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Archibald Voke Walker


OSS Special Intelligence in Turkey


By Virginia McClaughry


Precise, elegant, and gracious, Walker was both tough and sentimental. “No sooner is some country invaded than he rushes up to its ambassador and offers him his home, his car, his purse.”

Walker was approached by the OSS in March of 1942 and he agreed to begin gathering intelligence in Istanbul as of April 1942.

He was a Harvard Law school grad, and Harvard’s Quinquennial Catalogue lists him as manager of Standard Oil Company of New York.


Standard Oil had merged together Socony and Vacuum Oil, which is the name overseas where Walker was – Istanbul.

Archie had been working for Standard Oil for 35 years by the time he became an OSS agent, and was almost sixty-years-old – he was born November 11, 1882.

Some passport documents that I found show his business activities as far back as the early 1900’s.

Archibald Voke Walker
– code-named Rose OSS Istanbul – age 30 in passport pic.


Walker’s 1912/1913 passport application –


He has another passport application that shows us he was working over in Turkey, Roumania, and Greece for Standard Oil. This is another picture from his 1915 application – plus the application itself.


His passport app lists Standard Oil as his business, and why he is going overseas.

U.S.PassportApplications 1915ForArchibaldVWalker U.S.PassportApplications 1915 archibald walker - 2

Apparently, he really got around! Standard Oil sent him to Hong Kong in 1913, as per this passenger list for the “Empress of Japan”.


Here is another passport application in 1918, this time he is going to Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, England and Bulgaria.


Interesting side note – his passport is #2 – only the second ever issued by the U.S.

Makes you wonder who #1 was.

In 1921, there is a passport app showing that among the other places he is going for Standard Oil – Constantinople (now called Istanbul) is listed. It also lists his father as John Walker of Salem, Massachusetts.

This picture, from 1923 …


…was taken when he had applied for an emergency passport for “all countries” at the American Legation in Bulgaria.


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An online book called Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, is written in a wonderfully evocative style that transports you into the Turkey of the 1940’s. It contains much useful information into the background of OSS Turkey, (which I have used in several places) but unfortunately it doesn’t always properly emphasize the true meaning and importance of certain things.

By that I mean, its treatment of the actual role of the British in WWII and their true goals.

However, it does give some good jumping-off points to show you their continuous intent to control.


…For the British, Istanbul became the crucial base for their Balkan intelligence operations.

…they set up or aided resistance groups in the occupied countries.

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, Chapter 6.


What’s the real reason for all this interest in the Balkans; the Near East and Middle East?



Considering the reference to “setting up and aiding resistance groups”, I am reminded of Thomas Jefferson’s take on the constant covert activities of the British to “nourish factions” and stir up revolts – this is standard for them.

Jefferson calls them Hostis Humanii Generis – the Enemy of the Human Race.

Hostis Humani Generis 3

 …The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious* which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model.

*Flagitious – (of a person or their actions) criminal; villainous.

It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis – “the enemy of the human race”.

– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia
The complete letter is available here and here.

The British slavemaster activities throughout their history, since the time of Queen Elizabeth I, are never about freedom.

It’s always been about power, control, and money.They are the original People of the The Lie….

Never forget that with these people.

They are intensely interested in all manifestations of good, innocence, honor, and loyalty, but only to learn how to cloak their current “self” with it.

Like I wrote about in Portrait of A Sociopath – they need a “white” mask –

sociopath real person

To hide the mask they are currently wearing – the mask of an EVIL person.

In order to do that, they need to know what a passable (to others) “white” mask should look like – this is why they are so intensely interested in “white” subjects.

Note: In living The Doctrine of The Lie (see my article about that) these people are the first ones caught and held in this never-ending web of deceit. They are held by the fact that they must continuously create the lie every second of every day, that this – this “evil” mask – is  “who they really are” and they must say that it is good. Think of it like playing a part in a play that you must never leave the stage on, never go home from.

But – there are lies, and then there are LIES.

See the article for further discussion of that point.

We have already documented in several places here at our blog that British Foreign Intelligence had long used the covers of reporter/ journalist, writer and “scientist” in order for their foreign agents to conduct their intelligence-gathering and operational activities. Reporter, being the one most often used.

When it came to domination strategies engaged upon in the Near and Middle East, complete with marching orders to the Slavemasters foreign operatives, this was no exception.

