British Security Coordination Compendium VI – America Mine

Final segment of my British Security Coordination Compendium series, it covers anywhere from proving the America First Committee was a British-controlled opposition front group and was created to attack, by PR-positioning, people like Porter Sargent; to drug-dealing Chinese Catholic Jesuits; to CIA “candy” money at the end of the War. A lot of long-term lies are exposed and laid to rest in this article as well.

It’s a big one, and a great read with lots of documented evidence: written, audio and video.


~ published March 27, 2018 ~


America Mine


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British Security Coordination

A Compendium


– Section VI

America Mine

By Virginia McClaughry


A while back now, I obtained a rather obscure and little known book that was written under the watchful eye of the head of the BSC himself – William Stephenson.

Sir-William-Stephenson at time he headed BSC

The title of the book is:

BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

This book lay in some dusty cabinet somewhere, hidden from the world-at-large for almost 60 years before it was actually published in a form that you and I could have access to. Even then, in the University Library I obtained it from, it sat on the shelf in pristine and apparently unread condition for another 16 years.

It’s a hefty book – here I am holding it.


I am examining/reviewing this book, and in the process began working on filling in lots and lots of holes in it. What I found is now organized into Sections.

In Section V we finished up our examination of the assessment section of the OSS, patterned and overseen by the British SAB men (Student’s Assessment Board – training of intelligence agents by the British SOE: Special Operations Executive – which involved Robert Vansittart) most of which were Cecil Bloc eugenics psychiatrists; we finished looking at the personnel in the U.S. that were part of the implementation; we found that Stanford Research Institute was an extension of the OSS R&A department; and we examined the initial connections of the America First committee that was supposedly anti-WWII when in fact it was connected with Yale’s IHR (Institute for Human Relations) and British Intelligence.

Now we will pick that back up from where we left off.


America mine!

Per the book, America First was a special target of the BSC.


Because of what happened before that front group was formed, the America First committee was formed as a Strawman to attack and black propagandize that movement, because the slavemasters were so scared of it.

The BSC either created out of wholecloth or found already existing groups that they subsidized to try and counter the “propaganda” of the America First ideas.

Ideas, not a formalized group – please have that very clear in your mind.

I will explain further, of course, but it is very important that you understand that just about every front group that Vansittart had William Stephenson form was trying to derail, destroy, and marginalize some very, very correct ideas that were being exposed about the British and their real purposes for World War II.

Hence the Strawman analogy. The America First committee was created as a Strawman to position the ideas it was mimicking as being as bad as the America First committee.

Front groups was one important way that they HID that they were intentionally (and illegally) subverting America through propaganda.

Some of the larger ones (some of which were actually BSC fronts already) were:

  • The non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights
  • The League of Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy
  • The American Labor Committee to Aid British Labor
  • The Ring of Freedom
  • The Council for Democracy
  • Friends of Democracy
  • Fight for Freedom
  • The Non-Partisan Council to Win The Peace
  • The Non-Partisan Committee for Peace through Revision of the Neutrality Law
  • The World Federation of United Nations Associations
  • The Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies
  • Citizens for Victory
  • Free World Association
  • The Committee for Concerted Peace Efforts
  • Americans United for World Organization.
  • American Defenders of Freedom
  • The Free-World Association
  • The Civilian Defence and Information Bureau – which sent out 85,000 copies of an article on the British Empire by Sir Norman Angell (entitled:The Defence of the Empire).

This is one of the main ways that they went about carrying out their orders to hide that they are the true source, they used other people and other groups to front for them.

Do not underestimate the significance of this piece of information.

The British slavemasters (like Robert Vansittart) and their Igors always operate like this – whether it be bodies of ideas, religions, or organizations, they drive the thing from behind the scenes.

This is why you see them so interested in and looking for ‘men of conscience’, or intelligent people, or courageous and honest people, or even the the other end of the spectrum – criminals that will do the dirty jobs. They are always looking for people, ideas, and deeds to hide-and-guide behind.

This is exactly how Charles Masterman (WWI propaganda head) operated – ever so discrete, personal “mentions” to the “right” people.

Some people call this PR – Public Relations. There’s nothing wrong with a person or group associating together with people of honor and courage. There’s everything wrong with having nefarious plans and intents and covertly using such people to hide behind and to guide – more important to people like this is to use them to guide others to their side with.

Exposure with conviction is their deepest fear. By that, I mean that the person now seeing them as they are will not be swayed. If you want to put an even finer point on it, that is their most specific real fear.

To live in a world where they cannot successfully lead or control anyone by any means, at any time. A world where there is nothing that they can do or say or show that will sway a person.

That is the horrible thought that keeps them awake at night.

Of course that is the true state of things anyway – but don’t tell them that.

pirate winking

Now, granted, there are people that even if they do happen across indisputable evidence that they have been had, that they have been used, that these guys aren’t what they thought they were – that will still cling to the idea that the group they are part of is still “good”. Yes, they are deluding themselves. Intentionally.

This doesn’t mean groups, or people that work together to accomplish something are bad.



The Slavemasters certainly want you to think that they are.

Yes, I know. It’s perverse and makes no sense.

Welcome to the Slavemaster World.

Where everything is theirs.

disney finding nemo - sit on their island saying mine

You, the planet, everything is theirsin their mind.

In their mind, being the key error in their world view.


Those hilarious seagulls from Finding Nemo actually form a pretty accurate – albeit humorous – assessment of the British slavemasters.

They sit on “their island” trying to say – Mine? Mine Mine Mine! – about the rest of the world.

mine mine seagulls

Thomas Jefferson, as a matter of fact, said that this is the exact problem with them – and the solution was to limit them to their own island.

They would still have a fertile island, a sound and effective population to labor it, and would hold that station among political powers, to which their natural resources and faculties entitle them.

They would no longer indeed be the lords of the ocean, and paymasters of all the princes of the earth.

They would no longer enjoy the luxuries of pyrating and plundering everything by sea, and of bribing and corrupting every thing by land; but they might enjoy the more safe and lasting luxury of living on terms of equality, justice, and good neighborhood with all nations.

…While it is much our interest to see this power reduced from it’s towering and borrowed height, to within the limits of it’s natural resources, it is by no means our interest that she should be brought below that, or lose her competent place among the nations of Europe.

-Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816,
Jefferson Cyclopedia

Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it.

As we covered in the last section, the interesting thing about this particular part of the book, is that America First was actually pretty much a British controlled opposition group, filled with their own agents! Lindbergh, Coughlin, Henry Ford et al., all had strong and little known connections behind the scenes with fostering WAR as part of the slavemaster plan.

America First was a pro-British society even when it began in September of 1940 – at Yale.


Spymaster Robert Vansittart and spymaster-in-training William Donovan were carrying on back-channel conversations right exactly then. This is over six months before the British-spawned American intelligence organization called the Coordinator of Information (COI) was even approved or going. Vansittart was personally overseeing Donovan making sure that America gave the British what they wanted – destroyers, weapons, etc. The fact that Vansittart was doing that with Donovan without Congressional knowledge is incredibly revealing and damaging to the whole “we’re innocent of subversive espionage in the U.S.” act that the Brits were then doing publicly.

Letter from Donovan to Vansittart, 26 September 1940, Donovan Papers, Box 81B Vol. 34 (AMHI)
Letter from Vansittart to Donovan, 28 October 1940, Donovan Papers, Box 81B Vol. 34 (AMHI)

Spies and Saboteurs: Anglo-American Collaboration and Rivalry by Joseph F. Jakub III


Porter Sargent



The Brits had orders that when it came to Political Warfare (propaganda, etc.) –

…the officers responsible should work in strictly covert fashion and should guard against the least risk of their output (or other results of their activity) being traced back to them or identified as British propaganda.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.


What, do you imagine, would have been their reaction to have an integral part of their propaganda plan for getting America into the war, exposed early in 1939?


And that’s actually what happened. One of the men involved, literally one of THE major exposers then, was a man named Porter Sargent.

As recently as March 2002, this great man, this courageous man, was still getting positioned as an “extremist”, which is itself an extremist tactic. I mean, really, look at this crap – it’s total and complete British-driven propaganda. Whether the author knows it or not, or admits it or not. That’s what it is.

What the British did to America in both World War I and World War II was extreme, and exposing that was not an ‘extremist’ act.

It was a courageous one.

The slavemasters always, always, always, call certain people extremists (or its equivalent). Ninety percent of the time, it’s the people they can’t hornswoggle, intimidate, silence, or make go away. They also will, if left unchecked, continue to blacken such people for decades, even centuries in some kind of a sick vendetta. They will go after their children, and their children’s children.

It’s practically biblical.

…for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers
to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.”
– Exodus 20:4-5 (NIV)

Perhaps one of the best examples might be Robert Vansittart.

In the opinion of the author, it is an illusion to differentiate between the German right, centre, or left, or the German Catholics or Protestants, or the German workers or capitalists. They are all alike, and the only hope for a peaceful Europe is a crushing and violent military defeat followed by a couple of generations of re-education controlled by the United Nations.
– Lessons of My Life by Vansittart (1943)
front dust jacket copy.

That man Vansittart was a real live slavemaster.

The real thing.

He was British intelligence. Literally the head of ALL of it, when he shepherded his own countrymen, and Hitler, and the Vatican, and America into having the “delicious” war they wanted in order to get America back firmly – as a sort of covert dominion – to then be used to install dictatorships all over the world until those “independent” types learned their lesson of who is Lord and Master around here.

They’re not done, by the way, that’s what all this disarming America crap, our President “sucks”, yada yada is about currently. They won’t be satisfied until we are either destroyed or fully part of the kingdom, openly, again, and this recent activity is the opening move of their end game.

Personally, I’d say it isn’t going to quite go as planned. We’ll leave it at that for now.

So, who was this Porter Sargent, and what did he do that has them still so hot and bothered that articles like the above get a pass on as “scholarly”?

A good question.

We will address that in this article.

But first…



But…we’re not doing any propaganda – sayeth the British

The Dyarchy.

What is it?

A double political policy.

The British slavemasters would promote a public policy in which they spoke loudly in support of the foreign policy ideas of the people (the Left) and a secret policy in which they actually acted, as always, straight on with the foreign policy of themselves (the Right)

For example, the stated policy of the slavemasters towards supporting the League of Nations – after it was defeated in America – pretended to be in agreement with the peoples now picking up on and liking the ideas previously lied about (but said to be true) such as international cooperation and disarmament. But, the slavemasters real policy NOW was quite different.

When we see Vansittart saying this in Lessons of My Life (1943):

The German preparations for this war began in 1919.

And then him quoting Round Table let’s-rule-the-world General Smuts saying this:

this …war is but a continuation of the last

You’re looking at one hell of a propaganda creation there that leaves out the British involvement in ALL of it. With American sycophants of the British right there steppin’ and fetchin’ to help them.

The main objective of American foreign policy since 1900 has been the preservation of the British Empire.
Back Door to War by historian Charles Callan Tansill; Chicago University Press, 1952 p. 3

When British spymaster Robert Vansittart was the permanent Undersecretary in the British Foreign Office starting in January 1930, he was very much espousing the ‘right” view of that there was no difference in Germany under any kind of government, no difference even from one German from another, and that all of them were equally incapable of understanding any policy but force.

That was Vansittart agitating for war, yes, and deliberately providing the ‘extremist’ view, but there was an underlying truth to the right’s view there, the slavemasters view, of that Germany had to go, basically.

But, by this time, the Dyarchy policy had morphed into basically controlling ALL sides of the political equation using their own people.

Then, after 1935, to continue to create chaos and make it even more difficult for their real agenda to be identified (especially by their own people and the Americans) they reversed the ‘policies’ of both the political Left and Right. You had the Right outwardly supporting ‘appeasement’ now, and the Left opposing what they were doing in the name of ‘appeasement’.

Of course the slavemasters (Right) are going to outwardly support that then, they needed to get Hitler going, they needed an ‘enemy’ in order to drag America into things – that was the whole goal.

Of course the ‘people’ (Left) would be against THAT kind of policy because it’s obviously deliberately setting up a war.

To give you an example of this whole reversal aspect going on, in February 1938, Lord Lothian, a “leader” of the Round Table group, spoke in the House of Lords in support of appeasement. This extraordinary speech was delivered supposedly in defense of the retiring of Sir Robert Vansittart – who wasn’t retired at all – and who was against appeasement.

Talk about your Dyarchy demonstration in one move – boy.

Taking things even further, just as Curzon had reversed his position on, Lothian (Philip Kerr) launched into a long attack on the League of Nations. This was then followed by a defense of Germany.

Another double whammy of opposing bullshit viewpoints – neither of which he and his masters believed.

‘I do not think there is any doubt that modern Germany is the result of the policy of the United States, whom I cannot absolve from responsibility, of ourselves, and of France; and in this matter the responsibility of the United States and ourselves is more than that of France for defaulting on the obligation to give France some security so that she could allow Germany to recover.”

Blaming America, how cute.

Lothian then presented the ‘solution’ to this propagandized version of the German problem:

“There is only one solution to this problem. You have got to combine collective justice with collective security. You have got to give remedies to those nations which are entitled to them…. You have got to be willing to concede to them—and one of them is Germany—alterations in the status quo and you have also got to incur obligations with other like-minded nations to resist changes which go beyond what impartial justice regards as fair…. When we are willing to admit that we are ourselves largely responsible for the tragedy that confronts us, for the fact that Germany is the center of the world problem, and are willing to concede to Germany what a fair-minded and impartial authority would say was a fair solution of her problem, and if, in addition to that, we are willing to say, We will meet aggression to secure more than this with the only means in which it can be met, then I consider there is hope for the world.”

Buried in all the hyperbole is the real point (that I bolded). If anyone dares to ask more than the slavemasters want to give and worse, fights back?



The slavemasters wanted it to be believed that they were innocently granting all concessions and Germany just wouldn’t stop getting bigger and…and…you get the idea. Total bullshit.

They were deliberately aggravating the whole thing all along.

They WANTED that war so they could completely squash that nasty competition stuff that was outclassing them. (Germany’s production was outstripping Britain by an ‘uncomfortable’ margin). By roping in America they eliminated two huge competitors.

Selfish, vulture-like and completely immoral traders cheaters that they are.

We’re “traders”.

See if you can spot the double policy going in here in these next things that Lothian did.

Shortly after this speech, on 24 February 1938, Lothian intervened in the debate on Eden’s resignation to reject Eden’s point of view and defend Chamberlain’s. He rejected the idea that Britain should commit herself to support Czechoslovakia against Germany and criticized the President of Czechoslovakia for his failure to make concessions to Republican Germany. He then repeated his speech of the week before, the chief addition being a defense of the German re-militarization of the Rhineland in March 1936.

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, Professor of Foreign Service, Georgetown University


March 16, 1938

Four days after the seizure of Austria, Lothian […] said:

“Unpreparedness and the belief that you are unwilling to accept that challenge or that you do not mean what you say, does contribute to war. That will remain to be a condition of the world until the nations are willing in some way to pool their sovereignty in a common federation.

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, Professor of Foreign Service, Georgetown University


Did you catch the Dyarchy duplicity of Lothian?

Then, Lothian does some really doozy examples of double policy for this period, notice the loudly speaking out in support of what the peoples want going on in this next move.

All of these ideas of Lothian’s were explicitly restated by him in a speech at Chatham House on 24 March 1938. He refuted the “war-guilt thesis,” condemned the Versailles settlement as “a very stiff Peace Treaty,” insisted on revision, blamed all the disasters of Europe on America’s withdrawal from the League in 1920, called the Hitler government a temporary “unnatural pathological state” solely caused by the stiff treaty and the failure to revise it, defended the remilitarization of the Rhineland and the seizure of Austria, condemned Czechoslovakia as “almost the only racially heterogeneous State left in Europe,” praised “nonintervention” in Spain, praised Chamberlain’s statement of the same day refusing to promise support to Czechoslovakia, and demanded “national service” as insurance that Hitler would not continue to use force after he obtained what he deserved in justice.

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, Professor of Foreign Service, Georgetown University


Besides falsely blaming America again – duly noted – he slipped up. He actually revealed what I’ve been saying all along. This was an artificially created situation. It wasn’t real. Did you see it?

This part: “the Hitler government a temporary “unnatural pathological state” solely caused by the stiff treaty”

The treaty THEY had orchestrated behind-the-scenes. The Government THEY had sent their agents to deliberately create and bring into power.

It’s pathological all right.

From them.

These arguments of Lothian’s were then all supported by the Slavemasters in other ways. In the leading Round Table magazine article of June 1938 – it repeated all of Lothian’s arguments in somewhat different words, but something else showed up that article:

Until the nations can be brought to the two principles of collective security already described, the best security for peace is that the world should be divided into zones within each of which one of the great armed Powers, or a group of them, is clearly preponderant, and in which therefore other Powers do not seek to interfere. Then there may be peace for a time. The peace of the 19th century rested on the fact that the supremacy of the British Navy kept the whole oceanic area free from general war. . . . The vital question now arises whether in that same zone, to which France and Scandinavia must be added, it is not possible, despite the immense armaments of central Europe, Russia, and the Far East, for the democracies to create security, stability, and peace in which liberal institutions can survive. The oceanic zone in fact constitutes the one part of the world in which it is possible today to realize the ideals of the League of Nations.”

So much for the anti-League of Nations statements then. That’s Dyarchy for you.

And, from this, we can tell what the plan actually is and never mind all the side-jumping posturing. You are looking at the earliest stages of what would become the NATO and the United Nations plan – or rather the League of Nations updated. 

You can read about when Dyarchy began and more examples of it in action in my main Robert Vansittart article, but this brief coverage here should give you at least a basic understanding of the all-sides dyarchial policy now, and it is especially from this point onward (early 1938), the battle to take back America was on.

– – –

It was as early as 1936 that Vansittart began advising more publicly as to the need to influence American opinion towards British favor to get money out of us. This was because the U.S. specifically passed another neutrality legislation in 1936 that banned loans to belligerents.

That would mean Britain.

In a classified memorandum dated 31 December 1936 Vansittart stated that:

“One other great change has taken place to our detriment: the recent neutrality legislation in the United States. We scrambled through the last war by importing in its early stages some 500 million dollars’ worth of American munitions. To-day, in the event of war, we can count on getting nothing. Our own supplies will therefore have to be more plentiful and timely.”

– Memorandum by Sir Robert Vansittart on ‘The World Situation and British Rearmament,’ Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939, Series 2-Volume 17: Western Pact Negotiations: Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War June 23, 1936-January 2, 1937, 772.; as cited in James Arlington’s May 2015 Thesis.)

Vansittart recommended that Whitehall should curry American favor in case of war. Put another way – he wanted ‘shaping’ of American public opinion.

Vansittart in 1938

A May 7, 1938 news article in the Winnipeg Tribune, made it quite clear what kind of weight a ‘recommendation’ from Vansittart had.

His task is to study the Embassy reports that come in from all over the world, to analyze them, piece them together, then to advise the Cabinet what should be their next move on the dipomatic chess board.”

“…on that advice a million men might lose their lives on the battlefieds, a great Empire might be jeopardized.”

Vansittat fancied the world and everyone in it literally as part of his personal global chess-board.

Vansittart had already begun planning this propaganda organization in 1935, after the neutrality legislation that had been introduced that year in the U.S.

Again, he was acting like our resources should be at their disposal.

Like most of his Foreign Office colleagues, Vansittart regarded the economic resources of the United States as a “vital source for Britain and the Empire in any future hostilities“. In fact, following the introduction of the American neutrality legislation in 1935, he starkly pointed out that Britain’s failure to secure American financial and material aid “in a European war, i.e. if Germany tried to eat her neighbours again, would mean disaster to all of us.” (Roi; 1996; Vansittart – archived here)

October 1935

Planning for such an organisation [Ministry of Information] had started in October 1935 under the auspices of the Committee for Imperial Defence, largely conducted in secret; otherwise the government was publicly admitting the inevitability of war.(Hoover Institute archives)

Whitehall listened to his 1936 recommendation, approved, and Porter Sargent later documented Vansittart then created a new, secret organization “to co-ordinate propaganda” with Vansittart as chairman starting in 1936. (it wasn’t disclosed until February 1938).

Sir Robert Vansittart, former Foreign Office head, who for three years has disappeared from the news and is listed merely as “Adviser to the Foreign Office”, typifies and symbolizes and perhaps is that master mind. The organization he has built since 1936 has been kept even more secret than was the Masterman organization in Wellington House twenty-five years ago . But as a consequence, unsuspected, its effect on American opinion has been even greater. His organization has so used events and news as to give us our present attitudes and emotions. (Porter)

This may have been as a direct result of Vansittart’s summer visit to Germany, where both he and his agent Frank Buchman (Oxford Group and the MRA) spent quite a bit of time with Ribbentrop and Hitler (Vansittart) and Heinrich Himmler (Buchman).

See Buchman and “God’s Intelligence Service” post.

Germany 1936 Olympics –

In the summer of 1936 Vansittart visited Germany and claimed that he found a climate that “the ghost of Barthou would hardly have recognised” and that Britain should negotiate with Germany.
(Roi; 1996; Vansittart – archived here)

That “Britain should negotiate with Germany” part should stand out like a neon sign to you, because that is Vansittart doing his own reversal type Dyarchy. What is Mister “I hate appeasement and let’s have a war” doing saying such a thing, in other words.

Porter pieces together what happened with this new, secret propaganda organization –

Vansittart’s new activities were carefully guarded. Not only was news kept from the newspapers but sophisticated editors knew that here was something that was to be left alone, protected. But putting together the little bits of news from the back pages of newspapers, newsletters and clandestine sources that have slipped by censors and editors, one gets occasional glimpses of his new activities. (Porter)

Just how secretive was Vansittart?

The same Winnipeg Tribune article (included later on here) also noted that he was one of only two men that knew the names of EVERY single secret agent, anywhere in the world, whether MI5 or MI6.

“He has one secret shared with only one other man in the world. Only he and Sir Warren Fisher, head of the Civil Srvice, know the names of the men employed by the British Secret Service. Only they know how much they are paid and where the money goes, for they audit the accounts themselves.”

Now there’s a man with a whole lot of power. Too much, and he was about to use it to lie, connive, undermine and subvert America into doing what the British slavemasters wanted.

Just as Thomas Jefferson said to the Marquis Lafayette about the English (slavemasters) way back in 1817 –

England’s selfish principles render her incapable of honorable patronage or disinterested cooperation.

Jefferson Cyclopedia p. 311

All that matters to these people is what they want. Millions can die, countries destroyed, as long as they get what they want.

That’s the kind of man Vansittart was.


– – –

Even with the limited research methods (and slow, to boot) available to him in the late 1930’s, as you can see it was Porter Sargent that began figuring out what and who was this Robert Vansittart character and just how important he was to Sargent’s main area of focus, propaganda and mind-tricks to try and draw America into another war.

For some years I had been following the work of Sir Robert Vansittart and collecting material, part of which was published in the spring of 1940 in the Handbook of Private Schools, 24th edition, and much of which will be forthcoming in a book entitled “The Course of Human Events”. (cf pp 106, 111)

– Porter Sargent, in Getting US into the War (1941) May 30, 1939 first bulletin.

He realized that the British were going to do the same sneaky, covert ‘But…we’re not doing any propaganda’ – methods as they had done to draw America into the first World War and so he began to dig and watch, and dig some more.

In today’s age, I was able to draw on quite a bit more information (but often just as hard to find, unfortunately) to help make it even more clear how right he was at what he was looking at here in the late 1930’s.

My Vansittart article details that in order for him to orchestrate the dirty deeds that were needed, there was a staged ‘disgrace and his removal as permanent Under-Secretary in the British Foreign Office. What you probably don’t know is that this was a time-honored tactic of the British intelligence office.

It is a strange but traditional truth that the British Secret Service likes to have itself belittled, particularly by persons in high places. There is no surer manner of instilling over-confidence in a real or potential enemy and it is that false feeling that inevitably leads to the fatal misstep.

– J.C Oestreicher, INS Foreign Director; In View of News of the World; New Castle News, 11 March, 1949


You see that go on? You better start looking real close because they are about to do some seriously dirty business. The ‘attack’ or ‘disgraced’ is the prelude and that’s what went on here with Vansittart.

Just as Vansittart was going dark, as the saying goes, starting on 7 December 1937, the wonderfully brave Senator Borah (and others) had enabled the initial consideration of what would become the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 – requiring that agents representing the interests of foreign powers in a “political or quasi-political capacity” disclose their relationship with the foreign government and information about related activities and finances.

The basic history of it is as follows (courtesy of Wikipedia) –

  • Introduced in the House as H.R. 1591 by John William McCormack (DMA) on July 28, 1937
  • Committee consideration by House Judiciary, Senate Foreign Relations – which Senator Borah headed.
  • Passed the House on August 2, 1937 (Passed)
  • Passed the Senate on May 18, 1938 (Passed)
  • Reported by the joint conference committee on May 23, 1938; agreed to by the Senate on May 27, 1938 (Agreed) and by the House on June 2, 1938 (Agreed)
  • Signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 8, 1938
  • Effective September 6, 1938

There was a whole dog-and-pony show about Vansittart ‘disappearing’ and being ‘removed’ and all kinds of hokey sleight-of-hand tricks going on about what he was doing or not doing, but the real reason he was going dark was because Borah and others were starting to move against Britain being up to their crappy tricks again, and this act was literally a kind of opening salvo to make it much more difficult for them to propagandize America.

British intelligence followed such political goings-on in America closely, for obvious reasons, and Vansittart would have been well aware of “consideration” stage by Borah and the Senate Foreign Relations committee, and the following significance of the passage by the House in August of 1937. It was only a few months after that, that the ‘bad Vansittart, let’s get rid of him’ show began. (you can read all about how that was done in the Vansittart article)

By the spring of 1938, Vansittart would have also been aware of the imminent passage of the Act by the Senate in May of 1938. He knew the power that Borah still wielded in the Senate, and that it was pretty much a foregone conclusion the Act would pass.

So, what did he do?

Based on what was said in his biography Mist Procession –

I was sent to Washington to promote a meeting with Hoover. He desired Anglo-American agreement on his projects, and was only insufferable when he let himself go, which was seldom.

Vansittart worked closely with Hoover throughout the early part of 1938, teaching him how to steal power for getting his counter-intelligence off the ground and away from from the U.S. State Department (and over to the FBI) by creating a “failure’ over of a spy case called the Joran-Rumrich case.

This ‘assistance’ from Vansittart thereby earning Hoover’s loyalty and giving him a reason to create the FBI’s counter-intelligence activities. (see Vansittart article, section Grooming that ‘amateur’ Hoover) This ‘helping’ of Hoover would also prove very useful when Vansittart sent William Stephenson to the U.S. in 1940 to secretly sabotage America.

They had already begun sending over their ‘leading lights’ to start propagandizing covertly, and they needed FBI director Hoover’s approval because of the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938. They wanted to get around that.

Vansittart secured his approval.

– – –

Getting a little ahead of myself here, but Vansittart’s agent Sidney Rogerson was working with Vansitart’s buddy and head of MI5 Guy Liddell Hart. Rogerson was tasked to assess how to do propaganda “in the next war”.

The product of Liddell-Hart and Rogerson’s efforts (his book published in 1938) specifically documented that part of the plan on page 24.

Though we are not unfavorably placed, we shall require to do much propaganda to keep the United States benevolently neutral. To persuade her to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed.We shall, as before, send over our leading literary lights and other men with names well known in the United States to put our point of view over the dinner table. Our trouble here will be to find men with equally commanding reputations to step into the shoes of such as Kipling, Barrie, Shaw, Galsworthy, and Wells.

Bolded part being a direct reference to their sneaky tactics run by Charles Masterman in the WWI time period, also done to trick America into not only PAYING for their war, but fighting it for them!

Porter Sargent’s bulletin #4, November 1939 caught this ‘lecturers’ intelligence cover crap and exposed it more succinctly –

(5) “Beware British Propaganda” by Porter Sargent, Harvard Progressive, Cambridge, Nov., 1939, reminds how Robert Bacon changed public opinion twenty-five years ago, and the part Presidents Roosevelt, Conant and Seymour have played to bring us from “never again” to “it’s inevitable”, not as the result of events but because of the way they have been interpreted.

“Watch British Propaganda” by Porter Sargent, Common Sense, Nov., 1939, describes the effective propaganda machine that brought us into the last war, Lord Milner’s “kindergarten”, and how Vansittart and Lothian with a great staff of lecturers and journalists are changing public opinion today.

These scholarly media bring us British propaganda in its most insidious form, which profoundly affects our intellectuals . British propaganda always begins at the top, working down until the back stretches of the country, which hold out longest, finally capitulate . We have no equivalent publications in America. We lack foreign interests to protect, and the political sense of the British. – September 15, 1939 (Porter, Bulletin 4)

And, then there’s the fact that in July of 1939, just 3 months after the Rogerson book about this plan for propaganda was exposed, funds were visibly appropriated specifically for these ‘lecturers’.

(10) “The government’s intention of going ahead with the establishment of a Ministry of Information was disclosed tonight by publication of a supplementary estimate calling for an appropriation of £40,000. A total of £300,000 is provided for propaganda activities. A fund of £110,000 has been set aside for foreign publicity, of which £10,000 will be spent by the Foreign Office and the new foreign news department and £100,000 through diplomatic and consular representatives abroad. The British Council, which operates under government auspices, will receive £150,000 to extend its work of sending out British lecturers and entertaining visitors to England .” (July 12, 1939, London dispatch)

– Porter Sargent, in Getting US into the War (1941)

– – –


Being aware of the impending crackdown on their propaganda actions coming with the passage of the Foreign Agents Registration Act as he was, Vansittart creates the nasty organization called Section D.

The lead up show

Was this –

February 7, 1938, Chamberlain disclosed in Commons under pressure of inquiry that the Government had formed a committee “to co-ordinate propaganda, with Sir Robert Vansittart, chief diplomatic adviser to the Foreign Office, as chairman”. (Journalism Quarterly, Dec. 1938).

7 February 1938Vansittart Committee for the Coordination of British Publicity Abroad announced by Prime Miister Chamberlain to the House of Commons on 7 February 1938 and that its main purpose would be ‘to prevent overlapping and, by exchange of information among the bodies engaged in various forms of publicity abroad, to co-ordinate their programmes and activities (Taylor; Projection of Britain – reference 20)

Vansittart received numerous letters of congratulations and offers of support from “a wide range of different people and organisations.

All these obviously frank disclosures screen the actual propaganda machine, which has been directed by Sir Robert Vansittart …as Chief Diplomatic Adviser has devoted his talents to building an ‘Anti-Nazi propaganda bureau for foreign countries‘.(Porter)

You see that name ‘Anti-Nazi propaganda bureau for foreign countries‘? How they must have hated that Porter found out about that.


Because it was part of the sooper-sekrit Section D.

I’ll show you.

Let’s start with the fact that Hitler accidentally-on-purpose made things easy for Vansittart to get his 14 April money request through by announcing his Nazi policies on February 22, 1938.

With that in mind, look at this little timeline from my Vansittart article

16 February 1938 – First meeting scheduled of the Vansittart Committee for the Coordination of British Publicity Abroad. Leeper, Warner and Vansittart represented the Foreign office at the meeting, but there were officials from the Colonial Office, Post Office, Department of Overseas Trade and the Treasury, as well as reps of the BBC, the British Council and the Travel Association.(Taylor; Projection of Britain)

Even though Vansittart supposedly wasn’t IN the Foreign Office, you understand.

On that same day-

16 February 1938 – a major debate took place in Parliament on the subject of British overseas propaganda – non-party debate on a motion by a private member (ref 24) it as the first major parliamentary discussion of British propaganda since August, 1918. Many of the views and arguments express were strikingly similar to those of Vansittart’s last 10 years in the Foreign Office.(Taylor; Projection of Britain)

February 20, 1938, Anthony Eden resigned and Lord Halifax became Foreign Minister. …Chamberlain was compelled by Halifax to keep Sir Robert as head of the l.S. (Reiss) Anthony Eden resigned as Foreign Secretary supposedly because Chamberlain rejected an overture of cooperation by Roosevelt in 1938. Lord Lothian died at the end of 1940 and Churchill sent Halifax, (made Foreign Secretary) as ambassador, it was supposedly a “banishment”. (Taylor; Projection of Britain)

We’re ‘traders’.

14 April 1938 Vansittart submitted a proposal to the Treasury for the creation of a central organisation to conduct ‘trade’ propaganda. (Taylor; Projection of Britain)

But that’s not all he did. He created a special Bureau under Section D, called the Bureau for anti-Nazi Propaganda in Neutral Countries. That would mean America, when they are not “doing any” propaganda, you understand.

Vansittart, a poet, esthete, highly intelligent, was especially retiring, though his influence was all pervading through a succession of ministries, as is fully explained in “What Makes Lives”(p. 163) where he is described as “the brains of the Empire“, “the torch-bearer of a tradition associated with such names as Nicolson, Crowe, and Tyrrell” (Abshagen).

The new job was to build in secret a great organization to control all information that went to the United States. To insiders this organization was referred to as the “Bureau for anti-Nazi Propaganda in Neutral Countries“… his new Bureau – its chief function was to make Americans hate Hitler and all his works as Vansittart did so sincerely. (Porter)

There are NO google results under that name, and only one under “anti-Nazi propaganda in neutral countries“.

Apparently, that’s how hidden this still is.

It’s a very helpful result though. Look what it says:

One of them was Section D of SIS, created in April 1938to provide lines of communication for covert anti-Nazi propaganda in neutral countries and to direct and harness the efforts of the various anti-Nazi organisations then working in Europe‘. Its role was to organise and equip resistance units, support anti-Nazi groups, sabotage, covert operations, and subversive propaganda. (Stalin’s Englishman by Andrew Lownie 2016)

– – –

Now look at this again, noting what I have put in italics –

14 April 1938 Vansittart submitted a proposal to the Treasury for the creation of a central organisation to conduct ‘trade’ propaganda. (Taylor; Projection of Britain).

