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Donald Ewen Cameron

a man for whom there is no ‘positive’ side

by Virginia McClaughry


– image of Dr. Cameron in 1946 –

It was Wilder Penfield, who invited Dr. Ewen Cameron to McGill University to establish the Allan Memorial Institute for Psychiatry in 1943. The institute was established by a combination of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, money from John Wilson McConnell of the Montreal Star, and a gift of Sir Hugh Allan’s mansion on Mount Royal.

This is what it looked like before Cameron slimed it with all the horrible things he did to people there.


After Ewen Cameron –

Allan memorial ravenscrag after Cameron

Cameron had been the Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at Albany State Medical School for the previous five years (since 1938). It was at Albany that Cameron first conducted research into sensory deprivation and memory.

The Albany Medical Center was the only level-1 trauma center and academic medical center for the 25 county region between New York and Montreal…there is almost nothing online about it’s history during this period.


Cameron, sent over from England originally, had begun working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Research division at Albany during WWII. He had been singled out as deserving of more funding for his particularly barbaric methods of interrogation and behavior modification and this relationship with both the OSS and the British intelligence services continued throughout the rest of WWII.

The first experiments under the top-secret project named MKULTRA that used “deep brain stimulation” – which means opening up the brain and putting electrodes on it directly – on conscious patients – began in the 1950’s to treat so-called psychiatric disorders at McGill university under Wilder Penfield, and in the U.S. by Jose Delgado and Robert Heath (Tulane University) – experiments that violated the rights of patients and any even vague approximation of ethical standards in medical practice.

Note: Also at McGill, under Penfield, a Dr. Scoville surgically removed a structure called the hippocampus from both hemispheres of a man’s brain, in an effort to alleviate his epileptic symptoms (September 1st, 1953). The procedure had severe consequences.

The ‘cover’ for all this, was that they were researching epilepsy and aging. In those days (per the eugenics-driven British Mental Health Act of 1907) anyone with epilepsy? Was committed for life to a mental asylum.

Penfield had pioneered the deep brain stimulation technique, supposedly in order to “locate and remove abnormal brain tissue causing seizures“.

One must keep in mind here, that often the treatments for those people incarcerated (literally) in Montreal’s asylums, was to cause them to have seizures through insulin shock and ECT. I suspect that Penfield was doing exactly that, and then operating on the patient ‘to see what happened’ – if you follow me.

The down-and dirty details of how he did it, was that he started out with applying only a local anaesthetic to the patients’ scalps, then he opened up their skulls, mild-as-could-be about it.

Now that he had exposed the surface of their brain, he coldly and diligently went about using electrodes to apply a current in specific locations, while carrying on a conversation with the poor patient about ‘what he was feeling’ – as if they were just having a little get-together at tea time.

It’s hard to imagine that kind of detachment, that kind of utter lack of regard for human life, but that was Penfield. An Igor – through and through.

Some actual pics of what he was doing –

numbered-tickets-penfield penfield_procedureHe used this device to record neurological activity.


Penfield operated on about 400 patients altogether in this way, using his electrodes to probe many brain regions systematically. No one really knows just how many people this was done to, because of the atrocious record-keeping that was going on – deliberately – at that time.

What we do know, now, is that some of them were children – orphans. Sometimes, because they had special gifts that the slavemasters wanted to study, mechanically, for a number of reasons, but also because they were orphans they could escape accountability. In their arrogance, they were sure that no one would miss these sinful children who had been born out-of-wedlock, but they also chose such children because they couldn’t fight back.

Penfield, a 1914 Cecil Rhodes Oxford scholar ‘pick’ born in Spokane Washington, had first moved to Montreal in 1928, having accepted an invitation from Sir Vincent Meredith. There, he taught at McGill University and the Royal Victoria Hospital, becoming the city’s first neurosurgeon.

A Cecil Rhodes scholar…please have a look at these two articles to truly understand the significance of that, it simply cannot be understated.

Articles –

1. The Round Table – What is it Really – January 23rd, 2015
2. Cecil John Rhodes – ‘Confession of Faith’ 1877 – January 13th, 2015

Six years later, in 1934, Penfield had founded and became the first director of the Montreal Neurological Institute and associated Montreal Neurological Hospital at McGill University, established with the Rockefeller funding. That year, he also became an American ex-pat, a very suitable label for him given his British slavemaster leanings. He became a Canadian citizen amidst a population heavily dominated by Roman Catholicism and a small group of British slavemasters.

With that kind of conflagration, Draconian* times were sure to follow – and so they did.

*Draconian = excessively harsh and severe punishment for alleged infractions

– – –

forever i feel the solitude2

If we can succeed in inventing means of changing their attitudes and beliefs, we shall find ourselves in possession of measures which, if wisely used, may be employed in freeing ourselves from their attitudes and beliefs in other fields which have greatly contributed to the instability of our period by their propensity for holding up progress.

—Dr. Ewen Cameron –
book: Life is For Living, 1948

Atchison Daily Globe – September 2, 1948

Cameron was paid was $69,000 from 1957 to 1964 to carry out secret Project MKUltra experiments for the CIA at the Allan Memorial Institute. His sub-project was number 68 – as documented in our CIA Declassified Documents section of the Reading Library here at the blog.

  • PDF – MKULTRA subproject 68 documents – found in Black Vault CD#4, folder 17468, this is Dr. Ewen Cameron subproject. Descriptive documents can be located starting on page 11, 48, and 52 – which has an interesting disclosure in that Cameron was trying to figure out if he could make people heal wounds by his “command” using his horrific psychic-driving technique that he learned from British psychiatrist William Sargant.

We’ll be going into all that more in-depth a bit later on here but my point for now is – this money was in addition to the initial 150,000 dollars plus the 30,000 dollars a year for twenty years that had already been guaranteed him by the Rockefeller Foundation fund, set up specifically for his work in July of 1943.

The Ottawa Journal – Wednesday, July 7, 1943
Allan Memorial Institute announced


Publicly, Donald Ewen Cameron presented the image of an ‘enlightened’ psychiatrist advocating understanding of others, the use of social pressure groups within the hospital and an open mental hospital policy.

Examples –

Tipton Daily – October 23, 1952


Bend (Oregon) Bulletin – October 29, 1954


Valley Independent – October 25, 1957


In reality, what actually went on at Allan Memorial Institute was a far cry from anything even vaguely resembling understanding and openness.

Cameron’s rather odd approach to mental health was marked by strange and bizarre ‘treatments’ – all of which had the goal of a quiet and relaxed patient.

Kane Republican – May 9, 1956


While that may sound like a good thing, it’s what kind of quiet and resulting from what – is the truly horrifying thing about this man’s methods.

As early as 1952 he was experimenting with hypnosis and ‘psychotherapy’ while giving the patient nitrous oxide, as noted in a lecture at the second annual Institute in Psychiatry and Neurology meeting held at Lyons veteran’s administration hospital on Wednesday, April 16, 1952.

Bernardsville News – April 10, 1952


What this does not tell you is to what effect Cameron was using the nitrous oxide for.

This is the kind of thing that has gone on about Cameron for more than fifty years now, just about everything out there is either whitewashing what he was doing (under the guise of ‘balanced’ reporting) or focusing exclusively on his research for the CIA – usually in a semi-hysterical manner.

Most researchers focus on the 1957 period when talking about Cameron, for good reason, it’s when his sub-project 68 was funded. But, upon going through those declassified documents much closer today, there’s some things that I think haven’t received the attention that they should. Dates and other bits and pieces that are more important than they might seem at first glance.

The real truth about Cameron is a story that boggles the mind of most researchers, literally stunning them into submission like rabbits before a predator (much like Cameron’s real life effect on his ‘patients’) and causing them to shirk from really digging into this man’s background, his connections and the why of it all.

This has resulted in the twin-sins against historical accuracy (not to mention justice) that I previously mentioned.

I intend to remedy that, starting now.

– – –

Sargant and Cameron

To understand Cameron, you need to understand his relationships with other psychiatrists at the time – there were far fewer of them than you might think.

One of the most important of these was Dr. William Sargant, a Brit, so we’re going to start with him.

In brief –

Five years after Cameron had been appointed to head up the Allan Memorial, in 1948, Dr. William Sargant was appointed the director of the department of psychiatry (then called psychological medicine) at St. Thomas’s Hospital, London.

This was the same year that the Saint Thomas’ Hospital Group was formed as part of the National Health Service (established by the National Health Service Act 1946). Originally it included only Saint Thomas’ Hospital, the Grosvenor Hospital, the General Lying-In Hospital and the Royal Waterloo Hospital, which specialized in women and children*.

*It was at this very same Royal Waterloo Hospital, later in 1964, that Sargant would set up a Narcosis unit which became known as “the sleep room”.

Sargant had returned to England to take his new position in August of 1948, having just spent a year or so as the ‘visiting’ professor of psychiatry at Duke University.

Like Cameron, when Sargant took on his new position he started with basically nothing, but also like Cameron, he had some nice deep-pockets funding behind him. Sargant was funded by the new NHS with support from the endowment funds of St Thomas’ Hospital and gifts from private individuals.

Still, his new ‘department’ consisted of a basement with no in-patient beds, a rather bleak beginning to be sure. However, there was one bright spot for Sargant.

As part of the amalgamation of St Thomas’ and the nearby Royal Waterloo Hospital, he was soon provided the use of a 22 bed ward for his in-patients – Ward 5 – the very same ward that would become dedicated to continuous narcosis or deep sleep treatment. As far as wards go then, it was more or less ready to go for his immediate uses on patients he intended to subject to his “treatments” for longer periods of time.

Sargant dove right in and immediately got to work refurbishing the St. Thomas’ basement as an out-patient department, and began giving hapless patients ECT, modified insulin treatment and methedrine injections, etc.

Some of the confusion out there concerning when Sargant began his specializing in what he called Sleep Therapy, has to do with the fact that he actually began that technique almost right away but he later specialized in young women and children exclusively starting in 1963/64.

That being almost two decades later.

The basic technique Sargant would use then – heavy sedation, combined with insulin coma therapy and frequent ECT – was already being experimented with by Sargant within the first two years he took his position.

Ewen Cameron’s techniques that formed the foundation of his ‘psychic driving’ experiments, were the same as Sargant’s, making the obvious interaction between the two of them simply unquestionable.

That concludes our brief description of William Sargant, there will be more about him in the time-ordered portion.

– – –

The goal of the Dachau mescaline (a drug with many of mind altering qualities of LSD) experiments on
prisoners was “to eliminate the will of the person examined.”

Walter Neff
German research team member (head nurse) for Dr. Sigmund Rascher
at Dachau Concentration Camp.

Walter Neff - whistleblower

– as quoted by John Marks, Search for the Manchurian Candidate, 1979.

Dr. Ewen Cameron was one of the ‘lesser’ doctors helping to experiment on mental patients during WWII. Lesser, in the sense that he simply wasn’t named on the committee.

What committee?

This one.

[October 31, 1942) …the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), America’s wartime intelligence agency, set up a ‘truth drug’ committee under Dr. Winfred Overholser, head of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington.

The committee quickly tried and rejected mescaline, several barbiturates, and scopolamine. Then, during the spring of 1943, the committee decided that cannabis indica –or marijuana –showed the most promise, and it started a testing program in cooperation with the Manhattan Project, the TOP SECRET effort to build an atomic bomb.

It is not clear why OSS turned to the bomb makers for help, except that, as one former Project official puts it, ‘Our secret was so great, I guess we were safer than anyone else.’

Apparently, top Project leaders, who went to incredible lengths to preserve security, saw no danger in trying out drugs on their personnel…

…While members of the truth-drug committee never believed that the concentrated marijuana could compel a person to confess his deepest secrets, they authorized White to push ahead with the testing.

On the next stage, he and a Manhattan Project counterintelligence man borrowed 15 to 18 thick dossiers from the FBI and went off to try the marijuana on suspected Communist soldiers stationed in military camps outside Atlanta, Memphis, and New Orleans.”

[Note: that’s another example of the OSS/CIA manipulating FBI head Hoover through using his ‘communist’ button. See this post]

– The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate”, John Marks, pgs. 6-8

Cameron was hired and brought to Canada to start their Psychiatry Department at McGill University literally exactly at the same time.

here and now mag 1994 ewen cameron WWII coverHistorically, one case with a tartan flavour was the work done by Ewen Cameron, sometimes known as the ‘Scottish Mengele.’ Stirlingshire-born and Glasgow-educated, this ‘experimental’ and ‘applied’ psychiatrist was a leading behaviourist who began to work for the American military cause shortly before Pearl Harbour.31

here and now mag 1994 ewen cameron WWIIIf you’d like to learn more about this Truth Drug Committee, I go into quite a bit of detail about this committee (including pictures of each of the main members) in the second segment of my library article series about the British Security Coordination called: The Party Boys.

The British Security Coordination had overseen the creation of America’s first intelligence apparatus called the OSS (the precursor to the CIA) during WWII.

As an asset of the OSS Dr. Ewen Cameron was involved in the initial ‘truth drug’ experiments. He was using the mental patients at the Veterans Administration hospital in Albany, New York as guinea pigs.

He was rewarded for his complicity by being given the plum job of heading up the new psychiatry department at McGill in 1943, where he also continued doing some of the secondary testing, at least initially, using cannabis indica – marijuana – in a more concentrated form.

What many people don’t realize is that this research and testing was concurrent with the Nazis in Germany, as well as in Britain. The reason for that is well-explained in my post Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science

Walter Neff revealed a lot about what the Nazis were doing along these lines during the Nuremburg trials. Prison-inmate Neff had worked for Dr. Sigmund Rascher until 1944 – primarily doing the high-altitude and freezing experiments at Dachau concentration camp, but he also knew of (and participated in) the truth-drug experiments going on under Kurt Ploettner.

A little back history –

Heinrich Himmler oversaw an odd German group named Ahnenerbe (composed of SS and various other German dabblers in the occult) that became involved in military research. Himmler gave the Ahnenerbe official status within the Reich in 1935 (thus protecting it and its members from the spate of new laws that were designed to ban occult-related activity); in 1940 it became a formal division of the SS.

When Heinrich Himmler created the Institute for Scientific Research for Military purposes in 1942, the two organizations merged. Ahnenerbe then became the major source of funds for barbaric medical tests on camp inmates. It had a budget the size of the U.S. Department of Defense, literally.

The Ahnenerbe operated a vast number of branches and over thirty programs, including ‘folk’ research, religious history, astronomy, geophysics, biology, botany, expeditions, cave studies, natural history, and plant genetics and preparations. In April 1945, American troops stumbled across a massive cache of Ahnenerbe files hidden in a dark, dank cave called Kleines Tuefelsloch (the Little Devil’s Hole) near the Bavarian village of Pottenstein. For the next four years, American intelligence officials closely studied the captured documents, eventually sending many to the Army’s Edgewood Arsenal and Camp Detrick.

– A Terrible Mistake, H.P. Albarelli pg. 371, found at Visup blog post – LSD Chronicles Part II May 27, 2012
the Ahnenerbe symbol

One of the things the Ahnenerbe financed were the truth drug tests.

Some were run at the Auschwitz concentration camp under the supervision of Dr. Bruno Weber, who was then also in charge of the Hygienic Institute. He was working with SS doctors Viktor Capesius and Professor Mrugowsky (chief physician of the SS’s Central Hygienic Institute in Berlin.) Capesius and Weber tried out barbituates and morphine derivatives in various cocktails.

At the same time Dr. Kurt Ploetner (lecturer in medicine at University of Leipzig) was running another truth-drug program in Block 5 of Dachau. He was running one of the Ahnenerbe’s most noteworthy experiments – it centered around the uses of cannabis and mescaline.

Cannabis – just like Overholser and the Truth Drug Committee.

Under SS-Sturmbanfuhrer Dr. Kurt Plotner and an inmate-assistant, Walter Neff, drinks given to concentration camp prisoners were spiked with mescaline and the prisoners observed for signs of altered human behavior.

The U.S. experimenters, much like the Nazis, had a number of experimentee deaths and comas from all this ‘testing’, yet despite these “problems” (as these comas and deaths were put) the program was transferred out from under the National Defense Research Council, and was put under the Office of Research and Development of the OSS starting January 1, 1943 – nicknamed Division 19.

* Division 19 was a highly secretive combined OSS and National Defense Research Committee organization headed by the equally little known Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell. Division 19’s first project was the ‘special weapons project’ which included obtaining and field testing drugs like LSD, concentrated marijuana, etc. It was headed by OSS man George Hunter White.

As you just learned – this is all right on top of when the decision was made that Ewen Cameron should be transferred out of the U.S. so he can really get down to the ‘business’ of experimenting on hapless orphans and mental patients.

This reveal things against your will drug experimentation continued right up to the end of the war, just like in the U.S. and in Britain, as noted in Wolfram Sievers diaries.

Wolfram Sievers

The American, British (same thing) and Vatican Intelligence services were intrigued, to say the least, by the the Ahnenerbe records concerning these experiments.

On page 235 of Unholy Alliance by Peter Levenda he notes that –

After the liberation of Dachau, US investigating teams read through the Ahnenerbe and Luftwaffe files on the concentration camp experiments, looking for anything that might be useful in a military application. Marks goes on to note that ‘None of the German mind-control research was ever made public.‘ Other than the hints of it we can discover in Sievers’s diary and similar memoranda, that pretty much remains the situation today.

Why was it never made public?

First of all, because the British-Vatican slavemaster duo didn’t want anyone to know about that they were planning to continue that exact research – they actually brought Kurt Ploettner to the U.S. in 1945 to help them – using the excuse that it was to ‘fight communism’.

Just after WWII was over, ending their lovely ‘excuse’ for all the human experimentation going on in the U.S., Britain, Germany etc., the slavemasters were hot-to-trot to keep things going on the human domination front.

What they had discovered during the War, particularly in the concentration camp experiments, was that psychotropic drugs and phenothiazines etc. were superior methods of messing up people’s minds – in such a way that they could interact with and get the decisions they wanted from them.

Difficult to do with someone in a coma or a convulsion, you understand.

Far from actually considering ‘bad’ all the horrible human experiments that had gone on during the War, they loved them; they wanted to do MORE of that. Several of them even went so far as actually refusing to help criminalize these things as they should have been.

A Roman Catholic psychiatrist, John W. Thompson, is an excellent example of a dupe. A person who thinks the words of his ‘leaders’ and the crap propaganda they wrote (the bible) actually mean something.

He wrote a book1 detailing some of his experiences revolving around the Nuremburg trials, where he was understandably outraged at what was being revealed, such as was allowed. Thinking that he, as a Roman Catholic, was on the side of “good” on that issue, he wanted to volunteer to help expose and bring this even more to the public mind, and help the people who had been subjected to this.

There is quite a bit written about his efforts to work with the Vatican, the CIA, and British intelligence to “heal Europe” and that he was engaged in investigating war crimes – particularly the psychiatric human experimentation ones.

He was marginalized and never really allowed to do so, in many ways.

For example, in Britain, the infamous Lord Moran – who we call the Sith Lord – repeatedly blocked his efforts, and as Thompson’s book says “Moran focused British efforts on the scientific quality of German human experiments…” while “allocating to the French the task of moral evaluation.”

Which is an insult to the French, and a clear statement that he doesn’t care at all about the moral aspect.

The Sith Lord –


of Britain – Lord Moran.


Lord Moran deferred to Detlev Wulf Bronk’s view (he was president [1950] and foreign secretary of the U.S. National Academy of Science) and Sir Henry Hellett Dale – President of the Brits Royal Society of Medicine.



Dale completely ignored the growing mountain of evidence of medical crimes, and instead was impressed by the pharmacological aspects of Nazi human experimentation.

Dale wished to BURY the accusations about German medical criminality and resurrect the German’s medical “research” on concentration camp and mental hospital victims – just like I told you was the slavemaster plan.

Mind you, this was all to supposedly shore up the youth of Europe against ‘communism’ – which really meant anyone rebelling against them and their hierarchal ruling of everything.

Dale’s got ‘the look’ – he was a slavemaster versus an Igor.

sir henry-hallett-dale-3

Thompson’s book also cites (without mentioning the Project Bluebird and MkUltra projects by name) that “Anglo-American interest in strategic research intensified.

But that – “a certain amount of information on medical war crimes” was deemed secret.2

That wasn’t because of any security precautions.

That was to protect evidence of their involvement and collaboration with Nazi Germany from becoming known to the public.

As revealed by former CIA deep cover operative (and handler of L. Ron Hubbard) Miles Copeland Jr., after WWII the warmongers (Vatican and British slavemasters) chose two ‘enemies’ to present to the public, thereby justifying the continuance of their nefarious activities begun during World War II.

Nuclear War and Communism.

See for yourself.

Miles Copeland, The Game Player

pearl harbor was intentional and choosing the new 'enemy' - Game Player by Miles Copeland-3

In those days, I was little more than a fly on the wall at Washington social occasions, opening my mouth only to ask the occasional question, but I was all ears.

At one of the Lawtons’ parties, during a heated discussion of who would get what jobs in the several embryo organizations, I asked, Suppose we were to drop the whole idea of intelligence services, and struggle along with none at all, what would the country lose?

…My question was received merely politely by most of the guests, but one of them, General John Magruder, took it seriously.


It prompted him to tell of a meeting which the new intelligence chief, Admiral Sidney Souers, had just had with President Truman.

Truman and souers

When Sauers told the President that the new centralized intelligence unit he was organizing would see that there would never be another ‘Pearl Harbor’, the President replied, ‘You haven’t yet had your Top Secret briefing or you’d know that a bit of code-breaking had told us all about the Pearl Harbor attack in advance. What President Roosevelt needed was intelligence bearing on the question of what he should do about it.

President Roosevelt got the intelligence, and he decided to let the Pearl Harbor attack happen as a way of arousing an otherwise apathetic populace.

General Magruder went on to say that he’d spent the past month talking intelligence organization in high places, that he hadn’t heard a word to indicate that President Truman’s words had reached the planners.

The top people in the Departments of State, army, navy and air force were busily concocting dangers that would justify increases in their respective budgets, and they had developed a whole new glossary of cliches for the purpose, ‘preventing another Pearl Harbor’ being one of them.

No one,’ [Magruder] said in answer to my question, ‘is asking what, realistically, we Americans have to fear in the post-war world.

The ‘fear of communism’ – as in Russia – and ‘threat of nuclear war’ – as in Russia as well – are what Copeland detailed that they concocted as the enemy.

These concocted enemies were used to justify budgets for continuing the human experimentation that WWII had been used as ‘cover’ for.

Now that the concocted enemy was chosen, they took right off with the very first secret project created after the war – Project CHATTER instituted by the U.S. Navy in 1947.

Dr. Charles Savage was put in charge of that, experimenting on mental patients (and animals) through the auspices of the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. The experiments were aimed at trying to obtain information from people against their will but without physical duress – as in they didn’t want to ‘leave a mark’ or any evidence that they had done the procedure.

So, now, if they are lying about what the ‘threats’ are – then what was the real reason for all this human experimentation?

Think about it.

* * *

Within just two years of Project CHATTER, in the spirit of gaining public acceptance of the concocted enemy of ‘communism’, the Vatican slavemasters did their part and trotted out Hungarian (and Roman Catholic cardinal) Josezf Mindszenty in 1949 as proof of ‘what the Russians could do to people‘. The Cardinal appeared zombie-like, as though drugged or hypnotized. Other defendants at Soviet “show trials” had displayed similar symptoms as they recited unbelievable confessions in dull, cliché-ridden monotones.

Appeared…good word.

Put even more directly – this was a complete and utter staged farce.

I mean really, look at this guy.


They chose him for a very specific reason. For five decades he had a well-known career in the Catholic church dedicated to opposing ‘communism’ in any form – which has really always actually been about the fear of American democracy catching on in the rest of the world.

So, to trot him out as now in support of communism after his supposed sojourn in Russian interrogation chambers, well, you do the math.

Now, here’s the thing. Within a matter of months from Minszenty’s show trial by the Russian-backed People’s Republic of Hungary, the next thing you know the treatment the Russian’s supposedly did was given a name and a source – it was blamed on China and called brainwashing by a CIA propagandist.

In my library article tracking the actual origins of the term brainwashing, I included the following news article.

Lincoln Star – February 29, 1951 ‘Brain Washing’ Chinese Tactic


See right at the top, that acronyma NANA?

It stands for North American Newspaper Alliance, an alliance of the major newspapers in America, which had just been purchased by a “small group of investors” led by Ernest Cuneo and Ivar Bryce just before this blatant propaganda article came out.

Why is that important?

