Scientology – The Plan That Doesn’t Exist

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– publication date: April 3, 2016 –

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Scientology – The Plan That Doesn’t Exist

(It’s all in your imagination)

By Virginia McClaughry

Clearing The Planet

[…] use LRH’s discoveries for their intended purpose: to enable people to rehabilitate their spiritual abilities and understand life more deeply.

THE IRON DOOR Friday, 11 December 2009 13:35, Steve Hall, scientologist.




your sore spot is . . .inability at being able to cause any effect on others.

– Beverly Rice to Virginia McClaughry, alt.religion.scientology, March 10, 2002


she’s a nutbucket on wheels who believes that “Ron” communicates to her

Dianna Wagner re: Virginia McClaughry, alt.religion.scientology, September 16, 2002


God, you are too evil and insane even for the CoS!

Elizabeth Ann Cox to Virginia McClaughry, alt.religion.scientology, September 17, 2002


Our crimes are we disagreed with Mike and Virginia…

Alan Walter, alt.religion.scientology


That’s assuming Virginia and Mike haven’t just been an OSA op all along…

Rob Clark (posting as PTS C) alt.religion.scientology


...before Virginia “Moonbat” McClaughrey slithered her way on to the scene.

Mick Wenlock ex-scientologist message board September 24, 2007

pointing fingers

Welcome to the world of Scientology where nothing is as it seems

and yet everything can be made visible

invisible fingerprints uv

As many of you are doubtless already aware, there has been a movement afoot during the last six or seven years to “do something” about the Church of Scientology.

Is this a new idea?

Not exactly..

Since the time that Hubbard was phasing out and The New Front Man for scientology was phasing in there has been more than one effort to “do something” about the Church.

One example was scientologist Randy McDonald.

Randy McDonald
(Jon Randall McDonald)

Randy McDonald (jon randall)Google profile pic, 2012

Randy as Jon Storm (musician) – obviously a younger pic.


Under the label of Low Moon Music, Randy has a number of songs that can be listened to online at both Reverb Nation and Amazon Music. There’s also a foray into space opera music over at First Contact Saturn.

A whois lookup is where you look up the registration information for a website address or “domain”. The whois lookup for the domain called Low Moon Music shows us two other websites registered by Randy McDonald.


Randy, or maybe we should call him Jon, is is quite a creative guy. His web pages at Vidiars demonstrate some of the range of his interests.

A whois lookup for confirms that Randy McDonald is the admin contact, the website was registered June 29, 2003, but notice what else this registration tells us.

Randy’s “organization” is listed as Chalet Books.


screenshot-whois domaintools com Randy Mcdonald Chalet Books 2016-03-30 08-24-55

Chalet books is a very strange website as to layout. I say that because there’s no outgoing links or categories linking it to Chalet Reports (which I’ll get to in a minute).

It was registered in 2007.

Look at the main page.

Screenshot –


Ok, now actually go to the main page and click on Omen books. You’ll see 3 books listed. Notice the one in the middle by “Jon Randall” titled Murder at Wisteria Pines. Click on that and you see this –




Jon Randall is a pen name that Jon Randall McDonald (or “Randy”) used when he was working for the Church of Scientology on the Battlefield Earth or rather the Mission Earth book series. That was documented years ago as part of what was called The McDonald Papers that were webbed by Andreas Heldal-Lund (Operation Clambake) many years ago and preserved online thanks to the Internet Archive. Several of the documents preserved list his full name as Jon Randall McDonald.

Even earlier than the Heldal-Lund project, different ones of these papers were originally posted online at a newsgroup called alt.religion.scientology.

Here’s an excerpt from one that describes Randy using the “Jon Randall” pen name, in the context of being a writer for the Church of Scientology doing works-for-hire, I believe it’s called.

But by 1986, he was receiving offers to come back to L.A. and work in design there. He and his family moved back, and within six months Randy had been hired by Bridge Publications, Inc. (BPI) to handle the advertising and marketing campaigns for L. Ron Hubbard’s “Mission Earth” series.

Randy wrote, designed, and art directed the international advertising campaigns for Volumes V through X of the series, and in the meantime was secured by Author Service, Inc. (ASI) to design their “Special Properties” catalog, and to be the writer (writing as “Jon Randall”) who would adapt the first five “Mission Earth” volumes to audio cassette scripts for Random House.


I took the Murder at Wisteria Pines by “Jon Randall” book that’s advertised at Chalet Books/Omen Books and searched Amazon for it, and it is indeed for sale there. The page has a nice little blurb about the author – Jon Randall.

About the Author
Jon Randall has been hooked on mysteries ever since he was given a set of annotated Sherlock Holmes stories as a young man. He began writing his stories about the Colonel and Raymond Hilary in the dead of night while still working a day job and raising a family. In the peace and quiet of a cottage on the Elk River in his beloved South, he finally was able to finish this seminal story about Raymond Hilary meeting and becoming the personal assistant to Colonel Beaudry. Mr. Randall has two other novels and a collection of short stories about their adventures in the works. Write to him at


Note the contact info. As I just showed you earlier, is Randy as in Jon Randall McDonald’s website. If you actually go to the website, the “home” page, you’ll see this –



The phone number reverse look-ups to an address that is indeed in the Elk River area of Athens, Alabama – which matches the info (location) of Randy’s Google Plus page with the pic of him, as does the Gmail email address match the domain registration contact for (although there’s actually two different email addresses given.)

The AT and T one matches the lowmoonmusic domain and another one called Southern Expressions. That website cross-links back to Chalet Books, advertising a different one of the books listed.

If you look at the main page of Chalet Books again you’ll see this book title advertised –

createdequal ashton gray greatest lie.

At Randy’s Southern Expressions website, you see the same book advertised plus an actual excerpt loaded with various scientology concepts – more on that later.

The About page lists Randy’s creative mission as being: to elevate the culture, not degrade it. Notice the menu on the lower right that lists “Ashton Gray” under writers and “Jon Storm” under musicians.


Not sure who Jackie Glyn is, could just be a pen name/pseudonym.

Under the pen name of “Cambridge” (which I believe is one that was also used to post on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology years ago) note the discourse concerning Taxation etc. in America, that’s a big area of interest for Randy and in fact is part of what he challenged the head of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, about – ie: the Scientology and IRS Tax Exemption deal for the Church in 1993 that Mark Rathbun and David Miscavige brokered.

Bad pic – but that’s Mark Rathbun in the back right, with the IRS officials celebrating “the deal.”


One of the lesser known parts of that deal is that Miscavige began having church auditors act literally as tax enforcers. Yes, it’s true, questions were even added to the high-level security checks that OT VII’s (an auditing level) had to answer every six months. Several questions actually, geared to find out whether you “cheated” or didn’t pay your IRS taxes!

Another one of the book titles listed at Chalet Books main page is Watergate The Hoax.

This is what I meant when I mentioned that the site was strange because it doesn’t have any outgoing links to Chalet Reports, because if you look up this book title one of the results you’ll see is a link that looks like this

See what I mean? It’s subbed under Chalet Books, it’s part of the website, but you can’t get to it from Chalet Books directly.

Anyway, if you click the contact us link at the top you’ll see this –



There’s the same book that’s on Randy’s Southern Expressions website. There’s also a whole set of posts going deep into scientology history (as related to Watergate) that are billed as being research for/from the book by Ashton Gray.

If you read nothing else from those posts – just these two things would tell you a lot about who Ashton Gray is, or rather what group of people that name is associated with. My note in [..].

Is it possible, even remotely possible, that the CIA and King Hassan II had many mutual interests—among them being the elimination of a dangerous red-headed infidel [L. Ron Hubbard] spreading a rapidly growing religion, while also removing the one major barrier to the CIA’s intended “appropriation” (read: theft) of Hubbard’s OT Levels?

…For now we’re following one of those foggy wisps of assertive whisperings from someone who was a Commodore’s Messenger in 1972, Janis Gillham Grady. She claims to have been right there with Hubbard during the “real” incident (according to her) that purportedly sent him fleeing from the Villa Laure in Tangier to Lisbon on Wednesday, 29 November 1972 (according to her—but don’t touch that dial), with nothing but his tootbrush and whatever he could cram into a suitcase. [See Part IX: Hubbard Hears a Who. —Ed.]

This is the condition L. Ron Hubbard ended up in after being in the tender nursing care of Jim “Ratched” Dincalci in New York City, 1973. In a curious coincidence, CIA shock-doctor Max Fink also relocated to a hospital in NYC in 1973.

l-_ron_hubbard in queens new york with jim Dincalci


Pretty sensational, eh? The 3 things I pulled out, put more simply, are the premises that Hubbard was electroshocked and ergo mind-controlled by Max Fink, the CIA wanted to “steal” the OT levels, and Janis Gillham Grady was in the middle of it all.

Not saying any of that’s true, it’s just important to what I’m about to get into that you notice these to establish a line of continuity here.

I think David Reznor/Ashton Gray whatever may be reading our blog – particularly my post about the Missouri Institute of Psychiatry where I pretty deeply documented Max Fink’s history and involvement with that place. A number of very hard-to-find details that I dug up and put in my post now show up in these Chalet Reports posts.

About this Ashton Gray person.

Now there’s a whole rats nest of confusion all by it’s own self.

I really hate having to go into this, it’s not one of my favorite subjects for sure. Some of the people involved with and around this whole Church of Scientology scene are so seriously fucked up and downright irritating it’s about like torture to have to read any of it.


amara_puffer_face .

I could barely tolerate it the first time I had to deal with some of these peoples writings, let alone now when I am not so…um…constrained – yea, that’s the word – as I had to be then (which was decades ago).

I apologize for having to put you through this but….ah well.

shrug shoulders sigh.

It has to be done.

On that note – I’ve got to load up the time machine, we’re going to have to go back several decades ago.

Time Machine.

So, here we are at 1972.

Randy McDonald was born in 1948, and at the age of 23 he was working for MCA as a song-writer. He discovered Scientology and promptly joined the Sea Organization – specifically Celebrity Center Los Angeles that had just gotten going not long before that.

This came out of a project that Hubbard began in the 1950’s where he was deliberately seeking celebrities to help “front” for Scientology. See my post Scientology’s Project Celebrity – The Hunters and The Game


“Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man….”

On the Blue Water by Ernest Hemingway, published 1936 in Esquire’s First Sports Reader


This was all part of what Hubbard was supposed to be doing as an asset of Miles Copeland (deep cover NOC handler for the CIA).

But the arrangement we made with Moral Rearmament gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe. When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology…

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player,

Here’s the description of Project Celebrity from Ability 2 minor. You can see that issue in full here and I have included the full plain text below the image.

scientology Project Celebrity Ability 2 Minor (1955)

The new official ‘Celebrity” organization formed in 1969 – placed smack in the middle of where movie star careers were made (or broken) – was headed by Yvonne Gillham. Yvonne happened to be the mother of the very same Janis Gillham that Ashton Gray/David Reznor expresses such displeasure about.


Yvonne Gillham-Jentszch – 1975

celebrity 1975 first international conference peace yvonne.

Within a year of joining the Sea Organization, Randy had married Christine Baranay (November 1972). They divorced later on and Randy married again to Ronni.

Christine left scientology in the 1990’s(?).

Christine Baranay – left after 21 years – aka Christine McDonald (CCLA SO), Christine Gualtieri (Dir Reg CCLA 1972-75, Flag Management 1975-79), Christine Williams, Windhorse – OT VIII, Class 4 auditor, Sea Org, D/CS6 (Commodores Staff Div 6), Dir Clearing FSO 1979-80, gave $50,000 to the IAS, Los Angeles, Clearwater – blog comment, on the Indie 500 list

– Why We Protest big list of former scientologists who have spoken out. (Jon Randall McDonald is also on this list).


After Mark Rathbun started his bog blog in 2009 Christine became a frequent poster at Mark Rathbun’s blog. She used the screen name of Windhorse which she revealed that she was using on July 6, 2012 in a message done apparently while at Mark and “Mosey” Rathbun’s house to have some auditing.


mosey | July 6, 2012 at 11:27 pm

In honor of Alexander, Karen, Heber and all beings who suffer under the fear of tyranny:

I, Christine Baranay (maiden name), McDonald (CCLA SO), Gualtieri (CCLA
Flag CW SO), Williams (public), Baranay (current), are my this LT names … but my favorite has been Windhorse because it is this name that has enabled me to reconnect or meet all of you.

More later but for now know that my prayers are for the Jentzsch family, my hopes are with the Isreali Mission who have shown stellar courage and example and my deep thanks to Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie who never fail to amaze and delight me.

With a deep bow.

(Posted for Christine)

Christine doesn’t like to talk about conspiracies and feels people shouldn’t “focus” in that direction, a common theme then amongst commenters at Mark’s blog.


windhorse | December 16, 2012 at 10:19 am

I’m not going to argue conspiracy theories with you or anyone having listened to them for over 30 years. I’m not a beginner in these theories NOR with people who say “it’s not a theory, it’s true”

Fine. It may well be true.

I just choose, with my power of choice AKA free-will, to not focus my attention in that direction.

Certainly my intention wasn’t to make less of Greta or of you.


Rather than sounding rational, this strikes me as still the same kind of scientological crap “solutions” to things they don’t like. Much like the three monkeys metaphor.

No hear, see, or speak


Sometimes at Mark’s blog there was even complaining about some of what Randy and his friends had worked on. Mark (Marty) was complaining to Max Hauri for linking to the Factnet website but for some reason he decided to also deride the scirsology site – a site often characterized as having come from Randy’s work. (Max Hauri and his wife Erica run Rons Org – a splinter organization of scientology practitioners started by Captain Bill Robertson in 1986)

… I am cutting out future links to pages (such as IRSology, Facnet, etc) that I know to be about as reliable as a C of M website from hereon out. I am not censoring. I am just not going to assist in the spreading false data.

– Marty Rathbun to Max Hauri June 16, 2010, comment section of his post: Suppression of family starting with L. Ron Hubbard’s family

Of course, Mark doesn’t give any specifics as to what, exactly, is false there. I am of the opinion that this is more of a “show” of separation that wasn’t really based on actual separation. It’s interesting though that he is making an effort to appear like that he doesn’t even want anyone to look at these sites.

Is he really that afraid of people making up their own minds? No. You’d be surprised as to what was the real motivation there.

Remember – can be made visible.

invisible fingerprints uv

Getting back to Randy McDonald again –

After marrying Christine, Randy was on a fast track to success, making a name for himself when he became the editor of Celebrity – the official magazine of scientology’ Celebrity Centre.

Arguably, he did do a pretty good job elevating the status of Celebrity Centre through his work, which included directing and designing the mag, doing illustrations and photography for it, plus handling the interviews with some of scientology’s biggest star-catches – like the then lonely and hurting John Travolta.

Rumor has it that he was personally “Commended” by Ron Hubbard himself. A commendation is a type of report someone writes in scientology that then gets put in ones “Ethics” file – one from Hubbard is supposed to theoretically offset a goodly number of “bad” reports. Sort of like a Kha-Khan status, in a way.

Besides the one above of Yvonne Gillham, here’s a few covers of some of the issues of Celebrity that Randy McDonald personally supervised, mostly found at forums whyweprotest.


celebrity magazine 32minorlarryanderson

celebrity magazine dianahubbard horwich november 1979


I believe that Randy may have become part of the Guardian’s Office, it’s PR section, when he was promoted to the position of Acting Commanding Officer PR for Celebrity Centre International (A/CO PR CCI.

In any case, in 1983, Randy was caught in one of the usual “ethics” debacles inside Scientology. This particular one was part of the same one that I got caught up in at the Sea Org management headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. A Sea Org Ethics Mission had come to flag – courtesy of David Miscavige – and was wreaking the usual arbitrary destruction as part of “rooting out” bad guys and SPs and infiltrators.

Now there’s some irony for you, considering what my role really was.


I was ordered to the DPF (one step above the RPF) not because they wanted to get rid of me, they didn’t. It was more of an intimidation/behavior modification attempt because I stood up to some witch that was leading the mission who issued an order that no parents could go home any more to either spend family time with their kids, or even pick them up from the nursery at night. Instead, one staff member was being assigned to take all the kids.

Yeah right, you sick bitch witch, says me. I refused to not take my daily family time with my two very young children (3 and 1 at the time) and I also refused to not violate Hubbard policy regarding daily study time for Sea Org members. I told her route me out of here then, because I ain’t doing any of it.

Ah, but see, they didn’t want to do that, they wanted to keep me. She wanted to “rehabilitate” my out-ethics in the DPF (which she assigned me to) and I strung her along for a while as I worked on “routing out” until she realized she wasn’t going to get anywhere with me and tried to threaten me. That didn’t go exactly how she wanted it to, we’ll just leave it at that, but she was determined to block my successful leaving the Sea Org and said as much – that she would order people to not sign my form, etc. etc. She was quite crazy, to put it mildly, and I made some decisions about what needed to happen with her.

Coincidentally, guess what happened next?


Just a few days later, she and the whole mission were recalled (that’s not a good thing in scientology) back to whatever David Miscavige hole she crawled out of.

Would you look at that, says me. Now I can finish my “routing out” without psycho-nazi woman around.

thumbs up.

Routing out means completing one of scientology’s interminable Routing Forms in order to officially be sanctioned to be OK to leave – and therefore can’t be declared “suppressive” for “blowing” aka an unauthorized departure.

To complete what was called the Leaving Routing Form meant seeing a number of individuals in order, on a form they have to sign off. All of which tried to mess with you by trying to not sign it or holding you up, or in a couple of cases, by forcing you to listen to some diatribe about what a scum you are – while paradoxically they try to convince you to stay because they “need” people like you.

Whatever, said me.


Just sign the damn thing.


By hook or by crook, I managed to pull off getting it completely signed off and I left Clearwater, Florida in June of 1983, beginning divorce proceedings of my husband Bill in the process (who had tried to strangle me when I told him I was leaving and my reasons why – sub-standard child care, etc.)

What does this have to do with Randy?

Well, see Randy had something similar happen to him that year. He was illegally ordered to the RPF – which at that time meant one of these Sea Org “Ethics” missions people had decided he had “evil intentions” and was a “degraded being” somehow. Randy refused to go and was given a Catch-22 choice: either choose to go to the RPF or be charged with “wanting to leave the Sea Org.”Randy wouldn’t agree either way, so they decided he was “unfit” and routed him out of the Sea Org.

The only difference, really, between Randy and I’s experience that year is that they wanted to keep me and I wouldn’t let them.

Randy then moved his family (he had remarried to Ronni and they had kids by then) back to where he came from – Huntsville, Alabama.

– Reference – McDonald papers preface.

As mentioned previously, scientology asked him to come back in 1986 to help with the Hubbard book series Mission Earth marketing campaign – so he did. He moved back and worked for quite a few year more years within scientology organizations.

But then, something happened.

If you read the McDonald papers it is all laid out for you. Basically, it had to do with David Miscavige (head of RTC) issuing his own special “orders” as policy for scientologists called SPD’s or Scientology Policy Directives and some of them related to the new IRS deal made in 1993. One thing led to another, and Randy and a number of other people launched an investigation and various forms of protest.

The end result was that McDonald was kicked out of the Church.

The Mcdonald Papers are documents from the period of time where he was trying to handle the matter internally, and in one of the documents dated July 13, 1996 (#38) he “releases” them into the public domain, but there is a note at the beginning to “All” saying –

The McDonald Papers ( 38 ) 13 July 1996 Dear All: Below is the text version of my release. Copies of the actual signed document are coming to each of you, and the original is safely on file now far away. Randy


The “All” that’s being referred to is said to be directed to several different screen names used at the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

Where, if you recall, I mentioned that these documents began being posted. Often referred to as sockpuppets, some of the names, per the McDonald Papers were Mookie, Little John, Terpsichore, Elf, JD, Darwin, Aquarius, Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, and Ace of Diamonds.