Vansittart, together with Sinclair (head of SIS/MI6, his junior and one of his best buddies) actually created the infamous Section D itself.


This is what gets referred to as –

Bureau for anti-Nazi Propaganda in Neutral Countries


How’s that for a euphemism for what Section D really was.

And what was that again?

sabotage, covert operations, and subversive propaganda.

All these obviously frank disclosures screen the actual propaganda machine, which has been directed by Sir Robert Vansittart …as Chief Diplomatic Adviser has devoted his talents to building an ‘Anti-Nazi propaganda bureau for foreign countries‘.(Porter)

What else did Vansittart arrange as part of more smoke-and-mirrors sleight of hand to distract from his activities and incorrectly target other people as being ‘enemies’?

The Dies Committee and ye ole ‘Communist!‘ attack mantra. Very Hoover.

Commies everywhere, I tell you!

Vansittarts new buddy Hoover was busy, busy, busy.

Just 8 days after the the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 passed the Senate on May 18, 1938? You know, the one requiring that agents representing the interests of foreign powers in a “political or quasi-political capacity” disclose their relationship with the foreign government and information about related activities and finances – which would of course include all of Vansittart’s agents and ‘lecturers’ – is when the HUAC was formed.

What’s that?

The HUAC (House Committee on Un-American Activities Committee) was formed on May 26, 1938 as an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives. It was created to investigate alleged disloyalty and subversive activities on the part of private citizens, public employees, and those organizations suspected of having communist ties.

Well, that’s not too obvious at all, now is it.

It was chaired by Martin Dies Jr. (D-Tex.) and that’s why it gets referred to as the Dies Committee.

Obvious Slavemaster shill – Martin Dies.

Also as part of the lead-up using propaganda to get World War II going, then we have William Allen White being used by the British yet again. Starting with promoting William Donovan through the ACLU (of all things).

The Union [ACLU] planned late in 1938 a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the submission of the Bill of Rights by Congress to the states, to take place on March 4th, date of the opening of the first Congress. A distinguished committee of sponsors was enlisted through William Allen White of Emporia, Kansas, Colonel William J. Donovan of New York and Miss Mary E. Woolley, former president of Mount Holyoke.

The Bill of Rights 150 years after, ACLU, June 1939.

Before you get all invested in thinking this show of support of the Bill of Rights was all above-board and truly patriotic, I’d like to point out that the ACLU very quickly dropped the whole 150th anniversary of the Bill of Rights business shortly thereafter.


Well, we can’t have those dang Americans remembering who their enemy was and…still is. So, Mister British Intelligence Ringleader, Rober Vansittart, put the kibosh on it.

That’s why.

More germane to the topic of White agitating about ‘free speech’ is that this 1939 ACLU short-lived celebration of the Bill of Rights sponsored a reprint of White’s “How Free is our Press?”. There has been some question out there as to whether this existed, the announcement shows that it did. Plus, I obtained a copy.

Here is a PDF of that reprint –

William Allen White – Freedom of the Press (1938)

Look carefully at the intro given by ‘someone’ at the ACLU on the first page of this reprint.

Reprinted from the NATION of June 18, 1938 by the American Civil Liberties Union to present an authoritative and simple statement of the influences qualifying the “freedom of the press.”

As this article makes clear, the main issues do not concern violations of a constitutional provision, but the pressures on the newspaper industry itself.

The experience of the American Civil Liberties Union makes clear that legal threats to “freedom of the press” only rarely involve the daily newspapers. They concern chiefly the periodical press and pamphlet and leaflet distribution. Mr. White’s article is useful in indicating how baseless is the usual cry of “freedom of the press” raised by the great dailies–commonly to obscure some other issue.

Oh man. That is really something.Double-speak galore.

I’d say it’s time for a little parenthetical response here. You mean like the issue you’re obscuring in your accusation of obscurance by those questioning British covert control of U.S. press?

That what you mean Mr. Anglophile Anonymous ACLU editor?

Then there’s the fact that by the time the Slavemaster plans for their next War were well underway here (World War II), they were even more paranoid of exposure.

That’s the climate in which, in a typical Controlled Opposition tactic, we find our little pet dog William Allen White writing the above article for Nation magazine titled How Free Is Our Press? on 18 June 1938.

Porter was already aware of the stirrings of Vansittart’s ‘improved propaganda campaign” being run on the U.S. (showing up in things like the above) and had even called for a Congressional investigation as early as February 1939.

In February, 1939, I wrote to a number of senators including Nye and Walsh attracting their attention to British propaganda in this country. Early in May again I wrote,

“Can’t we have a Congressional investigation of the British propaganda in this country? It’s subtle, skilful, more highly organized, technically more perfect than it was in the last war.It’s so good that people don’t recognize it. All they hear is the lumbering of the German propaganda machine, and much of that is due to the skill of the British Foreign Office. The key man is Sir Robert Vansittart. But watch our new ambassador, Lord Lothian, and Lord Baldwin (American disguise for Earl of Bewdley). Why wait, as we did last time, to investigate after all the damage is done? I have collected a lot of data that the magazines and newspapers will not publish.”

Later Senator Clark actually introduced a resolution calling for such investigation which was promptly pigeon-holed, though repeated attempts were made to develop interest in it.

Porter even wrote to both Congressman Dies and the Dies Committee and Hoover about this. Dies took no investigative action of the British.

Since then we have written repeatedly to Congressman Dies, with no response, attracting his attention to our accumulation of material on propaganda which we offered to put at his service.

Porter made the same offer made to J. Edgar Hoover of the F.B.I.

What did Hoover do?

…brought very polite acknowledgment, – “Please be advised that this Bureau has no information concerning the subject matter of your inquiry.Later we learned that this attitude of the F.B.I. was due to instructions.

– Porter Sargent, in Getting US into the War (1941)

I’ll bet there were instructions – ha – but Hoover was simply doing what British intelligence told him to, like a good little flunkie sycophant. Hoover was like William Allen White. Completely a total sucker for British schmoozing.

Him thought he big important man now.
(pigeon English intentional)

What a dumb-ass. Jeesh.

When in the same month that Porter starts calling for investigations into subversive British propaganda activities in the U.S., we see the supposedly ‘opposite side’ to Vansittart, Lord Lothian (Philip Kerr), saying that if the U.S. suspected

“it was being maneuvered into commitment to war by foreign intrigue, or for reasons of politics or finance, it might swing back violently to the ultra-isolationism of the Ludlow amendment”.

Note: This is verified as being stated by Lothian in The Observer London, Greater London, England; Sunday, February 19, 1939 – Page 15.
– As verified by this search of


You can now appreciate just how ironic that actually was, and you can also more fully appreciate just how accurate the portrayal by the Winnipeg Tribune (May 7, 1938) was in referring to Vansittart as the Dr. Goebbels of Britain.

Britain’s Dr. Goebbel’s – this article contrasts the “propaganda chiefs” of two of “the most powerful nations in the world”.

The prime minister gets up in the House of Commons to tell them that the Government will set up a committee to co-ordinate all the bodies engaged in various forms of British publicity abroad. Heading that committee as chairman is…Robert Vansittart.

“Now, at fifty-seven, Sir Robert Vansittart takes on a new job of telling the world of British ideals and aspirations.”

But hey,  “We’re not doing any propaganda.




Stealing Thunder

Why America First committee?

“Save America First”

Before we go any further, we need to do a disambiguation on the term Save America First.

This is what the strawman of the America First committee was created to be a sick parallel of, so I think it’s rather important to learn more about it.

In order to be able to lay it out for others, I first needed to assess the broad and global strategic overview and then familarize myself with the inner workings of British and American intelligence, to learn about the various slavemaster covert subversion organizations (like the Round Table) while identifying and collecting the key documentation I desired.

This one, this America First committee was very tricky, and very, very difficult to penetrate. One of the reasons why is the deliberate and vicious interchanging of the committee with the idea of saving America first. They are not the same.

I think that most scholars (let alone the average person) who even know anything about this America First committee, probably think that Jerome Frank was the first to use the specific term.

This section is going to focus on just tracking the progress through time of the term itself, because that idea about Jerome Frank (for one thing) is not entirely accurate. It’s one of the trickier aspects of this whole thing.

First of all, from my research it looks to me that it was actually a woman named Lulu Krepps of the Women’s Home Missionary Society who specifically gave a speech in 1927 on the religious goal of Saving America First, as in ‘saving’ to Jesus kind of thing. This was at a meeting of Episcopalians in Montana, as discussed in the Anaconda Standard, 8 September 1927.

Six years later, someone quite a bit more famous, Will Rogers, was the next person to next be quoted in print as saying Save America First, as this April 16, 1933 newspaper headline clearly shows.

He’s also taking a more religious angle on the subject, rather than a political one. He’s talking about all the missionaries going hither and yon around the world supposedly ‘saving people’ and teaching them ‘how to live’, rather than helping people right here in America. Not as if there was some kind of shortage of people in need, right?

Here’s an example of what he was saying in this article. It’s both funny and amazingly accurate.

Will Rogers quote:

No Nation likes to have some other nationality come to their country to teach em something. Now you take things like that nursing service in the Kentucky Mountains, and dozens of other fine things done for the poor in the South, and in a dozen other parts of the Country, beats all your foreign missions.

I may be all wet, and probably a, but when an American starts telling a Chinese “How to live,” why its like a new dude telling an old cowman how to run his ranch.

Will Rogers in 1922

Succinct and damn accurate.

This phrasing starts getting picked up and used the following month. For example, as part of a little ditty (poem) in the Iron County Miner on May 26, 1933 where you can see it’s starting to be a bit more political-oriented.

I think you should know that four years later, along came Senator Borah in 1937 with his slogan (at a speech) being more specific than just Save America


But a document which embodied a new scheme of life, which lifted the average man and woman from a state of serfdom to that of a sovereign, is something more than a legal document. It was a spiritual creation as well. It is no less so today.

Against the moral and spiritual forces embodied in this instrument are now arrayed all the forces in the world which war against personal liberty and war against the right of the average man and woman to have a voice in government. The new scheme of life is under challenge by perhaps three quarters of the inhabitants of the globe. Why is it under challenge? Because it gives liberty to individuals and gives to the people a voice in government.

Because it itself is a challenge to all schemes of government which would take away that liberty and deny that voice. The battle is on. It is just as fierce and just as remorseless, just as plain and unmistakable, as it was in 1776 and 1789.


Borah has identified the actual war here, and I think that may be a large part of what happened next, because…

Then came propagandist Jerome Frank on June 8th of 1938, and now there is no doubt that the phrase Save America First is being put fully into the political arena. He published a book titled: Save America first; how to make our democracy work. His book appears to be mostly talking about an economic “isolation” as part of his plan for America, as this New York Times book review the following month goes into.

He goes out of his way to make it clear that he is writing this as a ‘private citizen’, for some reason. The article also mentions that he was trained in Law at Yale, which is somewhat interesting concerning what’s going to happen later here.

Other descriptions of the book reveal that he was also advocating against American involvement in the stirring conflict in Europe.

From the publisher: “America is faced with two groups of crusaders – those who urge a dictatorship to the left and those who urge a dictatorship to the right. Jerome Frank’s book is the most exciting volume of our day, outlining practical considerations for saving America from either dictatorship.”

He wrote that Britain’s ‘treatment of the Irish, for at least a hundred years…was only slightly (if at all) better than Germany’s treatment of the Jews for the last five years. [author’s italics]

Porter Sargent would later add (in one of his bulletins) these quotes from Jerome’s book: “The policy of `divide and rule’ has forced the growth of rivals competing industrially with England and with one another-and has brought all Europe, including England, to the edge of destruction…It was not liberty that England sought-except incidentally and accidentally; it was continental anarchy.

However, Frank conveniently recanted all of these rather oddly correct views after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and Roosevelt “forgave” Frank’s isolationism – which about makes me sick knowing (and having documented) Roosevelt’s role in LETTING Pearl harbor happen to force America into the war the British wanted us to fight for them.

By 1945, Frank’s overly close “buddy” Abe was revealing just how on-board he was with the British and Vatican slavemasters and their American sycophants, especially with the concept called: The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress (originated by the British psychiatrists like George Brock Chisholm). He spoke at the second lecture, 29 October 1945 of the William Alanson White Memorial Lectures. By then he was a U.S. Circuit of Appeals Judge, already well on his way in ‘rewards’ for his so-called about face.

Here is a PDF file of it:

Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – Chisholm and Sullivan 1946

*Please be aware, that unfortunately, someone (not myself) at some time in the past, had made all sorts of notes and underlinings on the book itself, but the text is still readable.


Besides being very close with Abe Fortas (the “Appreciation” writer in this Psychiatry Journal) – Jerome Frank also had direct ties with Harry Stack Sullivan (who wrote some pretty crazy stuff in this Journal) and Clara Thompson, he was a great supporter of “social psychiatry”. Harry considered mental illness as related to “disturbed relationships” between people, probably largely due to his own lifelong emotional problems with conflicted homosexuality behavior that he felt obligated to hide.

Back then, homosexuals were being labelled ‘mentally ill’ and subjected to all sorts of barbaric ‘treatments’ to try and ‘cure’ them.


Jerome underwent psychoanalysis with Sullivan and then in 1930 (while still at Yale) he published his most famous book, Law and the Modern Mind, which views the law in a Freudian perspective and interprets the methods and processes of law as social magic. His book describes that judges are father figures of mystical authority, dressed in robes and required to sit on high benches so that they evoke irrational deference. This kind of magic, according to Frank, helps maintain social order.

Exactly as chosen to be portrayed on L. Ron Hubbard’s Introduction to Scientology Ethics book, in point of fact.

Introduction to Scientology Ethics book 1998 vs 1968


When Jerome Frank wrote (in 1938)  that: “America is faced with two groups of crusaders – those who urge a dictatorship to the left and those who urge a dictatorship to the right.” he was attempting to put a twist on something that Senator Borah had exposed the previous year.


He’s also deliberately leaving out that the ‘left’ isn’t really the left, and the ‘right’ wasn’t really the right in his description nor in the so-called choices that people were given (propagandized) to see. The TRUE left, isn’t even addressed in what he is saying! He also fails to expose the true perpetrators of this completely Dyarchial controlled opposition ‘left’ and ‘right’ – The British and the Vatican.

Both of which HATE true democracy.

HATE it. With a passion.

To me, it was quite obvious why Jerome was he putting such a Volatairean twist on things, while supposedly rallying for ‘the people’ and ‘democracy’ – he’s a hired gun, in a manner of speaking. A wordsmith Igor, girlishly infatuated with the idea of earning a ‘place in the sun’ from the slavemasters. Kind of like William Allen White.

This would tend to mean that something had gone on (or a lot of somethings) needing such wordsmithing from an ‘expert’. And so there was.

Notes on fascism

Porter Sargent February 3, 1940 bulletin –

When the Senate acts favorably on the Smith Bill which passed the House last May [1939] these Bulletins previously planned “To Keep America Out of War” will become unlawful, subversive. But their purpose is not pacifist. It goes far beyond. Hating no peoples and admiring most, it seems to me desirable to stop waste and abate hate, to enlarge understanding through better descriptions of events, and to begin at home. So these Bulletins will be continued “To Save America First”. (13)

Porter’s note (13) said that: “The task is to save us from fascism here.

Senator Borah had also talked on this subject, back in 1937, which I’m pretty sure Porter knew about. He gave two different speeches before the Senate, actually.

The first was on 6 May, 1937. He talked about the effect of sacrifices during World War on the principle of free government; Comments on principles of fascism; Logic of fascism. This excerpt from it clearly shows he knows the difference between communism and fascism, and doesn’t think much of either of them.

…Mr. President, I have no choice between communism and fascism. The latter is supposed to be more respectable than the former and finds a more ready entree into respectable society. But they are both enemies of every vital liberty and every right and privilege of the average man or woman. Both reduce the average citizen to a state of political and economic serfdom. Both succeed in breeding and fostering discontent in all the different nations in the world. Both have their active propagandists in our own country.

(speech published Vital Speeches of the Day; 6/1/37, Vol. 3 Issue 16, p. 482 but is available at Boise State archives).


Given what Round Table propagandist Lionel Curtis starts saying here in time about his Commonwealth of God new and improved League of Nations plan –

This international commonwealth…its members would yield up part of their sovereignty, and function directly on individuals and not merely on states. …abolishes sovereignty

This is obviously a type of new ‘state’ that all individuals are subservient to and if they are not? The use of FORCE that is condoned (also what Curtis advocated.)

That gives us our British fascists, as Borah described fascism.

Does our other half of the slavemasters, the Christians/Catholics qualify as being characterized as fascists too? Why, yes they do! (I’m sure you’re just shocked – ha)

Take a look at what this Pope said back on December 8, 1864 in an papal encyclical called Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors. Pius IX said that “Liberty of conscience…” was essentially a threat to the world domination plan so fondly cherished by men with such delusions of grandeur ie:

the Catholic Church… should freely exercise even to the end of the world–not only over private individuals, but over nations, peoples, and their sovereign princes…

What was Pius IX’s solution to this threat?

… the welfare of human society itself, altogether demand that we again stir up your pastoral* solicitude to exterminate other evil opinions…

[*Note: Pastoral means shepherd of sheep originally. In Catholicism this is a reference to priests giving “spiritual guidance” to their “flocks of sheep”, so this is literally a direct order to ALL Catholic priests, Bishops etc. to work to exterminate these “evil opinions” of Non-Catholics. It is calling on the priests to get their parishioners to help them exterminate those evil opinions.]


The Inquisition rides again…as it was about to ride in such a horrible way during this next war planned by the slavemasters. Pretty clear who the real fascists are around this place, wouldn’t you say? And who was influencing Hitler.

Borah’s second speech on this point was on June 23, 1937. Here he now makes his position towards the Nazis very clear, there can be no doubt that he is not supportive of Nazis or fascism.

It’s a great speech, but I want to highlight something in particular that Borah tells about what Hitler did.

It recalls an incident which happened sometime ago. It will be remembered that the master of Germany a few months ago in a long, devious speech gave an account to the world, and to his own people incidentally, of his 4 years of arbitrary reign. According to the press dispatches, to­ward the close of his account he said that this reign was characterized by all the principles of a beautiful and perfect democracy. The press dispatches also said that the vast throng before him cheered as he used this strange hyper­bole—and not one of them in the great audience could call his life his own.

As an evidence of his “beautiful and perfect democracy” which he advertised to the world, he had called his legisla­tive body together for the first time in 4 years. He had called it together not for the purpose of establishing and enacting laws by which the people of Germany might be guided and under which their rights might be protected.

He had called it together apparently to exhibit to the world to what utter and pitiful degradation the legislative body of Germany had been reduced under this “perfect and beau­tiful democracy.” And when he was through with his speech he, in effect, said to his legislative body, “begone, until I suffer myself to be disturbed by your presence again.”

I can totally see Hitler doing that.


Look at this insightful description by Borah of what was actually going on under Hitler-the-hypocrite over in Germany.

In this “perfect and beautiful democracy” there is no law, only the will of the master; there is no liberty, there is no freedom, there is no security; intolerance is a creed and religious persecution a national policy. Men and women are hunted like wild beasts—guilty of no crime save race—and all this is advertised to the people of the world and being taught to our children here in this country as the most perfect form of a real democracy.”

Borah’s speech June 23, 1937.


Borah is positioning fascism as the same as that, and I would have to agree, except that we don’t really need a new name for what the slavemasters have always done. The Inquisition. Witch burnings. Galileo. The English squashing the Irish and the Scottish in bloody battle after bloody battle.

Same day, different name for it. That’s all. We Rule. You do. Same old game.

Since Jerome Frank’s earlier 1930 book was timed so as to PR the acceptance of Freudian psychoanalysis to begin trying to shift American views to “man as a social being” – which is the early stages of the whole “Social Psychiatry” movement. You know, the whole the let’s make the whole world subjects of One Government plan – well then.

Let’s just say that I’m finding it difficult to believe that something similar, PR-wise, isn’t going on with this book in 1938 “Save America First“. Especially coming right on the heels of Senator Borah’s speeches on fascism, as it was.

It’s almost like Jerome is some kind of a 20th century Voltaire-for-hire, misleading the masses on cue. Look at those bad guys over there – says a person hired by them to say that.

Write about this now, Jerome” kind of thing, and he did. And…it so happens that he was later rewarded with plum positions. Like the Supreme Court. (which really happened)

Thus completes the initial disambiguation and false positioning (By Frank) of the term Save America First.

Note: further examples of the use of the term “Save America First” will be provided and interspersed where they go in relation to certain events.

And now things start to get very interesting…



Stealing Thunder

Why America First committee?
Stealing Porter Sargent and Senator Borah’s thunder

Porter Exposes British Propaganda Plans
gets going with his Bulletins

How personalities are shaped or mis-shaped by […] misleading propaganda, and teaching, resulting in maladjustment, hate, waste, and war. Divinities that shape our ends may be malevolent.

– Porter Sargent; What Makes Lives; 1940

I have well-documented the lead-up to what I’m about to talk about here – as to how Porter Sargent got started with his Bulletins – in both my Robert Vansittart and Senator Borah library articles and in my post titled: Chapter 4 of “Propaganda In The Next War” (1938) and Senator Nye Speech About It April 25, 1939

So, I’ll just do a brief synopsis here.

Just before the Nye speech, literally only maybe 10 days earlier, and only a couple months after Porter Sargent starts calling for Congressional investigations into British propaganda, why all of a sudden! Vansittart agent Charles Lindbergh junior gets sent back to the U.S.

Much like fellow Vansittart/Cecil agent Frank Buchman had been doing, Lindbergh had been playing pro-Nazi while spying on the Germans for Vansittart and Army M.I.D. (military intelligence).

He returned some time prior to April 19, 1939 (as this article shows – 19 April, 1939 WAR POST FOR COLONEL LINDBERGH  “who recently returned to the United States from Europe” )

Actually, we can put it at just after 10 April, when he was invited to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee upon his return. (Tipton Daily Tribune 10 April 1939) The article says that he is “en route”.

He immediately met with President Roosevelt. “the flier met Mr. Roosevelt, who was later to excoriate him as a “Copperhead,” for the first and only time in April, 1939“.

I’m pretty sure that was about him briefing Roosevelt on his new ‘mission’. You can practically see him telling him –


“You need to attack me.”

Lindbergh would now be used to PR position anyone protesting the British and their war-mongering as pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish.

Vansittart’s propaganda network drew American attention to Lindbergh’s return by getting him put on the cover of Time magazine on June 19, 1939.

At exactly the same time period that Lindbergh arrived in – something called the American Fellowship Forum gets formed.

[American Fellowship Forum] Investigation discloses that this last organization came into existence about the later part of April 1939. The organization was brought into existence by individuals in New York City for the alleged purpose of establishing a spirit of fellowship amongst American citizens and also to extend that cooperation to citizens of other countries throughout the world. The program at first was to hold public forums at which topics of economic and social importance were supposed to be discussed from both sides. There was also disseminated by means of a mailing list certain literature which the officers of the organization deemed necessary for the purpose of enlightening the people of the United States. The investigation of the organization discloses that the registration papers of the State of New York were signed by Dr. Edmund F. Kohl, Dr. P. J. Kesseler, Dr. F. A. Kertess, and Richard Koch. The organization has its headquarters in room 2942, 11 West Twenty-second Street, New York City. The guiding light of the organization from the time of its conception was Dr. Frederic Ernest Ferdinand Auhagen.

page 1063 – Dies Committee Report section: Examination of Executives of the American Fellowship Forum by Investigators George F. Hurley & S. W. Birmingham August 28, 1940 [Note.—These Executives of the Forum comprised the following: Mr. George F. Bauer, Miss Ina A Gotthelf, Mr. C. D. Siegchrist, Jr., Mr. Richard Koch]; Published 1940 – Full title:  Investigation of un-American propaganda activities in the United States. Hearings before a Special Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, Seventy-fifth Congress, third session-Seventy-eighth Congress, second session, on H. Res. 282, to investigate (l) the extent, character, and objects of un-American propaganda activities in the United States, (2) the diffusion within the United States of subversive and un-American propaganda that is instigated from foreign countries or of a domestic origin and attacks the principle of the form of government as guaranteed by our Constitution, and (3) all other questions in relation thereto that would aid Congress in any necessary remedial legislation.


They held a meeting and Nazi spy George Sylvester Viereck gets called in as an ‘advisor’, writes a couple articles and then ‘disappears’ again. You know, the same guy that Alistair Crowley was pal-ing around with writing for his magazine during the first World War.

Note: British double-agent and occultist (Golden Dawn, OTO, etc.) Alistair Crowley was infiltrating pro-German and Bolshevist groups, having also apparently had ties to Glauer and the Thule Society as well. He had also begun writing “pro-German propaganda” for a magazine called The Fatherland, published by George Viereck.

What’s him doing war-mongering here again…

George Sylvester Viereck

The meeting was held on April 19, 1939. The meeting was held at the Hotel Capitol, 50th Street and 8th Avenue, in the Oak Room…After this first meeting it was decided to put out a magazine, and through Dr. Kohl’s recommendation, George Sylvester Viereck was called in in an advisory capacity. On this magazine (Today’s Challenge) I was to act as the editor and Viereck as associate editor. The first issue of the magazine was ready for distribution on the evening of the second meeting in May, 1939. At this time we were in possession of our office, which we hired after the meeting at the Hotel Capitol. The personnel of the organization consisted at that time of myself and Charles Seigchrist, Jr., a young man who I had hired for $20. a week.

– Testimony of Dr. Frederic Ernest Ferdinand Auhagen page 1065, Dies Committee Report section: Examination of Executives of the American Fellowship Forum by Investigators George F. Hurley & S. W. Birmingham August 28, 1940 [Note.—These Executives of the Forum comprised the following: Mr. George F. Bauer, Miss Ina A Gotthelf, Mr. C. D. Siegchrist, Jr., Mr. Richard Koch]; Published 1940 – Investigation of un-American propaganda activities in the United States.


Such convenient start-up timing for this thing, wouldn’t you say? Especially since Porter Sargent’s name gets dragged through the mud about it.

We’ll get to that later.

Meanwhile, Vansittart asked his former boss Stanley Baldwin to do a rousing! (cough) propaganda broadcast for the BBC utilizing obvious Round Table propaganda – particularly the “Christian civilization” bit – that’s Lionel Curtis’s invention.

BBC News – Former British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin Speaks In New York – April 26, 1939


Wow. That is really over the top. Paganism and machines? That’s what we’re ‘up against’ per this guy? Jeez. No wonder no one was buying into this crap – and it is CRAP.

Porter Sargent was up on BBC broadcasts like the above, and he caught wind of the Sidney Rogerson book and was shocked at the blatancy that the British were clearly at it again, trying to drag us into a war in order to gain our cooperation in dominating the world for them.

He decided to make others aware. He started by ordering in copies of Sidney Rogerson’s book, which he received, as well as 10,000 reprints of Nye’s speech from the GPO which he received on May 25, 1939 and then he put out his first Bulletin on Tuesday, May 30, 1939.

There was such a run on the Rogerson book that within only one week of Porter’s first Bulletin, and within only a couple weeks of the Congressional Record with its information about the book having been made available to the public? All copies were gone.

Vansittart and the Brits freaked and a propaganda silencing campaign was started in the U.S. So, Porter put out a second Bulletin on June 15.

In this country there was evidence of a campaign to suppress the book and to belittle the idea that there was British propaganda.

Propaganda hunters were pooh-poohed by college professors, by editorial writers. Consequently, it seemed necessary to send to those who had responded so cordially to my first mailing this second, which we called Bulletin #2. This was put out with no intention of continuing. But again the response was such that by June 15th it seemed essential to attract the attention of the increasing number of interested correspondents to new things that had appeared.

– Porter Sargent, in Getting US into the War (1941)

And thus Sargent’s regular Bulletins were born, continuing for the next 2 years before the hammer of war-time censorship came down – in favor of the Brits, of course.


Stealing Thunder

Why America First committee?
Stealing Porter Sargent and Senator Borah’s thunder

“The Phony War”

Borah (right) with his good friend Senator Bone in 1938


With the revelations by Borah, Porter Sargent and others, such an awakening began raging in America after finding out not only the lies told them about the first World War, but that the same planned lies and fakery were being done now to try and cause this war!

In July of 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with senators from both political parties at the White House in a final effort to persuade them to amend the Neutrality Act preventing America from aiding other countries. After drinks were poured, Roosevelt and his secretary of state, Cordell Hull, argued that the world was approaching a catastrophic war.

Borah, then 74-years-old, shook his head in disgust at the two British puppets and said: “There is not going to be any war in Europe this year. All this hysteria is manufactured and artificial.”

The problem for Roosevelt and Hull was that he was right. Worse, they knew he was right, being involved with forwarding the British plan as they were.

That is why people like Porter Sargent and Senator Borah had such pull at that time with the American people and were gaining so much ground against the warmongering slavemasters.

The slavemasters seem to always be surprised that no matter how much they may imitate the real thing, use their words, study their tactics and mannerisms, that it never ever even comes close compared to the real thing. The world always knows the difference and it drives them absolutely bonkers to have to watch it happen.

Such was the case here. So much so, that the British and Vatican did something I consider truly astounding to look at in hindsight.

So, what do we see the very next month?

A false flag operation is given the go ahead – and Hitler does as he is told.

“In spite of the polish warmongers’ arrogant provocations, supported by the British, the Fuehrer still tries to avoid war. Late at night the English ambassador, Sir Neville [sic] Henderson (second from left), brings the Fuhrer an answer from the English government”


31 August 1939 – A covert action designed to cast Poland as the instigator of World War II.

It was called Operation Tannenberg.

It was prepared under the direction of Reinhard Heydrich of the Sicherheitsdienst, a close friend of Udo Von Woyrsch. Germans posing as Polish insurgents attacked three places in the Upper Silesia area of Germany near the Polish border.

The three targets were the customs house at Hocklinden (now Stodoly, Poland); the forestry station at Pitschen (now Byczyna, Poland); and most importantly, the radio station at Gleiwitz (now Gliwice, Poland).

The radio team was headed by Alfred Naujocks, (alias Hans Müller, Alfred Bonsen, or Rudolf Möbert) an SS-Sturmbannführer; the body of the murdered Polish sympathizer that was planted was Franz Honiok.

– Reference- Historical Dictionary of German Intelligence By Jefferson Adams, p 455

The Germans then claimed that ‘Polish troops’ had attacked a German radio station and that justified Germany invading Poland in September of 1939.

There have been reports of an attack on a radio station in Gleiwitz, which is just across the Polish border in Silesia. The German News Agency reports that the attack came at about 8.00pm this evening when the Poles forced their way into the studio and began broadcasting a statement in Polish. Within quarter of an hour, says reports, the Poles were overpowered by German police, who opened fire on them. Several of the Poles were reported killed, but the numbers are not yet known.

BBC archives

Border Clashes Increase

Wireless to The New York Times

Berlin, Friday, Sept. 1–An increasing number of border incidents involving shooting and mutual Polish-German casualties are reported by the German press and radio. The most serious is reported from Gleiwitz, a German city on the line where the southwestern portion of Poland meets the Reich.

At 8 P.M., according to the semi-official news agency, a group of Polish insurrectionists forced an entrance into the Gleiwitz radio station, overpowering the watchmen and beating and generally mishandling the attendants. The Gleiwitz station was relaying a Breslau station’s program, which was broken off by the Poles.

They proceeded to broadcast a prepared proclamation, partly in Polish and partly in German, announcing themselves as “the Polish Volunteer Corps of Upper Silesia speaking from the Polish station in Gleiwitz.” The city, they alleged, was in Polish hands.

Gleiwitz’s surprised radio listeners notified the police, who halted the broadcast and exchanged fire with the insurrectionists, killing one and capturing the rest. The police are said to have discovered that the attackers were assisted by regular Polish troops. The Gleiwitz incident is alleged here to have been the signal “for a general attack by Polish franctireurs on German territory.”

Two other points–Pitsachen, near Kreuzburg, and Hochlinden, northeast of Ratibor, both in the same vicinity as Gleiwitz, were the scenes of violations of the German boundary, it is claimed, with fighting at both places still under way.

– NY Times, September 1, 1939

This handed the Brits what they needed, and they made sure to swam the press with news photographs of Jewish families, especially young children being herded out of their homes at gunpoint.

Poland could then now invoke it’s treaty with Britain, Britain had it’s excuse to ‘declare’ war – exactly as originally planned between Lord Halifax and Hitler.

Image from here

Thus began World War II.

with horns and media blaring!

and then..nothing for 8 months.


September 1, 1939 Roosevelt was awakened at 2:50 AM with news that the German Army had “invaded” Poland.

Remember, Borah had said in July: “There is not going to be any war in Europe this year. All this hysteria is manufactured and artificial.”

At his press conference later that morning, a staged question was posed to Roosevelt, one that is truly revealing as to that the actions of ONE MAN forced these chicken-shit slavemasters to launch this False Flag operation.

Roosevelt was asked: “if anyone had told Borah” to which Roosevelt accordingly played his part of father-like amusement at the actions of a somewhat brain-damaged child.

He laughed.

Thereby laying out for all to see, from here to the end of time, just why that False Flag operation was launched.

Because of Borah.

They were terrified of him.

It is perhaps of relevance that Vansittart’s personally recruited agent Ian Fleming, may have even had a role in what happened in Poland. This is something that I discovered in the research for my Robert Vansittart article.

