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OSS Turkey


British control of the “Near” East


By Virginia McClaughry



An online book called Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, is written in a wonderfully evocative style that transports you into the Turkey of the 1940’s – like something out of an old Humphrey Bogart movie.



Spy vs Spy, sultry and mysterious women, dark streets with smoke-filled nightclubs doing business ‘til all hours of the night, the Orient Express – is captivatingly displayed for the reader to feast on. The kind of book that is fun to just read, not just study if you know what I mean. But this one is not fiction, it is fact.

Istanbul_Intrigues_-_a_true_life_CasablancaI highly recommend this book, it helps us to define some of our more key OSS characters in OSS Turkey’s background.

Chapter 12: Dogwood’s Bite: The Fall of OSS Istanbul was especially relevant.

An old Turkish proverb from this chapter is perfect for the stark contrasts of 1940’s Turkey, as is the “spy song” and so I will open with those.


red rose thorns


He who loves roses must learn to deal with thorns.

Turkish proverb

Black rose seperator bar

On entering the Park Hotel’s lounge, intelligence agents of any nationality might be met with the pianist’s rendition of a satirical song, “Boo, Boo, Baby, I’m a Spy.”

Lyrics –

I’m involved in a dangerous game,

Every other day I change my name,

The face is different but the body’s the same,

Boo, boo, baby, I’m a spy!

You have heard of Mata Hari,

We did business cash and carry,

Poppa caught us and we had to marry,

Boo, boo, baby, I’m a spy!

Now, as a lad, I’m not so bad,

In fact, I’m a darn good lover,

But look my sweet, let’s be discreet,

And do this under cover.

I’m so cocky I could swagger,

The things I know would make you stagger,

I’m ten percent cloak and ninety percent dagger,

Boo, boo, baby, I’m a spy!

The lyrics were written by an American, Leo Hochstetter (below right). The music was composed by an Austrian refugee pianist.

Leo hochstetter on the right

Leo worked for the Office of War information (OWI).

Note: The OWI had been formed as the result of the splitting of functions of the previous Coordinator of Information office – the COI. See The Reckoning chapter 5-2 British Intelligence Sabotaging America, where my husband has done a wonderful job organizing the extensive research I had done into the real history of American (read British) intelligence.

Leo was also vice president of the Motion Picture Export Association, stationed all over the world and at Washington for a number of years, and was spoken of highly by X-2 agent Robert Bishop, who gave a veiled reference to Leo engaging in some intelligence work in concert with Bishop at Istanbul.

I should like to spend a few weeks exploring the possibilities of contacts through Turkey, Italy, France, and Germany. It is possible that several independent networks could be established. I have always enjoyed the confidence of the Turks and certainly CELAL BEY is one of the best informed men in the world on that area. Leo HOCHSTETTER is the most popular American in Turkey and he is brilliant. He would cooperate as he did before and ask no questions.

– declassified CIA documents concerning Robert Bishop, interview, item 123.


Hochstetter and other enemy spies mingled side-by-side at the Park Hotel bar called the Snakepit.

What a perfectly accurate name!


Snake Pits are places of horror, torture and even death in European legends and fairy tales.

This tongue-in-cheek drawing I found strikes me as a good representation of what that bar in Turkey was like.


…For the British, Istanbul became the crucial base for their Balkan intelligence operations.

…they set up or aided resistance groups in the occupied countries.

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, Chapter 6.


What’s the real reason for all this interest in the Balkans; the Near East and Middle East?



Considering the reference to “setting up and aiding resistance groups”, I am reminded of Thomas Jefferson’s take on the constant covert activities of the British to “nourish factions” and stir up revolts – this is standard for them.

Jefferson calls them Hostis Humanii Generis – the Enemy of the Human Race.

Hostis Humani Generis 3

 …The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious* which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model.

*Flagitious – (of a person or their actions) criminal; villainous.

It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis – “the enemy of the human race”.

– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia
The complete letter is available here and here.

The British slavemaster activities throughout their history, since the time of Queen Elizabeth I, are never about freedom.

It’s always been about power, control, and money.They are the original People of the The Lie….

Never forget that with these people.


ALL of this is really about BRITISH intelligence and their “interests”.

For example, in 1941, American William Donovan was on a long trip to Europe. His objective was:

to rally support for the British.



I’m going to have to go with one of Deb from the series Dexter favorite sayings –

Jesus H. Christ on a fucking cracker!

Deb_from_dexter“Deb” from series Dexter

What’s wrong with this picture. Wow.

Donovan carried a message from Roosevelt, who was also busy shilling for Britain.

The message was that, as a Turkish newspaper out it, “the United States is determined to remain to the end at England’s side and render the latter’s defeat impossible; and that the United States will assist all countries who may resist aggression.”

That is just about the worst decision I have ever heard of – that’s called enabling an abuser.

Britain should have been left to retreat back to “their own island” – as Jefferson put it. NOT helped to dominate and destroy even more of the world. When you don’t stand up to a bully who threatens to take everything from you if you don’t agree – like President Roosevelt who didn’t stand up – you become a pale shadow of yourself, a step-n-fetch-it, little better than a servant in the “master’s” house.

Ergo, this “message” that Roosevelt dutifully took dictation on and then had Donovan strut around Europe and the Near East delivering it.

British Intelligence already had themselves an overflowing rat’s nest of operatives and handlers in Istanbul.

Archibald Gibson, the mild-mannered London Times [remember the Cecil Bloc here] correspondent and Bucharest head of MI-6, Britain’s intelligence-gathering agency, joined his brother Harold, former head of MI-6’s Czech station, who was now running its Istanbul operations. Harold had first worked in the city for MI-6 during the 1920s.

Harold Charles Lehr Gibson

Harold Gibson SIS

Harold specialized in running deep cover spies operating in the USSR before and after WW2. During the 1920’s he had up to seventy agents.

He was also involved in British dealings with Zionists. In January 1941, the new head of MI6, Menzies, posted Harold to take charge of operations in the Balkans region, in Istanbul. Within six months, he was responsible not only for Turkey, but also for “stations-in-exile’ from Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest, Belgrade and Athens.

Menzies and wife Pamela


Harold stayed in that position through WWII.

Harold’s brother Archibald McEvoy Gibson was Head of Station in Bucharest starting in August of 1936, and by 1939 he had one secretary (Mary Hartley, one wireless operator, and 14 main agents that he ran.

