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The Book and The Lords


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British Security Coordination

A Compendium

– Section I

The Book and The Lords

By Virginia McClaughry


I recently obtained a rather obscure and little known book that was written under the watchful eye of the head of the BSC himself – William Stephenson.

Sir-William-Stephenson at time he headed BSC

The title of the book is:

BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

This book lay in some dusty cabinet somewhere, hidden from the world-at-large for almost 60 years before it was actually published in a form that you and I could have access to. Even then, in the University Library I obtained it from, it sat on the shelf in pristine and apparently unread condition for another 16 years.

It’s a hefty book – here I am holding it.


And here’s a closeup of the spine of the book –


Shortly before the end of WWII, Stephenson knew the end of his unlimited hand at creating his very own intelligence banquet – was near.

He wanted to keep his hand in intelligence, but also he wanted to make a record of what he had accomplished.

Along those lines, he commissioned Gilbert Highet, one of his BSC subordinates to collate the BSC’s files and prepare an account of its wartime achievements. Highet’s wife was spy writer Helen Macinnes, and they later moved to American and became citizens.

The security involved in transferring all the documents was apparently extraordinary – armed guards escorting the files all the way to Canada.

The SOE had a Special Training School there, that had been set up at Oshawa (outside of Toronto) to provide preliminary courses on spy work for new agents. The cover name for this facility resided under the Canadian Army ‘Military Research Centre No. 2’ designation. Within British Intelligence it was referred to as STS 103, and it has also been colloquially named – Camp X.


Stephenson was actually somewhat in charge of Camp X, by the way.

STS 103 was controlled (administratively) by British Security Coordination (BSC), the mission in New York headed by Stephenson, personal representative of Winston Churchill.

– Rigden, The WWII SOE Training manual of Camp X.


Stephenson rejected Highet’s draft as being too dry and academic, and he then asked another subordinate of his, Tom Hill, to start again. Hill also had Roald Dahl assisting him. Dahl, a Royal Air Force assistant air attache assigned to Britain’s Washington Embassy from 1942-1945, was also a successful author of 35 children’s stories, including James and the Giant Peach (New York: Knopf, 1961). He had been recruited by Stephenson as soon as he arrived, and he later acted as his liaison to the OSS.

roald dahl5

Dahl didn’t work on the project for long, and Hill apparently completed his manuscript in late summer 1945, which was then edited by Giles Playfair, another BSC agent. Playfair ran BMBC (British Malaya Broadcasting) for the British in Singapore. He was the son of Sir Nigel Playfair, English actor, producer and director of the day. Prior to working for Stephenson during WWII, he had been a publicist in the BBC overseas department, and for awhile the assistant editor of the BBC publication London Calling.

BMBC – image from Short Waves


It’s got to be the voice of Britain in the Far Eastern War. It’s got to be a first-class agency of offensive propaganda.
Giles Playfair

gales playfair

After the editing was finished by Playfair, Stephenson looked it over. He was pleased and promptly arranged a local printer to run off twenty copies. A bookbinder in Toronto was then contracted to cover them in leather and place each individually into separate locked boxes. Hill and his wife were then instructed to gather up everything else, the entire BSC archive and BURN IT – which they did.

Supposedly some of these twenty copies were distributed, but none have surfaced. Stephenson had two, and in 1946, for some strange reason, he ordered Tom Hill to burn the ten copies in the bank vault. There WERE four or five copies in the London official archives, however, also not available for viewing or confirmation to my knowledge.

Stephenson then contracted Harford Montgomery Hyde to write his biography. Hyde was another BSC subordinate, having served from May 1941 through 1944. He had previously worked for the SIS’s sabotage office, Section D.

Hyde was a life-long supporter of homosexuality and homosexual rights, and although it has never been established that he was himself a homosexual, some comments from his friends from his Oxford days cast a slightly different view. That wouldn’t be too surprising, unfortunately, because homosexuality in England’s upper-class colleges was quite rampant in the days when Hyde was young. Several well-known historic personalities that were Professors were often trying to convince young and impressionable (and randy) students of the “naturalness” of homosexuality. Perhaps this had something to do with Hyde’s pre-occupation with campaigning for their rights – which unfortunately cost him his seat in Parliament later in his life.


Hyde called his biography of Stephenson The Quiet Canadian, based on a term Stephenson had liked having himself referred to in Robert Sherwood’s book Roosevelt and Hopkins:An intimate history.

Hyde had also written a 200 page report in March 1943, entitled Report on British Security Coordination in the United States of America, a copy of which is in the Hyde Papers collection at Churchill College, Cambridge.

Apparently, a comparison between The Quiet Canadian and that report shows that he had relied heavily on it, often lifting long passages directly from that text – without attribution. He even took some passages, put quotes around them” and gave the reader the impression that they were Stephenson’s words – when they were not.

Reference – Introduction by Nigel West, p xiii – from BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940-1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998

Stephenson also had another project going with Dick Ellis, his BSC deputy. His full name is Colonel Charles Howard “Dick” Ellis.

Colonel Charles Howard -Dick- Ellis
image from, where he is listed as SIS.


Ellis was an Australian who joined the SIS in October of 1921. He had abandoned an undergraduate course at Oxford, and was promptly sent to the Istanbul office where he married a Russian woman and became the contact for a number of Russian agents.

Reference – Secret History of British Intelligence by Keith Jeffery.

He was later assigned to the Berlin Station in October of 1923, where he was given a list of Russian agents to run and was also approached by numerous White Russians to assist in British anti-Bolshevik operations to help create the conditions for WWII.

(See Casimir Pilenas and The Protocols of Zion article in the Specific Persons section of our Reading Library)

He also had a hand in actually running the Coordinator of Information office (1941-42) and the Office of Strategic Services (1942-45) for the official head, William Donovan. More on this later.

Ellis produced a 200-page draft, Anglo-American Collaboration in Security and Intelligence. Stephenson renamed it The Two Bills: Mission Accomplished. This was in approximately 1959.

That title change by itself is quite revealing, by the way, not only as to what his initial mission was, but to the obvious desire for self-aggrandizement and recognition-craving for his role in that particularly dirty undertaking.

Another interesting thing is that after retitling the Ellis draft – he then rejected it!

It’s a little difficult to make yourself look good in that disgustingly clear picture of utter lack of humanity – is what I say.

Hypothetically –

I still don’t look too good – WHY is that I wonder…says Stephenson

Do I look fat

Hyde completed this obviously “sanctioned” manuscript and published The Quiet Canadian in November 1962 – where there was a bit of a sensation because it named the head of SIS – Stewart Menzies, for the first time. He was head of MI6 and called code-name “C“.

Menzies_and_wife_Pamela_-_he_was_head_of_MI6_and_called_-C-Menzies and wife Pamela.

However much hoopla might have been made over these biographies of Stephenson, the original document that he had ordered prepared has been deliberately kept from the public.

This 1998 book, is the first publication of the whole document without editorial comment.

The author describes it as being overall, having its history falls into two distinct periods, pre- and post-Pearl Harbor. It reveals the lengths taken to influence U.S. public opinion. In particular, radio announcers willingness to peddle this obvious British propaganda, is apparently quite shocking as to just how prevalent this was.

Next, let’s take up the FOREWORD by William Stephenson himself, dated 31 December 1945, in New York.


I reproduce the entire text here, in full, due to its importance historically.

This account has been prepared, at my instruction, by BSC officers, who have used the organization’s files as sources of information. The original purpose was to provide a record which would be available for reference should future need arise for secret activities and security measures of the kind it describes.

That purpose has already been advanced to the point of immediacy by the march of events; for, with the advent of atmoic weapons, what is written in the pages following may be considered relevant to the present rather than to a hypothetical future. Against possible atomic attack, the only hope of survival is to be forewarned; and – having regard, in particular, to the various surprise forms of atomic attack which an aggressor nation might employ – to be forewarned clearly necessitates a worldwide Intelligence Service of maximum effectiveness.

This record of lessons learned and of methods evolved under the impetus of war is, therefore, submitted as contribution to the maintenance of such a service. It demonstrates, above all, that, during the period under review, an organization in the Western Hemisphere restricted in its authority to collecting intelligence by established means would have been altogether inadequate and that the success of secret activities was primarily dependent upon the coordination of a number of functions falling within the jurisdiction of separate government departments in London. It was only as a result of such coordination that BSC had the necessary elasticity to meet the urgent demands of the situation and to adapt itself readily to swiftly changing needs. In referring to it, one feels impelled to make specific mention of the close cooperation afforded BSC by HM Embassy in Washington – without which much that was achieved could not have been. Lord Lothian’s intimate concern in the early days proved invaluable; and so, too, did the unfailing support subsequently given by Lord Halifax.

The conception of coordinated operations in the field of secret activities, which BSC originally exemplified, was the basis upon which the Americans built, with astonishing speed, their own highly successful wartime Intelligence Service. It is, perhaps, not going too far to suggest that this conception may properly be regarded as essential to the maintenance of worldwide vigilance and national security in the critical years ahead.

-William Stephenson New York, 31 December 1945.


There are a lot of things I could say about this foreword, but I think the first thing that I want to touch upon is the real handlers of Stephenson. He mentions them – Lord Lothian and Lord Halifax, but I doubt most Americans know who they actually were – or more importantly WHAT they were. For an in-depth study of these two, see the Lord Lothian and Lord Halifax articles in the Reading Library).

Lord Lothian is a British title – it means he was a “noble”. His real name was Philip Henry Kerr.

Mark Edward Frederic Kerr

Lord Halifax is also a British title – his real name was Edward Frederick Lindley Wood.


They were both Round Table members. (see Scientology Roots Chapter 26-2)

Before I quote you something about these men and their “ideals” – a little background is in order.

In 1910, The Round Table Journal: A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the British Empire was founded by Lord Milner and members Lionel Curtis, Philip Kerr (Lord Lothian) and Geoffrey Dawson. Many of these original contributors were believers in the idea of an “imperial federation in which the British Empire would be united by a new centralized Imperial Parliament.” However, after the huge flop of this idea during the Peace Conferences of the First World War, they realized they were boned on that point. They didn’t change their idea, but as is usual with British slavemasters – they simply changed the name and the words.

Their new name for the same idea was the British Empire as a “Commonwealth of Nations”.

During the course of their so-called ‘studies’ of what went wrong with using WWI to try and gain America into their Empire,  The Round Table members hit upon a new propaganda slogan – which was that that this “Commonwealth” idea was “committed to increasing self-government and equality amongst its members.”

Accordingly, the journal’s subtitle was changed to A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the British Commonwealth in 1919.the shell game begins

They changed it again to A Quarterly Review of British Commonwealth Affairs in 1948.

Wanting to hide the British aspect of things in the public mind and make it look more generic, they changed it again to A Quarterly Review of Commonwealth Affairs in 1966

With the same idea of making it even more generic and looking like that it was “not just Britain”, it was finally changed to The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs in 1983.

With all that in mind, probably the most striking example I could give you that that best illustrates what men like Lords Lothian and Halifax really had their sights set upon is this –

“…[Round Table] has never abandoned its view that the only final basis for freedom and enduring peace is the organic union of nations in a commonwealth embracing the whole world…”

– Round Table Journal, Vol. 25, Issue 100, September 1935, first twenty-five years review, probably written by Lionel Curtis, the editor.



Do you see that word commonwealth?

It has a very specific meaning.

Commonwealth – …the now independent components of the former British Empire and Britain’s remaining dependencies are described as the Commonwealth of Nations.

They are still part of “the Empire” – and that is very important.

Even though these “now independent components” have their own internal governments, their external relations are governed by Britain.

Now why would that be important…

woman question mark

Think about it. Let’s take America, whom the British wanted back. We control our interior government – they control external, like say, the CIA, etc etc. – which is exactly what happened, by the way.

We know that they would never be satisfied with just that, and believe me they have some form of control in ALL major levels of our government now that “might affect external relations”.

Now, if this was done with EVERY country in the world?

You have Britain running the world, literally.

Slavemaster hierarchal society

Something they have no right whatsoever (let alone the sanity and wisdom) to do.

Thisorganic union of nations in a commonwealth’ business  – that was the real purpose of World War II.

There was a book published in 1940, not long after the War had officially began. It was written by an Oahspe propaganda man named Wing Anderson. For more on the Oashpe see (up coming article).

Wing Andersons’ book contained an obviously British propaganda statement in the Foreword.

Wing writes:

As the first republic was born on the American continent, so will also be brought forth on this continent the first true cooperative commonwealth with peace, plenty and security for all. When this new economy comes into existence it will be the product of Americans and not the fruit of either the third International or the Third Reich.


So, at the end of World War II, America was to be part of the “first true cooperative commonwealth.”

In order to accomplish that? Enter British Intelligence and William Stephenson.

This also explains why instruments of British government were incorporated into American government – quietly and secretly. The OSS, the Joint-Chiefs, etc. etc. (See OSS ONI history articles)

Actually, to further illustrate the absolute continuity over almost 100 years of this British plan, the author of the Oahspe, John Newbrough, offers another example of the existence of this long term plan that culminated in World War II.

At one point, Newbrough had ended up in New Orleans, and while there he published a monthly magazine called The Castaway. In the July 1889 issue, Newbrough wrote:

We have fifty-eight years yet ahead [by 1947] to get ready in. At or before that time all the present governments, religions, and all monied monopolies are to be overthrown and to go out of existence.

And there it is.

One other thing before I continue, look at this again.

“…it has never abandoned its view that the only final basis for freedom and enduring peace is the organic union of nations in a commonwealth embracing the whole world…”

– Round Table Journal, Vol. 25, Issue 100, September 1935, first twenty-five years review, probably written by Lionel Curtis, the editor.

See that ‘enduring peace’ part? That was an agreed upon propaganda line which, of course, was right up Lionel Curtis’s alley.

Guess where it also shows up? In the Mental Health field.

A man named George Brock Chisholm attended a series of lectures of which he was one of the keynote speakers.

Chisholm WWII

Guess what his speech was entitled?

The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress.

I went to quite some trouble to track this down, and now you can see it for yourself here –

Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – Chisholm and Sullivan 1946

*Please be aware, that unfortunately, someone (not myself) at some time in the past, had made all sorts of notes and underlinings on the book itself, but the text is still readable.


These lectures in the book were sponsored by the William Alanson White Foundation in 1946.

At the time of this second series of lectures (the PDF file), General Chisholm had just stopped being the Director-General of Medical Services, Canadian Army (due to the end of World War II), and he sashayed on over to the newly created for he and his Tavistock buddies – National Health and Welfare organization. Chisholm was Deputy Minister of Health in the Dominion Department.

Does that Dominion Department he was assigned to – ring a bell? It should. That’s part of the meaning of Commonwealth.

Commonwealth – …the now independent components of the former British Empire and Britain’s remaining dependencies are described as the Commonwealth of Nations.

They used to call them Dominions, later on they opted for a more PC term of “dependencies” after the time of Chisholm’s lecture here.

They still kept the idea though, so the fact that Chisholm was Deputy in the Dominion Department means he is in charge of the “health” of anyone the Brits felt were their dominions or should be – like America.

Therefore, it’s no surprise to find his heaviest meddling was in the U.S. at first – this is all part of trying to get America on-board the British slave-train to be their pugilists around the world since they’re too weak to do it themselves.

Starting with World War II.

Chisholm was a Cecil Bloc/Round Table asset, an intelligence operative of a sort, and he was working hard to “change” us Americans mind about participating in their psychotic war plans.

Chisholm was a proponent of Social Psychiatry.

There were six postulates promoted by a man named Elmer Southerd in the earlier part of the 20th century – look at number 3.

  • 3. There is meaningful interrelationship, a relativity, between the behaviors of one individual and all social and mythological institutions and groups.

Put another way, he’s saying that ONE person can affect all institutions and groups.

Their solution to this is typical – bullying/peer pressure. Ganging up on this one person. And that’s postulate number 4.

  • 4. Social problems, including individual, institutional and group deviant behaviors, cannot be solved without collaboration between all the institutions and disciplines of human knowledge, influence, and action.

It was interesting to me to see that contrary to what you might think – these people do realize, very well, the power of just one person who is not like them.

Apparently that is so powerful that as you can see in #4 above? It takes OODLES of other people just to try and behavior-modify ONE free person!

Since they are SO afraid of just one person and what that one person can do to their plans and how they can “infect” their other little brain-washed puppets, it shouldn’t surprise you that one of the things Chisholm said in his speech was trying his level best to dispel the idea that there are really ‘only a few people’ who want or enjoy wars.

Considering who he works for – those FEW – that’s very interesting.

this is a sick world, with an old chronic but ever more extensive and serious sickness. Its sickness has recently become acutely dangerous and the future is uncertain indeed.

Man, again, and on a wider and more highly organized scale than ever before, has been indulging in one of his most consistent behavior patterns, war.

…Though it seems that, among the people of the world, relatively few want or enjoy wars, and very many suffer in many ways during wars,  man persists in this senseless behavior century after century.


As you can see, even though he is a direct front for these relatively few men that create and lovingly tend Wars all around the globe, he just tried to lay off the blame on the entire human race!

This “sickness” of which he speaks, has been directly caused by these people in pass-the-torch succession coming straight down from the 1600’s. The Cavendishes, The Cecils, etc. You’ll soon see the author of this British Security Coordination book actually brag about that, by the way, in what I have pulled out of it.