It was in 1933, that Vansittart recruited a young Ian Fleming to be his agent, and report his impressions of Moscow and the Vickers trial – where an entire British spy ring got busted in Moscow. Vansittart used him in Russia again in 1939 (after he was supposedly ‘fired’. Fleming pretended to be a journalist for The Times accompanying a Trade Mission to Russia and Poland. His assignment was to keep his eyes and ears open and prepare an estimate of potential Russian military strength and morale when he returned – he titled it ‘Russia’s Strength. Some cautionary notes‘. Ian Fleming was then sent to Washington D.C., still Vansittart’s agent, to literally create the OSS together with Stephenson and William Donovan.

What was he doing in Poland? Who knows, it’s not like these people are in a hurry to tell us this kind of damning information, but the very fact that he was THERE just before the ‘invasion’, strikes me as far more than just a coincidence.

If you’d like to learn more about all this, my husbands The Reckoning book – Chapter Seven British Nobility Orchestrated Nazi Germany – describes the aspects of this False Flag operation in detail. These facts were not known to the general public, let alone even vaguely allowed to be visible in the British-controlled press, and actually, it’s still being hidden even now!


On the subject of Borah being used as a strawman, a leader that the Brits HAD to defeat the credibility of, he is still being used in this capacity as recently as 2013. A NY Times article holds him up as proof of how “wrong” he was to say the war was phoney – manufactured and aritifical.

In July 1939…the 74-year-old Republican senator William Borah, who had led the fight against Woodrow Wilson and American entry into the League of Nations in 1919, shook his head in disgust. “There is not going to be any war in Europe this year,” he said. “All this hysteria is manufactured and artificial.” Two months later Hitler invaded Poland, and England and France declared war on Germany.

See how the author uses the invasion of Poland to discredit Borah? That was a BIG mistake. Because we now know, with plenty of evidence to back it up, that the invasion of Poland was entirely based on a ruse. So, why are they still spreading this lie?

That’s a very good question. It seems that there are still efforts being made to keep the lies going about the Polish incident, and keep the Black PR going about Senator Borah.

But not everyone was fooled.

I’d like to show you some standout examples of that. The first is, Herbert Hoover, the same man who had so frightened William Allen White by telling him the truth of the way the British really acted, were really like, at a luncheon during WWI.

Listen to what he has to say now.

Herbert Hoover – 1939

Broadcast July 6, 1939 – urging U.S. Neutrality in the European conflicts.


Broadcast September 1, 1939 – the day of the staged ‘invasion’ of Poland by Hitler.

– – –

Britain officially declared war on September 3, 1939.

Borah tried to warn the American people about this fakery again the very next day (Roosevelt’s lame attempt at chastisement notwithstanding) by speaking over nationwide radio on September 4, 1939 but the British controlled press went after his “credibility” some more, immediately positioning him as “with” Father Coughlin (a rabid Catholic) who raved away on radio as usual, but here’s something really interesting – they also positioned him with now openly anti-Semitic Charles Lindbergh who addressed the nation the night after Borah’s speech.

Such a good little British agent.

All of this was also beginning to PR-position any Save America First idea with the blatantly anti-semitic Coughlin and Lindbergh. I trust you see the significance of that.

The Second World War began on September 3, 1939 but an eight-month period of inactivity followed the instigation of hostilities. Winston Churchill referred to this period as the Twilight War, the Bore War or der Sitzkrieg. Do you know what the only thing was that ended that period of inactivity?

War-mongering Churchill became Prime Minister on May 10 of 1940, and then (and only then) it was go-time. The War was on, baby, ON!

Go Hitler, Go now!

Hitler invaded France and Belgium that exact same day – May 10, 1940.

– – –

Coming back to the 1939 period again now –

Exactly one week after Britain declared war on 4 September, 1939 Churchill and Roosevelt started communicating privately.

Churchill had just taken control of the Admiralty, and on September 11, FDR sent Churchill a private letter welcoming him back to his former position. (Churchill had held it during WWI).  With this letter, FDR began communicating with not only the head of the British Admiralty but also with the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

FDR wanted Churchill to personally keep the U.S. president appraised of anything the British felt he should know.

– Reference: Letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Winston Churchill, September 11, 1939,” Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Papers as President: Map Room Papers, 1941-1945, Box 1.

This correspondence continued even after Churchill moved from Admiralty House to Number 10 Downing Street when he became Prime Minister on May 10, 1940. These letters not only provided FDR with information about the English war effort, but it also provided Churchill with the means to privately influence the president of the United States.

– Thesis: THE ART OF MANIPULATION: AGENTS OF INFLUENCE AND THE RISE OF THE AMERICAN NATIONAL SECURITY STATE, 1914 – 1960 by James R. Arlington May 2015 – author notes: for a more detailed archival look at FDR and Churchill’s war time correspondence see Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Papers as President: Map Room Papers, 1941-1945, Box 1-7. To explore these documents in bound form see Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Warren F. Kimball, Churchill & Roosevelt: The Complete Correspondence, (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1984).


By September 18, 1939, observing this odd period of inactivity for a supposed ‘war’ declaration, in an interview Senator William Borah provided the appellation for this period by proclaiming that “There is something phony about this war.”

“Borah sees Allies Pulling Punches,” The New York Times, 18 September 1939. (PDF here)

(plain text is below image)

“There is something phoney about this war,” he said.

“You mean the way the French and British are pulling their punches on the Western front?” a reporter interrupted.

“Yes,” he replied. You would think that they would do what they are going to do now while Germany and Russia are still busy in the east, instead of waiting until they have cleaned up their business there.”

Borah was right, and he was on a roll.

And then…

The attacks and Rat Bastard scufflings in the dark began.

President Roosevelt summoned Congress later in September to launch an all out assault on the Neutrality act.

Just eight days after Borah’s correct labeling of the ‘phony war’, Roosevelt described his problem to British propaganda agent William Allen White as being “to get the American people to think of conceivable consequences without scaring the American people into thinking that they are going to be dragged into war.” – which he knew they were.

Then National Director of the League of Nations Association, Clark M. Eichelberger, Commission to Study the Organization of Peace (CSOP) was also involved in bringing in what they called their new world government system as New World Order.

From “Quincy Wright and the Commission to Study the Organization of Peace” by Robert Hillmann –

“In the late 1930s, as it became apparent that the world was once again about to experience war on a global scale, a small group of people in the United States and Great Britain viewed this event as an opportunity to create a world government. They referred to this global system as the New World Order. . . . Clark Eichelberger met with the President on more than eight occasions to discuss the organization’s work on behalf of world government. At two of these meetings, Eichelberger reported that he personally handed F.D.R. copies of commission reports outlining their ideas of what this new world order should look like.

1938 Press Photo Clark M. Eichelberger, Exec. Director of League of Nations Assn

It was William Allen White (closely tied with Vansittart) that would now co-chair with Eichelberger, a front group just as Roosevelt requested. It was called the Non-Partisan Committee for Peace through Revision of the Neutrality act.

It’s purpose was:

  • to support and make sure press came out in favor of Roosevelt’s position going after “isolationists”.

Paraphrased and excerpted from William Allen White’s America p. 516 –

On September 26, 1939 Clark Eichelberger director of the League of Nations Association (that White was on the board of) and the Union for Concerted Peace Efforts – called White from New York and asked him to head a committee which would explain to the public the need for supporting Roosevelt’s cash-and-carry law. Clark’s other front group for the British, the Union for Concerted Peace Efforts, also asked White to head the Non-Partisan Committee for Peace through Revision of the Neutrality Law.

Cordell Hull was who ‘recommended’ him. (like that means anything)

The new generation of British intelligence knew White’s number, they started right out schmoozing him by saying (excerpted) We knew that around your name would rally a large number of people…would recognize in your leadership the answer to their difficulties.

Yep. He’s still full of himself all right.

The pompous frack even had himself pictured wearing a goddamn British monacle for godssakes!

Even President Roosevelt, on orders from the British, joined into the schmooze-fest of White, writing:

I need a few helpful thoughts from the philosopher of Emporia. Things move with such terrific speed these days that it really is essential to us to think in broader terms and, in effect, to warn the American people that they, too, should think of possible ultimate results in Europe and the Far East.

President Roosevelt to White, 1939.

White recruited Colonel Frank Knox as well as Henry Stimson as public advocates of repealing the Neutrality act.

Yes, the same Frank Knox who would soon be working for the BSC when Stephenson arrives in 1940. The same Frank Knox whom L. Ron Hubbard had personal correspondence with. (see Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career Part 2)

Borah tried again, on October 2, when he spoke before Congress, denying that repeal of the Neutrality Act would restore traditional international law. Keep in mind that just two months later, on 19 January, 1940 he was dead. He tried to fight these crazies right up to the very end, which is pretty amazing, if you ask me.

William Allen White himself did a network broadcast. By October 15, 1939 White was in New York doing a talk over CBS called: “The Hour is Striking” and starts doing his Ohmigod I’m so wonderful! routine to himself again.

This was the first time I had ever had hold of a lever that controlled a national current,” White confided to his readers on November 6. “It was interesting but scary!” – positioning himself like he was Dorothy and the public was the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz or something, or like Wiley Coyote trying to look innocent.

This isn’t Kansas anymore?


One of the ideas he put forth in his broadcast was: “favoring the democracies over the Nazis”.

What fricking democracies…as in plural.

These people aren’t interested in democracies, nor do they really have any. They are only interested in maintaining their own power. Rule taken away from them, power taken away from the nobility, was not something the British were too fond of as an idea.

This is why they had invented (and supported) many shadow-subjects that were along these lines, such as communism, socialism, and so on. What those really are is kind of a covert attack on a true Republican democracy like Thomas Jefferson had envisioned.

And that’s what William Allen White is happily going right along with here.

After having fed a perverted form of this called communism into Russia (which conveniently, anyone trying to gain independence from the British psychotic mold for the world, were then called communists and nationalists) this is why the Brits happily (and secretly) supported Hitler to as Porter Sargent put it – ‘save the world from communism”.

Hitler was shrewd enough to play up to the part assigned him, the White Knight who was to save the world from the oncoming tide of communism.


Note: The Roman Catholic church came out in official support of Roosevelt and the U.S. going to war at this same time. Rather contrary to their whole ‘peace’ thing they were pretending back then. Now we have both factions of slavemasters more visibly involved in supporting the war they had both been busily creating the conditions for, for the decades since WWI.

Guess who arranged White’s little happy-fest with himself, nation-wide broadcast?

Vansittart, through Tweedsmuir and Thomas Lamont. Just five days after White does his broadcast, guess who secretly arrives to New York to stay at Lamont’s house?

John Buchan – Lord Tweedsmuir.

Now things get very ugly.

They were that concerned to get our Neutrality legislation overturned – and they pulled out all the stops.

Tweedsmuir Network

The Tweedsmuir network included Lord Halifax, Lord Lothian, Lord Robert Cecil, and Thomas Lamont – to name but a few.

Who was Tweedsmuir? One of Lord Halifax’s closest friends, they became friends while he was at Oxford. His real name was John Buchan.

He was a Scottish novelist and historian. After graduating Oxford he became the private secretary to Alfred Milner, Buchan in what came to be known as Milner’s Kindergarten, although he was considered part of the ‘outer circle’.

His speciality was propaganda in the guise of fiction, much of which he learned how to ‘mix together’ when he was working under Charles Masterman during WWI.

In 1915 – he helped to inaugurate the British propaganda snag-rag fiction magazine in America called Adventure! magazine by providing a story called The Thirty-Nine Steps. He’s also listed as a member (p. 89) of the Explorer’s Club of New York.

You can learn more about the rather sketchy history of this magazine in my post about it, but I’d like to point out one extremely important connection with it, and that’s Rhodes Scholar Elmer Davis (he will work with Donovan in the OCI in 1941). In 1912, when Elmer returned to America, he took an editorial position with Adventure magazine. This means he was deliberately chosen to be part of the propaganda arm of the Cecil bloc, and then voila! Fellow Milner’s Kindergarden man John Buchan gets his stories published for Americans to read.

For nearly 20 years Buchan was a regular contributor to the American pup magazines Adventure, All-Story, Arogsy and Street & Sith’s Popular Magazine.

In December 1938, Argosy Weekly reprinted The Thirty-Nine Steps – an acknowledgement of the growing international threat of Nazy Germany. (John Buchan and the American Pulp Magazines)

BLATANT propaganda, it consisted of a central character of a former South African expatriate turned British spy and soldier, Richard Hannay, with obvious Charles Masterman propaganda about “bad” Germany in it.

The plot revolved around a dastardly international conspiracy to steal top-secret Allied documents on the eve of the First World War. Falsely accused of a murder, Hannay must evade capture, decode the notebook and ultimately help secure the information contained in the top-secret documents.

– – –

OK, so we have Buchan connected to Masterman (which means he’s also connected to Vansittart who is running ALL propaganda and covert ops having to the with the U.S. – remember) and also step-and-fetch-it Igor Thomas Lamont in America.

But…to begin Tweedsmuir’s and Vansittart’s plan here in the Fall of 1939, there were a few hurdles to overcome.

Travel to the U.S. required the Kings permission, once he secured that the Department of External affairs released a notice to the press on Saturday October 14: “The Governor-General, acting on medical advice, proposes to go to New York on October 19th for special treatment. He hopes to return to Canada on October 25th.

The Under-Secretary of State for External Affairs, Dr. O.D. Skelton told the Canadian minister in Washington that the press release was issued “to avert the possibility of any political interpretation being given to the visit.

When Buchan and his wife quietly arrived to New York on October 20, 1939, he and his wife were staying at Thomas Lamont’s house who had “first met John Buchan in 1917 in London.” – the same time that William Allen White originally hooked up with both of them.

Their network of common friends was a useful one at this juncture, and included Lord Lothian, Buchan’s old professor Gilbert Murray, Lord Robert Cecil and the American journalist William Allen White.

John Buchan: Model Governor General by J. William Galbraith

First order of business –

He wanted to establish a confidential group of Americans to keep a “watching brief” for Britain. He explained to the Information Minister (Macmillian, one of Vansittart’s connections) in a late October 1939 letter, that “few Englishmen know all sides of American life.

A ‘watching brief’.

What a damn euphemism for turning Americans into traitors to their own country and spying for the British.

The Watching Brief

Tweedsmuir felt strongly that Britain needed to be fully cognizant of all elements that could influence political decisions. Lord Lothian, then in Washington D.C. as ambassador, agreed with him. That’s the climate in which this visit to NYC was planned.

Note: All elements, would come to include a still young L. Ron Hubbard who was in New York at the time, and shortly after this visit and would soon be elevated by being asked to join the prestigious Explorer’s Club. (See John Buchan – Perhaps Another Link In the British Intelligence Grooming of A Young L. Ron Hubbard )

This ‘watching brief’ group that Tweedsmuir had in mind that would be exactly what William Stephenson would later even more fully enact after Tweedsmuirs death in February 1940the exact month that L. Ron Hubbard became an official member of the Explorer’s club, oddly enough.

During his stay, Tweedsmuir met up with Lothian and discussed the ‘watcher brief’ plan, with Lothian telling Tweedsmuir that he had already executed a similar plan by using British consuls around the U.S. to set up local committees to “act as information bureaux.


This is why also in 1939 here, Lothian had hired John Wheeler-Bennett (another Round Table man), a well-connected Englishman teaching at universities in the States, as his personal assistant and instructed him to travel widely. He was establishing these committees for Lothian. “I want you to be my eyes and ears,” he wrote, “{b}etween us we know a great many people in America and we can use them to make further contacts.”

He was one of Vansittart’s agents, one of his secret propaganda guys. He does a lot more than just establishing these ‘committees’, including working directly with overseeing Elmer Davis when he headed the American Office of War Information, but that’s later (in 1941).

In my husband’s book Scientology Roots chapter 22-3, he talks about him. Here’s just one excerpt –

He was in the United States from 1939 to 1944 in various propaganda positions. He admits in his autobiography to having been “one of the earliest workers for the secret propaganda unit, Department EH” (Electra House, MI 6 headquarters for propaganda).


Tweedsmuir also met with John D. Rockefeller, journalists (including staff of the New York Times such as Elmer Davis), President of Harvard Dr. James Conant and Genville Clark who was on his proposed list of eleven men to keep this “watching brief” for the British government. (Clark was also on the board of Harvard).

William Allen White was one of the people on his list.
John Buchan: Model Governor General by J. William Galbraith

He was now part of what actually was a ‘fifth column‘ of the British within the United States, showing yet again what a traitor this man was.

Tweedsmuir, somewhat Lothian’s superior (barely) was well satisfied with his visit when he left at the end of October. He felt certain that that Lothian would be in touch “with every class” in America and informed Information Minister Macmillian the British government would be “properly fed with the right kind of ‘dope.’

If you look at what Philip Kerr (Lord Lothian) wrote to Lord Halifax on 14th December, 1939, it becomes very interesting in light of the later dual propaganda activities of the BSC and Stephenson, and what White was being asked to do with this “national current” as he put it.

Lord Lothian wrote to Halifax:

“American opinion is still… almost unanimously anti-Nazi.”

So…what’s the problem then?

There is no division, no conflict within America – that’s what, we were still anti-British, is why this was a problem.

And Lothian stated (obviously talking about Borah, Porter Sargent, etc.) that:

“There are formidable elements which are definitely anti-British which take every opportunity to misrepresent our motives and attack our methods….”




As if that was even possible with these double-dealing swine.

Wretched, indeed, is the nation in whose affairs foreign powers are once permitted to intermeddle.

— Thomas Jefferson To B. Vaughan. ii, 167.

Lothian continues, showing they feel they need to get control of the press, and shows his nasty little bigoted view of that it needs to be through “important” and “high class” American correspondents.

I have no doubt that the best corrective is the fullest possible publicity from England and France through the important and high class American correspondents of what the Allies are thinking and doing.

It should not be lost on you that he’s talking about people like Elmer Davis and William Allen White here, as one of those “high class” propagandists of theirs. Men that were already completely in their pocket.

Interesting what makes someone ‘high class’ in their world, isn’t it.

– – –


All that was going on between mid and late October 1939, but right on top of William Allen White’s October 15 broadcast, Charles Lindbergh was brought into play again.

It is of not small importance that he too was connected to Thomas Lamont.

More than a year earlier Lamont, the senior partner of J.P. Morgan, had asked him to name the “powerful elements” he claimed were working for war. “We must not broadcast suspicions and accusations unless we have complete basis for the charges,” he had warned.

Oh man, Lindbergh was so messing with him.

Spy versus Spy – only Lamont isn’t really a spy. I have no doubt that is something Vansittart would have kept an extremely guarded secret and would not likely have informed Lamont of Lindbergh’s true status.

Ok, so – right on top of White’s attempts to derail Borah (and those listening to him) Charles Lindbergh was tasked to make another speech, which he did on October 13, 1939, doing the exact same kind of mix as what fellow British agent William Pelley was doing right at this time. Lindbergh claimed that the war was about the balance of power in Europe and had nothing to do with democracy – which was true.


But then…

He positions that truth with racist statements such as “Our bond with Europe is a bond of race and not political ideology… Racial strength is vital-politics is a luxury. If the white race is ever seriously threatened, it may then be time for us to take our part for its protection.

He takes it even further in a November 1939 article in Reader’s Digest, implying that he favored a Hitler victory as “the strong vice” to defend the white race from the “unsalubrious and sinister forces” of Asia and Africa–as the “Western Wall of race and arms which can hold back either a Genghis Khan or the infiltration of inferior blood.”

With deliberately crazy statements like that making the case on behalf of the isolationists? Congress was manipulated into repealing the Neutrality Act on November 3, 1939.

Reference – Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom by Conrad Black


Do you see how Lindbergh and Pelley actually helped that to happen?

Yep. That’s their job.

Watch out, everybody. Bad guys‘ comin’ through.



There were other interesting moves and crackdowns on American freedoms going on, some that were not as easily known about to most Americans. The press was already being controlled as to what it print and what it didn’t print – far more revealing in a lot of cases.

Porter Sargent began reporting on a lot of that in his bulletins during 1940, but I want to pull this particular entry about the FBI out by itself.

A three-page story of J. Edgar Hoover’s activities in the past twenty years, was given in Uncensored, Feb. 17, 1940 . “Hoover was head of the General Intelligence Division from 1919 to 1924, when . . . it compiled biographies, according to the Attorney General’s report in 1920, ‘of all authors, publishers, editors, etc., showing any connection with an ultra-radical body or movement”, including justice Stone, Senators Wheeler and Borah, Dean Roscoe Pound, Felix Frankfurter, John L. Lewis. (Porter February 9 1940)

What Porter didn’t know is that Hoover had a file on him!

During that exact time period!

As this recently made public NARA file shows. Described as:

NARA M1085. Before it was called the FBI, the Bureau of Investigation investigated real and perceived threats to the nation and its citizens. ( Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation 1908-1922Old German Files, 1909-21Porter E. Sargent (#8000-274597) )

So, Porter was already being ‘watched’ when in September of 1939, Hoover had the FBI organize a new division with a 10 million dollar budget to go around spying on and harassing people as “un-American”.

“The FBI has now been granted $10,000,000 for the next fiscal year.” In September, 1939, the FBI organized a ‘General Intelligence Division’, the activities of which were described by Hoover in November before the House Appropriations Committee. He told how there had been “compiled extensive indices of individuals, groups, and organizations engaged in these subversive activities . . . or any activities that are possibly detrimental to the internal security of the United States”. (The Nation, March 2, 1940, “Our Lawless G-Men”) (Porter)

Possibly detrimental?

Sounds like this was Hoover’s very own perverse form of Minority Report – they MIGHT commit a crime, so let’s spy on them and make files about them in case they did. Him and his “indices” – like Tom Cruise and his advanced computer “indices” in Minority Report.

Tom Cruise as a kind of futurized Hoover.

It was just two months later that suddenly! we get Time magazine wanting to highlight Porter Sargent, but with some oh-so-British attempts at their variation of pffft.

On Christmas Day, no less.

Till last week, white-haired, pink-cheeked Porter Sargent was widely and amiably known as a rich, eccentric Bostonian who publishes the Handbook of Private Schools, whose salty annual prefaces on world affairs amuse many. Last week Mr. Sargent jumped right out of his scholastic skin. Reverting to Revolutionary New England form, Mr. Sargent attempted to flay the hide off British propaganda. If the U.S. people get into World War II, nobody can say that Porter Sargent did not warn them.

It all started mildly last Memorial Day. Mr. Sargent had discovered a book…

Time Magazine December 25, 1939

Wow. Merry Fucking Christmas Porter! Sheesh.

Well, let’s break this down a bit.

Eccentric (as in crazy) “Santa Claus” positioning – ‘white-haired pink-cheeked”. Amuse many as if his exposures of Vansittart are ‘amusing’. Reverting to Revolutionary New England form as if he is out of date and ‘stuck in the past’

That last one, more than anything, proves just who called for (and maybe even wrote) this retardedly vicious missive.

Everybody say Hi Vansittart!

From my Vansittart article section analyzing his autobiography – The Mist Procession (1958).

The Americans never understood what the British Empire was; unable to get over George III and faked textbooks, they preserved a tendency to flare up before you could say George Washington. The two greatest English-speaking countries were always within reach of misunderstanding, and we had dire need of dollars.

Never understood? Unable to get ‘over‘ George III? Faked textbooks?

The problem is that there are people who did understand, had no desire to rewrite history and ‘get over’ George III, nor who read any ‘faked’ textbooks. They read Thomas Jefferson directly, and other historical documents.

THAT was the ‘problem’ the asshole Brits couldn’t get around. This is why you see Vansittart acting like such a damn baby about it.

They won’t believe my LIES!

You gotta wonder if this is what Vansittart was fed as a young impressionable man, and now he’s stuck trying to defend an indefensible position, doing such childish and only-works-on-the-equally-childish tacts like trying to characterize the clear record about the American Revolution and British behavior as –

Just a ‘flare-up’

Do note that the only thing he and his buddies cared about was GETTING OUR MONEY.

“…we had dire need of dollars.”

And he’s apparently ‘surprised’ that this is a problem for Americans. <rolling my eyes here>

Did you know that The Espionage Act of 1917  – also pushed in by certain asshole Brits – led to the Sedition Act, which could jail someone simply for speaking out against the Slavemasters stupid War! (World War I).

What was practically the first thing they used it for? They put a head on a pike for portraying the British truthfully in a little film called the Spirit of ’76, about the American Revolution. (you can read more about it in my husband’s great post called: American Spirit VS. Espionage Act of 1917)

Vansittart does this same kind of whining attack again over resistance to fighting ‘The Great War’ (WWI) on page 168.

The United States still holier than we, still mulling over British Imperialism, George III and the Easter Rebellion in Dublin, slid into The Great War. We wondered whether the new belligerent’s needs would interfere with ours.
(The Mist Procession 1958)

On that same page, he’s trying to characterize Britain as aligned with and having “roughly the same notions” about liberty as America. Roughly is right. Like about 1/10 of 1 percent kind of ‘roughly’.

Both of these concepts ie: those who catch them in their war-mongering plans are ‘stuck in false ideas’ about the American Revolution and that Britain is aligned with America about liberty – would be pushed down through Vansittart’s propaganda lines in exactly the same way as part of the lead-up to WWII and dragging America into the war.

That’s what the Time magazine article is doing here with it’s attack on Porter Sargent.

Let’s line up the propaganda so we can really see it clearly.


  • The Americans never understood what the British Empire was
  • unable to get over George III and faked textbooks
  • they preserved a tendency to flare up before you could say George Washington.
  • The United States still holier than we
  • still mulling over British Imperialism, George III

Time magazine attack on Porter Sargent

  • Reverting to Revolutionary New England form

Yep, easy to see now, isn’t it.

Like I said –

Everybody say Hi Vansittart!

Remember –

The Brits had orders that when it came to Political Warfare (propaganda, etc.) –

…the officers responsible should work in strictly covert fashion and should guard against the least risk of their output (or other results of their activity) being traced back to them or identified as British propaganda.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.


Porter had exposed them. They should never have done that Time article in response, it just exposed them even further.

The irony here is unbelievable.

Porter exposes Vansittart and British intelligence’ intent to not only get us in another war, but to pay for it, and to lie and propagandize us into doing it; then Vansittart and boys order a propaganda hit which exposes them doing the very thing Porter was exposing them for.

Not too bright, sometimes, are they.

What they are is vicious.

And now we come to the next place (and time) when that Save America First term really makes its most key showing…

Porter Sargent.

Stealing Thunder

Why America First committee?
Stealing Porter Sargent and Senator Borah’s thunder

The idea coalesces into a goal

When Borah was killed in January of 1940 (and yes, I believe it was murder) in his honor and in the manner of trying to pick up that fallen torch, Porter Sargent began to strenuously advocate to Save America First.

He had first mentioned that term in February of 1940.

For example February 9 in Bulletin #36, where he said that his bulletins:

“are not to express opinions or to present all sides, but to reveal what is generally unknown or unrecognized. By uncovering untruths, it is hoped to slow down the growing hysteria and to do something to save America first.

It was in his February 3, 1940 one where he said that these bulletins would be continued “To Save America First”. This is the same one where he also revealed that just before his death Borah had contacted him.

When the Senate acts favorably on the Smith Bill which passed the House last May [1939] these Bulletins previously planned “To Keep America Out of War” will become unlawful, subversive. But their purpose is not pacifist. It goes far beyond. Hating no peoples and admiring most, it seems to me desirable to stop waste and abate hate, to enlarge understanding through better descriptions of events, and to begin at home. So these Bulletins will be continued “To Save America First”. (13)

Borah was girded for the fight. A few days before his death he wrote expressing interest in these Bulletins and desire to help toward the expense. Now we must carry on with his colleague Johnson, his disciple Nye, and other brave and free men. (14)

(14) “I have got strength enough for one more good fight“, said Senator Borah, lying on his couch under a blanket in his Senate office a few days before his untimely “death blocked plans . . to wage a new national campaign for a foreign policy . . . safer than President Roosevelt’s”. “It may take another bath in blood to teach this country”, he said, but “he hoped to write into the Republican platform this year a plank . . . for a hands-off policy toward the present European war. (AP, Jan . 21)

And then they killed him, Borah, in a matter of days after that.

Snuffed out –

just to stop him coming after them.


Porter then opened his Bulletin #43 of March 27, 1940 with the following stated goal: – Let’s Save America First–Let God Save The King.

Barely two weeks later we get heavy promotion of –

Union Now!

Judging by press releases of the past few months and public utterances of government officials in high places, the movement has gained such headway as to receive official sanction and advocacy,” stated Senate Document #182, April 15, 1940 discussing Clarence K. Streit’s proposal for a British-American Union.

One of Robert Vansittart’s agents was Ivone Kirkpatrick, who was a Roman Catholic. Appointed Director of the Foreign Division of the Ministry of Information in April 1940, he would have had a lot to do with this first heavy promo campaign in the U.S. of Clarence Streit.


So, just who is this Clarence Streit character then?

A Rhodes scholar awardee – aka a total British shill.

Clarence Streit

American journalist Clarence here, had been tasked to write a book. Magically! Little ole Clarence was elevated by having his book promoted by the Right Book Club which is sponsored by the Royal Family.

Yes, it really was called the “right” book club. Subtle, right?

Then more ‘personal opinions’ were brought out –

Our old Masterman word-junkie and plan-slipper (as in slip o’ the tongue) H.G. Wells had advocated a world federation in “Outline of History”. He was brought out of mothballs to sing the same theme song towards the drum of World War II. Welles reached a sort of symphonic climax in his “A New World Order”. Unite the world, says Wells, not just part of it! – a la Streit.

Besides Wells, even Lionel Curtis (Round Table man) was brought out of whatever crypt he had been lurking in. He suddenly felt the need to publish a kind of Stead re-dux in a 1000-page book called “World Order” (Oxford Press, 1939).

Note: We can take that idea at least as far back as 1877, when our previous generational propagandist, ardent Catholic and Rhodes Secret Society fomenter W. T. Stead began beating that particular drum.

Sarcastically speaking, just a little twitchy about the whole Save America First idea, aren’t they? Man. They were going to a whole lot of trouble to try and force America back together with Britain.

Then – boom.

On May 10, 1940, the same day King George VI, the British monarch, commissioned Winston Churchill to form a coalition government, thus promoting the First Lord of the Admiralty to the Prime Minister’s office, the Germans dramatically ended the Phony War by invading Belgium and the Low Countries.

The same day.

A little obvious there, wouldn’t you say?

Porter didn’t miss the connection, I’m sure, because in Bulletin #50 of May 15, 1940, he challenged his readers to write their legislative reps and tell them his slogan/goal.

Challenge those who are so overcome with hysteria that they don’t count the cost. Don’t let the snobs snub you. Write your legislative representatives . They are interested in keeping your vote. Write them, “Let’s save America first, let God save the King!”

Two weeks later? We see this –

Edwin C. Hill in the Montana Standard 29 May 1940.


Stealing Thunder

Why America First committee?
Countering Porter Sargent and Senator Borah

More Rat Bastard Scufflings in the Dark


Literally right on top of that May 15, 1940 challenge to his readers by Porter, some dirty dealin’s went on.

The first is that William Stephenson had snuck into the U.S. the month before to meet with FBI director Hoover about what his intelligence plans were, and that he would be beginning in June. He needed Hoover to allow Stephenson to violate the Foreign Agents Registration Act – and Hoover did.

Tweedsmuir had died in February 1940…enter William Stephenson.

He was a self-made millionaire and had been selected to be the British Passport Control Officer (PCO) in New York city, and his first assignment was a stealth one – he was sent on a Winston Churchill sanctioned reconnaissance mission to the U.S. in April of 1940 where he met with J. Edgar HooverJ edgar hoover to “make a deal” so that they could create and operate a British spy network in the U.S. with FBI approval (more on that later).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is supposed to find foreign agents in America and arrest them. The Director of the FBI was J. Edgar Hoover. In April 1940, Stephenson met with J. Edgar Hoover to “make a deal” so that they could operate a British spy network in the U.S. with FBI approval.

At the time, Hoover was under strict injunction from the State Dept. to refrain from collaboration with the British. He told Stephenson that he needed a Presidential sanction. Stephenson arranged for one of his buddies close to President Roosevelt, to get approval from the President. President Roosevelt endorsed it enthusiastically saying: “There should be the closest possible marriage between the FBI and British Intelligence.

BSC book –

President Franklin Roosevelt and J. Edgar Hoover betrayed America by allowing Stephenson to operate a British intelligence network in America.

J_Edgar_HooverJ. Edgar Hoover

That’s not all Stephenson did while he was in New York.

He activated Tweedsmuir’s list.

He told Eichelberger to get White and form up a new Committee along the lines of what Lord Lothian was talking about – trying to get us off our anti-British position by pushing the angle of merely helping the British. Tricky, see.

So, the next month, May of 1940, White again hurried to New York City where he and Eichelberger laid the plans for a new committee, all about helping Britain. He attended a luncheon with Frederich Coudert, the sponsor of what was basically a fund-raiser for the committee.

One such connection was developed by William Allen White, the nationally prominent Kansas journalist, who was one of the individuals on Tweedsmuir’s list. In May of 1940, White and another colleague, Clark Eichelberger formed a “Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies” establishing over three hundred branches throughout the United States within the first two months and actively promoting as much assistance to Britain as possible.

John Buchan: Model Governor General by J. William Galbraith

One of the first members of White’s Committee was Thomas Lamont, another one of Tweedsmuir’s friends to first join the committee had an even more sinister connection – Lewis Douglas, former principal of McGill University in Montreal, who had left at the end of 1939 to return to the United States. Experiments under the cover of war-time were already going on at McGill, little known to most historians. But, when Ewen Cameron arrived things really got going. Boy, did they.

It’s a foregone conclusion that White and Eichelberger had received new orders here, and when Stephenson arrived to the U.S. to start up the BSC (British Security Coordination) in June 1940, Clark Eichelberger and William Allen White were instrumental in one of the first black intelligence operations that he ran – the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies. Sometimes known as the White Committee, he became the Chairman.