There’s some pretty careful distancing in the original wording, laying these off as being a “handful of archivists” that Randy McDonald wrote to.

It is a story that could never be fully told in narrative. It can only be told with the original documents, carefully preserved by a handful of faithful archivists whom the world will probably never know.

You will find them written to by Randy McDonald in this archive: Mookie, Little John, Terpsichore, Elf, JD, Darwin, Aquarius, Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, and Ace of Diamonds.

– Posted Randy McDonald Story — RTC is Altering Scientology and Expells those who Protest Date: 4 Nov 2005. It is a repost of The McDonald Papers, a different post that was originally posted 24 Jul 2003.

Here’s a sample of the kind of writing that Randy was doing at the time, theoretically “with” these other people referred to as “Ace of Spades” etc.

The McDonald Papers ( #13 ) 24 February 1996 Ace of Spades: This is my second reminder to Matthead Wanker.

More than two months (64 days) have passed since this be-braided brickbrain seated a second committee (who STILL haven’t produced published Findings and Recommendations), and a full 200 DAYS have passed since the original Bill of Particulars.

This is Justice.

So I sent this notice to let him know.

I put the words “DAY 200″ in 113-pt. Stencil type diagonally across the page, reversing out of a black band. It was all a waste of good paper and toner, but I enjoyed it.

I am well into my exhaustive report on David Miscavige, which tells the real story of why this travesty of justice is going on, dragging out for over six months, of why we have an illegal and ridiculous non-enturbulation order” left hanging over our heads indefinitely, of why our church is no longer a safe haven of succor and good fellowship.

Sometimes I have to walk outside on the patio late at night and stare at the stars and breathe deeply of the cool, clean Tennessee air, just to get away from the stench that seems to waft up from the documents I now have to hand, the evidence of what is really going on out in the Southern California desert and down on Hollywood Boulevard.

It stinks, Ace. It is the “rank miasma” that Poe so eloquently described.

No wonder the Matthew Veenkers of this world get to parade around as toy soldiers and lord their idiocy over the lives and fortunes of caring people. No wonder. You will learn more anon.

I am about to put the safety and well-being of myself and my family on the line to get this story told, because it has to be told. I am not happy about it. I wonder sometimes, in the wee hours, bent over my computer, how and why it has fallen to me to do.

Hell, I’d rather be playing my guitar or taking my kids fishing. I’ll shut up now.

Randy McDonald

Clearly he’s quite pissed off, but perhaps more importantly, is in what way or what form this is expressed.

Over the next twenty years or so, this particular style of colorful and emotional writing will show up repeatedly in various places and under various names.

For example – look at this from the Chalet Reports site I talked about earlier:

The wonderful thing about being a High Priest of the Hubbard Hatred cult, though, like Miller and Atack and Jessup, is that you don’t need evidence; you just proclaim it, and the faithful culties accept it as The One True Truth About L. Ron Hubbard.

[NOTE: Don’t bother to stop and wonder where Miller would have gotten his inside information about what supposedly happened inside Villa Laure; that will make your head explode, too. He doesn’t name any of the known residents of Villa Laure as a source for his book. Maybe he has a Ouija board and was able to reach Hubbard on “the other side”? Then again, fiction doesn’t leave a paper trail, and it also doesn’t need named sources. —Ed.]

So who’s lying in all of this? Is anybody not lying might be a better question. Let God or Satan sort them out. Part of the sorting, though, has to include that “erstwhile” intelligence agent for the United Kingdom, Grand Wizard of Scientolophobia and the Hubbard Hatred cult, Chris Owen (he went to Oxford and loves the word “erstwhile”). Owen is paid by the British Ministry of Defence. On 8 April 2000, after being asked in written correspondence if he had ever worked for an intelligence agency, he answered, “Yes, but obviously I’m not going to go into details.” Well, obviously.

HighPriests hubbard hatred cult - chalet reports

– excerpt and image is from Part X: A Day or Six in Lisbon With Hubbard, Jim Dincalci, and Ken Urquhart, posted Wednesday, 2 December 2015 by David Reznor

Recognize the emotional style of the writing? I thought you might. And that image – wow. That’s really…

nevermind final

But, what about this Chris Owen person he mentions?

This is him, pictured with Paulette Cooper in London – November 2011.


I’d have to agree that there’s something funny with that guy – something British Slavemaster intelligence-Igor funny. Based on my own research, particularly with his efforts to try to distance Hubbard from British and American intelligence (his being an agent for them) Chris goes way out of his way trying to cover up that connection.

Unfortunately, Ashton Gray/David Reznor (or whoever that actually is) is stuck working from within the Hubbard paradigm of that Hubbard actually had some kind of sooper-dooper fabulous technology that all the “SP’s” on the planet wanted to get.

Ergo, he offers the conclusion (or the impression) that Chris’s attacks on Hubbard therefore mean that Hubbard was a “good guy.”


You couldn’t get more wrong.

I could cite probably more than a dozen historic examples of just how far British and Vatican slavemasters will go – or allow – in protecting their image and ergo the “cover” of their agents. Including NOT INFORMING other segments of the intelligence community and letting them “attack” their agent – thereby further strengthening their cover.

I could cite dozens of parallels of Hubbard with the parallel front-group called Synanon led by Chuck Dedrich – all of which had clear ties to a turn-of-the-century British Intelligence operation called the MRA – Moral Re-Armament.

I could cite more than a hundred examples clearly documenting where Hubbard was in total lockstep with both the CIA and British intelligence on “behavior modification” technology and experiments.


In fact, my husband Mike is going to do just that in one of his Scientology Roots chapters – line up all of Hubbards’ locksteps that way. It’s an impressive list. When you look at it, you begin to wonder what wasn’t in lockstep. Was there anything? Yep. It really is that bad.

One of the key, key things that makes all the difference in the world regarding “David Reznor’s” whole story about Hubbard and Morocco, is the fact that Hubbard was an asset of high-level CIA handler Miles Copeland who was busy running operations in that area at that exact time.

I discussed that in my post: At Last – Perhaps The Real Explanation For Ron Hubbard’s Morocco/King Hassan Operation and my husband goes into it quite a bit more in his chapter 9-2 of Scientology Roots.

Now where were we…

Oh yes. Comparison of the emotional style of writing by Randy McDonald and others among his enclave.

The reason I compared that is not because there’s anything wrong, particularly, with the idea of using ‘sock puppets’ to post inflammatory views under, or with expression of ridicule, contempt, or anger where it is warranted.

I think the people involved with this “fixing scientology” movement are doing their own version of the Hellfire Club formed back in the days leading up to the American Revolution.

Benjamin Franklin sometimes frequented the club but all the records were “lost in a fire” in 1774. A usual excuse for the Brits for “no records”, by the way.

One of the popular things to do in those days was to use multiple pseudonyms to publish one’s “unacceptable” views. Many of them liked to pretend they were women, interestingly enough.

For example, Benjamin Franklin submitted letters to the New England Courant (that his brother published) as a forty-year-old preacher’s widow named Silence Dogood. Benjamin was quite young, a teenager, in this first foray into anonymized political writing.

Look at the style used in the letters –

Excerpt from letter #2, July 16, 1722

Histories of Lives are seldom entertaining, unless they contain something either admirable or exemplar: And since there is little or nothing of this Nature in my own Adventures, I will not tire your Readers with tedious Particulars of no Consequence…

I shall conclude this with my own Character, which (one would think) I should be best able to give. Know then, That I am an Enemy to Vice, and a Friend to Vertue. I am one of an extensive Charity, and a great Forgiver of private Injuries: A hearty Lover of the Clergy and all good Men, and a mortal Enemy to arbitrary Government and unlimited Power. I am naturally very jealous for the Rights and Liberties of my Country; and the least appearance of an Incroachment on those invaluable Priviledges, is apt to make my Blood boil exceedingly. I have likewise a natural Inclination to observe and reprove the Faults of others, at which I have an excellent Faculty. I speak this by Way of Warning to all such whose Offences shall come under my Cognizance, for I never intend to wrap my Talent in a Napkin. To be brief; I am courteous and affable, good humour’d (unless I am first provok’d,) and handsome, and sometimes witty, but always, Sir, Your Friend and Humble Servant,



Interesting, isn’t it. Update the language a bit and voila! Looks awfully familiar to what I see several people having done as part of the scientology underground.

The particular “cranky” emotional style going on in the scientological writings of Randy, Ace of whatever’s, Public Research Foundation, CL, Cambridge, The “Librarian”, Ashton Gray, Robin Adair, David Reznor, Merrell Vannier etc. etc. etc. would be used over and over during the intervening two decades.

One reason for this that probably no one has thought of is that scientologists believe in something called The Tone Scale and they believe that it can be “used” to control others with.

I talked about this in my post Trained In L. Ron Hubbard’s PR Tech – Do We Really Think We Aren’t Being Played? here’s some excerpts from it –

From the same taped lecture (PRO world one) here’s Hubbard talking about “critical people” – and how you should start bugging them relentlessly.

Now they’re not critical of us, they’re critical of some PRO action or line infiltration action that has been done. So, a part of it is do a confrontation and get that cleaned up. We’ve learned that. Don’t let these things sit around. Do a confrontation. Punch them through. Punch them through. Bug these people. They’ve done some bad action toward you, you caught up with and so on, start bugging them!

Don’t ever let them off. Don’t ever let them off. Start tackling it. You know, because it’s a pack of lies anyhow. It’ll eventually collapse. So you don’t let bad PRO stay around if you possibly can help it. As soon as you can do something about it, you do something about it, but from the top.

But meanwhile locally you make all bad PRO look like a bunch of schnooks, see?

– L. Ron Hubbard in the Welcome to the Sea Org lectures, #5, TAPE # 6910C21 IT’S A PRO WORLD – 21 October 1969 (there’s a transcript of it here but it’s a wordfile only, just so you know)

That all sounds an awful lot like his secret intelligence unit policy of “never defend, always attack” towards persons critical of the mind-control experiment called scientology.

Gee, I wonder how that would look on an “ethnic survey”…

whistling girl

This next one continues along this whole control of people by “buttons” idea, sort of like Diego the robot-toddler here – this is a real experiment at UC San Diego, by the way.


List every button (wants, desires, what’s valuable, what they want to get rid of…

Take this list. On EACH button with matching service-a separate promo-PR message is formulated.

Rough example:

Button = Other people
Service = Processing
Survey Tone Level = Fear
Message = You don’t need other people getting in your way. Handle it once and for all. Send them to us for processing. (Antagonism one tone above.)



The reason that you see the pick of “antagonism” in the example given is to control the person against their will – they think they can do that, they think that people are that push-button – like a dang machine or something.

The Hubbardian rule-of-thumb is match the person’s “tone” to get into affinity etc. with him, go 1/2 to 1 tone higher (than whatever the person is supposedly pegged at) to control them.

Here’s that part of the issue –


Seeing as how Randy was specifically trained in Hubbard’s PR technology, and given the reverence towards Hubbard and his materials by the “group” of people involved, clearly the antagonistic style of writing was probably chosen first: in order to deal with all those heinous and “Low-toned” 1.1’s or covertly hostile people and second: as an attempt to get other critics or “upset with scientology” people to go into ARC with (in liking with, in reality and communication with) these writers – just like Hubbard laid out.

Both are just outright attempts to control others towards what you want them to do, to bend to your wishes because it’s “best” for them.

Typical arrogance combined with a deep need to believe that you can (or should) be able control others (like you do your own thoughts or actions) equals a completely infected view of life – aka what we call slavemaster disease.

Here’s another example showing Hubbard promoting that idea –

There’s no place on a PE or PrR staff for people who have an abiding faith in the self-determinism of the public. The public has long since lost its power of choice. It’s a question of What self-determinism? The public has to be told where to go and what to do. It’s a control problem, not a problem in choice.



There are two long-running campaigns that bear one glaring similarity – they both target David Miscavige as the “who” – never the real and multiple “who”.

A “who” is a scientology materials term that’s part of what’s called The Data Series which is supposed to teach people how to evaluate information and situations – especially to determine “whos” and “whys”.

What most people don’t know is that is yet another lockstep that Hubbard had with intelligence organizations – the need for personnel with what is variously described as “flair” or “mysterious force of X” or “intelligence impulse” or even “inner spark” – basically the ability to “see” what others don’t.

It’s so rare – on their side – that even Hubbard made a point of it. Of course, he didn’t bother to mention the whole idea was based on eugenics – as in it’s genetic.

Guardian’s office issue called Intelligence, Its Role dated June 8, 1973

The most precious and infinitely valued characteristic in an Intelligence post is “FLAIR”, “a keen natural discernment; an aptitude, a knack”. This is so rare that in governments and armies there may be only one such person in a whole generation or even in two or three generations, so do not underestimate the skill or value of the characteristic.


Sidney F. Mashbir of the Office of Naval Intelligence (a contemporary when Hubbard was in that same office) believed that intelligence officers were born, not made, that a person like this is extremely rare, is a “natural” and that this skill or characteristic cannot be taught.

“You can send a candidate for Intelligence work to every school of every service, in every army and country in the world, but if that “inner spark” that baffles definition is lacking he will always be a dud.

…You could study Intelligence, Cryptanalysis, Photo-Interpretation, Battle Order, Terrain, and Prisoner Interrogation all your life, but you’d never be worth a damn as a real Intelligence officer if you didn’t have that Intelligence impulse.

You must be able to see the invisible, hear the inaudible, feel the intangible, taste what is tasteless, and smell what is odorless.

– Sydney Mashbir, I Was an American Spy Vantage Press,New York, 1953, p. 34,5, also found in this military publication (retrieved from the Internet Archive) titled: Sidney F. Mashbir: Some Lessons in Joint Intelligence Work


Always a big problem for slavemasters, despite the fact that they knew they were destined to fail, they tried to come up with systems that would artificially create that ability – sort of like the idea of having machines to do telepathy for those who are, shall we say, telepathically-challenged.

These machines are a real thing by the way, it’s called synthetic telepathy and DARPA has been working on it for years since the time of MKULTRA experiments at Duke and Stanford Universities.

Contradicting his own self regarding this “flair” and at the same time acknowledging Mashbir that when an intelligence swells in numbers – like the Guardian’s Office did, ha ha – its because its personnel lack FLAIR, despite all that Hubbard still tries to offer up that the “Data Series” (the Evaluation technology) would somehow surmount this lack of ability. He’s just following in the footsteps of one of the other ONI personnel, an Admiral, as I recall.

Same Guardian’s office issue Intelligence, Its Role

An Intelligence unit, when it exceeds a reasonable size, begins to swell in demands of finance and numbers to the degree that its personnel LACK flair. There is even an Intelligence organization system that assumes that when you do not have FLAIR in its personnel, you must make up for it with voluminous numbers and expenses.

But we in the GO…We have our own brand of PREDICTION TECHNOLOGY.

…Possessing…the technology of EVALUATION.


Typical Hubbard, he simply could not resist a little self-aggrandizing.

All in caps –



Bar none?


Wishful thinking.

Wasn’t it lovely though, for Hubbard to modify the whole proclamation with that word ‘potentially’? Such a convenient out, an excuse lying-in-wait for if this ‘system” fails. Also typical Hubbard.

wry face.

As I said, there are two campaigns and they both target David Miscavige, a fact that is easily visible in the original McDonald papers and is also highly visible in the initial stages of the much more recent campaign which numbers among its ranks people like Karen de la Carriere, Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, etc.

I’d like to take a moment and jump ahead here to talk about that now.


The two campaigns that are really one


Before all the “press” – which was planned – hit in the summer of 2009, many of these scientology-related people had begun doing their own version of “Silence Dogood” political writings.

Mark Rathbun, for example, posted on May 22, 2009 as “Sitting Bull” speaking of The Great Middle Path. Mark reveals this was him over 7 months later in a blog post.

In this early post, he describes the far right as being occupied by David Miscavige as “the only one who is really On Source” (true to Hubbard’s tech); the far left is described as rebellious and “those who would not be satisfied until every last word of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard was forever destroyed.”

*Please bear in mind what Mark’s various jobs were as David Miscavige’s right-hand man – particular as Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center (RTC), the organization that controls the copyrights and trademarks of the materials relating to Dianetics and Scientology. He headed the Inspector General Network described by the Church of Scientology as “an independent investigatory and policing body whose function is to keep Scientology working by ensuring the pure and ethical use of Dianetics and Scientology technology.”

Mark then delivers the rather interesting conclusion that “Spewing generalities is the stock-in-trade of both sides” and that those who do so are David Miscaviges best friends, although he gives no examples of wtf he means by that.

Generalities about what exactly? That statement itself is a generality, but I digress…

The first phase of their plan was to “focus” everything on David Miscavige and specifics of his bad behavior. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t strike me as any kind of Middle path of anything. It was every bit as extremist as what he just got done describing shouldn’t be done.

He had closed his speech with “Think before lending support to either side of the darkness….Think for yourself” just before participating himself in launching one hell of an extremist campaign.

That’s quite a thought-stopping technique he had going there.

The idea, put more specifically (ha ha) was to initially focus all negative perception of Scientology onto Miscavige – sort of like “the Devil” of scientology literally and figuratively personified. And then, once everyone was “on board” (or a large percentage) then control things in other directions.

But still, even in this very, very early writing of Mark Rathbun, you can see glimpses of a future categorizations of an “on source” scientologist who’s aggressive and nasty towards criticism versus something else – a something which isn’t quite revealed to the public yet.

Please take strong notice of the fact that in no way, shape or form did that kind of aggression begin with David Miscavige. I’ll give you an example that’s long before his time, taken from a 1976 LA times article.



Notice the large print part saying that Scientology makes it a practice not to ignore criticism of unfavorable mentions. The article quotes Guardian’s Office PR man staffer Jeff Dubron as saying:

‘Ron says you only get hurt when you duck.’


Well encapsulating scientologys always attack, never defend habits towards criticism.

Those familiar with the Guardian’s Office many black operations run against “SP’s”, will find particularly darkly humorous the attempts in the same article by the Church to act like they didn’t practice “Fair Game” anymore.

Numerous articles were printed in the late 1960s illustrating some of Scientology’s questionable practices, including orders to members to “disconnect” With antagonistic family and friends and classifying some ex-members as “fair game” for harassment.

Those policies were dropped, the church says, but Scientology remains highly sensitive to news coverage that goes beyond using a news release.


Coming back to this newer campaign, by late May 2010, there were hints of a “shift” or “new viewpoint” being part of the original plan. These people are about looking like they are “progressing” when for the most part they aren’t really. It’s spun out over a longer period so as to conceal the fact that it isn’t a progression at all, but merely part of a PR and Intelligence plan.

You can see it start showing up here and there, like in this conversation between Aeolus and Mark over at Mark’s blog.


[excerpted] … Perhaps there is a middle path, but among the posters on this blog, I see a division between those who would like to recreate the Sea Org and enforce KSW, and those who want to be free spirits and decide just what is true for them.

Don’t know if this is what you see, but I’m looking forward to your next chat.

martyrathbun09 // May 22, 2010 at 3:21 pm

Aeolus, very accurate observation in my view. Perhaps there is a middle path for those two factions you mention.

Generally speaking, lots of “get Miscavige” went on over the next two years but at the same time there was more and more of little bits of a “progression” beginning to show, but one that was by no means ready to be revealed.

It seems to me it was originally meant to continue a bit more gradually but then…something happened. I won’t go into what I think that is right now, but will instead focus on the result.

In 2012, in what (in my opinion) could only be called a forced change – I say forced because it was too “early” for the move but there was no choice – there was a meeting that took place. Within six months of that meeting this rather abrupt change-of-tactic began being visible and became more so in the ensuing years.

It appears the plan became to split into two factions, with a vague third one – the free spirit idea – floating around here and there by Mark Rathbun. The other part of the plan was to have it look like Mark was “phasing out” – which if you look at his blog that is exactly what happened. A controlled exit, if you will, or at least what looks like one.

