The Reckoning

by Mike McClaughry


Reckoning – the righting of wrongs. The rectifying of damages caused by wrong actions.




Chapter Zero   Advanced Knowledge in Ancient Times

Chapter One   God Religion in Mesopotamia

Chapter Two   Actual Jewish and Christian History

Chapter Three   The Meaning of America

Chapter Four   British Economic Rape of America

Chapter Five   British Intelligence Sabotaging America

Chapter Six   The Plan To Eliminate America, And All Nations

Chapter Seven   British Nobility Orchestrated Nazi Germany

Chapter Eight    Sabotaging America by Drug Trafficking

Chapter Nine   Catholic Pope Slavemasters

Chapter Ten   Down the Mental Health Rabbit Hole

Chapter Eleven   Solutions to the Slavemaster Society


Additional Chapters

The following extra chapters are provided for researchers and others who want more information.

Chapter Twelve   Cecil Rhodes Secret Society – Proof

Chapter Thirteen   Protocols of Zion Forgery

Chapter Fourteen   Subverting Youth Using Cults and Colleges

Chapter Fifteen    British Slavemasters Instigated Communism

Chapter Sixteen    Slavemasters in Latin America

Chapter Seventeen   War for the Minds of Men