The Use of U.S. Universities to Conduct Eugenics Research and Intelligence Operations

This article focuses on the background of how U.S. Universities were used as fronts for furthering “conversion” of “rebellious” people, and specifically how cults were deliberately created, nurtured, and launched in order to study the best ways to go about this – using the Unification Church as the back-door access into this previously well-hidden and protected methodology.

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The Use of U.S. Universities to Conduct Eugenics Research and Intelligence Operations

Under the guise of “social science”

By Virginia McClaughry

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Sometimes, the strangest things will provide the back door one needed to crack into a previous resistive area of research. Such was the case with the topic of academia being directly used and manipulated by a coordinated effort of British, American, Canadian and Vatican control the minds of men afficionados.

So much so, that not even some of the worlds top investigative journalists could penetrate the wall of who, what, where, and when concerning just even the secret CIA project called MKULTRA (which, again was coordinated with those mentioned above) let alone other secret projects we probably haven’t even heard of yet.

The tiny bits of evidence that did slip through as to who was assisted by MKULTRA funding, usually met with a series of resounding “I didn’t know” responses – as if that was the gospel truth.

Well, it wasn’t.



In my article about human experimentation at the Missouri Institute, I talk about one Dr. Amedeo Marrazzi who was conducting behavioral control experiments. When the news of the ‘found’ documents of MKULTRA first showed up to Congress in July of 1977 (the CIA had sat on the documents for almost 4 months) over at the CIA reading room an archived Minneapolis Tribune article (August 19, 1977) points out that the President of the University of Minnesota only knew of one researcher conducting behavior control experiments – Amedeo Marrazzi.

That same day in The Pioneer, Marrazzi tries to deny his involvement in Project MKULTRA, diverting attention over to his Air Force funding instead, ie: Air Force grant AF-AFOSR-764-65, but this was during a period previous to the time in question – that of 1964 to 1969. It was an LSD study from 1959, one that was clearly delineated and not hidden at all – as witnessed in his paper published in the Society for Biological Psychiatry periodical.

This is Marazzi pulling a bit of a sleight-of-hand. You know, a look over here at my Air Force research. NOT my CIA Mkultra research (that did exist).


In the 1977 Senate Hearings, Senator Kennedy gives a brief rundown of what had been revealed in the previous 1975 hearings – as to covert human experimentation and behavior modification academic research. (Hearings, page 7)

Some 2 years ago. the Senate Health Subcommittee heard chilling testimony about the human experimentation activities of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over 30 universities and institutions were involved in an “extensive testing and experimentation” program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens “at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.” Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to “unwitting subiects in social situations.”

But then, when the records that had first been discovered in March 1977 finally made their way to Congress, now they knew that “Eighty-six universities or institutions were involved.

At first Kennedy appeared like he was all gung-ho in exposing this –

Senator KENNEDY. Well, you can tell them to the best of your information, and it seems to me that just because the university or an individual is going to be embarrassed is not a reason for classifying the information.
(Senate Hearings MKULTRA)

However, the end result was that the knowledge of who and where were given this “academic” funding, was allowed to be heavily suppressed. They made a token gesture of sending a form letter to these universities, but they didn’t even detail what projects or by whom – citing that “the Agency refuses to declassify the names of those institutions and individuals…

But here’s the thing.

An August 2, 1977 NY Times article quotes a CIA source who said that “to his knowledge all the researchers knew they were working for the agency.

So why do they lie about it?


This is why.


That is one of the MKULTRA declassified documents from sub-project 27 found at Black Vault. It is what you could call a non-disclosure agreement.

Notice point 3 –

I solemnly pledge my word that I will never divulge, publish, nor reveal either by word, conduct, or by any other means such information or knowledge, as indicated above, unless specifically authorized to do so.


So, if you expect these people, who are literally CIA agents (in a very real sense) to call attention to themselves and say –

Hey, I ran a CIA project! Me! Me!


You better put your jammies on cuz you are dreamin’. Without specific authorization these people are not only not brave enough to admit it, they don’t want others to know that they did these things to people and “lose their standing”.

Yea. God forbid they be embarrassed.


Anything but that.

In his congressional testimony, Richard Helms even tried to put an altruistic spin on the destruction of documents so that these people wouldn’t be “embarrassed.”

[Sidney Gottlieb] came to me and said that he was retiring and that I was retiring and he thought it would be a good idea if these files were destroyed. And I believe part of our reason for thinking this was advisable was there had been relationships with outsiders in government agencies and other organizations and that they would be sensitive in this kind of a thing but that since the program was over and finished and done with we thought we would just get rid of the files as well, so that anbody who has assisted us in the past would not be subject to follow up, questions, embarassment, if you will.

Senate MKULTRA Hearings Richard Helms testimony, Sept. 11, 1975, Appendix A p. 87, 88 of PDF)

Suffice it to say that particularly in the areas of a far less well-known subject of slavemaster experimentation interest, “social science” “social research” “survey research” etc. almost no one has been able to penetrate that wall of silence to show the direct connections into the mind-control interests of the CIA (and the British/Vatican superiors). As in secret projects like MK-Ultra.

CIA reading room – I’m not the only one that has had trouble pinning this particular slippery eel down.

The Crack In The Wall

There were actually two things that contributed to cracking into this nasty little realm. One was getting ‘tagged’ to go check out someone’s blog, which is part of what helped me to do this, but the other was as I said – started with a little intuitive research.

I bypassed all the plethora of Unification Church results (google) on Ms. Young Oon Kim because I just knew that wasn’t where I needed to be looking. But when I saw a name, a sociologist named John Lofland? I knew.

That’s it.

That’s where I can get ‘in’.

Of course, it wasn’t exactly as easy as it’s going to appear here, now that I’ve simplified it. In fact, more often then I’d care to admit during the initial research, I quite felt like this –


But, I had an entrance now. Something that pried open a back forgotten corner of this blockage and it all started with researching this odd woman named Young Oon Kim.

That’s where our story, our penetration into this wall-of-silence begins. Ready?

Into the realm of Social Science we go.

The Bull-Pen

Searching for new routes to hide the Eugenics agenda
which in turn – is actually the same Age Old Slavemaster agenda

What I am saying implies that civilization depends on an all-pervasive thought control established in infancy, which both maintains and is maintained by the social environment, consisting of the behavior of the members of society…

What we are really talking about in this symposium is mind in an accustomed social environment, and more particularly a social environment that we consider to be the normal one. It is easy to forget this, and the means by which it is achieved.

– Hebb, 1961 9

The means by which it is achieved…

Let’s start with one of the few sources that even vaguely correctly mention this connection between American and British intelligence influences and American academia.

Most major universities are either entirely or substantially branches of the CIA. At the University of Michigan, we have the most notorious example of the Institute for Social Research (ISR), which is merely the focus for general CIA infiltration and control of many departments of the university at large.

…The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School houses Eric Trist, a veteran Rockefeller-sponsored Reesian fascist, who directs a vast network of fascist social work projects (and actual  brainwashing activities) from his offices at that location. Cornell, Berkeley, Stanford are notorious CIA conduits.

In general, most of the social sciences and related departments of major universities today are nothing but CIA branch operations. – The Campaigner, April 1974


Right away, as far as I’m concerned, you can see that this is rather thinly veiled “communist” propaganda source (as part of a controlled opposition operation) – which is unfortunate.

However, this is the problem that you run into as a researcher. Highly questionable sources who do happen to say one or more things that are actually accurate – like the part I put in orange.

I would question the “nothing but” aspect, merely because I think it doesn’t quite get the portrayal right, and also the fact, and this is important, that it ONLY pins this on two named groups. Both of which are merely tools on the slavemaster food chain. ie: Tavistock and the CIA.

This is as stupid as pinning the world domination conspiracy on ‘the Jews” or Rockefeller and the Illuminati.

It’s the wrong overview to have, but it doesn’t mean that what that article mentioned is not going on in America’s universities. It’s in what form, and by who, and any real documentation of any of that which is actually totally missing. See that?

Let’s see if we can do better.

I have done a whole series on a war-time British intelligence organization called the British Security Coordination, which you can view a list of under “B” in this section of our Reading Library. These are well-documented articles, with multiple sources that are very hard to deny or discredit (although there’s always some agenda-minded idiot who will try). I am going to be taking a number of points from these articles and condensing them for my purposes here, so if you want to see the larger bodies of work please see that series.

In November of 1943, due to all the “failing agents” they were having, the OSS’s Colonel Henson Langdon Robinson had requested a plan for assessing prospective OSS personnel as to their physical, mental and emotional capabilities for their intended assignments, to be done in separate assessment areas so that the ‘unsuited’ could be weeded out before they became a part of OSS, learned about its more evil secret operations and ‘went crazy’, basically.

In addition to tests which had been proved worthwhile, such as tests of intelligence, ways of estimating qualities of personality should be developed.

– Reference: Lt. Col. Henson L. Robinson, “Schools and Training,” report, October 1943, p. 1, OSS Records (RG 226), Entry 136, Box 158, Folder 1723, both in National Archives II.


Langdon sent that to the OSS planning staff, which was led by Dr. James A. Hamilton (psychiatrist) and Dr. Robert C. Tryon (psychologist) both from the University of California Berkeley – where they both liked to study rats.

Hamilton had published a paper called The Association Between Brain Size and Maze Ability in the White Rat, by James Alexander Hamilton University of California, Berkeley, 1935.

Tryon had begun working as the thinly veiled eugenics job of “behaviour geneticist” in 1942 while working for the OSS. He experimented on rats to see if skill in maze-solving could be passed on to offspring. (Ref – Introduction to Psychology)

That’s a eugenics principle he was trying to prove there, in case you missed it. Coming down from Darwin, most people erroneously think this is a scientific principle. It’s actually not, it was a veiled religious one – a particularly Catholic one, no less. Don’t believe me? Read my article Why Psychiatry is More Religion than Science and then see what you think.

An interesting factoid is that this work of Tryon’s was woven into an episode of the TV series Lost – where character Desmond goes back in time to Oxford University (ha ha) and watches Daniel do his secret rat experiments.

Season 4, Episode 5 – The Constant

Lost_the_constant desmond and daniel rat maze

Lost_the_constant desmond and daniel rat maze 2
We should, of course, also mention the involvement of Geoffrey Gorer, Margaret Mead and her husband Gregory Bateson and John Rickman (Tavistock Psychiatrist) who were all working as “consultants” for Tryon and the Psychology Division’s projects starting December 20,  1941*. (Bateson, Gorer and Rickman were all Brits). Rickman was one of the founding psychiatrists of the original Tavistock group that started their Army Psychiatry work on “shell-shocked” soldiers in 1941.

*They began with assessing the social psychological characteristics of “a people”.
See CIA Declassified document Summary of the Activities of the Psychology Division, Jan. 24, 1942  – Declassified in 2003.

These people are all extensively documented in my main BSC compendiums (particularly #2 The Party Boys) but I’ll just bring out a bit about Geoffrey Gorer here so you can get the general idea of what these “consultants” were all like.

In the early days of his work in the OSS, It was Robert Tryon that brought British intelligence agent Geoffrey Gorer (under William Stephenson) in on a project to “analyze belligerent nations”. At that time, Gorer had been placed by British intelligence under Yale’s Institute of Human Relations, where he was a supposed ‘specialist’ in national character studies.

Geoffrey Gorer was a British born, “anthropological researcher” of Yale’s Institute of Human Relations,  and Time magazine in 1944 documented he was doing secret research in Washington for the British Government. In Gorer’s 1956 essay called The Remaking of Man just this one excerpt will make it clear that this was actually all a covert eugenics agenda.

One of the most urgent problems – perhaps the most urgent problem – facing the world today is how to change the character and behavior of adult human beings within a single generation.  This problem of rapid transformation has underlaid every revolution (as opposed to coups d’etat ) at least from the time of the English Revolution in the seventeenth century….

Gorer was also a blank slater, which means he likes the idea of that people are born as a BLANK SLATE, and that you can “write whatever you want them to be, on that slate”. Since he was a homosexual, this was a bit of a conflict of interest on his part because he actually believed that he was “born” or “made” homosexual because of DNA, so wrap your head around that one cognitive dissonance-wise.

I’m a ‘specialist’.

they told me so.

It’s pretty typical of these people that the slavemasters press into service like this, that they are, shall we say, confused. Put together with some grandiose title given to them, well, then, we’re off to the races.

Gorer is simply presenting just an updated version of Owenism. Robert Owen* was British and a firm believer in the “blank slate” or tabula rosa idea. A master could then “write” upon the mind of baby humans whatever he wanted them to be.

*See Reading Library, World Government section: What is Secularism? for more about Robert Owen.
*See Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science for more about the ‘blank slate” idea and where it really came from

20 years earlier, the Army’s Military Intelligence Division (in liaison with the early Tavistock members in the 1920’s) had attempted a systematic social-psychological study of “belligerent nations”, that’s essentially the same idea that Tryon proposed to Bill Donovan, head of the OSS,  in January of 1942. Tryon’s project utilizing Gorer was approved.

Now, when Tryon and Hamilton received Col. Robinson’s “request”  – which happened to describe exactly what the British were already doing  – sort of like leading the witness, its not much of a surprise that these two then drew upon that exact system employed by the British WOSB (War Officer Selection Boards) under approval by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) – created by several key psychiatrists who were from the Tavistock Institute. They used observation and testing of officer candidates during an intensive, three-day, military house party at a country-estate.

Tryon and his team then created the American version of that which they called STATION S.

The effort to assess an individual’s total personality had never before been attempted in the United States.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.


In January 1944, Dr. James A. Hamilton and his associates opened this first OSS assessment school, designated Station S (for Secret), in a manor house on a 100-acre private country estate leased from the Willard Hotel family in Fairfax, Virginia, thirty minutes west of the nation’s capital.

Guess what the ‘in’ was to getting their nifty little paws on this prime piece of real estate? The President himself!

Nothing like a little family ties –  You see, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was related to Theodore Roosevelt by marriage. Theodore’s brother Elliott had a daughter named Anna Eleanor and she married FDR – making him sort of a nephew-in-law. Theodore Roosevelt’s son Kermit married Spanish Ambassador Joseph Willard’s daughter Belle, at Layton Hall in Fairfax in 1914 on June 11. Belle’s new husband Kermit was destined to become one of the first ROOM members, the anglo-philic intelligence organization started by Vincent Astor in 1927. It was the* forerunner for the COI/OSS.

*See Scientology Roots Chapter 9-3 British Intelligence for more about this ROOM group.

Kermit killed himself in Alaska in 1943, where during WWII he was stationed as an intelligence officer.

And when the British SOE had their assessment boards all finalized in 1943, and they wanted to implement it here in the U.S.? BSC head William Stephenson probably had OSS head William Donovan ‘put in a word’ to President Roosevelt and voila! A little family grape-vine action and the Willard estate becomes Pemberley west. Pemberley being the nickname for the location where the British assessments (the SAB’s) were done (covered extensively in both Section III and Section IV of my Compendium)

I found this rare picture of the Willard estate – this must have been where they had this new OSS training school.

OSS – Station “S”

It was Major Henry Murray, the Harvard psychologist, who first put groups of 20 through a three-day grilling that often had the candidates goggle-eyed with incomprehension. One of the assignments was to move a cannon across a brook, a job designed to winnow natural bosses from natural followers. They were also trained in keeping their cover even in the most impossible circumstances – you might recognize the influence there in the later SERE training by the military.

Now watch his boss Col. Robinson live – the following video is about teaching OSS recruits how to create a ‘cover’. Cue the Mystery Science Theater robots. It’s that bad.

Worked out your cover yet?Either a government inspector or a Chief Mechanic, I haven’t decided yet.





So anyway…

Station S* was subsequently run by Dr. Donald W. MacKinnon, another Harvard trained psychologist from Bryn Mawr College.

*References – “A Good Man is Hard to Find: The O.S.S. Learned How, with New Selection Methods that May Well Serve Industry,” Fortune, 1946, 92-95, 218-19, 223.

Tryon’s basic team consisted of himself, Dr. Hamilton, Henry A. Murray, Donald Adams, Donald Fiske, John W. Gardner, and Joseph Gengerelli.

A word on Henry Murray – He was also involved in monitoring the military experiments on Truth-Drug brainwashing and interrogation.

This whole area is like a spaghetti-mess of history, connections, and slavemaster ideas. It’s really best viewed as only you can do, all at once as an integrated whole. However, that doesn’t exactly work out well on pen-and-paper, so there is no choice but to narrow the focus on certain individuals and then come back and broaden back out again to tie the individual items together.

We’ll start with Hamilton.

Tryon’s right-hand man, Dr. James Alexander Hamilton, had joined the Army in 1942, but was immediately been recruited into the OSS by drug-trafficking enabler and OSS and Federal Narcotics Bureau agent George White. (see George Hunter White – The Early Years). Hamilton is listed in the OSS Personnel Database (retrieved from NARA – National Archives and Records Administration). Dr. Hamilton had first been recruited by White to be involved with the top-secret “truth” drug” study, and then he gets recruited by Tryon to do this “recruit assessment” project with him.

Hamilton and White both segued right into the CIA’s MKSearch and MKULTRA program – without any gaps despite the ending of WWII. The only difference was that Hamilton took on the cover of being a Professor at Stanford University Medical School – giving him excellent access to testing facilities and drugs.

He was actually part of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) officially formed in February 1946, which was sort of “under” the Medical School. His cover for that time period (1948-1978) was dual. He was a psychiatrist ‘in private practice’ in the San Francisco area and the Clinical instructor of psychiatry Stanford University from 1949-1955 and associate clinical professor psychiatry from 1956-1975.


James alexander Hamilton2

Its not much of a surprise that Dr. Hamilton landed this cush little job, because the first director of SRI was OSS man William F. “Bill” Talbot. Talbot was a research chemist, and had just come to his new Stanford position straight out of the OSS Research & Analysis Division where he had been Assistant Director of that division from 1944 on.

Robert Tryon, Hamilton’s partner in the assessment research, was also tight with Talbot. Tryon had been part of the planning for the OSS Psychology Division in 1941 which later became the R&A Branch in 1942, initially led by Dr. James Phinney Baxter III (President of Williams College) and then later by Harvard historian Dr. William Langer in 1943.

This means that William Talbot was Dr. William Langer’s assistant in R&A, ergo Tryon and Hamilton’s superior – just like he was at Stanford Research Institute!

When Talbot became the first head of the newly formed Stanford Research Institute (SRI), now that he’s got his former junior Dr. Hamilton a nice “in” for his cush job there at Stanford with all that lovely access to drugs and labs and so on, this provides an excellent jumping-off point where he can liaise with George White and his MKULTRA LSD and Sex experiments for years there in the San Francisco area. This puts British Intelligence directly linked with all experiments at Stanford – including Scientology and LSD experiments.

Under Talbot’s helm, by the end of 1947 SRI had 7 employees and 70 percent of SRI’s revenue was from contracts with the federal government, let alone how much it was in the 1950’s and 1960’s when MKultra funding was flying around left, right, and center.

Then there’s Tryon’s assessment team member John W. Gardner, who would also have a hand in directing events at Talbot’s Stanford Research Institute.

This OSS man became the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) from 1965-1968.

He used his position within the government to launch a research center at Stanford Research in 1968, and one of it’s first tasks was to postulate the future of Western Society. Quite euphemistic, it was actually a study overseen by MK-Ultra LSD-tests at Stanford man – Willis Harmanon how and what to change Man into resulting in the book Changing Images of Man in 1974. The initial findings were summed up in the introduction as We have met the enemy, and it is us”.


That’s a brief rundown there, but for this article, an interesting tidbit from Talbot’s history is that while he was working for the OSS R & A department, as part of his intelligence cover he was sent back to the University of California Berkeley as the Assistant Dean of Students during 1941-1942.

So, there’s our first documented proof that a man carrying out an intelligence operation for British and American intelligence was posted at a U.S. university with that as his intelligence cover.  This man is actually crossed into both Berkeley and Stanford Research Institute in secret research for intelligence interests.

So, now where does the ubiquitous Tavistock come into this – both on the Berkeley “social research” angle and this OSS personality testing project?

Well, on two lines coming together actually.

To more properly understand why over-focusing on Tavistock is a kind of missing the forest for the trees misdirection, let me show you a condensed version of where that actually is in the slavemaster food chain.

Eugenics had actually started in England in 1904, then came the Galton Laboratory for National Eugenics in 1907, and the British Eugenics Education Society.  It was three years later that the sister organization of the Eugenic Record Office was founded in the United States, both institutes used the research results of the Galton Laboratory of National Eugenics to propose practical applications.

Oxford Professor William McDougall, a Cecil Bloc man (British intelligence/nobility) took young Cyril Burt under his wing as his protegee and instructed him in 1907 to begin studying and putting together mental tests to help with a nation-wide survey of physical and mental characteristics of the British people, proposed by Francis Galton (who originated Eugenics) in which he was to work on the standardization of psychological tests.

In the summer of 1908, Cyril Burt was directed by McDougall to go study the German eugenicist psychiatrists for a couple of years, which he did. It was Cyril Burt who then later started the Tavistock Clinic and went on to mentor John Bowlby and Eric Trist, both of whom helped head up the British assessment boards in WWII. Bowlby and Trist also then helped to mentor this new American version that Robert Tryon was heading.

Goddard headed the Vineland school (Eugenics), his junior Robert M. Yerkes worked together with Sir Cyril Burt (1883-1971) supporting the concept of a racial superiority. Lewis Terman (Stanford University) also worked with Sir Burt on the Binet intelligence – supporting the concept of a racial superiority by intelligence levels. Terman sat on the boards of two eugenics organizations with Stanford’s first president, David Starr Jordan.

William Talbot was tight with Terman who was helping him with Stanford Research Institute.

As to the “social research” angle, that’s where there’s a crossing point.

Eric Trist, besides mentor John Bowlby, also had a U.S. mentor that he met when he went to the U.S. in 1933 for two years.

In 1933 a Commonwealth Fund Fellowship took him to the United States for two years. […] Another significant US mentor was Kurt Lewin, the doyen of social psychology, then at Cornell.

Source: Eric Trist obituary of 1993.

It is somewhat from Kurt Lewin where we later get the plethora of of institutes of “social research” showing up attached to U.S. universities.

Lewin is often recognized as the “founder of social psychology” and was one of the first researchers to study group dynamics and organizational development. Lewin often associated with the early Frankfurt School, originated by an influential group of largely Jewish Marxists at the Institute for Social Research in Germany. But when Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 the Institute members had to disband, moving to England and then to America. In that year, he met with Eric Trist, of the London Tavistock Clinic.
Kurt Lewin Biography.

These men were simply tools of the slavemasters, as are their front groups. If they favor you in that way, that’s the real reason why you see consecutive passing-of-the-torches going on as well as the creation of newer front groups that make it more difficult to trace the real people who are pushing for this work by tools such as Lewin, Trist, Tryon etc.

Perspective matters here – the broad one. Unequivocally, this is all coming straight down from Eugenics and these are the Igors who step-n-fetch-it for the Slavemasters who want it to continue.

And so I present to you –

The Igor Gallery of WWII

– working together to subjugate man into not stirring up trouble for the slavemasters,
and not interfering with their plans.

The “assessment” people.

  • Eric Trist, Ronald Hargreaves (as British Army Command psychiatrist) John Rawlings Rees, G. Brock Chisholm, Jock Sutherland and Wilfred Bion – The Tavistock boys
  • Geoffrey Gorer, Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson and John Rickman – Tavistock West, as I call it.
  • George White
  • James McConaughy
  • Colonel Robinson
  • Dr. William J. Morgan aka Anthony Mitrano
  • OSS planning staff Dr. James A. Hamilton and Dr. Robert C. Tryon,
  • Henry A. Murray, Donald Adams, and Donald Fiske, and all working together, they designed and planned the first assessment.
  • John W. Gardner, and Joseph Gengerelli

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It is extremely important that you understand that this wasn’t really about just assessing OSS recruits – that was just a convenient excuse, almost a cover in itself you might say.

Particularly this document in the CIA Docs section of our Library – really illustrates well that the plan both by the BSC and the OSS was actually a long term one.

The British are just infamous for using war as a cover to get all manner of BS plans approved and then such plans magically carry on and expand long after any “war” is over.

Have a look –

In a long-term program the obvious necessity would be to work progressively throughout the United States discovering the structure and social dynamics in all areas

– Robert Tryon

That program included raiding all private records of any mental patient of any kind anywhere, all in the quest for “figuring out” and watching for signs of “change” in Americans – change against the British Slavemasters ONE WORLD agenda.

Profiling America, in a very real sense, especially looking for our weak spots and “strong” points. Why? This guy is viewing his own country as some kind of enemy territory so clearly his loyalties belong somewhere else entirely.

The whole division will avail itself of whatever information is obtainable from government and private sources regarding propaganda methods, existing morale, the personalities of leaders, sociological and psychological weak spots and strong points. With these data integrated into the pattern of the American picture, the division will be able to offer recommendations of some strategic value to policy-making officers and agencies in the government.” – Tryon to Dillon.

Ok, now see that part that says: the division will be able to offer recommendations? Want to know what that is about, what it is veiling?

The desire to do this –

Propaganda should be the pace-maker for policy, and should form opinion without opinion realizing that it is so being formed. This was the first and principal maxim of the principle of “government by the consent of the governed”.

References – The Times History of The War (‘The Times’ was owned by Northcliffe) published in 1920, Chapter CCCXIV British Propaganda in Enemy Countries. Originally presented in a 2010 blog post entitled: An Alternate History of Dianetics: Calling All Liars – Beginnings of the OSS by Virginia McClaughry. Lord Northcliffe was assigned Director of Propaganda in Enemy Countries in February 1918 for the Brits (in conjunction with British foreign intelligence – MI6) during World War I.

In case you missed it, that is the plan of how to mask a world monarchy as a democracy, using eugenics as their vanguard.

Eric Trist (of the Tavistock group) is following right along with that, in total lockstep, and like Tryon, he also revealed what was the real direction all this “assessment” was headed in.

