World Domination Conspiracy Deflections

A Timeline showing a world domination conspiracy and the conspiracy theories, labels and controlled oppositions invented to deflect from it.

~published February 17, 2020~


Deflection – what does it mean?

  • cause (someone) to deviate from an intended purpose, often by misdirection (the act of distracting; drawing someone’s attention away from something).

People seek the truth about present and past events.

Conspiracy Theories are created to cause people to deviate from their intended purpose of finding out the truth.

The people we call “the slavemasters” have been involved in a very real conspiracy for hundreds of years. A conspiracy to dominate, a conspiracy to rule the people of this world. Earth. It is passed down from generation to generation. New faces, new names – same conspiracy.

Note: For those new here, we use the term slavemasters to reflect the action of viewing humanity as slaves who need a master, from the heinous actions of Pope Nicholas V, and Queen Elizabeth I – aka the Vatican and the British nobility.

Conspiracy Theories
are deflections from that real conspiracy. As are controlled oppositions. As are certain labels invented for people that rebel against that real conspiracy.

A conspiracy theory is essentially a fancy way of saying rumor.

It’s amazing what you can find in seemingly stale old musty documents when you bring them back to life – such as this OSS document where we learn about what the British had been teaching their new counterparts in psychological warfare. Essentially about how to mess with people’s heads using rumors.

A “successful” conspiracy theory follows the same guidelines as this document laid out. It’s success is determined by acceptance, then wrong decisions and conclusions made because it was accepted as truthful and factual. It is a way to undermine one’s enemy by causing him to fail to attack the right thing, and instead attack the wrong thing. It is a way to demoralize one’s enemy when the “truth” is later exposed that shows what the person acted on as true was actually not really.

I think it’s time we turned the tables on the people that specialize in this particular kind of nastiness towards their fellow humans.

The first step in doing that, I think is to familiarize you with how they are done. We’ll start by looking at their own blueprint, their “elements” for a “successful” rumor as laid out in the document.

The first thing to know is that these liars (and that’s what they really are) consider lying an art.

“The creation of a successful propaganda rumor is more an accomplishment of art than of science.”

Now for the “rules” of this lying –

1. The successful rumor is easy to remember.
a. It is sufficiently brief and simple to survive in memory of successive narrators.
b. It concerns familiar persons, places and circumstances, and incorporates suitable “local color”.
c. It contains striking concrete detail.
d. It often incorporates stereotype phrase or slogan.
e. It contains a humorous twist when possible.

2. The successful rumor follows a stereotyped plot.
a. Its plot recapitulates precedents and traditions in the history and folklore of the group.
b. It observes the peculiar national dispositions of the group.
c. “It is the oldest story in the newest clothes.”

3. The successful rumor is a function of the momentary interests and circumstances of the group.
a. It is provoked by and provides an interpretation or elaboration of some isolated current happening or event.
b. It serves to supply information which is needed to fill a knowledge gap.
c. It stands upon the shoulders and derives support from other rumors or events.
d. It contains some accepted or verifiable detail.

4. The successful rumor exploits the emotions and sentiments of the group.
a. It expresses a widespread emotional disposition shared by members of the group.
b. It provides justification for suppressed fears, hatreds, or desires.
c. It serves to articulate a sentiment common to the group.

5. The successful rumor is challenging because:
a. It purports or appears to come from inside sources and usually has the character of “forbidden” information.
b. It is usually incapable of direct verification.
c. It i s neither too plausible or too implausible.”


OK, now we’ll look at the documents summation description of what a “successful rumor” is.

The successful rumor is a simple, brief, concrete and vivid story, purporting to come from inside sources and concerning persons and events familiar to all members of the group, Its plot is usually drawn from established traditions or precedents, but it is occasioned by the immediate interests and preoccupations of the group. It mirrors and provides justification for emotions shared by the group and at the same time serves to fill a knowledge gap. It is neither too plausible nor too implausible, and it cannot be readily verified.


Now, as you might expect, this document does not tell you that this is being done to divert attention off an actual conspiracy or enemy onto a false one – least not in so many words. It wouldn’t do to let people in on that little weakness that can bring the whole thing down.

You can see hints of it, this diversion, though here and there. I’ll single out the particular points or phrases I mean.

  • supply information which is needed to fill a knowledge gap.
  • expresses a widespread emotional disposition shared by members of the group
  • It provides justification for suppressed fears, hatreds, or desires.

Do you see? It’s about routing very real views and emotions about something onto somewhere else.

It is a deflection – exactly what conspiracy theories are created to do.

This timeline utilizes the science of chronology to show you how they do it and why.

World Domination Conspiracy

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Notes: later in the timeline you will see in front of some entries Illuminati Reboot. This is short-hand for Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Reboot, unless otherwise designated.

To understand the British/Catholic antecedents of this whole “war” that humanity has been subjected to for centuries now, I am including the historical precedents that led to their collusion in drug trafficking and human trafficking and what they are most afraid of as “enemies”.

1565 – Stock Exchange – Sir Thomas Gresham formed center for operation in “world plan” – the City of London suddenly shows up on the map. This Gresham guy was a key instrument of the Slavemasters. He took his marching orders from Lord William Cecil and his replacement, son Sir Robert Cecil. He was their finances front man.The Rise of the Slavemasters…

One of the first moves to start this directed plan was the founding of The Royal Exchange in 1565 by Sir Thomas Gresham. He founded it specifically to act as a centre of commerce for London’s merchants [that means bankers back then] and after Gresham proved this new venture to King Edward VI, official Royal patronage of the Exchange began six years later in 1571.

Sir Thomas Gresham
Sir Thomas Gresham

1566 – Spymasters and spy network goes into place –

William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley, was the chief advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

Sir Francis Walsingham reported to William Cecil, who was the Secretary of State. Secretary of State, is a euphemistic title for ALL intelligence gathering, particularly Foreign intelligence is the Cecil family specialty.

Sir Francis Walsingham was abroad and he set up his own network of undercover agents in France, Italy, Spain and the Low Countries. He had put in place a pan-European network of spies extending as far to the east as Turkey and Russia.

1571 – William Cecil was “elevated” to the Earl of Burghley on 25 February 1571.

1573 – Sir Francis Walsingham returned to London and set up the first foreign espionage service to operate from England. Walsingham reported to his Master Sir William Cecil.

Sir Francis Walsingham often used witches as spies. One of the famous occultists that Francis Walsingham is known to have recruited was Queen Elizabeth’s court astrologer and the magical architect of the British Empire, the magician Dr John Dee. A tradition was established wherein British Intelligence recruits members of the occult as British undercover agents.

Robert Cecil followed in the footsteps of his father, and was made Secretary of State following the death of Sir Francis Walsingham in 1590. When his father, William Cecil, died in 1598, he became the leading minister, serving both Queen Elizabeth and King James as Secretary of State. For most of his working life Cecil served as spymaster for King James.

1600 December 31 – New Years Eve. East India Company – pillaging and raping the world with abandon. Robert Cecil, together with Sir Thomas Gresham, the Lord Mayor of the City of London and personal financier to Queen Elizabeth – formed the East India Company under Queen Elizabeth.The Royal Charter was granted to: “Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies” – Honourable East India Company. “Merchant” meant BANKER back in those days – this means CITY OF LONDON. This was the actual origin point of the City of London Corporation (of which there all the are supposedly “lost”) The Lord Mayor is a member and head of the City of London’s governing body, the City of London Sir_Crispin_GascoyneCorporation (incorporated as The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London). The Corporation comprises the Court of Aldermen and the Court of Common Council; the former includes only the Aldermen, while the latter includes both Aldermen and Common Councilmen. The main role of the Lord Mayor is to represent, support and promote the financial, maritime and other business services industry in the UK. The residence of the Lord Mayor is known as Mansion House, the Palace of the London Mayor. It was first occupied by a Lord Mayor in 1752, when Sir Crispin Gascoigne took up his residence in it. He married Margaret, daughter and co-heiress of Dr. John Bamber, a wealthy physician. Bamber Gascoigne was his son. Bamber Gascoigne Jr. daughter married the second Marquess of Salisbury, James Brownlow William Cecil (born in 1791).

James Brownlow William Gascoigne-Cecil 2nd Marquess of Salisbury

His father was James Cecil, the 7th Earl of Salisbury.Their son was the infamous Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, three times prime minister.

1611 – start your new propaganda – The King James bible by Francis Bacon. One Scripture included foretold that the scattering of the Holy People would be the forerunner of their Restoration, and a verse in Deuteronomy had explained that the scattering would be “from one end of the earth even to the other end of the earth.” Translation? The slavemasters needed slaves colonists to use them to fuel their world takeover actions so they rewrote the bible to make it look “christian” to be a colonist.

1621– Second big “world” venture of British slavemasters – the Dutch West India Company. It was formed to colonize America and take over the sugar trade, while trafficking slaves stolen from territories supposedly “trading” with.

1638 – India is so profitable – City of London guys of the East India company decide to focus on it and install their own people to rule.

1688 – Changing of the Guard – – Time for a more ‘progressive’ King (so the City of London could become more powerful) – William of Orange conquers and takes over. Lo and Behold? Full-scale international banking begins exactly at this point. The way they did it is the introduction of excise taxes to fund a public debt that became the responsibility of Parliament rather than the personal obligation of the monarch. Excise tax is a tax on a particular commodity. Get that? It is now the PEOPLE’S debt. Exactly like the U.S. debt that WE HAVE TO PAY with income tax – also their idea.

1690 – two years after the ‘new control’ is in place the British East India Company divided its civil and military administration of India into three presidencies in 1690; Bombay (1638), Madras (1639) and Bengal (1690). It smuggled opium into China.

1702 January 31 – Meanwhile over in China, the Jesuits are up to their conniving ways to help (and profit by) the so-called “civilization” of China – by using opium, you understand. Way at the bottom of a papal bull of 1755 was a reference to a decree under Pope Clement XI. We confirmed this decision in conformity with a former decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith published on January 31, 1702(Allatae Sunt; Encyclical of Pope Benedict XIV promulgated on July 26, 1755, On the observance of Oriental Rites, addressed to Missionaries Assigned to the Orient) I have not found the original of this but luckily, Benedict XIV quoted it: “At the instance of its Secretary, R.P.D. Carolus Augustinus Fabronus, the Sacred Congregation has commanded that it be ordered, and by the present decree it is so ordered, that each and every missionary and prefect of Apostolic missions should not dare in future, in any circumstance or under any pretext, to give a dispensation to Catholics of any oriental nation in matters of fasts, prayers, ceremonies, and suchlike from the prescriptions of their own national rite which are approved by the Holy and Apostolic See. Moreover, the Sacred Congregation has decided that it neither has been nor is permitted for those Catholics to abandon in any respect the custom and observance of their own rite which has likewise been approved by the Holy Roman Church. The complete and straightforward observance of this decree, renewed and confirmed by each and every prefect and missionary, has been commanded by these most eminent fathers.” Sounds pretty straightforward, one would think, but it’s what it doesn’t say that you need to know about. It’s whatever the Jesuits decided was NOT “contradictory” to Catholicism in China, that they were allowed to do to keep China on ye old opium “rope”. You can tell that from an actual encyclical by Pope Clement XI that I found from thirteen years later called Ex illa die (March 19 1715). It specifically clarified the 1702 issue by laying out that Chinese customs and traditions that are not contradictory to Roman Catholicism will be allowed, while those that are clearly contradictory to it will not be tolerated. That would mean that Jesuit Xavier’s invention of Confucianism would be allowed – get it? Tricky. Chinese religion according to the Catholic church, allowed. Chinese religion according to the Chinese, not allowed. Check out where the Chinese got the phrase “Lord of Heaven, Earth, and everything in the universe“. — Clement XVI “Though numerous cares confronted me on the day I ascended the papal throne, I considered the sectarian controversy between the Westerners in China one of the most important. The controversy involved certain Chinese words and rituals. Some maintained that these words and rituals were heathen in nature and should therefore be prohibited. They debated with one another but were unable to agree among themselves. Unable to resolve their differences, they appealed to me…I. The West calls Deus [God] the creator of Heaven, Earth, and everything in the universe. Since the word Deus does not sound right in the Chinese language, the Westerners in China and Chinese converts to Catholicism have used the term “Heavenly Lord” for many years. From now on such terms as “Heaven” and “Shang­ti” should not be used: Deus [God] should be addressed as the Lord of Heaven, Earth, and everything in the universe. The tablet that bears the Chinese words “Reverence for Heaven” should not be allowed to hang inside a Catholic church and should be immediately taken down if already there.” While Clement XVI disallowed worship of Confucious in the Chinese Way, he didn’t disallow the Xavier version of Confucious from being taught. Clement XVI disallowed any form whatsoever of worship in relation to Confucious, among Chinese converts, but was particularly vicious against Chinese ancestor worship – not even as just a bystander or during a funeral! “IV. No Chinese Catholics are allowed to worship ancestors in their familial temples. V. Whether at home, in the cemetery, or during the time of a funeral, a Chinese Catholic is not allowed to perform the ritual of ancestor worship. He is not allowed to do so even if he is in company with non­ Christians. Such a ritual is heathen in nature regardless of the circumstances.” Guess who makes the decision though, over in China? Oh, that’s right. The Jesuits. — Even still, particularly being so nasty against “ancestor worship” this proved to be as absolutely DISASTROUS move by Clement XVI though. As The Novitiate tells us –

Now mark the consequence.

“As the Jesuits had foreseen, their deference to the pontifical judgment was the signal of the fall of Christianity on the banks of the Yellow River and the Ganges. The Missionaries were imprisoned, proscribed, or consigned to destruction.”

So when the Chinese now found out for sure what lying little skekses the Catholics were, they came down really hard on them, and it HURT THE OPIUM TRADE. Having their “image” able to be tarnished, correctly, by the Chinese, drove the Catholics around the bend. If people know that despite all your airs, you’re just a lying-ass drug-trafficker, it does tend to make them not want you around. This is why the Catholics and the British are so concerned about cultivating OUTER appearances. They have no real power. When you de-cloak them and their house of illusion, nothing remains.

The The Novitiate author’s rather dry wit comes through in the next passage, leveling them for exactly that – only caring about appearances.

Perhaps this consequence of the Pope’s expedient measure attests the extent of the sacrifice which those rites and ceremonies supposed in the Christianity of the Missionaries, thus “engrafted” on paganism; if not, the papal court bore the penalty awarded to those whose first and last desire is to ”save appearances.”

Despite all this –

The Emperor kept his Jesuits however: he consented to the persecution of Christianity, but still cherished his astronomers and statesmen: they were useful.

Yea. I’ll bet they were.

Why did he allow them?

Because, the most interesting and very important thing that actually came out of this proscribing in the mid-1700’s by the Pope, was that now the Jesuits cloaked Catholicism within science. It has been that way for more than three centuries.

It still is that way today.

The Novitiate

Nevertheless “Christianity was expiring in China—it was a deadly conflict. The Jesuits, in order to preserve the germ of the Faith, placed it under the safeguard of the Sciences.

Honoured with the imperial favour as literary men, execrated as Catholic priests, they conformed to the condition traced out for them by circumstances. Father De Ventavon resided at the court in the capacity of Mechanician to the Emperor: the brothers Castiijlione and Attiret were his favourite painters: Father Hallerstein presided over the tribunal of Mathematics. Some of the missionaries made clocks with moving figures, others applied to the Fine Arts, or the mechanical arts, for inventions that might be worthy to please Kian-Loung; [that’s the child emperor Quian Long] all tortured their wits to devise some means of averting the storm that growled over the heads of the Christians. Father Michael Benoit applied the principles of hydraulics. The spurting water, whose scientific management was not as yet known in China, excited the applause of the Prince and his court. He desired to multiply the prodigy in his gardens. Benoit was charged with the direction of the works. He thus gained frequent opportunities of seeing the Emperor, in order to overcome his prejudices against the Christians and Europeans. Benoit set to the work: he did more: he studied the art of engraving in copperplate: he trained artists, and produced engravings. He initiated the Emperor in the use of the telescope, and the mystery of the air-pump.”

They LIED using science as their cloak of their true image.

Lying to obtain their objectives is right out of Loyola’s document #3 about the Ethiopian mission – which set the stage and the Jesuit marching orders. Specifically, they were to BREAK oaths if necessary to gain influence in a culture, and notice that it is all about falsely gaining others respect – which again boils down to only caring about their image.

Document 3 says:

Given that ordinarily oaths are taken to observe and follow canons and other decrees, and consequently to have others respect them; and given that in Ethiopia at the beginning it will be impossible due to their adverse disposition, that His Holiness be satisfied to relinquish them from their oath whenever the Patriarch will deem appropriate to disregard [their faults], especially in matters of principle.

That Ethiopians be accepted to partake in Catholic rites and Catholics partake in the Ethiopian ones, in order to conduct them towards our way, little by little.

Archival Reference: Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu, GOA 39, Fol. 5, also in – Gaining the Heart of Prester John: Loyola’s Blueprint for Ethiopia in Three Key Documents by Matteo Salvadore

Never forget that the #1 mission of the Jesuits was defense of the faith, as per Regimini militantis ecclesiae (Pope Paul III’s bull establishing the Jesuits). To which we get an even more specific meaning of what that involved in Clement XIV’s bull abolishing the Jesuits in 1773, where he said: 25. … to reconcile, maintain and firm up the peace and tranquility of the Christian Republic, and to remove obstacles that might cause her detriment Get that? People who even might interfere with their nutty world domination plans were to be removed, let alone those that actually did interfere.

As you can see, by 1755 when Benedict XIV tried to salvage the situation, there was Big Trouble with the opium drug-trafficking into China because of previous British and Jesuits getting caught being what they were – lying, cheating drug-traffickers.

A new plan, a new breed of slavemasters was needed.

Fast Forward to 1757 –

In my China historical research, I dived deep into what’s going on with the Vatican, the British and various kingdoms prior to the suppression of the Jesuits – which has a clear role in the rise of Adam Weishaupt’s illuminati. World history really must be studied to truly understand just how in-bed with all that intriguing Adam Weishaupt actually was, and who with, and what he was trying to deflect people from.

One key element of which was – The Seven Years War.

Between 1757 and 1766 the British East India Company really raped India. It took £6 million pounds from Bengali and other princes of India. One part of the rape of Bengal was the Bengal famine. The Company had sold the grain wholesale, when formerly, excess grain was stored in underground pits as a guard against famine. This famine killed millions of Bengal’s population.

This is one of the few places in recorded history where one can visibly see the Catholics and the Brits aligned – including the little known outcome of working together to shove mass quantities of opium upon humanity. Accordingly, just before this war began, there was “an unfortunate hiatus of the records of the East India Company for this extremely key time period of 1754-1774 (as detailed in The Blackheath Connection) Practically magical timing for that ‘hiatus’, if you ask me. Very similar to during World War II when all the financial transactions going to the Vatican Bank (stolen assets) also had a “hiatus” from any record-keeping. (The Reckoning for Earth, Chapter 9: Catholic Pope Slavemasters, M. McClaughry 2018) Clearly there would have been some very damning ledger entries for the East India Company going on in this time period starting just prior to the Seven Years War – ie: WHO PROFITED, WHO LOANED WHAT and so on. One of the groups profiting being the Jesuits, who held stock in the company, thereby enriching the Vatican just by that route alone – and that certainly wasn’t the only route. Cardinal Braschi, in his finance minister position, would surely have known about that.

1756 – Right exactly concurrent with the beginning of the Seven Years War that the British East India Company established a monopoly on opium cultivation in the Indian province of Bengal, where they developed a method of growing opium poppies cheaply and abundantly.

This Seven Years War kept certain people over in Europe distracted while Britain and a few choice Nesilims and Jesuits got control of Bengal and could then began the large-scale manufacturing of Opium in India – fully under British East India Company control politically and economically. The most important outcome in Europe of this war, was shoving Spain, the Dutch/Netherlands, Portugal and France into the background as to the drug trade. Therefore, this was about taking the opium trade away from them (they were the previous Catholic-driven cartel) and making a new smaller drug cartel that would now control the source in India absolutely (still with certain Catholic involvement).

One of the key figures of this time period was Frederick of Hesse who was both a Catholic and married to the daughter of the British King.

Some elements to this era that most people don’t realize is 1: that both the Brits and German/Prussian rulers like Frederick were using the Jesuits to further their own ends, while at the same time appearing to oppose them and that 2: while all that was going on, the frenetic pace of their initial conquering moves for their “big plan”? Is when the American Revolution was born. Couldn’t have picked a better time as the “enemy” was engaged on too many fronts at once.

Frederick of Hesse is also part of one of the few places in recorded history where you can clearly catch that the Catholics and the British “new age” element of the slavemasters were not really opposed – contrary to any propaganda or visible acts that may portray otherwise (which was intentional smoke and mirrors on their part).

Frederick of Hesse is described as an enlightened despot….put another way a benevolent monarch. It was under him that began much of the wave that today we call NEW AGE. This marks a truly excellent example of that the Vatican slavemasters were right there with the Brits in pitching all these new isms and osophies to humanity, all to capture their minds and rule them in a whole new way. He combined Enlightenment ideas (which he paid Voltaire to write) with Christian values, plans for central control of the economy, and a militaristic approach toward international diplomacy. Yea, that means diplomacy at gun-point. Sound familiar?

Note: It was their son, Prince William I (later called IX) who many peg as being responsible for the “rise” of the Banking House of Rothschild. That’s not entirely accurate. It began with his father Frederick of Hesse. Frederick had hired Mayer Amschel Rothschild as “Hoffaktor” in 1769, to supervise the operation of his properties and tax-gathering. Upon the death of his father Frederick I on 31 October 1785, he became William IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. He was said to have inherited one of the largest fortunes in Europe at the time.William IX did not formally designate Rothschild as his overseer until 1801, per one source. However, another source has it as 1795, which I think is more accurate.

A chip off the old block, his son, Frederick of Hesse II, is who rented out his soldiers (called “Hessians”) to King George II of Britain to help fight the American Revolutionary War. He was the also the one that retained Jesuits as teachers in Silesia, Warmia, and the Netze District after their suppression by Pope Clement XIV in 1773.

1757the British literally forced the Indians to grow the poppies and manufacture opium in quantity and began the smuggling of opium for silver and tea in southern China.

1758 – Pope Clement XIII began his reign from 6 July 1758 to 2 February, 1769 – Cardinal Braschi had it made. It was under him that he would be made apostolic treasurer or minister of finance – in charge of all the Catholic Church’s money. (History of the fall of the Jesuits in the eighteenth century p 98)

1761 – the E.I.C. obtained a monopoly over the opium production of British India, and soon afterwards the drug began to be shipped to China as part of the Company’s triangular trade between India, Guangzhou and Britain. So the opium produced in Bengal was sold in Calcutta on condition that it be sent to China. All so the British could get their tea from the Chinese. Forcibly. The Dutch and Portuguese had been using this area for their supply and now it was under British control. Note: you can see why Hope & Company (Dutch/Netherlands) could get away with helping later sneakily supply the American tea smugglers. It was probably presented to their fellow countrymen as an opportunity to retaliate and screw over the British. Never mind the fact that they helped FINANCE the British doing this in India in the first place.

Just your basic typical in-fighting and back-stabbing among slavemasters and their igors.

1765 – The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization. They took their name from Isaac Barre’s speech opposing the Stamp Tax act back in England at the House of Commons. Barre had closed his speech with a reference to the colonists as ” . . . these sons of liberty”.

1766 – Not long after the end of the Seven Years War, “most of the monarchs” of Europe began to pressure Pope Clement XIII to outlaw the Jesuits. This appears to be a MONEY MOVE by Braschi in concert with the British and the Frederick the Great contingent behind the scenes. He had just been made the Treasurer of the Camera Apostolica – the Finance Minister – by Pope Clement XIII. It was about having a co-operative effort with the British to control of the drug trade and fostering the Industrial Revolution without most of the rest of the Catholics being let in on the plan – kind of a NEW world domination plan that was much more ambitious than anything before.

1767 – Would you be surprised to see that it was France and Spain, the losers of the Seven Years War, who are the first to actually kick out the Jesuits? In 1767, the Jesuits were suddenly and unexpectedly driven out of Spain by Charles III (The Novitiate 1846 ) This fits with my theory of that someone wants to misdirect attention away from what certain other Jesuits are doing and contributing to on the other side of the world – the Drug, Slave, and Arms trade. But these Jesuits were the exception. The rest of them weren’t exactly in on it and certainly made a convenient scapegoat continuing on in their previous ways of operating as they were. Resistant to change, blocking progress (slavemaster planned progress, that is) and trying to maintain the basic medieval status quo. That wasn’t going to work with what the “new breed” of slavemasters had in mind.

1767 – “A reorganization of the Rosicrucian system had taken place in 1767, which stressed the antiquity, sanctity, and superior character of the order in its relations to the rest of the Masonic fraternity. According to their claims, the Rosicrucians alone were able to explain the hieroglyphics, symbols, and allegories of Freemasonry. The structure of the order was greatly elaborated at the time indicated, and thus supplementing its traditional appeal to the thirst for alchemy and magic, the order grew rapidly. Cf. Forestier, pp. 187-191. Cf. Engel, p. 240.” –This was listed as Reference #1 in New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 188. Available at the internet archive and Google Books. Ok, so that reorganization? That was from the influence of a man named Wollner, who was buddies with Frederick the Great’s nephew Frederick William II – the son of Frederick the Great’s younger brother, Augustus William. Frederick the Great did not like Wollner and labelled him persona no grata over his social climbing marriage adventures. He decided to use the Rosicrucians as his social-climbing claim to fame. Operating from Berlin under a number of colorful pseudonyms like Heliconus, Ophiron and Chrysophiron – he worked very hard to integrate Freemasonry with Rosicrucianism. It was him that entered that “only ones who knew” mystical crap in. And then along came the Jesuits in 1773 – taking things to a whole new level, embroiling the Crown Prince Frederick William in various intrigues with Wollner and the Jesuit Freemason Rosicrucians. How’s that for a conflicted identity.

1768 – Adam Weishaupt was just entering University and was only 20 years old in 1768. There are any number of wrong conspiracy propagandists (aka “conspiracy theorists”) that even up til today still spread the lie that Adam Weishaupt’s Order of Illuminati CAUSED the American Revolution. Thereby supposedly solidifying the idea that America’s leaders – like Thomas Jefferson – were therefore involved in a slavemaster plot. Not possible, the Sons of Liberty were already in existence and had been for three years. This is more than EIGHT years before Weishaupt would even form the Order of Illuminati. The truth is the other way around. The Americans caused the NEED for the formation of some weird parallel secret “enlightened” group.

1768 February 11 – the colony of Massachusetts sent a circular letter written by Samuel Adams to the other colonies, asking them to join in pressuring Parliament to repeal recent Acts that were deemed to be illegal and immoral, including taxation without representation, the practice of the Crown paying the salaries of colonial officials independent of the people of the colonies, the multiplication of royal customs officers in America and the requirement of the colonists to pay for housing, food and supplies for British troops stationed in America. As soon as the letters were received, the other colonies began issuing similar resolutions, writing letters to the King demanding change and doing various other acts to resist the Townshend Acts and other acts of Parliament.

1768 February 27 – A little over 2 weeks after the Adams circular, Wills Hill, the Earl of Hillsborough, was appointed to the office of Secretary of State for the Colonies under Lord North through August 27 1772. This position was created just to deal with the growing rebellion in the colonies. Hillsborough saw the Massachusetts Circular letter as a threat that would spread the rebellion to other colonies and sought to stop it. What are the scheming Cecils up to in this key time period? (Cecils being on of the main Spymaster/Slavemaster families in Europe) It was James Cecil, the 6th Earl of Salisbury (20 October 1713 – 19 September 1780) who was the reigning Cecil in the House of Lords until his death in 1780. He was known for his irregular life as “the Wicked Earl”. Why? Because barely a year after his marriage, in 1750 he moved in with his mistress, one Mrs. Mary Grave of Baldock, for the remaining 30 years of his life at Quickswood, in the parish of Clothall. His relationship with her predated his marriage. C. Price wrote of the liaison in 1771 (Hatfield House archives): “He lives upstairs … surrounded with old trunks and boxes and scattered books. Well or ill he never quits his chamber, never sees or converses with any but his old Dame, as he calls her, and his physician, who occasionally visits him. The servants are old and rusty like the dwelling.” That’s obviously an exaggeration, because he was a member of the House of Lords and he definitely used his influence there on people like Lord North and the Earl of Hillsborough – ergo he talked or wrote to them, plus voted as his station demanded that he do.

1769 April 21 – Wills Hill, the Earl of Hillsborough, in response to the Adams circular, sent this circular letter to each royal governor instructing them to disband their local colonial assemblies if the assembly in their colony expressed support for the Massachusetts Circular letter. Sir I have his Majesty’s commands to transmit to you the inclosed Copy of a letter from the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay addressed by order of that House to the Speaker of the Assembly of each Colony upon the Continent of No America. As his Majesty considers this measure to be of a most dangerous and factious Tendency calculated to inflame the minds of his good subjects in the Colonies to promote an unwarrantable combination and to excite and encourage an open opposition to and denial of the authority of Parliament and to subvert the true principles of the Constitution, It is his Majesty’s Pleasure that you should immedidiately upon the Receipt hereof exert your utmost influence to defeat this flagitious attempt to disturb the Public Peace by prevailing upon the Assembly of your province to take no Notice of it which will be treating it with the contempt it deserves.

1769 May 19 – Pope Clement XIV starts his reign on 19 May 1769. It’s said that he was put in office to do exactly what he did. “Suppress” the Jesuits.The election of Clement XIV., which followed in due time, was effected by these princes. This is not denied by any party. The princes of the earth placed in the papal chair a man who was to fulfill a written promise to suppress the Jesuits. So the vicegerent of the Redeemer —the exponent of councils over which the Holy Ghost presides—sold himself to a party, and the price was the honour of the pontificate! (The Novitiate 1846 )

1769 – a young Thomas Jefferson tried to free the slaves that the British kept insisting on bringing into the colonies – In 1769 I became a member of the legislature by the choice of the county in which I live [Albemarle], and so continued until it was closed by the Revolution. I made one effort in that body for the permission of the emancipation of slaves, which was rejected: and indeed, during the regal government, nothing liberal could expect success. Our minds were circumscribed within narrow limits, by an habitual belief that it was our duty to be subordinate to the mother country in all matters of government, to direct all our labors in subservience to her interests, and even to observe a bigoted intolerance for all religions but hers. The difficulties with our representatives were of habit and despair, not of reflection and conviction. Experience soon proved that they could bring their minds to rights on the first summons of their attention. But the King’s Council, which acted as another house of legislature, held their places at will, and were in most humble obedience to that will; the Governor, too, who had a negative on our laws, held by the same tenure, and with still greater devotedness to it; and, last of all, the royal negative closed the last door to every hope of amelioration.* — Autobiography, i, 3. Ford ed., i, 5. (1821.) 7979. It was ENGLAND that blocked the freeing of the slaves! And freedom of religion! Even more so, is that Jefferson was leading the way for real liberty, long before Adam Weishaupt even dreamed of co-opting the term onto his sad (and sick) parallel attempt with the Order of Illuminati. That puts an even more ugly light on the Brits later pretense of proclaiming themselves “beacons of freedom and humanity” after banning slavery in 1833 – while having just brought 10,000 India slaves to battle China just so Britain could continue to drug out their people with opium! Furthermore, they did this “anti-slavery” thing purely as yet another attempt to crush America into war to force them to again do their bidding – using anti slavery as their calling card! What did Jefferson look like? He was six feet, two-and-one-half inches (189 cm) in height, slender, erect and sinewy. He had angular features, a very ruddy complexion, strawberry blond hair and hazel-flecked, grey eyes.

1772 – August 27 William Legge, the 2nd Earl of Dartmouth replaces Wills Hills, The Earl of Hillsborough as Secretary of state for the colonies. The Legge family had a vested interest in the behavior of the EIC (East India Company). In fact, the Earldom of the Legge family was founded on making weapons, specifically the EIC’s trade in saltpeter coming out of India. In a sense, the Legge family were arms dealers. In the late 1600’s, William Legge was the Lieutenant General of the EIC’s Ordnance Office. His son George succeeded to that position and in 1681 was when the family was “enobled” with the Baron Dartmouth title. That EIC arms dealer was the grandfather of William Legge. William’s father died in 1732, and his mother remarried to Francis North, Lord North and Grey. North’s son, Frederick, was now Prime Minister. That means Lord North was Dartmouth’s step-brother. They were very close friends their entire lives.

1772the East India Company was on the verge of bankruptcy partially due to corruption and mismanagement and partially due to the Dutch merchants who were selling their tea in the colonies at a much power price. The directors of the company claimed that if they were allowed to sell their tea in the colonies without paying an export tax, the company could become solvent. Parliament not only agreed to this but also allowed the company to sell its tea directly to colonial merchants, bypassing the wholesalers. It is important to note that many members of the House of Lords as well as the Royal family were stockholders in the company.

1773 July 14 – In a letter to his son, Benjamin Franklin details what he knows about Lord Hillsborough “My Quarrel is only with him, who of all the Men I ever met with is surely the most unequal in his Treatment of People, the most insincere, and the most wrong-headed; witness besides his various Behaviour to me, his Duplicity in encouraging us to ask for more Land, when we first ask’d only for 2,500,000 Acres, ask for enough to make a Province, were his Words, pretending to befriend our Application, then doing every thing to defeat it, and reconciling the first to the last by saying to a Friend, that he meant to defeat it from the Beginning, and that his putting us upon asking so much was with that very View, Supposing it too much to be granted. Thus, by the way, his Mortification becomes double. He has serv’d us by the very Means he meant to destroy us, and tript up his own Heels into the Bargain.” It is in a note (8) from the same reference source that something else interesting shows up. It mentions Hillsborough’s connection to Gascoigne. Gascoigne (1725–91) was an M.P. and an influential member of the Board of Trade…Gascoigne was acting as “minister for America” at the Board. (Namier and Brooke, House of Commons, II, 490–1) —That is BAMBER Gascoigne Sr., the son of Crispin Gascoigne, the Lord Mayor of the City of London where the EIC was headquartered. The fact that he was acting as “minister for America” is practically vested interest and intrigue central. It cannot be understated the pressure and power that the reigning Cecil and Gascoigne would be exerting over Lords North, Dartmouth and Hillsborough. —Reminder, he had a son son Bamber Jr. (1758–1824). He was M.P. for Liverpool 1780–96. His daughter and heiress Frances Mary Gascoigne married The second Marquess of Salisbury, James Brownlow William Cecil (born in 1791). His father was James Cecil, the 7th Earl of Salisbury. As part of the terms of that marriage, in order to gain access to the Bamber fortune, worth, it is said, £12000 a year (Munk’s Roll), James had to agree to put the name Gascoigne before that of Cecil. That is when the Cecils became known as Gascoigne-Cecil (later spelled Gascoyne-Cecil). Their son was the infamous Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, three times prime minister.

1773 July 21 – The Pope makes good on his promise to “the Princes” suppress the Jesuits. He wrote Dominus ac Redemptor (21 July 1773) found here and then I had google translate it. The key part – Note: Company is a reference to the Company (Society) of Jesus – the Jesuits. 21. We, with great pain in our soul, we observed that both the above remedies, as many others subsequently used, had gone almost no advantage nor were sufficient to remove and dissipate so many and so serious turmoil, allegations and complaints against this company; …banned forever and also on the occasion of the holy missions, both about the very serious disputes and bitterly contests aroused by the Company against the Ordinaries, the regular orders, the holy places, and communities any kind in Europe, Asia and America, not without serious injury of souls and wonder of peoples; It is also around the interpretation practice of some pagan rituals commonly practiced in some places, those left out in the Universal Church legally approved; or around the use and explanation of certain manifestly immoral doctrines and scandal, with good reason proscribed by the Apostolic See; and finally around other things of great moment, opportunissime, to maintain the purity of Christian dogmas, for which in our, no less than in past ages, frequent damage and disadvantages derived; that is, uprisings and riots in some Catholic states, and bitter persecution against the Church in several provinces of Asia and Europe. All that is referring to what the Jesuits were doing in order to infiltrate these cultures. A little intro to the next point, #25, is in order because of the time period here. This is right when the American patriots boycotting of the East India Company’s tea – which the Jesuits owned shares of – and other factors had literally brought the EIC almost to bakruptcy and they were sending their tea to “dump” it and try to undermine the colonists. This is the same year that the Boston Tea Party is about to happen. So, what this ‘banning’ of the Jesuits was really about, was that it was an attempt to lay the blame for these ‘horrible’ uprisings of the people at the feet of the Jesuits. Couldn’t possibly be true that the Catholic Church deserved to be excoriated and rebelled against, you see. (sarcastically speaking. So…Point 25 lays out the two main things the Jesuits were formed to do, and note well the euphemistic wording of “remove obstacles” – which would include outright murder. But then it says they didn’t do their job basically! Have a look – 25. … to reconcile, maintain and firm up the peace and tranquility of the Christian Republic, and to remove obstacles that might cause her detriment, even minimum; Whereas the above mentioned Society of Jesus could not produce those healthy, fertile fruits and benefits for which it was established, with the fullness of Apostolic powers, we extinguish and suppress the most frequently mentioned company, and cancel your order and we abolish all the individuals of it offices, ministries and administrations, houses, schools , colleges, hospices, and any existing place in any province, the kingdom and dominion, and in any manner from the same; His statutes, customs, habits, decrees, constitutions, though supported by oath, by apostolic approval, or in another way, and each and every general or special privileges and indults, the content of which we want that meant as fully and sufficiently expressed in this present Letter, verbally as if there were transcribed, and although designed in any form, or clause irritates, and with any constraint and decree. We therefore declare that remains undone for ever and absolutely extinguished all and any authority in charge of the general, provincial, visitors and other superiors of the said Society, in both spiritual and in temporal things; we want the same jurisdiction and authority are transferred in full, and in any way, the Ordinaries of the places according to the manner, circumstances, people and the conditions that will mention below; prohibiting, as hereby we are forbid, that nobody in the future will be received in the said Company, and admitted to the dressing and the novitiate. Those then that to this day they were accepted, they can not admit to the profession of simple or solemn vows, under penalty of nullity of admission and profession, and other punishments reserved to our will. Nay, more, we want to, we command, we order that those who are currently in the novitiate, soon, promptly, immediately and in fact are dismissed; and equally we are forbid so that those who made the profession of simple vows, and that so far were not promoted to any sacred order, can be promoted to the same major orders, under pretext or title of both the profession already made in the Company, as of privileges obtained against the decrees of the Council of Trent. One last point – really look at the last line of this one, and just how ominous it was as to plans about the unbelievers. 32. Next, as relates to the sacred missions (about which we, too, that meant all we have arranged about the suppression of the Society) We reserve the right to determine the means by which more easily and more surely we can procure and obtain the unbelievers conversion, and the appeasement of discord. — The means? So, really get that. He may be “banning” the Jesuits, but if he wants to use..say…certain of them as part of that “means”? He can because he reserved the right to!

1773 – Exactly concurrent with suppressing the Jesuits, lo and behold! The British East India company confiscates the Jesuit money. At the time of the suppression the Company confiscated the sum (The Jesuits; their foundation and history – 1879) There were two different large investments by the Jesuits in the East India Company because of curing Chinese Emperor Kang-Hi. The first “gratitude” payment was for a cure4 using quinine (brought from South America by fathers Fountelay and Visdelou) and another unspecified cure3 later by lay-brother Bernard Rhodes. Starting from the first cure, this money had been invested in the EIC for almost 70 years before the “missing” 20 years of EIC ledger entries (when they started focusing on exporting Opium hugely and with a single-minded weaponized purpose for it) but the AMOUNT was somehow known just in time to confiscate it in 1773. Imagine that. Now, even though Pope Clement XIV did not like Braschi much, he needed his slimy skekse ways with the money, so he went ahead and bestowed the Minister of Finance hat on Braschi. Again. Funny how he didn’t exactly go chasing after that confiscated Jesuit money, isn’t it? Sounds like a nice back-room deal with the Brits.

1773 August to November – The Earl of Dartmouth, Secretary of State for the Colonies, was on holiday. His office received only routine dispatches from the colonies.

1773 – Sanctuary for the Jesuits – Pope Clement’s Bull of Suppression was put into effect in Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, but guess who gave the “banned” Jesuits sanctuary in his kingdom? Why, good old King Frederick! You know, Voltaire’s partner-in-crime, Britain’s partner-in-crime, and now the Vatican’s secret “any means I want” partner-in-crime. it was immaterial to Frederick what orders the Pope gave about their costume and domestic arrangements. Pressed more seriously, he pleaded that when he annexed Silesia he had solemnly pledged himself to respect the religious status quo, and he was bound in honour to leave the Jesuits there, since they were part of the situation he had sworn to respect.” (McCabe, A Candid History of the Jesuits, pp. 364-365). Frederick II (the Great) included Bavaria in his kingdom, more or less. In 1918, Vernon Stauffer wrote that the degree of power which the Jesuits had obtained in Bavaria was “all but absolute.” He described the scene prior to 1773 – “The degree of power to which the representatives of the Society of Jesus had been able to attain in Bavaria was all but absolute. Members of the order were the confessors and preceptors of the electors; hence they had a direct influence upon the policies of government. The censorship of religion had fallen into their eager hands, to the extent that some of the parishes even were compelled to recognize their authority and power. To exterminate all Protestant influence and to render the Catholic establishment complete, they had taken possession of the instruments of public education. It was by Jesuits that the majority of the Bavarian colleges were founded, and by them they were controlled. By them also the secondary schools of the country were conducted. The prevailing type of education in Bavaria had little more to commend it than the popular type of religion.…The pedagogical aim of the Jesuits was the development of the memory with scant regard for other faculties of the mind. To learn the catechism, or in the case of advanced pupils to receive unquestioningly the dogmatic instruction offered by clerical pedagogues, was the ideal honored throughout the Bavarian schools. Books which bore the slightest taint of Protestant influence, or which in any other way gave evidence of a liberalizing spirit, were ruthlessly banned. Such were the conditions of life under which the great mass of the people lived.(– New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p.143, 148. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.) Not everyone was on-board with continuing this stifling atmosphere, however. A small, but growing group of individuals began chafing against those supposedly born “booted and spurred”, as Thomas Jefferson once put it, destined to forever ride upon humanity’s back. “The censorship exerted by the Jesuits had found no adequate means to guard against the broadening influences of travel or of contact with travelers from other lands, or even to prevent the introduction of all contraband journals and books.” Things were slipping through the cracks, in other words, and those cracks were starting to widen. My theory is that young Jesuit-trained Adam Weishaupt, while sponsored by his uncle (I believe it was) to learn of this new liberalism, wasn’t actually doing it for the reasons that others have subscribed to him.

1773The Scene in Bavaria – Because of the suppression of the Jesuits in 1773, at the university he was attending Adam Weishaupt was called to the chair of canon law at the Jesuit College of Ingolstadt (German: Jesuitenkolleg Ingolstadt). For the previous ninety years this chair had been held by representatives of the Jesuits only.

1773 – the Jesuits specifically began merging into Rosicrucian lodges, which Frederick, as was common among most of the royal families of Europe, had made it a point to be a “member” of any supposedly secret societies, be it Freemason or whatever. — “Following the suppression of the Jesuits in 1773, members of that order in considerable numbers, attracted by the rapid growth and the pretentious occultism of the Rosicrucians (1), had united with the latter system. (2)The result was the infusion of a definite strain of clericalism into the order of the Rosicrucians and, in consequence, a renewal of the attack upon the Illuminati.” (New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 188. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.) Regarding “pretentious occultism” see 1767 entry. It’s pretentious in the sense that the Jesuits took the claim of that the “Rosicrucians alone” were able to explain the “secret codes” and allegories, with a kind of attitude of… Oh really…
That makes perfect sense because when it came to “alchemy” and “magic” – which are pretty old covertexts (that means they are code for something totally disrelated). The Catholics go way back on that one, so you can see how these nouveau Prussian/German attempts would be considered pretentious by them and provide an easy entrance for them to work their “skills”.— Regarding the Jesuits merging with the Rosicrucians – Considering the fact that British slavemaster Cecil Family protege’ Francis Bacon (who rewrote the bible into the King James version) was the Imperator of the Rosicrucians, and that Napoleon Bonaparte was a “Master” Rosicrucian when he was Emperor of France from 1804 to 1815 – things take on a decidedly different light here. Considering that this particular blend of Rosicrucian freemasonry would appear in very specific places like L’Aurore Naissante that the Rothschilds and other bankers joined in Germany when Napoleon was there (1804-1815) as well as showing up in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry sporting the doube-headed eagle symbol of the Nesilim, which was also the symbol used by Frederick II and the Holy Roman Emperor. — I think that what Vernon is saying is that the Jesuits united with that “changed” system of Rosicrucianism and he gives another reference about that. Let’s look at that one. Unfortunately it’s all in German. Reference #2 – 2 Vehse, in his Gesclnchte dcs Preussischen Hofes, vol. ii, p. 35, puts the matter thus: “In den Landern nun, wo sie aufgehoben waren, brauchten die Exjesuiten das Mittel in den geheimen Gesellschaften Aufnahme zu suchen. Sie bildeten hier eine schleichende und deshalb um so sichere Opposition gegen alle Aufklarungstendenzen. In dem Freimaurerorden stifteten sie die sogenannten ‘ inneren Systeme.’ Hier waren sie als Proselytenmacher ganz in der Stille tatig und arbeiteten mit Macht darauf hin, das obscurante Pfaffentum und die despotische ‘Hierarchic in beiden Konfessionen, im Protestantismus sowohl als Katholizismus wieder herzustellen.” (Quoted by Engel, pp. 241 ct seq.) I have used google to translate this.

I have to say, I love the translation that the Jesuits formed a “creeping”.

I think that’s hilarious. And accurate! So what this IS, is a blend of both the “right” nobility of the new breed of Slavemasters – both British and Vatican elements.

1773 December 2 – To further illustrate the inter-meshing of the Cecils with the predominant views and action by the British nobility, James Cecil, soon to be the 7th Earl of Salisbury, married “Emily”. Her real name was May Amelia Hill. She was the daughter of Wills Hill, 2nd Viscount Hillsborough (later the first Marquess of Downshire). This is the infamous Earl of Hillsborough, who was made Secretary of State for the Colonies under Lord North from 1768 to 1772. Emily, continuing in the Cecil Kings-and-priests way, became a prominent political hostess of the Tory party. The Tory Party believed England should rule the world. Emily’s sister was the mother of the infamous later Round Table man, Arthur Balfour.

1773 December 16 – The “suppression” of the Jesuits happened just a few months before the brilliant plan by Lord North to dump the ill-gotten East India tea over in America. Tea that was obtained by forcing the Chinese to “accept” chests of opium in exchange for it. Tea that was tainted in the blackest of ways – on the backs of enforced slaves to opium addiction on the other side of the world. The arrival of this abomination tea to America is what sparked the Boston Tea Party. Did they know? Did the Sons of Liberty, or at least some of them, know the circumstances that this tea was obtained under? Thomas Jefferson knew and he exposed it. See 1774 March 31 entry.

1774 late January – news of the Boston Tea Party only reached Lord Dartmouth at the end of January.Government officials such as Massachusetts Gov. Thomas Hutchinson and New York Gov. William Tryon, and military officers including Gen. Frederick Haldimand and Gen. Thomas Gage, believed the resistance in the colonies was instigated by a small group while the colonial leaders proclaimed any resistance had the backing of not only Massachusetts but also the other colonies. Secretary for the Colonies, Lord Dartmouth chose to accept the “small group” theory. In a letter to Gov. Francis Legge of Nova Scotia he wrote, “The people [who committed] themselves in acts of violence were weak and contemptible … and such a conduct would not be passed over with impunity.”[2] I don’t think that a worse intelligence estimate could have been done than this. Lord Dartmouth was so wrong in his mis-estimation that it is literally of epic proportions. Secretary of the Colonies Lord Dartmouth was made to believe by his step-brother, Prime Minister Lord North, that when the tea was destroyed, the issue was now criminal behavior therefore not needing to involve Parliament. In a letter to Joseph Reed of Philadelphia, he wrote, The question then is whether these laws are to be submitted to? If the people of America say no, they say in effect that they will no longer be part of the British Empire.” In a letter to John Thornton, a trustee of the Indian school in New Hampshire, that the people of Boston “must be aware how fatally and effectually they have now shut the door against all possibility of present relief for any of the things they complain of.” More stupidity on Dartmouth’s part in continuing such high-handed arrogant views.

1774 early – It was William Legge, the Earl of Dartmouth and now Secretary of the Colonies, that was instructed by the King to “lay on the table” of the House of Lords, the letters from the colonies. Most of the letters were from the fall of 1773. They were ignored.

1774 March 6 – At the urging of Lord North and James Cecil, Lord Chancellor Apsley “advised” – read ORDERED – Dartmouth on March 6, “It is very desirable … to mark out Boston and separate that town from the rest of [the] delinquents.

1774 March 14 – Dartmouth dutifully presented The Boston Port Bill in the House of Commons. It ordered the closing of the port of Boston until the town had paid the company for its losses. The direct result would be a halt to the city’s commerce; the indirect result, a number of colonists would be out of work. The Port Bill passed without dissent in either house and the king gave his royal assent on March 31. It was to go into effect on June 1. Parliament, unwilling to wait and see what results it would produce, introduced additional bills to punish not only the city of Boston but the entire colony of Massachusetts. Dartmouth did not speak against any of these acts because he insisted that “the constitutional authority of this Kingdom over its colonies must be vindicated and its laws obeyed throughout the whole Empire,” – READ – Don’t interfere with our drug, arms, and slave trafficking.

1774 March 31 – An act was imposed CLOSING Boston Harbour. Lord North, the Prime Minister of England who sent the loads to American of ill-gotten Chinese tea (forcing Indian Opium sales on the Chinese) in the first place, and he responded to the dumping of the tea into Boston Harbor with this new “brilliant” move. Parliament, which was really the East India Company, was “outraged” by the blatant destruction of British property, so they enacted a series of acts called the Coercive Acts, called by the Americans “the Intolerable Acts”.

1774 May 2 – It is important that you understand that Lord Dartmouth, egged on behind-the-scenes by the Lords North and Burghley/Salisbury (the Cecils), was involved in appeasing their partners-in-crime in drug-trafficking, the Catholics. Dartmouth was one of the framers of something called the Quebec Bill, introduced in the House of Commons by Dartmouth on May 2. The long and short of it was it made Catholicism the established religion of the Quebec colony. Isaac Barre, a member of the House of Commons and one of the most notable defenders of the colonies, condemned the bill as “Popish from the beginning to the end.” John Jay, the future Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, was stunned that the Ministry would consent to establish “a religion that has deluged [England] in Blood, and dispersed impiety, bigotry, persecution, murder and rebellion through every part of the world.” Dartmouth said the bill was “necessary and humane.”

1774 May 19 – When the news that the British officially closed the port of Boston in response to the Boston Tea Party, reached Virginia, the legislature happened to be in session, and Thomas Jefferson was present. Patrick Henry gave a speech in Spring of 1774 in the Virginia House of Burgesses supporting the cause of freedom and a resolution was passed declaring that June 1, 1774 would be a day of fasting and prayer in support for the people of Boston. Thomas Jefferson wrote about these times, and I think its interesting to hear from someone who was actually there for these key events. “The House of Burgesses thereupon passed a resolution, recommending to their fellow citizens, that that day should be set apart for fasting and prayer to the Supreme Being, imploring Him to avert the calamities then threatening us, and to give us one heart and one mind to oppose every invasion of our liberties.” — Jefferson Papers, i, 122. (1821.)

1774 May 20 – The next day? The entire House of Burgesses was shut down. So much for British “enlightened rule”. “The next day, May 20, 1774, the Governor dissolved us.”— Jefferson Papers, i, 122. (1821.) You can see that most of what the British say they were about – Freedom, “light of science” etc. etc. – were just WORDS. When it really came right down to it? My way or the highway. It was Lord Dartmouth, the Secretary of the Colonies, who ordered that done. The proceedings of the Burgesses of Virginia do not encourage me to hope for a speedy issue to the present disunion and we have seen too much of the prevalence of the example they have set to the other colonies not to be justly alarmed at what may result of the unconstitutional meeting [the First Continental Congress] they are endeavoring to promote. On August 3, Dartmouth wrote to General Gage trying to justify what he did – It is evident that although the measures adopted respecting the Province of the Massachusetts Bay have not yet had, and will not perhaps for some time have their complete effect, yet they have so far exceeded as to encourage many good men to stand forth in opposition … The conduct of the [Assembly] … was no more than might have been expected. Their dissolution was a very proper measure.

1774 May 20 – More punishment – The second bill, The Better Regulating of Government in Massachusetts, was given royal assent on May 20, 1774. It revoked the charter of the colony of Massachusetts, dissolved the Provincial Assembly, and granted the governor the power to appoint or dismiss judges and magistrates and to use troops to put down rebellion. The third bill, The Impartial Administration of Justice in Massachusetts, was also given royal assent on May 20, 1774. It permitted the trials of civil or military officials to be moved to other colonies or to England.

1774 June 1 – The Closing of the Boston Port bill takes effect.

1774 June 2 – The fourth and final bill, The Quartering Act, was given royal assent on June 2. It permitted the governor to billet British troops in uninhabited buildings and houses.

1774 June 21 – Quebec Bill, with its favoritism to the Vatican establishing Catholicism as the official religion, passes the House of Lords.

1774 July – After the shutdown of the House of Burgesses, Thomas Jefferson worked up a paper for the First Continental Congress. Incredibly accurate, he exposed what the British are actually up to here with all these “bills”. He really has these slavemaster types pegged at how they operate. This paper was later published as a pamphlet and spread by his friends throughout London, New York and Philadelphia. – “By an act (7. G. 3) to discontinue in such manner, and for such time as they are therein mentioned, the landing and discharging, lading or shipping of goods, wares and merchandize, at the town and within the harbor of Boston, * * * a large and populous town, whose trade was their sole subsistence, was deprived of that trade, and involved in utter ruin. Let us for a while, suppose the question of right suspended, in order to examine this act on principles of justice: An act of Parliament had been passed imposing duties on teas, to be paid in America, against which act the Americans had protested as inauthoritative. The East India Company, who till that time had never sent a pound of tea to America on their own account, step forth on that occasion the asserters of Parliamentary right, and send hither many ship loads of that obnoxious commodity. The masters of their several vessels, however, on their arrival in America, wisely attended to admonition, and returned with their cargoes. In the province of Massachusetts alone, the remonstrances of the people were disregarded, and a compliance, after being many days waited for, was flatly refused. Whether in this the master of the vessel was governed by his obstinacy, or his instructions, let those who know say. There are extraordinary situations which require extraordinary interposition. An exasperated people, who feel that they possess power, are not easily restrained within limits strictly regular. A number of them assembled in the town of Boston, threw the tea into the ocean, and dispersed without doing any other act of violence. If in this they did wrong, they were known and were amenable to the laws of the land, against which it could not be objected that they had ever, in any instance, been obstructed or diverted from their regular course in favor of popular offenders. They should, therefore, not have been distrusted on this occasion. But that ill-fated colony had formerly been bold in their enmities against the house of Stuart, and were now devoted to ruin by that unseen hand which governs the momentous affairs of this great empire” .—It is important that you understand what Jefferson just exposed there. The “house of Stuart” were CATHOLICS. So he’s saying that there is an alliance between the CATHOLICS and the East India Company, which as we know from the result of the Seven Years War was a distraction from the British/German nobility and the Vatican taking over and massively increasing the Opium drug trade, forcing the Chinese to accept opium in exchange for tea. Jefferson is exposing that alliance is the “unseen hand”. Reminder – just before the Seven Years War began, there was “an unfortunate hiatus of the records of the East India Company for this extremely key time period of 1754-1774. One of the groups profiting being the Jesuits, who held stock in the company, thereby enriching the Vatican by drug profits. Cardinal Braschi was finance minister in this key period, now, at this tme, he’s Pope! The British East India Company (EIC) was the front for establishing the new Opium trade, and had established a monopoly on opium cultivation in the Indian province of Bengal. Soon afterwards the drug began to be shipped to China as part of the Company’s triangular trade between India, Guangzhou and Britain. The opium produced in Bengal was sold in Calcutta on the condition that it be sent to China. All so the British could get their tea from the Chinese. Forcibly insisting they take the opium and give them the tea. The most important outcome in Europe of this war, was shoving Spain, Portugal, the Dutch/Netherlands and France into the background as to the drug trade. Therefore, the Seven Years War was about taking the opium trade away from them (they were the previous Catholic-driven cartel) and making a new smaller drug cartel that would now control the source in India absolutely (still with certain Catholic involvement). Thomas Jefferson somehow knew EXACTLY what was going on here (when almost no one else did) and he’s exposing that this new drug cartel is the “unseen Hand” behind the closing of Boston Harbor. —- Continuing with what Jefferson said: On the partial representations of a few worth less ministerial dependents, whose constant office it has been to keep that government embroiled, and who, by their treacheries, hope to obtain the dignity of British Knighthood.* without calling for the party accused, with-out (* Alluding to the Knighting of Sir Francis Bernard. —Note by Jefferson) asking a proof, without attempting a distinction between the guilty and the innocent, the whole of that ancient and wealthy town, is in a moment reduced from opulence to beggary. Men who had spent their lives in extending the British commerce, who had in vested in that place the wealth their honest endeavors had merited, found themselves and their families thrown at once on the world for subsistence by its charities. Not the hundredth part of the inhabitants of that town had been concerned in the act complained of; many of them were in Great Britain and in other parts beyond the sea; yet all were involved in one indiscriminate ruin by a new executive power, unheard of till then, that of a British Parliament. A property of the value of many millions of money was sacrificed to revenge, not repay, the loss of a few thousands. This is administering justice with a heavy hand indeed! And when is this tempest to be arrested in its course? Two wharves are to be opened again when his Majesty shall think proper. The residue, which lined the extensive shores of the Bay of Boston, are forever interdicted the exercise of commerce. This little exception seems to have been thrown in for no other purpose than that of setting a precedent for investing his Majesty with legislative powers. If the pulse of his people shall beat calmly under this experiment, another and another shall be tried, till the measure of despotism be filled up. It would be an insult on common sense to pretend that this exception was made in order to restore its commerce to that great town. The trade which cannot be received at two wharves alone must of necessity be transferred to some other place; to which it will soon be followed by that of the two wharves. Considered in this light, it would be insolent and cruel mockery at the annihilation of the town of Boston. — From a 1774 published paper by Jefferson entitled: A Summary View of The Rights of British America p. 104 Jefferson Cyclopedia

1774 July – Some of the merchants were quite desperate to get the Harbour re-opened, and the Bostonian George Erving was used as a go-between about July, 1774, arranging for a private group of Boston merchants to repay the East India Company for the loss of its tea – to a value of up to £16,000, some £6,000 or £7,000 above its value – if the then-imposed Act closing Boston Harbour was withdrawn. (Ref: Online Book: The Blackheath Connection by Dan Byrnes) That didn’t fly. Not everyone agreed with Boston’s actions, causing the other colonies to rally in defense.