No other man in the country, I think, would have had the public confidence which would have enabled him to so quickly get together so large and responsible a body of the citizens,” wrote Marshall Stimpson.

They announced themselves on May 20, 1940.

Look at the timing here.

On May 15, Porter challenges his readers to write into their legislative reps and say “Let’s Save America First – and let God save the King”.

On May 19, just four days later, Charles Lindbergh does a CBS radio address on “Air Defense of America”. At 8:43 he promotes an America that is “free from the entanglements of the old world“. At 10:21 “Let us turn again…to our own destiny…that of building and guarding our own…” He’s starting to do his attempted parallels to Porter and Borah and people like that.


The very next DAY – May 20 – is when White announces their new committee.

This is also the same day that the “American Destiny Party” meets with James Stewart praising Lindbergh’s radio speech and that he had the same views as the party and that skeezy McWilliams character (see March 1941) praised Hitler for his interest in his people. (p. 83 x collection 078 Fight for Freedom PDF)

One way to bring attention to yourself is to create a conflict – but you need two sides for that and that’s what the slavemasters did.

Dyarchy comes to America.

In Fact magazine, George Seldes (in the November 4 issue of 1940) wrote that the White’s Committee was the FIRST to advertise for America to enter the war.

That, ladies and gentleman, stands out like a neon sign as to this man White’s actual character, who he has always worked on behalf of and who he went to his grave working on the behalf of.

As to this Clark Mell Eichelberger character, as the director of the Midwest office of the League of Nations Association (LNA), he was already active in getting “certain” elections to go how the British wanted them, in 1928. So much so, that in 1928 when the Democratic platform decided to intentionally OMIT that the committee was pro-League of Nations and the World Court. They were trying to not make Americans aware of that they were VERY pro all of that, and it was a letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Eichelberger, 20 July 1928, privately confirming that was the case.

Reference – Prejudice and the Old Politics: The Presidential Election of 1928 by Allan J. Lichtman

By 1934, he was national director of the League of Nations Association, but the world ‘needed’ a war to bring this about. Together with William Allen White, it was their job to help make that happen using front groups like the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies.


We will have War!


We command thee!


image from Kansas Memory


Exactly one week before William Stephenson arrives to start the BSC (British Security Coordination) what do we see?

Under an editorial heading of “The War Moves On” in the Nebraska State Journal (citing the Minneapolis Star-Journal) of 4 June, 1940, we get a “Save America First” heading and a comment that “If our federal executive and congress deviate from the course we would have them follow, by giving European affairs more time than domestic affairs, let us remind them that this is an election year in which we shall exercise our rights at the polls.

Americans were not going for this whole war thing.

Just 3 days later –

Now that Churchill was in power, Robert Vansittart gets “elevated”, proving conclusively that he and Churchill were working together behind-the-scenes all along.

7 June 1940Vansittart was sworn into the Privy Council. It’s called being ‘elevated’. Churchill remembering his friends who helped get him there, in other words. The Privy Council of England was a powerful institution, advising the Sovereign on the exercise of the Royal prerogative and on the granting of Royal charters. It issued executive orders known as Orders in Council and also had judicial functions. That same day, Churchill also elevated to the Privy Council, his henchman Brendan Bracken, Walter Citrine, Ronald Cross, Edward aka Hugh Dalton, Charles Edwards, and Percy Harris. The Privy Council had been given the power to appoint new Ministers in the War Cabinet because of an act passed on September 1, 1939.

Porter is now vindicated. He was the only person back then, besides maybe Borah, who was so right about this man. He was never “demoted” or “gone”.

One simply cannot understate the significance of this event. Vansittart is now in an extremely powerful position here. Way more than he ever was before.

Let me show you. See that name Edward aka Hugh Dalton?

Just before these 7 men were elevated, it had been arranged for Dalton to become the new Minister of Economic Warfare. (activating that Act allowing the Privy Council to do that)

Hugh Dalton

Taken from my post Straightening Out The Timeline Around Hubbard’s Intelligence Background

1940 12 May Hugh Dalton becomes the Minister of Economic Warfare. Desmond Morton became the Principal Assistant Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Warfare, obviously continuing in his advisor status as Churchill’s mouthpiece. This is the cover organization for the soon-to-be formed highly secret Special Operations Executive or SOE. Dalton was Minister of Economic Warfare from 1940–42.

The next time that Sir Robert and Dalton actually worked together was after Churchill had replaced Chamberlain in May 1940. On 12 May 1940, Herbert Morrison was appointed Minister of Supply, and Dr. Hugh Dalton was made Minister for Economic Warfare, the only other labour M.P. given Cabinet rank being Sir William Jowett as Solicitor General [and of course Clement Attlee]. Morrison had a short term of office as Minister of Supply as the Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew Rae Duncan G.B.E. succeeded him, he was appointed to the post in October 1940. (The Vansittarts)

Just after they were all elevated to the Privy Council (Vansittart, Dalton, etc) –

He established the Special Operations Executive in July of 1940, and was later a member of the executive committee of the Political Warfare Executive.Note: It is rumored (I haven’t checked into it yet) that Morton would later head up the recovery of the immense fortune appropriated by the Nazis and salted away in numbered Swiss bank accounts, through Martin Bormann’s information who supposedly alone had access. This may not be that farfetched considering the time period that Charles Hambro was heading the SOE and his involvement with the World Commerce Corporation. (see 1942 Bruce diary entries)

What does the SOE do?

Whatever the hell Vansittart, Dalton, and the Privy Council wanted it to. Vansittart was actually made part of the SOE, you know.

In addition to everything else he was also doing –

In June 1940 Sir Robert Vansittart became head of the Foreign (Overseas) Resistance Committee, a largely F.O.-dominated body that disbursed Treasury funding to resistance groups, but principally to the governments in exile in London and to the Free French. (The Vansittarts)


Stealing Thunder

Why America First committee?

Stephenson arrives, SOE gets going, spies everywhere

Attacks on Porter Sargent and Save America First

Part 1

William Stephenson


1940 June 11 – Stephenson arrives to New York.

He arrived aboard the SS Britannic on 11 June, 1940 with John Arthur Reed Pepper (his SIS man) and family in tow.

(click to enlarge)

Upon his arrival to New York, Stephenson used his own money to relocate the previous British intelligence front called the Passport Control Office (PCO) to the Rockefeller building.

…from a dingy suite of rooms in the Cunard Building off Wall Street to the 35th and 36th floors of the Rockefeller Center on Fifth avenue.

– Introduction by Nigel West; BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945 first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998

rockefeller center 1940s MI6 BSC and OSS intelligence

Room 3603


“The role of the PCO was, of course, a rather transparent cover for the local representative of the Secret Intelligence service (SIS).

– Introduction by Nigel West; BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945 first published in Great Britian by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998

Stephenson’s SIS responsibilities would soon develop into the umbrella organization called the British Security Coordination (BSC) that would represent MI5, SIS, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the office of the Political Warfare Executive.

He got right to work continuing with the subversion of the American Press.

BSC book –

He tried to immediately either recruit or silence members of the Press that weren’t ‘with’ the program – such as Roy Howard – which didn’t work the two different times he tried it, until 1943. Not the tactics he used – they SCHMOOZED him and pushed his buttons. After determining that supposedly the only reason he was anti-British was because he was basically jealous, they came up with a way to so impress him that the dumb-ass fell for it.

Something to be remembered as to people getting stars-in-their-eyes over ‘being famous’ out there – it’s completely meaningless in their world. Totally, utterly MEANINGLESS to be feted by any of their organizations. If you are? It actually means that you are weak and manipulatable or they would never even try it.

When the BSC came into being, its sole overt purpose was “the safeguarding of British interests in the United States”. It should be well understood that those “interests” happened to coincide with American owners and directors of same-said interests.

A little known fact is that 80 percent of the fuel oil used by the Royal Navy and the RAF came from the oil wells of Venezuela and from the refineries of the Dutch West Indies. THAT is why they are after the oil in Russia and the middle east, and WWII was also about getting that all set-up. (BSC book Chapter 4 External Intelligence)

Stephenson would establish BSC officers across the Caribbean, Central and South America and would supervise large censorship bureaux in both Bermuda and Trinidad. At this time though, besides New York the SIS only ran two other stations in the area, one at Montevideo (codenamed 75000) and one in Rio de Janeiro (codenamed 75200) which both reported directly to London.

In chapter 4 External Intelligence (of the BSC book) it tells us that the British were already running spies in both the U.S. and Latin America – these would have been known to Vansittart. They referred to them as minorities and individual informants. They used the minorities to form their so-called ‘Free” movements – meaning resistance movements.

The fact that Stephenson was SIS ties him directly to Vansittart and his buddy (head of SIS) Menzies.

As a reminder –

The 7 May, 1938 Winnipeg Tribune article we talked about earlier, had noted that he was one of only two men that knew the names of EVERY single secret agent, anywhere in the world, whether MI5 or MI6 (SIS).

“He has one secret shared with only one other man in the world. Only he and Sir Warren Fisher, head of the Civil Srvice, know the names of the men employed by the British Secret Service. Only they know how much they are paid and where the money goes, for they audit the accounts themselves.”



1940 June 13 – Just two days after Stephenson set foot upon the firm soil of New York City, the first rumblings of the soon-to-be-formed Special Operations Executive, started on 13 June 1940, when at the instigation of newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Lord Hankey (who held the Cabinet post of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster) persuaded Section D and MI R that their operations should be coordinated.

1940 July – Secretary of NAVY Knox sends Donovan over to be schmoozed and recruited into alignment with British Intelligence – call it a bit of grooming for the position they were going to assign him – creating THEIR intelligence apparatus in the United States, officially and openly. In London, the British Slavemasters instructed all manner of individuals to “welcome” Donovan, including the King and Queen, Winston Churchill, and all the high-ranked officials the British could produce. Donovan even merited being kept in daily contact with the head of Ml-6 chief, Stewart Menzies, Ian Fleming, Robert Vansittart and the director of British naval intelligence, John Godfrey, who gave Donovan a list of things the British wanted him to lobby for in Washington. His first assignment, which he promptly carried out upon his return.

1940 Mid-July – Donovan arrives back in the U.S., meets with William Stephenson, who then reports to his bosses back in London:

  • “There is no doubt that we can achieve infinitely more through Donovan than through any other individual…He is very receptive…and can be trusted to represent our needs in the right quarters and in the right way in the U.S.A.”

– – –

Note: An interesting tidbit, just to show how these people operate, is that Lord Rothemere was feeding Hitler propaganda (which actually had some truth to it considering an actual Gallup poll on the subject) that Britain was on “the verge of a Fascist Revolution.” (BSC book, chapter 4: External Intelligence)

1940 July 19 – The Special Operations Executive (SOE) gets formed under the Ministry of Economic Warfare at the request of Winston Churchill. Underground warfare “was an unknown art in England in 1940.” 5 The Director of SOE was usually referred to by the initials “CD“.

Vansittart now added the S.O.E. to his day planner, parenthetically speaking.

As Minister for Economic Warfare, Dalton had a very short period of pure ministerial responsibility, as on 16 July, Churchill invited Dalton to take charge of subversion. Neville Chamberlain arranged the details; from his hospital bed he formulated the S.O.E. charter. The paper also laid down that S.O.E. was to be under Dalton’s Chairmanship as Controller of the S.O.E. and that Sir Robert Vansittart was to assist as an adviser. [Vansittart had created the ‘Z’ network in 1938 with MI6 head Menzies and former head Sinclair, don’t forget.] S.O.E. in effect took over the “D Section” of S.I.S., which had been created in 1937, “D” for “Destroy”. [revamped in April 1938 by Vansittart]

According to an S.O.E. circular dated 22 March 1941, Sir Robert was Chief Adviser to Hugh Dalton, “who advises him direct and exercises no administrative functions in S.O.E.”. Dalton then appointed Sir Charles Hambro, an old Etonian banker as his second-in-command. (The Vansittarts)

“…the Ministry of Economic Warfare, when it officially came into existence, must be regarded as a fighting department on a level with the three service departments…with a whole new offensive field of “special operations’ in the shape of subversion and sabotage to be directed against both the enemy country and those neutral countries from which the enemy drew his supplies.” 4


Hugh Dalton

A 1944 memorandum by the Minister of Economic Warfare5 sheds some light on several details regarding this department. Hugh Dalton held that Minister position for the first 2 years of its existence (starting in 1940) with the Vatican watchdog (and Churchill’s personal spymaster Desmond Morton) being “assistant” to him, followed by Lord Wolmer/Selborne in 1942.

The SOE was a merger of three existing secret departments, which had been formed shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. These three departments were –

  • The Foreign Office SECRET propaganda organisation known as Department EH (after Electra House, its headquarters), run by Canadian newspaper magnate Sir Campbell Stuart; created after the Munich crisis – this was part of the organizations of the very, very secretive Charles Masterman and also the even less known about Mr. Vansittart.
  • Section D – part of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6) formed by Vansittart in April 1938 under Major Lawrence Grand, formed to investigate the use of sabotage, propaganda and other irregular means to weaken an enemy; Section D had been planning clandestine sabotage and propaganda operations to undermine the German economy since 1938.
  • The third of SOE’s forebears was Military Intelligence (Research), a ‘think-tank’ in the War Office tasked with studying and planning irregular warfare projects or “guerrilla” warfare. Known initially as GS (R), headed by Major J. C. Holland. GS (R) was renamed MI R in early 1939.

Churchill placed Hugh Dalton, the first Minister of Economic Warfare, in charge of SOE. According to Dalton, Churchill commanded him to ‘set Europe ablaze!’


Sir Frank Nelson SOE 1940

Then “chiefs” were selected. SOE’s first chief was Sir Frank Nelson, other senior staff forming the initial executive committee included John and Tony Keswick, a nucleus of former MI(R) and Section D officers and new recruits from industrial, commercial and city firms with experience of international business. Nelson appointed, for example, Charles Hambro. Nelson’s director of operations and training was Brigadier (later Major-General Sir) Colin Gubbins, a multi-lingual officer who had worked for MI(R) and written the army manuals on guerrilla warfare.

Note: starting in August 1940, just a week or two after the formation of the SOE is when Hugh Dalton brought Charles Jocelyn Hambro into this new secret service.Hambro’s first assignment was that he was in charge of Scandinavia. Starting in December 1940 to November 1941 Hambro was increasingly tasked with more areas of responsibilities. For example, the oversight of SOE’s nascent French, Belgian, Dutch, and German sections of the SOE. Through his contact with Ebbe Munck, an anti-Nazi journalist, Hambro linked up with the Danish resistance, and was knighted as a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his work in 1941. You can read more about Hambro in our CIA declassified document library.

The SOE was under the Minister of Economic Warfare, which in turn was under the PWE- Political Warfare Executive, which in turn was overseen by the shadowy Robert Vansittart.

Note: At the time period of the formation of the British Special Operations Executive, it’s just created corresponding body in America (which the SOE was a member of) was the “Joint Chiefs of Staff”.

SOE’s principal headquarters was at 64 Baker Street in London.


As mentioned previously, the three separate intelligence departments that had specifically dealt in sabotage were all combined under this new SOE department. The forming document W.P. (40) 271 of 19 July, 1940 laid down that the SOE task was: to co-ordinate all action, by way of subversion and sabotage, against the enemy overseas.

“In carrying out this work S.O.E. would receive the co-operation of the Services Intelligence Departments and of S.I.S., would be responsible for obtaining the agreement of the Foreign Office or other Ministries to operations likely to affect their interests, and by close liaison with the Chiefs of Staff would ensure that the planning of irregular operations was in step with the general strategical conduct of the war.” 5

The reason for putting such emphasis on sabotage was explained to be undertaken for two purposes: First, to attack selected enemy targets of military or economic significance; secondly, and even more important, to influence the MINDS of their targets. They wanted the people to oppose the “enemy” and support them.

Sarcastically speaking, they had a cute little – and very Nesilim – derogatory saying about using and manipulating people in this way: The hounds will not follow unless the horn is blown.5

The first thing the SOE did was to start working on building up subversive organisations in all the occupied countries of Europe. Their first operations were Coup-de-main attacks against specific targets.5

SOE’s first order of business, right on top of that was to recruit and train hundreds of secret agents, who were responsible for advancing sabotage, subversion, and organized resistance against Axis occupied areas. Camp X, also called Project J and STS-103, offered its carefully selected students a full curriculum in the techniques of guerrilla warfare, covert action, and assassination.

In support of that, a lot of work went into the selection and TRAINING OF AGENTS.

“…their selection was a delicate matter in view of the difficulty and secrecy of the work. They had to be brave, intelligent young men not given to wine or women—for such men “talk.” Their patriotism had to be above suspicion. It was therefore necessary not only to train them but also to give them a long period of testing and probation before we could be sure that they were made of the right stuff.” 5

The new recruit was taught the importance of accurate observation, he was taught how to shadow a man and how to escape surveillance, how to creep up behind an armed sentry and kill him instantly without noise, how to evade capture by blinding an assailant with a box of matches. He was taught unarmed combat, learning many holds that would enable him to break an adversary’s arm or leg, or knock him unconscious or kill him outright.

Much of his training was in the arts of sabotage. Camp X was the training school, and it trained more than 500 carefully selected students. Among those who attended were BSC Personnel, Industrial Security Officers, many OSS officers, US Naval Intelligence Personnel, nearly a hundred members of OWI, ten head FBI agents and several other British intelligence agencies. (BSC book, section Training Agents)

They established a professional forging factory, with, I’m sure, lots of suggestions by the world premiere declamatio forgers – the Catholics themselves. Note that this expertise even included the kind of paper chosen, it’s age, etc.

“…A forging factory was therefore established that included the special manufacture of the different sorts of paper required. Here the most beautiful forgeries were turned out that would have provoked the envy of Professor Moriarty. Of the thousands of forged documents emanating from this factory not 1 per cent, was ever detected by the enemy.” 5

At station M in Canada, under cover of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – a document and letter forgery division. Imperial Censorship completely cooperated and helped these forgery efforts through its power over the mails in Canada. Station M worked on the principle that its output must be good enough to confound microscopic examination. They gathered stamps from official bodies all around the world, special kinds paper, aged paper, and even private stationary to assist their forging efforts.25

This is important, because the Brits had been doing this very thing with historical “documents” for over 400 years.

Just like the Catholic Church did, starting with the “Greek” philosophers and the Bible.26

An example of what they forged at Station M was the infamous Hitler Map, done purely to LIE to and INFLUENCE the American public. With President Roosevelt in-the-know about it being who told that lie to them in his speech on National TV, no less! See: Who Originally Forged The Hitler Map That President Roosevelt Used To Get America Into WWII? – Ivar Bryce

– – –

Stephenson was joined in July by Hamish Mitchell and an experienced SIS man, Colonel C.H. “Dick” Ellis. Ellis was one of many members of Vansittart’s spy network. Hamish Mitchell, by the way, was Stephenson’s Bermuda guy, and was also on the board of the United States Sugar Corporation.

In my articles British Security Compendium – The Book and The Lords and The British “Empire” Was Founded On Creating Alcoholics and Drug Addicts: Why China? (Section on Dick Ellis who ran the “White Russians” for MI6) I provide quite a bit of documentation on this spy of Vansittarts. But here’s a bit more specific information as to his role there with Stephenson, from my Vansittart article.

Ellis was put on the job by Vansittart as Stephenson’s deputy. He replaced Vansittart network agent Lt. Comdr. Ian Fleming who was Stephenson’s man who had ‘ran’ William Donovan to do what Britain wanted him to.

Colonel Charles Howard -Dick- Ellis
image from, where he is listed as SIS.

Ellis was an Australian who joined the SIS in October of 1921. He had abandoned an undergraduate course at Oxford, and was promptly sent to the Istanbul office where he married a Russian woman and became the contact for a number of Russian agents. (Reference – Secret History of British Intelligence by Keith Jeffery)

He was later assigned to the Berlin Station in October of 1923, where he was given a list of Russian agents to run and was also approached by numerous White Russians to assist in British anti-Bolshevik operations to help create the conditions for WWII. (See Casimir Pilenas and The Protocols of Zion article in the Specific Persons section of our Reading Library)

– – –

1940 – Summer.

MCKINZIE: May I ask you how you felt at that time about the prospects for the future, because if you look at the people who came in it was quite an amazing group. Clark Eichelberger was there, Clarence Streit was brought in as a consultant from time to time. Blaisdell: […] Mr. White […] lent his name to it and his prestige; and I was involved in that in Washington.

– Oral History Interview [about the CDAAA – Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies.] with Donald C. Blaisdell

Now that the CDAAA was well off the ground, Stephenson gets himself together and the major attacks begin to black PR-position people like Porter Sargent.

Using the Dies Committee and its investigation of the American Fellowship (remember that?) it was attempted to position Porter by association as a “commie” and as working with German spies.

August 29, 1940

Testimony of Dr. Frederic Ernest Ferdinand Auhagen –

The meeting was held on April 19, 1939. The meeting was held at the Hotel Capitol, 50th Street and 8th Avenue, in the Oak Room…After this first meeting it was decided to put out a magazine, and through Dr. Kohl’s recommendation, George Sylvester Viereck was called in in an advisory capacity. On this magazine (Today’s Challenge) I was to act as the editor and Viereck as associate editor. The first issue of the magazine was ready for distribution on the evening of the second meeting in May, 1939. At this time we were in possession of our office, which we hired after the meeting at the Hotel Capitol. The personnel of the organization consisted at that time of myself and Charles Seigchrist, Jr., a young man who I had hired for $20. a week.

…Q. Who brought in Viereck?
A. Dr. Kohl first brought Viereck in. I had never known him personally before. I had heard about him, but Kohl introduced him to me. We had many discussions. I found him extremely difficult to get along with. Viereck never had any official position—he simply edited articles only.
Q. How long was he connected with the Forum?
A. After the first two weeks Viereck went to Europe, and he had nothing whatever to do with the publishing of the second and third issues of the magazine. He wrote two articles in all for the magazine. I cut some passages from Viereck’s article, as editor, which I considered conflictatory with our policy, since our policy was not to attack persons. It was a very insignificant matter, but he felt sure that I had tampered with his manuscript.

– Testimony of Dr. Frederic Ernest Ferdinand Auhagen page 1065, Dies Committee Report section: Examination of Executives of the American Fellowship Forum by Investigators George F. Hurley & S. W. Birmingham August 28, 1940 [Note.—These Executives of the Forum comprised the following: Mr. George F. Bauer, Miss Ina A Gotthelf, Mr. C. D. Siegchrist, Jr., Mr. Richard Koch]; Published 1940 – Investigation of un-American propaganda activities in the United States.


There was a publication that Porter Sargent somehow ended up on the mailing list of, along with a number of other prominent Americans. Basically none of which were actual Nazi sympathizers.

Porter was on a lot of mailing lists, of all types, flavors, and directions. It’s part of what he did to keep apprised of who was doing what, inventing what etc., and he had operated in that way for years.

It’s how he figured out about who (and what) Robert Vansittart was – like a puzzle.

Personally I take, read, mark and clip with assistance more than a hundred periodicals,-see, read, annotate hundreds of the new books each year.

There is no secret stuff here. It is all to be found if you have the eye to see it, if you know where to look for it. Much of it is on the inside page of the N . Y. Times and Tribune, more comes from obscure periodicals and news letters.

fragments must be fitted together to make a picture of any significance.

– Porter Sargent, in Getting US into the War (1941)

His being on a German-sponsored publication mailing list is more on the order of him keeping apprised of the propaganda that both sides of this conflict were putting out, rather than a statement of affiliation.

The publication that he was on the mailing list of these American Fellowship people, was called Today’s Challenger originally but somewhere along the line it became called Forum Observer.

Interviewing Mr Siegchrist now –

Q. Can you tell us, Mr. Siegchrist, something with regard to the publication “Today’s Challenger”?
A. When the Forum was founded back in 1939, Dr. Auhagen and his cofounders thought that they would issue a magazine, which would also serve as an organ of the Forum, and it was organized as an incorporated company since it was thought that afterwards it might be made a commercial venture. It went on that way for along time, and then it was figured out in January that it was too expensive. The stock company still exists, but it is unactive. The stock is held by these three. There were just these three issues published. Subscribers to this publication have been getting the Forum Observer instead, and were asked at the meetings whether this was satisfactory to them, and it met with widespread approval.

– – –

Q. Does the organization send out literature thru the mails?
A. Yes.
Q. Please state what it is?
A. The literature is mainly a publication which is a house organ for members. It has also been sent to people and who members suggested as possible material for membership. It is sent out once a month, and sometimes twice. It is called the “Forum Observer”.

– – –

Q. This book, I take it, contains the membership of the American Fellowship
A, That is correct; and also a list—a free list—comprising about 300 names.
(This was filed with the Committee and marked “Exhibit No. 5”)
Q. What is this exhibit?
A. This contains a list of subscribers to “Today’s Challenge”, which is no longer
published and to which we continue to send the “Forum Observer”.
(This was filed with the Committee and marked “Exhibit No. 6”)

– – –

Q. Are you in any way affiliated with any other organizations in the United States?
A. Not at all.
Q. Do you interchange your literature with other organizations in the United States?

By Mr. Siegchrist: We mail Porter Sargent in Boston our “Observer”, and also we mail it to some organization in Philadelphia.

– Testimony of Mr. C. D. Siegchrist, Jr. page 1069-1072;  Dies Committee Report section: Examination of Executives of the American Fellowship Forum by Investigators George F. Hurley & S. W. Birmingham August 28, 1940 [Note.—These Executives of the Forum comprised the following: Mr. George F. Bauer, Miss Ina A Gotthelf, Mr. C. D. Siegchrist, Jr., Mr. Richard Koch]; Published 1940 – Investigation of un-American propaganda activities in the United States.


And that’s all we have here as to some supposed ‘bad’ connection to German espionage.

Porter was on a mailing list.



The ‘Committee” makes sure to position this in a certain way though, in an interesting summing up statement on page 1073 –

Committee statement –

It should be noted that certain books and documents which are mentioned in the above statements are now in the files of the committee. Investigation discloses that the forum was organized for the purpose of propagandizing on behalf of Nazi Germany. It has on its mailing list the names of influential people throughout the United States who received the forum’s publication, entitled the “Forum Observer.” The committee has on file a complete set of these publications.

As you can see, there is a veiled but very present attempt to give the impression that people like Porter Sargent are doing what they are doing because they are being influenced by Nazi propaganda.

Within days (and I do mean days) of this testimony we get the first moves toward creating the “America First” committee.

Neither Borah nor Porter Sargent ever, repeat ever, supported or would have supported the later British intelligence spawned organization called America First.


These two men were neither stupid nor gullible by any stretch of the imagination. Borah would have seen right through that move, and I know Porter did see through it. There is not one single mention of support for or involvement with that group anywhere in Porter’s bulletins.

Not one.

Just days after this hearing, this idea would be corrupted and misrepresented by some “kids” from Yale (after being asked to do so by various slavemasters). In September of 1940, these kids would form a weird, corrupted parallel group. One that was staffed with more BSC agents of one kind or another than you could shake a stick at.

You would know it as America First.


Stealing Thunder

Why America First committee?

Election year – getting Roosevelt into office

The Strawman is Created

The America First committee

On September 16, 1940 President Roosevelt instituted a Draft, supposedly NOT for going to war with foreign nations.

That same day –

President Seymour of Yale attempted to revive the matrimonial “union’ of Britain and America idea by Streit. He thinks it necessary America “marry itself to the British fleet and nation”.

As Porter Sargent put it:

“Seymour, who would doubtless like to be best man at the ceremony, to sanctify the situation, would unite us in the holy bands of matrimony, to “love, honor, and obey”.” 1

This is all only 12 days after the controlled opposition “students from Yale” front group America First was announced. It was a controlled opposition both for and against coming out of the exact same place.

How it started

Douglas Stuart, Jr. was the son of the first vice-president of Quaker Oats Company in Chicago. He had attended Princeton University where he studied government and international relations, then in 1937 he spent several months traveling in Europe enrolling in the Law School at Yale in 1938.

This happens to be the same time period that Jerome Frank was being a Professor at Yale Law, and when he published his book Save America First. It is also important to remember that this guy Stuart would become President of Yale himself – and that would never have happened if he was not in the British pocket to do this whole thing.

Look at that smarmy guy Stuart, and check Lindbergh’s expression. He looks rather long-suffering and smug at the same time, which makes sense given his real role here.

Stuart, Lindbergh and Brewster.

After Porter and Borah were becoming significant voices against aiding yet another war of Britain’s in 1939, on October 26, Stuart and a fellow student tried to rope in “a major non-interventionist speaker” (Senator Nye or Borah) to come address a meeting at Yale. This was unsuccessful.

Reference – America First by Wayne S. Cole; Undated draft of unaddressed telegram from Stuart to Potter Stewart, and telegram from G. P. Nye to Stuart, October 26, 1939, General Wood Papers, Chicago, Illinois; and letter to the author from Stuart, August 31, 1950.

You can just imagine what Borah (who was kind of mentoring Nye at the time) would have said about that, he would have smelled ‘positioning op’ coming a mile off.

This Yale yahoo Stuart had actually first tried to connect up with Lindbergh on November 1, 1939.

After Senators Borah and Nye had revealed the Sidney Rogerson book detailing the British propaganda plan and attitude towards Americans in April of 1939, Stuart and a number of other students in the Law School met informally a number of times to discuss what could be done to oppose intervention by the United States in the European war. This group had occasional meetings with such people as Professors Fred Rodell and Edwin Borchard.

Nothing came of it, again.

But, when Stephenson arrived in June 1940? Coincidentally (facetiously speaking) now they get serious. Literally just days after his arrival.

Stuart sent out a mimeographed letter to various students and alumni from different universities, receiving back encouraging responses. On June 22, 1940 Stuart also made a rather odd move, clearly suggested to him by someone in the British camp there at Yale, that he circulate a petition to be signed ONLY by persons under thirty years of age who were willing to devote time during the summer to oppose intervention. (same reference as above)

Odd move, isn’t it? Not natural at all. Oh wait!

I think I might get one reason there might have been for this.

Perhaps it’s because Porter was a kind of authority on the education of young boys? Man, I hope that’s not part of why because that would be really sick. But…it would be consistent with how the Milner Group/Vansittart crowd operated – cost the person their living and their “reputation”.

When you look at the below excerpts from the text of this petition, notice the practically verbatim similarity to a number of Charles Lindbergh’s already expressed platforms at this time. That is not an accident, and it is not what the real “isolationists” were actually saying – like Porter, for example.

Particularly note the use of the term/idea of DEFENSE. This is completely different than the idea of SAVE America First, as Porter and Borah were talking about. What it is exactly the same as – is Lindbergh’s platform on ‘building up a strong Defense” that we showed in that recording of him earlier.

We . . . believe that the United States must now concentrate all its energies on building a strong defense for this hemisphere.

The Genesis

We believe that today our American democracy can only be preserved by keeping out of war abroad.

We do not oppose sending materials to England, but we insist on continuance of “cash-and-carry”, and above all, of nonintervention in Europe. Even if Great Britain is on the verge of defeat, we demand that Congress refrain from war.
(Form letter from Stuart, Stewart, Bill Krebs, and Eugene Locke, June 22, 1940, and enclosed petitions, Wood MSS.)

Their major interest was focused on trying to get people like Porter Sargent and Senator Nye etc., to tie themselves into this activity.

Stuart and Kingman Brewster, Jr., editor of the Yale Daily News, even went so far as to attend the Republican National Convention at Philadelphia late in June, 1940. There they consulted with many people including Senator Robert A. Taft, of Ohio, and some of his supporters. Stuart then went to Washington, D.C., where he spoke with Senators Burton K. Wheeler, Bennett Champ Clark, Robert M. La Follette, and others.

Through these interviews he learned of many prominent people who might be willing to support a major non-interventionist organization.

July 1940 – Stuart named this group and set up temporary headquarters for this in the same office building as his father’s Quaker Oats Company in Chicago – look at the name closely.

“Emergency Committee to Defend America First”

See? It’s not SAVE America First, it’s DEFEND America First. Not an unintentional difference by any stretch of the imagination.

By the end of the first week in August approximately a dozen persons had agreed to serve on the sponsoring committee of the proposed organization, but General Wood changed his mind about serving as chairman on August 23, 1940. Bad positioning for him, so he changed to just being a member of the sponsoring committee.

They held a meeting of the national committee on August 29, 1940, and this is when it was “decided” to shorten the name of the organization from the Emergency Committee to Defend America First to the America First Committee.
(Stuart to E. L. Ryerson, Jr., September 6, 1940, America First MSS.)

Do you see why?

It’s not because the name was too long, the committee that William Allen White headed was long and no one had a problem with it.

No, I think they did this because they wanted public perception to ASSUME it was the same thing as Save America First.

Very tricky.

They announced it on the evening of September 4, 1940, listing Stuart as national director.

This original public announcement of the America First Committee included the following statement of the Committee’s Principles:

  1. The United States must build an impregnable defense for America.
  2. No foreign power, nor group of powers, can successfully attack a prepared America.
  3. American democracy can be preserved only by keeping out of the European war.
  4. “Aid short of war” weakens national defense at home and threatens to involve America in war abroad.

The Committee also released a statement of its objectives which in effect briefly outlined the proposed activities of the organization:

To bring together all Americans, regardless of possible differences on other matters, who see eye-to-eye on these principles. (This does not include Nazists [sic], Fascists, Communists, or members of other groups that place the interest of any other nation above those of our own country.)

General Hugh S. Johnson led off the Committee’s battle against intervention with a national radio broadcast on September 5, 1940.

