Earliest Use Of the Term Brain-Washing

Today’s featured article concerns the correction of a false idea out there as to when the term brain-washing first came into use. It wasn’t 1950.




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Earliest Use Of the Term Brain-Washing


Virginia McClaughry

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In many, many sources out there – be it book, news article or other visual media types – it is often quoted that September 1950 marked the first use of the term brain-washing.

That is false.

The original source of this was John Marks in his book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.

John wrote –

In September 1950, the Miami News published an article by Edward Hunter titled ” ‘Brain-Washing’ Tactics Force Chinese into Ranks of Communist Party.” It was the first printed use in any language of the term “brainwashing,” which quickly became a stock phrase in Cold War headlines. Hunter, a CIA propaganda operator who worked under cover as a journalist, turned out a steady stream of books and articles on the subject. He made up his coined word from the Chinese hsi-nao—”to cleanse the mind”—which had no political meaning in Chinese. 1

When I first prepared this article, I could find no copy anywhere (at least in my normal and ‘deep web’ sources) of this Miami News article. Since that time, I did find the one Marks was referring to.


There are quite a few more other sources that are primarily in 1951 from Hunter.

Everything Marks says about Hunter is true, but all explanations about where the term brainwashing came from, and that Hunter was first to put it into print are false.

That’s not Marks fault, per se. Hunter lied to him.




Let’s have a look at where the term first shows up – it was in 1935. Almost two decades earlier than Edward Hunter’s grandiose claims to John Marks about it.

Salt Lake Tribune June 10, 1935 Brain Wash Cures St Vitus’ Dance


Literally and figuratively ‘washing’ the brain.

From there, we see the term get picked up and used in relationship to ‘communism’ in 1941 – on an election flyer in Italy. (What a surprise, right?)

The flyer has a little quote box saying lavaggio anticomunista. In a caption below the image, that is translated as Anti-Communist Brain Washing.

The Lawton Constitution October 20, 1941

The_Lawton_Constitution_Mon__Oct_20__1941 lavaggio anticomunista brainwashing_

Five years later, we see the term taking on an even more specific ‘communist’ mind control type meaning, that of a repetitive message deluge as similar to a television-radio campaign. It was referred to that way by James Leonard Elsman who was campaigning for the Birmingham Senate seat. He didn’t want to run a typical tv-radio campaign and was referred to as ‘spurning’ it as brain-washing.

Morning Herald – January 28, 1946


Jumping to 1951 now, this next one is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. I’ll let you look at first and then tell you what I notice about it.

Lincoln Star – February 29, 1951 ‘Brain Washing’ Chinese Tactic


See right at the top, that acronyma NANA?

Oh boy is that important.

It stands for North American Newspaper Alliance, an alliance of the major newspapers in America, which had just been purchased by a “small group of investors” led by Ernest Cuneo and Ivar Bryce just before this blatant propaganda article came out.

Why is that important?

Because both Ernest Cuneo and Ivar Bryce were formerly associated with two special Intelligence organizations formed before and during WWII – the British Security Coordination and the OSS – which all rolled right on over into becoming the CIA in 1947. (See OSS personnel database which shows Cuneo listed)

As if that wasn’t bad enough as to blatant British/Vatican slavemaster control over the American press, they had Ian Fleming made the European Vice President! Thereby covering all their bases as far as propaganda went.

For a pretty complete accounting of just what a nasty organization this British Security Coordination was, I have a whole series of library articles (not completed yet) on the subject.

See British Security Coordination Compendium – by Virginia McClaughry

Section I – The Book and The Lords
Section II – The Party Boys
Section III –  Your Mind – My Mind
Section IV – The British Way
Section V – Back to the Beginning
Section VI –

Ivar Bryce

Ivar Bryce is a particularly bad connection because that weaselly little man is who fabricated the so-called Hitler map that President Roosevelt knew was fabricated and read out a speech about it live to the American public to – get this – get America to go fight another stupid slavemaster war over drugs, money and power (for them) – you know it as WWII.