Archibald Gibson, the mild-mannered London Times correspondent and Bucharest head of MI-6, Britain’s intelligence-gathering agency, joined his brother Harold, former head of MI-6’s Czech station, who was now running its Istanbul operations.

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, Chapter 6.

A newer cover identity had been developed around the turn of the century, which had been nurtured and fanned into flames in order to recruit Jewish people for WWI – that of Zionist.

The British Slavemasters were quite literally using the Jews as “pieces” – even bargaining chips in some cases in the Middle-East.

jews as bargaining chips used by the british 2

1389.3 Holocaust F



Again, it was Oil.

In order to “break” the Ottoman Empire hold over the Middle East, they concocted this Zionist – holy land – fiction about the Jews need to “return to their Homeland” – as per the fictional Bible the slavemasters concocted in the first place.

Think I’m kidding?

Check out my article Origin of the term “Balance of Power” for some insight into who some of these first “religious” propagandists were. Also check out my City of London article for a time-line showing the slavemasters have a long history of conveniently writing and re-writing religious ideas to use the Jews (and the Christians) for their world conquering insanities.

This is why it is a mistake to blame any religion or its adherents for the “wrongs” in the world.


Your correct target is WHO WROTE IT and WHEN.

It is always traceable down to the British Slavemasters – without exception.


Thomas Jefferson knew this, so did Andrew Jackson, and many other bright, intelligent and courageous men and women throughout history.

Zionism was purely a war-recruitment activity masquerading under the veil of “religious freedom”.

It is not much of a surprise to find British Slavemaster controlled MI6 men right in the thick of using Zionists in the Near East as well – Turkey being traditionally the heart of the Nesilim Empire for many centuries.

*For more on the Nesilim, please see Scientology Roots chapter 6; Actual Jewish History

Harold had first worked in the city [Istanbul] for MI-6 during the 1920s. The Russian-born Gibsons had intermarried with old British Istanbul families like the Lefontaines and Whittalls. Harold Lefontaine was Harold Gibson’s predecessor as MI-6 station chief; a Whittall was MI-6 liaison with the “friends,” as Zionist intelligence was called. “There were so many Whittalls around,” said a British diplomat, “one could hardly go into the embassy corridor without tripping over one.”

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, Chapter 6.

The SOE had only been recently formed by Winston Churchill as an umbrella of intelligence organizations to coordinate the next phase of taking over the “world” – WWII.

The OSS was simply another branch of British intelligence, by the way, regardless of its location in the United States.

Gardyne de Chastelain, who had run sabotage operations in Romania, now headed the Istanbul office of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), the British intelligence group responsible for conducting guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines.


Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain and wife

Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain - MI6 (SOE) Istanbul Turkey, and wife

So, as you can see, our Mr. Walker here, with his extensive history working for Standard Oil, was a perfect choice for running initial OSS operations in Turkey.

The first step in laying a foundation for OSS operations in Turkey was taken on January 9, 1942, when a little round woman named Betty Carp boarded the Taurus Express at Istanbul’s Haydarpasha Station. She had been invited to Washington by her old friend Allen Dulles to work for the OSS.

Betty was her nickname, her real name was Bertha Carp. She had been born in Istanbul in 1898 to Austro-Hungarian parents, and was unquestionably the most popular person in Istanbul’s foreign community.

Allen Dulles personally endorsed “Betty”, in an interoffice letter of 27 February 1942:

“We are enlisting the services of Miss Bertha Carp, who held, for over twenty years, a highly confidential and important position in the American Embassy in Turkey and who has just arrived from Istanbul. I have known her personally since 1920 and can absolutely vouch for her. In addition to an extraordinary knowledge of the Near East and all its personalities, she speaks and writes fluently English, French, Iranian, German, Greek and Turkish. She expects to become an American citizen as soon as the law allows. (which wasn’t until after WWII ended). She expects to become an American citizen as soon as the law allows. In my future memoranda about her I shall refer to her as BC.”

Betty Carp had started her career as basically a secretary at the American Embassy in Constantinople (later renamed Istanbul) in 1914.

american embassy constantinople turkeyAmerican Embassy Constantinople circa 1914

She had been hired by then American Ambassador to Turkey – Henry Morgenthau.


