide Kingdom of God is not to ask him a favor, it is to give him a superb opportunity of investing his personality in eternal shares.”

Eternal shares? Yeesh. But, yea, that’s what he said. Money was “so much stored-up personality,” Mott continued, accumulated days of human labor that survived its owners and therefore could be used after death to extend the owner’s life on earth.

This concept of the transubstantiation of money into an immortal soul bore a striking resemblance to the Catholic Church leaders rationale, as it also did to the British Nobility/slavemasters.

Fancy that.


With that chosen propaganda explanation, Mott then incorporated the “culture and methods of corporations” into the missionary movement. Over the years, millions of dollars poured into Mott’s pursuit of a streamlined, efficient “evangelism”.

Live forever, get your soul shares right here!


One of the first “evangelizers” helping to spread this Mottled Mott mess around under the guise of purely business – as in corporations – was one of my favorite Slimey Award propagandists Frederick Gates.

He helped argue to Mott’s YMCA followers that the advance of “the American corporation” represented “the Will of God”, thereby coming up with the slogan for Standard Oil’s kerosene in China as (from the New Testament) “the light of the World.”

standard oil - light of the world

With Rockefeller money in hand to do so, you understand.

You see why Mott was characterizing the whole corporation idea as a fine idea to the countries that the slavemasters wanted their resources – it was part of getting the people to let them in.

The overview of all these religious “missions” of the Mott, Buchman, Eddy and Taylor types was actually very well stated by Gates.

He said that a “study of the map of the world” disclosed to him that the different missions were really a single “invading army,” whose “masterfulness of strategy and tactics, [was] controlled and directed by one master mind,” God.

Except that “god” is really certain men.

How Mott hooked up with Buchman? The story goes that Mott asked him to go to Pennsylvania State Uni­versity as the YMCA secretary there, in order to reconcile differences that had arisen between the faculty and the stu­dents and had led to a student strike. On the first night of his arrival there were nineteen liquor parties. The situation seemed hope­less. Buchman began to work on certain people who were in key positions in the institution and was instrumental in “convert­ing” them.

In the Twelve Steps, A. Orange tells us most of the students and faculty didn’t like him much though.

Note: The Orange Papers is a truly excellent resource, by the way. It went offline in late 2016 but I managed to recover it out of the internet archive. Here’s the main page link and here’s more about Buchman’s Oxford Group and Moral Re-Armament or MRA.

After Penn State he had taken off with George Sherwood Eddy for two years (apparently they were secret lovers)  – during 1915 and 1916, Buchman traveled in China, India, Korea, and Japan.

It looks like they returned some time prior to November 28, 1916, in a publication where Buchman is listed with Eddy as having accompanied him on Eddy’s recent tour of World Evangelism.

In the YMCA yearbook and Official Roster (up to 1900) Stephen Earl Taylor is listed as one of the Secretaries of the Student Department for the International Committee of the YMCA, right alongside John R. Mott, at the same time as George Sherwood Eddy is listed as Secretary for India.

Sherwood Eddy became the Secretary of the Foreign Department of the International Y. M. C. A. by the time that he and Buchman are again working in China together.

Eddy and Buchman were in tight correspondence with each other. An example: Sherwood Eddy to Frank Buchman, July 12, 1916, Box 2, George Sherwood Eddy Papers, Divinity Library, Yale. (Eddy had graduated Yale in 1891, from something called “Sheffield Scientific School” – as noted in the Yale Banner).

The two men often appeared together giving speeches and “sermons” – and working together with John Mott. When Buchman was at Penn state, he was billed as “a pietist and a mystic” and having a policy of “It is one-by-one that wins.”

That’s interesting, no? Yet another example showing that despite the oft-repeated “no one is interested because you don’t have 10,000 followers” in attempts at demoralizing their enemies – these people do know that ONE is what matters. Just like I discussed in my first Field Tactics for Whistleblowers post.

Apparently, Eddy and Buchman were back in China again, some time in 1917. They gave sermons together there for the YMCA. (Postcolonial Resistance and Asian Theology  By Simon Shui-Man Kwan)

The son of one of Frank Buchman’s disciples reported that among the inner circle, it was an open secret that Frank was a homosexual. Buchman never married, never had any romantic relationship with a woman, for his entire life.

Orange Papers gives the reference for the above revelation as: Bufe, Charles, Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?, 1998, 2nd edition; writing that: “The reference to the son of an inner circle member stating that it was an open secret that Frank Buchman was a homosexual comes from the second edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?, by Charles Bufe. After Bufe published the first edition of the book, that son in question contacted Bufe and gave him that information to answer one of Bufe’s questions about Buchman’s behavior. See page 28.

Unless Buchman was secretly a Jesuit monk or his penis was missing or malfunctioning, there aren’t a lot of options to explain his extreme focus on getting young men, especially, to reveal their sexual secrets to him or his rather transparent over-focusing on trying to appear to be homophobic or against homosexuality.

Mott’s little YMCA operation got exposed later in the U.S. – some pretty scandalous stuff got revealed, including getting raked over the coals for the lie that it was a “Christian missionary crusade to save the world from communism” when it was really about taking over control of other people, their countries, and their resources. But, it was still fully operating in all the “target” countries. (Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil.)

So far, Eddy and Buchman had met with little success on their travels, and Buchman unhappily noticed that the Communists were far better at recruiting than the Christian missionaries were, because the Communists did not display arrogant, condescending, know-it-all attitudes towards “the heathens”, and the Communists were not out to destroy the local cultures.

Now, Orange Papers says that Buchman went back to China again because he had been kicked out of the boys dorm at the Hartford Seminary and that Harry Blackstone of Los Angeles financed the trip.

In 1918 he was back in China. His return to China was financed by Harry Blackstone of Los Angeles, and Buchman was accompanied by a team of his own choosing that included Dr. Harry Luce, father of one of the co-founders of Time magazine.

The Religious Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps Chapter 2: Frank Buchman, Orange Papers; citing: T. Willard Hunter, World Changing Through Life Changing, page 17.

The thing is though, he went with Sherwood Eddy again, and that doesn’t seem to be known by most people. For the third time! (Eddy and Buchman are like bouncing balls going back-and-forth to China, sheesh!)

They were both there during the midst of a revolutionary epoch (1917-18) during which Sun Yat Sen had briefly held power. This is significant, because it means that he was there at the same time that Paul Linebarger’s father (the “judge”) was acting as a consultant to Sun Yat Sen. I’d bet Linebarger probably even knew Frank Buchman and Sherwood Eddy because they were actually meeting with Sun Yat Sen as part of intelligence operations conducted underneath the YMCA at that time.

(Note: Considering Linebarger’s later involvement with Miles Copeland the CIA and choosing L. Ron Hubbard and Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament movement for “political action” ops in 1955, that’s something else for you to mull over)

Sherwood Eddy and Sun Yat Sen in Canton (between 1917-1919)

Closer –


It was in Kuling, China in 1918 that Buchman first organized one of his soon-to-be signature “house­party,” a type of gathering. Activities ranged from Bible study and “quiet times” to bridge playing and golf. There were also voluntary general meetings in which attendees “shared,” confessing their “sins” and offering witness to the “change” in their lives caused by adherence to Buchman’s principles.

Particularly their sexual sins were sought, as already discussed. It was the norm for Buchman and his cohorts to go to great lengths to attract the rich and famous, and, when they were hooked, to shamelessly exploit their names, a tendency which would become more pronounced in the coming years.

In China, Frank Buchman’s behavior was so obnoxious that he offended just about everybody with whom he had contact.

orange-Logan_Roots+BuchmanBishop Logan Herbert Roots and Frank N. D. Buchman (right) in China


…a conference which Buchman himself ran at Kuling in the summer of 1918. Attendance was by invitation. Buchman was determined this year to go “below the surface”. This involved talking openly about the kind of private sins of which he had become aware among the missionaries during his year’s work. He said that when he had first arrived a missionary had asked him to “give a strong message on perversion”. He had not realised then as he did now, he said, how extensive were homosexual relationships, or as he put it “absorbing friendships”, among the missionaries…

We can see Buchman*s *key man* strategy at work in these two trips to China in 1917-1918, but particularly aggressive in the 1918 one. He and Eddy were determined to carry out the Intelligence-driven mandate handed down through the YMCA to “reach the Chinese ruling elite”.

Buchman and Eddy met Dr. Cheng Chingyi at the Kuling YMCA conference in 1917 and went out of his way to give a good impression. In November of that year, Cheng accompanied Buchman and Eddy to Canton to introduce them to ‘key men* in Sun’s party.

Buchman finally was allowed to meet Hsu in February 1918, after having started a bible class in Sun’s headquarters to “get” to him.

Manipulative, as always.

Buchman met Sun again in late February, and discussed China’s sins in general, and “going below the surface”, as he called it, he decided to target Sun’s “sins” of a sexual nature – Sun’s second marriage in particular. A note to Buchman written on Sun’s behalf indicates the tenor of their conversation:

“Dr. Sun does not know how you can be so mistaken about his ‘wives’. For he never had more than one wife. The present Mrs. Sun Yat-sen is a Christian, also. Before she married Dr. Sun he had already been divorced from his former wife.”

Thesis by DC Belden – 1976

Sun then told Hsu later that day that he was a good Christian in private, clearly attempting to dispel whatever loss-of-face he thinks Buchman has created about him.

And so it was that during this next meeting, Buchman noted that Sun “seemed mellow and very responsive to every suggestion.” Writing to Hsu he added:

“You have done him and China a real service. You did a courageous thing in speaking so frankly to him. You possess the fearlessness of a Lincoln….I believe God is going to use you in bringing about His great plan for China.”

Thesis by DC Belden – 1976


Aw hell. That’s just so disgusting I can’t even stand it. This all had NOTHING to do with “God” – this had to do with getting the slavemasters fingers on Chinese assets, as it has always been about. (See Why China Part 1)

And now we come to a key point of convergence here, of Pelley, Eddy, Buchman and William Donovan – all in Japan together at the same time, and in the same place – June 1918.

Buchman and Eddy were tasked to take a particular train during this visit to Japan, where they just happened to meet Sun Yat Sen traveling on that same train, meeting not just once but three times. They met again that evening and the following morning after the train journey. I can tell you for a fact that these were NOT meetings “about God”.

Not with who Sun Yat Sen was hooked up with.

Uh uh. No Way. No How.

Remember what Buchman noted: “very responsive to every suggestion”. Yea. As in here’s your marching orders bud, and you better fricking do them or else!

So, what was Sun Yat-Sen (aka Sun Wat Sen) actually in trouble for, and being ordered about?

Sun Yat-Sen


Well, remember how we talked about what was being done to Korea, how it was being literally given to the Japanese to beat up and do all manner of horrible things to? Yea. Sun was part of those that were opposing that.

Sun was the first President of the Republic of China, but it was his connections that are really killer here. He married Soong Ching-ling (Simplified Chinese: 宋庆龄 Traditional Chinese: 宋慶齡 Pinyin: Sòng Qìnglíng) in Japan on 25 October 1915. She was the middle sister of what was dubbed “the Soong sisters”.

And just like that?

Sun was now firmly under control of both the opium and arms dealing Catholic and the Vatican slavemasters in one fell swoop. And let’s not forget the Triad gangs aspect here…

From my Unification Church History Part 2 – Sun’s new wife’s parents were Charlie Soong and the daughter of Jesuit Catholic recruit (by Mateo Ricci) XU Guangqi descendant – Lady Xu. His new wife’s brother was one of whom was T. V. Soong – the total British patsy.

Pictured are Franklin D. Roosevelt (seated), and standing, from left to right, Owen Dixon (Australian Minister to the United States), Leighton McCarthy (Canadian Minister to the United States), Walter Nash (New Zealand), E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax (UK Ambassador to the United States), T. V. Soong (Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs), Alexander Loudon (Dutch Ambassador to the United States) and Manuel Quezon (President of the Philippines).


Do you think I’m kidding as to just how bad, how evil, poor Sun Yat-Sen’s connections were?

I’m not.

Taking a bit more from my Unification Church article now – (the noted references can be found in the original article)

His wife’s dad Charlie Soong came back to China from America in 1886.

Shanghai was a major center of the opium trade, dominant was Jardine & Matheson. Virtually ALL the underworld elements belonged to small bands of gangsters called bang or hui who were ruled over by a massive criminal confederation and secret society organized by the Yangzi river boatmen called the Green Gang – in turn organized by Jardine & Matheson and ruled over by the Catholic Vatican reps – the Xu family.

Wen and New, Charlie’s cousins, were running the Green Gang and are now married to two other daughters of Lady Xu.

OK. Now look at this.

[…] there was a tight link between Chiang and the Shanghai Green Gang racketeers who controlled opium, prostitution and the labor force on the docks and in the factories; these criminals were protected by the foreign powers in China […]10

Obvious who that protection is, isn’t it?

OK. When he returned from America, Charlie immediately joined (and took control) of the Triad called the Red Gang, parallel with the Green Gang, beginning his “secret life”.

With Sunday school at one extreme, Red Gang at the other, Charlie led a tidy double life,” – Seagraves 10

By the way, these gangs provided for the ‘material needs’ of those who would swear to them.

The Green gang, by the time it was controlled by Du Tuesheng was instrumental in bringing Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang to power – that should now be perfectly clear to you just why that is.

Because that, ladies and gentleman, is a perfect conversion point of the two main slavemaster branches – the ‘priests and Kings’ – the Vatican and British ‘nobles’.


Both of which were Drug Lords and Human Traffickers!


No matter what facade of respectability, charity, or any form of genuflection that you see them put on? Know this. They are NEVER anything but a bunch of vicious criminals with delusions of grandeur and big fat ego chips on their shoulders.


Alright, now look at this again.

In early 1881, the Genyosha was formed by Toyama Mitsuro and almost immediately he began using his agents that he had sent into China to form alliances with some of the Triad Sects.

That’s the Green and Red Gangs!

So, we have the Black Ocean already allied with the British/Vatican Catholic Xu family controlled Triad Gangs a little over a decade before the allowed takeover of Korea by Japan that broke the Qing Dynasty’s control of Korea!

And Sun Yat Sen made the “terrible” mistake of taking the stance that he didn’t think Korea ought to be given to the Japanese.

Do you see WHY Sherwood Eddy and Frank Buchman are really there meeting him?

What had Sun Yat Sen’s wife done?

She had broke from the slavemasters and was supporting an independent, non-foreign influenced China. This, unfortunately, was a trap also controlled by the slavemasters – you would know it as Communist China. After seeing first hand the utter duplicitus hypocrisy and corruption that was her life, she wanted to save her people and her country from the slavemasters plan. A noble sentiment, but she was clearly ignorant of just how far the slavemasters tentacles went – there’s a lesson in there. NEVER need an “official group” or a “name” to accomplish your goals, because chances are? It’s one of theirs.

That’s the real reason why Buchman was going on about his “marriage”.

– – –

Finishing up now with a few notes –

Interestingly enough, Sherwood Eddy, after this particular trip, began presenting himself as an expert on Russia, of all things. Showing his tight ties to British intelligence through the Fabian Society founded London School of Economics, Eddy taught a seminar there in 1924 as part of his “travelling seminar”, and also presented himself as a marriage expert and on “The Sex Life of Youth” in 1933.

Now let’s take up Stephen Earl Taylor, the man who sent Fisher to recruit William Pelley.

He is listed as having been the secretary for the International Young Men’s Christian Association. He was involved in the massive propaganda efforts being spearheaded by the secretive British intelligence organization headed by Charles F.G. Masterman – to get America to go to war on behalf of the slavemasters.

Methodist leaders pretended to their sheeples that they firmly believed that the U.S. government and the American military were “making the world safe for democracy”.

This activism culminated in the effort of World War I and the belief that a Christian world would be a democratic world. Their euphoria culminated in the centenary celebration in Columbus, “at once a sort of religious expression of democratic devotion and a celebration of the end of the war.”

Saving the world for democracy was presented as a Christian duty. Liberty bonds were sold in churches, and patriotic sermons were delivered.

It was Stephen Earl Taylor that was the executive leader of this centenary organization, stating these thoughts clearly when he said:

World democracy can and will be realized when through applied Christianity, and nothing but faithlessness on the part of the Christian church need delay its realization now …. The Christian religion is the only religion which answers the need of the day. It is peculiarly the religion of the present, for it is the religion of dynamic democracy. It is the only religion which can satisfy in these days of social upheaval. … A Christian world will be a democratic world; but only through Christianity will democracy be made safe.

– Methodist History, 35:2 (January 1997) PAGEANTRY AT THE METHODIST CENTENARY by Nancye Van Brunt; Taylor quote cited as being from OSJ, March 2, 1919

In Current Opinion (volume 66) April 1919 under “Religion and Ethics” we see:

With the awesomeness title of: THE GREATEST EVANGELICAL MOVEMENT EVER LAUNCHED IN AMERICA. It’s the subtitle that is interesting: Centenary Program of American Methodism Aims at World Wide Christian Democracy.

Notice that it is both Methodist and Protestant, and that it was started by Stephen Earl Taylor, who aims to “compel the world at large to attach new meanings to the words church and religion and Christianity“.

I couldn’t ask for a better description of a CFG Masterman (British intelligence) chosen PR campaign: “This new movement has something of the spirit of the old American revival and something of the fervor of the ancient crusades… An almost military strategy inspires the movement.

Now here’s where it gets interesting as to Pelley, because this is what he was recruited to take part in.

In every land of the earth while the war raged emissaries of Methodism carried on investigations. Upon these investigations is based a newly published Survey which uses the combined machinery of the Boards of Home and Foreign Missions as a home base and swings the movement forth into every corner of the earth.

Oh look, it’s Survey “tech”!

Scientologists will get the dark humor of that one.

And…it is an ARMY.

The armies which are to carry out the program are to be trained along lines suggested by the national selective service act adopted in war time.

Methodism alone is to raise $140,000,000 If the other churches unite as expected a call for anywhere between $300,000,000 and $1,000,000,000 will be issued It is interesting to note that this stupendous movement did not originate with the official machinery of the  – look where its headquarters are: Church 111 Fifth Avenue New York church –  It began with a talk by Dr Taylor to one hundred laymen in Niagara Falls a year ago…The difference between the awakening church of to day and the eminently respectable and eminently futile church of the past is in our fuller realization of the meaning of our Master’s message ….if it is to be a power in the world that is it must apply the principles of Jesus to heal not only the individual but the social life.

Here are some of the items in Dr Taylor’s program…Improvement of social conditions by demanding that the problems of employer and employed be worked out in the spirit of Christian fellowship…A new missionary campaign in Asia Christianize India and we will democratize India Dr Christian F Reisner of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church New York is in charge of 100,000 Methodist Minutemen…

Minutemen? Oh fer fucksakes…

Of course, the same issue here also carries a lovely propaganda piece about that evil Boshevism. In fact, as I look closer at this issue? It is literally LOADED with Jew or “Jugo” this, communism that, ridiculous caricatures of all the above repeatedly throughout this issue.

But I think my personal favorite is here, where we are exhorted to divest ourselves of the “wrong idea” that the Wilsonians are in league with the British Foreign Office as to the League of Nations.

The wrong idea?

I think I’m feeling a Gene Hackman moment coming on.


Alright, now you have some idea of just who Pelley is hooked up with here when he “accepts” and goes off to conduct one of these investigations Taylor is talking about.

– – –

Pelley accepted Fisher and Taylor’s offer and he and his wife soon sailed from San Francisco for the Orient. (Millenarian Right)

Mr. Pelley: I was sent by the Methodist Seminary to the Orient to make a survey of Protestant foreign missions for the Methodist Church….My itinerary was supposed to cover the entire Orient from Japan through to India and the Holy Land but when I reached, finished my job in Japan…

– U.S. Congress, House, Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Hearings on Investigation of Un-American Propaganda Activities In the United States, 76th Cong., 3d Sess., 1935-1940, Volume 12, p. 7279. (aka HUAC) You can find a complete listing of resources for all documents relating to these hearings here.

Pelley later helpfully (sarcastically speaking) provided a two-part propaganda piece of his supposed impressions of Japan in the World Outlook a Methodist monthly.

