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Schroder’s Bank


Helping the British Slavemasters make up Wars to steal people’s assets


By Virginia McClaughry



The City of London


city of london skyline

The first thing you need to know about is something called the “City of London”, and that it is referring to a particular INDEPENDENT ENTITY.

Completely independent of anything else that you might generally call “London”.

Think of it like an idiom. The separate words used in an idiom have their own distinct meanings in normal language, but in an idiom ALL the words taken together carry their own meaning.

It is an area about a mile square…basically in the heart of the greater London area.


City of London in relationship to Greater London



By the 18th century, Britain had well begun its rule-the-world moves and the City of London had gained enormous power as the British ‘conquered’ one-fourth of the world, colony by colony.

From then on up to today, the City of London is ranked as the leading centre of global finance.


It is the place from which world wars have emanated.


The who’s who amongst it’s power-base are referred to (and think of themselves) as “The Elite”.

It is similar in construction to the Vatican, in the sense of that it is its own government, its own police, and so on. There aren’t too many places like that – the only other one is Washington D.C.

The people that rule this particular roost have one goal in mind, they are seeking to organize the world into one large medieval plantation.

For much more about the history of the City of London, and it’s beginnings of power with rise of the Slavemasters during the time of Queen Elizabeth I, please see The Center of The British Empire – The “City of London” 



One of the oldest and largest investment banks of the City of London, was Schroders.

schroders bank in england

Schroders’ history began in 1804 when Johann Heinrich Schröder (John Henry) became a partner in the London-based firm of his brother, Johann Friedrich (John Frederick). In 1818 J. Henry Schröder & Co. was established in London.

This is the time period of Britain “conquering” over 1/4 of the world.

Johann_Heinrich_SchroderJohann Heinrich Schröder


Within 5 years, the J Henry Schroder Banking Corporation (‘Schrobanco’) was then established as a commercial bank in New York in 1823.

But, before that he next established his second bank in Hamburg, Germany in 1819 (which I find very interesting).

In 1829 John Henry was appointed Russian Vice-consul in Hamburg and this enabled him to establish expertise in exporting commodities to Russia. His London firm shipped indigo and sugar to St. Petersburg while the Hamburg firm shipped coffee and sugar.

In 1839 he established a third firm, J. H. Schröder & Co., in Liverpool, receiving consignments of cotton from the Southern States of America.

In 1868 he was made a Prussian Freiherr with the title of Baron Johann Heinrich von Schröder.

A Bloomberg article verifies that Schroder’s was established in “the city of London” – just for all you dox types out there.



Schroder Bank and WWII

Financing Hitler

Schroder Bank was involved in supporting the Third Reich. The Director (at the time – F.C. Tiarks) of Schroder Bank in England was also a director of the Bank of England.

Colonel Valerian “Vala” Lada Mocarski (code-name Juniper) was the OSS station chief in Cairo and Donovan’s personal representative to Turkey.

*See his specific person page for more about him


Valerian Mocarski


Valerian happened to also sit with Allen Dulles on the Board of Directors of the American branch of the British-owned Schroder bank.

Allen Dulles, from his apartment at Herringasse 23 in Bern, Switzerland presided over the European Theatre of intelligence operations as the OSS Chief.

A de-classified letter from 1960 from Mocarski to Dulles shows the name of the bank, and that Mocarski is an attorney (use of the term “esquire”) as well.

Dulles letter to Valerian Lada-Mocarsky


It might amuse you to know that the address of J Henry Schroder Banking Corp, given in the letter above was 57 Broadway – home of the infamous Pinkerton Detective Agency!

pinkertonofficeny 57 BroadwayPinkerton National Detective Agency Office, New York City, Early 1900’s.
The address was 57 Broadway.

The fact that J Henry Schroder’s apparently shared the same address with Pinkerton’s is strangely appropriate, I’m sure you’d agree.

whistling girl

The fact that they had the same address – 57 Broadway – is verified in both the above CIA dox and in an 2006 interview from the World Bank Archives.

Schroders had a subsidiary in New York since before the war called J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation, at 57 Broadway, headed by a man called John Howell, H-0-W-E-double L, under a fellow called Jerry Beale who was chairman-B-E-A-L-E. And this was a very white-shoe, Latin American-oriented foreign exchange trading bank with $600 million in-in assets.

As well as World Health Organization (WHO) records – a meeting of the WHO in 1961, whom apparently Schroders was their corporate agent.

