Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman

This is an extremely comprehensive article detailing both the life of British intelligence/propagandist Charles Masterman and many, many of the tactics that he and his secret organization (and his Nobility friends) employed to cause both World Wars. This is a must read for any would be student of slavemaster tactics.

– published Sunday, January 14, 2018 –


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Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman

a very bad guy

by Virginia McClaughry


The details and extent of our organisation [the Americans] have never known, and don’t know to this day.

William Wiseman to MI6 head Cumming;
Sir William Wiseman Papers held at Yale University,
Sterling Library Special Collections, , Box 6, File 174, Wiseman to Chief, 6 Sept. 1918, 2.


Porter Sargent describes just how secret what this man was doing was.

A cloak of secrecy had covered the propaganda organization and methods in the previous war.(?) Not until the participants began to write their memoirs some years after did we begin to understand the influences that had been brought to bear to change our opinion.

C.F.G. Masterman organized the first and most successful propaganda at Wellington House .

But his activities were unknown to intelligent Englishmen and not even suspected in America. His widow, in her recent biography of her husband, emphasizes the secrecy with which all this was conducted. “So well was this secrecy achieved and maintained that of all the books on propaganda that I had read for the purpose of this memoir only Mr. Duane Squires in his Harvard Essay has more than a passing reference to Masterman.”

– Porter Sargent, in Getting US into the War (1941)

This article aims to rectify the fact that secrecy has still managed to continue, with many people not really knowing who this man was, who he was connected to, and what he was part of.

There’s nothing like jumping right on in sometimes, as I like to say. With Masterman here, I think I’d like to do something a little different and lead starting sort of in the middle with an absolutely stellar example of Masterman and his boys at work

So, without any further ado? Let’s jump on in.

* * *


An Example Tactic

creating a false enemy – the Jewish ‘race’

Way up there on the list of the most important things you could ever learn as far as correct history, what you are about to read will educate you concerning the real reason for ‘Zionism”.

This, while also showing you an excellent example of the tactics of Masterman and his mentors. This one used one of his stable of ‘publicists’ – H. Wickam Steed.

It was while he was working as the Foreign Editor for the London Times, and as an asset for Charles Masterman and Wellington House, that Henry Wickham Steed put out a book called The Hapsburg Empire in the spring of 1915.

The book was meant to forward a particular propaganda line that British intelligence wanted at that time. Trying to win Belgium to the side of the Allies was a special desire of Masterman. One which he ultimately failed in, but not for lack of trying.

Steed’s book was exactly along these lines.

His book was somewhat of a study in contradictions, particularly on the subject of Zionism, but it did inadvertently reveal part of the British Slavemasters original plan for it.

“They seem to fear that, by coming out into the open, the Zionists may be playing into the enemy’s hands.”

H. Wickham Steed.

That is an extraordinarily tricky statement when you realize that the whole idea of Zionism, was an intelligence op run by the British, Russian intelligence and the Vatican right from the beginning.

Steed also revealed though, the real reason for their desire to use the Jewish religionists.

After saying the above, Steed notes that:

Zionism in its territorial aspects is now an integral, if not indeed the most significant part of the Near Eastern Question, at least as regards the future of the Ottoman Empire.


An “empire” which the British and the Vatican wanted to break. Never mind the whole fairy tale about why that is (about Romans and granaries). That’s not why. The bottom line was they wanted the OIL. They wanted the TERRITORY.

And perhaps even more importantly (and truly disgusting) was that they wanted to use ‘the Jews” like some kind of cannon fodder to do their dirty work for them.

Ah! But first.

First they had to re-invent them as a RACE.

Reaching back to their earliest days of coming to power, I believe that the next-gen slavemasters of Charles Masterman’s time, decided to re-implement one of their long ago “successful” propaganda ideas. Ideas that they had created at the beginning of their biggest Empire building stage.

That was the time of the re-writing of the Christian Bible by Francis Bacon (who also wrote New Atlantis: about colonizing America) – he was the nephew of William Cecil, the Spymaster, and the protege’ of Dr. Dee.

At that time, the Slavemasters used those new writings by Bacon, plus the invented “Lurian Kabbala”, plus a particular England-resident Rabbi (Ben-Israel) – ALL combined to then USE particularly the Jewish religionists to go out and “colonize” for the British slavemasters.

The Jewish rabbi told the Jews that a “new Jewish Messianic Age” would come if they would go out and colonize areas and “blend in with the local population” and so on. They called it the diaspora – their “dispersion” around the world that this began.

See Scientology Roots by Mike McClaughry; Chapter 21-1: British Economic Rape of America and also see other examples of early Slavemaster Propaganda from this time period in my post Balance of Power.

Zionism marks the second time they would try to use the Jewish religionists, both as pawns on a chess board and as cannon fodder for the wars still to come – WWI and II, for any recalcitrants who had either a: refused to be “resettled’ to either America, South America, or Palestine, or b: decided to stay with their German loyalties.

Only now, the slavemasters want to do the opposite with the Jewish religionists. No blending in this time, as they had been doing. No. Now, they want to make them stand out and then literally shove them into Palestine’s face as the ‘rightful owner’ of a piece of land.

Right in the middle of oil territory, no less.

I kinda doubt that was a coincidence.

I also think that this Zionism business was a kind of payback for those people of the Jewish faith who were inclined to stay with their German loyalties – despite WWI.

That is one reason why, in my opinion, Prussian Jews were chosen to be the ‘over there’ scapegoat to supposedly initiate and be the bulwark of Zionism.

I believe that this was yet another false flag controlled opposition, as well as a utilization of Jewish people to wrest control of territories gone too corrupt to be “suffered” by the British any longer. (which really means they want take their stuff now).


The Middle East.


So, we push forward some obscure Jewish man, Theodore Herzl, into public view (think British controlled newspapers and so on) who starts promoting the “homeland of the Jews” (which is what Zionism is) and the next thing you know?


A perfect patsy, the “Zionists” have been created…

How this worked was this.

In the exact same time frame that ole Melville (British intelligence) is busying himself with all manner of other False Flag operations done together with Russian intelligence, he and his (or rather their) agents were also involved with thrusting “Zionism” into the public view.

In fact, the first place this shows up publicly, really, was by the American Jewish religionists that often functioned as an arm of British intelligence – the B’nai B’rith.

vincent price - whoa


The Menorah magazine of May 1896, tells us when Theodore Herzl began being “publicized” by British intel back-channel efforts.



This was being done by a Brit.

Under Foreign Notes it says –

Mr. David Nutt, of London, has in the press for immediate publication a translation of Dr. Herzl’s pamphlet, ‘The Jewish State: an essay towards the solution of the Jewish Question,” which has created so much interest in Austria. It is also being translated into French, Russian, Dutch and Hebrew, so Dr. Herzl’s visionary phantasmagory will become widely known.

A Jewish State_ An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question, Theodor

Two years after the publication of Herzl’s book, in October of 1898, an old issue of the International Journal of Ethics describes Herzl’s view – which is literally a picture-perfect example of British driven propaganda.

For example –

Professor Herzl sees no prospect of the  
Jewish lamb and the Gentile lion consenting to lie down in peace 
together. He believes that the only solution of the anti-Semitic 
question is the solution advocated by the ancient prophets.
Herzl is of opinion that this problem is insoluble 
so long as the Jews reside among the Christian populations of the 
West. He considers that the Jews have lost the power of assimilating 
with the European races. He also considers that the Jews 
produce a great number of mediocre intellects who can find no 
wholesome outlet either upwards or downwards for their energies. 

If the Jew goes down, he becomes a member of the revolutionary 
party. If he rises to wealth, he immediately begins to exercise the 
terrible power of the purse. He is hated by the peoples among 
whom he takes up his abode because he will not assimilate with 
them. He is also hated because he either develops into a revolu- 
tionary or a plutocrat.
His proposal is that the Jews should leave Europe in a body 
and form a nation of their own either in Palestine 
or Argentina. This new state would be governed in accordance 
with Jewish ideals : it would absorb the floating Jewish proletariat 
which is now wandering over the world in search of a settled home. 
In it the Jew would be able to develop his individual and collective 
life in peace. Persecution of the Jew would cease, the Gentile 
world would be rid of him forever, Jew baiting would become a 
thing of the past. Such is the solution of the Jewish trouble which 
Professor Herzl proposes to his coreligionists, or, as he would perhaps 
prefer to call them, his fellow-countrymen.


See how utterly convenient that is for what the British had planned?

We should talk about the reference for the above quotes because it’s rather important. Those are from the International Journal of Ethics, Volume 9, issue #1, starting on p. 113 available as a free Google e-book in full, or just the sections we’re looking are is also available at the Internet Archive.

That journal was run by a board that included Felix Adler and Stanton Coit* – both anglophile propagandists. Adler being the Temple Emanu-El/B’nai B’rith connection – his father was rabbi there and Temple Emanu-El helped found the B’nai B’rith.


*Stanton Coit being the British connection. One that goes right on down through his son who worked for William Stephenson in the BSC during WWII also doing propaganda. In addition, if you’d like more details about Adler, the B’nai B’rith etc., you might want to take a look at Scientology Roots Chapter 31, part two.


Just who is this David Nutt guy, the Brit who first thrust this guy Herzl into view out of nowhere in 1896.

Let’s start with that he is a member of The Athenaeum Club of London. In fact, it was in their magazine where he announced he had printed up Herzl’s booklet pictured above.


Here is the announcement –


A little larger –


It says the translation is by S. D’Avigdor – that S stands for Sylvie. This name only seems to show up in connection with this book.

Notice how David Nutt also pushes the It’s popular! band-wagon angle. It’s funny to see that they were doing that whole herd PR thing that far back. You know, “all these people like it” – therefore – so should you.

This pamphlet has created wide interest, and commanded a large sale in Austria and Germany.


Kinda hoping for a little monkey-see monkey-do action there with this book, clearly.

Your next question should be: Who the hell is this Sylvie person, and why would she help promote Herzl’s proposal to get rid of Jewish religionists out of Europe? Considering that she herself was supposed to be one of those very same Jewish religionists…that’s a bit strange, don’t you think?

Well, that’s because of who her family is. She is related to one of those “brothers of light” bankers (the igors) of the British slavemasters.

Sylvie is a Goldschmidt through her mother Rachel.

Goldschmidt is one of the main families involved with L’Aurora Naissante – the freemasonry group underneath the Grand Orient – the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry – aka covert Jesuits posing as Rosicrucians.

You didn’t know that? Well, it’s true. Quite the convoluted story, actually.

When the Jesuits were suppressed by Papal Bull 21 July 1773, King Frederick took them in. Frederick, as was common among most of the royal families of Europe, had made it a point to be a “member” of any supposedly secret societies, be it Freemason or whatever. In the Prussian zone of power, so to speak, the Jesuits specifically began merging into Rosicrucian lodges, which Frederick was already involved in (as was the custom).

Considering the fact that British slavemaster Cecil Family protege’ Francis Bacon (who rewrote the bible into the King James version) was the Imperator of the Rosicrucians, and that Napoleon Bonaparte was a “Master” Rosicrucian when he was Emperor of France from 1804 to 1815 – things take on a decidedly different light here.

Also considering that this particular blend of Rosicrucian freemasonry would appear in very specific places like L’Aurore Naissante that the Rothschilds and other bankers joined in Germany when Napoleon was there (1804-1815) as well as showing up in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry sporting the double-headed eagle symbol of the Nesilim, which was also the symbol used by Frederick II and the Holy Roman Emperor.

So what this IS, is a blend of both the “right” nobility of the new breed of Slavemasters – both British and Vatican elements.

Bet you never thought of any of this in that way before.

You can read much more about that in my library article: Why the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory was Invented and By Who but suffice it to say that our Zionist tract translator here, Sylvie, the fact that her family (Goldschmidt) is one of the main families involved with L’Aurora Naissante – yea. That’s not good, but it is predictable.

Some members of these families moved to New York City and they helped establish the Independent Order B’nai B’rith and Temple Emanu-el, together they established the later fanatical and racist hate group – the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

This group, especially, helped forward the British aims of creating of (out of nothing) the separation of people who follow the Jewish religion as being their own race – aka Zionism. Therefore, supporters of the ADL are actually disguided racists.

Some of the names involved in Rothschild’s little Igor Clan are:

Rothschild Guggenheim Loeb
Schiff Oppenheim Lehman
Seligman Adler etc.
Warburg Straus


On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, these Igors consider themselves leaders of a “Kingdom of Priests” and “Brothers of Light”.

The Bischoffsheims, the Rothschilds, and the Goldschmidts go way back, and are Hesse-Kassel intermarried. If you remember the double-headed eagle chapter of The Reckoning


That is the Nesilim.

The Kingdom of Priests – erroneously called the “Hittites” by the British –

The double-headed Eagle at the Nesilim site of Alaca Höyük’ in Turkey.


The “religion” of the Nesilim kings was power and war.

That is what they believed in.


Sylvies father Solomon Henry D’avigdor was created Duke of Acquaviva by Napolean III.

Sylvie’s grandfather on her mothers side was Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid. He was the first Jewish Baronet of the United Kingdom and also made Baron de Palmeira in Portugal.

Sylvie’s great-great grandfather on her mothers side was Aaron Goldschmid, and it was he who founded the Goldschmid firm. His son Asher Aaron Goldsmid was her great-grandfather. Asher’s was the brother of Abraham and Benjamin Goldschmid. Abraham, Benjamin, and Asher Aaron initially worked for their father’s firm, Aaron Goldsmid and Sons, in the City of London.

There was a scene in one of the Harry Potter movies that was not an entirely inaccurate characterization of that place (City of London). Unfortunately.

Later, Abraham, Asher, and Benjamin carried on a separate business in partnership. After 1792 is when they grew rich through their dealings with the British Government – but not as rich as their masters. Never forget that.

Abraham Goldsmit (also spelled goldsmid/Goldschmidt) was the special friend of Lord Nelson, and it was his “financial genius” that made the British Government (and himself) a lot of money during the arranged “revolution” of France – which shortly followed the American Revolution. The French Revolution revolution failed, which was the point, to show that revolution fails.

To illustrate the volume of money flowing back and forth between the Goldsmid/Rothschild contingent and the British government, the year that Goldsmid killed himself, the last thing he did was that he had contracted the British Government Loan of £14,000,000, that is 462 million dollars in 1810, an unholy amount! (exchange rate was 33 pound to 1 USD in 1810).

He basically was just “legitimizing” a promised payback by the Slavemasters for their igors help during the French “revolution”.

In today’s dollars – that’s nine BILLION dollars

and that’s just one example.

Stealing everyone’s assets like they do, under cover of “war”- can you imagine what the Slavemasters themselves must have actually made?

my precious

God, they’re sick.

Clearly these people have always been and are still right on board whatever program the slavemasters were embarking upon, like the one now with this Herzl character.

The Prussian Jew. Right where all those Jesuits merged into the rosicrucian masonry organizations in Frederick-land.

How poifect!

For all we know this guy was one of those underground Jesuit Rosicrucian Freemason Jews. Sheesh. What a contradiction in terms! Reminds me of my scrabble-bag of labels post. (a funny one, you should check it out)

While Sylvie D’Aveigdor/Goldschmidt was helping to spread the “Jewish Question” zionist propaganda desired by the British slavemasters, Baron de Hirsch was taking a more active role.

The firm of Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Co. was founded when Hayum Salomon Goldschmidt’s daughter Henriette married Jonathan-Raphael Bischoffsheim in 1827, and the two men formed Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Co. that same year.


Jonathan Raphaël Bischoffsheim

They had offices in the City of London that headed all their “international” loan-generating efforts. For why they all keep having offices there, please read The Center of The British Empire, City of London.

Prior to the Herzl propaganda, Hirsch had been working for Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Co.

In 1891, he established a New York Baron de Hirsch Fund to help settle Jewish immigrants in the United States and Canada. Jesse Seligman, member of Temple Emanu-El, was selected by Baron de Hirsch as a member of the board of trustees of the Baron de Hirsch Fund.

Oh, that’s cute. They don’t want them so they are trying to load us up with what they feel are a big PROBLEM?


Whether they are or aren’t a problem isn’t the point, the BRITISH decided they were and were trying to drown us in what they felt was a bad influence! Wow. That just reeks.

Which is the same idea though – that Herzl expressed in 1896.

Such is the solution of the Jewish trouble … the Jews should leave Europe in a body and form a nation of their own either in Palestine or Argentina.

As soon as
the whole British intelligence idea of the “Herzl plan” began being propagated with Sylvie Goldschmidt and David Nutt’s mass propagandizing, Hirsch then jumped aboard the Zionism bandwagon and created the Jewish Colonization Association.

It was created to facilitate mass emigration of Jews from Russia to agricultural colonies, particularly in Argentina and Brazil, as well as Palestine. Its objective was defined as the purchase of large tracts of land for ” …establishing colonies in various parts of North and South America and other countries for agricultural, commercial and other purposes.”

Doesn’t it strike you as odd, that these slavemaster Igors, their bankers, they are not moving anywhere, but yet there they are involved with this big push to “get rid of” the Jews? And then, the next thing you know, we have Hitler (whom they backed) trying to annihilate all the ones that wouldn’t leave?

Damn. That’s a pretty extreme case of racism there, that the Brits and Vatican have. And that “jewish” rich men were asked by their masters to spearhead this action against theoretically their own people?


vincent - wow

Then there’s our other American versions banging the British drum of “Zionism” to the American Jewish religionists, and the ex-patriate recent arrivals from Eastern Europe.

For example, another Prussian Jew named Rabbi Gottheil of Temple Emanu-El.


He was originally from Hungary I believe, and then was in Manchester England, where he had a reform congregation for a number of years. Plenty of time to get “educated” by British intelligence. He was then “chosen” to go to America to take over as Rabbi from Felix Adler’s dad Samuel, to be the new Rabbi of Temple Emanu-El and it’s masonic society, the B’nai B’rith – which originally was constituted under the Grand Orient, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (the one that used the double-headed eagle Nesilim symbol).

Gottheil was also to later be Vice President of the Federation of American Zionists! In 1897, he attended the first Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland. (NY Times obituary, April 16, 1903; Jewish Encyclopedia: A Descriptive Record of the History Volume 6 )

Temple Emanu-El was quite controlling, status-obsessed and known to be very touchy about it’s British intelligence connections being maintained properly.

In late 1885, the year that General Grant had died, there was a kerfluffle over the Nineteenth Century club inviting a Rabbi “Alphabet” Brown, who was too “unknown”, and that got cancelled because Gottheil didn’t want him there.

Note: Rabbi Browne was nicknamed “Alphabet” Browne by his contemporaries because of his flagrant brandishing of his many academic degrees (i.e., Rabbi E.B.M. Browne, LLD, AM, BM, DD, MD).

Soon after Grant’s death, the prestigious Nineteenth Century Club organized clergymen for a public discussion of Sabbath observance, and invited Browne to present the Jewish point of view. This did not sit well with some of the club’s Jewish members, however.

According to The New York Mail and Express, “It has given offence to some of the Fifth Avenue Israelites to see Rabbi Browne, an outsider, selected for the Jewish side over Rabbi Gottheil, one of the Vice-Presidents of the club and a Fifth Avenue preacher.” Pressure from Temple Emanu-El subsequently caused Browne’s invitation to be rescinded and transferred to Gottheil.

– Main reference is Voices for Justice: Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild in Atlanta (1946-1972) and Edward B.M. Browne in New York (1881-1889), by Janice Rothschild Blumberg, Southern Jewish Historical Society.
– References given for this particular excerpt are: The Daily Telegraph, January 7, 1896, copy in Portion of Book, Series C, Browne, AJA, 24-25; and for the last line above: Col. Elliot F. Sheppard to Isaac Frisch, January 15, 1889, text copied in Portion of Book, Series C, Browne, AJA, 140 n.


You can tell Rabbi Browne was pissed off about it, because he was still talking about it in 1888, The Evening World (August 11, 1888) commented on his sermon that apparently was trashing Palmer and the Nineteenth Century Club with “severe allusions”.



Rabbi “Alphabet” Browne wearing his medals.


Meanwhile, moving up in time here –

Gottheil’s son, Professor Richard H. Gottheil, held the Chair of Semitic and Rabbinical Literature at Columbia. During WWI, starting some time around 1915/16, he worked as a deep-cover agent for British Intelligence – for William Wiseman on Bolshevik/White Russian matters (amongst other things).

See Casimir Pilenas Palmer

And then there’s this –

After the publication by David Nutt of The Jewish Question in 1896, an interesting “mention” appears in the London Standard (this is classic Cecil Bloc propaganda tactics).

…I can see mention of the work Dr. Herzl’s “Jewish State” as translated by d’Avigdor being sent to Gladstone by Sir Samuel Montagu.

– The Standard (London, England), Friday, May 29, 1896; pg. 5; Issue 22437.

Oh brother. Gladstone is in the picture again?

Prime Minister Gladstone


But wait – Samuel Montagu?

So who is that now, one wonders.

Another Igor banker.


His given name was “Montagu Samuel,” but it was reversed by his parents to Samuel Montagu in his early boyhood. He went to London in 1847, and in 1853 founded the firm of Samuel Montagu & Co., foreign bankers, in Leadenhall street, afterward in Old Broad street.

Samuel Montagu


He was a pious Orthodox Jew and later became involved in English politics. In 1875 he founded, in conjunction with Lord Rothschild, the first industrial Jewish school in Jerusalem. He was created a baronet by Mr. Gladstone in 1894.

Note: His second son Edwin Samuel Montagu followed his father into politics – he was Secretary of State for India between 1917 and 1922!

Edwin Samuel Montagu (left)


He looks a bit bitter in this later pic – like he knows he’s been had and shouldn’t have played along in the first place.


Edwin was publicly “vehemently opposed” to Zionism, he fought in the British Cabinet against the BALFOUR Declaration of 1917, which was somewhat watered down under his pressure. He took it as a personal blow that his government should recognize ‘a people which does not exist’.

Let’s blow that up a bit here –

Jews – “a people which does not exist.

Edwin Montague

So how can there be RACISM or anti-semitism towards them?

It’s a RELIGION. Not a race.

Who are the biggest yellers about anti-semitism and this whole race-thing?

Oh yea. The ADL or Anti-Defamation League.

Temple Emanu-el’s B’nai B’rith founders off-shoot organization that was totally on board with the whole ZIONISM op in the first place.

Do you see how traitorous, money and status-oriented Jewish religionists not only changed their own religion (Temple Emanu-el and the Ethical Culture movement) to adjust to the slavemasters needs, but they also betrayed and essentially handed over fellow jewish religionists for dislocation or slaughter – all by the perpetuation of this false RACE of jews idea.

Shame on you people out there that buy into this Semite race lie.


After Samuel Montagu does his thing, and lots of glad-handing goes on all around – jolly good – Well. The next thing you know, just a few short months later Theodore Herzl is now well-publicized and backed and ready to go “wide”.

I believe I have well-answered the question of why Zionism, so what happened next?

Within only a few months of launching Herzl as the ‘very best people’ did, in August of 1896, Herzl began to organize what would become the first World Zionist Congress, scheduled to meet August, 1897. It would codify Political Zionism and Herzl as its leader.

First Zionist Congress

First zionist congress

The London Daily Mail, July 30, 1897 –

The picturesque proposal of Dr. Theodor Herzl for the floating in London of a limited liability company with a capital of millions to acquire Palestine and thoroughly organize it for the re-settlement of the Jews is attracting great attention, in view of the congress which is to be held at Basle to consider the scheme in August.

The proposal which has several times been referred to in the “Daily Mail”, “the Jewish Chronicle,” and the “Pall Mall Gazette,” among other papers is received with mixed feeling by the London Hebrews.


And there again, much like Montagu’s son Edwin, even the general Jewish public isn’t quite “going for it” yet. They (and correctly too) smell a trap.

I hate it when that happens – says Mr. Slavemaster.


It would only be just 4 years later in 1901 that the opposite side of this controlled opposition created by Russian, British, and Vatican intelligence interests would kick in with the Niet articles to a French paper alleging a nebulous conspiracy. By operative controlled by these very same intelligence interests.

Now that they have been positioned apart, a separate race, through using this invention of Zionism?

Hey now. I know what…

Let’s create an “attack” labeling them the source of the world’s problems, to not only get the Jews attention and to start defending themselves as a race (tricky, that) but to shift people’s attention over to them as the world domination conspirators. Thereby creating an “enemy” for the planned Wars.

Is that about how this went? Why yes. It’s exactly how this went.

To sum up – what this absolutely devil-spawned Zionist propaganda really did actually do was that it began to separate the Jews apart.

Where they wouldn’t dream of calling themselves anything but German, or English, or American before, now they were being steered to become “a breed apart” – a RACE apart.

See how this began to set them as “against” the world? Then, conveniently, there magically appears (with the help of British agent Casimir Pilenas) the Protocols of Zion which allege that it is zionists plot to rule the world!

And that ‘launching’ also came under Masterman’s watch here.


Talk about your russian-doll conspiracies – the British and Vatican win the conspiracy within a conspiracy within a conspiracy within a conspiracy contest hands down.

clapping not thrilled

Final note: Theodore Herzl died in 1904 and the helm was then picked up by a new front man. Just 1 year later came the first ‘protocols’ of the zionists publication. There it sat, gathering dust, all the way until Senator Borah killed their League of Nations idea in 1919 – the entire point of WWI.

I call what happened then? Masterman’s legacy. More on that later.

sword divider2

Coming back now to Propaganda Boy Henry Wickham Steed again – what’s the deal with him and his boss Masterman about the Hapsburg Empire anyways, why should we care?

Because – it’s what “started” WWI.

The Austrian Habsburgs ruled over various lands such as Belgium, Milan, Naples, Hungary, Croatia.

In 1866 Austria was defeated by Bismarck’s Prussia and forced to relinquish its last domains in Germany and in 1867 Austria permanently agreed to share power with Hungary as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, its full title actually being ‘The Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Imperial Council and the Lands of the Crown of St Stephen’.

This Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary was a veritable family of 11 officially recognised nationalities kept in union by the Habsburg Monarch who functioned as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary simultaneously.

The 19th Century was a time of ethnic “awakening” (helped by the British Slavemasters, you understand) throughout Europe and tensions within the Austro-Hungarian Empire were intense.

Man, they literally had everybody after everybody that way.

Poles yearned for a separate and united homeland, Croats demanded autonomy, Serbs conspired to join the Kingdom of Serbia and ethnic Germans were concerned they were losing influence to liberal and non-German forces. As well as the recognised national groups the empire was also home to large populations of Jews, Muslim Bosniaks, Gypsies and numerous other groups including Albanians, Turks, Circassians and Aromanians.

Stirring the pot as they do –

Trouble was assured.

This wasn’t just the Brits doing the stirring though. We have the other half of the Nesilim – the priests – sneaking around doing their ‘thing’ as well.

The Habsburg monarch held great influence within the Catholic Church, even using its power to veto the election of the Papal Father in the conclave of 1903. The Monarch also held rights to protect Catholics in the non-Catholic states of Serbia, Montenegro and Albania.

These particular ancient Nesilim blood-line Monarchs tended to be a bit too full of themselves – kind of like this.

I am a Slavemaster

Too much power! sayeth the British Slavemasters, and the Pope concurred. So..the first moves begin.

global 3 dimension chess

In 1914 the Catholic Church signed a Concordat (agreement) with Serbia which ended the Hapsburgs rights over Catholics in Serbia. This provoked deep concerns within Austria-Hungary about their empire’s declining power and the intentions of Serbia.

Meanwhile, down in the “sewers”, deep-cover agents such as MI6 agent Sidney Reilly and others had err…how shall we say…encouraged some pretty nasty activities.

Captain Dragutin Dimitrijevic, was known as “The Bull” or “Apis” He slaughtered the Serbian king and queen, and then he formed The Black Hand (with the aim of uniting all Serbs).

He recruited young men infected with tuberculosis and promised these men with terminal disease a way to “make a mark” for Serbia through assassinations of enemies.

Literally, the Walking Dead!


A few days later, one of his liaisons, a Black Hand dying teenager named Gavrilo Princip, assassinated Austria-Hungary’s heir apparent, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, while they were touring the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. Setting off the perfect flurry of moves that would allow Britain to appear to “have” to declare War (when that’s what they wanted in the first place).

Austria-Hungary issued an ultimatum to Serbia, which, of course, they couldn’t possibly rationally agree to and exactly one month later on 28th July 1914 -war erupted. Charles Masterman had his propagandists do their thing, Sir Edward Grey gave his Churchill-coached speech to Parliament, Britain Declared War, and the nightmare of World War I began.

Note: it was only when, in October 1918, Austria-Hungary surrendered and the empire broke up, that WWI was over.

This is the climate that Masterman’s step-n-fetch-it, Wickham Steed just happens to release his book on The Hapsburg Empire (pushing Zionism) straight in the middle of, in 1915.

Do you buy that as a coincidence?

Woman-Pointing-Her-Finger-now now

I didn’t think so.

Steeds book spends quite some time on trying to convince the reader of the “benefits” of Zionism, but strangely, he is vaguely confrontational at the same time.

You see, the Jewish religionists correctly smelled a rat with all this push by the Brits (and others) to get them on board with the Zionist program.

Part of why we call the British slavemasters Rat Bastardswe smell it too!


As to the push I mentioned – as soon as Steed’s book was even out?

Almost immediately over on the American side of things, (utilizing Masterman’s “mentions network”) we see Louis Brandeis proselytyzing over what to do with the “eastern Jews”, in the Jewish magazine The Maccabean, June 1915.


Trying to rally the American Jews to this nasty little covert operation, he quotes Steed:

“…To minds like these Zionism came with the force of an angel. To be a Jew and to be proud of it; to glory in the power and pertinacity of the race, its traditions, its triumphs, its sufferings; its resistance to persecution; to look the world frankly in the face and to enjoy the luxury of moral and intellectual honesty; to feel pride in belonging to the people that gave Christendom its divinities, that taught half the world monotheism, whose ideas have permeated civilization as never the ideas of a race before it, whose genius fashioned the whole mechanism of modern commerce, and whose artists, actors, singers and writers have filled a larger place in the cultured universe than those of any other people: this, or something like this was the train of thought fired in youthful Jewish students by the Zionist spark. It’s effect upon the Jewish students of Austrian Universities was immediate and striking.”

– Henry Wickham Steed, The Hapsburg Monarchy, London, Constable and Company, 191, p. 175


“…to glory in the power and pertinacity of the race…”


There it is again.


Did you notice that their targets were Jewish students in the Hapsburg Monarchy? Well, let’s just say they weren’t all as big of suckers as Steed was portraying them as concerning this whole ‘race’ angle. They were questioning it.

That’s where what I quoted Steed saying earlier, comes into play –

“They seem to fear that, by coming out into the open, the Zionists may be playing into the enemy’s hands.


In fact, the Neue Freie Press, March 31, 1913, quotes the Central Society of German Citizens of Jewish Faith, who did catch this “what the hell” aspect and said:

In so far as the Zionist endeavors to provide an assured home for the Jews of the East who are deprived of their rights, or to increase the pride of Jews in their history and religion, he is welcome to us as a member; but we must sever ourselves from the Zionist who denies German National (racial) sentiments, feels himself to be a guest among a strange people, and only feels nationally (racially) as a Jew.

– quoted in The Hapsburg Monarchy, London, Constable and Company, 191, p. 177

Lordy, could Steed be any more obvious what he’s trying to set these poor people up for, there in Germany? The British are setting them up to be viewed “enemies” in their own home countries!

The last couple of Steed quotes that I want to share with you, come before he does his rah-rah routine about “the glory of..” This first one really stood out to me.

‘The Jewish “danger,” if danger it be, does not lie in the proclamation and defence of a specifically Jewish standpoint but in the dissimulation of Jewish ideas and interests under a non-Jewish cloak. The Jews qua Jews are as entitled as any other people in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy or in the world, to full consideration of their rights and interests, but they cannot enjoy esteem as along as they attempt to out-German the Germans in Pan-Germanism or to out-Magyar the Magyars in oppression of the non-Magyar races of Hungary. There is something peculiarly repugnant in Jewish chauvinism on behalf of a dominant race.

Wait, because they support the people of the country they live in they are Chauvinists! That’s really reaching there with that one. You can really ‘smell’ Masterman all over that.

…Contact with the outer world had deprived many of them of the faith of their fathers, and had divested their minds of the grosser Talmudic wrappings without providing any other substitute than a scepticism which tended constantly to become more cynical. Many cultured Jewish youths sought to discard their very nature and to identify themselves completely with Germanism, accepting German political and ethical ideals and trying honestly to “feel like” Germans.

– Henry Wickham Steed, The Hapsburg Monarchy, London, Constable and Company, 191, p. 174

The second one, the part that I bolded, does a fine job of uncovering the real complaint here. “they attempt to out-German the Germans”…and they are “too sceptical“. You mean they didn’t find the British and Vatican slavemasters and their Jewish RACE crap trustworthy?

Now there’s a shocker.

Seriously though, I think what Steed is saying so round-the-bush here, is that the Brits think they are too much of an ally to their own home – the Germans – whom the British Slavemasters were worried were getting “too strong” and too much of a “commercial rival” (as said by Winston Churchill).

They wanted attacks on ‘the Jews’ especially German ones.

Once the war started, well now there really was nasty anti-German activities going on all over England, including against Jewish Germans. That would be something Masterman and his handlers would have no problem covertly and carefully working behind the scenes to fuel that kind of fire of hatred.

Anything or anyone even vaguely German, including Germans that happened to be followers of Judaism, was excoriated and agitated against.

Here’s a real example –

Ashe-Lincoln, a schoolboy in Plymouth in 1914, recalled that:

There was a tremendous amount of anti-Semitism. Jews were attacked right, left and centre and all Jews were described as being Germans’…the depth of feeling against Germans was so intense in [WWI] and any Jew was regarded as being good game.

– Liddle: DF Recollections: Box J-M, F. Ashe-Lincoln, (n.d.)


Now, did Rothschild lift a hand to stop any of that? No, he did not. What did he do? Work, just like the British plan, to MOVE THE JEWS to Palestine – he even helped fund it during WWI! Remember? The Slavemasters wanted to get rid of the European Jews – all of them.

After all, that’s what Zionism was really about.

I submit that the Brits, and especially Charles Masterman, get a Yellow Rat Bastard for this pile of nastiness coming out of Wellington House.



In Summary –
this is just a lovely bunch of people that are trying to “enlighten” the world here, with their secular/socialist/what-the-fuck-ever societies, their “New Church of Humanity”, and their disgusting and now racial epithets of JEW.

Just to illustrate the hand of Masterman still trying to ‘do his job’ here, would it surprise you to know that it would be, yet again, our favorite Masterman boy Wickham Steed who first broached the Bolshevist/Jew change of propaganda angle?

I didn’t think so.

Steed “wrote” (as in approved writing) an editorial for the Daily Mail on 28 March 1919. This happened just after the first famous speech that Senator Borah gave before the U.S. Congress, shooting down the League of Nations.

Steed “accused” the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George of betraying the White Russians because of a plot by “international Jewish financiers” and the Germans to help the Bolsheviks stay in power.

So, Masterman’s got him spreading that whole invented conspiracy theory almost a year before he and his masters finally decide to drag out and re-create the ‘protocols’.

On that note…now we’ll back up a bit and talk about our ‘Count Dracula” of propaganda here.

* * *


C.F.G Masterman – the ‘Count Dracula’ King of Propaganda

masterman-charles-frederick-gurney - draculaMasterman, as portrayed by Charles Gurney


The first thing that you should know, is that Masterman was greatly influenced by Ruskin, which explains a lot. He even wrote a book about him called Ruskin The Prophet.

Ruskin was the psycho that gave that speech, ‘Imperial Duty’, that Cecil Rhodes used as the bedrock of his wills creating The Round Table. Ruskin was one of the British previous generation of slavemaster propagandists, an Oxford professor and a prodigious writer.

John Ruskin


Imperial Duty was the subject of Ruskin’s inaugural lecture at Oxford, delivered to a packed audience on February 8, 1870, and its effects would be felt far beyond the shores of the British Isles. The lecture was published in his Lectures on Art (1894).

Excerpts –

There is a destiny now possible to us

One kingdom; but who is to be its king?

We are still undegenerate in race; a race mingled of the best northern blood.

will you, youths of England, make your country again a royal throne of kings; a sceptred isle, for all the world a source of light…?

There is indeed a course of beneficent glory open to us, such as never was yet offered to any poor group of mortal souls. But it must be — it is with us, now, “Reign or Die.

And this is what she must either do, or perish: she must found colonies as fast and as far as she is able, formed of her most energetic and worthiest men; — seizing every piece of fruitful waste ground she can set her foot on, and there teaching these her colonists that their chief virtue is to be fidelity to their country, [that’s called nationalism, by the way]

Their first aim is to be:

to advance the power of England by land and sea

[for] the England who is to be mistress of half the earth

– John Ruskin inaugural speech at Oxford, February 8, 1870 – retrieved from Norton College records


In regards to what that “kingdom” of the earth idea is actually referencing, it is a re-iteration of the first Spymaster, a Cecil, and the Balance of Power policy of England. Put simply?


England rules over everyone and tells them what to do.

balance of power3

For much more about that, see my article: Origin of the term “Balance of Power”.

Masterman’s prophetic hero, Ruskin, was a homosexual paedophile. It appears that Masterman followed in his footsteps and was also a homosexual paedophile. Although just how that can be described as “non-abusive” by this writer, is anyone’s guess.

…thus dwells on his upbringing and family background, and emphasizes his recurrent attacks of clinical depression, his rather unusual family life, his apparently non-abusive homosexual-pedophilic tendency, and his abuse of alcohol and drugs.

– Published by Jhistory (November 2002), Eric Hopkins: Charles Masterman (1873-1927), Politician and Journalist: The Splendid Failure – (Studies in British History, vol. 54). The Edward Mellen Press, 1999 – REVIEW by Dafnah Strauss of Haifa University, Israel.

Masterman worked closely with Winston Churchill and Lloyd George on the People’s Budget of 1909 and was responsible for the passage through parliament of the National Insurance Act 1911. Beatrice Webb was to note in her diaries his “almost unnaturally close friendship” with Churchill.

Lucy Masterman’s biography (highly edited) of Masterman also carefully alludes to this extremely tight connection that Masterman and Churchill shared. And, it is certainly true that Charles and Lucy Masterman spent much of their married life apart. His writings to her sound more like a chatty girlfriend than a husband – I’ve read her book.

Churchill did have several homosexual relationships. Some writers characterize these as a “rite of passage” particularly in the British Navy. I refrain from commenting on that particular practice, at the moment, but the facts of Winston Churchill’s homosexual tendencies are well documented, as outlined in the biography of his mother Lady Randolph Churchill aka Jennie. For example – His long and warm working relationship with his secretary Edward Marsh – a homosexual – may have even been based on Churchill’s homosexual proclivities.

Mastermann is certainly an enigmatic figure, and the British government still appears to be suppressing the release of full information as to his life.

No comprehensive biography has yet been written, over a hundred years later, his private papers have still not yet been released to the public.

The Man Behind The Propaganda


Masterman was one of a number of slavemasters and junior slavemasters that had been studying “mass attitudes” and writing about it.

