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British Security Coordination

A Compendium


– Section V

Back to the Beginning

By Virginia McClaughry


I recently obtained a rather obscure and little known book that was written under the watchful eye of the head of the BSC himself – William Stephenson.

Sir-William-Stephenson at time he headed BSC

The title of the book is:

BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

This book lay in some dusty cabinet somewhere, hidden from the world-at-large for almost 60 years before it was actually published in a form that you and I could have access to. Even then, in the University Library I obtained it from, it sat on the shelf in pristine and apparently unread condition for another 16 years.

It’s a hefty book – here I am holding it.


I am examining/reviewing this book, and in the process began working on filling in lots and lots of holes in it. What I found is now organized into Sections.

In section IV we extensively examined just what this personality “assessment” business of the British was really about; the layout of their training regimens and facility locations; the fact that Cecil Bloc slavemasters and Tavistock men were who brought the British/German psychiatrists methods of control and subjugation into the British Army and created and ran the Assessment business; the history of these methods they were using and why they were allied with the Germans in studying methods of controlling mankind; and finishing up the research following the career of one of the OSS assessment people, an anglophilic, eugenics-loving psychologist who changed his name to William Morgan – after the code name of the first head of MI6 – Sir Melville.

* * *

I’d like to come back to the initial idea here on the “assessment” business in the U.S. and remind you that Robert Tryon is who was first assigned to recreate the British WOSB’s in the U.S.

He immediately brought in James A. Hamilton, John W. Gardner, and Joseph Gengerelli, who already worked for the OSS, to assist with the program. They were quickly joined by Henry A. Murray, Donald Adams, and Donald Fiske, and together, they designed and planned the first assessment.

*Hamilton and Tryon are extensively discussed in Section II

We’ve filled in pretty much about most of these people, but a couple of these bear further mention because of their connections – particularly Gardner, Adams, Fiske and Gengerelli.

Let’s start with Gengerelli.

Joseph Gengerelli professor psychology ucla 1939 with mind machine

Dr. Joseph A. Gengerelli was conducting experiments using electric shock and chemically-induced convulsions by administering metrazol to see if they could “condition” a physical response. He was the assistant Director of Psychology of UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) at the time – 1939.

The photo (above) that I will be including in my gallery says something interesting on the back of it.

gengerelli photo back

Describing his ‘apparatus’ in the photo, it says –

…apparatus used in current experiments to test responses/memory of humans under drugs. In one experiment, the patient’s finger is subjected to an electric shock simultaneously with the ringing of a bell. This is repeated until he contracts his finer at the sound of the bell without the stimulus of the shock. Another test is made after a weeks treatment on Metrazol. The experiment proved that persons treated with the drug are found to forget approximately 20 percent more than in the normal experiment.


A weeks treatment. Do you have any idea how utterly horrifying that would have been for a so-called patient?

Metrazol was a horrifying drug developed by Dr. Ladislaus von Meduna of Budapest, first used in 1935.


WORSE than Insulin Shock Treatment, if you can imagine that.

A March 24, 1940 LA Times article documented that Dr. Frostig, who brought Insulin shock to the LA area (and Camarillo State Hospital), actually worked with Meduna before coming to the U.S and they both emigrated to the U.S. together in 1939.

The same year as Gengerelli’s experiments at UCLA.

It also documents what happens during Insulin Shock Therapy, which is horrible enough, but I want you to understand what Gengerelli was taking part in, in his “human memory” experiment here.

Dr. Frostig also reportedly previously used Metrazol, a “powerful stimulant producing violent shock and convulsions” on patients previously, a truly ghoulish drug concoction.

What a true Rat Bastard he was.

rat_bastard_comics_image_2image from  this comic book creator


The absolutely disgusting propaganda being used in the beginning of this LA Times article – courtesy of our slimy pals in British Intelligence, is all part of trying to get their insane “assessment” techniques accepted by the general public.

LA Times gets a yellow Rat Bastard for that one.


Which, if you read Tavistock British SAB man John Rawlings Rees speech this same year (1940) on how they were going to deliberately infiltrate all of society using propaganda to get their “mental health” ideas in use and create their new “world citizen” – the picture is ghoulish indeed.

– We have this speech here as a PDF Mental Health Vol 1 No 4 October 1940 – John Rawlings Rees


The LA TImes article begins –

“While war holds the headlines and thousands march to doom on foreign battlefields, a mild little scientist at work in the Southland is quietly fighting an ancient enemy of mankind more dreadful than bullets or bayonets – the scourge of madness.

This unsung conqueror of an invisible foe that has preyed upon humanity from history’s beginning is a man without a country, Dr. Jacob P. Frostig, eminent Polish psychiatrist and one of the world’s greatest authorities on the sensational insulin shock treatment for insanity.

– L.A. Times article “Insulin Rocks the Foundations of Reason and Yet Seems to Restore Sanity in Many Cases,” Mar. 24, 1940


“quietly fighting an ancient enemy”

“Unsung conqueror.”


I can’t stand it.

This is…

Unfucking believable.

herman munster eye roll

Sometimes, you just gotta swear to properly bring across the slimy gutter-level of these people.


The article even shows a sales pitch for a monetary savings in using this treatment – as if patients are just numbers in an accounting ledger!

Dr. Frostig and Dr. Rosanoff hope to make the treatment available for many more patients but they must wait until funds for this purpose are made available.

That the required money soon will be forthcoming seems certain for the economic soundness of the program appears obvious. It is estimated that the average cost to maintain a mental patient for the duration of life, about 10 years, is $2498. The cost of insulin treatment for each patient is $145.30.


The Times describes the “therapy” effects:

The first effects of the drug are drowsiness and excessive perspiration.

In the second hour, the consciousness grows cloudy and the body becomes restless.

In the 3rd hour, the patient sinks into a deep stupor, often crying out, twisting and writhing.

Gags are affixed to prevent him from biting his tongue or lips. The coma deepens and the spasms continue in the 4th hour. Saliva pours from mouth and nostrils.

There are no words…

nothing but static

Notice how that back of the photo description showed Gengerelli subjected his “test” subjects to 7 days of Metrazol shocks which were even worse.

That’s the same time-period setting that Frostig was doing.