Stuart and Wheeler


General Wood and Lindbergh

America First rally in Chicago

Protest outside America First headquarters in Chicago

Nothing like making sure you have a nice controlled conflict to get attention, eh? It’s those damn uncontrolled ones that are such a bitch.

The America First Committee was incorporated in Illinois on September 19, 1940, as a nonprofit organization. Under the corporation charter, management of America First was vested in a seven-member board of directors. This board of directors or executive committee was originally composed of General Wood; Stuart; General Thomas S. Hammond; William H. Regnery; Hanford MacNider; Clay Judson, a Chicago attorney; and Jay C. Hormel. In the spring of 1941 Mrs. Janet Ayer Fairbank replaced Hormel on the executive committee. Sanford Otis, a Chicago investment banker and member of the national committee, was treasurer of America First during its full history.

And then…

Charles Lindbergh comes out “pleading for American independence”.


Besides being their poster boy, Charles Lindbergh was both infiltrating and influencing America First for William Stephenson and combined Okhrana/British intelligence agent Boris Brasol was helping with that. Of course, in another attack of The Stupids, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) fell for Lindbergh’s routine too, or appeared to. But, at least we got a report from them that verifies Boris was working with Lindbergh, which then verifies without them intending to, that Boris was ergo for the Stephenson/Vansittart op as well.

The report I refer to is an ADL report in which the informant claims that “[Brasol] was on the platform at the Lindbergh rally in Madison Square Garden, October 30 [1940]. He is one of the principal advisers, or members of the ‘brain trust’ of the America First Committee . . .”

The greatest burst of America First organizational and membership expansion occurred, how ever, during the six month period from December, 1940, through May of 1941, but activity continued right on up to Pearl Harbor

This Oct. 3, 1941, file photo shows a crowd of over 4,000 people filled the Gospel Tabernacle in Fort Wayne, Ind., to hear Col. Charles Lindbergh, seen on the speaker’s stand in the center, address a rally of the America First Committee.

Promo abounds –

Senator Robert M. La Follette made his only radio address for America First in the fall of 1940.

Something that is very interesting here, and to my mind highly revealing of the British influence behind the creation of this strawman, was that several of its leading members pushed hard to “not make any anti-British statements”.

Could they have been any more obvious here? So fricking what if it’s positioned as anti-British or “anglophobe” – that’s just THEIR stupid black PR. Hell, they would have done that with Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers back at the time of the American Revolution, if they had thought of it.

Think that would have stopped them from making clear their views?

So, this move just screams British control. Let’s have a look.

Samuel B. Pettengill, an influential advisor on Committee policy, wrote that “the Committee ought not to be anti-British or anti-anybody. We are pro-America.” in order to “reduce its vulnerability” to the accusation that it was anti-British.

Professor Howard G. Swann, a speaker for America First, took a practical view of the matter. He advised against condemning England publicly “because it will win no new friends. The English haters are won to us anyway.”

A Committee staff member gave the following advice to a chapter leader:

I would suggest that you avoid a preponderance of attack on Britain and Britain’s imperialistic policy, I am sure you can readily see that if such assaults are made on Britain and Britain’s policy, soon the America First Committee becomes gradually known as an anti-British organization. Our opponents are using every means of attempting to break down our first Principle of being for America first.

Bob Stuart, the future President of British-infested Yale University, made sure that the America First Committee officially discouraged anti-British statements per se.

Of course, on the other side of this controlled opposition, we have The Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies promoting that a British victory was absolutely essential to American security and welfare.

Nearly all America First leaders voiced sympathy for the British and hoped they would not be defeated in World War II. Many of them declared that the defeat of Britain would be a serious blow to the United States and the whole world.

Wow! Amazing! They were even spreading Vansittart and William Stephenson propaganda lines within the America First Committee.

Nevertheless, spokesmen for America First (out of the other side of their mouth) –

denied that Great Britain was fighting to defend democracy. They insisted that the European war was a battle for power and that Britain was fighting to preserve her empire. Some said the war was of Britain’s own making. All denied that the European war was America’s war.

In his Fireside Chat on December 29, 1940, the President vividly portrayed the disastrous consequences to American security if Great Britain fell or agreed to a negotiated peace. He called upon Americans to unite to make the United States “the great arsenal of democracy.” (video included later on here)

American security?

That’s Vansittart’s campaign right there.

Compare to Vansittart in Lessons of My Life (1943) –

The truths in this book have a cumulative duty—to justify the programme from which I have never departed. That programme is Security, and the peoples of the world are entitled to exact Security from their Governments.

See? Nothing like a coordinated propaganda campaign. <cough>

A little later I go into that the BSC penetrated the Gallup poll (and others) early on, so just bear that in mind here when you read these next items.

Life magazine conducted a survey in Neosho, Missouri which indicated that the people of the community believed the United States should aid Britain even at the risk of American intervention.

The America First Committee, however, financed a survey in the same community which showed that 70 per cent of the people in Neosho opposed American entry into the war.

This is why Pearl Harbor was going to be MADE to happen. That resistance, right there.

The America First Committee, therefore, provided the funds to enable a committee under Robert M. Hutchins, president of the University of Chicago, to conduct an independent public opinion poll. The results of this survey indicated that the public overwhelmingly believed Congress should be the source of any action likely to involve the United States in war. It also indicated that two-thirds of those with opinions opposed use of American armed forces in bases in Africa, the Azores, or the Cape Verde Islands. Nearly 80 per cent opposed American entry into the war as a full belligerent. But approximately two-thirds opposed any offer by the United States to mediate between England and Germany. A clear majority would have been willing to go to war if the Western Hemisphere were attacked.

In order to get that last answer they would have had to deliberately put a question on the survey to attain it.

More tricksiness.

And more proof the British were mixed up in America First and in whatever poll this was. Remember what Vansittart’s agent Sidney Rogerson said in his book?

Though we are not unfavorably placed, we shall require to do much propaganda to keep the United States benevolently neutral. To persuade her to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed. It will need a definite threat to America, a threat, moreover, which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before the Republic will again take arms in an external quarrel.

The position will naturally be considerably eased if Japan were involved and this might and probably would bring America in without further ado. At any rate, it would be a natural and obvious object of our propagandists to achieve this, just as during the great war they succeeded in embroiling the United States with Germany.

Chapter 4 Propaganda in the Next War by Sidney Rogerson

That’s about as clear as a bell, just how this survey ending up confirming their “idea” of what would it take.

 – – –

Strawman enemies

Our war-inventors, of wars that should never have happened, would never have happened without these people’s interference in everything, tells us that one must CREATE a very specific enemy.

Per Harold Lasswell, a second-generation propagandist accolyte of Walter Lippmann, propagandizing for War needs a well-defined enemy. In both the lead-ups to WWI (marginally) and WWII especially, that fairy-tale enemy was “The Jews”.

So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations… that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. There must be no ambiguity about who the public is to hate.

– Lasswell Propaganda Technique in World War, published 1927

Like this…

Portrayals of “the Jew” – Propaganda

The Jew The inciter of war, the prolonger of war.

Reads – The inciter of war, the prolonger of war

Here are some other wildly provocative examples of creating the enemy – The Jew.


the jew - antijewish

Lasswell also said regarding this “enemy” who must become hated, that there are certain common denominators in how they need to portrayed, and that these can be “counted upon” to work in any situation, be it small or large.

  • The opposing nation is nearly always demonstrably overbearing and contemptuous.
  • The enemy is not only insolent, he is sordid.
  • The enemy is inherently perfidious.
  • The enemy conducts a lying propaganda. This theme is of particular importance.
  • The enemy is quarrelsome, crude and destructive.
  • The enemy is atrociously cruel and degenerate in his conduct of the War.
  • The other side is a nefarious plotter and liar, unworthy of confidence.

So, cut down to the nitty-gritty, the enemy must be portrayed as:

  • overbearing and contemptuous.
  • insolent
  • sordid.
  • inherently perfidious.
  • conducts a lying propaganda.
  • quarrelsome, crude and destructive.
  • atrociously cruel
  • degenerate
  • nefarious plotter
  • liar
  • unworthy of confidence.

Like this –

This Russian poster shows a Jewish man as:

  • a money lender,
  • communist
  • untrustworthy.

russian the eternal jew - antijewish
It says “The Eternal Jew”.


To get people’s attention off the REAL enemies and off of the REAL people of integrity who are revealing who those real enemies are, the slavemasters needed to create a different enemy.

One they controlled the narrative on. This was the role of America First.

To undermine the active hatred of the enemy for its present antagonist, his anger must be distracted to a new and independent object, beside which his present antagonist ceases to matter.

THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT OPERATION, and it is always advisable to carry through a work of preparation….

OK, so whose the real target, the real enemy? The British slavemasters, and that happens to be the truth. Ah, but we don’t want people to know that, to continue to have HATRED for the British (which is deserved by certain Brits, by the way) so what to do?

Create a different enemy and ascribe many of the things the British slavemasters are responsible for onto this new enemy called – The Jews.

But what happened here with America First, in this second time that they would drag out the previously created enemy for WWI – the Jews – is much, much trickier.

This time they mixed ‘the Jews’ – a false enemy – in WITH the real enemies. That is exactly what Lindbergh did in his speeches where he listed 3 enemies, two of which were right (British and Roosevelt) one of which was REALLY right (British), one of which didn’t belong at all – the Jews – and of course, let’s not forget his glaring omission of the Vatican slavemasters role.

Lasswell also tells us that propaganda has a large element of fake in it.

Actual propaganda, wherever studied, has a large element of the fake in it.

Like fake or invented stories about a person or group of people painting them as evil or powerful or whatever they choose to do to suit their lying-ass purposes.

Like the all inclusive Illuminati conspiracy theory fakery. Like the all inclusive ‘evil Jews’ fakery.

This varies from putting a false date line on a despatch, through the printing of unverified rumours, the printing of denials in order to convey an insinuation, to the “staging” of events.

Even Winston Churchill had jumped on the jew-bashing bandwagon during the previous war, tailor-making his propaganda insults specifically towards JEWISH Bolshevists, and JEWISH Germans, very bad, very bad, sayeth Churchill. He only did this as part of drumming up interest and focus on this characterized enemy (see Churchill jew-bashing article here).

And here he will soon be again, sanctioning the exact same enemies this time, just slightly updated to world-dominating Jews and Nazi Germans.

The consistency of “Germans” and “Jews” should not be lost on you.

Not one source (that I have read so far anyway) uses this article to correctly point out that Churchill was espousing deliberate and knowingly false propaganda as part of agitating a: against anyone countering their League of Nations crap and/or b: as part of identifying the “enemy” for the next World War they – the slavemasters – already had planned.

It’s all bullshit distraction – a going nowhere in circles, a hamster cage of the mind. hamsterwheel

There are very real conspirators, and they have been doing it for generations now – and they have very, very, bloody hands.


The other aspect here that we simply cannot over-stress the importance of, is that America First was a British intelligence front group in all senses of the word.

BSC agents went to extremes to portray the “opposition” to anyone like the America First Committee. The following shows these extremes to which some letters to Committee headquarters went as given in Cole, America First:

You Maggots from the Slums of Genoa & Berlin, you half Baked imitation of Americans, Go wiggle back into the manure of your old world ideas.

Hang your Swatsika Banner around your Neck, and butt your brainless heads against the Bulwork of American ideals which you pretend to support.

Geez. Sounds just like the kind of crap (and just as FAKE)  that goes on at all kinds of social media and other places around the net today. Isn’t that fascinating?

Many columnists and editorial writers leveled their guns on the America First Committee. The two most stand-out examples tat I have documented in this article as 100 percent British intelligence controlled – were Dorothy Thompson, who said the Committee stood for “a kind of Vichy Fascism” and Walter Winchell, who said it should be called the “America Last Outfit.”

Another “opposition” example –

Friends of Democracy, Inc. –  now fully documented as a British intelligence front group, first run by Lothian, Vansittart and the Buchan/Lord Tweedsmuir network and then by the BSC – was described as “a nonpartisan, non-sectarian, non-profit, anti-totalitarian propaganda agency.

I’d like you to notice WHERE that name was taken from. Can you guess? Ok. I’ll tell you.

Senator Borah who warned against such false “friends” in 1921.

Beware of Democracy’s False Friends by William E. Borah, United States Senator from Idaho; The American Legion Weekly [Volume 3, No. 26 (July 1, 1921)]

There is no way in hell that was not related to spitting on Borah to have named this group that.

It was formed by Leon M. Birkhead, a Unitarian minister, in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1937. The branch formed in New York City in 1939 became its main office. Birkhead believed fascism was a greater threat to America than Communism. He attacked both extreme Rightists and Leftists, but directed nine-tenths of his attacks on Rightists. Friends of Democracy professed to take no foreign policy position, but Birkhead himself was an interventionist and spoke at meetings of the Fight for Freedom Committee after it was formed in April of 1941. Now THAT is also a front group for the BSC with Clark Eichelberger, Allen Dulles and William Donovan all members/founders of it. In fact, Rex Stout, who became chairman of Friends of Democracy, was a sponsor of Fight for Freedom.

Birkhead accused America First of having the support “of all the Communists and Fascists” in November, 1940.

Woop, there it is. See that “fascist” PR-positioning? Wow. They did that with Porter Sargent too (I talk about it later on).

After the Lend-Lease debate, Friends of Democracy, Inc., issued a pamphlet entitled The America First Committee The Nazi Transmission Belt. (See photo down later when it actually happened). This pamphlet maintained:

The America First Committee … is a Nazi front! It is a transmission belt by means of which the apostles of Nazism are spreading their antidemocratic ideas into millions of American homes! We do not question the integrity of the leadership and membership of the America First Committee nor the sincerity of its program. But we do seriously question the wisdom of the policy makers and the soundness of a policy which has the unqualified approval of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and their agents in the United States.

No. It’s a British intelligence front posing as a Nazi front.

This Friends of Democracy pamphlet went out of its way to show the similarity between statements of Senators Wheeler and Nye and those of Hitler. It named un-American organizations whose members attended an America First rally in New York City. The pamphlet quoted a broadcast from Berlin which “placed the official Nazi seal of approval upon the America First Committee.”

A Nazi short wave broadcast in January, 1941, called America First “truly American and truly patriotic.” Hitler, himself, in one speech cited the testimony of General Wood to prove Britain’s responsibility for “the present developments.”

Please notice that these “attacks” also served the purpose of helping building their agent – Stuart, in this case – intelligence cover while at the same time being used to PR-position anyone who says anything LIKE America First as BEING LIKE them.

Quite tricky.

I’ll give you another WWII era example, with a man that would continue to be used for MULTIPLE intelligence operations throughout WWII and well after. He helped established later front groups like Sun Myung Moon and his Japanese gangster friends money funnel and “rebel” trap called – the Unification church.

From my Frank Buchman post section titled:


Why Vansittart and Cecil supported Buchman’s Germany activities

1. Dyarchy

In 1949, Stetson Kennedy positioned Frank Buchman as “being much to blame for the appeasement of Hitler at Munich and the unpreparedness of the Allies when the Axis struck.

It really cannot be understated just how disingenuous that statement was, but he even went so far as to portray Frank Buchman’s followers as Buchmanazis.

The Gazette and Daily; February 22, 1949 – Stetson Kennedy


Taking things even further, the man notes that Buchman had “Lord McGowen of Imperial Chemicals (linked with the Farben-dePont cartel) teamed up with Buchman, and the whole fascist-minded Cliveden Set…was shot through with Buchmanism“.

The Cliveden Set?

Now he’s really off-his-rocker, because most of those people were completely in bed with the Round Table and British Foreign intelligences plan for World War II. (see The Reckoning; Chapter Five – 2 British Intelligence Sabotaging America)

So, why is he saying that?

For one reason, it’s an attempt to hide that the whole ‘appeasement’ and anti-appeasement’ thing was staged. Part of the DYARCHY policy that had begun with the main Robert Cecil in the late 1800’s. It was an attempt to make it much more difficult for others to identify what the slavemasters were really doing, where they were really going.

The Dyarchy policy, simply put, was to have their – the slavemasters – people put into all sides of any political opposition. You can read more about it in my Robert Vansittart article.

An excellent example of it in action, regarding Buchman here, would be when at the outbreak of WWII (as Stetson notes) the British Parliament “denied their petition for draft exemption” because they were “Nazi-like“.

And yet…whenever Buchman needed special permissions from British Foreign Intelligence? He was given the red carpet treatment.

Lord Salisbury (Robert Cecil) in 1944, when travel bans were still in place, submitted a special request for some British Buchmanites wished to travel to Mackinac Island to attend an assembly led by Buchman intended to rile up the American people.

Then Foreign Office Secretary Anthony Eden made a big show of that he didn’t like this at all, but couldn’t do anything about it.

1942 – Anthony Eden, second from left in plain clothes.


Eden had written across Salisbury’s letter in red ink, ‘Surely these are deplorable people? and it is staggering that Lord S should wish them well.’

Frank Buchman – A Life by Garth Lean; 1985; chapter 29 Into the Post-war World p. 331; cites Public Records Office, AN 3313 and AN 2187 (FO 371 44582).


Not staggering at all, Buchman was their agent. And isn’t Mr. Eden playing his Dyarchial role well – pretending he was out-of-the-loop on why this was allowed. He knew why.

– – –

See how similar that is? Publicly – he’s “nazi-like”. Privately – total support. Same thing happened with Stuart, the “founder” and national director of the America First Committee.

Publicly – Stuart is portrayed as bad guy coming through:

Privately – Stuart gets:

Would you like to be the President of Yale, son?

Once you get the hang of how they operate, it’s really easy to sniff them out.

Continuing on the subject of “attacks” to distract, discredit, and build intelligence covers, we have what went on after Pearl Harbor, when several writers published books and articles attacking America First. Probably one of the worst of them all, as far as attacking Porter Sargent and licking at the feet of Robert Vansittart goes, was actually after WWII ended.

It was a thesis called: Lord Vansittart and the German problem-the war years, 1939-1945 put out in 1967 by Donald Christiansen. An unbelievable pile of lies – and I mean LIES. Note: I find it rather coincidental that this was taken from a non-google parsed site and then loaded to a UK server on January 1, 2018 right when I had begun working on my Vansittart article. It’s also in the internet archive.

Couple examples: page 43 attack on Porter Sargent begins, page 47 calls him an anglophobe and says: In June 1939 Sargent concocted and began publicis­ing what can at best be described as a “wild hypothesis [about Vansittart]

Wild, my ass. You know, it really speaks to just how infested by British interests our universities are, even back then, that this kind of lying pile of shit would even be allowed.

This guy (and I think British intelligence) was still very, very upset that Porter had even managed to expose Vansittart to the degree he did, let alone what I have now done and documented.

Besides that pile of lies after WWII ended, a book by Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn maintained that regardless of the sincerity and good intentions of America First national leaders, Axis agents made use of the Committee. Thus the leaders “became the dupes of the enemies of the United States.”

Some of them were probably dupes, but the really important ones were knowing intelligence agents acting for British intelligence goals and their purposes.

The most widely publicized book attacking America First was Under Cover by John Roy Carlson. I discuss this book later on, but Carlson, whose real name was Avedis Derounian, worked for three years as an “undercover man in the Nazi-fascist underworld.” He had become a chief investigator for Friends of Democracy, Inc., in 1940. Which merely means he was yet another BSC agent, or “asset” to carry out their slimy goals.

He concluded that America First was the “spearhead of an American fascist movement” and the “voice of American fascism.”

Wow, a “conclusion” that accidentally-on-purpose matches the BSC and Vansittart propaganda plan!

One of the tactics that British intelligence likes to use, because they have such a huge button on emotional displays and being “embarrassed” in public (so they think everyone else does too, which they’re wrong about) is to try to get people to display anger publicly, or documentably.

If you read my post: CIA Man Says This is “Better And More Practical Than LSD Tablets” For Discrediting Enemies you’ll get a very good example of the fixation on this tactic.

With that understood, we are to believe that “the constant barrage of criticism to which America First was subjected stimulated its speakers increasingly to berate its assailants. The term “warmonger” was used repeatedly in addresses by many America First speakers”. (Cole, America First)

The most damning thing as evidence for that America First was a very protected British intelligence front group, is this.

When the Dies Committee finally began an investigation of America First in November, 1941, General Wood gave their representatives full access to America First files without any formal subpoena.

The examination of the America First files by representatives of the Dies Committee did not culminate in any published report.

Neither the first Washington grand jury indictment nor the superseding indictment on January 4, 1943, ever culminated in trial. A third and final indictment was returned on January 3, 1944. The charge was changed in an attempt to distinguish between “sincere isolationists” and “American Quislings.” Thirty persons were indicted on a charge of conspiracy with the German Government to undermine the morale of the United States armed forces. One of the new names added to the list was Garland L. Alderman, who had been chairman of the America First chapter at Pontiac, Michigan. But the America First Committee itself was not listed in this final indictment. This was the only indictment which was brought to trial and it ended in a mistrial when the judge died.

Nothing whatsoever came out of that or on Stuart, the guy who headed it and later became President of Yale.

That proves conclusively that it had British intelligence protection, being enforced down through British sycophants in the American justice system. The same thing happened with agent Boris Brasol, by the way. The attorney general wouldn’t prosecute him.

America First was a British intelligence front group posing as a Nazi front purely in order to position people like Porter and others as the same as to try and discredit them and/or scare people from saying the truth about what they knew about this terrible designed war.


Stealing Thunder

Why America First committee?

Getting Roosevelt Re-elected

Attacks on Porter Sargent and Save America First

Part 2

Union Now!

Clarence Streit.


Changing conditions and the elimination of many once ‘democracies’ caused the Streit Plan to be quickly remodeled, just as the White Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies dropped all reference to ‘Allies’ after Great Britain’s heroic withdrawal of her troops from the Low Countries and France . With eight of the original fifteen now hanging in a state of suspension, Streit proposed “that the United States Government invite the British democracies to sign another Declaration-this time a joint Declaration of Interdependence” (Rotarian, Oct. 1940)

Oh it’s just such a FABULOUS idea!

Whatever dude.               

William Allen White gave Streit’s plan his blessing, “I like it. I shall watch its progress with pride and delight.” Our favorite British shill Dorothy Thompson chimed in, “It is a program for saving democracy.” and Alexander Woollcott was “tremendously impressed“.1

The Dynamic British Shill Duo strikes again.

As one author put it, this chick Dorothy only looked halfway good in the press BEFORE America entered the war, and then no one was interested in her over-the-top penchant for viewing world events and leaders in false black and white moral terms. People saw her for what she was – overly motional and a self-indulgent attention seeker. (they use a far less kind word for that today).

But, it’s 25 October 1940 now and she’s gonna Vansittart it up and lie her ass off about all sorts of things. And what (and who) do we see happen next with this so-called bad information on Porter?

Why it’s darling of the British slavemasters Dorothy Thompson!

Are you a nice person, Dorothy?

No, she most definitely was not.

In her “On the Record” as seen in the Marion Star of 25 October 1940, she positions Viereck with Lindbergh and with the Save-America-First movement all together with the The America First Committee and the Fellowship Forum for America and targets Senator Borah to boot!

Isn’t her timing simply astounding after that conveniently given to her information about Porter and the Fellowship mailing list for her to twist? <blech>

I suggest looking at this one closely because this one is complicated, as one might expect from such a Darling of Vansittart propaganda operative. This ain’t no letter from Jane Doe dropped in an obscure paper in Utah, that’s for damn sure.

Now look at this –

Black Record: Germans Past and Present – 1941 (Robert Vansittart)

Notice the dedication.

I am proud to be able to dedicate the whole to Miss Dorothy Thompson, whose clear thinking and clear writing have long laid the world in her debt.

Dorothy being singled out for ‘dedication’ by what was effectively the head of ALL British intelligence, is not a good thing. Vansittart validating her is about like sticking a big, fat sign on her forehead that says: British shill, right here!

Yep. William Allen White’s good buddy and fellow Round Table British intelligence propagandist – that’s Dorothy. At this time, she was working together with him in the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies (just formed in May of 1940).

Here they are together just a month after her column attack – November 18, 1940 – Armistice Day – in Chicago. The two of them looking a little worse-for-the-wear at this stage in their lives, but they’re old. It happens.

Dorothy Thompson (center) William Allen White (right)

It is important to note, that just TWO MONTHS earlier, Roosevelt was bald-faced lieing to the American people in order to get re-elected.

Look at this.

World War I –

Wilson’s 1916 electoral slogan claimed “He kept us out of war.” In the end none of it had mattered. Less than six months after being re-elected, Wilson had brought the nation into the fight.

World War II –

Roosevelt’s campaign address for re-election on October 30, 1940 and he said:

And while I am talking to you mothers and fathers, I give you one more assurance.

I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again:

Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.

They are going into training to form a force so strong that, by its very existence, it will keep the threat of war far away from our shores.

The purpose of our defense is defense.

Let that orange part ring in your ears a bit more before you consider…. that just like Wilson, Roosevelt was in the same predicament. No real (or good) reason to go to war. No wonder they needed Pearl Harbor so bad.

How else to get America into the War when so many people were against the idea that he had to address it in his re-election speech!

Also in the Fall here –

There’s the “Hollywood” effort that Vansittart was helping to guide, using his agents he sent to do just that. Besides cultivation of the journalistic “elite”, he and the others on the Privy Council wanted a direct appeal to the American masses, and here Hollywood played a decisive role.

“In the late autumn of 1940, the Films Division [of the Ministry of Information] dispatched the distinguished British film executive A.W. Jarratt to develop the necessary links with the studios.” (Back Door to War by historian Charles Callan Tansill; Chicago University Press, 1952; p. 87).

Note: At a dinner with the leading Hollywood producers, Jarratt received pledges of support. The above author offers a detailed account of their efforts to fulfill these pledges.

Cultivation of the journalistic elite of course did not preclude direct appeal to the American masses, and here Hollywood played a decisive role. “In the late autumn of 1940, the Films Division [of the Ministry of Information] dispatched the distinguished British film executive A.W. Jarratt to develop the necessary links with the studios” (p. 87). At a dinner with the leading Hollywood producers, Jarratt received pledges of support. The author offers a characteristically detailed account of their efforts to fulfill these pledges.

Review of Selling War: The British Propaganda Campaign Against American “Neutrality” in World War II by Nicholas Cull; summer 1997

Here’s a great light in all this darkness. Senator Homer T. Bone.

Senator Homer T. Bone

November 5, 1940 (NNS), “Senator Homer T. Bone in a flippant mood remarked that he was organizing a Society for the Promotion of Dominion Status for the United States. British-American relations are becoming so close, in the -western Senator’s judgment, that such a society will be necessary if we are to preserve our American identity . For $1,000, he says, an American may become a belted earl or a bearded duke. For $50, he can become a baron and work his way up.” This of course will necessitate diadems and coronets for the Senate and ermine and crowns (half crowns perhaps) in the White House.


Good one.

He actually personally wrote to Porter Sargent earlier this same year, July 31, 1940, telling him:

“I am sorry that more people of your frame of mind are not active in trying to stem the tide now setting in so strongly toward war . I am going to read ‘What Makes Lives’, and a hurried examination indicates that it is more than interesting . I hope that other members of the Senate will secure your releases,” – Sen. Homer T. Bone. (Porter)

– –

December 1940 there was a PR shift, or rather an introduction of positioning democracy in the positive British re-definition of it and the REAL democracy as negative.

This goes back to Charles Masterman. One of Masterman’s products was actually split into two main propaganda campaigns. The first was to redefine democracy in the way the British wanted it to be – organized on a hierarchal level and controlled by them, basically, and the second was to black PR position the REAL kind of democracy – Jeffersonian – as communist, Russian bolsheviks, and allegedly conspiring Jews trying to dominate the world.

To see an example of one of his stable of authors along the first line – redefining democracy – check out Madison Grant’s Passing of the Great Race (1916), providing these pearls (sarcastically speaking) of eugenic wisdom:

…for wealth can be renewed while these strains of the real human aristocracy once lost are lost forever. In the new world that we are working and fighting for, the world of liberty, of justice and of humanity, we shall save democracy only when democracy discovers its own aristocracy as in the days when our Republic was founded.

Preface by Henry Fairfield Osborn, December 1917

Grant starts out by spending some time trashing the Founding Fathers, talking about that they were slave owners and racist basically, (which tells us where that particular propaganda line is coming from – the British) and then he confirms that he is an anglophile by saying that our Founding Fathers, in regards to equality, were just trying to say that they were “as good” as our British counterparts!

Equality in their minds meant merely that they were just as good Englishmen as their brothers across the sea. The words “that all men are created equal” have since been subtly falsified by adding the word “free,” although no such expression is found in the original document and the teachings based on these altered words in the American public schools of to-day would startle and amaze the men who formulated the Declaration.

– Part I, Chapter I, Introduction Race and DemocracyPassing of the Great Race (1916

He wants it to be believed that there was nothing about being free, or freedom involved in the founding of the United States?

Good Lord. Can you see how clearly the ‘cranky Brit’ view is still there about our gaining independence from them?

True aristocracy or a true republic is government by the wisest and best, always a small minority in any population. Human society is like a serpent dragging its long body on the ground, but with the head always thrust a little in advance and a little elevated above the earth.

– Part I, Chapter I Race and DemocracyPassing of the Great Race (1916

Yea. Thanks, but no thanks for your ‘pearls’ there Mr. Grant. I’ll stick with Thomas Jefferson.

You see this new (or rather recycled) PR positioning coming out in various places here in the lead-up to WWII, but a stand-out example is President Roosevelt using the term “Arsenal of Democracy” on December 29, 1940 in a radio broadcast to the American people. He explained the importance of supplying the people of Europe, at the time primarily Britain with the “implements of war”. He said that the United States “must be the great arsenal of democracy”. You can read the transcript linked to above and also listen to the full version there. I have also provided a youtube edited version.

This was part of the “fireside chat” series and was #16. “Fireside chat” (also see Declamatio and the ‘chats’ Hipparchus article as this is a long term tactic of the British slavemasters).

The Washington Merry Go Round (Drew Pearson) column in the Anniston Star of 8 December 1940 has a strange attack positioning of Herbert Hoover meeting William R. Castle as being connected to Lindbergh’s broadcasts “and is a sparkplug of the Save America First organization, propaganda agency of the appeasement movement.

America First is not the “agency” representing anything but what British intelligence is pretending that it is – which certainly isn’t Herbert Hoover.

Of course, this attack is not so strange when you know that the BSC was influencing Drew Pearson.

Herbert was there to talk about his plan to force the British to open their blockade so that food could be shipped to Nazi-occupied Europe. “This campaign is now Hoover’s ruling passion.” That’s exactly the same thing that he ran into when he was trying to good food to people in Europe during WWI, vicious perfidy of the British. Starving innocent people just to get their stupid way.

1940 December – William Stephenson gets officially appointed CD’s (Head of SOE/MI6) representative in the Western Hemisphere. He works together with Tony Keswick (Far East and the Americas SOE rep).



(and some spillover into 1942)

I call it –

The Big Year of Fakery, Propaganda and Black Ops
every which way


1941 January – At FBI director Hoover’s suggestion, the secret Stephenson organization now gets named British Security Coordination – officially established with the U.S. State Department with a “cover” description of basically that they were “worried” about bombs on their ships and so on. This is when aggressive recruiting for the BSC’s “Ships Observers” Scheme begins – you can see the corollary there.

How this worked was that one or more observers would be appointed among the crew of EVERY neutral ship sailing from the United States and Latin America. The observer on each ship would be met by a BSC agent in the principal ports at which the ship touched. He would report any suspicious events he had observed, Nazi or communist talk amongst the crew and so on.

BSC book page 164 –

In time Ships Observers were entrusted with other duties. They kept track of and reported upon events in the neutral countries they visited, and they provided intelligence about enemy ports. They were used to spread rumours and disseminate propaganda literature. They provided information on suspect seamen, engaged in carrying letters or contraband or verbal messages from one port of call to another for Axis agents. Their reports provided material for a complete list of seamen which BSC compiled and which was responsible for securing the dismissal or preventing the re-engagement of may undesirables.

The Ships Observers Scheme was handed over to the ONI in the autumn of 1941. That didn’t mean BSC didn’t retain control, particularly since the ONI was already heavily in bed with British Intelligence. It was more of an appearances thing.

A letter from the Office of the Chief of US Naval Operations is particularly important because of where it was from.

In February 1942, the Chief stated:

In cooperation with the British Intelligence unit in the Third Naval District, New York, New York, a plan for placing ship observers on American merchant vessels has been in effect for several months with excellent results. The plan involved cooperation between the British Intelligence were put under control of Naval Intelligence and certain additional observers were placed on other American vessels by Naval Intelligence. Provision was made for the mutual exchange of information obtained from ship observers between British Intelligence and Naval Intelligence.

It has been decided to extend the ‘Ships Observers Scheme’ to all US Naval districts and a Directive dated February 14th, 1942, has been issued for this purpose. It will be appreciated if you will inform the British Intelligence units in the various US Naval Districts of this plan an request their cooperation with Naval Intelligence in placing it in effect.”

The final plan left American vessels and ports to the Americans, and neutral vessels and South American ports to BSC. One of the byproducts of this scheme was that ship owners reported in on the age, nationality, occupation and destination of all passengers entering or leaving the USA, by incoming or outgoing vessels on the East Coast.

Another thing they used these observers for was harassment. They would have them openly shadow a “target” – even resorting to violence in some cases in South America. They had targets “beaten up” to make them change their mind about their activities – much like the minute-men.

This astonishing proposal is made by the New Republic early in January, 1941.

“Let the United States and Great Britain assume responsibility and leadership for the whole world, except that part of it at present under the heel of the totalitarians. Let these two great repositories of democracy pool their leadership in brains, vision and courage . Let them participate jointly in such economic, industrial and cultural activities as may grow out of this common undertaking.”