1774 mid-summer, the intelligence-estimate challenged Lord Dartmouth realized that Parliament’s haste in bringing forth these additional acts did not promote conciliation. They promoted a more determined opposition. He comments on what Jefferson and others did at the House of Burgesses, neglecting to mention how HE shut it down the next day. It remains to be seen whether the measures adopted by Parliament will or will not have the effect to restore peace and harmony between Great Britain and her colonies.

1774 September 5 – After the summary shutdown of the Virginia legislature, the Committees of Correspondence (that had been created several years prior to coordinate efforts concerning the British) arranged for the gathering of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. They voted to refuse British commerce until all of the Coercive Acts were repealed. . Patrick Henry was an elected representative to this congress for the colony of Virginia. British shill John Adams wrote later (strangely critical) that he felt that “there was not one member, except Patrick Henry, who appeared … sensible of the Precipice or rather the Pinnacle on which We stood, and had candor and courage enough to acknowledge it.” But Patrick Henry, he knew the colonies were set on a path to war, and thrilled like-minded delegates by declaring: “Distinctions between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers and New Englanders, are no more. I am not a Virginian, but an American.” To more fully appreciate the rather bitchy crankiness that John Adams had towards his fellow colonists at this First Congress, I think you’d like to see this. Thomas Jefferson who was attempting to recreate some of the missing records burned by the British during the War of 1812, so had written Adams asking – Note: Jefferson saying that he is flying “off on a tangent” is about a dead tongue-in-cheek warning that he’s not doing anything of the kind. He’s HONING IN on something. In this case, the missing records, and knowing Adams probably had something to do with that….Adams styling himself as such an EXPERT about it all, as he had been doing in such a critical way. Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 22 August 1813
To John Adams Monticello Aug. 22. 13. “I now fly off in a tangent to another subject. …you were of the committee, and can tell me who wrote this petition: and who wrote the Address to the inhabitants of the colonies ib. 45. of the papers of July 1775. I recollect well that mr Dickinson drew the petition to the king, ib. 149. I think Robt R. Livingston drew the address to the Inhabitants of Great Britain. ib. 152. am I right in this? and who drew the Address to the people of Ireland, ib. 180.? on these questions, I ask of your memory to help mine. ever and affectionately your’s Th: Jefferson” Check out Adams reply. Note: I do NOT believe that he didn’t know who was the “compositor” of the petitions and addresses Jefferson asked him about. Its as if he wants the memory of that to be gone – just like the British did. John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 12 November 1813 “I am very Sorry to Say, that I cannot “assist your memory in the Enquiries of your letter of August 22d.” I really know not who was the compositor of any one of the Petitions or Addresses you enumerate. Nay farther I am certain I never did know. I was so shallow a polititian, that I was not aware of the importance of those compositions. They all appeared to me, in the circumstances of the Country like childrens play at marbles or push pin, or rather like misses in their teens emulating each other in their pearls, their braceletts their Diamond Pins and brussells lace. In the Congress of 1774 there was not one member, except Patrick Henry, who appeared to me Sensible of the Precipice or rather the Pinnacle on which he Stood, and had candour and courage enough to acknowledge it. America is in total Ignorance, or under infinite deception concerning that Assembly. To draw the characters of them all would require a volume and would now be considered as a caracatura print. one third Tories. another Whigs and the rest mongrels. There was a little Aristocracy, among Us, of Talents and Letters.” Wow. Still cranky about it 20 years later. Now comes the extremely overdone – I’m telling you it’s nothing. It’s NOTHING. It’s NOTHING!!!! The first draught was made and all the essential materials put together by Lee, it might be embellished and Seasoned afterward with some of Mr Dickenson piety: but I know not that it was. Neat and handsome as the composition is, having never had any confidence in the Utility of it, I never have thought much about it Since it was adopted. Indeed I never bestowed much Attention on any of those Addresses: which were all but repetitions of the Same Things: the Same facts and arguments. Dress and ornament rather than Body, Soul or Substance.” You can practically hear the equivalent of pshaw still standing out there. Then he does the whole “pious” long-suffering martyr routine. My thoughts and cares were nearly monopolized by the Theory of our Rights and Wrongs, by measures for the defence of the country; and the means of governing our Selves. I was in a great Error, no doubt, and am ashamed to confess it; for those things were necessary to give Popularity to Our cause both at home and abroad. And to shew my Stupidity in a Stronger light the reputation of any one of those compositions has been a more Splendid distinction than any aristocratical Starr or garter, in the Escutchion of every man who has enjoyed it. Very Sorry that I cannot give you more Satisfactory information, And more So that I cannot at present give more Attention to your two last excellent Letters.” Exit stage left…in other words. This “nothing” petition was not so nothing, judging from Lord North basically taking the same tack as you see Adams still taking about all this (almost 20 years later). Lord North worked to make it be as “nothing” and of “no consequence”. — See 1775 January 19 entry.

1774 September 22 – Exactly 2 weeks and 3 days after the Continental Congress to form the NEW AMERICA had formed (and only a little over a year after this “suppression” of the Jesuits) – Pope Clement XIV died under very mysterious circumstances. “…Clement XIV. died. Suspicious symptoms attended his death; he was probably poisoned: but I can find no proof that the Jesuits promoted the crime, though such is the implied accusation. Nay, Lorenzo Ricci, the General, is said to have visited the “prophetess” who foretold the Pope’s death. What motive could the Jesuits have for desiring the Pope’s death? I discard the idea of mere revenge,—but was there hope in the probable successor? This is the most dismal page of their history; if guilty of all the alleged crimes and misdemeanours, they became doubly so by their humiliations—such is the world’s judgment.”The Novitiate written in 1846 by former ‘novice’ Jesuit Andrew Steinmetz Well, hey now. If Lorenzo visited a prophetess, the Jesuits simply could not have been involved. Clearly the slavemaster/drug traffickers want a different Pope in office, which happens to be the very man that helped with the start-up of the massive opium-trafficking – Braschi.

1775 January 19 – the first petition to the King by the colonists that John Adams tried so hard to say was “nothing” – was presented to the House of Commons by the rather effeminate Prime Minister Frederick North, the 5th Earl of Guilford aka Lord North, and was also presented to the House of Lords the following day. Because the petition was intermingled with many other documents, little attention was given to the petition by Parliament. The King never gave the Colonies a formal reply to their petition. Benjamin Franklin described the “buried in paper” tactic that North actually employed. “It came down among a great did not Heap of letters of Intelligence from Governors and officers in America, Newspapers, Pamphlets, Handbills, etc., from that Country, the last in the List, and was laid upon the Table with them, undistinguished by any particular Recommendation of it to the Notice of either House; and I do not find, that it has had any further notice taken of it as yet, than that it has been read as well as the other Papers.” —Benjamin Franklin, February 5, 1775—A good question that reveals what’s really going on here, would be: Why the need to bury it if it was so “nothing”? It wasn’t, that’s why. See what it prompted in April 1775 entry.

1775 February – Mystery solved. Clement’s death thereby elevated the Vatican money man Braschi to Pope, who was so “shocked” and surprised he had been afforded this honor. Not like that was his plan or anything. You want ME to be Pope?

You have to imagine the skekses-like snicker going on inside his head. He was literally the man with no connections. None that any of those who wanted to elect him knew of, that is. Ignorant as lambs, he led them right to the slaughter.

On the death of this pontiff, however, [Minister of Finance] Braschi was disgraced and lost amongst the crowd of cardinals. Was it that a moral incompatibility existed between him and Ganganelli, or a difference of opinion concerning the fate of the Jesuits? Be this as it may, it was precisely the absence of connection between Braschi and any party that recommended him to the choice of all: he was not tied to any faction, and his previous conduct gave some grounds of hope to all parties. Each one remembered with satisfaction that Braschi had gained the esteem of Benedict XIV., the favour of Clement XIII., the patronage of Clement XIV., and the protection of the Jesuits. It was an arsenal where everyone found weapons that suited him. Thus, thanks to the general desire for conciliation, and the secret hope of obtaining an influence over the new pope, all parties united in opening the doors of the Vatican to Pius VI. – “History of the fall of the Jesuits in the eighteenth century“ —Spain, France, and Portugal, the ones who had kicked out the Jesuits and the ones who LOST THE DRUG TRADE over in China and India, they were all for Braschi to be Pope. Mr. Drug and Slave-trading money man Braschi received support from both those who disliked the Jesuits (and thought he would continue the suppression of the Jesuits) and the zelanti faction as well. But the zelanti faction – pro-Jesuit – believed that he was in secret sympathy towards the Jesuits and expected reparation for the wrongs suffered in the previous reign. As a result, Braschi – as pope – was led into situations where he gave little satisfaction to either side: it is perhaps due to him the Jesuits managed to escape dissolution in White Russia and Silesia.

Cardinal Braschi, born Count Giovanni Angelo Braschi, was elected to the pontificate on 15 February 1775 and took the pontifical name of “Pius VI”. He was crowned 22 February 1775. Pope Pius VI reigned until 1799. His reign is the fourth-longest in papal history, being over two decades. This is the Pope who condemned the French Revolution but actually he was condemning the American Revolution by using a sort of the strawman of attacking the French. He attacked the French on the same grounds as what America had earlier incorporated into its Constitution and Bill Rights. It is this Pope who would also help spread that the Bavarian Illuminati was behind both! His Papal introduction was spurred with seriously over-the-top idolatry of his office (and of his glorious self, of course). Almost reminds me of some later-day Hollywood Movie opening extravaganza. “The enterprises of Pius VI at this period of his pontificate were all brilliant, whatever faults he may be subsequently charged with. Crowds of strangers flocked to the city, and the report spread that Rome was resuscitated. These were not pious pilgrimages, but parties of pleasures boasting the most brilliant talent in Europe—philosophers, poets, magistrates, politicians, rich capitalists, elegant women, fortune, beauty, renown, all, of whatever sex or religion, came to kneel at the foot of the papal throne.” The Jesuits were even able to open a Novitiate in Russia under him. …Under his favour the Jesuits attempted to regain the place they had lost, but their efforts were not crowned with success. Pius VI pitied them in secret, and only awaited an opportunity to declare his protection openly, but circumstances delayed this avowal. …they were permitted to open a Novitiate in Russia by the Empress Catharine, and by the ambiguous will of the Pope who, like his predecessor, feared to offend the crowned heads, the foes of the Jesuits, who had caused their suppression.History of the fall of the Jesuits in the eighteenth century p 98

1775 February – out of the Sons of Liberty and the Committees of Correspondence came the first of the Committees of Safety. Established in Massachusetts, it consisted of eleven men and had the authority to mobilize the local militia and to seize military stores. It was, in fact, the first “Revolutionary Government”, usurping the power of the Crown and Parliament to govern the people. The other Colonies soon followed Massachusetts’s example. In most cases, the members of these Committees of Safety were appointed by popular opinion, and consisted of the most respected and prominent (anti-British) men from each colony.

1775 March 23 – Just one month after Braschi took the Pope “throne” was American Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. Given at at Saint John’s Church in Richmond, Patrick Henry’s laser-like insight into Perfidious Albion (as England was often called) is truly inspiring. William Wirt reconstructed it in 1817 after the war had ended. He based it on recollections from listeners who had been present at St. John’s Church on March 23, 1775. Here’s some great excerpts – I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. …Is it that insidious smile with which our petition has been lately received? Trust it not, sir; it will prove a snare to your feet. Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss. Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with these warlike preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. Are fleets and armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled that force must be called in to win back our love? Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation—the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motives for it? Has Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging. And what have we to oppose to them? Shall we try argument? Sir, we have been trying that for the last ten years. Have we anything new to offer on the subject? Nothing. …They tell us, sir, that we are weak—unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? …Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. … The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable—and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come! It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, “Peace! Peace!”—but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death! That same day, the Provincial Congress of Virginia passed a resolution creating a militia for self-defense.

1775 – The same year as Pope Braschi’s rise, Adam Weishaupt now gets made DEAN of the entire faculty of law at Jesuit College of Ingolstadt (German: Jesuitenkolleg Ingolstadt). Remember – Bavaria is under King Frederick who sheltered the “suppressed” Jesuits. Weishaupt’s Jesuit buddies were not pleased and began “intriguing” around him. Note: In the below reference “did not scruple” is an expression that literally means: willing to do something even though it may be wrong or may upset people. “Meantime the Jesuits, observing with deep resentment Weishaupt’s meteoric rise, together with a growing disposition on his part to voice unrestrained criticism of ecclesiastical intolerance and bigotry, entered into intrigues to checkmate his influence and undermine his position. The payment of his salary was protested and the notion that he was a dangerous free-thinker industriously disseminated. On his part, Weishaupt did not scruple to furnish Ickstatt’s successor, Lori, with secret reports calculated to put the Jesuit professors in the university in an unfavorable light. A disagreeable squabble resulted, marked on the one hand by clerical jealousy and pettiness and on the other by Weishaupt’s imprudence of speech and indifference to considerations of professional honor.” Jeez. They ALL sound like some kind of combination of psychotic chihouhas and a passle of writhing venomous snakes all striking in every which direction. The slavemaster way. Duality. Deception. Weishaupt’s patron and “protector” was Ickstatt, but never mind all that – said Weishaupt when he wanted something. He literally threw him under the bus when he decided to enter into a plot with Jesuit professor Stadler to obtain a coveted ecclesiastical position for him – against Ickstatt’s wishes, of course. That’s what kind of a man Weishaupt was. But even that secret alliance soon went by-the-boards when Weishaupt became too vitriolic and obsessed with getting his “enemies” at the university. It was as if he was determined to throw ANY possibility of real liberalism right out the window. He was, quite literally, making the Jesuits look good in comparison to him and his “liberalism” – and that’s saying something. I think that was his actual intent. NEVER underestimate a slavemaster, especially the Catholic ones, and the degree of perfidy they are capable of. It was in that climate that this “idea” for a secret order began – the Illuminati.

1775 – April 18–19 — Paul Revere’s Ride and the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Reminder – this came out of the supposedly nothing but “Dress and ornament” – petition filed by Lord North with the King by the Americans in January. This not even worthy of a formal reply “nothing” actually prompted something much more revealing than a pen put to paper. It prompted King George III declared Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion and ordered that the American patriots be disarmed. Definitely NOT nothing. A British unit left Boston Common and marched on nearby Lexington to capture rebel leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock as well as their cache of weapons and ammunition. So much for the “nothing” petition then. The British were foiled in their plan. A prearranged signal of light from the steeple of the Old North Church, “One if by land, two if by sea,” alerted Paul Revere and William Dawes to ride toward Lexington and Concord to spread the alarm that the British soldiers were on the way. It worked.

1775 May 6 – Lord Dunmore issued a proclamation on May 6, 1775, denouncing a certain Patrick Henry … and a number of deluded followers, [who] have taken up arms … and put themselves in a posture of war. Furthermore, he directed “all persons, upon their allegiance, not to aid, abet, or give countenance to the said Patrick Henry.” Notice how their tactics are still the same today. “deluded” – today its “tin foil” “conspiracy theorist” “mentally ill” etc. “followers” (as if they have no mind of their own) – today its “cult members” etc. and…“not to aid, abet, or give countenance to” DISCONNECTION, ANAETHEMA, SHUNNING. Dunmore had essentially just declared Henry an outlaw and this event starting getting called the Gunpowder Incident. As you might imagine, this only strengthened Henry’s reputation as a revolutionary. Yet another dumb move by the terminally arrogant British types.

1775 June 17 – American vs. British Battle of Bunker Hill. Breed’s Hill in Charlestown was the primary locus of combat in the misleadingly named Battle of Bunker Hill, which was part of the American siege of British-held Boston. Some 2,300 British troops eventually cleared the hill of the entrenched Americans, but at the cost of more than 40 percent of the assault force. The battle was a moral victory for the Americans.

1775 July 18 – The first meeting of the military and arms planning divisions (the Committees of Safety) was also called a congress. It was referred to as the First Continental Congress convened on July 18th, 1775. It was here that the Committees of Safety (which were staffed usually by many prominent Sons of Liberty) declared themselves to be the legitimate government of the colonies, creating a “Continental Army”. With the establishment of Congress, the need for the Sons of Liberty was over and they were disbanded. *Additional source consulted for the above: Revolutionary War Historical Article, Brief Description of The Sons of Liberty by The Sons of Liberty Chapter of the SAR; Editor’s Note: This article was reprinted from the September 1996 Edition of the Liberty Tree and Valley Compatriot Newsletter — Although it was not officially stated for another year, this was the exact point the colonists declared their independence from English rule. That was made by Thomas Jefferson.

1776 May 1 – Nine months after what the Americans did, declaring independence from English Rule, Adam Weishaupt founds the Order of the Illuminati aka The Bavarian Illuminati. He would form a model secret organization, comprising “schools of wisdom,” concealed from the gaze of the world behind walls of seclusion and mystery, wherein those truths which the folly and egotism of the priests banned from the public chairs of education might be taught with perfect freedom to susceptible youths. ……he particularly sought the recruitment of youths between the ages of 15 and 20 years.
(cf. Einige Originalschriften des Illuminaten Ordens, p. 261)
New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 150, 159. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.– The closeness to the Jesuits: “The age for admission to the Novitiate is fourteen and above.” (Steinmetz, The Novitiate) and Wollner Jesuit-blend Rosicrucianism should not go un-noticed. The 1913 Catholic encyclopedia’s entry on the Illuminati tells a bit more about this opening description – and really note the part I bolded in the below excerpt and its direct parallel with the American movement – the Sons of Liberty. After the fact. This redemption of mankind by the restoration of the original “freedom and equality” [as opposed to the CURRENT movement by Jefferson etc., you see]... Weishaupt later declared (Nachtrag su meiner Rechtfertigung, 77 sqq., 112 sqa.) that Masonry was the school from which “these ideas” emanated. What’s this redemption of mankind about? The 1913 Catholic encyclopedia’s entry on the IlluminatiBy enlightenment ” men were to be liberated from their silly prejudices, to become “mature” or “moral”, and thus to outgrow the religious and political tutelage of Church and State, of “priest and prince “. Morals was the science which makes man “mature”, and renders him conscious of his dignity, his destiny, and his power. The principal means for effecting the “redemption” of the world was found in unification, and this was to be brought about by “secret schools of wisdom”. These “schools”, he declares, “were always the archives of nature and of the rights of man; through their agency, man will recover from his fall; princes and nations, without violence to force them, will vanish from the earth; the human race will become one family, and the world the habitation of rational beings.” Wow, that’s one hell of a come-on. Almost takes you in, doesn’t it, it has so much truth. The problem is WHO IS SAYING IT. And yes, forget Aristotle. He’s imaginary anyway. You DO need to take into account who is saying this and who are they working for – in this case? The Vatican and the British/German nobility. But here’s a dead give-away: notice the ATTACK against what the Americans were doing. Illuminated Christianity is the sole road…not like that’s at all transparent or anything. To love God and one’s neighbor was to follow in the way of redemption which Jesus of Nazareth, the grand master of the Illuminati, marked out as constituting the sole road which leads to liberty. New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 159. Available at the internet archive and Google Books. That last sentence is a perfect example of implying that Jesus is somehow the “founder” of his Order. This again dovetails perfectly with the Wollner/Jesuit Rosicrucianism with its “only one” who has the secrets about the correct interpretation of masonry etc. back to supposed Jesus’s time. This did not go un-noticed – “Weishaupt did not scruple to employ outright deception with reference to the reputed age and power of the order to enhance in the minds of the members the sense of the value of these secret associations. Forestier, op. cit., p. 82.New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 159. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.

The Order of the Illuminati was CATHOLIC JESUIT-ROSICRUCIAN.

Simple comparisons: WeishauptAn important part of the responsibility of the Novice consisted in the drawing-up of a detailed report (for the archives of the order), containing complete information concerning his family and his personal career, covering such remote items as the titles of the books he possessed, the names of his personal enemies and the occasion of their enmity, his own strong and weak points of character, the dominant passions of his parents, the names of their parents and intimates, etc. (Stauffer, Illuminati p. 153, Ref given is here. from documents noted by Catholic Encyclopedia as published in 1786 and 1787 by the Bavarian government) “…each candidate was required to complete an exhaustive autobiography of himself, his strengths, weaknesses and interests, as well as a statement of why he sought admission into the Illuminati. (Goeringer, Illuminati) Jesuits …Among the questions to be put to candidates are the following:—Whether any of his ancestors were heretics? whether his parents are alive? their name, condition as to wealth or poverty, their occupation? whether he has ever been in pecuniary difficulties, or is bound by any claim to his parents or relatives? whether, discarding his own opinion and judgment, he will leave that point to the judgment of his Superior or the Society? how many brothers and sisters he has? their situation, whether married or otherwise, their occupation or manner of life? with regard to himself, whether he has ever uttered words that may seem to have pledged him to marry? or has had, or has, a son? A severe scrutiny as to his spiritual bent, faith, and conscience, follows this domestic inquisition. If the candidate has any property, he must promise ‘ to leave all,’ without delay, at the command of his Superior, after he has been a year in the Novitiate. But he is to resign his property to the “poor” for the Gospel says, “give to the poor,” not to relatives.… These the Society requires to be known; but it requires more—it requires to know secret propensities, hidden inclinations……Accustomed as I was to ‘tell all” to my indulgent Superior……A report is subsequently sent to the General at Rome, touching the character, &c., of all the novices.(Steinmetz– The Novitiate) This means they kept FILES as INTELLIGENCE on everyone that ever applied to be a Novice over the last 350 years or so somewhere in the Vatican. Weishaupt To the grade Illuminated Minerval were admitted those Minervals who in the judgment of their superiors were worthy of advancement. Elaborate initiatory ceremonies fixed in the candidate’s mind the notions that the progressive purification of his life was to be expected as he worked his way upward in the order, and that the mastery of the art of directing men was to be his special pursuit as long as he remained in the new grade. To accomplish the latter, i. e., to become an expert psychologist and director of men’s consciences, he must observe and study constantly the actions, purposes, desires, faults, and virtues of the little group of Minervals who were placed under his personal direction and care. For his guidance in this difficult task a complicated mass of instructions was furnished him. …The study of man was to be made at once so minute, so comprehensive, and so complete that two immense advantages would result: first, the acquisition of the art of influencing favorably the wills of one’s fellows, thus making social reformation possible; and second, self-knowledge. (Stauffer Illuminati p.155.157) Jesuits …[The Jesuit Society] it seeks to rival the Divinity in its knowledge of the human heart. From the contemplation of this pious work, we will turn to the famous Constitutions of the Society. The Institute of the Jesuits is contained in fifteen distinct works; the book of the Constitutions being the groundwork of the system: strongly, deeply built; with a knowledge of mental architecture unsurpassed, except in the Spiritual Exercises of the same cunning Builder. Subsequent Rules, Decrees, Canons, &c., are stated to have ‘resulted from the spirit of the Institute, which they are intended to uphold and enforce.(Steinmetz– The Novitiate) Weishaupt In the assemblies of this grade the Minerval for the first time came into contact with the members of the order. In other words, his life within the society actually began. The thirst for the sense of secret association with men of like interests and aims, which the member’s long novitiate had developed, began to find its satisfaction. The fantastic element in Weishaupt’s mind is well illustrated at this point. […]The notion that the supreme heads of the order, whose identity of course was concealed from the members, were individuals of exceptional purity, was kept before the minds of the “illuminated” Minervals as an added incentive. (Stauffer, Illuminati, p. 155) Jesuits – The Jesuits had levels who must be totally subservient to the head of the Society. They must be “indifferent” to anyone and anything. The Constitutions are divided into ten parts. They are preceded by a “General Examen,” to be proposed to all who wish to be admitted into the Society of Jesus. Levels of Jesuits – IV: The Novices. These are admitted indeterminately: their respective talents will hereafter assign their position in the Society. They must be “indifferent” that is, totally resigned to the god-like will of the head that governs…(Steinmetz– The Novitiate) Weishaupt Monthly reports were also required, covering the benefits the recruit had received from and the services he had rendered to the order. For the building-up of the order the Novice must undertake his share in the work of recruitment, his personal advancement to the higher grades being conditioned upon the success of such efforts. To those whom he enrolled he became in turn a superior; and thus after a novitiate presumably two years in length, the way was open for his promotion to the next higher grade.(Stauffer, Illuminati p. 153) All the members were obliged …. They were especially ‘recommended to systematically observe persons and events‘ to acquire knowledge, and to pursue scientific research in so far as it might serve the purposes of the order. Concerning all persons with whom they had intercourse they were to gather information, and on all matters which could possibly affect either themselves or the order they were to hand in sealed reports; these were opened by superiors unknown to the writers, and were, in substance, referred to the general. (1913 Catholic encyclopedia’s entry on the Illuminati) Jesuits …In those days when a Jesuit, proprement dit, went forth on his “mission,” he was attended by his lay brother,who went with him in the two-fold capacity of a servant and a spy on his actions: for all are bound to keep a watch on their brethren as well as on themselves. If they “manifest themselves,” they must ” manifest their brothers.”(Steinmetz– The Novitiate) Weishaupt They have to not only relinquish their entire family, they must hate their parents and even their own soul! Jesuits But the “spirit of Ignatius” whispered, “*He who has left father,” &;c., let him believe that he must relinquish father, mother, brothers, and sisters, and whatever he had in the world: yea, let him believe that those words are addressed to himself – “He who does not hate father and mother, and more, even his own soul, cannot be my disciple.” (Steinmetz– The Novitiate) — As most of you already know, about two months after Weishaupt formed his order, the American Declaration of Independence happened on July 4 1776. Weishaupt’s order didn’t really get very many members and not much was happened until fast forward 4 years when a man named Baron Knigge showed up in 1783. (see 1783)

1776 June 12 – “Revolutionary America was a period of official disestablishment of the assorted state religions. Virginia enacted a Declaration of Rights on June 12, 1776, which provided for “free exercise of religion”, and not favoring any one religious sect. That same year, religions were disestablished in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania; in 1777, New York, Georgia and North Carolina followed suit. Local and state laws against theatre were repealed, along with censorship laws as well — all to the consternation of ministers throughout the country.” Note: Ref 37 given for the above is written as: Vernon Stauffer, New England and the Bavarian Illuminati (New York: Russell & Russell, 1967). This edition is a reprint of the 1918 printing. Stauffer deals mainly with the Illuminati-hysteria in America, yet his third chapter, dealing with the Order in Europe, is important source material. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.All of this—the collapse of traditional puritan institutions, and the dis-establishment of religious bodies — created a wide-spread neurosis and anxiety throughout religious groups.” The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and The Illuminati by Conrad Goeringer, retrieved out of the Internet Archive. To say some of the slavemasters who used religion in various guises as a control mechanism (which was pretty much all of them) were freaking out would be an understatement. Sounds like an excellent time to create a STRAWMAN front group to try and make all this breaking of religious control look bad, don’t you think? On that note – watch for where we switch back on over to Bavaria and show the obviousness of Jesuit Adam Weishaupt’s sudden desire to form a secret society that goes on about “liberty” and “freedom”. Such amazing timing. It’s just a coincidence, I’m sure.

1776 July 4 – American Declaration of Independence adopted. After the Congress recommended that colonies form their own governments, the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson and revised in committee. On July 2 the Congress voted for independence; on July 4 it adopted the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, Vatican agent Benjamin Franklin WEAKENED what Jefferson wrote. For example, his original draft of the Declaration of Independence included strong language opposing the transatlantic slave trade.

The wording regarding equality and rights was also changed and WEAKENED. Jefferson believed that each individual has “certain inalienable rights.” That is, these rights exist with or without government; man cannot create, take, or give them away. It is the right of ” liberty” on which Jefferson is most notable for expounding. He defines it by saying “rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’, because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” Jefferson was not “Lockean” or some-sort of robotic follower of John Locke, as some would try and have you believe. Jefferson believed that individuals have an innate sense right from wrong when dealing with other individuals—that whether they choose to restrain themselves or not, they have an innate sense of the natural rights of others. Jefferon said in a letter to Colonel Carrington: “I am convinced that those societies (as the Indians) which live without government, enjoy in their general mass an infinitely greater degree of happiness than those who live under the European governments.” Jefferson thought that way of living (which some call “anarchy”) to be “inconsistent with any great degree of population.”. Also, what he originally wrote in the Preamble to his ORIGINAL draft of the Declaration of Independence was changed. What he originaly wrote was: We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these ends, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, & to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles & organising its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety & happiness. Look what Franklin changed it to: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

BOLD for what gets deleted by Franklin

Before: We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable After: We hold these truths to be self-evident
Before: that all men are created equal & independent After: that all men are created equal

Before: that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable,
After: that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights

Before: that to secure these ends After: That to secure these rights

Don’t you just love how INDEPENDENT and INHERENT gets deleted and how God as somehow the endower of these rights gets added? So priests-and-kings.

Jefferson’s dedication to “consent of the governed” was so thorough that he believed that individuals could not be morally bound by the actions of preceding generations. This included debts as well as law. He said that “no society can make a perpetual constitution or even a perpetual law. The earth belongs always to the living generation.” He even calculated what he believed to be the proper cycle of legal revolution: “Every constitution then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years. If it is to be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.” He arrived at 19 years through calculations with expectancy of life tables, taking into account what he believed to be the age of “maturity”—when an individual is able to reason for himself. He also advocated that the National Debt should be eliminated. He did not believe that living individuals had a moral obligation to repay the debts of previous generations. He said that repaying such debts was “a question of generosity and not of right”.

1776 – The French secretly furnished financial and material aid to the Americans. –Important reminder: Spain, France, and Portugal, were the ones who LOST THE DRUG TRADE over in China and India during the Seven Years war, thanks to the Jesuits and the British/German nobility, and they were still pissed about that. So, of course they got behind supporting the Americans who were targeting BOTH slavemaster factions – the British and the Vatican – but it didn’t mean France was any kind of real friend. More like a spurned lover just looking for vengeance. When it suited them, they would turn against the young America and take part in helping create a controlled opposition COMMUNE attack that was then used to target America as being “the same as”.

1777 October 17, 1777 – British General Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga. Moving south from Canada in summer 1777, a British force under Gen. John Burgoyne captured Fort Ticonderoga (July 5) before losing decisively at Bennington, Vermont (August 16), and Bemis Heights, New York (October 7). His forces depleted, Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga.

1778 February 6 – France and the United States openly form an alliance. The French had secretly furnished financial and material aid to the Americans since 1776, but with the signing in Paris of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance, the Franco-American alliance was formalized. France began preparing fleets and armies to enter the fight but did not formally declare war on Britain until June 1778.

1780The Illuminati goes to Germany. Weishaupt’s order didn’t really get very many members and not much was happening until Adolphe Baron Knigge “joins” in Germany. He caused two important things to happen – the change of “age” requirement is one but he is who shifted the Order to try and look more like it was similar to the American Revolutionists and what Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and other Americans had been talking about. Of course, it wasn’t similar, this was just a RECRUITING schpiel. A trap for perhaps like-minded rebels to the Americans. It was Knigge that caused a blend between Freemasonry and the Illuminati – as he was a prominent freemason and basically PR’ed the others at a big yearly convention and then quite a few of them “joined” the Weishaupt order. This would soon be used to Black PR people like Thomas Jefferson. “Of the new ideas the two following were unquestionably of greatest weight: the notion of restricting the field of recruiting solely to the young was abandoned, and this phase of the propaganda was widened so as to include men of experience whose wisdom and influence might be counted upon to assist in attaining the objects of the order; the policy was adopted that henceforth the order should not occupy itself with campaigns against particular political and religious systems, but that its energies should be exerted against superstition, despotism, and tyranny. In other words, the battle for tolerance and enlightenment should be waged along universal and not local lines. Accordingly, the esoteric teaching of the order, under Knigge’s revision, was reserved to the higher grades.” While keeping both the espionage and the obsessive interest in “knowledge of man” to be made a “science”. “…To illustrate : The teaching function of the order was fully worked out and made effective by centering its direction in the grade of Priests. Forestier also notes Knigge’s retention of the founder’s insistence upon the knowledge of man as “la science par excellence.” The principle of espionage was likewise retained. Cf. Forestier, pp. 298-304. (Stauffer, Illuminati p. 169) Two very important events happened just a few years Baron Knigge “showed up”. Well, three actually. See 1783 entries.

1781 October 19 — British General Cornwallis surrendered his army of more than 7,000 men on October 19, 1781. After winning a costly victory at Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina, on March 15, 1781, Lord Cornwallis entered Virginia to join other British forces there, setting up a base at Yorktown. Washington’s army and a force under the French Count de Rochambeau placed Yorktown under siege.

1782 – preliminary Anglo-American peace treaty. America wins against the British. After the British defeat at Yorktown, the land battles in America largely died out—but the fighting continued at sea, chiefly between the British and America’s European allies, which came to include Spain and the Netherlands. –Important reminder: Spain, France, the Dutch/Netherlands and Portugal, were the ones who LOST THE DRUG TRADE over in China and India during the Seven Years war, thanks to the Jesuits and the British/German nobility, and they were still pissed about that. It’s also important to note that the now double-dealing EIC/British nobility connected Hope & Company (Dutch/Netherlands) would provide both financing to the American revolutionists and sneakily supply the American tea smugglers, and also later be together with the British and Vatican behind forcing economic control of the new United States of America using the Bank of the United States.

1783 September 3 – First Important Event – Treaty of Paris ends the war. By its terms, Britain recognized the independence of the United States with generous boundaries, including the Mississippi River on the west. Britain retained Canada but ceded East and West Florida to Spain. Negotiations had originally begun in April 1782. Britain had to officially “acknowledge” the United States to be “be free, sovereign, and independent states, and that the British Crown and all heirs and successors relinquish claims to the Government, property, and territorial rights of the same, and every part thereof…“. Negotiations had originally begun in April 1782. A fine day, indeed.

1783 – Second Important Event – the Catholics, for the first time ever, decided they “needed” to establish themselves in America. Talk about your opportunists! Wow. Reverend John Carroll petitioned the Holy See to create a new Catholic jurisdiction separate from Great Britain. Not only did the Pope accept, but apparently they were already considering making that change even before they received the letter. Carroll was appointed to this post and ultimately became the first Catholic bishop in the United States six years later in 1789. You’ll never guess who helped facilitate that move. Benjamin Franklin! Would it surprise you to know that Carroll was a Jesuit? Yep, he was, joined them in 1753 actually. John Carroll was born in Maryland, the fourth son of seven children. First instructed in the Catholic faith by his mother, in 1748 Carroll was sent to the Jesuit school of St. Omer in French Flanders. In 1753 John entered the Jesuit novitiate and was ordained in 1761. Carroll taught in Europe after 1761 and took final vows in 1771, the the Jesuits were suppressed in 1773 and he returned to Maryland where he resided with his mother. Since Catholics were forbidden public worship, a chapel was built for him so he could celebrate Mass for local Catholics. Did you know that they were forbidden? And yet there’s the Cecils/Dartmouth/North pushing through the Quebec Bill making that British colony have a state established religion of Catholicism! Ah, the perfidy of the slavemasters. Carroll next showed up hob-knobbing with Benjamin Franklin (not really a good thing) and it was Benjamin Franklin that the Vatican asked for a “recommendation” of a priest to establish the Catholic hold. That is a HUGE red flag that it was Franklin that was asked. In addition, let’s just say that Franklin had himself some rather convenient views on things that tended to agree with the slavemasters. This history of that it was Franklin that facilitated the Catholics gaining a foothold in the young United States is often misdirected onto George Washington. Pope Pius XII (a real live monster) was a prime example of that, in and among the fact that he was still crowing about getting this foothold in the U.S. over a hundred years later in 1939. “When Pope Pius VI gave you your first Bishop in the person of the American John Carroll and set him over the See of Baltimore, small and of slight importance was the Catholic population of your land. […] This ruinous and critical state of affairs [following the American Revolution] was put aright by the celebrated George Washington, famed for his courage and keen intelligence. He was a close friend of the Bishop of Baltimore. Thus the Father of His Country and the pioneer pastor of the Church in that land so dear to Us, bound together by the ties of friendship and clasping, so to speak, each the other’s hand, form a picture for their descendants, a lesson to all future generations, and a proof that reverence for the Faith of Christ is a holy and established principle of the American people, seeing that it is the foundation of morality and decency, consequently the source of prosperity and progress.” Pius XII on the Relationship between George Washington and John Carroll; November 1, 1939. The Americans were understandably not exactly thrilled with this development with John Carroll and the Catholic Church, correctly viewing it as the beginning of an attempt to exert ye old Priests-and-Kings power trip more covertly by “bringing in the priests” (since the “Kings” just got their asses kicked all to hell and gone – Britain). A number of them understood that the Catholics were loyal to the Pope, NOT the United States, and that when push comes to shove they have to obey the Pope. Some very intelligent and scathing writings appeared as well as speeches on this very topic.The interesting thing is how the Catholics would LIE about that just to get their foot on the door. I don’t think anything shows quite so clearly their real nature, than that kind of behavior and that’s exactly what Carroll did. Carroll tried to downplay the spiritual authority of the Pope. The idea that the Pope was infallible independent of the episcopate, Carroll claimed, was an “opinion” which every Catholic was “at liberty to adopt or reject.” That is 100 percent absolute LIE. They are not, repeat not, able to consider Papal bulls and the magisterium as an “opinion”. In answer to Father John Thorpe, Carroll declared that we neither must request or admit any other foreign interference than such, as being essential to our religion, is implied in the acknowledgement of the Bishop of Rome being, by divine appointment, head of the universal Church; and the See of S. Peter being the center of ecclesiastical unity. What a load of Jesuit sub-understanding speak that was. See what I mean? Can’t do anything straight.

1783The third important event of 1783 was that Stattler (Stadler) the Jesuit that Weishaupt had conspired with to help gain a position at the University they were at (Stauffer, Illuminati) attacked Weishaupt’s Illuminati in an anonymous work which pretty much brought attention to his order and then Knigge showed up. After all that – Stattler gets posted as part of a “committee on censures” in 1783, which would be used in about a year to help get Weishaupt’s order banned. Just more in-fighting as usual. In 1783, when all former Jesuits were excluded from the office of teaching, he took charge of the parish of Kemnath, but soon exchanged this post for that of ecclesiastical adviser and member of the electoral committee on censures in Munich. After four years his health compelled him to resign this office, and he lived thereafter in retirement till his death. (Catholic Encyclopedia published 1913, Volume 14, entry Stattler p. 321) It’s pretty clear that the Catholics, particularly the Jesuits, are trying to both distance from and prepare to use Weishaupt’s Jesuit-sponsored Order of the Illuminati as an “attack” against the Jeffersonians this far back. It was only a year later, in 1784, that the King of Bavaria banned the order in August.

1784 – Now, what was going on in 1784 that would possibly have something to do with this sudden need on 1785 to suppress the Order of Illuminati? Thomas Jefferson had begun working on a Bill of Rights for the U.S. You know, having all those pesky things like freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and NO religion, right to bear arms.Things like that. Jefferson had actually laid out his rationale for a bill of rights in his “Notes on the State of Virginia” in 1784: It can never bet too often repeated that the time for fixing every essential rights on a legal basis is while our rules are honest and ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war, we shall be going downhill.Jefferson was also targeting slavery. He proposed a ban on slavery in the Northwest Territory, new lands ceded by the British in 1783, and a plan of gradual emancipation of slaves. You can imagine what the Popes and Kings contingent thought about that idea. And so, lo and behold, the Order of the Illuminati gets targeted this same year, which is a way of covertly positioning it with what Jefferson was doing. Jefferson goes silent publicly on the subject of slavery and waits for almost 20 years to make his real move – when he became president. See 1807 entry.

1784 August – King of Bavaria banned Weishaupt’s Order of the Illuminati. We get some pretty ridiculous (and false) explanations of what happened after that. For example, we even get ye old “oxcart” of materials ridiculous stories. These are usually a predecessor to a “what happened” to all the documents explanation. This one was even in a UFO magazine. Try and keep a straight face considering that PR-positioning in 2000. “Dr. Schwartz, loaded the order’s collection of Kabbalist, Cathar, Sufi and occult books into an ox-cart and began the long journey eastward to Moscow.” Sure he did.

Dr. Dee used that same excuse/fiction. He said the reason there were no documents concerning the alleged Arthurian claim to America or “New Atlantis” was because an oxcart overturned and the documents were lost.

That’s all highly entertaining, but how about we look at what really happened.

Lo and behold! After being “banned” by the I-love-Jesuits-and-give-them-sanctuary King of Bavaria, equally Jesuit-inclined Adam Weishaupt “repented” and rejoined the Catholic Church – as if he ever really left in the first place. There are some people that try and say that was on his deathbed much later, making statements like this: “The Roman Catholic Encyclopedia of 1910 said Weishaupt repented on his deathbed and was reconciled with the Church.” That’s not what their encyclopedia says.After 1787 he renounced all active connexion with secret societies, and again drew near to the Church, displaying remarkable zeal in the building of the Catholic church at Gotha. He died on 18 November, 1830, “reconciled with the Catholic Church, which, as a youthful professor, he had doomed to death and destruction” — as the chronicle of the Catholic parish in Gotha relates. (1913 Catholic Encyclopedia) entry) Do you see how someone deliberately tried to make it look like that didn’t happen until his death, when actually it happened within only 2 years of him “fleeing”? Yep. That’s a bunch of BS whoever wrote that first quote did. It happens a lot on this subject of the illuminati. Just make shit up and say hey! “that’s what happened”. And there are far too many people that want to believe it for their own lazy purposes. (Not the same thing as actually believing it, you understand).

1785 February 16 – Adam Weishaupt flees from Ingolstadt. (1913 Catholic Encyclopedia) entry)

1785 – June 24 – A description of the uptight Emily Cecil can be found in a letter from Abigail Adams, Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, to Mary Smith Cranch. Her sister.

1785 June 18 and November 12 – Illuminati condemned by the Pope. “In two letters addressed to the Bishop of Freising (18 June and 12 November, 1785) Pius VI had also condemned the order. (1913 Catholic Encyclopedia) entry) What was going on that this condemnation was actually condemning others by proxy and PR positioning? See 1784 Jefferson entry.

1787 – Weishaupt settles in Gotha, tries to get his Order reinstated, fails, reconciles with the Catholic Church. “… in 1787 he settled at Gotha. His numerous apologetic writings failed to exonerate either the order or himself. Being now the head of a numerous family, his views on religious and political matters grew more sober. After 1787 he renounced all active connexion with secret societies, and again drew near to the Church, displaying remarkable zeal in the building of the Catholic church at Gotha. He died on 18 November, 1830, “reconciled with the Catholic Church, which, as a youthful professor, he had doomed to death and destruction” — as the chronicle of the Catholic parish in Gotha relates. (1913 Catholic Encyclopedia) entry)

1787 – While Thomas Jefferson was in Paris being a diplomat for the U.S., his good friend and Constitutional delegate Charles Pinckney – not to be confused with Charles Coatsworthe Pinckney, who was a very nasty guy — made a proposal to include several rights guarantees (including “liberty of the press” and a ban on quartering soldiers in private homes).

This was submitted to the Committee on Detail on August 20, 1787, but the Committee refused to adopt any of Pinckney’s recommendations. Pinckney forced it to come up again before the Convention on September 12, 1787 but following a brief debate, proposals to include a Bill or Rights in the Constitution were rejected. You can imagine who was behind suppressing that.

1787 September 17 – Constitution finalized (signed) Still has to be ratified by all thirteen colonies. Then the chicanery began where in essence you had BOTH sides of the issue under control. The Anti-Federalists became portrayed as “opposed to the Consitution” which wasn’t true, they were opposed to the Constitution being patterned after the British and the omission of the Bill of Rights. The Federalists were portrayed as pro-British style Constitution, which wasn’t true either. With ratification in serious doubt, Federalists announced a willingness to take up the matter of a series of amendments, to be called the Bill of Rights, soon after ratification and the First Congress comes into session. The concession was necessary to secure the Constitution’s hard-fought ratification.

1787 December 20 – After the Constitution had been finalized, Jefferson started writing Madison chastised this move in a letter to Madison, calling the omission of a Bill of Rights a major mistake. First the omission of a bill of rights providing clearly and without the aid of sophisms for freedom of religion, freedom of the press, protection against standing armies, restriction against monopolies, the eternal & unremitting force of the habeas corpus laws, and trials by jury in all matters of fact triable by the laws of the land & not by the law of Nations. To say, as Mr[.] Wilson does that a bill of rights was not necessary because all is reserved in the case of the general government which is not given, while in the particular ones all is given which is not reserved, might do for the Audience to whom it was addressed, but is surely a gratis dictum, opposed by strong inferences from the body of the instrument as well as from the omission of the clause of our present confederation which had declared that in express terms.Jefferson then added: “Let me add that a bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, and what no just government should refuse or rest on inference.”

1788 – Everything was tried, to stop a Bill of Rights. There’s a favorite British apologist Alexander Hamilton, who believed bills of rights were needed only in monarchies where the people were not sovereign. A Mr. Wilson argued the Constitution was positive not natural law, and any attempt to ‘enumerate all the rights of man’ would be to enter an ethereal maze. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney – the other Pinckney, not the good one – spoke for slaveholders when he noted the danger of naming ‘liberty’ a fundamental right. Isn’t that interesting? The slavemasters don’t like that word liberty – the REAL meaning of the word. So when you see this Pinckney saying that, realise he’s just forwarding the SLAVEmaster agenda perfectly. The arguments the slavemasters offered through their mouthpieces were all very tricky. For example, one was that to append a bill of rights would be to admit a priori that the federal government was something Americans needed protection against.Then there’s slavemaster apologist Noah Webster, who tried the humorous ridicule route, only that fell totally flat. Nearly transported by ‘laughter at this clause,’ (one of the Bill of Rights points) Noah Webster proposed a further ‘restriction: – ‘That Congress shall never restrain any inhabitant of America from eating and drinking, at seasonable times, or prevent his lying on his left side, in a long winter’s night, or even on his back, when he is fatigued by lying on his right.’” Oh really.

Freedom of speech and religion are not quite the same thing as which side of the bed one sleeps on.

1788 June 21 – the Constitution became the official framework of the government of the United States of America when New Hampshire became the ninth of 13 states to ratify it.

1789 – For their part in “dealing with the colonies” – including using their agents to prevent the Bill of Rights being added – James Cecil became the first marquis of Salisbury, and Wills Hill became the first marquis of Downshire. (Burke, Peerage and Baronetage).

1789The Bill of Rights was blocked by various means for the next two years, (1787-1791) with the Federalists continuing to oppose it and the anti-Federalists doing the same thing. They were BOTH opposing the new constitution WITH the Bill of Rights. I told you there was chicanery going on. Thomas Jefferson sums it up – “The gentlemen who opposed the new Constitution retain a good deal of malevolence towards the new government. — To William Short. Ford ed., v, 136. (Ep., Dec. 1789.)

1789 March – Despite the slavemasters congratulating and rewarding themselves about the not there Bill of Rights, Thomas Jefferson comes up with a check-mate kind of move, or rather idea. In a letter of March 1789, he wrote that a bill of rights would be of a “legal check which it puts into the hands of judiciary.” He believed that an independent court could “withstand oppressive majority impulses by holding unconstitutional any acts violating a bill of rights.” Get that? As in any abrogation of these rights is an abrogation of the Constitution itself. Brilliant!

1789 May – The French Revolution. Basically, it began at a political meeting of the King at Versailles on May 5, 1789. A new faction calling itself The Third Estate soon declared itself a “National Assembly” that was representative of the people. King Louis attempted to shut down the National Assembly, but on June 20 its members declared that they would not disband until they had written a new constitution for France. Sounds good, so far, right? That’s exactly what Jefferson thought. I was intimate with the leading characters of the year 1789. So I was with those of the Brissotine party who succeeded them; and have always been persuaded that their views were upright. Those who have followed them have been less known to me. — To M. de Meunier. Ford ed., vii, 13. (M., 1795.) Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 795

1789 July 14 – Meanwhile – over in France, where Thomas Jefferson was? The first actual “war” step of the French Revolution began. This is the war that would soon be falsely PR-positioned as “the same as” the American revolutionists and blamed on “the Illuminati”.

1789 August 4 – In between the Night at the Bastille and the approval of the Bill of Rights, the French met in an all-night meeting. The nobles in the National Assembly voted to end their own privileges. They agreed to give up their old manorial dues, exclusive hunting rights, special legal status, and exemption from taxes.

1789 August 27 – just before the final passing of our Bill of Rights, a document drafted by the French National Assembly promising all men their natural rights and the freedom of expression, but even though Thomas Jefferson had counseled several of the revolutionists about the importance of having a mechanism to enforce these rights that had some teeth, this was not done.

1789 late summer – When the First Congress met, James Madison, a congressman from Virginia, executed Thomas Jefferson’s plan of of drafting a proposed Bill of Rights.

1789 September 25 – Jefferson wins – The ten amendments called the Bill of Rights passed. Thomas Jefferson wrote, There has just been opposition enough to force adoption of a Bill of Rights, but not to drain the federal government of its essential “energy.” So Jefferson used the opposition, see that? I love that. George Washington agreed: “They have given the rights of man a full and fair discussion, and explained them in so clear and forcible manner as cannot fail to make a lasting impression.” The slavemasters would stall their ratification as long as they could, but ratified they were on December 15, 1791. In a letter to James Madison in September 1789, Jefferson is warning what he thinks may happen eventually anyway – time limits and repealing the rights. He wrote:It may be said that the succeeding generation exercising in fact the power of repeal, this leaves them as free as if the constitution or law had been expressly limited to 19. years only. In the first place, this objection admits the right, in proposing an equivalent. But the power of repeal is not an equivalent. It might be indeed if every form of government were so perfectly contrived that the will of the majority could always be obtained fairly and without impediment. But this is true of no form. The people cannot assembly themselves; their representation is unequal and vicious. Various checks are opposed to every legislative proposition. Factions get possession of the public councils. Bribery corrupts them. Personal interests lead them astray from the general interests of their constituents; and other impediments arise so as to prove to every practical man that a law of limited duration is much more manageable than one which needs a repeal.

1789 October 5 and 6 – France – Then came the ‘Bread March of Women’ on Versailles – October 5th and 6th. Rumors spread that nobles were hoarding bread, while the commoners were struggling due to artificially high prices on the bread, some women joined together and stormed Versailles, blaming the situation on Marie Antoinette. The King and Queen were then forced to actually sign the decrees of the assembly (see 1789 August) and move back to Paris, where they would become prisoners of the people.

1789 – Iit was exactly in this year of 1789, when our Bill of Rights actually came through and when France had successfully put the screws to it’s “priests and Kings”, then and ONLY then did Pope Pius VI actually fully approve of John Carroll to be a full Bishop in the United States. That’s kind of obvious now why.

1789 – Abbe Baruel, Vatican agent, who would soon re-boot the Wollner created Conspiracy Theory that Weishaupt’s Illuminati still existed to start attacks against Thomas Jefferson, starts attacking various FRENCH revolutionists on the perimeter, such as in 1789 appeared Lettres sur le Divorce, a refutation of a book by Hennet. National affairs in France were growing more and more turbulent, but you could just start to see the hand of slavemaster infiltrators (of the French revolutionists) starting to show. Also during this period, he published Barruel’s La Conduite du. S. Siège envers la France, a vigorous defense of Pope Pius VI. He likewise wrote a number of pamphlets against the civil oath demanded from ecclesiastics.

1790 – The French Revolution was still somewhat on track when Jefferson left it in January. When I arrived at New York in 1790, to take a part in the administration, being fresh from the French Revolution, while in its first and pure stage…— To William Short, vii, 390. Ford ed., x, 332. (M., 1825.) Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 584

1790 – Thomas Jefferson and others were aggressively lobbying against the slavemasters forming the Bank of the United States, trying to prevent it from even being proposed – they felt that strongly about it. And they were right too – that Bank would be used to essentially strangle the new United States financially and otherwise. But Jefferson knew that the opposition would win, at first, because of President Washington already haven given in to it, so he made a plan. He would truly and vigorously oppose Hamilton and the Banker’s plan, while introducing a bill called the Residence Act about having the location of the Capital/White House on the Potomac River – which he knew they would oppose mostly just because he wanted it, and because they were still sore from him succeeding at getting the Bill of Rights through. He then used his Residence Act as the negotiating point for the supposed “loss” he was willing to take over the Bank Bill/Funding Act. He got together with Hamilton and offered to “persuade” Madison (the humor being he was already his mentee and had been for a while) to back Hamilton’s Funding Act, thereby garnering him the votes it would need to pass. In return, Jefferson asked Hamilton to help Jefferson and Madison secure the votes needed to pass the Residence Act. The capital’s precise geographic location was left to President Washington, and on January 24, 1791—almost three years after the Constitution was first ratified—land was designated for construction. Do you see what a brilliant move Jefferson did there was? While Hamilton and the slavemasters were jumping up and down over Jefferson supposedly “caving” on the Bank bill, and had “lowered” himself to making a deal (they really do think this way) THEY HAD NO IDEA they had just been completely played. Jefferson, having studied all the opposition they had to offer, noting who did what, etc., would soon swing around on them and his people would COMPLETELY DESTROY THEIR BANK.

1790 – trouble on the religious front, particularly in America. The bulk of new Americans were NOT interested in playing the “religion” game – they wanted to explore and build their new FREE country. “All of this—the collapse of traditional puritan institutions, and the dis-establishment of religious bodies — created a wide-spread neurosis and anxiety throughout religious groups. Worse still for the churches, out of some 4 million persons living in America in 1790, religious groups could claim only about 5% on their scanty membership rolls. Staunch clergymen chose every conceivable theme and incident to exploit in the quest for new followers; the discord of the times, along with the deteriorating condition of America’s relations with France, were no exception. (Goeringer, Illuminati) Droves of Americans now staying away from “official” religion, People resisting their financial control of their country, what’s a slavemaster to do? I know! I know! Invent a Conspiracy about it all. Starting with using Weishaupt.



1786-90 – and so it was that Wollner, our double-dealing Jesuit Rosicrucian, at the behest of his masters (Vatican/British nobility) came to influence yet another Prussian king – King William Frederick who had only ascended the throne in 1786. A weak-willed character, Frederick William didn’t want to see the forest-for-the-trees, so he ill-advisedly made Wollner his “economic advisor” and raised him to the nobility. ( McIntosh The Rosicrucians ) Wollner, despite he and Frederick’s complete slut behavior behind-the-scenes, advised the new King Frederick to take a strong pious public stance against “irreligious” statements and talk a lot about morality. Typical hypocrisy, but as part of increasing those “economics” for Wollner’s British and Vatican slavemasters and condemning those who have such “irreligious” views as equality, freedom of speech etc., Wollner was to start a conspiracy theory that would soon come to target those resistant Americans who were resisting both their RELIGIOUS control and their FINANCIAL control. 1786 when Wollner advised King Frederick William II to “expose” it – which really meant bring attention to it. Grosse Absichten des Ordens der Iluminaten): Great Purposes of the Order of the Illuminati was published in Munich by Joseph Lentner, 1786. It was not yet a fully developed attack, more of a straight “expose” with a twist. The conspiracy theory began with the LIE that the Illuminati were not disbanded but were actually still secretly operating in Prussia and throughout Germany. “In Prussia, where the Rosicrucians had firmly established themselves in Berlin, King Frederick William II was under the influence of Wollner, one of his ministers and a leading figure in the Rosicrucians. Through the latter’s (Wollner) relations with Ignaz Frank, who at the time stood at the head of the Rosicrucian order in Bavaria, the Prussian monarch was easily persuaded that the operations of the Illuminati had not only been extended to his own territories, but throughout all Germany. Encouraged by Wollner, Frederick William took it upon himself to warn neighboring monarchs respecting the peril which he believed threatened, a course which bore at least one definite result in the measures taken by the elector of Saxony to investigate the situation at Leipzig where, according to the king of Prussia, a meeting of the chiefs of the Illuminati had been effected. Thus the notion that the order of the Illuminati was still in existence was accorded the sanction of influential monarchs. In Bavaria, particularly, the enemies of the order were unable to persuade themselves that the machinations of the Illuminati could safely be regarded as wholly of the past. The documents of the order were appealed to, to supply proof that its leaders had made deliberate calculations against the day of possible opposition and temporary disaster and with satanic cunning had made their preparations to wring victory out of apparent defeat. Outside of Bavaria numerous factors contributed to create the same general impression in the public mind. Among these were the efforts of the Rosicrucians to play upon the fears that the Illuminati had awakened, the mistaken connections which, in the Protestant world, were commonly made between the members of the Order of the Illuminati and the representatives and promoters of the Aufklarung, and the emergence of the German Union. To each of these in turn a word must be devoted.” (Stauffer Illuminati p.188) This was the start of the “worldwide Illuminati conspiracy” lie. Again, this attack was AFTER the Illuminati had already been taken down by Frederick’s uncle, the previous King. We have a classic show of invented “enemies” beginning right here.

