The Reckoning – Chapter Eight – Sabotaging America by Drug Trafficking

by Mike McClaughry


Chapter Eight

Sabotaging America by Drug Trafficking


Reckoning – the righting of wrongs. The rectifying of damages caused by wrong actions.

Slavemasters want a two-class society where they are the ruling class over the other class – the common people.

There are two slavemaster groups seeking to rule the entire world, the British nobility and the Catholic Popes.
It is not my words they want to rule the world. It is their words. They are hung by their own statements.

* * *

A Spaniard named Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1534. They are a militant Catholic society who deems themselves soldiers of god. They were officially recognized by the pope and Jesuits take a vow of obedience to the Pope.

Jesuit Matteo Ricci was sent on mission to China in 1583. He got a Chinese man Xu Guangqi to be a Jesuit.

Matteo and Xu


Xu was the progenitor for the most prominent Chinese Catholic family – the Soongs – an opium trafficking family.

Xu Guangqi’s granddaughter, Candida Xu was also a devout Catholic Christian.

* * *

Elizabeth I was the Queen of England.

Her chief adviser was William Cecil. He was her Secretary of State. British intelligence was under him.
William Cecil started a dynasty where the Cecil family has headed British intelligence ever since then.

855px-Queen_Elizabeth_I;_Sir_Francis_Walsingham;_William_Cecil,_1st_Baron_Burghley_by_William_Faithorne_(2)sketch of William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth I, and Francis Walsingham
the sketch was made at the time of Queen Elizabeth I

The British nobility have a Plan to be the ruthless ruler of the entire world, that they started over 400 years ago.

William Cecil began urging Queen Elizabeth to expand British territory by making colonies.
They used slave trafficking and drug trafficking to finance their British Empire building.

On December 31, 1600 Queen Elizabeth I granted a Royal Charter to the British East India Company.

Wealthy bankers and British nobility owned the company shares.

* * *

Macau was a Portuguese colony on the south coast of China, near Hong Kong. In 1638 the Portuguese and the Catholic Jesuits initiated the smoking of opium in China. They deliberately directed cargoes of Indian opium through Macau and then into China. It was a practice that the Chinese considered barbaric and subversive.

By 1685, the number of opium addicts in China was growing in alarming numbers.

In 1692, the Catholic Jesuits invested a large amount in the British East India Company, equaling a million dollars in today’s money. Thus the Catholics were also profiting from British drug trafficking.  1

In 1729 Emperor Yinzhen issued an edict prohibiting the smoking of opium and its domestic sale in China.

In 1750 the British East India Company starts aggressively taking control of Bengal and Bihar, the opium-growing districts of India. The British obtained a monopoly on opium production and British shipping begins dominating the opium trade out of Calcutta to China.

British East India Company traded opium in China for tea and silver, and by 1799 it ruined the Chinese economy.

In 1799 China’s emperor bans opium completely, making trade and poppy cultivation illegal.

In 1800 the British Levant Company purchased nearly half of all the opium coming out of Smyrna, Turkey strictly for importation to Europe and the United States.

From 1811 to 1821 British East India Company smuggled 340 tons a year of India opium into China.  15

chinese-opium-smokersChinese opium addicts

By 1830 Britain was importing 18,956 chests of opium to China. One chest was 140 pounds so that is 2,653,840 pounds or 1326 tons. One pound of opium yields 2,267 ‘hits’ of opium. That is six billion hits of opium per year being consumed by the Chinese people, so you can see the magnitude of destruction being leveled on China. The same goes for any country being targeted by the slavemasters, using drug addiction as the method to ruin the people.

In 1830 Jardine, Matheson & Company of London inherit India and its opium from the British East India Company.

From 1830 to 1839, Jardine, Matheson and Company trafficked 1,841 tons a year of India opium into China.   15

In July 1832, President Andrew Jackson closed down a British-run bank in America.
The bank was being used to control America. Jackson also paid off the national debt.
British agents in America then agitated for the American civil war to get America back in debt.

Andrew Jackson

In March 1839 the Chinese Emperor ordered Commissioner Lin Tse-Hsu to put a stop to the opium trade. Lin Tse-Hsu ordered all foreign traders to surrender their opium. Then Lin turned to the British traders, like Jardine and Matheson, and demanded that they hand over their opium stocks and sign a pledge to never sell the drug again.

William Jardine went to England and met with the British Foreign Minister, Lord Palmerston, and got him to send British warships to attack China. It was the First Opium War.

William Jardine

In 1840, New Englanders brought 24,000 pounds of opium into the United States from Britain.

In 1842 the British brought 10,000 slaves from India to fight as soldiers against China.

On August 29, 1842 the Chinese Emperor surrendered and signed a treaty wherein the British acquired
Hong Kong for use as a British colony. China was forced to permit the importation of opium.

In 1846 Japan banned opium.

The Whig political party in America was pro-bank and pro-British. Millard Fillmore was a Whig President.
In 1852, President Fillmore sent warships under Commodore Perry to force the opening of Japanese ports.
So, the American navy was used for the benefit of British opium trafficking.

In 1854 Perry and his American warships combined with British warships to invade Shanghai, China.
The Second Opium War was 1856 to 1860. It resulted in a treaty where China was forced to legalize opium.
The treaty also allowed British ships to carry indentured Chinese to the Americas for slave labor.

In 1860 Abraham Lincoln took office as the American President. He sold out America to the British.
In 1861 the American civil war began resulting in getting America back into heavy debt to the bankers.

620,000 killed in the American civil war to free the slaves

Wounded soldiers were given laudanum – alcohol laced with addictive opium – for more British profits.

In 1861 President Lincoln secretly made a deal with the British that ceded control of America’s foreign relations
to Britain in regards to China, Japan, and Korea. American money and military were then used for preservation of the British Empire and its opium trafficking business.

Laws were passed that allowed British agents to get control of banking and all major industry in America.
Part of the legislation was for building railroads and British ships brought slaves from China to build them.

Another law passed was the Internal Revenue Act of 1862 – that was the first income tax.
While Americans were killing each other to free slaves, they are taxed to pay for Chinese slaves.

Over 117,000 Chinese slaves were brought in, many of them were opium addicts.
Opium dens opened all over America, with 142 tons of opium per year sold in America.

opium_den_chinatownWhite Women in Opium Den, Chinatown, San Francisco – about 1885

* * *

In 1864 Pope Pius IX said –

the Catholic Church… should freely exercise even to the end of the world – not only over private individuals, but over nations, peoples, and their sovereign princes…

There is a statement they should rule the entire world.

Pope Pius IXPope Pius IX

William Jardine had a sister – Jean Johnstone. One of her grandchildren was William Keswick, who was a Managing Director for Jardine, Matheson and Company from 1874 to 1886.  Other members of the Keswick family were also Managing Directors, including William Johnstone “Tony” Keswick.

Xu Guangqi was a Chinese man who became a Catholic Jesuit. One of his descendants was Lady Xu. She had a daughter named Ni Kwei-Tseng (Katherine Hsu), who married Charles Soong in 1887. The Soongs were the most prominent Catholic family in China. Charles Soong became wealthy from opium trading because he was the right hand man of the Keswicks at Jardine and Matheson.  16

Charles Soong

* * *

The slavemasters want a two class society where you have an elite class who rule over the commoners.

The Cecil family is one of the top British slavemaster families. The Cecil family was head of British intelligence.
Members of the Cecil family also headed the British government, acting as the Prime Minister of Britain.

Robert Cecil was the leader of an influential British family called the Cecil Bloc.

Robert_cecilRobert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil (aka Lord Salisbury)

One of Robert Cecil ‘s sisters was the mother of Arthur Balfour, who was also a Prime Minister of Britain.

Lord Arthur BalfourArthur J. Balfour  (left)

In 1891 Cecil Rhodes founded a secret society to bring the entire world under British rule.

Cecil Rhodes said –

Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States…   17

Rhodes described this secret society –

development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, … the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire….   18


The British slavemaster families think they are far superior to everyone else and they should rule over all others.

Arthur Balfour and other members of the Cecil family joined and dominated the secret society.  19

Alfred Milner married into the Cecil family and he was the head of the secret society.  20

The secret society has an Association of Helpers who are visible to the public. It is called the Round Table.
Lord Rothschild in Britain and other international bankers such as the Rockefellers, funded the Round Table.

This is the group that has the grand plan
to rule the world – the New World Order.

They plan to create a World Government that is overtly or covertly controlled by the British nobility.

* * *

The British plan to drown the American people with drugs continued. John D. Rockefeller was making an effort to control the field of medicine. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was founded in 1901. Simon Flexner headed the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research. Simon Flexner appointed his brother, Abraham Flexner, to survey medical schools throughout America. The “Flexner Report” vilified every alternative to drug-based medicine. The American Medical Association advanced its medical education rating system effectively eliminating about 600 of the initial 650 medical schools. By 1907, medical education was mostly monopolized by the Rockefeller consortium.

Rockefellers became linked with the German chemical giant I.G. Farben. Farben supplied the drugs and Rockefeller-educated doctors supplied the drug prescriptions. The AMA sought a monopoly by having an intelligence section that viciously attacked people who offered any alternative healing to prescribing drugs.

drowningindrugs  toomanydrugs

This drug onslaught was soon going to be added to by supplying illegal street drugs that destroy the user.


* * *

In 1910, the Chinese are finally successful in convincing the British to dismantle the India-China opium trade.

Charles Soong, a Catholic who trafficked opium in China for Jardine, Matheson and Co., was the paymaster of Sun Yat-sen for the purpose of overthrowing the Chinese Emperor. In 1911, Sun Yat-sen founded the Kuomintang – the Nationalist Party of China – which overthrew the Chinese Emperor.

What we have here is both slavemaster groups, the British nobility and the Vatican, working together to overthrow the Chinese Emperor who was obstructing their combined effort to destroy China with opium trafficking.

On January 1, 1912 the Republic of China was founded.

Sun Yat-sen

* * *

On 16 January 1920, alcohol was outlawed in America. Samuel Bronfman was a Jewish crime boss in Canada who made a fortune smuggling alcohol into the United States – it was the Seagrams Empire.

Samuel BRONFMAN LOUIS-STLAURENTSamuel Bronfman (center)

Samuel Bronfman and Arnold Rothstein went to Hong Kong to arrange smuggling opium into the United States.

Arnold RothsteinArnold Rothstein – nicknamed “The Brain”

In 1921, Rothstein opened up a British pipeline for smuggling heroin into the United States via his business agent in China, Jacob Katzenberg. Katzenberg hooked up with the British opium cartel and arranged the transit of the opium through Marseilles, France into New York City. The route, known as The French Connection, remained the primary pipeline of heroin into America up through the 1960s.  4

Jacob “Yasha” Katzenberg

* * *

The Round Table created a group in New York for infiltrating and covertly manipulating American government.

The Round Table created the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City on July 29, 1921.   21

112613_58E68_DM_1.jpgCouncil on Foreign Relations

The chairman of the CFR was Round Table member – David Rockefeller.

David_RockefellerDavid Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller was also a member.

Every American President, except one, has been a member of the CFR.
CFR members hold many other top positions within the U.S. Government.
Allen Dulles was a CFR member and he was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Twelve members of the CFR have been United States Secretary of State, etc.

* * *

On 14 June 1923, Admiral Hugh Sinclair, became the director of Secret Intelligence ServiceMI 6. Admiral Sinclair created some new Sections within MI 6, one of them was Section D, which was specifically formed to conduct sabotage through political covert actions, and to conduct paramilitary operations.

Admiral_Sir_Hugh_Francis_Paget__Quex__SinclairAdmiral Sir Hugh Francis Paget “Quex” Sinclair

* * *

Chiang Kai-shek assumed leadership of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party of China) on 6 July 1926.
The Chinese Nationalists hated the British and wanted to oust the British from China.

The British saw they were going to lose Hong Kong. They backed communism in China to defeat the Nationalists.

Chiang Kai-shek

* * *

Aldous Huxley was a propaganda mouthpiece for the British slavemaster world-domination plan.
British propaganda is under and done by British intelligence – MI 6. That is what Huxley was under.

Aldous Huxley

In 1932 Aldous Huxley wrote a science fiction novel Brave New World. The world population is unified under the World State, an eternally peaceful, stable global society. Goods and resources are plentiful because world population is limited to two billion people. So, everyone is happy. Humans of various kinds are cloned in the laboratory in the right numbers to preserve the optimum social class ratios. A section of subnormal men are produced who would do the dull jobs of the community. Soma is a hallucinogen that takes users on enjoyable ‘holidays’. It was developed by the World State to act as a self-medicating comfort mechanism. The people are made content by the drug so they feel no need to rebel.

Brave New World is propaganda. It presents a false image that the British slavemaster World Government is going to be a utopia. It is not going to be a utopia, it will be a complete slave state with all manner of atrocities committed on the people. The only part that is true is they plan to drug the people into oblivion.

Aldous Huxley – propaganda mouthpiece for the British New World Order

Mouth of Sauron

William Wiseman was the head of MI6 in the United States. In the mid 1930′s Wiseman was sent to Hollywood where he used his influence to “encourage a favorable portrayal of the British Empire in American films”.

In 1937, Aldous Huxley moved to Hollywood. He earned a substantial income as a Hollywood screenwriter.  5

* * *

In 1940 the Special Operations Executive (SOE) gets formed in Britain.
The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Section D was put under the SOE.
MI 6 Section D uses paramilitary operations to carry out sabotage.

Two major execs in the SOE were Charles Hambro and Tony Keswick.   79

* * *

On 21 June 1940 William Stephenson was sent to America to be the head of British intelligence in America.

stephensonWilliam Samuel Stephenson – MI 6

He recruited and placed Americans at the head of American intelligence services. One of his agents was William Donovan who headed the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. Some other British agents in the OSS were Allen Dulles and Nelson Rockefeller.

Paul Helliwell worked for the OSS during World War II.   6

paul Helliwell_Smathers_law school 1938

Paul Helliwell was the head of Detachment 202 in Kunming, in the province of Yunnan, China.

Yunnan kumming china

Everette Howard Hunt Jr. also worked for the OSS as a member of Detachment 202. While he was in Kunming, he befriended French Foreign Legionnaire turned OSS agent – Captain Lucien Conein.  7, 8

lucien conein 1945Captain Lucien Conein

Paul Helliwell, E. Howard Hunt, and Lucien Conein became CIA agents after the war ended.

Helliwell was chief of Special Intelligence in China for the OSS. The people in Southern China did not want money. Opium was the currency of choice. Colleagues from those days recall that Helliwell regularly used to buy information with five-pound shipments of opium (“three sticky brown bars” according to one man).   6


Helliwell gets an idea


His idea was to traffic opium to Chinese addicts to raise funds for ‘combating communism’.

Helliwell presented his idea to the head of the OSS, William Donovan, who discussed it with Allen Dulles and their British Overlord, MI6 man William Stephenson. They were delighted with the idea, and began funneling money to him for opium purchases.

Selling opium? Capital idea!