In them, he laid out a thinly veiled hatred for women when he portrayed female Christian missionaries as “the raveled ends of has-been romances who had failed to snare a pair of pants.” A polite way of saying they were either too crazy, too ugly, or both to succeed at securing the preferred slavemaster role for women – married, impregnated, and stuck caring for the home.

Pelley couldn’t quite conceal his superior in-the-know insider attitude towards Christian missionaries, referring to their work as “a giant hoax” – which they most definitely were. These were intelligence operations to get the slavemasters world domination plan using America into motion – this was never, never, never about anything even vaguely spiritual.

Many people probably thought that Pelley was promoting Christianity when he offered the comparison of Buddhist Japanese to Christian Japanese. That’s not what he was doing.

With colorful descriptions like the “squalid, stoical, blank, expressionless” faces emerging from the Buddhist temple, versus those emerging from the Christian churches of Japan having “softer faces, … more sensitive faces, … faces of refinement, self-control, … verily of tenderness and worthy of all confidence.”

That’s just him promoting the “english-speaking races” agenda, how much better “the west” is at everything, but it’s also him making a plug for something that you may not be as familiar with. A grudge. A very particular grudge shared by both the Brit slavemasters and the Catholic ones but especially the Catholics still have a major Jones for getting even. (Jones means: an avid desire or appetite for something: craving)

This grudge goes way back to when the first Jesuits tried to penetrate Japan – with Francis Xavier.

After Xavier’s spectacular failure in India, he left Goa for a while, studying other Asian areas and gathering intelligence. Then, he and his boss Loyola decided to change tactics, which, besides deciding to get even sneakier and more false as to what they were really up to, they decided to try and go after the ‘high class’ or ‘noblemen’ of a society first – thinking they could influence more people that way.

Xavier was then sent on mission to Japan.

Xavier left Goa on 15 April 1549, accompanied by Anjiro, two other Japanese men, Father Cosme de Torrès, and Brother João Fernandes. Four months later, on August 15 they landed at Kagoshima, Japan.

The first thing that he did was to arrange for the translation of any religious texts that existed.


So that he could co-opt them and begin lying about how they were really in alignment with/coming from Christianity – aka begin creating their bullshit version that they would turn around and instruct people in, figuring they wouldn’t know any better.

What always goes with, or comes out of this particular tactic is that sooner or later they will DESTROY any religious texts and replace them with their own fabricated ‘ancient’ versions.

Studying their history to ‘learn about their culture’- this is the first step in how they go about doing this, so mark this well, as this is how both the Catholics and the Brits operate to destroy any real history of the world that doesn’t agree with their self-aggrandizing and bullshit version.

When Xavier first arrived at Kagoshima in 1549, the Buddhist priests well received him and his missionaries. The Buddhist were known to be very tolerant of teachers of new religious doctrine, having had many come from China and Korea before this.

The Abbot of the Shinshiu monastery in Kagoshima listened respectfully to his translator’s speeches, because Xavier did not at first make it readily apparent that he was talking about a different ‘God’ or power than Buddhism was, nor just how crazy Catholicism really was. An example is that he tried to lie to the Shingon monks that he was a ‘superior’ kind of Buddhist by using the word Dainichi for the Christian God.

But, like any agent sent to infiltrate, they must eventually DO what they were sent to do, in this case conversion.

Sure enough, in the face of frank and honest questioning of the beliefs he began presenting, Xavier and his men became more and more aggressive and revealed their crazed fanaticism and bitter intolerance.

An example of the questioning was concerning hell and eternal damnation. Xavier tried to have them believe that all their ancestors were living in hell because they weren’t Christian, and that the Japanese monks could save them if they converted. That didn’t exactly go over well, to put it mildly. They saw through that one fast, and rebutted, and devastatingly so, with that: a God who had created everything, including evil, could not be good!

Score one for the Shingon monks.

morticia - wink

That really stripped off Xavier’s mask of ‘goodness’.

Because it was a truth that he couldn’t get out of, his only answer was to resort to threatening them with eternal damnation, citing that anyone who didn’t worship the One God, the First Cause, would spend all eternity in hell. As you can imagine, this didn’t exactly ‘win’ the debate for him, and the Satsuma men (monks etc.) decided that shortly after Xavier did his first exit-stage-right, the man he left behind, Anjiro (the translator) should also get himself lost. (The British Empire was Founded on Creating Alcoholics and Drug Addicts: Why China? Section 3: Japan Fail by Virginia McClaughry, 7 February 2017)

That is why you see Pelley being tasked to diss the Buddhist Japanese. His masters still haven’t gotten over being “beaten” at their own game by some Shingon Monks, even though that was hundreds of years ago!

Now that’s a grudge. A carefully preserved and passed down through the generations one, no less.

The following image is Pelley’s positioning of the Buddhist monks in Japan.


Here’s a PDF of the first segment of Pelley’s Japan articles, entitled: “Lo, the Poor Cynic!” and found in World Outlook, V (February, March, 1919) pp. 13, 25, 26.


The second part can be read here. Love this photo from it –

As we know, it was John D. Rockefeller and his Foundation that was financing this particular misadventure in propaganda by Pelley, but it was still a surprise to see such blatant Barnum-and-Bailey advertising going on in a religious magazine, as this photo clearly depicts.


After he came back to the U.S. he wrote this story for Sunset magazine in 1919. It was called: Korea and Japan’s Boot by William Pelley in Sunset 1919 where he says some rather astoundingly arrogant, condescending…basically total slavemaster propagandic things about Korea. Like this for example –

It seems the psychological time for any little jelly bean nation with a grievance to strike for relief. And the latest is Korea. Korea wants self-government and liberty from Japan. …The Koreans are not now capable of self-government. They never have been capable of self-government. They have never been capable of any government at all. Their kings and princes have always made a mess of things. Their people have existed somehow in filth and squalor.



Wow. See what I mean? It is, however, exactly right in line with what is the preferred black propaganda about them, as you just learned in the previous back history section.

Then he gets into fomenting forwarding another kind of Asian propaganda line that is quite clever in that he puts it on the Japanese – when it was NOT actually coming from them – added to the fact that it happened to be 100 percent true as to what it actually was referring to. Meaning, the people of Korea and China were fed up particularly with the CATHOLIC missionaries and all the guises they came in, and they had definitely correctly identified the drug-dealing war mongers that the British were.

So…keep that in mind when you read this next bit.

Japan says the trouble is due to the Christian missionaries….anti-Anglo-Saxon feeling all over the Empire.

This part is also particularly heinous, considering that the British and Vatican helped put that “yoke” on Korea in the first place.

There will be much lost to Korea if she does throw off the Japanese yoke, for in many ways Korea is a better country today since the Nipponese took hold than she has ever been in the past thousand years.

Remember what we learned about this “group of young men” establishing the Meiji government that conveniently made deal after deal for arms and drugs with the British and Vatican acting as mediary?

Check this out then –

…out there within this generation there are in Japan a large number of native men, for the most part young men, who have caught the world vision. We’re not hearing much about them at present because they’re working quietly. But they represent the Japanese democratic movement. The government is deathly afraid of them; it is deathly afraid that democratic ideals spell nothing short of anarchy and the Japanese, high and low, love law and order. They realize what is wrong with Japan’s policies, but at present they are helpless. They may not always be helpless. Time will tell. These young chaps don’t countenance the sort thing that has taken place the past ten years in Korea, however, nor have they much sympathy with Japan’s foreign policy of aggrandizement which fools no one but those who order it. They know a house cleaning time is coming in Nippon. And after it comes it is going to be a different sort of Japan which rules in the Far East, a Japan that doesn’t have to be watched. Something in the line of a storm has got to take place out there to clear the air. ( Korea and Japan’s Boot by William Pelley in Sunset 1919 )

Besides the fact that Pelley is literally stating the exact same kind of plan as had been done earlier, did you catch how he’s talking about this “storm” that has “got to take place”?

That’s World War 2 he’s already helping the slavemasters agitate for, even this far back.

In a December 26, 1941 Address before U.S. Congress titled: What Kind of People Do They Think We Are? (You can listen to it here.) Winston Churchill said: “…we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they & the world will never forget.”


And this is what they are all euphemistically referring to as “house cleaning” and a “lesson” –

There is no way in hell you can call that anything but pure evil.

That is what Pelley was supporting. That is what he was on-board for when, in a later article for American magazine he said:

I met responsible men in the Far East, whose names would cause a sensation if I printed them here, who declared that all Japan needed was a sound thrashing to knock some of the bumptiousness out of her, and make her human, -—like a swelled-headed, super-sensitive boy of sixteen with a false idea of his own importance to the universe. I met one big man out there who said: “I wish to God the Allies would put a ring of gunboats round her bully little island and blow hell out of it just to show the Japanese it could be done; then they’d be livable and perhaps come round to seeing things from our viewpoint.

– Pelley, Siberia with the Lid Off: Uncensored Notes on an 8000-mile Journey with Yanks and Czechs and Japs; Sunset: The Pacific Monthly; Volume 43, No. 1 July 1919. Originally found at Hathitrust. PDF we made – Pelley, Siberia with the Lid Off, Sunset 43 July 1919.

Let’s take a moment to recap who some of those “names” were. People like William Donovan, for example. I’ll bet that may have even been him that Pelley is quoting there.

Pelley also wrote this, further pushing this “lesson” that the Japanese “needed”.

Every allied soldier hopes to high heaven that sooner or later the Japanese get a damned good walloping.”
Korea and Japan’s Boot by William Pelley in Sunset October 1919

Sick. Sick. sick.

You know, he never stopped supporting these psycho-fucks and their “grand plans”, even when in his autobiography of 1935 he tried to change his tack to look pro-Japanese, in keeping with his deep cover pro-Nazi position. His memory of Japan had undergone a rather severe narrative edit, describing Japan as a “land of exquisite culture, infallible courtesy, perfect law and order, inimitable ethics” and of the missionary program as “the most nonsensical, insolent, arrogant program that a distant nation of provincials could connive and inflict upon another in the name of the Holy Spirit.” (Door to Revelation, p. 103; as quoted in The Millenarian Right)

Moving on to what happened next with Pelley now…

– – –

After mucking about in Japan for around a month or two with Donovan and the YMCA gang, there was a development.

Under oath, Pelley described it thus –

Siberia –

Mr Pelley: …the Siberian intervention was decided upon and I got into khaki and went up into Siberia and Russia as a representative of the international Y.M.C.A. And I traveled in Siberia and Ruissa during the height of the Communist introduction into that country, and brought out or convoyed many curriers because of the rank of first lieutenant that I had in that capacity as red triangle secretary. That was my first introduction to communism. I saw it come in and that is where I go my first animus against such a movement.

– U.S. Congress, House, Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Hearings on Investigation of Un-American Propaganda Activities In the United States, 76th Cong., 3d Sess., 1935-1940, Volume 12, p. 7279. (aka HUAC) You can find a complete listing of resources for all documents relating to these hearings here.

By 1918, the Russian Revolution had effectively removed Russia from the Eastern Front. The Allies had shipped large amounts of munitions, military supplies, and foodstuffs that now sat in warehouses in Vladivostok on the Pacific coast of Siberia, Archangelsk on Russia’s northern White Sea coast, or at various locations along the Trans-Siberian railway. Fearing that the supplies could fall into the hands of the Bolshevik revolutionaries, British and French diplomats convinced Pres. Woodrow Wilson to send US troops to both Archangelsk and a larger number to Vladivostok, as part the Allied effort.

Some of the stated reasons for US involvement included helping a force of 40,000 Czechoslovakian troops escape Eastward from the Bolsheviks and guarding the Trans-Siberian railway from both the Bolsheviks and marauding Cossacks. Other reasons may have been attempting to contain or defeat the Bolsheviks, and also keeping an eye on 70,000 Japanese troops, ostensibly allies, but already showing some imperial ambitions.

“Keeping an eye on” being a euphemistic characterization of SPYING – that’s what Pelley was there to do (among other things).

You see, what Pelley kind of left out in his under oath narrative, is that just as he was about to head for Korea and North China on his supposed Methodist “mission”, the Japanese admiralty made a rather interesting move. They cancelled service to the mainland (Korea and China) indefinitely, supposedly in order to transport Japanese troops to the Russian front.

Personally, that sounds like a slavemaster-ordered move to me, probably designed to keep people away from seeing what was really going on in Korea and in North China – some pretty bad shit that would NOT have served the slavemasters covert war-mongering purposes to have any slip-of-the-tongues about.

Then, it was George S. Phelps, of the International YMCA who persuaded Pelley to “get into khaki” as he put it, and accompany the Japanese troops into Siberia to “gather certain information for them”.

This is yet another dead-on connection that the YMCA was being used as a front for intelligence work (as if my regular readers didn’t know that already from other articles here, but it may be news to newcomers to our blog.)

Perhaps even worse, in a way, Pelley was asked to identify prospective centers in Siberia for future YMCA outposts – to conduct more spying from, I’m sure.

I think the really sick thing about this is that these ideas are coming from the BRITISH and the VATICAN slavemasters, but it is Americans that are waylaid into doing their dirty work (many of whom were dupes) but the twisted, sick, gloated-over by the slavemasters result was to give the world the impression that it is America and Jeffersonian democracy behind these things.

It was not.

I cannot stress that enough.

* * *


Pelley Goes To Russia – Via Japan

Spy and Propagandist, Part Three: What’s Pelley doing in Russia?

Let’s start out with revisiting and expanding on the Donovan connection here.

It was Donovan that led the secret mission to Russia with Pelley in tow – they were even on the same train for months.

Due to he and Pelley’s reconnaissance, an American unit was sent to fight the Russian Bolsheviks who were still fighting for the slavemasters side against the Germans alongside the British and the French in the trenches of Europe.

You gotta love that kind of vicious betrayal, but that’s the slavemasters for you.

These poor guys comprising the American troops were having one hell of a time both morally, spiritually, and any other way you can imagine, coming to terms with being ordered to burn tiny, totally non-strategic villages and kill basically “poor and hungry peasants, who’ve been treated so terribly by their rulers”, as one American soldier wrote home to his wife.

Donovan’s motives for fighting the Bolsheviks could only have been due to his Vatican and British slavemaster allegiances, as the Russian Revolution was no threat to the American Republic.

It is no accident that in July 1944, the Pope (Pius XII – Pacelli) specifically singled out Donovan to receive an award that less than one hundred men have ever received since the inception of one of the oldest and most prestigious of papal knighthoods –  the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester. This was also the highest Catholic award ever received by an American.
(Their Will Be Done; Let the pope keep the kingdom and the glory — the CIA wants the power by Martin A. Lee July/August 1983 issue)

Pacelli, was literally, figuratively, and in every other way one of the top 10 worst and most evil Popes ever – and that’s saying something, so Donovan receiving an award from this guy?

You might as well have branded his forehead with the Mark of Evil.

Ostentatiously ushered into an ornate chamber in Vatican City for an audience with Pope Pius XII, Donovan solemnly bowed his head to receive his due “as the pontiff intoned a ceremonial prayer in Latin”.

The award was only given to men the Catholic slavemasters deemed that “by feat of arms, or writings, or outstanding deeds, have spread the Faith, and have safeguarded and championed the Church.

For those so interested, the papal orders of knighthood ranking according to their importance and dignity are:

  • Supreme Order of Christ;
  • Order of Pius IX;
  • Order of St. Gregory the Great;
  • Order of St. Sylvester;
  • Order of the Golden Militia, also called of the Golden Spur;
  • Order of The Holy Sepulchre (semi-official note of the Cardinal Chancellor of Equestrian Orders, “Osservatore Romano”, 12 Feb., 1905).

Here’s a rather interesting reveal from the same article – file it away under your hat for later on here.

In 1941, the year before the OSS was officially constituted, Donovan forged a close alliance with Father Felix Morlion, founder of a European Catholic intelligence service known as Pro Deo. When the Germans overran western Europe, Donovan helped Morlion move his base of operations from Lisbon to New York. From then on, Pro Deo was financed by Donovan, who believed that such an expenditure would result in valuable insight into the secret affairs of the Vatican, then a neutral enclave in the midst of fascist Rome. When the Allies liberated Rome in 1944, Morlion re-established his spy network in the Vatican; from there he helped the OSS obtain confidential reports provided by apostolic delegates in the Far East, which included information about strategic bombing targets in Japan.

There really are no words to describe just how low that is. I don’t think even the Abyssopelogic Zone truly captures the depths of darkness that this reeks of.


Considering that recently we have a Japanese person being made a Knight of Malta? You can just imagine what was going on with the Catholic end of promoting that the Japanese be allowed to crush Korea and who was on-board there in both countries helping it. (like Kim Ku for example)


Oh, and this too from the article. Let’s keep it in mind for later as well –

In 1948, the SMOM [Knights of Malta] gave one of its highest awards of honor, the Gran Croci al Merito con Placca, to General Reinhard Gehlen, Adolf Hitler’s chief anti-Soviet spy. (Only three other people received this award.) Gehlen, who was not a Catholic, was touted as a formidable ally in the holy crusade against godless Marxism. After the war he and his well-developed spy apparatus—staffed largely by ex-Nazis—joined the fledgling CIA. Eventually, hundreds more Nazis ended up on the U.S. government’s payroll. Among them was Klaus Barbie.

OK, so this young and already polluted with evil man, Donovan, had this intelligence cover of that he was traveling to the Orient on a second honeymoon.

Besides leaving his wife behind (that he’s supposed be spending time with to “repair” his relationship) – that’s some “honeymoon” their Mr. Donovan – this trip is an intelligence mission through and through, and he was obviously going to meet secretly with Sergei Witte’s Okhrana, the Japanese Black Dragons, and the Red Triangle leaders and any other evil, corrupt faction that he could find.

Of course he would.


…in the summer of 1919, after distinguished service as a Medal of Honor-winning officer commanding an infantry battalion during the First World War, his interest in Asia drew him into a tour of Northeast Asia. It began as a second honeymoon for his wife, Ruth, to repair their relationship after his absence during the war, but it became a personal fact-finding mission surveying the political problems of the region. He and Ruth toured Japan, Korea, and China together in June and July 1919. They were treated as visiting VIPS in each country, and they met with the U.S. ambassadors in Tokyo and Beijing. From Beijing he went by himself through Manchuria and across the Russian Far East on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, all the way to Omsk, to meet the leader of the White forces fighting the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War. (Project Eagle)

He did not go “by himself”, as Project Eagle’s author misrepresents. William Pelley was there, for one thing, all arranged by the YMCA people like Taylor, Fisher, and Sherwood Eddy.

Pelley Obit, Bennington Banner 9 July 1965

“Accepting the commission of second lieutenant, Pelley was met by a group of army men in Vladivostok and proceeded with the Allied troops into Siberia. He spent July to December 1918 in Russia, later stating “that is where I got my first animus” against communism. Although the work accomplished by Pelley for the YMCA was obscure, he later wrote extensively of the trauma he experienced at the sight of bodies killed by Russian troops. He wrote of “the stark nakedness of the corpses slowly bloating in putrefactive sunshine” and of “mangled bodies, burned bodies, bodies impaled by many things besides honest bayonets!” Evidently Pelley saw little carnage created by the Allies as he associated the mutilated bodies entirely with the Russians.(Millenarian Right)

I gotta say, that was one great tongue-in-cheek statement (the last bolded one) by the Millenarian Right author. It’s like Pelley was trying to portray himself as the dead-body whisperer.

My powers tell me:

These bodies were all killed by Jewish Communists.

Right. Eh heh. Whatever Pelley.

Do remember all those different intelligence covers Pelley was saddled with here, one of which was “consular courier” – with William Donovan right there with him.

Pelley and Donovan went to Russia aboard the Penza from the Japanese port city of Tsuruga, and it appears there was an American surgeon as part of their entourage, one who “educated” Pelley into the supposed communist-Jews-taking-over-the-world. That’s a sort of double Catholic whammy insult, for those familiar with such things.

“Pelley later claimed that it was while spending a few days in Tsuruga waiting for the ship that he was first exposed to the ‘world-wide Jewish question.’ According to Pelley, it was an unnamed American surgeon heading for Siberia, previously attached to Polish forces, who explained the cause of the war to the young New England newspaperman. The surgeon told Pelley the Jews had orchestrated the assassination of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand in order to bring about a bloody and profitable war. Jewish plans during the war involved overthrowing the Russian czar and creating a Jewish homeland in Russia. From this Russian base of operations, Jews would launch their plan for world domination. Pelley’s confidant informed him that the Russian Revolution was part of this program (and entirely funded by the Jewish-American banker Jacob Schiff), and that V. I. Lenin was also a Jew. (Beekman book)

Man, talk about feeding disinformation to Pelley about Schiff. Wow!