Look at those OSS document points again now –

  • supply information which is needed to fill a knowledge gap.
  • expresses a widespread emotional disposition shared by members of the group
  • It provides justification for suppressed fears, hatreds, or desires.

See how Wollner was doing that?

1790 – at the same time – Vatican agent Abbe Baruel, as the editor of the Journal Ecclesiastique, starts writing attack pieces against the new French Constitution with its mentioning of equal rights, freedom of expression, etc. – essentially attacking Jefferson’s Bill of Rights which had just passed in September 1789 but not yet ratified.

1790 – at the same time – Slavemaster covert agent Robiespierre (April 1790) starts presiding over the Jacobins, then a powerful political club that promoted the ideas of the French Revolution. Jefferson notes that BEFORE Robiespierre started going active, things were going well. When I left France at the close of ’89, your revolution was, as I thought, under the direction of able and honest men. But the madness of some of their successors, the vices of others, the malicious intrigues of an envious and corrupting neighbor, the tracasserie of the Directory, the usurpations, the havoc, and devastations of your Attila, and the equal usurpations, depredations and oppressions of your hypocritical deliverers, will form a mournful period in the history of man, a period of which the last chapter will not be seen in your day or mine, and one which I still fear is to be written in characters of blood. — To M. de Marbois. vii, 76. (M., 1817.) Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 798

1790 December 13 – a “national” bank proposed for the U.S., modeled after the Bank of England to handle our debt. As we already covered, even the building itself was modeled after the English Slavemasters City of London stronghold. It was Alexander Hamilton proposed the national Bank. During the revolutionary war America obtained foreign capital (Dutch and French), and that was the national debt. The Bank of England would be used as the model for the national bank in the United States. The Bank would have the right to issue notes or currency. The government would also pledge that the notes of the Bank would be valid for payment of taxes. The national Bank would confer many benefits on the government including a ready source of loans, a principal depository for federal monies, and a clearing agent for payments on the national debt. The government would have no participation in the management. Yep, you heard that right. The U.S. government had no participation in the management of the bank formed in it’s name!


1791 December 15 – While the slavemasters are all busy arguing about the bank? The Bill of Rights gets ratified.

1791 April 25 – Despite fierce opposition from the likes of Thomas Jefferson and others, George Washington signed the “bank bill” into law. Four Dutch banking houses bought some of the bank stocks. The bank began loaning the government money right away, by 1795 it loaned the government 6 million dollars. . .The US had twelve million dollars in war debt and by 1796 the Dutch held the entire foreign debt – four Amsterdam banking houses – Pieter Stadnitski and Son, Ten Cate & Vollenhoven, Nicholass and Jacob Van Staphorst, and P. & C. van Eeghen. All of which were actually run from from the City of London and shareholders of the EIC.


The French Revolution

a controlled opposition

I think now would be a good time to take a bit of an overview of this French Revolution and the ubiquitous Braschi’s actions (we talked about him earlier in relation to the “suppression” of the Jesuits, the new British/China drug trade he helped facilitate and his “condemnation” of Weishaupt’s order – he is now Pope Pius VI).

The American Revolution and its main leaders (such as Thomas Jefferson) are a stellar example. Their j’accuse was deadly accurate, literally awash with undeniable truth that the majority of Americans not only knew intellectually was true, they had lived that truth of false superiority of the “priests and kings” and their abominably arrogant and power-mad behavior.

After the American Revolution succeeded: “Something must be done!” sayeth the Slavemasters, “so that other holdings of ours don’t get the same idea.” The first thing with them on their proverbial “To Do” list is always revenge.

Thomas Jefferson knew what that was really about, or rather what it was turned into. He picked up on this infiltration and corruption slavemaster revenge plan towards making a bloody spectacle out of the French Revolution

He was there when it began. He was the U.S. Ambassador to France from May 17, 1785 to September 26, 1789, but he stayed in France until December. Clearly, he was spreading the word about the principles of the American Revolutionists – equal rights, free speech, and democracy during his 4+ years in France – and those ideas took hold in France where corruption by the noblesse and the Vatican was so rampant, blatant and so over-the-top that it was only a matter of time before the desire to de-power them would take hold.

An excellent and simple account of the beginning of the French Revolution (including Jefferson’s reporting on it) can be found at this website.

But it is in this letter from 1815 where you can really see just how exactly Thomas Jefferson knew of the infiltration and corruption slavemaster revenge plan towards making a bloody spectacle out of the French Revolution.

I considered a successful reformation of government in France, as insuring a general reformation through Europe, and the resurrection, to a new life, of their people, now ground to dust by the abuses of the governing powers. [He’s referring to the British/Vatican “unseen hand” there, the British/German and Vatican drug cartel that he chad earlier correctly assessed as being the real problem. See 1774 July I was much acquainted with the leading patriots of the Assembled. Being from a country which had successfully passed through a similar reformation, they were disposed to my acquaintance, and had some confidence in me. I urged, most strenuously, an immediate compromise; to secure what the government was now ready to yield, and trust to future occasions for what might still be wanting. It was well understood that the King would grant, at this time, 1. Freedom of the person by habeas corpus; 2. Freedom of conscience: 3. Freedom of the press: 4. Trial by jury: 5. A representative legislature: 6. Annual meetings: 7. the origination of laws: 8. The exclusive right of taxation and appropriation: and 9. The responsibility of ministers; and with the exercise of these powers they could obtain, in future, whatever might be further necessary to improve and preserve their constitution. They thought otherwise, however, and events have proved their lamentable error.

…Here, too, you were right ; and from this fatal error of the republicans, from their separation from yourself and the constitutionalists, in their councils, flowed all the subsequent sufferings and crimes of the French nation. The hazards of a second change fell upon them by the way. The foreigner gained time to anarchise by gold the government he could not overthrow by arms, to crush in their own councils the genuine republicans, by the fraternal embraces of exaggerated and hired pretenders, and to turn the machine of Jacobinism from the change to the destruction of order; and, in the end, the limited monarchy they had secured was exchanged for the unprincipled and bloody tyranny of Robespierre, and the equally unprincipled and maniac tyranny of Bonaparte. — To Marquis Lafayette, vi. 421. Ford ed., ix, 505. (M., Feb. 1815.) (Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 772)

The ‘foreigner” he mentions, is Rothschild, the representative of the City of London bankers as backed by the British nobility and the Vatican. Not too hard to understand that one, given Rothschild start in Britain’s partner-in-crime to get control of the drug trade – the Frederick’s and King Georges of the period.

So what were the methods used to create this corrupted version of the American Revolution?

Divide and Conquer

  • separation from yourself and the constitutionalists, in their councils

By BUYING with gold –

  • the fraternal embraces of exaggerated and hired pretenders
  • to crush in their own councils the genuine republicans

End Goal –

  • turn the machine of Jacobinism from the change to the destruction of order using the unprincipled and bloody tyranny of Robespierre, and the equally unprincipled and maniac tyranny of Bonaparte. Bloody, horrific, and utterly insane behavior by supposedly “the people”. Executions, torture, “trials” that were little more than a sham for justifying both.
  • And then to use that to tar Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution as being “the same as”.

After Jefferson left France – Came the “infiltrators” he mentioned earlier which resulted in –



Jefferson describes what happened to this revolution well –

When I left France at the close of ’89, your revolution was, as I thought, under the direction of able and honest men.

But the madness of some of their successors, the vices of others, the malicious intrigues of an envious and corrupting neighbor, the tracasserie of the Directory, the usurpations, the havoc, and devastations of your Attila, and the equal usurpations, depredations and oppressions of your hypocritical deliverers, will form a mournful period in the history of man, a period of which the last chapter will not be seen in your day or mine, and one which I still fear is to be written in characters of blood. — To M. de Marbois. vii, 76. (M., 1817.) Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 798

Note: for your understanding of the bolded part in the next quote below, the word canaille comes from canis, the Latin word for dog. It’s a derogatory slur about people acting like a pack of rabid dogs; riffraff; rabble.

Before the establishment of the American States, nothing was known to history but the man of the old world, crowded within limits either small or overcharged, and steeped in the vices which that situation generates. A government adapted to such men would be one thing; but a very different one, that for the man of these States. Here every man may have land to labor for himself, if he chooses ; or, preferring the exercise of any other industry, may exact for it such compensation as not only to afford a comfortable subsistence, but wherewith to provide for a cessation from labor in old age. Every one, by his property, or by his satisfactory situation, is interested in the support of law and order. And such men may safely and advantageously reserve to themselves a wholesome control over their public affairs, and a degree of freedom, which, in the hands of the canaille of the cities of Europe, would be instantly perverted to the demolition and destruction of everything public and private. The history of the last twenty-five years of France, and of the last forty years in America, nay of its last two hundred years, proves the truth of both parts of this observation.
Jefferson Cyclopedia, letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1813

Clearly, someone – can’t imagine who, parenthetically speaking – had inserted their meddling claws into this Revolution, determined to position its bloody and insane atrocities with, being the same as and the “logical progression of” the American revolutionists and “what happens” when those dreaded canaille rule.

Atrocities that were more like The Inquisition Does France than a true war, you understand.

And so it was –

The horrors of the French Revolution, then raging, aided them mainly,…thus daring to identify us with the murderous Jacobins of France.

– [Marshall’s Life of Washington]. — The Anas, ix, 97. Ford ed., i, 166. (1818.) Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 339, 340


The point of it all – and Jefferson knew it.

End Goal –

  • turn the machine of Jacobinism from the change to the destruction of order using the unprincipled and bloody tyranny of Robespierre, and the equally unprincipled and maniac tyranny of Bonaparte. Bloody, horrific, and utterly insane behavior by supposedly “the people”. Executions, torture, “trials” that were little more than a sham for justifying both.
  • And then to use that to tar Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution as being “the same as”.


It was a war against Democracy that they could “win”.


This is when we get the the first hint of what would later become the controlled opposition operation of “communism”.

It began with an attack on the French Revolution by Pope Pius VI, literally within a year of Thomas Jefferson’s return to the U.S. from France – at which point the revolution was still a true one, highly focused on de-powering both the nobility and the clergy. The “Kings and Priests” contingent that we call the slavemasters. The true-hearted and actual revolutionists in France – as opposed to the agent provocateurs and their Hostis Humani Generis handlers – knew that correct target well.

Keep in mind that Thomas Jefferson’s pamphlet regarding the “unseen hand” of the British/Vatican had been circulating all over the world by now. (see 1774 July entry)

1791 April 13 – Pope Pius VI issued the papal bull Charitas (On the Civil Oath in France) – [Italian and English ]. Take a look at point #9 – The enemies of religion then realized correctly that their vicious plans would come to nothing unless they persuaded some bishop, either by appealing to his ambition or his stupidity, to take the oath to observe the Constitution….and a few wretched pastors of lower rank. So, the Catholic church’s Bishops are ambitious and stupid? Interesting job requirement. Point #7 – look at how racist and anti-semitic it is. He’s worried about “heretics, unbelievers, and Jews” being in charge of bishop elections. Sarcastically speaking, Oh no, not the JEWS! “…none of the metropolitans or the senior bishops would agree to ordain new bishops who were elected in the municipal districts by laity, heretics, unbelievers, and Jews as the published decrees commanded.” Point #2 – We have just learned of the war against the Catholic religion which has been started by the revolutionary thinkers who as a group form a majority in the National Assembly of France. …it was intolerable that a political assembly should change the universal practice of the Church, disregard the opinions of the holy Fathers and the decrees of the councils, overturn the order of the hierarchy and control the election of bishops…He didn’t “just learn” about it – that’s a crock. He would have had REPORTS coming in on it before, during and after it happened. But, there’s that parenthetical slur against those “revolutionary thinkers” and he doesn’t just mean the French. Point #11 – We declared that the new Constitution of the Clergy is composed of principles derived from heresy. It is consequently heretical in many of its decrees and at variance with Catholic teaching. In other decrees it is sacrilegious and schismatic. It overturns the rights and primacy of the Church, is opposed to ancient and modern practice, and is devised and published with the sole design of utterly destroying the Catholic religion. For it is only this religion which cannot be freely professed, whose lawful pastors are removed, and whose property is taken over. Men of other sects are left at liberty and in possession of their property. Point #3 – To remove all doubt that Our concern was solely with matters of religion and to silence the enemies of this Apostolic See, We gave orders that the collection of taxes from French revenues should be discontinued, although these taxes were due for Our services from unbroken custom and earlier agreements. Yep. We know about Catholics and their “silencing”. Ask Galileo. It’s called THE INQUISITION. Point #16. The Church has at all times rightly rejected men elected by a low mob of the laity, men who share the same wrong opinions as their electors. The people being that “low mob”, such a lovely view of humanity. Point #27 – With the greatest possible kindness, We have declared the canonical penalties imposed until the present in order that the evil deeds already accomplished may be corrected and prevented from spreading abroad. We hope in the Lord that the consecrators, the intruders in cathedral and parochial churches, and all the authors and supporters of the published Constitution will recognize their error and return repentant to the fold from which they were seduced by treacherous deceit. For this reason, We insistently urge them to retire from their ministry, to draw back from the way to perdition on which they are traveling at full speed, and never to allow strange doctrines which are opposed to the teaching of Christ, the tradition of the Fathers, and the law of the Church to be spread among the people by men inspired by the philosophy of the present age. However, if Our mild manner of action and paternal warnings come to nothing-may God prevent this!-they should be aware that We do not intend to spare them those heavier penalties to which they are liable under the canons. They may be quite certain that We will anathematize them and proclaim them as such to the whole Church, since they are schismatic and cut off from communion with the Church and with Us. For it is very fitting “that as each one chooses to lie in the mud of his own foolishness, so the laws should stay firm, and he should have the same lot as those whose error he has followed,” as Leo the Great says in his letter to Julian, bishop of Coensum. Hell, evil, treacherous, and threats! My, how…colorful. Re the bolded parts – and the Pope just can’t imagine why Catholicism could be treated in that way? Being so innocent and charitable and all over the last several hundred years…sarcastically speaking. Point #32 – At length We beseech you all, beloved Catholic children, in the kingdom of France; as you recall the religion and faith of your fathers, We urge you lovingly not to abandon it. For it is the one true religion which both confers eternal life and makes safe and thriving civil societies. Carefully beware of lending your ears to the treacherous speech of the philosophy of this age which leads to death. Keep away from all intruders, whether called archbishops, bishops, or parish priests; do not hold communion with them especially in divine worship. Listen carefully to the message of your lawful pastors who are still living, and who will be put in charge of you later, according to the canons. Finally, in one word, stay close to Us. For no one can be in the Church of Christ without being in unity with its visible head and founded on the See of Peter. Treacherous speech? Exactly how can it be treacherous when no loyalty was given nor owed to the Pope in the first place. And leads to DEATH? No it doesn’t, but these insane frackers are going to try and make it seem that it does by causing death by the millions for the next 250 years – all the way until now. Remember this is all being said by Braschi, the Pope who was complicit in forming the new opium drug cartel that the Vatican was profiting by. This was the visible opening move by the Roman Catholic Church, really meant towards what was started by the Sons of Liberty but using the French Revolution as the “condemning” point. Guess what the next move was, and on who? On Jefferson. You’re shocked, right? (ha)

1791 Just a month later in Mid-May – Thomas Jefferson gets set up. The second week of May of 1791, Thomas Paine’s booklet Rights of Man was published in the U.S. with a note that Thomas Jefferson had written to the publisher, simply to relay a message from who had asked him to send it. That note was was used in the publication without his permission and when it clearly was not part of the pamphlet nor intended to be. It was just a dang note! That was done intentionally as a “hit” to PR-position Jefferson in a particular way – as a member of Thomas Paine’s cause – he was NOT. That should make you re-think any admiration for “Thomas Paine”. What was going on at this time, was that Jefferson was opposing Adams who was pushing for keeping the “public debt”. Bet you can’t imagine who’s yanking his chain on that one. Jefferson is beginning to do what I mentioned earlier – come around and begin attacking the Bank of the United States that he had pretended to Alexander Hamilton to “give up” on doing. It’s probably worth adding here just how in the British pocket mentally Adams was, and Alexander Hamilton. In a later letter to To William ShortJanuary 8, 1825, Jefferson recalls a dinner gathering. At my own table, in presence of Mr. Adams, Knox, Randolph, and myself, in a dispute between Mr. Adams and himself, he avowed his preference of monarchy over every other government, and his opinion that the English was the most perfect model of government ever devised by the wit of man, Mr. Adams agreeing “if its corruptions were done away.” While Hamilton insisted that “with these corruptions it was perfect, and without them it would be an impracticable government.” Can any one read Mr. Adams’ defence of the American Constitutions without seeing that he was a monarchist ? And J.Q. Adams, the son, was more explicit than the father, in his answer to Paine’s Rights of Man. So much for leaders.===Exactly. This next part details that as far back as 1790, Jefferson saw the writing on the wall. When I arrived at New York in 1790, to take a part in the administration … I was astonished to find the general prevalence of monarchical sentiments. …Whigs, Liberals, Democrats, call them what you please. Others are Tories, Serviles, Aristocrats, etc. The latter fear the people, and wish to transfer all power to the higher classes of society; the former consider the people as the safest depository of power in the last resort;…===as you can see, the British were already steering the young United States off course. Jefferson gets even more explicit about where the slavemasters are trying to head things, in a different letter of 1825 to William B. Giles. But this opens with a vast accession of strength from their younger recruits, who, having nothing in them of the feelings or principles of ’76, now look to a single and splendid government of an aristocracy, founded on banking institutions, and moneyed incorporations under the guise and cloak of their favored branches of manufactures, commerce and navigation, riding and ruling over the plundered ploughman and beggared yeomanry. This will be to them [The Federalists – British front group bent on retaking America] a next best blessing to the monarchy of their first aim, and perhaps the surest stepping-stone to it.

1791 The following Week in May – Page 4 of the Jefferson Cyclopedia talks about that one week after this booklet by Thomas Paine with the note it shouldn’t have, was when John Quincy Adams attacked it using the pseudonym of “Publicola”. It was believed at first that his father was the author of them. Talk about your set up and spike! Wow. How obvious was that? Jefferson writes about this and knows exactly what’s up, so to speak. A writer, under the name of “Publicola” [John Quincy Adams], in attacking all [Thomas] Paine’s [political] principles, is very desirous of involving me in the same censure with the author. I certainly merit the same, for I profess the same principles; but it is equally certain I never meant to have entered as a volunteer into the cause. — To James Monroe, iii, 267. Ford ed., v, 351. (Pa., 1791.) Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 441

1791 June – The following month of June, is when Louis XVI and his family attempted to escape and join the “emigres” who were agitating outside France to overthrow the revolution. Emigres were supposedly just French nobles who fled from France during the peasant uprisings. They were very conservative and hoped to restore the king to power, but you can imagine just who was stoking the fire of those people and their assembled rabble – with that gold Jefferson mentioned. It is of note The King had left a written message repudiating the revolution – which is just about asking to be caught. He was spotted and arrested in Varennes in Lorraine in northeastern France. He was returned to a hostile Paris which now distrusted him and he was forced to accept the constitutional monarchy. His actions disoriented the revolution since now a system modelled on the English constitutional monarchy was impossible since he was obviously not a willing participant. I believe that was the point – that “disorienting”. Jefferson hears about this, and says – We are now under the first impression of the news of the Kings flight from Paris, and his recapture. It would be unfortunate were it in the power of any one man to defeat the issue of so beautiful a revolution. I hope and trust it is not, and that, for the good of suffering humanity all over the earth, that revolution will be established and spread through the whole world. — To Sir John Sinclair, iii, 284. (Pa., 1791.) Jefferson CyclopediaI look with great anxiety for the firm establishment of the new government in France, being perfectly convinced that if it takes place there, it will spread sooner or later all over Europe. On the contrary, a check there would retard the revival of liberty in other countries. — To George Mason iii, 209. Ford ed., v. 274. (Pa., 1791.) Jefferson CyclopediaThat “check” was the point of all that behind-the-scenes maneuvering by the slavemasters, and Jefferson sees that.

1791 September 3 – At least some French Revolutions figured that out “that check” Jefferson referred to, and pressed their advantage with the captured King, and so on 3 September the Constitution of 1791 was reluctantly accepted by King Louis XVI after 3 months of negotiations. This constitution established a new government with limited monarchy and power into the legislative assembly. It ensured equality of male citizens (only, not females) and ended Catholic church interference. Redefining the organization of the French government, citizenship and the limits to the powers of government, the National Assembly set out to represent the interests of the general will. It abolished many “institutions which were injurious to liberty and equality of rights”. The National Assembly asserted its legal presence in French government by establishing its permanence in the Constitution and forming a system for recurring elections. The Assembly’s belief in a sovereign nation and in equal representation can be seen in the constitutional separation of powers. The National Assembly was the legislative body, the king and royal ministers made up the executive branch and the judiciary was independent of the other two branches. On a local level, the previous feudal geographic divisions were formally abolished, and the territory of the French state was divided into several administrative units, Departments (Départements), but with the principle of centralism.

1791 – Robiespierre HIDES for a while after the Constitution gets through, he “excluded himself” from the new Legislative Assembly but continued to be politically active as a member of the Jacobin Club.

1791 – The monopoly over tobacco importation into the U.S. by Robert Morris and the Farmers-General was abolished by the Revolutionary government. Throughout the seventeen-eighties, the trade in tobacco, one of the most important commodities of the United States, had been stifled by this monopoly.

1791 – Jefferson: It has been proposed in Congress to pass a navigation act which will deeply strike at that of Great Britain. * * * The measure is just, perfectly innocent as to all other nations, and will effectually defeat the navigation act of Great Britain, and reduce her power on the ocean within safer limits. — To William Short, iii, 225. (Pa., 1791.) Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 614

1792 January – By January of 1792, Jefferson knows something is awry now with the French revolution and is counseling Governor Morris about it. With respect to the French government, we are under no call to express opinions which might please or offend any party, and, therefore, it will be best to avoid them on all occasions, public or private. Could any circumstances require unavoidably such expressions, they would naturally be in conformity with the great mass of our countrymen, who, having first in modern times, taken the ground of government founded on the will of the people, cannot but be delighted on seeing so distinguished and so esteemed a nation arrive on the same ground, and plant their standard by our side. — To Gouverneur Morris, iii. 325. Ford ed., v, 428. (Pa. Jan. 1792.) Jefferson Cyclopedia

1792 May 23 – Jefferson writes to President Washington about his Intention to RETIRE from the Cabinet, shows that he still vigorously opposes Alexander Hamilton’s actions – which means he’s messing up slavemaster plans. You can see the false allegations he has been subjected to by the British/Vatican slavemasters in the press here. If it has been supposed that I have ever intrigued among the members of the Legislature to defeat the plans of the Secretary of the Treasury, it is contrary to all truth. * * * That I have utterly, in my private conversations, disapproved of the system of the Secretary of the Treasury, I acknowledge and avow; and this was not merely a speculative difference. — To President Washington, iii, 460. Ford ed., vi, 102. (M., 1792.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page xvi 1046

1792 – But then – Jefferson’s leaving office simple desire to retire transformed by British shill Alexander Hamilton into that he was “driven” from office. It happened unfortunately that the attack made on me in the newspapers came out soon after I began to speak freely and publicly of my purpose to retire this Spring. * * * I find that as well those who are my friends as those who are not, putting the two things together as cause and effect, conceived I was driven from office either from want of firmness or perhaps fear of investigation. Desirous that my retirement may be clouded by imputations of this kind, I see not only a possibility, but rather a probability, that I shall postpone it for some time. — To T. M. Randolph. D. L. J., 215. (Pa., Feb. 1793.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 787 Jefferson suspected that it was Hamilton behind this nasty characterization, in retaliation for Jefferson being against his Treasury policies. Jefferson had more “pull” with people than Hamilton, in other words. Hamilton was in a jealous snit, in other words. Hamilton was honest as a man, but, as a politician, believing in the necessity of either force or corruption to govern men. — To Dr. Benjamin Rush, v, 560. Ford ed., ix, 296. (M., 181 z.) Though I see the pen of the Secretary of the Treasury [Alexander Hamilton] plainly in the attack on me, yet, since he has not chosen to put his name to it, I am not free to notice it as his. I have preserved through life a resolution, set in a very early part of it. never to write in a public paper without name, and to engage openly an adversary who does not let himself be seen, is staking all against nothing. The indecency, too, of newspaper squabbling between two public ministers, besides my own sense of it, has drawn something like an injunction from another quarter [President Washington]. Every fact alleged under the signature of ”An American” as to myself, is false, and can be proved so * * * . But for the present, lying and scribbling must be free to those mean enough to deal in them, and in the dark. — To Edmund Randolph, iii, 470. Ford ed., vi, 112. (M., 1792.) Jefferson Cyclopedia

1792 June – Thomas Jefferson wrote to Thomas Paine – boy is this a snapshot of what’s going on! Would you believe it possible that, in this country, there should be high and important characters who need your lessons in republicanism, and who do not heed them? It is but too true that we have a sect preaching up and panting after an English constitution of king, lords, and commons, and whose heads are itching for crowns, coronets, and mitres. Coronets and Mitres is Jefferson saying the British nobility and the Catholics are involved in trying to get their “priests and kings” government back in America. But our people * * * are firm and unanimous in their principles of republicanism, and there is no better proof of it than that they love what you write and read it with delight. The printers season every newspaper with extracts from your last, as they did before from your first part of the Rights of Man. — To Thomas Paine. Ford ed., vi, 87. (Pa., June 1792.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page That “sect” panting after an English constitution? That’s the Federalists who were kind of acting like their very own special political party so guess what Jefferson did? He formed the Democratic-Republican party together with his protege’ James Madison. The word democratic he meant THE PEOPLE runing a new Republic. Absolutely nothing like what today’s now opposed to each other Democratic and Republican parties are. They are a disgrace to the ideals of Thomas Jefferson.

1792 June – Now watch what Jefferson said about the Jacobins, which is in reference to particular revolutionists who met at an old Jacobin church. This was before agent Robiespierre fully went into action. The Jacobin party cannot but be favorable to America. Notwithstanding the very general abuse of the Jacobins, I begin to consider them as representing the true revolution- spirit of the whole nation, and as carrying the nation with them. — To James Madison. Ford ed., vi, 96. (Pa., June 1792.) — The only things wanting with the Jacobins is more experience in business, and a little more conformity to the established style of communication with foreign powers. The latter want will. I fear, bring enemies into the field, who would have remained at home. The former leads them to domineer over their executive, so as to render it unequal to its proper objects. — To James Madison. Ford ed., vi, 96. (Pa., 1792.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 445

HUGELY important entry next

1792 August 10 – The French Legislative Assembly pressured by the Commune, suspended the office of king. About 20,000 men and women invaded the Tuileries Palace, massacred many of the king’s guards and imprisoned Louis XVI and his family. Note that Commune part – THAT is where the later term communist comes from. It meant the COMMONERS – the PEOPLE.

In a January 1793 response to criticism of the initial moves of the Jacobins, killing Louis XVI guards and capturing him, Jefferson writes –

In the struggle which was necessary, many guilty persons fell without the forms of trial and with them some innocent. These I deplore as much as anybody, and shall deplore some of them to the day of my death. But I deplore them as I should have done had they fallen in battle. It was necessary to use the arm of the people, a machine not quite so blind as balls and bombs, but blind to a certain degree. A few of their cordial friends met at their hands the fate of enemies. But time and truth will rescue and embalm their memories, while their posterity will be enjoying that very liberty for which they would never have hesitated to offer up their lives. The liberty of the whole earth was depending on the issue of the contest, and was ever such a prize won with so little innocent blood? My own affections have been deeply wounded by some of the martyrs to this cause, but rather than it should have failed I would have seen half the earth desolated; were there, but an Adam and Eve left in every country, and left free, it would be better than as it now is. — To William Short, iii, 503. Ford ed., vi, 153. (Pa., January 1793.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 445

1792 August – Now Robiespierre goes active again, ready to pervert this correct revolution into The Reign of Terror. AFTER the people are successful and things are going well – lo and behold Robiespierre gets himself elected to the insurrectionary Commune of Paris.

1792 October – The British and Jesuits are over in American trying to make war and conflict using the American Indians. You can see that everything is not as “hunky dorey” as the British pretended it was, or Pope Pius VI pretended he was being so ‘kind’ and ‘tolerant’ about. And it was a Frenchman, a noble, that was the kind of kingpin for it in New Orleans where ships often snuck into the U.S. The papers communicated you [in October and November, 1792] made it evident that the Baron de Carondelet, the Governor of New Orleans, had industriously excited the southern Indians to war against us, and furnished them with arms and ammunition in abundance, for that express purpose. We placed this under the view of the commissioners of Spain here, who undertook to communicate it to their court, and also to write on the subject to the Baron de Carondelet. They have lately made us communications from both these quarters ; the aspect of which, however, is by no means such as to remove the causes of our dissatisfaction. I send you these communications, consisting of treaties between Spain, the Creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws, and Cherokees, handed us by express order from their court, a speech of Baron de Carondelet to the Cherokees, and a letter from Messrs. de Viar and Jaudenes, covering that speech, and containing in itself very serious matter. I will first observe to you, that the question stated in that letter, to have been proposed to the Cherokees, what part they would take, in the event of a war between the United States and Spain? was never proposed by authority from this government. Its instructions to its agents have, on the contrary, been explicitly to cultivate, with good faith, the peace between Spain and the Indians; and from the known prudence and good conduct of Governor Blount, to whom it is imputed, it is not believed to have been proposed by him. This proposition, then, you are authorized to disavow to the court of Madrid, in the most unequivocal terms. — To Carmichael and Short, iii, 566. Ford ed., vi, 271. (Pa., May 1793.) Jefferson Cyclopedia —So, contrary to Liars and Scribblers revisionist history out there, the Cherokees weren’t so “innocent” after all. This is one of the main reasons why the later President Jackson finally insisted they be moved inland – because they wouldn’t stop conspiring with foreign forces. (Although it was not him who sanctioned nor ordered the atrocities committed on them when they were ordered to move – contrary to some major liars out there.)

1792 December – Robispierre’s Reign of Terror first move – he successfully argued in favor of Louis XVI’s execution

1793 January – Jefferson still had hopes that the true revolutionists in France might still prevail, and wrote a letter to one of them, Brissot around January of 1793. I continue eternally attached to the principles of your [French] Revolution. I hope it will end in the establishment of some firm government, friendly to liberty, and capable of maintaining it. If it does, the world will become inevitably free. — To J. P. Brissot de Warville. Ford ed., vi, 249. (Pa., 1793.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page xvi 1046 He also told William Short that there are people HIGH IN OFFICE that are in bed with the Brits and Vatican being hostile to France’s bid for independence and view our government as a “stepping stone” to Monarchy. — The reserve of President Washington had never permitted me to discover the light in which he viewed [your censure of the Jacobins], and as I was more anxious that you should satisfy him than me, I had still avoided explanations with you on the subject. But your letter induced him to break silence, and to notice the extreme acrimony of your expressions. He added that he had been informed the sentiments you expressed in your conversations were equally offensive to our allies, and that you should consider yourself as the representative of your country, and that what you say might be imputed to your constituents. He desired me, therefore, to write to you on this subject. He added that he considered France as the sheet anchor of this country, and its friendship as a first object. There are in the United States some characters of opposite principles; some of them are high in office, others possessing great wealth, and all of them hostile to France, and fondly looking to England as the staff of their hope. * * * Their prospects have certainly not brightened. Excepting them, this country is entirely republican, friends to the Constitution, anxious to preserve it, and to have it administered according to its own republican principles. The little party above mentioned have espoused it only as a stepping-stone to monarchy, and have endeavored to approximate it to that in its administration in order to render its final transition more easy. The successes of republicanism in France have given the coup de grace to their prospects, and I hope to their projects. — To William Short, iii, 502. Ford ed., vi, 154. (Pa., Jan. 1793 ) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 445

1793 January 3 – Thomas Jefferson catches Hamilton at some funny business with the U.S. funds, he did NOT pay the debt with money that had been allocated specifically for that. The most prominent suspicion excited by the Report of the Secretary of the Treasury of January 3, 1793, is that the funds raised in Europe, and which ought to have been applied to the payment of our debts there, in order to stop interest, have been drawn over to this country, and lodged in the Bank, to extend the speculations and increase the profits of that institution.* — No Address. Ford ed., vi, 165. (Feb. 1793.) 3628. Hamilton was essentially BLOCKING the paying off of the U.S. debt the entire time! I do not at all wonder at the condition in which the finances of the United States are found. Hamilton’s object from the beginning, was to throw them into forms which should be utterly undecipherable. I ever said he did not understand their condition himself, nor was able to give a clear view of the excess of our debts beyond our credits, nor whether we were diminishing or increasing the debt. — To James Madison, iv, 131. Ford ed., vii, 61. (M., 1796.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page xvi 1046

1793 January 21 – Robispierre has King Louis the XVI head chopped off. America doesn’t hear about it until March.

1793 February – George Washington offers Jefferson the French Mission, and actually repeatedly keeps trying to send him to France that whole year, (which I find odd) but Jefferson has a great comeback. He refuses saying that his mind is “dissolved in tranquilityJefferson Cyclopedia page 451 Jefferson also shifted his outer appearance, being more “comfortable” in his dress and loose in bearing. It wasn’t a ploy, but he knew the APPEARANCE-OBSESSED slavemasters would under-estimate him merely from not being concerned about how he looked. He also started kind of mumbling through his most important public addresses – which wasn’t the case when he was younger.

1793 February 17 – the French created a new government, this time fully independent of the King and calling itself a Republic – this gets full acknowledgement by Jefferson, which if you understand what that means politically, is a BIG deal. I have laid before the President of the United States your notification of the 17th instant, in the name of the Provisory Executive Council, charged with the administration of your Government, that the French nation has constituted itself into a Republic. The President receives, with great satisfaction, this attention of the Executive Council and the desire they have manifested of making known to us the resolution entered into by the National Convention, even before a definitive regulation of their new establishment could take place. Be assured, Sir, that the Government and the citizens of the United States view with the most sincere pleasure every advance of your nation towards its happiness, an object essentially connected with its liberty, and they consider the union of principles and pursuits between our two countries as a link which binds still closer their interests and affections. The genuine and general effusions of joy which you saw overspread our country on their seeing the liberties of yours rise superior to foreign invasion and domestic trouble, have proved to you that our sympathies are great and sincere, and we earnestly wish on our part that these, our mutual dispositions, may be improved to mutual good, by establishing our commercial intercourse on principles as friendly to natural right and freedom as are those of our Government.— To J. B. Ternant. iii, 518. Ford ed., vi, 189. (Pa., Feb. 23, 1793 ) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 359

1793 March – When Jefferson heard about King Louis getting his head chopped off, this is what he said. — We have just received the news of the decapitation of the King of France. Should the present foment in Europe not produce republics everywhere, it will at least soften the monarchical governments by rendering monarchs amenable to punishment like other criminals, and doing away that rage of insolence and oppression, the inviolability of the King’s person. — To . iii, 527. (Pa., March 1793.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 534 He makes it quite clear later, in 1821, that he did not actually approve of this at all, and takes responsibility for his erroneously given support. Of those who judged the King, many thought him wilfully criminal; many that his existence would keep the nation in perpetual conflict with the horde of kings who would war against a regeneration which might come home to themselves, and that it were better that one should die than all. I should not have voted with this portion of the legislature. I should have shut up the Queen in a convent, putting harm out of her power, and placed the King in his station, investing him with limited powers, which, I verily believe, he would have honestly exercised according to the measure of his under standing. In this way no void would have been created, courting the usurpation of a military adventurer, nor occasion given for those enormities which demoralized the nations of the world, and destroyed and are yet to destroy millions and millions of its inhabitants. — Auto biography, i, 101. Ford ed., i, 141. (1821.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 534

1793 May – Thomas Jefferson gets very clear to his protege’ James Madison about what he thinks the strategy now is that is going on out there. It is impossible for you to conceive what is passing in our conclave, and it is evident that one or two at least, under pretence of avoiding war on the one side, have no great antipathy to run foul of it on the other, and to make a part in the confederacy of princes against human liberty. — To James Madison, iii, 563. Ford ed., vi, 261. (Pa., May 1793.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 515

1793 May – Robiespierre starts creating mobs for his own purposes, not based on any principles, and uses them to oppose his political opponents.

1793 June – As mentioned earlier, Jefferson knows they (including the Pope) are up to something, and that it will be decided this summer. It is still a comfort to see by the address of Dumouriez * * * , that the constitution of 1791 is the worst thing which is to be forced on the French. But even the falling back to that would give wonderful vigor to our monocrats, and unquestionably affect the tone of administering our government. Indeed. I fear that if this summer should prove disastrous to the French, it will damp that energy of republicanism in our new Congress, from which I had hoped so much reformation.— To T. M. Randolph, iii. 571. (Pa., June 1793. ) Jefferson Cyclopedia —“damp that energy of republicanism” – that’s exactly why Robispierre is doing what he is.

1793 June – That same month, Braschi the drug-trafficking Pope goes nuts and “confirms” his Encyclical of December 25, 1775 in a “secret consistory” (whatever THAT means). Inscrutable (English translation) was really over the top, basically saying THE DEVIL is causing the Revolutions. Here’s an excerpt: Consequently it is not surprising that they assert that everything holy and divine is the product of the minds of inexperienced men smitten with empty fear of the future and seduced by a vain hope of immortality. But those deceitful sages soften and conceal the wickedness of their doctrine with seductive words and statements; in this way, they attract and wretchedly ensnare many of the weak into rejecting their faith or allowing it to be greatly shaken. While they pur sue a remarkable knowledge, they open their eyes to behold a false light which is worse than the very darkness. Naturally our enemy, [the Devil] desirous of harming us and skilled in doing so, just as he made use of the serpent to deceive the first human beings, has armed the tongues of those men with the poison of his deceitfulness in order to lead astray the minds of the faithful. The prophet prays that his soul may be delivered from such deceitful tongues.[10] In this way these men by their speech “enter in lowliness, capture mildly, softly bind and kill in secret.”[11] This results in great moral corruption, in license of thought and speech, in arrogance and rashness in every enterprise.When they have spread this darkness abroad and torn religion out of men’s hearts, these accursed philosophers proceed to destroy the bonds of union among men, both those which unite them to their rulers, and those which urge them to their duty. They keep proclaiming that man is born free and subject to no one, that society accordingly is a crowd of foolish men who stupidly yield to priests who deceive them and to kings who oppress them, so that the harmony of priest and ruler is only a monstrous conspiracy against the innate liberty of man. True, very true. And so it was, and still is. Notice the tactic though, of taking the truth and acting like it’s some TERRIBLE thing. They always do this. Everyone must understand that such ravings and others like them, concealed in many deceitful guises, cause greater ruin to public calm the longer their impious originators are unrestrained. They cause a serious loss of souls redeemed by Christ’s blood wherever their teaching spreads, like a cancer; it forces its way into public academies, into the houses of the great, into the palaces of kings, and even enters the sanctuary, shocking as it is to say so. He really gets into that tactic I just mentioned now, and whoop! There’s the L and E word and we know all this vitriol about it is NOT because of “just” the French. To this false and mendacious name of liberty, those vaunted patrons of the human race have added the equally deceptive name of equality, as if among human beings who have come together in civil society, although they are subject to various emotions and follow diverse and uncertain impulses according to their individual whims, there ought not be one who by means of authority and force might prevail upon, oblige, moderate, and recall them from their perverse ways of acting to a sense of duty, lest society itself, from the reckless and contrary impetus of many desires, should fall into anarchy and be utterly dissolved. It is like harmony, which derives from the agreement of many sounds and which, if it does not consist of a suitable combination of strings and voices, disintegrates into a disturbed and clearly dissonant clatter. (Pii VI Pont. Max. Acta [Rome: Typis S. Congreg. De Propaganda Fide, 1871], Vol. 2, pp. 26-27.) So there! He really does sound like a bratty, pouting child.

1793Time to get Abbe Barruel going on the newly invented Illuminati Conspiracy Theory. Jesuit Abbe Barruel flees from France to London, where he now started his career as a British SPY using “I’m a writer/historian” as his cover. He became almoner to the refugee Prince of Conti this year of 1793, and wrote the Histoire du Clergé pendant la Revolution Française (“History of the Clergy during the French Revolution”). He dedicated the work to the English nation in recognition of the hospitality that it had showed toward the unfortunate French ecclesiastics. Oh yeah, the British are real “white guys”.

It has been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and English. The English version went through several editions and did much to strengthen the British nation in its opposition to French revolutionary principles. While in London, Barruel also published an English work, A Dissertation on Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in the Catholic Church.

1793 – And this is Thomas Jefferson summing up of what he saw the year of 1793 as being like with this “confederacy” trying to undermine America and France in every which direction – and he is most definitely including the Pope and especially the Brits in this. I can not have a wish to see the scenes of 1793 revived as to myself, and to descend daily into the arena like a gladiator, to suffer martyrdom in every conflict. — To James Madison. iv, 161. Ford ed., vii, 107. (M., Jan. 1797.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 118 He says that what he sees is the “princes” (he means priests and Kings) strategy is exactly what they were about to do with Robespierre! [they] prefer tranquillity to freedom, hoping monarchy might be the remedy if a state of complete anarchy could be brought on. To C. D. Ebeling. Ford ed., vii, 45. (1795.) Jefferson Cyclopedia Boy, was he dead accurate in his assessment of the situation that was about to happen, and he HATES them and all their “councils” (ha) Leave no screen of a council behind which to skulk from responsibility. — To Samuel Kerchival. vii, 12. Ford ed., x, 39. (M., 1816.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 213

Complete Anarchy?

Enter Robespierre and the Reign of Terror (and psychosis, I might add.) It ran from Sept 5, 1793 to July 27, 1794.

That’s what this pic is representing.

More than 40,000 people were executed during the Terror; time of dictatorship and fear in France.

Guess who he had taken “control of?

Yep, you guessed it, the very same Jacobins Jefferson said had been infiltrated. Robespiere the Rothschild’s man, is what I call him, which really means he’s working for the Brits and the Vatican. Rothschild is just the money funnel.

Robespierre snowed them with the idea that they should have an “unregulated” economy – aka MO’ MONEY – so you can tell whoever went along with that was probably promised some of that lovely Rothschild gold as well. Now Robespierre’s Jacobins, they got along well with what were called the Sans-Culottes, who were a radical group made up of Parisian wage-earners, and small shopkeepers. They wanted (and were falsely promised by Robespierre) a greater voice in government, lower prices, and an end of food shortages.

There were still the Girondists left, these were more the Jeffersonian types, from what I can tell. They had fought to try and get control of the French National Convention in 1793 when it wanted to kill the King. They didn’t want to kill the king, and believed the Revolution had gone on long enough – which is pretty much exactly what Jefferson had said about it.

Closing out this awful year – Jefferson says screw it (or at least that’s what his opposition thought) and resigns the Secretaryship of State December 31, 1793.

1794 July 27 – Robiespierre’s Reign of Terror ends.

1794 Autumn – John Jay gets exposed for the treaty he had “negotiated” with the British in the autumn of 1794. Nothing less than a howl of rage went up from the throats of the people of the United States. “From the moment that information concerning the nature of the treaty began to circulate, the cry of “British faction” was taken up by the Democrats and used with telling effect. That the treaty was an infamous instrument arranged for no other purpose than to injure the French cause was generally believed. From beginning to end, Democrats could find nothing in the treaty which had not been directly inspired by hostility to France. Apart from the damage that would ensue to American commerce, the treaty would work for the elevation of monarchical and the undoing of republican principles. Once again George the Third had become the master of the citizens of America, and thus the great accomplishments of the American Revolution had been made to count for nought. British gold [using Rothschild] had succeeded in effecting the betrayal of the Republican cause in this country, and thus had worked itself into a strategic position where it could more easily strangle the life out of the spirit of republicanism in Europe, now so sorely beset in France.”– New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 115, 118. Available at the internet archive and Google Books. This exposure of British perfidy did not bode well for the treaty, and I believe it got smashed to smithereens as a result.

Would you surprised that a whole new series of vicious attacks on Jefferson began the following year?

1795 – They started calling Jefferson the ‘High Priest of Infidelity’ of you can believe the gall (not to mention the total hypocrisy) of that one. You see, Jefferson resigned because he was going to run for President.

They must have been out-of-their-minds when they found out that far from slinking off into the night “licking his wounds” as the slavemasters slobberingly fantasized that he was – no. He was preparing to fight!

What?!? – sayeth the Slavemasters

It’s not FAIR…..

As for the renewed zeal of the Democrats in the interests of French revolutionary ideals, that found a special point of interest and concern for the Federalist clergy in the prominence which the rapid growth of republicanism secured for Thomas Jefferson. An ardent friend of the French Revolution, a lover of French philosophy, the enemy of religious intolerance, in personal faith a deist were not these sufficient to damn the man as an unbeliever and an atheist in the eyes of New England clergymen, to whom the faintest breath of rationalism was abhorrent and the very notion of toleration suspect? Accordingly the New England clergy launched a fierce attack upon him as the arch-apostle of the cause of irreligion and free-thought.

New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 120. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.

Smell the illuminati! conspiracy accusation comin’ on the wind?

It’s almost here

Reference 1 and 2 for the above give us some more information about these accusations about the “hosts of infidelity” Jefferson was supposedly the leader of. There goes those “liars and scribblers” – at it again.

1 In language carefully guarded, his name usually being omitted, Jefferson was pointed out as the leader of the hosts of infidelity whose object was the extermination of the institutions of religion and the inauguration of an era wherein every man should think and do that which was right in his own eyes.

Not Freedom to think and do – Oh No!!

Gee whiz.

2 Pamphleteers and newspaper writers were much more explicit. The Pretensions of Thomas Jefferson to the Presidency Examined: and the Charges against John Adams Refuted, was one of the well known political pamphlets of the day. According to Gibbs, in his Memoirs of the Administrations of Washington and John Adams, vol.i P. 379, it was prepared by Oliver Wolcott and William Smith, the latter of South Carolina. It marshalled the reasons why Jefferson should not be elected to the presidency. Among these “reasons” the charge of a close alliance between Jefferson and the men of the country who were notoriously interested in the cause of irreligion was boldly affirmed. Cf. page 36 et seq. This pamphlet was published in 1796. Later the charge of impiety was lodged against Jefferson with great frequency. Typical utterances of this nature may be found in the Library of American Literature, vol. iv, pp. 249-251: “The Imported French Philosophy” (from “The Lay Preacher” of Joseph Dennie). This disquisition was much quoted in the newspapers of the day. From the position that the leaders of the Democrats were irreligious, it was easy for the Federalists to glide over to the position that the spirit of infidelity, believed to be spreading far and wide through the country, was consciously and deliberately backed by the restless and unscrupulous elements which, in the view of the Federalists, formed the opposition. The Connecticut Courant of Januuary 19, 1795, reflects this attitude. “The French”, it is asserted, “are mad in their pursuit of every phantom which disordered intellects can image. Having set themselves free from all human control, they would gladly scale the ramparts of heaven, and dethrone ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH. Our own Democrats would do just so, if they dare.” Cf. also the issue of the Courant for January 5, the same year, for a characterization of the program of the Democrats as “a crazy system of Anti-Christian politics.“

That’s Jefferson’s political party they’re talking about.

1795 – Robison and his British SPY source start working on the NEW Illuminati Conspiracy Theory – the one that Wollner had already started in 1790. Our first would be illuminati WORLD conspiracy author gets given the information he needs to spin the story from the secret agent monk, Alexander Horn. HE provided much of the material for Robison’s allegations, which would become the 1797 book “Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies.” — The shore story goes that Robison “became disenchanted with elements of the Enlightenment.” Gee. Wasn’t that the whole point of the paid-in-gold Robespierre Reign of Terror? Blame it on “the enlightenment” and ergo tar Thomas Jefferson with the same brush. — Alexander Horn (or Dom Maurus Horn, OSB) (1762–1820), was a Scottish Benedictine monk who became a British secret agent and diplomat. His work contributed to the birth of the conspiracy theory of the illuminati.Horn was born in the village of Oyne, County of Aberdeen, in the Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1772, at the age of ten, he was accepted as an oblate by the Scots Monastery in Regensburg, Germany, an imperial abbey in the capital which was then the seat of the Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire. About 1782, when he had come of age, he was admitted to the monastic community as a monk and given the religious name of Maurus and was ordained a Catholic priest around 1785. He was an esteemed librarian at the monastery by 1790, while at the same time working as the Regensburg agent for the British ambassador in Munich. That is exactly when Wollner was creating the NEW Illuminati Conspiracy Theory. Horn started writing anonymously, condemning France’s activities in undermining the Holy Roman Empire. He supplied the material that formed the core of John Robison’s 1797 allegation of an international conspiracy of freemasons, illuminati, and Jacobins.*Source used for the above – Dilworth, Mark. “Horn, Alexander (1762–1820),” Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 — The supposed points of connection between the Order of the Illuminati and the French Revolution were partly tangible, though decidedly elusive, but much more largely of the nature of theories framed to meet the necessities of a case which in the judgment of dilettante historians positively required the hypothesis of a diabolical conspiracy against thrones and altars (i. e., the civil power and the church), though the labors of Hercules might have to be exceeded in putting the same to paper. New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 192. Available at the internet archive and Google Books. The labors of Hercules might have to be exceeded? This guy just made a funny!

So, there went Robison, the Jesuit supported by a Jesuit/British secret agent, scribing away at his Herculean task of crafting a conspiracy theory that would ultimately be used to target Thomas Jefferson.

But there were TWO “liars and scribblers” doing this same conspiracy theory. We’ll get to the other one shortly here.

Look at this by itself: diabolical conspiracy against thrones and altars

The actual guilty parties, the British and Vatican, they were the “thrones and altars.” They were the diabolical conspiracy – a real one. They are now generating rumors that it was Thomas Jefferson and George Washington that were part of a secret conspiracy to rule the world.

Do you see how they REVERSED the truth?


Look at those OSS document points again now –

  • supply information which is needed to fill a knowledge gap.
  • expresses a widespread emotional disposition shared by members of the group
  • It provides justification for suppressed fears, hatreds, or desires.

Conspiracy Theories are deflections from the real conspiracy. A “successful” conspiracy theory follows the same guidelines as this document laid out. It’s success is determined by acceptance, then wrong decisions and conclusions made because it was accepted as truthful and factual. It is a way to undermine one’s enemy by causing him to fail to attack the right thing, and instead attack the wrong thing. It is a way to demoralize one’s enemy when the “truth” is later exposed that shows what the person acted on as true was actually not really.

See how what they are doing is matching those hundreds-of-years later guidelines? Of course it does. These people MADE the template for that and you’re seeing it right here in history.

1796 – was an election year in the United States. Thomas Jefferson’s FIRST run for President and the propagandists against that were busy, busy, busy. Pamphleteers and newspaper writers were much more explicit. The Pretensions of Thomas Jefferson to the Presidency Examined: and the Charges against John Adams Refuted, was one of the well known political pamphlets of the day. According to Gibbs, in his Memoirs of the Administrations of Washington and John Adams, vol.i P. 379, it was prepared by Oliver Wolcott and William Smith, the latter of South Carolina. It marshalled the reasons why Jefferson should not be elected to the presidency. Among these “reasons” the charge of a close alliance between Jefferson and the men of the country who were notoriously interested in the cause of irreligion was boldly affirmed. Cf. page 36 et seq. This pamphlet was published in 1796. New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 120. Available at the internet archive and Google Books. Jefferson did not win, Adams only won by three electoral votes or 4,611 actual votes. A pretty thin margin actually, out of a total of 66,841 votes for both. That this fierce indictment of “British faction” and appeal to republican sentiment was by no means without practical effect, is shown in the result of the general election of 1796. The outcome of that election gave ground for great encouragement to the Democrats; for while their hero and idol, Thomas Jefferson, was not summoned to the presidency, none the less, to the deep chagrin of the Federalists, his opponent, John Adams, received his commission to succeed Washington on the basis of a majority in the electoral college of only three votes. There could be no question that a spirit of confident and undaunted republicanism was abroad in the land, and the good ship Federalism was destined to encounter foul weather. New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918. p. 118. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.

1796 December – Jefferson wrote about all these scurrilous allegations against him. You have seen my name lately tacked to so much of eulogy and of abuse that I dare say you hardly thought that it meant your old acquaintance of ’76. In truth, I did not know myself under the pens either of my friends or foes. It is unfortunate for our peace that unmerited abuse wounds, while unmerited praise has not the power to heal. These are hard wages for the services of all the active and healthy years of one’s life. — To Edward Rutledge. iv, 151. Ford ed., vii, 93. (M., Dec. 1796.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page xxx

1797 January – Jefferson talks about Adams false schmoozing and supposedly vaunting his attributes as to why he wants Jefferson to be his vice-president, but Jefferson ain’t buying that’s the reason way. My letters inform me that Mr. Adams speaks of me with great friendship and with satisfaction in the prospect of administering the government in concurrence with me. * * * If by that he means the Executive Cabinet, both duty and inclination will shut that door to me. I can not have a wish to see the scenes of 1793 revived as to myself, and to descend daily into the arena like a gladiator, to suffer martyrdom in every conflict. — To James Madison. iv, 161. Ford ed., vii, 107. (M., Jan. 1797.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 118

1797 March 4 – Jefferson goes ahead and takes office of Vice President though, and is sworn in on March 4, 1797. (Adams was President from March 4, 1797 – March 4, 1801.)

1797 September 5 – six months later guess what happens? Robison’s British-Catholic Spy supplied book Proofs of a Conspiracy comes out – accusing Freemasonry of being infiltrated by Weishaupt’s Order of the Illuminati. Robison’s attack on Freemasonry… is dependent on the connection Robison attempts to institute between the admittedly subversive doctrines of the German Illuminati and French Freemasonry. – Firminger, W. K. “The Romances of Robison and Barruel,” Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Vol. I. W. J. Parrett, Ltd. Margate, 1940. The original booklet (scanned PDF) can be found in the internet archive here and a more plaintext PDF version for easier copy and paste quoting can be found here with an accompanying online html text version here. Robison presents the conspiracy theory that these are the supposed goals of the current Order of the Illuminati. Really notice how closely they follow particularly writings of Thomas Jefferson. p. 87 of original which is written in Old English type where ‘s’ looks like an ‘f’ – quite beautiful actually. “But I have contrived an explanation which has every advantage; is inviting to Christians of every communion; gradually frees them from all religious prejudices; cultivates the social virtues; and animates them by a great, a feasible, and speedy prospect of universal happiness, in a state of liberty and moral equality, freed from the obstacles which subordination, rank, and riches, continually throw in our way. My explanation is accurate, and complete, my means are effectual, and irresistible. Our secret Association works in a way that nothing can withstand, and man shall soon be free and happy. …This is the great object held out by this Association: and the means of attaining it is Illumination, enlightening the understanding by the sun of reason, which will dispel the clouds of superstition and of prejudice. The proficients in this Order are therefore justly named the Illuminated. And of all Illumination which human reason can give, none is comparable to the discovery of what we are, our nature, our obligations, what happiness we are capable of, and what are the means of attaining it. In comparison with this, the most brilliant sciences are but amusements for the idle and luxurious. To fit man by Illumination for active virtue, to engage him to it by the strongest motives, to render the attainment of it easy and certain, by finding employment for every talent, and by placing every talent in its proper sphere of action, so that all, without feeling any extraordinary effort, and in conjunction with and completion of ordinary business, shall urge forward, with united powers, the general task. This indeed will be an employment suited to noble natures, grand in its views, and delightful in its exercise. …“And what is this general object? THE HAPPINESS OF THE HUMAN RACE. Is it not distressing to a generous mind, after contemplating what human nature is capable of, to see how little we enjoy? When we look at this goodly world, and see that every man may be happy, but that the happiness of one depends on the conduct of another; when we see the wicked so powerful, and the good so weak; and that it is in vain to strive, singly and alone, against the general current of vice and oppression; the wish naturally arises in the mind, that it were possible to form a durable combination of the most worthy persons, who should work together in removing the obstacles to human happiness, become terrible to the wicked, and give their aid to all the good without distinction, and should by the most powerful means, first fetter, and by fettering, lessen vice; means which at the same time should promote virtue, by rendering the inclination to rectitude, hitherto too feeble, more powerful and engaging. Would not such an association be a blessing to the world? …“But where are the proper persons, the good, the generous, and the accomplished, to be found? and how, and by what strong motives, are they to be induced to engage in a task so vast, so incessant, so difficult, and so laborious? This Association must be gradual. There are some such persons to be found in every society. Such noble minds will be engaged by the heart-warming object. The first task of the Association must therefore be to form the young members. As these multiply and advance, they become the apostles of beneficence, and the work is now on foot, and advances with a speed encreasing every day. The slightest observation shows that nothing will so much contribute to increase the zeal of the members as secret union. We see with what keenness and zeal the frivolous business of Free Masonry is conducted, by persons knit together by the secrecy of their union. It is needless to enquire into the causes of this zeal which secrecy produces. It is an universal fact, confirmed by the history of every age. Let this circumstance of our constitution therefore be directed to this noble purpose, and then all the objections urged against it by jealous tyranny and affrighted superstition will vanish. The Order will thus work silently, and securely; and though the generous benefactors of the human race are thus deprived of the applause of the world, they have the noble pleasure of seeing their work prosper in their hands….I challenge all mankind to contradict my declarationSee the two parts I bolded? That’s a dead give-away. Weishaupt never said either one. Plug those babies into google and you’ll get an eyeful of source after source trying to use this in re-boots of this conspiracy theory for the last two hundred years. Know who wrote what Robison is using? Baron Knigge. NOT Weishaupt. Yep, Knigge, the “new” agent who shifted the Order to try and look more like it was similar to the American Revolutionists. See 1780 and 1783 entries. When Thomas Jefferson finally gets sent a copy of this book, now you can see why he had a kind of: what’s wrong with that? kind of thing going on. If he had been given the FULL and not out-of-context background, I think he would have said something different. I’ll get into that more in a bit here. See 1798.