These treatments would continue on for 5 days, and on the 6th day, the patient was watched closely, then on the 7th day the patient “rested.


What is this, the biblical 7 days of Genesis meets Torture?

I bet it is – I think they’re playing God and trying to “create Man” in this 7 days of drugs and shock.

They would also repeat the treatment again and again and this would go on for several weeks at a time.

The minimum was 15 shocks per patient, and the maximum amount of shocks administered per patient was 50, according to Camarillo doctors.

Doctors found after 50 shocks, there needed to be lapses of 3 months in between treatments for the 2nd or 3rd cycle of treatment to work.

 Fifty shocks…

Good god.

This man isn’t just a rat bastard, he’s an outright monster, a living dead.

hides their true face and intent - life sucking parasites


This is the kind of guy that the OSS thought was “the right stuff” – and when Robert Tryon took on the assessment project and brought in Joseph Gengerelli as one of the 3 first people – Gengerelli was already working for the OSS.

With his nasty background? I am not surprised. However, I fail to see why a sick experimentor like Gengerelli was thought to be useful in assessment – unless, of course, these assessments had something more to them than the benign exterior we are mostly given.

hmm - ponder

That would certainly be in keeping with what the Tavistock boys were doing over in England, putting soldiers in ‘the cooler’ and “re-training” them and so on, but it’s still interesting that Gengerelli is one of the first people Tryon brought in.

Gengerelli, in later experiments he was undertaking ON BEHALF OF THE OSS with Jeff Holter, was ‘stimulating of the nerves by alternating electrical fields.” which does not sound pleasant at all for the recipient.

Holter during this time, had an idea to create an electro-cardiogram and he and Gengerelli worked for years trying to perfect the device.

the_holter_device_worked_with_gengerelli_OSS_1947Jeff Holter and the “Holter Device”


Next up – John William Gardner.

As to him, I just wanted to make you aware of that after he helped to construct the personnel assessment tests for the OSS, he was then sent to Laguna Beach, California, to establish a center for processing OSS recruits. He then went on to Stanford Research Institute to head up more ‘research’ – perish the thought, he was most definitely likely to have been mixed up with later OSS/CIA Project MKUltra.



In section III we discussed how eugenics had actually started in England in 1904, then came the Galton Laboratory for National Eugenics in 1907, and the British Eugenics Education Society.  It was three years later that the sister organization of the Eugenic Record Office was founded in the United States, both institutes used the research results of the Galton Laboratory of National Eugenics to propose practical applications.

We discussed how Oxford Professor William McDougall, a Cecil Bloc man, took young Cyril Burt under his wing as his protegee and instructed him in 1907 to begin studying and putting together mental tests to help with a nation-wide survey of physical and mental characteristics of the British people, proposed by Francis Galton (who originated Eugenics) in which he was to work on the standardization of psychological tests.

In the summer of 1908, Cyril Burt was directed by McDougall to go study the German eugenicist psychiatrists for a couple of years, which he did. Burt then later started the Tavistock Clinic, and went on to mentor both John Bowlby who helped head up the British assessment boards in WWII.

In Section II we learned that the OSS Psychology Division (created in 1941) later became the R&A (Research and Analysis) Branch and was initially led in 1942 by Dr. James Phinney Baxter III (President of Williams College) and then later by Harvard historian Dr. William Langer in 1943.

OSS man William Talbot was Dr. Langer’s assistant from 1944 on, and then in 1946 he becomes the first head of the newly formed Stanford Research Institute (SRI) where his former junior Dr. Hamilton gets himself an “in” for a nice cush job there at Stanford, where he can then help out George White with MKULTRA LSD and Sex experiments for years.

Goddard headed the Vineland school (Eugenics), his junior Robert M. Yerkes worked together with Sir Cyril Burt (1883-1971) supporting the concept of a racial superiority. Lewis Terman (Stanford University) also worked with Sir Burt on the Binet intelligence – supporting the concept of a racial superiority by intelligence levels. Terman sat on the boards of two eugenics organizations with Stanford’s first president, David Starr Jordan.

William Talbot was tight with Terman who was helping him with Stanford Research Institute.

The Tavistock men, the British junior slavemasters who had led the whole psychiatry and let’s subjugate people game and invented “assessment”, and their Spy Igors – the OSS men who were really British intelligence run by the SOE and BSC –

These are who started and ran Stanford Research Institute.

So now we have another man who joined the SRI party that is proven to be OSS/CIA (British Intelligence).

This British intelligence man (the OSS/CIA branches) Gardner, was also later the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) from 1965-1968.

He used his position within the government to launch a research center at Stanford Research in 1968, and one of it’s first tasks was to postulate the future of Western Society.

Quite euphemistic, it was actually a study on how and what to change Man into resulting in the book Changing Images of Man in 1974.

Their initial findings were sobering, and in the introduction it was summed up as “We have met the enemy, and it is us”.

They got that right.

They are indeed the hostis humanii generis – the enemy of the Human Race, as Thomas Jefferson calls them.

Hostis Humani Generis 3See my article for full quotes by Jefferson on the matter.

In 1972 the DoE had shifted the mission of the SRI research center toward “inquiry into educational-policy problems” (more euphemistic language) so in order to continue the long-range implications of the line of inquiry already begun by Willis Harman, a second research facility was created at SRI – The Center for The Study of Social Policy. Joseph Campbell worked for this new branch, and together with Willis the study was completed and then the report released in 1974 in book form, edited by O.W. Markley and Willis Harman.

**Please see the PDF in our Just Dox section of the Reading Library – Changing Images of Man OCRd  – This book is a result of a Tavistock Stanford Research Institute (SRI) early 1970′s “mind” restructuring project supervised by Willis W. Harman.

My husband does a quick summary of this in one of the chapters of his book Scientology Roots.

It is a guide on how they want to mentally restructure man – by changing the image (propaganda) that they were previously using to herd humanity into whatever direction, to the new image that they wish mankind to believe itself to be.

One thing they proved in their study was that everyone can do telepathy. In the book they validate L. Ron Hubbard and specific fundamentals used in Scientology, several times.

They include charts, such as a chart for gradient levels of awareness.