There is much more to be read in the lectures contained in the Chisholm PDF, but for my purposes right now I’d say that in looking at that last Chisholm bit, and this:

“…it has never abandoned its view that the only final basis for freedom and enduring peace is the organic union of nations in a commonwealth embracing the whole world…”

– Round Table Journal, Vol. 25, Issue 100, September 1935, first twenty-five years review, probably written by Lionel Curtis, the editor.


That should suffice to give you a pretty good idea why these war-mongers are harping on about that – enduring peace business.

They don’t want interference or fighting back against their big plan to rule over the rest of us.


That plan is about getting their “organic union of nations in a commonwealth” plan to come to fruition.

That’s what this “mental health” field is really all about. You have no idea the lengths they will go to try and keep from you knowing (by data I mean) just how many people see them as I do, as you do, as almost all of humanity does. You’ll see some examples in what is to come here, that show that quite clearly.

So, let’s come back around now to where we started here – we were examining the Foreword written by Stephenson, where he lauds his “handlers” – the english Lords Lothian and Halifax.

These are titles. Their real names again, were Philip Henry Kerr and Edward Frederick Lindley Wood – respectively.

With such an important role in William Stephensons activities to bring Americans out of their “let’s have peace” mindset so that they would then fight the Brits war for them, I think we better find out more about who these two men actually were.

We’ll start with Lord Lothian – Philip Kerr – and his Cecil Bloc connections.

Strangely enough, Kerr’s family also contains a connection to one of the British intelligence mentors of L. Ron Hubbard – Major Ian Macbean.

William Kerr, the 6th Marquess of Lothian, was the father of John William Robert Kerr and Admiral Lord Frederic Herbert Kerr.

Fredric’s son was Admiral Mark Edward Frederic Kerr born on 26 September 1864.

John William’s son was Maj.-Gen. Lord Ralph Drury Kerr – Philip Kerr’s father.

Where there is a connection to L. Ron Hubbard – is Fredric’s son, Admiral Mark Kerr.

Major Ian Macbean’s wife, Phyllis Bedell, wrote a book My Dancing Days.

Chapter 22, page 100, mentions her long friendship with Admiral Mark Kerr, who as a close relative of Lord Lothian (Philip Kerr) was also one of the top echelon of British slavemasters.

I had invited Admiral Mark Kerr, whom I had known since childhood….We spent a delightful time listening to ‘Uncle Mark’ telling of his experiences. He had been a personal friend of many great figures, including the Kaiser and the Greek Royal Family, and, that evening, he was obviously in a reminiscent mood.


With family friends like that, its probably not much of a surprise then that Major Ian Macbean would end up in Foreign Intelligence in China, just in time to act as a mentor to young L. Ron Hubbard who would shortly begin a long career in British intelligence, in support of Empire goals. (for more on this, see the ONI/OSS and Hubbard articles in the Reading Library)

Philip Kerr, the Lord Lothian assumed the post of Ambassador to the U.S. on April 24, 1939, where he acted as William Stephenson’s handler and contact when he arrived in June of 1940.

Philip Kerr has long played key roles in the Slavemasters global domination plans.

He was born on April 18, 1882. He was an Oxford man, but it was only after leaving the University that he became one of the youngest members of Lord Alfred Milners “Kindergarten – a very carefully chosen group of young men indeed, whose first task was the “reconstruction” of South Africa after the Boer War.



When Kerr came back to London in 1910, he became the editor of the “Round Table” magazine. Yes, the same one we just got done discussing with their “Commonwealth” of the world plans.

Kerr used that periodical to greatly influence the views of “progressive Imperialists”, as they had taken to calling themselves at that time. They called themselves that in order to better hide the same old Slavemaster dominate-the-world agenda.

References – 1 – The Glasgow Herald – Dec 13, 1940

Another way men like Kerr PR-spun the same old British slavemaster agenda at this time, was that they were advocates of ‘a federation of the world’s democracies.’ – with Britain at the head of it, of course.

Kerr also worked behind the scenes in the Lloyd George government, helping to progress this agenda, but after a re-org in 1921 he was placed as secretary of the Cecil Rhodes Trust – which means he was helping choose people from the U.S. and “the Dominions” – as they called them – for Oxford scholarships and ergo then being recruited into the Slavemaster intelligence group.

Note: If you see someone with an Oxford scholarship through the Rhodes Trust? You can pretty much guarantee that when that person came out the other end- He was a Slavemaster man, through and through.

Philip became the 11th Marquis of Lothian in 1931 and heir to wide estates and historic mansions at Newbattle, Blickling Hall, Norfolk (once the original home of Anne Boleyn) Ferniehirst and Monteviot, Ancrum.

Meanwhile, Philips cousin Mark Kerr, the family friend of L. Ron Hubbards mentor Ian Macbean, was one of Winston Churchill’s favorite people at one time, until it didn’t “suit” him politically – that is.

admiral mark kerr

During World War I (1914 to 1919) Philip Kerr and the rest of the “kids” in the Milner Group, under the guidance of the Cecil Bloc, were dominating the Foreign Office positions at that time.

Lord Arthur Balfour (British Society of Psychical Research) was Secretary of State for most of WWI, he was in office from 1916-1919.


When Balfour came in to that position, the current slavemaster spy network head, Lord Robert Cecil, was hard at work trying to “persuade” the cabinet to support a League of Nations.


That was the first rendering of this “organic union of nations” plan that we discussed earlier.

Walter Phillmore came into the Milner Group, and in 1918 he drew up one of the drafts for the Covenant of the League of Nations.


Balfour’s boss, Lord Robert Cecil took the credit for the other draft, even though it was actually largely the work of Alfred Zimmern – Cecil’s chief assistant and another member of the Milner Group.

Sir Alfred Eckherd Zimmern

The first public presentation of this was at the Peace Conference held in Paris for ending World War I.

The main purpose of the League of Nations, was to try and entice America back into working for the British.

Thankfully, in 1920 the U.S Senate refused to ratify the Peace Treaty. That act sent a very clear message to Britain, that NO! – the United States did not wish to join this rather transparent ‘League of Nations’ intelligence maneuver.

You can thank Idaho Senator William Borah for that one, he pretty much single-handedly killed it in Congress.

borahjohnson2Borah on the left

It’s a great, great story, and I plan to do an in-depth page about this wonderful man. For now, you can get the highlights of how he defeated this slavemaster idea in my post The Man Who Killed The League of Nations – Senator Borah

The Milner Group was, how would we put it, extremely bummed that this had failed. A March 1920 issue of the Round Table Journal expressed their frustration.

The League has failed to secure the adhesion of one of its most important members, The United States, and is very unlikely to secure it…. This situation presents a very serious problem for the British Empire.we have looked to the League to provide us with the machinery for United British action in foreign affairs.

The British Empire, the League of Nations and the United States, The Round Table Volume 10, Issue 38, March 1920, pages 221-253



What is fascinating –  is what happened next.

In an apparent about-face, Philip Kerr and the whole “inner core” of the Milner Group then began doing their level best to undermine the Treaty, the League of Nations and the whole peace settlement!


Because in their zeal to proffer tasty “freedom and democracy for all” bait to us Americans, they later realized that they were handing over too much power to people in their “dominions”, and without America to be their “billy club” under their orders (which would involve squashing whatever upstart “dominion” thought it should not be run by the British) – they were now very exposed.

The other reason was far more Machiavellian. It was to appear to be aligned with America as in a “we’re sympatico” move to build a future base for trying this whole shebang again. As in WWII.

Per Professor Carroll Quigley, Philip Kerr realized that this “bait” Covenant had now “given the Dominions the grounds to avoid closer union with the United Kingdom.”

Well, perish the thought…

The duality of the slavemasters moves on this subject is fascinating, and I agree with how Quigley put it.

The ability of the Milner Group to mobilize public opinion in regard to the League of Nations is almost beyond belief. It was not a simple task, since they were simultaneously trying to do two things: on the one hand, seeking to build up popular opinion in favor of the League so that its work could be done more effectively; and, at the same time, seeking to prevent influential people from using the League as an instrument of world government before popular opinion was ready for a world government.

Philip Kerr, together with Lord Robert Cecil, helped form the Royal Institute of International Affairs at the Hotel Majestic in Paris during the Peace Conference of 1919.

At the RIIA creation meeting, it was decided that it be a “permanent organization for the study of international affairs.”

Chatham House Royal Institute of international affairs

Professor Carroll Quigley wrote that its influence, combined with the other Cecil Bloc zones of control, painted a terrifying picture indeed.

When the influence which the Institute wields is combined with that controlled by the Milner Group in other fields—in education, in administration, in newspapers and periodicals—a really terrifying picture begins to emerge.

Anglo American Establishment by Carroll Quigley written in 1949 but published posthumously in 1981


The RIIA was purely another front group concerned with influencing a wider sphere of “the leaders of thought” – or rather making sure such were portrayed publicly as being so-called leaders.

Note: It might interest you to know that one of the first “benefactors” of the RIIA, was Imperial Chemical Industries or ICI, formed on December 7, 1926.

Together with the German drug company I.G. Farben (engaged in manufacturing psychiatric drugs among other things) became part of a four-party cartel in 1932.

Their logo was the figure 4 in a circle.


This international cartel dominated almost 90 per cent of the world’s total exports.

Considering the propaganda attacks that the BSC mounted against it, that becomes rather interesting – more on that later when we get to that part of the book.

The American outlet of the RIIA was the Williamstown Institute of Politics. It was founded in 1921, funded by the Carnegie Corporation, and was a pet project of Elihu Root (a wealthy lawyer). It was used initially to try and build up popular opinion in favor of the League of Nations.

Elihu Root

Elihu Root was very much an ardent anglophile and a Cecil Bloc man – a covert agitator for British re-taking of the world and thereby as an American. He was being a traitor to the ideals of America’s founders.

He once said:

“When foreign affairs are ruled by democracies,” Root believed, “the danger of war will be in mistaken beliefs.”

That’s why they wanted (the Milner Group and Cecil Bloc) to form this Institute of Politics in the United States.

Not only is that a slur against ANYONE BUT BRITAIN controlling “foreign affairs” (and thereby the world) – it also shows that anyone who doesn’t agree with this lovely little plan of the Brits will be characterized as having mistaken beliefs.



That was a very carefully chosen phrase, what we call now PC (politically correct) way of saying you’re crazy or mentally ill. Look at it. Mistaken – you’re wrong. Beliefs – you aren’t using facts which is why you’re wrong.

That’s just about a perfect 180 there. The facts about WHO causes wars by interfering in everyone else’s business, are too overwhelming for any sane person to try and pass them off as “mistaken beliefs”.

Only a psychopath would try and do so – which is what they are.

That is the largest reason as to why all these efforts at purely manipulating public perception – they can’t get away from the facts. The best they can do is try and spin them and hope that no-one notices.

Rev. John Franklin Carter was one of the first Americans chosen by the Milner group to help accomplish this manipulation of public perception task in conjunction with The Catholic Church.

John Franklin Carter

Carter had attended Yale University, but left early in 1921 to become a representative of the Williamstown Institute of Politics in Italy. He went on to become the Rome correspondent for the London Daily Chronicle and the New York Times.

After this initial training period, he gets sent back to the U.S. to help prepare for the next planned World War.

This was the ‘War to end all Wars’ as British PR-spin artists put it, coldly and dispassionately designed to soften up the world for British rule.

In 1936 Carter adopted the pen name Jay Franklin and started his propaganda assignment and began a syndicated column, We, The People. His office in the National Press Building was close to the White House and usually reflected the views of President Roosevelt, who in turn was dancing on the end of the British puppetmasters string.

Strings often lovingly held particularly by William Wiseman (Stephenson’s predecessor) and Colonel House.

Franklin Roosevelt the slavemaster puppet

Both Lionel Curtis and Philip Kerr (Lord Lothian) each gave lectures at the Williamstown Institute of Politics in 1922. Selections from these, along with an article from the September 1922 issue of The Round Table, were published in International Conciliation for February 1923.

Kerr and his buddy Lord Birkenhead also spoke at the Institute in 1923.

The U.S. branch, or “sister” group of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the United States was formed July 29, 1921 in New York and called the ‘Council on Foreign Relations.’

One of the founders of the sister organization was another member of the roundtable groups, Walter Lippmann – of which there will be more about a little later on, and also a separate article soon to be published.

My husband Mike wrote about that this Council on Foreign Relations was one of the primary ways the British New World Order people have infiltrated the U.S. government and covertly influenced the US government to forward the agenda of the British slavemasters.

Every U.S. President, except one, has been a member of the CFR, and CFR members hold many other top positions within the U.S. Government. Allen Dulles was a member of the CFR and he was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Twelve members of CFR have been U. S. Secretary of State, etc.

– Mike McClaughry, Scientology Roots Chapter 21-2 The First Scientologists and their Masters.


The term Chatham House, has also become synonymous with the RIIA. This came about because in 1923, Lionel Curtis, a Milner Group man and a subordinate of Lord Lothian Philip Kerr, got Canadian Colonel R.W. Leonard to buy a building for the RIIA named Chatham House, located at 10 St. James Square (City of Westminster) in London.

Chatham House Royal Institute of international affairs

Lionel Curtis headed up the “Research and Press Department” of Chatham House (aka the RIIA).


Then, in September 1938, the RIIA began to act as “adviser” to the Foreign Office. When the war began a year later, this relationship was formalized.

The RIIA then became the “Research and Intelligence Department” of the Foreign Office – which…was dominated by Lionel Curtis and Arnold Toynbee.

How convenient! Right?

Arnold J. Toynbee

Arnold J. Toynbee

British intelligence has two main parts, domestic security and foreign intelligence. Home Office operates inside Britain and is called MI 5. Foreign Office has its operatives outside of Britain and is called MI 6. British intelligence has traditionally been run by the Cecil family, but recently the Milner Group has also had its men heading up or working for British intelligence. Since Milner was brought into the Cecil family, that leaves the British intelligence network still under control of the Cecil family even when a member of the Milner Group is the head of it. The Secretary of State is over both MI 5 and MI 6.

The following are some examples of the Milner Group placing agents around the world. Notice how many of them are in intelligence and propaganda positions…

John Simon (Viscount Simon) …was Home Secretary (1915-1916), Foreign Secretary (1931-1935), Home Secretary again (1935-1937)…

Sir Arthur Ramsay Steel-Maitland – Under Secretary in the Foreign Office (1917-1919)

Alfred Zimmern… chief assistant to Lord Robert Cecil in the Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office in 1918-1919; deputy director of the Research Department of the Foreign Office in 1943-1945; the adviser and chief organizer of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization in 1946…

Edward Wood (Lord Lothian) was Secretary of State for War (1935) Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1938-1940), and, finally, Ambassador to Washington (1941-1946).

In Washington, …he filled the embassy with members of All Souls College.

Benedict H. Sumner… During the Second World War, he was attached to the Foreign Office (1939-1942).

Mr. Wheeler-Bennett became a member of the Milner Group and the Institute… in 1939-1944 he was in the United States in various propaganda positions with the British Library of Information and for two years as Head of the British Political Warfare Mission in New York.

In addition to these three great fiefs (the Research and Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office, the Embassy in Washington, and the Ministry of Information), the Milner Group exercised considerable influence in those branches …concerned with emergency economic regulations… Lord Wolmer was Minister of Economic Warfare in 1942-1945. [The “Ministry of Economic Warfare” was a cover organisation for the Special Operations Executive.]

Harold Beresford Butler (Sir Harold) was …minister in charge of publicity in the British Embassy in Washington (1942-1946).

Laurence F. R. Williams in the early days of the Second World War was adviser on Middle East Affairs to the Ministry of Information. Since 1944 he has been in the editorial department of The Times.

(Arthur J.) Glazebrook undertook the task of founding Round Table Groups in Canada. About a dozen units were established in various cities.

George Parkin Glazebrook, son of Milner’s old friend Arthur J. Glazebrook, …since 1942 has been …engaged in strategic intelligence work with the Department of External Affairs. Since 1948 he has been on loan from the Department of External Affairs to the Department of Defense, where he is acting as head of the new Joint Services Intelligence. This highly secret agency appears to be the Canadian equivalent to the American Central Intelligence Agency.

Roger Mellor Makins… At the end of the war, in 1945, he went to the Embassy in Washington with the rank of Minister. In 1947 he left Washington to become Assistant Under Secretary of State in the Foreign Office in London.

Percy Corbett of …Canada… chairman of the Department of Political Science at Yale since 1944. He has always been close to the Milner Group, participating in many of their Canadian activities, such as the Canadian Royal Institute of International Affairs… During the war he spent much of his time in the United States, especially in Washington, engaged in lobbying activities for the British Embassy… Since the war ended, he has obtained, by his position at Yale, a place of considerable influence, especially since Yale began, in 1948, to publish its new quarterly review called World Politics. …he must be numbered among the three most important Canadian members of the Milner Group, the other two being Vincent Massey and George Parkin Glazebrook.

Anglo American Establishment by Carroll Quigley written in 1949 but published posthumously in 1981


Of course, all of that we just covered dovetails perfectly into what William Stephenson’s real assignment was in the United States – propaganda manipulation and subversive actions.

You could say, and you’d be right, that what Stephenson was doing was quite literally the first stage of a 20th century behavior modification campaign, to get the Americans (and the rest of the world) to accept the idea of world government.