Morgenthau was the Ambassador to Turkey at the time of the outbreak of the Armenian genocide, which Allen Dulles was mixed up in happily making sure it happened.

What happened to the Armenians is a horrific story, probably worse than what happened in Nazi Germany.

Briefly, the Slavemasters kept putting Jewish men in the position of United States Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. The stated reason was, as President Wilson put it, that the Jews somehow represented a bridge between the Muslim Turks and Christian Americans.

Considering the hatred of Jews by the Muslim Turks, methinks this was more of the usual fostering of conflicts and chaos that is so important to the “happiness” of the British slavemasters.

I mean, come on. That would be like posting Hitler as Ambassador to Israel.

What do you think that’s gonna to do – cause the Turks to break out in love and forgiveness?


No, it’s going to act like what it was – a smack in the face, a throwing down of a gauntlet – meant to start a fight.

Morgenthau was understandably not pleased with this reasoning, being a Jew himself, and rejected the position of Ambassador.

Wilson, with a little coaching from his plebescite buddies in British intelligence, point-blank lies to Morgenthau that the “reason” was that the Port in Istanbul:  “was the point at which the interest of American Jews in the welfare of the Jews of Palestine is focused, and it is almost indispensable that I have a Jew in that post.”

Thereby embroiling Morgenthau in the Zionism “cause” – which I have already detailed was a complete farce and nothing but a shield to recruit Jews under to do the slavemasters dirty work for them.

But Morgenthau gets his own recruitment treatment, and is taken on a trip to Europe and the Holy Land, and with the encouragement ( ha ha) of his pro-Zionist friend Rabbi Stephen Wise, he then re-considered his position and accepted Wilson’s offer.

He was appointed as U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in 1913 and served in this position until 1916.

The Ottoman authorities began the extermination campaign of the Armenians just a year after he had arrived, and by 1915, Morgenthau’s desk was flooded with reports nearly every hour by the American consuls residing in different parts of the Empire, documenting the massacres and deportation marches that were taking place.

See what I mean? Putting yet another Jewish man as ambassador to Turkey was part of deliberately fostering conflict and actually had a lot to do with stirring up the Turks (not to mention John Foster Dulles actions behind the scenes) – the Brits always do this.

They foster ugly attacks that are usually then used to recruit some particular group of people to their cause, and/or are used to justify yet another “holy” war of their own – which there is nothing even vaguely religious about it when it comes to these guys.

Morgenthau tried to do something about the horrific atrocities being perpetrated on the Armenians, he officially informed the U.S. government of the activities of the Ottoman government and asked for it to intervene.

The American government (which meant Wilson and a few others) continued marching in lockstep with the “we’re neutral” cry of their British masters and DID NOTHING.

Morgenthau erroneously thought that his Zionist leader friends would help – perhaps not wanting to realize just how duplicitous these men like Stephen Wise, Louis Marshall, and Louis Brandeis actually were.

But he did try – and these sick people just used it as a way to get money from the American Jews, and work them into a furor to being willing to go to war “for the allies” against the Turks/The Ottoman Empire.

Which was, again, the plan for Zionism in the first place.

Morgenthau actually resigned from the ambassadorship in 1916, he was so horrified with what was going on and the lack of action of his own country.

As well he should – I’m impressed he did that. Good for him.

Looking back on that decision in his book, The Murder of a Nation, he wrote he had come to see Turkey as:

“…a place of horror. I had reached the end of my resources. I found intolerable my further daily association with men, however gracious and accommodating…who were still reeking with the blood of nearly a million human beings.”

Young Turk revolutionaries (nurtured in this direction by the British and their compatriots such as the Dulles brothers) viewed Armenians as a direct threat to their revolutionary plans.

The evidence is overwhelming that the massacre of the Armenians was a deliberate, planned genocide.


Allen Dulles served in Turkey as assistant to the US High Commissioner. From that post he aided the attempt to cover up the Turkish massacre of the Armenians during the war.

His superior, High Commissioner Mark Bristol stated:

The Armenians are a race like the Jews – they have no national spirit and poor moral character.


Armenian intellectuals who were arrested and later executed en masse by Ottoman authorities on the night of April 24, 1915.

Armenian intellectuals who were arrested and later executed en masse by Ottoman authorities on the night of April 24, 1915.