Scientology always has been a part of the slavemaster behavior modification operation. Scientology and the CIA have always been dance partners on the dance floor of social engineering (behavior modification).

– Mike McClaughry, Scientology Roots, Chapter 26-3 War for Minds of Men.

Anyone exploring Changing Images of Man should bear Willis Harman’s words in mind:

“There’s a war going on between your side and mine. And my side is not going to lose.”

Willis Harman also just happens to have held an executive position at SRI over the MKULTRA LSD testing on college students and psychiatric patients program in the 60’s – alongside Ken Kesey, and Scientologists Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead, and Grace-Marie Haddy who went on to become an intelligence agent for the both the Guardian’s Office and the Office of Special Affairs of the Church of Scientology. See Brotherhood Part 5A for more about her.

Our man Gardner here, also received (together with Oppenheimer) an honorary Princeton Degree in 1966.

John Wiliam Gardner with Oppenheimer 1966Princeton University, 14 June 1966.
Left to right: Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, Commander Charles Conrad, Jr., Robert F. Goheen, John William Gardner, and Nichola de Belleville Katzenbach.


Next up – Donald Keith Adams.

Donald Keith Adams
– pic Bulletin Duke University 1941

The University of Akron has quite a collection of letters from Donald K. Adams – it might surprise you to know that one of his correspondents was Kurt Lewin, who Adams was primarily responsible for bringing to the United States in the 1930’s.

A sampling of which are:

  1. a letter where Adams first invited him to the U.S. January 1932;
  2. By March of 1933, Lewin was enroute to the U.S. and had sent Adams a draft of a preface to a psychology paper to be translated; after returning home, Lewin wrote him about some actions taken against the Jewish people in the summer of 1933;
  3. and apparently Lewin was originally going to go to Duke University but letters of May of 1939 show Lewin changed his mind from Duke to Cornell.

Adams was all connected in with the British Society of Psychical Research (split branch, the American SPR) and William McDougall, whom in Section III we just learned was quite the Eugenicist and responsible for sponsoring Cyril Burt and his career in starting Tavistock and all that entailed.

In fact, Adams was part of the initial Department of Psychology at Duke University, when McDougall established it – bringing along with him J.B. Rhine of Esp testing and MKULTRA projects infamy.

Here’s a rare photo of the initial Psych department men.

duke original psychology dept J.B., Don Adams, Karl Zener, William Sterne, Helge Lundholm.J.B. Rhine, Don Adams, Karl Zener, William Sterne, Helge Lundholm.

Adams did his basic schooling, but then he then spent two years as a Fellow of the National Research Council in Berlin, Germany – obviously where he met Lewin originally. When he returned to the United States in 1931, he accepted an invitation to join the faculty of Duke University as professor of psychology, a post he held until his retirement in 1967.

Adams was recruited into the OSS for the assessment business, and took military leave from Duke. After he helped complete the initial formatting, for some reason he was sent abroad to spend (obviously under the SOE) the next two years (1943–45) in London, Paris, and Wiesbaden in ‘assessment research’ .

Back to the Beginning

Now that we’ve filled in a whole hell of lot more details about who and what these people were, I’m sure you’ll agree that these rather dry and incredibly vague statements from this BSC book –

…The professional recruitment touch, however, was soon applied by psychiatrists working under James McConaugh, former president of Wesleyan University.

Gave us no names really other than McConaugh. And even the reference to a screening board  –

…Major Henry Murray, a Harvard psychologist and his screening board


Again no names and nothing about who was really in charge – let alone any background on the testing in England, Tavistock’s role in that, etc.

And so I present to you –

The Igor Gallery of WWII

– working together to subjugate man into not stirring up trouble for the slavemasters,
and not interfering with their plans.

 The “assessment” people.

  • Eric Trist, Ronald Hargreaves (as British Army Command  psychiatrist) John Rawlings Rees, G. Brock Chisholm, Jock Sutherland and Wilfred Bion – The Tavistock boys
  • Geoffrey Gorer, Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson and John Rickman – Tavistock West, as I call it.
  • George White
  • James McConaughy
  • Colonel Robinson
  • Dr. William J. Morgan aka Anthony Mitrano
  • OSS planning staff Dr. James A. Hamilton and Dr. Robert C. Tryon,
  • Henry A. Murray, Donald Adams, and Donald Fiske, and all working together, they designed and planned the first assessment.
  • John W. Gardner, and Joseph Gengerelli

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And there they all are.



In Section II we covered how Eric Trist (of the Tavistock group) revealed what was the real direction all this “assessment” was headed in.

By the end of the war a considerable number of psychiatrists and social scientists had  become involved in this comprehensive set of innovative applications of  concepts of social psychiatry. They saw in these approaches a significance  which did not seem to be limited by the condition of war, and were  determined to explore their relevance for the civilian society. Obviously,  individual programs could not be transferred without considerable  modification; entirely new lines of development would have to be worked  out. Nevertheless, a new action-oriented philosophy of relating psychiatry  and the social sciences to society had become a reality in practice. This  event signified the social engagement of social science.

Source: Eric Trist and Hugh Murray, The Foundation and Development of the Tavistock Institute to 1989, Tavistock Institute

TROUBLE gets it’s Godzilla-sized foot in the door.


And now they are bringing all this to the U.S. See how WWII was used as an excuse to do what they really wanted to do? Get into every persons business, everywhere!


The British Assessment Program goes to America

The effort to assess an individual’s total personality had never before been attempted in the United States.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

On a property in Fairfax County, Virginia Major Henry Murray, a Harvard psychologist and his screening board – we know what that really means now – put groups of 20 through a three-day grilling that often had the candidates goggle-eyed with incomprehension. One of the assignments was to move a cannon across a brook, a job designed to winnow natural bosses from natural followers. They were also trained in keeping their cover even in the most impossible circumstances – you might recognize the influence there in the later SERE training by the military.

Nicknamed Station S* – it was first run by Dr. Henry A. Murray of the Harvard Psychological Clinic, and subsequently by Dr. Donald W. MacKinnon, a Harvard trained psychologist from Bryn Mawr College. On the faculty at Station S in 1944 was John W. Gardner.

