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British Security Coordination

A Compendium


– Section III

Your Mind – My Mind

By Virginia McClaughry


I recently obtained a rather obscure and little known book that was written under the watchful eye of the head of the BSC himself – William Stephenson.

Sir-William-Stephenson at time he headed BSC

The title of the book is:

BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

This book lay in some dusty cabinet somewhere, hidden from the world-at-large for almost 60 years before it was actually published in a form that you and I could have access to. Even then, in the University Library I obtained it from, it sat on the shelf in pristine and apparently unread condition for another 16 years.

It’s a hefty book – here I am holding it.


And here’s a closeup of the spine of the book –


Shortly before the end of WWII, Stephenson knew the end of his unlimited hand at creating his very own intelligence banquet – was near.

He wanted to keep his hand in intelligence, but also he wanted to make a record of what he had accomplished.

This Compendium is loosely organized around various sections and excerpts of the above book.

In Section II of this Compendium, we started with discussion that Colonel Robinson had requested a plan in November 1943 for assessing prospective OSS personnel as to their physical, mental and emotional capabilities for their intended assignments. We then investigated the backgrounds of he, and several other people involved with this part of the OSS, including the, which was led by Dr. James A. Hamilton and Dr. Robert C. Tryon.

We also discussed handler of agents George White (who had recruited Dr. Hamilton) and a number of things he was involved with.

Now, when Tryon and Hamilton received Robinson’s “request”  – which happened to describe exactly what the British were already doing  – sort of like leading the witness, its not much of a surprise that these two then drew upon that exact system employed by the British WOSB (War Officer Selection Boards).

This whole area is like a spaghetti-mess of history, connections, and slavemaster ideas. Its really best viewed as only you can do, all at once as an integrated whole. However, that doesn’t exactly work out well on pen-and-paper.

So, the only way I can think of to present this whole of the British slavemasters and why their assessment program is just more-of-the-same that they have been doing for four hundred years is necessarily to break it into parts.

With some Reminders of what you are “starting from” and what you are relating to along the way – like this:



I think I’m going to start with a little bit about the cast of characters on the OSS end of this assessment business – and one of them in particular leads straight into some very relevant back history concerning their idea that from their perspective your mind = my mind, as in should be “mine” to control.


The cast of characters

Cast of Characters - zowie

We should, of course, mention Geoffrey Gorer, Margaret Mead and her husband Gregory Bateson and John Rickman (Tavistock Psychiatrist) who were working as “consultants” for that Tryon and the Psychology Division’s projects starting December 20,  1941*. (Bateson, Gorer and Rickman were all Brits).

*They began with assessing the social psychological characteristics of “a people”.
See CIA Declassified document Summary of the Activities of the Psychology Division, Jan. 24, 1942  – Declassified in 2003.


For a bird’s eye view of the duplicity of these people. Consider this.

That same day they are sitting there working on behalf of British intelligence and planning their vicious little covert  propaganda campaigns on the American people, happened to be when President Roosevelt gave his Fireside Chat #16 , launching the chosen “Arsenal of Democracy” propaganda.


Arsenal of Democracy, my ass.

Micro-changes in air density, my ass. by geeky christy


Rickman was one of the founding psychiatrists of the original Tavistock group that started their Army Psychiatry work on “shell-shocked” soldiers in 1941.

This is the same work done in Britain (using electric shock and other lovely ideas) that Juaregg was prosecuted for. (see William J. Morgan section below)

Shell-shock ‘sufferers’ in Bedlam

shell shock sufferers in Bedlam

We also have as part of our cast of characters Colonel Henson Langdon Robinson, who requested the plan, and the OSS planning staff, led by Dr. James A. Hamilton and Dr. Robert C. Tryon, both from the University of California.


Tryon, a psychologist on leave from the University of California, was the Deputy Chief of the Planning Staff of the OSS. He recruited James A. Hamilton (who had already been recruited and trained by George H. White).

They were quickly joined by Henry A. Murray, Donald Adams, and Donald Fiske, and all working together, they designed and planned the first assessment.

Tryon also recruited John W. Gardner, and Joseph Gengerelli, who already worked for the OSS, to assist with the program.

Then there’s Dr. William J. Morgan – a very key character.

That’s who leads quite comfortably in and out of the maze of British intelligence and their 400-year efforts at making your mind their mind.

Dr. Morgan was a psychologist who was recruited into the OSS personally by Henry Murray. He got himself assigned to the British assessment program in England, and then subsequently, to be assigned as an agent.

He was the only psychologist who both performed assessments, and then deployed operationally.

So, who was this man?

I have pieced together many details about this man, and I have to comment that this was extraordinarily difficult to do. Very resistive to transparency. It took me far longer than it should have, (just using the internet only) and I think this is illustrative of just how buried the full details of who these people were still are.

I think what you are about to read is probably the only place where you can find, all put together, some of what this man was really about – let alone all the information about who he was connected to and what their ideas were that he was supporting.

Let’s begin.


Mitrano/Morgan Bio


His real name was Anthony Joseph (Tony) Mitrano. He was born April 30, 1910 at 5 Haidt Place in Rochester, NY.

Legend has it that he changed his name to William James Morgan (went by ‘Bill’) to “avoid anti-Italian prejudice.

I don’t believe that. I think he changed his name both because of his later secret British Intelligence/OSS status, and his quite public association with the Vineland School and Eugenics.

I know you don’t know what that is yet but suffice it to say – he didn’t change his name until around the time he joined the OSS. He was still using that name up through at least 1941, so if there was supposedly “anti-Italian prejudice”, why did he continue using his name for over eight years of practice as a psychologist?


Jackie Gleason


Because that wasn’t why.

Although, it is true that there was anti-Italian prejudice and even demonstrations that were part of the anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic ideology of the revived Ku Klux Klan after 1915. The Klan targeted Italians and other foreign Roman Catholics, seeking to preserve the supposed dominance of Anglo-Saxon Protestants. A hotbed of anti-Italian KKK activity developed in Southern New Jersey in the mid-1920s. In 1933, there was a mass protest against Italian immigrants in Vineland, New Jersey, where Italians made up 20% of the city population. The KKK eventually lost all of its power in Vineland, and left the city.

However, as I said, Mitrano continued to use his real name all throughout that period – as this 1940 census shows.

PDF – Anthony Mitrano census New York – 1940; line 23

If he was to have changed it because of Italian prejudice, it should have been done during his 8 year period at Vineland, but it obviously wasn’t.

Since, as you will see, there is also a publication by him still using that name in 1941, it probably had much more to do with his very visible background with Eugenics at the time and the fact that he joined the OSS to operate in France as a secret agent.

SO, now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of his life before his secret agent days.

He graduated University of Rochester in 1933, was President of Phi Beta Kappa and that is how I finally tracked down this extremely rare picture of him.

Note: You might not want to believe this, but it happens to be true that the only way I found this was that I had to literally ‘look’ (not with your eyes) and then perceive that there was one picture of him accessible on the internet, and then perceive where to find his picture – which I did. I don’t always do this, but sometimes I decide it’s necessary to over-ride the many roadblocks deliberately put there to block knowledge of a certain person or subject.

Such was the case with this guy – and here he is.

William Morgan (originally Anthony Mitrano)


He continued on with his education and gained his PhD from Yale, and in the meantime he went to work for Edgar Doll at the Vineland Training School in New Jersey.