The meeting or “get together” that I speak of took place in early October of 2012 at Mark’s place in Texas.

Here’s a picture from it –

casablanca summit meeting October 2012Steve Hall is second from left – Mark Rathbun is fourth with Hayden James seated in the black chair.


The following month Steve posts about his tasks resulting from this meeting. It was in his post at Mark’s blog that he included the above image.

Since our summit meeting at Casablanca 5 weeks ago, I’ve been working around the clock to make progress on some strategic marketing objectives for Independent Scientology. I broke up production into two phases, phase one was launched on October 12.

Scientology Review by Steve Hall posted by Mark Rathbun at his blog on November 9, 2012.

A little over 4 months later, when Mark would begin his “phase-out” period, Rinder takes over with a new blog called “Something Can Be Done about it” – a specific to Scientology saying. He started the bog on March 20, 2013, the first day of Spring.

Think of it like one person withdrawing at the same exact rate that another began coming more forward – a highly mechanical thing, by the way, not natural at all.

Much like Mark’s blog, Rinder’s blog basically continues in a tradition of working to make a laughing-stock of the current Church of Scientology and it’s leader David Miscavige, and devotes hardly any time at all to the original promulgator of most of the “complaint” areas – L. Ron Hubbard, let alone any actions towards revealing any of the real movers-and-shakers behind the whole thing in the first place. That’s about zero. Worse than that, they go out of their way trying to make laughing-stocks out of anyone that does – a strangely extremist view for the so-called progressive image that’s being so repeatedly presented.

Quiet. I’m “progressing” here.

air quotes.

Sure they are.

By using scientology “tech” to run their campaign?

ill try to restrain myself 2

Examples of Using Scientology Tech

In Scientology PR “tech” there is a technique called safe-pointing, something that the Guardian’s Office and it’s later re-incarnation (the Office of Special Affairs) spend quite some time doing. It’s from an issue called PR Series 19.

The Guardian’s Office used it as part of promoting the new scientology study-tech based boarding school in Oregon called the Delphian School – I was one of the very first students, by the way.

A 1977 Willamette new article catches them at this “safe-pointing” of scientology by using a school front. Ironically, the school property was a former Jesuit school.

delphian_school_willamette_article_-_safe_point 1977_delphi_safe_point.

Another example is the efforts of Mike Edwards and Dick Weigand in South America.

From my post – FDA Documents – The Strange Tale of the Powerful Colombian Echavarria Family and L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology)

About 2 years ago, while doing a safe pointing project with the WIS book, and meeting with the different Ministers of Colombia, we had a conversation with the then Minister of Education.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.

One of the aspects of it is to contact “opinion leaders” to get them on-board. One clear example of this was Karen’s safe-pointing of “Emma” – the owner of the ex-scientologist message board, whose way beyond normal and highly virulent hatred for my husband and I is quite well-known. One of her very first posts there involved a conversation with Terril Park about how “crazy” we are.

Karen donated money to “keep the board running” apparently as part of her safe-pointing routine involving lots of “love and understanding” and telling the board owner what a hero they were I’m sure.

The usual –

Blah Blah Blah

blame - talking heads

Emma agreed to make sure that Karen received special treatment at the Ex-Scientologist message board. This did not go un-noticed.


She has a right?


What a sell-out “Emma” (Michelle Sterling) is.

Another example of this safe-pointing technique in action would be some of the postings at the Milestone Two website, where there is a clear effort to “restore” the good name of Scientology. That was a major statistic of the Guardian’s Office, by the way, Acceptances.

Note the “until we’ve made a safer environment” part.

Hello! _ Milestone Two safe point_Page_1

From its earliest days both Dianetics and Scientology organizations were about “Human Betterment”. Sounds mild and innocuous, right?

It wasn’t.

That was a specifically chosen term meant to cloak the continuation of the Eugenics movement.

From my post How MK Ultra and the 60’s Counter-Culture Drug Movement Were Really British Eugenics Continued

This is from our personal copy of a transcript of a ‘conference with the investigators’ by L Ron Hubbard of August 17, 1966. It was made part of the Guardian’s Office of the Church of Scientology intelligence aka B-1 (Bureau 1) Hat*.

*Hat means training materials.


In my post Further Documentation That Ron Hubbard’s Intelligence Career In The Naval Reserve Started Much Earlier Than Anyone Ever Knew I had left a couple excerpts of it at the end of my post, for people to ‘chew on that for a while.”

“A while” is now up, so today we’ll focus on this particular excerpt –

In 1950….I started a Foundation, I didn’t have control of this Foundation, it was started by a number of business men who were in who believed in human betterment* and they began a Foundation called the Hubbard Research Foundation, Elizabeth, N.J.

These ‘men’ were not just any old men. See From The FDA Files – L. Ron Hubbard’s OSS/CIA Connection: Charles Parker Morgan…and ‘human betterment’?

Good god, what a euphemism that was.

By the mid-1940’s, due to a rather big PR problem having been so associated with the Nazi experiments and death camps, the British eugenics mind-frackers needed a new image.

That image was?

The Behavioral-Biology of Human Betterment.

Just like Hubbard said the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation was created to be.

The Human Betterment Foundation was established in 1929 as a non-profit organization dedicated “to foster and aid constructive and educational forces for the protection and betterment of the human family in body, mind, character, and citizenship.”

Now read this.

Excerpted from The Sinister Science of the Human Betterment Foundation and a Rhetoric of Motives by Katherine Swift, San Diego State, a graduate student submission to the 7th Triennial Conference of the Kenneth Burke society, September 29, 2008.

My research was conducted at the Institute Archives of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena where I examined the original documents of E. S. Gosney and the Human Betterment Foundation, and the Historical Files on Biology Division. Caltech is the holder of Gosney’s effects since, as founder of the Human Betterment Foundation, he had its real estate holdings transferred to the university’s biology department in 1942, making Caltech an endowment worth more than $470,000.

This money was used to create the Gosney Research Fund, which provided scholarships to students in Caltech’s biology and biochemistry departments with a focus on behavioral biology.

The Human Betterment Foundation Papers (or HBF) represent an original eugenic archive that offers a rare look into California’s sterilization program and the dialectics of the nature-versus-nurture debate in eugenic rhetoric. Burke’s idea of identification and the embodied symbolicity of the scapegoat form the basis for an exploration of a rhetoric of motives in eugenic technocracies premised on social improvement through social control.

Did you know the main Church of Scientology formed by Hubbard himself wasn’t named that at first? It was named the Founding Church of Man’s Religion.

Look at this again from the Human Betterment foundation aka eugenics in a different dress  –

“…eugenic technocracies premised on social improvement through social control.”

Now read this that Hubbard wrote in 1957 about his Church of Man’s Religion –

Our goal as an organization is to increase Man’s socialness, to improve his awareness and better his social conduct.

Social, social, social. That word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

From my husband’s Scientology Roots chapter (The Maitreya and The Messiah Scam) that discusses the use of religious front groups (like scientology), he defines what the Slavemasters actually mean by “social”. Especially note the ones that I put in orange.

They defined mental health as – acceptance of World Government.

That is not mental health, it is a British slavemaster political operation masquerading as mental health.

The British slavemasters do not care about your mental or spiritual well-being.

They have their own special meanings for certain words.

RULE – The British slavemasters say they are extremely superior to everyone else. All others are inferior to them. All others must exalt the slavemasters, worship them, praise them and bend the knee to them. The slaves must always submit, obey, comply and fulfill every desire the slavemasters have.

SOCIETY – the only proper society is one where the slavemasters RULE

SOCIAL being a willing subject in the slavemaster SOCIETY

ANTI-SOCIAL rejection of the slavemaster SOCIETY





WORLD PEACE – no wars because everyone is SOCIAL

Probably more than half of the bible of psychiatry – the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual or DSM – especially versons IV, IV-TR and the current one (number V) are devoted to that the various mental illnesses that they described are based around whether society accepts their behavior or not – and that’s it!

This means that the entire mental health community is observedly forced into some 7th graders idea of what’s acceptable – what’s “in” or not.


vincent price in muppet land

That fits though. These are boys behind all this, remember, not men.

Comparing again to Eugenics –

Eugenicists believed that sterilization protected society from the “menace of the feebleminded” through the practice of mental hygiene.  That the targets of mental hygiene tended to be the socially marginalized only served as further evidence of their “social inadequacy.”

The Sinister Science of the Human Betterment Foundation and a Rhetoric of Motives by Katherine Swift

Put another way – this is referring to a practice of exclusion towards persons who do not tow the party-line. People like myself and any number of others, for example, who are most definitely a threat to their social order.

A very good example of this policy of exclusion done at the same time as propagandizing that these current scientology crusaders are about the opposite – is Karen de la Carriere.

From my post The Un-Forgiven (and why it should stay that way)

There was a discussion a few days ago on an internet forum, that started with a poster talking about Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder’s accountability for what they did/oversaw being done to children.

This happened not long after my post talking about the fact that Mike Rinder knew that the main dirty ops guy that scientology’s Office of Special Affairs used – Dave Lebow – had, of all places in the world, established himself and his business right in my backyard, Spokane, Washington. Spokane is literally a ‘stones throw away’ from me, I’m looking at the Spokane Valley from my house right now.

[…] Why do we have such pull – it’s such a mystery to them.

So, to this day there are still efforts to try and control that perception – that all important “image”.


Case in point, Mike Rinder. I’m sure he was indeed the victim of a lot of bad circumstances, and that he does want to get on the right side of things.

But, if that was really true, it conflicts with the simple burning question –

burning question

Why won’t he talk about that he did (or allowed) these things to our children?

Not even privately.


Karen De La Carriere couldn’t seem to stop pushing the ‘tin foil’ button for any posting that even vaguely went into the direction that I just described.

Tin Foil button (2)

An example from page 3 of “Are Rinder and Rathbun still guilty?” –


What is done with the question raised?

First of all, the propagandist must insist on the purity of his own intentions and, at the same time, hurl accusations at his enemy.

But the accusation is never made haphazardly or groundlessly.

The propagandist will not accuse the enemy of just any misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has and of trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit.

Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.  – Important note – its facts the way they do it – which is not how we (or normal people) do it.

Karen De La Carriere  – page one, post #5 – “For God’s sake let go of the hate and animosity.”


How about the hate and animosity Karen has for anyone challenging their (her) Party Line of “we’re all better now”?

See all the exclusion and marginalization going on there?

And yet…Karen wants us to believe that as Jacques Ellul said, her and the other whistleblowers intentions are pure.

Karen – page 4: (excerpted)


While I have not always been successful, I want my purpose known. I stand for unifying the critics and when all is said and done I do want to bring us together.We are exposing a multi billion dollar cult and unifying is the winning formula. Divisiveness and fighting within is a loser. I will not hang on to past accusations and wars.

As a whistleblower supposedly then –

Why doesn’t Karen expose what Rinder and Rathbun supervised against my children and my father?

Because it would kill their “image” they think and because we refuse

As in –


to follow or support them in their Pied Piper “re-inclusion” process of scientologists along their insane eugenics road of human betterment.


smoke another cigarette wtf

Now that we have them on the run (and we do, you’ll see soon enough) –

Let’s focus on another aspect of these people trying to run the current scientology so-called rebellion.

They are using scientology ‘Tech’

to corral (hopefully) all of you out there into the direction that they want you to go

The number of examples of this is simply astounding.

Even by non-scientologists, like Jeffrey Augustine, Karen De La Carriere’s husband. Remember the so-called open letter by scientologist Debbie Cook in January of 2012? Well, besides the fact that was a complete copying of the massive emailing (not by us) to thousands of scientologists of My Story back in 2000, one of the other things that I introduced people to online was how to apply the Doubt formula (a scientology ethics scripture) to Scientology itself.

I was the first to do that and it was a powerful weapon to use scientology tech against itself.

These people study things like that – that we do – and then formulate their campaigns thinking they can “do what we can” simply by doing the same thing or going through the same motions.


Free clue for the cheap seats – that only works if their ‘field’ is unopposed by those they are trying to copy.

So, look what Karen’s non-scientologist husband posts about way back on June 9, 2010 – using the Doubt formula to “produce results!

Posting as J. Swift – look at this:

…Have compassion for people who are still in. They fear losing their eternity. Some are ashamed to admit that they may have wasted decades of their lives and huge sums of money in CoS. Why don’t the Indies discuss how you used the Tech to heal and recover from C of M? Explain how the Tech works and why.

Based on my private talks, the Doubt Formulas produced by the OT VIII’s are still the most potent tool, followed by the Idle Orgs.

Thanks Jeff – that was MY idea you’re copying there.


Of course, typical manifestation of those infected with slavemaster disease, they just had to add in some kind of status element – you know, from people that were one level higher than I was. (I was OT VII)

Come on

come on!

Note the ubiquitous ‘hidden conversations” aspect as well – all those private conversations Jeff was supposedly having. That’s another aspect of those infected with slavemaster disease – the need for great numbers.

Let me remind you of what the need for great numbers is actually about – Ron Hubbard isn’t lieing about this (for once).

An Intelligence unit, when it exceeds a reasonable size, begins to swell in demands of finance and numbers to the degree that its personnel LACK flair.

  • Intelligence its Role by L Ron Hubbard

That’s why.

These people are terrible at actually estimating what is really going on or figuring out what to do on their own, hence the need for “numbers” to try and cover up that fact.

So using Doubt Formulas – that’s an example of using Scientology Ethics “tech”/

Using Scientology PR tech – particularly “survey” tech, which Hubbard got from his handler Miles Copeland and employed when choosing the positioning of the Founding Church of Man’s Religion (later renamed the Founding Church of Scientology) – have a look at what Steve Hall openly said about his actions.

When working on the domain name one year ago, I examined the most popular search terms on the subject of Scientology and number #2 on the list (next to the word scientology) was “scientology cult.”

Notice the date of April 2009 – that’s well before the “truth rundown” articles, yet again indicating there was a behind-the-scenes and coordinated plan in place.

…Launched in April 2009, that website is now ranked by Google as #2 out of nearly 9 million search results for the phrase “scientology cult,” a pretty impressive feat in the web world. It’s goal is to restore transparency, accountability and integrity to Scientology by auditing the group. It is engaged in 3rd dynamic auditing…

You can trust us. We have something better in mind.

– Written by Thoughtful – Steve Hall, December 25, 2009, Introduction

Note the word integrity – that’s another example of blatantly copying Mike and I. Mike’s website he used to have was called and the very first page of it talked about “restoring integrity” to the subject.

Steve Hall talks about the scientology tech handling he wants to apply – this happens to be the one that was used to get most people in scientology in the first place!

Step One of HCO PL 23 October 1965, DISSEMINATION DRILL is “Contact”:

  1. Contact the individual: This is plain and simple. It just means making a personal contact with someone, whether you approach them or they approach you.

Step Two “Handle” is where it all seemed to break down:

  1. Handle: If the person is wide open to Scientology, and reaching, this step can be omitted as there is nothing to handle. Handle is to handle any attacks, antagonism, challenge or hostility that the individual might express towards you and/or Scientology. Definition of “handle”: to control, direct. “Handle” implies directing an acquired skill to the accomplishment of immediate ends.

Now that the person is handled, steps Three and Four are easy.

“Once the individual has been handled you then —

  1. Salvage: Definition of salvage: “to save from ruin”. Before you can save someone from ruin, you must find out what their own personal ruin is. This is basically — What is ruining them? What is messing them up? It must be a condition that is real to the individual as an unwanted condition, or one that can be made real to him.
  1. Bring to understanding: Once the person is aware of the ruin, you bring about an understanding that Scientology can handle the condition found in 3. This is done by simply stating Scientology can, or by using data to show how it can. It’s at the right moment on this step that one hands the person a selection slip, or one’s professional card, and directs him to the service that will best handle what he needs handled.
– Scientology Dissemination April 21, 2010 – – Steve Hall

Now here’s the other really important part about what this campaign is based on – and that is handling “the Field” who is “upset” with them.

Look at Michelle Sterlings “Hey everyone Meet Karen” post (Michelle posts as Emma).  Notice the red arrow marked point –


See how it talks about that they have been “chatting” offline. That’s not “chatting”. That’s Karen “safe-pointing” Michelle by handling her ARC-break.

More Hubbard tech.

She only did it because that’s what she was doing. She was infiltrating every media line she could possibly infiltrate. Apparently that’s her job in this escapade of the so-called rebellion.

The first step a proper Hubbardian marketing campaign would involve is to: Survey the public as to what their buttons are.

Buttons as in, you push them and the person is supposed to react. Not think – react.

An Executive Directive by Hubbard2 states:

A “field” ARC breaks when you don’t take an interest in Individuals. Failure to comm to people. failure to lead them upward. Failure to handle their upsets or get flubs repaired all lead to “ARC broken field”.

2 – Executive Directive International #145 of 4 July 1971 listed as by L. Ron Hubbard, page 3.

They “surveyed” the field concerning Scientology – looking for their “buttons” – for 5 years approximately. Step 1 completed. Step 2, the strategy is formed and planned out. Step 3, In 2009, the internet campaign operation to: salvage the field (and a number of other goals).

Does Karen’s contacting “Emma” look like a random act of coincidence to you?

Of course not.

Now what, exactly, does this “field” term mean from a Scientologists’ perspective?

Scientologists, anywhere you may find them, generally consider “the field” to be persons who are public Scientologists and who are not staff Scientologists, but it also has a broader meaning of all people that are not Scientologists.

ARC break, refers to the first triangle of Dianetics called the ARC triangle. ARC is an acronym where A stands for Affinity, R stands for Reality, and C stands for Communication. It is not an equilateral triangle. C is considered more important than A or R put together. A break in ARC simply refers to that a person had something happen that theoretically resulted in a “lowering” of one of the points and then consequently all three are “lowered”.

What the above quote in the Executive Directive is saying, is that staff-oriented Scientologists need to repair such breaks by conversely:

  • treating people in “the field” as individuals
  • handling their upsets (breaks in ARC) – which in auditing, they ask the question “Do you have an ARC Break?”
  • fix mistakes made by staff or organizations and
  • properly “lead them upward” – which means “up” their Bridge to Enlightenment.

The bottom line is that per Hubbard there are no other valid reasons – besides the ones mentioned – to not be pleased with Scientology and Dianetics technology. This is not the only Scientology reference that says this kind of thing. There are dozens peppered throughout the materials.

This “handle your ARC break” idea presupposes as facts –

  • that someone should be in ARC with Scientology
  • that there really is such a thing as this ARC triangle that we are all subject to the “laws” of

Ergo, if you are not willing to talk about how Scientology really does “work” then that is because you have basic breaks that need to be repaired first!

i am really shocked - hes a slavemaster

Unbelievably arrogant isn’t it.

Another Hubbardian policy (HCO Policy Letter of 25 JUNE 1972) tells us what the result is these people are going for one way or another  –

ARC Break Reges and Tours personnel (as well as Ethics Officers) collide with students and pcs who have blown (run away from) the org.

The recovery of these and getting them back on the line is of great interest to such personnel.

In the first place, they muddy up a field.  In the second place EVERY ONE  OF THEM CAN BE GOTTEN BACK IN.

If you leave them about they spoil prospects.

And there’s nothing more startling to their friends than to have these people who have been nattering around suddenly turn up (repaired) saying, “Okay, it’s all fine now.  They’re great guys.

Need I say more?

IF you are strong enough in your sense of self and can easily resist all this love-bombing and outright manipulation? Oh well, now. They’ll say that you’re either “crazy” or an “Suppressive Person” – sometimes both.

Vincent - its the king of the nesilim - im so frightened

Hubbard also wrote (and we can see this in play currently as well) –

Take a revolutionary-take a revolutionary and the very least, or the very most, you can do is to simply directionalize, to some slight veering, his revolution.

