Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Eight – 3 War for the Minds of Men

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Advanced Mind Control Weapons


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Now we are back to 1959 in our tour of history related to the War for the Minds of Men.

We will now progress forward in time from 1959, where advanced mind control weapons are developed.

Brain implants can receive instructions via radio signals, passing them to the brain, or they can transmit radio signals to read brain activity at a distance. Electronic brain implants are actually one of the older forms of electronic mind control technology. Despite the miniaturization of brain implants, the next major advance forward was microwaves.

The technology has been developed to send out messages as microwaves and extremely low frequency waves (ELFs) which can be received by the brain and “heard” without the ears. These waves can also be specialized in order to cause physical illness. Experiments on the effects of ELF waves are routinely carried out on unsuspecting populations around the world.

Some people find it hard to believe that messages can be broadcast and received by the brain without passing through the ears. But what is television and radio? They are words and pictures broadcast in wave form to a receiver like your television set or radio.

Same principle. The brain is also a “receiver”.

Experiments have shown that if some people are subjected to these waves for little more than a minute, these people begin to act in life as the messages dictate. In their minds, these messages appear to be their own thoughts, when in reality the body (the brain) is simply receiving wavelengths broadcast from outside coming in versus thoughts the person himself had originated at the brain. Which, after all, is a switchboard, albeit a highly complex and ingenious one. Slavemasters are forever building in the idea of a “subconcious” as if YOU don’t hear it. Well, wouldn’t be much point to it, would there, if that was the case? Because if you don’t “hear” it, you don’t carry it out, right?

Right! So much for the “subconcious” idea then.


* * *

– As stated earlier, President Kennedy intended to dismantle the CIA after the Bay of Pigs failure. Kennedy forced Allen Dulles to resign from Director of the CIA in September 1961.

By 1962, research was well underway to develop the means to send covert mind control messages through the air – using transmitted waves, such as microwaves and radio waves.

They discovered they could transmit sounds to people,
including voice sounds.


The waves used are out of the range heard by the ears, yet the person could still “hear” the transmitted sounds or voices in his head.

Per an internet posting:

“Energy normally travels in waves. Light and sound are both forms of energy, and thus, have wavelengths. If you take the keys on a piano as an example, you notice that the notes produced range from low to high. The following is the electromagnetic spectrum:

Cosmic Rays (highest)
Gamma Rays
Ultraviolet Light
Visible Light
TV & FM Radio
Shortwave Radio
AM Radio
Aircraft & Shipping Bands
ELF waves (Extra Low Frequency) “

1962 Pulsed microwave voice-to-skull research

Pulsed microwave voice-to-skull (or other-sound-to-skull) transmission was discovered during World War II by radar technicians who found they could hear the buzz of the pulses being transmitted by radar equipment they were working on. This phenomenon was studied by Dr. Allan Frey, an American biophysicist and neuroscientist known for his research and writing during the Cold War on the nature of the microwave auditory effect, also called the Frey effect.

He worked at General Electric’s Advanced Electronics Center at Cornell University.

Dr. Frey found that single pulses of microwave could be heard by some people as “pops” or “clicks”, while a train of uniform pulses could be heard as a buzz, without using any type of receiver. Dr. Frey found a wide range of frequencies, as low as 125 MegaHertz (well below microwave) worked. Unclassified studies mapped out those frequencies and pulse characteristics which are optimum for generation of “microwave hearing”. He found that the sounds were not being produced from the eardrum but directly by the nerve cells in the brain itself.

Modulation – changes made to an otherwise steady signal

Journal Applied Physiology 1962 –

Human Auditory System Response To Modulated Electromagnetic Energy by Allan H. Frey – General Electric Advanced Electronics Center Cornell University, New York

A significant amount of research has been conducted with the effects of radio-frequency (rf) energy on organisms (electro- magnetic energy).

Using extremely low average power densities of electromagnetic energy, the perception of sounds was induced in normal and deaf humans. The effect was induced several hundred feet from the antenna the instant the transmitter was turned on.