For a complete documentation of details concerning this heinous activity by Ivar, which he did end up revealing eventually (at least) please see my post titled: Who Originally Forged The Hitler Map That President Roosevelt Used To Get America Into WWII? – Ivar Bryce

Why was Ian Fleming in such a plum job in this now taken over NANA? Well, for one thing, he and Ivar Bryce seemed to have had a long-term ‘thing’ together – as in they were lovers – but the other reason is Fleming’s highly instrumental role in forming up America’s intelligence services, first called the Office of the Coordinator of Information (which Bill Donovan headed) then called the OSS, then became the CIA.

If you truly understand that our entire intelligence service was formed up by British intelligence men? It will help you understand and make sense out of a whole lot of strange anti-American – as in real Thomas Jefferson type American – crap that has taken place in our country.

That’s why Ian Fleming was in this NANA.

OK – so that’s not even getting into the actual article yet. Now that we know for a fact this is flat-out intelligence propaganda – lies – to the American public?

Let’s look at it again –


Look at the headline. ‘Brain Washing’ Chinese Tactic.

Oh, it’s Chinese is it…

Then what’s it doing in Italy almost a decade earlier, and in a press article about tv-radio brain washing campaigns in America almost five years earlier?


Tricksy Tricksy intel propagandists.

sneaky tricksy gollum

Now let’s look at the text.

“Brain washing” is the term Chinese use to describe the treatment Chinese communists have been giving returned American prisoners of war.

No, it isn’t.

They had no such term – the intelligence propagandists of NANA just made it up.

It is a set of lectures and indoctrination talks which the reds give individual prisoners to convince them that “capitalists” are all wrong and communists are their real friends in Korea.

You mean like NANA is trying to do here to American readers about ‘communists’ and brainwashing?


Most American POWs have returned unconvinced. But sometimes it works; a year or so ago two U.S. marines returned from an 18-month detention in the Tsingtao area filled with high praise for Chinese communists.

That is actually really important.

It didn’t work, for one thing, but pay attention to the even vague attempt to position brainwashing as a ‘threat’ using TWO Americans.

Not hundreds, not thousands, like these same intelligence propagandists of NANA would later lie about and be joined in by unbearably icky-minded people like Dr. Jolly West and Margaret Singer, for example.


What a rat’s nest.

Now look at what isn’t there. Do you see anything about drugs being part of this brainwashing?

no shaking head

That’s because the British and Vatican slavemasters were still trying to figure out how to do that or if they could – as in human experimentation on helpless mental patients and Canadian orphans.

So, all those pointing fingers these fracks like Ivar Bryce and NANA are doing?

Catholic critic

Criticizing China and ‘communists’

Catholic critic

Criticizing Russia and ‘communists’


Are going everywhere but at their own selves, where they should be.

By the way, Ernest Cuneo acquired full control over NANA in the mid-1950s and served as it’s president until 1963 when he sold it, but he remained as a columnist and ‘military analyst’ from 1963 to 1980.

– – –

Last but not least, we have another article from 1951 – a review of NANA OSS/CIA man Edward Hunter’s book.

Edward Hunter

Tucson Daily Citizen – November 15, 1951 Book Notes: Brain-Washing in China


Notice it has the same NANA propaganda about that brainwashing is what the Chinese call ‘making over the minds’ of people.

But what’s really interesting about this article is the introduction of an additional little something – a little something that fame-crazed doctors like Ewen Cameron and William Sargant were already experimenting on people with (psychic driving anyone?) You can read much more about that in my library article on Donald Ewen Cameron.

That little something is this part –

By long and persistent repetition, plus insidious suggestion, the mind is purged of all previous thinking and recrammed with the Communist line.

Again, you don’t see anything about drugs, but you see this interesting concept entered in of ‘purging’ the mind purely by long and persistent repetition and the rather sinister-sounding insidious suggestion.

On a more humorous, and even bordering on honest take, did you notice this part?

Edward Hunter, an intelligent and experienced foreign correspondent more interested in ideas than incidents…

I call that a ‘fit of truth’.

Incidents, you see, are part of that pesky little thing called EVIDENCE and it’s very true that Mr. Hunter is far more interested in selling the American public on the idea of brainwashing rather than proving any real incidents of such (which their weren’t any other than by the very people he’s working for).

All of this propaganda being to get funding for their experiments to brainwash people – you understand.

His book about this (more on that later) is just full of ‘incidents’ and no proof of anything other than his own concoction of imaginary happenings in a world peopled by rather convenient – for his purposes – characters.

Propaganda as part of a Psychological Warfare campaign against Americans, in other words.