You maybe can slightly alter the direction of his revolutionary tendency.  See, you could maybe persuade him not to revolt against the king but to revolt against the prime minister, see? Change his vector a little bit, see? You could say, “Well, don’t revolt against the-why revolt against the state because you can’t win; they’ve all got machine guns.  A very much better activity at the present moment is revolt against its educational system and eventually overthrow it thereby.”

– Wisdom as an Auditor (April 28, 1964)

Such arrogance. Always thinking they can do things without other people knowing that they are. That’s just plain false. Their super-dooper tech is useless against any real challenge.

After 38 years of experience with the materials and with any of the people supposedly versed in those materials, I can categorically state that not a single person who was supposed to, ever really saw me and that told me (and it should tell you) everything I needed to know about Scientology.

They talk a good game, but they cannot DO.

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As a minor type of summation, a number of these people are engaging in a covert intelligence tactic well-described by Ron Hubbard’s CIA handler Miles Copeland. In fact, you could say this is where both intelligence agencies of scientology took their cue from – with Hubbard as the via.

p. 187 Miles Copeland The Game Player – Miles is describing the techniques used to perform one of his “political operations” as he calls them.

The objective of the action should be to remove Mossadegh from office, make a laughingstock of him, jail his principal supporters, and give the Shah any assistance he might need in launching a public relations programme to show the Iranian people what a narrow escape they had had, and how extremely lucky they were to have had it.

Adjusted for scientological parameters the methods are practically identical.

We’re all just so “lucky” the scientologists came along to save us again.

thank you thank you

yuck little guy

One of Miles’ propaganda experts, Jim Eichelberger, expanded further on the theme. See if you recognize this tactic in play by these people as well.

pepper unpopular and hot-headed Middle Eastern leaders with messages likely to provoke irrational responses which we could publicize in such a way as to raise questions about their sanity.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, 1989; p 129
– documentation is included in the original July 27, 2015 post — by Virginia McClaughry titled: CIA Man Says This is “Better And More Practical Than LSD Tablets” For Discrediting Enemies

Eichelberger called this method “better and more practical than LSD tablets” for discrediting enemies, by the way. He’s referring to the CIA practice of dosing people with LSD without their knowledge – George Hunter White’s favorite thing to do.

When the initial actions of Steve Hall, Mark Rathbun etc. etc. etc. are viewed up against these tactics, clearly they are engaged in a coordinated campaign against definite enemies that often have nothing to do with David Miscavige but have everything to do with being problematic to their actual goals.

Even after the engineered “split” of 2012 (that wasn’t really) what gives away that this is all still part of a plan is the still-existing (and often behind-the-scenes) planning and working together towards an obvious common goal between all these supposedly disparate individuals.

I doubt the plan was ever as simple as “get rid of David Miscavige” although it’s obviously what it’s supposed to look like.

It isn’t that people work together behind-the-scenes as part of a “plan” that’s particularly a problem. It’s what scientology was, is, and will always be. Perhaps even more important is WHOM is really behind all that. Put all that together with the fact that these people are not being forthcoming as to where they’re really going with all this?

Houston – I think we have a problem.

Houston, I Think We Have A Problem...that machines can't fix.

However – even that wouldn’t be a problem all by itself, the non-disclosure of the end goal, if it wasn’t for the fact that we really should never forget that it’s a dang false flag behavior modification operation – aka scientology – that we are dealing with here.

I can’t stress enough that somewhere behind all this “noise” we are dealing with a very sinister intent to continue controlling others with what are essentially covert behavior modification “paths” – whether left, right or middle.

That stands regardless of who is or isn’t “witting” about it.

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How far back and on what points is this Campaign coordinated?

To answer that question we have to go back (or rather come back) to what happened with Randy McDonald and his circle of associates.

On the subject of so-called “proper” evaluation skills (from a scientology perspective) a poster calling themselves “Unindoctrination” made some posts to the other big scientology newsgroup back in the 1990’s called

Unindoc, as the person was often called for short, decided to do a summation concerning Randy McDonald focusing in on the 1996 period of time.

The post itself was done on June 14, 2001 and then edited by yet another screen name called “Holy Cows” – both of which were just as arrogant and cranky in their assessments as Randy and his circle of friends were accused of being.

In the mid-nineties, if I recall correctly; a small group of well indoctrinated Scientologists led by Randy McDonald went into a games condition with management. They were out to get them. Management had begun issuing SP Declares which oblige the now ex-members to pay all of their taxes. This was after the “war” with the IRS had ended…

Their conspiracy theory insists upon that Scientology™ was taken over by the IRS or God knows who; that LRH was drugged/controlled/etc. in his later years; and that Miscavige is just a pawn of those who are actually in charge of CoS.

– post webbed at Freezone Earth – You can consider anything “freezone” this, that, or the other thing as just another name for an earlier version of “Independent Scientologists” – as Steve Hall called himself and others in 2010.

The part I colored orange has some basis in truth. David Miscavige was enforcing the Church to begin acting as IRS tax-enforcers. A rather strange mix of metaphors regarding separation of Church and State constitutionally, don’t you think?

So, now, what are the allegations regarding what Randy and friends posited?

  • Scientology was taken over by the IRS or God knows who;
  • LRH was drugged/controlled/etc. in his later years
  • and that Miscavige is just a pawn of those who are actually in charge of CoS.

That’s really quite interesting.

The first is impossible, since it was never innocent of slavemaster involvement from DAY 1. However, you maybe could say that a different faction or a “new” faction could have come in to steer things in a better direction. Even if that was the case it wouldn’t be a change-of-pace at all from the real purposes that scientology served as to these kind of people.

The second one is neither here nor there. Hubbard probably was drugged (usually by his own hand) and “controlled” in his later years but that wasn’t anything new particularly. Except for maybe if he got loose lips or something and some kind of more stringent damage control was entered upon. If that was the case it would certainly have been pretty nasty, knowing the slavemasters. They are very, very harsh on agents that turn on them or become untrustworthy.

An example of their view from the SOE (British intelligence) training manual that the fledgling OSS (that became the CIA) brought back to train their people with – this is from a declassified CIA document:

If the employee proves to be disloyal and is in possession of dangerous information, he should probably be killed.

The third item – that Miscavige is just a pawn of those who are actually in charge of CoS – is a wonderful example of something that is both true and false at the same time.

Miscavige is a pawn, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pretty much run around and make a total idiot of himself as long as he keeps the political action operations and the money-laundering going smoothly.

All the terrible stuff people say that he does is perfect from that (or “their”) perspective.

His puffed-up peacock routine, drama-queen responses, circus-style black operations, King of the Prison-Camp degradation of others – all of which keeps everybody thinking “there’s nothing there” but little old crazy Miscavige and his piles of money that he can just spend, spend, spend all day long and no one will care.


Woman-Pointing-Her-Finger-now now.

That boy is on a short leash, especially when it comes to the money.

I also think he’s a lot smarter than people want to think he is. Look at what Hubbard endured in his lifetime as a deep cover intelligence asset. Ridicule after ridicule, hatred, day after day after day. Yet, he never talked (least not that we know of).

Can you imagine what could make a person be that loyal as to put up with that for a lifetime? When it comes to what scientology is it can’t be that it was thought of as actually good to do – nobody is that stupid in their innermost thoughts – and I do mean nobody. These people are anything but “good guys with good motivations” so that can’t be it.

Was it fear? Now that I think – yes. I think fear plays a huge part in keeping in line these people who live their covers to that degree. Once they are in that deep they literally think there’s no way out but death.

I think Miscavige is in not much of a different position now than Hubbard was in his later years. There’s one hell of a price to pay for getting in bed with these people. Any initial starry-eyed gleam of self-importance and having access to all that money and power has this really bad habit of wearing off. Eventually you realize what you are actually in for in this “long haul” you’ve roped yourself into.

And then you start drinking.

That’s what Miscavige does apparently. If so, I’ll bet those shots of Scotch are getting mighty thin as an anaesthetizer by now. It won’t be long before Miscavige will start popping pills like Hubbard – if he isn’t already.

– – –

All in all, what Unindoc wrote was not a bad synopsis of what would be the core concepts of McDonald and his friends writings.

  • Scientology was taken over
  • LRH was drugged/controlled/etc. in his later years
  • Miscavige is just a pawn of those who are actually in charge of CoS.

If you read even a hundredth of what is at that Chalet Reports website you’ll run into those same basic premises pretty dang quick there.

– – –

IT was barely a year later after the end of Randy’s debacle with the church before the first public release of his documents began. It started as a posting on August 4, 1997 by Ace of Clubs. (taken from documents webbed as part of an archive at a freezone website)

An interesting side note is that just one month later is when I was at the Church’s Clearwater Florida base for a six-month check and was first pressed or “brought online”, so to speak, to begin what would become my exposure of the single biggest income-producing line of the Church at that time.

From “My Story” originally posted at the Freezone America website (owned by Paul Misiunas) in late 1999 –

September 1997

Virginia McClaughry is coaching other students in the course room. She needed a reference for one of the drills and went and got the needed tech volume. The book fell open to the first page of C/S Series 73RB. She glanced at it without really reading it.

The next day, she had to go to the tech volume again, and the book again fell open to C/S Series 73RB but this time to the section on OT levels following the completion of OT3. Virginia read Section B and the first line of the Exception Section, said “holy shit” and closed the book.

She could not confront what she had just read. Three days later, she’s in the course room and the book fell open to C/S Series 73RB again and this time she read it fully.

She then brought it up in session and asked the auditor what reference was being operated on regarding sec checking her in the middle of an OT level. Virginia said she could not find a reference that said to do that, and in fact had found one that said not to.

Third times a charm, right?

But, yep, it’s true. I still wiggle-waggled around some more after being threatened with “ethics” and decided I didn’t want to do anything about it. That is, until about eight months later when the idea presented itself yet again – this time in one of my solo auditing sessions..

Damn, says me, I guess “sleeper” time is over. Time to roll.

kara thrace wink.

In case you don’t know, income from security checking us OT VII’s every six months was to the tune of a minimum of 7200 an intensive of auditing each time in most cases. Sometimes it was many thousands of dollars more than that. There were over a thousand people on the OT VII level at that time so a LOT of money was at stake – over a million dollars a month.

When I hit them on that point by making thousands of people aware of the “out-tech”, it specifically hurt the organization that Mark Rathbun was in – the RTC or Religious Technology Corporation.

Dan Koon, the man that helped make the alteration in the first place, later posted as Joe Howard on Mark’s blog. It was him that lets us know about that their “stat” was actually directly tied to that income line.

… RTC’s main stat is the amount of Advanced Tech VSD, meaning if Flag can squeeze lots of 6 month checks out of Solo NOTs auditors then the RTC stat will be up and they will get their bonuses.

Joe Howard // March 20, 2010


What’s really funny to point out here, is that in that same conversation Mark Rathbun comes along and acts like it’s all “news” to him. He’s answering Jim Logan who had said:

[…] So, nowhere in any of these references are ‘Six Month Checks’, mandatory or otherwise. That’s quite interesting don’t you think?

Come on…

come on!

Mark Rathbun KNEW about Mike and I and that reference because he was in charge of the Inspector General Network of RTC at the time.

So why the pretense?

woman question mark


One of the things that I was shown as the “reason” for the six-month check of us OT 7’s was what’s called an advice supposedly from LRH. Mark Rathbun later confirmed that David Miscavige made up those advices like that himself.

I guess that explains why he refused to correct the six-month check then – he wanted the money.

The only thing the point of no return is Miscavige. He is making these “advices” up. It was precisely what Bill Robertson and Pat Broeker did when the slipped into madness; start invoking some hidden data line to LRH. […]

– martyrathbun09 // June 22, 2010

I’m even more pleased at how correct it was that it was pointed out to me to hit that line then, knowing that now.

Getting back to our evolution here, five months after me and “the book” adventures during my six-month check in Florida, Randy McDonald’s circle posts a “press release” from the innocuous sounding Public Research Foundation titled: Hidden Ties Between IRS and Scientology Revealed and dated 1-5 December 1997.

On December 11, 1997 – then came the appearance of a character truly created in the style of Benjamin Franklin’s Silence Dogood – the ARSCC Librarian or simply The Librarian as “she” came to be known.

Parody – the Librarian sockpuppet

librarian sockpuppet

*ARSCC stood for “Alt.Religion.Scientology Central Committee.” It was a made-up non-existent committee that the Librarian appropriated from someone else.

The posting made a pretense of being there to “answer” requests for “verifications” of facts related to the press release done barely a week earlier.

From: (The Galactic Overlord Remailer)
Subject: Re: Scientology/IRS Connection
Date: 1997/12/11
Message-ID: #1/1
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

For those who have asked for verification of facts contained in the
Public Research Foundation press release, here is one.


*ARSCC does not exist, and neither does it’s pert, sexy, pouty


An example of the kind of writing we were subjected to from the sockpuppet “The Librarian” –

Date: 13 Sep 2001 08:27:29 -0000
From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (The Librarian)
Subject: YOO-HOO! PTSC! About Those Copyrights PART 3
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

OoooooOOOooo! Being out of those hose feels *so* *much* *better*! Want to feel and see?

Now where the heck were we in this Little Mini Timeline (LMT)? Oh! I had just said: Ohhhhhhh, Rrrrrrobbie, we have to *stop* for a minute. I feel like I’ve been *spinning* around in my office chair
again! Help me out, darling Rob!


The exact same month that I took my special trip to Flag, now steeled to challenge this six-month check bullshit, another incarnation shows up in a new website called Veritas.

Yet again, we get given a woman as the “creator” of it (in response to accusatons that this is really all Randy McDonald).

August 13, 1998 –

Veritas’s “founder” is a lovely and caring woman.

[…] Sincerely, Marie Associate Editor, Veritas

Putting aside the glaring ridiculousness of any type of normal woman referring to herself in such a third-person and self-congratulatory kind of way, even just a glimpse of the cranky and emotionally colorful writing style of this “Marie” is obviously meant to show clear parallels to Randy’s circle of friends, including “The Librarian”.

Whoever is doing it is clearly playing along in Hubbard’s tone scale “control” factors. The baiting, the antagonizing directed towards presumably the “low-toned” 1.1  people (1.1 is covert hostility on Hubbard’s tone scale) who aren’t just jumping aboard and shouting accolades as they should.

We will certainly, now, be trying to contact him to see if we can find out why your cracker-jack intelligence team (who still haven’t figured out who their own founders are, much less ours) is so obsessed with the man, and why he is your “Moriarty,” when you have a $190,000,000 libel suit staring
you in the face which he isn’t even a party to. Thanks for tipping us off that he is more important than we thought. We’ll let you know when we have a story on HIM posted, as well.

You can also see the same attitude towards criticism that the LA Times documented – a Hubbard inculcation. Challenging criticism isn’t normally particularly be a problem, but as I recall many of these “people” would respond like this towards even the vaguest challenge of something they wrote.

It’s a fact that the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup was subjected to numerous OSA intelligence operations in the late 1990’s, early 2000’s. One of which was they would post thousands of meaningless posts to try and drown out the real ones – activists there called it sporge, as I recall – but they would also forge posts from regular posters there.

Apparently this happened with some of the Librarian posts because in December 1998 there was a posting attempting to sort this out. The freezone website archiver of these posts fills us in –

And Randy McDonald was an ex-Scientologist that had written a series of reports on David Miscavige and others which had been memorialized on the net by Andreas Heldal-Lund as “The McDonald Papers.” Final trivia: this is the last post by The Librarian for 1998.

Here’s what “The Librarian” had to say about the supposed forgeries –

…And to Stephen Mitchell, Randy McDonald, Lisa Precious Mitchell, Kathleen Carey, plus Marie and any and everybody connected with the Veritas web site: since these parasites derided you in *my* name, that alone makes you okay in my books. (And I got *lots* of books!) So, if you’re out there reading this, I hereby grant each of you a lifetime membership in the ARSCC Chimerical Library! You can come up and see me *any* time!


Notice the clear statement concerning that Randy is connected with the Veritas web site.

If you’d like to see some other examples of related sockpuppets “the aces” and so on, that link there goes to a search page that shows you some newsgroup postings.

The beginning of 1999 now finds the Librarian both distancing and promoting the “fearsomeness” of Randy McDonald – at the same time. Yet another example of the blackboard-screeching writing style that is almost impossible to get through reading very much of.

January 17, 1999 –

“You wouldn’t want to slight them, now, WOULD you, Randy McDonald?”

My head jerked back at the sound of the name that strikes fear into the heart of every OSA, RTC, and CST man, woman, child and shill alive!

…”Look, Ace of Clubs!”

Here’s another example of the writing style.

Compare to this example that’s part of the Randy McDonald Papers and watch how one of these indentities writes –

“Are we to assume that Mr. Emory, WHO RAIDED THE CHURCH AND SENT 11 EXECUTIVES TO PRISON, is now in awe of a snotnose who was licking boots at that time?”

Very “the Librarian.”

You can also compare all of these examples with this page from the earliest archived version of the Veritas website – April 1999

Either Randy had quite the little stable of sockpuppets or his friends all have agreed to write in exactly the same style – or maybe both. In any case, it’s still a fairly correct assessment that all the sources are sticking around the 3 basic points that the “Unindoc” poster had described.

These –

  • Scientology was taken over
  • LRH was drugged/controlled/etc. in his later years
  • Miscavige is just a pawn of those who are actually in charge of CoS.

As a funny anecdote, my husband and I had showed up on the internet in 2000 and that same month Mike was solicited to come run an “investigation” at a private Yahoo groups list just created and named Church of Scientology investigations.

By November 22, 2000 – Mike asked a number of Randy’s sockpuppets or friends (whichever is the case) to join the list.

From Mike McClaughry:
I want the following people to join COSinves…
Ace of clubs
Bernd (or whoever is the RO time tracker)

Guys, its time to put our data and wits together in the formulation of an accurate time track.

I am about to make a second pass through the Scientology Time Track that I have been working on for a year and half, as assisted by over another 100 Scientologists.

The key areas to be gone over on the second run through are:

1960’s – a big change in tech and policy happened in this decade the pre-raid and post-raid period of time, all leading up to the current scene That would be the decades of the 1970’s and 1980’s If you are too busy to join, please say so. I would at least like each of you to review our TT when we are done with the second pass through and provide comment.

The “time track” Mike referred to was also called The Criminal Time Track. An apt name. You can see all four original versions archived by the 123jump writers. The original version (not named yet) actually first began circulating in the Summer of 1999 and then was posted to Paul Misiunas’s website in December of 2000.

You know what?

The backstory here is actually quite relevant and worthy of mention so rather than just a brief anecdote? I think I’ll go into that a bit further – starting with the fact that the last posting of the “Librarian” was on January 16, 1999 (a very strange post).

We then start seeing the earliest evidence of discussion by Randy and his friends about remote-viewing in April of 1999 at the Veritas website, but it doesn’t go into that much detail about it. You do see the first inklings of allegations concerning that they were “using the real OT levels” at SRI, and the implications that what is left in scientology are not the “real” OT level

So that’s April of 1999, then comes Mike’s writeup of my story of what happened at Flag (six-month check, etc.) then a much expanded timetrack form of quite a number of other events follows that. This was the first version of the Criminal Time track. Both began circulating behind-the-scenes in the summer of 1999, as I said.

Scientology: CRIMINAL TIME TRACK ISSUE I by Mike McClaughry 1999

The following is a Time Track that I put together for myself and some friends at the time,in 1999.I originally used the pseudonym “Theta” at the request of Greg Barnes until he was ready to “go public” with his defection from Scientology. I also used the pseudonym “Theta 8-8008” around this same time period. Bernd Luebeck, Ex-Guardian’s Office Intelligence and then Ron’s Org staff ran the website

In 1999, just after my time track was released privately, Bernd used it on his website as-is. He later expanded on my original time track with items of interest to himself.


It was in January of 2000 that Wayne Froemke (then posting as “Safe” before he was outed by scientology’s legal department) solicited Mike that he would make a private Yahoo group for him to come run his “investigation” at. Looking back at it, this was probably both a method to bring Mike “out” more (where others could monitor what he was doing) and keep it off the larger readership of alt.religion.scientology.