The utterly deliberate creation of all the conditions leading up to World War II (and the war itself) were all part of this, as was the so-called mental health movement was part of it.

Scientology was also part of it because L. Ron Hubbard also advocated and promoted world government, led by Britain, not to mention his many other connections into British Intelligence that we have recently documented.

See my husbands book Scientology Roots chapter 16-3 to see Hubbard advocating the New World Order.


Around 1931 when Philip Kerr officially became Lord Lothian, he (and the other fine people arranging the world for the rest of us) was hard at work setting up another War.

Note that this was purely because the first one had failed to produce the result of U.S. acquiescence to the British World Plan.

One of the main lines of propaganda that began being spread, was that (nationalism) was the cause of wars.

By “nationalism” what was being referred to was individual countries that were not exactly chomping at the bit to become another “dominion” of the British.

So, to say that nationalism was the cause of wars – was extremely self-serving on their part.

Do you get why?

Basically, the wielders of this slur of nationalism are saying that they have to make war on these countries that refuse their yoke of “freedom”.

It’s like their excuse for their behavior that they try to lay it off “over there” instead of at their own doorstep.

If it wasn’t for their obsession with ruling the world? There would be no such Wars as the 20th century has seen – which were WORSE wars than had ever been before!

The British didn’t believe that “nationalism” was the cause of war. Far from it.

It’s OTHER people’s intention to keep their countries whole and independent that they had a gripe with.

I call your attention to William Stephenson’s foreword again – particularly this part.

…. the maintenance of worldwide vigilance and national security in the critical years ahead.

NATIONAL security for Britain…that’s ok. They wanted everywhere in the world to be British NATIONAL, and not their own national.

The arrogance boggles the mind. But, this accusation of nationalism was the “big” insult – their main leading-the-witness propaganda, to try and influence people’s view that anyone who didn’t support the BRITISH idea of nationalism was causing War.

It’s so true, that back then, if you find anyone lobbing that term around as a slur?

You can immediately know exactly who they’re working for and supporting.


Allen Dulles did it, L. Ron Hubbard did it, the list goes on and on – reading like the Who’s Who amongst the intelligence and business world. Every single one of them was pushing to railroad the rest of the world into being a lovely little commonwealth of Britain – with young American boys and girls pressed into service in the name of “freedom” and “democracy” to put down and destroy anyone who resists this glorious future.

And people call Hitler the source of such New World Order ideas…

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hitler was a PUPPET. Or as we call them today, a sock-puppet of the British slavemasters.

sockpuppets from history hitler lincoln

So I guess we now know WHY he was needed – right?

To point the finger at and “defeat” so now we’re all safe from the “new world order” that we just landed smack into the slavery of after WWII.

My husband wrote about this topic, in his book.

The people in the world were supposed to be so horrified by this war [WWII] that they would gladly accept world government as a solution to wars – behavior modification by war.

The Round Table members in the United States, such as the Rockefellers, were financing Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. They also started and financed the eugenics movement in the United States and Germany. In 1933, Hitler came to power as dictator of Germany.

– Mike McClaughry, Scientology Roots Chapter 21-2 The First Scientologists and their Masters.


Let’s examine some of the other roles of Philip Kerr – the Lord Lothian – and others in bringing about this “delicious” war – as Winston Churchill put it.

By November of 1934, Philip Kerr and Lord Halifax had already officially told Hitler that Britain was prepared to give Germany arms equality.

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I’ll get into a bit of who Halifax was here in just a minute, but really understand that – Britain, and especially coming out of the financial center of the City of London was inviting Hitler to begin the War!

Why would Hitler need their permission – one might ask.


To me, that’s a completely rhetorical question.

Only a subordinate of a “master” would need to ask “Can I…?”

An Igor –

Igor stylized

The fact that he did ask, and the fact that they gave him the go ahead, paints the most clear picture of the real dynamics there than just about anything else.

Four days later, Hitler announced Germany’s rearmament.

Ten days after that, Britain condoned the act by sending Sir John Simon on a state visit to Berlin. In diplomatic-speak, you’re saying everything is A-ok.

3 years later, Lord Halifax, as British Foreign Secretary had a long chat with Hitler on 19 November 1939. He convinced Hitler that Britain would allow Germany to liquidate Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. 4

The same Lord Halifax who would take Lord Lothian’s place as William Stephenson’s handler in the U.S.

And where did all these ill-gotten assets go? Not to Hitler. Oh, no. This blood money was routed through a money-laundering system that routed through Curacao and then to South America – Nelson Rockefeller’s ‘zone’.

As soon as the war officially began, Lord Lothian was named Ambassador to the United States.

His Rhodes connections that he had built up (Cecil Rhodes) in the U.S., were thought to make him perfect for the task, and since most Americans did not know of his role in fostering the war with the Cliveden Set in Britain, it was deemed safe to assign him in that position.

Cliveden Set –

Professor Quigley often made reference to ‘the Cliveden Set’ in his interesting ‘expose’ of the core power group of England.

What that refers to goes to one of the Astors – Waldorf Astor. He and his wife Nancy had a large estate in Buckinghamshire on the River Thames. They called it ‘Cliveden’.

The Astors held regular weekend parties and the group that attended them became known as ‘the Cliveden set’.

It included Lord Halifax, Philip Henry Kerr (11th Marquess of Lothian), Geoffrey Dawson, Samuel Hoare, Lionel Curtis, Nevile Henderson, Robert Brand and Edward Algernon Fitzroy.

Most members of the group were charged with nurturing Hitler along – after all, he was the poster boy of the British slavemasters next war they had planned.

To accomplish this, these men had several holdings to help control the public perception. Astor owned The Observer, Dawson was editor of The Times, Hoare was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Fitzroy was Speaker of the Commons.

By the time of Lord Lothian’s unexpected death in December 1940, the position in Washington was considered to be of such crucial importance, that Lord Halifax (Ed Woods) was shifted to the vacant post from the Foreign Office. He retained his position in the War Cabinet. Lord Halifax continued to hold the post until 1946, a year after the war was actually finished.

At this point, I’d like to share a little story from Chapter 7 The Round Table from Professor Quigley’s book.

Earlier I had mentioned Lionel Curtis, and his role in helping to choose and shape the propaganda that they felt would work on the minds of men to gain support for this “organic union” the slavemasters had in mind.

Back in 1909 Lionel Curtis and his mentor Philip Kerr took a trip to Canada. They convinced Sir William S. Marris to come along, and while traipsing through the Canadian back-country, they proceeded to come up with a plausible explanation of how to propagandize Britain’s “role” in somehow being the source of people wanting to govern themselves.

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It’s not even close to anything resembling accuracy, but for them to even be trying to think of it they were obviously under some serious correct targeting by the people’s of the world because of the Brits atrocious views (and behavior) towards them world – having gone on for centuries before. The chickens were coming home to roost.

They were not changing these views during this trip – not at all. They were trying to justify why it was ok for them to continue to have them.

Have a look.

So in 1909, Mr. Kerr and I went to Canada and persuaded Mr. Marris, who was then on leave, to accompany us.

Anglo American Establishment  written in 1949 by Professor Quigley (published posthumously in 1981), section: Lionel Curtis in 1917 A Letter to the People of India

One day, supposedly while they were on a walk through the forests on the Pacific slopes of the Canadian Rockies, This Marris guy supposedly convinced Curtis of what you are about to see. I do not believe this Marris guy was the actual source of this idea – I think it was more Curtis propaganda to try and make it look like it came from “one of the people”.

Marris then supposedly said that –

…self-government, . . . however far distant, was the only intelligible goal of British policy in India…. The existence of political unrest in India, far from being a reason for pessimism, was the surest sign that the British, with all their manifest failings, had not shirked their primary duty of extending Western education to India and so preparing Indians to govern themselves.


Hidden Hand - STOP

I want to make sure you got what was just said there.

The political unrest in India – which was BECAUSE of the horrific treatment by the Brits for centuries – is now being 180’d into somehow being beneficial and supposedly all part of some grand master beneficial plan by the British!

My god! That’s unbelievable!


This of course relieved Curtis’s conscience so that now he believed he was actually “one of the good guys” – now that is how they do it folks. That is how their minds work to make it all good for them to do what they do.

When there is no way out of the truth of their barbaric actions? They Brits twist it all around and in this case – they are bald-facedly trying to take credit for what began in America.

NOT Britain.

Thomas Jefferson makes it quite clear that there was NO PRECEDENT for what had been done in America.

Considering he was one of the main founders of the Republic of The United States, with tongue firmly in cheek I say to you, it might just be possible that he knows what he’s talking about.

Note: In the below quote the “They” is referring to the “tinsel aristocracy” as Jefferson elsewhere refers to them. He is always quite clear about what he thinks about the false superiority of the British nobility and other such forms.

Jefferson writes:

They knew no medium between a democracy (the only pure republic, but impracticable beyond the limits of a town) and an abandonment of themselves to an aristocracy, or a tyranny independent of the people. It seems not to have occurred that where the citizens can not meet to transact their business in person, they alone have the right to choose the agents who shall transact it: and that in this way a republican, or popular government, of (the second grade of purity) may be exercised over any extent of country. The full experiment of a government, democratical, but representative, was and is still reserved for us.

* * * The introduction of this new principle of representative democracy has rendered useless almost everything written before on the structure of government: and, in a great measure, relieves our regret, if the political writings of Aristotle, or of any other ancient, have been lost, or are unfaithfully rendered or explained to us.

Jefferson Cyclopedia p.51 (nbr 486)


Really take some time to think about every word of that – it is absolutely brilliant. It is very, very important to note that Jefferson makes extremely clear that this is a new principle.

And so the British, like Curtis here, trying to lay claim to that this was “their” idea in any way shape or form is to put it kindly? Very wishful thinking.

The real reason for the revolution in India was NOT because of the British, it was because of very different people.

People on the order of Thomas Jefferson – not Wadsworth and Willy.

Curtis just wanted to try and spin this unrest as being because of their “western education” – Which meant the Brits – not Thomas Jefferson.

He did this to try and take attention off the very real fact of that these people rightly wanted to break off all Britain’s holds on India. The reason was the centuries of having to submit to the Brits arrogance, their atrocities, and their greed and lust for power – not because of some “western education”.

If anything, they were motivated by looking at America – the land of mental giants like Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

Not by looking at the British.


The Brits had been around for centuries with their “western education’ – but America had only been going for a little over a hundred years.

It was AMERICA that inspired India (and many other peoples) to try and throw off the slavemasters too!

Thomas Jefferson said it began happening almost immediately after we broke free of the British and showed the world how it was millions of times better without them.

Before the establishment of the American States, nothing was known to history but the man of the old world…steeped in the vices which that situation generates….(p. 818)

The flames kindled on the Fourth of July, 1776, have spread over too much of the globe to be extinguished by the feeble engines of despotism ; on the contrary, they will consume these engines and all who work them. — To John Adams, vii, 218. (M., Sep. 1821.)

The light which has been shed on the mind of man through the civilized world, has given it a new direction from which no human power can divert it. The sovereigns of Europe who are wise, or have wise counsellors, see this, and bend to the breeze which blows; the unwise alone stiffen and meet its inevitable crush. — To Marquis Lafayette, vii, 193. Ford ed., x, 179- (1820.)

The light from our West seems to have spread and illuminated the very engines employed to extinguish it. It has given them a glimmering of their rights and their power. The idea of representative government has taken root and growth among them. Their masters feel it…Opinion is power, and that opinion will come. — To John Adams, vi, 525. (M., 1816.)

We have the same object, the success of representative government. Nor are we acting for ourselves alone, but for the whole human race. The event of our experiment is to show whether man can be trusted with self-government. The eyes of suffering humanity are fixed on us with anxiety as their only hope, and on such a theatre, for such a cause, we must suppress all smaller passions and local considerations. — To Governor Hall. Ford ed., viii, 156. (W., July 1802.)

Jefferson Cyclopedia pages 818, 352 and 353, and pages 775 and 819, respectively.


The eyes of the world were upon us right from the beginning, think it wasn’t 100 years later as we stayed “independent”?

The British were going to lose India and they knew it, if they didn’t do something. That something was to LIE and re-characterize themselves as being benevolent knights of “freedom” and “democracy”.

Oh, the irony…

i am really shocked - hes a slavemaster

The British stood to lose their other holdings as well, if they didn’t “change” their tactics and start trying to trick people into thinking they were free (when in reality, they were not).

Now you see the full purpose of this spin by Curtis, and how it is 100 percent UNTRUE.

You can also see why he would so desperately want it to be believed, even by him!

PLEASE let it be true…


With all that in mind – watch what he said next.

So far I had thought of self-government as a Western institution, which was and would always remain peculiar to the peoples of Europe…. It was from that moment that I first began to think of ‘the Government of each by each and of all by all’ not merely as a principle of Western life, but rather of all human life, as the goal to which all human societies must tend.


Are you kidding? He wants us to believe it’s a “new” idea? Well, I just proved it wasn’t Britain’s idea to spread what happened in America to the rest of the world – so Curtis is lying again.

Here comes where Curtis will take all of that and bring it to somehow ALL being British.

It was from that moment that I began to think of the British Commonwealth as the greatest instrument ever devised for enabling that principle to be realized, not merely for the children of Europe, but for all races and kindreds and peoples and tongues. And it is for that reason that I have ceased to speak of the British Empire and called the book in which I published my views The Commonwealth of Nations.”


After WWII had been “successfully prosecuted” Britain changed its name accordingly in 1948, to the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Before we move on, let’s shed a little more light on Lord Halifax – William Stephenson’s replacement handler.

Halifax was a tall man, six feet five inches, and cultivated having a typical ‘aristocratic’ bearing.

You can see how tall he is in this pic walking with Winston Churchill.

Churchill and Halifax

Lord Halifax, like Lord Lothian, was also an Oxford man, and was even elected to a fellowship at All Souls in November of 1903. All Souls was a major recruiting ground for the Cecil Bloc.

As further illustration of the intermarrying of the British slavemasters, Halifax married the daughter of William Onslow, the 4th Earl of Onslow, who had served in the cabinet under Robert Cecil, Lord Salisbury (1886-1889).

Picture_of_Robert_Gascoyne-Cecil,_3rd_Marquess_of_SalisburyRobert Cecil

One of the defining moments in his slavemaster career was that in 1925, the secretary of state for India, Lord Birkenhead, approached him with an offer of the viceroyalty and governor-generalship in India. He accepted and was given the title of Lord Irwin. He left for India on 17 March 1926.

Having what I consider the typical arrogant British view of India, David Dutton characterized his viceroyaltyship as ‘patient commitment to ensuring that a contented India should remain inside the British Commonwealth for the foreseeable future.’

“contented India” is a lovely euphemistic way to say that he was trying to foster happy slaves in India, thinking that then they wouldn’t revolt.

This was the time of Ghandhi and Britain was trying to keep their ever-so-gentle GRASP over the people and the resources of the Indian continent.

Something Thomas Jefferson correctly pegged them as being like, and he also said that what is needed to handle this psychotic tendency is to limit the British to their own island.

They would still have a fertile island, a sound and effective population to labor it, and would hold that station among political powers, to which their natural resources and faculties entitle them. They would no longer indeed be the lords of the ocean, and paymasters of all the princes of the earth. They would no longer enjoy the luxuries of pyrating and plundering everything by sea, and of bribing and corrupting every thing by land; but they might enjoy the more safe and lasting luxury of living on terms of equality, justice, and good neighborhood with all nations.

…While it is much our interest to see this power reduced from it’s towering and borrowed height, to within the limits of it’s natural resources, it is by no means our interest that she should be brought below that, or lose her competent place among the nations of Europe.

-Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816


As you can see, Jefferson sure had Britain pegged – the country that tries to make all other countries resources and peoples as being the same as the Isle of Britain.

Jefferson was not racist, the majority of the British people were viewed by him as honorable and of worthy character. But, he very succinctly puts what is wrong with certain members of its population – in particular certain members of its nobility government – who act just like Halifax and Lothian.

Over a hundred years later, the description is just as germane and accurate as it was when he first wrote it.

…The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model. It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis. “the enemy of the human race”.

-Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816


It shouldn’t come as much surprise that this torch of power-mad insanity carried right on down to the 20th century.

And so, here we have Lord Halifax and others viewing the the leaders of the Indian revolution, a just revolution I might add, such as Gandhi as being a ‘malignant subversive fanatic’.

It should be clear in your mind how wrong that is – not just  some mealy-mouthed “Oh, they were doing what they considered right.” – no, that is no excuse.

This is pure evil.


The Indian people are horribly characterized in this way simply because they didn’t think they should be RULED by the British. This is a malignancy?

That just says it all as to slavemasters real views of humanity that opposed their plans for this “world government” they had in mind. These were no freedom-loving high-minded bastions of perfect thought – on the country.

THEY are the malignancy feeding off the rest of us.

Even the very thought of a sheet-clad person such as Gandhi fraternizing with “the representative of the King-Emperor” (Halifax) sent Winston Churchill into a tizzy – racist pig that he was. When he heard that Halifax was having to meet with Gandhi on 17 February 1931, Churchill said:

“It is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir of a type well-known in the East, striding half-naked up the steps of the Vice-regal palace, while he is still organising and conducting a defiant campaign of civil disobedience, to parley on equal terms with the representative of the King-Emperor.”