The Vineland Training School, Eugenics, and Morgan/Mitrano

Morgan was a Eugenicist, and not just any Eugenicist. He worked for the very clinic where H.H. Goddard first began pushing his extremist solutions of “colonizations” and sterilizations. In fact it was Goddard that Edgar Doll replaced just prior to Morgan beginning work there.

Photo: The Henry Goddard Papers, The Archives of the History of American Psychology, The University of Akron

goddard edgar doll yerkes etc(Front: Edgar Doll, Henry Goddard, and Thomas Haines. Rear: Frederic Wells, Guy Whipple, Robert M. Yerkes, Walter Bingham, and Lewis Terman.)

The photo was taken during a 1917 committee meeting at the Vineland Training School in New Jersey.

Goddard looks rather smug about something, doesn’t he. What a nasty character he was.

Besides the disgusting work he was doing there at Vineland as part of racial purification, he was an anglophile and he spent time trying to get anti-America propaganda accepted – just like a good little British empire-builder would.

In Psychology of the Normal and Sub-Normal, Henry Goddard titled a section in one of his books Democracy and Aristocracy – which he starts out by saying:

Democracy is historically a rebellion against a so called aristocracy (Aristos, best) a rule by divine right, the divine right of kings.

…Democracy says: “The entire group must decide who is best, wisest who can give us the best advice.”

This is entirely British propaganda (and not the first time either) trying to tell Americans what the American Revolution was, and what our country was founded on. They began trying that one out way back in the days of Thomas Jefferson, who caught them at it and utterly skewered their pompous asses in numerous brilliant statements about the British.

Then, Goddard gets up on his Quaker pulpit again and says that Democracy is us choosing our ruler!

Democracy, then, means that the people rule by selecting the wisest, most intelligent and most human to tell them what to do to be happy.” [Italics are Goddard’s.]

Goddard, Psychology of the Normal and Subnormal, page 237

And then he delivers his brilliant (sarcasm) deduction –

Thus Democracy is a method for arriving at a truly benevolent aristocracy.

Goddard, Psychology of the Normal and Subnormal, page 237



Yep. That’s what he said.

How to do that, says Goddard, is to try and get those “masses” to like these psycho eugenicists.

…instead of securing power by such political methods as are now too often resorted to, or by the use of money and ‘influence,’ high intelligence must so work for the welfare of the masses as to command their respect and affection.

Goddard, Psychology of the Normal and Subnormal, page 237


Hence the rise of propaganda, and all this concern about analyzing our “thought” processes.

They want us to LIKE them!

I find that darkly humorous.

I can’t decide which is worse, what he said above or this unbelievable gem –

The truest democracy is found in an institution for the feeble-minded and it is an aristocracy – a rule by the best.

Goddard, Psychology of the Normal and Subnormal, page 237

Black rose seperator bar

How can there be such a thing as social equality with this wide range of mental capacity?

– Goddard in Human Efficiency and Levels of Intelligence: Lectures Delivered at Princeton University April 7, 8, 10, 11, 1919 – p 101


I find it very interesting that it was primarily Eugenicists that insistently pushed this re-definition of what America’s Republic was all about.

It is of interest to note that soon after the United States entered World War I, the Committee on the Psychological Examination of Recruits was formed by Robert M. Yerkes (also pictured above) – president of the American Psychological Association – to design mental tests for selection of Army recruits.

This was the same thing that the earliest Tavistock people were doing in Britain and this was no coincidence, as you will soon see.

The psychiatrist Thomas W. Salmon was the main architect of the US program of military psychiatry during World War I. He was the medical director of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, an organization that promoted the modernization of psychiatry. It was Salmon (after having gone to Britain) who advised the US armed forces to screen recruits and exclude “insane, feeble-minded, psychopathic, and neuropathic individuals.” and then suggested Yerkes to run the Committee.

Reference: American Journal of Public Health | December 2007, Vol 97, No. 12

The committee developed a prototype of the Army alpha examination, a group-administered paper-and-pencil test given to wartime recruits, which was the first large-scale administration of an intelligence test and a landmark in the development of standardized testing. The Army testing program was documented in a 1921 volume entitled: Psychological Examining in the United States Army .

Stephen Jay Gould in Mismeasure of Man says that in that 1921 book, Yerkes concluded that the U.S. Army test scores proved that the “darker peoples of southern Europe and he Slavs of eastern Europe are less intelligent than the fair peoples of western and northern Europe” and that the “Negro lies at the bottom of the scale” of intelligence.

Gould also said about this HUGE book –

I doubt that Yerkes wrote all parts of the massive 1921 monograph himself.

Good observation – that’s because Cyril Burt wrote most of it.

So the WWI army testing is one of the things that Mr. Yerkes (and Mr. Goddard) of the Vineland Training School were involved with helping the British slavemasters to accomplish.

Regarding the Vineland school itself – in early 1888, S. Olin Garrison received 40 acres of land and the attached, Scarborough mansion, from Vineland Philanthropist, B.D. Maxham. On March 1, 1888, the Vineland Training School opened with the original name “The New Jersey Home for the Education and Care of Feeble-minded Children.”

vineland main building circa 1917

It changed its name several times. It was first changed to “The New Jersey Training School” in 1893. In 1911, the name was changed again to “The Training School at Vineland” where it remained such until 1965 when it was changed again to American Institute for Mental Studies- The Training School Unit, or the “AIMS”. Finally in 1988, they went back to the 1911 name of “The Training School at Vineland”. However – there were even more variations of the name in various literature of the time, including Morgan’s.

The Psychological Research Laboratory at the Training School (where Morgan, Goddard, and Doll worked) was founded in 1906, and was the first research facility devoted to studying mental deficiencies in the US.

H.H. Goddard was a principle figure in the Eugenics movement, and was the director of research at Vineland. He popularized the use of the Binet scale in America, agreeing with Binet that the tests were most effective in identifying people just below the normal range.

These were christened “morons” by Goddard.


Three categories emerged from such tests: “idiots” who did not develop speech and had mental ages below 3; “imbeciles” who did not become literate and had mental ages between 3 and 7; and “morons” who could be “trained” to function in Society.


Goddard decided (he had no proof) that he saw a direct link between intelligence and immorality – a popular (but bogus) theme at the time, that led to identify criminals, most alcoholics, prostitutes and others “living on the fringes of society” to be lumped together as morons.

Living on the fringes – geez, that could include just about anyone couldn’t it!

Do I look strange enough for you?

Do I look strange

Basically we’re talking about non-conformists here in that purposefully vague “fringes” category of theirs. Even more specifically we’re talking about people that wouldn’t slave well enough for the Slavemasters liking. (more about that in a bit)

In linking immorality and stupidity, Goddard advocated the solutions of either (or both) “colonization” and “sterilization”.

Don’t go past that innocent sounding word “colonization” because what he actually meant by that was –



He even advocated that institutions such as his (Vineland) could replace the almhouses, prisons and even the mental hospitals.

One of Vineland’s colonies – the Menantico colony

vineland_training_schools the menantico colony

Lovely looking place – looks like a mini-jailhouse.

Writing in 1912 (p 105-6) Goddard suggested that:

“Such colonies would save an annual loss in property and life, due to the actions of these irresponsible people, sufficient to nearly, or quite, offset the expense of the new plant.”

So wait – here we go again.

We have two completely hypocritical points that come out of his calling them “irresponsible”.

