The British “Empire” Was Founded On Creating Alcoholics and Drug Addicts: Why China?

This article examines the confluence of the machinations of the Jesuits and the Brits regarding their ’empire’ building in the Far East.

– published February 7, 2017 –


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The British “Empire” Was

Founded On Creating Alcoholics and Drug Addicts


Why China?

 The Back History


By Virginia McClaughry


chinese-opium-smokersChinese opium addicts



Note: The initial research for this article was originally posted by me, Virginia McClaughry, as a blog post on October 26, 2013 titled: Why China.

By 1830 Britain was importing 18,956 chests of opium to China. One chest was 140 pounds so that means 2,653,840 pounds.


Almost three million pounds of opium.


In those days, opium was combined with tobacco and smoked. One hit was approximately 200 milligrams of opium. There are 453592 milligrams in a pound, therefore one pound of opium represented 2,267 ‘hits’ of opium.

This means that this delivery of chests equaled approximately six billion ‘hits’ of opium.

By 1836, when President Jackson had successfully paid off the U.S. debt and kicked the Vatican and British vultures out and the Charter of the Second Bank of the United States expired – Britain had almost doubled their shipments to China, enforcing 30,000 chests of opium on the Chinese people.

What started all this?

Well…that’s quite the history actually, although I’ll bet it’s not one most of you are readily familiar with.

It began almost four hundred years ago now, in the 1600’s. A time when both the British nobility and the Vatican began their ‘all humanity and all of earth is ours to rule‘ phase.

It wasn’t just the Brits…


The Jesuits and the Brits

Jesuit Marching orders –

Be sure that you are informed in every respect of all that is known of the history of those kingdoms.

Gaining the Heart of Prester John: Loyola’s Blueprint for Ethiopia in Three Key Documents by Matteo Salvadore


When Chinese rulers rightfully rebuffed their continuing efforts to take whatever they wanted from China, the British and the Vatican began a program of corrupting China from within – starting with importing opium from their slave-fields of poppy production in India (whom they had already corrupted by the same route).

For several hundred years, in addition to essentially trying to turn the population of China into drug addicts, even that horror wasn’t good enough for the British and Vatican Slavemasters.

So, they fostered internal division among its people’s in every way imaginable. They fostered many different “rebellions” and “revolutionary” movements, such as the White Rose gangs, and even Chinese Communism.

You may not know this, but one of their number one ways of doing this (and elsewhere around the world) was by inventing whole cloth (or 99 percent inventing)  “ancient” religions such as Confucianism, the Tao, and even Buddhism – as the Western World know them and think that they are – which has nothing to do with anything resembling the truth.

*If you’d like to see a clear example of this, please see my post: Backdated Overpopulation Myths – the Forging of the Bible.

It makes me quite ill, when I see people (particularly English speaking people) expounding the wonderfulness of Buddhism, The Tao, and so on, when they have no clue what the hell they are talking about.

I wonder – would they like it so much if they knew that it was purely a propaganda weapon?

Psychologists, historians and analysts of all stripes and colors, offer us explanations for why we, the people of earth, are so prone to believe in these things. But never once, do they offer up the real reason why we are so struck by “ancient tales” full of magic and mystery, wisdom and an understanding of Life that is so missing from the average day of anyone on earth.

We all have a deep and visceral recognition of that there was a time when things were different, when there was no war, no death, no suffering, and no psychotic people who want to rule the world. Where anything was possible, where magic was commonplace, where there were no limits of any kind, nor need for any.

Each generation gives us certain individuals who are helped along to become prominently visible in order to continue the illusion that these British and Vatican fostered creations were ever anything but Fairy Tales that were carefully crafted to look old – when they were not.

Can’t you just see it now? Some British hired agent or Vatican priest takes an ancient-looking scroll to an idealistic young target, where they deliver the “wisdom of the ages” in hushed tones of reverence…


an-illustration-of-a-scene-from-revelation-chapter-10-in-the-bible-the-seventh-angelAn illustration of a scene from Revelation Chapter 10 in the Bible the seventh angel gives a scroll to John.

They STILL do this –


Vatican Archives –


I think that it’s worth spending a few minutes on how does this work…especially because both the Brits and the Vatican employed the exact same tactic.


The Brits

Fabricating history and ‘ancient’ figures


Dr. Dee forms a good example for the Brits, one who is also in what is a key time frame here. I mentioned this article of mine earlier, which you really need to read the whole thing to get the magnitude of just what blatant liars these people are, but I’m just going to boil it down for you here in order to just give you an idea of how it was done.

By 1573, Sir Francis Walsingham was running the first British spy network from England, bringing a man colorfully referred to as  Dr. Dee there as well. Dr. Dee reported a method of writing ciphers and secret codes for “magical” purposes, to William Cecil, who asked him to find a way to adapt it for secret communications, which he did and this was passed to Walsingham to be used by his secret agents. This was the beginning of hiding intelligence work as being “occult” or “magical stories”.

Fairy Tales, basically, but they were simply following in the footsteps of Pope Nicholas V who, among being the Pope that legitimized slavery, burning of women, and who was obsessed with obtaining information about ‘special powers’ and the occult, but you may not realize just how sympatico – and similar – the Brits were to him.

Human slavery, despite all the flowery protestations of “humanism” trying to distract you, was also the cornerstone of the fledgling British Empire. That term itself, British Empire, having been coined by slavemaster agent Dr. John Dee.

Dr. Dee was one of the main front-men for faking documentation, history, and inventing “myths” and “legends” to be used to legitimize Elizabeth’s queenship, as well as whatever else Cecil wanted to manipulate and propagandize in order to achieve the Slavemaster’s goals. Pope Nicholas V had created an entire library, with writers that he had HIRED to invent entire histories and all manner of things the Church could use to force their world view onto others.

In regards to Dr. Dee’s exercises along this line, Peter Christensen describes it wonderfully in his scholarly essay

Dee … his support of the Tudor political tactic of legitimation through recourse to Welsh legends, including so-called lost manuscripts that probably never existed but which were used by writers specifically to be present only through their absence. In Renaissance literary studies, Dee has been connected with the Welsh Elizabethan myth expanded by Edmund Spenser in The Faerie Queene. Furthermore, he knew Sir Philip Sidney and the circle of intellectuals around Elizabeth’s favorite, Robert Dudley.


The use of Myths (later to be called Fairy Tales) to forward political propaganda began right here in time, with William Cecil and John Dee. As part of a method of political conversion (and subversion) when engaged in taking over someone else’s home (country), myths and occult were part of what I call Step 1. This process would, of course, become more polished and perfected over the centuries but its antecedents here in Elizabethan times would hold true.

For a much more complete description of this, please see my article “Tell a lie and find a truth.” – the Slavemaster Way but basically, the British slavemasters would send someone into “the people”, in pubs, gathering-places, and what have you. The person would listen to local drunken songs, stories, sayings, and idioms. Particular themes or snippets would be chosen, and then woven into an entire history, or even a “religion”, always based in antiquity, which would then be fed back to these very same people as their “legacy”.

Rhetoric had begun being taught as part of “humanism” (aka the New Learning) education. What’s interesting about that is that it’s basically how to lie.

Declamatio is a rhetorical device (a technique) that began to be a favorite of men such as Dee and Cecil. This technique invents a character of the past and further invents things said and done by the ancient fictitious character. Moses and Socrates are examples, they never really existed.

By the mid-1500’s, Queen Elizabeth wanted (Robert Cecil wanted, really) England to dominate the profits from trading humans, and to do that, they needed to take it away from Spain which they accomplished in 1568 and then their slave trade really took off.

In order to increase the profits from this venture, they needed more colonies (which means they needed more people to go there) ergo with that achieved, these additional or expanded colonies would then be needing more slaves to work the plantations, these same slaves could be traded for more goods. See how they think? They were using these people exactly like the Catholic Nesilims – no difference.

Dr. Dee helped to re-characterize what they were doing to people by inventing the slogan for England that they were the “light of the world…and then he invented an entire fake history concerning overpopulation that was spread around to ‘inspire’ people to willingly want to leave England and go to one of the new colonies.

In addition, he created another fake history, complete with forged documents etc., to try and have it be believed that Queen Elizabeth held dominion over a vast territory covering most of the Northern Hemisphere – they were arguing with Spain over ‘rights’ to America at the time – and Dee argued that since the “British Ocean” was part of the British Empire, foreign countries could only enter it for the purposes of trade but had no right to extract commodities such as fish from the waters and ore and minerals from land!

Reference used – Discourse on History, Geography, and Law: John Dee and the Limits of the British Empire, 1576-80, Canadian Journal of History, April 1, 2001, Ken MacMillan.


This is where you first get the Domination of the Seas idea occurring, one that would continue to be asserted all the way down into the 20th century! (See U.S. Senator Borah “Freedom of the Seas” speech)

Dee also spun the rather flimsy story of “the Tudor Lineage”, where he “traced” it back to 15th century declamatio Kings and  “heroes” such as the Trojan hero Brutus – and we already know where that history came from the spurious and undocumentable Berossus. Dee spiced things up with “histories” of King Arthur, stories, and the Welsh Prince Madoc – whose name he had literally pulled from a song he heard in a pub from a drunken man.

The same purpose as the “overpopulation” stories he was busy fabricating, Dee was trying to gain the support of the English and Welsh (to spend money and people on colonization efforts) by telling the story that King Arthur and Prince Madoc had gone on an expedition over the North Pole – or some such – and had discovered America hundreds of years earlier.

Standard (as I see them) declamatio tactics were used. For example, there is an alleged “letter” telling Dee all this, which rather conveniently absolved him of being the source.

Dee cites that he “received” on April 20, 1577 (from Gerardus Mercator) a letter of the so-called King Arthur expedition.

This myth, came actually from a conveniently dead person, and was “found” just in time for Dee’s book. The document (that Dee and friends created) was titled as being by Humphrey Lhoyd, “The historie of Cambria now called Wales”.*

Like Nicholas V had commissioned a century earlier, Dee resorted to inventing (and using already invented) “big names” of antiquity to shore up Cecil’s plans to have an “earlier claim” over America than Columbus and the Spaniards. It was in this book, incidentally, that Dee presented the coined term, the British Empire  – an empire that strangely enough? Included a sizable portion of the North American continent.

How serendipitous, right? Just like he was PAID to do.

In this main article I go into a number of examples of the excuses that the Catholics and the British use to try and disguise why there are NO documents FROM these ‘ancient’ time periods whatsoever, that they are “citing” all in order to shore up their Declamatio histories and make them sound like they are more real.

Typically, the excuse is that the documents were ‘lost’, ‘burned’, wars, floods, acts of god, the donkey cart overturned and caught fire, etc.

Do you know what Dee’s excuse was as to why there were no records to prove the King Arthur expedition/claim to North America?

He lies and says that there once were many proofs of Arthur’s conquests, but…

willfully and wickedlie (as by sondrie credible gentlemen I have heard it testefied), this Polijdor burnt [them], yea a whole carte load almost.

– “Brytanici Imperii Limites,” British Library Additional MS 59681 p. 53


See? They were all burned. A whole cartload even!

That explains it perfectly.

Vincent - are we having fun yet

Isn’t that interesting though? Like I said in the main article, they have been using the same dang lies of war, fire, flood, to both hide real documents or explain missing (never existed) ones, for hundreds of years!

They also both (the Brits and the Catholics) have similar excuses for how come they suddenly ‘find’ supposedly ancient documents. It’s literally on the order of they kicked over a stone, moved something in an attic somewhere, and voila! There was this amazing cache of documents!


The problem is they are usually documents they just forged.

Finishing up our British example here  –

Robert Cecil, the spymaster, and his hired propagandist Dr. Dee are a good British example of “the ancient-looking scroll delivering the wisdom of the ages” tactic to control and dominate other people’s countries and populations (including their own) .

The concurrent, and I do mean literally at the same time, example going on with the Catholics can be found in the ‘history’ of Confucianism that the Jesuits invented as part of their attempts to take over India, China, and Japan – their first ‘missions’ they were sent on actually.

To understand that properly requires a bit more context, but before we go into the Jesuit side of things here let’s have a bit of a review.

Look at the opening quote of this section again.

Jesuit Marching orders –

Be sure that you are informed in every respect of all that is known of the history of those kingdoms.

Gaining the Heart of Prester John: Loyola’s Blueprint for Ethiopia in Three Key Documents by Matteo Salvadore


Beginning to see what that actually meant now?


The Catholics

Fabricating history and ‘ancient’ figures

Just like the Brits, the Catholic Jesuit ‘priests’ wanted to become informed in all aspects of a countries history in order to figure out how to control, direct and divert the history of those they wished to conquer. All in order to line up with their interests, of course.

That quote I called ‘marching orders’ came from hard evidence, from one of three key (and very real and not imaginary or ‘lost’) documents all authored by Ignatius Loyola, one of the main founders of the Jesuits in 1539.

The documents were authored between 1553 and 1556, putting them within less than a decade from when we see the same kind of tell-people-our-version-of-their-history tactics simultaneously put to use by the Brits.

The Loyola documents laid out the blueprint for the Society’s second big geographical ‘mission’ – which was to Ethiopia – but the documents are based on what had already been practiced and attempted (and failed) in China, just a year earlier.

The first document, entitled Information for His Highness on the people of our Company who seem to be suitable for the kingdoms of Prester John (henceforth Information), is a letter that Loyola dispatched to King João III (1521–1557) in 1553. It contains extensive recommendations regarding the fathers to be selected for the mission and, in particular, the appointment of the Patriarch and the succession process.

Summaries and translations of all 3 documents to english are here.

Appendix: Gaining the Heart of Prester John: Loyola’s Blueprint for Ethiopia in three Key Documents

PDFs of the 3 original document scans –

All Jesuit missions had a particular strategy that Loyola began instructing his followers in – that he had learned from the slavemasters in the Catholic church as their protege’ – it wasn’t his idea really, it had actually begun (with a vengeance) with Pope Nicholas V.

Primarily geared towards the elites, Loyola’s instructions make clear that the fathers were expected first and foremost to make inroads with the Ethiopean ruler and his ‘nobles’, thereby implementing the top-down strategy that would become the Jesuit trademark.

The slavemaster principle being employed here was that of courting the target society’s elites first in the hope that their conversion would trickle down to “the masses” through either emulation or prescription.

The reason, or rather the significant change in strategy here, had to do with the failures in India and Japan of one of the original founders of the Society named Francis Xavier. Most people don’t know that, having been given a false picture of Xavier as some sort of ‘saint sent from heaven’ for more than 400 years now.

I’ll be talking in far more detail about Xavier in a minute, but basically the previous strategy that ‘worked’ in Europe had been the whole “I’m poor and pious” routine, but that failed miserably in other countries. Quite the opposite effect as intended, in other words.

I have briefly mentioned that in this exact same time period there had been invented a “New Learning”, which among other things taught Rhetoric (corollary is the Jesuit teachings on Sub-Understanding) and which relied on what was called the Declamatio tactic to create pretended legitimate histories out of total fantasy (corollary is Nicholas V hiring writers to create most of what is now part of the Bible, including false histories and people and fantastical stories like the ones in Revelations)

The second document, Instructions which may help to bring the kingdoms of Prester John into union with the Catholic faith and Church (henceforth Instructions) was authored in 1554, shortly after the decision to appoint João Nunes Barreto (1520–1568) as Patriarch of Ethiopia.

You can read much more about that second ‘mission’ of the Jesuits, in my article: Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science but basically that document is the longest and most detailed of the three and can certainly (and rightly) be called Loyola’s strategic plan of how to bring Ethiopia into the Slavemaster (Catholic) fold.

It is in this document that we find the “education” blueprint and instructions, which also match exactly what the British were doing with the “New Learning” at the time.

Check out this part of the translation of this Document 2 – Instructions and notice the system being used

It would be a great help for the complete conversion of those lands, both at the beginning and throughout the rest of the time, to open a large number of elementary schools there, and secondary schools and colleges, for the education of young men, and even of others who may need it, in Latin and in Christian faith and morals. This would be the salvation of that nation.

For when these youngsters grow up, they would be attached to what they have learned in the beginning and to that in which they seem to excel their elders. Before long the errors and abuses of the aged would lapse and be forgotten.

If it appears hard to the people of that kingdom, habituated as they are to their old ways, to see their children properly trained, think about the advisability of Prester John’s sending abroad a large number of those who have talent.

A college could be opened in Goa and, if circumstances called for it, another in Coimbra, another in Rome, another in Cyprus, on the opposite side of the sea.

Then, armed with sound Catholic teaching, they could return to their lands and help their fellow countrymen.

Gaining the Heart of Prester John: Loyola’s Blueprint for Ethiopia in Three Key Documents by Matteo Salvadore


Please note that the entire reason for elementary schools, secondary and college is to enforce their plans upon the youth of any culture – this includes Britain, this includes America later on.

For another, note the real reason for sending away one’s children to college somewhere other than where they live is part of breaking the ties to their parents – those “habituated as they are to their old ways” parents who would interfere, you understand.

Take a look at this part of the document now –

…give him [King of Ethiopia] to understand that there is no hope of salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church, and whatever she determines about faith or morals must be believed if one is to be saved. If you succeed in convincing Prester John of this general truth, you have already gained many particular points which depend on this fundamental truth and which can little by little be deduced from it.

Gaining the Heart of Prester John: Loyola’s Blueprint for Ethiopia in Three Key Documents by Matteo Salvadore


Both the Brits and the Popes, through their respective agents and mouthpieces, were promoting the exact same idea.

The Popes – We are the ‘Light of God‘. Therefore you must believe us and do what we say…
The Brits – We are the “Light of the World“. Therefore you must believe us and do what we say…

The two propaganda campaigns are less than twenty years apart, so this is no accident nor coincidence.

What does the ‘light’ mean, what are they both using as the main vehicle?


A very loaded word with these people but one which needed some sort of foundation in order to slip in all those false ideas they wanted to propagate.

Therefore, the foundation needed to be set on the distant past to try and shore up both the Popes and the Brits claims to be the light to be believed. Since neither of them had any history whatsoever that would support their claims to fame and power, they both needed to fabricate one.

One reason they both chose to set themselves up as ‘experts’ on history – including in other countries – especially ancient history, is because it was, or so they thought, ‘safe’ ground.

History that was delivered ever so authoritatively, and sometimes in whispered ‘secrets’ they figured people were so desperate to know the truth, so interested, that if they could keep them distracted with just enough truth?

No one would question or bother going after disproving their claims.

They figured even if they did – they would simply imprison, torture, or simply disappear them  by death or being sold into slavery to some other part of the world.

Quite the criminal conspiracy, wasn’t it?

It is still going on in modern times, just under a different form. Mental health ‘treatment’ – because one’s ideas are deemed ‘insane’, shunning, online campaigns to discredit the person as mentally ill, a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and so on.

With, of course, some truly idiotic people fostered and planted to set an ‘example’ of how only crazy people would even question such things as I do here.

You could quite accurately call it a modernized form of the Inquisition.

On that note, let’s see what dear old Mr. Saintly here was really up to.


Francis Xavier

the first Jesuit missionaire

1 – Who did he work for?


For forty-five years the Jesuits were the only missionaries in Asia.

In the 15th century, the Portuguese explored the sea route to India and Pope Nicholas V enacted the Papal bull Romanus Pontifex which allowed for Pope’s patronage (which meant money and support) of the forcible conversion of the peoples of Asia to Christianity.

In the same library article that I pulled from about Dr. Dee, it also goes into some detail about what this Papal bull was actually authorizing.


Pope Nicholas V mentor was Pope Eugene IV, an extremely corrupt man who lived a life full of sadistic debauchery.

It was under Eugene that the European slave-trading of Africans began with “fees” enriching the Catholic Church, utilizing the Portugeuse as the slave-traders.

Important note: It was when Sigismund of Germany, was crowned the Emperor of the German Holy Roman Empire by Eugene IV in 1433, that the double-headed eagle symbol of the Nesilim/Catholic Church became associated with Germany.

*See Scientology Roots, Chapter 5, Actual Jewish History for much more about who the Nesilim were.


It was in 1441 that the Portuguese captains Antão Gonçalves and Nuno Tristão captured 12 Africans in Cabo Branco (modern Mauritania) and take them to Portugal as slaves.

By 1444, the Portugeuse had formed a company for human-trafficking of all the enslaved Africans. The company was founded by Lançarote de Freitas, a tax-collector from the Portuguese town of Lagos. On 8 August he landed 235 kidnapped and enslaved Africans in Lagos, this was the first large group of African slaves brought to Europe.

Pope Eugene became ill from sexual diseases, and as he lay dying he nominated Cardinal Piccolomini (Nicholas V real name) as his successor. In March 1447 he was elected Pope.