The money for the opiates would eventually come from Nazi gold that had been laundered by Stephenson and Dulles through the World Commerce Corporation.

In 1945 a group around William Stephenson formed a company – British American Canadian Corporation.
It was based in New York City. It had Charles Jocelyn Hambro as a director/president.
It was registered in Panama and had the purpose of providing funding for rebuilding Germany.

April 2, 1945 British American Canadian Corporation changed its name to World Commerce Corporation.
Officers of the corporation were members of the OSS or William Stephenson’s intelligence network.

William Donovan became a Director, officers or stockholders included Charles Hambro and Nelson Rockefeller.
Sir Charles Hambro was a Director of the Bank of England and a Director of the Special Operations Executive.

Charles Jocelyn Hambro

The Nazi money flowed in a circle – out of the Third Reich, through the Vatican, to Argentina, and back to Germany – through the World Commerce Corporation. The source of the miraculous West German economic revival was the same money that had been stolen during the war.   76, 77, 78

Some of the money was also being used to finance opium trafficking.

100 tons of Nazi gold found by General Patton army March 22, 1945
This is only a fraction of the half a trillion in gold that is known about, there was much more than that.

The New York Federal Reserve has the largest amount of gold, the Bank of England has second place.
The vaults under the Bank of England hold 400,000 bars of gold (5,134 tons of gold) worth $248 billion.

Bank of England gold vault

 * * *

The French ruled over French Indochina – which was Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. In September 1945, war began when Ho Chi Minh led a Vietnamese attack against the French to free Vietnam from French rule.

French Indochina

The Golden Triangle was the largest producer of opium in the world.

the golden triangle opium

– the source for opium and heroin

poppy growing

The Golden Triangle was a source of enormous fortunes for the French. The French held control over the Southeast Asian opium traffic. Southeast Asia grew more than 70 percent of the world’s illicit opium. Corsican Mafia in Vietnam and Laos had been regularly supplying Marseille and Hong Kong with opium.   9, 11

Between 1946 and 1955, large quantities of opium were shipped to French Saigon headquarters in Vietnam. It was refined into the white powder – heroin – and passed on to the Corsican Mafia, who smuggled the drug to Marseilles, France. Then the Mafia would smuggle it into the United States.

Charles “Lucky” Luciano wanted to use Havana as a narcotics transfer point, and he went there personally in 1947. The plan was to bring Golden Triangle opium to Marseille where it would be refined into heroin, then move it to Cuba where it could be smuggled into the United States.

Lucky Luciano in Havana, Cuba 1947Lucky Luciano 1947 Havana

Meyer Lansky leaving cashier's office of the Riviera Hotel 200k February 1958Meyer Lansky in Havana

Santo Trafficante junior was involved in Lucky Luciano’s and Meyer Lansky’s heroin smuggling operations.

Santo Trafficante owner of Saus Sona' gambling casino 1958Santo Trafficante junior in Havana

* * *

After World War II the plotters and planners needed to find a new fear for justifying military build-ups.

Miles Copeland wrote a book about his career with the CIA. In his book he reveals that communism was an invented danger after World War II ended –

…I was little more than a fly on the wall at Washington social occasions, opening my mouth only to ask the occasional question, but I was all ears.

General Magruder went on to say that he’d spent the past month talking intelligence organization in high places… The top people in the Departments of State, army, navy and air force were busily concocting dangers that would justify increases in their respective budgets…

‘No one,’ Magruder said… ‘is asking what, realistically, we Americans have to fear in the post-war world.’

Before President Truman publicly took a stand against Soviet advances in his “Truman Doctrine” speech of 12 March 1947, there was no mention at all of the Soviets in the various directives and planning papers that guided our activities.   10

Two fears were chosen –

Fear of Russia and communism
Fear of Nuclear War

Those fears were used to justify the most atrocious actions taken by the CIA in the decades that followed.

The Cold War began in 1947. The two sides were the Eastern Bloc and the Western Bloc.
The Eastern Bloc was Russia and its allies, the Western Bloc was the United States and its allies.

The Central Intelligence Agency was created on 26 July 1947, using some of the OSS personnel.
Allen Dulles was a British agent who worked for the OSS, he became a Director of the CIA.
Paul Helliwell was another OSS man who went to work for the CIA starting in 1947.   6

CIA officer Cord Myer recruited Timothy Leary into the CIA. Thereafter Leary worked on several CIA projects.  33

British intelligence has a unit called MI 6 Section D – it conducts sabotage through political covert actions.
It also carries out paramilitary operations. During World War II MI 6 Section D had temporarily been put under the
Special Operations Executive (SOE).

After WW II ended, the British decided to create “stay-behind” paramilitary organizations, with the aim of countering communism through sabotage, guerrilla warfare, assassinations and coups. Arms caches were hidden, and loyal members recruited – mainly anticommunists, including many Nazis.

The stay-behind armies were created and trained with the experience and involvement of former Special Operations Executive officers. It was a paramilitary guerrilla warfare network with arms caches. It was code-named Operation Gladio5, 12  The existence of these clandestine armies was a closely guarded secret.


Some of the Gladio cells were –

Austria = OWSGV
Belgium = SDRA8
Denmark = Absalon
Germany = TD BJD, largely the Reinhard Gehlen network, Frank Wisner was his CIA handler
Greece = LOK, Lochoi Oreinon Katadromon – Mountain Raiding Companies
Italy = P2 Masonic lodge (Catholic), many members of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), including Licio Gelli
Luxemburg = Stay-Behind
Netherlands = I&O
Norway = ROC
Portugal = Aginter
Sweden = AGAG (Aktions Gruppen Arla Gryning)
Switzerland = P26
Turkey = Ozel Harp Dairesi

The Office of Policy Coordination was a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency created in 1948.

The Office of Policy Coordination headed by Frank Wisner was the primary CIA unit that fronted and orchestrated SOE sabotage through covert political actions in various countries around the world. The CIA acted as a cut out
(a go-between, a front) for the SOE. The CIA used coups to remove democratically elected Presidents in various countries. The CIA then installed vicious dictators who engaged in human rights violations, torture and mass murder of the people.

Frank Wisner oversaw the creation of stay-behind networks all over Europe – Operation Gladio.

Frank Wisner

CIA director Allen Dulles was one of the key people in instituting Operation Gladio, and most of Gladio’s operations were financed by the CIA – the CIA got the money from trafficking illegal drugs into America. 

After World War II Paul Helliwell, E. Howard Hunt and Lucien Conein operated throughout Burma, Cambodia, and Vietnam and became the top U.S. experts on the area ‑ as well as on the opium‑smuggling Corsican Mafia.
They all became CIA agents, with Helliwell being a top man in CIA drug trafficking for Operation Gladio.

The mafia (with its strong Catholic ties) played a key role in CIA drug trafficking. Italian Mafia “Lucky” Luciano, Calogero Vizzini and Nicolo Rizzuto worked with the CIA and Operation Gladio to organize an international drug distribution network between Vietnam, France, and the United States.

Lucky Luciano 1947 Havana“Lucky” Luciano

RizzutoNicolo Rizzuto

Calogero VizziniCalogero Vizzini

In 1948, CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter sent Irving Brown to facilitate the drug trafficking operation.

Roscoe_H._HillenkoetterRoscoe Hillenkoetter

Irving Brown Labor Leader and CIA spy (right)Irving Brown (right)

Irving Brown recruited and hired Corsican mafia thugs and paid them with CIA money starting in 1948 – he hired a “rugged, fiery Corsican” named Pierre Ferri-Pisani to recruit an elite criminal terror squad to work the docks. For the next four years this goon squad beat people up, terrorized them, and even killed a few until they had complete control of the docks in France. Conditions were then ideal for the CIA to use Marseille as America’s heroin lab.  13, 14,  73

Brown met with Arthur Koestler, who worked for British intelligence in the Information Research Department.

Arthur Kœstler (British IRD agent), Irving Brown (CIA agent in charge of European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (CIA agent in charge of intellectual media) 2Arthur Koestler (left) and Irving Brown (right)

Mao Zedong was Chairman of the Communist Party in China.

Mao ZedongMao Zedong

After World War II, civil war resumed in China between the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang. In 1949, Mao’s forces defeated the Nationalists. Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang moved to Taiwan. They became heavily involved with the CIA in opium trafficking as the means to obtain the funds needed to “defeat communism”.

General chiang kai-shek

On October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong established the People’s Republic of China.

In Taiwan, Chiang Kai-shek resumed his duties as President of the Republic of China on March 1, 1950.
Chiang Kai-shek was married to Mei-ling Soong. She was the daughter of Charles Soong and Ni Kwei-Tseng.
Her father became wealthy trafficking opium into China for the British company Jardine, Matheson and Co.
Her mother was the most prominent Catholic family in China, she made Chiang Kai-shek convert to Christianity.

Chiang Kai-shek was well situated to help the CIA with opium trafficking.
His wife was in a combined Catholic-British opium trafficking family.

Eleanor Roosevelt meeting with Mei-ling Soong

In 1950, Frank Wisner sent Paul Helliwell to Taiwan. Helliwell’s supposed job was to help Chiang Kai-shek to prepare for a future invasion of Communist China – but what he was really doing was getting control of the drug routes. Helliwell created a pair of CIA owned front companies to supply and finance Chiang’s Kuomintang Army –
Sea Supply Company in Bangkok and Civil Air Transport in Taiwan.

Paul Helliwell organized Sea Supply, a CIA shipping company with a bunch of sea going vessels. It furnished weapons and other material to anti-Communist guerrillas in the hills of Burma, Laos, and Thailand. Based in the Golden Triangle, this mercenary army cultivated fields of opium poppies, and the CIA was drawn immediately into the drug connection6, 22, 75

Helliwell and the CIA took over Civil Air Transport (CAT), a Taiwan-based airline.
During the Vietnam war it was called Air America.


Using Sea Supply, Helliwell imported large amounts of arms that were ferried into Burma on CAT airplanes.
The empty CAT planes were then used to fly drugs (from fields of opium poppies that this mercenary army had cultivated) from Burma to Taiwan, Bangkok (Thailand) and Saigon (Vietnam). There the drugs were processed for the benefit of Chiang Kai-shek’s corrupt government on Taiwan, who was preparing for a future invasion of Communist China. These airlines were CIA front companies for flying heroin around the Burma Triangle to bankroll covert operations in Indo-China.  6

This was all part of Operation Gladio, which they financed through drug trafficking.

Paul Helliwell on the leftPaul Helliwell meeting Michael Hand and Frank Nugan.Paul Lionel Edward Helliwell

* * *

In World War II Klaus Barbie was Gestapo chief in Lyon, France. He was responsible for the deaths of 4,000 Jews, many of them children. He also sent another 7,500 people to their deaths. He personally tortured people.

Klaus Barbie - Butcher of LyonKlaus Barbie

In December 1950, Klaus Barbie was given a new identity by the CIA – Klaus Altmann.

klaus barbie false name passport

The CIA then sent Barbie to Bolivia – where he devoted his efforts to developing Bolivia’s thriving cocaine trade23, 24  The CIA used drug trafficking to finance some of its covert operations and Barbie oversaw the making of the cocaine “paste”.

Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny also helped form death squads such as the Angels of Death in Bolivia and the Anti-Communist Alliance in Argentina.

Lucky Luciano decided the Mafia would only traffic (not manufacture) heroin or cocaine. Just before Marseille embarked on large-scale heroin production for the American market in 1951, Meyer Lansky went to Europe and met with Corsican leaders in Paris and on the Riviera. This is when the arrangement was made with the Corsicans in Marseille, France.

Charles “Lucky” Luciano (left) Meyer Lansky (right)
charles lucky luciano and meyer lansky

The first heroin laboratories in Marseille, France were opened in 1951. French intelligence ran the opium trade under the code name Operation X. That lasted for a few years, then the CIA took over the opium trafficking.
The heroin was sold in America. 25

The Corsican mafia in Marseille was headed by two brothers – Antoine and Bartholemy Guerini.

antoine gueriniAntoine Guerini


Barthelemy Guerini centerBartholemy Guerini (center)


The Marseille Syndicate

the marseille syndicateFrank Olson (left) with Guerini brothers

Thanks to the CIA’s assistance, Marseilles now became the new center of the heroin industry. By 1951, only months after the Corsican and Sicilian Mafias took control of the waterfront, the Guerinis recruited a host of French chemists and opened their first opium refineries.

The control of the Guerini brothers over Marseille’s heroin industry was so complete that for nearly twenty years they were able to impose an absolute ban on drug peddling inside France at the same time they were exporting vast quantities of heroin to the United States.   26

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

* * *

General Walter Bedell Smith was Director of the CIA in 1951.

Walter Bedell Smith  (center)

His daily log book provides proof of the CIA working for the British in the stay-behind network.   72

September 15

U. S.-British-Greek discussions of stay-behind operations…

October 3

A British Secret Service agent in charge of the British stay behind operations in Spain informed OSO/Madrid in strictest confidence that this program may be turned over to CIA for financial reasons. OSO infers that the British may ask CIA aid in supporting it.

October 12

The first caching program for the U.S. Zone of Austria has been completed. Twelve caches, each consisting of a 2300 pound package of weapons, ammunition and explosives, were buried in Land Salzburg and Upper Austria.

* * *

Al Hubbard was an OSS and CIA agent. He took his first trip on LSD in 1951. He became an apostle for LSD in the early 1950s. He personally introduced about 6,000 people to LSD. He became known as “Captain Trips”, traveling about with a leather case containing pure LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin.  5

Al Hubbard  Al Hubbard mowing his lawn.

Humphry Osmond

In 1952, Aldous Huxley wrote to Osmond, and asked him to supply a dose of mescaline. In the letter, Huxley was hoping that mescaline might help him to access a greater degree of awareness, and draw him closer to spiritual enlightenment.

Aldous Huxley was now going into action on his primary purpose as an MI 6 agent in America – promoting drugs.

The American CIA was in bed with British intelligence in researching methods of mind control. British agent Allen Dulles was the Director of the CIA. On April 13, 1953 Dulles launched project MK-Ultra. It was CIA research into behavior modification and mind control. MK-Ultra was an umbrella project with 149 sub-projects. Some of the sub-projects were research into LSD as a behavior modification method. Under MK Ultra drugs such as LSD were tested on unknowing citizens.

CIA agent Al Hubbard paid a visit to Dr. Osmond in 1953. Al Hubbard was interested in obtaining some mescaline and Osmond supplied him with some. For the next few years, Al Hubbard and Osmond pioneered a psychedelic regimen. They gave mammoth doses of liquid LSD to mental patients.  5, 27 , 28 

In May 1953, Osmond provided Huxley with mescaline at Huxley’s home. Huxley went on a mescaline trip.  5

* * *

Mohammad Mosaddegh was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. He introduced social and political reforms such as social security, rent control, and land reforms. His government’s most notable policy was taking over the Iranian oil industry, which had been under British control through the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later British Petroleum and BP). Mosaddegh was going to use the money to do many things to improve the lives of the Iranian people. Britain made sure Iran could not sell oil by causing a boycott wherein they threatened any potential purchasers of Iranian oil.