Archie was born 3 March 1904 in Moscow (died October 6, 1982 in London). He first started out working as a clerk for the American Express Company in London in 1922. He grew bored quickly with that job and asked his older brother Harold (who was already in Foreign Intelligence at Bucharest) to help him get into that arena. Harold arranged an invitation to Archie to join him in the Rumanian capital in March of 1924.

Harold’s cover was that he was a correspondent for the Morning Post, so accordingly the editor of The Times was “persuaded” (by MI6) to appoint Archie in April 1928 as a local correspondent in Rumania – a position which he held until he had to leave the country in autumn of 1940.

He spent the next four years in Istanbul, his duties required him to monitor Rumanian radio broadcasts and to liaise with Rumanian exiles and visitors to the former Turkish capital.

The Russian-born Gibsons had intermarried with old British Istanbul families like the Lefontaines and Whittalls. Harold Lefontaine was Harold Gibson’s predecessor as MI-6 station chief; a Whittall was MI-6 liaison with the “friends,” as Zionist intelligence was called. “There were so many Whittalls around,” said a British diplomat, “one could hardly go into the embassy corridor without tripping over one.”

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, Chapter 6.


A newer cover identity had been developed around the turn of the century, which had been nurtured and fanned into flames in order to recruit Jewish people for WWI – that of Zionist.

The British Slavemasters were quite literally using the Jews as “pieces” – even bargaining chips in some cases in the Middle-East.

jews as bargaining chips used by the british 2

1389.3 Holocaust F



Again, it was Oil.

In order to “break” the Ottoman Empire hold over the Middle East, they concocted this Zionist – holy land – fiction about the Jews need to “return to their Homeland”.

And then, they wouldn’t even let them go there when they need it most!

…While most Arab politicians had bowed to London and sought its support, many of them resented this situation. When war had seemed imminent in the late 1930s, the British had tried to appease the Arabs by limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine and offering to ensure that Palestine would become an Arab-ruled state. This policy effectively blocked the Jews’ escape from Hitler’s empire and its gas chambers.

Oh my god – if that doesn’t show the British slavemasters true character I don’t know what does.

That’s just…there are no words.


Despite these British concessions, Palestinian Arab leader Amin al-Husseini rejected any compromise and led an armed revolt to expel both the British and the Jews.


That’s what we’re calling murder in the 2nd degree? I just think that is so sterile of a language choice for what that actually meant to the thousands of peoples lives in Germany, that it is just…so wrong.

And, not that this Husseini character is my hero or anything, but what do you want to bet that Husseini was called nationalist for what he did – that’s the Brits usual insult when someone doesn’t want their country to be how the British want it to be.

This callousness towards other people, entire countries full of them, that is the British legacy is almost too mind-boggling to grasp.

Take the much over-romanticized “Lawrence of Arabia” actual guy – T.E. Lawrence.

Hollywood gives us this –

When the reality was this –

Thomas Edward Lawrence - lied to arabs british spy

Lawrence wanted all of Arabia restored to the Arabs – it had been taken over by the Turks (Ottoman Empire) some 500 years before.  In 1915 the British Government promised Sherif Hussein of Mecca an independent Arabian State if he revolted against the Turks and help win the war.

– Dudley Moore’s blog

There they go again –

Hostis Humanii Generis – the Enemy of the Human Race.

Hostis Humani Generis 3

[the British government]
…is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis – “the enemy of the human race”.

– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia
The complete letter is available here and here.

Now what would you expect to happen to this “agreement” from such criminals as the British slavemasters are?


However, the following year the British Government then entered into the secret, and rather presumptuous, Sykes-Picot Agreement with France, wherein Syria and part of Arabia would be divided up between the the two once the Turks had been defeated. Nobody bothered to tell the Arabs about this.

– Dudley Moore’s blog

Sykes_Picot_Agreement_Map_signed_8_May_1916Sykes-Picot map 1916 – blue  for France; pink for Great Britain (Area A = French influence; Area B (above red dotted line) = British influence)

You’d think the French would have learned their lesson already.

The British proposed to Napoleon that they would “split up the world” –


And we know how that went for Napoleon.

In the late 1700′s, at the time of the French Revolution, there was a saying –

Perfidious Albion


This originated with a French Revolutionist poet named Marquis de Ximenez, in his 1793 poem “L’ere de Francais” .

Loosely translated, it means “Treacherous England,” “Faithless England,”.

Or, as some more modern writers put it:

Dirty, low-down, sneaky England


Britain isn’t known as being perfidious Albion for no reason. Their record of breaking agreements after-the-fact is legend. Particularly where they were looking to get support to take a territory for themselves (which they didn’t bother to mention) and wish to use people who, normally, they consider inferior.

And that’s also where the “zionists” come in – yet another created faction for the Brits to use to take over the Ottoman Empire.

Is it any wonder the Arabs aren’t exactly thrilled (to put it mildly) with the model of a “white man” that The British and their flunkies have given them?

Turkey and in fact the entire Near and Middle East were practically overrun with British operatives stirring up trouble ever since the turn of the 20th century.

Speaking of which, another player in this Turkey scene during WWII was Gardyne de Chastelain.

Gardyne de Chastelain, who had run sabotage operations in Romania, now headed the Istanbul office of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), the British intelligence group responsible for conducting guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines.

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, Chapter 6.


Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain and wife

Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain - MI6 (SOE) Istanbul Turkey, and wife

Meanwhile –

A June 1942 Anglo-American agreement reached in Cairo gave the OSS direct access to British intelligence on the Middle East and Balkans.

In exchange for all this “help”, London received a major U.S. concession. The Cairo accord provided that all “special operations [in the region] operate under the direction and control of the British.

To achieve this, the OSS men sometimes pretended “apparent frankness” toward their British allies while circumventing them in practice.

Many Americans, when first coming face-to-face with the conditions in countries were Britain operated or “ruled”, were absolutely appalled.

One notable OSS man commented that “maybe we are fighting the wrong enemy.”

In its charter, “A Plan for Special Operations in the Middle East,” OSS-Cairo was authorized to gather information and conduct counterintelligence in the whole area and to begin clandestine operations in Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, and the Greek islands.

OSS-Cairo opened with two rooms in December 1942 and soon expanded into a villa at 8 Rustum Pasha Street near the British SOE offices.