*References – “A Good Man is Hard to Find: The O.S.S. Learned How, with New Selection Methods that May Well Serve Industry,” Fortune, 1946, 92-95, 218-19, 223.


The BSC book says the following about this:

The job of recruiting and training an OSS agent was something to daunt a republic that had never in its history gone in for large-scale organized secret intelligence and sabotage operations. In the early days of OSS, recruitment was done on a personal basis.

…The professional recruitment touch, however, was soon applied by psychiatrists working under James McConaugh, former president of Wesleyan University.

Applicants were put through an elaborate screening operating to test emotional stability and qualities of leadership under stress.


A bit sketchy, wouldn’t you say? So, let’s fill in the details a bit more.

In January 1944, Dr. James A. Hamilton and his associates opened the first OSS assessment school, designated Station S (for Secret), in a manor house on a 100-acre private country estate leased from the Willard Hotel family in Fairfax, Virginia, thirty minutes west of the nation’s capital.

Guess what the ‘in’ was to getting their nifty little paws on this prime piece of real estate? The President himself!

Nothing like a little family ties –  You see, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was related to Theodore Roosevelt by marriage. Theodore’s brother Elliott had a daughter named Anna Eleanor and she married FDR – making him sort of a nephew-in-law.

Theodore Roosevelt’s son Kermit married Spanish Ambassador Joseph Willard’s daughter Belle, at Layton Hall in Fairfax in 1914 on June 11.

Belle’s new husband Kermit was destined to become one of the first ROOM members, the anglophilic intelligence organization started by Vincent Astor in 1927. It was the forerunner for the COI/OSS.

See Scientology Roots Chapter 9-3 British Intelligence for more about this ROOM group.

Kermit killed himself in Alaska in 1943, where during WWII he was stationed as an intelligence officer.

Kermit and Belle wedding pic – she doesn’t look very happy.

Kermit and belle Willard Roosevelt wedding pic

Kermit and Belle with a couple of their kids – Kermit Jr. on left

Kermit and bell with kids - kermit jr on left

Kermit and Belle Roosevelt in 1928, not long after Kermit joined the ROOM private British intelligence group.

Kermit and Belle Willard Roosevelt in 1928

So see? It’s all in the family – intelligence-wise.

And when the British SOE had their assessment boards all finalized in 1943, and they wanted to implement it here in the U.S.? BSC head Stephenson probably had Donovan ‘put in a word’ to President Roosevelt and voila! A little family grape-vine action and the Willard estate becomes Pemberley west.

Pemberley, the nickname for the location where the British assessments (the SAB’s) were done, was covered extensively in both Section III and Section IV.

I found this rare picture of the Willard estate – this must have been where they had the new OSS training school.

OSS – Station “S”

Looks rather like ‘Pemberley’, the SOE assessment site, doesn’t it?


Groups of 15 to 20 recruits spent three and a half days there being observed by a team of psychologists and others as they underwent a series of tests and situational problems designed to evaluate mentality, personality, emotional stability, and aptitude. It proved so successful that Donovan soon ordered assessments for all OSS personnel going overseas, and an additional location, Station W, a house at 19th and I Streets in Washington was acquired to provide a condensed, one-day evaluation for the majority of the OSS personnel going abroad who would not be facing hazardous duty.

Working at these stations, and at Area F (the “Congressional Country Club”), where veterans returning from western Europe were evaluated – this is like ‘the Cooler‘ in England – the assessment teams processed nearly 4,000 men and women in 1944 alone.


A number of techniques were employed to analyze a candidate’s ability to perform highly demanding assignments under stressful conditions. Candidates for the OSS arrived anonymously, were given cover names and identical Army fatigue uniforms, and told not to reveal their real identities to the other candidates.

Each then underwent routine written tests providing a general index of their intellectual capabilities and aptitudes. Over the next three days, while they lived at the house, they were constantly being tested, observed, and evaluated by the staff. “They had these characters around all the time that were watching you all the time. This was the most tedious part about it,” recalled Raymond Brittenham, a Harvard Law School graduate and fledgling Chicago lawyer. “Then, you’d be sitting in the dining room and the guy would come back and drop a whole plate of trays right behind you. Then, if you jumped, he would write that down. I mean, it was kind of kooky, you know.”

The most famous or infamous problem was designed to test capacity for leadership and self-control under stress and how they would deal with frustration.

The candidate was told to direct two assistants in setting up a complicated wooden frame construction, a kind of giant tinker-toy. It had to be done in ten minutes, and a bell would ring every minute to indicate the passage of time. Unknown to the candidate, however, the assistants were staff members whose job was to impede and frustrate him or her. The task was, in fact, made impossible. Reactions to this frustrating situation varied widely.

Some candidates tried to discipline the assistants, others relinquished authority to them and followed their suggestions, a few completely lost control and beat the assistants or tried to construct it themselves. Others like John Waller, soon realized after initial frustration, that a “ringer” had been planted to sabotage them and just relaxed and chuckled about it.

In another test, a candidate was told to assume he or she had been caught riffling through secret files in a government office and would by interrogated in ten minutes. Then, facing a spotlight in a dark cellar room, the accused spy would be cross examined by an expert (at Station S that expert was the sole attorney on the staff, Sidney L. Harrow, a Philadelphia trial lawyer who had been recruited by the OSS after being drafted as a private).

There were also numerous tests of identification and instant and accurate memory recall of specific sequential or random images or spoken or written data.

At the end of the process came a clinical interview that in addition to the results of the previous three days played a decisive role in the assessment of a candidate.

The interesting thing here is that even though this whole “assessment program” provided a theoretically accurate psychological evaluation, it did abysmally in actually determining whether the candidate was suitable for a particular job!

From January 1944 to July 1945, the OSS assessment schools evaluated 5,300 men and women, both recruits and candidates for overseas service.

They scored above average on intelligence tests. Approximately half had visited foreign countries; One out of every four spoke a foreign language fluently. Many had college degrees, some held doctorates, at a time when only 40 percent of Americans had gone past elementary school.

That’s an interesting statistic – and this is obviously how the OSS partly got its rep for the “upper-class” only need apply.

The profile with its emphasis on college education and foreign travel, reinforced the perception that many in the organization came from middle or upper socioeconomic backgrounds.

