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Casimir Pilenas

and the Protocols of Zion hoax


– A Compendium –

By Virginia McClaughry


For this article –
I suggest you also read:

Scientology Roots
Chapter Nine – 4  British Intelligence Sabotaging America

for a time-ordered version of events.




In 1993, the CIA released the following rather cryptic note concerning a man named Casimir Pilenas who was part of Pyotr Rachkovsky’s Okhrana spy network at one point.

Casimir Pilenas, a spotter for Scotland Yard recruited to work among the Latvian terrorists;

It had been taken from this CIA document.


You certainly can’t tell much from that note – can you, doesn’t even give you a hint of who he really worked for.

Who was this man?

Well, to figure that out was a real down-the-rabbit-hole area of history, let me tell you.

When all is said and done, I believe I have successfully parted the mists of time

part the mists of time

Stood my ground

MichaelVincentManalo storm coming

Seen the forest for the trees

see the forest - mist

opened all the closets no-one looks in

key to closet


door-open slow

Including –


and I have put things all back together as they were concerning the role of one Casimir Pilenas.

Here’s what I have for you, and it is one hell of a story.


The Early Days


Casimir was born in Russia, a Lithuanian, in 1872. After the revolution, his father lost everything, so Casimir and his brother Peter emigrated to England – ultimately residing in London.

US Immigration & Naturalization records –

casimir pilenas palmer naturalization 1927


The young Casimir (and later his brother Peter) were soon hired by none other than Sir William Melville of Scotland Yard. Casimir was tasked as a spotter and informant amongst Russian revolutionary circles. Thus began Casimir’s long career of working for British Intelligence, spanning continents and lasting through both World Wars.

Sir William Melville


At that time (1895) Melville had been the Superintendent of Scotland Yard Special Branch for three years, beginning in 1892 approximately.

Okhrana is a Russian acronym. In english it would mean Department for Defense of Public Security and Order nicknamed the Russian secret police. It has also been referred to as “Third Section”.

Pyotr (Peter) Rachkovsky was its Chief and was based in Paris starting in 1885 until 1902 when he was dismissed.

Pyoter Rachkovsky


The Third Section or “high police” had begun in 1825. It was brought into being by a new “elite” who had a certain idea of how Russia should be and was tasked with the “study of Russia’s condition”. Their methods included what today we call social engineering, attempting to both increase the people’s loyalty and support of the Elite’s goals (and the monarchy) as well as repressing “subversive elements”. Such was the vysshaya politsiya.

It was subordinate to the monarch alone.

One of the front groups formed to promote this “idea of Russia” was called the Slavic Benevolent Committee. It was formed in the winter of 1857/58 by Mikhail Petrovich Pogodin.

Helena P. Blavatsky was a prolific and infamous New Age occult propagandist, highly in parallel with British Slavemaster operations along those lines. You could say that, as this type of agent for “world change”, she was the generation just before Alistair Crowley’s time. Her uncle General Fadeyev was a member of this Third Section front group (the Benevolent Committee) that used supposedly charitable activities as blatant propaganda of this new “Russian Way”.

This whole “elite Russian” thing – strikes me to be obviously British slavemaster influenced/allied. One of these days I’ll track down how, but that’s for another time. The point is, this Third Section has a long history of back-and-forth intelligence activities in concert with the British ideas extant at whatever the time period was.

For example, around the time that the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor was established in England in 1870 (that Blavatsky was involved with) and was preaching love and freedom and openness all mixed up with occultism and secrecy,  the Russian Tsar chose General Prince Mikhail T. Loris-Melikov as head of the Third Section.

Melikov, an Armenian warlord applied what he called “liberal” techniques. The slogan that inspired and symbolized Loris-Melikov’s policy was a call for a “dictatorship of the heart.”


Melikov acquired and exercised sweeping powers – virtually controlling all aspects of government except foreign policy. So much so, that he was nicknamed the “vice-czar” by Russian society.

One of the first things that happened after he came into power was that Blavatsky’s Uncle, General Fadeyev, gets sent to Ismail (capital of Egypt) to train the Egyptian Army, whilst her cousin Sergei Witte becomes involved with the Odessa branch of the Slavic Philanthropist Society, (same as the Slavic Benevolent Society) and writes propaganda articles under pen names.

The following year (1872) Blavatsky herself gets involved, and wrote to Melikov offering her services as an intelligence agent.

Madame Blavatsky offered her services as an agent to “my native land” and candidly explained her technique of exploiting people’s spiritualist beliefs to uncover their secret thoughts.

She went on to state: “I have played every role, I am able to represent myself as any person you may wish.”

– Tsarist Russian intelligence documents first revealed publicly in 1993, referenced in the book Tournament of Shadows

Blavatsky was put into play and the next thing that happens is that after traveling around the Near and Middle East, eventually landing in Paris and England for a while for a little grooming in April of 1873, at the end of June 1873 she receives an order to go to the U.S. She left the next day and reached New York on July 7th 1873, and shortly thereafter founds her new “spiritualism” called Theosophy built around an obviously not written by her book called Isis:Unveiled.

“exploiting people’s spiritualist beliefs to uncover their secret thoughts.”

Exactly as she said.

Helena Blavatsky

When Rachkovsky took over the Third Section (now called the Okhrana) in 1885, Blavatsky was still in play busily interweaving with other agents of British Intelligence activities on 3 continents. All using spiritualism as covers for spy activities. (She died in 1891). There was some tie still going on between her cousin Sergei Witte and Rachkovsky as well, apparently. Meanwhile, this is when the whole Golden Dawn business with Alistair Crowley is getting going.

So, that’s the climate here at the time Casimir Pilenas begins his spy activities for Melville – they didn’t call it the Tournament of Shadows for nothing, that’s for sure. What an incredibly complicated mess!

You see, Melville was working together with Rachkovsky.

Peter Rachkovsky of the Russian Okhrana was part of a Europe-wide strategy of
‘false-flag’ terrorism to discredit anarchists and Russian dissidents in the eyes of the
public of their host nations.

Stuart Christie, The Guardian, 27 March 2010, review of The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists and Secret Agents by Alex Butterworth

Sargeant Michael Thorpe was one of Melville’s officers who had been operating under cover for some time already amongst the Russian revolutionaries. Melville sent him into the Okhrana and by 1901 he was a full-time employee of Rachkovsky.

Thorpe recruited Casimir and his brother Peter to be deep-cover agents for Melville in the Okhrana. Melville approved this and they started roughly some time in 1898. Casimir’s pseudonym was WALLENROD, Peter’s was RUSSELL.

Ref: Okhrana Records, Paris, Deep Cover Agent (L-Z)-Russian, HIA, File 111F for Casimir; Box: 21-25 f. Deep cover agents Index IIIf, Folder 29 Pilenas, Peter, code name “Russell” 1911 – Note: Available on microfilm reel 46


Thorpe also planted retired Scotland Yard detective Francis Powell in the Okhrana, after Patrick Quinn recommended him.

– Ref: (Book-16) Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford, CA, Okhrana Records, IIIf, Deep Cover Agents – Russian, (L-Z), and box 19 IIIe.

While Melville was leading the fight against the so-called International Anarchist movement (which he and Rachkovsky basically invented) he got caught with that one of his own spies, Auguste Coulon, was actually spearheading it – the Walsall Anarchists.

As Butterworth explains, Melville’s undercover operative in the Walsall case was Auguste Coulon, a half-French, half-Irish, deep-entry agent and spy, who was also closely involved with Henry Samuels, another of Melville and Rachkovsky’s creatures responsible for the 1894 Greenwich Park bomb explosion…

Stuart Christie, The Guardian, 27 March 2010, review of The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists and Secret Agents by Alex Butterworth


The people they had recruited into it were arrested in 1892 and stood trial, accused of planning bombings and running a bomb factory. All of which was instigated and run by Coulon (code-name Pyatt) Melville’s agent. Evidence against them was fabricated.


When Melville was point-blank asked about Coulon’s role, he refused to answer and the judge supported him. Three men were sentenced to 10 years hard labor, another was given 5.

Melville was never disciplined for this false imprisonment.

You know, the British were still hiding the fact until almost 120 years later, that Coulon was indeed Melville’s agent!

…for years the Metropolitan Police Special Branch fought tenaciously to prevent access to their files for the 1890s, the period of Melville’s ascendancy. When he asked initially for them under a Freedom of Information application Butterworth was told the files had been lost, pulped in the war effort, or destroyed by a bomb. [They lied, in other words]

Then, in 2001, they mysteriously reappeared, having been used as the basis for a doctoral thesis by Dr Lindsey Clutterbuck, a serving Special Branch officer.

Butterworth finally received the 120-year-old Special Branch files —all names in it had been redacted.

Stuart Christie, The Guardian, 27 March 2010, review of The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists and Secret Agents by Alex Butterworth
– Dr. Clutterbuck’s doctoral thesis (mentioned above) is available here. Page 302 is where he specifically states Coulon was an informant for the police (Melville) – names are not redacted, Clutterbuck includes the names so he obviously had the un-redacted version!
Note: – I’ve also uploaded the thesis here at the blog in case it goes missing.

Wow! That’s practically magical how those bombed, burned and pulped records suddenly managed to re-appear over a hundred and twenty years later

Just in time for when someone on the inside needed them!



Now they find it!

rabbit out of a hat

Incidentally, Dr Lindsey Clutterbuck currently works at Rand Europe specializing in terrorism and counter-terrorism. He was formerly the Detective Chief Inspector, Specialist Operations Department, Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard.

Dr. Lindsey Clutterbuck


I give you the above example of what British slavemaster spymasters will do in order to control events in the direction they want them to go.

It speaks clearly to the nature of the events that Pilenas would soon become involved with – the Protocols of Zion hoax, a Russian/British intelligence coordinated action. It was designed as an op for the exact same principle as the Walsall Anarchists op – a way to attract people that were rebels to the British program to the world, and then set them up to be vilified, and even arrested.

This is exactly the same methodology and result that the Protocols of Zion were used for in the United States – even with some of the same people involved!

The message was –

anyone who opposes us,

especially who tries to expose our conspiracy,

is a criminal terrorist nutter.

Nutter = insane person.


Sound familiar, at all? Of course it does. You’ve all seen this used. Sometimes in cases of deliberate dupes or planted agents like Melville used, but far more often its been used in cases where the person is actually telling the truth about the real crazies around here – the British Slavemasters and their Spymasters.

Hell, they did it then, even in the face of correct conclusions in a local paper of the time called Justice, after the arrest of two more men on false charges later on.

Doesn’t it strike you that there is something queer about this Anarchist business of Polti and Farnara? Of course they may be the desperate ruffians they say they are, and their intention to blow down half of London may also be beyond dispute. But somehow it does seem to us that the great Melville has possibly engineered the whole thing. We don’t say that he has, of course. Nevertheless, we cannot but remember that a serious Anarchist plot in England would be very convenient just now, especially an Italian or French Anarchist plot. The Walsall affair showed how far our high-minded police are prepared to go in order to get up a scare at a critical time.

Justice April 1894

They were dead accurate weren’t they? As we now know. They weren’t “nutters” at all. But you can bet they got called that, and probably much worse.

Ooh look! They’re nasty awful TERRORISTS!




I’m beginning to think you’re doing something wrong if you don’t get called “terrorist”, “nutter”, conspiracy theorist and so on by these insane clutternut-heads – The British Slavemasters.

You’ll be happy to know that yours truly, the ever-present helpful librarian, is probably not on their “happy-joy-joy” list.


no shaking head

Probably not.

All semi-joking aside, this is really an important thing for you to really, really get a clear view on – this fabricated (and then vilified) opposition thing by the British – because they are very consistent in that way. They have used this tactic, cowards that they are to facing any real opposition, all the way down the line.

Including a fabricated document, a set of ideas that caused more death, more pain and suffering, than possibly anything ever in history – and still does today! Those Protocols of Zion.

Let’s continue then, and fill in some more back-story leading up to that infamous document.

Still during Melville’s time in Scotland Yard here, a similar exposure happened again. This one involving the Pilenas brothers (I’ll get to that later) with a very interesting result.

Melville resigned his Scotland Yard post in October 1903. At the time, the public was led to believe that Melville’s sudden “retirement’ was over this second exposure, and that he had been “demoted” or “forced” into retirement.

On the contrary, he was rewarded with heading up a new Secret Service Bureau to continue doing more of the same. It was supposedly a private detective agency, he opened it under the false name of William Morgan. However, it actually was a cut-out for the War Office. Meaning it was a front that gave the English government “deniability” for the actions that Melville was definitely under their direction to do. Melville served the Empire’s secret needs (dirty work) both in England and internationally.

This “private detective agency” was the forerunner to both MI5 and MI6, both formed in 1909 with Winston Churchill presiding over the “home” part (MI5). Melville also ran the spy school, teaching his methods to young recruits. He retired for real in 1917, and died in 1918.

At this point I’d like to quote Dr. Clutterbuck’s thesis. He specifically mentions that Melville was working with Pinkerton’s in the U.S. to run British intelligence operations in America.

A further possibility is that, due to the close operational links they had with MPSB, Pinkerton’s were involved in the process in some way….running an American agent.

*MPSB = Metropolitan Police Special Branch, Scotland Yard

I mention this to show that Pinkerton’s was actually a British intelligence front – it even used the same exact cover.  Melville was simply following in those footsteps.

What is Pinkerton’s?

Allan Pinkerton


He was a Scottish-born man. His father had been a police sergeant who had died when Allan was a child.

Pinkerton was undercover Scotland Yard. He brought to America things like “shadowing” surveillance of a suspect) and “assuming a role” (undercover work).

This is also called “living a cover”.

From the International Spy Museum –


Scotland Yard began in 1829, a little over a decade before Pinkerton emigrated to the U.S. (March 13, 1842).

The name Scotland Yard is actually a nickname for the British Metropolitan Police, whose headquarters were at 4 Whitehall Place. It had a rear entrance on a street called Great Scotland Yard which became the public entrance – hence the nickname.

Pinkerton’s beginning was actually because of a Chicago attorney named Edward L. Rucker, who established “Pinkerton’s Detective Agency” in 1852. There were 4-5 men at first, George H. Bangs became the General Superintendent. Rucker had met Pinkerton at a “local masonic hall”.

Rucker ran the business until he retired in 1853, and it was only then that Pinkerton actually ran things.

Following the outbreak of the Civil War, Pinkerton and his agency with him) served as head of the Union Intelligence Service, but it was actually the Secret Service of Lincoln with Pinkerton using the Nom de Plume of E.J. Allen.

Pinkerton (left) Lincoln (center)

PinkertonLincolnMcClernandWhat is with Pinkerton’s Napoleon-like hand in his coat? He does that in several pics of him.

Pinkerton and some of his “detectives”

antietam pinkerton 1873Antietam, Md. Seated: R. William Moore and Allan Pinkerton. Standing: George H. Bangs, John C. Babcock, and Augustus K. Littlefield



Allan Pinkerton helped forward British intelligence goals while utilizing the cover of abolitionist and “anti-slavery”.

An example of his cover in action, is his 1883 book The Spy of the Rebellion, where he professed to be an ardent Abolitionist and hater of slavery.

He did not come out of the Civil War well though – just a few short years later he suffered a paralytic stroke on May 17, 1869. He never recovered from the effects of it. After that time he was no longer publicly actively engaged in his business, he left the daily management to his sons and “other” Superintendents. His eldest son, William A., began being in charge of the Western division of Pinkerton’s, and was the actual head, his other son, Robert A., became the general Superintendent and had immediate charge of the Eastern offices.

But, Pinkerton was still involved in important decisions and tasks.

His agency was used to forward British goals of not letting the workers organize (no labor unions) and not letting “dominions” be allowed to end slavery and give the “slaves” the right to vote.

For example, in 1872, the Spanish Government hired Pinkerton to help suppress a revolution in Cuba which intended to end slavery and give citizens the right to vote. I’m sure the British had their own reasons for letting Pinkerton’s do that – after all, they planned to take that territory utilizing their patsies in the U.S. Presidency (Roosevelt) in just a little over a decade later.

Just two years prior to his death, Pinkerton renewed his relationship with British Intelligence to the new Prime Minister – William Gladstone.

Gladstone also doing the hand thingHe’s doing that hand thing too – what’s the deal with that?

This is just one item of proof that Pinkerton’s was already in place prior to Melville’s accendancy in Scotland Yard.

He asked Gladstone for public funding (meaning it would be visible) to work for the British Government in America.

…. are, so’ far as my experience with them is concerned, a body of first class, intelligent men and many of their operations could not be excelled for brilliancy and important results. But is of the “shadows” or “informers” that I wish to speak….
(Pinkerton to Gladstone, July 8th, 1882, HO 144/1537, BJP)

– Dr. Clutterbuck’s 2001 thesis

Note: Gladstone was Prime Minister of England 4 times.

In office
3 December 1868 – 17 February 1874
Monarch     Victoria
Preceded by     Benjamin Disraeli
Succeeded by     Benjamin Disraeli

In office
23 April 1880 – 9 June 1885
Monarch     Victoria
Preceded by     The Earl of Beaconsfield
Succeeded by     The Marquess of Salisbury

In office
1 February 1886 – 20 July 1886
Monarch     Victoria
Preceded by     The Marquess of Salisbury
Succeeded by     The Marquess of Salisbury – That is one of the Cecils, one of the main Slavemaster families.

In office
15 August 1892 – 2 March 1894
Monarch     Victoria
Preceded by     The Marquess of Salisbury
Succeeded by     The Earl of Rosebery

Gladstone, of course, had to decline publicly for any kind of official funding, but the MPSB continued its long relationship with Pinkerton’s uninterrupted.

*MPSB = Metropolitan Police Special Branch, Scotland Yard

Pinkerton’s proved to be extremely useful investigative tool that MPSB could utilise to carry out its enquiries in the United States. Its efficacy is borne out by the numerous references to it in the Chief Constable’s Register. A block entry of five reads: –
Pinkerton, Messrs – re. observation on:
Skevitt in New York
John Walsh alias Walters
– transmitting accounts for services rendered

Several other entries relating to Pinkerton’s are recorded in a different format i. e. “Benson Harry- Messrs Pinkerton forwarding account re.”, where only the subject name differs from entry to entry.

The use of Pinkerton’s was not confined to intelligence gathering but also extended to evidential enquiries on behalf of MPSB “Cohen, Joseph- account re enquiries by Messrs Pinkerton re watch”.   [that means he was under surveillance]

It will be recalled that Cohen was an additional suspect in the Callan and Harkins case who died just before the arrival of the detectives at his address.

Monro’s memoirs confirm the use of Pinkerton’s as the preferred operational contact
point: –

Minute enquiries as to his previous occupation, employees, friends etc in America
were made and his replies recorded, immediate investigation being made in America
through Pinkerton’s Agency as to the truth of his statements.
(Morro memoirs, 1903, p. 72)

– Dr. Clutterbuck’s 2001 thesis

Clearly the relationship was a close one between British Intelligence and Pinkerton’s.

When Pinkerton died in 1884, he was working on a system that would centralize all criminal identification records, a database now maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Pinkerton’s business insignia was a wide open eye with the caption “We never sleep.”

pinkerton logo2 older

Note the names on the left of this later 1882 letter showing a different stylized logo.


In another example of his duplicity, Pinkerton had the cover of being “pro-labor”, yet after his death, under the helm of his sons William and Robert, his agency still continued to operate (under direct British Intelligence supervision) and continued its anti-labor union stance.

When Melville entered the picture just a few years later, Pinkerton’s (under William Pinkerton’s helm) began being used for the exact type of false flag operations Melville did at home in England.

A false flag operation is simply an action in which the perpetrator intends for the blame (or credit) to be placed on a different party. The term originally comes from the naval concept of flying another country’s flag to deceive and confuse other ships.

Agent provocateurs were planted and incited/arranged riots in order to discredit unions and justify police crackdowns.

These type of activities continued all the way up to the 1930’s – the La Follette Committee (1933-1937).

The La Follette Committee began an investigation of methods used by employers in certain industries to avoid collective bargaining with unions.

Between 1936 and 1941, the subcommittee published exhaustive hearings and reports on the use of industrial espionage, private police systems, strikebreaking services, munitions in industrial warfare, and employers’ associations to break strikes and to disrupt legal union activities in other ways.

The Committee investigated the five largest detective agencies: the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, the William J. Burns International Detective Agency, the National Corporation Service, the Railway Audit and Inspection Company, and the Corporations Auxiliary Company.

Most of the agencies subpoenaed, including the Pinkerton Agency, attempted to destroy their records before receiving the subpoenas, but enough evidence remained to “piece together a picture of intrigue”.

It was revealed that Pinkerton had operatives “in practically every union in the country”. Of 1,228 operatives, there were five in the United Mine Workers, nine in the United Rubber Workers, seventeen in the United Textile Workers, and fifty-five in the United Auto Workers that had organized General Motors.

The Committee reported that as late as 1937, its census of working labor spies from 1933 to 1937 totaled 3,871 for the period. Private security firms like Pinkerton National Detective Agency and Burns were employed to infiltrate labor unions. The Committee concluded that espionage was “the most efficient method known to management to prevent unions from forming, to weaken them if they secure a foothold, and to wreck them when they try their strength.

Considering this was largely driven covertly by British intelligence – that’s a nasty picture indeed.

One of the information articles in our Reading Library is called Schroder’s Bank. I had done a little research on Pinkerton’s because it was their building that Schroder’s first opened their New York branch in.

pinkertonofficeny 57 BroadwayPinkerton National Detective Agency Office, New York City, Early 1900’s.
The address was 57 Broadway.

Schroder’s was involved with Financing Hitler; OSS executives Allen Dulles and Valerian Lada-Mocarski were on its executive board.

See Valerian Lada-Mocarski Specific Person Page.

I bring this up because now not only do we have direct proof that British intelligence fashions their own “opposition”, directs and controls it, we have direct evidence that Pinkerton’s was actually the American mirror of Melville’s “private detective agency”.

…due to the close operational links they had with MPSB, Pinkerton’s were involved in the process in some way….running an American agent.

*MPSB = Metropolitan Police Special Branch, Scotland Yard
– Dr. Clutterbuck’s 2001 thesis


Put together with the roots of the OSS being actually British intelligence, and that high-level executives of the OSS were on the board of a bank that financed Hitler?

Well, that don’t look good at all.


That’s putting it mildly.

And…we’re about to get into how a British intelligence agent was involved in fostering hate at yet another CREATED BY THE BRITISH “bad guy” who is supposedly trying to rule the world (the jews) leading to two completely controlled World Wars.

When it was THEM all along.


Creeping and skulking around – as usual.

some of my family

The real rule-the-world conspirators.

Ok, so here we are in 1903, when Melville forms his “detective agency” – bringing with him all his informants and “friends” – his agents, in other words.

Not only did the Pilenas brothers continue working for Melville while he was running this new Bureau, they were even made fully naturalized English citizens just five years later.


Just a couple years after the Pilenas brothers naturalization, there was another agent provocateur operation that ended up in the public view. This one Winston Churchill was directly involved in.

Churchill – 1908


This was dubbed the Houndsditch Murders which was supposedly a “botched” burglary attempt by one of Melville’s controlled terrorist groups of Latvian-Russian anarchists.

Ref: The Houndsditch Murders and the Siege of Sidney Street by Donald Rumbelow

The ringleader of this “anarchist” group was nicknamed “Peter the Painter” – this was Peter Pilenas. After directing the “robbery” to be done, Peter conveniently left for the U.S. just six days before the robbery went down.

Important Note: Several historians seem to have fallen for the idea that combined British and Russian intelligence operations “ceased” in 1903 after Rachkovsky left. Actual Okhrana records show that Peter Pilenas, code-named RUSSELL, was still being a deep cover agent for both Russian and British intelligence, all the way up through 1911, minimum.

Ref: Okhrana Records, Paris, Box: 21-25, section f. Deep cover agents Index IIIf, Folder 29 Pilenas, Peter, code name “Russell” 1911 – Note: Available on microfilm reel 46


This means at the time of the Houndsditch murders, he was still running combined Russian and British intelligence operations.


This is possibly a picture of Peter Pilenas, whom the French called Peter Piaktow.

Peter_Piaktow - Peter Pilenas early 1900s

Peter Pilenas was Casimir’s brother, and Peter/Casimir were both Melville’s agents – Peter being the “ringleader” of this particular supposed Latvian anarchists faction.

Note an example showing that Casimir’s intelligence agent status for the British goes back this far, can be seen in an article from the Chicago Tribune, 16 November 1947, not long before he died.



Full article –

chicago tribune november 16 1947 Casimir Pilenas spy for british

Although Pilenas is obviously wildly lying and embellishing in several places in this article (Lenin and Trotsky BS story) – obviously to serve the anti-communist current op just after WWII – he is being honest about when he started in British intelligence, and that he worked for Melville then.

So, Melville was Peter’s handler, and at this time Winston Churchill was the Home Secretary – making him Melville’s superior. Churchill also personally oversaw this intelligence-directed provocation – this “heist” that would then also result in more cops dying in the Sidney Street shoot-out.

Ref: Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich, by Guido Preparata, p. 10

In the same Tribune article – look how Pilenas tries to spin this, as if it wasn’t a total staged op – which it was – that his brother was involved in!

On the night of Dec. 16, 1910, two uniformed policemen were shot to death when they attempted to question the suspected robbers of a London Jewelry store. The suspects were believe to be Russians.

Oh, but the story gets even better.

This robbery, was planned to take place at a Harris Jeweler’s in the City of London. If you don’t understand the dry humor of that particular choice – see my City of London article, because this is an entirely separate city within London proper. It is where all the Igors are – the bankers of the Slavemasters.

This was a very well planned operation. The group had rented three of the properties on the Exchange to “ensure secure access to the back of the building” (that’s ludicrous, considering this is a planned intelligence operation).

Harris Jeweler’s

Houndsditch Crime Scenes 2 View of Mr Harris' shop and adjoining premises


View of back of the Exchange buildings.Houndsditch Crime Scenes 15 Exchange Buildings & Cuttler Street from Exchange Buildings

They also had lots of good props and other window dressing around, such as rubber piping and asbestos pads to assist in “blowing the shop safe”.

Window Dressing – props to build an intelligence cover, see article Window Dressing.


On the night in question, they made as much noise as they possibly could knocking through walls, which finally brought the police to their door.

It’s like you can almost see these guys sitting there, going “Geez. How long does it take to get someone to notice all this noise?” smiley drumming fingers

If it wasn’t so disgusting, it’d almost be comical.

December 16, 1910, is when Peter Pilenas tasked his “people” to bring attention to themselves with this robbery.

Melville and Churchill spirited Peter out of London six days before the heist actually began, so that he wouldn’t be around to question or be “pointed to” as the source. Which, of course, would link him directly to Melville and Churchill and just imagine what the English people would have thought about that!

I found the record of his departure. He sailed out of Liverpool, December 10, 1910 aboard the Mauretania bound for New York City.

The Mauretania


Peter lists his age as 32, putting his birth in approximately 1878, making him about 6 years younger than his brother Casimir.

Mauretania 10 December 1910 - Peter Pilenas

Enlarged –


The really interesting thing here is that the full ship record (Commanders affidavit etc.) shows that the Mauretania arrived in New York on the very day the heist went down – 16 December. Methinks perhaps Wiseman must have wired London a message that Pilenas was indeed “arrived” and therefore out of reach for sure.

Giving the go ahead for the heist perhaps.

The second half of the record (the above is the first page) shows that he is going to stay with a “friend” in Brooklyn.


It looks like it says J. Panksztys or something like that, at 124 Grand St in Brooklyn. Peter is described as 5’7 with brown hair and grey eyes. That name Panksztys sounds Polish to me, and I know that British intelligence had planted agents within the Polish community in New York (see William Wiseman Double-Agents section later in this article) – so perhaps that’s why he’s going there, he’s staying with another agent.

Meanwhile, back in London, during this “heist” three policemen were shot dead – thereby creating the set-up to the next action Churchil and Melville would then take in a horrifying public spectacle of a “siege” on these so-called “anarchists” a couple weeks later, with their other agent Casimir Pilenas acting as “translator” in an obviously mock trial.

The London Times – December 30, 1910


Full page –


I think it’s utterly disgusting to think that these policemen were actually basically killed by Melville and Churchill’s sick little black op! So evil.

The three policemen that were killed.

(from left to right) Sergeant Robert Bentley, 36, Sergeant Charles Tucker, 46, and Pc Walter Charles Choat, 34(left to right) Sergeant Robert Bentley, 36, Sergeant Charles Tucker, 46, and Pc Walter Charles Choat, 34

This apparently has some of the people involved in the “anarchist” group, But I don’t know any further details.

latvianPhoto – Latvian War Museum


On January 2, 1911, an “informant” – oh look! another Melville agent – is who informed the Metro police that two or three members of the gang – possibly including the gang’s leader, Peter the Painter – were hiding at 100 Sidney Street, Stepney.

Oh man, possibly including Peter?

How very, very droll.


Especially considering that Peter, Peter Pilenas, had been spirited out of London by British Intelligence more than two weeks earlier!

On January 3, 1911, in a completely sick PR stunt, the police surrounded the building where the Latvian “anarchists” lived, as retribution/justice supposedly for the shooting of 3 policemen. Remember, these so-called “anarchists” are personally run by Melville with Churchill’s full knowledge.

Two of the “suspects” died in a heavily promoted and attended fiery shoot-out in the East End’s Sidney Street. Despite what first appeared to be overwhelming evidence, the surviving robbers were all acquitted because they were also agents of Melville – now chief of MI5.

London Police surrounding the Latvian “anarchists”

Police surrounding the latvian anarchists - Sydney street

Churchill “unexpectedly” showed up and began personally supervising the whole thing.


Good god. Could he look more like some creepy Renfield?

enslaver gimp way of living

Here’s a rare video containing footage of the “event”.

One of the anarchists shot Churchill’s top hat – which is somewhat darkly amusing considering these were mostly his agents.

Shooters waiting for their orders from Churchill –

awaiting churchill's orders to fire - 1911

Six hours into the siege, the police and soldiers were debating how to end the stand-off when a mysterious fire suddenly broke out in the building.

Imagine that.


sarcasm little guy

Churchill let it burn – refusing to allow the Fire Brigade in until it was too late. Can you imagine the horrifying screams of these two men being burnt alive? Good god, Churchill is a truly sick man. Churchill’s lame excuse was that he was “waiting for the criminals to flee.”

No one is going to just sit there and allow themselves to be burned alive. No one. It is one of THE most horrifying ways to die apparently.

So what really happened there? Did Churchill sneak in some assassins through an underground tunnel (they were all over that area) and either kill them and then start the fire, or tie them down so they couldn’t leave? Either one is beyond Machiavellian.

It was only when the roof and upper floors collapsed, and it was obvious that no one inside could have survived, that the fire brigade was allowed to extinguish the flames.

fire at sidney siege

The charred bodies of two members of the anarchist gang, identified as Fritz Svaars and William Sokolow, were discovered in the burnt-out house.

Besides destroying witnesses, the destruction of documents may have also been part of Churchill’s disgusting little fire-setting improvisation.

Did you notice that on the ship manifest record Peter Pilenas gave his occupation as “compositor” and his London residence as “Fulham”? I wonder if that is anywhere near where this whole siege took place. Perhaps these two “suspects” were using his former residence, or shop? Yikes, that’d be ugly.

Whether it was or wasn’t, it’s still pretty sick that there’s Churchill and others pretending to “discover” this hideout.

God. Hypocrisy overload.

By the way, a compositor was an old term for the person who set the type for printing. It was considered the aristocracy amongst all the kinds of trades. That’s kind of convenient too, because Pilenas could literally print whatever he wanted for Melville’s “window dressing” that his agents might need. Books, Pamphlets flyers, or…the Protocols of Zion even. It’s all a matter of forgery. Find some old paper, old type, (or manufacture the “old” type) add some lithographs maybe and away you go.

Say it ain’t so –


Think they don’t do this? Think again. You’ll see proof in the Hitler Map section a little further along in this article.

It might be of interest to note that I found another obscure record – this is one of Peter’s death in 1916. I think he may have been murdered, because he was too young for most causes of natural death. His body wasn’t discovered for days and was so badly decomposed they couldn’t even tell the cause of death. His brother Casimir signed as “informant” so apparently he discovered his body.


Peter died August 17, 1916 under mysterious circumstances, only a little over two weeks after the Black Tom bombings of July 29, 1916, that Casimir is likely to have had something to do with. Perhaps Peter was involved too? More on that later –

Peter Pilenas Death cert 1916

Casimir and Peter were together in the U.S. for only 3 years before Peter died.

Note Casimir was living in Fulham, London at 9 Harbledown Rd, as of 1912.


Casimir moves to New York


Casimir was sent to New York by MI6 (still under Melville as his agent though) in November of 1913. Casimir’s status as an agent is listed as: ‘British S.S. agent of the Scotland Yard detachment’.

Reference – US Department of Justice, Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, (BI), 105638: In ‘re: Casimir Pilenas’ (18 December 1917).

But, remember, in the years leading up to WWI, he had also worked for the Okhrana. He kept both agencies abreast of Russian revolutionary intrigues in London.

Reference – Okhrana, IIIf, Box 24, File 28; and ‘Deep Cover Agents – Russian (L–Z)’.

In fact, the Outgoing Despatches Okhrana Records of 1913  show that the Okhrana actually submitted a report on “The Pilenas Brothers, Okhrana agents in London“.As you can see, they are still calling both of them, Casimir and Peter, Okhrana agents, so this is further evidence that British and Russian intelligence are still embroiled in joint operations together.

Note: There was also a “Report on the increasing German influence in the Zionist movement” that year – which is a rather interesting title.

Would you like to see some more proof of Casimir’s still existing connection to Melville and British intelligence?

I thought you might.

This is a passenger record from the SS Mauretania that left Liverpool, England on November 8, 1913. It was headed for the United States – New York. It arrived 6 days later on November 14th.

Casimir listed Melville as his personal “friend”. (Casimir Pilenas is #7 on this document)

pilenas arrives new york lists melville 1913


Here’s the note about Melville closeup for you –


It also shows that he lived in London for 18 years, so that puts him starting to work as an agent for Melville in 1895.

The second page of the passenger record shows that he is going to his brother’s “place” only it lists it as 120 Grand St versus Peter had his destination as 124 Grand St.


Casimir is described as 5’8, dark hair and blue eyes.

World War I officially began in July of 1914, less than a year after Casimir had been sent to the U.S. – to New York city – to work under William Wiseman.

Casimir was a British Intelligence agent all the way up to and through WWII as well.


  • Okhrana, IIIf, Box 24, File 28; and ‘Deep Cover Agents – Russian (L–Z)’.
  • US Department of Justice, Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, (BI), 105638: In ‘re: Casimir Pilenas’ (18 December 1917).
  • United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918).

But why was he sent to the U.S. in 1913, you might wonder.

That’s because of the planned World War, and the needed creation of an “enemy” – the Jews – and that’s where the Protocols of Zion operation was about to get going in a big way.

sword divider2

The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

russian edition of protocols but not published until 1919 - backdated

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover here, and the first thing we need to do is a review, and then an expansion on the whole messy intelligence scene going on at this time.

