The World Commerce Corporation – A History

This article examines how this was a Nazi money-laundering and Opium Trafficking group started by a British SOE head, an MI6 operations in the U.S. head, an OSS head, and much more.

– published Monday 14 May, 2018 –


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The World Commerce Corporation


A History

By Virginia McClaughry




With the help of a friend, in January of 2017, I obtained the actual corporate documents of the World Commerce Corporation from Panama, marking the first time ever that these documents have been both exposed to public view and freely available.

References – PDF – records-of-world-commerce-corporation-incorp-panama-13-august-1945

The back history of this organization is so dark, so heinous, that it deserved its own library article instead of the blog post I had originally planned.

Shall we begin?

Come with Me



What was the World Commerce Corporation?
(and what was its real purpose)

First, a bit of trivia.

Have you ever heard of Senator Borah from Idaho? Well, you can read this but basically he was the main impetus for killing the British nobility/Vatican’s whole reason they had deliberately created WWI, which was to force America into a “league of nations” resulting in our being forced to fight their stupid wars for them in the future. Something our Founding Fathers were vehemently against and had taken steps to keep us out of what they called European politics.

Borah – left


Needless to say, they were not pleased when Borah led the Senate to shoot down the League of Nations bill. Both up to and after that event, they tried in many ways to try to get him portrayed as…you guessed it…a communist. British, Russian and Vatican deep cover intelligence agents worked together to try to have that believed, including forging documents!

Another way that they tried to “scandalize” him in the press, was over some sort of lumber/oil company that they tried to blame/pin allegations of corruption with on Borah. So, you can imagine my surprise when I found that the earliest predecessor of this name of World Commerce Corporation was an oil business actually incorporated in Idaho! There isn’t any oil in Idaho, so clearly something was rather wrong with the whole idea.

As fate would have it, it was actually a National Lumber Bulletin publication from 1921 that showed this early corporation. I find that rather ironic.

Apparently it was to also have a Federal charter, with up to a billion dollars in non-voting stock.


Opencorporates records show that it was originally incorporated in Idaho on 14 June, 1920. However, apparently a year later they forgot to pay their annual license tax –


World Commerce Corporation of Idaho, which was to have a capital of 2 billion dollars, largest of any corporation in the world and which was to take over prominent oil concerns in all countries – forfeited because of non-payment of the annual license tax in December 18, 1921.

They must have remedied that, because it again shows up being proposed for a Federal charter. Mr. Celler put a bill (H.R. 9635) to create the World Commerce Corporation and to “provide the establishment, operation, and maintenance of foreign-trade zones in ports of entry of the U.S.”

There is a M. Carasso listed as the President of World Commerce Corporation, lecturing at the University of California on Commerce and business administration in 1921-1922.

Oildom magazine, Volume 13 from July 1922, mentions that something called The Metropolitan Petroleum Company had sued them over breach of contract of 5 million dollars in Mexican oil properties! An injunction by Vice Chancellor John H. Backes ordered Metro to cease circulating reports of their suit and to discontinue alleged threats to bring actions against persons said to have business connections with the Boise Corporation.

It must have been quite ‘the thing’, this company, because by two years later (1923) the assistant secretary of Commerce of the U.S., Claudius H. Huston, resigned just to become President of the World Commerce Corporation, which had put its headquarters in Washington, D.C. by then.

Guess where the company was going to operate primarily? South and Central America. That figures.

Aurora Democrat, Volume 14, Number 23, March 16, 1923 –

Claudius H. Huston, assistant secretary of commerce resigned to become president of the World Commerce Corporation a new oil company in process of organisation, which will operate In South and Central America.

Claudius was being paid big bucks for this, 100 grand a year, but notice the description of what the corporation is supposedly doing.

Time magazine – March 17, 1923

Claudius H. Huston, assistant Secretary of Commerce, resigned his post to become President of the World Commerce Corporation, dealing in oil, grain and other commodities. It is said he will get a raise in salary from $5,000 to $100,000.


The other thing that happened is that they were looking to re-charter the World Commerce Corporation in Delaware, with a capitalization “backed by Pittsburg and New York” of $75 million dollars, but an interesting point is that Claudius was clearly being groomed for something because he made this decision after he “returned from a six month’s journey around the world in the interest of the Department of Commerce“.

Claudius’ reason given for the sudden sell-out of his “official” position (to one where he can’t be gotten in trouble as a federal employee, incidentally) was that: “he finds it necessary to return to business.

The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune of March 13, 1923 tell us that this ‘new’ corporation…wait – new? It was already in existence 2 years earlier!…will include: “the Transcontinental Oil, Union Oil, Arkansas Gas, Rockwell Oil and Refining companies and the Venezuelan holdings of Dr. John A. Shellite of New York.

Who the heck is John Shellite? Well, apparently he was mixed up in some sort of ‘show’ take-down in 1922, of something called Petroleum Corporation of America. I say “show” because something seems off to me about this, and I think there was some entirely different reason at work here. If you notice, just a year later somehow the holdings of this John Shellite end up in the WCC with Claudius as president!

Note: Claudius had indeed become the President of WCC, headquartered in Washington, as reported in May of 1923, and this was the same corporation as the one started in Idaho, as page 226 of Herbert Hoover’s (Secretary of Commerce) papers lists it as being in existence 1921-1925 approximately.

Even stranger, that Petroleum Corporation of America shows up again in 1929, as being resurrected and part of the Rockefeller network of companies. This from my Family Tree article: the section about Halstead Freeman, my great-great uncle on my mother’s side.

Per another Time magazine article of February 4 1929, in January the formation of the Petroleum Corporation of America, an oil securities company, was formally announced by Blair & Co. It’s executives were: Board Chairman Elisha Walker, first partner of Blair & Co. Other directors were Halstead G. Freeman, president of Chase Securities, Charles Hayden, of Hayden, Stone & Co., E. F. Hutton, chairman of Postum Co., Inc. It’s President is John H. Markham, Jr., head of the Exchange Bank of Tulsa, Okla., an independent oil operator. Petroleum Corp. will make its initial investments in Prairie Oil & Gas and Prairie Pipe Line.

What’s perhaps relevant about all this, besides the same name of the World Commerce Corporation, is the particular interests; where they were (South and Central America); and even the vague descriptions of the business that do rather match similar wording in documents from its second resurrection in Panama in 1945.

There may indeed be more than just a coincidental reason here.


The Nazis

Next – in order to really understand the true purpose and function of the World Commerce Corporation, or the WCC, incorporated in Panama on August 13, 1945 (and where we cross into the people involved) it is necessary to understand a bit of the back history involved with some of the more prominent members of it, such as William Donovan, William Stephenson and Charles Jocelyn Hambro.

The first thing that you need to understand is that these same people were deeply involved in actually directly orchestrating both Nazi Germany and the resulting war – WWII.

Top people in both the two main factions of what we call ‘the slavemasters’ were beyond duplicitous in their public demonstrations of concern versus what they were actually doing behind-the-scenes.

For example, Eugenio Pacelli, Secretary of State (head of their espionage department) under Pope Pius XI, who then became Pope himself as Pope Pius XII.

Pacelli left, Pius XI right


I call Pacelli’s boss Mr. the world has to suffer because of lovely little gems like this (see below) that are literally ‘God’s law” simply because he said them.

Thanks to Pacelli’s work to get the Pope’s views to be viewed as part of what’s called the Magisterium, which meant that “All faithful Catholics are bound to accept these revealed truths with a divine faith.”

Pacelli, when he and his mentor drew up the enforcement document for Vatican I (1870) – the Code of Canon Law – they laid down the law that the Pope, simply by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ and as pastor of the entire Christian Church, has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church and by divine institution – meaning “God” said so” – the Pope has supreme, full, immediate, and universal power in the care of souls.

Packaged in a single manual, the Code of Canon Law was distributed in 1917 to Catholic bishops and clergy throughout the world, especially in Germany.

Pacelli in Germany, in 1917, doing just that –

Eugenio Pacelli in 1917 in front of the Imperial German Headquarters after an audience with emperor William IIEugenio Pacelli (holding hat) in front of the Imperial German Headquarters after an audience with emperor William II


So, keep all that in mind when you read this because this has literally been made ‘divine law’

Let them remember that the world will never be able to rid itself of misery, sorrow and tribulation…

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


The unsaid but definite sub-understanding meaning of this is – they’ll make sure that’s the way things are around here.

This is because the Catholics and the British nobility literally cannot survive without all those things in place.

Notice what the title of Pius XI’s directive to the Catholics was – On Atheistic Communism. Did you know that is a play on words for what has always been the ideal situation in the slavemasters perspective – ie: Priests and Kings rule the world (which tracks right straight back to the Nesilim and their double-headed eagle where all this came from.)

Atheistic refers to anyone who doesn’t agree with the priests part, Communism refers to anyone who doesn’t agree with the “elite shall rule” part. Get it? It’s kind of like their own little code. Next time you see the word communism, now you’ll know why they throw that around so often as some kind of ultimate tarred-and-feathered kind of insult.

When Pope Pius XI was elected, he “flew” the banner of Pope Pius IX. Now why would he do that, you might ask?

Primera_bendicion_pio_XI banner of pius ix 1946

To show his solidarity with Pius IX’s practically foaming-at-the-mouth diatribes against democracy and ‘communism’ published in the early to mid 1800’s in what are called encyclicals.

This was Pius XI’s position he was taking throughout his time as Pope, which ended in February of 1939.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about as to this ‘position’ they were taking, you can see a number of sourced examples in my post lining up various Pope’s quotes against Thomas Jefferson.

Both Pius XI and XII (but especially XII – Pacelli) were not only involved in fomenting WWII, they were involved in profiting from it.


Pius XI, is who had Pacelli negotiate the infamous Concordat with Hitler and Nazi Germany. Hitler was so on-board with that idea that it was literally the first thing he did when he took power.

In my husband’s book Scientology Roots Chapter Thirteen – 2 The Maitreya and Messiah Scam he wrote about that Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany were a British operation, and that British slavemasters set up and financed Nazi Germany. The British slavemasters used Nazi Germany during WWII to carry out genocide for the purpose of ethnic cleansing but what that really meant was the removal of the holders of ‘evil opinions”.

I have the right to exterminate millions of individuals of inferior races, which multiply like vermin.

– Adolf Hitler

The man that Pacelli and his boss Pius XI were so in agreement with, Pius IX, actually advocated for the ‘extermination’ of ‘evil opinions’.

the welfare of human society itself, altogether demand that we again stir up your pastoral solicitude to exterminate other evil opinions

What were those ‘evil opinions’?

Quanta Cura (Pius IX’s 1864 encyclical) specifically promoted marking the following for condemnation:

…”liberty of conscience and worship is each man’s personal right, which ought to be legally proclaimed and asserted in every rightly constituted society; and that a right resides in the citizens to an absolute liberty, which should be restrained by no authority whether ecclesiastical or civil, whereby they may be able openly and publicly to manifest and declare any of their ideas whatever, either by word of mouth, by the press, or in any other way.”

Sound like the Bill of Rights to you?

Of course it does – that’s the point.

Pius XI didn’t like Catholic political parties because they “brought democracy into the church by the back door”. That attitude by Pius XI (and his 1800’s predecessors) is one of the most clear examples of that when they say ‘communism’ they really mean what happened in America.

Democracy, or rule by the people is what they’re actually against.

There’s a lot more that could be said about all this, but I have already covered it quite extensively in this library article: Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science.

I highly suggest you read it, it’s a real eye-opener.

Anyway –

By the time Pacelli became Pope in early 1939, over half of Hitler’s new Reich had become Catholics, including a quarter of the SS. This means that a huge number of Catholics knew about, supported, and even participated in the mass killings going on at the concentration camps.

So, put another way, Hitler’s words about these so-called ‘inferior races” were startlingly right on point with these Catholic Popes. They are inferior primarily because they have ‘evil opinions’ that reject slavemaster society, you understand.

What started happening on a massive scale in early 1939 when Pacelli ascended the papal ‘throne’?

Stripping Jews of their assets and then the massive imprisonment, experimentation, and the ‘Final Solution’ – death – and there was the Vatican profiting by it.

At the height of WWII when all this illicit money was flowing like some kind of river of blood and life force to a vampire, in June of 1942 Pacelli created a bank, or rather a receiving organization called the Instituto per le Opere de Religioni, the Institute for Religious Works – the IOR.

The IOR was actually just a renaming of the Administration for Religious Works which had been established by Leo XIII in 1887. It was located in a building at the Vatican named the Bastion of Nicholas V – who happens to have been the Pope that first legalized slavery including enslaving anyone who was not Catholic or who refused to become Catholic; the same Pope that started the burning of women as “witches”.

Pacelli assigned a man named Bernard Nogara to control the IOR.

Bernardino nogara

The IOR was one of the places where money was funneled as a result of the Nazi’s stripping the Jews of assets. In 1943 alone, over $100 million dollars flowed into the coffers of the Vatican from that Concordat ‘tax’.

The Vatican had become a principal depository not only for black funds but also top secret documents, including CIA files relating to the development of nuclear weapons.

One of these documents, never declassified, surfaced in 2006 during the process of discovery in Alperin v. Vatican Bank, a class action suit by Holocaust survivors who claimed the IOR was the repository of gold that had been stolen from them by the Nazi Croatian government. 7

The Nazi money flowed in a great circle—out of the Third Reich, through the Vatican, to Argentina, and back to ‘democratic’ West Germany [through World Commerce Corporation]. The source of the miraculous West German economic revival in the 1950’s was the same money that had been stolen in the 1940’s. . . .6

Despite the extraordinary secretive measures taken by Pacelli (Pius XII) there do exist a few records here and there in the US national archives because of Nogara’s transactions with New York banks.

Nogara also was instrumental in helping Pacelli secure support (and future escape routes) for the Nazis in South America. He and Pacelli also assisted with grooming dictators into place together with the British and the U.S. sycophants – even as far back as 1934!

Pacelli in Brazil (center)


Nogara helped “hold” Nazis money – like Martin Bormann’s money – and that gets really ugly, the worst it could be actually.

Nogara and Bormann happen to form a very important point where we have a distinct convergence of the Vatican, British (and their anglophilic sycophants in the U.S.) all aligned in profiting from WWII.

Sworn testimony before the US Senate indicates that during World War II an “organization” did exist which was “formed by Lord Shaw­cross of Eng­land and Mr. Her­mann Abs of Ger­many to bring about a Magna Carta for the pro­tec­tion of for­eign invest­ments of World War II.

It’s been said that this organization helped protect certain financial interests exclusively and ergo aiding in laundering money siezed by the Nazis during the war, to Argentina, Nelson Rockefeller’s territory during the war.

According to US Treasury Agent reports, in 1941, (when the U.S. entered the War), all of the branches of Amer­i­can banks in France under Ger­man con­trol were closed, except two. The two banks had direct ties to Dr. Hermann Josef Abs of Deutsche Bank, the then financial advisor to Hitler’s government. Those two banks were: Mor­gan et Cie (which was a Rothschild concern), and Chase of New York which my family tree members the Forgans and Halstead Freeman were involved with.

The reason the above is mentioned is because accord­ing to Nurem­berg records, Hermann Abs’s Deutsche Bank was the main con­duit for laun­der­ing Nazi money into Argentina, which was done under the super­vi­sion of Mar­tin Bor­mann, who was being assisted by both Nelson Rockefeller and Vatican agents, no less.

Despite this blatant complicity, the Amer­i­can side of the war crimes inves­ti­ga­tion of Abs was dropped and never pursued again.

Note: It has also now been proven that the parent bank – Deutsche Bank – was also involved in financing the construction of the Auschwitz death camp and clearly shows that money/property taken from the prisoners (and the profits therein) were laundered through this bank.

Deutsche Bank had a long relationship with the British and Vatican (and American) slavemasters and their bankers. In fact, around the time this branch in Colombia was founded by the Echavarria’s et al., another company based on oil exploration of Mesopotamia came into being. See my posting in our CIA de-classified document library entitled: Near East Operations – #14A – Chief Agent Iraq – The ‘Dentist’ and The “Oil Man”

– – –

The Echavarria family of Colombia (who had business offices in Panama as well) created a branch of that same Deutsche Bank.

It was called: Deutsche Bank Antioqueño.

Deutsche Antioquia Bank, or Banco Aleman Antiogueno was established in 1912 with head office at Bremen, but specifically to do business in Columbia. The local merchants of Medellin contributed about 25 per cent of the capital and German merchants, principally of Bremen, about 75 per cent.

Reference – Report on Cooperation in American Export Trade: (In Two Parts …, Part 1, published 1916.), Reference: Series: 100 Empresarios. Historias de Vida: Alejandro Echavarría Isaza


This bank was part of the Schroder/Dulles and Vatican networks involved in laundering Nazi assets. In fact, it was investigated for just that, as these National Archives show. (please also see my Schroder’s Bank article)


Banco Comercial Antioqueño: Relationship to Adolf Held and Deutsche, Antioquia Bank – 1949 [A1, Entry 421]

– National Archives, General Records Pertaining to External Assets Investigations, 1945
Also see Banco Comercial Antioqueño: Relationship To Adolf Held And Deutsche Antioquia Bank › Page 18 –


The son of one of these fine pillars of the Colombian Nazi-asset laundering community, Fernando Echavarria, was personally audited and trained in Dianetics and Scientology techniques by CIA off-the-books asset L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950’s. Many more of his family members got into Hubbard’s little behavior-modification day camp called scientology, and some continue to support it to this day.


For much more, see FDA Documents – The Strange Tale of the Powerful Colombian Echavarria Family and L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology)

– – –

As I understand it Hermann Abs was appointed “eco­nomic adviser” for the British zone of Ger­many, which is where we end up back at the World Commerce Corporation again, as they were one of the main corporations to profit from that particular monopolized position.

A large amount of these ill-gotten assets they were stealing from multiple countries and it’s people during WWII was moved after the War into the World Commerce Corporation – who then then turned around and ever so benevolently doled out some pittances (proportionately) to the countries they had helped tear up in the first place!

And the rest of what they needed? They made them take out loans – loans with money stolen from their own fallen comrades and people’s money!

The Nazi money flowed in a great circle—out of the Third Reich, through the Vatican, to Argentina, and back to ‘democratic’ West Germany [through World Commerce Corporation]. The source of the miraculous West German economic revival in the 1950’s was the same money that had been stolen in the 1940’s. . . .6

Regarding the “Schroder/Dulles network” part of this mess –

Have you ever heard of Valerian Lada-Marcoski?

Lada-Mocarski*image found in American Craftsmen’s Council, Forum Vol. I, No 3. February 2, 1958

Valerian (such an exotic name) was born in 1898, in Samarkand, Turkestan, the son of a Czarist general. He became a commercial banker, and when he first went into the OSS he was the Special Intelligence Chief of the OSS Cairo.

Colonel Valerian “Vala” Lada Mocarski (code-name Juniper) had come to Istanbul from OSS Cairo as Donovan’s personal representative to help ensure that everything went well – he was the OSS station chief in Cairo and also one of the people slated to be dropped into Hungary.

Valerian happened to also sit with Allen Dulles on the Board of Directors of the American branch of the British-owned Schroder bank.

Schroder Bank was one of the oldest banks in the City of London. It was heavily involved in financially supporting the Third Reich.

The Director of Schroder Bank in England at the time – F.C. Tiarks – was also a director of the Bank of England as was Charles Jocelyn Hambro, one of the original founders of our World Commerce Corporation we’re investigating here.

The address of the New York City branch of J Henry Schroder Banking Corp was also the home of the infamous Pinkerton Detective Agency! The fact that they had the same address – 57 Broadway – is verified in both declassified CIA dox and in an 2006 interview from the World Bank Archives.

pinkertonofficeny 57 BroadwayPinkerton National Detective Agency Office, New York City, Early 1900’s.
The address was 57 Broadway.

A word on Pinkerton’s –

Pinkerton’s was deep in bed with British intelligence, had been since the time of the first formalization of it as distinct offices by William Melville. Dr. Clutterbuck’s thesis specifically mentions that Melville was working with Pinkerton’s in the U.S. to run British intelligence operations in America.

Allan Pinkerton (and Pinkerton’s) were undercover Scotland Yard in the U.S. “Pinkerton’s proved to be extremely useful investigative tool that MPSB could utilise to carry out its enquiries in the United States.”

Pinkerton’s business insignia was a wide open eye with the caption “We never sleep.”

pinkerton logo2 older

In another example of his duplicity, Pinkerton had the cover of being “pro-labor”, yet after his death, under the helm of his sons William and Robert, his agency still continued to operate (under direct British Intelligence supervision) and continued its anti-labor union stance.

When William Melville entered the ‘spy’ picture just a few years later (early 1900’s), Pinkerton’s (under William Pinkerton’s helm) began being used for the exact type of false flag operations Melville had been doing at home in England.

A false flag operation is simply an action in which the perpetrator intends for the blame (or credit) to be placed on a different party. The term originally comes from the naval concept of flying another country’s flag to deceive and confuse other ships. (See False Flag Operation post for much more about how this is done.)

Agent provocateurs were planted and incited/arranged riots in order to discredit unions and justify police crackdowns.

These type of activities continued all the way up to the 1930’s when the La Follette Committee (1933-1937) began to investigate it.

– – –

So, sharing an address with Pinkerton’s, Valerian Lada-Marcowski both prior, during and after WWII sat on the board of Schroder’s Bank, (he was Vice-Chairman of the New York branch), as were several other key personnel of WWII that engaged in cloaking nazi assets and money laundering of stolen Jewish (and others) property taken under the guise of “war-time”.

Allen Dulles, from his apartment at Herringasse 23 in Bern, Switzerland presided over the European Theatre of intelligence operations as the OSS Chief. He continued the tight relationship with his “City of London” masters as well as his fellow Schroder directors such as Valerian.

Apparently, according to a report by Swiss Intelligence Chief Colonel Roger Masson, Dulles referred to his apartment as ‘a financial research unit’.

Kurt Schroder, of Schroder’s bank, a member of the ‘Circle of Friends of the Reichsfuhrer’, after setting up yet another “special” account for Heinrich Himmler in Stern bank, was promoted to SS Brigadefuhrer by Himmler. This was at the time that Allen Dulles sat on Schroder’s board of directors.

Through the German brokerage company Albert and Westirch, and Dulles’ legal firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, an impenetrable web of companies “laundered” the concealed SS assets.

Beginning to see why Hambro would come to be on the board of the World Commerce Corporation?

I thought you might.

At the other end of things, the Vatican end, the Schroder banking house had extensive influence in Latin America primarily through its New York, London, and Hamburg offices.

Valerian often traveled to South America, despite his other “hats” as head of intelligence OSS Cairo.

Here’s one example from May 24th 1940, where he was coming back from Buenos Aires.

mocarski buenos aires 1940

Just six months later after Valerian’s strange little side-jaunt from Cairo to Buenos Aires, in October 1940 the FBI had learned of the whole Rueckwanderer business (see in this book here), they then raided and seized documents that proved that Chase National and the others (companies etc.) had clearly acted as agents of the German government without informing the Department of State, as was required by law. Prosecution for violations of the 1917 Espionage Act and the 1939 Foreign Agents Act were considered, as well as a conspiracy charge too!

The FBI dubbed this extensive network of linked companies as the “Schroder/Dulles Network”.

The Justice Department moved to prosecute in 1941, which clearly they could have, however on June 9, 1942, FBI director Hoover was informed that after consultation with Mathias Correa, U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York, the U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle (who had only been elected September 5, 1941), refused to prosecute Chase. Allegedly, what had happened was that Chase’s lead lawyer threatened to reveal FBI, Army, and Navy sources and methods in open court.

Just after the war the FBI uncovered key documentation of links between Dulles and Schroder in New York and the deliberate diversion of IG Farben and Stalhwerke’s assets, but they were hamstrung again in bringing these men to justice.

This even though Mr. Pearson, a journalist, had been leaked the information and his broadcast of 30 April, 1945 detailed that:

Note: The quoted telegram was almost the exact text of a secret signal sent to Donovan. It had literally just been sent to Donovan on April 30, 1945 over the ultra secure Telekrypton circuit.

A series of secret cables sent by General William Donovan, of the Office of Strategic Services (nicknamed “Oh-so-Secret”), to Russell Forgan, former Chicago banker, now in Paris, is intriguing other U.S. officials. Donovan wired Forgan to interrogate directors of the giant Nazi cartel I. G. Farben, now seized by the United States Army.

This is the company which collaborated with Standard Oil of New Jersey and the Aluminum Corporation of America to keep vitally important patents for synthetic rubber, magnesium, and high octane gasoline from the American public at a time when it was essential to use those patents for war.

One cable from Donovan to Forgan in Paris reads:

“I have already asked you to send names of I. G. Farben now in custody. From now on these men should be kept from one another, particularly when the interrogation begins. Files of I. G. Farben should be seized and sent to Paris at once in our custody. This is most important. Essential that we keep control of these men.

Do you see why?

They might talk and reveal just how faked and orchestrated this whole ‘war’ with Nazi Germany really was, and those files contained the proof!



After the War –

Operation Gladio funding

Valerian and the “Schroder/Dulles” banking network forms another tie to our Vatican money-laundering network (with big cuts going to the Pope’s bank, the IOR) – and this continued after the war as part of Operation Gladio, with Valerian serving as liaison officer to the “Italian resistance” – one of the first Gladio cells which was in Rome.

This Operation Gladio was initially financed with Nazi assets and then by drug-trafficking profits.

That same Vatican bank we discussed earlier – the IOR – was then used to launder this drug money during the Vatican/CIA/MI6 drug route build-up period (of their new drug routes). You can read more about that here plus there are several other posts concerning the whole drug trade business you can check out as well.

But, I have also recently attained corporate records documenting a number of the shell corporations they were using to do this – please see this post.

This is also what the World Commerce Corporation was a front for – funneling drug-trafficking profits.

– – –

How did that get started and what happened to the Martin Bormann money?


I’ll answer the Bormann part first, because that’s actually directly related to Operation Gladio activity.

In 1952 – the same year and the same time that Klaus Barbie transitioned from Argentina to Bolivia with his new name of Klaus Altmann – important Nazi figure Martin Bormann’s money was released and all these lovely men working together had arranged to deposit $100 million cash and another $40 million in diamonds in 40 Swiss banks – in preparation for what the Nazis were now assigned to do in Central and South America. They put the money in Juan Peron’s (Vatican man Liccio Gelli’s contact) dead wife name (which is a very sick twist since she hated these people) – Evita Peron. Several hundred million more Nazi dollars on top of all that was given to her brother Juan Duarte to courier.

Remember – Pope Pacelli and his man Nogaro of the Vatican IOR bank were who had arranged to ‘hold’ Bormann’s money and now they wanted to use it for Operation Gladio heinous acts against humanity!


We’re looking at the use of more than a half a billion dollars stolen from all those people they killed in WWII

– now being used by Vatican and British slavemaster networks to do more horrific things out of Central and South America.

They didn’t exactly want any of this known, and the next year the 3 men who knew (but were not high-level slavemaster assets) were all killed –

  • Juan Duarte (the courier of the cash) was shot to death.
  • Heinrich Dorge, an aide to Hjalmar Schacht, killed. Schacht was Skorzeny’s father in law, who had been president of Hitler’s Reichsbank
  • Rudolf Freude, Nazi banker who knew the locations of the money, was poisoned.

Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny would then busy themselves helping to form death squads such as:

  • the Angels of Death in Bolivia – angel of death also happens to have been the monstrous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele’s nickname
  • the Anti-Communist Alliance in Argentina (the Triple A)
  • and in Spain, with Operation Gladio head Stephen Della Chiaie, the Guerrillas of Christ the King

Gelli was already mixed up in Gladio – see the history section of this post for more about the link between the Vatican, Operation Gladio and drug-trafficking, and this post regarding their network of shell corporations to launder (and take a big cut of) the drug profits.

 – – –

Ok, now I’ll talk about the World Commerce Corporation and its directors role in the continued financing they needed (after the initial start-up using Nazi money) to run black ops – Operation Gladio – all over the world against anyone who would oppose British/Vatican rule.

The drug-trafficking source.

This actually began with Paul Lionel Edward Helliwell was head of OSS (the predecessor of the CIA) Special Intelligence in Kunming, China during World War II.

Helliwell gets an “idea”


His idea was to provide steady shipments of opium to Chinese addicts to raise funds for ‘combatting communism’. Of course, that wasn’t the real reason, the real reason was to fund black intelligence operations throughout Southeast Asia, subverting and attempting to overthrow any governments who did not want to get on board the Slavemaster Way train.

Note: many authors attempt to pin all this just on America – this is disingenuous at best, outright propaganda at it’s worst. This was a British Intelligence/Vatican plan. The OSS (and later the CIA) were simply being run by their sycophants in America.

To say this was “America’s” fault is just dead wrong.

Helliwell began by presenting his idea to the head of the OSS, General “Wild Bill” Donovan, who discussed it with Allen Dulles and their British Overlord, MI6/SOE man William Stephenson, who in turn discussed it with his boss Tony Keswick – whose family fortune founded through the firm Jardine & Matthieson in China just happened to be one of the largest opium dealers.

They were all delighted with the idea, and began funneling money to him for opium purchases.

Selling opium? Capital idea!


You’ll notice that all three of these men were right there in the beginnings of the World Commerce Corporation – as documented in their incorporation papers.

During the war it was far easier to misappropriate funds for this ‘idea’ but after the War (since they planned to continue and expand this pipeline) their activities required more ‘creative’ financing. This was first arranged through the World Commerce Corporation, formed in Panama.

The money for the opiates would eventually come from Nazi gold that had been laundered and manipulated by Dulles and Stephenson through the World Commerce Corporation. . .6


Gold, what gold?


Researchers found a newly declassified 1942 warning from British officials to the State Department that 21 tons of Nazi gold had been traded through Swiss banks.8

That is 1.5 billion dollars, all by itself!

Mr. D’Amato asked the CIA, the State Department and the Treasury Department for all files pertinent to Jewish holdings in Switzerland. The agencies said the files were in the National Archives, and what Jewish leaders found was that there were indeed Nazi accounts opened in Switzerland to hide assets stolen from Jews. Agreements that allowed the Swiss to take contents of heirless Holocaust accounts to compensate for property lost in Communist countries. 9

Now, when you see generic descriptions like ‘the Swiss’ you really need to understand that’s not as innocent as it sounds. Or rather, it’s not ‘just some bankers’ operating on the fly all by their lonesome.

I’ll give you an example from the Vatican banking network I have been documenting using corporate records.

LOVELOK ESTABLISHMENT – registered in Leichtenstein September 15, 1956, deleted August 20, 1976. There’s an address in the Liechtenstein registry as: c/o Allgemeines Treuunternehmen Äulestrasse 5, 9490 Vaduz. Ownership points directly to Vatican IOR/Banco Ambrosiano swiss accounts through Aldo C. Baggi. See Compendium company documents in full list.
Source: Opencorporates and Liechtensteinische Landesverwaltung,…, 26 Dec 2016

  • 1957 – Lovelok formed Banca del Gottardo in Lugando (Switzerland) placing 40 percent of its capital with the Ambrosiano. Private Banking, it was also known as Gotthard Bank. Notes: 21 November 1974 – Documents were unearthed in the records of the Banca del Gottardo in Switzerland that the Vatican set up and controlled these dummy corporations. One, dated November 21, 1974, and signed by Vatican officials, was a request for the Swiss bank to open accounts on behalf of its newly created company: United Trading Corporation of Panama. (David Yallop, In God’s Name p. 305) Some time after the formation a branch had been opened in the Bahamas. After the network was exposed as part of the Roberto Calvi scandal, Gotthard was acquired by Japanese Sumitomo Bank in 1984, then it was aquired by BSI in March of 2008.


Since that is directly a Vatican bank, a big one too, are you beginning to see why there was such a strange agreement of that “the Swiss” had the right to seize the assets “to compensate for property lost in Communist countries” ?

The slavemasters controlled the key Swiss banks – never forget that, and that’s just one example of what’s behind this generic ‘the Swiss’ crap.

So, at least 1.5 billion dollars was funneling through Swiss banks and we already know that almost a half a billion dollars worth of gold, jewelry etc had been moved down to Argentina under the control of the ‘Big 3’ – the Vatican, British nobility and their American counterparts.

But there was another cache of gold, found as part of Operation Safehaven, which, as luck would have it, involved Paul Helliwell’s banking partner E.P. (Edward Phillip) Barry. Barry had been the head of OSS Counterintelligence (X-2) in Vienna ((listed on p. 25 of the OSS personnel database) which oversaw Operation Safehaven in April 1945.


Operation Safehaven –  (LA Times article)

In April 1945, American soldiers stumbled upon 100 tons of bullion–worth more than $2.7 billion–hidden by the retreating Nazi army in a potassium mine in Merkers, northeast of Frankfurt, Germany. Soldiers from the U.S. 90th Infantry Division who descended by creaky elevator into the mine were agog at what they saw in the glare of their flashlights.

They found thousands of gunny sacks filled with gold ingots, coins and currency. One room was stacked with art treasures. In another corner, valises lay crammed with flatware and jewelry.

“It was beyond imagination,” recalled John Busterud, then a lieutenant and later an assistant defense secretary in the Nixon administration. “One armful would have made any of us rich men.”

Scattered in the valises, Busterud and his men found darker treasure: Gold fillings pried from the teeth of concentration camp victims. “It didn’t take much to imagine how the Nazis got them,” Busterud said.

Just as the death camps perfected assembly-line murder, they also became factories for the extraction of riches. At Auschwitz, according to German bank documents, 18 pounds of gold fillings were taken each day. At Buchenwald, American liberators found 300 pounds of loose fillings–a pittance compared to the estimated tons of dental and jewelry gold melted into ingots and traded off by Germany’s treasury.8


There was actually a minimum of 300 tons of looted bullion seized by the Allies at the end of the war and by 1996 only 5.5 tons were left – 4 of which were in the Bank of England in London and 2 in the Federal Reserve vault under Southern Manhattan, which at one time was the world’s largest repository of gold.8

The loot had been being administered by an obscure and secretive panel called the Tripartite Commission created by the ‘Big 3″ in 1946. Even 50 years after the fact, in 1996, its records were still secret. 9

This is what 5,625 tons looks like (315 billion dollars) – in the Bank of England. One shelf holds one ton, so 300 tons would be 300 shelves of gold as pictured in this video.


However, the gold we are talking about was primarily from melted down teeth fillings and jewelry, smelted by the Nazis. It looked like this –



Who got the 295-out-of-300 tons of Nazi gold known to have been seized, to my mind, is sort of a rhetorical question. It is patently obvious who got it – the same insane criminal nutcases who orchestrated WWII in the first place.

Which is why some of it ended up in the World Commerce Corporation.

Peter Dale Scott, The American Deep State page 25 –

World Commerce Corporation was able to use recovered SS gold to initiate the Bangkok drug connection – untraceable funds.

So, that’s part of what Helliwell was using initially to establish the even-more-expanded opium trade the Brits and Vatican were so hot to do and had used as a weapon to enslave so many other places now called ‘communist’ – such as China, but also India, Japan, the list goes on and on.

Only this time, they were going to target the American people.

The ‘idea’ Helliwell had, why it was so instantly acceptable to Donovan and Dulles?

Has to do with the fact that Donovan was the American counterpart – as in total puppet of – British intelligence. In fact the entire creation of America’s first oh-so-secret (parody of its initials O.S.S.) intelligence apparatus was completely controlled and overseen by William Stephenson* and his bosses – the Keswicks.

*See British Security Coordination Compendium series of Library posts – under ‘B” of the index, and this declassified CIA document concerning the Special Operations Executive (SOE) training materials routed to the OSS.

Have a look at this little timeline that shows just how much it was the British that controlled American’s “first intelligence service”.

1940 July – The Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, sends Donovan over to be schmoozed and recruited into alignment with British Intelligence. In London, the British Slavemasters instructed all manner of individuals to “welcome” Donovan, including the King and Queen, Winston Churchill, and all the high-ranking officials the British could produce. Donovan even merited being kept in daily contact with the head of Ml-6 chief, Stewart Menzies, and the director of British naval intelligence, John Godfrey, who gave Donovan a list of things the British wanted him to lobby for in Washington, his first assignment, which he promptly carried out upon his return.

1940 Mid-July – Donovan arrives back in the U.S., meets with William Stephenson, British intelligence chief for the Western Hemisphere, whose Washington D.C. cover was that he was a “security officer” in the British Purchasing Commission, one of the many war materiel lobbying groups operating in Washington. Stephenson was the local intelligence handler for Britain, of Donovan. Stephenson then reports back to his boss, Tony Keswick, head of SOE in London

  • There is no doubt that we can achieve infinitely more through Donovan than through any other individual…He is very receptive…and can be trusted to represent our needs in the right quarters and in the right way in the U.S.A.

1941 March 8 – Donovan arrives back from his intelligence “tour” with Sir William Stephenson.

1941 April 26– Donovan instructs Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox on how the British gather their intelligence in foreign countries, starts his push to form the position the British instructed him to create – the “Coordinator” of information.

Intelligence operations,should not be controlled by party exigencies. It is one of the most vital means of national defense. As such it should be headed by someone appointed by the President and directly responsible to him, and to no one else. It should have a fund solely for the purpose of foreign investigation and the expenditures under this fund should be secret and made solely at the discretion of the President.”

“On all of these various factors I have obtained firsthand information [he means from his “tour” of British intelligence] which I think better not to set down here. I refer to it now only because I feel all of these activities should be considered in relation to the necessity of setting up a Coordinator.” Donovan ends his letter with, “If you wish me to talk with you more in detail, let me know.

1941 End of May – Knox approved Donovan’s proposal, Donovan prepares his first formal recommendation for a new U.S. intelligence organization. (the COI, Office of the Coordinator of Information)

On July 11, 1941  – As ordered by British spymaster Robert Vansittart, the Keswicks and William Stephenson, U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt picked up the final draft of the order to establish the COI (that he had tried to ignore for a week in his in box) and signed it.

He then announced that Bill Donovan would be christened the Coordinator of Information (COl), a title also used to designate Donovan’s organization, the precursor to the Office of Strategic Services-the first national intelligence apparatus in U.S. history with an overarching mandate to coordinate all branches of intelligence gathering overseas.

Donovan left, and Donovan’s “spy master” British MI6 man William Stephenson on the right
– Donovan is pinning a “Medal of Merit” on him.


Donovan promised Franklin Roosevelt an international secret service staffed by young officers who were “calculatingly reckless” with “disciplined daring” and “trained for aggressive action.”

Of course, the real qualifying factor for these young officers was must have strong anglophilia (love of all things British).

One of the places Donovan had been taken during his little intelligence tour ordered by Stephenson – was China. There, he was welcomed by Jardine & Matheson, and promised ‘perks’ for his ‘integrity’ and ‘good character’ for going along with the British plans. Perks like…profits from the Keswick opium trade.

Once the COI officially became the OSS in 1942?

These ‘perks’ began kicking in.

Donovan became heavily involved in opium and heroin. In China, he worked with SOE’s William and John Keswick of Jardine-Matheson,  Britain’s biggest opium cartel in Asia, with a controlling interest in Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), and ties to the Oppenheimer family through the giant mining firm Rio Tinto Zinc.

Between Catholic Donovan –

William Donovan (Catholic) at the Vatican


And British nobilility, the Keswicks, this drug-trafficking operation had both slavemaster elements allied in carrying out this travesty against humanity.

But there was another perfect “blend” in that way, and that was through Chiang Kai-Shek and his family connections controlling the two biggest criminal gangs in Hong Kong.


The Soongs

The 1874, 75, 76 time period is also when the Keswick Taipan branch of opium smugglers came to the forefront. It began from a great-nephew of William Jardine’s older sister, Jean Johnstone. Jardine (a homosexual nicknamed the Iron Rat by the Chinese) had died childless and unmarried. William Keswick (1834–1912) would be Taipan for the next 22 years from 1874 to 1886.

When the British put Cixi as ’empress’ of China, they began sponsoring special families. It was William Keswick that was responsible for sponsoring Soong to go to America to be ‘educated’.

Charles Soong went to America some time after 1878, then moved to Boston where his paper “uncle” opened a tea shop. Visitors were cousins named Wen Bing-chung (B.C. Wen) and New Shan-chow (S.C. New) – political operatives against the Manchu Dynasty, and business associates in Shanghai when they returned there. All three married into the same prominent Catholic family and became brothers-in-law with the wedding of Soong to Ni Kwei-Tseng (Katherine Hsu) in 1887.

They married into the Xu family.

Charlie married Ni Kwei-Tseng (Katherine Xu) in 1887. She was the daughter of Lady Xu who was a direct descendant of Jesuit convert Xu Guangqi.

If you have read my library article Why China part 1, then you know that he was the one that Jesuit Matteo Ricci recruited to help him fabricate Confucianism, and that Ricci also used him to hide mathematical principles in dragons and other symbolism to keep the knowledge from the ‘unwashed masses’.

Matteo and Xu

When he returned from America, Charlie immediately joined (and took control) of the Triad called the Red Gang, and in 1888 he joined a secret society dedicated to the overthrow of the Qing dynasty.

If you know your history now from reading my Why China and Korean History part one articles (and now this one) you know that was a total slavemaster operation controlled in tandem by both the British and the Vatican.

It was about DRUGS and SLAVERY

Slavery, what today we call human trafficking, that they are still covertly backing while pretending to publicly wring their hands over the ‘horror’ of it all.

Wen and New brought Soong into the inner sanctions of triad life – these were the gangs that Keswick (Jardine and Matheson) depended on for moving his opium in and out of China.

The “Red” and “Green” gangs etc. of the late 1800’s controlled by the British and the Vatican that handled all the opium trafficking, human trafficking, all forms of crime-for-profit. Once the British took control of Hong Kong it became the undisputed power capital of all the crime gang/secret societies. These Triads then completely dominated the Chinese underworld.

A NY Times book review correctly cites the double life of Charlie Soong –

NEVERTHELESS, Charlie Soong is the most rounded character in Mr. Seagrave’s gallery – ”somewhere between pimp and patrician.” ”With Sunday school at one extreme, Red Gang at the other, Charlie led a tidy double life,” […]
(NY Times – THE CLAN THAT CHANGED CHINA (1985 article)

But interestingly enough, amidst the blowhard ‘I’m exposing it” rhetoric there is no emphasis at all on the fact of his conversion to Catholicism upon his marriage into the Xu family, or just what that really meant.

The Catholic Connection.

Charlie had six children, one of which was Mei-Ling Soong. She was considered one of what was dubbed “the Soong Sisters”.

They were (from oldest to youngest) named –

Soong Ai-ling Simplified Chinese: 宋蔼龄
Traditional Chinese: 宋藹齡
Pinyin: Sòng Ǎilíng The eldest sister (1888–1973). She was married to the richest man and finance minister of China, H. H. Kung.

Soong Ching-ling Simplified Chinese: 宋庆龄
Traditional Chinese: 宋慶齡
Pinyin: Sòng Qìnglíng The middle sister (1893–1981). She married Sun Yat-sen, Father of Modern China and first President of the Republic of China, in Japan on 25 October 1915. She later broke with her family and supported the Communists, remaining on the mainland after the Communist takeover. She became joint Vice President of the People’s Republic of China with Dong Biwu from 1959 to 1972 and Honorary President in 1981, just before her death.

Soong Mei-ling Simplified Chinese: 宋美龄
Traditional Chinese: 宋美齡
Pinyin: Sòng Měilíng The youngest sister (1898–2003). She was a prominent political leader in her own right, the wife and partner in power of Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Kuomintang (KMT), commander in chief of the Chinese armies and later President of the Republic of China.

The Maoist saying “One loved money, one loved power, one loved her country” (Chinese: 一個愛錢、一個愛權、一個愛國) referred to Ai-ling, May-ling, and Ching-ling in that order.

Mei-Ling married Chiang Kai-shek, who would become a key figure in vamping up the opium trade for the British to America, an operation headed by OSS man Paul Helliwell.

…there was a tight link between Chiang and the Shanghai Green Gang racketeers who controlled opium, prostitution and the labor force on the docks and in the factories; these criminals were protected by the foreign powers in China – the French simply made the head of the Green Gang the chief of detectives in the French Concession, so that all other criminals stayed away – and Chiang needed money from opium sales for his own militarization program. (NY Times – THE CLAN THAT CHANGED CHINA March 17, 1985 book review about a new book by Seagraves about the Soong Family)

See the following articles for more about this family and other events related to British and Vatican drug-dealing and human trafficking.


I found (in the internet archive) a rare audio copy of an Address by ye old Dragon drug-dealing Lady herself, Madame Chiang To Congress, 02-18-1943.


Kind of sickening, when you know who she really is.

Together, Donovan and the Keswicks arranged deals that Chiang Kai-Shek, with his criminal gang connections through the Soongs, ordered his KMT spy-boss General Tai Li to coordinate with family-approved druglord Du Yueh-sheng (pictured below).


Du’s close ties with Chiang Kai-shek and the Green Gang (and other organized secret societies involved in human and drug trafficking) would serve him well.

After all, when Chiang arranged a vicious massacre for the slavemasters to put down a real democratic rebellion called the First United Front, in Shanghai in 1927. Dubbed the Shanghai Purge, when it was all over, as a reward for Du’s “service” helping find and kill everyone, Chiang appointed him as the president of the National Board of Opium Suppression Bureau.

File that under extreme irony.

The end result was that Du came to officially control the entirety of China’s opium trade.

Tai Li absolutely HATED the Soongs and their British and Vatican counterparts for what they did to China, and with good reason.

He also blamed them for what happened to Sun Yat Sen’s movement, also rightly so.

Colonel James McHugh was a British “bitch”, as the saying goes, doing whatever they wanted, to whoever, whenever. For a time, he had dominated U.S. strategic intelligence in China, far overshadowing his rivals, including the curmudgeonly U.S. military attache in Peiping, Colonel Joseph Stilwell.

What was the sole reason for McHugh’s success? His close connection with an eccentric Brit, Australian William Henry Donald who had been Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s adviser as well as Madame Chiang Kai-shek’s (Mei-Ling Soon) close friend and the embellisher of her English.

This McHugh-Donald-Song Meiling connection made McHugh an important family friend of the Chiangs and provided him with daily access to them through games of bridge.

How very British of them.

General Tai Li never allowed McHugh into his inner circle,even though his boss Chiang Kai-shek was McHugh’s close personal friend, a fact often lamented in his later years. Li despised McHugh for his failing to see through the deep corruption wrought by the British and the Vatican through the Soongs and the Keswicks, including what happened with Sun Yat Sen.

In the 1800’s, the way to get attention, money, and education if you were a young Chinese was to pretend to “convert” to Christianity. It didn’t seem to matter what kind, of even how many times you bounced from one faction to another. It was simply a meal ticket. A fact which has a long history going all the way back to the first Jesuits in China who gained converts through distributing bags of rice.

Not exactly what I’d call a spiritual motivation.

So it was with Sun Yat Sen, who allowed himself to be baptized in Hong Kong by an American missionary of the Congregational Church of the United States, much to his brother’s deep disdain for such complicity. He knew Sun had not intention of being a Christian, it was pure ploy.

But Sun did originally do this because he and some buddies wanted to create a revolution in China, to break it free from the British – just like Americans had done.

Photograph of Sun Yat-sen (seated, second from left) and his revolutionary friends, the Four Bandits, including Yeung Hok-ling (left), Chan Siu-bak (seated, second from right), Yau Lit (right), and Guan Jingliang (關景良) (standing) at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese –

Four Bandits

As many people did, Sun completely under-estimated the length, the depth of British and Vatican duplicity and just how extensive their lies to humanity. Like many others, he didn’t even know that what he was studying in schools that was supposedly non-religious (science, etc.) were in fact completely dominated by absolutely fabricated history. Greek declamatio materials primarily – see my new article Forging History #2, which gets deep into just how far these lies went using Hipparchus as an example, as well as documenting just how far they have gone to protect and prop them up).

I’m sure it came as somewhat of a shock to Sun, that despite his good little Christian activities when it came to working on creating the revolution these “Christians” were supposedly supportive of – he found himself living in exile in Japan.

There, he fell again for fake revolutionists and more controlled opposition groups, but he did become befriended by and financially aided by a democratic revolutionary named Miyazaki Toten. While there he also met and befriended Mariano Ponce, then a diplomat of the First Philippine Republic.

During the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine–American War, Sun helped Ponce procure weapons salvaged from the Imperial Japanese Army and ship the weapons to the Philippines. By helping the Philippine Republic, Sun hoped that the Filipinos would win their independence so that he could use the archipelago as a staging point of another revolution. However, as the war ended in July 1902, America (directed by British Foreign Policy and the Vatican) emerged victorious from a bitter 3-year war against the Republic.

Therefore, the Filipino dream of independence vanished with Sun’s hopes of collaborating with the Philippines in his revolution in China.

Now Sun was in exile not only in Japan but also in Europe, the United States, and Canada. He raised money for his revolutionary party and to support uprisings in China. In 1896, in a plot arranged by British spymaster Robert Gascoigne-Cecil, he was detained at the Chinese Legation in London, where he was “informed” by the British that the Chinese Imperial secret service planned to kill him. He was then released after 12 days through the efforts of James Cantlie, The Times, and the Foreign Office – all of which Cecil controlled – thereby positioning Sun a hero! in Britain.

Could we be any more obvious with that one…

The British nobility HATED real democratic revolutions. It’s pretty clear what they were doing here was totally putting one over on Sun Yat Sen, in preparation to using him for their own ugly purposes – which is exactly what happened.

Now comes the other half of the controlled opposition, making Sun think it’s one thing when actually it’s the British and Vativan behind it. What this did was provide the perfect set-up the British wanted, “evil communists” trying to take over China.

How they did it was –

Suddenly their appeared two Tongmenghui members calling to remove Sun as leader. Tao Chengzhang and Zhang Binglin publicly denounced Sun with an open leaflet called “A declaration of Sun Yat-sen’s criminal acts by the revolutionaries in Southeast Asia”. This was printed and distributed in reformist newspapers like Nanyang Zonghui Bao. Their goal was to target Sun as a leader leading a revolt for profiteering gains.

Ten he was approached by Leon Trotsky (himself a deep cover British agent) to be “helped”. Sun and the Soviet Union’s Adolph Joffe signed the Sun-Joffe Manifesto in January 1923.

He literally allowed the real revolution to be infiltrated by the British intelligence driven “communist” movement, and turned into it. He received “help” from the Comintern for his acceptance of communist members into his KMT. Revolutionary and socialist leader Vladimir Lenin praised Sun and the KMT for their ideology and principles. Lenin praised Sun and his attempts at social reformation, and also congratulated him for fighting foreign Imperialism. Sun also returned the praise, calling him a “great man”, and sent his congratulations on the revolution in Russia.

Now we start crossing wires, so to speak, when in 1924 Sun appointed his brother-in-law T. V. Soong to set up the first Chinese Central bank called the Canton Central Bank. To establish national capitalism and a banking system was a major objective for the KMT.

One just wonders where he got THAT idea from.

Not everyone was such a goober patsy falling for every damn con around, as Sun seemed set on being. The Canton people formed a volunteers corps and arranged an uprising against him – as well they should have, because this was the beginning of the end and a total betrayal of the Chinese people.

You see, prior to Sun’s falling slap-dap into the lap of the British/Vatican plan to create an enemy called Communist China (to then be crushed and China closed off for decades), the predecessor of the KMT, the Revolutionary Alliance, was one of the major advocates of the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and the establishment of a republic.

A perfectly excellent idea, there was nothing wrong with it…until Sun Yat-Sen got talked into ( by Song Jiaoren) creating the corrupted version called the KMT after the Xinhai Revolution of 1911. Sun was the provisional president but he did not have military power and ceded the first presidency to the military leader Yuan Shikai.

What a shocker!

Next thing you know? Sun is exiled.

People like General Tai-Li, still refer reverentially to KMT founder Sun Yat-sen as the “Father of the Nation”. Sun is pictured here in 1917.

Know how he got sucked into creating the KMT and then finding himself exiled? We can thank Mott and Buchman, both British anglophile agents, for that loveliness, courtesy of Cecil’s successor and his protege’ Lord Curzon and Robert Vansittart.

Two significant factors motivated John Mott – ruling the world “under Christ” – and we know what that really means – and the obsession with China and its “its huge potential harvest of souls”. Which of course, really was about stripping China of all its resources, including its people. And yes, it really is that disgusting.

So, it was in this climate that John Mott “activated” Frank Buchman – so to speak – originally in January 1909. In this post you can read much more about Buchman and his resulting movements directly orchestrated by particularly the British slavemasters ie: the Oxford Group and its later name of Moral-ReArmament or MRA.

Yuan Shikai proclaimed himself emperor of China in December 1915. While exiled in Japan in 1914, Sun established the Chinese Revolutionary Party on 8 July 1914, but many of his old revolutionary comrades, including Huang Xing, Wang Jingwei, Hu Hanmin and Chen Jiongming, refused to join him or support his efforts in inciting armed uprising against Yuan. In order to join the Chinese Revolutionary Party, members must take an oath of personal loyalty to Sun, which many old revolutionaries regarded as undemocratic and contrary to the spirit of the revolution.

Sun Yat Sen also fell right for British shill Henry George, (largely due to his being made a “hero” in Britain) and was trying to enforce that in China.

Called The Three Principles of the People, also translated as Three People’s Principles, San-min Doctrine, or Tridemism is a political philosophy developed by Sun Yat-sen as part of a philosophy to make China a free, prosperous, and powerful nation. The three principles are often translated into and summarized as nationalism, democracy, and the livelihood of the people. He believed that the economic livelihood of the people depended on adopting the teachings of the American economist Henry George, writing that “The teachings of your single-taxer, Henry George, will be the basis of our program of reform.”

But it wasn’t always like that.

In 1894 when the Revive China Society was formed, Sun only had two principles: nationalism and democracy. He did not pick up the third idea, welfare, until his three years trip to Europe (1896–1898).

You know, 1896, when the Cecil op of “China is trying to kill you, you’re a hero” op was run on him.

He did not announce this new addition and the corruption of the original two into the British version, until the spring of 1905 when he was in Europe again.

Again, what a shocker! Not too hard to tell who influenced that. Again.

Sun was in Brussels, and made the first speech of his life on the “Three Principles of the People”. Then he formed the Tongmenghui and published an editorial in Min Bao (??). This was the first time the new British-driven ideas were expressed – but hardly anyone knew that’s what they are – least of all Sun.

Sun was also corrupted by Christian ministers while in the United States, who used Lincoln (instead of Jefferson) as some supposed hero for the people. He most definitely WAS NOT.

He fell for that hook-line-and-sinker anyway, but was TOLD during this next evolution to quote a line from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” as being his supposed inspiration for the Three Principles.