Executions and mass deportation –


Remember that the Eugenics Record Office in New York existed on the estate of John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles. They were supporters of eugenics.

Armenia was an initial test for what Nazi Germany would do in WW II to exterminate a race with “inferior genes”.


This is the time period that Betty Carp starts working at the Embassy.

Betty Carp large

Here she is pictured on the cover of a recent book, showing how tiny (short) she was.

Betty Carp

Her relationship with Allen W. Dulles (who she admired – if you can imagine that) began when she met him during his assignment in Constantinople.

Betty did a lot of traveling back and forth to the U.S. – my guess is that she was acting as courier for documents and other such items that her intelligence masters didn’t want to take the chance for discovery on “normal” document routes.

Here’s a couple examples of dates she traveled.

Manifest SS Aquitania, October 13th, 1928.


Manifest SS Europa, May 9th, 1930

betty carp travel 2

Apparently she was something more than just a secretary. A recent history refers to that “she retired in 1964 after 50 years of service as an Attaché and Political Officer” – which means that she was actually fully involved in intelligence work prior to her work with the OSS. After all, that was just a recently formed thing, it didn’t mean this hadn’t already been going on since right before WWI.

Dulles was bringing Betty to New York to develop Project NET-1 (in concert with the British MI6/SOE) – which was a plan that would use Turkey as a base of operations against southeastern Europe. The project description stated:

“From Istanbul run the only land routes into southeastern Europe and from Izmir small boats can be operated into the Dodecanese and Aegean islands and to the Greek mainland. The base would recruit and infiltrate agents into these territories for the purpose of organizing subversive operations.


There they go again.

Nourishing factions and stirring up conflicts.

Not because they want these places to be free and independent, no. Because they want what they have for themselves.

It’s as simple as that.

Now, bear in mind here that Allen Dulles was the head of, I believe, the European Theatre of Operations of the OSS by this point (1942) having taken over the position from James Russell Forgan (see his Specific Person page).

At the same time, he happened to also be on the board of Schroders Bank who was financing Hitler!

*See Schroders Bank page for more information.

sarcasm cartoonish
What a lovely little smokescreen Hitler was…


Considering how horrific his atrocities were, imagine how horrific the underlying real reasons for the War were.

Things like psychiatric terrorism and mind control, global domination, controlled weaponized diseases and population thinning, targeted DNA control destruction, and worse.

So, here we have Allen Dulles, head of the “European Theatre” of OSS operations supposedly against the Germans and the “Axis” powers, but yet he sits on the board of one of the main banks financing Hitler!

And…he deliberately sets into motion the recruitment of the “right” people to help his British masters take control of the Near and Middle East, such as our man Walker here.

In our CIA De-Classified Document library there are several documents that I have analyzed and posted that concern Turkey.

One of them talks about the recruitment of someone to run operations in Turkey – who I dubbed “Tobacco Man”.

Near East Operations – Turkey #4 – Agent “Tobacco Man”

This document was dated (signed) November 10, 1942

NAMES mentioned:

  • David K.E. Bruce – Director or Chief of the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) division 1942.
  • Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – Project Officer, 1943. “Doctor” Wilson Thomas Moore, of Philadelphia, attended Princeton in 1899. [Ref: Princeton University Catalogue By Princeton University]
  • Colonel Duke – who is listed on the Planning Group for Psychological Warfare Staff List page as one of the two men heading the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) Geographic section of Turkey and Southeastern Europe.
  • William Donovan – head of the OSS
  • Gordon Loud – Chief of Geographic Section (Near East)

Back up for just a moment and take a look at the date that Dulles brought Istanbul resident Betty Carp to Washington to help Dulles set up OSS Turkey – she boarded the train, the first step of her journey to the U.S. on January 9, 1942and Dulles endorsement letter is dated February 27, 1942 for when Betty arrived in the U.S.

We are only 9 months earlier than the date of this particular CIA document about “Tobacco Man”.

Before reporting to New York to take part in Dulles SOE project, Betty was first routed to the OSS in Washington.

She had already been given a cover, arranged by Dulles, which was that she was to be a clerk at Sullivan and Cromwell, his law firm in New York City.

Obviously a rather thin cover, State department colleagues loved to tease her and say: “What sort of law are you going to practice?”.

