The Reckoning – Chapter Three

by Mike McClaughry


Chapter Three

 The Meaning of America

Reckoning – the righting of wrongs. The rectifying of damages caused by wrong actions.

Life on Earth has been plagued by wars, destructive drugs, and financial hardship. Those things have been generated by a small number of specific people who have elected themselves to be the rulers over all other men –
we call them the slavemasters.

We intend to rectify the harm caused by the slavemasters. The first step is for people to know their history.

* * *

Ancient clay tablets talk about the Anunna, who were the so-called gods. They used people as servants and slaves.

InannaAnunna goddess Inanna with her lion

There were hundreds of these so-called gods and goddesses. They used Kings and Priests to relay orders to people.

There was an ancient city in Asia Minor called Nesa and the people in that city called themselves Nesilim.

The Nesilim said they lived in the land of Hatti. The Nesilim were a mounted, somewhat nomadic people.
They were fierce warriors, very skilled in battle, and masters at using the horse-drawn chariot in warfare.

Starting around 2,000 BC the Nesilim conquered and ruled Asia Minor. They went on to conquer Syria, Canaan, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. They expanded their empire by war and everywhere they conquered they took on more gods and goddesses to the point they were known as the land of a thousand gods. They had under them every god and religion that existed in ancient times.

One of the Nesilim major gods was named Baal. You can see these ancient gods were not really gods.
They were just slavemasters claiming to be a god so they could rule.


Mithra was a major deity in the Nesilim Empire. Mithra was their God of Light and Wisdom, associated with the Sun.


Mithraism is the foundation for many Jewish sects such as Essenes, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and Kabalah.
All of them say God is Light and the members are called Brothers of Light.

* * *

After the Anunna were no longer around, Nesilim kings used a tactic to keep the people acting as obedient slaves.
The Nesilim kings claimed they were a god, or they were the son of a god, or they were the spokesman for a god.

The following slavemaster ideas originated in Asia –

  • Gods
  • Religions
  • Kings as rulers
  • Kings using god religion to make people subservient slaves
  • King mentality “we are far superior, people must serve the king”
  • King mentality “to rule the entire world”

The Nesilim were at the gateway for Asian slavemaster ideas to get into Europe.
The Nesilim spread into Europe and were the foundation of the earliest German tribes.

They were like an insect that serves as the carrier for spreading a disease – slavemaster disease.

* * *

The Nesilim united King and Priest to rule the people and conquer the world.

Constantine I was the Emperor of the Roman Empire who converted to Christianity and made it the state religion.
Constantine I was united with the Catholics. It was the Nesilim tradition of uniting King and Priest to rule the world.

Charlemagne was King of the Franks. He was a devout Catholic who had a close relationship with the Catholic Popes.
He spent most of his life in battle and insisted on conversion to Christianity in the lands he conquered. In 782 he ordered the beheading of 4,500 Saxons who were caught practicing paganism after converting to Christianity.

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as Roman Emperor in 800 AD.

In 936 Otto I became the king of Germany. The Germans were blood descendants of the Nesilim.

In 962 Otto I was crowned emperor of the German Holy Roman Empire, which ruled over most of Europe.
Century after century, this union of King and Priest killed the people who rejected the Catholic religion.

German King + Catholic Pope = German Holy Roman Empire

* * *

Cosimo de Medici was a wealthy Jewish banker in Florence, Italy. He wanted to undermine the Catholic Church.  1

Cosimo de Medici had a book commissioned in 1460 called the Corpus Hermeticum. It contains Gnostic beliefs.
It is Brothers of Light religion – it says that God is Light.

Cosimo de Medici started the Florentine Academy, where they introduced the Corpus Hermeticum.
This group formed one of the earliest pockets of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

The Catholic Church was selling indulgences to make money. An indulgence forgave you for all sins for ten days.
Martin Luther was a German Catholic priest. He was against selling indulgences, so he left the Catholic Church.
Luther started the Protestant Reformation. The Rosicrucians and Freemasons supported the Protestant movement.

Now we come to the point in history that marks the start point for the contemporary era slavemasters.

In 1558, Elizabeth I became Queen of England. She was a Protestant.

Her chief adviser was William Cecil. He was her Secretary of State. British intelligence was under him.
William Cecil started a dynasty where the Cecil family has headed British intelligence ever since then.

855px-Queen_Elizabeth_I;_Sir_Francis_Walsingham;_William_Cecil,_1st_Baron_Burghley_by_William_Faithorne_(2)sketch of William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth I, and Francis Walsingham
the sketch was made at the time of Queen Elizabeth I

* * *

Britain has been ruled by a malicious and oppressive Monarchy.

