Scientology’s Attack Policies and Actions

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Scientology’s Attack Policies and Actions



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The Sphinx and the Spy The Clandestine World of John Mulholland by Michael Edwards, Genii Magazine (April 2001)


  1. Total Espionage by Curt Riess – from L. Ron Hubbard’s Intelligence Suggested Reading for Guardian’s Office and Office of Special Affairs spy trainees.
  2. Overboarding – See the actual issue (Flag Order 1499) by L Ron Hubbard, 21 October 1968 about the overboarding practice.

Special Research Materials –

  1. Guardian Office checksheet
  2. Guardian Office course materials
  3. Office of Special Affairs checksheet
  4. Office of Special Affairs course materials
  5. PDF – Transcript of Mark Rathbun deposition in Garcia v. Scientology case, December 22, 2014. Contains a section where Rathbun says he created the “new” organization – the Office of Special Affairs – and a number of other informative items. Originally found at Tony Ortega site. Also see media section for the videos of this deposition.

Library Articles –

    1. The 12 Characteristics of The Antisocial Personality – these are the Scientology regurgitated version of psychiatry’s “identification” map of supposed antisocial persons. These are contained in a technical bulletin of Scientology dated 27 September 1966, by L. Ron Hubbard.
    2. Backdated Over-Population Myths and the Forging of the Bible – documents (with photographs) some of scientology’s Disconnection and Fair Game/Harassment policies. Search the page for section starting with this sentence: “Just for fun, I thought I’d do a side-by-side comparison of Catholic doctrine and scientology doctrine on this matter.
    3. Deadfile/Suppressive Person list for U.S. – The list is in two columns, first is last name first, second is first name first. This PDF was created from the original csv file compiled by “TrevorAnon” from expose’ videos posted on youtube in June of 2013. List and video links were posted on:
1. the Ex-Scientologists Message Board (thread The current SP List – video capture).
2.  Why We Protest forums in 2013. Why We Protest has removed that thread since then, but you can see mention of it here.
3. Deirdre Saoirse Moen documents her name being on this list, in a blog post from December 2013.
4. The Videos were originally posted in 16 segments here; they have been since combined into a single video here. You can see Mike McClaughry’s name (and Virginia’s) at about 6:06 into the video.


Also related –


Posts –

  1. Scientology Threats and Harassment Policies – Documented
  2. The Abyssopelagic Zone of Scientology’s Disconnection and Fair Game Practices: Little Known Facts published August 27, 2016.
  3.  Scientology Guardian Office and Office of Special Affairs Intelligence Courses and More – Resources for Historians published April 23, 2017. This is a collection of all resources available, and includes comparison of roll-over policies that were either simply renamed, reissued and/or redated when included in the new Office of Special Affairs course created by Mark Rathbun.


Images/Scans –

  1. Mike McClaughry – Suppressive Person Declare
    page 1 and page 2
  2. Virginia McClaughry – Suppressive Person Declare
    page 1 and page 2

Media –


  1. Mike McClaughry video interviews concerning Intelligence activities of the Church of Scientology – 2000.
  2. Mike McClaughry being Fair Gamed by Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder – “The Chase” – 2000
  3. Mark Rathbun deposition December 22, 2014 part 1 and part 2.


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