Practically the first thing that came under discussion was remote viewing, with Joe Harrington (and others) arguing with Mike over whether being “exterior” was any part of remote viewing. Mike proved that it did – citing Ingo Swann’s Out of Body (OOB) experiments – and then Joe shut up about it. See this post here at the blog for more about Ingo’s experiments.

On February 15, 2000 Mike had made a post to the COSI list that Wayne then posted to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. He titled it: Msg from Criminal Time Track Author. Mike (posting as Theta still) asked for information concerning Remote Viewing.

By the way, I saw the posts about Remote Viewing being different than exteriorization, etc. Therefore, I will have to find out more about what Remote Viewing is, to ascertain the truth of the matter. While I have little knowledge of Remote Viewing, I do understand OT abilities and there is a relationship between the two, at minimum the relationship is – two different ways to obtain the same result.

What I would like to see, is a description of what Remote Viewing is from someone who practices it. Can we have a brief synopsis so that a layman can understand what it is?

Ten days later after more than a year of silence – the Librarian suddenly shows up again announcing a timeline that starts right out documenting the CIA’s “remote viewing” program at SRI in 1972. There’s a whole colorful story about a “Coalition” dropping this timeline off to the Librarian in the fall of 1998, etc. etc, – all of which strikes me as disinformation intended to cover up the fact that the real reason its being posted is because of Mike’s investigation into remote viewing. It cannot be a coincidence that this timeline shows up after Mike asked for help about it.

Just one day after the Librarian shows up again with their extensive information on remote-viewing – David Griffin showed up and contacted Mike concerning his remote-viewing abilities. David had been “lurking” – as he put it – on the newsgroup since late 1999 and contacts Mike by private email. (Note: David has since disappeared with an odd notice in January of 2015 that he was going to be dead soon).

David’s email said –

I saw your posting on ARS regarding remote viewing (among other things), and was wondering if you still wanted data concerning it.  I have some data to share, but am not comfortable at present with
posting on the internet.  Although my comm thru this channel is probably being monitored (I  previously had an account with Earthlink, and I KNOW they were monitoring that one), I do feel better about an attempted discrete communication on my part.

I do have personal experience with remote viewing, although have only been exterior a couple of times this lifetime… so far.


another Soldier of Light

Mike responded the same day asking David to join the COSI list and post his data about RV.

Regarding the remote viewing at SRI, an interesting historical side note, is that even though SRI was directly in Mike’s area (because he was the Assistant Guardian for Intelligence for the northern part of California) he had never been ordered to investigate the remote viewing experiments of Hal Puthoff at SRI in the early 1970’s.

In January of 1974 when Mike had finished his training to be the AGI San Francisco, while at his seniors offices in Los Angeles, he was being briefed on “what goes on” in his area. As part of that he was given a file on SRI and it was quite clear from that file that they definitely knew all about it. Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Pat Price – they were all in there. Mike didn’t read the whole file, by the way, he read just enough to get the idea of what they were up to.

Now. If you know anything about scientology policy, having scientologists be in bed with the government (especially the CIA) was a big, glaring, inconsistency. So for this to NOT to have been ordered to be investigated or “done something about” had always stood out to Mike as rather curious behavior on the part of his superiors in the Guardian’s Office.

– – –

About a month and a half later, in April 2000, some more new identities showed up, presumably from the friends of Randy, one of which was “Kase Ossifer”. An obvious play on the intelligence term Case Officer.

Remember when I pointed out earlier that the current (just started last year 2015) Chalet Reports site is quite critical of Chris Owen?

So who’s lying in all of this? Is anybody not lying might be a better question. Let God or Satan sort them out. Part of the sorting, though, has to include that “erstwhile” intelligence agent for the United Kingdom, Grand Wizard of Scientolophobia and the Hubbard Hatred cult, Chris Owen (he went to Oxford and loves the word “erstwhile”). Owen is paid by the British Ministry of Defence. On 8 April 2000, after being asked in written correspondence if he had ever worked for an intelligence agency, he answered, “Yes, but obviously I’m not going to go into details.” Well, obviously.

HighPriests hubbard hatred cult - chalet reports

– excerpt and image is from Part X: A Day or Six in Lisbon With Hubbard, Jim Dincalci, and Ken Urquhart, posted Wednesday, 2 December 2015 by David Reznor

Well…where that “paid by the British Ministry of Defence” part came from is from a conversation on alt.religion.scientology. Kase Ossifer had come along on April 7, 2000 talking about Chris Owen. Owen responded and said this

In the case of the British Ministry of Defence, for which I work…

Kase Officer peppers him with numerous questions about this to which Owen replied on April 8, 2000 – revealing further that he was “trained as an historian at Oxford.”

>2. Have you received any funding or pay or compensation whatsoever >from the British Ministry of Defence, or from any military or intelligence organization of any country, for any of the work you have >done in relation to L. Ron Hubbard?

No.  I mention it only to get it out in the open.  There’s no conspiracy, no hidden connections and no relation between my work on Hubbard and my job.  The only relevance is that as a defence professional I do have a certain amount of expertise when it comes to commenting on military matters.  Of equal relevance is the fact that I was trained as an historian at Oxford University, giving me the analytical skills necessary to write works such as Ron The War Hero and others.

Apparently Owen had expanded on his Oxford training in some other conversation, because a few years later another often associated identity – the CL one – quotes it a few years later.

Chris Owen –

The lesson I had drummed into me by my tutors at Oxford was, ‘if it can’t be documented it isn’t worth a damn’.  That’s why serious works of history (and many other academic fields, for that matter) are festooned with footnotes – so that other researchers can look at the same source material and, the author hopes, come to the same conclusions.

Considering the hell of a lot of falsified history that British “historians” have engaged in – Dr. Dee anyone? – I’ll have to take his idea of “documentation” with a very large grain of salt.

Chris answered yes that he has worked in intelligence.

>4. Do you now, or have you ever, worked for, with, or on behalf of any
>intelligence agency or organization, of any country, either directly,
>or through any intermediary?

[Two 4’s?  Tsk]

Yes, but obviously I’m not going to go into details.

Buried much further “down” in the thread, April 9, 2000 Chris Owen says his particular work was –

Hardly intelligence – I was involved in media ops.

Which IS intelligence. Hell, 3/4 of what the British have done in the last five centuries was propaganda ops, media ops is just an updated name for it. Not to mention –

Putting up a slanted history about Hubbard on the internet is a media “op”.

Blonde moment – It is?

marilyn-monroe-glasses dumb blonde.

Uh. Yeah. It is.

eye roll kara

Things really went to hell-in-a-handbasket when Kase Ossifer asked Owen about remote viewing – from that part forward there was an immediate degradation of the entire thread to being pretty much purely name-calling and very childish behavior – starting with Owen. He responded very flippantly with an oddly nationalistic insult regarding being questioned about the British remote viewing (or psychic exploration) programs. He said something on the order of “Americans are more gullible that way”.

What a dumb-ass insult.

But, what’s interesting about it is it happens to be a very specific to British Slavemasters attitude towards America – one which goes way back in British intelligence. For example, Brit Sidney Rogerson crowing about how Americans are more “susceptible”.

Secondly the American peoples are still under the influence of much of the Great War propaganda. They are more susceptible than most peoples to mass suggestion

– Propaganda in the next war, by Sidney Rogerson – The Next War is a series edited by Captain Liddell Hart, published by Geoffrey Bles, 37 Essex Street, Strand, London, first published in 1938 reprinted in 1939. Printed by Mackays Limited in Chatham. Page 144 (III) under Enemies, Neutrals and Allies

As if his first “Americans are gullible” insult wasn’t stupid enough, then Owen starts calling Kase Ossifer a conspiracy nut and a certifiable loony when he was further pressed about a British version of a remote viewing program.

A bit annoyed, was he?

kara thrace - battlestar galactica

VERY unprofessional behavior.

Whatever else might be said about Randy and his friends, on this point they had Owen up against the wall because the British did have their very own “research” program into all this. Not to mention they’re the ones who started “psychical research” in the first place back in the 1800’s as part of yet another British slavemaster intelligence operation.

So what…are we supposed to believe that Mr. Historian is that fricking clueless as to his own countries history? Somehow, I don’t think many people were buying that one.

Before I move on, there’s something interesting that I came across that was posted in defense of me. I’m pretty sure this was frpm that same “coalition”. I was engaged in a bit of fun with some of the resident drama queens at alt.religion.scientology. A number of them thought they were so smart and that because David Griffin (who they didn’t know yet that’s who it was) was posting using the same ISP that Mike and I did, well therefore “theta one” was Me or Mike – is what they had been saying. David even showed up posting that he wasn’t me or Mike. The usual attack-and-discredit campaign was going on after I pointed out their error, and then a poster called An Metet (latin for or reap) comes along.

He said something rather appropos I thought – when I saw this just recently.


You are merely the subject of a by-the-book discrediting campaign.

Which was true.

It made some people rather twitchy that An Metet had done this, and someone named Ian S. Rennie comes along and tries to make sure I’m “educated” as to who’s accurate and who’s not – Chris Owen being the “accurate” one.

Probably hoping I’d have a blonde moment and get all confused and everything.

blonde moment

I didn’t.

I guess a belated thank you may be in order because all things considered, it was rather nice of whoever that was.

– – –

So, Mike was busy working on his Criminal Timetrack on that private list, and the same year (2000) Robert Minton of the Lisa McPherson trust had offered Mike the use of a web domain that he owned called and Mike put up a basic website which you can see in the Internet Archive.

You might want to notice the similarities to the current campaign begun by Mark Rathbun, etc. etc. in 2009 – they used a lot of elements of my husband’s original ideas and concepts for reaching scientologists that he was quite successful at it.

The very first thing on the website besides the writeup he did called “My Story” was an Introduction which said: The purpose of this website is to audit out a third and fourth dynamic engram.

Look the title of one of Steve Hall’s very first writings – 3d Group Engram. It was posted December 11, 2009.

Look what it said –

What we are doing today is using Scientology to fix Scientology. In our case, we are engaging in group auditing, running out a 30-year group engram. When done, we should have the organization in present time for the first time in a long time.


spock fascinating

By December of 2001 Mike had made preparations to shift to his own domain and by January of 2002 the redirect to his new scientologyintegrity domain was in place, where Mike began putting up a larger version of the Time Track he had been working on – this time including quite a bit about remote-viewing and incorporating segments of the information from both the “Librarian” and the Veritas website.

Perhaps because of that there began being posters that tried to circulate the rumor that Mike was “behind” the Veritas website – which was totally not true – or perhaps not. But, what did happen is that barely six months later the “circle” that was actually associated with the Veritas site, the Librarian postings, etc., well…they came up with a NEW website and name.

Now it was called Sc-i-r-s-ology. Here’s the earliest version of it, probably put up around June or July 2002. Obviously the same basic material as the Veritas site, but if you look at this page you can see that now we start seeing the Librarian information about the remote-viewing activities of scientologists under a CIA contract, being presented under the title: Why the Government Took Out the Guardian Office. Oddly, it also tries to present that it got just “sent in” but it had the same basic information that the Librarian postings had so why leave that out?

whatever plain

Mike completed his purposes for the initial websites that he had created and then took them down in 2005. We were ‘offline” for the next five years essentially, but not inactive.

Meanwhile, by September of 2008 we have another re-incarnation of the Randy circle of friends website – moved fully to its own domain (versus being underneath as it was previously). The new domain was

What’s really interesting about this time period where we appeared to be “gone” is what else began to occur in the background and who with.

In the background –

During the time period that we are apparently “gone” some other things began going on in the background.

Jeffrey Augustine had what he describes as a “massive download from Infinity” one day on a drive in the mountains. In it he saw “everything” but unfortunately it took him a long time to “unfold” this download wherein he becoming a Master Mason and a Knight Templar became part of his decoding process.

As a scientific lighting expert, Jeff has worked on many projects including technical manuals for the Department of Defense where he held classified and secret clearances.

**2020 Note: Since the time of publishing this post, the link above has gone defunct. Luckily, when I had come across Jeff’s self-promotion in 2014 I archived it in the Internet Archive. In fact, it’s the ONLY archive existing of it. Here is a PDF of that archive, just in case.

Click to access


You will note that there is NO mention of the “Voice” that spoke to Jeffrey and gave him this information, providing him with his DESTINY and LIFE MISSION along with an order for Jeffrey to become a Freemason, nor is there any mention of the automatic writing that revealed this Disunification revelation.

Why is Jeffrey now hiding-by-omission this important history in his description above?

that is an excellent question


And what would you imagine…would be an important next step for Jeffrey in carrying out his life mission and DESTINY from the Voice?

Starting on April 28 of 2005 Jeff began posting at a critical scientology forum called Operation Clambake and using the pseudonym J. Swift.

One of his first “strategy assessment” writings (October 2005) was an essay titled: “The Critics Have Reached Critical Mass.”

The critics of Scientology have achieved critical mass. There is currently a critical mass of global public outrage and ridicule being directed at Scientology. This critical mass runs along the strong central axis of all major and minor media outlets as well as both the old and new anti-Scientology websites such as, scienTOMogy, Lermanet,, etc.

  • Virginia note – ScienTOMogy was a New Zealand-based parody site run by Glen Stollery that lampooned actor Tom Cruise’s involvement with Scientology

An interesting point to note is that this was right along the same lines as Mike’s intelligence “Estimate of the Situation” that he had on his prior website, the part where he is talking about that scientology’s running of black ops on people and their fair game practices need to stop.

It is a bad policy that has got to go. If it doesn’t go, then the organization is going to be gone because society will not put up with it forever. There will be a revolt.

And, there is a revolt, going on right now. And the revolt is growing in numbers and strength daily, sufficient enough right now to overthrow and do away with, not only the current criminal management, but organized Scientology as a whole.

This is also almost the exact same line that scientologist tax attorney Jim Jackson took just a year or so ago. Jackson is ex-Guardian’s Office staff, and is currently hooked up with Merrell Vannier (also ex-Guardian’s office) and the Religious Liberty League – all of which appear be hooked up with Robin Adair, Chalet Reports and Randy McDonald perhaps as well. More on that later, but apparently all of them are also hooked up with Mark Rathbun and Karen and her husband Jeff, etc. – at least Jim Jackson and Merrell Vannier are – that’s for sure.

This is a picture from New Year’s 2015.

From left to right –

  • Gary Scarff (posts on ex-scientologist board as “smurf”) – very nasty character.
  • Jesse Prince
  • Karen De la Carriere (her husband Jeffrey Augustine is far right)
  • Jim Jackson


This one is Jesse Prince, Nancy Many, Tory Bezaaian, Jim Jackson, Karen and (?) and Graham Berry.


Note – Nancy Many is both a former Guardian’s Office and supposedly former OSA intelligence agent who specialized in undercover work and infiltration of groups. She is who specifically brought my son Tom Rhodes out to attack me in 2010 on the ex-scientologist forum – she even introduced him.

The Religious Liberty League site, by the way, says that “we” – meaning some circle of friends inferrence yet again  –

“…started many years ago following policy and writing reports, and discovered it wasn’t wanted, we had counter-intention, were engaged in “reverse management,” and were not in alignment with “command intention,” which we figured out was the intention of upper management, not that of LRH as expressed in the scriptures of Scientology.

Its the usual its all David Miscavige’s fault, nothing wrong with scientology itself.

game of thrones - eye roll

Here’s a little blurb from letters that Vannier posted recently that Jackson had sent to David Miscavige and other executives of the Church of Scientology – notice the similarity to Jeffrey Augustine’s writing, both of which are coming off of to Mike’s intelligence Estimate.

The hat I wear today is of a professional who also happens to be a dedicated Scientologist who long ago pledged an eternal allegiance to LRH and Scientology, and who, unlike the recentl-declared “independents,” intends to safeguard the Church, the organizational structure of Scientology.

[…]One could easily conclude that [Mark] Rathbun has not only organized a pool of purported whistleblowers but has marshaled anti-Scientology forces into a focused attack against COB. His allegations, in my opinion, have mortally wounded COB. If not handled correctly, the entire Church and its assets are at risk of possible destruction.

[…] After many years of trial and error Corporate America finally evolved a solution that is now a nationally accepted protocol, which is this:

Immediately conduct an internal investigation, independent of all employees and officers allegedly engaged in the wrongful acts and then reform the underlying administrative and ethical situations and publicly announce the reforms/results.

The protocol involves an actual handling of any corruption uncovered by the organization, and is not a “window dressing” or PR approach. If done correctly, the action can salvage the assets of, and restore some measure of goodwill for, the organization.

Attacking the whistleblower is like signing one’s own death warrant. It is a call to one’s executioner: lower the axe, I can’t and won’t reform.

[…]For the credibility of the process, COB should step down while it is conducted. The Church should then implement any necessary reforms to ensure that all PR and legal liabilities are fully extinguished and that mechanisms are put in place to prevent the recurrence of the situation.

A bit long-winded, but as you can see it’s essentially following right in Mike’s footsteps – his intelligence Estimate of the Church’s situation more than fifteen years ago, and he was right. What has happened is what he said would happen, was already beginning to happen back then.

So, good ole out-of-nowhere Jeffrey Augustine here in 2005 – which happens to be right when Mike and I were exiting stage left (apparently anyway) – here he is paralleling Mike in a certain way. A way that happens to line up with being part-and-parcel of the whole big operation “save scientology” they would all begin coordinately executing publicly in 2009.

And…right on cue – here’s Jeffrey in 2009, yet again paralleling Mike’s Estimate.

Postby J. Swift » Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:32 pm

The SP Doctrine has power in relationship to CoS. Yet look at what it has cost CoS to keep an SP doctrine and attempt to argue that Fair Game is doctrinal. Internet and Media Culture have decimated the Church of Scientology and will continue to dismantle the Beast. FZ, Independents, or Loyalists are wise to take heed of the cost of the SP Doctrine and the vigor with which Internet and Media Culture will handle it. The World does not like angry, twisted little Cults, the angry men who run them, or their angry messianic movie stars.

Jeffrey was “outed” (meaning people were told that J. Swift was him) in 2006. Some time prior to Karen De La Carriere’s official public “coming out” from the Church of Scientology, Jeff and Karen were married.

Two-step on over to the time of the “critical mass” handling of Scientology begun by his wife, Mark Rathbun, Steve Hall etc. etc., and have a look at this that he wrote on August 16, 2010.

Referring back to his “infinity” download apparently, Jeff writes –

I have always wanted to formalize the Spiritual Teaching that is in my book. Now that it is formalized, I will begin spiritual teaching and create a spiritual community of people who are attracted to the teaching. […] My teaching is a resolution of Self versus Non-Self, a central dilemma in spirituality[…] I do want to start a spiritual fellowship because I like groups and doing spiritual work with like-minded people in a voluntary setting.

If you can believe it, guess who he wants to pattern his “group” structure after? Billy fricking Graham!

This guy –


Jeffrey Augustine –

In terms of legal structure, I would follow the precedent established by one of the finest and most honest nonprofit religious groups in the US. That would be the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). Billy Graham has always inspired me because he was never in it for the money. Reverend Graham is the real thing. His lifetime shows that he walked his talk. While I do not agree with BGEA on many spiritual and social issues, I like the way in which it has always been financially transparent.

Billy Graham’s Board has always consisted of successful Christian business people* who know how to read a P&L and manage the Association in a way that they feel honors Jesus Christ. Of course, Franklin Graham can go off the deep end at times, but he is accountable to a real and actual Board of Directors.

*Yea, Miles Copeland’s specialty. “Business men” who were really CIA assets.


He was never in it for the money? Oh boy. What he is trying to make sound so “chivalrous” there is part of one of the ugliest operations run on mankind short of the creation of the Catholic Church in Europe.

They’re all busy working on creating a “one world” religion that is anything but actually spiritual.