I trust you understand just how ugly that is, that actual Jeffersonian ideals were attributed onto a traitor like Lincoln. (see Unification Church Part 2, back history section, for more)

Thus, many old revolutionaries saw right though this and did not join Sun’s new organisation, and he was largely sidelined within the Republican movement during this period.

This is when Frank Buchman gets activated again to go to China with George Sherwood Eddy, by British intelligence. He went off to spend four and a half months in China (March to August 1916), as well as a bit less than a month in Japan conducting a ‘reconnaissance’ of the East.

There is almost no information about just exactly what was he really doing during that rather long period of time. That dearth stands out like a sore thumb as compared to the normally over-chatty Buchman comments on anything and everything else in his life.

Do realize that this is right in the middle of World War I which makes it even more interesting, to my mind.

It looks like they returned some time prior to November 28, 1916, in a publication where Buchman is listed with Eddy as having accompanied him on Eddy’s recent tour of World Evangelism.

In the YMCA yearbook and Official Roster (up to 1900) Stephen Earl Taylor is listed as one of the Secretaries of the Student Department for the International Committee of the YMCA, right alongside John R. Mott, at the same time as George Sherwood Eddy is listed as Secretary for India. Sherwood Eddy became the Secretary of the Foreign Department of the International Y. M. C. A. by the time that he and Buchman are again working in China together.

Sun returned to China in 1917, this was during the time of warlords. Despite everythng, he was still trying to keep the idea of a united Chinese republic alive. His goal then was to establish a rival government in Guangzhou, southern China, and go from there to fight against the warlords in the North and their Beiyang government. He revived his banned nationalist party, the Kuomintang, but this time he gave it the new name, the Kuomintang of China. His plan was that after defeating the warlords the party would guide China until the country would be ready to move to democracy.

Eddy and Buchman were both there in China again, almost immediately, because this was a BIG threat. This was during the midst of a revolutionary epoch (1917-18) during which Sun Yat Sen had briefly held power. This is significant, because it means that he was there at the same time that Paul Linebarger’s father (the “judge”) was acting as a consultant to Sun Yat Sen. I’d bet Linebarger probably even knew Frank Buchman and Sherwood Eddy because they were actually meeting with Sun Yat Sen as part of intelligence operations conducted underneath the YMCA at that time.

(Note: Considering Linebarger’s later involvement with Miles Copeland the CIA and choosing L. Ron Hubbard and Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament movement for “political action” ops in 1955, that’s something else for you to mull over)

Sherwood Eddy and Sun Yat Sen in Canton (between 1917-1919)

Closer –

It was in Kuling, China in 1918 that Frank Buchman first organized one of his soon-to-be signature “house­party,” a type of gathering. Activities ranged from Bible study and “quiet times” to bridge playing and golf. There were also voluntary general meetings in which attendees “shared,” confessing their “sins” and offering witness to the “change” in their lives caused by adherence to Buchman’s principles.

Particularly their sexual sins were sought, as already discussed. It was the norm for Buchman and his cohorts to go to great lengths to attract the rich and famous, and, when they were hooked, to shamelessly exploit their names, a tendency which would become more pronounced in the coming years.

In China, Frank Buchman’s behavior was so obnoxious that he offended just about everybody with whom he had contact.

orange-Logan_Roots+BuchmanBishop Logan Herbert Roots and Frank N. D. Buchman (right) in China


…a conference which Buchman himself ran at Kuling in the summer of 1918. Attendance was by invitation. Buchman was determined this year to go “below the surface”. This involved talking openly about the kind of private sins of which he had become aware among the missionaries during his year’s work. He said that when he had first arrived a missionary had asked him to “give a strong message on perversion”. He had not realised then as he did now, he said, how extensive were homosexual relationships, or as he put it “absorbing friendships”, among the missionaries…

We can see Buchman*s *key man* strategy at work in these two trips to China in 1917-1918, but particularly aggressive in the 1918 one. He and Eddy were determined to carry out the Intelligence-driven mandate handed down through the YMCA to “reach the Chinese ruling elite”.

Buchman and Eddy met Dr. Cheng Chingyi at the Kuling YMCA conference in 1917 and went out of his way to give a good impression. In November of that year, Cheng accompanied Buchman and Eddy to Canton to introduce them to ‘key men* in Sun Yat Sen’s party.

Buchman finally was allowed to meet Hsu in February 1918, after having started a bible class in Sun’s headquarters to “get” to him.

Manipulative, as always.

Buchman met Sun Yat Sen again in late February, and discussed China’s sins in general, and “going below the surface”, as he called it, he decided to target Sun’s “sins” of a sexual nature – Sun’s second marriage in particular. A note to Buchman written on Sun’s behalf indicates the tenor of their conversation:

“Dr. Sun does not know how you can be so mistaken about his ‘wives’. For he never had more than one wife. The present Mrs. Sun Yat-sen is a Christian, also. Before she married Dr. Sun he had already been divorced from his former wife.”

Thesis by DC Belden – 1976

Sun then told Hsu later that day that he was a good Christian in private, clearly attempting to dispel whatever loss-of-face he thinks Buchman has created about him.

And so it was that during this next meeting, Buchman noted that Sun “seemed mellow and very responsive to every suggestion.” Writing to Hsu he added:

“You have done him and China a real service. You did a courageous thing in speaking so frankly to him. You possess the fearlessness of a Lincoln….I believe God is going to use you in bringing about His great plan for China.”

Thesis by DC Belden – 1976

Aw hell. That’s just so disgusting I can’t even stand it. This all had NOTHING to do with “God” – this had to do with getting the slavemasters fingers on Chinese assets, as it has always been about. (See Why China Part 1)

And now we come to a key point of convergence here, of William Dudley Pelley, Sherwood Eddy, Frank Buchman and William Donovan – all in Japan together at the same time, and in the same place – June 1918.

Buchman and Eddy were tasked to take a particular train during this visit to Japan, where they just happened to meet Sun Yat Sen traveling on that same train, meeting not just once but three times. They met again that evening and the following morning after the train journey. I can tell you for a fact that these were NOT meetings “about God”.

Not with who Sun Yat Sen was hooked up with.

Uh uh. No Way. No How.

Remember what Buchman noted: “very responsive to every suggestion”. Yea. As in – here’s your marching orders bud, and you better fricking do them or else!

So, what was Sun Yat-Sen (aka Sun Wat Sen) actually in trouble for, and being ordered about?

There, with renewed support courtesy of British and Vatican intelligence, he resurrected (chiefly through the efforts of British assets Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao) the KMT on 10 October 1919, under the name Kuomintang of China (KMT) and established its headquarters in Canton in 1920.

It was Li Dazhao was the first leading Chinese intellectual who publicly supported Leninism and world revolution, regarding the October Revolution (Bolshevik) in Russia as groundbreaking, believing it to “herald a new era for oppressed countries everywhere.”

Oh boy.

Controlled opposition galore. Especially considering that the October “revolution” wasn’t at all. It was a bloody, vicious fake “revolution” which badly PR-positioned the real Russian revolutionists as being with Lenin, when they most definitely were not.

And what a surprise?

Yet again, Sun Yat Sen, after Buchman raided his “secrets”, was soon forced out of office and exiled to Shanghai.

So, where does Chiang Kai-Shek figure into all this?

I’m about to tell you.

We talked earlier about how in 1923, the KMT accepted aid from the Soviet Union. What you may not know. is that itself was part of the usual Global Chess game the Slavemasters always think they’re playing.

Oops! Wrong picture.

Here’s the right one –

The set-up to soften up Sun Yat-Sen, was that this was all arranged just after the Brits had made sure that this new government was denied “recognition” by the :western powers”.  Literally pushing Sun right into the arms of the “communists”.

You have to understand the demented thought process here.

They would rather Sun be “communist” than be anything even resembling an actual democratic revolution vis-a-vis Thomas Jefferson.

That’s how much they hated what happened in America.

It wasn’t one of THEIR moves.

They know whose move it really was, and that’s even worse.


This was their move, whether Sun, or Mikhail Borodon (Comintern agent who helped set things up in 1923) knew it or not.

The man who would be Chairman Mao Zedong also joined the KMT in 1923. In fact, do you know why? Because the Chinese people weren’t going for communism, they liked democratic ideals. (who wouldn’t). China’s newly founded communist party only had a few hundred members at the beginning of the 1920s, whereas the Kuomintang had over 50,000 in less than a year.

The powers-that-be hatched a scheme to position (and force) those people into being branded communist – stigmatized. At the request of the Russians, Mao Zedong became a member of the Kuomintang, and thus enforcing the first coalition of the two parties.

Sun was under no illusions as to communism. He had neither sympathy towards Marxism nor did he see communism as a solution to China’s problems. In Sun’s view, China was not of the rich and the poor; rather, after centuries of British and Vatican RAPE of their country, it had become literally the country of the poor and the poorer.

His only reason for accepting aid from sources he had no agreement with? He was basically desperate, and that’s exactly how they wanted him. This is exactly where they had arranged him to be, thinking he could use them with no downside.

Well, we all know how that turned out. Tragically.

If you’re familiar with what “left” was assigned to mean in politics during the French Revolution, it was those who were against the hegemony of the slavemasters, as visible in their Nesilim established Kings-and-Priests rule model of “civilized” society. Those on the “right” were for that model.

Once this nasty little maneuver place, the people in the KMT smelled a rat. They did not like this arrangement with communism, at all. They get called the “left” of the KMT, and as such were immediately dominated – and all that implies, torture, disappearances, etc. – by the communists.

Sun and Chiang Kai-Shek (left)

Literally as soon as Sun Yat Sen died two years later in March of 1925, he was succeeded by Chiang Kai-Shek, who with his opium-smuggling Catholic family connections was…surprise! surprise! – a rightist.

It was Chiang who was used to carry out the second-phase of the slavemaster plan, that of fracturing further the original revolutionists by “attacking the communists”. First he initiated moves to marginalize them, think set-up here, setting them up to REACT so that he could then “turn” against them and marched militarily on Shanghai (key opium city). He pretended to e friends to get into the city without incident, but then immediately turned and massacred over 5000 people with the aid of…wait for it….

The Green Gang members in Shanghai, who were controlled by the Xu-Soong family. His wife’s family.

It must be providence.

Chiang’s army then marched on Wuhan, but he didn’t have that nice cadre of desperate “made men” of the Green Gang to do his dirty work, so he was blocked by CPC General Ye Ting and his troops. Chiang’s allies – other criminal gang memers – also attacked communists; in Beijing, 19 leading communists were killed by Zhang Zuolin, while in Changsha, He Jian’s forces machine gunned hundreds of peasant militiamen.

One just can’t imagine where they got those guns from.

That May, tens of thousands of “communists” and anyone labeled a “sympathizers” were killed by Chiang Kai-Shek and his British and Vatican backed forces.

Chiang then proceeded to do the usual slavemaster horseshit, calling something “freedom” and “political process” – think Cecil and having his people control ALL sides of British Parliament – while actually establishing a centralized one-party state with one ideology.

The slavemasters one.

The people rebelled, holding up Sun as a kind of “light” representing what it was they were actually interested. Whether they were right about Sun is kind of beside the point. It’s the fact of what they thought he stood for, THAT is what they were after resurrecting and following. Chiang tried to counter by having his “one single party” – notice how it’s a caricature of actual uniting – and he began the period of “political tutelage,” whereby the party was to lead the government while instructing the people on how to participate in a democratic system.

Oh man. Chiang the British bitch instructing anyone on democracy is like…

The Shanghai massacre of 12 April 1927, sometimes called the April 12 Incident, was the violent suppression of Communist Party organizations – which weren’t really all “communist” you understand –  in Shanghai by the military forces of Chiang Kai-shek.

The purge, for obvious reasons, led to an open split between KMT left and right wings, with Chiang Kai-shek establishing himself as the leader of the right wing at Nanjing in opposition to the original left-wing KMT government led by Wang Jingwei in Wuhan.

Of course, this brought the “left” into the open, which was the plan. (Think Chairman Mao and the Hundred Flowers campaign) Now he could get ready to mow down some more innocent people, getting rid of those damn independent-types that the slavemasters hate so much.

But the Wuhan regime made a surprisingly good move. By July 15, 1927 Wang Jingwei had expelled the Communists in its ranks, effectively ending the KMT’s four-year alliance with Soviet Russia and its cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party.  Jingwei was no dummy. He had figured out who was really behind all that – China’s long-hated enemies, the British and the Vatican.

During the remainder of 1927 the Communists – with Chiang helping out, you notice he he is on whatever side he’s told to be. Never mind the capital H Hypocrisy involved, the “communists” launched several revolts in an attempt to win back power, marking the beginning of the Chinese Civil War.

British to do list –

Country fractured and killing each other. Check.

With the failure of the Guangzhou Uprising (December 11–13, 1927) the Chinese Communist Party’s eclipse was complete; it was two decades before they were able to launch another major urban offensive. The incident was a key moment in the complex sequence of events that set the stage for the first ten years of the Nationalist government – one which had NOTHING to do with what “nationalism” ever was about, as in Jeffersonian America.

Enter drug-dealer Du Yuesheng, Chiang’s good buddy.

When the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937, Du offered to fight the Japanese by scuttling his fleet of ships at the mouth of the Yangtze River, but when things got really hot he ran away and left everyone to be tortured and herded by the Japanese – women forced into prostitution, the whole nine yards. He fled to Hong Kong and later to Chongqing. Other Green Gang operatives cooperating with Tai Li, Chiang’s intelligence chief, continued to smuggle weapons and goods – obtained courtesy of the Brits/Americans/Vatican to the Kuomintang throughout the war, and Du himself was a board member of the Chinese Red Cross.


But hey, got to keep that opium flowing, right?

Following Japan’s surrender in 1945, Du returned to Shanghai, expecting a warm welcome but was shocked when he was not received like a hero.

I’m not a hero?

Parenthetically speaking to Du here –

“No, Igor Du, you’re a traitorous, opportunistic piece-of-shit and the Chinese people knew that. You ran away to save your own ass. How did you think that was going to go over?”


Various in-fighting went on, with Chiang Kai-shek’s son, Chiang Ching-kuo, launching an anti-corruption campaign in Shanghai in the late 1940s, with Du’s relatives among the first to be arrested and thrown into jail. Although Du successfully managed their release by threatening to expose the embezzlement activities done by Chiang’s relatives, some say the arrest and imprisonment of Du’s sons effectively ended the partnership between Chiang and Du.

Or did it…

See, what happened was that he went to Hong Kong and then Taiwan in 1949 when Chiang Kai-Shek and the KMT relocated there following their “defeat” in the Chinese Civil War. This was really more of a canging-of-the-guard. Chiang thought he was going to get back in power, was misled to think so by the slavemasters, but really they were just using him to get the new Helliwell drug-trafficking network going while replacing him with a nice, fat, and most important to them, vicious dictator in China – Chairman Mao.

Exactly like they were Operation Gladioing (as I call it) all over the world at that time. Installing dictators in every which direction.

Du helped Helliwell and the Keswick’s get the new opium-trafficking network up and running before dying in Hong Kong (rather mysteriously) in 1951.

So, that’s a bit of background for you and how things work over there in China.

Round and Round and Round We Go
Where we stop, this time we’re gonna know

…Donovan’s World Commerce Corporation (WCC), an early transnational firm formed by Donovan with a number of OSS hands and backed by leading capitalists like John Keswick of Jardine Matheson, Nelson Rockefeller and John J. McCloy.

Government of the Shadows; Wilson, 2009

First off, it wasn’t Donovan’s organization. Slavemasters would never let someone have that kind of power without controlling it themselves, ultimately, in some way. Just to get that cleared up.


When Germany surrendered, the London office of OSS had ten million dollars on hand, deposited in Hambro’s and Schroder’s Banks.

This money could not be “returned” to the U.S. Government without stating where it had come from.

As proceeds from dealings in gold and jewels, an inquiry could provoke a Congressional investigation and raise “embarrassing” – as in you evil psychos – questions.

The slavemasters ordered the “principals” hold it in abeyance for future operations in the new corporation, whom Eustace Mullins (see important caveat below) lists as –

  1. William Stephenson – Vansittart spy controlling the BSC (British Security Coordinaton)
  2. William Donovan – head the OSS, formed, designed, and controlled by Vansittart, the Keswicks, and British intelligence as well as the Vatican.
  3. Sir Charles Hambro
  4. Olaf Hambro;
  5. Edward R. Stettinius
  6. Russell Forgan of Glore Forgan Co., nephew of James Forgan, first president of the Federal Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Board, and successor to David Bruce as chief of OSS Europe; my relative, by marriage. Russell Forgan’s sister Marian married my great-uncle Halstead Gurnee Freeman.
  7. Sidney Weinberg, head of the Special OSS Mission to Moscow;
  8. Nelson Rockefeller;
  9. Col. Rex Benson Menzies of SIS and chairman of Robert Benson Co. merchant bankers;
  10. John J. McCloy;
  11. Richard Mellon;
  12. Sir Victor Sassoon;
  13. Lord Leathers;
  14. Sir William Rootes of Rootes Motors;
  15. Sir Alexander Korda;  Brig W.T. Keswick head of Jardine Mathieson Co., director of Hudson Bay Co. Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and chief of Special Operations Executive in Asia, World War II;
  16. Sir Harold Wernher, British industrialist;
  17. Ian Fleming of the Kelmsley Press;
  18. David Bruce;
  19. Joseph C. Grew, nephew of J.P. Morgan; and
  20. L.L. Strauss of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

The new World Commerce firm operated closely with Morgan Grenfell, Jardine Mathieson, and the British and Western Trading Co.

Important caveat: One of the few things that Eustace Mullins got even somewhat right, by the way, was some of the names that list. Some. Unfortunately, Eustace, a typical disinformation agent is only supplying even that partial truth in order to get people to accept his “Hitler was Jesus” theory. I only mention it as a cautionary tale, the use of truth does not an automatically trustworthy person make. There are 15 names I have yet to find as actually being in the corporate documents (see “names” section later in this article)

Let’s get into the WCC corporation documents now.  Here’s the PDF again, just remember it’s in Spanish because the docs were filed in Panama.

I’d like to first mention that Keswick is also mentioned as having a company named Keswick Marine Panama SA – p. 170

Now look at this –

“In autumn 1949 formal agreement was reached and signed between Chennault and CAT (Air America) and a CIA representative from the Office of Finance” – that sounds like Frank Wisner to me

All is Clouded by Desire: Global Banking, Money Laundering…By Alan A. Block, Constance A. Weaver, Constance Weaver; lists as ref 15.

It was Helliwell that helped construct CAT which stands for Civil Air Transport Incorporated.

Let’s check out what I dug up about this.

First of all, it was registered in Hong Kong in 1949. That came up as part of this OpenCorporates record – where Helliwell had it located as a Nevada corporation, doing business as a California corporation, but registered in Hong Kong – in 1953. That’s some convoluted, doesn’t want the money and who it is traced, serious funny business going on there.


Company Number
Ftb Forfeited
Incorporation Date
13 April 1953 (almost 64 years ago)
Company Type
Foreign Stock
California (US)
Branch of Nevada (US) company
Registry Page…

Source California Secretary of State,…, 23 Nov 2016

Open Corporates record showing it getting dissolved in Hong Kong in 1955 –


Company Number
Status Ceased
Place Of Business
Dissolution Date 31 December 1955
Company Type – Registered non-Hong Kong company
Jurisdiction – Hong Kong
Branch of out-of-jurisdiction company

Source Hong Kong Companies Registry,, 16 May 2016


Now underneath that convoluted California/Nevada/Hong Kong record (obviously the Nevada part had to do with the Mafia nd their role in this whole drug-trafficking plan) was a different name for CAT.


Let’s look at that Open corp record now.

Company Number 0002948
Status Dissolved
Incorporation Date 17 November 1949
Dissolution Date 22 March 1951
Company Type Private company limited by shares
Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Previous Names Civil Air Transport Limited

Source Hong Kong Companies Registry,, 16 Sep 2016

Clearly, 1949 is when it was first created and it was a closed, private company “limited by shares” – one can pretty much guess with some degree of accuracy who were those share-holders. Keswick comes to mind, right off the bat, and probably Wisner.

I think that’s what this is trying to talk about – it does match the corporate record for CAT Limited.

“In autumn 1949 formal agreement was reached and signed between Chennault and CAT (Air America) and a CIA representative from the Office of Finance” – that sounds like Frank Wisner to me

All is Clouded by Desire: Global Banking, Money Laundering…By Alan A. Block, Constance A. Weaver, Constance Weaver; lists as ref 15.

But –

There’s another version of this particular name, that I’m guessing must have been re-incorporated in 1951, probably just after the infamous meeting at the Ritz Carlton in Canada where British, Vatican, Canadian and American intelligence all got together with plans to experiment on how to make mankind more amenable to their plans – aka the mind control research.

Let’s look at that record now. First of all, it’s listed as a branch, but with no incorporation date. But look! They dissolved it just as the MKULTRA/CIA malfeasance senate hearings were getting going.

That can’t be a coincidence.


Company Number F0000449
Status Ceased Place Of Business
Dissolution Date 31 July 1975
Company Type
Registered non-Hong Kong company
Hong Kong
Branch of out-of-jurisdiction company
Previous Names


Source Hong Kong Companies Registry,, 16 May 2016

Right on the heels of establishing CAT in Hong Kong 17 November, 1949 – Helliwell sets something else up just 8 months later. The descriptions out there of what I’m talking about often look like this –

Helliwell helped construct the commercial cover organization called Sea Supply, set up in Florida with its main office in Bangkok Thailand.”

All is Clouded by Desire: Global Banking, Money Laundering…By Alan A. Block, Constance A. Weaver, Constance Weaver

But what apparently noone seems to know, is what I’m about to tell you. The exact date that the CIA (Frank Wisner) had Helliwell create this front corporation Sea Supply.

Open corp record gives it’s source as “Florida records.” It was created on 31 July 1950 and dissolved 18 May 1961.

Ok, now that is known, it’s time to go deeper down this particular rabbit hole.

Remember Edward Phillip Barry, Helliwell’s banking partner that helped with Operation Safehaven to get all that gold? After the war, Edward Phillip Barry owned 863 shares of a company called Inter Maritime.

Here’s a pic of young Ed in 1932 – the guy was already kind of squinty-eyed even then.

Barry was also an investor in a Florida bank holding company called HMT, Florida Shares, which owned Bank of Perrine and the Bank of Cutler Ridge – both of which were directly linked to Castle Bank. Barry was also a long-time associate of William Casey – CIA man.

Casey – kind of a dweeb.

You’ll notice that the strange CAT Inc (versus the CAT Limited one) incorporation from Hong Kong to Nevada to California was created 13 April 1953, and that it’s base in Hong Kong was apparently dissolved on New Year’s Even 31 December 1955.

Right after that, something called International Bank started being run by General George H. Olmsted Jr.  – Naval intelligence – who became its President in 1956. Two years later, George then acquired the International Trust Company of Liberia, which administered Liberia’s Maritime law. From 1958 through April 29, 1977, International Bank held the largest block of shares in Financial General Bankshares (FGB).

You’ll notice that Sea Supply, Helliwell and the CIA’s previous drug money funnel, was terminated 18 May 1961. He replaced this within 7 months with a new front called Mercantile Bank of the Americas Ltd. It was registered on January 11, 1962, and became Mercantile Bank and Trust in November. (Note: Olmsted bought a controlling interest, 66 percent of the stock of Mercantile including the Cayman subsidiary, in March of 1973.)

Then, Helliwell set up Bank of the Caribbean Ltd, registered in the Bahamas on December 10, 1963.

Castle Bank was formed just under a year later in Freeport, The Bahamas on October 8, 1964 and placed on the shelf. The 1965 annual return showed that the one-level up front in this laundering setup –  Mercantile Bank and Trust – owned one of the grand total of five shares of Castle stock.

That same year (1965) suddenly Paul Helliwell becomes a “director” of Castle Bank. Around 4 years later Helliwell is busy forming shell companies in Panama – the same year that L. Ron Hubbard’s own version of “Sea Supply” called the Sea Organization formed a shell company in Panama called: Operation and Transport Corporation LTD. In fact, Helliwell actually moved the registration of Castle Bank to Panama in the winter of 1969 – at the SAME time as Hubbard.

You can take a look at the actual paperwork from Panama’s registry concerning this money-laundering front formed 13 February 1968, if you like. There’s also some evidence of collusion with the same attorneys involved with the World Commerce corporation and helping the CIA install a dictator in Panama, if you’d like to check that out too.

On May 11, 1972, Castle Bank, now based in Panama “elected” Kanter and Helliwell as well as several people from Helliwell’s office as “bank directors.”

Notes: When Castle Bank and Helliwell came under Senate Investigation as part of the MKUltra hearings, he had dissolved the Hong-Kong based CIVIL AIR TRANSPORT COMPANY LIMITED on 31 July 1975.  As mentioned, Helliwell had begun shifting money into Carribbean financial fronts prior to that, particularly Mercantile, and in 1973 Olmsted had bought a controlling interest in it.

In the wake of the investigations, the money needed to be shifted again, so in 1977 Agha Hasan Abedi, the founder of BCCI (bank) had front men buy FGB’s stock, then known as First American. Recall that Olmsted had acquired that company as President of International Bank in 1958. BCCI then drained Mercantile, laundering the CIA drug-trafficking money by making fraudulent loans made to seven companies controlled by the conspirators especially Helliwell’s Disney corporation.

That, being one way to get the money back over to Helliwell, you understand. Helliwell also changed the name of Castle Bank to Compania Fiduciaria Palamar.that same year of 1977, trying to hide it. (All is Clouded by Desire )

Mercantile was revoked in the Bahamas in August of 1979.

– – –

Mo’ Money

1943 – Italy – William Donovan meets with Pope Pacelli who wants him to have the Catholic Church in Rome to be the center of Anglo-American spy operations in Fascist Italy. This would prove to be one of America’s most enduring intelligence alliances in the Cold War. Compare to VATICAN involvement in Operation Gladio.

So, in other words, we have both factions of the slavemasters “all in” with laundering their ill-gotten gains flowing from the Nazis stripping Europeans of their assets, with Donovan using Americans to help them accomplish their nasty WE RULE agenda.

Allen Dulles, one of the consulting attorneys for the World Commerce Corporation, had an assis­tant named Frank Wis­ner who was the State Department’s deputy for Cur­rency and Eco­nomic Reform in the Amer­i­can zone of West Ger­many. In a strange coincidence sarcasm one of the biggest “trade” areas controlled by the World Commerce Corporation is also the new home of the fleeing Nazis, Argentina.

How was this money moved during the War? It went through Curacao, and then to Argentina.

Back in 1916 a commercial bank was started called Maduro and Curiel’s Bank NV, and all during World War II, Curacao was a hotbed for tons of money moving from Europe (taken by the Nazis) into South America. Even Philips and Shell decided to establish itself in Curacao.

As part of the two monarchies preparations for the booty they expected to get from the yet to be started War, in 1938, Antonius A.G. Smeets was tasked to lay the groundwork for the “offshore investment and finance industry” in the Netherlands Antilles. (Curacao)

Not long after British intelligence had sent Stephenson to start the BSC, The FBI began taking further actions to investigate some of the dirtier financial transactions that were being funnelled through Chase Bank.

But, despite clear evidence of guilt obtained through an FBI raid in October of 1940 – Chase got off scot-free.