Because both Ernest Cuneo and Ivar Bryce were formerly associated with two special Intelligence organizations formed before and during WWII – the British Security Coordination and the OSS – which all rolled right on over into becoming the CIA in 1947. (See OSS personnel database which shows Cuneo listed)

As if that wasn’t bad enough as to blatant British/Vatican slavemaster control over the American press, they had Ian Fleming made the European Vice President! Thereby covering all their bases as far as propaganda went, because Fleming had played a highly instrumental role in forming up America’s intelligence services, first called the Office of the Coordinator of Information (which Bill Donovan headed) then called the OSS, then became the CIA – making him all about the slavemaster goals and not America’s.

For a pretty complete accounting of just what a nasty organization this British Security Coordination was, I have a whole series of library articles (not completed yet) on the subject.

See British Security Coordination Compendium – by Virginia McClaughry

Section I – The Book and The Lords
Section II – The Party Boys
Section III – Your Mind – My Mind
Section IV – The British Way
Section V – Back to the Beginning
Section VI –

Ivar Bryce

Ivar Bryce is a particularly bad connection because that weaselly little man is who fabricated the so-called Hitler map that President Roosevelt knew was fabricated and read out a speech about it live to the American public to – get this – get America to go fight another stupid slavemaster war over drugs, money and power (for them) – you know it as WWII.

For a complete documentation of details concerning this heinous activity by Ivar, which he did end up revealing eventually (at least) please see my post titled: Who Originally Forged The Hitler Map That President Roosevelt Used To Get America Into WWII? – Ivar Bryce

Look at the headline of the news article again – it says ‘Brain Washing’ Chinese Tactic.

That is false. My library article about this proves that the idea was already in play in Italy almost a decade earlier, and in a press article about tv-radio brain washing campaigns in America almost five years earlier.

The text reads –

“Brain washing” is the term Chinese use to describe the treatment Chinese communists have been giving returned American prisoners of war.

No, it isn’t.

The Chinese had no such term – the intelligence propagandists of NANA just made it up.

Look at the description of what brainwashing supposedly is –

It is a set of lectures and indoctrination talks which the reds give individual prisoners to convince them that “capitalists” are all wrong and communists are their real friends in Korea.

Sounds rather mild, if you ask me, compared to what people like Ewen Cameron were already doing to people in the name of concern about ‘the brainwashing threat’ from communists.

But, look when the article was – February 29, 1951.

That’s a lot more significant, because just a month later is when an interesting CIA document comes into play.

* * *

The ‘Meeting’

Devilish new process…this inhuman method for tampering with men’s minds and souls defies all laws of God or man. [American GI’s were in danger of being] laboratory rats in a diabolical scientific experiment.

Rear Admiral D.V. Gallery
“We Can Baffle the Brainwashers!”
Saturday Evening Post, 22 January 1955, 20, 91–98.

Oh, it was devilish alright, only it was ‘men of god’ primarily that were doing it! Catholics, to be precise.

In March 1951, the CIA initiated a “top secret” research program into “all aspects of special interrogation” through “exchange of information and coordination of related programs”.

(Central Intelligence Agency 1951, March 19 Subject: Special Interrogation Program. National Security Archive.).

SCIENCE IN DACHAU’S SHADOW: HEBB, BEECHER, AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF CIA PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE AND MODERN MEDICAL ETHICS by Alfred W. McCoy, published in the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 43(4), 401–417 Fall 2007 Published online in Wiley Interscience ( DOI 10.1002/jhbs.20271 © 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

See that coordination of related programs part?

Well, just three months later a meeting then took place in Montreal.

Montreal was extremely predominantly Catholic back then, something like over eighty percent of the population. And I mean really Catholic, like old world inquisition Catholic.

McCoy describes this meeting further – citing Canadian George Cooper’s report about his investigation into what was going on at McGill.

Consequently, in the words of a later Canadian inquiry by George Cooper, QC, “a high-level meeting took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montreal on June 1, 1951.

Attending were Sir Henry T. Tizard, the venerable senior scientist from the U.K. Ministry of Defense; Dr. Omond Solandt, head of Canada’s Defense Research Board (DRB); Dr. Donald O. Hebb, head of the Board’s Behavioral Research and chair of Psychology at McGill; and two Americans, Dr. Caryl Haskins and Commander R.J. Williams. These latter two were identified, in a “handwritten note” found in Board files, as “CIA”. 7

That meeting is also verified as taken place in documents from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 149496.

Screenshot –


Per the Black Vault CIA documents, as a result of this meeting they also created a joint-committee to screen ’employees’ and made plans for an ominous-sounding ‘overseas experimentation“.


But, check out this next document from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 144788, image #1 – this is a really important one when you understand just who that is that I highlighted.


Doesn’t tell you much, does it, but the importance of the statement I highlighted cannot be understated.

The American programs through Dr. Webster of RDB will be coordinated with British and Canadian programs.

Remember, we’re talking about their plans for secret human experimentation to break someone’s will is what is going to be ‘coordinated’.

Who is this William Webster, and what is the RDB?

This is William in 1952 – also VP of New England Electric


OK. This isn’t a simple network I’m about to describe, but at the moment I’ll try to reduce it to it’s lowest denominator as best I can.

Remember how we talked about the Truth Drug Committee earlier? In particular, these parts –

Then, during the spring of 1943, the committee decided that cannabis indica –or marijuana –showed the most promise, and it started a testing program in cooperation with the Manhattan Project, the TOP SECRET effort to build an atomic bomb.

…they authorized George White to push ahead with the testing…he and a Manhattan Project counterintelligence man borrowed 15 to 18 thick dossiers from the FBI and went off to try the marijuana on suspected Communist soldiers stationed in military camps outside Atlanta, Memphis, and New Orleans.

Well…William Webster happened to have been involved with that, as evident by his later heading the Committee on Atomic Energy in 1949, as well as having been Chairman of the Military Liaison Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission.13


The only link that I’ve come across regarding any connection between the Atomic Energy Commission (Manhattan Project to create the nuclear bomb) and mind control interests was one that Arnie Lerma found.

Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Los Alamos Laboratory and responsible for the research and design of an atomic bomb presented a paper called Analogy in Science to the American Psychological Association at its 63rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, September 1955, it was published in March of 1956. As part of the opening address he expressed some thoughts on the subject of psychology and control of people, the following of which was excerpted in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists of May 1959, in an article titled: The Ethics of Tachistoscopy* by Arthur J. Bachrach.

*Tachistoscopyan apparatus for use in exposing visual stimuli, as pictures, letters, or words, for an extremely brief period, the idea of which was incorporated into television subliminal advertising techniques.

Arthur J. Bachrach quoted Oppenheimer as saying –

…the psychologist can hardly do anything without realizing that for him the acquisition of knowledge opens up the most terrifying prospects of controlling what people do and how they feel. This is true for all of you who are engaged in practice…I can see that the physicists pleas that what he discovers [the nuclear bomb] be used with humanity and be used wisely will seem trivial compared to those pleas which you will have to make and for which you will be responsible.”

Bachrach, who quoted the above, then said –

The possibility of controlling human behavior becomes a more terrifying prospect than the control of nuclear reactions.

Arnie correctly noted that this ‘the possibility of controlling human behavior‘ belonged at the TOP of the list of “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” – ahead of the atomic bomb.

But, what Oppenheimer also said is even more interesting in light of that it’s obvious that he knew about the then ongoing secret ‘projects’ (like this 1951 meeting in Canada was about), and he even praised the McGill atrocities in sensory isolation as a ‘perfect experiment’.

Note: I have obtained the original of what Oppenheimer actually said in Analogy in Science, please see this post.

The little blurb that Bachrach quoted was the only link other than John Marks talking about George White, the Truth Drug Committee and working with the Manhattan Project to carry out their mind control experiments.

Now we have a new one – and that’s William Webster.

To understand his role, we need to investigate the other tiny little piece sticking out from that CIA document about the Montreal meeting.

Here’s the image again –


The RDB.

What’s that?

It stands for Research and Development Board. Webster was the Chairman of in the 1950/51 time period exactly when all these secret mind-control ‘brainwashing’ projects were mushrooming up out of the dark, dank, pits where the ideas sprung from.

It doesn’t help much for me to just fill in what the acronym stands for though, does it? No. But, see, that’s the thing with these people, they hide seriously evil goings-on under cryptic, euphemistic, and downright mispresentative names for their supposed scientific explorations.

What they were doing wasn’t about science, it was a continuation of a political ideology straight out of the worst example of it of all time – the Bible.

On that note, the next section will teach you about what that RDB is and what it tracks back to, and then come back to this Montreal meeting.

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A History of How The Slavemasters Infiltrated the U.S. To Embroil Americans In Their Crimes Against Humanity


Note: My research on this is primarily taken from my as yet unpublished library article about Harris Marshall Chadwell.

To understand what the heck is this RDB thing anyway, I had to go way back to catch exactly how, who, and why there even exists such a nasty conduit for the slavemasters.

It’s a big shell-game with the slavemasters, they’re always creating (or re-naming) groups and committees and boards and societies to try and hide that there does exist straight lines leading right to them.

That being why they do it, of course. They don’t want that easily known.

But, if you get early enough, you can always catch them right there and exposed, and you can then track their nasty agendas straight on down through the decades and they can’t hide from you no matter how complicated they try to make it.

To sort out such an area you must be capable (and willing) to handle a whole lot of confusion and be able to properly understand sometimes hundreds of years of history. They figure (and rightly) that most people would rather bounce off such a mess and just concern themselves with their daily lives.

But, then there’s people like me who can do both – and I’m not the only one.

In intelligence, there is something called flair. It’s a something that cannot be taught, it either is allowed to exist by the person or its denied and buried under some never-ending quest for happiness through ignorance.

One of the things someone with this ‘flair’ can do, is find things purely by looking at something and knowing what’s behind it without any other evidence other than their own native ability to see. Then, they can go about digging in all the right places and find the evidence – even though they don’t really need to but it’s often done to help others to see who might choose to be willing to.

In a very real sense, this is what it takes to track an area where the slavemasters have been very busy. You must be able to look at something that doesn’t appear on its surface to be connected but yet you can see with your non-physical senses that it is.

If I had to pick one thing that brings down even their most complex house-of-cards? It would be that –

Beginnings are their Achilles heel.

Their weakness.

Because you see, in order to accomplish their goals they must begin somewhere.

Like this RDB. It has a beginning, but it’s hidden almost a hundred years in the past.

The National Research Council.

It was the earliest incarnation of the NDRC (the National Defense Research Council). I knew as soon as I came across it in some archaic book, that here was the Slavemaster connection along that particular road of ‘studying humanity’ in order to control it towards their goals.

I then proceeded to verify that the British branch of the slavemasters, as usual, were lurking in the shadows of its principal founder – George Ellery Hale.

george ellery hale

George was specifically setting into motion in America, an organization modeled upon the British Royal Institution and its “relationship” with the Royal Society – as confirmed in The Autobiography of Robert A. Millikan (New York: Prentice-Hall, 1950), pp. 132–134.

It was actually first called the National Research Foundation.

June 19, 1916 marked the start of the now named National Research Council.

The Academy Council (which Hale also headed) plan stated that the members of the National Research Council were to be:

leading American investigators and engineers, representing Army, Navy, Smithsonian Institution, and various scientific bureaus of the Government, educational institutions and research endowments, and the research divisions of industrial and manufacturing establishments.

On July 24, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson approved the preliminary plan for –

the National Research Council, which was formed at my request under the National Academy of Sciences. …

At his request is a total misrepresentation. It was Colonel House (as part of his usual tete-a-tete with the British slavemasters) who told him to make it look like it was his idea.


On August 5, Wilson sent the names of “his” (here we go again, they were House’s recommendations) appointments to the Council for the armed services and federal bureaus.

  • Maj. Gen. William C. Gorgas, Surgeon General;
  • Brig. Gen. William Crozier, Chief of Ordnance;
  • Lt. Col. George O. Squier, Signal Corps, Aviation Section;
  • Rear Adm. David W. Taylor, Chief of Construction;
  • Mr. Van H. Manning, Director, Bureau of Mines;
  • Professor Charles F. Marvin, Chief of the Weather Bureau;
  • Dr. S. W. Stratton, Director, Bureau of Standards;
  • Dr. Charles D. Walcott, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution;
  • and Dr. William H. Holmes, Chief Curator, National Museum.
Members of the National Research Council staff during World War IMembers of the National Research Council staff during World War I.
Robert A. Millikan is second from left (Photograph courtesy the archives, California Institute of Technology).

What’s the very first thing they did?

Chairman Hale and his good buddy Mr. Welch sailed right off to England to ‘consult’ with scientists there on the “physical and chemical problems of the war.

Mr. Welch’s job was to study how the British did things in their medical hospitals and how they addressed “medical problems created by the war.”

Things like this – were what Welch studied while he was in England.


Shell-Shock sufferers

shell shock sufferers in Bedlam

When Welch came back from this ‘tour’, through the intercession of himself, Colonel V.C. Vaughan, and the Surgeon General William C. Gorgas, they ‘won’ acceptance in the Medical Department of the Army for the application of psychology to war problems.

The primary reference I have been using for the basic points of history of the National Research Council is this –

Reference – The National Academy of Sciences: The First Hundred Years 1863–1963, section World War I and the Creation of the National Research Council

Here is what that reference says about this application of psychology by a man named Yerkes –

A group under Robert M. Yerkes, pioneer in the use of intelligence tests, began to work out methods of psychological testing that would be specifically applicable to the armed forces. The group developed first the famous alpha and beta tests for literates and illiterates and demonstrated for the first time on a large scale what appeared to be remarkable differences in intelligence among various army groups. The Research Council team then went on to consider the psychological problems of aviation. It developed batteries of special aptitude tests, made studies of problems of vision, of military training and discipline, of shell shock reeducation, and of methods of influencing enemy morale. Like that in every other division of the Research Council, the work of the psychologists had scarcely more than begun when the war ended.

When you take into account what I am about to tell you, please notice how much that little blurb is NOT telling you, but also notice the forerunners of what would later show up in the concentration camp experiments of WWII – a war the British and Vatican slavemasters also arranged.

Let me show you some real history regarding this Yerkes character, whom I wrote extensively about in my library article – British Security Coordination Compendium III: Your Mind, My Mind.

I’m not going to excerpt all the relevant parts, but more of a condensed version. In light of that, I highly suggest you read the library article for a fuller understanding of any one individual point I’m going to mention here.

Let’s start with the fact that Yerkes was a die-hard eugenicist, sort of the ‘link’ between the British slavemasters and one of the main American poster boys for Eugenics – a man named H.H. Goddard.

It’s a common mistake (I believe deliberately made possible) for people to get the erroneous idea that Eugenics organizations first started in America.

In 1907 the British Eugenics Education Society was also founded, with the aim of promoting the research and understanding of eugenics. It changed names to the Eugenics Society in 1926 (often referred to as the British Eugenics Society to distinguish it from others). From 1909-1968 it published The Eugenics Review.

It was three years later in 1910 that the sister organization of the Eugenic Record Office was founded in the United States, both institutes used the research results of the Galton Laboratory of National Eugenics to propose practical applications.

All of this is six years before this whole ‘project’ for the National Research Council to ‘study’ American military recruits as to their ‘intelligence’.

So, what was Yerkes doing during that six years?

Experimenting on ‘mental defectives’ in an isolated mansion in New Jersey.

Located on 40 acres of land, the Scarborough Mansion was the main quarters of “The Training School at Vineland”.

vineland main building circa 1917

By 1906, Goddard had formed The Psychological Research Laboratory there which he was the director of. It was the first research facility devoted to studying mental deficiencies in the US.

Yerkes was his right-hand man. It is through him that we find one of those difficult-to-find connections that show that Britain was not just involved, they were leading all of this insanity.

Yerkes worked together with Sir Cyril Burt (1883-1971).

Sir Cyril Burt


Burt was an Oxford man, and heavily invested in promoting Eugenics – the concept of a racial and mental/spiritual superiority.

Burt was literally brought up into this mentality, practically at-the-knee of Francis Galton himself.

His father was a doctor, and one of his more famous patients was Darwin Galton, brother of Francis Galton. The visits the Burts made to the Galton estate not only allowed the young Burt to learn about the work of Francis Galton, but also allowed Burt to meet him on multiple occasions and to be strongly drawn to his ideas; especially his studies in statistics and individual differences, two defining characters of the London School of Psychology whose membership includes both Galton and Burt.

Four years before Burt’s contact in America, Yerkes had prodded Goddard to form the Psychological Research Laboratory – Oxford Professor William McDougall (yes, that McDougall of Society of Psychical Research and Duke University/J.B. Rhine infamy) suggested that the young Cyril Burt focus his senior project on psychometrics, thus educating him in the development and structure of mental tests. Burt complied willingly. This was 1902.

William McDougallWilliam McDougall

This is an excellent example of that the Cecil Bloc* of slavemasters, at one of their “homes”, are using universities and impressionable young students to forward research that they wanted done as part of their overall plan. You can see that guiding hand easily with Burt here.

*Cecil Bloc – a connected group of political and social power formed originally by the Cecil/Cavendish families under Queen Elizabeth I.

Since Burt was already well-versed in the beginning of “psychometric testing”, you can clearly see the influence coming from Cyril Burt and the British Eugenics Society straight on over to Yerkes and Goddard in the U.S. and then the National Research Council in 1916 where they then ‘won’ acceptance in the Medical Department of the Army for the application of psychology to war problems.

Now you can understand that most of what we know as psychology, practically right from the beginning, was actually part of Eugenics, making the National Research Council actually a kind of covert Eugenics front group.

Short timeline –

  • 1902 – moves were already afoot to accelerate the ideas of Eugenics, Oxford Professor McDougall tells the young Cyril Burt to focus his senior project on psychometrics, thus educating him in the development and structure of mental tests. The first stage to classifying humanities “mental” states.
  • 1904 – Brits found Eugenics chairs in their universities like Oxford, for example.
  • 1906 – McDougall and Burt have influence on Goddard who forms The Psychological Research Laboratory at Vineland Training School in New Jersey. He makes Yerkes his right-hand man. It was the first research facility devoted to studying mental deficiencies in the US.
  • 1907 – the British formed the the first Eugenics society in the world, McDougal tasks Cyril Burt to help with a nation-wide survey of physical and mental characteristics of the British people. The “survey” had been proposed by Francis Galton (the man who originated Eugenics). Burt relays his findings to Yerkes at Vineland Training School in the U.S.
  • 1908 – summer – Burt was directed by McDougall to go study the German eugenicist psychiatrists for a couple of years, which he did.
  • 1910 – Cyril Burt becomes involved with Frederic Myers and “psychical” testing and investigations with the SPR, not long after Myers published his findings from the prior twenty plus years. This later evolves in the U.S. into the J.B. Rhine ESP tests at Duke University in the U.S. – then headed by a Cecil Rhodes scholar – and the various secret projects directed at control of men’s minds such as the CIA’s Projects BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA and MKSEARCH
  • 1916 – National Research Council engages in chemical and bio-weapons research and psychological testing during WWI together with Cyril Burt of the British Eugenics society and Robert Yerkes of the American eugenics society and the Vineland school.
  • 1920 – Cyril Burt starts the Tavistock Clinic for children, quickly moving into ‘treating’ adults and he went on to mentor both John Bowlby who helped head up the British psychological assessment boards in WWII.

Left to sleep for the next quarter of a century, the next evolution of the National (Defense) Research Council began in the years just before America’s engagement in WWII – big surprise, right?

A man named Vannevar Bush had been appointed to the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in 1938, and soon became its chairman.

Two years later, at Vannevar Bush’s direction, John F. Victory, Executive Secretary of NACA, prepared a draft of an act of Congress setting up a National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) authorized to construct and operate research laboratories [this was later omitted] and to make contracts for research, studies, and reports with educational and scientific institutions, with individuals, and with industrial and other organizations … to conduct research and experiments in such laboratories as may be placed under its direction. … [and] to coordinate, supervise, and conduct scientific research on the problems underlying the development, production, and use of mechanisms and devices of warfare, except scientific research on the problems of flight.

In early June of 1940 Bush, through his White House acquaintance Harry Hopkins, saw President Roosevelt who approved the functions of the committee Bush proposed. Roosevelt suggested that “it might be more quickly set up by executive order” than by act of Congress.

That’s Roosevelt going AROUND congress, you understand.

Bush then met with General George C. Marshall and Admiral Harold R. Stark, both of whom expressed interest in shifting some of their current research work to the National Defense Research Committee.

Karl Compton, Conant, Jewett, U.S. Commissioner of Patents Conway P. Coe, and the Dean of the California Institute of Technology’s graduate school, Richard C. Tolman, with whom Bush had worked out the details of the proposed committee, all agreed to serve and on June 15, 1940, the President sent out their letters of appointment.

The letters named Bush Chairman of the new NDRC; Tolman as the Chairman of its Division A (armor and ordnance); Conant as head of Division B (bombs, fuels, gases, and chemical problems); Jewett as head of Division C (communications and transportation); Compton as head of Division D (detection, controls, and instruments); and Coe as head of Division E (patents and inventions). Brig. Gen. George V. Strong was the Army representative on the committee and Rear Adm. Harold G. Bowen, the Navy representative.

The President’s letter of authorization to Bush that same day confirmed the mission of the committee to conduct and correlate scientific research in the national defense, to utilize the facilities of existing agencies and institutions, draw on the President’s Council of National Defense (CND) for funds, and call on the National Academy, the Research Council, and the National Bureau of Standards for assistance in carrying out the necessary research. The letter also said that Dr. Briggs’s special committee, which had been set up “to study into the possible relationship to national defense of recent discoveries in the field of atomistics, notably the fission of uranium,” would report thereafter directly to Bush.

The NDRC came into formal existence on June 27, 1940.

But here’s where it gets interesting – the month before, through back-channel communications between the British SOE executives and President Roosevelt, the previous National Defense Council (part of the National Research Council) had been quietly reactivated one month before Vannevar Bush is tasked to prepare this new “research” act.

The sleeper committee, with all its nice little ties to eugenics and the British/Vatican slavemasters, had been awakened.

To further veil responsibility and hide the true source of this ‘idea’, the NDRC was not established by executive order as Roosevelt originally intended. He had been ‘advised’ to hide it under the now resurrected NRC (now reversed into being the CNR or CND).

Don’t you just love the shell game these people play with the names of things?

The CND (which is really a corollary to the now resurrected NRC) comprised the Secretaries of War, Navy, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and Labor and it issued an “establishing order” for the new NDRC.


That was hard to track down, let me tell you, but now everyone can see the whole evolution starting from 1916.

– – –

The next thing that happened was –

At the first meeting of NDRC that same week, Bush and his associates agreed that the committee should be solely “concerned with research rather than industrial development or production,” its principal task aimed at “correlating and supporting scientific research on the mechanisms and devices of warfare.”

Sounds utterly innocuous, doesn’t it?

It wasn’t.

Under the shadow of such dry-sounding words would be some of the most horrific and destructive projects against humanity that had ever existed.

The creation of NDRC at once supplied a mechanism for the interchange of scientific information with Great Britain and Canada.

Speaking of Britain –

The origins of its scientific intelligence section lay in the creation under Oxford trained scientist Sir Henry Tizard of the Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence. The ‘Tizard Committee’ began meeting in secret in January 1935.

In September 1940, a scientific mission headed by Sir Henry T. Tizard of the Imperial College of Science and Technology and scientific adviser to the Ministry of Aircraft Production arrived in Washington, authorized to exchange the military research secrets of the British government for those of the United States.

Yes, the very same Tizard that would later put in an appearance at the secret meeting of 1951 in Montreal – Mr. MI6.

Sir Tizard

Sir Tizard

That same year of 1940, there had been a reorganization of British Intelligence, “Special Duties”, the War Office liaison to the SIS (Scientific Intelligence Section) was now designated MI6 – the first time this title was ever used with reference to SIS. 10

Tizard had earlier resigned that year, theoretically because of utterly insane behavior by Mr. Lindemann (Lord Cherwell, Winston Churchill’s ‘dog’ as he referred to him) but this eventually resulted in the ousting of Lindemann and Tizard eventually taking on a more superior – and secretive – position in Britain’s Ministry of Defense.

It was in this capacity that he came to the U.S. in September of 1940 to head the ‘research’ exchange.

A little over six months later, in May of 1941, Vannevar Bush (our British intelligence go-between) recommended to Roosevelt that the NDRC be better organized to accomplish their ‘objectives.’

That means – making the really nasty research even more hidden and under a new name.

Yet again bypassing Congress so that the American people had no chance to stop it.

On June 28, 1941, less than six months before Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt signed the Executive Order creating the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), with Bush as Director, personally responsible to the traitorous President Roosevelt.