I wonder who this “unnamed American surgeon” may have been… Well, maybe someday he’ll turn up.

Pelley’s ship arrived in Vladivostok (which supposedly reminded him of the docks of Hoboken, New Jersey) ready to receive specific instructions from the staff at the headquarters of the YMCA’s Red Triangle there. He later claimed he was immediately besieged with anti-Semitic pronouncements in Vladivostok.

Pelley noted that these sentiments prevailed among the American and Czech troops in Russia as well as with his traveling companion from Japan, George Gleason. (Beekman book)

Well, now, that’s interesting. This guy I do know who he is. So Gleason was part of spreading the “Jews did it” propaganda…why am I not surprised.

George was a Harvard man, graduating in 1897. One of the fascinating things to me here, is how much it has been covered up that it was William Pelley mixed up with all these people. For example, look at this writeup by Gleason. He doesn’t even mention him.

One of my first experiences in Siberia in the fall of 1918 was a 3,500 mile trip through the Japanese Camps in a forty-foot combination club and canteen freight car with my former Japanese associate in Osaka. Those jolting nights on my little army cot when I felt as if only a special intervention could keep me from jellifying, the long working days, one beginning at six and ending at three the next morning, the eager hands stretched over the counter at every stop begging to buy from our canteen, the quick change from the crimson colors of fall to the snows of the northern winter, all remain as happy, vivid memories. We stopped at nearly every station where Japanese troops were located.

– What Shall I Think of Japan? by George Gleason, 1921

George was the YMCA international secretary for Japan before he was tasked to go with Pelley. This person’s thesis sheds some nice light on what he and Pelley were doing with their “rolling YMCA hut”. Of course, no one mentions Donovan either, because I really don’t think hardly anyone knows that particular tidbit that I uncovered.

Secretary George Gleason was among the Americans engaged in army work. He travelled the railway north of Vladivostok as part of a small, multinational team of men operating a rolling YMCA hut and canteen. He and his colleagues sold goods to soldiers and railway personnel. Because the “sugar, cigarettes, spoons, note books, caramels and tooth powder”—among many other items—were sold at cost and brought into Russia duty-free, the men were barred from selling goods to civilians. On occasion, they broke this rule, most often when it came to youngsters pleading to purchase sweets. (They also got into the habit of tossing small packages of candy to children from the train.)

According to Gleason, the YMCA operated forty cars that fall, some “continually moving up and down the railroad” offering a wide array of sweets, pastries, basic foodstuffs, and personal items for sale, and distributing newspapers and writing paper free of charge. When there was more time, soldiers used the cars for diversion and relaxation. There were plans in place to open stationary clubs in barracks at about twenty-five different spots. The arrival of Gleason’s car was enthusiastically greeted by soldiers, and he and the others were sometimes kept up most of the night selling canteen goods to them.

In late October, they were serving soldiers “in the most out-of-the way part of Siberia.” Gleason believed their work brought “Sweetness and Light into the Heart of Siberia.”

Constructive Efforts: The American Red Cross and YMCA in Revolutionary and Civil War Russia, 1917-24 by Jennifer Polk 2012

Uh…sweetness and light? While spreading some pretty virulent anti-semitism wherever he went? Methinks something got missed by this person in their thesis research here.

George was a very strange, kind of twisted guy. He treasured watching people suffer so that they could be “refined”. Makes me wonder if he was a dang Catholic or a closet Lurian Kabbalist or something, with sick views like that.

Those days with these wonderful Czechs when under fire, on forced marches on scant rations and all that goes to make war of that kind shall long be treasured by me as days when I beheld the gold of human nobility coming to the top refined by the suffering through which it passed.

– Gleason, Siberian Report Letter No. 9, 26 Oct 1918, in YMCA Russia, box 20, PA -George Gleason – 1918

We need to suffer to be refined…I just can’t stand the sick arrogance of these deluded people sometimes.

Crapola. Anyway…

An interesting “instruction” that Pelley was to carry out for the Red Triangle (besides traveling throughout Siberia in a canteen car attached to Allied troop trains) was 1: to take pictures of conditions in the region and 2:  to write reports for the YMCA on the most efficient means of turning the youth of Russia away from ‘satanic Leninism.’

Pelley described himself later as having been a combination ‘Red Triangle secretary, war correspondent, espionage agent, secret photographer, canteen proprietor, and consular courier… Striving to plant sanity, decency, and political stability in a land being slowly mutilated and mangled by Communism.

Being deeply moved by watching an entire city going up in flames, was not really the kind of reaction in someone I’d ever want to call friend – but that’s Pelley. He’s pretty strange too, like his friend George.

“His first and most significant experience in a combat zone occurred in the city of Blagoveshchenck. Pelley’s car was attached to a Japanese troop train sent in as reinforcement during the fight for the city. Arriving after most of the fighting ended, Pelley witnessed the entire city go up in flames. He was deeply moved by this ‘terrible and unforgettable sight… as magnificent as it was tragic.’ (Beekman book)

And then Pelley goes to Harbin, Manchuria – probably right along with Donovan too (that’s where he went next as well).

“In November 1918 the most picturesque episode of Pelley’s Siberian adventure began while he was staying in Irkustsk to watch the ceremonies that gave Admiral Aleksander Kolchak formal control of all the White Russian forces. At the American consulate he was persuaded to accompany two representatives of the International Harvester Company, three-quarters of a million dollars in company funds, and Washington-bound diplomatic documents from American ambassador David R. Francis to Harbin, Manchuria. Harvester officials sought to rush the money out of the country before it fell into Bolshevik hands. Pelley’s credentials, local authorities believed, would prevent the funds from seizure along the road to Harbin. Pelley chaperoned a money-loaded canteen for twenty-six days. Already fearful of being robbed, Pelley found the journey even more harrowing because of the vicious weather of the Siberian winter. When the cold and hungry trio reached Harbin, they learned that the war had ended during their treacherous trip. (Beekman book)

Pelley blamed the Jewish Communist for the tragic destruction of the peasantry. He argued that the boxcar loads of refugees he traveled with were victims of a revolution perpetuated by ‘two hundred and seventy-six Jews from New York’s East Side.’

Slight problem with that logic – the American soldiers that we talked about earlier were primarily who were ordered to burn their villages, and the Allies were not letting the trains deliver food to them either.

THAT is who caused the suffering of the “peasants”.

It’s fascinating that Pelley is such a dupe that he actually bought the propaganda line – or such an agent that he actually wanted others to believe it, is the more likely of the two. I say that because he started saying that kind of anti-Jewish crap later on, much later on, when he was working again for the slavemasters to promote conditions for another war – WWII.

In fact, let’s just take that “dupe” factor out of the equation.

Pelley was no dupe, he was an active agent. Did you know that he even completely invented that during this trip, that he witnessed the actions of the ‘scavenger Jews’ in Siberia, and that’s what led him to understand the Jewish plot to take over the world? (with the Russian Revolution supposedly being merely the first step in this program.)

He used his experience in Siberia as first-hand ‘evidence’ of the fate awaiting Americans at the Communists took over the country. Pelley believed that Russian atrocities could ‘happen in Kansas, Indiana, New Jersey… if this Communist peril becomes guerrilla warfare.‘”
(Beekman, pp. 26-28)

Such a good little propagandist, Pelley was.

Here are some extra-fine examples of Pelley at work saving the world from “satanic Leninism”.

Russian pic from Pelley –

I traveled over 8000 miles in central Siberia this last year. I went into the country with almost the first lot of Japanese troops immediately the intervention had been decided upon. I was in there when the armistice was signed.

…Well, Otani was made commander-in chief. Just why that was done, diplomacy can probably explain better than a third-rate newspaperman who had better keep his mouth shut and swallow whole what the censor handed him.

It wasn’t much of a job—not as fighting went in the late war. It was mostly guerilla fighting done from trains. A month saw most of it completed.

…Meanwhile, in the interior of the country millions were starving because the railroad was only being used for military

…And almost everybody is hoping that Versailles will hurry up with the League of Nations and let the League of Nations take the whole fussy mess off their hands.

I met responsible men in the Far East, whose names would cause a sensation if I printed them here, who declared that all Japan needed was a sound thrashing to knock some of the bumptiousness out of her, and make her human, -—like a swelled-headed, super-sensitive boy of sixteen with a false idea of his own importance to the universe. I met one big man out there who said: “I wish to God the Allies would put a ring of gunboats round her bully little island and blow hell out of it just to show the Japanese it could be done; then they’d be livable and perhaps come round to seeing things from our viewpoint.

Let’s take a moment to recap who some of those “names” were. People like William Donovan, for example. I’ll bet that may have even been him that Pelley is quoting there.

…And it seems to me, now that I am out and looking at the whole proposition from a ten-thousand-mile perspective from my study up here in Vermont, that the only solution to Siberia’s troubles is the solution that will fix the troubles of the battered old world everywhere and that is, a little more international altruism, a little more of the disposition to do away with the old system of the missionary going first, the tradesman following after, the soldier following the tradesman and the politician following the soldier.

…It is the great heritage of the American —-he does not go to and fro in the earth with an axe in his clothes which he brings out and grinds at every passing opportunity.

– Pelley, Siberia with the Lid Off: Uncensored Notes on an 8000-mile Journey with Yanks and Czechs and Japs; Sunset: The Pacific Monthly; Volume 43, No. 1 July 1919. Originally found at Hathitrust. PDF we made – Pelley, Siberia with the Lid Off, Sunset 43 July 1919.

One of those “secret photographer” pics Pelley took –


The Commanding Officers and Chief of Staff of the Allied Missions to Siberia – pic includes General K. Otani commander-in-chief and Major General William S.Grove. commanding the Americans –


Czech captured supposed leaders of the Bolsheviks –

Japanese soldiers tasked with guarding the Trans-Siberian railroad – Genyosha/Black Dragon anyone?

You can also read Pelley’s other story in Sunset from November of 1919 here – it’s called: Siberia Back of the Whiskers. Here’s a PDF of just that story that I made.

Some great pics from that one – Red Triangle headquarters.

Or how about some Chinese street performers?

When I came back to Japan from Siberia last November I heard men say: “Japan had the chance in the Intervention to make her place in the hearts of the allied peoples for all time. But she absolutely bungled it. Every allied soldier hopes to high heaven that sooner or later the Japanese get a damned good walloping.

Korea and Japan’s Boot by William Pelley in Sunset October 1919

Time to go home now…

Per passenger records, Pelley and his wife took a ship from Yokohama, Japan arriving back at San Francisco, California on 3 December 1918.

* * *

After Russia

Pelley’s intelligence and propaganda work continues

The Pelleys returned to St. Johnsbury in early 1919. In his absence, the Evening Caledonian had begun to lose money and, despite his efforts, he was unable to reverse the trend.

In the spring of 1919, William Dudley Pelley, the owner and editor of St. Johnsbury’s Evening Caledonian, took the unusual step of listing all of the paper’s staff on the masthead, under the heading “Responsible for a good newspaper in St. Johnsbury.”

William Pelley (center front)

Pelley cites a sad, sad story of how he had to go to Hollywood to “save” his newspaper creditors.

….came back to the United States to face a newspaper business in ruins. The swarming millions of Asia had not confirmed my faith in the conventional Almighty’s goodness and wisdom — had made me only more skeptical in fact — though I never had anything but remorseful tenderness in my heart for the memory of the Man of Sorrows and what He epitomized in the human scheme of things. To save my newspaper creditors from loss, I went to Hollywood and labored among the Flesh Pots. I made a score of motion pictures.

Seven Minutes in Eternity, book form 1929

Sounds of tiny violin playing…

With what we now know of Pelley’s deep involvement with the slavemasters in intelligence and propaganda work, we can pretty much take that sad story with a grain of salt and say: Yeah right, Pelley. That’s why you went to Hollywood.

Of course, that’s not what happened at all. Practically as soon as Pelley got home he began pounding out the propaganda stories that he was supposed to (I just showed you some of them) and per him, he supposedly spent eighteen hours a day at the typewriter throughout the spring and summer of 1919.

Somewhere in there, one assumes when Pelley was “debriefing” after his return to the United States, he became interested in “Secret Service investigations,” and claimed to have had “contacts with some of the biggest men in the Hoover administration.” (Psychic Dictatorship in America, Gerald Bryan)

A sampling of his other writings in 1919:

  • “When Brown is Red.”Sunset Magazine, February, 1919, p. 26.
  • “Hustling the Far East.”Sunset Magazine, March, 1919, p. 13.
  • “Dollar in Service on the Missionary Firing Line.”World Outlook, April, 1919, pp. 9-11.

Finally a family named Smith visited St. Johnsbury and purchased the paper from the frustrated journalist.

Smith, eh? I’ll tell you what, I think that this “Smith” has rather convenient timing, because next thing you know? Off to Hollywood Pelley goes.

Now he begins his real career.

A small recap here –

On November 12, 1918, George Creel halted the domestic activities of the CPI. The activities of the foreign division were ended, amidst great controversy, a few months later. One might assume that the wartime propagandists then put down their pens and paintbrushes and returned to ordinary life. This was not the case.

According to propagandist Harold Lasswell, many former agents of the CPI stayed in Washington and New York and took advantage of their skill and contacts. Two years later, the Director of the CPI’s Foreign Division argued that:

“the history of propaganda in the war would scarcely be worthy of consideration here, but for one fact – it did not stop with the armistice. No indeed! The methods invented and tried out in the war were too valuable for the uses of governments, factions, and special interests.”

So, there you have it. That’s why Pelley is going to Hollywood, where he became a screenwriter.

This is when he wrote the Lon Chaney films such as the silent film The Light in the Dark 1920 (also called The Light of Faith) and The Shock (both starring Lon Chaney).

A plot summary on the internet says about “The Light in the Dark”, that the main character, Bessie MacGregor, is a hat check girl who is run over by a society matron. The matron winds up hiring Bessie as a companion and her womanizing brother, J. Warburton Ashe, toys with her affections. She leaves the matron’s care and moves into a boarding house where she meets sometime thief Tony Pantelli (Chaney). Bessie falls ill and Ashe, while hunting in England, finds the Holy Grail (here’s where the color Medieval sequences come in). The cup supposedly can heal all ills, so when Ashe brings it back to the States, Pantelli steals it and gives it to Bessie. She is cured, and eventually Ashe returns to her — this time sincere in his affections.


Pure Pelley, that is.

The Shock – (1923, 89 min.) was billed as a gripping gangster yarn.


Pelley, as we already know, wanted to help propagandize that Japan represented one of “the burning issues on the Pacific Coast” and that HIS experiences in that country made him “especially qualified” to address the subject. Of course, Pelley was just as much being told what he was supposed to write now as he was during the war.

Sunset’s then editor George Fields couldn’t quite get behind the articles that Pelley had proposed and only published one of them: Behind the Dreadful Mask July, 1920, p. 32.

That one being one that went out of its way to do the “Japan, a problem? No, it’s nothing!” routine which was guaranteed to piss off the highly sensitive to criticism Japanese people.

Defeated in their League of Nations goal pretty much single-handedly by Senator Borah, the slavemasters’ agitation towards the next world war was already underway. Recall that Pelley had already thrown indirect promo for the League of Nations in one of his 1919 Sunset articles? Right. Now you’re gettin’ it.

Sunset even included some nice propaganda pics of the Japanese army –

Why was such an obviously racist view being presented here? Because that’s what the Round Table British slavemasters wanted. They even had their own people presenting that agenda, the supremacy of WHITE people – cloaked in the term “english-speaking races”.

I write about this pretty extensively in a recent post, but here’s the main points I’d like to show you briefly here.

So, this Strachey character, here writing in the Spectator August 19, 1922,  was, just as I said earlier, completely controlled by British intelligence and the Round Table nobility, underneath the propaganda machine of Charles Masterman. He is doing this promotion of Theodore Roosevelt because THEY wanted him to, and you will soon see why here.

The Spectator; (British paper) Theodore Roosevelt and The Union Of The English-Speaking Peoples” A Personal Reminiscence 19 August 1922, by J. ST. Lou Strachey

Notice anything about that title?

The very first propaganda issued from Masterman’s propagandist stable –

…we in Great Britain are ourselves conscious of a destiny and duty. That destiny and duty, alike for us and for all the English-speaking race

– London Times, Friday, September 18, 1914, BRITAIN’S DESTINY AND DUTY DECLARATION BY AUTHORS.


Yep. Exactly the same agenda 8 years later in this 1922 article.


That’s why the promotion of racism in Sunset magazine by Pelley.

Pelley gained prominent recognition for his extensive fiction writing in national publications. He had over 240 short stories published in the most widely circulated national magazines of the time including the Saturday Evening Post, Redbook, and Colliers. He was a constant contributor to The American Magazine.

Pelley excelled in the short story genre. He won the O. Henry Memorial Award for the best short story in the nation for two different years, “The Face in the Window” in 1920, and “The Continental Angle” in 1930. Several times his stories appeared in the best short story collections edited by Edward J. O’Brien.

Along with his short stories Pelley authored six novels, two of which were made into movies, and took him to Hollywood to assist in their production. One book was the Fog, which was published by Little Brown and Co. and sold nearly a half million copies. The other book was titled Drag in which Richard Barthelmess was the leading actor.

In addition to the two books, which were made into movies, he was a screenwriter throughout the 1920’s adapting many of his short stories into films. Lon Chaney was his best social and professional friend and starred in the Shock and The Light of Faith, which Pelley had written and adapted into film.

That covers Pelley’s film and magazine propaganda efforts, but there is something even more important (and far less well known) that Pelley was tasked to do this same year of 1920.

Getting the Protocols of Zion disseminated.

The Protocols of Zion

This subject is gone into in great detail in my article about combined British/Ohkrana deep cover agent Casimir Pilenas Palmer (because he was involved) and Mike’s Reckoning book, chapter 21.

Let’s just focus on a few points. The first is that it was on 8 May 1920, Mr. British Propaganda Department Committee member Steed wrote the leader for the Times entitled “The Jewish Peril, a Disturbing Pamphlet: Call for Inquiry”, Steed wrote about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

What are these ‘Protocols’? Are they authentic? If so, what malevolent assembly concocted these plans and gloated over their exposition? Are they forgery? If so, whence comes the uncanny note of prophecy, prophecy in part fulfilled, in part so far gone in the way of fulfillment?”.

Would it surprise you to know that at the exact same time, our man Pelley was instrumental in setting into motion events that resulted in a Congressman reading the Protocols of Zion into the Congressional Record?

Returning to the United States a changed and shaken man, Pelley made his report to Representative Louis F. McFadden of Pennsylvania in 1920. The politician was so alarmed at what he heard, he personally read aloud the Protocols for the Learned Elders of Zion on the floor of Congress, officially introducing this vitally important document into the Congressional Record.

– America’s SS:THE SILVER SHIRTS by A.V. Schaerffenberg as presented in yet another re-boot of the Illuminati conspiracy theory in Liberty Bell May 1995.

You’ll forgive me if I don’t fall right into line with the poor, shaken Pelly gambit these people were running, but it is true that Pelley was most definitely continuing his job propagandizing “the world” to his next assigned target – Americans.

It is important that you understand that this Protocols of Zion gambit was all yet another re-boot of the Illuminati conspiracy theory adjusted to target a different public. This particular “jewish angle” didn’t start in World War I, it actually began almost 30 years earlier.

Taking a little side-trip into history here to briefly illustrate that fact –

In France, L’Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix (Kabbalistic Order of the Rosy Cross) (OKRC) was founded by Gerard Encausse (and others) in Paris around 1888 with Marquis Stanislas de Guaita [1861-1897] as the first Grand Master.


By March of 1895 Encausse was also a member of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light – or Luxor – and the [Athahoor] Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn temple in Paris. F. Charles Barlet (pseudonym of Albert Faucheux 1838-1921) was his mentor of sorts, he had become the Brotherhood’s representative in France in 1885, and he became the successor of Guaita at the OKRC in 1897.