The FBI had learned of the whole Rueckwanderer business (see Rueckwanderer in book here), they then raided and seized documents that proved that Chase National and the others (companies etc.) had clearly acted as agents of the German government without informing the Department of State, as was required by law. Prosecution for violations of the 1917 Espionage Act and the 1939 Foreign Agents Act were considered, as well as a conspiracy charge too. The Justice Department moved to prosecute in 1941, which clearly they had a good chance of winning as Chase was actually dirty.

However, in actual fact, the FBI completely missed the really damaging picture of this nest of anglophiles and traitors to America, which the German Consular money was barely even the tip of the iceberg.

There does exist a rather weak explanation for Chase’s actions, I consider it a shore story more than anything else. The explanation goes… that William Vincent Astor and his buddies of “The Room” were engaged in this nazi-funds-funnelling as a counter-intelligence action, but that is not exactly what you would call the truth.

To put it mildly…

There’s a lot of reasons I feel confident in my portrayal of Astor’s spuriousness there, all of which are backed up with documentation that will be covered separately.

The long and short of this investigation of Chase, was that on June 9, 1942, Hoover was informed that after consultation with Mathias Correa, the U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York, the U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle (who had only been elected September 5, 1941), refused to prosecute Chase. Allegedly, what had happened was that Chase’s lead lawyer threatened to reveal FBI, Army, and Navy sources and methods in open court.

I only include that to show just how evil these people are when it comes to hiding their dirty deeds, and most importantly – their money.

Now that the gold was recovered, and WWII was now a “compulsive peace” – the slavemasters were ready to use their stolen assets.

I want you to notice the date of incorporation of the front created to do this –

WORLD COMMERCE CORPORATION, S.A – incorporated in Panama 13 August 1945. Company #137653.
Source: opencorporates and Registro Público de Panamá,…, 15 Oct 2016. Overview document: PDF – world-commerce-corporation

This is exactly ONE WEEK after the American bomber Enola Gay dropped a five-ton bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

There is something else I want to point out about CIVIL AIR TRANSPORT LIMITED. Notice its dissolution date of 22 March 1951. That was done right after World Commerce Corporation formed a subsidiary in Delaware, with a branch in California, called COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL CHINA, INC. incorporated 14 September 1950.

Clearly it was another addition to the shell game, and the fact that CAT Limited was dissolved exactly 6 months late is certainly interesting timing.

Something to think about.

Let’s take a bit of a timeline approach now with these incorporation documents, to what is happening with World Commerce. Starting with the obvious – 1945.

Its principal office is listed at No. 25 Broad Street, New York City, doing business “in ying” – whatever that means – and selling commodities and various products in “world trade.” What a euphemism for what they were actually doing.

It’s first name though, was something that Robert Vansittart and William Stephenson (head of the British Security Coordination intelligence organization) had David Ogilvy form, called the British American Canadian Corporation.

With his wartime associates, Ogilvy organized the British American Canadian Corporation to aid in the postwar development of Great Britain by promoting the sale of British goods, particularly in the United States.

Library of Congress David Ogilvy collection

What were those “goods”?

The Library of Congress Ogilvy Business File series gives a clue. In Box 30, we see “pharmaceuticals”.

We also see that the founding time of The British American Canadian Corporation was indeed 1945. The Intrepid Society refers to it as a “trading corporation.” and that it was “a group heavily involved in rehabilitation and development of national economies which had suffered, or been deprived of markets during the war.

With some of his war-time associates, such as financiers Sir Rex Benson and Sir Charles Hambro in London, General Donovan in Washington,and a number of Canadian and American industrialists like Edward Stettinius, former chairman of the U.S. Steel Corporation, he formed the British-American-Canadian Corporation, which developed into the World Commerce Corporation, originally designed to fill the void left by the break-up of the big German cartels which Stephenson himself had done much to destroy. [This is a reference to I.G. Farben – see BSC Part VI: America Mine]

Thus he and his colleagues on the board raised an initial $1,000,000 to help ‘bridge over the breakdown in foreign exchange and provide the tools, machinery and “know how” to develop untapped resources in different parts of the world.

H. Montgomery Hyde described Hillowton in his book, Room 3603:

Understand, this is about DRUGS, legal or illegal, didn’t make much difference which to these psychos.

This million dollars is mentioned on page 18 in the PDF of the World Commerce Corporation documents.

This part –

Stephenson’s BSC organization did not officially close until nine months after the Japanese surrendered in August 1945, after having nuclear weapons dropped on their heads – twice.

Stephenson then moved to Jamaica, where he continued to direct all manner of covert activities even though supposedly “retired”. You’ll note this is in the Caribbean, where Helliwell and Olmsted are busily creating all those banks we discussed earlier.

He moved to a place called Hillowton.

Where Ian Fleming often hung out.

H. Montgomery Hyde described Hillowton in his book, Room 3603:

Stephenson had gone to live in Jamaica, where he had bought a property at Hillowton, overlooking Montego Bay – “the finest house in the island,” he called it. (Incidentally, it was his wife’s choice).

His example was followed by several of his friends, including Lord Beaverbrook, Sir William Wiseman, Noel Coward and Ian Fleming, all of whom acquired estates on Jamaica’s beautiful north shore at this time. For a year or so he showed little interest in the outside world and was content to enjoy life on this island in the sun. Only gradually did he recover his interest in commerce and industry.

The WCC also served as front for “floating” OSS operatives and intelligence men (floating between the end of the OSS and the beginning of the CIA). This phenomena was described as that Allen Dulles ‘was now running a private intelligence service out of an office at 44 Wall Street, using some of the biggest names in American business‘.

In this same postwar period, the FBI had Donovan under surveillance, suspecting ‘that he had taken some steps toward formation of an anti-Communist intelligence service [on the model of] a private concern financed by oil and industries before
the war’.

That’s just Hoover trying to make sure he’s not being left out of the “game” – which he was, of course. It was typical of him to try and gather intel on the intel people, to then use it as bargaining chips. Vis-a-vis – he would allude to exposing what they were doing IF they didn’t cut him in. Pretty disgusting, if you ask me, and kind of pathetic. As I have said many times, Hoover was always trying to get in with the “big boys”, but they all hated him and felt he was common.

Hoover? Not really our type.

So, as part of his snaking around trying to get one over on the ruling class, Hoover is rumored to have especially focused on the World Commerce Corporation (WCC), described in Government of the Shadows as: “an early transnational firm formed by Donovan with a number of OSS hands and backed by leading capitalists like John Keswick of Jardine Matheson, Nelson Rockefeller and John J. McCloy.

Not too bad of a description, all things considered but apparently the author doesn’t really get that formed by Donovan, is euphemistic and was simply part of the “image”. He was simply the FRONT MAN for who were the real holders of power – the Brits and Vatican shills as usual.

I prefer Donovan’s biographer’s description of the WCC, included in Government of the Shadows, as a ‘commercial intelligence service’.

That’s very accurate.

One of the first clues as to what this strange corporation of former intelligence experts was, emerged in a letter Donovan sent to General Clay (high commissioner), Robert Murphy (political advisor to Clay) and General Charles Saltzman, who was the assistant secretary for occupied areas at the State Department in November 1947.

WCC’s new president Frank Ryan wrote the letter. In the letter Ryan defined the general purpose of the corporation in the excerpt from the letter below.

But first, a side note: Frank Ryan gets named in a lawsuit against the WCC in 1950, over some sort of shipment of potash, an item I believe is used in explosives-making. In July 1949, a man named Jose L. De Olaso, resident of Madrid, Spain brought suit against the World Commerce corporation concerning a contract in October 1948. Then they made a contract to supply 20,000 pounds of potash for delivery in Japan in early 1949, with the Quartermaster General of the United States Army for not being paid his commissions (5 percent of 3 million dollars, so 150,000) for 20,000 tons of potash. Frank Ryan is listed as its president, and John B. Okie as its European representative, with Donovan’s law firm defending the case in the New York Supreme court concerning the plaintiff purchasing potash for the WCC from Potasas Espanalos S.A. Joseph Walter Zeller was his attorney.

Ok, now for the Ryan letter –

“In our view the restoration of economic balance in Europe is fundamentally a problem of industrial and agriculture production. The purposes to be served by such development are the maintenance of population and the creation of internationally exchangeable values, which are essential in supporting the continuance of productive operations. The restoration of production and the continuing processes which involve the international exchange of goods and the fields of primary interests to World Commerce Corporation. In these directions we are prepared to cooperate with private industry and with official bodies.”  ( The Last Hero, p 798 )

Ryan advised Clay that WCC had its head office in New York City, close connections in all other major centers in the United States and also representatives in 47 other countries. Ryan’s letter to Clay was more specific in regards to Germany as follows below.

“WCC is prepared to provide its full cooperation to the Joint Occupying Authority toward the restoration of production in Germany. World market and price reports, industrial investigations looking toward the development and submission of specific proposals and a general commercial information service are contemplated as proper elements of cooperative activity by WCC in Germany.”

“WCC will submit offerings of raw materials, supplies or equipment which are required in Germany for the purposes of production.

WCC will submit bids for products of general commercial usage, which may become available for export out of German production.

WCC will develop and submit for coordinating the purchases, production and export sales of specific plant, of a group of plants or of an industry. These proposals will look toward a specifically integrated and self-supporting operation in which the facilities of the German producers on the one hand and the WCC on the other will be joined to accomplish the require result.   ( The Last Hero, Ryan letter to Clay, p 800-801 )

Here in a nutshell we have the reason for the existence of this strange and short-lived corporation staffed by former intelligence operatives connected with the wealthiest groups of the English speaking world. In short the British, Canadian and United States intelligence services were running a corporation supposedly “only” to rebuild Germany.

Let’s just say there was a little more to it than that.

…  >  …

Code-name “Butch”

Former OSS agent code-named “Butch”, Aline Griffith, attended the first of four concurrent sessions, “I Spy,” held in the National Archives Theater on Friday morning, July 12 [1992 approx, could be 1991]. This session was designed to provide first-person accounts of espionage by OSS veterans who operated in three different countries.

“Aline, the Countess of Romanones, was sent undercover in 1943 to Madrid, Spain, to help rejuvenate that Secret Intelligence (SI) operation.”

Rejuvenate? What a euphemism. I don’t buy that at all.

There are numerous copies of what I consider a rather strained and overly colorful version of her time in the OSS. Here’s just one example, from Who’s Who in Military Intelligence. In this version she was recruited into the OSS at a party, in others she said that was on a date with an OSS agent.

In 1943 she left college and was taken into OSS. At a party she had happened to mention to a man (an OSS recruiter) that she would like to do something important to the war effort. She was carefully checked out, then put into the rigorous OSS training school, where her codename was ‘Tiger.’ Here she learned the arts of handling guns, explosives, sending and receiving morse code, hand-to-hand combat, forgery and other skills necessary for survival in actual contact with the enemy. Very few women were ever given this rigorous OSS training. She was sent to Spain where her mission was to prepare the south of France for an invasion of Allied forces. Her network of agents included two Basque women who came down from the Pyrenees to bring information on German troop movements. One of these women was shot dead in the Countess’ bed which had been made available to her one weekend when she was away for the weekend at a villa trying to find a Nazi radio station.

She was a code-clerk, not a secret agent. Even she says her stories are BASED on truth, not that they are true.

The Irish Times

““My stories,” she insisted, “are all based on truth.””

Roman Catholic school in the Bronx founded by the Sisters of Charity. She graduated with a degree in literature, history and journalism. Afterward she was hired as a model in Manhattan by Hattie Carnegie, the Vienna-born fashion entrepreneur. When the United States entered the second World War, she sought a role overseas, she said, but was told she was too young.

Her fortunes changed, however, after she went on a blind date with an agent for the government’s Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. Through him she got herself hired as a code clerk deciphering messages in the US embassy in Madrid, where she posed as a socialite employed by US oil companies.

OSS files list her as a former employee under the name Marie Aline Griffith. Her code name, she said, was Tiger.

Her code-name was Butch, not Tiger. Butch is an odd choice, though. It tends to make one wonder if someone at the OSS considered her a lesbian. In fact she changed it for her book for exactly that clear association, said the man who edited her book.

Sam Vaughan, who edited her first book, recalls that the countess’s original title was “Code Name: Butch.” It was changed, he says, to boost sales. Watters quotes her as saying that her first publisher, Random House, made the change because Butch “had other implications.”

(Cloak and Daggers, Newsweek 1991)

Once in Spain, Who’s Who in Military Intelligence tells us that her main job was partying in the “higher circles”. (barf)

Moving in higher circles she was able to socialize with high-ranking Fascist and Nazi officers. The information she was able to obtain was promptly passed on to the proper authorities for appropriate action.

She posed as a socialite, she wasn’t really one.

Posing as a socialite, even before she became one, was a good cover, the countess told the Los Angeles Times.
(The Irish Times)

Posing is an all-around good description of this woman, if you ask me.

Then there’s this –

She became a friend of Bill Casey and later on did some work for him, and the CIA in central Europe. Her World War II experiences are encapsulated in her book, The Spy Wore Red, which was made into a screen play.
(Who’s Who in Military Intelligence)

She did some work for Casey?

Try this on for size.

She went to Nicaragua during the time of the guns-for-drugs for funding soldiers called the Contras to brutalize people in Nicaragua (for daring to rebel against slavemaster hegemony there). To her death she tried to defend Casey’s active role in the Iran-Contra affair, saying air-headed things in 1991 like:

“I am convinced he was not a part of the Iran-contra affair,” she said. “The project was handled by amateurs at the White House. If Bill had managed it, no one would ever have known.”

The fact that Casey somehow managed to die just before he was to be questioned at a Congressional Hearing about his definite role in Iran-Contra, tends to disagree with Aline’s assessment.

“Mr. Casey died less than 24 hours after the first witness in Congressional hearings on the affair named him as having assisted in providing arms to Nicaraguan rebels after Congress forbade such support.” (NY TIMES 7 May, 1987)

We’ll just file Aline’s assessment under whatever “Countess”.

This woman thinks its somehow important that she is the Countess of anything. As such, she is literally the epitome of everything wrong with the slavemaster “system” of who gets to have “special” lives around here.

Look at these pictures in this slideshow –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then there’s her husband

On her first day in Spain, a handsome young man carried her bags to her room. He turned down a tip. He wasn’t the bellhop — he was Luis Figueroa y Perez de Guzman el Bueno, Conde de Quintanilla, y Conde de Romanones, Grandee of Spain, and later her husband.

In the photograph, four generations of Counts of Romanones: sitting, the first count, Álvaro de Figueroa and Torres-Sotomayor (1863-1950); behind, on the right, his son, Count Luis de Figueroa and Alonso Martínez (1890-1963); to the left, Aline’s husband, Luis de Figueroa and Pérez de Guzmán (1918-1988) and, in the arms of his great-grandfather, Álvaro de Figueroa y Griffith, current Count of Romanones.


This family holds one of the largest private fortunes in Spain, and yet if you try to find ANYTHING about her husband or his father as to what they did for business etc.? There is just nothing. That’s really strange for such a famous family. REALLY strange. The only one of the above 4 that there is really anything about is the great-grandfather, the first count. It almost makes one think that the family pays someone to keep them “out” of the public eye.

The first Count though, there are a few things here and there. Like that it appears that he apparently resigned over the introduction of regulation into sex-trafficking (prostitution, p. 211) in Spain. Also see this – showing he worked very closely with the Vatican –

“Practically in control of Foreign Affairs, which was run by his friend Amalio Gimeno, he avoided parliamentary scrutiny and relied, as his private documents reveal, on the secret channels of diplomacy through ambassadors close to his views: Paris (Fernando León y Castillo), London (Alfonso Merry del Val), the Vatican (Fermín Calbetón), and Rome (Marquis of  Villaurrutia).”

One of the two (either Aline’s husband’s father or grandfather – I think it’s the latter) managed to get themselves kidnapped by “leftists” in 1936.

And that’s about it.

Very strange.

Note: If anyone has any information on what Aline’s husband did during WWII and after, please submit it in the comments section. I am particularly interested in any information concerning any complicity in profiting off all the stolen gold, art works, and drug money – like the Vatican and the British nobility were doing. The Romanones family were very tight with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (the British Royal Family.)

The Washington Post tells us that Aline’s life as a spy was a bit less colorful than she portrayed it. Please note: she married the Count in 1946, not 1948 as the Post quotes.

The countess worked in the Madrid OSS station as a code clerk, a decoder of secret messages. “A low-level intelligence job,” Susan Watters called it in Women’s Wear Daily.

…The Count de Romanones initially was not suspicious of Aline Griffith’s activities. When, after they married in 1948, she revealed all, he too thought she was making it up. But he was soon convinced enough to urge her to quit her spying.
“Spying was not only dangerous,” she said, “but I have a Spanish passport as well as an American one. My activities could be embarrassing to Spain and my husband’s family.”

Even so, in her new book set in the ’70s, Count Luis is the catalyst for the adventure. When an aristocratic friend learned of an assassination plot against Morocco’s King Hassan II, the count asked his wife’s help in warning the king through the U.S. ambassador. The de Romanoneses went to Morocco on a boar hunt. A tent pole almost clobbered her. Casey escaped a knifing attempt and gave her wise counsel (though in those years he was not officially with the CIA).

…She has a house in Madrid, with a garden and a pool, but the great house — the family seat — with some parts going back to the 11th century — is on a ranch, where she raises sheep and has acres reserved for partridge shoots. “I may decide to rent the partridge shoot. Most of my friends do,” she said.

King Hassan? Ah. So now we know her husband was mixed up with the Operation Gladio activities of British SOE/CIA agent Miles Copeland, whom L. Ron Hubbard was recruited to be an off-the-books asset of. (see my post titled: At Last – Perhaps The Real Explanation For Ron Hubbard’s Morocco/King Hassan Operation)

Her sister Peggy married British intelligence man Ken Crosby. Nothing like marrying into the family to keep an eye on things, eh? Apparently Ken and Aline had “lively debates over the SIS-OSS rivalry” that always made Ken “chuckle”. Whatever.

Before I now go into her involvement with the World Commerce corporation, I’d like to leave you with this truly GROSS statement she made to the Post –

The countess complains about the controls on espionage exercised by congressional oversight committees. “Other countries are not so hampered,” she said. “We had much more freedom when I was first recruited.”

It’s those damn peasants, right?

Coming back to this now –

Aline Griffith, attended the first of four concurrent sessions, “I Spy,” held in the National Archives Theater. This session was designed to provide first-person accounts of espionage by OSS veterans who operated in three different countries. Here is her testimony –

Aline, Countess of Romanones

From January 1944 through August 1945, I served in Madrid with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Our small and inexperienced cadre consisted of 12 to 15 people (typically 3 women and 9 to 12 men) in a small office under the nominal cover of the “American Oil Mission,” in a building some blocks away from the U.S. Embassy.

The WCC was formed on Monday, 13 August 1945.

In August 1945, a cable came in from Washington ordering the immediate return of all OSS employees in Spain and the termination of all networks that had been working for us. It was a hasty move and created much distress among our staff. That same week, I received a surprise. An OSS official from Washington visited and informed me that I was the only one of our SI group to be kept on for work in a supersecret organization inside Spain. [my note: that’s Operation Gladio] I was told that this would depend on my being able to get my visa extended to permit me to remain in the country.

The above provides a direct connection between the World Commerce Corporation (WCC) and running agents for Operation Gladio work.

Gladio was also referred to as “the stay behind network”. It began immediately in 1945, conceived by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (heavily British and Vatican dominated) and was “officially” put into operation in 1948 by the National Security Council through its 10/2 directive of June of 1948, and then posting Frank Wisner (September 1948) as the head of a newly created special organization called the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) which was hidden under the State Department. (Document 298, Memorandum of Conversation and Understanding, Implementation of 10/2, August 6, 1948).

Wisner was ordered to staff and fund the Gladio operations, and the OPC was essentially the espionage and counter-intelligence branch of the CIA.

The OPC later merged with the Office of Special Operations in the time of Miles Copeland’s “arrangement” with Hubbard and scientology (1955) and became known as the DDP complex – DDP standing for Deputy Director, Plans.)

Ultimately, coordination of the network took place under the auspices of NATO. It involved personnel from the “official” security services in each country.

Frank Wisner, Howard Hunt’s boss and the same man who had helped Helliwell set up CAT (Air America) in Hong Kong for moving weapons and drugs, tapped into Marshall Plan funds to pay for his division’s early exploits. Money his branch referred to as “candy.”

“We couldn’t spend it all,” CIA agent Gilbert Greenway recalls. “I remember once meeting with Wisner and the comptroller. My God, I said, how can we spend that? There were no limits, and nobody had to account for it. It was amazing.
(Frances Stonor Saunders, The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters, New York: The New Press, 2000, 105.)

And there’s the WCC sitting right in the middle of all that, being an even “darker” – invisible – method of shield both unauthorized intelligence operations and funds. Don’t think the Vatican wasn’t mixed up in this, it was. In fact, a real sicko named Cardinal Spellman would take trips to the Vatican to help launder some of this “candy” straight to the IOR – the vatican bank.

Creepy pic of Spellman

From my post CIA Director’s Log

In the months before the 1948 national election, the CIA dumped $65 million of its black money into the Vatican Bank. Much of the cash was hand delivered in large suitcases by members of Luciano’s syndicate, including clerics with affiliations to the Sicilian Mafia. The reception of this money by the Holy See was held in strictest confidentiality.

One reason for the secrecy, as Cardinal Francis Spellman of New York later revealed, was thatsubversive groups in the United States would grasp this as a very effective pretense for attacking the United States Government for having released money to the Vatican, even though indirectly conveyed.” (Cardinal Spellman’s memo to General George Marshall, undated. Also see, Cooney, American Pope, p. 161.)

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

Subversive groups…as in the U.S. Congress, just like Aline was complaining about. Interesting definition of “subversive” they have, isn’t it?

Cardinal Francis Spellman was also a leader of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta – the SMOM. Spellman used the annual gatherings of the SMOM to conduct “business” between the CIA and the Vatican.

Much of the business between the CIA and the Vatican began to be conducted at the annual gatherings of the SMOM in Rome and New York. Cardinal Francis Spellman presided over the proceedings and sanctioned future strategies against the Communist forces in Europe in the name of the pope. (Lee, “Their Will Be Done.”)

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

What you may not know is where the term “candy” – as in unlimited funds for Operation Gladio/CIA operations – came from. Have a look at this.

The heroin, which remained the source for the black money, continued to be supplied to the Sicilian mob by Schiaparelli, the Italian pharmaceutical giant. The drugs were received by a chain of businesses that had been set up in Palermo by Luciano and Don Calo. These businesses included a candy factory, which produced chocolates that were filled with neither cherries nor cream but nuggets of 100 percent pure smack. (Cockburn and St. Clair, Whiteout, p. 130)

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

This is part of why the Vatican, the British, and American slavemaster factions were starting this new heroin trade going – for MONEY.

For those of you who are familiar with the very nasty Clark Eichelberger (see BSC Part VI: America Mine) you’ll recall that In 1947–1948, he was ‘rewarded’ for his many activities with the BSC helping the British and Vatican subvert America? By being made a member of the executive board of the Committee for the Marshall Plan.

So, “candy” was also used as a method of kicking back money to reward corrupt and evil men and women.

The OPC, through its Gladio work it had been assigned, was engaging in supporting the smuggling of illegal drugs into the United States. Heroin was the initial drug of choice – it came from Chinese control by British intelligence men such as the Keswick family who had long dominated the heroin trade out of Hong Kong. Note: if you’d like to bone up on this Gladio subject even more, there’s much more in the main post, and in this post about the Vatican’s role, and this post about all their attempts to deny its existence (and call people crazy who revealed it) – section starting: “The secret Gladio network first came to light in 1984“.

Aline helped Frank Wisner and Allen Dulles set up other fronts to launder this huge amount of money, both from illegal drug profits and Nazi gold. How was this first done in Spain?

A cable showing I had a serious job, to reopen offices of the American firm of John J. Ryan and Sons in Madrid, was provided for me to use to justify a prolongation of my visa.

John being the father of Frank Ryan, later WCC President.

In a truly stellar example of a lying Catholic employing Jesuit sub-understanding principles, check this out:

Convincing Walter Butterworth, the Acting Ambassador at the time, that I would not be engaging in espionage was not a comfortable experience since I had been told to maintain the head woman of my chain to work as my secretary, and I thought espionage was exactly what I would be doing. Butterworth was not easy to convince and asked me to swear on a Bible, which I was able to do since I believed I would be working for some other intelligence department of the U.S. government.

Walter Walton Butterworth

She was engaging in espionage which SHE KNEW. Evident in her previous statement: “I was the only one of our SI group to be kept on for work in a supersecret organization inside Spain.

It doesn’t get much better than that to show what this woman’s character was really like. This also stands as an important lesson to what these slavemaster types (including hangers-on like Aline) will do under oath. This is why I think court is NOT the place, or the method, on how to bring these people “down”.

For several months I received my pay from John J. Ryan and Sons. I opened an office in Madrid and obtained bona fide sales to Catalan manufacturers. Then I was abruptly ordered to leave for Paris, where I was told I would work with a company called World Commerce Inc. I took for granted that this was my new cover.

That puts it some time in late 1945, early 1946 when she was officially working “with” the WCC and knew it.

Again, abruptly, 6 months later I was asked to proceed to Zurich, where I opened bank accounts for World Commerce and established an office there for the same company. My boss at this time was Frank Ryan, who had been the Chief of SI for Spain and Portugal in Washington.

Only 40 years later did I learn that this company was not openly being used as a cover for U.S. government intelligence, even though everybody I saw and worked with during the 2 years in that job had been an OSS agent in one country or another. The company’s set-up seems to have been a precursor to the Iran-Contra situation, where sales from private companies were used to bolster pro-U.S. groups in a foreign country.

The Secret War The Office of Strategic Services in World War II by George C. Chalou; description: “The proceedings of the first major scholarly conference on the OSS, which was in existence from 1941 through 1945. Includes 24 papers presented by veterans and historians of the OSS.”

Over on what appears to be some sort of sycophantic fan of Aline forum, a man named Robert Huddleston takes a lot of flack for not exactly going with the whole stars-in-your-eyes about Aline routine. But look at what he said:

Robert Huddleston posts on 10/27/2011 5:06:43 PM

Dear Angela and others, Enough is enough. Not at Roseanne’s suggestion but at the suggestion of Edmundo’s daughter. As Pepita has pointed out, what Aline has published can’t be undone. It is something that she, her siblings and their grandchildren must accept and bear. Now, if you can tolerate me one more time, let me tell of a most interesting spy caper. At the end of the conflict in Europe,Sir willian Stephenson of British Intelligence established the WORLD COMMERCE CORPORATION. Frank Ryan, once head of OSS Secret Intelligence on the Iberian Desk, was made preasident and among other ex-OSSers employed Aline Griffith. As vice president was Ricardo Sicre, a Spanish-American former OSS counterintelligence agent with a fantastic history. The Board of Directors included, not only Sir Stephenson, but OSS’s wartime chief, William Donovan. Almost everyone connected to WORLD COMMERCE had connections to British or American intelligence operations. Clearly, commerce was a codeword for intelligence. The Cold War was underway and it has been suggested that WORLD COMMERCE-liquidated in 1962- was a precurser to the Iran-Contra affair in the Reagan administration. In other words, that commerce was a means of pursuing clandestine operations. As for Recardo Sicre, whose wife, Betty Lussier, was also an OSS agent, see OPERATIVES, SPIES, AND SABOTEURS by Patrick O’donnell and my review of INTREPID WOMAN, Betty Lussier’s recent memoir. Bye to all,

The man was telling the truth about Aline, as her own testimony confirms.