Franklin Roosevelt the slavemaster puppet

Now the slavemasters had ‘their man’ Bush – a kind of American Mengele of sorts – right where they wanted him.

Five members of the Advisory Council of the Office of Scientific Research and DevelopmentFive members of the Advisory Council of the OSRD Seated: A. N. Richards, Vannevar Bush, and James B. Conant. Standing: J. C. Hunsaker and Harvey H. Bundy (Photograph courtesy Wide World Photos).


Frank Jewett, who had been elected to the presidency of the NACA in 1939 (following in the footsteps of Vannevar Bush) was soon the driving force behind the Academy’s mobilization for the war effort.

National Defense Research Committee Jewett Furer conant tolman compton adams coe stewartFront Row, left to right: Frank B. Jewett, Rear Adm. Julius A. Furer, James B. Conant, Richard C. Tolman. Back Row, left to right: Karl T. Compton, Roger Adams, Conway P. Coe, Irvin Stewart.
Source: “Scientists Against Time,” by James Phinney Baxter, 3rd. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 1946.

The new OSRD, with its extraordinary ability to mobilize science, with funds specifically appropriated by Congress for the Department of Defense, and with access to the President was, like NDRC, a new kind of scientific agency in the federal structure.

As an administrative agency in the President’s Office for Emergency Management (OEM) and independent of the Council of National Defense, OSRD at once achieved a maximum of flexibility and freedom of operation.

Moreover, through its access to the President, it established a new relationship between science and government and its Director Vannevar Bush became in effect science adviser to the President and his Cabinet.

As Director of OSRD, Bush was given “final responsibility for the entire program of civilian scientific research and development, not only in the fields of instrumentalities of warfare, but also in all fields of military medicine.

The NDRC, itself transferred intact from the Council of National Defense to the new OSRD, was placed under Conant; and a new Committee on Medical Research (CMR) was established, composed of representatives of the Surgeons General of the Army, Navy, and Public Health Service and four civilians appointed by the President.

The civilian members of CMR were:

  • Alfred N. Richards, Vice-President in charge of medical affairs at the University of Pennsylvania (Chairman)
  • Lewis H. Weed, Director of the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and Chairman of the NRC Division of Medical Sciences
  • Alphonse R. Dochez, Chairman of the Department of Bacteriology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • A. Baird Hastings, Hamilton Kuhn Professor at the Harvard Medical School.

An Advisory Council in OSRD, consisting of Bush as Chairman; Conant; Richards; Jerome C. Hunsaker of NACA; Harvey H. Bundy, Special Assistant to Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson; and Rear Adm. Julius A. Furer, Coordinator of Research and Development under Secretary of the Navy James V. Forrestal, would assist the Director in coordinating research programs.

Although not a member of the Council, Dr. Jewett as President of the Academy attended most of the meetings.

Advisory Council, Office of Scientific Research and DevelopmentLeft to right: Dr. J.C. Hunsaker, Mr. H.H. Bundy; Dr. J.B. Conant, Dr. Vannevar Bush, RADM J.A. Furer, USN, Dr. A.N. Richards, Dr. F.B. Jewett, Dr. C.L. Wilson

Meanwhile – about a year later some other interesting things were going on.

OSS Timeline from the National Archives –

  • March, 1942 Joint Psychological Warfare Committee (known also as JPWC) created by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) – which was heavily British controlled – to initiate and develop plans for psychological warfare and to coordinate the resultant psychological warfare activities. Originally it consisted of two officers each from the intelligence services of the Army and Navy and two from the Joint United States Strategic Committee.
  • June 13, 1942 Presidential order creates the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), places it under the JCS
  • June 21, 1942 JCS reorganizes the Joint Psychological Warfare Committee, with William Donovan as chairman – When the Office of Strategic Services was established in June 1942, the Joint Psychological Warfare Committee was reorganized and reported thereafter through the Joint Staff Planners. The Director of Strategic Services became Chairman, and the directors of the intelligence services and of the planning divisions of the Army and Navy comprised the other four members.
  • August 25, 1942 Brigadier General John Magruder submits a “Proposed Plan for Joint Intelligence Bureau”
  • October 31, 1942 at the request or the Psychological Warfare Branch of the National (Defense) Research Council activated a committee to investigate the feasibility of using drugs in the interrogation of Prisoners of War. This was the truth drug committee.
  • December 22, 1942 JCS abolishes the Joint Psychological Warfare Committee and gives its functions to the OSS

That last entry was as a result of the single major reorganization within OSRD that had taken place in December 1942, when the sprawling elements of the original five divisions of NDRC were realigned into nineteen divisions, two panels (one on applied mathematics and another on applied psychology), and three committees (on vacuum tubes, radio propagation, and tropical deterioration). The twenty-four division, committee, and panel chairmen, nine of them Academy members, were given the widest possible latitude in planning and executing their programs; and the development of new military hardware and supporting combat gear, as Bush intended, began to accelerate.11

The same day, an extremely secretive (and arguably worst as to human experimentation) – and one of the original five (given letters A, B, C, D, etc.) previous NDRC branches – became the new OSRD Division 19 headed by Harris Marshall Chadwell

(center – December 1939)

Tufts University Chemistry Department Crosby F. Baker Harris M. Chadwell and David E. Worrell December 1939

Division 19 was a highly secretive combined OSS and National Defense Research Committee (OS-RDB) organization headed by the equally little known Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell. Division 19’s first project was the ‘special weapons project’ which included obtaining and field testing drugs like LSD, concentrated marijuana, etc. It was headed by OSS man George Hunter White.

This was the end result of the infamous Truth Drug Committee.

Reminder –


A little over two years after Sir Tizard had come to the U.S. to do this ‘exchange’ of information, on October 31, 1942, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), America’s wartime intelligence agency had set up a ‘truth drug’ committee under Dr. Winfred Overholser, head of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington. The Germans were doing this same kind of human experimentation over at Dachau at this time, with people like the later Operation Paperclip scientist Hubertus Strughold being involved.

The committee had tried out and rejected mescaline (as had the Nazis) plus several barbiturates, and a soporific called scopolamine.

The U.S. experimenters, much like the Nazis, had a number of experimentee deaths and comas from all this ‘testing’, yet despite these “problems” (as these comas and deaths were put, I kid you not) the program was transferred under the RDB starting January 1, 1943 – specifically under Harris Chadwell’s Division 19.

The committee decided that cannabis indica –or marijuana –showed the most promise, and utilizing OSS agent George White, now Chadwell’s man, a testing program was started in cooperation with the Manhattan Project, the TOP SECRET effort to build an atomic bomb.

In the spring of 1943, George White, together with a Manhattan Project counterintelligence man, borrowed 15 to 18 thick dossiers from the FBI and went off to try the marijuana on suspected ‘Communist’ soldiers stationed in military camps outside Atlanta, Memphis, and New Orleans.

george white passport

Many researchers during the last fifty years, could not understand why the OSS turned to ‘the bomb makers’ for help.

Well, because of my research tracking their organizations here, now you can understand that what happened was that they simply merged the OSS project under the RDB – the new Office of Scientific Research and Development (RDB) in the Department of Defense, (who was also in charge of the Manhattan Project) putting it under the newly named (and most secretive of all) Division.

As part of Division 19, Harris Marshall Chadwell would also have an intimate involvement in the Manhattan Project – the project to develop the nuclear bomb, so this all begins to make a kind of twisted sense.

Note: Chadwell would later become Assistant Director of the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) and be involved in the whole UFO debacle together with CIA asset, writer James Phelan, who was also heavily involved with helping CIA agent George Hunter White in his cover-building adventures. See George Hunter White specific person articles.

Moving on to after WWII –

On September 14, 1945 (by OSS General Order 93), the liquidation of OSS was ordered. By an Executive order of September 20, 1945, OSS was abolished (effective October 1, 1945), and its functions, personnel, and records were divided between the State Department and the War Department.

By April 1947 the greater part of the records of OSS were in the custody of the Strategic Services Unit of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of War, a unit that had inherited the work of the archives unit established within the Registry of OSS in July 1945.

It was in 1947 that The National Security Act was passed by Congress. Several things were established/created as a result.

  • an independent air force coequal with the army and the navy
  • a new cabinet position, that of secretary of defense, who would draft policies and coordinate programs of the newly created national military establishment.

Several boards and agencies were also set up under the act, according to suggestions made in the Eberstadt Report. Among them were –

  • the Joint Chiefs of Staff (already in existence, but now legally recognized),
  • the Munitions Board

and finally – the Research and Development Board established under the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). The Board had a Committee on Chemical and Biological Warfare, consisting of a full time three man executive staff and consultant members from science, industry and government.8

The RDB also explored effective means of propaganda and radio broadcasting – for example Project TROY worked on psychological warfare operations inside the Soviet Bloc in particular.

The National Security Act was amended in 1949, changing the National Military Establishment into the Department of Defense (the DOD) and making it an executive government office with the Secretary of Defense as its head.

This means the RDB (the OSRD with its Division 19) continued on as one of the more superior boards of the now named DOD.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us back around to this secret meeting in Montreal in 1951.

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Reminder –


We last left off going over one of the CIA documents that were discussing this meeting in Montreal, in particular this document from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 144788, image #1.


I had highlighted the statement –

The American programs through Dr. Webster of RDB will be coordinated with British and Canadian programs.

And reminded you that they were these innocuous sounding ‘programs’ were their plans for secret human experimentation to break someone’s will is what is going to be ‘coordinated’.

We discussed the fact that this William Webster had headed the Committee on Atomic Energy in 1949, as well as having been Chairman of the Military Liaison Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission.13

We discussed the fact that the only link that I’ve come across regarding any connection between the Atomic Energy Commission (Manhattan Project to create the nuclear bomb) and mind control interests was one that Arnie Lerma found– other than John Marks talking about George White, the Truth Drug Committee and working with the Manhattan Project to carry out their mind control experiments.

Well, after that history you just learned, now you now WHY there’s a link between the two.

So, when we see this line in the CIA document –

The American programs through Dr. Webster of RDB will be coordinated with British and Canadian programs.

Now we know what that RDB actually is.

We also discussed the fact that Webster was the Chairman of that in the 1950/51 time period exactly when all these secret mind-control ‘brainwashing’ projects were mushrooming up out of the dark, dank, pits where the ideas sprung from.12


This is William in 1952 – also VP of New England Electric


William was involved with planning 4 nuclear weapon blasts per year in Nevada, as well as biological warfare weapons tests the same year of this Montreal meeting (1951)

To give you an idea of just how big a deal it was for him to be coordinating the research between the American, British and Canadian mind control human experimentation programs – this man was in charge of the entire defense R&D budget. 14

Billions of dollars.

So, now that we’re all caught up again, I’d like to point out that I tracked down all these people at this Montreal meeting and explained who they were in this post.

What did they discuss at this meeting that Mr. Webster and his billions at-his-fingertips was going to ‘coordinate’?

How to do all those ‘devilish things’ to people.

Author McCoy tells us –

As noted in the Board’s minutes of the Montreal meeting, “Dr. Hebb suggested that an approach based upon the situation of sensory isolation might lead to some clues” to answering “the central problem” that interested this covert research coalition: that is

  • “ ‘confession,’
  • ‘menticide’ [means the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.]
  • ‘intervention in the individual mind,’
  • —together with methods concerned in psychological coercion.”

Speaking at length, Hebb suggested that by “cutting off all sensory stimulation . . . , the individual could be led into a situation whereby ideas, etc. might be implanted.

In response, Sir Henry concurred, stating that these issues “had become a matter of concern in the U.K.,” and adding that “the methods of psychological coercion . . . had been well developed by the [Medieval] inquisition” (Cooper, 1986, Appendix 21).

… As consensus formed about “research methods and design,” the group adopted Hebb’s suggestion that “experimental isolation in various forms for the production of sensory isolation” might place subjects “in such a position psychologically that they would be susceptible to implantation of new or different ideas.7

By their own propaganda, that’s both brain-washing and ‘brainchanging’ as CIA propagandist Edward Hunter put it in his 1951 book. (see library article: Earliest Use of the Term Brain-washing)

McCoy continues –

Despite the Board’s later claims to the contrary, its minutes indicate clearly that their priority in backing Hebb’s brainwashing work was not defensive but offensive operations against communist enemies. 7

Now look at this again – considering that we now know for a fact that they invented this threat –

… The CIA’s own minutes concur, recording that the Montreal group agreed there was “no conclusive evidence” that the Soviets had made anything akin to “revolutionary progress,” and dismissed their interrogation as “remarkably similar . . to the age-old methods.”

References –
* – CIA. (1951, June 6). Minutes of meeting. Box 5. National Security Archive. CIA.
* – (1951, July 9) Memorandum for: Assistant Director, SI, Subject: Progress on BLUEBIRD. Box 5. NationalSecurity Archive.
* – CIA. (1952, February 12). Proposed Study on Special Interrogation Methods. National Security Archive.
* – CIA. (1952, May 1). Project NM 001 056.0. Box 8, National Security Archive

Age-old methods is, of course, a veiled reference to the Catholic Church.

– – –

some of my family

Brainwashing neatly expressed the feeling that someone “out there” was trying to control you in mysterious and unfathomable ways.

Rebecca Lemov
(October 2011, Grey Room #45)

Out there is right, but not in China.

Clearly, Ewen Cameron’s success (or rather staying power) had more to do with his willingness to invent these brainwashing and brainchanging horrific and barbaric techniques, than because of any ‘threat’ from the communists that he was ‘saving the world from’, nor was it from any real caring for others on his part.


These psychotics liked doing this to others.

Playing God…

Now, I asked you earlier:

So, now, if they are lying about what the ‘threats’ are – then what was the real reason for all this human experimentation?

What do you think the answer is now?

* * *

What Ewen Cameron Was Doing and When


Just a year after Project CHATTER had gotten off the ground over in the U.S., in 1948 Dr. Cameron began puffing-out-his-chest about his importance to humanity, his special responsibility that he graciously shared with his fellow psychiatrists.

[E]xtremely interesting and provocative things . . . are happening to our conception of science. It is the inmost germinal place of our future. I reiterate my belief that psychiatrists, with their unique position between the medical and social sciences, have a special responsibility to act as leaders and guides in entering and opening up this new territory.4

Rebecca Lemov documents that Cameron also gave a radio speech around this same time, speaking of the “future of social sciences in the coming world order”.

She cites Harvey Weinstein, A Father, a Son, and the CIA (Toronto: James Lorimer, 1988) page 91 as her source.

But, Weinstein cites Cameron’s presidential address, and the source he gives is only an abstract of Cameron’s speech, which doesn’t say what Lemov is quoting (which I believe is what Cameron said).

I obtained what he (and others) have cited so you can see for yourself –

Article title: INSTITUTE SHOWS MAIN HOSPITAL NEEDS, Journal of American
Psychiatric Association, Volume 3 Issue 9, November 1952, pp. 5-5.  
This is an abstract of his speech, not the entire speech.
Note says: Our own abstract of President D. Ewen Cameron's speech at the Annual Banquet 
on October 20, 1952 at the Fourth Mental Hospital lnstitute, Columbus, Ohio.

PDF – Ewen Cameron Speech Oct 20 1952 – Social Engineering Ewen Cameron Speech Oct 20 1952 - Social Engineering

I don’t see anything about a World Order.

However – Cameron apparently did say something about social engineering in the above.

We have a very considerable obligation to undertake social engineering. …We have before us an exciting chapter indeed-a new attack upon individual diseases by the release and direction of the forces of the group. In mental hospitals opportunities are unparalleled for progress in this field.

But, that was in 1952.

So, it appears to me that where Weinstein is quoting Cameron about a World Order, perhaps he’s throwing that back to an earlier speech in 1946, aired on the BBC?

I say that because one source that I found, cites a live talk by Cameron aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on May 5, 1946.

Further promoting “world citizenship” was Dr. Ewen Cameron who, on May 5 of the year after PATHS TO BETTER SCHOOLS was published, delivered a speech titled “The Building of the Coming World Order” in which he pronounced: “What we call morals, are simply the customs, prohibitions and rules which a society maintains at any given time….The United Nations Organization deserves the support of all who are concerned with the building of a New World Order….There can be only one education anywhere on the earth and that is education for world citizenship.”

I am unable to verify this source as yet.

Let’s look at this again that Cameron did say.

We have a very considerable obligation to undertake social engineering. …We have before us an exciting chapter indeed-a new attack upon individual diseases by the release and direction of the forces of the group. In mental hospitals opportunities are unparalleled for progress in this field.

Considering what you just learned earlier as to what he really meant by the ever-so-euphemistic term “social engineering” – his whole routine in that abstract I just showed you, where he’s talking about ‘open’ hospitals is just ludicrous.

Total PR bullshit trying to make himself look good, when what he was really doing was what CIA propagandist Edward Hunter described in 1951 – brainchanging.

Brain-washing is indoctrination, a comparatively simple procedure, but brain-changing is immeasurably more sinister and complicated. Whereas you merely have to undergo a brain-cleansing to rid yourself of “imperialist poisons,” in order to have a brain-changing you must empty your mind of old ideas and recollections.

…Evidently, in a brainchanging, a person’s specific recollections of some past period in his life are wiped away, as completely as if they never happened. Then, to fill these gaps in memory, the ideas which the authorities want this person to “remember” are put into his brain. Hypnotism and drugs and cunning pressures that plague the body and do not necessarily require marked physical violence are required for a brainchanging.

Oh, look, a dead match with Project BLUEBIRD that had begun a year before Hunter’s book here trying to blame the Chinese for what the people he worked for were doing!

The objectives of BLUEBIRD were:

  • (a) discovering means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means,
  • (b) investigating the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques,
  • (c) memory enhancement, and offensive uses of unconventional techniques, such as hypnosis and drugs
  • (d) establishing defensive means for preventing hostile control of Agency personnel.

And remember, BLUEBIRD was renamed ARTICHOKE on 20 August 1951, just two months after that high-level secret meeting in Montreal, where Donald Hebb (who also worked at McGill with Ewen Cameron) said:

by “cutting off all sensory stimulation . . . , the individual could be led into a situation whereby ideas, etc. might be implanted.7

He just forgot to mention the drugs, hypnosis and ECT portion of this brainchanging idea, not to mention the collaboration with Sargant and the British experiments, and the CIA and BLUEBIRD. Minor details like that.

sarcasm little guy

I’d like to say a brief word about Rebecca Lemov, whose article has largely been a big help to me. She was actually contacted by Ewen Cameron’s son Duncan, a lawyer, and chastised for her earlier unfair portrayal of him.


How could anything be unfair to this, and I am not exaggerating, MONSTER. For someone like him and what he did, there is no such thing as a balanced view. None. It was evil, pure and simple, and he fricking knew it.

This is what Rebecca wrote about it –

When in 2005 I published a book that included a chapter dealing, in part, with Cameron, I received several communications, including a sad letter from a French-Canadian woman whose grandmother had been a patient of Cameron’s and an official-looking communiqué from one of Cameron’s sons, Duncan Cameron. A lawyer with Cameron and Hornbostel LLP, a Washington, DC, law firm, he took issue with my portrayal of his father. In addition to disputing several factual matters in my account, he also sent along carefully gleaned news clippings and magazine features that painted a more positive portrait of his father, both at the time of his death and earlier in his career, and urged me to reconsider his father’s work in a more positive light. 6

Note: Since the time of Lemov’s writing above, my sources tell me that Cameron’s son Duncan has founded a new firm Global InterMediation PLLC located in Washington, DC.

news clippings and magazine articles were his defense of his father – oh man.

I’m feeling a kermit moment coming on.

Reconsider his father’s work in a more positive light?

Kermit the frog excited

There is no positive light to put Ewen Cameron in.

Other than that he’s gone. Dead. Unable to do what he did to people any more.

Let me give you an example of the kinds of things that get passed off as relevant to this ‘positive’ or ‘human’ light that we’re supposed to view Cameron in.

Cameron read science fiction each night before going to bed. According to his son, he spoke of these books as his “blood.” 5

He must have known about L. Ron Hubbard then, eh? Interesting.

But really now, are our hearts supposed to be warmed by the conjured images of Cameron tucked in bed reading sci-fi books at night?

Not on your life, and what’s more? That just smells – like a total distraction attempt. Heck, Mengele listened to classical music and drank fine wines, is that supposed to have any bearing on what he did to people?

No. To me, all that shows is that he tried to view himself as something different than what he had become. Just like Cameron was doing, and unfortunately, it appears this type of denial seems to have been inculcated in his son. It should also be noted that Cameron’s family (sons etc.) is who destroyed Cameron’s records right after his death.

Clearly they weren’t interested in the truth being known.

What Robert Cleghorn (Cameron’s replacement after he was pressured to leave McGill) said about him is, I believe, a far more accurate portrayal of the man than Collins and her bed-time stories.

He said that Cameron never socialized with his professional acquaintances and that his genial personality was a thin overlay.

Exactly. It was there purely to hide the disgusting monster underneath.

Like this –



Time for some time-ordered items now.

In 1947, Cameron published a book: “Remembering” in: Nervous and Mental Disease Monographs (No. 72). He notes that defects in memory occur with therapy – therapy defined as metrazol, ECT, and insulin treatments. Describes a dose-response relationship.

Project Chatter started which continued the truth drug committee experiments under Lieutenant Charles Savage underneath the newly created Navy Medical Research Center.8

This is an important lead, because it means that the details behind Project Chatter will not be held by the CIA, but more likely by the Navy – and more specifically the Department of Defense’s RDB.

The Senate Hearing document described the project as follows.

Project CHATTER was a Navy program that began in the fall of 1947.

Responding to reports of ‘amazing results’ achieved by the Soviets in using ‘truth drugs,’ the program focused on the identification and testing of such drugs for use in interrogations and in the recruitment of agents.

The research included laboratory experiments on animals and human subjects involving Anabasis aphylla, scopolamine, and mescaline in order to determine their speech-inducing qualities.

Side note – scopolamine is what’s called a soporific – which L. Ron Hubbard admitted to being a volunteer to be tested on right around this time, and that he had a hard time ‘getting off’ the drug. The truth drug committee also tested that exact same drug in 1942/1943.

The Senate hearing document went on to explain that the project included overseas experiments during the Korean War, and that it ended shortly after the end of the Korean War, in 1953.

Then we come to the first more expansive project being established on 20 April 1950 – Project BLUEBIRD.

After it had been renamed Project ARTICHOKE in August of 1951, a document dated October 21, 1951 talked about all the speech-inducing drugs that they had already been testing since 1950.

In addition to LSD, this document also mentioned morphine, ether, ethyl alcohol, mescaline and Benzedrine. 9


And which drugs they wanted to continue experimenting with –


Regarding ether – William Sargant had also been experimenting with it back in 1944.

On p. 67 of Battle for the Mind –

“…In 1944, we also began using ether to induce abreaction, instead of barbituates, we immediately noticed a great difference in our patients behavior. In most cases ether released a far greater degree of explosive excitement, which made their recital of events extremely poignant or dramatic. Another most striking observation was that sudden states of collapse, after emotional outbursts induced by ether, were far more frequent than after those induced by hypnosis or barbituates. “

The earliest reference that I have found so far that details Cameron’s work of ‘implanting’ via repeated phrases played back to a person, is his 1950 book General Psychotherapy: Dynamics and Procedures.

Be aware that this means he had already been doing this prior to publishing this book in 1950, a fact which probably more closely follows after the work that the British (Sargant) were doing starting in the mid 1940’s.

Probably part of why Sargant once said in a note to Cameron (Cameron often sought Sargant’s advice): “Whatever you manage in this field, I thought of it first“. 15

At the time of Cameron publishing his book in 1950, he was the Psychiatrist-in-chief of the Royal Victoria Hospital , besides being the Director of the Allan Memorial Institute of Psychiatry and Prof of Psychiatry, McGill University.

In the Preface says that his tape recordings idea drew on “.. psychiatric concepts but also of those used in psychology, sociology and anthropology.” He emphasized that “magnetic tape recordings of therapeutic periods” were purely as a means of “illustrating special points and procedures.”

You can see already that he’s trying to justify what he is doing as being beneficial.

Chapter 10 is titled: Use of Adjuvants in Psychotherapy: Drugs; ECT; Insulin; Drawings. In it, he discusses the so-called “disinhibiting drugs” sodium amytal or pentothal, and tries to throw back what he is doing to a man named Obermeier in 1873, who reported on the use of ethyl alcohol, but not at all in the light that Cameron was trying to put it in.

