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The Party Boys


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British Security Coordination

A Compendium

Section II

Forming up the OSS –

The Party Boys

By Virginia McClaughry


I recently obtained a rather obscure and little known book that was written under the watchful eye of the head of the BSC himself – William Stephenson.

Sir-William-Stephenson at time he headed BSC

The title of the book is:

BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

This book lay in some dusty cabinet somewhere, hidden from the world-at-large for almost 60 years before it was actually published in a form that you and I could have access to. Even then, in the University Library I obtained it from, it sat on the shelf in pristine and apparently unread condition for another 16 years.

It’s a hefty book – here I am holding it.


And here’s a closeup of the spine of the book –


Shortly before the end of WWII, Stephenson knew the end of his unlimited hand at creating his very own intelligence banquet – was near.

He wanted to keep his hand in intelligence, but also he wanted to make a record of what he had accomplished – and that’s what this book is.

This Compendium is loosely organized around various sections and excerpts of the above book.

In Section I, we covered the history of the making of the book; some background on Stephenson himself; his handlers, the Lords Lothian and Halifax; the initial formation and structure of the BSC and its hand in forming the COI/OSS in America;  and many vignettes of some of the initial personnel of the BSC.

I am going to pick up where I left off – starting Section II with a part of the book that talks about William Donovan, the head of the OSS, and the recruitment process of OSS staff.

A relative of mine gives a good example of why Donovan chose the people he did for various executive positions in the OSS – or rather why the BSC approved the choices (the BSC was actually directly running Donovan).

The reason that Donovan had James Russell Forgan in there (see his Specific Person page) is because he specifically chose him as being a personal acquaintance of his that was anglophile, and could be trusted to do the dirty work. Same goes for Allen Dulles, Bill Vanderbilt, David Bruce, and so on.

“The anglophilia of OSS executives in Washington was shared in the higher echelons of the organization’s London office. David Bruce, the OSS commander in the European Theater, later became the popular ambassador to the Court of St. James. And Raymond Guest, a polo-playing socialite who directed OSS martime operations in France and Scandinavia, was Winston Churchill’s cousin.  The personal relations of such men with the social-club establishment that ran the British secret services brought about relative operational harmony…”

– OSS, an e-book by Richard Harris Smith


– Anglophile –

a person that loves all things British




The job of recruiting and training an OSS agent was something to daunt a republic that had never in its history gone in for large-scale organized secret intelligence and sabotage operations. In the early days of OSS, recruitment was done on a personal basis.

BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.


Ah, but then they brought in psychiatry.

Personality testing (ala Tavistock) and so on.

The professional recruitment touch, however, was soon applied by psychiatrists working under James McConaugh(y) – misspelled in book – former president of Wesleyan University.

BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.


That is just so unbelievably sketchy compared to what could have been said about this assessment business.

Well that’s something we shall have to remedy, isn’t it.


transparent back flashing star

The Party Boys

where anything goes is the soup du jour


Let’s begin with McConnaughy.

James Lukens McConnaughy was president of Wesleyan College from from 1925 to 1943, presumably leaving to go to work for the OSS/BSC. He was Governor of Connecticut 1947/1948.



Not many people know even up ’til today, that he was an undercover operative/handler for basically British Intelligence in America.

In late 1943 McConaughy was recruited by Major General William J. Donovan of the OSS to serve as Deputy Director in Charge of Schools and Training. The former college president oversaw a campus that was scattered all over the world. To ensure the necessary secrecy, McConaughy’s trips to Washington, DC, and abroad were supposedly made in connection with his work as President of the United China Relief (an aid organization dedicated to supporting Chinese civilians and military in their struggle against Japan).

Those trained by the OSS received instruction in navigation, parachute jumping, how to kill wild animals and use them as food, lock picking, hiding microscopic-sized confidential data, protecting oneself from dagger attacks and using a dagger offensively, operating a wireless set, reading code and cipher, and elementary foreign languages. McConaughy wrote, “Name me a weird subject of instruction and I will gamble that it was taught by OSS somewhere, sometime!”

– Connecticut History website

In late 1943 McConaughy was recruited by Major General William J. Donovan of the OSS to serve as Deputy Director in Charge of Schools and Training. The former college president oversaw a campus that was scattered all over the world. To ensure the necessary secrecy, McConaughy’s trips to Washington, DC, and abroad were supposedly made in connection with his work as President of the United China Relief (an aid organization dedicated to supporting Chinese civilians and military in their struggle against Japan).

Those trained by the OSS received instruction in navigation, parachute jumping, how to kill wild animals and use them as food, lock picking, hiding microscopic-sized confidential data, protecting oneself from dagger attacks and using a dagger offensively, operating a wireless set, reading code and cipher, and elementary foreign languages. McConaughy wrote, “Name me a weird subject of instruction and I will gamble that it was taught by OSS somewhere, sometime!”

McConaughy touted his OSS experience during his 1946 campaign for Governor, stating that it taught him how to work with all kinds of people. He courted veterans by reminding them that in the OSS he worked with them, trained them, lived with them, understood them, and got to know their desires, needs, and financial limitations. He sought the support of labor by explaining that it was American labor leaders who assisted the OSS in organizing foreign labor leaders into sabotage crews.

McConaughy’s rhetoric in the first gubernatorial campaign of the post-war era also highlighted the start of the Cold War in its emphasis on the threat from communism. In his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination, McConaughy stated:

Communism is a cancer which will destroy America if it is not driven out. The two greatest fighters against American Communism are the Church and the Republican party…We Republicans pledge to continue to keep our party free from this menace. Let the Communists of Connecticut vote the other ticket, not ours.

McConaughy died in office on March 7, 1948, having served little more than one year of his term as governor.

– See more at:

In late 1943 McConaughy was recruited by Major General William J. Donovan of the OSS to serve as Deputy Director in Charge of Schools and Training. The former college president oversaw a campus that was scattered all over the world. To ensure the necessary secrecy, McConaughy’s trips to Washington, DC, and abroad were supposedly made in connection with his work as President of the United China Relief (an aid organization dedicated to supporting Chinese civilians and military in their struggle against Japan).

Those trained by the OSS received instruction in navigation, parachute jumping, how to kill wild animals and use them as food, lock picking, hiding microscopic-sized confidential data, protecting oneself from dagger attacks and using a dagger offensively, operating a wireless set, reading code and cipher, and elementary foreign languages. McConaughy wrote, “Name me a weird subject of instruction and I will gamble that it was taught by OSS somewhere, sometime!”

McConaughy touted his OSS experience during his 1946 campaign for Governor, stating that it taught him how to work with all kinds of people. He courted veterans by reminding them that in the OSS he worked with them, trained them, lived with them, understood them, and got to know their desires, needs, and financial limitations. He sought the support of labor by explaining that it was American labor leaders who assisted the OSS in organizing foreign labor leaders into sabotage crews.

McConaughy’s rhetoric in the first gubernatorial campaign of the post-war era also highlighted the start of the Cold War in its emphasis on the threat from communism. In his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination, McConaughy stated:

Communism is a cancer which will destroy America if it is not driven out. The two greatest fighters against American Communism are the Church and the Republican party…We Republicans pledge to continue to keep our party free from this menace. Let the Communists of Connecticut vote the other ticket, not ours.

McConaughy died in office on March 7, 1948, having served little more than one year of his term as governor.

– See more at:


Even this website above doesn’t seem to know of McConaughy’s involvement with using psychiatrists to screen recruits for the Special Ops agents.

James L. McConaughy
James Lukens McConaughy

In September 1942, McConaughy was granted a leave of absence to become president of United China Relief – that is when he started working for the OSS. He then resigned as President of Wesleyan the following year.

Again – as per the book:

“The professional recruitment touch, however, was soon applied by psychiatrists working under James McConaughy…

McConnaughy’s schools came under fire almost immediately, and the operational branches claimed Schools and Training’s program had become woefully inadequate because it did not incorporate important changes in skills, and methods recommended by agents returning with experience from the field.

Apparently, SO, SI, and X-2 were so frustrated with the resistance of Schools and Training to respond to their complaints that in June 1944, training representatives of the three operational branches held a highly unusual joint meeting on their own. They learned that each was dissatisfied with S&T’s program at Area E, “its curriculum, its method of teaching, and its misplaced emphasis on unwanted subjects.”

From an excellent writeup I found on the internet –

Most disturbingly, the three discovered that “each [operational] Branch had been blocked in its efforts to win changes by being told that the other Branches would tolerate no revision.”

Consequently, in an angry memo, SI urged “strong action” to remove “the stranglehold that Schools & Training has been able to exercise to prevent the various Branches from making the schools serviceable instruments.”175

With Schools and Training Branch under such intense criticism and still plagued with problems, John McConaughy, the deputy director and head of the Schools and Training Board, wrote an apology and explanation in July 1944 to Colonel Ned Buxton, Assistant Director of the OSS:

Many of our difficulties stem from the haste with which OSS was organized, the fact that the concept of training followed a program of operations (ideally, it should have preceded it). Schools and Training was the “tail” of the OSS “dog.”

For a long time, it was not given strong leadership, it did not achieve Branch status until recently, etc. Not very long ago, the “chief indoor sport” of some persons in some Branches was to pick on Schools and Training—and our record probably justified their doing so.

Donovan wanted a unified OSS Basic Course to be attended by all new male OSS personnel, but changes had to be made to bring training into line with the field experience and demands of the operational branches.

