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Lanning “Packy” MacFarland

by Virginia McClaughry


Lanning MacFarland – age 20Lanning_MacFarland_-_Greek_Consulate_passport_photo_age_20.


Lanning was made the head of OSS Istanbul in December of 1942, he was removed a year later and replaced by Frank Wisner because of the Operation Dogwood debacle.

See OSS Turkey page in the World Government section of our Reading Library.

Per the following passport applications, Lanning was born January 15, 1898 in Chicago, Illinois (he died in October of 1971).

Passport application, 1917 –

1917 passport app Lanning MacFarland 1

Page two, three and four of application – click to enlarge

1917 passport app Lanning MacFarland 2 1917 passport app Lanning MacFarland 3 1917 passport app Lanning MacFarland 4


Second passport application – 1918 – Greece.


passport app Greece 1918 Lanning MacFarland 1

page 2 of Greek app – click to enlarge

passport app Greece 1918 Lanning MacFarland 2

His obituary reads –

Lanning Macfarland, Sr., 73, of 1410 Sheridan Rd., Wilmette, died Oct. 12 at Evanston Hospital. He is survived by his widow, Virginia; three sons, Lanning Jr., 45 Longmeadow, Winnetka; William C. of Orchard Park, N.Y., and David B. of Greenwich, Conn.; a daughter, Mrs. Frank Rosenberry of New Canaan, Conn.; and 11 grandchildren. Funeral services were held at Christ Church in Winnetka, with cremation at Oak Woods Cemetery.
Date of Publication:
21 Oct 1971

His father was Henry Janes MacFarland, (born August 9, 1834) whose business listed as “publishing”. Further research shows this to be the Law Bulletin Publishing Company. It publishes the Chicago Lawyer.

Lanning Macfarland’s son –


Lanning Macfarland Jr. said of this:

Henry Janes Macfarland Sr. [Lanning Sr. father] bought the newspaper and the Bulletin Printing Co. in 1879.

”He had the dream to make it the best legal publishing company in our country,” Macfarland said. ”I hope in my 50 years we have attained that goal.




H.J. Macfarland Sr. also was a founding member of the Commercial Club of Chicago.

This forms an interesting convergence with my Family Tree. My Great-Great Grandfather was Henry W. King, and he was also a founding member of this club – which means he and MacFarland knew each other. The Commercial Club was one of the main clubs helping to push for the Federal Reserve.

Excerpts from My Family Tree III –

The Chicago Commercial club was founded on December 27, 1877, and Henry W. King, an original member, was president of it in 1895. A New York Times article from 1884 describes it a bit here, and mentions Henry W. King.

In 1897, member John V. Farwell, Jr. championed a 16-year Commercial Club campaign to reform the Federal Reserve system and helped draft the Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913.

  • Source: Chicago Commercial Club website.

In a book entitled Banking Reform, (originally published by the league, but reprinted in 1980) there is a list of members for each state tasked to help with the National Citizens’ League for the Creation of a Sound Banking System.


So there is Farwell, heading up this league!

Reprise from section discussing Cyrus Bentley and Cyrus McCormick:

Patterson appointed none other than Paul M. Warburg to head a committee of seven to establish the reform league. The committee of seven shrewdly decided, following the lead of the old Indianapolis convention, to establish the National Citizens’ League for the Creation of a Sound Banking System at Chicago rather than in New York, where the control really resided.


The idea was to acquire the bogus patina of a “grassroots” heartland operation and to convince the public that the league was free of dreaded Wall Street control.


Which it was not.


As a result, the official heads of the League were Chicago businessmen John V. Farwell and Harry A. Wheeler, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The director was University of Chicago monetary economist J. Laurence Laughlin, assisted by his former student, Professor H. Parker Willis.

In keeping with its midwestern aura, most of the directors of the Citizens’ League were Chicago non-banker industrialists: men such as B.E. Sunny of the Chicago Telephone Company, Cyrus McCormick of International Harvester (both companies in the Morgan ambit), John G. Shedd of Marshall Field and Company,

[Note: see Charles Yoe Freeman Family Tree II]

Frederic A. Delano of the Wabash Railroad Company (Rockefeller-controlled), and Julius Rosenwald of Sears, Roebuck. Over a decade later, however, H. Parker Willis frankly conceded that the Citizens’ League had been a propaganda organ of the nation’s bankers.

  • Section The Origins of The Federal Reserve, from book:
    A history of money and banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II, by Murray Newton Rothbard, Murray Newton Rothbard – 2002


This means that Lanning’s family was involved with pushing for the Federal Reserve, on behalf of the City of London* Slavemasters!


*See City of London page.

No wonder Lanning was “tight” with Donovan and Roosevelt (which he was).