Just five years later, Nicholas V legalized the enslavement of African “infidels” with the resulting human-trafficking profits “fees” continuing to go to the Catholic Church.

He issued “Dum Diversas” (18 June 1452) authorizing King Alfonso V of Portugal to:

attack, conquer, and subjugate Saracens, pagans and other enemies of Christ wherever they may be found.


What this means is –

ANY non-Christians were now reduced to the status of slaves.


That same year Nicholas V had his Dominican Inquisitor Nicholas Jacquier “confirms” witchcraft as heresy in Flail Against the Heresy of Witchcraft thereby justifying European witch-hunts. This began the burning of over 200,000 people over the next two hundred years – mostly women – on the charge of Witchcraft.

Horrifically, this Nicholas Jacquier was made a Saint later on, which, did you know…meant that he was forgiven for any evil acts that he had done?

“Under Article 64.6 of the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) by Special Qualification shall be known as a Saint, with all sins and evil acts they performed forgiven.”

Interesting side trip –

A text called The Flagellum haereticorum fascinariorum (The Lash of Heretics who Fascinate [Enchant]) is attributed to Jacquier as supposedly written in 1458, but I find that highly questionable since it only first appeared almost 130 years after the fact, and in Germany in 1581.

This book is actually a collection of different works by different authors, and the text by Jacquier I believe is an entirely different work than the ‘Flail‘ that Nicholas V commissioned Jacquier to write in 1452. My proof I offer for that is that this ‘Flail’ writing was a continuation of the same view that Nicholas V mentor, Eugenius IV, had begun presenting in his Two Letters on the Pressing Danger (of a ‘new sect’ of ‘diabolical witches’).

What Eugenius was referring to was actually based on the bitch-box complaint that through having normal sexual relations, women were ‘stealing’ men away – from what I call the Catholic Harem of Men – with their ‘voluptuous carnality’.

They were literally accused of ‘bewitching’ them through their evil vaginas – evil as opposed to the anal sex and blowjobs that the Catholics held up to their men as the ‘thing’ to do.

Too many men were finding that sex with independent-minded and passionate women was a thousand times better than the piss-poor substitute they were subjected to among the ‘men of God’. The raillery and bitching and cursing about it was very much like what happened in what I believe is a much more accurate story about the Garden of Eden.

So please note well –

Slavery and burning ‘witches’ began with Pope Nicholas V.


But his mentor Eugenius IV had laid the foundation, having issued a ‘papal bull’ in 1437 that authorized all ‘inquisitors’ to prosecute people for sorcery, which including anyone healing anyone, weather-change prediction, and adoration of ‘demons’ – people whom they could converse with telepathically. That particular hate comes actually out of fear of the Ancients, who, as Hopi Legend described: ‘felt as one and understood one another without talking.’

Note: They also kicked their butts up one side and down the other, a truth which has managed to survive despite a book burning campaign to end all book burning campaigns – in just one fragmentary document called The Origin of The World.

Although Eugenius hadn’t yet acted on the ‘new diabolical sect’ they were so deathly afraid of, Nicholas V finished that off for him in 1451 when he specifically authorized the head inquisitor of France to prosecute diviners and to punish those who spoke ill of Eugenius’s bull as ‘rebels’.

This was just before Nicholas Jacquier’s Flail in 1452.

Now, besides continuing to go after ‘witches’ with a vengeance and legalizing slavery of anyone who won’t become a Christian, that same year Nicholas V crowned German Frederick III as Emperor of the House of Hapsburg in St Peter’s in Rome in March 1452, in what was the last imperial coronation there. In 1448, Frederick entered into the Vienna Concordat with the Pope, which remained in force until 1806 and regulated the relationship between the Habsburgs and the Holy See.

And again, that same year –

Nicholas V ordered Frederick III (who was a homosexual) to marry the daughter of King Edward of Portugal to further cement the Catholic “empire” against their “enemies”. Frederick did as ordered, he married the 18-year-old Infanta Eleanor. She was basically sold to him, in exchange for his allegiance her sizable dowry allevated his debts and cemented his power.


Three years later, further confirming his love of torture, death, and human-trafficking to enrich and empower himself and his buddies, Nicholas V issued Romanus Pontifex on January 8, 1455, which sanctioned the purchase of black slaves from “the infidel”.

What was the excuse Nicholas gave for this human-trafficking?

“… many Guineamen and other negroes, taken by force, and some by barter of unprohibited articles, or by other lawful contract of purchase, have been … converted to the Catholic faith, and it is hoped, by the help of divine mercy, that if such progress be continued with them, either those peoples will be converted to the faith or at least the souls of many of them will be gained for Christ.”

For their ‘success’ along these lines, Nicholas V then rewarded the Portuguese with a trade monopoly for newly discovered areas.

That trade – such an innocuous word – included human-trafficking, you understand.

After Vasco da Gama arrived in India in 1498, the “trade” became prosperous – with the Catholic Church taking their large cut – however, the Portuguese were not having much success with converting the natives.

Said with tongue firmly planted in cheek, one can’t imagine why that would be.

The people didn’t cotton to being made slaves and having their societies ruined by the European Disease – as Thomas Jefferson referred to it?

How perplexing.

ill try to restrain myself 2


Francis Xavier

the first Jesuit missionaire

2 – India and the Thomas Christians


After four decades of this ‘unconscionable resistance’ by the peoples of Asia, the Catholic Church decided to take a far more aggressive stance with the stated goal “to open Asia for all Catholics.”

This is what the Jesuits were recruited (and formed) to do – India being included as part of ‘Asia’ in their view of the world.

You might not be aware of that as part of formulating their sneakier tactics on how to go about this, that they covertly studied (and using an undercover agent) the success of the Thomas Christians in India.

It was particularly Xavier that formulated Jesuit missionary methods from this information.

To illustrate how duplicitous that was, you need to understand 1. how much the Catholics hated the teachings of Thomas and anyone who followed them, and 2. what were those teachings.

Starting with point 2 first –

The gospel – which means authoritative proclamation of undeniable truth – of Thomas is one of the few places that one can find some actually half-way decent knowledge, no scary ‘hell’ or other crap, just some amazingly plain words communicated.

Of course, referring to it as Gospel would never have been what Thomas himself called it because the word didn’t even show up as such until around the 1400’s. So, even calling it the “gospel of Thomas” is a lie in and of itself.

The works of Thomas actually has to do with someone’s use of the pseudonym Didymos Judas Thomas, it meant ‘twin of Yeshua”. He is often regarded as the Patron Saint of India, and the name Thoma remains quite popular among the Thomas Christians of India.

One of the more interesting truths that the Thomas Christians were teaching in India was that:

The Pharisees and the scribes have received the keys of knowledge, (but) they have hidden them.

Why would they do that, and what were some of these ‘keys’?

Well, one of them happens to be a prevailing central point in a majority of dominant ancient cultures – that humans actually possess two souls which could separate upon death.

This is one hundred percent true, and is what Thomas declared was the meaning to the admonition of Yeshua/Jesus “to make the two, one again.”

This was a very hated point by the Catholics such as Xavier, so let’s have a closer look.

Actual quotes – different translations from The Gospel of Thomas Fragments from Oxyrhynchus

  • “If two make peace with one another in one and the same house, (then) they will say to the mountain: ‘Move away,’ and it will move away.”
  • If two make peace with each other in this one house, they shall say to the mountain: Be moved!— and it shall be moved.
  • “When you make the two into one, you will become sons of man. And when you say: ‘Mountain, move away,’ it will move away.”

The ‘house’ is the physical body where the two spirits reside. One creates/runs the body, the other lives life using the body.

In today’s society, most people won’t even consider there’s another full personality, independent in its own right, to whom their body actually belongs.

Thomas writings –

“Woe to the flesh that depends on the soul. Woe to the soul that depends on the flesh.”

The two spirits are not acting in aware union in other words. With the exception that sometimes under extreme circumstances (lifting cars off people, etc.) you can get a glimpse of what it could be like from those examples.

To operate aware and united was the original state of man and ‘the ancients’, and the reward for bringing this state back into full operation was clearly spelled out in Thomas Christians writings:

Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings shall not taste death.

The heavens will roll up before you, and the earth. And whoever is living from the Living One will not see death.

Clearly, the leaders and founders of the Catholic Church are (and were) unbelievably evil to have lied to Mankind by telling them, in oh so many ways and covertly authored writings, to be against the body; that it is evil and the source of sin and that the best thing to do is die and go off to la-la land never to be seen again (heaven).

The Catholic Christians, from which all versions of ‘the bible’ descend from, their entire ‘religion’ is founded upon two things. They need there to be death. They need there to be suffering.

All their so-called ‘charitable works’ completely depend on death and suffering.


Never forget that, because the last thing people like that would want is a united body-soul-spirit who cannot be easily killed (and therefore cannot be stopped or shut up by them by their usual methods).

It was the ‘Thomas Christians” in India, who were doing their best to try and accomplish the two-as-one again, and they also were working on being able to operate as what the Hopi Indians called ‘the first people’ did.

‘felt as one and understood one another without talking.’

Otherwise known as telepathy.

We already know that by 1437,  the Catholic Church (under Pope Eugenius IV) was gearing up to torture and kill especially women who even vaguely demonstrated that capability – characterizing it as ‘adoration of demons’.

Is it any surprise that, much like the clearly more accurate story of Eve and ‘god’, the Catholic Church (along with their counterparts in the British nobility) have continued right up to this day to persecute those that speak of telepathy as true and not under ‘God’s’ control?

Don’t believe me? I have proved it.

Please see –

  • For Researchers – The DSM’s of Psychiatry (II through V) – including WHEN they Categorized Telepathy And Clairvoyance (Remote Viewing) as Mental Illness aka Schizophrenia – this may be THE most criminal and hypocritical conspiracy that you may ever see. Documented with their own books, it has continued for over thirty years of so-called “diagnosis” and “criteria” that they KNEW was false.

— — —

The fact is, that there was initiated a great gathering, a spiritual community of people that is said to have once stretched from Egypt across the countries now referred to as Palestine and Israel, into Syria and extending to the south of India, and the above is some of what was being taught.

Regarding my point 1: how much the Catholics hated the Thomas Christians, what you probably don’t know about is the lengths that were gone to in order to try and completely eliminate any record of these teachings.

Every known item of literature was burnt.

The desire to extinguish any trace of that knowledge was so ruthless, so thorough, that only faint traces of it remained for centuries, until the 20th century discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts.

Even up til today, some supposed ‘scholars’ still spread the lie that this was all merely legend because there is no written claim.

Considering their propensity for inventing complete fabrications of history, with the same ‘no written claim’ idea applicable to their crap? That’s not just disingenuous, it’s downright dishonest and probably motivated by nothing better than petty jealousy at best.

The bottom line is that their lies are to be viewed as historical fact, whereas the truth is now dismissively waved off as ‘myth and legend’.

Mighty slanted logic, if you ask me.

Why did the Catholics hate the Thomas Christians so much?

I think we can get a good glimpse of that in this part of Thomas teachings from the 5th text of Codex II – the story of Origin of the World (aka “The Untitled Text”; Nag Hammadi library.

In this post are a number of excerpts that tell a quite different version of the Garden of Eden, especially about Eve, Adam, and their friends as opposed to “god” and his rulers/angels.

Remember how the Thomas text talked about that the Pharisees and scribes had been given the keys of knowledge, but had hidden them?

Well, the following excerpt from Origin of the World expands on that a bit more – about how the ‘lords’ solution was to keep the actual truth of their weakness and inferiority from the people – especially of the superior powers of Eve and her friends.

…When a multitude of human beings had come into existence, through the parentage of the Adam who had been fashioned out of matter, and when the world had already become full, the rulers were master over it – that is, they kept it restrained by ignorance.

The text then goes on to point that how easy this was to completely derail –

…but when the perfect appeared in the forms modelled by the rulers, [human] and when they revealed the incomparable truth, they put to shame all the wisdom of the gods. And their fate was found to be a condemnation. And their force dried up. Their lordship was dissolved. Their forethought became emptiness, along with their glory.

I think there was distinct sarcasm by the writer visible there in that word I underlined – wisdom – because clearly their ‘wisdom’ was, (like the ‘wisdom’ the British nobility and Catholic slavemasters offered the world) totally baseless and as flimsy as castles-in-the-air.

If you were a lying con-artist (and wanted to continue to be) and if you were truly pathetic in comparison to such people as the Thomas text describes – what would be your attitude towards people that could dethrone you any time they wanted to?


You’d hate them out of a jealousy so profound, that it would literally eat you alive.

And so it was with the Catholics…

image by Virginia


Francis Xavier

the first Jesuit missionaire

2 – Mission to Goa, India: First Jesuit in India


Though Loyola initially selected others for the task, Xavier stepped in when a fellow priest became ill. He left Rome on March 15, 1540.

Xavier landed on May 6, 1542, on the Malabar Coast, at Maliankara near Cranganore (Kodungallur).


Which happens to have been directly opposite the first main Thomas Christians church.


Village were Xavier started his ‘work’ –


Outwardly, Xavier’s rather Pavlovian conversion process consisted of going after poor children (and thereby the parents) by ringing a bell to summon the children and the idle. Then, using little songs that the children loved to sing, under the guise of ‘play and fun’ he covertly instructed them in Catholic doctrine such as the Apostles’ Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Our Father, and other common prayers.

Then, when people expressed simple faith in the creed, he baptized them. They were then rewarded with bags of rice supplied by the Portugeuse Colonial government. Bribed to be Catholic….

As you can imagine, soon other villagers were ‘converting’ in order to get their bag of rice. Despite this supposed conversion, the people really didn’t actually convert – they just said they did to get their bags of rice. Many newly converted Indians continued to practice their old religion in secret.

Meanwhile, this wasn’t his real goal, he was also focused on trying to worm his way in with the ruling class, or ‘high caste’ in India, by offering good positions in the Portuguese colonies for the middle class and military support for local rulers.

Allegedly, the original Thomas who taught such things as the Dual Spirits in one body, etc., had sought out the Brahmins as well as other ‘lower’ classes in India.

But where Thomas had succeeded magnificently, Xavier, the copy-cat, failed miserably despite trying for three years.

His overt and covert efforts at selling the the high-caste Brahmins on the insane tripe that Catholicism was were resoundingly slapped down and even his converts weren’t really converts at all.

Finally, after 3 years, Xavier began trying to excuse his own failures at actually converting anybody by saying that the Thomas Christians (and the Brahmins who revered him) were a “threat to the purity of Christian belief.”

King João (John) III of Portugal


St. Francis Xavier, in a 1545 letter to King João (John) III of Portugal, requested an Inquisition to be installed in Goa. He agreed, only he and the Vatican didn’t quite get around to it until 15 years later in 1560.

Such calls for the deployment of violent means were not an exception in Jesuit history. In the 1560s, another Jesuit pleaded to King Sebastião I for similar interventions in China, Brazil, and Angola! (See Beccari, Relationes et Epistolae Variorum, vol. 10, 332–334.)

Apparently, mister saintly here (Xavier) was very much on board with the whole torture-them-into-submission idea, because in an interview to an Indian newspaper, historian Teotónio de Souza stated that Francis Xavier and Simão Rodrigues, another founder-member of the Society of Jesus, were together in Lisbon before Francis left for India. Both were asked to assist spiritually the prisoners of the Inquisition and were present at the very first Auto-da-fé celebrated in Portugal in September 1540, at which 23 were absolved and two were condemned to be burnt, including a French cleric.

The Inquisition that Xavier had asked for had as its supposed main object: the eradication of heresy.

What this was really about was de-powering the high-caste Thomas Christians who had correctly refused the nutter Catholics crazy ideas. It formed a convenient method of confiscating property and enriching the Catholic Church.

This is why they first started off with high ranking Saraswat Brahmin Hindus who held the land and riches – especially the ones whose ancestors were the original Thomas Christians were branded heretics.

The first method used was to go around finding anyone riding in a palanquin (a chair carried by attendants), capturing them and then and forcing them to undergo the brutal inquisition.

Of course, as is typical with the Catholics, these Inquisition proceedings were secret.

As I have always suspected, the other goal (and perhaps the far more important one) for this Inquisition was to steal as many ancient Sanskrit and Malayalam Vedic texts on Science, Medicine and Mathematics as they could find. This way, they could then control both Indian history and what these peoples religion supposedly was, by feeding back or planting their versions of both – which is exactly what happened.

Both the British and the Vatican were on board for that lovely piece of utter duplicity, establishing our precedent for when all these versions of history that we now have actually began being fabricated – which happens to be the same time period that the Bible was fabricated interestingly enough.

A special target of this ‘collection’ process were the copper plates that Thomas is said to have received from the King of Malabar, the Cheruman Perumal. In Kerala in the Middle Ages royal charters on privileges were written on copper plates, generally in Grandha or Vattezhuttu (literally, “round script”) characters.

The Inquisitors acquired the Thomas plates and disappeared them too.

– – –

More than 20000 people were brought under trial by this Inquisition in Goa.

Those accused of religious heresies were the prime targets of the death penalty, and there were ‘special’ Inquisition prisons for the offenders of religion. People who were sentenced in trial were tortured. If they didn’t die, they were forced to work in galleys and gunpowder factories for many years.

Jesuits Aleixo Dias Falcão and Francisco Marques chose the palace of Adil Shah, former ruler of Bijapur, to be a place where the Inquisition was conducted. It became known as the “palace of horror” aka the fearful Big House.

All that is left is the original gate –


Allegedly, they discovered that dismembering children limb by limb in front of their parents until they agreed to convert was ‘so effective’ that it became the most used method.

Understandably, the masses pretended to convert to Catholicism.

They were forced to take Portuguese surnames, given menial jobs, and made to become alcoholics by the introduction of Feni (a local brew made of Cashew and Coconut) by the Portugeuse Catholics.

The Inquisition had an adverse unintended consequence, the emigration of a large number of Portuguese from the Portuguese colonies who were sickened by what was going on. These people went on to seek their fortunes in the courts of different Indian kings, where their services were employed, usually as gunners or cavalrymen, which is a sort of poetic justice towards the Catholic marauders to be facing their own warriors in battle.

Alexis de Menezes, Archbishop of Goa from 1595 until his death in 1617, together with his Jesuit advisers, decided to finish off bringing the Thomas Christians to obedience, aka total and complete conformity to the Roman or ‘Latin’ customs.

In 1599 they held the Synod of Diamper (Udayamperur) where the Thomas Christians’ customs were officially anathematised as heretical and their manuscripts were condemned to be either rewritten with lies the Catholics wished them to say and if that was refused?

They were burnt.

In 2015, Pope Francis apologized for the “many grave sins” – no specifics, of course – committed by the Church against the indigenous people of South America while speaking in Bolivia. Before that, his predecessor, Pope John Paul II had apologized to the Muslims for the crusades and to the Jewish people for the anti-semitism of the Catholics that had aided the holocaust and for the involvement of the Church in African slave trade.

All of these apologies are a meaningless PR tactic, a show – just like everything else Catholic Popes have always done, saying one thing and doing another, like Pope Francis in the below image ‘praying’.

This is what he does –

Pope Francis prays during his general audience in St Peter's square at the Vatican on October 5, 2016. / AFP / VINCENZO PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

Yet, he makes no REAL reparation for anything the Catholic Church did, like, say for example, stripping themselves of all the billions of dollars in assets they stole from humanity, opening their archives to reveal just how evil they really are, and revealing just how much they have LIED ABOUT HISTORY.

But even still, there has yet to be even a show of an apology for what happened in India – by either the Brits or the Catholics.

A fact which has not been missed by these New York protesters in October, 2015, or this author in October 2016.


* * *

Francis Xavier

the first Jesuit missionaire

3 – Japan Fail – Xavier changes tactics

After Xavier’s spectacular failure in India, he left Goa for a while, studying other Asian areas and gathering intelligence. Then, he and his boss Loyola decided to change tactics, which, besides deciding to get even sneakier and more false as to what they were really up to, they decided to try and go after the ‘high class’ or ‘noblemen’ of a society first – thinking they could influence more people that way.

Xavier was then sent on mission to Japan.

True to their previous tactics, the Catholic slavemasters and their Kings-in-their-pocket had already tried to to bring what Thomas Jefferson called the European Disease to Japan, by arming the peasants on the island of Tanegashima (thereby introducing the first firearms to Japan in 1543).

The noblemen – the shoguns of Japan – had correctly identified the slimy skekses* nature of these people. Therefore, they had not exactly given them a warm welcome, hence the lets-foster-a-revolt by arming the peasants tactic.

*Skekses – character of the movie Dark Crystal

dark crystal skeksis vatican bank

This is the exact same tactic that the British slavemasters always employed and Thomas Jefferson nailed them to the wall accurately on that point as well.