Masterman wrote “The Condition of England” prior to WWI, and this subject occupied one entire chapter of it – the longest one. Norman Angell (The Great Illusion, 1910, revised 1914) – yet another Round Table man, also had much attention on this.

Masterman’s work showed more of an “on the ground” view of it versus the usual theorizing.

Earlier in his life, he had deliberately spent much time in the “slums” at writing poetry – ha ha – what he was really doing is that he was engaged in studying ‘the people’ for various slavemasters, so that they could figure out how they “think” and therefore manipulate them.

Partially as a result of this experience, Masterman was erroneously convinced that persons “with little education or exposure to the wider world are not in charge of their own fates and are manipulatable by others“.

When he came to be made in charge of propaganda (secretly) he directed his message not to the masses but to the “elite”.

Very Cecil Bloc of him, because, of course, what that really means is that he was selecting/creating generals of Propaganda, not just soldiers. Ergo, these ‘elite’ would then dutifully turn around and wield their influence on those junior ‘masses’ – the people.

To Masterman’s slavemaster way of thinking, persuading other controllers or each nation of the “justness” of the British cause would not only be the more efficient way to gain the “understanding” they sought, but through some kind of tortured superiority complex view – this would be “the most ethical way to serve the interests of the masses.

Oh really..


Let’s go a little deeper into Masterman’s early history now.

* * *


Masterman – The Early Years


He was named after Charles Frederick, the “Red Prince” of Prussia, a great hero to English Protestant circles after the Franco-Prussian war. The Gurney family were well known in Quaker circles – he was indirectly related to Edmund Gurney of the Society of Psychical Research.

Charles was raised under rules such as that playing cards were forbidden, he was not allowed to attend any theatre, and his reading materials were restricted to Quaker approved only. The arts as a whole were closed to him.

He was ill most of his boyhood with swollen glands and an abscess. I almost suspect that he was deliberately kept that way in order to drive him towards the “finding of salvation” – a tactic/custom of rabid religious types at this time. It went so far as that a parent who failed to do so would have been regarded as “neglecting the most vital duty of all”.

I bring that up because Charles was yet another example of a sickly child who becomes a major propagandist for the slavemasters. In almost all cases of the worst-of-the-worst as far as propaganda goes, this is practically becoming almost a given, from what I’ve seen in my research so far.

He grew up during the period of the reigns of Cecil, Gladstone, and Disraeli as Prime Ministers of England.

He won a scholarship to Weymouth College, first in all England in the exam. The Headmaster was Dr. Miller, who had the custom of going through the results of the public examinations and inviting specially successful boys to join the school at low fees or none.

This was one of the main ways that the slavemasters identified those which they would soon recruit – the next generation of slavemasters and igors, so to speak – he started in May of 1888.

In 1897 he was granted the Arnold Gerstenberg scholarship and returned to Cambridge. He edited a paper called the “Granta” and one time Lord Kitchener came to Cambridge after the battle of Omdurman and a big party was had. Masterman wrote an account of it in his ironic style, and true to form, the slavemasters acknowledged/promoted him by lifting the entire article and publishing it in a London newspaper.

This also shows that the Slavemasters will often take others writing and let it be viewed as somehow theirs. Charles wrote a tribute to Henry Sidgwick who was one of his teachers.

He wrote:

Beyond the work, greater far than the creed, was the personality of the teacher we knew and loved. To the younger of us at Cambridge, seeing in him a figure who had “drunk delight of battle with hi peers” in the controversies of the age, he seemed indeed to be the “Man of Wisdom” of the Greek dreamer; the philosopher whom the people, were they not blind, would drag forth and crown king. To us he stood for “philosophy” at its highest. Here was the spirit which showed the power of the student of all time and all existence. We noted in him the capacity for weighing evidence, the detached judgment, the multifarious interests in all the thought and progress of the world. His lectures were attended by a scanty few. Men complained that they were of little utility for the schools. In metaphysic he would spend the course of a term in defining the words used and laying down the first principles. The more impatient fled away. In ethic he would trace the course of his own spiritual development; from the Utilitarianism of Mill through the influence of Butler; a process always directed to one end through waters of controversy. To those pursuing a difficult voyage through the same unquiet sea, the lectures proved unique and fascinating. When we came to know him personally our respect and admiration deepened.

Masterman also worked with Fredric Myers in his psychical research work.

“I shall never forget the eagerness with which he essayed the work of investigation, the welcome to all obscure and remote testimony, the sense almost of awe with which he would announce some fresh fragment of evidence, however grotesque or ridiculous.”

“I remember in sorting evidence with him noting how his spirits would rise as the record of some particular incident would deepen in mystery and horror.”

In May of 1899, Masterman was actually even asked to undertake the Editorship of the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, he refused because he was busy with a book he was writing to try and obtain the Burney Prize, but this shows just how close-in he was with the Slavemaster Balfour/Cecil crowd.

His next point of “grooming” was social work, putting him amongst the people.

An encounter with Reginald Bray at Cambridge House helped him decide how best to “understand” the people – he decided to take a workman’s flat which he and Bray would share, and “try to understand the life of the people by living at least close up to it.

In April of 1900 he, Bray and Mr. Head began living in a block dwelling in Camberwell, which was described by him in his book From the Abyss

“…gigantic block dwelling into which within a few square yards is pent up the only human life of some two thousand souls…The children swarm in the street; or are shut up so tightly in the cubic boxes by the more respectable; or are stumbled over in the gloomy staircases as they sit on the steps outside their doors, growing apparently like mushrooms in the dark.”

Head wrote:

“Masterman and I slept in one room. Bray by himself in the other. We had a common-room together for our work and our general life, and we had our meals in the kitchen. A nice old woman from a neighboring flat came and cooked our meals and kept the place tidy. “

The first night the place was invaded by bugs and they almost gave up right there. Masterman said that “We sat on a seat in the park and wondered if we could go on with it.” They did, they removed the carpets, used lots of insecticide and put a sheet hung like a tent over the bedstead to prevent the bugs from falling on the sleeper.

They stayed there for several years.

Pictures of ghetto areas in London that were similar –

Pretty bleak, isn’t it. Parts of New York City were just as bad in this same time period.

In such a place, thus began his career as a journalist, when he served on the Board of Guardians. In the first months he kept a diary: “Now once more to work hard intellectually, to get to know people of all kinds, to help those that can be helped, to comfort those that mourn, etc. Probably will all collapse as in the past.

Apparently he often gave up on this “study people” endeavor, but chose to spend quite a bit of time arguing/debating with others over Christianity concepts like the Living Christ, the Virgin birth, and so on. He attended a conference of Noel Buxton, Dearmer and Canon R. where all was going well until “enter lunatic Fry”. (a religious zealot).

In his journals of the period, he noted an “admirable meeting at Toynbee re: Borough Councils“. Regarding that meeting he says that the Westcott (the Bishop of Durham) was “dwelling in cloudland and no one taking responsibility of enlightening him.” There are many entries referring to his profound bouts of depression that he would experience all of his life.

“Depression in evening, probably physical, but very real.” “In low spirits and sick of body.” “Today another fit of profound dejection and misery…a striving and a striving and an ending in nothing.”

In 1901, Masterman wrote of “Realities at Home”. His special point was that the urbanisation of the race was producing a new type of human being, and the spread of London a new type of Londener-bred up “divorced from realities” in a standardised, artificial, overcrowded life.

The result is the production of a characteristic physical type of town dweller; stunted, narrow-chested, easily wearied; yet voluble, excitable, with little stamina.” This type was noted as yet completely untouched by any of the forces ambitious to civilise it, except that it was now able to read and write.

With one of his characteristic pieces of dramatic description, Masterman described the invasion and conquest of the residential regions by “the Ghetto”.

“This is the Ghetto, the enclosure into which is penned our labouring population. Outside, some incredible distance beyond its borders, is the world that counts those that look before and after, meditate, design and aspire. Within are those to whom the twentieth century belongs; who appear in the sunshine upon occasional days of national festivity, fatuously cheerful in the daylight, drunken, sodden and abusive when darkness falls…”

Ghetto street-kids 1901

In February 1903, Charles received a letter from Mr. A.G. Gardiner to come on the staff of the Daily News as Literary Editor. This is when he ‘officially’ started his career as a journalist. Even though Masterman had a damaged eye, he was an extremely fast reader with a tenacious memory.

The next thing we know, which no-one seems to know quite how this transpired, Masterman became a Liberal candidate for Parliament – this is probably due to Lord Sidney Buxton, one of his mentors. But then again, it could be as simple as that Lord Herbert Gladstone was one of his lifelong personal friends.

It was Gladstone that called him in, Masterman protested he couldn’t afford it, Gladstone waived it. He wasn’t sure he was a Liberal, so Gladstone told him “If your local Liberal Association accepts you, we shall.” And so it was that in March 1904, Charles Masterman became the Liberal candidate for North West Ham.

One of his speeches/writings is of particular interest during this time – appealing to the “workers” of Ham.

He called it the “spirit of the coming time.”


“First, that spirit will be National, with no appearance of unbalanced affection and an equal approval and sympathy for all men, a universal benevolence. It will proclaim always a particular concern in the well being of England and the English people; a pride in its ancient history, its ancient tradition, the very language of its grey skies and rocky shores.”

He’s practically doing Ruskin to the letter here.

“Secondly, it will, I think, dissever itself entirely from those former ralliers of a national spirit which have immediately identified a nation with a small and limited class, throwing up boundaries around its privileges against a hungry and raging crowd. There will be none of the follies of the ‘young England’ or attempts to revive a feudalism which had its vigour in its day, but now has ceased to be. The assertion will be of a spiritual democracy, with a claim for every English man and woman and child to some share in the great inheritance which England has won.”

It should be noted that in 1904 in just about all the British newspapers, most of the writing “agitating” for the “common people” was being carried out by Masterman alone.

Sidney Webb

It was around this time that Masterman hooked up with Arthur Balfour, then Prime Minister, at a dinner at the house of Sidney Webb – the First Baron of Passfield.

Masterman confessed that, under Mr. Balfour’s charm, “my pen was paralysed for a fortnight“. He was, however, considerably intrigued to hear him enquire of his hostess, “By the way, what exactly is a trades union”? Another observation, made as he said good-bye, “I have so much enjoyed meeting some clever young men. The young men of my own party are all so uninteresting“, threw even more light on what Masterman felt were his “deficiencies” as a Party Leader.

Apparently also around then, there was importation of indentured Chinese labour – a fancy way of saying SLAVES – brought in by Jardine & Matheson for the Cecil Rhodes gold mines in Johannesburg. “There was difficulty in obtaining native African labour, for which various reasons were assigned…the far too high death rate in the mining compounds.” – Masterman’s wife Lucy writes.

Look at the excuse given for importing Chinese slaves – see? They’re still at it, and remember, this is the same ‘noble’ Britain who was ohso outraged at slavery in America.

Masterman was advocating for the use of Chinese slaves and “pointed out that much of the black labour already recruited came from African climates which unsuited them for the climate in Johannesburg and that the whole Transvaal was dependant for revenue and commerce on the prosperity of the mines. Less defensible arguments were the objection to white labour for fear it should start a strong trades union movement and a desire to bolster up the interests of a British minority in face of the Boer inhabitants.

Lucy is less forgiving and writes: “At any rate a hubbub arose. Because the Chinese were to be kept inside compounds from which they were not to emerge and to be compulsorily repatriated at the end of their indenture, the conditions were flatly described as “slavery.

Missionary and religious circles were disturbed at the moral dangers of importing large numbers of young men into an enclosed celibate existence (fears which proved only too promptly to be justified).

To gain credibility, several slavemaster Igor authors jumped on the “outraged” side – such as H.G. Wells in his The New Machiavelli, and it should never be forgotten here that Masterman, for the rest of his life, never regretted HIS PERSONAL PART IN THE CAMPAIGN.

This was pure politics to drive down the other party and increase “support” by the “working class” of the Balfour branch of slavemasters – an experiment to see if it would work, then to be tried on America. A different way of gaining a colony, so to speak.

Balfour resigned the Premiership on 4 December 1905. This was a move by Balfour to create a confused electorate – but that was to get into power exactly who the Cecil bloc wanted…like Masterman. The newer ‘other guys’ would screw up and then the real power would take their place when it was time for WWI.

Masterman’s election platform in 1906 in West Ham was “Chinese Labour’. Masterman won, beating Mr. Gray by 6838 to 5094.

So, you see? Balfour used the Chinese labour issue to get Masterman in. Masterman wrote that his other platform was “trades unions”.  “England is at following at last the lead of Europe and the Colonies, Labour is awake and coming into its own” “An upheaval of social discontent and a desire for better things…a determination that attention shall be turned to the Condition of the people problem.

Oh yeah – they are for the people, right.

Masterman, somewhat self-aggrandizing, said that “It was an election which meant the end of one epoch in England and the beginning of another.

This is all a move headed toward getting America back – see that?

In the Life of Lord Randolph Churchill a story was told of Lord Salisbury and Sir Henry Drummond Wolf…Salisbury enquired, “What are your deals?” ‘I am a Smithite, a sincer Smithite’ answered Sir Henry. ‘And what is your real object? pursued Lord Salisbury. ‘Oh, to do good, just to do good.” About 400 “Smithites had been washed into the present Parliament, and he was wondering what they were going to do now that they had got into power.


The elections had been won by a “united, a determined and an enthusiastic uprising of the working classes.”

That is all 100 percent pure Masterman.

So, that was the point – could we do it? Kind of thing.

Masterman pushed for a “universal system of medical inspection should be instituted in the public elementary schools” as part of the Education Bill – that was one of the few portions that survived. He worked on a series with W.B. Hodgson, who after he died, its title alone reveals what they were up to – To Colonise England, T. Fisher Unwin.

In December 1906, Masterman goes for a tour in Italy and Sicily with the Bishop of Oxford no less, Charles Gore. While in Italy, there is, of course, a visit to the Vatican. Gore was Catholic, you see, (even though he was of the Anglican Church) so there is our other half of the slavemasters kicking in here with Masterman.

In March 1907, Masterman forms a contact with H.W. Massingham which he kept for the rest of his life. The Speaker, which he wrote for, changed into The Nation and suddenly “leapt to the forefront” of importance in the political world. The first thing Massingham did was hire Masterman. Massingham wrote that Masterman was thinking of resigning from Parliament to write for the Speaker, and how he dissuaded him.

More interesting, is that he said that Masterman was being used to make the “reputations” of Lloyd George and Winston Churchill.

“…he was making the reputations of the new men, such as Mr. Lloyd George and Mr. Winston Churchill.”

Masterman, you see, wrote a Parliamentary sketch every night, and people who didn’t even know anything about whatever debates took their opinions from him.

“His qualities were then, as when he made the Daily Chronicle, a complete fearlessness, a brilliance of phrasing, a disinterestedness, and that sudden seizing of the effect of events at the moment, with all their implications, which make the difference between a first-class and second-class journalist in the extraordinary rapid hour-by-hour changes in the discussions of Parliament.”

Masterman came up with the idea of running the paper by holding a weekly meeting, which would include regular contributors as well as visitors, whose conversation would be entirely free, entirely reckless, entirely secret, and in which we could hammer out together ideas suitable for the paper to advocate.

Ah. Propaganda meetings!

Great. Just great.

These ‘meetings’ became the weekly Nation lunches.

Masterman wrote –

“Every kind of genius or freak streamed at times through that quiet room….Mr Nevinson would bring copper-coloured chiefs to tell us of some iniquity which was being perpetrated at the other end of the world. Mr Brailsford would introduce strange figures with heads shaped like eggs, bald-headed, with long beards, who, we would only casually learn, had spend the nest years of their life in prison (there is nothing in the world like the patience and acceptance of life by the Slav) and who subsequently had becoe Prime Ministers or members of high office in that strange land which we term, for want of a better title, Eastern Europe. I remember taking Mr. Lloyd George there, and someone else bringing Lord Robert Cecil. …The best of all I think, was when Vachel Lindsay was persuaded by us to recite in that amazing method of his, and on my challenging him to write a poem on President Harding, declaimed one that he had written on on President McKinley twenty years before, asserting that they were all the same. We had German Ministers after the war, who bowed so often and so profoundly on their departure that we never knew when to cease responding.”

In the early days of the twentieth century, the territory north and easy of Greece, including Salonica and much that is now Yugoslavia, was ruled by the Turkish Sultan. It had supposedly (not sure I buy that) been originally a granary of the Roman Empire, but through war and misgovernment it was almost a desert – that part is true.

The population was a blend of Bulgarian, Serbian, greek, Albanian, with a mixture of Turks. The religions, Greek Orthodox and Muslim (she wrote Mussulman) cut across the racial and lingual affinities. The Turk ruled it with one simple object, to prevent sufficient unity among his subjects to allow them to unite against his Government. By a thousand subtle methods Greek and Serb and Bulgarian were stirred up against each other in the Macedonian area, assisted by armed groups from each of the surrounding nations.

It was the belief of Gladstone, that unless the Turk were expelled from Europe, there would be no peace in the Balkans, and that they formed a chronic source of danger for the peace of Europe. Masterman found himself going to ‘visit’ this area with the Buxtons.

He visited Count Aerenthal on his way back, in Vienna. The Count would not answer them about questions of murder and raids in the Balkans, he would not answer them about chronic civil war. Finally, when asked as to his attitude and spoke of a rising indignation in England, he said: “Your Sir Edward Grey is a man of peace”, said the Count.

Interesting no answer answer.

In a letter to Lucy, Masterman later wrote:

“Why are most rich people stupid? And most rich women (poor dears) unbeautiful. Perhaps it’s the amazing life they lead.”

In another letter he refers to Lord Cecil as “bob cecil” – rather familiar, that.

Check out this one from February 12, 1908 –

Yesterday we had the Nation lunch where we all mourned over the Government and prophesied a gloomy future…afterwards Winston Churchill swept me off to his cousin’s house and I lay on his bed while he dressed and marched about the room gesticulating and impetuous, pouring out all his hopes and plans of ambitions. He is full of the poor whom he has just discovered. He thinks he is called by providence-to do something for them. “Why have I always been kept safe within a hair’s breadth of death,” he asked, “except to do something like this? I’m not going to live long…” He is getting impatient; although he says he can wait. I challenged him once on his exposition of his desire to do something for the people. “You can’t deny that you enjoy it all immensely-the speeches-the crowds, the sense of increasing power.” “Of course I do,” he said. “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn. That shall be my plea at the day of judgement”. He is just an extraordinarily gifted boy, with genius and astonishing energy. I always feel of immense age when I am with him-though he’s only a year younger than I am. “Sometimes I feel as if I could lift the whole world on my shoulders,” he said last night.

Masterman added –

“So off we went to Lady Sassoon’s where he had a little party of five-those two, Winston, myself, and Arthur Balfour-with whom we talked on “decadence” and other depressing topics.”

Um. That would Aline Rothschild Sassoon, at Shorncliffe Lodge, Sandgate.

Masterman adds that “A.J.B.” and Bob Cecil “…are trying to keep their men quiet so that I can get a free hand; but any one of them who bolts may spoil the show.

Good ole Bob.

Masterman writes of a “Hubbub” at the House of parliament. They succeeded in balloting for Macedonia. He speaks of putting up a “dummy” who won the ballot. The next thing he was introducing was a separation of Church from State, to lessen the regulation by the government of religion – including Catholicism.

As opposed to a previous letter where he was saying that “the prayers of the Protestants have stricken me with some kind of influenza which has violently attacked my stummick. Pray for us.

Note: In January of 1908, the same Count in Austria that Masterman had visited, suddenly announced Austria’s intention of building a railway through from her Slav inhabited territory of Bosnia down a strip of territory running between Serbia and Montenegro, the Sanjak of Novibazar, to meet a Turkish railway at Metrovitza. This was a type of railway known as strategic and seemed to put the two enemies of Serbia and Montenegro in touch with each other while dividing the Slav natiions. It was never built…

And now –

The first pre-moves preparing for WWI begin.

Mr. G.A. Hardy (their dummy or a kind of sock-puppet) was the Parliament member for Suffolk. On Friday Feb 25, 1908 he brings up: “That this House regrets the failure of the reforms which have been introduced for the amelioration of the condition of Mesopotamia and urges the Government to press for the establishment of executive control by an authority responsible to the powers.” Seconded by G.P. Gooch, who, like Masterman, was a member of the Balkan Committee.

Lord Grey (the very same League of Nations man) does a speech, and at the end says:

“If a Turkish Governor were appointed for a fixed term of years-a man whose character and capacity were accepted and recognised by the Powers-and if he had a free hand and his position were secure, I believe that the whole Macedonian question might be solved.”

Then there was a staged answer by Masterman:

“Under what authority is that proposed?…Responsible to whom?

Grey plays his part and says: “I said a Turkish Governor, whose character and capacity were recognized and accepted by the Powers-I mean a Governor appointed with the consent of the Powers, irremovable without their consent, and secure in his appointment for a term of years.”

That’s interesting isn’t it? Staging things like that.

Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, KG, PC, KC, FRS, generally known as H. H. Asquith, was a British statesman of the Liberal Party who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916.

And then, on 5 April 1908 Masterman’s friend Asquith becomes Prime Minister. Gee golly gosh! What happens next? Masterman would now be “asked to join the Ministry” so off he goes to meet the new Prime Minister.

Apparently Asquith had hoped to offer Masterman the Under Secretary-Home Office (MI5) under Herbert Gladstone, (who is his cousin) but the only office open was Under Secretary at the Local Government Board under John Burns.

Masterman accepted on April 13th.

Six months later, hee had dinner with the Churchills October 9, 1908, where apparently Church said that with “Xtianity, when it began, bulked no larger in the ideas of the upper classes of Rome than the “hunger marchers” do now. It was only as it advanced, as it caught the sunlight.

What the hell does that even mean? Was Churchill smoking opium that night or what? Holy…wow.

Then Masterman documents that Church added: “That the wealthy classes, if “class war” were proclaimed, and, in panic they lost their moral sense, in combination would be able to kill as many of the poor as they saw fit till order was restored. They were quite strong enough.


Ok. It’s official. Churchill is completely bonkers.

Lucy notes a journal entry where Charles noted that: Gardiner and C. agreed that the line for the autumn for the press must be attack on the land monopoly especially, not defence. Lucy says Charles didn’t agree with that.

January 1909 – Masterman begins a lifelong friendship with H.G. Wells after visiting his house and they played a war game in the attic with Lord Buxton and others.

A war game?

Oh god.

As per the budget for 1909, this maniac is now appointed under-secretary Home Office, directly under Churchill as secretary. Sir E. Troup was “permanent secretary’ (I’ll explain what that means later on). Troup recalled that once a week Churchill and Masterman would come down with adventurous and impossible projects, which once they went over them were still adventurous but no longer impossible.

Gladstone was HIS chief, he told him “Take them and do what you can with them. I’ll take all responsibility, but you are better at managing the House than I am. I don’t care a scrap if people say how much better you do it than me-only get it done.”

Note: Maxwell was Masterman’s official secretary.

Masterman and Lloyd George go on Holiday…where George was walking on a roof next to the Pont De Garden. Masterman said: “if you don’t come in, you ought to nominate your successor, to which he replied…I nominate Peter the Painter! He is the chap for me. He is the only person I could really trust to carry on my work of robbery!

Oh har de har.

Know who Peter the Painter was? Deep cover combined Okhrana/Melville agent Peter Pilenas, the brother of Casimir Pilenas.Peter was the ringleader of a fake “anarchist” group. After directing the “robbery” to be done, Peter conveniently left for the U.S. just six days before the robbery went down (leading to the Sidney Street incident)

Important Note: Several historians seem to have fallen for the idea that combined British and Russian intelligence operations “ceased” in 1903 after Rachkovsky left. Actual Okhrana records show that Peter Pilenas, code-named RUSSELL, was still being a deep cover agent for both Russian and British intelligence, all the way up through 1911, minimum.

Ref: Okhrana Records, Paris, Box: 21-25, section f. Deep cover agents Index IIIf, Folder 29 Pilenas, Peter, code name “Russell” 1911 – Note: Available on microfilm reel 46

Three years later in August of 1905, the Russian MVD appointed Rachkovsky’s agent Arkadiy Harting chief of the foreign Okhrana, with Rachkovsky, now back in favor  made chief of operations at headquarters in Russia. So, you see, he was definitely still in place at this time.

When Masterman came back from his rather conveniently timed holiday with Lloyd George, the Sidney Street staged incident had taken place (see Casimir Pilenas Palmer article) and the Home Secretary, Churchill, had been criticized for calling out the troops and for being present himself.

On January 3, 1911, in a completely sick PR stunt, the police surrounded the building where the Latvian “anarchists” lived, as retribution/justice supposedly for the shooting of 3 policemen. Remember, these so-called “anarchists” are personally run by Melville with Churchill’s full knowledge.

Two of the “suspects” died in a heavily promoted and attended fiery shoot-out in the East End’s Sidney Street. Despite what first appeared to be overwhelming evidence, the surviving robbers were all acquitted because they were also agents of Melville – now chief of MI5.

London Police surrounding the Latvian “anarchists”

Police surrounding the latvian anarchists - Sydney street

Churchill “unexpectedly” showed up and began personally supervising the whole thing.


Good god. Could he look more like some creepy Renfield?

enslaver gimp way of living

Here’s a rare video containing footage of the “event”.


One of the anarchists shot Churchill’s top hat – which is somewhat darkly amusing considering these were mostly his agents.

The whole story was told in heightened terms in the foreign press, with illustrations in red and blue; every English person they encountered demanded what was happening, that they did not expect this sort of action by the British Government. Masterman burst into Churchill’s office and said “What the hell have you been doing now, Winston?. The reply, in Winston’s lisp, was “Now Charlie, Don’t be croth. It was such fun.

Fun. He thinks that was fun.

In May that same year, is when Masterman was going to introduce the National Health Insurance bill. It would form an insurance fund of nearly twenty million pounds, and insure fourteen million people.

All the better for their psychiatry plans, eh?

Nothing like it, on that scale had ever been attempted in legislation before – it would enforce employers to pay for it. That summer King George was coronated.

A number of pages of in Lucy’s book are devoted to talking about the Northcliffe press attacks beginning in November of that year. Considering the role that the Northcliffe papers – Daily Mail, Evening News…etc. were going to take doing Masterman’s bidding during WWI? Lucy is either deliberately portraying this in that false light, or is simply not in the know. If we factor in her intro – I’d say it’s a bit of both.

The Year 1912 opened with the the Times, the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Evening News, and Weekly Dispatch all keeping the insurance bill in the news “attacking” it.

Note that well

It’s one of their main tactics.

(Side note: Something to consider in the current media-fest ‘war against scientology’.)

Even though they are friends and long on the same side, Sidney Webb and the Fabian Society were “attacking” this bill also, just as Masterman wanted them to.

It gets through, and now Masterman was the Chairman of the National Health Insurance Commission (Joint). The first list of approved societies was issued on June 7th, the first issue of cards the next day. There were 19,800,000 for men, 8,700,000 for women and 32,000,000 emergency cards. The first medical benefits began January 15th, 1913.

Note: I forgot to mention earlier that Lucy Masterman’s aunt was a Cavendish – Lady Frederick Cavendish – in case anyone is interested. Also, there’s an odd quote that Masterman made that I’m not sure what it’s about. It’s about some “treaty of Berlin” foreign office map, and Masterman said: George confirmed what Grey had told us-that the partition of Macedonia and Thrace had been practically agreed on before the war.

In February, 1914, Masterman was told he was to expect promotion to the Cabinet as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, but he was defeated by 26 votes. But he was still under-secretary for the Home office.

During the lead-up to war, he sat nearest the door because he was Junior member, so it was his business to receive all the messages, decoded telegrams and so forth and bring them in to the Prime Minister.

Over that summer…he wrote:

“Europe falling to pieces like a great house falling…I remember devoting the bulk of my speech to this problem of war, possibly immediate and dreadful. “

Masterman worked zealously to press the case for “intervention” as he called it. Mentions some guy named Ford Madox Hueffer who was now Ford Maddox Ford. (he was about to become one of Masterman’s propagandists.

In another one of those ‘staged’ arrangements, Masterman’s WWI propaganda department came about because Mr. T.P. O’Connor ‘pressed’ on Lloyd George the “necessity for countering the propaganda already begun by the Germans in the United States in the form of leaflets given away in the streets, and thrust into the hands of passengers arriving by steamer. George was then open to say: “Will you look into it, Charlie and see what can be done.” He agreed.

* * *


Masterman On The Job

Getting the World into War

When Germany invaded Belgium, the British government was the first major power to set up a war propaganda bureau under Charles F. G. Masterman.

Masterman was approached to officially take charge of propaganda to “the elite” in August of 1914.

The objectives of his bureau were to:

  • keep up the morale of the citizens
  • fight against isolationism on the home-front
  • mobilize hatred of the enemy
  • encourage the allies in France
  • bring the neutral powers, particularly America, into the war.

To ensure that all these objectives were met Masterman kept his department hidden from the public.

Masterman warned his staff that the work must be secret, that “they would be subject to attacks just and unjust and unable to reply and that, when it was finished, it was highly probable it would go completely unrewarded and unacknowledged.

At the beginning the bureau sheltered under cover of the offices of an obscure government department called the National Health Insurance Committee located in a building called Wellington House at 8, Buckingham Gate.

Sir Claud Schuster, then an official in the National Health Insurance Commission, was chief executive officer, assisted by Mr. E.A. Gowers as general manager. NOTHING OF THE KIND HAVING EXISTED IN THIS COUNTRY BEFORE, organisation was naturally to some extent improvised as it went along.

Oh, naturally.


Here they produced books, pamphlets, government publications and speeches with the aid of historian Arnold Toynbee and numerous authors, illustrators, cartoonists, photographers and newspaper men.

Masterman actually transferred many of his most trusted staff under him at the Insurance Commission to his new bureau.

The main objective of this department was to encourage the United States to enter the war on the side of the British.

Masterman preferred gentlemanly lying, as I call it, versus outright fabrication. His job, you could say, was to develop the format of that we would later call conspiracy theorist.

conspiracy thinking… taken certain facts, combined them and come up with preposterous conclusions
Joe Jesseph, A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

Note: in no way whatsoever do I support this CIA MKULTRA offshoot (ACIM) I simply include the guilt-denying invention of what “conspiracy thinking” is.


Masterman said he did not mind if the facts were “carefully selected” and presented to suggest conclusions “convenient to the British cause.” He also placed an extremely high value on subtlety. Of course, because he didn’t want the person, hopefully, to know he was manipulating these “facts” in specific ways. Like giving him false scenes in his movie and not telling them they weren’t REAL.

He is a good example of what a British slavemaster is most interested in, why they spend so much time creating and supporting the fields of psychology and psychiatry. In his approach to propaganda he specifically paid close attention to the “mentality” of his target “opinion leaders” – tailoring the delivery methods, tailoring the facts and “suggestions” (a euphemism for lies or not full truths) to each one.

The shadow groups of Masterman and the core British slavemasters, unbeknownst to most of their members, were carefully nurtured along so that it would appear to be entirely spontaneous patriotism.

Some of these groups were: The Cobden Club, the Fight for Right Movement, the clergy of the Church of England, the United Workers, the Atlantic Union, the Overseas Club, the Victoria League, and most important – the Central Committee for Natonal Patriotic Organisation (CCNPO)

All of them served as fronts for the distribution of the propaganda “products” of Masterman and his boys. In some cases they served as screens for access to slavemaster handlers and Spymasters, such as the CCNPO vice-president Arthur Balfour.

Other easy to disguise connections (meetings and such) were the honorary president, the Prime Minister, and Lord Roseberry also served as vice-president with Balfour. The chairman was Henry Cust, who happened to be an editor of the Pall Mall Gazette and was eager to become proficient at the Masterman method of propaganda. His paper was already one of the ones on Masterman’s list – which I’m about to talk about.

Once in place, Masterman immediately scheduled two conferences. One on 2 September and one on the 7th. The first one was mostly for authors, including those who earned their living as writers, and academic writers – particularly those with wide audiences.

The following men produced over two million propaganda products in seventeen languages were published in the first two years of the war, almost entirely without the readers’ knowledge that these were sponsored by the British government.

These are the men he assembled in one room.

  • William Archer
  • Sir J.M. Barrie
  • Arnold Bennett
  • A.C. Benson
  • Monsignor Hugh Benson
  • Robert Bridges
  • Hall Caine
  • G.K. Chesterton
  • Sir Gilbert Parker
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • John Galsworthy
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Anthony Hope Hawkins
  • Maurice Hewlett
  • W.J. Locke
  • E.V. Lucas
  • J.W Mackail
  • John Masefield
  • A.E.W. Mason
  • Professor Gilbert Murray
  • Henry Newbolt
  • Sir Owen Seaman
  • George Trevelyan
  • H.G. Wells
  • Israel Zangwill
  • John Buchan – Lord Tweedsmuir, related distantly by marriage to Masterman, and a MI6 agent.
  • Ford Madox Ford

With Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch and Rudyard Kilping sending messages that they would be will to assist the propaganda effort.

Note: The first 2 bolded names were recruited by Masterman in August to be part of his staff.

There was a transcript of what occurred at this meeting, what the plans were that were formulated, and so on, but somehow, there doesn’t seem to be a surviving copy of it.

Imagine that.


More likely, it is refused to be released. I think it would form part of a some things just can’t be lived down list, and would shock the hell out of a whole lot of people as to which books, films, and short-stories were quite literally commissioned to influence the masses to the British way.

However, there are a few smatterings of personal recollections here and there – such as an entry to Arnold Bennett’s published journal. Amongst that entry there was a notation that a Foreign Office representative attended and spoke which he called “not bad”.

For those not familiar – that means MI6, British Secret Intelligence.

Wellington House was divided into departments on a linguistic basis, Scandinavian, Holland, Italy and Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Two of these were managed by two Insurance Office officials, Mr. Alexander Gray and Mr. Koppel, Mr Gerald Gould, Mr. Lionel Curtis of the Education Department – Mr. Edwin Bevan made a special study of German papers and acted as liaison officer with Intelligence Departments of Admiralty and War office. Mr. Willmore of the Consular Service studied the newspapers of France and French Switzerland, and was in charge of the translation from French into English. Mr. J.H. Headlam, Mr. Namier, and Mr. Arnold Toynbee were members of the staff. ANY suggested publication was circulated around the office and brought up for discussion at a committee known as “the moot” which met several times a week.

The office also handled publicity for the Belgian Government, which it knighted Masterman for after the war.

Their intel lines were a daily Bulletin issued by the War office of Allied and Foreign press extracts together with extracts from letters found on prisoners or on the battlefield. The department itself issued a weekly summary of the American press, together with letter received by Parker and also extracts from letters received chiefly by a very “able and devoted” correspondent in America who wrote with “candour and judgement” of that part of American feeling not indicated by their press.

That correspondent that Lucy didn’t name was Ken Duncan (more on him later).

Masterman said that “no small part of our time has been spent in directing, co-ordinating, and often restraining the propagandist activities of “private enthusiasts” as he called them. Much work has been done by means of “personal interviews” with foreigners of position (especially Americans) and the press representatives of the USA have from the first been in close touch with us and established friendly and useful relations.”

As part of working on getting America was into the war, the Brits later created the Department of Information under Lord Tweedsmuir – John Buchan. This is part of why we have this nickname of the “Tweedsmuir Network”.

In December 1916, Lloyd George became Prime Minister. Lord Milner, Buchan’s mentor, insisted that Buchan be made head of a new Department of Information based on a “memorandum” submitted to the War department.

The new department was composed of the War propaganda bureau – which continued to be referred to as Wellington House, the Neutral Press Committee (previously under Winston Churchill and the Home office) and the News department of the Foreign office. All the work was divided into a Production section RUN BY MASTERMAN, a section for cables, the press, wireless and the cinema section (run by T.L. Gilmour) and a political intelligence section.

That section was not itself assigned to engage in propaganda, its function was to analyse internal conditions in enemy countries and to supply reports which the propaganda offices would use to develop propaganda. It was called the Political intelligence division of the Foreign office versus simply Intelligence bureau.

Masterman continued as the head of Wellington House, continuing to oversee ‘literary’ propaganda and being involved in the recruitment of war artists and support of film making and even adding two other departments in political intelligence and news.

The new department was increasingly using deception – for example contacts with Sir REginald Hall, Naval Intelligence in D.C. were getting more and more frequent, and by utilizing counter-espionage (double agents) Hall and Guy Gaunt gathered information on German and Austro-Hungarian activities in the U.S. and leaked it to friends on American newspapers. Aleister Crowley being one of those double-agents.

The British took propaganda to a whole NEW level officially. Size of the staff increased, as did publications. When Parker ‘resigned’ after getting America into the War (marked by him as February 3, 1917) Lord Northcliffe took his position temporarily.

Northcliffe reported to the Foreign Office that Americans were getting the impression that France and Canada were doing most of the fighting against the enemy (which was true). Buchan ordered Masterman to increase the amount of “British news” to the U.S., showings of British war films, plus he set up a “British Information Bureau” in New York, provided a chateau in France where American newspaper editors and members of Congress could learn about British activity at the front, founded an informal Anglo-American Society in London with Gilbert Murray as President, and Buchan PERSONALLY served as host for American newspaper editors like WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE of Kansas.

After the report from Northcliffe, that’s when Round Table man Balfour went over to America to set up “information” bureaus there as well – shades of scientology’s Guardian Office Information Bureau, anyone?

The Balfour Mission

(you can see CCCVL British Missions in America here)

Balfour, in June of 1917, left behind him on his “tour” of America, a British Bureau of Information It was located on Fifth avenue at 43rd street. It was renamed the Department of Information.

By the end of 1918 there were branches of it in Washington, Chicago, and San Francisco and it’s staff in all comprised a little short of 100 people. It was divided into 12 departments.

In a nutshell – Balfour’s mission was an Intelligence and Propaganda mission. He was assessing the American People and trying to figure out how to “win their hearts and minds” to get us to do their bidding and go KILL PEOPLE for the benefit of their Monarchy World Plan.

Another interesting (and far less well known) mission was sent to America, also this same year. It was sent by Sir George Cockerill – the SIS of the War office, as in Secret Intellience MI6. Cockerill worked closely with Masterman to further pioneer propaganda to the “masses”. In 1917, several of Cockerill’s staff were sent to New York to teach the Americans British procedures of “cable censorship”. By the end of the war – Cockerill’s staff numbered 5,250.

As to his propaganda work with Masterman, Cockerill acknowledged that his propaganda was:

…unintellectual; it was addressed to ordinary people; it dwelt scarcely at all on war aims, which have less interest for the men serving at the front and their wives and families at home than the welfare of those they love, the chance of seeing each other again, the conditions under which they are living and, above all, the daily and even hourly mental conflict in balancing what has to be endured against what can possibly be gained by a prolongation of the war…Any facts that stress increasing hardships, danger and losses to be faced by the enemy may make excellent material for a damaging propaganda, provided that an even greater emphasis is laid, in simple language oft repeated on the vileness of the cause for which he is fighting. On these themes we harped continually.’

Cockerill felt that the point of wartime propaganda was to weaken the enemys will to fight. Not to pursue vague schemes like the League of Nations. It wasn’t that he was saying that was wrong, per se, he simply felt that wartime propaganda shouldn’t have resources diverted to pursuing such a goal.