Just like Trist told us, the psychologists and psychiatrists, who developed and ran the assessment program for the OSS employed the methodology after the war for other government agencies. Assessment of Men, (1948) a book resulting from the OSS program, became a classic, employed in the private and public sectors.

Reference for most of the above information is from – OSS Training in the National Parks and Service Abroad in World War II by John Whiteclay Chambers II, 2008

The book Assessment of Men in its original 1948 form is available to read for free at HathiTrust.

That concludes the “assessment” business.



Next, we will go back to the beginning and pick up from the BSC book again.

There’s an interesting line on p 45 – “The British can put their intelligence under their Foreign Office, for the immemorial British instinct for keeping tabs on the balance of power renders British Foreign Office Employees peculiarly immune to the blandishments of ideology.”

Note: the author keeps repeatedly trying to make a sale for a “unified intelligence” – I just include that because it shows that this was obviously written before the formation of the CIA.

Hmm. Keeping tabs on the balance of power – what an interesting way of putting what they do, have done, and will try to continue doing – getting into everyone else’s business.

I found it so interesting in fact, that I went off to find out if there was more to that particular term – the balance of power.

Oh boy! was there.

balance of power3

I did a whole post about it actually, which I will include the key points of here.

Thomas Jefferson correctly pegged the British Slavemasters and their global domination schemes, and he suggested that what is needed to handle this psychotic tendency is to limit the British to their own island.

They would still have a fertile island, a sound and effective population to labor it, and would hold that station among political powers, to which their natural resources and faculties entitle them. They would no longer indeed be the lords of the ocean, and paymasters of all the princes of the earth. They would no longer enjoy the luxuries of pyrating and plundering everything by sea, and of bribing and corrupting every thing by land; but they might enjoy the more safe and lasting luxury of living on terms of equality, justice, and good neighborhood with all nations.

…While it is much our interest to see this power reduced from it’s towering and borrowed height, to within the limits of it’s natural resources, it is by no means our interest that she should be brought below that, or lose her competent place among the nations of Europe.

Jefferson Cyclopedia
Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816


As you can see, Jefferson sure had Britain pegged – the country that tries to make all other countries resources and peoples as being the same as the Isle of Britain.


How do they go about this?

…[their government] insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others ….

Jefferson Cyclopedia
Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816


This gets disguised under the rubrick of “Foreign Affairs” policy, but even that is such a tremendous smokescreen for what these people are really after that it’s almost beyond belief.


The mantra of “balance of power” – their foreign policy – neither existed nor had conceptual meaning until late in the 16th century.

The time of Queen Elizabeth I, what we call the Rise of The Slavemasters.

William Cecil, her right-hand man, himself commissioned a propagandized history of England, which contained the encapsulation of this policy in its dedication by Geffray Fenton.

William Cecil – The Lord Burghley

William Cecil

This is the dedication to Queen Elizabeth – in the original language of Fenton, dated 1578.

Note: the style of printing at this time makes ‘s’ look like an ‘f’ without the ‘-‘ on it. Also ‘j’ comes out looking like an ‘i’, and other such discrepancies to how we commonly write today.


Plain text:

Even so though the singular persons be changed, yet the effects and blessings of this time do nothing vary under the happie rule of your Majestie, whom God hath raised & established a soveraigne Empresse over several nations and languages, and with the frutes of a firme and contued peace, hath plentifully enriched the peoples of your Dominios, restored Religion and the Church of Christ to dwell anew amongst us made your authoritie awfull to all your neighbours and borderers: and lastly hath erected your seat upon a high hill or sanctuarie, and put into your hands the ballance of power and justive, to pose and counterpoise at your wil the actions and counsels of all the Christian kingdoms of your time: wherein sure according to the course your Majestie holdeth, much less that either for the present or in psterities to come, can be justly objected anie matter of imputation against you, seeing of the contrarie, most of them that be wise and true observers of your dealings, do daily confess and ublish, that in your Majestie hath bene orderly fulfilled all lawes and offices of a devout Neutralite.

In modern english –

God ….has erected your seat upon a high hill or sanctuary and put into your hands the balance of power and justice to poise and counterpoise at your will the actions and counsels of all the Christian Kingdoms of your time.


To use the vernacular here – Good god. Delusions of grandeur much?

It does, however, perfectly encapsulate the beginning of the insanity that would be called “The British Empire” – and the rape of the world and it’s peoples.

Again, as we put it, the Rise of the Slavemasters.

Since the policy of Britain is to never let anyone equal them, it makes sense out of a lot of the more insane behavior.

For example – why they supported and financed Hitler.

The British Government and Foreign Office, during the spring and summer of 1939, had made plans to begin the war against Germany in September and to bring America in.

by H. L. Mencken, The Baltimore Sun, Oct. 8, 1939


“The English are in the war for a simple and single reason, to wit, their desire to prevent the rise of a powerful rival in Europe, offering an inevitable challenge to their general supervision of the world . That is why they went to war the last time, and that is why they go through the motions of being at war today.”


Balance of power insanity.


Rule taken away from them, power taken away from the nobility, was not something the British were too fond of as an idea. So, they invented (and supported) many shadow-subjects that were along these lines, such as communism, socialism, and so on.

What those really are is kind of a covert attack on a true Republican democracy like Thomas Jefferson had envisioned.

Another description of this ‘balance of power’ policy, per Porter Sargent was:

“…create disunity, create a balance of power by siding with the weak.”

– Reference, Porter Sargent, Getting US into the War (1941)


For a bit more detailed version of the history of this book, please see my post Origins of the Term ‘Balance of Power’

Again, the key part is –

God ….has erected your seat upon a high hill or sanctuary and put into your hands the balance of power and justice to poise and counterpoise at your will the actions and counsels of all the Christian Kingdoms of your time.

Now look at this again –

p 45 – The British can put their intelligence under their Foreign Office, for the immemorial British instinct for keeping tabs on the balance of power renders British Foreign Office Employees peculiarly immune to the blandishments of ideology.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

Now you know what he’s really talking about.

Let’s take up this though now, as well –

…peculiarly immune to the blandishments of ideology.

Why do you think that is?