…The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious* which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model.

*Flagitious – (of a person or their actions) criminal; villainous.

It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis*

*translation – “the enemy of the human race”
– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia
The complete letter is available here and here.


The new tactic of insinuating their poison into the top levels of government etc. was about to be tried on Japan. Xavier’s plan was to dress up and look like he was rich, bring presents and pay tribute to the Emperor and seek an audience with him, introducing himself as the Apostolic Nuncio.

What does Apostolic Nuncio mean? It means that he was the head of a diplomatic mission from the ‘Holy See’which means “Holy Chair”  aka the Pope.

This quite literally meant that Xavier was presenting himself as being ‘sent from God’, since the Popes claimed they had a direct line to God and his wishes.

Xavier left Goa on 15 April 1549, accompanied by Anjiro, two other Japanese men, Father Cosme de Torrès, and Brother João Fernandes. Four months later, on August 15 they landed at Kagoshima, Japan.

The first thing that he did was to arrange for the translation of any religious texts that existed.


So that he could co-opt them and begin lying about how they were really in alignment with/coming from Christianity – aka begin creating their bullshit version that they would turn around and instruct people in, figuring they wouldn’t know any better.

What always goes with, or comes out of this particular tactic is that sooner or later they will DESTROY any religious texts and replace them with their own fabricated ‘ancient’ versions.

Studying their history to ‘learn about their culture’- this is the first step in how they go about doing this, so mark this well, as this is how both the Catholics and the Brits operate to destroy any real history of the world that doesn’t agree with their self-aggrandizing and bullshit version.

That’s why Loyola included studying everything they could find of a culture’s history as part of Jesuit marching orders in his 1553 instructions – it is step one in their strategic plans for co-opting another country.

In modern parlance, we would call what Xavier was doing in this phase of his mission to Japan – intelligence gathering and preparation of propaganda.

Xavier did try, at first, to do the whole suffering, starving and penniless priest in service of God idea, but let’s just say that the Japanese weren’t going for it. They considered this a demonstration of failure to prosper and enjoy life, and rightly so.

You do realize that the whole reason in the first place for the Catholics creating that whole false image that its holy to be poor, homeless, and with no family ties – while their own coffers swell beyond imagining with the riches of those they murdered and enslaved – was to keep the people down. Keep them from taking care of their own life, prospering, and not needing the Church.

That is why.

As a Jesuit, and with many following in his footsteps, Xavier was, what we would call today, an arms dealer. Bet you didn’t know that, right?

Not only that, but he was the official ‘broker’ for all trade with Portugal, quite literally the Catholic church was trying to buy their way into conversion to Christianity by offering trade concessions and fostering war.

Now there’s a surprise…


The fact that Jesuits were essentially arms-brokers, is, I’m sure, not exactly something the Catholic church wants known especially because this sets a factual precedent for their continuing activities in this area leading right on up to the 21st century.


When Xavier first arrived at Kagoshima in 1549, the Buddhist priests well received him and his missionaries. The Buddhist were known to be very tolerant of teachers of new religious doctrine, having had many come from China and Korea before this.

The Abbot of the Shinshiu monastery in Kagoshima listened respectfully to his translator’s speeches, because Xavier did not at first make it readily apparent that he was talking about a different ‘God’ or power than Buddhism was, nor just how crazy Catholicism really was. An example is that he tried to lie to the Shingon monks that he was a ‘superior’ kind of Buddhist by using the word Dainichi for the Christian God.

But, like any agent sent to infiltrate, they must eventually DO what they were sent to do, in this case conversion.

Sure enough, in the face of frank and honest questioning of the beliefs he began presenting, Xavier and his men became more and more aggressive and revealed their crazed fanaticism and bitter intolerance.

An example of the questioning was concerning hell and eternal damnation. Xavier tried to have them believe that all their ancestors were living in hell because they weren’t Christian, and that the Japanese monks could save them if they converted. That didn’t exactly go over well, to put it mildly. They saw through that one fast, and rebutted, and devastatingly so, with that: a God who had created everything, including evil, could not be good!

Score one for the Shingon monks.

morticia - wink

That really stripped off Xavier’s mask of ‘goodness’.

Because it was a truth that he couldn’t get out of, his only answer was to resort to threatening them with eternal damnation, citing that anyone who didn’t worship the One God, the First Cause, would spend all eternity in hell. As you can imagine, this didn’t exactly ‘win’ the debate for him, and the Satsuma men (monks etc.) decided that shortly after Xavier did his first exit-stage-right, the man he left behind, Anjiro (the translator) should also get himself lost.

Note: Another thing that Xavier would have run smack right up against a brick wall on with particularly the Shingon monks, was the Catholic propaganda against the concept of ‘mastery of self’ BY self alone. This was an integral part of the Shingon belief system, a point which happens to be very true, and having that portrayed as evil (as Xavier also did) would have pretty much sealed the deal as to anyone taking Xavier seriously after that point.

Xavier’s next stop, his first sojourn in Yamiguchi, was such a failure that he was forced to abandon that too and travel to Kyoto, the capital, where he hoped to have more luck. At this point, he was still continuing his whole ‘poor, revered priest’ act, but during this trip he was trying to suck up to some merchants to help his odds at court, and to do so he had to hire himself out as a baggage-bearer to mounted merchants who made him run constantly to keep up.

A rather ignoble, but somehow fitting treatment of the man.

After two months, he arrived in Kyoto in January of 1551, still doing his poverty act which earned him nothing but contempt from all levels of Kyoto society, even though he tried street-preaching no one would even listen to him.

Again, very fitting for what this man was trying to foist off on people, much like street corner preachers today prophesizing the end of the world because of the devil and so on.


Just change the clothes to medieval monk robes, put the sign in Latin and there you go!

Xavier left Kyoto with his tail tucked between his legs, saying in a letter that: “having learned that the Dairi was only a monarch in name” and that the Shogun only commanded absolutely in another area (which wasn’t actually true) Xavier said that “it would be useless to obtain from him at great expense permission to preach through the whole of Japan since he was not the master of it.

Xavier decided to go back to Yamaguchi, but first he had to change his whole poor, pious priest act, as he realized this wasn’t working. He went to Hirado to get some better clothes and some ‘presents’, parading around now as some high-station wealthy person.

I doubt it comes as a shock to you now, that while Xavier got his new ‘act’ going, he had people whispering in various ears about the arms he could supply to certain favored daimyos (Japanese lords) and soon enough, the daimyo in Yamaguchi asked to see him.

This was Ōuchi Yoshitaka, a name greatly altered by many, many Catholic sources to be “Oshindono, ruler of Nagate” – look that up in google if you don’t believe me.

This is typical of both the Vatican ‘ambassadors’ and the British nobility tactics, they are forever altering names to suit their fake history timelines, for one thing, and they also employ that tact to confuse the sources of something as actually being them, such as renaming subjects, groups, organizations etc. with alarming regularity.

Yoshitaka was head of the Ōuchi clan, who were among the primary families to be involved in foreign trade and relations, particularly with China.

Now do you see why Xavier had targeted him specifically?

I thought you might.

Receiving an invitation, Xavier presented himself, offered him the letters from the King of Portugal and the Pope, and presents – a harpsichord, a clock, and other attractive objects.

Ōuchi Yoshitaka – head of the Ouchi clan, daimyo of Yamaguchi.


A considerable sum of gold and silver was offered for these but Xavier used that, the promise of Portuguese trade and some guns thrown in – which the Ouchi head really, really wanted, as the basis to request that in exchange, he be allowed to preach his new religion.

The request was granted and a proclamation was issued declaring that the Prince approved of the introduction of the new religion, and an empty Buddhist monastery was assigned as a residence.

However, word traveled fast amongst the monks, and the Bonsais – monks – went to the Ouichi and laid out very clearly and accurately that any further continuance of the Christian propaganda would be prejudicial to the domestic peace.

Xavier, hearing of this through his spies, had himself a complete hissy fit over it.

mad crying baby

When he got control of himself again, he had a plan.

Light-bulb-moment aha it must be true

A plan which doubtless involved much cackling and hand-rubbing going on as he conceived it, I’m sure.


What was the plan?

Xavier, using his few converts, questioned them and learned ‘the weak points’ of the various sects of monks and devoted all his effort to creating propaganda that he would then use the Japanese converts as his agents to attack their former priests (and teachers).

A black pr campaign, in other words. Not to mention a whole lot of divide-and-conquer going on there as well.

Xavier had his people going around Yamaguchi claiming that the monks were guilty of all kinds of ‘immoralities’, denouncing their beliefs as ‘superstitions’ and accusing them of ‘chicaneries’ in scathing terms.

The town of Yamaguchi was soon in an uproar, and the Ouichi began punishing some of these new-made Christians for their aggressive and disorderly conduct.

As history has proven, Xavier had made the classic mistake of instigating a black pr campaign when he and his associates and their fabricated religion themselves were blacker than black – opening the way for HIS religion being equally easily targeted.

And so the person thinking he was setting up the monks, was himself set up. You gotta love the irony there, because the Buddhists took Xavier down by simply using devastating logical on far more ‘weak points’ than he could easily distract from or shove under the rug.

And so, failing miserably for the third time, and after having finally received an invitation from the Prince in Bungo whom he thought they had some control over, Xavier was so enraged over being so publicly exposed as a charlatan that while in the process of running away from Yamaguchi to Bungo – he actually threatened Ouchi. He told him to ‘change his conduct or chastisement would soon overtake him.

That sounds like a threat…


As you will soon see, this supposedly prophetic chastisement would actually be a palace coup, so yes, it was most definitely a threat.

The prosperity of the Ouchi was such that earlier this year (1551), Yoshitaka had been made protector of the court, and in a bid to weaken the warlord Miyoshi Nagayoshi (who then occupied the capital of Kyoto) by August of 1551 they had successfully achieved moving just about all of Emperor Go-Nara’s court (excepting him and the ladies) to Yamaguchi.

Xavier had set fathers Torres and Fernandez with the task of encouraging Suye Harakuta, the chief vassel of Ouchi, to rise up against Ouchi and kill him – whispering in his ear that this ‘move’ of the court would undermine their standing and that Ouchi was ‘weak’.

Within less than two weeks after Xavier’s departure, Suye Harakuta revolted, Torres and Fernandez hid out while the town was fired and ‘overflowed with blood for the space of eight days” and on 30 September 1551 because of that all the court people had been massacred while under his protection – that was Xavier’s vicious plan, you see – Yoshitaka was forced to commit Seppuku at the Taine-ji Temple.

You know what that is? He had to kill himself with his own sword while the victors watched.

His death poem he composed prior said:

Both the victor
and the vanquished are
but drops of dew,
but bolts of lightning –
thus should we view the world.


Wait until you see what happened next, oh so conveniently….but first – Why was Xavier going to Bungo? (besides that he had to ‘get out of town’ at Yamaguchi)

Well, since the previous Prince of Bungo had been assassinated by poison (the same prince that Xavier’s assistant Pinto claimed he had cured of various illnesses but then after which mysteriously died) this had set the stage for what could be some nice absolute ruler-ship by someone that would hopefully make Xavier and Christianity official.

And…Xavier had received new orders.

In September of 1551, the orders (passed through Captain de Gama) were that he go ahead and go to the court of Bungo – which he had earlier finagled an invitation to through Pinto, dangling these strange new weapons – guns – as the point of interest.

Meeting up with De Gama, who had just brought in a load of guns, and a squad of 30 decked out Portuguse soldiers, they proceeded to make a splashy entrance into Funai (the capital). Xavier went all out this time. He decked himself out in a fine cassock, surplice, and stole, attended by 30 or so servants, all in their best clothes. Five of them bore on cushions valuable articles, including a portrait of Our Lady and a pair of velvet slippers, presenting the lie that these gifts had been solemn offerings to the ‘magnificent’ Xavier – all in order to falsely influence any onlookers with his ’eminence’.

The new daimyo (aka Prince) Otomo Yoshishige was only 23 years old and what he wanted most was GUNS and he was willing to do (or pretend to do) almost anything to get them.

See why Xavier, the religion-spreading arms dealer was going there?

Yoshishige, a sumurai warrior, was the eldest son of Ôtomo Yoshiaki. Yoshishige later shaved his head, became a Buddhist monk and took the name of Sambisai Sôrin, or Ôtomo Sorin in 1562.


Yoshishige showered attention on Xavier and allowed him to ‘teach’ – although Xavier himself spoke no Japanese – the principles of Christianity in order to get those guns he wanted so badly. Xavier should have noticed that the guy never converted to Christianity, even after two months of proselytizing by Xavier but apparently he was too taken in by the possibilities to notice the realities of that these were people that were far beyond his skills of sleights of hand mentally and his traveling-priest act.

Xavier had himself a bad case of stars-in-his-eyes over his own magnificence.

Meanwhile, the ‘rebels’ from Yamaguchi suddenly magically appeared at Funei and asked Haruhide, the younger brother of Yoshishige (whom Xavier was busy being a ‘confidante’ to) to become the daimyo in Yamaguchi, then taking the name of Ouchi Yoshinaga.

This was approved, and under him the “christian mission” was allowed for another seven years.

The document posted on the gate of the original Buddhist monastery, spread the lie (again) that he was practicing Buddhism!

This deed witnesseth that I have given permission to the priests who have come to this country from the Western regions, in accordance with their request and their desire that they may found and erect a monastery and house in order to develop the Law of Buddha“. 1

In exchange for getting Yoshishige guns and other ‘trade’, you understand.

However, Yoshishige’s wife and many of his more intelligent retainers and ministers, had immediately correctly assessed the covert and duplicitous true nature of Xavier’s mission.

They ardently opposed Christianity there in Funai, constantly embarrassing Xavier and his men by challenging their beliefs using reason and logic in fierce debates that Xavier kept losing. In retaliation (or maybe desperation) Xavier’s false mask began slipping, and as his failure to ‘win’ these debates continued, he and his men desecrated Buddhist and Shinto sites, walked the streets proclaiming how Buddha was a false god and only theirs was the true god – making things even worse for himself.

Then he went too far, he called Yoshishige’s wife Jezebel. If you know your bible it means he just called her a whore, a slut, and that she was in league with the Devil, and that’s exactly what he tried to convince Yoshishige and other members of the court that she was.

Ouch – that was a mistake.


But typical – check out this post for how they react when their ass gets handed to them by ‘a woman’.

After that nasty little display of intolerance and disrespect (following many others), exposed as the vicious, jealous and petty charlatan that all Catholic ‘leaders’ inherently were, Xavier again had to leave with his tail tucked between his legs.

Even his own bosses knew that he had done the unthinkable (exposed who the Catholics really are and what they are like) and just six weeks after he went to Funai and screwed that up too, in November of 1551 letters via Goa India ordered him to return.

On 20 November 1551, Xavier left Funai and all of Japan behind him like a thief slinking away into the night.

Where did he go?


That will be next, but first, a few points.

It is extremely important to note that at this time – neither the Japanese nor the Chinese had a ‘creation of the world’ theory, nor any doctrine of who ‘created’ them.

So, ANY book, ‘discovery of ancient writings’ or anything at all that attempts to portray that they did prior to this point?

Is a point-blank lie.

We now know who the sources had to be who perpetrated such hoaxes, as well. Just look to who ‘discovered’ or presents such ‘ancient wisdom’ first – and that’s the British and Vatican propagandists.

And only them.

Still smarting, obviously, from being shot down so badly on the point the Buddhist monks had made, which was:

You can see Xavier himself starting to try and sketch out the beginnings of this lie, in a letter by one of his men that said:

If there were really any one first Cause of all things, surely the Chinese, from whom they had adopted their religious systems, would not have been ignorant of it. For the Japanese defer to the Chinese as being first in wisdom and knowledge in all things, whether pertaining to religion or to the civil administration. Accordingly they (the people he was trying to convert) made many inquiries about this first Cause, as to whether it was good or bad, and whether the first Cause of good and of evil were one and the same.

Of course, the letter leaves out the specific aspect that the Japanese scholars nailed Xavier and his missionaries badly on this point – but you can clearly see he’s still trying to figure a way around it.

And what was that way he and his masters decided on ultimately?

To lie.

You could say that the Shingon Buddhist argument that: a God who had created everything, including evil, could not be good! was THE argument that spelled the doom of Xavier’s proselytizing in Japan.

This was so bad, that it is why the Vatican scribbling hired liars then inserted explanations and fabricated histories of why God allowed evil. You want to see some twisted logic? Read the sections of this post that go into that – such as this one, for example, where they Catholics had subsequently invented that it was the devil’s fault, not God’s:

Excerpted – (See the post for what references 1 and 2 are – they’re from specific official Catholic catechisms)

We already covered how the catechism tries to have it be believed that the “devil did it” (made suffering and death for man) –

God did not make death, and he does not delight in the death of the living. . . It was through the devil’s envy that death entered the world” (Wis 1:13; 2:24). 2

But…then there’s the one where God will “undo” this on the last day.

will raise it up on the last day. 1

So, if the devil is who did it, then God has nothing to do with stopping it. Can’t have it both ways.

You might be wondering what the heck is the excuse for supposedly allowing (as if he could choose to stop it if he wanted) the Fallen Angels to hold such power over men.

The new excuse –

The power of Satan…although his action may cause grave injuries – of a spiritual nature and, indirectly, even of a physical nature- to each man and to society, the action is permitted by divine providence which with strength and gentleness guides human and cosmic history. It is a great mystery that providence should permit diabolical activity, but “we know that in everything God works for good with those who love him.2

But why did God not prevent the first man from sinning? St. Leo the Great responds, “Christ’s inexpressible grace gave us blessings better than those the demon’s envy had taken away.”307 And St. Thomas Aquinas wrote, “There is nothing to prevent human nature’s being raised up to something greater, even after sin; God permits evil in order to draw forth some greater good. Thus St. Paul says, ‘Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more’; and the Exsultet sings, ‘O happy fault,. . . which gained for us so great a Redeemer!’2

That’s gotta go down in history as the worst and weakest excuse ever.

That is what they came up with, and do note – they backdated it and pretended some guy named Aquinas said it over three hundred years before Xavier was even in Japan. Probably yet another I-found-it-under-a-rock lost text…no doubt.

trying not to laugh

– – –

In closing this section, I’d like to point out that later, after almost thirty years of watching the Catholics trying to sell this crap and repeatedly catching them covertly fostering ‘rebellions’ against any Japanese leader who saw through them?

In 1587, Hideyoshi banished Christian missionaries from Kyūshū, and in 1588 he forbade ordinary peasants from owning weapons and started a sword hunt to confiscate arms.The swords were melted down to create a statue of Buddha – a pretty clear message to the Catholics.

This measure effectively stopped the ‘peasant’ revolts that were being fostered by the slavemasters, and by 1614 Christianity was all but eradicated in Japan.

* * *

Francis Xavier

the first Jesuit missionaire

4 – China and the End of Xavier


Xavier first returned to Goa, India in February of 1552.

After failing spectacularly in Japan, Xavier had been recalled to Goa in February 1552.

There, Xavier composed a ‘plan of attack’ (approved by the Pope and the King) that accidentally-on-purpose happened to explain his failures with the Japanese and the Thomas Christians etc.

Xavier and his bosses had decided that the ‘resistance’ found in the religious orders of the Japanese, and the rituals that had trained their minds in ‘bad ways’ – meaning they weren’t so easy to lie to or influence – had originated in China.

Therefore they needed to ‘go to the source’ to get a proper understanding (and then alteration of) of their ideas, get control of China, then turn around and re-propagate these fabricated stories as ancient and introduce THAT back into Japan.

Devious, as usual.

Xavier actually drafted a plan for the conversion of all of China and Japan, planning to do the old Nesilim routine of glorifying the idea an absolute ruler commanding absolute obedience to the Emperor of China – you can see where he was going with that.

Writing a letter to Ignatius Loyola, he said that one of the reasons for going to China is that ‘when the Japanese learn that the Chinese are adopting the Law of God they will lose faiths in their own sects more quickly.’ 2

He also wrote:

“I trust to pass thither this year (1552) and to penetrate to the Chinese King…And if the Chinese adopt the Christian religion the Japanese also will abandon the religions they have introduced from China.”

So now it’s China’s fault that he failed, see, it couldn’t possibly be because Catholicism is observable insane.

That’s quite an insight into how these people think.

Now that ‘the plan’ was all figured out, the dauntless-and-defiant (sarcastically speaking) Xavier was dispatched to China o April 25, 1552. He was accompanied by a Jesuit student, Álvaro Ferreira, a Chinese man called António, and a Malabar servant called Christopher.

For one reason, because the Emperor of China had closed the borders to foreigners – particularly Europeans

Yet never forget that these people were IMITATING the Chinese in order to gain their trust – otherwise known as infiltration, in intelligence parlance.