I believe I’ve figure out which bank Lanning worked for – it was the same one that Henry W. King had been a director of and had established his personal finances at – The Northern Trust Company.

From a publication called Family Values, highlighting various prominent Chicago families:

Henry’s brother, Lanning, Sr., [this is Lanning MacFarland, our OSS Turkey man, being talked about] became associated with the company on a part-time basis in 1919. A dashing Harvard graduate, Lanning, Sr. was a highly decorated intelligence officer in both world wars and a successful commercial banker at Northern Trust Company.

Lanning, Sr.’s intelligence background led to a lifetime of both personal and business ties to the Balkan region.

During World War II, he was awarded one of the nation’s highest decorations, Legion of Merit, for his operations behind enemy lines. Lanning, Sr. became secretary of the [publishing] company in 1922 and was a valued adviser to his brother.


Gee, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of his fiasco with the Dogwood operation, and how he got fired basically.

Imagine that –



Harvard 1921 blurb about Lanning MacFarland –



Lanning’s mother, Lina Wheeler Cook, born in 1869, tragically died February 3, 1898, only a couple weeks after Lanning was born. Lanning appeared to have a wife named Elizabeth (conflicts with the obituary above), who per passenger records, traveled with Lanning aboard the SS Monarch of Bermuda to New York, in March of 1939. They listed their address as: 700 Rosewood Avenue, Winetka Illinois.

Further geneaology for those interested:

233. LINA WHEELER7 COOK (JULIETTE H.6 LANING, JOHN C.5, MARY ANN4 HOLLENBACK, MATTHIAS3, JOHANNES2, GEORGE1 HOLLENBACH) (Source: Edward Welles Research, 241.) was born November 19, 1869 (Source: Edward Welles Research, 241.), and died January 1898 in Chicago, Illinois (Source: Edward Welles Research, 241.). She married HENRY JANES MACFARLAND (Source: Edward Welles Research, 241.) Unknown. He was born August 1836 in Upton, Mass (Source: Edward Welles Research, 241.), and died December 02, 1920 in Chicago, Illinois (Source: Edward Welles Research, 241.).

Marriage: Unknown

Children of L

i. HENRY JANES8 MACFARLAND (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.), b. October 06, 1895, Manchester, Mass (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.); d. February 02, 1951 (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.); m. (1) FRANCES RYAN (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.), January 20, 1920, Paris, France (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.); b. 1898, Galena, Illinois (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.); d. Unknown; m. (2) VIRGINIA NORDSTROM, Private; b. Private.
Marriage: January 20, 1920, Paris, France (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.)
Marriage Fact: Private
Private-Begin: Private
Private-Ending: Private
ii. LANNING MACFARLAND (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.), b. January 15, 1898, Chicago, Illinois (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.); d. Unknown; m. ELIZABETH STUCKSLAGER (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.), November 23, 1923 (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.); b. June 17, 1898 (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.); d. Unknown.
Marriage: November 23, 1923 (Source: Edward Welles Research, 269.)


This picture of Elizabeth Stuckslager was taken only a year before Lanning married her – she’s a beautiful woman.

The picture was part of her December 1922 passport application.

Elizabeth Stuckslager-MacFarland


At some rather colorful websites out there, there appears to be some kind of allegations concerning Lanning, Northern Trust, and the CIA.

Northern Trust directors launched the CIA Special Activities Division in 1948 and used front organizations in the style of the WWII Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to provide cover and deception so that their U.S. government clients could deny all knowledge if a mission was compromised.

Considering what I just documented concerning the backing of the Federal Reserve through a covert action front group, the above may not be as farfetched as it appears.

As of June 30, 2009, Northern Trust Corporation had $75 billion in banking assets, $3.2 trillion in assets under custody and $558.9 billion in assets under management .. Northern Trust was founded in 1889 by Byron Laflin Smith in a one-room office in the Rookery Building in Chicago’s Loop, with a focus on providing trust and banking services for the city’s prosperous citizens .. Byron L. Smith died in March 1914 and his son, Solomon A. Smith, took over the reins of the bank. World War I started in August 1914 .. When the United States finally entered the war in 1917, Northern acted as a depository for the Alien Property Custodian Act and held over $500 million in enemy assets.

Northern Trust counts over 20% of the U.S.’s wealthiest families as its clients. It is also one of the largest global custodians in the world, serving the asset servicing needs of corporate and public retirement, foundations, endowment, fund managers, insurance companies and government funds.”

Catch that?

Northern Trust was helping launder money taken from “enemies” during WWI!

I wonder …

Alice in Wonderland

If they did it again with Nazi assets, and were in fact part of the Schroder/Dulles network…

Quick! Turn off the lights.

quick turn out the lights - vincent

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