In 1901 these primarily British-driven so-called occult operatives had brought this “the jews did it” up when Encausse (aka Papus) – who was connected to Barlet and the whole Helena Blavatsky Brotherhood of Luxor bs – collaborated with Jean Carrère in producing a series of articles in the Echo de Paris under the pseudonym Niet (“no” in Russian). In the articles Sergei Witte and Pyotr Rachkovsky were attacked, and it was suggested that there was a sinister financial syndicate trying to disrupt the Franco-Russian alliance. Encausse and Carrère alleged that this syndicate was a Jewish conspiracy. (Witte was Blavatsky’s cousin – he and Rachkovsky were both Okhrana and working with Melville and British intelligence)


In his occult writings Encausse drew heavily upon the scriptures and Kabbalistic mystical writings of the Jews – in turn another fabrication on the part of particularly the Vatican slavemasters. He also attended Golden Dawn ritual meetings alongside Moina Mathers (Mina Bergson), the Jewish wife of Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. However, in his pseudonymous political writings he excoriated Jews as evil financial conspirators.

Typical hypocrisy of one of their operatives, but this was them working to “foment revolts” as Jefferson so succinctly put it, and start a war basically – World War I.

On easy way to tell, is that the publication of the alleged “Protocols” sparked anti-Jewish pogroms in Kiev and Kishineff which then justified all manner of atrocities to be done in the name of “liberty”. (see Red Bible post)

Then, two other deep-cover combined Okhrana/MI6 agents, Casimir Pilenas Palmer and Boris Brasol actually arranged to publish the Protocols in book form in the U.S. – making it possible for William Pelley to get a congressman snow-jobbed well enough to decide to read into the Congressional Record.

Next, we have another element to cover here as to Pelley’s “reasons” for going to Hollywood.


The other woman

Then there’s the other story – and I do mean story – of why Pelley went to Hollywood.

A woman – who was the supposed inspiration of why Pelley was going to California. While I believe that was a factor, it was most definitely NOT the real reason he was there.

Remember, he was still in the “pay”, so to speak, of his masters and was continuing his propaganda work – much like British agent Somerset Maugham was doing in Hollywood at the time.

Pelley referred to his muse (my term) in his writings only as “Lillian” who worked for a “San Francisco newspaper” and flew airplanes in her spare time. ( Beekman p. 33 )

But first, watch him tell an even different version of why he went to California.

The years following the war had not been unprofitable. I had sold my eastern newspaper interests to go to California and
make motion pictures from many of the 200 magazine stories and three novels I had produced since leaving the Bennington Banner. I made a score of movies in Hollywood and with a Yankee’s weakness for engaging in any sort of pursuit that promised profit, I also had interests in a western film magazine, in a chain of west coast restaurants, in a real estate firm, and in an advertising agency.

1932 version Pelley biography

Yea, OK Pelley. Whatever.

Let’s talk about Lillian some more now.

Pelley wrote in his autobiography of one California experience with Lillian…that he wanted to portray as having “pointed the way” for his late decade interest in spiritualism.

It was an odd relationship with a mystical San Francisco newspaper woman, named merely as Lillian by the author. The first comment by this “strong-bodied, up-standing blond girl … with a characterful face, a strongly penetrating eye, (and) a disconcerting poise,” was: I had a clairvoyant feeling you’d arrive tonight.”

Pelley spent much time with her early in the twenties, although he claimed the relationship was entirely a spiritual one: “I entered into no intimacies with this girl.”

Sure he didn’t. (I don’t believe that for a second).

In response to his statements that he was becoming rather frustrated in giving his life a meaningful direction, Lillian retorted that she believed “that for some reason or other you’ve been sent to me” and she agreed to “roll up my sleeves and try to help you find yourself.

He wrote of her “high-voltage altruism” and of “those strange karmic relationships” when she appealed to him to recognize a nondenominational spiritual destiny: “She opened up a new intellectual and social world to me.” Her message was for Pelley to “push onward, to get close to the Big Drums of Life. … Cosmos was commanding you to take a new veer. (The Millenarian Right)

I submit that this mystery woman was Lillian Gatlin, the first woman to fly across the U.S. and who worked for the Oakland Tribune, and was the President of the National Association of Gold Star Mothers. She made the flight as a “special delivery package” in a mail plane, a de Havilland piloted by Paul Henderson.

She made the flight to “create public interest in her plan to have March 2 set aside as a memorial day for men who die pioneering aviation. One news article of the time referred to her as a “shrewd psychologist” who “knows the value of advertising. Her trip was a flying ad.” (Ogden Standard-Examiner 1 November 1922, Wednesday)

As early as 1915, Lillian herself was already engaging in the fine art of propaganda, being part of an all-male publicity committee (an amazing feat for that time period) for Theodore Hardee, the Chief of the Department of Liberal Arts for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco.


Pelley described her as “an exceedingly clever woman” with a “characterful face, a strangely penetrating eye” and a “disconcerting poise…a trace of the exotic.”

Next I was whirling madly. Once in 1920 over San Francisco an airplane in which I was passenger went into a tail-spin and we almost fell in the Golden Gate. That feeling!

Seven Minutes in Eternity, book form 1929

Apparently this woman had a bit of a rep, or at least men determined to portray her in some rather cliche ways. For example, the Bradbury family sued her for supposedly influencing the patriarch of the family into giving her shares to a mine because he was “subservient” to her will.

Speaking of the other woman, it was What Women Love that provided Pelley with the most acclaim of the three films. Released in August 1920, the film starred the notorious Annette ‘Diving Venus’ Kellerman as bathing suit-wearing libertine wooed by a chaste young man who saves her from the clutches of an aggressive professional boxer.

Thanks to Annette Kellerman’s drawing power and exciting aquatic sequences (including an underwater fight and a seventy-five-foot dive into the Pacific by the film’s heroine), What Women Love proved to be a mild critical and commercial success. Note: Pelley was still writing screenplays as late as 1927 – for example The Ladybird, a silent crime film directed by Walter Lang and starring Betty Compson. It was produced by the B movie studio Chadwick.

But, uh oh. Guess what?

Party time with Lillian and Hollywood was over. Duty called, his wife wrote him a letter telling him that she was pregnant, and although Lillian apparently threw a temper tantrum over it – parting in “some enmity because of the nature of the circumstances” – Pelly returned to New England to be there for the birth of his son in September, where he and his wife separated soon thereafter. (Millenarian Right)

Not a man for committed relationships with women, his marriage to Marion Harriet Stone on December 16, 1911 ended in divorce in 1921, with Pelley having spent more time helping get millions of people killed in WWI than he did on a life with his wife.

And…Pelley ends up back in Hollywood again, where his intelligence/propaganda career is about to take another key turn.

But in the meantime…

1923 –

With the death of John Siddell, the magazine was taken over by Merle S. Crowell, a former staff contributor. Crowell appointed a new fiction editor, a woman identified by Pelley only as Mary. He described her as a unique woman who could not write herself but was able to sense “what was appropriate and exquisite in the work of another. (The Millenarian Right)

Mary in 1921

That was Mary Derieux – she was that fiction editor and she also later worked for Delineator and True Story magazines.

She was born in 1901, in a house that had been in her family for over a hundred years in Tappahannock, Virginia.

Later in life Mary seems to have been mixed up in some sort of lottery conspiracy with a man named Frederick W. Benduhn. (The Palm Beach Post – Apr 19, 1940 ) Her life seems to have changed after she was replaced as fiction editor at  American magazine in late 1929, which was just after her replacement – nicknamed “blossom” had cancelled William Pelley’s contract after his Seven Minutes in Eternity article. (The Palm Beach Post – Apr 10, 1930  ) She apparently didn’t want it known that she was fired. She told reporters that she had “resigned”.


By 1948, it appears this same Mary authored a quite well-known book on interior decorating and the Brooklyn Eagle featured a photo her as “author”. Quite the glam look she has going here, as compared to her college photo.

Mary’s relative (although I am uncertain as to in what capacity) James Clarkson Derieux was the Managing Editor of American. You can see his name on the index page of the June 1929 issue of American – the one that carried Pelley’s “Life is to Find Out” story. James was also the senior Washington editor of the magazine, Collier’s prior to its buyout by Crowell Publishing in 1919.


“Much learning doth make thee mad.” – his saying in college

James Clarkson (J.C.) Derieux was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina on 13 Dec 1891 to William Thomas DeRieux and Charlotte Durham Bookhart. James Clarkson married Janie Worthington Gilreath and had 2 children. In a 1942 article he was referring to himself as “a thinker on abstruse subjects” who was a “deep and fond lover of nature” with his ideal being “the simple life” – still the propaganda man to the very end.

More importantly, in that same article he was exorting college students to support World War II and calling upon them to get rid of “the old order” for them. An extremely transparent shilling for William Stephenson, head of British intelligence in America, then busily running every kind of intelligence operation imaginable to trick the American people into believing that they “needed” this war.

When it comes to the subject of Mary Derieux, it is at this point that we have an important shift that’s about to happen that we need to talk about, and why it is very important that Mary was brought on board the American magazine.

Sometime in the mid-1920’s or so (I don’t have the exact date yet) she became the Chairman of the Publication Committee for the ASPR – the American branch of the British Society of Psychical Research. This meant that anything getting published in their Journal had to go through her.

As Pelley is going to later cross paths and become utilized by this very same British intelligence operation called the Society for Psychical Research, we need to get into some key points of that history now.

In truth, Pelley is simply one visible cog in the spinning War machine plans of the slavemasters – one of the most important first steps of which was to try and distract the American people from the last War and try and sell how beneficial it all was to them. One angle on achieving this was through the use of the faked “talking to the dead” angle, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was trying to peddle. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, so let me back up.

James Hyslop, President of the American Society for Psychical Research died in 1920. In-fighting immediately began, and the Society split into two main factions. One pro-Spiritualism, by mostly Spiritualists themselves, and the other group anti-Spiritualism, being skeptical of “discarnate spirits”; however this faction was VERY interested in telepathy and other more associated to someone with a body phenomena.

That was Hyslop’s baby, actually. He had formed a whole kind of secret division called Section B where they were searching for “soul substance” basically.

As in a thing that could be manipulated. You might be interested in perusing this post of mine: Strange Convergences in MKULTRA subprojects Seeking Magic Physical Abilities. It documents that this particular quest continued right on up and through into even the CIA’s MKULTRA projects.

The term “soul substance” itself goes back to 1854 when Rudolph Wagner, a physiologist had proposed a discussion on that topic at the Gottingen Congress of Physiologists. The challenge to discuss was accepted, but no discussion actually happened. That’s the earliest use of the term that I know of, so far, and it was used again in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 1907.

Parallell with Hyslops article, fellow Society for Psychical Research member Duncan MacDougall publishes an article called HYPOTHESIS CONCERNING SOUL SUBSTANCE TOGETHER WITH EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE OF THE EXISTENCE OF SUCH SUBSTANCE. This article was also published in American Medicine simultaneously.

This article emphatically insists that a PERSON could not exist and not occupy space – you can tell that idea really bothers these slavemasters.

“…after the death of brain and body, then such personality can only exist as a space occupying body….”

It is unthinkable that personality and conciousness continuing personal identity should exist, and have being, and yet not occupy space. It is impossible to represent in thought that which is not space occupying, as having personality, for that would be equivalent to thinking that nothing had become or was something, that emptiness had personality, that space itself was more than space, all of which are contradictions and absurd.

[My note: ALL of which is right – but look at how hysterically it is denied due to a confusion on what nothing is, or isn’t. A PERSON, without a body, is not a nothing.]

“The essential thing is that there must be a substance as the basis of continuing personal identity and conciousness, for without space occupying substance, personality or a continuing conscious ego after bodily death is unthinkable.”


This is the same exact logical error that Fredrick Myers of the SPR demonstrated in his books – he tried to apply physical science laws to the non-physical.

Strangely, something must have happened in their researches, because literally at the same time that this idea got put on the table again – this soul substance idea – Hyslop suddenly decides to dissolve the ASPR and make the research much more secret for almost two decades.

From my article, A Comprehensive History of the Oahspe

…it has been decided to dissolve the American Branch of the Society for Psychical Research at the end of the current year.

It is hoped that a scheme, upon which Professor Hyslop has been for some time past engaged, may result in the formation of an independent organization which will carry on the work of psychical research in America.

– Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, Volume 1, January 1907; Note: The ASPR’s list of members at this time included none other than J.P Morgan’s daughter – the wife of E.R. Satterlee, who later wrote Morgan’s bio. It shows her as living at 60 East 78th St., New York.


Concurrent with shutting down the ASPR – this is the same time period when MacDougall (not the same as McDougall) writes his article and then Hyslop also writes an article saying that “selective telepathy” is not possible.

Hyslop first refers to percipient, which is a term meaning one who has perceived a paranormal event.

Hyslop – “What I have been insisting on is that the only scientifically legitimate use of the term “telepathy” is that which merely names a group of supernormal phenomena whose cause is not yet known or understood and that the facts which support its claims at all are limited to the present active states of the agent. There is no scientific evidence for selective telepathy or the percipient’s selection of memories in other minds. This process may be a fact, but there is as yet no scientific evidence whatever for this….”

– Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, Volume 1, January 1907


You can see at least one thing that they are worried about  – “selection of memories in other minds.”

Sounds like someone has something to hide.

That is now TWO public articles smashing down both direct telepathy, and the existence of a PERSON independent of a space-occupying object or form.

Combine that with the dissolution of the ASPR, and it becomes quite obvious that something has happened that must have really given them the heebie-jeebies. Don’t let their posturing fool you though, because meanwhile they are up to something entirely different behind-the-scenes.

But, what could they have found that made all this re-arranging and posturing necessary?

I’m about to tell you.

Just a couple of years later, Hyslop resurrects the American Society for Psychical Research as a now independent organization – 1909. The origins of the OAHSPE was one of the first things that it embarked in investigation upon, and Hyslop contacted Nelson Standart and requested information.

William McDougall was elected President of BRITISH Society for Psychical Research, and also took over the American Branch from Hyslop.

Yep, that McDougall.

Mr. Eugenics. The guy who mentored Cyril Burt, who in turn mentored one of the main Tavistock people – John Bowlby. McDougall performed tests on rats trying to prove the “strong influence of inherited traits on behaviour” and then said this lovely little gem –

“…the few distinguished Negroes, so called, of America – such as Douglass, Booker Washington, Du Bois – have been, I believe, in all cases mulattoes or had some proportion of white blood. We may fairly ascribe the incapacity of the Negro race to form a nation to the lack of men endowed with the qualities of great leaders, even more than to the lower level of average capacity” (McDougall, William., The Group Mind, p.187, Arno Press, 1973; Copyright, 1920 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons).

I see. If they’re any good at all it’s because they’re WHITE black men.


Such a nice man to have in charge of supposedly unbiased spiritual research.


But, see now, Hyslop, about 4 years earlier (two years before he shut down the ASPR) had been tasked by Cecil Bloc Round Table men (like McDougall) to create a special institute.

Starting in 1905, James Hyslop headed the American branch of the British Society for Psychical Research, but just a couple months before that in July of 1904, he was tasked to establish a particular front group for British intelligence. It was called the American Institute for Scientific Research. (see corporation records: 12 July 1904)


He didn’t even make that publicly known until about 4 months later when he sent an announcement to the New York Times (in November) which read:

To the Editor of the New York Times:

An important institute, intended to be of a National character, has been founded in this city for the purpose of organizing certain scientific investigations while it conducts in one of its fields a system of philanthropic work. Its needs are the subject of this brief explanation. It has been incorporated as the American Institute for Scientific Research.

“The institute will not engage officially in any investigations connected with this field (psychic research) but will act as a custodian of funds to be devoted to it….”

“I may add that the Board of Trustees for the institute has not yet been completed. But Prof. William James of Harvard University, Dr. Minot J. Savage, and Dr. R. Heber Newton are on the board, and it is intended to complete it with the selection of men having an equal standing in the country.

James H. Hyslop. New York, Nov. 10, 1904


So, when James Hyslop took over as President of the ASPR the following year (1905) he physically moved the ASPR from Boston to New York and puts it under the psychical research branch of his new Institute, calling it Section B.

  • By the way, this happens to be the same year that Ploetz founded the German Society for Racial Hygiene advocating eugenics. Ernst Rudin, a German psychiatrist, headed the Society.

The American Institute for Scientific Research became one of many in a long, long line of front groups of British Intelligence.

Re-naming the ASPR SECTION B was actually, and quite literally, a veritable direct delineation of it’s status as an intelligence operation – but most would not know that at the time, as it was highly secret as an organization, and in fact was only acknowledged to exist as recently as the 1990′s.

The real purpose of this begins to show in what Hyslop was doing that was hidden under the auspices of this Section B. He also called it – Section B – the Abnormal Psychology branch.

Now why on earth would he call it that?

We can glean a little from the previous clues, the shift publicly by both MacDougall and Hyslop both wanting to present the idea that there was no such thing as direct telepathy and that there was no such thing as a non-physical based (in some form) soul or source of life.

What does that mean to you…

That clearly someone has something against those two ideas, right?


Who was that someone?

Two supposedly disparate factions actually, that were really the same faction. The Catholic Church – the Vatican – and certain members of the British nobility. Together, they form one faction that have referred to themselves as the slaves masters. (humanity being the “slaves”).

Together, they go way back in protecting (often extremely forcefully) certain areas of inquiry. Telepathy and an immortal, non-physical source of life that is not God nor was “made by God” being two of those areas.

To understand this rather odd shift of Hyslop’s going on here, there are two things you need to understand. Well, actually a lot more than just two, but I’m attempting to coalesce a LOT of information here for you that has been covered in-depth in other articles, posts and book chapters here at the blog.

Probably the #1 choice to fully understand what the heck is going on here with this supposed “scientific” approach to the subjects of telepathy, proof that a non-physical source of life exists, would be this article – Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science.

I’m going to excerpt part of one section of that now.


The 19th century

Hurry! Hurry!

We need a “science” now

Look at the hurry they were in starting date coincident after the American Revolution, it’s quite interesting to see.

In England at the beginning of the nineteenth century, only a few thousand insane poor were confined. By the end of the century the numbers had grown to close to 100,000. In German-speaking Europe there were 202 public asylums by 1891, and in France 108. In Germany itself, the number of insane persons confined rocketed from one in 5,300 in 1852 to one in 500 in 1911.

That is a monumental increase – date coincident with when Emil Kraepelin received the backing of the Catholic Church (and the rest of the Slavemasters) in saying that mental illness was a physical disease.

Accordingly, in what would be a rather humorous paradox if it wasn’t so dang evil, the demented Igor Kraepelin “discovers” a disease called Dementia Praecox in 1887. It was a catch-all term for things deemed insane (especially telepathy and clairvoyance) that just sounded more “scientific” than saying demon possession. Even though it’s really still talking about the same ole, same old.

Professor Eugene Blueler then took Kraepelin’s “dementia praecox” term and coined the term schizophrenia instead, in 1911.

It doesn’t matter what it is named because it was (and still is) a completely non-provable as any kind of physical based ‘illness’, meaning there is no science whatsoever involved. Witness the fact that the symptoms change as with the winds of politics.

(see library article about Telepathy, and also this post laying out all the official psychiatric manuals and what they said on this point)

Kraepelin was chosen to “teach”, in typical cloaked Catholicism form, that such abilities (and other unacceptable behaviors) came from a DISEASE OF THE BRAIN.

Thereby justifying all manner of nasty physical treatments to ‘fix’ the person which were really just cloaked experiments to try and figure out how to stop these things from happening.

Why? Because they are unbelievably stubborn on the point of that they CANNOT create or control life out of purely physical elements.

and neither can their “God”.


They really, really NEED to find ways to try and disprove that very dis-empowering truth. If you learn nothing else of them, this would be enough to understand their bizarre behavior. They are trying to prove something that they will never succeed at.


Besides being experiments still along that line they obsess about, their treatments of the supposedly insane were also a sort of “Fair Game”, a repeat of and updating of the Inquisition. Targeting the heretics and the apostates but most especially it began targeting those who dared lay claim to ‘supernatural’ abilities.

Since we have already identified their special interest area, the really scares them attributes of those people who are demonized as being ‘possessed’ – as taken from their own exorcism materials – we would expect to see those same attributes showing up underneath dementia praecox and the newer catch-all term schizophrenia.