He wants to push (like Darwin and Galton) that it’s HEREDITARY.

Ergo not their fault, so how could they be being “irresponsible” by choice? Secondly, what is therefore being defined as responsible, is someone not on the fringes; a conformist, a good slave.

That’s just plain ill, and more than a little self-serving for the British slavemasters general agenda at the time.

Robert M. Yerkes

Goddard’s junior Robert M. Yerkes (above) was just as bad. It is through him that we find one of those difficult-to-find connections that show that Britain was not just involved, they were leading all of this insanity.

Yerkes worked together with Sir Cyril Burt (1883-1971) supporting the concept of a racial superiority.

the snobby Brits and the Frontiersmen - Last of the MohicansBrits looking down their nose at the Indians and Frontiersman – Last of the Mohicans movie

This, above all, was to have disastrous implications for African Americans and other “indigenous” populations such as Chinese, India(n), South-American, and even European Jews. They were subjected to deliberate segregation and substandard educational and social opportunities.

(ref: Intellectual Disability – Quo Vadis? by Trevor R. Parmenter)


So wait, they called them “morons” but then deliberately gave them bad educations? Why would that even be necessary if they truly were so “stupid “?

Vincent price - im considering it

Because it wasn’t about “stupidity” at all – that was just a shore story.

 * See The definition of ‘shore story’   a U.S. Navy slang intelligence term.

This is about them deliberately trying to keep people down that they have arbitrarily decided are “inferior” or “problematic” to them and their plans.

The following slideshow is of Library of Congress photos of just what that “racial superiority” the British and their American anglophile counterparts loved so much – translated into in reality.

As you are viewing these, please remember that the British began using black slavery to cause America to split in two (the Civil War) mainly in order to both punish us for supporting President Jackson’s take-down of their monstrous bank, and to get America back into heavy debt again from costs of war.This is FREEDOM?

As such, it becomes painfully obvious that they did not care at all about these people, and in fact just wanted them to be a new kind of slave, and these people worked hard to make sure they stayed that way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are truly powerful images, and I for one am disgusted that the Daily Mail in England still tries to (even indirectly) give the impression like it’s all our fault (I found these images at a Daily Mail article).

As noted previously, a common method of deflecting off of the British as the real source of this kind of horrific idealogy (Eugenics) is to try and point to either America or Germany as the “source” purely because it went on in those countries.

This is disingenuous to an extreme, if even for no other reason than it was Darwin and Galton – both Brits and both foisted off onto the world by deliberate actions behind-the-scenes of the Slavemasters – who started it all.


Racial superiority of the white man, particularly the British white man.


Binet’s test that Goddard used at Vineland, was revised and renamed the “Stanford-Binet” by Lewis M. Terman, professor at Stanford University. This test became “the gold standard” for nearly all IQ tests that followed. Terman, just like Goddard, spent much time emphasizing the “danger” that the morons posed for society.

Terman was mixed up with helping to create Stanford Research Institute in 1946, a front for OSS and CIA drug, personality, and other government projects. He was tight with Talbot, former OSS and the first head of SRI,  who helped get Dr. Hamilton a cush job there after WWII ended. See Section II.

A Stanford article documents his cold-blooded and elitist views that were from this time period, and which he never, ever recanted.

A story of a different kind emerges from Terman’s own writings — a disturbing tale of the beliefs of a pioneer in psychology. Lewis Terman was a loving mentor [of gifted children] yes, but his ardent promotion of the gifted few was grounded in a cold-blooded, elitist ideology. Especially in the early years of his career, he was a proponent of eugenics, a social movement aiming to improve the human “breed” by perpetuating certain allegedly inherited traits and eliminating others. While championing the intelligent, he pushed for the forced sterilization of thousands of “feebleminded” Americans. Later in life, Terman backed away from eugenics, but he never publicly recanted his beliefs.

…He was a member of the prominent eugenics societies of the day. “It is more important,” he wrote in 1928, “for man to acquire control over his biological evolution than to capture the energy of the atom.”

…Luminaries who supported at least part of the early eugenic agenda include George Bernard Shaw, Theodore Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger, Calvin Coolidge and Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. In fact, Terman sat on the boards of two eugenics organizations with Stanford’s first president, David Starr Jordan.

The Vexing Legacy of Lewis Terman, Stanford, July/August 2000, Stanford Alumni mag

One of the other points that the article touches on (very carefully) is that basically “We need to talk about this delicately.”

We do?

vincent price - whoa

I think not.

Hiding the fact that Stanford has always been an execution arm over the young people of America by the British slavemasters is not something I find honorable at all, nor is it worthy of my silence.

Continuing on with Terman’s obsession with intelligence and Eugenics –

The Binet scales were introduced to America by the combined efforts of Lewis Terman and by Cyril Burt in England. Together they translated and expanded Binet’s findings. It probably should be brought to your attention that it was Francis Galton who first tried to measure “individual differences” in intelligence, but it was Binet that succeeded.

Reference – IQ and Human Intelligence by Nicholas Mackintosh, Nicholas John Mackintosh

Lewis M. Terman

Lewis Terman

The British slavemasters were (and still are) quite obsessed with preventing their self-perceived superiority from becoming hobbled in any way, often choosing to blame non-white and non-conforming people as “enemies” to their concept of society.

Which is a joke, a sick one, if you ask me, considering just what they are like.

Terman immortalized their desire to test everyone in order to bring these “defectives” under “surveillance and protection”.


 They do seem to just adore spying on others lives.mosquito_drone_spymosquito-drone

Terman wrote in 1916 –

…it is safe to predict that in the near future intelligence tests will bring tens of thousands of these high grade defectives [what Goddard called “morons”] under the surveillance and protection of society. This will ultimately result in curtailing the reproduction of feeble-mindedness, and in the elimination of an enormous amount of crime, pauperism, and industrial inefficiency.

– Reference: Handbook of Disability Studies edited by Gary L. Albrecht, Katherine D. Seelman, Michael Bury


Oh man! the horrors such innocuous words as “curtailing the reproduction” and “the elimination of” are masking.



Human experimentation

and Sterilization.


A little more explicit (and accurate) words for what they were doing, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Also note the term “industrial inefficiency” that he used. Know what that is masking?



I am the slavemaster - you are the IGOR - get it

Like this –


Stanley being served tea by his slave

These ideas became so prevalent in Britain and America, that it was common practice for families to “be advised” on the birth of a disabled child to immediately seek institutional care as the best solution to the problem.

Oh look! Now we can have BABIES to experiment on! Vunderbar!


The actions of the British eugenics men (and their counterpart anglophiles in the U.S.) are what resulted in the huge increases of “mentally ill” populations in institutions during the 20th century. Really dramatic numbers on this statistically.

Rather than being places of asylum and succor, as Goddard and his ilk tried to have us believe, the reality is that they became veritable hellholes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dante’s Inferno was as nothing compared to the conditions in these places, whether in the U.S., Britain, or Eastern Europe (in parts of which similar conditions are still to be found).

Dantes infernoDante’s Inferno

It might surprise you to know that it is only in recent years that sterilization laws have been removed from the statutes of the United States, Canada, Sweden and France.

Later British scientist Lionel Penrose demonstrated conclusively that such “eugenics strategies” could only have marginal effects in reducing the number of intellectually disabled people being born at any one time.

I’m glad it was a Brit who did this, because after all, they started it in the first place. So at least some semblance of “the chickens coming home to roost” was engendered.