While many like to claim that Donovan “started” the WCC, the facts just don’t support that, and I think that such misdirection is intentionally trying to divert attention off who did – the usual suspects. British and Vatican slavemasters and their Igors. It’s a kind of hair-splitting.

You see, Donovan’s law firm acted as legal advisers from the beginning, among which was Otto Doering. However, as far as I can tell, it wasn’t until 23 October 1947 that Donovan became a director of World Commerce Corporation. This was the same time that Edward Stettinius, former secretary of state, joined. Stettinius had a considerable financial holding in the corporation.

It’s a bit of a rat’s nest, kind of complicated, as to what’s what and what was when.

You see, in May of 1945, only a few days after the surrender of Germany James Russell Forgan and a small group around William Stephenson, better known by his code name Intrepid formed a new company called British American Canadian Corporation S.A. (BACC). It was based in New York but registered in Panama.

Three months later the World Commerce Corporation (WCC) gets incorporated, replacing the BACC.

Note: two months later on 12 October, the New York Times ran a headling stating:EIGHT OSS MEN DECORATED; Col. James R. Forgan of New York City Gets the DSM (distinguished service medal).

A little over a month after the WCC incorporation, on 20 September 1945, the 33rd President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9621 which split the functions of the OSS between the Department of State and the Department of War. His Order became effective 1 October 1945.

The War Department took over the Secret Intelligence (SI) and Counter-espionage (X-2) Branches, which were then housed in a new office created for just this purpose—the Strategic Services Unit (SSU). The Secretary of War appointed Magruder (who was OSS) as the director to oversee the liquidation of the OSS, and more importantly, the preservation of the clandestine intelligence capability of the OSS. It was at this time that James Forgan was assigned to chair the two committees overseeing the changes that would eventually lead to the formation of the C.I.A.

As a result of James Forgan’s chairmanship, in January of 1946, President Truman then created the Central Intelligence Group (CIG) which was the direct precursor to the CIA. The assets of the SSU (which had become a streamlined “nucleus” of clandestine intelligence) were then transferred to the CIG in mid-1946 and then re-named the Office of Special Operations (OSO). Next, the National Security Act of 1947 established the Central Intelligence Agency. The paramilitary component of the OSS became the Special Activities Division of the CIA. (Ref: New York Times obituary for Forgan, February 1, 1974.)

The World Commerce Corporation was staffed mostly by intelligence personnel, (OSS and MI6) and according to Frank T. Ryan, who had succeeded John Arthur Pepper as it’s president, there were “financial resources available that were substantial.

Remember how I talked about Chiang Kai Shek earlier? Well, that is why a subsidiary of the WCC in China was formed.

  • A subsidiary of World Commerce Corporation called COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL CHINA, INC. was formed in Delaware, with a branch in California incorporated 14 September 1950.

The WCC also had links to the Kuomintang through this subsidiary. They were supplying military arms and training to Chiang Kai-shek on Taiwan, in a period when Secretary of State Acheson was not yet permitting official US support. As one method of funny money financing (besides opium sales) the WCC became involved in a complex manipulation of world soybean prices from which the KMT also profited.

In January 1950, Commerce International China, a subsidiary of World Commerce Corporation, was established to provide the advisors.

In 1950, Citibank’s largest shareholder, Transamerica Corporation was represented through James F. Cavagnaro, in the World Commerce Corporation. In 1950 the WCC was involved in dubious soybean operations while its subsidiary Commerce International (China) sponsored the unauthorized Pawly-Cooke military assistance mission to Taiwan and the illegal smuggling of airplanes from California to Chiang Kai-Shek.

Chapter Opium, the China lobby and the CIA p. 197; Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina by Peter Dale Scott

Aha! So that’s why there was that convoluted later registration of the WCC in California and Nevada.

So who is this Cavagnaro dude anyway…

Desert Sun, Number 36, 6 April 1945

Senior VP of Transamerica Corp starting in April of 1945, he had been a regular VP of Transamerica and its predecessor since 1919. Moving to San Francisco to the home office there. He started in 1904 joining the staff of the Savoy Trust Company, then in 1912 was involved with the East River National Bank of New York, then in 1918 he got mixed up with Italian (rumored to be Sicilian mafia, working for the Pope) banker A.P. Giannini. Amadeo Pietro Giannini – basically founder of Bank of America in 1928 when he merged it with his Bank of Italy. In 1943, Cavagnaro also ended up on the board of Axton-Fisher tobacco company.

Giannini and wife – 1922

So, that’s interesting that Cavagnaro is mixed up with WCC China. There’s more –

Charles M. Cooke

February 1950 saw retired admiral Charles M. Cooke, former commander of the Seventh Fleet, now accredited as a correspondent for the International News Service, arriving in Taipei. Clearly he had business other than reporting, or selling fertilizer. He quickly won Chiang’s confidence at a time when the generalissimo found it hard to trust many of his military and political subordinates. Chiang apparently hoped that renewed military aid from the United States or elsewhere would flow through the back channels associated with Cooke’s network.

Cooke proposed forming the Special Technician Program (STP) under the nominal supervision of the New York–based Commerce International China Inc. (CIC), a subsidiary of World Commerce Corporation then chaired by S. G. Fassoulis, a powerful figure in the China lobby. The World Commerce Corporation was backed by leading U.S. capitalists such as Nelson Rockefeller but was also covertly supported by former U.S. intelligence chiefs such as William Donovan, founder of the Office of Strategic Services. The CIC’s complex pedigree thus imbued the STP with political intrigue from its birth.

Chiang embraced Cooke’s proposal without hesitation. He ordered new Offices of Technical Advisers established in the Nationalist army, navy, and air force headquarters. There, thirty-one American technicians, who began arriving in Taiwan in mid-March, set out to guide the troops’ training, reform, and related activities, including evaluating the capabilities of high-ranking Nationalist military officers and reporting back to Chiang.

2012 No. 2 Taiwan’s Secret Ally by Hsiao-ting Lin Friday, April 6, 2012; Stanford University, Hoover Institution

Consider the unauthorized activity in Taiwan, discussed below, of Admiral Charles M. Cooke in 1950. Cooke headed a private military mission for which his ally William Pawley tried but failed in 1949 to secure from Secretary of State Acheson the authorization he had secured earlier for Chennault’s Flying Tigers during World War II. In this expansion of U.S. involvement by the China lobby, of which Cooke was a well-connected member, Cooke was also supported by other influential circles. The firm set up for the mission, Commerce International China, was a subsidiary of William Donovan’s World Commerce Corporation, a Chapter 7 firm backed by leading capitalists like Nelson Rockefeller, with its own agenda for promoting capitalism in the postwar era. The firm was run by S. G. (Sonny) Fassoulis, who a few years later would be indicted in connection with manipulations of securities by organized crime. Fassoulis was apparently picked for the job by a “Col. Williams of the Army, ” presumably the Colonel Garland Williams who performed many intelligence functions through his work with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. “Texas oil people ” were also in the background. (Peter Dale Scott, Drugs Oil and War)

So who are those two, Fassoulis and Williams.


S.Galahad Fassoulis (Sonny) First name spelled Sotiris or Satiris. What is really interesting about this guy is that he got caught by Drew Pearson in 1951, barely a year after he was tasked to head up WCC China, as having sold 62,000 rounds (bullets) to the North Koreans only a month after the Korean war started. But Pearson didn’t know about that Fassoulis was working for the WCC China, thereby proving that the British-Vatican were causing/fostering the Korean War behind-the-scenes.

They wanted Korea split in half.

Check it out –

Notice that it is all the way at the end, that we see:

At this time Fassoulis was vice-president of Commerce International (China) Inc., supplier for Nationalist China.

Yea, baby, yea. That is PROOF right there of WCC complicity, even though Pearson didn’t know it. The powers-that-be were none to happy with Fassoulis for bringing their “business” out in public even to that degree.

They destroyed him financially. Not because it was wrong what he did, but because he almost exposed them. See this little line buried in there?

The FBI agent said Fassoulis reputedly once a millionaire, lost his fortune not too long ago.

And then it sounds like he was set-up to fall for some kind of scammy thing that conveniently was brought to the FBI’s attention.

Cardinal Rule: Slavemasters don’t like OTHERS knowing what THEY are really like, even when it’s an “almost”.

Let’s see if I can dig up this Pearson article so we can see what it says…

Ok. Found it. It was on September 13, 1951.

“There’s something awfully peculiar about the way the Senate refuses to investigate graft in the sale of American war supplies to Nationalist China…”

Ha ha. I’ll say. But he’s wrong to blame it on American and the Senate, which strikes me as misdirection of the Russian persuasion. (something Pearson tended to do rather often). It’s the Brits and the Vatican and all the Igors that are putting the screws TO the Senate, Lyndon Johnson, to do nothing.

“also the manner in which some of these supplies went to communist China.”

Yes indeedy.

Pearson notes that he previously exposed (in June 1951) “huge fortunes made by Chinese in cornering the soybean market, money made by Chian Kai-shek’s relatives in selling tin to the communists and a phony gasoline deal…

He talks about that Commerce International Corporation had hired Admiral Charles M. Cooke Jr, together with 10 other retired officers stationed on Formosa “in the dual capacity of advisers to Fassouli and Miran Aprahamian” as well as advisers to Chiang Kai-shek.

All true.

He names General R.L. Peterson, Cooke’s son-in-law Major C.F. Field, Marine General O.T. Pfeifer and Admiral H.L. Grosskopf. He talks about how Cooke and MacArthur got together and arranged to sell 22,000 rounds of three-inch Navy shells plus 40,000 rounds of 20-mm shells and 40-mm shells.

Remember how Fassoulis tried to claim to the FBI that the shells were scrap, “about to be dumped into the sea”? Pearson notes that was not true. Fassoulis admitted the facts to Pearson but again tried to claim the shells were defective. Pearson notes that Admiral Cooke, at a time when enlisted men were being jailed for even selling cigarettes on the black market in Shanghai, he used an LST boat to move his car to Shanghai where he sold it on the black market at the end of the war. He was then commander of the U.S. Naval Forces in the Western Pacific.

And then Fassoulis goes bye-bye, kicked off the WCC China, fortune destroyed, under investigation by the FBI. Wonder who he was replaced by…

I’m thinking… maybe the man who British intelligence had recruit Fassoulis in the first place? Garland Williams.

Garland H. Williams was born in Prentiss, Mississippi on January 5, 1903. He became an agent in the Customs Bureau in 1929, then in 1936 he transferred to the Bureau of Narcotics, where he worked with George Hunter White as his superior (district supervisor) at the New York Bureau right around the beginning of WWII.

He was mobilized, and January 1941, he was assigned as the first chief of the CIP. He headed the CIP for around 18 months, during which he re-organized the CIP into its first Counter-Intelligence Corps.

*CIP stands for Corps of Intelligence Police (U.S. Army)

In June 1942, Garland Williams was appointed OSS Deputy Chief of Special Operations. He was immediately sent to London to confer with the Chief of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), Tony Keswick. After meeting with Keswick, Garland was sent home with SOE’s training manuals and helped establish OSS training schools in Maryland and Virginia. The SOE also sent 4 experts to help plan and organize the methods used by the OSS.

Garland was also the OSS’s Chief of sabotage training. In 1944, he served on special missions with the very secret “Y” force of the OSS.

George Hunter White in MKultra days

George Hunter White in MKultra days

Meanwhile, his buddy George White, was also training agents. White had been assigned to Office of the Coordinator of Information in late 1941, and then went on to be trained at Camp X in February, March 1942 (as did Garland). In the summer of 1942 – he became a member of X-2 and established the counter-intelligence training school at Camp X. White’s idea was that “a cop should be able to teach others how to escape being caught by cops.”

Garland, George White, and SOE, and first head of OSS David K.E. Bruce were all “good buds”. Bruce married Andrew Mellon’s daughter – which puts SOE and MI6 directly mixed up with Timothy Leary and LSD, Scientology and…The Brotherhood of Eternal Love – which you will can find out much more about in other articles here at our blog.

Probably the most famous part of this document that Garland Williams brought back from Keswick is what I call the “license to kill” aspect. It illustrates just WHY people who have been their agents don’t talk, and why they will even outright lie and deny any such thing if push comes to shove.

In fact, as recently as 2010, they are still lieing.

In 2010, British intelligence had Keith Jeffrey put out a history of MI6 with the aim of debunking the James Bond ‘licence to kill’ mandate, which, in usual ass-covering lying Brit style, gets called a ‘myth’.

Oh, it’s a myth, is it?

Too bad for him that I dragged out the OSS records and began putting them up about 2 years after this book came out, because they prove there was a ‘kill’ aspect to their intelligence agent training. Major Garland H. Williams, OSS Deputy Chief of Special Operations, brought home materials he had been provided with after his 1942 meeting with the British head of the SOE (Special Operations Executive).

If the employee proves to be disloyal and is in possession of dangerous information, he should probably be killed.

OSS document obtained from British SOE, see it here.

So much for that then.

As you can see, the fact that it was Williams who picked Fassoulis to run the WCC China branch to funnel drug money, guns, etc. to Chiang Kai-Shek is extremely ugly.

It now becomes highly relevant that the CIA station responsible for Panama was Mexico City, where E. Howard Hunt
would soon be stationed, but it is even more relevant that first he was helping with all that Air America (CAT) Guns for Opium that was going on in the Far East.

Especially his work with Chiang Kai-Shek, but I think we’ll take a “deep dive” on this guy Hunt, gathering together in one place, some of what I have already researched about him.

Let’s start with this –

The Vatican Chinese element  – Soong family – had started getting testy about General Stillwell. He gets replaced.

For over a year, Chiang Kai-shek had become increasingly critical of General Stilwell, that bothersome military reformer…On October 18 (1944), Stilwell was relieved of his command. He was replaced by General Albert Wedemeyer, then serving as chief of staff to British Admiral Mountbatten at the South East Asia Command in Ceylon…Donovan then sent a new OSS commander to Kunming. Colonel Richard Heppner…He and the new Theater commander, General Wedemeyer, were the best of friends. They had lived in the same barracks in Ceylon while Heppner was OSS commander at the South East Asia Command.

OSS – The Secret History of America’s First Central Intelligence Agency by R. Harris Smith – 1972

E. Howard Hunt was working with Project Eagle on all this, by the way, as was OSS China “cowboy” Lucein Conein. (see Unification Church article for much more). It was Paul Helliwell who sent him.

…Early in the [Eagle] project, OSS SI chief Colonel Paul L. Helliwell, 30, an attorney and banker, had sent a new OSS recruit up to report on General Yi and the project. Helliwell’s representative…E. Howard Hunt…

OSS Training in the National Parks and Service Abroad in World War II by John Whiteclay Chambers II – 2008; OSS in Action: The Pacific and the Far East; Pages 461-476

Then he was assigned to work with Chinese guerrilla bands behind Japanese lines. [aka Chiang Kai Shek] He served under the late Tracy S. Barnes, a legendary intelligence figure who later became chief of the C.I.A.’s clandestine operations.

For a while, Hunt was based in Kunming in southern China, and his O.S.S. unit won a Presidential citation. These were years of adventure, excitement and romance for Hunt, and they set the course for his future career.

The Spy Compulsion, New York Times 3 June, 1973

Lt. Colonel Paul Helliwell, after Hunt reported back to him, sends it on to OSS files –

From the OSS documents one finds this appraisal from a report covering April 20 to May 20, 1945:

“EAGLE Project has some 40-odd agents under final training by General Lee Bum-suk, Captain Clyde Sargent, and Communications officer…These agents are most impressive — hard-faced men, recently out of Korea, capable of speaking Japanese and proved by their loyal work in the underground; all have high school education and some are lawyers and the like.

In the visit to their camp, I was impressed moreover by their discipline, soldierly manner, neatness and zeal. General Lee Bum-suk asked that Col. Heppner and the OSS be thanked for the superlative way in which this project is being organized and supported.”

Korea in the Cross Currents: A Century of Struggle and the Crisis of Reunification by R. Myers; OSS And The Korean Independence Project; Pages 61-75

Ray Cline joins the party in OSS China, along with a whole host of nefarious soon-to-be Drug Lords swamping the U.S. with narcotics.-

Ray S. Cline joined the Office of Strategic during WWII Services – listed on p. 84 of the OSS Personnel Database. He became Chief of Current Intelligence in 1944. He later traveled to China where he worked with other legendary OSS officers such as John K. Singlaub, Richard Helms, E. Howard Hunt, Paul Helliwell, Robert Emmett Johnson, and Lucien Conein.

Tim Weiner, “Ray S. Cline, Chief C.I.A. Analyst, Is Dead at 77”, New York Times, Mar. 16, 1996

Allen Dulles (left) with his stupid pipe as usual – Ray Steiner Cline (right)

– – –

Hunt, Buckley, Operation Gladio and “candy” funds to subvert the world

Remember the “candy” fund we talked about earlier?

Take a look at this –

…In 1947, the C.I.A. was created by an act of Congress, and it was the answer to Hunt’s dreams. He joined the agency early in 1949, and after a short period at Washington headquarters, he was sent to Paris for nearly two years. Now, for a cover, he called himself a State Department reserve officer.

His official job was to serve as a liaison between the American Embassy and the Economic Cooperation Administration, the first formalization of the Marshall Plan. A State Department friend who remembers him from those days says that “Howard was the blackest of the black,” meaning that he was deeply involved with the C.I.A.’s clandestine operations division. In E.C.A., Hunt worked directly under Richard M. Bissell.

Bissell, who ran the Paris E.C.A. office (he is an economist), may or may not have been with the C.I.A. at the time. But years later he became the agency’s Deputy Director for Plans—the “black” division — and in the early nineteen-sixties Hunt worked for him again to plan and carry out the abortive Bay of Pigs invasion.

During his Paris days, Hunt met and married Dorothy— who was the secretary of the local C.I.A. station and claimed to be a full-blooded American Indian. In 1950, Hunt was transferred for a year to Vienna, then still under four-power occupation, where the C.I.A. was extremely active building its contacts in Eastern Europe.

The Spy Compulsion, New York Times 3 June, 1973

As practically the first thing that he did in the CIA, was to help the super-secret OPC to get the “formalization” of the Marshall Plan going. But that isn’t all he did.

The main processing point for all that heroin CAT was moving around was in Marseilles, France, run by the Corsican network (inclusive of American and Italian Mafia elements). This network commonly referred to as The French Connection was also being used as a form of “unconventional political warfare” vis-a-vis Operation Gladio.

In 1950, it got an even bigger kick-off from OSS-come-CIA agents Paul Helliwell, E. Howard Hunt and Lucien Conein who all operated throughout Burma, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

This particular drug-producing network was backed by all 3 factions of the slavemasters and their intelligence apparatus and they were specifically targeting the American population.

…The control of the Guerini brothers over Marseille’s heroin industry was so complete that for nearly twenty years they were able to impose an absolute ban on drug peddling inside France at the same time they were exporting vast quantities of heroin to the United States.2

It doesn’t get any more clear than that whom they are truly afraid of. Nor does it get any clearer just what methods are considered acceptable to them to destroy America from within.

Deep cover CIA agent Irving Brown had been sent over initially to help establish the French Connection, with OSS/CIA agent George Hunter White following to facilitate the America mafia connections needed, in 1948.

Thanks to the British, Vatican IOR bankers, and their puppets at the CIA’s assistance, Marseilles now became the new center of the heroin industry.

By 1951, only months after the Corsican and Sicilian Mafias took control of the waterfront [thanks to Irving Brown and his CIA “candy” bankroll] the Guerinis recruited a host of French chemists and opened their first opium refineries. (McCoy, The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity, p. 47.

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

Vatican Cardinal Spellman also played a key role in all this drug-trafficking.

The same year (1954) that Korean ‘reverend’ Moon was tasked by the CIA and British intelligence to start the Unification Church (with the support of CIA puppet dictator Syngman Rhee) – the church which would later yield the CAUSA front group instrumental in later helping the Iran-Contra guns-for drugs operation – was when a protege of Cardinal Spellman, William Buckley Jr. gained the cardinal’s support in launching his conservative Christian journal of opinion, National Review. William Casey, yep, that William Casey of the OSS, was the lawyer who officially incorporated the publication in 1955. (ref: The Encyclopedia of Cold war Politics)

Cardinal Spellman’s protege’ William Buckley, as it happens, was himself a CIA asset, having worked directly for yet another China drug-toting OSS “cowboy” – this is when E. Howard Hunt headed the CIA station in Mexico.

Buckley: It is the context that counts, and every man is entitled to his context.

A more fitting quote I can’t imagine, to represent this guy.

True Jesuit sub-understanding in action, that.

Buckley, a Catholic, was also used in the 1960’s, by the CFR and the CIA behind-the-scenes to appear to be “rightists” opposing the National Student Association – that was never anything but a CIA front for overseas covert operations co-opting universities and students. (see my post: Field Guide For Whistleblowers and Truth-Tellers – Tactics 2: Counter-Intelligence and Suppression Tactics)

Buckley was a Yale man and while he was there he was made a member of the Skull & Bones society. He graduated Yale with honors in 1950.

Buckley – Yale 1948

While at Yale, Buckley was recruited as part of the psychological warfare mandates given to the CIA by the National Security Council via the Psychological Strategy Board, which was headed by the man, Edmund Taylor,  who also headed the “study group” of the Round Table sister group – Council on Foreign Relations or CFR – that created and used the National Student Association as a Operation Gladio covert operations front. The same organization Buckley would be tasked to “oppose” later on.

But, Buckley was also an asset of Vatican intelligence as well.

One of his first tasks was to put out a controversial book called God and Man at Yale and he used a publisher that has some pretty long-term ties to the slavemasters – the Regnery Family.

But barely a year out of college, he’s down in Mexico helping Howard Hunt get the opium network and Gladio operations going down there (and in South America) as well as coordinating with the World Commerce Corporation to do so.

Salon magazine notes:

Conservative luminary and National Review founder William F. Buckley — who spent two years after college as a CIA ‘political action specialist’ in Mexico City — was also a Knight of Malta, as was none other than William ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan, the head of the CIA’s precursor organization, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Also per Salon, Gordon Thomas claims that Buckley had involvement with MKUltra work and was assigned by DCI Dulles in 1953 to look into the death of Frank Olson. We all know how that went – a massive cover up.

Personally, I think that Buckley went under even deeper cover after this initial two years, continuing his “political action” work with a civilian cover – much like L. Ron Hubbard was doing around the same time. Salon erroneously discounts Gordon Thomas claims on the premise that Buckley “was still attending college” in 1953. That is false – he graduated in 1950.

It was the CIA’s Office of Policy Coordination (OPC – the espionage and counter-intelligence branch of the CIA) that Buckley was recruited into the CIA under in 1950. His soon to be boss, E. Howard Hunt, had just been recruited by Frank Wisner just a year earlier.

What was the OPC doing at the time?

The OPC, through its Gladio work it had been assigned, was then engaging in supporting the smuggling of illegal drugs into the United States. Heroin was the initial drug of choice – it came from Chinese control by British intelligence men such as the Keswick family who had long dominated the heroin trade out of Hong Kong.

CIA OPC head Frank Wisner recruited Kermit Roosevelt Jr., into the OPC and he is who ran the political action department.  CIA agent Miles Copeland, who also worked under Kermit, described ‘political action’ as including anything from lobbying to assassination, from propaganda and financial “aid” to dissuasion which was quite a euphemism for what was essentially terrorizing someone. Dissuasion was also described by Miles as: any act designed to frighten an enemy away from some particular activity, or to provoke him into irrational behaviour suiting our strategic purposes

It was in 1951, under Kermit that CIA OPC ops with Vatican Nazi-smuggler (hiding them in South America) Licio Gelli and the creations of Gladio terrorist units in South America and Mexico began.

This is where William Buckley gets assigned – Mexico – working for Howard Hunt, the Chief of Station there (under the OPC) Buckley describes this a bit in a foreword to Hunt’s memoir. (note: in 1952 when the OPC was re-organized under the Department of Special Operations/Projects, Hunt became deputy Chief of Station)

I MET E. HOWARD HUNT soon after arriving in Mexico City in 1951. I was a deep-cover agent for the CIA — deep-cover describing, I was given to understand, a category whose members were told to take extreme care not to permit any grounds for suspicion that one was in service to the CIA.

The rule was (perhaps it is different now) that on arriving at one’s targeted post, one was informed which single human being in the city knew that you were in the CIA. That person would tell you what to do for the duration of your service in that city; he would answer such questions as you wished to put to him and would concern himself with all aspects of your duty life.

The man I was told to report to (by someone whose real name I did not know) was E. Howard Hunt. He ostensibly was working in the U.S. Embassy as a cultural affairs advisor, if I remember correctly. In any event, I met him in his office and found him greatly agreeable but also sternly concerned with duty. He would here and there give me special minor assignments, but I soon learned that my principal job was to translate from Spanish a huge and important book by [communist] defector Eudocio Ravines.

(My friend, E. Howard Hunt, by William Buckley, foreword to “American Spy” by E. Howard Hunt)

What Hunt and Buckley were actually doing, whatever that really was (and you can bet it didn’t just include translating some book he could have easily done anywhere) came under the section of OPC political action that Miles Copeland headed, called the “Special Activities” division. Miles referred to it as the SPD or Special Projects division.

What sort of things came under that?

Why, the very kind of things that Buckley would be doing and getting in the middle of when he supposedly wasn’t working “for” the CIA anymore, so as not to “embarass” the Catholic Church by showing such clear evidence of having a hand in subverting America.

Yea. It really was that gross.

A New York Magazine article titled: A Harlot High and Low (Aug 16, 1976) talks about that Buckley denied, in 1973, that he was doing any work “for” the CIA after March 1952. “For” being different than with, you understand. For, also meant not on any type of official contract.

Columnist Jack Anderson, September 18, 1973 wrote that “Buckley frankly admitted he was a “deep cover agent” for the CIA from July 1951 to March 1952 but said he had not worked for them since.

There’s the usual word-smithing going on there, because in a very real sense that Buckley was working with the CIA and Vatican intelligence interests, so he apparently told Jack Anderson a whopper, a specialized Jesuit sub-understanding kind of whopper.

The same whopper that we would see Buckley himself still trying to have be believed in a 2007 LA Times article.

But in early spring of 1952, when the project with Ravines was pretty well completed, I called on Howard to tell him I had decided to quit the agency. I had yielded to the temptation to go into journalism.

Our friendship was firm, and Howard came several times to Stamford, Conn., where my wife and I camped down, and visited. I never knew — he was very discreet — what he was up to, but assumed, correctly, that he was continuing his work for the CIA. I was greatly moved by Dorothy’s message to me that she and Howard were joining the Catholic communion, and they asked me to serve as godfather for their children.

( 2007 LA Times article )

Note that he had managed to recruit Howard Hunt into converting to Catholicism.

Miles Copeland detailed in Without Cloak and Dagger, that the intelligence services in the U.S. (especially the CIA) were dominated by primarily Catholic and Jewish believers.

Buckley – 1954 (right)

There is just a stunning array of evidence to show that Buckley was continuing and even expanding his definite role in “political action” of the RIGHT political variety.

For example, Buckley’s overly fanatical Catholic “involvement” became predicated on the same grounds as a spin-off sect called The Society of Saint Pius X – or SSPX for short, who took issue with the changing of the MASS by Vatican II.

Buckley was also both a Council on Foreign Relations member (The CFR was formed out of the Cecil Rhodes secret society Round Table) and a Knight of Malta.

Cardinal Spellman, as we covered earlier, was using it as a method of conducting “business” between the CIA and the Vatican, remember that?