Valerian Lada-Mocarski (code-name Juniper) headed it.

(See his Specific Person page for more about him.)

Colonel Valerian “Vala” Lada Mocarski

Valerian_Lada-MocarskiMocarski sat on the board of Schroder’s Bank
with Allen Dulles, that was involved in financing Hitler (amongst other nasty things).

The OSS would now expand its small nucleus of American volunteers in Istanbul into a secret base of operations.

Valerian was a Russian émigré, who happened to also sit with Allen Dulles on the Board of Directors of the American branch of the British-owned Schroder bank.

*See Schroder’s Bank page for much more about that.

Important Note – That means that it is now documented that Allen Dulles – with his heavy British slavemaster connections – was mixed up with TWO banks that were involved with financing Adolf Hitler.

Allen Dulles

Allen Dulles


In my husband’s article Intelligence Basics – Window Dressing and Forging Documents, it discusses a fraudulent representation by a woman who tried to run a con on us, named Salee Amina Mohammed. The fraudulent representation was about the sale of the Star of Peace diamond.

My husband documented who actually bought (and brokered) the diamond, and the very nasty background of this man’s family – the Thyssens.

The Thyssen Family

Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza De Kaszon was a multi-billionaire living in Switzerland. Manfredo Horowitz introduced Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen to Tita Cervera in 1981.

Baron Thyssen, using some of those billions, purchased the Star of Peace diamond for Tita Cervera in 1981.

Where did some of those billions presumably come from?

His Uncle was Fritz Thyssen, chairman of the board of the Thyssen mining and steelmaking company, founder of Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG in 1926, the biggest mining and steel cartel in the world at the time of Nazi Germany.

Baron Hans Heinrich’s father – Heinrich Freiherr Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kászon et Impérfalva  – sat on the board of Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG.

The Thyssen family was a primary funder of Adolf Hitler, donating 500,000 RM to the elections of 1932 and continuing on to help financially support the Nazi government.

Hitler and Fritz Thyssen


From The Reckoning, chapter 7, British Nobility Orchestrated Nazi Germany

In 1922, (William) Averell Harriman, member of Skull and Bones, went to Berlin and made contact with Fritz Thyssen. Rudolf Hess, member of the Thule Society, introduced Fritz Thyssen to Adolf Hitler. Like the Bonesmen, Thyssen believed that the New World Order would be ruled by the kings of banking and commerce.

When Harriman went to Germany, the membership of the Thule Society included Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess, and Heinrich Himmler all of whom became Nazi leaders. The secret society that had anointed Hitler as its leader, would later become known to the world as the SS —The Brotherhood of Death.

Harriman and Thyssen agreed to establish a banking association, and they did in 1924.

William_Averell_Harriman   Fritz_Thyssen
Harriman                                                            Thyssen

The W.A. Harriman Company established an international investment firm Union Banking Corporation, which was in business with the Thyssens. George Herbert Walker was made president.

By agreement between Averell Harriman and Fritz Thyssen in 1922, the Union Banking Corporation handled funds chiefly supplied to it through the Dutch bank by the Thyssen interests – for American investment… transferring funds back and forth between New York and the Thyssen interests. The Union Banking Corporation and the Thyssen bank also acted as Nazi fronts and served to launder funds for Thyssen and the Nazis – money and funds that could be used to buy guns, arms, favorable publicity, and dozens of U.S. senators, congressman, and newspaper editors. 16

The Dulles law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, handled the U.S. affairs of I.G. Farben and Hitler’s major financial backer, Fritz Thyssen. John Foster Dulles wrote “Heil Hitler” on his letters to German clients.

On 20 October 1942, under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being directed by Prescott Bush, including the Union Banking Corporation. Union Banking Corporation was run as a front for the Thyssen family of Germany. 16

As we all now know though, NOTHING was done to bring Allen Dulles (or anyone else involved) to justice.

When Hoover (head of the FBI) started investigating many of the British front companies in America that were engaged in this cloaking of assets, he and his agents were largely thwarted at every turn.

Note: None of the following was known by the average public until May 2004, when the CIA declassified thousands of documents from World War I and II time periods, due to the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 1998.

The FBI, in November 1939, began tracing expenditures from the German consular account at Chase National.

In October 1940, the FBI learned of the whole Rueckwanderer business (see rueckwanderer in book here), they then raided and seized documents that proved that Chase National Bank and the others (companies etc.) had clearly acted as agents of the German government without informing the Department of State, as was required by law. Prosecution for violations of the 1917 Espionage Act and the 1939 Foreign Agents Act were considered, as well as a conspiracy charge too. The Justice Department moved to prosecute in 1941, which clearly they could have won as Chase was DIRTY, big-time.

On June 9, 1942, Hoover was informed that after consultation with Mathias Correa, U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York, the U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle (who had only been elected September 5, 1941), refused to prosecute Chase. Allegedly, what had happened was that Chase’s lead lawyer threatened to reveal FBI, Army, and Navy sources and methods in open court.

Note: Biddle? That can’t be a coincidence. He’s got to be a descendant of Nicholas Biddle, the dirty rat who tried to stop President Andrew Jackson from breaking the bankers choke-hold on the U.S. in the 1830’s. So here is another Biddle allowing the criminal bankers to get off scot-free? That’s really something.

The FBI dubbed this extensive network of linked companies as the “Schroder/Dulles Network”.

Kurt Schroder, who was a member of the ‘Circle of Friends of the Reichsfuhrer’, after setting up yet another “special” account for Heinrich Himmler in Stern bank, was promoted to SS Brigadefuhrer by Himmler. This was at the time that Allen Dulles sat on Schroder’s board of directors. Through the German brokerage company Albert and Westirch, and Dulles’ legal firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, an impenetrable web of companies “laundered” the concealed SS assets.

Just after the war the FBI uncovered key documentation of links between Dulles and Schroder in New York and the deliberate diversion of IG Farben and Stalhwerke’s assets, but they were hamstrung again in bringing these men to justice.

Of course, there’s always Winston Churchill’s justification for all this –

…looking forward to converting Germany into a country primarily agricultural and pastoral in its character.

– memorandum drafted by Churchill that became the “Morgenthau Plan” (a misnomer) of September 1944

That’s such a euphemistic way of putting the British slavemasters intention of sending Germany back into it’s “stone age” – literally.