Even more unfortunate are the distinct parallels between Jeff and Karen as “tv evangelists” and another rather infamous and equally cheesy couple – Jim and Tammy Faye Baker.

There’s the “save the children”, and “stop the devil” and “preserve family values” parallels to contend with here as well. Changing a few words slightly and voila! You have Billy Grahamism come-to-life in the scientology rebellion.

There’s a hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live about the Bakkers at NBC’s website (Season 12, Ep. 15) – check it out.

jim and tammy faye baker saturday night live 1987

Dana Carvey as Church Lady is interviewing them.

church lady 2 - saturday night live

On a more serious note, what Jeff the-would-be evangelist is conveniently leaving out of this glowing description of the heroic Billy Graham – the guy that he wants to emulate the “organization” of – is this.

Graham and the organizations he was part of were an integral part of an intelligence operation being run on America and the world. One that goes back to the “anti-communism” co-operation with Hitler of Frank Buchman’s British intelligence operation called Moral Re-Armament and The Christian Fellowship (that Graham later became part of) spear-headed by Vereide. Buchman had created First Century Christian Fellowship – a parallel organization to Vereides. He was quoted by in the New York World Telegram as saying: “I thank Heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defense against the anti-Christ of Communism“.

After WWII, Veriede/Graham were tightly connected to CIA NOC agent Miles Copeland who also ran L. Ron Hubbard and the scientology front group from its earliest days in the 1950s.

That is some scary shit Jeff is promoting patterning his “spiritual group” after.

wiley-double yikes.

It gets worse.

The next example that he uses that he wants to pattern a “spiritual group” on is the Mormons!

The long term religious groups that survive best in America have elected Boards, disclose financial data, and are accountable to their members. For example, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has monthly statements for its members…

Accountability and transparency are vital to any religious group.

Hold that thought –

His “spiritual group” that he’s after creating morphs into being related to scientology – or should I say the “new” scientology.

About page, Scientology Money Project –

The goal of The Scientology Money Project is to demand total financial transparency from the Church of Scientology.

To this end, all possible publicly available financial and legal documents will be compiled.

Whether it likes it or not, the Church of Scientology will become financially transparent.

The fact that there is a “re-write that isn’t” of Scientology underway, shows up in a conversation at Mark’s blog on May 3, 2010 –

J. Swift


I wrote a piece at OCMB recently. Entitled, Reconfiguring “The Tech: A Structuralist Critique,” I posted the following:

Let us imagine Scientology as software for the mind. Here is how I would reconfigure Scientology software if I wanted to practice the Tech outside of CoS.

Once we have decoupled the Tech from CoS, we can proceed to the main structural reconfiguration of the Tech:

The Tech –> Disable and uninstall KSW doctrine

The Tech –> Disable and uninstall PTS/SP doctrine

The Tech –> Disable and uninstall Homo Novis and Genocide doctrines

The Tech –> Disable and uninstall hard pressure sales/crush regging

The Tech –> Disable and uninstall weekly sales statistics

The Tech –> Disable and uninstall OSA

The Tech –> Disable and uninstall RTC

The Tech –> Disable and uninstall COB […]

Which is pretty much everything these people are working on.

Rathbun responds not disagreeing with what he said actually, just and admonition not to re-write the tech itself.

J Swift, thanks. As perhaps 90% of those who frequent this site will attest, if you know the whole body of work – ….it is self protecting. You cannot attain the object of its levels and grades without becoming more loving, compassionate, and ethical. So, don’t waste your energy re-writing.

– Funeral for a friend, May 3, 2010

Now look at one of Steve Hall’s very first writings – The Iron Door posted December 11, 2009.

What we are doing today is using Scientology to fix Scientology. In our case, we are engaging in group auditing, running out a 30-year engram. When done, we should have the organization in present time for the first time in a long time.

Now check out one of the original video interviews with Dan Koon he reveals what some of the strategy of Independent Scientology is:

:32 to :41 “The whole point of putting another management structure in the church…”

4:18 to 5:00 says courses will become available on the internet and “…Scientology needs to evolve.

Check out Mike Rinder in a comment concerning Tony Ortega and the Village Voice (April 4 2012) –


Pretty united looking – aren’t they.

Typical enslaver power-plays at best, an entirely false show at worst.

page divider 2014

Back-Channel plans

Guess who Karen, Mark, Merrell, etc. etc. etc. never mention or promote in any way?

You guessed it – yours truly and my husband Mike’s work. ANY of our work.

Strangely, who do we see Karen promote very, very early on? Randy McDonald’s work. Karen de la Carriere promotes him at Steve Hall’s site.

1996 SP Declare on David Miscavige
Sunday, 27 June 2010 10:17

For info, here is a 1996 SP Declare on David Miscavige. I am not vouching for the accuracy of the data; you are free to do your own investigation and draw your own conclusions. The original document may be found at [original link: was broken, it is at the internet archive here.] Here is the document. – Karen de la Carriere/Jentzsch (posts as “Karen#1” and formerly posted as “War and Peace”) Anyone who wants to contact me privately can do so at:
Home page:



Karen was all about targeting David Miscavige and him only.

Example: Posting on Mark’s blog February 2, 2010 as War and Peace

Example: Posting at Steve Hall’s site March 19, 2010

DM cannot think in futures, especially long range futures and the consequences of his illegal acts.
Punching a guy like Jeff Hawkins gave Miscavige a sense of power. Did DM ever think long range? Did he think of the consequences of assault and battery? Did he ever think Counterfeit Dreams would ever be written? Did he ever envision that his sadistic conduct when broadcast would give the Church a terrible image?

No, he has abhorrent leadership qualities. Sadism and Brutality. But no concept of FUTURES or CONSEQUENCES as to how he was effecting the good repute of the Church.

The PR of the Church is the worst its ever been. It will take decades to repair. There is no end in sight as to how bad it can get. If DM truly loved and appreciated LRH and the tech, he would not be creating the backlash of horrendous PR the Church is now enduring.

Written by Karen de la Carriere/Jentzsch

If you notice, even she is following in Mike’s footsteps as to his intelligence Estimate of the Situation from ten years earlier.

Karen was in the habit of “helping” strategically chosen persons with financial handouts. Not a bad thing on its surface, for most people to do, but it becomes something else entirely considering her actual motivations and alignments. We’re dealing with Scientology here – trained PR and intelligence people whose entire goal is to manipulate the “masses” where they want them to go.

Why did she come out in support of Randy McDonald? Well…let’s move on over to Mark’s blog and a man named Robin Adair.

Robin posted as RJ at Mark Rathbun’s blog for a number of years until Marty began “changing” and then Robin exited stage left.

How do I know RJ is a posting identity of Robin Adair?

Because Robin revealed that himself –



[…] But now your in with some real good people.

[…] Ml Robin Adair


Mark Rathbun (Marty) thought this was great –


martyrathbun09 | November 5, 2010 at 12:19 am

Yeah, Robin!!!!!


He’s also listed as Robin Adair on Steve Halls rediscoverscientology website that came out in 2011.

As one of the very first commenters at Mark’s new blog way back in the summer of 2009 – back when comments might total 10 or so – one of the first things that Robin (posting as RJ) does is bring me up!

Deliberately altering my last name.


Ask Randy MacDonald, Virginia McNulty and an endless list of Scientologists who ticked off the fearless leader and ended up in the cold, you and I included.

– Comment on Mark’s post titled: Response to Miscavige Propaganda Campaign


How do I know this was deliberate on his part? Well, for one reason, because he does it again two years later. This time as part of a much more direct attack about my ‘sanity’.

Mark Rathbun had done a post titled: OT VIII Claudio Lugli to Captain David Miscavige on February 2, 2011. Two days later, the comments were still continuing and on February 4, 2011, Robin Adair (posting as RJ) couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He responds to a comment by Brit Terril Park, who for more than 10 years has intentionally altered my last name as well as deliberately falsifying other information about my husband and I.

Terril’s comment that “RJ” was responding to concerned the Hubbard issue that I had exposed had been altered.

RJ | February 4, 2011 at 1:12 am


Yeah I know.

There was a big flap with some 7′s when that HCOB was….er…”amended”…

Many who refused to continue the grade.

I worked in a field group (while my foot was just outside the door) where one of the OT 7′s managed to evade continuing the level at that point.

Another one we knew by the name of Virginia McNulty who really went kinda wild.

You mighta heard of her?

Plus there were others who said that they’d finish OT 7 some other life.


RJ gets corrected about my name, and tries to get out of why he did that by claiming ‘confusion’ but watch how he offers up further false information about my father this time.


OTDT | February 4, 2011 at 3:17 am

Virginia McNulty? Not McClaughry?

RJ | February 4, 2011 at 5:01 am


My bad.

Had “two or more incidents confused”

She was married to Bill Rhodes and correct me I’m wrong (which I’m sure you will) her father fell on his sword over the Lisa McPherson debacle.


My father had nothing whatsoever to do with the “Lisa Mcpherson debacle” other than the fact that way back in the 1970’s he used to be married for a couple of years to the woman – Corrine Joyce Huntley/Siegal – who later married Alain B. (Bernard) Kartuzinski who ended up being scientology’s case supervisor over Lisa McPherson while she was being locked up and ‘watched’ as part of scientologys’ Introspection Rundown.

He certainly never “fell on his sword” over what happened with Lisa McPherson. He had been gone for 18 years by then.

Next – Robin Adair (still posting as RJ) gets corrected some more, but what stands out here is what he said about Bill Rhodes, my ex-husband and father of two of my children, plus the fact that he’s even bringing him out.

Who’s he gonna bring up next – Aunts and Uncles? Cousins? Pets?



OTDT | February 4, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Virginia McClaughry is married to Mike McClaughry.

I’m uninformed about the Rhodes character(s).

RJ | February 4, 2011 at 8:22 pm

Bill Rhodes used to work for DM&A here in the LA area. [Did RJ work there too?]

Former SO was on the Apollo.

As far as I understood it he was once married to Virginia.

Or maybe I have a short circuit on the connections here.

OTDT | February 4, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Here’s Virginia’s write-up on what happened with her on OT 7 at Flag.


After a couple of people started talking positively about me and my revelation of the out-tech against scientology OT 7’s, Terril Park, the first guy Robin was talking to, well….he just had to come back and present some more ‘bad Virginia’ information.

Humorously speaking, you’ll note that Terril does indeed know how to spell my last name right, offering further proof that when he does misspell it? It’s definitely deliberate and meant purely as disrespect and harassment.

Terril Park | February 5, 2011 at 12:03 am

RJ “Another one we knew by the name of Virginia McNulty who really went kinda wild.”

Virginia McClaughry is who I think you mean.

She was the first to alert the world to this re write of C/S series 73.

I suspect the only good action she did.

She was nuts. Attacked everyone else in the FZ. Specially me.

Recently had comm with her son who last I heard is doing really well on some mild psyche drug. He spent his life with an SP mum and suffered.

She made a couple of posts here.


Robin responds within 30 minutes and jumps on the “Virginia is crazy” bandwagon – of course. Note the change of his already altered last name for me to “McNutty” with the inference that all the alterations were because I’m “crazy” and “out there”.


RJ | February 5, 2011 at 12:35 am

Thanks Terril,

I remember she was pretty “out there”.

Constantly asserted that everybody else’s ethics were out.

‘Cept hers of course.

Yeah I think the confusion on the name is when I started referring to her as Virginia “McNutty”.

Chick was definitely a piece of work.

Though she very right about quite a few things.



Here’s why I’m telling you about this, and it isn’t because I give a crap about what two idiots say in a blog comment. If it was just that it’d be unworthy of any notice.

But, it isn’t just that, not when you’re dealing with people who do this for over ten years straight. That’s an operation and a very specific kind of one. That’s what I’m making you aware of by telling you about this.

Both Mark Rathbun and Tony Ortega have pointed out that the particular tactic being employed by Robin Adair and Terril Park – that of messing up my name deliberately and of altering other details like my father, etc. – is a trained one. One that both Guardian’s Office intelligence agents and their “replacement” – the Office of Special Affairs – use as part of a psychological warfare campaign.

Watch this video of Mark Rathbun being subjected to this type of thing, starting with altering his wife’s nickname of “Mosey” to “Moby” and followed by complete mis-characterization of his adoption of a baby boy to being simply a “fostered” child.

They know the difference, they know the boy wasn’t a foster-child.

Acting like they don’t IS the tactic.

They act “confused” where they are definitely not. Just like Robin Adair was doing where he is having to answer up to why he was mis-naming me.

I’ve qued the video to right where the guy is going to deliberately get Mosey’s nickname wrong. He talks fast so you may have to replay it.


Unidentified Scientology Terrorists


Now have a a look at what Tony Ortega wrote about this.


In the smartphone video Marty captured and then posted last night, you can see Theroux filming with his phone at about the one-minute mark. You also see the man doing the talking — identified as Scientologist Christopher Robin Smith — asking Marty about how much he’s being paid to “foster” a child. He also refers to Marty’s wife as “Moby,” but her name is Monique and she often goes by the nickname “Mosey.”

These are classic Scientology tactics. We’ve spoken to former church operatives who ran intimidation campaigns going back decades, and one of the things they say they were told to do was to hit targets with slightly wrong information. They tell us it was intentional for them to get a name wrong (Moby, instead of Mosey, for example) simply for the psychological effect it generates. And to mischaracterize the truth, again purely for the effect (Marty and Monique adopted a baby boy last year, and are not “fostering” him.)

More about the goons Scientology sent to intimidate Marty Rathbun and Louis Theroux – by Tony Ortega


After that good of a smack-down by Mark and Tony….

I trust Terril and Robin won’t further confirm their status as scientology operatives running intimidation campaigns by engaging in any more deliberate misspellings of our names and or mis-characterizations of my husband and I (or our family and friends) in any way, shape, or form.

eye roll kara.

If anyone else is experiencing this kind of harassment, just remember you don’t have to correct these people (well, maybe sometimes) and that all it is – is simply a form of Psychological Warfare.

Like I said in a couple posts here at the blog concerning sociopaths, you really need to understand that it bothers them far more when it doesn’t work than you could possibly imagine.

It’s a real knock-em flat thing as far as their delicate little egos go.

If you like to live a little dangerously and have experience in dealing with slavemasters, igors, and their ilk, you can keep correcting them on their errors and watch how easily they fall for that “it’s working” on you. And then…after stringing them along for a while, one day just rip the ground out from under them by totally ignoring them. It’s gotta be seen to be believed what that does to them.

Like I said though – I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are well-versed in dealing with nutso people like this because you do have to be ready for anything.

It’s definitely very edifying to watch them have to realize that they have no idea who you really are and can’t predict you at all. It forces them to have to change, and that’s the point. It reminds them that their arguably stupid and self-limiting methods of operation are no match for someone who isn’t doing that. Even more important, it also plants a nice little seed of that “something different” is possible.

As the old saying goes though – never send a boy to do a man’s job.

And they don’t have any men.

morticia - wink.

By the way, Tony Ortega did eventually identify the 2 men that were harassing Mark and the British producer with him, if you’re interested you can read about that here.

Karen de la Carriere comments about what happened in this video at an internet forum, stating her outrage at such “tabloid innuendo and smearing”. But, yet, when my husband and I and my daughter were all being subjected to exactly the same type of treatment at this same forum that she watches closely – where was her outrage then?



In this case silence was definitely not golden. I’d even go so far to say that it indicated consent and agreement with what was going on. But, I’m willing to be wrong about that should Karen ever acceptably clarify her position towards our family, knowing as she does that my son (and whatever he says) is completely controlled as part of the same long-running intimidation campaign that Tony just described. I’d welcome her thoughts on why she condones (and supports) the kind of people that allow and even compliment my son’s behavior.

I’m not going to hold my breath though, because I think she’s scared of me. Partly because she at least knows – and you gotta give her credit for having a correct assessment for once – she knows that her ‘loveness’ routine isn’t going to fly with me. She really doesn’t know what to do when she doesn’t have that, and when she knows the flip-side (intimidation) isn’t going to work either.

Free clue – don’t try and lie to me in any way, there’s a start.


You know, people that live like that are pretty limited in what they can do. I call it slavemaster disease because like their 2-class system for humanity, they seem to have only 2 basic solutions to people. Fake love and intimidation/destruction and that’s it. Not much of a range, in other words, so they have a lot of trouble with people that don’t respond “correctly” to either one.

That reminds me, let me posit a question here.

How many of you out there have been contacted by Karen and given the ‘loveness’ treatment? Things said to you like (and this is not all inclusive but just some things I know she says) “You’re so courageous, you’re such a warrior, I’m so impressed with what you’ve done, you’re an inspiration, I deeply understand your concerns…you mean a lot to me…”


Yea. That’s what I thought. Pretty much all of you.

For you scientologists – have you really forgotten how the regges (registrars) and recruitment people used to deal with you?

There’s a lesson in there somewhere…

– – –

You can see Robin Adair currently in action over at the Religious Liberty League site ( talking with Merrell Vannier and trying to deny any scientologist involvement in running guns and selling drugs. Of course, there’s just one minor problem with that denial – several top Guardian’s office persons (and Hubbard himself) were involved in both of those things. As just one example – see Scientology’s Elusive Jerry McDonald – Drugs, Guns, and The Brotherhood

Merrell had done a posting lauding the attack of Dani Lemberger on Tony Ortega, and Robin Adair had responded to which Merrell then does the strutting rooster routine about a ‘piece’ he has written about Tony Ortega’s background that he will only run if Ortega doesn’t stop attacking ‘the religion’ of scientology.

Merrell Vannier February 10, 2016 at 9:20 pm

Thank you for the post. Good points. Dani Lemberger actually did a better job than I exposing him; I just reported on it. I’m saving my piece for a later time, but will only run it if Ortega continues to attack the religion of Scientology and people who practice the religion for the purpose of bettering their lives and others’ — in their estimation, which is the only valid measuring stick. Ortega has an interesting history, especially for a person who likes to judge and attack others. I’ll leave it at that for now.

– comments section of Dani Lemberger Nails Ortega as a Religious Bigot posted by Merrell Vannier 07 Feb 2016

Apparently, Merrell has adopted Ron Hubbard’s version of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of religion’ versus Thomas Jefferson’s and our American Bill of Rights.

In Ron Hubbard’s world, those two things mean they can talk bad about you, run black ops, and every other thing but you cannot speak or move against them in any way. Most especially if you refuse to respond to their sappy “I’m full of ARC” attempts to handle you.

These are little boys, not men, who simply cannot handle ridicule, raillery, or free argument. It threatens their ego too much (not to mention their pathetic bastardized conglomeration of Catholicism and Psychiatry called “scientology”).

Here’s Robin being indignant about “us” – as he puts it – being accused of running guns, selling drugs…etc. but also note his pride about “Margaret”. That’s Margaret Lake that he’s talking about, is this another nom-de-plume of one of these Ex-GO men?


Robin Adair February 11, 2016 at 12:40 am

…Others from our friends in the so called “Intelligence” Community and State Department when they were accusing us of running guns, selling drugs and having orgies (the latter I somehow missed and was the main reason I got into Scientology….just kidding) and various other assorted “crimes”.

Take a look at how Margaret has pretty much deconstructed the myths perpetrated by Cooper, Russell and later plagiarized by Wright and later promoted in that shoddy “doc” by Gibney:

Never mind the fact that Ortega considers someone as historically challenged as Atack a “historian”:

Like the writer of this series of posts says:

“Only fiction doesn’t leave a paper trail.”

And much of what Tony writes is nothing but fiction.

– comments section of Dani Lemberger Nails Ortega as a Religious Bigot posted by Merrell Vannier 07 Feb 2016


“Much” of what Tony writes about is not fiction – that’s just cranky talk. I certainly don’t agree with a number of Tony’s takes on things, but you’re not going to see me making that kind of a sweepingly false generality about all of Tony’s writing.