1797 – And our other British-Catholic JESUIT spy, Abbie Barruel puts HIS book out too!! None of Barruel’s works attracted so much attention as his Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism – published in French in 1797-98, and translated into English in 1799. His basic idea was that of a conspiracy with the aim of overthrowing Christianity—or more to the point, any and all forms of political and social organization based on conformity to the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.…In the first two volumes, Barruel had said but little as to Weishaupt and the Illuminati of Bavaria. Up to the publication of these volumes in 1796 he had practically limited himself to maintaining that the Revolution was the result of an anti-Christian conspiracy originating in Voltaire and an anti-monarchical conspiracy originating in Montesquieu and Rousseau. – Firminger, W. K. “The Romances of Robison and Barruel,” Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Vol. I. W. J. Parrett, Ltd. Margate, 1940. Wikipedia, for once doesn’t do a too bad description of it. In the book, Barruel claims that the French Revolution was the result of a deliberate conspiracy or plot to overthrow the throne, altar and aristocratic society in Europe. The plot was allegedly hatched by a coalition of philosophes, Freemasons. The conspirators created a system that was inherited by the Jacobins who operated it to its greatest potential. The Memoirs purports to expose the Revolution as the culmination of a long history of subversion. Barruel was not the first to make these charges but he was the first to present them in a fully developed historical context and his evidence was on a quite unprecedented scale. Barruel wrote each of the first three volumes of the book as separate discussions of those who contributed to the conspiracy. The fourth volume is an attempt to unite them all in a description of the Jacobins in the French Revolution. And there it is…targeting the Jacobins AFTER Robiespierre and Rothschild’s gold had been used to infiltrate it. In his “Preliminary Discourse”, Barruel defines the three forms of conspiracy as the “conspiracy of impiety” against God and Christianity, the “conspiracy of rebellion” against kings and monarchs, and “the conspiracy of anarchy” against society in general. He sees the end of the 18th century as “one continuous chain of cunning, art, and seduction” intended to bring about the “overthrow of the altar, the ruin of the throne, and the dissolution of all civil society”. As if that’s a BAD thing. Barruel alleged that Frederick II, the King of Prussia, was one of the people who planned the course of events that lead to the French Revolution. Frederick II? He planned the French Revolution? Kermit moment. From what you have learned here already you know that’s a total crock of shit. The Jesuits were thick as thieves with all those Fredericks over there, and it’s really interesting to see these writers (like Barruel) taking total advantage of that they figure most people don’t know the actual scene in that area of the world. Same thing the conspiracy theorists of today do – they figure noone can figure it out. Well, they will now, or at least they can have a much easier time of it, is my hope. Now, if you said that Frederick planned what the French Revolution turned into – now THAT would be an accurate statement. (together with the Brits and their Igor bankers and the Vatican, of course) — These two “conspiracy” books by both Robison and Barruel are controlled opposition false flag operations. A false flag operation is an action where the perpetrator intends for the blame to be placed on a different party. The term originally comes from the naval concept of flying another country’s flag to deceive and confuse other ships. This Illuminati false flag operation though, is also a MIRRORING tactic, where you take and accuse the good guy of having done something wrong, but that aspect is exactly what YOU are guilty of. (See Mirroring:The Art of Creating Insanity post) But the Illuminati one here, takes one step further and adds another twist. It accuses the good guy and his good ideas as being evil when they absolutely are not! That’s really, really, tricky that all three tactics were employed with this Illuminati thing. If nothing else? It means they really, really, didn’t want people to know the truth about who is who and what’s what. Just like today. Barruel positioned the Jacobins aka American Revolutionists as having trampled “underfoot the altars and the thrones in the name of that equality and that liberty which summon the peoples to the disasters of revolution and the horrors of anarchy”. Barruel equated the principles of equality and liberty and their attacks against the monarchy were attacks against all governments and civil society. He presented a loaded choice between monarchy and the “reign of anarchy and absolute independence” – as will later scientologists Randy McDonald and Merrell Vannier. (see 2000s era entries) Barruel’s third volume: The philosophes and their attacks against the church and the throne paved the way for the conspiracy that was led by these secret societies. These groups were believed to have constituted a single sect that numbered over 300,000 members…He believed the Freemasons kept their words and aims secret for many years but on August 12, 1792, two days after the fall of the French monarchy, they ran though the streets openly announcing their secrets. The secret words were “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” and the secret aim was the overthrow of the French monarchy and the establishment of the republic. Words which were made popular first by the Americans – the Sons of Liberty – decades earlier. It was NOT a secret. The French weren’t doing a damn thing, revolution-wise, until sixteen years AFTER our revolution. Barruel’s tactic throughout the book bury the reader in actually irrelevant documents, some of which were highly questionable as to their existence in the way he presented them. Just like later writers who would try to use this same Conspiracy theory, Barruel tried to hide what was actually a truly fanatical hatred for rebels against the slavemaster “world order” behind a fake neutrality and casual-style writing. If you wanted to know where Barruel’s head was really at, or who was yanking his puppet strings? This ought to make that crystal clear. He protected the British freemasons! An excellent read countering these conspiracy theories by Barruel and Robison, can be found here.


Crap! We didn’t get our LIES straight!

Now we’re in 1798 – which I call:


1798While Robison was in Scotland at work on his Proofs of a Conspiracy, the Abbe Barruel, a member of the Jesuit Society, was at work in England on his Memoires pour scrvir a Vhistoire du Jacohinisme, a colossal attempt to prove the existence of a “conjuration” of philosophers [“Sophists” as the Abbe with nauseating repetition calls them] and Freemasons to overthrow the thrones and altars of Christendom. That the two authors were engaged independently in the same endeavour cannot be doubted, for when Robison’s work fell into Barruel’s hands, he was perturbed to find variations between the two books calculated to cause the public a certain amount of distrust. The Abbe published the first two of his four volumes in 1797, and the last two in 1798. During the interval Robison’s book appeared, and between that time and the hurried issue of a third edition in 1798 Robison had come into possession of the Abbe’s first two volumes, which he cites with satisfaction in an added Postscript of a garrulous kind. The Abbe, on the other hand, while passing some flattering remarks on the Professor’s patriotic intentions, deals severely with his documentation. – Firminger, W. K. “The Romances of Robison and Barruel,” Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Vol. I. W. J. Parrett, Ltd. Margate, 1940.

1798 May 9 – John Adams had conveniently declared May 9, 1798 to be a day of fasting and prayer, “to implore Heaven’s mercy and benediction on the imperiled nation….


It was on this day

that the Illuminati! hysteria in the United States began.

A real old-fashioned Witch Hunt.

What a coincidence that Adams prayer and fasting day was chosen to – enter Jedediah Morse.

He was a FEDERALIST, which means he was opposed to Jeffersonian Democracy ie: Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican party.

1798 May 9 – Jedediah Morse delivered three sermons supporting John Robison’s book Proofs of Conspiracy. Morse was a strong Federalist and deliberately propagandized “his fears” that the anti-Federalists were influenced by alleged French Illuminati. They weren’t his “fears”. He did this purely to try and derail America actually becoming – and staying – truly free of the British and Vatican slavemasters. When reading this, remember the 1790 entries where religious attendance or belonging was down to FIVE PERCENT of Americans, and it had only gone lower since then. One of the many ministers who preached to their congregations that day was Rev. Jedediah Morse of Boston. He was known as a fiery orator, geographer and even an early supporter of the revolution in France. His enthusiasm for the revolution waned, however, with the “astonishing increase in irreligion” precipitated by The Terror, and the subsequent rise of brazen Atheism. Morse warned his North Church Street audience that similar forces were at work in America. Historian Vernon Stauffer observed: If, said Morse, a contributory cause for the present “hazardous and afflictive position” of the country is sought, it will readily be found in “the astonishing increase of irreligion”. The evidence of this, in turn, is to be found, not only in the prevailing atheism and materialism of the day, and all the vicious fruits which such impious sentiments have borne, but as well as the slanders with which newspapers are filled and the personal invective and abuse with which private discussion is laden, all directed against the representatives of government, against man, many of whom have grown gray in their country’s service and whose integrity has been proved incorruptible. Oh, the poor dears. Slavemasters and their igors so sadly noble…It is likewise to be discovered in the reviling and abuse which, coming from the same quarter, has been directed against the clergy, who, according to their influence and ability, have done what they could to support and vindicate the government….When the question is raised respecting the design and tendency of these things, their inherent and appalling impiety is immediately disclosed. They “give reason to suspect that there is some secret plan in operation, hostile to true liberty and religion, which requires to be aided by these vile slanders“…. 39 – Stauffer p. 232

Boy, is that out of context. Interesting. Enter the MASTER PLAN – the wrong one, that is.

Morse maintained that such a master plan did exist, the fruition of which had already been achieved in France, and was being put into action throughout the rest of Europe and America as well. Conjuring John Robison, Morse went on to warn that during the past two decades, a sect calling themselves “The Illuminated” had plotted against thrones and altars everywhere, and had established itself in the United States. Jacobinism, the hidden “manifestation of the Illuminati” was at work”, and Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason was regarded as part of a general plan to accomplish “demoralization of the people”. The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and The Illuminati by Conrad Goeringer, retrieved out of the Internet Archive — Realize that Morse is backdating this conspiracy theory to just about when the American Declaration of Independence happened. I’ll bet Morse did know about the “Master Plan”. He just neglected to mention that he was part of it! (and that it wasn’t called anything let alone illuminati). But, hey now. Look at that. There’s the use of that Thomas Paine pamphlet attack they did by putting Jefferson’s note in it. I knew they would get around to using that. Again. See 1791 May entries.

Continuing – Morse was careful not to mention Freemasonry as part of his plot; in this respect, he had followed Robison’s lead, maintaining that Illuminism had been grafted onto the craft, and represented a corruption of masonic doctrine. The public debate which followed Morse’s revelations in countless New England journals such as the Independent Chronical and the Massachusetts Mercury, failed to produce any evidence that Illuminism had survived the persecution of the Bavarian authorities and lived to organize lodges in the New World. The letters and exchanges debated Robison’s book in particular with razor-tongued ferocity; and as a consequence, more heat than light was cast on the entire question. No lodges were uncovered, no names revealed. Thomas Jefferson, would later stand accused of being part of this Illuminist conspiracy in the New World. […] Not surprisingly, certain Catholic writers blamed the “virus” of Freemasonry for nearly every political assassination, revolution and war of the nineteenth century. 43 Refer to Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement by Rev. E. Cahill, S.J. (Dublin: M.H. Gill & Son Limited, 1959). Another source concerning the church pronunciations about Freemasonry, as well as attempts to link the craft with “devil worship” is found in Minor Historical Writings, Dr. Henry Charles Lea (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1942). Their “evidence” for such a claim is a potpourri of facts and myths; particularly in the eyes of the Vatican, the agents of Masonry were to be found everywhere doing their diabolical dirty work. – The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and The Illuminati by Conrad Goeringer, retrieved out of the Internet Archive —- Now here’s a more direct account of Rev. Morse on May 9, 1798. On the morning of May 9, 1798, in the pulpit of the New North Church in Boston, and on the afternoon of the same day in his own pulpit at Charlestown, the occasion being that of the national fast, the Reverend Jedediah Morse made a sensational pronouncement. He first discussed with his hearers “the awful events” which the European Illuminati had precipitated upon an already distracted world, and then proceeded solemnly to affirm that the secret European association had extended its operations to this side of the Atlantic and was now actively engaged among the people of the United States, with a view to the overthrow of their civil and religious institutions. In the eyes of the distinguished clergyman, the matter was of such serious moment that he felt moved to remark: I hold it a duty, my brethren, which I owe to God, to the cause of religion, to my country and to you, at this time, to declare to you, thus honestly and faithfully, these truths. My only aim is to awaken in you and myself a due attention, at this alarming period, to our dearest interests. As a faithful watchman I would give you warning of your present danger. – A Sermon, Delivered at the New North Church in Boston, in the morning, and in the afternoon at Charlestown, May 9th, 1708, being the day recommended by John Adams, President of the United States of America, for solemn humiliation, fasting and prayer. By Jedidiah Morse, D. D., Minister of the Congregational Church in Charlestown, Boston, 1798, p. 25, as cited on p. 10 of New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.

1798 – Now wouldn’t you know it, Mr. never-pays-the-debt-when-he’s-supposed-to Alexander Hamiton jumps right on this bandwagon. A league has at length been cemented between the apostles and disciples of irreligion and anarchy. Religion and government have both been stigmatized as abuses; as unwarrantable restraints upon the freedom of man; as causes of the corruption of his nature, intrinsically good; as sources of an artificial and false morality which tyrannically robs him of the enjoyments for which his passions fit him, and as clogs upon his progress to the perfection for which he is destined. . . Symptoms of the too great prevalence of this system in the United States are alarmingly visible. It was by its influence that efforts were made to embark this country in a common cause with France in the early period of the present war; to induce our government to sanction and promote her odious principles and views with the blood and treasure of our citizens. It is by its influence that every succeeding revolution has been approved or excused; all the horrors that have been committed justified or extenuated; that even the last usurpation, which contradicts all the ostensible principles of the Revolution, has been regarded with complacency, and the despotic constitution engendered by it slyly held up as a model not unworthy of our imitation. In the progress of this system, impiety and infidelity have advanced with gigantic strides. Prodigious crimes heretofore unknown among us are seen…– The Works of Alexander Hamilton, vol. vii, pp. 374-377: Fragment on the French Revolution. The Fragment is undated. It could not have been written later than 1804, of course. There are some slight traces that it was compiled at the time the excitement over the Illuminati was prevalent in America. – As cited in: New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 141. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.—You see that part I made red? Hamilton is just about point-blank accusing Thomas Jefferson right there. Wow. What a total pretender jerk Hamilton was.

1798 – A man named George Washington Snyder started “circulating” Robison’s book. He sent it to President Washington, questioning the “propriety” of the President’s membership and position as Grand Master of the Alexandria Lodge No. 22 of Virginia. In two letters responding to Mr. Snyder, President Washington denied that American Masonic societies are contaminated with the subversive ideology of the Illuminati.

1798 July 4 – nice timing, right? A new “voice” appeared. At Hartford, Theodore Dwight, brother to Yale’s president, publicly averred it was a fact well ascertained that the French Revolution “was planned by a set of men whose avowed object was the overthrow of Altars and Thrones, that is, the destruction of all Religion and Government.” At the midnight orgies of the “modern Illuminati” the plan had been conceived and nourished. For six years past, the orator declared, the government of France has been directed by men who have been schooled in that society of demons. In the same city, and on the same occasion, another voice was raised to declaim against the reckless impiety of French partisans in the United States. These conspiring men, so this orator somewhat vaguely declared, are said to have substituted the wild dogmas of infidel philosophy for the benevolent principles of Christianity. They have adopted “a philosophy originating in wickedness, founded in error, and subversive of the peace and happiness of society.”2 Theodore Dwight: An Oration spoken at Hartford, in the State of Connecticut, on the Anniversary of American Independence, July 4th, 1798. Hartford, 1798, p. 23.New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 253. Available at the internet archive and Google Books. This is the first time we see this particular blend of Illuminati-Freemasonry-Satanist conspiracy allegation in public use in such a way. Again, this was targeted specifically at Thomas Jefferson. (see August 1798)

1798 August – “people” (probably the British version of today’s internet sock-puppets back then) were “realizing” that Jefferson was a Jacobin and an illuminated. Notice that name DWIGHT. The political possibilities in the situation supplied the chief, if not the only animus for this playing-up of the case by the Courant. On this point little room for doubt is left. One contributor who heard Theodore Dwight’s Fourth of July oration asserted that not till then had his eyes been opened to see in Mr. Jefferson “anything more than the foe of certain men, who were in possession of places to which he might think himself entitled;” but Dwight convinced him that Jefferson “is the real Jacobin, the very child of modern illumination, the foe of man, and the enemy of his country.” (Courant Aug. 6, 1798.) Another argued that the zeal of the Democrats for office was to be treated as a part of the scheme of Illuminatism in America “to worm its votaries into all offices of trust, and importance, that the weapon of government, upon signal given, may be turned against itself.” (Courant Aug. 13, 1798.) Still another contended that the one concern of the Democrats of Connecticut was to dispense ” to the people of this state the precious doctrines of the Illuminati.” (Courant Sept. 3, 1798.) This view that the Courant sought to turn the agitation over the Illuminati to political account is confirmed by the following extract from “Guillotina,” the new year’s poem that the editors of the Courant presented to their patrons early in 1799.New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 283. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.Coincident with the breaking out of the controversy over the Illuminati, a number of tales of plots or conspiracies were foisted upon the public. One of these concerned a band of conspirators who were alleged to be agents of the French Directory, and who, with their secret documents concealed in the false bottom of two tubs, had taken ship from Hamburg to work sedition in this country. 3 Another concerned the operations of a tailor in the city of Philadelphia, of whom the report spread that he was engaged in making immense quantities of uniforms for French soldiers; and if for French soldiers, for whom could they be intended but for some French army which must be planning an invasion of the United States? A third tale had to do with the massacre which, rumor had it, had taken place on the good American ship Ocean, involving the brutal butchery of her entire crew by the French. All these preposterous “plots” were promptly exploded, and in due course all were traced to Federalist sources. New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 352. Available at the internet archive and Google Books. Ah yes. The British and the Vatican. Hostis Humani Generus indeed. But hey! Look at that. They got caught!

Thomas Jefferson exposes what is really going on here.

The panic into which the people were artfully thrown in 1798, the frenzy which was excited in them by their enemies against their apparent readiness to abandon all the principles established for their own protection, seemed for awhile to countenance the opinions of those who say they cannot be trusted with their own government. But I never doubted their rallying; and they did rally much sooner than I expected. On the whole, that experiment on their credulity has confirmed my confidence in their ultimate good sense and virtue. — To Judge Tyler, iv, 549. (W., 1804.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 710

To open the doors of truth, and to fortify the habit of testing everything by reason, are the most effectual manacles we can rivet on the hands of our successors to prevent their manacling the people with their own consent. — To Judge Tyler, iv, 549. ( W., 1804.)

My opinion is that two or three years more will bring back to the fold of republicanism all our wandering brethren whom the cry of “wolf” scattered in 1798. Till that is done, let every man stand to his post, and hazard nothing by change. And when that is done, you and I may retire to that tranquillity which our years begin to call for, and review with satisfaction the efforts of the age we happened to be born in, crowned with complete success. In the hour of death, we shall have the consolation to see established in the land of our fathers the most wonderful work of wisdom and disinterested patriotism that has ever yet appeared on the globe. — To De Witt Clin ton, iv, 521. (W., 1803.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 777

In reference to accusations that HE is illuminati, etc. –

Though I have made up my mind not to suffer calumny to disturb my tranquillity, yet I retain all my sensibilities for the approbation of the good and just. That is, indeed, the chief consolation for the hatred of so many, who, without the least personal knowledge, and on the sacred evidence of “Porcupine” and Fenno alone, cover me with their implacable hatred. The only return I will ever make to them will be to do them all the good I can, in spite of their teeth. — To Samuel Smith, iv, 256. Ford ed., vii, 279. (M., 1798.) Jefferson Cyclopedia

Were I to undertake to answer the calumnies of the newspapers, it would be more than all my own time, and that of twenty aids could effect. For while I should be answering one, twenty new ones would be invented. I have thought it better to trust to the justice of my countrymen, that they would judge me by what they see of my conduct on the stage where they have placed me, and what they knew of me before the epoch since which a particular party has supposed it might answer some view of theirs to villify me in the public eye. Some. I know, will not reflect how apocryphal is the testimony of enemies so palpably betraying the views with which they give it. But this is an injury to which duty requires every one to submit whom the public think proper to call into its councils. — To Samuel Smith, iv, 255. Ford ed., vii, 279. (M., 1798.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 120

It has been a source of great pain to me, to have met with so many among our opponents, who had not the liberality to distinguish between political and social opposition; who transferred at once to the person, the hatred they bore to his political opinions. I suppose, indeed, that in public life, a man whose political principles have any decided character, and who has energy enough to give them effect, must always expect to encounter political hostility from those of adverse principles. But I came to the government under circumstances calculated to generate peculiar acrimony. I found all its offices in the possession of a political sect, who wished to transform it ultimately into the shape of their darling model, the English government; and in the meantime, to familiarize the public mind to the change, by administering it on English principles, and in English forms. The elective interposition of the people had blown all their designs, and they found themselves and their fortresses of power and profit put in a moment into the hands of other trustees. Lamentations and invective were all that remained to them. This last was naturally directed against the agent selected to execute the multiplied reformations, which their heresies had rendered necessary. I became, of course, the butt of everything which reason, ridicule, malice and falsehood could supply. They have concentrated all their hatred on me, till they have really persuaded themselves, that I am the sole source of all their imaginary evils. — To Rich ard M. Johnson, v, 256. (W., 1808.) Jefferson Cyclopedia

I love this one –

The large share I have enjoyed, and still enjoy of anti-republican hatred and calumny, gives me the satisfaction of supposing that I have been some obstacle to anti-republican designs; and if truth should find its way into history, the object of these falsehoods and calumnies will render them honorable to me. — To W. Lambert, v, 450. (M., May 1809.)

I’ll add this one too, because it’s referring to when he ran for President the first time, and then this whole Illuminati thing gets invented.

From the moment that a portion of my fellow citizens looked towards me with a view to one of their highest offices, the flood-gates of calumny have been opened upon me; not where I am personally known, and where their slanders would be instantly judged and suppressed from the general sense of their falsehood; but in the remote parts of the Union, where the means of detection are not at hand, and the trouble in an enquiry is greater than would suit the hearers to undertake. I know that I might have filled the courts of the United States with actions for these slanders, and have ruined, perhaps, many persons who are not innocent. But this would be no equivalent to the loss of character. I leave them, therefore, to the reproof of their own consciences. If these do not condemn them, there will yet come a day when the false witness will meet a Judge who has not slept over his slanders. If the Rev. Cotton Mather Smith, of Shena, believed this as firmly as I do, he would surely never have affirmed that ” I had obtained my property by fraud and robbery ; that in one instance, I had defrauded and robbed a widow and fatherless children of an estate and to which I was executor, of ten thousand pounds sterling by keeping the property and paying then in money at the nominal rate, when it was worth no more than forty for one; and that all this could be proved.” Every tittle of it is fable; there not having existed a single circumstance of my life to which any part of it can hang. I never was executor but in two instances, both of which having taken place about the beginning of the Revolution, which withdrew me immediately from all private pursuits, I never meddled in either executorship. In one of the cases only, were there a widow and children. She was my sister. She retained and managed the estate in her own hands, and no part of it was ever in mine. In the other, I was a co partner, and only received on a division the equal portion allotted to me. To neither of these executorships, therefore, could Mr. Smith refer. Again, my property is all patrimonial, except about seven or eight hundred pounds worth of lands, purchased by myself and paid for not, to widows and orphans, but to the very gentleman from whom I purchased. If Mr. Smith, therefore, thinks the precepts of the gospel intended for those who preach them as well for others, he will doubtless some day feel the duties of repentance, and of acknowledgment in such forms as to correct the wrong he has done. Perhaps he will have to wait till the passions of the moment have passed away. All this is left to his own conscience. — To Uriah Mc- Gregory. iv, 333. (M., Aug. 1800.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 121

— My rule of life has been never to harass the public with fendings and provings of personal slanders. * * * I have ever trusted to the justice and consideration of my fellow citizens, and have no reason to repent it. or to change my course. — To Martin Van Buren. vii, 372. Ford ed., x, 315. (M., 1824.)

So, now you have a feel for what is going on from his perspective.

1798 September 25 – George Washington felt he needed to say something about all this.I mentioned it earlier, but now I’ll cover it more fully. Letter of George Washington to George Washington Snyder, September 25, 1798 The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799. John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor.–vol. 36 Mount Vernon, September 25, 1798. Sir: Many apologies are due to you, for my not acknowledging the receipt of your obliging favour of the 22d. Ulto, and for not thanking you, at an earlier period, for the Book 8 you had the goodness to send me. [Note 8: Proofs of a Conspiracy, by John Robison.] I have heard much of the nefarious, and dangerous plan, and doctrines of the Illuminati, but never saw the Book until you were pleased to send it to me.9 The same causes which have prevented my acknowledging the receipt of your letter have prevented my reading the Book, hitherto; namely, the multiplicity of matters which pressed upon me before, and the debilitated state in which I was left after, a severe fever had been removed. And which allows me to add little more now, than thanks for your kind wishes and favourable sentiments, except to correct an error you have run into, of my Presiding over the English lodges in this Country. The fact is, I preside over none, nor have I been in one more than once or twice, within the last thirty years. I believe notwithstanding, that none of the Lodges in this Country are contaminated with the principles ascribed to the Society of the Illuminati. With respect I am &c. [Note 9: In a letter from Snyder (Aug. 22, 1798, which is in the Washington Papers), it is stated that this book “gives a full Account of a Society of Free-Masons, that distinguishes itself by the Name of ‘Illuminati,’ whose Plan is to overturn all Government and all Religion, even natural.”]

1798 October – Jefferson writes Essay on Study of Anglo-Saxon (Jefferson Cyclopedia page xvi 1046)

1798 October 28 – President Washington says some more, note the odd back-peddling and veiled accusation of Thoms Jefferson nowThe Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799. John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor. Mount Vernon, October 24, 1798. Revd Sir: I have your favor of the 17th. instant before me; and my only motive to trouble you with the receipt of this letter, is to explain, and correct a mistake which I perceive the hurry in which I am obliged, often, to write letters, have led you into. It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am. The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavoured to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of seperation). That Individuals of them may have done it, or that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the Democratic Societies in the United States, may have had these objects; and actually had a seperation of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned. My occupations are such, that but little leisure is allowed me to read News Papers, or Books of any kind; the reading of letters, and preparing answers, absorb much of my time. With respect, etc.

1799 – Jefferson has something to say more specifically to WHO is behind all this crap about the Illuminati. In 1799, he says: I am not for * * * joining in the confederacy of kings to war against the principles of liberty. — To Elbridge Gerry, iv, 268. Ford ed., vii, 328. (Pa., 1799 ) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 515

1799 – On the other side of the world – the Chinese economy was in decline due to large outflows of silver out of the country as payment for the opium smuggled into China by the British East India Company. Millions of people in China had become addicted to opium.

1799 – Second Phase of Slavemaster Controlled Opposition Plan in France – Napoleon Bonaparte.The French Directory was overthrown in a military coup led by Napoleon Bonaparte, who wielded dictatorial powers in France as first consul

1799 – Now Barruel’s book finally comes out in English. His last two hundred pages were devoted by Barruel to arguments shaped chiefly to show that the principles of the Revolutionary leaders were identical with the principles of the illuminated lodges;that the successes of the Revolutionary armies, of Custine beyond the Rhine, of Dumouriez in Belgium, of Pichegru in Holland, and of Bonaparte in Italy, in Malta, and in Egypt, were explicable only on the ground of treacherous intrigues carried on by the agents of Illuminism; and that no country, moreover, need flatter itself it would escape the seductions and plots of the conspirators. The dragon’s teeth of revolution were already sown in Switzerland, in Sweden, in Russia, in Poland, in Austria, in Prussia, and in America“ With Barruel’s comment upon America, our discussion of the Memoirs of Jacobinism may well come to a close. “As the plague flies on the wings of the wind, so do their triumphant legions infect America. Their apostles have infused their principles into the submissive and laborious negroes; and St. Domingo and Guadaloupe have been converted into vast charnel houses for their inhabitants. That is really revealing. Since Barruel is a British-Vatican spy, ergo the British/Vatican slavemasters are UPSET that “negroes” – SLAVES – are rebelling! How horrifying is that? So numerous were the brethren in North America, that Philadelphia and Boston trembled, lest their rising constitution should be obliged to make way for that of the great club; and if for a time the brotherhood has been obliged to shrink back into their hiding places, they are still sufficiently numerous to raise collections and transmit them to the insurgents of Ireland; thus contributing toward that species of revolution which is the object of their ardent wishes in America. God grant that the United States may not learn to their cost, that Republics are equally menaced with Monarchies; and that the immensity of the ocean is but a feeble barrier against the universal conspiracy of the Sect!Note: the Irish Rebellion was in 1798. 1 The reference is to the United Irishmen, an organization whose affairs got somewhat mixed with the discussion of the Illuminati in America. Cf. infra, pp. 271 et seq. 1 A foot-note connects the French minister, Adet, with the Illuminati campaign in North America. Cf. ibid., p. 494.New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 225. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.

1800 January 31 – Now Jefferson will comment on Barruel’s book. He is about to run for President again. Reminder: “Morse” is Jedidiah Morse, who started up the Illuminati Conspiracy theory on 4 July 1798. – —Dear Sir,–* * * I have lately by accident got a sight of a single volume (the 3d.) of the Abbe Barruel’s Antisocial conspiracy, which gives me the first idea I have ever had of what is meant by the Illuminatism against which “illuminate Morse” as he is now called, & his ecclesiastical & monarchical associates have been making such a hue and cry. Barruel’s own parts of the book are perfectly the ravings of a Bedlamite. But he quotes largely from Wishaupt whom he considers as the founder of what he calls the order. As you may not have had an opportunity of forming a judgment of this cry of “mad dog” which has been raised against his doctrines, I will give you the idea I have formed from only an hour’s reading of Barruel’s quotations from him, which you may be sure are not the most favorable. Based on what Jefferson is reading, and remember, both Barruel and the others are suspect on just WHO exactly they are quoting from, Baron Knigge or Weishaupt, because they deliberately blur that line – Jefferson is looking at the ideas that are being quoted when he says the following: Wishaupt seems to be an enthusiastic Philanthropist. He is among those (as you know the excellent Price and Priestley also are) who believe in the indefinite perfectibility of man. He thinks he may in time be rendered so perfect that he will be able to govern himself in every circumstance so as to injure none, to do all the good he can, to leave government no occasion to exercise their powers over him, & of course to render political government useless. This you know is Godwin’s doctrine, and this is what Robinson, Barruel & Morse had called a conspiracy against all government. Wishaupt believes that to promote this perfection of the human character was the object of Jesus Christ. That his intention was simply to reinstate natural religion, & by diffusing the light of his morality, to teach us to govern ourselves. His precepts are the love of god & love of our neighbor. And by teaching innocence of conduct, he expected to place men in their natural state of liberty & equality. He says, no one ever laid a surer foundation for liberty than our grand master, Jesus of Nazareth. He believes the Freemasons were originally possessed of the true principles & objects of Christianity, & have still preserved some of them by tradition, but much disfigured. The means he proposes to effect this improvement of human nature are “to enlighten men, to correct their morals & inspire them with benevolence. Secure of our success, says he, we abstain from violent commotions. To have foreseen, the happiness of posterity & to have prepared it by irreproachable means, suffices for our felicity. The tranquility of our consciences is not troubled by the reproach of aiming at the ruin or overthrow of states or thrones.” As Wishaupt lived under the tyranny of a despot & priests, he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information, & the principles of pure morality. He proposed therefore to lead the Free masons to adopt this object & to make the objects of their institution the diffusion of science & virtue. He proposed to initiate new members into his body by gradations proportioned to his fears of the thunderbolts of tyranny. This has given an air of mystery to his views, was the foundation of his banishment, the subversion of the masonic order, & is the colour for the ravings against him of Robinson, Barruel & Morse, whose real fears are that the craft would be endangered by the spreading of information, reason, & natural morality among men. This subject being new to me, I have imagined that if it be so to you also, you may receive the same satisfaction in seeing, which I have had in forming the analysis of it: & I believe you will think with me that if Wishaupt had written here, where no secrecy is necessary in our endeavors to render men wise & virtuous, he would not have thought of any secret machinery for that purpose. As Godwin, if he had written in Germany, might probably also have thought secrecy & mysticism prudent. I will say nothing to you on the late revolution of France, which is painfully interesting. Perhaps when we know more of the circumstances which gave rise to it, & the direction it will take, [Napoleon] Buonaparte, its chief organ, may stand in a better light than at present. I am with great esteem, dear sir, your affectionate friend.Thomas Jefferson to Reverend James Madison, January 31, 1800 – So Jefferson isn’t quite buying the Napoleon “liberation” propaganda. Ha.

1800 May 24 – Creating Crazy “parallels” to the Jeffersonian party setup moves to silence the REAL anti-Federalists – Mr. Callender. He was been hired to write inflammatory “anti-Federalist” pamphlets. One was called The Prospect Before Us, which led to his prosecution under the Sedition Act for maligning then-President John Adams. Samuel Chase had served on the Supreme Court since 1796. He presided over the trial. Callender was sentenced on May 24, 1800, to nine months in jail and a $200 fine.

1800 September – Just before Thomas Jefferson is going to run for President – Speaking of mad dogs – Abraham Bishop the PR-Positioned “crazed” and fanatical controlled opposition debunker of the Illuminati theory who accidentally (not really) discredits the very real truth he throws in the mix about the Federalists and the clergy. The Phi Beta Kappa Society of Yale College appointed Bishop its orator for the year 1800, in connection with the commencement exercises of the college, then held in the month of September. Exercising the traditional right of selecting his own subject, Bishop elected to prepare an oration on ”The Extent and Power of Political Delusion,” instead of writing on “broken glass, dried insects, petrifactions, or any such literary themes,” as he afterwards intimated the Federalists doubtless had expected.1 The labor of composition completed, Bishop showed his manuscript to the secretary of the society, only to be informed later that on account of the political character of his effort his appointment as orator had been rescinded by the society. Not to be routed by any such expert generalship on the part of the enemy, Bishop rallied his Democratic friends, procured a hall, and on the evening of the Phi Beta Kappa exercises, held forth in the presence of an audience of very gratifying proportions. 2 Robison and Barruel can deceive us no more. The sophistical work-shops of Satan have never been found: not one illuminatus major or minor has been discovered in America, though their names have been published, and though their existence here is as clearly proved as was their existence in Europe. 3 1 Connecticut Courant, Sept. 15, 1800. 2 Connecticut Republicanism. An Oration, etc., p. 39. 3 * Ibid., p. 43. But Bishop’s thought upon the subject of the Illuminati had not yet fully ripened. Bishop’s last effort surpassed all that he had previously achieved in the way of boldfaced and reckless assertion. Constant reiteration and an awkward effort to fashion his composition on the form that Robison and Barruel supplied him, gave to the pamphlet abundant suggestions of insincerity and political rant. The union of church and state in New England was presented as a constant, powerful, and efficient enemy against Christianity and the government of the United States. Thus the true Illuminatists were the political clergy and the Federalist leaders. The charge of infidel conspiracy brought against the Democrats a few years previous constituted nothing more nor less than a specious accusation brought forward “to prostrate the public mind.” Robison and Barruel were miserable mixtures of falsehood and folly. The Federalists were well aware of this when they launched their charge of infidel philosophy against Thomas Jefferson and the party that supported him, The Federalists were simply desperate. They were determined to go to any lengths to keep Jefferson out of the presidency. All their works were saturated with sacrilege and impiety. Their public fasts were kept for political purposes. Their cry, “The church is in danger!” was hollow and insincere. Their praise of the Federal administration had no other object than to effect the abasement of the Democrats. Their “Church and State Union” freely sacrificed the highest interests of religion and government to the cause of party. A more extended report of Bishop’s waspish and bitter harangue would neither strengthen his indictment nor elucidate his “proofs.” His pamphlet has significance only as an outburst of triumphant but still indignant New England Democracy as it reflected upon the exasperating obstacles which the opposition had thrust in its way as it had pressed forward to power. Nothing could be clearer than that the word “Illuminati” had lost all serious and exact significance and had become a term for politicians to conjure with; or if not that, to [my note: falsely] give point to the general charge of calloused villainy which Democrats lodged against Federalists at the turn of the eighteenth century.New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; starting p. 365. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.—No. That was not “democrats”. That’s why this guy showed up to position and agent-provocateur other Democrats into position with him as crazy etc. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t very true, every “waspish” word was totally deserved by these clutternut-heads who would do such a thing as to LIE like they did – Robison and Barruel. No matter. The slavemasters went too far this time ad…

1800 December 3 – Thomas Jefferson wins Presidential Election! The United States presidential election was the fourth presidential election. It was held from Friday, October 31 to Wednesday, December 3, 1800. Jefferson served two terms and made some very subtle moves that led to the demise of the Bank of the United States in an interesting way, including doing the one thing they didn’t want done – paying the debt WAY down.

1801 – James Callender tries to cause more trouble when he got out of jail in the spring of 1801, he expected President Jefferson to reward him for his work and his loyalty. He wanted Jefferson to give him the Richmond postmaster job but he did not get it. As Jefferson wrote, “I am really mortified at the base ingratitude of Callender. it presents human nature in a hideous form.”6

1801 March 3 – Snitty old Adams, on the last night of his Presidency, know what he did? Literally just before midnight, he appointed all enemies of Jefferson to his cabinet

What a baby!

1802 – President Jefferson was understandably alarmed at the seizure of power by the judiciary through the claim of exclusive judicial review. Jeffersonians repealed the Judiciary Act, abolishing the lower courts created by the legislation and terminating their Federalist judges, despite lifetime appointments.

1803 May – Reminder: Just 3 years earlier Mr. Callender was convicted by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase for Sedition because he maligned President John Adams. In a fit of total hypocrisy, Justice Chase (a slavemaster Igor through-and-through) gets caught telling a Baltimore Maryland grand jury that Republican policies would lead to “a Mobocracy, the worst of all possible governments.” – But it was worse than that. Know WHY he was on such an inauspicious rant? He objected to recent changes in Maryland law that gave more men the privilege of voting. Well, what the hell did he think a government for the people and by the people actually meant? And this man is a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE and can make rulings on consitutional law?

Do you see how our Justice System was sneakily corrupted right from the beginning?

Chase further exclaimed to the Grand Jury: Such changes as these advanced by Democratic-Republicans, would rapidly destroy all protection to property, and all security to personal liberty, and our Republican Constitution [would] sink into mobocracy, the worst of all possible governments.… The modern doctrines by our late reformers, that all men in a state of society are entitled to enjoy equal liberty and equal rights, have brought this mighty mischief upon us, and I fear that it will rapidly destroy progress, until peace and order, freedom and property shall be destroyed.

Chase sounds like the Pope Pius VI and the British nobility!!!

President Jefferson, recognizing the insanity going on here, wrote to a Jeffersonian congressman: should Chase’s “extraordinary” remarks “go unpunished?” —No, they should not.

Now. The Constitution gives the House the power to impeach, the Senate the power of trying and, on a two-thirds vote, removing from office. “All civil officers,” including the president, vice president, and federal judges, can be impeached for treason, bribery, or other “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

What does the term “high crimes and misdemeanors” mean? Most of the framers of the Constitution knew the phrase well, it was an English one. Since 1386, the English parliament had used “high crimes and misdemeanors” as one of the grounds to impeach officials of the crown. Officials accused of “high crimes and misdemeanors” were accused of offenses as varied as misappropriating government funds, appointing unfit subordinates, not prosecuting cases, not spending money allocated by Parliament, promoting themselves ahead of more deserving candidates, threatening a grand jury, disobeying an order from Parliament, arresting a man to keep him from running for Parliament, losing a ship by neglecting to moor it, helping “suppress petitions to the King to call a Parliament,” granting warrants without cause, and bribery. Some of these charges were crimes. Others were not. “High crimes and misdemeanors” is not, and has never been, limited to indictable criminality. The one common denominator in all these accusations was that the official had somehow abused the power of his office and was therefore was unfit to serve. (ref here)

That’s Chase alright. He’s influencing a dang Grand Jury with his political views.

A good example of the British putting the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” in action happened to be exactly when the Constitution framers were working on this part of the Constitution, the summer of 1787 – the commencement of impeachment proceedings against Warren Hastings, governor general of Bengal, India on just such grounds. Few if any of the charges against Hastings were indictable crimes, but that was immaterial to Edmund Burke, the principal parliamentary prosecutor of Hastings. He said the charges “were crimes, not against forms, but against those eternal laws of justice, which are our rule and our birthright: his offenses are not in formal, technical language, but in reality, in substance and effect, High Crimes and High Misdemeanors.”

Again, sounds just like Chase.

In my opinion, Chase should have been impeached just on the treason charge alone. Why? He was adhering to the covert enemies of the United States, and that’s what President Jefferson was looking at here.

The Constitution actually defines treason in Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

I can also guarantee you that Chase, was DIRTY and was “rewarded” – read BRIBED – to make things go certain people’s way his courts. Another impeachable offense.

For the more than 200 years since the Constitution was adopted, Congress has seriously considered impeachment only 18 times. Thirteen of these cases involved federal judges on charges of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

Do you see how long our highest court has been corrupt?

Since the U.S. wasn’t OPENLY “at war” with Britain, Treason would be the more difficult charge to prove, even though it was true. Sedition is generally defined as conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state or nation. That Samuel Chase was definitely doing.

Some people still like to talk about how Chase was “a Maryland patriot”. No, he wasn’t. He was an opportunist with no spine. He somehow managed to worm his way into being one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence – despite the fact that he was already showing his definitely Anti-American ideals. He had bullied Quakers because they wouldn’t take up arms and he had even tried to corner the flour market during a wartime shortage. REAL white guy, that one. He’d sell his mother if he thought it would get him money and/or fame and power.

In 1804 the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Chase on charges of misconduct and bias in the SEDITION cases and of seditious criticism of Jefferson in the 1803 Baltimore grand jury charge.

1804 January – the House formed a committee to consider Samuel Chase’s conduct. At year’s end, he was impeached for his conduct of the Callender trial, his comments to the grand jury, and other alleged offenses. If Chase went down, staunch Federalist Adams wrote in his diary, “the whole bench of the Supreme Court” would go next.

1804 March 10 – The House voted to impeach Chase on March 12, 1804, accusing Chase of refusing to dismiss biased jurors and of excluding or limiting defense witnesses in two politically sensitive cases. The trial managers (members of the House of Representatives) hoped to prove that Chase had “behaved in an arbitrary, oppressive, and unjust way by announcing his legal interpretation on the law of treason before defense counsel had been heard.” Highlighting the political nature of this case, the final article of impeachment accused the justice of continually promoting his political agenda on the bench, thereby “tending to prostitute the high judicial character with which he was invested, to the low purpose of an electioneering partizan.” The Slavemasters, realizing what is at stake here, got real busy and did what they always do – sneaking around behind-the-scenes and bribing and blackmailing House members and Senators, Jeffersonian or not. You can tell by what happened next.

1804 November 30 – For the third time in its brief history, the Senate began preparations for an impeachment trial of another Federal Judge. The Senate appointed a committee to “prepare and report proper rules of proceedings” for the impeachment trial.

1804 December 2 – Meanwhile…. Napoleon elected himself Emperor Napoleon.

1805 January 4 – in January 1805, the Senate consisted of 25 Jeffersonian Republicans and nine Federalists. Chase appeared before the members on January 4, 1805, to answer the charges. He declared that he was being tried for his political convictions rather than for any real crime or misdemeanor – that is a perfect example of a misrepresentation of the impeachment clause, trying to use LAWS that delineate crimes or misdemeanors which is NOT what “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” meant, and using his political convictions to incite rebellion against a President and the Constitution and Bill of Rights themselveves, from the bench is most definitely Sedition/Treason. Chase requested a one-month postponement to prepare a defense. The Senate agreed and the trial began in earnest on February 4.

1805 February 4 – The House’s lead prosecutor was a poor choice – Representative John Randolph (R-Virginia), 31. He was a cousin of Jefferson, but he was no lawyer. In a bizarre show demonstrating just how co-opted the Senate actually was by now, the Senate chamber was arranged to resemble the House of Lords!!!! Out went senators’ chairs, replaced by benches covered in crimson baize. Members of the House and ordinary spectators sat on benches covered in green. How weird and spooky is that.

1805 March 1 – The co-opted Senate acquitted Samuel Chase on all counts. A majority voted guilty on three of the eight articles, but on each article the vote fell far short of the two-thirds required for conviction – those were the Bribees. The Senate thereby effectively insulated the judiciary from further congressional attacks based on disapproval of judges’ opinions being used in court!

Effectively ensuring the continued corruption of our Supreme Court by British/Vatican shills.

I think Jefferson knew that would happen before this even began, but that it would leave a kind of marker, a trail of evidence of corruption of justice literally laying-in-wait for some future date for someone to notice and use. One which is coming, I assure you. I also think he was distracting the slavemasters from what he was REALLY up to getting done which he was just about – outlawing the slave trade, making sure the Bank of the United States would die and not be renewed, and quietly paying down the national debt.

What DID come out of this impeachment trial that is not so easy to find out there, is that Chase was, pun intended, suitably chastened. He was muzzled. He avoided controversy in his subsequent work on the Court. His near impeachment served as a warning both to him and to other justices to be careful in their choice of words while in office.

Here’s a good current example of a typically British/Vatican infected gloating about this trial. “Chase’s acquittal set an important precedent for the Court—no Supreme Court justice could be removed simply because of his or her political beliefs. … It was thus a step in the process of defining the independence of the Supreme Court as one of the three primary branches of U.S. government.”

As you can see, it was not “simply because of his or her political beliefs” – he was wielding these beliefs against witnesses, jurors, etc. and anyone who DISAGREED with his political views, including the President of the United States from the bench. THAT is abuse of power and is most definitely not justice.

We now have a corruptable politicized Supreme Court ruling on “what is constitutional” or not.

Jumping ahead a bit to show just how heinous this was –

When British/Vatican slavemasters pushed to have their Bank resinstated in 1816, various elements were so enraged, and correctly so, with the Second Bank that there were two attempts to have it struck down as unconstitutional. In McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) the Supreme Court voted 9-0 to uphold the Second Bank as constitutional. Chief Justice Marshall wrote “After the most deliberate consideration, it is the unanimous and decided opinion of this court that the act to incorporate the Bank of the United States is a law made in pursuance of the Constitution, and is part of the supreme law of the land” (Hixson, 117). The Court reaffirmed this opinion in a 1824 case Osborn v. Bank of the United States (Ibid, 14).

It was NOT constitutional, nor was it the “supreme law of the land” – that is a POLITICAL view backed by British/Vatican slavemasters. Gross. Just gross.

See why the slavemasters made sure that the Senate would be swung, to make sure Samuel Chase did not get impeached for USING his political views to set that “law of the land”?

1807 March 2 – meanwhile….President Jefferson had been laying low since 1785 on the slavery issue, but WHAM! Now he strikes and strikes hard. He gets the very first anti-slavery law through. Jefferson signed into law Pub.L. 9–2: the prohibition of “the importation of slaves into any port or place within the jurisdiction of the United States, from and after the first day of January, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight.” Yea!!! No more slaving into the U.S. Finally, the first step to eliminating slavery was now LAW.
For the British? Ouch. That really HURT the British coffers. Because…“In the decade between 1791 and 1800, British ships made about 1,340 voyages across the Atlantic, landing nearly 400,000 slaves. Between 1801 and 1807, they took a further 266,000. The slave trade was one of Britain’s most profitable businesses.

1807 – 3 weeks later, trying to look “enlightened” (while pissed off as hell at Jefferson) The British nobility made sure an Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade was approved by Parliament. It was NOT the same thing as what Jefferson did, in fact it was just a lip-service PR show. It supposedly was prohibiting the slave trade in the British Empire. It did not. Many of the supporters thought – read: were LIED TO – that the Act would lead to the end of slavery. Slavery remained legal in most of the British Empire all the way until the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833 – which itself was just MORE lip-service. See 1833.

Would it surprise you to know that just after Jefferson knocked the shit out of British slaving into the U.S….

1807 – The next conspiracy theory re-boot starts gearing up. The L’Aurore Naissante (Rising Sun) was formed in 1807, in Frankfurt, Germany. L’Aurore Naissante was a Scottish Rite of Freemasonry lodge, aka Rosicrucians. The lodge was a Brothers of Light sect operating under the symbol of the Nesilim double-headed eagle.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild had five sons. One was Saloman – he joined L’Aurore Naissante. L’Aurore Naissante was funded by the Rothschilds, and they were funded by Hesse-Kassel – The Nesilim Family. The lodge members included the various Jewish banking families in Frankfurt. Nathan Meyer Rothschild was voted the family patriarch, so the Rothschild International Banking Family is therefore directed out of London, rather than out of Germany.

The German Empire Falls – Operations shift to England.


William IX of Hesse-Kassel was a relative of the King of England. William IX returned to Germany when it was safe for him to do so. In December 1813, William IX entered into a Peace Treaty wherein he demanded a return of his lands, and that he have the title King of the Chatti. He was granted the land, but they would not agree to give him the title. Apparently, as far as they were concerned, the “King of the Nesilim” now resided in England…

1807 – That same year as Jefferson cut the British slave trade – Oh yea, the British are definitely pissed. They went right to trying to start a war. They started by resorting to an old-time practice of theirs—arrogantly seizing U.S. sailors on American ships (a young Andrew Jackson being one of them, he was brutally treated, making him their enemy for life) and forcing them to serve in the British navy. If this was not bad enough, the British made a bold assault on an American ship only a few miles from U.S. shores. In 1807, the British H.M.S. Leopard opened fire on the U.S.S. Chesapeake because the latter refused to submit to a search for British deserters. The British killed three sailors, boarded the ship and dragged off four alleged deserters. Public opinion in the United States was so angered by British violations of U.S. neutrality rights that Jefferson feared he might force him to declare war against Great Britain. Rather than go to war, Jefferson was willing to forsake neutrality rights and international trade.

1807 – President Jefferson announced a new U.S. policy—a total prohibition on trade with every foreign country.

1808 March 28 and April 20 – During Thomas Jefferson’s term as President there were three ways his administration dealt with the slavemasters Bank of the United States. The first is that he reduced the national debt from $87 million to $50 million. The #1 thing the slavemasters hate is when a country etc. takes away their leverage – aka paying off their debts. The second has to do with when the Bank tried to get its charter extended (it was due to expire in 1811). In 1808, the Bank’s shareholders asked Congress to extend the charter. It gets referred to Secretary Gallatin for an opinion, who stalls for almost a year. The third has to do with that under Jefferson, America’s economy was on an upswing, even despite attempts to upset it by the British shills and others towards the end of his presidency, the economy managed a “substantial recovery” until 1812.

1809 March 3 – One day before Jefferson’s term as president ended – the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin recommended renewing the Bank’s charter. On March 3, 1809 Gallatin communicated his beliefs to the House that the Bank charter should be renewed. The Jeffersonians in Congress accidentally-on-purpose did absolutely nothing with it for more than six months.

1809 March 4 – Jefferson’s Presidency ends.

1809 March 4 – Thomas Jefferson’s protege’ – James Madison – is now President.

1809 – the British, the City of London, there was war brewing. Jeffersonians had just refused (and were still refusing) to do anything with the renewal of the Bank of the United States. Thomas Jefferson knew about the City of London types. If the British ministry are changing their policy towards us, it is because their nation, or rather the city of London, which is the nation to them, is shaking as usual, by the late reverses in Spain. I have for some time been persuaded that the government of England was systematically decided to claim a dominion of the sea, and to levy contributions on all nations, by their licenses to navigate, in order to maintain that dominion to which their own resources are inadequate. The mobs of their cities are unprincipled enough to support this policy in prosperous times, but change with the tide of fortune, and the ministers to keep their places, change with them. — To President Madison, v, 442. Ford ed., ix, 251. (M., April 1809.) Jefferson Cyclopedia page 662

The British were now fostering pirating of American ships as yet another of their slippy-sneaky vengeance schemes.

They just don’t get it…there is no sneaking up on a “One”.

I sincerely wish the British orders may be repealed. If they are it will be because the nation will not otherwise let the ministers keep their places. Their object has unquestionably been fixed to establish the Algerine system, and to maintain their possession of the ocean by a system of piracy against all nations. — To Colonel Larkin Smith, v, 441. (M.. April 1809.) Jefferson Cyclopedia

1810 January 29 – Congress allows a quick reading of the Bank of United States RENEWAL idea for Committee debate.

1810 February 19 – the committee recommended in favor of renewing the charter and sent the bill to the floor of the House.

1810 April 13 – Floor debate opened and the Jeffersonians stopped the bill dead in its tracks.

1810 Friday the 13th, April – Bank Renewal Bill killed on the House Floor –

Key Points:

Opponents charged:

  • three-fourths of the ownership of the stock was held by foreigners
  • Bank was under their direct influence


  • -Foreigners -…Revolutionary war we obtained foreign capital (Dutch and French) to aid us
  • Since Government credit was still weak, the Treasury resorted to selling shares of its Bank stock. The sales began in 1796 and ended in 1802.
  • -The assignable character of the stock is a quality conferred not for the benefit of foreigners, but for that of our own citizens. And the fact of its being transferred to them [the foreigners] is the effect of the balance of trade being against us.
  • …asks what would have been the condition of this country if, during the late war,[Britain] this bank had existed, with such an interest in it as foreigners now hold?
  • the interest of foreigners, British subjects especially

Countering charges by saying:

-foreigners were prohibited from electing directors (my note: so what, as stock holders they can VOTE, and threaten to pull their money)

Opponents also charged:

  • the Bank was concealing profits
  • operating in a mysterious fashion
  • unconstitutional
  • simply a tool for loaning money to the Government.proven, see 1791 entries – first thing done was to get US further in debt so could later Force sale of Treasury stock

1810 – British/Vatican slavemaster Banker Rothschild’s agent – Nicholas Biddle now weasels himself into the Pennsylvania state legislature [House of Representatives] – does a bill re “common” – as in common people – education.

1810 December 10 – Stockholders resubmitted the bill. Alexander Hamilton was dead — killed in a duel with Aaron Burr — and his pro-Bank Federalist Party was out of power, while the Democratic-Republican Party – Jefferson’s party – was in control.

1811 – enter the traitorous British shill – who was actually a “whig” does the first move to split Jefferson’s party into just “republican” and lay the foundations for the Civil WarHenry Clay. The Whig political party (patterned on the British party favoring Priests-and-Kings rule the world) favored the bankers, it was this that became the later “Republican” party. Reminder: Alexander Hamilton, the British shill who got the Bank of the United States put there in the first place, referred to his faction as the Federalist Party. Jefferson and others created the Democratic-Republicans, which they sometimes referred to in shorthand as simply Republicans. Once Henry Clay started redefining the term “republican” to mean he and his British-loving rule-the-world people – Jeffersonians switched their short-hand reference of their party, the Democratic-Republican party, to be referred to as the “democratic party” or democrats. During the Presidential election campaign of Andrew Jackson in 1828, things became temporarily more clear – the Jeffersonian followers that Jackson represented held the first national convention of the Democratic Party – which meant Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican Party. Henry Clay was now openly calling himself “the Whig Party” and running for President – a clear attack on the very nature of the United States and what it was created for. Until 1860 the Democrats (Democratic-Republicans) won all the Presidential elections, except those of 1840 and 1848. The British rule-the-world people retired the Whig Party in 1852 and presented a new political party called the Republican Party. The new Republican Party was pro-bank and pro-British interests but presented itself to the public on an anti-slavery platform. Now we have the Democratic Party versus the Republican Party. The irony of splitting America’s foundations, Jefferson’s party in two at the same time as electing a President who would split the country in two with American’s civil war is utterly horrendous. The Presidential election of 1860 was the exact point that the slavemasters would take control of United States government so that they could go directly to the civil war that they had planned for the last 30 years. —So way back here in 1811 is when that move actually first began, using Henry Clay. Henry pretended to be Jeffersonian, call it an intelligence cover. Congress met and elected Henry Clay of Kentucky as its Speaker. Clay was the outspoken leader of a group of Congressmen representing Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, known as “War Hawks.” One of their objectives was to invade Canada and make it part of the United States. They also intended to defeat the Native Americans in the Ohio River Valley whose attacks on Americans settlers were blamed on Great Britain. Supposedly by clearing the British out of Canada, the War Hawks expected to stop border raids and expand U.S. boundaries northward.

1811 January 24 and February 20 – Despite an intense three-month debate, The Bank Renewal bill was defeated again in the House by a 65 to 64 margin, Henry Clay, still building his cover votes AGAINST the re-chartering of the First Bank of the United States. He got caught on this duplicity of gaining the trust of others so he could USE IT LATER to force the Bank through and later tried to say: “I voted, 1811, against the old bank of the United States, and I delivered, on that occasion, a speech, in which, among other reasons, I assigned that of its being unconstitutional….In 1811, I believed a bank of the United States not necessary, and that a safe reliance might be placed on the local banks, in the administration of the fiscal affairs of the government. The war taught us many lessons, and among others demonstrated the necessity of the bank of the United States, to the successful operations of the government.” (Henry Clay speech about Jackson 1832 veto of bank bill, Transcribed by Carolyn Sims and reverse order proofed by Lloyd Benson from Calvin Colton, ed., The Works of Henry Clay, (New York, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904), vol. VII, 523-535.)

1811 February 20 – the Senate is dead-locked on the Bank Bill. Guess Biddle and friends couldn’t blackmail or bribe enough Jeffersonians. Good.

1811 April – Vice-President Clinton broke the tie with a negative vote. The bill was now completely dead – and so was the Bank. Thomas Jefferson and friends had won.