All because they just can’t handle any real competition, and  – the main reason – it was to show for the rest of the world of “what would happen to them” if they didn’t play ball with the British slavemasters.

Sick, sick, sick people.


* * *


You know, I suppose that I should point out the fact that Allen Dulles certainly makes a great “fall guy” to point fingers at.

I believe that was another manifestation of the British slavemasters sick sense of humor – using Americans to do their dirty work. Part of their still held grudge against us for daring to stand up to them in the War for Independence.

The truth of the matter is that Dulles was really just a glorified puppet , a front man so to speak. One that hopefully, when exposed? Everyone would just stop there, and not look behind him to who was the real problem.

This is not to mean I’m giving him any sort of a pass, or that I would in any way characterize him as just a poor misguided victim of the mean ole Slavemasters – No. Nothing could be further from the truth with that guy.

Because seriously, my god! How dirty was that – that while involved with supposedly American intelligence work (that was really British intelligence) he’s helping finance the very war he is supposed to be fighting!

Can you say conflict of interest?

Vincent price - I has a gun

Allen Dulles, from his apartment at Herringasse 23 in Bern, Switzerland presided over the European Theatre of intelligence operations as the OSS Chief. His “boss” (at least on paper) William “Wild Bill” Donovan was good buddies with Valerian Mocarski – who was d/chairman of Schroder’s bank – whom Donovan and Dulles made the head of OSS Cairo. With British approval – of course.

Remember, the deal was made in June in 1942 that they were in charge of all intelligence in the area.

Recruiting for OSS Turkey had actually begun before it even “officially” opened.

In fact, what do you know? It was Allen Dulles! – who made the first moves in the area.

He certainly takes his job as Igor-to-the-slavemasters-Dracula seriously.

Renfield and Dracula


I think I feel a Gene Hackman coughing fit coming on –


Ahem. Excuse me.

Well, back to what happened next –

The first step in laying a foundation for OSS operations in Turkey was taken on January 9, 1942, when a little round woman named Betty Carp boarded the Taurus Express at Istanbul’s Haydarpasha Station. She had been invited to Washington by her old friend Allen Dulles to work for the OSS.

a young Betty Carp

Betty was her nickname, her real name was Bertha Carp. She had been born in Istanbul in 1898 to Austro-Hungarian parents, and was unquestionably the most popular person in Istanbul’s foreign community.

Allen Dulles personally endorsed “Betty”, giving Highly Secret instructions to David K.E. Bruce on 27 February 1942:

We are enlisting the services of Miss Bertha Carp, who held, for over twenty years, a highly confidential and important position in the American Embassy in Turkey and who has just arrived from Istanbul. I have known her personally since 1920 and can absolutely vouch for her. In addition to an extraordinary knowledge of the Near East and all its personalities, she speaks and writes fluently English, French, Iranian, German, Greek and Turkish. She expects to become an American citizen as soon as the law allows. (which wasn’t until after WWII ended). She expects to become an American citizen as soon as the law allows. In my future memoranda about her I shall refer to her as BC.

The above is partially cited in the book Istanbul Intrigues, but it was in the book: The Best Known American in Turkey: Betty Carp that I found that it was more fully cited as per above.

Here’s the documentation from the book –

Betty is also listed on page 70 of the OSS personnel database.

Here’s a picture from just six months after this glowing recommendation by Allen Dulles, of Bertha (Betty) together with Clover Dulles at the christening of the USS Cotten in Kearny, NJ – June 12 1942.

Left to right are: Front Row- Mrs. James M. Irish, James Hale III, Mrs. Cotten (the sponsor), Preston S. Cotten, Mrs. Preston S. Cotten, Miss Mary Henderson (a sister of Mrs. Cotten); Mrs. R.B. Wiggin; Lieutenant Commander R.G. Peardon, and Mrs. W.M. Sharkford. Second Row- Mrs. Joseph Wesson, Mrs. James Hale, Lyman Cotten, Miss Clover Dulles, Miss Bertha Carp, Mrs. Georgia Leighton, Mrs. Cotten Mason, and Mrs. H.W. Northcutt. Third Row- James Hale, Mrs. Lucie P. Bell, Dudley Fowler, and Dudley Fowler, Jr. Naval Historical Foundation photo 80-G-68648


Enlargement of Betty –

Betty Carp had started her career as basically a secretary at the American Embassy in Constantinople (later renamed Istanbul) in 1914.

american embassy constantinople turkeyAmerican Embassy Constantinople circa 1914

She had been hired by then American Ambassador to Turkey – Henry Morgenthau.

Morgenthau was the Ambassador to Turkey at the time of the outbreak of the Armenian genocide, which Allen Dulles was mixed up in happily making sure it happened.

What happened to the Armenians is a horrific story, probably worse than what happened in Nazi Germany. See Archibald Voke Walker Specific Person page for more about that.

This is the time period that Betty Carp starts working at the Embassy.

Betty Carp large

Here she is pictured on the cover of a recent book, showing how tiny (short) she was.

Betty Carp

Here’s another picture of Betty found in a tribute at the AFSA for her donations.

Her relationship with Allen W. Dulles (who she admired – if you can imagine that) began when she met him during his assignment in Constantinople.

Betty did a lot of traveling back and forth to the U.S. – my guess is that she was acting as courier for documents and other such items that her intelligence masters didn’t want to take the chance for discovery on “normal” document routes.

Here’s a couple examples of dates she traveled.

Manifest SS Aquitania, October 13th, 1928.


Manifest SS Europa, May 9th, 1930

betty carp travel 2

Apparently she was something more than just a secretary.

A recent history refers to that:

“she retired in 1964 after 50 years of service as an Attaché and Political Officer”

– which means that she was actually fully involved in intelligence work prior to her work with the OSS. After all, that was just a recently formed thing, it didn’t mean this hadn’t already been going on since right before WWI.

Dulles was bringing Betty to New York to develop Project NET-1 (in concert with the British MI6/SOE) – which was a plan that would use Turkey as a base of operations against southeastern Europe. The project description stated:

“From Istanbul run the only land routes into southeastern Europe and from Izmir small boats can be operated into the Dodecanese and Aegean islands and to the Greek mainland. The base would recruit and infiltrate agents into these territories for the purpose of organizing subversive operations.

There they go again – nourishing factions and stirring up conflicts.