By the end of the war a considerable number of psychiatrists and social scientists had  become involved in this comprehensive set of innovative applications of  concepts of social psychiatry. They saw in these approaches a significance which did not seem to be limited by the condition of war, and were determined to explore their relevance for the civilian society. Obviously,  individual programs could not be transferred without considerable  modification; entirely new lines of development would have to be worked out. Nevertheless, a new action-oriented philosophy of relating psychiatry and the social sciences to society had become a reality in practice.

This event signified the social engagement of social science.

Source: Eric Trist and Hugh Murray, The Foundation and Development of the Tavistock Institute to 1989, Tavistock Institute

And that’s where things get interesting.

A Secret CIA Project

Previously I mentioned two things that came together for me to help penetrate this wall, one of which came about as a result of getting tagged by another blog and finding some interesting documents there. But one document there in particular really stood out, and that’s what we are going to talk about in this section. It was called: The Doctrinal Program and I’ll bet you’ve never heard of it before.

Bearing in mind what Eric Trist said about what they were going to now do after WWII, let’s look at a key overview of the routes they chose to continue and expand this ‘plan’.

The meeting.

On June 1 of 1951, when the ‘Big Three’ (Vatican, British, and American Intelligence) met at a secret conference at a Ritz-Carlton in Canada, they knew there was no such thing as “brainwashing” – it was one of their own propagandists who had invented the term

They needed to invent a threat supposedly from those dastardly communists, also their invention from previous generations, in order to drum up financing from their respective governments and give them a suitable outer “cover”.

More importantly this “threat” must provide a plausible reason so that they could carry out their real goal, which was – to experiment in how to “brainwash” people.

Put simply, the goals of which were:

  • Repentance and Self-Condemnation, blank slate – Allen Dulles
  • weaken, undermine, or remove the supports to the old patterns of behavior and the old attitudes – Dr. Schein

Author Alfred McCoy describes this meeting further – citing Canadian George Cooper’s report about his investigation into what was going on at McGill University. The meeting is documented in Cooper’s Appendix 21, described as: Minutes of June 1, 1951 Canada/US/UK meeting re: communist “brainwashing” techniques during the Korean War

I am currently trying to track down a copy of that, but in the meantime that meeting is also verified as taken place in documents from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 149496.


Screenshot –



The coordinating point of all three countries programs was a Dr. Webster of the RDB, as laid out in this next document from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 144788, image #1 – this is a really important one when you understand just who that is that I highlighted.



Doesn’t tell you much, does it, but the importance of the statement I highlighted cannot be understated.

Who is he and what is the RDB?


This is William in 1952 – also VP of New England Electric



You can read all about who he is and what this “RDB” is, in these three library articles of mine –

It was only a couple of years after this coordinating meeting, that a man named George A. Morgan submitted an outline to the CIA of what he called The Doctrinal Program.  This was May 5, 1953. Note: That’s only a month after another parallel and also top secret CIA project got going – MK-ultra.

George Allen Morgan, 1962, shaking hands with President Kennedy

Now, George here, worked for something called the Psychological Strategy Board.

What is that?

Well, that’s a bit of complicated history. I did a whole separate library article on it, in fact, but for the purposes of this article I’ll just give you the condensed version.

The Psychological Strategy Board was formed literally just before that secret meeting at the Ritz Carlton, 2 months before, to be exact, on April 4, 1951. Formed during the Truman administration, it was a committee specifically formed to coordinate and plan for psychological operations, and it was formed specifically in relation to what was going on in Korea* at the time.

*See A History of Korea and The Unification Church (that you won’t see anywhere else) part 1 and part 2.

It was formed under, or rather as part of the National Security Council.

The National Security Council was created in 1947 by the National Security Act. The intent was to ensure coordination and concurrence among the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and other instruments of national security policy such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), also created in the National Security Act.

In this final report of the Senate Committee (Frank Church) it was documented that within a year, actually just about 5 months later after the passage of the National Security Act (Sept. 18, 1947) this report documents that the CIA was charged with “the conduct of covert psychological, political, paramilitary, and economic activities.

While the CIA is often blamed as “the” source for this kind of behavior, that just is not the truth. It might surprise you to learn that this direction the CIA was told to go in? Was actually initiated by a bunch of slavemaster puppets of British and Vatican interests. Among them were Secretary of War James Patterson, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, Secretary of State George Marshall, and George Kennan, Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff.

You see, prior to 1948, CIA covert operations were largely confined to psychological warfare, and almost all were media-related. These activities included the use of false publications, “black” radio, and subsidies to publications.

But in 1948, the changes began. National Security Council directive NSC 10/1 went into effect on June 18, 1948. Besides establishing a purely advisory panel called the “10/2 Panel,” this is when some of the dirtier activities were specifically mandated to the CIA.

Three other categories of covert activity were added to the psychological warfare mission: political warfare, economic warfare and preventive “direct action”. It is very important that you understand that the last one, direct action, is when support for FRONT organizations was mandated as well as support for guerillas and sabotage.

Now, that 1948 directive complete with its “direct action” covert operations, was then expanded in 1951 under the new NSC 10/5 directive on October 23, 1951. This directive took all those activities and authorized the expansion of them to be done world-wide, plus changed the previous “policy coordination” procedures.

The PSB was created in response to the growth of Office of Policy Coordination covert activities during the Korean War. The OPC was Frank Wisner’s unit, where L Ron Hubbard’s recruiter Miles Copeland worked.

Truman had issued a private directive on April 4, 1951 to get this board established, after “advice” from the slavemaster puppet “advisers”.

In plain speak, the head of the CIA, Bedell Smith, who was in charge of the newly formed PSB board (April 1951) THIS BOARD was the only decision point on choosing what covert psychological warfare activities (including direct action) would be done.

This means that the PSB board would approve or even order the creation of and/or use of existing organizations as front groups.

Just to further illustrate how important this PSB really was, the head of the CIA had to coordinate any covert project approvals with the PSB!

The PSB rolled on over into the “new” organization called the Operations Coordinating Board (OCB). This replaced the Psychological Strategy Board of the NSC on September 2, 1953.

The Doctrinal Program (of the PSB) had just been instituted in July, and it rolled right on over to be underneath the new OCB.

The documents –

  1. The Doctrinal Program
  2. Annex B (the secret plan)

In the first document, under point 1, George Morgan discusses that the goal is “to create confusion, doubts and loss of confidence in the accepted thought patterns” of basically anyone deemed to be “under Communist influence.

Under point b, he discusses that this doctrinal program is meant to foster a long-term intellectual movement of which the primary goal is to: break down world-wide doctrinaire thought patterns which have provided a fertile intellectual basis for Cornmunist and other doctrines hostile to American objectives.

Long term “intellectual” movement?

You mean like this?

In a long-term program the obvious necessity would be to work progressively throughout the United States discovering the structure and social dynamics in all areas

– Robert Tryon

The target is America.

not “the communists”.

If you skip down to page 6 you’ll see the general slavemaster goal is well-expressed by Morgan in his point c: encourage universal acceptance of the philosophy and spirit of the Free World.

These people are not about anything to do with a “free” world. That’s as bad as when Britain proclaimed itself to the “free world” (Europe, America, etc.) to be some kind of beacons of freedom and humanity after banning slavery in 1834, when unbeknownst to the general public, on the other side of the world they had just forced 10,000 India slaves to battle the Chinese over protecting their dang OPIUM trafficking! (see History of Korea, Japan, etc. Part 2)

The moral of the story being, when you see them (and their mouthpieces) start throwing around pretty words like “free”? You know something pretty damn dark and nefarious is actually going on.

Like later on in this document, where Morgan then goes on at some length of the different ways they could get people at universities to do studies and submit research papers on particular areas of interest they wanted, especially lesser known points of how the “communists” influence peoples minds.


They’re worried that the “Americans” might revolt against them again and want to figure out how to mind-control us into not rebelling against them and their crazy plans.

And what was of the main fields field or particular area of interests (as Morgan puts it)  that represented part of the “long term plan” that Tryon and Trist were going to implement?

Social Science – Sociology.

What do we see right away?

During the Korean War, the DOD spent more on social science research than all other federal agencies combined (NSF, 1951-52). The earliest available data on government funding of the social sciences was a NSF study in 1952 that found that 96% of the expenditures came from the military. These funds went not only to academic researchers in universities17

Within a year of the beginning of the Korean “war” – a war which I find highly convenient to the slavemaster purposes of creating their chosen “enemy” of communism – is when we have that secret meeting at the Ritz Carlton in June 1951 – and the start of hiding their infiltration of American communities under “social science” courses and “experts”.

Among the outcomes of this pivotal meeting was a CIA funded psychological research program to be conducted at major American universities.

The CIA [and DOD] ties of the academic researchers were hidden, and because Helms destroyed the files, the identity and number of psychologists involved may never be known.17

Just how controlled was the academic community?

Christopher Simpson, in Science of Coercion:

Academics who tried to be independent or—worse—critical of the power-elite paradigm were called ‘communists’”


So, this philosophy and spirit of the Free World that Morgan mentions is not so “free” after all. In fact, that’s probably why it was worded the way it was.

Philosophy of.

Spirit of.


Christopher Simpson is correct. People are called communists who aren’t. This is no different than the old “She’s a WITCH” accusation (behavior modification scare tactic) of medieval times.

They just chose a new word.

Speaking of behavior modification, let’s look at Morgan’s goal more closely now.

to create confusion, doubts and loss of confidence in the accepted thought patterns” of basically anyone deemed to be “under Communist influence.

  • confusion
  • doubts
  • loss of confidence

in the thought patterns of targeted people.

Under point b, long-term “intellectual movement” to study and bring this about, we have:

  • break down world-wide doctrinaire thought patterns

“which have provided a fertile intellectual basis for Communist and other doctrines hostile to American objectives.”

What does “fertile intellectual basis” and “other doctrines” actually mean?

You. The real you that lives and breathes such things as freedom of thought, freedom of speech, equal rights, etc.

You see, this is not a new plan or objection. This is an old, old one. One that dates back to the American Revolution. Look at some of the things the Catholic Popes were saying after that event. Look at what they are complaining about. Take Leo XIII as just one example.

Wild opinions she does repudiate, wicked and seditious projects she does condemn, together with that attitude of mind which points to the beginning of a willful departure from God.

utterly to do away with Christian institutions and to install in society the supremacy of man to the exclusion of God.

dissensions, let them henceforth be gladly buried in oblivion.

IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885

God has willed that in a civil society there should be some to rule the multitude.

…those by whose authority the State is administered must be able so to compel the citizens to obedience

…the authority of the rulers …greater than human…

…citizens to submit themselves and to be obedient to rulers

….the Roman Pontiffs…have ever endeavored to break the…spirit of innovators…

The Church of Christ, indeed, cannot be an object of suspicion to rulers, nor of hatred to the people


Now, does any of that sound anything like “the gift” of real freedom, real liberty?

Christian Europe…bestowed on the world the gift of true and many-sided liberty

IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885


Especially not up against statements like this one –

exterminate other evil opinions…

Pope Pius IX Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors December 8, 1864.

But, that’s what Morgan’s “universal acceptance of the philosophy and spirit of the Free World.” is actually meaning. Dissension? Oblivion. Ideas, thoughts or decisions they don’t agree with? Break the Spirit. Exterminate.





Now look at Morgan’s goals again. In the thought patterns of those deemed unacceptable as above, the Doctrinal Program has a direct goal to cause:

  • confusion
  • doubts
  • loss of confidence
  • break down 

Now look at this definition of “behavioral modification” that this Social Sciences will be used as the cover for.

The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare uses “the following operational definition of behavorial modification:

the systematic application of psychological and social principles to bring about desired changes in or to prevent development of certain ‘problematic’ behaviors and responses.18

Get the picture?

Now look at this part more closely. “other doctrines hostile to American objectives.”



Catholic? British slavemaster? Double yes.

Just because they have sycophants in America does not make them American.

– – –

Who gets ordered to do this plan?

The Defense Department and the CIA.

The Defense Departments orders are long, and are contained in the actual Doctrinal Program pdf.

The CIA’s secret orders?

Point 4 summarizes the basic tasks. Look at point (d).

(d) Central Intelligence Agency. The Agency will give high and continuing priority to all activities supporting the objectives of this program. (CIA’s basic tasks are presented in a separate annex “B” of limited distribution).

This is Annex B

We see this on page 2:

Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

Implementing the Secret Plan

(with all the other secret plans)

Intelligence Covers
(that hide the real agenda and try to cast legitimacy on an age old hate campaign)

Social Science
Social Psychiatry
Social Research

That “Long Term” Policy Begins.

Eric Trist – Tavistock

By the end of the war a considerable number of psychiatrists and social scientists had become involved in this comprehensive set of innovative applications of concepts of social psychiatry. They saw in these approaches a significance which did not seem to be limited by the condition of war, and were determined to explore their relevance for the civilian society. Obviously,  individual programs could not be transferred without considerable  modification; entirely new lines of development would have to be worked out. Nevertheless, a new action-oriented philosophy of relating psychiatry and the social sciences to society had become a reality in practice.

This event signified the social engagement of social science.20

Robert Tryon – OSS R and A Psychology Division

In a long-term program the obvious necessity would be to work progressively throughout the United States discovering the structure and social dynamics in all areas…

The whole division will avail itself of whatever information is obtainable from government and private sources regarding propaganda methods, existing morale, the personalities of leaders, sociological and psychological weak spots and strong points. With these data integrated into the pattern of the American picture, the division will be able to offer recommendations of some strategic value to policy-making officers and agencies in the government.19

George Morgan – National Security Council PSB (Psychological Strategy Board)

Doctrinal Program goals: “foster a long-term intellectual movement” of which the primary goal is to: break down world-wide doctrinaire thought patterns which have provided a fertile intellectual basis for Cornmunist and other doctrines hostile to American objectives. […] to create confusion, doubts and loss of confidence in the accepted thought patterns” of basically anyone deemed to be “under Communist influence.21

What, do you think, did Robert Tryon do after the war to begin executing this long term plan.

He went back to UC Berkeley and started an institute. It was called the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research. Catchy, semi-bland title, but one thing does stand out about it. The personality assessment part is practically his clarion call that he is continuing his Top Secret research begun with the Brits at the OSS. But, see, pretty much noone would know that, or know what was lurking under that banner.

With a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, Tryon started the Institute in 1949 with some of the very men he worked with at Station S during the war. You remember Station S, it’s the American location where they were carrying on their “testing” because they kept having problems with their intelligence officers losing it (it being their desire to even work for these people) when they went overseas and saw the duplicity, the lies, and most of all – the carnage.

Tryon had become Chairman of Berkeley’s Department of Psychology after the War ended, but in 1947 Tryon and then Chairman Edward Tolman were already preparing to form the new Institute, so he brought Donald MacKinnon out to assist him – basically mentoring him.

In 1947 he came to the University of California, Berkeley, as a Professor of Psychology, in preparation for the establishment of the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research in 1949. He was the first director of the institute and continued in this post until his retirement in 1970.

MacKinnon Memoriam

Besides bringing in Donald MacKinnon (who, remember, had taken over from Henry Murray as head of Station S during the war) Tryon also worked on creating this with R. Nevitt Sanford and Edward C. Tolman23 and Harrison Gough.24

Important note: Donald MacKinnon was actually trained by Henry Murray at Station S. (in addition to having been trained by him in the 1930’s at Henry’s psychological clinic at Harvard.)

MacKinnon describes the “purpose” of the new Institute in this Beatrice Daily Sun article from October 16, 1949 –


“We hope to discover the factors that produce adjustments, happiness and effective living rather than illness, unhappiness and maladjustment.”

Oh wow, is that totally euphemistic for what was essentially a continuing eugenics operation, or what?

Unbeknownst to many researchers out there though he brought in someone else as well, who was also connected to Murray.

Frank X Barron

Frank Barron had received his Ph.D. in 1950 from the University of California, Berkeley, and taught at Harvard, Bryn Mawr, University of Hawaii, Wesleyan, and from 1969 until his retirement in 1992 at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He developed much of his work as a founding member of the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research at UC Berkeley from 1949 to 1968. (Obit 2002)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, gives us one of our direct OSS/CIA contact that leads straight to “mentoring” (read recruiting) the soon to be pied-piper-of-the-east Timothy Leary right through Henry Murray, the same guy who trained MacKinnon!

Note: Frank hired Isabella Conti as his assistant researcher.25

No one was a founder of this Institute that was not OSS and CIA cleared to continue the considered very desirable work. The research into how to control and convert the rest of us who are deemed to have those “other doctrines” George Morgan was so concerned about.

This fact, this intelligence connection was CLOSELY GUARDED, even to the point of outright denial if necessary. As we covered earlier, for one very big reason. The confidentiality agreement. It would be considered treason to break that without first obtaining permission.

The author of my reference #25 first went to meet Frank Barron to discuss the CIA with him because he had heard that Frank had been twice approached to work for the CIA. In my opinion, during that meeting Frank basically dazzled him with bullshit, as the saying goes, because even as this author says (although doesn’t realize he was clearly lied to) “I came away from it with nothing at all to use for my paper…it completely turned my attention inside out and set me on the road to creativity…25

In intelligence, there is a saying.

It goes like this –

Nothing is as it seems, and yet everything is the same.

An excellent example is the stated purpose of this institute. It was ever so innocently put as: to perform basic research in personality assessment.23


Same as in continuing what they always do or have done (the outer image) yet not what the real goal or purpose, in full, actually is.

For example, hat was Timothy Leary’s very first assignment for the CIA, completed under the purview of this Frank Barron and this very Institute in 1954?

To devise a personality test.

What was it used for?

It became “The Leary,” Test which is used by the CIA to test prospective employees.
(Source – Counterpunch newsletter –  A Psychedelic History of the CIA)

I doubt that was in the description of the Institute at the time. Can you see it now?

Leary to college students or mental patients:

Hi. I’m working on a study for the CIA to help them and certain other select intelligence concerns around the world, to study you so that they can do two things. One, figure out how you tick so that they can figure out how to control and manipulate you better, and Two, so that they can figure out how to get people like you to join the CIA and think they are working for the “good guys” while we send them around to suppress anyone who might rebel against us. Mmkay? So…how about it. Wanna help the poor Drug Lord Slavemasters out?

Yea. You can see the problem they have in being honest.


Leary’s work, covertly conducted as you see it had to be, was quite popular with the slavemasters – as was Frank Barron’s.

In fact, government documents indicate there were eight government grants paid to Leary from 1954 to 1959. Most of them were paid to Leary for “research work on mental illness” through the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) while he was the Director of the Kaiser Foundation’s Psychological Research unit. The NIMH is now well-documented by a number of researchers using declassified CIA documents, to be one of the main funding conduits for the CIA MK Ultra program (which had just begun in April of 1953).

Leary said – “the CIA sponsored his and all other personality assessment research.
(Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart)

In 1950 he helped found the Kaiser Psychiatric Clinic in Oakland, California. During the next eight years he received nearly one-half million dollars in federal grants at the Kaiser Clinic for research work on mental illness. He worked with Marvin Freedman, Rolfe LaForge, Harvey Powelson and Mary Sarvis. Leary as Director took over a research project begun by Hubert S. Coffey and Saxton Pope. (Kaiser Papers)

You might not know that Timothy Leary was actually there at Berkeley when Robert Tryon and the rest of the OSS intelligence crew fired up their west-coast front for the next phase of profiling America, the Institute for Personality Assessment and Research. Leary had begun his doctoral studies in psychology in September 1946, over three years before the institute was founded. Frank arrived to Berkeley in the Fall of 1948 to begin his doctoral studies in psychology, was almost immediately recruited to help found the institute, and obtained his doctorate in 1950.

Leary and Barron, as is well known, became very close during the time they were both at Berkeley (and beyond).

In fact, it was Frank who introduced Leary to the “magic mushroom,” which Frank had sought out during a visit to Mexico.

At the time, Frank was spending a year at the Center for the Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences studying the farther reaches of psychology. (1958-59) 25

When Robert Gordon Wasson completed MKULTRA subproject 58 with CIA Asset Dr. James A. Moore in tow (see my post for documents) two things happened. One – Wasson published an article about his exciting mushroom expedition in Life Magazine May 13, 1957. Two – James Moore and Wasson both brought back a whole bunch of the mushrooms that contained psilocybin. Apparently, some time after these events Frank Barron managed to procure some mushrooms for himself and talked Leary into trying them as part of an alleged “creativity” experiment. Since Frank was himself heavily CIA connected, and gets rather “creative” when it comes to talking about said connections and the reasons he is involved in the “studies” he is, well. You do the math on what really happened there.

Frank tells a rather overly done but creative story about how the University of Mexico’s Gerhardt Braun, a historian, anthropologist and linguist, (even of Aztec Nauhatl) “knew where they could use the services of a curandera named Juana to procure the mushrooms.” 25

They found Juana. I see. Okey dokey then.

By the way, the Stanford Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences was initiated by a grant from the Ford Foundation in 1954, it was located at 202 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Stanford, California. Frank X Barron was one of the founding Fellows.(Obit 2002)

Psychiatrist John Rees’ Tavistock Method was based on work done by British psychoanalyst Wilfrid Bion regarding the roles of individuals within groups. This design was later shifted in a series of conferences (1957-1965) led by A. Kenneth Rice, chairman of Tavistock’s Centre for the Applied Social Research. The shift was to the dynamics of leadership and authority relations in groups.

The Berkeley Institute was the American version of this. Just like the OSS personality assessment undertaking had been mentored by Tavistock’s Rhees, Bowlby and Trist whose “testing” research done in England first. This British origin is extensively documented in my British Security Coordination Compendium part 4 – The British Way.

The fact that it changed its name is part of what made it hard to find.

The Institute of Personality and Social Research (formerly Institute of Personality Assessment and Research) is devoted to the study of adult human behavior and personality, and on the social context in which individual differences are expressed.

Although Berkeley was one of the last bastions of traditional personality research in this country, it became clear that IPAR needed to be based on a broader foundation. In 1992, IPAR addressed this issue by changing its name to IPSR (the Institute of Personality and Social Research), embracing the study of social processes as well as the study of individual differences.

(Berkeley library)

Around about this time, the whole UFO movement gets going which we’ll be getting into a little later here, as it relates to a very particular event.

A number of other things start happening in and around this Berkeley Institute by 1958, let’s start with a man named Charles Y. Glock.

Tryon and the boys decided to form the euphemistic-sounding Survey Research Center (officially designated as an Organized Research Unit September, 1958) underneath their Institute there. (Ref: Berkeley library)

They bring Glock out from Columbia University to head the new center and be a Professor of Sociology, while at the same time making him a fellow of Stanford’s Center for the Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences which means I’m absolutely positive he would have hooked up with Frank X. Barron as well.

Glock was trained in survey research under Paul F. Lazarsfeld at the Bureau of Applied Social Research of Columbia University and it was just after earning his PH.D. that he was hired to establish the survey research center.

None of that is quite as innocent as it sounds.

You see, the Bureau of Applied Social Research was a kind of intelligence front itself. In 1949, the same year that Tryon and the boys founded the Berkeley institute intelligence front, another one was formed called the HRRI.

Human Resources Research Institute.

It was directly tied to that nasty Research and Development board we discussed earlier.

This agency, the Human Resources Research Institute, was authorized in July 1949 and is under the direction of a civilian social scientist, Dr. Raymond V. Bowers, former Executive Director of the Committee on Human Resources, Research and Development Board, Department of Defense.

It wasn’t until February of 1951 that it was “launched” in an announcement.

The Department of the Air Force has recently established a new social science research agency at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

One of three Air Force research agencies in the field of human resources, the Institute has been assigned a broad mission, focused on the educational, social psychological, and sociological prob!ems of the Air force. This mission includes research problems of (a) officer education and personnel, (b) military management and manpower utilization, and (c) strategic  intelligence and psychological warfare. The research interests of the Institute in these three areas encompass such varied problems of personnel operations as leadership, morale, officer career guidance. manpower utilization, group motivation, organizational analysis and air-base community structure; and such problems of strategic intelligence and psychological warfare operations as relate to the social and psychological vulnerabilities of foreign nations.

Being a part of the research and development program of the Air Force, the Institute has Air Force wide research  responsibilities, and is responsible for developing an integrated long-range program to accomplish its mission.26

Do note that when this HRRI thing was announced and really got off the ground was the same year that the PSB was formed, the same year of the “meeting” at the Ritz Carlton, the same year the Berkeley Institute was formed.

It’s pretty clear there is a connection there between all those items, and when The HRRI appointed an Advisory Research Council in 1949 to assist in its development? Some of the people on it are most definitely connected to some pretty nasty things that the slavemasters were clearly paying it forward on continuing. The eugenics driven human experimentation begun under the cover of WWII, for example.

You can read much more about this HRRI in my PSB article. But, as Dr. Shartle said, they doled out millions of dollars too universities to perform “psychological warfare” research etc.

The Institute is developing its program of research through both contract and inservice projects. Several projects are now under way that involve contracts with universities or other organizations.26

Realize how perfectly that was dove-tailing into what George Morgan (who would be superior to any of these front groups) had outlined in his Doctrinal Program proposal – where he went on at some length about the different ways they could get people at universities to do studies and submit research papers on particular areas of interest they wanted.

Which, in turn dove-tailed with the one of the pivotal outcomes of the secret meeting at the Ritz Carlton in June of 1951, where Daniel Webster of the RDB was made the ‘coordinating’ point, that outcome being a CIA funded psychological research program to be conducted at major American universities.

The CIA [and DOD] ties of the academic researchers were hidden, and because Helms destroyed the files, the identity and number of psychologists involved may never be known. 17

So, they got the ball rolling with the Bureau of Social Sciences Research at Columbia, right where and when Charles Y. Glock was there.

Major research projects on strategic intelligence and psychological warfare have been started by the Bureau of Applied Social Research, Columbia University, and by the Harvard Russian Research Center, both of which have research teams working in Europe. A contract has been signed with Ohio Stale University to assist in the planning of the research program.  Several other contracts are under consideration.26

As it happens, a young Columbia student named John Lofland – who is going to be key later on here – was just publishing his own paper there at Columbia that same year that Glock moved to the West Coast to head up the new “survey research center” -read- psychological warfare studies against Americans.