Edward, per his own testimony in 1958 admitted he had worked for the OSS (the predecessor to the CIA) as a “propaganda specialist” for two years during WWII. He’s listed in the OSS personnel database on p. 221.

COLONEL HEIMLICH:   When the war came along, Mr. Hunter, you went into OSS, I understand.
HUNTER: Yes; as a propaganda specialist. I call that my sabbatical year — really 2 years – away from journalism.
COLONEL HEIMLICH:   You covered a very broad area of Asia during the war years, didn’t you?
HUNTER: I was in what is generally known as the CBI THEATER:   China, Burma, and India.


Edward went on to continue as an asset doing propaganda for the CIA after it had been created in 1947 – including his writings about ‘communist brainwashing’.

It might also interest you to know that this man shows up in the FDA files concerning L. Ron Hubbard’s brainwashing manual. I go into that in detail in this post –

The Real Reason For Hubbard’s 1955 Brainwashing Manual – and Where He Got It From (the CIA)

But, one of the documents was a letter to FBI director Hoover from a Dr. Anna Mathiesen questioning the authenticity of the Hubbard brainwashing manual.

In it, she mentions having written to Edward Hunter to try and make sense out of all this, but said that his answer was “not conclusive”. That referenced response from Edward Hunter to Anna about this, can be found on page 44 of this PDF. This PDF is part of a number of de-classifed FBI files released on Goff, all of which can be found at the internet archive here. Letters from Anna, including the one to Hoover (and her mention of Hunter on page 41) are also in this PDF.

Look carefully at Hunters response to Anna and watch how adroitly he is avoiding saying anything too revealing about Hubbard – when he knows damn well who he is because Hubbard was working for Miles Copeland and the CIA at this time.

What’s interesting is how obvious it that his dismissive statement of “that is all I know about it” – when held up against all the high-level intelligence connections he had  – shows that he does know about the real Hubbard.

He’s protecting Hubbard’s intelligence cover and connections.

The other really key point is watch him point-blank lie that he is the source of the term brainwashing first being in print – which I already proved he was not.

since I introduced the word into written language with my first book on the subject, “Brain-Washing in Red China”

Edward Hunter to Anna re Hubbard and Brainwashing july 1956

I found his book in the internet archive here.


In the book (the preface) it’s quite clear that Hunter’s articles that everyone and their brother quotes as being in 1950, were much more likely to have been in 1951.

For example, Hunter writes –

This material was gathered in the Far East and southeast Asia during 1950 and 1951.

A 2007 article written by a historian named Adam Zweiback, actually specifically notes that the two articles so often cited by others were, in fact, from 1951.

Image cite:

The 21 “Turncoat GIs”: Nonrepatriations and the political Culture of the Korean War by Adam J. Zweiback; Version of Record online: 9 OCT 2007; DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6563.1998.tb01398.x

Adam J. Zweiback 21 turncoat gis gives date of articles as 1951 hunter

The two articles he mentions are oft named by many people – but apparently with the wrong year.

Rebecca Lemov, Harvard University History of Science faculty member, is a good example. In her article titled: Brainwashing’s Avatar: The Curious Career of D. Ewen Cameron (October 2011, Grey Room #45) her cite note 19 says that the Oxford English Dictionary is who cited the first use of Brainwashing as being from: Hunter’s New Leader article of 7 October 1950. A search of the New Leader archives online doesn’t currently show an article of that date by Hunter, but it could be an error or incomplete archive on their part.

She also cites another writer from the same Grey Room issue, Timothy Melley, as being the source for the other Hunter article supposedly in 1950, the Miami News one in September (“’Brain-Washing’ Tactics Force Chinese into Ranks of Communist Party,”) but Melley’s article in turn, apparently actually sources that to John Marks – which I have already proven is inaccurate as the “first to put the term in print” because Hunter lied to him. He was not the first to put the term into written use.

Unless historian Zwieback is wrong (which I highly doubt) about that it’s 1951, then we probably have the situation where everything about these cites may be right except for the year. It actually makes much more sense that more of the articles were in 1951, that would put the two articles coming out in a lead-in to drum up interest in his book that was coming out right about then.

Even if they both could be proven to be in 1950, there is still the problem that 1950 is not the first time the term was put into written use.