The fact that Penrose played a role in the reversal of these policies – is in my mind, most definitely as it should be.

It is at this point that it becomes imperative to fill in things here on Cyril Burt and the connection of Tavistock, NAMH, and Eugenics to the Vineland School where Mitrano/Morgan worked.


Goddard headed the Vineland school, his junior Robert M. Yerkes worked together with Sir Cyril Burt (1883-1971) supporting the concept of a racial superiority. Lewis Terman (Stanford) also worked with Sir Burt on the Binet intelligence – also supporting the concept of a racial superiority by intelligence levels.

Who is this man?

Sir Cyril Burt


Yet another Oxford man – Burt is known for his studies on the heritability of IQ, Twins-apart studies to try and prove the heritability theory (before the Nazis) and his British Eugenics Society racist views.

To this day, there are those ignorant people around who still fall for the sensation created in the press in 1978 (after Burt’s death) accusing him of having falsified research data in his twins studies.

This has been proven repeatedly to not be true, and that is not what that feeding-frenzy was about.

It was about trying to distance from a very nasty connection that the British slavemasters and their Igors had deliberately fostered the ideals and actions of Nazi-Germany.

To understand Burt a little better, we should go back into his childhood briefly. His father was a doctor, and one of his more famous patients was Darwin Galton, brother of Francis Galton. The visits the Burts made to the Galton estate not only allowed the young Burt to learn about the work of Francis Galton, but also allowed Burt to meet him on multiple occasions and to be strongly drawn to his ideas; especially his studies in statistics and individual differences, two defining characters of the London School of Psychology whose membership includes both Galton and Burt.


Francis Galton

Francis Galton – the father of Eugenics


Not only were the British a source for the work dominating the mind of psychopath Dr. Mengele – twins studies – but they also were first in psychometric testing. A fact which is repeatedly laid at “the Americans” doorstep, Captain Morgan’s book being but one example.

…they [the British] developed systems which combined the best features of German psychology, and in particular the techniques of Simoneit, with the scientific psychometric approach of American psychology. This system has come to be known as “assessment.”

O.S.S. and I by William J. Morgan; available to read for free at Hathitrust.


As far back as 1902, Oxford Professor William McDougall (yes, that McDougall of Society of Psychical Research and Duke University/J.B. Rhine infamy) suggested  – ha ha, more like directed – the young Cyril Burt that he focus his senior project on psychometrics, thus educating him in the development and structure of mental tests.

 William McDougallWilliam McDougall

This is an excellent example of that the Cecil Bloc of slavemasters, at one of their “homes”, are using universities and impressionable young students to forward research that they wanted done as part of their overall plan. You can see that guiding hand easily with Burt here.

*Cecil Bloc – a connected group of political and social power formed originally by the Cecil/Cavendish families under Queen Elizabeth I.

In 1904 the first chairs in Eugenics were instituted at University College, London, followed by the establishment of the Galton Laboratory for National Eugenics in 1907.

In 1907 the British Eugenics Education Society was also founded, with the aim of promoting the research and understanding of eugenics. It changed names to the Eugenics Society in 1926 (often referred to as the British Eugenics Society to distinguish it from others). From 1909-1968 it published The Eugenics Review.

It was three years later in 1910 that the sister organization of the Eugenic Record Office was founded in the United States, both institutes used the research results of the Galton Laboratory of National Eugenics to propose practical applications.

That same year of 1907, McDougall invited Burt to help with a nation-wide survey of physical and mental characteristics of the British people, proposed by Francis Galton (who originated Eugenics) in which he was to work on the standardization of psychological tests. This was his senior project mentioned earlier, and was the field which he stayed interested in for the rest of his life.

Burt also became involved with Frederic Myers and “psychical” testing and investigations with the SPR. In 1968, he published a book memorializing Myers entitled: Psychology and Psychical Research.

Note: The close connections between psychologists and the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) at the end of the 19th century are well known. What is less well known is that senior British academic psychologists were engaged in psychical research as late as the 1930s.

William McDougall and William Brown attended and assisted at séances at Harry Price’s National Laboratory of Psychical Research; Jack Flugel, Cyril Burt, Alec Mace and Francis Aveling were members of his University of London Council for Psychical Investigation and supported psychical research in various ways.

In the summer of 1908, Burt was directed by McDougall to go study the German eugenicist psychiatrists for a couple of years, which he did.

There is another clear example of a British Cecil Bloc man supporting and forwarding the work of the kooky German Alienists – as psychiatrists were called at one time.

Burt dutifully did as he was told – these are marching orders, make no mistake.

He visited the University of Würzburg, Liepzig Germany, where he first met the psychologist Oswald Külpe at the experimental psychology lab of Willhelm Wundt, whom Oswald was the assistant.

wundt kraepelin kulpe etc.Wilhelm Wundt on his 70th birthday, surrounded by his family and staff
(from left to right)
top row: Eleonore Wundt, Erich Mosch, Oswald Külpe, Gustav Störring, August Kirschenmann;?
middle row: Emil Kraepelin, Wilhelm Wundt, Sophie Wundt, Reinecke;
bottom row: Max Wundt, Wilhelm Wirth)


That, is absolutely horrifying. Why?

Because, in 1879 William Wundt established the world’s first psychological laboratory in Liepzig – he concluded that human beings were only biological organisms to which there were no spiritual realities attached.

Man is an animal.


Based on experiments, Wundt revealed that one could produce different emotions by applying electric stimulation to different parts of the brain.

One shudders to think just how he might have carried out such experiments back in those days. Holes drilled into hapless mental patients skulls comes to mind…

Wilhelm Wundt

McDougall’s despatching of Cyril Burt to these madmen to study their methods clearly shows a united effort between Britain and Germany to perform heinous experiments on people – do you see why they wanted the two World Wars?

I see.


It was unacceptably exposed for British slavemasters to perform such ungodly experiments on such a massive scale in their own back yards but they still very much wanted to do these experiments.

So, they needed first of all, a scapegoat to point to – the “Nazis” – and second of all isolated “camps” filled with helpless victims to perform these experimentations. Creating a War provided the perfect cover – these were now “war prisoners”.

The point is that experimenting on Jews and other “inferior races” was NOT really ‘the Nazis’ idea.

THIS, by the way, is the real reason for the PR wrangling attempting to distance from Burt’s twin studies in the 1970’s.

Because information was getting out about what went on in war camps like Auschwitz and Dachau.

Besides Dr. Mengele’s horrifying Twin Experiments on over 1,500 sets of imprisoned twins which are in a class all on their own –

There were three other main areas of experiments conducted in Dachau camp. They were: the malaria experiments, a bio-chemical and sulfonamide experiment for the treatment of infected wounds and the aeronautic medical experiments for research into the survival at great altitudes.


They also conducted similar tests as Wundt, experimenting with brain states – the following picture was part of a series of experiments on ten prisoners to see what happened when air embolisms were injected into the brain. He died immediately. On the left is before the experiment, in the middle he’s in extreme pain, and on the right he’s dead.

a series of pictures taken during an experiment on ten prisoners to see what happened when air embolisms were injected into the brain. He died immediately. On the left is before the experiment, in the middle he’s in extreme pain, and on the right he’s dead.
a series of pictures taken during an experiment on ten prisoners to see what happened when air embolisms were injected into the brain. He died immediately. On the left is before the experiment, in the middle he’s in extreme pain, and on the right he’s dead.