So what is the Knights of Malta?

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) or Order of Malta, Latin: Supremus Ordo Militaris Hospitalis Sancti Ioannis Hierosolymitani Rhodius et Melitensis. This is a religious Order that swears loyalty to the Catholic Pope and operates to “defend the faith” around the world. The Order has sovereignty under international law, even issuing its own passports, and until the 1990’s only proven members of the nobility could be its highest-ranking First Officers. Currently, the Order is under fire and is engaged in an argument with Pope Francis over who gets to rule it and how it is run. (April, 2017)

Lovely organization, I’m sure, sarcastically speaking.

Despite Buckley’s rather lame protestations to the contrary,  he was clearly continuing his antics for the deep state long after he supposedly “stopped” working for the CIA.

Our very favorite CIA-agent-about-town, Miles Copeland even joined the fray later on and wrote for the National Review* on September 14, 1973.

(*New York Magazine Aug 16, 1976, A Harlot High and Low: Reconnoitering Through the Secret Government by Norman Mailer.)

Henrik Kruger, author of the Great Heroin Coup tells us a bit more accurately about Buckley’s activities sans all the “friends and religion” fluffy tear-jerker propaganda –

E. Howard was clearly the China/Cuba/Latin America lobby’s, man. That he is also tied to WACL* is suggested by the fact that William F. Buckley, Hunt’s close friend for twenty years and the godfather of his children, was one of the WACL’s top U.S. supporters. Also connected to the same lobby groups are Lucian Conein and the State Department’s former intelligence chief, Ray S. Cline, who continues to be a frequent guest at the Taiwan WACL stronghold.

*WACL = World Anti-Communist League

There is much to be said about this WACL, not the least of which is that Reverend Sun Myung Moon and all manner of Japanese underworld characters are mixed up in it (which I cover in depth in this library article) but suffice it to say that Ed Hunt wasn’t just a “lobby” man.

Fresh out of running the remove Arbenz in Guatemala operation – PB/Success, in which Buckley was also involved – in June of 1954 Howard Hunt was actually assigned by Allen Dulles to be CHIEF of covert operations for North Asia command (China, Korea, Japan, etc.) headquartered in Tokyo.

By June 15 when he and his family arrived in Tokyo, his “cover” was in place, the story was that he was Department of the Army “civilian adviser” to General Matthew Ridgeway’s Far East Command.

(American Spy, E. Howard Hunt p. 80; Perilous Missions, William M. Leary p. 141)

Right after Hunt gets there, what do we see? The forerunner of the WACL being created.

June 16 –


And there’s money-bags Sasakawa again – providing much of the official funding for the Asian People’s Anti-Communist League, set up June 15-18, 1954, in Chinhae, South Korea, This then crossed over into Frank Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament networks, and later became a central part of the Moon operation.

The Japanese were not present when APACL held its first conference at Chinhae, Korea, in June of 1954.

TAIWAN REVIEW Anti-Communist victory in Japan By Lee Wen-jer Publication Date: October 1, 1970

Sasakawa was apparently an early backer*, if not one of the founders, of APACL, and it was he who supposedly first got the idea to ‘harness Japanese Christians….to advance anti-communist ideology’.

*See Lobster issue #21, ‘Privatising’ covert action: the case of the Unification Church by Jeffrey M. Bale.

He then tasked Moon to start a church and “be a messiah”.

Let’s not forget the MRA is mixed up in there too with Sasakawa. Jim Wilcott, an accountant with the CIA in Japan in the early 1960s, who wrote that MRA was covertly supported and used by the CIA. – verifying what Miles Copeland said in his book The Game Player.

Skipping forward to 1959 now –

Just before Buckley created his Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), a briefing minute of June 1st, 1959 reveals Gladio’s concern with “internal subversion and that it was to play a determining role … not only in the general policy levels of warfare, but also in the politics of emergency“.

The “emergency” as far as they were concerned was to come with the growth during the 60s and 70s of the anti-slavemaster rebellion brewing in the United States. Gladio then became engaged in the so-called “strategy of tension”. The aim of the strategy, of which the principle tactic was “terrorist outrages” carried out by fascists, was to spread panic and unrest and to directly attack the Left and provoke them into an armed response.

This was then used to justify the funding of even more terrible programs of mind control and reduction of rights of those deemed “leftists”, but the primary purpose was to rob them of support.

Basically, the slavemasters and the political RIGHT will, quite literally, stop at nothing to prevent a popular movement against them (or one perceived as such) from displacing them from power. They will most happily make use of sick and deviant people, torturers, sadist and fascist groups. It doesn’t matter whether they are unwitting dupes or are direct allies.

They will go out of their way to identify and use these absolute worst people in the world because they need them to carry out the torture that they are too much the cowards to do themselves. The torture of the rest of humanity into submission – one way or another – is their goal. That is their “society”.

In the book Power on the Right, William Turner describes Buckley’s “new” movement. I call it Pope Pacelli’s Operation University Take 2.

“This emerging youth movement suggests that continuity and the access to administrative power has now been achieved by the right. The youth movement promises to infuse new energy into such established organizations as the American Security Council and the Liberty Lobby – and even into God-and-flag fundamentalism, as the Jesus freaks demonstrate. No doubt new groups and institutions will emerge from it, led by the alumni of Young Americans for Freedom, Youth for Goldwater, and the National Youth Alliance.“ (pgs. 252-253)

When Buckley founded The Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) on September 11, 1960, he had conned some “young conservatives” to adopt something called the “Sharon Statement.”

The organization is referred to as “godfathered” by Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, and it might interest you to know that Pat Buchanan got his start with the YAF before being hired as Nixon’s speech writer, for instance. But, this is really only scratching the surface of the YAF’s activities during the 1960s.

True to its Buckley’s initial tactics, YAF targets were primarily college students, and by 1970, Ronald R. Docksai, national secretary of the YAF, placed his organization’s numerical strength at fifty-five thousand, distributed over five hundred chapters.  ‘This is the first time that we’ve had a conservative youth movement en masse,’ Buckley enthused. His enthusiasm was shared by the infamous Willis Carto, the later founder of the Liberty Lobby.

By 1969, Buckley’s group was mixed up with Moon’s Unification Church front groups, the FLF or Freedom Leadership Foundation which was founded by moonie Neil Salonen some time before its Workshop One given over the weekend of August 1-3, 1969. This event launched “the active phase of FLF’s study of Communism and presentation of ways to combat it.


Because Vietnam is now America’s most crucial national issue, we felt that FLF must take a clear and decisive stand, to be responsible to our created mission. Our campus program has been geared toward uniting the efforts of as many students as possible, to create a coordinated response to the radical activities of the violent revolutionists. In a meeting of all those student groups who were interested in supporting our policy of PEACE WITH FREEDOM, a broad coalition was formed with the Student Coordinating Committee for Peace with Freedom in Vietnam; the Washington, D. C., Young Republicans; and the Young Americans for Freedom. The coalition adopted the name STUDENT FAST FOR FREEDOM and formed a steering committee for all planning. Over 40 students in Washington alone joined in the three days of fasting to demonstrate their willingness to sacrifice for the freedom of all people. For all those Family members who participated, the Fast had an even deeper, more symbolic meaning.

The opening rally was held in Copley Lounge at Georgetown University on Thursday, October 10, at 8:00 p.m. The Fast Coordinators, Neil Salonen (FLF) and Charlie Stephens (SCC), opened the press conference with a statement of the goals of the Fast, a briefing to all the participants of the mechanics of the three days, and an appeal to all of America to join in supporting this demonstration of commitment to the revitalization of the American nation. The assembled group was then addressed by Mr. Neil Staebler, Democratic National Committeeman from Michigan, considered one of the senior statesmen of the Democratic Party; Dr. Walter Judd, former Congressman from Minnesota, with 30 years service as a medical missionary in China; His Excellency, Bui Diem, Ambassador to the United States from Vietnam; and Mr. Bernard Yoh, a veteran of a lifetime of guerrilla warfare against communist aggression in Southeast Asia.

– Reference – November 1969 Unification Church publication by Neil Salonen, p. 27

Note that Diem appears to be a relative of one of the Drug Lord fascist dictator types that the Vatican/CIA had put in office to facilitate the slavemaster heroin or “candy” trade. That Diem was a favorite of Cardinal Spellman, as you will see in my next “proof” section.

Now here’s something else that probably is not well known or even known at all, would be my guess. It’s a recent find of mine that I included in my library article: A History Of Korea And The Unification Church That You Won’t See Anywhere Else – Part 2: War, Intelligence, Money and Communism

In a secret CIA/Army psychological warfare mission to Korea starting November 1950, in addition to the infamous James L. Monroe (see Universities and Cults article) one of the team members was a little known man named Glaister Elmer. By 1975, if not earlier, Glaister was mixed up with the YAF or Young Americans for Freedom.

Glaister and James happened to also be the only two people deliberately not named on the list of people going to Korea, by the way, but I found proof they were.

In Glaisters case per his obituary

“…as civilian director of the Air University Far East Research Group in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Elmer received his Ph.D. degree from Ohio State University. He was a former professor at several universities, including East Tennessee State University, Indiana University and Michigan State University.

He was a consultant to the U.S. government and major American corporations, with an emphasis on military intelligence and aerospace programs. Dr. Elmer gave several presentations to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon as well as to the Commanding General, USAF Intelligence, relative to the development of important and often “top secret” military projects.”

Note: in another reference, the KPA Journal – Communist War in POW Camps 28 January 1953, Military Intelligence Section – Far East Research Group is mentioned on p.7

His name was NOT accidentally left off this Far East list, in my opinion. This man has some seriously deep intelligence connections.

Take a look at this page from Vanguard News

So, he was connected to Buckley too!

Coming back one more time to sicko Cardinal Spellman briefly now, this Cardinal Spellman/William Buckley connection, especially the Young Americans for Freedom was not just a “CIA” operation. This was a Gladio operation. There was one other area of nefariousness that Spellman was instrumental in (as if this wasn’t enough already). Bringing psychiatry “online” in Catholic hospitals.

A number of Catholic laymen in this country played important roles in changing the church’s response to psychiatry. Two were particularly influential. Francis J. Braceland, M.D., was the director of the Institute of Living in Hartford, Conn., editor of The American Journal of Psychiatry and president of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Harvey J. Tompkins, M.D., also a president of the American Psychiatric Association, started the first major psychiatric service in a Catholic hospital at St. Vincent’s in New York. Cardinal Francis Spellman and Sister Loretto Bernard of the Sisters of Charity supported him in this effort. Both Braceland and Tompkins had experience as psychiatrists in World War II and brought the lessons learned back to civilian practice. Their standing as Catholics in the profession was influential in changing the church’s attitude toward psychiatry.

The Church and Psychiatry by Ralph A. OConnell | America Magazine; The National Catholic Review; July 30, 2001 Issue

Of course, that author clearly doesn’t realize the actual background of psychiatry and how highly Catholic it has always been, or he wouldn’t be so surprised to see Pacelli’s step-n-fetch it man Cardinal Francis Spellman doing that.

Last, but not least, Cardinal Spellman, CIA “candy” money courier to the IOR, practically drools over Vatican banker Bernardino Nogara (who helped him funnel tons of ill-gotten nazi money – “candy” to the IOR) –

Next to Jesus to Christ, the greatest thing has happened to the Catholic Church is Bernardino Nogara.

– In God’s Name by David Yallop

That’s just…fitting somehow, that Spellman would say that.

The strangest item I discovered about Spellman is that L. Ron Hubbard himself supported and lauded him. Which, given Hubbard’s long term involvement in intelligence (including support of Gladio Operations his own self) maybe isn’t so strange after all.

In Scientology’s super secret Office of Special Affairs Intelligence training course, which in turn had come from the Guardian’s Office materials, one of the issues says:

The factual reasons are:

  1. The Roman Empire was overthrown by Christianity and this is deeply engrained in history.
  1. Religions force a morality on governments which they would rather not have much to do with. Any religious leaders in the past century and even in the past half century have taken the government to task, amongst them Cardinal Spellman.

That was from an issue titled: WHY GOVERNMENT ATTACKS RELIGION. The issue says that the text was taken from an L. Ron Hubbard “advice” of 1979, then issued as an OSA NW Order 18 (by Mark Rathbun) on 17 February 1988, page 116 of Frank Oliver OSA PDF; renamed OSA NW Order 37 by Mike Rinder, page 139 of OSA NW Orders PDF first posted by scientology activist Scott Gordon. You can find all these sources in this post.

Here’s the original one from 1988 –

– – –

Suffice it to say, the fact that the WCC China had been formed to help directly fund Chiang Kai Shek and all that lovely  opium being dumped on America, particularly black America, is one hell of a nasty find on my part.

CIA agent Tom Tripodi, poor guy, hit the nail-on-the-head when he wrote the report that got him reassigned to a crap job. He actually had Howard Hunt working for him at one time, when he was tasked to head up Operation Chaos after the National Student Association CIA front group got exposed.

In March 1967, Tom Tripodi was transferred to James Angleton’s Special Operations Division, where Chaos was headquartered. His cover was with a private security firm set up to conduct extralegal domestic covert activities. When he left the CIA to rejoin the FBN in 1968, Tripodi’s functions were “transferred to a unit approved by Howard Hunt.” **

A few years later, Hunt would bring that program and its anti-Castro Cuban drug smugglers [Alpha 66] into the Nixon White House, with a little help from his friend, Lucien Conein.

**Tripodi wrote a book called Crusade wherein on page 148 he talks about Howard Hunt.

Tripodi, a devout Catholic, had trouble facing what was right in front of his face. That the heroin trade he was dedicated to eradicating, was all being sanctioned by the highest levels of his own Church (especially) and by factions in both British and American intelligence. It’s really sad to watch someone be used and so betrayed like that. It really is. He seemed like a decent guy.

In 1967, General Ouane Rattikone’s labs are turning out heroin in quantity for the Big 3 drug-traffickers, and with unusually high quality. Most of it was ending up in New York, in Harlem. 35,000 addicts, almost half of what it was nation-wide. The initial leader of the Black Panthers were correctly and publicly blaming the CIA for Harlem’s heroin epidemic.

The first time Tripodi attempted to analyze the situation, thinking he was actually working for the “good guys” dedicated to stopping the flow of drugs, he described what had been happening in South America, where he had been misdirected into thinking Che Guevara was a “bad guy” – a “communist” and drug dealer.

Wrong, totally, wrong, but look at what he wrote in his book Crusade: Undercover Against the Mafia and KGB, 1993 –

It was a classic case of a covert intelligence operation utilizing drug trafficking as a double-barreled weapon. Not only did the drugs, themselves, work to undermine the moral fiber of the target country, but the business of drugs produced a lucrative means of discretionary funding for other, more overtly revolutionary activities.

See how it’s staring him right in the face? And yet he doesn’t “get” (more like doesn’t want to get it) that his church and who he’s working for are doing exactly that. THEY are behind it, not the “KGB”.

It’s nagging at him though, so in 1971 he “I decided to do further research” while he was working in the BNDD’s (drug enforcement agency) Office of Strategic Intelligence. Check out what he noticed –

As I suspected a pattern emerged. The conclusion was inescapable” the SDCE was in the drug business.

Right, the same SDCE (French intelligence) that was working WITH the CIA and the British/Vatican to facilitate the very drug trade Tripodi is trying to track.

And then, Tripodi made the mistake of thinking the powers that be in charge of “drug enforcement” might actually, you know, want to enforce the laws against drug trafficking. You can just imagine how that went over.

In February of 1972, I published my findings in a report entitled “Intelligence Aspects of International Traffic in Narcotics”.

He wanted to get at WHY…and wrote:

The occasion and opportunity for the exploitation of a drug problem sooner or later will be recognized. An intelligence operation directed at such an accessible target has appeal in that it is more “humane” in contrast with the classical forms of extreme executive actions such as sabotage, assassination and terrorism.

Yet, the tangible results upon the population’s potential and mobility could be approximated.

Through the exploitation of the drug problem, the overall effectiveness and readiness of the work force would be diminished. In terms of wartime, the effects upon the military and defense industries are obvious. At peacetime, labor costs would rise as a consequence of the drug problem and would place the victim country at an economic disadvantage on the competitive world market.

Through the covert encouragement of a drug problem, a heavy burden is placed on the target country by compelling it to divert large manpower commitments and expenditures on servicing the problem. The costs, for instance, of narcotic law enforcement, medical and rehabilitative services are staggering. Finally the exploitation of a drug problem in a target country would provide an unending lucrative source of revenue.

Talk about hitting the nail-on-the-head…see what I mean?

But the dang doof starts to second guess himself, I think because he was sensing that the “bad guys” he was looking for were right in front of him, both at his place of work and in his church.

He can’t seem to stomach why a friendly nation, an ally like France, would help do this to someone. It “didn’t make sense to him” – and so experiencing extreme cognitive dissonance, what does he do as an escape parachute from facing the truth?

Fear of hell and damnation having been driven into him like spikes since a small child, he greatfully devolves to that childhood and grabs hold of his church’s age-old bullshit line about “communists”. He decides that France must have been compromised by an enemy state and begins to blame Russia and the KGB.

But somebody clearly and correctly recognized the significance of Tom’s report anyway. With your knowledge of just how deep certain elements are, in the CIA, with facilitating all this drug-trafficking, check out what the CIA said to his report.

My report, which I had identified as “essentially provocative,” was a hot potato that nobody within the BNDD wanted to catch. The CIA basically dismissed it as “not being consistent with its understanding of the situation,” but neglected to comment on any of the details. As far as I know, the FBI never offered an opinion. My report went on the shelf. SDECE’s involvement with heroin just went on.

Oh. My. God.

And even knowing all that, this poor man still doesn’t want to notice WHY his report “went on the shelf”? Or why shortly thereafter, he gets exiled job-wise?

I got exiled to the Baltimore Regional Office, which was purgatory for those who had fallen from grace at BNDD headquarters. That’s where the bureau sent you when it wanted to knock you down a peg.

If the bureau had been really pissed off at me, it would have shipped me off to California or Texas or some other faraway location that would have necessitated a physical move. I was assigned two jobs in Baltimore, Organized Crime Strike Force representative and supervisor of Intelligence.

The only reason they didn’t take the second route, is because they were afraid if they pissed him off too much, he might just get even more interested and decide to pursue that line he was bouncing off of – CIA and Vatican involvement.

It happens again, in 1978, when he steps all over the VATICAN end of this money line.

September 1978 – flew to Rome.

I spent most of the night reading the huge report, translating from Italian as I went along. Essentially, it was one of the first comprehensive looks at the laundering of proceeds from the Sicilian/American drug trade. It outlined the network of transfers that guided money from the sale of heroin in the United States back into “legitimate” investments throughout the world. The conspiracy involved several major banks and other financial institutions. Some of the principals in the Di Cristina case would later emerge in the headlinemaking Vatican Bank scandal-among them, Michele Sindona.

Although I didn’t see it then, that report was really a probe into the ultrasecret P2.

The P2 probably had its origins in the first days following World War II. With Eastern Europe ceded to the Soviets, there were those who feared that communism would soon prevail in Italy, as well. The emergence of Communist political parties and sympathetic labor groups only exacerbated their fears . A secret society was formed, perhaps with the help of Western intelligience agencies, under the cover of Masonic lodges. Captains of industry and finance, political leaders, and members of the Catholic Church hierarchy banded together and laid plans for the counterrevolution they would lead if ever the dreaded Communists came into power.

Expedience probably paved the way for the Mafia’s entry into the P2. It dominated certain unions, it possessed muscle, and it had cash.

Mafiosi had the ability to get things done outside of the normal channels oflaw and commerce. Their own secret society predated the P2′ s by several decades. They had survived Mussolini and the Nazi occupation. They were experienced at this sort of thing.

The Communists tried via the electorate but never took control of the Italian government. The counterrevolution had never been needed. Nonetheless, the P2 continued to exist and grow. Many believed it comprised a shadow government, the true seat of Italian political power. Some envisioned it as an underground militaryindustrial complex, legitimized by the church but made viable by the Mafia. Theories abounded, but few researchers had really been able to penetrate the veil of secrecy that cloaked the P2′ s activities. Some that tried were killed or just disappeared. Boris Giuliano had been able to document relationships via telephonic intercepts, bank records, surveillances, and informant disclosures. He saw the P2’s role in money laundering, the sleight of hand practiced by bankers, businessmen, and lawyers that converted the heroin profits into shopping malls, hotels and skyscrapers.

Tripodi said Boris was compiling a comprehensive dossier on the P2 and refers to that as “a risky endeavor, indeed.” The whole thing was called Operation Caesar.

And what happens? page 234 – Boris gets killed.

My friend was dead. The Mafia had cut down one of the most dedicated and fearless law enforcement professionals it has ever been my privilege to know.

Gee, I wonder why.

He finally gets something right, but still doesn’t want to face the VATICAN involvement. On p. 239 his “theory” is that Boris was killed because of his probe into P2 and finding the connection to Michele Sindona, which in turn would later lead to the Vatican IOR off-shore banking network set up to LAUNDER HEROIN PROFITS.

Use the search function box of the blog to search for “Sindona” and you will have a plethora of articles, Scientology Roots and The Reckoning book chapters and posts to choose from – all of which document Sindona’s role.

What Tripodi said, that a “covert intelligence operation utilizing drug trafficking was a weapon, is exactly what ALL this is about, including the WCC involvment.

The slavemasters were wanting to DESTROY anyone, any country, who would oppose their hegemony over the world and they were willing to do any disgusting thing to do so.

It should never be forgotten that AMERICANS were their first and main target – and they still are. Anything to bring us back to our proper, subservient place as it was before Thomas Jefferson, before the American Revolution.

Wake up, America, smell the real reason our country is going down the toilet.

Name Investigation
(who are all these people?)

“We must have peace by compulsion.”
– William Donovan

How very Vansittart of Donovan, to say such a weird thing.

On that note, we’re now going to start digging in to the people listed in these World Commerce incorporation documents. I listed all of them out in the first post

PDF – records-of-world-commerce-corporation-incorp-panama-13-august-1945


Names found in the actual documents
(and page # of pdf name was found on)
orange marks mega-important names or connections


Note: it looks like other incorporations were being mixed in with this paperwork, I include them just in case they may have relavance. They are in italics.

  • Theodore S. Hope Jr. – 6, 24, 27, 30, 31, 45 – partner in William Donovan law firm.
  • British American Canadian Corporation SA (BACC) – 13, 26, 49, 54, 82 – British founded nazi money-laundering organization, rolled over into World Commerce Corporation, had Charles Jocelyn Hambro as director/president – 32
  • Sydney Jocelyn Williams – 13, 28, 92 – front man, involved in BACC and related to Hambro
  • International Corporation Company – 24
  • David F. Rawson – 24, 27, 30, 31
  • George P Lane – 24, 27, 30, 31
  • C J or Z Harrison?– 28
  • Walter G. Rosen – 30, 31, 32, 33, 34
  • John A. R. Pepper – 30, 31, 32, 36
  • George M. Marten – 30, 31, 32
  • David M. Ogilvey – 32
  • Sir Charles Hambro K.B.E.M. something – 31, 32 – head of SOE, chairman of Bank of England, Hambros bank City of London
  • Harry B. Lake – 31, 32
  • Sir William Stephenson – 31, 32, 35, 58, 61 – head of the MI6/SOE operation against America to ‘get us into the war’; Robert Vansittart’s spy controlling the BSC (British Security Coordinaton)
  • Albin J. May – 32
  • Thomas W. Hill – 32, 33, 34, 36
  • D (Daniel) A. de Menocal – 33, 34, 36, 78
  • John Henry something, 33, 34
  • W.W. Cumberland – 33, 34, 36
  • J. (James) Russell Forgan – 35, 36, 51, 52 – my relative, head of European Special Operations OSS, chairman of committees to form the CIA.
  • Hon. Edward R. Stettinius Jr. – 35, 36
  • James D. Mooney – 35, 36
  • Major General William J. Donovan – 35, 36, 51, 52 – head of the OSS
  • Eileen Knox – 38
  • Bechtel Middle East connection – International Bechtel Brothers, Inc. McCone Company – 47,48
  • James Cavagnaro – 50
  • E. R. H. Pollok or ak – 51
  • Betty (B.E.) Speigel – 55, 85
  • Beri S.A. – 55
  • Brigadier General James McMannan – 59
  • M.W. Stanfield? – 59
  • Frank G. Ryan – 60, 125
  • John J. Ryan Jr. – 60, 125
  • Joseph Grew – 60, 88
  • Edward Bickle – 60
  • Boyd Hatch – 60, 79
  • Iccini something – 68

New name or subsidiary, in margin: Sociedad Indus – trial Maritime something Manciera Ariona Panama SA. Also something about a Heyerhauser of Weyerhauser steamship company in Newark New Jersey – 75

  • Robert Proddow Jr. – 79
  • David T Parkson – 85
  • Jocelyn Hambro as president – 87
  • Roger Gilbert – 88
  • A Baisely Sheridan – 96
  • Robert L. Raclin – 97, 104
  • Alfred V. Dupont – 98, 99
  • Geoffrey L. Cashmore – 100
  • Grip-Rite Limited SA – 101
  • Margaret Fricker – 104
  • Edward L Houtters – 104
  • Jolyn B. Okie – 104
  • Agencies Commerciales Internacionales SA – 106
  • Some shopping company I can’t read – 108
  • Donald Woodworth – 108
  • Carl Ditmar Ross – 108, 112
  • Doris Paredes – 109
  • B. H. Boncompagni – 113, 125
  • Harry Goodfriend – 116
  • Miami Window Corporation of panama – 123
  • Nils Anderson Jr – 125
  • Edwin V Lelack – 125
  • Mathew L. Herold – 125

three Ryans now John J. Jr. , Frank T, and James C – 125

  • Carlos Ecara? Arosemena What does this say? Making another new company “Real SA” Montevideo? Uruguay? Pedro Carlos Hoschel, Luis Lariviere, Juan Enrique Martin…bunch of “Raven” last name people – 127, 148

– Nice legible names list – 135

  • New company added Sun-Douglas Shipping Corporation – 136
  • Philip J. Cullen – 136
  • George H. Van Pelk or Pelt?– 136
  • Thomas B. Ward – 136
  • Frederick Farran? – 136
  • W. G. Krieger – 136
  • D.L. Commons – 136
  • F. H. Lindus – 136
  • R.B. Graddock – 136
  • Roberto R. Aleman, there’s Carlos Arosemena name again – 138
  • Seven Seas Shipping Company to Seven Seas Shipping Agency SA – 140
  • Ricardo Sicre VP – 144, 161
  • Dietrich Reimann – 146
  • Delos P. Hill – 146
  • Kenneth L. Dollar – 146
  • George Haviland – 146
  • Frank E. Paden – 146
  • William J. Horrigan Horringan Harrigan? – 147
  • Kenneth W. Banta – 147
  • Plantaciones del Caribe SA is that a different entry not related? – 151

Something about making a company in Bermuda – 152

  • A.C. Simpson Le Pget Bermuda – 160, 161
  • Vincent a. Galbrecio? – 160
  • Leonard Yankivien – 161
  • Patrick H. Pepper – 161
  • Ralph Sassoon -161
  • J.J. Mills Va Galluscia Leonard something – 169
  • Alexander Lester – 169
  • Ernest W.P. Vesey – this is 1984, just before liquidation – 169
  • Keswick Marine Panama SA – 170 – Brig W.T. Keswick head of Jardine Mathieson Co., director of Hudson Bay Co. Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and chief of Special Operations Executive in Asia, World War II;

You’ll notice that list is quite a bit more comprehensive than Eustace Mullins list we showed earlier. I should note again, though, that I have yet to find the following 15 names that Mullins listed as actually being in the documents. Of course, they’re in Spanish, and handwritten so I may have missed them. If anyone who can read Spanish could check and see if these names are in there, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Mullins names –

  1. Olaf Hambro;
  2. Sidney Weinberg, head of the Special OSS Mission to Moscow – I found him now, see Edward Stettinius Jr. Section
  3. Col. Rex Benson Menzies of SIS and chairman of Robert Benson Co. merchant bankers;
  4. Nelson Rockefeller
  5. John J. McCloy
  6. Richard Mellon
  7. Sir Victor Sassoon – Note: there is a Ralph Sassoon listed.
  8. Lord Leathers – Frederick James Leathers, 1st Viscount Leathers (Leathers video shilling for America to provide its “almost unlimited supplies” to Britain to defeat the Axis []
  9. Sir William Rootes of Rootes Motors;
  10. Sir Alexander Korda;
  11. Sir Harold Wernher, British industrialist;
  12. Ian Fleming of the Kelmsley Press;
  13. David Bruce;
  14. Joseph C. Grew, nephew of J.P. Morgan; and
  15. L.L. Strauss of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

Now I’m going to break down the real list (names taken from the documents themselves) into sections for research purposes. The persons name is listed, then the page #’s of pdf name was found on, and orange marks mega-important names or connections

  • Theodore S. Hope Jr. – 6, 24, 27, 30, 31, 45 – partner in William Donovan law firm.
  • British American Canadian Corporation SA (BACC) – 13, 26, 49, 54, 82 – British founded nazi money-laundering organization, rolled over into World Commerce Corporation, had Charles Jocelyn Hambro as director/president – 32
  • Sydney Jocelyn Williams – 13, 28, 92 – front man, involved in BACC and related to Hambro
  • International Corporation Company – 24

We’re going to start with Theodore S. Hope Jr. 