On equal terms – that’s the part that really bothered him.

On 5 March, 1931, Gandhi made a deal with Halifax, and Jawaharlal Nehru said about Gandhi that he “had unwittingly sold India” – which he did. I’ll leave that story for another day.

About 3 years later, in January of 1934, was when Edward Wood actually became the Lord Halifax upon the death of his father.

A year-and-a-half later, in June of 1935, Halifax was posted in the War office. Coincidentally, this was also when as a result of “public outcry” (controlled, of course) the Foreign Secretary, was removed from office in December 1935. A more pliable choice (contrary to public perception) Anthony Eden, replaced him.

From that point forward, whenever the (Milner) Group wanted to do something which was of key importance, Eden would conveniently suddenly have a need for a “holiday” and Lord Halifax (Edward Woods) took over his tasks.

It was in 1936 that Halifax first publicly visited Nazi Germany, but clandestine meetings had been going on for at least a year prior to that.

Halifax’s friend, Henry (Chips) Channon, reported: “He told me he liked all the Nazi leaders, even Goebbels, and he was much impressed, interested and amused by the visit. He thinks the regime absolutely fantastic.

Of course he did, they had created it, and they wanted it to look exactly like it did – a psychotic power-mad ruler attacking the “who” on the planet. The WRONG “who” that is…

In Halifax’s autobiography Fulness of Days (1957), you can catch a hint of that the British were having trouble motivating their own people, let alone the Americans, to have another war – and the fact that Hitler was so deliberately colorfully insane was obviously supposed to motivate their own people to “take up arms”. There will be more on how the slavemasters knew this from a poll they took (which they suppressed the results of), but I think this clearly illustrates just how powerless slavemasters are – without those supposedly inferior people (non-aristocrats) to do everything for them.

All they can do, the slavemasters, is sit around and plot and plan, like some character out of a cheesy horror film.

slavemaster - oh shit


The advent of Hitler to power in 1933 had coincided with a high tide of wholly irrational pacifist sentiment in Britain, which caused profound damage both at home and abroad. At home it immensely aggravated the difficulty, great in any case as it was bound to be, of bringing the British people to appreciate and face up to the new situation which Hitler was creating; abroad it doubtless served to tempt him and others to suppose that in shaping their policies this country need not be too seriously regarded.

– Lord Halifax


In usual convoluted British controlled opposition style, there also came ‘attacks’ (that were actually true but deliberately not the WHOLE story).

On 17th June, 1936, Claude Cockburn, produced an article called “The Best People’s Front” in his newsletter, The Week. He argued that a group that he called the Astor network (the Cliveden Set we just covered earlier) were having a strong influence over the foreign policies of the British government.

He pointed out that members of this group controlled The Times and The Observer and had attained an “extraordinary position of concentrated power” and had become “one of the most important supports of German influence”.

See the controlled attack using truth there? For much more on this and other main Slavemaster tactics see Basic Slavemaster Propaganda Techniques.

Later on, during the weekend of 23rd October 1937, the Astors had thirty people to lunch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This included Geoffrey Dawson (editor of The Times), Nevile Henderson (the recently appointed Ambassador to Berlin), Edward Algernon Fitzroy (Speaker of the Commons), Sir Alexander Cadogan (soon to become Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign Office), Lord Lothian and Lionel Curtis. They were happy that fellow Round Table member Neville Chamberlain had just become Prime Minister and that this would soon mean promotion for people such as Lothian and Lord Halifax.

Practically as the first thing that he did, in November, 1937, Neville Chamberlain sent Lord Halifax to meet Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering in Germany.

Halifax (left) with Hitler

Halifax had a long conversation with Hitler on the 19th, making it clear again to Hitler that Britain was prepared to allow Germany to liquidate Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland if this could be done without provoking a war into which the British Government, however unwillingly, would be dragged in opposition to Germany.

The “declare war” strategy was discussed, and Halifax discussed that the British were prepared to declare war but not to wage war on Germany.

Word Games – their favorite thing.

The bottom line is that the planned liquidation of the countries between Germany and Russia could proceed (Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.)

It was this which later resulted in the ”phony war” by “the Polish” from September 1939 to April 1940.

Note – What this is referring to is that on 31 August 1939 the Germans performed a black intelligence operation to allow Germany to invade Poland. Some Germans put on Polish uniforms and raided a radio station in Germany. The Germans then claimed that Polish troops had attacked a German radio station and that justified Germany invading Poland. (Thus began World War II.)


In his diary, Lord Halifax recorded how he told Hitler: “Although there was much in the Nazi system that profoundly offended British opinion, I was not blind to what he (Hitler) had done for Germany, and to the achievement from his point of view of keeping Communism out of his country.”

Stop right there – see that?

Keeping Communism out…


That’s really frickin’ droll when you consider the Brits started and backed communism in the first place – it does reveal their usual real plan, to keep INDEPENDENCE from Britain occurring, any way they could.

Hiking up a nice psychotic puppet espousing all kinds of things that those seeking independence might say – then having him associated with all kinds of ungodly horrific things – well, that is most certainly a cold-hearted method of trying to blacken not only attacks at them in the future, but also anyone who seeks actual independence for humanity!

It is in essence – a STRAWMAN.

Strawman argument - meaning

Halifax had also told Hitler: “On all these matters (Danzig, Austria, Czechoslovakia)…” the British government “were not necessarily concerned to stand for the status quo as today… If reasonable settlements could be reached with… those primarily concerned we certainly had no desire to block.”

The story of this, was deliberately ‘leaked’ to the journalist Vladimir Poliakoff. On 13th November 1937 the Evening Standard reported the likely deal between the two countries: “Hitler is ready, if he receives the slightest encouragement, to offer to Great Britain a ten-year truce in the colonial issue… In return… Hitler would expect the British Government to leave him a free hand in Central Europe”.

On 17th November, Claude Cockburn reported in The Week, that the deal had been first moulded “into usable diplomatic shapeat Cliveden that for years has “exercised so powerful an influence on the course of British policy.”

He later added that Lord Halifax was “the representative of Cliveden and Printing House Square rather than of more official quarters.” The Reynolds News claimed that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was “in protective custody at Cliveden”. The Manchester Guardian, The Daily Chronicle and The Tribune reported the story in a similar fashion.

This was all supposed to ‘rouse’ the British people into anger.

In what was actually an approval move by the head Slavemasters (behind-the-scenes), Anthony Eden was asked to resign “over this issue” – which was supposed to further draw the attention of the British people and have them start worrying.

And so, on 25th February, 1938 Eden resigned and lo-and-behold?

Lord Halifax became the new foreign secretary.


The War Machine was now cocked and primed.

It was of monumental importance that Halifax directly control what would come next.


Concurrent with this power appointment, is when the RIIA officially transferred under the Foreign Office – Lionel Curtis’s domain.

Lionel Curtis was hard at work on the still-existing goal of the Slavemasters – that of World Domination.

One of his tasks was to update and repackage the League of Nations propaganda into something that maybe would not be quite so obvious – although in this case it was, in my opinion, very easy to see through.

In early 1939 he wrote a series of books and articles advocating a ‘new’ federal organization involving the English-speaking countries.

He sought to prove that ALL of history was leading and directing to its fulfillment and achievement in this Federation.

If you remember our little discussion earlier about his trip to Canada with Marris and Lord Lothian –

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At once this is something that should stand out to you, and if it doesn’t, let me point out that what we are given as “history” has been controlled heavily by these men – STARTING FROM THE 16th CENTURY.

400 years of lies to draw on, in order to ‘prove’ this theory – is rather droll on Lionel’s part.

Get it?

But, this is what he did. He took the already bogus history (including the supposed Greek Philosphers and the 1st 2nd and 3rd Moses and so on – that are all fictional) and showed that it “all aligned”.

To Curtis, the chief obstacle to this updated same ol’ same ol’ was in men’s minds. As his predecessors did, the CHIEF METHOD to overcome this was propaganda, and the CHIEF INSTRUMENT must be the churches and the universities.

The leading article of the June 1939 issue of the Round Table was entitled: “From Appeasement to Grand Alliance.” One of the key things that this article said was that until ‘federation’ abolishes sovereignty and creates a true world government amenable to public opinion, the nations will continue to live in anarchy – so there was their plan.

To keep all ‘unamenables’ nations and peoples in a constant state of turmoil –


Like Witches stirring their cauldron



It should be obvious to you the role this second ‘World War’ had in such goals.

Most of humanity is not amenable to war, contrary to false versions of history shoved down our throats in childhood.

The same was true at this time period in Europe. Some influential Europeans were not so hot to jump onto these mad-men’s bandwagon, and in their resistance there was a very real threat to the Slavemaster/Hitler plan for WWII – if met unchallenged could certainly impede it, and even stop it altogether if something wasn’t “done” about it.

One of the European countries resisting this new power-play, was Austria.

And, as a rather interesting coincidence with the power changeover in Britain, soon after Lord Halifax’s new appointment, Adolf Hitler invited Kurt von Schuschnigg, the Austrian Chancellor, to meet him at Berchtesgarden. Hitler demanded concessions for the Austrian Nazi Party. Schuschnigg refused and after resigning was replaced by Arthur Seyss-Inquart, the leader of the Austrian Nazi Party.

On 13th March, (1938) Seyss-Inquart invited the German Army to occupy Austria and proclaimed union with Germany.

The union of Germany and Austria (Anschluss) had been specifically forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles.

This particular move was crucial, and provided the needed galvanizing factor equivalent to the old smacking across the face with the white glove – a challenge that must be met.

And even more importantly, it was needed by the Slavemasters as a lead-up to the next step in Britain’s government. A “call for action” – and of course, there was.

Remember – this was essentially meaningless, literally just another “face” to put the next step in their plan. Halifax had told Hitler that the British were prepared to declare war but not to wage war on Germany.

Big difference there.

What to me illustrates clear evidence of collusion on the part of Anthony Eden (who had supposedly resigned over all this) was that in perfect harmony, he and Winston Churchill, now “called on” Lord Halifax and Neville Chamberlain to “take action against Adolf Hitler and his Nazi government.”

But, even this staged “challenge” could not overcome the hatred that the British people had towards being dragged into yet another POINTLESS war.

It’s interesting to watch some people complain about this phenomena, but using words that don’t really tell you the full story of their sneaky little manipulative moves against their own people!

For example, Henry (Chips) Channon, the bosum buddy of Halifax, ‘suggested’  sarcasm  that ‘the problem’ was with the rest of the government.

“Halifax and Chamberlain are doubtless very great men, who dwarf their colleagues; they are the greatest Englishmen alive, certainly; but aside from them we have a mediocre crew; I fear that England is on the decline, and that we shall dwindle for a generation or so. We are a tired race and our genius seems dead.”

In yet another staged event designed to garner attention and create conflict (hopefully to stir the ire of us other humans) Halifax – with permission from Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain – agreed to meet with Hitler’s representative, Fritz Wiedemann.

Heinrich Himmler (center) with Constantin Freiherr von Neurath (right) and Fritz Wiedemann
Fritz Wiedemann (left)
Heinrich Himmler (center) with Constantin Freiherr von Neurath (right)


The meeting allegedly took place on 18th July 1938 at Halifax’s private residence in Belgravia. Halifax noted in a memorandum: “The Prime Minister and I have thought about the meeting I had with Captain Wiedemann. Of especial importance to us are the steps which the Germans and the British might possibly take, not only to create the best possible relationship between the two countries, but also to calm down the international situation in order to achieve an improvement of general economic and political problems.”

What a lot of double-speak – and plus a whole lot of words saying nothing.

Someone (ha ha) then ‘leaked’ the details of this meeting to The Daily Herald. When it appeared in the newspaper on 19th July, it created a storm of controversy, exactly as planned.

The French government complained that the meeting had been arranged by Princess Holenlohe, who according to their intelligence services was a “Nazi agent”.

Jan Masryk, the Czech ambassador in London, wrote to his government in Prague on 22nd July: “If there is any decency left in this world, then there will be a big scandal when it is revealed what part was played in Wiedemann’s visit by Steffi Hohenlohe, née Richter. This world-renowned secret agent, spy and confidence trickster, who is wholly Jewish, today provides the focus of Hitler’s propaganda in London.”

Strangely enough – it was lowly propaganda man (in the slavemasters view) Goebbels who just couldn’t resist gloating over his part in this Slavemaster plan in his diary, providing us with a clear view that this was indeed deliberately staged.

On 23rd July 1938, Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary: “Wiedemann’s visit to Halifax on the Führer’s instructions continues to dominate the foreign press more than ever.”

Walford Selby was “shocked” by this meeting that had been allegedly ‘arranged by Princess Stephanie.’ He warned the government (meaning the other British politicians who weren’t on board yet) that “he had information” that her suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London had become a base for Nazi sympathisers and an “outpost of German espionage”, and that she had been behind much of the German propaganda circulating in London since she first moved to England.

Which is a point-blank lie – it was the Halifax/Lothian/Cecil/Astor crowd that was behind all that.

On 31st July, The Daily Express published an article about the man who had met Lord Halifax in secret. They described Fritz Wiedemann as Hitler’s “listening-post, his contact man, negotiator, a checker-up, a man with a job without a name and without a parallel”.

Rather sensationally cloak-and-dagger – wouldn’t you say?

Lord Halifax and Neville Chamberlain and the heads of the governments of Germany, France and Italy met in Munich. On 29th September, 1938, Chamberlain, Hitler, Edouard Daladier and Benito Mussolini signed the Munich Agreement which transferred to Germany the Sudetenland, a fortified frontier region that contained a large German-speaking population. When Eduard Benes, Czechoslovakia’s head of state, who had not been invited to Munich, protested at this decision, Chamberlain told him that Britain would be unwilling to go to war over the issue of the Sudetenland.

MORE provoking actions – see?

Now the people are ‘relieved” because The Munich Agreementa appeared to have prevented a war with Germany. The key is APPEARED.

Lord Halifax and Chamberlain with Ciano, Mussolini and Dino Grandi (1939)

Lord Halifax and Chamberlain with Ciano, Mussolini and Dino Grandi


However, we couldn’t let that rest – oh no. This is all about stirring up controversy and riling up people – making them scared, worried, uncertain, and ready to strike to relieve these feelings. This is pure manipulation.

So, of course, next we have puppet junior slavemasters Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, attacking the agreement publicly – with such statements as that not only had the British government behaved dishonorably, but it had lost the support of the Czech Army, one of the best in Europe.

wiley oh wow

Halifax, in order to garner even more press attention, did a little “reverse-psychology” on the press – along the lines of “don’t think of a pink elephant”.

He went around to individuals and told them not to criticise Adolf Hitler, so of course, the more naïve but independent-minded amongst them did exactly the opposite.

Which is what Halifax wanted in the first place.

He must have been so pleased with himself!


According to Herbert von Dirksen, the German ambassador to London, he even went to see the cartoonist, David Low: “On his return to England he (Lord Halifax) had done his best to prevent excesses in the Press….It was extremely regrettable that numerous lapses were again to be noted in recent months.”

Oh yes, very regrettable, very regettable.

Please. See how obvious this is?

And what do we have next in this series of controlled opposition moves? Oh yes, of course Hitler broke the Munich Agreement, and in March 1939, the German Army seized the rest of Czechoslovakia.

Oh look! Now Lord Halifax and Neville Chamberlain have no choice but to ‘call for war’ against Germany.

Wow! That’s a shocker. How could the innocent British have gotten themselves in such a position…

sarcasm little guy

Clive Ponting, the author of 1940: Myth and Reality (1990) points out:

Hitler remained obdurate and the British government, under immense pressure from the House of Commons, finally declared war seventy-two hours after the German attack on their ally. Until the summer of 1940 they continued to explore numerous different approaches to see whether peace with Germany was possible. The main advocates of this policy after the outbreak of war were the Foreign Office, in particular its two ministers – Lord Halifax and Rab Butler – together with Neville Chamberlain.

And here again, Halifax later couldn’t help but hint at that this was all part of their plan in the first place.

Fulness of Days (1957): “One fact remains dominant and unchallengeable. When war did come a year later it found a country and Commonwealth wholly united within itself, convinced to the foundations of soul and conscience that every conceivable effort had been made to find the way of sparing Europe the ordeal of war, and that no alternative remained. And that was the best thing that Chamberlain did.”

THAT is what all that maneuvering to and fro was about – so that the British people were now ‘convinced’ that they MUST go to war.

To help further this goal, the Ministry of Information was formed – yet another fully Cecil-Bloc controlled group.

Henry V. Hodson, editor of The Round Table was reassigned to the Ministry of Information.

Cyril John Radcliffe (Sir Cyril), was also placed in the Ministry of Information for the whole period of the war, and more than four years of it he was the Director General of the whole organization.

J. W. Wheeler-Bennett and Isaiah Berlin were posted in the New York office of the Ministry of Information (under coordination by William Stephenson as BSC head – who in turn, answered to Lors Lothian and Halifax)


Now their minds turned hard to port – straight at America.


If you look at what Philip Kerr wrote to Halifax on 14th December, 1939, it becomes very interesting in light of the later dual propaganda activities of the BSC and Stephenson.

Lord Lothian wrote to Halifax: “American opinion is still… almost unanimously anti-Nazi.”

So…what’s the problem then? There is no division, no conflict within America – that’s what.