Mohammad MosaddeghMohammad Mosaddegh

British Intelligence (MI 6) requested the CIA to orchestrate a coup against Mohammad Mosaddegh. Frank Wisner got Allen Dulles to approve $1 million for the coup. Wisner put his junior, Kermit Roosevelt, in charge of the coup – which went under the code name Operation Ajax. Mosaddegh was removed from power in a coup on 19 August 1953, organized and carried out by the CIA at the request of MI6.  5

Allen Dulles then asked Kermit Roosevelt to organize the overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán in Guatemala.

United Fruit was a company owned by minions of the British slavemasters, such as Allen Dulles. United Fruit had long been taking advantage of countries in Central America, making huge profits from selling their fruit while keeping the people in slave labor conditions.

Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán was President in Guatemala, and he set about changing the United Fruit stranglehold on his country. He was making the Guatemala people the owners of the land and the businesses.

Guatemala is in Central America


Arbenz was for the people – so he had to go.

Allen Dulles and pals got Arbenz ousted. They ran a propaganda campaign on a lie that Guzman was communist. The CIA sent an army and planes, bombed a military base and a government radio station. A naval blockade was installed. Four hundred fighters were sent and they marched toward Guatemala City. Guzman was forced to resign.

Colonel Castillo Armas was installed by the CIA and became the new “president”.

Castillo Armas – CIA puppet dictator

The US Ambassador (CIA) furnished Armas with lists of radical opponents to be eliminated, and the Guatamalan bloodbath began. Thousands were arrested. Many people were tortured and killed. United Fruit got all its land back and to punish the people further for daring to support Arbenz, the Banana Worker’s Union was banned. Terrible working conditions and slave labor were back. Armas cut out one-third of the voters by barring illiterates from voting. He outlawed all political parties, labor confederations, and peasant groups. He closed down opposition newspapers and burned “subversive” books. Guatemala still has the worst record of human rights abuses in Latin America.

The Guatemala people protested and civil war emerged. Death squads were started. The death squads had lists of people that were “suspected communists”, or who opposed the existing system. They were hunted down and killed. The police, the army, and the death squads, were all armed and trained by the CIA. Peasants, students, labor leaders, and professional persons were jailed by the thousands by the Guatemalan military. Journalists, lawyers, teachers, members of opposition parties, and anyone who expressed sympathy for the anti-government cause were simply machine-gunned down. If anyone tried to improve the peasants situation, they were subjected to torture, mutilation, and death. And thousands more, just trying to live and overcome their poverty and the massive injustices occurring –  simply “disappeared.”

The military dictatorship of Armas was followed by a succession of one CIA puppet dictator after another.
The described atrocities committed in Guatemala have continued right up to current times.

Che Guevara traveled throughout South America and witnessed the poverty, hunger, and disease. He wanted to help overturn the capitalist exploitation of Latin America by certain people in the United States. He had assisted in Guatemala’s social reforms under President Árbenz Guzmán. He went on to assist other countries in Latin America after that. The CIA killed him.

CheChe Guevara

LatinAmericaLatin America is countries south of the United States

The British slavemasters and their minions use the communist label on anyone who does not conform to what the slavemasters want. They do that even when it is not true. This supposedly justifies killing them. No, it does not.

The other lie they use is they are doing all of this for democracy. No, they are not. They remove the leader who the people voted for, and install a dictator. A dictator is not a democracy.

The sane way to “defeat communism” is to help the people with what they need to live. Communism would have no appeal to people who are being treated properly. But the slavemasters always use a destructive solution, ignoring constructive solutions that would serve the people better.

The communists also have their crimes against people. The communist revolution in Russia killed 21 million people, the communist revolution in China killed 64 million people. They have also installed a dictator who slaughters the people. Both sides, the communists and the anti-communists, have slaughtered the people.

* * *

In 1954, Huxley produced a book called The Doors of Perception, describing his experiences when taking a psychedelic drug. It promotes taking hallucinogenic drugs and claimed that the drugs expand consciousness. Psychedelic drugs were promoted as enabling spiritual insight, and a mystical state of consciousness.  5

Psychedelic – drugs, especially LSD, that produce hallucinations.

lsd image

The campaign had officially begun – selling the idea of expanding consciousness with hallucinogenic drugs.

Step right up folks, take a trip, and get your expanded consciousness!

victorian carnival barker

Aldous Huxley tried LSD for the first time in 1955, obtained from CIA agent – Captain Trips Al Hubbard.  28

Captain Alfred Mathew HubbardCaptain Trips Al Hubbard

In 1956, Aldous Huxley published a psychedelic essay Heaven and Hell. He talked about mystical experiences when one opens the “doors of perception”. Huxley described regions of the mind that one can reach with the aide of substances like LSD or mescaline. Huxley said these states of mind are spiritually significant.  5

* * *

Nasser Hussein was President of Egypt. In July 1956 Nasser decided to nationalize the Suez Canal.
The British Prime Minister was furious, resulting in the CIA being asked to find a way to kill Nasser.  29

* * *

Gregory Bateson, who had worked for the OSS, became the director of a hallucinogenic drug experimental clinic at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital. It was an MK Ultra project funded by the CIA. The project studied how psychoactive drugs effected people, particularly LSD, psilocybin, mescaline and cocaine.

Gregory BatesonGregory Bateson

Foremost among his Palo Alto recruits was Ken Kesey. In 1959, Bateson gave Ken Kesey his first dose of LSD.

Ken KeseyKen Kesey

Ken Kesey organized a circle of LSD initiates called The Merry Pranksters. Kesey frequently entertained friends and many others with parties he called “Acid Tests” – involving LSD, Grateful Dead music, fluorescent paint, black lights, strobes and other psychedelic effects.

In 1960, CIA agent Frank Barron founded the Harvard Pyschedelic Drug Research Center. Timothy Leary followed Barron to Harvard and became a lecturer in psychology.  30

In August 1960, Leary traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico and consumed psilocybin mushrooms for the first time. Returning from Mexico to Harvard in 1960, Leary and Richard Alpert began a research program known as the Harvard Psilocybin Project. Leary conducted experiments with psilocybin on himself and a number of Harvard students.

Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert

In November of 1960, Aldous Huxley met with Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Alan Watts. Huxley led the meeting, which was a planning session for using LSD to behavior modify America. Huxley told them to target influential people for the LSD experience.

“That’s how everything of culture and beauty and philosophic freedom has been passed on,” Huxley told Leary. “Initiate artists, writers, poets, jazz musicians, elegant courtesans. And they’ll educate the intelligent rich.”   31

From the discussions at the Harvard meeting, Leary put together the book The Psychedelic Experience.
It was this book that popularized the term, “psychedelic mind-expanding.”   31, 32

Michael Hollingshead was a British intelligence agent who worked with Aldous Huxley.   34

hollingsheadMichael Hollingshead

Aldous Huxley told Hollingshead how to obtain some LSD. After taking LSD, Hollingshead contacted Huxley,
who suggested that Hollingshead go to Harvard to “meet a Dr. Timothy Leary, a professor there”.

* * *

Willis Harman had worked for the OSS and became a Professor at Stanford University after the war. In March 1961 Harman began doing MK Ultra LSD research at Stanford Research Institute. Al Hubbard ran the LSD sessions. They were now going to target the young people, such as the college students at Stanford. They were getting ready to launch the corruption of America’s youth.

Willis Harman and Al Hubbard shared a goal “to provide the LSD experience to political and intellectual leaders around the world.”   35, 36   That idea came directly from Aldous Huxley, who was the main British intelligence operative in America instigating this entire operation.

willis_harman_changing_images_of_manWillis Harman

In August 1961 Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary attended the Fourteenth International Congress of Applied Psychology where Leary read a paper on ‘How to Change Behavior’ describing the induction of visionary mental states by psilocybin.

Michael Hollingshead was Executive Secretary for the Institute of British-American Cultural Exchange in 1961.

This grandiose title meant that I was in the service of a semi-official British propaganda agency in the field of international cultural relations.

–  Michael Hollingshead    37

In September 1961, Hollingshead met Timothy Leary in Cambridge and was invited to live in Leary’s house and teach a course at Harvard. Shortly thereafter, he introduced Leary to LSD.

Captain Trips Al Hubbard showed up on the doorstep of Timothy Leary one day in 1963. The captain had LSD which he wanted to swap for psilocybin.  36

By 1963, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and Ken Kesey became the highly publicized promoters of the LSD counterculture.

Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert were dismissed from Harvard university in May 1963. They set up at a large private mansion owned by Billy Mellon Hitchcock in Millbrook, New York where they continued their experiments.  5

William “Billy” Mellon Hitchcock was a member of the millionaire Mellon banking family of Pittsburgh. Hitchcock had a fifty-five-room mansion in Millbrook, New York. It was headquarters for Leary and gang for five years, a period filled with endless parties. British intelligence agent Michael Hollingshead was also living there.

Millbrook estate

Timothy Leary and Billy Mellon Hitchcock

This was no accident that Billy Mellon Hitchcock was involved in this British intelligence operation being orchestrated by the CIA. Millbrook was a snake pit of British intelligence agents and their underling yes-men –
the CIA agents.

David Bruce had worked for the Office of Strategic Services. Bruce headed the OSS office in London where he worked directly with Tony Keswick who was a Chief of the Special Operations Executive.

William Johnstone Tony Keswick

The Keswick family co-owns Jardine, Matheson & Company which trafficked opium into China.
That is who David Bruce was working with when he was heading the OSS office in London.

David K.E. BruceDavid Kirkpatrick Este Bruce

David K.E. Bruce married a daughter of Andrew Mellon. In addition, a number of Mellons served in the OSS.

Paul and Andrew MellonPaul Mellon and Andrew Mellon

Paul Mellon worked for the OSS station in London. Paul was a member of the British Roxburghe Club, together with the Marquises of Salisbury, the Dukes of Devonshire, the Morgans and the Rothschilds. The Marquises of Salisbury is the Cecil family, a top British slavemaster family that heads British intelligence.

Paul_Mellon_and_his_sister_Mrs_david_K.E._BrucePaul Mellon and his sister who married David Bruce

Paul Mellon was the uncle of Billy Mellon Hitchcock.

After the war the Mellon family maintained close ties with the CIA. Mellon family foundations were used as conduits for CIA funds. CIA Director, Richard Helms, was a frequent weekend guest of the Mellon family.

Richard HelmsRichard Helms

Timothy Leary had long been a CIA agent, so he fit right into this rat-nest of British intelligence and CIA agents.

Leary at MillbrookTimothy Leary at Millbrook

Leary was paid $2,000 a month to live and conduct his LSD experiments on the Mellon-Hitchcock estate.
Multimillionaire Billy Mellon Hitchcock soon financed a huge black-market LSD manufacturing operation.  38, 39

Walter Bowart was one of the people at Millbrook, he later wrote a book about it.  When Walter Bowart asked, “Do you think CIA people were involved in your group in the sixties?” Leary said, “I would say that eighty percent of my movements, eighty percent of the decisions I made were suggested to me by CIA people.”

The entire LSD movement itself was sponsored originally by the CIA…

-Timothy Leary interview in High Times magazine, February 1978

The LSD at Millbrook was supplied by a Brit in London named Charles Druce.  40

* * *

In late 1963, CIA agent John Starr Cooke started living in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he directed a dedicated band of acid evangelists called the Psychedelic Rangers. Cooke was a Scientologist and had been since 1950 when he worked directly with L. Ron Hubbard.  41

Joh starr cooke youngJohn Starr Cooke

John Star Cooke-and-Pablo-Brenda-and-Bobby-Bishop-in-MexicoJohn Starr Cooke in a wheelchair in Mexico

One of the frequent visitors to Cooke’s little kingdom was Seymour Lazare, a wealthy business associate of Billy Mellon-Hitchcock. Seymour was John Cooke’s financial connection into those offshore bank accounts set-up by the CIA. Seymour was a director of Investors Overseas Services, a fast-money laundry for the CIA, organized crime, and corrupt Third World dictators.  43 

seymour lazarSeymour “The Head” Lazare

In 1964 Paul Helliwell was assigned to the Bahamas to set up offshore banks for CIA use, such as laundering drug money. He formed and controlled Castle Bank and Trust Company, which also laundered Mafia money. Helliwell served in a dual capacity as CIA banker and as legal counsel for the Cuban Mafia, specifically crime boss Santo Trafficante junior, who sold Southeast Asian heroin in the United States, as part of the CIA heroin trafficking network.   6, 44, 74

Helliwell also set up other CIA banks such as the Mercantile Bank and Trust Company in the Bahamas.

Castle Bank was set up by the CIA as a funding conduit for a wide range of covert operations. This “money wash” was part of a vast worldwide financial network managed by American intelligence. Specifically the Agency used Castle Bank to facilitate the hidden transfer of huge sums to finance subversion, paramilitary operations, an occasional coup d’etat, bribery, and payments to foreign informants. Castle Bank was the conduit for millions of dollars earmarked by the CIA for funding covert intelligence operations directed at countries in Latin America and the Far East. Castle Bank served the CIA and the mafia. Allan George Palmer, a known manufacturer and distributor of illicit drugs held an account in Castle Bank. Tony Accardo and Morris Kleinman were two examples of organized crime figures who had an account at Castle Bank.  6

* * *

In the summer of 1964, Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters toured America in a bus and propagated LSD use. The Grateful Dead was part of the people who participated in the tour. They performed while Pranksters passed out LSD to the crowd. They called it the “Electric Kool Aid Acid Test”. Back then the band name was The Warlocks.

 kesey busMerry Pranksters bus

Augustus Owsley Stanley III set up a LSD lab in San Francisco and he supplied LSD to the Merry Pranksters.
He also supplied LSD to San Francisco bands – the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Jefferson Starship.

owsley stanleyOwsley Stanley

* * *

About 1965 the first new heroin refineries sprang up in Laos under control of Laos General Ouane Rattikone.
They replaced using Marseille as the heroin refinery.

General Edward Lansdale served in the OSS and the CIA. From 1965 to 1968 he worked in the United States Embassy in Saigon, where he worked closely with Nguyen Ky, the Prime Minister of South Vietnam. President Ky was initially in charge of smuggling the heroin from the Laos refineries to South Vietnam. The CIA airline established by Paul Helliwell, Air America, was used to fly the heroin from Laos to Saigon.

A. Dulles Director of CIA, General Edward Lansdale, Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, President Eisenhower,Allen Dulles, Edward Lansdale, Sydney Gottleib, Ike Eisenhower

* * *

CIA agent John Starr Cooke was living in Mexico, where he directed his agents called the Psychedelic Rangers.

Aldous Huxley had said to target influential people for the LSD experience. Cooke had a master-plan for his Psychedelic Rangers – to target selected individuals for ‘enlightenment’. They would give these targeted people more than ten times the normal dose for a full-blown acid trip – in an effort to “bring about a rapid and permanent transformation” of the person’s disposition.