I’ll tell you what I know, they’re immune primarly because the British are the source of most of these “ologies” in the first place!

They view us as idiotic naive sheep, and that we should be kept fed with a steady diet of fields of BS – fields that are fenced in, that is.


Where the only individuality really allowed is to be a black sheep.

black sheep is still a sheep - peer pressure

The caption by whoever made this image clearly shows that this irony of that they are still a sheep (or goat) is lost upon them.

That’s not really individuality at all, it’s a penned-in individuality.

The only reason most of us are even tolerated at all is that they need to use us to accomplish what they cannot.

England – it is maintained today only by a constant resort to brigandage and false pretenses.

– NOTES ON A MORAL WAR by H. L. Mencken, The Baltimore Sun, Oct. 8, 1939, See Balance of Power post for more great assessments of the situation by Mencken.


Speaking of using us to accomplish what they cannot –



In the first section, we discussed how William Stephenson was a self-made millionaire and was selected to be the British Passport Control Officer (PCO) in New York, and his first assignment was a stealth one – he was sent on a Winston Churchill sanctioned reconnaissance mission to the U.S. in April of 1940 where he met with J. Edgar HooverJ edgar hoover to “make a deal” so that they could create and operate a British spy network in the U.S. with FBI approval.

The British had previously been showing what they really think of us ‘common’ Americans, and the BSC book characterized the problem of that: “a high-level liasion had been cut off due to ‘British belligerency’ in America, and that now Churchill was going to “correct that” with Hoover.


Now that they needed Hoover – plus they really wanted to “keep him busy” and distracted off what they were really doing, NOW he’s just a jolly good man.

Let the schmoozing begin.


At the time, Hoover was under strict injunction from the State Dept. to refrain from collaboration with the British. He told Stephenson that he needed a Presidential sanction. So, William arranged for one of his buddies close to the President – Vincent Astor – to put it to him. The President endorsed it enthusiastically saying: “There should be the closest possible marriage between the FBI an British Intelligence.” Thus an agreement was reached.

Roosevelt was practically gushing like a schoolgirl over the idea –

We love ya Hoover!


Feeding back to Hoover nice disinformation of how much he was liked, and giving him the idea that he was going to be allowed in with “the boys” and be IMPORTANT.



J edgar hoover

Gullible man. He was so busy being full of himself for being singled out to hob-nob with the high mucky-mucks in British intelligence, that he missed the forest for the trees.

Only a year later, he was no longer “useful” and was cast aside like last years dress.

sucked dry and cast aside

Jackie_Gleason_he's outta there

Remember how Hoover thought everything was just hunky-dory to go against the sanctions the State Department had against foreign intelligence agencies operating in America?

Ah…but when Hoover got “put back in his place” when the BSC took him out of the loop with the formation of the COI headed by William Donovan – now he acts like some sort of jilted lover, striking back by helping to back the McKellar Bill.

Talk about a fit of irony – The Mckellar Bill forbade foreign intelligence operations on U.S. soil (among other things) obviously doing that to basically try and put BSC and it’s British tentacles out of business.

It was all good when he was “in” see, but now…oh it’s all different.

barbie forehead slap


However, the interesting thing was, the bill also carried a clause about compulsory disclosure of records – heaven forbid, right? I’m sure that absolutely terrified the British.


Oh no!

Anything but that.

William Wiseman, the previous PCO of New York (intelligence position) got involved and tried to work things out with Adolf Berle (a Hoover man).

That didn’t exactly go so well. Wiseman walked out on him and went whining straight to Stephenson and Donovan. Donovan then went whining to the President, and Roosevelt agreed not to sign the bill unless amendments were made to protect the BSC. (January 1942)

Wait – The President of the United States has to protect the rights of the British to spy on us and co-opt our people?

Can you just imagine what Thomas Jefferson would have said about that?

The equivalent of



Roosevelt vetoed the McKellar bill a few days later and when it was resubmitted that clause had been removed and it was passed.

Frankenstein and Igor


– like Stephenson and Roosevelt

frankenstein-igor stephenson and roosevelt


The most dangerous man to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.”

– H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: Third Series

* * *

From now on, this and following sections will basically be organized around what came next in the BSC book, which are not necessarily events organized by time.

Section II of book – Introduction –

Better get out our handy list of abbreviations from the book first.

Click to enlarge.


In the early years of SO it was divided into S1 and SO2 – subversive propaganda (political warfare) and special operations.

Under Guiding Principles, second rule, Political Warfare “demanded that the officers responsible should work in strictly covert fashion and should guard against the least risk of their output (or other results of their activity) being traced back to them or identified as British propaganda.

That’s pretty interesting in light of how the BSC called it a nazi battle tactic of the “isolationists” to expose British Political Warfare.

Cute. Real Cute.

The man gloats and says – they did not succeed in a single instance.

Oh really…


Somehow I doubt that is true. More likely they silenced anyone who did, or was about to – and I do mean silenced, as in DEAD.

Chapter 1 concerns itself with the “enemy” as including “isolationists”. The enemy of the British – it should have clarified, but that just wouldn’t do to tell people that, now would it. sarcasm little guy

They [the ‘enemy‘] mostly used overt propaganda channels such as press and radio to spread their subversion about American “isolationism”, says the author.

The interesting thing is that the number of newspapers that BSC maintained regular contact through was limited to basically the list previously mentioned – because their owners or whatever were all anglophiles.

The book then discussed another little unknown asset of the BSC, ‘the Jewish owner’ of the New York Post.

He also owned the Overseas News Agency (ONA), which was a branch of the Jewish Telegraph Agency. In April 1941, William Stephenson (WS) made a deal with him to give him a “monthly subsidy” for promise of cooperation in “specific ways”. ONA then immediately recruited 15 new “correspondents” (read – AGENTS) to send abroad.

The un-named “Jewish owner” was, of course, George Backer whose wife was Dorothy Schiff, grand-daughter of Jacob Schiff, and when Backer resigned the following year (1942) she began running the paper so actually SHE then became the BSC press contact.

In that same time period, ONA clients with the US already numbered more than forty-five papers, including the New York Times, New York Herald-Tribune, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer and the Kansas City Star.