1811 25 February – end date of charter of First Bank of the United States

1811 March 3 – Bank of the United States closed its doors.

1811 November – Now Henry Clay starts revealing his true role, he helps Britain retaliate against the U.S. shutting down the bank. As one of War Hawks leaders – demands US go to war against Great Britain for “american honor to be saved” by “invasion of Canada”. This is all part of a move to “prove the need” for the Bank. Among the”War Hawks” war-mongering leaders were John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, Henry Clay of Kentucky, and Felix Grundy of Tennessee. They argued that American honor could be saved and British policies changed by an invasion of Canada. In a nice Dyarchial show, (meaning both sides are controlled here) the FEDERALIST PARTY “opposed” war.

1812 – The City Bank established in New York. Merchant Bank….in same room as the defunct Bank of the United States…same basic stockholders. George Lippard immortalized President AndrewJackson (a Jeffersonian who took down the Second Bank of the United States) in his book THE NAZARENES, or, The Last of the Washingtons, written in 1854. Lippard had quite the wicked satirical sense of humor. In his dedication of the book he writes: To Stephen Girard, then, the unblemished banker, the honorable laborer, the pure Philanthropist, the Disciple of Jesus, without a creed, the Benefactor of future ages, THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED… Stephen Girard – now there’s a subject. There is a lovely book from 1943 that does a fine job going into interesting details of his history. But for now, the short form is that he is who bought up all the stock of the First Bank of the United States, turns around and opens his own private bank to escape the legal regulations, then from that “private bank” LOANS the U.S. money to fight the war it is having to fight as punishment for voting out the First Bank! Worse, he then becomes a Director of the Second Bank that was, of course, immediately brought into being after America was “taught a lesson” in the War of 1812. I think you can see, with just that bit of information, just how wicked Lippard’s pen was in that dedication. Impressive actually.

1812 June 18 – And how did the slavemasters retaliate for Jefferson paying off almost half the debt and the bank being shut down? The War of 1812. From this, forcing the U.S. massively back into debt to defend itself in this war, you can see just how much they hate not having debt to exert control with. A great number of historical records were destroyed under the British torches during the war of 1812 (part of the main point of that war) including Patrick Henry’s original speech that he gave at the House of Burgesses before it was shut down by the British. It was Henry Clay and his “Hawks,” who pressured President Madison for a declaration of war against Great Britain, which was granted but it was Stephen Girard and the other directors of the closed Bank of the United States and THEIR British/Vatican masters that were pushing Henry Clay behind-the-scenes. This was the set-up move to revivify the Bank of the United States by putting the U.S. back more in debt than Jefferson had just paid it down to. Following the War of 1812, controlled opposition “Jeffersonian Republicans” (they were not) led by Congressman Henry Clay, rechartered the Bank for another twenty years.

1813 April – Six major stockholders of the closed Bank of the United States, John Jacob Astor, David Parish, and Stephen Girard met with Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin, who “desperately needed funds to continue the war.” As a result of this meeting, Astor, Girard, and Parish agreed to buy $9 million in government securities using Girard’s “City Bank” as the flow-through point. — Let’s have a look at who some of these men are. George Lippard immortalized President Andrew Jackson (a Jeffersonian who took down the Second Bank of the United States) in his book THE NAZARENES, or, The Last of the Washingtons, written in 1854. Lippard had quite the wicked satirical sense of humor. In his dedication of the book he writes: To Stephen Girard, then, the unblemished banker, the honorable laborer, the pure Philanthropist, the Disciple of Jesus, without a creed, the Benefactor of future ages, THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED… There is a lovely book from 1943 that does a fine job going into interesting details of his history. But for now, the short form is that he is who bought up all the stock of the First Bank of the United States, turns around and opens his own private bank to escape the legal regulations, then from that “private bank” LOANS the U.S. money to fight the war it is having to fight as punishment for voting out the First Bank! Worse, he then becomes a Director of the Second Bank that was, of course, immediately brought into being after America was “taught a lesson” in the War of 1812. I think you can see, with just that bit of information, just how wicked Lippard’s pen was in that dedication. Impressive actually. Of course, in exchange, these men started immediately pressing for a “new” Bank of the United States.

1813 November 6 – You can tell Thomas Jefferson knows about all these sneaky shenanigans by the bankers. Look at what he wrote: After the solemn decision of Congress against the renewal of the charter of the bank of the United States, and the grounds of that decision, (the want of constitutional power,) I had imagined that question at rest, and that no more applications would be made to them for the incorporation of banks. The scheme is for Congress to establish a national bank…paying six percent on twenty millions and receiving seven per cent on ten millions…they will, in fact, have to pay but five per cent interest. This is the bait. …This state of things is to be fastened on us, without the power of relief, for forty or fifty years. That is to say, the eight millions of people now existing, for the sake of receiving one dollar and twenty-five cents apiece, at fiver percent., interest, are to subject the fifty millions of people who are to succeed them within that term, to the payment of forty-five millions of dollars, principal and interest, which will be payable in the course of the fifty years…That our debt was juggled from forty three up to eight millions…according to this opinion “A public debt is a public blessing” – was a great public blessing…When I speak comparatively of the paper emission of the old Congress and the present banks, let it not be imagined that I cover them under the same mantle. The object of the former was a holy one; for if ever there was a holy war, it was that which saved our liberties and gave us independence. The object of the latter, is to enrich swindlers at the expense of the honest and industrious part of the nation. (The Writings of Thomas Jefferson: 1807-1815)

1814 – Nicholas Biddle (Rothschild/City of London puppet and future president of the Second Bank of the United States) moves up to the Pennsylvania state senate where – Big Surprise – he lobbied for recharter of the Second Bank.

1814 January – Six men figured prominently in establishing the second Bank of the United States (commonly called the Second Bank): financiers John Jacob Astor, David Parish, Stephen Girard, and Jacob Barker; Alexander Dallas, who would become Secretary of the Treasury in 1814; and Representative John C. Calhoun of South Carolina. By early 1814, these three men, as well as Barker, Dallas, and Calhoun, were convinced that re-establishing a national bank was the only way to raise war finances, stabilize the currency, and increase the value of government issues of debt.In January 1814, Congress received a petition signed by 150 businessmen from New York City, urging the legislative body to create a second national bank.

1814 February – the traitorous (to America) John C. Calhoun put forth a plan to create a bank that would be headquartered in the District of Columbia. The bill didn’t pass.

1814 March – Alexander Dallas was named Secretary of the Treasury. He immediately raised taxes and pushed for a national bank.

1814 April – In April 1814, President Madison, who had opposed the creation of the first Bank of the United States in 1791, reluctantly admitted to the need for another national bank. That same month, a congressman from Tennessee proposed a motion in the House to establish a committee that would look into the issue of a national bank. But rumors that England wanted peace led Madison to withdraw his support for the bank. President Madison believed that a bank was necessary only to finance the war. Congress voted to indefinitely postpone a vote on the national bank and refused to consider the question for the rest of that session.

1814 August 7 – In case you were wondering, the Jesuits did get restored as an Order again officially in 1814 by Pius VII. He fully revoked the Brief of Clement XIV. Pope Pius VII wrote a bull called: Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum on August 7, 1814. He re-established the Society of Jesus specifically to have it going in Russia, but we also see another mention of Clement IV’s “suppression” of the Jesuits. 1. The government of all the Churches entrusted by God to Our humility, though insufficient to merit and strength, obliges us to put in place all the means in our power and that we are given succor by Divine Providence in order appropriately to the needs spiritual of the Christian world, as it involve the many and varied vicissitudes of time and place, without distinction of peoples and nations. 2. Wishing to satisfy the duty of our pastoral office, so soon as the living then Francesco Kareu, and other secular priests living for many years in the vast Russian Empire, and a time aggregated to the Society of Jesus, Clement XIV suppressed by our predecessor of happy memory We presented their prayers with which pleaded with Our authorization to remain united in one body, in order, according to their institute, more easily work in educating youth in the things of the Faith, and raise it to good morals, exercise the office of preaching, hearing confessions and administering the other sacraments, We thought We should adhere to their demands, the more willingly because the Emperor Paul the First, then reigning There had strongly recommended such priests with a letter of his very human ’11 August 1800, addressed to Us, in which, meaning the singular his benevolence towards them, declared that it would be appreciated if, for the good of the Catholics of his empire, the Society of Jesus was established there by Our authority. Therefore we grant and we agree to his son Thaddeus Borzozowski beloved priest, the current General Superior of the Society of Jesus, and the other from him legitimately deputies, all the necessary and appropriate faculties, to our pleasure and of the Apostolic See, to be able to admit and aggregate freely and lawfully in all these States and Governments all those who ask to be admitted and aggregates Order Regular of the Society of Jesus who, united in one or more houses, in one or more colleges, in one or more provinces, and distributed according to the need of the circumstances under obedience to the Superior general for the time being, their way of life conform to the requirements of the Rule of St. Ignatius of Loyola, approved and confirmed by the Apostolic Constitutions of Paul III. We allow again and declare that to wait to educate youth in the rudiments of the Catholic religion and to train them in good morals, is legitimate for them to freely and lawfully hold seminaries and colleges, and with the consent and approval of the Ordinaries of the places where they happen to stay, to hear confessions, preach the word of God and administer the Sacraments. Then all the colleges, houses, provinces and Members thus united way, and that in the future will unite and aggregheranno, We receive them since this time under the immediate protection, defense and obedience Nostra, and this Apostolic See, reserving to us, and to the Roman Pontiffs Our Successors him determine and prescribe those things, you will find it convenient to establish and prescribe for further consolidation, to arm and to purge the Company by those abuses, that perchance they were intruders, which God forbid. So, the RUSSIAN Jesuits had the Emperor of Russia ask for the Society of Jesus to be re-instated and the Pope agreed! But see that name Thaddeus Borzozowski ? He had just effectively been made the head of the entire Jesuit society.

1814 – Fall – Jackson comes to New Orleans to help protect them from the British – meanwhile the British get readyIn late 1814 New Orleans was home to a population of French, Spanish, African, Anglo and Creole peoples dedicated to pursuing economic opportunism and the joys of life. It also occupied a strategic place on the map. Located just 100 miles upstream from the mouth of the Mississippi River, the Crescent City offered a tempting prize to a British military still buoyant over the burning of Washington, D.C. To capture the city, Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane fitted out a naval flotilla of more than 50 ships to transport 10,000 veteran troops from Jamaica. They were led by Sir Edward Pakenham, the 37-year-old brother-in-law of the Duke of Wellington and a much-decorated general officer. For protection, the citizens of southern Louisiana looked to Major General Andrew Jackson, known to his men as “Old Hickory.” Jackson arrived in new Orleans in the late fall of 1814 and quickly prepared defenses along the city’s many avenues of approach.

1814 December – When Congress reconvened in December 1815, Madison urged its members to tackle the question of a uniform currency. State banks had stopped redeeming their notes, mostly because of a lack of specie. Madison felt that the time had come for Congress to move the country toward a more uniform paper currency. Dallas agreed and again pushes for a national bank in his annual report “a national bank would be the best and perhaps the only adequate resource to relieve the country and the government from the present embarrassments.” Embarassments? Oh brother.

1814The War of 1812 ended on Christmas Eve, 1814, with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent. However, given the lack of swift communications in those days, it would be several weeks before news of the treaty reached U.S. shores.

1815 January 8 – Unaware that England and her former colonies were once again at peace, Major General Andrew Jackson led his troops against the British army just outside of New Orleans in January 1815. Jackson and his men defeated the British, and the Battle of New Orleans made the military man a national hero. Pakenham decided to cross the Mississippi downstream with a strong force and overwhelm Jackson’s thin line of defenders on the river bank opposite the Rodriguez Canal. Once these redcoats were in position to pour flank fire across the river, heavy columns would assault each flank of the American line, then pursue the insolent defenders six miles into the heart of New Orleans. Units carrying fascines — bundled sticks used to construct fortifications — and ladders to bridge the ditch and scale the ramparts would precede the attack, which would begin at dawn January 8 to take advantage of the early morning fog. It was a solid plan in conception, but flawed in execution. The force on the west bank was delayed crossing the river and did not reach its goal until well after dawn. Deprived of their misty cover, the main British columns had no choice but to advance across the open fields toward the Americans, who waited expectantly behind their mud and cotton-bale barricades. To make matters worse, the British forgot their ladders and fascines, so they had no easy means to close with the protected Americans. Never has a more polyglot army fought under the Stars and Stripes than did Jackson’s force at the Battle of New Orleans. In addition to his regular U.S. Army units, Jackson counted on dandy New Orleans militia, a sizable contingent of black former Haitian slaves fighting as free men of color, Kentucky and Tennessee frontiersmen armed with deadly long rifles and a colorful band of Jean Lafitte’s outlaws, whose men Jackson had once disdained as “hellish banditti.” This hodgepodge of 4,000 soldiers, crammed behind narrow fortifications, faced more than twice their number. Pakenham’s “big plan” was doomed from the beginning. His men made perfect targets as they marched precisely across a quarter mile of open ground. Hardened veterans of the Peninsular Campaign in Spain fell by the score, including nearly 80 percent of a splendid Scottish Highlander unit that tried to march obliquely across the American front. Both of Pakenham’s senior generals were shot early in the battle, and the commander himself suffered two wounds before a shell severed an artery in his leg, killing him in minutes. His successor wisely disobeyed Pakenham’s dying instructions to continue the attack and pulled the British survivors off the field. More than 2,000 British had been killed or wounded and several hundred more were captured. The American loss was eight killed and 13 wounded. Jackson’s victory had saved New Orleans and filled the United States with national pride for having inflicted such a decisive defeat on the British. —An orator, the year of Jackson’s death, praised his ability to “grasp…conclusions which other men reach by philosophical detail.” The Washington Correspondent of The New York Times in 1834, tried to describe this quality of Jackson’s: There is a mysterious light which directs his intellect, which baffles all speculation upon philosophy of mind and the channels through which conclusions are reached without the aide of that mental operation which can alone shed light, upon the pathway of research. He arrives at conclusions with a rapidity which proves that his process is not through the tardy avenues of syllogism, nor over the beaten track of analysis, or the hackneyed walk of logical induction. For, whilst, other minds, vigorous and cultivated, are pursuing these routes, he leaves them in the distance, and reaches his object in much less time, and with not less accuracy. His mind seems to be clogged by no forms, but goes with the lightning’s flash and illuminates its own pathway. As you can imagine, this battle in it’s recounting was no legend, this was REAL. It was the stuff that fabricated British and Vatican legends wish they could have been the truth of. James Parton, writer of a 3 volume biography about Jackson wrote that: “The will of one man, Andrew Jackson….carried the day against the assembled talent and the interested capital of the country.” Based on his view of Jackson, Parton formed a motto for his three volume biography of Jackson. “Desperate Courage Makes One a Majority.” – Later on, the slavemasters, in a typical 180 of the truth, printed much propaganda using Bank Dollars trying to portray Jackson as “weak-willed”, a “weakling led by advisers who are goading him on.” Does the Battle of New Orleans sound like it was accomplished by a weak-willed man? Of course not, that was the slavemasters biggest problem. He was better than them in just about everything, it was not arrogance. Slavemasters, who literally wrote the book on arrogance, will ALWAYS do this type of tactic, while of course, accusing their target of 180ing the truth about them.

1815 – African-American Quaker and maritime entrepreneur Paul Cuffee (or Cuffe) financed and captained a successful voyage to Sierra Leone where he helped a small group of African-American immigrants establish themselves. Cuffee believed that African Americans could more easily “rise to be a people” in Africa than in America with its system of slavery and its legislated limits on black freedom. Cuffee also envisioned a black trade network organized by Westernized blacks who would return to Africa to develop its resources while educating its people in the skills they had gained during captivity. Cuffee died in 1817 without fully realizing his dream.

1815 – As planned, The War of 1812 had left the U.S. with an even more formidable debt. By 1814, exports had declined to $7 million (compared with $61 million in 1811) and imports to $13 million (compared with $53 million in 1811).

1816 – And here comes slavemaster agent Henry Clay again, as Speaker of the House, later trying to explain his duplicitous actions towards NOW pushing for a new Bank of the United States. “In 1816, being Speaker of the House of Representatives, it was perfectly in my power to have said nothing and done nothing, and thus have concealed the change of opinion my mind had undergone…” Clay was dutifully propagandizing left, right and center, that another national bank would again provide relief for the country’s ailing economy and help in paying its war debt.

1816 – But at the end of January 1816, true Jeffersonian President Madison tries to hold the line against these oppurtunistic “swindlers” – as Jefferson called them – and Madison vetoed yet another bank bill that had been passed by both chambers of Congress.

1816 – First and Second Bank of the United States slavemaster banker John Jacob Astor joins Opium smuggling, using his American Fur Company purchases 10 tons of Turkish Opium and ships it to Canton on the Packet Ship, Macedonian…later sells only to England.

1816 February – Henry Clay speaker of House..Taking up the question once again in February, the House of Representatives considered still another bill to create a national bank. Finally, after more debate, the measure passed. The Senate followed suit, passing the bill, but with amendments to which the House agreed.

1816 – Nicholas Biddle on the move – Britain wants a piece – Henry Clay does public speech now PRO bank, proposes “solution for National Bank” – votes FOR it this time – Key Background from later speech by Clay reveals: “During our revolutionary war we obtained foreign capital (Dutch and French) to aid us. During the late war American stock was sent to Europe to sell; and if I am not misinformed, to Liverpool. The question does not depend upon the place whence the capital is obtained, but the advantageous use of it. Oh, doesn’t it? (sarcastically speaking) The senator from Tennessee (Mr. White), asks what would have been the condition of this country if, during the late war, this bank had existed, with such an interest in it as foreigners now hold? I will tell him. We should have avoided many of the disasters of that war, perhaps those of Detroit and at this place. The government would have possessed ample means for its vigorous prosecution; and the interest of foreigners, British subjects especially, would have operated upon them, not upon us. (Clay speech 1832 on veto of Bank recharter)

Key Clay current reasons “why” a new Bank of the United States – these were all FED TO HIM.

  • The war and the fatal experience of its disastrous events had changed me
  • The war taught us many lessons
  • demonstrated the necessity of the bank of the United States, to the successful operations of the government.
  • A general suspension of specie payments had taken place
  • three hundred banking institutions…under no direct control of the general government, and subject to no actual responsibility to the State authorities
  • emitting the actual currency of the United States…paper, on which they neither paid interest or principal…exchanged for the paper of the community, on which both were paid
  • these institutions…exercising…one of the highest attributes of sovereignty — the regulation of the current medium of the country
  • no longer competent to assist the treasury in…collection, deposit, or distribution of the public revenues.
  • the paper which they emitted, …was constantly obstructing the operations of that department;
  • ruinous and arbitrary brokerage.
  • Every man who paid to or received from the government, paid or received as much less than he ought to have done, difference between the medium…and specie.
  • Taxes were no longer uniform.

Clay inadvertently revealed another point of the war. “…If the researches of the senator had carried him a little further, he would, by turning over a few more leaves of the same book from which he read my speech, have found that which I made in 1816, in support of the present bank. By the reasons assigned in it for the change of my opinion, I am ready to abide in the judgment of the present generation and of posterity. In 1816, being Speaker of the House of Representatives, it was perfectly in my power to have said nothing and done nothing, and thus have concealed the change of opinion my mind had undergone. But I did not choose to remain silent and escape responsibility. I choose publicly to avow my actual conversion. The war and the fatal experience of its disastrous events had changed me. Mr. Madison, Governor Pleasants, and almost all the public men around me, my political friends, had changed their opinions from the same causes.”

1816 April 10 – Despite opposition from actual Jeffersonian Republicans led by John Randolph of Roanoke, who saw the revival of a national bank as purely Hamiltonian and a threat to state sovereignty – which it was – strong support from nationalists such as in-the-bankers-pocket John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay, the recharter bill for the Second Bank of the United States signed into law by Madison. The Second Bank of the United States was given considerable powers and privileges under its charter. Its headquarters was established in Philadelphia, but it could create branches anywhere. It enjoyed the exclusive right to conduct banking on a national basis. It transferred Treasury funds without charge. The federal government purchased a fifth of the Bank’s stock, appointed a fifth of its directors, and deposited its funds in the Bank. B.U.S. notes were receivable for federal bonds. So yet again, a City of London slavemaster controlled bank was operating in our country that we had no real power to control.

1817 January – The Second Bank opened for business in Philadelphia in January 1817. The bank had much in common with its forerunner. Like the First Bank, it was originally housed in Carpenters’ Hall on Chestnut Street. Four thousand private investors held 80% of the bank’s capital, including one thousand Europeans. The bulk of the stocks were held by a few hundred wealthy Americans. It was the largest monied corporation in the world. Within 2 years? They would flex their disaster-causing ability upon the United States.

1818 – After 50 years of wars they started – British East India Trading Company now in control of most of South India – The Anglo-Mysore Wars of 1766 to 1799 and the Anglo-Maratha Wars of 1772 to 1818 put the Company in control of most of India south of the Sutlej River.

1818 – [to 1848] – Nathan Mayer Rothschild begins doing loans and refunding operations which became chief enterprises

1819 REVENGE – The slavemaster Bank of the United States flexes their disaster-causing ability upon the United States. Often described as the first major financial crisis in the U.S., this panic was part of a worldwide crisis. In the U.S. the panic had its roots in the Second Bank’s operations. The bank had extended a large number of loans shortly after it opened. But as an increasing trade deficit led to an outflow of specie, the bank had to contract its lending and extensions of credit. This credit contraction led, in turn, to bankruptcies. Foreclosures, bank failures, a drop in real estate prices, and a slump in agriculture and manufacturing ensued. Slavemasters BUY UP U.S. PROPERTY as a result. The people began demanding more limited Jeffersonian government, especially after revelations of fraud within the Bank and its attempts to influence elections.

1819 – now the CORRUPT SUPREME COURT comes into play. In Kentucky, where in 1817 the state legislature chartered forty banks, with notes redeemable to the Bank of Kentucky. Inflation soon rose and the Kentucky Bank became in debt to the National Bank. Several states, including Kentucky, fed up with debt owed to the Bank and widespread corruption, laid taxes on the National Bank in order to force it out of existence. In McCulloch v. Maryland (1819), the Supreme Court ruled that the Bank was both constitutional and that, as an agent of the federal government, it could not be taxed. Even though it ws corrupt as hell and influencing elections.

1820 – Emperor Daoguang reign in China – opium up to more than 30,000 boxes now – makes many edicts against opium through 1820’s and 30’s….

1820 – Joseph Smith claims he was visited by the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Smith then founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – the Mormons.

1823 – Nicholas Biddle is now the President of Second United States Bank – age 37. Biddle believed that the Bank had the right to operate independently from Congress and the Executive, writing that “no officer of the Government, from the President downwards, has the least right, the least authority” to meddle “in the concerns of the Bank”.

1824 – A German book does a kind of Illuminati reboot. Brings out the idea that there was this group of Spanish mystics that referred to themselves as Illuminati and they were hauled into the Spanish Inquisition in 1524. A woman, Isabella de Cruce of Toledo is mentioned as representative of their quietist/ascetic teachings and their enthusiastic striving for “divine inspirations and revelations“. A document from the Spanish Inquisition dated January 28, 1558 (which is over 30 years later) mentions the following heretical teachings as characteristic of the Illuminati: “Only inward prayer is well-pleasing to God and meritorious, not external prayer with the lips. The confessors who impose outward acts of repentance are not to be obeyed; the true servants of God are superior to such discipline and have no need of meritorious works in the common sense; the contortions, convulsions, and faintings, which accompany their inner devotion, are to them sufficient tokens of the divine grace. In the state of perfection the secret of the Holy Trinity is beheld while here below, and all that should be done or left undone is communicated directly by the Holy Spirit. When perfection is attained it is no longer necessary to look to images of the saints, or to hear sermons or religious conversations of the common kind” – Book Geshicte der spanishen Inquisition Stuttgart, 1824 pp 3-4.

1824 – Andrew Jackson runs for President – wins popular vote but lost in the Electoral College – Nicholas Biddle puppet John Quincy Adams gets elected It was a particularly dirty contest, as Adams’ backers strove to undercut Jackson’s appeal in any way possible. Their tactics included ridiculing his lack of education and accusing him of everything from blasphemy to land frauds and murder. They even resurrected allegations that Rachel Jackson had been a bigamist and adulteress. Jackson was prevented from becoming President in 1824 under a cloud of spurious activities on the part of Anglophiles.

1824 December approx – Jackson’s supporters begin 4 year campaign to get him elected in 1828 as President

1825 – In another fit of revenge that Jackson almost got elected to President, the slavemasters cause another financial panic to punish Americans, triggered by a stock market crash due to speculative investments in Latin America, leading to a decline in economic activity in the U.S.

1826 – Thomas Jefferson died on the Fourth of July, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the same day as John Adams’ death. The slavemasters had worked hard to ruin Jefferson after what he did to them during his presidency. When he died, he was deep in debt and all of his possessions were sold at an auction on Monticello. One has to wonder what documents and letters of his went “missing” because of this.

1828Andrew Jackson was President of America, and due to his clear adherence to the principles and founding sentiments concerning the British (Thomas Jefferson) and his commitment to an anti-bank platform, Jackson won by a landslide in 1828, and again in 1832. The whole time that he was President, he was systematically and inexorably engaged in taking down the Cecil Bloc choke-holds. Holds that had been ever so carefully (and stealthily) placed around the throat of the young nation. Starting, with tearing down the Merchants bank (British Cecil-Bloc bankers) called the Bank of the United States and finishing up with making America debt-free for the only time in its history. Jackson was the only president besides Jefferson to operate on the principle that the people themselves should decide public policy, and that government derived all its powers from the will of the people. Jackson worked for the interests of the people, instead of the interests of international bankers. (Scientology Roots, M. McClaughry) Nicholas Biddle used the Bank of the United States to cause a depression after Jackson was elected. This was to punish the people who voted for Jackson.

1829 March – after the grim depression winter (caused by Biddle because of Jackson’s election), Jackson’s first target was the Bank. So, a group of Philadelphia working men called a meeting opposed to the chartering of any more new banks and they appointed a committee of intellectuals and economists to draw up a report on the banking system. A week later the committee pronounced its verdict on the paper money system. George Lippard immortalized Jackson in his book THE NAZARENES, or, The Last of the Washingtons, written in 1854. In a chapter entitled The Bank President, Lippard wrote that when the proponents of the bank came to meet him (this is the same group that is referred to later by Henkels), Jackson was not impressed. To put it mildly. Here is an excerpt from Lippard’s book: “We begged him to leave the deposits where they were; to uphold the GREAT BANK at Philadelphia. Still he did not say a word. At last one of our number, more fiery than the rest, intimated that if THE BANK were crushed, a rebellion might follow. Then the old man rose – I can see him yet! ‘Come!’ he shouted in a voice of thunder, as his clenched right hand was raised above his white hairs – ‘Come with bayonets in your hands, instead of petitions – surround the White House with your legions – I am ready for you all! By the Eternal! With the People at my back, the honest yeomanry whom your gold can neither buy nor awe, I will string you up around the Capitol, each rebel of you – on a gibbet – high as Haman’s!’ I can see the old man yet, his flashing eye and show-white hair! But I must confess that we left his chamber with another idea of his character, than we had ever entertained before. In fact whipped dogs with their tails between their legs, could not have looked more ridiculous.” A smile passed over the Bank President’s face: ‘It is good for us, that not more than one ANDREW JACKSON, is born in a century!’ …When I think of that ONE MAN standing there at Washington, battling against all the power of Bank and Panic combined, betrayed by those in whom he trusted, assailed by all that the snake of malice could hiss, or the fiend of falsehood howl, when I think of that ONE MAN placing his back against the rock and folding his arms for the blow, while he uttered his awful vow. ‘By the Eternal I will not serve one inch from from the course which I have chosen!’ – I must ocnfess that the records of Greece and Rome, nay, the proudest days of Cromwell or Napoleon cannot furnish an instance of a WILL like that of Andrew Jackson, when he placed life and soul and fame, on the hazard of a die, for the People’s welfare. – ‘He destroyed THE BANK,” exclaimed Wolfe striding to and fro, ‘But in place of the great monster, a thousand have sprung from its dead body. Where is the Andrew Jackson to destroy these smaller monsters, who control the destiny of every city, town, hamlet, in the Union?’ No words can express the tone of mockery, in which this was spoken. George Lippard also wrote about the Bank President: Nicholas Biddle: Let us remember that expression. It may reveal the cause of many a dread secret in these Revelations. Imagine a man of strong mind,immense wealth and much outward piety, firmly believing that whatever crime he may commit, whatever blasphemy he may enact, yet still he cannot sin, for he is one of the Elect of God. That’s Biddle, alright.

1830 – By 1830 Britain was importing 18,956 chests of opium to China. One chest was 140 pounds so that means 2,653,840 pounds.

Almost three million pounds of opium.

This means that this delivery of chests equaled approximately six billion ‘hits’ of opium.

The Bank of the United States – that President Jackson was taking down – was actually helping finance both the American and London ‘China Trade’ aka OPIUM. Documented in the Niles Register. The Register was a prominent 1800’s publication in the U.S. A letter starting on page 85, dated 5 April 1834 by a Reuben M. Whitney tries to defend the corrupt Bank of the United States. However, this excerpt actually ends up nailing them to the wall, but unfortunately most U.S. citizens would not have had the knowledge of just what this is really talking about – ie: what is actually going on under the euphemistic term “China Trade”. A large part of our trade with China has been carried on by bills of the bank of the United States, drawn on London, which were better than dollars, even at Canton, without considering the risk and trouble and cost of their exportation; and with this advantage also, that if the ship, with all on board of her, goes to the bottom of the ocean, or is captured by pirates &c. the amount of such bills are still safe for the rightful owners. Such was the credit of an institution which has been denounced as an unsafe depository of the public money!” Drawn on London could only mean City of London (a whole different thing than just London proper) and that would also be the OPIUM banks there that are primarily controlled in support of Jardine & Matheson and the OPIUM trade. Note the derogatory “better than dollars”. Nice, eh? Now we know part of what President Jackson was threatening with his take-down of the Bank of the United States. The Opium Trade. Through the Bank of the United States, the slavemasters were using the American people’s money, without their knowledge or agreement, to help finance their enslavement of China, Korea, and Japan! That is just GROSS.

1832 July – President Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill to recharter the Second Bank of the United States. Illuminati Reboot – rumors were placed about how Jackson was an Illuminati Mason trying to wreck the “world”. Jackson is running for his second presidential term.

1832 July 1 – When Jardine, Matheson and Company, a partnership, was officially formed in China on 1 July 1832, they were now in charge of all that East India Company drug trade for Britain and the Vatican. It was Houqua’s organization that they took the name of. They took the Chinese name ‘Ewo’ (pronounced “Yee-Wo”) meaning ‘Happy Harmony’ which was truly ironic because it was primarily the British that had made Houqua so rich by their East India Company trade – opium – and he had held the monopoly on trade with the West. Considering he was just a broker, or sorts, I want you to really imagine just what kind of profits the Brits and Catholics were making off this trade, that Houqua’s fortune was only a percentage of. If you recall from part 1 Jardine & Matheson immediately hired Mr. Bibles and Opium, the Prussian missionary Karl Friderich August Gutzlaff, that same year to go try and pry open Korea for their Opium trade. So, basically, all of the founders of the then world-renowned firms including James Matheson, William Jardine, Samuel Russell, Forbes, Perkins (and Abiel Abbot Low) all had a close relationship with Howqua. Following the 1842 Treaty of Nanking, which spelled the end of Houqua’s ‘Thirteen Factories’, Jardine Matheson & Co continued to use “Ewo” as their Chinese name. This is when THEY became the big intermediary on the opium trade.

1832 November – Despite an unprecedented effort by the British and Vatican slavemasters, throwing around propaganda like it was candy and having given Bank of the United States president Nicholas Biddle (their step’n’fetch it man) a virtually unlimited budget? President Andrew Jackson was re-elected as President of the United States. This coincided directly with the founding of the Anti-Slavery Society in Philadelphia, formed shortly thereafter in 1833, the same year that this Whig party gets formed.

1833 – The British do another pretend shutdown of slavery – Even though Britain suddenly chose the year 1833 to ‘abolish slavery’, there was this leetle clause…so teeny tiny it’s practically insignificant, tut-tut, (I’m being extremely sarcastic here) a clause that allowed slavery inside India and it allowed further enslavement of Indians for “colonial markets” operated by the East India Company. Hence the 10,000 “soldiers” forced to go fight the Chinese under the pretense of it being one of those ‘colonial markets’.

1833 – Meanwhile, over in America, British agitations for the North versus South civil war had reached a fever pitch and the Whig party was founded.Their favorite puppet elements were “Whigs” – which means they supported the British/Vatican slavemasters, basically. All the major American opium dealers were Whigs. Samuel Russell, for example. The guy who Warren Delano, grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), went to work dealing opium for. Warren was born in 1809, and he was sent to go deal opium in China for Russell for the next 10 years, starting now. Note: The Whig party morphed into the modern Republican Party, which as ‘luck’ would have it (I’m being facetious) was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party. Most northern Whigs soon defected to the new party. — The slavemasters were pissed that Jackson got in office again, and were doing everything they could to DIVIDE AND CONQUER America into North vs. South. Americans who remember the urban unrest of the 1960s can readily identify with the crisis of violence that gripped Jacksonian American cities. The 1830s, 1840s, and 1850s produced a constant stream of riots reminiscent of the “long hot summers” of the not-too-distant past. Jacksonian cities were torn by fighting between immigrants and native-born Americans, abolitionists and anti-abolitionists, free blacks and racist whites, volunteer firefighters and street gangs, Mormons and “Gentiles,” even rival factions of Whigs and Democrats. President Jackson (and many other Americans) did not miss this clear British/Vatican involvement behind these deliberate attempts to induce Civil War; the deliberate agitation of the ‘anti-slavery’ movement and, perhaps most importantly, the divide-and-conquer goal evident in the attempts to split America into ‘North’ and ‘South’ factions over the ‘slavery’ issue. This May 1 1833 address shows that Jackson knew the Brits were trying to divide America and cause a Civil War.Haman’s gallows ought to be the fate of all such ambitious men, who would involve the country in civil war…The tariff, it is now known, was a mere pretext, and disunion and a Southern Confederacy the real object.The next pretext will be the negro, or the slavery question. “ This marks the beginning of the divide-and-conquer plan for retaliation for Jackson’s bank takedown – pitting the ‘North” versus the “South’ over supposed outrage about slavery.

1834 – The slavemasters were trying to overwhelm Jackson with shills being paid/prodded to go to Washington D.C. in a constant stream, petitions in hand, pleading for him to ‘stop’. When Jackson shut that down, Senator Henry Clay backed what they called the “Great Meeting” in Philadelphia, where so-called ‘resolutions’ were presented by the supposed working-class (it wasn’t) as represented by different trades. Remember, Henry Clay is who started the Whig party in support of the British and against Jackson just a year earlier in 1833. Look at this example resolution from the “painters of the city and county” on p. 93. Resolved, That Martin Van Buren deserves, and will receive the execrations of all good men, should he shrink from the responsibility of conveying to Andrew Jackson, the message sent by the honorable Henry Clay, when the builders’ memorial was presented ‘to the senate. I charge you, said he, go to the president, and tell him tell him if he would save his country – if he would save himself – tell him to stop short, and ponder well his course – tell him to retrace his steps, before an injured and insulted people, infuriated by his experiment upon their happiness, rises in the majesty of power, and hurls the usurper down from the seat he occupies, like Lucifer, never to rise again. Like Lucifer…look at that propaganda, will you? Wow. These crazy slavemasters had literally turned the stopping of U corrupt activities as an act of the devil against God!

1834 – The following article by William Cobbett appeared in the Niles Register on 6 September 1834. William Cobbett was a British journalist. The article shows the connection between Britain and the Bank of the United States. The text is hard to read, so the relevant text is typed out just below the article. (ref #20 Scientology Roots, M. McClaughry) Excerpt – “…the industrious classes in America understand this matter well… They call the bank of Nicholas Biddle the “BRITISH BANK.” Ah! They see through the whole of the conspiracy! They see who is at the bottom of the whole: they see that the base and cowardly imps of hell, who are everlastingly seeking the destruction of freedom all over the world, are the principals, and that Nicholas Biddle and his crew, are only the underlings: they see that the base and bloody-minded villains on this side of the water intended to destroy them, or to make them slaves by means of this paper money. They should know, and perhaps they do know, that there is a whole crew of American traitors now in London, keeping up a communication with Nicholas Biddle and Co. In short, the plot for the destruction of American liberty has been carried on, on this side of the Atlantic.”

1835 – As you can see, things were running very hot over the issues of stopping their insane domination and corruption activities, but despite intentionally causing a U.S. ‘financial panic’, two assassination attempts and lord knows what else, Jackson prevailed. He paid off the national debt and took down their central bank. THAT is what one man can do to them. And all the Popes having hissy fits about Americans having dastardly evil ‘free’ opinions? Yea, now you’re getting it.

In Jackson’s 7th Annual Message of 7 December 1835, some points he covered were:

  • The US Debt was paid off now
  • That gold and silver as circulating medium was almost ready
  • Tells Congress to find what has stopped correct legislation to protect against corporations
  • Names the political creed of the system that is at war with us
  • Says the political creed will first acquire control over the labor and earnings of the people
  • Severing the Bank helps sever a dangerous connection to a moneyed and political power
  • Someone is trying to excite the slaves to revolt, and he mentions foreign emissaries

No other nation had ever paid off its public debt.

The national debt was 60 million, which in today’s dollars is 1.2 trillion.

1836 – Britain had almost doubled their shipments to China, enforcing 30,000 chests of opium on the Chinese people.

1836 March 3 – the charter of the second Bank of the United States expired.

1836 July 28 – Nathan Mayer Rothschild died. His son, Lionel Nathan Rothschild, then dominated the house of Rothschild. Lionel established a virtual family monopoly for the flotation of large international loans.

1837 March – President Jackson Farewell Address: “…the signs of evil are sufficiently apparent to awaken the deepest anxiety in the bosom of the patriot. We behold systematic efforts publicly made to sow the seeds of discord between different parts of the United States …to excite the South against the North… artful and designing men will always be found who are ready to foment these fatal divisions…” Slavery. The very same issue being raised while one of its main instigators, the two-faced Britain, is sending those thousands of SLAVES to die in a battle trying to force China to allow their opium trade and the destruction of its people and country! artful and designing men will always be found who are ready to foment these fatal divisions…The distress and alarm which pervaded and agitated the whole country when the Bank of the United States waged war upon the people in order to compel them to submit to its demands can not yet be forgotten. The powers enumerated in that instrument (Constitution) do not confer on Congress the right to establish such a corporation as the Bank of the United States… [despite the lieing decision of the corrupt Supreme Court 1819 ruling] But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty…You have already had abundant evidence of its power to inflict injury upon the agricultural, mechanical, and laboring classes of society… With such a bank and a paper currency the money power would in a few years govern the StateAnd check out this part, because that’s what is going to happen when puppet-Lincoln becomes President. “No nation but the freemen of the United States could have come out victorious from such a contest; yet, if you had not conquered, the Government would have passed from the hands of the many to the hands of the few, and this organized money power from its secret conclave would have dictated the choice of your highest officers and compelled you to make peace or war, as best suited their own wishes. “

1837 – Speaking of “artful and designing men“: August Belmont was employed in the Rothschild house in Frankfurt, Germany. In the Spring of 1837 August Belmont arrived in New York to help direct the plan to take back control of America.

August_(Schonberg)_BelmontAugust Belmont (his real name was August Schönberg)

He then established August Belmont & Company, to forward the Rothschild interests in the United States. The records of the second Bank of the United States show a power of attorney from N.M. Rothschild and Sons to August Belmont. That means that he can act as a signatory on their behalf in conducting their affairs in the United States.

Rothschild was getting his agents in place in America in order to make his next moves.

1837 – enter British-sponsored propagandist Karl Marx, operating out of London, writing articles for the New York Daily Tribune. Marx wrote about the “slavery crisis” in America and the “War Between the States.”

1839 March – The Chinese destroyed all the British opium (in warehouses) and kicked them out in March of 1839, and Jardine went back to England and convinced the British Foreign Minister, Lord Palmerston, to wage war on China, giving a full detailed plan for war, detailed strategic maps, battle strategies, the indemnifications and political demands from China and even the number of troops and warships needed.

1840 – After President Jackson had just shut down their financial hold on the U.S., the slavemasters were really pissed off. So, as they had done to every other country that had defied them, they turned their Opium ‘guns’ against the United States, the trade was upped exponentially and by 1840, the New Englanders were bringing in 24,000 pounds of opium into the U.S. (which included John Jacob Astor, one of the main investors of both the First and Second Bank of the United States)

1841 – The British first showed up in their ships to make war against China in 1841, but by 1842 they had brought in 10,000 SLAVES as soldiers from India and laid siege to Canton. They fought up the coast, then up the Yangzi river and finally threatened Nanjing, whereupon the Emperor surrendered and signed a treaty on August 29, 1842 to end the war. This, is what got the British Hong Kong as a full-fledged colony. One very conspicuous absence from the treaty, was that it did not legalize the selling of opium. Why? Jardine and Matheson wished to continue the ‘black market’ – and therefore more profitable – for the next twenty years as a sort of Operation Gladio funding source of the 1800’s. This way, the British could pretend to the world that the war wasn’t about protecting Jardine and Matheson and the opium trade, it was about “free trade and protection for British citizens overseas”. This had been Lord Palmerston’s mantra to ‘sell’ this obnoxious war (over opium trade) to the British people, and please note that while Britain was proclaiming to “the world” – which really meant America – that they were beacons of freedom and humanity after banning slavery in 1834?


They had just brought 10,000 India slaves to this battle.


A more perfect example of utter perfidiousness on the part of the British, one could not ask for.

1843 – Rothschild sent his agents to help establish IOBB and Temple Emanu-el, they were there to assist in –

  1. re-establish their central bank in the United States
  2. get the U.S. government back into heavy debt with the bankers
  3. get U.S. citizens to pay off the government debt by paying income taxes
  4. get a controlling ownership of all major American industry

The British nobility, assisted by their bankers in London and America, dominated banking and all major industry in the United States, using their large New York banks as the means to that nefarious end. The bankers are just bankers. They are not the top slavemasters and are not the secret ruling power seeking world domination.

Here is what Norman Dodd said –

Now, you hear of the Rothschilds in the world of finance. They are not the originators of the control over finance and the practices therein. But they have been given a franchise to control the money aspect of the people of the world. In return for their exercising this control and keeping their mouth shut they are given handsome privileges of money manipulation.

Norman Dodd was Research Director of the 1950s Reese Commission investigating tax exempt companies and foundations. The papers and reports of Dodd can be found in the book: The Tax-Exempt Foundations by Bill McLlhany

As you can see, the international bankers have their masters, who are not plainly visible.

Heinrich Jonas was a German Jew who moved to New York City. He changed his name to Henry Jones. Together with a group of other middle-class German immigrants, he founded the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith in New York City in 1843. The IOBB is a Scottish Rite Freemason lodge, same as L’Aurore Naissante in Frankfurt, Germany. It is a Brothers of Light sect.

These same people formed Temple Emanu-El in 1845.

IOBB and Temple Emanu-el were formed shortly after President Jackson had paid off the U.S. national debt.

1843 – Controlled opposition – COMMUNISM

The very word itself comes from the previous controlled opposition operation using Robiesperre and the French Revolution. By 1792 (see entries) That revolution was now being called the COMMUNE of Paris. It was it’s own twisted kind of insult, instead of simply referring to the PEOPLE alone, like the American Revolutionists, it was now the people as “commoners” aka COMMUNE.

British intelligence (together with the Vatican) had long been engaged in creating the slur-pseudo American democracy twisted counterpart called communism.The Vatican?

Why would the Vatican back communism?

Actually, why wouldn’t they would be a better question, knowing what we now do of their propensity to create whole documents, histories, religions and people out of nothing even resembling truth or fact.

Here was China at the turn of the 20th century, trying to follow America’s lead and follow the principles of men like Thomas Jefferson – they were not following Karl Marx and Communism.

And that terrified all the slavemasters.

It was Thomas Jefferson’s intent that other peoples feel inspired to follow America’s example and throw off the yoke of the insane British and Vatican slavemasters, whom he had clearly and accurately referred to as “the unseen hand”. His pamphlet had circulated all over the world. (see 1774 July entry)

I hope and trust … for the good of suffering humanity all over the earth, that revolution will be established and spread through the whole world.

– Thomas Jefferson To Sir John Sinclair (Pa., 1791)
Jefferson Cyclopedia

Even in 1791 it was already clear just what the Vatican thought of “the commoners” and ergo, the American Revolutionists.

Braschi, our new Opium Cartel drug-trafficking enabling finance man (see Seven Years War entries) had become Pope Pius VI. If you look at the 1791 April 13 entry, Braschi was just literally foaming at the mouth about the “commune” and parenthetically – the American Revolutionists. Saying things like: “beware of lending your ears to the treacherous speech of the philosophy of this age which leads to death.” and it was intolerable that a political assembly should change the universal practice of the Church, disregard the opinions of the holy Fathers and the decrees of the councils, overturn the order of the hierarchy.” and The Church has at all times rightly rejected men elected by a low mob and that his concern, ominously, was to silence the enemies”Charitas (On the Civil Oath in France) – [Italian and English ].

Now that President Jackson had destroyed one of their main control points in the U.S., it was time to TWIST THE MINDS of the people. One of the ways they have always done this is to create a twisted parallel of the real thing.

Enter Karl Marx.

Karl, who had been writing articles agitating about slavery for the British in Londong, was sent to Paris in 1843, where he was hooked up with Fredrick Engels, and they became friends. Marx and Engles then started authoring and co-authoring books on socialism/communism.

Twin controlled opposition operations.

1843 – When the British succeeded in suppressing China, in 1843 they were forced to open the Port of Shanghai to foreign trade. Guess who the first lot in the port was rented by? Jardine Mathieson & Co. – opium dealers, the Keswicks. Guess who some of the others were rented by? Samuel Russell, representing Baring Brothers (one of the major debt holders of the U.S. debt) that President Jackson had just paid off and….President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) grandfather, Captain Warren Delano.The Delano/Roosevelt family fortune was founded on opium trafficking into China, working with Jardine and Mathieson and the Hong Society. FDR’s grandfather later went on to be the first vice chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, under my relative on my mother’s side, James Berwick Forgan who was the first Chairman. My great-great-uncle married Forgan’s brother’s daughter Marion. Angered twice-over now, by both the successful American Revolution and now the second throwing off of their financial yoke by staunch Jeffersonian President Andrew Jackson, the ‘Big 3’ of the slavemasters now proceeded to start doing to America what they had done to China – creating drug addicts who would be less inclined to fight back against them, or anything for that matter. It began with importing over 117,000 Chinese laborers and opium addicts brought to Western United States, feeding an imported opium trade estimated at 285,000 pounds per year into the US. What quickly became one of their main targets to rope into their Opium Dens? White women.

1847 June – Carl Schorlemmer, a member of the Royal Society, was a communist associate and “handler” of sorts, of Marx. The Royal Society has direct participation by the British Royal Family. After doing their jobs agitating Manchester, England workers, where Marx said the working class should overthrow the exploiting bourgeoisie, and that socialists carry out a violent revolution to topple capitalism. Karl Marx and other socialists formed the Communist League in London.

1847 late – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are tasked to write a plan of action for the Communist League. Communist beliefs were written and published in the Manifesto of the Communist Party.

…the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence:
Abolition of private property.

The Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality.

You can see the TWIST on the American Bill of Rights there – that was no accident.

1854 – The Federalist Party come Whig Party now morphs itself into the modern Republican Party, which as ‘luck’ would have it (I’m being facetious) was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party. It’s actually the same old, same old, the pro-bank party. Most northern Whigs soon defected to the new party. The worst thing about that new name choice, was that it pretended that it was for Jeffersonian ideals of liberty and equality! That’s right up there in hypocrisy with the Brits holding themselves out as some kind of bastion for ‘freedom from slavery while enslaving thousands in India and in China. Not to mention that most of these ‘defecting” Northern Whigs were OPIUM DEALERS and trafficked in slaves galore while in the China area, it’s just that most Americans didn’t know about it

1860 October 18 – This date clearly marks in time a point when The British, despite their anti-slavery pretenses, were happily exploiting Chinese slaves (and building into treaties the use of). Convention of Peking point #5: British ships were allowed to carry indentured Chinese to the Americas where they replaced the labor of recently freed slaves.

1860Dyarchy (all sides) Controlled Opposition to control the U.S. election. The new Republican Party was a pro-bank party. The Democrats (short for Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican Party) were anti-bank Americans. August Belmont, the British/Vatican agent for step ‘n fetch it banker Rothschild became the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee!!!. As a result, the Democratic Party split into two factions and tried to run two candidates, thus ensuring a victory for the pro-bank Republican Party candidate – Abraham Lincoln. Later in time, the bankers had their man be the candidate in both political parties, so whether you voted Democrat or Republican you were voting to put the banker’s man into office. That essentially derailed what this country was initially about. The banker’s candidate, Abraham Lincoln, was elected President in 1860, and within a year of him taking office the civil war began. The American civil war was between the North (Union) and the South (Confederates), resulting in 620,000 soldiers killed. Abraham Lincoln was not a great man who freed the slaves, he served all the interests of the slavemasters, the Brothers of Light international bankers who used the war to advance an ultimate slavery for everyone. —They picked Lincoln to be an imitation of President Jackson. Even his campaign was formulated for him, and in a truly low and disgusting display, he was deliberately portrayed as like President Jackson – what was called the “log cabin and hard-cider drinking” angle that began being used after Jackson was out of office. They were literally trying to copy their nemesis, Jackson, and layer his legend over the top of their side of things! The first time the did that was only 3 years after Jackson was out of office – 1840. The Whigs (British bankers and aristocrat supporters Party) tried to have their candidate, William Henry Harrison, portrayed as being like Jackson. They even tried to have the guy look like Jackson! In reality the guy was born into a rich old Virginian family! Why were they using this log cabin idea?
Because, Andrew and Rachel Jackson’s first home on The Hermitage property was a two-story structure made of horizontal log construction, later lowered to the one-story building seen in the below picture. This one-story structure is known as the West Cabin. The people of Jackson’s time knew him not only as a General, and an educated man, but as a true frontiersman – noted for his courage and the living demonstration of the truth that “humble” origins do not the man make. Shortly after Jackson’s Presidency, log cabins became a symbol of the republic’s ideal, courageous citizen. Jackson was the first American President from the frontier and of the people – and that really meant something. That is what Rothschild and his superiors, tried to take and apply to their choices for who should be in the American government. Trying to be like Jackson and win the hearts and minds of the people and utterly betray them with their substitutes – like Lincoln.

1860A controlled narrative against President Andrew Jackson is published during this key election year, a good example of the kind of controlled narrative against democracy that has gone on for over two hundred years now. The main source that I am using, so that you can all see it for yourselves if you should so desire. Life of Andrew Jackson (in three volumes), Volume 3, by John Parton, published 1860. This is available at the Internet Archive. However, the following version is better because the Internet Archive is missing pages 14-17 which contained key documentation as to the actual route by which Jackson was asked to run for President – as told by Major William B. Lewis, (born in Tennessee) who had handled Jackson’s presidential campaign from 1822 to 1829. Major Lewis had previously served as quartermaster under General Andrew Jackson. Better version: Life of Andrew Jackson, Volume 3 published 1860. This is also available on Google play ebooks for those who have a google account – this is the best version for pictures, but also contains missing pages that the Google Books version also linked to does not have missing.—-Here are some examples of the author (Parton) really losing it and revealing his true views of “the people” – purely “us” (the rich and educated) and “them”. Parton goes into his explanation of why the people voted for Jackson: “But the events with which we are now occupied occurred thirty-five years ago, when there was an immense number of people in the country who were not intelligent enough to be moved by arguments addressed to the understanding. There were voters who could feel, but not think; listen to stump orations, but not read; comprehend the logic of a Kremer, but not that of Henry Clay; who could be wheedled, and flattered, and drilled by any man who was quite devoid of public spirit, principle, and shame, but could be influenced by no man of honor, unless he was also a man of genius. This was the fatal class of voters.The next set of quotes concerns the vetoing of the re-chartering of the British stranglehold on America – The bank of the United States, and the election Campaign of 1832. Nicholas Biddle, the Rothschild/Vatican/British stenp-n-fetch-it, the head of the Bank of the United states, is quoted regarding President Jackson vetoing the Bank’s Recharter bill. Look at his attitude towards the people that voted for Jackson and put him in office the first time. “As to the veto message, I am delighted with it. It has all the fury of a chained panther, biting the bars of his cage. It is really a manifesto of anarchy, such as Marat or Robespierre might have issued to the mob of the Faubourg St. Antoin; and my hope is, that it will contribute to relieve the country from the dominion of these miserable people.Notice how he compares Jackson to Robespierre, the controlled operation MIRROR in France of the American Revolution. Biddle was sure that this kind of characterization of Jackson’s veto would crush his re-election campaign. Boy was he wrong. —-Parton writes: “Against the administration seem to have been arrayed the talent of the country, the great capitalists, the leading men of business, and even the smaller banks…The result of the election astonished everybody. Not the wildest Jackson man in his wildest moment had anticipated a victory quite so overwhelming.Two hundred and eighty-eight was the whole number of electoral votes in 1832. General Jackson received two hundred and nineteen — seventy-four more than a majority. Mr. Van Buren, for the vice-presidency, received one hundred and eighty-nine electoral votes — forty-four more than a majority. Clay and Sergeant obtained forty-nine!…But who could have foreseen that, within one little month, he was to win over to his side, the very class and the only class that had opposed his reelection, and attain a popularity more fervid and universal than has been incurred by a citizen of the United States since the first term of General Washington’s presidency?” —Ever since that time, the slavemasters have been trying anything and everything imaginable to try to attract, trap and convert those dastardly ‘people’ from allowing such things as what President Jackson did, to happen again. That includes things like the Church of Scientology.

1861 March – The new American President, Mr. I’m freeing the slaves! Lincoln sold out America to the British. He gave them the right to rule our foreign affairs in Japan, Korea and China. Making us a British colony again in one fell swoop.— That was the same year that over in Korea, spiritual leader Choe wrote On Propagating Virtue (P’odok Mun), where he taught about the need to become a gentleman and sage through following the Way (the Mandate of Heaven – meaning spirituality in its highest sense) and about the equality of all men and women. He wished to do away with slavery. See why Britain wanted control of the foreign affairs in that area? They didn’t want another America.— Please understand that by 1864, the British would control over 90 percent of all trade between Japan and the West, and yes. That included America and its guns the British were accidentally on purpose convincing the Japanese that they ‘needed’. They used their humiliation and their fear like a whip at their backs, in order to lure them into arming themselves. To do what? Mostly to crush Korea. —The Koreans were influenced to execute Choe. Accusing him, of all things, of being Catholic! Choe had provided Korea with a spiritual teaching but government officials feared – with a little “helpful’ whispering-in-the-ear from the slavemasters – that his religious movement presented the threat of a popular uprising against their unbridled corruption. And so…’the throne’ approved his execution, which took place by public beheading in 1864.

1861The American civil war began, resulting in getting the U.S. government back into heavy debt to the bankers. The banks in New York had 92 million of 162 million total assets in the US. In August 1861 the government asked a group of banks for a $150 million loan to equip the Union Army, which was quickly given. The Internal Revenue Act of 1862 was the first income tax. When the Civil War started, Republicans took control of Congress and passed a stream of long-stalled legislation that Jackson had warned against. –August Belmont, an agent for the Rothschilds, who in turn are agents for the British and the Vatican, used his acumen with European business and political leaders on behalf of the Union Cause, dissuading the Rothschilds and many other bankers from providing the Confederates with loans, and meeting personally with the British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston and various members of Napoleon III’s French government to block the South from getting any money. —While Britain is using President Lincoln to cause the Civil War over slavery to get going in America, they are forcing thousands of Chinese into slavery and sending them to America!

1862 – Puppet President Lincoln does whatever his masters tell him to – Greenbacks.

Greenbacks were first issued and by the end of the war such notes were outstanding to the amount of 450 million dollars. In 1862 the Seligman international banking firm sold $200 million worth of US government bonds through their branch in Frankfurt, Germany. Seligman joined the house of Rothschild in this undertaking.

Junius Spencer Morgan owned a banking firm in London – J.S. Morgan & Company, which worked in close association with the Rothschild family bankers in London. During the American Civil War the firm was a seller of United States war bonds in England. The son of Junius, John Pierpont Morgan, became an agent for the Rothschilds in New York. Just like August Belmont was being.

J.P. Morgan

Lionel Nathan Rothschild

But Americans fought back.

By the late 1800’s – Americans were undoing what the slavemasters had done under President Lincoln. They were pushing to go back on hard currency standard, pay off the debt, and….they KILLED that personal income tax that was feeding the coffers of the British and Vatican controlled bankers.

By 1878, the first move in 50 years to reboot the Illuminati conspiracy theory shows up again. This time from a POPE.

It is important that you notice how they keep adding different labels and names to the mix in what I’m about to show you. I have bolded them so you can see them easier.

It is also important that you notice that EVERY one of these “enemies” were primarily controlled opposition front groups that the slavemasters themselves had backed and created. Using the search function of our blog, you can find a number of articles about these updated and re-named “enemies”.

Socialist, Communist, Nihilist, etc.