The perception of different sounds can be induced in physically deaf, as well as normal, in human subjects at a distance up to thousands of feet from the transmitter. With somewhat different transmission parameters, you can induce the perception of severe buffeting of the head, without such apparent symptoms as dizziness or nausea. Changing transmitter parameters down, one can induce a “pins-and-needles” sensation.

The RF sound has been described as being a buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking, depending on several transmitter parameters, i.e., pulse width and pulse-repetition rate (PRF). The apparent source of these sounds is localized by the subjects as being within, or behind the head. 2

Further research into this phenomena resulted in the ability to send covert mind control messages to people – through the air.

The first un-classified successful transmission of the human voice directly into the skull of a living person was demonstrated by researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in 1973 – more on this later.

In 1975, Frey published a study in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences stating that microwaves “with certain modulations” could cause leakage in the blood–brain barrier, with possibly lethal consequences. In one experiment, he synchronized microwaves with the myocardial rhythm of a frog heart, and found that the heart stopped beating. In another experiment, he microwaved cats and found that it had a huge effect on emotions. 1

Breaching the blood-brain barrier means that bacteria, viruses and toxins from the blood can enter the brain. Frey’s method of demonstrating this effect of microwaves was simple. He injected a fluorescent dye into the circulatory system of white rats, then swept the microwave frequencies across their bodies. In a matter of minutes, the dye had leached into the confines of the rats’ brains.

Dr. Frey was falsely discredited by the United States government – meanwhile his work was taken into “black” status.

Dr. Frey writes in The Scientist, 2012-

…when a scientist did publish findings that might indicate a risk, Brooks selected contractors to do experiments that suggested the scientist’s research was invalid or not relevant to the safety of Air Force radar.

For example, after my colleagues and I published in 1975 that exposure to very weak microwave radiation opens the regulatory interface known as the blood brain barrier (bbb), a critical protection for the brain, the Brooks AFB group selected a contractor to supposedly replicate our experiment. For 2 years, this contractor presented data at scientific conferences stating that microwave radiation had no effect on the bbb. After much pressure from the scientific community, he finally revealed that he had not, in fact, replicated our work. We had injected dye into the femoral vein of lab rats after exposure to microwaves and observed the dye in the brain within 5 minutes. The Brooks contractor had stuck a needle into the animals’ bellies and sprayed the dye onto their intestines. Thus it is no surprise that when he looked at the brain 5 minutes later, he did not see any dye; the dye had yet to make it into the circulatory system.

Another Brooks AFB responsibility that further incentivized the spreading of misinformation was to lead a lab on a classified microwave-bio weapons program. Competition between this effort and the microwave-bio research programs undoubtedly going on in other nations at the time would explain the Brooks group’s attempts to block and discredit unclassified research in the microwave area and the subsequent publication of the results: it did not want advances in knowledge to appear in the scientific literature where the USSR could benefit from it.

That is a shore story – “don’t want the Russians to get it”.


In addition to actively suppressing results of microwave-bio research, the Brooks group also attempted to block funding for such research in the first place—and largely succeeded. For example, after we and others published the first papers in the mid- to late-’70s showing that very low intensity microwaves could open the bbb, the Department of Defense (DOD) issued a report, written by a psychologist at a Kansas Veterans Administration hospital who was neither trained nor experienced in research on the bbb, that concluded “…if a real potential for catastrophic effects exists, it would be evident from the research already reported in the literature.” (An original draft of the report also noted that “DOD funding of research evaluating the effects of microwaves on the bbb should be of low priority,” though this statement was removed before the report was released to the public.)

Largely as a consequence of this report, funding for open microwave-bio research in the United States was essentially shut down. Several months after the report was released, I requested renewal of government funding, which in part supported research on the bbb. I received a letter stating that funding would not be granted unless I dropped the bbb part of the proposal. And in a September 1981 article in Microwave News, 2 years later, the editor wrote, “Surprisingly, no new [bbb] work was reported this year.”

*bbb=blood brain barrier

The above is important because it shows what one of the tactics is to try and hide or suppress information as to what is really going on in bio-weapons research.