Some of the Chinese actually thought they were Buddhist monks from India, simply because they were wearing shapeless robes, hemp belts and tonsures, not knowing that this persona had actually been created in India by the Jesuits previously!

Tricky, eh?

In late August 1552, the Santa Cruz reached the Chinese island of Shangchuan, 14 km away from the southern coast of mainland China, near Taishan, Guangdong, 200 km south-west of what later became Hong Kong.

Xavier was not able to access the mainland because borders had been closed to foreigners, especially the Portueguse/Catholics. The Ming Emperor was not appreciative of their corruptive efforts such as tobacco smoking that they had spread from the Portuguese colony of Macau. In 1638 the Ming emperor had decreed any person trafficking in tobacco to be decapitated, but the decree proved ineffectual as the addiction to smoking spread within the court.

Please note that this marks the first wave of influencing governments and people through addictive substances, and forms a large part of the reason that the Chinese rulers began closing their borders.

Xavier cared nothing for what other people wanted to do with their countries, borders or no borders.

In a letter dated 22 October, 1552 Xavier wrote that although ‘the King of China had so stringently forbidden foreigners entrance into his terriroties without his express permission, we are determined to make our way into China at all costs‘.

By mid-November he had sent Álvaro Ferreira back to Rome with a letter saying that ‘a man had agreed to take him’ in exchange for a large sum of money. While waiting for the sum to be provided, he remained alone with Antonio on the island (Shangchuan).

It is in another letter dated November 13, that we see Xavier now blaming the whole Asia/China mission failures on ‘the Devil’, yet again clearly demonstrating that these Catholic leaders are not only unwilling to admit that it is their LIES and BEHAVIOR that is the problem, but that they are obsessive about inventing imaginary reasons to blame – like the Devil.

For the scientologists (or ex) who may be reading this, remind you of anything? It should, because scientology is practically an exact carbon copy of Catholicism, just with different ‘new’ words and rituals.

That’s actually quite relevant here, as you’re about to find out in the next section.

Xavier’s last letter says that the devil would do ‘all in his power to prevent them from entering China but what glory to God it will be if…the vast presumption of the devil is brought to nothing!…” and only two weeks after he had sent the letter, he died of yellow fever on 3 December, 1552.

As we wrap up Xavier’s failed missions that are blamed on the Devil here, please take note that Loyola begin formalizing his new guidelines and instructions to the Jesuits about the top-down strategy, just a few months later in 1553.

And then came the second wave…


Jesuits in China – Take Two

Matteo Ricci: Lying, Spying and fabricating ‘Confucius


In ancient times they followed the natural law as faithfully as in our lands, and for 1500 years this people was little given to idols, and those they adored were not such a wretched crowd as our Egyptians, Greeks and Romans adored, but a lot who were very virtuous and to whom were attributed very many good deeds. In fact, in the books of the literati which are the most ancient and of the greatest authority, they give no other adoration than to heaven and earth and the Lord of them. When we examine closely all these books we discover in them very few things contrary to the light of reason and very many in conformity with it.

Matteo Ricci


There is an excellent 1997 book called Manufacturing Confucianism by Lionel M. Jensen, which I came upon after I had already independently formulated my estimate of the slavemaster situation in China, Japan, India, in regards fabricating religions and history.

First, a word – filiation.

It means: the manner in which a thing is related to another from which it is derived or descended in some respect.

Now have a look at this quote from Jensen’s book, especially in light of the Ricci quote I opened with.

“…required the Jesuits to seek out what was common in the experience of two very different cultures, to locate lines of filiation. These lines were ultimately manufactured-not discovered…whose founder Ricci called “Confutious,3

So. Everything you think you know about Confucious?

Is a lie.

Jesuit Matteo Ricci made it up.

Twentieth-century Jesuits have also invented a term to try and explain away just how gross what was done in China really was, they call it accomodationism.

If you know your Mafia lore – one of their mantras is “relationships that lead to accomodations”. That means there is a threat implied if you don’t agree to this ‘relationship’ which is very relevant to exactly the kind of behavior Catholic leaders had (and still have). It is also why they invented the cloaking term of accomodationism.

It goes further than that, however, because even the twentieth century Jesuits couldn’t get around the FACT that the missionaries to China deliberately went all out in hiding their true nature, their true reasons for being there, all in order to get those ‘relationships that lead to accomodations” with the Chinese.

That was the purpose of inventing Confucianism.

If you recall, Xavier had laid the foundation for this when he had the Ouichi portray him as ‘teaching the Law of Buddha” – that was just the beginning.

This Ricci character, was somewhat of a disciple, or a down-line in the same tradition as Xavier.

His excuse for why all this point-blank lieing was ok was to, in his words – “entrata nella Cina“.3

That means to gain “entrance into Chinain order to bring the Chinese under the thumb of the Catholic church.

– – –

In researching Confucianism, as the West knows it, you run into the same thing that you do with the Bible, the supposed Ancient Greeks, etc.

There are NO records proving any of it happened at all, let alone when they say it did.


You get lots and lots of stories and supposed finds, but if you really start doing your homework and digging deep, what do you find?

As usual, and as I covered in this post, you get that they are ‘lost’ or…even better…the Catholic lie for all their fabrications.

The ‘it was passed down orally‘ lie.

I’ll give you a few brief examples – and it is simply astounding that universities actually teach this as somehow true – take a look at some excerpts from this description found at Indiana University about the so-called Analects of Confucious.

…thinkers encountered the teachings of Confucius through Jesuit missionaries 

There it is, first came from the Jesuits. That’s Ricci right here in the late 1500’s early 1600’s.

Confucius did not put into writing the principles of his philosophy; these were handed down only through his disciples. The Lunyu (Analects),

Nothing was put in writing. “handed down” means the Catholic invented Oral Tradition excuse.

The principles of Confucianism are contained in the nine ancient Chinese works handed down by Confucius and his followers

The title page illustration reproduces a leaf from a medieval hand copy of the Analects, dated 890 CE, recovered from an archaeological dig at Dunhuang, in the Western desert regions of China.

Watch what happened there. Archaelogical dig? Says who and who dated it that, especially since we already know from Xavier that the colluding Christian principles in Chinese philosophy DID NOT EXIST prior to the mid 1500’s.

So, we either have someone planted the find (which they do go that far) or someone is falsely dating it from the entirely false history timelines fabricated by the Brits and the Vatican.

In this case it happens to be both.

Why do I say that?

Because the truth at that ‘discovery’ at Dunhuan, is that they were not only fragments, but we get the usual ‘damaged in a fire’ story, and the less common but still used on occasion further explanation of ‘damaged in an earthquake’ – after it was found in 1976.

No complete copies of either the Lu version or the old text version of the Analects exist today,[13] though fragments of the old text version were discovered at Dunhuang. The Dingzhou Analects was damaged in a fire shortly after it was entombed in the Han dynasty. It was further damaged in an earthquake shortly after it was recovered 1976 and the surviving text is just under half the size of the received text of the Analects.

That’s a whole lot of explaining going on, and is one hell of a circle-jerk.

Probably the most stand-out thing for you to notice is this. If they were just pieces, then how do they know what the hell they said in full?

From Ricci’s book, and it’s intentionally fabricated ‘received texts’, that’s how.

Which puts us right back at the Catholic liars –

These lines were ultimately manufactured-not discovered…whose founder Ricci called “Confutious,3

– – –


– – –

Now let’s have a look at just how much cloaked Catholicism is in these false ‘ancient’ teachings.

Using what we learned about Xavier in Japan, we know that neither Japan nor China had anything that agreed with the basic fabrications of Christianity, starting with this whole one First Cause idea.

This happens to be one of the main things that gets inserted into the Confucianism fabrication, and in the opening quote for this section by Ricci, you can see him actually starting the fabrication process if you look closely.

The next concept to be inserted is Xavier’s plan, which was to do the old Nesilim routine of glorifying the idea of: an absolute ruler commanding absolute obedience as the most awesome and truthful thing ever.

We see that in Confucianism described like this:

[the Analects] Confucius believed that the welfare of a country depended on the moral cultivation of its people, beginning from the nation’s leadership.

and this – which note carefully the insertion of exorting the Chinese people to rebel if the ruler doesn’t accept this Catholic idea:

[the Analects] They include the notion of a benevolent supreme being; the mandate given by the supreme being to a ruler to govern; and the justification of overthrow of a dynasty if the ruler double-crosses the supreme being and becomes wicked.

One of the most blatantly obvious markers proving that Confucianism was just cloaked Catholicism, can be seen in this description –

Confucius’ discussions on the nature of the supernatural (Analects 3.12; 6.20; 11.11) indicate that he believed while “ghosts” and “spirits” should be respected, they are best kept at a distance. Instead human beings should base their values and social ideals on moral philosophy, tradition, and a natural love for others. Confucius’ social philosophy largely depended on the cultivation of ren by every individual in a community.

The ‘keeping ghosts at a distance’ idea is one hundred percent Catholic-imposed superstition. See Why Psychiatry is Much More Religion Than Science for lots of direct examples of their bigotry towards ‘spirits’ – especially ones that are not under their control.

Ricci’s invention of the name “Confucious” came from putting two Chinese words together Con = Kong
Fu = Fu (Teacher) Zi.

Ricci didn’t stop with the backdating of Confucious himself, he took it even further –

Some of the most important principals of Confucianism were established in the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty (1122-221 BC), centuries before Confucius was born.

Just like Xavier had done in Japan, using the word Dainichi to pretend to be in line with Buddhism and to cloak that he was actually referring to the Christian god, Ricci took the term Tianzhu, which was actually a word describing India, and also to describe a tall mountain or pillar of Heaven – meaning sky.

In the original meaning of Tianzhu as a description of India, what is really interesting is that the term was representative of a certain region in India, where the people there practiced the way of Futu [the Buddha].

So, as you can see, Ricci’s use of the term Tianzhu although he created the additional meaning of “Lord in Heaven”, was clearly part of pretending to be an India/Chinese Buddhist.

From there, he used that as the starting point to slide in the whole one creator idea (as well as Heaven and Hell) telling the Chinese that “they had always believed in Godhis god, they just ‘didn’t know it“.

wiley-double yikes

Still trying to get around the Japanase devastating arguments against this ‘one creator’ false idea, you can see Ricci carrying out Xavier’s plan.

The True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven was the book written by Ricci that argued that Confucianism and Christianity are not opposed and that, really, they are so similar they must have come from enlightened teachings by the One God. Convenient, I know, but that’s what he did, and then he tried to use that to try and convert people he considered ‘key’ Chinese scholars.

Much propaganda came out of this –






* * *

Jesuits in China – Take Two

Matteo Ricci: The nitty-gritty details


Ricci’s boss was Jesuit Alessandro Valignano.


It was with him that the second wave to Asia, born out of Xavier’s failures, was to have its beginnings.

In 1581, he wrote Il Cerimoniale per i Missionari del Giappone to set forth new guidelines for Jesuits.

Just like Xavier, as was ordered by the Jesuit Superior General, and even though they all hated the Zen Buddhists he wrote about how to map them as being “the same as the Jesuits”.

Basically, the Catholics were trying to get at the daimyos again, still thinking they could succeed by ‘blending”.

Accordingly, Valignano gave directions such as that in order not to be despised by the Japanese, every Jesuit should behave according to the “noble” class that he was. Jesuit fathers then served local daimyos sumptuous dishes and walked around Nagasaki with armed Japanese servants.

Valignano’s much more pressing goal/job, however, was working on the infiltration of China. He was working on this even before he left Macau for Japan in July 1579, having left instructions for another Jesuit Scholar Michel Ruggieri who was due to arrive within days to Macau.

The first task for this invasion – because that’s what it really was – of China was that someone needed to learn the language. This was Ruggieri’s initial task, but once he started studying Chinese and realized just how hard of a language it was, the immenseness of this task, that he wrote to Valignano and asked him to request that Matteo Ricci be sent to Macau as well, to share the work.

Valignano approved of the idea and forwarded it to the Jesuit superior for the Far East – located in India – in 1580 who also approved. Word was sent back to Rome and Ricci finally arrived, but almost two years later, in Macau on 7 August 1582.

Macau was directly across the bay from Hong Kong, China.


Backing up a bit, here’s an overview of the whole geographical area –


Ricci’s background –

Ricci became a member of the Jesuits in April 1571 at their Roman College. He studied philosophy and theology, and he also studied mathematics, cosmology, and astronomy under the direction of Father Christopher Clavius.

His first mission was in Goa, India – a voyage that took him six months finally arriving in September of 1578, where he remained until summoned to Macau to prepare to enter China.

Their cover was not religious initially, it was that they were ‘scientists’ and ‘scholars’ – which they thought would be a better infiltration point.

And so it was (or so they thought).

Ricci fellow missionaire Nicolas Trigault in costume


Ricci had discovered that the ‘high’ Chinese were interested in maps, so he had brought with him a one-sheet Western map, which he called the “universal map of the world.” Per Ricci’s journal, the map was written “in our Westerner’s writing,” with Western projections and with China to one side.

Ricci displayed this Western map in a small house rented by the Jesuits, putting the word out to attract Chinese scholars and nobility. It became an an object of curiosity to the Chinese who came by the Jesuit house, some of them making it clear that the map didn’t seem to fit any of their ideas of how the world should look. Through a translator (Ricci didn’t have anything like a good command of Chinese yet) several of them asked if Ricci could place the titles of the countries into Chinese characters so they could get a better sense of the names. Ricci agreed, but only if the governor himself would request him to do so.

He was looking for an ‘in’, remember.

In 1583, Ricci and Ruggieri were ‘invited’ by the governor of Zhaoqing, Wang Pan to shift his map into being in Chinese – which means they paid him to do it. Ricci then created the first map in Chinese to show the Americas – now called the Impossible Black Tulip, but the only actual hard-copies are from 1602.

Quoting Ricci’s journal “The main importance of this map is that it helped the Chinese see how very far away we were, how far we traveled to come and work with them.

See? Trying to give them a rather skewed impression of the reason they were there, which was not to ‘work with them’ – it was to infiltrate and literally turn them into an arm of the Catholic Church.

NO other reason, no matter how much they tried to lie otherwise.

So, Ricci was there in Zhaoqing for six years from 1583 to 1589, doing what the Jesuits usually do (creating spy networks, lieing to people to make them think they were ‘useful’ and had something of value to offer) but then he was expelled by a new viceroy who didn’t appreciate their ‘cover’ – having found out what they were really after.

Control of Chinese religion and trade/government, because remember, the Jesuits were trade brokers for the Portugeuse.

Again using this whole “I’m a mapmaker/scientist” thing because it was successful so far, Ricci maneuvered to gain an entrance into the Forbidden City of Beijing in 1601, adding to the mix his ‘astounding’ predictions of solar eclipses which the Chinese were very interested in.

So, through one of his network of “influential Chinese” he was finally invited by the Wanli Emperor, making Ricci the first European to ever enter the city.

The Emperor wanted Ricci to make a gigantic version of his map – multi-paneled – with 1,000 places named (versus the previous 30 to 40) and with China as the center of the map. He finished that in 1602 while at the court of the Emperor – whom he never was allowed to actually meet, by the way.

That is the paneled map on display at the library of congress.


The tinted version (on silk, which the Emperor loved the best) came later in around 1607.


Now all this time, Ricci had been working on how to sneak Catholicism into things in order to convert prominent Chinese officials.

Probably his most important convert was Xu Guangqi aka Li Yingshi, a decorated veteran of the Japanese/Korean War and a well-known astrologer and feng shui expert whom Ricci managed to embroil in his subterfuges. Li became a Christian and then provided the Jesuits with a wealth of information.

This also happens to be the man who helped Ricci fabricate ‘Confucianism’ as some supposedly ancient spiritual personage who really was following ‘God’s” word the whole time – the Catholic “God”.

Yep, convenient, right?

But that is what he did, and the Catholic PR story goes that he took the ‘ancient teachings of Confucious” and translated it into Latin, but actually it was the other way around.

Obviously, since Ricci was no good at the Chinese language in the first place. He literally dictated Confucianism to Guangqi.

Within only a year of Li’s conversion and becoming a Chinese Jesuit and just like his boss Valignano had put forth in Mission Principles, in 1603 Ricci and Li had put out a book called T’ien-chu Shih-i [The true meaning of the lord of heaven] explained basic metaphysical foundations of Christian truths using a Confucian vocabulary.

As you can see, this was the Catholics still trying to come up with a way to get around the Japanese Buddhist monks scathing arguments about this ‘one God created everything’ idea that so brought Xavier down in flames previously.

Ricci, now well on his way in creating ‘adaptations’ of Christianity to Chinese culture – as ordered – established the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Beijing.

Through introductions arranged by Li (and now-armed with his “Confucianism”) he managed to con a number of important officials and former spirituality scholars to recognize the ‘true nature’ of Confucianism who then converted to Christianity. A number of them, just like Li, also became Jesuits.

Thus, Ricci and his missionaires managed to worm their way into actual prestigious posts in the imperial government. Many Chinese, including notable former Confucian scholars, adopted Christianity and became priests and members of the Society of Jesus.


The second wave –

Alesandro Valignano (1539–1606) inaugurated tremendous success in the Asian missionary field with his Mission Principles (1574–1606), a set of recommendations that encouraged the adaptation of Christian thought to Indian, Japanese, and Chinese cultures. His former student and missionary companion Matteo Ricci (1552–1610) institutionalized these adaptations by formulating Christianity within a vocabulary understood by Chinese intellectuals. His

Like Ricci in China, Roberto de Nobili (1577–1656) in India studied the documents that shaped local culture. Nobili’s understanding of Sanskrit and the Hindu Vedas provided an opportunity for a deeper insight into indigenous culture and means by which Catholicism could be expressed in a non-European vocabulary.

What does that mean?

It means that what we know of the so-called Vedas, was written by the Jesuits and the Brits!

In 2009, Kate Marsh showed that many of the works that the later French philospher Voltair relied on as supposedly being “authentic” Hindu or Brahmanic texts were either written by the Jesuits or British intelligence (British East Indies company).6

This, of course, is why the Jesuits like Nobili in India and Ricci in China were accepting non-European rituals  as a means of expressing Catholic truths with their thinking being that that since nature, human and otherwise, was not intrinsically evil, therefore it was expedient to their domination goals to grant “latitude” in the performance of certain indigenous practices by converts in order to keep those converts.

Now let’s take a different look at this time period taken from within the Jesuits history itself, as told in a book called The Novitiate written in 1846 by former ‘novice’ Jesuit Andrew Steinmetz.

Reminder –


Ricci’s invention of the name “Confucious” came from putting two Chinese words together Con = Kong, which in Chinese means glorious and Fu = Fu (Teacher) Zi (things)

So, the term he invented meant Glorious Teacher (of) Things.

Think of other uses of this term Kong – King Kong = King Glorious, or Glorious King (that it was a giant ape is a rather tongue-in-cheek Darwinian insult) or how about Hong Kong = harbor glorious/beautiful or Glorious Harbor.

Interesting choice by Ricci, wasn’t it?

Before reading the excerpts I’m about to show you from The Novitiate, please keep in mind that in the 1800’s the spelling used for the same term invented by Ricci was Koung-Fou-Tseu – still means the same thing though.

Andrew is talking about China as another example of the Jesuits “the end justifies the means” principle being employed, and please keep in mind that Andrew often employs a rather rapier wit disguised in very subtle tongue-in-cheek humor.

The scene is shifted to the Celestial Empire; for the intellectual Chinese necessarily sympathised with the Jesuits. Their influence had become paramount in the land of Koung-Fou-Tseu, the renowned Confucious.

The court of Peking was the asylum of the sons of Ignatius; the emperor showered honours on the men of science; Father Dominic Parrenin was made a Mandarin! His portrait is now before me, and well he looks the character! Nostri harham non immitlant is gloriously superseded, and the Jesuit Mandarin sports the honours of the lip and a luxuriant beard: his mandarin cap is not invisible.

Parrenin, like Schall, another Jesuit Mandarin, performed the functions of Grand Mandarin with merited applause: as ediator between the Russian and Chinese cabinets, Peter the Great forgot the Jesuit, and lavished honours on the statesman. Bouvet, another Jesuit, and “Imperial Geographer,” vied with a third Jesuit, Father Gaubil, in “rendering science the vehicle to the good graces of the prince.”

I need not say that the good of religion was the end proposed.


Now, here’s the really interesting thing about what happened with the Catholics in China.

Not all Catholics were privy to the utterly false and insane basis of the Catholic Church. Many of the priests around the world actually believed the bullshit outer cover, and when they saw (or heard of) what was going on with the Jesuits in Japan, India, and China? They took the Catholic propaganda literally and began pointing out and complaining to the Vatican that these men were “violating God’s word” – which on the surface, was true but yet not true as to the actual foundation of the whole thing in the first place, if you follow me there.