And so we do.

In Catholicism/Christianity, look at the so-called symptoms of  ‘demon possession’, taken from their own materials.

They are:

  • Speaking unknown language in many words
  • understanding when foreign language is spoken by someone else;
  • Ability to divulge future and hidden events;
  • Powers that are beyond person’s age or natural condition;
  • and other such things which together build up evidence.

Plus the “pythons” aspect (another word for snakes, serpents, witches and demons) that the Catholics went on about under the patronage of Nicholas V, who rather hated women, by the way.

Under Pythonism – we see the following:

  • divination, divining,
  • augury,
  • soothsaying, soothsay,
  • hariolation;
  • fortunetelling,
  • crystalgazing; crystal ball;
  • astrology;
  • sorcery;
  • clairvoyance.

Another list inspired by Father Fr. Chad Ripperger (Introduction to the Science of Mental Health;Volume 2, Chapter 10: Demonic Influences pp 529-577) depicts pythons or ‘demonic’ powers as follows:

  • Communicate By Telepathy (Thought)
  • Move & Think At The Speed Of Thought
  • Can Bi-Locate (Or Move So Quickly They Appear To Do So)
  • Highly Skilled at Powers of Observation

So, the main attributes we have to this ‘pythons’ and demons business are: telepathy, clairvoyance, incredibly skilled and fast in powers of observation, and a sort of code-name for incoming telepathy as being ‘spirits of the dead’. BUT, if it’s from god, well it’s the living dead as opposed to the dead dead.

On a lighter note, not too hypocritical are they.

sarcasm little guy


Then there’s the overall “witches” and “sorcerers” catechism that we covered earlier – that’s where telepathy and clairvoyance come in as being positioned as being from (or because of) that nasty devil character.

God can reveal the future to his prophets or to other saints. Still, a sound Christian attitude consists in putting oneself confidently into the hands of Providence for whatever concerns the future, and giving up all unhealthy curiosity about it. Improvidence, however, can constitute a lack of responsibility.

All forms of ‘’divination‘’ are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to “unveil” the future.(Deuteronomy 18:10, Jeremiah 29:8)

Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

All practices of ‘’magic’’ or ‘’sorcery,’’ by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one’s service and have a supernatural power over others – even if this were for the sake of restoring their health – are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion.

– Catholic Catechism Part Three, Section Two, The Ten Commandments 2115-2117; English Translation of the Cathechism of the Catholic Church for the United States of America © 1997, United States Catholic Conference, Inc. You can also see this here at the Vatican’s own website.


Basically, all these references taken together point to one clear fact.

Every single thing that some would classify as super-human super-natural are all literally and figuratively demonized!

This is actually easily understandable when one takes it as a given that super-human simply means not the kind of human the slavemasters want. They want a weaker one for a number of rather interesting <choke> reasons.

– – –

Now let’s see if that same bent shows up in this new “science” they so desperately needed to invent in the 1800’s – psychiatry – the companion to their other twin “sciences” Darwinism/Eugenics.

The earliest listing of symptoms for schizophrenia can be found in Emil Kraepelin’s book, written in the 1800’s but translated into English in 1912.

Kraepelin called his listed group of hallucinations related to “hearing” – perception phantasms.

Note how similar these dementia praecox symptoms are to the Catholic slurs of demon possession and devil/sorcery.

Hallucinations of hearing alone are by far most frequent in dementia praecox.

…The so-called “internal voices,” “suggestions,” “telephoning,” ‘telegraphing,” etc., form a special group of hallucinations of hearing.

They may occur as a kind of monologue or as a conversation with distant persons; sometimes the voices of conscience seem to criticise the patient or spur him on.

In all these cases the patient develops the delusion that his thoughts are known to every one, or that they are produced and influenced by outside forces.

[…] complain that their minds are influenced, their thoughts are gone, they have no control over their thoughts… They attribute the origin of such thoughts to others. Frequently they complain of “drawing of the thoughts,” and they may say that they don’t know whether their thoughts are their own or suggested by someone else.


Kraepelin doesn’t use the term of telepathy yet, it hadn’t been invented at the time he wrote this. Note the terms he uses instead, that of “telephoning” and “telegraphing”, meaning télé- far + phone sound.

He also noted:

  • The universal characteristic of the entire group of sense deceptions is their sensory vividness.
  • The patients do not merely believe that they see, hear, and feel, but they really see, hear and feel.

End Excerpt


You can pretty clearly see that this – psychiatric diagnoses of “diseased” mind – is really all a kind of spiritual eugenics. Spiritual Eugenics…In the sense that there are approved and not approved of spiritual (non-physical) communications such as telepathy, and that this kind of racism also extends to any such source of life or spirit that does not currently inhabit a body.

But, what was going on with these experiments that the Society of Psychical Research was doing (both the parent British organization and Hyslop here) was that they DID find proof that these things do exist.


Not didn’t, as Hyslop and MacDougall attempted to mislead their readers with.

So, what was Hyslop skulking around doing so secretly in this Abnormal Psychology Section B branch?

Conducting an in-depth study of schizophrenics.

Can you guess what his “conclusion” – a forgone thing – was?



was an infestation of spirits, or spirit possession.

Now that you understand that the real hysteria about “schizophrenia” was the now proven reality of non-physical abilities like telepathy etc., it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Hyslop is helping to promote this theory of “evil spirits” causing people to experience telepathy, therefore these “evil spirits” are making the person schizophrenic. That is quite an ingenious logic trap – if you think about it. If a person does telepathy with someone and can “hear” others, therefore he is crazy, and possessed of evil spirits who are the source of this.

Catch that?

It’s an EVIL SPIRIT talking to him, if he successfully conducts telepathy with another living person.


That is outright Catholicism.

(see my Why Psychiatry is More Religion By Science article)


Hyslop also backed the demon-filled extravaganza named the Oahspe publication – in yet another example of a CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. In other words, the slavemasters wished to control the narrative on the view of what the actual source or history of spirituality was. (See Comprehensive History of the Oahspe).

This then found its way into the oddest of places, anywhere from the Church of Scientology and its advanced levels (OT levels); the Unification Church and its “ancestor purges”, any number of other New Age front groups for this actual intelligence operation here, as well as something that may surprise you – promotion of taking LSD.

From Evil Twins #2


That wasn’t the only thing Kesey and others soon had to “give their due” to. They ran into entities, as he put it in a later interview.

KK: Right. There was that theme, naturally, but it went deeper than that. It was about people dealing with the forces that I had just thought were sort of fictional. When you run into these forces and these entities — real things that influence you — pretty soon you have to give them due. You have to go ahead and figure out which of these are good entities and which are bad entities. For a long time, I didn’t run into any bad entities. The bad entities were, sort of, good, not too strong forces, influenced by people who had problems, and they eventually loaded those drugs with problems. Nobody I ever knew had a bad trip until we moved back up here after Stanford. I was living over here by the river, and we gave a bunch of people some MP14. One girl began to have a bad time, and it was just contagious; the more we were around her, the more we were dealing with her, the more we were having her bad time. I think that’s what happened to a lot of people that were pretty sound. You can get through about anything if you’re sound, but if you’re really trying to empathize and deal with somebody who’s gone crazy on a drug, pretty soon you go crazy on the drug.

Sounds like a plug right out of Evil Twins #1 doesn’t it?

End excerpt


Considering that most of this LSD-testing was about causing psychosis supposedly as a study of schizophrenia, you can see that we are right on course, even 50 years later, with what James Hyslop said about it.

The proof that this is actually real, telepathy, etc., even shows up in their own tests – that an UNSEEN FORCE can light up the brain (it doesn’t have to) of a physical body when telepathy is being used, in the exact same area as that which they have pretended is the “source” of schizophrenia.

Personally, I find that fricking hilarious. They were totally hoisted-on-their-own-petard on that one.


As I said, this is one of the main areas that both factions of slavemasters are pretty obsessed with hiding information and controlling what people are allowed to conclude or know about.

– – –

Coming back around now, let’s look again at what I said initially here in relation to the ASPR, Pelley, and Mary Derieux.

In truth, Pelley is simply one visible cog in the spinning War machine plans of the slavemasters – one of the most important first steps of which was to try and distract the American people from the last War and try and sell how beneficial it all was to them. One angle on achieving this was through the use of the “talking to the dead” angle, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was trying to peddle. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, so let me back up.

James Hyslop, President of the American Society for Psychical Research died in 1920. In-fighting immediately began, and the Society split into two main factions. One pro-Spiritualism, by mostly Spiritualists themselves, and the other group anti-Spiritualism, being skeptical of “discarnate spirits”; however this faction was VERY interested in telepathy and other more associated to someone with a body phenomena.

See what the arguing was actually about now?


So, what happens next is very, very interesting.

Within a year of Mcdougall’s election and importation to America, we then see Thomas Edison, ASPR member, start pushing his “life units” idea of the “sparks” we are all made of supposedly.

Actually, the same year as McDougall’s election, was when he starts proselytizing about a new “machine” of his.

Taking advantage of the fact that many grieving family members (for loved ones killed in WWI) had taken interest in being able to communicate with their departed loved ones. Thomas Edison had then promoted that he was working on a machine that would supposedly assist the departed to communicate with the living. This was in the October 1920 issue of American magazine entitled “Edison Working to Communicate with the Next World“.

Note: In 1916, Thieneman, a German Jewish scientist, called these entities Lebenseinheiten(life unit). Following that, Edison started using the term life unit to describe the myriad of entities inhabiting a human body.

“I don’t claim that our personalities pass onto another existence,” Edison later told Scientific American. “I don’t claim anything, because I don’t know anything…. for that matter, no human being knows. But I do claim that it is possible to construct an apparatus which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence who wish to get in touch with us… this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity.”


Edison and his “flux” machine.

You may recognize that term. It has been used in several TV series and movies like Back to the Future and the “flux” capacitor being one example.

Then came the New York Times article on January 23, 1921 entitled: Mr. Edison’s “Life Units”

Here’s a PDF of the full article and here’s some key excerpts –

Thomas Edison has announced his entrance into a new sphere, that of psychic research.

Life he conceives as a series of “units”…

These personalities are various groups of units within the larger group that constitutes life. When so-called “death” appears to drive life from our bodies Mr. Edison thinks that our personality “units” do not die, but continue to exist…

Mr Edison stated:

“I believe our bodies are composed of myriads and myriads of infinitesimal entities, each in itself a unit of life, which band together to build a man. Once conditions in the body become unsatisfactory… the entities simply depart from the body… Being indefatigable workers, they naturally seek something else to do. They either enter into the body of another man or even start work on some other form of life.

The individuals in the aggregate which we call ‘a man,’ the members of the swarm which …have collected to make that man, are 95 percent Workers and 5 per cent Directors. The workers cannot stop even though something may compel them from their habitat, that which has been ‘the body’ of ‘a man’. They must go to something else to build, as, for instance, to corn, a tree, grass …always working under the direction of the higher type among them.

The life units which have formed that man do not die. They merely pass out of the unimportant mechanism which they have been inhabiting, which has been called a man and has been mistaken for an individual, and select some other habitat or habitats.”

I bring your attention to this particularly key statement or position that Edison is taking.

Mr. Edison does not believe that any part of man, whether it be his body or mind is other than the result of physico-chemical reactions.

Alright, so see that? He is putting forth the idea that there is no such thing as a PERSON that is a SINGLE spirit.


Per Edison, we are a conglomeration of these “life units” or “sparks”. This, again, is a concept we will repeatedly have shoved down our proverbial mental throats in many tv series and movies since then. For example, Stargate Atlantis season 1, episode 12: The Defiant One.

Sparks, entities, life units – the Lebenseinheiten strike back!


The next really key thing to note is this:

Bad and Good Men.
“In the case of a ‘man,’ for example, he may be ‘ bad ‘ or ‘ good,’ in accordance with the trend of these dominant Individuals or in accordance with the majority quality or the individual which have gathered, more or less by chance, in the swarm which makes him up. He is ‘good ‘ if ‘good’ individuals are more numerous in it and dominate, and ‘bad’ if the reverse occurs.

Ok, now do you know why that is important?

Because it is in line with saying “bad” or rebellious, etc. etc. people are DISEASED and need either treatment or eradication, (to “disembark” the bad life entities). It is also directly in parallel with Hyslop’s long (and secret) research about telepathy etc. on those labelled schizophrenic.

Perhaps even more importantly? The above concept of what makes people “good”or “bad” opens the door to something we have all heard repeated at us ad nauseum since then.

It’s not your fault.

It’s your…

“life units”.

Humanity is inherently flawed…yada yada ya.

So hey now, look!

We can all have no responsibility whatsoever for our actions, and we have also been given the false idea that we can blame our genes, our “life units” for WHAT WE DO.

Not to mention, this is also a bid for that the “rulers” in our world (such petty, disgusting excuses for a spirit you never saw) well… see. They’re special because they have SPECIAL life units.

He actually says that too!

“Instances of startling ability, such as that, for example, which characterize a Rockefeller, are beginning to indicate to me the chance gathering into swarms of individuals in which qualities of a certain kind are paramount.”

Rockefeller? He’s actually using Rockefeller as a good example?

Man, is that a Kermit moment or what.

That man was a total nutcase and a very unintelligent monster. He wasn’t startling in ANY kind of ability, but it’s pretty clear where they are going with this though, lining up anything spiritual as somehow part of “biological” psychiatry – which lying Catholics Popes and British slavemasters supported the development of in the first place.

It may interest you to note that this “life unit” idea later shows up in the oddest places. Like Scientology. Here’s just two examples that clearly show the incorporation of this Edison crap by L Ron Hubbard.

The Whole Answer To The Problems Of The Mind, an LRH lecture 1 January 1961 –

If you don’t know anything about the life unit, you would know nothing about life.
And a thetan is a life unit.


Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health, Chapter Emotion and Life Force –

Where the individual finds himself ‘possessed of less and less life force,’ he is losing some of the free units somewhere. And the free units of this life force, in a society or an individual, are the extra surge that is needed to tame North Africa, divide an atom or reach the stars.

there are so many units of force per individual. …we can consider that man… has a ready number to hand for use in any given hour or day. He may manufacture these life units as required and he may simply have a given supply…

The manic with 500 units of directed purpose has been cleared. He now has 1,000 units of sentiently directed purpose.

Hence, discharging these frozen units is a vital and important part of therapy and the condition of the case will improve in direct ratio to the number of these units so discharged.

Consider these life units as free life energyTo free these units is the primary task of therapy


Hubbard is adding his own little Lurian Kabbala twist into it though. He’s fixing or processing those bad sparks. Or as it’s put in the Kabbala, bringing them “into the light” – Tikkan Ha Olum.

– – –


Another thing that they began fighting about at the ASPR was J.B. Rhine, who in May of 1922 heard a lecture given by Arthur Conan Doyle exulting the scientific proof of communication with the dead.

This was a pivotal moment for Rhine, he wrote that: “This mere possibility was the most exhilarating thought I had had in years.” He shifted the whole focus of his life onto the Psychical Research area.

The following year, 1923 – which happens to be the same year that Mary Derieux starts being the fiction editor of American magazine – we have some interesting convergences.

We have another changing of the guard in British Intelligence.

Sir Mansfield Cumming died suddenly at his home on 14 June 1923, shortly before he was due to retire, and was replaced as C by Admiral Sir Hugh Francis Paget “Quex” Sinclair. He became the second director, or ‘C’, of SIS/MI6.

As had happened previously in concurrence, by the way, we have a change happening over at the ASPR.

A prominent Spiritualist, Frederick Edwards, was appointed President of the American Society for Psychical Research, (replacing McDougall) and the conservative faction led by Gardner Murphy and Walter Franklin Prince declared that the Society was becoming “less academic”. This is the preparation for the later move planned of forming a “separate” society that pursues telepathy research.

That same year, in June, in-fighting over who “gets” J.B. Rhine (of later Duke University fame) began. Rhine wanted to pursue a career in psychical research. He wrote for advice to three persons Joseph Jastrow, Frederick Edwards, and Cecil Bloc go-between McDougall.

Jastrow tried to discourage him, but Frederick Edwards embraced his goals and introduced him to members of the ASPR’s New York Section (Mauskopf & McVaugh, 1980). This all eventually culminated in J.B. Rhine joining the American Society for Psychical Research in 1925. Edwards was again re-appointed President of the American Society for Psychical Research in May of that year.

But then, giving the “reason” of his (Edwards) support of Mina Crandon and Arthur Conan Doyle’s public lecture tour of the USA promoting Spiritualism as why – the “conservatives” left and formed the Boston Society for Psychical Research.

Note: This splitoff organization would not re-integrate back into the ASPR until 1941.

If you know anything about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and what he was doing for MI6, you would know that it was very, very obviously complete hoaxes that he was supposedly “demonstrating” – especially so with his “spirit photography” of ectoplasms.

Like a strawman waiting to be burned down…

With the “new” Boston faction being the match – done to prove that their way was better. Their PHYSICAL basis for telepathy way.

Get it?

So while Doyle is off touring America and engaging in British psychological warfare towards American women with his fake “talking with the Dead” shows? Our Cecil Bloc MI6 go-between man McDougall still had plans for Rhine though. Plans that would come to fruition soon enough, even with this so-called split between the factions, which, in my opinion, was really just for show.

Plus, meanwhile, while things are being prepared, the “academic” side has Thomas Edison promote his “sparks” theory some more in an October 1923 New York Times article entitled: Edison Talks of Immortality – Inventor’s Research Into Sources of Existence Has Led Him to New Conclusions. (here’s the PDF for you).

If you look at these next excerpts I have chosen, you’ll get a very good idea of what direction that McDougall wanted the ASPR to be going and what he wanted J.B. Rhine to be doing as well.

…the present writer submitted to him in writing the four following questions and to each he answered emphatically with one word-“no”:

Have you, in any of your researches or experiments in electricity or chemistry, ever noted anything suggesting the existence, presence or influence of a spiritual nature?

Well, that’s pretty unequivocal.

Note carefully the wording of this next excerpt.

“I do not believe that the human being has a soul-unless you want to call these entities a soul–nor that a human being has a conscious individual life after death in any form, spiritual or physical.

Conscious INDIVIDUAL life.

That is what they don’t want you to know about. That is what they don’t want anyone to truly develop full awareness of again while in a human form.

They know this is true.

They don’t want you to know in the right way.

The way that depowers them and their entire house-of-cards society built on death and fear.


But if it’s in the wrong ways? That they control? Well then.

Sure. No problem. You betcha.

Go ahead and believe in God, Allah, Jehovah, ancient spiritual masters from the Pleiades or Quantum Mechanics – in short, anything but the truth is all good with them.Considering that most of this LSD-testing was about causing psychosis supposedly as a study of Anything but the truth…schizophrenia



It was Walter Franklin Prince, Elwood Worcester, William McDougall, and Lydia W. Allison that then went off and founded the Boston Society for Psychical Research immediately. Worcester served as the first president. Prince was previously research officer of the ASPR (which means he was part of “Section B”) and was pressured by McDougall and others to accept the position of the Principle Research Officer of the new society, which he did. He then headed up the investigation of Mina. Harry Houdini and J.B. Rhine worked with the group.

Notes: After William Franklin Prince’s death in 1934 – the Boston Society for Psychical Research pretty much falls into obscurity until 1941, but now the bulk of their research is being carried out as “university” projects. By the time of his death, after a total of eighteen years of research with the American Society for Psychical Research and the Society for Psychical Research, London, and in spite of his doubts about certain phenomena, Prince eventually concluded that a case for the reality of telepathy and clairvoyance has been “absolutely and scientifically proved.” And that the evidence that the personality survives death was “very promising.”

You will notice that BOTH of those are the exact same two points that were heavily pooh-poohed in 1907 when the ASPR was suddenly dissolved by Hyslop!

See? They were lying – it wasn’t that it was untrue, as the reason they said those thingst was because it was true, and it scared them.

In what might appear at first glance to be converse perspectives, (but actually aren’t) in 1908, just before he would be made the president of the ASPR, McDougall had published a book called An Introduction to Social Psychology (much of was disturbingly similar to the later book Dianetics by L.R. Hubbard).

