Herbert Satterthwaite Little: Rumor Policy – Russia-Japan, April 10, 1945


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This CIA declassified document was recovered from the internet archive. It was declassified in 2004.

This document is titled: Rumor Policy – Russia-Japan, April 10, 1945.

The document is from: Lt. Col. Herbert S. Little to Dr. M. Choukas.


Document details

DATE: 10 April 1945

CIA # – 28569

NAMES (or titles) mentioned:

Lt. Col. Herbert S. Little
Dr. M. (Michael Eugene) Choukas
“Dulin” (Roland Ernest Dulin)


Interesting points from documents –

This document shows that the OSS “Black” rumors people meet with the Office of War Information (OWI) every week. To illustrate just what that means, and more importantly WHO was heading the OWI, I will include a few key points from my BSC Compendium Part VI: America Mine.

In 1939, British spy-man Lord Lothian had hired John Wheeler-Bennett (another Round Table man), a well-connected Englishman teaching at universities in the States, as his personal assistant and instructed him to travel widely. He was establishing these committees for Lothian. “I want you to be my eyes and ears,” he wrote, “{b}etween us we know a great many people in America and we can use them to make further contacts.”

He was one of Robert Vansittart’s agents. One of his secret propaganda guys. He does a lot more than just establishing these ‘committees’, including working directly with overseeing Elmer Davis when he headed the American Office of War Information in 1942.

President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9182 on June 13, 1942.
It split the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI) into two parts:

Office of War Information (OWI) – headed by Elmer Davis
Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – headed by William Donovan

Elmer Davis was a Rhodes scholar – a British agent.

Wikipedia has his real name as "David Choi" but I have not verified that as yet.

Peter Cusick and Ulric Bell had telephone conversations twice a week with John Wheeler-Bennett of the British Information Service. And on several occasions they were asked to be present at the British Information Service office in Rockefeller Center, while the British agents received confidential telephone messages from officials in London. 2

John Wheeler-BennettSir John Wheeler Wheeler-Bennett

For two years, John Wheeler-Bennett was head of the secret Political Warfare Executive in New York. The purpose of this office was to maintain liaison with the American Office of War Information. Wheeler-Bennett said “…the leaders of the OWI in New York were all personal friends of mine…”  3

Wheeler-Bennett was a member of the Round Table. He was also a very early member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (1924) with “research” programs funded by Rockefeller starting in 1932, as the x collection 078 Fight for Freedom PDF clearly shows in a September 1950 document on page 40.

British Security Coordination agents were actually assigned to OWI and were training and selecting the recruits.
Nearly a hundred OWI men underwent courses at the British Security Coordination training school (Camp X). 1

References –

1. Near the end of WW II William Stephenson wanted to make a record of what he had done. He had his subordinates write a book based on his records – British Security Coordination, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940 – 1945. See Compendium about the BSC, Section IThe Book and The Lords published August 23, 2014.

2. Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 by Thomas E. Mahl

3. autobiography of John Wheeler-Bennett


Other Images and People


Lt. Col. Herbert Satterthwaite Little.

Herbert, a Seattle lawyer born in 1902, was appointed Far East Area Operations Office in May of 1944, then became MO chief on 30 November 1945 after the dissolution of OSS. You can see a nice list he made of all personnel under his direction when “liquidation” of the OSS was underway – here at the internet archive.

Herbert graduated U of W in 1923, was admitted to Washington bar that same year, became an associate at the Seattle firm Stratton and Kane for the next 12 years.

One of the more interesting activities that he got up to was working for the British intelligence front organization called Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, he was the chairman of the Seattle chapter in 1941. To read more about just what that was, please see William Allen White article and BSC Part VI: America Mine.

It was two years later, 1943, that he was “rewarded” by being recruited into the OSS. After the war he was with the firm Little, Leader, LeSourd & Palmer of Seattle and chairman of the Pacific Northwest Division of the Institute of Pacific Relations (which came under some sort of Senate investigation).

He also was happy to repeatedly spread the British spymaster Robert Vansittart propaganda line that Japan (and Germany) would need “generations” of “education” before they would be ready so as to “permit” a democratic government. (Bend Bulletin 30 October 1947; “Jap Militarism Seed Still Potent, Says Seattle Man“)


Dr. Michael Eugene Choukas

image from Dartmouth Alumni Mag; May 1947.