These types of complaints were dealt with in their usual manner when they actually were in support of something, they were ignored. But if the person didn’t shut up then that person was simply disappeared in one way or another – including death.

Nothing of any real consequence was done about this for almost 150 years until….just before the time of the rise of the American Independence and its leaders like Thomas Jefferson.

The predecessors of Jefferson were utterly devastating in their attacks on the two factions of the Slavemasters – the British nobility and the Vatican – much like what the Buddhist monks had done to Xavier’s ‘theology’ but much, much worse and much more far-reaching.

And so, in danger of losing their cover (and thereby support and membership) there began to be rumblings of action against the Jesuit.

This area, papal bulls, is one of the most ridiculously hidden messes that I have ever come across. I say ridiculous because it just seems so childish and pointless to try and hide any of it, but that’s what it appears like has happened.

I’ll explain.

In our book the Novitiate here, look at this next part  –

Benedict XIV proscribed the expedient connivance of the Jesuits in the Malabar rites and the Chinese ceremonies. As might be expected, the Jesuits submitted to the mandate which “cut short all the difficulties, and sacrificed the uncertain to the certain,—the hopes of the future to the realities of the present…”*

*Cretineau, Hist. vol. v, p. 81, et seq.

Pope Benedict XIV (born Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini) served as the Pope of the Catholic Church from 17 August 1740 to his death in 1758.

Proscribe means to forbid, outlaw, denounce or condemn, so this means some sort of papal bull (encyclical) must have been written by him.

You’d think such an important thing would be easy to find, but no….quite the opposite. Even something as simple as the name, date, and subject matter was difficult to find in one place. I had to piece even that together.

Many, many sources out there give us the names, and that it was Pope Benedict, but very few give you the dates for the two relevant Papal bulls, and just about none tell you which one was about what.

Here’s the basic info I assembled for you –

  • Ex quo singulari (July 11, 1742) suppressed the favorite Chinese rites by Jesuit missionaries
  • Omnium solicitudinum (12 September 1744) extended the ban to Indian Malabar rites

In both of these bulls Benedict IV also ruled on the custom of accommodating non-Christian words and usages to express Christian ideas, which had been extensively done by the Jesuits in their Indian, Japanese and Chinese missions (as I have already documented for you here).

What is meant by the term Malabar? It’s a good question that this writer attempts to answer for us (translated by Google).

The “Malabar” adjective is meaningless adjective not usually nor shared. What is it? According to the vocabulary Treccani, it is referring to Malabar, India’s coastal region, in the south-western Deccan. In particular, for “rites malabarici” they were so called (improperly, why not exclusive of Malabar) some forms of accommodation to rites, customs and local ideas (honors ancestors, weddings, ways to designate God, badges of caste, etc. .) adopted by the seventeenth century in India (as in China, in so-called “Chinese rites”) by Jesuit missionaries in order to facilitate the missionary penetration, but opposed by missionaries of other orders and because of serious disagreements with the Roman Curia.

So, from that I guess we have to add to the mix here that Popes publicly targeting the Jesuits was also the result of some sort of political in-fighting within the Vatican and its other “orders” – where they accuse the Jesuits of being ‘corrupt’. A pot calling the kettle black sort of thing.

You’d think it would be easy to find two such important bulls, but no….

In fact I still haven’t found any source with the actual text which is saying something because as you might have noticed, I’m pretty good at finding things that are hard to find.

The usual sources that I use for that kind of thing, the Vatican website and a couple of others, list every other bull the guy did but not those two.

Have a look here and here for either the names or dates of the two bulls.

Clearly, this was something someone didn’t want easily accessible and I needed to take a different approach. Knowing that if one Catholic Pope is bitching about something probably one of the others did as well, I had to switch to ‘flair’ research skills. That means I had to:

see the invisible, hear the inaudible, feel the intangible, taste what is tasteless, and smell what is odorless.3

So, basically I had to ‘find’ simply by knowing where to look, which I did.

The first thing proving that Benedict XIV did indeed take action was in an bull by later Pope Clement XIV who banned the Jesuits altogether in 1773.

He wrote Dominus ac Redemptor (21 July 1773) found here and then I had google translate it.

He does indeed mention the ‘action’ by Benedict XIV, but not much more than that. However, there are a number of other interesting things in that bull that I bet most people don’t know about as to why he banned the Jesuits.

Company is a reference to the Company (Society) of Jesus – the Jesuits.

21. We, with great pain in our soul, we observed that both the above remedies, as many others subsequently used, had gone almost no advantage nor were sufficient to remove and dissipate so many and so serious turmoil, allegations and complaints against this company; and unnecessarily had troubled Our predecessors Urban VIII, Clement IX, X, XI and XII, Alexander VII and VIII, Innocent X, XI, XII and XIII, and Benedict XIV, who, with many healthy Constitutions had worked to give back to the Church the tranquility desired, both about the age-old shops, banned forever and also on the occasion of the holy missions, both about the very serious disputes and bitterly contests aroused by the Company against the Ordinaries, the regular orders, the holy places, and communities any kind in Europe, Asia and America, not without serious injury of souls and wonder of peoples; It is also around the interpretation practice of some pagan rituals commonly practiced in some places, those left out in the Universal Church legally approved; or around the use and explanation of certain manifestly immoral doctrines and scandal, with good reason proscribed by the Apostolic See; and finally around other things of great moment, opportunissime, to maintain the purity of Christian dogmas, for which in our, no less than in past ages, frequent damage and disadvantages derived; that is, uprisings and riots in some Catholic states, and bitter persecution against the Church in several provinces of Asia and Europe.

All that is referring to what the Jesuits were doing in order to infiltrate these cultures.

A little intro to the next point, #25, is in order because of the time period here. This is the time of the American Revolution (1773) and Thomas Jefferson who was absolutely scathing against the Catholic Church and the British nobility.

So, what this ‘banning’ of the Jesuits was really about, was that it was an attempt to lay the blame for these ‘horrible’ uprisings of the people at the feet of the Jesuits.

Couldn’t possibly be true that the Catholic Church deserved to be excoriated and rebelled against, you see.

Point 25 lays out the two main things the Jesuits were formed to do, and note well the euphemistic wording of “remove obstacles” – which would include outright murder.

But then it says they didn’t do their job basically!

Oh, it’s the Jesuits fault that the people are rebelling in America.

I see.

vincent - we'll see about that

Have a look –

25. … to reconcile, maintain and firm up the peace and tranquility of the Christian Republic, and to remove obstacles that might cause her detriment, even minimum; Whereas the above mentioned Society of Jesus could not produce those healthy, fertile fruits and benefits for which it was established, and many our predecessors approved and honored to endless privileges; but which in fact has now become impossible that the Church has real and lasting peace as long as there is this Order; induced by these very special reasons and others that I dictate the laws of prudence and the excellent government of the Church, placed in the secret Nostra; following in the footsteps of our predecessors, and especially of Gregory X in the General Council of Lyons; especially since, even in this case, it is a company that for reason of his Institute and its privileges is registered in the number of the mendicant orders;with mature advice, of certain knowledge, and with the fullness of Apostolic powers, we extinguish and suppress the most frequently mentioned company, and cancel your order and we abolish all the individuals of it offices, ministries and administrations, houses, schools , colleges, hospices, and any existing place in any province, the kingdom and dominion, and in any manner from the same; His statutes, customs, habits, decrees, constitutions, though supported by oath, by apostolic approval, or in another way, and each and every general or special privileges and indults, the content of which we want that meant as fully and sufficiently expressed in this present Letter, verbally as if there were transcribed, and although designed in any form, or clause irritates, and with any constraint and decree. We therefore declare that remains undone for ever and absolutely extinguished all and any authority in charge of the general, provincial, visitors and other superiors of the said Society, in both spiritual and in temporal things; we want the same jurisdiction and authority are transferred in full, and in any way, the Ordinaries of the places according to the manner, circumstances, people and the conditions that will mention below; prohibiting, as hereby we are forbid, that nobody in the future will be received in the said Company, and admitted to the dressing and the novitiate. Those then that to this day they were accepted, they can not admit to the profession of simple or solemn vows, under penalty of nullity of admission and profession, and other punishments reserved to our will. Nay, more, we want to, we command, we order that those who are currently in the novitiate, soon, promptly, immediately and in fact are dismissed; and equally we are forbid so that those who made the profession of simple vows, and that so far were not promoted to any sacred order, can be promoted to the same major orders, under pretext or title of both the profession already made in the Company, as of privileges obtained against the decrees of the Council of Trent.

One last point – really look at the last line of this one, and just how ominous it was as to plans about the unbelievers.

32. Next, as relates to the sacred missions (about which we, too, that meant all we have arranged about the suppression of the Society) We reserve the right to determine the means by which more easily and more surely we can procure and obtain the unbelievers conversion, and the appeasement of discord.


Something else that I found is of major interest on this point of ‘banning’ the Jesuits, and that is when and why they were un-banned.

Because of Russia.

What? you say….

Yes, it’s true. Let’s have a look.

Just two years after the War of 1812 in America, when later president Andrew Jackson had roundly defeated the British at New Orleans, Pope Pius VII wrote a bull called: Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum on August 7, 1814.

He re-established the Society of Jesus specifically to have it going in Russia, but we also see another mention of Clement IV’s “suppression” of the Jesuits.

1. The government of all the Churches entrusted by God to Our humility, though insufficient to merit and strength, obliges us to put in place all the means in our power and that we are given succor by Divine Providence in order appropriately to the needs spiritual of the Christian world, as it involve the many and varied vicissitudes of time and place, without distinction of peoples and nations.

2. Wishing to satisfy the duty of our pastoral office, so soon as the living then Francesco Kareu, and other secular priests living for many years in the vast Russian Empire, and a time aggregated to the Society of Jesus, Clement XIV suppressed by our predecessor of happy memory We presented their prayers with which pleaded with Our authorization to remain united in one body, in order, according to their institute, more easily work in educating youth in the things of the Faith, and raise it to good morals, exercise the office of preaching, hearing confessions and administering the other sacraments, We thought We should adhere to their demands, the more willingly because the Emperor Paul the First, then reigning There had strongly recommended such priests with a letter of his very human ’11 August 1800, addressed to Us, in which, meaning the singular his benevolence towards them, declared that it would be appreciated if, for the good of the Catholics of his empire, the Society of Jesus was established there by Our authority.

Therefore we grant and we agree to his son Thaddeus Borzozowski beloved priest, the current General Superior of the Society of Jesus, and the other from him legitimately deputies, all the necessary and appropriate faculties, to our pleasure and of the Apostolic See, to be able to admit and aggregate freely and lawfully in all these States and Governments all those who ask to be admitted and aggregates Order Regular of the Society of Jesus who, united in one or more houses, in one or more colleges, in one or more provinces, and distributed according to the need of the circumstances under obedience to the Superior general for the time being, their way of life conform to the requirements of the Rule of St. Ignatius of Loyola, approved and confirmed by the Apostolic Constitutions of Paul III. We allow again and declare that to wait to educate youth in the rudiments of the Catholic religion and to train them in good morals, is legitimate for them to freely and lawfully hold seminaries and colleges, and with the consent and approval of the Ordinaries of the places where they happen to stay, to hear confessions, preach the word of God and administer the Sacraments. Then all the colleges, houses, provinces and Members thus united way, and that in the future will unite and aggregheranno, We receive them since this time under the immediate protection, defense and obedience Nostra, and this Apostolic See, reserving to us, and to the Roman Pontiffs Our Successors him determine and prescribe those things, you will find it convenient to establish and prescribe for further consolidation, to arm and to purge the Company by those abuses, that perchance they were intruders, which God forbid.

So, the RUSSIAN Jesuits had the Emperor of Russia ask for the Society of Jesus to be re-instated and the Pope agreed!

But see that name Thaddeus Borzozowski ? He had just effectively been made the head of the entire Jesuit society.

– – –

Coming back to tracking this suppression of the Jesuits conniving ways in China now –

Next, I looked over Benedict IV’s bulls that were listed more closely. Way at the bottom of this bull in 1755, was a clue to another source about proscribing the Jesuits and their practices in China.

We confirmed this decision in conformity with a former decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith published on January 31, 1702

Allatae Sunt; Encyclical of Pope Benedict XIV promulgated on July 26, 1755, On the observance of Oriental Rites, addressed to Missionaries Assigned to the Orient.

He’s referring to Pope Clement XI, whom this particular bull was also not listed (nor were any bulls of his).

So, I couldn’t find any documentation about this encyclical published in 1702 by Clement XI, but it obviously existed since I did find one thirteen years later called Ex illa die (March 19 1715) which apparently laid out that Chinese customs and traditions that are not contradictory to Roman Catholicism will be allowed, while those that are clearly contradictory to it will not be tolerated.

You do realize that would mean that Xavier’s invention of Confucianism would be allowed – get it? Tricky. Chinese religion according to the Catholic church, allowed. Chinese religion according to the Chinese, not allowed.

Excerpts –

Pope Clement XI wishes to make the following facts permanently known to all the people in the world.

Though numerous cares confronted me on the day I ascended the papal throne, I considered the sectarian controversy between the Westerners in China one of the most important. The controversy involved certain Chinese words and rituals. Some maintained that these words and rituals were heathen in nature and should therefore be prohibited. They debated with one another but were unable to agree among themselves. Unable to resolve their differences, they appealed to me…

I. The West calls Deus [God] the creator of Heaven, Earth, and everything in the universe. Since the word Deus does not sound right in the Chinese language, the Westerners in China and Chinese converts to Catholicism have used the term “Heavenly Lord” for many years. From now on such terms as “Heaven” and “Shang­ti” should not be used: Deus should be addressed as the Lord of Heaven, Earth, and everything in the universe. The tablet that bears the Chinese words “Reverence for Heaven” should not be allowed to hang inside a Catholic church and should be immediately taken down if already there.

II. The spring and autumn worship of Confucius, together with the worship of ancestors, is not allowed among Catholic converts. It is not allowed even though the converts appear in the ritual as bystanders, because to be a bystander in this ritual is as pagan as to participate in it actively.

III. Chinese officials and successful candidates in the metropolitan, provincial, or prefectural examinations, if they have been converted to Roman Catholicism, are not allowed to worship in Confucian temples on the first and fifteenth days of each month. The same prohibition is applicable to all the Chinese Catholics who, as officials, have recently arrived at their posts or who, as students, have recently passed the metropolitan, provincial, or prefectural examinations.

IV. No Chinese Catholics are allowed to worship ancestors in their familial temples.

V. Whether at home, in the cemetery, or during the time of a funeral, a Chinese Catholic is not allowed to perform the ritual of ancestor worship. He is not allowed to do so even if he is in company with non­Christians. Such a ritual is heathen in nature regardless of the circumstances.

Despite the above decisions, I have made it clear that other Chinese customs and traditions that can in no way be interpreted as heathen in nature should be allowed to continue among Chinese converts. The way the Chinese manage their households or govern their country should by no means be interfered with. As to exactly what customs should or should not be allowed to continue, the papal legate in China will make the necessary decisions. In the absence of the papal legate, the responsibility of making such decisions should rest with the head of the China mission and the Bishop of China. In short, customs and traditions that are not contradictory to Roman Catholicism will be allowed, while those that are clearly contradictory to it will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

This proved to be a disastrous move, as our book The Novitiate tells us –

Now mark the consequence.

“As the Jesuits had foreseen, their deference to the pontifical judgment was the signal of the fall of Christianity on the banks of the Yellow River and the Ganges. The Missionaries were imprisoned, proscribed, or consigned to destruction.”

So when the Chinese found out for sure what lying litlle skekses the Catholics were, they came down really hard on them, which I am sure contributed to the many attempts following this of portraying China in the worst possible light to the world. Calling them communist, backward, dirty, etc. etc.

The authors rather dry wit comes through in the next passage, leveling them as only caring about appearances.

Aka their image, aka PR, which I have always said about slavemasters. They have no real power, when you de-cloak them and their house of illusion nothing remains.

Perhaps this consequence of the Pope’s expedient measure attests the extent of the sacrifice which those rites and ceremonies supposed in the Christianity of the Missionaries, thus “engrafted” on paganism; if not, the papal court bore the penalty awarded to those whose first and last desire is to ”save appearances.”

Despite all this –

The Emperor kept his Jesuits however: he consented to the persecution of Christianity, but still cherished his astronomers and statesmen: they were useful.

Yea. I’ll bet they were.

And here’s another example of the lengths the Catholics would go, not only arms dealers but arms makers!

Take another case: the Jesuit Verbiest accompanied the Chinese army, marching to reduce a rebel. Cannon was wanting: he was ordered to found guns of various calibres. He replied that his mission was to bring down the blessings of Heaven on men, not to furnish them with new means of destruction. Verbiest was suspected of favouring the enemy: he and his companions and converts were threatened with persecution: he yielded to the order; set up a foundry; directed the works; the messengers of death went forth; and Kang Hi had to thank the Jesuits for victory.

The interesting and very important thing that actually came out of this proscribing in the mid-1700’s by the Pope, was that now the Jesuits cloaked Catholicism within science.

Just as I documented in this post: Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science

Nevertheless “Christianity was expiring in China—it was a deadly conflict. The Jesuits, in order to preserve the germ of the Faith, placed it under the safeguard of the Sciences.

Honoured with the imperial favour as literary men, execrated as Catholic priests, they conformed to the condition traced out for them by circumstances. Father De Ventavon resided at the court in the capacity of Mechanician to the Emperor: the brothers Castiijlione and Attiret were his favourite painters: Father Hallerstein presided over the tribunal of Mathematics. Some of the missionaries made clocks with moving figures, others applied to the Fine Arts, or the mechanical arts, for inventions that might be worthy to please Kian-Loung; all tortured their wits to devise some means of averting the storm that growled over the heads of the Christians. Father Michael Benoit applied the principles of hydraulics. The spurting water, whose scientific management was not as yet known in China, excited the applause of the Prince and his court. He desired to multiply the prodigy in his gardens. Benoit was charged with the direction of the works. He thus gained frequent opportunities of seeing the Emperor, in order to overcome his prejudices against the Christians and Europeans. Benoit set to the work: he did more: he studied the art of engraving in copperplate: he trained artists, and produced engravings. He initiated the Emperor in the use of the telescope, and the mystery of the air-pump.”


China –

Three centuries of Jesuit bullshit

– from Ricci to McCarthy –




Father Charles McCarthy and two other Jesuits – departing for China, 1939


Father McCarthy and Chinese Catholic Cardinal Kung – Jesuits in China


This new re-cloaking or establishing a new intelligence cover in China in the 1700’s, was simply a continuation of the nasty game of infiltrating other cultures in order to gain power over them – one which continued right on straight through the next two hundred years.

Its right out of Loyola’s document #3 about the Ethiopian mission – which set the stage and the Jesuit marching orders.

Specifically, they were to BREAK oaths if necessary to gain influence in a culture, and notice that it is all about falsely gaining others respect – which again boils down to only caring about their image.

Document 3 says:

Given that ordinarily oaths are taken to observe and follow canons and other decrees, and consequently to have others respect them; and given that in Ethiopia at the beginning it will be impossible due to their adverse disposition, that His Holiness be satisfied to relinquish them from their oath whenever the Patriarch will deem appropriate to disregard [their faults], especially in matters of principle.

That Ethiopians be accepted to partake in Catholic rites and Catholics partake in the Ethiopian ones, in order to conduct them towards our way, little by little.

Archival Reference: Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu, GOA 39, Fol. 5


A second bull, entitled Exposcit debitum, promulgated in 1550 by Julius III, incorporates these words of Paul III’s (which originate with Ignatius and his original Jesuit companions), but changes some things. First, it specifies that the Society is to serve the Church under the Roman pontiff (and not to serve the Roman pontiff); secondly, by a change in word order, it makes more prominent the mission of propagating of the Faith and adds the words et defensionem, so that purpose of the Society is the propagation and defense of the Faith (and so on); thirdly, it adds to the means by which the Society might help souls to make progress in Christian doctrine, lectiones, “lessons,” so that the work envisaged is less linked to the liturgy; and, finally, it adds vows of poverty and obedience, which put the Society into the canonical category of a religious order.

A few more paragraphs into his document, where Julius III is giving the Society’s understanding of itself, we read as follows:

In addition to that ordinary bond of the three vows, we [i.e., the fully professed Jesuits] are to be obliged by a special vow to carry out whatever the present and future Roman pontiffs may order which pertains to the progress of souls and the propagation of the faith; and to go without subterfuge or excuse, as far as in us lies, to whatsoever provinces they may choose to send [mittere] us—whether they are pleased to send us among the Turks or any other infidels, even those who live in the region called the Indies, or among any heretics whatever, or schismatics, or any of the faithful.


