Just Dox – Mind Control

library basement.


You are in The Reading Library basement –  where just the “dox” are.


I know it’s a bit messy right now, and as soon as enough “dox” are sorted out and identified? We’ll definitely start adding more topic categories to help assist your Did you Know? – “Tabula Rasa” is Latin for “Blank Slate” – the term was used to describe the earliest efforts to control the minds of men.research.

In our Mind Control section, here’s what we have for you so far…


  1. D. Ewen Cameron “The Depatterning Treatment of Schizophrenia” April 1962 – added July 19, 2018, this is actually an article that includes both plain text and pdf of Cameron’s paper for easier use by researchers. It should be compared as to its false claims to Cameron’s speech less than a year later, admitting failure.
  2. Refusal of FOIA letter 2012 – Richard Demille and the CIA connection.
  3. ARPA Project Echo 1966-69 – This is a project involving (amongst other things) psychological manipulation of the “ideology of groups”. One of the scientists involved was Santa Barbara psychologist Richard Demille. Richard also had helped L. Ron Hubbard write/create a number of early materials for Scientology/Dianetics – see Just Dox section – Scientology.
  4. Changing Images of Man OCRd  – This book is a result of a Tavistock Stanford Research Institute (SRI) early 1970′s “mind” restructuring project supervised by Willis W. Harman.

New: In the CIA Declassified Document Library we have started adding ocr’d PDF’s containing documents of specific MKULTRA subprojects and whose they are. For example, psychiatrists Dr. Ewen Cameron’s and Dr. Jolly West’s.

Articles –

  1. Earliest Use Of the Term Brain-Washing – this article documents that the first use of the term ‘brain washing’ (as noted by many as being September 1950) is wrong. It’s quite a bit earlier than that. What the 1951 period did mark was the rise of CIA/British propagandists working to blame the ‘brainwashing’ tactic as originating in China and Russia, when in fact that was a completely invented lie meant to drum up public interest and money to finance their secret experiments figuring out how to brainwash people. – June 21, 2016

Guest Author Section

Media –


  1. Dr. Ewen Cameron and Operation Paperclip




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