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My name is Mike McClaughry and I am the author of this book. Virginia is my wife.

This is me


This is Virginia



I was a member of the Church of Scientology for 31 years. I was a staff member for 12 years.
I was in the Tech Division 4 years, then I worked for the Guardian Office Intelligence Bureau for 8 years.

I was a Dianetic auditor and Case Supervisor. I audited in the HGC for a year as a Class 3 auditor.
I supervised all courses, including the Academy Levels, for 3 years.

I completed OT 3 inside the Church and OT 7 outside the Church.
Whatever I did not study inside the Church I studied outside of it.

I know the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology from top to bottom.
I know the organizational aspect of Scientology from top to bottom.
The same goes for Virginia.

I know what wins people have. I know what wins they do not have.
I know what is right with these subjects.
I know what is wrong with them and the policies of the Church itself.

* * *

Virginia was on OT 7 for years and she went for the mandatory six month sec-check required for people on OT 7. In 1998 she read some technical bulletins showing that the mandatory six month sec-checks for people on OT 7 are out tech.

The problem was that those mandatory sec-checks were the bulk of the income for Flag. Virginia was right, but David Miscavige and Religious Technology Center did not want to lose that income. So, they made a lot of attempts to get Virginia to back down. She refused to back down, and I backed her up.

Thus began a black PR operation and covert black intelligence operations against us.

These began with manufacturing false reports about us, the poisoning of our two dogs and an attempt on Virginia’s life with a pre-arranged car accident. These attacks have continued for the last 20 years.

Due to the false reports, we asked for a committee of evidence to clear our names. A Comm Ev was convened. We asked to see our ethics file. The Comm Ev asked why. We said there were false reports we needed to correct. The Comm Ev said they were not interested in that. So, this was not a fact finding body, they were under orders to find us guilty of something based on those false reports. We realized that RTC was engaged in a cover up action, and had no intention of correcting the out tech. We walked out and never returned.

We put up websites to inform others about the out tech on OT 7. We also conducted an investigation into Scientology management and found crimes that we exposed on our websites.

The full details are in –

Scientology Roots Chapter 35 – Illegal $ecurity Checks on OT 7
Scientology Roots Chapter 33 – The New Front Man
Scientology Roots Chapter 34 – Copyright Hoax And Additional Crimes

In 2005, we took down our websites because we were done with that aspect of our investigation into Scientology. We privately continued with deeper research into the background of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

In 2010 we came back on the internet and began exposing what we found.

There are many evil things about Scientology that are being hidden from Scientologists.

The British nobility has been covertly working to be the ruthless ruler of the world. They started their Grand Plan over 400 years ago, when William Cecil was chief adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. The Cecil family has been the head of British intelligence from then up to modern times.

sketch of William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth I, and Francis Walsingham
the sketch was made at the time of Queen Elizabeth

The British nobility plans to rule the world by forming a World Government run by them – the New World Order.

These men and their selected few like-minded associates have brought the world national debt, income taxes, inflation, wars, dominated banking and all major industry, toppled leaders of countries to maintain them in a slave state, etc.

These people have amassed fortunes through despicable means, such as slave-trafficking, drug-trafficking, instigating and financing wars, self-serving banking practices and self-serving business practices.

One of their covert operations was orchestrating Nazi Germany and World War II. They have brought death and needless suffering to hundreds of millions of people. Their atrocious crimes against humanity would fill a huge book. They are the most evil men in history.

The British slavemasters have a problem, people do not want to be obedient subjects, servants, and slaves, who live under the boot and say-so of the British aristocracy.

Most men want to live as free men who live under their own will and say-so.

Because of this irritating tendency – the British nobility felt justified in taking over the fields of mental and spiritual research, starting in the late 1800’s.

Scientology began in 1871 and was immediately taken under the wing of the British slavemasters, who were also the head of British intelligence. Dianetics began in 1880 and was also taken under the wing of British intelligence.

Demented minions of the Cecil family, who were working as British intelligence agents, conducted research into mental and spiritual phenomena, and they assembled all the basic mental, spiritual and religious ideas found in Dianetics and Scientology, before Ron Hubbard was even born. That includes the therapy used.

When Ron Hubbard was a teenager Ian McBean recruited him for British intelligence.
They groomed Hubbard to be a front man for their subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.

They took their religious ideas from Brothers of Light religion. These sects say God is Light and the members are called Brothers of Light. For 2,000 years they have been talking about the numerous evil demons that inhabit a body and cause all of man’s woes. They sought to rid themselves of demon influence, then they unite with god.

