Government Press Release of May 13, 2004 – WWII Declassified Documents



In response to the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 1998, the United States government declassified thousands of documents and announced this in a press release of May 13, 2004.

Several times this document has been re-arranged on their website causing links and bookmarks to fail. I have archived the most current web page (current link as of February 9, 2013) in the following PDF file.


CIA Press Release May 13 2004


As of February 9, 2013 here is the current link to their page concerning the Press Release. Also, here is a link to the 2005 Internet Archive version of this press release.

I am providing both of these so that this way – it can’t go missing so easily anymore for those who like to document their writings.


<—Back to Index listing of Declassified CIA documents

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