British intelligence agent Michael Hollingshead met with John Starr Cooke and they made a list of key targets.

In September 1965 Michael Hollingshead returned to his native London armed with five thousand doses of LSD. He established the World Psychedelic Center in London and provided LSD to influential people such as Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Donovan, William Burroughs, Alex Trocchi, and movie producer Roman Polanski.  42

In 1966, all the Grateful Dead did for six months was perform at Acid Tests held by the Merry Pranksters. 45

In the Acid Tests that meant to do away with old forms, with old ideas, try something new. When it was moving right, you could dig that there was something that it was getting toward, something like ordered chaos, or some region of chaos. The Test would start off and then there would be chaos. Everybody would be high and flashing and going through insane changes during which everything would be demolished, man, and spilled and broken and affected… and it’d go on all night till morning. It wasn’t a gig, it was the Acid Test where anything was okay.  Thousands of people, man, all helplessly stoned, all finding themselves in a room full of other thousands of people… It was magic, far out, beautiful magic.”

  – Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead band leader     46

hippie concerts

 * * *

After completing basic training at Fort Dix in the fall of 1965 Paul Withers was sent to Nha Trang, South Vietnam. …he was placed on ‘loan’ to the CIA in January 1966 and sent to Pak Seng, Laos. Before going there he and his companions were stripped of their uniforms and all American credentials.

One of the main tasks was to buy up the entire local crop of opium. About twice a week an Air America plane would arrive with supplies and kilo bags of opium which were loaded on the plane.

The Great Heroin Coup – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by  Henrik Kruger

* * *

Farmer John Griggs was the leader of a motorcycle gang in California. Griggs held up a Hollywood producer at gunpoint and robbed him of his stash of LSD. A week later the bikers dropped the acid and Griggs had a life changing experience. Griggs, who had been addicted to heroin, kicked the habit shortly thereafter. Many members of the gang experienced a spiritual awakening. Griggs decided to spread the gospel of LSD.  47

In the summer of 1966 John Griggs traveled to Millbrook to meet with the High Priest of LSD – Timothy Leary.

Leary_and_GriggsCIA agent Timothy Leary and John Griggs

John Griggs was going to be the head of the major drug trafficking ring called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Billy Mellon Hitchcock would be their banker, putting their money into a CIA bank in the Bahamas – Castle bank – where they eventually lost their money to financial chicanery by two CIA agents, Billy Mellon Hitchcock and Ronald Stark.  44  This was how the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was a CIA drug trafficking ring, whether they realized it or not.

Leary promoted what he called ‘God’s gift to young people’ – LSD. Leary delivered a speech at a press conference in New York City where he introduced the phrase “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. Leary was promoting the creation of the counterculture movement that encouraged America’s youth to embrace cultural changes through the use of psychedelics and by detaching themselves from the existing society.

Leary decided to found a religious group as a cover for LSD distribution. On 19 September 1966, Leary founded the League for Spiritual Discovery, a religion declaring LSD as its holy sacrament. Griggs liked the idea. 44, 47, 48

On 6 October 1966, LSD was made illegal in the United States.

John Griggs returned to California and incorporated a church called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

The Brothers settled in Laguna Beach, a small seaside resort thirty miles south of Los Angeles. John Griggs supplied LSD for a growing Freaktown where hippies danced barefoot across beaches and mountains.  44

The influence of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love upon the ‘counterculture’ that began in the 1960s was vast. During the 1960s the Brotherhood was involved with major figures in the hippie movement that included Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey, Owsley Stanley, the Hell’s Angels, the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, and many more.  47

Griggs and his group believed that LSD could transform American society into a glorious utopia. That idea is in Huxley’s book Brave New World, where the people are pacified by a drug.

The British intelligence operation to transform America’s youth with drugs was led by Aldous Huxley and was being orchestrated by the CIA and its agents. Huxley acted as an agent provocateur – instigating others into action with his ideas and suggestions. Timothy Leary was one of the CIA agents forwarding the British operation. Just after John Griggs had met with Timothy Leary, Griggs transformed his motorcycle gang into a CIA international drug cartel, operating under the cover of being on a religious mission.

They pioneered the first major hashish smuggling operation into the US. They became the first international LSD traffickers and brought the world a particularly potent batch of LSD known as Orange Sunshine. They established the first major marijuana drug pipeline with Sinaloa, Mexico.

Brotherhood member, David Hall, smuggled Mexican marijuana into Laguna Beach. Their supplier was “Papa”, who oversaw a vast network of marijuana farms in Sonora and Sinaloa.

Sinaloa MexicoSonora and Sinaloa, Mexico

“Papa” Pedro Aviles Perez was the drug kingpin in Mexico, and also the first Godfather of the Mexican Mafia.

pedro aviles perez2Pedro Aviles Perez – “Papa”

Rafael Caro Quintero was the right-hand man for Pedro Aviles Perez. 49

quintero 1985Rafael Caro Quintero

Corruption of Mexican state officials was brokered by Miguel Gallardo.

gallardoMiguel Ángel Félix Gallardo

Rafael Quintero and Miguel Gallardo became CIA assets for smuggling drugs into the United States.

Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo was the gang’s treasurer.

Ernesto Fonseca CarrilloErnesto Fonseca Carrillo

The first thing the Brotherhood of Eternal Love did, was establish a vast marijuana smuggling network out of Mexico, with Pedro Aviles Perez. The Brotherhood started dealing drugs, mostly marijuana at first, which they snuck across the border in hundred pound lots after paying off police officials in Mexico. It was the first large scale smuggling operation bringing Mexican marijuana into the U.S. The Brotherhood rented a house in a town near Tijuana, Mexico. They would buy their marijuana, hide it in the fenders of their cars and drive across the border without problems.  48

Tijuana MexicoTijuana, Mexico

Famous surfer Mike Hynson was a member of the Brotherhood. One day he walked into a warehouse with John Griggs and saw 50 tons of marijuana that was being stored there.

Hynson - brotherhood at time of endless summerMike Hynson

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love developed into a sophisticated smuggling and distribution network that stretched around the globe. They used false identification. During the next several years, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love established itself as America’s top hashish-smuggling ring­ with up to a dozen hash-stuffed Volkswagen buses and Land Rovers being shipped back from Afghanistan at any given moment­. They also smuggled cocaine.

The Brotherhood was also America’s top LSD-distribution ring, selling LSD obtained from Owsley’s lieutenants in the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco.  47, 50

John Starr Cooke was the mentor and CIA handler of Michael Bowen. Cooke specifically sent him, in 1966, to become one of the staff of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury (drug and hippie area) based newspaper The Oracle. It was through that newspaper the CIA planted the ideas they wanted the young rebel Americans to have.

John Cooke conceived the plan for the human Be-In in San Francisco. He had Michael Bowen arrange it.  5, 51
CIA agents organized the ‘Be-In’. They printed up concert posters to advertise the Be-In.

January 14 1967 Gathering of the Tribes -Human Be-In

It was to be a ‘gathering of the tribes to join together in Golden Gate Park for a love pow-wow, to celebrate “love, peace, compassion, and the unity of mankind’. The Be-In was held on January 14, 1967. Twenty-five thousand men, women and children gathered in Golden Gate Park. The CIA provided the LSD, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love helpfully dropped thousands of tabs of LSD on the crowd.

Passing out the LSD was John Cooke’s idea, and through his protege’ Michael Bowen the goal was to get control of the young American cultural and political rebels and psychedelize them into ‘seeing the light’.


A clear voice from the platform said –

“Welcome to the first manifestation of the Brave New World.”


That was a reference to Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World. It is a British intelligence behavior modification attack against America, especially the youth. The chosen drug to pacify the population are the drugs that cause hallucinations. These were promoted as “expanding consciousness” and as a path to gain “spiritual enlightment”.


The primary promoters of these drugs and spiritual enlightment were –

Adous Huxley  (British MI 6)
Al Hubbard  (CIA)
Timothy Leary  (CIA)
Ken Kesey  (CIA)

Timothy Leary spoke to the crowd, dropping propaganda ideas like “the only way out is in” and so on.  22

leary be-inTimothy Leary speaking at the Be-In

This event led to the Flower People and the Summer of Love in San Francisco.

* * *

The slavemasters and their society – aristocracy, banking, big business, capitalism – is the political right wing.
The people and their ideas – democracy, human rights, socialism, communism – is the political left wing.

The slavemasters and their demented minions pretend they are for democracy – rule by the people.
But the truth is they are violently opposed to democracy, they only want aristocracy – rule by slavemasters.

The Gladio guerrilla warfare cell in Greece was called the LOK. They were involved in the military coup in Greece on 21 April 1967, which took place one month before the scheduled national elections for which opinion polls predicted an overwhelming victory by left-wing George Papandreou. The CIA instructed the LOK to prevent a ‘leftist coup’ – as they called it. The LOK took control of the Greek Defense Ministry during the coup.

The coup was led by Colonel George Papadopoulos who had received intelligence training in the United States and had been an actual CIA agent for 15 years. He was head of the military junta that then ruled Greece.

George PapadopoulosColonel George Papadopoulos

During the next six years the “Regime of the Colonels”, backed by the CIA, ushered in the use of widespread torture and murder of political opponents. They immediately suspended civil liberties such as freedom of thought and freedom of the press. About 8,000 suspected communists and political opponents were imprisoned. About 3,500 people were detained in torture centers and brutally tortured. Elections were suspended, making Greece a true police state.

* * *

By the spring of 1967 the Millbrook scene was collapsing, the entire place was under round-the-clock surveillance by the police. Billy Mellon Hitchcock closed Millbrook and moved to Sausalito, just north of San Francisco. There were two LSD chemists who were present at Millbrook and personally knew Billy Mellon Hitchcock. They were Tim Scully and Nick Sand. After moving to Sausalito, Hitchcock financed them to manufacture LSD.  44

By 1967, Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters had handed out such quantities of LSD that a sizable drug population had emerged. Due to the “Flower People” and the “Summer of Love” in Haight-Ashbury, the United States was ready for the inundation of LSD, hashish and marijuana that hit American college campuses in the late 1960s.

* * *

Klaus Barbie helped the CIA capture and kill Che Guevara in 1967. Ninety per cent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States was coming through CIA agent, Klaus Barbie.  24, 53, 54

klaus barbieKlaus Barbie

* * *

In late 1967, Glenn Lynd, and two other Brotherhood members traveled to Afghanistan in search of a permanent source of supply for hashish. They developed their most important foreign contact for hashish – Amanullah and Hayatullah Tokhi in Afghanistan. They purchased 125 pounds of high-quality Afghanistan hashish and smuggled it into California.

Thereafter Brotherhood smugglers flew to Europe, purchased Volkswagen buses and other vehicles, drove them to Afghanistan – where they were loaded with hundreds of pounds of hashish and shipped to California. The Brotherhood smuggled 24 tons of hashish into the United States.  48, 52

Glen and Marilyn Lynd

In late 1967, Owsley Stanley was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison.

It was 1968 when Timothy Leary moved to Laguna Beach to live and work with the Brotherhood. Ever since Owsley’s arrest, a steady supply of high-quality street acid had been hard to come by. Leary suggested that John Griggs and the Brotherhood get together with LSD chemists Timothy Scully and Nicholas Sand.

                                                                   Tim ScullyTim Scully

Nick SandNick Sand

In June 1968 John Griggs met with Tim Scully and Nick Sand in the home of Billy Mellon Hitchcock in Sausalito. They made an agreement, the Brotherhood would distribute LSD made by Scully and Sand. The demand for street acid had skyrocketed ever since the Summer of Love, and these young men intended to fill the void created by Owsley’s arrest.  44

The two chemists were hard-pressed to find ergotamine tartrate, one of the key ingredients of LSD-25. Hitchcock contacted Michael Druce in London and he supplied the ergotamine tartrate. It was Druce who kept Millbrook going when LSD was in short supply in the United States. Hitchcock paid the start up costs for the lab.  48, 55, 56

The LSD made by Scully was said to be purer than Sandoz. In March 1969, the first batch of “orange sunshine” LSD was made by Timothy Scully. Slightly under 1 million tablets were produced in this first endeavor. At this point in time, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was the largest supplier of hashish and LSD in the United States. 58

At a rock concert in Anaheim, it rained orange pills. A man wearing a T-shirt that read “Orange Sunshine Express” was scattering LSD into the air. The psychedelic sower was a member of the Brotherhood, and he was handing out as many as a hundred thousand doses in a single day.

Timothy Leary endorsed orange sunshine above all other brands. By the middle of 1969, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love had distributed 10 million hits of Orange Sunshine.

In 1969, Brotherhood members Mike Hynson and John Gale opened Rainbow Surfboards in Laguna Beach.
They smuggled 20 pounds of hashish within the interiors of fiberglass surfboards which they manufactured.
Gale also became the biggest cocaine broker in California.  50, 57

Hynson rainbow surf boardsJohn Gale in the center

Billy Mellon Hitchcock maintained a private account at the CIA bank – Castle Bank and Trust in the Bahamas. Hitchcock was banker for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, setting them up with accounts at Castle Bank. 44, 47
That’s how the CIA was the actual recipient of the money made from Brotherhood drug trafficking.
Billy Hitchcock eventually told the Brotherhood they lost their money due to “bad investments”.

Ronald Stark was a CIA agent who by 1969 had become one of the world’s leading suppliers of LSD, produced at his illicit labs in Europe.

Ronald_Hadley_StarkRonald Hadley Stark

In early August 1969, Farmer John Griggs died from an overdose of PCP under suspicious circumstances. 
Then Ronald Stark appeared on the scene. Bill Mellon Hitchcock sent Ronald Stark to see the Brotherhood.
Stark showed them a kilo (2.2 pounds) of pure liquid LSD, enough for ten million trips, and explained that he
needed an outlet in the US for the LSD he was producing in Europe.

Stark said he had a mission to use LSD in order to facilitate the overthrow of the political systems of both the capitalist West and communist East by inducing altered states of consciousness in millions of people.  44, 57, 59

Ronald Stark was the new CIA handler for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Stark became their banker.

Ronald Stark said he knew lots of spies, and to some of his friends he even boasted of working for the CIA. Stark had a friend who worked with the CIA station in London. His CIA friend warned Stark about an impending raid on Stark’s lab in Paris. Stark shut down his French operation in 1971. A few months later the American embassy in London assisted Stark in opening a sophisticated production center in Brussels, Belgium which masqueraded as a reputable firm engaged in biomedical research.

That was the CIA helping Stark to open his new drug lab. During this period Stark communicated on a regular basis with officials at the American embassy in London. Stark made twenty kilos of LSD – enough for fifty million doses – most of it was sold in the United States.   44, 59

* * *

Del Rosario, a former CIA operative, said –

In 1971 I was an operations assistant for Continental Air Service, which flew for the CIA in Laos. The company’s transport planes shipped large quantities of rice. However, when the freight invoice was marked ‘Diverse,’ I knew it was opium.

