Just Dox – Scientology

library basement.


You are in The Reading Library’s basement –  where just the “dox” are.


You are in the new Scientology section.


The section had grown to the point where we had to remodel and assign a separate librarian to assist you with your research using our new categories for Scientology.

We’re having a little fun with using Carol Burnett’s character of a librarian in The Lucy Show, so –

Meet the new Scientology section librarian


Hello there!


I have been assigned to this section because you really need a sense of humor when it comes to Scientology, and I certainly have that, in spades.

Here’s the new sections, a little rough still, but since I’m still waiting for someone to bring me a ladder, it’ll have to do for now.carolburnett librarian




L. Ron Hubbard’s Background
and early Intelligence Activities
Scientology Mind Control and the CIA –
“Human Betterment” for the New World Order
Scientology Scriptures News Articles/Video Footage
Scientology’s Attack Policies/Actions Directories and Listings


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