Carp had brought a letter of recommendation from the American ambassador to Turkey, John MacMurray, which noted:

“She has deep understanding and tolerance, and love for her fellow humans, of all degrees, as nearly selfless as any man or woman I have ever known.”

Somehow, I find that hard to believe. If she couldn’t see through Allen Dulles (whom she admired) then she was either one of them, and ran around with her white” mask firmly in place, or she was so mentally challenged in proper perception of people and events as to be as bad as the little old lady who looks at people gunning each other down in the street and says: “Look at the boys play, how sweet.”

Kind of like Dana Carvey’s character Church Lady from Saturday Night Live.

church lady

While first at the OSS in Washington, Betty wrote memo after memo on every aspect of Turkey; on American teachers, missionaries, oil and Tobacco men, and journalists whom the OSS might recruit; and on Axis agents to watch.

She particularly recommended Archibald Walker, director of Socony Oil operations in Turkey, as a good prospect for the OSS.

Let’s not forget that Socony Oil was the product of a merger between Standard Oil of New York and Vacuum Oil Company, which had done a large amount of business in Germany in the 1930’s and had employed Adolf Eichmann as a traveling salesman!

The 59-year-old Walker had served the company for thirty-five years all over the Balkans. The slim, sandy-haired executive had a ruddy complexion that showed his excitable personality.

Very erratic,” Carp wrote, “very capable, very brilliant, but carries his one-track mind and independence of thought and action to the extreme.

Anyone who visited the German embassy was barred from his house; he even dropped friends for listening to German music. To be denied Walker’s hospitality was a real punishment, since he was among Istanbul’s most popular hosts and owned one of its most beautiful homes.

A June 1942 Anglo-American agreement reached in Cairo gave the OSS direct access to British intelligence on the Middle East and Balkans.

In exchange for all this “help”, London received a major U.S. concession. The Cairo accord provided that all “special operations [in the region] operate under the direction and control of the British.

To achieve this, the OSS men sometimes pretended “apparent frankness” toward their British allies while circumventing them in practice.

Many Americans, when first coming face-to-face with the conditions in countries were Britain operated or “ruled”, were absolutely appalled.

One notable OSS man commented that “maybe we are fighting the wrong enemy.”

In its charter, “A Plan for Special Operations in the Middle East,” OSS-Cairo was authorized to gather information and conduct counterintelligence in the whole area and to begin clandestine operations in Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, and the Greek islands.

OSS-Cairo opened with two rooms in December 1942 and soon expanded into a villa at 8 Rustum Pasha Street near the British SOE offices.

Valerian Lada-Mocarski headed it. (See his Specific Person page for more about him.)

Colonel Valerian “Vala” Lada Mocarski

Valerian_Lada-MocarskiMocarski sat on the board of Schroder’s Bank
with Allen Dulles, that was involved in financing Hitler (amongst other nasty things).

The OSS would now expand its small nucleus of American volunteers in Istanbul into a secret base of operations.

However, as you can see from the de-classified CIA document dated a month earlier, they had already been making their choices, such as “tobacco man” in November.

The unanimous choice to head OSS Istanbul was a Chicago banker, Lanning “Packy” J. Macfarland.

It was quite a challenge to find much information about this man, especially any kind of picture of him – there were NONE on the general web. But, I finally found what appears to be the only available pictures of him, that were part of his passport applications in 1917 and 1918.

Lanning Macfarland – age 19



Lanning, or “Packy” (nicknamed after the boxer of the same name) was asked to join the OSS in October 1942, and somewhere along the line had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Macfarland arrived in Cairo in March 1943 to meet with the OSS and British intelligence offices. Then he went on to Turkey and worked out arrangements with Steinhardt [the new U.S. ambassador to Turkey] and the British.

They leased a building a few miles up the Bosporus as a safe house, training center, and photo laboratory.

Archibald Walker (code-named “Rose”) had been approached by Betty almost as soon as she had arrived, and he agreed to gather information for the OSS which he had been doing since April 1942. 

He had also been acting as a handler for agents in the area, including the two tobacco men that Betty Carp had chosen, who were to keep an eye on Axis ships traveling into Istanbul and along the Bosporus and report to Walker.

Walker was now joined by a half-dozen full-time OSS officers, and on May 4, 1943, “Packy” sent out his first cable.


OSS-Istanbul was in business.

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