These shipments were always top priority. Sometimes the opium was unloaded in Vientiane and stored in Air America depots. At other times it went on to Bangkok or Saigon.    7

* * *

On April 22, 1973, four members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love were arrested. Arrest warrants were issued for other Brotherhood members. Six hashish oil laboratories were seized, along with 30 gallons of hashish oil and 6,000 pounds of solid hashish.   58

Ronald Stark ended up with nearly all the Brotherhood money and property, which means the CIA got it.  44

* * *

In 1974 Brotherhood member Danny Fowlie moved from Laguna Beach to Costa Rica where he hooked up with CIA drug trafficking and money laundering man Robert Vesco. Robert Vesco was a major operator in CIA drug trafficking. Vesco also set up numerous front companies and banks for moving CIA drug trafficking money around.   60

A Florida grand jury indictment charged that Robert Vesco –

  • he helped Columbia traffickers fly cocaine through Cuban air space
  • he underwrote cocaine purchases from the Suarez family in Bolivia
  • he underwrote heroin purchases from Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle
  • set up a cocaine-refining laboratory in Nicaragua

robert vescoRobert Vesco

* * *

Ronald Stark was a CIA agent who was drug trafficking in support of Operation Gladio.

In February 1975 Italian police received an anonymous phone call about a man selling drugs in a hotel in Bologna, Italy.  A few days later at the Grand Hotel Baglioni they arrested a suspect in possession of 4,600 kilos of marijuana, morphine, and cocaine. The suspect had a British passport under the name Terrence W. Abbott. Italian investigators soon discovered that “Mr. Abbott” was actually Ronald Stark.  44

Terrence W. Abbott was holding a genuine British passport, number 348489A, which was issued in 1973.
The story of how Stark got the British passport will never be told – British intelligence refused to release their files on Stark.

Ronald Stark was in prison in Italy from 1975-79 following his involvement with a gang of drug-dealing fascist terrorists. That would be the Operation Gladio cell in Italy.

Later in time, Magistrate Giorgio Floridia ordered that Ronald Stark be released on the grounds that he was an American Department of Defense agent and had been since 1960.  61, 62

* * *

Daniel Fowlie was doing drug trafficking with CIA man Robert Vesco. Around 1976 Fowlie purchased a ranch in Orange County, California – called Rancho Del Rio. A large metal tank was buried underground to hide tons of marijuana being stored there.

Rancho.1222 Photo of the storied Rancho del Rio property that The Girl Scout Council of Orange County sold for $3.65 million after giving up on it as a campsite. The land has a colorful past, including Daniel Fowlie's marijuana and cocaine smuggling days.

Fowlie’s accountant, Joseph Cooper, testifed that tens of thousands of pounds of Mexican marijuana was smuggled into the United States to supply the Fowlie drug trafficking empire. Cooper testified that they made profits on 30 to 35 tons of marijuana and they had their highest profit in the high-grade pot they bought from Rafael Caro Quintero.   63, 64, 65

dan fowlieDaniel James Fowlie

* * *

The Justice Department was pursuing charges against Castle Bank and its depositors. In 1977, pressure from the Central Intelligence Agency caused the Justice Department to drop what could have been the biggest tax-evasion case of all time. The CIA’s argument was – pursuit of the Castle Bank would endanger “national security.” This was because the bank was the conduit for millions of dollar earmarked by the CIA for the funding of covert intelligence operations directed at countries in Latin America and the Far East. A major tax evasion investigation of the bank would have endangered these CIA operations.  6

* * *

In 1978 CIA drug trafficker Robert Vesco sold his Rancho del Mar in Costa Rica to Danny Fowlie.

fowlie compound and houseRancho del Mar in Pavones, Costa Rica

Danny Fowlie then assumed his role as CIA drug trafficker in Costa Rica.

Central_America map
Robert Vesco moved to the Bahamas where he ran into Carlos Lehder, who was researching an island about 210 miles off the coast of Florida called Norman’s Cay. Vesco convinced Lehder that the island could be used for cocaine trafficking – planes from Columbia would bring the cocaine to the island, then smaller planes would fly the cocaine into the United States.  66

Carlos Lehder entered the CIA drug trafficking network. He was a co-founder of the Medellín Cartel in Columbia.

Carlos Lehder – Norman’s Caynormans-cay- lehder

Norman's cay - lehderNorman’s Cay

Carlos LehderCarlos Lehder

Robert Vesco introduced Carlos Lehder to Bahamian Prime Minister Lynden Pindling, who was a British asset.

Prime Minister Lynden Pindling in 1973 with Prince Charles during the Royal visitPrime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling in 1973 with Prince Charles during the Royal visit.

PBS SHOW NARRATOR: In the 1970s, 90 percent of the world’s coca was grown in Peru and Bolivia. After harvest, it was hauled to jungle labs, where it was chemically treated and processed into a powder, cocaine hydrochloride.

CARLOS TORO: The Pindlings were always willing to be part of this deal, and they made it possible for corporations to be formed, for banks to be opened – bank accounts – and for money laundering. And the Pindlings wanted to be part of it.

PBS SHOW NARRATOR: From time to time, Prime Minister Lynden Pindling would stage a drug bust. According to U.S. law enforcement sources, the Bahamian police would seize a load and photos would be taken. Afterwards the money and drugs would be handed back to Lehder.

CARLOS TORO: This was a facade kind of thing. You know, we and Mr. Pindling, I discussed it with him. At times he will say to me, “Carlos, we have to make an arrest.” I mean, we had the Americans checking on us. And we’re getting helicopters from them, and we’re getting financial aid, and we got a partnership here.

We’ve got to show that we’re doing the job. So he was corrupt. And that is why DEA had a problem getting into Norman’s Cay.

The Bahamian Commission of Inquiry said that between 1977 and 1983 Pindling received an unexplained $3.5 million more than he was paid in salary. The unexplained millions were from CIA banks making pay offs to Pindling.  67

* * *

Pedro Avilés Pérez was the Mexican drug lord and godfather of the Mexican Mafia. Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo was the gang’s treasurer. It is believed Fonseca set up the death of Pedro Avilés Pérez on 28 September 1978.

Miguel Gallardo inherited the business and became the Godfather. The coup was the start of the Guadelajara Cartel, which was Miguel Gallardo and Rafael Quintero.

felix-gallardoMiguel Gallardo – the new Godfather of the Mexican Mafia

Guadalajara,_MexicoGuadalajara, Mexico

Gallardo’s connection that helped him get all this drug business allowed was CIA asset Miguel Nassar Haro, the chief of Mexico’s Directorate of Federal Security .

Miguel Nassar HaroMiguel Nassar Haro

* * *

Augusto Sandino had led a Liberal peasant army against the U.S.-backed government in Nicaragua. He was not a communist. While he sought relief for the poor, he did not advocate for a Marxist class struggle. Then the Somoza family came into power and ruled Nicaragua, backed by the U.S. government.

The Sandinista National Liberation Front was formed by students who were outraged at conditions in Nicaragua under Somoza. They were also outraged at consistent U.S. intervention in Nicaragua affairs. They united the workers and peasants to destroy the “present system of capitalist exploitation and oppression” being run by the Somoza government. They wanted to install a government that incorporated socialist ideas.

The Somoza government used torture, killings, and censorship of the press to combat the Sandinista National Liberation Front. They also refused to allow democratic elections.

The Sandinista National Liberation Front came to be in control of the entire country. On 17 July 1979 Somoza resigned, giving control of the government to the revolutionary movement.

In 1980 a counter-revolution movement was initiated in Nicaragua, known as the Contras.

Central and South America countries

* * *

Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was a CIA agent in Bolivia involved in cocaine smuggling into the United States.

Klaus Barbie had taken Roberto Suarez Gomez under his wing. Gomez was called the King of Cocaine.

roberto suarez gomezRoberto Suarez Gomez

As part of CIA Operation Condor, Gomez helped finance the military coup that installed a dictator in Bolivia.

Michael Levine was an agent for Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). In 1980 he was working undercover operations to set up the biggest coke dealers in Bolivia – who produce the raw material for 90 percent of the cocaine entering the United States. That was run by Klaus Barbie.

Michael Levine

The Bolivian government was cooperating with Michael Levine and wanted to help the DEA to defeat the Bolivia drug barons. Michael Levine had arrested the two most prominent leaders of the Roberto Gomez cartel, and he claims that the CIA intervened to drop charges against one of them and reduce bail for another, allowing both to escape their US trial in 1979. Subsequently they returned to Bolivia and participated in the coup, along with the aid of Klaus Barbie.

General Luis García Meza Tejada was Commander of the Bolivian Army, also involved with the cocaine traffickers. García Meza forced a violent coup d’etat on July 17, 1980 – referred to as the Cocaine Coup. The Bolivia drug dealers, with CIA help, overthrew the Bolivian government. The Bolivia government ministers that were assisting Levine were tortured to death at the hands of CIA-sponsored paramilitary terrorists under the command of Klaus Barbie.

                                                 Klaus BarbieKlaus Barbie

Michael Levine’s 25 years as a DEA agent led him to the conclusion that the CIA is running the drug trade.

Dennis Dayle, Chief of a DEA unit in Central America, said: “In my 30 year history in DEA, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.”    24, 53, 54, 68, 69

You can listen to Dennis Dayle live interview of him from 1996 at Expert Witness Radio.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was still part of the CIA drug trafficking network. Brotherhood member John Gale became the largest cocaine dealer in California at this time.

 * * *

In January 1981, Ronald Reagan became the U.S. President and he supported a strong anti-communist strategy for dealing with Latin America. Reagan authorized covert support of the Contras and an armed conflict began. The Contras were heavily backed by the CIA.

By 1982 Contra forces had begun carrying out assassinations of members of the Nicaraguan government and they soon launched a major offensive. In December 1982 the U.S. Congress outlawed U.S. assistance to the Contras for the purpose of overthrowing the Nicaraguan government.

The Contras were then funded by drug trafficking, and the US government was aware of it. Senator John Kerry’s 1988 report on Contra drug links concluded that “senior U.S. policy makers were not immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras funding problems.”

The Guadalajara Cartel (Miguel Gallardo and Rafael Quintero) prospered largely because it enjoyed the protection of it’s drug trafficking network by the CIA. Gallardo himself was considered an asset by the CIA. Gallardo provided a significant amount of funding, weapons, and other aid to the Contras in Nicaragua. Quintero lent the CIA his ranches in Jalisco and Veracruz so they could train the Contras.


Miguel Gallardo and Rafael Caro-Quintero supplied the Contras with guns and money.

The Guadalajara Cartel smuggled 4 tons of cocaine a month into the United States. One ton of cocaine has a street value of 200 million dollars, so that is 800 million dollars a month. There is no way the CIA was letting the peasants in Nicaragua have 800 million dollars a month, so who was really getting all of that money?

Gallardo’s drug trafficking was known to several U.S. federal agencies, including the CIA and the Drug Enforcement Agency, but he was granted immunity due to his “charitable contributions to the Contras”.

The Guadalajara Cartel cartel was linked to the Colombian cartels primarily through the Honduran drug trafficker Juan Matta-Ballesteros (also a CIA asset and Contra supporter).

Juan Matta-BallesterosJuan Matta-Ballesteros

According to a 1983 U.S. Customs Investigative Report, Ballesteros was the head of the SETCO airline, a corporation that was used for smuggling narcotics into the United States.

According to the Senator Kerry Committee report (Contra investigation) the SETCO airline was the principal company used by the Contras in Honduras to transport at least a million rounds of ammunition, food, uniforms, military supplies and personnel for the FDN (one of the earliest Contra groups) from 1983 through 1985.

For its services SETCO received funds from the accounts established by Oliver North.

Gallardo, Ballesteros, and Santiago Ocampo of the Cali Cartel would later head the largest cocaine ring in the world.

The Cali Cartel was a drug cartel based around the city of Cali, Colombia. Its founders were the Rodríguez Orejuela brothers, Gilberto and Miguel, and José Santacruz Londoño, also known as “Chepe”. They broke away from Pablo Escobar and his Medellin associates in the late 1980s when Hélmer Herrera, also known as “Pacho”, joined what became a four-man executive board that ran the cartel.

With connections to British mercenaries, countless spies in the government, and its vast surveillance network throughout the city of Santiago de Cali, the cartel was compared to the Russian KGB by the American DEA, calling it “The most powerful crime syndicate in history”, later called “The Cali KGB”.

At the height of the Cali Cartel’s reign, they were cited as having control over 90% of the world’s cocaine market.

Note –
San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb published articles titled Dark Alliance in August 1996. The articles alleged that Nicaraguan drug traffickers had sold crack cocaine in Los Angeles during the 1980s, and that drug profits were used to fund the CIA-supported Contras. Webb documented that the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of cocaine into the U.S. by the Contra personnel.


garywebbGary Webb

Webb supported his story with documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The evidence shows White House officials knew about and supported using money from drug trafficking to fund the Contras.

Cocaine pipeline financed rebels
Evidence points to CIA knowing of high-volume drug network

by Gary Webb
San Jose Mercury News

For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to an arm of the contra guerrillas of Nicaragua run by the Central Intelligence Agency, the San Jose Mercury News has found. This drug network opened the first pipeline between Colombia’s cocaine cartels and the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, a city now known as the “crack” capital of the world. The cocaine that flooded in helped spark a crack explosion in urban America – and provided the cash and connections needed for L.A.’s gangs to buy weapons.

…While the FDN’s war is barely a memory today, black America is still dealing with its poisonous side effects. Urban neighborhoods are grappling with legions of homeless crack addicts. Thousands of young black men are serving long prison sentences for selling cocaine – a drug that was virtually unobtainable in black neighborhoods before members of the CIA’s army brought it into South-Central in the 1980s at bargain-basement prices.

Gary Webb with one of his articles

Gary Webb was harrassed and had to leave the newspaper. The CIA conducted its own internal investigations. On March 16, 1998, the CIA admitted that the CIA had maintained relationships with companies and individuals the CIA knew were involved in the drug business. But this was excuseable because the Contra war took precedence over law enforcement.

Gary Webb then went to work for the Sacramento News and Review. On December 10, 2004 he was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head. At the time leading up to his death, Webb was working on another piece, and had mentioned to friends that he was constantly being tailed, had been receiving death threats, and had his house broken into.  5, 54

 * * *

In October 1984, the U.S. Congress forbid action in Nicaragua by the Defense Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, and all U.S. government agencies.

Retired U. S. Army General John Singlaub took over leadership of the World Anti-Communist League. The CIA facilitated massive cocaine and marijuana trafficking into the U.S. to aid the Contra forces. The CIA used the World Anti-Communist League to funnel money and weapons to the Contras and other anti-communist rebel movements in Africa, Central America, Afghanistan and the Far East.   70

On November 4 1984 an election was held in Nicaragua. Daniel Ortega was the candidate for the Sandinista National Liberation Front – he easily won the election by receiving 67 per cent of the votes.

The Iran-Contra scandal began in 1985, when President Reagan approved the sale of arms to a sworn enemy – Iran – and then used the money to fund the Contras to overthrow the government of Nicaragua. Well, the people in Nicaragua voted for who they wanted as the President – so here is another case proving that the slavemasters are not fighting for democracy.