BSC arranged to expand this clientele with Czech, Italian, Polish and Spanish foreign language bureaux being opened under the aegis of the ONA. All the major foreign language newspapers immediately became “subscribers” including La Nacion of Buenos Aires. BSC agents used the ONA as a cover.

Another agency used as a cover for the entire SOE mission was called British and Overseas Features, and it was registered in June 1941 for the overt purpose of “transmitting suitable articles” culled from the US press to Latin American and Far Eastern papers.

A little known fact is that the majority of SOE officers were, in fact, trained journalists and the main outer office in New York was plentifully furnished with window dressing, including ticker tapes and so on. (The Rockefeller Center Office)

rockefeller center 1940s MI6 BSC and OSS intelligence

This is what the BSC replaced when the Ministry of Information formed the “British Overseas Press Service” – another cover.

The news agency Britanova, was clandestinely controlled by the SOE in London. Great care was taken to avoid revealing any “official” contact with it, but messages and funds were passed to its New York Director – it assisted in disseminating abroad stories planted by the BSC in American Newspapers.

So…get that?

The American Press was their “drop zone”!! Isn’t that just wonderful.

WRUL was the only short-wave wireless station in the US not run for profit. It was founded by IBM guru Walter Lemmon to “spread international goodwill”.

Note: If you know your history, IBM is who also provided the machines for tabulating the Jews for the Nazis.I don’t think that exactly came under spreading international goodwill, I say as drily as possible.

It’s power, 50,000 watts was unsurpassed by any other station in the Americas or Germany. Through cut-outs, BSC began to supply it with everything it needed to run a first-class international program, including subsidizing it financially.

WRUL was one of the very few stations powerful enough to be heard easily in Europe – it began regularly sending programs to England, Yugoslavia, Holland, Belgium, Rumania, Germany, and Italy.

WS recruited foreign news editors, translators and announcers to “serve” on its staff. It furnished it with material for new bulletins, specially prepared scripts for talks and commentaries and with transcribed programmes. Raymond Swing – a leading American voice from Britain during World War II – he was one of the regular broadcasters utilized by the BSC. He is also who was chosen to try and stave off the correct accusations that “the Hitler map” was an outright forgery by the BSC.

(ref re: Swing broadcasting for WRUL – Harvard Crimson magazine May 2,1941)

By the middle of 1941, it was literally a subsidiary of BSC, sending out British propaganda all over the world.

The British slavemasters used us Americans to front for (and make it look like we did it alone) – again.

Daily broadcasts went out in no less than 22 different languages. Sir Samule Hoare asked for an immediate propaganda campaign designed to convince Spain that she would be the loser if she entered the war on Germany’s side – in May of 1941. BSC WRUL broadcasts written by BSC agents launched in June.

BSC regularly maintained and consulted with “minority” groups, and directives that were discussed this way were often further expanded on with their information. Often contacts or actual agents of BS would actually broadcast the final version. Their cover was one or other of the Pro-British Committees secretly supported or influenced by BSC such as Free World.

When a committee that the BSC was not connected with sponsored a broadcast, BSC would introduce it’s own material by paying subsidies to the writers and speakers!

They bought them off, in other words.


These broadcasts were always coordinated with internal propaganda campaigns such as the astrologer Louis de Wohl – a BSC agent.

That’s a key point, one they still do today when they have identified a target they wish to either take down, or influence.

Prior to this, this radio station had a ‘unsullied reputation for impartiality’, and in typical sick British style, that’s the one they chose to corrupt on such a MASSIVE scale.

By the end of 1941, even the U.S. State Department had its own officials attached to this station and was contributing heavily to its funds to try and help control the flow of information.

The rest of this section of the book, devotes itself to yet again, the importance of making America like Britain with CONTROL OF THE PRESS – and that’s another reason why they needed Pearl Harbor.

* * *


In Chapter 2, the author goes on at some length criticizing America as not being “united” and all manner of incorrect assumptions. It is typical of British aloof outsiderness to never correctly understand Americathey still don’t.

There is one statement along the same lines as the above, Pearl Harbor, that needs to be stood out.

The attack on Pearl Harbor admittedly harnessed the peoples of the United States to a common purpose, and deep-rooted divergent prejudices were largely put aside, though not forgotten.

Besides the truly horrible positioning inherent in the word ‘harnessed’ like we’re a bunch of lowly horses to be “driven’ by our betters, the British Lords – and that IS how they think…


This british-loving author really doesn’t get it – does he.

He thinks that because “no political cause, good or bad, sensible or extravagant, practical or absurd, needed to go begging for a society to sponsor it in the name of Americanism” – that this means we were disunited.


That’s his brilliant ‘assessment’?

Nicolas Cage Laugh


You see, it’s that FREEDOM thing he doesn’t get. That’s exactly what freedom represented in America – you were free to believe or think or act upon such however you wanted.

We had no need to be HARNESSED – typical British thinking. It’s quite revealing actually. They see FREEDOM as chaos, pure and simple. And that probably tells you all you need to know about them.

Next, the book talks about how a senator told 3000 people in Brooklyn that:

It is not freedom of the seas that England wants, but domination.

Which was completely true.

thumbs up

But the book portrays this as pro-Nazi agenda! (and only pro-Nazi agenda, if you take my meaning)

And I quote:

The Germans were doing well in the United States.



The Brits had orders that when it came to Political Warfare (propaganda, etc.) –

…the officers responsible should work in strictly covert fashion and should guard against the least risk of their output (or other results of their activity) being traced back to them or identified as British propaganda.

Talk about hypocrisy, I think that right there probably takes the cake.

To try and handle these ‘enemies’ and ‘pro-nazis’, first, the BSC drew up plans and assigned agents to find all the interventionalist organizations [pro-British] and subsidize them where necessary and assist in any way possible.

Stephenson called this counter-propaganda.

Some of the larger ones (some of which were actually BSC fronts already) were:

  • The non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights
  • The League of Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy
  • The American Labor Committee to Aid British Labor
  • The Ring of Freedom
  • The council for democracy
  • American Defenders of Freedom
  • The Free-World Association

And…The Civilian Defence and Information Bureau – which sent out 85,000 copies of an article on the British Empire by Sir Norman Angell (entitled:The Defence of the Empire).