Then in 1911, McDougall authored Body and Mind: A History and Defence of Animism. In the work he rejected both materialism and Darwinism and supported a form of animism where all matter has a mental aspect, he believed that there was an animating principle in matter and had claimed in his work that there were both psychological and biological evidence for this position. He defended the theory that mind and the brain are distinct but interact with each other.

However, he also claimed telepathy had been scientifically proven, so he used evidence from psychic research as well as from biology and psychology to defend his theory of animism.

Again, see? They do know it is real.

This is the real reason for their interest in telepathy. It has always been because they knew it did exist, and not only that, it was an ability independent of the body, although interacting with it, and…it was a threat to them and their “secret” plans to rule the world.

– – –

Immediately after this new Boston version of the ASPR formed, Sigmund Freud came out in support of telepathy. On 15 March 1925, Freud admitted his complete “conversion” to belief in telepathy.4

See what they’re up to here?

Cecil Bloc go-between man McDougall immediately sets about aggressively recruiting J.B. Rhine and accordingly writes him a letter on May 18, dangling the carrot in front of him of a fellowship at Harvard. His cover or shore story reason was stated as “because the Hodgson “fellowship” was to be vacated in September”.

Yeah, sure. 

They probably booted whoever had it before just to be able to hold it up as “vacated”.

Mcdougall also tells Rhine that “there is every prospect that it may be awarded to you.”

Ooh! Look! It’s a maybe…yet another tactic of the Slavemaster. Unfortunately, J.B. allowed it to work because he wanted what was being offered there; power and influence, and of course, money.

Of course, he clearly wanted to ignore the fact that like the above image, he was being bought to be just another piece for the slavemasters global planning chess board.

And so it was that in the summer of 1925, the newly bought, happy little pawn piece enrolled in the psychology department at Harvard University, to study for a year with Professor William McDougall. It was through him that Rhine then became associated with Walter Franklin Prince of the Boston Society for Psychic Research.

Meanwhile, the following year (July 1926) Rhine gets involved with debunking the seance’s of “Margery”, writes a paper that he baits the ASPR with (who had been publishing what happened in Margery’s seances) but gives them all these rules about his paper and is generally quite snarky.

The Trustees refer it to the Publications Committee – which we know that Mary Derieux was the chairman of. The committee stalls for over a month, Rhine gets an offer to publish his paper in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology (came out in 1927, Vol. 21, 4: 417) and then Rhine withdraws his paper from the ASPR!

What a game show this all was. Clearly.

In the meantime, McDougall was appointed Professor of Psychology at Duke University in 1927, and helps Rhine establish his work and set up his lab. Rhine and his colleagues developed original experimental techniques and helped popularize the terms “ESP” and “parapsychology.”, although these were Dessoir’s terms.

Really, they wanted to know about telepathy and most especially mind-reading – still their favorite hobby-horse.

So now the ASPR Boston branch has switched to using a university as an umbrella to practice research under. On the opposite side of the U.S., Stanford University President Ray Lyman Wilbur essentially proposes the same idea – a separate institute of the university be formed to conduct “research”.

All clear now? Alright. Let’s go back to what Pelley is doing now.

– – –


So here we are in 1927, still 2 years before Pelly’s article in American magazine. Before I get into at what point Pelley crosses into the SPR, I’d like to bring up a (probably unknown by most ’til now) point that I found in my research.

For some reason that I don’t think that Pelley has actually ever stated fully, he suddenly decides to withdraw from the “flesh pots of Hollywood”.

During this period of withdrawal, Pelley saw a great deal of Helen Hansmann, a woman who became his second wife some years later. He had met her in 1926 when they both resided at the same boarding house in Pasadena. She was a registered nurse from New York City who had spent the war years in Italy, Sweden and Russia, after which she moved to California to practice her profession.

Is it possible that Pelley may have been experimenting with drugs with this nurse at this time? I feel that is a question that needs to be put on the table when you consider that he is about to embark on presenting a spiritual experience that sounds far more drug-induced than it does actual.

When we move on to early 1928 now, we find that Mary Derieux is taking a stance, or rather a continuation, of a position that is apparently not in agreement with the Boston branch of the ASPR.

Any lingering hopes for rapprochement would appear to have been extinguished by the beginning of 1928, when the Chairman of the Publication Committee, Mary Derieux, was unable to speak of “starting a new era.” After James Hyslop’s death, it was inevitable that the ASPR would pass through “a period of adjustment,” Derieux (1928 ASPR journal, p. 1) said, but this was now over.

Journal of Parapsychology, Vol. 51, September 1987 CAT’S PAW: MARGERY AND THE RHINES, 1926 By James G. Matlock

She also shows up in the records of Hamlin Garland during this Margery period, where the two factions of the ASPR were fighting over whether the spiritual exercises of Margery were real or not. There were even articles appearing with titles like Is Telepathy All Bunk?

I think that all this some bearing on what I consider the staging of William Pelley’s “seven minutes in heaven”. Not done to go against the Boston-branch. No. I don’t think that was the point at all. I think that it was more of a “new” and more physical-based approach that actually was more in line with that direction that McDougall and Rhine were exploring, than it was not.

But first, there was a bit of a set-up separation that occurred for both Pelley and Derieux. One that enabled them to be perceived as a kind of anti-establishment hero. In other words, a fine intelligence cover for the two of them.

1929 –

“In the same year that Merle Crowell resigned as editor of American Magazine, Mary Derieux was replaced as fiction editor and the magazine was taken over by “a man by the name of Blossom,” who quickly terminated Pelley’s contract and told him:No more of that spiritual rot!Pelley thus ended his long affiliation with the magazine and in typically arrogant fashion he commented that from then on itbecame just another magazine.” ” (The Millenarian Right)

Pelley’s last article appeared in the June 15 edition of Collier’s American, titled: “An Eagle Flies” p.5.



Spiritual experiences attacked? Pelley and Derieux martyrs for the cause of the existence of the spiritual world? Yea, exactly. And don’t think they didn’t play off that immensely (and intentionally).

On that note –

It wasn’t long after Pelley’s termination, Robert Collier, our Secret of the Ages (1924) man, comes to the “rescue” and personally publishes Pelley’s Seven Minutes in Eternity in book form, including an “aftermath” and a biological sketch.

I’m going to talk about that, and give you scans of the original article and so on, but first I’d like to point out some concurrences here that will at first appear to be a little out of order in our basic time progression. I think you’ll see why I wanted to do this at this point though, when you have a look.

After Pelley was booted from American magazine, he started his own magazine called The New Liberation. Clearly, this was being supported by both the ASPR and other New York individuals. One of which happens to have been what I believe to be one of the people telling Pelley about “jews dominating the world” when he was first in Japan – Sumner Vinton. Sumner is supposed to have been just “ran into” (which I don’t believe) and then solidly jumps on-board launching the Pelley spiritual movement.

While publishing his magazine in New York, he ran into a man he had first met in Japan, Sumner Vinton. Vinton was employed by a spiritual foundation, The Golden Rule Foundation, and lived in Rosedale, New Jersey. He was taken by Pelley’s spiritualism and convinced the author to complement his writings with a network of local groups to discuss them, a League for the Liberation. Vinton organized the group from those who were corresponding with Pelley and it grew from thirty assemblies in May 1931 to over four hundred a year later, with heaviest membership concentration on the west coast. (The Millenarian Right)

The above information re: Sumner is verified in the December 1931 issue of the New Liberation. Plus, you can see that Sumner was actually the National Director or head of this network.

December 1931 issue of Liberator

THERE are over 400 Assemblies or Home Study groups in the United States where the great Cosmic Documents which Mr. Pelley has received, or is continuing to receive, are being read and studied weekly under class instructors. They do not constitute any sect or cult. They are meetings of people who gather together to have life’s mysteries explained to them from sources higher than the mortal. That they do explain these mysteries more or less satisfactorily, is attested by the vitality of attendance upon them. Write Mr. Sumner Vinton, National Director for these study groups, at the office of this magazine, for the gathering nearest you. No admission is charged and no attempt is being made to wean anyone away from any church or creed.

This network that Sumner created would just happen to form the base for Pelley’s soon-to-be-created Silver Shirts anti-jewish organization.

But what was Sumner himself also doing?

Golden Rule Foundation –

William Gibbs McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, surrounded by dozens of children of all nationalities, symbolic of the world wide scope of the golden rule foundation, as he officially opened International Golden Rule Week

John J. Raskob was involved as was Chiang Kai-Shek’s wife.

946 Golden Rule Foundation, 1929-1947 [Fundraising and membership appeals, publications of international child welfare charity. Includes illustrated publication on relief efforts for Chinese war orphans, A Letter from Madame Chiang Kai-shek to Boys and Girls Across the Ocean]; 15 items

That’s right, British and Vatican-sponsored opium-dealing Chiang Kai-Shek is throwing money at a “golden rule” foundation.


Charles V. Vickrey left Near East Relief in 1929 to launch the newly-chartered Golden Rule Foundation, which raised funds ostensibly to help poor children all over the world. Vickrey died at age 90 in 1966.

One wonders where that money really went.

The Golden Rule Foundation had been incorporated on March 29, 1929 in New York.

That same month is when one of Pelley’s super-pro British agenda articles came out in American magazine, courtesy of Mary Derieux, our fiction editor/Chairman of ASPR publications woman. That was his Seven Minutes in Eternity story.

We’ll back up a bit here now and talk about that time period more closely.

One night at his bungalow in Altadena, where Pelley had “withdrawn from the flesh pots” to with his Nurse companion, we are told that Pelley underwent a mystical experience. This was late April 1928.

“Lying naked on a marble slab, with two men in white uniforms attending to him, they told Pelley to neither be afraid nor try to see everything in the first “seven minutes.”

Besides the obvious problems with how could Pelley be “lying naked” anywhere spiritually, get a load of this part.

“William,” told Pelley that:

“…everyone has lived hundreds of times before, because earth is a classroom where souls learn and move up the spiritual hierarchy. Human races are “great classifications of humanity epitomizing gradations of spiritual development, starting with the black man and proceeding upward in cycles to the white.”

(Pelley, Seven Minutes To Eternity book form p. 15)

In the first sentence, Pelley couldn’t be being more Catholic here if he tried. Note the introduction of extreme racism in both a physical and spiritual form – using “the black man” as the lowest of the low on both planes.

There is no other way to take that other than that Pelley is agitating for racial division in America between “blacks” and “whites”. This isn’t the first time that the slavemasters started this kind of set-up for a war agitation – using that exact same racist basis – think American Civil War here.

But, what this also reveals is that Pelley did NOT and could NOT have had any mystical experience – his racism gives it away. This is an INVENTED spiritual experience. One specifically crafted to help the slavemasters start getting into the minds of Americans so they could start creating the war conditions that they needed for World War II.

Part of what also makes it clear that this was an invention is this. Pelley suddenly up and goes to New York, to the ASPR, where he and Mary Derieux plotted together how best to launch this next move that was planned, starting with working out the details of what would become: “Seven Minutes in Eternity – the Amazing Experience that Made Me Over.”

As part of what we’ll call a propaganda reconnaisance, Mary begins introducing William Pelley around the New York spiritualist circles, where he can pick up on what the scene is, what’s hot, etc.

But before he could make the move permanent, however, he needed to take care of some things back in Hollywood. Back to the Pacific Coast he went, and in keeping with working within this “mystical experience” narrative – rather than a complete cover-building exercise – we are given the story that he then spends the rest of the summer doing “automatic writing” with Mina (the nickname of his nurse companion).

Then, he goes back to New York and here is whee we get another unlikely version of events. He checked into the Commodore Hotel, and through a process he called: super radio he wrote “Seven Minutes in Eternity” in less than two hours. I highly doubt that. I think what happened is that it was already prepared for him and all he had to do is tweak a little here, a little there, and voila!

One Super Radio article completed.

Here it is.

PDF – American Magazine Pelley March 1929 – Seven Minutes in Eternity

First page of it –


Interestingly enough, Pelley’s “experience” managed to place him squarely in the middle of a long-raging debate over reincarnation – if you review the earlier part of this article where the ‘split’ is happening in the American Society for Psychical Research.

As you can see, the Derieux’s (both Mary and James) on behalf of the SPR and other propaganda front groups – made sure that they pushed Pelley hard into the public eye with his “story’. Now if you remember, the Cecil Bloc are perfectly capable of completely inventing a story like this, and then having someone else front it for them. Like Pelley and American magazine.

This was the usual two-step process.

First came the presentation of this “seven minutes” with all of its usual Slavemaster drivel propaganda about hierarchies of beings ad nauseum. Then can come all the “letters” and “reviews” making it seem to be true!

Sound familiar? It should – it is their tactic.


I guess its not too hard to understand how Pelley went from that propaganda to his expanded form, once he was in Asheville/Biltmore.

In the November 7, 1931 issue of his “The New Liberation” (later renamed Liberation in 1933), a blurb on the title page notes that the magazine’s contents were received via Psychic Radio.

The exact quote –

“…received ‘clairaudiantly’ via the Psychic Radio, from Great Souls who have graduated out of this three-dimensional world into other areas of Time and Space.”

Psychic Radio, eh? I’d love to have been the fly-on-the-wall if Pelley had been asked –

So, we’re dealing with physical-based electromagnetic wave signals now, Mr. Pelley?

That actually ties in nicely to the next item that I want to discuss – Pelley’s last article for American magazine before Mary Derieux gets “fired” and Pelley’s contract was terminated in 1929.


“Life is to Find out”


In a June 1929 article in American magazine, Pelley (much like Bernard Baruch in an interview of the same period) is helping to push the idea that the death of all the men and boys in WWI was GOOD for women.

If you can believe it, that’s exactly what this “fiction” by Pelley is trying to sell American women on. By 1940, British slavemaster mouthpieces had become more obvious about their strategies for “taking over the world” – one of which was the use of fiction and novels to alter people’s perspectives to be more in line with what the Slavemasters wished to accomplish.

The below images are scans of relevant pages from American magazine, which I own. Each thumbnail can be enlarged.


The story outline is basically about a woman who has lost her father and her husband, and was a weak shadowy thing all her life, and the losses made this even more pronounced, and that as a benefit of all these terrible losses, now she could “find out” how strong she is.

At this time period in history, 1929, many women had lost their husbands, brothers, sons etc. to the pre-arranged war of World War I, and were understandably rather disenchanted with the governments of the world – particularly the U.S.

Edward L. Bernays, the father of Spin, had his hand in many things. One of which was to sell that War to the American public. Now after the War, not only were there moves being made to gain soldiers for the next World War (already planned), but propaganda moves were being done to try and handle the women. For one reason, so that they would take a different view of preparing their sons in the way it was wanted – to be soldiers.

I will type out certain sections of this story, so you can see this propaganda at work and remember – this is EIGHTY ONE years ago. The same type of propaganda is as clearly showing in today’s agendas of “New Age” this, that, and the other thing, as it was in 81 years ago in 1929.

From the first page of the story:

“There’s something I must fight out alone,” she told them. She seemed to be sane but moving in a trance.

They acceded to her wishes. She “fought it out” alone.

Three days and nights she stayed up in those rooms. The shades were all drawn. No lights gleamed at dusk. Then the fourth afternoon she showed herself on Main Street.

“Seen Ellie Thatcher?” cried Uncle Joe Fodder. He had encountered Sam Hod at the corner by the bank.

“What do you mean, seen her?” The editor was puzzled by the awe in Fodder’s voice.

“I met her jus’ now, goin’ in th’ Methodist parsonage. Claimed she was seein’ th’ minister t’ get her ol’ job back, playin’ the organ. I knowed her figger, Sammil, but I didn’t know her face!”

“What’s happened to her face?”

“God, Sammil!… it’s changed!”

“Changed how?”

“Can’t tell you perzactly. Like she’d fought an’ conquered sumpin’.

“Real sure ‘tain’t relief, are you, getting unhooked from Ed?”


Observe the veiled insult of Americans there, as if they all talk like some stereotype of an illiterate hick or negro slave.

Despite Fodder’s warning, Hod was hardly prepared for Ellen’s metamorphosis when, later that day, she entered out office. Her eyes held … tranquillity!

“For gosh sake, what’s happened to you, Ellen? And what’s this palaver I hear about town-something ‘bout you having a dream or vision?”

Sam Hod had to coax. But at length Ellen told him.

“You might-call it-a dream, I suppose. The second night up in those rooms of ours-alone!-something came to me.”

“Something came to you!”

“I was sitting in the dark-numb all over-with the world crashed in on me—or rather a chasm yawning in front of me. Perhaps I was sleeping. What difference does it make? I was all alone—and had come—to that abyss.”

“You mean finding yourself a widder so suddenly?”

“Ever since girlhood, Mr. Hod, I’ve realized that on father’s death I wouldn’t have a relative. Our family was all gone. Well, father came to die but at least I had Ed. Then the worst happened. I’d even lost my husband. All I had left was three dependent children.”

“You had them, anyhow. It’s not so bad as if you were childless.”

“Yes, but they’re different. They couldn’t help me in facing life’s problems. They weren’t there to go to, the same as Dad and Ed.”


“Well, sitting there in the dark I seemed to feel someone was near me. I wasn’t startled—no more than in dreams. Maybe I was dreaming. Again I say, what difference does it make? Only it was the queerest dream I’d ever had. I wasn’t doing anything but sitting that room—listening to someone speak to me in thoughts.

“Thoughts!” echoed Sam.

“One sentence I’ve remembered. Will I ever forget it? ‘Life is to find out!’ That’s what I heard. ‘Life is to find out!’ I was puzzled, of course. I tried to move and couldn’t.


For those who are familiar with the slavemasters long-term obsession with machines to both read and send thoughts – the argument could be made that these were already being employed at this time period to send thoughts that were to be interpreted as from some “higher being” or “light”. Much like you see Pelley working on spinning the angle on here in this story.

Then the light started fading—“

“Light! Thought you said you were sitting in the dark?”

“A queer, warm, beautiful glow. Like a candle, Mr. Hod. Yet I didn’t see its flame. You know how dreams are lighted? And it gently floated off—all of it–leaving me behind—in the dark. On and on it went in the distance, always slightly upward. Then…the sun was in the room…prying underneath the bottoms of the curtains.”

“You must’ a’ been asleep, if time passed that quickly.”

“I kept at home all day yesterday. Yes, and last night. I didn’t dream again. Not a dream with thoughts, at least, like a rich mellow voice—or a warm, lovely glow. And…I finally fathomed the meaning of that sentence.”

“Life is to find out?” The editor sat staring. Had he ever known this Ellen? It came to him suddenly that the one-time frail, colorless woman-or the husk of her-had been dramatically infused with a strong, vibrant Soul. Vaguely it awed him. He got what Fodder meant in their talk near the bank. “I—don’t—quite grasp it, Ellen,” he faltered.

Notice the stark portrayal of a “frail, colorless woman”, as being how this woman was prior to the presented “wonderful experience” of losing her husband to WWI.

[Ellen says]: “Mr. Hod, I’m thirty-five years old. Ever since childhood I’ve been panic-stricken at the eventual prospect of being abandoned; I feared being alone. So, don’t you see, because I was afraid, Life has been given me as a pattern of factors that should leave me alone. Alone to find out.”


Now that is one hell of a piece of propaganda.

Life does things?

Does Life have a name? (sarcastically speaking).

So, the American public is being presented with the idea that they had to experience all the losses of the fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons – and that all this Death was a great thing.

Apparently, we are also now supposed to believe that the Slavemasters, in causing all these Wars, are benevolently helping to herd humanity into enlightenment by killing everyone.

You think that’s bad? – wait til you get a load of what’s coming next.

“But to find out what?”

She gazed at him in wonder, that he failed to comprehend. “Why—that—that being alone was exactly what I needed—to develop my character—to me make strong—to show me the shallowness, the emptiness, of fear. Life was to find out what the fear was like in all its stark tragedy—to go through it-to leave it behind me—to follow the light.”


The purpose of Life is to find out what fear is like.


Maybe for a psychotic Slavemaster – but that is most definitely NOT what Life is.

But, now look at this, the Slavemasters bring suffering, degradation, and all manner of antipathetic to Life scenarios where-ever they go – do you see how they are trying to condition you into being a suffering, degraded slave and that that…is a thing to strive for?

Pelley takes this even further, just like I said, and now wants the reader to believe that the reason we are “here on earth” is to know the full pain of it etc.