Before reporting to New York to take part in Dulles SOE project, Betty was first routed to the OSS in Washington.

She had already been given a cover, arranged by Dulles, which was that she was to be a clerk at Sullivan and Cromwell, his law firm in New York City.

Obviously a rather thin cover, State department colleagues loved to tease her and say: “What sort of law are you going to practice?”.

Carp had brought a letter of recommendation from the American ambassador to Turkey, John MacMurray, which noted:

“She has deep understanding and tolerance, and love for her fellow humans, of all degrees, as nearly selfless as any man or woman I have ever known.”

Somehow, I find that hard to believe.

Betty Carp largeBetty Carp

While first at the OSS in Washington, Betty wrote memo after memo on every aspect of Turkey; on American teachers, missionaries, oil and Tobacco men, and journalists whom the OSS might recruit; and on Axis agents to watch.

She particularly recommended Archibald Walker, director of Socony Oil operations in Turkey, as a good prospect for the OSS.


See his Specific Person Page for much more information about him.

Socony Oil was the product of a merger between Standard Oil of New York and Vacuum Oil Company, which had done a large amount of business in Germany in the 1930’s and had employed Adolf Eichmann (Nazi War Criminal) as a traveling salesman.

Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem on trial – 1961

adolf eichmann in Jerusalem

The 59-year-old Walker had served the company for thirty-five years all over the Balkans. The slim, sandy-haired executive had a ruddy complexion that showed his excitable personality.

Very erratic,” Carp wrote, “very capable, very brilliant, but carries his one-track mind and independence of thought and action to the extreme.

Anyone who visited the German embassy was barred from his house; he even dropped friends for listening to German music. To be denied Walker’s hospitality was a real punishment, since he was among Istanbul’s most popular hosts and owned one of its most beautiful homes.

Walker was approached, and agreed to begin spying for the OSS in March of 1942, he began in April of 1942. He acted as a handler for agents in the area, including the two tobacco men that Betty Carp had chosen, who were to keep an eye on Axis ships traveling into Istanbul and along the Bosporus and report to Walker.

Now, you understand here, this is two months before this official “Yeah, you can spy here” accord with the British.

I think it may be of interest to note that the same month this “accord” was officiated (June 1942) was when Hoover had all doors slammed shut in his face regarding prosecuting the very real war criminals in the Dulles/Schroder network – who, of course, just happened to be now heading various positions in combined intelligence operations with the British.

The next thing you know, it’s all about getting those big,bad Communists with Hoover leading the charge.

He was either really, really stupid (which I doubt) or…. he changed sides and became a proper little British bitch (the pet dog meaning) – helping to mislead America’s people and resources in all the wrong directions.

One of the things I find most disgusting, is the lengths that the British will go to to manufacture ways and means to try and shove blame off them and onto everywhere but where it goes.

Like, for example, Norman Dodd and his obviously skewed “investigation” and revelations that the U.S. was being run by communists!  – all of which conveniently swamps the internet results using all the usual suspect TRAP websites such as Alex Jones, and so on.

Oh, please.


How unbelievably transparent that is.

Dodd point-blank lies about Carnegie, while mixing in just enough truth (that is extremely hard to track down, let me tell you) in the hope that those of us who are on-the-trail of the REAL slavemaster bullshit will just sit down and drool over such fabulous “finds” as the Dodd’s of the world deliver so nicely packaged for us.

This quote, for example, is so far from the truth about Carnegie, but yet so close to what the British slavemasters are actually like – the real target –  that its literally mind-blowing. See Inside The Mind Of A Slavemaster which documents a book that was like a bible to them and teaches you a lot about how they think.

This quote is supposedly from the “notes” of an assistant of Dodd that he sent to read the minutes of the Carnegie Foundation for Peace – only these notes don’t even get the very real dates of its formation right, but I digress…

This quote is also on just about every TRAP website out there that you can imagine, presented as some kind of a valid reference usually.

The Wiley Coyotes of the internet

…in 1910 the Carnegie Endowment’s trustees asked themselves this question: “Is there any way known to man more effective than war, to so alter the life of an entire people?” For a year the trustees sought an effective “peaceful” method to “alter the life of an entire people.” Ultimately, they concluded that war was the most effective way to change people. Consequently, the trustees of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace next asked themselves: “How do we involve the United States in a war?” And they answered, “We must control the diplomatic machinery of the United States by first gaining control of the State Department.

– book Dumbing Down America

One of these days I’m going to put together what I did find about all this, its really quite eye-opening, but not “eye-opening” in the controlled and planted way this BS was done by Norman Dodd and his sidekick assistant who wrote “Dumbing Down America”.

The moral is, don’t be so quick to swallow things you WANT to hear – that’s exactly what these are there for.

Think of these kind of writings and websites like really bad placebos – they don’t really help you in any meaningful way in the long run.

Don’t be in such a hurry to get hooked –


Just say NO!



Back to OSS Turkey now –

The unanimous choice to head OSS Istanbul was a Chicago banker, Lanning “Packy” J. Macfarland.

It was quite a challenge to find much information about this man, especially any kind of picture of him – there were NONE on the general web. But, I finally found what appears to be the only available pictures of him, that were part of his passport applications in 1917 and 1918.

Lanning Macfarland – age 19


Lanning, or “Packy” (nicknamed after the boxer of the same name) was asked to join the OSS in October 1942, and somewhere along the line had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Macfarland arrived in Cairo in March 1943 to meet with the OSS and British intelligence offices. Then he went on to Turkey and worked out arrangements with Steinhardt [the new U.S. ambassador to Turkey] and the British.

They leased a building a few miles up the Bosporus as a safe house, training center, and photo laboratory.

Archibald Walker was now joined by a half-dozen full-time OSS officers, and on May 4, 1943, “Packy” sent out his first cable.

OSS-Istanbul was in business.


Just a month earlier in November 1942, a proposal had been made for another agent in Turkey whom I dubbed Agent ‘Tobacco Man’.

This was a declassified CIA document – Near East Operations – Turkey #4 – Agent “Tobacco Man”.

I had originally thought that this was Archibald Walker, but that was incorrect. As yet, I have not identified who this was but I’m sure I will.

The document shows that whoever this was, he was going to be going through Valerian Mocarski and OSS Cairo with whatever information he was going to be providing.