 – OSS Training in the National Parks and Service Abroad in World War II by John Whiteclay Chambers II, 2008
References from quotes above:-
174 – Minutes of the [Eighth Meeting] of the [SI Advisory] Training Committee, 14 June 1944, p. 2, OSS Records (RG 226), Entry 146, Misc. Washington Files, Box 229, Folder 3239, “Advisory Training Committee,” National Archives II.
175 – Draft of Memorandum from SI, [June 1944], OSS Records (RG 226), Entry 146, Box 229, Folder 3239, National Archives II. Only three pages from the middle of this unsigned and undated draft memorandum remain in this folder; they are located between documents dated 24 May 1944 and 20 July 1944. The memo itself refers to the 14 June committee meeting. It is not clear that this memorandum was ever sent; nevertheless, it is certainly indicative of the existence of bitter condemnation of Schools and Training Branch at least in SI. Given the report from the conference on SI, SO, and X-2 representatives referred to in the Minutes of the Eighth Meeting of the SI Training Advisory Committee, 14 June [1944], it reflected similar sentiments in SO and X-2 as well. For additional evidence of the friction between the branches and Schools and Training, but also the ability of the branches to achieve at least a compromise from S&T, see Minutes of the 11th Meeting of the [SI Advisory] Training Committee, 6 July 1944, “a joint meeting of representatives of S.I., S.O., M.O., X-2 and personnel of S & T to discuss the [operating branches’] proposed changes in training,” in ibid.


We covered this Buxton character in Section I in-depth.

Briefly, Gonzalo Edward “Ned” Buxton Jr. was a newspaperman from Rhode Island.

Colonel Buxton - directed the capture of Otto Hahn


On BSC head William Stephenson’s advice Donovan had made him his right-hand man – assistant director of the COI, head of the OSS Planning Group and Action Director of Strategic Services.

He is a superior to McConaughy – the deputy director and head of the OSS Schools and Training Board.

Part of the reason there was a lot of pressure on the training topic in 1944 is because the OSS had gone on a recruiting spree in 1943, but a significant number of the recruits proved unfit.

From their perspective, even more worrisome was that some who made it through the training actually proved psychologically or emotionally unsuited for dangerous field operations overseas.

Part of what is not readily told to you about this, is that the definition of unfit included people who saw just how horrible the conditions were in other countries that the British were “in control” of – in fact one went so far as to say that we should be fighting them – not the Germans!


Many OSS men began to operate on the general principle that “in intelligence, the British are just as much the enemy as the Germans.

…OSS men flew to Calcutta or New Delhi to begin their tours of duty in the Far East only to be “culture-shocked” by ugly manifestations of British imperialism.

The OSS representative to the Anglo-American South East Asia Command wrote his wife:

“Working with our Cousins has made me cynical about ideals—if we really believe our own propaganda, we would have to declare war on the British, for they have set themselves up as the master-race in India. British rule in India is fascism, there is no dodging that.” 85

– OSS, an e-book by Richard Harris Smith


That is a large part of what made someone unfit. They didn’t want to do these things to people that were the WRONG TARGETS – and worse? They correctly saw that it was the British who were the right target.


“You think we’re the actual enemy?”

“You’re UNFIT.”

alice in wonderland off with his head

By the middle of 1943, OSS headquarters began to receive ‘worrisome complaints’ of incompetence in the field – probably from British intelligence. There were even reports of some rather dramatic ‘mental breakdowns’ – do note that these are mostly related to China where the British were well-observed in their arrogant and tyrannical true nature towards the native peoples of that land.

One could probably even say with a high degree of accuracy, that these ‘breakdowns’ were probably more a political labeling of such people that did realize this – so as to ‘put them away’ and silence them.

#1 – “History of Schools and Training Branch, OSS,” p. 35, attached to W[illiam] J. Morgan to Col. E.B. Whisner, 7 January 1949, OSS Records (RG 226), Entry 176, Box 2, Folder, 13, National Archives II.
#2 – A 1943 memorandum, for example, cited reports from China that “we have had at least eight men, who for various quirks in their make-up, have to be pulled from the field…should never have been sent to the field….Others simply won’t fit anywhere. One was definitely a psychiatric case.” OSS Assessment Staff, Assessment of Men: Selection of Personnel for the Office of Strategic Services (New York: Rinehart & Co., 1948), 4, 12-13.


McConnaughy, head of the Schools and Training board, had a Deputy assigned to run the schools, some time in late 1943.

His name was Colonel Henson Langdon Robinson, a Dartmouth graduate, reserve army officer from World War I, and successful businessman from Springfield, Illinois.

Donovan had first recruited Robinson to supervise OSS headquarters. Now he gave him the task of efficiently operating the faltering Schools and Training Branch. Studies in Intelligence Vol. 54, No. 2 (June 2010)


OSS Schools and Training HQ Staff - early 1945

Here’s a pic of Robinson when he was a boy aged six, and a historic house he built in 1930.

I just found a video of him teaching OSS recruits the ‘art of cover’ for secret agents. I don’t think anyone realizes that’s him in the video, but because I was working on this I instantly knew who he was as soon as he was introduced. Now we have a decent picture of him!

Colonel_RobinsonColonel Henson Langdon Robinson – OSS Schools and Training branch


Cover  (sometimes called “legend”) – is the identity you give an agent in the field.

A cover has it’s roots in what is a Con, or Confidence trick.

Cons and covers often involve forged or manufactured documents and events, the definition of forgery being The creation of a false written document or alteration of a genuine one, with the intent to defraud.

This part of building a cover, as it is called, is often referred to as “window dressing” – like staging mannequins in a department store window designed to lure people into the store.

*To see a real life example of this type of thing, please see my husband’s article Intelligence Basics – Window Dressing and Forging Documents.

Now watch him live – the following video is about teaching OSS recruits how to create a ‘cover’.



Colonel Robinson requested a plan in November 1943 for assessing prospective OSS personnel as to their physical, mental and emotional capabilities for their intended assignments. This would be done in separate assessment areas, so that the ‘unsuited’ could be weeded out before they became a part of OSS and learned about its secret operations.

Reference: Lt. Col. Henson L. Robinson, “Schools and Training,” report, October 1943, p. 1, OSS Records (RG 226), Entry 136, Box 158, Folder 1723, both in National Archives II.

And now things get very interesting.


In addition to tests which had been proved worthwhile, such as tests of intelligence, ways of estimating qualities of personality should be developed.

The Colonel’s request was sent to the OSS planning staff, which was led by Dr. James A. Hamilton and Dr. Robert C. Tryon, both from the University of California.

Theysurprise! surprise!drew upon the system employed by the British WOSB (War Officer Selection Boards) which used observation and testing of officer candidates during an intensive, three-day, military house party at a country-estate.

That particular little SOE testing adventure, was of course run by the Tavistock men. After all, personality assessment was their ‘thing’ – they were just a little sarcasm obsessed with controlling the minds of men.

I say there, good man…won’t you please



We’ll be going into that much, much more in-depth a little later on in this Compendium.

Put simply, the British had jumped right into that at the beginning of the War, through various machinations and hand-pressings of getting the Tavistock germanophile psychiatrists accepted into command positions in the Army.

With a little help from the Cecils and Cavendishes, of course.



I have gathered quite a bit of information about these kind of Party Boys in our CIA Declassified Document Library.

For example, let’s take Robert Choate Tryon, the head of the OSS planning staff.



In late August 1941 – the combined COI/ONI Special Intelligence Section set up their psychological warfare division – specifically for the BSC purposes of engaging in propaganda both “black” and “white”.

The head of this new combined OCI division was psychologist Robert C. Tryon.

Previously, the ONI Special Intelligence Section was headed by John Riheldaffer.


But until October 15th of 1941, Vincent Astor was the Area Controller of all intelligence activities in the New York area.

Vincent Astor was the liaison of William Stephenson of the British Security Coordination (the BSC) to the President of the United States. Stephenson instructed both Astor and Roosevelt what to do and how.

Here is proof of Astor’s position, his official title, and when this was still in force.

From a rather tongue-in-cheek website called The Governments Attic

government attic logoIt’s motto Videre Licet means roughly: permitted to see clearly


I found an FBI document that shows that Astor was indeed Area Controller of New York still in August of 1941, ostensibly just prior to the forming up the new division headed by Tryon later in August.

(click to enlarge)

Vincent Astor intel controller FBI-BritSecCoordIntelOps_1939-1941

Robert C. Tryon brought in additional people to assist the COI in its psychological warfare projects – Geoffrey Gorer, John Rickman, Margaret Mead.

*Reference – Essays in European History Selected from the Annual Meetings of the Southern Historical Association By June K. Burton, Primary Source is article titled: Allied Psychological Interpretations of Germans and Nazis During and After World War II by Louise Hoffman

This new Psychological Warfare division later became the R&A Branch when the OSS came into being. The R&A (Research and Analysis) Branch was initially led in 1942 by Dr. James Phinney Baxter III (President of Williams College) and then later by Harvard historian Dr. William Langer in 1943.

Tryon also began work as a “behaviour geneticist” in 1942 while working for the OSS. He experimented on rats to see if skill in maze-solving could be passed on to offspring.

Ref – Introduction to Psychology

An interesting factoid about that is that this work of Tryon’s was woven into an episode of the TV series Lost – where character Desmond goes back in time to Oxford University (ha ha) and watches Daniel do his secret rat experiments.

Season 4, Episode 5 – The Constant

Lost_the_constant desmond and daniel rat mazeLost_the_constant desmond and daniel rat maze 2

In the early days of his work in the OSS, Tryon brought British intelligence agent (under Stephenson) Geoffrey Gorer in on a project to “analyze belligerent nations”.

20 years earlier, the Army’s Military Intelligence Division (in liaison with the early Tavistock members) had attempted a systematic social-psychological study of “belligerent nations”, that’s essentially the same idea that Tryon proposed to Donovan in January of 1942.

Tryon, for his project, suggested as a “consultant”, homosexual Geoffrey Gorer of Yale’s Institute of Human Relations, a specialist in national character studies (which was later approved).

Geoffrey Gorer was a British born, “anthropological researcher” of Yale’s Institute of Human Relations,  and Time magazine in 1944 documented he was doing secret research in Washington for the British Government.

*See Time Magazine, August 07, 1944 – Science: Why are Japs, Japs?


