The Reckoning for Earth – Chapter Eleven – Solutions to the Slavemaster Society

by Mike McClaughry

Chapter Eleven

Solutions to the Slavemaster Society

Reckoning – the righting of wrongs. The rectifying of damages caused by wrong actions.

The British nobility and the Catholic Popes are the two slavemaster groups who want to be ruler of the world.
The slavemasters want a two-class society where there is only rulers and slaves, and they are the rulers.

The slavemasters engage in slave-trafficking, drug-trafficking, instigating wars, self-serving banking practices
and self-serving business practices. They also cause financial hardship with excessive interest rates and taxes.

They have caused death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people all around the world.
Throughout history they have demonstrated a blatant disregard for the welfare of others.

Sociopath – has a pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the welfare of others.

Sociopaths have been allowed to head governments, religions, banking and mental health.

To make the world the way it should be – we need decent compassionate people to head those areas.


Slavemaster Change

The slavemasters themselves may decide to change. However, them uttering some nice-sounding words does not mean they changed. A genuine change for them involves three things –

We want cancellation of all previous evil statements and practices.

We want accountability.

We want a reckoning.


The General Solution

1. De-power the slavemasters by –

Educate everyone on who the slavemasters are and the harm they have done.
Exposing the lies they have bottle-fed to people throughout history.

2. Decent compassionate people are made the leaders and they have their way with the world.


Specific Areas Needing A Reckoning

Reckoning – the righting of wrongs. The rectifying of damages caused by wrong actions.

A Reckoning in America

A Reckoning in Banking

A Reckoning in Religion

A Reckoning in Mental Health


A Reckoning in America

Legislation that the Central Intelligence Agency cannot do any covert operations anywhere in the world.
The CIA is limited to collection of public or secret information, analyze it and report it where needed.
The CIA can only have covert agents outside the United States, only for obtaining secret information.
The CIA can collect public available information within U.S. borders to add to its foreign data collection.

If the CIA learns of foreign intelligence agents operating in the U.S., they report it to the FBI.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is responsible for counter-intelligence within U.S. borders.

All statements in the Patriot Act that violate the Constitution for American citizens must be removed.

There should be a law that no one can own anything in America who is not an American citizen.
An American citizen cannot front for a non-American in owning anything within America.
The same goes for all nations in the world, only their citizens can own anything in their country.

Bring all overseas American owned factories back to the U.S. to make jobs for American citizens.

Members of the Council on Foreign Relations are disqualified for holding any government position.
The CFR should be shut down, covert British influence has no place in America or its government.

Legislation that the government may never censor the media, including during times of war.

Replace gasoline automobiles with electric cars, perhaps using Tesla technology to do it.
A Tesla transmitter sent electric energy through the air to a receiver tuned to collect and use it.
Tesla also obtained electric energy from the ground, that device can provide free electricity to homes.

The government should build apartment complexes for the homeless.

On human trafficking where girls are kidnapped from their family and forced into prostitution –
don’t just prosecute the providers, make a law that gives severe jail sentences to the customers.


A Reckoning in Banking

The current economic system makes the slavemasters and their demented minions super wealthy.
At the same time the majority of the people are subjected to various manufactured financial hardships.

In our current time we still have the problems leveled upon Americans by life-sucking vampire bankers.

There is the national debt, which is now 20 trillion. The government should not be borrowing money from banks. The Constitution gives Congress the power to coin and issue money. In the federal reserve system the US mint coins and prints money but then gives it to the federal reserve bank to issue the money. It is given at cost, 5 cents per bill, for bills in any amount – 1,5,10, 20, 50, 100 or 1,000 dollar bills. The point is – the government should issue American money, not private banks.

The banking industry is being allowed to take advantage of the American people in various ways.

I have a friend who has a credit card loan of $16,000. They tell him the interest rate is 20%. When he makes the monthly payments it will take 51 years to pay it off. The total amount paid is $90,000. He will pay $74,000 in interest. That is 462% interest!

He also has a home mortgage loan for $400,000. They tell him the interest rate is 4%. When he makes the monthly payment for 30 years he will have paid $720,000. He will pay $320,000 in interest. That is 80% interest!

Congress should not be allowing banks to get away with this kind of financial abuse.
The law should be 6% simple interest is the maximum allowed on a 30 year loan.
This means if the loan amount was $100,000 – the maximum interest allowed is $6,000.
The maximum interest on a 20 year loan is 4%.
The maximum interest on a 10 year loan is 2%.
And so on.

The following will introduce the New Economy System

We have been bottle-fed a subject called Economics.
The ideas in that subject are artificially manufactured ideas, such as –
supply and demand
scarcity creates value
and so on

They say when a government puts more money into the economy, that prices rise – inflation.
It is only that way because they decided to make it that way, it does not have to be that way.