Until the appointment and establishment of a chief agent for Turkey the agent will communicate directly with Washington through State Department channels. Thereafter, communication will be through the chief agent and via the system to be set up in connection with the O.S.S. Near East headquarters in Cairo.

Near East Operations – Turkey #4 – Agent “Tobacco Man”

With the advent of OSS Istanbul just a month later in December, this “tobacco man” agent must have been under Archibald Walker until MacFarland arrived a few months later in March of 1943.

Unfortunately for Lanning, he didn’t last very long in this position before he was replaced by Frank Wisner due to a huge flap with operation “Dogwood”.

Istanbul Intrigues, Chapter 12: Dogwood’s Bite: The Fall of OSS Istanbul provides an excellent outline of much of these events.

By late 1943, the staff and agents list of OSS Istanbul were as follows.

ISTANBUL (Turkey) OSS AGENTS and their Code-Names

Arbutus: Lynn Beeler, Bulgaria desk officer in Edirne.

Basil: Jerome Sperling, Lieutenant Colonel, director of Greek chain. Jerome was an archaeologist who had been on numerous digs in Turkey. He was later given an OSS award – a bronze star.

Bittersweet: Dean Woodruff, Bulgaria desk officer. He talked to the many travelers and refugees crossing the frontier into Turkey.

Cactus: Frank Stevens, OSS-Istanbul’s Romania desk officer. He had lived in Romania for twenty years as a journalist. His many friendships with Romanian officials helped him arrange regular meetings with their country’s intelligence chief in Istanbul and obtain information even from cabinet ministers

Gander: Lieutenant Alexander “Alekko” Georgiades, director of OSS-Edirne outpost.One of the most productive agents, he covered the parts of northern Greece near the Turkish border.

Happy: Philip Guepin, director of OSS Special Operations.

Herman/Camelia: Helmuth von Moltke, Abwehr officer and anti-Hitler conspirator.

Javelin: OSS- Turkey.

Juniper: Colonel Valerian “Valla” Lada Mocarski, head of OSS Cairo and deputy chairman of Schroders Bank – he came to Istanbul in January-February 1944 to negotiate with Hatz.  (Also see his Specific Persons page and the article on Schroder’s Bank)

Pansy: A Bulgarian officer; reported from Sofia.

Paprika: Director of Turkish secret police (also known as “Aunt Jane”); supplied intelligence particularly on Bulgaria.

Poinsetta: Polish intelligence.

Poppy: Gander’s Greek courier.

Rose: Archibald Walker, director of Socony Vacuum Oil company office. Specialized in Bulgarian affairs, recommended specifically for Turkey by Betty Carp. (See his Specific Persons page)

Vervain: Emanuel Voska, OWI officer; gathered intelligence.

Cereus – Archibald Coleman; his cover was that he was a Saturday Evening Post correspondent

Note: We should probably add ole Leo Hochstetter in here as well (the composer of the “Boo Boo Baby I’m a Spy” lyrics) because X-2 agent Robert Bishop, who gave a veiled reference to Leo engaging in some intelligence work in concert with Bishop at Istanbul.

I should like to spend a few weeks exploring the possibilities of contacts through Turkey, Italy, France, and Germany. It is possible that several independent networks could be established. I have always enjoyed the confidence of the Turks and certainly CELAL BEY is one of the best informed men in the world on that area. Leo HOCHSTETTER is the most popular American in Turkey and he is brilliant. He would cooperate as he did before and ask no questions.

– declassified CIA documents concerning Robert Bishop, interview, item 123.

And we should also include a man named Rodney Young who also orchestrated espionage from Alexandria, Cyprus, Istanbul, and Izmir. Assisting him were four male captains and a sorority of female spies, all Americans and leaders in the field of archaeology: Dorothy Cox, Virginia Grace, Margaret Crosby, Lucy Talcott, James Oliver, Jerome Sperling, John Caskey, and John Franklin Daniel III..

Rodney Young

Rodney Young archaeologist and OSS


Virginia Grace

Virginia Grace

Lanning put the most promising Istanbul contacts under the direction of Archibald Frederick Coleman, who, Macfarland wrote, was “one of the most experienced technicians in undercover operations.”

Compared with his colleagues, Coleman was indeed relatively experienced, but his two previous missions had been failures.

Sent by the OSS to Mexico, where he had been a Treasury agent in the 1930s, Coleman was quickly uncovered by the Mexicans and they demanded his withdrawal. A few months later, Coleman was moved to Spain. The U.S. ambassador to Spain was afraid, however, that OSS operations might push the Fascist but neutral Franco regime into open support for the Axis. He complained about the OSS’s security, intelligence, and choice of local agents.

Here’s a couple pics of Archibald Coleman – (born in July, 1900) one as a young boy, and another older school one.

Archibald Frederick Coleman


Although the OSS denied the charges, Coleman was hustled out of Madrid in June 1942.

When he arrived in Istanbul almost a year later Macfarland also put him in charge of the Dogwood project.

Since the early part of 1943, the State Department and the OSS had been trying to woo Hungary into taking the side of the Allies. In fact, a whole intelligence operation was mounted around accomplishing this aim, with agents code-named after various form of Dogwoods – hence it’s codename Operation Dogwood.

Operation Sparrow – the beginning of the end.


In September of 1943, a daring plan was hatched called “Operation Sparrow” which involved the parachuting of three OSS men into Hungary.

Mocarski had come from OSS Cairo as Donovan’s personal representative to help ensure that everything went well – he was also one of the people slated to be dropped into Hungary.

Note: At this time, the chief of the OSS’s regular Istanbul operations (out of Cairo) was John Wickham. A man named John Canton was also serving with Wickham, but this online tribute fails to note that fact.

“John was exactly right for the role he played there,” said retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel John Wickham, who served with him in Morocco. “He knew the king and the crown prince well and he was very valuable because of his linguistic gifts.”

But, at least we learn from this that he was a Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel.

In command of Operation Sparrow was Colonel Florimond Duke.

Colonel Florimund Duke

F.R.D. on the CIA declassified document I called:
Near East Operations – Turkey #4 – Agent “Tobacco Man”


A college football star player and an officer in World War I, Duke became advertising director of Fortune, Time, and Life magazines. He joined military intelligence in 1940, served as an army attaché in Cairo, transferred to the OSS, and directed its Balkan desk from Washington. The 49-year-old Duke, who had never parachuted before, insisted on coming from Washington to lead the dangerous mission.