Another common tactic of someone seeking to legitimize some crazy idea (slavemasters and their Igors usually) is to try and act like there is some ancient precedent for it. Preferably an obscure one that most people would not be able to trace easily, or even a purely fabricated one – like the ‘ancient’ Greeks or Moses, for example.

The reason for all this posturing becomes more obvious on page 239 of Cameron’s book, where he describes his use of nitrous oxide repeated several times in 15 minutes and producing convulsions which he then immediately follows with trying to implant the person while they are under such obvious physical stress.

He tries to prove the value of this on page 240 with a case history, and on pages 248 and 249 he talks about doing the same thing just after ECT when the patient is just returning to consciousness, having literally just died to all extents and purposes.

He calls all these methods psychotherapy.

I call it standard torture methods.

He also describes the use of drugs like Benzedrine, dexadrine; desoxyn to produce the same marginalized physical state to then conduct his psychotherapy under, but a really important part is that he, this early, is already describing the value of recording and play back as part of this implanting when the person is in that weakened state after ECT, etc.

Note that he’s testing benzedrine at the same time as Project BLUEBIRD was (1950) as per that declassified CIA document. 9

With what we just learned about the Department of Defense and Mr. William Webster, a document that I had previously found and posted about, further clarifies that the reality was that the DOD was the umbrella for ALL such projects – including the CIA – and was using other military branches to help cover up the CIA involvement.

The Department of Defense wrote a report about DOD agencies being used to fund CIA projects (report was dated September 20, 1977.)

DOD report September 1977 CIA projects

Notice the part that says:

In four of these eight programs the Department of Defense participation was limited to channeling funds to outside contractors in order that the sponsorship of the Central Intelligence Agency be covered.

A later part of the report says that the DOD funded the CHATTER program, essentially, and Projects BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE. This is why we saw on that CIA document that DOD RDB chairman Webster was to be the coordinating point for all three intelligence agencies (Canadian, British and American).

The report further verifies that one of their drugs of interest for ‘inducing speech’ – people saying what they want to hear – was benzedrine.

(5) Development and administration of speech-inducing drugs

This project apparently began in 1947 and ended in 1953.

It was performed primarily by a contractor located in New York and, in one aspect, by the Navy at a location in Europe. The involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency was apparently only as an interested observer. The project was funded by the Navy through the Naval Medical Research Institute. The Central Intelligence Agency records of this project are apparently in the BLUEBIRD .and ARTICHOKE project files.

The Navy arranged in 1950 to obtain marijuana and heroin from the FBI for use in experiments and entered a contract with a researcher in New York to develop drugs and instrumentation for use in interrogation of prisoners of war, defectors and similar persons. The security cover for the project was a study of motion sickness. The study began with six of the researcher’s staff as knowing volunteers. The project was expanded to cover barbituates and benzedrine. Other substances were evaluated.

– From – GENERAL COUNSEL FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE; date September 20, 1977; Title: MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, SUBJECT: Experimentation Programs conducted by the Department of Defense That Had CIA Sponsorship or Participation and That Involved the Administration to Human Subjects of Drugs Intended for Mind-control or Behavior modification Purposes; p.10,

It’s important to remember that Ewen Cameron was bi-located in both New York and Canada at this time they’re talking about in the report.

He is clearly involved in these research projects as far back as 1947, and definitely closely paralleling the co-ordinated research efforts almost letter perfectly here in 1950.

The important thing to take away from this brief look at Cameron’s book, is that his much later work for the CIA was merely a continuance of what he was already doing in full concert with the coordinated efforts of British, American, and Canadian intelligence agencies – with funding through the respective Defense departments. The CIA money later on was just that, an additional source of funding.

Get that? JUST an additional source of funding.

From even this brief look, you can clearly see that Cameron is all about driving a person down towards death and making them so threatened by that, that they will do anything to get out of what he’s doing to them. He also clearly desires the person to be in a completely overwhelmed and confused state.

When he and Sargant (who was also doing these techniques) would try to describe what they were doing, you can see that they both grossly underplayed it.

Even when they do describe it in semi-accurate terms you can see the utter obsession with reducing someone to literally the responsive skills of a moron. Coupled with fear for one’s life, both of them wanted to be cast in the GIANT role of savior – the only thing standing between the person and death/suffering.

Both of them had serious self-esteem issues and were constantly seeing themselves in grandiose terms that they insisted others see them as.

The ironic thing about that is that these are the very characteristics of what they called insanity – particularly schizophrenic and sociopaths.

Delusions of grandeur.

I don’t even know what to call it when something goes so far beyond hypocrisy and irony as these two men (and they’re not the only ones) made out be sane and scholarly authorities on who’s crazy or not, but who are themselves the worst sociopaths around.

When author John Marks noted that Cameron himself detailed the stages of memory loss resulting from what he later named ‘de-patterning’ techniques, he noted that most of the poor people selected for Cameron’s delusons of grandeur to be played out upon – were women.

Same with Sargant.

In describing the memory loss from this ‘de-patterning’ technique that almost everyone tries to focus on as being seven years later than this book, you can easily see that this is what he had been doing all along, starting before 1950.

Cameron specifically drove people down to what he called stage three, where they don’t know who they are, where they are, or anything but immediate sensations. Cameron tries to have it be believed that this is a ‘good’ thing, because now the patient isn’t ‘anxious’ about the horrific things he had just done to her, and what was going to still be done to her some more.

If you look at this like what an extremely guilty person (who is obsessed with others fawning over them and fulfilling their every desire) would look at it, you can see exactly why Cameron would not like the result of “stage one” – which is that even though the person lost much of their memory, she still knew where she was, why she was there, and who the people were who treated her – enough to fear and hate them and plead desperately with Cameron to stop.

Well, that won’t do, says meglomaniac ghoul Cameron.

Let’s cause some more ‘death trauma’! Yea!

thumbs up


In what he calls the second phase, the person now can’t tell where she is or when, but knows there is something she needs to remember as to why she hates and fears Cameron. (that’s the part he leaves out of his description, you see).

Well, that won’t do either, says Cameron, time for more torture.

Only when the woman reaches stage three and has complete amnesia for all events in her life especially of her hate and fear for him and what he did to her – ah. See. Now she’s ‘cured’.



From a senior slavemaster perspective (senior to Cameron) this would be like: “She can’t remember how horrible we are and what we did to humanity so she won’t fight us any more. Fricking perfect!

Is it.


See how insane they are?

This is part of why I said earlier that there is no positive light to portray Cameron in.

Moving on to 1951 now –



1951 marks when, in June, the whole coordination secret meeting took place in Montreal.

Remmeber, Donald Hebb (who also worked at McGill with Ewen Cameron) said:

by “cutting off all sensory stimulation . . . , the individual could be led into a situation whereby ideas, etc. might be implanted.7

You can see that he’s barking up the same tree that Cameron is.

Donald Olding Hebb


In 1937, Hebb applied to work with Wilder Penfield at the Montreal Neurological Institute. He researched the effect of brain surgery and injury on human brain function. He saw that the brain of a child could regain partial or full function when a portion of it is removed but that similar damage in an adult could be far more damaging, even catastrophic. From this, he deduced the prominent role that external stimulation played in the thought processes of adults. In fact, the lack of this stimulation, he showed, caused diminished function and sometimes hallucinations.

Perhaps a more incisive view into why he was so interested in controlling the thought processes of other people is best said by Hebb himself.

What I am saying implies that civilization depends on an all-pervasive thought control established in infancy, which both maintains and is maintained by the social environment, consisting of the behavior of the members of society…” 16

Three months after the June Montreal meeting, Hebb had grants from both the CIA and the Canadian Department of National Defense to conduct classified sensory deprivation experiments, with the shore story of ‘studying the effects of brainwashing in order to help GIs prepare for interrogation in case of capture.” 17

That same month of September 1951, Charles Savage puts out a Navy Project CHATTER LSD research report The report was titled, “Lysergic Acid Diethyl Amide (LSD-25) – A Clinical-Psychological Study” – dated September 9, 1951.

In the document, Savage detailed how he tested the effects of LSD on five “normal” patients, and 15 depressed patients, in an effort to determine whether various doses of LSD would have an effect on depression.

One of the documents from Ewen Cameron’s later MKULTRA subproject #68 lays out why they were using LSD – to break down ‘ongoing patterns of behavior.” You can see the document in this post.

Cameron was also using LSD by this time, and working together with William Sargant to develop his theories on political or religious conversion, and applying these principles to his patient treatments. This was well before Sargant began writing his book in 1954 (published in 1957 as Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-washing).

In William Sargant’s blusteringly self-congratulatory book, you can see all the qualifiers being put on what he called “the processes” by which religious conversion may occur:

By increasing or prolonging stresses in various ways, or inducing physical debilitation, a more thorough alteration of the person’s thinking processes may be achieved….If the stress or the physical debilitation, or both, are carried one stage further, it may happen that patterns of thought and behavior, especially those of recent acquisition, become disrupted. New patterns can then be substituted, or suppressed patterns allowed to reassert themselves; or the subject may begin to think or act in ways that precisely contradict his former ones.

More specifically with respect to brainwashing (and still with qualifiers every which way) Sargant wrote –

If a complete sudden collapse can be produced by prolonging or intensifying emotional stress the cortical slate may be wiped clean temporarily of its more recently implanted patterns of behavior, perhaps allowing others to be substituted more easily.

A month after Charles Savage released his Project CHATTER report, on October 17, 1951 Dr. Cameron presented his and Sargant’s ideas in a lecture entitled Dangerous Men and Women. It describes various personalities that he believed were of ‘marked danger’ to all members of society, the most dangerous of which was the psychopath.

Cameron stated, “Get it understood how dangerous these damaged, sick personalities are to ourselves – and above all, to our children, whose traits are taking form and we shall find ways to put an end to them.18

Just a month earlier, in one of the initial founding documents of the predecessor to the MKULTRA project – Project Artichoke – CIA director Allen Dulles laid out the parameters of what they were searching for – hidden control of another’s life – which was the same thing that British Society of Psychical Research man Fredric Myers said would always be imperfect more than 50 years earlier.

Note: the following document is on Black Vault’s cd #1 main directory.
doc series 144688

Doc 4 – The Elements of “The Problem
by CIA director Allen Dulles, 28 January 1952

allen dulles

Whether or not, and to what extent, any agent or procedure can be used to cause an individual to become subservient to an imposed control; and subsequently that individual be unaware of the event.


See how that lines up with what Ewen Cameron was already researching? He wanted to reduce the women he was experimenting on to a level where they would be unaware of the event – ie: what Cameron had been doing to them.

Dulles also said –

Medical Science, particularly in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy, has developed a variety of techniques whereby some control can be imposed on the will of an individual. The techniques include neuro-surgery, electric shock, drugs, hypnosis and others.

Despite the fact that in over 50 years of experimentation they never once achieved an across-the-boards result like Allen states the interest is?

Yet here they still are trying, like rabid dogs with an old rotting bone, so determined to be right about their views of the human condition that they have literally gone stark, raving mad.

Moving on to 1952 now –

On October 20, 1952 Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron was elected president of the American Psychiatric Association.

In his presidential address to the APA, Father son and CIA author Harvey Weinsten described it as adhering to the idea that “Our best hope for a new world order and without hysteria… lies in science. With behavioural scientists as leaders, order would emerge from chaos.”

I did find someone’s abstract of a speech that appears to be the same one that Weinstein mentioned, and although it doesn’t include the above it actually has something just as interesting. It’s from the November 1952 issue of the Journal of the APA (Volume 3, issue 9, page 5) and it’s titled: INSTITUTE SHOWS MAIN HOSPITAL NEEDS.

Here’s a PDF of it – Ewen Cameron Speech Oct 20 1952 – Social Engineering

It starts out saying –

Our own abstract of President D. Ewen Cameron’s speech at the Annual Banquet on October 20, 1952 at the Fourth Mental Hospital lnstitute, Columbus, Ohio.

Here’s an image of the page –

Ewen Cameron Speech Oct 20 1952 - Social EngineeringCheck out this part –

We have a very considerable obligation to undertake social engineering. …We have before us an exciting chapter indeed – a new attack upon individual diseases by the release and direction of the forces of the group. In mental hospitals opportunities are unparalleled for progress in this field.

Oh, we have an obligation do we…

Somehow, I don’t think if pictures of what Cameron was doing were provided at this speech, would have people thinking of him in such pleasantly mild terms as he is using, nor do I think anyone would ever call his work ‘exciting’ after seeing it in action.

ewen cameron preparing a patient for psychic driving

The correct word is horrifying, and the correct term for what he was doing is the one used at the secret 1951 meeting – Menticide.

Another very interesting coinciding happened in 1952 – Dr. William Preston Wilson arrived from North Carolina to McGill University to do ‘further training’ as a psychiatrist under Dr. Cameron.

I have done a whole Specific Persons article on this guy, who has most definitely earned a rightful place in the Encyclopedia of The Bad Guys.

I met him, you see.

He’s also featured in my series The Man Who Murdered My Mother in a segment titled: Duke University, The Anti-Life Zone, but his Specific Persons page goes into far more detail about this man and what he did to people.

He was training under Ewen Cameron for almost three years from 1952 to the beginning of 1955, while also training in electroencephalography at the Montreal Neurological Institute, a skill he would later put to use assisting J.B. Rhine and Stephan Ibrams in their DOD and MKULTRA mind-control research projects at Duke University.

You can tell what he was doing with Cameron by the papers he published while there. For example –

  • Effect of experimental metabolic alkalosis on cerebral blood flow by J.F. Schieve, M.D., W.P. Wilson, M.D; American Journal of Medicine, July 1952,Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 105–106; DOI:
  • Frieske DA, Wilson WP.
    Effect of series of electric shock treatments on cerebral blood flow and metabolism.
    AMA Arch Neurol Psychiatry. 1952 Nov;68(5):651-4.
  • Treatment of behavior disorders incidental to organic cerebral disease by prefrontal lobotomy; report of seven cases.
    WILSON WP, HOHMAN LB, ODOM GL. Dis Nerv Syst. 1952 Sep;13(9):274-7.

The other names listed with him, such as Frieske and Odom have also been verified to be at McGill (and Allen Memorial Institute) obviously studying under Ewen Cameron – who was head of psychiatry, let’s not forget. Odum would go on to be at Duke University with Wilson.

David Allen Frieske at McGill


Gilbert Odum at Duke University


This is a picture of William Wilson at McGill – back row second from left.

mcgill neurological institute 1954 penfield wilson etc smaller

Closer –william_p_wilson_mcgill_1954

The pics of McGill and Frieske are from the McGill University yearbook of 1954, which also lists him as an ‘electroencephalographic fellow’.


Wilson also knew William Sargant from when he was a ‘visiting fellow’ at Duke University in the Psychiatry department between 1946 and 1947. Wilson graduated medical school at Duke in 1947.

Wilson would become reacquainted with Sargant again during his 2 plus years at McGill, because starting in the 1953-1955 period Sargant was meeting up fairly regularly with Ewen Cameron both in Washington D.C. and in Montreal, Canada.19

Wilson was being trained within Cameron’s eight-hospital network there in Montreal, known as the McGill Psychiatric Training Network, in which Cameron presided as some sort of all-powerful God over the mentally ill and what constituted ‘treatment’.

Gordon Thomas talks about that in his book Journey into Madness

Pages from Journey into Madness - Gordon Thomas - McGill Psychiatric Training Network

Moving on to 1953 now –

Cameron was one of the first psychiatrists to start using Thorazine in 1953, just after Heinz Lehmann had pioneered it at McGill. (See Frank Ayd and the Catholic connection to Thorazine in Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science)

He said his ‘problems’ with his patients were the same problems as ‘professional brainwashers’ (which didn’t exist other than people like him, remember) because his patients “like prisoners of the Communists, tended to resist and had to be broken down.” …

By this time Cameron had a name for what he was doing to people – he called it depatterning.

Robert Cleghorn, a doctor who worked with him who became increasingly critical of Cameron, saw no long-term benefit for a treatment in which a patient was first put to sleep for three days and then, still comatose, given between thirty to sixty electroshocks over a short period and, in between, doses of 1,000 milligrams of Largactil – the Canadian marketing name for Thorazine – a powerful tranquilizer, to combat anxiety.

Gordon Thomas, in Journey of Madness tells us on page 169 that what especially disturbed Dr. Cleghorn’s sense of medical propriety was that when he finally queried the total amnesia the treatment produced, Dr. Cameron had simply said the patients’ families would have to “help them build a scaffold of normal events.”

Sort of oh well, friggydigit?


Early in 1953, Cameron presented a paper called “The Transition Neurosis” at 5th Ann Neuro Psychiatry meeting in North Little Rock, Ark. Feb 1953. 20

He discussed political and religious conversions & used techniques of Sargant to duplicate conversions using sleeplessness, dishibiting agents, and hypnosis.

We may suspect that in the extraordinary political conversions which we have seen, particularly in the iron curtain countries, advantage is being taken of this fact to bring into prominence alternative patternings of behavior actually carried by the individual but never previously suspected by him or others as being present. The stress required to bring this about, at least as far as the political conversions are concerned, is capable of being developed only behind the iron curtain.

Sargant (1951) has described what little we know of the dynamics of these political and religious conversions and has attempted to duplicate them, but from what we gather, with somewhat limited success. He used depleting emetics. We have explored this procedure in one case, using sleeplessness, disinhibiting agents, and hypnosis.

The parallel with Cameron’s MkULtra days and his theory of differential amnesia is striking, and the relationship to brainwashing is also abundantly clear.

But see, when all was said and done with fellow researchers in the U.S. – Hinkle and Wolff – earlier experiments, they revealed that it was not drugs or bizarre tortures that resulted in confession; it was sleep deprivation and psychological warfare techniques that produced anxiety to such an extreme degree that “normal coping devices” could not prevail.

When the person reached this “state” Hinkle and Wolff would then present themselves as friend and saviour.

This is exactly the same thing that Ewen Cameron would do, and it was also what Overholser’s sidekick Dr. Eldridge over at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital would do to people.

From my British Security Coordination second segment

Using shock therapy, (under Eldridge’s supervision) the patient was induced into a state of shock/coma and then brought back to consciousness. Two of the therapies were drug-induced, either by insulin or metrazol; the third kind was induced by electrical current.

When slowly brought out of the coma with glucose injections – which they lovingly called termination treatment – his or her personality would be temporarily “readjusted” (what a euphemism) and Doctors would then discuss problems with the patient in an attempt to “banish his delusions”.

They called this good heart-to-heart psychotherapy.


As you can see this was quite a prevalent thing these monsters would embody in order to manipulate the scared, disoriented, and literally just back from the dead ‘patient’.

Meanwhile, over in Britain (contrary to some people’s disinformation) mind control experimentation was going strong. William Sargant was associating with Frank Olson, then the Deputy Acting Head of Special Operations for the CIA and Army Liaison, where together they were investigating the use of mind-bending drugs at the Biological Warfare Centre at Porton Down.

When he wasn’t ECTing and insuling shocking his patients into oblivion and playing God the psychiatric savior, that is.

From a Sept. 2004 Interview with MI6 psychiatrist

What can you tell me about Sargant’s special ward in the Royal Waterloo? I’ve been told some pretty startling stuff about it in the late 1960s and early 1970s
Before then. He had a ward soon after he became a consultant from – the mid 1950s.

His own ward?
Yes. He was in charge of it.

At the Royal Waterloo?

All I’ve heard of it is the sleep treatment.
The sleep treatment itself was much later on. But we had, in those days we had – insulin was being used for schizophrenia. Day patients used to come in as well; there was a lot of ECT.

Where did he come up with sleep treatment? When was it originated?
Not sure when it originated. But it stemmed a bit from insulin, and keeping people unconscious for a couple of hours and things.

He saw himself as a messenger of God – a psychiatric god, anyway.

Almost messianic?
Yes, it was

Were you aware of Ewen Cameron in Canada and what he was doing?
Well, I knew he was giving vast quantities of ECT, which I thought was barmy. …Cameron’s idea was simply that you knocked out every thought in the brain, which contributed to the abnormal thought.

Moving on to 1954 –

William Sargant sends Cameron his proof of his book Battle for the Mind.

Dr. Cameron carefully noted that one method Sargant discussed was, having found a sore spot, to keep touching it.

Dr. Sargant wrote that it was also important … “to fatigue him further, rather than exact any new information of value. When his memory begins to fail him, the difficulty in keeping to the same story makes him more anxious than ever. Finally, … his brain will be too disorganized to respond normally, it can become transmarginally inhibited, vulnerable to suggestions, paradoxical and ultra-paradoxical phases may supervene and the fortress finally surrenders unconditionally.

This is definitely a War to these people – see that?

Moving on to 1956 –

Cameron publishes his article “Psychic Driving,” in the American Journal of Psychiatry #112 (January, 1956), pp.
502-509. Which, of course, means that he had already been doing it before then. He had, as we now know, been working on this technique as far back as 1949/1950.

By this time, the British were showing their favor of his work by making him the President of the Psychiatry section at the Royal Society of Medicine in 1956-57 and he had been made a founding member of the World Psychiatric Association.

It is at this time that we begin to see some glimpses of Cameron’s role in the Duplessis Orphans scandal.

Cameron and experimenting on “retarded” children

However, allow experimentation without restriction requires, as in the case of the child to ignore the basic condition that is obtaining consent, the less if the disability is such that it deprives the subject of any judgment.

As unequivocally shows the Cameron case occurred at the Allan Institute Memorial McGill, abuses are possible and, because of his heterogeneity, the category of mentally retarded is probably more exposed thereto as children. If the law and ethics allow the Mentally Retarded are subject to experimentation, very firm requirements must be imposed.

In the opinion of the Commission, biomedical experimentation and nontherapeutic should be performed on people with mental disabilities, but should be accompanied by guarantees on ethical and legal.

Fast Forward to 1956 –

Cameron publishes another paper on Psychic Driving. See: Cameron DE. Psychic Driving. Am J Psychiatry 1956;112:502-9.

At the same time, Hinkle and Wolff published a report in the Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry entited: “Communist interrogation” which had originally been submitted as a report for the Technical Services Division of CIA because one of Wolff’s secret MKULTRA projects was Subproject 62 – described as “Consulting Work in Isolation/Electric Shock/Central Nervous System Drugs.”

CIA psychologist, John Gittinger, staff member of the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, saw Cameron’s paper and suggested to James Monroe that he contact Cameron.

Meanwhile, Maitland Baldwin, a CIA funded researcher in sensory deprivation visited Cameron in Montreal to discuss “isolation techniques.”

Three months later Cameron submitted a grant proposal to the CIA front group – Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology – to study effects of repetition of verbal signals on human behavior, and using sensory deprivation.

Moving on to 1957 –

Thomas A. Ban comes to join Heniz Lehmann at Mcgill, and is trained by Ewen Cameron in ‘conditioning’ in psychiatry – what that really means is all the horrific insanities Cameron was perpetrating on his patients in the name of ‘beneficial’ brainwashing.

A 1999 interview with Thomas Ban 21 description says:

When he left Hungary in 1956, he obtained a fellowship [ from Wilder Penfield ] at the Montreal Neurological Institute, followed by further psychiatric training at McGill University. During his time at McGill, he conducted research in psychopharmacology and conditioning in psychiatry.

Direct quotes –

LH (Leo Hollister of Menlo VA Hospital/Stanford Research Institute LSD testing): Now, I suppose there were quite a few who left Hungary at that time? They didn’t like to live under a communist regime. At least, Hungary is in better shape today than it was then. Now, you came to join Heinz Lehmann in Montreal. Had that been arranged before you arrived to Canada?

Ban answers – After my arrival to Canada, in January 1957…

Hungarian psychiatrist Thomas A. Ban is known to be quite the apologist for what is termed as Ewen Cameron’s ‘notariety” concerning his work in psychic driving, passing it off as “quite overblown“. Considering both that as part of his training at McGill he took part in what Cameron was doing to women and children, and that his senior thesis was on the subject of Conditioning and Psychiatry (Aldine 1964) in which he adopted the view that the conditional reflex is the elementary unit of mental functioning in the brain – it’s no surprise to find him even decades later trying to marginalize what was, in truth, an utterly insane view of his fellow man. 22

Thomas A. Ban in 1986


Just a month after Thomas Ban arrived at McGill to begin his training under Heinz Lehmann and Ewen Cameron, on February 26, 1957 CIA director Allen Dulles approved Cameron’s grant proposal (2yrs, $38,186) with the Society for Investigation Human Ecology acting as the cover organization.


As per MKULTRA #68 documents funds were authorized on February 27 –


Ewen’s first invoice same date, second invoice on April 17, but there appears to be an additional 19K invoiced on July 2 –


On Page 45 of the PDF we see that part of the initial proposal is to:

(b) to investigate the range of physiological functions which can be changed by these procedures.