He was a corporate lawyer in New York City for over 50 years. He was born 7 October 1903, attended New York University, Harvard (graduated 1925) and Cambridge (Delta Upsilon member, class of 1928), died at the age of 95 in Danbury on October 9, 1998.

Starting in 1934, he practiced law in New York City and Washington, D.C. with the firm of Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Lombard (& Irvine).1

Note: Clearly, this is how the idea that Donovan “started” the WCC came about.

That firm was founded in 1929 (dissolved 1998) by General William “Wild Bill” Donovan, often called the Father of the CIA. The firm was once rocked by a scandal involving a senior partner, Mahlon Perkins (son of the US diplomat Mahlon Fay Perkins), who concealed documents from an adversary in a major antitrust case. The real problem was that he got caught, not that he did it, because these people did stuff like that all the time.

Another person that Donovan ‘groomed’ through his firm, was one that should be familiar to our regular readers – William Egan Colby, the Director of Central Intelligence (1973–1976) and also the man who helped increase the drug-trafficking into the U.S. as well as ran Operation Phoenix – a program of terror, torture, and subversion – against the Vietnam people in the name of ‘anti-communism’.

A somewhat recently declassified CIA document shows a letter from William Donovan to Lt. General Walter Bedell Smith (CIA director from October 7, 1950–February 9, 1953). The letter, dated October 13th, 1950, is on letterhead from Donovan’s firm and it does indeed show Mr. Hope’s name as a partner. His name is third from the bottom of the list of partners.

Also note the name Otto C. Doering on the list, he started with Donovan’s firm the same year that it was formed – 1929 – and was Donovan’s second in command of the OSS secretariat (headquarters) in Washington, D.C.



Incidentally (and actually quite relevant for our purposes here) this document set also talks about naming Allen Dulles the head of a board about running black ops, propaganda etc. It’s called a ‘memorandum for General W. Bedell Smith‘ from William Donovan on October 5th, 1950, page 6 of the PDF.

I am sure you will find it necessary to establish a Planning Board which should have cognizance of overall intelligence projects as well as sabotage, maritime units and the use of operational groups and of black propaganda. It should have no other function. Its recommendations should go to you for approval or disapproval.

[…] As I told you some weeks ago, Allen Dulles would be excellent as Chairman of the Board.

operational groups‘ is such a lovely euphemism for covert operatives running black intelligence operations, isn’t it? Sounds so innocent.

That “planning board”? Turned out to be the Psychological Strategy Board, formed April 4, 1951. That organization was the control point over the CIA and its MK-Ultra, Bluebird and etc, “psychological warfare” research and all manner of heinous and nefarious acts against humanity in the name of “fighting communism”.

See these for much more –

and most especially, see this one

It’s about a particular, secret Psychological Strategy Board program to create cults that Edmund Taylor (head of the secret CFR study group) was intimately involved with –  like The Unification Church, The Church of Scientology, and the National Student Association.

  • Notes: It was on March 13, 1951, that CFR man Taylor reported to the study group that Melvin Conant of the Harvard group planned to “conduct research on student activities” in Southeast Asia. (CFR Study Group 5152, March 13, 1951, Minutes.)At the time, NSA headquarters understood Conant to be identifying Southeast Asian students who might participate in a regional seminar on self-government as a way of establishing relations with Asian students….The relationship between Frank Wisner in OPC and John D. Rockefeller III was particularly close; Rockefeller even attended top-secret meetings of the covert action staff, giving him unusual access to covert plans. The Southeast Asian seminar…On another, the United States sought to create a regional caucus of politically reliable students in Asia.

Even when exposes in the 1970’s showed just how way off-the-map these people’s actions were, and they lost 50% of their manpower and 40% of their funding? All they were concerned about, as noted by CIA director William Casey, was that the “unrelenting questioning of the Agency’s integrity generated a severe loss of credibility.4

Their image suffered, in other words.

The fact that these were horrifying things that they were doing to the peoples of the world, nope. That’s not what bothered them. What bothered them is that others could now see behind their “good guy” facade and correctly viewed them as the monsters that they were.

Thomas Jefferson once said that there is a natural aristocracy, as in, independent of bloodlines or any other physicality cause.

There is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talents. Formerly, bodily powers gave place among the aristoi. 5

World Commerce Corporation member William Donovan’s intelligence connections like Bedell Smith here, is one of the men who tried to have it be believed that this natural aristocracy could possibly be forced into being through instruction and manipulation – of which apparently LSD was, at one time, a tool they sought to cause this ‘transformation”.

Of course, apparently Bedell Smith was himself lacking in character, particularly fortitude, as one battlefield story about him and General Patton is said to have revealed, but he was also a bit conflicted, even arrogant, in that he thought that he and his cohorts could produce anything even close to the ‘inspired class‘.

The natural aristocracy.

An ONI (office of Naval Intelligence) man named Sidney Mashbir, once described people of this natural aristocracy as being born, not made, and that they possessed an Intelligence Impulse and an “inner spark”. People who couldsee the invisible, hear the inaudible, feel the intangible, taste what is tasteless, and smell what is odorless.3

Talents, in other words, just as Jefferson said.

Bedell Smith comes along in 1951, while he is CIA director, and although clearly he recognizes and is aware of this skill Sidney pointed out – and pay close attention to the bolded part –

You can never really become an Intelligence Officer of the inspired class unless you happen to be born with that delicate touch which produces a reasonable and measurable evaluation without full knowledge of all the facts2

Bedell Smith didn’t want to have to acknowledge that people like him would always be duds – as Mashbir called it.

You can send a candidate for Intelligence work to every school of every service, in every army and country in the world, but if that “inner spark” that baffles definition is lacking he will always be a dud.

…You could study Intelligence, Cryptanalysis, Photo-Interpretation, Battle Order, Terrain, and Prisoner Interrogation all your life, but you’d never be worth a damn as a real Intelligence officer if you didn’t have that Intelligence impulse. 3


Talents and virtues.

When an oppressed people are given a glimpse of a world without their overlords, Slavemasters find their ‘image’ is then hard to repair. This is because their self-elected ‘aristocracy’ is based on nothing but air, and it doesn’t take much to reveal what duds they really are.

Naturally, they do not want ‘the people’, in general, encouraged in any real, meaningful way along this line of restoration of their virtues and talents to again be as equals. They will react quite violently against that happening, in fact.

Their catch-phrase (or word) starting around the mid 1800’s, is to call that person “communist”, carrying the distinct flavor and connotation that the most evil thing in the world to advocate independence from them. It’s taken from the word “commune”, which isn’t even the right idea of what a group of people with talents and virtues would live like, nevertheless it is accurate in that there is no ‘king’, no ‘pope’, no overlord whatsoever.

See how they pulled from that to develop “he’s a communist” as a slur?

I’m not even getting into the Russian guy they fronted to “invent” communism, that’s already covered at numerous places here at our blog, but even that still comes from the same basic disagreement – a world (or even any group, for that matter) where they are not in charge, not exalted, not ‘elevated’, not worshiped or feted, and are shunned for the baseless idea that they should be. This is what they call a “communist” world. Another fate worse than death, from their perspective.

Pretty thin on the ole reasoning, if you ask me.

The mythical, magical, evil dragon called communism, whom apparently only the great White Knights of the Slavemaster Realm could properly see.

Speaking of Mr. Dud, Bedell Smith, let’s have a brief look at what Aline Griffith’s handler, William Casey, had to say about him.


Donovan – to assemble talent to write scenarios for psychological warfare, cover and deception, to organize, supply and run operations on a worldwide scale. He left the country the Central Intelligence Agency as a legacy to ensure there will never be another Pearl Harbor.

Which, as we now know was completely FAKED to force Americans into the slavemasters war and set up this unholy alliance where America does all the “bully” work for them.

Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles put flesh and bone on the CIA. Dick Helms and Frank Wisner devoted their professional careers to the creation and development of our human intelligence capability.

How’s that for puttin’ a total spin on the horrific human experimentation going on under Project MKULTRA? Jesus Christ.

Bill Colby took the heat and fought hard to maintain an effective intelligence service in the mid-seventies. George Bush then stepped in and began the long process of restoring confidence and regaining public respect.

…It is hard to overstate the damage done to the intelligence service during the seventies. Unrelenting questioning of the Agency’s integrity generated a severe loss of credibility. The credibility is only now being restored.

– – –

Next up on our list after Theodore S. Hope, is the BACC.

We already talked about the BACC somewhat, but I wanted to point out that it also mentioned in the WCC incorporation documents on pages 13, 26, 49, 54, 82.

Page 31, 32 shows Charles Jocelyn Hambro as director/president (sometimes referred to in the documents as just Jocelyn Hambro) and Sydney Jocelyn Williams – pps. 13, 28, 92 – front man, involved in BACC and related to Hambro.

Hambro was the head of the British SOE intelligence organization, the chairman of Bank of England, Hambros Bank in the City of London

Taking from my Robert Vansittart article –

Note: starting in August 1940, just a week or two after the formation of the SOE is when Hugh Dalton brought Charles Jocelyn Hambro into this new secret service. Hambro’s first assignment was that he was in charge of Scandinavia. Starting in December 1940 to November 1941 Hambro was increasingly tasked with more areas of responsibilities. For example, the oversight of SOE’s nascent French, Belgian, Dutch, and German sections of the SOE. Through his contact with Ebbe Munck, an anti-Nazi journalist, Hambro linked up with the Danish resistance, and was knighted as a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his work in 1941. You can read more about Hambro in our CIA declassified document library.

According to an S.O.E. circular dated 22 March 1941, Sir Robert Vansittart was Chief Adviser to Hugh Dalton, “who advises him direct and exercises no administrative functions in S.O.E.”. Dalton then later appointed Sir Charles Hambro, an old Etonian banker as his second-in-command. (The Vansittarts)

The SOE was under the Minister of Economic Warfare, which in turn was under the PWE- Political Warfare Executive.

Note: At the time period of the formation of the British Special Operations Executive, it’s just created corresponding body in America (which the SOE was a member of) was the “Joint Chiefs of Staff”.

Hambro had been a close friend of Churchill before the war, in fact, their families had intermarried.

Charles Hambro

1942 April – Round Table man and Churchill’s personal “spymaster” Lord Selborne (Roundell Palmer, 3rd Earl of Selborne, previously Viscount Lord Wolmer) replaces Hugh Dalton and takes over as Minister of Economic Warfare, putting him over the SOE. He holds this position from here to 1945, when he is succeeded by Lord Lovat. You’ll never guess what family Roundell was married into…he was married to the daughter of Robert Cecil. Nothing like keeping all that unbroken spying since Queen Elizabeth days all in the family, eh?

Selborne and his family, were one of the names that Professor Quigley revealed as being part of a secret society to make the whole world part of the British Empire. In his book Anglo/American Establishment – Quigley writes about this society’s meetings:

At various times since 1891, these meetings have been presided over by Rhodes, Lord Milner, Lord Selborne, Sir Patrick Duncan, Field Marshal Jan Smuts, Lord Lothian, and Lord Brand.

Professor Carroll Quigley calls these people who meet like this, the Milner Group, but these people are subordinate (for the most part) to the Cecil family of Slavemasters, who go way back to the beginning of England’s quest to rule the world begun a few hundred years earlier.

Nelson was cracking under the evil of what he was tasked to do, and was in ill health so the first thing that Lord Selborne did was retire him and appoint Sir Charles Hambro to replace him as head of SOE.

Hambro’s first major action as head of the SOE was to meet with Colonel William Joseph Donovan, the head of the OSS and his opposite number.  Note: In 1943, Gubbins replaced Hambro and remained SOE’s chief until the end of the war.

Next set of names –

  • David F. Rawson – 24, 27, 30, 31
  • George P Lane – 24, 27, 30, 31
  • C J or Z Harrison?– 28
  • Walter G. Rosen – 30, 31, 32, 33, 34
  • John Arthur R. Pepper – 30, 31, 32, 36

David Rawson first. He was one of Donovan’s Law firm attorneys, attended Law School at University of Michigan. He also acted as counsel for Marine Midland Bank which was bought by Keswicks Hong Kong and Shanghai bank in 1978. He wasn’t alive very long after his involvement with the WCC, he inexplicably died at only age 43 while on “vacation” in Bermuda during July of 1948.

George P. Lane –

If this is the same guy (NY Times obit March 28, 1968) he also died young, at only age 53. Seems to be a rather odd death rate for attorneys involved with the WCC.

Don’t know who C J Harrison is.

Walter G. Rosen? Not sure who he is either. Anyone has any info on these two, let us know through the comments section.

John Arthur Reed Pepper was one of the first presidents of WCC, he appears to be British, and was succeeded by Frank Ryan.

The officers selected at the formation were Pepper, president, Ogilvy and Merten as vice presidents and Thomas William Hill, who gave his title as Intrepid’s British Security Coordination in New York City.

(A Pledge Betrayed Part 12)

During WWII, when Stephenson came to the U.S. to start the BSC, he had put Pepper in charge of the Secret Intelligence Division – Major John Pepper was his resident economic warfare expert.

The secret propaganda compaign against I.G. Farben (the Brits wanted to take over the pharmaceutical trade) was waged by John Pepper. (See BSC part VI: America Mine). His code name was: Mr. John Highroad. He was referred to by his associates as “a cagey operator.” David Ogilvy described him as “a very able, very cold man”.

Pepper was Robert Vansittart’s man, a SIS spy. He was first to come with Stephenson to start the BSC. Stephenson arrived aboard the SS Britannic on 11 June, 1940 with John Arthur Reed Pepper and family in tow.

(click to enlarge)

John Pepper quickly became a “handler” (aka case officer aka “master”) of agents.

Here’s a couple examples.

*ONI=Office of Naval Intelligence

Donald Chase Downs ONI and BSC agent

Donald Chase Downs ONI and BSC agent

He was a homosexual and he worked for Pepper at BSC.

Downes first offered his services to Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and secured a position as a teacher of English at Robert College in Istanbul as cover for his espionage work. He later recalled: “I was an intruder, and upstart outsider, an uninvited amateur forcing his way into the holy-of-holies of the hocus-pocus of secret services. Often I felt like a mere person in trade daring to enter a hoary and aristocratic club.”

In March 1941 Downes returned to the United States. He joined the Free World Association and at a meeting in New York City later that year he was approached by John Pepper to be his agent for the British Security Coordination (BSC).

Downes was asked if he was willing to spy on the American First Committee:

“Do you feel strongly enough on these matters to work for us in your own country? To spy on your fellow Americans and report to us? For we feel there is German money and German direction behind the American First movement, though many of its followers may not know it and would in fact be shocked to know it. If we can pin a Nazi contact or Nazi money on the isolationists, they will lose many of their followers. It might be the deciding factor in America’s entry in the war, if the American public knew the truth.”

Downes later recalled in his autobiography that he received assistance in his work from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Congress for Industrial Organisation and The Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies. He also worked closely with Colonel Eugene Prince of Army Counter-Intelligence Corps.

Because the BSC could no longer be “seen” to be running agents in the U.S., they had to transfer under the OSS (but yet still be run by Stephenson et al.)hartford montgomery hyde

So, After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Downes arranged with his boss John Pepper, to transfer to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). At first he was based in Washington and worked under William Donovan and George K. Bowen, the head of Special Activities. Other senior figures he worked with included David Bruce (head of intelligence), Allen Dulles (head of the New York office) and William Lane Rehm (head of finance).

Downes went to North Africa in 1943 and then Italy and Cairo. Downes returned to the United States in August 1944, but was sent back to Europe in February 1945 as a “correspondent” (that’s a intelligence cover) for a news agency. Downes remained in Europe after the war.

Pepper also ran “sex agents” – particularly one of which has quite a description in the book.

He hired Amy Elizabeth Thorpe Park, whose code-name was “Cynthia”



Amy-Elizabeth was what some call a “sexpionage agent”.

Elizabeth Pack

Later, when she was asked to infiltrate the French Embassy, debonair, balding Colonel Huntington was her handler under Donovan and the OSS.

Elizabeth THORPE Pack in 1933 - code name cynthia

She had a force, or magnetism, to a terrifying degree. It leapt like light from the whole of her… The trick of making a man feel he is her entire universe is an old feminine wile, but Betty had it to the nth degree.

– British Security Chief, Hartford Montgomery Hyde.

hartford montgomery hyde

In May 1941 Cynthia was asked to develop a relationship with someone working in the Vichy French Embassy. She eventually began an affair with Charles Brousse, the embassy’s press attaché. Cynthia discovered that he was disillusioned with Pierre Laval and in July she confessed she was a BSC agent and that she was willing to pay for information. Brousse now began to obtain copies of nearly all the telegrams to and from the French Embassy. He was also able to obtain the French Naval ciphers.

sisterhood of spies2

In 1945 her “cover marriage” to a British Embassy in Washington secretary, Arthur Pack ended when he committed suicide. Elizabeth then married Charles Brousse and they lived in in a medieval castle in France.

Chateau De Castelnou


She died of throat cancer on 1st December 1963. Her husband Charles died 10 years later after being electrocuted by his electric blanket. Part of their castle was also destroyed in the ensuing fire.

John Arthur Reed Pepper – the Sex-Agent Handler

General background –

Here’s what I’ve managed to find about him so far.

John Pepper married Jane Coates Cartwright Lippelman. Jane was born May 17, 1911 – father Andrew Erkenbuscher Lippleman; mother Bertha VanNes. Full genealogy here.

Jane Coates Cartwright Lippelman Pepper birth cert

Her sister Elizabeth (Margaret Elizabeth VanNes Lippelman) moved amongst the “high” circles of society – having at one time been a Countess (ended in divorce) and then married to a Charles Sawyer who had run for Governor of Ohio.

John’s daughter was Janie Coates-Cartwright Pepper. This New York Times article from July 4, 1971 verifies Pepper’s full name as John Arthur Reed Pepper.


Here’s a couple of passenger records for a PanAm Clipper flight (the American Clipper NC18602) April 4, 1942.

Note: that NC # is normally called the Pacific Clipper, so I’m not sure why it’s being referred to on this paperwork as the American clipper, because that one had a different NC# – it was NC 18606.

panam clipper NC 18602

They show an address in New York for Mr. Pepper of 410 East 57th St.

It’s an upscale apartment building, 77 units – built in 1929.


The flight originated in Lisbon, Portugal, and arrived in New York City.

One of the records shows that the Director of Plans and Campaigns at the Political Warfare Executive branch – Peter Ritchie Calder – was on board with him.

Note: Several other passenger records showed John Pepper coming to the U.S. at least as far back as 1936.

Peter Calder was in charge of rumors or ‘SIBS’.

Ritchie Calder pass

Also see our CIA Document Library item The British Rumors list – Frederick Oeschner to Robert Knapp – December 6, 1943.

Calder had previously been a reporter on the War for the Daily Herald. His stories were put together in a book The Lesson of London, published in 1941 as part of a series edited by George Orwell.

baron peter ritchie calderPeter Ritchie Calder

Yea. That George Orwell.

Next up –

  • George M. Marten – 30, 31, 32
  • David M. Ogilvey – 32 – name is spelled wrong, should be Ogilvy.

George Marten first.

“All officers of the corporation were members of either the OSS or of Intrepid’s network. Included in the list of officers was Sir Charles Hambro, George Muhle Merten, David Ogilvy, John Arthur Reid Pepper. The officers selected at the formation were Pepper, president, Ogilvy and Merten as vice presidents and Thomas William Hill, who gave his title as Intrepid’s British Security Coordination in New York City.

(A Pledge Betrayed Part 12)

George Muhle Merten, real name was Hans Muhle.

Merten left the German drug company Schering in March of 1941 and became an economic consultant – part of BSC’s economic warfare operations – at the Rockefeller Center where the BSC was. In September 1941, his offices became a BSC front called the Western Continents Tradng Corporation, after having been recruited by BSC agent Donald Mac-Laren to help write a propaganda booklet titled Sequel to the Apocalypse: The Uncensored Story: How Your Dimes and Quarters Helped Pay for Hitler’s War. Merten also worked to plant articles in the press. The Campaign against I.G. Farben was one of the projects being run by BSC SIS man John Pepper through the “George Office” directed by George Muhle Merten.

Merten’s entire operation the “George Office” was then unloaded onto the OSS once it formed in 1942. Ref – Desperate Deception, Thomas Mahl

David Mackenzie Ogilvy CBE was an advertising tycoon, founder of Ogilvy & Mather, and known as the father of advertising. He started out working for Wren selling Aga Cookers.


David Ogilvy, born 1911, was a British intelligence officer who worked simultaneously for George Gallup’s American Institute of Public Opinion and for the British Security Coordination (BSC) starting in 1940. His brother Francis was one of the earliest recruits to Section D of MI-6 – which puts him directly working for Robert Vansittart who started Section D. (see Vansittart article)

David, together with Walter T. “Freckles” Wren of MI5, headed up the BSC’s Security Branch. “Freckles” headed London, David headed America/New York with William Stephenson. “Freckles” was chairman of Allied Ironfounders Ltd., managing director of Aga Heat, and David had previously worked for Wren selling Aga Cookers.

Here is David’s family line:

His father was Francis John Longley Ogilvy born circa 1867 at Argentina.

  • He was the son of Francis Mackenzie Ogilvy and Kythé Caroline Mackenzie. Francis Mackenzie Ogilvy was born on 23 June 1841 at Urquhart, Inverness-shire, Scotland.
  • He was the son of Thomas Ogilvy and Elizabeth Wilson. Thomas Ogilvy was born circa 1796 at Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. He married Elizabeth Wilson in 1827, Liverpool.
  • His father was David Ogilvy, born 1 Nov 1757. He married Janet Gladstones married March 13, 1795.
    • Note: Janet Gladstones was born on 4 May 1770 at North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. She was the daughter of Thomas Gladstones and Helen Neilson.
  • His father was the Reverend George Ogilvy, born May 29, 1720 and died 1785. He married Katherine (Kelly) Anderson.
  • His parents were James William Ogilvy, Mary Ann Ogilvie (of Balbrydie).
  • His parents were Captain James Ogilvy and Jane Meldrum.
  • His parents were George Ogilvy (born 1596) of Friock and Elspet Montgomerie.

Here is where the Ogilvy line splits, as to Earls and Lords titles.

You see, George Ogilvy’s brother became the 6th Lord of Airlie and he had a son, James, who became the first Earl of Airlie. James (Georges nephew) was born 1586 in Airlie,Angusshire,Scotland, and died 1648 in Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was married to Lady Isabel Hamilton.

It is through him (per The Peerage) that Lord Redesdale’s wife, Clementine Ogilvy, descends. Now, to make things more confusing for everyone, someone seems to have continued the Lord Airlie numbering onto the Earl of Airlie designation – very different titles actually. But, this 1st Earl of Airlie, gets also called by some people, the 7th Lord of Airlie. Not entirely accurate, if you see my point, because it was a NEW thing.

So David Ogilvy’s six-greats-in-front-of-it grandfather, George, is where he is on the same tree as Clementine. A long way back, yes, but still, I don’t think he or many others even knew that.

In the correct numbering of 1st Earl, 2nd Earl and so on, Clementine’s brother was the 6th Earl of Airlie, David Stanley William Ogilvy.

Her nephew was: David Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, the 7th Earl of Airlie. It was his son, David George Coke Patrick Ogilvy, that ran into David Ogilvy in New York.

Taking David’s tree back from ole George here –

  • George’s parents were James Ogilvy, 5th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie and Jean Forbes.
  • His parents were James Ogilvy, 4th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie and Helen Sinclair. James was born before 1505.
  • His dad was James Ogilvy, 3rd Lord Ogilvy of Airlie.
  • His parents were Sir John Ogilvy, 2nd Lord Ogilvy of Airlie and Jean Graham.
  • His parents were Sir James Ogilvy of Airlie, 1st Lord Ogilvy of Airlie and Elizabeth Kennedy.

And there you have it.

He was one of the initial staff sent over with William Stephenson to co-opt America into WWII, he was in the “Security Branch”. He helped form the BACC in May of 1945.

With his wartime associates, Ogilvy organized the British American Canadian Corporation to aid in the postwar development of Great Britain by promoting the sale of British goods, particularly in the United States.

Library of Congress David Ogilvy collection

What were those “goods”?

The Library of Congress Ogilvy Business File series gives a clue. In Box 30, we see “pharmaceuticals”. The Intrepid Society refers to it as a “trading corporation.” and that it was “a group heavily involved in rehabilitation and development of national economies which had suffered, or been deprived of markets during the war.”

Next up –

  • Harry B. Lake – 31, 32
  • Sir William Stephenson – 31, 32, 35, 58, 61 – head of the MI6/SOE operation against America to ‘get us into the war’
  • Albin J. May – 32
  • Thomas W. Hill – 32, 33, 34, 36
  • D (Daniel) A. de Menocal – 33, 34, 36, 78
  • John Henry something, 33, 34
  • W.W. Cumberland – 33, 34, 36
  • J. (James) Russell Forgan – 35, 36, 51, 52 – my relative, head of European Special Operations OSS, chairman of committees to form the CIA.Head of European Operations (including X-2) for the OSS, along with David K.E. Bruce. NY Times obituary February 1, 1974. Was the boss of William J. Casey, head of OSS intelligence in London during the war.

Harry B. Lake first, he appears to be another attorney. Stephenson, we’ve already covered. Albin J. May, he’s a banker. and one time TV station owner.

Fresno Bee, 27 May 1953

Thomas W. Hill, don’t know much about him, appears to be either another banker or attorney, lists himself as at the same address as the BSC in the documents.