1958 – Social Process on a Psychiatric Ward (under M. Zelditch), Columbia University

– John Lofland Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Speaking of which, note this part –

In November [1951] the Air University Far East Research Group for Human Resources was organized by the Institute to study human factor problems in the Korean war. This group is now in Japan and Korea studying three main types of human problems: morale, training, and psychological warfare. The group has been constituted to represent all the human resources interests of the Air Force, and is the only such mission in the theater. 26

If you read my History of Korea and the Unification Church part 2, you’ll know that is very key to various contacts that Sun Myung Moon, Young Oon Kim, and Bo Hi Pak would form right at that same time period and even exactly where this “study” was done. Another man enters into that as well, a name that should be well known to most deep researchers: James Monroe.

He was there too.

So, the fact that Glock was trained in survey research under Paul F. Lazarsfeld at the Bureau of Applied Social Research of Columbia University, as you can now see, was not as innocent as it sounds.

Now let’s look at a few key CIA MKULTRA projects that are from right around here in time as well, so you can see just how closely these things are all tied together in a kind of lockstep.

These are covered in detail, with all their accompanying declassified documents, in my article titled: Social Science, Mass Conversion and Holy Rollers MkUltra Projects.

For my purposes here I will be just focusing on some key points, starting with Martin Orne’s Sub-project 84. This one began in April 1958, not long before John Lofland published his paper and Glock starts engaging in psychological warfare research under the guise of “surveys” out at Berkeley.

This project had twin purposes, the other was experimenting with the “effectiveness” of Hypnosis. Its first purpose (page 2) is described as the: Study of induction of high motivation in individuals by means of the development of specific interpersonal relationships.

That is exactly what PSB director George Morgan’s Doctrinal Program was after. Why? Because he was concerned that us smart people held: “a weight and influence in forming, or at least predisposing, the attitudes and opinions of the opinion-molding leaders in an area.”

p. 42 of the documents shows there was a particular interest in Pentacostal Churches – the whole speaking in tongues and falling to the ground routines they had going there.

For the past one and one-half years a study has been conducted of the trance phenomena occurring in the Pentacostal churches with the view toward understanding their relationship to other states of consciousness….This study has been facilitated by the availability of Mr. [big long blacked out area covering almost TWO lines].

This is exactly the same thing British intelligence monster psychiatrist William Sargant was researching.

He had literally just published his book in 1957, Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-washing. He and Dr. Ewen Cameron were also experimenting with LSD and other mind-altering drugs well prior to when Sargant even started writing his book in 1954. Sargant was using what he was doing to helpless mental patients as part of developing his theories on political or religious conversion.

Sargant in 1948

image from wellcome library

Orne’s project documents add:

Also, we are studying the occurrence of trance-like behavior in the normal experience of subjects.

Like, say, under the guise of personality assessment and survey research perhaps?

The interest in such things is still evident well into 1960 with this particular MKULtra project (when a lot of other things start happening germane to my “target” point of research here).

Going right along with this same area of interest was MKULTRA Sub-project 98 Mass Conversion. Yep, that was its title and it began in August 1959 at Queen’s College in NY, NY and continued well into 1963.

It was billed as a study into the mass psychology involved in brainwashing, mass defection, etc.

You can tell what they are after figuring out to do here, by looking at the “working definition” of conversion given on p. 24 of the documents: a fundamental change (i.e. an about-face) concerning basic moral, religious, or political matters which lasts after the pressure which have induced it are removed. (underlining is as in document)

This definition should allow one to relate “conversion” to attitude change, on the one hand, and personality change, on the other.

[…] A second working assumption is to be made: mass conversion is a collective affair inasmuch as those influenced also influence one another. It is not simply a series of parallel changes that take place in a plurality of individuals under similar pressures. On the contrary, snowball-like effects are postulated.

See? “Personality Assessment” it is.

But also note the corollary from subproject 84:

Study of induction of high motivation in individuals by means of the development of specific interpersonal relationships.

This means the powers-that-be are looking in to how to use others to influence an individual. You can also see why they would want to foster some cults for the same purposes.

The doctors involved wanted to know 3 things.

  • who is susceptible
  • under what conditions are changes effected
  • what is the nature of the change.

Notice that the first priority is susceptibility, which they want to figure out if that’s because of  “the existence of a submerged side of the “divided” self which the experience or crisis merely brings to the fore” aka they are a secret strongly opinionated rebel or whether its simply that the person is wishy-washy because they don’t have a strong commitment to anything.

They want to know the conditions of conversion. Examining types of pressures such as: the advance preparation, warm-up and gimmickry which precede the appeal as well as the “impact of public images” and an act being “defined by others as a conversion.”

Most importantly, they want to know how permanent change is achieved. Does a permanent reorganization of beliefs require “sustained group support” – that’s those specific interpersonal relationships – and if without it “does the individual’s enthusiasm and group enthusiasm experience a natural let-down.”

By this time, after all the research during WWII as “personality assessment” and all the horrendous experiments having been conducted under the guise of “mental health treatment”, they had decided that the following items had been “found effective in bringing about a basic change in social role

Bolding is mine –

  • a – hypnosis and suggestion
  • b – therapy, the sustained mobilization of affect.
  • c – “ascription” the signification of change of status as a result of initiation ceremonies, specific experiences, etc. which legitimate the acceptance of a new role in the eyes of others.
  • d – persuasion, the susceptibility to rational argument by appeals to interests and dispositions in a person…
  • e – enforced isolation, individual confinement and all techniques whereby perception and information can be made homogenous and monopolized, minimizing any competing influences.
  • f – stress, [illegible – action?] and the threat of severe punishment – all of which act to change the reward structure.

He wants to analyze all the above in regard to two things – the personality types on whom they are most effective and the permanence of the changes produced.

I’ll say it again. Like, say, under the guise of personality assessment and survey research perhaps?

Yea. You’re starting to get it now.

Last, but not least, we have the mother of all MKULTRA subprojects – subproject 74. All 400+ pages of it. And yes, most of it was B-O-R-I-N-G. But, not all. There were definitely a few sparklers in there, probably overlooked by most within all that dross. Not even John Marks, in his book Search for the Manchurian Candidate, had much to say about it, which in turn influenced the MKULTRA Briefing Book that on p.217 gives a very misleading, in my opinion, characterization of this subproject.

It says:

Significant Aspects: None

That’s not true.

It continues:

although on reading the file without prior knowledge of the purpose of these “cover” grants, they could be misinterpreted as to the extent of CIA interest

True, but apparently they were also interpreted the other way as well. Misinterpreting some things as being NOT areas of “CIA interest” when they most definitely were. This happened in at least one case, a very important one.

Subproject 74 is a sort of mishmash of various pay-outs, accounting and other documentation concerning what was called the Society For the Investigation of Human Ecology. It was purely and only a cut-out, a front for Sid Gottlieb to funnel MKULTRA funds to people doing work in areas of “interest.”

Frank Summers describes this Society succinctly –

CIA Chief Allen Dulles convinced his close friend, the Cornell neuropsychiatrist Dr. Harold Wolff, to form The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, later renamed The Human Ecology Fund (HEF), at Cornell Medical Center to study mind control techniques with CIA funding. Wolff, along with his partner, Dr. Lawrence Hinkle, received $5 million ($40 million e.e.) for a three year project involving the testing of drugs and the study of cultural differences. Hinkle and Wolff formed a group that included the psychologist Col. James Monroe, former head of the Psychological Warfare Research Division of the Air Force, and CIA psychologist John Gittinger. The group did a comprehensive study of Communist mind control techniques, and found the Communist regimes used primarily sleep deprivation and forced standing to coerce captives (Greenfield, 1977). (ref #11)

However, remember our HRRI group here, because actually this new Society was coming straight out of James Monroe’s adventures in Air Force Psychological Warfare research, which itself was underneath this HRRI. All fully documented in my Psychological Strategy Board article.

So, what happened was that before this Society was formed, Harold Wolff was already involved with James Monroe and this type of research.

It was in 1954, the same year that Timothy Leary and the OSS/CIA Berkeley Institute began all these “projects” researching personality, that this money-funneling Society was created.

That’s when Harold G. Wolff begins proposals for what would become the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. He was already involved with Project QK-Hilltop at Cornell Medical College. Project QK-Hilltop was created to study brainwashing techniques. It was a spinoff from James Monroe’s group at Maxwell AFB. 15

Enough background, I think you’re tracking with me here so let’s move on into the subproject 74 “finds” now. Starting with some administrative gems. Don’t underestimate this first one, because it’s one of the few (if any) references to just how much CIA “candy” funds this Society was given just to start with.

It’s a handwritten note on p. 12 of the full PDF I made (and uploaded to the Internet Archive) of all subproject 74 documents.

This proposal @5M has much to recommend it in terms of establishing foundation affairs solidly, recruiting a bright young [blacked out] crew and getting at some interesting aspects of social science research to add to assessment study…

@5m meant five million dollars is the first thing to notice. The second is: “to add to assessment study…”. See? This is the Berkeley Institutes CIA function and why it was formed in the first place five years before this. (1949) The third is: “getting at” some “interesting aspects of social science research”. Again, just like what this Berkeley Institute is a front for, just like the HRRI is, just like the Bureau of Social Science Research is.

In The Magical Land of Woo

If you understand that the word “personality” is a sort of code word for their equally cloaked Catholicism term of eugenics, or woo, then you’ll start to get a clearer picture of what these people are obsessing about.


Control of LIFE itself. Elan, Spirit and most importantly – decisions.

Talk about delusional…yep. Talk about mentally ill…yep. That’s them alright. Always has been.

People are not people to them. People are like animated figures of their imagination. They should do what their fantasies dictate. They should say what their fantasies dictate. They should feel what their fantasies dictate.

They don’t believe in “God”. That’s just their window-dressing, and yes, I include just about every single Pope or “bible-author”, self-crowned King or Queen ever in history in that statement.

They think they ARE God. Quite literally.

If you understand that, a lot of what they do begins to make sense. Up to and including why they are so hot for “assessment” – in actuality secret assessment of you hopefully without your knowledge. Secret knowledge of how you work that you “don’t have” and “don’t know”. Always with the secrets, these people are. Secrets Classified.

The WOO.


What they are doing here with all this “social science” research is no more science than the above picture is. Smoking Pipes or no Smoking Pipes. Suits or no Suits. Bearded Sage look or no Bearded Sage look. Birkenstock wearing or no Birkenstock wearing. Pieces of Paper that say you “know” or no pieces of paper.

It’s still just woo.

Look at this again:

the existence of a submerged side of the “divided” self

What’s submerged but another way of saying HIDDEN. From them, is what bothers them. Well, of course it’s hidden from people who think they ARE God over everyone else. They are delusional by choice and will not allow themselves to see/process anything even close to what actually is.

Only if they HAVE to, will they do it.

Here’s to that.

oh really

* * *

The above interlude isn’t just a side trip.

It’s actually why they literally need or shall we say require others to front for them. It’s a necessity when they are still in denial and trying to avoid what is. Hence the fourth thing important in that original excerpt.

...recruiting a bright young [blacked out] crew”

In the below video of Charles Glock, he talks about that he started teaching some of the principals of survey research and says “it was a great way to identify bright students” – classic CIA recruiting.

I’ll bet it was, considering the whole thing was a front for psychological warfare research.

Note: at 3:26 he says that in 1957/58 he was “lucky enough” to be a fellow of the Center for the Advanced Study of Behavioral Sciences down at Stanford.

So, we have an MKULTRA document talking about this, and Charles Glock himself. But there’s another CIA agent talking about the same thing.

CIA agent Tom Tripodi.

He wrote that the CIA (and other agencies) specifically had “spotters” placed as quasi-official recruiters.8 – p. 15

They had “networks” in just about every college in the U.S., comprised an apparatus of college students, professors, and administrators. They were highly protected and very secret.

Our primary mission was to protect the agency’s on-campus recruiting efforts, many of which had been compromised. It was also felt that penetrations of certain dissident groups would provide an early warning signal to alert us to planned actions targeted against our recruitment activities.8 – p. 146

Tripodi details how these people will also specifically funnel large sums of money to “reward” these professors by other means as well. The price is simple. Do the studies they want, to say what they want. And if these preferential cash drops are interfered with? It’s Job Exile for you, bud.

…Not long after the L’Aurore fiasco, Ingersoll asked me to process a security clearance for a Berkeley professor who just happened to be a personal friend of his. Ingersoll wanted to set the professor up with funding to do a study on the Mexican-U.S. heroin traffic. As was customary, I checked with other federal agencies and learned that at one time the professor had been granted a liaison clearance from an agency in the intelligence community. That clearance had subsequently been revoked. Federal regulations at the time clearly mandated that denial of clearance by one federal agency automatically disallowed clearance by another. I told Ingersoll the bad news. It was my swan song at Strategic Intelligence.

Ingersoll reassigned the case to another officer, who had a more flexible interpretation of the clearance regulations. The professor somehow received his clearance and was given $150,000 in BNDD money to conduct his study. He went to Mexico City and managed to piss off enough high-ranking Mexican officials that they threatened to declare him persona non grata. To avoid that embarrassment, the BNDD yanked the professor out of Mexico. Some time later, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) poked its nose into the BNDD’s books and asked for an accounting of the $150,000. The money had been expended, but no study had ever been delivered. GAO contacted the professor and demanded that he return the money. He stated that he was unable to finish the study because the BNDD had pulled him out of Mexico. Therefore the money was his, he insisted.

Ingersoll’s friend kept the $150,000.

I got exiled to the Baltimore Regional Office, which was purgatory for those who had fallen from grace at BNDD headquarters. That’s where the bureau sent you when it wanted to knock you down a peg.8 – p. 193

So, that was no minor quote we just picked out of this subproject 74 documents. It gives us proof of one of the main reasons why they are setting themselves up at colleges.

They’re going fishing.


Kinda makes you wonder about the selection process itself at some of the more exclusive colleges.

p. 20 of the MKULTRA 74 documents is rather key because it shows that they were covering up their real interests, projects they were funding, by funding things they have basically NO interest in. It is a proposal to “provide funds to permit [blacked out] to make small “cover” grants for studies of little intrinsic interest to the Agency but which help propagate [blacked out] cover of being interested in the broad field of [blacked out] on an international basis (MKULTRA 74)

p. 275 is also of interest since it is on the same subject. Defines the cover as “The original purpose, to enable the [blacked out – Human Ecology Fund] to make small “cover” grants for studies which are not of immediate interest to TSD/RB in order to propagate the [blacked out] present cover of being interested in the broad field of human ecology…

Now here’s where it gets interesting.

p. 294 is the ORIGINAL proposal from 4 April 1957.

It says that the purpose of subproject 74 will be to fulfill what is considered:

a deficiency in the present cover of the [blacked out Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology] At the present time the [blacked out – probably says “Society”] has been making grants to large institutions for research work of immediate interest to TSS/CD. It is felt that for the [blacked out – probably says “Society”] to continue to propagate its present cover of being interested in the broad field of human ecology, it will be necessary to make “cover grants”. These grants will be small monetarily and will not necessarily be of immediate interest to TSS/CD. However it is thought that they will contribute materially to the cover and security of the [blacked out]

OK, besides the obvious, what is rather key here is that this “bullshit research” cover projects being funded idea didn’t start until 1957.

p. 318 more on this cover thing. “funds should be spread over as large a number of small projects as possible in order to achieve maximum value in a cover sense.” But it’s based on a document about a meeting saying this on 9 February 1959 on p. 341.

The other key to keep in mind is from p. 273. It shows what they are interested in.

Top of the list?

Personality assessment technique,
training techniques.

as well as

studies of motivation and attitudes.

Exactly what the Berkeley Institute was formed as a recruiting pool/cover organization to do.

And that brings up our next dramatis personae.

Erving Goffman


The first thing I’d like to say about ERVING, is that throughout his life, he tried very hard to hide just how connected with secret psychological warfare research projects he actually was.

Getting even vaguely near that idea was a sore point with him, as this recollection by a former student clearly illustrates.

Erving Goffman was giving a course on deviance and social control in the spring of 1961.

In class he communicated the thrill and pleasure of intellectual discovery. Graduate school and research became things that were worth doing in their own right. […] At the end of the last class session a black student said “this is all very interesting Professor Goffman, but what’s the use of it for changing the conditions you describe?” Goffman was visibly shaken. He stood up, slammed shut the book he had open on the desk and said “I’m not in that business” and stormed out of the room.”

Goffman is PROTECTING his CIA connection even though it hasn’t even been exposed yet!

Talk about your dead giveaway. Wow.

On that note, we are now going to dig deep into Erving’s background. I’m going to do a bit of a timeline here on him and what’s revolving around him as well.

Let’s start with 1956, when Erving puts out a kind of book/pamphlet.

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life is a sociology book by Erving Goffman, in which Goffman uses the “imagery of the theatre” in order to portray the importance of human social interaction. Originally published in Scotland in 1956 and in the United States in 1959

The report presented here was developed in connection with a study of interaction undertaken for the Department of Social Anthropology and the Social Sciences Research Committee of the University of Edinburgh and a study of social stratification supported by a Ford Foundation grant directed by Professor E. A. Shils at the University of Chicago. I am grateful to these sources of guidance and support. I would like to express thanks to my teachers C. W. M.Hart, W. L. Warner, and E. C. Hughes. [ want, too, to thank Elizabeth Bott, James Littlejohn, and Edward Banfield, who helped me at the beginning of the study, and fellow-students of occupations at the University of Chicago who helped me later. Without the collaboration of my wife, Angelica S. Goffman, this report would not have been written. [published University of Edinburgh Social Sciences Research Centre 9 George Square, Edinburgh 8; 1956]

Erving Goffman then gets connected up to the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, where he is asked to put in a special guest appearance at the Third Group Processes Conference, October 7–10, 1956, wherein he explicitly prefaced his comments by saying that his ideas were partly speculative and Frank Fremont-Smith responded by stating that their goal was to discuss ideas that had not been crystallized (Wikipedia)

Now that, right out of the starting gate, is a very bad connection. Bad, in the sense of do you know who Frank Fremont-Smith was? The head of the Macy Foundation, one of the earliest money funnelers for secret CIA projects.

Here is a picture of the attendees of the 10th annual convention of Cybernetics, sponsored by the Macy Foundation three years earlier in 1953. This is the same year that Frank started funneling CIA money to Harold Abramson and his top secret LSD projects.

Participants of the Tenth Conference on Cybernetics, April 22-24, 1953, Princeton, N.J. Sponsored by the Josiah Macy, Jr., Foundation. 1st row: T.C. Schneirla, Y. Bar-Hillel, Margaret Mead, Warren S. McCulloch, Jan Droogleever-Fortuyn, Yuen Ren Chao, W. Grey-Walter, Vahe E. Amassian. 2nd row: Leonard J. Savage, Janet Freed Lynch, Gerhardt von Bonin, Lawrence S. Kubie, Lawrence K. Frank, Henry Quastler, Donald G. Marquis, Heinrich Kyver, F.S.C. Northrop. 3rd row: Peggy Kubie, Henry Brosin, Gregory Bateson, Frank Fremont-Smith, John R. Bowman, G.E. Hutchinson, Hans Lukas Teuber, Julian H. Bigelow, Claude Shannon, Walter Pitts, Heinz von Foerster.

Here’s a screenshot from a website no longer online and not archived by the Internet either. It’s a Macy Conferences history that had a bio blurb about Abramson and the connection to Frank and the Macy Foundation.

In 1953 Abramson had proposed an $85,000 study to the CIA on the effects of LSD on unwitting hospital patients, which was approved. This was the same year that the MKULTRA program was established. Funding for the project was funneled through the Macy Foundation. Abramson was notably the attending physician in connection with the notorious (and allegedly LSD-induced) supposed suicide of Frank Olson, a doctor who was being given LSD as part of the CIA’s psychedelics research.

Frank was one of the first victims of these type of MKULTRA projects. As I have covered elsewhere, at the time Frank had clearly been having second thoughts about what he was being asked to do to people and what was going to be done to them. For example, he was who supervised the spraying of a pathogen-loaded mist over San Francisco that results in at least one death. (as documented in the Senate MKULTRA hearings on biological warfare)

Lyman Kirkpatrick’s December 18, 1953 report to Allen Dulles re: the death of Frank Olsen, who had died November 29, 1953 after being given LSD without his knowledge –

A review of these [attached] files plus our conversations with Dr. Abramson, the psychiatrist involved in the case, and Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell, [Assistant Director, CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence A/D/CIA OSI] who received a full description of the case from Stanley Lovell, indicates certain matters that should be attended to before the case is closed. It further should be noted that on 17 December , some 23 days after te event, Dr. Gibbons and Col. Drum came to [me] to report that Dr. Gibbons just learned that Col. Drum knew of the experiment in advance and had given his approval to Dr. Gottlieb to conduct it on an unwitting basis.

A Terrible Mistake by H.P. Albarelli

OK, now besides Abramson being WHO gave him the LSD, see that Chadwell name in there? That is a particularly nasty (and rather unknown) character. Chadwell was deeply involved in the very same RDB that was acting as the coordinating point of ALL their “brainwashing” research, circa that secret meeting at the Ritz Carlton in 1951. You can read all about Chadwell in my Ewen Cameron article section headed: A History of How The Slavemasters Infiltrated the U.S. To Embroil Americans In Their Crimes Against Humanity.

During WWII, Chadwell had been director of Division 19, the highly secret Unit of the NDRC (National Defense Research Committee) that was headed by Vannevar Bush, and later became named the Defense Research Board under William Webster. As it’s director, Chadwell would have an intimate involvement in the Manhattan Project as well as the Truth Drug Committee, besides later being a key figure in what I call the whole UFO debacle.

Once he was made head of the OSI – Office of Scientific Intelligence – of the CIA, in 1951 he would oversee the start up Project BLUEBIRD together with Colonel James H. Drum, deputy chief of the Technical Services Staff, and Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of later MKULTRA infamy.

After BLUEBIRD had been renamed ARTICHOKE in 1951, several months later in February of 1952 Chadwell proposed the establishment of “an integrated CIA program for the development of special interrogations or other techniques for the purpose of controlling an individual without his knowledge.

CIA director Smith accepted Dr. Chadwell’s proposal, and a month later, the CIA set up a “small testing facility” at its downtown headquarters in Washington, D.C. and then linked up with Fort Detrick where Frank Olson was the chief of Detrick’s Special Operations Division (SOD).

George White was involved in this, and this is when they first began testing LSD on individuals.

In early 1952, SOD agreed ‘to assist CIA in developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery systems.” By this agreement, CIA acquired the knowledge, skill, and facilities of the Army “to develop biological weapons suited for CIA use.’”

The Church Committee reported that one of the three principal functions of the Special Operations Division (SOD) of the U.S. Army Biological Center at Camp Detrick, Maryland was to conduct ‘biological research for the CIA.’ Church Committee, Book I, p. 395.

Beginning to see why he is being involved in the Frank Olson situation?

I thought you might.

Even the CIA Director’s Log – through December 1951 shows that he was quite the man about town when it came to front groups and companies.


Dr. Chadwell will be in Boston tomorrow in order to attend a meeting at the A.D. Little Company and also a meeting of the Boston’ Scientific Advisory Committee. He will return to Washington Saturday morning.

Clearly, Chadwell was well up on Abramson’s role in all this LSD testing, including the fact that they funneled money for him through Frank Fremont-Smith (Erving Goffman’s new academic sugar-daddy) and the Macy Foundation.

Dr.Abramson sent a little noted telegram to the Senate Health subcommittee in 1975 in which he reported that he did work on LSD with the C.I.A. at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

“This research was supported by the Geschikter Foundation at its inception and later by the Macy Foundation,” he wrote. Dr. Abramson’s name first emerged publicly when it was disclosed that he had treated Dr. Frank Olson, an Army biochemist who committed suicide after being given LSD in a C.I.A. experiment in 1953.”

– Private Institutions Used in CIA Effort to Control Behavior – NY Times August 2, 1977 (***PDF)

Where all this secretive treatment had gone on was a quite infamous and extremely creepy place (considered to be haunted by many for years) called Chestnut Lodge.


Chestnut Lodge Rockville, MD – image by Austin K. 2008


“…it was agreed that Olson should be placed under regular psychiatric care at Chestnut Lodge, an institution closer to his home and what had CIA-cleared psychiatrists on its Rockville, Maryland, staff. Arrangements were made for Frank Olson’s immediate admission to the hospital. In what was undoubtedly a remarkable coincidence, the doctor who served as the admitting physician was Dr. Robert W. Gibson — the 25-year old son of Walter Gibson. Walter Gibson was one of magic’s most prolific writers and editors, though the general public would know him best as the author of ‘The Shadow.’ [famous radio entertainment program] He was also a close friend and colleague to John Mulholland [literally the very first MKULTRA subproject]…Harold Abramson…” –Conjurors Magazine ‘The Sphynx & The Spy’


So, we know that Abramson was doing an MKULTRA project, and that the money for it was being funneled through Frank and the Macy Foundation.

But which one? All we have, really, is this:

In a 1953 document, Sid Gottlieb listed subjects he expected Abramson to investigate with the $85,000 the Agency was furnishing him. Gottlieb wanted “operationally pertinent materials along the following lines: a. Disturbance of Memory; b. Discrediting by Aberrant Behavior; c. Alteration of Sex Patterns; d. Eliciting of Information; e. Suggestibility; f. Creation of Dependence.”


Even to this day, no one seems to really know which MKULTRA subproject that actually was.

Well, you will now.

His was subproject #7 and it started on 29 July 1963. It wasn’t easy to find in the cds from Black Vault because it was mixed in with projects of much higher numbers. But find it I did, and I even sort of understand now why the CIA grouped it where it did (a story for another day). It was on CD #4, in folder 17470. I’ve made a PDF of all the documents.

PDF – MKULTRA subproject 7 29 July 1953 Harold Abramson 86k

The first thing to know is that on page 6 it shows that there is significantly more than 85K allocated for this project just in ONE YEAR alone!!

partial screenshot of page 6 –

I’m not sure I even want to know just how many people he was forcing LSD onto – both witting and unwitting to have a budget like that. It had to be way more than previously even suspected. From this, and since I know Ewen Cameron and his cronies were doing this in all the major hospitals where he was, where there were literally thousands of “mental patients” – many of which were orphan children simply shoved over to be billed under the massive amount of newly available  “mental health” dollars – just that alone gives you an idea of just how many people these psychotic monsters were doing this too. It’s literally staggering how much money that MKULTRA budget for Abramson is in 1953 dollars.