Oswald G. Villard, countering it in La Follette’s Progressive, Jan. 4, says:

“During many long years of journalism I have read astounding proposals, but this I think takes the cake for wildness, for absurdity, for a counsel of despair. What it would mean, of course, would be the hauling down of the American flag, not merely Clarence Streit’s ‘Union Now’, but a merging of the United States and Great Britain to rule the world . If that came to pass can anyone doubt it would be a short time before the Union Jack would be flying over this country again?”

From the Saturday Evening Post, January 25, 1941 –

“What William, Cardinal O’Connell calls “exalted hysteria,’ burned high at Mecca Temple, in New York. The wick was Clarence K. Streit’s Union Now, which at first was propaganda for a confederation of Western democracies and turns out to mean simply Anglo-American union. There are Americans who have an expatriate passion for it. Somerset Maugham was there. As a British subject, serving his government here, he was for it . He had been converted. How astonishing! Henri Bernstein, the French playwright, was there. He denounced American isolationists . . . . We would remind him that freedom of speech is a right that belongs only to an American citizen. To the guest it is a privilege, and may be very easily abused . And we say the same to all the eminent literary persons who presume upon the amenities of their social welcome to be acting among us as foreign agents and propagandists, besides having the bad manners to tell us how ‘we ought to think and feel and behave.”


Letter from “Henriksen in the Nebraska State Journal of 7 February 1941 positions “SAVE America first” with Lindbergh and the – remember – DEFEND America First committee that he’s part of.

It’s quite tricky how this is done – There is NO connection with what Porter Sargent was doing and now they want to make it look like there is with a “letter”.

The truth was that thousands of letters were pouring in to Senators, the people did NOT want to go to War, aide to Britain was being blocked in the Senate.

Check out this amazing broadcast by Indiana Senator Raymond E. Willis “Speaking Against The Lend Lease Bill” on February 24, 1941. He talks of House Bill 1776 – 96 senators holding a council of war and that thousands of letters are coming into him running around 20k to 100 pleading with him to not let our men be sent to die in another useless war.

Raymond E. Willis

The Milwaukee Sentinel – Feb 25, 1941

Even Britain’s own people didn’t want to go to war – its young boys.

William Allen White was trotted out on February 28, 1941 saying the same old lies on page 16 of The Milwaukee Journal – Feb 28, 1941 probably one of the most representative quotes ever for White besides this one from very early in his career: “Only Anglo-Saxons can govern themselves.” would be this:

“Would it not have been cheaper, 20 years ago… to have taken our place in the League of Nations…?”

That quote is followed by an unbelievable pile of lies that has no source named. It is clearly a product of Stephenson’s BSC and his pet Rhodes Scholar Elmer Davis. Elmer, throughout the war, was basically in charge of telling the American media what to say (that British intelligence wanted them to) and what not to say.

So when you read the below, understand just who it is that is writing this.

“The League of Nations was not defeated on its merits, but because it was championed by Wilson and by the Democratic Party. That will be clear to anyone who studies the testimony of men who led the movement to defeat it. The campaign was deliberate and sinuous, as revealed in the book of the late Henry Cabot Lodge. In it the representatives of privilege were joined with men known as “progressives” who either were isolationists or for one reason or another opposed President Wilson.

The campaign against the league was financed by leaders of Big Business, as testified by the late George Harvey in his life of H.C. Frick. The money of Andrew Mellon and Henry Frick, the votes of Borah and Lodge, Penrose and Harding defeated the league. With that defeat the world lost the possibilities for peace which our weight in international councils for the adjustment of wrongs would have assured.

…But has it [America] really learned the lesson Mr. White expresses so simply?”

What do we take away from this?

  • we deserve WWII because of not doing the league of nations
  • the league of nations was not defeated on its merits –
  • it was “big business” Frick and Carnegie mounting a sinuous conspiracy by paying Senators La Follette and Borah etc to campaign against the league

If you have read my entire article about Borah, I’m sure you know enough now to easily recognize that these are all so blatantly false it’s not even necessary for me to dissect it any further.

The article ends with a threat –

Without some kind of world economic union of understanding, we merely prepare the way for another war?

Hold that thought, because you’re about to see it again. The BSC made it a kind of a slogan.

Finally, if blaming the entirety of World War II on Borah and Americans for not towing the line re: the League of Nations wasn’t bad enough, the slavemasters couldn’t leave well enough alone. No, they had to stab and slash and piss on Borah’s grave even more – they really are that psychotic.

And even though they were running this new ‘slogan’ for almost two years, there were still people in America who were not too thrilled with this whole renamed League of Nations thing that, as you can see, started being heavily pushed again before the war was even over. To that resistance, know what the slavemasters did next?

Threaten us even more directly! They got even more obvious and went so far as to use what Borah and La Follette did to the League of Nations as some kind of literal club over America’s head saying: see what happens? We will keep doing this to you until you do what we want!

Jumping ahead a little bit in time here to 1943 – I’ll show you.

I found this interesting little booklet put out in 1943 called Your Congress can win the next war now. . put out by the nebulous sounding “Non-Partisan Council To Win The Peace. ( available at Hathitrust )

This is a British intelligence front group run out of Stephenson’s BSC, by Clark Eichelberger, who also formed another front group for British intelligence called Americans United for World Organisation in 1944 – the internationalist movement. Associated addresses for both front groups: 1319 F Street Northwest, Washington D.C. and 8 West 40th Street.

The next war?

Oh my god. See the threat there?

The booklet at hathitrust shows the not even thinly veiled use of threats to the American people by British intelligence (since that is who is really behind this) as a manipulative emotional tactic.

Look at a few excerpts –

…stations marked that road-each the graves of innocent people and the ashes of once brave ideals Manchuria was such a station. Ethiopia was such a station.

Austria…Czechoslavakia…Holland…Norway…France. Now we Americans have pledged our lives that the United states shall not become another station along that bloody road.

The first part is making clear what will happen to us should we refuse to bow to Britain’s wishes, but it is also very revealing that all those named were deliberately made examples of by the British! It’s almost as if they are gloating over their power to destroy independence and hope around the world.

Then there comes a screechingly loud dead giveaway –

The world knows that, in matters that concern it, our Senate is the most powerful body in the U.S. Some people, including many Americans, go still further. They ask:

“Did the U.S. Senate in 1919 unwittingly vote for Pearl Harbor?”


Do you realize what that is actually saying? The vote being referenced, is the Senate vote against joining the British slavemasters League of Nations.

Who lead that defeat of the British?

Senator William Borah!

So now, not only are they placing Pearl Harbor on his head, they are saying it was payback for refusing their stupid plan! And what that means – is the most sinister of all.

It means –

They made Pearl Harbor happen on purpose to get even with American for listening to Borah!

In case you think I may be overstating the Brits concern with Senator Borah’s pull with the people even after his death – why the need to lie about him over 73 years after his death? (the 2013 New York Times article)


They are still afraid of people like him.

even now.

After that lovely little diatribe by William Allen White on February 25, just 3 days later –

28 February 1941Vansittart caused considerable controversy when he published Black Record: Germans Past and Present (1941). …for Sir Robert is the first holder of a post, Diplomatic Adviser to the British Government, which fits into no existing category. But what is certain is that Sir Robert’s official chief, Lord Halifax approved the delivery of the broadcast addresses of which Black Record consists. It may have been unwise but it can hardly be considered improper, for the Foreign Secretary to encourage such activity, and no precedent is created for adventures by civil servants into the political sphere without Ministerial sanction. – Janus

Note: The Black Record is still used today by virulent anti-semite and pro-Germany propagandists (like Makow) to forward their intentional distortions of history. Usually they do it by muddying up the matter with the truth that Britain did instigate WWII, while invariably leaving out the fact that they instigated Hitler as well and leaving out the fact that they did it together with the Vatican.

And now, barely 2 weeks later –

What with Vansittart leading the way, we get the enemy stated as: International Bankers!

L. Ron Hubbard anyone? He forwarded the same exact line in his RJ37 “Our enemies on this planet…” and in his confidential instructions to Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel on more than one occasion. One example is: “Working Theory” 6 May 1971 which can be found in Scientology Roots Chapter Fourteen – Hubbard’s Disinformation to Intelligence Staff in it Hubbard says: “NAZIISM WAS CONTINUED ON THREE NETWORKS AS A MEANS OF WORLD CONQUEST. There are four networks in all, as we must include International banking.

Not to mention the concept of “world bankers” is part-and-parcel of the British/Vatican formed Illuminati Conspiracy theory originally created to attack Thomas Jefferson etc.

On March 7th [1941] Cusick declared, Mcwilliams spoke to members of the American Destiny Party at Franzisksner Hell in New York. Mcwilliams said:

“Wheeler knows more than he lets slip out. He let slip out international bankers. These men have broken the ice. They have called a Jew a Jew. I remember the first time I came out with “Jew”. It took guts. Same with these men. They have lacked courage. Now Lindbergh, Wheeler, Holman and Dennis are all coming out.”

– FBI’s Vault PDF Charles Lindbergh (Fight For Freedom and America First)

Just before this, the same month of March, 1941 General Wood had recommended Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh as the best possible man for the position of spokesman for the America First Committee. Lindbergh made his first major address as a member of the national committee on April 17, 1941.

Lindbergh and “Bob” Stuart
who…get this. Left Yale Law to be National Director and still gets made the President of Yale later.

Page 35 of the FBI pdf notes that on April 24th at the Astoria Casino in Queens, L.I. Mcwilliams declared:

I predict that the time will come when the America First Committee’s men, the Lindbergh’s and all the rest, will stand on a platform and say what they really mean. Instead of speaking about minority groups, they’ll say Jews! (underlined)

He predicts? Well, if you didn’t know he was a British controlled opposition agent, you do now, because that’s the damn PLAN for this year for their agents to DO. Predict, my ass.

Then the Fight For Freedom shill Cusick says:

Mcwilliams seems to be Senator Nye’s ideological leader,” Cusick declared. “I imagine he is still a prophet without honor in his own community, but at the rate Lindberg and Nye are going there probably will soon be a committee formed to give a testimonial dinner to Pal Joey, the Queens gauloiter.”

Going after Senator Borah covertly again I see. He had been Nye’s mentor before he died and Nye became a fricking British agent himself – the coward.

This was all part of the British Rumours Campaign as described in the BSC book Chapter 4 Disguised Channels of Propaganda and Rumour Spreading.

The BSC created an organization specifically for spreading rumours in 1941, especially in South America. Whispering campaigns in particular were carried out on many levels, governmental, diplomatic, professional, social, commercial, working-class circles as well as minority groups.

Their rules for this organization were:

1. A good rumour should never be traceable to its source.

2. A rumour should be of the kind which is likely to gain in the telling.

3. Particular rumours should be designed to appeal to particular groups. Catholics in South America, for example wee always deeply influenced by stories of Nazi desecration of Churches and monasteries.

4. A particular rumour should have a specific purpose. The objectives of rumour spreading may be many, but a single rumour cannot be expected to serve more than one of them.

5. Rumours are most effective if they can be originated in several different places simultaneously and in such a way that they shuttle back and forth, with each new report apparently confirming previous ones.

The last point is expanded on as it is their favorite. SOE would start a rumour in London by planting it in the office of the London newspaper in question. If the subject of the rumour were of sufficient importance, the paper would cable its New York correspondent for further information. BSC, having been infoed by SOE would then “feed” the New York correspondent with additional information that the BSC had. At the same time the London paper would make inquiries of an American News agency which in turn would cable its Berlin correspondent. The rumour would thus be planted in Berlin.

Here’s an example of one that they ran on Henry Haye, whereby they planted a reporter asking ’embarrassing questions’ as a set-up and to get him to attack, which was then used to discredit him, but also note just how secret this whole Vansittart network operation (including Stephenson) was. Not even most SIS (MI6) people back in London knew what was what.

BSC book –

In the BSC book chapter on Economic Warfare, something interesting is revealed as to another well-worn target of L. Ron Hubbard and others in their funky conspiracy theories. A very particular rumour campaign had been created and was being run by British intelligence – specifically, now we know who the source is for the big bad IG Farben evil drug company idea, and the evil Standard Oil idea!

In “Working Theory” 6 May 1971 which can be found in Scientology Roots Chapter Fourteen – Hubbard’s Disinformation to Intelligence Staff Hubbard was propagating these same ideas about German drug companies etc., to his followers in the Guardian Office. In doing so, he was simply following exactly in his British spymasters footsteps!

The main reason for this particular propagandizing was that it was part of ECONOMIC WARFARE – the British wanted the WHOLE pie in these areas – Drugs and Oil –  not just a small slice of it.

The SI section started planning for this propaganda campaign in the winter of 1940 and by May of 1941 they were ready to go. The Ministry of Economic Warfare completed a plan to attack Germany’s sources of foreign exchange, her ability to import and her power to employ and control agents abroad. The “keystone” of this plan was to expose IG Farben as a German espionage and sabotage system.

The plan went from Vansittart and his cronies, SOE London, who then sent it to SO division of BSC New York. The SO division took point on the campaign in the summer of 1941, but the two divisions actually worked together on it.

Rumours were spread, articles were placed, radio talks and protest meetings were organized, arrangements were made for picketing certain Farben properties.

This British rumour campaign depicted IG Farben as a German power-house greater than the Nazi Party. It’s branches were depicted as instruments of the German Army and Foreign office and its products were characterized as dangerous.

A booklet written under the supervision of BSC agents (which sold for 25 cents) was called Sequel to the Apocalypse. It “exposed” the big bad Rockefellers and Standard Oil of New Jersey as friends with IG Farben.

So, see, there’s that part of the conspiracy theories out there – the British ARE who were behind all this Rockefeller is THE bad guy business. I love the telegram sent by WS to CSS accusing Standard Oil of exactly what they were doing. It’s just classic.

“The Standard Oil Company of New Jersey is playing this war at both ends and in the middle…”

London took a bit of a “hands off” attitude about it, typical, but yet…strangely enough didn’t do a thing to stop Stephenson from circulating this booklet.

Interesting, eh?

It’s total Dyarchy propaganda fakery. Rockefeller was head of the Council on Foreign Relations for decades, so he’s not their enemy. This is just playing that he is to mess with the Germans and with the American and British peoples as well, so that nobody suspects they are all in on it!

As mentioned, the Brits were also going after the drug market for themselves and their American sycophants. Both pharmaceutical and narcotics.

The BSC spent an inordinate amount of resources to try and curtail opium smuggling between the US and Britain – I think they felt this was “stealing” their profits, and that this was actually the beginning of kind of a ‘new’ taking over of the opium trade.

One opium shipment “found its way” from London to Cuba and from there it was carried to the coasts of Florida and Louisiana in small fishing sloops. This particular business was directed from Miami by two gentleman who had held respectively the posts of Commander in Chief of the Cuban Army and Chief of the Cuban Navy. Another odd smuggling area that the British could never figure out, was that the Germans bought Brazilian butterfly trays in vast quantities. It was suspected they were used for secret messages but the how remains a secret.

They did the same kinds of “rumors” attacks on Sterling products, the largest pharmaceutical drug company in America, and it’s subsidiaries such as Bayer/New York, Bayer/California and Bayer/Canada, also the Winthrop Chemical Company and the Alba Pharmaceutical company. When IG Farben was cut off from supplying drugs in Latin America, those last two companies were taking up the slack for them. The BSC book mentions a letter written 30 November 1939 by IG Farben directors of Sterling Products having asked Winthrop to take over the task of supplying all types of pharmaceutical preparations to South America.

1941 March 8 – William Donovan arrives back from his intelligence “tour” of the Far East and other locales with Sir William Stephenson (after the obligatory schmoozing and briefing by Vansittart and other high muckety-mucks in London, of course)

1941 April 26 – Donovan instructs Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox on how the British gather their intelligence in foreign countries, starts his push to form the position the British instructed him to create for him now – the “Coordinator” of information.

Intelligence operations,should not be controlled by party exigencies. It is one of the most vital means of national defense. As such it should be headed by someone appointed by the President and directly responsible to him, and to no one else. It should have a fund solely for the purpose of foreign investigation and the expenditures under this fund should be secret and made solely at the discretion of the President.”

“On all of these various factors I have obtained firsthand information [he means from his “tour” of British intelligence] which I think better not to set down here. I refer to it now only because I feel all of these activities should be considered in relation to the necessity of setting up a Coordinator.” Donovan ends his letter with, “If you wish me to talk with you more in detail, let me know.”

Besides all that going on –

Another important development happened in this Spring of 1941. Another front group was started by Eichelberger for the BSC called Fight For Freedom.


April 1941.
(x collection 078 Fight for Freedom or FFF)

p. 11 September 1941 shows Clark Eichelberger relationship to FFF.

Notice that Eichelbeger’s wikipedia entry is conspicuously missing his involvement in Fight For Freedom, Inc. He’s doing this at the same time that he’s also involved with the Committee to Defend America.

Eichelberger (right) National Chairman of the Committee to Defend America November 13, 1941

The x collection 078 PDF contains numerous examples of the FFF doing PR-positioning of America First with Father Coughlin and the Nazis now – page 10 for example. Ergo, now that they have already PR-positioned America First with SAVE America First, we’re really piling it on now.

A PDF of FFF documents p. 13 shows their letterhead (21 August 1941) listing out:

  • Senator Carter Glass, honorary chairman
  • Rev. Henry Hobson, chairman
  • Wayne Johnson, treasurer
  • F.H. Peter Cusick, Executive Secretary
  • Mrs. Calvin Coolidge Vice-Chairman
  • Francis P. Miller Vice-Chairman
  • Ulric Bell Chairman Executive Committee

Letter is signed by Clarence D. Randall, and look at this:

“Last night our President was booed and hissed by a subversive group meeting in Carnegie Hall. This was wrong as well as un-American…”

Now we are getting people like Porter Sargent positioned as subversive and un-American? That’s really something considering this is a BRITISH intelligence operation.

What the fuck do they know about being American…

And now positioned again as “anti-semitic” with a new one added – “swinging to the right”.

p. 29 undated (sometime in 1941) news article talks about America First is swinging to the right and is anti-semitic, pro-hitler. “we must get the Jews out of Washington or we will not stop aid to England.

– FBI’s Vault PDF Charles Lindbergh (Fight For Freedom and America First)

Lindbergh is very busy doing his job, here’s some pics of the America First rally on May 23, 1941 at Madison Square Gardens.

Which reminds me –

Another covert action the BSC engaged in, per the book, was directly influencing U.S. media, including newspaper columns by Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson and others, even to the point of submitting what they ‘wrote’ for them!

That makes this “letter” six days later in the Garfield County News of 29 May 1941, Walter Winchell’s letters section, particularly interesting, in his ‘letters’ section.The letter is from “Your Girl Friday” and positions “Save America first” with America First meetings in LA whose “meetings are attended regularly by most Bund members out there” – a not even subtle positioning of Nazis and Save America first.

The next day, we get this article quoting British shill Senator Johnson (Texas) in the Austin American 30 May 1941, that positions Lindbergh and Hitler together in a lead up to yet again trying to assassinate the characters of Porter Sargent and Senator Borah by saying that “the way to save America first is not through a craven defense” as “creatures” of “fear and defeatism.”

Porter and Borah as creatures” of “fear and defeatism”? Yeah right.


Meanwhile –

The British are getting their American sycophant BRANCH of British intelligence going in the U.S.

1941 End of May – Secretary of the Navy Henry Knox approved William Donovan’s proposal, so he prepares his first formal recommendation for a new U.S. intelligence organization. (the OCI, Office of the Coordinator of Information)

Several people had ‘endorsed’ it. One of which was Felix Frankfurter – noted to be a “Presidential confidant”.

Felix Frankfurter

Note: General MacArthur began to see through the slavemasters plan at some point, and an FBI memo put on the net in 2013 (p. 43) notes that he apparently identified Felix Frankfurter as one of the people responsible for subversive leadership in the U.S.

MacArthur is probably referring to the subversion of the U.S. through the creation of the Coordination of Information, the COI, the forerunner to both the OSS and the CIA – done completely on the request of (and was controlled by) British intelligence.

William Stephenson and British Admiral John Godfrey had arrived just days earlier to accomplish this. Godfrey’s personal assistant was the ubiquitous Naval Intelligence man, Commander Ian Fleming (author of the later James Bond novels) and Robert Vansittarts personally recruited agent (back in 1933). Fleming, in June of 1941, personally wrote the memoranda to Donovan on how to form up, organize, and get his organization up and running by December.

(Refs -Donovan and the CIA page 59. For Commander Ian Fleming’s role, Andrew Lycett, Ian Fleming (London: Wiedenfeld & Nicolson, 1995), pages129-30; and Cmdr. I.L.Fleming, Memorandum to Colonel Donovan, 27 June 1941, copy in Thomas Troy Files, CIA Records (RG 263), Box 2, Folder 19, National Archives II.)

Also see these pages of the BSC book, especially the sections marked with the red arrows.

Also in June 1941 – the BSC does one of its SILENCING the press operations – targeting the Hearst newspapers where certain people were getting too much airtime – and I don’t mean Nazis. (BSC book: marked by red arrow on right page)

Stephenson arranged to basically financially blackmail the Hearst conglomerate.

1941 June 18 – The COI is now in existence. William Donovan was made the head of the Office of the Coordinator of Information (OCI, subsequently OSS, Office of Strategic Services) on June 18, 1941. David K.E. Bruce would be brought in to help Donovan get this established. (see August)

In an interview with Bruce, he had returned to the U.S. after the London Blitz. He erroneously refers to the OSS as where he was working in 1941, he means the OCI (or COI) which came first. “…then moved to the Office of Strategic Services in 1941, where I remained for four years. During that period I was eventually Director of the European Theater of Operations of the Office of Strategic Services.”7

I think the reason that he did this was that they (British intelligence and American sycophants) were actually planning for the more permanent and entrenched set-up of the OSS during 1941 and the COI was simply a beginning control point to get their foot in the door.

In 1941, he helped organize the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. Bruce was OSS chief in Europe from 1943 to 1945, with the rank of colonel.” 9

When the COI formed, most of the activities initiated by Riheldaffer in ONI’s Special Intelligence Section were transferred to the new COI, with the only exception being Riheldaffer’s agent network in Mexico which stayed under Navy direction. The transfer process began immediately and carried on well into the Fall of 1941. 20, 21

A man named Wallace Banta Phillips was an expatriate American and was a Donovan’s MI6 ‘advisor’. Donovan made him the first Wallace_Banta_Phillips_in_1918Secret Intelligence Chief – head of SI, or Special Intelligence, for about six weeks before Dave K.E. Bruce would take it over. Note: Special meant “secret”. Wallace was described as a bald-headed, hunchbacked, businessman with a “mysterious past”.

As I said earlier, Colonel C.H. “Dick” Ellis was William Stephenson’s deputy, and he immediately insisted that Donovan bring in his “old friend” Robert Solborg (and fellow Vansittart network agent) to “build up his operations side” and the ideal prospect to set up an SOE style subversive-operations capability for the COI.

Robert Adolphe Stanislaus Solborg


(third from left)Robert_Solborg_-_1942

Solborg was classified as a Polish Jew and given money by the American Joint Jewish Distribution Company February 15, 1918. However, even that was an intelligence cover.

What most people don’t know about this guy is that he was a crypto-Jew, which simply means that he had converted to Catholicism and was deeply involved in the reinstated Society of Jesus in Russia.

Solborg’s connection to the “Russian purchasing mission” forms one of the rare visible confluences of co-ordinated efforts between the British, the Vatican, and their counterparts in America.

In my extensively documented library article called Casimir Pilenas Palmer – about a Lithuanian spy who worked for both Russian and British intelligence, including working directly for Lord Melville and operating within America as well – there is much said about the connections to this ‘Russian purchasing mission’ that had so many agents being run by MI6 man William Wiseman.

I highly suggest that you read it, but probably the most important thing for you to know now, is that Robert Solborg was working there side-by-side with Boris Brasol and Casimir, both of which were involved in foisting off the Protocols of Zion as being some sort of real document.

And yes, that means these very same “White Russians”, who in 1919 were part of Lord Curzon’s spy network (Vansittart’s first Foreign Office boss) that then first published the Protocols of Zion in Germany, something I just recently exposed and documented. Put all together now, this means that we now have evidence that not only were the British and Russian intelligence agencies involved in that, but so was the Vatican.

Not to mention, what were supposed “jewish’ men – Casimir and Solborg – doing being even involved in such a war-mongering portrayal of their people.

The answer is simple.

They were working for the slavemasters to promote World Wars to help them achieve their world domination plans.

It is important to note that both Boris Brasol and Robert Solburg surfaced again in intelligence activities during the time of WWII, this time he’s under William Stephenson, who had just arrived to start the British Security Coordination. As discussed earlier, Boris was working with Charles Lindbergh and the controlled opposition front group – the America First Committee.

Ellis, like Solborg, had also previously functioned as a “russian agent” – as well as a Nazi. This makes perfect sense when you understand the absolutely incontrovertible evidence that both the Brits and the Vatican were backing Hitler.


Such a lovely group there in Donovan’s COI.

Made ‘official‘ now –

1941 July 11 – President Roosevelt officially signs into being what we call British Intelligence West in the United States. First called COI (Coordinator of Information), then called OSS (Office of Strategic Services) then finally the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Every step of the way it has been completely controlled by the British/Vatican slavemasters, right down to choosing who to head ALL American foreign intelligence in the first organization – which was William “Wild Bill” Donovan.

It was around this time that J. Edgar Hoover realized he had been tricked and betrayed by William Stephenson. He was still complaining about it in the summer of 1942, which is after the OSS had been formed replacing the COI, but what is interesting about this next item is that it proves that Stephenson had been running agents inside the U.S. with Hoovers approval, and then when America joined the war?

Stephenson gave all the agents to Donovan instead of Hoover!

Parenthetically speaking: Yea Hoover. You fell for all that schmoozing and they played you. What did you think the sneaky, racist fucks (who called you an “amateur” behind your back) were going to do?

Here’s the source –

25 August 1942 – Harry Kimball of the FBI came to see me and told me that before leaving America he had spent two hours with J. Edgar Hoover and Quinn Tamm, and was given a mandate to discuss the affairs of his department with me and to explain Mr Hoover’s grievances.The real cause of the trouble is this. When the Americans came into the war Bill Stephenson handed over all the agents that he had been running with the connivance of the American authorities to Bill Donovan instead of to Hoover in whose area they were operating.Worse than this, he had been running some of these agents since the outbreak of war on Donovan’s behalf.

Guy Liddell Diaries Vol. 1: 1939-1942 p 292 of PDF

When Hoover first got “put back in his place” with the formation of the COI, headed by Donovan, know what the dingleberry did?

Like a spoiled brat going Nyah!, he struck back by helping to back the McKellar Bill forbidding foreign intelligence operations on U.S. soil.

He was trying to force the British to treat him as the “big man” again. They guy just doesn’t get who the hell he’s dealing with, does he? It’s almost painful to watch him keep thinking he’s “in the game” when he ain’t even in the same state, let alone on the playing field. Sad.

The thing was, the McKellar Bill had carried a clause about compulsory disclosure of records – heaven forbid, right? I’m sure that absolutely terrified the British. Donovan then went to the President, Roosevelt agreed not to sign the bill unless amendments were made to protect the BSC. A few days later he vetoed it. When it was resubmitted later, that clause had been removed, and it was passed. William Stephenson avoided the law by having William Donovan relay his orders.

In light of all that, what happens next makes a kind of perverse sense. Sort of a “when cover is threatened” kind of move.

July 1941 – Vansittart “resigns” but doesn’t really resign. Again, another ploy. He’s just going dark even further.

Now the attacks in America against anyone rebelling against ‘the plan’ really get going using America First as the strawman. Seriously over the top stuff.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They even staged “burying” of stuffed ostrich heads in the sand to represent Senator Wheeler and Charles Lindbergh (and the isolationists) as this photograph dated July 31, 1941 shows.

The press caption read, “Wheeler and Lindbergh Denounced at Rally in New York City: Edgar Ansel Mowrer (left), freign correspondentand radio news commentator, joins with New York Supreme Justice Ferdinand Pecora and actress Tallulah Bankhead in burying in the sands of Oriental Beach the heads of two stuffed ostriches labeled Wheeler and Lindbergh at a rally of the Committee to Defend America today. Justice Pecora called Senator Birton K. Wheeler and Charles Lindbergh, the non-inteventionists whom the stuffed birds represented. ‘Wheelbergs abusing their freedom so speech.’ Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, in a message sent to the rally, commended the Committee for its work to ‘awaken the people of this country to the perils which confront them.’ In the backgound at the extreme right right is Herbert Byard Swope who was a speaker at the rally.”

Look at this kid’s expression more closely, it’s priceless.

Says it all, don’t it?


In the middle of all this created chaos going on, behind-the-scenes Roosevelt sells out America. Again.

The secret Atlantic Charter.

From Scientology Roots Chapter 20-1: New World Order Police State

The Atlantic Charter was the initial United Nations, it was the forerunner of the United Nations formed after World War II.

Winston Churchill – Prime Minister of Britain
Franklin Roosevelt – President of United States of America

The Atlantic Charter was when Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt met on August 9 and 10, 1941 aboard the U.S.S. Augusta to outline a “postwar international system”. The Charter they drafted included eight “common principles” that the United States and Great Britain would be committed to supporting in the postwar world. 8

The text of the “Declaration by United Nations” was drafted by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt while meeting at the White House, on 29 December 1941.

The term United Nations was first officially used 1–2 January 1942, when 26 governments signed the Declaration. 10

United Nations meant the Allies of WWII and NO ONE ELSE.

The term United Nations became synonymous during the war with the Allies and was considered to be the formal name that they were fighting under.

The principle of “complete victory” established an early precedent for the Allied policy of obtaining the Axis’ powers’ “unconditional surrender” poster for the United Nations, created in 1943 by the US Office of War Information.

Do note the “Fight for Freedom” aspect included – that is a direct nod to the Vansittart and William Stephenson’s front group actually called Fight for Freedom.

Clark Eichelberger had been ‘invited’ to the UK to get briefed and to go back and further propagandize this Atlantic Charter and the agreed upon United Nations. He even ‘lunched’ with Churchill.

Clark Eichelberger was invited to visit the U.K. in late summer of 1941. His travel expenses were covered by the British government and the American Embassy arranged for him to stay in a first class room at the Savoy Hotel in London. While there, he was able to confer with members of British organizations that paralleled the commission and the League of Nations Association. Eichelberger attended a meeting of the British Research Subcommittee on International Organization on 20 September. Historian Arnold Toynbee was one of the more vocal members of this group and Eichelberger noted afterward that their ideas were very similar…On September 12, 1941, Winston Churchill had a luncheon meeting with Clark Eichelberger.

Robert Bike citing Oral History Interview with Donald C. Blaisdell

1941 August just after the Atlantic Charter was agreed to (August 9-10) – Donovan has ROOM member David K.E. Bruce take over from Wallace B. Phillips as the COI Special Intelligence. He begins to coordinate all U.S. foreign intelligence agent recruitment, training and usage with the British SOE, working with Vansittart agents in the BSC as well. The COI was a preparatory or intermediate organization for the soon-to-formed OSS. The British were controlling every aspect of who, what, where for any agent picked and bound for foreign intelligence work. Bruce was sort of doing a lot of back and forth “over the pond” – as they referred to the Atlantic Ocean – between London and his offices in New York.

“…became important for S.O.E. to co-ordinate its activities with our new Allies, because nothing would have been more disastrous than competing and conflicting American “lines” over Europe. The task was not always easy. However, very cordial personal relations were established, and a co-ordination maintained which was facilitated by the fact that the Americans were unable to provide any properly trained personnel, and until the last stages were therefore obliged to leave nearly all the work to S.O.E.”5

Bruce was actually now heading the entire Special Intelligence/Foreign Intelligence section for the SOI.

“…then moved to the Office of Strategic Services in 1941, where I remained for four years. During that period I was eventually Director of the European Theater of Operations of the Office of Strategic Services.” 7

“In 1941, he helped organize the Office of Strategic Services [should say COI] the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. Bruce was OSS chief in Europe from 1943 to 1945, with the rank of colonel.” 9


Five days after the meeting in the middle of the Atlantic ocean – we get to see a real example of a BSC rumour routing in action.

1941 August 15 – the BSC book gives us another specific and real example from their Rumours organization, showing how they routed the rumour to hide its true source.

Published in the New York Post August 15th, cabled to Moscow by the Tass correspondent in Washington, broadcast from Moscow the following day in the form of a report from Switzerland, then sent to London. It was then cabled from London back to the U.S. by the United Press and published in a completely new form on August 19th in the NY Daily News, NY Herald Tribune and NY Daily Mirror.

Then we bring in the woo.

Can’t forget the woo.

In the summer of 1941, Louis de Wohl, a bogus Hungarian astrologer was sent to the US by London – to be controlled by BSC. He was instructed that he must never mention Britain or show in an way that he was specially interested in her welfare. His mission was to shake public confidence in the invincibility of Adolf Hitler.

They timed his first astrological and magical predictions of Hitler’s fall with other announcements to be made in remote parts of the world. Cairo, where it looked like an Arabian man made the same prediction, BSC ordered American correspondents in Egypt to “pick up” the story. Same thing happened in Nigeria, just with a different variation of the story, by a priest called Ulokoigbe.

The reason I mention this, is that they did the same thing with the so-called religions. You have all been completely hornswoggled on what the supposedly “diverse” religions are – they did the same thing here.

THAT is why they appear to “align” with each other in their “truths” – and for no other reason.

De Wohl delivered many similar attacks upon anti-British personalities. He was sent back to London after Pearl Harbor cemented all their “efforts”.

Next –

Check out this gross use of American revolution hero Paul Revere in a BSC-driven broadcast by American Douglas Chandler pretending to be from Nazis.