The Scene


Remember, British intelligence-man Sir Melville was working together with Okhrana head Pyotr Rachkovsky.

Together (and separately) they deliberately invented “terrorist” groups who then committed crimes, as we have documented. All to try and paint a false picture and misdirect away from Russian/British intelligence plans.

Peter Rachkovsky of the Russian Okhrana was part of a Europe-wide strategy of
‘false-flag’ terrorism to discredit anarchists and Russian dissidents in the eyes of the
public of their host nations.

Stuart Christie, The Guardian, 27 March 2010, review of The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists and Secret Agents by Alex Butterworth


Melville specifically had men working dually with him and the Okhrana, such as Sargeant Michael Thorpe, who then brought in existing Melville agents Casimir and Peter Pilenas.

This is around only a year after Rachkovsky came to Paris – meaning around 1896.

Now, while Melville and Okhrana agent Michael Thorpe was busy squiring around a Russian Duke in 1901 –

Before leaving London the Grand Duke [Michael of Russia] presented a diamond pin to Sergeant Michael Thorpe of Scotland Yard, who has had the special duty of caring for his Imperial Highness’s safety during his stay in England, and was for the purpose attached to his suite. The presentation was made in acknowledgement of the zeal and tact with which Sergeant Thorpe discharged his duty.

The [London] Times, 12th February 1901

Another rather interesting event took place that same year.

The Niet articles of Papus alleging a conspiracy against the Russian Monarchy. This was basically a false flag attack also arranged by the British, together with Rachkovsky, using two frenchmen.

Why would the British do such a convoluted thing? Well, because that’s what they do.As Thomas Jefferson put it – they nourish factions and foster revolutions. EVERYONE is their “enemy” if they could in any way be a threat to their world domination paradigm that has them at the top, whether visibly or not.

When I get into what it was, you will notice that it has the usual misdirection OFF of the British, and onto some unprovable freemasonry conspiracy hundreds of years earlier.



sword divider2

The Protocols of Zion

Events related and leading up to their promulgation

– subsection –

The Niet articles

a British/Russian intelligence operation


Papus – real name Gerard Encausse’


His previous activities consisted of writing on occult matters, drawing heavily upon the scriptures and Kabbalah (mystical) writings ascribed to the Jews.

Gerard was a member of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor (England around 1870), at the same time as Helena Blavatsky was also a member.

In 1888, the same year of the Golden Dawn founding, Gerard Encausse (Papus), founds in Paris, the L’Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix (Kabbalistic Order of the Rosy Cross) (OKRC), which supposedly had six unknown council members “in case of decay”. Joining him, were Saint-Yves and de Guaita, Joséphin Péladan and Oswald Wirth.

Papus and his kabbalistic church

On the one hand he attended Golden Dawn meetings where he got along famously with the likes of Alistair Crowley and the Jewish wife of Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers – Mina Bergson Mathers, whose brother was Society of Psychical Research afficianado Henri Bergson.

Samuel and Mina Mathers


Whereas in his other task, that of a conspiracy propaganda writer, he pretty much excoriated Jews as “evil financial conspirators”.

Some wonder at this apparent contradiction. It wasn’t a contradiction, it was a job.

His activities were part and parcel of devolving both Judaism and Christianity in favor of a New World Citizen, a new “nobility” – Homo Novus. Part of that was to create the foundations of war in order to redraw boundaries and political distinctions for his masters – British and Russian intelligence.

The Jewish religion, the people that followed it, had been chosen to be used to manufacture the “jews” as a separate race that needed to be “removed” from Europe and given “their own country”. Hence they were also set upon to be the “enemy” of choice. Not only to serve the purposes of warmongering, but also a far more important reason.

To hide the real conspirators.


It was yet another False Flag operation.

A false flag operation is simply an action in which the perpetrator intends for the blame (or credit) to be placed on a different party. The term originally comes from the naval concept of flying another country’s flag to deceive and confuse other ships.

Agent Papus was sent on a special tour through Europe. He collected information on magic and Masonic circles of all kinds in order to learn “what would work” to influence people. Their beliefs, legends, and so on.

His real task was to work to gain the confidence of Nicholas II because the British were determined to topple the Russian monarch.

He achieved this goal when he visited Russia in 1901 where he served the Tsar and his wife as physician and occult “consultant”. He channeled the Tsar’s dead father and delivered “messages”, gave “predictions” and other falderol.

Papus in Russia


This is a long, long used tactic of the British slavemasters – the occult – going back to the time of the first spymaster under Queen Elizabeth I. He used an occult man called “Dr. Dee” as his “diviner”, who spread whatever propaganda he wanted spread.

Papus was a combined Melville/Rachkovsky agent – working to actually topple the Russian monarchy, as well as helping to set the path for the two World Wars that were planned by spreading the “jewish” connspiracy misdirection.

The Okhrana/Special Branch (Rachkovsky and Melville) had already helped get Zionism going, with its nasty divide and conquer towards the Jews spearheaded by patsy Theodore Herzl.

When Gerard came back from Russia after having successfully infiltrated the Tsar, together with Jean Carrère he began writing a series of articles for the Echo de Paris – a prominent Paris paper – under the pseudonym Niet beginning on October 24, 1901. The articles were titled: “La Russie d’aujourd’ hui” (Russia Today)


Gerard and the highly anti-semitic Carrere’ wrote in a deliberately vague fashion about a secret financial syndicate hostile to French and Russian relations.

To help lend a “I’m not working for them” flavor, they attacked Rachkovsky and Blavatsky’s cousin Sergei Witte who was the Russian Finance Minister at the time. They warned of a Jewish plot to undermine the Franco-Russian alliance, implicating Witte and Rachkovsky. They referred to previous anti-Jesuit activities and freemasonry causing the French Revolution, and then focused on a supposed Jewish cabal linked to the Panama Company.

The point of this was to get Papus supposed friend and master “Maitre Phillippe” – who was the current favorite occultist of the Tsar – exposed as a charlatan employed by some Jewish secret society intent on gaining power over the Tsar.

Papus (left) – Phillippe (center)

Papus - Marc Haven - Philippe - Sédir - Rosabis, Maître Philippe de Lyon

After Papus does the Niet pseudonymous articles, he and Rachkovsky worked on a report to send to the Tsar.

Papus managed to insert into his report a series of Protocols of “the sittings of the secret Masonic Lodges”. According to Papus, the participants at these meetings had sworn on iron, blood, and fire to use all their might to destroy the entire Russian Imperial family.

This was his IN.

Rachkovsky, to help further this cover-creation for Papus, spiced up this already sensational report even more so as to guarantee the desired effect.

The report, along with the necessary instructions, was sent with special precautions to the Intendent of the Imperial Palace General-Gesse. The Dowager Empress, Maria Fedorovna, also gave her help to the enemies of Philippe for her own reasons – she wanted to compromise the protege of the Empress Aleksandra Fedorovna, which was Phillippe. She also made every effort to launch the Papus-Rachkovsky-Gesse Report.

Yuliana Glinka, another agent of Rachkovsky agent who had previously been posing as a Theosophist, also goes about “exposing” that the esoteric fascinations were part of a colossal diabolical conspiracy.

It worked. Phillippe was banished, Papus took his place.

The anti-jew articles of 1901 had now set the stage for the second phase – the ZIONIST conspiracy theory of the Protocols of Zion.

It is important that you note that the words ZION and ZIONIST are not mentioned in the Niet articles.

That means they had not thought of that yet.

Despite what backdating forgers try to “prove” to us later.


Rachkovsky submits an intelligence report exposing as a fraud, the hypnotist Nizier Anthelme Philippe who told fortunes for the Royal household. That whole fortune thing was also something being encouraged and fostered by British intelligence – that particular tactic of theirs goes WAY back – all the way to the beginning of the rise of the Slavemasters starting in the time of Queen Elizabeth – they used a Dr. Dee to give “predictions” and all manner of hoodoo and voodoo.

SO…Rachkovsky’s well-primed enemies at Okhrana headquarters turned right around and later used that report to turn Tsar Nicholas II against him. Rachkovsky was dismissed within months of the start of the whole set-up, he was recalled in 1902.

As you can see, there is trouble in River City, as the saying goes – and we already have a precedent of the whole “financial cabal” (very vague of course) and the obvious pointing at Jewish bankers as the cause.

Ah. But things go even deeper than that. You see, there was another “rally the jews” op going on (three guesses who’s behind that too) and something called Zionism had sort of appeared out of nowhere as well.

I believe it was yet another false flag controlled opposition, as well as a utilization of Jewish people to wrest control of territories gone too corrupt to be “suffered” by the British any longer.

The Middle East.


So, we push forward some obscure Jewish man, Theodore Herzl, into “public” view (think British controlled newspapers and so on) who promoted the “homeland of the Jews” (which is what Zionism is) and the next thing you know? A perfect patsy, these “zionists” has been created…

And then –



The Protocols of ZION show up not too long after the decision that some stage-setting of an “enemy” and some war motivation was needed. The Protocols are sort of like a Dr. Dee all whacked out on crack “prediction” and revelation. A real hatchet job.

This whole time period is immensely complicated and filled to the brim with insane cloak-and-dagger bullshit by the British slavemasters, but it is how they are, and how they have been operating for 400 years since their very first Spymaster – a Cecil.

Note: The British and the French have this sort of love-hate relationship that has been going on a long time – they’re both from the same Nesilim bloodlines. (the rulers, that is) So, sometimes they work together on black ops, (like the Papus “articles”) and sometimes they black op each other. Guess it depends on what day of the week it is.


Fricking nuts, I know, but it cannot be overstated just how skulking and creeping around in the shadows these people were and still are.

We’ll examine this more closely in the following sections.

* * *

The Protocols of Zion

Events related and leading up to their promulgation

– subsection –

Why Zionism?

Zionism – a British/Russian intelligence operation


So now, “zionism” – what the heck is that all about?

Confused-Man scratches head

Well, it just so happens, that in the exact same time frame that Melville is busying himself with all manner of False Flag operations, he and his agents are also involved with thrusting “zionism” into the public view.


vincent price - whoa

British intelligence is mixed up with Zionism?


This was also actually somewhat done in concert with the American Jew arm of British intelligence – the B’nai B’rith.

wiley oh wow

That’s ugly.


The Menorah magazine of May 1896, tells us when a man named Theodore Herzl began being “publicized” by British intel back-channel efforts.


Under Foreign Notes it says –

Mr. David Nutt, of London, has in the press for immediate publication a translation of Dr. Herzl’s pamphlet, ‘The Jewish State: an essay towards the solution of the Jewish Question,” which has created so much interest in Austria. It is also being translated into French, Russian, Dutch and Hebrew, so Dr. Herzl’s visionary phantasmagory will become widely known.

A Jewish State_ An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question, Theodor

Note: Herzl died in 1904, and the helm was then picked up by a new front man.

Two years after the publication of Herzl’s book, in October of 1898, an old issue of the International Journal of Ethics describes Herzl’s view – which is literally a picture-perfect example of British driven propaganda.

For example –

Professor Herzl sees no prospect of the  
Jewish lamb and the Gentile lion consenting to lie down in peace 
together. He believes that the only solution of the anti-Semitic 
question is the solution advocated by the ancient prophets.
Herzl is of opinion that this problem is insoluble 
so long as the Jews reside among the Christian populations of the 
West. He considers that the Jews have lost the power of assimilating 
with the European races. He also considers that the Jews 
produce a great number of mediocre intellects who can find no 
wholesome outlet either upwards or downwards for their energies. 

If the Jew goes down, he becomes a member of the revolutionary 
party. If he rises to wealth, he immediately begins to exercise the 
terrible power of the purse. He is hated by the peoples among 
whom he takes up his abode because he will not assimilate with 
them. He is also hated because he either develops into a revolu- 
tionary or a plutocrat.
His proposal is that the Jews should leave Europe in a body 
and form a nation of their own either in Palestine 
or Argentina. This new state would be governed in accordance 
with Jewish ideals : it would absorb the floating Jewish proletariat 
which is now wandering over the world in search of a settled home. 
In it the Jew would be able to develop his individual and collective 
life in peace. Persecution of the Jew would cease, the Gentile 
world would be rid of him forever, Jew baiting would become a 
thing of the past. Such is the solution of the Jewish trouble which 
Professor Herzl proposes to his coreligionists, or, as he would perhaps 
prefer to call them, his fellow-countrymen.

See how utterly convenient that is for what the British had planned?

Reference for the above quotes – International Journal of Ethics, Volume 9, issue #1, starting on p. 113 available as a free Google e-book in full, or just the sections we’re looking are is also available at the Internet Archive. The Journal is run by a board that included Felix Adler and Stanton Coit* – both anglophile propagandists.


*Note: Also see Stanton Coit article, and Scientology Roots Chapter 31, part two.

It was a Brit who first thrust this guy Herzl into view, out of nowhere, in 1896.

So, who is this David Nutt guy who did that?

Let’s start with that he is a member of The Athenaeum Club of London. In fact, it was in their magazine where he announced he had printed up Herzl’s booklet pictured above.


Here is the announcement –


A little larger –


It says the translation is by S. D’Avigdor – that’s Sylvie whose name only seems to show up in connection with this book.

David Nutt also pushes the “it’s popular” band-wagon angle. It’s funny to see that they were doing that whole “herd” PR thing that far back. You know, “all these people like it”  – therefore – so should you.

This pamphlet has created wide interest, and commanded a large sale in Austria and Germany.

* * *


The Protocols of Zion

Events related and leading up to their promulgation

– subsection –

Why Zionism?

Zionism – a British/Russian intelligence operation

  • subsection – Slavemaster Igors; the Origins of “modern” slavery;

 The “brothers of light” – Slavemaster bankers


come igor rothschild and friends - slavemaster

Now, just who is this Sylvie person, and why would she help promote Herzl’s proposal to get rid of the Jews out of Europe? Considering that she was a Jew…that’s a bit strange, don’t you think?

Well, that’s because of who her family is. She is related to one of those “brothers of light” bankers (the igors) of the British slavemasters.

Sylvie is a Goldschmidt through her mother Rachel.

Goldschmidt is one of the main families involved with L’Aurora Naissante – the freemasonry group underneath the Grand Orient – Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Some members of these families moved to New York City and they helped establish the Independent Order B’nai B’rith and Temple Emanu-el, together they established the later fanatical and racist hate group – the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL). This group, especially, helped forward the British aims of creating of (out of nothing) the separation of people who follow the Jewish religion as being their own race. Therefore, supporters of the ADL are actually disguided racists.

Some of the names involved in Rothschild’s little Igor Clan are:

Rothschild                          Guggenheim                  Loeb
Schiff                                   Oppenheim                    Lehman
Seligman                             Adler                                etc.
Warburg                              Straus     


On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, these British Igors consider themselves leaders of a “Kingdom of Priests” and “Brothers of Light”.

The Bischoffsheims, the Rothschilds, and the Goldschmidts go way back, and are Hesse-Kassel intermarried. If you remember the double-headed eagle chapter of Scientology Roots

That is the Nesilim.

The Kingdom of Priests – erroneously called the “Hittites” by the British –

The double-headed Eagle at the Nesilim site of Alaca Höyük’ in Turkey.


The “religion” of the Nesilim kings was power and war.

That is what they believed in.


Sylvies father Solomon Henry D’avigdor was created Duke of Acquaviva by Napolean III.

Sylvie’s grandfather on her mothers side was Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid. He was the first Jewish Baronet of the United Kingdom and also made Baron de Palmeira in Portugal.

Sylvie’s great-great grandfather on her mothers side was Aaron Goldschmid, and it was he who founded the Goldschmid firm. His son Asher Aaron Goldsmid was her great-grandfather. Asher’s was the brother of Abraham and Benjamin Goldschmid.

Abraham, Benjamin, and Asher Aaron initially worked for their father’s firm, Aaron Goldsmid and Sons, in the City of London.

Later, Abraham, Asher, and Benjamin carried on a separate business in partnership. After 1792 is when they grew rich through their dealings with the British Government – but not as rich as their masters. Never forget that.

Abraham Goldsmit (also spelled goldsmid/Goldschmidt) was the special friend of Lord Nelson, and it was his “financial genius” that made the British Government (and himself) a lot of money during the arranged “revolution” of France – which shortly followed the American Revolution. The French Revolution revolution failed, which was the point, to show that revolution fails.

Note: Nathan Mayer Rothschild also made a killing due to his network of spies, in relationship to the Napoleonic Wars.

Lord Nelson suffered periods of illness and unemployment after the end of the American War of Independence, not recovering until he was “inspired” and called to duty to try and recover the British great loss of face (how they viewed it, they had their butts kicked by a bunch of “nobodies” and were quite demoralized by it).

This was another reason for the planned French Revolution.

It was a war against Democracy that they could “win”.

Because it was rigged, of course.


234px-Horatio_Nelson_Signature.svg Lord_Horatio_Nelson_1800

Lord Nelson made a lot of money on that war, it was partially due to the first specialists in bill brokering in the City of London*, Abraham and Benjamin Goldsmid (c1755-1808).

See The Center of The British Empire – The “City of London”

The Goldsmid brothers’ role as loan contractors, and bill brokering during the wars with France was at leviathan levels – you just cannot imagine how much money was made during that war. After Admiral Nelson’s victory at the Nile in 1798, Abraham gave him a a very grand party for allowing them to be part of the “in” crowd.

It was actually Goldsmid and Rothschild who finally convinced Lord Nelson in 1805, to break the British traditional face-off methods of naval battle (which I always thought was just the stupidest thing ever, myself). Advocating for more of a “chaos” or “pell mell battle”.

Nelson, walking in the grounds of his place next door to Goldschmid’s, with a fellow-officer, talked of the relatively novel battle plan he had formulated based on this advice, a plan that he intended to use in The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805. The plan was “breaking the line”, meaning that the British fleet would not lay itself in a parallel line alongside the enemy as they usually did, but would assemble in two divisions and steer for the middle of the enemy line and cut through in two places thereby creating chaos – achieving that “pell mell battle” effect.

Knowing this was going to be the case, this unpredictable change in warfare tactics, can you imagine the money that was made by utilizing the fact that no one knew this was going to happen?

Plus, talk about over-the-top Propaganda about it – check this out.

“The most decisive and Glorious Naval Victory that ever was obtained since the creation of the world!

lord Nelson and british propaganda - since the creation of the world - 1805

since the creation of the world?


Kinda makes you just cringe – don’t it.


To illustrate the volume of money flowing back and forth between the Goldsmid/Rothschild contingent and the British government, the year that Goldsmid killed himself, the last thing he did was that he had contracted the British Government Loan of £14,000,000, that is 462 million dollars in 1810, an unholy amount! (exchange rate was 33 pound to 1 USD in 1810).

He basically was just “legitimizing” a promised payback by the Slavemasters for their igors help during the French “revolution”.


In today’s dollars – that’s nine BILLION dollars

and that’s just one example.

– stealing everyone’s assets like they do, under cover of “war”-

Can you imagine what the Slavemasters themselves must have actually made?

my precious

God, they’re sick.

But hey, with that kind of money now in “loan” form (to be repaid on the backs of the British people now – through taxes) it sure sounds like the British had BIG plans, don’t it?

One thing was, they were getting ready to try and take back America – the War of 1812, where the soon-to-be President Jackson seriously kicked their collective asses in New Orleans. That was the last time that Britain tried open warfare against us, ever again.

Instead? They mounted a covert war, causing the American Civil War, bringing in “psychiatry” and incarceration of people in mental hospitals, creating hubris through bullshit philosophies – like Zionism – and all manner of inventions to try and bring the young United States to it’s proper position, deferential and on it’s knees to the British slavemasters, and working like slaves to fill their coffers – just like they did to their own people.

Note: That’s what WWI was really about financially – putting us in the same position as the British people were – massive war “loans” that WE had to pay back and fill the coffers of the little Igor bankers and their British Masters.

If all that wasn’t enough – the Rothschilds and Goldsmids had other “friends” that they helped to carry out their Empire-building slaves everywhere goals.

Like the Duke of Gloucester (Prince William) who was the brother of the English King. The Goldsmid brothers were on very intimate terms with the Royal Dukes, the sons of George III, who enjoyed their company and their hospitality.

Check out that Nesilim nose

These people were forever trying to use people as their personal slaves in one fashion/degree or another. They usually couched it under the term “colonists”.

Around the time of the American Declaration of Independence, someone had the “brilliant” idea to start using black slaves as a way to undermine the young United States production, export, and import capabilities of their major crops that would compete Britain out of the market. Tobacco and cotton, are but two examples. Most of those two were farmed in the Southern United States, at plantations that did employ slaves.

Free the slaves – kill the production.

More money for us!

The British Slavemaster thinking was as cold-blooded as that.

The British were one of the main slave-makers and traders throughout their history, so this was not a change of heart. It was an attempt to retain supremacy of trade and control of the seas to boot.

Nathan Meyer Rothschild often acted as agent for the Duke and his brother, King George, in various matters. Nathan (and the Goldschmidts) were was also known for their role in “the abolition of the slave trade” which was not from any altruistic intentions at all on their part, it was because of their part-financing of the 20 million pound British government buyout of the plantation industry’s slaves.

This was hoped that it would break the back of American exports such as Tobacco, Cotton etc. – get it?

As far back as the time of the War for Independence and the forming of the Constitution, positions against slavery pointing to the British as the real cause of it, had been taken by prominent Americans. Thomas Jefferson, for example.

This piratical warfare, the opprobrium of Infidel Powers, is the warfare of the Christian King of Great Britain. Determined to keep open a market where men should be bought and sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or restrain this execrable commerce.

– From Mr. Jefferson’s Minutes of Debates in 1776, on the Declaration of Independence, published with the Madison Papers.

Within a few short years, the British King and Rothschild/Goldschmidt would attempt to change their image to being “advocates for abolition of slavery”.

This was not due to any change of heart.


“Anti-slavery” was a specifically chosen vehicle to crush (through economics) and divide the fledgling United states.

The re-categorization of these slaves as “colonists” by the Duke of Gloucester and Rothschild (who were buying them essentially) was actually part of an intention show by the British to prove that

Independence fails.

That was the real point.


The requirements of these supposedly freed slaves “given” land in Africa – shows they weren’t free at all.

Zachary Macaulay (Governor of Freetown) and his council agreed to accept American blacks as settlers with a gift of free Sierra Leone land… IF… they met four criteria:

  • they must have letters of recommendation of their upright character from their clergy,
  • they must agree to become British subjects and abide by British law,
  • they must secure their own passage to the colony, and
  • they must clear at least one third of the land given to them for agriculture within two years of arrival.

That last one sounds an awful lot like their former tasks as SLAVES – doesn’t it?

The experiment “failed” and that’s what Rothschild and Bischoffsheim were helping the Duke of Gloucester negotiate the purchase of – including the people!

Thomas Jefferson notes this in a letter of 1811:

…in 1803 I received, through Mr. King, the result; which was, that the [Freetown] colony was going on in but a languishing condition; that the funds of the company were likely to fail, as they received no return of profit to keep them up; that they were then in treaty with the government to take the establishment off their hands; but that in no event should they be willing to receive more of these people from the United States…

I think I learned, afterwards, that the British government had taken the colony into their own hands, and I believe it still exists.

After the former Sierra Leone Company had failed to create a viable, civilized refuge for freed slaves, the African Institution was founded in 1807 as part of the buy-out. The Duke of Gloucester, acted as the African Institution’s first president, and was joined by many notable clergymen and “aristocrats”.

The failure, as it was called, was blamed on the “lazy” American slaves. Thomas Jefferson notes that was basically the response he received when he questioned the Sierra Leone company about it in 1811.

Thomas Jefferson – 1811

…in no event should they [Sierra Leone company] be willing to receive more of these people from the United States, as it was portion of settlers who had gone from the United States, who, by their idleness and turbulence, had kept the settlement in constant danger of dissolution, which could not have been prevented, but for the aid of the Marroon negroes, from the West Indies, who were more industrious and orderly than the others, and supported the authority of the government and its laws.

He was told a LIE.


The truth was that the black merchants of Freetown, Sierra Leone, were actively prevented from getting ahead by the tight monopoly which the British merchant company Macaulay & Babington held over the Sierra Leone trade!

Notice this part too –

supported the authority of the government and its laws.

So, the “freed” American blacks didn’t cotton to being ordered around like they were slaves, in other words. As compared to the West Indian more slavey slaves.

Poor slavemasters. sarcasm

Not much of a surprise, when you look at what this zionism business is actually about – that it is essentially the same idea to use the jews as “colonists” – as modern slaves – choosing particularly strategic areas to herd them into. The Argentina or Palestine “suggestion” by Herzl.

Remember – from the review of Herzl’s book:

Such is the solution of the Jewish trouble which Professor Herzl proposes to his coreligionists, or, as he would perhaps prefer to call them, his fellow-countrymen.

…His proposal is that the Jews should leave Europe in a body and form a nation of their own either in Palestine or Argentina.

This idea was yet another outcropping of the same idea being tried on the freed black slaves by the Goldschmids and Rothschilds.

While Sylvie D’Aveigdor/Goldschmidt was helping to spread the “Jewish Question” zionist propaganda desired by the British slavemasters, Baron de Hirsch was taking a more active role.

The firm of Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Co. was founded when Hayum Salomon Goldschmidt’s daughter Henriette married Jonathan-Raphael Bischoffsheim in 1827, and the two men formed Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Co. that same year.


Jonathan Raphaël Bischoffsheim

They had offices in the City of London that headed all their “international” loan-generating efforts. For why they all keep having offices there, please read The Center of The British Empire, City of London. 

Prior to the Herzl propaganda, Hirsch had been working for Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Co.

In 1891, he established a New York Baron de Hirsch Fund to help settle Jewish immigrants in the United States and Canada. Jesse Seligman, member of Temple Emanu-El, was selected by Baron de Hirsch as a member of the board of trustees of the Baron de Hirsch Fund.

Oh, that’s cute. They don’t want them so they are trying to load us up with what they feel are a big PROBLEM?


Whether they are or aren’t a problem isn’t the point, the BRITISH decided they were and were trying to drown us in what they felt was a bad influence! Wow. That just reeks.

Which is the same idea though – that Herzl expressed in 1896.

Such is the solution of the Jewish trouble … the Jews should leave Europe in a body and form a nation of their own either in Palestine or Argentina.

As soon as the whole British intelligence idea of the “Herzl plan” began being propagated with Sylvie Goldschmidt and David Nutt’s mass propagandizing, Hirsch then jumped aboard the Zionism bandwagon and created the Jewish Colonization Association.

It was created to facilitate mass emigration of Jews from Russia to agricultural colonies, particularly in Argentina and Brazil, as well as Palestine. Its objective was defined as the purchase of large tracts of land for ” …establishing colonies in various parts of North and South America and other countries for agricultural, commercial and other purposes.”

Doesn’t it strike you as odd, that these slavemaster Igors, their bankers, they are not moving anywhere, but yet there they are involved with this big push to “get rid of” the Jews? And then, the next thing you know, we have Hitler (whom they backed) trying to annihilate all the ones that wouldn’t leave?

Damn. That’s a pretty extreme case of racism there, that the Brits have. And that “jewish” rich men were asked by their masters to spearhead this action against theoretically their own people?


vincent - wow


After the publication by David Nutt of The Jewish Question, an interesting “mention” appears in the London Standard (this is classic Cecil Bloc propaganda tactics).

…I can see mention of the work Dr. Herzl’s “Jewish State” as translated by d’Avigdor being sent to Gladstone by Sir Samuel Montagu.

– The Standard (London, England), Friday, May 29, 1896; pg. 5; Issue 22437.

Oh brother. Gladstone is in the picture again?

Prime Minister Gladstone


But wait – Samuel Montagu?

So who is that now, one wonders.

Another Igor banker.


His given name was “Montagu Samuel,” but it was reversed by his parents to Samuel Montagu in his early boyhood. He went to London in 1847, and in 1853 founded the firm of Samuel Montagu & Co., foreign bankers, in Leadenhall street, afterward in Old Broad street.

Samuel Montagu


He was a pious Orthodox Jew and later became involved in English politics. In 1875 he founded, in conjunction with Lord Rothschild, the first industrial Jewish school in Jerusalem. He was created a baronet by Mr. Gladstone in 1894.

Note: His second son Edwin Samuel Montagu followed his father into politics – he was Secretary of State for India between 1917 and 1922!

Edwin Samuel Montagu (left)


He looks a bit bitter in this later pic – like he knows he’s been had and shouldn’t have played along in the first place.


Edwin was publicly “vehemently opposed” to Zionism, he fought in the British Cabinet against the BALFOUR Declaration of 1917, which was somewhat watered down under his pressure. He took it as a personal blow that his government should recognize ‘a people which does not exist’.

So, that’s who Samuel Montagu is. And he is helping to spread Zionism, but yet his son appears to be “against” it? I doubt that was really the case, but its accurate that this propaganda of zionism was doing exactly that – creating a people that did not exist.

So after Samuel Montagu does his thing, and lots of glad-handing goes on all around – jolly good – Well.

The next thing you know, just a few short months later Herzl is well-publicized and backed and ready to go “wide”.

I believe I have well-answered the question of why Zionism, now we will get into how it was used.

* * *

The Protocols of Zion

Events related and leading up to their promulgation

– subsection –

Making Zionism into a “world movement”

Zionism – a British/Russian intelligence operation

“Offloading” Europe’s Jews.


In August of 1896, Herzl began to organize what would become the first World Zionist Congress, scheduled to meet August, 1897. It would codify Political Zionism and Herzl as its leader.

First Zionist Congress

First zionist congress

The London Daily Mail, July 30, 1897 –

The picturesque proposal of Dr. Theodor Herzl for the floating in London of a limited liability company with a capital of millions to acquire Palestine and thoroughly organize it for the re-settlement of the Jews is attracting great attention, in view of the congress which is to be held at Basle to consider the scheme in August.

The proposal which has several times been referred to in the “Daily Mail”, “the Jewish Chronicle,” and the “Pall Mall Gazette,” among other papers is received with mixed feeling by the London Hebrews.

So, the general Jewish public isn’t quite “going for it” yet, eh?

I hate it when that happens – says Mr. Slavemaster.


Now you see part of why the agitation of anti-semitism, beginning just 4 years later in 1901 with the Niet articles to a Russian paper alleging a nebulous conspiracy.  Now that they have been positioned apart, a separate race, let’s create an “attack” labeling them the source of the world’s problems, to not only get the Jews attention and to start defending themselves as a race (tricky, that) but to shift people’s attention over to them as the world domination conspirators. Thereby creating an “enemy” for the planned Wars.


Summary: The Reason for Zionism


To sum up – what this absolutely devil-spawned Zionist propaganda actually did was that it began to separate the Jews apart. Where they wouldn’t dream of calling themselves anything but German, or English, or American before, now they were being steered to become “a breed apart” – a RACE apart.

See how this began to set them as “against” the world? Then, conveniently, there magically appears (with the help of British agent Casimir Pilenas) the Protocols of Zion which allege that it is zionists plot to rule the world!

Wow. Makes your head spin, don’t it?

Talk about russian-doll conspiracies


The British win the conspiracy within a conspiracy within a conspiracy within a conspiracy contest hands down.

clapping not thrilled

sword divider2


The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –


Note: Protocols means the minutes of a meeting.


Let’s start with the false and backdated story most people are familiar with.

It usually goes something like this –

…at the turn of the century, the Russian Czar’s secret police forged a document, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which purported to outline a plan for Jewish world domination. The Russians claimed that the radical Jewish intelligentsia gathered in 1897 at the First Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland wrote the Protocols. The document “showed” how a Jewish cabal was fomenting terror, causing famine and promoting war. Publication of the Protocols sparked anti-Jewish pogroms in Kiev and Kishineff.

An explanation is usually offered as to why no one ever heard of it before 1920 –

At first, the American Jewish community made no formal response to the typescript versions of the Protocols in circulation. They believed it best not to give them publicity.

You will notice that the explanation tries to explain how come there was no publication as such, in referring to what was allegedly circulating as “typescript” versions.

Both of the above are from an entry in the Jewish Virtual Library.

Now, when did the Protocols of Zion publication actually first appear, and where?



That’s the first thing you need to learn about this kind of research – they lie, they backdate, they forge.

It is important to start with a LET ME SEE IT MYSELF view.

Never take some historian’s “word” for when something was. Start simple, when can we indisputably SEE it appear for the first time.

That was in 1920.

And even more importantly, identify who and where it actually began to be put into mass propaganda mode?

The answer is the same.



In 1920, The Protocols of Zion were published for the first time there.

The simple sequence of publication and mass promotion beginning, went like this. England first, United States second.

Two men named Boris Brasol and Mr. Houghton found two different publishing companies in the U.S – Small, Maynard out of Boston and Putnam and Son respectively.

When the American Jewish Committee learned of Putnam’s plans, its president, Louis Marshall (also President of Temple Emanu-El of NYC – a British intelligence front group as well) – he contacted General George H. Putnam directly to discuss the publication project. Putnam defended it on the grounds of free speech, but Marshall countered that free speech is only protected if its is not libelous. Putnam withdrew from the project. This all drew attention publicly to the whole topic – don’t fail to notice that.

No one ever targeted Brasol’s version, it’s almost as if Houghton was the fall guy or something.

Houghton finished out the ruse though, he magically found a financial sponsor (covert funds from British intelligence), purchased the plates from Putnam’s, and published the work privately under the pseudonym of Peter Beckwith. He titled it: Praemonitus, Praemunitus: The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, it came out in New York –  after Brasol’s book – later the same year, Houghton’s book, was a “flop”, of course. That’s because –

It was Brasol’s work that was chosen to be thrust hard upon the American public, as part of agitating for the next war that was planned – WWII.

Brasol worked with MI6 agent Casimir Pilenas to produce an American version of the Protocols (based off the London one).

Casimir, as we already documented, had been sent to the New York city in 1913 and was immediately placed directly under British Intelligence, such as it was at the time. Later in 1916, Casimir then began working for William Wiseman who was sent to be the MI6 agent for the U.S. – his position was called Passport Control Officer. Casimir was also still Melville’s agent as well.

It was Brasol, under direction from Casimir (and Wiseman) who sent Henry Ford the Protocols (Henry was also in on this elaborate deception) – harkening back perfectly to the undercover false flag operations of the Pinkerton/Melville methods of operation.

It was designed to draw in would-be rebels who were against any more wars, or helping any world domination plans, for that matter, and to set them up as being “criminals” “traitors” and “nutters” – thereby hopefully preventing anyone from daring to even pursue any idea that there might be a world domination conspiracy at work here.

The Protocols were a misdirection off of the British – this tactic is also called Controlled Opposition.

For the next two years, Ford gave the Protocols wide circulation in his newspaper, the Dearborn Independent until he was “forced” to apologize publicly (in 1927) for his role in forwarding these false allegations after a heavily publicized libel suit led by grandstander and British slavemaster bitch-boy Louis Marshall. Ford’s letter of contrition is quite revealing though – he claimed not to have paid any “personal attention” to the series, which is true.

His job was to get it out there and he did.

Ford also professed to being “deeply mortified” to learn that the Protocols were forgeries – I’m sure that one was said with tongue firmly in cheek.