Seriously though, see how loopy this citing stuff can get when there’s a spanner thrown in the works? Oy.

Rebecca does a good job showing how all kinds of people started pounding in Hunter’s new false threat propaganda he was selling about China.

One thing she did dig up was a CIA internal document that proves that the term brainwashing had already been circulating within the CIA for many months before Edward lied to the public and said that ‘he’ invented it.

Rebecca writes –

Actually, the term brainwashing had circulated for some months in CIA internal memoranda dated well before the Miami News story, and journalist Hunter, who was also a psychological warfare specialist for the U.S. Office of Strategic Services and later the CIA, was merely midwifing the concept into public view.

Her cite note 19 also showed that by 26 May 1952, Time had tried to lie to the public and say the term brainwashing was a chinese one!

  1. […] Ai Tze-chi was Red China’s chief indoctrinator or, as he was generally called, Brainwasher No. 1.” “China: Brainwasher at Work” Time, 26 May 1952.

The name – Ai Tze-chi – the Time article is quoting comes straight out of Edward’s book, which reads a lot like the fantastically transparent (and rather infantile) propaganda that Paul Linebarger and L. Ron Hubbard had cooked up together in their college days.

In other words – I call bullshit on any of what Hunter wrote actually being fully factual.

However, he did write something interesting. Something he should not have revealed since the only people doing (or overseeing) what he was describing were the very people he was working for!

In his book Hunter wrote –

Brain-washing is indoctrination, a comparatively simple procedure, but brain-changing is immeasurably more sinister and complicated. Whereas you merely have to undergo a brain-cleansing to rid yourself of “imperialist poisons,” in order to have a brain-changing you must empty your mind of old ideas and recollections.

…Evidently, in a brainchanging, a person’s specific recollections of some past period in his life are wiped away, as completely as if they never happened. Then, to fill these gaps in memory, the ideas which the authorities want this person to “remember” are put into his brain. Hypnotism and drugs and cunning pressures that plague the body and do not necessarily require marked physical violence are required for a brainchanging.

As you can see, the more correct term for what everyone was hyperventilating about in fear back then was brain-changing.

Do not fail to notice the part I bolded – because that was exactly the work that CIA-sponsored, British, and Canadian psychiatrists were all hard at work doing TO people. No one more so than Dr. Ewen Cameron in Montreal.

What’s worse? Clearly Hunter would have known that and yet he’s trying to invent some far off ‘enemy’ who was not doing these things.

They were.


That’s as ugly as it gets.

Buried way deep in Hunter’s overly long and rambling Chinese fiction story he’s telling, was a very interesting admission.

This one –

China evidently was not so “advanced” as yet. She was using brain-washing, and when that didn’t work, resorted to the simpler purge system. But in time she will use the brain-changing process, too.

See that? So while everyone is running around in fear that China is already doing this that he said earlier –

Hypnotism and drugs and cunning pressures that plague the body and do not necessarily require marked physical violence are required for a brainchanging.

The reality was that the only people psychotic enough to want to make sure this was done to other people? Were the British and Vatican Slavemasters and their Igors – and they were already doing it.

Not the “Chinese” or “the communists”.

– – –

Ok. Now that you’ve seen these articles and all the other information, look at again at the main source people have been using as the ‘earliest time in print’ – John Marks.

In September 1950, the Miami News published an article by Edward Hunter titled ” ‘Brain-Washing’ Tactics Force Chinese into Ranks of Communist Party.” It was the first printed use in any language of the term “brainwashing,” which quickly became a stock phrase in Cold War headlines. […] 1

Now you know for a fact that’s not true.

– – –


About this ‘communist’ name-calling business and in particular pointing fingers at China –

If you read my article: The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology – Part 3: Dark Matter you’ll see just how much of a lie that is – and something that they made happen in China to stop it from becoming independent like America did.

Not something you’ll find in your ‘approved’ history books, that’s for damn sure.

– – –

Just to round things out a little bit more –

We know that in late February of 1951, the NANA intelligence propagandists began promoting the ‘brainwashing’ threat.

What you may not know is what happened right on top of that.

In March 1951, the CIA initiated a “top secret” research program into “all aspects of special interrogation” through “exchange of information and coordination of related programs”.

(Central Intelligence Agency 1951, March 19 Subject: Special Interrogation Program. National Security Archive.).