1878 December 28 – updated Illuminati Reboot by Pope Leo XIII in an encyclical called Quod Apostolici Muneris (On Socialism) – excerpted. You understand, venerable brethren, that We speak of that sect of men who, under various and almost barbarous names, are called socialists, communists, or nihilists, and who, spread over all the world, and bound together by the closest ties in a wicked confederacy, no longer seek the shelter of secret meetings, but, openly and boldly marching forth in the light of day, strive to bring to a head what they have long been planning – the overthrow of all civil society whatsoever. […]they proclaim the absolute equality of all men in rights and duties. […] For you know, venerable brethren, that that most deadly war which from the sixteenth century down has been waged by innovators against the Catholic faith, and which has grown in intensity up to today, had for its object to subvert all revelation, and overthrow the supernatural order, that thus the way might be opened for the discoveries, or rather the hallucinations, of reason alone. […]Hence, by a new species of impiety…it has been given out that public authority neither derives its principles, nor its majesty, nor its power of governing from God, but rather from the multitude, which, thinking itself absolved from all divine sanction, bows only to such laws as it shall have made at its own will. […] Later on again, when a licentious sort of liberty was attributed to man by a set of men who gloried in the name of philosophers,(4) and a new right, as they call it, against the natural and divine law began to be framed and sanctioned, Pope Pius VI, of happy memory, at once exposed in public documents the guile and falsehood of their doctrines. […] socialists…Their habit, as we have intimated, is always to maintain that nature has made all men equal, and that, therefore, neither honor nor respect is due to majesty. […]The inequality of rights and of power proceeds from the very Author of nature, “from whom all paternity in heaven and earth is named.”===Three other important things to note from the above:

  1. how equality is this terrible thing
  2. that inequality is from God and therefore justified to keep in place and necessary
  3. How terrible it is that the people should make their own decisions

Why is #3 so terrible?

It de-powers THEM.

That’s why.

1879 – One year later (1879) a man named Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pages, educated as a Jesuit, authored a variety of anti-religious skits and satires beginning when he was 25 including A Humorous Bible, The Skullcap and its Wearers, and A Humorous Gospel, or the Life of Jesus. He was particularly adept at ridiculing the sleezy lifestyles of the decadent popes, along with sacred doctrine and religious taboo. He also published La Marotte (Fool’s Bauble). He used the pen-name Leo Taxil.

1879 – This same year, the British and Vatican had their then favored bankers – The Seligmans and the Rothschilds – take over the whole 150 million bonded loan of the United States government. Joseph Seligman was President of Temple Emanu-El. (see 1843) This was their solution to the rebelling Americans who were messing up their plans. They were trying to make it much more difficult for us to kill their gravy train by paying off our national debt. Do you see the timing here? The Americans are becoming aware that there IS a conspiracy trying to control their country (and the world) so lo and behold – the slavemasters say: Let’s give them a conspiracy! The WRONG one. A fake one. A both sides controlled opposition. A good job for Leo Taxil to get started on.

1880 – Lord Salisbury (Robert Cecil) Lord Halifax and others begin pushing for a visible unity between the English and the Roman Catholic Church This showed up in my research into the secret history of the Oxford Movement – Frank Buchman and the MRA (Moral Re-Armament. Both the Catholics and British nobility begin propagandizing for almost exactly the same things at exactly the same time.

1880 – Then another year later, Gabriel (Taxil) founded a Society of Freethinkers that may have either merged with or been renamed the Anti-Clerical League, which he then became the secretary of. It boasted of some 15,000 members, and as “Leo Taxil” he edited the society’s newspaper, Anti-Clericale. For just how much of an intelligence operation these “Freethinker” societies were – please see this chapter of Scientology Roots; M. McClaughry.

1884 April 20 – Pope Leo XIII published another encyclical Humanum genus. This one particularly resurrected the whole demonic forces and Satan versus God aspect of the conspiracy theory – and brings up the “communists” and “socialists” again and brings in the Freemasons too.The race of man, after its miserable fall from God, the Creator and the Giver of heavenly gifts, “through the envy of the devil,” separated into two diverse and opposite parts, of which the one steadfastly contends for truth and virtue, the other of those things which are contrary to virtue and to truth. The one is the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ… The other is the kingdom of SatanAt this period, however, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons…Thus, in Our encyclical letter, Quod Apostolici Muneris, We endeavoured to refute the monstrous doctrines of the socialists and communists…===A really interesting addition is him expanding on the whole inequality idea, adding that NO ONE can use or even have any special abilities without God. You know, special abilities like telepathy, etc. etc. “We say nothing of those more heavenly virtues, which no one can exercise or even acquire without a special gift and grace of God; of which necessarily no trace can be found in those who reject as unknown the redemption of mankind, the grace of God, the sacraments, and the happiness to be obtained in heaven…” Oh really, says me. What a bald-faced liar. I’d like to draw your attention to that it was just a couple years later that demented slavemaster Igor Emil Kraepelin comes up with that people who “have” these abilities – like telepathy – who don’t say they are just with God? Are MENTALLY ILL. That can’t be a coincidence. And…the British start up the Society of Psychical Research to study people who supposedly have such abilities. ===One other thing, the Pope then bitches about that education and molding of young people is no longer solely in their hands, and that people can make their own choices about what they want to do with their life – and how horrible that idea is. […] that in the education of youth nothing is to be taught in the matter of religion as of certain and fixed opinion; and each one must be left at liberty to follow, when he comes of age, whatever he may prefer. To these things the Freemasons fully assent; and not only assent, but have long endeavoured to make them into a law and institution. ===MANY people heard of this whole utterly insane proclamation and began correctly starting to question just who is who and what’s what around here. As you might expect?

Time for a controlled opposition.

Two of them, actually.

1885 – Just after that nutsoid encyclical, Leo Taxil, the trained Jesuit remember, in sort of a double-pretense he pretended to undergo a public, but ‘feigned’ conversion to Roman Catholicism and announced his intention of “repairing the damage he had done to the true faith.” So, we have a Jesuit pretending to be a “rebel” who then “sees the light” and goes back to Catholicism. Once there, he begins exposing the “evil enemies” in such a way as to a: misdirect attention away from the real problem-children by using a strawman hoax and b: causing division among people over the supposed demonic influences running rampant everywhere. You know, people accusing each other of being “satanists” and “working for the devil” and so on. Remember, Pope Leo just pronounced that the entirety of the human race falls into two camps – the armies of the Devil and the armies of God. Leo starts putting out “exposes” of the Devil side of things.

images from here


The first book produced by Taxil after his conversion was a four-volume history of Freemasonry, which contained fictitious eyewitness verifications of their participation in Satanism.

With a collaborator who published as “Dr. Karl Hacks,” Taxil wrote another book called the Devil in the Nineteenth Century, which introduced a new character, Diana Vaughan, a supposed descendant of the Rosicrucian alchemist Thomas Vaughan. The book contained many tales about her encounters with incarnate demons, one of whom was supposed to have written prophecies on her back with its tail, and another who played the piano in the shape of a crocodile.

This Diana character was supposedly involved in Satanic freemasonry but was redeemed! when one day she professed admiration for Joan of Arc, at whose name the demons were put to flight.

Joan of Arc. That banishes demons.


Okey dokey.

1886Illuminati reboot – someone’s new idea – adding backdated Catholic Rosicrucian mysticism with a Twist – that “Diana Vaughn” Rosicrucian twist shows up over in London too, in a book by Anna Kingsford. She alleges that it was supposedly written by Valentine Weigelius (a Rosicrucian) in 1649 but yet here we are more than 240 years later before it starts being talked about. It’s humongous title is: ASTROLOGY THEOLOGIZED: The Spiritual Hermeneutics of Astrology and Holy Writ Being A Treatise upon the Influence of the Stars on Man and on the Art of Ruling Them By the Law of Grace; With a Prefatory Essay by Dr. Anna Kingsford on the True Method of Interpreting Holy Scripture. Reprinted from the Original of 1649 [in 1886]. Wherein is set forth, what Astrology and the light of Nature is. What influence the Stars naturally have on Man, and how the same may be diverted, and avoided. —Anna happens to have been all mixed up in a British intelligence operation to bring America back into alignment with Britain, as well as the rest of the world, for that matter. Notice this passage from her book – All the illuminati of ancient and modern times have acknowledged these two natures or self-hoods in man. Plato emphatically recognises and describes them, so also do the Neo-Platonists, Paul the Apostle, and, with one consent, the whole school of Christian alchemists and kabbalists. The will of the lower self-hood is always centrifugal, directed outward towards the Saturnian boundary, and contrary therefore to the will of the higher selfhood which gravitates inward towards its central sun. “O wretched man! Who shall deliver me from this body of death?”” Besides the rather important point laying out the dual spirit doctrine (two in one body) being ascribed onto the illuminati, notice how now the illuminati is now some sort of compliment indicating enlightened supremacy and “secret knowledge”. ==Helena Blavatsky’s assistant Annie Besant and her compatriots Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland had started the Hermetic Society just previously, and were busy bashing out painfully hard to read “ancient texts” in 1885 and 1886. One particularly inventive rewrite of a declamatio was The Virgin of the World, Of Hermes Mercurious Trismegistus published in London by George Redway. Apparently this had been preceded by publishing a Hargrave Jennings version of the Divine Pomander, which, said tongue firmly held in cheek, revealed ancient philosophical truths! Ahem. Ancient “truths” brought to you by live and in person by British declamatio writers – that is. (Evolution not Revolution, privately published by V. McClaughry) This is all sort of the British version of Leo Taxil.

1886 through 1897Illuminati Reboot – Leo Taxil revivifies Dwight’s attacks on Thomas Jefferson – Orgies and Demons (see 1798 July 4) The Masonic dictionary tell us that – The purpose of Taxil’s hoax was to reveal a highly secret Masonic order called the Palladium, which only existed in Taxil’s imagination. Palladium, Taxil claimed, practiced Devil worship, murder and other brutalities of an erotic nature. His works published in 1885 and 1886 were very popular with a public eager to read the horrors of Freemasonry. In his book “Les Mysteries Franc Maconnerie” (cover shown above) Taxil utilized Levi’s Baphomet. The cover depicts a group of Masons dancing around Levi’s demonic Baphomet depiction. Additionally, the artist added another element of the Baphomet mystery. In the lower left hand of the cover we see a woman holding a severed bearded head. In esoteric tradition dating back three thousand years, there is the image of the “Mistress or Mother of Blood” believed to be the Baphomet, representing the bride of Satan. In this tradition, the severed head is that of a priest, being representative of the sinister male aspect. The head is said to be severed after sexual union with the Baphomet. As Diana Vaughan, Taxil published a book called Eucharistic Novena, a collection of prayers which were praised by the Pope. What did I tell ya. Even the Pope is in on it. He used this to rally all kinds of people to “oppose” the very things that would free them from the supposed “enemies” that are right in front of their faces!

1890 December 25 – Spoofy-type attacks on Lord Salisbury/Cecil. The “Kaiser’s Dream” special publication. A special Christmas addition of Truth was advertised, forming the 3rd part of a supposedly spoofy and humorous series on hypnotism begun that same month. It carried an article called: The Kaiser’s Dream, with a map of what the world would look like under the Kaiser. Wikipedia has which is supposedly some sort of reproduction of the original 1890 one in Truth. This one is numbered apparently according to the portions of this hypnotic dream revelations to Truth.

The google translation of the description is:

Nebenstehend die Originalkarte der Truth und eine gezeichnete Ausschnittver- groBerung der Teile XIII, XV, XVI und XVII. Die einzelnen mit rmishcen Ziffern bezeichneten Segmente der Karte entsprechen den im Textteil mit den gliechen Ziffern bezeichneten Abschnitten des Traums des letzten deutschen Kaisers.

The Truth’s original map and an enlarged detail of parts XIII, XV, XVI and XVII are shown on the left. The individual segments of the card, designated by the numerals, correspond to the sections of the dream of the last German Emperor, which are indicated in the text with the same numerals.

So, apparently there was a whole list of different parts of this ‘dream’ given in the original Truth periodical. But this one – is probably the actual original colored map.

1892Illuminati/Demons/Communism Pope Piux XIII reboot plagiarizing President Jackson “the money power” (see 1837 March) and forging things to make Lincoln look like he’s against “the money power” when he was part of it —meanwhile, over in the United States, step-n-fetch it slavemaster propaganda man William Allen White is desperately churning our articles trying to stop the American awakening to the actual conspiracy going on in their country that Lincoln had set in motion again. I suspect he or one of his friends is who started feeding the people spurious Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln quotes like this one about Lincoln used by both the smarmy Pat Robertson in 1991 and Ralph Epperson in 1985. “The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarch, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than breaucracy. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country, Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggravated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed.” Lincoln’s official biographer called the statement, which began appearing during the late 1800’s and during in the 1896 election campaign, “a bold, unblushing forgery.” Look at WHY they invented this. It was under Lincoln, the slavemaster puppet, that all the horrible things happened. Income tax, etc. etc. that Americans were recognizing as a conspiracy. These quotes were INVENTED to THROW OFF the Americans from looking closer at the Lincoln time period, and especially the President Jackson time period. You see, by 1892, all levels of the slavemasters were getting very concerned. Particularly by the Democratic party and what was now called “the Populists” were talking of merging together – this would have resulted in a kind of resurrection of Thomas Jefferson’s ORIGINAL political party and its ideals. That scared the crap out of the slavemasters and little ole William Allen White. After all, if they ‘went down’ how could he be famous and rich and feted, slavemaster-style? So, White tippy-tapped away desperately trying to make sure this merger did not happen. Why do I suspect White was involved in manufacturing crappy quotes trying to skew people off the real conspiracy? Well, because he kind of said so. On p. 214 of his autobiography he talks about that he deliberately colored the news to help try and defeat the merging of the Populist and Democratic movements. “I connived and conspired with men twice my age, and became the devil’s errand boy.” ” I lied about them and their motives and derided the intellectual scarecrows who led them…I was deaf to the cries of a bewildered people” This is one of those points where he tries to use the Nuremburg Defense to get him out of how heinous this was, what a betrayal of humanity. He says that it was part of his job and that he “did not realize” that he was coloring the news. He can’t even admit the truth 40 years later without trying to lessen it with cleverly chosen verbiage. The simple truth is that he LIED. (William Allen White; privately published article by V. McClaughry).

1896 – Election campaign – William Jennings Bryan, running for the Democratic party candidate spot for President. In Kansas, already badly off due to the grasshopper infestation of 1888, price-fixing by the railways serving the state, the financial panic of 1893, and an increasing difficulty in borrowing money for planting and ordering new inventories, popular frustration took the form of the Populist Revolt, in which the mass of the populations challenged the economic and political leadership of the state. With the cry of Raise Hell, not corn, the Populists embarked upon a bitter and vociferous campaign against the establishment. Bryan won the spot for candidate of the Democratic party which had merged with the Populists.

1896 February 14 – Russia – Illuminati reboot initial move against the Jews– Theodor Herzl wrote A Jewish State, a small book initially published February 14, 1896 in Germany and Austria. Herzl calls the Jews a race of people (which they are not). Herzl talked about the trouble caused by Jews and how they are hated. Herzl proposed that Jews should leave Europe and form their own nation in Palestine. The idea to make a “homeland for the Jews” in Palestine is called Zionism.

1896 March 10 – Reverend William Hechler was the Anglican minister to the British Embassy. Reverend Hechler had read A Jewish State_ An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question, TheodorHerzl’s book and paid Herzl a visit on March 10, 1896. The idea that Jews are a problem in the world would now be heavily pushed by the British intelligence propaganda machine, starting covertly by having the “Protocols” (of Zion) fabricated and backdated. A Jewish State was immediately translated into English and published in London.

1896 May – In May 1896, the the Independent Order B’nai B’rith in New York City promoted Herzl’s book. A London newspaper, The Standard, promoted the book on 29 May 1896. Those were followed by more promotions using various British intelligence propaganda outlets. Reminder: IOBB and Temple Emanu-el were a controlled opposition formed shortly after President Jackson had paid off the U.S. national debt.

.1896 June 10Not another Jackson, said the Slavemasters – Presidential Election Year – Excerpts from The Reckoning book by M. McClaughry, chapter 24: Slavemasters in Latin America. When Mr. J.P. Morgan met the reporters he gave them an interview on the monetary system and politics in which he said: “The dominating question is the currency problem. If that is settled satisfactorily Europe will buy our securities. If it is not, she won’t. That is all there is to be said. By a satisfactory settlement of the currency I mean a decision that this country will maintain the single gold standard.” The outstanding Democratic candidate was William Jennings Bryan. Bryan was a supporter of popular democracy and believed in the right to independence of Central and South America. He was a critic of banks and railroads, a leader of the silverite movement in the 1890s, and a peace advocate. Because of his faith in the goodness and rightness of the common people, he was called “The Great Commoner.” In the intensely fought 1896 and 1900 elections ==== The Republicans started calling Bryan Socialist! (followed by nihilist and anarchist and communist) just like Pius XIII. See 1878 December 28 and 1884 April 20 ====. He was ultimately defeated by William McKinley, with a LOT of illegal shenanigans going on to make that happen. In his three presidential bids, he promoted Free Silver in 1896, anti-imperialism in 1900, and trust-busting in 1908, calling on Democrats to fight the trusts and big banks, and embrace populist ideas. His father, Silas Bryan, was a Jacksonian Democrat. This was known during the 1896 election and slimy little pugs like William Allen White made sure to DEGRADE that. White’s scathing editorial of 15 August 1896 called “What’s the matter with Kansas?” he says this: We all know; yet here we are at it again. We have an old mossback Jacksonian who snorts and howls…Nicholas Biddle reborn. Isn’t it amazing that the slavemasters and their igors were still bitchy, still undeniably cranky about what President Andrew Jackson had successfully done to them? And this is almost 60 years later!!!

1897 April 19 – Taxil called a press conference at which he claimed he would introduce Diana Vaughan to the press. He instead announced that his revelations about the Freemasons were fictitious. He thanked the clergy for their assistance in giving publicity to his wild claims. The confession was printed, in its entirety, in the Parisian newspaper Le Frondeur, on April 25, 1897, titled: Twelve Years Under the Banner of the Church, The Prank Of Palladism. Miss Diana Vaughan-The Devil At The Freemasons. A Conference held by M. Léo Taxil, at the Hall of the Geographic Society in Paris. Talk about your mind-fuck, right? Typical of slavemaster types.

1897 August 29-31 – With British foreign intelligence support – Theodor Herzl convened The First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, from August 29 to August 31, 1897.

First zionist congressFirst Zionist Congress

The Protocols of Zion is a manuscript about a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.

Protocols = the minutes of a meeting, the notes taken at a meeting.

It has been claimed that the Protocols of Zion manuscript is the notes taken at a secret meeting of Jewish elders who attended this Zionist Congress – and that someone stole the Protocols of Zion manuscript from this secret meeting. The original “stolen” manuscript does not exist. No one has it. Therefore, every claim to have a manuscript called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are each one a forgery.

This same manuscript was later used to accuse the Russians of a conspiracy to rule the world. In that false flag operation the word bolsheviks was used rather than the word Jew. The bolsheviks were allegedly executing the plan embodied in The Protocols.

It is a very useful false flag manuscript, you see. Just fill in the name of whomever you want to accuse of having a conspiracy to rule the world. Just make sure to never put in the name British nobility, because then it would be the truth.

So we see that the Protocols are a false flag operation to misdirect off the British nobility.

1898 – Michael Thorpe was one of William Melville’s officers who Melville had sent to work with Rachkovsky in the Okhrana. Michael Thorpe recruited Casimir Pilenas and his brother Peter Pilenas to be deep-cover agents for Melville in the Okhrana. Melville approved this and they started roughly some time in 1898.

1902Time for another Controlled Opposition Using Communism – If they’re running deep cover propaganda in Russia, then you know that there is a real rebellion of the people brewing, which there was. The British and the Vatican (with America toddling along behind, as usual) needed to create a parallel, a vicious and evil one, to blame and then tar the real revolutionists with (like Vladimir Burtsev – see 1917 July entry) and they wanted to get rid of the Russian monarchy. Enter Lenin. Vladimir Lenin was a Russian born Marxist communist revolutionary. He believed in the necessity of a violent overthrow of capitalism through a world-wide communist revolution. Lenin was an internationalist, deeming national borders to be an outdated concept. He believed that under revolutionary socialism, there would be “the inevitable merging of nations” and the ultimate establishment of “a United States of the World”.

vladimir lenin

The Marxist movement in Russia called itself the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP). Iskra (the Spark) was the Party newspaper. Lenin was an editor for Iskra. In April 1902, Lenin relocated himself and Iskra to London. Iskra newspaper called for overthrowing the Russian monarch.

Leon Trotsky was a Russian born Marxist revolutionary. In the summer of 1902, Trotsky moved to London where he joined with Vladimir Lenin, and became one of the editors of Iskra.


1903 October – Melville resigned his Scotland Yard post sand tarted a private detective agency under the false name William Morgan. The private detective agency was actually a cut-out for the British War Office, meaning it was a front that gave the British government deniability for the actions that Melville was definitely under their direction to do. Melville was heading a new British Secret Service Bureau that served the British Empire’s secret needs (dirty work) both in England and internationally. This “private detective agency” was the forerunner to MI5 and MI6.

1905Illuminati Reboot Russian – Mellville agent and Okhrana agent Pyotr Rachkovsky was brought back from Paris to be the head of the entire Okhrana. Pyotr brings in Serge Nilus’ book. A fabrication by the Okhrana, it was titled The Great within the Small & Antichrist – published in Russia in 1905.

russian edition of protocols but not published until 1919 - backdated


Illuminati Reboot Russia

Chapter 12 of this book contains the Protocols manuscript. Serge Nilus offered three conflicting statements as to where he got the Protocols manuscript, the true source was Pyotr and the Okhrana, with Melville cheering on the sidelines.

Matvei Golovinski was a Russian who worked for the Okhrana in Paris under Pyotr Rachkovsky. Matvei Golovinski wrote and published articles on assignments from Pyotr Rachkovsky. This was when William Melville (British intelligence) and Pyotr Rachkovsky (Russian intelligence) were working together and Melville agents such as Casimir Pilenas were working in the Okhrana.

Note –
In 1999 Russian historian Mikhail Lepekhine studied French archives stored in Moscow and found evidence that the Protocols forgery was written by Matvei Golovinski. That would explain where Serge Nilus actually got the Protocols manuscript to put into his 1905 book – from the Okhrana. It also shows the Protocols are a joint British and Russian intelligence forgery.

A copy of The Great within the Small may be seen at the British Museum Library, under No. 3926d-17, stamped British Museum, 10th August, 1906.

The British Museum currently lists The Great within the Small as follows…
Notice that Chapter 12 (the Protocols) were written by Petr Rachkovsky and Matvei Golovinski.

british_museum_nilus_protocols_rachkovsky_entryScreenshot of British Museum Library listing for Serge Nilus – screenshot taken November 18, 2014

Plain text…

  • Title: Великое въ маломъ и Антихристъ, какъ близкая политическая возможность. Записки Православнаго. Изданіе второе, etc.[The original compilation of Part 12, протоколы засѣданій сіонскихъ мудрецовъ, was an adaptation, with a framework partly provided by “Le Juif” of Gougenot des Mousseaux, of M. Joly’s “Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu … par un Contemporain, expanded by extracts from a romance by “Sir John Retcliffe” and from works by Chabauty and others, and modernized and expanded under the editorship of – Rachkovsky by I. Th. Manasevich-Manuilov and Matvyei Golovinsky. It was first published in this form in Russian, with his own comments, in two editions of this religious work by S. A. Nilus.]
  • Author: Sergei Aleksandrovich NILUS
  • Contributor: E. A CHABAUTY ;
    Matvyei GOLOVINSKY ;
    R Gougenot Des Mousseaux (Roger), 1805-1876. ;
    Maurice JOLY ;
    Ivan Thedorovich MANASEVICH-MANUILOV ;
    Petr Ivanovich RACHKOVSKY
  • Publication Details: Царское Село : Типографія Царскосельскаго Комитета Краснаго Креста, 1905.
  • Identifier: System number 002659952
  • Physical Description: x, 417 p. ; 8º.
  • Shelfmark(s): General Reference Collection C.37.e.31.
  • UIN: BLL01002659952

There you have it. The Protocols manuscript that appeared in Chapter 12 of the book The Great within the Small – were written by Petr Ivanovich RACHKOVSKY and Matvyei GOLOVINSKY – both of them working for the Okhrana, in conjunction with British intelligence agents who were working full time in the Okhrana.

1909 – the British Home Office became MI 5 and the British Foreign Office became MI 6.

MI5 is Britain’s counter-espionage service. It operates inside Great Britain.
MI6 conducts intelligence activities on foreign soil, outside of Britain.

Admiral Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming headed the new Foreign Section of the British Secret Service.
The new Foreign Section was also called the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and MI 6.

Admiral Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming

He made extensive use of forgeries, following in the tradition of British intelligence all the way back to the days of Queen Elizabeth I and William Cecil. British intelligence has always been busy manufacturing forgeries.

Now we are going to talk about some of the people involved in the Protocols of Zion (in English) false flag operation –
which was a joint British and Russian intelligence operation.

1913 November – MI6/Secret Service agent Casimir Pilenas was sent to New York city, still acting as an undercover agent for William Melville. FBI records say Casimir was known to them as: ‘British S.S. agent of the Scotland Yard detachment’. An Okhrana report in 1913 says “The Pilenas Brothers, Okhrana agents in London”. As you can see, Casimir Pilenas and Peter Pilenas are still working as Okhrana agents, in addition to being British agents. This is further evidence that British and Russian intelligence are still embroiled in joint operations together.

1914 July – The Hidden Man Behind British Propaganda – Charles Frederick Gurney Mastermanmasterman_1906 – Masterman was put in charge of British propaganda. He secretly ran British propaganda from the War Propaganda Bureau at Wellington House. Wellington House is headquarters of the British Government. Masterman called together a large group of British authors and British newspaper men to work under him. The Times was controlled by the British slavemasters and it served as an outlet for slavemaster propaganda. Geoffrey Dawson was a member of the Round Table who was editor-in-chief at The Times. Alfred Milner was a top man at the Round Table – and he had gotten H. Wickham Steed working at The Times. Henry Wickham Steed and Geoffrey Dawson were Charles Masterman’s controlled mouthpieces. And a little later in time, they would be the outlet used to introduce the Protocols of Zion in English.

He reboots a version of the 1890 Kaiser Map – sending out postcards in 1914. It gets updated later in the year.

1914 December 1- The National Security League was a British front group tasked with getting America into World War I, funded by J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. Attorney Frederic R. Coudert was on the executive committee of the National Security League. Frederic Coudert was legal counsel for the British Ambassador to the United States, Cecil Rice. Rice was married to Florence Caroline Lascelles. She was the cousin of the Duke of Devonshire, Victor Cavendish – a British slavemaster family. The American people were against entering World War I. The National Security League called those Americans who were advocates for staying out of the war, “pro-German” “dangerous aliens” “traitors” and “spies”. The National Security League issued warnings against a German invasion of the U.S. They even promoted a forged map of the “Kaiser’s plan for the world”. This was a REBOOT and UPDATE of British 1890 propaganda prepping for WWI. See 1890 entry.

National Security League propaganda

* * *

1915Controlled Opposition Bump Up – Communist Bolsheviks – After over a decade of nothing, the slavemasters decide to use their controlled opposition “Bolsheviks”. Accordingly, the American International Corporation was formed in New York. Its main goal was financial assistance to the Bolsheviks (Communists) in Russia. (Reminder: Lenin and Trotsky were already British and Russian intelligence assets since 1902) The firm was funded by J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, and the Warburgs.

All of them were agents for the British “New World Order” – their term. They were ousting competition and making a NEW Drug and Human-Trafficking Cartel.

The international financiers launched a worldwide propaganda campaign to sell the Bolsheviks as idealists, selfless humanitarians, and the modern disciples of Christ, who wished only to spread brotherhood and universal love throughout the world. The tune rang strangely against the backdrop of the machine guns steadily chattering in Russia as the “disciples of love” massacred millions of women and children.

The horrible thing about that propaganda actually is the fact that the REAL revolutionists (like Vladimir Burtsev – see 1917 July entry) WERE exactly like that, but they were not Bolsheviks. So, see how they are painting THEM with massacring women and children?

The “Communists” in Russia killed 21,500,000 people during and after the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Communist revolution in Russia was a cover for British objectives – to overthrow the Russian Czar, crush the REAL rebellion, and get rid of “the Jews”.

Sidney Reilly was a British agent who came to the US in 1915 to acquire arms and munitions for the Russian military. His employer was Russian banker Abram L’Vovich Zhivotovskii, who was the uncle of Leon Trotsky.

Zhivotovskii was tied to Jacob Schiff and laundered large sums for the benefit of the Bolsheviks.
Jacob Schiff was a Jewish banker who was a member of Temple Emanu-el in New York City.
Temple Emanu-el and its banker members strongly advocate the British New World Order.

Jacob Schiff was a bitter enemy of Russian Czar Nicholas II and his regime.
Schiff helped overthrow the Russian monarch and install communism.

Schiff bankrolled the American activities of the Friends of Russian Freedom, a London-based organization.

That puts the B’nai B’rith and Temple Emanuel involved TWICE with Slavemaster intelligence plans involving Russia and their own fellow religionists! First with the helping British intelligence and the Okhrana spread the forged propaganda about “Zionism” (see 1896 May) – now with the war to get rid of the Czar and the Jews in Europe and move them to Palestine, and replace the REAL revolution with Communism – just like was done in France during the French Revolution where Communism actually began.

1916 January – William Wiseman was sent to New York city to be the head of British intelligence (MI6) in America.
He was tasked to get America into World War I on the side of Britain. Casimir Pilenas worked under Wiseman. Aleister Crowley worked under Wiseman. General Kasloff was in America to purchase munitions for the Russians. Sydney Reilly was acting as a purchasing agent of munitions for the Russians. Reilly was a deep cover agent for Wiseman. Boris Brasol came to the U.S. in August of 1916 to act as legal advisor to General Kasloff. Boris Brasol connected up with William Wiseman’s agents, Sydney Reilly and Casimir Pilenas. All of them took orders from and reported to William Wiseman. Boris Brasol was also pals with another MI 6 agent, Vladimir Grigor’evich Orlov – who was being used as a forger of documents by Admiral Mansfield Smith-Cumming (head of MI 6 in Britain). Sergei Nikolaevich Syromiatnikov was the Russian government’s chief Public Relations man in the United States. Boris Brasol shared offices with Sergei Syromiatnikov in the Flatiron Building. Natalie De Bogory worked for the Okhrana and she ran a translation service. She was also an agent for British intelligence under William Wiseman. She acted as the personal assistant to Sergei Syromiatnikov.

1917 January – Illuminati Reboot Russian of 1905 entry – Serge Nilus is used again as a front. Another book is published titled It is Near, At the Door – and the Protocols of the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom were again published in full. Another wave of anti-Jewish riots in Russia began in 1917, lasting for about five years. The riots sometimes claimed the lives of thousands of Jews in a few hours. The total is put between 50,000 to 250,000.

1917America Illuminati Reboot prep – Feeding articles FROM the London Times TO various U.S. newspapers, begins using the London Times Public Ledger Cable Service. It was a BRITISH PROPAGANDA outlet highly controlled by the then “King” of British propaganda, C.F.G. Masterman.

1917 January 13 – Combined Okhrana/MI6 agent Leon Trotsky gets sent to and arrives in New York City. Trotsky was met on the pier by Arthur Concors of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society. He was the superintendent of the society who answered to an advisory board – two of the board members were Louis Marshall (President of Temple Emanu-el), and main financial backer Jacob Schiff. While living in New York City, Trotsky wrote articles for the Russian language socialist newspaper, Novy Mir.

1917 March 15 – Escalating riots and strikes in Petrograd forced Russian Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate. The old regime was replaced by a provisional government of which the REAL revolutionists were part of – like Vladimir Burtsev (see 1917 July entry). The slavemasters wanted to now use the Bolsheviks to take control of that government. The provisional government wanted to end Russian participation in World War I by signing a separate peace treaty with Germany. The British did not want Russia making a separate peace treaty with Germany – they wanted every nation to be part of the British peace plan – their League of Nations idea. The British slavemasters wanted to form a League of Nations as a step to forming a World Government. British intelligence sent some of their agents into Russia to influence the provisional government into not making a separate peace treaty with Germany. The papers and reports of William Wiseman tell us that Leon Trotsky was an MI 6 agent. William Wiseman depatched selected agents from the USA to exert counter influence in Russia especially in revolutionary circles. These agents included ‘international socialists’. One of the MI 6 agents in America that Wiseman selected to be sent into Russia was Leon Trotsky, and he was an international socialist. Wiseman said – the two absolutely essential things was that these agents have no perceptible links to British interests and that they oppose any move towards a separate peace treaty.

1917 March – Leon Trotsky got a visa for travel to Russia. Trotsky obtained the visa from the British passport control office in New York City – that is MI 6 headquarters, headed by William Wiseman. Just prior to that Trotsky had given an interview to the New York press saying he opposed a separate peace.

1917 March 27 – In order to give Trotsky intelligence cover of “not” being with British intelligence, the British staged an arrest of Trotsky in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Trotsky left New York on 27 March 1917, but his ship, the SS Kristianiafjord, was intercepted by British naval officials at Halifax. He was detained for a month at Amherst Internment Camp in Nova Scotia. This was done to give the illusion that Trotsky was not working for the British. One of the people Trotsky contacted was his uncle, Abram Zhivotovskii, who was a banker in Petrograd.

1917 April – Vladimir Lenin went to Petrograd where Trotsky’s banker uncle was.

1917 April 29 – The Russian foreign minister Pavel Milyukov demanded the release of Trotsky as a Russian citizen, and the British government freed him on 29 April 1917. Trotsky reached Russia on 4 May 1917. Trotsky became the second man in the Bolshevik Party after Lenin.

1917 July – Trotsky doing his MI6 job – subverting the Provisional government by targeting Vladimir Burtsev. (image right) Vladimir was a very interesting man known as the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of the real revolution) who had rousted out what Trotsky was actually doing. Vladimir was the leading counterespionage specialist in the Russian revolutionary opposition to the tsarist government. He had a long record of busting both Okhrana and British intelligence agents going back to 1909. (Charles Masterman; article privately published by V. McClaughry). Vladimir Burtsev fought oppressive policies from Tsarism in Imperial Russia and the Bolsheviks and Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism. Plus, he exposed the Okhrana’s role (Rachkovsky – see 1905 entry) in fabricating the Protocols of Zion in the 1934-35 Berne trial. — Now, what does that tell you? I’ll tell you what it tells me. It tells me that there was a DIFFERENT revolution going on that was not the Bosheviks. I had suspected for some time now, that there must have been something good going on in Russia for there to suddenly be a need by the slavemasters to create this hysterical controlled opposition called the Bolsheviks, which then gets blamed on ‘fascism’ and ‘the jews’. And so there was. It’s not like they haven’t done that before. Since the American Revolution every single time some country tried to rebel against the slavemasters? Some other group was created and mixed with the original that turned it into something far different. Cuba, India, Africa, China, Korea, Nicaragua, Guatemala – the list goes on and on. It’s amazing just how many times they have done this exact same tactic, actually. Most of which were pinned onto this ‘communist’ or ‘jew’ labels.—So anyway, in July of 1917, Vladimir accused Lenin and his comrades (the Bolsheviks) of being agents of Germany. Of course, what he failed to realize – or maybe not – is the Vatican and British involvement behind all that. It was not exactly easy to find and Germany made a great misdirection target for the slavemasters. (comes under that ‘fomenting‘ thing they can’t seem to stop doing) But, at least Vladimir had kind of spotted that as a possibility, evident even in the title of his article of July 7, 1917 where he targets Lenin, Trotsky etc. It was called: Either Us or the Germans and Those with Them (Russian Freedom, July 7, 1917)— It’s easy to see both why the slavemasters needed Lenin and the FAKE revolutionary Bolsheviks, and why later on in 1919, they suddenly flooded the U.S. press with all these atrocities of the ‘Russian revolutionaries’ and then tried to pin all that on the rebellious-to-their-plans Senator Borah and those like him who were opposing the League of Nations.

1917 November 7-8 –Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky led the Bolsheviks in an armed uprising, and they overthrew the Provisional Government. Lenin became the head of the Russian government. Why would they need to overthrow it, if it was THEIRS. Answer: It wasn’t. It was the REAL revolutionists. And what’s the first thing Trotsky does? Arrests Vladimir Burtsev. The October Revolution was also commonly referred to as Red October, the October Uprising and the Bolshevik Revolution. Vladimir was literally the first political prisoner in the new USSR. The irony here is astronomical, the betrayal is beyond unmentionable.

1917 end – Illuminati Reboot Jewish Russian prep in America – agent Casimir Pilenas was “loaned” to the U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Division, complete with a glowing recommendation from William Wiseman. One of the things that Wiseman tasked Casimir to do at MID, was to incite the Americans by “reporting” on Jew banker conspiracies.

1918 – January 19 – Casimir Pilenas is coming under fire from other elements in British intelligence, but Wiseman expressed absolute confidence in him to Cumming (head of MI6) and that he was certain that he worked for no other person but [me]’ Reference – United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918).

1918 February – British/Okhrana agent Natalie de Bogory gets hired (on Wiseman’s recommendation) by U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Division. So now Natalie de Bogory and Casimir Pilenas are both in the MID.

1918 March – Lenin and Trotsky etc. went ahead and signed a peace treaty with Germany and Russia withdrew from World War I. Effectively closing off Russia for decades, and becoming a useful “enemy” and strawman for the Slavemasters to use later on. You can tell it wasn’t that the slavemasters didn’t want that treaty signed, it was that they didn’t want it signed with the REAL revolutionists in any kind of power. Now that their agents were in power, they could execute their long-term plan. Take Russia out of view, let Lenin “purge” all those “undesirables” and re-enslave the rest without the world watching.

1918 September – The British intelligence driven National Security League bulletin of September, 1918, crowed over influencing American elections: “Gratifying results are being obtained by the league’s congressional committee, which is prosecuting an aggressive, nonpartisan campaign in all parts of the country to insure the election to Congress this fall of men of demonstrated loyalty and ability.” Loyalty to Britain’s interests, that is.

1918Illuminati Reboot of British propaganda Kaiser Map. It’s a kind of takeoff from the 1890 one, but note all the different Republic this, that and the other thing. In The Paranoid Apocalypse: A Hundred-Year Retrospective on The Protocols of Zion edited by Richard Landes, Steven T. Katz, they talk about that this map showed up in the first German translation of the Protocols of Zion. (see 1919 entries)

As you are probably starting to notice,

they keep rotating these same two tired and FAILED conspiracy theories
every time they are afraid the people are going to stop their plans,
or see through them in some area.

True to form, worried about rebellions all over the world, they are about to do a particularly nasty reboot of the overall Satanic/Freemason/Illuminati basic format again. Only this time they are going to much more aggressively throw people of the Jewish faith under the bus, leading towards getting them out of Europe and eventually letting millions of them be killed in WWII.

Now we mislead the Americans and the British/European people as to who “the enemy” is.

This Illuminati Reboot starts in 1919.

Both of the slavemasters favorite elements will be in play – Using Communism to label “enemies” and using the original Illuminati Conspiracy Theory format to mislead everyone as to who the enemy really is..

1919 February 19 – British/Okhrana agent Casimir Pilenas submitted a report on Bolshevism to the Military Intelligence Division in which he described the German Jewish banker Max Warburg as the man “at the bottom of it.”

1919 March 28 – Illuminati Reboot – London Times man Wickham Steed who first publicly broached the coming Bolshevist/Jew change of propaganda angle, in an editorial he “wrote” (as in approved writing) for the Daily Mail on 28 March 1919. In it, he “accused” the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George of betraying the White Russians because of a plot by “international Jewish financiers” and the Germans to help the Bolsheviks stay in power.

1919 April- Wiseman and Okhrana agent Boris Brasol went to work with the Military Intelligence Division as a special assistant to its chief, General Marlborough Churchill. Churchill was much concerned by the “Bolshevik Menace” and open to Brasol’s suggestion of a Jewish conspiracy behind it, having already expressed an interest in the Pilenas’ report.

Now there are three of William Wiseman’s agents working at U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Division –

Casimir Pilenas
Natalie de Bogory
Boris Brasol

Brasol, Pilenas, and Ms. De Bogory all worked together to help the British slavemasters produce the American Protocols of Zion.

1919Illuminati and Communism RebootProtocols Propaganda starts up in American Press – the British propaganda machine used the Protocols manuscript to claim that Russian Communists have a secret plan to rule the world. The Protocols manuscript was called the “Red Bible”. There was no mention of the word Jew or Zion in this British propaganda campaign. These Red Bible articles appeared in various newspapers in the United States in the months of October and November 1919.atlantic_constitution_front_page_november_3_1919_red_bible

Here is one of the Red Bible articles that was published in the Atlantic Constitution on November 3, 1919. Notice the article is by Carl Ackerman of the Philadelphia Public Ledger Service. That is important – it proves this is British propaganda.The_Atlanta_Constitution_Mon__Nov_3__1919_

carl w. ackermanCarl W. Ackerman

Library of Congress records show that Carl W. Ackerman worked for the Philadelphia Public Ledger syndicate. The “Ledger Syndicate” goes back to the London newspaper Public Ledger, which was part of a “syndicate” starting in the mid-1700’s. Philadelphia Public Ledger Service is also called by its real name – London Times Public Ledger Cable Service.

Take a look at this and notice the names associated with the London Times Public Ledger Cable Service – Wickham Steed and Lord Northcliffe. Northcliffe was the owner of the London Times and he headed a department of British propaganda during World War I. That is who Carl Ackerman worked for, and Carl Ackerman was the man who wrote the Red Bible stories.

The Sun, December 14, 1918, Page 7, Image 7

In fact, Library of Congress records on Carl Ackerman actually shows that –

1920-1921 Organized and served as chief of Philadelphia Public Ledger Foreign News Service, London, England

The Red Bible stories about the Russian communists having a secret plan to rule the world – are British propaganda.

1919 October/November – Illuminati Reboot prep move in Germany. The same month as the Red Bible articles in America saying its a communist conspiracy. Dietrich Eckart uses the 1890 Kaiser’s Dream map in “Tagebuch” Auf gut deutsch (October 10, 1919) 512-513. Eckart noted that this supposedly pre-war map labeled the Russian territory “Russian Desert”, exactly as the Kaiser’s Dream map did. Eckhart was one of the first members of covert agent Sebattendorff’s Thule Society, the people to whom Hitler first turned, and who first allied themselves with Hitler.

Just 6 months later

the British propaganda men would use the Protocols manuscript to say the Jewish Zionists have a secret plan to rule the world. They just removed the name Russian communists and filled in the name Jewish Zionist.

At the end of World War I part of the British peace plan was to create a League of Nations. Their League of Nations idea was to be a giant step towards creating a World Government. The “Red Bible” manuscript was supposed to scare the Americans into joining the British League of Nations. It did not work.

1919 November 19 – the United States Senate was debating whether to accept the World War I Peace Treaty and thereby join the League of Nations. Senator William Borah led the opposition to joining the League of Nations and won. The U.S. Senate voted against joining the League of Nations.

The British slavemasters began orchestrating another war to convince people of the need for World Government.

Nazi Germany was a British operation. The British slavemasters and their demented minions set up and financed Nazi Germany. (See The Reckoning Chapter Seven British Nobility Orchestrated Nazi Germany.)

The British also provided Nazi Germany with two vicious ideas.

One idea was eugenics. Genes are found in the center of a living cell and they determine the physical characteristics that are passed from parents to children. Eugenics says people with inferior genes should be prevented from having children. That idea provided Nazi Germany with an excuse for killing millions of people who they claimed had “inferior genes”.

The other idea was that Jews were the enemy of mankind.
That gave Nazi Germany an excuse for killing millions of Jews.

Publishing attacks on the Jews was part of setting the stage for World War II.

Senator Borah and friends had just killed their League of Nations New World “Order” plan – which is the point of this next particular Illuminati Conspiracy Theory resurrection.

Two of the Main agents used:

Brtish Melville (forerunner of MI6) secret service agent – Casimir Pilenas Palmer.

British propagandist of the C.F.G. Masterman clutternut-heads stable – Nesta Webster.

Nesta Helen Webster (24 August 1876 – 16 May 1960) revived the conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, this time adding the “jews” into the mix.

She argued that the secret society’s members were occultists, plotting communist world domination, using the idea of a Jewish cabal, the Masons and Jesuits as a smokescreen. According to her, their international subversion included the French Revolution, 1848 Revolution, the First World War, and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

How convenient! The French Revolution is again given as the starting point.

During WWI, Nesta was recruited to the British “cause” and during the War, as mentioned, I believe that she got her feet wet in Charles Masterman’s happy little stable of propagandists and their assistants. After the War, in 1919, she’s setting the stage for what’s to come, and published The French Revolution: a Study in Democracy (London, Constable & Co., 1919) in which she claimed that a secret conspiracy had prepared and carried out the French Revolution. As she said in her book, The lodges of the German Freemasons and Illuminati were thus the source whence emanated all those anarchic schemes which culminated in the Terror, and it was at a great meeting of the Freemasons in Frankfurt-am-Main, three years before the French Revolution began, that the deaths of Louis XVI and Gustavus III of Sweden were first planned.

This should have had an intro from British intelligence saying: “We’re trying to cut the Germans out of the new Opium Cartel (see Seven Years War), so now we’re going to blameTHEM for the French Revolution. We, of course, the still major half of the Cartel, are completely innocent and blameless in everything.” And never mind mentioning the heavy JESUIT influence of the Rosicrucian-come-Freemasons-come Illuminati and that the Vatican is the other half of our Cartel – we won’t mention that.

Seriously. This is really THAT bad.

1919 November – British/Russian intelligence agent Casimir Pilenas (Lithuanian by birth) immediately gets pulled back to London to help publish the English version of the Protocols. His cover now, while in London, was TRANSLATOR and JOURNALIST. Yep, that’s what he put as his job on the Ship records for when he arrived. Well, that’s rather convenient for the Protocols black op, wouldn’t you say? The Preface of the English version of the Protocols is dated December 2 1919, less than two weeks after Borah’s famous speech. Borah’s speech, in addition, was beginning to expose that the same people behind the League of Nations – the Brits – were behind Trotsky and “Internationalism”. Now that’s very, very important, because we know how much the Brits hate having their nasty plans traced back to them and exposed, don’t we. So, hence the big push for “world conspirators” for the American people to blame, misdirecting attention off of them and setting the new “enemy” for the Germans and Russians to tie themselves up in knots against – AS WELL AS THE AMERICANS WHO RESIST THEIR PLANS – as you are soon about to see. A later propaganda attempt called Warrant for Genocide (see 1967 entry) pages 13,139 chapter 6The Protocols Reach Germany details what looks to be an OP by Casimir. Although the source, being a propagandist, is questionable, many of the details used in the author’s spin are actually valid. It’s what he leaves out that’s the problem (as usual). He writes that in 1919 a mysterious Lithuanian, a former employee of the Okhrana, called on a Jewish delegation to the Peace Conference and offered to hand over, for £10,000, a book which could be exceedingly dangerous to the Jews. Needless to say no business was done; but the delegation saw the book, and it was a copy of the Protocols.” I believe he is referring to the American Jewish Committee, who in their Annual Report #14 (published 1921), p. 18 states that: “For some time past members of your Committee have known of the existence of this “document”; in fact, the manuscript was offered to your Committee with the erroneous idea that a round sum would be paid for its suppression. Under the title of “The Jewish Peril” it was anonymously published in England in February, 1920, and editions of it have appeared in Germany, France, and, we are informed, also in Denmark, Italy and Spain.” That it was the American Jewish Committee that Casimir approached would make sense, because of his having already been tasked by Russian and British intelligence to influence Americans regarding the Protocols.

1919 November and December 2 – Preparations were made to get the Protocols translated into both English and German. Since Casimir was already involved with translating the Protocols for U.S. Army military intelligence, we believe that Casimir was involved with preparing the English one, completing the Preface on December 2. In fact, Lucien Wolff wrote: “…the following December a German edition was published under the title “Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion,” and two months later the English edition saw the light under the title “The Jewish Peril: Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” The German and English publication would have been simultaneous but for the fact that difficulty was experienced in finding a reputable London publishing house to take the Protocols seriously.” Clearly he doesn’t realize the importance of Eyre and Spottiswoode being that publisher, but Aha! So that’s why the Preface for the English one was dated 2 December but not published until two months later (February, 1920) because it was prepared at the same time as the German one. Here’s the preface, recently obtained from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library.

PDF – Nilus – The Jewish Peril – Preface

End of preface showing the December 2, 1919 date –

Nilus - The Jewish Peril - Preface-3

Of course, that is NOT written by Nilus, that’s Casimir writing what British intelligence wanted him to.

1920 March – The Jewish Peril – Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was published privately.
Eyre and Spottiswoode in London are the official publishers for the British government – they did it.


An original is held at this museum.

Eyre and Spottiswoode had a long association with high-level British intelligence forgeries and propaganda presented as somehow valid – this was one of the “private” routes that C.F.G. Masterman had set up when he first took control of Propaganda in July of 1914, and began producing over 2 million propaganda pieces shipped all over the world.

The connection to British intelligence of Spottiswoode publishing this did not go unnoticed by at least one author, Lucien Wolf, who wrote in November 1920 – a curious story is current that the translation of the Russian forgery on which the theory of that journal mainly rests was actually made in the Intelligence Department of the War Office. (THE MYTH OF THE JEWISH MENACE IN WORLD AFFAIRS or THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FORGEDPROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, by Lucien Wolf, preface written November 1920, book published February, 1921.)

1920 May – German Protocols publicly revealed (already published in December/January 1919) under the title Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion (The Secrets of the Elders of Zion). A later propaganda attempt called Warrant for Genocide (see 1967 entry) pages 13,139 chapter 6The Protocols Reach Germany“ actually provides some decent details (in and amongst some point-blank lies) of how that came about. Who was actually the instigator of getting the Protocols translated into German and adding in the Kaiser’s Dream map as if it was part of the Protocols? Which it wasn’t. A Russian named S.F.V. Vinberg. When the German troops evacuated the Ukraine after the armistice of November 1918 the German authorities provided a train for any Russian officers wishing to accompany them. Shabelsky-Bork and Vinberg took the opportunity and moved to Germany. It seems that immediately on arrival, the very first thing that he did was go right for finding an ‘anti-Jew” contact who was to produce the first German translation of the Protocols, Ludwig Muller. I’d say that how that hook-up happened is that Vinberg probably met with Houston Chamberlain, British deep cover agent in Gemany, who hooked him up with Muller and probably gave him the 1890 British produced “Kaiser’s Dream” map. I’d say that Dietrich Eckart was also involved because he uses the 1890 Kaiser’s Dream map in “Tagebuch” Auf gut deutsch (October 10, 1919) 512-513. —This nasty Vinberg character actually had a number of writings that he was involved with, in all of which he insists that in one way or another the Jews must be got rid of. One of the more revealing (and very Vatican and British slavemaster) angles that he would go on and on about was that the Jews were responsible for that “monstrous aberration” called democracy.Vinberg accordingly demands that the natural leaders of the nations shall once and for all recognize the political incompetence of the masses, turn their backs on democratic politics, seize power and impose their dictatorship on these ‘anthropoid herds’.” [Geez, he sounds like L. Ron Hubbard talking about black South Africans in 1960] Then the time will be ripe to unite the nations in a common front against the world-conspiracy of the Jews. (Cohn, chapter 6) More Vinberg: “Already in the eighteenth century England, at the behest of the Elders, paid such men as Rousseau, Voltaire, and the Encyclopedists to undermine France; more recently she paid Tolstoy and Gorky to undermine Russia. The French Revolution was planned by the Elders and so were the Russian and German revolutions of 1917-18.” More Vinberg:Already in the eighteenth century England, at the behest of the Elders, paid such men as Rousseau, Voltaire, and the Encyclopedists to undermine France; more recently she paid Tolstoy and Gorky to undermine Russia. The French Revolution was planned by the Elders and so were the Russian and German revolutions of 1917-18.” Err. So now the Jews are really Weishaupt’s Illuminati? The British nobility and the Jesuit-Rosicrucians were all really Jewish? I don’t THINK so. Quite the Illuminati Reboot spin attempt his own self though. But guess what he revealed there by saying that? He’s copying a specifically British propaganda line to blame the French Revolution on the Jews. In fact, it was one by British intelligence propagandist Nesta Webster that had just been invented right before this while she was working for Charles Masterman.—-Anyway, back to Muller. Besides calling himself Muller van Hausen, he also used the pen-name Gottfried zur Beek. Muller was a retired army captain and the editor of a conservative and antisemitic monthly, Auf Vorposten (On Outpost Duty)—He got right to work on translating the Protocols, producing the first German translation. Cover below

The publisher was the same organization as published Auf Vorposten – the Verband gegen Ueberhebung des Judentums (Association against the Presumption of the Jews) Lucien very astutely points out the connection to the deep cover british intelligence agent – Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the nephew of Sir Neville Chamberlain – who was a member of a German group who started publishing anti-Jew and anti-English materials in 1919. Putting a rather interesting PR positioning on the “type” of people who would be anti-English – do note. This is one of the few times you’ll see both the British involved in “attacking” themselves as themselves. All this literature, while expounding exactly the same theory of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy as the Morning Post, is as violently anti-English as it is anti-Masonic and anti-Jewish. A great deal of it is published under the auspices of the Deutschland’s Erneuerung Committee, of which Mr. Houston Chamberlain is a leading spirit. Note: Chamberlain was a founding member of the extreme-right, anti-Semitic Deutschlands Erneuerung newspaper, Colonel House Swaying Wilson March 5 1926 NYTimeswriting in 1919 that Germany was now under the “supremacy of the Jews”. Chamberlain’s anti-Semitic writings grew ever more violent and bloodthirsty from there. —It was in this new protocols book that the Kaiser’s Dream map from 1890 would show up. (Ref: The Paranoid Apocalypse: A Hundred-Year Retrospective on The Protocols of Zion edited by Richard Landes, Steven T. Katz, they talk about that this map showing up. Their reference #19 for this says that Hausen’s translation (aka Ludwig Muller, who liked to call himself Muller von Hausen) specifically titled the map“Kaiser’s Dream”.) —–What was first actually a veiled attack on Lord Robert Cecil, had already been taken and turned into a freemason conspiracy, and now it’s being turned into a JEWISH freemason conspiracy. —

1920 FebruaryIlluminati Reboot – JEWISH now – Nesta Webster shows up right in the middle of creating the whole Protocols of the Elders of Zion fabrication by British and Russian intelligence working together. (see The Reckoning, Chapter 21) In 1920, she was one of the contributing authors who wrote The Jewish Peril, a series of articles in the London Morning Post centred on the The Protocols. The Nazi Party – the I really hate the Jews club – started THE SAME MONTH as British intelligence agents created and published the nastiest anti-Jew piece known to man – the Protocols! ====That same year, guess who she tries to misquote and use as a source to back up her resurrection of the illuminati – and specifically targeting Thomas Jefferson in Virginia (and Patrick Henry) with it – Vernon Stauffer!! Vernon is someone that I used extensively in my article because he’s pretty good with his sources for what he writes. (New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918. Available at the internet archive and Google Books. ) She did this, per Conrad Goeringer, in July of 1920. The same time as she’s involved in the whole Protocols promotion-fest. Illuminism’s spectre rose again in the early 1900s with the writings of Nesta Webster, a writer who enjoyed considerable popularity in Tory circles in Britain. Her voluminous outpourings warned of plots, secret societies, Illuminists and Masons, all of whom were determined to bring down the edifices of state and church. By now, the legend of the Illuminati was more powerful than truth; Webster, writing in The Nineteenth Century, quoted Vernon Stauffer’s work claiming that “As early as 1786, a Lodge of the Order had been started in Virginia, and this was followed by fourteen others in different cities … no, Illuminism is not dead.*See The Nineteenth Century, “Illuminism and the World Revolution”, Nesta Webster, July, 1920. (The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and The Illuminati by Conrad Goeringer, retrieved out of the Internet Archive)==Stauffer NEVER said ANY of that. Nesta LIED. Now, there is a story told about her that goes like this – Wikipedia: Following the First World War she gave a lecture on the Origin and Progress of World Revolution to the officers of the Royal Artillery at Woolwich. By special request she repeated the lecture to the officers and non-commissioned officers of the Brigade of Guards in Whitehall, and then she was asked to repeat it a third time to the officers of the Secret Service. It was at their special request that she wrote the World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilisation (Small, Maynard & Company) 1921 – based on these lectures. Her charisma helped her to captivate some the leading literary, political and military minds of her day. Lord Kitchener in India described her as the “foremost opponent of subversion”.[citation needed]

1920 February 8Winston Churchill comes out praising Nesta, while also espousing deliberate and knowingly false propaganda as part of agitating a: against anyone countering their League of Nations crap and/or b: as part of identifying the “enemy” for the next World War they – the slavemasters – already had planned. ““…the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. …This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungry), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. [“impossible equality”? Look at him attacking Jeffersonian ideas as per the Constitution of the United States! And “arrested development”? That’s the whole Weishaupt “maturity” thing] It played, as a modern writer, Mrs Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution.” (page 5 of Illustrated Sunday Herald February 8, 1920 titled: ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM. A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE by R. Hon. Winston R. Churchill.) Here is where we see Britain trying to get rid of the Jews USING THEIR INVENTION of Zionism. “Zionism offers the third sphere to the political conceptions of the Jewish race. In violent contrast to international communism, it presents to the Jew a national idea of a commanding character. It has fallen to the British Government, as the result of the conquest of Palestine, to have the opportunity and the responsibility of securing for the Jewish race all over the world a home and a centre of national life. The statesmanship and historic sense of Mr Balfour were prompt to seize this opportunity. Declarations have been made which have irrevocably decided the policy of Great Britain” Winston loves him some Zionism, it will move the Jews and cause all sorts of trouble in the Middle East to keep those “ragheads” – as he called them, busy. In case you didn’t know, Winston was highly racist. Blacks, Indians, Jews, he was an equal opportunity hater of everyone not white. So now, after they created communism and socialism, now they offer the alternative of another bullshit creation of theirs called Zionism? Wow. The arrogance of trying to control ALL options and leave out the one you don’t want them to have. Equality. Terrible idea. (sarcastically speaking)

Anyone who even thinks about equality are now Illuminati/Communist/Socialist/Nihilist/Anarchist/Freemasons. A perfect hamster wheel of options that never lead to them, the real “unseen hand”.