We were also still anti-British, is why this was a problem.

And Lothian stated that:

“There are formidable elements which are definitely anti-British which take every opportunity to misrepresent our motives and attack our methods….”




Good god, as if that was even possible with these double-dealing swine.

Wretched, indeed, is the nation in whose affairs foreign powers are once permitted to intermeddle.

— Thomas Jefferson To B. Vaughan. ii, 167.

Lothian continues, showing they feel they need to get control of the press, and shows his nasty little bigoted view of that it needs to be through “important” and “high class” American correspondents.

“I have no doubt that the best corrective is the fullest possible publicity from England and France through the important and high class American correspondents of what the Allies are thinking and doing.”

When Neville Chamberlain resigned in May, 1940, the new premier, Winston Churchill kept Lord Halifax as foreign secretary. The following month, Joseph Goebbels recorded in his diary that Hitler had told him that peace negotiations had begun with Britain through Sweden. Three days later, a Swedish banker, Marcus Wallenberg, told British Embassy officials in Stockholm that the Germans were prepared to negotiate – but only with Lord Halifax.

In December, 1940, Lord Halifax was replaced as foreign secretary by his supposed opponent, Anthony Eden.

Halifax now became British ambassador to the United States – a far more important position and very revealing as to what the British slavemasters priority was.

“Lord Halifax was the six-foot-six-inch, living, breathing personification of every negative stereotype that Americans nurtured with regard to Britain…”

–  Nicholas J. Cull, Selling War: The British Propaganda Campaign Against American Neutrality (1996)

These two men, Halifax and Lothian – were Stephenson’s American-based British handlers.

Now look again at his fawning over them.


It was only as a result of such coordination that BSC had the necessary elasticity to meet the urgent demands of the situation and to adapt itself readily to swiftly changing needs. In referring to it, one feels impelled to make specific mention of the close cooperation afforded BSC by HM Embassy in Washington – without which much that was achieved could not have been. Lord Lothian’s intimate concern in the early days proved invaluable; and so, too, did the unfailing support subsequently given by Lord Halifax.

– William Stephenson



So that’s the lay-of-the-land historically that culminated in William Stephenson’s new assignment, and some background on his handlers.

Now we’ll get into the book and what it documents that he was up to.

William Stephenson was born in Winnepeg on January 23, 1897 as William Samuel Clouston Stanger to a Scottish father & Icelandic mother. He was raised as a child by an Icelandic-Canadian Family named Stephenson.

He lived at 175 Syndicate St., in the Point Douglas area of Manitoba. This was his house:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stephenson’s World War One service number was 700758. This may perhaps have something to do with why Ian Fleming (who later said Stephenson was the “real” thing as far as spies go) named his character James Bond – “007”.

In 1922, Stephenson invented a substantially improved method of transmitting photographs by radio (wireless). In Dec. of 1922, The London Times hailed Stevenson as ‘a brilliant scientist’ and his discovery as ‘a great scientific event’. — It wrote that “Wireless photography is now an accomplished fact.”

Stephenson working on his radio

stephenson and a reless photo transmitter he developed

He became a self-made millionaire and was selected to be the British Passport Control Officer (PCO) in New York, and his first assignment was a stealth one – he was sent on a Winston Churchill sanctioned reconnaissance mission to the U.S. in April of 1940 where he met with J. Edgar HooverJ edgar hoover to “make a deal” so that they could create and operate a British spy network in the U.S. with FBI approval (more on that later) . Once he reported back to London, he was then briefed and prepared for his next mission over the next two months, and then was sent back to the U.S. in a more official capacity. He arrived aboard the SS Britannic on 11 June, 1940 with John Arthur Reed Pepper (his SIS man) and family in tow.

(click to enlarge)


“The role of the PCO was, of course, a rather transparent cover for the local representative of the Secret Intelligence service (SIS).

– Introduction by Nigel West; BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945 first published in Great Britian by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998


The decision to replace Captain Sir James Paget, who had been the PCO since July 1937 and was getting elderly, was made by the new SIS Chief, Colonel (Sir) Stewart Menzies.

Admiral Sir Hugh Francis Paget Quex Sinclair


The code symbol for the PCO New York was 48000, had been set in 1915 when another Canadian, Sir William Wiseman had first taken up the newly created position.

Upon his arrival to New York, Stephenson used his own money to relocate the PCO office.

…from a dingy suite of rooms in the Cunard Building off Wall Street to the 35th and 36th floors of the Rockefeller Center on Fifth avenue.

– Introduction by Nigel West; BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945 first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998


rockefeller center 1940s MI6 BSC and OSS intelligence


Room 3603


Stephenson’s SIS responsibilities would soon develop into the umbrella organization called the British Security Coordination (BSC) that would represent MI5, SIS, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the office of the Political Warfare Executive. Stephenson would establish officers across the Caribbean, Central and South America and would supervise large censorship bureaux in both Bermuda and Trinidad.

At this time though, besides New York the SIS only ran two other stations in the area, one at Montevideo (codenamed 75000) and one in Rio de Janeiro (codenamed 75200) which both reported directly to London.

Stephenson was joined in July by Hamish Mitchell and an experienced SIS man, Colonel C.H. “Dick” Ellis.

Mitchell, by the way, was Stephenson’s Bermuda guy, and was also on the board of the United States Sugar Corporation – more on him in a bit.

When the BSC was officially formed, the division heads were as follows:

Secret Intelligence Division – Major John Pepper, BSC’s resident economic warfare
Security Branch –Walter T. Freckles” Wren of MI5
Special Operations – Colonel Louis Franck
Propaganda Section – Richard Coit

I have assembled pictures where possible (some of these were very hard to find) and filled in some information about these people.


Secret Intelligence Division

Major John Pepper, BSC’s resident economic warfare expert.

Code-name: Mr. John Highroad

Campaign against I.G. Farben was being run by John Pepper. He was referred to by his associates as “a cagey operator.” David Ogilvy described him as “a very able, very cold man”.

In 1935, the major powers at the Yale School of Medicine including C.E.A. Winslow and his assistant Ira Hiscock, and Harvey Cushing… took over the Yale Institute of Human Relations – formed in 1929 – because the British Slavemasters wanted to use it to introduce biological psychiatry into the U.S. (See Section V).

Harvey was the uncle of Edward Henry Cushing, who would soon become involved with experimenting with sodium-pentothal and other drugs on mental patients – he was a part of the Overholser OSS truth drug experiment committee

See Section II]

Oliver Hazard Perry Pepper worked with him on that and other “projects”, and is related to John Arthur Reed Pepper.

John Pepper was a “handler” (aka case officer aka “master”) of agents.

Here’s a couple examples.

*ONI=Office of Naval Intelligence

Donald Chase Downs ONI and BSC agent

Donald Chase Downs ONI and BSC agent

He was a homosexual and he worked for Pepper at BSC.

Downes first offered his services to Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and secured a position as a teacher of English at Robert College in Istanbul as cover for his espionage work. He later recalled: “I was an intruder, and upstart outsider, an uninvited amateur forcing his way into the holy-of-holies of the hocus-pocus of secret services. Often I felt like a mere person in trade daring to enter a hoary and aristocratic club.”

In March 1941 Downes returned to the United States. He joined the Free World Association and at a meeting in New York City later that year he was approached by John Pepper to be his agent for the British Security Coordination (BSC).

Downes was asked if he was willing to spy on the American First Committee:

“Do you feel strongly enough on these matters to work for us in your own country? To spy on your fellow Americans and report to us? For we feel there is German money and German direction behind the American First movement, though many of its followers may not know it and would in fact be shocked to know it. If we can pin a Nazi contact or Nazi money on the isolationists, they will lose many of their followers. It might be the deciding factor in America’s entry in the war, if the American public knew the truth.”

Downes later recalled in his autobiography that he received assistance in his work from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Congress for Industrial Organisation and The Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies. He also worked closely with Colonel Eugene Prince of Army Counter-Intelligence Corps.

Because the BSC could no longer be “seen” to be running agents in the U.S., they had to transfer under the OSS (but yet still be run by Stephenson et al.)hartford montgomery hyde

So, After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Downes arranged with his boss John Pepper, to transfer to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). At first he was based in Washington and worked under William Donovan and George K. Bowen, the head of Special Activities. Other senior figures he worked with included David Bruce (head of intelligence), Allen Dulles (head of the New York office) and William Lane Rehm (head of finance).

Downes went to North Africa in 1943 and then Italy and Cairo. Downes returned to the United States in August 1944, but was sent back to Europe in February 1945 as a “correspondent” (that’s a intelligence cover) for a news agency. Downes remained in Europe after the war.

Pepper also ran “sex agents” – particularly one of which has quite a description in the book.

He hired Amy Elizabeth Thorpe Park, whose code-name was “Cynthia”



Amy-Elizabeth was what some call a “sexpionage agent”.

Elizabeth Pack

Later, when she was asked to infiltrate the French Embassy, debonair, balding Colonel Huntington was her handler under Donovan and the OSS.

Elizabeth THORPE Pack in 1933 - code name cynthia

She had a force, or magnetism, to a terrifying degree. It leapt like light from the whole of her… The trick of making a man feel he is her entire universe is an old feminine wile, but Betty had it to the nth degree.

– British Security Chief, Hartford Montgomery Hyde.

hartford montgomery hyde

In May 1941 Cynthia was asked to develop a relationship with someone working in the Vichy French Embassy. She eventually began an affair with Charles Brousse, the embassy’s press attaché. Cynthia discovered that he was disillusioned with Pierre Laval and in July she confessed she was a BSC agent and that she was willing to pay for information. Brousse now began to obtain copies of nearly all the telegrams to and from the French Embassy. He was also able to obtain the French Naval ciphers.

sisterhood of spies2

In 1945 her “cover marriage” to a British Embassy in Washington secretary, Arthur Pack ended when he committed suicide. Elizabeth then married Charles Brousse and they lived in in a medieval castle in France.

Chateau De Castelnou


She died of throat cancer on 1st December 1963. Her husband Charles died 10 years later after being electrocuted by his electric blanket. Part of their castle was also destroyed in the ensuing fire.

John Arthur Reed Pepper – the Sex-Agent Handler

General background –

Here’s what I’ve managed to find about him so far.

John Pepper married Jane Coates Cartwright Lippelman. Jane was born May 17, 1911 – father Andrew Erkenbuscher Lippleman; mother Bertha VanNes. Full genealogy here.

Jane Coates Cartwright Lippelman Pepper birth cert

Her sister Elizabeth (Margaret Elizabeth VanNes Lippelman) moved amongst the “high” circles of society – having at one time been a Countess (ended in divorce) and then married to a Charles Sawyer who had run for Governor of Ohio.



John’s daughter was Janie Coates-Cartwright Pepper. This New York Times article from July 4, 1971 verifies Pepper’s full name as John Arthur Reed Pepper.


Here’s a couple of passenger records for a PanAm Clipper flight (the American Clipper NC18602) April 4, 1942.

Note: that NC # is normally called the Pacific Clipper, so I’m not sure why it’s being referred to on this paperwork as the American clipper, because that one had a different NC# – it was NC 18606.

panam clipper NC 18602

They show an address in New York for Mr. Pepper of 410 East 57th St.

It’s an upscale apartment building, 77 units – built in 1929.


The flight originated in Lisbon, Portugal, and arrived in New York City.

One of the records shows that the Director of Plans and Campaigns at the Political Warfare Executive branch – Peter Ritchie Calder – was on board with him.

Note: Several other passenger records showed John Pepper coming to the U.S. at least as far back as 1936.

Peter Calder was in charge of rumors or ‘SIBS’.

Ritchie Calder pass

Also see our CIA Document Library item The British Rumors list – Frederick Oeschner to Robert Knapp – December 6, 1943.

Calder had previously been a reporter on the War for the Daily Herald. His stories were put together in a book The Lesson of London, published in 1941 as part of a series edited by George Orwell.

baron peter ritchie calderPeter Ritchie Calder

Yea. That George Orwell.


Calder had an interesting background. An issue of New Scientist magazine from May 7, 1987 shows that his connection coming into this slavemaster “rule the world” business was through one of the other main original slavemaster families – Cavendish.

Note: article was found at this website. (The National Library of Scotland)


In 1931 Calder was tasked to make science more palatable to the public. He met with Lord Ernest Rutherford who was not enamoured with this idea. Rutherford was involved with nuclear physics (weapon research – atom splitting) underneath the Cavendish Labs.

He handed Calder a sheaf of cryptic and symbolized notes on his research, which of course Calder could make hide nor hair of. Calder famously responded: “You translate my shorthand and I will translate yours.”

Rutherford found this enormously funny, warmed up to Calder and proceeded to simply explain to him the basics of atoms and atom-splitting.

Calder was allowed to witness atom-splitting first hand at the Cavendish Lab.

Peter Ritchie Calder new scientist 7 may 1987_Page_4

I think this is something that is not well-known out there – that the British were conducting nuclear physics experiments well before the Manhattan project.

Remember, Ned Buxton was a key figure in Operation Alsos, the capture of the ten key scientists (Otto Kahn and his nine researchers) working toward completion of Nazi Germany’s atomic bomb. He was Bill Donovan’s right-hand man – the assistant director of the COI, head of the OSS Planning Group and Action Director of Strategic Services.

As covered previously, Calder was the Director of Plans and Campaigns at the Political Warfare Executive branch (in charge of the SIBS planning).

In 1940, the British military formed an organization as a part of the Special Operations Executive, or SOE, called the Underground Propaganda Committee or UPC whose mission was to create and disseminate rumors as defensive weapons against the expected Nazi invasion of the the English mainland. They code-named the rumor weapons “SIBS short for siblare, latin word “to hiss.” During the war they developed the so-called “craft and science” of designing rumors and developed international networks of agents to spread the sibs.

See CIA Document Library item The British Rumors list – Frederick Oeschner to Robert Knapp – December 6, 1943.

Peter Calder


As part of this “craft and science” of designing rumors, Calder put out a number of propaganda leaflets. I find them to be very educational as to how the British think when they are trying to subvert a population.

I’ve put together a slideshow for you of some representative examples.






This slideshow requires JavaScript.



This is Peter Ritchie Calder’s personal copy of the restricted US military intelligence publication ‘Manual for the Control of German Information Services’. Manuals like this laid the ground for the de-Nazification of Germany at the end of the Second World War.

ritchie calder manual for control of GIS 1945


NEXT up, we’ll examine the people in:

BSC Security Branch


Walter T. Freckles” Wren of MI5

W.T._Freckles_Wrenimage from

Chairman of Allied Ironfounders Ltd., managing director of Aga Heat, he headed the BSC Security Branch in London.

David Ogilvy – BSC agent, had worked for Wren selling Aga Cookers.



BSC Special Operations

Colonel Louis Franck (listed in the Peerage)

Colonel Louis Franck

Banker: one of the world’s leading specialists in bullion and arbitrage

London Gazette – 1947

Commissioned the Blue Albacore by Casar Pinnau (designed Onassis yacht) in 1965

The Blue Albacor Yacht by Casar Pinnau for Colonel Louis Franck 1965

Louis Franck was in charge of liaison with the Americans on technical matters such as the manufacture of radio equipment and other “devices”, but he was also in charge of the management of Camp “X” – the sabotage training school in Canada.

Louis Franck quote: “Truth is far too precious a commodity to be used lightly.


BSC Propaganda Section –

Richard Coit


I’ll bet most of you don’t realize the significance of that one – and who he is.

Richard Coit was the son of George Stanton Coit, who was Felix Adler’s right-hand man. Felix had started the Society for Ethical Culture, supported by the reformed Judaism Temple Emanu-El. Felix started that in concert with British Slavemasters New World Order plans. He sent Stanton over to England to work with Charles Watts JR. and the NWO propaganda crowd there, and he started “the” Ethical Culture society that would evolve into international humanism.

Like father, like son. Richard ends up in…Propaganda.

For more information on both Richard and Stanton, please see their Specific Persons entries in our Reading Library (under COIT) and also the OAHSPE e-book.

Richard is involved with a very nasty (and not known to most people) hoax directly produced on WIlliam Stephenson’s orders – that will be discussed in-depth in the next section of this compendium.

Before I go further here, if you are at all familiar with who is actually pushing a New World Order (British slavemasters) then this rather heavy on the metaphors and blatantly propaganda statement by William Stephenson will really stand out to you.

As one country after another fell to the Nazi occupation, a darkness and silence descended, followed shortly by the curfew, the pre-dawn round-up, and mass deportations – all in the name of the new order.

But the leaders of the new order did not reckon with the indomitable courage of the individual. The urge toward freedom is irrepressible. Multiplied many times, it generates a force which cannot be measured in terms of tanks or machine guns firing hundreds of rounds a minute. Many times in the past it has slowed the onslaught of a tyrant and help bring about his downfall. Tolstoy in War and Peace referred to it as the mysterious force of X.

[also called flair in the intelligence business]

I was priveleged (sic) in World War II to have played a role in helping this force to be generated and brought into play. Those who went forth did so as individuals, knowing they would receive no quarter. Most of those who were captured perished after ghastly tortures. But more and more stepped forward to take their places.

I am glad that this tribute to a rare brand of courage and heroism is being published by the Canadian Department of Veterans Affairs. It is testimony to the belief that wars will ultimately cease – not because war becomes too terrible to endure, but because no matter how terrible war becomes, the free spirit of men and women, as exemplified in these brief but moving records, will always survive and rise again like gleaming sparks from the ashes.