You will note that almost that exact phrase ‘weaken the enemies will to fight’ shows up in secret OSS training materials during WWII. Making it even more clear (as if it wasn’t enough already here at our blog) that the OSS, the precursor to the CIA, was 100 percent British-driven.

Only, it had been refined by then (that phrase and the action) to this:

The Aims of Psychological Warfare

“To undermine the enemies will and capacity to resist.”


The Two Ways

“…demoralization and encouragement or persuasion.”


Along the lines of his goals, Cockerill worked hard to make their dropped leaflets ‘simple and direct in their appeal’ and sought to convey a message that ‘countered German misstatements, explained the progress of the war, and emphasized the growing strength of the Allied forces.’

In his memoirs he said he concentrated on going more deeply into the world of mass, as opposed to elite, propaganda. He said the ‘simple and direct’ propaganda aimed at the German soldier in the trenches was the deal, and that he ‘deliberately left to the News Department of the Foreign Office the congenial task…of firing essays and articles at the intelligentsia over the heads of the people.

Meanwhile, back in England, Masterman began working on that same idea –

In his written plans and in frequent remarks to colleagues, Masterman said that the United States should be the area given greatest attention by British official propaganda.

British official propagandists had the field almost entirely to themselves in the United States. What they did when unhindered tells us much about them and their view of propaganda.

The British assault upon American public opinion was a classic example of a centuries-old British tactic. It was updated slightly to take advantage of the latest developments in communications and technology, and it made allowance for what was viewed as the growing but still limited power of the masses. Yet in all other ways it was the traditional brand of subtle insidious, polished, high-minded and simultaneously hypocritical penetration of other countries which the British empire had been built.

Whether it was India, China, or Egypt, and now America – the method was the same.

The English always prepared the way for acquisition of a new colony by sending gentlemanly advisers to foreign courts to whisper in the ear of the ruler and to serve as insiders (spies) who assisted English merchants and bankers and when necessary the army and navy.

Masterman’s approach to propaganda in America – to make us covertly one of their colonies again – was in this same tradition, and it worked stunningly, but only where it was unknown as to the true source of it.

Not everyone was asleep at the wheel to this kind of manipulation.

Senator Borah of Idaho is an excellent example of someone who saw right through it. You’ll be learning more about him later on.

Who was appointed by Masterman to direct and coordinate the propaganda in the U.S.? Sir Gilbert Parker.  (Parker was one of the authors at the 2 September 1914 meeting). He had no formal title apparently, making him even more hidden. Tricky, tricky.

His colleagues there, often referred to him euphemistically as the head of ‘American Publicity’. His assistants included Professor W. Macneile Dixon of Glasgow University and Arnold Toynbee of Balliol College. Parker started with a staff of nine men, eventually he had 54!

Parker set up house in London at 20 Carlton House Terrace. Few people knew that the office of the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, was right next door at 18 Carlton House Terrace. From his address Parker sent thousands of books and pamphlets provided by Wellington House, often with charming, understated letters or prestigious enclosure cards. He sought to give the impression that he was just a friendly, honest supporter of the British cause who “merely wanted to promote international understanding and was willing to hear all points of view.”

The American audience to which Parker directed his efforts was tabula rasa – a blank slate – thanks to the lovely censorship efforts of the British, starting with cutting the German cable lines from Europe to the United States right at the beginning of the war.

By the end of September 1914, Parker had produced a long analysis of the American press. He said the Allies enjoyed more support than Germany but that most U.S. papers were neutral, as was President Wilson. The Foreign Office (Sir Grey) was impressed and asked Parker to continue producing such analyses.

He did. But early on a young Harvard college student, Kenneth Durant offered to help. Ken wrote the weekly analyses for Parker, reading over sixty U.S. papers every day and travelling to many parts of America to get a feeling for public opinion in the various regions of such a large country.4

Parker and his staff used Durant’s material as the nucleus of the secret American Press Resume which was soon being provided to the cabinet by Masterman on a regular basis.

I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of traitor to America would do this, and who the heck is this Ken guy. Well, he was born into a wealthy family from Philadelphia, and his great-uncle was William West Durant. who had a ton of money invested in building the St. Petersburg railroad prior to the Bolshevik Revolution.

While a student at Harvard he was friends with the radical journalist John Reed. In 1919, he attended the Versailles peace conference as an aide to Edward M. House.

That he was that tight with House tells you all you need to know about him – he was clearly working for Colonel House during the War starting with when he was a student at Harvard. House, of course, was working for (and with) the Round Table men of the British Foreign Office to subvert America. He was the key man tasked with controlling President Wilson to do what the British wanted.

Wilson and House

This guy actually did become a deep cover intelligence operative for the British – and that career started right here in 1914. After the war, he went undercover as being pro-Soviet, becoming press secretary to the unrecognised Soviet envoy to the United States. From 1923 to 1944, he headed the American branch of Soviet news agency Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS).

As was often the case with their deep cover assets, British security services records helpfully noted that he was expelled from the United States in 1925 due to his connection with various Communist front organisations. An expulsion that managed to have lasted about 5 minutes, comparatively (if it ever even happened at all) because he is documented as being at his normal place of residence in 1926.

It’s that ludicrous ‘denial’ aspect they love to mislead the rank-and-file with (and any other prying eyes). God forbid they should be embarassed – right?

Durant was tied up with another Harvard man, his buddy Walter Lippman – another nice connection, eh? – and both were engaged in covertly working for the U.S. version of Wellington House during WWI – the C.P.I. (also called the Creel Commission).

One other interesting point is that during that same time period, he also happened to be one of the other intelligence operatives-come-propagandists, aboard what I call the propaganda train-trip in Russia during 1919 with William Donovan and William Dudley Pelley! **here add to Pelley.

Durant, later in life

I’m not sure many people, even now, realize what a traitor to America this man was. Camps or no camps, (he built some ‘camps’ in the Adirondacks, as if that makes a difference) this man deserves history’s eye for much more than that.

Thanks to Ken, in October 1914, Parker was able to survey opinions at American universities and colleges and concluded that the majority of intellectuals were strongly pro-Ally.

That same month, he read Who’s Who and other sources and put together a list of several thousand – perhaps as many as 15,000 – influential Americans for a mailing list to be used by Wellington House. Parker divided the list into categories, including ‘influential’ and ‘intelligent’. Figures on the list were from key groups of the elite such as academics, lawyers, physicians, businessmen political leaders, and journalists. By 1917 the mailing list had gown to include 170,000 individuals, groups or institutions, and by the war’s end the total number of addresses was 260,000.4

Here’s an example of the combination of charm and false objectivity which Parker employed, a letter dated March 16, 1915.

Dear Sir,

I am well aware that American enterprise has made available reprints of the official papers relating to the present European war; but the original British prints of these publications may not be accessible to those persons of influence who would study them for a true history of the conflict. I am venturing to send to you under another cover several of these official documents. I am sure you will not consider this an impertinence, but will realise that Britishers are deeply anxious that their cause may be judged from authoritative evidence.

In common with the great majority of Americans, you have, no doubt, made up your mind as to what country should be held responsible for this tragedy, but these papers may be found useful for reference, and because they contain the incontrovertible facts, I feel that you will probably welcome them in this form.

My long and intimate association with the United States through my writings gives me confidence to approach you, and I trust you will not think me intrusive or misunderstand my motive.

With all respect,

I am,

Yours very truly,

(signed) Gilbert Parker 4

Let’s just correct that “what country is responsible” part right now.


with the Vatican lurking in the background
as usual…

Much better.

Equally revealing is his reply in November 1915 to a thank you note from an American. Parker is “working” this person on their desire to be socially superior – a typical ploy of the British.

Letter reads:

It is naturally a pleasure to know that the material has proved of service. It does contain the essential facts in the case and it presents them, I think, in that objective scientific form which is alone suitable for serious and impartial study.

I can well understand how the German methods of propaganda are regarded in the United States, and it is encouraging to be told so expressly that your countrymen realise the profound difference in the attitude and policy of the British Government in this matter. We have in common with you a tradition of genuine and equitably conducted argument; and I might also add that we and Germany are actually in a very different position. ALL we desire and require is to present the bare facts and leave the civilized world to draw its own conclusions. But to Germany, on the contrary, the truth is deadly; and she had guided herself with mistaken ingenuity to the task of obscuring what is really happening under a haze of vituperations and special pleadings.4

a tradition of genuine and equitably conducted argument?

That’s just a little weensy-bit inaccurate, facetiously speaking.

To mask strategy, enclosure cards sometimes carried names other than Parker’s, particularly when the material was by someone famous in the U.S., like Viscount Bryce or John Buchan. Parker’s campaign was so well concealed that many of the Americans contacted probably never realized they were being manipulated. Within a few months of the start of work, Parker boasted –

“We have an organisation that does not know it is an organisation in that country.’

Well, isn’t that just lovely. 

Parker was very, very careful, – and this is something you should note well tactics-wise – to never specifically advocate U.S. entry into the war. This tactic continues all the way up until today, and shows up in the darnedest places, like propaganda mouthpieces Leah Remini and Scientology & the Aftermath even.

I call it ye ole Jesuit sub-understanding tactic. Together, the Brits and the Vatican have always done this, all the way from back in the Nesilim homeland. Specifics are and have always been an absolute killer to their propaganda campaigns.

One major tool that Parker used was Walter Hines Page, an old friend of his from Parker’s days with the Atlantic Monthly – he had been appointed U.S. ambassador in London in the spring of 1915.

Yikes! Would you get a load of that guy…wow.

Parker pressured Page to introduce him to Herbert Hoover who was in Europe in 1914. Hoover was there to co-ordinate the shipping of food to Belgium. Parker then ran an op for the Foreign Service, accompanying Hoover for five days in November of 1914, all the while grooming Hoover and “showing support” of Hoover’s efforts. A long friendship began, reaching all the way through Hoover’s Presidency days – as did the manipulation.

After returning to London, Parker disseminated highly, shall we say, coloured, stories of the suffering of the refugees to papers in Britain and the U.S. In other words, he was LYING. Hoover, since he was there too, must have known that he was lying and yet he never said a word about it. Isn’t that interesting?

Which reminds me, one of the other things that Masterman first wanted his propagandists to do in late 1914, was to create a reply to the propaganda of prominent German professors supporting the attack on Belgium.

Gilbert Murray drafted a response, checked by Seam and Hawkins. It was eventually signed by 52 authors including 4 women. An interesting point is how rare it is for the British Slavemasters to even include women, this document was one of only a few where women were allowed to assist in the creation of propaganda.

Misogyny is obviously still alive and well amongst the Slavemasters.

1960s degrading women ads 3

This crafted response appeared in the London Times on Friday, September 18, 1914, with the title:


Full text is available here.


It called upon Britain and ‘all the English-speaking race‘ to defend the so-called “ideals” of Western Europe, ‘against the rule of “Blood and Iron”..

Well, damn…”Blood and Iron”? That sounds a whole hell of a lot like something out of the Game of Thrones series, doesn’t it?

Game of Thrones – Blood and Iron throne of Cersei

Are we forever doomed to be subjected to recycled British propaganda under the guise of fiction? Makes you wonder what the world would be like without such British and Vatican Slavemaster dominance over even that field – entertainment.

Anywho –

Through Masterman’s New York Times connections, this crafted propaganda piece ran simultaneously in the U.S.


masterman - new york times friday sept 18 1914 Britains destiny

Guess who also worked for Masterman, and put that editorial (pre-made for him) under his name?

Henry Wickham Steed

Mr. proper obsequiousness

Mr._H._Wickham_Steed crewe house austrian director
who happens to be the man who first appeared – in a big way – the Protocols of Zion in 1920.


Steed was currently (1914) the Foreign Editor of The Times under Lord Northcliffe (he became Editor-in-Chief in February of 1919).

The above 1918 article that we just discussed, was his second time running under his name at Masterman’s request, basically to get the people to go to war. The first editorials that Masterman and Milner ordered Dawson to order Steed to do in 1914, argued that the British Empire should enter World War I. They were published on 29 and 31 July 1914.

– – –

There is a story that later was circulated around about this time period, particularly relating to the 31 July article by Steed, as the Foreign Editor.

What’s really interesting about this story is not only when it surfaced, at a time when Steed was about to begin helping to propagandize the next war (WWII) this time with those allegedly dastardly Jews painted as the “enemy” but that it is essentially trying to pass all of what Steed did onto a sort of lone wolf characterization.

He was not a lone wolf, we have already documented that fact several times over, so why the false characterization?

An excellent question. Let’s have a look at this, starting with that the source usually drawn from for this story (that I’m about to tell you) is:

  • Henry Wickham Steed, Through Thirty Years 1892—1922: A Personal Narrative, Vol. II (London, 1924), pp. 8-9.

You will notice it came out in 1924 – ten years after the fact.

Wickham’s book noted the result of an editorial meeting on 31 July 1914 which allegedly followed an interview with Lord Rothschild that had taken place with the paper’s financial editor at the banker’s request. That’s a reference to Hugh Chisholm, educated at Christ Church, Oxford, he was The Times financial editor throughout WWI. Note: there was a rivalry between Chisholm and Dawson, so portraying him as the source here is rather transparent all by itself.

Lord Rothschild had supposedly summoned Hugh Chisholm to his office. He wanted The Times to stop printing editorial articles that were leading the country into war. Britain should remain neutral. Chisholm then relayed the instruction to an “editorial conference” on July 31, in the afternoon.

According to Wickham Steed, Northcliffe asked him for his view of the Rothschild demand, to which Wickham replied: ‘it is a dirty German-Jewish international financial attempt to bully us into advocating neutrality and the proper answer would be a still stiffer leading article tomorrow’. Supposedly Northcliffe replied” ‘I agree with you. Let us go ahead.’

That was just a helluva thing, that version, eh?

A third source, which didn’t come out until 1960, was Northcliffe by Reginald Pound and Geoffrey Harmsworth.

According to the that source (pp. 462.463) it was Rothschild and his brother Leopold who then went to Printing House square to see Northcliffe at a meeting arranged by – and now we have another new character added – Lloyd George. This version has it as that the two Rothschilds (and this is the same as the first version) advocated neutrality as a result of ‘information they had received regarding Germany’s naval and military might.’

Oh man. Just…

Hidden Hand - STOP

I can’t take it any more.

First of all, there are so many holes in these “recollections” that it’s not even funny. Starting with the fact that Lloyd George was a personal and long-time friend of Masterman. There is no way in hell that Masterman (and the heavy-weights in Foreign Intelligence) would have allowed such a meeting concerning his propaganda pieces to go through without his input.

However – What he would have done if he saw fit (and that’s a big IF) would have been something on the order of orchestrating the creation of some supposed and highly fictional “conflict” such as this. Now that, was right up his alley.

After all, that’s exactly what he was doing through his front groups like the National Security League – remember? Having them blather on about a “just and careful peace” against the nameless ‘un-Americans’ and so on.

A just and careful peace we can all salute to.

Yes Sir! Right away, Sir!

You see the difference in his style.

I don’t think he did these interesting and rather transparently anti-Jewish scenarios but there is a particular marker on them that lines up with what we could call Masterman’s ‘people’ propaganda department. Did you notice how both are coming off this interview or meeting or ‘private discussion’ template?

Yea. That’s a particularly well-used one going way, way back. All the way back to the 1400’s and 1500’s kind of way back. I’m not just making some loose connection here or talking out of my hat. I have assembled several proven-to-be-false propaganda examples in my Hipparchus article in the declamatio section. **here

So that’s a big hard strike one for being a fabrication. Strikes two and three are the absolute utter ludicrousness that anyone would even try to float a story of that Rothschild did not know what was what. That story is completely dependent on creating a suspension of disbelief that is in turn completely dependent on the reader not having the information that Rothschild was in the inner councils of the war-mongers because he was their step-and-fetch-it money man.

What Rothschild would go along with is the diabolical nature of both allowing such a false story to later circulate to help cover up the evil complicity making this War come about and to also be used to foster up another war against his own supposed comrades-in-religion. Now that is something that duplicitous man would do. More war?

Mo’ money for him and his masters!

Can you imagine the fall-out from his fellow Jewish religionists if they found out HE deliberately played a part in creating Hitler through WWI?

I think that’s another reason for Steed’s new “story” in 1924. The propagandists are backdating stories to do two things. One, to shove blame for all the back door glad-handing in both choosing an enemy to be the jews. Two, then characterizing an enemy as one who is against the jews as a race – all that onto “just a journalist” Steed.

Bit of a Wiley Coyote move, though, if you ask me.

There is one thing that I’m certain of.

I’m absolutely positive that Rothschild got right on board to help rile up his fellow religionists to the proper war-inducing state of mind. Holy war, usher in the second coming, re-gain the Nesilim covenant land – all that good stuff.

We’ve got a War to fabricate.

come igor rothschild and friends - slavemaster

Which brings us to the next conference that Masterman assembled on 7 September, 1014 – that of ‘publicists and representatives of the press‘ – this being Masterman’s other prong of his two-pronged approach.

It also shows that every kind of medium possible for propaganda was being controlled by him.


Invitations were sent to:

  • Sidley Brookes
  • Sir Edward Tyas Cook
  • Robert Donald (the Daily Chronicle)
  • A.G. Gardiner (the Daily News)
  • Robert Donald (the Daily Chronicle)
  • J.L. Garvin (the Pall Mall Gazette)
  • Hon. H.L.W. Lawson (the Daily Telegraph)
  • Sidney Low (the Standard)
  • Thomas Marlowe (the Daily Mail)
  • Sir William Robertson Nicoll (the British Weekly)
  • Geoffrey Robinson [later changed his last name to Dawson] (The Times – as in The London Times)
  • Alfred Spender (the Westminster Gazette)
  • St. Loe Strachey (The Spectator)
  • Fabian Ware
  • A.S. Watt (a well known literary agent)
  • Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Everyone attended.

Regarding that innocuous-sounding last person named – Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, that is not as innocent as you might think. The person holding that position at the time was Sir Francis Dyke Acland, 14th Baronet, educated at Balliol College, Oxford.

In 1911 he was promoted to Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to work closely under Sir Edward Grey through February 1915, when he was replaced by a Cecil (obviously as he was one of the main architects of the League of Nations). Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, was the third son of the infamous Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury,the cousin of Arthur Balfour.

At this time, Edward Grey was Foreign Secretary, the longest tenure ever, from 1906 to 1916 – ten straight years.

Note: the full meaning of “Foreign Secretary” is actually this: the person is Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, (commonwealth means their “dominions” such as India and Hong Kong, China) commonly referred to as the Foreign Secretary. The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and British Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) are directly accountable to the Foreign Secretary – in this case, Sir Grey.

Winston Churchill was Home Secretary, the other half of British intelligence basically. Sir Grey had previously held the position of parliamentary under-secretary of Foreign Affairs during his grooming Period under Milner (Boer War). He held that position from 8 August 1892 – 20 June 1895. Arthur Balfour followed Grey in the Foreign Secretary position, holding it from 10 December 1916 to 23 October 1919.

It was Sir Grey that had Cumming (head of MI6) send William Wiseman to the U.S. in 1916, to get America into their War.

So, at this time of Masterman’s little propaganda soiree meetings, he had Edward Grey, Winston Churchill, Sir Francis Dyke Acland, Lord Tweedsmuir (MI6 agent John Buchan), Mansfield Smith-Cumming (head of MI6) and later Lord Cecil, Balfour – all circulating in his orbit as the King of Propaganda, glad-handing him and his stable of propagandists.

Grey and Churchill

Grey and Churchill


Sir Francis Acland

Sir Francis Acland


John Buchan – Lord Tweedsmuir
(the disfigurement on his forehead is a result of his head being crushed by a carriage as a child)

John Buchan - Lord Tweedsmuir

Mansfield Cumming and Robert Cecil – 1st Viscount Chelwood

Mansfield Cumming

Robert Cecil - 1st Viscount Chelwood

and Lord Balfour (left)

Balfour (left)

Quite the motley crew.

You can see that it’s not much of a surprise to find that Acland from the Foreign office was attending Masterman’s second conference – after all, John Buchan, the MI6 agent, was at the first one.

And…considering that part of the two million books/pamphlets etc. (fiction, you name it) that came out of this squad of propagandists, you can just imagine what these guys, the “publicists” and “press-men” were tasked to do.

Perish the thought.


For one example of one of the second tier Masterman propagandists – a journalist named Ackerman – see my “Red” Bible Protocols article.

Note: see that name Geoffrey Robinson on the list of press/publicists above? That’s Geoffrey Dawson, he changed his name in 1917. (just reminding you).

Geoffrey Robinson/Dawson


Why was Masterman asking for Dawson to come? Well, for one thing, he was the senior editor of the London Times at the time, and Wickham Steed – Mr. obsequiousness – had just been brought in as Foreign Editor.

Ah, but what’s the other reason for bringing in Dawson (and therefore Steed by association)?

They are both dutiful little Igors – Slavemaster mouthpieces – having been groomed for the position for years. Remember – they were all: United by a common aspiration for Imperial Federation – The “round table” of getting the British Empire to rule-the-world.

You see, when Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming the head of MI6 sent William Wiseman to New York in 1916 – to establish special intelligence section V MIc – he recruited Norman Thwaites. Thwaites had worked for many years on the New York World staff, he was the private secretary of Joseph Pulitzer.

Lt. Colonel Norman Thwaites in his 20s

Thwaites had helped Milner to groom another man who was chosen to become a major mouthpiece for the slavemasters – H. Wickham Steed. While Thwaites was the personal secretary of Joseph Pulitzer – Steed was appointed as the Paris correspondent for the New York World.

Using this as a jump-off point, Milner then had Steed join The Times in 1896 as a foreign correspondent, working briefly out of Berlin before transferring successively to Rome ( from 1897 until 1902) and then Vienna (1902–13).

In 1914 he moved to London to take over as foreign editor of The Times, just in time for their planned war – WWI- working directly for C.F.G. Masterman through Milner’s other man in The Times – Geoffrey Dawson – to plant whatever propaganda articles that the Slavemasters wanted in The Times.

Wickham Steed continued doing whatever Masterman wanted him too, taking orders through Dawson. Here’s an example of another one of Masterman’s requests. This time it’s the “professor” brigade – remember how Masterman had them in his first meeting?

October 21, 1914 – London Times, special to New York Times

Steed times october 14 1914

– – –

As you can see, Charles Masterman oversaw quite the stable of men he could call on to assist him in his “get America into the War” mandate. A number of which directly helped him with the production and distribution of books, pamphlets, maps, photographs and articles for “use” in Allied and neutral countries to influence public opinion.

Reference – the Internet Archive copy of The Times, History and Encyclopaedia of the War, British Propaganda in Enemy Countries published in 1920. (‘The Times’ was owned by Lord Northcliffe)

You’ve probably never even heard of him, right? I think that’s the way they want it, because once you start following his history down, the picture of British Lords motivations just gets blacker and blacker – to the point you cannot possibly ascribe any higher motivations whatsoever to their actions.

In fact, you could probably rightly point to him as one of the earliest propaganda efforts of today’s British Government. He was given complete control of his own special (and very secret) department. It was called Wellington House because of its location in the Buckingham Gate office of the National Health Insurance Commission – the Commission was Masterman’s cover job.


Doesn’t look like much, does he? That’s a good example of something you should take clearly to heart. Never think you can form an accurate judgement on someone based on their physical appearance.

He was given this complete control in December of 1914 after a rather interesting staged attack that he did. (see section of Masterman examples, the third example)

Masterman especially (and his handlers such as Churchill) considered The Climax of Civilization (1917) by Correa Moylan Walsh (available at the Internet Archive ) as a kind of “bible”. He felt that the book detailed items corresponding closely to conditions that had to be created –


before a New World Order in a One World Government could be ushered in.


Masterman’s most key rule for his Bureau was secrecy. He correctly ascertained that manipulation directed at his target opinion leaders would not succeed if they knew the source of the information they were getting. To give you an idea of how successful he was at maintaining this level of secrecy, for the next two years not even most members of Parliament were aware either of his bureau or what it was doing!

The first annual report that Masterman provided to the cabinet the following June (1915), showed that his boys had printed and circulated 2.5 million books, “official” publications, pamphlets and speeches encompassing 17 languages. The report emphasized that how these were circulated was they were “sold or sent with a personal letter to some man or woman of importance, placed in public libraries or distributed amongst a selected list of those to whom the particular literature was suitable.’ – Like the letter Grey wrote to Theodore Roosevelt, for example.

He also specified that these materials had been reprinted extensively in the press of other countrieswho had little or knowledge that the original source was Wellington House! Like the Red Bible articles, for example, the precursor to the Protocols of Zion.

Full quotes –

“Two and a half million books, official publication, pamphlets and speeches in 17 different languages “had been printed and circulated, “not circulated promiscuously but…either…sold or sent with a personal letter to some man or woman of importance, placed in public libraries or distributed amongst a selected list of those to whom the particular literature was suitable.”

After commenting on the extent to which this literature had been reproduced in the press of the variouos countries, and the continued activities of German propaganda, Masterman observed:

“An organisation has been built up which has worked in the strictest secrecy, so that we have found practically no evidence or any knowledge of its existence as a piece of Government machinery through which at any time explanation or appeal can be addressed with great celerity to those who influence public opinion in the neutral countrie of the world” and ends with an appreciation of the “public spirited devotion” of those who were carrying on the work.

Masterman also introduced the concept of the War Artist.

In the last two years of the war he sent more than ninety artists to make a visual record of events in Europe. Although there were limitations on what they could exhibit during the war, they were given a fairly free hand in what and where they could paint. The long term legacy of the artists, who included Stanley Spencer, Paul Nash and Augustus John, is an important one.

Tall Tales From The Trees blog

Drawing on an extensive network of the most important and influential figures in the London arts scene, Masterman devised the most comprehensive arts patronage schemes ever to be supported in the country. Lecture tours and exhibitions of paintings were also organised in the US.

As to actual real-life reporting?

The general official mentality concerning accurate reporting, accurate depictions of the front by actually being there was “risky”. This is because they had something to hide – obviously.

Cameramen, like reporters were not allowed to visit the front until autumn of 1915, probably until the British were sure they would report only what, and how they wanted them too.

They made attempts very early to obtain cinematograph pictures of the war for what today is called newsreels, but then were called topical budgets. The Germans were way ahead, having made films appearing in theatres all over the world. Masterman was anxious to counter them with good and authentic British pictures.

The two intelligence services (MI5 and MI6)  were worried about what the world would think if they really saw the British – they said it was about secrets, but I think it was more their LIES would be revealed. By February 1916, he had been trying for over a year to get something going on this. Masterman then picked a little Committee after a conference with the heads of Wellington House. They were Mr. Welsh of Gaumont’s, Mr. Charles Urban, and Mr. Jury.

See, they didn’t have any “resounding victories” – of course, so Masterman decided in the absence of such, to give some glimpse of the “power and energy” of the most powerful of the Allies might have effect on the Neutrals and induce them to remain neutral, even if hostile, and throw their lot in with the Allies if they were friendly.

The first attempts sucked. An attempt to portray ministers was described as resembling “the craters of the moon”.

The first real film was called Britain Prepared, gave a picture of the enlisting, training, feeding, and so forth of the new armies, the making of munitions and ended with a picture showing regiment after regiment stretching out to the “crack of doom”. Which was not as many as the film deliberately made it appear – trick of the eye, in other words.

The second half was Navy shots, which seemed to affect the audience more “deeply” says Lucy. The premiere took place December 27th, 1915.

Talk about arrogance – Mr. Urban was assured that the show was “too good” “too class” “too intellectual” for the American public and a campaign of depreciation or “knocking” took place. “I would trust myself to express my opinion of the film crowd on this side in cold type” he wrote wrathfully.

Described in the United States –

“It is the handling of the most real and unimaginative material. It goes along without an attempt to intoxicate the emotions. It takes undecorated details that seemingly have not a thrill in them. It seems to be as uninspired as a hardware catalogue. Gradually in the mind of any perceptive person there forms the idea that this is a real nation in real trouble. The immensity of the effort begins to appall the comprehension. …and when…there appears on the screen such massesthat was the lie partof trained, disciplined and willing men as American eyes have not seen since 1865, the thrill is real.”

Masterman appointed Muirhead Bone as a “war artist”. They were published under the title Western Front and the first appeared in December 1916.

On the first Sunday in June 1916, they were out for a walk and Masterman stopped at a newspaper shop with the comment, “Ah, so it’s begun.” The posters announced “Great Victory” even though the truth was that the armies had been repulsed along nine-tenths of the line – this was the Battle of Somme, whose only point seemed to be to cause as many losses as possible in general!

Pleased that his total bullshit propaganda was working, at least at home in Britain. Not so much in the U.S. And so, let’s just say that there were other moves afoot.

For example.

Exactly right in here, is when a black intelligence operation was done in the U.S. It was called the Black Tom bombings.

Early 1916 – Wiseman takes Casimir Pilenas Palmer over and runs him directly as his agent. Pilenas would usually (not always – it depended what it was) reported in to either Norman Thwaites or naval attache’ Guy Gaunt.

Remember, Pilenas status was ‘British S.S. agent of the Scotland Yard detachment’ is still in place, but Melville is gone now, so Pilenas is technically fully under MI6, as was Wiseman.

References – 1. Okhrana, IIIf, Box 24, File 28; and ‘Deep Cover Agents – Russian (L–Z)’; 2. US Department of Justice, Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, (BI), 105638: In ‘re: Casimir Pilenas’ (18 December 1917); 3. United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918).

July 29 1916 – the Black Tom bombing in New Jersey, that I think Casimir somehow had some involvement in, because shortly after Wiseman arrives in January of 1916, all sorts of strange things begin happening to help “push” the U.S. into the war. “German” bombings of factories and so on.

There are several precedents of that British Intelligence has deliberately engaged in controlling “bombings” and invented fake enemies. For example, as we covered earlier, Melville agents engaged in the following acts of terrorism to portray “enemies” that did not exist:

  • 1892 – Walsall bomb factory and “planning bombings”, fabricated evidence – Agent Coulon
  • 1894 – Greenwich park explosion – Agent Henry Samuels, who worked together with Pilenas also for Rachkovsky and the Okhrana
  • 1910 – The Houndsditch murders “anarchists” shootout after a supposed “jewelry heist” – big propaganda affair orchestrated by Winston Churchill to falsely create a climate of “international fear” and threat.

And that’s just the ones I can document right now – I’m sure there are many, many, more examples of this kind of insanity on the part of the British Slavemasters and their grand “plans” to rule the world.

Pinkerton’s, based out of the U.S., also often carried out similar violent activities on behalf of their clients such as British Intelligence.

Think that British intelligence wouldn’t stoop to bombing American targets and then pin it on the “nazis” – as part of Wiseman’s task to get American into the War?

They damn sure would.


I think they did, in fact I can just about guarantee you that they did.


the Black Tom Pier


Here’s where it was located –


At 2:08 AM, the first and largest of the explosions took place. The explosion was the equivalent of an earthquake measuring between 5.0 and 5.5 on the Richter scale and was felt as far away as Philadelphia. Windows broke as far as 25 miles away, including thousands in lower Manhattan. Property damage from the attack was estimated at $20 million.

Like I said, this is exactly the kind of thing Casimir did for Melville, bombings and all. I certainly wouldn’t put it past Wiseman to “arrange” such things with all the trappings of ‘the Germans did it’ – would you?

Note: Wiseman (and later, William Stephenson) went out of their way to make sure that Pilenas status with British intelligence was protected – and even made the statement that he was certain that he had ‘worked for no other person but [me]’.

Reference – United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918)

Now that he had lovely False Flag atrocities like that to add to his mix, by August of 1916, Masterman was producing six fortnightly illustrated papers to a total of a million copies, the total production of propaganda. Four thousand photographs a week were being “distributed” to the illustrated press of the world.

Masterman said that a service at the Anglican Church was like an activity at Wellington House. He said that the only religious leader that came through the war with credit was the Pope because of his appeal to the warring nations, and the body that came through best was the Quakers.

We’ll just file that generally under WTF?!. Yea, right Masterman, in other words.

Films were being doctored to falsely portray the front – such as the Battle of the Somme which Masterman had commissioned cinematographers Geoffrey Malins and John McDowell to produce.


Some extra-fine Masterman products
(sarcastically speaking)

Example one.


Masterman had singled out a Dutch cartoonist named Louis Raemaekers, and the Kaiser’s invasion of “brave little Belgium” was the ideal subject for their mutual propaganda efforts.

Buchan decided to subsidize mass circulation of Luois Raemakers hate-inspiring cartoons, so Masteman dutifully elevated Raemaekers (meaning he got him publicized) and by 1915 Raemaekers’ cartoons were being reprinted in France in Le Journal and l’Illustration, and in England in two of his propaganda outlets – the Daily Mail and also the Daily Chronicle.

By 1916, Raemaekers gone into exile in London in early 1916, was taken under the wing of British intelligence, first under Charles Masterman, then John Buchan.

Masterman arranged for an exhibition of his cartoons to be put on in London by the Fine Art Society and in February 1916 the Republic of France awarded him its decoration of Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur.

At first even the American papers found them to obviously propagandic and hate-filled, but after America entered the war in 1917, the British and American press used them to make big money off these cartoons.

Exhibitions of his original works were arranged and book collections distributed in 18 countries. His works appeared in picture booklets, postcards, posters and photographic slides. British and Canadian cigarette manufacturers included his portraits and cartoons on cigarette cards inserted into the packages.

This should give you an idea of what his cartoons were like (you can see more here).


In 1915 Wellington House compiled the Bryce Report on the ‘Belgian atrocities’ which was compiled by Arnold Toynbee and published in thirty languages. A Belgian inquiry into German atrocities in 1922 failed to corroborate one single allegation in Lord Bryce’s report.

The worst of these tales, of babies twirled on bayonets, women with their breasts cut off, and grandfathers crucified on barn doors, were the inventions of Wellington House and widely disseminated through newspaper cartoons and advertisements.

The wildest horrors presented by the cartoonists seemed to have no basis in reality. Poet Robert Graves (Goodbye to All That) said the worst atrocities of the war were committed by Canadians and Australians seeking revenge and inspired to hatred by the invented horrors of the newspaper cartoonists.

Masterman also subsidized vicious propaganda directed specifically at children. Tales of the Great War, a so called collection of adventure stories for boys, is one example done by Henry Newbolt. He was one of Mastermans authors at the original meeting. This book was published in 1916 in London, by Longman’s at Masterman’s ‘request’ – just as the Protocols of Zion would later be ‘requested’ of Eyre and Spottiswood.

In some of these “adventure” stories, Newbolt accused the Germans of calculated mutilation of women and children via air attacks upon England, claimed that they took pleasure in such acts, described the Germans as ‘Huns, the enemies of humane and civilised life…ferociously wicked people’ guilty of repeated ‘inhumanity‘ and contrasted the ‘barbarity’ of German aeroplane pilots with the ‘daring and chivarous‘ conduct of British airmen.

John Buchan had ordered Masterman to plant a story in The Times with Northcliffe (May 1917) that the Germans were running a factory which converted human corpses into dog food. That one backfired so badly that Parliament had to “officially acknowledge” that the story had been faked.

Only after the propaganda was official (known), did a “Second Impression” of the Newbolt book come out in 1917 with the tell all notice on the title page – “This edition is intended for circulation only in India and the British colonies.” THAT was the sort of disclaimer frequently used by Wellington House and continued to be used by the Department of Information whenever a publication was subsidized to facilitate overseas circulation of material “favourable to the British cause.

Masterman had used that tactic THOUSANDS of times.

The Canadian novelist Sir Gilbert Parker (one of the original Masterman choices at the 2 Sept. 1914 meeting) was also in charge of intelligence in Canada and his main job was to disseminate propaganda at home and in the United States.

Many (not all) Canadian newspapers began daily publishing of violent and unsubstantiated atrocity cartoons and advertisements. Montreal’s popular Arthur G. Racey was the chief propaganda cartoonist in Canada, appearing coast to coast in newspapers and magazines.

Even Arch Dale’s children’s comic, the Doo Dads, carried the propaganda war to the children’s page with the introduction of the beastly Hun Dads; Doo Dads in spiked Hun helmets.

Full newspaper pages were devoted to repellent illustrations of Neanderthal-like Huns with dripping daggers standing over women holding their tattered garments up to their breasts while churches burned in the background.

Example Two.

Films – The Battle of the Somme

Masterman had commissioned cinematographers Geoffrey Malins and John McDowell to produce this film.It made its first appearance at a Premiere at Scala Theatre on 10 August of 1916, to an audience of journalists, MI6 (Foreign Office) men, cinema tradesmen and officers of the Imperial General Staff.

Masterman had given Lloyd George a letter to read to the audience, exhorting them to “see that this picture, which is in itself an epic of self-sacrifice and gallantry, reaches everyone. Herald the deeds of our brave men to the ends of the earth. This is your duty.

Your duty? Right.

Step right up and do your duty!
Watch this fake film and spread the lies!

Give me a break.

The film was released generally on 21 August. Although it did have actual combat footage (at least as far as we know) it also included action scenes that were staged – as in simulated, as in FAKED. It never happened.

Plus, much actual footage was cut from the public version, as the War Office wanted the film to only contain images that would support the war effort and raise morale.

Translation – they didn’t want people to know what it really was like, or what was really happening or they’d never support it! Well, hell, of course they wouldn’t – as it should be, for god’s sake.

Commander Lieutenant-General Rawlinson said “some of it is very good but it cut out many of the horrors in dead and wounded.

Oh gee – like you mean what it was really like versus the staged version?

One especially dramatic scene which Masterman made sure attracted “world-wide attention” was one in which a British soldier going ‘over the top’ is killed by enemy fire – this was one of his staged scenes.

‘Over the top’ was a phrase was used by the British to describe the infantry emerging from the safety of their trenches to attack the enemy across open ground. Before running into a wall of rifle and machine gun fire, the attackers were usually given a warm meal, a bit of rum, and said potential goodbyes to each other before facing almost certain death. It was propagandized by Masterman (to promote the doing of it) as “the greatest test a man could ever face.”

Masterman – DIE NOW! Prove yourself!
It’s glorious!

Warning – Graphic image

Oh yea. Real glorious. Masterman actually censored pics like this because he didn’t want the people to know just how un-glorious this all really was. More soldiers died in Battle of the Somme than Americans in the Vietnam War. Indeed, the total British fatalities in that single battle—some 420,000.

Not glorious, at all.

Masterman preferred to stage the “dead” scenes how he wanted them in order to “reinforce the patriotism” in the audience. Viewers gasped and cried when they saw these scenes.

It should be mightily obvious to you as to why Masterman didn’t want to show real soldiers dying when they went ‘over the top’. That kind of reality would turn all their stomachs against the war – and we can’t have that now can we. What Masterman did was unforgivable

Sick. Sick. Sick.

This deliberate manipulation, this lying to people that what they are seeing is REAL and they just really saw a soldier die, it just makes so mad. This heinous chicanery to get people to SUPPORT this completely unnecessary war, is just utterly unforgivable.

The following video is a digitally re-mastered version of the 1916 film. The original had been preserved in the film archive of the Imperial War Museum since 1920, then inscribed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 2005, then converted to digital.

Hopefully someone told the truth on this register, that it had a number of faked/staged scenes in it, but I kind of doubt it.