The whole thing was a show that Marshall and Ford literally had to put on – orders you know. The show was designed to influence all the “little” people, those “troublesome” commoners, which is how they viewed the American public whether they be jewish or christian.

Keep them all distracted and worried about a non-existent threat when the very real wolf was right in front of them!



Yet another lesson is being acted out for us there, see? Anyone who dares to speak of such things as world conspiracy, to publish them widely such as Ford did?

Will be punished.


It’s also important that you be aware of the fact that the slimy snuck-in little piece of British censorship called The Espionage Act – it had been passed in 1917 and was waiting in the wings and could be used on these now set up and duped people that were reading the Independent.

**See my husbands excellent article about The Espionage Act how it came into being, how it was used and how it was purely an instrument of British domination in the U.S. to stop us, the people, from refusing to fight their war for them (WWI).

Brasol’s version of the Protocols, by the way, (which was really British intelligence’s version through Casimir) really took out all the stops. Many things that were actually activities of British Slavemasters and their anglophilic American partners-in-crime were ascribed onto “the Jews”.

Ford’s editor of the Independent (William Cameron) said that the protocols were “the most comprehensive program for world subjugation that has ever come to public knowledge.”

Cameron promoted that, at that point, the United States was “very largely in the hands of, or under the influence of, Jewish interests.” According to the blueprint, Jews would cause more wars, famines and revolutions — of which the Bolshevik was only the first — as a means to world domination.

Ah – but that dubious honor belongs to the British slavemasters and ONLY the British slavemasters. We saw first hand what Zionism really was about – that it set followers of the jewish religion apart as a RACE for the very first time, that it called for getting rid of them from Europe, that it called for USING them to affect other countries of British interests such as America, South America, and Palestine.

These are not the attitudes and actions of a JEW.

They are the actions of the real target – the British Slavemasters who are the most racist people imaginable. They hate pretty much the entire human race, and it shows.

Which is why Thomas Jefferson aptly dubbed them Hostis Humani Generis.

Hostis Humani Generis 3

 …The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious* which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model.

*Flagitious – (of a person or their actions) criminal; villainous.

It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis – the enemy of the human race”.

– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia
The complete letter is available here and here.

Alright, so that’s a brief overview of the usual topics of discussion extant concerning the Protocols (other than my revealing to you the link between Casimir and Brasol).

* * *


The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman


Now we’ll get into the rather less known aspects.

Let’s see what ole Casimir Pilenas, our estwhile British Intelligence agent, was up to once he arrived in the U.S., shall we?

Come with Me

WWI began the year following his arrival in New York, and Casimir was tasked to run various operations for British Intelligence, sometimes in concert with Pinkerton’s, and sometimes he simply acted as a translator and informant – all related to the British war plans.

He was still a ‘British S.S. agent of the Scotland Yard detachment’.

References – US Department of Justice, Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, (BI), 105638: In ‘re: Casimir Pilenas’ (18 December 1917); and United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918).


Who is William Wiseman?


From Scientology Roots Chapter Nine-2  –

(MI 1c is another designation for MI 6.)

In January 1916, Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming, sends William Wiseman to New York –

go to the Manhattan Consulate to establish MI 1c, Section V, with full Foreign Office (MI6) support.”

Wiseman traveled on the Tuscania (where he listed his occupation as “soldier”). He departed Liverpool, England January 8, 1916, arriving in New York City on January 18, 1916.

wiseman tuscania january 8 1916

This was Wiseman’s official start-up point, but he had actually started his job back in October of 1915, the FIRST time that he had been sent to New York, together with Sydney Mansfield. Setting off from Liverpool on October 20th, 1915, William Wiseman and Sydney Mansfield arrived in Manhattan nine days later on October 29th. They described themselves as “merchants” and gave the address of Messrs. Touche & Niven, an accountancy firm at 30 Broad Street.

Mansfield and Wiseman – seventh and eighth names on the below departure record.

wiseman and mansfield adriatic to ny oct 20 1915

Mansfield had been handpicked by Boehr War veteran Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener, elected the Secretary of State for War in 1914. (Kitchener died in June of 1916 when the HMS Hampshire sunk).

Lord Kitchener


AuchinclossAmerican Spymaster, Gordon Auchincloss (a relative of Colonel House) had lunch with Wiseman at a New York Club, and discussed ‘the kind of [secret service] cooperation that we should endeavor to establish between this country and England’. This was the “Contre Espionage” organization that Wiseman specifically organized and ran himself directly – designed to “get America into the War” but it’s real goal was to get America back under Britain’s wing and more importantly, to FRONT for Britain, as you will see later on here.


British secret agents had tricked America into complicity of imperial rule, as a prelude to drawing the United States into the war. 20

Wiseman and Colonel House were good buddies. Wiseman was the handler of House, and House was invested in controlling President Woodrow Wilson.


After America entered the War, Wiseman, according to Lord Northcliffe, was the only man who had access at all times to Colonel House and to the White House. Wiseman rented an apartment in the house where Colonel House lived. 21

– – – – –

The Naval Reserve Force had been created by Franklin Roosevelt and Spencer Eddy, who was a wealthy New York socialite and close friend of Roosevelt. The Naval Reserve Force was their wealthy socialite friends, sons of the East Coast’s oldest and most influential families.

Shortly after he arrived in early 1916, William Wiseman recommends to Franklin Roosevelt to have Spencer Eddy start up a spy network to gather domestic intelligence in New York City. Eddy agreed to do it.

Commander Edward McCauley, Jr. was assistant director of Naval Intelligence and he acted as the handler for Eddy. Eddy recruited agents from the Naval Reserve Force. The agents in Eddy’s intelligence group were designated voluntary agents of Office of Naval Intelligence. 20

Spencer_Fayette_EddySpencer Fayette Eddy

British Intelligence was taking control over the direction of American Intelligence, primarily through America’s Naval Intelligence.

On January 6, 1917 Commander McCauley recruited all the agents in Eddy’s intelligence network into the United States Naval Reserve Force and gave them the rank of lieutenant jg (junior grade). Through the Naval Reserve Force, these men were made officers with temporary commissions and served as “volunteer agents” for the Office of Naval Intelligence. 22

Honorable-Spencer-EddySpencer Eddy

Early April 1917, Roger Welles becomes chief of Office of Naval Intelligence. Welles then happily commissioned FDR’s “naval reserve” socialite pals into naval intelligence. Among these was Spencer Eddy’s intelligence group. 23

Roger WellesRoger Welles

Basically, the Naval Reserve is Private Intelligence Networks and Agents.

– – – – –

On 2 April 1917, President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. Four days later, America declared war on Germany. William Wiseman could credit himself and his agents, which included Aleister Crowley, with bringing America into the war.

William Wiseman credited Colonel House with making the President believe that Britain and America were joined in a “special relationship” to combat Germany militarism and that Wilson needed to consider British views and needs ahead of any others.

* * *

Did Wiseman run deep-cover Russian double agents?

Simple answer? Yes.

To illustrate just how vested Wiseman was in running agents, double-agents and so on, concerning Russian intelligence matters, here’s a few examples.

Alistair Crowley and writer Somerset Maugham joined the Wiseman stable of deep cover agents in 1916, both of which had their toes dipping into “Russian” matters such as occult, etc., and both were used for propaganda purposes as well.

Just after Maugham was recruited, in 1916, he was assigned to travel to the Pacific. He used as a cover (which happened to also be true), that he was “researching” his novel The Moon and Sixpence, based on the life of Paul Gauguin. His propaganda role, was portraying the “last days” of colonialism in India, Southeast Asia, China and the Pacific, as if the British Empire was no longer in control. He was accompanied by his homosexual lover Haxton, whom he regarded as indispensable. Maugham was shy, and he often used Haxton to gather his “human material” (intelligence information) which he often converted to fiction. Maugham was later sent on a “Bolshevik” related special mission to Russia, by Wiseman in June 1917. It was part of an attempt to keep the Provisional Government in power [that Parliament that Nicholas was forced to create in 1906] in power.

Crowley meanwhile, was mixed up in a number of similarly minded counter-intelligence activities. For example, in 1917 he was hooked up with New York sex-magick  ‘Assistant’ Marie Lavrova Rohling (Soror Olun) a Russian-born British intelligence agent. Her cover was giving “lectures” on arcane magic and sex rituals, particularly at Unitarian and Quaker churches, plus Ethical Culture Societies [Felix Adler – British front man and propagandist].

Another example is that veteran British counter-subversion officer Robert Nathan was investigating Indian (as in India) “seditionists” and “related rebels” – and Crowley was assisting, but from the inside. He pretended to be one of them, you understand. These “seditionists” were pursued by Nathan from Switzerland to New York in 1916.

So, Crowley was trying to secretly find the dastardly “seditionists” who simply wanted Independence from Britain, while Maugham was trying to outwardly portray the British as “not in control” of areas like India any more – a PR handling to try and distract Americans off just how nasty these Brits had been to the peoples of the world, and still were.

Aleister Crowley also portrayed himself as “pro-German” (code name Edith), he was looking for trouble spots in America, of people that were against the Wars the Brits had planned for us.

Remember, by this time the National Security League had been founded, and would level huge amounts of attacks on anyone who disagreed with the U.S. entry into the War as “Pro-German” traitors, especially people who were correctly pointing out Britain’s subversive agent-provocateur activities within the U.S.

Columbia University professor and Zionist activist Richard Gottheil was one of Wiseman’s stable of informants.

Wiseman, himself later on the board of Jacob Schiff’s Kuhn, Loeb & Co (if you can think with that one) also had a spy right in the board – Otto H. Kahn, a man Wiseman’s adjutant Major Norman Thwaites later praised as ‘whole-heartedly pro-Allied and especially pro-British’.

Reference – Thwaites, Velvet and Vinegar, p. 255.


Pro-British – yeah, see there’s the important part.

More like British parrot

vincent price - the parrot knows

But yet, contrary to Wiseman’s spying on Schiff, just after America entered the war and Schiff had to change his pro-German position, Wiseman soon enlisted Schiff as his agent in his secret propaganda campaign in Russia!

Wiseman and his adjutant (his junior) Norman Graham Thwaites, oversaw compartmentalized networks, one of which included double agents and persons who ‘have special facilities for getting into the confidence of German agents’. For example, Orlov and Sydney Reilly.

A young Norman Thwaites (right)

Lt. Colonel Norman Thwaites in his 20s from velvet and vinegar

Sidney George Reilly was Russian-Jewish despite his late 1890’s assumed Irish name, he was that kind (described above) of deep cover agent for Wiseman. He hooked up with Thwaites, Wiseman in the U.S., and then went on to be personally directed by Cumming and Desmond Morton.

Reference – Yale University, Sterling Library, Special Collections, MS 666: Sir William Wiseman Papers Box 10/File 255: ‘Russia’, p.3.

Reilly was born Sigmund “Schlomo” Rosenblum in Odessa (1874), he adopted the Irish surname of his first wife’s father. His patron was Sir Henry Hozier, Winston Churchill’s father-in-law.

When he was in New York with Brasol and Pilenas, he bigamously married a woman named Nadine. He was operating with the cover of “purchasing” agent of munitions for the Russian government. He joined the Royal Canadian Flying Corps later on that year in 1916. He was operating again in New York in 1917, this is when he hooked up with Wiseman and became an SIS agent. He usually reported in to Thwaites.

A caricature of Sydney in his RAF uniform.


On recommendation of Wiseman – because he would help to foment the war conditions the British so desired – he was “officially” tasked into the SIS in March 1918 and posted to Murmansk with the codename “ST-1”.

His task was to foment resistance “against” the Bolsheviks.


See? That’s the Brits for ya – just like Jefferson described them over two hundred years ago.

…insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others…

– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816 Jefferson Cyclopedia

A month after arriving at his new posting, on 16 April, he reported that the Bolsheviks were ‘the only real power in Russia” and that some sort of agreement had to be made with them in order, for example, to “secure the Allied bases at Murmansk and Archangel“.

In just a few short months after the first mass announcement of the Protocols by Masterman cut-out Wickham Steed, another related British intelligence op was launched.

In the summer of 1920 Cumming launched an operation, suggested by Reilly, to form an international ‘anti-Bolshevik intelligence service’ by sending Vladimir Orlov, alias Orbanksi, to recruit agents all across Europe.

Reilly, now section chief of SIS Mermansk, reported to Desmond Morton at MI6 in December of 1920 that Orlov (and a man named Maclaren) had ‘done a tremendous amount of spadework and that everything now depends upon how it will be utilized.’ Orlov, would be in charge of the new organization.

Some of these agents began to be double-agents, working for the German Military Intelligence (the Abwehr). They also began to produce “mutually corroborative” fabrications of plots and documents which looked to be from different sorces, but were not. Cumming directly assisted in this by helping Orlov set up in Berlin as an “anti-Bolshevik propagandist”.

His private skills in forgery, already long utilized by British intelligence, now became well-known throughout European intelligence circles. He was referred to as running a “factory” for creating and circulating so-called “pilfered documents” that were usually outright forgeries.

By 1922, Reilly was taken “off the books” of the SIS pay structure, but that’s because he was going under really deep cover – his last mission quite literally killed him.

There are many stories about the wily nature of Reilly, but when questioned, Desmond Morton said in January of 1922 : ‘Whatever may be Reilly’s faults, I personally would stake my reputation that he is not anti-British, at the moment at any rate, and never has been.’

Reilly, for all his double-dealing, slimy and low-down, crafty lieing-ass activities fomenting hatred and war between peoples? Was referred to as the “ace of spies”, but also as one of Cumming’s Scalawags. Good word.

Note: Cumming was the head of Mi6, at the time.

A bit more on Orlov –

To reiterate – Reilly had previously (1918) engaged a man named Vladimir Grigor’evich Orlov as an asset for Wiseman/Cumming. Orlov then became a deep cover agent.

One of his operations was running a professional counterfeiter organization in Berlin. Reilly (through Wiseman and Cumming) helped Orlov set up a forged Soviet documents factory. He based them mostly on information in the Soviet Press or on rumors circulating in European Capitals – or, as in the case of Senator Borah, orders to create documents showing Borah was being “paid” by the Soviets, because the British Slavemasters wanted to try and have Borah impeached from the Senate. It backfired tremendously – we’ll talk about all that a bit later.

Orlov’s connection to British Intelligence was very well protected, up to and including appearing to “dismiss” him, an action that was somewhat common for Wiseman to do to get deep cover agents “out” so that they can do their job – he did the same thing with Pilenas, as you’re about to see.

You see, Wiseman and Thwaites carefully concealed their dealings with these men not only from the Germans, but also from the Americans and even from other British services. After the war, Wiseman did business with Reilly and cheerfully acknowledged him as an old chum, while Thwaites praised Reilly and Weinstein for their ‘excellent intelligence work’ and ‘valuable services’ to the Allies.

Reference – Thwaites, Velvet and Vinegar, p. 181.

Wiseman also had a double-agent named Antony Jechalski in a pro-German Polish circle.

As you can see, Wiseman was quite the double-agent ringleader in Russian/German/Polish circles. It’s not much of a surprise that both Boris Brasol and Casimir Pilenas were agents for intelligence golden-boy Wiseman. Boris and Casimir often reported through Norman Thwaites.

Seems like a professional forger who is also British intelligence, like Brasol’s buddy Orlov, is gonna come in real handy for the British with those BACKDATED Protocols of Zion coming up here soon – eh?


Don’t mind smiley – he’s just cranky about the whole thing.


The Protocols of Zion

Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman

subsection – Boris gets a job at the War Trade Board.


Boris Brasol

Boris Brasol

Brasol arrived to the U.S. in August of 1916, the same year that Wiseman came and had brought Pilenas under his wing. Brasol had come to the U.S. as legal advisor to General Kasloff. Kasloff came for the purpose of making investigations as to the production of munitions here, and the Russian Supply Committee was established.

Ref: FBI documents from the Internet Archive

It was at this time, that Brasol connected up with Casimir Pilenas and with Wiseman’s deep cover agent, Sydney Reilly – the Russian Jew that used an Irish name, who was acting as a “purchasing” agent (aka arms dealer) of munitions for the Russian government. Brasol was in charge of vetting those contractors.

Reference – Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly by Richard Spence, (Los Angeles: Feral House, 2002), 380-381, referencing Reilly to Savinkov, September 17, 1923.

This is a particularly onerous connection that we have here, of Pilenas, Brasol, Reilly and Orlov, because Orlov the forger (whose operation was run by British intelligence) was later caught trying to pass off forged documents implicating Senator Borah as a Russian agent!

That was a British Intelligence operation – through and through.


Borah, viewed as an arch-enemy by the British Slavemasters, had introduced a Bill to Outlaw War (more on that later) just prior to this latest attempt to get him impeached. Ever since he pretty much single-handedly shot down their League of Nations bill, the British slavemasters had been trying all sorts of nasty, lying, and underhanded attempts to set him up and get him removed from office.

See The Man Who Killed The League of Nations – Senator Borah

So now, in relation to the upcoming Protocols of Zion op, itself a forgery, see what a happy little crew British intelligence had brought together?

It’s like the attack of the B team.




There is another person we have to add into this witches brew of intrigue, Ms. DeBogory.

City directory records (1916; 1917) show that a Ms. DeBogory ran a translation service – she will later be named by Boris and Pilenas as involved in the Protocols of Zion op in 1920). Natalie De Bogory was also the personal assistant to Dr. Sergei Syromiatnikov, the Russian imperial government’s chief PR man in the United States as well as a collaborator with the Okhrana. Sergei was a “journalist” who often used the pseudonym S.N. Sigma. He had arrived 20 February 1915 on the maiden voyage of the Lusitania. Natalie arrived with her family in 1911.

Natalie DeBogory (right)


Brasol shared offices with Sergei Nikolaevich Syromiatnikov in the Flatiron Building.

A little over a year later, on October 14, 1917, L. S. Perkins, a Russian speaking agent assigned to the New York office, wrote his superiors on “Making Translations from Russian for the Russian Embassy.” He noted that an official of the Russian Embassy had approached him about doing “certain very confidential translation of Russian documents into English . . . as soon as possible.” Perkins noted that “My work is carried on at Room 907, the Flatiron Building, which is the office of Lieutenant Brazol.”

Although this probably not connected to the Protocols, it does show that Brasol was certainly in the right place if any translations did need to be “made” or fabricated.

Ref – L. S. Perkins, “In Re: Confidential Work,” Bureau of Investigation (hereafter BI), File 8000-14, October 14, 1917.


Wiseman had just returned from one of his intelligence trips, sailing out of Liverpool on the St. Louis September 4, 1917, arriving New York on 12 September. On that particular trip, he traveled with such luminaries as Lord and Lady Reading, John Maynard Keynes, as well as with his assistant Captain Norman Thwaites.

A rare pic of Wiseman – he’s in the center.

Otto H. Kahn Appearing in Court

Shortly after he arrived back, after almost two years of working directly for Wiseman (at the end of 1917) Pilenas was “loaned” to the U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Division, complete with a glowing recommendation from his erstwhile British superior, Sir William Wiseman.

Casimir was already directly working with “Russian Radical” Boris Brasol at this point in time, as well, late 1917/early 1918. We know how those “radical’s and “anarchist” groups thing goes, don’t we, it’s usually another false flag operation to try and pin something on the Russians that the British are actually doing.

Accordingly, one of the things Casimir was tasked to do was to incite the Americans by “reporting” on jew banker conspiracies.

1918 –

Boris gets employed just a few months later (February 1918) at the War Trade Board Intelligence Bureau in New York as a  “special investigator”.

Strangely enough, ole Natalie de Bogory gets hired (also on Wiseman’s recommendation) to the MID, as the personal assistant of Harris Ayres Houghton, this very same month! So now she and Wiseman agent Casimir Pilenas are both in the MID.

Reference Natalie The American Axis: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Rise of the Third Reich, By Max Wallace, page 60

Wiseman had just returned from British intelligence headquarters, traveling on the St. Louis from Liverpool, arriving in New York on approximately January 15, 1918, just in time to enact new “placement” orders for Natalie and Boris.

This time he claimed his business was “shipping” – Oh, ha frickin’ ha.

wiseman on the st louis from liverpool january 4 1918

Note – Wiseman is doing a LOT of travelling back and forth to England, probably currying sensitive information plus going to get “new orders” that couldn’t be put on any channel but face-to-face.

Some of his trips are so close together, I’m thinking he must have been taking airplane trips to “go” to England, because I can find hardly any ship records of him actually departing for England for any of these trips.

Well, time to head deep into the rabbit hole for a bit here –

Down the rabbit hole

We got some dirty dealings to open up the doors on.


* * *

The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman

  • subsection – Boris gets a job at the War Trade Board.
  • subsection – False Flag Operations and Propaganda in WWI
    by British and American (anglophiles)

What is the War Trade Board?

 and why would Boris be put there?


On October 12, 1917 the War Trade Board was created by President Wilson. Wilson selected a League of Nations man to head it, who had also been Wilson’s 1916 Campaign manager – Vance Criswell McCormick.

McCormick and President Wilson


McCormick_and_League_of_NationsNY Times Obit, June 17, 1946


England at this time, controlled more than 50 percent of ALL merchant shipping in the world.

Through this man of theirs, by the end of the war, the War Trade Board controlled practically all the import and export activity of the world.

From Vance’s essay

The primary power it was given was the “power to regulate the exports and imports of the United States” (Culbertson 251). There were two laws created that supported the role of the War Trade Board and became the responsibility of the War Trade Board to oversee. The two laws were the Trading-With-The-Enemy Act and the Espionage Act. In order to understand the function of the War Trade Board it is important to understand how it worked in conjunction with the above mentioned laws.

Both pieces of legislation became major weapons in the arsenal of the War Trade Board. The Espionage act made it illegal to export from the U.S. any items specified by the President. Therefore, “In carrying out this law the War Trade Board issued or refused licenses for exportation of articles from the United States and thereby exercised an effective control over all outgoing products” (Culbertson 251).

The Trading-With-The-Enemy Act “made it unlawful to import into the United States any articles mentioned in a presidential proclamation, except under such conditions as might be specified. Under this provision, a licensing system was established for imports.

The War Trade Board had, therefore, complete control, through its system of licensing and its conservation lists, of the entire trade of the United States.

The War Trade Board used a vast network of agents in order to manipulate the distribution of relief, rations, and supplies through the licensing system. By the end of the war the War Trade Board gathered an incredible amount of information on foreign companies.

The Board even aided in the American system of censorship.

The War Trade Board Intelligence Bureau established the Censorship and Correspondence Division which passed upon the correspondence of that Board and censored material referred to it by the military, cable, and postal censors. It furnished members for the postal censorship committees and acted as a clearinghouse for Censorship and information activities in the foreign trade field.


When George Creel, head of the Censorship Board, wanted to censor printed material, he would do so. He would contact the War Trade Board and stop the publication’s supply of newsprint, or he would use his contacts there to prepare lists of magazine and book publishers whose materials was “not allowed to be passed”

The control over trade that the War Trade Board wielded became so powerful that it was used as a bargaining chip at the peace conferences in Paris.

All controlled by McCormick and his hidden British handlers.



* * *


Boris Brasol was hired by Paul Fuller Jr. (an anglophile) at the War Trade Board Intelligence Bureau in New York as a  “special investigator” charged with “investigations of importance and of the …most confidential nature” and that utilized his “knowledge of European political and territorial problems” and the “chaotic conditions in Siberia and Russia.” Fuller headed the intelligence branch of the War Trade Board.

Ref: FBI documents from the Internet Archive

Sounds like a Wiseman kind of op to me, how about you? Yeppers.

Paul Fuller Jr. – 1921 passport photo


Paul Fuller Jr. just happened to be a partner in the powerful Coudert Bros. law firm. Even more than that, he was related to the Couderts. His father had married the Couderts (the founding 3) sister Leonie. This means that Frederic Renee Coudert (son of the original Fredric) was his cousin.

Couderts, not incidentally, had functioned as the American legal representatives of the Russian imperial regime, this how Brasol had his “in” for his new job. Frederic Renee served as an excellent cut-out for the British, he championed right-wing, and anti-Communist “causes”, becoming a helpful local patron ($$$) for Brasol to conduct his less savory black operations.

Frederic Renee Coudert

Frederic R. Coudert

Fuller Jr. and Brasol also already had a long acquaintance due to both being lawyers concerned with Russian issues.

Brasol’s immediate supervisor in the War Trade Intelligence office, however, was another Wall Street guru, investment banker George Melmine Bodman.

Last, but by no means least, Brasol would find an especially devoted friend in Bodman’s “confidential secretary” and soon-to-be bride, Louise “Lulu” Clarke. The Bodmans would act as Boris Brasol’s political and financial angels for years to come, and they would introduce him to a host of other, like-minded, influential Americans.

Paul Fuller Jr. was an executive member of the National Security League, the formation of which had been “suggested” by his boss Coudert, who also just happened to be the legal counsel of the British Ambassador to the United States.

The British ambassador at that time was Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice.


He was an “aristocrat” and was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, mentored by none other than Benjamin Jowett. Jowett was an advocate of Toynbee’s method of accomplishing “social change” (courtesy of the Cecil Bloc of Slavemasters).

He would gather his friends around him; they would form an organization; they would work on quietly for a time, some at Oxford, some in London; they would prepare themselves in different parts of the subject until they were ready to strike in public.

Toynbee’s Lectures, Preface by Benjamin Jowett, Page xvii of this book, A Memoir, was written May 16, 1884 by Benjamin Jowett, a former Master of Balliol, (a particular college at Oxford University).

The method put more simply is:

1. Gather up some impressionable people and have at least one junior (or senior) slavemaster present, then begin discussing what the “plan” is.

2. Name it a “study group” or “society” or “league” or “church” or whatever, and then keep it under the radar while you get everybody prepared in their various subject areas.

3. Utilize outside people to bring you information needed – both covert and overt collection methods.

4. When all is ready – launch the plan into the public.

That is what the British Ambassador, Mr. Spring-Rice had been trained in (amongst other lovely things). For a more detailed (and well documented) discussion please see my article Basic Slavemaster Propaganda Techniques

In 1904, Spring Rice married Florence Caroline Lascelles, the cousin of the Duke of Devonshire, Victor Cavendish.Cavendish being another slavemaster family almost as powerful as the Cecils.

Both Spring Rice and Cavendish were heavily involved in the Round Table push for the “League of Nations” – which Senator Borah ultimately killed in the U.S.

**See my article The Man Who Killed The League of Nations – Senator Borah

So, that is who Coudert is representing, while his cousin Paul Fuller Jr. was an executive member of the National Security League, and had “borrowed” from British Intelligence, one Boris Brasol, soon to help spread the forged Protocols of Zion together with MI6 agent Casimir Pilenas – both under William Wiseman.

Please note, the propaganda aspect of things, such as the Protocols of Zion, were under tight supervision by the british de-facto King of Propaganda to “get American into the War” – Mr. C.F.G. Masterman.

To fully answer the question of why Boris is there at the War Trade Board, we need to understand why his good buddies Coudert and Fuller Jr. are mixed up with something called the National Security League.

 * * *


The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman

  • subsection – Boris gets a job at the War Trade Board.
    Question: Why would he get put there?

– Answers –

  • subsection – False Flag Operations and Propaganda in WWI
    by British and American (anglophiles)
  • subsection – Boris bosses Fuller and Coudert – getting America into the war

What is the National Security League?


Colonel House was a silent supporter of the League, and that America needed to be “guided” into doing what the British wanted.

Colonel House


In 1916, House wrote to his friend Frank L. Polk, Counselor to the State Department, that “the President must be guided” to not stay out of “foreign affairs”.

House also advised British Prime Minister (Round Table, and League of Nations) Arthur Balfour on how best to “handle” Wilson. His advice was to exaggerate British difficulties in order to get more American aid, and warned him never to mention a negotiated peace. Remember that bolded part, it’s going to come into play here.

An example of a staged letter from Balfour to House, for House to dutifully pass on to the President, was this one:

Lord Balfour to Colonel House in June, 1917 –

We seem,” says Lord Balfour, “on the verge of a financial disaster which would be worse than defeat in the field. . . . You know I am not an alarmist, but this is really serious.

SEEM is the right word indeed.


Funny how one word makes the whole thing not only disclaimable but also a LIE.

**References for the above – there are numerous examples of Britain working with Colonel House to control Wilson and the U.S. how the British wanted things to go within The Papers of Colonel House – a search for “Polk” or “Balfour” or “Wiseman” will point one in the right direction. One interesting factoid on p. 136 of the PDF, is that as soon as Wilson entered the U.S. into the war in April 1917, the U.S. Government monetary advances to the British (April 1-July 14, 1917) was £139,245,000 – that’s over 662 million dollars back then, in only four months! That’s almost 12 billion in today’s dollars.

In January of 1916, the British had sent to the U.S. as personal liaison between the Prime Minister and the White House the young chief of British military intelligence, Sir William Wiseman.

William Wiseman signed pi to Col. House 1918House and Wiseman quickly became close collaborators and conspirators on how to “handle” Wilson and how to get America into the war.

House coached Wiseman on “the best way” of dealing with the President. Such gems as “tell him only what he wants to hear,” “never argue with him”, and he helped Wiseman to discover and exploit the President’s weaknesses – his loves, his hates, you get the idea.

But, Wiseman gave as good as he got. He played his own intelligence game on House. He love-bombed him – he showered him with flattery, taking lavish trips together, the usual British schmoozing tactics.

Together they both worked with William Phillips, an Assistant Secretary of State who had married into the Astor family, to help them influence Wilson.

Supplying Wiseman with illegal information and working with him against Wilson, was Walter Lippman, who had been named as one of the three editors of the New Republic, a magazine controlled by J.P. Morgan partner Willard Straight.

That mags primary purpose was to show a “multitude” of “views” all advocating in favor of entering the war – an obvious Wiseman/British Intelligence front magazine.

Lippmann, was then catapulted into important roles in the war effort: assistant to the Secretary of War; then secretary of the secret group of historians called The Inquiry (later director), established under Colongel House in late 1917 to plan the “peace” settlement at the end of the war – what a lieing euphemism that was.

The main point of the Inquiry (actually heavily controlled by the British view) was to cruelly dismember Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia, who of course, once they recovered from the devastating effects of WWI would naturally want to get their territories and power back.

Some say that this was a directly intended set-up to have another war, and that the Inquiry’s plan pretty much set the conditions needed for World War II.

In fact, Colonel House himself wrote that: They [Britain and Lord Balfour] are making it a breeding place for future war. Balfour’s response admitting that this was the plan: the arrangement is justified not on grounds of nationality but on grounds of strategy. 


Not only did the British not want Peace –

their strategy was to create Future War!

This is their standard ‘Balance of Power’ insanity – where their entire strategy is always geared around them at the top of the heap – the top of the world.

Slavemaster hierarchal societyHere’s a New York Times article from March 5, 1926, that discusses excerpts, like the above, from The Intimate Papers of Colonel House.


Colonel House Swaying Wilson March 5 1926 NYTimes

One of the long-term policies of British interference with everyone else’s business, was to support the second strongest, which, of course, is going to understandably (and most likely deliberately) piss off the strongest.

See my article: Origin of the term “Balance of Power”. This article goes into exactly when this started, and how using smaller weaker countries combined to stop anyone from being their equals.

Exactly along that line, the Allies (headed by Britain, of course) at the end of World War I, deliberately created new “independent” states (that were not) to function as dominions of Britain and France, and be used to help keep the strongest, Germany and Russia, down permanently.

It was an impossible task for these new small nations – they were set up to fail.



Plus, the map of Europe was rewritten with the stroke of a pen, suddenly making the Poles, the Czechs, and the Serbs dominant over all the other minority nationalities that were themselves now being forcibly incorporated into the new countries. This, of course, did not set well with the Germans, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Croats, Slovenes, etc. also guaranteeing that they would be easy pickin’s for the next war planned that would theoretically pit Germany and Russia up against the “allies” yet again – World War II.

The reason there was SO much push for American entry into the war when it was (besides the usual insane reasons of the British slavemaster warmongers) was that they had a number of secret treaties that Balfour and House had conspired to keep from President Wilson, and if the U.S. had continued to advocate Peace they would have been in deep doo-doo, as the saying goes. Because, they wanted to set those very conditions I just mentioned above!

With the American entry into World War I in April 1917? This prevented any negotiated peace between the warring powers, and drove the Allies forward into that peace of unconditional surrender and dismemberment, a peace that they needed in order to set the stage for World War II.

Woodrow Wilson’s decision to enter the war may have been the single most fateful action of the 20th century, causing untold and unending misery and destruction.

This is what is riding on the line in 1914.

If the British didn’t get us into the War, their strategy was for naught.


The National Security League (NSL) was founded on December 1, 1914, to “call for American entry into the war” against Germany. 150 prominent men were present at a meeting at the Hotel Belmont in New York City on December 1, and supported the league, as the New York Times reported on December 2, 1914.

Although, that “formation” was only it’s public face, discussions had been going on behind closed doors ever since soon-to-be President of it, Menken got back from London in August.

Pretty obvious who’s really behind that though.

The British.


The first President of the League was Solomon Stanwood Menken – this is who Frederic Coudert had previously engaged in conversations with. Menken was in London, as it happens, when Britain officially declared War. After a little hob-knobbing with British intelligence and City of London igors, Menken hastened his little butt back to the United States to confer with “local heavyweights” such as Coudert. He returned to the United States aboard the RMS Olympic on August 29, 1914. Menken later said that he “conceived the idea while listening to a debate in the House of Commons on August 5, 1914.” (p. 264 of hearings)

Sure he did. sarcasm little guy  That sounds just a bit thin as a cover story.

One reason Menken was in London mucking about with the City of London igors is because he was the attorney and representative for one of their big insurance companies.

p 927

Mr. Browne. Mr. Menken, your league’s president, when the league started, and for most of the time of the existence of the league, was attorney and representative of the [Liverpool and] London Globe Fire Insurance Co., wasn’t he, which firm had its home office in London, England?

Mr. Orth. I think I heard it testified. I am not certain.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

Note: Mr. Orth is yet another league man who likes to dissemble under direct questioning, you’ll see a lot of that as we go along here.

The Liverpool, London and Globe company, that Menken represented, proceeded to force the German Insurance companies out of business shortly after his “visit”. His firm, by the way, had represented them for over 80 years. He said in the hearings that they “attend to their property interests” in New York city.

Since an insurance company was one of C.F.G. Mastermans covers for his Wellington House secret propaganda operation (begun in 1914), how much you wanna bet that Menken had dealings with him? – in one way or another, I can pretty much guarantee that is what happened. This is exactly how Masterman operated – ever so discrete, personal “mentions”.

Menken was a noted Anglophile, one of Menken’s law firm main clients was J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan was one of the big four contributors to the League, he had a vested interest because he was handling the loans for England together with Fredric Coudert all mixed up with the British ambassador (under pressure to get supplies for Britain and get America into the war). Just one big cozy family – a British one.

pages 926 and 927.

Mr. Browne. Now, you know that J. Pierpont Morgan — that his company was active in negotiating loans for Great Britain didn’t you?

Mr. Orth. Yes, sir.

Mr. Browne. Yes; and they were the British agents in this country to transact business between American manufacturers who were manufacturing supplies for the English Army, and England, weren’t they?