On page 48 we see some disinformation regarding the beginning date of Cameron’s ‘repetition of verbal signals research – that I have already proven began as far back as prior to 1950, because of his book published that year.

The effects upon human behavior of the repetition of verbal signals have been under study at the [Allan Memorial Institute] since June 1953.

So, while being disinformation as to when he started, what this is actually revealing is that Cameron’s work had been already subsidized under the U.S Department of Defense’s OSRDB and the ‘coalition’ put together at the 1951 Montreal meeting, prior to the CIA subsidies.

p. 49 talks about his recent Psychic Driving publication and p. 50 gives us just a little peek in that what this research was really about was investigating telepathy – hidden under that term ultra-conceptual communication. He even built special machinery to explore that element together with the ubiquitous MI6 Dr. Leonard Rubenstein.

C. Continued study of the effects of repetition on the patient of his own verbal signals opened up an additional line of inquiry. This was based upon the finding that a given verbal signal conveys considerably more than its verbal content. Special apparatus was built to explore this new field of ultra-conceptual communication

The following findings were reported at the 1956 meeting of the American Psychopathological Association:

  • i. That signals are made which are not conceived as such by the signaler, at least at the time he makes them.
  • iii.That a range of signals may be made which will only at times be conceived by the signaler and the the listener as such.
  • iv. The ability of both the signaler and the listener to recognize signals may be increased and also decreased.
  • v. It is probable that there is a range of signals which cannot be understood by either, but which may, nonetheless, evoke an appropriate response in the listener.

Now what does that sound like to you that Cameron is actually researching for the CIA there?

Electronic telepathy

The later telepathy experiments at Stanford Research Institute proved that the signal (the telepathic message) was received whether the person knew it or not.

This is a little known aspect to scientologists Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann’s adventures with the CIA, because most of the hype is focused on their semi-bogus remote viewing when the real focus, the real work is something rather different.

Something which aligns exactly with the real purpose of Ewen Cameron’s psychic driving experiments.

There is much to be said on this point, but I will be covering that in an article of its own. For now, some key things are probably important to be included right next to these documents about Cameron’s work more than 15 years earlier – which proves continuity of interest on the part of the slavemasters.


PDF Changing Images of Man page 114 describes that telepathy is one of the four main researched areas to date and defines it as –

• Telepathy. The perception of another person’s on-going mental activities without the use of any sensory means of communication.

page 116 starts describing the hard proof that it does exist and is very real –

However, a recent experiment, if substantiated, points to a far more radical departure from presently accepted psychological theory. This experiment, by Puthoff and Targ (1974), depends upon the discovery that if a stroboscopic light at about 15 flashes per second is shined in a subject’s eyes, a characteristic alpha component (around 10 or 11 cps) appears in his electroencephalogram.

In the Puthoff-Targ experiment two remotely isolated subjects are used, some prior degree of rapport having been established between them. The light is flashed in one subject’s eyes and the other is asked to guess whether, in a given time interval, the light is on or off. While the second subject is usually unable to guess better than a chance basis, the telltale alpha component appears in his EEG. The important deduction is that unconsciously he knows with a certainty, in an extrasensory way, when the light is in the other person’s eyes-even while he is denying such knowledge to his conscious mind.

In other words, this watershed experiment appears to provide clear evidence of universal telepathic capacity with almost complete repression (for most persons) of awareness of this source of knowledge.

Demonstration of this repression phenomenon does much to explain the puzzling erratic character of psychic research data. It opens the possibility of radically new research methodologies in which the inhibiting effect of the “internal censor” is bypassed by utilizing responses (such as EEG components) that the organism has not learned to repress.

[…] Recent experimental researchers, including especially the experiment mentioned above, strongly suggest that the range of human potentialities is far greater, that the role of out-of-consciousness mind processes is far greater, and that the power of expectations and images is far greater than can be accounted for under the old paradigm.

Changing Images of Man also details some research projects that are fairly close in time to Ewen Cameron, and also what William Wilson was involved in at Duke University as well (twin research and dreams).

Physical states and processes can be “induced” telepathically. In experiments with identical twins and also with unrelated persons, physical changes such as the rate of blood flow, electrical skin resistance, and brain wave patterns have been sent from one person to another (Dean, 1966; Tart in Ryzl, 1970; Duane and Behrendt, 1965). 24

One of JB. Rhine’s coinciding areas of research was Dream Telepathy. He, and others, found that Telepathy can be induced in the dream state and furthermore –

Electroencephalogram monitoring showed that the brain waves of the recipient change to match those of the sender.

This is where our man Dr. Wilson comes in, because he personally directed the electroencephalographic laboratories at Duke Medical Center starting in 1961 for the next twenty years.25

This means that Ewen Cameron’s protege Dr. William Wilson was working with Rhine on those telepathy brain-wave monitoring experiments.

From the slavemasters perspective, one of the most consuming motivations for all this ‘research’ is a problem.

What is it?

That they cannot STOP these abilities.

…these theories have as yet yielded no other certain physical limitation which can be used to curb the unruly nature of psi. 23

They came up with a rather interesting way of trying to stop those with psi abilities, by punishing them. But, all this does is curb their demonstration of it to others, it doesn’t actually change anyone’s abilities..


A few workers have tried directly to manipulate treatment of the subjects… one group of subjects was treated nicely and the other badly.

[…]If we take this result to heart the best thing we could do would perhaps be to treat subjects as abominably as possible, so that significant, if negative, scoring could be secured. 23

• Belief in extrasensory perception raises ESP scoring levels in laboratory experiments; disbelief lowers them (these are colloquially called sheep vs. goat experiments) (Schmeidler and McConnell, 1958). 24

Note the year of that one – 1958 – this is exactly concurrent with Ewen Cameron’s experiments.

Here’s another really interesting one that relates to this same ‘punishment’ aspect that Cameron is engaging in – one which incidentally is about JB Rhine electroshocking children as part of Rhines MKULTRA project and calling it high motivation publicly.

High motivation enhances psi phenomena (Rhine and Pratt, 1957). 24

– – –

All of this lines up perfectly with Ewen Cameron’s over-the-top abominable treatments, so now you can clearly see what the real purpose of his ‘psychic driving’ actually was.

Continuing with p. 50 of the MKULTRA #68 documents –

Our studies now turned….after considerable experimentation…changes lasting up to two months.

The procedure requires…particularly intensive electroshocks (depatterning)

Intensive repetition (16 hours a day for 6 or 7 days)..during this period patient is kept in partial sensory isolation.

Repression of the driving period is carried out by putting the patient, after the conclusion of the period, into continuous sleep for 7-10 days.

In association with Dr. [William Sargant] perhaps sought to bring about physiological change by the repetition of appropriate verbal signals.

We have been successful…changing blood pressure in right versus left arm, imbalanced muscles in arm…

p 52 lines up with the whole ‘treat the person as abominably as possible’ idea even more directly, where Cameron proposes to experiment with ganging up on the person, multiple voices capitalizing on the force of group decision and suggestion.

Sounds an awful lot like today’s sock-puppet brigades on the internet who invariably treat those who talk about psi abilities with the same ‘abominable’ strategy that was first done in 1958.

Cameron also describes that he’s looking to find an even deeper level of inactivation – experimenting with different drugs – and again, this is the same basic area of human experimentation that was still being explored in the 1974 Puthoff/Targ tests.

This certainly gives you a new perspective (a more accurate one) about all this, doesn’t it? I know I was glad to put this all together for you because I always ‘perceived’ that what this was really about was NOT about curing mental illness but trying to railroad the native and non-physical psi-abilities that we all have.

Another interesting point is that the whole time he’s doing his MKULTRA project he’s publishing articles about psychic driving in newspapers!

Ottawa Herald (Kansas) April 29, 1957 portrays that psychic driving is not very successful in that it only lasts for a few days.

The_Ottawa_Herald_Mon__Apr_29__1957 ewen cameron psychic driving not very successful

And yet an article from a year later, the Anderson Daily Bulletin March 10, 1958 – says there is amazing success with it.


– – –

The lies and denial about what Cameron was doing have continued in some cases all the way up to 2007.

Case in point – Thomas Ban.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, when William Bunney interviewed him in 2007, Thomas Ban was still trying to marginalize and/or deny the CIA involvement.

TB: I left the team before it became public that the grant supporting our project came from the Society for Investigation of Human Ecology, a cover organization for the CIA. Cameron was vilified by the press, resigned, and died shortly thereafter, while mountain climbing. It was never completely clear whether he knew some of the money was from the CIA. I certainly did not. But even if he had known, I don’t think he would have cared. Funds from the CIA were just as good as funds from anywhere else. He was interested in what he was doing and dedicated to help his patients.26

Please. Cameron was not about helping anyone. No one could do what he did to people, who was in their right mind, and call it ‘help’. Thomas also sounds a bit like a petulant child saying his own version of “So what if the CIA gave us money! Hmmph.”

A New York Times article in 1977 was actually quoting Thomas Ban in the below excerpt –

Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, of the Allan Memorial Institute of Psychiatry at McGili University in Montreal, conducted several experiments on behavior control including the effects of isolation and sensory deprivation on humans for the CIA between 1955 and 1960. The work was paid for by the Society for the Investigaton of Human Ecology. […] An associate in the research said in an interview that he was unaware that the research has been paid for by the C.I.A.

Article thumbnail images –

PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS Used in CIA effort to Control behavior ny time august 2 1977_Page_1PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS Used in CIA effort to Control behavior ny time august 2 1977_Page_2PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS Used in CIA effort to Control behavior ny time august 2 1977_Page_3PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS Used in CIA effort to Control behavior ny time august 2 1977_Page_4

John Marks stated in his book Search for the Manchurian Candidate that Cameron may have been an unwitting investigator for CIA, but Dr. Thomas Ban in an email communication with Stephen J. Jay MD on 3/15/09 stated he had told Marks this when Marks interviewed Dr. Ban, but that Dr. Ban later realized his assessment of Cameron’s knowledge of the relationship between his grants and CIA was incorrect. 27

It took him more than fifty years to ‘realize’ that? Sure. I believe it.

sarcasm little guy

You’ll notice he’s still not admitting that ‘he’ knew – which he did.

As to a description of what horrors went on at the time of Cameron’s MKULTRA project, that has already been described well in several other posts here, including my husband’s Scientology Roots book.

For my purposes here, I want to focus on the aspects that you don’t see talked about much out there – the experiments with these ‘signals’ Cameron talked about in one of the MKULTRA documents I pointed out earlier.

Both Sargant and Cameron constantly underplayed in public the very damaging effects of these treatments on their patients’ memories, and we already talked about the 3 stages Cameron described.

I’d like to focus for a moment on the last stage, Cameron’s descriptions of it as per John Marks’s bookp. 144 – one in particular.

He lives in the immediate present.

In Scientology they have this magically wonderful state that you are supposed to be in called PT or Present Time. You’ll even see scientologists talk about “being in pt” like it’s this really great thing.

Somehow, now that I now what that’s really about? Doesn’t look like it’s wonderful at all. More like some kind of serious denial is what is actually happening there.

I probably should mention that one of the drugs that Ewen Cameron was liking to use at the time of his MKULTRA subproject was anectine.

This is an absolutely horrible drug. So horrible that even hardened prisoners are afraid of it.

In one of my connections between Scientology and Synanon segments (this one) I discuss an article by Jessica detailing some pretty interesting details of actual brainwashing being used as some kind of ‘therapy’ for prisoners.

I called it –

Death Therapy.

Kiss of Death

Torture Cure by Jessica Mitford was originally written for Harper’s magazine, August 1973, and was reprinted in a prison magazine called The Communicator in October 1974.

Communicator_October_1974 torture cure article


You can also read it as Item VI.D.5 starting on page 632 of this:

Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification; A Study Prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-Third Congress, Second Session; published November 1974; 655 pages. – found at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives.

Here’s the part about anectine –

The “behavior modification” programs are for the most part carried out in secret. They are not part of the guided tour for journalists and visitors, nor are outside physicians permitted to witness them. Occasionally word of these procedures leaks out, as in the autumn of 1970, when Medical World News ran an article titled “Scaring the Devil Out” about the use of the drug Anectine in “aversion therapy” in the California prisons.

Anectine, a derivative of the South American arrow-tip poison curare, is used medically in small doses as a muscle relaxant, but behavioral researches discovered that when administered to unruly prisoners in massive amounts – from twenty to forty milligrams – it causes them to lose all control of voluntary muscles.

An unpublished account of the Anectine Therapy program at Vacaville, California, by two of the staff researchers there, Arthur L. Mattocks, supervisor of the research unit, and Charles Jew, social research analyst, states that “the conceptual scheme was to develop a strong association between any violent or acting-out behavior and the drug Anectine and its frightful consequences,” among which were “cessation of respiration for a period of approximately two minutes’ duration.”

Of those selected to endure these consequences, “nearly all could be characterized as angry young men,” say the authors. Some seem to have been made a good deal angrier by the experience, for the report notes that of sixty-four prisoners in the program “nine persons not only did not decrease but actually exhibited an increase in their overall number of disciplinary infractions.”

According to Dr. Arthur Nugent, Chief psychiatrist at Vacaville and an enthusiast for the drug, it induces “sensations of suffocation and drowning.”

The subject experiences feelings of deep horror and terror, “as though he were on the brink of death.”

While he is in this condition a therapist scolds him for his misdeeds and tells him to shape up or expect more of the same.

Candidates for Anectine treatment were selected for a range of offenses: “frequent fights, verbal threatening, deviant sexual behavior, stealing, unresponsiveness to the group therapy programs.” Dr. Nugent told the San Francisco Chronicle, “Even the toughest inmates have come to fear and hate the drug. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t have one treatment myself for the world.”

Declaring he was anxious to continue the experiment, he added, “I’m at a loss as to why everybody’s upset over this.”

Where the fuck do they find these insane people that do these things to others and call it ‘therapy’? .


Anectine is the brand name for Succinylcholine Chloride, which is the same drug that ghouls like Dr. Max Fink used on people just before he electro-shocked them.

I put together a clip for you from the movie ‘Trapped‘. It’s a powerful and horrifying dramatization of what this drug does to people. I think Courtney Love did a great acting job in this scene, but I’ll bet the reality of what happens, and what these prisoners went through is even worse than that.

“I wouldn’t have one treatment myself for the world.” said Dr. Nugent.

– – –

One thing that’s never come to light before is that Cameron didn’t just do these nasty things to a few, or even a hundred people.

It was thousands.

As documented in the Bedard 28 report after investigating Canada’s Mental Hospitals in 1962. Cameron even did these things to pregnant women, all the way up to their ninth month, by the way.6

Rebecca Lemov gives a basic description of what Cameron did to what were primarily women –

[…] depatterned; psychically “driven”; dosed with LSD-25, barbiturates, PCP, and sodiumAmytal; forcibly kept in a “sleep room”; sensorially deprived; rendered incontinent;stripped of some or all of their memories; and left, in many cases, unable to live out-side an institution.6

What many people don’t really touch on, is that it wasn’t just the CIA that financed Cameron or who wanted him to do this kind of thing to women and children (see Duplessis Orphans article). No, just like we saw was the plan evidenced in the 1951 Montreal meeting, this was a coordinated effort with British, Canadian and American intelligence and “national defense” organizations.

A 1964 report notes that Cameron’s research was also subsidized, and continued after the CIA reorganization in 1962/63 had terminated several ’embarassing’ projects like his – the report notes:

Research carried out with the assistance of Dominion-Provincial Mental Health Grant No. 604–5–432.

Juxtapose the above knowledge of what Cameron was actually doing to people, with his description given in this 1964 report – ever so euphemistically called Automation of psychotherapy


1. We have explored the extent to which psychotherapy can be automated by endeavoring to demonstrate whether each of the following six psychotherapeutic mechanisms can be activated by means of controlled repetition of recorded statements:

a) uncovering
b) problem identification
c) desensitization
d) patient-therapist interaction
e) problem solving
f) reorganization.

2. Written records kept by the patient of his responses, appear to demonstrate that this procedure in bringing about activation.

3. At the present time our ability to bring about activation varies from mechanism to mechanism. The most effective would apear to be with respect to uncovering and probably problem identification. The use of adjuvants is most valuable and those adjuvants presently facilitate uncovering primarily.

Let’s look at what those ‘adjuvants’ were again –

The nice thing about this report is that it gives us at least some idea of the dramatis personae involved in doing this with Cameron, and there’s good old Mr. Denier – Thomas Ban – listed as well as the ubiquitous MI6 “research assistant” Mr. Rubenstein.

  • M.D. D. Ewen Cameron (Chairman) Dept. of Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • M.D. Leonard Levy (Lecturer) McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • M.D. Thomas Ban (Demonstrator) McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • Leonard Rubenstein (Research Assistant) Allan Memorial Institute, Montreal, Canada

Even scholars such as Rebecca Lemov seem to have completely missed the real point of why both the CIA and the Canadian Department of Defense (plus Mr. MI6 on loan from British intelligence) were so financially generous towards Cameron’s research.

Psi research – Electronic telepathy.

About the best you see such scholars do, is throw over to so-called conspiracy theory websites as if they are the only sources that would refer to what I’m about to talk about, and are therefore supposedly conveniently discredited. Rebecca cites6 a particularly ‘off’ website called Illuminati News as an example.

On conspiracy theory websites, for example the Illuminati News, Cameron figures as the beneficiary of a fringe-science “secret laboratory” outfitted through the munificence of Allen Dulles’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).10

(10) Agent Orange and Mr. X, “Who Is Illuminati Licio Gelli?” Illuminati News, 15 December 2006. (Rebecca’s link that she gave is no longer working – cached version here)


screenshot-webcache 061616 Agent Orange and Mr. X Who Is Illuminati Licio Gelli

You do get their solution of ‘abominable treatment’ going on there towards the subject of psi abilities, right?

The shoe of who is crazy around here goes on the other foot. Robert Cleghorn, who was there, refers to (at least) Leonard Rubenstein as being a psychopath29 and I would most certainly agree with that.

– – –

The Quest for Automated Humanity

Did you say machines can make me read minds2

March 1957 is a good a marker as any to illustrate the real point of why there was so much interest in Cameron’s experiments.

Radio control.

That’s where the mysterious appearance of Cameron’s closest sidekick, the ubiquitous Leonard Rubenstein, came in. During the war he had specialised in ‘radio telemetry’.

Cameron’s main technical sidekick, the Englishman Leonard Rubenstein, formerly of the Royal Signals Corps, ran a related project called ‘Radio Telemetry’.30

At the Allan Memorial Institute he ran the “research and behavioral laboratory” – even though he had no medical qualifications whatsoever. It was him that created the tape loops for Cameron, it was him that had flown back to London to show William Sargant how they should be fashioned. Rubenstein even filed a patent in the U.S. for sound recording and reproducing machines together with Stephen Perrin Robinson – yet another name to add to the list of ghoulish dramatis personae.

Cameron also hired Jan Zielinski, a Polish born engineer who also lacked any previous medical experience.31

Note: Dr. Cameron and his ‘assistant’ ghoul Rubenstein experimented with a truly bizarre range of treatments that included one that I doubt you may have heard of. Rubenstein constructed a motor driven chair that rotated a patient at high speed until they fell unconscious.

You can get a clear feel for what they were really doing, however, by a 1962 publication –

Continuous Radio Telemetry of Human Activity; ; Allan Memorial Institute, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal; Cameron, D. E. , Levy, L. , and Rubenstein, L. , J. Mental Sci., 106, 443, 742 (1960); Nature 193, 849 – 850 (03 March 1962); doi:10.1038/193849a0

Cameron, Rubeinstein and Zielinski already had themselves a ‘special’ lab in the basement, part of which had been declared off limits by Dr. Cameron to everyone except Rubenstein and Zielinski.

Gordon Thomas – Journey into Madness:

Surrounded by tape recorders, editing machines, and shelves stacked with pillow speakers and football helmets, microphones, cables, and boxes of new tapes, Zielinski felt the place was “more like a Radio Shack than a science lab.” … [p. 178]

Rubenstein had told him they did not understand the wealth of important psychological data that could be spotted by repeated replaying of the tapes: the shifts in cadence, the tiny mental blocks, the change in speed and emphasis, the hesitations and silences. They were all stored on the tapes and provided Dr. Cameron with invaluable information. Rubenstein had called ita whole universe of nonverbal communication carried on below the perceptual level.

Remember this from Cameron’s MKULTRA documents?

C. Continued study of the effects of repetition on the patient of his own verbal signals opened up an additional line of inquiry. This was based upon the finding that a given verbal signal conveys considerably more than its verbal content. Special apparatus was built to explore this new field of ultra-conceptual communication

The following findings were reported at the 1956 meeting of the American Psychopathological Association:

  • i. That signals are made which are not conceived as such by the signaler, at least at the time he makes them.
  • iii.That a range of signals may be made which will only at times be conceived by the signaler and the the listener as such.
  • iv. The ability of both the signaler and the listener to recognize signals may be increased and also decreased.
  • v. It is probable that there is a range of signals which cannot be understood by either, but which may, nonetheless, evoke an appropriate response in the listener.

You will note that he was already working on this with Rubenstein well before his contract with the CIA, because he reported on his “findings” in 1956, ergo the work itself was earlier thatn that.

Let’s look at a bit more that’s revealed about this by Gordon Thomas –

Descriptions like that made Zielinski believe that Rubenstein was serious when he said that Dr. Cameron and himself would one day become the world’s authorities on continuous radio telemetry of human activity.

The lanky twenty-eight-year-old ex-Army signalman envisioned the time would come whenthere would be no secrets of the mind that we cannot probe electrically.

Zielinski had been fascinated as Rubenstein had breezily told Dr. Cameron how this would be achieved. All the psychiatrist had to do was ensure a continuous supply of patients and the wisecracking Cockney would create the electronic equipment that “would enter the deepest corners of their minds.”

Dr. Cameron had accepted the technician’s claim without quibble. … [p. 179]

So much for ‘conspiracy theory’ as Lemov positioned it – this is conspiracy fact.

It was on March 18, 1957, that Rubenstein excitedly told Zielinski that Dr. Cameron had finally given the go-ahead for part of the institute’s basement to be turned into a radio telemetry laboratory.

This was the part of the basement immediately deemed ‘off limits’ to anyone but the three of them.

Again, we see something amounting to an obsession for the slavemasters being described – able to monitor what someone else is doing at a distance.

Gordon Thomas describes Rubenstein’s foaming-at-the-mouth about it –

Rubenstein enthused that its purpose would be not only to measure behavioral activity of patients more closely, but would also provide the groundwork for a system that could be used to monitor human activity at a point remote from the subject under study. In other words, Rubenstein had added,we’ll develop a system that will keep tabs on people without their knowing what we’re getting from them.” … [pp. 179-180]

That’s both the psi abilities of telepathy and clairvoyance trying to be mechanically recreated/controlled – you understand.

electronic telepathy

electronic clairvoyance

Radio control.

Gordon Thomas gives an excellent description of the Rubenstein’s set-up there at McGill –

The Grid Room had lines drawn across one wall and a hardbacked chair in front of them. At the opposite end of the room a carefully concealed hole had been made in the wall, only big enough for the lens of a movie camera mounted on a platform on the other side. Anyone sitting in the chair would be unaware he or she was being secretly filmed.

… Each patient would be fitted with electrodes, which Rubenstein called potentiometers, and which would convert an analog signal and telemeter it to a receiving station—a cubbyhole in a corner of the basement packed with electronic equipment. Most of it was purpose-built by Rubenstein. It included a large machine with dials and switches, which he called the body movement transducer. He predicted it would provide “up to ten thousand bits of information per second” from each patient.

The Grid Room had also been fitted with concealed microphones to record any verbal sounds a patient made. Zielinski had been impressed but nevertheless was still unclear how Dr. Cameron would use such a vast amount of data. … [p. 180]

For those ‘special’ patients chosen because of their possible psi abilities, Cameron specifically asked Rubenstein to build the Isolation Chamber which was a ‘box’ in the converted stables of Allan Memorial.

As per John Marks, Search For The Manchurian Candidate:

According to his papers, … Cameron injected subjects with curare in conjunction with sensory deprivation, presumably to immobilize them further.

For the “sensory deprivation”, Rubenstein had specially built a “box” in the converted stables directly behind Allan Memorial which is also where the “behavioral laboratory” was. Cameron left one woman in for 35 days, but try as he might, Cameron could not get through to her.

As the aloof psychiatrist wrote in his notes: “Although the patient was prepared by both prolonged sensory isolation (35 days) and by repeated depatterning, and although she received 101 days of positive driving, no favorable results were obtained.”