Here it is and please note – this was originally a silent film. The music was added in the 2008 re-mastering.


Part 3 announces –

Then at 30:20 is when you see STAGED SCENES ala Masterman of what came to be called going ‘over the top’ – again, this is in Part 3 of the film. One guy is supposedly killed, and then the camera then cuts to two other supposedly shot and dead men, who don’t look like they are dead either.

Check it out – because it’s interesting to see how they faked/staged the footage – and I think it’s important that you see that “photo-shopping” as we nickname that kind of thing was going on that far back.

Another setting that is obviously highly suspicious as to its realness, starts at part 4 @43:52.

Notice Masterman refers to the soldiers as nerve-shattered. I have two thoughts about that – one is that I think he is deliberately trying to portray the Germans as having “lost their nerve”. My other thought is that he’s pushing the psychiatric agenda that was just beginning at the time later called “shell-shock”.

Notice the kind of ‘off’ stumbling they have the Germans doing, and @44:49 there is one scenes that is just some seriously cheezy over-acting going on.

This guy –

Sheesh. This is like some shtick Charlie Chaplin might do. I mean come on – his mustache is falling off for godsake!

He looks like something out of a bad Clint Eastwood movie, like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

I think that in staging these particular scenes, Masterman was deliberately trying to portray how overwhelmed the German soldiers were by the fabulous British army – stunned and stumbling around and barely able to stay on their feet, and some scenes portraying obviously mentally ill soldiers.

Like this guy and his “igor” walk (marked by the red arrow) – I half expect him to start dragging his leg behind him.

Renfield dragging leg – Igor


Sometimes, I wonder if that’s what Masterman actually did. Took some mental patients out of Bedlam and mixed them in with actors!

This particular Masterman staged portrayal actually crossed into such characters as Fritz/Igor “Renfield” in Tod Browning’s 1931 film Dracula

This blogger
tells us about the similarities to the early portrayals like Masterman, only doesn’t seem to realize that these were just as staged as the character in Dracula!

…Renfield, as Browning visually portrays him, and as Frye performs him, resembles the shell-shocked veterans of the Great War much more than he does Stoker’s version of the blood-obsessed asylum inmate.

Dracula even comes complete with scenes of a nice German-looking psychiatrist trying to help him.

Imagine that.

the images convey a sense of unbalanced naturalism, much like the raw documentary quality of the footage taken of WWI shell shock victims…

Ah, but see? This wasn’t raw footage AT ALL!

It was Masterman’s propaganda – his vision he wanted his public to have. He staged the scenes.

The author recommends watching this video and apparently thinks its entirely real.


This is just so obviously Masterman
at work again. One way you can tell is the obvious propaganda for psychiatry – “Look! They’re cured!”.

It specifically says in the info about this film, it was “Filmed during World War 1” – so there we have it. That’s another Masterman at work film then.

Back to the Battle of Somme film again now, it was watched by approximately 20 million British people in the first six weeks of exhibition and the film was distributed in eighteen more countries – hence how it became a “world-wide” success, you see.

Little bit convenient back-patting, if you ask me, particularly in light of that Masterman deliberately planted the film without making it clear that he did, then sits back and puts out through press outlets – Film a World Success! Millions thrill to British gallantry on the Field of Battle! Demand outstrips production! – or something along those lines.

Crewe House – another propaganda department

One of the more interesting points here, was that Masterman and his crew realised that while they may print propaganda, how would they know it was read? Cinema was chosen as a better method of reaching the “little people”.

A third most important department of the Ministry harnessed to the cause of the Allies that great educational and publicity agent, the cinema, and produced and distributed throughout the world wonderful films. Sir William Jury, with his great technical knowledge of cinematography, managed this department.

Such films as that entitled ” The Battle of the Somme“… graphically portraying alike to Anglophile and Anglophobe eyes and minds the story of British prowess. Where there were no picture houses, as, for instance, in rural parts of Italy, Sir William Jury sent ” cinemotors “—big lorries carrying all the necessary paraphernalia for improvised open air cinema shows—to the great wonderment and edification of innumerable villagers.

The Times History and Encyclopaedia of The War –  found in the Internet Archive, dates from 1919 and details examples of British Propaganda during World War I.

Example Three.

False ‘Opposition’ Front Groups

This one is quite important because it shows that the British will set-up OPPOSITION front groups, and then use that as an ‘example’ of what to attack, as well as use it as on what point to respond.

Masterman and Parker fostered a British group called the Union of Democratic Control and then went around highlighting them as a big threat. They called them “radical liberals and socialists” because…wait for it… they opposed British participation in the war.

To illustrate just how far these slavemaster types will take this front group business, they even used actual truth (truths that others were writing about) and warned against “secret diplomacy” and the dangers of great power politics devoid of moral restraint.’

One publication even said that Germany had legitimate reasons to be concerned about the motives of other European powers an was fighting a defensive war. – E.D. Morel’s How the War Began.

Do you see how far they will go to try and control the real opposition?

The fact that this group had total slavemaster step-n-fetch-it Igors in it like Norman Angell, Bertrand Russell, J.A. Hobson, Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, financial journalist H.N. Brailsford and historian G.P. Gooch – all of which were under Masterman’s helm in one way or another – is an absolute stellar example of complete lying, underhanded, and perfidious British duplicity.

They used this group as a “show piece” to warn anyone else getting ideas, and Masterman made a great show of “prohibiting” all U.D.C. publications from being sent overseas.

Another dead giveaway was that he used this group as a springboard to then push the wonderfulness of Lord Grey and his impartial and fair behavior in all things British Foreign Policy. Masterman had Gilbert Murray write The Foreign Policy of Sir Edward Grey 1906-1915 which was dutifully published by Clarendon Press in June 1915 and widely distributed by Wellington House.

The book was intended as a rebuttal of the charge that Grey and the government had engaged in secret diplomacy, and it was regarded by the great majority of conservatives and liberals as successful in this regard. I’m sure it was, but that is meaningless. A better way to characterize any ‘success’ in that way is that it was just a bunch of Igor sycophantic ass-kissing going on.

Kind of like this –



To illustrate just what an absolute lie is going on here with these staged ‘attacks’ on the idea that Grey (or the Foreign Office) could ever be engaging in secret diplomacy? I’m going to jump ahead a bit here and show you a SECRET letter Grey wrote to President Wilson.

London, August 10, 1915,
Sir Edward Grey to Colonel House

edward grey to colonel house suggesting league of nations aug 10 1915The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, Volume 2, page 87, available to read at Hathitrust


“…would be some League of nations”? – as if it’s just some offhand, spur-of-the-moment idea he had.

I’d say that’s some pretty good SECRET diplomacy right there.

So much for that lie.

As a result of this whole setup and spike action, as mentioned earlier Wellington House was then given authority to control ALL propaganda to the United States in December of 1914 and could now institute strict control on “problem child” Central Committee for National Patriotic Organisations” – Henry Cust.

Note: A funny example that showed that this kind of control wasn’t always perfect, is that sometimes the British slipped up and told the truth.

I hate it when that happens.

Lloyd George in February 1915 was speaking to his constituents in Wales and said that one of the main reasons that the war was not likely to end soon was the inefficiency of British industrial production; he claimed the main cause was the drunkenness of workers. This was picked up by the U.S. press. An editorial in Philadelphia said this proved the ‘degeneracy’ of the British and provided further justification for not helping them.

Parker then used the Pilgrims Society, of all things, to counter this. Which I’m sure will make some people happy out there to see such clear evidence that the Pilgrims Society was yet another British-controlled front group. Parker gave a speech in which he specifically refuted Lloyd Georges Statement. Even though it was actually true and he knew it.

Example Four.

The Lusitania.

The sinking of the Lusitania (a whole controlled op subject in itself – much like the Titanic) was used to try and distract people of the very real truth to the accusations that the British blockade of neutral and enemy shipping and was resorting to the inhumane strategy of starving the noncombatant – which is exactly what they did in India, China, and countless other locales that they wanted to control and take their stuff, basically.

Even though it was later proven to be true that the ship was being used to mask a huge shipment of arms – assholes like Parker lied and used it to make the Germans look evil.

Parker was quoted in the New York Times of 8 May 1915 saying that the sinking was ‘a most unhuman crime committed by an inhuman nation which has placed itself outside the bounds of civilisation.

It was Parker that cooperated with Captain Reginald Hall of British Naval Intelligence to ENGINEER distribution of copies of an inflammatory medal that had been supposedly produced in Munich to commemorate the sinking. This sounds like forgeries by their favorite combined Okhrana/MI6 agent Orlov’s work.

The medal was NOT designed by the German government, and strangely, hardly any copies were circulated there. A few somehow made their way to London. Over 300,000 were produced – the British government asked the store that reproduced them, to announce that all profits from the sale would be given to the Red Cross.

Prior to the Lusitania’s sinking, Winston Churchill wrote to Walter Runciman, President of the Board of Trade, that it is “most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hope especially of embroiling the United States with Germany.” (Donald E. Schmidt, The Folly of War: American Foreign Policy, 1898-2005 (New York: Algora Publishing, 2005), page 72.)

After the war, Churchill wrote: “The maneuver which brings an ally into the field is as serviceable as that which wins a great battle.” (Winston S. Churchill, The World Crisis, 1911-1918 (1931; reprint, New York: Free Press, 1959), page 294.)

The first British counter-move, made on my responsibility in 1915 was to arm British merchantmen to the greatest possible extent with guns of sufficient power to deter the U-boat from surface attack. . . . As the U-boats were forced by the progressive arming of the British Mercantile Marine to rely increasingly on under-water attacks, they encountered a new set of dangers. The submerged U-boat with its defective vision ran the greatest risk of mistaking neutral for British vessels and of drowning neutral crews, and thus of embroiling Germany with other great Powers.

Churchill’s attempt at applying the ‘indirect approach’ – read sneaky – so favored at that time backfired. The German U-boat captains scrupulously avoided attacking American ships.

*G&&&D*%D$$!!!!! says Churchill

cranky slavemaster

How am I to get the Germans to attack the Americans?

Since he couldn’t get them to go after an American ship, Churchill has himself an idea!

We need to have a British ship sunk with American passengers on board.

That’s the ticket!


Churchill rushes off and has Commander Joseph Kenworthy (Political Section of Naval Intelligence) cobble together a report for him – with Masterman’s help – on what the political results would be of such a sinking.

The Lusitania became the perfect candidate.

Masterman and the Foreign Office’s favorite pet U.S. Ambassador Page wrote an interesting letter to his son. He wrote it on May 2, 1915 just five days before the Lusitania was sunk.

“If a British liner full of American passengers be blown up, what will Uncle Sam do? That’s what’s going to happen.

– Burton J. Hendrick, The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page, Vol. 1 (New York: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1923), page 436.

Our favorite sneaky rat of an advisor, Colonel House, happened to be in England at this time. On the morning that the Lusitania sunk, he met with Lord Grey. House recorded in his journal that: “We spoke of the probability of an ocean liner being sunk, and I told him if this were done, a flame of indignation would sweep across America, which would in itself probably carry us into the war.” (The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, Vol. 1 page 432)

Later that day, House and Grey met with King George V at Buckingham Palace. House wrote about that too: “We fell to talking, strangely enough, of the probability of Germany sinking a trans-Atlantic liner. . . . He [the king] said, ‘Suppose they should sink the Lusitania, with American passengers on board?’”

And gee golly gosh! The Lusitania sank that very day.

After the Lusitania sank in only minutes from supposedly just one torpedo strike, there was a fear among the plotters and planners of WWI that the ships real cargo would be exposed, thereby negating the Germans having taken a ‘heinous and wrong action killing women and children” for supposedly no reason.

To keep this information from the world, upon being given a copy, President Wilson personally sealed it in an envelope, marked it “Only to be opened by the President of the United States,” and had it hidden in the archives of the Treasury Department (which oversees the customs service).

President Franklin D. Roosevelt later had it retrieved, promptly resealed it and due to the dogged research work of Mitch Peeke (and others) in November of 2012 the staff at the Franklin D Roosevelt Presidential Archive was contacted. After remaining hidden for 97 years, The RMS Lusitania website was able to acquire a genuine copy of ALL 27 pages and permission to reproduce it in its entirety.

We have archived it for posterity at the Internet Archive.

A whitewashed version (generalised and largely inaccurate) supplied by the ships underwriters was the only one allowed at any of the inquiries, either in England or the U.S. (Lusitania Report p. 58)

The British inquiry was a total sham. Held partly in camera, Lord Mersey quashed all evidence of the Lusitania’s munitions. Captain Turner was never even asked what his cargo was.

Lord Mersey

The 1915 British inquiry into the sinking of the Lusitania, chaired by Lord Mersey, literally barely touched on the issue. When a French survivor, Joseph Marichal, a former army officer, tried to claim that the ship had sunk so quickly because the ammunition had triggered a second explosion, his testimony was quickly dismissed.

Marichal, who had been in the second-class dining room, said the explosion was “similar to the rattling of a maxim gun for a short period” and came from underneath the whole floor. Mersey dismissed him: “I do not believe him. His demeanour was very unsatisfactory. There was no confirmation of his story.

His demeanor?

Oh well then. Off with his head?

The secret report of the inquiry concluded that the Lusitania was not carrying any explosives or any “special ammunition”. The British public were not told at the time about the 5,000 cases of small arms cartridges that had been aboard but were deemed non-military.

Minor details, sarcastically speaking, never mind that part. Wow.

Funny, in 2015 a dive expedition found something just a little different as the truth of what was on that ship.

The diving team estimates that around four million rounds of U.S.-manufactured Remington .303 bullets lie in the Lusitania’s hold at a depth of 300ft.

The Germans had insisted the Lusitania – the fastest liner in the North Atlantic – was being used as a weapons ship to break the blockade Berlin had been trying to impose around Britain since the outbreak of hostilities in August 1914.

…Gregg Bemis, an American businessman who owns the rights to the wreck and is funding its exploration, said: ‘Those four million rounds of .303s were not just some private hunter’s stash.

‘Now that we’ve found it, the British can’t deny any more that there was ammunition on board. That raises the question of what else was on board.

‘There were literally tons and tons of stuff stored in unrefrigerated cargo holds that were dubiously marked cheese, butter and oysters.

‘I’ve always felt there were some significant high explosives in the holds – shells, powder, gun cotton – that were set off by the torpedo and the inflow of water. That’s what sank the ship.’

Even Archaeology magazine did a piece on this discovery, including pictures of the bullets confirming it was carrying military cargo. (Courtesy Eoin McGarry)

The article also documented that the British Navy attempted to destroy the wreck in the 1950s to conceal its military cargo.

The Remington .303 caliber bullets the team discovered on the ship had been used by the British military during World War I. Ten of the bullets were brought to the surface.

“The charge that the Lusitania was carrying war materiel is valid,” says Bemis. “She was a legitimate target for the German submarine.”

– Archaeology Magazine Lusitania’s Secret Cargo Volume 62 Number 1, January/February 2009



So much for Britain’s story.


Let me show you just how much they lied, hid evidence, basically doing anything and everything from preventing the American people from knowing what slimy rat bastards the British still were.

American families who had lost loved ones sued the Cunard Line for allowing passengers to sail with contraband munitions. Dudley Field Malone was named as codefendant and, if convicted, could have been indicted for involuntary manslaughter. However, no evidence concerning the illicit cargo was heard at the hearing. Judge Mayer, relying in part on Mersey’s findings, ruled in favor of Cunard and against the claimants.

Wow. Just like in England! Practically magical.

The Mayer hearing was missing a critical piece of evidence: the very same now hidden Lusitania’s Supplementary Cargo Manifest of the RMS Lusitania filed after it had sailed.

They even went so far as to set up a patsy to scare off anyone else from telling the truth. Yes, they really did that. That’s just lower than low.

Check it out –

In the U.S. Justice Department’s archives is an affidavit signed by Dr. E. W. Ritter von Rettegh, a chemist employed by Captain Guy Gaunt, the British naval attaché (and a MI6 man) in Washington. Ritter von Rettegh stated that Gaunt called him to his office on April 26, 1915, and asked what the effect would be of sea water coming into contact with guncotton. The chemist explained that there were two types of gun cotton – trinitro cellulose, which sea water would not affect, and pyroxyline, which sea water could cause to suddenly explode, as a result of chemical changes that he explained in technical detail. (Colin Simpson, The Lusitania (Boston: Little, Brown, 1972), pages 95, 96)

This was a set-up.

After submitting his affidavit, the chemist was arrested and charged with making “utterances prejudicial to the peace of the Nation” under the newly passed, heinously disgusting Espionage Act. He was tried in camera and sentenced to prison.

Gaunt? Ah well. He was promoted to rear-admiral and knighted.

Jesus Christ. Well, a big, fat…

Yellow Rat Bastard for him, it is then.

Masterman and Gilbert Parker (in charge of all propaganda in America) went seriously overboard trying to use the sinking of the Lusitania to get their people and Americans to go to war.

Even films like this one –



The disaster inspired a multitude of recruitment posters demanding vengeance for the victims.

Cheesey posters galore –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And this particularly manipulative one –

Although Colonel House and Ambassador Page were both supremely confident that the U.S. would declare war over the Lusitania, let’s just say the American people didn’t exactly jump right on board the British war-wagon. They were upset by the sinking, sure, but not enough to send their sons to European battlefields.

They weren’t as stupid and gullible as the British kept arrogantly and repeatedly crowing to themselves that they were. (you’d think they would have learned that by then, but no…)

It is particularly illustrative of the British character that even 70 years after the event they were still trying to hide their involvement!

A 2014 article by the Guardian talks about the fact that in 1982 they were still trying to keep it ‘under wraps’.

Newly released secret Whitehall files disclose that a Ministry of Defence warning that “something startling” was going to be found during the August 1982 salvage operation raised such serious concerns that previously undeclared war munitions and explosives might be found that divers involved were officially warned in the strongest terms of the possible “danger to life and limb” they faced.

Foreign Office officials also voiced serious concerns that a final British admission that there were high explosives on the Lusitania could still trigger serious political repercussions with America even though it was nearly 70 years after the event.

“Successive British governments have always maintained that there was no munitions on board the Lusitania (and that the Germans were therefore in the wrong to claim to the contrary as an excuse for sinking the ship),” wrote Noel Marshall, the head of the Foreign Office’s North America department, on 30 July 1982.

Yeah. Maintained as in LIED.

…Marshall said the disclosure of the true nature of the Lusitania’s cargo was likely to spark a public, academic and journalistic debate. He also reveals that Treasury solicitors had even gone so far as to consider whether the relatives of American victims of the sinking could still sue the British government if it was shown the German claims were well-founded.

A senior government lawyer, Jim Coombes at Treasury Chambers, told Marshall that the Admiralty had always denied that the Lusitania was armed or carrying war munitions but that there had always been persistent rumours about the latter.




Not after finding the ammunition, they’re not.

He said: “It cannot be denied that the sinking of the Lusitania did much to sway American opinion in favour of entering the war. If it were now to come to light that there was after all some justification, however slight, for torpedoing, HMG’s relations with America could well suffer.


That they should, baby, that they should.

We still have, what is this now, another 35 years later in 2017, fricking British apologists trotted out as still trying to hide the truth. Look at this ridiculousness

But it seems silly to conjure conspiracy theories from the murk of wartime propaganda, nationalist sentiment and even amid the current Internet-fueled enthusiasm for such theories: the cargo manifest lists 50 barrels of aluminum powder and 50 barrels of bronze powder. Both of these powders, if fine enough, and thrown into the air, say, by a torpedo explosion, present an explosion hazard.

Oh yea, that’s what it is. It’s a conspiracy theory!. There wasn’t any illegal weapons ammunition.

Arrows for this fool too.

Example Five.


Masterman played a crucial role in publicising reports of the Armenian Genocide, in part to strengthen the moral case against the Ottoman Empire. For his role in this, Masterman has been the target of repeated Turkish allegations that he fabricated, or at least embellished, the events for propaganda purposes.

However, it’s not quite that simple. (see The Reckoning – Chapter Seven – British Nobility Orchestrated Nazi Germany )

– – –

I cannot stress enough, just how protective these people are of us knowing what really happened – even now.

Masterman’s web reached well over into the U.S., for obvious reasons, one organization of which truly stands out. It was called the National Security League.

Let’s delve into that now.

* * *


The National Security League

a Masterman-spawned organization

Mr. Menken – I presume.

As its president, Solomon Menken played a key role in this organization with his cover job being that he worked for a London insurance company.

Since an insurance company (National Health Insurance Commission) was one of C.F.G. Mastermans covers for his Wellington House secret propaganda operation (begun in 1914), how much you wanna bet that Menken had dealings with him? – in one way or another, I can pretty much guarantee that is what happened.

This is exactly how Masterman operated – ever so discrete, personal “mentions”.

The National Security League (NSL) was founded on December 1, 1914, to “call for American entry into the war” against Germany. 150 prominent men were present at a meeting at the Hotel Belmont in New York City on December 1, and supported the league, as the New York Times reported on December 2, 1914.

Although, that “formation” was only it’s public face, discussions had been going on behind closed doors ever since soon-to-be President of it, Menken got back from London in August.

Right after that first meeting Masterman had held with all the would-be propagandists and spies for him. Its almost painfully obvious now that who was really behind this National Security League is the British, but back then that was being kept very hidden. At all costs, even lying on the witness-stand if necessary, as you are about to see.

As a little intro, as you know the first President of the League was Solomon Stanwood Menken. A key figure in this British spy-web was a man named Frederic Coudert. He had previously engaged in conversations with Menken while he was in London, as it happens, right when Britain officially declared War in August.

After a little hob-knobbing with British intelligence and City of London igors, Menken hastened his butt back to the United States aboard the RMS Olympic on August 29, 1914, to confer with “local heavyweights” such as Coudert, who was the legal counsel for the British Ambassador.

In the hearings we are about to discuss, Menken tried to say that how he came to form the National Security League was that he: “conceived the idea while listening to a debate in the House of Commons on August 5, 1914.” (p. 264 of hearings)

Sure he did. sarcasm little guy

That sounds just a bit thin as a cover story, especially considering that Coudert connection.

He even gave the wrong date. Know what he is actually talking about? This –

On the afternoon of Monday 3 August 1914, the British Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, headed to the House of Commons to deliver the speech of his career – then on the following day, Britain declared war.

So, there was NO DEBATE. It was a done deal. So either way Menken is lying to Congress about the reason for starting the NSL.

In the following picture, I believe that the man on the far right may be Henry Wickham Steed.

August 3, 1914:

Lord Edward Grey and a evil-ly smugly smiling Winston Churchill, after Grey’s speech

edward grey (left) and winston churchill world war I

Winston (center) and Lord Grey to his right.

winston churchill center - edward grey on right

To understand just how nasty that connection is Menken obviously has to Grey and Churchill – consider this. Not barely two months later Grey is carrying out Masterman’s propaganda plan and telling President Roosevelt how it’s going to work, or rather how it’s going to start.

Sir Edward Grey to Theodore Roosevelt, dated September 19th, 1914:

My dear Roosevelt,- J.M. Barris and A.E. W. Mason, some of whose books you have no doubt read, are going to the U.S. Their object is, as I understand, not to make speeches or give lectures, but to meet people, particularly those connected with Universities, and explain the British case as regards this war and our view of the issues involved.

*Grey, Twenty-Five Years II: p. 143

Did you recognize that name A.E.W. Mason? That is one of Masterman’s guys – that Lord Grey is fronting for! Mason, is on the list of authors (detailed above) at Masterman’s first “conference” on September 2, 1914. This letter is dated only a little over two weeks later! That’s what you call working fast, eh?

Now that you know what Menken is completely tied into and fronting for, let’s start looking at those hearings that I mentioned.

These hearings took place as part of a U.S. congressional investigation into so-called ‘Patriotic Societies’ that weren’t so very patriotic, after all. I’m going to start juxtaposing my comments and providing of background information with actual records from these hearings and I’m going to abbreviate the National Security League to NSL.

I’ll begin with the fact that one reason that Menken was in London mucking about with the City of London igors during this key summer of 1914, was that he was the attorney and representative for one of their big insurance companies. A British one.

p 927

Mr. Browne. Mr. Menken, your league’s president, when the league started, and for most of the time of the existence of the league, was attorney and representative of the [Liverpool and] London Globe Fire Insurance Co., wasn’t he, which firm had its home office in London, England?

Mr. Orth. I think I heard it testified. I am not certain.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

Note: Mr. Orth is an NSL man who likes to dissemble under direct questioning. You’ll see a lot of that as we go along here.

The Liverpool, London and Globe company that Menken represented, just happened to have proceeded to force the German Insurance companies out of business shortly after his “visit”.

His firm, by the way, had represented them for over 80 years. He said in the hearings that they “attend to their property interests” in New York City.

Menken was a noted Anglophile. One of Menken’s law firm main clients was J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan was one of the big four contributors to the NSL. He had a vested interest because he was handling the loans for England together with Fredric Coudert all mixed up with the British ambassador (who was under pressure to get supplies for Britain and get America into the war).

Just one big cozy family – a British one.

pages 926 and 927.

Mr. Browne. Now, you know that J. Pierpont Morgan — that his company was active in negotiating loans for Great Britain didn’t you?

Mr. Orth. Yes, sir.

Mr. Browne. Yes; and they were the British agents in this country to transact business between American manufacturers who were manufacturing supplies for the English Army, and England, weren’t they?

Mr. Orth. Yes, sir; they bought enormous quantities of supplies, I believe, for the British Government before we went into the war.

Mr. Browne. Morgan’s company were also the fiscal agents to float the allied loan before we got into the war, weren’t they, here in this country?

Mr. Orth. Yes, sir; I believe they were….

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

It is important that you understand that the slavemasters had just slipped through into law personal income tax in the U.S. So IF the Brits could succeed in tricking us into their war, then the U.S. Government (and all those lovely tax funds from US, the people) would then be accessible under the guise of “loans”.

That is really, really really sick.

It means they planned to make us, the people –



WE had to finance all the guns, the bombs, the ships, WE were made to finance all that death and destruction.

Oh my god!


And we had no real say in it at all.

What was this firm of Menken’s? It was called Beck, Thilbum and Menken, then located at 52 William Street. His personal address was given (in the hearings) as 34 W. 52nd St. NYC.

He was born Jewish, but he converted to Christianity and began using his middle name as his “first” name – this is why people called him “Stanwood”.

Solomon Stanwood Menken

Solomon Menken in 1918 - Chicago Daily News

As the NSL’s first President, Menken was followed in that capacity by Robert Bacon, then Menken again, and finally a Mr. Lydecker was the President at the time of these Congressional Investigations.

Pp. 56 and 57 of below reference, discuss the actual beginnings of the National Security League, including mentioning how congressman Augustus Gardner (and Coudert) “suggested” it to Menken. Remember Masterman and getting people to do his “personal mentions” thing here, as that is exactly how this happened.

Ok. Now, about this Coudert character…

On page 448, Menken himself mentions Coudert’s active position.

Mr. Menken. … I might mention that Mr. Coudert is a member of the executive national committee and has been active in the committee ever since its organization.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

Pages 926 and 927 also discuss the initial “idea” phase with Mr. Lydecker –

Mr. Johnson. When did you first become a member of the league?

Mr. Lydecker. I was one of original organizers of the league in November, 1914.

Mr. Johnson. What day of the month?

Mr. Lydecker. Well, the day, of the month on which it started would be a little difficult to say, because it was a matter of some conference. Mr. Stanwood Menken was in conference with one of the distinguished members of your body, Mr. Augustus Gardner, who in 1914 perceived the absolutely defenseless condition of this country and was making a most earnest plea that the country should do some thing in order that the pronouncements of the Government would be treated with some respect by others. And if I may say, the result of those talks was a meeting held at the Hotel Belmont on the 25th day of November, 1914, and then the National Security League officially began.

He “perceived the absolutely defenseless condition of this country”?

Oh <choke>. I don’t suppose it matters that is just about word for word, one of Masterman’s MAIN chosen propaganda lines to be used.

Nah. Doesn’t mean a thing.

Nicolas Cage Laugh

Menken is like the old-school version of todays propagandists who run stables of sock-puppet identities, when caught and questioned, just like in these hearings, they say something like “I’m just a guy with a computer and an opinion.”

Menken says that Gardner just “perceived” that all by his lone opinionated self. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a PERCEPTION!


Remember, one of the people Menken had been influenced by in London, was one of C.F.G. Masterman’s people and their “mentions”.

I just love parading that concept out and about – it’s just SO British aristocracy, SO sneaky and snooty, that it deserves ridicule at every possible opportunity.

On pp. 268 and 269, watch Menken try to avoid making that “British connection” known (which is what was actually going on).

p. 268

Mr. Johnson. Can you give me the name now of somebody else that you talked to quite early, too, looking toward the organization of the Security League?

Mr. Menken (to Mr. Harrison). Senator, can I borrow that book? [ Mr. Harrison handed a book to the witness.] Frederic R. Coudert was one.

Mr. Johnson. Who is he?

Mr. Menken. Mr. Coudert is a lawyer, a friend of mine, who had been one of the soldiers during the Spanish War. I think he was a Rough Rider.

Mr. Johnson. Do you know what class of clients he has; what particular interests?

Mr Menken. He happens to represent a great many foreign interests. He is a specialist on maritime law. He has had the honor of representing foreign Governments in controversies.

Mr. Johnson. Do you know what Governments?

Mr. Menken. I have heard he represents Great Britain, France, and Russia in international matters.

He heard?

Kermit the frog excited

Give me a break.

Watch him yet again, avoid the issue of that nasty tie to the British government – the real purpose of the League.


Mr. Johnson. You have just spoken of this gentleman representing some British clients, or the Government itself. Which is it?

Mr. Menken. I think Mr. Coudert is counsel for the British ambassador.

Mr. Johnson. And was at the breaking out of the war in 1914?

Mr. Menken. I don’t know about that.

Mr. Johnson. Do you know when his employment as counsel for- the British ambassador began?

Mr. Menken. I really couldn’t say. I know little of his private affairs. Henry L. Stimson was another man I talked to.

[look how he tried to change the subject there.]

Mr. Johnson. Do you know whether or not he [Coudert] represents, either directly or indirectly, any other Government, or whether he has or not since the outbreak of the war, any foreign Government?

Mr. Menken. Why, Mr. Coudert has a very big international practice. I have heard of him representing South American countries, and French and Russian, and I think perhaps Italian interests.

Note: Look, it’s the innocent, naive and gee-golly-gosh approach.

Why Grandma…what big teeth you have!

innocent red riding hood

Mr. Johnson. Any others?

Mr. Menken. None that I could state with certainty.

Mr. Johnson. Well, any other that you could name, but at the same time qualifying with some degree of uncertainty?

Mr. Menken. No; I can not guess.

Mr. Johnson. Then why did you make the suggestion of certainty or uncertainty?

Mr Menken. You read of his name all the time in connection with international cases. He is a recognized authority in international law, and the type of a man that is apt to be retained by any foreign country having important international questions, and it is rather hard to remember whether it was Mr. Coudert that was on this case and Mr. Garrison on that, or vice versa.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


Menken is completely lying through his teeth!

“It is rather hard to remember.”

Look at the difference a couple hundred pages later in the hearings when a different Cngressman, Mr. Browne, questions Menken on the same point, on p. 495 – Menken obviously had been given a stern talking to by probably Coudert.

Yea. Now he “remembers”, see.

Mr. Browne. Frederic R. Coudert — is he a member of the executive committee?

Mr. Menken. Yes, sir.

Mr. Browne. And one of the moving spirits in organizing the National Security League?

Mr. Menken. Yes, sir.

Mr. Browne. And active since the Security League was organized?

Mr. Menken. Yes, sir.

Mr. Browne. I read from the Directory of Directories. City of New York, 1917-1918: Vice president and director, Chapultepec Land Improvement Co. Is that a Mexican corporation?

Mr. Menken. I don’t know anything about it.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


So, wow, that was the lovely little frontman for Coudert, the Brits, and this “National Security” league – Mr. Menken hisself up close and personal.

Menken in 1918
(the time of the Congressional hearings)

Solomon Menken in 1918 - Chicago Daily News

Ok. So let’s get into what this league was actually doing, starting with the fact that right away, under Menken’s direction, the NSL behaved much like Stephenson’s later British Security Coordination during WWII.

The NSL started issuing “warnings” against a German invasion of the U.S., once England was defeated.

They even promoted a forged map of the “Kaiser’s plan for the world” – exactly like the BSC was involved in doing with the infamous (and forged) Hitler Map.

National Security League propagandaimage is from the Library of Congress


The NSL called all advocates of peace and non-intervention, “pro-German,” “dangerous aliens,” “traitors,” and “spies.” They were also heavily involved in pushing behind-the-scenes for the Espionage Act and the Trading-With-The-Enemy Act.

Please see my husbands excellent article about The Espionage Act – it documents how it came into being, how it was used and how it was purely an instrument of British domination in the U.S. to stop us, the people, from refusing to fight their war for them (WWI).

The NSL also advocated universal military training, conscription, and the U.S. buildup of the largest navy in the world.

It purported to be about supporting patriotism and the extermination of values which were “un-American.” Of course, what those values were had everything to do with what the British wanted – us to fight their War – and absolutely nothing American about it.

They employed maximum deniability “volunteer” propagandists that they called “Flying Squadrons” – don’t you just love that cheesy name? – to spread propaganda on street corners.

This reminds me of the Guardian’s Office of the Church of Scientology and their “Field Staff Members” who were often intelligence agents running operations against critics of Scientology. Their “volunteer” status was to make the Church be able to claim deniability of running them – exactly the same reason that the NSL deployed the “Flying Squadron”.

Coming back to those hearings again now –


p. 1030

Mr. Browne. You hired three speakers, didn’t you, to talk on the street corners for the league?

Mr. West. No, sir ; the league has a department known as the “flying squadron,” of street speakers, but to the best of my knowledge not one of them is paid anything. They are all volunteers.

Mr. Browne. Well, don’t you have what you call street speaker- squadrons?

Mr. West. Yes, sir; but they are volunteer speakers, not paid speakers.

Mr. Browne. They are speaking now, aren’t they?

Mr. West. Speaking now?

Mr. Browne. Yes.

Mr. West. Yes, sir; they are speaking now, to the best of my knowledge.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


See? He makes a point of that they are NOT PAID – as if that gets him out of directing them.

The League was also used as a front to attempt to swing elections of people the British deemed ‘more amenable’.

p. 1029

Mr. Browne. In your league bulletin of September, 1918, after most of the primaries had been held, you stated:

Gratifying results are being obtained by the league’s congressional committee, which is prosecuting an aggressive, nonpartisan campaign in all parts of the country to insure the election to Congress this fall of men of demonstrated loyalty and ability.

Mr. West. That is right; yes, sir.


You understand the importance of the above – right?

It is proof that British intelligence has a history of controlling our elections.


The fanatical jihad displayed by British-driven war advocates was often directed against anyone even suspected of unpatriotic actions, words, or even thoughts!

This is not patriotic to America acts that we’re talking about here. It’s patriotic to Britain that is the actual unstated guideline for attack.

Just as in England under Masterman’s helm, what do we see in America?

Intense anti-German feeling swept the state and nation. It became unpopular, if not unpatriotic, to play German music, to speak or read German. Enrollment in German courses in the University dropped from 1,300 to 150. In the name of the National Security League, Mr. Van Tyne attacked University employees suspected of pacifism, disloyalty, or “subversive” thought. Princeton’s Professor McElroy also attacked students at a western university in exactly the same way.

It became so damn blatantly obvious that something was rather amiss with this “league”, that a Congressional Investigation was called in 1918.

I really think that these hearings make fantastic reading. There is so much that you can learn about Masterman (and ergo British ‘foreign’ intelligence) in them as relates to this Masterman front group here – the NSL – and the kind of people that they always end up using. Total amoral, selfish, real-life criminals (whether charged as such or not).

It’s quite a statement of the complete lack of correctness of their goals.

Despite the one attempt to throw “the steel industry” under the bus by one congressman in order to misdirect attention off of the British (and British intelligence), there are numerous examples in these hearings of the total sliminess of the criminals involved in that league. Most of whom were obviously perfectly happy to trade American independence for a seat in, as I call it, The New Republic of Britain’s United States.

For example, here is documentation of who were the four biggest money-laundering fronts for funds to support the League. Have a look –

p. 913

J.P. Morgan

(Mr. Browne submitted the following paper:)

  1. J.P. Morgan, 23 Wall Street, New York, May 19, 1916 $1,000
  2. J.P. Morgan & Co., Wall Street, New York, Aug. 21, 1917 1,300

Total – 2,300


  1. John D. Rockefeller, New York, Sept. 25, 1917 $10,000
  2. John D. Rockefeller, 26 Broadway, Apr. 9, 1918 25,000

total – 35,000
p 914

Mr. Browne. Mr. H.C. Frick is one of the directors in the United States Steel Corporation and eight other large corporations, including many large railroad companies…

  1. H.C. Frick, Frick Building, Pittsburgh, October 23, 1915 $1,000
  2. H.C. Frick, New York City, February 13, 1917 2,500

Total – 3,500

p. 999 (Barnhart is Indiana congressman)

Mr. Reavis. I want to ask you just one more question. Do you realize or do you know that one-fourth of the contributions made to this league were made by the Carnegie Corporation?

Mr. Barnhart. In glancing over the report there I saw that Mr. Carnegie gave $100,000 and subscribed $50,000 more.

Total – 150,000


Mr. Reavis. The total subscriptions, according to the report, approximately are $600,000.

Mr. Barnhart. Of the Carnegie Corporation?

Mr. Reavis. No; the total subscriptions to the league; so approximately one-fourth of the money contributed to this league was contributed by the Carnegie Corporation.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


When America entered WWI in 1917 –

Mr. Dupont supplied 40% of the gunpowder to the Allies.


It’s not much of a surprise to find him donating heavily, as well.

p. 1034

Mr. Browne….Now, Mr. Dupont, the coal man. Wilmington. Del., he contributed— these are all 1918— February 23. $1,000: March 4. $1,000: April . $1,000: June 4. $1,000.

Mr. Walsh. In February, 1918. Mr. Dupont agreed to contribute $5,000. as I remember.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918



Even Jacob Schiff was mixed up in donating to this British front – everybody say cheese to British Intelligence in New York head – William Wiseman!

Schiff had to make a show of being “with the program” by donating money to the NSL.

p. 1033

Mr. Browne. Jacob H. Schiff. 52 William Street, June 5, 1918, $250. He is interested, as we showed yesterday, in a great many corporations, isn’t he?

Mr. West. I suppose so, sir.


As a complete sidetrack here, or maybe not, would it interest you to know that two of these NSL financers managed to come up with excuses to not be on the Titanic’s fateful voyage?

Ok. You talked me into it. Side Trip! it is then. (kind of like a road trip on your screen – ha)




The Titanic was scheduled to depart on its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912, and sank to its watery grave on April 15.

The so-called “Just Missed It Club” somehow managed to be comprised of a number of prominent Americans– called Titans of the Gilded Age.

American steel magnate Henry Clay Frick canceled when Mrs. Frick sprained her ankle and decided to stay in Europe.(Encyclopedia Titanica). Note: With loans from wealthy friends Andrew Mellon and Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick had been put on his road to riches by the ripe old age of twenty-one.

