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There is much to see in here, however shrowded in darkness some of the Bad Guys may be.

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Just belowdown point female tattoo finger, you’ll find an alphabetical index – each letter being a link. I assume you know who you are looking up, so just click the letter representing the last name of that Specific Person – in some cases certain Bad Guys will be filed by both first and last names.


That’s it! Now you can have a great old time looking at our histories of Specific Persons in our Encyclopedia of The Bad Guys  – what they do, who they are, and so on.

Quite entertaining, actually.

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Baruch, Bernard Mannes Baum

This article covers a number of very important elements of Baruch’s background, especially his connections in and with British and Vatican plans for world hegemony through creating and profiting from wars, death and destruction.


Cameron, Donald Ewen

Performed many nasty mind control experiments at McGill University and Albany State Va hospital, including MKULTRA work for the CIA

Coit, George Stanton

right hand man of Felix Adler of Temple Emanu-El and Society for Ethical Culture, father of Richard Coit, British Intelligence head of Propaganda for the BSC and William Stephenson.

Coit, Richard Julius



Earman, John S. – involved with Project Bloodstone bringing in vicious Nazi war criminals into the U.S. and sanitizing their records to hide what they were. Later assigned to ‘investigate’ the CIA’s MKULTRA program resulting in the Earman Report of July 1963.


Forgan, James Russell Served as Deputy Commander then Commander of OSS Europe where he directed intelligence activities about German Defenses and troop positions. Served as chairman of two committees that prepared the basic planning documents for what would become the Central Intelligence Agency. His sister Marion Forgan married Halstead G. Freeman, brother of Virginia McClaughry’s Great-Grandfather. – New York Times; Virginia’s family tree records.

Forgan, James Russell Jr. – son of James Russell Forgan, he married the niece (Petronella) of infamous Ensatzgruppen Nazi leader Udo Von Woyrsch. A history of the family and of Udo’s crimes against humanity is included.


Guardian Office – The Dismantling of Scientology’s Guardian Office – The Real Reason Why







Masterman, Charles Frederick Gurney – Special note: This is an extremely comprehensive article detailing both the life of British intelligence/propagandist Charles Masterman and many, many of the tactics that he and his secret organization (and his Nobility friends) employed to cause both World Wars. This is a must read for any would be student of slavemaster tactics. – January 14, 2018

Lada-Mocarski, Valerian – Mocarski was the head of OSS Cairo, served as William Donovan’s personal representative in the Near and Middle East, was a lawyer and banker on the board of City of London Schroder’s Bank together with Allen Dulles – Schroder’s Bank financed Hitler’s Third Reich.

(Mc see also Mac)




Pelley, William Dudley – This article covers some key aspects of the life of Pelley, including his involvement with forging quotes from Ben Franklin and Andrew Jackson, his role as intelligence operative and propagandist for the British and Vatican interests promoting World War I and especially his attempts to portray the real Russian revolutionists as “Jewish Communist Bolshevists” (they were not) and the continuation of that career evidenced in his pro-Nazi deep cover intelligence activities on behalf of British and Vatican interests promoting World War II, where he was used as a fall guy to stop free speech in America that opposed the War. – published Sunday, 21 January 2018

Pilenas-Palmer, Casimir – This is a Compendium, containing large amounts of information of all kinds of black operations that British Intelligence has run since the time of Sir William Melville, all the way up to WWII, including the Protocols of Zion hoax. It marks these events by the activities of particular deep cover British agents, such as Casimir, Boris Brasol, Sydney Reilly, and several others. It also documents combined intelligence operations of Russian and British intelligence. This is an unprecedented documentation of the lengths that the British Slavemasters will go to get their way.



Reade, William Winwood – The Martydom of Man (Special Propaganda section) This article covers another very important propagandist, one who gives us quite some insight into the mind of those we call the slavemasters.




Vansittart, Sir Robert – the Hidden Ringleader of British Intelligence – This article examines every relevant aspect of Robert Vansittart as related to forwarding Slavemaster world domination plans. – March 8, 2018


Walker, Archibald Voke – first OSS handler assigned in Istanbul (Constantinople) Turkey in April 1942

White, George Hunter – OSS agent, set up Operation Underworld recruiting Mafia drug dealers and helped set-up new drug routes into the U.S. for heroin while pretending to be ‘busting’ drug lords. Ran several top secret mind control projects for the CIA, code-named MKULTRA, part of which involved setting up sex-observation apartments where ‘johns’ were brought back by prostitutes, dosed with LSD and George would record it plus watch from behind a two-way mirror. George’s entry is so extensive that it has been broken into three parts, as follows –

The Early Years
The World War II Years
The CIA Years; MKULTRA and UFOs

White, William Allen – Very active role in enabling and doing the bidding of the slavemasters in causing world wars to force humanity to submit to world domination by ‘the english-speaking peoples’. He was quite literally, one of the biggest traitors to America, one that most people never even suspected (if they ever even heard of him). Published Friday, February 2, 2018

Wilson, William Preston – Head of Psychiatry at Duke University, mixed up with MKULTRA projects and secretly conducting exorcisms on his patients, he had his training with Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill exactly when Cameron was perfecting “Psychic Driving”. I share my personal knowledge of this man in this library article.




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