That is exactly what is done on the Scientology advanced levels.
You rid yourself of the demons – then on the highest level, OT 8, you unite with god.

Statements by Ron Hubbard and Scientology advertisements have misled Scientologists into believing that Scientology is a path to truth, sanity, total freedom, immortality and full recovery of thetan abilities, such as telepathy, exterior with full perception, ability to materialize an object, etc.

None of that is the truth.

You are on a path to god, you are not on a path to thetan abilities and the rest of the false advertising.

Scientology is said to have three theoretical states –

  • Clear
  • Operating Thetan
  • Cleared Theta Clear

Here is the definition of Operating Thetan in the Scientology Technical Dictionary –

Operating Thetan – willing and knowing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.

Compare that to the state of Cleared Theta Clear in the book 8-8008 –

The state of cleared theta clear is, however, another thing, for it means a person who is able to create his own universe or, living in the MEST universe is able to create illusions perceivable by others at will, to handle MEST universe objects without mechanical means and to have and feel no need of bodies.

And this definition in the book Scientology 8-80 –

Cleared Theta Clear – one who has full recall of everything and has full ability as a thetan.

Cleared Theta Clear is a higher state than Operating Thetan, and as a state it appears to have gone missing, there are no Bridge actions for the state called Cleared Theta Clear. The only thing showing on grade charts are levels of Operating Thetan – OT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Development of Scientology, an LRH lecture 13 December 1952 – has this drawing:


In the tape itself, Ron Hubbard says:

And up here….this now existing black 40.0 here with a whole series of crosses under it – we would have an Operating Thetan. And up here at the top of the grand cycle, God knows how far up…We’ve got Cleared Theta Clear.

Operating Thetan is the highest goal on the Grade Charts of Scientology.
There are no levels for Cleared Theta Clear, where you regain “the full abilities of a thetan“.

There is no need to spend $300,000 on the Scientology bridge just to be told in the end that God created you.
You can walk into any church and be told that for free.

christian church

In January 1986, Ron Hubbard died of a stroke. A Death Event was held wherein David Miscavige and other church executives lied to the Scientologists. They said Ron Hubbard was in perfect health and had intentionally dropped his body to do further research.

They told another lie – Ron had left further OT levels to do above OT 8. No, he did not. And if they ever come out with more OT levels to do, they will have been invented by the current church management, not by Hubbard.

* * *


Dianetics and Scientology are Bait + Hidden Hook.

Dianetics and Scientology can provide assistance in alleviating some psychosomatic discomforts.

That is the Bait.

Do you want to feel better?


It is hoped that you make that error and think like this – some ideas are true or good, therefore all the ideas presented must be true or good.

That is how you get tricked into swallowing the Hidden Hook.

The Hidden Hook is swallowing all ideas presented that will then result in the desired behavior modification.

Of… YOU.

The British slavemasters developed Dianetics and Scientology.
They do not care about anyone’s mental or spiritual well being.
They are only interested in how to mold men into subjects under their rule.

Therefore, the covert evil purpose of Dianetics and Scientology has now been exposed.

Cumming and MI6 headquartersBritish intelligence headquarters


But other purposes for Scientology also exist – such as:


keeping you busy

we're catching them now


Directing attacks in wrong places

three stooges slap gif


Messing with your head

arriving in scientology

Ron Hubbard told Scientologists to support the formation of a World Government, World Army, and World Bank –
and that means under rule by the British nobility.

L._Ron_Hubbard_-_incompetent_-_early_1980sL. Ron Hubbard – British intelligence agent

If you do everything Ron Hubbard says, you accept rule by the British slavemasters.

Scientology covertly transforms you into a Brother of Light and a British subject.

Dianetics and Scientology = Bait + Hidden Hook

Just like fishing.


In fishing, you are not feeding the fish.

The fish is fooled into thinking there is some food, but when he eats the presented Bait,
he is caught by the Hidden Hook and that leads to his demise.


But you don’t have to be caught.


* * *


Scientology is a New World Order front group.

The intelligence agent who forms a front group is aware of the covert evil purpose.

Other people are brought into the front group who are not told about the covert evil purpose.
These are usually decent people with good intentions. They are called dupe agents.
Dupe agents always think they work for a good cause!