Never forget that the #1 mission of the Jesuits was defense of the faith, as per Regimini militantis ecclesiae (Pope Paul III’s bull establishing the Jesuits).

To which we get an even more specific meaning of what that involved in Clement XIV’s bull abolishing the Jesuits in 1773, where he said:

25. … to reconcile, maintain and firm up the peace and tranquility of the Christian Republic, and to remove obstacles that might cause her detriment

Get that?

People who even might interfere with their nutty world domination plans were to be removed, let alone those that actually did interfere.

Might….do something. Might!

That’s like the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise.

By just a century later, concurrent with the rise of ‘psychiatry’ – and after the Jesuits were brought back online to do their ‘removal’ thing again –  this had been extended to even ones thoughts and opinions –

Because Pius IX said that even those needed to be exterminated.

An extremely strong word.

… the welfare of human society itself, altogether demand that we again stir up your pastoral solicitude to exterminate other evil opinions…

Why? Because people – because it’s people that have opinions – who dared to have and utter such opinions against Catholicism were a this world domination plan, as worded by Pius IX –

the Catholic Church… should freely exercise even to the end of the world–not only over private individuals, but over nations, peoples, and their sovereign princes…

To understand the Catholics, or any slavemaster for that matter, all that is necessary is to look at one thing that is constantly attributed to the Fallen, the Communists, the “Mentally Ill” (or any other slur labelling)

What is the one thing that these people insist that man must never do on his own?

Be the master of self.

He lifted himself up against God, and sought to attain his goal apart from him (GS 13 § 1). 5

* * *

And so we end this section, moving on to what was the other faction of Slavemasters up to – the British – at the same time in China.

black scroll divider

The Brits in China

Catholic critic

During WWII, British flunky head of the OSS (predecessor to the CIA) “Wild Bill” Donovan once bitterly complained about the lack of support from the Chinese and the navy, pointing his finger at Li.

Tai Li turned to his aides and said:

“You see, he points one accusingly at me, but three point to himself.”


This was the ‘problem’ with the Chinese, for both the British and their counterparts – the Catholics. They didn’t play the image game, meaning they didn’t play blind-deaf-and-dumb to just who and what these nasty people were about. Daring to not only have some of this ‘evil opinions’ the Popes were so afraid of, but to act on them.

A terrible sin. Just terrible.

trying not to laugh

What was one of the methods for exterminating those ‘evil opinions’ held by the Chinese?


– – –

Drugging China

A little overview first –

It was only in the middle of the 17th century, that the non-medical use of opium suddenly became popular. In some parts of Southern China and among overseas Chinese in South East Asia more than one tenth of the population were habitual opium users.

Addicts would get so attached to the drug that they would rather go without food than the drug, if they didn’t have money for both.

China tried to stop this several times, the first time non-medical use of opium was banned was 1729. It was banned again in 1796 and once more in 1800, this time under penalty of death.

In 1839 troops of the Chinese emperor actually attacked British traders operating near Canton and the 1st Opium War began, in which China was defeated in 1843.

The problem for the Chinese emperor was that opium addiction disproportionately enriched what he viewed as foreign “barbarians” – an apt description – and their accompanying dictation of much more than just trade policy to the Chinese people. Arrogantly, as usual, especially the British were essentially treating them as slaves.

After the first Opium War, China was actually forced to permit the importation of opium, and later it also permitted its cultivation until a the people had finally had enough of the British and Vatican overlords and completely stopped the trafficking in 1906. This is one of the many ‘reasons’ that the “big 3′ – whose fortunes, and indeed their very power were tied to this drug – started a ‘world war’.

You would know it as World War I.

Note: It wasn’t just China that they were trying to drug-into-submission, it also went on in Japan. As a direct response to China’s defeat in 1843 and the “unequal treaties” it was forced to sign, the Tokugawa shogunate banned opium in 1846 and strictly enforced the law. It appears that the prime motivation was a determination that Japan should not follow in China’s footsteps. They did not want to repeat China’s example. They also kicked out the Catholics. If you have seen the movie “Shogun” with Tom Cruise, then you have a good idea of what was done to these noble men who did the right thing in kicking these insane nutcases out of their home.

By the time of the First Opium War in 1840, and remember, President Jackson had just shut down the slavemasters financial stranglehold over America – the Bank of the United States –  roughly 70% of citizens in the US have independent livelihoods.

Remember, what’s the one thing the slavemasters agree on regarding the rest of humanity?

Thou shalt not be independent (of us) and the master of self.


So, when the British succeeded in suppressing China, in 1843 they were forced to open the Port of Shanghai to foreign trade. Guess who the first lot in the port was rented by?

  • Jardine Mathieson & Co. – opium dealers, the Keswicks.

Guess who some of the others were rented by?

  • Samuel Russell, representing Baring Brothers (one of the major debt holders of the U.S. debt) President Jackson had just paid off


  • President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) grandfather, Captain Warren Delano.

The Delano/Roosevelt family fortune was founded on opium trafficking into China, working with Jardine and Mathieson and the Hong Society. FDR’s grandfather later went on to be the first vice chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, under my relative on my mother’s side, James Berwick Forgan who was the first Chairman. My great-great-uncle married Forgan’s brother’s daughter Marion.

Angered twice-over now, by both the successful American Revolution and now the throwing off of their financial yoke by staunch Jeffersonian President Andrew Jackson, the ‘Big 3’ of the slavemasters now proceeded to start doing to America what they had done to China – creating drug addicts who would be less inclined to fight back against them, or anything for that matter.

It began with importing over 117,000 Chinese laborers and opium addicts brought to Western United States, feeding an imported opium trade estimated at 285,000 pounds per year into the US.

What quickly became one of their main targets to rope into their Opium Dens?

White women.

opium_den_chinatownWhite Women in Opium Den, Chinatown, S. F.
From Album of views of California and the West, Canada, and China
Date  –   between circa 1885 and circa 1895

So, that’s a bit of an overview.

– – –


“Taming” the East


It is a tragedy what the British and the Vatican (Catholic Church) did to China, India, and Japan.

Human slavery, despite all the flowery protestations of “humanism”, was the cornerstone of the fledgling British Empire. That term itself, British Empire, having been coined by slavemaster agent Dr. John Dee.

The first rumblings of what we call the Rise of the Slavemasters, the British part, had begun with Henry the VIII, Queen Elizabeth’s father. His was the House of Tudor, whom many considered had no rightful claim to the throne. Rightful, meaning as approved the Catholic Church, in other words. Henry accomplished many things during his reign, not the least was the breaking of the stranglehold that the Nesilim – the Holy Roman Empire – were exerting over what was termed “the world” – which was really just a small, obscure part of it. A few islands and some land on the continent.

Basically, they were arguing over who got to rule.

Both were ‘marching’ on China and the East at the same time, beginning under Henry the VIII’s rule between 1509 to 1547 – which as you will recall is right when the Jesuits were formed and being sent on ‘missions’ to India (Francis Xavier).

The English, or “britons” all had their roots in the same race – a race which today we call “German”.

The English are the descendants of three Germanic tribes:

  • the Angles, who came from Angeln (in modern Germany): their whole nation emigrated to Britain, leaving their former land empty.
  • the Saxons, from Lower Saxony and
  • the Jutes, from the Jutland peninsula (Danish).

They, in turn, had been part of an emigration of the Nesilim when they left their homeland of Nesa (modern Turkey), and settled first in Constantinople and then spreading to what is now Germany.

In the cultural backwater that was England at the time (think furs and fires and drunken revelry)  the “new” slavemasters began their insertion by first being ‘tutors’ to the royalty, the nobility and their children, during the time of Henry the VIII. They chose England because it was such a backwater, and therefore very easy to manipulate and influence it’s so-called nobility.

Tutoring, then moved directly to ruling with the crowning of Queen Elizabeth, as was their goal in the first place.

All throughout this time period of Henry the VIII (Elizabeth’s father) what people refer to as “the Bible” was only in Latin, and very few people were even allowed to be taught this unnatural and invented language – a form of code – not dissimilar to the type of languages small children invent to speak to each other so that “grownups” don’t know what they are saying.

Note: There are no real records, of anyone using a language called Latin prior to the rise of the Holy Roman Empire. It is the invention of that empire, and the Catholic Church.

The use of this “special” language. This meant that priests and scholars could pretty much tell “the people” whatever they wanted as to what some book or tract said – or what God said even – and no one would be the wiser. That is how propaganda, (the word itself came from the Catholic Church) was handled prior to the 16th century.

The imported – as in it didn’t exist in England priorly – New Learning most celebrated students came to call themselves “The Athenians” – men such as William Cecil, along with fellow members of St. John’s college, Cambridge, John Cheke (Elizabeth’s tutor), his brother-in-law Sir Nicholas Bacon, and Sir Thomas Smith — one of the leading ‘Athenians’, advocating not just reformed religion but with it the introduction of the so-called Classical Greek.

A year after Elizabeth was crowned Queen, Cecil became Chancellor of Cambridge University from 1560 until his death, while the Earl of Leicester was his counterpart at Oxford. Together they heavily controlled the two universities, ensuring that they conformed to Cecil’s (being part of the emigrated Nesilim tutor faction) version of Elizabethan policy, especially in religion.

These two universities were literally nothing before England had been “chosen” to be the new stronghold of the split-off Nesilim faction.

It was strategically key to both develop and keep tight control of these “higher” institutes of learning, and the materials used which I already covered were highly spurious as to their origins. This is when the world infection of so-called Greek legends and other hegimonious pur-latch “documents” began.

  • Pur-latch – obsolete old english colloqualism; “plant smears”, an insulting reference to alleged ancient papyritic scrolls
  • Hegimonious – relating to the “ruling” class

The entire system of education, with scholars and “experts” was (and still is) a house of cards.

During the reign of Edward VI, a man named John Dee appeared and became involved in the political maneuverings around the throne and by the summer of 1555 found himself in prison on an unspecified “religious” charge. Catholic Mary, “Bloody Mary,” had succeeded the young Edward and times were tough for Humanist and Protestant mathematicians and magicians, especially for those known to have cast horoscopes of the Queen.

Dee spent three months in prison. His cellmate went to the stake, as did over six hundred others, for witchcraft and heresy. Dee survived his trial and lived to joke about it with his new patron, Queen Elizabeth I, who was also accused in the plot.

William Cecil was the first ‘spymaster’ in England, the true origin of Britain’s MI6 intelligence agency.

Cecil was well acquainted with John Dee through Cambridge University, one of the main institutes of “higher” learning in – which really meant the imported New Learning – read… New Propaganda.

Dee wrote a letter to William Cecil in October 1574 seeking patronage. In it, he spoke of having occult knowledge of treasure in the Welsh Marches, and of valuable ancient manuscripts kept at Wigmore Castle (where Cecil’s ancestors allegedly came from).

Reference: John Strype, Annals of the Reformation, Oxford (1824), vol.ii, part ii, no. XLV, 558–563


Letters such as these always went through Cecil’s patronage secretary Mr. Hickes, and considering Cecil’s already long-term relationship with Dee, the letter “asking” for patronage stands out to me as more of a ruse or even an intelligence cover. Perhaps it was just a form of legitimizing their relationship in front of prying eyes.

Cecil was busy establishing his spy network, and was especially interested in codes and ciphers to help make communications more secure. What better way than in a supposedly dismissible book about magic? Or in a “history” book…you get the idea.

An interesting factoid is that his compatriot, William Cecil, was referred to as the “Wizard of England.” It suited him, not only for his interest in acquiring technological patents (a kind of “wizardry”), but for his obsession with creating a vast network of spies.

Again – Cecil created and was the master (as in The Spy and His Master) over Britain’s first intelligence service, this included being the superior over Francis Walsingham and his network.


Grooming Elizabeth

After Henry had beheaded Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn, a woman named Blanche Parry basically raised Elizabeth. From the time she entered the “service” of the baby princess until her death fifty-six years later, she was in almost daily contact with her.

blanche perry

Blanche, was related to William Cecil, the later Lord Burghley, who referred to himself as her “cousin” when he affirmed her will in 1589.

She was quite literally Elizabeth’s real “mother”.

Then there was Thomas Parry, also a friend and relative of William Cecil, who joined Elizabeth’s household when she was a child. He was Elizabeth’s “cofferer” (or treasurer) he dealt with the household accounts. He was also her spy during the time of her incarceration.

Then there were the men in charge of her education, all who were part of what was loosely referred to as the “men of Cambridge” – those Greek purlatch promoting Athenians we mentioned earlier.

Thus, specifically under the direction of the two most influential men in Elizabeth’s life, Cecil and Parker, they ensured that Elizabeth was groomed, and all aspects of her life monitored. You will note, particularly in the case of Cecil, that all of this was being planned and controlled by the very Slavemasters who wanted to put her in position as their Queen.

They wanted it, no, they needed it, so that they could begin their march of a new enslavement of “the world” under the guise of freedom from the religious dogma of the Catholic Church.

This is one of those times one should probably ask freedom to what, exactly? Pillaging and trading humanity as mere accountings in a ledger? That’s not freedom, that’s commerce. That’s not freedom…that’s commerce.

These early Slavemasters formed a tight-knit group – cemented by bonds of marriage and blood, secrets, and money. A practice which continues right on up until today.

– – –

Elizabeth, having been heavily influenced by both the black magic obsessed Catholics and the breakway slavemasters that were “grooming” her, was very interested in anything that would give her that edge of power.

This is why Dee started off his “occult” work with a bang when Queen Elizabeth came to the throne, through William Cecil, who secured positions for special “Athenians” Dr. Dee, Nicholas Bacon and Sir Thomas Gresham all of which would be used by Cecil to create England’s new ‘economic policy’.

Dee then calculated (cough) the most auspicious date for Elizabeth’s coronation which was on January 15th, 1559.

Soon after her coronation, he was proclaimed the Royal Astrologer and given freedom from ecclesiastical harassment.

Dee would often travel to the continent on the Queens business, more often or not on some errand for the spy master Walsingham (and his boss Cecil) to gather secret information. He used the cover of “sorceror” researching and practicing magic as his cover. This is most often how you see him depicted. He’s Merlin.

At the end of 1562, Dee departed on an expedition to the continent proposed by Cecil.

This expedition was tasked with two things:

  1. create the pan-European network of spies extending as far to the east as Turkey and in Russia (where Dee often reported from)
  2. search for suitable codes that could be used for “long-distance” communications within that network.

This is the same time period that the second wave of Jesuit ‘missions’ to the East were gearing up, working on how to fabricate documents that they could then pretend were ‘ancient’ for India, Japan, and China, to cloak their true intentions.

So, there they both are, doing the same sneaky skekses things at the same time.

Dee came under numerous attacks by insane bible-thumpers of all varieties, but it was a good cover that he had. Sort of the Elizabethan equivalent of the later MI6 manuals’ instructions to their agents to “act like an ass” as a cover.

You know – a “Oh, he’s just a kooky wizard.” kind of thing.

I’m scrying angels. – Dr. Dee


Not much different than what Jesuit Matteo Ricci was doing in trying to have his coded Catholicism invention – Confucianism – be believed over in China.

In August of 1576, Dr. Dee wrote General and Rare Memorials in six days. He did this at Cecil’s request (through the Sidney group), as part of a PR plan that involved portraying by backdated declamatio tactic that Queen Elizabeth held dominion over a vast territory covering most of the Northern Hemisphere, including the Arthurian ‘legend’.

Again, this marks a point where the Brits were doing the exact same type of propaganda the Jesuits and Catholics were – backdated and fabricated.

In his book, exactly as he was ordered by Cecil, Dee advocated the creation of a large trading corporation under state annexation. This enterprise could be protected by a standing navy of sixty or more ships, fully manned and equipped, which would ensure that British merchants could travel un-assailed into all parts of the world.

This was what became the East India Trading company.

Thomas Gresham, one of the men Cecil had propped up, was used as the “suggestion” point to form a company of Merchants (bankers) – but it was only with William and Robert’s approval that The East India Company was formed on New Year’s Eve of the year 1600 under Queen Elizabeth.

Note: See The Center of The British Empire – The “City of London” for more information on Gresham and what his ‘jobs’ were.

Understand that from the very beginning, with the formation of the East India Company in 1600, the Cecil Bloc of slavemasters used such “trading” companies to provide cover for their intelligence operatives. They would go into a country and gather intelligence, then formulate a plan to take over first economically, then politically – ending up with them running someone else’s country and its people become slaves to the whims of the British Empire.

The British East India Company’s idea of ‘trading’ was engaging in slave, arms, booze, and drug trafficking.

Just like the Vatican was doing.

Fast forward to the time that China begins coming down hard on the now known to be lieing Catholics, and we find a very interesting confluence of events. One that reveals a rare glimpse in that the Brits and the Catholics were actually aligned – despite all outer appearances to the contrary.

The mid-1700’s

Previously, the slavemaster method of taking over a country was predominantly done by political methods first, economic methods second, or sort of simultaneously.

The idea of influencing the minds of key people was their hallmark.

You see both the Catholics, whether Jesuit or not, and the new ‘nobility’ of the Germanic British both taking actions along that line as their primary weapon for around two centuries, but then things went awry – from their perspective that is.

In America, China, Japan and in some parts of Europe the people were waking up to the fact that these people were making slaves out of humanity (formally or otherwise), the beginnings of modern feudalism.

They began chafing against the endless arrogance and connivances of both these factions, and began to think for themselves and dare to have the opinion that they were free to determine their own lives without needing a by-your-leave from either of them..

They began to rebel.

Well, this just won’t do, said the slavemasters, we must put a stop to this!

This is actually part of the reason for Pope Benedict XIV’s ill-conceived bulls –

  • Ex quo singulari (July 11, 1742) suppressed the favorite Chinese rites by Jesuit missionaries
  • Omnium solicitudinum (12 September 1744) extended the ban to Indian Malabar rites

You could sort of call it a slipping of their mask of “I’m tolerant and benevolent” – their outer image.

They both (the British and the Jesuits) shifted their strategy around in reverse of what it had been to now being –

Step 1 – Economic takeover
Step 2 – Government (political) takeover

A plan to which they have both stuck too ever since this time.

There had been moves afoot for a number of decades already to get the ‘economic’ part, the machinery of legal slaves, worked out.

Debt and taxes as a control mechanism.

The first step in the transition to a modern form of international lending can be dated easily: 1688. England’s “financial revolution” by Dutch King William III, consisted of the introduction of excise taxes to fund a public debt that became the responsibility of Parliament – which meant the people – rather than the personal obligation of the monarch. Excise tax is a tax on a particular commodity.

A significant change.

Meantime, two years later the British East India Company had been transformed from a commercial trading venture to a political ruling venture – one which ruled India.

In just another two years, In 1694 the Bank of England was set up, it is the central bank in England. The Bank and the stock of the successful British East India Company draws in the Jewish Dutch investors – citizens under William III – who had also engaged in murdering and enslaving entire populations just to get what they wanted from their lands (East Indies islands).

You can see why the populations of Britain, America, and so on, now being slaves in a new way, began having a problem with this.

Within fifty years, much of the population of Europe, India, China, in fact all the slavemasters “fiefdoms” they thought they had a right to, were slowly becoming completely uncontrollable.

Now the drugging began.

Between 1757 and 1766, the British East India Company raped India. It took £6 million pounds from Bengali and other princes of India. One part of the rape of Bengal was the Bengal famine. The Company had sold the grain wholesale, when formerly, excess grain was stored in underground pits as a guard against famine. This famine killed millions of Bengal’s population.

That’s the ‘economic takeover’ step.

At the same time, starting in 1757 they literally forced the Indians to grow the poppies and manufacture opium in quantity and began the smuggling of opium for silver and tea in southern China.

The Chinese intelligentsia knew this was bad news, so at the same time they began coming down on the Christians they also, and correctly I might add, figured out the British were the same breed of poison sprung from the same tree and they came down on the British too.

How dare they! said both, and frantically increased their efforts to fracture the Chinese world through drugs and strife/conflict.

A large portion of the population of China was essentially turned into drug addicts, which got so bad that it completely ruined the Chinese economy and through war the British ultimately ended up with Hong Kong as one of their colonies by 1839.

Even all that horror wasn’t good enough for the Slavemasters so they fostered internal division amongst its peoples in every way imaginable – they fostered controlled “rebellions” and “revolutionary” movements such as the White Rose gangs and even the later Chinese Communism !!!

Meanwhile – The thirteen British colonies in North America united and declared Independence from Britain on 4 July 1776 and went to war against them from 1775 to 1783.

The Americans won.