1920 February 27 – Meanwhile, over in America – the other deep-cover agent territory of Brasol and DeBogory at the U.S. Army’s MID, Brasol’s assigned target Churchill contacts DeBogory’s assigned target Houghton on February 27, 1920. General Marlborough Churchill, knowing that Houghton had seen this “copy” of the Protocols at the British Museum, asked him to furnish whatever information he might concerning the authenticity of the protocols. Houghton forwarded English translations commenting that “this evidence is quite important…In other words, current events have furnished the proof.” Houghton also assured him that “many qualified to judge” regarded the Protocols as “a basic document of some sort.” Oh, ha frickin’ ha – like British agents Pilenas and Brasol, perhaps?

1920 February – The Party that Hitler had joined in September 1919, the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP), or German Workers’ Party, was reconstituted as the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), or National Socialist German Workers’ Party, generally known as the Nazi Party. This is THE SAME MONTH as British intelligence agents created and published the nastiest anti-Jew piece known to man – the Protocols!

1920 April – British and Russian intelligece agent Boris Brasol suddenly leaves the U.S. Army’s MID in April of 1920, and it’s just a couple weeks later that the London Times, Wickham Steed, our very own Masterman boy, brings world attention to the Protocols of Zion. Boris has a new job to do…

1920 May 8 – Illuminati Reboot complete – Wickham Steed, our British intelligence step-n-fetch-it ran his editorial that says Colonel House Swaying Wilson March 5 1926 NYTimes“from a correspondent”. It was entitled: “The Jewish Peril”, A disturbing pamphlet, Call for Inquiry. Nesta Webster helps him with this.

And there you have it – the Protocols have been “appeared” in English.

1920 May – Fellow British Intelligence shill, Victor Marsden, together with Casimir Pilenas, helped to create a simultaneously produced anti-Jew series in the Morning Post – concerning the appearance of the new Protocols of Zion. Marsden had been the Post’s correspondent in Russia at the time of the Revolution. Thereafter, but that same year, the Post published a book on the same matter, entitled The Cause of World Unrest. This was picked up by well-known publisher, George Haven Putnam, who then put out an American edition it in New York , a little later in 1920. Apparently Putnam also sent a letter to the AJC concerning his anti-Jewish views in 1922, to Lee Weiss on March 13. Reference: A.J.C. Archives, Box 132.

1920 – Versions of the Jewish Peril notes – NO editions yet carry the phrases “money aristocracy” or “hidden hand”. The wording in the 3rd edition put out by “The Britons” has this wording: “On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy we built an aristocracy of our own on a plutocratic basis. We established this new aristocracy on wealth, of which we had control, and on science promoted by our scholars.” Note that for what happens in 1921.

1920 May 22 – Boris Brasol is now tasked with running this anti-Jew operation in a big way. He contacts Henry Ford, who owned the Dearborn Independent newspaper. They began its anti-Jew British Intelligence propaganda crusade, on May 22, with the sensational headline “The International Jew: The World’s Problem.

1920 June 29 – Illuminati Reboot for America Boris-style PREP – Boris Brasol now contacts Charles Scribner to publish his version of the Protocols. Later on, Boris would lie up one side and down the other, to the FBI mostly, about all this. One of the (sadly) funnier lies was that he just “made a study” of the Protocols. Of course, just slightly contrary to all the above and his “me-know-nothing” act, was a June 1920 letter from Boris to his would-be publisher. (Ref: Brasol to Charles Scribner, June 29, 1920. Library of Congress, Boris L.Brasol Papers, Box 39) Brasol sent Scribner a book proposal that he said dealt with the “masonry and Jewish question,”. He said that he expected this to ”become a big issue in the next few months.” He did the usual Cecil Bloc round-robin approach tactic (publish a book, then point to it to then get other things going) and told Scribner about the recent publication of The Jewish Peril (the first publication) in England and just like the London Times spouted – he also pointed to “recent or pending editions” in Germany, France, Sweden, and, of course, the United States of America. Brasol could not contain his lavish boasting tendencies, and told Scribner that: “The Protocols had become a world movement, or at least a subject in which the thinking world is deeply interested.”

1920 August Illuminati Reboot Boris, Casimir, and DeBogory book comes out. They titled it:The Protocols and World protocols_world_revolution_-_American_versionRevolution: Including a Translation and Analysis of the Protocols of the Zionist Men of Wisdom.– Available at the Internet Archive, published by Small, Maynard & Company, Boston, 1920; For those of you with Google accounts, you can also read it at Google Play. Note: The British Museum currently lists this item as being “Translated and edited by Boris Brazol, in collaboration with Natalie de Bogory” – but fails to mention the British double-agent Casimir Pilenas’s role in all this. (Note the similarity in title to Nesta Webster’s book) One of the more interesting (and revealing) things in this booklet is in the introduction. Boris and Casimir try to spin why the Red Bible articles of the prior year clearly show that these “protocols” were not about the Jews. Since those articles are proven to have been part of a British intelligence operation, and since Boris and Casimir are both British agents, it becomes really interesting to watch them try to get out of that fact. This book is where many of the lies actually come from as to the spurious (and fictional) origins of the “protocols”. Let’s have a look at just one exerpt from the introductory statement for spin and big whoppers galore. “In the United States revolutionary agitation directly guided and fomented by agents of Lenin and Trotzky and subsidized with ample funds, recently reached such proportions that the Federal Government was forced to take strong measures, including hundreds of arrests and deportations.” Except for the minor detail that Trotsky was a deep cover agent for William Wiseman and British intelligence – that is.“All words in the text itself indicating that the Protocols were of Jewish origin were omitted. The Hebrew word “Goys,” signifying “Gentiles,” used in the Protocols, nowhere appears in the Ledger article. Further more, wherever in the Protocols the expressions “our people” or “we” — meaning the “Jewish people ” or the “Jews” — are used, the author of the article makes it appear that the people thus referred to are the “Bolshevists,” and speaks of the Protocols as a “Russian document,” which clearly it is not….There is only one hypothesis upon which the Protocols could possibly be considered ” Bolshevist,” namely, that the Bolshevist movement was of Jewish origin, in which case the plan outlined in the Protocols might have become “Bolshevist ” by adoption.” That’s a whole lot of ‘splainin going on there re: why the Red Bible articles had the Protocols saying “bolshevist” instead of Jew. The real reason is that it wasn’t TIME yet to target the Jewish religionists. —Last but not least, Boris and friends invent a suitable guise of how “Nilus” supposedly got the Protocols – “Mr. Nilus states that Mr. Souchotin told him that the manuscript was originally obtained by a lady whose name is not given and who, he said, obtained it in a mysterious way.” But of course. (sarcastically speaking). We already know it was Rachkovsky and Melville who actually wrote that thing in the first place. Nilus is just a name put to it. And that’s why buried deep in this LONG introduction, Boris the laywer says: “There is not, and in the nature of the case there hardly can be, any direct evidence as to the authenticity of the Protocols.” – That’s called a legal disclaimer folks. He just gave himself an “out” that, if, all this was not forged and faked (which it was) then why did he even need an out? Because he’s lying for the British – and he knows it. === It is in the final paragraph of the book that we see the point of this American publication – to turn Americans against people of the Jewish faith. “Aside from their position on these matters, there is no likelihood of any change in the favorable situation of the Jews in this country unless by their own conduct they convince the American people that they are hostile to our institutions or to our system of government, or that they desire to constitute within the borders of the United States a race apart—to be treated as members of a foreign nation, enjoying special rights, privileges, or immunities.” There are still people out there today who believe this pile of lies and use it to fuel an unjust hatred of people of the Jewish faith – it needs to stop. This is the first edition of the Protocols that carries the terms “hidden hand” and “money aristocracy”. The first is a vicious parallel of Thomas Jefferson’s intelligence estimate where he refers to the British nobility and the Vatican, basically, as the “unseen hand”. (see 1774 July) There is no way in hell some obscure Russian named Nilus happened to read all of Thomas Jefferson’s letters to John Adams – this had to have come from someone ENGLISH-SPEAKING and who intended to covertly trash Jefferson, the REAL revolutionist. The passages that add these two NEW terms to the Protocol are: “They are puppets, pulled by the hidden hand of the ” Elders,”…” and “On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy we built an aristocracy of our intellectual class—the money aristocracy. We have established this new aristocracy on the qualification of wealth, which is dependent upon us, and also upon science, which is promoted by our wise men.” (Protocol I) And what did the 3rd edition 1920 of the ORIGINAL english translation, The Jewish Peril have that as: “On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy we built an aristocracy of our own on a plutocratic basis. We established this new aristocracy on wealth, of which we had control, and on science promoted by our scholars.” See the difference? These two characterization terms will be used over and over by generations of propagandists – including L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology in a 1953 lecture. (See 1953 entry)

1920 – Next came anglophile and New York head of MID agent Harris Houghton’s – Natalie DeBogory’s boss – version forPraemonitus_Praemunitus_-_The_Protocols_of_the_Wise_Men_of_Zion_-_The_Beckwith_Company_(1920)America of the Protocols which didn’t do so well compared to the “Boris Brasol” version. It’s really just hair-splitting, since all three worked together, but apparently the Boris version is the one that was used the most for the British subversive propaganda purposes. There’s an interesting backstory about that publishing company you see there. The Beckwith Company. Houghton actually had to create that as his version kept getting rejected. He created it with the help of a prominent Jewish lawyer and asset of William Wiseman, through Wiseman’s deep cover agent, professor and Zionist activist Richard Gottheil (Leon was his stepson). —Notes: Casimir, for many years after this, tried to distance himself from Boris, who did the same. It was all part of protecting that British intelligence connection – AT ALL COSTS. In a later 1925 letter to Nathan Isaacs of the MID, Pilenas said: “I have at last got the dope who inspired Boris Brasol to translate Serge Nilus’s booklet [the Protocols]. There was a conspiracy to make the Jews pay for everything and the first $5,000 check was received from a wealthy but good hearted Jew in New York.” (Ref – NIP Pilenas to Isaacs, March 8, 1925.) Look at him trying to cover up that connection of Leon to Gottheil to Wiseman to Houghton’s Protocols! By blaming Boris, who, of course, never really gets in trouble for any of it.

1920 December – Boris Brasol connected up with Count Arthur Ivanovich Cherep-Spiridovich, who arrived from London to Aleksandr_Ivanovich_Spiridovichbegan working on more Reboot writings.

  • How to Save England (1920)
  • Let Us Prevent the Second World War Already Prepared! (1921)

Brasol had just published the Protocols about six months before he met Spiridovich, and Spiridovich lauded Brasol’s books as “clever.”—Count Cherep-Spiriodvich was a Serbian and Russian intelligence agent (under Rachkovsky and later Baron Rosen). For five years, he had been Serbian Consul to Moscow. Why Serbia? If you recall, Britain put the Serbians in charge of an area of Europe as part of the Peace Treaty, so they were acting as a “dominion”, and obviously there was some sort of “treaty” existing before-hand to give some of Europe to the Serbs. Spiridovich is a kind of a nasty character, is the best I could say about him.

1920 lateIlluminati Reboot continued – Nesta Webster, with Winston Churchill’s blessing, publishes World Revolution, The plot against civilization (London 1921) where she “traces” all revolutionary upheavals through the Bavarian Illuminati to the Jews of Jesus’ day. EXACTLY like the story created specifically to target Thomas Jefferson with – complete with the Wollner Jesuit/Rosicrucian Jesus the Master Illuminati Freemason addition. In it she wrote: What mysteries of iniquity would be revealed if the Jew, like the mole, did not make a point of working in the dark! Jews have never been more Jews than when we tried to make them men and citizens.Says the Dark Hidden Master propagandist Nesta Webster herself…. === “The propagandist will not accuse the enemy of just any misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has and of trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit. He who wants to provoke a war not only proclaims his own peaceful intentions but also accuses the other party of provocation. He who uses concentration camps accuses his neighbor of doing so. He who intends to establish a dictatorship always insists that his adversaries are bent on dictatorship. The accusation aimed at the other’s intention clearly reveals the intention of the accuser. But the public cannot see this because the revelation is interwoven with facts. – Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul; French 1962, English 1965. You can read it here.

1920 June – Example of how communism is still a cover for British/Vatican intelligence operations to protect their drug-trafficking and stop rebellions against their “unseen hand” rule over humanity. (“unseen hand” – Thomas Jefferson term for the slavemasters). As I previously discussed in the last decade here at the blog, in the mid-1800’s the favored tactic of the slavemasters became more cohesive in using “communism” as a weaponized label to undermine and stigmatize any country following in the footsteps of America. Holding true to that tactic, in June of 1920, Comintern* agent Grigori Voitinsky was sent to China by the Okhrana (Russian Intelligence – later called the KGB) on behalf of the allied British and Russian slavemasters. *Comintern – The Communist International, also known as the Third International (1919–1943), it was an international communist organization that advocated world communism. (Why China, V. McClaughry)

1921Illuminati Reboot continued – Boris Brasol wrote another anti-semitic book – The World at the Crossroads. Boston: Small, Maynard & company, 1921 (Mir na pereputie. Belgrade: Vseslavianskii knizhnyi magazin, 1922). “The book contends that the Russian Revolution was instigated, financed and operated by Jews, and describes the overthrow of the Czar and consequent international developments as a “sinister movement in which the Jews of the world and Mr. Wilson have become partners.” (From FBI doc 100-22487, p. 96 of PDF, interview by Special Agent In Charge New York, doc dated Februay 6 1942 – found in the Internet Archive.) He also writes a letter to Major-General Count V. Cherep-Spiridovich on July 1, 1921 crowing over his “success” harming people of Jewish faith. ” Within the last year I have written three books which have done more harm to the Jews than ten pogroms would have done them. (From same FBI doc above)

1921Illuminati Reboot continued – the Fifth Edition 1921 version of The Jewish Peril (1920) still has the same phrase WITHOUT the addition of “money aristocracy”. On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy we built an aristocracy of our own on a plutocratic basis. We established this new aristocracy on wealth, of which we had control, and on science promoted by scholars.” However, NOW someone adds the “hidden hand” term perverting Jefferson’s “unseen hand” intelligence estimate. (see 1774 July) This editon has: “To the courage, persistence and devotion of this true son of real Russia the world owes it that the Hidden Hand is now laid bare to its skin and claws.” It does NOT have this that Boris’s Protocols and World Revolution book has: They are puppets, pulled by the hidden hand of the “Elders,” – Odd, isn’t it?

1922 January 20 – After all the main Propaganda Blitz ass-covering “across the pond” had been done, Pilenas was sent back to the U.S. on the Scythia to help cover up British involvement in the Protocols. Now he says his occupation is 40610_B000967-00147“journalist”. Very funny. Casimir is 3rd from the bottom of image (right) – click to enlarge. It was just after he returned, that he had filed “expose” articles through Hearst papers. He also began pointing fingers at Brasol and “Russian Intelligence” – as in acting on their own – cover stories that he stuck to for the rest of his life. I call it their “what protocols” routine – sort of like a who’s on first routine by Laurel and Hardy, only it’s Boris and Casimir.

Just think Boris and Casimir here, regarding the Protocols of Zion and working for British Intelligence.

1921 November, 1922 March and 1929 July 1Brasol and Pilenas tangle with Senator Borah – Boris Brasol, Casimir Pilenas, and William Wiseman were trying to bring in another Russian “fleeing” from the Far East, Ataman (Chieftan) Grigori Semenov. During the Bolshevik Revolution, he had made himself overlord of the Siberian Transbaikal region and committed a number of atrocities in the battle against bolshevism and anyone he even suspected of sympathy toward it. This had earned him a rep as a pillager and mass murderer. Sounds like the British’ kind of guy! Sarcastically speaking. In his zeal, he also killed US soldiers and citizens and former officers of the American Expeditionary Force in Siberia were very much his enemy. Although some accuse him of anti-semitism, I don’t think it’s that simple. For one thing, he had a Jewish mistress and even issued an order against “pogroms” against the Jews, and offered them shelter in his stronghold for a time. However, there is no question that officers under his command definitely harbored such sentiments and robbed and murdered Jews with relish and impunity. I think he was yet another deep cover agent of the British, personally. During November 1921 and January 1922, Boris Brasol lobbied the US State Department to grant him a visa. Brasol’s effort succeeded, and Semenov stepped onto U.S. soil in Seattle on March 14, 1922. However, Senator Borah caught wind of all this, and by the time Semenov arrived at Wiseman’s stomping ground in NYC, the police arrested him, and held him at the Ludlow Street jail. As news of this spread, “angry Russian Jews” protesting against Semenov gathered around the lockup. Brasol, who became involved in the case, in his usual cover-his-connection to British intelligence manner, later told Army interrogators that he was acting only in a legal capacity and at the insistence of Semenov’s young wife when he personally raised Semenov’s bail. Semenov then found himself facing a deportation hearing before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Commitee and, of course, Senator Borah.(References – “General Semenoff Remains Prisoner in New York,” Pittsburgh Press, April 16, 1922, Brasol hearing, 74, FBI, File 100-15704.) Borah was leading the committee on the decision to deport Senemov, which he was successful in doing. Borah was an outspoken champion of Soviet recognition, meaning that they had the right to run their own country, make their own peace with the U.S. outside British interference. So, of course, this was yet another area that British Intelligence ran afoul of Borah, and there would be many attempts and intrigues aimed at discrediting Senator Borah. Almost immediately, British intelligence agents and propaganda outlets began circulating rumors that Borah was “in the pay of the Soviets”. Then, they even went so far as to actually forge documents trying to prove Borah was in the “pay of the Soviets”. This is when our already existing deep-cover British agent, Valadimir Orlov (the protege of deep cover agent Sydney Reilly) came into play. In Berlin, where Orlov had his document forging ring that was sanctioned by head of MI6 Cumming (see earlier part discussing that) – July 1, 1929 Orlov and a man named Mikhail Pavlunovsky (aka Sumarokov, Yashin, Yakhshin, Karpov, etc.) stood trial on charges of having sold faked documents to an American journalist, Hubert Knickerbocker. The documents purported to prove that Borah had taken money from Red agents. These were documents Orlov forged on behalf of British intelligence. These documents “showed” that two United States Senators, William E. Borah of Idaho and George W. Norris of Nebraska had each received $100,000 from the Soviet regime for their “advocacy of pro-Moscow policies” in Washington. (Reference – See ‘‘U.S. Senate Special Committee to Investigate Propaganda or Money Alleged to Have Been Used by Foreign Governments to Influence U.S. Senators.’’ Its deliberations and findings may be found in 70th Congress, 1st Session, 7 January 1928, and 2nd Session, 8 January 1929, ‘‘Alleged Payments by Mexican Government to United States Senators’’ (Hearings), and 70th Congress, (1st and 2nd Sessions) Senate Report, p. 52 forged borah letter october 1927(Summary). You can view it at HathiTrust.) One of the Orlov forged documents (with Brasol and Pilenas involvement) for this “Mexican” allegation – was a letter supposedly from Borah. (image right) Can you believe these sickos? Can’t win because they’re incompetent losers, so the British slavemasters can only LIE and hope someone believes them. They didn’t. Note: Borah was considering running for President at the time, so this is a rather obvious (and desperate) attempt on the part of British intelligence to belay any possibility of that occurring. British intelligence had just got done trying to set up him for a similar thing, some months earlier the Senate had investigated and cleared him of charges that he had taken money to advance the interests of the Mexican Government. Reminder, 1919 entries, Borah killed their League of Nations, so humorously speaking: What, Mexico didn’t work so now they’ll try Russia to falsely portray Borah as COMMUNIST? Sheesh. They tried MULTIPLE more times. Now, also at this trial in Berlin, a “German secret service agent” named Harald Siewert testified that in 1925 Boris Brasol came to Berlin to negotiate with Orlov’s partner Pavlunovsky about obtaining documents that could be used in Ford’s legal battle with a New York Herald reporter Herman Bernstein. Nice euphemism for FORGED documents. Orlov’s assistant Pavlunovsky, testified that Orlov more recently had been busy preparing some sort of forgeries and had been “in conference with a man who described himself as Mr. Brasol, an American attorney from New York.” (References – see Richard Spence, “Senator William E. Borah:Target of Soviet and Anti-Soviet Intrigue, 1922-1929,” International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Vol. 19, #1 (Spring 2006): 134-155.) Richard Spence writes: “However, as early as December 1927, the Senate Special Committee, chaired by Senator David A. Reed (R., Pennsylvania) received the first document purporting to show that Borah and Norris had been in Soviet pay. Originating in Paris, more such documents surfaced during 1928, though none were originals; for those, the secretive purveyors demanded a cool $50,000. The key piece in this dubious collection was a note dated 7 March 1926, allegedly signed by Borah, acknowledging receipt of $100,000 from the Soviet government via a leftist American lawyer, Dudley Field Malone.2 The Committee again dismissed the ‘‘evidence’’ as bogus, and cleared Borah and Norris of the charges.” Under questioning, notice that Orlov’s specific attack on Borah was for ‘supporting the Bolshevists’ – that really gives away who he was working for, even if we didn’t already have proof that he was a Wiseman/Cumming asset. Orlov admitted that the documents he supplied Knickerbocker were not originals but ‘‘reconstructions’’ based on papers still sequestered in Soviet archives. He insisted, however, that their content was genuine and they constituted further evidence that Senator Borah was a paid agent of the Bolsheviks. Even after this trial they tried again to get Borah implicated as being a paid Russian spy, just weeks later! In September 1929, American anti-Red, Lewis E. Pierson, president of the Irving Trust Company and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, wrote to President Herbert Hoover to reveal “new” documents showing Borah to be in Moscow’s pay. The Irving Trust had merged with New York Life Insurance & Trust Company in 1922. Pierson had bankrolled a “private network” dedicated to exposing Communist influence at home and abroad in 1925 – the same time the other forgeries first started showing up. He specifically dogged Senators Borah and Norris, and spread around information about their supposed “spots” on the Soviet payroll. Some of the key people he worked with to attack Borah were
Van Ness Harwood, head of a New York public relations firm and publisher of the Red-baiting Industrial Facts Reports, and the American military attache´ in Paris, Colonel T. Bentley Mott. Pierson declared that ‘‘I desire to present for your consideration, certain information which has recently come to me unsolicited, which if true points to an intrigue on the part of influential persons in this country and in Europe. . . .’’ (Reference – Department of State, 811.44—Borah, William E., p. 282, Pierson to Hoover, 18 September 1929.) The first of these so-called documents was yet another forged “letter” from Borah, dated May 1929 and addressed to the Soviet ambassador in Paris, Valerian Dovgalevskii. Borah, in this forgery wrote that he had discovered ‘‘the real author of the campaign against you, Senator Norris and myself’’—Lewis Pierson. A member of the Reed Committee, he continued, ‘‘has given me undeniable proof of this.’’ Borah’s plan, according to the letter, was to ‘‘accuse Pierson and his group of forgery and libel’’ when the time was right. That, he hoped, would silence the opposition and help move American public opinion in favor of recognition. Now there’s an awesome example of controlled opposition for you – the guy who is himself, working in the pay of British intelligence to try and destroy Borah, presents a letter forged from Borah saying exactly that but in the same letter Pierson says that he was the source of the Mexican doc forgeries, the ‘‘Paris Documents’’ provided to Reed’s Committee during 1927–1928. Besides trying to cover-up the British intelligence connection of Orlov, which was dangerously close to full exposure, he takes the “fall” on these documents, but he also fingers MID man Colonel T. Bentley Mott – thereby trying to make it all an American intelligence operation against Borah, when it was a British one. Could he be any more obvious? It should teach you something about how the Slavemasters operate though, they will do anything to keep from being exposed, including getting other people to take false “falls” for them! Furthermore, as to Brasol’s involvement, Ernst Henri (Semen Rostovsky) fingered Brasol as the key intermediary between Orlov and a clique of American reactionaries determined to impeach Borah. (Reference – Ernst Henri, Professional’nyi antikommunizm (Moscow: Politizdat, 1981), p. 184.) Ship records do indicate that Brasol traveled to England (and presumably to Berlin) in the fall of 1925, and again in late 1928. The first documents incriminating Borah surfaced immediately after. —- This entry has been included to show you just how LONG the slavemasters will be vindicative and try to destroy someone for exposing them. Hell, Thomas Jefferson is still being Black-PR’ed two hundred years later!

1926Illuminati Reboot continued – another reboot that focuses on thehidden hand” secret government, a deliberate corruption of Thomas Jefferson’s “unseen hand” intelligence assessment (see 1774 July). Spirodovich publishes his “Secret Government” book in 1926 which has probably more than 50 references to “hidden hand” – he was REALLY working that angle. Here’s another copy of it. —In his book, as part of helping to build the false backstory of this “conspiracy”, Spiridovich alleged that he was acquainted with Sergei Nilus, the supposed author of the first Russian edition of the Protocols—which happens to be the name on the both American versions (Brasol and Houghton). — Further cementing Nesta Webster as an obvious hired propagandist, is an endorsement by another hired propagandist – as part of William Wiseman’s intelligence operation he was running for MI6 there in New York. Major General Count Cherep Spiridovich. Spirodovich writes: “The French Revolution,” “World Revolution, The Plot Against Civilization,” and “The Secret Societies,” by the most talented Mrs. Nesta Webster of London, the best historian of today, are so important, that I will refer to them later. No student of history, no politician or preacher, especially no woman should miss them. Among the thousands of historians Mrs . Webster as a colossus endowed with a rare erudition and courage.” – Major General Count Cherep Spiridovich. The Secret World Government Or “The Hidden Hand”: The Unrevealed in History p. 26; The Anti-Bolshevist Publishing Association, 15 EAST 128th STREET, NEW YORK CITY; published 1926. You can read the book here.

Besides a few whiffs here and there during the next decade, why, and by who, do you think this all gets re-booted again?

Just before another war.

WWII –  yet another planned slavemaster war
that they wanted Americans to fight for them.

Who’s behind this reboot?

The British.


Before you read these entries, look at these OSS document points of psychological warfare tactics using “rumors” again if you like, and remember:

A “successful” conspiracy theory follows the same guidelines as this document laid out. It’s success is determined by acceptance, then wrong decisions and conclusions made because it was accepted as truthful and factual. It is a way to undermine one’s enemy by causing him to fail to attack the right thing, and instead attack the wrong thing. It is also a way to demoralize one’s enemy when the “truth” is later exposed that shows what the person acted on as true was actually not really.

Our first entries begin with another seemingly moldy old boring OSS document of which some absolutely stunning revelations came out of my digging into some of the names mentioned in it. One of which was Winfield Riefler.

What did Winfield Riefler do?

He coined the term of the military-industrial complex that so many people later got hornswoggled into actually believing was “the cause” of WW2 (and still do).

Instead of who it actually was, you understand.

You see, Winfield was part of a secret study group that the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) had formed to help get America into the war – 3 years before there was a war.

Americans were getting wise to the war-mongering using them to achieve the British and Slavemaster world domination goals, and were not in a favorable frame of mind regarding another world war. (WWII)

1934 – Illuminati REBOOT first move – to yet again try to take American attention off of British perfidy – Sir Ivison Stevenson Macadam, the first Director-General of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (1929-1955) calls for a study group on “various aspects of Anglo-American” relations – code for how to covertly shift American attitudes towards the British so we would fight WWII for them and inaugurate the failed League of Nations plan with a new name – United Nations.  As taken from: “Underpinning the Anglo-American Alliance: The Council on Foreign Relations and Britain Between the Wars.” In Jonathan Hollowell, ed., Twentieth-Century Anglo-American Relations (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001), 25-43. Such interchanges culminated in 1936 in a more substantial undertaking, a joint dinner conference on Anglo-American relations held in New York which the Council and RIIA co-organised. This in turn was the prelude to probably the Council’s most ambitious project on Anglo-American affairs, a two-year study group, in collaboration with Chatham House, on various aspects of Anglo-American relations. Ivison MacAdam of the RIIA first mooted the idea of the conference in 1934. As Edwin F. Gay, a Harvard academic and long-time Council director, commented, it was decidedly a British initiative.—Why are they calling it a British initiative? Because Sir Ivison, head of the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs), the “spawner” of the CFR group in America, wanted it done. Shows the real pecking order, doesn’t it. The RIIA was formed by Round Table men, and our regular readers should well understand the significance of that by now. Suffice it to say – it’s British slavemaster central. You can either read my Round Table article which is extensively documented, or if you prefer a more stream-lined version, you can read my husband’s The Reckoning book, chapter 5-1, British Intelligence Sabotaging America.

1935 October 1 – Illuminati Reboot – Choosing new names – fellow CFR man and OSS Research and Analysis director William Langer immediately started spin-doctoring that it was “easier” to show that it was military and official classes were the driving force behind the Round Table (imperialism) movement. That means it would be easier to DEFLECT using that, since the truth was that it was British nobility slavemasters and their sycophants (bankers, leeches, and assorted other slimy criminal types in nice clothes) and the Vatican that were behind it. Ye ole thrones and altars. A good example of Langer’s “spin” work he was doing that far back, can be found in the CFR magazine Foreign Affairs (Vol. XIV October 1935, “A Critique of Imperialism,” p. 102-115) where we see Langer explain, “The point I want to make… is it is easier to show that the military and official classes are a driving force behind the movement for [imperial] expansion than to show that a clique of nefarious bankers or industrialists is the determining factor.” Notice how they’re actually choosing between which deflections off the real conspiracy are going to work better to mislead the American public. The nefarious bankers one had already been beat to death in the Protocols of Zion manufacture and the Illuminati/Freemason manufacture.


They were coming up with a NEW Illuminati Reboot conspiracy theory!

“Military” and “official” classes.

They are to blame.

1936 Illuminati Reboot – British controlled RIIA/CFR Secret Study group to come up with new deflections and how to manipulate the American public into supporting the new slavemaster war. Winfield Riefler was made part of a secret study group that the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) had formed to help the British get America into the war – 3 years before there was a war. As taken from: “Underpinning the Anglo-American Alliance: The Council on Foreign Relations and Britain Between the Wars.” In Jonathan Hollowell, ed., Twentieth-Century Anglo-American Relations (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001), 25-43. Such interchanges culminated in 1936 in a more substantial undertaking, a joint dinner conference on Anglo-American relations held in New York which the Council and RIIA co-organised. This in turn was the prelude to probably the Council’s most ambitious project on Anglo-American affairs, a two-year study group, in collaboration with Chatham House, on various aspects of Anglo-American relations. Ivison MacAdam of the RIIA first mooted the idea of the conference in 1934. As Edwin F. Gay, a Harvard academic and long-time Council director, commented, it was decidedly a British initiative.

1936 – Winfield Riefler was also made part of a special sub-study group concerning the unpaid debt from Britain to the U.S. from WWI which they never paid back even after this study group – that should give you an idea of where the real power lays in the CFR. With the British. They didn’t pay it back (and without proper interest) until 2006! In response, the Council established a small group, consisting of George P. Auld, a New York accountant who had served on the Reparation Commission; Shepard Morgan of the Chase National Bank; Professor Winfield Riefler of Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Study; Raymond Gram Swing; and Garrard B. Winston, a former Under Secretary of the Treasury. Auld’s report suggested that most Americans no longer expected to realise any substantial sums on the war debts—Notice how Riefler and Auld are busy working on spinning the lie that “most Americans” didn’t care that the British never paid us back for WWI. Yes they did. —Note: Riefler was a Federal Reserve Board member, a CFR director, and he wrote appropriate propaganda articles for the CFR’s publication called Foreign Affairs, it was Riefler who took the deflection terms the CFR was discussing in 1935 and turned it into the “military industrial complex” REBOOT. (see 1947 entry and 1961 Eisenhower speech entry)

Concurrent with the British Round Table men busily spinning new names for the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory REBOOT, we have a new tactic of kind of splitting the 200-year-old Illuminati Conspiracy theory into a two-pronged approach. The second prong is having the “mental” and “religious/spiritual” angles being covered at the same time.

Those angles first get rebooted in much less known and smaller, more covert way in the strangest of places first. Psychiatry, the New Age CIA front group Esalen and the CIA front group Scientology.

Now there’s an odd mix.

As we head into this next set of Illuminati Reboots – Reminder:

The communist label was used to position any rebellion against the “unseen hand” rule.

The Illuminati conspiracy theory etc. was used to mislead would-be rebels as to WHO is the “unseen hand”

Put together with the last ones, these next entries are one of the few places where you can clearly see a 200-year continuity of British/Jesuit propaganda getting rebooted in PSYCHIATRY.
(of all things)

1940’s Reboot parallel operation CATHOLIC JESUIT Order of the Illuminati “goals” From 1776 May 1 entry – By enlightenment ” men were to be liberated from their silly prejudices, to become “mature” or “moral”, and thus to outgrow the religious and political tutelage of Church and State, of “priest and prince “. Morals was the science which makes man “mature”, and renders him conscious of his dignity, his destiny, and his power. The principal means for effecting the “redemption” of the world was found in unification, and this was to be brought about by “secret schools of wisdom”. These “schools”, he declares, “were always the archives of nature and of the rights of man; through their agency, man will recover from his fall; princes and nations, without violence to force them, will vanish from the earth; the human race will become one family, and the world the habitation of rational beings.” (1913 Catholic encyclopedia’s entry on the Illuminati)

The next point, and this is a big one, is that “mature” part. Where did that re-surface again almost two hundred years later? Men who were part-and-parcel with the whole Tavistock and the World Federation for Mental Health agenda. First John Rees sets his “secret council” and its methodology for infiltrating society –

1940 June 18 – Tavistock psychiatrist Dr. John Rees gives an Address to the Annual Meeting of the National Council for Mental Hygiene. He used the word infiltrate repeatedly to express what they, this council, were and should continue to be doing. “Especially since the last world war we have done much to infiltrate the various social organizations throughout the country…” He also expressed the need to keep their intended influence SECRET. “I have said several times that I believe we should be careful about the mention of the Council or any other body which might be thought to be furthering some particular point. Many people don’t like to be “saved”, “changed” or made healthy…..Let us all, therefore, very secretly be “fifth columnists”….I doubt the wisdom of a direct attack …the more insidious approach…is more likely to succeed” — He advocated getting their propaganda into novels to indirectly influence readers minds. “set out on a campaign to get certain points and ideas which are of importance stressed by well-known novelists in their books…in an ordinary human story it should not be difficult to give some emphasis on a point of view, and the gradual building up of a series of such emphases over a period of years would be the soundest kind of propaganda”.–He also talked about the plan: to do something to make our race more adventurous, more adaptable, happier and, if possible, more intelligent. aka a reboot of “redemption of the world”.

1940 later on – Rhees starts using the Jesuit Weishaupt button words “mature” and “moral” for Propaganda purposes and what “mature” is.

1942 – Two years after Tavistock psychiatrist John Rhees re-booted the 200-year old Adam Weishaupt Illuminati goals, we have Stanford University’s Harry Rathbun, founder of the Sequioa Seminars suddenly start pontificating on the “maturity” point as well as other points right out of Weishaupt’s goals. “As the intellectual spokesman for the movement, Harry developed a speech, given repeatedly, that summed up the Sequoia Seminar philosophy. …The first version of the speech was delivered to two different conventions of educators in 1942. … Harry invariably mentioned science, evolution, psychological maturity, individual obligation to the group, and Jesus as a model for thought and action.Weishaupt/Illuminati excerpt – Jesus…is the sole road which leads to liberty”trying to say that Jesus is somehow the “founder” of his Order. That is a perfect example showing Harry is following that exactly as well. This again dovetails perfectly with the Wollner/Jesuit Rosicrucianism with its “only one” who has the secrets about the correct interpretation of masonry etc. back to supposed Jesus’s time. I’d also like to remind you that it was only a matter of weeks later, after the Weishaupt Illuminati creation, that Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry et. al. successfully achieved the state of Virginia enacting a Declaration of Rights on June 12, 1776, which provided for “free exercise of religion”, and not favoring any one religious sect. That would mean the “Jesus” sects – aka Christianity. —Continuing: “He liked to set up the speech, when possible, with a dramatic statement about the danger the world was in. Having established the danger, Harry proceeded to imply a solution by describing Heard’s theory of human evolution….The speech then usually moved into a section dealing with the importance of psychologically mature individuals, “men and women adequate to the situations in which they will find themselves.” And always, in every speech, he illustrated what he meant by reciting that paean to bourgeois self-sufficiency, Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If.” The selection of Kipling’s poem was understandable on most counts since it defined maturity—”you’ll be a Man, my son!”—in terms of sobriety, hard work, and emotional control. But it also stressed the importance of personal independence from others, an idea that ran directly counter to the great emphasis within Sequoia Seminar on interdependence.” (Saving the Earth UC Press) Then there’s the JESUS IS THE WAY part of his speech, pretty much exactly matching Weishaupt. Harry: “Finally, Harry came to the logical conclusion of his talk: the way to achieve the next step in evolution, the way to attain psychological maturity, the way to insure human cooperation and the survival of civilization—religion. He always insisted that religion was universal. Since everybody had a religion, then it was “extraordinarily important for a person to have a realistic religion instead of one based upon illusion; . . . a mature rather than a childish one.” He defined mature religion in Sequoia Seminar terms as total loyalty to the highest good, that is, the surrender of the individual’s will to the will of God, and pointed out that Jesus was one of the finest exemplars of that mature religious approach to life. The purpose of accepting a mature religion, as he defined it, remained constant through Harry’s speeches, but the wording was softened somewhat in the later years. The first full-blown example of the standard speech, delivered in 1942, pulled no punches. Man, he explained, had to “cast off the shell of separateness in which he is imprisoned and emerge . . . into the next stage of human evolution which is not organic evolution but that of his psyche, his spirit, his essential nature.” Using an explicitly biological term, he stated that this “mutation is attained by giving one’s complete and total loyalty to the underlying spirit of ultimate and total good, call it by whatever name you like. Such is the essence of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.” Harry had no doubt that what he was saying was scientifically true and would someday be proven through psychology, but, he declared, “we can’t wait for that. We must save civilization now so the psychologist will have an opportunity to make that discovery.” Saving the Earth UC Press. —-I’d like to remind you that it was only a matter of weeks later, after the Weishaupt Illuminati creation, that Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry et. al. successfully achieved the state of Virginia enacting a Declaration of Rights on June 12, 1776, which provided for “free exercise of religion”, and not favoring any one religious sect.

That would mean the “Jesus” sects – aka Christianity.

1946 – Another two years later Tavistock Psychiatrist Rhee’s buddies Harry Stack Sullivan and George Brock Chisholm had some other choice things to add on this “maturity” point that sound like they are straight out of the same Jesuit teachings that Weishaupt was incorporating into his Order of the Illuminati. In The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – George Brock Chisholm repeatedly goes on about this “maturity” idea. “…the burden of inferiority, guilt, and fear we have all carried lies at the root of this failure to mature successfully. …For a cause we must seek some consistent thread running through the weave of all civilizations we have known and preventing the development of all or almost all the people to a state of true maturity. …Maturity represents a wholesome amalgamation of two things: dissatisfaction with the status quo, which calls forth aggressive, constructive effort, and 2–social concern and devotion. It is morale in the individual.” So why…would it be a GOOD IDEA to teach people to be “dissatisfied with the status quo” – which is the same thing as saying HOW THINGS ARE. That would make people be at WAR with the status quo…ie: I’m happy with my life and peaceful, well, that’s no good. You must be DISSATISFIED and then go AGGRESSIVELY do something contructive. Do you realise what is being revealed there? They think that we need to be NOT AT PEACE, UNHAPPY WITH HOW THINGS ARE, and DISSATISFIED before we do “something constructive”. “Can anyone doubt that enough people reaching maturity in these terms would not want to start wars themselves and would prevent other people starting them. It would appear that this quality of maturity, this growing up successfully, is what is lacking in the human race generally, in ourselves and in our legislators and governments, which can only represent the people.” Well, that rules the entire slavemaster hierarchy out. It was them that started any of the truly damaging to humanity wars that have ever happened around here! In the last sentence, where it says: “which can only represent the people” – you’ll also notice the veiled attack on democracy there, which is interesting. This is actually a covert Catholic/British propaganda about how great monarchy is – both of these will show up in Scientology. (see 1960 entry)

This next entry was done right when Americans were again figuring out they had been HAD by WW2 and were getting royally pissed.

1947 October – Illuminati Reboot – the original first “prong” deflection created by the British RIIA gets brought out again by Winfield Riefler in an article he wrote for Foreign Affairs (Vol. 26, No. 1). Titled: Our Economic Contribution to Victory the article spans pages 90-103. Winfield specifically discusses the role of industrial output in determining the outcome of the war, and lays out the intersection between civilian and military components of an economy necessary for a military-industrial complex to function. on page 95. Image right is the exact page where he says it. –Note: this exact phrase, itself coined from Langer’s 1935 conspiracy deflection renaming idea it is easier to show that the military and official classes are a driving force behind the movement for [imperial] expansion than to show that a clique of nefarious bankers or industrialists is the determining factor. (“A Critique of Imperialism,” p. 102-115) shows up in President Eisenhower’s speech of 1961. See that entry.

1949Illuminati RebootHarry and Emilie Rathbun (An Oxford Movement/MRA Frank Buchman follower) founded Sequoia Seminar, a retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where for more than 40 years they led seminars based on the rebotted Jesuit/Weishaupt teachings of Jesus Christ. Sequoia Seminar was incorporated in 1949 and the building of the lodges and cabins you will find here today began. The first lodge was built on land at the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond. Here the tradition of working together was begun and the goal of blending buildings with the land was met in “Casa de Luz”, House of Light. This first lodge was given to the Quaker Center in 1973. (History of the Sequia Site)

1953 October 3- Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Reboot by L. Ron Hubbard – lecturing about “What is a Scientologist” Hubbard used a VERY particular term “money aristocracy”. The lecture is titled: USES AND FUTURE OF SCIENTOLOGY (p. 155 of PDF) “There are two parasitic groups in the world today…one of them is communism, the other is capitalism. Communism is a military aristocracy which depends upon the worker, and capitalism is a money aristocracy which depends upon the worker…” It gets promoted again in Auditor magazine #115 in 1975, and touted in 2013 on some Scientologist’s site as “words of wisdom”. It ain’t wisdom, as you’re about to find out. It’s propaganda.

No, it’s not wisdom. It’s Hubbard regurgitating a very specific phrase created in Russian/British/Vatican Illuminati propaganda. It’s from an ILLUMINATI REBOOT from a British and Russian intelligence created propaganda piece called The Protocols (of Zion) and World Revolution, using agents Boris Brasol, Casimir Pilenas and Natalie De Bogory (see 1920 for more). It’s a 1920 Boston publication and it was the first to use that term “On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy we built an aristocracy of our intellectual class—the money aristocracy. We have established this new aristocracy on the qualification of wealth, which is dependent upon us, and also upon science, which is promoted by our wise men.” (Protocol I)

1960 January 3 – “Democracy is not the best political philosophy in the world; and nearly everyone will agree that a benevolent monarchy is….But actually it’s the best form of government...” (L. Ron Hubbard lecture entitled Zones of Control and Responsibility of Government, 3 January 1960, SHSBC) What is the number one thing that both factions of the slavemasters (Vatican and British nobility/monarchy) have promoted as ideal for centuries? Priests and Kings rule the world. As symbolized by the ancient Nesilim symbol – the double-headed eagle – which was the symbol of the Catholic Church/Holy Roman Empire, no less. Here’s a Pope promoting it – “No of Chartres wrote to Pope Paschal II: “When kingdom and priesthood are as one, in complete accord, the world is well ruled…”IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885. And that’s what L. Ron Hubbard promotes.

1960 December 31Communism label RebootL. Ron Hubbard, just back from an intelligence mission to South Africa for Lord Salisbury (yes, one of THOSE Salisbury’s – the Cecils) gives Afrikaan Scientologys a lecture called “A Talk on South Africa” – part of the Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress. This lecture is one of the most amazing collection of lies and manipulation by Hubbard that we think we have ever seen. It is truly mind-twisting. Reminder: The communist label was used to position any rebellion against the “unseen hand” rule. The Illuminati conspiracy theory etc. was used to mislead would-be rebels as to WHO is the “unseen hand”. (see Jefferson 1774 entry) Slavemasters trying to rule African natives, particularly SOUTH African natives, goes all the way back to the very first “mission” of the Jesuits – the whole reason they were formed initially. (see intro to World Domination Conspiracy Deflections timeline 1702, Loyola’s document #3) Hubbard sounds exactly like British agent Vinberg (1920 May entry) promoting the fabricated Protocols of Zion in Germany. Vinberg accordingly demands that the natural leaders of the nations shall once and for all recognize the political incompetence of the masses, turn their backs on democratic politics, seize power and impose their dictatorship on these ‘anthropoid herds’.” Then the time will be ripe to unite the nations in a common front against the world-conspiracy of the Jews. (Cohn, chapter 6) Just substitute “communists” for Jews, and “anthropoid herds” for the native Africans and that’s Hubbard in this lecture.

1961 January 17 – Illuminati Reboot – the original first “prong” deflection created by the British RIIA “military-industrial complex” (1935, 1947 entries) shows up in President Eisenhower’s farewell address speech. The speechwriter staff memorandum [PDF] dated Oct. 31, 1960 — before the speech had been drafted — referred to the “war based industrial complex,” which was exactly along the line of the 1947 Winfield Riefler article he wrote for Foreign Affairs (Vol. 26, No. 1). Titled: Our Economic Contribution to Victory the article spans pages 90-103. Winfield specifically discusses the role of industrial output in determining the outcome of the war, and lays out the intersection between civilian and military components of an economy necessary for a military-industrial complex to function. on page 95. –Note: this exact phrase, was itself coined from Langer’s 1935 conspiracy deflection renaming idea it is easier to show that the military and official classes are a driving force behind the movement for [imperial] expansion than to show that a clique of nefarious bankers or industrialists is the determining factor. (“A Critique of Imperialism,” p. 102-115) – By the time Eisenhower actually gave his address, the phrasing had been corrected to match the British-approved propaganda of military-industrial complex. – The Eisenhower Library has posted online a draft of the speech dated nearly a month before it was delivered [PDF], and the phrase military-industrial complex is intact, just as in every other draft. —So, here is a sitting American President specifically promoting a British-intelligence chosen, again, conspiracy theory to target the wrong conspiracy. Look very carefully at this speech. Especially this part – watch how he has trouble even saying it correctly, eyes twitching every which way.

We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

Need. Guard against. Potential.

All special and very carefully chosen words trying to give a specific false impression –


As if it hadn’t already happened.

which it had.

I would bet money that’s why he’s so all over the place when you watch him trying to talk about that, because he knew he was lieing.

And this “disastrous rise of misplaced power” he was warning against? EXISTED ALREADY when the Federal Reserve was brought into being in 1913.

So, that was no valid “warning” of the real conspiracy by Eisenhower.


It was a flat-out British Round Table propaganda campaign.


That same year, someone decided that it was time to tie the two prongs together. Next we start getting both the religious/spiritual mental Illuminati Reboots mixed together with the Round Table Illuminati Reboots by various front men.

One of the first of which was –

President John F. Kennedy.

27 April 1961

Note: what’s with the vulcan-eared creepy vampire looking guy behind him?

1961 27 April – The Vatican joins the new Illuminati “Communism” Reboot fray and brings the Catholic angle in line with the British Round Table Deflection – Devout Catholic and President John F. Kennedy gives a speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association at the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria on April 27, 1961 entitled: “The President and the Press”. The speech followed on the heels of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. In this speech, Kennedy is trying to justify having the press censor itself against the “enemy” in the name of “national security”. Conspiracy deflectionists often falsely bill this as “The Speech that killed JFK” as if it’s some kind of heroic effort on Kennedy’s part exposing the “conspiracy”. This is ludicrous considering that he was “in” on the actual World Domination Conspiracy that was AGAINST true democracy. —Kennedy starts out right away LIEING. He positions U.S. “capitalist” newspapers as being at fault for what Karl Marx went off to do, completely leaving out that Marx was sponsored by British and Vatican intelligence in the first place. See 1837, 1843, and the 1847 entry especially because that is when the Communist League was formed over 4 years before this supposed 1851 event Kennedy highlights: “You may remember that in 1851 the New York Herald Tribune under the sponsorship and publishing of Horace Greeley, employed as its London correspondent an obscure journalist by the name of Karl Marx. We are told that foreign correspondent Marx, stone broke, and with a family ill and undernourished, constantly appealed to Greeley and managing editor Charles Dana for an increase in his munificent salary of $5 per installment, a salary which he and Engels ungratefully labeled as the “lousiest petty bourgeois cheating.” But when all his financial appeals were refused, Marx looked around for other means of livelihood and fame, eventually terminating his relationship with the Tribune and devoting his talents full time to the cause that would bequeath the world the seeds of Leninism, Stalinism, revolution and the cold war.LIE. Marx launched the more official communism movement in 1847 but Kennedy has been instructed to deflect off the real backers of communism and blame on it U.S. newspapers. Come on, that’s just fricking RIDICULOUS.—As a Catholic, next Kennedy could not resist bringing in a covert jab against the original Illuminati Conspiracy Theory that had the “Freemasons did it!” angle. “…we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.”Kennedy even uses the same kind of hysterical rhetoric that the Popes did to describe the controlled opposition French “revolution” portrayed as communism – while really dissing the recent American Revolution. Note: All of this “spin” goes back to the 1774 July entry when Thomas Jefferson exposed “the unseen hand” which was the slavemasters – British nobility and Vatican. Ever since then, the true “unseen hand” has been trying to invent SOMEONE or SOMETHING else to wrongly point at as the “conspiracy” – instead of at them. You can see Catholic Popes doing the same ridiculously hysterical finger-pointing at “communists” as you’re about to see Kennedy does in this speech. For example, see 1791 April 13, 1793 June entries. Particularly the 1791 entry is just full of hysterical accusations by Braschi, the new Opium Cartel drug-trafficking enabling finance man (see Seven Years War entries) who had become Pope Pius VI. Braschi was just literally foaming at the mouth about the “commune” – the origin of the later controlled opposition term “communism”. Now look what Kennedy said: “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.Every single accusation Kennedy made is exactly what his “church” has been doing for hundreds of years – the real conspiracy. You couldn’t HAVE a more exact description of what the real “unseen hand” is doing and how it operates. Just as Thomas Jefferson exposed almost 200 years earlier. —Hear Kennedy saying that live @9:45 in this video.


1961Pat Robertson founds and was the director the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) which later hosted the infamous propaganda outlet called “The 700 Club,” show. Pat Robertson would later be “tight” with President Reagan, and was staunchly “anti-communist” – so you can tell where he fits into this puzzle easily.

Background Notes: Pat Robertson’s CBN, already itself a massive intelligence front group, worked with CIA operatives to help do a later version of Operation Phoenix – this time against the Nicaraguans (the Iran-Contra affair). Pat sheltered the creation of a front group for the Reagan Administration (Oliver North) called Operation Blessing, headed by Capt. Robert Warren, retired Navy counter insurgency specialist, who was formerly of Operation Phoenix (the CIA assassination group in Vietnam).

Harry Aderholt, the Air Force officer who pioneered Operation Phoenix headed the Air Commandos Association – Green Berets – and in the same time period here, he was supplying the Salvadoran Army against its rebels.


Aderholt, together with Robert Warren opened a “clinic” in Guatemala that turned out to be a de facto concentration camp for Indians such as the Mesquitos – the horrendous human rights violations (such as hooking them on cocaine) that went on there are well documented now, but back then the CIA and Vatican propaganda outlets (and the British, of course) were busily accusing the Sandanistas of what they had done.

By 1987, Robertson’s CBN (through Operation Blessing) had contributed $3 million through fundraising telethons to another front group called the Nicaraguan Patriotic Association per it’s president, Juan Sacasa who was the Houston representative for the contras.

Jose Gonzales Souza had started Semilla (“Seed”) at the Chesepeake, Va, office of Pat Robertson’s National Perspective Institute. Souza was a graduate of Robertson’s Regent University and lead its Hispanic Studies. CBN gave him money to start Semilla to “train and organize Christian leaders in the Western Hemisphere” – especially in Latin America.

Just to illustrate the interconnectedness of this maze of front groups, Souza’s Semilla project received $1,714.34 from Carl (“Spitz”) and the National Endowment for Preservation of Liberty (NEPL) which was a part of Oliver North’s multifaceted procontra propaganda project.

As you can see, Operation Blessing was a next generation thinly veiled front group of the various intelligence agencies around the world to keep “rebellions” down (amongst other typically nasty agendas) – it hid behind Pat Robertson’s 700 club as a “humanitarian relief” organization. Just like Reverend Moon and its anti-communist lockstep activity – the CAUSA group, which worked closely with Operation Blessing. (Moon’s “missionaries” had also helped with Operation Phoenix.) Pat Robertson’s CBN News Director James Whelan was a founding editor of the propaganda rag newspaper Washington Times, which is owned by Reverend Moon’s Unification Church. “When James Whelan left Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times in 1984, he regretted his role in the growth of the ultra-con propaganda sheet, confessing: “I have blood on my hands.” But the blood began to stain him before his stint at the Times, when he worked for the Sacramento Union under CIA “Mockingbird” publisher Richard Mellon Scaife. Whelan learned the fine art of propaganda under Scaife, qualifying him for employment by the Unification Church” (Washington Post, Ultra-Conservative Propagandist James R. Whelan, Founding Editor of the Washington Times, Dies at 79, December 8, 2012)

The most prominent private donor to the Contras was Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Robertson interviewed Adolfo Calero and Steadman Fagoth, Nicaraguan contra leaders; Efrain Rios Montt, then-president of Guatemala who had committed massive human rights abuses and even President Reagan. He also interviewed a former president of El Salvador, Alvaro Magana, and individuals connected with the Salvadoran death squads. He actually praised death squad leader Roberto D’Aubuisson of the ARENA party as a “very nice fellow.”

Pat Robertson even tried to run for President in the 80’s, and one of his campaign pledges was to withdraw diplomatic recognition from Nicaragua and recognize the contras as a “government in exile.”

Pat Robertson – televangelist (700 Club, Christian Broadcasting network)

While Robertson was campaigning for President, his wife Dede said – He is not a television evangelist. He has never been an evangelist. He is a television broadcaster. He has a law degree. He’s a businessman. He has a multi-million dollar business that he started with $70.”

For a hilarious (and very accurate) political satire of Pat Robertson “forgetful nature”by Saturday Night Live’s Dana Garvey( as Church Lady in “church chat”) – you really have to see this episode from 1988, Season 13, Episode 13.

1962 – The Vatican officially jumped on board this whole “new” reboot of Weishaupt’s Illuminati goals, as part of Vatican II. The Second Vatican Council was a meeting of the world’s bishops for four sessions between October 11, 1962 and December 8, 1965. In their Pastoral Constitution (Gs. Article 62), Vat II urged the Catholic Church to make appropriate use of: “not only of the theological principles, but also of the findings of the secular sciences, especially of psychology and sociology…it would: help the faithful live their faith in a more thorough and mature way.” —When you see monstrous violators of human rights like Dr. Ewen Cameron, Brock Chisholm, and John Rees using the concepts of “maturity” and “mental health” in the same writings as talking about being fifth columnists infiltrating all levels of society – you are looking at an agreed-upon message, a controlled propaganda campaign.