SCIENCE IN DACHAU’S SHADOW: HEBB, BEECHER, AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF CIA PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE AND MODERN MEDICAL ETHICS by Alfred W. McCoy, published in the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 43(4), 401–417 Fall 2007 Published online in Wiley Interscience (www.interscience.wiley.com). DOI 10.1002/jhbs.20271 © 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

That’s actually a reference to Project BLUEBIRD, which had been renamed in 1951, but this is talking about coordinated efforts with Canada – particularly McGill University.

Just as a brief background –

It was on April 20, 1950, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, at the time Director of the CIA, officially approved BLUEBIRD.

The objectives were:

  • (a) discovering means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means,
  • (b) investigating the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques,
  • (c) memory enhancement, and offensive uses of unconventional techniques, such as hypnosis and drugs
  • (d) establishing defensive means for preventing hostile control of Agency personnel.

Morse Allen became the head of BLUEBIRD at the end of 1950.

BLUEBIRD was renamed ARTICHOKE on 20 August 1951.

The following document images were obtained from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives  – CD #1, Main Directory, and within that, doc series 144688, Document #2.


Document #3 says:

“I am sure that you will recognize the implications which might be drawn should it become known, generally, that CIA or the Military Intelligence Agencies are directly concerned in this matter, even though this concern stems primarily from the defensive aspects of the problem…The Code word “Artichoke has been assigned and is unclassified when used in such a way that it does not reveal the nature or scope of the problem.” – Deputy Director of the CIA



and from Document #4:

“Medical Science, particularly in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy, has developed a variety of techniques whereby some control can be imposed on the will of an individual. The techniques include neuro-surgery, electric shock, drugs, hypnosis and others.”



“…the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy has developed a variety of techniques whereby some control can be imposed on the will of an individual.”


So, McCoy is talking about a coordinated effort to do this kind of human experimentation WITH CANADA (and also Britain).

George Cooper, Canadian justice figure (which is a joke if you know the man’s previous history) had noted in his 1986 report that a high-level meeting had taken place in Montreal – where McGill University and the Allan Memorial Institute (Ewen Cameron) were located.

Author McCoy further described and documented this Montreal meeting –

Consequently, in the words of a later Canadian inquiry by George Cooper, QC, “a high-level meeting took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montreal on June 1, 1951.

Attending were Sir Henry T. Tizard, the venerable senior scientist from the U.K. Ministry of Defense; Dr. Omond Solandt, head of Canada’s Defense Research Board (DRB); Dr. Donald O. Hebb, head of the Board’s Behavioral Research and chair of Psychology at McGill; and two Americans, Dr. Caryl Haskins and Commander R.J. Williams. These latter two were identified, in a “handwritten note” found in Board files, as “CIA”

(Cooper, 1986, pp. 32–33, Appendix 21).

I go into who all those people are in this post, but for the purposes of this article I just want to focus on the fact that they were discussing how to brainwash people for their own purposes.

As noted in the Board’s minutes of the Montreal meeting, “Dr. Hebb suggested that an approach based upon the situation of sensory isolation might lead to some clues” to answering “the central problem” that interested this covert research coalition: that is

  • “ ‘confession,’
  • ‘menticide,’
  • ‘intervention in the individual mind,’
  • —together with methods concerned in psychological coercion.”

Speaking at length, Hebb suggested that by “cutting off all sensory stimulation . . . , the individual could be led into a situation whereby ideas, etc. might be implanted.

In response, Sir Henry concurred, stating that these issues “had become a matter of concern in the U.K.,” and adding that “the methods of psychological coercion . . . had been well developed by the [Medieval] inquisition” (Cooper, 1986, Appendix 21).

… As consensus formed about “research methods and design,” the group adopted Hebb’s suggestion that “experimental isolation in various forms for the production ofsensory isolation” might place subjects “in such a position psychologically that they would be susceptible to implantation of new or different ideas.

Despite the Board’s later claims to the contrary, its minutes indicate clearly that their priority in backing Hebb’s brainwashing work was not defensive but offensive operations against communist enemies.

“With respect to . . . useful results,” the Montreal principals agreed, “present methods of offence had moved over into the psychological field and that the whole area of change in public opinion and individual attitude was assuming rapidly increasing importance”

(Cooper, 1986, Appendix 21).