I think it’s just plain childish petulance on Robin’s part because some of Tony’s work is damaging Robin’s fortress of “scientology is wonderful” that he lives behind. If he wants to take Tony on, he should point out specifically what Tony actually is being bigoted or narrow-minded about and not just what he wants to say he is.

I know. Why doesn’t Robin take on Tony regarding…

nevermind final.

He’s too “invested” to do what I was going to suggest.

In his comment to Merrell though – do you see where he links to Chalet Reports and talks about the writer as if it isn’t him? Well, there’s a few problems with that.

Before I go any further I’d like to say that Robin has shadows of some very admirable qualities – loyalty and persistence being the top of the list. Unfortunately, they’re misplaced and he has yet to come to terms with just how big a difference that makes.

It’s like his writings on remote-viewing, the Church of Spiritual Technology, the obvious CIA involvement with scientology. The truth is right there, he’s looking at it. I see him looking it at, and that he doesn’t want to see what he’s looking at. I’m not talking about him ‘seeing’ his way to becoming a different caricature of himself – that of happy human ex-scientologist – I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I’m talking about him seeing what is really going on around here.

With that said, I’m now going to get into the tangled world of “ex” Guardian’s office operatives and their friends who are still running operations trying to “save” scientology.

See what I mean? They’re saving the wrong thing.

One of the ways that these people operate is that they will take on almost any persona, pro, con, undecided, you name it, in their efforts to swing public opinion and in trying to undermine their “enemies”. It’s not really what they are doing (ok, in some cases it definitely is) it’s more that it’s all wrong who they are doing it to and why.

Such is the case with Robin Adair. That’s an Irish song name, by the way, and could very well be another “shell” name. Let’s say that it isn’t, for now, and see if any other names are linked up with this same Robin Adair.

They don’t make this easy, and for those who don’t like finding out the truth about things when it’s made hard to (or who like to pretend they have short attention syndrome or some such crap, well…you probably don’t want to read this.

For the rest of you – let’s get to it. This is going to be an interesting one.

For starters, remember the whole Sci-rs-ology thing or the Veritas website and the “Librarian” postings on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup? Or the postings of “CL” where he created sock-puppets to talk to himself with?

But, did anyone notice that Robin’s comment in 2009 where he first called my “Virginia McNulty” also mentioned  Randy McDonald?


As we discussed already, Randy McDonald was a scientologist who worked together with a number of other scientologists in the LA area who were up-in-arms initially over the IRS deal that David Miscavige made. I met several of them, and spoke to Randy directly on more than one occasion.

Robin Adair was one of these people as well. Some of them were “out” of the Church officially, some weren’t. But they were doing a big “investigation” into “what happened” to scientology – and had targeted David Miscavige as the be all and end all of what was wrong.

Yeah, the exact same thing Mark Rathbun, Steve Hall, Karen etc. started doing when they “came out”.

But we’re talking much earlier here with Randy – almost two decades earlier.

At that time, Randy’s postings were a conglomeration, meaning that several people took part in what those postings actually were about. So were the “Librarian” posts, the “CL” posts, the “Public Information Office” posts, the Veritas website, and the Scirsology website. What they all had in common was lots and lots of talking about the OT levels, the remote-viewing experiments, Watergate, Hubbard “going missing” in 1972 and 1973 with a particular fixation on the events in Morocco, the Commonwealth Israeli’s are the problem, Hubbard being replaced with a double, The CIA and everyone was after Hubbard because he was so amazing, the solutions to scientology’s trouble was all about putting back in “checks and balances” etc., etc., which is all important for you to know, but what’s really important is where they never go, what they never talk about.

What was Hubbard’s connection to the CIA. Why are so many things in scientology in such total lockstep with the CIA and British intelligence?

These are things you didn’t then and still don’t see any of them seriously address.

Take a look again at this Chalet website that Robin glows about. You don’t have to read it all, but skim around it. See how it’s familiar somehow, it has all the elements that I just said in play there. It seems just like what is going on now…

Think that’s a coincidence?

no shaking head.

Ok, now go skim around this site. See that same similarity to what was going on two decades ago – and now again on the Chalet Books website? Particular note the complaining about the “taking out” of the Guardian’s Office and all the inordinate amount of bitching about David Miscavige but never about Ron Hubbard, as if all that’s bad with scientology happened only because of the CIA/FBI and David Miscavige.


Also note the “remote viewing” section here.

That website is not in its original form, you can use the Internet Archive to see what it’s original url was, etc. For example here’s what it looked like in 2006 with the “remote viewing” information.

Note the same distancing effect like with the Chalet Books comment in 2016 I showed you – as if Robin Adair is somehow “different than” the people running this scirsology site. He wasn’t.

Now that you’ve looked at that, take a look at this from 2007 that first tentatively implies that the “remote viewing” parts are by Robin Adair. Note that the link given was before the older website had gone defunct.

We received a link from Robin Adair to a history of remote viewing at the Church of Spiritual Technology website, which is self-described as “a public service educational news and information site about the strange relationships between the corporation known as Church of Spiritual Technology (doing business as the “L. Ron Hubbard Library”), and the United States government. All information on site may be freely used for non-commercial purposes.”

The supplied link claims to offer an objective and verified history of the role of Scientology in the CIA’s development of psychic spying, known as remote viewing.

CIA, Scientology and Remote Viewing Stargate blog, July 2007


Two years later, on 26 April 2009 – now it becomes fully revealed that it’s actually Robin who did that remote-viewing timeline. Uh…so does that mean Robin was in drag pretending to be a ditzy female in the Librarian postings we went over?


librarian sockpuppet

According to a link provided by Robin Adair’s “History of Remote Viewing“, this particular date describes Hal’s involvement at that point as follows […]

The Mad Science of Alien and UFO Myths


Why then?

Because it was part of a plan, apparently, for many of these people to go public the same year. The first hint that I saw that they were up to something was the bringing online of of a website called which had been registered in April of 2008.


The first archiving of that site by the internet archive was in May of 2009 which means it had already been up for at least a couple months by that time. Have a look at it. Notice anything familiar? Sounds a lot like the same people that did the scirsology site, doesn’t it.

Side note – I remember clearly catching when the site first appeared with content on the net (I was probably one of the first to do so) and pointing out to my husband that what they were about to do, was to run an operation to “save scientology”. I may have been “offline” for several years at the time, as far as having a website or anything, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t watching these people. I always knew when to start checking closely because I would perceive ahead of time that they were up to something, and there they were…

grinch - slithering gif by v.

Anyway – the next thing that happened was the Truth Rundown July 21, 2009, which blasts the whole thing into prominence but focuses ALL the attack on David Miscavige – that’s key.

Then, both Mark Rathbun and Steve Hall began referencing the friendsoflrh site and supporting it as a “great” thing – that same year.

Here’s a screenshot showing that Mark Rathbun’s blog used to have it on his blogroll but then took it down at a specific point in time (within the first year after that meeting I mentioned earlier) where they engineered a “split”.


When Mike Rinder “took over” from Mark (I’ll get to that later) he then added the friendsoflrh to his blogroll – it’s still there today, even though Rinder is now acting like he’s against scientology.

Confused yet? Don’t be. That’s the point. They’re trying to make it confusing by having all these supposedly disparate things going into motion fairly close together in time. That’s what I’m showing you here.

Just start by focusing on the timing of all these things and it’ll come clearer to you that it was all being obviously coordinated.

Skipping ahead a little bit here, I remember when I was associating with these people back in 2000 or 2001 and one of them mentioned that they had all kinds of “powerful” people working with them including some lawyers. Well, as has now been revealed, two of those were Merrill Vannier and Jim Jackson.

Look at what Merrill said though about this, in September of 2015.

More than five years ago, the genesis for this website began when three long-term, Scientologist lawyers confabbed in an attempt to calm the media onslaught against the church brought on by the publication of Truth Rundown.

One of the three was Jim Jackson (pictured).

Obviously, we agreed, the allegations being slung against David Miscavige by former high-ranking Sea Org members and international executives needed to be investigated. The wrong solution was to attack the whistleblowers – their rightful label, not liars and criminals as they were being called by Church officials.

– Reform Letters Go Public, Posted on by Merrell

Note that wording carefully. Merrell is supporting what Mark Rathbun and others did in the Truth Rundown and using it to bait David Miscavige with their “solutions” to the “problems” he’s having because all that “negative” media.

So, again, that puts them working together in some way way back then. The thing is though, Merrell, in an earlier post of 2015, makes it clear that the savescientology website was purchased after they had written up all their reports.

Which means they did this baiting of miscavige practically right on top of the media hits they were accidentally on purpose using to their advantage. (It was, Jim Jackson wrote his letters in February of 2010). In particular, looked at in relationship to that this is a coordinated plan, it’s almost as if Jackson is gloating over the media effect. Look at his first letter where he’s listing out all the coordinated media that obviously Mark and they had planned, and says:

In my 41 years as a Scientologist I have seen nothing like the level of animosity in the
general public toward the Church and of discontent in the membership of Scientology.


Which to me, is a kind of “Gee, Golly, Gosh Miscavige…whatever shall we do about this terrible situation you find yourself in?

Come on.

come on!


The Creator of Save Scientology Is …


In recent years, Merrell teamed with two other long-standing, dedicated Scientologist lawyers to write letters to church lawyers and officials asking them to:
●Implement the corporate checks and balances LRH outlined in his estate plan;
●Conduct internal investigations, independent of David Miscavige and those under his control and direction;
●Refrain from attacking former high-ranking Sea Org members who have gone public with allegations of wrongdoing; and
●Reinstitute LRH’s 1968 Reform Code of Scientology (i.e., repeal of disconnection, fair game, and security checking).

This website was created after more than sixty knowledge reports, letters, and other attempts to obtain reform on church lines proved futile.


We see two major WHYs accounting for the increasing loss of church membership and negative media. They are related. The first is the lack of checks and balances as called for by LRH in his estate plan. This has led to dictatorial rule and abuse of staff and church members. The second is out-tech. (For specifics, please see:

Note that the solutions given by Merrell are the same ones that scirsology, Veritas, etc. etc. (all the different names they were using previously way back in the late 1990’s).

Also note the possessiveness, so to speak, of the friendsoflrh website, saying it’s about “getting the tech” in (as compared to the “administrative” site of savescientology.).

Accordingly, since both of these are now both revealed to be part of a plan that was begun way back in 2008, it becomes obvious why on the heels of the friendsoflrh site having been up for a year or so, the domain of was then purchased on July 18, 2010.


Strangely enough, that purchase was made exactly one month after we came online again here with this blog (June 18, 2010).

Maybe there’s a relationship there?

kara thrace - battlestar galactica.

I’m probably imagining it. (cough) It must be just a coincidence that we chose then to “come back” too.

But, guess who one of the “Anonymous” protestors said registered that site originally – is a joke because even Lulz Security could figure out that Robin James Adair from 1303 N. Brand Blvd. In Glendale, CA is behind the site.

Catching Radical Scientology Spies Forums whyweprotest, May 11, 2011


That’s a correct address for Robin Adair that anyone can find on sites like etc. It’s interesting that it’s located only about 10 blocks down the same street as the place he was talking about that (he?) and my ex-husband worked at – that I quoted him on earlier.

Karen and Mark Rathbun had a little discussion about something similar, Karen was being strangely complimentary and Mark shot her down by saying he had some black ops run on him. I wonder – was Robin Adair part of any of that?

Sam ~~
The execs of the Old Guardian’s Office ~~ Duke Snyder, Chuck Ohl, (GO Intelligence) Tom Reitze ,(GO Intelligence) Henning Heldt et al all work together and are all major execs in David Morse and Associates, an Insurance claims adjuster (head office in Glendale, CA)
David Morse was recently brought back into the company after the stats had drastically gone down down down down out the bottom.
He implemented on an immediate basis some pretty firm rules.
1) No more IAS regges allowed to come in and plunder the revenue $$$$
2) IAS regges BANNED from the property as persona non grata.

David Morse did this before he even knew what happened to Richard Acunto’s “Survival Insurance !”


By the way, a year earlier Mark had smacked down on another Ex-Go guy that my husband Mike personally knew – George Pilat.

For the past couple decades Pilat has done private investigator work for OSA. For the past several years, and continuing in present time, Pilat and his partner are running Internet Dark Ops out of Intelligence Network Online, Inc. Directed at yours truly and friends, and even folks who consider themselves foes of mine (but won’t any longer when the dust finally settles and all OSA trolls and operatives are outed).

So…we’ve got Mark exposing black ops from a place that’s practically right on top of where Robin Adair lives, who then is being exposed by an “Anonymous” protestor as having registered the savescientology website.

And yet – just to deepen the confusion for anyone looking I guess – we have Merrell Vannier laying claim that “he” is the author of what’s on the site. I guess the two of them are connected in more ways than one. Maybe Robin registered it and Merrell did the writing, who knows, anything is possible with the amount of sneaking around these people tend to do.

Except…look how the post revealing this is written.

The Creator of Save Scientology Is …
Posted on March 2, 2015 by Merrell

Merrell Vannier reveals his role as the creator and writer of this website in his newly published book, Arrows in the Dark.

For more information about the book, and to order a copy, visit: See also:

This event marks a turning point in the history of this site and its mission to reform the church and save it from self-destruction.

In his book, Merrell describes his personal journey in Scientology, from his introduction to the subject in the fall of 1972 to his current reform activities.

It’s supposedly BY Merrell but he’s talking about himself in the 3rd person?


Just like Robin Adair does. Hmm. That’s weird, eh?


Maybe not.

Look how closely these people were inter-supporting each other.

You have Merrell posting (in 2011) the SAME solutions that the scirsology website had been doing for the last ten years, the same as what the friendsoflrh site was doing. The savescientology and the friendsoflrh all cross-link to each other.

And here’s Merrell supporting the Debbie Cook letter and lawsuit – as was Mark Rathbun, in March of 2012.

Each of us can follow’s Debbie’s courageous example and do something to bring this about. Dare to confront and investigate the situation in Scientology. Dare to communicate to your fellow Scientologists. Dare to stand up to policy violations. Dare to spread the word.

Remember how Karen de la Carriere “safe-pointed” and donated money to Michelle Sterling (owner of the ex-scientologist message board) back in 2010? Well, Michelle was “rewarded” by being the conduit to announce the Debbie Cook letter, together with Synthia Fagen whom one of her first posts was about trashing my husband Mike’s videos and saying “OMG who is this psycho!

Note: Synthia is either a few cans short of a six-pack (really fricking stupid) or she’s yet another steered mouthpiece of this rabble – because her attack was about her accidentally-on-purpose misunderstanding that Mike “put LSD” on a pregnant woman’s toothbrush whereas the first thing he says in that video is that it isn’t something he did.

What’s one of the main parts of Debbie Cookie’s email mailing? The same exact point as Merrell and his “friends” had been making on the savescientology website.

The very first post was done on New Year’s Day – January 1, 2011 – It mentions putting an ED INT back on post.

ED International, the convening authority for worldwide matters pursuant to Committees of Evidence, Scientology  Jurisprudence, Administration Of, HCO PL 7 September 1963, needs to get cleaned up and put back on post or replaced as may be appropriate in the estimation of the CSI board of directors.  The cleaned-up or new ED Int then needs to grant a general amnesty and convene a Committee of Evidence on the overall situation with David Miscavige as an interested party.

The Debbie Cook email, exactly one year later –

LRH Command Structure: LRH left us with a complex and balanced command structure, with our orgs led by the Office of ED International. This office was considered so important that LRH created a special management group called the Watch Dog Committee whose only purpose was to see that this office and the other needed layers of management existed. LRH ED 339R speaks of this extensively as the protection for our Church. But these people are missing. And not just some. As of just a few years ago there were no members of the office of ED Int on post, not to mention top execs throughout the International Management structure.

Wow! It’s miraculous!

vincent price - whoa

They just happen to be promoting the exact same view. Must mean it’s true, right?

sarcasm little guy


I know its a lot of scientologese for those of you less conversent with it but still you can see how similar what acronyms and things they both are flying around.

And here’s good old Robin Adair lauding savescientology’s work in 2012 – humorous if you factor in that he’s maybe doing some of the writing. Of course, he was right there within a month of it’s first post, trying his very best to promote it at Bill Franks facebook (Franks actually was this “ED INT” previously.)

Thursday at 4:37pm · [February 2011]

Robin Scott ->Bill Franks

Hi Bill – I think you will be intrigued to learn that there is a website which recommends putting you back on post as ED Int (if you can be ‘cleaned up’)!

I wonder if you have been consulted in this respect, and what your thoughts are in relation to such a plan? Personally, I would love to see you taking… over the reins once again!

Warmest regards, Robin Scott

Now here’s both Steve Hall and Merrell (the proprietor of savescientology) promoting and advertising Mark’s wife Mosey’ lawsuit against the church, in 2013.

Steve –

Analysis of Monique Rathbun’s lawsuit
Monday, 16 September 2013 12:32

This is a timely reprint of an article posted on — Thoughtful (Steve Hall)


He’s referring to this by Merrell –


A Fine Mess
Posted on September 15, 2013 by Merrell

piercing the corporate veil

The legal significance of this aspect of Monique’s case is huge. All Scientologists should take careful note of it in order to appreciate what is at stake. Certainly, all future litigants against the Church will.


As a very good example of what these people will engage in on an internet forum or the comments section of a blog. Watch what is obviously either Robin Adair or maybe Merrell use different names to talk to themselves, with Mike Rinder in the middle of the whole thing playing “straight man”.

I’m sure you’ll recognize by the content alone, the same old thing that’s been being promoted by the same old people for almost 20 years now.

Bearing in mind that Mike Rinder links to BOTH savescientology and friendsoflrh at his blog, even now, it makes what he’s saying look even more of an act.

It’s a kind of a long conversation but it’s quite instructive to the ‘shows’ they put on, and this is a Guardian’s Office type black operation being run right in front of you. See how many names you can figure out are probably Robin Adair or one of the other “friends of lrh” people.

  • In actual fact, the G.O. and Mary Sue were attacked and taken out through a collaboration of the C.I.A. and FBI and IRS. The reason being that the OT Levels (pre-NOTS) created the ability of Ingo Swan and Hal Puttoff (C.I.A. Agents and OT VIIs) to use OT abilities to form the “Remote Viewing” Program to be used as a military weapon for the US government. Mary Sue was trying to “steal” the OT Level materials back from the government in Project Snow White.
    The CIA considered the OT Levels to be a “military weapon: and coversely, in the hands of the Russians and others, a “threat to national security”.

    LRH and MSH spent their entire lives fighting and running from the CIA, FBI and IRS, et. al.. The CIA finally won the battle permanently when Miscavage, Starkey and Rathbun signed over all of the copyrights and trademarks of LRH materials to the CST.

    Read the entire timeline, documents, history and behind the scenes data on the following web site –

    • Conspiracy theories abound and there is really little point arguing with anyone who believeds them, as just like true believers of anything, no facts or reason get in the way of such fixed ideas.

      But consider this — if the CIA “won” by installing Miscavige because they were so concerned about the OT Levels being a “threat to national security” how it is that under Miscavige those same OT materials were disseminated to the world on the internet, and those same OT materials were shipped into Russia with the “SH Size” Moscow Org and OT levels for the staff with the Universe Corps?

      • Mike, you sure know how to ruin a good story. You were actually pretty restrained. If the government had remote viewing to use, I imagine we could have found Bin Laden a lot sooner than 10 years. And the Seals that went in would not have had cameras strapped to them. The White House situation room would not have been on pins and needles waiting for confirmation that Bin Laden was in the house, etc.
        I feel that Mary Sue and the GO basically did themselves in by loosing their moral authority through misdeeds. They were weakened and susceptible to the internal ambitions of others. And we know the rest of the story.