If you look at my Vansittart article, the section starting “Vansittart inaugurates Black Radio”, you’ll learn about that he used a pathetic troll of a man named Sefton Delmer to pretend to be a GERMAN broadcaster called Der Chef – also here in 1941. His very first broadcast made sure to insult Churchill as a “flat-footed bastard of a drunken old Jew” – that one phrase gave them credibility with the German listeners.

Hitler and Sefton

This Paul Revere broadcast is the same thing just done for America.

It purports to be from the heart of Nazi Germany on the eve of the third anniversary of the Axis Pact. In the broadcast, Doug Chandler lauded the Axis victories and castigated the opponents of world progress led by ‘Churchill the Charlatan’ and ‘Roosevelt the Renegade.’ Just as in Black Radio, the insults are to make the listener think it must be ‘really’ German radio.

Paul Revere broadcast 9 September 1941


Just two days later –

September 11, 1941 we get the America First Committee’s first overt anti-Semitic attack led by none other than deep-cover British agent Charles Lindbergh.

His speech to a Des Moines, Iowa audience:

If any of these groups, the British, the Jewish or the administration stops agitating for war, I believe there will be little danger of our involvement. I do not believe that any two of them are powerful enough to carry this country to war without the third.

If you recall, earlier we discussed the creation of the enemy ‘the Jew” and how that was first used as war propaganda in WWI, but that this time, WWII, they mixed ‘the Jews’ – a false enemy – in WITH the real enemies. That is exactly what Lindbergh did in his speeches where he listed 3 enemies, two of which were right (British and Roosevelt) one of which was REALLY right (British), one of which didn’t belong at all – the Jews – and of course, let’s not forget his glaring omission of the Vatican slavemasters role.

This is one of those speeches.

I highly recommend any true student of history listen to this because he is using a tremendous amount of truth, BUT the addition of adding ‘the Jews’ was deliberate and intentional to DERAIL AND STIGMATIZE THE OPPOSITION.


More from his speech (not included in the above audio recording – full text here) –

“The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration. Behind these groups, but of lesser importance, are a number of capitalists, Anglophiles, and intellectuals who believe that their future, and the future of mankind, depends upon the domination of the British Empire …These war agitators comprise only a small minority of our people; but they control a tremendous influence.”

“it is not difficult to understand why Jewish people desire the overthrow of Nazi Germany… But no person of honesty and vision can look on their pro-war policy here today without seeing the dangers involved in such a policy, both for us and for them. Instead of agitating for war, the Jewish groups in this country should be opposing it in every possible way, for they will be among the first to feel its consequences. Tolerance is a virtue that depends upon peace and strength. History shows that it cannot survive war and devastation… Their greatest danger to this country is in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government.”

This was a perfect paraphrasing of Hitler’s “warning” delivered in the Reichstag in 1939.

Hitler 1939 –

“If international finance Jewry in and outside of Europe should succeed in thrusting the nations once again into a world war, the result will not be the Bolshevization of the earth and with it the victory of Jewry, but the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe.”Softened for an American audience, Lindbergh’s words were unmistakably, and uncomfortably, similar.

Lindbergh’s speech had simply been adjusted to remove the Bolshevik references. If Lindbergh’s British intelligence speech-writer had not made that removal or ‘change’?

People like Porter Sargent would have immediately caught and had proof of that Hitler was recycling BRITISH propaganda from WWI, thereby making even more clear who was really behind Hitler and creating this war.

We can’t have THAT.

Many people disassociated with America First after this, as they should have, but they also mistakenly disassociated with SAVE America first, the idea, and the actual true heroes and men of integrity who were right about what they were saying and revealing – which was the point.

Think about that for a moment. Think about how utterly gross, self-serving, heinous, devious, and evil that was of the slavemasters to get people to make such a terrible mistake.

Press reaction was immediate, and explosive.

Of course.

And remember, this is all highly controlled by British intelligence through the BSC.

The Des Moines Register observed that “it may have been courageous for Colonel Lindbergh to say what was in his mind, but it was so lacking in appreciation of consequences – putting the best interpretation on it – that it disqualifies him for any pretensions of leadership of this republic in policy-making.” The speech was “so intemperate, so unfair, so dangerous in its implications that it cannot but turn many spadefuls in the digging of the grave of his influence in this crisis.

The Kansas City Journal was more succinct. “Lindbergh’s interest in Hitlerism is now thinly concealed. The isolationist Hearst newspapers were equally critical. Frank Gannett told General Wood his newspaper chain could no longer afford to be associated with the Committee. Even the Chicago Tribune hastened to condemn the speech.

And here they go with the “un-American” thing again, but this time notice the Dyarchy here. Since this is BRITISH controlled press – and British is not American, as well as that Lindbergh is a BRITISH agent, also not behaving American, you can appreciate the extreme irony going on here.

Time magazine said: “The America First Committee had touched the pitch of anti-Semitism and its fingers were tarred.”  Liberty called him “the most dangerous man in America.”  (Cole, America First, p. 146; and Berg, Lindbergh, p. 428.)

Republican national leadership, Wendell Willkie called it “the most un-American talk made in my time by any person of national reputation.” Robert Taft positioned Lindbergh’s reference to “the Jews” this way: “as if they were a foreign race, and not Americans at all, a grossly unjust attitude.” Thomas Dewey said it was “an inexcusable abuse of the right of freedom of speech.

Reference citing the above – America First: the Anti-War Movement, Charles Lindbergh and the Second World War, 1940-1941, a presentation at a joint meeting of the Historical Society and The New York Military Affaris Symposium on September 26, 2003 by historian David Gordon, History Department Bronx Community college/CUNY Graduate Center.

That last one about free speech is a none too subtle but still covert hit at our Bill of Rights. Something both the British and the Vatican slavemasters have been black PR-ing and having a cow about for almost two hundred years by then. They hated the freedom of speech and freedom of decision/choice clauses with a passion.

Lindbergh’s speech talking about Jews controlling Hollywood is particularly ludicrous because it was Robert Vansittart’s agent, Roman Catholic Ivone Kirpatrick, that was there in Hollywood during 1941 controlling the output of the propagandic movies Lindbergh is going on about.

Roman Catholic, not Jewish. Get that? And British intelligence.

This man was both factions of the slavemasters in one person! He really looks like it too. They always have the same ‘look’, I have noticed.

Ivone had been appointed Director of the Foreign Division of the Ministry of Information in April 1940, but was transferred to the British Embassy in Washington in 1941 on his way for Hollywood, where he worked as a scriptwriter.

Sure. That’s what he was doing as a highly trained intelligence agent of Robert Vansittart.

I’m a “scriptwriter”.

This was part of what I call the “Hollywood” effort that Vansittart was helping to guide. Besides cultivation of the journalistic “elite”, Vansittart and the others on the Privy Council wanted a direct appeal to the American masses, and here Hollywood played a decisive role.

In the month following Lindbergh’s speech, carrying out of the move Vansittart iniated in February of 1941 (the whole anti-Jew positioning) Ivone Kirkpatrick was made the Controller of the European services of the BBC in October 1941.

Friends of Democracy, the documented British-controlled front group held a luncheon at Toots Shor’s restaurant in New York (October 1941) to raise ten thousand dollars for a publicity campaign attacking Lindbergh as a Nazi.  The organization’s 28 page pamphlet, Is Lindbergh a Nazi?, claimed he had become “the American voice of the Berlin Propaganda Ministry.”  (Cole, Lindbergh, p. 151.

Fricking christ – can you believe this shit? Wow.

Backing up just a little here, look at all the activity by Eichelberger’s Fight For Freedom group, just 3 days after his ‘lunch’ with Winston Churchill on September 12, and just starting just 5 days after the Lindbergh speech.

Page 32 of the FBI’s Lindbergh PDF shows a list of news releases by Fight for Freedom, Inc.

Page 40 shows one where they are attacking Borah yet again, without saying so. They sure are afraid of making it obvious how hurt they were by him, aren’t they?

Press Release Fight for Freedom, Inc, W.W. Waymack editor of the Des Moines Register and Tribune. September 16, 1941

The isolationists make much of propaganda” as the force that has brought us to the danger of war. An objective study of all propaganda that has really played a part would indeed be interesting. If we had the time, such a study would show first of all, that never has a nation had such a drenching with it as this nation has for 20 years with the propaganda of isolationism.

…We followed the isolationist formula of seeking security by pulling out of the international effort to build peace cooperatively. We stayed out.

…When the war did start, the British were poorly organized for propaganda, and were so scared about further bad reaction [from America] that they did virtually nothing.

…Not until after, by Congressional action in the Lend-Lease act, America of her own accord committed herself to large cooperation in resistance to Hitler did the British risk even telling us with any freedom what they thought.

…And I profess it to you that I think it neither as a knave nor as a dupe of the British, the Jews, or Roosevelt.

– FBI’s Vault PDF Charles Lindbergh (Fight For Freedom and America First)

p. 47

It is the America First Committee that should be repudiated…Lindbergh is only a tool for its purposes.

– FBI’s Vault PDF Charles Lindbergh (Fight For Freedom and America First)

p. 35 September 17

F.H. Peter Cusick attacking Nye.

From Fight for Freedom, Inc. 1270 Sixth Avenue, Room 309
H. Feter Cusick, Exec. Secy. Clrcle 6-4250

Senator Gerald P. Nye is “the individual most directly for the injection of religious issues into the debate on foreign policy”, F.H. Peter Cusick, Executive Secretary of Fight for Freedom, Inc. declared today in a public statement replying to Nye’s A.P. interview in Rochester N.Y. on September 17th.

– FBI’s Vault PDF Charles Lindbergh (Fight For Freedom and America First)

News Release dated September 18, 1941 by the FFF (page 32) shows another front group. It says: setting forth criticism by the organization Clearing House for Youth Groups relative to a speech of Herbert Hoover. Hoover was one of the few people that actually had first-hand information from dealing with the British himself, going all the way back to seeing their total lies and perfidy about what was going on in WWI.

An nnamed editorial “appeared” in the San Francisco Chronicle Friday, September 18, 1941

They hate the British, they hate Roosevelt, the Jews, Capital, Labor. They hate some of these….Their hate sent them down the path that inevitably leads to Hitler.

– FBI’s Vault PDF Charles Lindbergh (Fight For Freedom and America First)


Give me a break.

p. 33 letter dated September 19, 1941 Fight for Freedom.

George Gordon Battle, the Co-Chairman of Council Against Intolerance in America – a documented BSC front group.

On Thursday night Mr. Charles L. Lindbergh, chief spokesmen of your America First Committee,in an address under its auspices and in its name at Des Moines, said:

“The three most important groups which have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt Administration.”

He also said that “the greatest danger lies in the largo ownership and influence of the Jews in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our Government.”

– FBI’s Vault PDF Charles Lindbergh (Fight For Freedom and America First)

You can see why they wanted that second line to be said by Lindbergh – it helped cover up what Ivone Kirkpatrick, the Roman Catholic and Vansittart agent, was doing in Hollywood.

Now, even with all this going on –

The British were STILL not having much luck with the American people. Resistance to the idea of America entering World War II was running strong. The British Security Coordination estimated that there were 700 chapters and nearly a million members of isolationist groups.

This despite –

Three thousand British agents spreading propaganda and mayhem in America.

Ooch! That level of failure to hurt.

So what did they do? They got vicious.

British intelligence created front groups to harass Americans who were against entering the war. One of the ones that was used was Eichelberger’s Fight for Freedom, headquartered at 1270 Sixth Avenue in New York City, founded together with William Donovan and Allen Dulles in April 1941. It was funded by British Security Coordination, and led by Allen Dulles. It became the leading proponent of full American participation in World War II.

One of the ways the FFF harassed American isolationists, was if they gave speeches, thousands of handbills were handed out accusing the speaker of being a Nazi lover. That is British propaganda. If it were true that the Americans were Nazi lovers, they would have been saying that America should side with Germany in the war. The American isolationists were not for the German side, they were against America entering the war on either side.

They also created anonymous abusive pamphlets that were circulated about certain targets.

BSC book Chapter 4 Disguised Channels of Propaganda and Rumour Spreading –

They also invented a game called “Vik” designed to use ridicule against particular targets. People would score points for every annoyance or embarassment they caused to their targets. In a preliminary memorandum, some of the kinds of petty persecutions were outlined that the BSC had in mind.

“…can be telephoned at all hours of the night and when awakened can be apologetically assured that it is the wrong number; the air can disappear mysteriously out of his motor tyres, shops can be telephoned on his behalf and asked to deliver large quantities of useless and cumbersome goods – payment on delivery – masses of useless correspondence without postage so he keeps having to pay out petty sums of money, his lady friend can receive anonymous letters stating that he is suffering from mysterious diseases or that he is keeping a woman and six children in Detroit; he can be cabled apparently genuine instructions to make long, difficult expensive journeys; a rat might die in his watertank, street musicians might play “God Save the King” outside his house all night; his favourite dog might get lost. With a little thought it should be possible to invent at least 500 ways of persecuting a victim without the persecutor compromising himself.”

“Remember always,” said a note at the end, ‘that in playing Vik you are in your own small way acting as a fighting member of the forces of Democracy. Therefore be silent, secret and discreet.”

The BSC then printed up booklets describing up to 500 ways of harassing isolationists.

Example fliers from BSC book –

Then we get ye ole COMMUNIST! accusation surfacing in a big way again.

Good old combined Okhrana/British intelligence agent Boris Brasol surfaces again. Tasked by Stephenson to harass anti-war (and Anti-British) protestors, he and the Coudert Brothers harassed various people as being “Red” or communist. In 1941, as a representative in the New York State legislature, F.R. Coudert presided over an inquisition into Red influence in the New York public schools, the notorious Rapp-Coudert Committee.

Not even any of all that was really working, just pissed off Americans even more at the British, and now the Brits are forced to resort to outright forgery. They even made President Roosevelt LIE on national television using it. Otherwise known as The Hitler Map.

A man named John E.C. “Ivar” Bryce worked for both SOE and OSS while a BSC agent for Stephenson. As an SOE agent under Stephenson, he had the number G.140; as an OSS man he was 991. Among other jobs for SOE, Bryce describes himself as an agent recruiter: “and to find…[recruits] in Latin America was his…special responsibility.”

Ref – Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 by Thomas E. Mahl, Chapter 3

Bryce went to school and roomed with Naval Intelligence agent Ian Fleming, who had helped William Donovan formulate the OSS on a pattern of British intelligence organizations.

Bryce’s brother-in-law was Walter Lippmann – who was also a BSC “asset”. That means that he would, as he did in WWI, propagandize again for the British Slavemasters during WWII.

A man named Richard Coit helped to “vet” (do background checks and interviews) the agents/junior handlers that were recruited into the BSC. One such agent was “Ivar” Bryce, who was recruited for the Latin American affairs section of BSC, a section that was run directly by Coit.

*See Specific Persons section – Richard Coit (unpublished as yet).

In one of the most destructive propaganda false flag operations I’ve seen, in October 1941 Richard Coit approved an idea that his junior Ivar Bryce (the brother-in-law of Walter Lippman) came up with because, well, there just were no bad war-like actions going on in Central and South America and Americans were still not going for the whole Hitler-coming-to-America idea.


What’s a slavemaster-war agent to do?

I know, I know!

I know I know raising hand




And that’s exactly what happened.

This is the event has been referred to as – The Hitler Map.

Note: Regarding the map image below – In an act of truly unmitigated gall, a book called ROOM 3603 The Story of the British Intelligence Center in New York during World War II by H. Montgomery Hyde, gives us one of the only copies of the map available (p. 149) while having the nerve to still try to keep alive the lie that it was “real”. It even carried a foreword by IAN FLEMING, long-time British intelligence agent of Robert Vansittart and sometime lover of Ivar Bryce. Bryce says that it was he who came up with the idea of the map forgery.

Although I wonder about that…given Vansittart’s proclivities for exactly this kind of sick shit. Bryce may simply be protecting his handlers by taking the fall for the idea.

Here it is in Bryce’s own words, his admission that he falsified the map for the BSC.

You_only_live_once_-_ivar_brycePhoto by Virginia


Autumn 1941 – pp 64-67.

An infinitely more important event was on the cards this fateful autumn of 1941.

[his excuses come first]

… a powerful propaganda was hammering the pacifist doctrines of ‘America first’ into the minds of timid and wishful-thinking citizens. Numerous influential papers, radio stations and opinion-swaying groups were fighting against entry.

our representatives were prepared to go to greater lengths than they would have been willing to admit to their American colleagues. The battle was between life and death, after all.

The enemy’s strength in South America and the Nazi intentions for that continent had Hitler decided to attack to the west rather than to the east were well known. But they were difficult to prove to those who did not wish to believe.

Sketching out trial maps of the possible changes on my blotter, I came up with one showing the probable reallocation of territories that would appeal to Berlin. It was very convincing: the more I studied it the more sense it made.

…It made me feel the heady power of king-makers, and I drew most carefully a detailed extension of the idea… for submission to the powers that be, to wit Bill Stephenson.

Were a genuine [which it was not] German map of this kind to be discovered or captured from enemy hands and publicized among the good neighbours themselves, and above all among the ‘America firsters’ with their belief that America could get along with Hitler, what a commotion would be caused.

The idea appealed to the Chief [Stephenson] and a method immediately occurred to him.

My map was quickly turned over to the expert forgers – a department of scientists whose knowledge of papers, inks, types, colours, watermarks and similar minutiae was total. In forty-eight hours they produced a map, slightly travel-stained with use, but one which the Reich’s chief mapmakers for the German High Command would be prepared to swear was made by them. An authentic German map from the highest, most top secret archives.

And there you have it.

The British FORGED the Hitler Map.


This forging would have been done by Station M in Canada.

At station M in Canada, under cover of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – a document and letter forgery division. Imperial Censorship completely cooperated and helped these forgery efforts through its power over the mails in Canada. Station M worked on the principle that its output must be good enough to confound microscopic examination. They gathered stamps from official bodies all around the world, special kinds paper, aged paper, and even private stationary to assist their forging efforts.

Station M also provided cover false history documentation for all the BSC agents.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

Side note:
This is actually important for another reason. They did this with other historical “documents” for over 400 years.

Now I want you to see how this was lied about – what the shore story for this forgery still was presented as – in the BSC book many years later.

Particularly note the red arrow marking where it says how this map was obtained (after a long and convoluted story preceding it).

“Then in October of 1941, a German courier whom BSC agents had been following met with an accident. The courier’s despatch was taken and opened, and among the contents there was found a document of the greatest importance. It was a map of South America. The map showed the Subcontinent radically redistributed into four areas and one colony – all under German domination.”

The alleged source ‘met with an accident’ – How utterly convenient for this forgery cover-up attempt.

Note the map itself as compared to this one later given in another book (much, much later) still trying to lie about WHERE it came from.

In an act of truly unmitigated gall, a book called ROOM 3603 The Story of the British Intelligence Center in New York during World War II by H. Montgomery Hyde, gives us one of the only copies of the map available (p. 149) while having the nerve to still try to keep alive the lie that it was “real”. It even carried a foreword by IAN FLEMING, long-time British intelligence agent and sometime lover of Ivar Bryce. Bryce is who came up with the idea of the map forgery!

Now we’ll look at the next set of pages in the BSC book lieing about this map.

The book says that Stephenson “passed the map to General Donovan who handed it to President Roosevelt. On 27 October 1941, the President made a forthright speech in which he referred to the map as a proof of German plans for aggression against the Western Hemisphere.

There was nothing forthright about Roosevelt’s speech, as you are about to see. The guy was so damn twitchy it was a miracle he even got the speech out at all!



The second red arrow notes that “three weeks later a BSC agent in Argentina…reported that…there were only two copies of the map. One was in Hitler’s safe; the other was with von Thermann.” showing that the Brits were still trying to make the damn thing seem real.

This is really an amazing exercise in just how MUCH these motherfuckers will lie to accomplish what they want.

Something we would all do well to remember because it’s still that way even now.

– – –

President Roosevelt, who then announced this forgery live to millions of Americans – knew it was forged and that it wasn’t “captured” from the Nazis or any other such total horseshit.

Roosevelt speech –

Hitler has often protested that his plans for conquest do not extend across the Atlantic Ocean. His submarines and raiders prove otherwise. So does the entire design of his new world order.

For example, I have in my possession a secret map [said in deliberately deep tones, slow and serious] made in Germany by Hitler’s Government—by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America, as Hitler proposes to reorganize it.’

‘A map secured by the diligence of America’s Foreign Service, from the highest and most redoubtable quarters of Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich, which depicts our sister continent as it will be’ – pause- ‘after the Nazi victory.’

‘These grim truths which I have told you of the present and future plans of Hitlerism will of course be hotly denied tomorrow in the controlled press and radio of the Axis Powers.’ [he just pre-positioned that anyone who denies the veracity of the map is a Nazi]

‘The protestations of these American citizens – few in number – [there were millions, not “a few” ] will, as usual, be paraded with applause through the Axis press and radio during the next few days…The motive of such Americans is not the point at issue.’

[He just made it an issue. See how obviously British this is?]

‘And when we have helped to end the curse of Hitlerism we shall help to establish a new peace which will give to decent people everywhere a better chance to live and prosper in security and in freedom and in faith.

[…a new peace the real New World Order plan – see that? Just like the League of Nations front group – the NSL – in WWI with their “just and careful peace”. And what happens to those labelled indecent, one wonders.]

Note: This “peace” and the seditious plans around it, were immortalized in a speech given by George Brock Chisholm – titled: The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress.

– References: President Roosevelt Address for Navy and Total Defense Day – October 27 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library & Museum Collection: Grace Tully Archive, Series: Grace Tully Papers, Box 5; Folder = FDR Inscribed Speeches: Navy and Total Defense Day Address, October 27, 1941
There is a cautionary note on the original by Stephen Early, Secretary to the President, that says:
Caution: The following address of the President, to be delivered at the dinner to be held at the Mayflower Hotel in celebration of “Navy and Total Defense Day”, MUST BE HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE UNTIL RELEASED.
Followed by some specific instructions as to the Press, the note then reiterates:
– text of speech also available at The Jewish Virtual Library


I swear –

Could he say new world order any more times, falsely laying that at Hitler’s feet? Oh yea, the idea of a new world order was ONLY a Hitler idea.

The New World Order is Hitler’s idea –

Now that’s a Kermit moment right there. Seriously.

Here is the actual written copy of the speech made up for F.D.R to read, courtesy of the Grace Tully Archives. It was nicknamed “Fight Speech”.

(click to enlarge)

Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives

Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-2Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-3Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-4 Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-5

I apologize for the ignorance (and false propagandizing) associated with the youtube user that posted the following very real clip of Roosevelt saying a key part of the above live. Until I find a better source, this will have to do for now, but you can still see how obvious it is that Roosevelt is nervous as hell, and he has many “tells” that he show that he knows he is lieing.

Also note the pretentious character with the cane, in the left corner – I believe that is one of Roosevelt’s British handlers, possibly Lord Lothian.



As you can see –

Roosevelt point-blank LIED to America about “Hitlers Map”.


He did it at the request of his British handlers who were losing the battle to control American minds – millions of Americans were banding together to stop this sick maneuvering by the British. He did it to scare us into going to War!


Creating strife and contention, where there was none.


The next day – in an effort to try and help distract from this obvious forgery by British Intelligence – radio announcer Raymond Swing attempted to misdirect the public attention onto the Nazi press attacking the authenticity of these documents – as if the fact that the Nazis attacked them meant the documents were “therefore” credible.

Oh man, is that ugly. The Nazis were right though.

The British knew that, of course, they would recognize it was a forgery, so they used their truthful statement to then give their damn forgery credibility!

That press attack was totally controlled through British intelligence assets, as history now reveals.

From my BSC Compendium, Section V

WRUL was the only short-wave wireless station in the US not run for profit. It was founded by IBM guru Walter Lemmon to “spread international goodwill”.

Note: If you know your history, IBM is who also provided the machines for tabulating the Jews for the Nazis.I don’t think that exactly came under spreading international goodwill, I say as drily as possible.

It’s power, 50,000 watts was unsurpassed by any other station in the Americas or Germany. Through cut-outs, BSC began to supply it with everything it needed to run a first-class international program, including subsidizing it financially.

WRUL was one of the very few stations powerful enough to be heard easily in Europe – it began regularly sending programs to England, Yugoslavia, Holland, Belgium, Rumania, Germany, and Italy.

WS recruited foreign news editors, translators and announcers to “serve” on its staff. It furnished it with material for new bulletins, specially prepared scripts for talks and commentaries and with transcribed programmes.

Raymond Swing – a leading American voice from Britain during World War II – he was one of the regular broadcasters utilized by the BSC. He is also who was chosen to try and stave off the correct accusations that “the Hitler map” was an outright forgery by the BSC.

(ref re: Swing broadcasting for WRUL – Harvard Crimson magazine May 2,1941)

By the middle of 1941, WRUL was literally a subsidiary of BSC, sending out British propaganda all over the world.

The British slavemasters used us Americans to front for (and make it look like we did it alone) – again.

Daily broadcasts went out in no less than 22 different languages. Sir Samule Hoare asked for an immediate propaganda campaign designed to convince Spain that she would be the loser if she entered the war on Germany’s side – in May of 1941.

BSC WRUL broadcasts written by BSC agents launched in June.

Raymond Swing

Raymond Swing

The following evening after Roosevelts speech/broadcast, here is what Swing broadcasted on the radio. He had started out having tried to re-characterize press attacks from all sides of the veracity of these so-called “documents”, as having been Nazi press attacks, and then continued with one of the lamest explanations ever as to why no-one can actually see these documents.

The excerpts chosen were mostly those telling about the secret map of a Nazi-fied Latin America and the plans for a Nazi church to replace all other religions. These were branded as forgeries, as the President had foreseen they would be. In Washington Mr. Roosevelt at his press conference today did not throw more light on these two disclosures. The Latin American map, he said, could not be published because notations on it would reveal its source. That, he said, might jeopardize the source and perhaps eliminate a fountainhead of valuable information. He also said he could not make public the religious documents.

…The President’s speech, I should add, pleased the British.

– News for Everyman: Radio and Foreign Affairs in Thirties America by David Holbrook Culbert, page 117.

Yeah, I’m sure it did please the British.

How very droll of him.


Last point here – the BSC book (in the image I showed you earlier) documents both a sickening display of covert gloating and a particularly slimy reference to the “shocked” good citizens of America – “The discovery of the map was convincing proof of Germany’s intentions in Latin America and came as a tremendous shock to all good citizens of the United States.

You know, I think it’s important to point out the importance of that at least Bryce told the truth about what he did – even if he didn’t fully reveal the role of his handlers.

So, thank you Bryce, wherever you are.

Ivar Bryce

Ivar Bryce

But even ALL this, everything leading up to this moment in time, still could not turn the tide of views by Americans into wanting a goddamn alliance with Britain. We would be literally losing our soul, as Americans, and shitting on the graves of all the true American forefathers, selling out and betraying everything so many fought and died for in the American Revolution that broke free of the British.

So then they really went over the top –

Pearl Harbor.

Which as I showed you in that 1943 publication earlier – they actually tried to blame on Senator Borah (and anyone actually like him).

President Roosevelt knew (as many authors, including CIA agent Miles Copeland documented) and he let this STAGED ATTACK happen to force Americans to believe “Germany” was coming. He let all those boys die just to LIE to us.

There are literally no words to describe what I feel towards everyone that had anything to do with making this happen.

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America entered the war.

So, when we see one of THE men responsible, Robert Vansittart saying this in reference to WWII:

The German preparations for this war began in 1919.

And him quoting Round Table let’s-rule-the-world General Smuts saying this:

this …war is but a continuation of the last

You’re looking at one hell of a propaganda creation there that leaves out the British involvement in ALL of it. With American sycophants of the British Empire right there steppin’ and fetchin’ to help them.

The main objective of American foreign policy since 1900 has been the preservation of the British Empire.
– Back Door to War by historian Charles Callan Tansill; Chicago University Press, 1952 p. 3

You can read an excellent accounting of the Pearl Harbor travesty in my husbands book The Reckoning, Chapter 5-2 British Intelligence Sabotaging America.

I am so utterly proud of my fellow Americans who even after Pearl Harbor still held to their correct conviction that neither Roosevelt nor the British were trustworthy, I am just floored with admiration actually.

In the BSC book, under Chapter 3, section Western Hemisphere Intelligence, there is a rather lame explanation of the cursory treatment given to this holding out against this most massive of their intelligence efforts.

The BSC penetrated the Gallup Poll organization by the end of 1941, one of the assistant directors was a British subject. He then began funneling confidential poll information to BSC. At the beginning of 1942, BSC has Gallup, through Harvey Cantril, Director of the Office of Public Opinion Research at Princeton, help them secretly find out what American public opinion was now towards Great Britain. The results were not pleasing to the BSC. Americans didn’t trust Roosevelt or the British.

BSC drew up a propaganda plan (which itself was propaganda) called Fifth Column Propaganda of the Axis in the United States, trying to pin all that resistance as being simply and only because of Nazi Propaganda.

Ye old Fight For Freedom organization immediately starts totally blatantly propagandizing exactly Vansittart’s plan for Germany – what he wanted to DO to them. Look at their new logo – a broken Nazi symbol.

Image from p. 12 – x collection 078 Fight for Freedom pdf

Their Brochure was now being published in London directly:

Editorial & Publishing Services Ltd.
39 Berkeley Court, Baker Street, London, N.W.I

It promoted Roosevelt now desperately saying Vansittarts own words.

“They must be disarmed and kept disarmed, and they must abandon the philosophy and the teaching of that philosophy which has brought so much suffering to the world.”—President Roosevelt to United States Congress, 7th January, 1942.

x collection 078 Fight for Freedom pdf

Taking the first part of Roosevelt’s speech to Congress (obviously written for him by someone connected to British intelligence)

  • They must be disarmed and kept disarmed

Compare to Vansittart in Lessons of My Life (1943) –

The truths in this book have a cumulative duty—to justify the programme from which I have never departed. That programme is Security, and the peoples of the world are entitled to exact Security from their Governments. It is for those Governments to exact it from Germany. In what does such Security reside? In not only the utter defeat but the complete abolition of German militarism in every one of its manifestations and organisations, material or spiritual.

…it means the total and permanent suppression of all paramilitary organisations, no matter under what labels—such as Youth and Sport—they may masquerade. It means the aboltion of over-industrialised Germany’s war-potential, and the ending of her dreams of economic hegemony.

We must be prepared to repress relentlessly any attempts at revival.

See what I mean?

Ok, now the second point of Roosevelt’s speech –

  • they must abandon the philosophy and the teaching of that philosophy which has brought so much suffering to the world

Compare to Vansittart on page 15 of Black Record: Germans Past and Present – 1941

But the facts which I am going to connect for you do show that if Germany, after a long and unbroken record of evil-doing, is ever to cease to be a curse to herself and to everyone else, she will have to undergo the most thorough spiritual cure in history; and part at least of that cure will have to be self-administered. It will have to comprise a complete change of heart, mind and soul; of taste and temperament and habit; a new set of morals and values, a new, a brand-new way of looking at life. Such an achievement is not inconceivable; but it will at the very best be extremely difficult.

Compare to Vansittart on front dust jacket copy of Lessons of My Life (1943)

In the opinion of the author, it is an illusion to differentiate between the German right, centre, or left, or the German Catholics or Protestants, or the German workers or capitalists. They are all alike, and the only hope for a peaceful Europe is a crushing and violent military defeat followed by a couple of generations of re-education controlled by the United Nations.

Exactly the same ideas.

What’s also interesting is comparing what Roosevelt said about Vansittart’s sociopathic views just a couple months earlier on November 7, 1941 –


For example, he [Roosevelt] was impressed by a series of broadcasts attacking Germany put out from London by Sir Robert Vansittart, the Chief Diplomatic Adviser to the Foreign Office and subsequently published under the title, Black Record. On November 7, 1941, while the United States was still neutral, he sent the texts of these broadcasts to Donovan with a memorandum saying he thought it could be used with great effect by some broadcaster in this country:

Quoting Roosevelt:

“if it were edited* to suit our needs. Also, I am inclined to think that the efforts to prove that the Germans have always been barbarians for a thousand years as a nation go a bit too far. Those paragraphs should be stressed which place the blame on the German people for following utterly destructive leadership–and on the leaders themselves.” (Roosevelt. Ill, 399)

*Editing is referring to taking out the more British or British Empire sentences or paragraphs.



As you can see, in just two short months Roosevelt has gone from saying what he really thought, that Vansittart’s views are going too far, to allowing his William Stephenson (WS) controlled speech writer to make him practically state Vansittart’s views verbatim in his 7 January 1942 speech to Congress.

The sick thing, is that what this new Fifth Column Propaganda of the Axis plan was about, was things that people were doing that were actually primarily the actions of BRITISH intelligence. But as usual for these skeezy bastards, they wanted to pin it on real people of integrity and yet again position them as being Nazis.

So, what happened next was that the Brits in propaganda under Stephenson and Vansittart “researched” those dang isolationists and then manufactured a thick report “showing” that its source seemed to be a single group.

The report was handed in to Roosevelt who “did not realize how widespread and how purposeful this propaganda was”.

Oh fricking please.

Roosevelt is so gone now. Such a total tool.

He might as well don a pair of tits and a blond wig at this point. He’s repeatedly having stereotypical ‘blonde’ moments.

On 23 February 1942 faithful little British dog Roosevelt delivered a speech – which, let us not forget, all his speeches were being written by a man controlled by WS. Roosevelt was heard to be denouncing “rumour-mongers and poison-peddlers in our midst.”

You’re enabling one of them, Mr. Roosevelt.