This was basically a four-point policy, and a thinly veiled attempt to make a case for ‘why’ we needed to arm ourselves fully now, so you can see why it was sent out.

Glasgow Herald, March 1939, article excerpt –


Sir Angell was a League of Nations man – that pretty much says it all as far as he goes. He has quite the interesting array of preferred slavemaster propaganda subjects that he’s written books about, that you can view a list of at HathiTrust.

Ralph Norman Angell


A group called America First was a special target of the BSC. The BSC had the groups that I listed above spread the “counter” propaganda of the America First ideas – yet again hiding the true source as being the Brits.

We’ll be delving deep into all that in the next section.

But for now, I’ll get you started with a bit of back history about it that you probably haven’t come across before – this isn’t the kind of thing you’ll see anyone put all in one place for you, like I do.

The interesting thing about this particular part of the BSC book that goes into all this, is that America First was a completely a British controlled opposition group, filled with their own agents!

Lindbergh, Coughlin, Henry Ford et al., all had strong and little known connections behind the scenes with fostering WAR as part of the slavemaster plan.

This provides a prime example of what is called the ‘controlled opposition’ tactic – and as you can see the Brits are controlling both sides of the same coin.

This is not the first time this book has actually either dissembled or point-blank lied about a particular point.

What makes it so heinous to me, is that this was no accident. It was known to be a lie. This is just one example. (A far worse one is coming up here later.)

America First was actually a pro-British society even when it began in September of 1940.

Ah, but where did it actually begin – that’s the key.



vincent price - whoa

Why there?

Why indeed.

The Institute for Human Relations is why.


History of the Yale Institute of Human Relations

Milton C. Winternitz, was the Dean of Yale Medical school from 1920-1935. He was the son of a Czechoslovakian Jewish immigrant doctor. He was married to the daughter of Alexander Bell’s partner, Thomas Watson, in 1913.

Milton C. Winternitz

Milton C. Winternitz

Winternitz evoked strong emotions in his colleagues. To some he was brilliant, bold, and a “steam engine in pants,” and to others he was an insufferable “martinet”, a Napoleon, and an anti-Semite.

-Yale history article, retrieved from the Internet Archive.



We are deep into Eugenics Fever territory at this time, and only three years after the founding of the first “clinic” of Tavistock by Sir Cyril Burt, a groomed by the Cecil Bloc junior slavemaster. Section III particularly goes into his background and the tortuous routes by which The Rat Bastards are trying to figure out how to control humanity to do their bidding.

In 1923, Winternitz, by Yale President James F. Angell, a psychologist [and relative of Brit Sir Norman Angell] and by Robert Hutchinson, Dean of the Law School,  were primary advocates for establishing the Institute for Human Relations (IHR).

It was an experiment in cooperative research for “the betterment of society.”

Oh Lord.

There they go again.

Presto! – You have been uplifted.

vincent - i am magic

Ahem. I’m sure at least Milton thought that’s what he was doing, but even he ended up getting “squeezed” out in 1935. My note in […]

In 1935, the major powers at the Yale School of Medicine including C.E.A. Winslow and his assistant Ira Hiscock, and Harvey Cushing

[The uncle of Edward Henry Cushing, who just a few short years later would be involved with experimenting with sodium-pentothal and other drugs on mental patients – he was a part of the Overholser OSS truth drug experimentation committee. See Section II. His assistant Oliver Pepper was related to John Pepper, Stephenson’s right-hand man who came over on the same ship with him in June 1940. See Section I]

and his crony Samuel Clark Harvey, replaced Winternitz with Stanhope Bayne-Jones.

– Chapter 5, The Boom Years. A History of Yale’s School of Medicine: Passing Torches to Others, by Gerard N. Burrow. Yale University Press, 2002.

My guess is this had more to do with Winternitz not liking the direction things were taking, and that he was being a little too vocal about it. Milton had originally envisioned more of a place for discourse to occur between different fields, to bring about better understanding and co-operation.

Rockefeller (or rather who was behind him) had something rather different in mind.

The Rockefeller Foundation funded the institute in the belief that it was the way to start psychiatry at Yale.

– Chapter 5, The Boom Years. A History of Yale’s School of Medicine: Passing Torches to Others, by Gerard N. Burrow. Yale University Press, 2002.

Now, don’t get all excited by that Rockefeller name.

What you need to understand about him, is that he was like WRUL, the American radio station that was completely run by British intelligence, every word, every dime controlled by them.

That’s exactly the situation with Rockefeller.

come igor rockefeller - slavemaster


He is also a convenient American face to distract everyone from where all this is really coming from. This is also why the idiot conspiracy theorists (plants or dupes, take your pick) prattle on incessantly about Rockefeller or their other convenient scapegoat, the Rothschilds.

Rockefeller had his marching orders like any other high-level soldier in the slavemaster army – so to speak.


Think of Rockefeller like a pointer, but he’s not the hand holding it.


So, what this grant from the Rockefeller Fund to start the IHR does tell us, is that the “hand” (the British slavemasters) wanted to get their nasty little pet subject biological psychiatry into a prominent school.

When did this take place?

1929 – February 25. The Rockefeller Foundation granted 7,000,000 to establish the Yale Institute of Human Relations.

Yale’s President James Rowland Angell announced last week that by October. 1930, Yale would have a new $1,500,000 building to house an “Institute of Human Relations.” Taking all knowledge for its province, this institute will seek to correlate the branches of learning, to produce a graduate super-informed, trained and inspired to analyze and minister to individuals, to social groups.

The new Institute intends no reorganization of the University’s present departments. Instead, each department will contribute to the Institute’s study of all factors of human behavior and relations.

– Time magazine: Education: Yale’s Institute, Monday, Feb. 25, 1929

James Rowland Angell


This was the American version of what the Tavistock boys were doing for the slavemasters in England, and what their pet German psychopaths (alienists aka psychiatrists) were doing in Germany.

They just loved them so much.

Slavemaster – “Aww. Look at them snarl and snap.”

the slavemasters and their pet german lap dogs

Note: The later formed American Tavistock Institute (1946) was to be patterned after Yale’s Institute for Human relations.


page-divider 2014


Continued in Section VI.

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