Just Dox – Psychiatry – The Alienists

library basement.


You are in The Reading Library basement –  where just the “dox” are.


I know it’s a bit messy right now, and as soon as enough “dox” are sorted out and identified? We’ll definitely start adding more topic categories to help assist your Did you Know? – The Latin word ‘aliéné’ means ‘insane’, and in older times it meant a psychiatrist!research.

In our Psychiatry – The Alienists section, here’s what we have for you so far…



  1. The Cooper Report – Opinion of Mr. George Cooper, Q.C., on funding by the Canadian government of institute Allan Memorial in the years 1950 and 1960, Ottawa, Supply and Services Canada, 1986 – See PDF of the report at the Internet Archive. Also see our analysis of the report entitled: Opinion of Mr. George Cooper – Allen Memorial Institute and Dr. Ewen Cameron
  2. Quebec Ombudsman Report (OCR’d) 1997 – Contains valuable background information about the involvement of the Catholic Church and Psychiatry re: using orphans for human experimentation (the Duplessis Orphans) during the time of psychiatrists Donald Hebb, Ewen Cameron, Heinz Lehmann and Frank Ayd (Thorazine, ECT)
  3. Transactions of the American Neurological Association, Volume 68, June 1942 – Myerson  contains the “some people have too much intelligence” quote.
  4. The Shaping of Psychiatry by War John Rees 1945
  5. International Social Science – Volume XI No. 1 1959
    – John Rees – ‘Wars begin in the minds of men’ – UNESCO Constitution
  6. Defining Mental Hygiene – Canadian Nurse Mag 1947
  7. Ewen Cameron Guilt and Anxiety – Canadian Nurse vol43 no4 Feb 1947
  8. Formation of the WFMH – The Mental Health and World Citizenship Congress 1948
  9. Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – G. Brock Chisholm and Harry Stack Sullivan 1946
    *Please be aware that unfortunately, someone (not us) at some time in the past had made all sorts of notes and underlinings on the book itself, but the text is still readable.
  10. Mental Health Vol 1 No 4 October 1940 – John Rawlings Rees
  11. Nadine Scolla book about Camarillo State Mental Hospital

New: In the CIA Declassified Document Library we have started adding ocr’d PDF’s containing documents of specific MKULTRA subprojects and whose they are. For example, psychiatrists Dr. Ewen Cameron’s and Dr. Jolly West’s.

Articles –

Media –


  1. Dr. Ewen Cameron and Operation Paperclip
  2. Dr. Julius Wagner-Jauregg in Stockholm to accept the Nobel Prize in 1927


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