Just Dox – British Intelligence

library basement.


You are in The Reading Library basement –  where just the “dox” are.


I know it’s a bit messy right now, and as soon as enough “dox” are sorted out and identified? We’ll definitely start adding more topic categories to help assist your Did you Know? – The word Propaganda comes from the Latin word ‘propagare’ which means to “propagate” or “spread”.research.

In our British Intelligence section, here’s what we have for you so far…


  1. OSS Personnel Database retrieved from NARA (National Archives and Records Administration)
  2. Sir Frederick Whyte, Life of W. T. Stead Volume II, Chapter 25, pp. 196-213. – This provides documentation concerning the fact that Cecil Rhodes did form his Secret Society, and who with. – added February 2, 2015

Articles –

1. The Round Table – What is it Really – added January 23rd, 2015
2. Cecil John Rhodes – ‘Confession of Faith’ 1877 – added January 13th, 2015

Media –




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