Colonel Duke

Florimund_J.D._Duke florimund_dukes_insignia

This mission of Duke’s, exposed and embarassed the OSS to such a degree that pretty much everyone was removed from their positions as a result.

The plan was carried out in March of 1944.

From Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca by Barry Rubin, I include pretty much the entirety of the description of this mission:

At 11 p.m. on March 15, 1944

Hungary’s independence day

…the OSS’s Colonel Florimond Duke and two fellow officers climbed into a British plane at a base in Brindisi, Italy.

The flight first detoured over Austria to drop two Austrian underground men dressed in German army uniforms. Their radio was pushed out the door after them; its, parachute had been set to open automatically. But as Duke watched in horror, the wireless came loose from its parachute and smashed into the ground, leaving the two men isolated far behind German lines, unable to transmit any intelligence they gathered. The plane flew onward. Just across the Yugoslav-Hungarian border, Duke’s team jumped and landed safely near a Hungarian village. The uniformed Americans were quickly surrounded by peasants who called a nearby army outpost.

The men stuck to their cover story: they were headed for Yugoslavia to advise the partisans, but they had become lost and ended up in Hungary by mistake.

Now, as planned, the chief of Hungarian counterintelligence arrived at the backwater border town and took control of the prisoners. He drove the “captured” Americans to Budapest in a closed ambulance, arriving there at sunset on March 18. When the “prisoners” emerged at intelligence headquarters near the city’s center, Hungarian soldiers politely showed them to a large, comfortable cell and closed, but did not lock, the door.

A few minutes later, waiters entered with wine and a huge silver tray of food from one of Budapest’s best restaurants. They bowed and set the table. “Royal treatment!” exclaimed one of Duke’s men. Dessert was followed by the entrance of General Ujszaszy himself. The intelligence chief bowed crisply and asked, “Well, gentlemen, what is your proposition?”

“You know the proposition, sir…unconditional surrender,” answered Duke. It was an absurd situation. Unarmed, alone, and hundreds of miles from Allied forces, three Americans were demanding the capitulation of an entire country and army.

“Meanwhile,” Duke continued, “we are here to see what can be done, and how we can help Hungary do it.”

“Precisely,” agreed Ujszaszy. “We shall be working together.” Unfortunately, he continued, there was one complication. Duke would have to wait a few days before meeting Horthy and other high officials because they were out of town. Duke was surprised and angry. He wondered how the country’s leaders could be so irresponsible as to go on a trip at this crucial moment. In fact, they had been summoned to Germany for a critical meeting with Hitler.

In preparation for Duke’s mission, Hatz had smuggled two radios into Budapest and delivered them to Kovess, who was in town to help receive the Americans. Kovess was supposed to give one radio set to Laufer and the other to Messner’s Austrian underground group. Once direct wireless communication was established with Messner, another OSS team was to parachute into Austria in mid-April.

To coordinate this plan, Messner went to Switzerland to meet Allen Dulles. Dulles approved of the operation. “I wish to offer my congratulations to Packy [Lanning Macfarland] for his accomplishments in developing this line,” he cabled Donovan. Messner “impressed us very favorably, We are convinced that he is worthy of all our support and we will make arrangements to give him some modest financial assistance from here if he requests it.”

But the Germans had not been fooled. They knew of all these plans through the triple agents. To forestall Hungary’s desertion, Hitler had decided to take over that country and smash the Austrian resistance simultaneously, a decision justified on the basis of Hatz’s reports to the Abwehr. Hitler proceeded with his usual diabolical cleverness. He made Horthy and General Sombathay visit him in Germany. Then, after delivering a harangue about Hungarian perfidy, Hitler ordered them held as hostages. The Germans told Budapest that the delegation’s return was delayed by an Allied air raid that disrupted rail service.

On the night of Saturday, March 18, as Duke and his men were meeting their Hungarian hosts, a half-dozen German divisions entered Hungary. Troop trains bound for the eastern front stopped in Hungarian stations and, as onlookers watched in amazement, disgorged their armed passengers. Without orders from Horthy or Sombathay, the Hungarian army refused to fight.

Telephones rang allover Budapest summoning the peace conspirators to flee for their lives or burn papers at their offices. By morning, the sky over the government ministries on Buda Hill was gray with smoke.

The unsuspecting Colonel Duke was awakened at 5 a. m. on Sunday and called into General Ujszaszy’s presence. The intelligence chief had been up all night trying to deal with the crisis. His eyes were bloodshot and his hands trembled as he announced that the Germans would arrive within an hour. The Americans demanded to be evacuated, but they were told the Germans had seized all the airfields and sealed the borders. Two days later, the Hungarians turned the OSS men over to the Germans, claiming-so that the Americans would not be shot as spies–that they were ordinary prisoners of war. Although the Germans knew this was a lie, Duke and the other two officers refused to admit anything; they were sent to a high-security prison for the rest of the war.


Note: Col. Duke was captured and taken as a Prisoner of War on March 17, 1944, and after spending 396 days in captivity at Colditz Castle, he was repatriated by American forces on April 16, 1945. He then returned to the U.S. and served with the OSS until it was disbanded in September 1945.

These events in Austria and Hungary destroyed the reputation of the Dogwood ring.

The treachery of Hatz, Gyorgy, and Laufer was inescapably clear. When Laufer asked Istanbul in May 1944 to set up secret meetings for him in Switzerland, the OSS concluded he wanted to penetrate Allen Dulles’s operation.

OSS-Washington radioed Macfarland on May 31, “Dogwood himself as well as the entire Dogwood chain is dangerous.”

The OSS ended all contacts with Laufer. He was last seen fleeing with German forces to Vienna at the end of the war.

All Dogwood’s reports were reassessed in light of the debacle in Hungary.

The very analysts who had so highly praised that work a few months ago now rushed to ridicule it.

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca

Typical. Loyalty is not a slavemaster (or their Igors) virtue.

The OSS’s London office told the Istanbul station:

 “Your questioned reports were probably [German] plants, the idea having been to play down target importance of [a] factory complex until it was better defended and then to play it up. Source and subsources all part of one chain composed mostly of double agents….By definition our reliance on same source for clarifying data would be futile. Currently have no other sources [providing] original intelligence [on] this subject.”

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca

There were five known double agents that penetrated the Dogwood Ring, however only one was a dedicated Nazi.