The fact that the whole ‘communist’ brainwashing threat was a dang propaganda lie in the first place was known by these people. Heck, these were some of the very people that were in on it.

Even the CIA minutes concurred with that glaring fact.

… The CIA’s own minutes concur, recording that the Montreal group agreed there was “no conclusive evidence” that the Soviets had made anything akin to “revolutionary progress,” and dismissed their interrogation as “remarkably similar . . to the age-old methods.”

SCIENCE IN DACHAU’S SHADOW: HEBB, BEECHER, AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF CIA PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE AND MODERN MEDICAL ETHICS by Alfred W. McCoy, published in the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 43(4), 401–417 Fall 2007 Published online in Wiley Interscience (www.interscience.wiley.com). DOI 10.1002/jhbs.20271 © 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
References –
* – CIA. (1951, June 6). Minutes of meeting. Box 5. National Security Archive. CIA.
* – (1951, July 9) Memorandum for: Assistant Director, SI, Subject: Progress on BLUEBIRD. Box 5. NationalSecurity Archive.
* – CIA. (1952, February 12). Proposed Study on Special Interrogation Methods. National Security Archive.
* – CIA. (1952, May 1). Project NM 001 056.0. Box 8, National Security Archive


That fact – that there was no ‘threat’ of brainwashing – was further verified in 1953, in a New York Times article.

A short time later, however, in 1953, a high level military study group determined that events had not been what they seemed. Neither the Russians nor anyone else had devised a means of turning men into robots and there was “little threat, if any, to national security,” the study said.

The intelligence community rationalized: they would go ahead anyway, against the chance that the Communists might some day live up to their dread. Furthermore, they saw great potential in developing these tools for their own offensive use.

There was an “urgent need”, the CIA and other intelligence agencies argued to develop “effective and practical techniques” to “render an individual subservient to an imposed will or control.”

– New York Times, August 2, 1977: Mind-Control Studies Had Origins in Trial of Mindszenty.


and yet?

These people didn’t stop what they were doing, on the contrary, they poured coals on the fire looking for more ways to bring rebellious people (or any people) under their total control. Whether in Canada, or Britain, or Italy or America – these people would experiment on entire nations to try and accomplish their sick goals.

The same year as that New York Times article, three days before he would launch Project MK-Ultra on April 13, 1953 – that would begin an even wider range of projects figuring out how to brainwash people – Mr. Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA, gave a speech.

It was one of those fits of hypocrisy he would become well known for. The subject of the speech given at an Alumni conference of Princeton grads, was about the threat of brainwashing. You can read all about in my post: Where Did The Term “Brain Washing” Actually Come From? – Hint: Not Pavlov.

For those that have already read this, take a minute and look at these parts again now. Especially in light of that we now know for a fact that he was lying-through-his-teeth about this ‘threat’ from either the Chinese or the Russians.

And – now we know why all the careful wording too – like “our conception”… “it would seem” etc. etc.

…In our conception of the perversion of individual minds the term “brainwashing” seems aptly to describe this phase of brain warfare.

  • …it is necessary to close off with an impenetrable barrier the area within which the operation is to take place…physical and spiritual barrier…isolated…from the outside world.
  • …there must be a considerable period — probably a minimum of around three months — to properly indoctrinate the intended victims.
  • …endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep.

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation…

…we have no human guinea pigs, ourselves, on which to try out these extraordinary techniques.

Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953

Note the bulleted points – now we know those were his PLAN on what he was going to do in Project MKULTRA, and if you read this post of mine you’ll see that is exactly what they focused on.

But this was all a continuation of what they had already begun, and any press on it (like Edward Hunter etc.) was more about drumming up ‘public outrage’ so that they could GET MORE FUNDING than it was about anything else.

I think it’s particularly ill-mannered – to put it mildly – of the slavemasters to insist that the ‘slaves’ (the taxpayers) PAY FOR the slavemasters’ experiments to figure out how to ‘brainwash’ them better.

Just a little over the top in the arrogance and hypocrisy departments, don’t you think?

kara thrace - battlestar galactica

I definitely think.

So there you have it. Now you have a better understanding of just what the deal really was with this whole ‘brain washing’ term.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao Tse




References –

  1. John Marks Search for Manchurian Candidate; chapter 8