Gorer had the usual wrong-headed British attitude of Americans. He wrote a book in early 1948 – titled The American People, where he psycho-analyzes us Americans. He also wrote an essay in 1956 which clearly illustrated not only the goals of Tavistock and Yales’ Institute of Human Relations, but also the goals of the next generation OSS Psychology Division just formed under Donovan, and even the still to come MK-Ultra.

The title alone gives you your first clue – The Remaking of Man.

One of the most urgent problems – perhaps the most urgent problem – facing the world today is how to change the character and behavior of adult human beings within a single generation.  This problem of rapid transformation has underlaid every revolution (as opposed to coups d’etat ) at least from the time of the English Revolution in the seventeenth century….

Gorer was also a blank slater, which means he likes the idea of that people are born as a BLANK SLATE, and that you can “write whatever you want them to be, on that slate”.

This is just an updated version of Owenism. Robert Owen* was British and a firm believer in the “blank slate” or tabula rosa idea. A master could then “write” upon the mind of baby humans whatever he wanted them to be.

*See Reading Library, World Government section: What is Secularism? for more about Robert Owen.
*See OAHSPE Comprehensive History for more about the ‘blank slate” idea.


Gorer had been brought to America in 1941, under the auspices of William Stephenson. His job was to “analyze” us.

In a review of his book attacking American women, more or less, it shows this, although under cloaked terms.

Geoffrey Gorer, a young British cultural anthropologist, has lived in the United States for seven years, has studied with Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, and John Dollard, has worked on projects of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Yale Institute of Human Relations, and has served as liaison in Washington for one of his country’s wartime missions.

– Book Review of The American People, by Geoffrey Gorer David T. Bazelon , August 1948


When he arrived to America the first thing he did was travel around checking out the impact of radio and television of the Americans. No papers were apparently published concerning any of what he found. Then he trotted on up to Yale, where he supposedly was studying a schizophrenic, again, no documentation.

The advantage of this survey was [radio and television]….that it took him over much of the United States and acquainted him with many American sociologists.

– American People book review by HORTENSE POWDERMAKER

So, it was a cover. What he was obviously really doing was recruiting for Stephenson, and establishing a network.

The Yale Adventure – as I call it – was also an interesting cover story. Per the same source above, Gorer said that in order to determine what was ‘peculiar’ in the subject’s childhood (the schizophrenic person) he had to “study fairly consistently the early lives of Americans who did not develop such symptoms.”

Apparently, while Mr. Gorer is supposedly conducting all these studies that he does NO documentation of to speak of, he was also completely over-obsessed with criticizing the loving relationships American sons had with their mothers – and criticizing women in American in general – agreeing with Wiley’s calling them VIPERS.

(see American People book review by Hortense Powdermaker)

If you understand British nobility child-rearing dynamics, you’ll know that for the most part, historically, mothers did not establish a relationship with their sons. They were handed over to nannies and then shunted off to boarding school as soon as possible, where, is it any wonder that they succumbed to probably their first real affection from their teachers (many of which were homosexual pedophiles)? Their relationship with their fathers was even worse.

Far more over the top, is that Gorer tried to claim that the real reason American males are loyal to their women (mothers or otherwise) is because they are afraid they are homosexual!!!

That’s just awful, and very, very jealous.

It really gives you an insight into that this sort of thing is what Stephenson and the Slavemasters wanted to see – and worse, wanted to get us (and the world) to believe.

Another point is that Gorer portrayed ANY man who are sensitive, moral, and have a conscience are “feminine” and homosexual.


Yeah, you wish.



After all this was when Gorer went to Washington D.C. to act as Lord Lothian’s and William Stephensons ‘liaison’ between English and American representatives.

Just to round this all out and fill in a few other events occurring simultaneously –

  • Geoffrey Gorer arrives to the US in 1941
  • Roosevelt lies in his election campaign and says there will NOT be another War (which you can tell from that what the peoples mind-set was)
  • Meanwhile Gorer runs around ‘checking influence of radio and newspapers’ while accidentally-on-purpose hooking up with any sociologist he can get his hands on for Stephenson to use;
  • Gorer goes to Yale Institute of “human relations”, helps get the “social character” study going,
  • Then the Tavistock/OSS jolly old pals all come up with propaganda through Stephenson after British Intelligence arranged Pearl Harbor then America goes to war –
  • Then Gorer is a “liaison” with British Military and Secret Spies (Tavistock) and the OSS,or as Robert Tryon put it –
    ‘ a consultant’
  • and…. L. Ron Hubbard is now in Naval Intelligence after a whole run of training with Chestnut Lodge personnel  and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Psychiatrists; and practicing propaganda on the American people in the form of “science fiction” and fantasy stories in high-circulation magazines.

So, as you can see, it should come as no surprise that Margaret Mead, John Rickman (Tavistock Psychiatrist) etc. etc are  working together for the OSS and Tavistock as “consultants” for that Tryon and the Psychology Division’s project (that started in December 1941).

Mead and Rickman

Margaret Mead - married to Bateson

John Rickman - Tavistock

You can also now get a better idea of the already existing base there, that Tryon was going to use for his ‘assessment’ procedures (which were actually British) on OSS recruits.

BUT, it is also important to understand that this wasn’t really about just assessing OSS recruits – that was just a convenient excuse, almost a cover in itself you might say.

Particularly this document in the CIA Docs section of our Library – really illustrates well that the plan both by the BSC and the OSS was actually a long term one.

The British are just infamous for using war as a cover to get all manner of BS plans approved and then such plans magically carry on and expand long after any “war” is over.

In a long-term program the obvious necessity would be to work progressively throughout the United States discovering the structure and social dynamics in all areas

– Robert Tryon


That program includes raiding all private records of any mental patient of any kind anywhere, all in the quest for “figuring out” and watching for signs of “change” in Americans – change against the British Slavemasters ONE WORLD AGENDA.

Profiling America, in a very real sense.

The whole division will avail itself of whatever information is obtainable from government and private sources regarding propaganda methods, existing morale, the personalities of leaders, sociological and psychological weak spots and strong points. With these data integrated into the pattern of the American picture, the division will be able to offer recommendations of some strategic value to policy-making officers and agencies in the government.”Tryon to Dillon.


Coming back to 1943 and that due to all the “failing agents” out there, Colonel Robinson had sent in his request to Tryon and the boys at OSS planning and Tryon (British puppet that he was) jumps at the chance to bring in the Tavistock/SOE solution of a ‘party’ at an estate over the weekend for evaluating personnel. He wanted to do things The British Way – more on that later.

So next –

Who was this other man that was Tryon’s partner on this idea?

Let’s fill in the big, fat, holes that the BSC book conveniently left out about him.

Dr. James Alexander Hamilton.

James alexander Hamilton2

A nasty character indeed.

Hamilton had been recruited by George White, so we’ll cover him a bit and then come back to Hamilton.

This particular document in our CIA docs library, shows that George White was engaged in Propaganda work as well – the jack-of-all-lies that he was.

This is partially because White was actually a handlerhe ran agents that would carry out these covert action kinds of plans ,and partially because he just liked to lie.


Major George Hunter White

George Hunter White lg

Per another CIA document referred to as OSS Truth Serum – Dr. Hamilton and George White (and a St. Elizabeths Doctor – Watson W. Eldridge) was mixed up in using cannabis (pot) as part of interrogating prisoners:


Truth Drug CIA doc

On October 31, 1942, at the request or the Psychological Warfare Branch of N.I.S., the National Research Council activated a committee to investigate the feasibility of using drugs in the interrogation of Prisoners of War.   Responsibility for the facilitation of the Committee’s efforts was transferred from N.I.S. to the Office of Research and Development of OSS on January 1, 1943.

The original committee consisted of Dr. Winfred Overholser (chairman), Prof. of Psychiatry at George Wash. U. and Director of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Wash., D.C.;

  • Dr. John Clare Whitehorn, Prof. of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins;
  • Dr. Edward A. Strecker, [name misspelled as Stricker] Prof. of Psychiat. at U. Pa.;
  • Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie, Assoc. in Neurol. at the Nurological Institute N.Y.C.

Liaison officers on the committee were:

  • Mr. E.P. Coffey, [misspelled as Coffy] Director of F.B.I. Labs.;
  • Mr. Harry J. Anslinger, [misspelled J.H, instead of H.J.] Commissioner of Narcotics in the Treasury Dept.;
  • Admiral Charles S. Stephenson of the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Division of Preventative Medicine. In 1943 he was given a Doctor of Science honorary degree at Duke University – pictured in Alumni periodical of Duke, June 1944. He was also the Naval Attache, U. S. Embassy, London, as of October 15 1941, this means he is British Intelligence.
  • Col. R.D. Halloran of the Surgeon General’s Office, Director of and implemented the new Neuropsychiatry Division in August 1942. Dr. popular science august 1943 halloranWinfred Overholser presented a bronze plaque in memory of him at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, in 1954, crediting Colonel Halloran with establishing the groundwork for the Army’s present-day psychiatric program. He died at his desk November 10 1943, William C. Menninger replaced him.Mentioned in connection with “shell shock” and Fear studies in Popular Science, August 1943.(click to enlarge)Halloran_implementing_tavistock_shell_shock_psychiatry_techniques_-_1943
  • and Lt. Col. R.E. Looker [commonly misspelled as Locker] of Military Intelligence Service. [M.I.S.]Note:In March 1942, the Military Intelligence Division was reorganized as the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). Originally comprising just 26 people, 16 of them officers, it was quickly expanded to include 342 officers and 1,000 enlisted men and civilians. It was tasked with collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence. Initially it included:
    • an Administrative Group
    • an Intelligence Group
    • a Counterintelligence Group
    • an Operations Group

    This guy was hard to find, probably because he’s actually British intelligence connected, but I finally tracked him down. His full name was Reginald Earle Looker (1895 – 1976). Looker was part of the Psychological Warfare division of the M.I.S. which had been transferred under the OSS as of December 31, 1942. Looker was in tight with both Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and acted as speech-writer for FDR (coordinated with William Stephenson). This is a British Intelligence connection. He wrote a book entitled: This Man Roosevelt, 1932, based on a series of articles that he had written for Liberty magazine.