The experiments were conducted in one of the many barracks in the concentration camp. What went on in the experiment room was kept secret to all the prisoners and outsiders so that nothing would get out about what the Nazi doctors were up to.

Everything was recorded in great detail, including photographs.

Hundreds and hundreds of people died, and the justification of the British slavemasters for all of this, even still, is that the experiments “provided more in-depth knowledge about the human body.”

I have always suspected that we were not being told the truth as to why Nazi Germany, as well as the incessant table-pounding of Nazi-this, Nazi-that, and Nazi-the other thing as the sole source of that madness. I am just beginning to prove, through connecting all these people up as they actually were, the real reasons why.

So, after this joyful tour of psychopaths-come-doctors, Cyril Burt returned to Oxford where he was the John Locke scholar in mental philosophy, and proceeded as best he could with similar studies in Britain – necessarily with children to provide a “humanly acceptable” face over his real leanings.

Cyril became a member of the London School of Differential Psychology, and of the British Eugenics Society, and was one of the founding members of the London Psycho-analytical Society.

By 1913, Cyril was assigned the responsibility of picking out the ‘feeble-minded’ children for the London County Council (LCC), in accordance with the Mental Deficiency Act of 1913 that had just been successfully passed.

You could say that Cyril was the model on which our man Captain Morgan here, drew on when he later set up his own clinic “testing and counseling” children.

A little known fact is that after spending 7 years with the LCC, Cyril helped set up the first child guidance clinic in England – better known as the Tavistock Clinic and its first patient was a child.

Cyril Burt was on the “Council” of Tavistock.

Reference: John Bowlby – From Psychoanalysis to Ethology… by Frank C. P. van der Horst

Cyril BurtCyril

That same year, 1920, coincidentally is when the term “mental health hospital” first came into use.

Two years later, Cyril was involved in the founding of the National Council for Mental Hygiene (later renamed NAMH, then MIND) – as part of its subgroup, the Child Guidance Council.

In 1926, Cyril, together with Amy Strachey, made an appeal to The Commonwealth Fund of New York for funds to start training psychiatric social workers at the London School of Economics – another very nasty British slavemaster front group.

The Commonwealth Fund had been set up in 1918 by Mrs. Stephen Harkness to “do something for the welfare of mankind.” To give an idea of how much money it had, the intial bequest was 10 million, and by the early 1950’s it had assets of over 90 million. It is one of the “funds” that had a significant impact on American “social policy”.

In 1932, Cyril succeeded prominent (and extremely racist) Eugenicist Charles Spearman as Professor of Psychology at University College, London – while still carrying out research at the Tavistock “child guidance” clinic.

Reference – this online bio verifies Cyrils association with Tavistock – “… in 1932, she spent three years abroad, studying at the University of London, and working under the child psychologist Professor (Sir) Cyril Burt, carrying out clinical research at the Tavistock Clinic, the Institute of Medical Psychology and the East London Child Guidance Clinic.”

Guess who was one of his students?

Tavistock man – John Bowlby.


Oh man, this just gets worse and worse don’t it?

After obtaining his MD in 1933, John Bowlby was encouraged by his close friend Evan Durbin to register as a Ph.D. student at Eugenics central – the University College in London – under Cyril Burt’s supervision.

This is something Bowlby never talked about ever in interviews – the reason why should be obvious.

It shows his clear connection to some very, very, dark activities of the British slavemasters – as well as clear connections to fostering WWII and the Nazis horrible experiments.

Burt, at the time, was heavily pushing that parents needed “treatment” because “nearly every tragedy of crime is in its origin a drama of domestic life” (as cited in Wooldridge 1994, p 99).

By the end of the 1930s and 1940s, Bowlby had picked up the torch from Burt as the next generation of psychotic slavemasters, and was expressing the same views.

He started working for the LCC (same as his mentor Cyril Burt had) in 1936.

Reference: John Bowlby – From Psychoanalysis to Ethology… by Frank C. P. van der Horst


This exact same time period as Bowlby was under Burt’s tutelage, was when Harry Price set up a ‘University of London Council for Psychical Investigation’.

This consisted of four psychologists (Jack Flugel and Cyril Burt from University College; Alec Mace from Bedford College and Francis Aveling from King’s College), two philosophers (one of whom was Cyril Joad, the well-known broadcaster), a theologian, a physicist, a physician and a mathematician, plus Price as director and his secretary.

By 1940, Both Cyril Burt and fellow Tavistock man John Rawlings Reese were well entrenched in the British slavemasters efforts to control humanity – through the NAMH (soon to be the WFMH).

The below PDF clearly communicates their intentions to infiltrate society and get control of all aspects of it.

Mental Health Vol 1 No 4 October 1940 – John Rawlings Rees

As John Rawlings Rees put it – Let us all, therefore, very secretly be “fifth columnists”.

fifth column – a group of secret supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage, sabotage, and other subversive activities within the borders of a nation.

I feel we need a long-term plan of propaganda. I doubt the wisdom of a direct attack upon the existing state of affairs…that would still raise opposition, whereas the more insidious approach of suggesting that something better is needed -” why shouldn’t we try so and so”- is more likely to succeed.

The evolutionary process is essentially British, and I think that we should make it a fundamental in our propaganda plan.

*See also: Scientology Roots: Chapter Thirty Six: Down the New World Order Rabbit Hole

In 1942, Burt was elected President of the British Psychological Society. In 1946, he became the first British psychologist to be knighted for his ‘contributions’ to psychological testing.


“Oh, I’ve got nothing against him personally – it’s just what he represents.” – Cartoon by Leo Garel

A little dry humor at the “balanced” types out there – because to me this is a subject there is no balance ever possible. What was being done was wrong, is wrong, and will always be wrong.

Slavemasters looking for better slaves.


Things get progressively uglier as to Cyril Burt’s connections.

November 25, 1946  – Foundation of the National Association for Mental Health or NAMH

(Re-named MIND in 1972, and lowercase version “Mind” in the 1990s.)


NAMH was a combination of three main existing organisations, partly merged in 1939 as the Mental Health Emergency Committee for war-time coordination. This had become the Provisional National Council for Mental Health.

Its components were the Central Association for Mental Welfare (formed in 1896 as the National Association for the Care of the Feeble Minded), the National Council for Mental Hygiene (founded 1922) and the Child Guidance Council.

NAMH worked closely with the Ministry of Health and the Board of Control.


The NAMH was initially run (albeit somewhat behind the scenes) by Montagu Norman, a City of London man formerly governor of the Bank of England.

A City of London man?


That’s not good – these are the people that were orchestrating the financing of all the Wars, good little Igors that they were.

For much more about the City of London – see my article The Center of the British Empire – The City of London.


Montagu Norman had been elected governor of the Bank of England in 1920; his governorship was frequently renewed, to become the longest in the Bank of England’s history. It was also the most controversial, because post WWI “difficulties” (what a euphemism) increased public awareness of the bank’s activities.

Reference – Oxford DNB article

He worked very closely with with the League of Nations financial committee and European and American bankers.

He is described as: Tall, with a broad forehead and pointed beard, wearing his hat at a rakish angle, and seductively courteous, he reminded some of a Spanish grandee.


His real power lay in tremendous grasp of complex detail, his ‘feel’ for the mood of the financial markets, and skilful deployment of information gained from legal and not-so-legal methods, and last but not least – the ‘authority’ of his office.