1962Illuminati “enlightenment” and “redemption” through drugs and Woo Reboot — Esalen “Seminars” — Esalen Institute formed around the concept of cultivating extraordinary potential that lie largely untapped in all people. It espoused that the inner-self should be freely expressed in order to reach one’s true potential. That is right out of British Tavistock psychiatrist John Rhees 1940 June 18 Illuminati Reboot 1940 June 18 – where he gives an Address to the Annual Meeting of the National Council for Mental Hygiene and talked about “the plan”: to do something to make our race more adventurous, more adaptable, happier and, if possible, more intelligent. —-which is right out of Jesuit Weishaupt’s Illuminati Order goals (see 1776 May 1) and Pope Pius XIII! (see 1884 April 20) – Wieshaupt: “This redemption of mankind by the restoration of the original “freedom and equality” What’s this redemption of mankind about? By enlightenment ”men were to be liberated from their silly prejudices, to become “mature” or “moral”, and thus to outgrow the religious and political tutelage of Church and State, of “priest and prince “. Morals was the science which makes man “mature”, and renders him conscious of his dignity, his destiny, and his power. The principal means for effecting the “redemption” of the world was found in unification, and this was to be brought about by “secret schools of wisdom”. These “schools”, he declares, “were always the archives of nature and of the rights of man; through their agency, man will recover from his fall; princes and nations, without violence to force them, will vanish from the earth; the human race will become one family, and the world the habitation of rational beings.”Pope Leo XIII The race of man, after its miserable fall from God…separated into two diverse and opposite parts…The one is the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ… The other is the kingdom of Satan…NO ONE can use or even have any special abilities without God. You know, special abilities like telepathy, etc. etc. “We say nothing of those more heavenly virtues, which no one can exercise or even acquire without a special gift and grace of God; of which necessarily no trace can be found in those who reject as unknown the redemption of mankind, the grace of God, the sacraments, and the happiness to be obtained in heaven…” (Pope Leo XIII encyclical Humanum genus) —Given that the majority of intelligence operatives in the CIA were Catholic, it is no surprise to find that Esalen was all mixed up with the CIA and numerous intelligence front groups through CIA operative Frank Barron to CONTROL any and all manifestations, uses or “recovery of” such abilities to “redeem” mankind. It is also tied up with Young Oon Kim of the Unification Church, and the CIA through the KCIA. (The Use of U.S. Universities to Conduct Eugenics Research and Intelligence Operations; article privately published by Virginia McClaughry; August 21, 2017)—British intelligence connections #1 – Frank Barron was a founding board member of the Esalen Institute…through his relationship with…Gregory Bateson. (Frank Barron: A Creator On Creating) As in Stanford behavioral institute, Macy Foundation, and a number of MKULTRA LSD projects kind of relationship. Isabella Conti (Barron’s research assistant at the Berkeley Institute) came to Esalen…(Frank Barron: A Creator On Creating) —Additional British intelligence connection #2 – Gerald Heard had spent 10 years working for the Society of Psychical Research in London (1932-1942) Heard had written pushing the benefits of mind-altering drugs to “evolve” human consciousness, at the same time that Aldous Huxley (British Foreign intelligence – MI6 – asset) was. Aldous had written Doors of Perception in 1954. Gerald Heard was a strong presence at the Sequoia Seminars of the Rathbuns, and was instrumental in influencing Murphy and Price to found the Esalen Institute. He literally tipped the scales and pushed them to “jump in”. Esalen’s mailing list was composed of a list from Alan Watts and the entire Sequoia Seminars mailing list. The first test-run seminars were in January and April of 1962, featuring Alan Watts and Kenneth Rexroth respectively. *Note: Alan Watts was one of the people present at the Aldous Huxley Harvard secret order of LSD meeting in November of 1960. —-The Esalen Institute first two brochures were both titled: “The Human Potentiality”. Over a picture of the Thai Buddha scultpure, smiling and rapt in the bliss of meditation. The synopsis of this Esalen Institute was:A seminar series exploring recent developments in psychology, psychical research and work with the ‘mind-opening drugs.’ (Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion by Jeffrey J. Kripal; p. 100). Willis Harman “The Expanding Vision” – The first seminar was a survey of the Vision. It was entitled “The Expanding Vision” and was led by Willis Harman…described in the brochure as a review of the current conceptual revolution in psychology.“ (The Upstart Spring: Esalen and the Human Potential Movement by Walter Truett Anderson) —-Have a look at who some of the Esalen “teachers” were at this place, besides Willis Harman. Here’s a list my husband put together showing which intelligence agency each was affiliated with. Teachers at Esalen Institute – Aldous Huxley (MI 6); Arnold J. Toynbee (MI 6 British intelligence); Abraham Maslow, Timothy Leary (CIA); Gregory Bateson (OSS, CIA); Richard Alpert (CIA); Ken Kesey (CIA); Alan Watts (CIA); J. B. Rhine (CIA, MI 6); Albert Hofmann (discovered LSD, worked at Sandoz Laboratories owned by Warburg).

1963 – L. Ron Hubbard has the exact same hate that the Slavemasters have towards the people. Hubbard even has the exact same method of attacking democracy by positioning it with communism. (see Scientology Roots chapter 24 for why communism was really invented)In the PDF Anthropology Earth and The Universe Time Track – according to L. Ron Hubbard – I document several examples where Hubbard further expands on this hatred towards ‘the people’ working together in a group, as well as ranking Democracy on a scale as below that of a “benevolent monarchy”. Just so you can see just how tightly he is following this same slavemaster view, look at this example. ….most basic impulse on the planet is simply the basic impulse of thetans, who have been reduced to more or less a meat-body level, which is total cooperation-total cooperation with one another. Total, as you see in the communist thing, as you see in democracy. “We are all equal”, you see. “We are all equal; there must be no personalities of any kind, the cult of the personality must be banished, what we really are is equal.” And they’ve sort of come back to this because that is a common denominator of their indoctrination.” (SHSBC (Saint Hill Special Briefing Course) lecture: The Free Being 9 July 1963) Note – L. Ron Hubbard blames all this on the Espinolians aka the Marcabians, one of his outer-space bad guy races he invented. Just like any one of a number of Popes have done as part of trashing the concepts inherent in the Bill of Rights, Equality, Rule by the People etc. It is not true that all have equal rights in civil society. It is not true that there exists no lawful social hierarchy.”– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937 — “…there will ever be differences and inequalities of condition in the State. Society cannot exist or be conceived of without them.”– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891

1964 – Illuminati Reboot and Communism label Reboot – after 40 years moldering away in archives and libraries, Nesta’s book Secret societies and subversive movements: the Menace of Communism gets reprinted. Fido smells a plan afoot… Enter Robert Anton Wilson soon…

1965 February 7 – In a signature issue within the subject of Scientology called Keeping Scientology Working (that is put at the beginning of every course of study in Scientology materials) Hubbard pushes the same old derogatory idea of “the people” – as separate from the “special” people aka the slavemasters and their sycophants.

Some key quotes from this issue, my notes in [..].

First category: What L. Ron Hubbard thinks of “the people” –

  • the not-too-bright have a bad point on the button Self-Importance.
  • The lower the IQ, the more the individual is shut off from the fruits of observation.
  • I once had the idea that a group could evolve truth. A third of a century has thoroughly disabused me of that idea.
  • the group left to its own devices …with wild dramatizations of the bank called “new ideas”…
  • The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank.
  • [People] …only have their banks in common.
  • They agree then only on bank principles.
  • Person to person the bank is identical.
  • It is only the aberrated group, the mob, [the people] that is destructive.

Second category: What L. Ron Hubbard thinks of Democracy –

  • I don’t see that … democracy have done anything for man but push him further into the mud.
  • …democracy has given us inflation and income tax.

Democracy gave us income tax? No. That was one hundred percent because of the British/Vatican slavemasters who BOUGHT and POSITIONED people to stick that little gem buried in the fine print of a banana tax bill the same year, even the same month that they pushed through the Federal Reserve – all of which was the culmination of an almost 50 year campaign to get themselves back where they started before President Jackson destroyed their last financial control attempt – the Bank of the United states. L. Ron Hubbard positioning income tax as a result of democracy is an absolutely horrible misdirection and an attack on Jefferson and the Founding Fathers of America.

1965 – Hubbard “intelligence hypothesis” — “an Intelligence Hypothesis I developed in 1965…the Intelligence Hypothesis I formed was that it would have to be a member of the World Bank with psychiatric connections or who planned usages of psychiatry as part of world control.” Hubbard Guardian Office Order 060571 (6 May 1971) Titled: Working Theory

1965 February 13 – Highly racist and anti-democracy Policy Letter by L Ron Hubbard titled: Politics. Now and then you hear me speak derisively of governments and ideologies–including democracy. If, by seeing I criticize an ideology, anyone seeks to believe I embrace its opposite, he has failed to get the point. What political system could work amongst very aberrated people? A democracy or a Communism would be a huge joke in an insane asylum. Well, isn’t it?…No political system applied to a colony of monkeys would have anything to govern but monkeys. That’s plain, certainly. …The collective think of apes is ape-think….Every human has in common with every other human the same reactive bank. This is the most they have in common. Therefore a democracy is a collective-think of reactive banks.” –Again, Hubbard is sounding exactly like British agent Vinberg (1920 May entry) promoting the fabricated Protocols of Zion in Germany. Vinberg accordingly demands that the natural leaders of the nations shall once and for all recognize the political incompetence of the masses, turn their backs on democratic politics, seize power and impose their dictatorship on these ‘anthropoid herds’.” Then the time will be ripe to unite the nations in a common front against the world-conspiracy of the Jews. (Cohn, chapter 6)

1965 June 14 – Hubbard issues Secretarial Executive Directive from June 14, 1965 as a policy letter titled: Politics, Freedom From. “1. I hereby declare Scientology to be non-political and non-ideological.” “3. This does not change any policy relating to suppressive persons. It does delete any words in any form which seek to bring about a statement of political allegiance or antagonism.”And yet Hubbard would continue to do exactly what he said not to do.

1966 March 1 – Hubbard founds the Guardian office, a very political organization.

1966 March 11 – Hubbard wrote a very, very important document – Secretarial Executive Directive 70. It specifically routed a copy to his top spymaster, Lord Salisbury. As such, it is rather extremely political. Found at the WhyweProtest forum in a posting from February 3, 2013. (archived here.) See Salisbury and Hubbard article; 15 September 2019; McClaughry blog.

1966 July 19 – L. Ron Hubbard –Political systems only exist because no one has solved the problem of succession of a good ruler. That’s the problem a political system is trying to solve. You talk to a whole bunch of people and you say, “A benevolent monarch is a fine form of government if he is brilliant and runs his country well.” And you’ll find every political ideologist will agree with you, no matter what he is. And they’ll say, “That’s true,” and then they’ll come right in on the back of it, “but how would you succeed him?” And then we get a political system. So they can’t guarantee that they can succeed him, you know, he can’t have a successor. So the answer to it is don’t have successors; Clear him.” (About Rhodesia lecture, SHSBC) What is the number one thing that both factions of the slavemasters (Vatican and British nobility/monarchy) have promoted as ideal for centuries? Priests and Kings rule the world. As symbolized by the ancient Nesilim symbol – the double-headed eagle – which was the symbol of the Catholic Church/Holy Roman Empire, no less. Here’s a Pope promoting it – “No of Chartres wrote to Pope Paschal II: “When kingdom and priesthood are as one, in complete accord, the world is well ruled…”IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885. And that’s what L. Ron Hubbard promotes.

1966-1971 – Robert Anton Wilson was the Associate Editor of Playboy. He was also mixed up with the Esalen Institute. “Robert Anton Wilson, author of The Illuminatus Trilogy, and other well-known science fiction writers have brought their creative input to the community since the 60s. Wilson came to Esalen frequently through the early 90s and led many workshops.” ( —-He was a very influential “underground” thinker and author who expanded on Timothy Leary’s ideas and often spoke about psychedelics, including at early psychedelic conferences. An example – Sex and the Mind-Expanding Drugs: Hallucinogens – the authorities not withstanding – will be used from now on by some of the people to escalate their sexual ecstasies …A dozen consciousness-expanding and sensation-magnifying drugs are available, at reasonable prices, anywhere in the country, and there are no specific laws yet against most of them. And the word is out that – in addition to creating hallucinations, visions of God, instant psychoanalysis, telepathy, and various creepy and/or ecstatic sensations nobody has yet been able to verbalize – these potent potions also can lead one into sexual fulfillment beyond anything imaginable to those who haven’t had it themselves.” by Robert Anton Wilson author of Sex, Drugs, & Magick; Cavalier magazine, April 1966. —He was still giving lectures at Esalen Institute in 1985 (The “Coincidance” of Joyce, p. 69) and well into the 2000’s.

1967 February – Ramparts magazine disclosed the details of the CIA’s financing of the National Student Association’s overseas programs. The result, after a long Congressional hassle which was fully aired in the press, was a Presidential decision that “no Federal Agency shall provide any covert financial assistance or support, direct or indirect to any of the nation’s educational or private voluntary organizations.”–When it was exposed, the NSA had ballooned into a massive network with numerous fronts that had been created to funnel CIA “candy” funds to and through it. — The CIA rearranged all the projects again after the expose. Many of its features, however, were worth saving and these were given to the Special Projects. (Without Cloak and Dagger, CIA agent Miles Copeland)And what were some of those “features” they rolled on over into the new Special Projects Division?(1) a capability for acquiring masses of worthwhile information through student, labor, religious, educational, and emigre group channels and doing so in a way that would not offend the so-called “public conscience”; (2) a means for providing “unofficial cover” on an international scale; (3) a means for conceiving, planning, organizing, launching, and providing continuing management for operations into “denied areas” from multiple bases and involving movements across area division lines; (4) a means for coordinating certain operations that may require instant worldwide coordination–e.g., the various defection programs, Soviet, Bloc, Chinese, and Cuban. (Without Cloak and Dagger, Copeland) —On p. 230, 231 same book: Copeland describes the SPD predecessor organization. Note: it was formed UNDER the Psychological Strategy Board (PSB): “There have been many changes in this special division it first began to function, in 1951, as “PPPM” for Psychological Political and Para-Military.” The original Chief, brought into the Agency by Allen Dulles, was one Thomas Braden,a brilliant man in his early thirties who had no interest in commanding an operation junk heap and who set about creating a special division to give covert support to international associations, student movements, and publications that left-of-center but anti-Communist.”—How and what did the SPD use these groups and “international religions” for?—Since the student-subsidy scandal of 1967, however, the PPPM’s successor has been concerned exclusively with espionage and activities incidental to espionage. It maintains contact with a wide range of groups, but makes no attempt to influence them. In fact, aside from concern over the possibility of more scandals, the Special Projects Division has been moved by a growing realization that these organizations are better sources of information if they are left to operate on their own and are simply monitored from without. A few members of these organizations are given special training, of course, and are in a sense “agents,”” (Without Cloak and Dagger, Copeland p. 231) —The SPD will not support an existing group, or create a new group, that cannot plausibly seem to be self-sufficient. …the SPD has been so conscientious in adhering to this restriction that not a single native group receiving SPD support has come under serious attack for being what it is. (Without Cloak and Dagger, Copeland p. 232) —This includes Scientology. We, the McClaughry’s, are the only ones to have ever penetrated Hubbard’s intelligence connections to this degree and tie him directly TO THE SPD and other intelligence organizations.—–The DOD does not list either the Church of Scientology or the Unification Church in its list of accepted religions of its employees – even as recently as April 2017. Those two are STILL being USED even now. —These restrictions are not particularly crippling, as it happens; besides, they contain numerous loopholes, and occasional exceptions may easily be made. (Without Cloak and Dagger, Copeland p. 233)—The pattern has been improved by now so that the SPD’s control is sufficiently tight to ensure high-quality operations but sufficiently loose so that it can overlook the excesses of this group or that when necessary. (Without Cloak and Dagger, Copeland p. 241) ===All the above research originally posted 2 May 2017, V. McClaughry, The Kookier The Better – Why The CIA Used Scientology and The Unification Church For Espionage

1967 August 12 – The Sea Organization had been formed by L. Ron Hubbard to provide exactly all these things that the SPD of the CIA wanted. It was formed at an Operation Gladio hotbed in Las Palmas. It was formed to provide exactly all the things the CIA wanted after the Ramparts expose. (see 1967 February entry). This is all exactly the same time as Helliwell gets going on what I call Sea Supply West (U.S. and Caribbean). He takes to the sea initially on board four ships, later named the Diana, the Athena, the Apollo, and the Excalibur. The Apollo served as the flag ship of the Sea Org. —Not only that …..Hubbard uses this time to also provide the PSY research and manipulation the British, Vatican, and American intell-men wanted.(See ACIM timeline) He issued Rons Journal #67 (see September 20) where he steals largely from an 1800’s book called the Oahspe and talks about the “wall of fire”, which is OT III. “I formed the Sea Organization of OTs in order to have an area where a Scientologist could come, who could safely then walk through this last wall of fire.” – Hubbard, RJ67, September 20, 1967. Nothing like a good “cover” story, right?

1967 – Illuminati Reboot – The Kaiser’s Dream map and shift to the “Nazis” did it – British propagandist Norman Cohn puts out Warrant for Genocide, published by Eyre & Spottiswoode. Please note that well-known British propaganda publisher. This was an attempt to shift the blame OFF the British – who are who was actually behind all this, together with the Vatican – and ON to ‘Nazis did it’. Page 154, chapter 6 “The Protocols Reach Germany“. Note: That exact chapter was uploaded to the American University in Bulgaria website, students section as a scan on March 2, 2016, but wasn’t actually apparently made available until it was put into directory ENM120 as a PDF on November 13, 2017 which since the time of my 2018 research article it has been disappeared from the net. There is a later 1969 version (cover at right) available behind a “borrow” wall at the Internet Archive. The illustrations page specifically lists the Kaiser’s Dream – which is that 1890 map.

Alternatively, you can download the djvu file of the book and then convert it to a PDF. But that is a 1996 reprint that does not list the Kaiser’s Dream among its illustrations, oddly enough. For historical research purposes of this propaganda piece, we have uploaded the original Chapter 6 PDF from the American University in Bulgaria that was taken off the internet some time in 2018/2019. It is the best original example of the 1967 printing. — Who is this Cohn person? From this websiteThis is how Norman Cohn is described in Who’s Who in World Jewry, Pitman Publishing Co., New York 1972: “COHN, Norman, Eng, author, educator; b. London Eng, Jan 12, 1915; s.August and Daisy (Reimer); MA, Christ Church Sch, Oxford, 1939; DLitt Glasgow; m. Vera Broido, Sep 3 1941; c, Nik. Professorial F, U of Sussex since 1963; found dir, Cen for Research in Collective Psychopath, since 1963; prof, U Durham, 1960-63; F, Cen for Advanced Study in Behavioral Scis, Stanford, 1966. Capt, Brit Army, 1939-46. Author: The Pursuit of the Millennium 1957, rev ed 1970; Warrant for Genocide, 1970; trans: Goid Khan and Other Siberian Legends; contbr to profsl jours. Mem Athenaeum. Recipient, Wolf-Anisfield Prize for Race Relations, 1968 Hobbies: walking, travel. Home: 61 New End, London NW3, Eng. Office: 3 Henrietta St, London WC2, Eng.There are some rather nasty connections in the above – particularly that Stanford Center for Advanced Study in Behavorial Sciences one. OK, so this apparently Zionist? Cohn guy, just happens, in 1967, to publish a book that misdirects everyone away from the British involvement with creating the Protocols in the first place? And his publisher for this 1967, Eyre & Spottiswoode, just happens to be the same publisher of the first English edition of the Protocols of Zion in 1920? And just happens to be loaded with lots of useful, very obscure (and true details) to make this new misdirection go down better?

1967 September 20 – Hubbard gives a taped lecture called Rons Journal 1967. Now the “enemies” are financial men but less than twelve. Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains, and they are, oddly enough, directors in all the mental health groups in the world which have sprung up.” (taped lecture nicknamed RJ67, given on 20 September 1967 – at mark 09:03)

1967 September 20 – World Domination HISTORY Deflection – L. Ron Hubbard comes out with his “advanced” Operating Thetan Levels which are advertised to give people the very abilities the CIA was researching. —-Reminder: 1964 MKSEARCH, OFTEN, CHICKWIT – CIA officials wanted to know: (1) whether psychics could read minds or control them from afar (telepathy) (2) if they could gain information about distant places or people (clairvoyance or remote viewing) (3) if they could predict the future (precognition) and (4) influence the movement of physical objects ( telekinesis) or even the human mind (John Wilhelm, Psychic Spying – Washington Post August 7, 1977) It’s getting rather obvious what really is going on here with Hubbard and his timing/sudden shift to what are called “OT Abilities” processing. It’s also no surprise the CIA would soon utilize scientologists purporting to have such abilities – and WHY the Church would allow it despite it’s many “policies” against involvement with the government – in a secret Remote-Viewing program that COINCIDES with Judith Skutch beginning large-scale promotion of A Course In Miracles. Note: this wasn’t the first time Hubbard had done what his “masters” wanted as to SuperMen abilities.

1968 January 10 – Hubbard reissues Secretarial Executive Directive from June 14, 1965 as a policy letter titled: Politics, Freedom From. “1. I hereby declare Scientology to be non-political and non-ideological.” “3. This does not change any policy relating to suppressive persons. It does delete any words in any form which seek to bring about a statement of political allegiance or antagonism.”And yet Hubbard continues to do exactly what he said not to do.

1968 – Illuminati Reboot – Robert Anton Wilson, a kind of modern day Leo Taxil propagandist (see 1800’s entries). The Illuminati conspiracy theory gets resurrected again as part of the CIA’s Operation CHAOS, which CIA agent Tom Tripodi was initially brought in to head after the National Student Association got exposed as a CIA front in February of 1967 in the underground Catholic paper called Ramparts. The Backdrop: On July 29,1967, following serious disturbances in the Nation’s cities, which comprised the worst period of racial riots in American history, President Johnson had established the National Commission on Civil Disorders (the “Kerner Commission”) to investigate their origins. (Executive Order No. 11365,7/29/67.) On August 15, CIA Director James Jesus Angleton authorized Richard Ober, who had been running the anti-Ramparts operation, to “disrupt the enemy at home.” And who’s the enemy? The rebooted “communists”. The new mandate went beyond intelligence gathering, and included “the entire anti-war press and some 500 newspapers.” The operation, code-named MH/CHAOS, did not stop at the water’s edge: “MH” indicated that it was worldwide. (From p. 688 of CIA Intelligence Collection About Americans: CHAOS and The Office of Security)—- The program did not become known as “CHAOS” until a year after its inception. What was kept secret, and not entered into this senate investigation record, was that it was CIA (and Catholic) agent Tom Tripodi that was heading the Special ops part of things. I figured that out and put it together. From Tripodi and Disorio – Crusade: Undercover Against the Mafia and KGB, 1993; page 150 – He refers to his boss as James Angleton, chief of the Counter-intelligence staff. On page 146 he writes – In August 1967, I transferred back to the Washington, D.C., area. This time I was assigned to headquarters at Langley. I became chief of the Special Operations Branch of a division (the name of which is still classified) responsible for extralegal domestic covert activities. …was given the task of putting together a new nationwide apparatus of college students, professors, and administrators to deal with the growing wave of anti-Vietnam War and anti-Johnson administration demonstrations. Our primary War and anti-Johnson administration demonstrations. Our primary mission was to protect the agency’s on-campus recruiting efforts, many of which had been compromised. It was also felt that penetrations of certain dissident groups would provide an early warning signal to alert us to planned actions targeted against our recruitment activities.”—Another thing most people don’t know, is the connection of Unification Church man Neil Salonen to these semi-frantic CIA activities to try and get control of America’s youth, using the false flag cry of “Communist!” to do so. Neil Salonen literally walked into the Unification Church one day in 1967 and asked to see the “business plan”. No interest in the core religious teachings, nothing. Not interested. Then, when Angleton and Ober had greatly expanded their activities in the new Special ops division, by the fall of 1969 and the winter of 1970 Salonen was out scouting the hard-line anti-Communist groups in D.C. The fruits of his labor were winning the friendship and support of several influential men, including David Martin, the late Senator Dodd’s foreign affairs assistant (later a member on the staff of the Senate’s Internal Security Committee), Dolph Droge and Sven Kramer, Nixon’s special assistants on Vietnam and Charles Stephens, an independently wealthy man in his early thirties, who devoted a good deal of his time to promoting aggressive war policies through ad hoc groups of his own creation on campuses throughout the country. (My Four and One Half Years with The Lord of The Flies by Alan Tate Wood) –Note: Some latter-day Unification Church historians have found evidence to suggest that it was this David Martin who sent Neil Salonen into the Unification Church in the first place. —-This is the climate in which the reboot of one the oldest and most used DISTRACTION propaganda ideas gets put into play by Robert Anton Wilson, who was already connected into the Esalen CIA/British/Vatican operation. Right after what would be called Operation Chaos gets off the ground, in 1968, Kerry Thornley and Robert Anton Wilson come up with the concept of Operation Mindfuck which doesn’t actually get given that name until Wilson and Robert Shea do up The Illuminatus! Trilogy in 1975. The description of Operation Mindfuck is typically “joking” and rambling all over the place, ie it’s described as: most often manifested as a decentralized campaign of civil disobedience, activism, art movements, especially performance art and guerrilla art, culture jamming, graffiti and other vandalism, practical jokes, hoaxes, reality hacking, chaos magic, words of power, trolling and anything else that is believed to bring about social change through disrupting paradigms and thus forcing the victim to question the parameters of one’s reality tunnel.—Just recently this year (2017) one source actually tried to deny just where this idea came from to reboot the Illuminati conspiracy theory and called it, of all things, an accidental invention. It was no accident. Wilson himself came up with quite a shore story to try and explain why they did what they did in resurrecting the Illuminati both in Principia Discordia and much more so in the Illuminatus! Trilogy. Robert gave an interview on June 18, 1989 that was first put on the internet in 2012. Watch him spin-a-web: “Anyway, in 1968 Jim Garrison, the D.A. of New Orleans–the jolly green Frankenstein monster, as Kerry later called him–accused Kerry Thornley at a press conference of being one of the conspirators in the Kennedy assassination. Garrison never indicted him–he didn’t have enough evidence for an indictment-so Kerry never stood trial, but he brooded over it for years. Then he entered an altered state of consciousness. I’m trying to be objective about this. Kerry, who served in the same platoon as Oswald, became convinced that he was involved in the assassination and that when he was in the Marine Corps, Naval Intelligence had brainwashed him. Kerry decided Naval Intelligence had also brainwashed Oswald and several others, and had been manipulating them for years, like the Manchurian Candidate. He couldn’t remember what had happened, but he had a lot of suspicions. Then he became convinced that I was a CIA baby-sitter and we sort of lost touch with each other. It’s hard to communicate with somebody when he thinks you’re a diabolical mind-control agent and you’re convinced that he’s a little bit paranoid. Somewhere along the line, Kerry decided to confuse Garrison by sending out all sorts of announcements that he was an agent of the Bavarian Illuminati. That got me interested in the Illuminati, and the more I read about it, the more interested I got. So eventually we incorporated the Illuminati into the Discordian Society. Since the Discordian Society is devoted to promoting chaos, we decided that the Illuminati is devoted to imposing totalitarianism. After all, a Discordian Society, to be truly discordant, should have it’s own totalitarian branch that’s working against the rest of the Society. …RMN: Who do you think the Illuminati really were–or are? ROBERT: The Illuminati has been the label used by many groups throughout history. The Illuminati that is believed in by right-wing paranoids is a hypothesis that leading intellectuals of the eighteenth century were all members of the Bavarian Illuminati which was working to overthrow Christianity. I don’t think that’s quite accurate; I think there’s a lot of exaggeration in that view. I don’t think that Jefferson was a member of the Illuminati; he just had similar goals. Beethoven was probably a member, but Mozart probably wasn’t. Voltaire probably wasn’t, although he was a Freemason. Anyway, to the extent that the Illuminati conspired to overthrow Christianity and to establish democracy, I’m in favor of it. –After mind-numbing the reader with a total horseshit delusional story, did you catch that Robert just VERY CAREFULLY positioned Thomas Jefferson as “had similar goals” – that was the ENTIRE POINT of INVENTING the Illuminati Order in the first place, and the later Conspiracy Theory about it! Also, minor detail, sarcastically speaking, Weishaupt was NOT interested in establishing “a democracy” with freedom of religion, speech, thought etc. Not at all. He was diametrically opposed to it. 1776 May 1 entry: Weishaupt: Jesus of Nazareth, the grand master of the Illuminati, marked out as constituting the sole road which leads to liberty. New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer; 1918; p. 159. Available at the internet archive and Google Books.–1776 June 12 Thomas JeffersonRevolutionary America was a period of official disestablishment of the assorted state religions. Virginia enacted a Declaration of Rights on June 12, 1776, which provided for “free exercise of religion”, and not favoring any one religious sect. That same year, religions were disestablished in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania; in 1777, New York, Georgia and North Carolina followed suit. Local and state laws against theatre were repealed, along with censorship laws as well — all to the consternation of ministers throughout the country.” (Stauffer) —Continuing with Robert interview: DJB: What were the Illuminati out to achieve? ROBERT: The historical Illuminati of the eighteenth century, as distinguished from all other Illuminati of previous centuries, had as it’s main goals, overthrowing the Vatican, overthrowing monarchies, establishing democratic republics and giving a scientific education to every boy and girl. —Tricky, tricky, adding in one that it wasmost definitely NOT about. That was actually the 1913 Catholic encyclopedia characterization of Weishaupt’s writings, not what he actually said. Weishaupt’s order was NOT about bringing about a real democratic republic with equality, freedom of religion, thought, speech etc., it was a twisted parallel controlled opposition to Jeffersonian democracy.— Most of these goals have more or less begun to be achieved. Compared to what things were like in the eighteenth century they’ve largely succeeded, and I think that’s all to the good. Have they now…and yet the British nobility, monarchy, and the Vatican are all still there, still in power, still hiding and misdirecting away from that they are still in power. Just like Robert just did. …ROBERT: I would like to think that organized religion is on it’s way out, but I’ve been doing a lot of research on the eighteenth century for my historical novels. Voltaire thought that the Catholic church would be gone in twenty years, and it’s hung around for two hundred years since then. When the Pope disbanded the Jesuits, Voltaire said that’s the end, the Catholic church is falling apart. Well, a few years later they reorganized the Jesuits. The Knights of Malta are running the CIA apparently, and the Catholic church just refuses to die. Fundamentalism has staged a comeback. It’s fantastic.—Parenthetically speaking: Especially considering Catholic CIA agents are running the very Operation against REAL democracy that you were involved in doing, Robert. —Another shore story later in 2017 tries to spin this all in an entirely different way while mixing in some truth. The Guardian article mentioned earlier. Source David Bramwell: Wilson and one of the authors of the Principia Discordia, Kerry Thornley, “decided that the world was becoming too authoritarian, too tight, too closed, too controlled”. They wanted to bring chaos back into society to shake things up, and “the way to do that was to spread disinformation. To disseminate misinformation through all portals – through counter culture, through the mainstream media, through whatever means. And they decided they would do that initially by telling stories about the Illuminati.” At the time, Wilson worked for the men’s magazine Playboy. He and Thornley started sending in fake letters from readers talking about this secret, elite organisation called the Illuminati. Then they would send in more letters – to contradict the letters they had just written. —See? Controlled Opposition. Not to mention the veiled reference by the Guardian to Operation Chaos they arrogantly figured most people wouldn’t have a clue about. This sock-puppet letter writing campaign would have been while Wilson was editor of Playboy magazine. They continued this particular tactic for a couple years and then begin some actual writing. (see 1970)

1968/1969 – British enabler operative Karen de la Carriere shows up in Scientology – Born in India in 1944, in 1962 Christine Ann Rosair emigrated to England. She became a croupier and hostess at the Victoria Sporting Club, and then at Les Ambassadeurs (Les A) – both London gentleman’s clubs. She changed her name to Karen de la Carriere. She met a powerful UK Lobbyist, Commander Powell there. Powell was long considered by his friends to be a “ladies man”, a self-styled sort of Don Juan and his many affairs weren’t exactly a secret. Karen became his mistress and one of his long line of mentees. Powell liked to mentor young women in his techniques, several of who went on to have quite successful careers in public relations. (Powell, Memoirs) For years Karen would act as the host of his political events helping him work his connections, aka parties, and would appear on his arm to events as his paid companion. His wife had sworn off many of the events (particularly ballet) because she was unhappy with the quality of the performances, but Powell was still obsessed with going to such things. At the feet of this mentor, Karen would learn many of the manipulative tactics which she would later use throughout her life to “influence the outcome” – a concept she well-learned from Powell. But alas, all good? things must come to an end and by 1968, Karen, now married and depressed, tried to commit suicide. After being treated and released at a mental institute. Her suicidal ideation continued over the next year (although not actually attempting the act itself again) until finally Karen found a new lease on life – joining Hubbard’s Scientology operation exactly when L. Ron Hubbard was shifting into high gear intelligence-wise, globally assisting both British and American intelligence in some pretty dark operations. –Karen’s false identity name change happens to be concurrent with the CIA doing the same thing en masse for operatives helping out the CIA protecting its drug-trafficking network.

1968 November 29 – L. Ron Hubbard COMMUNISM REBOOT – Now it’s an even “dozen men” and they are “communist” – Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 29 November 1968 titled: The War“You may not realize it staff member but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for 18 years. […] For eighteen years it has poured lies and slander into the press and government agencies. For eighteen years it has poured lies and slander into the press and government agencies. Last year we isolated a dozen men at the top. This year we found the organization these used and all its connections over the world. They are as red as paint. Their former president was a card carrying Communist and they have four on their Board of Directors. Yet they reach into International Finance, Health Ministries, Schools, the press. They even control immigration in many lands.”

1968 20 December – L. Ron Hubbard COMMUNISM REBOOT —Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard titled: Western Countries “Western governments and peoples are under ceaseless and unrelenting attack from the Communist forces in the “cold war”. The enemy has for a long time been inside, getting laws passed, degrading the society, seizing persons in the name of psychiatry, pushing up taxes, inflating money…..The orders the governments followed in attacking us were originated by REDS, by the usually foreign psychiatrist, operating as per Communist instructions to destroy all Churches and Scientology in particular.” More political statements drummed into scientologists heads despite his “Politics, Freedom From” so-called policy.

1969 March 24 – CIA direct involvement with the BNDD began in March 1969 just short of a year after its creation. (the proposal for the BNDD was submitted to Congress on 7 February 1968 and became effective 8 April 1968) This arrangement simply became more formalized in early 1971. March 24, 1969, CIA document – “It appears that the activities of the BNDD, ongoing and planned, could under the appropriate arrangements provide valuable information to the Agency in new drug effects, drug abuse and drug traffic areas. For this reason they will be followed very closely.”===There are several documents in the Family Jewels PDF that talk about all the help that the CIA was giving the BNDD for creating false backgrounds, including social security numbers, birth certificates, credit cards, and…passports(*See page 56 of Family Jewels where it refers to this having gone on for several years by the time of this particular document, which was dated 25 May 1973. – Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug-trafficking group members given false identities and passports starting here starting with Robert Dale Ackerly. 1973 investigation “Hashish Smuggling and Passport Fraud, The Brotherhood of Eternal Love.” On page 83 of the pdf, it says – On page 34, Special Agent Strange was asked to provide a list of brotherhood members who are believed to have obtained multiple passports falsely identifying themselves. A list of brotherhood members believed to have obtained one or more passports under assumed names follows:The Brotherhood—Master List (Passsport) April 18, 1973,First name on the list –ackerley, robert dale Secured PPT # K696983 at San Francisco 5/26/69 (in true name).
Secured PPT # K157638 at San Francisco 11/21/69; in name of Christopher, Robert John.Secured PPT # B2081110 at San Francisco 9/9/71 (in true name). Status.—Complaint 18 USC 1542—Secured by SFFO 4/18/73. === Robert Ackerley later stated: A lot of the people in the Brotherhood had connections. We were the kids of the people who were going after us.…we’re the reason the government was able to create the DEA. (Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou)===From article Scientologists help the CIA take over the Drug Trade, Nixon Era – “Ackerly lived in San Francisco right off Haight Street, he also was rather well-connected into the CIA scene, to put it mildly. I was the only Brotherhood guy who knew Owsley,” Ackerly says. “I only met Scully a few times, and I met Jerry Garcia and the Dead at the acid tests in San Francisco. I had to drag Janis Joplin home several times. Everywhere I went, I got backstage, and Tommy Tunnell and I had twenty chicks sleeping upstairs in our house and were fucking every single one of them. But to this day, nobody knows my real name. (Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou) – Owsley being the main LSD supplier for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, concurrent with CIA’s Sidney Gottlieb and George White’s continuing secret project to use LSD as a political weapon against the youth of America. Note: Ackerley was using the false name of Chris Wheat. ===The ‘acid tests’ being referred to are obviously the ones that Stanford Research Institute was doing – an Mkultra project no less, run by Willis Harman. See Scientology Roots Chapter 9-2 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.

1970 March 1970 – Illuminati Reboot – Robert Anton Wilson and printing the first Illuminatus! writings. The full title of the fourth and most well-known edition is Principia Discordia or How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her: The Magnum Opiate Of Malaclypse The Younger, Wherein is Explained Absolutely Everything Worth Knowing About Absolutely Anything. It was originally published by Rip Off Press of San Francisco, California.

Greg Hill as Mad Malik, Bavarian Illuminati
Copywrong Rip Off Write On!,
July 1970, Page 00001.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives – Larger image here


To further illustrate how off the 2017 BBC shore story article is about what the hell really happened here with Wilson, using David Bramwell as their source, have a look. That is, until the 1960s. The Illuminati that we’ve come to hear about today is hardly influenced by the Bavarians at all, as I learned from author and broadcaster David Bramwell, a man who has dedicated himself to documenting the origins of the myth. Instead, an era of counter-culture mania, LSD and interest in Eastern philosophy is largely responsible for the group’s (totally unsubstantiated) modern incarnation. It all began somewhere amid the Summer of Love and the hippie phenomenon, when a small, printed text emerged: Principia Discordia. — NOT EVEN CLOSE. Summer of Love was 1967. NOT EVEN CLOSE…LSD and Eastern philosophy had nothing to do with it, but those were the kind of people they were trying to attract. You can see where this fits into the CIA Operation CHAOS plan of distracting young college students. That same source then says – The text itself never amounted to anything more than a counter-culture curiosity, but one of the tenets of the faith – that such miscreant activities could bring about social change and force individuals to question the parameters of reality – was immortalised by one writer, Robert Anton WilsonNever amounted to anything? Besides ushering in this next rebooting the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory, that is, but hey. Never mind that. And never mind that when Wilson put out the Illuminatus! Trilogy – it was an unprecedented “success” – they even made a play from it in England! See 1975 entry.

1971 May 6 – Hubbard Illuminati Conspiracy REBOOT – Boris Brasol Protocols of Zion REBOOT “the dozen” Jews –Hubbard Guardian Office Order 060571 (6 May 1971) Titled: Working Theory Hubbard now actually names ONE “jew” but only one. Otto Neimayer. And now he’s going to say the “who” is his niece. A secretary. “So far we have been using an Intelligence Hypothesis I developed in 1965.…the Intelligence Hypothesis I formed was that it would have to be a member of the World Bank with psychiatric connections or who planned usages of psychiatry as part of world control. It led us to WFMH and the NAMH. But it did not lead all the way until this year.We found the central handler (one who orders operatives and operations) and proved it by numerous correspondences we were given. The person is “Mary Appleby” Secretary of the National Association of Mental Health of England. It is she who writes and phones her contacts to start attacks on Scientology.Her uncle (just now deceased) was Otto Niemeyer of the World Bank.So that finally ends off the 1965 Intelligence Hypothesis as totally correct.”

1971 – Hubbard and the SEA ORG ships arrive to his next intelligence mission with the CIA – Morocco. See this archived post for some details.

1972 April – CIA SHIP!! – HUBBARD COVER BLOWN by State Department –  “Documents obtained from the U.S. State Department through the Freedom of Information act pursuant to the Snow White Program, trace the “CIA ship” rumor to a State Department telex in April of 1972 sent to various European countries that contained this and other false reports. […] In July 1973 a rumor was first heard in the port of Oporto that the Apollo was a “CIA ship.” This same rumor had first surfaced at ports in Spain in 1972 and as a result of this and other false reports the ship had been denied entry into some Spanish ports. Although the rumor continued to surface in 1973 and 1974 in Portugal, the Apollo nonetheless continued to be welcome in Portuguese ports without major incident.” (CSI 1023 Submission: Response to Question II-10 (a-d) [Re: Public Policy Violations] (June 2, 1992); Question 10(b) June 2 1992)

1972 Summer – Vince Barbarick signs a special NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and then shows up to L. Ron Hubbard’s Apollo ship of his Sea Organization.  —I used to work in his personal office aboard his ship, the Apollo. …I had access to all sorts of information that rank and file crew members, let alone Scientology staff or public, were never allowed or even in a position to see and therefore think about. During that time, I signed a long term non-disclosure agreement not to discuss certain information that was considered to be key or confidential. As this has now expired, I am at liberty to discuss certain aspects I have not mentioned before in my previous writings on the subject. (2016 February 14 Preface to 2020 book  L. Ron Hubbard: The Tao of Insanity written by Peter Moon – real name Vince Barbarick; as taken from Book Review of Tao of Insanity by Peter Moon; 6 April 2020; V. McClaughry)—Whose NDA did Vince sign? Is the question you all should be asking. Because they do NOT expire, and to talk like Vince says he is now – in 2016, 44 years later – “at liberty” to requires PERMISSION. From WHO did he get this permission? ===Example of a CIA Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) taken from The Use of U.S. Universities to Conduct Eugenics Research and Intelligence Operations; 21 August 2017; V. McClaughry –


That is one of the MKULTRA declassified documents from sub-project 27 found at Black Vault. It is what you could call a non-disclosure agreement. Notice point 3 –

I solemnly pledge my word that I will never divulge, publish, nor reveal either by word, conduct, or by any other means such information or knowledge, as indicated above, unless specifically authorized to do so.

So who AUTHORIZED Vince to do so? And when was “that time” he refers to, exactly? The answer is buried later in the book. Of all the times to suddenly arrive to Hubbard’s Sea Organization – Vince arrived in 1972. —In 1972, the same year I boarded the Apollo, Hubbard was working on Expanded Dianetics...1972 happens to be when Hubbard and his merry band of dupes were running a concurrent op in Morocco with CIA handler Miles Copeland. Such amazing timing by Vince, begging the question again – just WHO was this NDA signed with by Vince Barbarick? Was Vince one of the few knowing actual intelligence agents in Hubbard’s Sea Organization, kind of like Jerry McDonald was? It certainly might explain a few things. Such as Vince’s rather odd pro-scientology FRONT GROUP maintenance statements in this 2020 book where he rather conveniently acts as a World Domination Conspiracy Deflection agent and reboots two different Conspiracy Deflections and rather conveniently repeatedly chastises “others” – meaning us – from looking into Hubbard’s actual intelligence history. (see 2020 February entry)

1972 August 5 – Conspiracy DEFLECTION “War on Drugs” as an intelligence cover staged drug busts===In the largest narcotics raid that had ever taken place in California, police from Laguna Beach to Oregon to Maui to Kabul, Afghanistan, raided dozens of houses and 53 members of Brotherhood of Eternal Love were arrested, but not all of them and they secretly continued to import hashish for several more years. Of course, John Gale, Mr. Cocaine Dealer, managed to only be in prison for a matter of months. === This 1973-timothy-leary-arrestis a very good example of one of these staged drug busts, this one orchestrated by long-time CIA agent Terrence Burke and Paul Knight out of the Kabul BNDD office with Scientologists Terry Milner and Jerry Mcdonald’s help. The caption for this photo page from the official DEA history reads: In 1972, Timothy Leary (center) was brought to justice by BNDD Special Agents Don Strange (right) and Howard Safir (left). Leary, a psychology instructor, was fired from his post at Harvard University as a result of his experimentation with LSD. In 1969, he founded a clandestine drug-trafficking ring, known as the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, that became the largest supplier of hashish and LSD in the United States.===That’s a complete misdirection by the DEA, of course.Leary, himself a CIA asset for the secret MKULTRA LSD experimentation programs and other CIA operations into universities, did help found the Brotherhood but it was in 1966, not 1969. You will notice how there is still NO mention whatsoever by the DEA of Leary’s ties to the CIA both through the MKULTRA LSD-testing sub-projects and through Billy Mellon Hitchcock who was laundering the money from Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug-trafficking. —The deliberate mis-dating to 1969 for the formation of the Brotherhood, by the DEA here, is where the the really interesting omission lies. It LEAVES OUT Operation Gladio operative Ron Stark’s role in what began in 1970. Reminder: You could almost say that his role was more agent provocateur, literally setting up the Brotherhood to be taken down. He helped take it to new heights smuggling huge amounts of hashish from the Tokhi brothers, conveniently targeted by CIA/BNDD agents Terrence Burke and Paul Knight. 1969 was also the time period of implementing the mass distribution of Orange Sunshine, the LSD form that the Brotherhood was the go-between on. One wonders what happened to all that Brotherhood money that Stark was taking over from Hitchcock in laundering in 1969.

1972Illuminati Reboot – Fletcher Prouty submits his draft of The Secret Team.

1973Illuminati Reboot – very tricky Conspiracy Deflection – L. Fletcher Prouty’s Book The Secret Team released – Overall notes: For someone so supposedly expert in U.S. intelligence matters, you will note that there is not one mention of Operation Gladio by this man Prouty in his book. Prouty omits this (and other rather key and damning things) while purporting himself to be such an expert on “the boys” and their covert operatons – this despite his claims in the book both in 1973 and this later 1990’s edition of being so supposedly in-the-know about the CIA going all the back to its roots during WWII. It’s a little strange that Mr. “whistleblower” Prouty is not exposing what far more accurately could be called the REAL secret team. One which involved the usual suspects, the British-Vatican slavemasters and most importantly – THEIR DRUG TRADE that was hiding underneath Operation Gladio, and hiding underneath many other places such as the perfectly executed cover of !!crazy cults!! – aka the Church of Scientology and the Unification Church, just to name a couple on the fly here. In addition, you could say it’s practically a dead giveaway that Prouty is repeatedly complimentary of the British in his book, including some name-dropping of men that Prouty should not have been playing such obvious sucking up to in presenting his supposed role of heroic “whistleblower” against The Secret Team. Perhaps far more damning, however, is the timing on the initial release of Prouty’s book. 1973. Against the backdrop of the CIA’s MKULTRA being exposed, which in some ways acted as a nice distraction for the fact that the British-Vatican drug and money laundering network just happened to be really getting off the ground in regards South America – COCAINE – at that exact time. I refer to this entry: a Sicilian-born man mobster who lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil under the name of Robert V. Cavalaro was arranging distribution routes with Santo Trafficante (New York Magazine 1973). Very interesting timing indeed for Prouty’s new distraction of the wrong Secret Team.===You can borrow the original 1973 copy from the internet archive. ====Key points: Prouty history 1972 Preface – “For nine consecutive, long years during those crucial days from 1955 through January 1, 1964, I was one of those briefing officers. I had the unique assignment of being the “Focal Point” officer for contacts between the CIA and the Department of Defense on matters pertaining to the military support of the Special Operations[1] of that Agency. In that capacity I worked with AllenDulles and John Foster Dulles, several Secretaries of Defense, and Chairmen ofthe Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as many others in key governmental places….The briefing officer reads all of the messages, regardless of classification. [Note: that is similar to the position that I chose to be in when I was in the Sea Organization, my job was to read and process all incoming traffic] He talks to a number of other highly qualified men. He may even have staff specialists spread out all over the world upon whom he may call at any time forinformation. Working in support of the “Focal Point” office, which I headed,there were hundreds of experts and agents concealed in military commands throughout the world who were part of a network I had been directed to establish in 1955-1956 as a stipulation of National Security Council Directive 5412, March 1954. … From 1955 through 1963, if some official wanted a briefing on a highly classified subject involving the CIA, I would be one of those called upon to prepare the material and to make the briefing.”—Defines “the Secret Team” Chapter 1 1973 version – “The Secret Team (ST) being described herein consists of security-cleared individualsin and out of government who receive secret intelligence data gathered by the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA) and who react to those data…the Secret Team does not like criticism, investigation, or history and is always prone to see the world as divided into but two camps — “Them” and “Us”. ….One of the most powerful weapons…is that of exclusion. ….In many ways and by many criteria the Secret Team is the inner sanctum of a new religious order.— In the 1973 version, it reads more like a standard reboot and simply changed names of the CFR requested reboots. There is NO mention whatsoever of “masters” of the secret team or a “high cabal” that controls them utilizing an “ancient network. Prouty redid his book in both 1992 and 1997, and that’s where we get some VERY interesting additions. See 1990/92 and 1997 entries.

1973 September – William Buckley and Miles Copeland help out Fletcher Prouty’s Illuminati Reboot. “secret government” (ref: The World Commerce Corporation – A History; published Monday 14 May, 2018; V. McClaughry) “Despite Buckley’s rather lame protestations to the contrary, he was clearly continuing his antics long after he supposedly “stopped” working for the CIA. Our very favorite CIA-agent-about-town, Miles Copeland even joined the fray later on and wrote for the National Review* on September 14, 1973. (*New York Magazine Aug 16, 1976, A Harlot High and Low: Reconnoitering Through the Secret Government by Norman Mailer.) —Henrik Kruger, author of the Great Heroin Coup tells us a bit more accurately about Buckley’s activities sans all the “friends and religion” fluffy tear-jerker propaganda – E. Howard was clearly the China/Cuba/Latin America lobby’s, man. That he is also tied to WACL* is suggested by the fact that William F. Buckley, Hunt’s close friend for twenty years and the godfather of his children, was one of the WACL’s top U.S. supporters. Also connected to the same lobby groups are Lucian Conein and the State Department’s former intelligence chief, Ray S. Cline, who continues to be a frequent guest at the Taiwan WACL stronghold. *WACL = World Anti-Communist League ==There is much to be said about this WACL, not the least of which is that Reverend Sun Myung Moon and all manner of Japanese underworld characters are mixed up in it (which I cover in depth in this library article) but suffice it to say that Ed Hunt wasn’t just a “lobby” man. ===Singlaub had first met Cline, along with Howard Hunt, Paul Helliwell, Lucien Conein and Mitch WerBell) in a small OSS mission at Kunming in China, at the very center of the World War II KMT drug traffic. These people were all part of Operation Gladio.

1973 December – CIA agent Lucian Conein rolls on over from the BNDD and becomes a permanent employee of the new DEA. In the DEA’s Office of Intelligence there were 332 employees, Conein has a staff of 19 people 14 of which are “former” CIA. Conein’s explanation for this was that “DEA does not have a training capability in the area of intelligence gathering techniques, therefore it was advantageous and expedient to recruit trained personnel from CIA.” (Conein memorandum of testimony 1/28/75, Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations). This is verifiable also in news articles like the Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona. (see January 26, 1975) —CIA Agent and former Laos Station Chief Terrence Burke was “parked at DEA by Theodore Shackley to baby-sit Shackley’s CIA drug business. according to Gene Wheaton, retired military Criminal Investigations Division. Terrence was made Deputy Director in the DEA.

  • DEASOG ‘officially’ formed, with Lucien Conein as Chief (see 1973) of Intelligence Group/Operations (IGO). Conein then administered the DEA Special Operations Group (DEASOG), SFIP and the National Intelligence Officers (NIO) programs. Conein managed operations through a separate chain of command reaching right to William Colby, who had risen to the rank of CIA Director concurrent with the formation of the DEA. Conein created DEASOG specifically to do Operation Phoenix program-style jobs overseas: the kind where a paramilitary officer breaks into a trafficker’s house, takes his drugs, and slits his throat. If they couldn’t assassinate the target, they would bomb his labs or use psychological warfare to make him look like he was a DEA informant, so his own people would kill him.

Conein recruits CIA officers for DEASOG. Ted Shackley helps out setting up DEASOG. He brought in “his” people, including Tom Clines, whom Shackley placed in charge of the CIA’s Caribbean operations.

  • Elias P. Chavez – paramilitary and drug control experience in Laos. William Colby’s personnel assistant Jack Mathews had been Chavez’s case officer at the Long Thien base, where General Vang Pao ran his secret drug-smuggling army under Ted Shackley’s auspices from 1966-1968.
  • Nicholas Zapata – paramilitary and drug control experience in Laos.
  • Wesley Dyckman – Chinese linguist with service in Vietnam, was assigned to San Francisco.
  • Louis J. Davis – a veteran of Vietnam and Laos, was assigned to the Chicago Regional Intelligence Unit.
  • Christopher Thompson – from the CIA’s Phoenix Program in Vietnam went to San Antonio.
  • Hugh E. Murray – veteran of Pakse and Bolivia (where he participated in the capture of Che Guevara), was sent to Tucson.
  • Thomas D. McPhaul – worked with Conein in Vietnam, and was sent to Dallas.
    Thomas L. Briggs – veteran of Laos and a friend of Shackley’s, went to Mexico.
  • Vernon J. Goertz – a Ted Shackley friend who had participated in the Allende coup, went to Venezuela. worked for Shackley’s man Clines in Caracas
  • David A. Scherman – a Conein friend and former manager of the CIA’s interrogation center in Da Nang, was sent to sunny San Diego.
  • Gary Mattocks – ran CIA counter-terror teams in Vietnam’s Delta
  • Robert Simon – interrogator
  • Terry Baldwin
  • Barry Carew – A veteran CIA officer who spoke Spanish, Carew had served as a special police adviser in Saigon before joining the BNDD. Carew was assigned as Conein’s Latin American desk officer and managed Chavez and Zapata (aka “the Mexican Assassin”) in Mexico.
  • Joseph Lagattuta

Lucien Conein had originally planned to have 50 NIOs operating worldwide by 1977.

DEASOG operations DEACON 1 2 and 3 already operating PRIOR to ‘official’ posting of Conein in March of 1974, proof is that DEACON 3 finance records show February 1974.

  • DEACON 1 – DEASOG first operation. As cover, Conein’s 11th addition to his DEASOG roster – Gary Mattocks – set up a front company designed to improve relations between Cuban and American businessmen. Meanwhile, through the CIA, he recruited members of the Artime organization including Watergate burglars Rolando Martinez and Bernard Barker, as well as Che Guevara’s murderer, Felix Rodriguez. Mitch Werbell included. Agent Tabraue – financing loads of cocaine and using DEACON 1’s Cuban assets to smuggle them into the U.S.

1974 January 3 – Illuminati Reboot – Protocols of Zion “hidden hand” now “secret team” “secret government” by Prouty, gets spread by George O’Toole. a former CIA computer specialist who looks like Santa with a black beard, showed the audience how he has used a new “truth machine” called the Psychological Stress Evaluator (PSE)…But the events of the past year or two (the Pentagon Papers, the Watergate business and all the other inside stories about the way the secret government has worked) (Rolling Stone January 3, 1974 Assassination-Murder in the Cathedral; Raisin, as read into the Congressional Record January 22, 1974)

1974 February – Notes from Attorney General Report leaked by Guardian Office of the Church of Scientology: Page 11: George Brosan, Acting Chief Inspector from September 1973 until relieved on December 20, 1974 described seventeen [CIA]agents within DEA clandestinely on the rolls of Inspection…this system was established under former attorney general Mitchell in cooperation with BNDD Director Ingersoll and former Chief Inspector Fuller. Brosan states that after one operative suffered a nervous breakdown, he directed Fuller, who continued to oversee the program after his reassignment in Feb 1974 as a Regional Inspector, to disband the operation. Brosan did not follow up to determine if that was accomplished…when Brosan was relieved on December 20, 1974 he turned over several thousand dollars in project funds to his Replacement, Phillip Smith.” They simply moved it on under the new DEASOG. (secret 1975 Attorney General report, Dafeo investigation, leaked by scientology in 1977. PDF – Scientology – Guardian’s Office ACLE November 22 1978 Secret Attorney General Report Drug Smuggling Corruption DEA )

1974 April – CIA Defends its “deniable” asset L. Ron Hubbard —Exactly following in lines with the February meeting with the CIA’s deputy Director of Operations training people at the State Department in how to use agents to insulate the US government from its dabbling in drug trafficking.”( – SHELL GAME: THE U.S. – AFGHAN OPIUM RELATIONSHIP, by Sean Edward Duffy, 2011)tucson_daily_citizen_mon__sep_1__1975_Guardian’s Office PR department staff Arte Maren – Maren said a letter from Angus Thuermer, CIA assistant director, last April confirms that the Apollo is in no way associated with or connected to this agency. (Tucson Daily Citizen, September 1, 1975, Monday: Church Denies CIA Tie)

1974 – Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti LIES and “unequivocally” denies Operation Gladio exists. In the 1990 entry, you will learn that he admitted his long involvement in the network in 1990 saying: “I am proud of the fact that we have kept the secret of Gladio for 45 years.” —Proof that the CIA was working on Operation Gladio – referred to as “Stay Behind” – can be found in the CIA directors log of 1951. p. 32, September 15 U. S.-British-Greek discussions of stay-behind operations...p 72, October 3 A British Secret Service agent in charge of the British stay behind operations in Spain informed OSO/Madrid in strictest confidence that this program may be turned over to CIA for financial reasons. OSO infers that the British may ask CIA aid in supporting it. The British wanted the U.S. to use some of that “candy” money apparently. Caching weapons as part of the Stay Behind network – p. 88, OPC, October 12 The first caching program for the U.S. Zone of Austria has been completed. Twelve caches, each consisting of a 2300 pound package of weapons, ammunition and explosives, were buried in Land Salzburg and Upper Austria.

1974 October 3 – CIA SHIP!! – “On October 3, 1974, when the Apollo was docked at the port of Funchal on the island of Madeira, Portugal, it was attacked by a large crowd throwing rocks and shouting “CIA ship.” The local police and army stood by and watched, doing nothing to hold the crowd back. As a result some Church staff aboard the ship were injured and property was damaged or destroyed. Cars and motorcycles belonging to the Church and Church staff were thrown off the dock into the bay. The ship crew had to fight off the attackers with fire hoses while the ship made an emergency departure to escape the violence, without being able to take on food, fuel or water. The Apollo and her crew were forced to wait miles offshore for over a day while order was restored so she could return to load fuel, food and water and sail to a safe country. […] Following the Snow White Program procedure of locating and expunging false reports and seeking redress for religious persecution, a suit was filed in Lisbon by the company that owned the Apgllg, Operation Transport Corporation (“OTC”), against the government of Portugal seeking damages as a result of this riot. In June of 1985 the Administrative Court of Lisbon awarded damages to OTC finding that the riot in October of 1974 had been sparked by the CIA ship rumor, and that this rumor was false. These damages were sustained by an appellate court in 1987. (CSI 1023 Submission: Response to Question II-10 (a-d) [Re: Public Policy Violations] (June 2, 1992); Question 10(b) June 2 1992)

1974 December 4 – After exhausting its administrative remedies, CSC brought an FOIA suit against the DOJ and DEA in federal court. In the meantime, the DEA had canvassed all of its 161 field offices, both foreign and domestic, and had located 126 other documents which were subject to CSC’s requests. The majority of those materials were released to CSC. However, the DEA refused to produce fifteen documents in their entirety invoking the 7(C) and 7(D) exemptions as to each of the documents plus other FOIA exemptions with respect to particular items. In addition, portions of nine other documents were not released on the grounds of the 7(C) and 7(D) exemptions. Of these twenty-four documents, eleven contained information from non-federal domestic law enforcement authorities, seven had data from foreign law enforcement sources, and the other six contained information supplied by individuals cooperating with the DEA.

1975 – Mitch WerBell indicted on drug smuggling charges. Lucien Conein, appeared at WerBell’s drug trial to testify for the defense, but he didn’t have to because th