The kings do not stand alone as being the single source of the slavemaster mentality and the slavemaster bloodlines. They are surrounded by various advisors, men of title, and the head of a religion. Some of these men are slavemaster families. They pass on their title and their slavemaster mentality to their heirs.

In a Monarchy the royals are self-elected rulers. Consequently, it is a dictatorship.
A Monarchy is not limited to rule by a King and Queen. It is an hierarchy of rulers.

King and Queen
Prince and Princess

All of the above are known as nobility and aristocracy.

Aristos – best
Aristocracy – rule by a hereditary nobility

These people have falsely elevated themselves because of a bloodline or inheritance. They put on great airs as to how superior they are and how they are the best people in the world, which is a reversal of the fact they are the worst.


Sociopath or Psychopath – has a pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the welfare of others.

The British nobility has engaged in slave-trafficking, drug-trafficking, instigating and financing needless wars, self-serving banking practices and self-serving business practices. They have caused death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people all around the world.

They have a blatant disregard for the welfare of others – they are the worst sociopaths in the world.

In a Monarchy you get a government headed by men who are insane. You do not get to elect the best men for the job.

* * *

William Cecil urged Queen Elizabeth to expand British territory by making colonies – starting British Empire building.
William Cecil paid for forgeries to be created that “proved” that England owned all the oceans and land.  2

They used slave trafficking and drug trafficking to finance their world domination effort.

On December 31, 1600 Queen Elizabeth I granted a Royal Charter to the British East India Company. It engaged in slave trafficking and drug trafficking. It smuggled opium into China, ruining the lives of millions of Chinese people.

The British slave triangle was a route pioneered by Sir Francis Drake.

Slave ships from Britain sailed to West Africa carrying British goods to trade for African men, women and children.

In the West Indies enslaved Africans would be sold to the highest bidder at slave auctions for gold, silver and pearls. The slaves were made to work for nothing on plantations, such as sugar, coffee, and tobacco plantations. The slaves were the property of the plantation owner, and had no rights at all. With the money made from the sale of enslaved Africans, goods such as sugar, coffee and tobacco were bought and carried back to Britain for sale at huge profits.

The Slave TradeRoute of the British slave triangle

Francis Bacon was Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order in England.

Francis Bacon

King James had Bacon oversee the writing of a Protestant English Bible, the King James version published in 1611.


The British Crown and the Brothers of Light are now working together to overthrow the existing union between the King of Germany and the Pope of the Catholic Church.

British Crown + Brothers of Light = the modern era slavemasters

The British nobility are the actual slavemasters, the Brothers of Light priests and bankers are junior.
They serve as some of the demented minions that are used by the British slavemasters.

Later in time and hidden from public view, the Catholic Popes united with the British nobility in world domination.

British Nobility + Catholic Pope + some Jewish bankers = the modern era slavemasters

* * *

The British East India Company took over India, using the traditional British method for taking over a country.

Step 1 – economic takeover
Step 2 – government takeover

Starting in 1638, the British East India Company became the government of India. Similar takeovers would be done in other nations, such as Africa and America. When an overt government takeover is not possible, they do it covertly.

Now they start their first big war. The Seven Years War started in 1756 and was fought around the world. The war was over the colonial rivalry between England and France. The war ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. Great Britain emerged as the world’s chief colonial empire, which was its primary goal in the war.  1

From 1757 to 1766, British East India Company raped India. One part of that was the Bengal famine. The Company had sold the grain wholesale, when formerly, excess grain was stored in underground pits as a guard against famine. The famine killed millions of Bengal’s population.

Starving people in Indiastarving people in India

In their march for world conquest, the British were establishing colonies around the world.
There were thirteen British colonies on the East coast of North America.

British colonies are in red color

The British colonists in North America objected to tyrannical rule by the British nobility, which heavily taxed them and violated their rights. The thirteen British colonies united and on 4 July 1776, they declared independence from Britain.
Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence.

engraving thomas jefferson 1801Engraving of Thomas Jefferson – 1801

British armies were sent to prevent the colonies from having independence.

british redcoats

The Americans had to fight for their freedom. The colonists who fought for independence were called Patriots.

american revolution 1

american revolution 2

The Americans won their freedom. Thereafter, certain British nobility have been a covert enemy to America, using covert methods to undermine and control America. The British slavemasters used their takeover method on America – an economic takeover followed by a government takeover. The government takeover is done by infiltration of the American government with British agents.

The Americans rejected rule by monarchy and aristocracy, and proclaimed that all men are created equal.
They drafted a Constitution that forbids titles of nobility and includes rights and freedoms.