In 1934 Professor Choukas instituted a course in propaganda called “Public Opinion and Propaganda”, one of the first in the nation, in the sociology department at Dartmouth college.

The Ogden Standard-Examiner November 14, 1939 (mentions the course had begun 5 years earlier.)

From 1943 to 1945, during World War II, Choukas was with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Washington.


Roland Ernest Dulin.

He was a reporter when he first started out.

From the 1930 U.S. Census of Gerard Street, Washington, Washington, District of Columbia; Roll: 300; Page: 26B; Enumeration District: 0282; Image: 54.0; FHL microfilm: 2340035, Lines 55-58, “Ernest Dulin”

Ernest Dulin, Head, Owns home valued at $10,000, Owns radio set, M(ale), W(hite), 56 yrs old (DOB 1874), Married at age 25 yrs old (DOM 1899), Can read and write, Born in VA, Both parents born in VA, Manager of cafeteria
Lulu O. Dulin, Wife, F, W, 56 yrs old (DOB 1874), Married at age 25 yrs old, Can read and write, Born in MD, Both parents born in MD
Roland E. Dulin, Son, M, W, 23 yrs old (DOB 1907), Single, Can read and write, Born in Washington, DC, Father born in VA, Mother born in MD, Reporter for newspaper
Alvin L. Belleman, Roomer, M, W, 37 yrs old (DOB 1893), Born in OH, Both parents born in OH, Atty US govt

When OSS China first got going in late 1942/early 1943 Dulin was the first head of Morale Operations (MO).

Taking an excerpt from my Covert British Intelligence Organizations in the U.S. – The ROOM article –

Lieutenant Colonel Willis H. Bird would be D/Chief, Major Richard Farr was executive officer; Colonel Paul Helliwell and Colonel John Whitaker would be in charge of SI; Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Willis in charge of SO; Roland E. Dulin would run MO; Julia Child’s husband Paul would head the visual presentation branch, and Major Quentin Roosevelt was to be the liaison between Wedemeyer’s headquarters and the OSS. (note: Colonel Donovan, the head of the OSS, sanctioned Wedemeyer’s second trip to China, departing Washington 26 December 1944.)

One of the items paramount on Donovan’s mind was gaining intelligence cooperation with the Chinese communists – that’s where Quentin Roosevelt came in yet again.

It should be noted here, that FOUR Roosevelts were part of the OSS (Reference – OSS personnel database)

Roosevelt Archibald B Capt 0885630 243 nephew 230/86/39/05
Roosevelt James F 243 duty for 230/86/39/05
Roosevelt Kermit Jr 2D LT 2038823 658 son of K 230/86/39/05
Roosevelt Quentin MAJ 24279 658 son of T 230/86/39/05

Quentin was also instrumental in helping Paul Helliwell set up the new opium drug-route that would be controlled through Operation Gladio, the CIA, British nobility/intelligence and the Vatican – including the World Commerce Corporation and Air America’s incorporation in Hong Kong.


Dulin joined the 2677th OSS MO Rome during the first week in June of 1944 from OWI, Cairo. This 2677th was known from a unit commendation from General Donovan dated 3 November 1944. Roland is listed as a civilian.

He was appointed production chief and he proceeded by air to Rome where he located a printshop with 17 presses which was by far the most modern and workable of any MO had so far been able to get its hands on. By mid July the whole unit was in Rome, using as DND’s editorial office the lavish marble-halled apartment of the ex-Fascist Minister, Farrinacci. It was also the billet of the outfit. The unit had been there only a few days when editorial reinforcements in the persons of H. F. Broch DeRothermann and Mr. William Laas arrived and they, in addition to other tasks, were assigned to work on the newspaper. (DND – Das Neue DeutschlandPsyWar)

The book OSS in China (p. 226) documents that by February of 1945, the command structure for OSS China was as follows:

Chief, OSS/China – Colonel Richard P. Heppner
Deputy chief – Lieutenant Colonel Willis Bird
Operations officer – Colonel Wm. P. Davis
SI branch – Colonel Paul L. E. Helliwell
Counterespionage (X-2) – Lieutenant (SG) Arthur M. Thurston
SO branch – Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas W. Willis
Morale operations (MO) – Roland E. Dulin
Communications (COMMO) – Major Jack E. Horton
Research and analysis (R&A) – Major Joseph Spencer
Schools and training (S&T) – Captain Eldon Nehring
Field photographic (FP) – Lieutenant Ralph O. Hoge



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