The officers selected at the formation were Pepper, president, Ogilvy and Merten as vice presidents and Thomas William Hill, who gave his title as Intrepid’s British Security Coordination in New York City.

(A Pledge Betrayed Part 12)

Daniel A. De Menocal – he’s a banker and manager of “International Banking Corporation” – that’s no minor thing. Know whose bank that is? Paul M. Warburg’s bank – as in creating the Federal Reserve Warburg. It had branches all over the world, somewhat concentrated in the Far East and places like Panama.

NY Times obit, March18, 1968.

W.W. Cumberland, William Wilson Cumberland, buddies with John Foster Dulles. Banker. Attended the Paris Peace Conference at the end of WWI, became an “economc advisor” to the State Department, specialized in Mexico and latin-American countries.

Last but not least is James Russell Forgan. This description will suffice, you can follow the links to find out more.

  • J. (James) Russell Forgan – 35, 36, 51, 52 – my relative, head of European Special Operations OSS, chairman of committees to form the CIA.Head of European Operations (including X-2) for the OSS, along with David K.E. Bruce. NY Times obituary February 1, 1974. Was the boss of William J. Casey, head of OSS intelligence in London during the war.

Next up –

  • Hon. Edward R. Stettinius Jr. – 35, 36
  • James D. Mooney – 35, 36
  • Major General William J. Donovan – 35, 36, 51, 52 – head of the OSS
  • Eileen Knox – 38
  • International Bechtel Brothers, Inc. McCone Company – 48

It’s under Edward R. Stettinius Jr. that we find Sidney Weinberg, head of the Special OSS Mission to Moscow.

Edward R. Stettinius, Jr. (1900-1949), was an American industrialist and public servant, former chairman of the U.S. Steel Corporation and the Secretary of State in President Franklin Roosevelt’s Cabinet. He was also one of the Lend-lease guys during WWII.

As to Weinberg –

Box-folder 1:6
Financial correspondence from Sidney James Weinberg 1949 November 23
3 items

Included is a letter from attorney John Marsh from Mr. Stettinius’s estate concerning one thousand shares of common stock of the World Commerce Corporation that Stettinius left for Mr. Weinberg in return for his advice to Stettinius in business affairs. There is also a letter from Mr. Weinberg declining the gift from Stettinius. There is a letter from John Marsh to Mrs. Stettinius about insurance and her husband’s estate.

Sydney Weinberg

He is mentioned in this too, apparently he was connected to Canadian intelligence.

“Soon World Commerce Corporation (WCC) attracted a number of other prominent intelligence operatives to join as directors, officers or stockholders. Included in this group was Russell Forgan, Lester Armour, Sydney Weinberg, W.K. Eliscu, Lt Col Rex Benson and several others connected with the Canadian intelligence service. Others included Nelson Rockefeller, former head of the agency in charge of South America intelligence. John McCloy, former under secretary of war also came on board as did Richard Mellon and Sir Victor Sassoon. When Frank Ryan took over as president, Stephenson provided him with connections to a group of men prominent in government, intelligence and finance. The WCC contact in Greece was a former member of the Greek and British intelligence services. In Thailand the WCC’s contact person was a former OSS agent. In short almost all members of the WCC and its contacts were formerly connect with the intelligence services during the war. Yet this remarkable company even with the backing to the world’s financial elite would last only fifteen years. In 1962 the WCC was liquidated for tax reasons. … “

(A Pledge Betrayed Part 12)

Note: People might wonder why Armour was brought it, but it makes sense because they’re related through Forgan’s sister’s husband, my great-uncle Halstead Gurnee Freeman through the Gurnee part of our tree.

The reason that Donovan had James Russell Forgan in there (see his Specific Person page) is because he specifically chose him as being a personal acquaintance of his that was anglophile, and could be trusted to do the dirty work. Same goes for Allen Dulles, Bill Vanderbilt, David Bruce, and so on.

“The anglophilia of OSS executives in Washington was shared in the higher echelons of the organization’s London office. David Bruce, the OSS commander in the European Theater, later became the popular ambassador to the Court of St. James. And Raymond Guest, a polo-playing socialite who directed OSS martime operations in France and Scandinavia, was Winston Churchill’s cousin. The personal relations of such men with the social-club establishment that ran the British secret services brought about relative operational harmony…”

– OSS, an e-book by Richard Harris Smith

That said, Chicago banker Lester Armour fit right into that “old world” mold as well. It has long been rumored that his wife was a Romanov, a relative of Czar Nicholas. Lester was the last OSS commander in London (D/OSS Chief under David K.E. Bruce) before the end of the War, he was the Director of the Central European Office – which means he was under James Russell Forgan, who was head of the European Theatre of the OSS.

His back history, in brief, is this.

Joseph Ogden Armour (Armour Meats) was the son of Philip Danforth Armour. J.Ogden had a brother Philip Danforth Jr, who married Mary Lester, and their son was Lester Armour.

As usual, the practice of intermarriage amongst the British agents and anglophiles ran tight and strong. It’s not much of a surprise then that family relatives (and OSS men) Lester Armour and James Russell Forgan were “tight” together. Forgan being related to Armour by marriage – he was the brother of Marion Forgan who married Halstead Gurnee Freeman, whose mother was Catherine Gurnee Freeman – my great, great grandmother.

That family tie between the Armours, Freemans and Forgans, was because a brother of Catherine Gurnee’s, Denton Gurnee, married Louisa Ayres and they had 2 daughters, Amelia and Carrie Louise.

Amelia married Joseph Armour on September 2, 1869 but she died young. Her sister Carrie had first married Charles Alexander Munn, and had a son Charles Munn Jr., but then she married Joseph Armour too! They were married May 3, 1875. Joseph reportedly died from an accidental fall January 5, 1881, leaving Carrie Louise, as sole heir and co-executor of his more than $3 million estate as well as his share in the Armour & Co partnership.

So, in a nutshell, Lester’s aunts-by-marriage were my blood relatives stemming from my great-great grandmother Catherine Gurnee.

Side note: Taking the early intermarrying amongst British Slavemasters in America even further, Carrie’s son from her first marriage, Charles Munn Jr., married Mary Astor Paul, the daughter of James William Paul, Jr. (1851-1908) and Frances Drexel (1858- 1901). Francis was the daughter of Anthony J. Drexel (1826-1893), the financier known as ‘the man who made Wall Street.’

Anthony J. Drexel

Anthony Joseph Drexel I

maryastorpaulmunnMary Astor Paul Munn1927
artist: Philip de Laszlo

Carrie Louise Gurnee Armour’s daughter (also named Carrie Louise) married Reginald Boardman, a Beacon Hill Bostonian, and had 2 children. T. Dennie and Reginald, Jr. She then married Lawrence Waterbury, a Roosevelt cousin.

Dennie Boardman married Vivian Dixon, granddaughter of Isidor Strauss, owner of R. H. Macy’s, who with his wife, Ida, drowned aboard the ill-fated HMS Titanic.

– – –

Alright, so back to Weinberg now.

Weinberg, nicknamed “Mr. Wall Street” by The New York Times, was part of Goldman Sachs.

IN 1940, a stockbroker from the Midwest took his ten-year-old son on a trip to New York City. They dropped in at the office of Sidney Weinberg, who was trying to restore the reputation of Goldman Sachs, the investment bank that had been disgraced during the great crash of 1929. Weinberg took the time to chat to the precocious youngster, even asking the name of his favourite stock. That may have been the most productive half-hour of Weinberg’s life. Sixty-eight years later, Goldman Sachs turned to that lad, now one of the richest men in the world, for a capital injection of $5 billion. The infusion of Warren Buffett’s money, and the backing of his reputation, means that Goldman has so far escaped the fate of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers during the recent credit crunch.

The Economist; Warren Buffett, A sage that knows his onions; Oct 16th 2008

Next –

James David Mooney (18 February 1884 – 21 September 1957).

He was an engineer and corporate executive at General Motors who played a role in international affairs in the 1930s and early 1940s. His career was supposedly disrupted when he was accused of Nazi sympathies in 1940, and yet, here he is on the board of the WCC, so obviously that attack went nowhere.

Major General William J. Donovan – head of the OSS – we’ve already talked about him. Eileen Knox – don’t know who she is.

Next up –

  • James Cavagnaro – 50
  • E. R. H. Pollak – 51
  • Betty (B.E.) Speigel – 55, 85
  • Beri S.A. – 55
  • Brigadier General James McMannan – 59
  • M.W. Stanfield? – 59
  • Frank G. (or T.) Ryan – 60, 125
  • John J. Ryan Jr. – 60, 125
  • Joseph Grew – 60, 88
  • Edward Bickle – 60
  • Boyd Hatch – 60, 79
  • Iccini something – 68

Cavagnaro we already discussed, so who is this E. R. H. Pollak?

A Brit, some sort of military figure who liked to play bridge. He must have been quite old when he joined the WCC, because here he is pictured January 1, 1900 (courtesy of Getty images) playing at the International Bridge League Tournament. He also wrote the foreword to a book called The Fighting Knife.

Dr. E.C. Goundsmit, Captain E.R.H. Pollak and Dr. F.W. Goundsmit

He was a director of Biddle, Sawyer & Co., Ltd in England in 1948.

America Visit. — It is announced that Mr.  E. R. H. Pollak, a director of Biddle, Sawyer & Co., Ltd., Empire House, St.
Martin’s le Grand, London, E.C.I, left  recently by air for an extensive tour of the United States and South and Central

As a WCC director, I’ll just bet he did. Biddle Sawyer was “in the field of chemical supply, marketing, and distribution” – opium could be said to fall under that rubrick. They had offices in Shanghai and a number of other rather key locales. Since the original was in London, I think one of the things that Pollak did on his “tour” was to establish the New York office.

It seems ole Foussolis wasn’t the only one to get caught sending things to “communists”. In this interesting CIA document, we see that Biddle Sawyer was mixed up in sending drugs (antiobiotics, etc.) to the Chinese “communists” and the U.S. Department of Commerce investigated it, then writing in a real Hunt For Red October kind of letter to Deputy Director of the Robert Amory Jr. as to what he “wants done” about it, basically.

Points of interest: Biddle Sawyer changed their name immediately to B.S. Holdings Limited. Typical Brit move. It mentions E. Pollak on p. 5. as being a director of Biddle Sawyer. Also, check this out –

Mr. Levine also placed great emphasis on the high regard with which the respondent [Biddle Sawyer] is held in the “world community”.

Is that like a code or something?

Nudge. Nudge. Wink. Wink. Hey man, I’m one of “those” guys.

The rest of the doc shows multiple examples of that Pollak and Biddle Sawyer were supplying the “communist” Chinese and Soviet Russia throughout the early to mid-1950’s – during WAR time. Yet more proof that they WANTED that war to go on – the Korean War. It also talks about shipping a huge quantity of the highly toxic pesticide – DDT – to China. Method of killing people while pretending to protect crops, perhaps?

Next –

Betty (B.E.) Speigel. No idea about her yet. Brigadier General James McMannan, can’t find anything about him either. Perhaps the translation is off. I tried Mcmahan too, but nothing. M.W. Stanfield, nothing on him either.

The two Ryans –

  • Frank G. (or T.) Ryan – 60, 125
  • John J. Ryan Jr.

We have already discussed – Frank took over from BSC/SIS man John Pepper. There’s actually THREE Ryans involved – John J. Jr. , Frank T, and James C – p. 125. The father, John, was a “trader” as briefly described in this NY Times article. There is this about a James Cecil Ryan, but I’m not sure that’s the same man.

Joseph Grew – This is the guy who failed – on purpose – to avert war with Japan. He was the 13th Ambassador to Japan. In the 1970 film Tora! Tora! Tora!, a historical drama about the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the part of US Ambassador Joseph Grew was played by Meredith Weatherby.

Sounds like his being brought in to the WCC was some kind of kick-back reward for him – never a good statement of someone’s character to be “approved” of by the slavemasters.

Joseph Clark Grew

Edward Bickle – Canadian, described as a “powerful stockbroker”.

His daughter married Bill Wilder. Wonder if there’s any relationship to Wilder Penfield, the guy who brought in Ewen Cameron to do all his nasty human experimentation at McGill.

Boyd Hatch – This is probably L. Boyd Hatch, chairman of the board of the Ambassador Hotel, and a Mormon. He was involved in all sorts of investing companies, like the Knickerbocker Trust. Not one word in his obituary about being mixed up with helping funnel ill-gotten gains and fostering terrorist intelligence operations in the form of Operation Gladio – aka the WCC. See how they hide this?

Here’s the full obituary, NY Times September 1, 1957 –

Last in this grouping,

  • Iccini

Can’t find anything about that person yet.

Next Grouping –

New name or subsidiary, in margin: Sociedad Indus – trial Maritime something Manciera Ariona Panama SA. Also something about a Heyerhauser of Weyerhauser steamship company in Newark New Jersey – 75

Don’t know if that is related or not.

Next names –

  • Robert Proddow Jr. – 79
  • David T Parkson – 85
  • Jocelyn Hambro as president – 87
  • Roger Gilbert – 88
  • A Baisely Sheridan – 96
  • Robert L. Raclin – 97, 104
  • Alfred V. Dupont – 98, 99
  • Geoffrey L. Cashmore – 100

Robert Proddow Jr. first – his dad ran the firm of Simpson & Proddow in the late 1800’s. Junior was playing around in a Connecticut Yacht Club in 1948.

Commander Proddow is pictured at a dinner with a whole lot of Brass in 1957, honoring WWII Navy and Marine corps leaders. Yet again, no one seems to have known what he was REALLY involved in, clearly.

Red arrow pointing to Proddow per pic description –

And yet here he is in the WCC. Isn’t that interesting?

David T Parkson – nothing on him yet.

Jocelyn Hambro – He was a president of the WCC. Full name was: Major Jocelyn Olaf Hambro MC (7 March 1919 – 19 June 1994). He was a British merchant banker, horsebreeder and philanthropist. Hambro started his career for the family business, Hambros Bank, in 1945, when he established an export trading company in the United States. He served as the managing director of Hambros Bank, from 1947 to 1972, and as its chairman from 1965 to 1972. Educated at Eton, which means he was being groomed to “rule”

J.O. Hambro caricature

Hmm. Wonder if “export trading company” as wikipedia put it, was a euphemism for the BACC.

Roger Gilbert – not sure who he is either.

A. Baisely Sheridan – apparently he likes to play tennis. However this has a bit more substance to it. He golfed with Leonard Reed in October of 1960 and only got a 96!

Golfed with Paul Elrod, Baisely Sheridan and son, Ned. One of my worst for the season — 96!

Yes, I know, it’s very thrilling.

Seriously though, that is IT on this guy, and this is reminding me of Count whats-his-name, Aline’s husband and how there’s nothing about him either.  These “there’s nothing” people are turning out to be a definite something going on here with keeping themselves hidden.

He’s one of the people in this pic of the Bronxville tennis club, but it wasn’t labeled so I’m not sure which. He graduated from Yale in 1924 so he’s about 32 in this pic.

Ah! He’s listed in the 1931 Westchester County Social Record. Oho. Very muckety-muck then. And…he’s an attorney.

SHERIDAN, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edward (Katherine A. Kelly), 5 Overlook Rd., New Rochelle; children, Albert Baisley Sheridan (Yale ’24, Fordham Law School ’28), Bertrice Sheridan (Skidmore College ’33), Mrs. Mye L. Broga (Virginia Sheridan, child, Katherine Virginia Broga); clubs, New York Athletic, Wykagyl Country, Sea View Golf, Milton Point Casino.

He is from New Rochelle, New York, and he married Miss Sarah Ewell Kunzig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Kunzig of Locust Lane, in 1934. This says he is practicing law in New York city, so I presume that’s where he comes into play here wit the WCC.

Robert L. Raclin – now this is interesting.

Upon his release from service, Bob joined his father at H.L. Raclin & Sons, a cash vegetable oil brokerage firm. In 1950 the family business was sold to the World Commerce Corporation, a private investment firm founded by General “Wild Bill” Donovan, former director of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services – forerunner to the Central Intelligence Agency), and Sir William Stephenson, former head of Britain’s MI6. He became a Director of World Commerce whose investors were restricted to former American and British intelligence operatives from the Second World War. Beginning in the late 1940s, Bob traveled to Europe over 100 times, visiting with various European business and governmental officials. Periodically, after these trips, he made discreet detours to Washington, D.C., where he was de-briefed by numerous national security officials including the Central Intelligence Agency and others interested in the economic affairs of a variety of governments, businesses and individuals. His family learned this in the early 1990s.

Obituary of Robert L. Raclin

Ok, so that’s some proof there. EVERY name we have been looking at were either British or American intelligence operatives and all of them were hiding it, including this Raclin guy well over 50 years later!

As if a WCC membership wasn’t enough, they rewarded him with a cushy job in the U.S. Department of Health and Human services. Funny how this vegetable oil brokerage gets “bought” by the WCC – what was THAT a payoff for, one wonders.

“Mr. Raclin joined his father’s vegetable oil brokerage, H.L. Raclin & Son, in 1946 and through the years held executive positions at Bache & Co., Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis and Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith.”

Raclin in 1970 – Paine Webber press photo

He was mixed up in the soybean fraud funding Chiang Kai-Shek that got caught. You gotta love his son trying to cover that up. I hope he’s just clueless, and not complicit, is all I have to say.

After the war, he joined his father’s business, a cash vegetable oil brokerage firm. In 1950, that was sold to the World Commerce Corp., where he ran investment portfolios. It was a firm set up by General “Wild Bill” Donovan, former director of the agency that preceded the CIA, and William Stephenson, who had headed the MI6, a British version of the CIA. The firm took former intelligence operatives from the United States and Britain and put their skills to work in investments. It had great potential, Jonathan Raclin says, but it lasted just a few years because his dad had to police a lot of strong minds who disagreed. After flying to Europe in post-war days, he’d stop by to see CIA contacts in Washington, D.C., to share his observations on the food situation at a time when Europe had to rebuild, his son says. In the 1950s, the New York Stock Exchange appointed him to liquidate a potentially big fraud in the soybean oil market, Jonathan Raclin says.

The bullshit is running thick in this article. Intelligence agents were just doing investments?

Oh fer…

Right. That’s all they were doing. And it only lasted for 5 years? If he means the WCC, well. Considering it wasn’t liquidated until 1984, that’s just a little off there.

Investments. I’ll have to remember that particular euphemism. That and being an “art patron”.

British The Trinity, 15th century alabaster with polychrome and gilding 22.5 x 10.13 inches (57.15 x 25.73 cm) Acquired with funds provided by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raclin 1989.010


Next up –

Alfred V. Dupont – one of those Duponts. Enough said.

Geoffrey L. Cashmore – British, but that’s all I could find.

Next batch of names –

  • Margaret Fricker – 104
  • Edward L Houtters – 104
  • Jolyn B. Okie – 104
  • Donald Woodworth – 108
  • Carl Ditmar Ross – 108, 112
  • Doris Paredes – 109
  • B. H. Boncompagni – 113, 125
  • Harry Goodfriend – 116
  • Miami Window Corporation of panama – 123
  • Nils Anderson Jr – 125
  • Edwin V Lelack – 125
  • Mathew L. Herold – 125

Margaret Fricker – nothing, other than in the WCC docs she’s listed as Secretary. Edward L Houtters – More nothing. Jolyn B. Okie – and nothing again. Donald Woodworth – nothing. Carl Ditmar Ross – he’s from Rehoboth, Mass and married M. Muller in 1943. Doris Paredes – nothing.

I’m wondering if all these hard to finder’s might actually be active intelligence agents running ops. Anyway…

B. H. Boncompagni – born on October 25, 1896. B died on May 3, 1988 at 91 years of age. Donated to the 100th anniversary of the New York Metropolitan.

Aha. 24 November 1960, it was announced in the Kansas City Times that Concompagnie and a “group of financial men identified with United Funds, Inc.” have formed the United International Fund Ltd in Bermuda. “managed investments” in Western European countries.

Listed as the “general manager” of World Commerce (no one knows yet what that really is) and there’s some other WCC familiar names in there.

There’s a nice legible names list of the main officers – p. 135

Harry Goodfriend – This might be him. Banker. Obituary. “He graduated from Lowell High School and attended the University of California, Berkeley, before beginning a job in banking in 1928. Harry’s banking career lasted more than 60 years…”

Nils Anderson Jr – married Jean Derby Ferris in 1938. He seems to be connected to Frank Altschul of the Council on Foreign Relations, in some kind of Eastern Europe capacity. He was President of Debevoise-Anerson Co. out of New York which sold pig iron, coke and ores.

Edwin V. Lelack – another mystery man, nothing on him yet.

Mathew L. Herold – nothing on him either.

Next batch of names –

  • Philip J. Cullen – 136
  • George H. Van Pelk or Pelt?– 136
  • Thomas B. Ward – 136
  • Frederick Farran? – 136
  • W. G. Krieger – 136
  • D.L. Commons – 136
  • F. H. Lindus – 136
  • R.B. Graddock – 136
  • Roberto R. Aleman, there’s Carlos Arosemena name again – 138
  • Seven Seas Shipping Company to Seven Seas Shipping Agency SA – 140
  • Ricardo Sicre VP – 144, 161
  • Dietrich Reimann – 146
  • Delos P. Hill – 146
  • Kenneth L. Dollar – 146
  • George Haviland – 146
  • Frank E. Paden – 146
  • William J. Horrigan Horringan Harrigan? – 147
  • Kenneth W. Banta – 147

Philip J. Cullen first – nothing on him.

George H. Van Pelk or Pelt? – It’s Van Pelt. He sounds like he could possibly be one of the unnamed officers that were involved with World Commerce China, that Pearson caught in that selling weapons to North Korea thing. I say that because of this – IF that is the same guy, which I’m not sure it is.

Thomas B. Ward – nothing definitive on him. Frederick Farran? – possibly a British lawyer.

W. “Woody” G. Krieger – He’s an oil man, chairman of the board of Douglas Oil.  This guy talks about knowing him and his independent Oil Company. His wife likes to shoot things and then wear them.

He seems to have also been involved in American Pipe & Steel as well as MKB Group Inc., and appears to be Australian, or at least heavily involved in Australia mining, etc. There was some sort of scandal in the 1970’s involving his son Dennis and assemblyman Terry Goggin.

Goggin’s father worked for Woody Krieger. Other associated companies, an investment banking firm clled Macdonald, Krieger, Bowyer and Beyenka, John Beyenka became persident of Accelerated Elements, Inc., Caswell Silver, the president of Sundance where Woody Krieger had been a director since 1971, was the principal stock holder of MKB Group, Inc., the holding company for the investment banking firm I mentioned first.

Dennis Krieger was killed in the Dallas Delta Airlines L-1011 crash of August 1985.

Gallery of Krieger and Douglas Oil posters, ads, etc. –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Krieger family bought the USS Observer (AMc-91) an Accentor-class coastal minesweeper in the 1950s to be used as the family’s private yacht. Douglas Oil (also Krieger’s company) acquired her in the 1960s as part of the purchase of Krieger Oil.

Next –

D.L. Commons (Dorman L. Commons) – another Oil man (Occidental Petroleum Co.) and California School Board executive. (odd mix). LA Times obit doesn’t mention his involvement in the World Commerce Corporation, as usual. “In 1973, he left Armand Hammer’s firm to become president and chief executive officer of Natomas Co., a San Francisco-based energy firm.” That firm also owned American President Lines.

Aha! He’s one of Krieger’s buddies.

The well-known transportation executive had headed Natomas when it merged with Diamond Shamrock Corp. in 1983, at which time Natomas spun American President Lines off as an independent firm known as American President Cos. …Earlier, he had worked as an executive at Occidental Petroleum Co. from 1964 to 1972 and at Douglas Oil Co. from 1947 to 1964.

He was also a director for KaisTech Ltd., Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp. and Sunlaw Energy Corp.

“Mr. Commons also was involved in a number of civic organizations. At the time of his death, he was chairman of the California Commission on the Teaching Profession, served on the board of governors for the San Francisco Symphony and was a commissioner for the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. He also had served on the National Advisory Committee on Exports and the President’s Export Council under President Johnson and President Carter.”

Apparently, no one knew he was an intelligence agent also – as per the WCC rules for who could join.

Then, in 1984, he becomes an “investment banker” –

”I thought it was time for me to start a new career,” Dorman L. Commons, former chairman and chief executive of the Natomas Company, said yesterday.

Mr. Commons, at age 65, has joined A. G. Becker Paribas, the securities and investment banking firm, as a managing director.

Mr. Commons, who will have a fairly autonomous role at Becker, had led Natomas for 10 years and is a well-known California businessman. He left Natomas last September when the big energy company was acquired by Diamond Shamrock for $1.5 billion.

In 1974 A.G. Becker entered into a merger with Warburg Paribas, a newly formed American joint venture between London-based S.G. Warburg and Paris-based Paribas (Compagnie Financi ere de Paris et des Pays-Bas, prior to the bank’s nationalization in 1982)

Next –

F. H. Lindus (Francis Howard Lindus) – another oil man, vice-president of Refining Associates, Inc., lived in San Francisco in the 1930’s. Also associated with Timken Roller. He’s also mixed up with Chennault (CAT, Air America) and the CIA especially greased the wheels for them to “visit” various places in the Far East in 1947.


Because: “this oil and other lubricants are urgently needed by General Chennault in China for the running of his airline.

Gotta keep that opium flowing, right?

Names of these opium and gun-running facilitators –

Francis Howard Lindus
Allan Oswald Marsh
Harold Floyd Hutton
Charles L. Kievert
Harry Ayes.

Well, now we know why they keep bringing oil people into the WCC.

Next –

R.B. Graddock – Seems to be another oil man.

Roberto R. Aleman, attorney mixed up with Carlos Arosemena (WCC attorney).

Note: there’s something about making a company in Bermuda on p. 152, but I can’t really decipher it.

Final batch of names next!

A.C. Simpson Le Pget Bermuda – no data other than is a secretary added/replacing Margaret Fricker for the WCC.

Vincent a. Galbrecio Galluscia? – no data. Leonard Yankivien – no data.

Patrick H. Pepper – related to John Pepper.
Ralph Sassoon – Brit related to Sir Victor Sassoon.

J.J. Mills – no data. Probably another spy being added. Alexander Lester – same with this one.

Ernest W.P. Vesey – not really any data, but this is 1984, just before liquidation – p. 169

Keswick Marine Panama SA – p. 170. Not sure if this is related to “the” Keswicks of British intelligence and opium dealing infamy, or not.

And that’s it. Done.

References –

1 – Cornell Alumni Vol XLIII, No. 1, Ithaca, New York, September 26, 1940.

2 – General Walter Bedell Smith, quoted by Rear Admiral Felix L. Johnson, Director of Naval Intelligence, in an address at the Army War College, 19 Feb 1952, contained in A Century of U.S. Naval Intelligence, p. 19.

3 – I Was an American Spy, Sidney F. Mashbir (worked at the Office of Naval Intelligence); Vantage Press,New York, 1953, p. 34,5

4 – Remarks of William J. Casey, 21 May 1982

5 – Thomas Jefferson to John Adams; from The Jefferson Cyclopedia – available to view online at the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

6 – John Loftus and Mark Aarons, The Secret War against the Jews (New York: St. Martin’s, 1994), p. 110–11.

7 – Greg Szymanski, “Vatican in Possession of Top Secret CIA Documents about Nuclear Weapons, According to Discovery Made Recently in Northern California Federal Court involving Vatican Bank,” Arctic Beacon, April 25, 2006,

8 – L.A. Times November 24, 1996; Nazi Gold

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