Mr. Orth. Yes, sir; they bought enormous quantities of supplies, I believe, for the British Government before we went into the war.

Mr. Browne. Morgan’s company were also the fiscal agents to float the allied loan before we got into the war, weren’t they, here in this country?

Mr. Orth. Yes, sir; I believe they were….

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

Notice that personal income tax had just been passed, so IF the Brits could succeed in tricking us into their war, then the U.S. Government, and all those lovely funds from US, the people would then be accessible under the guise of “loans”. That’s really sick. It means they planned to make us, the people –



WE had to finance all the guns, the bombs, the ships, WE were made to finance all that death and destruction.

Oh my god!


And we had no say in it at all.

We really are in a new medieval fiefdom status.

Menken’s law firm was called Beck, Thilbum and Menken, then located at 52 William Street. His personal address was given (in the hearings) as 34 W. 52nd St. NYC.

He was born Jewish, but he converted to Christianity and began using his middle name as his “first” name – this is why people called him “Stanwood”.

Solomon Stanwood Menken

Solomon Menken in 1918 - Chicago Daily News

Note: Menken was followed by Robert Bacon as President of the Leage, then Menken again, and finally Mr. Lydecker at the time of the Congressional Investigations.

Pp. 56 and 57 of below reference, discuss the actual beginnings of the National Security League, including mentioning congressman Augustus Gardner, (and Coudert) “suggested” it to Menken.

On page 448, Menken himself mentions Coudert’s active position.

Mr. Menken. … I might mention that Mr. Coudert is a member of the executive national committee and has been active in the committee ever since its organization.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

Pages 926 and 927 also discuss the initial “idea” phase with Mr. Lydecker –

Mr. Johnson. When did you first become a member of the league?

Mr. Lydecker. I was one of original organizers of the league in November, 1914.

Mr. Johnson. What day of the month?

Mr. Lydecker. Well, the day, of the month on which it started would be a little difficult to say, because it was a matter of some conference. Mr. Stanwood Menken was in conference with one of the distinguished members of your body, Mr. Augustus Gardner, who in 1914 perceived the absolutely defenseless condition of this country and was making a most earnest plea that the country should do some thing in order that the pronouncements of the Government would be treated with some respect by others. And if I may say, the result of those talks was a meeting held at the Hotel Belmont on the 25th day of November, 1914, and then the National Security League officially began.

He “perceived the absolutely defenseless condition of this country”?

Oh <choke>. I don’t suppose it matters that is just about word for word, one of Masterman’s MAIN chosen propaganda lines to be used.

Nah. Doesn’t mean a thing.

Nicolas Cage Laugh

Menken is like the old-school version of todays propagandists who run stables of sock-puppet identities, when caught and questioned, just like in these hearings, they say something like “I’m just a guy with a computer and an opinion.”

Menken just “perceived” that all by his lone opinionated self. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a PERCEPTION!


On pp. 268 and 269, watch Menken try to avoid making that “British connection” known (which is what was actually going on). Remember, one of the people Menken had been influenced by in London, was one of C.F.G. Masterman’s people and their “mentions”.  – I just love parading that concept out and about – it’s just SO British aristocracy, SO sneaky and snooty, that it deserves ridicule at every possible opportunity. You’ll see what I mean, more clearly, when you read my Library article on Masterman.

p. 268

Mr. Johnson. Can you give me the name now of somebody else that you talked to quite early, too, looking toward the organization of the Security League?

Mr. Menken (to Mr. Harrison). Senator, can I borrow that book? [ Mr. Harrison handed a book to the witness.] Frederic R. Coudert was one.

Mr. Johnson. Who is he?

Mr. Menken. Mr. Coudert is a lawyer, a friend of mine, who had been one of the soldiers during the Spanish War. I think he was a Rough Rider.

Mr. Johnson. Do you know what class of clients he has; what particular interests?

Mr Menken. He happens to represent a great many foreign interests. He is a specialist on maritime law. He has had the honor of representing foreign Governments in controversies.

Mr. Johnson. Do you know what Governments?

Mr. Menken. I have heard he represents Great Britain, France, and Russia in international matters.

He heard?

Kermit the frog excited

Give me a break.

Watch him yet again, avoid the issue of that nasty tie to the British government – the real purpose of the League.


Mr. Johnson. You have just spoken of this gentleman representing some British clients, or the Government itself. Which is it?

Mr. Menken. I think Mr. Coudert is counsel for the British ambassador.

Mr. Johnson. And was at the breaking out of the war in 1914?

Mr. Menken. I don’t know about that.

Mr. Johnson. Do you know when his employment as counsel for- the British ambassador began?

Mr. Menken. I really couldn’t say. I know little of his private affairs. Henry L. Stimson was another man I talked to.

[look how he tried to change the subject there.]

Mr. Johnson. Do you know whether or not he [Coudert] represents, either directly or indirectly, any other Government, or whether he has or not since the outbreak of the war, any foreign Government?

Mr. Menken. Why,  Mr. Coudert has a very big international practice. I have heard of him representing South American countries, and French and Russian, and I think perhaps Italian interests.

Note: Look, it’s the innocent, naive and gee-golly-gosh approach.

Why Grandma…what big teeth you have!

innocent red riding hood

Mr. Johnson. Any others?

Mr. Menken. None that I could state with certainty.

Mr. Johnson. Well, any other that you could name, but at the same time qualifying with some degree of uncertainty?

Mr. Menken. No; I can not guess.

Mr. Johnson. Then why did you make the suggestion of certainty or uncertainty?

Mr Menken. You read of his name all the time in connection with international cases. He is a recognized authority in international law, and the type of a man that is apt to be retained by any foreign country having important international questions, and it is rather hard to remember whether it was Mr. Coudert that was on this case and Mr. Garrison on that, or vice versa.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

That guy is lying through his teeth!

Look at the difference a couple hundred pages later in the hearings when a different Cngressman, Mr. Browne, questions Menken on the same point, on p. 495 – Menken obviously had been given a stern talking to by probably Coudert.

Mr. Browne. Frederic R. Coudert — is he a member of the executive committee?

Mr. Menken. Yes, sir.

Mr. Browne. And one of the moving spirits in organizing the National Security League?

Mr. Menken. Yes, sir.

Mr. Browne. And active since the Security League was organized?

Mr. Menken. Yes, sir.

Mr. Browne. I read from the Directory of Directories. City of New York, 1917-1918: Vice president and director, Chapultepec Land Improvement Co. Is that a Mexican corporation?

Mr. Menken. I don’t know anything about it.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


So, wow, that was the lovely little frontman for Coudert, the Brits, and this “National Security” league – Mr. Menken hisself up close and personal.

Menken in 1918
(the time of the Congressional hearings)

Solomon Menken in 1918 - Chicago Daily News

Right away, under Menken’s direction, the National Security League behaved much like Stephenson’s later British Security Coordination during WWII.

The NSL issued “warnings” against a German invasion of the U.S., once England was defeated.

They even promoted a forged map of the “Kaiser’s plan for the world” – exactly like the BSC was involved in doing with the infamous (and forged) Hitler Map. (more on that in a minute)

National Security League propagandaimage is from the Library of Congress


The NSL called all advocates of peace and non-intervention, “pro-German,” “dangerous aliens,” “traitors,” and “spies.” and was heavily involved in pushing behind-the-scenes for the Espionage Act and the Trading-With-The-Enemy Act.

**Again, please see my husbands excellent article about The Espionage Act how it came into being, how it was used and how it was purely an instrument of British domination in the U.S. to stop us, the people, from refusing to fight their war for them (WWI).

The NSL also advocated universal military training, conscription, and the U.S. buildup of the largest navy in the world.

It purported to be about supporting patriotism, and the extermination of values which were “un-American.” Of course, what those values were had everything to do with what the British wanted – us to fight their War – and absolutely nothing American about it.

They employed maximum deniability “volunteer” propagandists that they called “Flying Squadrons” – don’t you just love that cheesy name? – to spread propaganda on street corners.

This reminds me of the Guardian’s Office of the Church of Scientology and their “Field Staff Members” who were often intelligence agents running operations against critics of Scientology. Their “volunteer” status was to make the Church be able to claim deniability of running them – exactly the same reason that the NSL deployed the “Flying Squadron”.

Watch –

p. 1030

Mr. Browne. You hired three speakers, didn’t you, to talk on the street corners for the league?

Mr. West. No, sir ; the league has a department known as the “flying squadron,” of street speakers, but to the best of my knowledge not one of them is paid anything. They are all volunteers.

Mr. Browne. Well, don’t you have what you call street speaker- squadrons?

Mr. West. Yes, sir; but they are volunteer speakers, not paid speakers.

Mr. Browne. They are speaking now, aren’t they?

Mr. West. Speaking now?

Mr. Browne. Yes.

Mr. West. Yes, sir; they are speaking now, to the best of my knowledge.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

See? He makes a point of that they are NOT PAID – as if that gets him out of directing them, which they do direct them or how would they know what to say, hmm Mister NSL man?




The League was also used as a front to attempt to swing elections of people the British deemed more amenable.

p. 1029

Mr. Browne. In your league bulletin of September, 1918, after most of the primaries had been held, you stated:

Gratifying results are being obtained by the league’s congressional committee, which is prosecuting an aggressive, nonpartisan campaign in all parts of the country to insure the election to Congress this fall of men of demonstrated loyalty and ability.

Mr. West. That is right; yes, sir.

You understand the importance of the above – right?

It is proof that British intelligence has a history of controlling our elections.


The fanatical jihad displayed by British-driven war advocates was often directed against anyone suspected of unpatriotic actions, words, or even thoughts!

Intense anti-German feeling swept the state and nation. It became unpopular, if not unpatriotic, to play German music, to speak or read German. Enrollment in German courses in the University dropped from 1,300 to 150. In the name of the National Security League, Mr. Van Tyne attacked University employees suspected of pacifism, disloyalty, or “subversive” thought. Princeton’s Professor McElroy also attacked students at a western university in exactly the same way.

It became so blatantly obvious that something was rather amiss with this “league”, that a Congressional Investigation was called in 1918.

The hearings make fantastic reading in my opinion.

Despite the one attempt to throw “the steel industry” under the bus by one congressman in order to misdirect attention off of the British (and British intelligence), there are numerous examples of the total sliminess of the criminals involved in that league. Most of whom were obviously perfectly happy to trade American independence for a seat in, as I call it,  The New Republic of Britain’s United States.

For example, there is documentation of who were the four biggest big money-laundering fronts for funds to support the League.

p. 913

J.P. Morgan

(Mr. Browne submitted the following paper:)

  1. J.P. Morgan, 23 Wall Street, New York, May 19, 1916 $1,000
  2. J.P. Morgan & Co., Wall Street, New York, Aug. 21, 1917 1,300

Total – 2,300


  1. John D. Rockefeller, New York, Sept. 25, 1917 $10,000
  2. John D. Rockefeller, 26 Broadway, Apr. 9, 1918 25,000

total – 35,000
p 914

Mr. Browne. Mr. H.C. Frick is one of the directors in the United States Steel Corporation and eight other large corporations, including many large railroad companies…

  1. H.C. Frick, Frick Building, Pittsburgh, October 23, 1915 $1,000
  2. H.C. Frick, New York City, February 13, 1917 2,500

Total – 3,500

p. 999 (Barnhart is Indiana congressman)

Mr. Reavis. I want to ask you just one more question. Do you realize or do you know that one-fourth of the contributions made to this league were made by the Carnegie Corporation?

Mr. Barnhart. In glancing over the report there I saw that Mr. Carnegie  gave $100,000 and subscribed $50,000 more.

Total – 150,000


Mr. Reavis. The total subscriptions, according to the report, approximately are $600,000.

Mr. Barnhart. Of the Carnegie Corporation?

Mr. Reavis. No; the total subscriptions to the league; so approximately one-fourth of the money contributed to this league was contributed by the Carnegie Corporation.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918


When America entered WWI in 1917 –

Mr. Dupont supplied 40% of the gunpowder to the Allies.


It’s not much of a surprise to find him donating heavily, as well.

p. 1034

Mr. Browne….Now, Mr. Dupont, the coal man. Wilmington. Del., he contributed— these are all 1918— February 23. $1,000: March 4. $1,000: April . $1,000: June 4. $1,000.

Mr. Walsh. In February, 1918. Mr. Dupont agreed to contribute $5,000. as I remember.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918



Even Jacob Schiff was mixed up in donating to this British front – say cheese to William Wiseman!

(Schiff had to make a show of being “with the program” – if you recall.)

p. 1033

Mr. Browne. Jacob H. Schiff. 52 William Street, June 5, 1918, $250. He is interested, as we showed yesterday, in a great many corporations, isn’t he?

Mr. West. I suppose so, sir.


There are –

also several other points of interest that were revealed in those hearings.


P. 504 gives an example that not only is an excellent one showing the type of propaganda these British igors tried to shove down young American’s throats, but it is also a fabulous example of just how smart people were about such things at the time.

In April 1918, Robert McNutt McElroy of Princeton accused practically every citizen in the state of Wisconsin of treason!



Mr. Menken. I think it was the New York Tribune.

Mr. Browne. Do you remember that in that interview, among other things, Dr. McElroy said this:

At the University of Wisconsin, where there are about 2,000 students. I spoke at a large audience of young men wearing the khaki uniform of the United Suites. I was telling them of America’s real purposes and aims and ideals in this war. It seemed to me that from the outset the audience took strangely little interest in the things I was talking about, the cause for which I was pleading. For the most part, once they had learned that America and patriotism was my theme, they sat with folded nrms, stared wearily up at the ceiling, from time to time they would turn and look at each other and smile superciliously, sort of pityingly: there was a good deal of fidgeting and scuffling of feet.

Several times, generally at the most strongly patriotic portions of my talk, sounds which bore every sign of being subdued hisses could be heard. Later it was offered to me in explanation that these were warnings to the noisy ones to be quiet, but they did not sound that way to me. When I began to quote from some of President Wilson’s messages the rattle of snapping rifle triggers throughout the audience, the men being under military training have guns, sounded very much like an attempt to break up the speech. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. I determined to find out whether It was my fault or whether it was the American point of view that these young men objected to, so I leaned forward and I deliberately insulted them. “Do you know what I think of you from your conduct to-night?” I said, “I think you are a bunch of damned traitors.

Well, what do you think happened? A loud outcry of protest? A stampede to pull me down from the platform? A demand that I retract that effront to their university? No, sir: not any of those things. What happened was abs lutely nothing, not a murmur, not a sound, except that toward the back of the room a few men snickered. I was not only thunderstruck; I was appalled. If a speaker said that to a group of men at my university, Princeton, I should hate to have to answer for the consequences. But even then I thought I would test them a little further, give them another chance, us it were. So a little later I said: “I have often wondered what it would be like to speak before a Prussian audience. I think I know now.” Still there was no protest, not a slightest sign of resentment.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

Oh poor baby…

Those damnable Americans weren’t rising to their war-mongering!


mad crying baby

When this piece of nastiness came out in the Press, many mainstream supporters of the League (previously unaware of the extreme anglophilic fanaticism of some of the more senior members of the organization’s inner circle) – they quit in protest!

I love that later, someone tried to explain away this guy’s behavior by saying that “they couldn’t hear him because of the rain, not because they disgreed.” and “of course, they would not have responded as they did if they could hear him.”

Sure they would have. That must be it.

Vincent price - you got that right

Talk about wishful thinking. Sheesh! They really can’t handle not being able to control people like they always think they can in their little clutternut heads of delusion – see that?

Incidentally, p. 506 shows Lydecker trying to get out of that what McElroy did was an approved and obvious tactic of the league. He tries to say that McElroy “had that article corrected” but he gets nailed on his lie and that he personally had admitted it was true, to a JUDGE, no less!

Good stuff.

When questioned probingly into the finances of the League, it’s interesting not only what turned up but watching people like Menken try to play deaf, dumb, and ignorant.

Some really excellent examples of people like this in action – My notes in grey.

p. 407

Mr. Johnson. Do you know whether or not Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan was doing purchasing on this side of the water for the British government?

Morgan’s son-in-law, who wrote Morgan’s biography, Mr. H. Satterlee was part of the league’s Executive Committee. Morgan was doing purchasing for the British Government, and Menken has to admit that, but look how he does it next –

Mr. Menken. I so read.

Mr. Johnson. Did he make you any contribution?

Mr. Menken. I think the Morgan firm refused, as a firm, to make any contribution to the work of the league, because they thought that some foolish people might criticize them.

He just indirectly insulted all the congressman investigating them! Doesn’t phase Mr. Johnson, he just plows right on past that and changes the question. Note that unless you ask Menken the right question, he doesn’t give you the answer you are obviously looking for, and which answer he already knows.

Mr. Johnson. Did Mr. J. P. Morgan as an individual make you a contribution?

Mr. Menken. I think we did get some contribution from him individually — perhaps $1,000. Mr. Bacon did get some contributions from Mr. Morgan.

He thinks? There he goes again.

Mr. Johnson. Who is Mr. [Robert] Bacon?

Mr. Menken. Mr. Bacon is ex-secretary of state and was an ex-candidate for senator in New York. He is now a colonel in France.

Mr. Johnson. I have on this paper the contribution made by Mr. J. P. Morgan. If you will indulge me just a moment till I find it, I will see how much it was. (After a pause.) Not finding it, I will go ahead. Did you receive any contributions from Mr. H. C. Frick ?

Mr. Menken. Yes.

Watch him act like he doesn’t know what Frick does. Unless he lived in a cave at the bottom of the ocean there is NO way he didn’t know who and what Frick was at that time period.

Mr. Johnson. Who is he?

Mr. Menken. Mr. Frick is a retired capitalist, living in the city of New York in the winter, and in the State of Massachusetts in the summer.

 He sounds like his travel agent or something. How oh-so-innocent he makes him sound.

Mr. Johnson. In what business has he been engaged?

Mr. Menken. Why, I have heard that he had been engaged in the steel business very successfully.

There goes the little-red-riding-hood act again – Why grandma….

Mr. Reavis. Mr. Johnson suggests that I ask you the question that I just suggested to him. You are also informed generally that Mr. Frick is very largely interested in steel holdings now, are you not?

Mr. Menken. I have no information on the subject.

Mr. Reavis. Well, you have heard rumors and statements of that kind, have you not?

Mr. Menken. I have.

Mr. Reavis. General repute states that Mr. Frick is largely interested in steel holdings. Don’t you know that to be true?

Mr. Menken. I have heard it. I don’t know whether it is true or not.

The average guy on the street knew that, but he doesn’t? Not likely.

Mr. Johnson. Do you recall how much Mr. Frick gave you?

Mr. Menken. I got one check for $2,500, and I think he gave a previous contribution, about the same time.

Mr. Johnson. The report that we have from our auditor is that Mr. Frick at one time contributed $1,000, and at another time $2,500.

Mr. Menken. I got the $2,500. I think he sent in the $1,000 on reading of our work in the papers — the initial $1,000. In fact, I know he did. He did it as a voluntary act without any solicitation whatsoever.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

Yeah, “voluntary” – except for Masterman and Morgan telling him to, that is, but we won’t mention that.

sarcasm little guy

On p. 408, There is an interesting mention of a company called The American Exporters & Importers’ Association of New York. That was a front corporation for British intelligence. It’s extremely difficult to find anything on the net about that company, even now, but I did find a few tidbits that showed it did indeed exist.

Every person questioned about this stone-walled the committee and “didn’t know” anything about it.

Mr. Johnson. I also find that Mr. J. P. Morgan, 23 Wall Street. at one time contributed $1,000, and another time $1,500. That is taken from your books. Tell me who are the American Exporters— what is the American Exporters & Importers’ Association of New York?

Mr. Menken. I never heard of them.

Mr. Johnson. Did you receive any contributions from them!

Mr. Menken. I don’t recollect any. I don’t doubt it if it is on the books.

Mr. Johnson. Well, taken from your books, is the statement that at one time that concern contributed $1,850 and at another time $150, making $2,000; but you don’t know who they are?

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

Exactly. That’s utter bullshit, but interesting the absolute protection of what it is though.

On p. 1033, Mr. Browne tries to find out about this place, and is questioning a Mr. West.

Mr. Browne. Now, the American Export & Import Association, in New York, March 13, 1918. contributed $1,850.

Mr. West. I think that was the result of a lunch which was given at which various branches of business agreed to contribute so much to the work of the league.

Mr. Browne. Who were some of the men in the American Export & Import Association?

Mr. West. I have not the slightest idea.

– National Security League Hearings in Congressional investigation of “Patriotic Societies”, beginning December 19, 1918

More stonewalling, see? I mean really. We’re supposed to believe this flippant kind of ‘Oh yea, we had some lunch and they gave us the equivalent of 25k in 2017 dollars.

Well, jeez louise, what the heck did they serve at this lunch? Hummingbird tongue salad hand-prepared by virgins from an isolated village in the West Andes?

Here’s one of of the paltry few tidbits I did find on this place, which at least shows it did exist. Apparently they made loans to key chemical production companies. It’s listed as a creditor for Hellenic Chemical & Color Company, Inc. who was declaring bankruptcy.

American_export_&_import_associationNew York Sun November 5, 1919


That’s about it. It is interesting though, the name of it, because it is awfully similar to what was chosen to be the name later on, in the James Bond books, of the front corporation for British intelligence. They called it Universal Exports.

There was actually a very real corporation that existed before Ian Fleming wrote the Bond books. William Donovan (head of the OSS) and William Stephenson (MI6 – British Intelligence) with the help of James Forgan’s law firm and Donovan’s, registered a corporation in Panama called the British American Canadian Corporation S.A. Concurrent with forming the final form of British intelligence in America, the CIA, the BACC changed its name to the World Commerce Corporation, with its head office being located in New York City. (April 2, 1947)

This is the exact organization that appears to have been the archetype for the MI6 cover organization called Universal Exports in the James Bond books.

But now, apparently we have an earlier precedent that’s even closer to the Bond books Universal Exports – this mysterious (and real) American Export & Import Association.

spock fascinating

Update –

In preparing my Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman article (January 2018) I have since gained a few tricks up my sleeve on how to penetrate this ‘wall’ of nothing. When you see what I have found, the blatantly false “I don’t know” angle going on in this Congressional Hearing becomes even more ludicrous.

This was a very powerful association. We’re talking billions of dollars even in 1919 kind of powerful.

It looks to have started in 1908.

William E. Peck was one of the founders of this American Exporters and Importers Association, served as its President (1912-1913) and during WWI as one of its more prominent members? He was a special director for the American War Trade Board. (Blume, Dictionary US Maritime)

Not good.

That’s kind of like warmongers and profiteers central.

Colonel House, with his tight ties to British intelligence, had his tentacles straight into the War Trade Board through its chairman Vance McCormick. He even took Vance with him to the Paris Peace Conferences of 1919, where they had a long series of conversations with Lord Robert Cecil. One can just imagine all the sub-text going on in those – what with the whole League of Nations thing and all. Then there’s John Foster Dulles and his “excellent work” on the board that caught Bernard Baruch’s eye.

None of which are good things at all.

So, to have one of the more prominent members of this Exporters and Importers Association involved, is no minor detail. These people, including Baruch, were just beside themselves with how wonderful everything was (for them) because of WWI.

The world war and our participation in it have wonderfully bettered the equipment of the American people for foreign trade. – James Farrell; director of the National Foreign Trade Council. (Financier, Volume 113)

One of the ‘leading’ organizations of that was, you guessed it, the Exporters and Importers Association.

In 1921, as part of let’s get together with Britain and install some nice dictators around the world in the name of TRADE – these people got together with some big bankers and formed a Foreign Trade Financing Corporation.

The permanent committee reads like the who’s who of bankers.Anywhere from Paul Warburg to James Forgan to John McHugh, with a cool 100 mill as start-up money. Look who needed to approve this! (marked in bold)

Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting that a foreign trade financing corporation, with an authorized capital of $100,000,000, be organized at once on the general lines approved by the American Bankers Association and committees of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, the National Foreign Trade Council, the American Manufacturers Export Association, and the American Exporters and Importers Association; and be it further Resolved, That the extension of credit by the corporation should be confined to the countries where there is a stable government and where there is an assurance of integrity of purpose…

– Chicago Conference Authorizes Its Immediate Organization – Meeting called by the American Bankers Association Bankers Magazine)

assurance of integrity of purpose“? Talk about your euphemisms. Yea. Assurances like…you do what we want or else.

Then there’s this from 1919 that shows that this association represented a trade “well surpassing $1,000,000,000 annually.

Probably by far one of the more interesting finds (archived here) was a list of the member groups of this Exports and Imports Association – one of which was the World War I spy organization G. Amsinck!

See? What’d I tell ya. One hell of a powerful, rich and highly connected Association. With hugely important ties to the British Foreign Office (through both Charles Masterman and the City of London bankers) and to the Vatican.

But hey now –

Mr. Johnson. I also find that Mr. J. P. Morgan, 23 Wall Street. at one time contributed $1,000, and another time $1,500. That is taken from your books. Tell me who are the American Exporters— what is the American Exporters & Importers’ Association of New York?

Mr. Menken. I never heard of them.


That’s a Kermit moment right there.

It is interesting though, even just the name of it, because it is awfully similar to what was chosen to be the name later on in the James Bond books of the front corporation for British intelligence. They called it Universal Exports. I kind of doubt that’s a coincidence. More like a ‘nod’ to tradition.

Finally, there are a couple of stellar examples documented in these hearings, that illustrate the eerie Orwellian quality of the British goals peering through the League publications.

p, 142

Mr. Caraway. Now, you said that the membership could understand the league was working toward the end suggested, and you say now the league is not putting forth any activities.

Mr. Lydecker. No: you do not quote me right.

Mr. Caraway:. You put yourself in the record, then.

Mr. Lydecker. What I said was that these were topics that were suggested and approved by the executive committee for the future activity and they have not yet — it is very recently that these were topics. They have, just been approved, and as far as the majority of them are concerned, they were work of the committees already in progress. The first one that you referred to and asked me about, the committee has not been informed, has not taken any active part and is likely to do so if it appears that public discussion is very rife, and that the question of the confirmation of the treaty interests the world at large — of the United States — either upon questions of the freedom of the seas or the league of nations or any of those matters upon which the Senate may be called upon to vote.

Mr. Caraway. Next comes, “steadying the Nation by a great propaganda for the maintenance of the principles of freedom, justice, law, and liberty.” You are carrying that out?

“Steadying” the Nation?

That’s what they’re calling what they are doing?


wiley-double yikes

I love this next part I excerpted – the way that congressman Reavis just nails them on an excellent example of their “great propaganda” – as they put it – of a just and careful peace.

starts p 182

Mr. Reavis. And this somewhat glittering generality of a just and careful peace, what is the idea of the committee or of the league as to what a just and careful peace is?

Mr. Lydecker. I do not know.

Mr. Reavis. Have you any ideas of a just and careful peace that you would care to express at this time?

Mr. Lydecker. None in any concrete form. I assume we have our officials who are attempting to do their duty, and unless questions are submitted and unless they become matters of public discussion I do not think we have any jilace in the discussion.

Mr. Reavis. Then why have you a committee that will influence people on that proposition?

Mr. Lydecker. I do not believe it will do any harm.

Mr. Reavis. What would be your idea, as the president of this league and as the man who suggested this as one of the activities of the league? What would be your ideas of a careful peace?

Mr. Reavis. Yes. This is in quotation that I am now reading: (The matter referred to will appear hereafter.)

Mr. Lydecker. Yes,

Mr. Reavis. There is unanimity in the suggestions which, at my request, have been made to me regarding the immediate activities to bee pursued. Future activities. They are — First, the urging of a just and careful peace treaty.

Mr. Lydecker. Yes.

Mr. Reavis. At your request.

Mr. Lydecker. Yes.

Mr. Reavis. That is a part of your report?

Mr. Lydecker. Yes.

Mr. Reavis. Will you now say that you have any intention of organizing any activity in the league looking to the influencing either of the peace commission, the President, or the Senate of the United States, along the lines of a glittering generality of a just and careful peace treaty?

Mr. Lydecker. I do not know.

Mr. Reavis. You are the president, are you not ?

Mr. Lydecker. Yes. I have no intention at the present minute, because as I say I do not believe Mr. Reavis.

It was true, Lydecker knows this is getting to close to revealing the British intelligence connections and their goals for controlling the U.S. – he didn’t not “believe” Reavis – It was their materials Reavis was reading from!

So now, we have this – as Congressman Reavis put it – glittering generality of a just and careful peace.


Does that mean?

It’s exactly what Reavis implied. Shiny little sparkling words suspended in mid-air to attract us little birdlets (their view) into thinking it’s really “treasure” and a fine thing. It is anything but.


Remember, we have Colonel House and Walter Lippmann all closeted up under the influence of Prime Minister Balfour and Special Intelligence-man William Wiseman in The Inquiry – whose resulting idea of a “just and careful peace” was dismembering Germany, Russia, etc., and pitting small nationalities against each other. All of which was part of Balfour’s strategy (as he called it) – a strategy that deliberately set the stage for World War II.


Creating strife and contention, where there was none.



My article on Inside The Mind of a Slavermaster tells you why.

* * *

The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman

  • subsection – Boris gets a job at the War Trade Board.
    Question: Why would he get put there?

– Answers –

  • subsection – False Flag Operations and Propaganda in WWI
    by British and American (anglophiles)
  • subsection – Boris bosses Fuller and Coudert – getting America into the war
  • subsection – WHY do we need a war?

The “Bible” of the Slavemasters


I call it their black book.

black book slavemaster bible


Their “bible” for this time period was a book by Correa Moylan Walsh. Walsh, like the British Ambassador Spring-Rice, had been groomed by Benjamin Jowett at Oxford into the Toynbee method of accomplishing “social change” (courtesy of the Cecil Bloc of Slavemasters). Practically the first thing that he did, when he came back to the U.S. is begin his work spreading propaganda through a British front group called the Tariff Reform Club. Right on cue.


danger pirate black dealings here


MANY sub-front groups were formed around the country for the purpose of pushing the anglophile agenda – while attempting to mask that it was such.

If you haven’t already, please read my library article under the World Government section – entitled: Basic Slavemaster Propaganda Tactics.

In it, I discuss that an important part of the main methods for “spreading” an idea the slavemasters wanted inculcated into society was to use professors, particularly Oxford University professors and other “authorities”. They would have them write a book, and then use that to spawn any number of sub-groups and writers to help validate the idea. Sometimes by attacking it, no less.

In monkey english the point is: Oxford man write book, use to forward propaganda campaign.

And so Walsh did.

You see, the British slavemasters of the time of Ruskin, Cecil Rhodes, Toynbee, etc., wanted to revert back to the old system of feudalism where the “ruling class” owns the land and the bulk of everything else and in a nutshell – basically you have the “ruling class” and the commoners.

That’s what they had before and they wanted it back. HOWEVER they had to do it. If they had to use “the people” to do it – so be it.


And that’s exactly what they did and here we all are – MODERN feudalism.


Correa Moyan Walsh, our next generation slavemaster propagandist, was pushing these exact same ideas using history and economics to “prove” their veracity.

That is why he was sponsored by the slavemasters, and that is why his book was considered to be “the” guide* of later World War I and II slavemaster propagandists Walter Lippmann, Lord Northcliffe and Rothemere, (british intelligence) and Edward Bernays (nicknamed the Father of Spin).

Walsh was just death on rule in the hands of the people of the kind that Thomas Jefferson envisioned. There is example after example of finding different ways to trash those ideals, which to me, is another dead-giveaway of just who this man is working for.

Walter Lippmann, working for Morgan as editor of the New Republic, did the exact same thing in this time period of the National Security League.

It is no longer possible, for example, to believe in the original dogma of democracy; that the knowledge needed for the management of human affairs comes up spontaneously from the human heart.

…It has been demonstrated that we cannot rely upon intuition, conscience, or the accidents of casual opinion if we are to deal with the world beyond our reach.

— Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, Chapter XV, 1922


The dogma of democracy? Like it’s a religion or something.

Spare me.


He also spends quite some time trying to convince the reader that “democratic ideals had deteriorated” because of incompetent and ignorant people in America who must be ruled properly by a new “governing class”. Wow. I just wonder  sarcasm  who that would be.

Lippmann, together with Edward L. Bernays, worked together with British propaganda headquarters called “Wellington House” to publish propaganda to influence Americans and others concerning WWI – besides propagandizing for the New Republic and helping censor people through the War Trade Board.

Walter Lippmann

Walter Lippmann2

All of these people were subordinate to C.F.G. Masterman – who was the real propagandist behind the scenes. You’ve probably never even heard of him, right? I think that’s the way they want it, because once you start following his history down, the picture of British Lords motivations just gets blacker and blacker – to the point you cannot possibly ascribe any higher motivations whatsoever to their actions. There will a separate article about him – he’s that important.

In fact, you could probably rightly point to him as one of the earliest propaganda efforts of the British Government. He was given complete control of his own special (and very secret) department. It was called Wellington House because of its location in the Buckingham Gate office of the National Health Insurance Commission – the Commission was Masterman’s cover job.

Masterman oversaw quite the stable of men he could call on to assist him in his “get America into the War” mandate. A number of which directly helped him with the production and distribution of books, pamphlets, maps, photographs and articles for “use” in Allied and neutral countries to influence public opinion.

Reference – the Internet Archive copy of The Times, History and Encyclopaedia of the War, British Propaganda in Enemy Countries published in 1920.   (‘The Times’ was owned by Lord Northcliffe)


Doesn’t look like much, does he? That’s a good example of something you should take clearly to heart. Never think you can form an accurate judgement on someone based on their physical appearance.

Walter Lippman – busy boy that he was – also worked together with Bernays and George Creel on the CPI, the Committee for Public Information, in the U.S. So did William Pelley – it may surprise you to know.

References: Records of Committee on Public Information commissioners at Paris, Rome, Madrid, The Hague, London, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Lima, 1918-19. Records of Committee on Public Information representatives in Russia, primarily in Moscow and Vladivostok, 1918-19 Records of the Committee on Public Information

During WWI, Wellington House/CPI board members the Lords Rothmere and Northcliffe, Walter Lippmann, and Edward Bernays – and especially Masterman – had read and proposed as a guide the writings of Correa Moylan Walsh. In particular, The Climax of Civilization (1917) available at the Internet Archive.

Masterman especially (and his handlers such as Churchill) considered this book as corresponding closely to conditions that had to be created


before a New World Order in a One World Government could be ushered in.


The ideal society vis-a-vis the British slavemasters, is probably best encapsulated in this quote from Walsh:

some lead and guide and others do what they are told, and some merely transmit orders.

Put another way?

Masters and slaves.


Hence, now you know part of the reason that we call them Slavemasters.

Next, you’re going to get to see how a slavemaster’s mind works when they are trying to justify continuing to have strife, and contention, and war.

Why World War I was “Ok”

– sayeth the Bible of the Slavemasters


It goes like this –

Quote #1 –

For the task of civilisation…requires strife and striving, competition…

Quote #2 –

But its [strife, war, conflicts] greatest influence is apart from collaboration.

It serves the purpose of spurring on to greater effort not only by the sentiment of emulation, because of the dislike of being surpassed, but by the actual need of exerting all one’s energies to avoid being subdued.