The first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution are called the Bill of Rights. These include –

Freedom of speech
Freedom of the press
Freedom of religion
Right to vote
Right to peaceably assemble
Right of the people to keep and bear arms
Right against unreasonable searches and seizures
Right to not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law
Right to be brought before a court as a protection against illegal imprisonment
Right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury, and right to counsel for his defense

Demos – the common people of an ancient Greek state
Democracy – rule by the common people

is a government where the people vote directly on the laws. Government by the people. Control of the government by the people. The supreme power is held by the people and exercised by them directly, rather than by their elected representatives.

When the people vote to elect representatives, that is called a Republic. That is the American government.

The American government is not a pure Democracy, it is a Republic.

But it is intended to have the key element of a democracy, which means government by the people.

The way a Republic is supposed to act like a Democracy is found in the definition for representative.

Representative – people chosen to speak and act on behalf of a wider group.

That means our elected representatives are supposed to carry out what the American people want done.

All too often the elected representatives and officials do not represent the interests and will of the American people.
They impose their will upon the people. They dictate to the people and act as though they are senior to the people.
And when they act like that they are no different than a Monarchy or dictatorship.

When the elected representatives act as though they are senior to the people it is no longer a Democracy.
In a Democracy the people are senior to the elected representatives and other appointed government officials.
The people are the government, not the elected representatives and appointed officials.

Representatives cannot go against what the people want done – and when they do they are no longer representatives.
They have become dictators.

Thomas Jefferson said –

They knew no medium between a democracy… and an abandonment of themselves to an aristocracy…
The full experiment of a government, democratical, but representative, was and is still reserved for us.

The introduction of this new principle of representative democracy has rendered useless almost everything written before on the structure of government…  4

I have no fear but that the result of our experiment will be, that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.   5

Whenever the people are well-informed they can be trusted with their own government.   6

The Republic method of government has been covertly sabotaged by the British nobility. Some of our representatives are bought men who have represented British interests, and they have not represented the interests and will of the American people.

Thomas Jefferson correctly identified the British nobility as the enemy of mankind –

The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed… but I consider their government as the most flagitious [villainous] which has existed…

It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis.   3

hostis humani generis  = the enemy of the human race

Hostis Humani Generis 3

Thomas Jefferson was also aware of the union of King and Priest to rule the world –

In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. 

I am for freedom of religion, & against all maneuvres to bring about a legal ascendancy of one sect over another… 

* * *

The slavemasters want a two class society. There are only slavemasters and slaves. And the slavemasters get to rule.

Slaves do not have rights or freedom.

Now you can see what America was meant to be –

It is getting away from being under rule by the slavemasters.

It is government by the people – who have rights and freedoms.

* * *

Mayer Amschel Rothschild worked for the Oppenheimer banking-house where he learned that loaning money to governments was more profitable than loaning money to individuals. The loans are bigger and they are secured by the nation’s taxes. That is the banker game, loans to governments paid back by taxing the citizens9, 10 

Mayer Amschel RothschildMayer Amschel Rothschild

In 1785 German Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel inherited the largest private fortune in Europe.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild acted as a financial agent for Prince William IX.

William IX  Hesse-Kassel

The British nobility began using their takeover method on America  –

Step 1 – Economic takeover
Step 2 – Government takeover

They first established a central bank in America on 25 April 1791 – the Bank of the United States.
The bank issued its own currency and it loaned the American government money.  11, 12 

bank of the united statesBank of the United States

The Bank of England was used as the model for the Bank of the United States, even the building looks the same.

If the Bank of England sets a negative interest rate, it could encourage lending.Bank of England

In 1797 Nathan Mayer Rothschild moved from Germany to London where he became an international banker.
Nathan and his descendants were very involved with the British nobility and their plan to rule the world.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Napoleon Bonaparte, a Master Rosicrucian, was Emperor of France from 1804 to 1815. He conquered Europe.

When the French army invaded Germany in 1806 – that was the end of the German Holy Roman Empire.

The stage was set for the new union of King and Priest to rule the world – British Crown + Brothers of Light bankers.


When Napoleon invaded Germany, Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel ran away to Denmark. He left $3,000,000
of his gold in the hands of his financial agent, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who sent the gold to his son in London, Nathan Mayer Rothschild. That gold was the beginning of the great fortunes of the Rothschild banking family.

L’Aurore Naissante (Rising Sun) was formed in 1807, in Frankfurt, Germany – a Scottish Rite Freemason lodge.
The lodge is a Brothers of Light sect funded by Rothschild. Salomon Mayer Rothschild was a member.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his descendants played a key role in the economic takeover of America. Together with their banking pals they orchestrated a controlling ownership in banking and all major industry in America. When that was done the British nobility went to work further sabotaging America and its way of life by infiltrating the American government with British agents.

Covert rule by the British aristocracy undermines what America was meant to be –

no rule by aristocracy
government by the people

The British aristocracy ruling America through covert means is one of the things that needs a reckoning.



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