How convenient for them.   sarcasm

(b) That each of them should consign ‘the contributed stamps and other related material at their own respective cost and risk to J. HENRY SCHRODER’ BANKING CORPORATION, 57 Broadway, New York City for release to the CORPORATION-AGENT…

– Pan-American Health Organization and the World Health Organization 13th meeting, Washington, October 1961; p. 44

Note: Schroders New York had previously been located at 27 Pine street in 1928 – per this newspaper page.

Map of 57 Broadway location –


Apparently, they also had an “officers” room next door at 61 Broadway, the Adams-Express building.

The officers’ room of J. Henry Schroder Banking Corp. in September 1949 — Library of Congress


Besides Mocarski, Dulles, and this Beale character on the board of Schroder’s, there were several other key personnel of WWII that engaged in cloaking nazi assets and money laundering of stolen Jewish (and others) property taken under the guise of “war-time”, many of whom also sat on the board of other key American and British banks.

In the U.S., financial support for Hitler came through Rockefeller and Forgan/Schiff/Seligman banks such as Chase, and through corporations such as the American International Corporation. Schroder’s New York was more into laundering all those lovely stolen assets (by Hitler and others) into South America, but Schroder’s London played its part as well, let’s not forget that.

One big happy family preying on the millions of dead until there was nothing left.



When Hoover (head of the FBI) started investigating many of the British front companies in America that were engaged in this cloaking of assets, he and his agents were largely thwarted at every turn.

Note: None of the following was known by the average public until May 2004, when the CIA declassified thousands of documents from World War I and II time periods, due to the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 1998.

The FBI, in November 1939, began tracing expenditures from the German consular account at Chase National Bank.

In October 1940, the FBI learned of the whole Rueckwanderer business (see rueckwanderer in book here), they then raided and seized documents that proved that Chase National and the others (companies etc.) had clearly acted as agents of the German government without informing the Department of State, as was required by law. Prosecution for violations of the 1917 Espionage Act and the 1939 Foreign Agents Act were considered, as well as a conspiracy charge too. The Justice Department moved to prosecute in 1941, which clearly they could have won as Chase was DIRTY, big-time.

On June 9, 1942, Hoover was informed that after consultation with Mathias Correa, U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York, the U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle (who had only been elected September 5, 1941), refused to prosecute Chase. Allegedly, what had happened was that Chase’s lead lawyer threatened to reveal FBI, Army, and Navy sources and methods in open court.

Note: Biddle? That can’t be a coincidence. He’s got to be a descendant of Nicholas Biddle, the dirty rat who tried to stop President Andrew Jackson from breaking the bankers choke-hold on the U.S. in the 1830’s. So here is another Biddle allowing the criminal bankers to get off scot-free? That’s really something.

The FBI dubbed this extensive network of linked companies as the “Schroder/Dulles Network”.

The Schroder banking house had extensive influence in Latin America primarily through its New York, London, and Hamburg offices. Kurt Schroder, who was a member of the ‘Circle of Friends of the Reichsfuhrer’, after setting up yet another “special” account for Heinrich Himmler in Stern bank, was promoted to SS Brigadefuhrer by Himmler.

This was at the time that Allen Dulles sat on Schroder’s board of directors.

Through the German brokerage company Albert and Westirch, and Dulles’ legal firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, an impenetrable web of companies “laundered” the concealed SS assets.

Just after the war the FBI uncovered key documentation of links between Dulles and Schroder in New York and the deliberate diversion of IG Farben and Stalhwerke’s assets, but they were hamstrung again in bringing these men to justice.

He continued the tight relationship with his “City of London” masters as well as his fellow Schroder directors such as Valerian Mocarski.

Apparently (according to a report by Swiss Intelligence Chief Colonel Roger Masson) Dulles referred to his apartment as ‘a financial research unit’.

Another name shows up in connection with Schroder’s, a little further up the food chain and that is Bank of England Deputy Governor Frank Cyril (F.C. for short) Tiarks, who also ran the British branch of Schroder’s together with Bruno Schroder in the Edwardian time period.


Frank Cyril Tarks with his grand-daughter Henrietta

Frank Cyril Tiarks and grand-daughter HenriettaTiarks

The Tiarks family was also one of the City of London’s merchant banking dynasties, Henry Tiarks being the last generation.