Also it kills off those who lag too far behind, some times directly, generally at least indirectly.

And as those who have it in them to strive hard are more likely to produce off spring like them, this ” survival of the fittest ” in the “struggle for existence ” brings about a ” natural selection,” whereby the fittest parents are left over to produce the fittest children.

Strife is thus the weeder-out of the weak and unfit.

The Climax of Civilisation by Correa Moylan Walsh, 1917

That, ladies and gentleman, was what WWI and WWII were really about – Cutting off those “gangrenous” limbs by killing huge sections of the human race – and taking all their combined wealth and property for the Slavemasters to have.

You heard it, WARS are just them being helpful to the rest of humanity.

War is Helpful?

Olivia de Havilland undergoing "Hydrotherapy" in the movie "The Snake Pit"

God. <shudder>

Relevant to this time period of WWI, and getting going with on all that excision (as Walsh so delicately put their monstrous plans) I think you should see just what the “approved” slavemaster view was about Germany.

… These words were penned before the outbreak of the war now raging in Europe. This war is due primarily to the comparative overpopulation of Germany and the consequent need which the Germans feel for expansion.

The Climax of Civilisation by Correa Moylan Walsh, 1917

Walsh’s principles in action. Wow.

He’s giving an excuse for why WWI was super-cool sarcasm  from a slavemaster view.

“Thinning” those overpopulated Germans.

thumbs up

Of course, one could ask – What about the millions and millions of Russians and other peoples that were killed in the supposed quest to cut down the population of the Germans – what were they?

Collateral damage?

Or, perhaps, and more likely, it is that Slavemasters hate just about most of humanity and think they need excision.

Jefferson’s words couldn’t ring any more hard and clear concerning them – Hostis Humani Generis.

The enemy of the Human Race.


What Walsh said in this next quote is so important as to seeing their mindset, it is practically a primer (basic principles book) itself.

There is also an ill-advised over-praise of peace as the sum-mum bonum, and disparagement of war as the maximum evil.

People speak of war as retarding progress in civilisation.

The reference to the destruction of property is mere materialism.

Rather does it [War] retard progress in decay: it is a moral purgative.

As for the loss of life, it seems to be overlooked that every one must die somehow, and that violent death is generally less painful than natural death. In war, contention is frank and open; in peace, underhand and fraudulent.

If the prevention of over-population be left to natural death, especially if this be artificially delayed, the increase must be checked at its source, at birth; and this means an interference with nature’s method of selecting the fittest.

Conscription should cover all who can be fathers and if under the hardships the unsound perish, the world can get along without them.


“The world can get along without them.”


Such callous disregard for life when it wasn’t theirs.

Are you beginning to see that Hitler was practically a teddy-bear compared to these Slavemasters who created him? They are far worse, and for far longer.

Putting the above quote into plain english –

  • It’s “ill-advised” to think war is bad and peace is good.
  • Peace is only war gone covert.
  • Destroying people’s homes and entire cities, factories, farms – dismissed as “mere materialism”.
  • War is a “moral purgative” – a lovely way of saying kill those bad seeds.
  • War retards decay – killing millions of people and taking their stuff is therefore beneficial.
  • Everyone has to die some time – so why not a nice violent death? Great!
  • War solves over-population – otherwise we would just have to kill babies at birth, it’s one or the other.
  • Draft as many possible fathers as you can find
  • If any “undesireables” get killed – well friggy-dig it, who needs ‘em anyway.

And this….THIS BOOK? Is the guide for slavemaster propagandists and intelligence agents?

That explains a whole hell of a lot, doesn’t it.

It’s almost hard to imagine there could be anything worse than that to talk about after that – but there is.

They did it again – caused another war – WWII, with all the same elements. “The Jews” – fake war maps of “the enemy”, and much much worse. That war was the most cruel and horrifying piece of “strategy’ to dominate the rest of us that it’s almost unimaginable what kind of person could think what went on in it was even vaguely helpful to humanity.

Remember how the National Security League spread around an alarmist (and false) propaganda map of the Kaiser’s intents to rule the world?

Well, that’s where Masterman’s boy Lippman comes into things again. But first, a couple of other key points concerning Lippmann’s background.

He was one of the founders of the U.S. branch, or “sister” group of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (a Cecil Bloc organization) in the United States was formed July 29, 1921 in New York and called the ‘Council on Foreign Relations.’

My husband Mike wrote about that this Council on Foreign Relations was one of the primary ways the British New World Order people have infiltrated the U.S. government and covertly influenced the US government to forward the agenda of the British slavemasters.

Every U.S. President, except one, has been a member of the CFR, and CFR members hold many other top positions within the U.S. Government. Allen Dulles was a member of the CFR and he was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Twelve members of CFR have been U. S. Secretary of State, etc.

– Mike McClaughry, Scientology Roots Chapter 21-2 The First Scientologists and their Masters.

British policy with their dominions, as they call them, is that they can control their at home affairs but they have to let Britain control/guide their Foreign Affairs. And they never view any of their colonies as “independent”, which includes America.

Colonies do not cease to be colonies because they are independent.

– Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Speech in the House of Commons (5 February 1863).

Since the British obviously insisted on this CFR business to control our foreign affairs – the unhappy truth is that pretty much confirms that we are again a dominion of Britain, whether officially or not.


You could say, that William Stephenson was the follow-up act for C.F.G. Masterman – as to black heart and blacker soul poured into bringing America into dominion status.

Masterman did WWI, Stephenson did WWII.

Masterman had “Wellington House”, Stephenson had the British Security Coordination (BSC).

See British Security Coordination Compendium – by Virginia McClaughry

Section I – The Book and The Lords
Section II – The Party Boys
Section III –  Your Mind – My Mind
Section IV – The British Way
Section V – Back to the Beginning
Section VI –

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The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

– Overview –

Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman

  • subsection – Boris gets a job at the War Trade Board.
    Question asked: Why would he be put there?
  • Answered: because he was a British intelligence agent helping to foment WAR



We’ve covered so far:

  • Niet articles,
  • Zionism and what that really was, (separating the Jews as a race and then getting rid of them out of Europe); how that was an outcropping of the previous  role of the Brothers of Light and British Slavemasters trying to form a new kind of slavery as a “business”,
  • the arrival of William Wiseman to “get America into the war” and his connections to Round Table men and Colonel House,
  • what is the War Trade Board, the Coudeert Brothers and Boris Brasol,
  • the National Security League and how it tried to control elections and spread vast amounts of propaganda publications positioning anyone against the war as “traitors” and “Un-American”, while also employing “flying squadrons” of street barkers called “volunteers”,
  • how the NSL forged Nazi Strategy maps
  • how William Stephensn, with Walter Lippmann brother-in-law Ivar Bryce did the same thing at the time of WWII – forged a “Hitler” map –

and we finished with a brief discussion of the basic thoughts, policies, and tactics of the British warmongers as taken from their “bible” of the time, written by Correa Moylan Walsh.

I told you there was a lot of ground to cover!

So, now that we have an excellent idea of who’s who and what’s what with the whole intelligence “scene” going on, the following sections are going to clearly familiarize you with why, what and how – what was going on and by whom, circling like an ant swarm around British intelligence and the creation of the Protocols of Zion.

Don’t worry, I’ll drill a hole…

enders-game-drill a hole through the swarm

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The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

– Creating strife and contention, where there was none –

Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman

  • subsection – False Flag Operations and Forging Documents

The Hitler Map


A man named John E.C. “Ivar” Bryce worked for both SOE and OSS while a BSC agent for Stephenson. As an SOE agent under Stephenson, he had the number G.140; as an OSS man he was 991. Among other jobs for SOE, Bryce describes himself as an agent recruiter: “and to find…[recruits] in Latin America was his…special responsibility.”

Ref – Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 by Thomas E. Mahl, Chapter 3

Bryce went to school and roomed with Naval Intelligence agent Ian Fleming, who had helped William Donovan formulate the OSS on a pattern of British intelligence organizations.

Bryce’s brother-in-law was Walter Lippmann – who was also a BSC “asset”. That means that he would again, propagandize for the British Slavemasters during WWII.

A man named Richard Coit helped to “vet” (do background checks and interviews) the agents/junior handlers that were recruited into the BSC. One such agent was “Ivar” Bryce, who was recruited for the Latin American affairs section of BSC, a section that was run directly by Coit.

*See Specific Persons section – Richard Coit (unpublished as yet).

In one of the most destructive propaganda false flag operations I’ve seen, Richard Coit approved an idea that his junior Ivar Bryce (the brother-in-law of Walter Lippman) came up with because, well, there just were no bad war-like actions going on in Central and South America.


What’s a slavemaster-war agent to do?

I know, I know!

I know I know raising hand




And that’s exactly what happened.

This event has been referred to as – The Hitler Map.

Note: Regarding the map image below – In an act of truly unmitigated gall, a book called ROOM 3603 The Story of the British Intelligence Center in New York during World War II by H. Montgomery Hyde, gives us one of the only copies of the map available (p. 149) while having the nerve to still try to keep alive the lie that it was “real”. It even carried a foreword by IAN FLEMING, long-time British intelligence agent and sometime lover of Ivar Bryce. Bryce is who came up with the idea of the map forgery!

Fake German Map - the hitler map

Here it is in Bryce’s own words, his admission that he falsified the map for the BSC.

You_only_live_once_-_ivar_brycePhoto by Virginia


Autumn 1941 – pp 64-67.


An infinitely more important event was on the cards this fateful autumn of 1941.

[his excuses come first]

… a powerful propaganda was hammering the pacifist doctrines of ‘America first’ into the minds of timid and wishful-thinking citizens. Numerous influential papers, radio stations and opinion-swaying groups were fighting against entry.

our representatives were prepared to go to greater lengths than they would have been willing to admit to their American colleagues. The battle was between life and death, after all.

The enemy’s strength in South America and the Nazi intentions for that continent had Hitler decided to attack to the west rather than to the east were well known. But they were difficult to prove to those who did not wish to believe.

Sketching out trial maps of the possible changes on my blotter, I came up with one showing the probable reallocation of territories that would appeal to Berlin. It was very convincing: the more I studied it the more sense it made.

…It made me feel the heady power of king-makers, and I drew most carefully a detailed extension of the idea… for submission to the powers that be, to wit Bill Stephenson.

Were a genuine [which it was not] German map of this kind to be discovered or captured from enemy hands and publicized among the good neighbours themselves, and above all among the ‘America firsters’ with their belief that America could get along with Hitler, what a commotion would be caused.

The idea appealed to the Chief [Stephenson] and a method immediately occurred to him.

My map was quickly turned over to the expert forgers – a department of scientists whose knowledge of papers, inks, types, colours, watermarks and similar minutiae was total. In forty-eight hours they produced a map, slightly travel-stained with use, but one which the Reich’s chief mapmakers for the German High Command would be prepared to swear was made by them. An authentic German map from the highest, most top secret archives.

My Note – this would have been done by Station M in Canada

At station M in Canada, under cover of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – a document and letter forgery division. Imperial Censorship completely cooperated and helped these forgery efforts through its power over the mails in Canada. Station M worked on the principle that its output must be good enough to confound microscopic examination. They gathered stamps from official bodies all around the world, special kinds paper, aged paper, and even private stationary to assist their forging efforts.

Station M also provided cover false history documentation for all the BSC agents.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

This is important, because they did this with other historical “documents” for over 400 years.


And there you have it.


The British FORGED the Hitler Map.


President Roosevelt, who announced it live to millions of Americans – he knew it was forged and that it wasn’t “captured” from the Nazis or any other such total horseshit.

Roosevelt speech –

Hitler has often protested that his plans for conquest do not extend across the Atlantic Ocean. His submarines and raiders prove otherwise. So does the entire design of his new world order.

For example, I have in my possession a secret map [said in deliberately deep tones, slow and serious] made in Germany by Hitler’s Government—by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America, as Hitler proposes to reorganize it.’

‘A map secured by the diligence of America’s Foreign Service, from the highest and most redoubtable quarters of Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich, which depicts our sister continent as it will be’ – pause- ‘after the Nazi victory.’

‘These grim truths which I have told you of the present and future plans of Hitlerism will of course be hotly denied tomorrow in the controlled press and radio of the Axis Powers.’ [he just pre-positioned that anyone who denies the veracity of the map is a Nazi]

‘The protestations of these American citizens – few in number – [there were millions, not “a few” ] will, as usual, be paraded with applause through the Axis press and radio during the next few days…The motive of such Americans is not the point at issue.’

[He just made it an issue. See how obviously British this is?]

‘And when we have helped to end the curse of Hitlerism we shall help to establish a new peace which will give to decent people everywhere a better chance to live and prosper in security and in freedom and in faith.

[…a new peace the real New World Order plan – see that? Just like the League of Nations front group – the NSL – in WWI with their “just and careful peace”. And what happens to those labelled indecent, one wonders.]

Note: This “peace” and the seditious plans around it, were immortalized in a speech given by George Brock Chisholm – titled: The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress.

– References: President Roosevelt Address for Navy and Total Defense Day – October 27 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library & Museum Collection: Grace Tully Archive, Series: Grace Tully Papers, Box 5; Folder = FDR Inscribed Speeches: Navy and Total Defense Day Address, October 27, 1941
There is a cautionary note on the original by Stephen Early, Secretary to the President, that says:
Caution: The following address of the President, to be delivered at the dinner to be held at the Mayflower Hotel in celebration of “Navy and Total Defense Day”, MUST BE HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE UNTIL RELEASED.
Followed by some specific instructions as to the Press, the note then reiterates:
– text of speech also available at The Jewish Virtual Library

Here is the actual written copy of the speech made up for F.D.R to read, courtesy of the Grace Tully Archives. It was nicknamed “Fight Speech”.

(click to enlarge)

Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives

Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-2Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-3Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-4 Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-5

I apologize for the ignorance (and false propagandizing) associated with the youtube user that posted the following very real clip of Roosevelt saying a key part of the above live.

Until I find a better source, this will have to do for now, but you can still see how obvious it is that Roosevelt is nervous as hell, and he has many “tells” that he show that he knows he is lieing.

Also note the pretentious character with the cane, in the left corner – I believe that is one of Roosevelt’s British handlers, possibly Lord Lothian.



As you can see –

Roosevelt point-blank LIED to America about “Hitlers Map”.


He did it at the request of his British handlers who were losing the battle to control American minds – millions of Americans were banding together to stop this sick maneuvering by the British. He did it to scare us into going to War!

Creating strife and contention, where there was none.


The next day – in an effort to try and help distract from this obvious forgery by British Intelligence – radio announcer Raymond Swing attempted to misdirect the public attention onto the Nazi press attacking the authenticity of these documents – as if the fact that the Nazis attacked them meant the documents were “therefore” credible. That press attack was also controlled through British intelligence assets, as history now reveals, so this particular tactic by Swing becomes even uglier in hindsight.

From my BSC Compendium, Section V

WRUL was the only short-wave wireless station in the US not run for profit. It was founded by IBM guru Walter Lemmon to “spread international goodwill”.

Note: If you know your history, IBM is who also provided the machines for tabulating the Jews for the Nazis.I don’t think that exactly came under spreading international goodwill, I say as drily as possible.

It’s power, 50,000 watts was unsurpassed by any other station in the Americas or Germany. Through cut-outs, BSC began to supply it with everything it needed to run a first-class international program, including subsidizing it financially.

WRUL was one of the very few stations powerful enough to be heard easily in Europe – it began regularly sending programs to England, Yugoslavia, Holland, Belgium, Rumania, Germany, and Italy.

WS recruited foreign news editors, translators and announcers to “serve” on its staff. It furnished it with material for new bulletins, specially prepared scripts for talks and commentaries and with transcribed programmes.

Raymond Swing – a leading American voice from Britain during World War II – he was one of the regular broadcasters utilized by the BSC. He is also who was chosen to try and stave off the correct accusations that “the Hitler map” was an outright forgery by the BSC.

(ref re: Swing broadcasting for WRUL – Harvard Crimson magazine May 2,1941)

By the middle of 1941, WRUL was literally a subsidiary of BSC, sending out British propaganda all over the world.

The British slavemasters used us Americans to front for (and make it look like we did it alone) – again.

Daily broadcasts went out in no less than 22 different languages. Sir Samule Hoare asked for an immediate propaganda campaign designed to convince Spain that she would be the loser if she entered the war on Germany’s side – in May of 1941.

BSC WRUL broadcasts written by BSC agents launched in June.

Raymond Swing

Raymond Swing

The following evening after Roosevelts speech/broadcast, here is what Swing broadcasted on the radio. He had started out having tried to re-characterize press attacks from all sides of the veracity of these so-called “documents”, as having been Nazi press attacks, and then continued with one of the lamest explanations ever as to why no-one can actually see these documents.

The excerpts chosen were mostly those telling about the secret map of a Nazi-fied Latin America and the plans for a Nazi church to replace all other religions. These were branded as forgeries, as the President had foreseen they would be. In Washington Mr. Roosevelt at his press conference today did not throw more light on these two disclosures. The Latin American map, he said, could not be published because notations on it would reveal its source. That, he said, might jeopardize the source and perhaps eliminate a fountainhead of valuable information. He also said he could not make public the religious documents.

…The President’s speech, I should add, pleased the British.

– News for Everyman: Radio and Foreign Affairs in Thirties America by David Holbrook Culbert, page 117.

Yeah, I’m sure it did please the British.

How very droll of him.


That’s enough for now, but don’t worry, there is far more to say about this (all documented, of course) and I will be handling it as a separate section of my British Security Coordination Compendium (in our World Government section of The Reading Library). One of the things we will get into is what was Stephenson’s rather intricate plan that he came up with for forging the events of the maps “discovery”.

You know, I think it’s important to point out the importance of that at least Bryce told the truth about what he did – kind of refreshing, isn’t it? It probably weighed pretty heavily on his conscience, what he did to the world in the name of “progress” ala Coylan-Walsh’s ideas.

So, thank you Bryce, wherever you are.

Ivar Bryce

Ivar Bryce

Now that you know just how far these people are willing to go

Think they wouldn’t have also backed something so evil as the Protocols of Zion?

I see you get it now, sour face and all. I understand exactly how you feel.

But don’t worry, the future is not the past. I promise. To really change the future, one cannot deny the past – especially one as evil as this is. You must know it as it was, not as someone wants you to believe it was. Beware of people that tell you to “move on” or “let it go” – nine times out of ten that is someone who has a past they are trying like the dickens to make “disappear” – a bad past that they have never really faced and are doomed to never be able to actually do anything else but run from it, permanently. You don’t want that, trust me.

* * *

The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman

  • subsection – The “Bible” of the Slavemasters
  • Forgery and Propaganda

Creating Enemies

Slavemasters create strife and contention, where there is none.


mastermans propaganda - somme film troops

Our war-inventors, of wars that should never have happened, would never have happened without these people’s interference in everything, tells us that one must CREATE a very specific enemy.

Per Harold Lasswell, a second-generation propagandist accolyte of Walter Lippmann, propagandizing for War needs a well-defined enemy – this is where the Protocols of Zion comes in.

Because, in both the lead-ups to WWI (marginally) and WWII especially, that fairy-tale enemy was “The Jews”.

So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations… that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. There must be no ambiguity about who the public is to hate.

– Lasswell Propaganda Technique in World War, published 1927

Like this…

Portrayals of “the Jew” – Propaganda

The Jew The inciter of war, the prolonger of war.

Reads – The inciter of war, the prolonger of war

Here are some other wildly provocative examples of creating the enemy – The Jew.


the jew - antijewish


Lasswell also said regarding this “enemy” who must become hated, that there are certain common denominators in how they need to portrayed, and that these can be “counted upon” to work in any situation, be it small or large.

  • The opposing nation is nearly always demonstrably overbearing and contemptuous.
  • The enemy is not only insolent, he is sordid.
  • The enemy is inherently perfidious.
  • The enemy conducts a lying propaganda. This theme is of particular importance.
  • The enemy is quarrelsome, crude and destructive.
  • The enemy is atrociously cruel and degenerate in his conduct of the War.
  • The other side is a nefarious plotter and liar, unworthy of confidence.

So, cut down to the nitty-gritty, the enemy must be portrayed as:

  • overbearing and contemptuous.
  • insolent
  • sordid.
  • inherently perfidious.
  • conducts a lying propaganda.
  • quarrelsome, crude and destructive.
  • atrociously cruel
  • degenerate
  • nefarious plotter
  • liar
  • unworthy of confidence.

Like this –

This Russian poster shows a Jewish man as:

  • a money lender,
  • communist
  • untrustworthy.

russian the eternal jew - antijewish
It says “The Eternal Jew”.


If the Protocols of Zion was a deliberately created propaganda piece choosing for us an “enemy” to hate, thereby setting conditions for war, we would expect to see these elements in play in regards the JEW.

  • overbearing and contemptuous.
  • insolent
  • sordid.
  • inherently perfidious.
  • conducts a lying propaganda.
  • quarrelsome, crude and destructive.
  • atrociously cruel
  • degenerate
  • nefarious plotter
  • liar
  • unworthy of confidence.

And so they are, practically picture-perfect, in fact.

How many times have you come across at least one or more of the above accusations STILL being attempted to be applied to “the Jews” even today?

Take a look at Google for “jews” and conspiracy and you’ll see just how many people are:

  • A: suckering in others with the same old propaganda and
  • B: how many people at least are looking like they are buying it!

Ok, so are these all complete idiots? While that may be the easy and conveniently lazy conclusion, it’s not true. The reason why this type of propaganda is still active is because it is being deliberately kept active.


Well, that’s something else Lasswell said (and he named the Father of this tactic as Benjamin Disraeli).

He said:

To undermine the active hatred of the enemy for its present antagonist, his anger must be distracted to a new and independent object, beside which his present antagonist ceases to matter.

THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT OPERATION, and it is always advisable to carry through a work of preparation….

OK, so whose the real target, the real enemy? The British slavemasters, and that happens to be the truth. Ah, but we don’t want people to know that, to continue to have HATRED for the British (which is deserved, by the way) so what to do?

Create a different enemy and ascribe many of the things the British slavemasters are responsible for onto this new enemy called – The Jews.

So, you see, you have all these people out there in each succeeding generation who sense that something is wrong, that there is some sort of conspiring going on to keep the rich, rich and the middle class, middle class. The last thing these psychotic (and very, very guilty) madmen want is to have the entire world coming after their asses.

So, we keep various convenient “enemies” available, The Jews/The Illuminati usually topping the list. These come complete with vast storehouses of books and fake documents and “discussions” all quote-festing each other, and lectures and “experts” and…you get the idea.

It’s all bullshit distraction – a going nowhere in circles, a hamster cage of the mind. hamsterwheel

There are very real conspirators, and they have been doing it for generations now – and they have very, very, bloody hands.


They need to have people distracted and unable to tell who is really driving all this.

Lasswell also tell us that propaganda has a large element of fake in it. Considering the forgery by British intelligence of the Hitler Map, that’s quite an understatement.

Actual propaganda, wherever studied, has a large element of the fake in it.

This varies from putting a false date line on a despatch, through the printing of unverified rumours, the printing of denials in order to convey an insinuation, to the ” staging ” of events.

One of the world war fakes was the use of pictures of the Jewish pogrom of 1905, somewhat retouched, as fresh enemy atrocities. [during WWI]

Now let’s really look at these:

  1. putting a false date line on a despatch
  2. printing of unverified rumours
  3. printing of denials in order to convey an insinuation
  4. “staging” of events.

The first one is called “back-dating” also, and is one of the oldest forms of misrepresentations engaged in by the British slavemasters and their propagandists. They especially do this in their versions of so-called history – sometimes to an extreme of hundreds of thousands of years. The most extreme example is probably the Bible.

Remember, we know that in WWII they had a whole division to forge documents, including “historical” documents, called Station M. This wasn’t their first “dance” doing that kind of thing – make no mistake.

The third one you may not be familiar with, but if I put it into modern form you will recognize it. Accusing someone of something without looking like you are often starts out like this:

  1. “I can neither confirm nor deny that (name) is guilty of (whatever you want to accuse them of).” or
  2. “There is no evidence to prove that (name) was (whatever you want to accuse them of).”

Yeah. Now you recognize it.

The fourth one is by far the most evil of these, in my opinion. Why? Because it is exactly what both World Wars were – they were STAGED.

The Protocols incorporate more than one of these tactics, as you will soon see.

* * *


The Protocols of Zion

– A British Intelligence operation –

Overview of events leading to publication




The first thing we’re going to do here is put in the 1916 events that we already covered so far, but stripped down. Then I’m going to start filling in.

And Away we go…

Jackie Gleason - And Away We Go



January 18 – Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming, sends William Wiseman to New York to establish special intelligence section V MIc – he is tasked to get America into the war. Wiseman recruits Norman Thwaites (then recovering in London from a 1914 war wound) to be his adjutant. Thwaites had worked for many years on the New York World staff, he was the private secretary of Joseph Pulitzer. (*note MI stands for Military Intelligence). Prior to the formation of the Special Operations Executive in July 1941,

Important note: Joseph has long term ties to British Intelligence, going all the way back to the Spanish-American war, yet another British False Flag Operation.

Even worse, he was used as the springboard to bring up another man – the man who would begin the public assault on the newly created “race” idea of “the Jews”.

One of Lord Alfred Milner’s men that he was grooming to become a major mouthpiece for the slavemasters, H. Wickham Steed, had been personally appointed by Joseph Pulitzer as Paris correspondent for the New York World, during the time period that Thwaites was his personal secretary. Using this as a jump-off point, Milner then had Steed join The Times in 1896 as a foreign correspondent, working briefly out of Berlin before transferring successively to Rome ( from 1897 until 1902) and then Vienna (1902–13). In 1914 he moved to London to take over as foreign editor of The Times – working directly for C.F.G. Masterman through Milner’s other man in The Times – Geoffrey Dawson.

Steed is the man who first publicized The Protocols of Zion.


That, is a very, very, nasty connection there, ladies and gentleman. It absolutely proves complicity on the part of British intelligence to rally attacks against the “enemy” – The Jews. There will be a lot more about this in a later section coming up here.

Early 1916 – William Wiseman recommends to Franklin Roosevelt to have Spencer Eddy start up a spy network to gather domestic intelligence in New York City. Eddy agreed to do it.

Commander Edward McCauley, Jr. was assistant director of Naval Intelligence and he acted as the handler for Eddy. Eddy recruited agents from the Naval Reserve Force. The agents in Eddy’s intelligence group were designated voluntary agents of Office of Naval Intelligence.

Early 1916 – Wiseman takes Casimir Pilenas over and runs him directly as his agent. Pilenas would usually (not always – it depended what it was) reported in to either Norman Thwaites or naval attache’ Guy Gaunt.

Remember, Pilenas status was ‘British S.S. agent of the Scotland Yard detachment’ is still in place, but Melville is gone now, so Pilenas is technically fully under MI6, as was Wiseman.

References – 1. Okhrana, IIIf, Box 24, File 28; and ‘Deep Cover Agents – Russian (L–Z)’;  2. US Department of Justice, Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, (BI), 105638: In ‘re: Casimir Pilenas’ (18 December 1917); 3. United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918).

July 29 – the Black Tom bombing in New Jersey, that I think Casimir somehow had some involvement in, because shortly after Wiseman arrives in January of 1916, all sorts of strange things begin happening to help “push” the U.S. into the war. “German” bombings of factories and so on.

There are several precedents of that British Intelligence has deliberately engaged in controlling “bombings” and invented fake enemies. For example, as we covered earlier, Melville agents engaged in the following acts of terrorism to portray “enemies” that did not exist:

  • 1892 – Walsall bomb factory and “planning bombings”, fabricated evidence – Agent Coulon
  • 1894 – Greenwich park explosion – Agent Henry Samuels, who worked together with Pilenas also for Rachkovsky and the Okhrana
  • 1910 – The Houndsditch murders “anarchists” shootout after a supposed “jewelry heist” – big propaganda affair orchestrated by Winston Churchill to falsely create a climate of “international fear” and threat.

And that’s just the ones I can document right now – I’m sure there are many, many, more examples of this kind of insanity on the part of the British Slavemasters and their grand “plans” to rule the world.

Pinkerton’s, based out of the U.S., also often carried out similar violent activities on behalf of their clients such as British Intelligence.

Think that British intelligence wouldn’t stoop to bombing American targets and then pin it on the “nazis” – as part of Wiseman’s task to get American into the War?

They damn sure would.


I think they did, in fact I can just about guarantee you that they did.


the Black Tom Pier


Here’s where it was located –


At 2:08 AM, the first and largest of the explosions took place. The explosion was the equivalent of an earthquake measuring between 5.0 and 5.5 on the Richter scale and was felt as far away as Philadelphia. Windows broke as far as 25 miles away, including thousands in lower Manhattan. Property damage from the attack was estimated at $20 million.

Like I said, this is exactly the kind of thing Casimir did for Melville, bombings and all. I certainly wouldn’t put it past Wiseman to “arrange” such things with all the trappings of ‘the Germans did it’ – would you?

Because, for one thing, out of all the people in the entire world to do this, Casimir gets sent to Belfast in 1933, to get a confession from an Irish “terrorist” who just happens to pin it all – the Black Tom bombings – on the Germans, and specifically Germans high in the Hitler regime?

Yeah, that sounds about as real as this.

arriving in scientology

Be that as it may –

Casimir lists himself as “agent” when he departs Belfast –


He was an agent, in more ways than one.

Remember, Pilenas had always been British Intelligence, all the way to WWII, so now, here he is again helping to agitate for war – WWII. Last time it was “the Jews” – now he’s at it again with false flag operations assigned to the “nazis”. This is for something that I believe that British intelligence, and Pilenas, were actually who incited/controlled the Black Tom bombing.

I mean, come on, really now. They milked it for all it was worth when it happened, to get America into WWI against those evil bombing Germans, and now here they are again, milking the same incident as part of building propaganda on their elected new enemy for WWII: The evil Germans and “the Jews” – TAKE TWO: The Nazis.

evil germans and the 'jews' take two - the nazis

Note: Wiseman (and later, William Stephenson) went out of their way to make sure that Pilenas status with British intelligence was protected – and even made the statement that he was certain that he had ‘worked for no other person but [me]’.

Reference – United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918)

Whenever the FBI, the chasing-the-wrong-rabbit clodhoppers (as the British viewed them) would start to buy into Pilenas cover as a “Jew hating Communist” during the years? Somehow, the trouble would always just go away. Now you know why.

So, perhaps this little PR stunt of Pilenas in 1934 serves another purpose as well – avoiding troublesome pointing fingers, perhaps?

The British do so hate to be exposed, and ergo….travesty of all travesties – embarrassed.

Continuing –

Pilenas arrives back to New York


Casimir arrives back in New York January 9, 1934, presumably to confer with Wiseman, because it’s almost three months before this gets “sprung” on the U.S. public, in an various news “drops” like the April 7, Gettysburg Times, news article.

april 7 1934 casimir and lark black tom bombing


Especially important, and damning as to why Casimir was sent (he must have been part of this nasty bombing for Wiseman) is the first line:

An affidavit obtained in Ireland from James Larkin, labor leader, who was deported in 1922, may play an important part in decided whether Germany should pay for the famous Black Tom blast that helped push the United states into the world war.

The good part is this article provides another piece of proof of Casimir’s never-changed and long-term British intelligence connections.

The Irish Labor leader’s affidavit was obtained by Casimir P. Palmer [he changed his name], a former agent of the British intelligence service in the United States.


 1916 Continued –


August – Boris Brasol arrived to the U.S. as legal advisor to General Kasloff. Kasloff came for the purpose of making investigations as to the production of munitions here, the Russian Supply Committee was established.

Ref: FBI documents from the Internet Archive

August – Natalie DeBogory ran a translation service and was also the personal assistant to Dr. Sergei Syromiatnikov, the Russian imperial government’s chief PR man in the United States as well as a collaborator with the Okhrana. Sergei was a “journalist” who often used the pseudonym S.N. Sigma. He had arrived 20 February 1915 on the maiden voyage of the Lusitania. Natalie arrived with her family in 1911.

Boris Brasol shared offices with Sergei Nikolaevich Syromiatnikov in the Flatiron Building. Natalie will later be named by Boris and Pilenas as involved in the Protocols of Zion op in 1920.

Fall 1916- Wiseman warned ‘C’ (Mi6 head Cumming) that in America there were:

‘people who are still afraid of George III’.

– Papers of Sir William Wiseman





January 6 – Commander McCauley recruited all the agents in Eddy’s [overseen by Wiseman] intelligence network into the United States Naval Reserve Force and gave them the rank of lieutenant jg (junior grade). Through the Naval Reserve Force, these men were made officers with temporary commissions and served as “volunteer agents” for the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Early April – Roger Welles becomes chief of Office of Naval Intelligence. Welles then happily commissioned FDR’s “naval reserve” anglophilic socialite pals into naval intelligence. Among these was Spencer Eddy’s intelligence group that was started by Wiseman. Basically, the U.S. Naval Reserve is anglophilic, Private Intelligence Networks and Agents.

April 2 – President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. Four days later, America declared war on Germany. William Wiseman could credit himself, Colonel House, and his agents, which included Aleister Crowley, with bringing America into the war.

Other documented agents of Wiseman:

  • Columbia University professor and Zionist activist Richard Gottheil
  • Jacob Schiff’s Kuhn, Loeb & Co, board member – Otto H. Kahn, a man Wiseman’s adjutant Major Norman Thwaites later praised as ‘whole-heartedly pro-Allied and especially pro-British’.
  • Jacob Schiff – secret propaganda campaign in Russia
  • Vladimir Orlov and Sydney Reilly (Sigmund “Schlomo” Rosenblum) – persons who ‘have special facilities for getting into the confidence of German agents’.

Reference – Thwaites, Velvet and Vinegar, p. 255.

  • Casimir Pilenas – arrived 1913, still under MI6 and Sir Melville, worked under Wiseman as soon as he arrived.
  • Boris Brasol
  • Natalie deBogory
  • double-agent named Antony Jechalski in a pro-German Polish circle.
  • Alistair Crowley and Somerset Maugham – recruited in 1916, infiltrating pro-German and Bolshevik groups.

1917 – Boris hooks up with Sydney Reilly, he and Pilenas recommend him to Wiseman. Reilly was acting as a “purchasing” agent (aka arms dealer) of munitions for the Russian government. Brasol was in charge of vetting those contractors

Reference – Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly by Richard Spence, (Los Angeles: Feral House, 2002), 380-381, referencing Reilly to Savinkov, September 17, 1923.

1917 – Sydney Reilly starts working for Wiseman as a deep cover agent. He reported in to Normal Thwaites, Wiseman’s adjutant. He later went on to be personally directed by Cumming and Desmond Morton. He was operating with the cover of “purchasing” agent of munitions for the Russian government.

Reference – Yale University, Sterling Library, Special Collections, MS 666: Sir William Wiseman Papers Box 10/File 255: ‘Russia’, p.3.