    He’s got himself quite the artistic looking signature – as it appeared on his 1913 passport application.

Commander Cushing, attached to the N.D.R.C., [National Defense Research Committee established by President Roosevelt, headed by George Strong] coordinated the committee.

This man ‘Commander Cushing’ deserves his own little section. You cannot believe how hard he was to track down, but track him I did.

Dr. Edward Henry ‘Pat’ Cushing was an anglophile and a member of the British-intelligence based Naval Reserve that had been formed by Franklin Roosevelt when he was Secretary of the Navy. Edward was a Commander in the U. S. Naval Reserve, and a neuro psychiatrist.

Edward Cushing              Harvey Cushing

Harvey Cushing sophomore yale 1895 Dr._E._H._Cushing

Edward Henry Cushing was the son of Edward ‘Ned’ Fitch Cushing, who was the brother of Harvey Williams Cushing, the first brain surgeon in the United States, who was given an honorary Oxford Degree for his work. Uncle Harvey – as Edward probably called him, did his first brain surgery on February 21, 1902.


On September 19, 1940, the Council of National Defense created a number of sub-committees for different areas, including Medicine, which Edward Cushing was involved with.( Ref: Report of the National Academy of Sciences By National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) p. 69.)

Later on, he was chief of the Veteran’s Administration Research and Education Division.

The below image shows Edward as a baby, his parents, his uncle Harvey, and his grandmother.

Family Boat Trip 1898

Baby E.H. Cushing held by his grandmother, - Harvey Cushing right 1898Left to Right – Betsey Maria Cushing (mother) holding Edward H. (Pat) Cushing – the infant son of Harvey’s brother Dr. “Ned” Cushing (Edward Fitch Cushing) – Harvey Cushing, Kate Crowell, Melanie Harvey Cushing (wife of Ned) and Dr. Ned Cushing.

Through his Uncle Harvey, Edward Cushing had multiple family connections into the anglophilic “nobility” of the United States. Harvey Cushing’s daughter Mary (Minnie) married Vincent Astor, who had started the ROOM intelligence service in 1927, and his other daughter Betsey married Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s son James!

Commander Cushing was involved in helping to approve secret experiments on prison inmates in 1942/1943 related to Venereal diseases.

The military was very concerned about this from purely a loss of assets point of view, but was also commissioning posters and such to try and keep soldiers from getting VD.

wwii poster warning about syphilis

This letter, found in NARA (National Archives) is addressed to Cushing and you can see it is seeking his approval.

Note: the ‘O.H. Pepper’ mentioned below is OLIVER HAZARD PERRY PEPPER born April 28, 1884 (genealogy site) . The Peppers were a family of Quaker immigrants from England in the 1700’s and are intermarried with the Willings, as was Nicholas Biddle, the infamous British banker shill of President Jackson’s time.

Oliver Hazard is not only a descendant of Benjamin Franklin, but I believe he is also related distantly to John Arthur Reed Pepper, who was one of William Stephenson’s right-hand men that came over with him on the same ship in 1940 (see his history covered earlier).

This article excerpted from U Penn Gazette in 1941 shows his involvements in Medical “research”.

PDF – Oliver Hazard Perry Defense Committee Medical Research 1941

The article contains a rare picture of him –


His memorial is an excellent example (1963) of how these people intentionally skip right over the nasty, nasty things he was involved with – human experimentation on prisoners and mental patients, such as the Truth-Drug Committee, and that he was chair of the NSDRC fo Medicine. Nothing, Nada, Zip about that. See how they hide this stuff?

God forbid he be exposed for what he was…

A true Rat Bastard, as my husband calls them.

I love the rat bastard images this comic book creator has – funny and kind of perfect for this.




We’re looking into the OSS Truth Serum Committee members here, that George White and Dr. Hamilton were mixed up in.


Letter from O. H. Perry Pepper, Chairman, Committee on Medicine to Commander Cushing [his superior at the National Research Council Medical Division, underneath the Office of Scientific Research and Development or OSRD]

January 16, 1943

I herewith transmit the  triplicates of three identical proposals for contract in research for a study of chemical. and chemotherapeutic prophylaxis of gonorrhea in human volunteers.

Each of these proposals was received by the Committee on Medicine from the Subcommittee on Venereal Diseases with a rating of “A”. The Committee on Medicine has also rated these proposals “A” and I have so marked the-rating slips.

This letter is added merely for the purpose of drawing attention to the opinions expressed in the attached letters to me from members of the Committee on Medicine.

I would like these letters forwarded to the Committee on Medical Research with the proposals with especial attention being drawn to the opinion expressed by Dr. Paullin.

Dr. James E. Paullin, a member of the NRC was also the President of the AMA! If you can believe that one.

As this excellent write-up shows, he was worried about being sued by “unscrupulous lawyers” and that was all he was worried about. Not the fact that he would be inflicting disease on hapless prisoners. Another member was purely worried about the ‘public relations’ aspect!

They then decided to look into using federal prisoners, conscientous objectors and other political prisoners.

Dr. Joseph E. Moore’s subcommittee finalized a proposal for OSRD in February 1943.

The subcommittee recommended that the experiments be conducted in men
in state prisons and city jails…

…The subcommittee speculated that prisoners also wanted to help win the war and so would participate out of patriotism.

Out of Patriotism? Somehow I don’t think that’s what having this  happen to them –


would inspire in someone.

This next image – a continuation of the letter to Commander Cushing above – I’ve provided the actual scan of the document talking about using prison inmates to experiment on. I think besides the obvious, the really sick part is they have the gall to refer to them as “human volunteers”.

Pages from NARA-II_0000132 VD experimentation on prisoners

This portion, from a different part of the original document gives their excuses why they think it’s ok.


Try as they might, even though the experiments were approved for the Terra Haute hospital in Atlanta, they couldn’t seem to actually infect the prisoners.

A draft of a history of the OSRD, written in 1946, explains, “[e]fforts were made to produce experimental gonorrhea in these volunteers by almost every conceivable expedient except by the intraurethral inoculation of pus taken directly from the cervix or urethra of infected females or by the natural method of infection – sexual intercourse” (emphasis added).

So the plan became, in 1946, to move the experiments to Guatemela to conduct “natural infection” methods. Led by Dr Cutler, this began in Guatemala City in August of 1946. You can imagine what happened next – intentional exposure. A total of 1,308 people including commercial sex workers, soldiers, prisoners, and
psychiatric patients were involved in the exposure experiments.

Finishing up on Cushing now, I think his rather deep connections to British Intelligence, and their still-running Eugenics experimentation plans, was probably the reason he was so hard to find, when all I had to go on was the ridiculously hard-to-trace “Commander Cushing”.

* * *


Finishing up the rest of the Truth Drug Committee –

More recently its work has been assisted by Dr. Watson W. Eldridge of St. Elizabeth’s Hosp.Director of the Medical and Surgical division from 1920-1956 ] and Captain George H. White and James A. Hamilton of OSS.”

Watson William Eldridge was the Director of the Medical and Surgical division of St. Elizabeths from 1920-1956.

Per the New York Times obituary for his mother, May Amelia Nash Eldridge, she was the sister of  Charles W. Nash, former president of General Motors and founder of Nash Motors. His father was Watson W. Eldridge Sr., a U.S. Treasury Department official.

Watson W. Eldridge Sr. is pictured in a 1907 New York Times Article.

Dr. Watson W. Eldridge Jr. has a rather nasty history all by himself.

During the first World War armies on both sides used the War as a cover to experiment on men. A paper in the Lancet in 1939 records the use of electrodes attached to ‘patients’ foreheads and necks and then used to deliver electric shocks of up to 20,000 volts for one second each repeated ten to twenty times daily in an effort to force a return to “sanity”. The author dispassionately reported that at each administration, “the patient’s eyelids and facial muscles twitch, the head jerks, and evidence of fear and pain is exhibited” – a very sanitized description compared to the actual reports from the wartime experiments.


Electric Shock treatments were a hard sell as a ‘therapy’ with regular doctors, (before the propaganda thumbscrews were put to the public) because it so overtly (and only) sought to inflict pain and fear on resisting subjects.

Reference – Madhouse: A Tragic Tale of Megalomania and Modern Medicine, by Andrew T. Scull


German psychiatrist Julius Wagner von Juaregg actually faced criminal prosecution for his rather over-enthusiastic deployment of electricity on Austrian “shell-shocked” troops.

The interesting thing about that is that what “shell-shocked” really meant is PEOPLE DID NOT WANT TO FIGHT their stupid slavemaster wars. The slavemasters viewed that as a character flaw – the same idea as the OSS is using here of unfit.

Juaregg also developed “fever therapy” to try and cure madness – where they gave the patient malaria in order to supposedly cure them of madness caused by syphilis.

It was called pyrotherapy.

Here he is in 1934 experimenting on a syphilis patient – the expression on the patient’s face is priceless.

Pyrotherapy_1934 Juaregg

Why I bring this up is guess who was the first to try that on mental patients in the U.S.? Our very own Dr. Watson Eldridge.

Seems he has a long history of using mental patients as guinea pigs for the war against resistive minds – resistive to them, you understand.

Per a NIH article, in turn documenting a May 19, 1927; Washington, D.C. article, Eldridge is quoted as saying that he was the first doctor in the U.S. to “innoculate” predominantly black mental patients with malaria to try and ‘cure syphilis’.

…and the first case in which malaria was inoculated in a patient took place in the United States 1922 at the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. by Watson Eldridge.