Look at page 7, and all the other blacked out doctors listed. Wow!

ELEVEN of them.

Look at page 11, and you’ll see Abramson writing a letter talking about the budget for the next fiscal year (1954/55) and saying: “With mny thanks for your previous support of the LSD project…” and on page 17, the money funneling begins again. The part that Marks quotes in his book about what they sought to “achieve” is on p. 25. You can also see the space where the Josiah Macy Foundation as the funding funnel has been blacked out, as is Harold Abramson’s name.

P. 27 is the request for more funding, indicating that by the date of this request, 9 June 1953, they had already been testing for a year and now, in addition to continuing testing on “normal” adults, they wanted to do it on unwitting mental patients. I find that particularly chilling, because it shows that they were indeed going to force it on helpless mental patients. But, there is something far worse on this and the next page. Something I don’t think I have seen ANYONE even notice before.

It starts with a very odd line, that sounds eerily similar to what Ewen Cameron was just starting to do.

“Another psychiatrist will independently analyze the verbatim recordings in over 100 experiments in which LSD2 has already been given….The Analysis of the data will first concern itself with the raw material and the significance of individual and group responses based on the raw material as presented by the verbatim recordings.”

Raw material? Responses to it?

Oh god, please don’t tell me this is what I think it is.

Simultaneous with the scrutiny of the raw material, further experiments on individual subjects will be carried out by the psychologist who, using both projective and non-projective media, forces externalization of the attitudes and conflicts of the personality.

It is.

Crossed out is this particularly horrifying line “it is rapidly cutting through the various defenses.” They weren’t just giving them LSD-25, they were literally implanting them. Just like the scene in Lost!

Why hasn’t anyone noticed this before?

Why didn’t John Marks even mention it?


Scene from the TV series Lost – the re-education room –

Perhaps you may want to take a look at the items purchases on p. 9. which are now definitely not quite as innocuous as they might first appear. Note these: Strobe, Posture Chair, Flourescent Lamp and what the heck are two Eco tapes #114 costing over $250.00?

In case you think I’m kidding about positioning this with what happened in Lost as “re-education”, I’m not. I have two different CIA sources to prove they actually had places like that to do exactly that to people.

The first is CIA agent Tom Tripodi –

One of my duties at JMWAVE was to screen incoming CIA transferees.

I’d brief them on security procedures and debrief them regarding their previous assignment.

One agent who transferred in had just returned from a hot area in Southeast Asia. He was in his mid-twenties. His career looked promising.

Tragically, his young wife had died abroad, and he was engaged in a legal battle with his wife’s family over custody of his two children.

During the interview, I sensed a problem, something spooky, something beyond grief and the preoccupations that would normally come from such troubled circumstances.

…I kept it up, grinding away, and before long, although he never categorically admitted it, it became clear he had poisoned his wife. I think he was looking to get it off his chest, that he was haunted by what he had done. He had to tell someone, and I gave him that chance. He certainly didn’t have to tell me about the rat poison and the glass of milk-unless he needed to.

Immediately I prepared a cable and sent it off to Langley. Word came back that headquarters was sending Director Richard Helms’s private plane down to pick him up. Helms was the last real pro to hold that job, and we all loved him.

I accompanied the young agent on the flight up to National Airport and handed him over.

That was the end of my involvement with the case, although I did hear back through the grapevine that he was sent for “thought-reformation” at a medical facility. I had no actual firsthand knowledge of such activities, but there was a general consensus among CIA agents that the agency had the resources for what is commonly called “brainwashing,” as well as the resources and desire to offer more traditional forms of rehabilitation to employees with problems.

As we understood it, the focus of “thought-reformation” efforts centered on attitude adjustment. Electric shock, drugs, and indoctrination were rumored to be the principal means by which attitudes were “turned around.” Evidently, intellectual capabilities were not impaired by such treatments–or at least that was the intent.

In fact, I later heard that the possible wife-killer went on to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics at a major university.

The inherent problem with a case of this nature, besides the agency’s obvious desire to keep it quiet, was the legal situation. Our courts, as the result of a case springing from a murder that had occurred in Italy during World War II, had jurisdiction even though the crime had occurred on foreign soil. The publicity that would have accompanied such a trial would have been disastrous.8 – p. 136

Thought Reformation medically done.

Second is from the CIA Director’s log through December 1951

Defector Disposal Centers

p. 7, September 5 –

Negotations have begun with the government of Panama for the leasing of San Jose Island to serve as a defector disposal center for CIA. […]

The proposal was for this center to be put on one of the most deserted and avoided Pearl Islands of Panama – San José Island which is covered with chemical bombs and mines. That site didn’t work out, but p. 155 for November 9, 1951 shows who is overseeing this “project” for the CIA – a name which those familiar with my recent article titled: Social Science, Mass Conversion and Holy Rollers MKULTRA projects should recognize.


a cable has been sent to the Panama Station requesting J. C. King, who arrives there on 21 Nov. to make certain that all authorities understand the project

From my article linked above –

By 1955, the CIA had created a front organization called Chemrophyl Associates with Sidney Gottlieb, Robert Lashbrook, Ray Treicher with Hoffman joining the corporate staff soon thereafter. Located in a Washington D.C. po box, was it’s corporate headquarters with a desk also located at the TSS (Technical Services Section) that Gottlieb headed.

After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Chemrophyl evolved into another CIA front called the Amazon Natural Drug Company headed by Joseph Caldwell King in 1966. King, the former head of the Agency’s Western Hemisphere Division was being “eased out” of public view due to his role in the fiasco. He was also known by his CIA code name of Oliver G. Galbond and as Colonel J.C. King.

You can read his CIA bio here. Apparently his parents were both Native Americans, although I can’t say I see that in his Westpoint pic. Apparently he was a bit of a blabbermouth when he drank.

“described his as being outspoken and inclined to be loose tongued and that he attracts attention by his manner…”

King successfully finished the negotiations and the CIA etc. were now the proud owners of their very own “disposal center” where this “thought reformation” that Tripodi mentioned took place.

p 234 PANAMA December 28

CIA has successfully completed negotiations for the exclusive use of Fort Randolph, Canal Zone, as a reception and rehabilitation center for defectors and covert agents when the usefulness of such aliens has been exhausted or security considerations require such action.

Know what they told people was wrong with these covert agents (that wasn’t)?

This –

p 54, September 25, 1951 (excerpted)

The Tolstoy Foundation reported through the N.Y. Field Office that final steps in the legal committent of defector M.I. Samarin (also known as Michael Gregory) at the Institute of Living, Hartford, Conn., had run into difficulties. Samarin was removed from another institution to Hartford on 24 August, and Conn. law prescribes procedure culminating in examination, hearing and opinion by 2 independent psychiatrists, certifying that the individual’s commitment is required in the interest of public safety.

One of the 2 psychiatrists brought in for this purpose has expressed doubt as to the diagnosis of paranoiac schizophrenia. If his final decision should be that Samarin is not dangerously insane, Samarin would be discharged from the hospital. To arrange timely steps against this contingency…

Not only would they not allow anyone to change the “diagnosis” and let him go even though he was not insane, the invented illness of “paranoic schizophrenic” was specifically chosen because, quite logically, the guy was saying there were people after him and there was a conspiracy to keep him locked up.

As this entry clearly shows?

That was exactly true.

They, the psychiatrists, were the lying, vicious, crazy ones.

– – –

So, there you go. You can bet Harold Abramson’s work, rather accurately depicted in the Lost episode, would definitely have been incorporated there and other places for agents who threatened to talk or were deemed a “security risk”.

Meanwhile, after his project shifted to a different funding source front in 1954 (Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology) the following year of 1954 while Abramson documented all sorts of experiments on topics in a series of articles, like the effects of LSD on Siamese fighting fish and snails, he never wrote a single word about any of his early LSD assignments from the Agency.

He is said to be the person who influenced many members of the Cybernetics Group to turn to LSD, including Frank Fremont-Smith, head of the Macy foundation. (The Cybernetics Group, originally named The Conference on Feedback Mechanisms in Biology and the Social Sciences, was started in 1946). He was also an organizer of the 6 international LSD conferences, the first being held in 1959.

In addition to all being part of the Cybernetics Group – John Rees, Margaret Mead, Lawrence Kelso Frank, Frank Fremont-Smith and Horkheimer were all in Paris together in the summer of 1948 to launch the World Federation of Mental Health. Although he had died the previous year, Kurt Lewin had been involved in the preparations for launching the Federation, through his involvement, under Frank, in the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, and the London-centered International Committee for Mental Hygiene, which had a half-dozen Cybernetics Group members on its board.

Kurt Lewin being considered the “father of social psychology” and Tavistock’s Eric Trist’s mentor at one time, to boot.

– – –

So there’s old Erving Goffman in 1956, clearly already having been taken under the wing of The Macy Foundations’ Frank Fremont-Smith and the Cybernetics Group. And where does Frank show up next?

Let’s line up our sources and see.

First, it looks to me like he was almost immediately given a nice cushy “study” running from 1956 through 1957.

Two Projects for the National Institute of Mental Health done between 1954-September 1957. First project was a brief study of two psychiatric wards at NIMH Bethesda, the second was a year participant observation study of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in D.C. (Goffman’s resume as of 1963)

St. Elizabeth’s? Yikes. That’s even worse than Chestnut Lodge. Strapping patients to beds, hot and cold alternating “baths”, spinning them, you name it, they did it. All under the perverted eye of a very nasty man named Winfred Overholser who had deep ties to Harris Chadwell and Division 19’s secret Truth Drug experiments, etc. etc.

Dr. Winfred Overholser

Goffman was being funded by the CIA, you see. (Lemov, 2006)

The myriad projects Human Ecology funded included everything from […] to the renegade work of the sociologist Erving Goffman who, in writing his brilliant The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, explored the quixotic nature of human identity on the CIA’s dime. (Goffman, like other left-leaning social scientists did not know the ultimate source of the “publishing grant” he received.) 2

I disagree with her last statement, I think he did know who he was actually working for. More on that in a minute.

Goffman’s contract with the CIA through its Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology front group must have begun around 1955 (making it one of the earliest studies to be funded) because his book that Lemov mentions was published in 1956. Remember, he was clearly already taken under the wing of Frank Fremont-Smith etc. etc. that same year.

Brief review of the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology –

The Society was founded in 1954 in New York by Cornell University’s Dr. Harold G. Wolff, who worked with Margaret Mead to try and identify anthropologists and sociologists who could work on research sponsored by the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.  On 3 December 1956, Wolff wrote to Mead requesting a copy of the mailing list for Mead’s Institute for Intercultural Studies.

The society was renamed as simply the Human Ecology Fund, Inc. on 1 June 1961, putting James L. Monroe as its executive director from 1961 to 1963. James had multiple CIA connections including overseeing the Air Force’s  comprehensive study of Korean War prisoners (John Marks 1979: 156-57). David Rhodes, a psychologist involved in a series of unethical drug experiments including efforts to dose unsuspecting people with an aerosol potion of LSD supplied by an MK-Ultra research programme, became the executive director in 1964.

A 1961 directory of the Encyclopedia of Associations described the Human Ecology fund as one that:

[s]timulates and supports studies of man’s adaptation to the complex aspects of his environment.
Conducts  investigations at universities and research centers […]

That’s called building a cover – in spy parlance, which we already know from subproject 74 documents is exactly what they were doing.

In 1995, Raymond Prince published an illustration consisting of photo reproductions of pages of the Human Ecology Fund Annual Report of July 1961.

Under “other studies, grants” and sub-heading “Other publications, monographs” we see several names that are most definitely actual full-out witting MK-Ultra operatives, such as James A Hamilton. Under ‘publications, monographs’: we see Erving Goffman show up again, clearly illustrating that he is a repeat grantee of the CIA’s largesse. (Price Anthropology Today June 2007)

Note: Prince also felt that “some Human Ecology programmes were designed to recruit CIA operatives among Chinese citizens“.

Now, this author details that –

John Marks noted that ‘a [Technical Services Staff] source explains that grants [such as those to B.F. Skinner, Karl Rogers, Erwin Goffman for their own unrelated research] “bought legitimacy” for the Society and made the recipients “grateful.” He says that the money gave Agency employees at Human Ecology a reason to phone Skinner – or any other recipient – to pick his brain about a particular problem’ (Marks 1979: 160)

This may be part of why Rebecca Lemov presumed that it is true that Goffman didn’t know that but as I said – I don’t agree with that. I’ll tell you one reason why.

Bearing in mind everything that we have since examined, take a look again at this story by one of his students, Gary Marxx, recalling Goffman’s reaction to a simple and not illogical question that had been put to him by one of his students.

At the end of the last class session a black student said “this is all very interesting Professor Goffman, but what’s the use of it for changing the conditions you describe?Goffman was visibly shaken. He stood up, slammed shut the book he had open on the desk and said “I’m not in that business” and stormed out of the room.” 3

I believe he was in “that business” for the CIA and he knew that at least enough to react so strongly to such a simple question.

Here’s another reason I believe that he knew.

The same year that Goffman gets funded by the CIA front group, it so happens that he was conducting undercover field work.


Originally from Canada, between 1954 and 1957, Goffman was the holder of a “visiting scientist award” at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. In 1955–1956 he spent a year where he masqueraded as an assistant to the athletics director 4 at St. Elizabeths Hospital!!

This is exactly when he was given a grant by the Society, and published that work that Lemov mentioned.

As to his masquerading adventures, in 1959 he put out an article called: “The Moral Career of the Mental Patient” (published in Psychiatry magazine) followed by a book in 1961 called: Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other Inmates in which he is quite critical of what he calls the “institutional” experience.

So, he certainly was not averse to hiding his real intentions and connections. Not by a longshot.

It was only when Erving finished his St. Elizabeth “study” – doing god knows what really – that his career is now suddenly assured. He became one of the “chosen” of the Berkeley Institute.

A man named Herb Blumer chaired the Department of Sociology at Berkeley and recruited Goffman just before he handed over the chair to Reinhard Bendix.

Goffman’s resume of 1963 –

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Berkely, 1958-59
  • Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Berkely, 1959-1062.
  • Professor, Department of Sociology, Berkely, July 1, 1962.

Mr. Goffman joined the faculty of the University of California at Berkeley in 1958 and became a full professor in 1962.
(Ny Times Obit 1982)

As soon as he was there, he was allowed to work on “projects” and not do all that much teaching for the first two years. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the sound of that. Considering what is going on there at Berkeley right then, what with Timothy Leary and Frank X. Barron and the OSS boys just having a good old time dosing people with LSD and just having a good old time working on “projects” to figure out how to influence people’s minds without them knowing?

Well, let’s just say that other than publishing his study on Asylums in 1959 (and again as a book in 1961) he isn’t exactly shall we say open about just what the hell he was doing then, other than having been funded by the THREE of the main funding conduits of the CIA – the Macy Foundation, NIMH, and the Society of Human Ecology, that is.

And what was the CIA interested in again, as one of THE most top priority points?

February of 1952 Chadwell proposed the establishment of “an integrated CIA program for the development of special interrogations or other techniques for the purpose of controlling an individual without his knowledge.

In the docs of MKULTRA subproject 7, Sid Gottlieb listed subjects he expected Abramson to investigate with the $90,000 the Agency was furnishing him. Gottlieb wanted “operationally pertinent materials along the following lines: a. Disturbance of Memory; b. Discrediting by Aberrant Behavior; c. Alteration of Sex Patterns; d. Eliciting of Information; e. Suggestibility; f. Creation of Dependence.”

Sounds like Berkeley, through the OSS/CIA grapevine, had been ordered to get busy getting some people on this out there in la-la land, starting with hiring Erving Goffman.

Even though this is a bit earlier to my Unification Church theme to bring in Rodney Stark than I am ready to do, I need to. Just a little, to show what he had to say about the hiring of Goffman.

Stark: There wasn’t a sociology department up until 1957 or ’58. It didn’t exist. It was part of something called “Social Institutions,” and it was all crazy. So they went out and hired Herbert Blumer and gave him a blank check, basically telling him, “Build the best sociology department in the world.”

Shalin: Yes, Blumer went to Berkeley around 1957 [Blumer came to Berkeley in 1951], and he brought with him Goffman.

Stark: Yes, but more important than that, he went out and signed almost overnight Kingsley Davis, Seymour Martin Lipset, Philip Selznik, the whole host of guys. Then he brought in as assistant professors Erving Goffman, Neil Smelser, others of that quality. And for a short period, maybe for five years, it was the best department in the world. I mean, almost everybody was famous. They decided to have a Survey Research Center, and get Charlie to leave the Bureau at Columbia and start one at Berkeley. They really took out their checkbook and went out and bought the best department that there was. (Stark interview)

Of the kind of sociology he and others did, Goffman once said:

“We are all just elegant bullshitters.”

A fit of truth on his part, perhaps, and on that note – it is now time to bring in our Unification Church U.S. main founder.

Enter Young Oon Kim

Young Oon Kim is a particularly fascinating character when it comes to our dramatis personae in and around the whole “social science” milieu* obsession on the part of the slavemasters. Not because she is particularly crazy, or showy, or even original when it comes right down to it.

*milieu – a person’s social environment.


Young Oon Kim is fascinating because of her seemingly magical ability to always manage to be in the wrong place, with the wrong people, at the wrong time. And by wrong, I mean evil-doings seem to attract her like a magnet. If there was some deep, dark, covert intelligence-type operation going on, whether it be in England, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, or even the U.S., like the proverbial weasel – up pops Young Oon Kim right in the middle of it.


Take, for example, in part 1 of my library series about the back histories of Korea, Japan, and the Unification Church, where Young Oon Kim just happens to pop up right in the middle of the black op taking place against Yong Do Lee, way back in the 1930’s.

Then, she disappears again once it is a fait accompli.

Take, for example, where she pops up again in Japan, supposedly attending a school that doesn’t admit women (yet another of her BS cover stories she told later) just in time for the rise of some pretty sketchy intelligence activities forming up there – like the Oxford Movement/MRA.

Then, she disappears again.

Take, for example, in part 2, where she resurfaces as “fleeing to South Korea” from North Korea. What was she doing there? Sketchy things. Things that needs to be shone a light on, but the point is, whatever she was doing, she disappeared from it. Again.

Take, for example, in part 2, where she suddenly pops up in the middle of Helen Kim’s rather large intelligence operation in concert with the Catholics and the Japanese (and especially the secretive Genyosha) being run through Korea’s Ewha University for women as a “front”. The use of young Korean women chosen to “attend” the university and then being farmed out as Nang-Nang girls to gather intelligence via sex, was then coming into full roar.

Then, she disappears again.

Only this time, as is documented in part 2, she is being trained to be an international intelligence operative under the rubrick of British/Vatican front groups such as the YWCA (John Mott), the Oxford Movement/MRA (Frank Buchman), the Cecil Bloc (Oxford/Cambridge universities), the League of Nations (British nobility and Vatican slavemasters), Holy Roller and Pentecostal “spring-ups”, and last but not least social science aka eugenics.

A heady mix, to be sure.

The slavemasters have historically used religion (whether cloaked as philosophy, science, and whatnot) as their mind control weapon of choice.

Both L. Ron Hubbard and the intelligence case officers of Sun Myung Moon developed their NEW religions of man within a little over a year of each other (1955 and 1954 respectively.) They both started out with a very specific stance against those dastardly “communists” – one that the CIA, MI6, and Vatican required of them. They both would position themselves as fulfilling the supposed 2000 year old prophecies of the return of the Messiah. They both entered sci-fi into their teachings, in a big way, in the same year.

In fact, the two “religions” are like evil twins, as a later article will examine much more closely.

So, where, would you imagine, that Young Oon Kim would pop up again? Yep. Back in Korea just in time for the “Korean War Prisoner” interviews ala covert CIA activities of the BSSR (see PSB article) and just in time for the “reinvigoration” of the Nang-nang girls there at Ewha University in 1951.

Then, she disappears one final timeinto the “Valley of Death”.

Per her she’s having one violent illness after another, it’s truly a tearjerker (sarcastically speaking). What makes far more sense is that this is just another cover story trying to deflect off of the fact that the Nang Nang girls op probably had a lot more to do with how her time was being spent than being at “death’s door”.

After arriving in Korea, I had become quite ill from the water and living conditions in Pusan, flooded as it was with war refugees. A year later Ewha University returned to its old campus in Seoul and I moved along with it. I remained ill and worsened to the point where I thought I was to die. During this time I heard a voice that said, “This is a spiritual crisis”. After a few days, a woman came and told me that the Lord of the Second Advent had appeared in Korea and that I should study the new truth that he brought. I laughed. This was so shocking! But I felt curious and wanted to investigate, knowing that if it were false I could quickly dismiss it, but that if it were true, it was a matter of life and death! Soon I became terribly ill, and Dr. Helen Kim sent for an ambulance, which took me to the university hospital.

After returning home I visited the house where Reverend Moon was teaching and heard lectures on Divine Principle. On the third day I was completely healed of my lingering illness.

Young Oon Kim has this rather profound propensity to get ill, especially when she needs to cover up or deflect from what she was really doing. This is a reoccurring thing in the various talks she has given about her life. She’s ill, almost about to die, but then she becomes “terribly ill” and I’m not sure just how one gets more ill than almost dead – but that’s Young Oon and her cover stories. She’s a regular typhoid Mary meets “Thank you Jesus I am healed!” when she thinks its useful in her lecturing. Sort of a Korean Tammy Fae Baker. (ouch, that’s not a good image)

Yes, this is all very colorful, but the important thing (other than her Nang Nang girls adventures) is that Young Oon was specifically ordered to investigate Moon by her then Case Officer, Helen Kim.

In Young Oon Kim’s own words

When I heard of the group which I am now in, I spoke to Dr. Helen Kim; she trusted me enough to ask me to go and investigate the group. After a week’s investigation I brought my report to her. She reacted favorably and wished to know more about this group.

Translation – “Young Oon, go join that group and start the op the Genyosha boys have planned. That Moon guy needs a little polishing up or this is never going to work.”

Which she did.

Next thing you know?

In May of 1954, Sun Myung Moon, Mr. Genyosha connections galore, has been chosen to be the new front man for a “unification” of man via a “new” religion – primarily directed at Asians to get them under control.

The Messiah.

For ONE WORLD government

But, Mister Moon had himself some rough edges and one very BIG problem. He didn’t have anything even resembling a coherent religion. Certainly not one an empire could be founded upon, and definitely not one that human-trafficking, drug, crime, and intelligence operations (aka Operation Gladio) money and personnel could be successfully gathered and laundered through.

Nope. There was a very big problem as far as being able to take the international route Young Oon Kim had just been groomed for.

U.S. intelligence stepped in, at exactly the time that the same type of “mind” bending operations were being shuffled under the guise of university “research”.

Young Oon Kim was called to America.

The year was 1958.

What could be called the advance party that had been sent out to prepare for his [Moon’s] arrival consisted of only three people: Professor Young Oon Kim in San Francisco, Mr. Sang Chul (David) Kim in Eugene, Oregon, and myself, who had just arrived back on the East Coast. Professor Kim, of course was the former Ehwa University professor who led me to the Principle.

Messiah – My Testimony to Rev. Sun Myung Moon by Bo Hi Pak; Chapter Ten – The “Missionary” at the Washington Embassy

She arrived in Seattle late in the year, in December, where she immediately proceeded to “hide” in Eugene, Oregon, arriving there on January 2, 1959. Her first task? To try and put together some sort of coherent starting “religion”, but more importantly translated into ENGLISH. Her U.S. intelligence helpers and handlers didn’t speak Korean, you see.

Along the way, she ripped apart families, talked mothers into leaving their children, all by using her wiley intelligence/brothel training to convert (and create) some die hard followers. People who were conned into thinking they were working to UNIFY the world.

Young Oon Kim (right front)
in Eugene Oregon with her new followers.

Front row, left to right:
Eileen Lemmers, Patty Pumphrey, Pauline Verheyen, unknown, Doris Orme, Young Oon Kim;
Back row:
unknown, George Norton, Galen Pumphrey, Calvin Carey, unknown.

Young Oon was chafing at the bit the entire time she was in Oregon, literally yearning for the day she would complete her first assignment and get the go ahead to move to her real geographical assignment area – the San Francisco Bay area, where she would team up with the American “social science” operatives.

She had made contact there already, in a little known trip taken under the guise of obtaining an extension of her passport from the Korean Consulate, while she was still in Oregon. Still, arrangements had to be made though prior to her re-location there, “pieces” needed to be in place, but she also had to finish her translation task.

It cannot be understated how much she really did not enjoy having to be staying in Oregon for any amount of time. She considered it to be, and this is in her own words, “provincial”.

Strange words coming from a “poor Korean”, but it is illustrative of that she was already putting on “airs” of self-importance, and her hypocrisy in pretending those she was recruiting were every really considered by her to be her equals. Thus marking an attitude already in place that would not diminish with the rise of the Unification Church, but would only increase.

You see, Young Oon Kim wanted power, most of all.

The days in Oregon must have passed so tortuously slowly for her, what with having to be surrounded by what she had to have considered “stupid” and naive country folk Americans.

And then….

November 21, 1960

You can just imagine how excited she was, she must have been practically giddy with it, on the day she finally stepped foot into San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district, ready to begin her real assignment. The making of the Unification Church.

She had arrived.

Our first center in San Francisco was at 410 Cole St. The building was an old 4 story white frame building consisting of 6 or 7 flats, probably built in the early 1900s after the great quake. It was located on a corner on the south side of the panhandle of Golden Gate Park, in the Haight-Ashbury area.

When Miss Kim arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area on November 21, 1960, Doris and Pauline already had been there for more than a month. George Norton had driven her down from Oakhill. Galen and Patty Pumphrey arrived two weeks later. These six people were the beginning of the Unification Church in the Bay Area. All had severed ties irrevocably with the Northwest. Moreover, unlike in Oakhill where each had maintained separate households, in the Bay Area, they found a seven room flat at 410 Cole Street, San Francisco, and moved in together. Miss Kim noted:

Our community life really began at this time, in San Francisco. We had decided not to call our group or building a church. . .and referred to the Cole Street house as our Center.

At this point, we need to fill in what else has been happening in and around this two year time frame of 1958 to 1960.