      • Watchful Navigator

        Whew -ahem – someone’s been drinking the White House kool-aid, right down to the phoney and staged situation room (you know, the same room Cheney used to order fighters to “stand down” on 911?) Bin Laden was dead years before the staged event and was a CIA asset. This data is not that hard to find underneath the phoney layer of gov’t PR accepted at face value by corporate media.

        The remote viewing angle was in fact a serious concern – a “national security threat” according to an Air Force agent caught and debriefed in the early 1980′s on-lines at AOLA.

        True that the OT levels are no longer a security concern. That NSA-CIA program lasted as long as needed to mechanize the whole thing with electronics, and for major advances in satellite detection and tracking. Also, the cold war was powered down in the late 80′s and remote viewing courses hit the public domain well before the Internet releases.

        Miscavige lost the levels because he was out-foxed. In a 2009 I heard him brag in a 5 minute event piece about how the CIA used our OT levels (I think I was the only one whose jaw dropped to the floor – everyone else was oohs and aahs) in the remote viewing program. Completely missing was the obvious shocker of how come anyone would think to celebrate the most egregious breach of our security and the reason LRH kept them so secure – exactly to prevent just that!

        (Also missing was arch-enemy psychiatrist Jolly West’s involvement in SRI research using those 3 government operatives who infiltrated the church)

        Miscavige, if not government operated (and I neither believe that one nor rule it out) is most certainly government-influenced, and minimally shares evil purposes with the shadow-government implanting crew and so they happily leave him in place. I happily signed the White House petition knowing full well that these political motions are easily bought, and Miscavige still has plenty of buying power.

        And note that he sure as hell doesn’t let real OTs be made under his watch!

        Note further, that the OT levels didn’t make it to Russia until well after the USSR broke up, and the OT level to do with remote viewing (Original Level 6 – correct?) was dropped from the Bridge by Miscavige and crew in 1980. Maybe you can shed more light about that, like that these are the “OT IX-XII” they have everyone waiting for?

        Conspiracy theory just also happens to be the first requisite of a brilliant investigator, and if you can stay at cause and treat these as “theory” until proven, this willingness to look beyond the PR story is actually a major step up from accepting things at “face value”. The opposite quality is rightly referred to as “suppressive reasonableness.”

        While I am sure things are a lot less dramatic than the conspiracy theorists have it, there are still a whole lot of “unexplaineds,” laying around, and in a compartmented intel environment like Scientology, it’s very possible that even top veterans have yet to gain full perspective.

        Meanwhile, there is still a whole lot of official story, including I’m afraid, even some of our cherished notions expressed here, told that still just don’t add up.

        • Watchful Navigator

          By the way, I forgot to add, that remote viewing is still done in the military, although the persons I talked to said that drugs were employed to do it. Nothing like a little atropamine for forced exteriorization. It’s a lot easier then trying to get PTSes up the levels in the Air force Academy.

          • Scientology – and any other spiritual practice bringing about exteriorization – is self-protecting. Read Men Who Stare At Goats by Jon Ronson – the CIA remote viewing stuff went nowhere ’cause you can’t do it with militaristic intentions.

    • Yep, that’s me, unrestrained White House Kool Aid drinker. I have it shipped in by the case.

      Clearly, you are one of the brilliant investigators you speak of.

    • Note further, that the OT levels didn’t make it to Russia until well after the USSR broke up, and the OT level to do with remote viewing (Original Level 6 – correct?) was dropped from the Bridge by Miscavige and crew in 1980. Maybe you can shed more light about that, like that these are the “OT IX-XII” they have everyone waiting for?

    • Watchful, your name isn’t Art Bell, is it?

      I was active in Scientology for 35 plus years and never met anyone who could leave their body and travel around freely doing “remote viewing.” I don’t doubt it would be a lot of fun and very valuable for intelligence gathering. If high level Scientologists could do it, the GO probably would have had an easier time attempting to infiltrate the government. You think?

  • Mike,

    Let’s get honest and straight for a minute:

    The CIA / FBI / IRS war against Scientology has has been going on since the 1950s. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Miscavige or the squirreled-up ruins of what was once the Church of Scientology. The government take-over of the Copyrights of Scientology Technology by US government agencies is not a “conspiracy theory”. It’s a fact. Read the documents for yourself. They are all there on this website (

    As for the so-called “OT Levels”, let’s get honest and straight about that too:

    I did the original OT Levels during the 1970s as an S.O. member working directly under LRH. The so-called “OT materials” that are in circulation on the internet today may or may not be the original materials. Whether those relatively few bulletins are correct or complete is irrelevant. The “OT Levels” are comprised of the ENTIRE TECHNOLOGY: Standard training and processing and administration and ethics.

    The “OT Levels” are comprised of the ENTIRE GRADE CHART. Not just a few levels above Clear. In order to attain the state of case postulated by LRH, the delivery of the “OT Levels” must include Standard Administrative actions and Standard Ethics actions. This takes an entire ORG BOARD of fully hatted, apprenticed and managed staff members. Without Standard Organizations delivering standard courses that train people to apply Standard Ethics, Tech and Admin, there ARE NO “OT Levels”.

    The fact is, that there is NO existing organization on Earth which is delivering the entire Bridge according to the Standard Ethics, Tech and Admin developed by LRH. There may be a few isolated individuals who are doing a limited “version” of it, or some parts of it. However, without the ENTIRE body of technology being applied per KSW, the “OT Levels” do not exist.

    • If you spent a little more time on delivery and application than you do on anticipating doomsday and preaching can’t do, you’d be a happier, more OT fellow.


Old Cuff and Watchful Navigator are Robin, obviously. (Note: Scott Gordon also uses the screen name Watchful Navigator – not to be confused with Robin Adair).

RJ then changed to posting as “remote viewed” over at Mike Rinder’s blog, with a link that goes to his newish Remote Viewing blog.

Now we’re going to look at something I brought up in my post: Pat Price and the B.T.L. Implants – Terry Milner and the Guardian’s Office Plant Hubbard Materials In The CIA

Robin Adair’s blog – – look at his about page.

My name is Robin Adair.

The author of a new spy novel entitled Coordinates and an obvious neophyte when it comes to blogging.

Hopefully for both of us this will be a learning experience.

Robin Adair also posts at the “back in comm” site now. His Gravatar is an image of a book cover – Coordinates: A Tale of Espionage

remoteviewed on March 14, 2014 at 3:19 am said:

Oh please Draco.
What should matter to anyone studying Scientology is whether it works or not.
Not whether Ron used to tie tin cans onto some cat’s tail when he was a kid.
Get real.

His Notes page –

2016-03-25_2300_sceenshot_remote_viewed_connection_robin_adairAnd the blog link goes to his remote viewing blog that was started June 29, 2013.

Here’s an excerpt from his book –

What is also interesting is that after the Remote Viewing Program got into full swing that the Church of Scientology dropped the above levels into some memory hole and replaced them with newer levels.

Well, we just killed that idea deader-than-a-doornail in our recent post called: Ingo Swann Couldn’t Exteriorize After He Did Scientology’s OT Levels but, remember way back in 2000 when unindoc said the three things that identify the Randy circle of friends crowd?

Let’s look at them again –

  • Scientology was taken over by the IRS or God knows who;
  • LRH was drugged/controlled/etc. in his later years
  • and that Miscavige is just a pawn of those who are actually in charge of CoS.

The idea of “advanced levels” and some relationship to remote viewing first showed up in the Librarian timetrack that was posted on February 25, 2000 in response to Mike’s investigation of that subject.

Here’s Robin Adair still pushing that same idea on October 11, 2013 – The Advanced Levels of Scientology and Their Relationship to Remote Viewing

Particularly troubling is that even though, as we have proven in our recent post about Ingo couldn’t exteriorize, is the fact that Ingo tried to have the Russians believe that it was because of his scientology processing that he could remote view and that was a point-blank lie.

Ah…so scientology wanted him to. That fits quite nicely in with scientology, yet again, being used as a political operation just like it has been since day one.

Robin posts Ingo’s document (and this is before I begin making my run on documenting Hubbard’s CIA connections) in 2013.

Scientological Techniques: a Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration; Remote Viewing and the Scientology Connection

July 19 2013

Ingo Swann is the author of a paper entitled Scientological Techniques: a Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration. Published by the Joint Publications Research Service as Document No. JPRS L/5022-1 and is restricted to “Government Use Only”, yet copies can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

I’ve included it in the following link:

[…]The paper itself was presented at the First International Conference on Psychotronic Research given in Prague Czechoslovakia which was a Warsaw Pact nation at the time circa late 1973 and makes the connection between Scientology Techniques and Remote Viewing

That’s really bad. Really, REALLY bad because Ingo couldn’t do any of things the OT Levels said he could – and he had attested to that he could.

– – –

About Ashton Gray

and a few other things

PRIOR TO ALL THIS – some have pointed to that Robin Adair’s other name is Ashton Gray. Ashton is the same name on some of the books at the Chalet Books website – the site that Randy McDonald uses as his “organization”.

Remember when I said –

It’s like his writings on remote-viewing, the Church of Spiritual Technology, the obvious CIA involvement with scientology. The truth is right there, he’s looking at it. I see him looking it at, and that he doesn’t want to see what he’s looking at. I’m not talking about him ‘seeing’ his way to becoming a different caricature of himself – that of happy human ex-scientologist – I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I’m talking about him seeing what is really going on around here.

Here’s an example of Ashton Gray in action in February 2007 – promoting…wait for it…the Remote Viewing Timeline. The very same one (now updated) posted by the Librarian back in 2000 and then carried on the Veritas and Scirsology websites.

[…]First, let me say that for the timeline I posted in the first message in this thread, I relied a good deal on a webbed timeline that can be found here: Remote Viewing Timeline. I recommend a thorough study of it to anyone, because it is fully cited with over 120 references. I owe a debt of gratitude to those who invested so much work and study in making these extraordiary facts broadly known.

Was Scientology a front, a manipulated tool?

There is no evidence of record anywhere, that I know of, that any senior Scientology official ever knew what CIA, Puthoff, Swann, and Price were doing. There is copious evidence in the Remote Viewing Timeline that Scientology’s Guardian Office suspected a great deal, because they filed quite a lot of FOIA suits against CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Department of the Treasury, and a host of related government agencies and individuals. By my reading, every suit they filed was thrown out—at least part of the reason each time being “national security.”…

No evidence?

There’s this that I talk about it in my recent post

It cites as the source for that a now defunct website but I found it in the internet archive. It’s a good thing I did because look what it says –

A few years later, after the FBI raided the Church of Scientology’s Los Angeles office, agents found records that Price, a Church member, gave to a senior Scientology official about his SRI and CIA RV research. These included descript­ions of highly secret operations and names of clandestine agents that Price had agreed, in CIA and SRI contracts, to keep undisclosed.

This made people wonder if Price’s RV information was fed to him by a Scientology spy network in the US intelli­gence community.

When government officials informed Puthoff about this, he said it was the biggest duplicity he had experienced.

Kress wondered, via a 1999 document, whether Price’s 1973 remote viewing of the NSA site had been inform­ation supplied by others so a psychic double agent could gain access to information that he could give to his superiors. Kress suspected that Price obtained target-related information from CIA officials. During a foreign embassy related project by CIA agent “Frank,” Price said he liked the muted red and green décor around the stairs and “Frank” replied he was impressed with the Italian marble.

In the past, Kress was criticized within the CIA community for his enthusiasm about Price and the SRI. By 1999, he was skeptical and concluded that the most remarkable talent of “psychics,” like Price, was their ability to implant the belief in unexplainable abilities in naïve people.

The “Senior Official” was Terry Milner, who was second in command over intelligence activities for scientology’s Guardian’s Office in the United States.

As to dropping lawsuits for national security – everybody took that the wrong way. They thought it meant the CIA had files against Hubbard but what they were really protecting was that he was one of their assets!

Here’s another example of Ashton in action way back in 2007 – see what you think about the oh-so-familiar emotional and colorful posting style and the insistence there is no connection between Hubbard and the CIA.

QUOTE(Peter Lemkin @ Sep 22 2007, 01:05 AM)

I don’t need any convincing that the CIA and Hubbard / Scientology had some invisible hidden connections – I thought that decades ago.

Ding, ding, ding: back up the truck. “…the CIA and Hubbard / Scientology had some invisible hidden connections…”?

What evidence is there anywhere that Hubbard had “some invisible hidden connections” to CIA? Post it.

There ain’t a scrap of any such evidence I’ve ever seen anywhere, and I certainly haven’t posited any such unsupportable notion in this thread.


Not a scrap eh?

There is now.

kara thrace wink

I have done a number of posts about all of Miles Copeland’s statements and Hubbard’s actions that show his alignment with the CIA and British intelligence.

Here is a list of them –

and to read about Hubbard’s being in tandem with what we call ‘the slavemasters’ to develop a religious cult to study and experiment on people aka Scientology –

The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology –

* * *

Finally – here’s Robin Adair over making a comment at Religious Liberty League (he hangs out there a lot)

Robin Adair February 11, 2016 at 12:40 am

…Others from our friends in the so called “Intelligence” Community and State Department when they were accusing us of running guns, selling drugs and having orgies (the latter I somehow missed and was the main reason I got into Scientology….just kidding) and various other assorted “crimes”.

Take a look at how Margaret has pretty much deconstructed the myths perpetrated by Cooper, Russell and later plagiarized by Wright and later promoted in that shoddy “doc” by Gibney:

Never mind the fact that Ortega considers someone as historically challenged as Atack a “historian”:

Like the writer of this series of posts says:

“Only fiction doesn’t leave a paper trail.”

And much of what Tony writes is nothing but fiction.

– comments section of Dani Lemberger Nails Ortega as a Religious Bigot posted by Merrell Vannier 07 Feb 2016

Notice how he’s promoting Chalet Reports and Chalet Books.

Once more for the road – it’s main book titles page looks like this –

screenshot-www chaletbooks com book titles 2016-03-30 05-56-19.

Look at the one at the top –

createdequal ashton gray greatest lie

by Ashton Gray
Coming Soon

When Thomas Jefferson penned the famous folly that “all men are created equal,” it was the ghost hand and poisoned pen of John Locke that actually scritched across the page. Jefferson simply plagiarized Locke, word for word. But why would Jefferson bother to steal such a naive and patently absurd sentiment?

And how could the same bizarre philosophy that became a cornerstone of American democracy turn up a world away as core elements of Marxism?

Did studies of John Locke influence Charles Darwin as he climbed aboard the Beagle for his fateful cruise into one of the greatest controversies of our time?

What did Locke have to do with Wilhelm Wundt and the founding of modern psychiatry?

The answers are as startling and as inescapable as they are far-reaching. There is not a business, a government, a school, a hospital, or a home that has not felt the stinging impact of sweeping principles that were laid down centuries ago without a scrap of foundation beyond the feverish ravings of a lunatic.

Created Equal: the Greatest Lie exposes for the first time—and offers an antidote for—the toxic concepts that have poisoned the very groundwater of rational thought around the world. An absolute must-read coming soon.

Oh look – he’s anti-democracy, just like I caught Merrell being some time back. He was making an idiot out of himself using badly sourced and false Thomas Jefferson quotes at the savescientology site – trying to say Jefferson said some terribly nasty thing about the people who make a democracy.

Ya should’t have done that Mr. Vannier.

Woman-Pointing-Her-Finger-now now

But hey, even more evidence these boys are working together.

Now look at the Vortex one –


Chalet Reports links page – Notice what it links to as the main “sources” of research for the Watergate Hoax book.

screenshot-www chaletbooks com 2016-03-30 05-52-45

Guess we know what that’s all about now.

Note: Ashton also shows up in some sort of Wikipedia disagreement regards the U.S. Government trade of the land the Trementina Vault sits on, as to exactly what was traded. One side, is that per wikipedia’s discussion page of their article on Trementina, the section that had the Government record details, as well as the nice photo showing the parcels, was submitted by Huntley Troth. On the other side is Arnie Lerma etc. who disagrees with Huntley’s entry. However, wikipedia, despite a query from the disagreeing side in 2007, still has the article how it is. On a forum, where “Ashton Gray” is discussing the repeated deleting of an wikipedia article by Huntley Troth re: Watergate, and then posts there the deleted article, another poster on the thread alludes to “Huntley Troth” as being a nom de plume of poster “Ashton Gray”.

Finally, and we’ll leave this a bit hanging, there’s the fact that the Ashton Gray/Robin Adair/whoever ties the Gillham sisters to his conspiracy about the OT Levels, remote viewing, and the CIA in a particular way. Have a look.

Part XI: A Murder Mystery in Morocco? The Strange Case of Susan Meister

december 12, 2015

Sunday, 21 March 1971
Scientology OT Ingo Swann—who lives in New York City, works at the United Nations, and has Secret and Top Secret clearances—writes to Yvonne Gillham, head of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, saying that he has signed contracts and options worth approximately $150,000 (in 2015 dollars) to be realized “in less than a year.” Swann claims that the contracts and options are with a “publisher,” but Swann doesn’t write any books for over five years. He does, though, enter into experiments and meetings over the coming year with the CIA. [Those experiments will lead to CIA theft of the OT Levels in 1972, with the launch in October 1972 of a higher-than-Top Secret CIA program in “remote viewing,” using three Scientology OTs, including Swann. —Ed.]

That mirrors this pretty precisely –

Why the U.S. is Slave to Israel – The Scientology Connection

This was posted anonymously on a newsgroup on the Internet on 14 December 2002 and is mirrored here for your service:

…For many reasons–religious, political, and strategic–the Israeli government, among others, has been involved in U.S. and Western allied covert operations to take over Scientology since at least the mid-1960s. As just one part of Israel’s involvement, but a vital part, Israel’s Mossad sent Uri Geller to the U.S. in 1972 to be part of a covert U.S. domestic CIA operation, carried out in conjunction with the CIA’s “Amazing Randi,” to discredit and “debunk” parapsychology around the world, just as the CIA was starting its Remote Viewing program in earnest. Israeli intelligence was well aware that the CIA program was based exclusively upon the secret upper-level works of L. Ron Hubbard, which had been stolen by three American covert agents who had infiltrated Scientology for that very purpose. The three–Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, and Pat Price–then were “hired” on a secret contract to run the CIA research program for the benefit of the U.S. and her allies. Geller’s and Randi’s sole role was to scandalize parapsychology research worldwide in order to deflect public interest away from what the CIA was doing in the field–and the crimes that CIA was committing to do it.

But that was only one part of the much larger, international plan involving, minimally, the U.S., Israel, the Commonwealth, and France.

It didn’t do Ingo any good doing the OT levels, remember, he couldn’t exteriorize! So there goes that entire premise.

Now what?

The CIA’s actual interest was not in scientology, it was in people from anywhere that could do particular things.

What the CIA was actually interested in was much the same as the Vatican’s Miracle Committees – FINDING and STUDYING people who could do these things and not because they were actually interested in training “psychic warriors” either.

Agency officials wanted to know:

  • whether psychics could read minds or control them from afar (telepathy),
  • if they could gain information about distant places or people (clairvoyance or remote viewing)
  • if they could predict the future (precognition)
  • influence the movement of physical objects or even the human mind (telekinesis).

The above list of their parapsychology goals is from an excellent article by John Wilhelm called: Psychic Spying – Washington Post August 7, 1977

Spiritual abilities is a very touchy subject, especially when they are real.

Jon Atack was going to do a book about it – (remote viewing)

He dropped it.

Chris Owen had a meltdown over even the idea being discussed publicly that the British were also doing research.

He dropped it too.

None of this is because of a conspiracy to stop scientologys “workable” techniques. The conspiracy is (and has always been) to find and control and stop or misdirect onto useless channels if necessary, those people who could threaten the slavemasters power-positions.

What scientology pretended to offer was not and never will be the real thing – but it attracted the real thing, people who could do.

It betrayed them.

ANY contact with ANY form of scientology will yield this same result.

There is no “reinventing” going on, it’s just another attempt to get you into the new ‘observation room’.

Don’t fall for it a second time.


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