Dr. Watson W. Eldridge, Jr., St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington, D.C. –

I inoculated the first patient in December, 1922, and we have treated approximately 275 cases since … I should like to know whether, in the group in which the malaria failed to take, reinoculations were successful. I have had several inoculation failures, principally among coloured males.”


A 1930 TIME magazine article documents that he was using electric shock to “heat” his patients lungs to cure pneumonia.

Another medical article documents that one patient was in such poor health (a long-term patient under their ‘care at St. Elizabeths) that his remaining 16 teeth all had huge abcsesses. Rather than use antibiotics? Eldridge pulled all his teeth!

Upon becoming Director of Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Eldridge’s boss Winfred Overholser immediately introduced insulin shock treatment. (see Dr. Frostig L.A. Times article 1940, a little later on here)

Shortly after that, Overholser brought in an electric shock machine to be used on patients. Eldridge then happily went about bringing that fear and pain to the inmates of St. Elizaebeths. Remember, that was the only reason electric shock was used. They were ‘disciplining’ the mental patients for their ‘bad behavior.’

Using shock therapy, (under Eldridge’s supervision) the patient was induced into a state of shock/coma and then brought back to consciousness. Two of the therapies were drug-induced, either by insulin or metrazol; the third kind was induced by electrical current.

When slowly brought out of the coma with glucose injections – which they lovingly called termination treatment – his or her personality would be temporarily “readjusted” (what a euphemism) and Doctors would then discuss problems with the patient in an attempt to “banish his delusions”.

They called this good heart-to-heart psychotherapy.



The person was just put in a coma against his will; is now waking up groggy, terrified and in pain, and now these sick people want to lay an ‘authority figure”:  Now Johnny, see? You shouldn’t do that anymore guilt trip on the guy? Like it’s his fault this “had” to happen to him?




Now you understand why Eldridge was part of this “truth-serum” committee. He was a sick, twisted bastard – he fit right in with what George White, William Donovan, and most importantly British intelligence through Bill Stephenson wanted done.

Another thing that the COI/OSS researchers (White, Hamilton, Eldridge etc.) specifically advocated was combining morphine with scopalamine, in which a “state of twilight sleep” could be induced and that under such conditions a person would talk freely about things that they wouldn’t normally. They used the mental patients under Overholser’s watch at Saint Elizabeths Hospital as their guinea pigs for this truth-telling cocktail of drugs.

It was disastrous for the patients.


Some slipped into comas, or they started hallucinating to the point that now they really were insane. Perhaps that was the point – eh?

But, when one patient died of heart failure that started getting too many questions asked, so that particular project was scrapped but not the others.

Despite these “problems” (as these comas and deaths were put) the program was transferred out from under the National Defense Research Council, and was put under the Office of Research and Development of the OSS starting January 1, 1943 – nicknamed Division 19.

* Division 19 was the combined OSS and National Defense Research Committee unit, headed by OSS man George White, that worked on special weapons projects.


Stanley Platt Lovell headed the R and D branch, and the committee reported only to Lovell who then reported to Donovan (who then reported to William Stephenson).

On November 24, 1943 George Hunter White, Stanley Lovell and Dr. Roger Adams met at the Pentagon with General George Strong to brief him on the results of the “truth drug” program. White’s presentation included details concerning that experiments had, of course, been conducted on patients (against their will) at both Johns Hopkins University and St. Elizabeths.

Refs: A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the Cias Secret Cold War …by
H. P. Albarelli and St Elizabeth’s Hospital, A History


Their cover within the intelligence community was that this research was being performed because “they were worried the russians would get ahold of it.”

Well, if that were true, then why were they (later on) dispensing LSD across the country, and throwing it from airplanes at rock concerts as “orange sunshine” distributed by the CIA front group Brotherhood of Eternal Love?

eye roll

Because they’re lying – a fact which will be even more clear to you when you read about the early history of similar experimentation later on here.

I have put together a complete gallery of those involved in the truth drug experiments – and believe me, this was not easy to do!

General Strong is most famous for his service as Commander of the Military Intelligence Corps during World War II. During the time of White’s presentation, however, Strong was the Assistant Chief of Staff (G-2 – Military Intelligence) for the U.S. Army, from 1942 to 1944.

Important Note – it just so happens that the Tavistock boys, right at the time of the briefing to Strong and the Truth Drug committee shifting under the OSS, were there in the U.S. doing “tours” of American Hospitals.

I found a cache of wonderful pictures (wonderful, because they show these people all working together) illustrating just how deeply penetrated British Intelligence was in the American medical community.

Note that particularly John Rees, and Dr. Hargreaves were the poster-boys for these happy (I’m being sarcastic) little gatherings.

Dr. Menninger, (Halloran’s replacement on the truth-drug committee) is also pictured with some seriously scary looking people – including Edward Strecker (another truth-drug committee member) and others including Alan Gregg of the Rockefeller Institute.

So now we have some “hard” connections of the SOE Intelligence, Eugenics-loving Tavistock boys into American “mental health” and horrifying experiments in the name of that, not to mention their fabulously insane “therapies”.




We were originally looking into the period of 1943/44 when Colonel Robinson had sent in his request to Robert Tryon regarding failed personnel. Tryon and “his partner” jumped at the chance to bring in the Tavistock/SOE solution of a ‘party’ at an estate over the weekend for evaluating personnel.

We had begun investigation Tryon’s partner Dr. James Alexander Hamilton, and ran into that George Hunter White had recruited him.

So next –

George White’s background in the OSS –

George White BSC/OSS/SOE

George White BSC/OSS/SOE


It began in 1942, when he was selected for training at Camp X.

Initially, most OSS operatives were trained in Britain by the SOE – more on that later.

Camp X had been established by Stephenson and pals in Canada, so as to hide the fact of their involvement. (David Stafford, Camp X (New York: Pocket Books, 1986), xiv.

White was sent to Camp X not only to be trained, but also to become a trainer himself, which he did when he was assigned in 1942 as Branch Chief of Schools and Training for the OSS Counter-Espionage Division in Washington D.C. Subsequently, he became Deputy Chief of Counter-Espionage, or X-2, as it was commonly called. In his trainer role, White rotated among several secret sites, including Area B3, a 9,000-acre center hidden away in Maryland’s Cotoctin Mountain Park, a few miles from today’s Camp David Presidential retreat. Another secret training site was known as Area A2, a 5,000-acre wooded site near Quantico, Virginia. ‘The Farm,’ located forty miles from Washington, D.C., was a third site. White’s own training continued, as well. In May 1942, together with Garland Williams and Phillip Strong, White took a brief break from his trainer’s position to attend a six-week advanced commando and parachute school in Virginia.

…Among White’s first OSS students were several novice officers who would later become top CIA officials: Richard Helms, Frank Wisner, Jr., James Jesus Angelton, Lyman B. Kirkpatrick, Jr., Thomas Karmessines, and William Colby. Several other notable students were anthropologists Carlton S. Coon and Gregory Bateson, psychologist Dr. James Hamilton, future Federal Narcotics agent Howard Chappell, and Alfred M. Hubbard, an elusive and fascinating figure who arrived at OSS’s Area B fresh from a stint in prison.”
(ibid, pgs. 398-399)

– Ref: book A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments, H.P. Albarelli Jr.,

So, get that?

White was working for the BSC/OSS at Camp X – he trained Carlton Coon and Dr. James Hamilton.

In Section I, The Book and The Lords, I covered Coon in depth. He was one of the ’12 apostles’ sent to Africa, and also was obsessed with the bizarre and weird and had a TV show appearance with Vincent Price.

* * *


Next –

Coming on back to Tryon’s right-hand man in this assessment business – Dr. James Alexander Hamilton. He was a real piece of work – a sadistic, voyeuristic pervert.

James alexander Hamilton2

He’s the real thing kids – see how he doesn’t have horns, or look anything like the stereotypes they try and mislead us with? Personally, one look at this guy and I would have known he was the kind of man that he was.

It’s a good field test – look at him. You can feel his crimes and predilections present behind his ‘white mask’.

sociopath real person

He and George White were both from San Francisco and they were friends. That right there says a lot about his character, in my opinion.

Dr. Hamilton had joined the Army in 1942, but was immediately pulled into the OSS/BSC through White.

As we already now know, he first was involved with the “truth” drug” study, and then he gets assigned to the “recruit assessment” project with Tryon.

Hamilton and White both segued right into MKSearch and MKULTRA – without any gaps despite the ending of WWII.

The only difference was that Hamilton took on the cover of being a Professor at Stanford University Medical School – giving him excellent access to testing facilities and drugs.

He was actually part of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) officially formed in February 1946, which was sort of “under” the Medical School. Stanford had been groomed to become the “Harvard” of the West by Herbert Hoover (a Quaker, 31st President of the United States) and his good friend Ray Lyman Wilbur.


Its not much of a surprise that Dr. Hamilton landed this cush little job, because the first director of SRI was OSS man William F. “Bill” Talbot.

Talbot was born in Nebraska in 1904, to  Nicholas Louis Talbot, and Mary Ella ‘Nellie’ Fletcher. I’m betting the “F” in his name stands for Fletcher, his mother’s maiden name. A common practice in those days.

The 1940 census shows that he was living with wife Janet Woolbert Talbot in Framinghman, Mass. He had three children, Charles, Michael and Nicholas – the last two having been born in England for some reason.William and Janet were married August 28,1928. Janet was the daughter of one of his professors at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where he obtained his Ph.D. He had done his under-graduate work at Hastings College.

William F. Talbot Wedding

His first professional appointment was to Dupont  at the “experimental” station in 1928.


So, there’s a little personal background on the first head of Stanford Research Institute – William F. Talbot.

Something very interesting is that an article written about him in 1958 does not mention that he was the first head of SRI.



feb 19 1953 nebraska paper douments talbot OSS background

Right at the last 2 paragraphs, is where it should have been mentioned time-wise.


Talbot, OSS executive that he was, assuming the position as first head of SRI established a precedent of OSS/CIA operatives of various types heading that organization.