The Fricks later sailed home aboard the Lusitania, receiving congratulatory letters from friends such as former Attorney General Philander Knox on the “lucky circumstance that you gave up your sailing on the Titanic.”

The Fricks ca. 1913 on Fifth Avenue in New York for the Easter Parade.

The Fricks’ suite aboard the Titanic, was reported by some sources to have included rooms B-52, 54 and 56.

John Pierpont Morgan, the head of the International Mercantile Marine, parent company of White Star Line that owned Titanic and the financial mastermind behind the creation of General Electric and the U.S. Steel Corp. – booked suite B-52.

The following is one of the propaganda stories released to cover up the real explanation for J.P. Morgan’s sudden change of plans in regards the maiden voyage of Titanic:

Pierpont Morgan was with a French antiquities dealer at his hotel, in early April 1912.
He spent the summer in Europe acquiring items for his 50 million dollar art collection.
Now he was awaiting a deal to be accepted to purchase some treasured tapestries depicting events of the Third Crusade to the Holy Land.

The Dealer asked Morgan, “it’s common knowledge that you will make the maiden voyage of Titanic. I suppose that means you’ll be embarking at Cherbourg?”

Morgan replied, “I wouldn’t miss that trip for a million dollars. But I will board at Southampton in order to make the entire voyage.”

Just as Morgan was preparing to leave for England, he received word that arrangements had been made and he could view the tapestries and make an offer on them. Morgan would be delayed for several more days for the purchase to be completed. While waiting, he sent this cancellation message: J. Pierpont Morgan to White Star in Southampton from Chartres: “Business will deny me the pleasure of being one of the first to cross on the finest vessel of I. M. M.” (Garrison, A Treasury of Titanic Tales)

Morgan once said: “A man always has two reasons for doing anything – a good reason and the real reason.” That has no small applicability to the events surrounding his sudden change of plans – and they were very sudden.

Let me give you an idea of what Morgan was actually doing during his winter vacation of 1912. It was in January, at the exact same time as the Fricks, the Astors, Molly Brown, Brewer, Bucknell and Dulles (yes, one of those Dulles) that Morgan goes to Egypt to his excavations.

This is documented in a New York Times article of 16 March 1912 entitled: J.P. Morgan Dug Into Egypt’s Past.

Financier Superintended the Search for Early Christian Cemetery at Khargeh
Built A House In Desert
Had Force of Men at Work Under Egyptian Engineers

J. P. Morgan spent his Winter vacation at the ancient oasis of Khargeh, which is four days’ ride west of Thebes, on the old caravan route from the Nile to Berber and the Soudan. The principal object of Mr. Morgan’s stay there before starting home by way of Italy was to watch the native laborers he has employed under Egyptian engineers to excavate at his expense in the desert around Khargeh in search of a Christian cemetery which dates back to the early days of the Christian era.

… the financier had a small house erected close to the ruins of the Temple of Ammon, which contains some fine cartouches of Rameses II. There are also some fine Roman ruins in the district which are being excavated at Mr. Morgan’s expense.

What you may not realize the significance of here, in Morgan being at Khargeh, is that this is very close to where the Nag Hammadi Library was later “found” – as were The Dead Sea Scrolls ‘by peasants in some clay jars’. These are considered Coptic texts.

Ok, now remember that story about the reason that Morgan supposedly cancelled his trip on the Titanic, and look at this New York Times article from the following month (April 28, two weeks after Titanic sank) entitled: Mr. Morgan Seeks More Coptic Manuscripts in Egypt

J. Pierpont Morgan is on his way home from a vacation junt to the site of the ancient oasis of Khargeh, four days’ ride west of the ruins of Thebes, in Egypt, and on the caravan route from the Nile to Berber, in the Soudan.

… The newspapers recorded, when Mr. Morgan’s destination became known, that he had gone to the African desert to learn of the progress being made there by the native laborers he had employed under Egyptian engineers to excavate near Khargeh in a search for a Christian cemetery, which dates back to the early days of this era. Some fine Roman remains in the district were also mentioned vaguely as an object of Mr. Morgan’s researches. Mr. Morgan’s excavations have a much more definite object. He is seeking ancient manuscripts of the Coptic or Egyptian Christian Church, early examples of which, recently translated and elucidated have caused such a profound impression among scholars and students of exegetics.

…Mr. Morgan’s journey to Egypt, moreover, followed closely on the announcement of his purchase in Paris of what is regarded as the most complete and valuable collection of Coptic manuscripts that has ever been unearthed in Egypt.



J.P. Morgan quote: “A man always has two reasons for doing anything – a good reason and the real reason.”

As you can see, there has been a major cover-up as to the real whereabouts of Morgan at this time and actually why he had to run back to Rome (and the Pope) in the middle of his Khargeh expedition.

This coverup was engendered because of what happened in Egypt that led directly to the sudden formation of the plan to bring about the sinking of the Titanic.

John Jacob Astor had funded Nikola Tesla’s research into free electricity. The research was successful. Free electricity posed a huge financial threat to the British and Vatican slavemasters – think of the lost income to them if homes and electric cars were operated with free electricity. That threat was also finally over when the Titanic was sunk, killing Astor.

But it is what happened in Egypt with Astor that was an even bigger problem.

Kharga used to be the last stop on The Forty Days Road, the infamous slave-trade route between North Africa and the tropical south. Morgan is intensely excavating at Hibis, also referred to as the Temple of Ammun. What is interesting about that is that historians have previously located the ‘oracle’ of Ammun at Siwa, but there are a few remnants (very hard to find) of a legend about an oracle of Ammun being at Hibis not Siwa. I presume to state that is why Morgan is looking into Hibis.

Something big, and not so good for humanity is clearly about to be embarked on here by Morgan. In fact, it had begun in 1911. A plan. One so secret that out of nowhere Morgan suddenly up and decided to destroy all of his letters to his father that he had so painstakingly kept for almost 50 years.

He destroyed these letters the same year as this supposed “find” of the big Coptic library in Faiyum and mere months before the Titanic would be sunk. Coincidence?

I think not.

These letters of Morgan started in 1857 and detailed ALL of he and his fathers’ plans and intelligence on other people.

Pierpont wrote regularly to his father in London by every steamer. This was the beginning of the long series of letters that the younger man wrote to the older one. Until his father’s death in 1890, whenever they were on opposite sides of the ocean Pierpont never let a steamer go without a letter.

…All of his letters were kept by his father and inserted in regular order in covers which made a volume for each year. These were locked. That row of books of letters stood on a shelf in the library at “Dover House” at Roehampton until 1911. These volumes contained running comments on the men and affairs of the years between 1857-1890, and their pages formed an autobiography. However, because of the confidential matters which the letters contained, the man who wrote them destroyed them all one day putting them into the fire one by one. He said afterwards that he could not take the time to go over all them and cut out or delete things that he did not wish others to read, and as a great many of the people of whom he wrote were dead and gone, he thought it was better to burn them. (Satterlee, J. Pierpont Morgan An Intimate Portrait, 1939)

One might ask, if the excuse is the people are dead and gone then what did it matter?

However, one or two of these letters managed to escape the Great Burning. One of them shows exactly when Junius Morgan, as head of George Peabody and Company, linked up with Rothschild – the letter was dated December 4, 1857, New York.


My dearest Father;

…The news was received in the Street [Wall Street] in the right manner, and I can assure you that it has tended to strengthen rather than weaken the character and credit of the House…I have been into the Street and heard it discussed. No one knew me and consequently I could hear everything said and everything agrees with the tone of this article. It certainly is rather mortifying to the pride to be obliged to call for the aide [from the Bank of England 1 million pounds, the only firm this was done for], although it is brought about by the conduct of others. But I don’t see that it can injure the credit of the House much, for Barings and Brown had to go through the same in ’37….…Your ever affectionate son Pierpont (Satterlee, J. Pierpont Morgan An Intimate Portrait, 1939)

’37 is a reference to the engineered “panic” of 1837 just after President Andrew Jackson had both paid off the U.S. debt to these slimy banker types and had shut down their Bank of the United States. Rothschild, on behalf of both the Crown of England and the Vatican had sent over his agent August Belmont during this “panic”, who sets up supposedly just his own banking house in New York called August Belmont & Company. Belmont, whose real name August Schonberg, then proceeded to insinuate himself into all sorts of U.S. government functions. He served on foreign missions for the government, was U.S. Minister to Holland, and became chosen chairman of the national Democratic committee. That’s just real cute, considering who he was working for.

And that’s just ONE letter that managed to survive, and yet Morgan, had no desire to destroy his letter collection until right here in 1911.

It was barely a month or so after this destruction, December 1911, that Morgan goes and covertly buys these supposed “Coptic” manuscripts in Paris.

The story goes that in 1910 the library of the ancient Coptic monastery of St. Michael of the Desert was discovered in southern Faym, near the village of Hamuli. Nearly sixty parchment volumes were ‘found in a stone cistern’…how much do you want to bet that those were planted there?

Even if you look at the details provided about this supposed “find” something just doesn’t add up here. What I mean by that is this. Take a look at this description about ‘Mr. Morgan’s collection’ –

Many of the manuscripts are still in their original bindings, which are possibly the oldest, and certainly the best-authenticated, specimens of the art of book-binding in that remote period. They consist of thick boards made of layers of papyrus sheets taken from older manuscripts.

The covering is brown or deepened leather stamped with geometrical patterns, or cut through so as to show pieces of the same material, but of different colors (generally red or gold), slipped between the board and cover.

In one case the decoration, exceedingly elaborate, was obtained by means of narrow strips of red parchment delicately stitched on the gilded cover of the boards and on the inner face of one of the boards, the name of the monastery is reproduced in the same manner on the turned-in edge of the leather covering.

A dozen of the volumes are adorned with full-page miniatures representing the Virgin with her Divine Son at her breast or sitting in her lap, angels, martyrs, anchorites, and other saints.

A wealth of decorations from the Vegetable and Animal realms runs along the margins and around the titles of the individual treatises, in almost all the volumes. (Catholic article written by H. HYVERNAT the man Morgan sent these to in the U.S. to ‘translate’)

Do you see all the con giveaways in that description? They have been right there staring everyone in the face for over a hundred years now.

I’ll give you just one hint: …full-page miniatures representing the Virgin with her Divine Son at her breast or sitting in her lap, angels, martyrs, anchorites, and other saints.

We’ll just leave it at that for now.

Suffice it to say that the real reason that J.P. Morgan gave up cabin B-52 on the Titanic, is a bit more than what historians have said. After all, again, his motto was: “A man always has two reasons for doing anything – a good reason and the real reason.”

Who took that suite after Morgan?

Some historians believe that B-52 was finally occupied by J. Bruce Ismay, IMM president. Amid the chaos during Titanic’s final hours, Ismay jumped into a lifeboat, surviving the disaster and arriving home to widespread public criticism. Ismay was villainized in the press (“J. Brute Ismay”) on both sides of the Atlantic for depriving women and children of spaces on the few available lifeboats.

Then there’s Morgan’s colleague Robert Bacon, the American ambassador to France during the Taft administration. Bacon had assisted Morgan with the formation of U.S. Steel and the IMM. The story goes that the alleged tardiness of a colleague is why he suddenly cancelled his booking on the Titanic.

Remember that name? That guy was the second President of the National Security League!

And then there’s the other really interesting one in this special little “missed it” Club, Mr. George W. Vanderbilt II, then owner of the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, and his wife Edith who cancelled on April 9. The cover story given in news reports was that: Mrs. Vanderbilt’s sister, Susan Dresser, vehemently opposed her sister and brother-in-law’s trip aboard Titanic, declaring, “The first trip of any ship is dangerous.”

That is not what happened.

Taking a section out of an as yet unpublished article here –

Escaped Death on The Titanic!

Another rather important and revealing tidbit concerning this Vanderbilt woman (who married John Cecil and lived at the Biltmore in North Carolina) is that her father George and his wife had themselves scheduled to sail on the maiden voyage of the Titanic! They had booked passage in a first-class cabin on the Titanic – as well as a second-class cabin for their 24-year-old footman, Edwin Charles “Frederick” Wheeler, who had brought their baggage on board several days before the April 14, 1912, departure.

Someone, at around the same time as Morgan pulled out, warned the Vanderbilts not to go on the Titanic. Their reservation was so hastily cancelled (April 9) the day before it first sailed – that there wasn’t even time to get their luggage back! So, George’s personal valet of more than 30 years, Edwin Wheeler (the poor man) had to stay with the luggage. He died along with the thousands of others the night the Titanic sunk. His body was never recovered.

This is Wheeler, walking on the promenade of the Titanic.

A third Vanderbilt also cancelled a booking on the Titanic: Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt – George’s nephew and third son of Cornelius Vanderbilt II – had sent a cablegram to his mother on the day the Titanic sank telling her he had not boarded, and was safe in London – contrary to a report in that day’s New York Times that he had “joined the Titanic in Cherbourg.”

Then there’s my personal favorite – Guglielmo Marconi. He had been offered free passage on Titanic but had taken the Lusitania three days earlier “because he had paperwork to do and preferred the telegraph operator aboard that vessel.”

A little thin, even for a cover story, that is.

Considering that there is strong evidence to suggest that a radio-operated explosion is what actually sank the Titanic, much like what happened to the USS Maine a couple decades earlier (Marconi had stolen and worked on a Tesla invention of a radio-operated bomb) I seriously doubt that explanation as to why Marconi wasn’t on the Titanic.

There’s definitely something rotten in river city about all this, I’m starting to get quite the list on who was told not to go on the Titanic. But we’ll talk more about that another time.

So, here we have Morgan and his secrets posing as Egypt digs that Astor happened across, plus Frick, both escaping what happened to the Titanic while Astor dies, and within just a couple years these same two men are right on board another one of the most vicious hoaxes ever perpetrated on humanity – World War I – and being two of our main financers for this National Security League (NSL).

You can see why I’m finding this all rather fascinating, personally.

Besides the ‘escaped the Titanic’ tidbit –

There are –

also several other points of interest that were revealed in those NSL hearings.


P. 504 gives an example that not only is an excellent one showing the type of propaganda these British igors tried to shove down young American’s throats, but it is also a fabulous example of just how smart people were about such things at the time.

In April 1918, when league man Robert McNutt McElroy of Princeton tried to run ye ole “they are all young and dumb” British/Vatican corrupt the youth routine on some students in Wisconsin – he was so pissed at his utter failure at this endeavor that he accused practically every citizen in the state of Wisconsin of treason!



Mr. Menken. I think it was the New York Tribune.

Mr. Browne. Do you remember that in that interview, among other things, Dr. McElroy said this:

At the University of Wisconsin, where there are about 2,000 students. I spoke at a large audience of young men wearing the khaki uniform of the United Suites. I was telling them of America’s real purposes and aims and ideals in this war. It seemed to me that from the outset the audience took strangely little interest in the things I was talking about, the cause for which I was pleading.

For the most part, once they had learned that America and patriotism was my theme, they sat with folded arms, stared wearily up at the ceiling, from time to time they would turn and look at each other and smile superciliously, sort of pityingly: there was a good deal of fidgeting and scuffling of feet.

Several times, generally at the most strongly patriotic portions of my talk, sounds which bore every sign of being subdued hisses could be heard. Later it was offered to me in explanation that these were warnings to the noisy ones to be quiet, but they did not sound that way to me.

When I began to quote from some of President Wilson’s messages the rattle of snapping rifle triggers throughout the audience, the men being under military training have guns, sounded very much like an attempt to break up the speech.

Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. I determined to find out whether It was my fault or whether it was the American point of view that these young men objected to, so I leaned forward and I deliberately insulted them.

“Do you know what I think of you from your conduct to-night?” I said, “I think you are a bunch of damned traitors.

Well, what do you think happened? A loud outcry of protest? A stampede to pull me down from the platform? A demand that I retract that effront to their university?

No, sir: not any of those things. What happened was absolutely nothing, not a murmur, not a sound, except that toward the back of the room a few men snickered. I was not only thunderstruck; I was appalled.

If a speaker said that to a group of men at my university, Princeton, I should hate to have to answer for the consequences.

But even then I thought I would test them a little further, give them another chance, us it were. So a little later I said: “I have often wondered what it would be like to speak before a Prussian audience. I think I know now.

Still there was no protest, not a slightest sign of resentment.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


Oh the poor baby…

Those damnable Americans weren’t rising to their war-mongering and even LAUGHED at him for trying!


mad crying baby

When this piece of nastiness came out in the Press, many mainstream supporters of the NSL (previously unaware of the extreme anglophilic fanaticism of some of the more senior members of the organization’s inner circle) – they quit in protest!

I love that later, someone tried to explain away this guy’s behavior by saying that “they couldn’t hear him because of the rain, not because they disgreed” and “of course, they would not have responded as they did if they could hear him.”

Sure they would have. That must be it.

Vincent price - you got that right

Talk about wishful thinking. Sheesh! They really can’t handle not being able to control people like they always think they can in their little clutternut heads of delusion.

Incidentally, p. 506 shows Lydecker trying to get out of that what McElroy did was an approved and obvious tactic of the league. He tries to say that McElroy “had that article corrected” but he gets nailed on his lie and that he personally had admitted it was true, to a JUDGE, no less!

Good stuff.

When questioned probingly into the finances of the League, it’s interesting not only what turned up but watching people like Menken try to play deaf, dumb, and ignorant.

Some really excellent examples of people like this in action – My notes in grey.

p. 407

Mr. Johnson. Do you know whether or not Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan was doing purchasing on this side of the water for the British government?

Morgan’s son-in-law, who wrote Morgan’s biography, Mr. H. Satterlee was part of the league’s Executive Committee. Morgan was doing purchasing for the British Government, and Menken has to admit that, but look how he does it next –

Mr. Menken. I so read.

Mr. Johnson. Did he make you any contribution?

Mr. Menken. I think the Morgan firm refused, as a firm, to make any contribution to the work of the league, because they thought that some foolish people might criticize them.

He just indirectly insulted all the congressman investigating them! Doesn’t phase Mr. Johnson, he just plows right on past that and changes the question. Note that unless you ask Menken the right question, he doesn’t give you the answer you are obviously looking for, and which answer he already knows.

Mr. Johnson. Did Mr. J. P. Morgan as an individual make you a contribution?

Mr. Menken. I think we did get some contribution from him individually — perhaps $1,000. Mr. Bacon did get some contributions from Mr. Morgan.

He thinks? There he goes again.

Mr. Johnson. Who is Mr. [Robert] Bacon?

Mr. Menken. Mr. Bacon is ex-secretary of state and was an ex-candidate for senator in New York. He is now a colonel in France.

Mr. Johnson. I have on this paper the contribution made by Mr. J. P. Morgan. If you will indulge me just a moment till I find it, I will see how much it was. (After a pause.) Not finding it, I will go ahead. Did you receive any contributions from Mr. H. C. Frick ?

Mr. Menken. Yes.

Watch him act like he doesn’t know what Frick does. Unless he lived in a cave at the bottom of the ocean there is NO way he didn’t know who and what Frick was at that time period.

Mr. Johnson. Who is he?

Mr. Menken. Mr. Frick is a retired capitalist, living in the city of New York in the winter, and in the State of Massachusetts in the summer.

He sounds like his travel agent or something. How oh-so-innocent he makes him sound.

Mr. Johnson. In what business has he been engaged?

Mr. Menken. Why, I have heard that he had been engaged in the steel business very successfully.

There goes the little-red-riding-hood act again – Why grandma….

Mr. Reavis. Mr. Johnson suggests that I ask you the question that I just suggested to him. You are also informed generally that Mr. Frick is very largely interested in steel holdings now, are you not?

Mr. Menken. I have no information on the subject.

Mr. Reavis. Well, you have heard rumors and statements of that kind, have you not?

Mr. Menken. I have.

Mr. Reavis. General repute states that Mr. Frick is largely interested in steel holdings. Don’t you know that to be true?

Mr. Menken. I have heard it. I don’t know whether it is true or not.

The average guy on the street knew that, but he doesn’t? Not likely.

Mr. Johnson. Do you recall how much Mr. Frick gave you?

Mr. Menken. I got one check for $2,500, and I think he gave a previous contribution, about the same time.

Mr. Johnson. The report that we have from our auditor is that Mr. Frick at one time contributed $1,000, and at another time $2,500.

Mr. Menken. I got the $2,500. I think he sent in the $1,000 on reading of our work in the papers — the initial $1,000. In fact, I know he did. He did it as a voluntary act without any solicitation whatsoever.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


Yeah, “voluntary” – except for Masterman and Morgan telling him to, that is, but we won’t mention that.

sarcasm little guy


On p. 408, there is an interesting mention of a company called The American Exporters & Importers’ Association of New York. That was a front corporation for British intelligence, but its real power was that it was tied directly into the “money” lines of the hearts of the British Empire and the Vatican. It’s extremely difficult to find anything on the net about that company, even now.

Every person questioned about this Association stone-walled the committee and “didn’t know” anything about it.

Mr. Johnson. I also find that Mr. J. P. Morgan, 23 Wall Street. at one time contributed $1,000, and another time $1,500. That is taken from your books. Tell me who are the American Exporters— what is the American Exporters & Importers’ Association of New York?

Mr. Menken. I never heard of them.

Mr. Johnson. Did you receive any contributions from them!

Mr. Menken. I don’t recollect any. I don’t doubt it if it is on the books.

Mr. Johnson. Well, taken from your books, is the statement that at one time that concern contributed $1,850 and at another time $150, making $2,000; but you don’t know who they are?

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


Exactly. That’s utter bullshit, but interesting the absolute protection of what it is though.

On p. 1033, Mr. Browne tries to find out about this place and is questioning a Mr. West.

Mr. Browne. Now, the American Export & Import Association, in New York, March 13, 1918 contributed $1,850.

Mr. West. I think that was the result of a lunch which was given at which various branches of business agreed to contribute so much to the work of the league.

Mr. Browne. Who were some of the men in the American Export & Import Association?

Mr. West. I have not the slightest idea.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


More stonewalling, see? I mean really. We’re supposed to believe this flippant kind of ‘Oh yea, we had some lunch and they gave us the equivalent of 25k in 2017 dollars.

Well, jeez louise, what the heck did they serve at this lunch? Hummingbird tongue salad hand-prepared by virgins from an isolated village in the West Andes?

When I originally researched this a few years ago, all I could find was this tiny little blurb where it was listed as a creditor for Hellenic Chemical & Color Company, Inc. who was declaring bankruptcy.

American_export_&_import_associationNew York Sun November 5, 1919

In preparing this article now (January 2018) I have since gained a few tricks up my sleeve on how to penetrate this ‘wall’ of nothing. When you see what I have found, the blatantly false “I don’t know” angle going on in this Congressional Hearing becomes even more ludicrous.

This was a very powerful association. We’re talking billions of dollars even in 1919 kind of powerful.

It looks to have started in 1908.

William E. Peck was one of the founders of this American Exporters and Importers Association, served as its President (1912-1913) and during WWI as one of its more prominent members? He was a special director for the American War Trade Board.  (Blume, Dictionary US Maritime)

Not good.

That’s kind of like warmongers and profiteers central.

Colonel House, with his tight ties to British intelligence, had his tentacles straight into the War Trade Board through its chairman Vance McCormick. He even took Vance with him to the Paris Peace Conferences of 1919, where they had a long series of conversations with Lord Robert Cecil. One can just imagine all the sub-text going on in those – what with the whole League of Nations thing and all. Then there’s John Foster Dulles and his “excellent work” on the board that caught Bernard Baruch’s eye.

None of which are good things at all.

So, to have one of the more prominent members of this Exporters and Importers Association involved, is no minor detail. These people, including Baruch, were just beside themselves with how wonderful everything was (for them) because of WWI.

The world war and our participation in it have wonderfully bettered the equipment of the American people for foreign trade. – James Farrell; director of the National Foreign Trade Council. (Financier, Volume 113)

One of the ‘leading’ organizations of that was, you guessed it, the Exporters and Importers Association.

In 1921, as part of let’s get together with Britain and install some nice dictators around the world in the name of TRADE – these people got together with some big bankers and formed a Foreign Trade Financing Corporation.

The permanent committee reads like the who’s who of bankers.Anywhere from Paul Warburg to James Forgan to John McHugh, with a cool 100 mill as start-up money. Look who needed to approve this! (marked in bold)

Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting that a foreign trade financing corporation, with an authorized capital of $100,000,000, be organized at once on the general lines approved by the American Bankers Association and committees of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, the National Foreign Trade Council, the American Manufacturers Export Association, and the American Exporters and Importers Association; and be it further Resolved, That the extension of credit by the corporation should be confined to the countries where there is a stable government and where there is an assurance of integrity of purpose…

– Chicago Conference Authorizes Its Immediate Organization – Meeting called by the American Bankers Association Bankers Magazine)

assurance of integrity of purpose“? Talk about your euphemisms. Yea. Assurances like…you do what we want or else.

Then there’s this from 1919 that shows that this association represented a trade “well surpassing $1,000,000,000 annually.

Probably by far one of the more interesting finds (archived here) was a list of the member groups of this Exports and Imports Association – one of which was the World War I spy organization G. Amsinck!

See? What’d I tell ya. One hell of a powerful, rich and highly connected Association. With hugely important ties to the British Foreign Office (through both Charles Masterman and the City of London bankers) and to the Vatican.

But hey now –

Mr. Johnson. I also find that Mr. J. P. Morgan, 23 Wall Street. at one time contributed $1,000, and another time $1,500. That is taken from your books. Tell me who are the American Exporters— what is the American Exporters & Importers’ Association of New York?

Mr. Menken. I never heard of them.


That’s a Kermit moment right there.

It is interesting though, even just the name of it, because it is awfully similar to what was chosen to be the name later on in the James Bond books of the front corporation for British intelligence. They called it Universal Exports. I kind of doubt that’s a coincidence. More like a ‘nod’ to tradition.

Finally, there are a couple of stellar examples documented in these hearings, that illustrate the eerie Orwellian quality of the British goals peering through the National Security League publications.

This first one is with Lydecker, who was then the President of the league.

p, 142

Mr. Caraway. Now, you said that the membership could understand the league was working toward the end suggested, and you say now the league is not putting forth any activities.

Mr. Lydecker. No: you do not quote me right.

Mr. Caraway:. You put yourself in the record, then.

Mr. Lydecker. What I said was that these were topics that were suggested and approved by the executive committee for the future activity and they have not yet — it is very recently that these were topics. They have, just been approved, and as far as the majority of them are concerned, they were work of the committees already in progress. The first one that you referred to and asked me about, the committee has not been informed, has not taken any active part and is likely to do so if it appears that public discussion is very rife, and that the question of the confirmation of the treaty interests the world at large — of the United States — either upon questions of the freedom of the seas or the league of nations or any of those matters upon which the Senate may be called upon to vote.

Mr. Caraway. Next comes, “steadying the Nation by a great propaganda for the maintenance of the principles of freedom, justice, law, and liberty.” You are carrying that out?

“Steadying” the Nation?

That’s what they’re calling what they are doing?


I love this next part I excerpted – the way that congressman Reavis just nails them on an excellent example of their “great propaganda” – as they put it – of a just and careful peace.

starts p 182

Mr. Reavis. And this somewhat glittering generality of a just and careful peace, what is the idea of the committee or of the league as to what a just and careful peace is?

Mr. Lydecker. I do not know.

Mr. Reavis. Have you any ideas of a just and careful peace that you would care to express at this time?

Mr. Lydecker. None in any concrete form. I assume we have our officials who are attempting to do their duty, and unless questions are submitted and unless they become matters of public discussion I do not think we have any jilace in the discussion.

Mr. Reavis. Then why have you a committee that will influence people on that proposition?

Mr. Lydecker. I do not believe it will do any harm.

Mr. Reavis. What would be your idea, as the president of this league and as the man who suggested this as one of the activities of the league? What would be your ideas of a careful peace?

Mr. Reavis. Yes. This is in quotation that I am now reading: (The matter referred to will appear hereafter.)

Mr. Lydecker. Yes,

Mr. Reavis. There is unanimity in the suggestions which, at my request, have been made to me regarding the immediate activities to bee pursued. Future activities. They are — First, the urging of a just and careful peace treaty.

Mr. Lydecker. Yes.

Mr. Reavis. At your request.

Mr. Lydecker. Yes.

Mr. Reavis. That is a part of your report?

Mr. Lydecker. Yes.

Mr. Reavis. Will you now say that you have any intention of organizing any activity in the league looking to the influencing either of the peace commission, the President, or the Senate of the United States, along the lines of a glittering generality of a just and careful peace treaty?

Mr. Lydecker. I do not know.

Mr. Reavis. You are the president, are you not ?

Mr. Lydecker. Yes. I have no intention at the present minute, because as I say I do not believe Mr. Reavis.


It was true, Lydecker knows this is getting to close to revealing the British intelligence connections and their goals for controlling the U.S. – he didn’t not “believe” Reavis. How could he? It was their materials Reavis was reading from!

So now, we have this – as Congressman Reavis put it – glittering generality of a just and careful peace.


Does that even mean?

It’s exactly what Reavis implied. Shiny little sparkling words suspended in mid-air to attract us little birdlets (their view) into thinking it’s really “treasure” and a fine thing. It is anything but.

That concludes our illustrative tour of just one of Masterman and the British Foreign Office’s fronts in the U.S.

* * *


An Example Tactic

the ‘indirect’ approach

As an excellent illustration of this favored tactic of Masterman’s, let’s take a moment here and revisit this letter from Foreign Secretary Grey to President Roosevelt again.

Sir Edward Grey to Theodore Roosevelt, dated September 19th, 1914:

My dear Roosevelt,- J.M. Barris and A.E. W. Mason, some of whose books you have no doubt read, are going to the U.S. Their object is, as I understand, not to make speeches or give lectures, but to meet people, particularly those connected with Universities, and explain the British case as regards this war and our view of the issues involved.

*Grey, Twenty-Five Years II: p. 143

Masterman worked with Grey to write that letter.

He had found (or rather been taught) that an effective “carrier” of propaganda was, per Lasswell: “the titled foreigner who said nothing whatever for the public prints, but who talked privately and casually of the war.

Lasswell also said –

The sheer radiation of aristocratic distinction was enough to warm the cockles of many a staunch Republican heart, and to evoke enthusiasm for the country which could produce such dignity, elegance and affability.

– Lasswell, 1927 Propaganda Technique in World War


The entire technique was actually a standing joke among the so-called “sophisticated” Europeans, such as Lord Grey here. As Lasswell put it, they: “subtly played upon the ambitions of numerous hostesses in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington and Chicago.

The joke being against women and obviously about how gullible they are. That’s pretty sick, if you ask me.

Masterman also asked Grey to influence Colonel House, to in turn influence President Wilson, to in turn influence the American people, on something very important – The League of Nations.

That whole you-to-you to the real target is what is known as “the indirect approach”.

Basil Liddell Hart, the buddy of Scientologist David Ziff’s dad (the head of the Ziff publishing empire), was a British zionist and military strategist. Just after WWI ended, he wrote up his strategies learned from Slavemaster’ Igors like Masterman.

In Liddell Hart’s words –

In strategy the longest way round is often the shortest way there; a direct approach to the object exhausts the attacker and hardens the resistance by compression, whereas an indirect approach loosens the defender’s hold by upsetting his balance.

…The profoundest truth of war is that the issue of battle is usually decided in the minds of the opposing commanders [the elite] not in the bodies of their men.

Note: also see Propaganda in the next war, by Sidney Rogerson – The ‘In the Next War’ series of books was published in London by Geoffrey Bles, 37 Essex Street, Strand, London, edited by Basil Liddell Hart. First published in 1938 reprinted in 1939. Printed by Mackays Limited in Chatham.

Following the line-up then here of: Slavemaster Milner, Cecil, etc. to Igor Masterman – to Junior Slavemaster Grey to Junior Slavemaster House – to wannabe Slavemaster President Wilson, is certainly what you would call the long way round.

But to who?

Who’s the defender that they are after here by using this indirect approach?

Senator Borah and like-minded Americans.

Well, ok. Maybe there’s someone just a little bit higher than that is the real target here, but I’m not going to get into that at the moment. Borah and the American people were definitely part of that target and that’s what we’re currently focusing on here.

Why were they targeting Borah and the American people?

Because they didn’t want to go to war for Britain’s sick empire-building purposes. It really is that simple, and that hard to get around (for the slavemasters). The only thing they could do is go around to that ‘moneyed elite’ that Jefferson warned would be fostered by the British in America in order to undermine it.

…younger recruits, who, having nothing in them of the feelings or principles of ’76, now look to a single and splendid government of an aristocracy, founded on banking institutions, and moneyed incorporations under the guise and cloak of their favored branches of manufactures, commerce and navigation, riding and ruling over the plundered ploughman and beggared yeomanry. This will be to them [The Federalists – British front group bent on retaking America] a next best blessing to the monarchy of their first aim, and perhaps the surest stepping-stone to it.

To William B. Giles, vii, 428. Ford ed., x, 356. (M., 1825.)

That is the real reason that they targeted this elite – they were already dirty and in their pocket one way or another!

In regards to Lord Grey’s staged speech with Churchill to get England to declare war (August 1914), an MP named Roden Buxton, said something very interesting in the Manchester Guardian:

Yet they [The Times] have the effrontery and impertinence to speak as if they are the voice of England.’ He said they were ‘anti-democratic’ and the doctrine of the Balance of Power that they prattled on incessantly about was ‘the doctrine of a small aristocratic clique which dominates the Foreign Office.’

Pretty dang accurate – eh?

To illustrate just how accurate that was, I’d like to take a moment and show you that this anti-democracy men actually had the gall to try and covertly redefine democracy as to how it “should be” – this was actually one of Masterman’s products out of his Propaganda mill that’s forming up right at this time.

This particular Masterman’s product, this angle, was actually split into two main propaganda campaigns. The first was to redefine democracy in the way the British wanted it to be – organized on a hierarchal level and controlled by them, basically, and the second was to black PR position the REAL kind of democracy – Jeffersonian – as communist, Russian bolsheviks, and allegedly conspiring Jews trying to dominate the world.

To see an example of one of his stable of authors along the first line – redefining democracy – check this out. Madison Grant’s Passing of the Great Race (1916).

It provides these pearls of eugenics wisdom:

…for wealth can be renewed while these strains of the real human aristocracy once lost are lost forever. In the new world that we are working and fighting for, the world of liberty, of justice and of humanity, we shall save democracy only when democracy discovers its own aristocracy as in the days when our Republic was founded.

Preface by Henry Fairfield Osborn, December 1917

Those are covert anti-democracy views. Democracy ‘needs’ saving, ergo there is something wrong with it. The ‘strains’ of real human aristocracy…an attack on equality. The ‘aristocracy’ angle, another attack on equality and a bid to install a nobility in America, something our Constitution specifically forbids.

Grant starts out by spending some time trashing the Founding Fathers, talking about that they were slave owners and racist basically, (which tells us where that particular propaganda line is coming from – the British) and then he confirms that he is an anglophile by saying that our Founding Fathers, in regards to equality, were just trying to say that they were “as good” as our British counterparts!

Equality in their minds meant merely that they were just as good Englishmen as their brothers across the sea. The words “that all men are created equal” have since been subtly falsified by adding the word “free,” although no such expression is found in the original document and the teachings based on these altered words in the American public schools of to-day would startle and amaze the men who formulated the Declaration.

– Part I, Chapter I, Introduction Race and DemocracyPassing of the Great Race (1916)

He thinks there was nothing about being free, or freedom involved in the founding of the United States. The whole still ‘cranky Brit’ about losing America view is coming through loud and clear there.

True aristocracy or a true republic is government by the wisest and best, always a small minority in any population. Human society is like a serpent dragging its long body on the ground, but with the head always thrust a little in advance and a little elevated above the earth.

– Part I, Chapter I Race and DemocracyPassing of the Great Race (1916)

Now there’s an unlikely metaphor. Humanity is like a serpent? Oh! I get it. The poor “city of god and kings” being dragged down by the Devil who lives in the ‘city of men’ metaphor of Augustine in Civitas Dei. Cute. Real cute. Probably lost on most people though. About the only thing they would get is the whole ‘elevated’ bit, and that’s a big fat maybe on even that arriving. (see William Edgar Borah**here article, section on ‘Commonwealth of God’ for explanation of Civitas Dei which was used as anti-democracy propaganda during the second world war.)

Speaking of the supposed “wisest and the best” – those self-deemed to fit that category like Lord Grey, had themselves a little back-patting soire after Grey’s Speech (that caused War to be declared).

That night, Geoffrey Dawson was invited out with the “Tory grandees” to dine. During the course of the evening Lord Balfour told Dawson that he had been involved in talk of ‘coalition’ (which was a veiled allusion to the League of Nations’) – Balfour described Churchill as ‘splendid’ because of this.

The Scaremongers: The Advocacy of War and Rearmament 1896-1914, by A. J. A. Morris

That was the main point of this War though, to scare the rest of the world (especially America) into giving up their foreign relations to Britain in their one-world government plans, to the ‘League of Nations’.

Now that you have learned who C.F.G. Masterman is and how Wickham Steed and Dawson literally were his controlled mouthpieces, it should make a lot of sense to you why later, apparently out of nowhere, Wickham Steed is chosen to foist (and draw attention to) The Protocols of Zion on the world.

But first, there’s something else we need to look at that Masterman’s boss (one of them) would start doing in 1915.

With America.

* * *


President Wilson

Betraying America

Let’s start off with Sir Edward Grey, the man we just got done learning more about, and that it was he that was chosen to first secretly present the League of Nations idea to U.S. officials.


Did you know that normally he was so cold, so icy and reserved, that part of the reason his speech of August 3, 1914 (arguing for War) turned around Parliament is because he had been coached to be emotional? The rest of the stick-in-the-muds then concluded, quietly to themselves, that if it affected Sir Grey that much….you get the idea.

Quite the piece of theatre – that. I wonder just how many times he and Churchill practiced that particular role. That is what it was – nothing but a role.

The following year, in the summer of 1915, Sir Grey would play another role.

The author of The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, Charles Seymour, writes as the introduction to the following letter, that Lord Grey “made it plain that in his mind the chief object of the war was to prevent future wars and that this end could be secured only through the cooperation of the United States.

Prevent future wars – remember that. It’s a propaganda line that will get used over and over again in both this war and in the later World War II. The fact is, the United States did not have an agenda to go out and dominate other countries so it could rule the world – that is a particular insanity of the British slavemasters. That’s their agenda.

The above highlighted area, is a clear admission that they cannot do it themselves, they need the United States to do it for them. That’s what this is saying.

London, August 10, 1915,
Sir Edward Grey to Colonel House

edward grey to colonel house suggesting league of nations aug 10 1915The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, Volume 2, page 87, available to read at Hathitrust


“…would be some League of nations”? – as if it’s just some offhand, spur-of-the-moment idea he had.

How very slick.


What’s important though, is that this is the FIRST time the League of Nations had ever been mentioned.

The second time that Lord Grey wrote Col. House, he is quite a bit more direct.


Did you catch it?

The Brits wanted our President to front for them and pretend like the League of Nations is his idea!

America’s idea.

How sick is that? They are setting us up to be accused of trying to run the world and all the rest of it! And we do get accused of that, even now. Now you know why.

Thanks a whole fuck of a lot there, Britain.