Britain lost its 13 colonies in North America.

Well now, sayeth the Slavemasters, guess its time we do to America what we do everywhere else.

Including drugs.

Remember this?

By 1830 Britain was importing 18,956 chests of opium to China. One chest was 140 pounds so that means 2,653,840 pounds.

Almost three million pounds of opium.

This means that this delivery of chests equaled approximately six billion ‘hits’ of opium.

And this?

By 1836, when President Jackson had successfully paid off the U.S. debt and kicked the Vatican and British vultures out and the Charter of the Second Bank of the United States expired – Britain had almost doubled their shipments to China, enforcing 30,000 chests of opium on the Chinese people.

And all the Popes having hissy fits about Americans having dastardly evil ‘free’ opinions?

Yea, now you’re getting it.

kara thrace wink.

The British and the Vatican both held China enslaved, in one way or another, until the close of the 19th century.

But then, something happened.

* * *

China rebels against the British

Hong Kong


It began when the Republic of China was formed in 1912, and this quickly became what the British called a “nationalist” government, or the Kuomintang which literally means Chinese National People’s Party.

It is true that prior to the formation of the People’s Republic, the slavemasters were behind the initial breaking of the Chinese monarchy, but how they did that was by using propaganda of “free China” and so on.

Can you see the irony here?

Their propaganda campaign had literally completely backfired on them because the people took them at their word – that this was now THEIR country, and they began to act accordingly.

As I have discussed in depth here at the blog, in the mid-1800’s the favored tactic of the slavemasters became using “communism” as a weaponized label to undermine and stigmatize any country following in the footsteps of America. Holding true to that tactic,  in June of 1920, Comintern* agent Grigori Voitinsky was sent to China by the Okhrana (Russian Intelligence – later called the KGB) on behalf of the allied British and Russian slavemasters.

*Comintern – The Communist International, also known as the Third International (1919–1943), it was an international communist organization that advocated world communism.



Voitinksy was tasked to begin creating a spy network to ultimately infiltrate the Kuomintang and to start the Communist Party in China, recruiting Chinese people into the “cause”. Immediately upon his arrival, in order to accomplish finding recruits to either be spies or “true believers” he was given covert slavemaster funding to finance starting a front group called the Socialist Youth Corps.

Particularly in 1928, when Chiang Kai-Shek came to power, the British began their usual slimy covert maneuvering to try and punish China for trying to get out from under their rule over them.

That didn’t work so well, at first, so the powers-that-be decided they needed an ethnic cleansing, a ‘removal’, an ‘extermination’ of those with such evil opinions concerning their freedom and mastery of self by self.

They needed a war.

Thus was the real purpose of Britain/Russia, Anglophilic Americans and the Vatican for WWII –

to reclaim China from the “Nationalists”.

Classic sleight-of-hand, on a massive scale, and using people and places instead of decks of cards. That’s the only difference. There is a saying by magicians, that “the big move hides the little one” – only in this case I’d have to say that Hitler was the big move hiding the even bigger moves in China.


The British feared a strong, and worse, a unified China emerging.

They called their intent to self-governance an infection!

China’s potentialities in the post-war world cause the present British Government some anxiety. It recognizes that if China emerges from this war strong and unified, China will

  • (1) endanger, as a focus of nationalist infection, Britain’s Asiatic Empire;
  • (2) attempt, paradoxically perhaps, imperialistic expansion of its own; and
  • (3) threaten British claims to Hong Kong.
– Memo, John Paton Davies to Ambassador Gauss, “Anglo-American Co-operations in East Asia,” 15 November 1943, Entry 110, Box 52, Folder 16, cited in Oss in China, by Maochun Yu, Chapter 12 – The Last Chapter


Guess how they planned to “liberate” China from those dastardly Nationalists?

… Hong Kong… should be liberated by the British, albeit using Chinese guerrillas in the first assault.

– Charles Cruickshank, SOE in the Far East, p.160. as cited by Maochun Yu in OSS in China Prelude to Cold War.



air quotes.

What kind of “chinese guerillas” though? and do notice how Cruikshanks left this out – Communist. That’s what kind.

You know, the guys they are supposedly “against”.

Except for when they’re not.

Besides, British intelligence (together with the Vatican) had long been engaged in creating the slur-pseudo American democracy twisted counterpart called communism.The Vatican?

Why would the Vatican back communism?

Actually, why wouldn’t they would be a better question, knowing what we now do of their propensity to create whole documents, histories, religions and people out of nothing even resembling truth or fact.

Here was China at the turn of the 20th century, trying to follow America’s lead and follow the principles of men like Thomas Jefferson – they were not following Karl Marx and Communism.

And that terrified all the slavemasters.

It was Thomas Jefferson’s intent that other peoples feel inspired to follow America’s example and throw off the yoke of the insane slavemasters.

I hope and trust … for the good of suffering humanity all over the earth, that revolution will be established and spread through the whole world.

– Thomas Jefferson To Sir John Sinclair (Pa., 1791)
Jefferson Cyclopedia


And what did Thomas Jefferson think of the British and Vatican slavemasters?

Here’s a couple examples that should make it quite clear in your mind.

T.J. on the British and Vatican slavemasters –

…The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious* which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model.

*Flagitious – (of a person or their actions) criminal; villainous.

It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis –

“the enemy of the human race”


– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia
The complete letter is available here and here.

Well, he certainly nailed the Brits to the wall in that one, and accurately too.

What’s he think of the Roman Catholics?

That they have destroyed the liberty and rights of man anywhere they have gone.

What has destroyed the liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating all cares and powers into one body, no matter whether of the autocrats of Russia or France, or of the aristocrats of a Venetian Senate.

— Thomas Jefferson to Joseph C. Cabell, 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia


He pointed out that they also bring war and conflict anywhere they go, just like the Brits.

It is the refusing toleration to those of a different opinion which has produced all the bustles and wars on account of religion.

It was the misfortune of mankind that during the darker centuries the Christian priests following their ambition and avarice combining with the magistrate to divide the spoils of the people, could establish the notion that schismatics might be ousted of their possessions & destroyed.

This notion we have not yet cleared ourselves from.

– Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Religion (October, 1776).
Published in The Works of Thomas Jefferson in Twelve Volumes, Federal Edition,
Paul Leicester Ford, ed., New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904, Vol. 2, pp. 267.


Yes, T.J., this notion we have still not yet cleared ourselves from.

He also correctly pointed out just how low, how slimy, and how utterly false the Catholics were as “the priests of Jesus”.

Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them; and no man ever had a distinct idea of the trinity. It is the mere Abracadabra of the mountebanks* calling themselves the priests of Jesus.

*Mountebank (charlatan, fraudster, con-man) means a person who deceives others especially in order to trick them out of their money.

– Thomas Jefferson Letter to Francis Adrian Van der Kemp (30 July 1816), denouncing the doctrine of the Trinity; taken from The Jefferson Cyclopedia – available to view online at the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.


Many of the Chinese people had observed, first-hand, the exact same things Thomas Jefferson was talking about.

Should they not have rebelled against such crazy power-mad fools?

The Vatican says so, the British nobility says so, and together they set out to decimate China – using, and get this, their twisted-up version of democracy they had created called communism as the cover-story!

Let rivers of blood flow – sayeth the Slavemasters.

– – –

If you look at this quote by Pope Leo XIII, you will see exactly what I mean.

From this heresy there arose in the last century* a false philosophy – a new right as it is called, and a popular authority, together with an unbridled license which many regard as the only true liberty.

*the last century referring to 1776 and the American Revolution

Hence we have reached the limit of horrors…communism, socialism, nihilism, hideous deformities of the civil society of men.



By saying “hence”, he’s trying to position that the principles of the American Revolution and people like Thomas Jefferson with communism.

Put that together with this one from way back in 1846 by Pope Pius IX –

[…] that infamous doctrine of so-called Communism which is absolutely contrary to the natural law itself, and if once adopted would utterly destroy the rights, property and possessions of all men, and even society itself.”



What you have there (and there are many other examples in my post) is clear evidence that the Vatican was trying to PR-position that –

Thomas Jefferson = Communist

American Revolution = Communist


They needed to invent something like communism that was corrupt, crazy, dictatorial (everything they are) so that they could position anyone following in Jefferson/America’s footsteps as a horror and blacker than black.

Like China.

What do you know of China? Probably that its “communist” and somehow sinister and evil therefore.

I hope that you begin to look with better eyes now, minus the propaganda we have all been fed about it.

– – –

China rebels against the British

Jardine Mathieson & Co. – Opium dealers, the Keswicks.


When the British succeeded in suppressing China, in 1843 they were forced to open the Port of Shanghai to foreign trade and the first lot in the port was rented by Jardine Mathieson.

For two hundred years this firm’s profits were deeply steeped in drugging humanity into distraction and submission using opium – especially China.

When the Emperor of China again began putting his foot down after the astronomical increase of enforced opium trade in the late 1800’s, the British and Vatican worked to break his monarchy using American ideals to get the people to blame the emperor for their plight – rather than them.

As part of this, they began to groom certain families. Families like the Soong.

In 1905, when the authorities in Beijing abruptly abolished the thousand-year-old Imperial examination and began “sending out” to heavily British “way” dominated schools located both in the United States and Britain.

All the “selectees” had to do to be in their favor was simple. Sell their soul and their people down the river, and do whatever powerful firms like Jardine & Mathison wanted.

If the Brits said jump? They said how high. If the Brits didn’t like something – out it went.

The Soong family gained its prominence in Hong Kong in exactly that way.

– – –

Here at the blog, there is much documentation about the formation of British Intelligence West in the United States during the time of WWII.

First called COI (Coordinator of Information), then called OSS (Office of Strategic Services) then finally the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

Every step of the way it has been completely controlled by the British/Vatican slavemasters, right down to choosing who to head the first organization – which was William “Wild Bill” Donovan.

Meanwhile, over in England, a special new intelligence organization had formed called the Special Operations Executive (it’s outer cover name was Minister of Economic Warfare, I believe) specifically to control how WWII was supposed to progress – the result.

SOE for short.

Guess who headed it?

Tony Keswick

William J. (Tony) Keswick - SOE

His brother John was made the Chief SOE for China and both of them happened to also be the main executives of Jardine & Mathison.

Sir John Keswick in 1964

John Keswick (right)

The Keswicks current generation front man for their favored Hong Kong local drug lords and opium facilitators – aka the Soongs – was T.V. Soong.

T.V. Soong, standing just behind and to the right of F.D.R.

Pictured are Franklin D. Roosevelt (seated), and standing, from left to right, Owen Dixon (Australian Minister to the United States), Leighton McCarthy (Canadian Minister to the United States), Walter Nash (New Zealand), E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax (UK Ambassador to the United States), T. V. Soong (Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs), Alexander Loudon (Dutch Ambassador to the United States) and Manuel Quezon (President of the Philippines).

Pictured are Franklin D. Roosevelt (seated), and standing, from left to right, Owen Dixon (Australian Minister to the United States), Leighton McCarthy (Canadian Minister to the United States), Walter Nash (New Zealand), E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax (UK Ambassador to the United States), T. V. Soong (Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs), Alexander Loudon (Dutch Ambassador to the United States) and Manuel Quezon (President of the Philippines).

T. V. Soong and his three sisters were all educated at elite schools in the United States. One of his sisters married Chiang Kai-shek, who would become a key figure in vamping up the opium trade to America, an operation headed by OSS man Paul Helliwell.

April 19, 1942

General chiang kai-shek

Do not think that the Brits or the Vatican actually liked the Soongs, no. They didn’t trust them as far as they could throw them. They were simply useful, like a rag you use and then put away when you’re done with it.

Tai Li was a military man under Chiang, and he was fiercely anti-British and pro-independent China.

T.V. Soong was jealous (and very afraid) of Tai Li, mostly because Tai Li was utterly ruthless in his goal to oust the British. He was also incorruptible – he was completely unimpressed with Soong and his “western education”. He could not be swayed off-course by his money, nor bowled over by Soong’s “station” in Hong Kong under the shadow of the Keswick family.

That made him very dangerous to this unnatural hold of the Keswick family over China that Soong lived by the grace of and profited from.

Reports sent to America made sure to relay T.V. Soong’s open and angry contempt toward Tai Li. In fact, American intelligence reports at the time, repeatedly reflected this highly British-biased view of Tai Li , containing statements that Tai Li suffered from a “lack of a Western education and training, his ignorance of English and other foreign languages.

Tai Li, Alghan Lusey, Rear Admiral Milton Miles and a Chinese Navy captain


British drug lord Tony Keswick assigned William Stephenson to be his chief SOE assigned to America, naming his cover organization British Security Coordination.

Note: Stephenson wasn’t his real name – his real name was William Samuel Clouston Stanger.

Stephenson’s job was to get America into the war and to use any form of under-handed trick imaginable to do so. As part of that, Stephenson was to form up British Intelligence West as completely suborned to the British and having as its first duty the same goal as the Brits – getting China back under their thumb.

Control of the drug trade, in other words.


U.S. President Roosevelt’s family fortune was also founded on opium, and so….

Franklin Roosevelt the slavemaster puppet

On July 11, 1941  – As ordered by the Keswicks and William Stephenson U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt picked up the final draft of the order to establish the COI (that he had tried to ignore for a week in his in box) and signed it.

He then announced that Bill Donovan would be christened the Coordinator of Information (COl), a title also used to designate Donovan’s organization, the precursor to the Office of Strategic Services-the first national intelligence apparatus in U.S. history with an overarching mandate to coordinate all branches of intelligence gathering overseas.

Donovan left, and Donovan’s “spy master” British MI6 man William Stephenson on the right
– Donovan is pinning a “Medal of Merit” on him.

Donovan pinning medal of merit on William Stephenson

Many men in the American military actually believed in the founding principles of America, its message and example to the world. Men like the Army’s General Magruder, who believed that China should be free and independent as it wanted to be.

People like him also sense the very bad juju coming from what was behind the creation of this new COI, and immediately launched what was called the Magruder mission to China.

Magruder wanted to help China with what were called lend-lease materials – which included supplies such as FOOD, then desperately needed due to the British and Vatican waging economic warfare and creating famines – in retaliation to the Chinese people for daring to want to be independent especially from Britain and the Vatican.

When the Brit learned of this mission that would obviously negate their efforts at squeezing the Chinese into death or submission, they ordered Donovan to immediately negotiate for a “COI representative” to be part of this mission. The army flatly refused. Donovan ran off to whine to President Roosevelt about it, but Roosevelt was unwilling to be so obviously visible as being in the British pocket as to go head-to-head against his own military.

The British used this ‘slight’ against their golden-boy Donovan as an excuse to outright steal these very same lend-lease materials that the Magruder mission had designated for China.

They intercepted them in Burma.

Their reason given?

That they “desired the Chinese quota to defend their colonial empire in the Far East.

Killing millions of people from starvation is being categorized as a ‘defense’.

Against what?

Losing their opium trade.


Late one night, I decided to watch a movie listed as a new release called: “Back to 1942″.

It was based on a book called Remembering 1942, which in turn pulled loosely on the biography and writings of covert British agent Theodore H. White, “advisor” to Chaing Kai-Sheck and Time magazine “journalist”.

White was in tight with Henry Luce, the head of Time magazine and his writings portrayed this time in China as being…wait for it…the fault of the NATIONALISTS.

As did the movie, which actually had the gall to blame it all on Chiang Kai-Shek who was completely under the thumb of the British.

See how badly we have been lied to about China?

And seriously, whenever you see that word “nationalist” being said in any kind of a slur way? You are dealing with lies by British and Vatican Slavemasters.

The true backers of this movie also greatly mislead the American public as to White’s character, and I think that was part of the point.

As an example of what White was really like, his best friend was American-born Herbert Yardley – a code-breaker who was a very mean, perverted paedophile.

Tai-Li hated him with a passion, considering him as bad as the British which was saying something.

From OSS in China by Maochun Yu, Chapter Chungking Fog

Throughout his stay with Tai Li, Yardley chronically complained and browbeat the Chinese. Tai Li knew that this must not be repeated in any future dealings with Americans.

In this connection, Tai Li was determined that only those Americans with a strong sense of discipline and self-control would be asked to work with him in the future. This was particularly relevant when it came to the issue of women.

When dealing with  Herbert Yardley, Tai Li’s biggest headache was over maintaining intelligence security without offending Yardley’s seemingly uncontrollable urge for sexual exploitation outside the BIS compound. At the time, Yardley was famous for purchasing young Chinese girls as sexual slaves and organizing orgies in his own house, thus gaining popularity among some foreign journalists and young American diplomats in the U.S. embassy, where, a young diplomat once flippantly remarked, masturbation was “the favorite indoor sport.” Among Yardley’s most frequent patrons to his orgies in Chungking was his best friend, Theodore White of Time, Inc. 

In the end, using threats and loud protests, Yardley had been able to force Tai Li to let him keep his own “comfort” cottage outside the BIS in downtown Chungking.


Today we call what Yardley and White were partaking in – Human Trafficking.

You can see why I didn’t appreciate this movie playing fast and loose with both this man’s character, AND that of China’s attempt to free itself out from under the equally perverted and psychotic British Slavemasters as being in any way the “cause” of the people dying from the famine in Henan.

The Chinese didn’t get their aid through Burma, because the British stole it to spite Magruder for correctly carrying out the U.S. agreement to do so!

Over A MILLION PEOPLE died between 1942 and 1943.

Here’s where Henan is – the purple square marks Chungking, the capital of China.


 U.S. ambassador Clarence Gauss was also particularly unhappy about this British strategy of stealing the lend-lease material bound for China, and openly protested to the British ambassador over the Anglo desire, in Gauss’s words, “to use the Burma link in lend lease aid as a club over the heads of the Chinese.

Ambassador Clarence Gauss crosses river to Chungking, China, May 26, 1941 to present his credentials.

Clarence Gauss 1941 - crossing river to Chungking

The same month that the British literally stole the food out of the months of the Chinese, July 1941, Donovan gets instructed by his local British handler (William Stephenson) to start establishing his own “handle China” force.

He was told to establish a “brain bureau,” in order to cover  “the most crucial part of the intelligence process: evaluation and analysis.”

Donovan’s choice to head the new R&A (Research and Analysis) department was James Penney Baxter, the president of Williams College, who immediately recruited William Langer and two other scholars from the history department of Harvard University: Don McKay and a young, ambitious junior instructor named John King Fairbank.

The very FIRST committee they formed, was the Far East (MEANING CHINA) Committee. It was chaired by James Phinney Baxter and included Wallace Phillips, [Donovan’s MI6 “advisor”] Joseph Hayden, Charles Remer, John K. Fairbank, Amry Vandonbosh, and Esson Gale.

This was the direct parallel group of what just a year earlier Tony Keswick, as SOE, had done in Britain.

Practically before the ink was even dry on the newly created SOE division, Keswick immediately made preparations for guerrilla war in the Far East.

Nicknamed the China Commando Group, Keswick assigned Valentine Killery and his brother John Keswick to head it in late 1941.

Who’s this Killery guy, and why was he important enough to head this?

He was a member of the RIIA making him the real power behind this action as a Cecil Rhodes Round Table man.

The RIIA – the Royal Institute of International Affairs – one of the Round Table’s later created “think tanks”. It had been founded during the Peace Conference of Paris in 1919, at the suggestion of Round Table man Lionel Curtis. It was dominated by people like Philip Kerr (Ron Hubbard’s mentors good buddy) and by Lord Robert Cecil, one of the oldest British slavemaster families going all the way back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

The purpose of the Round Table at that time was to influence the “leaders” of thought through the Round Table activities, and to influence a wider group of people through the RIIA by the “study of international affairs” – a highly euphemistic term.

It was a 2-class system of propaganda, in other words. The nobility of humanity (in their perception) was targeted by the Round Table, everyone else by the RIIA.

Combined with the Round Table’s Council on Foreign Relations (The CFR) the RIIA was a way for Britain to try and control the foreign policies of other countries. The British defined their pet slave countries as commonwealths, which meant they were supposedly independent in their governments (they weren’t) but more importantly Britain insisted – at literally the point of a gun – that only they controlled any foreign interaction of that country.

Like Hong Kong, China, for example.

One of the ‘benefactors’ – meaning money line – of the RIIA was Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI).

Killery was the Deputy Chairman of ICI in Shanghai.

ICI having been originally formed on December 7, 1926 as a merger of:

  • Brunner, Mond & Co. Ltd.,
  • Nobel Industries Ltd.,
  • United Alkali Company Ltd., and
  • British Dyestuffs Corporation Ltd.

Between World Wars I and II, ICI was a major competitor of Germany’s IG Farben, the cartel that had formed in 1925.