He was also quite secretive, sometimes using a fake name of ‘Mr Skinner’, his secretary’s name.

In early 1944 illness forced his retirement, but he also immediately announced the upcoming formation of the NAMH – which his wife, Priscilla Cecilia Maria, née Reyntiens, held a vice-chairman position in. Lord Halifax’s son-in-law was the Chairman, and Richard Austen Butler was President (he had been Deputy Foreign Minister under Halifax).


Let’s not forget here – that Lord Halifax was also William Stephenson’s (the head of the BSC) handler – aka spymaster – during this time period. See Section I.

Here’s Montagu’s wife Priscilla – she looks a bit hard, doesn’t she?

Priscilla Norman 1939

Priscilla became chairman of the NAMH when Montagu died in 1950.

It’s been said that it was Norman that ‘nudged’ the down-lines juniors of Rees, Chisholm, etc to organize the International Congress on Mental Health.

Important Note: Norman is who initially met with Nazi Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht in the 1930s to arrange financing for Hitler.

*So did Allen Dulles, and Valerian Lada-Mocarski, both OSS/BSC high-level executives during WWII. See Schroder’s Bank article.

All this renaming business was part of the distancing attempts, by the British slavemasters, from the previously named National Council of Mental Hygiene. Because….it was one of the primary promoters and collaborators of Nazi Eugenics!

Cyril Burt was one of the board members, as was Winfred Overholser of St. Elizabeth’s hospital.

Overholser too?

wiley oh wow


From Section II – Overholser was involved in the OSS truth serum experiments.

And, he’s a real scary-looking guy, like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Dr. Winfred Overholser


In 1948 – the newly named NAMH joined forces with the United Nations and Tavistock and convened The Mental Health and World Citizenship Congress – the creation of the WFMH (World Federation of Mental Health) came out of this congress, to coordinate planetary psychological operations.

We have the original document from that Congress forming the WFMH, in PDF format.

Formation of the WFMH – The Mental Health and World Citizenship Congress 1948

* * *


Now those are some nasty connections Cyril Burt has. That’s for damn sure.

This British Cecil Bloc man was steering not only Tavistock and Eugenics in England (along with the Psychical Research boys), but he’s also steering Goddard and Yerkes at the Vineland School in New Jersey, and Terman at Stanford!


About those Twin Studies of his –

On 29 November 1978 the Sunday Times printed a long article under the heading “Crucial data faked by eminent psychologist” (meaning Cyril Burt) by an investigative journalist who had been advised by several members of the British Psychological Society (BPS) with axes to grind.

In this Burt was accused of having fabricated and falsified his data on intelligence testing, to provide evidence for the genetical inheritance of educability. And in particular it was suggested that the three named “missing ladies”, who were supposed to have been responsible for collecting much of the pre-war data, were in fact fictitious since 20 or 30 years later they could not be found.

Burt had been conducting these studies since his earliest days for the LCC (and even earlier) but he did not publish any results until 1950.

That alone to me, reveals that they were still trying to hide the obvious British connection to Mengele’s work. Publishing after the War could give the uninformed a completely 180 degree impression of the truth – a wrong view that Burt was after the Nazis work.

See what I mean?

Burt thought that he had established the genetical heritability of intelligence quite firmly, by comparing pairs of twins brought up together with others who had been separated soon after birth and placed in different adoptive families. Monozygotic twins, which were genetically identical, were closely similar in both appearance and habits, with similar IQ scores, whether or not they had been separated

I know for a fact that last point is actually not scientifically valid. My mother was an identical twin and she was far more intelligent, by actual testing even, than her sister.

In fact, even Burt’s own figures show this, he had only 77% of twins tested that proved his theory – leaving a whopping 25 percent as completely disproving the inherited genetically “intelligence” gene theory.

In the Minnesota study (Bouchard, T et al., Science 250, 223-8, 1990), on a sample of more than 100 twins and triplets collected after Burt’s death, they arrived at an estimate of about 70% for the genetical heritability of IQ scores, near enough to Burt’s figure of 77%.

So, obviously it was not that his research was false.

However it was (and still is) NOT scientific law because there were exceptions, just like my mother. To be a scientifically valid law, it must have no exceptions.

As I said earlier, the 1978 ‘attack’ on Burt (who was conveniently dead-and-gone) was in order to try and distance themselves from their deliberate involvement and support of Nazi experimentation – in the world’s eyes.

It was also part of an attempt during the 70’s to re-characterize studies in the role of heredity in intelligence (eugenics in a different dress) as “behavior genetic research’ – to which there was, understandably so, much hostility.

In the July 1972 American Psychologist, fifty eminent scientists signed a resolution entitled “Behavior and Heredity” in an attempt to overcome the hostilities toward behavior genetic research. Shortly thereafter is when rumors began to spread that Burt’ s data-findings from research on twins were fraudulent.

So see, they attack Burt for being a “bad guy” promoting Eugenics theories and falsifying his research to gain attention and look like the second generationers are “different” – get it?


We started with a little bit about the cast of characters on the OSS end of this assessment business – and how one of them in particular, William Morgan, led to a rather clear view of what was really going on here.We also learned that they began with assessing the social psychological characteristics of “a people”.

Anthony_Mitrano_aka_Wiliam_MorganNow that you know a bit more about where Doctor Mitrano – William J. Morgan – worked (and with who) it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in a periodical called The Survey we find him defending Eugenics and sterilization in a review of a study called:

EUGENICAL STERILIZATION, by the Committee of the American Neurological Association for the Investigation of Eugenical Sterilization: Abraham Myerson, M.D.

anthony J. Mitrano article the survey pro eugenics

Watch him start right out with classic British propaganda positioning tactics – positioning anyone who sees the Eugenics movement for the danger that it was as having an alarmist attitude.

As well they should, says I.

The alarm should have been sounded, and sounded as loud as possible.

warning bullhorn

Put together with what this letter was titled – Sane and Critical, you can tell what he was trying to counter-position.

THERE is at the present time an alarmist attitude on the necessity of sterilization as an antidotal measure to save the race from biological deterioration an attitude brought about presumably by an increase in mental diseases and defects.

Feeling the need for sane and critical evaluation of the important facts, a committee of the American Neurological Association prepared this report.

The field of knowledge covered is extensive and includes such topics as the history and laws of sterilization, the arguments and points of view, and the inheritance of mental disease. Throughout the book, the committee is judiciously cautious in the interpretation and analysis of facts and is, moreover, insistent upon rigorous scientific proof before the acceptance of conclusions. It is pointed out repeatedly that the lack of experimental controls and the meager treatment of statistical data have nullified the results of many investigations.

In many respects the book is a technical treatise which will prove readable only to certain professional and medical groups. However, the final chapter on recommendations might be read with profit by intelligently interested laymen.

In this chapter the committee recommends, among other things, sterilization in certain deficiencies and psychoses and outlines the necessary cautions. It might be quoted that “there need be no hesitation in recommending sterilization in the case of feeble-mindedness. . . .”


It might be quoted? As if it’s just some light idea he had?

wiley oh wow

Plus, this was the hallmark of “getting started” – going after the feeble-minded.

So what comes next?

burning question

Anti-socials? Manic-depressives? The guy-down-the-street you don’t like?

Or the unfit – as the “asessment” types put it. Shall we sterilize them too?