When you make dupe agents aware of the covert evil purpose, they have to choose:

1. Leave the front group because they do not agree with the covert evil purpose
2. Stay in the group – now they are not dupes, they are knowing and willing agents

spy or dupe - not much of a choice

When they decide to stay in the front group as knowing and willing agents, they can no longer say they are good people working for a good cause. They support the evil cause. There is a steep price to be paid for doing that, you cannot expect to escape unscathed.

They are now an agent for the British New World Order and the evil that goes with it.

In supporting rule by the British nobility, you are advocating rule by the worst sociopaths in the world.

Do you approve of the evil men who brought unjust death to 80 million men, women and children?
Then you are becoming one of them – the Walking Dead that are as a plague upon humanity.

scientologist and a slavemaster

Scientology refuses to correct itself. The right thing to do – correct what you are doing that is wrong.
Stop being a New World Order front group. Expose and oppose the British New World Order.

* * *

The focus of this book is not Scientology. The book is a tour of history to show you who has been causing all the trouble in the world and what we can do about it.

In Scientology speak – we are addressing the “4th dynamic engram”.
The suppression on mankind is coming from evil men who live among us right now.

The suppression of all mankind is not coming from some demons in our bodies or from a science fiction character named Xenu who lived 75 million years ago. That is a blatant misdirection off the men who are suppressing mankind right now.

By being a British New World Order front group Scientology is a contributor to the suppression of mankind.

When you finish the book, I hope you don’t just drift away.

I hope you stay around and help.

One of the best ways to help – Read It, Get It, Spread It.

You have not lost what you sought.


Scientology Roots Table of Chapters

Join the conversation! 7 Comments

  1. Thank You, Mike and Virginia

    For giving us your years of selfless, relentless work on finding out the real truth, and in getting that truth out there.

  2. Mr. Mike, It seems tha tyou forgot to state that you infiltrated Scientology since the beginning. Of course, this means that infiltrating a “Brother’s of The Light” group is the right thing to do. The reference is in the ex-scientology message bords on your thread. You also state there that the vision you had with Hubbard was false. Wht about this and “Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus – false in one thing, false in everything.”
    Not trying to attack, just asking on the biography.

    • Either one of those ideas – false in one thing, false in everything or true in one thing, true in everything, are both equally illogical. That is the point I was making in the Introduction. I was telling people not to think like that. I gather from your comment that you think I was saying that a person should think like that. If so, that would be a reversal of what I was saying.

      – Mike

  3. Hmmm. Thanks Mike.

    I like your videos on YouTube Mike the interviews where you expose the Guardian’s Office history you lived.

    I’m unfamiliar with the British Nobility William Cecil influence on history and the long range British Nobility one world conspiracy theories.

    Is Brexit a good thing or bad for the British Nobility side? If they were wanting a One World deal, I’d think they’d want to stay and get further into the EU community, not leave it.

    Are there any good British conspiracists exposing authors currently explaining the latest who you recommend?

    This is the first chapter I’ve read of this site, so I am completely under educated in all you’ve put on this site.

    My dupe view is I think there is so much more to what all causes evil in the world today, more than just the British Nobility descendants, and to use a Scientology Hubbard platitude “nugget” of wisdom, I think conspiracy theories are sort of a placebo benefit simplistic “solution” to the problem of the confusing and incredibly difficult to understand complexities and details of ongoing history on earth.

    I favor adult eduction, and continued education in everyone’s lives.

    I favor just plain MORE reading, and lots of it, lots of history, all directions, as that inevitably makes one come to wider wiser conclusions about it all.

    I’ll keep trying to read your other chapters.

    Didn’t know about William Cecil, I’ll have to look him up on Wikipedia.

    • Hi Chuck, nice to hear from you. I don’t run my blog like you may be used to over at Mark’s. It’s not really a discussion forum here, at least not now.

      I am currently engaged on getting my rough drafts turned into more finished products so that I can move one to the next project, but if there is a specific point you come across in my Scientology Roots drafts that you can document as being incorrect, or a document you know of that helps the other direction, please feel free to let me know. Preferably one at a time, if possible.

      I too favor more reading, so get crackin’!


    • Chuck – I will take up this point though.

      Excerpted –

      “I’m unfamiliar with….long range British Nobility one world conspiracy theories.”

      There are no theories in my book. What, specifically, did I say in my introduction that you are commenting on here, that you have decided is a “theory”?

      I’m aware that in my introduction (and my foreword) I did not provide documentation and references, I was just giving a quick overview.

      But what you’re reading in that introduction and foreword are documented facts – no theories. You have to read the relevant chapters to actually see the documentation.



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