They hire scientists to “replicate” the experiment (that don’t)
and then pronounce it unworkable.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they are secretly using it for their own nefarious purposes.


jackie gleason - whatever

By the way, Dr Frey is still trying to get his voice heard by the American government concerning microwaves. As recently as February 2013, he submitted an official comment to the FCC on this matter. A nice listing of articles by Frey is available here.

Further research into this phenomena resulted in the ability to send covert mind control messages to people – through the air.

An MK-Ultra project explored the possibility of manipulating humans by remote control.

Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado worked at Yale University. He conducted research into direct Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB).

In the 1960’s Dr. Delgado conducted a research project of stimulating the brains of monkeys. The monkeys had brain implants which acted as a transmitter and a receiver. The brain implants transmitted brain information to a computer. And the monkeys had their movements controlled by receiving commands to the brain from the computer.

Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, his wife Caroline Delgado, monkey with brain implant

New York Times article 17 May 1965 –

‘Matador’ with Radio Stops Wired Bull

…sunlight poured into the ring, as the bull bore down on the unarmed “matador” –
a scientist who had never before faced a fighting bull. But the charging animal’s horns never reached the man. Moments before that could happen, Dr. Jose Delgado pressed a button on a small radio transmitter in his hand and the bull braked to a halt. Then he pressed another button on the transmitter, and the bull obediently turned to the right and trotted away.

The bull was obeying commands in his brain that were being called forth by electrical stimulation – by the radio signals – of certain regions in which fine wires had been implanted the day before.

The experiment, conducted last year in Spain by Dr. Delgado, was probably the most spectacular demonstration ever performed of the deliberate modification of animal behaviour through external control of the brain.

He has been able to “play” monkeys and cats like little electronic toys that yawn, hide, fight, play, mate and go to sleep on command.

Delgado_halts_a_charging_bull_spain_1964Delgado halts a charging bull

Jose Delgado authored a book: Physical Control Of The Mind: Toward A Psychocivilized Society. He wrote:

Physical control of brain functions is a demonstrated fact… it is even possible to create and follow intentions, the development of thoughts and visual experiences. By electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear and disappear, sexual behaviour may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control…

Threatening attitude and aggressive behavior produced by brain stimulation.


Delgado_monkey_smallDelgado apparently perfected the Biological Chip (BioChip). Electronic brain implants work on the principle of introducing an electrical signal into a specific part of the brain, for the purpose of creating a specific reaction in the organism.

Dr. Delgado reported that he was able to elicit a range of emotions from his subjects by using small implants located in parts of the brain that then received their energy from ‘remote control’ FM radio waves. The stimoceiver, invented by Dr. Delgado, consists of wires running from strategic points in the brain to a radio receiver/transmitter located entirely under the skin. Through this device, Delgado was able to stimulate various emotions, sexual arousal, pleasure, specific body motions, and behaviour – all with the turn of a knob.

Delgado announced that his findings supported the distasteful conclusion that motion, emotion and behavior can be directed by electrical forces. He added that humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons.

Brain implants can receive instructions via radio signals, passing them to the brain, or they can transmit radio signals to read brain activity at a distance. Electronic brain implants are actually one of the older forms of electronic mind control technology. Despite the miniaturization of brain implants, the next major advance forward was microwaves.

The technology has been developed to send out messages as microwaves and extremely low frequency waves (ELFs) which can speak to the mass subconscious and cause physical illness. Experiments on the effects of ELF waves are routinely carried out on unsuspecting populations around the world.

Some people find it hard to believe that messages can be broadcast to the subconscious. But what is television and radio? They are words and pictures broadcast in wave form…

Satellite Television –

Satellite tv

Satellite Radio


Regular Radio – Tower


Experiments have shown that if people are subjected to these waves for little more than a minute, they begin to react as the messages tell them to. In their minds, these messages appear to be their own thoughts, when in reality they are tuning into wavelengths broadcast from outside of themselves.

We need to break here for a moment to discuss a few important points before continuing.