Henry Tiarks first became a partner of Schroders in 1871, Frank Cyril in 1902. Frank Cyril became a director (later Deputy Governor) of the Bank of England in 1912.

Frank’s son Henry, and Bruno’s son Helmut were groomed for the partnership at the earliest possible time, and on 1 January 1926 they joined Schroder’s. [Reference: obituary of Henry Tiarks]

Frank’s grand-daughter Henrietta married the Marquess of Tavistock, Robin Russell, later the 14th Duke of Bedford.

Yes, that Tavistock, often linked with the beginning of World Mental Health enslavement.

Henrietta Joan Tiarks - Duchess of BedfordHenrietta Joan Tiarks

Henrietta has been billed as:

Banking Heiress, Debutante of the Year, Fashion Model,
Marchioness, Wife, Mother,
Chatelaine of Woburn Abbey, Duchess of Bedford,
Grandmother, Horse Breeder, Race Horse Owner.

Henrietta Tiarks 3

Just all the ever so right things to do and be as one of the Slavemaster Elite’s women.

sarcasm little guy


Say hello to a Slavemaster

Her husband.

Robin Ian Russell, 14th Duke of Bedford (Marquess of Tavistock).


Henrietta Tiarks (Schroder Bank) marriage in 1961


My father was a merchant banker…talk about your understatements!

My family weren’t aristocrats, but my father was a merchant banker and my mother an actress; in those days, we were upper middle-class.

I met Robin, the Marquess of Tavistock and my future husband, at a party when we were children. He proposed when we were 18.

I could have been an actress — I was asked to read for a film role — but when I told Robin, he said: ‘Of course, if you did anything like that, then you could never become my wife. So I didn’t audition.

– The Daily Mail, October 16, 2010
Oh, of course.


That last statement was rather chilling, wasn’t it, but it gets worse.

Henrietta, as a dutiful chattel of a male member of the Pilgrim’s Society (Quakers), parrots what her role is –

The wife’s role is to support her husband. I’ve always felt that. To put it simply, we are just another sort of mammal — the men go out and hunt and the women are meant to breed.
Robin was perfectly happy for me to change the bedrooms to how I wanted them, but nothing in the main part of the house. These estates are men’s houses and are passed from man to man.
– The Daily Mail, October 16, 2010

How magnanimous of him – she can change the bedrooms.



The interesting thing about The Marquess of Tavistock refusing to marry her if she did an audition, is that it so clearly illustrates what Professor Quigley (Tragedy and Hope, 1966) pointed out so many years ago – and that is that these men FEAR the wrong kind of public exposure.

(a) a triple-front penetration in politics, education, and journalism

(b) recruitment of men of ability and linking these men to the Cecil Bloc by matrimonial alliances and by gratitude for titles and positions of power

(c) influencing of public policy by placing members of the Cecil Bloc in positions of power shielded as much as possible from public attention

– Cecil Bloc refers to a particular Slavemaster branch headed by Robert Cecil, which you can read more about in Scientology Roots, Chapter 21-2


I’d say even more specifically –

The wrong kind of public attention.


Having the happy little peasants visit the Slavemaster Lord-of-the-World’s estate and view his magnificence?

Oh well, that’s ok.


That’s just peachy.

You get the idea.

This is the world that men like Allen Dulles and Valerian Lada-Mocarsky were the “soldiers” of – we call them junior slavemasters.


Part of the planning for world domination…

by the men who frequented the City of London?

Was Hitler and WWII.


It was initially supposed to be another arranged War for profit, punishment, and ultimately control of Germany and Russia.

However, they had created a monster in Hitler, and had also miscalculated just how much hatred there was for them – that they had misdirected onto the Jewish people and then it was like putting gasoline on a fire.




The raw hatred for what had been done to peoples during the last two hundred years far outstripped anything these Slavemasters even dreamed would happen with their parlor room global chess game.




Hitler did far better than was expected, which was the first shocker.



Since this was obviously not going to be a quick fling of a war, the slavemasters had big problems with possible exposure of U.S., British, Vatican, and German involvement in ‘creating’ Hitler and the war conditions they had so zealously thought to control.

Politicians, controlled media, war propaganda and then the OSS all tried to play catch-up as the war progressed in severity and destruction – their number one goal was to hide the part played by London (and their counterparts in the US) in directly orchestrating this mess.

Book burning


Including…Schroders Bank.

sword divider2

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