* * *

Events going on in and around Young Oon Kim’s arrival in San Francisco

Soon to be Unification Church mentor John Lofland is up-and-coming over at Columbia University back east, Charles Glock’s stomping grounds. During 1959 and early 1960 he was both a teaching assistant in the Sociology department, and a research assistant for some kind of project at the Mann-Lincoln Institute there.

Another thing stands out in Lofland’s C.V., particularly because of its connection to MRA and Synanon. He was putting out papers about Alcoholics Anonymous, whose founder was one of Buchman’s right-hand men.

1959-60 Social Organization of Alcoholics Anonymous, New York City. (Synanon connection/MRA)
1960 “Initial Interaction of Newcomers in Alcoholics Anonymous: A Field Experiment in Class Symbols and Socialization,” with R. Lejeune, Social Problems, 8:102-111 (Fall).

Frank Barron gets dismissed from Berkeley during the height of McCarthyism for failing to sign a “loyalty oath” which he described as an agreement “in writing not to think certain possible thoughts about communism. (Barron, 1995, p. 85) Frank then hies off to Harvard, bringing Timothy Leary with him shortly thereafter.

Why Harvard? Because one of the other Robert Tryon OSS personality/Truth-Drug testing team members was there. Sort of like old home week, East-Coast style. That was pyschologist Henry A. Murray. By the time Leary moved to Harvard and Frank arranged for Murray to be his “mentor” Murray already had contracts with the Pentagon and CIA to test student volunteers.

Reminder – OSS man Robert Tryon started the Berkeley Institute that would soon host Lofland and Stark’s “research” project with Young Oon Kim.

Frank also hooks up with Michael Hollingshead, who was a propagandist for the Brits (which really meant he had ties to British Intelligence.) He was the Executive Secretary for the Institute of British-American Cultural Exchange incorporated November 4, 1959 in New York.

This grandiose title meant that I was in the service of a semi-official British propaganda agency in the field of international cultural relations.29

Meanwhile, back east, Michael Hollingshead, as part of his British “cultural exchange” job – how tongue in cheek – takes orders from Aldous Huxley to use his position to bring in some LSD to the U.S. by ordering it from Sandoz labs directly.

There had been no difficulty obtaining even one gram of LSD—I simply asked an English doctor friend of mine [John Beresford] to write the order on a sheet of New York hospital letterhead saying that I needed this ergot-derivative as a ‘control’ drug for a series of bone-marrow experiments.  29


In his book, he claims to have first tried LSD by licking the spoon of a batch of LSD-laced cake icing he had packed in 2 mayonnaise jars for transport – which he figured was the equivalent of 5 strong doses of LSD – and proceeded to go on on a 15 hour trip, humorously portrayed in this cartoon by Persoff and Marshall.

hollingshead-sandoz-labs boingboing site

When it was over he called Aldous Huxley to talk about what had happened to him, musing aloud that: “Perhaps acid is above all a therapy for the wide spread sickness of insensitiveness and ignorance which psychologists call ‘Normality’ or ‘mental health’.

Huxley called him back a few days later (having thought over the problem of how to implement LSD into America on a mass basis) and suggested that Hollingshead go to Harvard to: “meet a Dr. Timothy Leary, a professor there”.

Huxley described Leary to Hollingshead as ‘a splendid fellow’ and suggested that he get in touch with him to “discuss LSD’s potential.” Given the long British obsession with using narcotic and mind-altering drugs as a political control weapon – this little direction from British foreign intelligence agent Aldous Huxley, takes on a much deeper meaning.

America was being targeted.

In 1960, Frank Barron founds the Harvard Pyschedelic Drug Research Center. Leary follows Barron to Harvard and becomes a lecturer in psychology. After Barron administers to him some CIA-supplied psilocybin and LSD, Leary begins tripping regularly. By the time Leary got to Harvard, Murray already had contracts with the CIA to test student volunteers. (Source –  Counterpunch newsletter –  A Psychedelic History of the CIA)

Frank is also highly connected to Willis Harman of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) LSD testing infamy, tieing in directly to The Grateful Dead, Ken Kesey, and the Church of Scientology intelligence operations via a woman named Grace-Marie Haddy.

There will be more on Harman later because of his connection with the people Young Oon Kim would soon hook up with, but let me give you just one example, a rather key one, of Barron’s Berkeley/Harvard cross-country connections.

A network, if you will.

In 1965, Willis Harman, later to become president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Robert Mogar, Associate Professor of Psychology, San Francisco State College, gained the agreement of the Administration of San Francisco State College to set up The Institute of Psychedelic Research. However, San Francisco State College reversed their decision despite the fact that the brochure had already been printed. Negotiations with other granting agencies to support further research at the International Foundation for Advanced Study in Menlo Park, California, were also terminated. This is that “distancing” maneuver.

Here is a PDF of the original pamphlet –

The fact that Frank Barron was involved gives us our first cross-wise connection between the OSS/CIA Berkeley Institute and Willis Harman and therefore with SRI, showing a convergence of several CIA mind control areas of interest.

– – –

Literally only a couple months before Young Oon Kim set foot in the Bay area, John Lofland was invited to Berkeley to work on his Ph.D as a Teaching Assistant to Erving Goffman. A position he would hold for the next two years, starting in the Fall semester of 1960.

What was Goffman’s primary class?

Deviance and Social Control.



The very thing that the PSB wanted, stated so clearly in the top secret Doctrinal Program.

Focusing in closely again at one particular point from it –

  • Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

Now, guess who else enrolled in that same Fall semester Goffman course?

Rodney Stark.

The other half of the Lofland/Stark duo who would soon take Young Oon Kim under their wing.

Rodney Stark

1957 – age 23, West Point cadet pic.

Note: The above pic that I found (which I believe is him) would only have been a few years before he shows up at Berkeley. This is him much older – still favoring the same somewhat snarky, supercilious expression.

Interview with Stark –

Stark: I enrolled at Berkeley in the fall of 1960. This was a very peculiar graduate school. When I was admitted there were 125 of us, the next fall there were 23 who came back from that cohort – quite a bloodbath.

Shalin: What happened?

Stark: Mostly they flanked out. They didn’t get good grades and they left. In any event, I was singled out and given a research appointment at the end of the first semester. I went to the Survey Research Center, and eventually that became a full time appointment until the fall of 1971 when I went to the University of Washington. So, I was there for almost all of Goffman’s stay at Berkeley. I believe he was an assistant professor when I arrived, and then was quickly promoted. I never liked him, let’s be honest about that.

…Stark: Yes. He would never stand when he lectured, he would always seated behind the desk. I noticed that his feet didn’t quite touch the floor. That’s how short he was. Well, he was extremely touchy about that. I noticed that [Charlie] Glock mentioned that Goffman would slide [?] into you and keep people kind of backing off as he kept entering their space. . . . But, some of us just don’t back up. Once he did this to me and [was so close] that I said, “Shall we dance?”

Goffman’s wife committed suicide after seeing a psychiatrist when he was at Bethesda.

Shalin: There is one thing that Charlie Glock mentioned, and I wonder if you had heard about that. It has to do with Flo Somers, a wife of another Berkeley faculty member [Robert Somers]. She committed suicide about the same time Sky did.

…Stark: About the time he and all the idiots were writing up the labeling theory of mental illness, we were discovering the biology of the awful lot of mental illness, which made it implausible for them to argue any more. Really. Goffman probably was sane enough to realize this at some point. If drugs can make people normal – come on, we have a bit of a problem here! To say that they are acting out. . . . Maybe he finally faced it.

Oh ho! So, he’s a Biological Psychiatry boy.

That figures.

You’ll notice that Rodney gets “spotted” in his first semester at Berkeley – remember there were CIA spotters at key universities for exactly this reason – and he gets “given a research appointment at the end of the first semester“.

That puts this at the end of December 1960 approximately. As he says, he specifically “went to the Survey Research Centerand as we already know, that was directly under the purview of the OSS/CIA Institute of Personality Assessment and Research. As his C.V.30 verifies. Specifically, it says that he was working as a “researcher for a research associate” under Charles Glock and its recently formed Survey Research center.

In fact, it was CIA connected Glock that Glock “discovered” Rod Stark. Glock and Herb McCloskey (recruited in 1960 to run “political research”) were gaming on all sorts of things to try and attract graduate students in there in 1961. Referring to making those chosen “all part of a family”. (Charles Glock, History of Survey Research Center youtube video)

That research appointment at the end of Stark’s first semester? I believe that must have been the same one that Glock was video’d talking about how the Anti-Defamation League having offered half a million dollars for a study on anti-semitism which eventually produced 9 books. (Charles Glock, History of Survey Research Center youtube video)

This should give you a good idea of how, shall we say, for hire these two were – never forgetting what their real tasks were.

Now, considering Rodney Stark’s, what I consider essentially shilling for much of the rest of his career, trying to help further cement both relevancy and legitimacy for mainly Christianity ala Catholicism and Judaism – it becomes rather more dark, more convoluted, as to why he would also become involved in characterizing any threats therein as CULTS. Especially given that several of these cults were both wanted and helped along by men like this (and others less visible).

I consider that to be both a controlled opposition and a classic strawman in disguise.

You don’t ever see these people speak about who the REAL opposition is, only their strawmans and creations. Why is that, do you think…

It’s a far more important question than it might appear. Let’s just say there is a lot riding on that people don’t “go there”. As mentioned occasionally here at the blog though, we will.

Rodney’s career would later involve one other very revealing connection, which we’ll go into in just a minute here.

First, we need to come back to Young Oon Kim again for yet another strange event. One which gets characterized as somehow mystical or godly-done, but for which I believe there is a far less pure and far more definable explanation.

Her visa.

The official Mickler version goes like this –

But in late November, 1960, her visa was about to expire again. Therefore, after depositing the Principle at the Trade Bindery and securing a place of residence, Miss Kim’s first priority was to apply for an extension of her visa at the Immigration Office. However, this time she was refused.

If Miss Kim were forced to leave the country at this early stage, the consequences would have been grave and possibly fatal for the community. Nonetheless, as her visa had absolutely expired, she went to Japan Airlines and bought a ticket to Korea. A telegram from Rev. Moon arrived on December 11, 1960 which stated, “By all means, you must stay.” George and Galen wrote back explaining that there was no way for her to stay.

On December 20th, several of the group visited George White, a lawyer, to see about getting a copyright for the Principle text. Miss Kim happened to mention her visa situation, and he declared that the business of distributing one’s book was valid reason for an extension. With instructions to go with her sponsor to the Immigration Office, Miss Kim found her visa extended, “most unexpectedly.” She wrote:

“When there appeared to be no way in the world to prolong my stay in America, Mr. White appeared on the scene and suddenly everything was solved.” (Kim, Memoirs, January 1961. )

First of all, he didn’t appear, the story said they went to see him, so which is it? I’m going to go with Kim’s own words. Appeared, it is.

Second –

Mr. White. Who also happens to be named George. As in George Hunter White?

To give the devil his due, a search of the California Bar records reveals one and only one attorney with the name George White ever in San Francisco, admitted to the Bar in 1931 – George B. White. But, the thing is, he was primarily a PATENT attorney. He was listed as a patent attorney in the 1949 San Francisco City/County Directory, as being located in the Grant Building at 7th and Market, which, it’s true, is only about 10 blocks or so from the Haight Ashbury district. He was still there in 1973 when he rented an office to David Newhouse. But, PATENT law was White’s thing.

Not copyright law.

And do we really believe this line about if you are distributing a book then that extends your visa? No. Also note that Young Oon specifically characterizes it as that when she went down there to “do” his instructions” she found her visa extended “most unexpectedly.” – as in it was already handled.

I simply do not believe this George White Patent Attorney had that kind of pull. It just doesn’t add up.

Third –

On December 13th, 1960, it was announced that “Miss Kim is leaving on Dec 23 (1960) for Korea for a short visit.” Did she go? Or was this simply her thinking she had to leave because of her visa? I highly doubt that, because why would it be a “short visit”? Like that was going to handle her visa…it wouldn’t. So, considering that it was on the 20th that suddenly her visa was handled before she even went to the Consulate to follow the supposed lawyer’s instructions, that begs the question of what would she be doing if she did go to Korea.

Reporting in to Helen Kim, and perhaps making a few arrangements of the Nang-Nang club type? (see part 2) I’m sorry, but it had to be said, because I believe this woman was definitely involved in human-trafficking, including children.

(Moon had formed the Little Angels, a dance troupe – something that I have always found to be extremely creepy given Moon’s background and connections, let alone Young Oon Kim/Helen Kim – ” to project a positive image of South Korea to the world” – and this was done while Lofland and Stark were working with Young Oon to get the U.S. end of the cult off the ground)

This all happens to be something George Hunter White was knee-deep in utilizing. Prostitutes, and the man had very kinky proclivities, as did his side-kick Pierre LaFitte.

Now I know that many Moonies and ex-Moonies want to believe this is just a coincidence in names, but I will tell you why I think that the man Young Oon Kim named was the very same MKULTRA George Hunter White.

This guy.

If you have read part 2 of my Korea/Japan history leading up to the Unification Church, you should be well familiar with Young Oon Kim’s obvious beginning peripheral role, in the use of young Korean women for sexpionage. You would also be well familiar with her deep connections to the now founded (at this time) Korean CIA, who in turn had a number of people working pretty closely with the American CIA.


If you have also read George’s early history I put together, you would know that he is most certainly not above pretending to be any number of fake identities for deception purposes. He would definitely be capable of pretending to be a lawyer in front of Young Oon Kim’s followers for the purposes of giving her both a plausible explanation of why her visa refusal suddenly gets turned 180 degrees around, as well as providing that “mystical” aspect of how did that happen it must be god for her followers. Helping her intelligence cover, in other words.

George, above all, was a con man, a confidence man and the whole deal with that (and intelligence covers, incidentally) is getting the targets confidence in what and who you say you are. Unfortunately, for you lazy-minded spiritual beings out there, there is only ONE way to defeat this. Spiritual, beyond physical perception in full use beats them every time. The disgusting thing is that a con man like George is IMITATING the real thing, which does exist. ‘Enuf said.

Now, if we look over at the comprehensive list of MKULTRA projects of George’s that I put together? Check out these points I made –

For example – page 211 PDF Subproject 42 specifically notes that 13,16 and 42 are actually one project that had operated on the East Coast until about March 1955 when it was transferred to the West Coast – San Francisco to be precise.

So, there’s proof that George Hunter White was definitely in San Francisco well before Young Oon Kim arrived, and if you read further in his background and connections you’ll find out that he will also be instrumental in helping the whole druggie/hippie Haight-Ashbury scene along, besides actually having one of his “project houses” there as well.

In fact, he’s literally just getting a BIG BOOST to his project right when Young Oon Kim gets her visa magically handled by a “George White”.

White’s approval for continuing his secretive MKULTRA project – that required a wide range of “comfort women” aka prostitutes – came in just after Kim’s visa was whooshed away as a problem.

Page 2, dated 30 January 1961 –

1 – Subproject 42 is to be continued for the same purposes as when originally established: to support [george white] covert and realistic field trials of certain research and development items of interest to TSD, and to maintain the physical facilities required for these trials.

2 – In the past year a number of covert and realistic field trials have been successfully carried out. The results of these experiments have provided factual data essential to establishing protocols for a number of contemplated operations. A continuation of covert and realistic field trials are necessitated by the production of new materials in TSD programs, particularly in areas requiring detailed knowledge of the effectiveness and efficiency of delivery systems. Additional trials are also necessitated by the need for better controlled “field-type” experiments.

Put together, this is why when Young Oon Kim says this:

“Mr. White appeared on the scene and suddenly everything was solved.”

I think she’s actually telling the truth, but from an arrogant position of knowing that no loyal Moonie would ever make the connection of what the full truth was in what she was saying, let alone even think about it.

Kind of viciously poetic.

But that’s Young Oon. There are just numerous examples of her doing things like this. Telling the truth right in front of their Moonie faces and knowing they will skew it all around in their minds exactly as she taught them to.

Alright then, let’s look this over a little more.

We know that George Hunter White has just had his project continued and he and his cohorts such as SRI’s James Hamilton etc. (Hamilton is also from Berkeley) are gearing up even further – all while George is pretending to be a drug-busting FNB (Federal Narcotics Bureau) agent there in San Francisco.

Which, by the way, would certainly have had the kind of official pull to unstick Young Oon’s visa. One quick phone call and there you go. Done deal.

You know, George and James were literally peeping-toms to such a degree it’s difficult to even know how to characterize it. So much so, that George had a porta-potty that he would sit on behind his two way mirror, all so in case he needed to relieve himself, he wouldn’t miss any of the “action” that his chosen prostitutes were having with the marks they brought in.

Supposed… [take a big breath and say this all at once] Dudley Do-Right anti-bad guys and anti-drugs FNB agent by dayLSD peddling S&M boot fetishist and “house of celestial delights” sexpionage center madam-in-drag at night.

Now that’s a truly double life.

That’s George.

Do we really think he wouldn’t have known about Miss Korean SexpionageHoly Roller Religious Woman double-life Young Oon Kim?

Two peas in a pod, if you ask me.

I say let’s go with that he did know and that he was who helped her. What would we expect to see happening pretty soon then? Young Oon getting “in” with the “right people” – George and James’s crowd. (which she did in December 1962 as you will later see.)


The stomping grounds of James, the mild-mannered (or maybe not) psychiatrist and gynecologist at STANFORD university by day peeping tom Igor at night, was actually in charge of the West Coast ops at this time, by the way.


Now the other really important thing that coincided with Young Oon Kim’s arrival in San Francisco was a meeting.

The exact same month that Young Oon Kim set foot in what was about to become the new CIA drugfest area–Haight Ashbury–there was a meeting between Aldous Huxley (who was at Harvard on a “visiting Professorship”) Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Alan Watts.

This “visit” by Huxley was about him being asked by Leary to come participate in Barron and Murray’s Harvard “research” program. Huxley agreed and was “Subject no.11” in a group psilocybin session run by Leary in November 1960.

After the fun and games with trippin’ out together, came the meeting. Huxley led this meeting, which was actually a planning session for using LSD to behavior modify America. Huxley told them to target influential people for the LSD experience for the purposes of “human betterment.”

“That’s how everything of culture and beauty and philosophic freedom has been passed on,” Huxley told Leary. “Initiate artists, writers, poets, jazz musicians, elegant courtesans. And they’ll educate the intelligent rich.” 27

From the discussions at the Harvard meeting, Leary put together the book The Psychedelic Experience.
It was this book that popularized the term, “psychedelic mind-expanding.”   27, 28

From this, they would start “launching” this secret order of LSD that was planned, working to give the drug any kind of air of legitimacy they could think of (even though they know its actual effects on people). Think of it as “softening them up” just like was described in Harold Abramson’s MKULTRA subproject #7.

Huxley also connected with Leary the following year at the 14th Annual Congress of Applied Psychology, held in Copenhagen in August, 1961 – lending his “British nobility” support to Leary’s chairing of the symposium on psychedelic drugs. Leary had invited Aldous to attend.

Leary presented a paper on induced visionary experience called ‘How to Change Behaviour’ where he described the the induction of visionary mental states by psilocybin, the synthetic form of the sacred mushroom of Mexico. (which was obtained in Robert Gordon Wasson’s MKULTRA subproject #78)

It is noteworthy that Frank Barron, Leary’s lifelong friend and colleague, also spoke. His talk made reference to his “commending the mushroom to the attention of Dr. Leary, who immediately seized upon its possibilities as a vehicle for inducing change in behavior as a result of the altered state of consciousness which the drug produced.


Take a good luck at Aldous Huxley in this image (bottom right) and see if you think this man should have anything to do with being some kind of scion for “better behavior”.

Leary and the Huxleys at the 14th Annual Congress of Applied Psychology, Copenhagen, Aug. 1961 Original: Leary Archives, NY Public Library


Notes: By 1957, a 30 November letter found in the John Bowlby archives shows that Gregory Bateson was involved in LSD “research” at the local V.A. mental hospital there in the Stanford area, where he will soon hook up with Ken Kesey and do the whole Merry Pranksters thing. This 1957 letter is consistent with Bateson having been introduced to LSD by Abramson in 1956, then what do you know? There he is with a “research group” in the shadow of Tavistocks’ Stanford center of hobgoblins, ghouls and demons – the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. Meanwhile, Aldous and Francis Huxley were also mixed up with Tavistock’s Stephen Abrams. In 1961 Abrams came back from Oxford to the U.S. at the urging of a CIA MKULTRA projects recruiter, to be involved with classified projects that were ongoing into telepathy and other psi abilities at Duke University.

*For much more information on that, including documents, please see The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Duke University: The Anti-Life Zone.

We can’t forget about Frank Barron’s role in all this.

Frank Barron, as the CIA contingent, continued his associations with the British nobility/MI6 contingents through Michael Hollingshead, for example. Frank even inserted himself into the private life of President Kennedy, one of their first “secret order of LSD” targets – through his sideways (different division) connection to CIA man Cord Meyer by his best friend Timothy Leary.

Cord Meyer, as an OSS agent, had become president of the United World Federalists in May 1947 and its membership doubled. Mary Meyer wrote for the organization’s journal. What is known as an actual date for when Cord “officially” began working for the OSS successor, the CIA, is 1951. Allen Dulles had approached Cord Meyer, and it is on record that he then became a “principal operative” of Operation Mockingbird, a covert operation meant to sway American print and broadcast media toward “the CIA line” – which means BRITISH and VATICAN interests.

Cord came under CIA OPC head Frank Wisner as part of the PSB propaganda control programs against those dastardly “communists”.

To better do his new job, the Meyers moved to Washington D.C. and became highly visible members of Georgetown society. Their social circle included CIA-affiliated people such as Richard M. Bissell, Jr., high ranking counter-intelligence official James Angleton and Mary. One of Mary Pinchot Meyer’s close friends and classmates from Vassar was Cicely d’Autremont, who married James Angleton. The Meyers social circle also included Frank Wisner, Meyer’s boss at CIA.

One of those “influential people” was President of The United States John F. Kennedy who was having an illicit relationship with Cord Meyer’s wife Mary Pinchot Meyer. Timothy Leary used to trip with Mary whom he taught how to use LSD properly.  Mary then got President Kennedy to trip with her during many of their trysts.Leary said Mary would give him and Michael Hollingshead lectures on the CIA’s interest in using such drugs (LSD) for brainwashing and interrogation. (p 70 A Very Private Woman: the Life and Unsolved Murder of Presidential Mistress Mary Meyer).

Everybody’s trippin’

Leary later claimed that Mary had influenced the president’s “views on nuclear disarmament and rapprochement with Cuba.” Mary died under suspicious circumstances.

Mary Pinchot Meyer (right) with JFK standing next to her.

In his recounting of the story of Mary Pinchot (who had divorced from Cord Meyer) coming to him in 1962 – Leary kept referring to these LSD drug taking occurrences as “sessions” where one’s mind was “opened” to other realities.

* * *

See how the LSD “project” is hotting up though? It’s about to make a big appearance more publicly, especially in the San Francisco Bay area.

Ok, so now that we’ve talked about all that, we need to do another overview of the convergences that start happening really fast in 1961.

Where to begin…

Well, there’s a key convergence in March of 1961 (a number of them actually) the first of which is that John Lofland is taking Erving Goffman’s course on deviance and social control in the spring of 1961. This is the class where another student described the event at the end of the last class session when a black student said “this is all very interesting Professor Goffman, but what’s the use of it for changing the conditions you describe?”

Goffman was visibly shaken. He stood up, slammed shut the book he had open on the desk and said “I’m not in that business” and stormed out of the room.”

Yep, so that happened. Rodney Stark was in that class too.

But, you see, per his C.V., Rodney was also still being a reporter for the Oakland Tribune, Oakland, California from 1959-1961 and what was he writing about? Fringe groups and UFO conferences. Any ex-Moonies out there are probably already perking up their ears about that one, you’ll see why as we go along here. Have patience…

One of the biggest and most important convergences going on in the Bay area are of what I call the Vatican Rep – Stark, and the British Intelligence Rep – Eric Trist of Tavistock.

Taking Stark first –


Why I refer to Stark as the “Vatican Rep” is because even a cursory search of google with key words Stark and Catholic League reveals multiple examples of the League’s fawning over him repeatedly, but none stands out as much as the to-do made over his May 16, 2016 book, the writing of which to me is an obvious work-for-hire called: Bearing False Witness: Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholicism.

That’s not exactly an endorsement if you do any research at all on what this Catholic League is really all about.

It is no small thing, that one of the things Stark tries to debunk in his book is Pope Pacelli’s utter complicity in helping to create, foster, and profit from Hitler’s Germany. You can read my Why Psychiatry article to see how heinous it is for him to be even trying to help cover that up.

Next –


I know we already covered Eric Trist, so you already know just how deeply involved he is in executing the long term social control plan the slavemasters were so hot to do.

But you may not know about this.

In 1961, Alan Trist was on a year holiday and was going to be attending Cambridge University later on in the fall. Of all the places in the world to bring his son, Eric Trist brought him to Palo Alto, just in time for Willis Harmon’s LSD (MKULTRA) student experiments to be gearing up to get off the ground.

My personal favorite of the shore stories on what Trist was doing there, is the following quote from the book A long Strange Trip saying Eric Trist was “on sabbatical”.


Which happens to be just after the British intelligence Huxley-Leary secret order of LSD plan is kicking off.

Let’s have a look at what happened during his “sabbatical”.

1961 – March – International Foundation for Advanced Study LSD Therapy – Stolaroff – Willis Harman – Al Hubbard “officially” begins at Stanford Research Institute (SRI)

Offices were opened in Menlo Park, California, including two rooms especially furnished for conducting sessions with the psychedelic drugs. A carefully designed program of clinical research was initiated, including extensive testing and multiple clinical evaluations.

Over the next three and a half years extensive data was gathered on approximately 350 patients who went through a one-month therapy program consisting of preparatory interviews and brief induced altered-consciousness experiences, followed by a single, relatively large-dose psychedelic experience. Clinical and test data were gathered at the beginning of the program, immediately following the psychedelic session a month later, and again at two months and six months post-session.

The foundation also offered LSD therapy for $500 a session. In late 1961, the foundation released The Psychedelic Experience: A New Concept in Psychotherapy.

