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John S. Earman Jr.

Inspector General CIA

by Virginia McClaughry


In May of 1962, the new CIA director John McCone had tasked the CIA Inspector General Lyman Kirkpatrick to do an inspection and re-organization of the CIA TSS division where Project MKULTRA was being run out of (Sydney Gottlieb’s area). Lyman was an OSS veteran and founding “father” of the CIA and had been serving as Inspector General for almost 10 years by then. He was promoted to executive director though, and so the responsibility passed to John S. Earman Jr. The documents listed below* are the result of his inspections.

*The set of documents concerning the reorganization of TSS during 1961 and 1962 [26 July 1963, Report of the Inspection of MKULTRA are at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk#4, folder 17748.

I have created a single searchable PDF (which I added to the CIA declassified document library here) of just this Earman Report to make it easier for everyone to access it.

Here’s the PDF – Earman Report on MKULTRA 26 July 1963

– – –


Earman’s Washington Post obituary reveals a bit about his background.


Earman was involved in several projects to bring over Nazi supporters and war criminals to the United States as citizens, then using them, in some cases, in CIA black operations around the world.

There were 8 programs concerning bringing Nazis into the U.S. The following table illustrates their names and when they began.


Earman’s name is particularly associated with Project Bloodstone.

Project Bloodstone began operations in 1948 under the State Department, it’s main purpose being to arrange evasion of U.S. Immigration laws that barred Nazis from entering the country. Its primary targets were Nazi quislings and émigré’s from Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, who were usually then utilized by the CIA as covert saboteurs and assassins. Bloodstone was the route to “freedom” for not only Nazi camp guards, but for top Nazi collaborators and leaders.

The primary sponsors for Bloodstone were Frank Wisner and Robert Lovett. Wisner started off by proposing that Bloodstone allow 250 persons in, with 100 assigned to the Department of State (to be used in “Voice of America” – a propaganda medium) and 50 assigned to each military branch (including the CIA, of course).

Frank Wisner

Frank Wisner - Nader library image

Robert Lovett

Robert Lovett -

One example of the type of person that was A-OK for Project Bloodstone was Stanislaw Stankievich, who entered the U.S. after his file was “sanitized”.

And boy, did it need sanitizing.

Stanislaw Stankievich

Einsatzgruppen was ordered created by General Himmler August of 1939, and first headed up by his ‘special favorite’ Udo von Woyrsch.

The following month, the first mass killings were undertaken in Poland by Udo and his men. It so disgusted the general German Army that they complained to headquarters – that’s how gross it was that they opened fire on civilians, women, children, babies.

Udo’s niece Petronella married James Russell Forgan Jr. the son of one of Wisner’s superiors in the OSS during WWII, James Russell Forgan Sr. Plus, Petronella’s father (Siegfried) was also a Nazi and SS.

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So, this man Stanislaw Stankievich? This was a major war criminal. A member of the Einsatzgruppe B who murdered more than 7,000 Jews in Borissow. These people buried babies alive with the dead!!

But hey – he’s good, right? Let’s make him a U.S. citizen.


That’s just fricking wonderful.

After the massive killing spree he participated in, per CIA declassified records, our Einsatzgruppen man Stanislaw associated with the Oestministerium. This was the German Ministry for the Eastern Occupied Territories, headed by Alfred Rosenberg and collaborated with the SS beginning 1943.

During 1944-45, Stanislaw was the editor for the Ranica (The Morning) which was a pro-Nazi Byelorussian newspaper sponsored by the Oestministerium.

After he was processed by Project Bloodstone he was assigned the code-name AECAMBISTA-17. He was allowed to emigrate to the U.S. in 1950, and was involved in the AEQUOR Project (1951-62) which involved operations into Byelorussia through the exploitation of the Byelorussia National Council (BNR), and later evolved into primarily supporting the publication of a Byelorussian language weekly newspaper.

He was also involved in operation QKACTIVE which included the Institute for the Study of the USSR (a CIA front group codename BGCALLUS). Stanislaw was Chairman of the Learned Council of BGCALLUS.

QKACTIVE sought to conduct overt anti-Soviet activities to weaken the Soviet regime and thereby reduce its “threat” to world security.

Sounds like a whole lot of busy work to me, and also probably some people over in Russia were simply not towing the British New World Order line properly. Not enough bowing and scraping and all that.

Ya think?


Stanislaw was among the 743 Name Files that the CIA released, and is one of best examples of individuals with criminal pasts in World War II that were sanitized by Earman, Frank Wisner, etc., and used by the CIA.

With no regard to justice for all the lives men like this had so callously taken.

That’s the kind of people John Earman – our supposed knight in shining white armor concerning ‘investigating’ MKULTRA – had hung around and supported for years.

I referred to that as the chicken-stealing fox ‘investigating’ the other foxes for stealing chickens. Like that’ll lead anywhere.

come on!.


snooty fox.

In case you didn’t know –

Secretary of War Robert Patterson created the Lovett Committee, chaired by Robert A. Lovett, to advise the government on the post-World War II organization of U.S. intelligence activities, which led to the creation of the CIA. James Russell Forgan (Senior) was also involved with that.