William Stephenson

– From the book ‘Uncommon Courage — Canadian Secret Agents in the Second World War’ (from Veteran Affairs Canada) [view the website Veteran Affairs Canada]


Unfortunately for Stephenson and his lieing ilk, I have slowly gathered multiple multiple sources that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, that making War too terrible so that no-one would fight back against them anymore – was EXACTLY the point of WWII.

The propaganda slogan by the Cecil Bloc and Round Table buddies – The War to End All Wars – should ring a bell out there.

Coming back to Hamish Mitchell now, he was one of Stephenson’s right-hand men, and ran agents such as Noel Coward.

You see, William Stephenson (and his junior handlers) hired celebrities as agents, such as actors Leslie Howard, David Niven and Cary Grant, as well as director Alexander Korda and Noel Coward.

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Hamish Mitchell – he’s an interesting one. Very, very hard to find information about him, but here is what I have so far.

I’ll start with this rather interesting description of Bermuda that I came across in my research.

Bermuda is described as ‘a self-governing British dependent territory’.

It’s key, because since it was recent, it shows how they still hold countries far, far, from their geographical location as being theirs – they are still slavemasters. Whether they have ‘allowed’ the slaves to be self-governing makes no nevermind to me. The sick part is that they still think they have a right to in any way OWN or CONTROL some other geographical location.

Pisses me off – that’s for certain.

Well, that will change soon enough. For one thing, their lies are getting so burdensome after 400 years of it that even they are struggling under the weight of them. Change begins in the smallest of ways, often overlooked.

I have not yet found a picture of Hamish Mitchell, if anyone knows of one I would greatly appreciate being pointed to it.

This is his signature, from passenger immigration records.


His full name is James (Hamish) Mitchell born in 1899, Burntisand, Scotland. His mother is Williamina Westlands of Bexhill, England.


New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

A description of Hamish shows that he’s a little guy, only 5 foot 7 1/2 inches and 160 pounds. Brown Hair and Brown Eyes.

He married Elsa Beatrice Mott 7 November 1927. Born November 14, 1904 in Bermuda, she was the daughter of Charles Stewart Mott, founder of General Motors and chairman of the United States Sugar Corporation (formed in 1931) and Hamish was on the Board of Directors.charles stewart mott


 Charles owned the majority of the stock.

Corporate Report 1946

Charles Stewart Mott, who, with his family and the Mott Foundation, has owned a majority of the Corporation’s stock since its organization, was elected Chairman of the Board….

Mott Foundation Board of Trustees

Elsa Mott Mitchell – 1926-1936

Hamish Mitchell – 1937-1942

Charles Stewart Mott – 1926-1973 – born 1875, died, 1973

Hamish and Elsa first lived at 1400 E Kearsley, Flint Michigan – per 1930 Census Records. The estate was called ‘Applewood’.


This record New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 shows that Hamish and Elsa moved to Bermuda and lived at Herons Nest, Southampton East, Bermuda for 3 years – as of September 4, 1939.


Herons Nest is the name of an estate purchased by his wife Elsa in 1936. It is on Riddell’s Bay, Warwick Parish in Bermuda.

It’s a 9 acre waterfront property estate complete with its own Haggis Island.

The historic two-storey, six-bedroom main home and two-bedroom cottage on about five acres with private Haggis Island was listed in 2011 at $5.9 million. It sold recently for just under $5.6 million. It was originally listed at $12 million.

Herons Nest enjoys over 450’ of prime boating waterfront on the protected waters of Riddells Bay complete with a large concrete deep-water dock, 2 boat moorings, and a 2 bedroom Cottage.

The 2 storey Main house, is approximately 5,780 sq ft, of original design by famous architect Wil Onions, consisting of 6 bedrooms with most situated to offer breathtaking views of The Great Sound and Riddells Bay, finished with luxurious Bermuda Cedar accents, has four fireplaces, a terrace, and an additional two-bedroom suite for staff.

The spacious Guest cottage enjoys privacy from the Main house fabulous water views and has been recently renovated and includes a garage and laundry room.

The well-appointed grounds are lush with many types of trees such as Grape Bay, Pittosporum, Oleander, ageless Cedars as well as Frangipani. It has a horticultural operation and buildings. There is a ‘proper’ Croquet lawn with fish ponds.

Here’s a little slideshow I made for you to show you what Herons Nest looked like.

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Both the secret agents,  Ian Fleming (James Bond creator)  and playwright Noel Coward were frequent visitors to Heron’s Nest during the war.

It was quite the spy hot-bed.

Mitchell and Mott both had custom power-cruiser yachts built – Mitchell naming his Haggis (after the island of Herons Nest that his wife owned) and Charles naming his Scaur.


Dusko-Popov-Agent-Tricycle-PortraitDusan ‘Dusko’ M. Popov, defected German agent, was tasked to set up a wireless station in Brazil, he went to Lisbon in June 1941 where he received 70,000 (from BSC), his instructions, a microdot questionnaire and cipher instructions. He handed these over to Hamish Mitchell in Bermuda, and on 12 August 1941 Popov traveled with Hamish on Pan Am’s Dixie Clipper NC18605. His new code-name was Agent Tricycle.

Here’s the passenger record for Hamish –


Here’s a pic of the Pan Am clipper they flew on –


It might interest you to know that this particular plane has the distinction of being the first plane that a sitting U.S. President ever flew on – during 1943. He arrived in Casablanca three days after departing Miami. The trip took the President through South America and Africa with several fuel stops in between, enroute to the Casablanca Conference in which Roosevelt would discuss ‘war strategy’ with Winston Churchill and Charles DeGaulle.

CHURCHILL_WINSTONWinston Churchill in the 1960’s, aboard the Onassis yacht built by the same builder as BSC Special Operations head Colonel Louis Franck.


To finish up – An amusingly cloak-and-dagger funny of the time period is in the same passenger record mentioned above. Hamish calls where he works the “British Consul General, NYC” – as if that’s ALL he does. While he’s ferrying a secret German agent on the plane, no less.

Oh, yes, just a plain old garden variety diplomat – that’s Hamish!

* * *


Next up, some more items from the Introduction of the book.

First – there are a lot of acronyms in this book so here’s the included Glossary. Click to enlarge.


Let’s start with Spring 1940.

On behalf of CSS (head of SIS) Stephenson paid a visit to the FBI to re-establish a high-level liasion which had been cut off due to ‘British belligerency’.

That’s an interesting way of downplaying that – wouldn’t you say?

At the time, Hoover was under strict injunction from the State Dept. to refrain from collaboration with the British. He told Stephenson that he needed a Presidential sanction. So, William arranged for one of his buddies close to the President, to put it him. The President endorsed it enthusiastically saying: “There should be the closest possible marriage between the FBI an British Intelligence.” Thus an agreement was reached.

WS returned to London and reported to the CSS and advocated that a British secret organization in the United States, although founded upon this liaison with Hoover idea, “should not confine itself” to purely SIS fuctions but should undertake “to do all that was not being done and could not be done by overt means to assure sufficient aid for Britain and eventually to bring America into the War.”

Accordingly, he accepted the appointment of Passport Control Officer (the time-honoured cover or SIS representatives abroad) in New York, and then arrived in June of 1940.

He had 4 support networks to start this organization that would become the BSC.

1. the liaison with Hoover

2. Bill Donovan who was an “ardent interventionist”

3. The Canadian Authorities (of course, since they are usually controlled by the Cecil Bloc) and

4. HM Ambassador Lord Lothian who could not do it “openly” but fully endorsed he need of an organization that appeared independent of the Embassy but would in fact act as a covert counterpart of it.

His three primary concerns were:

  1. to investigate enemy activities
  2. to institute adequate security measures against the threat of sabotage to British property and
  3. to organize American public opinion in favour of aid to Britain.

Under number 1 –

Agents were recruited to penetrate enemy or enemy-controlled businesses, propaganda groups and diplomatic missions and representatives were posted to such key points as Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The closest liaison was established with Imperial Censorship which gave him a large amount of information. Direct communications were established with SIS in Latin America. WS despatched representatives to Mexico City, Havana Guatemala City, San Jose, Haiti, Bogota, Barranquilla, Caracas, and Panama. WS was also given the task of running the MI5 officers in Bermuda, Jamaica and Trinidad.

Under number 3 –

An undercover technique was evolved for exposure of enemy subversive activities in the American press and for the creation, or assumption of control, of pro-interventionist societies.

In December of 1940, WS was appointed CD’s (Head of SOE) representative in the Western Hemisphere and in January 1941, he was appointed the Western Hemisphere representative of the Security Executive.

It was Hoover that suggested the name of British Security Coordination and it was officially established with the State Department in January, with its “cover” description of basically that they were “worried” about bombs on their ships and so on.

J edgar hoover 1924 - libraryofcongress photo

Under a listing of items Stephenson engaged in prior to Pearl Harbor, a couple are very interesting.

Point 5. The organization of “free” movements among foreign exiles and minorities in the Western Hemisphere for the purpose of encouraging and strengthening resistance in the occupied countries.

Point 6. The direction of subversive propaganda from American sources both to Europe and the Far East.

Point 10. The training of agents for SI or SO work – the training camp in Canada (Camp X) was opened coincidentally with Pearl Harbor, although it had been up and running for a number of months prior to that.


Point 5 above, was viewed as covertly preparing the United States as a base or operations against the enemy outside the Western Hemisphere, and the book specifically says that the BSC secured through establishment of the COI (then OSS, then CIA) an assurance of full American participation and collaboration with the British in secret activities direced against “the enemy” throughout the world.

Put another way –

British Intelligence started, organized, and ran the first U.S. Intelligence Agency.


Theoretically, under the McKellar Bill which was enacted in early summer 1942, all foreign intelligence agencies were prohibitied inter alia from employing their own agents within the United States…so that was a joke.

How Stephenson got around this – in typical arrogant British “what we want comes first” style – was that he turned over all the spies etc. to Donovan, but then BSC ran them anyway with Donovan’s approval.

After Pearl Harbor, collection of intelligence about “American affairs” was continued and stepped up even.

Need more data on those damn Americans!
cat and mouse meet sun siu

It is interesting that the book notes that the majority of agents that served BSC, whether knowingly or unknowingly were American.

Bet you didn’t know that.

Hoover led the FBI into full-fledged alliance with British Intelligence – a key point. In fact, through WS contacts with the Imperial censor, he fed Hoover much information so that he could “be important” and hand over to the ONI and G2 – information they could not have obtained otherwise. They were supposed to be impressed at Hoover’s information-gathering skills, you understand.

An example of this, deliberately using the ONI to get something done that BSC wanted –

Autumn 1940, WS’s rep in Mexico City reported on some Axis vessels, WS passed this to Hoover to give to the ONI. The long and short of this was that 4 U.S. destroyers were despatched and then stationed offshore of Tampico to watch the ships.

Navy Secretary Frank Knox owned the Chicago Daily News and helped WS with propaganda. For example, in the BS “bases for ships” deal that Donovan fronted for the British – they pulled a fast one over the public by persuading a General Pershing, who was a national hero and no one suspected him of having any “affiliations” to give a speech in support of the destroyers to Britain deal. Donovan, as soon as he came back from London (with propaganda material to use given to him by the SIS) wrote 5 articles dealing with ‘German Fifth Column Tactics’. They were published by Knox’s paper (as per Knox’s request).

Well isn’t that just all cozy.

Frank Knox

Frank Knox2

Knox is also who L. Ron Hubbard has himself a one-on-one line with while he is getting groomed for intelligence work. See ONI/OSS Compendium.

Note – Frank Knox also was on the board of the University of Chicago. It was he who gave soon-to-be intelligence agent William R. Corson his first job at his newspaper, and then helped him get a scholarship to the University.

On page 40 of this book, it details that while in England, Donovan made a detailed study of British secret intelligence and the ‘special services’ that had to be developed to keep ‘the flame of resistance’ alive in German Europe.

Special Services? Special? Oh brother. I could make a joke in very poor taste here but I’ll restrain myself.

Next up – Chapter 3,  High-level Contacts Political Warfare

In October of 1941, “a sensational piece of information relating to enemy plans for the eventual domination of South America, which BSC agents unearthed, provided Mr. Rosevelt with an opportunity to attacks the Axis in more forthright language than he had yet been able to employ….In this particular instance, the information was handed to the President by Donovan but Donovan, thought without dobt the most important, was not WS’s only intermediary with the White House.”

This is the infamous Nazi Plan map – a deliberate forgery. We’ll come back to that.

He lists the top two high-level contacts (as per the Chapter title).

The first is Robert Sherwood who is described as ‘an anglophile and ardent ‘anti-Fascist.’

This description doesn’t mean what you probably think it does. Slavemasters have special meanings for words – almost like a whole other language. Decoded, this means that Sherwood is pro-British and pro-New World order, and therefore against anything even vaguely resembling a Republic as Thomas Jefferson envisioned. Things like Communism and Fascism were deliberately invented, fostered and nurtured into “horrifying” everyone. What most people don’t know is that these were, in a sense, strawmen to try and kill the whole independence of the people AND THEIR COUNTRIES idea.

With that said, now you know quite a bit about Sherwood just from decoding those two words that were used in this book to describe him.

Robert Sherwood – playwright, and a very tall man, 6 foot 8!

The book makes clear that:

It is now an open secret that Sherwood had a considerable hand in writing the President’s more important speeches on international affairs, and he made a practice of showing each of these to WS while it was still in draft form, thus affording WS opportunity to suggest modifications, additions or deletions from the British point of view. He did this with the President’s knowledge and approval.

OK, Wow. That’s really something.  British Intelligence controlled the President of the United States speeches!

The second person the book mentions as Stephensons top highest contacts, is Vincent Astor.

Note: Vincent, like Stephenson’s assistant Hamish Mitchell, also favored his personal Bermuda estate which he had named ‘Ferry Reach’. It was on 20 wooded acres and it even sported track for his very own cute little train to toot around the ole’ place. Ain’t life grand…

vincent_astor Ferry Reach in Bermuda 20 acres and private railway 1932

Example of their relationship –

On 4 February 1941, WS telegraphed CSS:

President has appointed Vincent Astor as his personal liaison with me…This arrangement is a great step forward and should considerably facilitate our efforts.

Astor kept the President regularly informed of any specific desires of His Majesty’s Government which could not properly be communicated through diplomatic channels, and also passed to him the more important results on BSC’s investigations into enemy activities. He brought back from the President comment, information an advice, thus enabling BSC to plan its Political Warfare in correlation with the White House.

What that means is that Americans would revolt if they knew what these “specific desires” actually were that the President was ordered to DO FOR BRITAIN.

Interesting though, that Astor is British Intelligence’s main go-between to the President. Especially considering the whole ROOM and ONI tangle of British Intelligence that Astor was in charge of.

That will all be covered separately, but suffice it to see this new data is really going to help damn those connections as full-out slavemaster puppet organization even more than I already had documented in a previous rough-edged article series here at our blog. By the way, I say rough-edged because that series covering the ONI, the OSS, etc., was never intended as a permanent form. I just basically was putting up what I was finding in my research, and definitely not necessarily in the best order it could be. When I re-visit my research in that area, it will be quite a bit different.

Something to look forward to, right?

Other high-level persons such as Frank Knox, Henry Stimson and Cordell Hull were “already well disposed to Britain” and it was necessary “only to suggest to them ways in which they could be of assistance”.

It was fascinating to me to see the redacting of names (or rather not even naming them in any way) in this book.

Even in this 1998 publication, there was no fill-in as to who certain people were. Like Vincent for example. NO MENTION whatsoever of his previous connections to British MI6 intelligence through his own organization called the ROOM. That was all the way back in the 1920’s!

There was only one other man, American, out of ALL the thousands of agents BSC developed, that was mentioned.

Albert_Younglove_GowenThat was Albert Younglove Gowen (pictured left) who was WS contact to get to General Pershing – yet another dirty dealing story as you might have guessed..

WS had him recount (he lied) in an article, that supposedly Hitler had boasted to Gowen that after he conquered Britain, he would attack the U.S. It was published in Life magazine. The finale, obviously ghost-written by WS, said:

It is my hope that this will be of some influence in convincing the United States of the reality of Germany’s threat to our existence. The British Fleet is still our first line of defence. In my opinion we must do all we can to help ngland maintain it because if it fails, there is no salvation…

– A.Y. Gowen


The article provided a “impartial” rebuttal of the argument that Germany did not menace the United States.

That was aimed at the so-called Lindbergh “campaign”  – which was a cruel joke since he was also an intel agent, a deep cover one. His JOB was to pretend to be pro-nazi, and also to pretend to be anti-British. Why? Primarily to try and draw ‘out’ to him and his group, Americans with actual real and logic-based objections to being Britain’s little attack dog around the world. Then, you see, BSC could then identify and target these individuals in one of their silencing and discrediting campaigns.

The book makes clear that BSC’s press contacts were “sub-agents” of theirs, and the intermediaries between BSC and the press contacts were full-out agents.