So, after such a wonderfully chess-maneuvery kind of British slavemaster idea –

Colonel House took it to Wilson, who agreed that House should draft an encouraging reply as the first step toward offering American help. Get that? Agreed. That means House ‘suggested’ it to him.

In his notes, the Colonel wrote “This is one of the most important letters I ever wrote.”

Colonel House responded to Sir Edward Grey on October 17, 1915. In a nutshell, House proposed that he should go to Berlin and threaten Germany to stop the war or the United States would intervene – but House did not say anything about the League of Nations idea.

Accordingly, on November 9th, Sir Grey cabled to the Colonel to specifically ask if the proposal was to be taken in conjunction with Grey’s proposal for a League of Nations after the war, as made in his letter of September 22. To this, House, with Wilson’s approval, answered in the affirmative.

Err…Roger that – It’s a GO on League of Nations is “my idea” – says Wilson.

thumbs up



Good God!

“…the chief object of the war was to prevent future wars.”


Meaning, America is supposed to whomp everybody’s asses until they can barely move, and Britain strolls in and says “thanks ole chap” and takes over the world.

Oh, and then the poor, pathetically inferior, unjustifiably trod upon and “light of the world” British Slavemasters…. sarcasm can ever so quiveringly point to those nasty, rowdy, unenlightened and kick-ass Americans and say – “They did it.”

Think “Team America World Police” here –

Warning – graphic language


That show is doing exactly what I just described.

If you recall, it was Gilbert Parker that Masterman had put in charge of propaganda in America with the aim of ‘getting America into the war’.

By January of 1916 – Parker was exhausted, his brother died, and he got sever tonsillitis. He went to the Riviera to recuperate, returning to work later that year. After more smarmy underhanded tactics, America still wasn’t willing to go to war for Britain and PAY for it, no less. Parker was sent to New York to finalize getting Wilson to bend over and acquiesce (arriving 21 January 1917).

When Parker arrived, the first thing he did was lie through his teeth, very carefully. POISON speaker.

Greetings, President Wilson.

Parker, Buchan, and Masterman had British code-breakers join in fraudulent “releases” – the case of the Zimmerman note of January 1917, where a “secret telegram” from the German Foreign Minister to the Mexican government intimating that Mexico would be given parts of United States territory if it helped Germany defeat the Americans”. It gets leaked to the press amongst much sensationalism “hastening” the American decision to get in the war.

This is exactly like the fraudulent Hitler Map that William Stephenson had his people fabricate for President Roosevelt to lie to  America with on national television – to trick us into WWII!


Parker even resorted to nasty little boarding-school gossip tactics at a luncheon meeting in New York City at the Banker’s club, attended by 250 people. One of his stool pigeons – looking a lot like one of the snake-controlled person scenes in Stargate SG-1 – ‘asserted’ that Wilson had been the “unconscious cat’s paw of Germany” in his proposal of a peace without victory.

Fortunately for humanity,’ stool pigeon James M Beck added, ‘the suggestion will fall upon deaf ears.

Someone get that snake out of Beck’s head!

About this meeting, Parker told the New York Times in a 25 January 1917 article, that he is ‘not in the United States in any official capacity, or to lecture or act as publicity representative for the Allies.‘ “Neither England nor France will establish any press bureau in the United States” he said.

Oh man, he IS the English ‘press bureau’ – semantics ploy noted – for America. Look at that man lie!

The New York Times then dutifully reported that his speech was accompanied by ‘loud’ and ‘prolonged’ applause. Gilbert Parker himself, was absent from the meeting, so as to not allow any visible signs of DIRECT CONNECTION. The same New York Times article said that he was “ill”.

Right. Sure he was.

Supposedly, this speech was followed by on 31 January, the Germans announcing the would sink all ships bound for any Allied ports.

On 3 February 1917 – Parker had arranged to be seated in a section of the U.S. Congressional House gallery reserved for the diplomatic corps of the Allies. Wilson severed diplomatic contact with Germany – an ‘almost’ declaration of war. But everyone who had sat on Wilson knew – he was down for the count. Later that same day, Parker allegedly resigned from his duties considering “his job was done”. (of course, he was simply re-tasked, so that’s a bit of a misdirection there)

It was two months later, on 2 April, that Wilson read his Declaration of War message to Congress, officially forcing Americans to go and die for England.

November 28th, 1917, Lord Grey signed in to Wellington House, with “Nature of business” recording the request for “a talk on this L. of N. business” It was a question of disseminating the early League of Nations Union pamphlets abroad.

In 1918, things were still not all copacetic in America (from the British perspective) largely due to the tireless efforts of Senator Borah to kill their League of Nations plan.They just couldn’t quite get that full thumb-squash effect going, that they wanted.

Buchan wrote to Northcliffe on 25 January 1918, asking for his help choosing a head for his department that had real authority with the War Cabinet. In February of 1918 a Ministry of Information was established, made responsible for MOST of the functions of Buchan’s department.

Lord Beaverbrook was Minister, with Buchan in the less visible and sneakier role of Director of Intelligence. A separate agency was set up to direct Propaganda in Enemy Countries, under Northcliffe.

Max Aitken – Lord Beaverbrook was basically a used car salesman in a tux. He studied how to manipulate and con people to get them to invest in his companies and by 1910 he was rich.

Aitken in 1918

What a little troll this guy was.

He had some kind of personal hatred towards Lord Balfour and was always trying to figure out ways to get him knocked down – as if he was his equal. Clearly, this man was an idiot when it came to understanding how slavemaster power structures actually worked, if he thought he had a prayer in hell to accomplish anything that way.

As such, he pushed too hard, acted way too full of himself, and falsely so, thinking that lots of money is all it takes to be ‘accepted’.

I gots money – you have to let me in now!

Well, let’s just say that Aitken learned the hard way what happens when junior slavemasters go up against senior ones. He even tried to get the war department to go against Balfour, which resulted in a slap of having his whole intelligence department transferred under the Foreign office in March 25 1918!

He appealed shortly thereafter (thinking he was getting somewhere by writing a long letter to Robert Cecil). Cecil, as one would expect, basically told him –

Very unequivocal.

Aitken’s response?

The big baby then sent in a letter of resignation on 24 June 1918, with no reply by the Prime Minister. Another clear message. Then on 9 July, Balfour was approached to ‘draft a compromise” to which he agreed, but then when actually getting down to brass tacks, whaddya know? Balfour wasn’t so conciliatory after all. He refused to agree to anything Aitken/Beaverbrook wanted.

Beaverbrook retaliated by deliberately treating the important Balfour Declaration about the Jewish Homeland completely differently than the communiques generated by the Foreign Office. As in – it was ‘not supported’. That was a big mistake.

Balfour begins the slavemaster war-dance on out-of-line Igors. He tells Robert Donald to resign, and then he begins a series of public attacks against Beaverbrook in the Westminster Gazette. It goes to show you that this is one of the few times a slavemaster will ‘break the code of secrecy’ – when someone needs taking out that has gone way far afield.

You see, both Beaverbrook and Northcliffe thought they were in the same class-level as the senior slavemasters. They were now being thoroughly disabused of that “new money” equals equal footing. This is when all the Northcliffe attacks in The Times began – it was really all about the junior guys realising they can never be senior guys. He lost and died horribly.

Balfour and Cecil used the truth of what Beaverbrook had done (that they previously had no problem with, you understand) to excoriate him in a heavy attack on 5 August 1918 in parliament. Particularly noted was his sullying the press – you gotta appreciate the irony here on that one – also noted for attack was his “advertising” approach, and his film Once a Hun, Always a Hun, about how people shouldn’t trade with the Germans even after the War –  which was correctly interpreted as attempting to set foreign policy that he had no right to do.

That was the end of Beaverbrook. He was forced to resign on 21 October 1918 citing ill health as the reason. Now Arnold Bennett was acting chief.

Beaverbrook did not like taking orders and that just won’t do in the slavemaster hierarchy.

Masterman did, and throughout all this, including changing management and names twice, Masterman still continued on exactly as he had been as director of the literary department – an even more euphemistic term than before for what he does – in the newly created Ministry of Information.

After Beaverbrook’s resignation, half of the staff had fallen ill from Influenza and John Buchan was now again the responsible Minister. Short-lived though, because in November came the Armistice, when he was ordered to close down as much of it as possible and transfer the remaining functions.

Some stats for 1918 –

In this country they made use of forty-two printing firm and had issued seventeen million copies of publications other than the fortnightly papers. Three quarters of the distribution were done by shipping companies for free. Banks, insurance offices and so forth also cooperated with Wellington House. By 1918, practically all the publications distributed in the United States were printed and published there. The U.S. mailing list was 170,000 out of a total mailing list of 323,000. The reason given was “shipping cost” but I think they wanted to, yet again, point to us as the source in some kind of demented reasoning process.

An elaborate series of cross card indexing was made use of, the 20,000 “lice” files by means of which information it was possible to BE SURE THAT propaganda was sent where it would be of use.

Local “patriotic committes”, special societies, members of the different religious bodies, and such places as cafe’s and doctors’ waiting rooms were made much use of.

For all that?

Buchan was “rewarded” in 1935 and appointed Governor General of Canada (although that was really in preparation of WWII) and made Lord Tweedsmuir.

Note: Masterman’s “art department” was used again as the template for the “war art” scheme that British intelligence undertook in WWII – headed by Sir Kenneth Clark.



The Slavemasters Plan Goes Awry


OK, now let’s fast forward to 1919, at the end of WWI.

The League of Nations falsely portrayed as an American idea – was now making it’s way through Congress.

Senator Borah, of Idaho, to the rescue!


The British slavemasters response:

wiley overreation

It began at the Peace Treaty Conference at Versaille in January, 1919. President Wilson presented his Fourteen Points to the Peace Conference, the points included the formation of the League of Nations.


Just like Mr. Foreign Intelligence [Sir Grey] asked him to do –

It was the ‘United States’ [ Wilson] that presented the League of Nations!


This was “accepted” by the Conference. (oh, ha frickin’ ha) Accepted – what a word. With heavyweights like the original Slavemaster family itself, the Cecils there, who would expect anything different?

Of course, no-one had even bothered to ask a single one of the 110 million people in the U.S. if they accepted. But hey, why split hairs.

wry face

Just one week after Wilson “introduced” the League of Nations at the Conference, Senator Borah went to bat against the Brits, whom he knew were the real force behind this League of Nations crap.

Borah Senate Speech, February 21, 1919 Against the League of Nations

You can also see my article about this where I go into his whole speech (good stuff) plus you might also want to read his specific person entry article into our new Unrepentant section of the reading library.

Since we’re talking Masterman here, I’m just going to excerpt a few parts that show that Borah knows what the dealio is with the Masterman/British Foreign Office contingent and their bullshit outer propaganda.

Through his contacts, he knows that they are sliming their way around behind-the-scenes with the ‘elite’ and he knows just how these ‘elite’ view the people. The term turnip-eater (a peasant with a dull intellect) comes to mind.


I contend, moreover, that when radical and important departures from established national policies are proposed, the people ought to be consulted.


I think the advocates of the league will agree with me that it is a pronounced departure from all the policies which we have heretofore obtained.

…the people are entitled to pass judgment upon the advisability of such a course.

British Slavemasters response –

Oh no! Not the PEOPLE!



Borah singles out one of their propaganda lines about anyone who disagrees with the League of Nations idea. Notably one that was coming straight out of Masterman’s stable of journalists and his front group the National Security League on behalf of the Round Table dominated British Foreign Office.

The point in question was called Article X (10) – the Monroe Doctrine and George Washington’s stance on allying with or getting involved with the affairs of Europe.

‘The league is to be regarded as in conflict with the advice of Washington only with a narrow and reactionary viewpoint.

Speaks for itself doesn’t it.

Here is England, sneaking around behind President Wilson and using him to front for them, trying to get us to accept the very thing our founding fathers were so against!

Borah quotes Thomas Jefferson –

This letter of Jefferson [to Monroe] states as clearly as can be stated the prime object of the announcement of this doctrine:Our first and fundamental maxim should be: never to entangle ourselves in the broils of Europe

    [The Washington policy]

Our second: never to suffer Europe to intermeddle with cis-Atlantic affairs


Pretty clear to me, how about you?

Finally, the real rat-trap of this League of Nations was this – Britain, because of her dominions of Australia, Canada, Africa and New Zealand, would rather conveniently have the constant capability of out-voting the U.S. on matters of our own country!

Borah doesn’t miss that little gem either.

I ask you who are in favor of this league, are you willing to give to any nation five votes against our one?

Yet we are seriously proposing that we shall join a league whose constitutional powers shall determine…policies, politic and economic, upon the two continents and shall give to our greatest commercial rival five votes to our one.


Hmm, let me see now…that’s a toughie. Should we join the League of Nations?

5 to 1 against us….hmmm.wiley considering

I think if I had to choose that was probably the death of the League of Nations proposal right there – that exposure by Borah of the 5-1 odds against America in Britain’s favor. Kind of hard to spin that favorably, and Britain knew it.

If you factor in the British Foreign Office here, with the understanding that this is who is over MI6, then what I am about to tell you will make perfect sense.

You see, it was just two days before this speech by Borah before the Senate, that combined MI6 and Okhrana (Russian intelligence) agent Casimir Pilenas Palmer quietly began agent provocateur actions (against Jewish men) within the MID. The U.S. Military Intelligence Division.

He submitted a report on Bolshevism to the MID in which he described the German Jewish banker Max Warburg as the man “at the bottom of it.” William Wiseman’s other deep cover agent Boris Brasol is about to be ‘placed’ in the MID to submit reports along the exact same line.

Pilenas, “Re: Bolshevism,” NARA, Records of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Division (hereafter MID) File 10058-285, February 19, 1919.

No need to go into all the details of Boris and Casimir’s activities here, you can read all about it in the Casimir Pilenas Palmer article. I just wanted to illustrate just how deep and wide the perfidy and subversive actions by Masterman and his masters is actually going here.

Knowingly agitating hatred towards “the Jews” as if they are a race. A very bad race that should be ‘eliminated’. I’m sure you see where they were going with this.

Meanwhile – around this League of Nations battle, you start getting political cartoons like this – which is a correct portrayal of the farce of a “peace” treaty.

peace treaty league of nations borah correct pr

And this one correctly portraying the pressure on the U.S. in regards joining the League of Nations.

league of nations borah


This one is my favorite – it’s the Brits trying to paint Borah as an idiot for fighting the League of Nations bill.

british black pr on borah

Aren’t the British Slavemasters childish? Sheesh, so ineffective. The three elephants (same thing as the three monkeys).

Yeah, that’ll stop Borah.

Remember how we talked about this Exports & Imports place that was mixed up with the NSL and with the War Trade Board? Well, I think I definitely should mention that is where the British had deep cover Boris Brasol assigned, in its intelligence department, no less. He was pulled out of there (he submitted a resignation) and voila! He’s now assigned to the MID with Casimir in April of 1919.

How obvious was this – his new position was ‘special assistant’ to the chief of the MID, General Marlborough Churchill. Churchill was much concerned by the “Bolshevik Menace” and open to Brasol’s suggestion of a Jewish conspiracy behind it, having already expressed an interest in Pilenas’ report..

– See The “Jewish Threat”: Antisemitic Politics of the U.S. Army, by Joseph Bendersky (New York: Basic Books, 2000).

Nothing like planting a little birdie ghoul to whisper into someone’s ear.

Boris to Churchill: It’s a jewish conspiracy. I swear it.

That’s some birdie to have around, eh?

And yes, this Churchill was actually a distant relative of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Together with Herbert Yardley, Marlborough was instrumental in establishing the joint State and War Department’s Cipher Bureau, the American Black Chamber.

Brigadier General Marlborough Churchill on his way to Paris Peace Conference, December 4, 1918


During his time at MID Brasol was named “Confidential Agent B-1”. He produced at least thirty-six numbered reports on radical groups and activities and some related special memorandums.

His intelligence activities did not exclusively focus on Bolsheviks,  but anything at all related to them prompted his immediate attention and reportage. Brasol remained with the MID for just over a year, and then it was time for him to launch the Protocols of ZION this time on the unsuspecting American public. They had literally taken the Red Bible and all the propaganda attacks on Bolsheviks and super-imposed JEW instead.

Crazy, huh? But some people bought it, if you can believe that. Some people are still buying it!

We’ll file that under Payback Moves

  • New World communism “protocols” scares
  • Preparing for a new ‘Blood Bath’

Creating a new “enemy” and trying to position anti-League of Nations as part of it

Russia-Art-Bolshevik propagandaLife Art Works – Bolshevik Propaganda

Now I want you to really understand something here with this whole so-called Bolshevik Revolution. A man named Leon Trotsky was the key figure agitating and ‘creating’ the so-called Bolshevik movement. Trotsky was an agent of William Wiseman and MI6.

Trotsky kept going on about Internationalism. 

In fact, Borah caught that himself, he excoriated Leon Trotsky in his February speech, on exactly that point – Internationalism, that Trotsky was promoting.

Since Internationalism is just another way of saying New World Order, even if you didn’t know anything else you’d immediately know he was a British puppet just on that point alone.

I come now to another feature, which to me is even more interesting, more menacing, than those over which we have passed.

Conceal it as you may, disguise it as some will attempt to do, this is the first step in internationalism and the first distinct effort to sterilize nationalism.


Look how that man knows that even the whole Trotsky Bolshevik movement is yet another black op by the British.

Go Borah!! Woohoo!

wednesday happy dance - adams family

Like Thomas Jefferson warned us against about the British government  –

insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others.

Jefferson Cyclopedia


Borah actually specifically named Trotzky.


Borah: May I call attention to a statement from perhaps the most famous internationalist now living. I read from a book entitled “The Bolsheviki and World Peace,” by Trotzky.

He says:

The present war is at bottom a revolt of the forces of production against the political form of nation and State. It means the collapse of the national State as an independent economic unit.

In another paragraph –

• The war proclaims the downfall of the national state. • * •

• We Russian Socialists stand firmly on the ground of internationalism. • * *

The German social democracy was to us not only a party of the international-it was the party par excellence.

Again, he declares:

The present war signalizes the collapse of the national states.

He proceeds to argue that the only thing which can take the place of the national state is internationalism, to internationalize our governments, internationalize our power, internationalize production, internationalize our economic capacity, and become an international state the world over.

Borah added, in reference to the League of Nations –

That is at the bottom of this entire procedure – whether consciously or unconsciously, upon the part of those who are advocating it.


Borah had completely laid bare the connection between those behind the League of Nations and those behind Trotzky. He then points out what the result will be if it was to pass, and also includes  a very particular propaganda line that Masterman and his boys had come up with to attack Borah and any other Americans like him.

Intense Nationalism

It will be the fruit of this effort if it succeeds-the dead sea fruit for the common people everywhere.

It is a distinct announcement that the intense nationalism of Washington, the intense nationalism of Lincoln, can no longer serve the cause of the American people, and that – we must internationalize and place the sovereign powers of this Government to make war and control our economic forces in an international tribunal.


That right there, shows you that the first rise of “nationalism” as an insult was created purely and only to marginalize correct dissent with the insane power-mad global domination ideas of the British Slavemasters.

Masterman and the Foreign Office’s busy bees got busier and busier as 1919 wore on, one new bee-in-training was William Dudley Pelley. That’s right, Mr. pro-Nazi agitator Silver Shirts Pelley.

Pelley gets involved with helping to propagandize about the evil Bolshevists for the CPI, a U.S. wartime propaganda organization controlled and watched closely by C.F. G. Masterman through Wellington House. He actually went to Russia to do this.

Even though there was all these Vatican and British controlled countries having dutifully signed the Paris Peace Treaty – including the League of Nations provisions on June 28, 1919 – there was still one little problem.

The U.S.

Britain couldn’t swing any of their goals without the U.S., and for the United States to accept its conditions, however, it had to be ratified by Congress, in which Borah was then the chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The Senate majority leader, Henry Cabot Lodge, a Republican from Massachusetts, opposed the treaty, specifically the section regarding the League of Nations, but he was merely a kind of patsy. Even though he drafted 14 reservations — his modified proposal only reduced the control the league would have over the United States – the League of Nations would still be formed. It’s not too hard to figure out who was yanking his puppet strings – the Brits.

Senator Borah (left) – Senator Lodge (center)

borah and lodge

However, there was still the faction of the Senate dubbed the “irreconcilables” by the British slavemaster propagandists. That was led by William Borah, who opposed the Treaty of Versailles period.

No reservations.

Masteman’s busy bees start trying to come up with new and better insults for Senators Borah and La Follette, who were especially targeted for attack by the British propaganda machine during this time period. One thing they called them was “little Americans” – which was apparently supposed to be some sort of big insult.

[speaking to the President]

Sir, since the debate opened months ago, those of us who have stood against this proposition have been taunted many times with being little Americans.

Borah Senate Speech November 19, 1919

Personally, I think the Brits were rattled and were resorting to school-boy tactics, literally. Only what’s an insult to a British school-boy goes over kind of like this over here –

That’s an insult?


Pretty damn stupid and starting to lack finesse, if you know what I mean. The Brits were getting emotional – always a problem for some of them. (like Lord Grey, remember).

Senator Robert LaFollette (who had earlier exposed the nasty moves by employers against any “unions”) courageously spoke out about that the treaty was excessively harsh with Germany, and that it was basically guaranteeing future War – the polar opposite of the Masterman smarmy “War to end all wars!” Hip Hip Hooray! propaganda that came out under H.G. Wells byline.

He was dead right about that. This “Peace” Treaty literally guaranteed there would be another War, another bloodbath.

It’s called World War II, you might have heard of it.

I think I may have…

For his views, LaFollette came under attack for being pro-German, for his anti-interference stance towards Russia and the Bolsehvists, and he was even nefariously positioned (indirectly) as being a “Communist” trying to rule-the-world, during the time of the whole “Red Bible” propaganda!

See these news articles – first is The News and Observer January 1919 – second is Brooklyn Daily Eagle November 1919.



On the second one, look at the positioning of the section – names on ‘Radicals’ mailing lists It lists Follette, via his daughter, as being somehow supportive of the insane “Red Bible” Protocols being advertised in other articles and the I.W.W. (Industrial Worker’s Union)

Gee, I just wonder who was behind those attacks.


Well, notice that “Chairman Lusk” part? That’s the Lusk Committee “investigating” all this (including harassing Senator Lafollette) – guess who was one of their informers? Boris Brasol, Wiseman’s asset planted in the MID.

Imagine that.


Notice the headline on the first one – cute, real cute. Also notice that LaFollette was even then exposing that the Creel Committee (The Committee on Public Information or CPI) is mixed up with propagandizing the “red scare” as well. Considering the CPI’s deal-with-the-devil with British Intelligence (Masterman and Crewe House) – that’s not much of a surprise.

That’s our man Pelley over in Russia helping out with that one. It was his job to do so.

Isn’t it nice to see some brave soul noticing and speaking out about their slimy activities then? And right when they are doing their best to be so durn sneaky too.

It’s like Lafollette and Borah together were going –

I see you over there…

Knowing the Senate, led by Borah, had shot down the League of Nations once already, and that Borah was still opposing it and saw right through their tactics, that spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the British Slavemasters.

Particularly so in September of 1919, when after a summer of failure to overcome Senate resistance to the Treaty, President Wilson left on September 3, and began traveling across the nation by train, fighting for the Brits League of Nations.

Senator Borah and Senator Hiram Johnson from California, dogged his every step across the country – speaking after him every time he stopped to try and convince the people of the “value” of the League of Nations. Wilson grew weary, and by the end of the month he was back in the White House, having had a stroke. And he remained bedridden for the remainder of his presidency!

It was less than 2 weeks after Wilson had started his tour that Senator Lodge tried to sneak through approval when he called the treaty up for consideration by the full Senate on September 16, 1919. Nice timing, eh? What with Borah not actually being there and all.

But then Borah came back…

As it became clear that there would be no compromise, no instant approving of the Treaty, the Slavemaster propagandists began their “death dance” – as I call it.

The Masterman/John Buchan/Lord Beaverbrook propaganda machine then kicked into overdrive with maximum afterburners. Of course, in their highly emotional state that was probably the worst thing they could have done since they basically played right into Borah’s hands.

Calling on Wiseman assets Leon Trotsky, Sydney Reilly, Casimir Pilenas, and Boris Brasol, something called the “Red” Bible was created, complete with “Protocols” points, and tied to the I.W.W supposedly as its source.

Masterman kicked in using the London Times-Public Ledger Cable Service, where articles by Carl W. Ackerman (himself a British slavemaster journalism asset and friend to Colonel House) began appearing all over the U.S. – leading up to a raid by the MID (where Casimir and Boris had been planting “reports” concerning Bolshevists starting earlier in 1919) on the I.W.W. in Indiana.

The slurry of articles looks like it began right around October 24, 1919 and then began to be spread throughout other U.S. newspapers.

This is what was called –

The RED Scare.


And now you know who started it.

Here’s an example of one of the articles detailing these Protocols, from the Atlanta Constitution November 3, 1919.

The Headlines that day –


Want to verify it yourself and you don’t have a membership? Click the link above, then scroll down to where you say it say: OCR text and search for “Red Bible” and you’ll see it does indeed have such an article.

Here’s the article – Note the BS shore story of that the book was brought here by “an American Intelligence Officer“.

Everybody say – Hi Casimir and Boris!



Remember this is MI6 agent Leon Trotzky over there creating this ‘orgy of destruction’.



That thing reads like a through-a-mirror-darkly image of exactly what the British slavemasters are like, did plan, and did carry out, beginning more than three hundred years* ago!

*See Balance of Power article.

Here’s the full page of the news article so that you can see it for yourself, but you need to click it to enlarge it.


The articles like this continued well into November – for more examples, please see The “Red” Bible? Or was it the Union Jack – Again.

These articles and the so-called “materials” they contained, would be used to accuse and harass anyone who wasn’t on-board with the Slavemasters plan, Borah, La Follette, as an example, as being “commies” and Pro-Soviet. With Borah, it even went so far as to actually using British assets (deep cover agents) to forge documents trying to show he took money from the Russians and Germans! But, that’s a little later on here.

So, here’s these “strikes” and “riots” and “We vunt to rule ze World” propaganda flying everywhere, positioning anyone against allying with Britain etc as being communists/bolsheviks…and the Senate STILL couldn’t be overwhelmed, scared, or railroaded into approving the stupid Slavemaster Treaty.

I think that’s pretty damn impressive.

The British now say…

Bring me Casimir!

Casimir Pilenas Palmer – The Sneaky

* * *


Time for the Protocols of Zion

Masterman’s guys get to work.

As a result of the total blockage of their League of Nations plan by Borah and the U.S Senate, it was now that the even higher level slavemasters (than William Wiseman) in London ordered Casimir Pilenas pulled out of the MID and brought to England to carry out an extremely important black op there. (two actually).

This is where, for the first time, you will see the word JEWS get added into the whole Bolshevik/Communism Protocols red bible propaganda soup.

Pilenas dutifully travels back to England aboard the Vasari, arriving on November 13th to meet with British Intelligence.


He is listed as a “translator” – that’s important in relation to his work with the Protocols of Zion. But it’s also his “cover” – you understand.

Once arrived, Casimir consults with British intelligence and one of C.F.G. Masterman’s guys on the planned publication of the Protocols. (note: despite the new Ministry of Information, Masterman’s people were still all in place.)

Masterman deliberately used his own private writers, private printers, and private shipping to mask the origins of the propaganda that he had produced at Wellington House. Private printers such as Eyre and Spottiswoode, for example.

Just prior to when the “death” of the League of Nations/Peace Treaty was about to be a foregone conclusion, (March 1920) was when the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was published privately by Eyre and Spottiswoode, who just happened to be the official printers of the British Government.


1920_The_Jewish_Peril_-_Eyre_&_Spottiswoode_Ltd_-_1st_ed.An original is held at this museum.
Various Reprints are available – like this one.
A “regular” english, mass-produced and updated version came out in 1921.


A fact that did not go unnoticed by at least one author, Lucien Wolf, who wrote in 1920 –

…a curious story is current that the translation of the Russian forgery on which the theory of that journal mainly rests was actually made in the Intelligence Department of the War Office.

PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, by Lucien Wolf, preface written November 1920, book published February, 1921.

Jack Nicholson - yes yes hear hear

Eyre and Spottiswoode had a long association with high-level British intelligence forgeries and propaganda presented as somehow valid. As I said, this was one of the “private” routes that C.F.G. Masterman had set up when he first took control of Propaganda in July of 1914 and began producing over 2 million propaganda pieces shipped all over the world.

This tie here, and the generation of the Protocols themselves is on hell of an excellent example of that the British are willing to forge documents, backdate them, and even create a false trail to ‘provenance’ their forgeries. It forms a clear record that since the time of Queen Elizabeth at the very least the British have been forging and backdating history just as the Vatican has.

A photostat of The Protocols of Zion carrying a date of 1905 had appeared in 1911 as a “record” in the British Museum.

russian edition of protocols but not published until 1919 - backdated

Chapter 12 of this book is what contains the Protocols manuscript. The pseudonymic “Serge Nilus” offered three conflicting statements as to where “he” got the Protocols manuscript. This is an attempt (as is the pseudonym) to hide the true source of the 1920 publication of the english version – Casimir Pilenas, the ‘translator’. Casimir Pilenas, the combined MI6/Okhrana agent.

Matvei Golovinski was a Russian who worked for the Okhrana in Paris under Pyotr Rachkovsky. Matvei Golovinski wrote and published articles on assignments from Pyotr Rachkovsky. This was when William Melville (British intelligence) and Pyotr Rachkovsky (Russian intelligence) were working together and Melville agents such as Casimir Pilenas were working in the Okhrana.

Note –
In 1999 Russian historian Mikhail Lepekhine studied French archives stored in Moscow and found evidence that the Protocols forgery was written by Matvei Golovinski. That would explain where Serge Nilus actually got the Protocols manuscript to put into his 1905 book – from the Okhrana. It also shows the Protocols are a joint British and Russian intelligence forgery.

A copy of The Great within the Small (that’s the title in English) may be seen at the British Museum Library, under No. 3926d-17, stamped British Museum and backdated to 10th August, 1906.

The Keeper of Printed Books (of the library at the British Museum) produced an Index of the modern works added to the Library between 1906 and 1910, and published this index in 1911. Hathitrust has a copy of it that had been given to the New York Public library.


Let’s take 1906 as the actual forging time period. Was there anything going on in either 1905 or 1906 – black intelligence op-wise?

Why, yes, as it so happens, there was.

This would have been before Masterman’s time, yes, but that’s ok because I think what you are about to learn will help you see the utter continuity going on here – the lampado tradis or passing of the torch – with the British slavemasters.

The first question to answer here is –

Who or What is the Okhrana?

Its heritage begins with the Vysshaya Politsiya – the Higher Police or Third Section – formed in 1825 under Czar Nicholas I. Its chief was General Count Alexander Khristoforovich Benckendorff who held this position until 1844. Beckendorff was a soldier from the ranks of the Baltic-German nobility. (Nesilim/Hittite descendants).

The main function of the Third Section was the repression of people subversive to the Monarchy, but it was also engaged upon studying the condition of the Russian people in order to mold the people more to the rulers’ liking. This was later called “social engineering”.

Immediately upon the Section’s formation, on 10 March 1825 the Czar (under advice from Count Orlov of the Third Section), sets up a secret committee which was to exercise stricter control of the already existing censorship of the press and all publications. Limitations were also placed on how many students were allowed into higher education institutions, as well as implementing restrictions on the instruction of subjects the Section considered dangerous.

The most important of the Section’s reports were the Annual Reports on the State of Public Opinion. Which is obviously an intelligence report, and in fact it was considered by the Czar to be his “eyes and ears”. Considering that the main point of the formation of the Third Section is the molding of the populace more to the rulers liking, feedback on how well that is working would be vital.

But make no mistake, this is the earliest beginning of Russia’s Intelligence Division. This organization continued in that form for over 50 years, until the assassination of Alexander II on March 1, 1881.

In 1866 – Peter Shuvalov was made the head of the Russian Third Section (Intelligence), having been selected due to his long time friendship with Czar Alexander.

Peter Shuvalov [1827-1889]
Head of the Third Division – Secret Police
Later Ambassador to Great Britain, connected with Lord Melville

Fast forward a decade or so to 1877 –

He was sent on mission to London to help arrange the wedding of the Tsar’s daughter, but also to assure the British government that the Tsar did not intend to interfere with their ‘trade’ by establishing a base in Khiva on the Turkoman steppe. The British were concerned that the base might posed a heightened danger to British India and their Opium Trade. An ‘understanding’ was reached.

Enter Helena Blavatsky, the Russian humanist-social engineering spy, who suddenly hies off to India and tells her gullible followers that it’s at the calling of her “Ancient Masters”.

Blavatsky in ‘gypsy’ mode

“The seeds of theosophy having been planted in the West, orders came from the Masters in 1878 to begin work in the Orient, and H. P. Blavatsky prepared to leave for India”

Yea, right.

It was at her handler Peter Shuvalov’s request.

Helena Blavatsky had become one of Shuvalov’s agents some time after December 1872 when she had written to him offering her services as an intelligence agent. Russian intelligence documents made public in 1993 revealed that in the letter Blavatsky explained her technique of exploiting people’s spiritualist beliefs to uncover their secret thoughts. She also wrote: “I have played every role, I am able to represent myself as any person you may wish.” (as referenced in Tournament of Shadows)

And where did she go first on 18 December 1878?


Where, as luck would have it (facetiously speaking) the British Theosophical Society had been formed on 27 June 1878 right when her handler Shuvalov had been in London for the Congress of Berlin during June and July. The first president is Charles Carleton Massey, an Athenaeum Club member.

C.C. Massey

While Shuvalov was still there for the Congress, he had also established a private and friendly relationship with the old Prime Minister of England, Benjamin Disraeli. Despite Disraeli’s distrust of Russia and his determination to best the Russian negotiators at the conference, Disraeli privately had nothing but praise for Shuvalov’s considerable abilities.

Having just turned fifty the previous year, Shuvalov was a dignified, aristocratic, and conservative gentleman, whose balding white hair and mustache made him look much older. Nevertheless, he had a reputation as a lover of wine and women, and he mixed easily in fashionable London circles, where a young William Melville was now the head of the Metro’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and already starting to run black intelligence operations.

Fast forward 3 years to what I believe was yet another of the British and Russian ‘staged events’ – and do realize I don’t mean staged in that they don’t DO the thing because they do – the assassination of Alexander II on March 1, 1881. I’m pretty much 100 percent positive that these people arranged this, one way or the other, to spark off any number of punitive and ‘preventive’ actions in the name of the dearly departed Czar.

Alexander II

The story of this assassination is extraordinarily thin, for one thing. A bomb gets thrown under his carriage, goes off, and yet the Czar gets out to go talk to the bombers, who then set off another bomb essentially killing them both. Sounds realistic, to me! Not.

Helena Blavatsky’s cousin Sergei Witte (then in charge of the SW Railroad) was in Kiev at the time and was greatly affected by the assassination. The day after the assassination, he wrote a passionate letter to Blavatsky’s uncle Fadeyev, who was then the Joint Secretary-of State at the Ministry of the Interior. Witte told him that the only way to vanquish terrorism is counter-terrorism by means of a Secret Society.


The assassination of Alexander II found me at Kiev. Under the influence of the disastrous event, I wrote to General Fadeyev a letter in which emotion prevailed over reason. In that message I argued that the Government was powerless against the revolutionists because it hurled too huge a missile at too small an enemy. The revolutionists, I wrote, must be combated with their own weapon, namely, by means of a secret organization which would make it its business to answer each terroristic letter with a counter blow of a similar nature. To attempt, I said, to overcome the enemy by using the whole weight of the State machinery would be like trying to crush a grain of dust with a huge steam hammer.

(The Memoirs of Count Witte)

A few days later Fadeyev responded, informing Witte that he would be called to the emperor’s court at St. Petersburg to talk of his idea. Sure enough, he was soon summoned.

Several days later my uncle informed me that my letter was on the Emperor’s desk and that I would probably be summoned before His Majesty. In effect, shortly afterwards the Court Minister requested me to come to St. Petersburg for a conference with him. In the course of it he inquired of me whether I still held the opinion which I expressed in my letter to General Fadeyev. Upon receiving an affirmative reply, he introduced me to his aide-de-camp, Count Shuvalov.

(The Memoirs of Count Witte)

It was Count I. Voroncov-Dashkov, the commander of the bodyguards of the Emperor in Gatchina, who summoned him. Witte went to the capital and met Voroncov, who asked him point-blank whether he still held the same views as those expressed in his letter to Fadeev. Witte agreed. Thereupon, he was introduced to Count Paul Shuvalov.

The Count takes Witte to his mansion where they can speak more privately and informs him that they have formed a secret society according to Witte’s suggestion. All very cloak and dagger, you understand.

The count took me to his mansion, and as soon as I entered his study he produced a Bible and asked me to swear allegiance to the secret society which had been formed in accordance with my suggestion, under the name of “The Holy Brotherhood.” Surprised and nonplussed, I went through the ceremony of taking the oath with a feeling of doing a rash and thoughtless act. Thereupon Shuvalov announced to me that I had been appointed chief organizer for the Kiev district, and initiated me into some of the secrets of the organization. Each member was to form a group of five and the groups were not supposed to know of the existence of each other. “The Holy Brotherhood” was a strictly secret body, not unlike the societies which existed in the Middle Ages in Venice. Shuvalov supplied me with a code and explained to me the secret to be used by the members of the society. Thereupon, I immediately returned to Kiev.

(The Memoirs of Count Witte)

Witte was appointed head of the Holy Brotherhood for the Kiev area.

Many aristocratic families soon joined up to the new Svyataya Druzhina (The Holy Retinue or Brotherhood) forming a kind of quasi-military “volunteer guard” of more than 10,000 in the name of and for the sake of protecting the Czar. They spied on those deemed “terrorists”, infiltrated their ranks, sowed discord among them, demoralized them, assassinated their leaders even.

They affected the secrecy of a conspiratorial society and the ritualism of a Masonic lodge. Each member (‘brother’) through a ceremony of initiation, in the course of which he took an oath in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost to dedicate himself wholly to ‘the protection of the Sovereign and the eradication of sedition, which disgraces the Russian name.’ The Jesuit influence here shows through in that their oath had to be sworn on “the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost” aka the Trinity.

Its statutes, dated 1 June 1881, provided for a centralized hierarchical organization of bewildering complexity, headed by a five-man Council of First Elders. The Czar’s brother, Vladimir, may have been a First Elder.

The brethren were recruited from among the higher officialdom, the aristocracy, the world of finance. The exclusive Yacht Club in the capital served as headquarters, and there were branches in Moscow and in several provincial centres.

It didn’t take long before they had quite a bit of money, as these diary entries of a prominent member show –

(August 13, 1881)….In order to protect the emperor, and with his consent, a Brotherhood was created. Many aristocrats have volunteered for it and have given some three million rubles to this society.