The paragraph in the BSC report that was the “inspiration” for this new fabulous! plan was this one:

“The objective of the Axis propagandists now is (1) weaken American unity and war morale (2) meantime, separate the US from the Allies (3) thus, achieve the Axis plan – ‘Divide and Conquer’…They cannot now demand that the US sever ties with Britain and Russia and China as Allies; instead they demand that the US pick its own theatre of war and fight there, and withhold supplies from the Allies…”Britain is finished as a great power”….Whispering and rumour-mongering are the chief weapons of…the Axis propagandists following Aixs radio lines, and of the Axis radio quoting misstatements by American people such as Hearst…”

Compare that to the Presidents speech, which said:

The object of the Nazis and the Japanese is to separate the US, Britain, China, and Russia, and to isolate them from one another, so that each will be surrounded and cut off from sources of supplies and reinforcements. It is the old familiar Axis policy of “Divide and Conquer”…There are those who…advise us to pull our warships into our own home waters, and concentrate solely on last-ditch defense…he consequences of Pearl Harbor have been wildly exaggerated…originally by Axis propagandists, but repeated by Americans in and out of public life…Almost every Axis broadcast directly quotes Americans who by speech or in the press make damnable misstatements….

There he goes again, obviously stating whatever the hell the British put in front of him to say. What a wreck he was at this point. I almost feel sorry for the guy.


You know, even after Pearl Harbor, much of the themes and methods employed by the new COI as to propaganda were suggested by the BSC.

The BSC book gives us another example of some of their “Model rumours” that the COI was being trained to do. This one was about that the British Admiralty requested that a story should be broadcast from South America just before the Conference (15 January 1942) to the effect that the Axis powers intended to make a display of naval strength off the South American coast, and that British naval forces in the South Atlantic had therefore been reinforced.

On 9 January the story was released simultaneously in the New York press with a Buenos Aires dateline, and in the Beunos Aires Critica with a Dakar dateline Both the New York and Argentine news agencies cabled it to one another for confirmation, and thus gave it added weight. The AP and UP were asked for confirmation. By 11 January the story was widespread in Rio.

The final proof of the story’s “credibility” was that a section of the Admiralty which had NOT been informed of the intended rumour campaign heard the story and asked SIS/London to check it. London, in turn, telegraphed BSC. The rumur had completed a full circle. It’s objective was achieved. Latin American powers were swung against the Axis at the historic Rio conference.

You gotta appreciate the irony there of the BSC’s own rumor being reported to BSC.

Meanwhile –

The Political Warfare branch of the COI was headed by Robert Sherwood, Edmond Taylor and Joseph Barnes and were right on board the BSC’s new “Fifth Column” everywhere plan.

This new plan was used to spearhead the Spy laws, violate the constitution and start using the British tactic of mail censorship – something that had never been allowed in the U.S.

Of course, the first targets were “Nazi sympathizers” – who, were ALL actually British agents. The two most highly advertised by BSC, thereby creating even more distancing there to their agents, were Father Coughlin and William Pelley. Coughlin’s Social Justice and Pelley’s The Galiliean, X-Ray and Publicity were all banned from U.S. mail.

This was then used a part of a show-trial on “sedition” – which, really WAS a show. One of THE worst offenders, Radio Priest and Catholic Psycho Father Coughlin –

Coughlin was allowed to get off with the shore story being that BSC was “afraid” of the effect on Catholic voters otherwise.

This was just a real mess.

On page 65 of the – FBI’s Vault PDF Charles Lindbergh (Fight For Freedom and America First) we have someone reporting to Winchell what Pelley is saying, and that all goes to Hoover. Can you believe that? Its amazing to see another example of where none of these people seem to know they are ALL working for the British!

Reporting to Lieut. Commander Walter Winchell, Daily Mirror, on Pelley’s latest Galilean January 12 1942.

This letter is routed to Hoover and discusses p. 12 of Pelley’s latest “Galilean” from January 12, 1942 and quotes how it talks about Walter Winchell. Pelley is actually making some good points in it, but what he is really doing is trying to encourage more “free speech” so that his masters can more easily identify whom to target with games like Vik or something more sinister, like charging them with “Un-American” activities.

Pelley writes:

One gathers from the Sunday night broadcasts of publicity expert Walter Winchell that it is quite all right for the Constitution to guarantee freespeech, provided it isn’t too much free speech or that it doesn’t partake of criticism of persons who are of walter’s persuasion. Then and in such event the Constitution should be thrust into a concentration camp pronto.

He immediately positions such highly accurate statements with racial slurs though, when he says: “He emblazons the opinion in his column–let us hope not motivated by an alleged Jewish wife–” Effectively trying to have it be perceived that anyone who feels this way about Winchell – that he is a propagandist tool of the British – is of course an anti-Jew and pro-Hitler. Not an accident, but see how slickly that was done?

The author of the letter, who I call “the Spike” in this set-up and spike action, brings home the bacon and positions Pelley as doing “treasonable utterances”.

Considering he’s a deep cover British agent, we’ll just file that under –

Jumping ahead a bit here – Pelley’s “trial” took place during the summer of 1942 and was just a farce. He was ‘the head on a pike’, but not much of one, you understand.

This was the second time that Pelley had served this “head on a pike” function to both position others as “like” him and to scare people away from speaking out like Porter Sargent and Senator Borah. Pelley had also been questioned at the Dies Committee in February 1940.

If you’d like, you can read the William Dudley Pelley article for more on him, but a few points are interesting for my purposes in this article.

On page 69 of the x collection 078 Fight for Freedom PDF, there is a Memorandum from FBI man J.K.Mumford concerning Pelley’s case dated August 1, 1942 talking about how “the Government” has rested its case and that the following week the defense witnesses would appear. He cites 4 names, top of the list is Charles A. Lindbergh.

Page 72 points out in an August 4, 1942 memorandum that Pelley (and several of his associates) are standing trial for violation of the Sedition statutes. Just like the British intelligence and BSC had planned it in their Fifth Column plan.

Lindbergh was only allowed on the stand for 10 minutes when the Government attorney objected to the questions asked which was sustained!

Know why?

Because they were asking him questions that could lead to revealing his intelligence connections to the British, etc. Reminds me of what happened in the Lusitania court case.

Truth? Is that allowed here?

Apparently not.

– – –

Coming back to the earlier part of 1942 now –

The BSC also got Gallup to suppress certain poll results that are quite interesting. For example, Gallup took a poll in England in 1942 which showed that only half of the entire British people thought that Britain was doing its utmost to win the war.

Perhaps even more interesting as to suppressed results, was the ones that revealed that an overwhelming percentage of Americans were in favour of immediate self-government for India and of the formation of a Palestinian Army.

Isn’t that interesting? THEY LIE about everything, these guys.

BSC started producing an intelligence report for intelligence in the Americas called the Western Hemishere Weekly Intelligence Bulletin. It was produced weekly for over two years. It was routed to London for the various intelligence agencies, Washington to the British Embassy, Ottowa for the Department of External Affairs (foreign intelligence, Cecil and Cavendish families), the British Imperial Censorship stations, all SIS and SOE reps in the America officers, etc.

1942 March approximately – SOE sent Anthony Keswick “to Washington to assess the strength of COI vis-a-vis its bureaucratic enemies.” 10 – note 9 re: ritchie calder

David K. E. Bruce

1942 March 11 – ROOM secret society member and Naval Reserve Officer David K.E. Bruce (now head of Special Intelligence OCI) tasks Wallace B. Phillips to write a “how to do intelligence” memo – which starts out quoting a secret memorandum from February 3, 1941 written by John L. Riheldaffer, head of Astor’s ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) Foreign espionage new division – Special Intelligence Branch aka OP-16-Z. This document by Phillips would form one of the backbone training documents of the soon-to-be-formed OSS Special Intelligence division.


Phillips, reading from a memorandum that he wrote:

It is axiomatic that espionage must have no visible and detectable connection with the government it serves. Espionage agents are habitually repudiated by their own governments in order that presumably friendly relations may be preserved.

Agents like William Pelley and Charles Lindbergh, perhaps?

Meanwhile –

Fight For Freedom is pumpin’ out the ole propaganda just 3 days later – 

p.14 stamped March 14 1942 – x collection 078 Fight for Freedom pdf.

Totally cheezy crap, as usual.

In the BSC book Part IV secret intelligence it talks about Stephenson using Vincent Astor to help him run an op in April 1942.

WS used Astor (they were close friends) to block a scheme of Vichy French man Musa, by bringing his scheme up at a board meeting of Western Union in April 1942. Astor was a director.


Lord Wolmer/Selborne

1942 April – Round Table man and Churchill’s personal “spymaster” Lord Selborne (Roundell Palmer, 3rd Earl of Selborne, previously Viscount Lord Wolmer) replaces Hugh Dalton and takes over as Minister of Economic Warfare, putting him over the SOE. He holds this position from here to 1945, when he is succeeded by Lord Lovat. You’ll never guess what family Roundell was married into…he was married to the daughter of Robert Cecil. Nothing like keeping all that unbroken spying since Queen Elizabeth days all in the family, eh?

Selborne and his family, were one of the names that Professor Quigley revealed as being part of a secret society to make the whole world part of the British Empire. In his book Anglo/American Establishment – Quigley writes about this society’s meetings:

At various times since 1891, these meetings have been presided over by Rhodes, Lord Milner, Lord Selborne, Sir Patrick Duncan, Field Marshal Jan Smuts, Lord Lothian, and Lord Brand.

Quigley calls these people who meet like this, the Milner Group, but these people are subordinate (for the most part) to the Cecil family of Slavemasters, who go way back to the beginning of England’s quest to rule the world begun a few hundred years earlier.

I think that Nelson was cracking under the evil of what he was tasked to do, and was in ill health so the first thing that Lord Selborne did was retire him and appoint Sir Charles Hambro to replace him as head of SOE.

  • Note: Hambro had been a close friend of Churchill before the war, in fact, their families had intermarried.

Charles Jocelyn Hambro

Hambro’s first major action as head of the SOE was to meet with Colonel William Joseph Donovan, soon to be the head of the OSS and his opposite number. Note: In 1943, Gubbins replaced Hambro and remained SOE’s chief until the end of the war.

Hambro, by the way, happens to have been ALL involved with secreting away and funneling Nazi funds with the formation of the World Commerce Corporation – which I obtained the actual corporate documents of in 2017 – and he also happens to have been heading up the Bank of England in the City of London. Just one hell of a lovely mess of connections, that man is. Listing from World Commerce Corporation documents –

  • Sir Charles Hambro K.B.E.M. something – p. 31, 32 – head of SOE, chairman of Bank of England, Hambros bank City of London

Still trying to find ways to Steal Thunder from Porter Sargent etc., we have a unique development a couple weeks later.

Check this bullshit story –

A 23 May, 1942 article in the Ottawa Journal details a man named Frank Gervasi, a “observer reporter” based in Rome says that in 1939 he put out an article in Cosmopolitan that said that “both sides” – in reference to the European conflicts – were wrong and that the best way for America to save democracy was to “save America first”.

This was an absolutely blatant plagiarism of not only Jerome Frank’s 1938 book title and Porter Sargents work especially, but this opportunistic shill Gervasi goes even further and says “I have since been tortured by the idea“, he writes, “that Messiuers John T. Flynn and Charles Augustus Lindbergh swiped their isolationist battle cry from the title of that article.

Egads. What a transparent ploy, eh?

The BSC book gives us another example of one of their “rumours” – about a German submarine. In June of 1942, the Ministry of Information asked SOE to spread a rumour about a German submarine torpedoing a Brazilian ship. BSC originated the story in Argentina. It was cabled back to London as genuine news and denied with indignation over the German Wireless.

That same month, the BSC’s style, as to controlling American intelligence, gets a little cramped.

From The Reckoning Chapter Five – 2 British Intelligence Sabotaging America

President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9182 on June 13, 1942.
It split the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI) into two parts:

Office of War Information (OWI) – headed by Elmer Davis
Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – headed by William Donovan

Elmer Davis was a Rhodes scholar – a British agent.

Wikipedia has his real name as "David Choi" but I have not verified that as yet.Elmer Davis

British Security Coordination agents were actually assigned to OWI and were training and selecting the recruits.
Nearly a hundred OWI men underwent courses at the British Security Coordination training school (Camp X). 11

John Wheeler-Bennett was a member of the Round Table. He was in the United States from 1939 to 1944 in various propaganda positions. He admits in his autobiography to having been “one of the earliest workers for the secret propaganda unit, Department EH” (Electra House, MI 6 headquarters for propaganda).  15

Peter Cusick and Ulric Bell had telephone conversations twice a week with John Wheeler-Bennett of the British Information Service. And on several occasions they were asked to be present at the British Information Service office in Rockefeller Center, while the British agents received confidential telephone messages from officials in London. 16

John Wheeler-BennettSir John Wheeler Wheeler-Bennett

For two years, John Wheeler-Bennett was head of the secret Political Warfare Executive in New York. The purpose of this office was to maintain liaison with the American Office of War Information. Wheeler-Bennett said “…the leaders of the OWI in New York were all personal friends of mine…”  Wheeler-Bennett was a member of the Round Table.   15

He was also a very early member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (1924) with “research” programs funded by Rockefeller starting in 1932, as the x collection 078 Fight for Freedom PDF clearly shows in a September 1950 document on page 40.


The Office of War Information also censored American media. Telling the media what to say and what not to say – is a violation of the Constitution that guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The BSC talks about it too – marked by the blue arrows.

The OWI Bureau of Motion Pictures also examined all movie scripts. Ulric Bell was head of Bureau of Motion Pictures.
Ulric Bell proposed that Elmer Davis should request that British Information Services (John Wheeler-Bennett) write guidelines for Hollywood filmmakers on how to portray Britain in films.

According to Elmer Davis, “The easiest way to inject a propaganda idea into most people’s minds is to let it go through the medium of an entertainment picture when they do not realize that they are being propagandized”.  17

By using Americans to issue propaganda, that gives the appearance it is American propaganda, but those Americans were really British agents who were issuing British propaganda.

The British Security Coordination operated under a rule to never allow the American people to find out that British intelligence had infiltrated and influenced the American government and media.

Under Guiding Principles, second rule, Political Warfare “demanded that the officers responsible should work in strictly covert fashion and should guard against the least risk of their output (or other results of their activity) being traced back to them or identified as British propaganda.”

– British Security Coordination, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940 – 1945

When the OWI was set up this kind of curtailed the interaction of BSC and the former COI men’s political warfare section that had been set up under Elmer Davis to control all foreign propaganda. Sherwood Eddy (Office of Naval Intelligence) and his men were transferred to OWI, COI became the OSS.

In the summer of 1942, even after these separations BSC agents were actually assigned to OWI and were training and selecting the recruits. 85 OWI men, who had been selected for overseas duty, underwent courses at the BSC training school (Camp X).

One of the main things that they were drummed on was British imperial policy to try and handle their “emotional anti-British prejudice”.

BSC book:

“The instructors impressed their OWI pupils with the essential sincerity and altruism which dictate imperial policy.”

British imperial policy is based on Sincerity and Altruism???? Oh fer…that’s another Kermit moment right there.

That’s about like looking at this guy talking about “sincerity” and “altruism”.

I am sincere and just want to help you – don’t you believe me?


Spare me British slavemasters pleading sincerity and altruism. Really. You hear that, it’s time to run for the hills.




Warring over the Drug and Diamond Trade
(and some other things)

More attacks on Senator Borah and Porter Sargent


Chapter 4 BSC book –

As the Diamonds and Drugs trade heated up in South America, British intelligence headquarters took back control of the SIS stations (from BSC) in March of 1943.

The Soongs –

The 1874, 75, 76 time period is also when the Keswick Taipan branch of opium smugglers came to the forefront. It began from a great-nephew of William Jardine’s older sister, Jean Johnstone. Jardine (a homosexual nicknamed the Iron Rat by the Chinese) had died childless and unmarried. William Keswick (1834–1912) would be Taipan for the next 22 years from 1874 to 1886.

When the British put Cixi as ’empress’ of China, they began sponsoring special families. It was William Keswick that was responsible for sponsoring Soong to go to America to be ‘educated’.

Charles Soong went to America some time after 1878, then moved to Boston where his paper “uncle” opened a tea shop. Visitors were cousins named Wen Bing-chung (B.C. Wen) and New Shan-chow (S.C. New) – political operatives against the Manchu Dynasty, and business associates in Shanghai when they returned there. All three married into the same prominent Catholic family and became brothers-in-law with the wedding of Soong to Ni Kwei-Tseng (Katherine Hsu) in 1887.

They married into the Xu family.

Charlie married Ni Kwei-Tseng (Katherine Xu) in 1887. She was the daughter of Lady Xu who was a direct descendant of Jesuit convert Xu Guangqi.

If you have read my library article Why China part 1, then you know that he was the one that Jesuit Matteo Ricci recruited to help him fabricate Confucianism, and that Ricci also used him to hide mathematical principles in dragons and other symbolism to keep the knowledge from the ‘unwashed masses’.

Matteo and Xu

When he returned from America, Charlie immediately joined (and took control) of the Triad called the Red Gang, and in 1888 he joined a secret society dedicated to the overthrow of the Qing dynasty.

If you know your history now from reading my Why China and Korean History part one articles (and now this one) you know that was a total slavemaster operation controlled in tandem by both the British and the Vatican.

It was about DRUGS and SLAVERY


Slavery, what today we call human trafficking, that they are still covertly backing while pretending to publicly wring their hands over the ‘horror’ of it all.

Wen and New brought Soong into the inner sanctions of triad life – these were the gangs that Keswick (Jardine and Matheson) depended on for moving his opium in and out of China.

The “Red” and “Green” gangs etc. of the late 1800’s controlled by the British and the Vatican that handled all the opium trafficking, human trafficking, all forms of crime-for-profit. Once the British took control of Hong Kong it became the undisputed power capital of all the crime gang/secret societies. These Triads then completely dominated the Chinese underworld.

A NY Times book review correctly cites the double life of Charlie Soong –

NEVERTHELESS, Charlie Soong is the most rounded character in Mr. Seagrave’s gallery – ”somewhere between pimp and patrician.” ”With Sunday school at one extreme, Red Gang at the other, Charlie led a tidy double life,” […]
(NY Times – THE CLAN THAT CHANGED CHINA (1985 article)

But interestingly enough, amidst the blowhard ‘I’m exposing it” rhetoric there is no emphasis at all on the fact of his conversion to Catholicism upon his marriage into the Xu family, or just what that really meant.

The Catholic Connection.

Charlie had six children, one of which was Mei-Ling Soong. She was considered one of what was dubbed “the Soong Sisters”.

They were (from oldest to youngest) named –

Soong Ai-ling Simplified Chinese: 宋蔼龄
Traditional Chinese: 宋藹齡
Pinyin: Sòng Ǎilíng The eldest sister (1888–1973). She was married to the richest man and finance minister of China, H. H. Kung.

Soong Ching-ling Simplified Chinese: 宋庆龄
Traditional Chinese: 宋慶齡
Pinyin: Sòng Qìnglíng The middle sister (1893–1981). She married Sun Yat-sen, Father of Modern China and first President of the Republic of China, in Japan on 25 October 1915. She later broke with her family and supported the Communists, remaining on the mainland after the Communist takeover. She became joint Vice President of the People’s Republic of China with Dong Biwu from 1959 to 1972 and Honorary President in 1981, just before her death.

Soong Mei-ling Simplified Chinese: 宋美龄
Traditional Chinese: 宋美齡
Pinyin: Sòng Měilíng The youngest sister (1898–2003). She was a prominent political leader in her own right, the wife and partner in power of Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Kuomintang (KMT), commander in chief of the Chinese armies and later President of the Republic of China.

The Maoist saying “One loved money, one loved power, one loved her country” (Chinese: 一個愛錢、一個愛權、一個愛國) referred to Ai-ling, May-ling, and Ching-ling in that order.

Mei-Ling married Chiang Kai-shek, who would become a key figure in vamping up the opium trade for the British to America, an operation headed by OSS man Paul Helliwell.

…there was a tight link between Chiang and the Shanghai Green Gang racketeers who controlled opium, prostitution and the labor force on the docks and in the factories; these criminals were protected by the foreign powers in China – the French simply made the head of the Green Gang the chief of detectives in the French Concession, so that all other criminals stayed away – and Chiang needed money from opium sales for his own militarization program. (NY Times – THE CLAN THAT CHANGED CHINA March 17, 1985 book review about a new book by Seagraves about the Soong Family)


See the following articles for more about this family and other events related to British and Vatican drug-dealing and human trafficking.

So, with all that in mind – check out what I have for you.

I found (in the internet archive) a rare audio copy of an Address by ye old Dragon drug-dealing Lady herself, Madame Chiang To Congress, 02-18-1943.

Kind of sickening, when you know who she really is.

A couple months later in May, the BSC book tells us that four out of a team of six OWI students who had already attended month’s course at the OWI school on Long island were anti-British, but that after they were “educated” in the proper attitude to have towards the British Imperial policy and it’s sincerity and altruism, they all became …and get this…”unconsciously but enthusiastically pro-British.”

What the hell does that even mean?

If they were unconsciously pro-British, how would the Brits even know that? They’re just totally making up shit!

I sense with my telepathic powers that you are unconsciously Pro-British now…

Okey dokey then.

The BSC book tells us that in June, as far as press manipulation went, Stephenson found a way to get around the OSS/OWI creation and had found an American lawyer to act as a go-between to get materials to Walter Winchell. As their relationship grew closer, BSC agents were allowed to actually CREATE the text that appeared in Winchell’s column. Stephenson actually required that all important conversations with this unnamed intermediary be recorded.

The BSC was also engaged in directly (but covertly) influencing U.S. media, including newspaper columns by Drew Pearson. I had always suspected there was something wrong with that guy. It’s nice to see it confirmed.

Elmer Davis and the OWI were now in full racist overdrive, producing horribly over-the-top propaganda films like: “Our Enemy, The Japanese” (1943) using a British Round Table man as the narrator. The gall of that choice is…unforgivable. To say the least.


As a bit of a reprise with an expansion, it’s here in time that Clark Eichelberger and yet another BSC front group are in overdrive on attacking people like Borah (without actually naming him). The Non-Partisan Council To Win The Peace 1319 F st. northwest, Washington (4) D.C. put out a pamphlet distributed by Freedom House located at 32 East 51st Street, New York 22, N.Y.

Still black pring the original Lindbergh, the original La Follette (not the sons) and Senator Borah three years after his death, and worse, they are doing it in a push for the second version of the League of Nations – the United Nations and Senate Resolution 114, known as the Ball-Burton-Hatch-Hill resolution asking to form the United Nations even before the end of the war and here’s the carrot – that “it” will “try to shorten the way”.


Starts out with image of the bill being trapped.

In 1919, a minority of Senators set a policy for the nation without having mandate to do so.

We, the people, are partly to blame because we did not raise a strong enough voice against a few powerful senior senators.

They made the choice for us. They set us on the road to isolationism.

They blamed them for the deaths in Manchuria, Ethiopia, Austria, Czechoslovokia, Holland, Norway in France.

Yea, right.

The second page actually had the nerve to blame America for the Nazis and the War, exactly like Vansittart was controlling the propaganda on, as detailed in The Mist Procession: The Autobiography of Lord Vansittart, was published posthumously in 1958. (Can be borrowed at the Internet Archive.)

Page 141 he tells us that American obstruction – to giving them money and fighting their war for them – was only another example of “the wholesale inability to see the side on which one’s bread is buttered.

pages 239/40 –

Such chances as the world possessed were dissipated by egotism in the United States.

He compares some fable called ‘Knives and Scissors’ and says that “the American story was scarcely more adult.

The New Worldlings were off on their own again….The Americans red-faced in their defection pretended to themselves--and to the listening losers--that chief responsibility for the war did not rest with Germans but with big business, bankers, British Imperialism, British propaganda and other even uglier words beginning with b.

…American historians of high standing multiplied exonerations of the aggressors without having the wit to realise that the whitewash depended on documents systematically falsified.

Vansittart talking about others falsifying documents is a bit…well, you know.

But probably the most gross lie is in the last two paragraphs.

The world knows that, in matters that concern it, our Senate is the most powerful body in the U.S. Some people, including many Americans, go still further. They ask:

“Did the U.S. Senate in 1919 unwittingly vote for Pearl Harbor?”

That is straight-out blaming Borah, right there.

page 6 provides “letters” from unnamed individuals showing their support. Like a soldier fighting the way pleading that this be done – saying that approving it (the United Nations) will be “winning this greatest of all victories.”

“Isolation ended with the shriek of the Japanese bombers over Peal Harbor and the dying moans of Americans.”

The question which the Burton-Ball-Hatch-Hill resolution asks of the American people is:

…shall we, this time, use our strength in the world to make as certain as we can that never again will American lives be sacrificed?”

It is in this very booklet, on page 15,  that we get the dead giveaway of promoting Vansittart, only no one then would have known just how significant this is, except maybe Porter Sargent and people like him.

Right Hon. Lord Vansittart broadcast August 1, 1943 Fight for Freedom

I met Mussolini once or twice in the earlier thirties, and ‘therefore knew him – not well of course, but as well as one usually knows foreign notorioties before forming some sort of judgment upon them.

…If Mussolini had confined himself to internal politics, he would have left a name that was only detestable. Betaking himself to the fields of foreign affairs , wherein his conceit was only equalled by his ignorance, he became that rare combination – a cynic and a fool.

A card-sharper looks silly when spare aces are always slipping out of his sleeve, From being anti-German, Mussolini became a jackboot-licker, and finished up as a buffoon. I doubt whether he has the physical courage to commit suicide, but nothing now could make his end anything but ridiculous.

Mr. Churchill said on Tuesday last that our main adversary was and is Germany. On that conception I based my policy throughout my tenure at the Foreign Office.

x collection 078 Fight for Freedom pdf

Speaking of Porter, now let’s get into some of the attacks going on now against him. Guess who pops up again?


Flanders Hall published a list which included twenty books urging strict isolationism and seeking to prejudice opinion against aid to the Allies. As a German agent during the World War, Viereck had played an almost identical role. He published The Fatherland and later Viereck’s American Monthly, on whose masthead was the motto: “America First and America Only.” In his book Spreading Germs of Hate which he wrote after the war, Viereck indicated:

Every propagandist drapes himself in the flag. The objective of German propaganda was three-fold; to strengthen and replenish Germany; to weaken and harass Germany’s foes; and to keep America out of war.

UNDER COVER My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld of America: The Amazing Revelation of How Axis Agents
and Our Enemies Within Are Now Plotting to Destroy the United States by JOHN ROY CARLSON; June 1943

This guy, whose real name was Avedis Derounian, self-described as: “As investigator of subversive activity, the author joined or became affiliated with many self-styled’ “patriotic” groups, some of which are listed below…America First Committee

He worked for Friends of Democracy, a British intelligence front group, starting in 1940. His book was used to further attempt to portray Porter as a “victim” or “dupe” of Nazi propaganda – right out of the BSC’s new Fifth Column plan.

Then, we have this a-hole named Lawrence Dennis who also gets himself positioned with Sargent, which, of course, gets used to smear Porter by association.

In Chapter 8 (ref below) Dennis is charged with sedition for supposedly seeking to incite mutiny among the armed forces and establish a Nazi regime in the United States. Friends begin to desert him. The trial generates enormous publicity, as Chapter 9 notes.

Fascism on Trial Chapter 8 –

“I learned last week from one who had recently been in Washington,” he said in early 1942, “that many Southerners, notably of the Foreign Relations Committee . . . are now quite sick over what is happening. They are sick over the leftward orientation and the implications for race relations. But it is too late for them to reverse the trend. They did not want the labor and race relations policy the Administration has to follow in order to fight this war any more than they wanted to fight the war. They merely wanted Britain to win. War or peace is never the issue. Nor is socialism or capitalism.”10

10. Lawrence Dennis to Porter Sargent, 23 March 1942, File No. 97-218-192 (Lawrence Dennis’s FBI file) 97-HQ218, Sections 7–8, FBI. 1

The Color of Fascism Lawrence Dennis, Racial Passing, and the Rise of Right-Wing Extremism in the United States by Gerald Horne; 2006

So, now Porter is being positioned as Right-Wing (which is a total farce and part of the reversal Dyarchy game there) but also an EXTREMIST and as somehow supportive of FASCISM.

Give me a large fricking break. Porter wrote against fascism, as did Borah. He never ever was pro it. Ever. And he was no extremist either.

So much for this ‘historical’ account.

– – –

As a final example of the BSC’s suppression of the truth and utterly abhorrent behavior when they get caught? Check this out.

First, a reprise –

One covert action the BSC engaged in was directly influencing U.S. media, including newspaper columns by Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson.

Andrew Russell Pearson (Drew) had his organization penetrated by a BSC agent, so in his column of 25 July 1944 the text of a letter to the President from William Phillips (his special envoy, Ambassador to New Delhi) containing accurate and severe reportings of British policy in India – was reported. Lord Halifax had a fit and got Phillips recalled. The British were fuming, get this, over that THEIR organization had been penetrated, ie: who gave Pearson that very real letter.

Three days later, Pearson reported verbatim from cables from Whitehall to the British Embassy, calling for Phillips to be “recalled”.

Pearson allegedly told Stephenson, in strictest confidence that an Indian man gave him the letter. Stephenson cabled London: “Man who gave Pearson Phillips memorandum was Chaman Lal, Indian nationalist.

There they go with that nationalist slur again.

Chaman Lal has also been referred to as a “disgruntled sometime intelligence agent for the Government of India” and British Secret Service was also suspected in this Phillips letter business being fed to Pearson, as per author Kenton J. Clymer in Quest for Freedom: The United States and India’s Independence.

The interesting thing is that Chaman Lal had a copy of the letter MONTHS before Pearson published it. It has been theorized that he fed it through Anup Singh, but that’s not exactly what happened.

The British were pretty draconian in their dealing with Indian independence (remember the suppressed poll results here, where an overwhelming majority of Americans were in favor of it.) In fact, most of the leaders of the Congress for nationalism had been incarcerated by the British.

How’s that for “sincerity” and “altruism”.

In 1939 Jagjith (`J.J’) Singh, a westernised Indian, became president of the Indian League of America and involved prominent Americans. J.J. Sing held soirees in his mansion in Washington to promote awareness of the Indians’ problems with a good glass. Chaman Lal made `no-holds-barred’ attacks on the British ally and stated that India was a `Vast Concentration Camp’ (his capitals).

Winston Churchill was adamant in suppressing the demand for Indian independence, and extraordinarily vicious about it, even for him. During WWII he basically sanctioned starving the Indians, and even President Roosevelt warned him that this damaged the ‘ideological underpinning” of the war effort.

Meaning –

It showed the British nobility to be the lying Rat Bastard monsters that they are.

Can’t have that.

This was all kept largely hidden from public view till July 1944, when Drew Pearson of the Washington Post published William Phillips’ letter to Roosevelt. Phillips, the personal representative of Roosevelt in India, wrote that Britain should announce that India would become independent on conclusion of the war.

Harold Gould, in Sikhs, Swamis, Students and Spies gives a fascinating account with hitherto unknown details of how this letter ended up on Pearson’s desk.

`Deep throat’ Robert I. Crane, a junior officer in the State Department, who realised the importance of the letter, handed it to Indian friends to copy. The Roosevelt administration did not distance itself from this letter.

Towards the close of WWII, too many Americans had figured out that the British were not who they pretended to be, and that the “War” was really about them maneuvering globally to both keep and create new “Dominions” (colonies) for the British Empire.

Nowhere more so, was this obvious than in Asia and India. By 1945 even Roosevelt had been forced (by the British) that China, Chiang Kai-shek’s  – Mr. Married-into-the-opium-dealing-Soong-family – China could not play it’s “assigned role”.

Translation? The British were making a NEW Drug Trade plan, and going dark about it. Chiang Kai-shek would continue to play a large role in that, but they had to LOOK like they were “opposed” and also Chiang could be used to blame for the escalating drug trade that OSS man Paul Helliwell was getting going with Air America.

Roosevelt dutifully began ignoring Chiang and freezing him out of any decision making processes that involved China, thereby ensuring British hegemony over the drug trade and in closing down China as “communist” to stop the real rebellion that was going on there. Just like what they did in Russia, and that was what Chairman Mao was for later – to destroy the truly bright, intelligence, and democracy-seeking Chinese.

Excerpt from my post Dark Matter:

While everyone was looking at Hitler the sock puppet, one of the real main purposes of Britain/Russia/Anglophilic Americans and the Vatican for WWII was:

to reclaim China from the “Nationalists”.

Classic sleight-of-hand, on a massive scale, and using people and places instead of decks of cards. That’s the only difference. There is a saying by magicians, that “the big move hides the little one” – only in this case I’d have to say that Hitler was the big move hiding the even bigger moves in China.


I’ll say it again now. The British feared a strong China emerging from WWII…

[read more in: The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology – Part 3: Dark Matter ]

Same thing with India, especially considering that by late 1944 Anglo-American relations were under heavy strain. The British kept trying to enforce “some sort of protection” versus open markets, competition and free trade. The British were even trying to control civil aviation rights, and the President threatened to scuttle their lend lease assistance unless the British gave in to American demands.

The British were also being looked askance at for establishing close ties with the fascist regime in Argentina to suppress the peoples into being yet another third world colony.

There was anger building over harsh British occupation policies in Greece – especially after Pearson published Churchill’s order that Athens was to be treated as a “conquered city”.

On 3 September, 1944 Stephenson sent Sir Ronald Campbell a full report on the case, showing that the leakages were occurring in the Washington office of the Indian Agency General and naming those implicated. That was incorrect, as you can see above, but basically Major Altaf Quadir, was “removed from the country”.

What this book doesn’t tell you is that they had him deliberately assigned to the front where he was killed almost immediately.

Snuffed out – for telling the truth.