1917 – Reilly recommends Vladimir Grigor’evich Orlov who became a deep cover agent. One of his operations was running a professional counterfeiter organization in Berlin. Reilly (through Wiseman) helped Orlov set up a forged Soviet documents factory. Orlov’s connection to British Intelligence was very well protected. Wiseman and Thwaites carefully concealed their dealings with these men not only from the Germans, but also from the Americans and even from other British services. A

Reference – Thwaites, Velvet and Vinegar, p. 181.

October 14 – L. S. Perkins, a Russian speaking agent assigned to the New York office of the FBI, wrote his superiors on “Making Translations from Russian for the Russian Embassy.” He noted that an official of the Russian Embassy had approached him about doing “certain very confidential translation of Russian documents into English . . . as soon as possible.” Perkins noted that “My work is carried on at Room 907, the Flatiron Building, which is the office of Lieutenant Brazol.”

Ref – L. S. Perkins, “In Re: Confidential Work,” Bureau of Investigation (hereafter BI), File 8000-14, October 14, 1917.

Autumn – Sir Melville, Pilenas original handler retires. Naval attache’ Guy Gaunt takes advantage of that and tries to get rid of Pilenas.

October 15 – Shortly after William Wiseman arrived back from one of his intelligence trips to England, after almost two years of working directly for Wiseman, Casimir Pilenas was “loaned” to the U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Division, complete with a glowing recommendation from his erstwhile British superior. Casimir was already directly working with “Russian Radical” Boris Brasol at this point in time. One of the things Casimir was tasked by Wiseman to do at the MID, was to incite the Americans by “reporting” on jew banker conspiracies.

Why Casimir went into the MID, had to do with that Naval Attache’ Guy Gaunt had been complaining to Claude Dansey (Deputy head of SIS) about Wiseman and his “agents’.

The back story goes like this – the Director of British Naval Intelligence, Admiral Sir `Blinker’ Hall, had elected Captain Guy Reginald Arthur Gaunt as the British Naval Attache and senior British Intelligence officer in NYC, NY, in early February of 1915. He was barely in position nine months before in November, Wiseman was chosen by MI6 head Cumming to head intelligence activities in America.

Reference – ‘The Gaunt-Wiseman Affair: British Intelligence in New York in 1915’, International Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence, Vol. 16, #3 (2203), 448.

Gaunt pitched a jealous fit, furiously writing reports on “imperfections” in Wiseman’s operations.


image by Virginia

Gaunt had himself established a network of agents that had penetrated organizations considered subversive by the British. When not running his agents from the Biltmore Hotel in New York City, he was carefully cultivating Colonel House, happily feeding piles of black propaganda into the ONI files – the names of “Irish rebels, Hindu plotters and Bolshevik terrorists”.

Of course, Gaunt called anyone who said the British were running spies to do exactly that (position people who exposed them and their evil, insane ways) as being “crazy” and “a liar”. For example, he went to great pains to dismiss as ‘the wildest of fiction’ Rintelen’s claim that Britain had saturated the United States with secret agents.

Reference – In Spies We Trust: The Story of Western Intelligence by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones

The “wildest of fiction“?



Yea, it’s so fictional.   sarcasm

Wiseman was replacing Gaunt in both areas, grooming Colonel House and running a network of deep-cover agents in the U.S.

Gaunt was so jealous of Wiseman coming in that he was still wanting to dish dirt on whoever he could over 35 years later to biographer John Symonds! He even tried to tell a story once of how he “kicked him [Wiseman] out of New York” but then let him back in later – as if he was the deciding point over Cumming, the head of MI6.

Originally, Gaunt had the authority to send unsatisfactory agents packing back to England, and he tried to exercise this on Wiseman himself, as well as some of Wiseman’s agents (like Pilenas) – but that didn’t quite go how Gaunt wanted it to, and he found himself re-assigned in 1917, leaving Wiseman a clear field.

However, when Claude Dansey landed in New York, he advised Sir William that Pilenas was ‘an agent provocateur used by the old Russian Secret Police’ and Pilenas ‘had better be discharged at once’, and Wiseman assured him ‘that he was going to do so’.

Reference -United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502, 252573: Dansey to MI5 (G2) (19 January 1918) and KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918).

In fact, he did nothing of the sort and Pilenas remained on the British payroll until 15 October 1917.

Reference – US Department of Justice, Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, (BI), 105638: In ‘re: Casimir Pilenas’ (18 December 1917).

Wiseman then provided Pilenas with a sterling recommendation which landed him the MID job. Then, as still a British agent, just off-the-books and deep cover, Pilenas having successfully infiltrated American intelligence, would continue to channel information to Wiseman, and run operations as needed. This kind of deep cover, secret collaboration would continue for decades.

Reference – American Jewish Archives, Nathan Isaacs Papers: Isaacs to Pilenas/Palmer (15 May 1933).

December 18 – the FBI reports (probably to the MID, after getting info from Thwaites) that Casimir Pilenas is a ‘British S.S. agent of the Scotland Yard detachment’ and that he worked for Wiseman, reporting directly to Thwaites and naval attaché Guy Gaunt.

Reference – US Department of Justice, Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, (BI), 105638: In ‘re: Casimir Pilenas’ (18 December 1917).

With a clean bill of health, Pilenas had the job at MID.




January 15 – Wiseman returned from British intelligence headquarters, traveling on the St. Louis from Liverpool, arriving in New York on approximately January 15, 1918, just in time to enact new “placement” orders for Natalie and Boris.

January 19 – Pilenas is still coming under fire, Wiseman expressed absolute confidence in him, and that he was certain that he ‘worked for no other person but [me]’

Reference – United Kingdom, National Archives (NA), Records of the Security Service, KV2/502: CX 015649 (19 January 1918).

February – Boris gets employed by Paul Fuller Jr. of Coudert Bros. Law firm, at the War Trade Board Intelligence Bureau in New York as a  “special investigator”.

February – Natalie de Bogory gets hired (also on Wiseman’s recommendation) to the MID, as the personal assistant of Harris Ayres Houghton. So now she and Wiseman agent Casimir Pilenas are both in the MID. Harris is going to be one of the other publishers of the Protocols of Zion in 1920.

Reference Natalie The American Axis: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Rise of the Third Reich, By Max Wallace, page 60

March – Sydney Reilly was “officially” tasked into the SIS and posted to Murmansk with the codename “ST-1”. His task was to foment resistance “against” the Bolsheviks.

June 30 – Brasol had contact with Col. Norman Thwaites of the British intelligence (SIS) station in New York. One of Thwaites’ subordinates reported an interview with Brasol, where midway through the interview, Brasol received a call from the State Department asking him to come to Washington.

Reference – Unsigned to Thwaites, Sir William Wiseman Papers, Sterling Library, Yale University, Box 10, File 263, June 30, 1918.

Fall – William Wiseman assured Mi6 head Cumming, that:

The details and extent of our organisation [the Americans] have never known, and don’t know to this day.

– Yale University, Sterling Library Special Collections, Sir William Wiseman Papers, Box 6, File 174, Wiseman to Chief, 6 Sept. 1918, 2.




Things start heating up on creating “the Jew” enemy.


February 19 – Pilenas submitted a report on Bolshevism to the MID in which he described the German Jewish banker Max Warburg as the man “at the bottom of it.” There goes Wiseman’s other deep cover agent Casimir doing the same story line as Brasol would do in December of 1919, when the “jew” part getting added to the story really got going.

Pilenas, “Re: Bolshevism,” NARA, Records of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Division (hereafter MID) File 10058-285, February 19, 1919.

April – Shortly after Pilenas was able to “hook” the MID with his report of February 1919 alleging Max Warburg was at the bottom of Bolshevism – British Intelligence (Wiseman) wanted Brasol in there too! The time for the mass “launching” of the Communist “Red” Bible Protocols** was nye, and this was an important final “intel” gathering survey of its workability, of a sort.

**see Red Bible article.

Brasol resigned from the War Trade Intelligence Bureau in April 1919 and immediately took up a new post with the MID as a special assistant to its chief, Gen. Marlborough Churchill. Churchill was much concerned by the “Bolshevik Menace” and open to Brasol’s suggestion of a Jewish conspiracy behind it, having already expressed an interest in Pilenas’ report..

– See The “Jewish Threat”: Antisemitic Politics of the U.S. Army, by Joseph Bendersky (New York: Basic Books, 2000).

Churchill was a distant relative of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Together with Herbert Yardley, he was instrumental in establishing the joint State and War Department’s Cipher Bureau, the American Black Chamber.

Brigadier General Marlborough Churchill on his way to Paris Peace Conference, December 4, 1918


During his time at MID Brasol was named “Confidential Agent B-1,” he produced at least thirty-six numbered reports on radical groups and activities and some related special memorandums.

His intelligence activities did not exclusively focus on Bolshevists (and later Jews) but anything at all related to them prompted his immediate attention and reportage.

Brasol remained with the MID for just over a year, and then it was time for him to launch the Protocols of ZION this time (changing from Bolshevists/Communists etc. to JEWS) on the unsuspecting American public.

October 7 – Casimir gets married to Anna.

Click to enlarge

Casimir pilenas naturalization and scythia 1927


And now, we start to cross into events, activities and people leading to and preparing for the release of the forgery – The Protocols of Zion.

* * *

The Protocols of Zion

– a British intelligence operation –

C.F.G Masterman – the ‘Count Dracula’ King of Propaganda

masterman-charles-frederick-gurney - draculaMasterman, as portrayed by Charles Gurney


The next thing we literally have to do, is delve into the dark subject of Charles Masterman. Why? It is because of him that the Protocols will first appear and be known to the world-at-large.

I am working on an extensive article just on him, but I will just include the parts I feel are relevant to our purposes in this article.


Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman

or C.F.G. Masterman

The first thing that you should know, is that Masterman was greatly influenced by Ruskin, which explains a lot. He even wrote a book called Ruskin The Prophet.

Good god.

thats not something you see every day - vincent

He’s championing Ruskin? He was the psycho that gave that speech, ‘Imperial Duty’, that Cecil Rhodes used as the bedrock of his wills creating The Round Table.

John Ruskin


Ruskin was one of the British previous generation of slavemaster propagandists (previous to Correa Moylan Walsh – our slavemaster “bible” author). Ruskin was an Oxford professor and a prodigious writer.

Imperial Duty was the subject of Ruskin’s inaugural lecture at Oxford, delivered to a packed audience on February 8, 1870, and its effects would be felt far beyond the shores of the British Isles. The lecture was published in his Lectures on Art (1894).

Excerpts –

There is a destiny now possible to us

One kingdom; but who is to be its king?

We are still undegenerate in race; a race mingled of the best northern blood.

will you, youths of England, make your country again a royal throne of kings; a sceptred isle, for all the world a source of light…?

There is indeed a course of beneficent glory open to us, such as never was yet offered to any poor group of mortal souls. But it must be — it is with us, now, “Reign or Die.

And this is what she must either do, or perish: she must found colonies as fast and as far as she is able, formed of her most energetic and worthiest men; — seizing every piece of fruitful waste ground she can set her foot on, and there teaching these her colonists that their chief virtue is to be fidelity to their country, [that’s called nationalism, by the way]

Their first aim is to be:

to advance the power of England by land and sea

[for] the England who is to be mistress of half the earth

– John Ruskin inaugural speech at Oxford, February 8, 1870 – retrieved from Norton College records

In regards to what that  “kingdom” of the earth idea is actually referencing, it is a re-iteration of the first Spymaster, a Cecil, and the Balance of Power policy of England. Put simply?

England rules over everyone and tells them what to do.

balance of power3

For much more about that, see my article: Origin of the term “Balance of Power”.

Masterman’s prophetic hero, Ruskin, was a homosexual paedophile. It appears that Masterman followed in his footsteps and was also a homosexual paedophile. Although just how that can be described as “non-abusive” by this writer, is anyone’s guess.

…thus dwells on his upbringing and family background, and emphasizes his recurrent attacks of clinical depression, his rather unusual family life, his apparently non-abusive homosexual-pedophilic tendency, and his abuse of alcohol and drugs.

– Published by Jhistory (November 2002), Eric Hopkins: Charles Masterman (1873-1927), Politician and Journalist: The Splendid Failure – (Studies in British History, vol. 54). The Edward Mellen Press, 1999 – REVIEW by Dafnah Strauss of Haifa University, Israel.

Masterman worked closely with Winston Churchill and Lloyd George on the People’s Budget of 1909 and was responsible for the passage through parliament of the National Insurance Act 1911. Beatrice Webb was to note in her diaries his “almost unnaturally close friendship” with Churchill.

Lucy Masterman’s biography (highly edited) of Masterman also carefully alludes to this extremely tight connection that Masterman and Churchill shared. And, it is certainly true that Charles and Lucy Masterman spent much of their married life apart. His writings to her sound more like a chatty girlfriend than a husband – I’ve read her book.


Churchill did have several homosexual relationships. Some writers characterize these as a “rite of passage” particularly in the British Navy. I refrain from commenting on that particular practice, at the moment, but the facts of Winston Churchill’s homosexual tendencies are well documented, as outlined in the biography of his mother Lady Randolph Churchill aka Jennie. For example – His long and warm working relationship with his secretary Edward Marsh – a homosexual – may have even been based on Churchill’s homosexual proclivities.

Mastermann is certainly an enigmatic figure, and the British government still appears to be suppressing the release of full information as to his life.

No comprehensive biography has yet been written, over a hundred years later, his private papers have still not yet been released to the public.

The Man Behind The Propaganda


Masterman was one of a number of slavemasters and junior slavemasters that had been studying “mass attitudes” and writing about it.

Masterman wrote “The Condition of England” written prior to WWI, and this subject occupied one entire chapter of it – the longest one. Norman Angell (The Great Illusion, 1910, revised 1914) – yet another Round Table man, also had much attention on this.

Masterman’s work showed more of an “on the ground” view of it versus the usual theorizing. Earlier in his life, he had deliberately spent much time in the “slums” at writing poetry – ha ha – what he was really doing is that he was engaged in studying ‘the people’ for various slavemasters, so that they could figure out how they “think” and therefore manipulate them.

Partially as a result of this experience, Masterman was erroneously convinced that persons “with little education or exposure to the wider world are not in charge of their own fates and are manipulatable by others“.

When he came to be made in charge of propaganda (secretly) he directed his message not to the masses but to the “elite”.

Very Cecil Bloc of him, because, of course, what that really means is that he was selecting/creating generals of Propaganda, not just soldiers. Ergo, these ‘elite’ would then dutifully turn around and wield their influence on those junior ‘masses’ – the people.

To Masterman’s slavemaster way of thinking, persuading other controllers or each nation of the “justness” of the British cause would not only be the more efficient way to gain the “understanding” they sought, but through some kind of tortured superiority complex view – this would be “the most ethical way to serve the interests of the masses.

Oh really..


Masterman was approached to officially take charge of propaganda to “the elite” in August of 1914. He immediately scheduled two conferences, one on 2 September and one on the 7th. The first one was mostly for authors, including those who earned their living as writers, and academic writers – particularly those with wide audiences.

The following men produced over two million propaganda products in seventeen languages were published in the first two years of the war, almost entirely without the readers’ knowledge that these were sponsored by the British government.

These are the men he assembled in one room.

  • William Archer
  • Sir J.M. Barrie
  • Arnold Bennett
  • A.C. Benson
  • Monsignor Hugh Benson
  • Robert Bridges
  • Hall Caine
  • G.K. Chesterton
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • John Galsworthy
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Anthony Hope Hawkins
  • Maurice Hewlett
  • W.J. Locke
  • E.V. Lucas
  • J.W Mackail
  • John Masefield
  • A.E.W. Mason
  • Professor Gilbert Murray
  • Henry Newbolt
  • Sir Owen Seaman
  • George Trevelyan
  • H.G. Wells
  • Israel Zangwill
  • John Buchan – Lord Tweedsmuir, related distantly by marriage to Masterman, and a MI6 agent.
  • Ford Madox Ford

With Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch and Rudyard Kilping sending messages that they would be will to assist the propaganda effort.

Note: The first 2 bolded names were recruited by Masterman in August to be part of his staff.

There was a transcript of what occurred at this meeting, what the plans were that were formulated, and so on, but somehow, there doesn’t seem to be a surviving copy of it.

Imagine that.


More likely, it is refused to be released. I think it would form part of a some things just can’t be lived down list, and would shock the hell out of a whole lot of people as to which books, films, and short-stories were quite literally commissioned to influence the masses to the British way.

However, there are a few smatterings of personal recollections here and there – such as an entry to Arnold Bennett’s published journal. Amongst that entry there was a notation that a Foreign Office representative attended and spoke which he called “not bad”.

For those not familiar – that means MI6, British Secret Intelligence.

Masterman wanted a reply created to the propaganda of prominent German professors supporting the attack on Belgium.

Gilbert Murray drafted a response, checked by Seam and Hawkins. It was eventually signed by 52 authors including 4 women. An interesting point is how rare it is for the British Slavemasters to even include women, this document was one of only a few where women were allowed to assist in the creation of propaganda.

Misogyny is obviously still alive and well amongst the Slavemasters.

1960s degrading women ads 3

This crafted response appeared in the London Times on Friday, September 18, 1914, with the title:


Full text is available here.


It called upon Britain and ‘all the English-speaking race‘ to defend the so-called “ideals” of Western Europe, ‘against the rule of “Blood and Iron”..

Through Masterman’s New York Times connections, the article ran simultaneously in the U.S.


masterman - new york times friday sept 18 1914 Britains destiny

Guess who also worked for Masterman, and put that editorial (pre-made for him) under his name?

Henry Wickham Steed

Mr. proper obsequiousness

Mr._H._Wickham_Steed crewe house austrian director
who happens to be the man who first appeared  – in a big way – the Protocols of Zion in 1920.


Steed was currently (1914)  the Foreign Editor of The Times under Lord Northcliffe (he became Editor-in-Chief in February of 1919).

The above 1918 article that we just discussed, was his second time running under his name at Masterman’s request, basically people to go to war.

Steed had worked closely with Northcliffe during the war, becoming an adviser to him on foreign affairs. Steed also possessed an additional factor that marked him out in Northcliffe’s eyes: his obsequiousness.

He was a good Igor, in other words.


The request that Steed do this particular “editorial” I’m about to discuss, had come down through Geoffrey Robinson, editor of The Times.

He had been born George Geoffrey Robinson but changed his last name to Dawson in 1917.

A little background on this Geoffrey character –

Dawson was a fellow of All Souls College, Oxford – a major Cecil Bloc recruiting ground for next-generation Slavemasters and Igors. In 1901, he became the private secretary to senior British slavemaster, Lord Milner, then high commissioner in South Africa.

As Milner’s assistant, Dawson participated in the establishment of the British slavemaster puppet government in South Africa, after the Boer War. While there, Dawson became a member of “Milner’s kindergarten”, other members included such major players as Philip Kerr (Lord Lothian) and Lionel Curtis. All of ‘Milner’s Kindergarden’ later became prominent in the Cecil Rhodes dictated creation – The Round Table.

These people were united by a common aspiration for Imperial Federation, ala John Ruskin’s Imperial Duty speech.

Dawson was Milner’s boy, and it was Milner that maneuvered him in to his first editor position. After the Boer War, Lord Alfred Milner wanted to ensure the support of the local newspapers after his return to England .

Translation –

He wanted them to be poisoned mouthpieces for the Slavemasters.

Mouth of Sauron

Milner started this infiltration by first “persuading” (I wonder what that entailed <choke>) the owners of the Johannesburg Star to appoint Dawson as the paper’s editor. Upon suggestion from Milner, Dawson later parlayed this post into a position as the Johannesburg correspondent of The Times. Milner then worked on Lord Northcliffe, owner of the Times, who then appointed Dawson editor of the paper in 1912, just in time for the Slavemasters big war plans – World War I.

So, these editorials that Masterman and Milner ordered Dawson to order Steed to do in 1914, argued that the British Empire should enter World War I. They were published on 29 and 31 July 1914.

Masterman, you see, had actually begun his work on propaganda earlier than August – that was simply his more “official” starting point – that was purely because Britain officially declare War August 4/5 of 1914. He, himself, had actually begun his work in July.

Which brings us to the next conference that Masterman assembled on 7 September, 1014 – that of ‘publicists and representatives of the press‘ – this being Masterman’s other prong of his two-pronged approach.

It also shows that every kind of medium possible for propaganda was being controlled by him.


Invitations were sent to:

  • Sidley Brookes
  • Sir Edward Tyas Cook
  • Robert Donald (the Daily Chronicle)
  • A.G. Gardiner (the Daily News)
  • Robert Donald (the Daily Chronicle)
  • J.L. Garvin (the Pall Mall Gazette)
  • Hon. H.L.W. Lawson (the Daily Telegraph)
  • Sidney Low (the Standard)
  • Thomas Marlowe (the Daily Mail)
  • Sir William Robertson Nicoll (the British Weekly)
  • Geoffrey Robinson [later changed his last name to Dawson] (The Times – as in The London Times)
  • Alfred Spender (the Westminster Gazette)
  • St. Loe Strachey (The Spectator)
  • Fabian Ware
  • A.S. Watt (a well known literary agent)
  • Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Everyone attended.

Regarding that innocuous-sounding last person named – Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, that is not as innocent as you might think. The person holding that position at the time was Sir Francis Dyke Acland, 14th Baronet, educated at Balliol College, Oxford.

In 1911 he was promoted to Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to work closely under Sir Edward Grey through February 1915, when he was replaced by a Cecil (obviously as he was one of the main architects of the League of Nations). Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, was the third son of the infamous Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury,the cousin of Arthur Balfour.

At this time, Edward Grey was Foreign Secretary, the longest tenure ever, from 1906 to 1916 – ten straight years.

Note: the full meaning of “Foreign Secretary” is actually this: the person is Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, (commonwealth means their “dominions” such as India and Hong Kong, China) commonly referred to as the Foreign Secretary. The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and British Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) are directly accountable to the Foreign Secretary – in this case, Sir Grey.

Winston Churchill was Home Secretary, the other half of British intelligence basically. Sir Grey had previously held the position of parliamentary under-secretary of Foreign Affairs during his grooming Period under Milner (Boer War). He held that position from 8 August 1892 – 20 June 1895. Arthur Balfour followed Grey in the Foreign Secretary position, holding it from 10 December 1916 to 23 October 1919.

It was Sir Grey that had Cumming (head of MI6) send William Wiseman to the U.S. in 1916, to get America into their War.

So, at this time of Masterman’s little propaganda soiree meetings, he had Edward Grey, Winston Churchill, Sir Francis Dyke Acland, Lord Tweedsmuir (MI6 agent John Buchan), Mansfield Smith-Cumming (head of MI6) and later Lord Cecil, Balfour – all circulating in his orbit as the King of Propaganda, glad-handing him and his stable of propagandists.

Grey and Churchill

Grey and Churchill


Sir Francis Acland

Sir Francis Acland


John Buchan – Lord Tweedsmuir
(the disfigurement on his forehead is a result of his head being crushed by a carriage as a child)

John Buchan - Lord Tweedsmuir

Mansfield Cumming and Robert Cecil – 1st Viscount Chelwood

Mansfield Cumming

Robert Cecil - 1st Viscount Chelwood

 and Lord Balfour (left)

Balfour (left)

Quite the motley crew.


You can see that it’s not much of a surprise to find that Acland from the Foreign office was attending Masterman’s second conference – after all, John Buchan, the MI6 agent, was at the first one.

And…considering that part of the two million books/pamphlets etc. (fiction, you name it) that came out of this squad of propagandists, you can just imagine what these guys, the “publicists” and “press-men” were tasked to do.

Perish the thought.


For one example of one of the second tier Masterman propagandists – a journalist named Ackerman – see my “Red” Bible Protocols article.

Now. See that name Geoffrey Robinson on the list of press/publicists above? That’s Geoffrey Dawson, he changed his name in 1917. (just reminding you).

Geoffrey Robinson/Dawson


It makes me <cringe> to see those poor kids in the background of the photo, knowing that they are being influenced by this psycho.

Why was Masterman asking for Dawson to come? Well, for one thing, he was the senior editor of the London Times at the time, and Wickham Steed – Mr. obsequiousness – had just been brought in as Foreign Editor.

Ah, but what’s the other reason for bringing in Dawson (and therefore Steed by association)?

They are both dutiful little Igors – Slavemaster mouthpieces – having been groomed for the position for years. Remember – they were all:

United by a common aspiration for Imperial Federation

The “round table” of getting the British Empire to rule-the-world


How come Steed and Dawson?

Well, you see, when Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming, the head of MI6, sent William Wiseman to New York in 1916 – to establish special intelligence section V MIc – he recruited Norman Thwaites. Thwaites had worked for many years on the New York World staff, he was the private secretary of Joseph Pulitzer.

Thwaites had helped Milner to groom another man who was chosen to become a major mouthpiece for the slavemasters – H. Wickham Steed – the man who would begin the public assault on the newly created “race” idea of “the Jews”, in 1920.

While Thwaites was the personal secretary of Joseph Pulitzer – Steed was appointed as the Paris correspondent for the New York World. Using this as a jump-off point, Milner then had Steed join The Times in 1896 as a foreign correspondent, working briefly out of Berlin before transferring successively to Rome ( from 1897 until 1902) and then Vienna (1902–13).

In 1914 he moved to London to take over as foreign editor of The Times.

Just in time for their planned war – WWI- working directly for C.F.G. Masterman through Milner’s other man in The Times – Geoffrey Dawson – to plant whatever propaganda articles that the Slavemasters wanted in The Times. Steed would later be the man who first publicized The Protocols of Zion.

That, is a very, very, nasty connection there, ladies and gentleman. It absolutely proves complicity on the part of British intelligence to rally later attacks against the “enemy” – The Jews.

The same complicity on the part of British intelligence of rallying hate against the “enemy” of Communists/Bolsheviks and “international anarchists” as they were then calling them, prior to the lets-attack-the-Jews now operation in 1920.

It was Wickham Steed who first broached the Bolshevist/Jew change of propaganda angle, in an editorial he “wrote” (as in approved writing) for the Daily Mail on 28 March 1919. In it, he “accused” the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George of betraying the White Russians because of a plot by “international Jewish financiers” and the Germans to help the Bolsheviks stay in power.

Remember, that kind of fomenting up the public against “the Bolsheviks” was entirely a British intelligence operation. On recommendation of Wiseman – because agent Sydney Reilly would help to foment the war conditions the British so desired – Reilly had been “officially” tasked into the SIS in March 1918 and posted to Murmansk with the codename “ST-1”.

His task was to foment resistance “against” the Bolsheviks.


That is over a year earlier than Steed’s article. Now you begin to see the point of British Intelligence feeding propaganda though the Times-Ledger Cable Service to British-controlled journalists such as Carl Ackerman. It was yet another British attempt to foment attacks on “communists” and “bolsheviks” in the Red Bible news articles of 1919.

This Dawson character, was, understandably, also in tight with Sir Edward Grey and Winston Churchill – fellow British Empires rules-the-world men that they were.

On the afternoon of Monday 3 August 1914, the British Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, headed to the House of Commons to deliver the speech of his career – then on the following day, Britain declared war.

In the following picture, I believe that the man on the right may be Henry Wickham Steed.

August 3, 1914:

Lord Edward Grey and a evil-ly smugly smiling Winston Churchill, after Grey’s speech

edward grey (left) and winston churchill world war I

Winston (center) and Lord Grey to his right.

winston churchill center - edward grey on right

To understand just how nasty that connection is that Dawson has to Grey and Churchill (which I’m about to illustrate) – consider this.

Sir Edward Grey to Theodore Roosevelt, dated September 19th, 1914:

My dear Roosevelt,- J.M. Barris and A.E. W. Mason, some of whose books you have no doubt read, are going to the U.S. Their object is, as I understand, not to make speeches or give lectures, but to meet people, particularly those connected with Universities, and explain the British case as regards this war and our view of the issues involved.

*Grey, Twenty-Five Years II: p. 143

First of all, notice the name A.E.W. Mason.

That is one of Masterman’s guys –

that Lord Grey is fronting for.

Mason, is on the list of authors (detailed above) at Masterman’s  first “conference” on September 2, 1914. This letter is dated only a little over two weeks later! That’s what you call working fast, eh?

Next, see that “not make speeches or give lectures” part? That’s Masterman’s technique, right there in a nutshell. He asked Grey to write that letter.

The British (Masterman) found that an effective “carrier” of propaganda was: “the titled foreigner who said nothing whatever for the public prints, but who talked privately and casually of the war.

Reference: Lasswell – 1927 Propaganda Technique in World War

The sheer radiation of aristocratic distinction was enough to warm the cockles of many a staunch Republican heart, and to evoke enthusiasm for the country which could produce such dignity, elegance and affability.

– Lasswell, 1927 Propaganda Technique in World War

All this was – “a standing joke” amongst the “sophisticated” Europeans, who, as Lasswell put it: “subtly played upon the ambitions of numerous hostesses in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington and Chicago.

Oh yeah, that’s real funny.


Masterman, Round Table Milner’s man, also influenced Edward Grey, to influence Colonel House, to influence President Wilson, to influence the American people, on something very important.

That’s what is known as “the indirect approach”, by the way.

Basil Liddell Hart, the buddy of Scientologist David Ziff’s dad (the head of the Ziff publishing empire), was a British zionist and military strategist. Just after WWI ended, he wrote up his strategies learned from Slavemaster’ Igors like Masterman.

In Liddell Hart’s words –

In strategy the longest way round is often the shortest way there; a direct approach to the object exhausts the attacker and hardens the resistance by compression, whereas an indirect approach loosens the defender’s hold by upsetting his balance.

…The profoundest truth of war is that the issue of battle is usually decided in the minds of the opposing commanders [the elite] not in the bodies of their men.

So…Slavemaster Milner to Igor Masterman –  to Junior Slavemasters Grey to House – to wannabe Slavemaster President Wilson, is certainly what you would call the long way round – see what I mean?

Note: also see Propaganda in the next war, by Sidney Rogerson – The ‘In the Next War’ series of books was published in London by Geoffrey Bles, 37 Essex Street, Strand, London, edited by Basil Liddell Hart, first published in 1938 reprinted in 1939. Printed by Mackays Limited in Chatham.

Ok, coming back around to those two leading articles that Dawson/Steed were supposed to write for the London Times (per Masterman’s orders) on 29 and 31 July 1914, you see, these were part of drumming up attention for the ‘call for war’ that Sir Grey was going to make on August 3. See why that would be?

There is a story that circulated around about this time period, particularly relating to the 31 July article by Steed, as the Foreign Editor. Unfortunately, this story seems to only have surfaced at a time when Steed was about to begin helping to propagandize the next war – this time with those allegedly dastardly Jews painted as the “enemy”

When I tell you the story, you’ll see what I mean. The source usually drawn from for this story is:

  • Henry Wickham Steed, Through Thirty Years 1892—1922: A Personal Narrative, Vol. II (London, 1924), pp. 8-9.

You will notice it came out in 1924 – ten years after the fact.

Wickham’s book noted the result of an editorial meeting on 31 July 1914 which allegedly followed an interview with Lord Rothschild that had taken place with the paper’s financial editor at the banker’s request. That’s Hugh Chisholm, educated at Christ Church, Oxford, he was The Times financial editor throughout WWI. Note: there was a rivalry between Chisholm and Dawson.

Lord Rothschild had supposedly summoned Hugh Chisholm to his office. He wanted The Times to stop printing editorial articles that were leading the country into war. Britain should remain neutral. Chisholm then relayed the instruction to an “editorial conference” on July 31, in the afternoon.

According to Wickham Steed, Northcliffe asked him for his view of the Rothschild demand, to which Wickham replied: ‘it is a dirty German-Jewish international financial attempt to bully us into advocating neutrality and the proper answer would be a still stiffer leading article tomorrow’. Supposedly Northcliffe replied” ‘I agree with you. Let us go ahead.’

A third source, which didn’t come out until 1960, was Northcliffe by Reginald Pound and Geoffrey Harmsworth.

According to the above source (pp. 462.463) Rothschild and his brother Leopold then went to Printing House square to see Northcliffe at a meeting arranged by Lloyd George. Again, they advocated neutrality as a result of ‘information they had received regarding Germany’s naval and military might.’

Oh please.



Hidden Hand - STOP

I can’t take it any more.

First of all, there are so many holes in these “recollections” that it’s not even funny. Starting with the fact that Lloyd George was a personal and long-time friend of Masterman, there is no way in hell that Masterman (and the heavy-weights in Foreign Intelligence) would have allowed such a meeting concerning his propaganda pieces, to go through without his input.

However –


What he would have done, if he saw fit, was to orchestrate a supposed “conflict” such as this. Now that, was right up his alley.

I don’t think he did this though, and I’ll tell you why. For anyone to even try to float a story of that Rothschild did not know, was not in the inner councils of the war-mongers (their financier as he often was) is just utterly ludicrous.

I mean bouncing off-the-walls INSANE to even think he wouldn’t want War.

What. We’re to believe that Mr. War after War after War profiteer suddenly found religion?

pound tthe ground laughing

About the best Rothschild might do, IF ORDERED by his masters – is publicly pretend he didn’t like the idea of the war, but even that is a stretch, given his family history.

He would, however, allow such a false story to later circulate to help cover up the evil complicity MAKING this War come about. Can you imagine the fall-out from his fellow Jewish religionists if they found out HE had a part in creating Hitler through WWI?

I think that’s the reason for Steed’s “story” in 1924, the propagandists are backdating stories to do two things: shove blame for anti-semitic activities onto “just a journalist” Steed, and casting Rothschild as “against the war” – BOTH of these are to save their masters from exposure – save ENGLAND from exposure.

Can’t you see it now?

come igor rothschild and friends - slavemaster

You must help cover up our involvement right away, or we cannot start  WWII.


Unfortunately, that’s probably pretty damn accurate as to what’s really going on here. Not that Steed wasn’t their boy for agitating hate against “Jews” – oh he did that alright, every time they wanted him to. But he wasn’t doing that yet, on this July 31, 1914 supposed meeting.

What he was doing – was whatever Masterman told him too. Masterman told him to print pro-war editorials on those days and he did.

What did happen, was the July 31st article promoting war came out right on cue. The main leading article of July 31, 1914, used as its peg the news of general mobilization by the Russians.

The dominant feeling is that the whole religious and national basis of the Russian Empire is involved and challenged by the precipitate attack of Austria-Hungary upon a small Slave state….Should we remain passive, should the future war go against those whose interests march with our own, we know full well that it would be our turn next.

See? Perfectly what Masterman wanted done.

To give you a taste of what a real Masterman “we’re against the war” (drawing more attention to the whole thing) move looks like – here’s one. Not too long after these articles, he orchestrated having headlines that said “eminent Cambridge dons”  and it was a signed manifesto “against” starting the war.

See what he’s doing? Now that’s what the real moves looked like, not some stupid backdated story of “Rothschild, poor kind-hearted man that he was, implored the Times to not agitate for war” – Oh! I think I feel a tear coming on.

sarcasm little guy

That’s just FICTION. Pure fiction.

However –


Once the war started, well now there was nasty anti-German activities going on all over England, including against Jewish Germans. That would be something Masterman and his handlers would have no problem covertly and carefully working behind the scenes to fuel that kind of fire of hatred.

Anything or anyone even vaguely German, including Germans that happened to be followers of Judaism, was excoriated and agitated against.