Opinion polls indicated that a majority of the U.S. public was not supportive of the Contras. President Reagan lost much of his support for his Contra policy within Congress after disclosure of CIA mining of Nicaraguan ports, and a report by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research found Reagan’s allegations about Soviet influence in Nicaragua “exaggerated”. Congress cut off all funds for the Contras in 1985.  5

Ronald Reagan

* * *

Barry Seal was an American pilot who flew flights for the Medellín Cartel in the late 1980’s. He transported shipments of cocaine from Colombia to an airport facility in Mena, Arkansas. In three years, Seal later testified, he imported $3 billion to $5 billion worth of cocaine. Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas at the time and there have been allegations he was involved.

Barry SealAdler Berriman “Barry” Seal



By 1988 the number of drug users in the United States had soared to 18 million for marijuana, six million for cocaine, and 500,000 for heroin – a trade valued at $100 billion dollars.

Tom Tripodi worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency and then he went to work at the CIA. He wrote –

…narcotics was one of the major weapons in the intelligence game. Not only did the drug traffic inflict irreparable damage to the target country, but the moneys collected paid many operational bills…  2

Through the exploitation of the drug problem, the overall effectiveness and readiness of the work force would be diminished. Through the covert encouragement of a drug problem, a heavy burden is placed on the target country by compelling it to divert large manpower commitments and expenditures on servicing the problem. The costs, for instance, of narcotic law enforcement, medical and rehabilitative services are staggering. Finally the exploitation of a drug problem in a target country would provide an unending lucrative source of revenue.  71


Drug trafficking is a weapon the British slavemasters have been using on America for 217 years now.

They have always used drug trafficking to finance their world domination plan.

It also finances their black political operations against other nations in the world.

This is another situation that needs a reckoning.


The Reckoning Table of Chapters



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wall-street-journal-paul-helliwell-cia-shut-down-investigation_page_1 wall-street-journal-paul-helliwell-cia-shut-down-investigation_page_2             Plain Text –

NASSAU, Bahamas –

One of the more titillating business stories that somehow managed to reach the public prints in the last decade was the great Castle Bank caper.

Remember? It was the escapade in which two Internal Revenue Service agents outdid themselves as sleuths only to have their chief throw out their hard-gained evidence of possible massive tax evasion as inadmissible.

For years IRS agents had been trying, without much success, to obtain documentary proof that Americans were using offshore banks in the Caribbean to hide income and evade taxes. One of the suspect banks was the privately owned, Nassau-based Castle Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd. So one night in 1973, while an official of the Castle Bank was having dinner at a posh Key Biscayne, Fla., restaurant with a woman an IRS informant had hired as a decoy, the informant let himself into her apartment, took the banker’s briefcase and gave it to two IRS agents. After photographing the briefcase’s contents, the agents had the briefcase returned to the woman’s apartment and, for the time being at least, the banker was none the wiser.

The photographed documents were a revelation. One of them was a computer printout of the bank’s account holders- some 308 names, including not only nationally known U.S. businessmen and entertainers but quite a few well-known organized-crime figures as well. The account holders controlled about a quarter of a billion dollars in assets. To the jubilant agents the list presented the possibility of the single biggest tax evasion strike in IRS history.

It now appears that pressure from the Central Intelligence Agency, rather than any legal problem, was what caused the Justice Department to drop what could have been the biggest tax-evasion case of all time.

What caused the Justice Department to back off seems to have been the CIA’s argument that pursuit of the Castle Bank would endanger “national security.” This was involved because the bank, besides its possible use as a haven for tax evaders, was the conduit for millions of dollar earmarked by the CIA for the funding of clandestine operations against Cuba and for other covert intelligence operations directed at countries in Latin America and the Far East. A major tax evasion investigation of the bank probably would have endangered these CIA operations.

Castle Bank was set up and principally controlled by the late Paul Lionel Edward Helliwell, a Miami lawyer. Mr. Helliwell, who had longstanding ties to the U.S. intelligence community, was instrumental in helping to direct a network of CIA undercover operation and “proprietaries” (A proprietary is a concern secretly set up and controlled by the CIA, ostensibly as a legitimate business.)

The gruff Mr. Helliwell, 62 when he died on Christmas Eve, 1976, …was no stranger to the murky world of spying. During World War II, he was chief of special intelligence in China for the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS, the forerunner of the CIA.

Colleagues from those days recall the Mr. Helliwell, then a colonel, regularly used to buy information with five-pound shipments of opium (“three sticky brown bars.” according to one man).

In 1951, Mr. Helliwell helped set up and run Sea Supply Corp., a concern controlled by the CIA as a front. For almost 10 years, Sea Supply was used to supply huge amounts of weapons and equipment to 10,000 Nationalist Chinese troops in Burma as well as to Thailand’s police.

One former federal official who helped scrutinize Castle says, “Castle was one the CIA’s finance channels for operations against Cuba.” Mr. Helliwell reputedly was one of the paymasters for the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, as well as for other “extensive” CIA operations throughout Latin America. In particular, the former federal official says Mr. Helliwell was “deeply involved” in financing a series of covert forays between 1964 and 1975 against Cuba by CIA operatives working from Andros Island, the largest of the Bahamian islands.

A former member of Mr. Helliwell’s law firm says that it was general knowledge among the firm’s members “that Castle was a CIA account,” but that only Mr. Helliwell and two other lawyers had access to any information on the bank. He recalls one incident in the late 1960s when “the CIA had arranged to transfer a huge amount of money through Castle,” and that “Paul put the whole office on a security alert like it was some kind of war operation.”

The CIA convinced Justice that exposure of Castle and, of necessity, other Helliwell dealings, would compromise very sensitive and very significant intelligence operations.

It was the CIA’s Office of General Counsel that apparently repeatedly requested the Justice Department to back away from Castle. A federal attorney say he first learned of the CIA’s involvement when John J. Greaney, a CIA attorney, asked Justice “to keep out of certain accounts at Castle because they were run by the agency.”

7. The Great Heroin Coup – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by Henrik Kruger

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Trafficante’s territory has been Florida and the Caribbean, where he served as one of Meyer Lansky’s chief retainers.

During the late 1940s and 1950s Trafficante was heavily involved in Luciano’s and Lansky’s heroin smuggling operations, and after his father’s death in 1954, he succeeded him as Mafia boss of Florida and fell heir to his relationship with Lansky. Trafficante has always done his best to look after Lansky’s interests.

While the recruitment of Cuban gangsters may have solved the problems with couriers and distributors, the Mafia still had to find an alternative source of morphine base and, if possible, a reserve source of heroin to protect itself in case of problems in Marseille and Europe.

There were a number of alternatives, among which Southeast Asia was the most promising.

While Mexico had been refining small amounts of low-grade, brownish-colored heroin for a number of years, she had never been able to produce the fine white powder demanded by American addicts.

Though India and Afghanistan had some lively local opium smuggling, they had no connections with the international criminal syndicates.

But Southeast Asia was busily growing more than 70 percent of the world’s illicit opium, and the Chinese laboratories in Hong Kong were producing some of the finest heroin in the world.

Moreover, entrenched Corsican syndicates based in Vietnam and Laos had been regularly supplying the international markets, including Marseille and Hong Kong, with opium and morphine base for almost a decade. Obviously this was an area ripe for expansion.

So, in 1968, in the time-honored tradition of the Mafia and with the CIA/Vatican blessing – Santo Trafficante, Jr., went to Saigon, Hong Kong, and Singapore. (100)

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13. Here is proof that the CIA financed mafia thugs to takeover French docks –

Irving Brown had the CIA cover name Norris A. Grambo
Thomas Braden had the CIA cover name Warren G. Haskins

Thomas Braden says he gave Irving Brown $15,000 of CIA money to pay for his strong-arm squads in the Mediterranean ports.

… the CIA’s Thomas Braden later recalled how he dealt with the problem.

On the desk in front of me as I write these lines is a creased and faded yellow paper. It bears the following inscription in pencil:

Received from Warren G. Haskins, $15,000 (signed) Norris A. Grambo.

I went in search of this paper on the day the newspapers disclosed the “scandal” of the Central Intelligence Agency’s connections with American students and labor leaders.

For I was Warren G. Haskins. Norris A. Grambo was Irving Brown, of the American Federation of Labor. The $15,000 was from the vaults of the CIA, and the yellow paper is the last memento I possess of a vast and secret operation….

It was my idea to give $15,000 to Irving Brown. He needed it to pay off his strong-arm squads in the Mediterranean ports, so that American supplies could be unloaded against the opposition of Communist dock workers.”

– Thomas W. Braden, “I’m Glad the C.I.A. Is ‘Immoral” in The Saturday Evening Post, May 20, 1967, p. 10. (Emphasis added.) from The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

14.  The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia. CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade by historian Alfred Mccoy

… the CIA broke the last barrier to unrestricted Corsican smuggling operations in Marseille. When control over the docks was compounded with the political influence the milieu gained with CIA assistance in 1947, conditions were ideal for Marseille’s growth as America’s heroin laboratory. The French police later reported that Marseille’s first heroin laboratories were opened in 1951, only months after the milieu took over the waterfront.

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

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Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule for the recovery of the United States for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire.

18. On September 19, 1877, Cecil Rhodes drafted his first will. The first clause of the 1877 will bequeathed his wealth as follows:

To and for the establishment, promotion and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world… the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire…

See Cecil Rhodes Secret Society – Proof

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Cecil Rhodes… left his fortune to form a secret society, which was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire. …this secret society was created by Rhodes and… Lord Milner, and continues to exist to this day.

This society has been known… as the Round Table… I have chosen to call it the Milner Group.

Alfred Milner was able to dominate this Group… It is doubtful if Milner could have formed his Group without assistance… the Cecil Bloc gave him the political influence without which his ideas could easily have died in the seed…

The Milner Group could never have been built up by Milner’s own efforts. He had no political power or even influence. The power that was utilized by Milner and his Group was really the power of the Cecil family and its allied families…

20. The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, history professor

21. British spymaster Robert Cecil used the World War I Peace Conference to meet face to face with his agents in America – and they arranged the establishment of a front group for infiltrating and manipulating the American government.

On May 30, 1919, a meeting was held at the Hotel Majestic in Paris to discuss setting up an international group which would advise their respective governments on international affairs. Robert Cecil and Lionel Curtis were present for the British. Edward House and Whitney Shepardson were present for the Americans. The meeting created an Anglo-American Institute of International Affairs — one branch in London and one in New York.
(Source = The Council on Foreign Relations Handbook of 1936)

The Round Table front group in London is called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
The Round Table front group in New York is called the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, professor of history –

In 1919 Lionel Curtis was one of the chief founders of the Royal Institute of International Affairs… He was, like all the members of the Milner Group (Round Table), a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs…

The Institute was formed by the Cecil Bloc and the Milner Group, acting together…

It also has a parallel organization, which was regarded as a branch, in New York. This latter, the Council on Foreign Relations… The list of officers and board of directors… have always been loaded with partners, associates, and employees of J. P. Morgan and Company. …the RIIA agreed to regard the Council on Foreign Relations as its American branch.

22. Acid Dreams The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties, And Beyond by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain

23. BBC news

24. Blowback by Christopher Simpson

25. The Great Heroin Coup – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by Henrik Kruger

By 1953 the French intelligence community had already secretly taken over the opium trade. The Opium Monopoly had gone underground to become “Operation X.”

General_de_Lattre_de_Tassigny,_French_high_commissioner_and_commander_in_chief_in_Indochina_with_Emperor_Bao_Dai_on_1_January_1951.General de Lattre de Tassigny, French high commissioner and commander in chief in Indochina
with Emperor Bao Dai on 1 January 1951


Unlike the American CIA, which has its own independent administration and chain of command, French intelligence agencies have always been closely tied to the regular military hierarchy. The most important French intelligence agency, and the closest equivalent to the CIA, is the SDECE (Service de Documentation Exterieure et du Contre-Espionage).

During the First Indochina War, its Southeast Asian representative, Colonel Maurice Belleux, supervised four separate SDECE “services” operating inside the war zone-intelligence, decoding, counterespionage, and action (paramilitary operations).

While SDECE was allowed a great deal of autonomy in its pure intelligence work-spying, decoding, and counterespionage-the French high command assumed much of the responsibility for SDECE’s paramilitary Action Service.

Thus, although Major Trinquier’s hill tribe guerrilla organization, the Mixed Airborne Commando Group (MACG), was nominally subordinate to SDECE’s Action Service, in reality it reported to the Expeditionary Corps’ high command. All of the other paramilitary units, including Captain Savani’s Binh Xuyen river pirates, Catholics, and armed religious groups, reported to the 2eme Bureau, the military intelligence bureau of the French Expeditionary Corps.

During its peak years from 1951 to 1954, Operation X was sanctioned on the highest levels by Colonel Belleux for SDECE and Gen. Raoul Salan for the Expeditionary Corps. (11)

Below them, Major Trinquier of MACG assured Operation X a steady supply of Meo opium by ordering his liaison officers serving with Meo commander Touby Lyfoung and Tai Federation leader Deo Van Long to buy opium at a competitive price.

Henrik Kruger The Great Heroin Coup – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism




Once the opium was collected after the annual spring harvest, Trinquier had the mountain guerrillas fly it to Cap Saint Jacques (Vungtau) near Saigon, where the Action Service school trained hill tribe mercenaries at a military base.

There were no customs or police controls to interfere with or expose the illicit shipments here.

From Cap Saint Jacques the opium was trucked the sixty miles into Saigon and turned over to the Binh Xuyen bandits, who were there serving as the city’s local militia and managing its opium traffic, under the supervision of Capt. Antoine Savani of the 2eme Bureau.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUP – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.


French in indochina

The route –



The Binh Xuyen operated two major opium-boiling plants in Saigon (one near their headquarters at Cholon’s Y-Bridge and the other near the National Assembly) to transform the raw poppy sap into a smokable form.

The bandits distributed the prepared opium to dens and retail shops throughout Saigon and Cholon, some of which were owned by the Binh Xuyen (the others paid the gangsters a substantial share of their profits for protection).

The Binh Xuyen divided its receipts with Trinquier’s MACG and Savani’s 2eme Bureau. (13) Any surplus opium the Binh Xuyen were unable to market was sold to local Chinese merchants for export to Hong Kong or else to the Corsican criminal syndicates in Saigon for shipment to Marseille.

MACG deposited its portion in a secret account managed by the Action Service office in Saigon. When Touby Lyfoung or any other Meo tribal leader needed money, he flew to Saigon and personally drew money out of the caisse noire, or black box.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUP – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.

26. The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by historian Alfred Mccoy and
The Politics Of Heroin – CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade by Alfred Mccoy

27. Flashback: Psychiatric Experimentation With LSD in Historical Perspective by Erika Dyck

28. The Original Captain Trips by Todd Brendan Fahey Published originally by High Times, November 1991

29. THE PUPPET MASTER,  interview of Miles Copeland by PENTHOUSE magazine, 1978

Miles Copeland was asked to concoct a way to kill Nasser.