He couldn’t be more Catholic about it if he tried.

What do I mean?

The Vatican has always been paranoid about that their targets, humanity basically, might stop BELIEVING them and start to know that they are full of horse-puckey about all this “you can’t have peace here on earth because of Original Sin” and how we all must suffer and that’s God’s will.

No it isn’t.

It’s their will. The slavemasters and their ilk.

I talk about this pretty extensively in Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science – here’s just one example of God’s channel (the Pope) saying this exact idea, this veiled excuse for what the slavemasters insist on making sure continues to happen to humanity.


Citing “divine” retribution as the reason.

…the grand Christian dogma on which religion rests as on its foundation – that, when we have given up this present life, then shall we really begin to live. God has not created us for the perishable and transitory things of earth, but for things heavenly and everlasting; He has given us this world as a place of exile

the other pains and hardships of life will have no end or cessation on earth; for the consequences of sin are bitter and hard to bear, and they must accompany man so long as life lasts.

To suffer and to endure, therefore, is the lot of humanity; let them strive as they may, no strength and no artifice will ever succeed in banishing from human life the ills and troubles which beset it.

If any there are who pretend differently – who hold out to a hard-pressed people the boon of freedom from pain and trouble, an undisturbed repose, and constant enjoyment – they delude the people.

– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891
as quoted in a post by Virginia McClaughry titled: Catholicism is Anti-American; Anti-Democracy; Anti-Free Speech; Anti-Free Will – See For Yourself


So. Popes are supportive, literally, of making sure that “hell” is created BY THEM on earth.

William Pelley is trying to delude the American people that the pain and suffering that THEY have created are “necessary”, but what it’s really about is punishing humanity into learning how bad it is to go against “The Plan”.

Their plan. Not a God or THE God.


With that in mind, look at what Pelley says next.

“To follow the—? ”

“Don’t you see, Mr. Hod?…All of us have some sort of fear, some weakness, something we shrink from through a defect in our soul-strength. We’re on this earth to meet it face to face, to explore it, to know the full pain of it, the joy of discovery that it’s possible to vanquish it. For thirty-five years I’ve had this aloneness coming…because that was my weakness and I needed to be strong.”


Is that about a perfect carbon copy of “He has given us this world as a place of exile” or what?


Oh Thank You! Mr. Slavemaster. Thank you for killing everyone so I could “find out”.

May I grovel and kiss your hand?

Please Mr. Slavemaster, can we have another War so I can become even more enlightened?


Why yes, Ellen, in fact we have another one planned to start in just about a decade or so.


Oh, Mr. Slavemaster – you’re my hero!


Not too far from the truth of what Pelley is trying to get people to believe – is it?

Pelley continues, adding more suffering (and ergo more enlightenment) for dear Ellen. He has her lose her children next, and he has Ellen say at one point:

“No!” … “Not out in the dark!…Up into the light! This is the darkness-this life—now!”


This is the darkness, this life.

We all need to “go away” and of course, you can’t be enlightened and stay here. That just would not do at all.

It can’t be allowed!

sayeth the skekses slavemasters.

Pelley also uses the term auditor, in the spirit-talking sense, LONG before a certain L. Ron Hubbard would begin using it.

Auditor definition:

  • ·  hearer: someone who listens attentively

I nodded. How could I tell what I knew of that mother? How could I ever have made anyone understand in those holy moments that I knew Ellen Thatcher was as much an auditor in that momemt as any of us who filled those brown pews?  Who might say that she was not looking upon the daughter as we could never see her?—that there weren’t mysteries and senses which clay-formed mortals might never encompass, even in conception.


There’s more, including the fact that Pelley has his heroine end up in the Temple Emanu-El church, but I’ll let you read it for yourselves.

Now I’d like to show you just how embedded these exact same ideas are in our so-called culture – which really isn’t a culture at all. More like a brainwashing factory.

There’s a series of books called the Dark Elf by R.A. Salvatore. The main character is an underground (as opposed to above ground) elf called Drizzit.

Drizzit – the Dark Elf

note: his eyes are supposed to be purple.

This particularly Catholic propaganda message of Life MUST have pain, and that it is necessary to learn, comes all the way into present fiction like this Dark Elk series.

My daughter Lisa first told me about it years ago, since then I have read this particular series several times. It is what I call an “easy” read, by that I mean it’s good for just before bed-time. The flow of the story, however, is regularly interrupted by these propaganda messages, much like commercials interrupting your favorite show on tv.

The quote below is from Book III of the series Sojourn: The Legend of Drizzt, Book III, published in 1991. The quote is from just a few pages before Part V begins.

“There is a wide world out there, my friend, full of pain, but filled with joy as well. The former keeps you on the path of growth, and the latter makes the journey tolerable.”


Pain…keeps you on the path of growth.

See how it’s the SAME message as over 62 years earlier in Pelley’s article?

Let’s put one of Pelley’s several statements along the same line, side-by-side with Salvatore so you can see it even easier.

Salvatore in 1991:

  • There is a wide world out there, my friend, full of pain, but filled with joy as well. The former keeps you on the path of growth, and the latter makes the journey tolerable.

Pelley in 1929:

  • We’re on this earth to meet it face to face, to explore it, to know the full pain of it, the joy of discovery that it’s possible to vanquish it.


You might wonder…I know I have…Why is there such a consistent effort to try and sell people on the ‘benefits’ of pain?

Because it is NOT natural. It is NOT how things have to be.

So, it has to be sold and res-sold to us to keep creating that reality or…it will cease to exist.

Slavemasters do not like the idea of there being no stick that they can shake at other people – its really their only claim to fame.

PAIN. Suffering. Degradation. Betrayal.

And above all – Loneliness.

In the end – that’s all a Slavemaster has to offer you. Like ashes that were once the wood of a beautiful living tree, Slavemasters only offer a seemingly dead version of what could have been.

The other element that you see in Pelley’s presentation of these Slavemaster ‘words of wisdom”, also comes through very clearly in the Drizzt the dark elf series.

And that is, this benevolent, older and wizened, enlightened father-figure explaining to us poor, suffering children what enlightenment or maturity is. Typically stereotyped as some sort of “hermit in the forest” – as is the character “Mooshie” who said the words I just quoted.

Old, blind, long white-gray hair and beard, he lived in a forest where he then taught Drizzt the “ways of the natural world” and of the goddess Meilikki who lives in every ‘true ranger” heart.

Much like the Elizabethan-times British propagandist depictions of Dr. Dee, or the figure in lampado tradis – the passing of the torch or “light” of secret knowledge. (which is exactly what is going in with Drizzit and Mooshie in the Dark Elf book)

Dr. Dee

This same ‘what is maturity’ element, is itself another dearly beloved propaganda message of the Slavemasters. In fact, in 1945, psychiatrist, Tavistock, and New World One World order man George Brock Chisholm, spent quite some time lecturing on this very point, trying very hard to convince others of the ‘sanity’ of his so-called ideals of maturity.

“Maturity represents a wholesome amalgamation of two things: dissatisfaction with the status quo, which calls forth aggressive, constructive effort, and 2–social concern and devotion. It is morale in the individual.”

Note: There is a lot more about what this man said that you can either read about in my archived article The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – Analysis: World Government and Ruthless Annihilation. or you can just look at the PDF of the publication directly.


But, in the above quote, do you see the presentation of that it is a GOOD IDEA to be “dissatisfied”?  – with the status quo – which is the same thing as saying HOW THINGS ARE.

That would make people be at WAR with the status quo…ie: if a person is happy with their life and peaceful, well, that’s no good.

IF you are ‘mature’ – You should be DISSATISFIED.

See how that lines up with this whole “the path of growth is pain” propaganda?

According to the Slavemasters, we need to be NOT AT PEACE, UNHAPPY WITH HOW THINGS ARE, and DISSATISFIED! Not only, apparently, before we will do “something constructive”, but if we are not like this we are immature!

So…it would follow that in typical idiotic fashion, Slavemasters would then want to make SURE we are never happy with how things are, that we’re upset, and DISSATISFIED all the time.

Kind of like how things are eh?

Never allowed to just live, always something to “worry” about.

Ah, but this is ‘growth’, this is the ‘point of Life’, this is the way to enlightenment per our insane Slavemasters. More like the Road to Hell, if you ask me.

This “maturity” angle is repeated quite a few times in this Dark Elf series – they really want you to “get it”, you see. Also in Book III, Sojourn, the epilogue, you have this lovely statement thrown in the mix for you:

The surface elves hold out hope in the end. They who have lived the longest and seen the birth of many centuries take faith that the human race will mature to goodness, that the evil in it will crush itself to nothingness, leaving the world to those who remain.

I love how (usually in every case where I find this sort of propaganda) there will always be some sort of why its ok that I’m a Slavemaster explanation as well. For those that have read the Drizzt series, my guess is that you probably missed the true significance of the following statement – taken from the same section of the book as the above was.

In the city of my birth I witnessed the limitations of evil, the self-destruction and inability to achieve higher goals, even goals based upon the acquisition of power.

Did you get the significance of that bolded part?

What this is saying, is that (taking a slavemaster as an example here) a slavemaster who “achieves” his goal of acquisition of power over others therefore thusly is NOT EVIL because he succeeded in dominating others!

That, is some serious WTF? logic there – typical of a slavemaster.

*WTF – internet acronym for what the fuck?

A number of years ago, I wrote a brief and informal temporary blog post called David Miscavige Made Me Do it. In that post, I was going over Scientology’s role as the Cult of Blame.

It is amazing how consistent the slavemaster-types are at altering certain truths in order to attempt to justify their erroneous methods and treatment of others – which of course are always billed as “scientific”, or “enlightened”, “logical”, or “from a higher level”.

Take this truth that I had simply detailed in my post:

This is not to say that one can’t, (and actually should in a lot of cases) expose in great detail another’s wrong actions, because those are most definitely that person’s responsibility. Or, to use a Scientology term – their Cause. Doing so is not blame.

Blame is transferring responsibility for what you did to the other person in spite of the truth that your actions are 100 percent your responsibility, and no one else’s.

ABUSE is action taken to try and change something in someone that should not be changed.

This can take the form of trying to force change OUT of something that should not be changed, to trying to force change INTO something that should not be changed into.

These are essentially the two main methods of abuse.

We’ll use Scientology again as an example of what this gets altered to by a slavemaster:

[Scientology] technology, in pure, sane application can deliver a person to the state where he or she truly understands that he or she is responsible for his or her own condition.  [said as if this is a good thing] In fact, a person only reaches the pinnacle of the state of Clear, by recognizing this fully and thus losing all inclination to engage in blame.

Translation? You are supposed to never recognize nor point out what is rightly someone else’s fault or bad actions.

Do you see why that addition of “losing all inclination to engage in blame” would rather conveniently mean no slavemaster or slavemaster acolyte could be held accountable by you for their actions? That’s a good insight into their twisted little minds.

True responsibility would include recognition and knowledge of who is responsible and for what. That is being positioned as BLAME needing to be “transcended” out of. Any actual abuse towards a person becomes positioned as THEIR fault.

If you haven’t already, do take a moment to notice how these exact same horribly twisted car wrecks of the truth are being dumped throughout Pelley’s “Life is to Find Out” story.

I think that what Pelley was trying to do is to get American women was blame themselves for why their men died, because they “needed” it to happen. Following out that lovely line of logic, therefore, you see, it is not the slavemasters fault for starting that completely useless War, it’s really the ABUSED people’s fault!

I’m not kidding – this is actually what he’s trying to sell!


“It’s Your fault that they died because You had to have it that way so You could find out that You’re weak and need to change!”

Is that amazingly stupid and BLAME by the real definition, or what?

On that note, let’s look at this in regards the stark reality of the completely unnecessary decimation of millions of men around the world – called WWI.

You have to understand the magnitude of many Americans hate towards the slavemasters (Brits etc.) concerning that war, a hate that had been refreshed and doubled in size compared to the days of the American Revolution. And I do mean HATE. Which, they very rightly deserved for that absolutely heinous action called World War I.

So now, the slavemasters are trying to shift the responsibility for all that death, and horror, and pointing fingers (whether dead or alive) by BLAMING the living’s lack of “enlightenment” and understanding of how “necessary” pain is.

Because…they want to have another War, one far worse than the first as to its many levels of destruction – whether psychological or physical.

And that’s where William Pelley comes into play.


Just like during WWI. Just like all during his period in Hollywood. He’s obviously working directly for a junior Slavemaster or two. That much is very obvious from even just that disgustingly insipid and trite “Life is to find out” story.

We know now that this wasn’t his first rodeo propagandizing the world for the slavemasters, but this…this 1929 article is probably one of the most blatant signs of that he was helping the slavemasters prepare the world to have another war – one which he fully supported.

Now marks the lead up to what would be his most vicious role for them yet – that of faked pro-Nazi propagandist.

Early in 1931, Pelley left New York, “wandered” over to Washington D.C., where presumably he may have had himself a nice conversation with John Francis Cecil, because the next thing you know, and of all the places in the world?

Pelley goes to Biltmore (Asheville, North Carolina), giving himself the ‘cover’ or shore story (see our article explaining that term) of that he was an ‘author’ and ‘metaphysician, Pelley established the new headquarters of Galahad Press, then a little later on he established Galahad College as a way to get some cash, but more importantly he could get Propaganda out to people.

The college was located in a building once occupied by the Asheville Women’s Club and then still owned by the Club, at the corner of Sunset Parkway and Charlotte Street [now the home of the Asheville Preservation Society]. The college specialized in correspondence, “Social Metaphysics”, and “Christian Economics” courses.

Galahad Press was run out of the old Oteen/Biltmore bank building located at 12 Lodge Street – an area also referred to as the “Biltmore Village” area or just “Biltmore” sometimes. located in the current day Biltmore Village. The papers were published under Pelley Publications.

He wrote many articles, one of which announced ‘Christ’s government,’ predicting that Christ, after 60 generations of rumors, was coming back to earth to institute a new social order and set up a thousand years reign of righteousness and peace – this is an “Ascended Masters” type religion, a concept which had its most recent reboot by British agent Helena Blavatsky in the late 1800′s, around the same time as the Oahspe came out.

Among the publications of this press was Pelley’s now renamed weekly magazine, the Liberation, in which he espoused anti-Jewish – as a race – views.

The cover of this book shows the Biltmore-Oteen Bank in the background, with Edith Vanderbilt front left, and her daughter Cornelia back left – around the time of Cornelia’s wedding to Cecil in 1924.

Cornelia Stuyvesant Vanderbilt, and her husband, John Amherst Cecil, had just recently opened Biltmore House to the public in March 1930.

Escaped Death on The Titanic!

Another rather important and revealing tidbit concerning this Vanderbilt, is that her father George and his wife had themselves scheduled to sail on the maiden voyage of the Titanic! They had booked passage in a first-class cabin on the Titanic – as well as a second-class cabin for their 24-year-old footman, Edwin Charles “Frederick” Wheeler, who had brought their baggage on board several days before the April 14, 1912, departure.

Someone, at around the same time as Morgan pulled out, warned the Vanderbilts not to go on the Titanic. Their reservation was so hastily cancelled (April 9) the day before it first sailed – that there wasn’t even time to get their luggage back! So, George’s personal valet of more than 30 years, Edwin Wheeler (the poor man) had to stay with the luggage. He died along with the thousands of others the night the Titanic sunk. His body was never recovered.

This is Wheeler, walking on the promenade of the Titanic.

A third Vanderbilt also cancelled a booking on the Titanic: Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt – George’s nephew and third son of Cornelius Vanderbilt II – had sent a cablegram to his mother on the day the Titanic sank telling her he had not boarded, and was safe in London – contrary to a report in that day’s New York Times that he had “joined the Titanic in Cherbourg.”

There’s definitely something rotten in river city about all this, I’m starting to get quite the list on who was told not to go on the Titanic. But we’ll talk more about that another time.

About that Biltmore Cecil –

John Francis Amherst Cecil was born on 30 June 1890. He was the son of Colonel Lord William Cecil and Mary Rothes Margaret Tyssen-Amherst, Baroness Amherst of Hackney and a direct descendant to SPYMASTER William Cecil, the chief adviser to Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century.  His descendancy is through Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter, KG (5 May 1542 – 8 February 1623), known as Lord Burghley from 1598 to 1605. Exeter was the elder son of William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley, and the half-brother of Robert Cecil.

John Francis Amherst Cecil was educated first at Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, and then went on to attend Oxford (of course, he’s a Cecil!).

He then went into the family spy business, MI6 connected, and held the office of First Secretary of the Diplomatic Service, he was stationed at the British Embassy in Washington D.C., which is where he met Cornelia – she was attending private boarding school there during her high school years.

Cornelia and John Cecil

Here’s a gallery of photos of these two and their palatial estate, plus Cornelia’s parents who built it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The ‘opening of the Biltmore’ in 1930 thereby literally drove all sorts of colorful humanity down to Asheville and it became one of the most popular mountain resorts in the nation.

It was allowed (by Cecil and others) to be what some called a ‘wide-open town’, often called the ‘Little Chicago of the South.’ As far as alcohol went this was ‘dry’ country but bonded liquor was easily available. Taxi drivers and bell hope delivered it. Booze flowed from a hundred hollows. Law officers played their game nightly with blockade-running moon-shiners. Night life was lively. Once a leading underworld figure got into a fist fight with an elected public official. Slot machine czars lived in lordly luxury – painted ladies flourished.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After getting his new marching orders during his sudden urge to “visit” Washington, D.C., this is the scene William Pelley came ‘home’ to in Biltmore Village.

* * *


Convergence on the Biltmore


Backing up just a bit here now –

The same year that Pelley spent his summer automatic writing with “Mina” something else happened in a tiny little town on the eastern seaboard.

What I’m talking about is information I discuss in my second article (as yet unpublished) concerning the quote “You are a Den of Vipers and Thieves” that many, many people quote and wrongly attribute to President Andrew Jackson.

Jackson did not say that. Ever.
He said much better things (which was the problem)

You can read the first article I did on this subject which has an important part that is relevant to Pelley actually. In that, there is a booklet mentioned, published in 1928, that is actually where this quote is from. It may make things easier for you to have a tab open in your browser to refer to this booklet while reading what you are about to read.  Here is a link to the scanned images of the booklet that we obtained ourselves and uploaded. This is the same source that Coughlin used to promote anti-Jewish sentiments in 1936 (falsely sourced to President Jackson, of course).

PDF – Henkels, Andrew Jackson

Look at the date in the Foreword of Henkel’s booklet – November 1st, 1928.

This is literally just a few months before the new “spiritual” Pelley would be launched onto the public’s view. March 1929, The American Magazine.

Father Coughlin, the Radio Priest, would be one of the first to USE THIS assignment of the phrase “you are a Den of Vipers and Thieves” to President Jackson publicly, and he first appeared on the airwaves in 1926, just 2 years prior.

I’d be willing to bet that he didn’t use that phrase until after November 1928.

Coughlin was being funded with Nazi money through Chase Bank, with the approval of British and American executives. This means that everything he did, everything Pelley did, everything that this Stan Henkels Jr. did that even vaguely related to portraying “jews” or “bankers” as the one and only ENEMY, were all parts of a deliberate, focused, and closely monitored plan towards World War II.

You need two sides – don’t you? Well, there you go. Only neither side, is quite right, and there is a reason for that. I’ll save that for another time.

It is also important to note that in light of other information in this article that you are now reading, specifically the part concerning the changeover of British Intelligence MI6 in 1923, is that year happens to be the same year that Coughlin first shows up in the United States, to run his very own little “Catholic Church parish” – called the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan. This ‘church’ served as the center of Coughlin’s operations for the next forty years.

When things were ready to go on the propaganda front, Coughlin began his real mission – It was in Detroit that Father Coughlin began his radio broadcasts on WJR in October 1926, where he preached a weekly sermon. Sermon’s that would come to consist of Coughlin veritably frothing at the mouth about “the Jews”.

Yep. It didn’t take long at all before that real point of these “sermons” began to manifest – as any black operation always has to get to the point eventually, right?


Riling up people and misdirecting their attention away from the real evildoers

onto their lackey bankers and other assorted “Jews”.