Cameron felt that it would ‘help’ if they could be first isolated and then disoriented before he tried to restructure their attitudes – even if this took weeks, months, or if need be, years. It didn’t matter to Rubenstein how long this took, the goal was to pound away at the person until they were ready to listen to what Dr. Cameron wanted them to hear.

Patients were brought from the Sleep Room, still heavily drugged and after having undergrown multiple ECT treatments, by nurses who were met at the door of the Radio Telemetry Laboratory by one of the technicians or Dr. Cameron himself.

Zielinksi hated the place, it ‘gave him a bad feeling’ but yet he still went on and participated in doing these terrible things anyway to these ‘chosen’ women and children.

I think that is what defines evil – you do nothing to stop it.

– – –

Thomas Ban started working with Cameron the following year, and now we can add another name to the list of dramatis personaeDr. Heinz Lehmann.

And some new information about other drugs they were testing out on the hapless patients – psilocybin, phencyclidine (Sernyl).

And a previously unrevealed separate source of funding for what they were doing – the Medical Research Council of Canada.

In the following, Thomas Ban is being interviewed by Leo Harris 21

TB: During my internship, I applied to the residency-training program in psychiatry at McGill.
LH: So that is how you got to work with Heinz.
TB: Yes. I marked on the applications form that my preferential first rotation would be the Verdun Protestant Hospital, one of their training facilities, because I knew that Dr. Lehmann was the clinical director of that hospital.

…TB: Yes, I was very lucky. I met Dr. Lehmann for the first time at the Verdun Protestant Hospital, on the 1st of July, 1958. It was the first day of my residency.

…LH: Now, how long were you in Montreal?
TB: About nineteen years.
LH: Nineteen years. Of course, during that time, you become more and more an independent investigator.
TB: Yes, but all those years, Heinz and I worked very closely together. The first independent line of research I conducted was in conditioning. It was supported from a grant I received from the Medical Research Council of Canada. But, actually, I got involved even in that area of research on Heinz’s initiative. At the time, to get our diploma in psychiatry at McGill, we had to write a thesis and I got involved in research in conditioning because the hospital had a conditioning laboratory and Jim Prescott, the psychologist who set up that laboratory was leaving.
LH: So, it was the laboratory that dictated your career.
TB: Yes and essentially that Heinz was looking for someone who might be interested to do research with him in the conditioning laboratory.
LH: He had done a lot of such work before he got into chlorpromazine.
TB: That’s right. He had done a lot of research with psychometric performance tests, and also, some research in psychophysiology. For my thesis, I had to review the literature on classical conditioning and had to do also some laboratory research in conditioning in humans.
LH: When did you finish your training?
TB: I received my diploma in psychiatry from McGill, in 1960. My thesis, Conditioning and Psychiatry, was published with some minor modifications as a monograph, first in 1964, by Aldine in Chicago, than in 1966, by Unwin in London.

TB: My primary job was directing the activities of our Early Clinical Drug Evaluation program, as Dr. Lehmann’s co-principal investigator of a grant from the NIMH.
LH: That’s right. You were part of the ECDEU network.
TB: Yes, we were one of the first grantees and we were there from the very beginning. After the completion of my thesis, I had a research grant as I mentioned before, from the Medical Research Council of Canada to pursue my research in conditioning. But, most of my research in conditioning was closely linked to my research in psychopharmacology.
LH: I see. So, your primary activity was directing the ECDEU.
TB: I spent part of my time, for a few years, on Ewen Cameron’s team, who was the chairman of the department, in the late 1950s and early ‘60s. I was responsible for recording psychophysiological measures after the administration of psychotomimetics, like LSD or psilocybin to our patients. Actually, I got on Cameron’s team because he needed someone with some experience in conditioning and with psychotomimetics. My first research project in psychopharmacology, and this was back in 1958, was with phencyclidine, a substance originally developed for general anesthesia, that turned out to be a psychotomimetic.
LH: So, you worked with Heinz Lehmann and also with Ewen Cameron, while at McGill. Did you work with anyone else while there?
TB: I also worked with V.A. Kral in an NIMH funded psychogeriatric program, in which we studied the effects of psychotropic drugs in the aged.

In the following, William Bunney interviews Thomas Ban on December 10, 2007 26

WB: What was your first project?
TB: I got involved with several projects simultaneously. In one, my task was simply to stay with some of my fellow residents and other psychiatrists who were given psilocybin.
WB: Psilocybin?
TB: At that time it was thought educational for those dealing with psychotic patients to get an idea about what patients were experiencing.
WB: What about the other projects?
TB: In another project, we studied the effects of prototype CNS acting drugs, like dextroamphetamine, secobarbital, chlorpromazine, prochlorperazine, imipramine, and lysergic acid on enzyme functions and on biological systems of low complexity, including urease, firefly lantern extracts, proteus bacteria, oat seedlings, the feeding reflex of hydra, and dandelion sleep movements. And, in a third, we studied the effects of phencyclidine (Sernyl), in different doses and in different diagnoses, as well as in a few normal subjects. Dr. Lehmann received a supply of Sernyl from Parke Davis to find out whether it would be suitable for the facilitation of psychotherapy. It was not, but I became interested in the compound and it did not take me long to recognize it was a substance that could change how one experienced oneself and the world. Its effects were distinctly different from psilocybin. Just from curiosity I also gave Sernyl with a friend to a few rats. To our amusement, the animals started to walk backward!
WB: Did you publish your findings?
WB: We had two papers on Sernyl: one, in 1961, in the Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal, and another, few years later, in the proceedings of the fourth CINP Congress. My first paper on Sernyl, and my first paper based on my conditioning research appeared almost simultaneously. They were really my first “scientific” publications.

To give you some examples of MKULTRA funding going along in coordination with this ‘research’ into CNS drugs, I offer the following:

  • Subproject 62: MKULTRA: Consulting Work in Isolation/Electric Shock/CNS Drugs (this is Harold Wolff at Cornell project)
  • Subproject 70: Stanford University research into CNS drugs
  • Subproject 71: MKULTRA: Dr. Wallace Chan at Stanford University Testing Drugs
  • Subproject 72: MKULTRA: Testing Drugs for Effects on Central Nervous System

If you look these up in the MKULTRA index by Black Vault, you can find the corresponding listed folder number on the left and then find that particular folder in either CD’s 1, 2, 3 or 4 – and then look at the documents yourself.

When Thomas Ban is talking about ‘conditioning’, he specifically means Pavlovian conditioning.

He described this a bit further, with some pride about it you will note, if you can believe that –

I had a Forward written by Horsley Gantt, the American disciple of Pavlov. Dr. Gantt apparently liked my thesis, and invited me to join his Society, the Pavlovian Society of North America. A few years later, in 1966, at the World Congress of Psychiatry in Madrid, I also became one of the founders of the Collegium Internationale Activitatis Nervosae Superioris (CIANS), an international society of people involved in conditioning research. 26

Thomas Ban says that he was promoted in 1959, to Cameron’s research team on psychic driving, and gives an extremely white-washed version but now we have a new aspect revealed as to what they were doing to people – anaclitic therapy.

TB: My residency was cut short because I was promoted from the first to fourth year, and in 1959, I became the junior member of Cameron’s research team on “psychic driving”. Ewen Cameron was chairman of psychiatry at McGill. He was one of the Nuremberg-psychiatrists and a past president of the American Psychiatric Association (APA).
WB: Would you like to say something about the research?
TB: The idea behind Cameron’s research was that by wiping out all memories, one would also wipe out pathological patterns in the brain, and one might be able to rebuild the psyche anew. We also explored the possibility that it might be sufficient just to disorganize memories. For wiping out memories, we used regressive ECT, which Cameron referred to as “depatterning”; for disorganizing memories, we used psychomimetic drugs and sensory isolation, and for rebuilding, repetition of verbal signal therapy, which he referred to as “psychic driving.” As the junior member of the team, I had to do whatever needed to be done, but my specific responsibility was the monitoring of changes in psychophysiological measures and CR variables.
Today, what we did might sound rather unsophisticated, but it corresponded with the kind of research people did in those years. In our “sleep room”, for example, where most of the research was done, in one bed a patient was treated by our team with regressive ECT, and in the next bed a patient was treated with “anaclitic therapy” by another research team, in which, grown ups were mothered like babies. For me, still pretty much a foreigner in this new world, both treatments were rather strange, but the rational for our experiment was at least as sound as the treatment used by the psychoanalytic group. In fact, we learned from our experiments that some patients with schizophrenia were not affected by sensory isolation, and also that wiped out obsessive-compulsive patterns re-emerge much sooner than memory returns.26

Rubenstein put out a strange paper in November 1961 titled: Humming: A Vocal Standard with a Diurnal Variation in Science, Volume 134, Issue 3489, pp. 1519-1520 (Sci Homepage). It sounds like he was writing about how some of his hapless depatterning guinea pigs were humming at night, how weird is that as a topic.

An example of another paper that Cameron, Ban and Levy put out, focusing on the sensory deprivation aspect of their torture research, was published in 1960. It was called Sensory Deprivation: Effects upon the Functioning Human in Space Systems – D. Ewen Cameron, Leonard Levy, Thomas ban and Leonard Rubenstein – and was submitted to the American Psychiatric Association.

*PDF here – sensory deprivation ewen cameron thomas ban and rubenstein

Some excerpts taken from it that I put in my Synanon and Scientology segment: When God Plots are probably quite relevant here, so here’s a few of them –

Changes tend to disappear within about a day after removal from the area of reduced input.

There is variation from person to person in susceptibility to reduction in input. The factors controlling the variability are as yet unknown.

There’s that ‘unruliness’ when it comes to them trying to control psi abilities, mentioned by Gertrude Schmeidler in her 1958 research.

…these theories have as yet yielded no other certain physical limitation which can be used to curb the unruly nature of psi. 23

See why they’re doing this research?

That’s also the same complaint that this rather cranky (and misleading) line by Thomas Ban was about –

we learned from our experiments that some patients with schizophrenia were not affected by sensory isolation.26

Those falsely labelled mentally ill – schizophrenic – being people who even mentioned they could ‘hear’ voices or send and receive information telepathically. (See For Researchers – The DSM’s of Psychiatry II through V )


Did you know this very same observation of ‘the problem’ with the human spirit, was made by one of the members of the first incarnation of the British/Vatican slavemasters obsession with telepathic abilities?

Fredric Myers, more than fifty years earlier –

frederic myers with son

…We cannot predict when the result will occur; still less can we bring it about at pleasure.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5

…we must remember how much of psychical operation goes on below the conscious threshold, imperfectly obedient to any supraliminal appeal.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Deathby Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3

Velly interesting, don’t you think?

The same year that Thomas Ban published his paper on ‘Conditioning” and the Sensory Deprivation: Effects upon the Functioning Human in Space Systems paper together with D. Ewen Cameron, Leonard Levy, Thomas ban and Leonard Rubenstein – Cameron published two other articles.

One titled: Production of Differential Amnesia as a Factor in the Treatment of Schizophrenia published in Comprehensive Psychiatry, 1960, 1, p. 26; and the other titled: Effects of Repetition of Verbal Signals upon the Behavior of Chronic Psychoneurotic Patients published in Journal of Mental Science, 1960, 106, 742.

Both of which included Leonard Levy and Leonard Rubenstein as co-authors.

To further illustrate just how aligned this research was with one of the main areas of interests of the slavemasters – electronic control and surveillance of others private thoughts and activities – let me show you some of the other projects that were being funded.

But first, you need to see why Cameron’s CIA funding was stopped, and it wasn’t because they didn’t like his work.

– – –

Why Cameron’s MKULTRA sub-project funding got stopped

Cameron became on his way out of McGill for two very good reasons – both of which are because he got busted. Badly. And worse, he led the wolves to the door of the slavemasters.

A big no-no.

Ah, but his research into electronic mind control? That lived on. In fact, it didn’t just live on, it mushroomed like some huge dark cloud over humanity.

In 1962 there was an investigation into the CIA and its MKULTRA program, the result of which was published in what some call the Earman Report, named after the Inspector General of the same name.

The resulting reorganization was described in CIA declassified document #59, 26 July 1963, Report of the Inspection of MKULTRA, Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk#4, folder 17748 – 42 images. Image #1 – the beginning of the report – is pictured below.


Note: These scanned images of declassified MKUltra documents are all also available at the Internet Archive using the same numbering system.

The investigation basically resulted in most of the behavioral research being transferred from Sid Gottlieb and his Technical Support Division to the Office of Research and Development (ORD). Dr. Stephen Aldrich took over the leadership role.

That name ORD ought to be familiar to you now, right? It’s part of the same organization that Webster headed that was coordinating the “behavioral” research among British, Canadian and American intelligence.

Some things were transferred to other “backup’ organizations like the Scientific Engineering Institute.

All this really was, was a way of moving around things so that there was less possibility of accountability.

Meanwhile, back at the ORD ranch (so to speak) they were still very interested in parapsychology, despite the Earman investigation nothing had changed with that at all.

Agency officials wanted to know:

  • whether psychics could read minds or control them from afar (telepathy),
  • if they could gain information about distant places or people (clairvoyance or remote viewing)
  • if they could predict the future (precognition)
  • influence the movement of physical objects or even the human mind (telekinesis).

John Marks Search for Manchurian Candidate; chapter 12

1962 was also the year that the Bedard Report came out in Canada, specifically singling out Cameron’s program for giving 12,000 electrical treatments amounting to 60,000 separate shocks given to thousands of patients.

I think that was one of the main reasons why all these behavioral projects were being shifted under the ORD where they were less visible and could be shielded under any number of sub-organizations, including any branch of the military.

The Bedard Report was the result of an investigation and study of conditions in Montreal psychiatric hospitals. The story behind that is quite an interesting one.

jean charles page book 1961 duplessis orphan

Jean-Charles Pagé, a Duplessis Orphan and former patient, published the book Les Fus Crient au Secours (The Mad Shout for Help) in August 1961. It was a testimony of his life at Saint-Jean de Dieu hospital, an old enormous institution in east-end Montreal – a town itself with its own post office, and even a tram to move things around inside the place, it was so big.

st jean de doux


His book detailed 36-day sleep treatments, excessive use of ECT and insulin shock treatments.32

Well, we know who did THAT to him, now don’t we.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, and remember, HE was in charge of the whole network of hospitals and training of psychiatrists in the area.

At the same time as all this horrificness is going on, St.-Jean de Dieu declared a one million dollar profit from per diem per head payments.

That’s how many people they had illegally shoved into that god-forsaken place, including hundreds (maybe even thousands) of orphans declared mentally ill who were not. Obviously to get more of those per head payments, but also to help provide an endless supply of people who had no one to care about them, no one to fight back for them against Dr. Ewen Cameron and his cadre of ghouls.

The Canadian minister of health, Dr. Alphonse Couturier, read Pagé’s book as soon as it came out, and the very next month, September of 1961, he established a commision d’etudes des hopitaux psychiatriques made up of 3 psychiatrists – Dominique Bedard (Chair), Denis Lazure, and an englishman named Charles A. Roberts to investigate just what the hell was going on in these places.

The publication of this book, in fact, participated in the awakening of public criticism regarding lives of patients and their inadequate treatment in asylums. Following this debate public calls to change the part of the press, trade unions, the public and the Quebec Psychiatric Association are pressing the government…. The latter then announced a commission of inquiry into psychiatric hospitals.33

On March 9, 1962, its report was presented. One of the recommendations in the Bédard report was deinstitutionalization. The report stated: “The Commission is convinced that hundreds of patients continue to live in our mental hospitals when their mental state does not require hospitalization.32

The Minister of Health then created the Division of Psychiatric Services (1962) with a mandate to implement the recommendations of the report. Among these was the draft for de-institutionalization of people with mental disorders…33

Note: The writer Jacques Ferron (1920-1985), who was also a medical doctor, worked at this same St Jean De Dieu hospital for a number of years and several of his books, including the posthumous “Pas de Gamelin” describe his very disturbing experiences there.

So, as you can see, 1962 was not a very good year for the slavemasters particularly sick human experimentation projects, and while Cameron would soon get ‘moved’ from McGill, and Sid Gottlieb’s special projects along the same lines were getting moved to the ORD, they didn’t stop.

Oh, no.

None of this really mattered to the slavemasters, in the sense that they were SO interested in that work, that a whole slew of new mkultra subprojects came out of it (soon to be renamed MKSEARCH).

For example, even though Cameron was cut-off, with CIA funding Dr. Cameron’s isolator was rebuilt at a laboratory of the National Institutes of Health. But instead of a human, like Madeleine Smith, being incarcerated, lobotomized apes were kept for months in total isolation. Rubenstein’s radio telemetry techniques were adapted so that radio frequency energy was beamed into the brains of the already crazed animals.15

That particular loveliness was subproject 62, described in the Human Drug Testing by the CIA section of the 1977 senate hearings, (p 90)

Senator Kennedy. Was the NIH involved in any of the research projects?

Dr. Geschickter. There was NIH involvement.

Senator Kennedy. Could you tell us the nature of that involvement?

Dr. Geschickter. I can tell you the nature of it accurately. One was on studies on concussion which they rocked the heads of animals back and forth to try to cause them amnesia by concussion of the brain. And that was for $110,000. The other, which was funded through this later business was the use of radar to put monkeys to sleep, to see if they could be, should I say, instead of Mickey Finn, they could put them under with radar directed toward the monkey brain.

Senator Schweiker. Could they?

Dr. Geschickter. Did they go to sleep?

Senator Schweiker. Yes.

Dr. Geschickter. Yes, sir. But, Senator, it showed if you got into too deep a sleep, you injured the heat center of the brain the way you cook meat, and there was a borderline there that made it dangerous.

Dr. Charles Freeman Geschickter

Charles_Freeman_Geschickter - Georgetown University MKUltra doctor

The research just described by Geshickter is MKULTRA Subproject 62, conducted at the National Institutes of Health by Dr. Maitland Baldwin, a neurosurgeon. Geshickter, if you recall, was who recommended that Cameron be financed by the CIA in the first place.

Documents concerning Subproject 62 at Black Vault (CD#4 Folder 17462) describe Baldwin’s interest in sensory isolation experiments and a status report stated that, “certain kinds of radio frequency energy have been found to effect reversible neurological changes in chimpanzees.

Well, we can certainly tell from that part some of what Cameron and Rubenstein had been up to, eh?


In the publication resulting from Subproject 62, entitled, “Effects of radio-frequency energy on primate cerebral activity,” Baldwin, Bach and Lewis thanked the Naval Research Laboratory and Rome Air Force Base for supplying equipment used to generate the radio waves.

This is what I meant by the benefits (rather than a punishment like it should have been) when they dismantled Sid Gottlieb and his Technical Services office of the CIA and simply moved him and his menagerie of human experimentation over under the ORD – look at all that nice access to military resources they then had.

The interesting thing about this sub-project is that it actually began back in 1956 (Document #1, 17462 folder) and there were visits to Donald Hebb and Ewen Cameron at McGill to discuss their isolation techniques – which means this was BEFORE the hullaballoo in 1962.

However, document #99 of the 17462 folder shows an invoice for 10k in December 1962, document #103 shows invoices in March of 1962, so it looks like 1962 is when the whole rebuilding of Cameron’s isolator happened, which is in line with our timeline here.

Baldwin was described as full of bright ideas on how to control behavior, but they were wary of him because he was such an “eager beaver” with an obvious streak of “craziness.”

Under Sub-project 62 (and continuing into the later MKSEARCH) Baldwin performed lobotomies on apes.

[…] and then put these simian subjects into sensory deprivation—presumably in the same “box” he had built himself at NIH and then had to repair after a desperate soldier kicked his way out. There is no information available on whether Baldwin extended this work to humans, although he did discuss with an outside consultant how lobotomized patients reacted to prolonged isolation. Like Hamilton, Baldwin was a jack-of-all trades who in one experiment beamed radio frequency energy directly at the brain of a chimpanzee and in another cut off one monkey’s head and tried to transplant it to the decapitated body of another monkey. Baldwin used $250 in Agency money to buy his own electroshock machine, and he did some kind of unspecified work at a TSS safehouse that caused the CIA to shell out $1450 to renovate and repair the place. 34


That’s really something.

The monkey decapitation etc. was actually done when Helms resurrected his projects under MKSearch (see 1966).

– – –

All the MKULTRA subprojects on electric or radio frequency stimulation of the brain (that I have documented so far) are:

  • subproject 54 – studied producing concussions (temporal lobes) from mechanical blast waves from a distance. It said that “such concussion is always followed by amnesia for the actual moment of the accident”. (cd #4, folder 17453)
  • subproject 62    (cd #4, folder 17462)
  • Subproject 94   (cd #1, folder 17497)
  • Subproject 106 (cd #3, folder 17362)
  • Subproject 119 (cd #3, folder 17376)
  • Subproject 142 (cd #3, folder 17402)

All the above can be viewed yourself at Black Vault by navigating to the respective cd’s and folder #’s.

Note that the RF (radio frequency) part of Cameron and Rubenstein’s radio telemetry work especially matches up with subprojects 62, 94 and 119, as well as the later MKSEARCH #1.

We already covered 62, and subproject 94 is already documented in Chapter Twenty Six-2, it’s William Bledsoe’s project out of Panoramic and the Bio-Research companies that are tied into military research companies as well as Stanford Research Institute.

Subproject 106 goes with 142 (MKULTRA: Electrodes, Russian Study 37) concerns implanting electrodes in the brains of animals and doing a study of all the Russian literature concerning mind control of this type.

The project had been started earlier in 1959, but there was also a newer proposal now coming under the rubrick of Aldrich’s ORD. It is dated 22 May 1962, and is on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 3, folder 17362. Within that folder, is the first page of the newer proposal – image #10.


Image #34 shows that this particular project was first approved December 29, 1959.

– – –

Subproject 119: MKULTRA: Telecontrol–Texas Christian-EEG-Human Behavior-Bioelectric Signals-Electroencephalography-Human Organism

Letter, 14 July 1959:


2. It has long been my opinion that there is a need for a taxonomy of stimulus variables, comparable to those with which we are familiar for personality, to account for factors external to the individual, which affect his performance. People are constrained, pressed, required, etc. to do things because of factors in their environment, perhaps even more than because of the kinds of personalities they are. Furthermore, a stimulus situation is complex, and reflects many subtle variables that are not always uniformly or clearly identified, and where effects may often be overlooked. If we are to be able to study human behavior effectively, we must measure the situations to which people respond as well as the people who respond.


…At present I am thinking in terms of two main divisions: {1} the life space of the individual, and {2} the immediate task situation. …

Draft CIA memo, 17 August 1960:


e. Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.

You can really see the similarity in that one, to Rubenstein’s radio telemetry lab.

Last, but not least, we have-

MKULTRA Subproject No. 142 concerns implanting electrodes into animals for use in “direct executive action” –

ASSASSINATION – in other words.

James Bond 007 - Assassin

In this case – by animals.


The documents concerning this subproject are on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 3, folder 17402.

Image #10 shows the project from 1962 through the end of 1963, and shows Gottlieb’s name on it.

Image #19 is the first page of the actual proposal. It details that the purpose is to: “support a small biological program of electrical brain stimulation involving some new approaches to the subject…”


New approaches?


It gets worse. Look very carefully at this:

The reason for separating this work financially from the other efforts in the Agency’s behalf is to allow him to engage in some very practical experiments…which would present security problems if this effort were to he handled in the usual way. Some of the uses proposed for these particular animals would involve possible delivery systems for BW/CW agents or for direct executive action type operations as distinguished from the eavesdropping application of [blacked out]

They are talking about that whatever these experiments are (related to assassinations for one thing) would present “security problems” and they don’t want anyone else knowing about it – including people working on other similar projects.

This is because of all the heat on this kind of experimentation right then.

Plus, notice this part:

“…involve possible delivery systems for BW/CW agents…”

BW stands for Biological Weapons
CW stands for Chemical Weapons

One could surmise that this means they want to use animals as a sort of suicide bomber! In addition – the next image #21 even talks about switching to cold-blooded animals – because they are easier.

Meanwhile, there was more openly known work also being done at the same time as Cameron and Rubenstein. Now, this one really sounds exactly like what Rubenstein was experimenting with.

This was in the Journal Applied Physiology 1962, Human Auditory System Response To Modulated Electromagnetic Energy by Allan H. Frey – General Electric Advanced Electronics Center Cornell University, New York.

A significant amount of research has been conducted with the effects of radio-frequency (rf) energy on organisms (electro-magnetic energy).

Using extremely low average power densities of electromagnetic energy, the perception of sounds was induced in normal and deaf humans. The effect was induced several hundred feet from the antenna the instant the transmitter was turned on.