“I was once asked if I could slip an LSD pill in Nasser’s drink.”

“Who asked you?”

“Some kook in the scientific section.”

“What was the purpose?”

“To make a fool out of him. Suez had just come on and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and British Prime Minister Anthony Eden hated Gamal Nasser’s guts. We were asked to concoct a way to kill Nasser. Eden would have shot Nasser personally.”

These are the words of former CIA official Miles Copeland.

30. Counterpunch newsletter –  A Psychedelic History of the CIA

31. Tinker, Tailor, Stoner, Spy: Was Timothy Leary a CIA Agent? by Mark Riebling

Leary also consulted British philosopher Aldous Huxley, author of the psychedelic manifesto, The Doors of Perception. Huxley, who is at Harvard on a visiting professorship, urges Leary to form a secret order of LSD-Illuminati, to launch and lead a psychedelic conspiracy to brainwash influential people for the purposes human betterment.

“That’s how everything of culture and beauty and philosophic freedom has been passed on,” Huxley tells him. “Initiate artists, writers, poets, jazz musicians, elegant courtesans. And they’ll educate the intelligent rich.”

32. Aldous Huxley, A Biography by Sybille Bedford – pages 647 and 717

33. The Cord Meyer Papers at The Library of Congress 

Cord Meyer recruited Timothy Leary into the CIA around 1947 when they were both being intelligence agents undercover as members of the communist front group The American Veterans Committee. Timothy Leary was later part of several CIA mind control projects (code name MK Ultra). Leary was also involved in a British intelligence operation being fronted by the CIA – peddling LSD all across America. Leary got a major distributor of LSD going, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

Cord Meyer in 1948Cord Meyer

In 1954, Timothy Leary’s CIA assignment was to devise a personality test. Leary worked with CIA contractor Frank Barron at the Berkeley Institute for Personality Assessment and Research. The Leary Test is used by the CIA to test prospective employees. (Source – Counterpunch newsletter –  A Psychedelic History of the CIA)

Government documents indicate there were eight government grants paid to Leary from 1953 to 1958, most of them paid through the National Institute of Mental Health, which was a funding conduit for the CIA MK Ultra program. Leary said – “the CIA sponsored his and all other personality assessment research. (Source – Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart)

In 1960, CIA agent Frank Barron founds the Harvard Pyschedelic Drug Research Center. Timothy Leary follows Barron to Harvard and becomes a lecturer in psychology. After Barron gives Leary some CIA-supplied psilocybin and LSD, Leary begins tripping regularly. At Harvard, Leary’s mentor is chief pyschologist Henry A. Murray, who in the 1940’s also developed personality tests for the OSS and CIA. By the time Leary got to Harvard, Murray already had contracts with the CIA to test student volunteers. (Source –  Counterpunch newsletter –  A Psychedelic History of the CIA)

Frank X. BarronFrank X. Barron

Henry Murray - OSS
34. The Man Who Turned on the World autobiography by Michael Hollingshead

Michael Hollingshead was a British intelligence agent who worked with Aldous Huxley. He said –

…a small package from Switzerland arrived in my mail one morning containing one gram of Dr. Hofmann’s acid, which I had arranged to be sent to me. I had first heard of LSD from Aldous Huxley, when I had telephoned him at his home in Los Angeles to inquire about obtaining some mescaline, which he had recently been using. His information also included the name of Dr. Albert Hofmann and a caution, subsequently unheeded, to take great care if ever I should take any of the stuff: ‘It is much more potent than mescaline, though Gerald (Heard) and I have used it with some quite astonishing results really.’

There had been no difficulty obtaining even one gram of LSD—I simply asked an English doctor friend of mine [John Beresford] to write the order on a sheet of New York hospital letterhead saying that I needed this ergot-derivative as a ‘control’ drug for a series of bone-marrow experiments.

35. Willis Harman Biography:

…I taught engineering systems at Stanford University for a good many years and then I became a futurist at Stanford Research Institute for 16 years and then I was invited to come up to the Institute for Noetic Sciences, and I have been here since 1977….

1977 minus 16 years = 1961 when Harman began working at Stanford Research Institute

36. The Original Captain Trips by Todd Brendan Fahey Published originally by High Times, November 1991

37. The Man Who Turned on the World autobiography by Michael Hollingshead

38. Lew Rockwell column

39. Village Voice article The Acid Profiteers, by Mary Jo Worth; August 22, 1974

40. English supplier of LSD to Timothy Leary and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love

Charles Druce is an unlikely figure in the history of LSD. He started his career as a clerk in various chemical merchants’ offices in London, moving up to trading in mail-order LSD in the early to mid-1960s when it was still legal.

Druce came to the attention of Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (aka Baba Ram Dass), former Harvard professors who set up a legendary psychedelic community in Millbrook, upper New York State. Druce supplied LSD to Leary and Alpert up to around 1966.

Alpert would fly over and stay in luxury hotels and pick up the acid in person to take back to the States. The full account of Alpert’s involvement has never been told… he had a dare-devil streak that involved for example on one occasion flying his own plane ( a Cessna 172) from Canada to the US high on acid as the last part of his journey.

41. John Starr Cooke was another CIA operative involved with Hubbard and Dianetics right from the start in 1950.

Joh starr cooke youngJohn Starr Cooke

John Cooke had family connection in the CIA. His sister Alice had married Roger Kent, the brother of Sherman Kent. Sherman was the right hand man to Allen Dulles in the CIA. John Cooke also worked for the CIA.

(Source – Black Magic in Tangier also Mind Control, World Control by Jim Keith)

John Cooke became a very close confidante to L. Ron Hubbard right there in the beginning. In 1950, John Cooke and his wife, Millen Cooke, went to the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation in New Jersey. John Cooke was actually the first Dianetic Clear.

Around the same time Peter Oser and his wife, Mary Oser, flew in from Switzerland to take part in the activities of the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation. Peter Oser was the ultra-wealthy grandson of John D. Rockefeller.

Peter Oser (right) John D. Rockefeller (seated)rockefeller-family

John Cooke mastered the techniques of Dianetics, and together with Mary Oser, he flew back to Switzerland and began auditing Peter Oser. Peter essentially became a follower of Cooke and began funneling huge amounts of money to Cooke and the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation.

Sara Northrup was Hubbard’s second wife and in her divorce papers she said the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation received over one million dollars in 1950. (That is ten million in money today.)  And now we have a good idea of where that million dollars came from.

In 1951 John Cooke divorced his wife. Peter and Mary Oser also divorced. John Cooke married Mary Oser in 1952.

42. Acid Dreams by Martin Lee and Bruce Shalin page 96 –

In September 1965 Michael Hollingshead returned to his native London armed with hundreds of copies of the updated Book of the Dead and five thousand doses of LSD (which he procured from Czech government laboratories in Prague) [– through Charles Druce and Ron Stark.]

Hollingshead felt there was very little understanding of LSD in England, but he intended to change that. He proceeded to establish the World Psychedelic Center in the fashionable Kings Road district of London, attracting the likes of Jo Berke (a psychiatrist working with R. D. Laing), the writer and philosopher Alexander Trocchi, multimedia artist lan Sommerville, filmmaker Roman Polanski, and numerous musicians including Donovan, Peter and Gordon, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and the Rolling Stones.

43. Black Magic in Tangier

44. Acid Dreams The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties, And Beyond by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain


46. Jerry Garcia statement is in the first Dead Head Newsletter, sent out at the end of 1971.

47. Brotherhood of Eternal Love Video

48. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love by Stewart Tendler and David May, Panther Books Granada, 198442.

49. Rafael Caro Quintero, right hand man to Pedro Aviles Perez, head of the Mexican Mafia



quintero and gallardo

fonseca carillo
50. Orange Sunshine: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and Its Quest to Spread Peace, Love, and Acid to the World by Nick Schou

51. The Summer of Love by Gene Anthony,  page 130

52. Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973…0unit_djvu.txt

Mr. Sourwine – Do you imply that the LSD obtained from the Basel firm was legally obtained ?

Mr. Sinclair – There was a time when lysergic acid diethylamide was available commercially. The first person to synthesis it worked for Sandoz and Sandoz actually manufactured it commercially.

Mr. Sourwine – Thank you.

Mr. Bartels – At some point late in 1967 or early 1968, members of the brotherhood developed their most important foreign contact for hashish. According to subsequent indictment, this was the Tokhi brothers who reside in Afghanistan on the outskirts of Kabul, its capital city. Brotherhood smugglers developed elaborate and successful means of getting the hashish into the United States. One of their earlier techniques was to hide quantities of 15 to 20 pounds of the drug within the interiors of fiberglass surfboards which they manufactured.

Mr. Sinclair – in the latter part of 1967, Glenn Lynd and two other brotherhood members traveled to Afghanistan in search of a permanent source of supply for brotherhood hashish.

They purchased 125 pounds of high-quality Afghanistan hashish from their suppliers in Afghanistan for $15 a pound and smuggled it back into California where they sold it for $900 a pound. This was to be the first 125 pounds of nearly 24 tons of hashish smuggled into the United States from Afghanistan, Lebanon, and India by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. In the summer of 1968, brotherhood members traveled to San Francisco in an attempt to secure a permanent source of supply for LSD which they found. The LSD was to be called orange sunshine and the laboratory was to be set up in December 1968.

Mr. Sinclair – In March 1969, the first batch of “orange sunshine” LSD was made by brotherhood members in a laboratory located outside of San Francisco. Slightly under 1 million tablets were produced in this first endeavor. Numerous millions were to be made in the next 4 years.
At this point in time, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was the largest supplier of hashish and LSD in the United States.

Mr. Sourwine – You are talking about March 1969.

Mr. Sinclair – That is correct, sir.

Mr. Sourwine – Go ahead.

Mr. Sinclair – The center of their operations was still Laguna Beach, Calif., although they were fast becoming international travelers and were purchasing property in Hawaii, Canada, Central America, and several States neighboring California. From 1966 to 1971, members of the brotherhood traveled throughout the world using false identities with passports obtained under assumed names. Their operations were virtually untouchable during this period of time.

Mr. Sourwine – Their pretentions to be a religion do not do them any good any more, do they?

Mr. Sinclair – No, sir.

53. The Big White Lie: The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic by Michael Levine

54. In The Wilderness newsletter by Michael C. Ruppert

55. Operation Julie site

…LSD was banned in America… Tim Scully and Nick Sand, chemists associated with Millbrook and the legendary Owsley Stanley in the US, went underground to produce it. Druce – by now owner of Charles Druce Ltd – was approached by Scully and Sand to supply raw materials. Druce and a Ronald Craze, created a company – Alban Feeds – to supply Scully and Sand with Ergotamine Tartrate. The first shipment was 2.8 kilos – enough to make around 5.6 million doses of acid.

This arrangement worked well for over a year.

56. Here is a video clip of Nick Sand at Millbrook and then making LSD at the San Francisco lab –


58. Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973…0unit_djvu.txt

On Easter Sunday, April 22, 1973,  BEL Task Force agents arrested four members of Brotherhood of Eternal Love (BEL) in Santa Cruz, California. Some contraband was seized, along with seven phony passports. Huge stores of false identification were seized, indicating this was a point of contact of BEL fugitives desiring false identification and papers.

On April 25, 1973, Nicholas Sand, Timothy Scully, Michael Randall, and four other major figures in the LSD operation were indicted by a Federal grand jury in San Francisco, Calif. Four of these higher echelon members are still fugitives.

Mr. Sourwine – Now, for the record, would you identify the four that you did not name, and indicate which of the eight are the four that are still fugitives ?

Mr. Sinclair – Yes, sir. The individuals referred to are David Lee Mantel; Charles Druce, currently a fugitive; Lester Friedman; and Ronald H. Stark, currently a fugitive. In addition to these four individuals, one of those previously mentioned, Michael Randall, is also a fugitive.

A total of six hashish oil laboratories were seized, along with over 30 gallons of hashish oil and approximately 6,000 pounds of solid hashish.

Mr. Sourwine – Now, those hashish oil laboratories were in this country.

Mr. Sinclair – Some were.

Of these six laboratories, four were being operated within the United States, three of which were in California and one in Hawaii. Two others were being operated within foreign countries ; one in Costa Rica, and one in Afghanistan.

Mr. Sourwine – And with regard to the diversion of raw materials, the source of diversion in Europe, would you identify, that for the record?

Mr. Sinclair – Yes, sir; we will. That individual is Charles Druce, a British citizen, indicted on April 25th for conspiracy in connection with the illicit manufacture of LSD.

Mr. Sourwine – Go ahead, sir.

Mr. Sinclair – Grand jury indictments were obtained on Amanullah and Hayatullah Tokhi, two brothers who are alleged to be the sources of Afghanistan hashish for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. The Afghanistan Government has been advised of these indictments.

Mr. Sourwine – Now, where were they indicted ?

Mr. Sinclair – In Orange County, Calif.

Mr. Sourwine – Had they been in Orange County ?

Mr. Sinclair – Yes, sir, they had.

Mr. Sinclair – Other drugs and articles seized were 104 grams of peyote, 8 pounds of amphetamine powder, 13.64 pounds of cocaine. 2 marihuana canning operations, “Orange Sunshine” pill press, 7 vehicles, 546 acres of property in southern California, and over $1.8 million cash either seized or located in foreign banks. The Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board have assessed the Brotherhood of Eternal Love corporation for over $70 million in back taxes.

Mr. Sourwine – Which would indicate that the brotherhood according to the IRS, must have made something over $200 million in its illicit operations.

Mr. Sinclair – That is right, yes, sir.

On September 23, 1973, the State Department publicly announced that a tougher screening process would be used in the issuing of passports due to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. State Department officials working with Operation BEL agents uncovered 120 cases of passport fraud within the period of 1 year.

With these astonishing statistics, one might get the impression that the brotherhood organization is a thing of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. Out of the 52 brotherhood members indicted by State and Federal grand juries, 22 are fugitives, including the No. 1 man in both hashish and the LSD operations.