Another false idea is this – you have to give something to obtain something. Says who?
People can give other people things without taking something in return. And they should.
In a very ideal world, there would be no money, people would just help each other to live.

We do not have to accept and live by those ideas.
Economics and money are whatever we say it is.
We can agree upon and live by different economic ideas.
These different ideas would bring prosperity to all men.

In an ideal world people would care for other people and all life.
And people would live as friends, giving assistance to each other.
The new economic ideas are derived from those basic ideas.

Money is a method to obtain prosperity for everyone.

The American government has the power to coin and issue money.
It can do that to cover its expenses and cease taxing the people.
There is an alternative to printing and issuing money, described below.

Legislate into being a new type of company that has no owners.
This type of company is called a Public Service Company.

Make a new bank called the American Bank – it is a Public Service Company.

Form a new government department called the Economic Department.
It sets the price for each good or service and prices are not allowed to rise.
It also sets the wage for workers in every type of good or service.

Within the Economic Department you would have an Appeals Unit.
It can review cases and provide relief to citizens who make an appeal.

The American Bank has an account for each single adult person or a family with minor children.
A basic living credit is provided into each single adult account or each family account every month.
It is sufficient to cover basic living needs such as shelter, food, clothing, etc.

Those people who work to provide a good or service can earn additional credit in their account.
They can then purchase things to have a better life than just basic living expenses.
The Economic Department sets what the extra monthly credit is for each type of work.
Each business tells the American Bank who its employees are and what job they are doing.

There is a cap for total assets owned by a married couple – 20 million.
There is a cap for total assets owned by a single adult person – 10 million.
Total assets means their money plus anything else they own that has monetary value.

The money flows in a circle.
Each business company deposits its income into the American Bank.
It pays its expenses out of its account at the American Bank.
It no longer has the expense of paying its employees.
It also does not have the expense of paying federal taxes.

The owners can keep 50% of the annual profits, until they reach their cap.
The American Bank gets the other 50% of the annual profits.

The American Bank dispenses American money to the citizens.
The citizens spend the money at various businesses.
The businesses put the money back into the American Bank.
The American Bank re-distributes the money to the citizens.
The money flows in a circle, providing prosperity for all.

Prices will drop because businesses do not have the expense of employees or taxes.

If other banks fail, their offices and personnel can be made branches of the American Bank.

All governments, Federal, State, County and City can cease taxing the citizens.
Each government is given a monthly credit in its American Bank account that covers its expenses.

Each nation in the world should adopt the New Economy System.


A Reckoning in Religion

Churches have been destroying people’s lives for centuries and getting away with it.
The days of churches not being prosecuted for criminal actions should come to an end.

The First Amendment in the Constitution states –

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Religion is no defense for committing a crime. If your religion said to kill your children, that is a crime.
If you do that, saying its your religious belief will not get you out of being convicted of a crime and sent to jail.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, speech, and association.
Churches have written policies and practices that violate those three rights.

Churches violate free association by telling its members they cannot associate with a certain person.
Excommunication, herem, disconnection, shunning, are some of the words used.

If you speak against a religion that church will tell its members to commit harmful acts on you.
That practice violates freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

It has been said that a right without a remedy is no right at all.

The churches are not correcting their behavior, so this requires intervention.

There should be legislation that any church with policies and practices that violate free association or call for harm against dissenters shall be given three months to issue written statements cancelling those policies and practices. Failure to comply results in a billion dollar fine per day of non-compliance. Failure to pay the fine results in confiscation of bank accounts, property and other assets.

An FBI unit is established to investigate and prosecute cases of harmful acts being committed by a church.


A Reckoning in Mental Health

There should be a law that the only allowed mental treatment is talking therapy.
A doctor can prescribe a mild sedative if the patient permits or requests it.

All brain operations should be illegal, except to remove a visible tumor.
Convulsive therapy by any means – drugs, electricity, etc. – should be illegal.
Electroshock, insulin, and coma treatment should be illegal.

The law should say no one, including minor children, can be given mental therapy against their will.
The law should say that no one can be held against their will in any mental facility.
All mental patients should be provided written information explaining their rights.

A government agency should be established to investigate and prosecute psychiatric abuses.
A telephone is to be provided in all mental institutions for patients to call that government agency.

People convicted of a crime are sent to prison, they are never sent to a mental institution.

* * *

Those who agree with the above may want to form a political party – the American Patriot Party.
It would select candidates for Congress who will work to bring about the legislation required.

Every American who can vote should read this book so we can bring about The Reckoning.

– – –

This chapter first published in my book Scientology Roots on May 6, 2016


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