Under Talbot’s helm, by the end of 1947 SRI had 7 employees and 70 percent of SRI’s revenue was from contracts with the federal government – a figure which displeased Stanford University president Donald Tressidor.



In a nutshell – it was because he wasn’t getting much of that money pie for the regular University and he wanted a bigger cut. His method of trying to arrange this was to get more “private” funding. He (silly man) went so far as to tell Talbot he had to halt negotiations for a 200,000 dollar a year contract with the navy. Talbot refused, Tresidder asked for his resignation.

Ref –The Transformation of Stanford by Rebecca S. Lowen, 1997

Coincidence or not – two months later Tresidder died of a heart attack while on a trip to the East Coast to interview a replacement for Talbot.

Thereby taking him out of the equation and keeping SRI on track.

Note: Federal funds to Stanford reached $566 million a year by 1997.

William Fletcher Talbot

William Fletcher Talbot

Talbot was a research chemist, and had just come to his new Stanford position straight out of the OSS Research & Analysis Division where he had been Assistant Director of that division from 1944 on.

And where did Talbot go after Stanford?

It ain’t pretty – I warn you…


From the above newspaper article, now we know.

He was busy “serving” the Chemical Corps of the U.S. Army at Dugway Proving Ground in Tooele, Utah. He was in charge of 300 scientists – all just merrily  sarcasm  field testing chemical, bacteriological, and radiological weapons.

MORE guns, BETTER guns, BIGGER guns!

And when we have those – we will win!

bsg_guns_more_guns_bigger_gunsBattlestar Galactica Season 4.5; Episode 17, Deadlock


Methinks someone (with all this weapon testing) is taking British New World Ogre (no, that’s not a typo) Brock Chisholm rather seriously.

He said:


It would appear that at least three requirements are basic to any hope of permanent world peace.


…by  legislation backed by immediately available combined force prepared to suppress ruthlessly any appeal to force by any peoples in the world. The administration and command of such a force is a delicate problem but can be devised…

promise annihilation to any nation which starts to fight and must be prepared immediately and ruthlessly to carry out that promise without parley or negotiation.

This involves the continual upkeep of widely dispersed atomic rocket stations covering the whole world and a continual high pressure research program to discover ever more efficient methods of killing to keep ahead of any possible competition. This must go on until we, all the people, are re-educated to be able to live in peace together…

Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – Chisholm and Sullivan 1946


And that’s where Talbot comes in –

a continual high pressure research program to discover ever more efficient methods of killing


MORE killing, BETTER Killing, BIGGER killing!

Talbot earns a –


for helping the insane slavemasters to do just that.


Talbot’s position at SRI established a precedent that the heads of SRI are OSS (later CIA) operatives in one form or another.



Robert Tryon, Hamilton’s partner was part of planning for the Psychology Division in 1941 which later became the R&A Branch.

The R&A (Research and Analysis) Branch was initially led in 1942 by Dr. James Phinney Baxter III (President of Williams College) and then later by Harvard historian Dr. William Langer in 1943.

This means that William Talbot was Dr. William Langer’s assistant in R &A, ergo Tryon and Hamilton’s superior – just like he was at Stanford Research Institute!

William Talbot

William Fletcher Talbot

As far as I know, this is the first time anyone has shown a documented straight line of the evolution of the OSS R & A Branch into Stanford Research Institute.

Putting British Intelligence directly linked with all experiments at Stanford – including Scientology and LSD experiments.

George White first started out testing drugs on Mafia subjects without their knowledge, using LSD, marijuana, etc. He expanded to running playboy-style “safe houses” employing drug-addicted prostitutes (in New York) whom he ordered to give LSD and other drugs to unsuspecting clients.

When White died in 1975 of cirrhosis of the liver, his widow donated his papers to the Electronic Museum at Foothill Junior College, a two-year school set amidst the rolling Los Altes hills 40 miles south of San Francisco. The papers are a rare find for anyone interested in the espionage.

They also provide documentary evidence that White met to discuss drugs and safe houses with such CIA luminaries as Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of the Chemical Division of the Technical Services Division and the man who ran MK-ULTRA, and Dr. Robert V. Lashbrook, a CIA chemist who worked with LSD.

Other high-ranking CIA officials mentioned prominently include John Gittinger (CIA psychologist), C. P. Cabell, Stanley Platt Lovell [head of the R and D Department] and Harry C. Anslinger (head of the Bureau of Narcotics).

Ref – September 5, 1977, Washington Post article: The Diaries of a CIA Operative.


Partial view of article –

Pages from diaries of a cia operative washington post 1977

Note: Stanley Platt Lovell was also involved in the experimenting on mental patients at St. Elizabeth’s with a “truth drug”. I finally found a decent-sized picture of him.

Stanley_Platt_Lovell_Cornell_1912Stanley Platt Lovell college pic – Cornell University 1912

A little over two weeks later, Peter Smark, the West Coast correspondent for The Age, an Australian newspaper, wrote an article titled Diary of an Undercover Man on September 22, 1977. This is an actual source for the following quote from George White’s papers, that has been circulated in numerous books and spurious websites on the internet but not one of them provided a decent source.

I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?

– George White

Here’s the article –


In the sixth paragraph, it specifically says that this was one of the papers that would be being considered in Senator Edward Kennedy’s sub-committee on health and scientific research. It also says it was taken from a letter from White to a “CIA friend.”

So there you go world! Now you can see it for yourselves.

There’s a couple of videos on the subject I’d like to mention that are useful, one in particular is a very rare clip. The first one is called Mission Mind Control, and it was an ABC special done in 1979. You can watch it at YouTube. The video starts talking about George White and his diaries (that his widow exposed to the world) at about 1 minute 17 seconds in.

The second video is a clip from a (Texas?) some sort of public access channel. It features an interview with a woman named Debby Sharp.

Debby Sharp – 1980


I quite enjoyed this video clip of it that I saw, everything she says I know for a fact is true (I have the relevant CIA documents).

She is straight-forward and very “normal” compared to the raygun-eyed conspiracy theorists out there, that in my opinion are either total dupes (manipulated by an actual intelligence agent) or intelligence operatives deliberately muddying the area by populating it with “crazy” conspiracy theorists.


Secret CIA Human Experiments in the United States, interview with Debby Sharp recorded April 1980.



After about 4 minutes or so of watching this I was picking up on that this woman was Guardian’s Office (the Church of Scientology’s intelligence branch – now called the Office of Special Affairs or OSA fo short). It wasn’t so much what she said, it was more her treatment of the subject.

OSA is a complete joke when it comes to anything even remotely resembling accuracy on the subjects of either psychiatry (its abuses) or mind control – let alone MKUltra.

All that kind of actual investigative reporting died (such as it was) when David Miscavige, the new front-man of Scientology, took out the Guardian’s Office and had Marty Rathbun “re-design” it as OSA.

I think there was some truth to the idea that Scientology’s actual intelligence handlers didn’t like some of the things the Guardian’s Office was doing – and I don’t mean their crazy black ops they ran on people.

There were good people there at the Guardian’s Office (out-numbered by those that were downright evil, unfortunately) but the good ones actually really wanted to expose these kind of abuses and track them down.

They just didn’t realize (or want to) that they were working for a front group of the very people they were trying to discover!

I went off to research this woman and found something interesting – that what I had honed in on appears to have been accurate! But first, there are a couple points I’d like to make about the video itself that show this woman was a Scientologist.

For example –

At 2:36 she says:

“Experiencing extreme emotional and physical upset…”

The use of the word upset in that particular manner of speaking is pretty exclusively a Scientologese usage.

At 6:57 she says:

“It’s just not ok for Dallas to get…”

The use of “not ok” in that particular manner of speaking is even more of a good example of Scientologese usage.

In the video they are talking about Texas senators, and Texas cities such as Dallas and Austin. One can presume that is where this interview is taking place.

Marty Rathbun (the man that I mentioned helped David Miscavige destroy the Guardian’s Office) had a blog post on March 14, 2014. One of the comments to it said:

Debby Sharp Before Cathy Norman Sullivan was the DSA, she was the A/G Legal in the Austin Org branch of the Guardians Office. Dan McMurrough was A/G for Intelligence, Debbie Selle Sharp was the A/G for Public Relations, and Danny Chadwell was the A/G. This was in the roughly 1973 – 1981 era. So much for the “disbandment” of the old G.O!

So this is obviously her in this video. Apparently she was the Assistant Guardian Legal (in charge of law suits and legal actions against targets selected by Scientology management) in Austin, Texas which fits with our time frame. I am unclear whether Debbie Selle Sharp is the same person, but it doesn’t look like it.

Debby Sharp was the Assistant Guardian Legal for Austin, Texas Church of Scientology in 1980, when she did this interview.

The youtube video was apparently taken out of a compilation uploaded to the Internet Archive called:  POTPOURRI 27: JFK, SATIRICAL SONGS; CIVIL LIBERTIES.

Highlights are a phantasmagoria of sound and images about the JFK
assassination by video artist Kirk Hunter; satirical sounds and sights of
Austin’s Esther’s Follies and Chicago’s Weimar; and various attacks on our
civil liberties.

Recorded February 19, 1994
Alternative Views News clip from 1979
Debby Sharp interview, on CIA human experimentation, recorded April, 1980 [starts at 24:04]
Kirk Hunter video Copyright 1992
Frank Wilkinson interview, on being imprisoned by the House Un-American
Activities Committee, recorded September, 1986
Copyright March, 1994

Producer: Frank Morrow
Production Company: Alternative Information Network

Interesting, eh? I wasn’t expecting to run into that but it turns out it was a fun watch!



We are currently discussing OSS (and later CIA) handler of agents George White and his involvement with drug and mind control experimentation.

The Frank Olson Project (Olson is a man that George White dosed with LSD and killed) has the text of the Washington Post article I mentioned above, and it tells us some of the history of these “playboy” houses of Whites.