But then…

They all joined forces in February of 1932 in a four-party cartel which dominated almost 90 per cent of the world’s total exports.

– – –

Valentine Killery

Valentine Killery


Killery was the SOE Chief in Singapore from May 1941-June 1942. His code name was 0.100, and he arrived in Singapore to set up the Commando Group headquarters on May 7, 1941.

You will recall that I told you that despite the fact that Jardine & Matthison, which the Keswicks headed, were deeply involved with using the Soongs and Chian Kai-shek to facilitate their drug trade – they didn’t really like either of them nor did they ever fully trust them.

Of course, because what kind of slimy person would you have to be to screw over own people in order to be ‘useful’ to the British? Very slimy, which paradoxically means you are about as trustworthy as a scorpion.

Such are the problems of slimy skekses slavemasters have in recruiting for their insane world-domination plans.

So, in order to avoid making the Chiang Kai-shek regime strong enough to threaten British colonial interests in Asia, Killery had a very interesting way of ensuring this didn’t happen.

Can you guess?   smiley drumming fingers


They used “communist guerrillas”.


Which proves that there was indeed a difference between what they were calling “nationalists” – which they didn’t control – versus “communists” – which they did control.

“Communists” then being equated to the public as the same as the “Nationalists”

How convenient, right? And oh-so-Catholic, as well.

Tai-Li knew the British were up to no good in sending Killery to China, so he pressed his boss Chiang to take action to align with the Americans, whom he still believed to be actually Jeffersonian in their morals and their standards, despite the bad examples being set by Yardley and White.

Chiang didn’t care about any of that, he was married to a Soong remember, but he did care about having his power and influence weakened. Being a kind of junior slimy skekses himself, what did he do?

He outwardly agreed to do what Tai-Li and the people wanted but it was actually as part of a covert maneuver by the British to kill that idea permanently.

How so?

Well, we already know that the Japanese were actually assisting the British covertly, for their own reasons to be sure, but nevertheless they were instrumental in helping to ‘force’ America into the War.

On 10 December 1941, three days after the Pearl harbor attack, Tai Li’s boss, Chiang Kai-shek proposed to Roosevelt the formation of an ABCD alliance (America, Britain, China, and the Dutch).7

This was used as an ’emergency’ by the British, thereby providing the excuse to immediately fly Winston Churchill to Washington to derail it, but more importantly (and not so obviously) help turn America towards joining the war.

Two weeks later, on Christmas Day no less, a sham ‘surrender’ of Hong Kong to the Japanese was arranged. The Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Mark Atchison Young, surrendered in person at the Japanese headquarters on the third floor of the Peninsula Hong Kong hotel.

To illustrate just how important it was to the British to continue to keep Hong Kong under its thumb, this was the first time ever that the British had ever allowed one of their Crown colonies to lose face by surrendering – the Brits and the Vatican absolutely hating to have their image be lessened. To be willing to do so is a huge red flag.

big red flag

It shows just how important the real game plan here, was to them, which was about true world domination. Nothing less.

Twice in just two weeks, the Japanese were used to produce key elements of their plan to bring America into line with them as their personal giant billy club used against false ‘enemies’.

The ‘surrender’, on top of Pearl Harbor, were nothing but merely orchestrated influences to hoodwink the American people, it’s timing being just one day before Churchill would address the American Congress.

Churchill had flown to Washington to present President Roosevelt with a counterproposal for an ABDA alliance (America, Britain, the Netherlands, and Australia), specifically excluding China. 8

Churchill called it the Europe First, Asia Second strategy – they even had posters drawn up about it.

British propaganda about America being side by side

As part of working to influence the American Congress into accepting this new “strategy”, on December 26 1941 – Churchill delivered a speech to Congress dubbed the: “What kind of people do they think we are?” speech, in which he specifically mentions China.

  • Address before U.S. Congress, 1941. Sound disc. Original recording courtesy of Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University. Used with permission. Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum Collection, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress (151)

You can listen to it here.

Arguably the most important thing he said was this, targeted at the nebulous “them” which really meant the Asians not the Germans:

“What kind of people do they think we are? Is it possible that they do not realise that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they & the world will never forget.”

The Manhattan Project, the project to develop the nuclear bomb had already begun in 1939, two years earlier. Churchill knew about that and this is what he meant by taught a lesson.


Having achieved the snow-job effect he sought – Churchill went back to England and had a heart attack.

Somehow fitting, that.

Winston Churchill
and Captain John Cecil Kelly-Rogers in Boeing 314 Berwick
returning to England January 1942.

churchill clipper january 1942


Tony Keswick’s SOE now began to recruit ethnic Chinese agents in the United States, Canada, and Malaya. SOE trained them in Ontario at special camps, Camp X, where most of the early OSS agents were also later trained, with the specific purpose of joining hands with the Chinese Communist guerrillas in the Guangdong area.10

To the Chinese, such as Tai Li, this whole “infiltrating the communists” strategy gave off a strong odor of British colonialism, manifested in Britain’s use of other nationals to achieve its own ends. SOE’s non-British Europeans were already resented by Tai Li, Chiang Kai-shek’s powerful chief of secret police and guerrilla forces in China. But what was seen as even worse was the British employment of Chinese Canadians and even Chinese Americans trained in SOE camps in Ontario for the specific purpose of “joining forces” with the Chinese Communists in the defense of Hong Kong.11

Simultaneously as these SOE Chinese infiltration plans, and literally just after Churchill left to go back to England, is when Donovan fully patterned the OSS after British Intelligence.

A man named Wallace Phillips, was an expatriate American and was Donovan’s MI6 advisor. Donovan made him the first Secret Intelligence Chief – head of SI, or Special Intelligence, for about six weeks before Dave K.E. Bruce, now in London, took it over.

  • Special meant “secret”.

Wallace was described as a bald-headed, hunchbacked, businessman with a “mysterious past”.

Wallace in 1918


Two months before Pearl Harbor, in October 1941, Donovan asked Colonel Robert Solborg (Solberg) to head a Special Operations section of COI. The colonel was first sent to London to study the structure of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE). Solburg, who was also a British Intelligence “advisor”, was secondly sent to Camp X for intensive training in the most ruthless sabotage methods.

He then went back to London for briefing, and practically crossing paths in the air when Churchill was returning, Solburg arrived back to the U.S. around January 1, 1942 where he was made the head of SO – or Special Operations.

Totally taken in by the British method of clandestine warfare, Solborg’s zealotry for SO led him to draft the first comprehensive blueprint of COl’s Special Operations on 13 January 1942. He outlined the primary method of operation, stating that COl “should work in closest possible cooperation with emigre governments established in America and in Great Britain and with foreign groups in the United States.”12

What, do you imagine, was his very first task?

To establish a combined SO and SI China mission, under the direction of the Far East Committee.

How fortuitous right?

Exactly serving BRITISH interests, not American.

Robert Solburg 1942


Donovan had made Solburg his new Coordinator of Information in-charge, as well.

Who was this Solburg really and why were the Brits so hot to have him as literally second-in-command to Donovan?

From the book OSS by Richard Smith –

Chapter 1

…Lietutenant Colonel Robert Solborg was born in Warsaw, the son of a Polish general of the Czar’s army who had served on the staff of the Russian governor-general of Poland. During the First World War Solborg was commissioned an officer in the Czarist cavalry. After recovering from a severe wound in 1916, he was assigned to a Russian military purchasing mission in New York.

When the Bolshevik Revolution brough the Soviets to power, Solborg, preferring to avoid a Communist firing squad, acquired American citizenship and enlisted in the American Army. He served briefly as U.S. Military Attache’ in Paris, then accepted a position with Armco Steel.

When the Second World War broke out in 1939, Solborg was managing director of Armco in Britain and France. Under cover of his business transactions, he traveled to Germany in the spring of 1940 to observe industrial production and later reported his findings to British intelligence.

In December 1940, Solborg joined U.S. Army intelligence and spent the next eight months traveling through North Africa, ostensibly as an Armco executive but actually to contact potential French resistance elements on behalf of the War department.

An interesting history, to be sure, but do you see that innocuous looking statement that I put in orange?

It is extremely important.

In fact, it would be hard to overestimate the importance of that tiny little ‘nothing’ looking statement.

Here it is again, and let’s put it together with another statement that I bolded –

  • in 1916, he was assigned to a Russian military purchasing mission in New York.
  • Under cover of his business transactions, he traveled to Germany in the spring of 1940 to observe industrial production and later reported his findings to British intelligence.

See that “a Russian military purchasing mission” part?

Oh boy, that’s not good.


Side trip –

Double agents and the Protocols of Zion

Robert Adolphe Stanislaus Solborg


(third from left)Robert_Solborg_-_1942

Solborg was classified as a Polish Jew and given money by the American Joint Jewish Distribution Company February 15, 1918.

However, even that was a cover. What most people don’t know about this guy is that he was a crypto-Jew, which simply means that he had converted to Catholicism and was deeply involved in the reinstated Society of Jesus in Russia.

Solborg’s connection to the “Russian purchasing mission” forms one of the rare visible confluences of co-ordinated efforts between the British, the Vatican, and their counterparts in America.

In my extensively documented library article called Casimir Pilenas Palmer – a Lithuanian spy who worked for both Russian and British intelligence, including working directly for Lord Melville and operating within America as well, there is much said about the connections to this ‘Russian purchasing mission’ that had so many agents being run by MI6 man William Wiseman.

I highly suggest you read it, but probably the most important thing for you to know now is that Robert Solborg was working there side-by-side with Boris Brasol and Casimir, both of which were involved in foisting off the Protocols of Zion as being some sort of real document.

This means that we now have evidence that not only were the British and Russian intelligence agencies involved in that, but so was the Vatican.

Not to mention, what were supposed “jewish’ men – Casimir and Solborg – doing involved in such a war-mongering portrayal of their people.

The answer is simple.

They were working for the slavemasters to promote World Wars to help them achieve their world domination plans.

Both Boris Brasol and Robert Solburg surfaced again in intelligence activities during the time of WWII, this time he’s under William Stephenson, who had just arrived to start the British Security Coordination.

Boris was tasked to harass anti-war (and Anti-British) protestors, he and the Coudert Brothers harassed various people as being “Red” or communist. 

That was standard British propaganda that they came out with around the time that Senator Borah was killing their League of Nations bill. The whole ‘red’ or communist thing was a BIG distraction, not to mention that communism was totally created by British and Vatican elements in the first place, as part of an attempt to black PR the American Revolution and try to keep that from happening anywhere else.

In my article British Security Compendium – The Book and The Lords

I document that Stephenson arrived aboard the SS Britannic on 11 June, 1940 to establish the British Intelligence organization in the U.S. tasked with getting the U.S. “into the war”. Stephenson was joined in July by Colonel Charles Howard “Dick” Ellis.

Colonel Charles Howard -Dick- Ellis
image from, where he is listed as SIS.


Ellis was an Australian who joined the SIS in October of 1921. He had abandoned an undergraduate course at Oxford, and was promptly sent to the Istanbul office where he married a Russian woman and became the contact for a number of Russian agents.

Reference – Secret History of British Intelligence by Keith Jeffery.

He was later assigned to the Berlin Station in October of 1923, where he was given a list of Russian agents to run and was also approached by numerous White Russians to assist in British anti-Bolshevik operations to help create the conditions for WWII.

(See Casimir Pilenas and The Protocols of Zion article in the Specific Persons section of our Reading Library)

Ellis was William Stephenson’s deputy, and his replacement for Lt. Comdr. Ian Fleming who was Stephenson’s man who ‘ran’ William Donovan to do what Britain wanted him to.

Ellis then insisted that Donovan bring in his “old friend” Robert Solborg to “build up his operations side” and the ideal prospect to set up an SOE style subversive-operations capability for the COI.

Ellis, like Solborg, had also previously functioned as a “russian agent” – as well as a Nazi. This makes perfect sense when you understand the absolutely incontrovertible evidence that both the Brits and the Vatican were backing Hitler.

So…that’s who the Keswicks sent in on Donovan.

Lovely, eh?

* * *


Meanwhile, what were the Keswicks orchestrating in China?

Well, one of the principal personnel of COl’s Special Intelligence branch foisted on Donovan by the British was Hong Kong’s Cornelius V. Starr, who fancied himself a fatherly and honorary mentor on China-related affairs for Donovan.

Starr had both Drug and Mafia underworld connections as a supposed business “tycoon” in China, a personal agent of SOE New York’s William Stephenson, and just happened to be BEST FRIENDS with British SOE commando group head John Keswick of Jardine & Matheson.

Fellow SI staff member Esson Gale (who had just been sent to China) was also very close John Keswick and Valentine Killery when they were all in Chungking.

General Tai Li in China had just found out that the British had infiltrated Communist intelligence agents deep in his own organization, and when he identified that it was opium drug lord, Jardine & Matthison’s John Keswick that was sending in these “Communist agents”?

He expelled the SOE China Commando group from China, including Petropavlovsky.

Keswick had himself a massive temper tantrum over it, and began a vicious, lying, propaganda campaign against Tai Li.

This new British media and internal reporting propaganda blitz involved many powerful figures in the Chinese government, particularly the Song (Soong) family.

SOE had to drive a wedge between rapidly rising American prestige in China and COI officials in Washington. The British had to convince Donovan that the Chinese were totally responsible for the failure of the China Commando Group and that the Chinese were not only anti-British, but also anti-American.

Now THAT was the real point – that lie right there.

Do you realize how revealing that tactic was?

Tai-Li was pro-American, he wanted his country to be like America ie: free of the British and able to run their own affairs without constant interference by the British and the Christians.

This is why internally, the SOE people in London called it the Chungking taint: “admiration of all things American and scorn for all things British.”

This is why they chose to foment a false idea that Tai-Li hated Americans, trying to drive a wedge between them.

Jealous little snits, aren’t they.

Accordingly, Erik Nyholm, the executive officer of the China Commando Group, was tasked to draft a comprehensive report on the fiasco of the China Commando Group.

Then using that as his ‘front man” propaganda piece, on 13 April 1942, John Keswick wrote a lengthy memo and immediately gave it to the U.S. naval attache in Chungking, James McHugh, who was an enthusiastic collaborator with British intelligence.

At once McHugh dutifully circulated Keswick’s memo all over Washington..

Lieutenant Colonel James McHugh (left). U.S. Naval attache and onetime chief of SI China for the OSS
pictured with Lieutenant Colonel William Peers OSS detachment 101.


This propaganda campaign was of shrewd British design, it was an actual conspiracy against American intelligence through ostensible friendship and cooperation.

Its chief purpose was to discourage the establishment of a U.S. intelligence network in China independent of British influence.

There’s the real fear – that independence idea is always just horrifying to the British. It always reminds them of the American War for Independence – which they lost.

The major theme of this propaganda was that the Chinese had now ‘suddenly’ (and inexplicably) turned extremely hostile to all foreigners, particularly British and American.

This turned into a very powerful weapon in preventing Americans from entering China alone.

McHugh himself wrote abundantly during this propaganda tirade. He pointed out that any independent U.S. clandestine operation in China would be “wholly impracticable and should be abandoned forthwith for despite the particular anti-British angles involved, the basic implication affects all foreigners. 16

When John Keswick was officially ousted in April of 1942, he had immediately became the SOE’s liaison in Donovan’s headquarters in Washington. His official appointment in London was:  “director of missions, Area C” which covered India, the Far East, and the Americas.

To Tai Li, the person who ultimately connected British intelligence with Communist infiltration was Petro Pavlovski. Born a Russian, Wladimir Vassilievitch Petro-Pavlovski had lived in China for a long time and been closely associated with the Comintern network in the Far East.

  • – See card file on Pavlovski in folder entitled “russian Espionage in china,” RG 38, Records of the Office of Chief of Naval operations-ONI, Foreign Intelligence, Far East, Box 2, National Archives
  • His gravestone lists “soldier of the Tsar, France and England”, but he is also on the SOE agent list.

Him, he left in China after ousting the commandos, keeping a very close eye on him.

Pavlovski’s connection with the Comintern was under deep cover during his China years. Only U.S. naval intelligence in China suspected that he might be part of the notorious Shoyet ring, specializing in arms smuggling to the Chinese Communists, an operation directly controlled by the Comintern in Moscow.

  • Shoyet was formerly a U.S. Army officer who had been “for some time a dealer in illegal arms acting on instructions of the Comintern.” Shoyet disguised his arms as railway materials to ship to Pavlovski, who worked as a railway engineer. See card file on Shoyet in folder entitled “russian Espionage in china,” RG 38, Records of the Office of Chief of Naval operations-ONI, Foreign Intelligence, Far East, Box 2, National Archives

Pavlovski was actually yet another combined BRITISH/RUSSIAN/VATICAN agent, just like Robert Solborg and Charles Ellis

In 1939, Pavlovski went to French Indochina to become a captain in the French Colonial Army. One year later, he came back to Chungking and linked up with General Pechkoff, who offered him French citizenship.

  • – card file on Pavlovski in folder entitled “russian Espionage in china,” RG 38, Records of the Office of Chief of Naval operations-ONI, Foreign Intelligence, Far East, Box 2, National Archives

When the British started to operate the China Commando Group, Pavlovski miraculously became Keswick’s assistant in the British embassy in all intelligence operations in China.

When the SOE commandos were ousted, Pavlovski worked with McHugh to prepare the series of ferocious propaganda attacks on Tai Li disguised as “intelligence reports”, some of which accused Tai-Li of being an opium dealer. Considering the Keswicks role as the biggest opium dealers there ever was in China, you can see where that was going.

I see, the opium trade is Tai-Li’s fault.


After Tony Keswick assigned John to his new job in Washington as SOE’s liaison to Donovan, Keswick urgently sought Pavlovski as his aide in OSS headquarters. Donovan immediately issued an order to Pavlovski, still in Chungking, to come to Washington.

Tai Li was no dummy however, and had made Pavlovski had become a persona non grata, thereby causing the U.S. embassy to have to refuse to issue him a visa on the grounds that he had no consular or diplomatic status.

Ambassador Gauss, whom we already know had an extremely low opinion of the British for what they had done to the Chinese people in stealing the lend-lease aid, further insisted that unless the British embassy in Washington requested his visa directly from the State Department, nothing could be done.

Oh well! No visa for you…


When General Stilwell, yet another British puppet, found out about this he sent a secret cable to Donovan in Washington stating that Pavlovski “wants to comply with orders … but our Chungking Embassy refuses visa …. Your assistance requested in cutting this red tape.” Stilwell further assured Donovan that he would help Pavlovski with transportation.

  • OSS in China book, Ref #56 – cable Stilwell to Donovan 29 September 1942, RG 493, Records of American Military Mission to China, AMMISCA VI (Magruder Missin), outgoing Messages, file #1199, Suitland Record Center, National Archives.

Next thing you know?

Petro Pavlovski was now an official OSS agent working for John Keswick but that was extremely short-lived, he was eventually expelled from Washington due to strong protest from the Chinese embassy.

Tai Li was horrified that Pavlovski was now an OSS agent, this British-Pavlovski-OSS connection completely shocked him because he had yet to realize that this kind of “American” – the OSS – wasn’t really American at all, it was BRITISH.

He had just recently found out that no only were Pavlovski, McHugh and Magruder all uniformly pro-British, they were also all brothers in-law! Each had married a daughter of Jacob Gould Schurman, a former president of Cornell University and former U.S. minister to China.

By late October 1942, the situation had become deadly clear to Tai Li:

  • First, there was a British-sponsored plot to operate intelligence teams in China secretly, most likely to take revenge against him and to make deals with the Chinese Communists.
  • Second, this plot centered in Washington, was directly controlled by Keswick and Pavlovski, who used the OSS as a cover through the Magruder connection.

When General Wedemeyer came to China in late October 1944, he reported back that:

We Americans interpret United States policy as requiring a strong unified China and a China fighting effectively against  Japanese. There is considerable evidence that British policy is not consonance with United States policy. British Ambassador personally suggested to me that a strong unified China would be dangerous to the world and certainly would jeopardize the white man’s position immediately in Far East and ultimately throughout the world.”‘

Dangerous to the WORLD?

No. To the slavemaster ‘world’.

Lieutenant General Albert Wedemeyer, third from right, inspecting SACO headquarters, flanked by Colonel Xiao Bo and Lieutenant Commander Charlie Johnston; at left, Tai Li; at right, Rear Admiral Miles (courtesy of the family of Admiral Miles)


In 1946, McHugh joined the Strategic Service Unit (SSU), the postwar offspring of OSS, and returned to China, where he once again hooked up with John Keswick of British secret intelligence. The two jointly embarked on yet another secret venture in China.

And what was that?

A rather amazing convergence that happens to be the next subject of my writings.


References –

1 – A History of Japan by James Murdoch, Isoh Yamagata, 1903

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