There are many reasons for doing this in the way that it was. One of which is the obvious one, fueling up the ranks on both sides of the Atlantic into an “I-hate-Jews-lets-kill-them ALL!” frenzy, which of course is the “nazi side” of this completely managed conflict.

First building up his audience with innocuous and agreement gathering “sermons”, Coughlin was fully briefed and prepared for doing exactly that agenda, when he was set loose and given the go ahead. This go ahead happened just after the engineered stock market crash was in 1929 – designed to stress the American people and have them (correctly) looking for the bad guys who did it.

Ah…but you can’t have them go after the REAL bad guys, right? Hence, provide them with who you want them to attack.

Enter Coughlin, Henkels, and Pelley. Two out of three of which were Catholic.

All within the same 2 year window – that’s when they “take off” so to speak – or in Henkels case, provide anti-jewish materials as a cut-out for others to use.

By the time of the 1929 stock market crash, Coughlin had a large, loyal audience and had gained the reputation of a spokesperson for the “common man.”  Not that he really was, that’s just typical slavemaster trying to appear to be like President Andrew Jackson – something they have been doing ever since Jackson kicked their proverbial asses all up and down the field.

Coughlin called his show the –The Hour of Power–.

In a 1930 broadcast, Coughlin attributed the current economic problems on those who profited from usury stating, “We have lived to see the day that modern Shylocks have grown fat and wealthy, praised and defied, because they have perpetuated the ancient crime of usury under the modern racket of statesmanship.”

And away he went…the Joseph Goebbels for this side of the Atlantic. He even has the exact same mannerisms and everything!


This is also exactly when William Pelley, that very same year, decided to begin publishing his own magazine – The New Liberator (later called Liberation), which under the imprint of the Gallahad Press, appeared in May of 1930.

Both of them were activated on their nazi-ish agenda at the same time.

Reminder –


Pelley’s “Seven Minutes in Eternity” article had attracted letters from nearly 30,000 readers – the bait had been taken. It was Sumner Vintner of The Golden Rule Foundation (every time I say that I have the urge to <gack>) who headed and arranged the network of nearly 500 weekly study groups that focused on Pelley’s spiritual radio messages that he was receiving. He even arranged (with Richard Collier) for Pelley’s article to be advertised in the Rosicrucian Digest 1930.

It was Sumner Vintner, in combination with American and British intelligence (John Cecil) who arranged and supported both Pelley’s move to the Biltmore area and the start of The New Liberator magazine.

Did you know that name was specifically chosen to focus people’s attention on those “inferior” races – primarily black people?


That name was intentionally patterned on the name of William Lloyd Garrison’s abolitionist newspaper from way back around the American Civil War – called The Liberatorwhich he had founded with Isaac Knapp in 1831 and published in Massachusetts until slavery was abolished.

As we briefly discussed earlier in this article, the entire anti-slavery movement was actually not what it appeared. It wasn’t actually about abolishing slavery, it was about fracturing America because right then…1831…is when President Jackson was killing the slavemasters hold on the young United States.

The American Civil War, and the rise of the traitorous President Lincoln (whose campaign was patterned exactly on appearing to be like Jackson) all that was completely orchestrated by the British and Vatican slavemasters and their lackey bankers.

For insiders among the slavemasters, all this was well-known when Pelley was counseled on what exact name to give his magazine that was about to launch another FAKE racial war. Naming it The New Liberator was literally a clarion call announcement that an intelligence operation is now being launched, while at the same time it was a vicious smack against the real liberators that the slavemasters are still very bitchy about.

Remember what Pelley propagandized:

“…everyone has lived hundreds of times before, because earth is a classroom where souls learn and move up the spiritual hierarchy. Human races are “great classifications of humanity epitomizing gradations of spiritual development, starting with the black man and proceeding upward in cycles to the white.”

(Pelley, Seven Minutes To Eternity book form p. 15)

So you see, sometimes, what’s in a name is far more important than it might first appear. This is definitely one of those times.

Coming back to this Henkel booklet with the false quote attributed to President Jackson now, do you see how that racist quote fits perfectly into this plan with Pelley?

The proof that it is part of that same plan goes much further than just the exact same agitating for racist views. It even goes to WHERE Pelley is when he’s doing his distribution of messages from beyond, is also where the publisher of this Henkel booklet surfaced as well.


It’s horrifying all right, as the classic actor Vincent Price is just so genius at physically expressing.

In my as yet unpublished part 2 concerning these forgeries, I talk about a specific pattern criteria that seems to be being followed and I analyze the Henkels Jackson quote upon that premise.

As the saying goes, “the Devil is in the details”, and when it comes to dissecting what these hired forgers are up to?  No detail is too small. You’d be surprised what can bring down their “curtain”.

I talk about what I had named Point 5 of the forgery pattern – more generally described as the straw-man tactic where you lure, hire, hijack, blackmail, or whatever, some guy or girl to play the part of the “revealer”in regards to the Henkels booklet’s allegation of “lost minutes” supposedly detailing a Jackson speech.

Did you know that William Pelley did the same exact thing in his magazine? He played the part of the “revealer” who publishes a disturbingly similar ‘find’.

In what I call the Pinckney great lie (see my article You are a Den of Vipers and Thieves where I document this) the “revealer” was William Pelley! He is who publishes this “find” in his publication called Liberation.

In the very same vein as the Henkels booklet, where it is Stan V. Henkels Jr. who may appear like a “nobody” but he was also very carefully chosen and in fact – HE WORKED WITH PELLEY.

Ah, you say, that would tend to indicate conspiracy to manipulate the public with lies to whip them into a furor towards “the jews”.

You would be right.

In the two men Pelley and Henkels you literally had the British nobility (intelligence) and the Vatican (intelligence) behind them perfectly married together in secretly engineering propaganda to agitate for World War II.

The reason this pattern of forgery in the Henkels booklet exactly matches the Pelley/Pinckney forgery is because it’s basically the same people involved!

Now, on to one of those little tiny details…on the back page of the booklet, notice the printing company.

Gollifox Press


Gollifox Press was founded in 1927 by Albert Burnley Weaver Jr. supposedly to “give the public the works of his father” Albert Burnley Weaver. However, it appears one of his first orders of business was to help get the Stan V. Henkels, Jr. book; Andrew Jackson and the Bank of the United States into play. A.B. Weaver jr. printed that for Stan in November of 1928.

Stan’s father Stan V Henkels Senior had just died in 1926. Here’s a rare pic of his father I recently found from 1922.

A.B. Weaver Jr. didn’t copyright anything (that I could find) to do with his father’s work until 1929. Gollifox Operations were transferred from Philadelphia to Biltmore North Carolina in 1932.

Now isn’t that fascinating? That’s exactly where (and when) William Pelley went.

William Pelley was being supported in his work of “riling up the Americans” and in essence, drawing mass attention onto the idea of war with Germany (the real point) by other Slavemaster front men during the mid to late 1930’s. Such as George B. Fisher of Crowell Publishing (which we learned earlier had taken over Collier publications and American magazine).

In fact, after being funneled “donations” (like how Father Coughlin was financed) Pelley, in approximately 1938,  then actually purchased the Biltmore-Osteen Bank Building for 20,000 dollars* and employed thirty staff to publish the Propaganda that he was deliberately financed to do. (*Beekman book)

Just a year after Gollifox Operations and Pelley were well esconced in Biltmore land, was when Pelley launched The ‘Silver Shirts’.

31 January 1933 – the day after Hitler took power in Germany.

In his book The Door to Revelation Pelley describes how he organized the ‘protestant militia of America,’ naming them the Silver Shirts.  This, he explained, was a great Christian militia, a body of uniformed men to fight communism.

Oh no. Not that again.


Pelley’s ‘Silver Rangers’ were the equivalent of Hitler’s storm troopers. Even though Asheville was the national headquarters for the ‘Silver Shirts, the movement was not strong in the area.  That makes sense, I doubt Cecil would have wanted too much activity along those lines right in his own backyard. Draws too much attention. I think Sumner Vintner riled up most of the West Coast “spiritual” groups to become Silver Shirts and Rangers.

Pelley added another publication for his now large mailing list called: The Silver Ranger.

An Asheville Times editorial in 1934 drew attention to the Silver Shirts by appearing to be against them. (a usual tactic of the slavemaster types).

“The Silver Shirts are a ridiculous expression of social unrest and egotism.  No rational person can read their grandiose pronouncements without seeing the joke of it all.

Their manifestos should receive hearty laughter rather than quaking fear… in laughing at the Silver Shirts we laugh at others who find it a menace to the republic!”

See what I mean?

Then we get Guy Ballard entering into the show of it all, creating his I AM foundation by recruiting his original members from the ranks of William Pelley’s Spiritual Radio afficianadoes in the Silver Shirts. This shortly after publishing Unveiled Mysteries, a book which he said was dictated to him by the Ascended Master St. Germain.

Guy and Edna Ballard

The term “I AM” is a reference to the ancient Sanskrit mantra “So Ham”, meaning “I Am that I Am”. Students of the “I Am” Activity believe in death as a change, not an ending. The “I Am” movement believe Ascension can mean Entering heaven alive, that is, to “raise one’s body”—physically translating to a higher form of existence as in the Ascension of Jesus. This is what Guy Ballard had claimed his followers would be able to do if they followed his instructions.

Since Mr. Ballard had died a quite ordinary death and his body had been cremated, there had also been questions raised about devout members who had died without entering heaven alive. At this time, Edna Ballard redefined “Ascension” as dying an ordinary death, but going to a higher level of heaven than a normal person because one has balanced “51% of one’s karma”.

This modified and more practical definition of “ascension” is used by all Ascended Master Teachings religions today, although they still believe that a select few, the higher level Ascended Masters such as Jesus and St. Germain, entered heaven alive.

According to the group’s teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be individuals who have left the cycle of reembodiment.

The “I AM” Activity calls itself Christian, because Jesus is considered to be one of the more important Ascended Masters. It also calls itself as “patriotic” because Ascended Master St. Germain is believed to have inspired and guided the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. (Which is complete bullshit, of course).

The movement incorporated Lurian Kabbalah, (just like Thomas Edison and his “sparks) wherein it teaches that the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent creator God (‘I AM’ – Exodus 3:14) is in all of us as a spark from the Divine Flame, and that we can experience this presence, love, power and light – the power of the Violet Consuming Flame of Divine Love – through quiet contemplation and by repeating ‘affirmations’ and ‘decrees’. By ‘affirming’ something one desires, one can cause it to happen – both of which were ideas that Robert Collier predated Guy Ballard buy 5 years or so, in his book. (see earlier info re Collier).

A little interesting sidebar – remember our discussion of the dark Elf series by Salvatore earlier? Well, the books make a big deal of that Drizzt, our “home” seeking dark elf, has purple, or lavender eyes.

Why? Because its one of the signs of that a person is accessing ‘their higher self’. So, nowadays even this I Am crap is built into our fiction books!


Furthermore, the I AM group also teaches that the “Mighty I AM Presence,” is the way in which God exists as each person’s Higher Self, and that a light known as the “Violet Flame” can be generated by the “I AM Presence” to surround each person who calls forth this action or expresses mercy or forgiveness. The group believes that by tapping into these internalized powers in accordance with the teachings of the Ascended Masters, one can use the “Presence” to eliminate evil from the world in favor of justice, and also to minimize personal difficulties in one’s life.

Which, is what Drizzt busies himself doing throughout the whole series, always only using his “presence” and “battle skills” (which of course, is when his purple eyes light up) to eliminate evil “in favor of justice”.

Who knew so much got loaded into a fiction book?


Pelley and Weaver?

Meanwhile, our other accessory to propaganda, the publisher A.B. Weaver has his own eerily parallel doin’s going on in Asheville – he was considered part of something called the Biltmore Guild.

The Biltmore Guild was composed of Clementine Douglas’ Spinning Wheel, William Waldo Dodge, Jr.’s Dodge Silver Shop, Robert Valier’s Artisans’ Shop, Anthony Lord’s Hand Forged Iron, and Burnley Weaver’s Gollifox Press. The brochure was produced by Gollifox Press, during the 1930s.

Gollifox Press was literally right on top of where Pelley was with his ‘Galahad Press’. It was located at 3294 W. Oak Biltmore (as given in the 1935 City Directory).  Oak starts from All Soul’s Crescent in Biltmore Village (see Boston Way).

Take a look at this map again, where the A marks the bank building that Pelley had his press in, and you’ll see how close together these really are –

Gollifox is also listed in the city directory of 1936

Albert Burnley ‘Buck’ Weaver was in New York in 1920, around the same time as William Pelley, and Buck was living with his brother William who was a set and costume designer for the Schuberts. He has a history in Show Biz – in other words.

Buck and his wife moved to Philadelphia in 1927 and founded the Gollifox Press in Chestnut Hill, but as I said, the only thing he published was the Henkels booklet with the fake Andrew Jackson speech in it.

Within a couple years of having moved to Biltmore, he published one other book through his Gollifox Press imprint. One of which is very interesting in our little Pelly/Weaver conjunctions.

Weaver was singled out to publish The wings of Azrael by Edwin August Bjorkman on September 5, 1934. (ref: Catalog of Copyright Entries. New Series: 1934, Part 1, By Library of Congress. Copyright Office, United States. Dept. of the Treasury)

Seems an odd sort of selection for inclusion to the Gollifox name by A.B. Weaver jr., does it not? It wasn’t. Bjorkman was also a CPI propaganda man during World War I at the same time that Pelley was, as well as a newsman for the League of Nations and the later FPS.

The FPS, yet another propaganda front, was euphemistically described as having been started for –

…the purpose of permitting an exchange of correct first-hand information between this and other countries.

Just a few short years later, in 1925, we find that he was in Asheville (Biltmore) N.C., apparently recovering from an illness and the loss of his eyesight. From 1926 to 1929, he began his propaganda efforts anew, and became the literary editor of the Asheville (N.C.) Times.

Being a “literary” editor was part of the Toynbee/Cecil method of controlling certain areas of public opinion ie: book reviews. Not that they were the first in this idea, they weren’t. It’s more of a long-held slavemaster tradition type thing where a passing of the torch occurs with each successive generation

In 1935, he became the state director of the North Carolina Federal Writers’ Project. (ref: University of North Carolina archives)

So why did he title his book The Wings of Azrael?

The phrase Wings of Azrael means the approach of death; the signs of death coming on the dying. In Muslim and Islam theology, Azrael is the Angel of Death who is “forever writing in a large book and forever erasing what he writes: what he writes is the birth of man, what he erases is the name of the man at death.”

Azrael, also known as Izra’il, one of the four Archangels of Islam (Mikhail, Djibril, and Israfil), is pictured as having gigantic proportions: one foot rests in either the forth or the seventh heaven, while the other is on the bridge between hell and paradise. Supposedly Azrael brought God a handful of earth from which to create Adam and therefore earned his title as the Angel of Death. Izra’il keeps a roll of humanity, on which the names of the damned are circle in black and the names of the blessed, in light. When a person’s day of death approaches, a leaf with the person’s name on it falls from the tree beneath God’s throne. After forty days have passed, Izra’il must sever the individual’s soul from his or her body.

My theory is that the reason for this title choice by Bjorkman, is that he was sending his own kind of special propaganda message that more War and Death are ‘coming’.

And so they were – it was called World War II.

So now we know what that Henkel booklet trashing President Jackson was really about and who for, as well as that being directed by the same group of people that had Pelley, and Bjorkman, Collier and Coughlin fronting for them to help create the conditions for a war that was completely unnecessary…do you understand the significance of that?

This also should be a lesson to you just how tiny of a detail (like who published Henkel’s booklet) can lead to completely ripping down their carefully crafted curtain of lies.

To finish up this Pelley and forgeries at the Biltmore segment, let’s look at this in a condensed form.

We have one of the Cecil Bloc men – John Cecil – marrying the Biltmore heiress in 1924, then Mr. League of Nations News Bureau Bjorkman moved there and becomes the ‘literary editor” of the Asheville Times, then Pelley – Mr. false Benjamin Franklin anti-semitic speeches, and Weaver, publisher of false Andrew Jackson anti-semitic speeches …




That simply cannot be a coincidence.

Spooky, eh?

It should be, especially with what comes next.

* * *


William Stephenson and William Pelley

British intelligence role in secretly creating/controlling pro-Nazi front groups

As is already well-documented in my British Security Coordination (BSC) articles, Stephenson and the British Foreign Office were already well underway in their actions to get World War II going, including the reprise of the Charles Masterman type activities to trick America into going to war for them again.

In 1939 and 1940, after 6 years of doing his job agitating for the ‘enemy’ and helping firm up the supposed sides in this false war of the British and Vatican slavemasters, Pelley is chosen to play a new role.

That of fall guy.

This is also where our favorite dynamic duo, deep cover British agents Boris and Casimir, make another appearance. Boris and Casimir had both worked some intelligence ops for the British and Vatican agitating for World War II, Father Coughlin, the Catholic radio-priest being one of them. Boris had tried to deny that connection stating that he “rarely listened to his broadcasts”. However, he was forced to admit that he did ‘”have contact” with him through “Father Duffy”.

This is the time period of the Senate Un-American activities “investigation” – read shutdown of opposition of the British and Vatican war agenda.

Casimir was not only defraying attention off his own status as a subversive agent inside the U.S., but he was also helping to build cover for Boris by “attacking” him to the FBI. In early 1939 he suddenly decided to interview Father Peter baptists Duffee, from his position as an investigator for the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League – one of the pre-BSC British intelligence front groups.

What follows was a truly hilarious story that Casimir “reports” to the FBI. Yet again illustrating the British contempt for Hoover and his organization.

In Pilenas’s report, Duffee linked Brasol to a peculiar body called the Ancient and Noble Order of the Blue Lamoo. According to an FBI source, Brasol was “a power” in Blue Lamoo.

References – Kevin Coogan,Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Post-war Fascist International (Brooklyn, NY: Autonomedia, 1999), 606, quoting Pilenas’ report of January 27, 1939.; Boris Brasol, May 17, 1943, 2, FBI, File 100-22487, Section 2

Oh man, Boris and Casimir are so messing with the FBI.

The Blue Lamoo, Really?


Headquartered in Black Hills, South Dakota, the Blue Lamoo advertised itself as an Aryan spiritual and chivalric society based on the mystical wisdom of ancient Atlantis.

Ref – “Order of the Blue Lamoo

This hocus pocus, Duffee insisted, supposedly disguised the order’s true function as a “Nazi Propaganda organization”—somehow linking up with another, better known German propaganda front, the Fichte Bund, of which Brasol was allegedly a representative. To add to the strangeness, the whole thing was tied up with a rogue branch of the Knights of Malta headquartered in Pennsylvania and the ubiquitous Sovereign Order of St. John.

Boris did not get disciplined nor did he have anything happen to him as a result of these ‘investigations’.

No, it was Pelley that had been chosen to set a LEGAL PRECEDENT for putting someone in jail for talking “bad” in time of war.

It is important that you understand that what is being used here on Pelley, is the Espionage Act, which had been forced through by the British during the first World War. The one part of the then proposed Espionage Act that had been removed in order to sneak it through and get it passed? Was the free speech against the British = Jail part.

Now they are adding that back in – that’s what Pelley’s whole schtick of being anti-Jew and pro-Nazi, giving speeches, sending out newspapers and fliers etc. was designed to do. A set-up for the spike, to use a volleyball term.

Be so crazy and evil that it was “correct” to shut him down as “un-American”.

In support of this idea, the American Jewish Congress, whether as dupe or active participant in the British Pelley operation, had created a ‘dossier’ about him dated April 14, 1939. You can see it here

By mid-1939 there was a warrant out for Pelley’s arrest, forcing him to relocate to Indiana. Then he gets dragged in – supposedly resistive – to be investigated.

Investigation of Un-American Propaganda Activities in the U.S. Volume 6 hearings before the United States House Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Seventy-Sixth Congress, first session, on August 16-18, 21-24, 28, 29, 1939. United States., Congress., House., Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 1939. You can find a complete listing of resources for all documents relating to these hearings here.

1940 – William Pelley and Joe Stevens


Once this was done and the case was successfully made to put Pelley in jail? His usefulness was over – and the Slavemasters cut him loose with nary a tear or even a look back.

Its just business – right? Nothing Personal.

Thus ended Pelley’s career as a slavemaster shill and propagandist.