Here’s a real example –

Ashe-Lincoln, a schoolboy in Plymouth in 1914, recalled that:

There was a tremendous amount of anti-Semitism. Jews were attacked right, left and centre and all Jews were described as being Germans’…the depth of feeling against Germans was so intense in [WWI] and any Jew was regarded as being good game.

– Liddle: DF Recollections: Box J-M, F. Ashe-Lincoln, (n.d.)


Now, did Rothschild lift a hand to stop any of that? No, he did not. What did he do? Work, just like the British plan, to MOVE THE JEWS to Palestine – he even helped fund it during WWI! Remember? The Slavemasters wanted to get rid of the European Jews – all of them, that’s what Zionism was really about.

But see how the fictional “had a meeting with Rothschild” and “it’s a dirty jew plot” story seems to be following life at the time of WWI?

Yeah, it SEEMS. That’s the genius (of a sort) of Masterman. Close to the truth, but no cigar. The truth is far uglier, and throws these insane men into stark relief. Don’t make it any easier for them to hide what they have done – are still doing.

This little sidestep into fictional Jew la-la land is a useful thing though, let it be a reminder to you to not be so eager to fall for words you want to hear, “evidence” you want to see. In other words, don’t be lazy.

Unless, of course, you want to be one of their personal caged-pets, stuck in their ridiculous conspiracy hamster wheels that can never be solved, never lead to anything, never resolve anything.

 <pant> “I’m finding the truth – wait – any minute now I’ll find who “they” are. I’m sure of it!”  <pant>


If you’d like to see a quasi-real response to the Steed/Dawson traveling road show of propaganda –


An MP named Roden Buxton, said in the Manchester Guardian:

Yet they [The Times] have the effrontery and impertinence to speak as if they are the voice of England.’ He said they were ‘anti-democratic’ and the doctrine of the Balance of Power that they prattled on incessantly about was ‘the doctrine of a small aristocratic clique which dominates the Foreign Office.

Pretty dang accurate – eh?

The night of Grey’s Speech (that caused War to be declared), Geoffrey Dawson was invited out with the “Tory grandees” to dine. During that evening Lord Balfour told Dawson that he had been involved in talk of ‘coalition’ (which was a veiled allusion to the League of Nations’) – Balfour described Churchill as ‘splendid’ because of this.

The Scaremongers: The Advocacy of War and Rearmament 1896-1914, by A. J. A. Morris

That was the main point of this War though, to scare the rest of the world (especially America) into giving up their foreign relations to Britain in their one-world government plans, to the ‘League of Nations’.

Wickham Steed continued doing whatever Masterman wanted him too, taking orders through Dawson. Here’s an example of another one of Masterman’s requests. This time it’s the “professor” brigade – remember how Masterman had them in his first meeting?

October 21, 1914 – London Times, special to New York Times

Steed times october 14 1914

Now that you know who C.F.G. Masterman is, and how Wickham Steed and Dawson literally were his controlled mouthpieces, it should make a lot of sense to you why, out of nowhere, Wickham Steed is chosen to foist (and draw attention to) The Protocols of Zion on the world.

Masterman’s most key rule for his Bureau was secrecy. He correctly ascertained that manipulation directed at his target opinion leaders would not succeed if they knew the source of the information they were getting. To give you an idea of how successful he was at maintaining this level of secrecy, for the next two years not even most members of Parliament were aware either of his bureau or what it was doing!

The first annual report that Masterman provided to the cabinet the following June (1915), showed that his boys had printed and circulated 2.5 million books, “official” publications, pamphlets and speeches encompassing 17 languages. The report emphasized that how these were circulated was they were “sold or sent with a personal letter to some man or woman of importance, placed in public libraries or distributed amongst a selected list of those to whom the particular literature was suitable.’ – Like the letter Grey wrote to Theodore Roosevelt, for example.

He also specified that these materials had been reprinted extensively in the press of other countrieswho had little or knowledge that the original source was Wellington House! Like the Red Bible articles, for example, the precursor to the Protocols of Zion.

I cannot stress enough, just how protective these people are of us knowing what really happened – even now.


green-page-divider 2014

The Protocols of Zion

– a British intelligence operation –

The League of Nations defeat in the U.S.

Payback moves

  • New World communism “protocols” scares
  • Preparing for a new ‘Blood Bath’

Creating a new “enemy” and trying to position anti-League of Nations as part of it

Russia-Art-Bolshevik propagandaLife Art Works – Bolshevik Propaganda

Let’s start off with Sir Edward Grey, the man we just got done earning about, and that it was he that was chosen to first secretly present the League of Nations idea to U.S. officials.


I swear – that guy looks so much like this characterization of Frankenstein, it’s uncanny. Except for the forehead, of course.


edward_grey_big youngfrankenstein11519

Well, they are both monsters, and that’s not really a joke, when it comes to Grey.

Did you know that normally he was so cold, so icy and reserved, that part of the reason his speech of August 3, 1914 (arguing for War) turned around Parliament is because he was coached to be emotional? The rest of the stick-in-the-muds then concluded, quietly to themselves, that if it affected Sir Grey that much….you get the idea.

Quite the piece of theatre – that. I wonder just how many times he and Churchill practiced that particular role. That is what it was – a role.

The following year, in the summer of 1915, Sir Grey would play another role.

The author of The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, Charles Seymour, writes as the introduction to the following letter, that Lord Grey “made it plain that in his mind the chief object of the war was to prevent future wars and that this end could be secured only through the cooperation of the United States.

The fact is, the United States did not have an agenda to go out and dominate other countries so it could rule the world – that is a particular insanity of the British slavemasters. That’s their agenda. The above highlighted area, is a clear admission that they cannot do it themselves, they need the United States to do it for them. That’s what this is saying.

London, August 10, 1915,
Sir Edward Grey to Colonel House

edward grey to colonel house suggesting league of nations aug 10 1915The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, Volume 2, page 87, available to read at Hathitrust


“…would be some League of nations”? – as if it’s just some offhand, spur-of-the-moment idea he had.

How very slick.


What’s important though, is that this is the FIRST time the League of Nations has ever been mentioned.

The second time that Lord Grey wrote, he is quite a bit more direct.


Did you catch it?

The Brits wanted our President to front for them.

Pretend like the League of Nations is HIS idea!

America’s idea.

How sick is that? They are setting us up to be accused of trying to run the world, and all the rest of it! And we do get accused of that, even now.

Now you know why.


Thanks a whole fuck of a lot there, Britain.


So, after such a wonderfully chess-maneuvery kind of British slavemaster idea –

Colonel House took it to Wilson, who agreed that House should draft an encouraging reply as the first step toward offering American help. In his notes, the Colonel wrote “This is one of the most important letters I ever wrote.”

Colonel House responded to Sir Edward Grey on October 17, 1915. In a nutshell, House proposed that he should go to Berlin and threaten Germany to stop the war or the United States would intervene – but House did not say anything about the League of Nations idea.

Accordingly, on November 9th, Sir Grey cabled to the Colonel to specifically ask if the proposal was to be taken in conjunction with Grey’s proposal for a League of Nations after the war, as made in his letter of September 22. To this, House, with Wilson’s approval, answered in the affirmative.

Err…Roger that – It’s a GO on League of Nations is “my idea” – says Wilson.

thumbs up



Good God!

“…the chief object of the war was to prevent future wars.”

Meaning, America is supposed to whomp everybody’s asses until they can barely move, and Britain strolls in and says “thanks ole chap” and takes over the world.

Oh, and then the poor, pathetically inferior, unjustifiably trod upon and “light of the world” British Slavemasters…. sarcasm    can ever so quiveringly point to those nasty, rowdy, unenlightened  and kick-ass Americans and say – “They did it.”

Think “Team America World Police” here –

Warning – graphic language

See? That show is doing exactly what I just described.


OK, now let’s fast forward to 1919, at the end of WWI.

The League of Nations falsely portrayed as an American idea – was now making it’s way through Congress.

Senator Borah, of Idaho, to the rescue!


The British slavemasters response:

wiley overreation

The Peace Treaty Conference at Versaille had begun in January, 1919.

President Wilson, presented his Fourteen Points to the Peace Conference, the points included the formation of the League of Nations.

Just like Mr. Foreign Intelligence [Sir Grey] asked him to do –

It was the ‘United States’ [ Wilson] that presented the League of Nations!


This was “accepted” by the Conference. (oh, ha frickin’ ha) Accepted – what a word. With heavyweights like the original Slavemaster family itself, the Cecils there, who would expect anything different?

Of course, no-one had even bothered to ask a single one of the 110 million people in the U.S., but hey, why split hairs.

wry face

One week after Wilson “introduced” the League of Nations at the Conference, Borah went to bat against the Brits, whom he knew were the real force behind this League of Nations crap.

Borah Senate Speech, February 21, 1919 Against the League of Nations

You can also see my article about this where I go into his whole speech (good stuff), but for here I’m just going to excerpt some key parts.

Mr. BORAH. Mr. President, the people of the United States have the undoubted right to change their form of government and to renounce established customs or long-standing policies when-ever in their wisdom they see fit to do so.

As a believer in democratic government, I readily acknowledge the right of the people to make in an orderly fashion such changes as may be approved by their judgment at any time.

I contend, moreover, that when radical and important departures from established national policies are proposed, the people ought to be consulted.

What a concept!

We are now proposing what to my mind is the most radical departure from our policies hitherto obtaining that has ever been proposed at any time since our Government was established.

I think the advocates of the league will agree with me that it is a pronounced departure from all the policies which we have heretofore obtained.

…the people are entitled to pass judgment upon the advisability of such a course.

British Slavemasters response –

Oh no! Not the PEOPLE!


The point in question was called Article X (10) – and Borah quotes Mr. Taft about it.

… Mr. Taft says: Article 10 covers the Monroe doctrine and extends it to the world.

‘The league is to be regarded as in conflict with the advice of Washington only with a narrow and reactionary viewpoint.’

The underlined part is the Masterman/British Intelligence propaganda line they came up with to try and get us back in their “fold”.

Totally false that the Monroe doctrine would even apply to the rest of the world (makes absolutely no sense, in other words), and Borah completely kills it dead in his speech.

The Monroe doctrine is simply the principle of self~defense applied to a people, and the principle of self-defense can not be the subject of arbitration or of enforcement by any one other than that one who is to claim and enforce the principle of self-defense.

…It was a distinct announcement that the European system could not be transferred to America.

…It was the division of two systems; it was the political partition of two continents; Monroe or Jefferson never would have contemplated for a moment sharing the enforcement of the Monroe doctrine with any nation of Europe.

We would not even join with England in announcing it.

And yet…

Here is England, sneaking around behind President Wilson to front for them, trying to get us to accept the very thing our founding fathers were so against!

Borah quotes Thomas Jefferson –

This letter of Jefferson [to Monroe] states as clearly as can be stated the prime object of the announcement of this doctrine:Our first and fundamental maxim should be: never to entangle ourselves in the broils of Europe

      [The Washington policy]

Our second: never to suffer Europe to intermeddle with cis-Atlantic affairs


Pretty clear to me, how about you? Finally, the real rat-trap of this League of Nations was this – Britain, because of her dominions of Australia, Canada, Africa and New Zealand, would rather conveniently have the constant capability of out-voting the U.S. on matters of our own country!

I ask you who are in favor of this league, are you willing to give to any nation five votes against our one?…Yet we are seriously proposing that we shall join a league whose constitutional powers shall determine…policies, politic and economic, upon the two continents and shall give to our greatest commercial rival [England] five votes to our one.


Hmm, let me see now…that’s a toughie. Should we join the League of Nations?

5 to 1 against us….hmmm.wiley considering

I think if I had to choose, that was probably the death of the League of Nations proposal right there – that exposure by Borah of the 5-1 odds against America in Britain’s favor. Kind of hard to spin that favorably, and Britain knew it.

Just two days earlier – is when Casimir Pilenas quietly starts his agent provocateur actions (against Jewish men) within the MID. He submitted a report on Bolshevism to the MID in which he described the German Jewish banker Max Warburg as the man “at the bottom of it.” There goes Wiseman’s other deep cover agent Casimir doing the same story line as Brasol.

Pilenas, “Re: Bolshevism,” NARA, Records of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Division (hereafter MID) File 10058-285, February 19, 1919.

Meanwhile – around this League of Nations battle, you start getting political cartoons like this – which is a correct portrayal of the farce of a “peace” treaty.

peace treaty league of nations borah correct pr

And this one correctly portraying the pressure on the U.S. in regards joining the League of Nations.

league of nations borah

This one is my favorite – it’s the Brits trying to paint Borah as an idiot for fighting the League of Nations bill.
british black pr on borah

Aren’t the British Slavemasters childish? Sheesh, so ineffective. The three elephants (same thing as the three monkeys).

Yeah, that will stop ’em.

barbie forehead slap

Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.

– Thomas Jefferson Letter to Francis Adrian Van der Kemp (30 July 1816)

Did you ever notice the Slavemasters don’t do ridicule too well? They’re always coming out looking like…well, them. The purveyors of unintelligible (and insane) propositions.

Ridicule is a highly effective educational method, BUT it has be actually done on something that should be ridiculed. A thing which forever seems to escape the Slavemasters – they like to console themselves that what should and shouldn’t be ridiculed is “just an opinion”.

Oh, No it ain’t. no shaking head

So, what do we have here so far in 1919 – we have the Peace Conference starting in January, Wilson’s (that is really England’s) League of Nations bill  on February 14, 1919, and then we have Borah’s senate speech on February 21.


Now William Wiseman gets Boris Brasol in the MID too!

April – Shortly after Pilenas was able to “hook” the MID with his report of February 1919 alleging Max Warburg was at the bottom of Bolshevism – British Intelligence (Wiseman) wanted Brasol in there too!. The time for the mass “launching” of the Communist “Red” Bible Protocols** was nye, and this was an important final “intel” gathering survey of its workability, of a sort.

**see Red Bible article.

Brasol resigned from the War Trade Intelligence Bureau in April 1919 and immediately took up a new post with the MID as a special assistant to its chief, Gen. Marlborough Churchill. Churchill was much concerned by the “Bolshevik Menace” and open to Brasol’s suggestion of a Jewish conspiracy behind it, having already expressed an interest in Pilenas’ report..

– See The “Jewish Threat”: Antisemitic Politics of the U.S. Army, by Joseph Bendersky (New York: Basic Books, 2000).

Churchill was a distant relative of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Together with Herbert Yardley, he was instrumental in establishing the joint State and War Department’s Cipher Bureau, the American Black Chamber.

Brigadier General Marlborough Churchill on his way to Paris Peace Conference, December 4, 1918


During his time at MID Brasol was named “Confidential Agent B-1,” he produced at least thirty-six numbered reports on radical groups and activities and some related special memorandums.

His intelligence activities did not exclusively focus on Bolshevists (and later Jews) but anything at all related to them prompted his immediate attention and reportage.

Brasol remained with the MID for just over a year, and then it was time for him to launch the Protocols of ZION this time (changing from Bolshevists/Communists etc. to JEWS) on the unsuspecting American public.

Now both Boris and Casimir are seeding U.S. intelligence files with “conspiracies” about Boshelvists and communism.

Moving on up to Summer 1919 – Representatives of each country signed the Paris Peace Treaty on June 28, 1919. But for the United States to accept its conditions, however, it had to be ratified by Congress.

The Senate majority leader, Henry Cabot Lodge, a Republican from Massachusetts, opposed the treaty, specifically the section regarding the League of Nations, but he was merely a kind of patsy. Even though he drafted 14 reservations — to match President Wilson’s Fourteen Points. Mr. Lodge’s proposal only reduced the control the league would have over the United States – the League of Nations would still be formed. It’s not too hard to figure out who was yanking his puppet strings – the Brits.

Senator Borah (left)  – Senator Lodge (center)

borah and lodge

However, there was still the faction of the Senate dubbed the “irreconcilables” by the British slavemaster propagandists. That was led by William Borah, who opposed the Treaty of Versailles PERIOD.

Senator Albert Beveridge of Indiana saw the treaty as raising “the motley flag of internationalism,” and he described the treaty as a plan to “denationalize America and denationalize the nation’s manhood.”  – which was correct, it was.

In fact, Borah caught that himself, he excoriated Leon Trotsky in his February speech, on exactly that point – Internationalism, that Trotsky was promoting. Trotsky who was an agent of William Wiseman and MI6 tasked to “agitate” against “Bolshevism”.

Since Internationalism is just another way of saying New World Order, even if you didn’t know anything else you’d immediately know he was a British puppet just on that point alone.

I come now to another feature, which to me is even more interesting, more menacing, than those over which we have passed.

Conceal it as you may, disguise it as some will attempt to do, this is the first step in internationalism and the first distinct effort to sterilize nationalism.

Go Borah!! Woohoo!

wednesday happy dance - adams family

See? He knows it’s yet another stupid black op by the British!


Borah: May I call attention to a statement from perhaps the most famous internationalist now living. I read from a book entitled “The Bolsheviki and World Peace,” by Trotzky.

He says:

The present war is at bottom a revolt of the forces of production against the political form of nation and State. It means the collapse of the national State as an independent economic unit.

In another paragraph –

• The war proclaims the downfall of the national state. • * •

• We Russian Socialists stand firmly on the ground of internationalism. • * *

The German social democracy was to us not only a party of the international-it was the party par excellence.

Again, he declares:

The present war signalizes the collapse of the national states.

He proceeds to argue that the only thing which can take the place of the national state is internationalism, to internationalize our governments, internationalize our power, internationalize production, internationalize our economic capacity, and become an international state the world over.

Did you know that about Bolshevism? I didn’t. Well, it’s official. Britain was obviously behind that too.

Like Jefferson said –

…[their government] insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others ….

Jefferson Cyclopedia

Borah added –

That [Internationalism] is at the bottom of this entire procedure – [the League of Nations and the war itself]

whether consciously or unconsciously, upon the part of those who are advocating it.


It will be the fruit of this effort if it succeeds-the dead sea fruit for the common people everywhere.

It is a distinct announcement that the intense nationalism of Washington, the intense nationalism of Lincoln, can no longer serve the cause of the American people, and that –

we must internationalize and place the sovereign powers of this Government to make war and control our economic forces in an international tribunal.


That right there, shows you that the first rise of “nationalism” as an insult to try and marginalize correct dissent with the insane power-mad global domination ideas of the British Slavemasters, had begun this far back.

Borah and La Follette were especially targeted for attack by the British propaganda machine during this time period – one thing they called them was “little Americans” – which was apparently some sort of big insult.

[speaking to the President]

Sir, since the debate opened months ago, those of us who have stood against this proposition have been taunted many times with being little Americans.

– Borah Senate Speech November 19, 1919

Senator Robert LaFollette (who earlier exposed the nasty moves by employers against any “unions”), at one point, courageously spoke out about that the treaty was excessively harsh with Germany, and that it was basically guaranteeing future War. Later on, in February of 1941, when he was voting against one of the Bills that the Brits wanted in the lead-up to WWII, he described WWI as a bloodbath – and that WWII came out of the events of that (referring to the nasty “Peace” treaty obviously).

He was dead right about that – that “Peace” Treaty literally guaranteed there would be another War, another bloodbath. For his views, he came under attack for being pro-German, for his anti-interference stance towards Russia and the Bolsehvists, and he was even nefariously positioned (indirectly) as being a “Communist” trying to rule-the-world, during the time of the whole “Red Bible” propaganda!

See these news articles – first is The News and Observer January 1919  – second is Brooklyn Daily Eagle November 1919.

Notice the headline on the first one – cute, real cute. Also notice that LaFollette exposes that the Creel Committee (The Committee on Public Information or CPI) is mixed up with propagandizing the “red scare” as well. Considering it’s deal-with-the-devil with British Intelligence (Crewe House) – that’s not much of a surprise but it’s nice to someone notice their slimy activities then.



On the second one, look at the positioning of the section – names on ‘Radicals’ mailing lists It lists Follette, via his daughter, as being somehow supportive of the insane “Red Bible” Protocols being advertised in other articles and the I.W.W. (Industrial Worker’s Union)

Gee, I just wonder who was behind those attacks.


Well, notice that “Chairman Lusk” part? That’s the Lusk Committee “investigating” all this (including harassing Senator Lafollette)  – guess who was one of their informers? Boris Brasol, Wiseman’s asset planted in the MID.

Imagine that.


Knowing the Senate, led by Borah, had shot down the League of Nations once already, and that Borah was still opposing it, that spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the British Slavemasters.

Particularly so in September of 1919, when after a summer of failure to overcome Senate resistance to the Treaty, President Wilson left on September 3, and began traveling across the nation by train, fighting for the Brits League of Nations.

Senator Borah and Senator Hiram Johnson from California, dogged his every step across the country – speaking after him every time he stopped to try and convince the people of the “value” of the League of Nations. Wilson grew weary, and by the end of the month he was back in the White House, having had a stroke. And he remained bedridden for the remainder of his presidency!

The British Slavemasters were now really pissed off at Borah for their utter failure to rally support for the League of Nations.


It was PAYBACK time –

the pressure and fomenting and CHAOS creation would now begin in earnest.


On September 16, 1919, Senator Lodge called the treaty up for consideration by the full Senate.

As it became clear that there would be no compromise, no instant approving of the Treaty, the Slavemaster propagandists began their “death dance” – as I call it.

Calling on Wiseman assets Leon Trotsky, Sydney Reilly, Casimir Pilenas, and Boris Brasol, something called the “Red” Bible was created, complete with “Protocols” points, and tied to the I.W.W supposedly as its source. The Masterman/John Buchan/Lord Beaverbrook propaganda machine then kicked in.

Using the London Times-Public Ledger Cable Service, articles by Carl W. Ackerman (himself a British slavemaster journalism asset and friend to Colonel House) began appearing all over the U.S. – leading up to a raid by the MID (where Casimir and Boris had been planting “reports” concerning Bolshevists starting earlier in 1919) on the I.W.W. in Indiana.

This is what was called –

The RED Scare.

And now you know who started it.

The slurry of articles looks like it began right around October 24, 1919.

Here’s an example of one of the articles detailing these Protocols, from the Atlanta Constitution November 3, 1919.

The Headlines that day –


Want to verify it yourself and you don’t have a membership? Click the link above, then scroll down to where you say it say: OCR text and search for “Red Bible” and you’ll see it does indeed have such an article.

Here’s the article – Note the BS shore story of that the book was brought here by “an American Intelligence Officer“.

Everybody say – Hi Casimir and Boris!




That thing reads like a through-a-mirror-darkly image of exactly what the British slavemasters are like, did plan, and did carry out, beginning more than three hundred years* ago!

*See Balance of Power article.

Here’s the full page of the news article so that you can see it for yourself, but you need to click it to enlarge it.


The articles like this continued well into November – for more examples, please see The “Red” Bible? Or was it the Union Jack – Again.

These articles and the so-called “materials” they contained, would be used to accuse and harass anyone who wasn’t on-board with the Slavemasters plan, Borah, La Follette, as an example, as being “commies” and Pro-Soviet. With Borah, it even went so far as to actually using British assets (deep cover agents) to forge documents trying to show he took money from the Russians and Germans! But, that’s a little later on here.

So, here’s these “strikes” and “riots” and “We vunt to rule ze World” propaganda flying everywhere, positioning anyone against allying with Britain etc as being communists/bolsheviks…and the Senate STILL couldn’t be overwhelmed, scared, or railroaded into approving the stupid Slavemaster Treaty.

I think that’s pretty damn impressive.


Now deep-cover agent Casimir Pilenas gets pulled from the MID and sent to England to carry out an black op there, (two actually) where, for the first time, you will see the word JEWS get added into the whole Bolshevik/Communism Protocols red bible propaganda soup.

Shortly after the ‘sowing of the field” with the “Red Bible” Protocols articles, (see previous section) in November of 1919, Wiseman sends Pilenas to London, while there he consults with British intelligence and one of C.F.G. Masterman’s guys on the planned publication of the Protocols. Masterman deliberately used his own private writers, private printers, and private shipping to mask the origins of the propaganda that he had produced at Wellington House. Despite the new Ministry of Information, Masterman’s people were still all in place.

Pilenas travels back to England on the Vasari, arriving on November 13th, to meet with British Intelligence.


He is listed as a “translator” – that’s important in relation to his work with the Protocols of Zion. But it’s also his “cover” – you understand.


The very next day –


The Times – (Wickham Steed and Dawson) printed a long letter entitled ‘The Horrors of Bolshevism’ which was supposedly written by an unnamed British Officer in South Russia. Sounds very Boris and Casimir, the propaganda tag team, don’t it?

A point I should probably briefly bring to your attention that the only source I could find initially on this “letter” was a somewhat conspiracy-theory source* – but the funny thing was, it pointed to The Balance Sheet of Sovietism by Boris Brasol, 1922 as it’s source!

*JUDAISM IN ACTION, no author, conspiracy theory book; and 

Ah Boris…always right in the middle of promoting British conspiracy propaganda.

This “letter” specifically made accusations against the ‘Jewish Commissars’ – as compared to previous articles that were more specifically aimed at “communists” “bolshevists” and “international anarchists”.

I found the edition that carried this “letter’, it’s on page 13, Friday November 14, 1919. All of these are quite large images – click to enlarge the smaller ones for readability.

First part – full page and individual column images

The_Times_Fri__Nov_14__1919_ The_Times_Fri__Nov_14__1919_(1)

Second part – full page and individual column images

The_Times_Fri__Nov_14__1919_(2) The_Times_Fri__Nov_14__1919_(3)

Some plain text excerpts from it –

“…sent by a British Officer in South Russia to his wife”

“the letter is published exactly as sent, except that names and dates have been altered, so that the writer and his wife will not be embarrassed.”

“The Bolshevists are devils…. I hope to send you copies of 64 official photos taken by British officers at Odessa when the town was retaken from the Bolsevists. … As no paper will print them I suggest that you should have copies done. If we’re too hard up you could pay for them by sending me no parcels, or selling my Caucasian dagger, or Persian book, or something. And I suggest that you should then do with them as you think fit, to make them most widely known. Their horror may make people realize. They must realize. By God, they shall realize! They show men who’ve been crucified with the torture of the ‘human glove.’ The victim gets crucified, nails through his elbows. The hands are treated with a solution which shrivels the skin. The skin is cut out with a razor, round the wrist, and peeled off, till it hangs by the finger nails – the ‘human glove’. I’m not sparing you. I hope you’ll show and send them to everybody we know. People at home, apathetic fools they are, do not deserve to be spared. They must be woken up. John and Katie ought to see them. Most of the photos are of women. Women with their breasts cut off to the bone…. Two little bits, ref. Bolshevist atrocities, you might type in as many copies as you can. If you and several others left them in different tea-shops every afternoon, it might touch quite a lot of people. I shall send you chapter and verse if I can. If I haven’t sent chapter and verse in a month, do your best without. Papers are no good, because papers would put it more delicately. We have here at H.Q. passes issued to Bolshevists by commissaries on occupying Ekaterinodar. These passes authorize their holders to arrest any girl they fancy for the use of the soldiery. Sixty-two girls of all classes were arrested like this and thrown to the Bolshevist troops. Those who struggled were killed quite early on. The rest, when used and finished, were mutilated and thrown, dead and dying, into the two small rivers flowing through Ekaterinodar. In all towns occupied by Bolshevists and reoccupied ‘slaughterhouses’ are found choked with corpses. Hundreds of ‘suspects,’ men, women, and children, were herded in these – doors and windows manned and the struggling mass fired into until most of them were dead or dying. The doors were then locked and they were left. The stench in these places, I am told, is hair-raising. These ‘slaughterhouses’ are veritable plague spots and have caused widespread epidemics. I want you to prosetylize Robinson and galvanize the Colonel and everybody else you can get hold of. I’d like James to see this and No. 47 and Dorothy. Above all the Mater, For I feel sure, that whatever happens, she and you will be glad that I’ve come out.”

“… Bolshevist Russia is a channel of communication to the Committee of Union and Progress, to Egypt, India, and Afghanistan. Unless beaten by us, the Bolshies will beat us. It’s a side issue for the present, but the danger of their rousing and letting loose the Chinese is not so very remote. They have declared war on Christianity. The Bible to them is a ‘counter-revolutionary’ book, and to be stamped out. They are aiming at raising all non-Christian races against the Christian countries.

The Bolshevists form about 5 per cent, of the population of Russia – Jews (80 to 90 per cent, of the commissaries are Jews), Chinese, Letts, Germans, and certain of the ‘skilled labor’ artisans.

The conscribed peasantry, originally captured by the catchwords mentioned in the pamphlets, now often goaded beyond endurance, is rising against them over wide districts. Still conscribed and put up to fight, under severe penalties, they form most of the ‘cannon fodder’ used by the Bolshies. They desert, often en masse, and many a peasant who marched for the Bolshevists last week is fighting for Denikin in the Volunteer Army to-day.

Ref. Jews – In towns captured, by Bolshevists the only unviolated sacred buildings are the synagogues, while churches are used for anything, from movie-shows to ‘slaughterhouses’. The Poles, Galicians, and Petlura have committed ‘pogroms’ (massacres of Jews). Not the Russian Volunteer Armies under Denikin. Denilcin has, in fact, been so strict in protecting the Jews that he has been accused by his sympathizers of favoring them. If, however, a Commissary, steeped in murder, with torture and rape, with mutilations, happens to be a Jew, as most of them are, should he receive exceptional treatment?”

There are so many things to talk about in this article, I hardly know where to start.

I think I’ll just stick to the most important parts that just reek of standard Pilenas/British Intelligence fabricated “conflicts, not to mention Cecil Bloc tactics of “anonymous” authors to plant the worst propaganda they wanted known.

That “officer” from Russia, is an obvious veiled allusion to Boris, who completely fills that bill. The signing of it as “X” to “protect the identity” – the obvious over-the-top use of manufactured atrocities to incite hatred, the over-done supposed documentation, it’s all there – standard British intelligence “masses” propaganda ala Masterman and Tweedsmuir.

One should probably note here, the words of C.F.G. Masterman trained propagandist Harold Lasswell –

“A handy rule for arousing hate is, if at first they do not enrage, use an atrocity. It has been employed with unvarying success in every conflict known to man.

– Lasswell, 1927 Propaganda Technique in World War, You can view the 1938 reprint at Hathitrust.

That’s exactly what this letter is doing, alleging atrocity after atrocity.

The biggest, and most important thing about this covert British intelligence propaganda piece, is that as far as I can tell?

It marks the first time the “Jews” are added into the big, bad ENEMY mix already being fomented about the “Red” bible of the communists (only begun about 2 weeks earlier, incidentally).

The first time in such a public way.


Again, this is the next day after after Casimir Pilenas arrived in London (sent by Wiseman) The Times was the first to begin the changeover to JEWISH bolsheviks – JEWISH conspirators and rule-the-world people.

Right on cue…

– and Casimir was right there on hand to help them.

Here it is, way down at the bottom of the first column of this letter.




No matter how many ways British intelligence persons (and their dupes) have tried to backdate this inciting of hatred towards the Jews (leading up to the Protocols of Zion just under six months after this “letter”) – the simple fact remains.

That is not what happened.


Later on – The London Times of December 3, 1919, (pp. 2, 3 and 4) published the statement of an eye witness of the “reign of torture” under the Bolsheviki at the time of the first capture of Odessa. The witness is the Rev. R. Courtier-Forster, late British Chaplain at Odessa and the Russian Ports of the Black Sea. Obviously another British intelligence agent.

He continued on in the “atrocity” tradition –

“While I was still British chaplain of Odessa the city was deluged with blood. When the Bolshevist elements, grafting on to their main support the 4,000 criminals released from the city gaols, attempted to seize the town, people of education, regardless of social position, offered what armed resistance was in their power. Workmen, shop assistants, soldiers, professional men, and a handful of officers fought for freedom and liberty through the streets of the great port for three days and nights against the bloody despotism of the Bolshevists. Tramcars were overturned to make barricades, trenches dug in the streets machine-guns placed in the upper windows of houses to move the thoroughfare with fire. The place became an inferno. The Balshevists were victorious. On capturing Odessa Railway Station, which had been defended by a few officers and a number of anti-Bolshevist soldiers, the Bolshevists bayoneted to death the 19 wounded and helpless men laid on the waiting-room floor to await Red Cross succour.

“Scores of other men who fell wounded in the streets also became victims to the triumphant Bolshevist criminals. The majority of these wretched and unhappy sufferers completely disappeared. Inquiries at the hospitals and prisons revealed the fact that they were not there, and no trace of them was to be found. A fortnight later there was a terrible storm on the Black Sea, and thebodies of the missing men were washed up on the rocks of Odessa breakwater and along the shore; they had been taken out to sea in small boats, stones tied to their feet, and then been dropped over alive into deep water. Hundreds of others were captured and taken on board the Almaz and the Sinope, the largest cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet. Here they became victims of unthinkable tortures.

“On the Sinope, General Chormichoff and some other personal friends of my own were fastened one by one with iron chains to planks of wood and pushed slowly, inch by inch, into the ship’s furnaces and roasted alive. Others were tied to winches, the winches turned until the men were torn in two alive. Others were taken to the boilers and scalded with boil-steam; they were then moved to another part of the ship and ventilating fans set revolving that currents of cold air might blow on the scalds and increase the agony of the torture. The full names of 17 of the Sinope victims were given me in writing by members of their families or their personal friends. These were lost later when my rooms were raided, my papers seized, and I myself arrested and thrown into prison.

“The house in the Catherine Square in which I was first in captivity afterwards became the Bolshevists’ House of Torture in which hundreds of victims were done to death. The shrieks of the people being tortured to death or having splinters of wood driven under the quick of their nails were so agonizing and appalling that personal friends of my own living more than a hundred yards away in the Vorontsoffsky Pereulok were obliged to fasten their double windows to prevent the cries of anguish penetrating into the house. The horror and fear of the surviving citizens was so great that the Bolshevists kept motor lorries thundering up and down the street to drown the awful screams of agony wrung from their dying victims.

“This House of Torture remains as much as possible in the condition in which the Bolshevists left it and is now shown to those who care to inspect its gruesome and blood-bespattered rooms.

“Week by week the newspapers published articles for and against the nationalization of women. In South Russia the proposal did not become a legal measure, but in Odessa bands of Bolshevists seized women and girls and carried them off to the Port, the timber yards, and the Alexandrovsky Park for their own purposes. Women used in this way were found in the mornings either dead or mad or in a dying condition. Those found still alive were shot. One of the most awful of my own personal experiences of the New Civilization was hearing at night from my bedroom windows the frantic shrieks of women being raped to death in the park opposite. Screams of shrill terror and despair repeated at intervals until they became nothing but hoarse cries of agony like the death calls of a dying animal. This happened not once, or twice, but many times. Never to the day of my death shall I forget the horror of those dreadful shrieks of tortured women, and one’s own utter powerlessness to aid the victims or punish the Bolshevist devils in their bestial orgies.”

The Times then published this letter of “Bolshevik atrocities” in pamphlet form, and alleged it had sold thousands of copies of it. There were also further contributors to these kind of editorials using pseudonyms such as ‘Verax’, ‘Janus’, ‘Philojudaeus’, ‘Testis’ and ‘Pro-Denikin’.