Or do we not want to get rid of too many “dumb” people that we need in the Glorious New Empire to do those ratty jobs the New World Ogres don’t want to do…

This just horrifies me, this kind of thinking. And to think that this man had anything to do with selecting officers?


No wonder he changed his name – he tried to distance from his background, if you ask me.

He finishes up with typical beyond euphemistic language – but the point is clear.

As a result of its studies, the committee believes that its most important recommendation is for a coordinated research project, to continue for at least ten years, so that the “various problems relating to inheritance of neurological and psychiatric diseases might be clarified and the resultant knowledge become the basis of more appropriate action than is possible at the present time.”

ANTHONY J. MITRANO The Training School, Vineland, N. J.

– The Survey, Vol. LXXII, January-December 1937.



They want to prove that insanity and stupidity are in genes and therefore HEREDITARY.

They aren’t.

One easy way you can tell is that on the flip-side, if that were the case you could then make someone smarter or not insane.

Which they can’t. But they sure fantasize endlessly about it.



It’s even in that movie the Bourne Legacy – where our hero started out as practically feeble-minded, but thanks to the miracles! of injecting him with deadly viruses and such – he’s super-agent! Brilliant, fast, practically a god.

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It’s quite sickening to realize just what’s IN some of these stories-as-movies, when you really know your history.

By 1937, still carrying his original name of Anthony Mitrano, Morgan was head clinician in the department of research at the Vineland Training School .

His dissertation for Yale was on the subject of whether humans can be “conditioned” by Pavlovian methods. Meaning – humans can be “trained” like dogs.

Pavlov did some very nasty experiments using that poor dog of his.

Pavlov experimenting on his dog

I can’t say that I’m too pleased (to put it mildly) to find out that Morgan makes doing things like that to humans, a central theme to his Ph.D paper.

Worse – he says it’s true that it works on humans.

Define ‘works‘.

slavemaster experiments - this is not a good look for me

To cause pain that someone logically would like to stop?

This is news?


The purpose of this investigation was to determine if conditioning principles were operative in human goal behavior. The findings in this investigation support the thesis that Pavlovian conditioning principles are operative in human goal behavior.

– Mitrano 1939 publication

I rest my case.

In the publisher’s note to Morgan’s 1955 book Spies and Saboteurs, it expands on this (and his job at Vineland) a bit more.


Publisher’s Note –

Dr. Morgan obtained his Ph.D. at Yale under Professor Clark Hull, the famous pioneer experimentalist in hypnosis, aptitude analysis, and conditioning.

Dr. Morgan’s researches helped Professor Hull to extend to human beings the application of those conditioning principles which Pavlov had discovered with dogs.

In 1936, even before he received his doctorate, Dr. Morgan was appointed Chief of the Psychological Clinic at Vineland Training School in New Jersey, where Professor Henry Goddard, years before, had first translated into English from the French the intelligence tests devised by Alfred Binet.

Hidden Hand - STOP

Wait a minute –

Who’s this Clark Hull guy?


Well, in 1929, after six years of in-depth research on hypnosis and suggestibility, Yale President James Rowland Angell recruited Clark Hull to the Institute of Psychology at Yale University as a research professor of psychology where he worked on the problems concerning suggestibility and conditioning in regards to “teaching” people what the slavemasters wanted them to learn.

Clark_L._Hull_-_Yale_experimental_psychologyThis is Clark Hull, Mitrano’s mentor at Yale.

Bearing in mind that Mitrano had complete access to essentially prisoners there at Vineland, one shudders to think just what he engaged in with these poor people, in order to “prove” his conditioning theory. I know for a fact that in another publication I came across mentioning him, he was attempting to train bed-wetters to not wet the bed by using an electrified bell. I think he may have even patented it.

I don’t know if the person themselves were shocked in some way, but regardless it’s certainly quite a Pavlovian idea.

Mitrano was capitalizing on the John B. Watson “little Albert” experiment of conditioning a baby (theoretically) ala Pavlov.

The thing that is really amazing to me about that video, is the complete lack of perspective of what they were actually looking at with little Albert.

He was not conditioned as in some sort of stimulus-response like Pavlov’s dog, he was SMART. To me this more proves just how smart people are. Albert knew the kooky people were messing with him and were going to give him crap and loud noises about the rat and the Santa Claus mask, so he wouldn’t play along and was understandably annoyed with the utter bs of it all.

What is missing here, is that without that environment and those people, I bet he would have been fine about both. Get what I mean?

But this is what Mitrano was positioning himself with – the idea that man could be “conditioned” just like a dog.

In September of 1940, Mitrano (together with another man) created some sort of periodical called The Speculator which was announced in Rochester’s newspaper, Daily Record which apparently he used to promote psychology’s uses in every day life.


At this same time period, he proposed organization of clinics throughout the country, and now (1940) he is working for the Rochester Board of Education. Moving in on those “regular” children now, which was always part of the Slavemaster plan for America – and the rest of the world, for that matter.

Dr. Anthony J. Mitrano, psychologist for the Child Study Department of the Rochester Board of Education, attended the annual meeting in September of the American Association for Applied Psychologists at Pennsylvania State College.

As chairman of the Committee on Clinics, he reported on proposed organization of psychological clinics throughout the country. Tony is also acting as co-editor and subscription manager of the new civic magazine, THE SPECULATOR.



In the 1941 issue of the Rochester Alumni Review, it has that Anthony J. Mitrano was now the Director of the Psychological Test Bureau of Rochester located in “the Taylor Building at 328 Main Street East.” The magazine quoted that the organization provides:

“…scientific services for such problems as: the measurement of intelligence, mechanical abilities and social maturity; remedial training for school failures; correction of speech difficulties; vocational counseling for young people and adults; educational surveys; selection of sales and office personnel.”

In his book Spies and Saboteurs, Morgan says that, as Director of the Psychological Test Bureau he was conducting tests for the Army by 1942.

– Publisher’s Note

In 1942, as Director of the Psychological Test Bureau, Dr. Morgan organized selection and classification systems for industrial employees in essential war occupations; and at the end of that year he entered the army as a private, intent on overseas service.

* * *

Morgan becomes a secret agent for British Intelligence.

Morgan wrote a couple of books detailing some of his war experiences. One was called Spies and Saboteurs, another was the O.S.S. and I and it can be read for free at Hathitrust.

His book, The OSS and I, is a somewhat detailed chronicle of his experiences, both performing assessments, and working behind enemy lines in France. (He later also fought in China under his same SOE unit commander.)

After the war, he was the Deputy Chief of the CIA Training Staff from 1947 to 1949, and Chief of the CIA’s Psychological Assessment Staff from 1949 until 1952.

In O.S.S. and I, Morgan details that after being recruited in 1943, because he spoke French and German fluently he was sent overseas to OSS London, with his preference being to be a French agent. When he arrived, he was asked if he would be interested in going to Pemberleyas the American representative on SAB to help them in their work and to interpret American behavior patterns.

Morgan exclaimed “Of course!”

This sequence was discussed differently in his book Spies and Saboteurs, published 1955.

First, there’s the publishers note –

Dr. William J. Morgan….lieutenant-Colonel in Military Intelligence, United States Army Reserve…professional psychologist…has taken an active part in intelligence operations and subversive warfare. He was the only American psychologist who worked with the British in selecting spies, saboteurs and guerilla leaders for Nazi-occupied Europe, and he was the only American psychologist who fought with the French Resistance. He parachuted in disguise behind enemy lines in Central France, where he organized and trained a band of 550 guerillas and led them into action against the Germans.