In 1953, White rented a house at 81 Bedford St. in New York City’s Greenwich Village under the name of Morgan Hall, the same one he used several years later to set up the Telegraph Hill apartment at 225 Chestnut St. in San Francisco.

OK, so let’s see what these looked like.

The one in New York is close to the intersection of Bedford and Barrow street. Today these apartments sell for around a million dollars.

White transformed the apartment into a safe house complete with two-way mirrors and surveillance equipment. Posing as Morgan Hall, artist and seaman, he used to lure people back to the apartment and give them LSD — sometimes with consent, sometimes without — and recorded the drug-induced behavior.

New York Times May 2003


The law firm of Rogovin, Stern, and Huge noted in a January 15, 1980 report that LSD was thought to precipitate a “model fit” of schizophrenia. There was a consensus in the research community that LSD flashbacks could occur and cause mental illness.

*Reference: Counterpunch: Sex, Drugs and the CIA by Douglas Valentine

Important Note – For all you ex-Sea Organization members out there (Scientologists) remember in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when Hubbard introduced the out-qualifiation of “taken LSD” because it could “cause flashbacks? Now you know why. I have found it, and of course, there he was, yet again – in lockstep with the CIA and the “research” community.

Another L. Ron Hubbard and CIA lockstep


There was also agreement that unwitting ingestion was an important contributing factor to adverse reactions. Per the report: “Unwitting ingestion represented “a maximally stressful event because the perceptual and ideational distortions then occur without the saving knowledge that they were drug induced and temporary.” ”

Now we know why White was covertly dosing people – to deliberately study what happens when a person “goes insane” or thinks they are!

drug-caused insanity

His diaries show that Gottlieb and Lashbrook met him at the Bedford Street apartment. A June 8, 1953, entry said: “Gottlieb brings $4,123.27 for ‘Hall’ – Deposit $3,400.” A Sept. 16 entry added: “Lashbrook at 81 Bedford – Owen Winkle and LSD surprise – can wash.”

September 5, 1977, Washington Post article: The Diaries of a CIA Operative.


It was in June of 1953 that White received that  $4,123.27 from Dr. Gottlieb. He deposited $3,400 of it in the National City Bank and used it to rent the apartment at 81 Bedford Street. The rest went to getting it ready.

Helping White decorate the apartment with Toulouse-Lautrec posters was his “Special Employee” Pierre Lafitte, who also hired prostitutes to lure victims into White’s lair. Also assisting White were Gil and Pat Fox.

In April 1952 White was introduced to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, a club-footed, stuttering, Brooklyn-born officer in the CIA’s Technical Services Division and chief of its nascent MKULTRA drug-testing program. White and Gottlieb formed an immediate rapport, and when White’s background check was completed in July 1952, Dr. Gottlieb hired him.

The first mention of Gil Fox in George White’s diary occurs on 6 November 1952.

– Counterpunch: Sex, Drugs and the CIA by Douglas Valentine


Gil Fox served in the U.S. Army Air Force as a bombardier in the Second World War, and in 1948 he graduated from Bolling Green College. I found a picture of him from 1946.


Gil moved to New York with Pat in 1950. A Chapel Hill resident who enjoyed spanking provided Gil with a letter of introduction to John Willie, an artist whose specialty was drawing pictures of women wearing high heels. Gil met Willie at a bar on McDougal Street and began writing pornographic novels for Willie’s Woodford Press. Shortly thereafter Gil decided to self-publish. He set up Vixen Press at his apartment at 125 Christopher Street, and began writing a book a month under the aliases Dallas Mayo, Paul V. Russo, and Kimberly Kemp.

– Counterpunch: Sex, Drugs and the CIA by Douglas Valentine

John Willie was a pseudonym, his real name was John Alexander Scott Coutts – born 9 December 1902 in Singapore and died 5 August 1962 in England. He was the artist, fetish photographer, editor, and publisher of the soft-porn cult magazine “Bizarre.” 

A real sweetheart, that one.


He is credited with bringing fetish from England to America as “Bizarre” was the first magazine that catered to America’s fetish community.


So that’s where it came from.

Why am I not surprised…


Coutts is believed to have entered the fetish network in 1932, when he first encountered copies of “London Life”. For the connoisseur of kink and fetish, “London Life” was the most accessible and bountiful feast of kink on the planet. Mainstays such as boot fetishism and female domination were in almost every issue. Coutts became a regular contributor.




Bizarre magazine began in 1946, while Coutts was living in Canada, where he also advertised fetish footwear, and a chart for the proper design of 6-inch heels.



diagrams of why 6 inch heels - bizarre magazine

An interesting tidbit is that for some reason, that same year, he was blocked from coming into the U.S. – headed for New York.

John Coutts aka john willie

In 1955, George White moved the safe house to San Francisco, and he took over as regional head of the Bueau of Narcotics.

He turned it into another playboy-style mansion and again had several prostitutes working for him. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Dr. John Gittinger and Dr. James Hamilton were among those who regularly spent time at the apartment of White to observe the operations (and seemingly also for a lot of pleasure).

Telegraph Hill apartment at 225 Chestnut St. in San Francisco

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were two other Bay Area safe houses where the CIA researched LSD and ‘other’ chemicals: Room 49 of the Plantation Inn at Lombard and Webster streets, and a private home at 261 Greene St. in Mill Valley.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The first location (225 Chestnut) was an L-shaped apartment with a beautiful view of San Francisco Bay.

Leo Jones, a friend of White, owned the company [Fargo Countermeasures Company, which he had founded] that installed the bugging equipment at the apartment. The equipment included four DD4 microphones disguised as wall outlets. These were hooked up to two model F-301 tape recorders monitored by agents in a “listening post” adjacent to the apartment. Jones also sold White a “portable toilet for observation post.”

– Frank Olson project website

The 1974 movie starring Gene Hackman called The Conversation was based on the life of Leo Jones – he consulted for it, in fact.

It’s about character Harry Caul, “…who is a devout Catholic and a lover of jazz music who plays his saxophone while listening to his jazz records. He is a San Francisco-based electronic surveillance expert who owns and operates his own small surveillance business. He is renowned within the profession as being the best, one who designs and constructs his own surveillance equipment. ” – imdb

The movie also starred Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams, Teri Garr and Robert Duvall. It won the Grand Prix Award as the best film at Cannes in 1974 and is considered one of Coppola’s best and most personal films.

The Conversation

The-Conversation- gene hackman leo jones

Leo Hugh Jones (8/17/1926 – 2/10/2002) was an early pioneer in the development of electronic surveillance and countermeasures devices. In 1950, he founded a company called Fargo to design and manufacture these high-tech specialty devices. Fargo was based in San Francisco and sold its products exclusively to law enforcement organizations around the world.

Leo Jones: Pioneer in Electronic Surveillance, by Ralph Simpson, History San Jose, February 2012


Strangely, the San Jose History article above makes no mention of Leo’s involvement with the peeping-Tom sex and drugs experiments of George White, performed as “research” for the OSS (now the CIA).


Jackie Gleason - Well...


Anyway –

The innocuous looking entrance to the office of Fargo.



We were contacted by George White” [Leo] Jones said in an Sept 4, 1977 interview. “It was a combined project of the CIA and Bureau of Narcotics . . . It was always referred to as the pad, never the apartment, and was modeled after Playboy magazine, 1955 . . . I heard about prostitutes. [Ira] Feldman had acquired three or four to set himself up with cover.”

Leo Hugh Jones

Leo Jonesat his boat dock, early 1950s
(Photo courtesy of Kevin Jones)

Hamilton gets in on the action –

Next to the drug experiments, it was especially Hamilton who had a specific focus on “deviant sexual practices”.


James alexander Hamilton2

How creepy is that?

peeping tom

No wonder he and George White were good buds.

You see, per Gil Fox, George was into high heels. That was his major fetish, and George was close with ‘John Willie’ because of their shared interest in that particular fetish. White even asked Gil to write some pornography about high heels, and White liked it. He liked my books too, and he asked me to write about high heels.

Gil explains – “As a child, White had been infatuated with an aunt who wore high heels. …He was playing out his sexual fantasies too. One time Pat and I went with him to see his hooker girlfriend at a hotel. She tied him up and strapped him to the bed and whipped his ass. She had on high heels.”

George also insisted that for years, his wife put on high-heeled boots and engage in various fantasies of his. I wonder if that may have been a contributing factor as to why she exposed this side of him to the world by turning in his papers to that museum after he died.

Boots like this, most likely –



To supplement the furniture he [White] brought from the New York safehouse, he went out and bought items that gave the place the air of the brothel it was to become: Toulouse Lautrec posters, a picture of a French cancan dancer, and photos of manacled women in black stockings. …

There were probably using “John Willie” (John Coutts) photos, he did a lot of those. Probably ones of Bettie Page, who made risque photos of a woman wearing black stockings famous (in provocative poses including bondage, spanking and dominatrix scenery) in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It is still the ‘classic’ look for the dominatrixes of the world to wear the “Bettie Page” style of the 1950’s and 1960’s.



So, it would be pictures along that line that George White was putting up in these Peep Show sex rooms of his.

Our BSC/OSS guy here, James Alexander Hamilton, begins his voyeurism adventures with George White – under the rather flimsy excuse of that he was studying the effects of “deviant” sexual behavior.

Oh sure. That’s why.

sarcasm little guy

John Marks fills us in on some of what went on.

TSS officials wanted to find out everything they could about how to apply sex to spying, and the prostitute project became a general learning and then training ground for CIA carnal operations. After all, states one TSS official, “We did quite a study of prostitutes and their behavior….

At first nobody really knew how to use them. How do you train them? How do you work them? How do you take a woman who is willing to use her body to get money out of a guy to get things which are much more important, like state secrets. I don’t care how beautiful she is—educating the ordinary prostitute up to that level is not a simple task.