Note: Accordingly, with the dismantling of certain MKULTRA projects, the previous LSD project at Stanford University had to be “shut down” and at first, Willis attempted to move it to a new university.

Also in March of 1961 –

Eric’s son Alan would hook up with Robert Hunter (a Scientologist) and Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) where he was already taking LSD with Harman – he gave some to Garcia.

So, there’s a happy coincidence, Eric Trist, a senior official of Tavistock, was in residence at Stanford essentially that whole year of 1961, where yet another senior official of Tavistock (John Bowlby) is apparently chairing the very organization they were using to front their disgusting experiments.

The Advanced Center for Squirelling Up Everyone’s Minds…oops….Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

Alakazam Kazoo! what is Young Oon Kim doing that very same month? She’s now in Berkeley where the “School of Metaphysical Inquiry” needs her to give some lectures, thereby handling her visa conveniently a second time.

In March, 1961, the three month extension Miss Kim won in December was ready to expire again. By this time, though, she had met Dr. John W. Hopkins, President of Williams College in Berkeley. He had arranged to have Miss Kim give several lectures in conjunction with the “School of Metaphysical Inquiry” there, and on hearing of her visa situation, wrote a letter to the Immigration Office explaining that Miss Kim was lecturing at his school and couldn’t leave. In this way, the second crisis was averted, and Miss Kim’s visa was extended until July 31, 1961. (Fraser Report; Investigation of Korean-American Relations)

Why is she now in Berkeley and not at Haight Ashbury?

Because Yoshio Kodama, Mr. Genyosha (secret criminal society, see part 2) had sent Japan-Unification Church head Choi Sang Ik to San Francisco, where he attempted to spread Moon’s teachings.

Fraser report, p. 43

By the early 1960’s, Choi Sang Ik, having established the movement in Japan, had moved to San Francisco, where he attempted to spread Moon’s teachings. Kim Young Oon had by then moved to Berkeley, Calif., while David S. C. Kim, another early Moon convert, was in New York City. In 1961, Pak Bo Hi, an English-speaking Korean Army officer, was assigned to the Korean Embassy in Washington as a military attache. Pak had joined Moon’s movement in 1957, and while in Washington he helped to recruit and proselytize on behalf of the movement.

Choi, a Korean, was having Japanese immigration difficulties at the time, and it is thought this was why he was being sent to San Francisco. We can pin down when Choi arrived a little better by this from my Unification church library article part 2

Sasakawa actually went so far as to become San-Ik Choi’s legal guarantor, but he got expelled anyway. Kodama’s man Kuboki takes over fully at this point.

Ryoichi Sasagama, who also took an early interest in the GU and thence became its unofficial ‘advisor’ and the ‘legal guarantor’ of its founder, Sang-Ik Choi, during the latter’s immigration trial in 1963-4.

After Choi’s expulsion from Japan, Kuboki and Komiyama took over the leadership of the GU, the former becoming president of the Sekain Kinsutokyo Toitsu Shinsei Kyokai (World Christian Unification Holy Ghost Church) in 1963, the latter establishing its student group, the Zenkoku Daigaku Genri Kenkyu Kai (All Japan Universities Basic Principle Study Association) in 1964. (194).22

22 – Lobster issue #21, ‘Privatising’ covert action: the case of the Unification Church by Jeffrey M. Bale;


Facetiously speaking, I’m sure there that as a result of this move there was no drug-smuggling, money-laundering or human-trafficking of comfort women going on of any kind.

Besides, Young Oon had bigger fish to fry. But there she goes disappearing again, and up she pops in Berkeley.

Kim Young Oon had by then moved to Berkeley, Calif., while David S. C. Kim, another early Moon convert, was in New York City. In 1961, Pak Bo Hi, an English-speaking Korean Army officer, was assigned to the Korean Embassy in Washington as a military attache. While in Washington he helped to recruit and proselytize on behalf of the movement.

…In September 1961, Kim Young Oon and several other Moon followers living in the San Francisco area formed a California corporation which they called Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. The following year, Pak Bo Hi registered an association of the same name in Virginia. Its address was given as Pak’s home in Arlington. Also living at that address, and a member of the original board of trustees along with Pak, was Jhoon Rhee, who later became well known as the owner of a chain of karate studios.

(Fraser Report; Investigation of Korean-American Relations)

David Kim gets a mailing address, a New York one, and Young Oon Kim then registers The Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity on September 18, 1961 in California. The company MAILING address is: 4 W 43RD ST NEW YORK NY 10036.

Open corporates is usually a better corporate records source and it clearly shows that the current mailing address is:

  • 950 HOLY (typo, should say HOLLY) VISTA DR
    PASADENA CA 91105
  • United States

Side notes – Notice that in the Open Corporate records there is an amendment filed on October 21, 1963 – I wonder what that was. Also note that this address cannot be the original one, because that property was not purchased by the Uni church until 1974 – see list of properties p.6)

Whereas California corporate records show the New York address, which I believe was the original filing address, because clearly the Holly Vista one is later.


Ah. But take a look at the original search page and you’ll notice there are TWO filings. Looking at the second one now, we see that same address being used on 30 June 1972.

This shows continuity, and here is where things get decidedly strange, literally conspiratorial compared to what people in the Unification Church have been told over the years.

For example, the only connection with this address that most Unification people know is that they purchased the building at that 4 W 43rd street address in 1975 – see list of properties p 31.

Yet, how are they using the address 3 and 14 years earlier?

Wikipedia invents something about the building’s history citing a source that doesn’t even say what it cites it did. Notice the bolded part.

The Columbia University Club was founded in 1901 by recent graduates of Columbia University. The Club had 1,000 members in 1910 and moved to a large clubhouse in Gramercy Park until 1915, when it moved to 4 West 43rd St. It remained there until 1973, when, in need of capital, it sold the building to the Unification Church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

A perusal of the internet archives records of the cited source ( – their about —-> history page shows this:-

The Columbia University Club began to struggle in the 1960s, an era of diminished alumni involvement. By 1973, the Club closed the clubhouse doors at 4 West 43rd Street.

Do you see anything about selling the club to the Unification Church there? Me either. Wikipedia totally invented that.

However, it’s interesting that they did, and, at least we know that 1 and 12 years PRIOR to that, David Kim had arranged to use their address. How on earth…and why would that even be allowed?

A mystery, to be sure. However, we do have two very important connections that are about to hook up with Young Oon – both coming from that very same Columbia University, no less. John Lofland, and Rodney Stark’s mentor, Charles Gluck are both connected with the OSS/CIA created Berkeley Institute of Personality Assessment and Research.


Apparent corporate conspiracy notwithstanding, with the corporation all dolled up and “official” now by Young Oon and David –

and then

she hooks up with Lofland
Mr. Columbia University

Rodney Stark and fellow researcher John Lofland had actually deliberately sought out a “deviant religious group” to studybecause that was their assignment, that’s what the grant money stipulated. Lofland met Doris Walder at a UFO convention and after several preliminary contacts “decided” to do his doctoral dissertation on the group.

I think there’s more to this story, I think that Young Oon Kim had already made contact in some way, and going through Doris Walder made it look like they “happened upon” the Unification group. It’s just her modus-operandi in so many other examples in her long intelligence-ridden life, that I doubt this is any exception.

This is where Rodney Stark’s UFO reporting adventures come into play. Rodney says that in the Oakland Tribune, he covered a UFO conference in Oakland called the Oakland Spacecraft Club. This search shows that the only results within those parameters shows meetings of that club January 30, 1959 and July 18, 1960 – I’m thinking its probably that last one since January 1959 would have been too early.

His article was well-received and thus launched his “fringe” interest editorially.

This Oakland Spacecraft Club was connected to an organization called The Understanding, Inc. which was actually a non-profit organisation formed in around 1955 by Daniel W. Fry, for the purpose of promoting saucerian ideas and coordinating local working groups of believers.

It had “units” and Della (Del) Larson was the director of the unit called the Oakland Spacecraft Club.

Here’s a 1957 ad for the Oakland Spacecraft club mentioning Howard Menger, whoever that is.

Understanding had a newsletter/mag of sorts. Here’s an example of it (an original scan here) and wouldn’t you know? We see One World propaganda all over the thing, some of it looking awfully familiar as appearing in Unification church teachings as well.

The organization came into being for the purpose of bringing about a better Understanding between the peoples of the earth. At this moment I cannot think of a better reason for the existence of anything, but how to bring about that Understanding is a question pretty big for one of my caliber, so pardon what might follow as ideas flow through this fellow’s mind.

…THE GREATEST DISGRACE THE WORLD SUFFERS IS SEGREGATION OF RELIGIOUS THOUGHT. In this day in time, day of enlightenment and in the life of the race, surely our religious leaders should have found a common ground of Understanding. 

It isn’t particularly that the ideas themselves are intrinsically wrong, its in whose interest they are serving. That’s the really evil part, just like a con man tries to imitate real spiritual ability to make someone do something that is definitely NOT in their best interests, but it is in the con man’s.

The very next thing out of Daniel Fry’s mouth – err… pen –  is he starts ragging on Capitalism. To me, that’s like cue the klaxon sirens.

Warning veiled Catholicism and “communism” ALERT!

Page 14 of Thy Kingdom Come No. 8 advertises the Northern California Spacecraft Convention, Alameda County Fair Grounds, Pleasanton, Calif Sept 5, 6, 1959 pointing people to the Oakland Spacecraft Club for “info”. It also mentions an upcoming George Van Tassel Convention in May.

It pictures Daniel Fry (center) –

Note the cover of this issue –

Dedicated to the Physical, Spiritual and Economic Emancipation of Man

Could they be any more obvious who they are after recruiting?

This thing is also just totally loaded with propaganda, messages from Mars, from the interplanetary council, it’s just…wow. Any scientologists out there will clearly recognize the similar influences within L. Ron Hubbard’s “cosmology” he had going, and the Moonies would start up their total lockstep version with Hubbard’s re-boot (when he added his Clearing Course) with the introduction of Anthony Brooke in 1962/63. I will be covering that in a separate article – it’s that important.

How does Rodney Stark figure into all this?


This is how.

An Oakland Tribune editor once sent him to cover a UFO conference, the Oakland Space Craft Club, and as Stark later recalled, his feature article on the fringe group was “well received,” so he got more such assignments. As he became interested in alternative groups, he realized just how many dotted the U.S. landscape.

Marketplace of the Gods: How Economics Explains Religion by Larry Witham; 2010

As a cub reporter for the Oakland Tribune in 1959, Rodney Stark drew the fraternal organization beat. “I covered the Oddfellows and the Elks because I was the new guy,” he recalls. One day, Stark got an announcement from a different kind of club-the Oakland Spacecraft Club. “A guy was going to tell about his trips on a flying saucer, to Mars and Venus and stuff. I went on my own time and wrote it up. The Sunday editor ran it as a front page feature.”

The Early Christians Weren’t All Martyrs and They Weren’t All Poor, says a UW Sociologist Whose Book Sheds New Light on the Rise of the Christianity; Columns, December 1998

The year before I began graduate school at Berkeley I worked as a reporter for the Oakland Tribune, a major metropolitan newspaper.

After writing a well-received feature story about a speaker at the Oakland Space Craft Club who recounted his trips to Mars and Venus as a guest on a flying saucer, I was routinely given stories concerning various occult gatherings and new religious movements. Thus did I become interested in why and how people converted to deviant religious groups.

Discovering Data: A Neglected Virtue of Theory-driven Research by Rodney Stark

What first caused you to pay attention to the role of religion in social change?

I was a reporter at the Oakland Tribune before I started graduate school. And I went out to cover something called the Oakland Spacecraft Club, where there was a fellow speaking who was going to talk about his trip to Mars, Venus, and the moon on a flying saucer. I wrote a Sunday feature and had the maturity, where it came from I don’t know, but I had the maturity to just write it straight. I figured the humor was there, and you didn’t need to pound it.

The people I wrote about were so pleased I hadn’t mocked them, while most of Oakland got a good chuckle. The problem was that I was then considered “the goofy writer.” Anything odd that came along, whether it was calendar reform or some new religion, I would get assigned to it.

Progress Through Theology “An interview with Rodney Stark, author of For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-hunts, and the End of Slavery” David Neff/ July 1, 2003


From there we get some interesting shore stories regarding the “how” of Young Oon Kim connecting up with the Lofland and Stark dynamic duo.

Let’s hear from the Moonies first, as to shore stories, then we’ll come back to Lofland and Stark.

We once went to a flying saucer convention in Oakland, hoping that these people might somehow be prepared for the New Age. We did pick up two members there, however we soon learned that people at flying saucer conventions are not exactly involved with a high level of spiritual inquiry, mostly just phenomena. (Breen, Early UC History)

Well, you certainly wouldn’t be able to glean that from the UFO publications and conferences. Not at all. They’re just littered with “spiritual” messages – messages just like Young Oon Kim and Ronin Rev. Moon were trying to sell, just with a different telepathic channeling source.

Their marketing sucked lemons, in other words. Yet another reason for the emergency call for the dynamic duo.

That calls for a marketing intervention!!

Robin, get on the obscure data-set search immediately.

We need to wrangle us some new recruits.

Hey! No comments from the peanut gallery. It’s my article. I’m having fun with this Batman and Robin thing. I think it fits well, so put a cork in it.

So, now Stark.

What does he say is why they hooked up with Young Oon Kim?

What first caused you to pay attention to the role of religion in social change?

… Anything odd that came along, whether it was calendar reform or some new religion, I would get assigned to it.

And so when I started graduate school, I had that background and had been wondering how these groups recruit.

The first week of school, I met a guy [Lofland] transferred from Columbia who was very interested in how people join movements.

We decided to look for somebody to study. After about a year, we found the first 13 Moonies and did a study of conversion, which has stood up through the years. We said that friendship ties were in the first instance much more important than theology. That people learned the theology, but they learned it only after having already learned to trust it because their friends did.

Progress Through Theology “An interview with Rodney Stark, author of For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-hunts, and the End of Slavery” David Neff/ July 1, 2003

The year before I began graduate school at Berkeley I worked as a reporter for the Oakland Tribune.

…Thus did I become interested in why and how people converted to deviant religious groups. My initial efforts to find answers in the social scientific literature was unsatisfactory.

The Craft of Religious Studies pp 175-196 On Theory-Driven Methods RODNEY STARK

Intro is key: An often unnoticed byproduct of theory-driven research is the ability to “discover” appropriate data. I illustrate this point with the many instances when I recognized that the data I needed to test a theory were already available in some rather odd places.

Discovering Data: A Neglected Virtue of Theory-driven Research by Rodney Stark

…If not for the outburst of new religions in Japan in the 1950s, and a similar American event in the 1960s and 1970s, sociologists of religion might never have returned to the topic of how religions form, or their dynamics as cults, sects, and churches. But now cult formation—and the origin of mainstream religions—became the hottest of topics for research, doctoral dissertations, and academic careers. It was a topic that Stark, among others, would take up with relish and fair-mindedness.

Indeed, at a time when many social scientists said religion was a product of mental illness, Stark found in his surveys that religious people were the most mentally well adjusted of the population sample. [did he now…how convenient]

Marketplace of the Gods: How Economics Explains Religion by Larry Witham; 2010

…The next year I began graduate school and one of my classmates was John Lofland. We discovered a mutual interest in studying conversion. So we began to look for an appropriate group to study. We wanted a real social movement, not just a discussion group or lecture audience. We also wanted a group that was small enough so that the two of us could provide adequte surveillance and new enough so that it was in an early and optimatic phase of growth. After more than a year of sifting through many deviant religious groups in the San Francisco Bay area we came upon precisely what we were looking for – a group of about a dozen young adults who had just arrived to San Francisco from Eugene, Oregon.

The Craft of Religious Studies pp 175-196 On Theory-Driven Methods RODNEY STARK


Now let’s look at a different Unification Church source –

John Lofland. A Ph.D. student in sociology at the University of California at Berkeley, John Lofland met Doris Walder at a UFO convention and after several preliminary contacts, decided to do his doctoral dissertation on the group.1

Ok, now that’s twice now that the shore story is that this came about from a “meeting” at a UFO convention (in Oakland). But neither Lofland nor Stark, as far as I’ve been able to glean, say how they “met up with” the 13 Moonies start mentions.

The other important thing to notice is NO MENTION OF STARK in any of the Unification Church sources I have looked at.


What, was he undercover there with a false name? Because they were BOTH there. Look at what Stark said here –

As Lofland and I settled back to watch people convert to this group….

The Craft of Religious Studies pp 175-196 On Theory-Driven Methods RODNEY STARK

Pretty clear statement that he was there. A search of the archives of the Unification Church shows nothing but quite a bit of promoting of his work, interestingly enough.

So, why is his involvement here in the beginning being protected by both sides?

I think these two pics from may be him, apparently using the name John Stark.




Looking at this pic of Stark from just a few years earlier – looks like a match to me.

Here’s Lofland with the Moonies – back left. Compared to 1958 photo of him – that’s definitely him.

So apparently they were both there and Stark was undercover, using a fake first name.

How interesting!

I say if Kim knew Lofland was there, then she knew Stark was there. But why this shore story about meeting at a UFO convention? Especially following it with a diss against the people who attended such things.

Just friggy-dig it make something up?

There is no way in hell this story holds up. In fact, the attempted diss gives it away. Why? Because of Anthony Brooke, who enters the scene just after Lofland.

Take a look at this guy’s basic connections.

Anthony Brooke has been linking with different groups throughout the world having a special concern for unity and peace and education for world citizenship. He is a member of the Supreme Council of the Commonwealth of World Citizens and a Vice-President of World Union, a life member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Study, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Society for Psychical Research, a member of Fellowship of Friends of Truth and of the Wider Quaker Fellowship.

Ok, now take a look at this. (Google’s cached version here)

It is in his own conscious acceptance of this mission that Sun Myung Moon has meaning for the world. It is the need for urgent, immediate and sustained action in the service of the universal Christ which remains our predominant and enduring thought and inspiration as the result of our meetings in Korea with Sun Myung Moon.
Sir Anthony Brooke Towards Human Unity 1964

Sir Anthony Brooke hooked up with Moon in Korea on March 2, 1964.

I told you it was right after Lofland.

Brooke lecturing

Moon (center) looking Genyosha gangsta as usual. Brooke to his left.

If you look over that source, clearly this is all right in line with what I showed you earlier from the Understanding UFO publication.

But what mission?

Now look at this part.

Sun Myung Moon is direct link with Ashtar Command.
Through him the forces are dispersed where necessary.
These forces are not of one planet alone.
They are gathered from many and are the chosen ones for this work for their knowledge and for their great love for the universal God.

An interplanetary mission.

Ashtar Command.

Shore story of “meeting at a UFO convention”.

Oh boy.

Apparently, the source of that started at Brooke’s meeting with Young Oon Kim and Moon in Korea, but it first appears in print in Prophecy of ’6731 forming another rather bad lockstep with Hubbard and Scientology, because Hubbard was coming out with his Galactic Federation “wall of fire” secret operating thetan level right about then.


Yep. That’s a very bad coincidence. A British intelligence kind of one.

In Towards Human Unity (republished and updated) p. 85 The Universal Link Revelation II, Anthony Brooke mentions it happened again – linking Moon to Ashtar Command in 1968 – this is the one quoted earlier.

Earlier in this chapter we made reference to the Ashtar Command as being a hierarchical system under the Cosmic Christ, and we can only report that a number of sensitives have significantly linked the name of Sun Myung Moon with this system. While we were at Findhorn in the summer months of 1968, a visiting sensitive who had no previous knowledge of the mission of Sun Myung Moon was awakened early on 30th July, with words which puzzled her so much that it was only with reluctance that she was able to bring herself to share fully with us the clear message which had been given her. It was as follows:

Sun Myung Moon is direct link with Ashtar Command. Through him the forces are dispersed where necessary. These forces are not of one planet alone. They are gathered from many and are the chosen ones for this work for their knowledge and for their great love for the universal God.”

This is during the period of time that Brooke is literally single-handedly being the British representative to promote Moon and his newly dynamic duo spawned Unification Church reboot.

Ashtar Command.

Right away we’re off to the races, because our shore story of Miss Kim and young Mr. Lofland is said to have begun with –



A rather opportunistic man named Van Tassel had himself a visit by Ashtar (Astar) the space man from the Galactic Command of the Galactic Confederacy, in 1952. The same time that L. Ron Hubbard introduced his pseudo-science called Scientology and began lecturing on…you guessed it. The politics, the chicaneries and what-not of that very same Galactic Confederation.

Well, since they both talked about it, it must be true then, right?

Or…maybe that’s because they both had the same ‘boss’ tasking them to parallel an actual truth and bring in the ‘believers’ in order to waylay/distract any real truth-seekers.


Life magazine – Van Tassel UFO convention 1954


Ah, but which is which?

Bear with me here now, for just a little more backstory on this whole UFO ‘movement’.

Starting in 1954 (great pics here) the Van Tassels held UFO conventions at Giant Rock for almost 20 years to raise money for the project that would make Van Tassel a noted man of the region, and they were constantly asking supporters for donations. Thousands of believers passed through.



In 1959, 11,000 people attended his UFO conventions in Landers, California (San Bernardino County) and Van Tassel continued to work on his dream — the Integratron — while writing a number of books on time travel and rejuvenation.

Actual footage from the 1959 convention –



Van Tassel also was a guest speaker at many colleges and universities throughout the country as interest in UFOs heated up in the `60s and `70s.

The conventions were first held in early spring or in the late autumn, but this led to people having to bundle up to fight off the desert cold. So, later they switched to holding them in the summer months.

Look again at what we had as our only apparent research entry point (we have a lot more now) or what most people would only know about. The story goes that John Lofland met with a woman named Doris Walder at one of these early UFO conventions, probably the one in fall of 1961.1

Sounds pretty dry, except for that UFO convention part, doesn’t it? That’s intentional, because behind such a boring, authoritative and pedantic description of John Lofland is something a whole lot more nefarious, interesting, and definitely not boring. Same thing for Doris Walder. You look at that name, most people would draw a blank and bounce right off of it as useless or boring information.

It’s not them, Lofland and Walder, it’s the gigantic godzillas that are stomping around BEHIND them.



Now, considering that Moon and Young Oon Kim are going to work with and use Anthony Brooke – complete with Ashtar Command – to help put the newly Lofland/Stark designed Unification Church on the map, so to speak, at the same time as Hubbard’s organization does its own Ashtar Command sci-fi reboot into its “advanced spiritual” materials – take a look at this attempted diss about “people at UFO conventions” again.

We once went to a flying saucer convention in Oakland, hoping that these people might somehow be prepared for the New Age. We did pick up two members there, however we soon learned that people at flying saucer conventions are not exactly involved with a high level of spiritual inquiry, mostly just phenomena. (Breen, Early UC History)

So much for that then.

We are now ready to move onto the actual “study” period, some pretty interesting connections are made for Young Oon Kim in that time.

Kim, Lofland and Stark

  1. Observation, Re-organizing, Networking and Marketing support

Let’s start out with another attempted diss of Lofland, but this one is actually rather revealing because it shows that Lofland was connected with Blumer, who, if you recall, is who chaired the Department of Sociology at Berkeley and recruited Erving Goffman. So, because of this adventure in dissing by some Unification Church propagandist, now we know it was Blumer that brought Lofland under that OSS/CIA institute at Berkeley.

As I remember, in his youth he was a “born again Christian” youth leader who had turned atheist in college, and following the pattern of many who give up Christianity for agnosticism. He could not be satisfied in just dumping Christianity, but had to go to great lengths to justify what he had done, maybe to the point of obsession. He probably thought anyone following any religious persuasion definitely inferior and mentally deficient; even more so, anyone following a small insignificant cult led by and unknown person from a small eastern nation. The results of his study were predictable and were especially suited for the academic climate at Berkeley.

His hero was a famed sociologist named Blumer who lived with a street gang in Boston, gaining their trust, and his sociological study established a new method of study and he became famous. Following Blumer’s example, John followed that technique and moved into the center, to observe this weird little “cult” for his dissertation.

At the center, we kept a guest book which everybody signed when they came to hear the Divine Principle.
It contained the names and addresses of some about 1500 people who had come to hear and study the Divine Principle over a period of several years. All of this work had brought little visible results, however it was like pouring a footing for a foundation of a building. Later, the guest book was stolen from the center on Masonic Avenue. A guest book would not be an item of value to many people. Allegedly John Lofland stole the book. There were reports of him interviewing people who had studied with us, their names and addresses likely from the stolen guest book.(Breen, Early UC History)

Breen is really workin’ it there, trying to hide the real reason for the Lofland involvement, isn’t he? Wow.

Spicy dissing aside, let’s get to the meat.

It was March of 1962 when Lofland and Stark officially moved in with the Moonies, although as we know Stark was hiding who he was.

They checked out her materials, and basically they first did a marketing study, is what I call it. Let’s have a look at what they noticed.

We said that friendship ties were in the first instance much more important than theology. That people learned the theology, but they learned it only after having already learned to trust it because their friends did.

Progress Through Theology “An interview with Rodney Stark, author of For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-hunts, and the End of Slavery” David Neff/ July 1, 2003

As Lofland and I settled back to watch people convert to this group, the first thing we discovered was that all of the current members were united by close ties of friendship predating this …with Miss Kim. …became friends with Miss Kim after she became a [???] with one of tem. By the time Lofland and I arrived to study them, the group had never succeeded in attracting a stranger. All had been tied to group members through friendships.

We also found it instructive that during most of her first year in America Miss Kim had tried to spread her message directly by talks to various groups and by sending out many press releases. Later, in San Francisco, the group also tried to attract followers through radio spots and by renting a hall in which to hold public lectures. But these methods yielded nothing. As time passed Lofland and I were able to observe people actually become Moonies. The first several converts were old friends or relatives of members who came from Oregon for a visit. Subsequent members were people who …flose friendships with one or more members of the groups.

We soon realized that of all the people the Moonies…in their efforts to…the only ones who joined were those with interpersonal attachments.

…In short, conversion is not about working or embracing an ideology, it is about bringing one’s religious behavior into alignment with that of one’s friends and family members. …Of persons who did join, many were newcomers to San Francisco whose attachments were all …far away. As they formed strong friendships with group members these were not counterbalanced because distant friends and and families had no knowledge of the conversion in progress.

it was an act of conformity for those whose most significant attachments were to Moonies.