Then there’s the part discussing his OSS recruitment, followed by the OSS London SAB recruitment.

Chapter One – Summer of 1943, he gets pulled out of class and recruited into the OSS – told “Don’t tell anybody about this-not a soul.


From Section II, the OSS began its attempts at a Training School in 1942, but by the middle of 1943, OSS headquarters began to receive ‘worrisome complaints’ of incompetence in the field – there were even reports of some rather dramatic ‘mental breakdowns’.

That’s the exact time period Morgan is being recruited, and what he’s trained to do already.

At the time, the Office of Scientific Services, Morgan had been told, (a false name) were conducting important research on guided missiles, submarine detection devices, and whatnot. I must be going to do personnel work there – he thought to himself.

After filling out three copies of his “Life History”, he then reported for duty to Colonel Donovan at the Que building on Labor Day, September 1943. It was only then that he discovered that even the name was not being circulated correctly, it was the Office of STRATEGIC services, not scientific services.

The OSS per Morgan, engaged in:

“…espionage, counter-espionage, sabotage, subversion, black psychological warfare and guerilla operations. OSS covered the globe. Its agents were everywhere.

They listened to Hitler’s rantings; they whispered into Hirohito’s ear; they decoyed the enemy generals into making false moves; mingling with the common hordes they spread slanderous rumors to bring about political revolutions; in the armaments factories of the enemy they tossed the right parts into the wrong bins, or tossed the right parts into the right bins but without cotter pins holding the parts of the parts together.

What an outfit!”

Oh yea. A real fine bunch of people they were.


See that eugenicism poking through there where he says: “…the common hordes”? Typical elitist, arrogant attitude as to his separation from and illusion of superiority to them – those hordes.

Even better, see this part?

“…they spread slanderous rumors to bring about political revolutions.”

We know where that comes from, now don’t we.

The British slavemasters – now there’s the real “they”.

Thomas Jefferson very correctly depicted them as hostis humani generis – that’s Latin for the enemy of the human race.

Hostis Humani Generis 3

…The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious* which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model.

*Flagitious – (of a person or their actions) criminal; villainous.


It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis –

“the enemy of the human race”


Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816 Jefferson Cyclopedia


So our boy Mitrano/Morgan here, is marching along right in lockstep with the preferred British methods of operating and their views of the “common hordes”.

After taking a re-commissioned banana freighter to Edinborough, some time in the Fall of 1943, Morgan then made his way to London and reported to OSS headquarters on Grosvenor street.

Morgan had fudged on his background originally to the OSS, not revealing directly in an interview that he was a psychologist, instead he shifted the focus of the interview onto that he “must have been recruited” because he spoke French and German – which he fudged even that because by his own admission he barely spoke French. He also “lost” his failed eye exam stating he was unfit for overseas duty or combat, which is why he was even allowed aboard that freighter in the first place.

By the time he arrived at Grosvenor, his personnel records had caught up with him at the OSS in Washington and they wanted to bring him back to the U.S. because he was a psychologist.

He said to his OSS London interviewer: “A psychologist is a pretty useful guy to have around. Don’t you need any here?”

The reply was: “That all depends, Lieutenant. Are you willing to work with the British?”

Morgan questioned on what. The book then says:

It was this. OSS and the British Intelligence Services were working hand in glove. The Britishers, old and wise in the intelligence game, were training Americans in the British intelligence schools in England and Scotland. But they had been disappointed in the calibre and qualifications of American agents and operatives. (Agents and operatives are polite words for spies.)

The British now insisted that all intelligence candidates, including Americans, must pass the British Selection Assessment Board (SAB) at Pemberley, before being accepted for further training. SAB was rejecting two out of three American candidates, even after they had been selected, trained and briefed in the States. The standards of SAB were high and, moreover attitudes and behavior were often misunderstood by the British.

Would I be interested in going to Pemberley as the American representative on SAB to help them in their work and to interpret American behavior patterns?

He agreed.

Considering his background? This is not much of a surprise that he would be “asked” to help the British be able to assess American behavior.

This was not a new thing with the British, they had learned their lesson after the American War for Independence caught them flat-footed, and decimated their existing plan for ‘the colonies’ for over a hundred years. It took them that long to get back into the control level that they preferred.

In You Only Live Once, author Ivar Bryce talks about something that his good friend (and presumably secret long-time homosexual lover) Commander Ian Fleming told him.

I couldn’t take any more of her Anglophobic American prejudices. I’m tremendously pro-American – my grandfather used to say, “Never sell the United States of America short,” and was dead right –

p 39.  Ian Fleming, regarding an American woman named Phyllis (they were in Munich)

Of course, Ian was not pro-American, he was pro BRITISH-America. So, that’s a bit disingenuous on his part.

However, it goes to show you that the “upper class” of British Society had not forgotten what had happened with ‘the colonies’ and knew to never underestimate us again.

It was on their mind still – over a hundred and fifty years later.

That’s why they were still looking for better ways to “assess” us – and it wasn’t to be our friend.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Oh no no no

It was to know how to ‘guide’ and control us into carrying out their world empire ideals.

I know it’s childish, but yet it somehow seems very appropriate to say –

Who died and made you boss?

What right do these people have (these very few people, they’re not all like this) to decide for the rest of us what is right, what is moral, or what anything!

I thought you might enjoy that anecdote from Fleming’s grandfather, since his family were “investment bankers” you can see how watching out for those dang barbaric Americans was in the forefronts of their minds.

So now…our former Dr. Mitrano – with his name changed to a more British-sounding Dr. William James Morgan – begins his British intelligence career.

page divider pen

One more thing –

See where Morgan said this?

The British now insisted that all intelligence candidates, including Americans, must pass the British Selection Assessment Board (SAB) at Pemberley, before being accepted for further training.

That explains why L. Ron Hubbard was there at Pemberley.

SAB was rejecting two out of three American candidates, even after they had been selected, trained and briefed in the States.

L. Ron Hubbard passed – classified as a Lone Wolf agent and got himself a secret medal even.

From Morgan’s book – page 22.

p. 22

I was invited to join one of the groups of candidates and go through the assessment with them so as to get their point of view.

There was another American in my group, who soon made himself disliked by his teammates and by anyone else who would listen to him.

He claimed to have made one hundred and sixty-three parachute jumps as a barnstorming daredevil, to have been a deep-sea diver, an airline pilot, and an automobile speed-racer, to speak French, Spanish, and German; and to have starred in Hollywood pictures.

The others would shout him down and demand proof, but he always contrived to produce it-newspaper clippings, snapshots, testimonials, idiomatic backchat in three languages.

At the end of his stay in Pemberley he was failed as a team-worker but given an exceptionally high rating as a lone wolf operative, with the reservation that his success would depend on how far he could cut down his boasting. He went into France several months before the Normandy invasion and, posing as a German, joined a German army unit. When the fighting became fierce he made his way to the American line with vital order-of-battle information. His coolness, self-assurance, and talent for plausible lying won him the Distinguished Service Cross.”

Claims –

  • barnstorming daredevil
  • deep-sea diver,
  • an airline pilot,
  • and an automobile speed-racer,
  • to speak French, Spanish, and German;
  • and to have starred in Hollywood pictures.

That’s L. Ron Hubbard alright.

* * *


Continued in Section IV –


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