* * *

Concerning the 1961/62 time period we have –

Scientology and the CIA fallout

In the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs in 1961, President Kennedy brought in John McCone to be the new CIA director. McCone was a defense contractor and former head of the Atomic Energy Commission. McCone apparently believed that science should be in the hands of the scientists, not the clandestine operators, and he brought in a fellow Californian, an aerospace “whiz kid” named Dr. Albert “Bud” Wheelon to head a new Agency Directorate for Science and Technology.

Attorney General Robert Kennedy and new DCI John McCone

In 1962, Wheelon joined the CIA and served as Deputy Director for Science and Technology until 1966. He was responsible for technical collection and analysis activities, including U-2 overflights, development of the SR-71 Mach Three aircraft and Corona reconaisance satellites.

wheelon in 1960sDr. Albert “Bud” Wheelon.

So, now we have some “new kids” in town in the U.S. intelligence community, who immediately set about re-organizing things.

McCone decided to strip the CIA’s Technical Services Staff (TSS) of its main research functions—including the behavioral one—and let it concentrate solely on providing operational support. In 1962 he approved a reorganization of TSS that brought in Seymour Russell as the new chief. Seymour was one of the first covert intelligence officers to join the CIA in 1947.

Seymour Russell 2000 Obituary

After serving four years as a military intelligence officer in Italy, Russell joined the embryonic Central Intelligence Agency in 1947, serving in foreign and domestic posts for 26 years and rising to the highest professional rank in the CIA. As a member of the Clandestine Services, he served as Station Chief in Rome, Italy and Karachi, Pakistan; as Deputy Chief in Athens, Greece and Trieste, Italy; and as Director of the CIA’s Technical Services Division.

Gottlieb was allowed to be “number-two” man under Russell, which was the result of some serious glad-handing by Sid’s friend Richard Helms. Helms had been elevated by McCone to be head of Clandestine Services.

Essentially, Gottlieb had just been promoted.

Some ‘ disciplinary investigation‘, eh?

More like a phone tree get together.

He said what...

In his “new” job, Gottlieb kept control of MKULTRA but still, since he was under orders to comply with McCone’s command on research programs he had to partially dismantle MKULTRA.

This is not quite as “under discipline” as it might sound, because after 10 years of exploring the frontiers of the mind, Gottlieb already had a clear idea of what worked and what did not in the behavioral field. He was ready to trim that ‘fat’ anyway. Gottlieb knew that some of the areas still under research at this time (such as voice-to-skull, implanted electrodes and so on) tended to be rather esoteric and technical, to put it mildly.

Esoteric. That’s certainly one way of putting it…

Abomination is another.


Gottlieb also knew that IF any of these pet projects scored in operational capacity in any way, he would then be immediately asked to apply these “advances” to covert operations in the field.

Gottlieb carefully pruned the MKULTRA lists, turning over to the Science Directorate the exotic subjects that showed no short-term operational promise and keeping for himself those psychological, chemical, and biological programs that had already passed the research stage. 5

It took Gottlieb a few years to finalize all this – which is when MKSEARCH was launched – more on this later.

The exotic subjects, such as electronic mind control (brain radio control) that were still not ready for full operational use, essentially went under what would become the Office of Research and Development (ORD) which Dr. Stephen Aldrich took control of in 1962 after Gottlieb’s promotion. These projects were also considered related to the Office of Scientific Intelligence, where Aldrich had been the medical director back in the days when that office was arguing with Morse Allen for control of ARTICHOKE, so he was no stranger to the programs.

Aldrich was a graduate of Amherst and Northwestern Medical School and under his leadership, ORD officials kept probing for ways to control human behavior, and they were doing so with space-age technology that made the days of MKULTRA look like the horse-and-buggy era.

Made the days of MKULTRA look like the horse-and-buggy era?

wiley oh wow

That doesn’t sound very good for the rest of us.