The Craft of Religious Studies pp 175-196 On Theory-Driven Methods RODNEY STARK

Kim tried to attract followers through press releases and advertising, but this produced no results. Instead, what made for new converts was personal relationships. If a person had a friend or family member who was a Moonie, the prospects for conversion increased dramatically.

“Conversion is not about seeking or embracing an ideology; it is about bringing one’s religious behavior into alignment with that of one’s family and friends,” Stark says.

Stark and Lofland learned that potential converts with strong attachments to people who disapproved of the Moonies never joined, even if they were very interested. Newcomers to San Francisco, and people whose friends and family lived far away, were more likely to convert.

Stark explains, “Conversion to new, deviant religious groups occurs when, other things being equal, people have or develop stronger attachments to members of the group than they have to non-members.”

The Moonies quickly learned that seeking converts at interdenominational religious centers and church socials was a failure, Stark says. They had a lot better luck among people who came from backgrounds that weren’t religious at all.

“New religious movements mainly draw their converts from the ranks of the religiously inactive and discontented, and those affiliated with the most accommodated (mainstream) religious communities,” he says.-

Late 20th Century Conversions: How the Moonies Did It by Julie Garner, editorial Martyrs, Myths and the Mighty, Columns magazine, U of W Alumni December 1998 issue.


It’s important that you understand that Lofland and Stark would have been reporting/discussing in to both Charles Glock and Erving Goffman throughout the whole period that they were there. Goffman was a very hands-on type when it came to Ph.D work.

One of his other students describes Goffman

When he wanted to consult on papers and chapters I submitted to him, his penchant was to phone me up (in order to arrange a time to meet) before eight in the morning and on national holidays – checking to see if I was on duty, I supposed.

[…]Those who became his students were asked to come to his home to consult on their work (a practice that also saved him time). Such consultations were instructive beyond the words exchanged…

You just know that what Lofland and Stark were doing took even that to a whole new level – guaranteed. Especially work the CIA/powers-that-be wanted done, I’d add.

And there’s Stark, trying to help Young Oon Kim redo the Divine Principle because put simply, people found it unconvincing, way too complicated and too bizarre. Sort of like Helena Blavatskys dog’s breakfast called ISIS Unveiled back in the 1800’s (she was another intelligence op as well)

Stark and Kim

They even had to bring in Gordon Ross from Berkeley to help.

“While the second edition was far better than the first, by October, 1962, Miss Kim had begun making revisions and typing out the manuscript for the third edition. In part, this new effort came at the urging of Gordon Ross, a new member and former Woodrow Wilson scholar in linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley. He pointed out deficiencies in the text that had hindered his study and which if not amended would in his view lead scholars to dismiss it.

This time, Miss Kim was anxious to produce an authoritative version. She finished typing the manuscript on December 1, 1962, and proofreading began two days later with Gordon Ross and John Lofland, a doctoral student in Sociology at the University of California who was studying the group. They finished on December 5th. A second proofreading began on the 9th and finished on the 11th.” (Mickler, Chapter 2)

Kim and Ross

Gordon Ross on right

In between teaching anti-communism, that is. (look at the blackboard behind Ross)

I’d like to take a moment here and further illustrate that this relationship was an unusual one. One that I think was introduced by Lofland, and one that was a kind of establishing a semi-permanent on-hand guide, intelligence asset.

You see, he was doing a kind of his own personal –

Driving Miss Daisy

– by driving Miss Kim around in mid-1962. The roles, of course, are different, since Ross is actually quite “senior” to Kim, but still, the idea isn’t too far off as to how it appeared to others.

August 5, 1962 NAF newsletter

Young Oon Kim: On Aug. 5th I visited Doris in San Jose. Mr. Lofland kindly drove me down.

Why was he doing this? (and it wasn’t the only time either) He was taking her to where she needed to go. Literally. You’ll see what I mean when we get to her meeting with the Rathbuns at Stanford that same year, but let me show you what Unification Church archives have about this, for now.

The next thing you know, another Berkeley Ph.D. student is “discovered” – Gordon Ross.

Pauline Phillips – September 1962 NAF newsletter

On Aug. 15th Peter Koch moved in also…Peter is very good talking to people. God’s power is much stronger when the two of us are together…We attended a meeting of college boys and girls of a Lutheran student center…We talked to one young man by the name of Gordon Ross about the Principles. He was very interested and wanted to go to Miss Kim the very next day…

I’ll bet he did.

Gordon, with Lofland keeping an eye on things, immediately moves in and starts advertising in Berkeley and Stanford’s newsletters. This is just a month before Gordon and Lofland set up “the meeting” with the Rathbuns at Stanford.

November 1962 NAF newsletter

The three of us, Peter, Gordon and I (Pauline) have been living together now for one month…Through Gordon we find many meetings around the campus that we would not know of otherwise…We have visited different leaders from the Pacific School of Religion…Gordon had advertised in the university newspaper.

On about Childrens Day an examination on the Divine Principles was given. Gordon Ross passed with a high mark.

Now, there’s something else you need to know here.

The deference that Young Oon Kim began immediately showing to Ross was so extreme, so out of character, that even her core followers (from Eugene) began to wake slightly enough from their cult-stupor to notice it.

Take a look at this source, pages 47-48.

A member joined in San Francisco. He was well educated with a master’s degree, and very articulate person. He began almost immediately to lecture the Divine Principle, and was the first member to lecture at an acceptable level, except for Miss Kim. The early members didn’t lecture because Miss Kim thought we couldn’t–we were really not prepared for it at that time. We probably just needed someone to lead the way and set an example. Later some of those early members became excellent lecturers.

Miss Kim soon began to give him more responsibility. As he assumed more of a leadership position, and then began to exclude Miss Kim. She even washed and ironed his shirts, which he thought necessary to change sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

Something was wrong. Although his lectures were polished and well presented, something was missing. The problem was that he had no “heart”. One afternoon, we had a meeting of the core members at the Flemings home in Burlingame. At the meeting were Miss Kim, the Flemings, George Norton, Paul Werner, Barbara Koch and myself. Miss Kim presented the problem with the member, how he was gradually taking over leadership responsibility but that he was out of tune with the Divine Principle and spiritually immature.

In discussing the problem we decided he had never suffered or had to struggled in his entire life; in short, he had not paid his dues. He intellectualized the Divine Principle and was “all head and no heart”, a term later popularized in the church. I was appointed to summarize all this in a letter to him, which I did with some difficulty. Being a hatchet man was never my thing, but I often was given that assignment, because Miss Kim thought I was too soft. Giving evictions became my thing.

After being confronted, he thought about it and discussed it with Miss Kim. He accepted our conclusions about his need to grow, and it was decided he would pack his clothes and take the next bus to Texas. Miss Kim washed and ironed his shirts, helped him pack and he was on his way on a bus to Texas.

Besides the fact that simple old jealousy was clearly rearing its face with Galen (who wrote this) notice that Kim’s behavior was so out of character that it set off the deadliest thing to a con (or intelligence operation) there is.

The mark starting to do this –

and thinking: Something is wrong.

The problem is, he might then start doing this –

Looking much closer

To a con-man, or intelligence operative, that would be very, very bad.

This kind of trouble requires immediate handling, doing whatever is necessary to distract and mislead the mark, and most importantly, regain their misplaced trust.

Kim’s cover was threatened and the intelligence maxim goes: When cover is threatened, cease operations. I think that Kim manipulated her followers to think that they were “handling” a situation, when in reality? She, Ross (and Lofland in the background) handled them. One sort of humorous way you can tell that nothing had changed as to her deference to a higher level slavemaster “choice” like Ross, is that even as he is supposedly being asked to leave, not only is he on his way to hook up with a different Unification member in Texas (which clearly Kim didn’t tell her followers) she irons his shirts. Again.

Who was Ross sent to hook up with in Texas in January of 1964?

I (Gordon Ross) arrived in Dallas at 17:00 today…January 26, 1964…there is a third group I’ve been working with, consisting of those to whom Mr. Rhee & I talked.

Not only is that not a punishment of any kind, to have been “sent there”, it is literally an expansion of Ross exploring and genning in the existing Korean intelligence network. Not exactly an accident, either, if you follow me.

Because…who was Rhee?

From my post titled: Korean Intelligence Head Kim Jong-Pil and The MRA (Moral Rearmament)

Begin excerpt

You could say that Moon and Jong-pil sent their own special triad or triangle. Young Oon Kim to the western American seaboard, Bo Hi Pak to the eastern, and Joon Rhee to South Texas. An interesting diagram, geographically.

Jhoon Rhee, begins teaching Tang Soo Do at San Marcos Southwest Texas State College in 1959, later changes the name to the name more of us recognize – Tae Kwan Do.

A little background –

Right after the independence of Korea, the Chung Do Kwan, one of the five key Dojangs, was founded first by Lee Won Kuk. It symbolized Chung Do Kwan’s name, Bluewaves, meaning a youngster’s spirit and vitality.

After the Korean War, graduates of the Chung Do Kwan were: 1) YOO Ung Jun; 2) SON Duk Sung; 3) UHM Woon Kyu; 4) HYUN Jong Myun; 5) MIN Woon Sik; 6) HAN In Sook; 7) JUNG Young Taek; 8) KANG Suh Chong; 9) BAEK Joon Ki; 10) NAM Tae Hi; 11) KO Jae Chun; 12) KWAK Kuen Sik; 13) KIM Suk Kyu; 14) HAN Cha Kyo; 15) JO Sung Il; 16) LEE Sa Man; 17) RHEE Jhoon Goo (Jhoon Rhee); and 18) KIM Bong Sik.

Ref: The translated version of “A Modern History of Taekwondo”, written by KANG Won Sik and LEE Kyong Myong, in the Korean language, Chapter 1: The Development of the Kwans, Chapter 1, Section 1: Chung Do Kwan


Why was he starting a school?

Members of San Francisco’s Korean community have told PNS, and Washington officials have confirmed, that the Korean Central Intelligence Agency frequently uses the Tae Kwan Do Karate schools in major American cities as a cover for its agents. The agents are reportedly controlled from the South Korean Embassy in Washington where Colonel Pak [one of the other original 3 sent to the U.S. in 1959] was a military attache from 1961 to 1964. (Coincidentally, the largest chain of Korean tae Kwan Do Karate schools in the United States is owned and operated by Colonel Pak’s, Jhoon Rhee, who is well known in Washington as a teacher of Marshal arts to political figures and columnists. Rhee was one of the founders of the Unification Church in the United States and his first Karate school served as a recruiting front for the church. Rhee also helped establish the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation, but, though he still professes support for the church’s goal, he insists he is no longer actively in the church’s affairs. Through his representation in the World Karate Association, however, Rhee is connected to one of the church’s principal Japanese backers, Sasagawa Ryoichi, who founded and heads the association.

Ref – Reverend Sun Myung Moon; Good Connections by Andrew Ross and David McQueen; Part Two of Two; San Francisco, June 9  1975 (PNS) as found on pages 21-27 of FBI files 1198987-0-HQ 105-174559, Section 2 Serial 1 as found at MuckRock through a FOIA request. PDF of extracted article by itself available here.

End excerpt
(there’s more about the martial arts aspect in my post, if you’re interested)

For those of you who have read my library article titled: A History Of Korea And The Unification Church That You Won’t See Anywhere Else – Part 2: War, Intelligence, Money and Communism  you are already well familiar with what I’m about to say.

That connection to Ryoichi is a very bad one. Not only was Ryoichi connected to British intelligence front group – the MRA (Frank Buchman) – he was connected to the secret society and very, very dirty organization called the Genyosha.

It was the Genyosha who first began creating (let alone using) martial arts dojos, and they were entirely functioning as intelligence/recruiting fronts from Day One, so what this Rhee connection is clearly showing is that Rhee, Pak, Kim, and Moon – the entire leadership of the Unification Church – were ALL directly tied to the Genyosha.

And now Gordon Ross is down in Texas checking all that out. Not too obvious now, is it?

But while Lofland, Ross, and Stark were there – fixing up the marketing and recruiting aspects for Kim – slowly the Moonies “stats” (statistics) started moving off of what they told her to do.

Pics of Meetings at this time – (Stark and/or Lofland are usually in these) The Moonies had literally just moved into this building right when the “study” had begun. The first two pics show the only core members at that time, and you can see how that begins changing during 1962 and 1963.

(images are from here)

This one captured Stark, I believe, on the lower right.

Lower left looks to be Lofland?


And growing…

Lofland specifically mentions that he was gathering information through participant observation: from early 1962 to mid-1963. Which belies Ms. Kim’s later attempts to portray him as only being there to January 1963, but probably even less known is that Lofland continued his observation again in mid-1964.5

The effects of Lofland’s influence with Kim are clearly reflected in the groups statistics of new converts.

By mid-1963, 15 more converts had been gained and by the end of 1964 the cult numbered more than 150 adherents.5

See what I mean? And since we know that increase in 1963 was because Kim had been “steered” – obviously – towards beginning to do what Lofland told her was what worked, the corresponding massive jump in statistics becomes easily understandable as to its true source – which had nothing to do with Moon’s teachings.

Of course, that would mean that someone wanted that group to grow, and the clarity of that stark fact staring back at us? Led to a particularly nasty can of worms.

Now, besides all the in-house marketing work/consulting by the dynamic duo, what I think actually contributed to the doubling of the core members by 15, followed by the explosive growth that happened in 1964 (almost ten times the original number of core members) is a very key meeting in December of 1962 that was arranged, I believe, by Lofland and/or Stark.

Emilia Rathbun.

Sequoia Seminars and Esalen Institute

Young Oon has a meeting

Now all that cross-history you read earlier starts to come into play with a bang (including what those of you who read in part 1 and part 2 learned) when we see that Young Oon Kim and Pauline are trying to first hook up with Pentecostal churches in the Berkeley area.

We’re going to look at that first.

I have found another group which is from a Presbyterian Church in Berkeley. Many of them have started speaking in tongues. [aka Pentecostal Holy Rollers – a distinct area of interest for the CIA at that time] Some from this group have been going to the church in Corte Madeira where they have been having all kinds of spirit work. I will write more about this group later.

We have visited Dr. Bebe Patten’s Church three times, which is a Pentecostal type. …Finally she told me to leave and not to come back…Through this experience I can see what we are fighting. The Church is our worst enemy. …I can see why God’s judgement must come at this time.

Unification Newsletter 15 January 1963, Pauline Philips blurb

A bit about Bebe –

Bebe and C. Thomas Patten

Oakland was ripe for exploitation by any evangelist with the right style and pitch.

At one collection service, when donations were slow in coming, Patten ranted, “The Lord’s not fooling around now. He’s sick and tired of fooling around. He’s going to hit somebody hard in a minute. He’s just going to knock somebody flat.” Frightened, his followers quickly passed along several fistfuls of bills to the preacher.

With the acquisition of the building, the Pattens started to style themselves not only as evangelists, but as educators. Both husband and wife obtained PhDs from Temple Hall College and Seminary, an infamous “diploma mill” run by a twice-convicted swindler who eventually sold the couple his charter and mailing-lists for a mere $2,500. Calling their umbrella organization the Oakland Bible Institute, and their ministry the Christian Evangelical Churches of America, the Pattens established Patten College and Seminary, the Academy of Christian Education, and a music school for choristers. All were housed in the City Club offices.

Bebe and C. Thomas lived in a big house in Oakland’s most exclusive district, and owned a fleet of nine luxury cars, along with a cabin cruiser. While Bebe clad herself in designer silk robes and silver fox wraps, her husband amassed a wardrobe of 75 suits (his favorite colors were pistachio and raspberry), and over 200 pairs of his sole form of footwear: cowboy boots, some of which had cost $200 a pair in 1940s dollars.

The bedridden evangelist was found guilty of five counts of grand theft, and sentenced to seven years in prison. Much of the money he mulcted from his followers was never accounted for, and although Patten hinted about “a trunkful of greenbacks” he’d cached at some secret location, most of the missing funds were written off as gambling and investment losses.

With C. Thomas no longer on the scene, she began a long journey back to respectability, and status as a legitimate Pentecostal minister and revivalist. In 1960 she resettled her ministry, as well as the education institute now called Patten University, on a five-acre site in Oakland’s Fruitvale district, and spent the next forty-three years turning the school into a legitimate and respected Christian college.

Now for a little reminder from the PSB’s Doctrinal Program. The use of “study groups”. (page 27 point h)

(h) The Communists do not rely solely on books. Having gotten their initial books distributed, they develop the technique of “study groups” to foster the detailed and intensive study and analysis of their books. It is part of the Communist Party training program that members, particularly those of an intellectual caliber, must participate in regular “study group” discussions. These study groups are not mass gatherings, but they are small in number and consist of carefully selected individuals who are guided along the road….this system is most important for training the intellectual Party members to become proficient in handling doctrine, theory and dogma.

Well, what was one of the biggest (and most intelligence connection infested) “study group” in the Bay area at the time? The Sequoia Seminars, who had just created a new institute just that summer – the Esalen Institute.

Now we look at “the meeting”.

News from Berkeley

Miss Kim and I went to Palo Alto on the 18th of December and had a meeting with Mr. and Mrs Rathbun and three other ladies. They were very much moved by Miss Kim’s life story and and the message. They both wanted to start a study group in the home of Mrs. Rathbun, who had received parts of the Principles. She realized that we must go beyond Jesus and a new leader would come and he is already on earth, but she did not know where he was. Later she took Miss Kim in her arms and cried and said, “My sister, my sister.” We were all so happy. We know there are many people just waiting for us to bring this message to them. We have to be like a detective for God and find them quickly.

Unification Newsletter 15 January 1963, Pauline Philips blurb

Now we bring this in again –

The three of us, Peter, Gordon and I (Pauline) have been living together now for one month…Through Gordon we find many meetings around the campus that we would not know of otherwise

– November 1962 NAF newsletter

Now we add this –

I (Pauline) have been led to a group of young women, about 24 of them…The leader of this group lives on the grounds at Stanford University. Her husband is a teacher at Stanford…The leaders name is Emilia Rathbun…I have made an appointment to take our message to Emilia Rathbun at Stanford on Monday December 17…We have been trying to find a way to get into Stanford University.

– NAF newsletter – September 1962

Gordon Ross and John Lofland arranged this and it is extremely significant that they did. They were clearly working on getting her “in”, hooking her up, so to speak, with the whole George White/Hamilton intelligence operations stomping grounds there at Stanford.

Korean intelligence mind control op


American mind control op.

We will come back to this, but first you need to understand the sequence and the very, very important connections being made here.

Emelia Lindeman Rathbun had just become a driving force behind the new Palo Alto-based Creative Initiative and Global Community organization. (Obit Palo Alto online 2004.)

…Emelia initially was the driving force behind creation in 1962-63 of a woman’s organization called Newsphere, based on the literary work of French priest/paleontologist/philosopher Teilhard de Chardin.

“We felt it was time for women to expand beyond the motherhood role,” Burch recalled of the early launch of an arm of the women’s movement — separate and distinct from the more hard-edged feminism of the time.

“It was about the idea of being equal partners with men,” Fitton added.

The group at first had no name, but was referred to only as “The Work,” drawn from the “women’s work and men’s work” concept. It was dubbed Newsphere at a public launch in early 1963 at Foothill College. An early name for the effort was “Woman to Woman Build the Earth for the Children’s Sake,” a mouthful that became shortened to “Build the Earth.”

Emilia had performed what she called the Dawn Ceremony earlier that year.

…Emilia’s sense of personal crisis was further aggravated by problems she had with Betty Eisner, who had first joined the group while a student at Stanford. After she became a psychotherapist, Eisner led therapy sessions at Sequoia Seminar where she commonly used low doses of LSD to relax people. Her relationship to Emilia was characterized by tension and apparent competitiveness…She was told to gather a group of ten women to perform the rites that would bring the third age into being. In language that the group developed later, this ritual was supposed to “fix the third age into the time stream,” or “bring it down from the gnostic plane to the earth plane.” Emilia prepared the details of the ceremony in secret, telling the women who were to participate only when and where to gather. They were psychologically prepared for something like this event by the sense of crisis that had pervaded the group for the previous several years.

…The first “Dawn” ceremony, as it came to be called, was held on February 2, 1962, at a lodge on the Ben Lomond property.

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar

Emelia wanted to “split” from the Eisner psychological aspect since it wasn’t bringing in many new “rebel” recruits. (more on that in my conclusion section).

If you look at this excerpt, you’ll see one reason why Young Oon Kim was sent to meet with her.

…That course was not followed, however, because in the period between 1959 and 1962 Emilia underwent a number of severe personal strains that eventually climaxed in a religious revelation. This revelation was the basis for a reclarification of the whole meaning and purpose of the movement. The psychologizing that Emilia had first questioned back in the early 1940s when it was led by Elizabeth Boyden had slowly worked its way into her own group, and by the end of the decade it threatened to eclipse the religious work completely. The philosophy that had evolved was based in part on the validity of psychology as a means for personal insight, but it also used the evolutionary and mystical theories of Gerald Heard, and always the objective study of the life of Jesus in the Shaman tradition. Emilia’s personal crisis of the period after 1959 would have the effect of redressing the balance and putting psychology back into a secondary role. Psychology would be exchanged for a new interpretation of the religious message that would finally move Sequoia Seminar from proto-sect to a fully self-conscious religious movement.

…Emilia had her vision of a New Religion for the Third Age.

The most decisive transition of the many that Creative Initiative went through in its history occurred in 1962. In that year, Emilia had a religious revelation that resolved a series of personal and collective crises and radically changed the organization and style of the group.

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar


Exactly what Young Oon Kim was being groomed to do.


Yes, but who are the Rathbuns? You might ask, and why is this important?

Let’s have a look then.

Emilia married Stanford law professor Harry J. Rathbun in 1931, creating a partnership that changed the lives of thousands of people in the Palo Alto/Stanford area and around the world — using the group-dynamic approach to building a social-change organization. (Obit Palo Alto online 2004.)

Emelia and Harry Rathbun

Right off the bat, we now have two Frank Buchman/MRA John Mott/YWCA connections into Stanford. Harry John Rathbun was on the YWCA advisory board at Stanford in 1937.

As such, we should expect to find more British intelligence involvement with the Rathbun’s, and so we do.

Emelia? She was a Buchmanite.

Emilia has said that it was not until her work with the Oxford Group in the late 1930s that she came into direct contact with people who behaved in less than exemplary ways regarding sex.

…Even there, however, her experience (like Harry’s with Alcoholics Anonymous) was with people who were repenting their previous personal behavior and turning to God and conventional values as a means to finding absolution and peace.

A set of very complete notes from a 1952 continuation seminar gives some insight into the kind of psychological activity that took place in the sessions. A parenthetical comment near the beginning of the notes indicate that there were “several sessions during which Seminar participants verbalized their ‘seventh veil’ matter, their inmost blocks to further growth and progress on the Way.”[86] These group confessions may have owed something to Emilia’s years of experience hearing confessions in her Oxford Group work. When she told the participants, “nothing that has been said is a surprise, at least to me,” she was repeating language she had used to describe her Buchmanite experience. Emilia assured the group that they became more lovable when they opened up and admitted their “inmost natures and problems,” and explained that it was all part of the process of discovering what they could be so that they could see where they were and how they could move toward what God intended them to be.[87]

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar


Harry? He was too, but he was more of the “erudite” John Rees type. (see this chapter from The Reckoning and this PDF especially, to see what I mean by that)

Here’s Harry interpreting the “philosophy” of their movement. Note the bolded parts, those are very Reesian.

As the intellectual spokesman for the movement, Harry developed a speech, given repeatedly, that summed up the Sequoia Seminar philosophy. The philosophical consistency of Harry’s speech over many years demonstrates a sectarian reluctance to change even in the face of shifting social values. The form changed, the institutional support structure changed, but the core truths that the Rathbuns had perceived in the late 1930s were immutable. The first version of the speech was delivered to two different conventions of educators in 1942. More than forty years later, the authors heard Harry give basically the same talk to a meeting of Beyond War leaders. In fact, it seems to have been the only speech that Harry gave through most of his life. Notes to some of the last of the “final lectures” that he delivered to his Stanford classes indicate they too covered the same ground and used most of the same illustrative material. Mixing the order in which he presented his points from speech to speech, Harry invariably mentioned science, evolution, psychological maturity, individual obligation to the group, and Jesus as a model for thought and action. He liked to set up the speech, when possible, with a dramatic statement about the danger the world was in. This was easy enough during World War II, and later he usually managed to mention the possibility of the end of civilization from nuclear war somewhere in the talk. Soon after the war, in 1947, he used for the first time a quote from Albert Einstein that would later become the virtual motto of Beyond War: “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.”

Having established the danger, Harry proceeded to imply a solution by describing Heard’s theory of human evolution.[74] In a 1959 version of the speech that was reprinted and apparently widely distributed, he argued that there was a direction in the evolutionary process toward greater complexity, greater specialization, and greater understanding. He then likened each of these ideas to one of Heard’s stages of human development: “The first, the biological or organic state, was that in which we developed the characteristics that made us men. . . . The second stage has been called the technic stage, and we are in the middle of that now. . . . The third is the psychic stage in which we learn how to use this equipment above our ears more effectively.”