(November 5, 1881)…I was told that the tsar authorized for the current year the transfer of one million rubles for their society…. (Yarmolinsky part 15)

Some say this organization was also the forerunner of the Black Hundred and Russian fascism, but nevertheless their methods were eerily similar to that of the Japanese Black Ocean Society whom Witte was supportive of. Notice that in his letter to his uncle on March 2, 1881 he pointed out that the “only way to vanquish terrorism is counter-terrorism by means of a Secret Society.” This is pretty much the same ideas behind the formation of the Black Ocean Society and the same year, no less.

Literally within only a month of the formation of this Holy Brotherhood, pogroms against people of the Jewish faith began on 12 April in Elisavetgrad. These pogroms inflicted upon Russian Jewry suffering and misery whose like Eastern European Jews had not seen since Bogdan Khmelnyckii in the 17th century.

That’s not to obvious at all, now is it. Blame the jews, eh? How Catholic of them.

As a little point of orientation here, the main reason we are learning a little bit of back history here is because it was this Holy Brotherhood that soon began operating an international intelligence apparatus – the Okhrana.

It was in October 1881 that the Brotherhood broadened its base by having Shuvalov form the Dobrovolnaya Okhrana. The Brotherhood was the elite body, and the new Okhrana “Guard” was the mass organization. Within only a couple months the Brotherhood had 729 brethren and the Guard no less than 14,672 members!

One of its initial areas of intelligence penetration was Hankow China, where, strangely enough? Toyama Mitsuru, the leader of the Black Ocean Society, had just had his right-hand man Ryohei Uchida send 100 agents into Hankow China to ‘set up operations’ – meaning one of those “Halls of Celestial Delights”.

The “Holy Brotherhood” – and its foreign intelligence division called the Okhrana – formed alliances with the Black Ocean Society, and the Black Ocean Society formed alliances with Chinese Triad sects. The Triads were controlled by the Jesuit-Catholic descendants of Xu – the Soong family – who in turn had long facilitated the opium trade for the British.

Some of the Triad leaders, such as K’ang Yu-wei and Liang Ch’i-ch’ao, had been forced into an exile in Japan and traded safety for connections to their groups. They conducted more mundane intelligence and reconnaissance duties, including detailed map making operations in Korea and China. (note: the Black Ocean Society also ran other groups throughout the region, including the Tenyukyo (Society of the Celestial Salvation of the Oppressed) in Korea.)

Note: as you can see, the British nobility and the Vatican represented in two different secret-societies-come-intelligence-organizations that operated in Russia. Strangely enough, they both are about undermining countries that are still trying to hold out against slavemaster rule.

Shuvalov then formed okhrannoye otdeleniye literally meaning the protection or “security section”, essentially replacing (or rather reconstituting) the Third Section and opened the Foreign Bureau in 1883. It was centered in Paris and said to have been “prompted by the shift of Russian revolutionary activity to Western and Central Europe.” The new Bureau occupied two modest offices in the Russian Imperial Consulate at 97 Rue de Grenelle. (11)

The Okhrana hired French, British, and other detectives to help run its operations. They had “outer” investigators, but they quickly began the use of what they called the second method or “internal” surveillance. The Russians used the term vnutrenniaia agentura, or “internal agency,” to refer collectively to the agents and double agents controlled by Okhrana units. The activities boiled down to penetration of subversive groups by recruiting agents from among their ranks or by sending in double agents.

The third method –the use of agents provocateurs was so sensitive that the Okhrana officially denied it had run agents who organized and participated in sanctioned revolutionary acts.

We know now (if you have read my Casimir Pilenas Palmer article) that Casimir and his brother were just such agents. They were combined British and Okhrana agents that worked together with British intelligence head Lord Melville (and even a young Winston Churchill) to stage revolutionary acts to primarily mischaracterize any valid revolutions as crazy and insane; to spread fear and thereby justify all manner of atrocities and curtailing of liberties done in the name of ‘saving’ people from the imminent ‘threat’ of terrorism.

These people staged actual ‘terrorist’ explosions in London, something you really need to get here as to how far the slavemasters will go to try and prevent another American revolution from happening.

The same thing went on in Paris.

Agent provocateur is a French term, but its been said that the Russians and the British perfected the art. Both were constantly trying to provoke their own people, plus the French into “taking action against Russian radicals” and ergo cooperating with the Okhrana and Melvile’s secret organization run out of the British Foreign Office.

One of the most notorious provocations occurred in Paris in 1890, when Arkadiy Harting (a.k.a. Abraham Gekel’man or Landezen) organized a well-armed team of bomb throwers and then betrayed them to the Paris police.

Agent Arkadiy with Family circa 1900

Now kick in the propaganda machine, with heavily heavily publicized arrests, and the French public were then persuaded of the ‘dangers’ posed by Russian revolutionaries in France.

Those ‘dangers’

were actually from the Slavemasters – not the revolutionaries.

It was Pyotr Rachkovsky who was Harting’s case officer. Harting started out as a paid informer, he went from that to master spy to spymaster.

When in April 1885 Peter Rachkovsky was commissioned to head the Paris Okhrana, he soon realized that external (non-covert) agents of Russian nationality were completely unsuitable for work in Western Europe or the U.S. Not just because of their language, but their appearance and behavior often gave them away immediately. He began gradually replacing all his “external” agents with French, Italian, German and British agents. 1

Some call Rachkovsky a pioneer, but I personally believe that he was being mentored to some degree by Melville into the proper art of what we today call active measures or perceptions management techniques.

He learned to pay subsidies to journalists to write articles favorable to Russian interests, and he purchased or subsidized such periodicals as Revue Russe and Le Courier Franco-Russe. During his tenure (1885- Nov. 1902), journalists on the Okhrana payroll began planting articles in the French press that were favorable to Russian interests. Rachkovsky also created the Ligue pour le Salut de la Patrie Russe, which promoted positive views toward Russia among French citizens; this group was a forerunner of Soviet front organizations and “friendship societies.” 1

He learned something else from the Vatican and British slavemasters.

Something quite important to our corrected Protocols of Zion history – forging documents. Rachkovsky was a “born intriguer” who “delighted” in forging documents. (35) 1

As a semi-covert Catholic, Rachkovsky would now begin a long career of working directly with British Intelligence head Sir Melville. Together, they would run a number of false flag and black intelligence operations together utilizing dual Okhrana/Melville agents such as Casimir Pilenas Palmer.

Just a year after Rachkovsky gets going in Paris, an interesting book about Benjamin Disraeli (Lord Beaconsfield) came out.  A later generation propaganda man here, Harold Lasswell, actually cited the particular book on the subject, written by George Carslake Thompson in 1886 and entitled: A Study of Public Opinion and Lord Beaconsfield.

Lasswell, Why Be Quantitative?


Look at the words and phrases that they had begun choosing as their double-speak – this far back!

Euphemistic words like “international law,” “interest,” “morality,” and “taste”. I think my personal favorite was “England as a European or Asiatic great power.”

See how important it was to them to be perceived as a world power? When in reality, they really were just an island and if you took away all their perfidy and constant using of others to carry out their dirty work – they were really nothing special. This is what I’m saying when I say that Rachkovsky was right in the thick of this kind of early perception management plans by the British – particularly Disraeli.

Benjamin Disraeli – First Earl of Beaconsfield


Disraeli is practically a fountain of quotable slavemaster ideas – for example he is one of our “controlled opposition” sources.

 No Government can be long secure without a formidable Opposition. It reduces their supporters to that tractable number which can be managed by the joint influences of fruition and hope. It offers vengeance to the discontented, and distinction to the ambitious; and employs the energies of aspiring spirits, who otherwise may prove traitors in a division or assassins in a debate.

Book II  of Coningsby, or The New Generation, 1844; Quotes by Benjamin Disraeli, a later Prime Minister of Britain. The whole book is also available at Project Gutenberg.


As far back as 1832, the time President Jackson had taken down the British foothold bank in America and paid off our debt, Disraeli was writing about governing the minds of men using words.

With words we govern men.

– Part 1, Chapter 21, Contarini Fleming (1832) by Benjamin Disraeli

Disraeli, like any slavemaster propagandist, knew that the “best” way was to attempt to influence individuals while leading each one to behave “as though his response were his own decision.” For this reason, propagandists especially prefer indirect messages to overt, logical arguments.

For example, one method of indirect message is visible in the quote I just gave you above. In the book Coningsby, Disraeli wrote those words (which he believed whole-heartedly) as coming through a character in his book. See? It’s also a form of declamatio.

That’s indirect, and in addition, that particular method utilized in Coningsby was quite favored by the British and Vatican slavemaster propagandists, including their Igors like Rachkovsky.

You can tell that method was being passed-the-torch on because we see Masterman’s guy Basil Liddell Hart saying pretty much the same thing as Coningsby. We looked at this before, but look at it again now that you know it’s not actually an original idea, more a repeating of one and updating it for the times.

In Liddell Hart’s words –

In strategy the longest way round is often the shortest way there; a direct approach to the object exhausts the attacker and hardens the resistance by compression, whereas an indirect approach loosens the defender’s hold by upsetting his balance.

Note: also see Propaganda in the next war, by Sidney Rogerson – The ‘In the Next War’ series of books was published in London by Geoffrey Bles, 37 Essex Street, Strand, London, edited by Basil Liddell Hart. First published in 1938 reprinted in 1939. Printed by Mackays Limited in Chatham.


Right when this propaganda plan was published in 1886, there were actually a number of black intelligence operations going on that were combined Okhrana and Melville ops. One of which was the whole Golden Dawn/Blavatsky contingent.

One of their Paris operatives was Gerard Encausse. Bear with me here, because this guy is quite important to the whole Protocols of Zion creation and I’m going to talk about something probably most people are not so familiar with.

Gerard Encausse

By March of 1895, Encausse was a member of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light – or Luxor – at the same time that Helena Blavatsky was a member. He was also a member of the [Athahoor] Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn temple in Paris.

A man calling himself F. Charles Barlet (a pseudonym of Albert Faucheux 1838-1921) was his mentor of sorts. Albert had become the Brotherhood’s representative in France in 1885 – that is right when Rachkovsky arrived in Paris.

A couple of years or so after Rachkovsky set up shop in France, the L’Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix (Kabbalistic Order of the Rosy Cross) or OKRC for short, was founded in 1888 by Gerard Encausse, Barlet, Saint-Yves, Joséphin Péladan, Oswald Wirth and the Marquis Stanislas de Guaita – who was its first Grand Master. (Barlet took over when Guaita died in 1897). The OKRC supposedly had six unknown council members “in case of decay”.

This is the same year as the founding of the Golden Dawn.


Papus and his kabbalistic church

In his occult writings Encausse drew heavily upon the scriptures and Kabbalistic mystical writings – in turn another fabrication on the part of particularly the Vatican slavemasters. The Occult has always been both a covertext and a method of delivering secret messages – great for spies, in other words.

On the one hand he attended Golden Dawn meetings where he got along famously with the likes of Alistair Crowley and the Jewish wife of Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers – Mina Bergson Mathers – whose brother was Society of Psychical Research afficianado Henri Bergson.

Samuel and Mina Mathers


On the other hand, in his pseudonymous political writings he would soon start excoriating Jews as evil financial conspirators – at the same time as he’s hanging around with Mina.

Some wonder at this apparent contradiction. It wasn’t a contradiction, it was a job.

Typical hypocrisy of one of their operatives, but this is exactly what it looks like when these people are tasked to “foment revolts” as Jefferson so succinctly put it.

His activities were part and parcel of devolving both Judaism and Christianity in favor of a New World Citizen, a new “nobility” – Homo Novus. Part of that was to create the foundations of war in order to redraw boundaries and political distinctions for his masters – British and Russian intelligence.

The Jewish religion, the people that followed it, had been chosen to be used to manufacture the “jews” as a separate race that needed to be “removed” from Europe and given “their own country”. Hence they were also set upon to be the “enemy” of choice. Not only to serve the purposes of warmongering, but also a far more important reason.

To hide the real conspirators.


It was yet another False Flag operation.

A false flag operation is simply an action in which the perpetrator intends for the blame (or credit) to be placed on a different party. The term originally comes from the naval concept of flying another country’s flag to deceive and confuse other ships.

Agent Papus was sent on a special tour through Europe. He collected information on magic and Masonic circles of all kinds in order to learn “what would work” to influence people. Their beliefs, legends, and so on.

His real task was to work to gain the confidence of Nicholas II because the British were determined to topple the Russian monarch.

He achieved this goal when he visited Russia in 1901 where he served the Tsar and his wife as physician and occult “consultant”. He channeled the Tsar’s dead father and delivered “messages”, gave “predictions” and other falderol.

Papus in Russia


This is a long, long used tactic of the British slavemasters – the occult – going back to the time of the first spymaster under Queen Elizabeth I. He used an occult man called “Dr. Dee” as his “diviner”, who spread whatever propaganda he wanted spread.

Papus was a combined Melville/Rachkovsky agent – working to actually topple the Russian monarchy, as well as helping to set the path for the two World Wars that were planned by spreading the “jewish” conspiracy misdirection. The Okhrana/Special Branch (Rachkovsky and Melville) had already helped get Zionism going, with its nasty divide and conquer towards the Jews spearheaded by patsy Theodore Herzl.

When Encausse came back from Russia after having successfully infiltrated the Tsar, it was in 1901 that these primarily British-driven so-called occult operatives brought up this “the jews did it”.

Encausse (aka Papus) collaborated with Jean Carrère in producing a series of articles in the Echo de Paris under the pseudonym Niet (“no” in Russian).together with Jean Carrère he began writing a series of articles for the Echo de Paris – a prominent Paris paper – under the pseudonym Niet beginning on October 24, 1901. The articles were titled: “La Russie d’aujourd’ hui” (Russia Today)


Gerard and Carrere’ wrote in a deliberately vague fashion about a secret financial syndicate hostile to French and Russian relations.

To help lend a “I’m not working for them” flavor, they attacked Rachkovsky and Blavatsky’s cousin Sergei Witte who was the Russian Finance Minister at the time. They warned of a Jewish plot to undermine the Franco-Russian alliance, implicating Witte and Rachkovsky. They referred to previous anti-Jesuit activities and freemasonry causing the French Revolution, and then focused on a supposed Jewish cabal linked to the Panama Company.

Remember, one of the first things that Rachkovsky set up doing, was buying journalist to plant articles in the French press that were favorable to Russian interests. Attacking the ‘jews’ as slimy, terrible terrorists comes directly under that – as evidenced by the pogroms begun way back in 1881 after the assassination of Alexander (which was not ‘the jews’ fault). In other words, bad portrayals of people of the Jewish faith was in Russia’s interest, because they wanted to portray the revolutionaries that were taking the Czar’s regime to task in a negative light.

Attacking Witte and Rachkovsky doesn’t really mean anything with these guys like Encausse, they are covert agents remember. They’re not supposed to be making it too obvious who they are working for, and attacking their own handler (while putting out propaganda that their handler wants) is one way to do that and, in fact, happens way more often than you might think. Something to keep in mind when you see people being “attacked” out there, even today.

One of the actual points of Encausse’s literary adventures was to get supposed friend and master “Maitre Phillippe” – who was the current favorite occultist of the Tsar – exposed as a charlatan employed by some Jewish secret society intent on gaining power over the Tsar.

Papus (left) – Phillippe (center)

Papus - Marc Haven - Philippe - Sédir - Rosabis, Maître Philippe de Lyon

After Papus does the Niet pseudonymous articles, he and Rachkovsky worked on a report to send to the Tsar.

Papus managed to insert into his report a series of Protocols of “the sittings of the secret Masonic Lodges”. According to Papus, the participants at these meetings had sworn on iron, blood, and fire to use all their might to destroy the entire Russian Imperial family.

This was his IN.

More importantly –

This was the first evolution of the 1905 forgery of ‘the protocols’.


Rachkovsky, to help further this cover-creation for Papus, spiced up this already sensational report even more so as to guarantee the desired effect.

The report, along with the necessary instructions, was sent with special precautions to the Intendent of the Imperial Palace General-Gesse. The Dowager Empress, Maria Fedorovna, also gave her help to the enemies of Philippe for her own reasons – she wanted to compromise the protege of the Empress Aleksandra Fedorovna, which was Phillippe. She also made every effort to launch the Papus-Rachkovsky-Gesse Report.

Yuliana Glinka, another agent of Rachkovsky agent who had previously been posing as a Theosophist, also goes about “exposing” that the esoteric fascinations were part of a colossal diabolical conspiracy.

It worked. Phillippe was banished, Papus took his place.

The anti-jew articles of 1901 had now set the stage for the second phase – the ZIONIST conspiracy theory of the Protocols of Zion. It is important that you note that the words ZION and ZIONIST are not yet mentioned in the Niet articles.


That means they had not decided to target that yet.


They were still in the middle of their op building support for ‘Zionism’ and getting rid of all the European Jewish religionists (especially German ones). They didn’t want that to be interfered with. Not yet, anyway, but they would shortly here.

Rachkovsky submits an intelligence report exposing as a fraud, the hypnotist Nizier Anthelme Philippe who told fortunes for the Royal household. That whole fortune thing was also something being encouraged and fostered by British intelligence – that particular tactic of theirs goes WAY back – all the way to the beginning of the rise of the Slavemasters starting in the time of Queen Elizabeth – they used a Dr. Dee to give “predictions” and all manner of hoodoo and voodoo.

So…Rachkovsky’s well-primed enemies at Okhrana headquarters turned right around and later used that report to turn Tsar Nicholas II against him. Rachkovsky was dismissed within months of the start of the whole set-up, he was recalled in 1902.

As you can see, there is trouble in River City, as the saying goes.

It’s interesting that both Rachkovsky and Melville ‘disappeared’ from their previous positions right about the same time. Both also were actually promoted and made heads of even more comprehensive intelligence organizations.

For example, Melville ‘resigned’ his Scotland Yard post in October 1903 and he started a private detective agency under the false name William Morgan. The private detective agency was actually a cut-out for the British War Office, meaning it was a front that gave the British government deniability for the actions that Melville was definitely under their direction to do. Melville was heading a new British Secret Service Bureau that served the British Empire’s secret needs (dirty work) both in England and internationally. This “private detective agency” was the forerunner to MI5 and MI6.

Regarding this “removal’ of Rachkovsky, we should note here that the British and the French have this sort of love-hate relationship that has been going on a long time – they’re both from the same Nesilim bloodlines. (the rulers, that is) So, sometimes they work together on black ops, (like the Papus “articles”) and sometimes they black op each other. Guess it depends on what day of the week it is.


Fricking nuts, I know, but it cannot be overstated just how skulking and creeping around in the shadows these people were and still are.

Rachkovskv was replaced by a bureaucrat named Rataev who, in agent Arkadiy Harting’s opinion was completely unsuitable for the job. Three years later in August of 1905, the Russian MVD appointed Harting chief of the foreign Okhrana. His friend Rachkovsky, now back in favor, was made chief of operations at headquarters in Russia. The same teamwork the two had displayed in the past reappeared at once, now at the top level. Rachkovsky gave Harting authority to organize the service according to his best judgment.

This is the exact same year that we get this Russian book with the chapter containing “the protocols”  in it that we discussed earlier.

Rachkovsky, the happy forger, was back in action, and the Brits were happy to give the thing credibility by stamping it into the British museum the following year – as we discussed.

See how that works?

Running ops together, even then.

And there it sat for almost 9 years…


…until Casimir gets hauled to London in December of 1919.

I’d like to finish up on these Russian guys here first, before we pick up the time-line again with the Protocols.

By 1906, Arkadiy Harting had succeeded in placing 16 productive penetration agents in the Anarchist, Socialist Revolutionary, and Social Democratic committees in France, Switzerland, Germany, and England. He developed strong liaison ties with the security services of many countries, and wherever possible he used external agents who were approved by these local services and therefore given access to their security records on Russian revolutionaries.3

In the fall of 1913, most of the Paris Okhrana’s agents were exposed by an interesting man named Validimir Burtsev.

Known as the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of the revolution, Vladimir was the leading counterespionage specialist in the Russian revolutionary opposition to the tsarist government.

Harting met his match in Vladimir. He was a revolutionary by profession but a counterespionage expert by talent. He organized what in effect was a highly professional counterespionage bureau for Russian radicals.

The Okhranas penetration of Lenin’s Bolshevik party – not the same as what Valdimir was doing – became so extensive and so thorough that the police files constitute the most complete (and only reliable) record of the conspiratorial party’s early history, internal organization, membership, and deliberations… (32)

Remember here, the Okhrana and the British went to GREAT LENGTHS to make it so operatives didn’t know that other operatives were present in either a controlled opposition group or a real one. The tsarist police were using a classic divide-and-conquer tactic to prevent formation of a unified opposition. No American-style Revolution allowed here – in other words. Rather transparent, that.

But, then there was Vladimir.

In 1909 Burtsev personally unmasked a major Okhrana agent, Evno Azef. Also in 1909, after years of relentless effort, Burtsev succeeded in proving that a terrorist known as “Landesen”, who had escaped from the French police in 1890, actually was Harting. This was leaked to the press, prompting Harting to flee to Brussels, where he went into hiding and was never heard from again. (34) 1

Here’s the thing though. Vladimir Burtsev fought oppressive policies from Tsarism in Imperial Russia and the Bolsheviks and Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism.

Now, what does that tell you?

I’ll tell you what it tells me.

It tells me that there was a DIFFERENT revolution going on that was not the Bosheviks. I have suspected for some time now, that there must have been something good going on in Russia for there to suddenly be a need by the slavemasters to create this hysterical controlled opposition called the Bolsheviks, which then gets blamed on ‘fascism’ and ‘the jews’.

And so there was.

It’s not like they haven’t done that before. Since the American Revolution every single time some country tried to rebel against the slavemasters? Some other group was created and mixed with the original that turned it into something far different. Cuba, India, Africa, China, Korea, Nicaragua, Guatemala – the list goes on and on.

It’s amazing just how many times they have done this exact same tactic, actually. Most of which were pinned onto this ‘communist’ or ‘jew’ labels.

In 1917 Vladimir accused Lenin and his comrades (the Bolsheviks) of being agents of Germany. Of course, what he failed to realize is the Vatican and British involvement behind all that, it was not exactly easy to find and Germany made a great misdirection target for the slavemasters. (comes under that ‘fomenting‘ thing they can’t seem to stop doing) But, at least Vladimir had kind of spotted that as a possibility, evident even in the title of his article of July 7, 1917 Either Us or the Germans and Those with Them (Russian Freedom, July 7, 1917).

This guy seems to have been quite amazingly astute, for his time, and that did not go unnoticed. Guess who had him arrested on the day of the October revolution, November 7, 1917? Deep cover British agent ran by William Wiseman – Leon Trotsky.


The October Revolution was also commonly referred to as Red October, the October Uprising and the Bolshevik Revolution.  Vladimir was literally the first political prisoner in the new USSR. The irony here is astronomical, the betrayal is beyond unmentionable.

Now do you see why they needed Lenin and the Bolsheviks, why they suddenly flooded the U.S. press with all these atrocities of the ‘Russian revolutionaries’ and then tried to pin all that on the rebellious-to-their-plans Senator Borah and those like him?

Yea. Now you’re getting it.

Vladimir was freed a year later but exiled and had to keep moving the rest of his life. Despite this, he still tried to bring truth to the world, in one particularly completely stand-out way. As a witness in something called the Berne Trial in 1934-35, he exposed the Okhrana’s role in creating the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

That’s pretty amazing, don’t you think?

What my husband and I are finishing for him (and others like him that tried to expose what really went on there) is the rest of the story. That Rachkovsky had a long history working covertly with the BRITISH – and the forging of the Protocols to foster war conditions was no exception.

For further reading on the matter of the Protocols, I suggest:

– – –

During the summer of 1919, when Senator Borah was dogging President Wilson’s “Yea! League of Nations” trip, William Donovan – Yes, that Donovan – was riding on a train across Russia with a very unlikely person, William Dudley Pelley. Donovan was one of a number of people that would influence the young spy-come-propagandist to write about – or rather paint – the actual Russian revolutionists (against the dictatorship of the monarchial government) as being one and the same as Lenin and his Bolsheviki.

Fourteen years later in the summer of 1919, after distinguished service as a Medal of Honor-winning officer commanding an infantry battalion during the First World War, his interest in Asia drew him into a tour of Northeast Asia. It began as a second honeymoon for his wife, Ruth, to repair their relationship after his absence during the war, but it became a personal fact-finding mission surveying the political problems of the region. He and Ruth toured Japan, Korea, and China together in June and July 1919. They were treated as visiting VIPS in each country, and they met with the U.S. ambassadors in Tokyo and Beijing. From Beijing he went by himself through Manchuria and across the Russian Far East on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, all the way to Omsk, to meet the leader of the White forces fighting the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War.

(History of the Unification Church part 2 by Virginia McClaughry)

So, besides leaving his wife behind (that Donovan’s supposed to be spending time with to “repair” his relationship), clearly this trip is an intelligence mission through and through, and he was obviously going to meet secretly with Rachkovsky and Sergei Witte’s Okhrana or NKVD.

William Dudley Pelley spent quite some time taking photos an preparing articles to portray the viciousness of the Bolsheviks, which raises an interesting and particularly ugly point. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the whole Bolshevik movement was nothing but an intentionally created Controlled Opposition to derail and mis-characterize the real revolution, things went much much further than just your basic negative positioning.

There were very extreme (and very real) outright atrocities.

As Lasswell once said:

A handy rule for arousing hate is, if at first they do not enrage, use an atrocity. It has been employed with unvarying success in every conflict known to man.

– Lasswell, 1927 Propaganda Technique in World War, You can view the 1938 reprint at Hathitrust.


That, they most definitely did.

In the new USSR, the use of people of the Jewish faith as scapegoats and objects of derision was used repeatedly. For example, in Hungary in 1956, in Czechoslovakia in 1968, and in Poland in the 1980s. Such scapegoating also was evident in the so-called “Doctors Plot” in the early 1950s, when a group of Jewish doctors was accused of plotting to kill Stalin and other Soviet leaders.

Prior to when Lenin launching the Red Terror in September 1918, for the previous 40 years or so some 4000 people were detained and interrogated in connection with political crimes but from the mid-1860s to the mid-1890s, but only 44 executions took place in Russia, and all were prompted by assassinations or assassination attempts against members of the royal family or government officials.

By contrast, Lenin’s Cheka executed five hundred people. Following him, the Red Terror became called the Great Terror under Stalin; between 1935 and 1941 some 10 million people just ‘disappeared’ into the Gulag. Three million of which were executed.1

It couldn’t be more obvious who was behind that, because the same thing went on in China, Korea, and even a number of South American countries. The slavemasters never do anything else but punish the people.

They are literally bathed in blood.

* * *


Thou must HATE the Jewish Communists

Solidifying the invented enemy

Lasswell once wrote that “So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations,”
and that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor.”

He was quite clear on that point that he learned at the knee of the likes of Disraeli, Lord Beaconsfield and Charles Masterman. He said:There must be no ambiguity about who the public is to hate.

That somebody, would now be characterized as Jewish Communists.

The very next day after Casimir arrived in London (November 14, 1919) Masterman’s guys at The Times – (Wickham Steed and Dawson) printed a long letter entitled ‘The Horrors of Bolshevism’ which was supposedly written by an unnamed British Officer in South Russia.

Sounds rather Boris and Casimir, the propaganda tag team, doesn’t it?

This “letter” specifically made accusations against the ‘Jewish Commissars’ – as compared to previous articles that were more specifically aimed at “communists” “bolshevists” and “international anarchists”.

I found the edition that carried this “letter’, it’s on page 13, Friday November 14, 1919. All of these are quite large images – click to enlarge the smaller ones for readability.

First part – full page and individual column images

The_Times_Fri__Nov_14__1919_ The_Times_Fri__Nov_14__1919_(1)

Second part – full page and individual column images

The_Times_Fri__Nov_14__1919_(2) The_Times_Fri__Nov_14__1919_(3)

Some plain text excerpts from it –

“…sent by a British Officer in South Russia to his wife”

“the letter is published exactly as sent, except that names and dates have been altered, so that the writer and his wife will not be embarrassed.”

“The Bolshevists are devils…. I hope to send you copies of 64 official photos taken by British officers at Odessa when the town was retaken from the Bolsevists. … As no paper will print them I suggest that you should have copies done. If we’re too hard up you could pay for them by sending me no parcels, or selling my Caucasian dagger, or Persian book, or something. And I suggest that you should then do with them as you think fit, to make them most widely known. Their horror may make people realize. They must realize. By God, they shall realize! They show men who’ve been crucified with the torture of the ‘human glove.’ The victim gets crucified, nails through his elbows. The hands are treated with a solution which shrivels the skin. The skin is cut out with a razor, round the wrist, and peeled off, till it hangs by the finger nails – the ‘human glove’. I’m not sparing you. I hope you’ll show and send them to everybody we know. People at home, apathetic fools they are, do not deserve to be spared. They must be woken up. John and Katie ought to see them. Most of the photos are of women. Women with their breasts cut off to the bone….

Two little bits, ref. Bolshevist atrocities, you might type in as many copies as you can. If you and several others left them in different tea-shops every afternoon, it might touch quite a lot of people. I shall send you chapter and verse if I can. If I haven’t sent chapter and verse in a month, do your best without. Papers are no good, because papers would put it more delicately. We have here at H.Q. passes issued to Bolshevists by commissaries on occupying Ekaterinodar. These passes authorize their holders to arrest any girl they fancy for the use of the soldiery. Sixty-two girls of all classes were arrested like this and thrown to the Bolshevist troops. Those who struggled were killed quite early on. The rest, when used and finished, were mutilated and thrown, dead and dying, into the two small rivers flowing through Ekaterinodar. In all towns occupied by Bolshevists and reoccupied ‘slaughterhouses’ are found choked with corpses. Hundreds of ‘suspects,’ men, women, and children, were herded in these – doors and windows manned and the struggling mass fired into until most of them were dead or dying. The doors were then locked and they were left. The stench in these places, I am told, is hair-raising. These ‘slaughterhouses’ are veritable plague spots and have caused widespread epidemics. I want you to prosetylize Robinson and galvanize the Colonel and everybody else you can get hold of. I’d like James to see this and No. 47 and Dorothy. Above all the Mater, For I feel sure, that whatever happens, she and you will be glad that I’ve come out.”

“… Bolshevist Russia is a channel of communication to the Committee of Union and Progress, to Egypt, India, and Afghanistan. Unless beaten by us, the Bolshies will beat us. It’s a side issue for the present, but the danger of their rousing and letting loose the Chinese is not so very remote. They have declared war on Christianity. The Bible to them is a ‘counter-revolutionary’ book, and to be stamped out. They are aiming at raising all non-Christian races against the Christian countries.

The Bolshevists form about 5 per cent, of the population of Russia – Jews (80 to 90 per cent, of the commissaries are Jews), Chinese, Letts, Germans, and certain of the ‘skilled labor’ artisans.

The conscribed peasantry, originally captured by the catchwords mentioned in the pamphlets, now often goaded beyond endurance, is rising against them over wide districts. Still conscribed and put up to fight, under severe penalties, they form most of the ‘cannon fodder’ used by the Bolshies. They desert, often en masse, and many a peasant who marched for the Bolshevists last week is fighting for Denikin in the Volunteer Army to-day.

Ref. Jews – In towns captured, by Bolshevists the only unviolated sacred buildings are the synagogues, while churches are used for anything, from movie-shows to ‘slaughterhouses’. The Poles, Galicians, and Petlura have committed ‘pogroms’ (massacres of Jews). Not the Russian Volunteer Armies under Denikin. Denilcin has, in fact, been so strict in protecting the Jews that he has been accused by his sympathizers of favoring them. If, however, a Commissary, steeped in murder, with torture and rape, with mutilations, happens to be a Jew, as most of them are, should he receive exceptional treatment?”

That “officer” from Russia, is an obvious veiled allusion to Boris, who completely fills that bill. The signing of it as “X” to “protect the identity” – the obvious over-the-top use of manufactured atrocities to incite hatred, the over-done supposed documentation, it’s all there – standard British intelligence “masses” propaganda ala Masterman and Tweedsmuir.

The biggest, and most important thing about this covert British intelligence propaganda piece, is that as far as I can tell?

It marks the first time the “Jews” are added into the big, bad ENEMY mix already being fomented about the “Red” bible of the communists (only begun about 2 weeks earlier, incidentally).


The first time in such a public way.

And by Masterman’s stable of propagandists.

Later on – The London Times of December 3, 1919, (pp. 2, 3 and 4) published the statement of an eye witness of the “reign of torture” under the Bolsheviki at the time of the first capture of Odessa. The witness is the Rev. R. Courtier-Forster, late British Chaplain at Odessa and the Russian Ports of the Black Sea. Obviously another British intelligence agent.

He continued on in the “atrocity” tradition –

“While I was still British chaplain of Odessa the city was deluged with blood. When the Bolshevist elements, grafting on to their main support the 4,000 criminals released from the city gaols, attempted to seize the town, people of education, regardless of social position, offered what armed resistance was in their power. Workmen, shop assistants, soldiers, professional men, and a handful of officers fought for freedom and liberty through the streets of the great port for three days and nights against the bloody despotism of the Bolshevists. Tramcars were overturned to make barricades, trenches dug in the streets machine-guns placed in the upper windows of houses to move the thoroughfare with fire. The place became an inferno. The Balshevists were victorious. On capturing Odessa Railway Station, which had been defended by a few officers and a number of anti-Bolshevist soldiers, the Bolshevists bayoneted to death the 19 wounded and helpless men laid on the waiting-room floor to await Red Cross succour.

“Scores of other men who fell wounded in the streets also became victims to the triumphant Bolshevist criminals. The majority of these wretched and unhappy sufferers completely disappeared. Inquiries at the hospitals and prisons revealed the fact that they were not there, and no trace of them was to be found. A fortnight later there was a terrible storm on the Black Sea, and thebodies of the missing men were washed up on the rocks of Odessa breakwater and along the shore; they had been taken out to sea in small boats, stones tied to their feet, and then been dropped over alive into deep water. Hundreds of others were captured and taken on board the Almaz and the Sinope, the largest cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet. Here they became victims of unthinkable tortures.

“On the Sinope, General Chormichoff and some other personal friends of my own were fastened one by one with iron chains to planks of wood and pushed slowly, inch by inch, into the ship’s furnaces and roasted alive. Others were tied to winches, the winches turned until the men were torn in two alive. Others were taken to the boilers and scalded with boil-steam; they were then moved to another part of the ship and ventilating fans set revolving that currents of cold air might blow on the scalds and increase the agony of the torture. The full names of 17 of the Sinope victims were given me in writing by members of their families or their personal friends. These were lost later when my rooms were raided, my papers seized, and I myself arrested and thrown into prison.

“The house in the Catherine Square in which I was first in captivity afterwards became the Bolshevists’ House of Torture in which hundreds of victims were done to death. The shrieks of the people being tortured to death or having splinters of wood driven under the quick of their nails were so agonizing and appalling that personal friends of my own living more than a hundred yards away in the Vorontsoffsky Pereulok were obliged to fasten their double windows to prevent the cries of anguish penetrating into the house. The horror and fear of the surviving citizens was so great that the Bolshevists kept motor lorries thundering up and down the street to drown the awful screams of agony wrung from their dying victims.

“This House of Torture remains as much as possible in the condition in which the Bolshevists left it and is now shown to those who care to inspect its gruesome and blood-bespattered rooms.

“Week by week the newspapers published articles for and against the nationalization of women. In South Russia the proposal did not become a legal measure, but in Odessa bands of Bolshevists seized women and girls and carried them off to the Port, the timber yards, and the Alexandrovsky Park for their own purposes. Women used in this way were found in the mornings either dead or mad or in a dying condition. Those found still alive were shot. One of the most awful of my own personal experiences of the New Civilization was hearing at night from my bedroom windows the frantic shrieks of women being raped to death in the park opposite. Screams of shrill terror and despair repeated at intervals until they became nothing but hoarse cries of agony like the death calls of a dying animal. This happened not once, or twice, but many times. Never to the day of my death shall I forget the horror of those dreadful shrieks of tortured women, and one’s own utter powerlessness to aid the victims or punish the Bolshevist devils in their bestial orgies.”

The Times then published this letter of “Bolshevik atrocities” in pamphlet form, and alleged it had sold thousands of copies of it. There were also further contributors to these kind of editorials using pseudonyms such as ‘Verax’, ‘Janus’, ‘Philojudaeus’, ‘Testis’ and ‘Pro-Denikin’.

This was obvious covertly ordered and executed British Intelligence propaganda.

The leading Zionism man (Herzl’s replacement – Chaim Weizmann) response to these articles pointed out that it was done intentionally to incite “racial hatred” – see how he’s helping propagate the lie that the Jews are a RACE now?

He’s doing exactly what British intelligence wants, continuing the delusion that the worshipers of Judaism are a race – they are not.

Chaim Weizmann is either a total idiot when it comes to propaganda, or he is ONE of them, because I tell ya, all his response did is bring more attention to the Jews as a RACE issue. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that was an accident.

As covered in a previous section, the Jews were chosen as the new “enemy” – you can actually see why, if you understand the British slavemasters sick plans for WWII, this far ahead.

See, they knew the Germans and Russians HATED them for what they did to them at that Peace Conference, so rather than have them figure it out that they – the British and the Vatican – were who was actually behind ALL of that – and come after them? They were being provided some allegedly conspiring group of people that want to rule the world that is not them, and is instead of them – “the Jews”.

Get it?

The very next day…

After the first of these articles come out adding “Jews” for the first time – meanwhile back in the U.S. –

By November 15, the chamber was still considering the treaty when, for the first time in its history, the Senate voted to invoke cloture – to cut off debate – on the treaty.

And then four days later –

November 19, 1919 – the famous debate over Senator Lodge’s 14 Reservations versus Wilson’s 14 Points.

Borah speaks – key points excerpted.

Mr. President…

I think, therefore, this moment is just as appropriate as any other for me to express my final views with reference to the treaty and the League of Nations. It is perhaps the last opportunity I shall have to state, as briefly as I may, my reasons for opposing the treaty and the League.

Mr. President, after Mr. Lincoln had been elected President, before he assumed the duties of the office and at a time when all indications were to the effect that we would soon be in the midst of civil strife, a friend from the city of Washington wrote him for instructions. Mr. Lincoln wrote back in a single line, “Entertain no compromise; have none of it.”

That states the position I occupy at this time and which I have, in a humble way, occupied from the first contention in regard to this proposal.

…What is the result of all this?

  • We are in the midst of all of the affairs of Europe.
  • We have entangled ourselves with all European concerns.
  • We have joined in alliance with all the European nations which have thus far joined the League and all nations which may be admitted to the League.

We are sitting there dabbling in their affairs and intermeddling in their concerns.

In other words, Mr. President — and this comes to the question which is fundamental with me — we have forfeited and surrendered, once and for all, the great policy of “no entangling alliances” upon which the strength of this republic has been founded for 150 years.

Let us not underestimate that. There has never been an hour since the Venezuelan difficulty that there has not been operating in this country, fed by domestic and foreign sources, a powerful propaganda for the destruction of the doctrine of no entangling alliances. [He’s talking about Britain]


His final points are real deal-killers.


Mr. President, there is another and even a more commanding reason why I shall record my vote against this treaty. It imperils what I conceive to be the underlying, the very first principles of this republic.

It is in conflict with the right of our people to govern themselves, free from all restraint, legal or moral, of foreign powers.