This was obvious covertly ordered and executed British Intelligence propaganda.

The leading Zionism man (Herzl’s replacement – Chaim Weizmann) response to these articles pointed out that it was done intentionally to incite “racial hatred” – Ah, but see how the Jews are a RACE now?

Funny, he’s doing exactly what British intelligence wants, continuing the delusion that the worshipers of Judaism are a race – they are not.

Chaim Weizmann is either a total idiot when it comes to propaganda, or he is ONE of them, because I tell ya, all his response did is bring more attention to the Jews as a RACE issue. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that was an accident.

As covered in a previous section, the Jews were chosen as the new “enemy” – you can actually see why, if you understand the British slavemasters sick plans for WWII, this far ahead.

See, they knew the Germans and Russians HATED them for what they did to them at that Peace Conference, so rather than have them figure it out that they – the British – were behind ALL of that – and come after them, they were providing a conspiring group of people that want to rule the world that is not them, and is instead of them – completely invented as being “the Jews”.

Get it?


The very next day after the first of these articles come out adding “Jews” for the first time – meanwhile back in the U.S. –


By November 15, the chamber was still considering the treaty when, for the first time in its history, the Senate voted to invoke cloture – to cut off debate – on the treaty.

Senate Hearings are going on where an MID officer is spreading the Red Bible scare as the “cause” for worker strikes.

And then four days later –

November 19, 1919 – the famous debate over Senator Lodge’s 14 Reservations versus Wilson’s 14 Points.

Borah speaks – key points excerpted.

Mr. Borah. Mr. President…

I think, therefore, this moment is just as appropriate as any other for me to express my final views with reference to the treaty and the League of Nations. It is perhaps the last opportunity I shall have to state, as briefly as I may, my reasons for opposing the treaty and the League.

Mr. President, after Mr. Lincoln had been elected President, before he assumed the duties of the office and at a time when all indications were to the effect that we would soon be in the midst of civil strife, a friend from the city of Washington wrote him for instructions. Mr. Lincoln wrote back in a single line, “Entertain no compromise; have none of it.”

That states the position I occupy at this time and which I have, in a humble way, occupied from the first contention in regard to this proposal.

…What is the result of all this?

  • We are in the midst of all of the affairs of Europe.
  • We have entangled ourselves with all European concerns.
  • We have joined in alliance with all the European nations which have thus far joined the League and all nations which may be admitted to the League.

We are sitting there dabbling in their affairs and intermeddling in their concerns.

In other words, Mr. President — and this comes to the question which is fundamental with me — we have forfeited and surrendered, once and for all, the great policy of “no entangling alliances” upon which the strength of this republic has been founded for 150 years.

…Those who are differing over reservations, tell me what one of them protects the doctrine laid down by the Father of his Country. That fundamental proposition is surrendered, and we are a part of the European turmoils and conflicts from the time we enter this League.

Let us not underestimate that. There has never been an hour since the Venezuelan difficulty that there has not been operating in this country, fed by domestic and foreign sources, a powerful propaganda for the destruction of the doctrine of no entangling alliances. [He’s talking about Britain]


His final points are real deal-killers.


Mr. President, there is another and even a more commanding reason why I shall record my vote against this treaty. It imperils what I conceive to be the underlying, the very first principles of this republic.

It is in conflict with the right of our people to govern themselves, free from all restraint, legal or moral, of foreign powers.


…You cannot yoke a government whose fundamental maxim is that of liberty to a government whose first law is that of force and hope to preserve the former.

You may still keep for a time the outward form, you may still delude yourself, as others have done in the past [referring to the British especially] with appearances and symbols, but when you shall have committed this republic to a scheme of world control based upon force, upon the combined military force of the four great nations of the world, you will have soon destroyed the atmosphere of freedom, of confidence in the self-governing capacity of the masses, in which alone a democracy may thrive.

We may become one of the four dictators of the world, but we shall no longer be master of our own spirit.


the big four dictators - borah calls the powersThe “Big 4” of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 were (left to right) Lloyd George of England, Orlando of Italy, Clemenceau of France, and Woodrow Wilson of the United States.

But your treaty does not mean peace far, very far, from it. If we are to judge the future by the past,

it means war.

– Source: Record, 66 Cong., I Sess., pp. 8777-8778; 8768-8769, 8781-8784.

That very same day of his speech – the Treaty was voted down.


The Senate first voted on the version of the Treaty (that included the League of Nations, point X) with the 14 Lodge reservations. President Wilson ordered his supporters to vote against that version and, with the irreconcilables also voting against it, it fell short of a two-thirds majority by a 55-39 vote. A second vote on the version without the reservations ended in a similar 53-38 vote, this time with the Cabot Republicans and the irreconcilables forming the opposition.

And now? The next war is now settled upon – the enemy is “the Jews” and the “Germans”. Things begin to move quite fast on the protocols.

* * *

The Protocols of Zion

– a British intelligence operation –

Readying Moves – testing the waters

 Now the enemy is ZIONIST Jews – not Bolshevik Jews.

Jews here, there and everywhere! in the media.


Casimir Pilenas, after arriving in November of 1919, apparently stays in London working for British Intelligence directly for the next three years.

Casimir doesn’t return to the U.S. until 10 January 1922, leaving Liverpool for New York on the Scythia, without his wife – arrives New York 20 January. His wife doesn’t come until August 1922. He then proceeds to become a U.S. citizen, but the interesting thing is that on his petition for naturalizaton in 1924, guess what he lists his occupation as? – relevant to the “letter” to the Times first tieing the Jews in to this world conspiracy –

He lists his occupation as journalist.


He lists two references – Otis F. Wood, newspaper syndicate in New Brighton and Ancatas E Strimaitis.

Less than a month after the Peace Treaty with it’s League of Nations amendment had been voted down by the U.S. Senate, and Pilenas was involved with “opening” the Jew/Bolsehviks propaganda with The Times “letters”, the remaining Russian deep-cover agent contingent at the MID begin “anti-Jew” agitation in earnest.

On December 9, 1919* Boris Brasol, the senior deep cover agent at the MID, begin to “plant the field” in the MID now, re: anti-Jewish sentiments.

*This is only ONE WEEK after the date on the British produced Preface of the Protocols of Zion.

which isn’t out yet – it comes out in February 1920

Wow! – That’s really something! So obvious who Boris is really working for, eh?


Remember, Boris Brasol’s boss Churchill is a real sucker for “bolshevist” and “Jewish” conspiracies, as is Natalie DeBogory’s boss in the MID, Harris Houghton.

So, Boris Brasol sent in a report that described an “international German Jewish gang,” allegedly working out of Stockholm, that aimed at “world socialist revolution.”

He wrote that its twelve leaders were all Jews. He named Trotsky, U.S. banker Jacob Schiff, and his German friend and co-religionist Max Warburg. Brasol concludes in a snarky joke where he says: “It is, of course, just a coincidence, that the dozen happen to be a Jewish dozen.”

MID, File 10110-920, Report #8, December 9, 1919.

December 9 – Thwaites reported to William Wiseman (which is funny, considering Pilenas and Brasol are his agents) that he had received from Brasol, who was “now employed by the United States War Trade Board . . . a somewhat ghastly account of what is alleged to be the details of the murder of the Czar and his family.” – Brasol’s story emphasized the murder of the family by Jews.

You can see that Wiseman isn’t even telling his junior Thwaites (due to office politics with Gaunt and Dancey against Wiseman) that Brasol is still his agent – that’s how deep cover this beginning agitation against the Jews business is.

Reference – Thwaites to Wiseman, Sir William Wiseman Papers, Sterling Library, Yale University, Box 3, File 84, December 9, 1919, 3.,

Alistair Crowley had a saying about people in the intelligence community that have no idea that someone else is a higher-level intelligence agent – he calls them The Stupids.

Ref: Alistair Crowley Diary entry for March 29th, 1917

Two days later, December 11, 1919, Boris – on a roll here – submits another report, “Bolshevism and Judaism,” marked “Confidential” and submitted to Churchill (his superior at MID). It contained ideas from the as yet unpublished “Secret Zionist Protocol”. In between he explains how the Russian Revolution was plotted in New York in 1916 by Jacob Schiff, Otto Kahn, and other Jewish bankers, how Schiff funded Trotsky, how almost every Bolshevik luminary was a Jew, how other American Jews like Judah Magnes and Paul Warburg connived with and supported them, how the same Jews were also behind the Red uprisings in Germany, and how “International Jewry” was “feverishly organizing, getting together, spreading their poisonous doctrines, gambling [and] raising enormous funds.

MID, Brasol Report #9, December 11, 1919.

Besides the fact that he’s obviously covering for British intelligence here by misdirecting attention on to Schiff and “Jews” and whatnot – his “report”, of course, just happens (I’m being sarcastic) to be pretty much what the Protocols of Zion were going to say.

This is also along the lines of the initial allegation that Pilenas had already made in February of 1919, in his report, obviously expanded on to start “checking” to see who would go for it.

Note: See also how Brasol and Pilenas (and Natalie deBogory)  were working to “seed” the U.S. Government files? A rather interesting subversion method leading up to forming a “new” intelligence office (run by the British, the OSS)  in the not too distant future, don’t you think?

Not to mention, an obvious attempt at subverting the U.S. government into starting a witch-hunt against the Jews, thereby fracturing segments of the population – I’m sure that had no part of why Wiseman and C.F.G. Masterman would support such an operation.

Oh no.

no shaking head

Of course it did – we already have examined scads of evidence clearly illustrating that the British slavemasters really are that sick when it comes to interfering in everyone else’s lives.

One of the main MID officers Brasol spent time with, was a Jew, who never seemed to figure out that this was not a “Russian” conspiracy, he basically fell hook-line-and-sinker for the whole “White Russians versus the Jews” horseshit that Brasol did not believe.

He knew what he was doing.


I hate to say it, but Crowley would have called this MID intelligence man Isaacs, one of The Stupids for believing that Boris believed it!

Of course, Isaacs was pretty screwed in his logic because he was working with Hoover on “investigating” it and we all know how utterly blind-sided Hoover was when it comes to any real intelligence activities.

Hoover really was one of  Crowley’s ‘The Stupids‘.

J edgar hoover

Hell, even L. Ron Hubbard ran the exact same type of British-intel game on him – talking about “commies after him” and such – Hoover’s guys went for that like a ton of bricks. Did you know that was literally a badge of honor to get Hoover to “attack” you based on your cover? Some other people out there just might want to make a little “note to self” on that. Just a suggestion.

whistling girl

I’m not saying that the FBI is all bad, not at all, but in the time of Hoover, he infected it with his jilted lover routine – assigning anything and everything as “communism”. Man, Boris had a field day with that one later on, let me tell you.

See, Hoover went after things like a puppy after a bone – running away from the bone thrower. Get it? If not – ah well, that’s ok. It’s kind of my own private joke anyways.

However, this MID officer, Nathan Isaacs, however misdirected he might have been as to those “bad Russians”, did manage to well describe some of the planting-data method that was most definitely going on.

A member of the group would supply a story to the Military Intelligence Division; simultaneously a different and by no means entirely consistent account of the same thing would be supplied to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Still other versions would reach the Department of Justice, the Secret Service of the Treasury, the War Trade Intelligence Board, the American Protective League, and the experts for various countries in the Department of State and in Colonel House’s Bureau. . . . Of course, these bureaus interchanged information with the result that there would soon appear in the files of all of them what seemed to be the cumulative evidence of some plot. Usually the gist of this story was that some prominent Jew in this country was in secret communication with the Russian revolutionaries . . . or some other such nonsense.

– “Boris Brasol,” Maria Vrangel Collection, Hoover Institution Archives (HIA), Stanford University, Box 19, File 13.

The problem is, he never seemed to want to really look at the fact that it was the BRITISH doing it!

Isn’t that interesting? It was right in front of his face too. It just goes to show you that it is a choice to pretend something isn’t true, when it is.

It doesn’t change the truth at all though.


There it sits, just as clear today as it was a hundred or a thousand years ago, for anyone to see.

green-page-divider 2014


The Protocols of Zion

– a British intelligence operation –

Readying Moves – Creating the Illusion

The Protocols of Zion Appear.


The main person who backdated the Protocols of Zion as somehow being the same as the Red Bible articles/book of October and November 1919, is Norman Cohn.

Warrant for genocide: the myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the elders of Zion, Norman Cohn, Harper & Row, 1967.

Who is this Cohn person?

He’s a British oxford man.

From this website

This is how Norman Cohn is described in Who’s Who in World Jewry, Pitman Publishing Co., New York 1972:

“COHN, Norman, Eng, author, educator; b. London Eng, Jan 12, 1915; s.August and Daisy (Reimer); MA, Christ Church Sch, Oxford, 1939; DLitt Glasgow; m. Vera Broido, Sep 3 1941; c, Nik. Professorial F, U of Sussex since 1963; found dir, Cen for Research in Collective Psychopath, since 1963; prof, U Durham, 1960-63; F, Cen for Advanced Study in Behavioral Scis, Stanford, 1966. Capt, Brit Army, 1939-46. Author: The Pursuit of the Millennium 1957, rev ed 1970; Warrant for Genocide, 1970; trans: Goid Khan and Other Siberian Legends; contbr to profsl jours. Mem Athenaeum. Recipient, Wolf-Anisfield Prize for Race Relations, 1968 Hobbies: walking, travel. Home: 61 New End, London NW3, Eng. Office: 3 Henrietta St, London WC2, Eng.”


There are some very nasty connections in the above, I’ll single them out for you.

  • Christ Church Oxford – Cecil Bloc recruiting grounds
  • Center for Research in Collective Psychopath – you mean like how he’s trying to influence everyone into thinking the Protocols of Zion were Russian only?
  • Athanaeum – not an easy club to get into, usually only British slavemasters and their best igors
  • Stanford Center for Advanced Study in Behavorial Sciences – that is a really nasty one, there.

OK, so this apparently Zionist Cohn guy, he’s got all these heavy-duty British slavemaster connections, and just happens, in 1967, to publish a book that misdirects everyone away from the British?

And his publisher for this 1967, Eyre & Spottiswoode, just happens to be the same publisher of the first English edition of the Protocols of Zion in 1920?

Come on…

come on!

Could he be any more obvious that he’s a British intelligence shill?

So what DID really happen with the Protocols of Zion?

Well, first of all, there are numerous attempts to confuse the issue on the actual origin of the Protocols of Zion, not to mention its actual first appearance, as far as the world is concerned.

The actual first appearance of the Protocols of Zion, happened just 3 months after Senator Borah and the “irreconcilables” had shot down the Peace Treaty – and the League of Nations with it.

Ah, but the work on it had begun in November, when Pilenas arrived to London, because the Preface in this first appearance?

Is dated December 2 1919.

Less than two weeks after Borah’s famous speech.

Borah’s speech, in addition, was beginning to expose that the same people behind the League of Nations – the Brits – were behind Trotsky and “Internationalism”.

Now that’s very, very important, because we know how much the Brits hate having their nasty plans traced back to them and exposed, don’t we.

Yes, we do.


So, hence the big push for “world conspirators” to blame, misdirecting attention off of them and setting the new “enemy” for the Germans and Russians to tie themselves up in knots against – AS WELL AS THE AMERICANS WHO RESIST THEIR PLANS – as you are soon about to see.

You can just imagine, even now, the smug look on their faces whenever some well-meaning questioner of what is REALLY going on in the world, latches onto the conveniently planted JEW-ILLUMINATI-ALIEN conspiracy propaganda. See where Scientology fits right into that, with it’s Marcabian/World Banker/Evil German Nazi Psychiatrists propaganda? That comprises its “advanced levels” of “enlightenment”, is a particularly sick joke on the part of it’s British Intelligence handlers.

Just prior to when the “death” of the League of Nations/Peace Treaty was about to be a foregone conclusion, (March 1920) was when the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was published privately by Eyre and Spottiswoode, who just happened to be the official printers of the British Government.

1920_The_Jewish_Peril_-_Eyre_&_Spottiswoode_Ltd_-_1st_ed.An original is held at this museum.
Various Reprints are available – like this one.
A “regular” english, mass-produced and updated version came out in 1921.

A fact that did not go unnoticed by at least one author, Lucien Wolf, who wrote in 1920 –

…a curious story is current that the translation of the Russian forgery on which the theory of that journal mainly rests was actually made in the Intelligence Department of the War Office.

PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, by Lucien Wolf, preface written November 1920, book published February, 1921.

Jack Nicholson - yes yes hear hear

Eyre and Spottiswoode had a long association with high-level British intelligence forgeries and propaganda presented as somehow valid – this was one of the “private” routes that C.F.G. Masterman had set up when he first took control of Propaganda in July of 1914, and began producing over 2 million propaganda pieces shipped all over the world.

A photostat of The Protocols of Zion carrying the 1905 date, had appeared a couple years earlier as a “record” in the British Museum.

russian edition of protocols but not published until 1919 - backdated

Chapter 12 of this book is what contains the Protocols manuscript. The pseudonymic “Serge Nilus” offered three conflicting statements as to where “he” got the Protocols manuscript. This is an attempt (as is the pseudonym) to hide the true source, which was the Okhrana.

Matvei Golovinski was a Russian who worked for the Okhrana in Paris under Pyotr Rachkovsky. Matvei Golovinski wrote and published articles on assignments from Pyotr Rachkovsky.  This was when William Melville (British intelligence) and Pyotr Rachkovsky (Russian intelligence) were working together and Melville agents such as Casimir Pilenas were working in the Okhrana.

Note –
In 1999 Russian historian Mikhail Lepekhine studied French archives stored in Moscow and found evidence that the Protocols forgery was written by Matvei Golovinski. That would explain where Serge Nilus actually got the Protocols manuscript to put into his 1905 book – from the Okhrana. It also shows the Protocols are a joint British and Russian intelligence forgery.

A copy of The Great within the Small (that’s the title in English) may be seen at the British Museum Library, under No. 3926d-17, stamped British Museum, 10th August, 1906.

The Keeper of Printed Books (of the library at the British Museum) produced an Index of the modern works added to the Library between 1906 and 1910, and published this index in 1911. Hathitrust has a copy of it that had been given to the New York Public library.



On page 1090, under Russia-Politics, is the entry for Nilus.

page 1090 british museum library index nilus protocols 1911

enlarged –


The British Museum currently lists this document as having been created by Rachkovsky – who was working directly with Melville and British intelligence at the alleged time of publication in 1905.


Retrieved November 18, 2014 – plain text.

  • Title: Великое въ маломъ и Антихристъ, какъ близкая политическая возможность. Записки Православнаго. Изданіе второе, etc.[The original compilation of Part 12, протоколы засѣданій сіонскихъ мудрецовъ, was an adaptation, with a framework partly provided by “Le Juif” of Gougenot des Mousseaux, of M. Joly’s “Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu … par un Contemporain, expanded by extracts from a romance by “Sir John Retcliffe” and from works by Chabauty and others, and modernized and expanded under the editorship of – Rachkovsky by I. Th. Manasevich-Manuilov and Matvyei Golovinsky. It was first published in this form in Russian, with his own comments, in two editions of this religious work by S. A. Nilus.]
  • Author: Sergei Aleksandrovich NILUS
  • Contributor: E. A CHABAUTY ;
    Matvyei GOLOVINSKY ;
    R Gougenot Des Mousseaux (Roger), 1805-1876. ;
    Maurice JOLY ;
    Ivan Thedorovich MANASEVICH-MANUILOV ;
    Petr Ivanovich RACHKOVSKY
  • Publication Details: Царское Село : Типографія Царскосельскаго Комитета Краснаго Креста, 1905.
  • Identifier: System number 002659952
  • Physical Description: x, 417 p. ; 8º.
  • Shelfmark(s): General Reference Collection C.37.e.31.
  • UIN: BLL01002659952


Don’t forget

British MI6 agent Orlov was forging Russian and German documents for whoever needed them, at the time of the Jewish Peril publication (1919).

Coming back to Lucien’s writings about all this now –

Lucien also very astutely points out the connection to the deep cover british intelligence agent – Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the nephew of Sir Neville Chamberlain – who was a member of a German group engaged in publishing anti-Jew and anti-English materials this same year of 1919. Putting a rather interesting PR positioning on the “type” of people who would be anti-English – do note.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain


Since 1909 the agitation has become re-transferred to the headquarters of Clerical Anti-Semitism
in Vienna and Munich, and the most recent works on the subject—with which the Morning Post appears to have mainly worked, although for obvious reasons it does not acknowledge them—are:

[english translations in grey boxes]

Wichtl’s “Weltfreimaurerei, Weltrevolution, Weltrepublik,”

Freemasonry, World Revolution, World Republic

Meister’s “Judas Schuldbuch,”

Judas debt register

and Rosenberg’s “Die Spur des Juden im Wandel der Zeiten,”

The trace of the Jews through the ages

all published in 1919.

All this literature, while expounding exactly the same theory of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy as the Morning Post, is as violently anti-English as it is anti-Masonic and anti-Jewish. A great deal of it is published under the auspices of the Deutschlaiid’s Erneuenmg Committee, of which Mr. Houston Chamberlain is a leading spirit.

PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, by Lucien Wolf, preface written November 1920, book published February, 1921.

**Please also see my article on George Stanton Coit, for more about Chamberlain and his connections, as well as other British agents engaged in the “jew menace” nasty hyperbole.

The utterly amazing thing here, is that the British are engaged, right then, in their covert march of WORLD government with them at the head of it, so see what I mean? This is all part of positioning anyone who reveals their nasty intents is either a communist or nasty jew-hating German!

Not to mention doing a bang-up job of rousing hatred of all-the-wrong-people, as part of their next war they had planned because they did not get what they wanted from the U.S. – the League of Nations. Thank you Senator Borah!

I swear to god, the British slavemasters are such a bunch of screaming brat babies when they don’t get their nasty little way.

It’s not fair! I hate all of you!

mad crying baby

But wait, there’s more!

Lucien tells us some other very interesting and well-documented things about these “Protocols”.

Like…a description that sounds awfully exact as to our erstwhile double-agent, Casmir Pilenas, a Lithuanian by birth, and the previously unknown fact (to me, and many others, I would imagine) that the exact same book was also published in Germany as was in England!

**Update March 2018 – Please note that I have further documented this attempt by Casimir that Lucien mentions below, and how it was all mixed up with a parallel intelligence operation going on (by the British and Russian intelligence) in Germany. See Debunking Yet Another False Conspiracy Theory – The ‘Kaiser’s Dream” Map and the Protocols of Zion

Continuing with Lucien now –

Later on came the first intimation of the proposed publication of the Protocols in Western Europe. It came in very characteristic shape.

One day the members of a certain Jewish Delegation in Paris received a visit from a mysterious Lithuanian who had been connected with the Russian Secret Police. He professed himself anxious to serve the Jewish community, and said that he was in a position to prevent the publication of an exceedingly dangerous book, which, if it saw the light, would probably involve the whole house of Israel in ruin. Quite naturally, he wished to be paid for this service, but the sum was a mere trifle, a matter of £10,000. He was asked for a sight of the volume, and he produced it. It was, of course, “the Protocols.” Needless to say, no business was done.

[Note: I believe he is referring to the American Jewish Committee, who in their Annual Report #14 (published 1921), p. 18 states that:

For some time past members of your Committee have known of the existence of this “document”; in fact, the manuscript was offered to your Committee with the erroneous idea that a round sum would be paid for its suppression. Under the title of “The Jewish Peril” it was anonymously published in England in February, 1920, and editions of it have appeared in Germany, France, and, we are informed, also in Denmark, Italy and Spain.”  ]

It was possibly only a coincidence that in the following December a German edition was published under the title “Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion,” and two months later the English edition saw the light under the title “The Jewish Peril: Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” The German and English publication would have been simultaneous but for the fact that difficulty was experienced in finding a reputable London publishing house to take the Protocols seriously.

Aha! So that’s why the Preface for the English one was dated 2 December but not published until two months later (February, 1920) because it was prepared at the same time as the German one.

Here’s the preface, recently obtained from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library.

PDF – Nilus – The Jewish Peril – Preface

End of preface showing the December 2, 1919 date –

Nilus - The Jewish Peril - Preface-3

Lucien tells us some other interesting facts, and a rather astute observation.

…The object was clearly to get English support, and unfortunately the response was not long in coming.

[after The Time article May 8th]

The delight of the German Reactionaries knew no bounds. It was voiced by Count Reventlow in a long article in the Deutsche Tages-zeitung of May 17 welcoming the Times’s acceptance of the Jewish peril as an indication that English public opinion was beginning to recognise the righteousness of Kapp and Co. in their resistance to the Ebert regime and what the Count called the “pax Judaeica.” *

Whether the translators and editors of “The Jewish Peril” have consciously lent themselves to this intrigue, which is part of the German Reactionary plot to upset the Treaty of Versailles and perhaps plunge Europe into another war, cannot be said.

But assuredly the worst suspicions are permissible so long as these gentlemen elect to skulk in the coulisses and shrink from responsibility for their scrubby handiwork.

* Besides Count Reventlow’s article see a very light-giving article entitled “Reventlow und die Weisen von Zion” in the Berliner Tageblatt, May 18, 1920.

Skulking is right.

That’s what the British slavemaster war-mongerers have been doing for centuries.

some of my family

Speaking of skulking…

Don’t forget

Casimir Pilenas had arrived in London in November 1919, and that is when the first spate of “anti-Jew” Bolshevik publications went mainstream – in The Times. Pilenas was a high-level and long term deep cover agent for British Intelligence, going all the way back to the time of Sir Melville.

His cover now, while in London, was TRANSLATOR and JOURNALIST.

Well, that’s rather convenient for the Protocols black op, wouldn’t you say?


Fellow British Intelligence shill, Victor Marsden, together with Pilenas, helped to create a simultaneously produced anti-Jew series in the Morning Post – concerning the appearance of the new Protocols of Zion. Marsden had been the Post’s correspondent in Russia at the time of the Revolution. Thereafter, but that same year, the Post published a book on the same matter, entitled The Cause of World Unrest. This was picked up by well-known publisher, George Haven Putnam, who then put out an American edition it in New York , a little later in 1920. Apparently Putnam also sent a letter to the AJC concerning his anti-Jewish views in 1922, to Lee Weiss on March 13.

Reference: A.J.C. Archives, Box 132.

Even Winston Churchill jumps on the jew-bashing bandwagon, tailor-making his insults specifically towards JEWISH Bolshevists, and JEWISH Germans, very bad, very bad, sayeth Churchill. Personally, what I really think he’s doing is lending his name to written pieces intent on drumming up interest and focus on this newly characterized enemy, while at the same time pushing for the support of Zionism. Which, if you recall, was really about using the Jewish people, yet again, as the chess pieces (pawns) of the British Slavemasters.

The last time they did this big of a move, that way, was in the time of the first Rise of the Slavemasters  – Cecil, Bacon, etc. and all that propaganda about Jews needing to go forth and spread the light around the world before the “Messianic” age could come.

Makes me sick, I tell you, to see the deliberate manipulation of these people (and others) using fricking fairy tales and LIES to do it!

The Churchill article was extraordinarily difficult to find a decent source for on the net, and although I found some, I still would prefer to find the full article, scanned. Perhaps it will show up one day, but for now, this will have to do. It really needs to be seen in its entirety to appreciate the amount of spin that went into this.

Wikipedia has a talk page showing the sources consulted to cobble together the complete article. Unfortunately, the best source (to me) was the linked to OCR of the news article but it’s to a now defunct page at Scribd. I was able to find a semblance (and I use that term loosely) of what the original scribd page had, but the PDF (that would be far less scrambled) doesn’t appear to have been preserved.

However, after a seriously ridiculous amount of google-ratcheting having to be employed (my term for getting around all the BS results to something actually useful) I managed to come up with (and somewhat verify) one or two sites that had the full text.

One even has a partial image of the article itself.

zionism versus bolshevism

Between the two sources I found – you get this as the plaintext.

Some people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.

Disraeli, the Jew Prime Minister of England, and Leader of the Conservative Party, who was always true to his race and proud of his origin, said on a well-known occasion: ‘The Lord deals with the nations as the nations deal with the Jews.’ Certainly when we look at the miserable state of Russia, where of all countries in the world the Jews were the most cruelly treated, and contrast it with the fortunes of our own country, which seems to have been so providentially preserved amid the awful perils of these times, we must admit that nothing that has since happened in the history of the world has falsified the truth of Disraeli’s confident assertion.

The conflict between good and evil which proceeds unceasingly in the breast of man nowhere reaches such an intensity as in the Jewish race. The dual nature of mankind is nowhere more strongly or more terribly exemplified. We owe to the Jews in the Christian revelation a system of ethics which, even if it were entirely separated from the supernatural, would be incomparably the most precious possession of mankind, worth in fact the fruits of all other wisdom and learning put together. On that system and by that faith there has been built out of the wreck of the Roman Empire the whole of our existing civilization.

And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical.

There can be no greater mistake than to attribute to each individual a recognizable share in the qualities which make up the national character. There are all sorts of men – good, bad and, for the most part, indifferent – in every country, and every race. Nothing is more wrong than to deny to an individual, on account of race or origin, his right to be judged on his personal merits and conduct. In a people of peculiar genius like the Jews, contrasts are more vivid, the extremes are more widely separated, the resulting consequences are more decisive.

At the present fateful period there are three main lines of political conception among the Jews, two of which are helpful and hopeful in a very high degree to humanity, and the third absolutely destructive.

First there are the Jews who, dwelling in every country throughout the world, identify themselves with that country, enter into its national life, and, while adhering faithfully to their own religion, regard themselves as citizens in the fullest sense of the State which has received them. Such a Jew living in England would say, ‘I am an Englishman practising the Jewish faith.’ This is a worthy conception, and useful in the highest degree. We in Great Britain well know that during the great struggle the influence of what may be called the ‘National Jews’ in many lands was cast preponderatingly on the side of the Allies; and in our own Army Jewish soldiers have played a most distinguished part, some rising to the command of armies, others winning the Victoria Cross for valour.

The National Russian Jews, in spite of the disabilities under which they have suffered, have managed to play an honourable and useful part in the national life even of Russia. As bankers and industrialists they have strenuously promoted the development of Russia’s economic resources, and they were foremost in the creation of those remarkable organizations, the Russian Co-operative Societies. In politics their support has been given, for the most part, to liberal and progressive movements, and they have been among the staunchest upholders of friendship with France and Great Britain.

In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungry), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.

It played, as a modern writer, Mrs Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution.

[Churchill is promoting the freemason/jew conspiracy theories of Nesta Webster – a really bad source, in my opinion, and completely British-intelligence controlled.]

It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinarypersonalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd), or of Krassin or Radek – all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by [the Jews] the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.

Needless to say, the most intense passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people. Wherever General Denikin’s authority could reach, protection was always accorded to the Jewish population, and strenuous efforts were made by his officers to prevent reprisals and to punish those guilty of them. So much was this the case that the Petlurist [followers of Simon Petlyura (1879-1926), Ukranian politician who led the Ukranian army against the Bolsheviks.

He was defeated and fled to Poland, thence to Paris where he was assassinated] propaganda against General Denikin denounced him as the Protector of the Jews. The Misses Healy, nieces of Mr Tim Healy, in relating their personal experiences in Kieff, have declared that to their knowledge on more than one occasion officers who committed offences against Jews were reduced to the ranks and sent out of the city to the front. But the hordes of brigands by whom the whole vast expanse of the Russian Empire is becoming infested do not hesitate to gratify their lust for blood and for revenge at the expense of the innocent Jewish population whenever an opportunity occurs. The brigand Makhno, the hordes of Petlyura and of Gregorieff, who signalized their success by the most brutal massacres, everywhere found among the half-stupefied, half-infuriated population an eager response to anti-
Semitism in its worst and foulest forms.

The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with the villainies which are now being perpetrated. This is an injustice on millions of helpless people, most of whom are themselves sufferers from the revolutionary regime. It becomes, therefore, specially important to foster and develop any strongly-marked Jewish movement which leads directly away from these fatal associations. And it is here that Zionism has such a deep significance for the whole world at the present time.

Zionism offers the third sphere to the political conceptions of the Jewish race. In violent contrast to international communism, it presents to the Jew a national idea of a commanding character. It has fallen to the British Government, as the result of the conquest of Palestine, to have the opportunity and the responsibility of securing for the Jewish race all over the world a home and a centre of national life. The statesmanship and historic sense of Mr Balfour were prompt to seize this opportunity. Declarations have been made which have irrevocably decided the policy of Great Britain. The fiery energies of Dr Weizmann, [Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952) was born in Grodno, Russia. An active Zionist, he became President of the World Zionist Organization in 1920. In 1949 he became the first President of Israel] the leader, for practical purposes, of the Zionist project, backed by many of the most prominent British Jews, and supported by the full authority of Lord Allenby, are all directed to achieving the success of this inspiring movement.

Of course, Palestine is far too small to accommodate more than a fraction of the Jewish race, nor do the majority of national Jews wish to go there. But if, as may well happen, there should be created in our own lifetime by the banks of the Jordan a Jewish State under the protection of the British Crown, which might comprise three or four million of Jews, an event would have occurred in the history of the world which would, from every point of view, be beneficial, and would be especially in harmony with the truest interests of the British Empire.

Zionism has already become a factor in the political convulsions of Russia, as a powerful competing influence in Bolshevik circles with the international communistic system. Nothing could be more significant than the fury with which Trotsky has attacked the Zionists generally, and Dr Weizmann in particular. The cruel penetration of his mind leaves him in no doubt that his schemes of a world-wide communistic State under Jewish domination are directly thwarted and hindered by this new ideal, which directs the energies and the hopes of Jews in every land towards a simpler, a truer, and a far more attainable goal. The struggle which is now beginning between the Zionist and Bolshevik Jews is little less than a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people.

It is particularly important in these circumstances that the national Jews in every country who are loyal to the land of their adoption should come forward on every occasion, as many of them in England have already done, and take a prominent part in every measure for combating the Bolshevik conspiracy In this way they will be able to vindicate the honour of the Jewish name and make it clear to all the world that the Bolshevik movement is not a Jewish movement, but is repudiated vehemently by the great mass of the Jewish race.

But a negative resistance to Bolshevism in any field is not enough.

Positive and practicable alternatives are needed in the moral as well as in the social sphere; and in building up with the utmost possible rapidity a Jewish national centre in Palestine which may become not only a refuge to the oppressed from the unhappy lands of Central Europe, but which will also be a symbol of Jewish unity and the temple of Jewish glory, a task is presented on which many blessings rest.

Source #1 – ZIONISM VERSUS BOLSHEVISM, Winston S. Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, 8 February, 1920, The Collected Essay of Sir Winston Churchill:, vol IV.
Source #2 – ZIONISM VERSUS BOLSHEVISM; A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People, By the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill. – Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920, page 5. This sources notes that: Mr Churchill’s authorship of this article has been authenticated by one of the world’s leading Churchill bibliographers, Richard Heinzkill, of the University of Eugene, Oregon. NOTE! This source was primarily used for the full title of the article, and the image it had. The reader should be warned that the webmaster of this site rearranged the text of the article. As to text, the first source appears to be more accurate.

the churchill black op choir

Meanwhile – the British intelligence jewish front over in America – the B’nai B’rith – had also joined in