The perception of different sounds can be induced in physically deaf, as well as normal, in human subjects at a distance up to thousands of feet from the transmitter. With somewhat different transmission parameters, you can induce the perception of severe buffeting of the head, without such apparent symptoms as dizziness or nausea. Changing transmitter parameters down, one can induce a “pins-and-needles” sensation.

The RF sound has been described as being a buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking, depending on several transmitter parameters, i.e., pulse width and pulse-repetition rate (PRF). The apparent source of these sounds is localized by the subjects as being within, or behind the head.

Further research into this phenomena resulted in the ability to send covert mind control messages to people – through the air.

The first un-classified successful transmission of the human voice directly into the skull of a living person was demonstrated by researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in 1973 – more on this later.

In 1975, Frey published a study in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences stating that microwaves “with certain modulations” could cause leakage in the blood–brain barrier, with possibly lethal consequences. In one experiment, he synchronized microwaves with the myocardial rhythm of a frog heart, and found that the heart stopped beating. In another experiment, he microwaved cats and found that it had a huge effect on emotions. 1

By the way, Dr Frey is still trying to get his voice heard by the American government concerning microwaves. As recently as February 2013, he submitted an official comment to the FCC on this matter. A nice listing of articles by Frey is available here.

From reading about all these subprojects that they were doing up until 1963 or so, and you can clearly see that Cameron and Rubenstein’s work was much more in the area of electronic telepathy and long distance monitoring and influencing and that this was definitely an area of interest that was continued even though Cameron had to exit stage left because he was the designated ‘head on a pike’.

– – –

By the time the CIA Inspector General completed his study in 1963, he had uncovered what George Hunter White was doing in the San Francisco and New York safehouses. (See MKULTRA Projects of George Hunter White). This was felt to be too open to ‘accountability’, so it was supposed to be stopped. It wasn’t, but what did happen is what I mentioned earlier. A number of Projects were transferred to the ORD, but Gottlieb kept particular ones to himself.

Richard Helms, the self-styled champion of unfettered behavioral research, only agreed to such changes as having the CIA Director briefed on the programs twice a year, but he kept the approval process within his control and made sure that all the files would be retained inside TSS.

And as government officials so often do when they do not wish to alter anything of substance, he proposed a new name for the activity. In June 1964 MKULTRA became MKSEARCH.

This was the same year that Ewen Cameron got booted resigned from McGill.

Gottlieb regrouped the most sensitive behavioral activities under the MKSEARCH umbrella one of which was Maitland Baldwin’s project.

As you can see, the psi-research interest in particular directions (like Cameron had been doing) was not only continuing but running even hotter.

page divider 2014Now let’s get back to our timeline.


The first thing I want to do here is correct something regarding Helms.

I had previously, in other posts and articles, had a time entry like this –

1965 – Richard Helms, as a director in the CIA, writes about CIA mind-control capabilities. He spoke of “sophisticated approaches to the ‘coding’ of information for transmittal to population targets in the ‘battle for the minds of men’… to control behavior.”

I had the wrong date because it was the only one that I had, and I knew I was going to need to dig up the document myself to see what really happened, when, etc., at some point. I sensed the quotes themselves were correct, but there was still something about it that was ‘off’.

What really happened was that this is a period of time, what with the Earman investigation and the Warren Commission, that the CIA was under a lot of heat.

Helms had been asked to provide psi-war information to J. Lee Rankin. He did so on June 19, 1964.

helms 19 june 1964

Note: For those interested there’s also a later document by Helms to the Warren Commission on the same subject.

What is rather consistently misconstrued out there (and affected my quote as well) is that Helms himself wrote what was attached to the June 19, 1964 cover letter. He didn’t. CIA “experts” did – whoever those were.

Point 2 –

At my request, experts on these subjects within the CIA have prepared a brief survey of Soviet research in the direction and control of human behavior, a copy of which is attached.35

But, the quote itself is correct, it just needed better sourcing and to be put in context.

The quotes come from point #4 –

4. In summary, therefore, there is no evidence that the Soviets have any techniques or agents capable of producing particular behavioral patterns which are not available in the West. Current research indicates that the Soviets are attempting to develop a technology for controlling the development of behavioral patterns among the citizenry of the USSR in accordance with politically determined requirements of the system. Furthermore, the same technology can be applied to more sophisticated approaches to the “coding” of information for transmittal to population targets in the “battle for the minds of men.” Some of the more esoteric techniques such as ESP or, as the Soviets call it, “biological radio-communication”, and psychogenic agents such as LSD…36

I like what this writer said about this, especially the part I bolded because I think that it is exactly what this was doing –

The second letter and attachment are from the Warren Commission documents. Notice should be paid to the different tone Helms gives to his letter, keeping in mind he was found guilty of lying to Congress. He places greater emphasis on “Soviet” practices and tries to diminish breakthroughs gained by Americans. Some thought should be given as to WHY the Warren Commission sought such documents (remembering that ALLEN DULLES was a member of that Commission). They were exploring the Manchurian candidate theory. It was revealed during the Church Committee hearings of 1975 that Helms had been in charge of Project AMLASH, a program to assassinate Castro (Cuba),Trujillo (Dominican Republic), Diem (RVN), Schneider (Chile) using MAFIA figures John Roselli and Santos Trafficante to do the job.

The interesting thing about this line –

Furthermore, the same technology can be applied to more sophisticated approaches to the “coding” of information for transmittal to population targets

Is that it’s modified by this earlier statement –

capable of producing particular behavioral patterns which are not available in the West.

So, this means that all these items –

  • a technology for controlling the development of behavioral patterns
  • the “coding” of information for transmittal to population targets in the “battle for the minds of men.”
  • ESP or, as the Soviets call it, “biological radio-communication”
  • psychogenic agents such as LSD

Are available in the West for producing particular behavioral patterns.

Now compare those to Rubenstein’s statements about his goals for what he was doing to Cameron’s Sleep Room victims in his basement ‘radio telemetry’ lab at McGill (which Helms certainly knew all about) –

  • continuous radio telemetry of human activity.
  • monitor human activity at a point remote from the subject under study.
  • electronic equipment that “would enter the deepest corners of their minds.”
  • measure behavioral activity of patients more closely
  • no secrets of the mind that we cannot probe electrically.
  • develop a system that will keep tabs on people without their knowing what we’re getting from them.

I think the picture is coming very clear here now.

– – –

Moving on to 1966 –

Now that Cameron was safely esconced back doing whatever dastardliness he was in upper New York state at the VA hospital, and the Warren Commission had died down, Helms makes his move.

On June 30th, 1966 – Richard Helms became Director of the CIA. One of the first things he did was pour the coals on getting results in the mind control field. Old projects were resurrected, abandoned projects were reactivated.

Maitland Baldwin was one who had his work resurrected. His continued research of behavior modification within MKSEARCH Subproject 1 included further experiments involving sensory deprivation, radio frequency energy, and an attempt to cut off a monkey’s head and attach it to the decapitated body of another monkey – that was Operation Resurrection.

It was one of the ones that took place in the rebuilt isolation chamber. If you recall, an isolation chamber had been constructed earlier by Dr. Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute (as part of MKUltra subproject 68) and this was then rebuilt at a laboratory of the National institutes of Mental Health.

Instead of humans, like Cameron had used, Baldwin subjected apes to a cruel combination of treatments in these experiments that occurred in 1965/66. First they were lobotomized, then kept in total isolation. The radio telemetry techniques that had been developed by Leonard Rubenstein earlier, were adapted so that radio frequency energy could be beamed into the brains of the obviously highly disturbed animals.

Many of these traumatized apes were then decapitated and their heads would be transplanted onto another body to see if the RF energy would bring them back to life – this was the ‘resurrection’ retarded idea of Baldwin. That boy been watching way too many horror movies.


Heads transplanted?

why the fuck not

That was his and the CIA handlers attitude – they literally went completely Dr. Frankenstein on this one.

The apes that were NOT killed in this way were later bombarded with radio waves until they fell unconscious. Autopsies revealed that their brain tissue had literally been fried.

Another project Helms resurrected was Bledsoe’s Subproject 94, brain implantsBrain Locations- Remote Direction Control.

The fact that it was shows they were still interested in that idea that Rubenstein was first working on, ie:

monitor human activity at a point remote from the subject under study.

Even the oft-touted Jose Delgado’s work in 1965, with implants in a bull to control his behavior, was really just jumping off the Rubenstein/Cameron ‘special’ room in the basement.

In fact, look more closely at the 1963 Earman Report38 – point 31, especially point “f.3”

31. Active projects may be grouped under the following arbitrary headings. Many projects involve activity in two or more of the areas listed.

  • a. basic research in materials and processes
  • b. procurement of research materials
  • c. testing of substances on animals and human beings
  • d. development of delivery techniques
  • e. projects in offensive/defensive BW, CW, and radiation [BW=Biological Warfare, CW=Chemical Warfare]
  • f. miscellaneous projects; e.g., (1) petroleum sabotage, (2) defoliants, (3) devices for remote measurement of physiological processes

That’s exactly what Rubenstein and Cameron had been working on at McGill.

So, while Cameron may have had to appear to be ‘terminated’ due to public exposure by the Bedard report, the interest in the goals of his work was most definitely not terminated.

Again, note that point F (3) because that’s also going to show up in Jolly West’s Center for Violence proposal almost 10 years later and if it had succeeded, it would have been funded through the LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) mainly. This shows a clear continuity line from MKULTRA interests continuing in the ‘private’ sector and through the LEAA as a front.

And guess who shows up involved in that? Our favorite ubiquitous MI6 asset – Leonard Rubenstein.

Gordon Thomas writes –

One of the tried, though far from proven, techniques of the CIA that Ronald Reagan was helping to investigate in Washington was, in California, being given a warm welcome by him. He eagerly shared Dr. West’s conviction that one day the behavior of all persons with violent tendencies—no one had yet decided the criteria for measuring the degree of violence—would be monitored by the staff at central control stations presiding over screens producing signals from the implants. The first indication of an abnormal impulse could indicate the onset of violence. Attendants would rush with suitable psychotropic drugs to overpower the person. The system would be expensive to operate, but Governor Reagan visualized the day when thousands of his fellow Californians would be permanently monitored in this way.

Among those who was considered to work at the Center was Leonard Rubenstein. Two South American doctors who had worked at the institute under Dr. Cameron had also been targeted, one to run the center’s shock room—which would operate on a twenty-four-hour basis, seven days a week—and the other to assist in the center’s psychosurgical operating suite, where the very latest techniques in lobotomy would be used. The doctors were currently employed in detention centers in Paraguay and Chile.

Of course, considering the Vatican involvement in McGill and the Duplessis Orphans scandal, it’s no surprise that these two ghouls show up in ‘detention’ centers in areas where P-2 (Propaganda Due – formed in 1963 by former Nazi Licio Gelli) is also operating to put down any rebellions to the drug trafficking and the 2-class systems as being ‘communists’.

*See my post The Even Stranger Tale of Scientology, Catholicism, Drug Trafficking and “Reforming” Rebels in Colombia

Their re-employment in Chile and Paraguay was part of Operation Condor, a combined CIA, MI6, Vatican (P-2) operation begun in 1968. A twin plan, the idea was to overthrow (or block, kill etc.) any democratically elected leaders and install slavemaster compliant dictators – plus launching a vicious and bloody campaign of terror against so-called ‘communists’, but the real point was to suppress active or even potential opposition movements against the participating governments and the slavemasters behind them. The people labeled as “opposition” would be held in detention centers, raped, tortured, and even killed. Some estimates are that at least 60,000 deaths can be attributed to Condor, and possibly more.

Condor’s key members were the governments in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil, with the P-2 organization helping to do a lot of the spying and torturing.

At the visup blog, there’s some interesting quotes from In God’s Name by David Yallop (pgs. 106-107) that give you an idea of the extensive network and interlocking activities of the P-2 masonic organization.

“… Excluding Italy there are still branches [of P-2] functioning in Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, France, Portugal and Nicaragua. Members also active in Switzerland and the USA. P2 interlocks with the Mafia in Italy, Cuba and the USA. It interlocks with a number of the military regimes of Latin America, and with a variety of groups of neo-Fascists. It also interlocks very closely with the CIA. It reaches right into the heart of the Vatican. The central common interest of all these elements is apparently a hatred and fear of Communism…”

What’d I tell ya – the scapegoat of ‘communism’.

The National Archives has recently made a number of declassified documents related to Operation Condor available online. There’s an interesting intro by Peter Kornbluh, to the collection, that I think is relevant here.

The violent overthrow of the democratically-elected Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende changed the course of the country that Chilean poet Pablo Neruda described as “a long petal of sea, wine and snow”; because of CIA covert intervention in Chile, and the repressive character of General Pinochet’s rule, the coup became the most notorious military takeover in the annals of Latin American history.

Revelations that President Richard Nixon had ordered the CIA to “make the economy scream” in Chile to “prevent Allende from coming to power or to unseat him,” prompted a major scandal in the mid-1970s, and a major investigation by the U.S. Senate. Since the coup, however, few U.S. documents relating to Chile have been actually declassified- -until recently. Through Freedom of Information Act requests, and other avenues of declassification, the National Security Archive has been able to compile a collection of declassified records that shed light on events in Chile between 1970 and 1976.

Courtesy of the combined efforts of ‘mind control’ launched at that meeting in Quebec in 1951, star-pupil ghouls like the 2 McGill psychiatrists mentioned above, were the type of people that led the way for what went on in these countries.

This was not about some quest for truth or justice, nor for ‘help’ for the mentally ill.


This was a holy war.

A quest to exterminate evil opinions, as Pope Pius IX covertly accused our American forefathers as having (by talking about communists as a strawman argument).

the Catholic Church… should freely exercise even to the end of the world–not only over private individuals, but over nations, peoples, and their sovereign princes…

His solution?

… the welfare of human society itself, altogether demand that we again stir up your pastoral solicitude to exterminate other evil opinions

That is the kind of crazy viewpoint these nutbags are operating with while calling it the ‘fight against communism’ – it’s not about that at all. It’s about threats to their obvious world domination plan.

– – –

That’s probably the most ominous part of this whole radio telemetry experimenting by Cameron et al.

WHY they want it – and it ain’t about ‘helping the mentally ill”.

As I said, the exact same experimentation idea had continued on for years after Cameron, it just went dark. It surfaced again with whackjob MKULTRA doctor Louis Jolyon West in 1972.

I’ll be going into a lot more detail about this when I come back around on the SEED connection (drug rehab programs that are front groups for further behavior modification experiments – including scientology and Narconon) the connection to West and the LEAA, but for now I’ll give you some of the crucial highlights directly relating to Rubenstein’s radio telemetry experiments.

Perhaps the best place to start is a quote from an article extolling its virtues, that was included as part of Jolly West’s 1972 proposal for a Center for Violence.

Senator Sam Ervin was investigating abuses of human rights, and there is quite a publication that came out of it, that had this document as one of its items being looked it.

individual rights and the federal role in behavior modification 1974 hearings

Starting on page 609 of the PDF40 – we see it as Item VI.D.3 The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior and Its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Parole, Burton L. Ingraham and Gerald W. Smith – Issues in Criminology, Vol 7, No. 2 (1972) pp 35-53

I call these particularly slimy arguments I’m excerpting – Slavemaster logic –

Objective freedom [the real thing, in other words] for each man is a product of power, wealth or authority, since it is only through the achievement of one or more of these that one can control so as not to be controlled-i.e., it is only through these that one can, one one hand, guard against the abuses, infringements, and overreaching of one’s fellow man which limit one, and, on the other hand, commit those very offenses against one’s neighbor and, by doing so, obtain all one’s heart desires.

Radical objective is inconsistent with social life, since in order for some to have it, others must be denied it. Such a radical freedom may also be intolerable psychologically; one may actually feel “constrained” by an excess of options (Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom, 1963).

Subjective freedom, on the other hand, is a sense of not being pressed by the demands of authority and nagged by unfulfilled desires. It is totally dependent on awareness. Such a concept of freedom is easily realizable within the context of an ordered society, whereas radical objective freedom is not. Since society cannot allow men too much objective freedom, the least it can do (and the wise thing to do) is to so order its affairs that men are not aware or concerned about any lack of it.

The technique of telemetric control of human beings offers the possibility of regulating behavior with precision on a subconscious level, and avoiding the cruelty of depriving man of his subjective sense of freedom.

See? There it is – telemetric control.

Such a wonderful idea.

oh no, head against wall

The first thing that happened in 1972, is that Dr. William Sweet tried to convince Congress of the need for “special units for study of violent behavior.” This is Item I.C.4 of the PDF40, the Testimony of William H. Sweet, Chief of Massachuetts General before the Senate Labor-HEW Appropriations Hearings May 28, 1972 – starting page 217 of individual rights PDF

The House and Senate Appropriations Committees for the 2nd Session of the 91st Congress agreed that a study of the causes of violent behavior leading to the critical injury or death of others should be funded by an appropriation of $500,000 for the first year operations…under the aegis ‘Health Services and Mental Health Administration,” (Conference Report No. 91-1729 Amerndment No. 13, page 7, paragraph 2). Such a study has been in progress under an appropriate contract.

This research has sought (1) to identify those with physical brain disease who are likely to be dangerously assaultive and (2) to develop medical and psychiatric means to help people to refrain from undertaking senseless violence. In appropriate cases we have applied specific surgical diagnosis and therapy when there is unequivoval evidence of focal brain disease.

[…]Indeed the emphasis of this work is on objectively demonstrable brain and/or neuroendocrine disease. In order further to emphasize the cardinal place of organic pathology of the brain in this research and because of such investigation is more logically developed by the National Insitututes of Health’s Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke, we request that the latter institute receive an additional appropriation of $1,000,000 for this work in this year’s budget. The relevant officers both of the (NIMH and (NINDS) are agreed upon the wisdom of this shift in responsibility.

A million bucks.

And where does Mr. Sweet (what a misnomer that is) want it to go?

The money would be allocated to several of the interested centers qualified for the research in accordance with established peer review procedures of the Institutes.

[…]This testimony is being presented in behalf of the Neuropsychiatric Institutes of the University of California at Los Angeles – under the direction of Professor Louis Jolyon West…

Going over their so-called stats and experiments we see this –

Two patients, after prolonged trials of psychotherapy, psychotrophic drugs, ataractics, anti-convulsant medication and other forms of medical management, did not have either their seizures or episodic behavior disturbance controlled and they had the implantation of amygdala electrodes, that is electrodes were placed into the [text cut off] nntero-medial portion of the temporal lobe of their brains for recording, stimulation and eventual lesion-making.

That’s psychosurgery kids.

Dr. Sweet then relates all that to what they want to do at these “special units” – like Jolly West’s.

Dr Sweet: This has to do with special units for the study of violent behavior, methods of determining which individuals may be becoming dangerous to society. Means of identifying them and treating them.

Becoming dangerous? That sounds like the movie Minority Report. Wow.

In March of 1973 Senator Ervin questioned the LEAA concerning West’s proposal (by letter) and the LEAA responded on May 10th and included West’s proposal as Item III.B.2 and Item III.B.2.a included in the Senate Hearings PDF starting on page 330.

So, that’s the next thing that happened was that on September 1, 1972, Jolly West submitted a proposal for one of these ‘special units’ to be in California at an abandoned Nike airbase. (see PDF)

There are a number of racist statements in it, like specifically targeting Chicano and black neighborhood schools for some of his proposed ‘violence’ screenings of XYY-chromosomes boys – which was the theory that it was their chromosomes that “made them violent”, since resoundingly disproven.

It also makes clear that children will be targeted, under the catch-all phrase of ‘hyperkinetic’ diagnosis – you’d know it better as the ever so official-sounding attention deficit disorder or ADD.

p 334 –

The relationship of brain function to indiscriminately aggressive and impulsively violent behavior seen in hyperkinetic children…

p. 342 –

Studies of abnormal electrical activities within the brain, involving various brain diseases and brain lesions, will be carried out in the neurological and physiological laboratories to clarify their relationship to various types of violent behavior.

The subjects of such studies will include hyperkinetic children and individuals who have committed aggressive or violent sex crimes.

More psychosurgery…of children, no less. See that? West’s program even wanted to include suicidal people because its “self-directed violence”. (Point 3)

The next thing to happen was that William Sargant hops a plane from London to California to meet up with Dr. West. Together they drove out to a former Nike missile site in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was the location that West and Sargant thought would be good for their proposed treatment center.

Sargant said, “It was accessible but remote. Securely fenced, it was ideal for Jolly’s purpose—a Center for the Prevention of Violence.”

West proposed that he and Sargant work together, using Sargant’s previous research into “the pharmacology of violence-producing and violence-inhibiting drugs” – not to mention the whole ‘Sleep Room’ thing he had going on.

After Sargant, together with our ubiquitous MI6 man Leonard Rubenstein lurking in the wings, and West had come up with their Grand Plan for the missile base, on January 22, 1973 West wrote to California’s director of health, Stubblebine, a letter headed CONFIDENTIAL.


Plain text –

I am in possession of confidential information to the effect that the Army is prepared to tum over Nike missile bases to State and local agencies for non-military purposes. They may look with special favor on health-related applications.

Such a Nike missile base is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, within a half-hour’s drive of the Neuropsychiatric Institute. It is accessible but relatively remote. The site is securely fenced, and includes various buildings and improvements making it suitable for prompt occupancy.

If this site were made available to the Neuropsychiatric Institute as a research facility, perhaps initially as an adjunct to the new Center for Prevention of Violence, we could put it to very good use. Comparative studies could be carried out there, in an isolated but convenient location, of experimental or model programs for the alteration of undesirable behavior.

Such programs might include control of drug or alcohol abuse, modificatIon of chronic antisocial or impulsive aggressiveness, etc. The site could also accommodate conferences or retreats for instruction of selected groups of mental health-related professionals and of others (e.g., law enforcement personnel, parole officers, special educators) for whom both demonstration and participation would be effective modes of instruction.

My understanding is that such a direct request by the Governor, or another appropriate officer of the State, to the Secretary of Defense (or, of course, the President) would be most likely to produce prompt results. Needless to say, I stand available to participate in any way that might be helpful.

Remembering what Mr. Sweet said in May of 1972 as to what these ‘special units’ – like West’s – were about doing:

In appropriate cases we have applied specific surgical diagnosis and therapy when there is unequivoval evidence of focal brain disease.

[for those who didn’t respond to other ‘treatments’ for their violence] they had the implantation of amygdala electrodes, that is electrodes were placed into the [text cut off] nntero-medial portion of the temporal lobe of their brains for recording, stimulation and eventual lesion-making.

Something like this perhaps.

Images from 2016 movie Midnight Special

radio telemetry psychocontrol - midnight special2

radio telemetry psychocontrol - midnight special

When public concern about the possibility of psychosurgical experiments grew in intensity, Dr. West tried to deny that this was one of the main aspects of the program. In an interview in the UCLA Daily Bruin in January 1974, he stated that “human experimentation with psychosurgery was never proposed.’

Cute wording on his part. That’s that Jesuit ‘sub-understanding’ tactic coming into play there.

Unfortunately for West, his carefully chosen denial was a wasted effort, because he was contradicted by what Dr. J. Stubblebine was already on record as saying: “There may be some psychosurgery on a selected basis.”

On page 334 (the 4th page of West’s proposal)

It is even possible to record biolectrical changes in the brains of freely moving subjects, through the use of remote monitoring techniques. These methods now require elaborate preparation. They are not yet feasible for large-scale screening that might permit detection of violence-predisposing brain disorders prior to the occurrence of a violent episode. A major task of the Center should be to devise such a test, perhaps sharpened in its predictive powers by correlated measures of psychological test results, biochemical changes in urine or blood, etc.

West is talking about incorporating the ideas from The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior and Its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Parole which is Item VI.D.3 starting on page 609 of the PDF40

A telemetric system consists of small electronic devices attached to a subject that transmit via radio waves information regarding the location and physiological state of the wearer. A telemetry system provides a method whereby phenomena may be measured or controlled at a distance from where they occur-IE: remotely (Grisamore, 1965). The great benefit drived from the use of such systems in studying animals (including man) lies in the ability to get data from a heretofore inaccessible environment….It also provides long-range, day-to-day, continuous observation and control of the monitored subject, since the data can be fed into a computer which can act as both an observer and a controller.