Fritz Fiala. Who, despite being such a dastardly kind of guy, was on the list of Nazis imported by the CIA! See this PDF.

Fritz was apparently an Oberstormfuhrer also, by the way, not just any old Nazi. SS Panzeregiment 12.

Fritz also was the editor for the viciously anti-Semitic paper called Die Grenzbote (The Border Messenger).

The pictures that accompanied his now infamous Nazi PR article concerning Auschwitz (midsummer 1942) were actually doctored, which proves that was going on at that time and I dare say in more than just the Nazi Press. Food for thought, that.


…If some of Cassia’s reports were considered questionable, the very worst ones came from agent “Dahlia,” Dogwood’s source inside the German embassy in Turkey. This man was revealed to be one Fritz Fiala. Although his name means “daisy” in his native Slovakia, Fiala’s character was closer to the exotic flower of his code name. Of the five double agents known to have penetrated the Dogwood ring, Fiala was the only one who was a dedicated Nazi.

A journalist by profession, Fiala was an early Nazi party member. Once, at the behest of Gestapo official Adolf Eichmann, he wrote a series of articles for the newspaper he edited—Der Grinzbote in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia–claiming that the Auschwitz concentration camp was humanely run. In Istanbul, Fiala was editor at Europapress-Transkontinent, a German propaganda news agency. A State Department report called Fiala “the Gestapo’s man of confidence,” so trusted by the SO that it made him one of the three men who took the gold from the German courier plane to pay its staff in Turkey.

Istanbul Intrigues – A True Life Casablanca

Valerian Mocarski wrote that he had recommended to Donovan (July 25, 1943) that Macfarland be replaced by Frank Wisner.

Frank G. Wisner

This was not really an improvement – in fact Wisner was probably a thousand times more dirty, he just didn’t get caught.

See the CIA declassified document appointing him.

Macfarland’s direct superior, the chief of OSS-Cairo, wrote the commander of the OSS base in Bari, Italy, on July 25, “I have recommended to General Donovan that [Macfarland] be replaced by [Frank] Wisner and the staff be cut approximately in half.” Everyone liked Macfarland, he continued, but “my own observations of the work he left behind him in Turkey have given me the strong opinion that he did considerable damage to OSS’s work and reputation there.”

The other officer replied, “Your information about Macfarland sent cold chills up and down our backs …all of us have the highest respect and appreciation for Macfarland personally but do not under any consideration wish to have him attached to Bari in any capacity.”

The OSS terminated the Dogwood network on July 31, 1944. Macfarland was removed from his position as OSS chief in Turkey on August 9 and assigned to evacuate downed Allied fliers from Yugoslavia. Coleman was sent home to resign. Schwarz was fired; he stayed in Istanbul, where he prospered in business before retiring to Switzerland.1

page divider 2014Appendix A –


DIRECTORS: Alfred Schwarz and Archibald Coleman

Begonia: An Austrian Nazi party member; employed by Wehrwirtschaftsant (army economic

Cassia: Franz Josef Messner, managing director of Semperit Company, Vienna, and head of
Austrian nationalist group (Cassia ring).

Cereus: Archibald Coleman, American OSS officer who ran the ring.

Dahlia: Fritz Fiala, German embassy press counselor and an SS officer.*

Dogwood: Alfred Schwarz. Czech businessman who actually controlled the ring’s operations.

Hyacinth: Hans Willbrandt, German refugee professor in Istanbul.

Iris: Frantisek Laufer, SD agent in Budapest and Slovakia.*

Jasmine: Lt. Col. Otto Hatz, Hungarian military attaché.*

Jacaranda: Luther Kovess; handled relations with Hungarian general staff.*

Lotus: A Chinese engineer; reported from Berlin.

Magnolia: Alexander Rustow, German refugee professor in Istanbul; maintained contacts with
German opposition.

Oleander: Holzmeister, German architect in Ankara.

Stock: Franz Josef Ridiger, Semperit Company official and leader of the Cassia ring; defected to
Allies, September 1944.

Trillium: Andre Gyorgy, OSS courier.*

*German double agents.



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  1. A suberb blog, full of valuable information..Thank you for your research and work.

    Do you have any Pictures or information on a Robert Low? He was an OSS officer and then a journalist with Time, Inc. after WW11 and then became a CIA OPC officer for Frank Wisner. I have searched for several years to find an image of Robert Low from the period of 1943-1960, but no luck… Another note is that Robert Low’s cover was blown when he was in Turkey. He also was in Cairo, Greece, Albania, Yugolslavia, Hungary, etc. etc. At times, his cover was also as a negotiator with the State Department, working with Robert Joyce and Robert Murphy, among others.

    • Hi Peter,

      Unfortunately no, I have not found a picture of him yet.

      However, I did find some information you may not have that could help you to find him. In 1938 he was engaged to the daughter of British General Hugh Bateman-Champain – her name was Pamela Jean. Apparently they were married only about 4 years though, because she married again after him. Per a NY time article, he then married Jane Treseder on August 13, 1943. Robert’s father was Arthur F. Low, Hebrew, who emigrated from Vienna, Austria. Robert was born in Seattle, Washington in approximately 1912, but he and his family apparently ended up in the San Francisco area at one point. Besides writing a number of news articles, he also was the war correspondent for Liberty Magazine – he wrote a number of articles.

      Thanks so much for your kind regards to our work, and do let me know if you find a picture before I do, I’d love to add it to the OSS Turkey page.


      • I did find some rare photos of Robert Low from 1939,1941,1943 and 1949… I also got a hold of a BBC Documentary from 1984 that was only shown once and cannot be found anywhere on the internet or BBC..It is all about Albanian Invasion with firsthand accounts of participants getting together in 1984.. It was found in James McCargar’s personal archives at Boston University on VHS, entitled Cost of Treachary.

        I can email you a couple photos and a link to the video that has been uploaded if you email me your email address.

        So much more to this story and who Robert Low really was is the subject of a book I have been working on about 4 decades of incredible accomplishments by the real Robert Low and his family history back to 1700’s.

      • That’s wonderful Peter! Great job on tracking down those items. I’d love to add them to this page. Sending off an email to you now. Hey, do we know how he figured into OSS Turkey yet? Was he part of the Cereus ring? What’s the story about his cover being blown? (then I can add a bit about him here to go with the pics) – Virginia

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