They brought their technology to bear on subjects like the electric stimulation of the brain. John Lilly had done extensive work in this field a decade earlier, before concluding that to maintain his integrity he must find another field. CIA men had no such qualms, however. They actively experimented with placing electrodes in the brain of animals and—probably— men. Then they used electric and radio signals to move their subjects around. The field went far beyond giving monkeys orgasms, as Lilly had done. 5

The reorganization of TSS during 1961 and 1962 was described in CIA declassified document #59, 26 July 1963, Report of the Inspection of MKULTRA, Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk#4, folder 17748 – 42 images. Image #1 – the beginning of the report – is pictured below.


  • Note from my wife Virginia: These scanned images of declassified MKUltra documents are all also available at the Internet Archive using the same numbering system. This was not easy to track down, let me tell you, and I thought I should provide this backup version just in case something should happen with Black Vault’s website.


The Office of Research and Development (ORD) was a creation of Herbert “Pete” Scoville (long-time head of OSI) and his deputy, Air Force Colonel Edward Giller.

This is Edward Giller – the head of ORD.

Edward Giller head of ORD


This is Herbert “Pete” Scoville (long-time head of OSI)


Together they envisioned an office that was 5 or 10 years ahead of need. Part of their mission was not just to find out what worked, but to find out what didn’t. Saving millions of dollars before someone else poured money into such doomed efforts.

The formation of the ORD was a hot topic (and a bone of contention between various CIA officials) throughout 1962, until finally in the summer an accord was reached. Part of their initial charter was to assume TSD’s main research functions, including behavioral science – thus ORD took over part of the MKULTRA program.

With Aldrich specifically directing that portion of ORD’s activities, its scientists merrily continued searching for ways of controlling our behavior. This included the previously mentioned (in Chapter 26-2) projects such as putting electrodes in the brains of dogs and other animals and then using radio signals to guide their motion – that one in particular was William Bledsoe and Panoramic Research’s project – subproject #94.

The ORD began work in January 1963, with a staff of 3 transferred from TSS. One from each of its divisions – Research, Systems, and Analysis. 7

President Kennedy was then assassinated in 1963. Lyndon Johnson became President. Now that the internecine war between factions of the Nesilim slavemasters was safely decided – with Kennedy dead – and ruling Slavemaster-poster-boy Lyndon Johnson was in office, things could “get back to business.” President Johnson expanded the war in Viet Nam.

And now L. Ron Hubbard re-organizes Scientology.

The same year (1962)as the CIA and TSS is sorting out the planning for its new division, Hubbard begins planning for a GRADE CHART, with a “gradient scale of awareness” – the idea taken from fellow approved CIA flunkey Abraham Maslow.

Abraham MaslowAbraham Maslow

He first presented his hierarchal view of needs and being, in the 1940’s, and his much updated major text covering this was Toward a Psychology of Being (1962). This is where the “gradients of awareness” or being starts coming into play. Maslow, showing his Rosicrucian/Masonic influence, often utilized a “pyramid” or upward pointing Triangle model, with it’s “base” correlating to “base needs” (Body needs) and it’s “point” correlating to “self-actualization” or the “higher self”.

*also see PDF of Changing Images of Man

Note –
Stanford Research Institute is part of the Tavistock network and it has been used for hatching slavemaster behavior modification techniques. SRI has conducted CIA-funded mind control projects, with many Scientologists involved and on the CIA payroll. SRI did a study project for the slavemasters that resulted in the book Changing Images of Man. It is a guide on how they want to mentally restructure man – by changing the image (propaganda) that they were previously using to herd humanity into whatever direction, to the new image that they wish mankind to believe itself to be. One thing they proved in their study was that everyone can do telepathy. In the book they validate L. Ron Hubbard and specific fundamentals used in Scientology, several times. They include charts, such as a chart for gradient levels of awareness. Scientology always has been a part of the slavemaster behavior modification operation. Scientology and the CIA have always been dance partners on the dance floor of social engineering (behavior modification).


Literally less than a year after Maslow’s text Toward a Psychology of Being was released in 1962, there is L. Ron Hubbard completely changing around the structure of Scientology, and it’s direction – the first real rumblings of which were in November/December 1963.

This is the same year as the official start
of the new Office of Research and Development.