Brotherhood members continue to operate from outside the United States. On September 15, 1973, 923 pounds of hashish concealed in false bottom commercial sound speakers was seized in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is now known that this hashish shipment was enroute to southern California components of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

List of fugitives from the above same source –


List of Brotherhood of Eternal Love Indictees


  1. Druce, Charles, England.
  2. Friedman, Lester, Dr., DOB 9/14/28. 361S Concord Drive, Beachwood,
  3. Hitchcock, William Mellon, DOB 9/6/30. Box 503, Millbrook. N.T.
  4. Leary, Timothy Frances, DOB 10/22/20, in custody, Califormia State Prison.
  5. Randall, Michael Boyd, DOB 8/27/43, fugitive
  6. Scully, Robert Timothy, DOB 8/27/44, San Francisco, Calif.
  7. Stark, Ronald Hadley, DOB 4/9/38. fugitive.
  8. Mantell, David Leigh, DOB 4/25/40, fugitive.
  9. Sand, Nicholas, DOB 5/10/41, in custody.
  10. Ackerly, Robert Dale. DOB 1/23/44. in custody, Federal prison.
  11. Andrist, Robert Lee, DOB 11/3/45, fugitive.
  12. Ashbrook, Travis Grant, DOB 1/9/45, fugitive.
  13. Bevan, Rick C, DOB 11/20/48, fugitive.
  14. Crittenden, James Leroy, DOB 8/14/42, Mariposa County, Calif.
  15. Dmry, Donald Karl, DOB 3/18/37, in custody.
  16. Gale, John Charles. DOB 8/4/47. Las Vegas, Nev.
  17. Johnson, Gordon Fred, DOB 3/25/45, in custody. California State Prison.
  18. Lange, Edveard Jeffrey, DOB 11/26/47, Orange County, Calif.
  19. Scott, Charles Frederick, DOB 12/28/41, fugitive.
  20. Tokhi, Hayatullah, DOB 1939, fugitive, Afghanistan.
  21. Sexton, Gordon Albert, DOB 1/29/46. fugitive.
  22. Smith, Brenice Lee, DOB 4/6/45, fugitive.
  23. Tiernev, Robert Edward. DOB 4/22/47, in custody, Panama.
  24. Tokhi, Amanullah Salem, DOB 3/15/33, fugitive, Afghanistan.
  25. Bevan, Ronald, DOB 9/19/46. fugtitive.
  26. Caserta, Daniel Phillip, DOB 8/9/47, fugitive.
  27. German, Lyle Paul, DOB 3/7/39, fugitive.
  28. Hall, David Alan, DOB 10/6/42, fugitive.
  29. May, Edward Joseph, DOB 2/1/33. fugitive, San Francisco.
  30. Padilla, Gerald James, DOB 8/13/47. fugitive.
  31. Stanton, Mark Patrick, DOB 9/20/46, fugitive.


  1. Allen, Linda Pohl, DOB 3/15/47, Laguna Beach, Calif.
  2. Arthur, David Alan, DOB 1/8/43, fugitive.
  3. Becker, Dale Andrew, DOB 12/28/42. fugitive, Australia.
  4. Bidwell, Thomas Blake, DOB 2/18/45, San Diego, Calif.
  5. Clay, James Henry, DOB 11/28/45, in custody, California State Prison.
  6. Crawford. Ronald Ray, DOB 4/15/43, Hawaii.
  7. Daw, John Robert, DOB 10/10/43, fugitive.
  8. Delaney, Calvin Larry, DOB 10/31/42, Hawaii.
  9. Harrigan, Russell Joseph, DOB 8/19/40, fugitive.
  10. Harrington, John Joseph, Jr., DOB 9/18/42, fugitive.
  11. Lynd, Glenn Craig, DOB 3/23/42.
  12. McAdams, Brian Kendall, DOB 4/9/46.
  13. McAdams. Yonica Menne, DOB 4/9/47.
  14. Otto, Jimmy Gregg, DOB 2/14/45, Laguna Beach, Calif.
  15. Palma, Franklin, DOB 1/18/46.
  16. Pohl, Gerald, DOB 6/31/48, fugitive.
  17. Pooley, Michael Lee, DOB 2/22/49.
  18. Pratt, Jill Barnett, D,OB 3/16/45, fugitive
  19. Reddy, David Mark, DOB 8/10/48, in custody, California State Prison.
  20. Pratt, Stanford Leon, DOB 8/6/45, fugitive
  21. Bowyer, Chester Allen, DOB 8/3/39, in custody, Federal prison



59. Operation Julie revisited: the strange career of Ron Stark, parapolitical alchemist by David Black

60. The following are some CIA documents proving Robert Vesco worked for the CIA –

A CIA official had been asked to provide a list of CIA illegal activities that might get them busted, due to the Senate inquiries starting up investigating their MK ULTRA activities, etc. The list is called the Family Jewels. There is a set of declassified documents called Family Jewels which contains several clear examples of Robert Vesco ties to the CIA.


Robert Vesco was one of them…



vexco family jewels listed counterintelligence.

These documents show Robert Vesco worked for the CIA…

vesco family jewels helms protects him vesco family jewels helms protects him 2

Investor’s Overseas Services was an investment company prone to investing client monies into nefarious CIA projects. Controlled by Robert Vesco at one time, he took 224 million from the company and moved to Costa Rica.  Reference – Victor Marchetti/John D. Marks, The CIA and The Cult of Intelligence

Robert Vesco had a long list of companies he created for the CIA.

Compiled from Michael Sweeney’s list, here’s the Robert L. Vesco CIA companies –

Bahamas Commonwealth Bank (Vesco/ Investor’s Overseas Services company)
Castle Bank and Trust (ties to both Robert Vesco and his junior in CIA financial swindles, Nugan Hand)
Chalk’s International Airlines (Vesco/ Investor’s Overseas Services company)
Comptrol International (Vesco/CIA/arms smuggler partners)
Cryogenics, Inc. (controlled by Robert Vesco)
Geneva’s Exchange and Investment Bank (Vesco controlled)
Global Financial (Vesco operation)
Grand Bahama Development Company (Vesco operation)
Gulf Stream, Ltd. (Vesco operation)
ICC (International Controls Corp — controlled by Robert Vesco)
Inter-American Capital (Vesco operation)
International Bancorp, Ltd (Vesco/ Investor’s Overseas Services company)
International Credit Bank of Switzerland (worked closely with Vesco and Investor’s Overseas Services)
Kilmory Investments, Ltd (Vesco/ Investor’s Overseas Services bedfellow)
Linking Progressive Corp., S.A. (Vesco operation)
Phoenix Financial (Vesco operation)
Property Resources, Ltd. (Vesco operation)
Rapid-American Corp. (Vesco – Investor’s Overseas Services related)
Red Pearl Bay, S.A. (Vesco operation)
Standard Commerz Bank of Switzerland (Vesco controlled)
Trident Bank (Vesco operation)
Vector, Ltd. (Vesco operation)
Venture Fund (Vesco operation)
Paradise Island Casino (Vesco operation with partners in organized crime, religious leaders, and presidential bedfellows)
Trade Winds Motel (part of NIA, and sharing the same name as Operation Trade Winds, a project involving Robert Peloquin and Robert Vesco interests)

61. Brainsturbator or…e_lsd_curtain/

The data about Ronald Stark at the site listed above, gives 3 sources –

ACID: A Secret History of LSD by David Black
Acid Dreams by Lee & Shlain
A Terrible Mistake by HP Albarelli – it is meticulously documented and broader than mere LSD history

An Italian magistrate named Giorgio Floridia, released Ronald Stark from Italian prison in 1979. Stark managed to persuade Floridia, who cited “an impressive series of scrupulously enumerated proofs” that Stark had given him. Floridia also claims Stark worked for the Defense Department from 1960 on, and received paychecks from Fort Lee, in New Jersey. Stark was released on parole and disappeared days later.

giorgio floridiaGiorgio Floridia

62. Ronald Stark by Karen Eliot

63. testimony of Joseph Cooper regarding Danny Fowlie marijuana trafficking

64. Defense in Danny Fowlie Drug Smuggling Trial Questions Credibility of a Key Witness March 09, 1991 LA Times

65. These newspaper articles talk about Danny Fowlie drug trafficking at his ranch in Orange County –

66. Carlos Lehder’s partner, George Jung –

“He convinced him that this would be a base for just planes to fly from Colombia and then shuttle smaller planes into the United States loaded with cocaine and that- he introduced him to Bahamian authorities- Norman Pindling, the prime minister, and what-have-you, and all this, and pay-offs.”

67. Vesco from Wall Street to Castro’s Cuba by Arthur Herzog

In October of 1971, Butlers Bank Trust Company founded Bahamas Commonwealth Bank on the instructions of the IOS (Vesco). It was to be the lead IOS financial institution and the international banking arm of ABC. It was capitalized at $4 million from Overseas Development Bank (Geneva) the new BCB stock was contributed to International Bancorp which gave shares in return and the result was Vesco’s usual hidden chain of command. BCB controlled by IBL (IOS) controlled by ICC controlled by RLV. Butlers Bank won BCB the right to trade international currencies,vital to Norman Leblanc for moving money around.

Bank officials, per a local paper, conceded that “loans show a definite trend toward people closely allied with the ruling Progressive Liberal Party of Lynden Pindling.” The Bahamian Commission of Inquiry said in 1984 that between 1977 and 1983 Pindling received an unexplained $3.5 million more than he was paid in salary.

68. Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America by Peter Dale Scott & Jonathan Marshall, Berkeley: U. of CA Press, 1991, pp. x-xi.

69. The Underground Empire: Where Crime and Governments Embrace by James Mills

70. Inside the League: The Shocking Expose of How Terrorists, Nazis and Latin American Death Squads have Infiltrated the World Anti-Communist League by Jon Lee Anderson and Scott Anderson, Dodd, Mead and Company, 1986

71. Father, Son and CIA, by Harvey Weinstein

72. CIA DIRECTORS LOG September through December 1951. PDF here. The CIA director then was General Walter Bedell Smith. The document was declassified in 2013. Internet Archive version saved here.

73. The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia and The Politics Of Heroin – CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade by historian Alfred Mccoy.

“Here is proof that the CIA financed mafia thugs to takeover French docks – Irving Brown had the CIA cover name Norris A. Grambo. Thomas Braden had the CIA cover name Warren G. Haskins. Thomas Braden says he gave Irving Brown $15,000 of CIA money to pay for his strong-arm squads in the Mediterranean ports.”; Source: Thomas W. Braden, “I’m Glad the C.I.A. Is ‘Immoral” in The Saturday Evening Post, May 20, 1967, p. 10: “[…] the CIA’s Thomas Braden later recalled how he dealt with the problem.[…] “On the desk in front of me as I write these lines is a creased and faded yellow paper. It bears the following inscription in pencil: Received from Warren G. Haskins, $15,000 (signed) Norris A. Grambo.” I went in search of this paper on the day the newspapers disclosed the “scandal” of the Central Intelligence Agency’s connections with American students and labor leaders. For I was Warren G. Haskins. Norris A. Grambo was Irving Brown, of the American Federation of Labor. The $15,000 was from the vaults of the CIA, and the yellow paper is the last memento I possess of a vast and secret operation…It was my idea to give $15,000 to Irving Brown. He needed it to pay off his strong-arm squads in the Mediterranean ports, so that American supplies could be unloaded against the opposition of Communist dock workers.”

74. All is Clouded by Desire: Global Banking, Money Laundering, and …
by Alan A. Block, Constance A. Weaver, Constance Weaver

Helliwell helped construct the commercial cover organization called Sea Supply, set up in Florida with its main office in Bangkok Thailand.

Castle Bank was formed in Freeport, The Bahamas on October 8, 1964 and placed on the shelf.
The 1965 annual return showed that Mercantile Bank and Trust owned one of the five shares of Castle stock.

Originally called Mercantile Bank of the Americas Ltd., it was registered on January 11, 1962, and became Mercantile Bank and Trust in November.

In 1965 Paul Helliwell became a director of it. This made Castle part of his offshore complex including the Bank of the Caribbean Ltd registered in the Bahamas on December 10, 1963.

Formed shell companies in Panama in 1969.

Mercantile was revoked in the Bahamas in August of 1979.

Registered Castle Bank in Panama in winter of 1969. On May 11, 1972, Castle elected Kanter and Helliwell as well as several people from Helliwell’s office as bank directors. It changed its name in 1977 to hide its public image because of IRS investigation to Compania Fiduciaria Palamar.

75. Sea Supply

Open corp

Source, Florida records

31 July 1950 dissolved 05/18/1961

76. WORLD COMMERCE CORPORATION, S.A – incorporated in Panama 13 August 1945.
Company #137653.
Source: opencorporates and Registro Público de Panamá,
Overview document: PDF – world-commerce-corporation

PDF – records-of-world-commerce-corporation-incorp-panama-13-august-1945

Some of the names found in the actual documents   (and page # of pdf name was found on)

  • Theodore S. Hope Jr. – 6, 24, 27, 30, 31, 45 –  partner in William Donovan law firm
  • British American Canadian Corporation SA (BACC) – 13, 26, 49, 54, 82
  • BACC Charles Jocelyn Hambro as director/president – 32
  • Sydney Jocelyn Williams – 13, 28, 92 – related to Hambro
  • International Corporation Company – 24
  • Sir Charles Hambro – 31, 32 – head of SOE, chairman of Bank of England
  • Sir William Stephenson – 31, 32, 35, 58, 61 – head of the MI6 in America
  • J. (James) Russell Forgan – 35, 36, 51, 52 – head of European Special Operations OSS
  • Hon. Edward R. Stettinius Jr. – 35, 36
  • Major General William J. Donovan – 35, 36, 51, 52 – head of the OSS
  • Bechtel  –  International Bechtel Brothers, Inc. McCone Company – 47,48
  • Brigadier General James McMannan – 59

William Stephenson, William Donovan and Edward Stettinius, along with members of the London Hambro family had started up the World Commerce Corporation.

When now looking at the first directors per Panamanian records, we see that one of them was Sydney Jocelyn Williams. Sydney appears to have been a relative to one-time Commander of the Special Operations Executive (a British intelligence unit) Charles Jocelyn Hambro. Hambro was also a director of the Bank of England, running his own bank called Hambros, and happens to have been a close personal friend of Winston Churchill and General Donovan as well.

William Donovan and William Stephenson registered a corporation in Panama called the British American Canadian Corporation S.A. – which changed its name to the World Commerce Corporation, with its head office being located in New York City. (April 2, 1947)

The Library of Congress Ogilvy Business File series verifies that the initial organization, The British American Canadian Corporation was founded in 1945. The Intrepid Society refers to it as a “trading corporation.” and that it was “a group heavily involved in rehabilitation and development of national economies which had suffered, or been deprived of markets during the war.”

During World War II Nazi gold and money was moved through Curacao and then to Argentina. Hermann Abs’s Deutsche Bank was the starting point of this main con­duit for laun­der­ing Nazi money into Argentina. This was all done under the super­vi­sion of Mar­tin Bor­mann.

77. The Nazi Hydra in America by Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins

78. The Secret War against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, p. 110–11

79. The Special Operations Executive was formed 19 July 1940. SOE’s first chief was Sir Frank Nelson.
Other senior staff forming the initial executive committee included John and Tony Keswick.
In August 1940, Charles Jocelyn Hambro was brought into the SOE.
You can read more about Hambro in our CIA declassified document library.

Tony Keswick was SOE Deputy Director of Missions for the Far East and the Americas. (ref: Why China article) 

William Johnston “Tony” Keswick was AD/U (assistant director) as seen in this document from the SOE Far East records HS 1/192, report from‘AD/W from AD/U’. (Secret War in Shanghai by Bernard Wasserstein)

His brother John Keswick was made the Chief SOE for China code named 0.113 and AD/O from 1942 – 1945 and both of them happened to also be the main executives of Jardine & Mathison – the long time drug lords and opium smuggling firm.