The book again makes the lame excuse “there is no need to name all of them” and instead just singles out the following as sub-agents, remember:

  • George Backer – publisher of The New York Post, he became ill in 1942 and wife Dorothy Schiff, grand-daughter of Jacob Schiff began running the paper so actually SHE was the BSC press contact.
  • Ralph Ingersoll – editor of PM
  • Helen Ogden Reid – publisher of the Baltimore Sun
  • Paul Patterson – publisher of the Baltimore Sun
  • Arthur Hays Sulzberger – President of the New York Times
  • Walter Lippmann and “several other columnists” (See WWII Vignette article for more on Lippmann)
  • WRUL – William L. Shirer commentator and Walter Lemmon owner. (see more on this later)

This stable of sub-agents are pictured in the below slide-show I put together for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Stephenson also recruited spies amongst the employees of “isolationist” newspapers to work against their bosses and “masters” – as the book puts it.

The head of International News Service (Hearst) was persuaded (ha ha – as in mafia style persuasion) to render assistance to one of BSC’s major campaigns.

I have to single out the following section and quote it verbatim. It’s just classic British propaganda.

I Love the portrayal of a person who is anti-British because of a “a well-developed inferiority complex” and a “thirst for political power.”

Okey Dokey. If we don’t want Britain running our country, it’s because we all have inferiority complexes?

Methinks Britain has got a world class inferiority complex. They can’t seem to “feel powerful enough and safe enough” unless the ENTIRE WORLD is theirs!



Now that’s a inferiority complex.


The person picked to represent this insult, Roy Howard, (President of the chain of Scripps-Howard newspapers) per the author had “a well-developed inferiority complex” – and “he was a little man – vain, ambitious and overdressed; a clever reporter with a “thirst for political power”.

They tried to “woo” him in Australia during a visit in August 1940, but that didn’t work. I think that’s hilarious, personally. Like I said – now who has the inferiority complex?

Anyways, three years go by with one failed manipulation and covert operation after another on this guy, so in exasperation, the Brit slavemasters finally went all out.

In June of 1943, they played the nobility card and had Lord Beaverbrook “invite” him to London, to be flown on his private plane with WS, Donovan, and Harriman.


Sheesh, talk about ganging up on the guy.

But still…LORD Beaverbrook – who gives a crap? My god, can you believe this still goes on? Sucking up to the ‘nobility’?

William Maxwell “Max” Aitken  – Lord Beaverbrook – he was head of the Ministry of Information in 1918 – a euphemism for “let’s find as many ways as possible to lie and manipulate the peoples of countries around the world.”

Sir_Max_Aitken Lord Beaverbrook in 1918


This is Beaverbrook (right) with his pilot in the late 1930’s – that’s his plane, A Lockheed ’12’ in the background.

Next 2 images courtesy of this website.
pilot and beaverbrook right
Beaverbrook’s plane landing in Bermuda


Being conned into a transatlantic flight with William Stephenson, Wild Bill Donovan, Beaverbrook, and Harriman reminds me of Scientology’s ‘regging’ techniques – humorously captured in the iconic tv series Mystery Science Theatre, from an episode called Riding with Death. Eerily appropriate name for this plane ride with Beaverbrook, actually.


Shortly after his return Roy now remarked:

American feeling toward Britain has improved considerably in the past year or so…Americans do not like Britishers better, but they have a fuller appreciation of what Britain has done and is doing…Most Americans, including myself, are now out of patience with criticism of British internal management…


Well, guess that was a successful ‘regging’ trip finally then!

The book then portrays that any other newspaper owners who did not give in to all this manipulation as being because they were “more warped” and “deeply embedded in the isolationist doctrine.” And of course, the admission of defeat inherent in the words “beyond hope of conversion” stands out even more as to what the British think is their right to do with people!

I particularly enjoyed the “more warped” explanation for their failure.

At the same time though, it is interesting to note that in the book, such people were considered a “grave menace” and guess what their solution was to that? (p 21)

“…serious consideration was given to the possibility of putting them out of business; and an opportunity for silencing in this way the elderly but extremely powerful William Randolph Hearst did in fact occur.”

That’s an admission, right there.

Here’s a scan of the particular page where that is discussed. (p 21)

The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas - 4


Next up, Chapter 4 Donovan’s Organization.


To go over from the defensive to the offensive, that is to say to secure full American participation in secret activities directed against the enemy outside the Western Hemisphere, WS needed something which did not exist at the time he founded BS. He needed an agency responsible for conducting, in behalf of the United States Government, secret activities throughout the world; an agency with which he could collaborate fully by virtue of its being patterned, in the matter of coordinated functions, exactly after his own organization.


As early as June 1940, when he first arrived, WS was busy recruiting Donovan to help him get that agency going. They gave Donovan tours of their SO stations, and the matter was discussed with the President. By April of 1941, things had moved along enough on the propaganda front – what with Stephenson telling Roosevelt what to say all that time – Roosevelt was ready to take more public action on the matter.

On 5 May 1941, WS telegraphed to CSS:

I have been attempting to manoeuvre Donovan into accepting job of coordinating all US Intelligence…

The main reason that WS wanted him was because he was already in WS’s pocket, encapsulated in the words “he had already shown himself willing to cooperate fully with BSC.

WS spent the next months putting pressure on Roosevelt through, as the book puts it, “various high-level contacts” (probably a reference to Colonel House?) and devoted time to “personal persuasion” of Donovan.

What, more plane trips? (little joke)

On 18 June, Donovan agreed and WS advised CSS:

Donovan saw President today and after long discussion wherein all points were agreed, he accepted appointment…He will be Coordinator of all forms intelligence including offensive operations equivalent SO.2…He will hold rank of Major General and will be responsible only repeat only to the President…Donovan accuse me of having “intrigued and driven’ him into appointment…You can imagine how relieved I am after three months of battle and jockeying for position in Washington that our man is in a position of such importance to our efforts…”

For some reason this “jockeying” and “Major General” business seems oh-so British to me. I feel like breaking into this song –


It’s just so ridiculous how hung up these people are on their “airs” and ribbons and medals and titles.

So, after all that schmoozing and “jockeying” –


Donovan was appointed head of the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI) by Presidential Executive Order a little over a month later, 11 July.

His responsibilities were defined as:

To collect and analyse all information and data which may bear upon national security, to correlate such information and data, and make the same available to the President and to such departments and officials of the Government as the President may determine, and to carry out when requested by the President such supplementary activities as may facilitate the securing of information important for national security not now available to the Government.

What a world of hurt is contained in the innocuous words ” such supplementary activities”.

The directive was deliberately vague because of the secret nature of the activities, but I think more importantly, because as the book says work that was “potentially offensive in character” – an understatement if I ever heard one.

Donovan was actually entrusted with taking information and preparing Special Operations and subversive propaganda.

The first thing that Donovan did was to work with WS to draw up the initial plans in regards establishment and methods of operation.

On 9 August WS telegraphed CSS as follows:

Donovan’s organizaton rapidly taking shape…Central offices in Washington now working with nucleus of staff and liaison is established and functioning…Understanding with Chiefs of Staff seems satisfactory and Donovan feels confident their cooperation…


To facilitate the closest day-to-day operations between BSC and COI, WS set up a branch office in Washington, to which officers both of the SI and SO divisions were attached, while Donovan in turn established a branch in New York.

He needed to control short-wave radio facilities, another thing that Pearl Harbor was a set-up for, was to wrest control of the communication systems by the government. Prior to that, Donovan couldn’t “force” them to do what BSC wanted done – they were all privately owned.

This time period is also when Hoover began to realise he had been horn-swoggled and betrayed by the WS, because the real power was taken from him and routed to the new golden-boy agency – the COI.

Thus began the conflict between the two intelligence agencies which lasted for decades and still is, to some extent. This is actually part of the reason for the “shuffling” game that has gone on in the past decade or so, creation of Homeland Security and so on.

CIA versus FBI - the cold war begins

The bulk of COI’s secret intelligence before Pearl Harbor was provided by the BSC.

In a listing of the work BSC did to help assist Donovan’s fledgling organization, there exists a kind of road map for deliberate disinformation by omission that characterizes this book throughout.


Page 28, point 5, it said:

Early in September 1941 (before Donovan could undertake any active preparations of his own for Special Operations work), WS made arrangements with CD for a senior COI officer to visit England. The officer spent some three months in England, where he was given facilities for studying the entire SOE organization first hand.

“the officer” – This was David K.E. Bruce – so why not name him?

david_ke_bruce_wwiiDavid K.E. Bruce

The book characterizes the COI as completely dependent on the BSC until June 1942 when a Presidential order abolished the COI and established the Office of War Information (OWI) and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Elmer Davis was in charge of all overseas propaganda other than “black” ie: covert propaganda.

Elmer_davisElmer Davis


At the time of this order, both Donovan and WS were in London and the intelligence pie was divided up into British zones, American Zones, and British-American zones. SOE and OSS in command of each respectively, whereas the combination zones should have the closest cooperation, yet independence of operations as well.

This was known as the London Agreement. The US Joint Chiefs of Staff approved this, and on the British side the Foreign Office and the British Chiefs of Staff also approved it.

A special liaison officer was appointed to OSS headquarters. (probably Bruce?) It was his responsibility to channel information of American origin back to London, and to advise OSS on such matters as the management of agents, methods, of operation and evaluation of intelligence reports. This was why an OSS office was established in London, it passed the intelligence reports directly to SIS headquarters.

Another separate headquarters called the Research and Analysis Branch provided intelligence and the BSC maintained regular contact with – also the Survey of Foreign Experts.

The R&A branch also covertly funneled secret reports from a number of U.S. government departments (outside their mandate, you understand) to the BSC.

Shortly after the London Agreement, SOE sent 4 experts to help plan and organize the methods used by the OSS. They also sent experts to “advise” the OSS about the production of “special devices and weapons” – think James Bond “Q” here.

The “Q” devices were another interesting area – Curare was introduced as a sabotage device in April of 1942. It was procured by a Latin American BSC agent and forwarded to London.

Here’s a little slideshow of some WWII devices. Kudos! to this website for putting together so many of them for us to see.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Personally, I think most of these people needed to realize their moral compass was in seriously deep doo-doo.

Im experiencing a slight problem with my moral compass

‘Research and Development’ procedure was entirely based on SOE practice.

May 1943 – SOE London informed BSC that it required three or more ships with a minimum range of 3,000 miles, a maximum speed of at least 16 knots and four tons of cargo space, for “irregular operations” in the North Sea.

WS approached Donovan, who persuaded the US Navy to release three 100-feet sub-chasers in the belief that they were to be used in OSS’s own operations. They were fitted with A/A guns, K guns, depth charges and radar. In great secrecy they were transferred to the United Kingdom in September 1943.

Note – prior to U.S. manufacture of items the OSS needed, the BSC provided them, such as the Torch operation preceding the invasion of North Africa.

After the OSS was abolished by Executive Order of 20 September 1945 – CD wrote to Donovan on V-Day (Japan) –

Cutting into the excerpt given and just doing this part:

The close association of our two organizations is a forerunner of what can be achieved by the Anglo-American unity which we all feel is so important for the future peace and happiness of mankind – November 1945

Good God – that’s just sickening.

The next section of the book is the OSS section and it starts out with a quote by John Chamberlain –

The cloak-and-dagger boys of ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan’s Office of Strategic Services waged a successful secret war behind enemy lines and have demonstrated the need for a coordinated intelligence office for the U.S.



It lists a couple people that were working for OSS/BSC – Carleton Coon, the Harvard anthropologist, and Marine Colonel ‘Bill’ Eddy, missionary’s son who had become president of Hobart College. Eddy had commercial agents planted around the world. Particularly in North Africa, they were referred to as the 12 apostles, the “missionaries of a savior” – the savior being Eisenhower’s armies.

The treatment of these subjects in the book is so unbelievably dry and full of holes as to who these people really were and what they were really doing (based on my earlier research) that’s it is just plain sad.

For example Carleton Stevens Coon was a pretty strange character, full of kooky ideas.

Carleton Stevens Coon

In 1940, a man named Maurice Tillet was examined by Coon.

maurice Tillet ad Carletoon Coons theoriesMaurice Tillet

This blog says about it:

Coon (author of some unfortunate theories on the origin and history of the races), while cameras of  LIFE followed the meeting: the ethnologist noted the measures of the jaw, head, of the feet and hands gigantic, and concluded that Maurice could represent a regression to the Neanderthals.”

Sensationalizing this guy as some kind of ‘proof’ of Darwin’s ridiculous theories of human evolution, and the fact that Coon worked for BSC in propaganda is a match made in heaven.

But that seemed to be Carleton’s job – the bizarre and weird propagandized to the nth degree.

Vincent Price, Carleton Coon and Jacque Lipschitz

Vincent Price (right), Carleton Coon (center above) and Jacque Lipschitz appeared on the tv show What in the World in 1955.

Per at the University of Pennsylvania Museum:

On each What in the World? program, four or five unidentified objects were presented to a panel of experts who were asked to guess what each piece was, where it came from, how old it was, and how it was used. Objects were selected from storerooms and had never before been seen by the panel. Before the experts guessed, the audience was told what the object was, and, during the course of the program, could watch the thought processes of real –and often fallible!– anthropologists and archaeologists. After they had completed their identification, the moderator, Froelich Rainey, Director of the Museum, told them whether they were right and if not, gave the correct identification.

The Internet Archive has the actual video of this episode that Coon and Vincent Price appeared in – I think you’ll enjoy seeing it. Only 4 episodes managed to be preserved.

And Marine Colonel ‘Bill’ Eddy – the second person named as working for OSS/BSC – there was barely anything said about him and there should have been a whole helluva lot more.

For example, in my research, what Eddy was involved in was just a little more than just: “Eddy had commercial agents planted around the world.” and the understatement of the North Africa business was rather appalling.

Although, I did like that the author added that they were positioning themselves as the “missionaries of a savior” – that I didn’t know. I already knew about the 12 apostles business, and, I must say that I appreciated the addition of the name of Mr. Coon to add to my data-pot.

Brief Rundown of William Eddy –

Eddy had been brought up in Sidon, Syria and was a fluent speaker of Arabic.

He was already in covert British intelligence work, through his first assignment as Naval Attache (read spy) in Cairo. Under BSC (now through the OSS) he proceeded to construct spy, clandestine radio and sabotage networks all along the North African Coast.

He continued in this vein after Eisenhower’s 1942 landings in Morocco and Algeria, by now movin onto  undercover work prepping for the invasion of the “soft underbelly” of Europe. This was interrupted in 1943 by a request from the State Department for his services as the first “minister plenipotentiary” to Saudi Arabia.

The cover story regarding the mission to Africa, given to the State Department, was that they needed “to insure that these goods stayed out of Nazi Hands”. Therefore the State department would be allowed “to send a special team of diplomatic observers to Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.”

The goods they were supposedly protecting – which was NOT why they were there – had to do with an economic agreement made in February 1941 with the Vichy governor of North Africa, 74-year-old General Maxime Weygand (reportedly the bastard son of “Emperor” Maximilian). The agreement provided that the United States would supply the African colonies with badly needed imports.

Robert Daniel Murphy* (an easily influenced Irish Catholic that had been recruited by Roosevelt) negotiated this deal.

* Murphy was also the American representative to the Allied military government in occupied Germany, 1945-49; ambassador to Belgium, 1949-51; ambassador to Japan, 1952-53, undersecretary of state, 1959-60. He retired from State to become president of Corning Glass International, and in 1961 was apoointed to President Kennedy’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, the CIA ‘watchdog’ committee.

One of the terms that American intelligence used to describe what were actually intelligence men (and not really just diplomats) was “diplomatic observers” or simply just “oberserver” as a title. Sort of like how foreign office MI6 men were called “Passport control officers”.

This little adventure in Africa was guided by the hand of Wallace Banta Phillips, an expatriate businessman who headed the American chamber of Commerce in London and was later Donovan’s first espionage advisor (as well as serving as Director of Special Information Services. Phillips, through the Army and the Navy, “produced a dozen Americans steeped in French culture and politics to serve as North African “Vice Consuls” under Murphy’s British-based direction”.

These were the 12 apostles this book mentions.

The “British-based direction” is of course William Stephenson and the BSC.

Wallace Banta Phillips was a bald-headed, hunchbacked businessman with a somewhat mysterious past. Per passport records, he was born 30 March, 1886, and his father was Henry Wallace Phillips.

Wallace_Banta_Phillips_in_1918Phillips in 1918 passport photo

Passport application –


The second page of his passport application says:

Mr. Phillips is very well known to the (…unreadable). He is Chief of Circulation G-2  S.O.S A.E.F (Intelligence Departments) and has exhibited a telegram showing that it is necessary that he proceed to England immediately in connection with his work.

The abbreviation A.E.F. stands for Allied Expeditionary Force.
The abbreviation S.O.S is unknown, probably stands for Secretary of State?
The abbreviation G-2 is Army Intelligence.

During WWI Phillips had recruited and placed agents in liaision with MI6, around the world. Between the Wars, Phillips mostly resided in London, heading a rubber products company called Pyrene. (used as a cover). He once boasted that he had agents on his payroll stretching from the Soviet Union to Mexico, including seven former prime ministers. One of his agents just before WW II was the Foreign Editor of National Geographic Magazine, based in Afghanistan.

In late 1939 President Roosevelt allowed ONI’s Admiral Anderson to take him on under the ONI as a representative of the Special Intelligence Service – that way he enjoyed unrestricted access to ONI’s secret files and funds. At this time, Phillip’s organization was known as the “K” organization.