…You cannot yoke a government whose fundamental maxim is that of liberty to a government whose first law is that of force and hope to preserve the former.

You may still keep for a time the outward form, you may still delude yourself, as others have done in the past [referring to the British especially] with appearances and symbols, but when you shall have committed this republic to a scheme of world control based upon force, upon the combined military force of the four great nations of the world, you will have soon destroyed the atmosphere of freedom, of confidence in the self-governing capacity of the masses, in which alone a democracy may thrive.

We may become one of the four dictators of the world, but we shall no longer be master of our own spirit.

But your treaty does not mean peace far, very far, from it. If we are to judge the future by the past,

it means war.

– Source: Record, 66 Cong., I Sess., pp. 8777-8778; 8768-8769, 8781-8784.

That very same day of his speech – the Treaty was voted down.


The Senate first voted on the version of the Treaty (that included the League of Nations, point X) with the 14 Lodge reservations. President Wilson ordered his supporters to vote against that version and, with the irreconcilables also voting against it, it fell short of a two-thirds majority by a 55-39 vote. A second vote on the version without the reservations ended in a similar 53-38 vote, this time with the Cabot Republicans and the irreconcilables forming the opposition.

And now? The next war is now settled upon – the enemy is “the Jews” and the “Germans”. Things begin to move quite fast on the dusting off and updating the now decades-old protocols.

* * *

The Final (and worst) Blow of Masterman

His legacy – the Protocols of Zion promoted to the world in english.
Section 1: Creating the ‘enemies’

Our war-inventors, of wars that should never have happened, would never have happened without these people’s interference in everything, tells us that one must CREATE a very specific enemy.

Per Harold Lasswell, a second-generation propagandist accolyte of Walter Lippmann, propagandizing for War needs a well-defined enemy – this is where the Protocols of Zion comes in.

Because, in both the lead-ups to WWI (marginally) and WWII especially, that fairy-tale enemy was “The Jews”.

So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations… that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. There must be no ambiguity about who the public is to hate.

– Lasswell Propaganda Technique in World War, published 1927

Like this…

Portrayals of “the Jew” – Propaganda

The Jew The inciter of war, the prolonger of war.

Reads – The inciter of war, the prolonger of war

Here are some other wildly provocative examples of creating the enemy – The Jew.


the jew - antijewish


Lasswell also said regarding this “enemy” who must become hated, that there are certain common denominators in how they need to portrayed, and that these can be “counted upon” to work in any situation, be it small or large.

  • The opposing nation is nearly always demonstrably overbearing and contemptuous.
  • The enemy is not only insolent, he is sordid.
  • The enemy is inherently perfidious.
  • The enemy conducts a lying propaganda. This theme is of particular importance.
  • The enemy is quarrelsome, crude and destructive.
  • The enemy is atrociously cruel and degenerate in his conduct of the War.
  • The other side is a nefarious plotter and liar, unworthy of confidence.

So, cut down to the nitty-gritty, the enemy must be portrayed as:

  • overbearing and contemptuous.
  • insolent
  • sordid.
  • inherently perfidious.
  • conducts a lying propaganda.
  • quarrelsome, crude and destructive.
  • atrociously cruel
  • degenerate
  • nefarious plotter
  • liar
  • unworthy of confidence.

Like this –

This Russian poster shows a Jewish man as:

  • a money lender,
  • communist
  • untrustworthy.

russian the eternal jew - antijewish
It says “The Eternal Jew”.


If the Protocols of Zion was a deliberately created propaganda piece choosing for us an “enemy” to hate, thereby setting conditions for war, we would expect to see these elements in play in regards the JEW.

  • overbearing and contemptuous.
  • insolent
  • sordid.
  • inherently perfidious.
  • conducts a lying propaganda.
  • quarrelsome, crude and destructive.
  • atrociously cruel
  • degenerate
  • nefarious plotter
  • liar
  • unworthy of confidence.

And so they are, practically picture-perfect, in fact.

How many times have you come across at least one or more of the above accusations STILL being attempted to be applied to “the Jews” even today?

Take a look at Google for “jews” and conspiracy and you’ll see just how many people are:

  • A: suckering in others with the same old propaganda and
  • B: how many people at least are looking like they are buying it!

Ok, so are these all complete idiots? While that may be the easy and conveniently lazy conclusion, it’s not true. The reason why this type of propaganda is still active is because it is being deliberately kept active.


Well, that’s something else Lasswell said (and he named the Father of this tactic as Benjamin Disraeli).

He said:

To undermine the active hatred of the enemy for its present antagonist, his anger must be distracted to a new and independent object, beside which his present antagonist ceases to matter.

THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT OPERATION, and it is always advisable to carry through a work of preparation….

OK, so whose the real target, the real enemy? The British slavemasters, and that happens to be the truth. Ah, but we don’t want people to know that, to continue to have HATRED for the British (which is deserved, by the way) so what to do?

Create a different enemy and ascribe many of the things the British slavemasters are responsible for onto this new enemy called – The Jews.

So, you see, you have all these people out there in each succeeding generation who sense that something is wrong, that there is some sort of conspiring going on to keep the rich, rich and the middle class, middle class. The last thing these psychotic (and very, very guilty) madmen want is to have the entire world coming after their asses.

So, we keep various convenient “enemies” available, The Jews/The Illuminati usually topping the list. These come complete with vast storehouses of books and fake documents and “discussions” all quote-festing each other, and lectures and “experts” and…you get the idea.

It’s all bullshit distraction – a going nowhere in circles, a hamster cage of the mind. hamsterwheel

There are very real conspirators, and they have been doing it for generations now – and they have very, very, bloody hands.


They need to have people distracted and unable to tell who is really driving all this.

Lasswell also tell us that propaganda has a large element of fake in it. Considering the forgery by British intelligence of the Hitler Map, that’s quite an understatement.

Actual propaganda, wherever studied, has a large element of the fake in it.

This varies from putting a false date line on a despatch, through the printing of unverified rumours, the printing of denials in order to convey an insinuation, to the ” staging ” of events.

One of the world war fakes was the use of pictures of the Jewish pogrom of 1905, somewhat retouched, as fresh enemy atrocities. [during WWI]

Now let’s really look at these:

  1. putting a false date line on a despatch
  2. printing of unverified rumours
  3. printing of denials in order to convey an insinuation
  4. “staging” of events.

The first one is called “back-dating” also, and is one of the oldest forms of misrepresentations engaged in by the British slavemasters and their propagandists. They especially do this in their versions of so-called history – sometimes to an extreme of hundreds of thousands of years. The most extreme example is probably the Bible.

Remember, we know that in WWII they had a whole division to forge documents, including “historical” documents, called Station M. This wasn’t their first “dance” doing that kind of thing – make no mistake.

The third one you may not be familiar with, but if I put it into modern form you will recognize it. Accusing someone of something without looking like you are often starts out like this:

  1. “I can neither confirm nor deny that (name) is guilty of (whatever you want to accuse them of).” or
  2. “There is no evidence to prove that (name) was (whatever you want to accuse them of).”

Yeah. Now you recognize it.

The fourth one is by far the most evil of these, in my opinion. Why? Because it is exactly what both World Wars were – they were STAGED.

The Protocols incorporate more than one of these tactics, as you will soon see.

* * *

The Final (and worst) Blow of Masterman

His legacy – the Protocols of Zion promoted to the world in english.
Section 2: Creating the propagada – The Protocols

The work on creating the Protocols of Zion printed by Masterman’s cut-out printer it had begun in November, right when Casimir Pilenas arrived to London.

The Preface in this first appearance –

Is dated December 2 1919.

Less than two weeks after Borah’s famous speech.

As we already know, Borah’s speech in early 1919 was tracking right with and exposing that the same people behind the League of Nations – the Brits – were behind Trotsky and “Internationalism”.

That is very, very important, because we know how much the Brits hate having their nasty plans traced back to them and exposed, don’t we.

Don’t underestimate that this is one of the main reasons why the combined Okhrana/Melville propaganda was being dusted off the shelf and brought in at this time.

Hence the big push for “world conspirators” to blame, misdirecting attention off of them and setting the new “enemy” for the Germans and Russians to tie themselves up in knots against – AS WELL AS THE AMERICANS WHO RESIST THEIR PLANS – as you are soon about to see.

You can just imagine, even now, the smug look on their faces whenever some well-meaning questioner of what is REALLY going on in the world, latches onto the conveniently planted JEW-ILLUMINATI-ALIEN conspiracy propaganda. See where Scientology fits right into that, with it’s Marcabian/World Banker/Evil German Nazi Psychiatrists propaganda? That comprises its “advanced levels” of “enlightenment”, is a particularly sick joke on the part of it’s British Intelligence handlers.

Author Lucien Wolf very astutely points out the connection to the deep cover british intelligence agent – Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the nephew of Sir Neville Chamberlain – who was a member of a German group engaged in publishing anti-Jew and anti-English materials this same year of 1919. Putting a rather interesting PR positioning on the “type” of people who would be anti-English – do note.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain


Since 1909 the agitation has become re-transferred to the headquarters of Clerical Anti-Semitism
in Vienna and Munich, and the most recent works on the subject—with which the Morning Post appears to have mainly worked, although for obvious reasons it does not acknowledge them—are:

[english translations in grey boxes]

Wichtl’s “Weltfreimaurerei, Weltrevolution, Weltrepublik,”

Freemasonry, World Revolution, World Republic

Meister’s “Judas Schuldbuch,”

Judas debt register

and Rosenberg’s “Die Spur des Juden im Wandel der Zeiten,”

The trace of the Jews through the ages

all published in 1919.

All this literature, while expounding exactly the same theory of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy as the Morning Post, is as violently anti-English as it is anti-Masonic and anti-Jewish. A great deal of it is published under the auspices of the Deutschlaiid’s Erneuenmg Committee, of which Mr. Houston Chamberlain is a leading spirit.

PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, by Lucien Wolf, preface written November 1920, book published February, 1921.

**Please also see my article on George Stanton Coit, for more about Chamberlain and his connections, as well as other British agents engaged in the “jew menace” nasty hyperbole.

The utterly amazing thing here, is that the British are engaged, right then, in their covert march of WORLD government with them at the head of it, so see what I mean? This is all part of positioning anyone who reveals their nasty intents is either a communist or nasty jew-hating German!

Not to mention doing a bang-up job of rousing hatred of all-the-wrong-people, as part of their next war they had planned because they did not get what they wanted from the U.S. – the League of Nations. Thank you Senator Borah!

I swear to god, the British slavemasters are such a bunch of screaming brat babies when they don’t get their nasty little way.

It’s not fair! I hate all of you!

mad crying baby

But wait, there’s more!

Lucien tells us some other very interesting and well-documented things about these “Protocols”.

Like…a description that sounds awfully exact as to our erstwhile double-agent, Casmir Pilenas, a Lithuanian by birth, and the previously unknown fact (to me, and many others, I would imagine) that the exact same book was also published in Germany as was in England! **here add what I just added to casimir re kaiser map

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this was Casimir and isn’t it interesting the timing?

Please note – I have further documented this attempt by Casimir that Lucien mentions below, and how it was all mixed up with a parallel intelligence operation going on (by the British and Russian intelligence) in Germany. See Debunking Yet Another False Conspiracy Theory – The ‘Kaiser’s Dream” Map and the Protocols of Zion

Later on came the first intimation of the proposed publication of the Protocols in Western Europe. It came in very characteristic shape.

One day the members of a certain Jewish Delegation in Paris received a visit from a mysterious Lithuanian who had been connected with the Russian Secret Police. He professed himself anxious to serve the Jewish community, and said that he was in a position to prevent the publication of an exceedingly dangerous book, which, if it saw the light, would probably involve the whole house of Israel in ruin. Quite naturally, he wished to be paid for this service, but the sum was a mere trifle, a matter of £10,000. He was asked for a sight of the volume, and he produced it. It was, of course, “the Protocols.” Needless to say, no business was done.

[Note: I believe he is referring to the American Jewish Committee, who in their Annual Report #14 (published 1921), p. 18 states that:

For some time past members of your Committee have known of the existence of this “document”; in fact, the manuscript was offered to your Committee with the erroneous idea that a round sum would be paid for its suppression. Under the title of “The Jewish Peril” it was anonymously published in England in February, 1920, and editions of it have appeared in Germany, France, and, we are informed, also in Denmark, Italy and Spain.” ]


Check this part out now –

It was possibly only a coincidence that in the following December a German edition was published under the title “Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion,” and two months later the English edition saw the light under the title “The Jewish Peril: Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” The German and English publication would have been simultaneous but for the fact that difficulty was experienced in finding a reputable London publishing house to take the Protocols seriously.


So that’s why the Preface for the English one was dated 2 December but not published until two months later (February, 1920) because it was prepared at the same time as the German one.

Here’s the preface, recently obtained from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library.

PDF – Nilus – The Jewish Peril – Preface

End of preface showing the December 2, 1919 date –

Nilus - The Jewish Peril - Preface-3

Lucien tells us some other interesting facts, and a rather astute observation.

…The object was clearly to get English support, and unfortunately the response was not long in coming.

[after The Times article May 8th]

The delight of the German Reactionaries knew no bounds. It was voiced by Count Reventlow in a long article in the Deutsche Tages-zeitung of May 17 welcoming the Times’s acceptance of the Jewish peril as an indication that English public opinion was beginning to recognise the righteousness of Kapp and Co. in their resistance to the Ebert regime and what the Count called the “pax Judaeica.” *

Whether the translators and editors of “The Jewish Peril” have consciously lent themselves to this intrigue, which is part of the German Reactionary plot to upset the Treaty of Versailles and perhaps plunge Europe into another war, cannot be said.

But assuredly the worst suspicions are permissible so long as these gentlemen elect to skulk in the coulisses and shrink from responsibility for their scrubby handiwork.

* Besides Count Reventlow’s article see a very light-giving article entitled “Reventlow und die Weisen von Zion” in the Berliner Tageblatt, May 18, 1920.

Skulking is right.

That’s what the British slavemaster war-mongerers have been doing for centuries.

some of my family

Speaking of skulking…

Don’t forget


Casimir Pilenas had arrived in London in November 1919, and that is when the first spate of “anti-Jew” Bolshevik publications went mainstream – in The Times.

I’ll say it again.

Pilenas was a high-level and long term deep cover agent for British Intelligence, going all the way back to the time of Sir Melville. His cover now, while in London, was TRANSLATOR and JOURNALIST.


Well, that’s rather convenient for the Protocols black op, wouldn’t you say?


Fellow British Intelligence shill, Victor Marsden, together with Pilenas, helped to create a simultaneously produced anti-Jew series in the Morning Post – concerning the appearance of the new Protocols of Zion. Marsden had been the Post’s correspondent in Russia at the time of the Revolution. Thereafter, but that same year, the Post published a book on the same matter, entitled The Cause of World Unrest. This was picked up by well-known publisher, George Haven Putnam, who then put out an American edition it in New York , a little later in 1920. Apparently Putnam also sent a letter to the AJC concerning his anti-Jewish views in 1922, to Lee Weiss on March 13.

Reference: A.J.C. Archives, Box 132.

Even Winston Churchill jumps on the jew-bashing bandwagon, tailor-making his insults specifically towards JEWISH Bolshevists, and JEWISH Germans, very bad, very bad, sayeth Churchill. Personally, what I really think he’s doing is lending his name to written pieces intent on drumming up interest and focus on this newly characterized enemy, while at the same time pushing for the support of Zionism. Which, if you recall, was really about using the Jewish people, yet again, as the chess pieces (pawns) of the British Slavemasters.

The last time they did this big of a move that way was in the time of the first Rise of the Slavemasters – Cecil, Bacon, etc. and all that propaganda about Jews needing to go forth and spread the light around the world before the “Messianic” age could come.

Makes me sick, I tell you, to see the deliberate manipulation of these people (and others) using fricking fairy tales and LIES to do it!

The Churchill article was extraordinarily difficult to find a decent source for on the net (and not some modern day pro-nazi one). Although I found some fragmentary sources, I preferred to find the full article, scanned. I have now obtained this directly from the Library of Congress.

I wanted to make sure this is what actually happened, since the only real sources out there are usually either pro-nazi sites or conspiracy theory sites like David Livingston, Alex Jones, blog commenter Frank Frivilous (Wade) etc., etc. – most of which use this article for one purpose and one purpose only –


To spin that the “Jews” are bad.


Not one source (that I have read so far anyway) uses this article to correctly point out that Churchill was espousing deliberate and knowingly false propaganda as part of agitating a: against anyone countering their League of Nations crap and/or b: as part of identifying the “enemy” for the next World War they – the slavemasters – already had planned.

Here’s the PDF, which I have OCR’d.

Sunday herald 8 February 19200000 churchill article

Here’s the images of front page and of page 5 of Illustrated Sunday Herald February 8, 1920 titled: ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM. A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE by R. Hon. Winston R. Churchill.

Some plaintext quotes –

Some people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.

Disraeli, the Jew Prime Minister of England, and Leader of the Conservative Party, who was always true to his race and proud of his origin, said on a well-known occasion: ‘The Lord deals with the nations as the nations deal with the Jews.’ Certainly when we look at the miserable state of Russia, where of all countries in the world the Jews were the most cruelly treated, and contrast it with the fortunes of our own country, which seems to have been so providentially preserved amid the awful perils of these times, we must admit that nothing that has since happened in the history of the world has falsified the truth of Disraeli’s confident assertion.

The conflict between good and evil which proceeds unceasingly in the breast of man nowhere reaches such an intensity as in the Jewish race. The dual nature of mankind is nowhere more strongly or more terribly exemplified. We owe to the Jews in the Christian revelation a system of ethics which, even if it were entirely separated from the supernatural, would be incomparably the most precious possession of mankind, worth in fact the fruits of all other wisdom and learning put together. On that system and by that faith there has been built out of the wreck of the Roman Empire the whole of our existing civilization.

And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical.

There can be no greater mistake than to attribute to each individual a recognizable share in the qualities which make up the national character. There are all sorts of men – good, bad and, for the most part, indifferent – in every country, and every race. Nothing is more wrong than to deny to an individual, on account of race or origin, his right to be judged on his personal merits and conduct. In a people of peculiar genius like the Jews, contrasts are more vivid, the extremes are more widely separated, the resulting consequences are more decisive.

At the present fateful period there are three main lines of political conception among the Jews, two of which are helpful and hopeful in a very high degree to humanity, and the third absolutely destructive.

First there are the Jews who, dwelling in every country throughout the world, identify themselves with that country, enter into its national life, and, while adhering faithfully to their own religion, regard themselves as citizens in the fullest sense of the State which has received them. Such a Jew living in England would say, ‘I am an Englishman practising the Jewish faith.’ This is a worthy conception, and useful in the highest degree. We in Great Britain well know that during the great struggle the influence of what may be called the ‘National Jews’ in many lands was cast preponderatingly on the side of the Allies; and in our own Army Jewish soldiers have played a most distinguished part, some rising to the command of armies, others winning the Victoria Cross for valour.

The National Russian Jews, in spite of the disabilities under which they have suffered, have managed to play an honourable and useful part in the national life even of Russia. As bankers and industrialists they have strenuously promoted the development of Russia’s economic resources, and they were foremost in the creation of those remarkable organizations, the Russian Co-operative Societies. In politics their support has been given, for the most part, to liberal and progressive movements, and they have been among the staunchest upholders of friendship with France and Great Britain.

In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungry), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.

[impossible equality? Look at him attacking Jeffersonian ideas as per the Constitution of the United States!]

It played, as a modern writer, Mrs Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution.

[Churchill is promoting the freemason/jew conspiracy theories of Nesta Webster – Yet another Masterman propagandist aka completely British-intelligence controlled.]

It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinarypersonalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others.

With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd), or of Krassin or Radek – all Jews.

[Trotsky – the MI6 agent, lest we forget]

In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by [the Jews] the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.

Needless to say, the most intense passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people. Wherever General Denikin’s authority could reach, protection was always accorded to the Jewish population, and strenuous efforts were made by his officers to prevent reprisals and to punish those guilty of them. So much was this the case that the Petlurist [followers of Simon Petlyura (1879-1926), Ukranian politician who led the Ukranian army against the Bolsheviks.

He was defeated and fled to Poland, thence to Paris where he was assassinated] propaganda against General Denikin denounced him as the Protector of the Jews.

The Misses Healy, nieces of Mr Tim Healy, in relating their personal experiences in Kieff, have declared that to their knowledge on more than one occasion officers who committed offences against Jews were reduced to the ranks and sent out of the city to the front. But the hordes of brigands by whom the whole vast expanse of the Russian Empire is becoming infested do not hesitate to gratify their lust for blood and for revenge at the expense of the innocent Jewish population whenever an opportunity occurs. The brigand Makhno, the hordes of Petlyura and of Gregorieff, who signalized their success by the most brutal massacres, everywhere found among the half-stupefied, half-infuriated population an eager response to anti-Semitism in its worst and foulest forms.

The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with the villainies which are now being perpetrated. This is an injustice on millions of helpless people, most of whom are themselves sufferers from the revolutionary regime. It becomes, therefore, specially important to foster and develop any strongly-marked Jewish movement which leads directly away from these fatal associations. And it is here that Zionism has such a deep significance for the whole world at the present time.

Zionism offers the third sphere to the political conceptions of the Jewish race. In violent contrast to international communism, it presents to the Jew a national idea of a commanding character. It has fallen to the British Government, as the result of the conquest of Palestine, to have the opportunity and the responsibility of securing for the Jewish race all over the world a home and a centre of national life. The statesmanship and historic sense of Mr Balfour were prompt to seize this opportunity. Declarations have been made which have irrevocably decided the policy of Great Britain. The fiery energies of Dr Weizmann, [Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952) was born in Grodno, Russia. An active Zionist, he became President of the World Zionist Organization in 1920. In 1949 he became the first President of Israel] the leader, for practical purposes, of the Zionist project, backed by many of the most prominent British Jews, and supported by the full authority of Lord Allenby, are all directed to achieving the success of this inspiring movement.

Of course, Palestine is far too small to accommodate more than a fraction of the Jewish race, nor do the majority of national Jews wish to go there. But if, as may well happen, there should be created in our own lifetime by the banks of the Jordan a Jewish State under the protection of the British Crown, which might comprise three or four million of Jews, an event would have occurred in the history of the world which would, from every point of view, be beneficial, and would be especially in harmony with the truest interests of the British Empire.

Zionism has already become a factor in the political convulsions of Russia, as a powerful competing influence in Bolshevik circles with the international communistic system. Nothing could be more significant than the fury with which Trotsky has attacked the Zionists generally, and Dr Weizmann in particular. The cruel penetration of his mind leaves him in no doubt that his schemes of a world-wide communistic State under Jewish domination are directly thwarted and hindered by this new ideal, which directs the energies and the hopes of Jews in every land towards a simpler, a truer, and a far more attainable goal. The struggle which is now beginning between the Zionist and Bolshevik Jews is little less than a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people.

It is particularly important in these circumstances that the national Jews in every country who are loyal to the land of their adoption should come forward on every occasion, as many of them in England have already done, and take a prominent part in every measure for combating the Bolshevik conspiracy In this way they will be able to vindicate the honour of the Jewish name and make it clear to all the world that the Bolshevik movement is not a Jewish movement, but is repudiated vehemently by the great mass of the Jewish race.

But a negative resistance to Bolshevism in any field is not enough.

Positive and practicable alternatives are needed in the moral as well as in the social sphere; and in building up with the utmost possible rapidity a Jewish national centre in Palestine which may become not only a refuge to the oppressed from the unhappy lands of Central Europe, but which will also be a symbol of Jewish unity and the temple of Jewish glory, a task is presented on which many blessings rest.

the churchill black op choir

Notice just how many times that Churchill forwards the propaganda that people who practice the Jewish faith are a RACE, plus the obvious bringing of attention to yet another British Foreign Office propagandist – Nesta Webster – and the whole scrabble-shaking of terms going on here. We now have the strange and unlikely combination of International Communist Zionist Bolsehvik Jews all being run together and thrown in the public’s faces.

You can read all about Nesta in my post: The Use of the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory: By Who, When and What it Distracted from but briefly, she was recruited to the British “cause” and during the War, I believe that she got her feet wet in C.F.G.’s happy little stable of propagandists and their assistants. After the War, in 1919, she’s setting the stage for what’s to come, and  published The French Revolution: a Study in Democracy  (London, Constable & Co., 1919) in which she claimed that a secret conspiracy had prepared and carried out the French Revolution. As she said in her book, “The lodges of the German Freemasons and Illuminati were thus the source whence emanated all those anarchic schemes which culminated in the Terror, and it was at a great meeting of the Freemasons in Frankfurt-am-Main, three years before the French Revolution began, that the deaths of Louis XVI and Gustavus III of Sweden were first planned.



Guess where she shows up next?

Gee golly gosh! Right in the middle of creating the whole Protocols of the Elders of Zion fabrication by British and Russian intelligence working together. (see The Reckoning, Chapter 21)

In 1920, she was one of the contributing authors who wrote The Jewish Peril, a series of articles in the London Morning Post centred on the The Protocols.

OK, so while Churchill is beating the drum for Zionism in the English press here in 1919, meanwhile – the British intelligence jewish front over in America (the B’nai B’rith) had also joined in the “Yeah Zionism! – Help the poor European Jews!” black op choir, as well.

January 26, 1920 –


Mouthpieces, one and all, spouting ridiculously British slanted propaganda.

blame - talking heads

Do remember what Masterman did to get the National Health Act passed – anything and everything to keep it in the press. That’s what is going on here.

Meanwhile, over in the other deep-cover agent territory of Brasol and DeBogory at the MID, Brasol’s assigned target Churchill contacts DeBogory’s assigned target Houghton on February 27, 1920.

General Marlborough Churchill, knowing that Houghton had seen this “copy” (where the heck is the supposed original, one might wonder) at the British Museum, asked him to furnish whatever information he might concerning the authenticity of the protocols. Houghton forwarded English translations commenting that “this evidence is quite important…In other words, current events have furnished the proof.”

Houghton also assured him that “many qualified to judge” regarded the Protocols as “a basic document of some sort.”

Oh, ha frickin’ ha – like British agents Pilenas and Brasol, perhaps?

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Now – in light of that British Intelligence was running the whole Red Bible/Communism scare and the positioning of the Industrial Workers Union (I.W.W.) as being Russian/Bolshevist – with an article in January of 1919 actually saying it was GERMAN started –

Here’s the Washington Post article – click to enlarge

The_Washington_Post_Sun__Jan_19__1919_(1) The_Washington_Post_Sun__Jan_19__1919_


Take a look at this.


On 5 January 1919 Anton Drexler, who had developed links between the Thule Society and various workers’ organizations in Munich, together with the Thule Society’s Karl Harrer, established the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP), or German Workers’ Party.

Adolf Hitler joined this party in September 1919 – exactly when the Senate started its debates on the Peace Treaty and just one month before the Red Bible crap would start flooding the U.S. Press.

By the end of February 1920, the DAP had been reconstituted as the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), or National Socialist German Workers’ Party, generally known as the Nazi Party.

The Nazi Party – the I really hate the Jews club – started THE SAME MONTH as British intelligence agents created and published the nastiest anti-Jew piece known to man – the Protocols!


Good God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that obvious or what? 

As conditions in Germany worsened during WWI, it became clear that much of the population was ready for a change. Food had become very scarce, people were reduced to eating dog biscuits and horsemeat. It was in this atmosphere that the German people were ripe for the pickin’ by the British Slavemasters. Not too hard to understand, people began to long for a better world and fundamental change in Germany. Prime conditions for the mind-poisoners to do their dirty work.

Don’t forget –


Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the nephew of Sir Neville Chamberlain, was a ringleader for this type of mind-poisoning – propaganda aimed at riling hatred in a false way/direction. We discussed him earlier in relation to the publication of the Protocols of Zion in Britain and Germany.

Another long time deep-cover agent for the British in Turkey, Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer, provided the perfect distraction off the British, where it should be, onto the JEWS.

He takes a little known and obscure study group called the Order of Teutons and transforms it into a kind of dog’s breakfast mishmash of occult Society. The Teutons was being run by an wounded art student named Walter Nauhaus, who moved to Munich in 1917 and camouflaged the Teutons under the name Thule Society. “Thule” was a mystical Greek legend of the home of the Aryan race.

Important note – this is exactly the time period that British double-agent and occultist (Golden Dawn, OTO, etc.) Alistair Crowley is infiltrating pro-German and Bolshevist groups, apparently he had ties to Glauer and the Thule Society as well. He had also begun writing “pro-German propaganda” for a magazine called The Fatherland, published by George Viereck.

A massive bump up the hierarchy of ops was called for, and a man calling himself Baron Rudolf von Sebbottendorf, aka Glauer, suddenly appears on the scene to Nauhaus in Munich, alleging that he is the head of the Bavarian sector of the Order of Teutons Walvater (water) of the Holy Grail – as in the cup of eternal life legend.

Baron Rudolf von Sebbottendorf
aka Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer

Rudolf von Sebottendorf

He used the alias Sebottendorf because he claimed that he had been adopted by the Sebottendorf family and had a claim to the title of count.

A little of his background will help you understand the op he’s running here.

After a career as a “merchant seaman”, Glauer settled in Turkey in 1901 and became the supervisor of a large estate there.

While heading the Thule Society, Glauer fellow deep cover agent Madame Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine to do a little history re-writing of an ancient Germanic myth (typical Slavemaster Fairy Tale propaganda tactic) – he spun it into that there was a coming historical moment in which he theorized that the Aryan race would be restored to prior glories by the appearance of a race of Supermen.

He was also continued to act as a double agent for Britain, in Istanbul during the period of 1942-1945. (WWII)

One of the References consulted for the above: Jewish Virtual Library

That same year, in Bursa (1901) he was initiated in a Masonic lodge that was under the Grand Orient (Scottish Rite of Freemasonry). Glauer, Gurdjeff disciple Karl Haushofer, ace pilot Lothar Waisz, Prelate Gernot of the secret “Societas Templi Marcioni” (The Inheritors of the Knights Templar) and Maria Orsic, a transcendental medium from Zagreb all were connected together in the lead-up to the Thule Society. They all had extensively studied the “Golden Dawn”, its teachings, rituals and especially its knowledge about Asian secret lodges.

Glauer became an Ottoman citizen in 1911 and took on his new High-sounding name. Now that cover was established, he returned to Germany with a Turkish passport in 1913.

Sebottendorff aka Glauer, adopted Nauhaus’s Thule Society as a cover-name for his Munich lodge of the Germanenorden Walvater at its formal dedication on 17 August 1918. Thirty members were initiated that day.

The Thule Society now became a recruiting front. British Eugenics, and various British agents propaganda now were all mixed together in a shake-and-bake of occult, used as the cover for British intelligence activities of fomenting and poisoning the minds of their targets (a tradition going back to the Cecil spymasters and Queen Eilizabeth). These people, that ran such things, did NOT believe in the hoodoo voodoo they sold their recruits on – an important point.

They were very interested in combating “Jews and Communists” – considering how many other British agents we have already documented who were doing the same damn thing, well…you know.

Per Sebettendorff’s later (1933) book, he alleged that The Thule Society made people who wanted to join sign a special “blood declaration of faith” concerning their lineage:

“The signer hereby swears to the best of his knowledge and belief that no Jewish or coloured blood flows in either his or in his wife’s veins, and that among their ancestors are no members of the coloured races.”

page 42 of book (original German):

“Blutbekenntnis”: “Unterzeichner versichert nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen, daß in seinen und seiner Frau Adern kein jüdisches oder farbiges Blut fließe und daß sich unter den Vorfahren auch keine Angehörigen der farbigen Rassen befinden.”)

During the Summer of 1918, Sebottendorff ran notices in the press, in July he issued invitations to join the struggle for “Deutschland den Deutschen” mainly against the Jews. Nauhaus worked on the young prospects, Sebottendorff worked on older ones. Hering, Rohmeder, and Justizrat Gaubatz were his first supporters.

The Thule Society attracted about 250 followers in Munich and about 1,500 in greater Bavaria.

thulegesellschaftemblemgn8 thule society 1919

The same year that “Baron” Sebettendorff started all this mess, he acquired (through Hans George Grassinger) bought a local weekly newspaper, the Münchener Beobachter (Munich Observer). He changed its name to Münchener Beobachter und Sportblatt (Munich Observer and Sports Paper) – this became the Völkischer Beobachter ((German): People’s Observer), the main Nazi newspaper, edited by Karl Harrer, a Thule Society member.


Thus began an incredibly complex series of maneuvers for control of the Bavarian government to stay “under the thumb” of British foreign control, one way or another. The thing they most did not want to have, was a free, democratic government like what happened in America – hence all the “bad positioning” (deliberately) of socialist/Communist and so on.

The moves began with Kurt Eisner’s overthrow of the monarchy on November 7, 1918 and culminated in the Soviet Republics of April 1919!


All this while the Peace Treaty is going on – you understand.


Two days after the overthrow of the Bavarian Monarchy, Thule and the previous Order of Teutons held their first joint meeting on November 9, 1918, to hear Sebottendorff issue a call to arms against “Juda.” He was trying to corral in other “nationalist” groups – there’s that British derogatory use of the term again – such as the AIldeutschen, Rohmeder’s Schulverein, and the Hammerbund among them.

Harrer was assigned to form a “workers’ ring” parallel to other Thule rings for Nordic culture, genealogy, and so on. He founded the Politischer Arbeiterzirkel in November 1918, with himself as chairman, Anton Drexler – the founder of the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – and Michael Lotter as secretary.

This tiny little front group, with not more than 3 to 7 members attending the weekly meetings, would listen to Harrer make speeches such as “How the war came,” “Germany’s greatest foe: the Jews!” “Could we have won the war?” – obvious British-spawned propaganda. Only a month later, it was time to accelerate things.

In December, Drexler urged the circle to take the lead in founding a political party. That’s how the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – German Workers’ Party – came into existence on January 5, 1919, in a little tavern called Fürstenfelder Hof. Members were invited by word of mouth only, it was an exclusive “club” that continued to assemble, often in the Thule quarters, sometimes at the Cafe Gasteig across the Isar, or in private homes.

Note: Anton Drexler, a British dupe agent, was also who had developed the links between the Thule Society and the “workers” organizations that I listed earlier.

Adolf Hitler would join this party in September, later the same year, when the party went “official” as The Nationalsozialisticher Deutscher Arbeiterverein.

Meanwhile, the following month Eisner was assassinated on February 21, the Thule came under fire from the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Councils. Its activists set up a military group with a detachment at Eching, a few miles north of Münich; they penetrated Communist organizations and recruited for the “free corps”. Thule members took part in Palm Sunday Putsch on April 13, but failed. At Münich, the “Communists” seized control on April 14 from the first Soviet government.
Whew! Who’s who around here, right?

Chaos – just the way the British wanted it.

By the end of February 1920, the DAP had been reconstituted as the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), or National Socialist German Workers’ Party, aka the Nazi Party. This was actually a combination of two things, The DAP and the DSP – Deutsch-Sozialistische Partei which was headed by Hans George Grassinger.

The same month that British Crown publisher Eyres & Spotwood published the Protocols of Zion, privately.


That is Masterman’s legacy.

So wow  – eh? Who knew that was what was going on. You notice, that after the U.S. Senate, with Borah leading the opposition, shot down the Peace Treaty in late November, is pretty coincident with all these machinations of re-arranging Germany’s government, and then pop-goes-the-Hitler!


It’s practically magical!


* * *


The League of Nations is Dead

As revenge, deep cover spies take the protocols to the U.S.

On March 19 of 1920, the Senate rejected for the second time the Treaty of Versailles, by a vote of 49-35, falling twenty votes short of a two-thirds majority needed for approval.

The New York Times headline for the day read:

Senate Defeats Treaty, Vote 49 to 35; Orders it Returned to the President

After the session ended senators of both parties united in declaring that in their opinion the treaty was now dead to stay dead.

Senator Borah and the other irreconcilables were exceedingly well satisfied.

– NY Times

Within only a couple weeks, deep cover Okhrana/MI6 agent Boris Brasol suddenly leaves the MID in April of 1920.

Only a couple weeks after that, we have the London Times, Wickham Steed, our very own Masterman boy, bringing world attention to the Protocols of Zion.

This sparked more anti-Jewish pogroms in Kiev and Kishineff which then justified all manner of atrocities to be done in the name of “liberty”. (see Red Bible post)

To illustrate just how active Masterman’s organization still was in all this, we even have our very own Mr. head of ‘American Publicity’, Sir Gilbert Parker playing daddy and telling us ignorant little American children what to think about those evil Jewish Bolsheviks and how we need to ‘teach them the consequences’.

Washington Herald-Sun 20 June 1920


Then, both Casimir Pilenas Palmer and Boris Brasol actually arranged to publish the Protocols in book form in the U.S. – making it possible for fellow agent William Dudley Pelley to give it to the congressman to read into the Congressional Record!

The same year.

I rest my case.

As a side note, you can use the late 20th century Lyndon LaRouche-based writings almost invariably to tell you what they don’t want you to know about – like the fact that British and Russian intelligence were working together with the Vatican to bring about all this foment. LaRouche was 100 percent a controlled disinformation agent working together with a former CIA operative when he began his “work”.

We are jumping ahead quite a bit in time here, but I think you will find this interesting, from The Dismantling of Scientology’s Guardian Office – The Real Reason Why –


Mitch Werbell, CIA agent, hooked up with Lyndon La Rouche – “The Reading trio did indeed operate a scam. However, the LaRouchians had a history of extensive dealings with the intelligence community dating back over a decade, entirely apart from this. The NCLC first offered its services to the CIA in 1976. A longtime CIA contract agent subsequently became LaRouche’s security adviser and meetings with several retired high-level CIA officials took place. By the early 1980s the LaRouchians enjoyed a wide range of contacts at the CIA, the National Security Council, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.” The LaRouche organization built a private intelligence gathering network which rivaled that of many governments and major media.(Dennis King Full book at the Internet Archive Chapter Five)

So, now look at what a Larouche characterization of the source of the Protocols of Zion then became –

While unions were banned in Russia, Zubatov launched his own “mutual-aid societies” which were among the only legal “mass movements” in Russia. These Zubatov unions were filled with targets of Zubatov’s police repression and brainwashing techniques. Socialist leaders were arrested, and then subjected to indoctrination, often by Zubatov himself. Workers were taught to distrust the social democrats, and to focus on purely “economic” self-interests. By 1902, Zubatov had organized scores of “police unions,” and had successfully orchestrated attacks against some of the leading Russian manufacturers of the Witte faction. Zubatov also organized a number of Zionist unions as well, even as his close Okhrana collaborator, the Paris-based Peter Rachkovsky, penned the forged “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” to instigate a new pogrom against the Russian Jews, who had been among the enthusiastic backers of Witte’s modernization efforts. Zubatov had also inaugurated his own secret assassination squads, called the Battle Organizations, which were used to eliminate government ministers and other enemies of the Holy Brotherhood/Okhrana apparatus.


What do you get from that?

That it’s Russian intelligence by itself that was doing all this.

Oh no, no no.

It was not. But, see how tricky that is? Typical LaRouche.

To finish up here I’d like to leave you with some interesting facts. The first is that was only six months after the Federal Reserve Act passed that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated (under very questionable circumstances