The Administrative changes begin showing in Scientology. A “General Classification Chart Issue One” is found in Scientology Administrative Bulletin (HCO) Policy Letter 26 Nov 63 “Certificate and Classification Changes, Everyone Classified”. This administrative change was immediately followed by an amended version the following month, HCO PL 11 Dec 63 “Classification for Everyone”.

*Both are in Volume 4 of the Organization Executive Course


The Technical changes as to the operational materials of Scientology, also began showing at this time, where in a Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lecture, Hubbard states:

– Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lecture #325, renumbered 1991: #357 Certifications and Classifications, given on 3 Dec 63)

[referring to someone hearing about Scientology]

He sees a chart up on the wall of where he’s supposed to go. This tells him at once that there is someplace to go, that there is a way to get there, and if various states of arrived beingness are described with great reality on this chart, and so on …

He frankly won’t look at the upper levels of the chart. They won’t interest him. He will be mostly looking at the immediately adjacent interests of the chart, you see. And he’ll say, those are a good thing to have and this is all he has to do. And this is all he has to study. And this is his practice of activity and it’s on this schedule and that sort of thing. And that [the hierarchal chart of beingness] shows him that he can move from that point on forward. The road then is not blocked out because he sees that every time he gets at one of these points, he can then take off to the next point similarly informed and equipped.


Hubbard then invents a story of “how he came up with” the degrees or gradients of awareness – the real reason is because he was told to.

“The other big shock that I had was just a very short time ago, I sat as innocent as could be. I was happily plotting away and working out the logical reduction for common denominators of behavior [that’s totally straight out of Maslow there] and I found out that the common denominator of behavior was degree of awareness – which you can put down if you want to as a very interesting datum. It’s the degree of awareness is the thing in common to all life.

That’s not true, but it’s interesting that he wants to present it as true, the same way as Maslow and Changing Images of Man does.

Here is another lecture from 1965, this one shows Hubbard preparing people that this is “research” and will change, but also beginning to promote the “low level” of man, in need of transformation.

– Saint Hill Special Briefing Course #59 6504C27, a lecture given on April 27, 1965

“…there is no level called “Aware” see, or “Awareness.” …it’s degrees of awareness.” There is no such thing as being aware or not being aware.

There he goes lying again.

It is all degree of awarenessa gradient, like all the scales…this is not the final scale at all…this is research in progress [yea, he’s gotta wait for someone to tell him what to do next] ….I suddenly found myself looking at the human race and it was a horrible shock.” [bid for “transforming man” necessary here]…it is a Scale of Awareness…find a person anyplace on that Scale of Awareness then the next action which you have to do in order to give him a case gain is to make him aware of the next level above that.”


In someone’s Course Notes on listening to the same lecture above, is the following:

“Awareness is always a matter of increasing perimeter [of reality].” You get concentric circles of awareness.

In Changing Images of Man, they have a chart showing something very similar to this, all part of the “image” they wish Man to start making now, as opposed to whatever previous image he was doing before.

It should be clear enough at this point, Hubbard’s deep involvement with “the Great Plan” to re-make over the rest of us, and it should also be understandable why he then completely rearranges the technical aspects of Scientology, into a whole “bridge over the chasm”, with ascending levels of Awareness leading to “Total Freedom”, or to use the exact same concept from Maslow with a different name (words), to reach Self-Actualization – the top of the Pyramid, the All-Seeing Eye; to ascend the gradient of awareness in order to “join” with the “Great Architect” of the Universe.

L. Ron Hubbard was not only a covert operative for the New World Order people, he was also a Case Officer for those that fell under his command or influence. In the document linked to above (The Inspector General’s report) it gave an assessment of what a good clandestine – or covert – operative was like.

The case officer is first and foremost, perhaps, a practitioner of the art of assessing and exploiting human personality and motivations for ulterior purposes. The ingredients of advanced skill in this art are highly individualistic in nature, including such qualities as perceptiveness and imagination. [The PAS] seeks to enhance the case officer’s skill by bringing the methods and disciplines of psychology to bear…. The prime objectives are control, exploitation, or neutralization. These objectives are innately anti-ethical rather than therapeutic in their intent.