By August of 1941, after the COI was formed, the BSC, the Army and the Navy were trying to “move” their covert intelligence activities (which were somewhat illegal) underneath Donovan – with Stephenson being who really ran the show. This is when Phillip’s “K” organization, as part of the ONI transfers were all moved under the COI. Phillips was given a blank check by Donovan, with access to a $2.5 million dollar account approved by President Roosevelt.

So, in a sense, Phillip’s agents were all British intelligence who then were rolled on into first, the ONI, then the COI/OSS, with Stephenson keeping his hand on the tiller.

You see, Phillips prior – and very close – British intelligence ties were through Sir William Wiseman, the PCO (MI6 – Intelligence) in New York predecessor to William Stephenson.

Also important to observe, is that these ONI secret agents, were all moved under the COI, which became the OSS, then the CIA.

You could say that if someone was Office of Naval Intelligence after August 1941, they were actually COI/OSS – especially if there was any foreign work involved. This would include L. Ron Hubbard, the ONI agent – but that’s going to be covered in separate works.

Getting back to the Eddy/Coon and the 12 apostles mission – they had been sent to Africa in June of 1941, taking their positions at Algiers, Tunis, and Casablanca where they mingled in the gambling casinos apparently, with German and Italian officers, spies, double agents, genuine diplomats (if there was such a thing) informers, and prostitutes.


They played their vice-loving roles well, and a Gestapo report of the time viewed them as follows:

“Since all their thoughts are centered on their social, sexual, or culinary interests, petty quarrels and jealousies are daily incidents with them. Altogether they represent a perfect picture of the mixture of races and characters in that savage conglomeration called the United States of America, [see the real British view of Americans peeking through there?] and anyone who observes them can well judge the state of mind and instability that must be prevalent in their country today…Lack of pluck and democratic degeneracy prevails among them, resulting from their too easy life, corrupt morals, and consequent lack of energy…

They are totally lacking in method, organization and discipline…We can only congratulate ourselves on the selection of this group of enemy agents who will give us no trouble.”

OSS, an e-book by Richard Harris Smith


However, within weeks, Murphy’s spies were flooding Washington with excellent reports on all significant military and political developments in the colonies.

All that “rambling” around” looking like drunks and sex-crazed idiots is part of the standard MI6 manual cover, ie: cultivate the impression that you’re an ass – which apparently at least this Gestapo officer completely fell for like a ton of bricks.

In October 1941, Donovan asked Robert A. Solborg to head a Special Operations section of COI. The colonel was first sent to London to study the structure of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE), which had already accumulated a year’s experience in working with anti-Axis resistance groups.

Returning to Washington, he made a brief attempt to “reconcile” himself to the “haphazard way and stuntlike propensities of Donovan’s procedures,” then left for Portugal in February 1942 to establish a COI operations center in neutral Lisbon.

Shortly thereafter Wallace Banta Phillips operation in North Africa was taken over by now Lieutenant Colonel Robert Solborg.


Solborg was born in Warsaw, the son of Stanislaus Solborg, a Polish general of the Czar’s army who had served on the staff of the Russian governor-general of Poland. He had blue eyes, brown hair, and was 5 feet 6 inches tall. (random comment here – why are so many of these guys so short?)

During the First World War Solborg was commissioned an officer in the Czarist cavalry. After recovering from a severe wound in 1916, he was assigned to a Russian military purchasing mission in New York.

This passport photo from 1919 approximately, isn’t very good but at least you get some idea of what he looked like.


This one is much better – I think he’s the guy 3rd from the left.

Lisbon, Portugal 1942Robert_Solborg_-_1942

When the Bolshevik Revolution tthe Soviets to power, Solborg, preferring to avoid a Communist firing squad, acquired American citizenship and enlisted in the American Army. He served briefly as U.S. Military Atttache’ in Paris, then accepted a position with Armco Steel. When the Second World War broke out in 1939, Solborg was managing director of Armco in Britain and France. Under cover of his business transactions, he traveled to Germany in the spring of 1940 to observe industrial production and later reported his findings to British intelligence. In December 1940, Solborg joined U.S. Army intelligence and spent the next eight months traveling through North Africa, ostensibly as an Armco executive but actually to contact potential French resistance elements on behalf of the War department.

OSS, an e-book by Richard Harris Smith

Coming back to Colonel William Eddy now, as one of the 12 apostles his assignment in Africa was at the international zone of Tangier, adjacent to neutral Spanish Morocco.

Colonel William Eddy - was HWS presidentColonel William Eddy

Note: Eddy later became ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1944-46, and head of State Department Intelligence, 1046-47. Until his death in 1962, he was a Middle East consultant to the Arabian-American Oil company and an office of the CIA-funded American Friends of the Middle East.

Eddy (center back) with the Saudi King

Colonel William A. Eddy

When he arrived in Tangiers, he ran into trouble with the local British intell types.

Eddy’s first problem was with the British. London’s diplomatic representatives had long since been expelled from Vichy Africa, but British secret agents (including a beautiful yoing blonde from His Majesty’s consulate at Tangier who “kept open bed” for notable Spanish generals) remained active in the region. Unfortunately, the chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) at tangier, a man “who would sell his country, his soul, or his mother for a peseta,” was violently jealous of the Americans. He allegedly plotted to poison his own assistant, a British major, for being “too straightforward” with Donovan’s officers.

OSS, an e-book by Richard Harris Smith

A restructuring occurred after the Brits became upset at Robert Solburg and he wasn’t the head of Spec Ops for very long. Later in 1942 he messed up so badly in the Africa Spec Ops that he was recalled, taken out of the OSS and reassigned to a different military position.

The new OSS-Cairo opened with two rooms in December 1942 and soon expanded into a villa at 8 Rustum Pasha Street near the British SOE offices.

Valerian Lada-Mocarski (code-name Juniper) headed it. (See his Specific Person page for more about him.)

Colonel Valerian “Vala” Lada Mocarski

Valerian_Lada-MocarskiMocarski sat on the board of Schroder’s Bank
with Allen Dulles, that was involved in financing Hitler (amongst other nasty things).

The OSS would then expand its small nucleus of American volunteers in Istanbul into a secret base of operations, underneath Valerian as sector head.

*See OSS Turkey in the World Government section of our Reading Library.

Valerian was a Russian émigré, who happened to also sit with Allen Dulles on the Board of Directors of the American branch of the British-owned Schroder bank.

*See Schroder’s Bank page for much more about that.

Now we’ve filled things in a bit, see what I mean that there was far too little treatment of the subject in this book?

Next up in the book –

Holy Lord! Wow. Look at this snipey little statement – perfectly illustrating the false British superiority that has earned them the hatred of most of humanity.

Or as Thomas Jefferson put it hostis humani generisthe enemy of the human race

Before 1941, the U.S. had no intelligence service worthy of the name, nothing comparable to the 400-year-old British service that currently operates on a free mandate and with unvouchered funds under the Foreign Office…and nothing the equal of the German ABWEHR, whose mysterious Greek head, Admiral Canaris, reported directly to the German General Staff….the natural complement to the ABWEHR, the Nazi fifth column, which softened up the European democracies as scurvy softens up the teeth of an arctic explorer.

Do you see how hung up they are on their image, while at the same time acting worse than most 5-year olds on the playground?

Take particular note of this part:

400-year-old British service


Because that is a reference to the first slavemasters – the Cecil Bloc spymasters in the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Note: For much more about that see Scientology Roots Chapter 21-2  entitled: The First Scientologists and Their Masters. Also see my post Origin of the term “Balance of Power”  and The Centre of the British Empire – City of London for just what that 400-year-old British service really was.

The BSC author next, on page 36, takes the opportunity for yet another underhanded insult of the U.S. in regards to not having a proper intelligence agency and having “noone” in Washington charged with putting the jigsaw pieces together. He says the reason is:

…that the government – and country – was not security-minded, perhaps a corollary of life in a free-wheeling, ocean-girded, peace-loving democracy.

free-wheeling, ocean-girded, peace-loving democracy?


Gee – could he make us sound more like a bunch of farmboys that just fell off the turnip-truck?

chicken dance

He also refers to the OSS’s early work as “freshman exploits”.

These next items are basically various points of interest, that I picked out of the book.

A Lieutenant Colonel Ilya Tolstoy, grandson of the Russian novelist, worked for the OSS and went to ‘Shangri-La’ in the autumn of 1942 with Lieutenant Brooke Dolan.

They set out with presents from Roosevelt and through many back routes finally arrived in the “Forbidden City” – they were trying to cut a deal for arranging a new supply road to China going through Tibet.

dolan-memberDolan was independently wealthy, a trustee of the Academy of Natural Sciences, and had studied at both Princeton and Harvard and was fond of exploration and hunting. In 1931, he accomplished his first expedition to Asia and Western China. He returned a couple of years later, again sponsored by the Academy in his 1934-1936 expedition – gathering many animals and other items for dispaly in the diorama. That was his cover – and as an OSS agent he would again use this same cover in this 3rd trip to Tibet and China gathering intelligence while using the “scientist” cover.

brook-dolan-left and Tolstoy centerDolan (left) and Tolstoy (center)


Here’s the OSS video about their trip –


This was the same basic operation that ROOM members Suydam Cutting, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and his brother, Kermit engaged in in the 1930s. The ROOM was a secret British intelligence society in New York headed by Vincent Astor, whose Liaison was William Wiseman. It was started in 1927.

Their cover was that they were ‘searching for the Giant Panda’ and they assisted Cutting in obtaining an invitation to Lhasa in 1937.

This is the period when Lhasa was likened to the Shangri-La of James Hilton’s Lost Horizon.

– book Tournament of Shadows: The Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia.

Apparently, there was a plan in 1933, an alliance if you will, between America (which really means anglophile “Americans”) Japan, and Britain to try and control Tibet and reincarnate something called the “Shambhala Project.” which was a previous Russian plan meant to bring the East under Britain.

A little background –

Chapter 18 – The Shambhala Project

Russia in 1906 was still reeling from its ignomonious defeat by the upstart Japanese a year before. What was supposed to be a “small victorious war” ended in the Straits of Tsushima with Russia losing the greater part of its fleet…

At home, so threatening was the revolutionary ferment that Tsar Nicholas II agreed to accept the once unthinkable-a parliament. Battered by striking workers, plundering peasants, naval insurrections, army rebellions, mutinous students and an ever-expanding police force, both regular and secret, St. Petersburg was mired in a “crisis of culture and consciousness.” The correspondent of Rebus, the Russian Spiritualist journal edited by Madame Blavatsky’s sister, reported that the entire capital was caught up “in an unusually powerful mystical movement” that embraced people at every social level seeking “secret knowledge to fill the aching void.” Gypsy fortune-tellers vied with table rappers, hypnotists, phrenologists, and domesticated ghosts…

Do not miss this.

…so threatening was the revolutionary ferment that Tsar Nicholas II agreed to accept the once unthinkable – a parliament.

This is very important because it clearly shows the British Slavemaster hidden hand in all this – this is standard for them to create this kind of foment to force down a rival monarchy, or government, into being remade into its “proper” form – like the British, in other words.

Much like the BSC did to America.


Nicholas Roerich (see below) is considered by many to be British occult agent Helena Blavatsky’s true successor, conducting espionage mixed with spiritual horsepuckey as a cover. Usually by targeting Buddhists in order to bring “The East” into beginning control by the British overlords.

Roerich is who undertook the original “shambhala project” that was resurrected again in 1933. Roerich, like Blavatsky, claimed that these invisible spiritual masters “mahatmas” told him to go to the East and to unite Buddhism and Communism together.

AnimatedStarNotice the similarity to later British spy L. Ron Hubbard wanting to unite the Buddhists with Scientology ‘uniting the East with the West.


From a review of the same book quoted above –

One of the most unusual characters was Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), a Russian artist and theosophical mystic who, under the patronage of occult-influenced Henry Wallace (Secretary of Agriculture under Franklin Roosevelt), searched for four years for the fabled, hidden paradise of Shambhala located in Russian territory north of Tibet.

Meyer and Brysac also report for the first time on significant documents found in the Roosevelt Library at Hyde Park, particularly an American-British-Japanese plan dated to 1933 to control Tibet and reincarnate the “Shambhala Project.”

…We are left wondering if Roerich was a spy, and for whom, since he supported Russia during World War II but provided sensitive Soviet information to the Anglo-Americans.


Coming back to Ilya Tolstoy, it becomes clear that Stephenson, through the OSS and Donovan, was yet again trying to run the same operation as the previous British Intel ops concerning Tibet.

Tolstoy revealed the details of his visit in National Geographic in 1946. He said about meeting the Dalai Lama (who was seven years old at the time) –

His Holiness was seated cross-legged, a high-peaked yellow hat on his head. We were immediately impressed by his young but stern face and not at all frail constitution. His cheeks were a healthy pink.

The below information is courtesy of the National Archives.

“After half an hour of discussion, the men left. A week later, they received the permission they were seeking to cross Tibet. It was the first such permission granted in 22 years, according to Tolstoy.

Five months later, they crossed the Tibetan plateau, and the two men arrived in northern China, completing their journey. They had traveled over a thousand miles and spent over a hundred days in the saddle to pioneer a route to connect allied supplies with allied fighters across some of the world’s harshest terrain. Their mission was complete.

While the route was never employed during the war—a diplomatic crisis prevented its use, and planes continued to fly “the hump” across the Himalayan mountains—Tolstoy and Brooke made history, bridging two cultures that before had never formally met. Brooke Dolan filmed the entire journey, and the reels are now housed in the motion picture holdings of the National Archives.”

See that? It was never about “arranging a new supply road to China going through Tibet” – that was just the cover given the 3rd time of this particular British Intelligence operation.

* * *

The last thing I want to take up is that even people like Donovan needed to be controlled with propaganda, and he liked the British!

In a section of this book addressing criticism of the OSS activities, one of the things mentioned was that “some of the $100,000,000 it spent during the war may have gone down the drain.”

on page 39 –

The book discussed that a man named Colonel Ned Buxton “whispered in his ear” (Donovan) and instructed him in the “perfect” battle of Cannae (Hannibal).

That’s very revealing considering WHO GAVE US this supposed ancient history in the first place.

The British.

But also, the reason that the author brought that little tidbit up, was to set up for hist next statement which is where he tells the reader that only the “traditional rebel Irish view” has the idea that “world strategy is a racket practiced by and for the benefit of the British Empire.”

Doesn’t that just sound like some of the world’s most convenient logic? ONLY rebel Irish have that view?

This said, you understand, regarding British Slavemasters that have spent the last four hundred years lying and perfecting their lying while engaged in domination of the world with millions of peoples blood on their hands!

how_dare_you_question_me_-_vincentDisgusting is the least of words that one could use to describe such perfidy and hypocrisy.


Who was this Buxton character?

Gonzalo Edward “Ned” Buxton Jr. was a newspaperman from Rhode Island.

On Stephenson’s advice Donovan had made him his right-hand man – assistant director of the COI, head of the OSS Planning Group and Action Director of Strategic Services. Of note, Buxton was a key figure in Operation Alsos, the capture of the ten key scientists (Otto Kahn and his nine researchers) working toward completion of Nazi Germany’s atomic bomb.


Berg had reported that Italian Physicist Amaldi said that when Otto Hahn viited Rome in 1941 to deliver some lectures, that Hahn was very secretive about the use of fission for military purposes – according to Berg’s cable to Buxton. Amaldi said that Hahn and Strassman would be the most important scientists involved in a German atomic bomb project.

Reference: Cable Berg to Buxton, Shepardson and Dix, June 12, 1944, RG 226, Entry 210, Box 431, Folder 2, NARA (National Archives)


That’s who Buxton and the British were really after in Operation Alsos.

So, less than a year after the cable (above), in March of 1945, at Tailfingen (laboratory) they took Otto Hahn and nine members of his staff into custody.

Buxton received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) presented to him by King George VI on November 12, 1945. Colonel Buxton’s citation declared that he was the “Assistant Director of the OSS” and further that, “Prior to and after Pearl Harbor he always cooperated fully and he showed the greatest sympathy in dealings with British problems. Throughout he was a most valuable ally.”

Colonel Buxton had worked closely with British intelligence services to include British Naval Intelligence and MI6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) – including Admiral John Godfrey, the British Director of Naval Intelligence (DNI) and, of course, Stephenson.


page-divider 2014

Continued in Section II.

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  1. Information you may want, and would love your thoughts in return.
    You mention in this blog, Carlton Coon and Maurice Tillet. I find it more than likely that his theories on Maurice were not so much a professional assessment of his physiology, as a promotion of Maurice himself. I have one individual that had direct contact with him that said Maurice, his manager, and another wrestling promoter all provided intelligence in this era. Please note that I can place Maurice with Josephine Baker in 1935, and now Carlton Coon in 1940. This is all making me think that a portion of the push, for Maurice’s success in pro-wrestling, may have gone hand and hand with a secret life. I am trying to build that case and connection, and I know very well Maurice spent allot of time up in Canada. Please contact me at and I would be grateful for your time and thoughts.

    • Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t know much more about Maurice right at the moment – my research was primarily on Carlton Coon. But, that sounds very interesting that he may have been actually involved in espionage himself, it would make sense. I’d love to hear if you find anything that points to (or documents) Maurice’s involvement, so do keep me posted! – Virginia

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