…The TSS men continually tried to refine their knowledge. They realized that prostitutes often wheedled extra money out of a customer by suggesting some additional service as male orgasm neared. They wondered if this might not also be a good time to seek sensitive information. “But no,” says the source, “we found the guy was focused solely on hormonal needs. He was not thinking of his career or anything else at that point.” The TSS experts discovered that the postsexual, light-up-a cigarette period was much better suited to their ulterior motives. Says the source:

Most men who go to prostitutes are prepared for the fact that [after the act] she’s beginning to work to get herself out of there, so she can get back on the street to make some more money. . . . To find a prostitute who is willing to stay is a hell of a shock to anyone used to prostitutes. It has a tremendous effect on the guy. It’s a boost to his ego if she’s telling him he was really neat, and she wants to stay for a few more hours…. Most of the time, he gets pretty vulnerable. What the hell’s he going to talk about? Not the sex, so he starts talking about his business. It’s at this time she can lead him gently. But you have to train prostitutes to do that. Their natural inclination is to do exactly the opposite.

…The men from MKULTRA learned a great deal about varying sexual preferences. One of them says: We didn’t know in those days about hidden sadism and all that sort of stuff. We learned a lot about human nature in the bedroom. We began to understand that when people wanted sex, it wasn’t just what we had thought of—you know, the missionary position….

We started to pick up knowledge that could be used in operations, but with a lot of it we never figured out any way to use it operationally. We just learned…. All these ideas did not come to us at once. But evolving over three or four years in which these studies were going on, things emerged which we tried.

Our knowledge of prostitutes’ behavior became pretty damn good. . . . This comes across now that somehow we were just playing around and we just found all these exotic ways to waste the taxpayers’ money on satisfying our hidden urges. I’m not saying that watching prostitutes was not exciting or something like that. But what I am saying was there was a purpose to the whole business.

 A Purpose?


I think I feel a Gene Hackman coughing moment coming on.


I’m sure there was more than one purpose (besides satisfying their own prurient urges) the worst being this:

things emerged which we tried


What a world of ICK! those five little words encapsulate!

John Marks also specifically talks about our guy, Dr. James Alexander Hamilton.

James alexander Hamilton2

At the safehouse, where most of the testing took place, doctors were seldom present. Dr. James Hamilton, a Stanford Medical School psychiatrist and White’s OSS colleague, visited the place from time to time, apparently for studies connected to unwitting drug experiments and deviant sexual practices. … Hamilton had joined MKULTRA in its earliest days and had been used as a West Coast supervisor for Gottlieb and company.

Hamilton was one of the renaissance men of the program, working on everything from psychochemicals to kinky sex to carbon-dioxide inhalation.

By the early 1960s, he had arranged to get access to prisoners at the California Medical Facility at Vacaville. Hamilton worked through a nonprofit research institute connected to the Facility to carry out, as a document puts it, “clinical testing of behavioral control materials” on inmates. Hamilton’s job was to provide “answers to specific questions and solutions to specific problems of direct interest to the Agency.”

In a six-month span in 1967 and 1968, the psychiatrist spent over $10,000 in CIA funds simply to pay volunteers— which at normal rates meant he experimented on between 400 to 1,000 inmates in that time period alone.


Considering what you have just learned about some of Dr. Hamilton’s background now, check out his lovely view of his ‘patients’ – he blames them for being addicts. This is all while he is working for Gottlieb and MKUltra.

The practically malevolent level of hypocrisy there is simply astounding – or…. maybe not, considering his character.

It has seemed as if these patients had been antisocial personalities, first, who had just happened to find an expression of their deviation in addiction. Cured of addiction, they find another expression.

…Interesting as these patients may be, they are a constant headache to a psychiatrist. They monopolize his time and demand that he get them out of one predicament and then another. We regarded these patients as educational…

Ref – NARCOTIC DRUGS Interim report of the Joint Committee of the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association on Narcotic Drugs by Advisory Committee to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics JULY 3, 1958, COMMENTS by Dr. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University, School of Medicine

You can see his inhuman lack of compassion and voyeuristic traits still well in play – especially where he says: ” We regarded these patients as educational

Considering both he and Tryon had a thing for studying rats as a comparison to humans in college – doesn’t look like he’s changed much in his “detachment” – and these are the people that tell us what a sociopath is?

Which is never them, of course.

oh really hermione

Having all this knowledge about what he was really like, it is also fairly stomach-turning to observe how he made his public-face of his “psychiatric practice” to later specialize in WOMEN, and he styled himself an expert on post-partum depression.

I’ll leave it to your imagination what those examinations he must have engaged in, were really firing his interest on.


Postpartum depression is a catch-all name for a variety of mental illnesses that can afflict a new mother. These range from depression to psychosis, according to Dr. James A. Hamilton, a retired psychiatrist and Stanford University professor who has been studying such disorders for 32 years.

– L.A. Times : Mother Convicted of Murdering Baby : Killing Spurs Debate on Postpartum Depression May 10, 1987


Dr. Hamilton background –

Dr. Hamilton was born in 1907 in Portsmouth, Ontario – Canada. Per immigration records, he appears to have first come to the U.S. in October, 1927, to study at the University of Chicago.


He was Scottish, and from Chicago he went to California where he graduated from the Stanford University School of Medicine in 1940.

Then he went to New York in late June, just after William Stephenson had arrived with top handler Hamish Mitchell and met up with the BSC men.

In preparation for intelligence assignments he became a U.S. Citizen. They wanted to point to him as a “U.S. citizen” therefore hiding his British intelligence connection.

This was very important to the British intell men at this time, they didn’t want America to have proof of their involvement (and only their involvement) in forcing us to fight their war for them. Considering Hamilton had been in the U.S. for 13 years and only now becomes a citizen – you can see that he had not planned on that until after this “task” he was given.


As part of his cover, he was sent back to California where he became the assistant professor psychology, 1935, assistant dean students University California, Berkeley 1941-1942. Listed as Assistant Dean here.

As I mentioned earlier, like Robert Tryon, he liked to study rats. He published a paper called The Association Between Brain Size and Maze Ability in the White Rat, by James Alexander Hamilton University of California, Berkeley, 1935.

When the U.S. was “officially” into the War after Pearl Harbor (December 1941) – Dr. Hamilton joined the Army in 1942, but was immediately pulled into the OSS/BSC by George White where the first thing that he did was be trained at Camp X.

Hamilton apparently sometimes told people the shore story* that during the war he “served in the India-Burma Theater.” which as we know is not really what he was doing.

* See The definition of ‘shore story’   a U.S. Navy slang intelligence term.


He is listed in the OSS personnel data base. See for yourself – OSS Personnel Database retrieved from NARA (National Archives and Records Administration).

He was in Washington involved with the truth drug business at St. Elizabeth’s, followed immediately by this “assessment” business with Robert Tryon and after that far worse black operations for British intelligence’s sister group – the CIA – and it’s projects Bluebird, MKSearch and MKUltra.

His cover for that time period (1948-1978) was dual. He was a psychiatrist ‘in private practice’ in the San Francisco area and the Clinical instructor of psychiatry Stanford University from 1949-1955 and associate clinical professor psychiatry from 1956-1975. By the way, his wife’s name was Marjorie H. Hamilton.

He was also the Director and vice chairman of something called Chemetrics Corp. in Burlingame, California from 1975-1979. Here is a review of one of their products.

A trademark was filed in 1978 –

The mark CHEMETRICS was officially filed as a trademark by Chemetrics Corporation Burlingame, CA 94010 on 13 Nov 1978 with it’s first use in commerce at 30 Nov 1975.

The mark was lodged to cover Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; computer software; fire-extinguishing apparatus.. Scientific and Medical Apparatus and Instruments-Namely, Chemical Analysis Instruments, Spectrophotometers, Light Filters, Computerized Counting Apparatus, and Printers are also covered by this mark. As at 11 Feb 1987, the mark has as status of Cancelled – Section 18.

John E. Lucas

Lucas was recruited to serve as CEO of Oxford Laboratories in 1964 by William Kuzell, clinical professor emeritus of medicine at Stanford, who founded the company. It produced “clinical laboratory devices and related supplies.”  Within a few years, following the introduction of the first hand held micropipette, the company began to grow rapidly and completed an initial public offering through Hambrecht & Quist in 1970. G.D. Searle & Co. (now Monsanto) acquired the company in 1974.

Lucas then left Oxford to found Chemetrics Corporation with Dr. Hamilton. Chemetrics developed and produced the first microprocessor-controlled clinical chemistry analyzer.  Millipore Corporation, Bedford, Massachusetts acquired the company in November 1979.

With a Harvard Business School classmate (Rogers) he co-founded International Scientific Advisors in Florida May 18, 1994 which worked with a client companies in Bermuda and China setting up an operation in Beijing to manufacture and distribute China’s first practical home blood glucose testing system.

Florida corporate records show the President of this corporation was listed as John B. Rogers, 217 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, Florida. Rogers and Lucas then incorporated this same company in California August 24, 1994.

In 1995, Mr. Lucas sold his interest in the company and moved to New York.

Before I leave off Dr. James Alexander Hamilton, here’s one more interesting (and rather humorous) item I found.

It appears that he may have been the inspiration for an Outer Limits (tv-show) episode.


“The Human Factor”
Season 1, Episode 8
Originally aired 11/11/1963

It was a story about brain-swapping. It is set a remote military installation in Northern Greenland, and has as one of it’s main characters – Dr. James Hamilton.


He was the secret base’s resident psychiatrist and ‘mad scientist’ and had built a machine that connects two people and allows them to read one another’s minds. Hamilton and “Brothers” are using the machine when a  freak earthquake strikes, which causes the machine to overload and sends both men flying across the room – and they find out they have switched bodies.

Rather an appropriate characterization of the real Dr. James Hamilton’s mind-control experimentation activities – wouldn’t you say?

page divider 2014

Continued in Section III.


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