Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Nine – Solutions To The Slavemaster Society

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The British nobility and the Catholic Popes are the two slavemaster groups who want to be ruler of the entire world.
In their quest for world dominance they have caused unjust death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people.

The slavemasters impose a two-class society where there is only rulers and slaves, and they are the rulers.

The answer to their two-class society and the various ramifications of it requires multiple solutions.

* * *

A good person is not simply one who is nice to others. Even the most evil can act like that, by doing something nice.
Evil persists when people allow it by doing nothing about it. Allowing evil to exist assists evil – and that isn’t good.

A truly good person does not turn a blind eye to evil, he sees it and acts to abolish it.

That is the gate to any Utopia or Paradise.

The General Solution

1. Educate everyone on who the slavemasters are and the harm they have done.

2. Expose the lies they have bottle-fed to people throughout history.

3. De-power the slavemasters.

4. The decent people have their way with the world.

Slavemaster Change

The slavemasters themselves may decide to change. However, them uttering some nice-sounding words does not mean they changed. A genuine change for them involves three things –

We want cancellation of all previous evil statements and practices.

We want accountability.

We want a reckoning.

Specific Solutions for America