The speech then usually moved into a section dealing with the importance of psychologically mature individuals, “men and women adequate to the situations in which they will find themselves.” And always, in every speech, he illustrated what he meant by reciting that paean to bourgeois self-sufficiency, Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If.” The selection of Kipling’s poem was understandable on most counts since it defined maturity—”you’ll be a Man, my son!”—in terms of sobriety, hard work, and emotional control. But it also stressed the importance of personal independence from others, an idea that ran directly counter to the great emphasis within Sequoia Seminar on interdependence. Harry was apparently untroubled by the fact that the poem could be considered inconsistent with the goal of community because it described a person of great inner strength derived from solid middle-class values. Finally, Harry came to the logical conclusion of his talk: the way to achieve the next step in evolution, the way to attain psychological maturity, the way to insure human cooperation and the survival of civilization—religion. He always insisted that religion was universal. “I contend that everyone has a religion whether he knows it or not,” Harry told an audience in 1960. “I say that,” he continued, “because it seems to me that historically it is true that what we encompass by the word religion is a person’s views of the universe in which he lives, his relationship to that universe, the way things are, the things that are valuable and so on.” His definition of religion might not have passed muster in an academic setting, but it had another purpose. Since everybody had a religion, then it was “extraordinarily important for a person to have a realistic religion instead of one based upon illusion; . . . a mature rather than a childish one.” He defined mature religion in Sequoia Seminar terms as total loyalty to the highest good, that is, the surrender of the individual’s will to the will of God, and pointed out that Jesus was one of the finest exemplars of that mature religious approach to life. The purpose of accepting a mature religion, as he defined it, remained constant through Harry’s speeches, but the wording was softened somewhat in the later years. The first full-blown example of the standard speech, delivered in 1942, pulled no punches. Man, he explained, had to “cast off the shell of separateness in which he is imprisoned and emerge . . . into the next stage of human evolution which is not organic evolution but that of his psyche, his spirit, his essential nature.” Using an explicitly biological term, he stated that this “mutation is attained by giving one’s complete and total loyalty to the underlying spirit of ultimate and total good, call it by whatever name you like. Such is the essence of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.” Harry had no doubt that what he was saying was scientifically true and would someday be proven through psychology, but, he declared, “we can’t wait for that. We must save civilization now so the psychologist will have an opportunity to make that discovery.”

Saving the Earth UC Press.

It was upon this Oxford Movement/YWCA/Tavistock basis (Frank Buchman/John Rees/John Mott) that they first began proselytizing.

The origins of this place trace back more than eighty years to a search for unity of the disciplines of science and religion in the belief that each sought universal truths about reality.

The Jesus as Teacher studies were brought to the west in the 1930’s by Dr. Harry Rathbun of Stanford University and his wife Emilia.  Seminars were held at Asilomar and other locations [starting in 1936].  By the 1940’s it was clear that a permanent facility was needed.  Early meetings were held in a cottage and participants stayed in tents during the two and three week summer seminars. 

History of the Sequia Site

Then, just in time to implement the “new” extended long term social science plan that came out of secret research during WWII, they formed the Sequoia Seminar. The same year as the Berkeley Institute we learned all about earlier.

In the early 1950s [it was 1949] the Rathbuns founded Sequoia Seminar, a retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where for more than 40 years they led seminars based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Obit Palo Alto online 2004.

Sequoia Seminar was incorporated in 1949 and the building of the lodges and cabins you will find here today began.  The first lodge was built on land at the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond.  Here the tradition of working together was begun and the goal of blending buildings with the land was met in “Casa de Luz”, House of Light.  This first lodge was given to the Quaker Center in 1973.

History of the Sequia Site

Emilia then branches out into the focus on feelings that, strangely enough, was an area of focused interest the CIA Mkultra program in this time period.

As the decade progressed the role of psychology in the group’s activities increased. In 1956 Emilia Rathbun and Betty Eisner were coleaders of a group that wrote spontaneously on themes suggested by Emilia, “trying to express their own feelings rather than intellectual concepts.”

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar

The following is taken from my analysis of MKULTRA subproject 74, which was over 400+ pages of documents related to the CIA’s major funding conduit, the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

p. 367 just to illustrate the purpose of a cover, ie to hide what they really want funded, look at this document that managed to make it in this file in full  and miss Gottlieb’s shredder. Look at where it makes clear that the principal investigator on “emotions” and how they are displayed biologically and physically, is a covert cleared contractor and is WITTING.  But he is mixed in with the other dufuses grants. Now, this doc is dated 7 October 1958 which means this kind of thing was going on right at the beginning of the scatter pattern of the cover grants.

As to the document itself, what’s interesting about reading through it is that their “hypotheses” are derived primarily from observations of persons undergoing the process of change in psychotherapy.

“The reasoning here is that, if emotion cannot be fully discharged externally, it will tend to be discharged internally. The peptic ulcer personality would seem to be a clinical instance lending support to such a hypothesis.”

Continuing with this same WITTING grant, on p. 374 check out all the things they want to take a “behavior polygraph” of.

p. 382 [blacked out] provides a particularly good setting for such research. It has an enviable reputation for ease of interdepartmental cooperation. It has competent workers in closely allied fields related to this study…

Sounds like Stanford to me, or maybe Berkeley.

By the time of this particular MKULTRA sub-project, this whole emotional “release” (and studying of) was definitely having a big boost at the Sequoia Seminar.

So pervasive was the psychological approach by 1958 and 1959 that almost all of the continuation seminars given in those summers were psychologically focused and many included art. The most explicit was a seminar entitled “Group Therapy” led by Betty Eisner. It was described as “an intensive group therapy situation and will be conducted on a very personal level aimed at removing barriers within the individual which obstruct his growth in creative living. . . . The use of art materials will play an important role.”

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar

Simultaneously, Emilia also enters the Catholic realm of magickal writing –

In addition to spontaneous writing… The 1958 annual report explained, “We are learning how such activities can contribute to the process of individual change with which we are concerned.”

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar

From my article Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science


Here’s the next interesting point relating to angels, and that is that they require something called divine revelation before you can have certainty (proof) of their existence.

the existence of pure created spirits requires divine revelation to make the fact absolutely certain.

Since it appears to be rather integral to understanding this – what is Divine Revelation then? …one would rightfully ask, because obviously there’s a distinction between “divine” and some other sort of revelation.

This tells us –

Divine Revelation comes down to us by two means: through Holy Scripture, written down under divine inspiration, and through Tradition, handed down orally from Apostolic times.

From the Vatican’s website

Sacred Scripture is the speech of God as it is put down in writing under the breath of the Holy Spirit.


automatic writing influenced by angels and demons

*automatic writing – said to be produced by a spiritual, occult, or subconscious agency rather than by the conscious intention of the writer.

So, some man was allegedly doing automatic writing from God and that became Holy Scripture.


How do these revelations by God take place? Telepathy, primarily, but sometimes in an actually hearable-by-ears voice which required either technology to transmit it or an actual presence with a body. Either one of those required someone with a body somewhere, you understand.

Sort of like the Wizard of Oz.

God has often revealed Himself to men through means beyond the ordinary course of nature. This is supernatural, or Divine Revelation.

God spoke to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Paradise. He spoke to Abraham…

Private revelations have been made to holy persons…When the Church approves them, it merely states that there is nothing in them contrary to faith or morals.

Notice that there’s a catch to all this “divine revelation” stuff though – actual MEN have to approve whether it is or not. Wrap your mind around that one.

Private revelations have been made to holy persons…When the Church approves them, it merely states that there is nothing in them contrary to faith or morals.

You do realize, that means that “Holy Scripture” – that automatic writing stuff – gets yea or nayed for inclusion into the bible by MEN.

Human men with that inferior “animal” soul that lacks great intelligence and insight, that they just said is the case with all humans.

I find that darkly amusing.

I was talking to a Catholic one day, and I said: Well, if God is speaking through priests then why are they molesting children?

The person responded: Men are flawed because of original sin.

I said: Then how can you trust the bible then?


That was the end of that.

– – –

Then came the beginnings of the “split” that wasn’t really. It was clearly that what was wanted were the spiritual rebels, and you aren’t going to get them by overfocusing on psychiatric psychology, since, to put it in the vernacular “we hate that retarded shit.”

[1959]  a handwritten memo from Emilia asked if people should not be “well grounded in the teachings of Jesus and have made the decision to follow the ‘way’ before they are enrolled in any group which has as its objective the process of introspection (therapy).” And, conversely, she asked if people who started work in psychotherapy should be “told that the process in the seminar structure leads to a choice of ‘the way’ of life commended by Jesus (commitment)?”

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar

Path #1, and Path #2 (same path, really) enter Esalen.

* * *


Additional British intelligence connection #1 –

Frank Barron was a founding board member of the Esalen Institute…through his relationship with…Gregory Bateson.25

As in Stanford behavioral institute, Macy Foundation, and a number of MKULTRA LSD projects kind of relationship.

Isabella Conti (Barron’s research assistant at the Berkeley Institute) came to Esalen…25

Additional British intelligence connection #2 –

Gerald Heard had spent 10 years working for the Society of Psychical Research in London (1932-1942) Heard had written pushing the benefits of mind-altering drugs to “evolve” human consciousness, at the same time that Aldous Huxley was. Aldous had written Doors of Perception in 1954.

Gerald Heard was a strong presence at the Sequoia Seminars of the Rathbuns, and was instrumental in influencing Murphy and Price to found the Esalen Institute. He literally tipped the scales and pushed them to “jump in”.

The supposed split –

Emilia’s fear that the psychotherapeutic aspects of the work might have begun to take precedence over the religious purpose seems particularly apt in retrospect. Although nobody knew it at the time, Sequoia Seminar was one of a stream of sources for what would become the “human potential” movement of the 1960s. Their stress of religious values kept them from total involvement, but for several years in the late 1950s they were the place where some of the California activists in the human potential movement got their start. One was Del Carlson. Carlson was a Marine Corps veteran who had been attracted to a Records study group at San Jose State College in 1947 and who had participated actively in Students Concerned. He stayed with the movement after the demise of Students Concerned and was, for a dozen years, one of the mainstays of the group. A high school art teacher, he had his summers free and devoted them to Sequoia Seminar. He was the group’s registrar, business manager, and leader of art therapy sessions until 1962.

…Carlson was also a friend of Michael Murphy, the man who founded Esalen. In fact, Carlson was a co-leader of the first formal seminar ever held at Esalen in 1962, when it was still called Slate’s Hot Springs.

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar

Remember what you read earlier about Willis Harman and his connections into Barron, Tryon, Leary, Huxley, ad nauseum with the intelligence connections this guy had…he played a key role in both the Sequoia Seminar and Esalen.

I call him the cross-over man. Please understand, this is also the man that put together the research at SRI in a book called Changing Images of Man which is where we find that they proved everyone could do telepathy (p. 114 and especially p. 116).

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Seriously though, this man is quite a nexus.

Willis Harman

Willis Harman

See for yourself.

Even more important, both to Sequoia Seminar and the human potential movement, was Willis Harman. An engineering professor at Stanford, Harman had attended a study group led by Harry and then had gone to a Sequoia Seminar in 1954. He had not expected the heavy emphasis on meditation, introspection, and self-exposure, but he found that his engineer’s rational world view was “permanently destroyed” as a result of his experience there. He embarked on an extended period of self-education in mysticism and psychic phenomena and moved into the inner circle of Sequoia Seminar.

Harman had been very impressed by Gerald Heard’s lectures on his experience with mescaline; he also made contact with Myron Stolaroff, one of the original American experimenters with LSD, who was also briefly involved with Sequoia Seminar. On November 16, 1956, eight of the Sequoia Seminar leadership group accompanied Harman to the home of a physician member of the movement, where Harman took LSD for the first time. [remember MKULTRA Subproject 7 here]. In subsequent years almost every member of the Sequoia Seminar inner leadership group experimented with LSD on a number of occasions. Many of the drug sessions were led by Betty Eisner who was very interested in the psychotherapeutic possibilities of low doses of the then legal hallucinogen. She and Harman disagreed strongly, however, on how the drug should be used since he preferred larger doses that would provide the user with mystical experiences, rather than the milder effects that Eisner sought.

Even though LSD was still a noncontrolled substance and, therefore, legal to use, Sequoia Seminar employed it very cautiously. It was never distributed to anyone other than group leaders, and their sessions were carefully planned and supervised, usually with the presence of one of the planning group members who was a medical doctor. There appear to have been few if any “bad trips,” and the drug-induced mystical experiences and psychotherapeutic sessions are usually remembered positively by those who partook of them. Experimentation with LSD stopped after 1959 because most of those involved felt there was nothing more to be gained from continued use and perhaps also because of a difficult confrontation between Emilia and Betty Eisner that may have involved the use of the drug. Those, like Harman, who wished to pursue further interests in the drug left Sequoia Seminar and became active in other groups such as Esalen and the International Foundation for Internal Freedom. [uh… and a number of MKULTRA subprojects conveniently left out here]

Psychology in Sequoia Seminar

Esalen’s mailing list was composed of a list from Alan Watts and the entire Sequoia Seminars mailing list. The first test-run seminars were in January and April of 1962, featuring Alan Watts and Kenneth Rexroth respectively. Please note the timing here with Emelia’s “Dawn Ritual” in February of 1962, to my mind clearly showing ALL of them were shifting as ordered.

*Reminder: Alan Watts was one of the people present at the Aldous Huxley Harvard secret order of LSD meeting in November of 1960.

The first official seminar took place on September 22-23, 1962. Their first two brochures were both titled: “The Human Potentiality”.

Over a picture of the Thai Buddha scultpure, smiling and rapt in the bliss of meditation. The synopsis of this Esalen Institute was: “A seminar series exploring recent developments in psychology, psychical research and work with the ‘mind-opening drugs.’” Esalen, p. 100)

Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion by Jeffrey J. Kripal

Willis Harman “The Expanding Vision” –

The first seminar was a survey of the Vision. It was entitled “The Expanding Vision” and was led by Willis Harman…described in the brochure as a review of the current conceptual revolution in psychology.

The Upstart Spring: Esalen and the Human Potential Movement by Walter Truett Anderson

Finally, let’s have a look at who some of the “teachers” were at this place, besides Willis Harman. Here’s a list my husband put together showing which intelligence agency each was affiliated with.



Teachers at Esalen Institute –

Aldous Huxley    (MI 6)
Arnold J. Toynbee    (MI 6 British intelligence)
Abraham Maslow
Timothy Leary    (CIA)
Gregory Bateson    (OSS, CIA)
Richard Alpert    (CIA)
Ken Kesey    (CIA)
Alan Watts    (CIA)
J. B. Rhine    (MI 6)
Albert Hofmann    (discovered LSD, worked at Sandoz Laboratories owned by Warburg)

Esalen Institute formed around the concept of cultivating extraordinary potential that lie largely untapped in all people. It espoused that the inner-self should be freely expressed in order to reach one’s true potential.

And there’s Young Oon Kim, just two months after the head of the Korean CIA came to visit, and just three months after Esalen’s first big seminar, the same year Emilie Rathbun gives them her mailing list and starts her women’s religious NEW DAWN ritual movement…

News from Berkeley

Miss Kim and I went to Palo Alto on the 18th of December and had a meeting with Mr. and Mrs Rathbun and three other ladies. They were very much moved by Miss Kim’s life story and and the message. They both wanted to start a study group in the home of Mrs. Rathbun, who had received parts of the Principles. She realized that we must go beyond Jesus and a new leader would come and he is already on earth, but she did not know where he was. Later she took Miss Kim in her arms and cried and said, “My sister, my sister.” We were all so happy. We know there are many people just waiting for us to bring this message to them. We have to be like a detective for God and find them quickly.

Unification Newsletter 15 January 1963, Pauline Philips blurb


Kim, Lofland and Stark

2. That’s a Wrap.


The young cult was now on it’s way and it was time to wrap things up for the dynamic duo.

There she goes…

Lofland’s 588-page doctoral thesis about all this, entitled: “The World Savers: A Field Study of Cult Processes“, was then submitted to and approved by the University of California at Berkeley’s Department of Sociology in June 1964.

It was published in an abridged from in the 1966 book by Prentice-Hall as Doomsday Cult: A Study of Conversion, Proselytization and Maintenance of Faith. It is considered to be one of the most widely cited studies of the process of religious conversion. Lofland went on to teach at the University of Michigan; Sonoma State College, California; and the University of California at Davis.1

Clearly, this study of his was meant to be a major “standard” on what to think about people who don’t tow the slavemaster party line and who want to do the unthinkable to them – change the world. Hence the derogatory context of world-savers in his follow-up paper. You can practically see the sarcastic air quotes around it.

What I don’t think most people have considered about what he did there, was that it was essentially a thinly veiled intelligence action. A sort of a PR smoke-and-mirrors act where infiltration and spying get re-branded as Qualitative Observation and Analysis (Lofland’s (1971) Practical Guide for ‘observers’).

You say: “But he wasn’t an intelligence agent working for the CIA…etc. so how could that be?”

Besides the fact that you really need to get what the word agent can mean (I suggest looking it up in a dictionary) and all the various ways the CIA hides who its agents are (see Tom Tripodi book, for example) more importantly THAT is determined by who is behind the person and what their purposes are. That is the real determining factor for who is being run or used an agent – their handler.  In addition to that, there are very real aspects of the intelligence world in play Lofland – aspects that have remained largely unknown until now.

As I said in the beginning of this article, the lead-in that allowed that to be discovered, came about for me because of another helpful soul who ‘tagged’ our blog and brought my attention to theirs. What I found there, in and around many other documents useful in their own right, was something amazing.

The funny thing was that it was actually right in the dang title of it.

Becoming a World-Saver: A Theory of Conversion to a Deviant Perspective….by John Lofland and Rodney Stark, December 1965, American Sociological Review, Vol. 30, No. 6. (Dec., 1965), pp. 862-875. (full article here)


What does deviant mean? departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior. It comes from the word deviate though, which means depart from an established course.

Example – “you must not deviate from the agreed route”

To deviate from something means to start doing something different or not planned.

Well, we know how much the slavemasters hate that idea, so I believe we have found a new word to add to our slavemaster-speak primer that my husband made, which goes like this now –


RULE – The slavemasters say they are extremely superior to everyone else. All others are inferior to them. All others must exalt the slavemasters, worship them, praise them and bend the knee to them. The slaves must always submit, obey, comply and fulfill every desire the slavemasters have.

SOCIETY – the only proper society is one where the slavemasters RULE

SOCIAL – being a willing subject in the slavemaster SOCIETY

ANTI-SOCIAL – rejection of or departure from the slavemaster SOCIETY



DEVIANT – same idea as ANTI-SOCIAL

COMMUNIST – a favorite label we put on people who are DEVIANT



WORLD PEACE – we won’t create wars when everyone is SOCIAL


Ok, so deviant perspective. Why did he name it that?

As we know, not only were both Lofland and Stark taking Erving Goffman’s course on Deviance and Social Control, Lofland specifically was tasked to find a “deviant religious group to study.


That’s where the rubber really hits the road here, something I found in his thesis.

Look closely at the intro to it –

Materials derived from observation of a West Coast millenarian cult are employed to develop a “value-added’ model of the conditions under which conversion occurs. For conversion a person must experience, within a religious problem-solving perspective, enduring, acutely-felt tensions that lead him to define himself as a religious seeker; he must encounter the cult at a turning point in his life; within the cult an affective bond must be formed (or pre-exist) and any extra-cult neutralized; and there he must be exposed to intensive interaction if he is to become a “deployable agent!’

Ok, now look at these MKULTRA Sub-project 98 Mass Conversion (started in August 1959) excerpts again –

It was billed as a study into the mass psychology involved in brainwashing, mass defection, etc.

You can tell what they are after figuring out to do here, by looking at the “working definition” of conversion given on p. 24 of the documents: a fundamental change (i.e. an about-face) concerning basic moral, religious, or political matters which lasts after the pressure which have induced it are removed. (underlining is as in document)

This definition should allow one to relate “conversion” to attitude change, on the one hand, and personality change, on the other.

[…] A second working assumption is to be made: mass conversion is a collective affair inasmuch as those influenced also influence one another. It is not simply a series of parallel changes that take place in a plurality of individuals under similar pressures. On the contrary, snowball-like effects are postulated.

But also note the corollary from MKULTRA subproject 84:

Study of induction of high motivation in individuals by means of the development of specific interpersonal relationships.

This means the powers-that-be are looking in to how to use others to influence an individual. You can also see why they would want to foster some cults for the same purposes.

The doctors involved wanted to know 3 things.

  • who is susceptible
  • under what conditions are changes effected
  • what is the nature of the change.

Notice that the first priority is susceptibility.

They want to know the conditions of conversion.

Most importantly, they want to know how permanent change is achieved. Does a permanent reorganization of beliefs require “sustained group support” – that’s those specific interpersonal relationships – and if without it “does the individual’s enthusiasm and group enthusiasm experience a natural let-down.”

They had decided that the following items had been “found effective in bringing about a basic change in social role”. This person wants to analyze all the above in regard to two things – the personality types on whom they are most effective and the permanence of the changes produced.

Bolding is mine –

  • a – hypnosis and suggestion
  • b – therapy, the sustained mobilization of affect.
  • c – “ascription” the signification of change of status as a result of initiation ceremonies, specific experiences, etc. which legitimate the acceptance of a new role in the eyes of others.
  • d – persuasion, the susceptibility to rational argument by appeals to interests and dispositions in a person…
  • e – enforced isolation, individual confinement and all techniques whereby perception and information can be made homogenous and monopolized, minimizing any competing influences.
  • f – stress, [illegible – action?] and the threat of severe punishment – all of which act to change the reward structure.

Practically carbon copy of what Lofland did.

Under the * footnote (from next to the title of his dissertation) it says:

This investigation was supported in part by a Public Health Service fellowship to the senior author from the National Institute of Mental Health (MPM-16, 661; 5F1 MH-16, 661-02).

John Lofland, as the senior author, was paid to do this from the CIA’s main funding conduit (for the more secret and sensitive research) at this time.

And it was just what the PSB ordered –

The Doctrinal Program –

  • Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

I rest my case.

And Young Oon Kim?

As you might suspect, she disappears. Again.

To Korea for a year, starting with debriefing to her female handler Helen Kim.

In Young Oon Kim’s own words

In 1964 I returned to Korea and spent nearly a year (there). During that time I visited Dr. Helen Kim, to her surprise, at Ewha Women’s University and told her what I had been doing. I returned to the States in January 1965…

“to her surprise” is thought to be Young Oon Kim being rather disingenuous, to put it mildly.

In Conclusion

We have now mapped and documented what I set out to do, and that “crack in the wall” is now a full-blown dam breaker. But who were the targets that the slavemasters wanted? Why were they really creating cults like the Unification Church?

George Morgan wrote

Hence the major target of the doctrinal program is the developed, articulate mind. This mind, engaged in developing concepts and rationalizations and capable of projecting the same to others, possesses the ability to classify, analyze and synthesize. The developed mind contains a store of knowledge, prejudices, opinions, predispositions, and traditional use patterns of these elements. It is characterized by an active urge to present to others the conclusions of its mental processes.

Their targets are no dummies, in other words.

And, while in his next point he is willing to admit that this kind of person can be found in all walks of life, he does make this statement: “but members of the elite most generally possess developed minds.

He clarifies though that: “Even though the developed mind is more frequent among the influential class, it is not a man’s position, however, but his proficiency in using his mind, which designates him as a proper target for the doctrinal program.

OK, so this “elite” then, are actually simply smart people who know how to think.

Rodney Stark wrote

Although one of my earliest published studies was based on participant observation of how a new religious movement recruited members, which showed that people are brought into these groups on the basis of social relationships (Lofland and Stark 1965), my interest in such movements soon took a more macro approach. Having also learned from studying conversion that it is the “irreligious” and unchurched who join new religions (very “religious” people do not change faiths), I formulated theories about where and when such movements would prosper or decline. More specifically, I hypothesized that such movements would be more successful in areas where the conventional religious organizations were weaker, hence, along the West Coast of the United States and in Northern Europe.

Really think about that bolded part.

To me, this means that for those of us rebels who were TOO SMART to fall for their hokey fairy tales aka religion, or who successfully escape said religions? The slavemasters simply were going nuts over having even us few OUT FROM UNDER THEIR CONTROL.

Their direct monitoring.

Did you ever wonder why the new Psychiatry bible, the DSM, says that telepathy is ok IF the person is part of an approved religion, culture, etc. etc. – as in ONE OF THEIR GROUPS.

But that the person saying they are telepathic or practicing telepathy is schizophrenic and mentally ill if they are NOT in one of their groups?

Therefore, cults and new age religions, every…single…one…of them, from Scientology to Mormonism, from Christian Science to Barbara Marx Hubbard, from Raelians to Ashtar Command, from Xenu and the Galactic Federation to the Pleiadeans….

They ALL are designed TRAPS.

By the same people who intentionally fabricated the most destructive thing imaginable to this planet of ours.


All to try and kill, co-opt, manipulate, and most of all – control our true spirituality.

So the next time someone tries to label you anti-social? In most cases, consider it a badge of honor.



The last thing I want to point out, is that now that I have just about completely exposed the intelligence underbelly of the Unification Church, it’s tight connections to its literal twin, the Church of Scientology, become even harder to deny.

It’s funny, but even though you have this podcast announcer32 saying this (starting at 1:40:06):

I don’t want to dismiss the idea that the CIA works with cults, I mean you can look no further than the Moonies. DEEP ties with the Unification Church and both the CIA and the Korean CIA running Radio Free Asia so clearly the CIA has no problem working with cults…looking at the Moonies and the CIA THAT to me is…you’re talking about a group that has…in Korea…extremely strategic…lots of members in Japan…very strategic. They are well-organized. They have a veneer of Christian acceptability. They’re also powerful as well.

He just can’t seem to manage to understand how Scientology could be in the same role.

Perhaps it’s because of his interviewee, Jeffrey Augustine, who gave him his voila! reason about how Hubbard couldn’t possibly be CIA.

Jeff tells him that it can’t be so, as us “some people out on the internet” who document such things talk about, because…wait for it…

Hubbard doesn’t have a fleet of planes, and has only one ship.

Apparently, Hubbard, unlike the Unification Church, has to be Scientology Air America and invade small countries with fleets of planes, destroyers and air-craft carriers before it could even possibly be the truth that his is also a CIA-spawned cult.

Sort of like something out of Team America, only with CIA emblazoned on the sides of these fleets of planes and ships that all their operatives always arrive in.


It’s how COVERT ops are run, dontcha know.


You would, of course, never have a kooky-acting cult leader used as a cover.

Oh wait…

“Before we tie into a religious group,” an SPD officer told me some time ago, it’s got to be so offbeat that anyone in the Agency who belongs to it may be fired as a security risk-and that does not include the Holy Rollers.”

Without Cloak and Dagger by Miles Copeland; 1974, as quoted in:
The Kookier The Better – Why The CIA Used Scientology and The Unification Church For Espionage

I hope that after reading this article, now you know how it really works.

Thank you for reading.

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