…Schwitzgebel (1967a, b; Note: Harvard Law Review, 1966) at Harvard has been experimenting with a small portable transmitter, called a Behavior Transmitter-Reinforcer (BT-R) which is small enough to be carried on a belt…

Another use of radiotelemetry which has reached a high level of sophistication is the long-distance monitoring of ECG (electro-cardiogram) waves by Caceres (1965) and his associates (Cooper, 1965; Hagan, 1965). They have developed a telemetry system by which an ambulatory heart patient can be monitored continuously by a central computer in another city. …The encoded signals of the ECG can then be transmitted to any place in the world which can be reached by telephone.

Pretty much totally along the lines of what Cameron and Rubenstein were creating and successfully experimenting with starting back in 1957 –

  • continuous radio telemetry of human activity.
  • monitor human activity at a point remote from the subject under study.
  • electronic equipment that “would enter the deepest corners of their minds.”
  • measure behavioral activity of patients more closely
  • no secrets of the mind that we cannot probe electrically.
  • develop a system that will keep tabs on people without their knowing what we’re getting from them.

Remember what Richard Helms CIA ‘experts’ wrote up for him in 1964? (which predated every reference mentioned above in Item VI.D.3 ) –

Furthermore, the same technology can be applied to more sophisticated approaches to the “coding” of information for transmittal to population targets…

Modified by this statement –

[Russia] not capable of producing particular behavioral patterns which are not available in the West.

With the result being that all these listed items by the Helms’ experts were available in the West in 1964 –

  • a technology for controlling the development of behavioral patterns
  • the “coding” of information for transmittal to population targets in the “battle for the minds of men.”
  • ESP or, as the Soviets call it, “biological radio-communication”
  • psychogenic agents such as LSD

This was eight years before Jolly West’s proposal, and the same year that Cameron resigned.

So, by 1972, the reality was that things had obviously advanced far beyond what Dr. West was somewhat cagily implying when he said “They are not yet feasible for large-scale screening” which methinks was merely a ploy to gain funding while at the same time protecting his knowledge of still classified Top Secret pre-existing research, which his buddy Sargant would have known about as well since he was one of the people doing that kind of thing for almost ten years by then.

Item VI.D.3 also goes into what these ‘devices’ would need to do –

An examination of published research in electrical stimulation of the brain suggests two crude methods of controlling human behavior:

by “blocking” of the response, through the production of fear, anxiety, disorientation, loss of memory and purpose, and even, if need be, by loss of consciousness

through conditioning behavior by the manipulation of rewarding and aversive stimuli…

How lovely.

It continues with several more pages of examples of different types of machines etc. that could be used, and then has a whole section trying to justify the whole idea. There’s a couple sections of it that I thought you should see –

[…]when one begins to implant endoradiosondes subcutaneously or to control actions through electrical stimulation of the brain, one runs into a particularly troublesome objection, which is often included within the scope of “privacy,” although perhaps it should be separately named as the “human dignity” or “sacred vessel of the spirit” argument. This is the argument that was raised when compulsory vaccination was proposed, and which is still being raised as to such things as birth control, heart transplants, and proposals for the improvement of man through eugenics. The argument seems to stem from an ancient, well-entrenched belief that man, in whatever condition he finds himself, even in a state of decrepitude, is as Nature or God intended him to be and inviolable.

That’s practically a direct quote of (and a diss at) Thomas Jefferson, by the way, and it’s not an ‘ancient’ belief either. Unless you consider two hundred years ago to be ‘ancient’.

Regarding Freedom, the authors write that the first thing that should be said with regard to that issue is that there is none to be found in most of our prisons, so ergo they argue it is an irrelevant argument. Then they try to justify these kooky solutions as being better than what the prisoners have now.

Any system which allows him the freedom of the open community, which maintains an unobtrusive surveillance and which intervenes only rarely to block or frustrate his activities can surely appear as a vast improvement in his situation.

Looking at this again –

radio telemetry psychocontrol - midnight special

Somehow I doubt just about anyone would consider that ‘better’ – except for the slavemasters.

Then the authors try to get around Thomas Jefferson (primarily) again, by a sort of sideways argument that’s actually quite revealing, particularly the use of their favorite code-word of social.

Most discussions of freedom discuss it as if man were the inhabitant of a natural world, rather than a social world. They fail to take into account the high degree of subtle regulation which social life necessarily entails.

Finally, the authors get more direct about attacking Jefferson, but they use Donald Hebb to do it for them. You know Hebb, McGill university, the guy who said this at the 1951 meeting –

Dr. Hebb suggested that an approach based upon the situation of sensory isolation might lead to some clues” to answering “the central problem” that interested this covert research coalition: that is

  • “ ‘confession,’
  • ‘menticide’ [means the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.]
  • ‘intervention in the individual mind,’
  • —together with methods concerned in psychological coercion.”

Speaking at length, Hebb suggested that by “cutting off all sensory stimulation . . . , the individual could be led into a situation whereby ideas, etc. might be implanted.

The quote referenced in Item VI.D.3… by Hebb, is from ten years after that meeting and you can see he hasn’t changed his crazy perspective toward the rest of humanity at all –

Quotes Hebb (1961), “The Role of Experience.” Man and Civilization: Control of the Mind: A Symposium edited by Seymour M. Farber and W.H.L. Wilson

What I am saying implies that civilization depends on an all-pervasive thought control established in infancy, which both maintains and is maintained by the social environment, consisting of the behavior of the members of society…

What we are really talking about in this symposium is mind in an accustomed social environment, and more particularly a social environment that we [meaning the slavemasters and their Igors] consider to be the normal one.

The thought control that we object to, the ‘tyranny over the mind of man” to which Jefferson swore ‘eternal hostility,’ is only the one that is imposed by some autocratic agency and does not include the rigorous and doctrinaire control that society itself exercises by common consent in moral and political values.40

Psychosurgery, drugging, ECT are somehow not tyranny over the minds of man?

What is wrong with those guys…


Hebb wasn’t satisfied with trashing Jefferson just once, no. He had to do it again (see page 616 of the PDF where he knocks democracy as well)

Still a little miffed about the American Revolution, are we?



On January 14, 1974, Senator Ervin squeezes LEAA head Mr. Santorelli about the West proposal.

The use of human subjects in biomedical and behavioral research raises several fundamental constitutional and ethical questions, and I believe LEAA must develop guidelines adequate to protect fully the constitutional rights of the subjects of LEAA-funded research in these areas. Of particular concern is lack of needed supervision of biomedical and behavioral research projects that receive funds directly from LEAA through the Block grant system.

Since last March a great deal of information pertaining to the UCLA Center has come to my attention. Much of this information indicates that programs are being contemplated for the Center that raise profound moral and constitutional questions, and it would be extremely desirable for LEAA to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the projects under consideration.

He questions him about page 5 of West’s proposal – the remote monitoring business.

On page 5 of the original version of the grant request for the California Center dated September 1, 1972, it says that

It is even possible to record bioelectrical changes in the brains of freely moving subjects, through the use of remote monitoring techniques. These methods now require elaborate preparation. They are not yet feasible for large-scale screening that might permit detection of violence-predisposing brain disorders…

A Major task of the Center should be to devise such a test, perhaps sharpened in its predictive powers by correlated measures of pschological test-results, biochemical changes in urine or blood, etc.”

Ervin includes some of their rather interesting device ideas (page 576) –



Take-Me-Along personal electro-shocker?

vincent price in muppet land

Sure, yea. I’ll take ten. (not)

Next thing you know – Santorelli is forced to back down and no Big Bucks for junior frankenstein Jolly West. He blew it, BAD. But, the slavemasters simply took the projects dark and stuck them in rather less well known places with less grandstanding people.

I’m sure you can now see from this progression starting with Rubenstein and Cameron over a twenty year period, just how interested they are in these brain influencing ideas.

They never stopped researching it, to this day.

– – –

Getting back to Rubenstein’s time again now –

It is worthy of note that despite the fact that Cameron had been booted resigned in 1964, Rubenstein and some other ‘lab assistants’ continued on with the depatterning experiments at McGill despite orders to cease and desist.

Lemov wrote:

“He had a blind eye for psychopathic personalities, at least two of whom he hired as laboratory assistants, much to Cleghorn’s eventual chagrin, because after Cameron left the Allan abruptly in 1964 his untoward lab associates remained and continued depatterning patients well into 1965 despite orders to cease and desist.” 6

That boy sure had rather a lot of clout behind him, wouldn’t you say? He never once got in trouble for any of it.

In February 1963, at a meeting of the American Psychopathological Society in New York, Cameron tried to look suitably apologetic before his resignation the following year. He said that he had taken a really wrong turn and explained that everything he had done was ineffectual – Collins (author of In the Sleep Room) portrays this as his mea culpa – I say it’s Cameron ‘taking the fall’ after the Bedard report.

He wasn’t guilty at all in his mind, he said it was science to make these kind of ‘mistakes’.

It ain’t a mistake to electric shock thousands of people 12 thousand times, including orphan children, he just got caught and is trying to marginalize what he did for years to people. He’s either the worlds stupidest person or he’s just that evil and gets off on it.

Take your pick.

Let me expand a bit on this February 1963 Annual Meeting of the American Psychopathological Society in New York (the APPA) because there are some very interesting quotes from Cameron’s presidential address (he was it’s president that year).

Cameron’s address is on pages 312-322 of  – and this is a long title – Psychopathology of perception: the proceedings of the Fifty-third Annual Meeting of the American Psychopathological Association, held in New York City, February, 1963. That is the full official title of the publication, you can see for yourself at Google Books.

A search within the text shows that it does include discussion of Cameron’s “psychic driving”.


The full title of Cameron’s address is: Presidential Address: Adventures with Repetition: The Search For Its Possibilities

This entire 1963 symposium was devoted to PERCEPTION and was divided into three parts: part I, the Neurophysiology of Perception, part II, the Psychopathology of Pain, Taste, and Time, and part III, Perception under Special Conditions.

Certainly right up Cameron and Rubenstein’s ally.

Now for some quotes, starting with a review/essay critiquing various books on Cameron, including Collins In the Sleep Room.

Collins reminds us of one interesting point missed by the others, the fact that Cameron before he resigned, stated publicly that he had “followed the wrong road for too long.” In a paper presented before the American Psychopathological Association in February 1963, he admitted that at least his “psychic driving” experiments had not been successful. He stopped this kind of treatment but continued his ECT depatterning until he left the AMI in 1964.

– Journal entry, 1991, Cameron’s Search for a Cure by J. D. M. GRIFFIN

So, Cameron admitted that his work was not successful, but it’s on what that is important.

An out-of-print book by Don Gillmor from 1987, titled: I Swear By Apollo: Dr. Ewen Cameron and the CIA-brainwashing experiments is actually the source that people are getting that “wrong road” quote from. It’s on page 136 of his book, but the actual quote is: “a ten-year trip down the wrong road” as you can see here when I used Google Books search function with those parameters.

Another source that quotes from Cameron’s 1963 Presidential address to the APPA, tells us that he specifically said that “nothing” – referring to his “psychic driving”/depatterning – he had done to treat schizophrenia had been successful in the end, but “that was how science worked.”

That author further quotes from Cameron’s address –

Cameron rhapsodized memory as the “bastion” of being. He said: “Without memory there is no personal identity, there is no coninuity to the days of [their] lives. Memory prvides the raw material for designs both great and small. Thus, governed and enriched by memory, all the enterprises of man go forward” (Cameron Presidential Address February 1963 APA 53rd annual meeting; p. 325)

Encyclopedia of Asylum Therapeutics, 1750–1950s By Mary de Young

As you can see, she specifically gives the page that was on. (I don’t yet have the book to hand, or I would put up the scans myself.)

That same author tells us of a New York Times article by quoting Rubenstein, Cameron’s assistant and that they knew they were doing BRAINWASHING not “therapy” or any kind.

Cameron always tried to assert that he was unaware of the funding sources, but Leonard Rubenstein, who worked closely with him said otherwise. “It was directly related to brainwashing. They had investigated brainwashing among soldiers who had been in Korea. We in Montreal started using some of these techniques, brainwashing patients instead of using drugs.” (Horrock, NY Times p. 16)

Rubenstein added that he and Cameron had hoped that their brainwashing techniques would have the added benefit of accelerating the treatment of schizophrenia patients.

Encyclopedia of Asylum Therapeutics, 1750–1950s By Mary de Young

Using “schizophrenia” as a cover for all kinds of horrific experimentation – when it’s basically a completely fabricated illness in the first place (see Why Psychiatry is more Religion Than Science) has a long and malodorous history amongst these obsessive torturer types.  She’s right about what he said there, and its very interesting to see Rubenstein telling a Times reporter that still as his excuse in 1977!

The other thing that I feel that I should note, is that this author is kind of giving a bit of a wrong impression where she says: “Cameron always tried to assert that he was unaware of the funding sources, but Leonard Rubenstein, who worked closely with him said otherwise.”

Not that she’s wrong about that Rubenstein knew who they were working for (both the Canadian Government and the CIA), I think he did know.

But, I feel that she should have noted that the NY Times article specifically said that Rubenstein denied having knowledge of the CIA’s involvement. However, further complicating matters, the Times author did his own kind of characterization of what Rubenstein said that wasn’t any better!

It’s pretty clear to me, after reading the NY Times article myself, that Rubenstein’s attempted “denial” was just tap-dancing around the issue and I do not doubt that he was ordered to say exactly what he did.

Watch in what manner he tries to deny it.

Mr. Rubenstein said that the human ecology society had funded the research, for about three years and he knew of no connection with the C.I.A. “I really, honestly, can’t tell you where the information filtered—I’m sure it was all published,” he said.

No one asked him where anything. This is not him actually denying it, it’s him doing a non-denial denial, a tactic the CIA first started employing when the very first crack-in-the-damn of their secret projects happened – the one that spurred the whole Senate investigation into CIA malfeasance that ended up exposing MKULTRA and Ewen Cameron’s involvement. I’m referring to the The exposure of the National Student Association, a Catholic run and British Round Table financed FRONT GROUP.

It’s also very Jesuit sub-understanding tactic of Rubenstein to shift the tenses, answer things he’s not asked, etc.

In short – LIE.

I swear - fingers crossed

Rubenstein’s attempts to hide his knowledge of CIA wasn’t the only thing that was being hidden. If you read my Duplessis Orphans article (which has a lot of deeper information behind this whole Cameron scene) you’ll learn that who was sitting at the top of the heap, way back behind the scenes on this, was the British Government.

When Canada’s Fifth Estate did a news report in 1998, one of the things that it exposes was part of the extent of Department of Health and Human Welfare funding of Cameron’s nasty experiments – FAR MORE than he CIA had done.  (which actually includes (the Canadian’s Defence Research Board (DRB), but they don’t mention that)

@14:12 in the below video

the answer was simple the Government of Canada was even more deeply involved  in the Allen memorial experiments than the Americans. Cameron’s experiments were funded to the tune of half a million dollars by the federal Department of Health and Welfare during the fifties and the funding didn’t stop then they kicked in over 51,000 dollars after the CIA project ended in 1961.

That is actually the DRB and the U.S. parallel board, that was overseeing ALL these kinds of experiments, the twin organization in the U.S. also called the DRB under the Defense Department. There is evidence to support they also helped take over the financing.

I just recently found that Cameron’s MKULTRA Project 68 actually does have a mention of “negotiations” going on with what looks to be the U.S. DRB to continue his experiments so that they wouldn’t be under the CIA. I’ll be adding that in here when I get to it.

Ok, so, the Canadian Government had refused to cooperate with the Orlikow suit against the CIA, denying it all. This really surprised the attorney involved to no end, he wasn’t expecting that at all.

Of course, I feel certain in stating that the real reason why?

The British smacked down and said no, shut up, do nothing basically. I say that’s because, of course, that would lead to them. That is what is being protected.

You see this deflection and protection happening repeatedly in the Cooper Report about Dr. Cameron. For example, Dr. Lowy –

Nevertheless, it is clear that Dr. Cameron continued to be honoured throughout the English speaking world; he was asked to deliver the prestigious Maudsley Lecture in London.

Opinion of George Cooper, Appendix 6, interrogatory response of Dr. Frederick H. Lowy

We also see this in the Cooper Report on p. 95 by Cooper himself!

The answer to the ultimate question – whether the Crown is responsible legally or morally – is in my opinion much less free of controversy. 

See? He brought up the Crown.  That’s what they’re – the Canadian Goverment – helping to protect.

Also, it is British policy –

“They stick to the old maxim: never apologize, never explain.”

BBC News MI6 payouts over secret LSD Tests – given LSD without their consent in 1953/1954 – date of article is 2006, Don Webb quote.

A declassified CIA document called Covert Action Report (#28) also helps fill in the blanks here, providing yet another clue to that Cameron did know who he was being funded by.

In 1976 the Church Committee noted that some of the CIA’s drug-related research was conducted in foreign countries specifically in order to do things that were forbidden by U.S. law.

Note: The reference given for the above in the Covert Action Bulletin is: Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with respect to Intelligence Activities, U.S. Senate, April 26, 1976, Book I. Foreign and Military Intelligence (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1976), p. 421 – which can be found here and says:

“Cooperation between the intelligence agencies and organizations in foreign countries was not limited to relationships with the intelligence or internal security organizations. Some MKULTRA research was conducted abroad. While this is, in itself, not a  questionable practice, it is important that such research abroad not be undertaken to evade American laws. That this was a possibility is suggested by an ARTICHOKE memorandum in which it is noted that working with the scientists of a foreign country “might be very advantageous” since that government “permitted certain activities which were not permitted by the United States government”.

Side note – from that same Senate Report on p. 391, look at this, MKDELTA was where they used MKULTRA (did them) in other countries outside the U.S.! That would include – Canada.

A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of  MKULTRA materials abroad. Such materials were used on a number of occasions. Because MKULTRA records were destroyed, it is impossible to reconstruct the operational use of MKULTRA materials by the CIA overseas; it has been determined that the use of these materials abroad began in 1953, and possibly as early as 1950.

Drugs were used primarily as an aid to interrogations, but MKULTRA /MKDELTA materials were also used for harassment, discrediting, or disabling purposes.

Continuing with the Covert Action Bulletin now –

According to a Canadian television program, “Fifth Estate,” CIA psychologist John Gittinger instructed a CIA representative to telephone Cameron at AMI and invite him to apply to the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology (SIHE), a CIA front, for funding, informing him that the funds would actually be provided by the CIA.

I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds rather crystal clear that CAMERON KNEW it was the CIA, and ergo so did his favorite IGOR Rubenstein.

–  –  –

The interesting thing is that exactly as Cameron exists stage left, William Sargant fired up his particular penchant for young women, basically carrying on with Cameron’s work over in England.

In 1964 Sargant turned his personal torture chamber for in-patients at the Royal Waterloo Hospital (that he had already been using for years) into purely being a Narcosis unit which became known as “the sleep room”.

The medical staff started calling the already infamous Ward 5 ‘The Black Hole of Calcutta’ and its now exclusively comatose occupants were referred to as ‘zombies’.

He kept his traumatised patients in a continuous state of heavy sedation for periods of up to three months and subjected them to insulin coma therapy and frequent electroconvulsive treatment. This brainwashing, he claimed, re-patterned the brain, wiping it clean of the traumatic experience so that when they woke up they couldn’t remember what had happened.

Sargant operated this ‘sleep room’ for ten years until 1973, which is when the shit-hit-the-fan of exposing the joint British-American intelligence MKULTRA project experiments. Sargant was also good buddies with Aldous Huxley, himself mixed up with multiple mind-control experiments.

Sargant specifically ‘cherry-picked’ these young women, because they were easy targets — alienated from their families and unable to challenge his authority. There was no one to stand up and fight for these poor women, and Sargant knew it, it was just how he liked things.

Just like Sid Gottlieb liked things.

Many of the human guinea pigs were mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes — “people who could not fight back” as one agency officer put it.

Sidney Gottlieb dies, Took LSD to CIA, NY Times March 10, 1999

Methinks there’s a rather nasty pattern showing up here.

William Sargant destroyed all his records, which might have shed even more light on the true purposes of his sinister treatments.

Officially, the Department of Health says it no longer has records of Sargant’s work at the Royal Waterloo, affiliated to London’s St Thomas’s Hospital.

The Zombie Ward: The chilling story of how ‘depressed’ women were put to sleep for months in an NHS hospital room

Cameron’s family destroyed his records as soon as he died.

Despite the fact that Cameron is supposedly ‘in big trouble’ and abruptly had to resign from the McGill faculty and the Allan Memorial Institute on August 31, 1964 – he gets made the President of the Society of Biological Psychiatry the very next year!

And, as fast as he resigned, the very first psychopathic ward in a general hospital opened in Albany, where he had hot-footed it back to. He walked into a nice plum position as Director of Psychiatry and Aging Research Laboratory at the Albany Veterans Hospital (the director there was Dr. R. B. Beam) and Albany Medical College.

Albany Veterans Hospital is a general medical setting with approximately 200 beds allocated to long-term psychiatric patients, and they already had their own ‘experimental’ (oh god, right?) program there since 1956.39

Within two years, Dr. Cameron was self-aggrandizing again and helping to promote both a total propaganda idea re ‘memory’ can be fixed by a pill, plus a very nasty drug called Cylert.

Troy Record – January 10 1966 lists him as directing the ‘research’ laboraties and working with Victor Schenker of McGill.



The Times Record – June 13, 1966


The Daily Herald (Provo Utah) had a piece on July 28, 1966 that said that Cylert is a product of Abbott Laboratories in Chicago and was also being tested at University of Michigan by Dr. John Burns…and Cameron at Albany.

Cylert is magnesium peoline – a stimulant of central nervous system, and is associated with life threatening hepatic (liver) failure.

Later, these crazy people – psychiatrists – started prescribing it to children who supposedly had “attention deficit disorder” (another made up mental illness) but the FDA was forced to withdraw it’s previous approval, fairly recently, because of the finally admitted liver injury risk.

– – –

It’s a little known fact that Rubenstein actually followed Cameron to the VA hospital, visible in a 1969 publication about electric shocking female patients.

Facial expressions: An objective method in the quantitative evaluation of emotional change by Leonard Rubenstein; January 1969, Volume 1, Issue 8, pp 305–306; DOI: 10.3758/BF03209924; Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation/Instrumentation &, Techniques (alternate link)

PDF – Facial expressions leonard rubenstein mcgill

Rubenstein profiling drawing


Notice where NOTE (1) lists his present address –

  • 1. Present address: Psychiatry and Aging Research Laboratory, Veterans
    Administration Hospital, Albany, N.Y. 12208.

Some excerpts –

When depressed psychiatric patients smiled before and after electroshock therapy, a greater facial displacement was recorded after treatment.

This paper is an extension of our studies in the development of objective techniques for the measurement of changes in nonverbal communication in relation to emotional states. These include, for example, spectrum analysis of the human voice (Rubenstein, 1961, 1968), telemetric monitoring of human activity, and postural changes (Rubenstein, 1962; Cameron, Levy, & Rubenstein, 1960).

In order to test the method, measurements were made on 16 female psychiatric patients in the 30-75 age group, currently u
ndergoing electroconvulsive therapy, in various depressive states and stages of treatment. Evaluations were made of the smile and were repeated within I h after treatment.

…A control group of 16 females, having approximately the same age distribution, was measured twice during the course of a day with a 60-min interval between readings.


As a group, 14 of the 16 psychiatric patients showed a greater facial displacement when smiling after treatment than before.

This somewhat corroborates Kraines’s (1957) view that an increased alertness and an improved diencephalic-rhinocephalic function is basic to the improvement in mood tones and is to be expected after ECT. The results also indicate that facets of the complex shape of a facial expression at any instant may be described as a family of proftles that can be assessed objectively by integrating the profile waveforms and correlating them to a change in treatment of the psychiatric patient.

By the time this paper was published, Ewen Cameron had been dead for two years. You’ll never guess where he died – Lake Placid!

Like the movie –

lake placid

Somehow that seems so appropriate.


1980’s –

Opinion of Mr. George Cooper, Q.C., on funding by the Canadian government institute Allan Memorial in the years 1950 and 1960, Ottawa, Supply and Services Canada, 1986

“The Allan Memorial Institute Depatterned Persons Assistance Plan,” which provided $100,000 to each of the former patients of Dr. Ewen Cameron. The compensation came from a recommendation by lawyer George Cooper, in which he clarified that the Canadian government did not have a legal responsibility for what happened, but a moral responsibility.”

Word-parsing alert and some serious sub-understanding went on with this guy George.

More to be said about that when I get to it, but suffice it to say that this is one of the most disgusting, foot shuffling, trying to dance around the truth documents that I have ever seen – and that’s saying something. I obtained a copy of it, and I may get around to putting some of it online so all can see.

To close, I offer you this video montage that I put together about Dr. Cameron. Please excuse my still rudimentary video editing skills.

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