Just one big incestuous family of complete monsters hiding behind their charoots and silk gowns.

Makes the Adams Family look positively pleasant by comparison.

the adams family

No wonder I liked that show as a kid.

Anyway –

On June 10, 1948, the State-Army-Navy-Air Force Coordinating Committee initially approved Bloodstone and then just a month later the Joint Chiefs approved a second interlocking program to include covert warfare, sabotage and assassinations.

Which they used many of these Bloodstone ‘refuges’ to do.

Come to America!


Now go kill someone.

Ive got a gun - spy

Sounds like Lovett, Earman and Wisner’s own personal Hotel California – with a serious twist.


That same month (June) President Truman approved NSC10/2 (NSC – National Security Council) which authorized the above types of clandestine operations towards the Soviet Union, thus beginning The Cold War.

With a completely fabricated enemy called ‘communists’, but hey –

nevermind final

A special subcommittee was created to provide false ID’s, cover jobs, and secret police protection to these “immigrant” criminals coming in under Bloodstone.

Again, John S. Earman was one of the officials responsible for this program, and by 1950 Frank Wisner (also CIA) had asked for special approval to admit up to fifteen thousand more ‘refugees’.

Fifteen thousand.

more of them.


Now, why, may we ask, were they not sent to say…Britain or Rome. Why didn’t they want these poor ‘refuges’ there.


Let me think…

smiley drumming fingers


snap fingers

Because the slavemasters were intending to destroy America from the inside and these people were perfect for that. Later on, they could always blame ‘the nazis’ for their plan right? Again.

The old-time recruitment policy of the first British Spymaster (Cecil) is certainly in high gear here.

I today went out and hired me a base fellow.

– Spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham, 400 years ago.

Base fellows they most definitely were.

dont forget - reminder

Nazi Germany was brought to us by the New World Order men.


It was a British/Vatican operation and these Nazi monsters were their pals.

* * *


Let’s take a look at another lovely character supervised by Earman and Wisner – Carmel Offie.

Carmel Offie in 1939

Carmel Offie was a somewhat flamboyant homosexual who actually ran Operation Bloodstone, and ran Operation Paperclip. From Germany, it was him that recruited people to help spy on and assassinate targets and to support American propaganda efforts against the Soviets.

He ignored their Nazi pasts – even those with the death of thousands on their hands.

blood on their hands monsters

Such as another invitee’ – Gustav Hilger – who like Stankievich also had links to the Einsatzgruppen massacre squads.

He helped create them.

Hilger served also as chief adviser to Ribbentropp on Russian affairs. Even with all this Frank Wisner thought he was a great addition and his arranging of his immigration was praised in this declassified CIA document.

Letter to frank Wisner re Gustav Hilger October 19, 1948

This is Gustav Hilger (center back facing camera) in full Nazi uniform, with Ribbentropp greeting Molatov.

Der Vorsitzende des Rates der Volkskommissare der UdSSR und Volkskommissar für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Herr W.M. Molotow verließ heute Vormittag die Reichshauptstadt. U.B.z.: Der sowjetrussische Regierungschef und Außenkommissar verabschiedet sich von dem Reichsminister des Auswärtigen von Ribbentrop auf dem Anhalter Bahnhof.

Here’s another pic of Hilgar (center with glasses on)

Hilgar (center with glasses) with Hitler and Molatov.

Earman and Wisner’s man Offie also helped bring in monsters such as Nicholas Poppe, a Russian linguist and Nazi collaborator who helped plan the extermination of the Jewish people.

Nicholas Poppe

Senator McCarthy later raised the issue of Offie as a “convicted homosexual” (regarding an incident in October of 1949). But, Offie was defended by Wisner and McCarthy was told he had “resigned” (which he wasn’t – they just changed the name of his job).

Then CIA director Roscoe Hillenkoetter origanally had demurred to Wisner in not doing anything about this incident with Offie, until the possibility of “public embarassment” led to his forcing Offie’s actual resignation in May of 1950.

One month later, Wisner simply moved Offie to work for another secretly funded CIA front group – with a touch of humor concerning Offie’s homosexuality – he placed him at the Free Trade Union Committee (FTUC), which was a labor foreign policy group of the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union.

He put a gay guy working in a women’s clothing union and probably thought he was just so funny for doing that. What you may not know, is what else those so-called labor unions were used as a front for exactly at this time?

Taking over the heroin trade in Marseille.

To drug more Americans with.

see my post: The Birth of the CIA/MI6/Mafia Drug Dealing to Control World Politics and Humanity

Not funny at all.

Another important person involved with Bloodstone was Boris Pash, an American, who in WWII headed up the Alsos missions capturing Nazi scientists, and then later headed the CIA’s PB/7 team (that’s actually a sub-project of Bloodstone) which was responsible for assassinations.From 1948-51, he served as a military representative to the Central Intelligence Agency, it was during this time that he was in charge of the controversial CIA program PB/7.

Boris Pash

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So…in conclusion –

This man Earman – who has such a lovely background – is who was assigned to investigate MKULTRA. Definitely what I’d call the chicken-stealing fox investigating the other foxes for… stealing chickens.

Fox investigation