Now, doesn’t that sound exactly like Hubbard?


By the time of the changes to Scientology were underway, the CIA’s ORD (as well as MKSEARCH) had begun shifting the focus of testing all that had been learned during the previous 11 years into a whole new arena.

The general public.

Lecture by Dr. Alan Scheflin, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University and author of the book “The Mind Manipulators” published November 30, 2008

But it was in the 1960’s that the idea of using these techniques on essentially freestanding populations was experimented with and the cults provided the laboratory setting for social influence processes where the people are not taken into complete physical custody.


Lab settings like…Scientology, for example.

The focus of propaganda on freestanding populations now, was not to modify ideas, but to provoke action. It was not to change adherence to a doctrine, but to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action. It was not to lead to a choice, but to loosen the reflexes. It was not to transform an opinion, but to arouse an active and mythical belief. 8

Let’s look at those again.

  • to provoke action
  • to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action.
  • to loosen the reflexes
  • to arouse an active and mythical belief.


That is exactly what began happening in Scientology
from about 1963 forward.


Especially that last one – Hubbard really went into overdrive on. All sorts of materials of mythical and science-fictional events or “implant incidents” were being churned out in lectures and bulletins left, right and center.

*See Hubbard’s Cosmology that was mostly created in the 1960’s in my compendium PDF here at our blog titled Anthropology: Earth and The Universe Time Track – according to L. Ron Hubbard – It is an excellent source for specific references wherein Hubbard does his part to earn Scientology it’s place in UFO cult status.

*Also see Hubbard’s Racist Conspiracy Theories: Espinol United Stars

One of the core issues constantly being harped on by Hubbard during this time period was that a) one had amnesia about these terribly overwhelming happenings and that b) only auditing could free one from this overwhelm.

See how that perfectly meets “arouse an active and mythical belief” while working to “make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action”?

Like… auditing.


Now, on the point of “make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action“, I’d like to show you how auditing is used as a mind control technique.

In 1957, William Sargant published The Battle For The Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-Washing.

Picture of our copy of this book –

In this book Sargant explains how they use abreactive therapy (auditing) as a mind control technique.

The back history of auditing is that psychiatrist Josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud developed a method of therapy wherein the patient was made to relive past traumatic incidents. They called it catharsis therapy or talking therapy. One of the things they observed was that just remembering a past traumatic incident was insufficient to produce a release of symptoms. The patient had to experience the emotions connected with the incident, that is the key.

This method of therapy was further developed by the British slavemasters wherein they used it to treat soldiers suffering battle neurosis (aka shell shock) in World War I and World War II. They called it abreactive therapy. It is exactly the same therapy technique used in Dianetics and Scientology where it is called auditing.

One of the main people conducting abreactive therapy was a very disturbed psychiatrist – William Sargant.

William Walters Sargant, 1967

He pioneered a vicious mind control technique called Pain-Drug-Hypnosis. He used drugs, such as ether, in combination with abreactive therapy. They would drug the patient, induce pain with electric shock, then get him to relive a past traumatic incident while they implanted a suggestion. The purpose of the drugs was to break down the patient’s resistance to experiencing emotion. Emotion is the key to the effectiveness of this mind control technique. By using drugs they were able to whip the patient into frenzied emotional states, to the point that the person would collapse on the floor. Per Slavemaster theories, it is the emotional state that opens the person up to accepting suggestions, not the pain or the drugs or unconsciousness or remembering and re-experiencing a past traumatic incident. None of those things bring about a change in the patient, the experiencing of emotions is what produces the change.

Really get that.

The experiencing of emotions is what produces the change.

ahh - focus - the queen

Per them, that is.


Page image – Chapter 3


Plain text –

In the summer of 1940 we were already prescribing barbiturates, both in strong doses orally administered as sedatives for overwrought Dunkirk survivors, and in small intravenous doses to produce a semidrunken state which helped them to release some of their inhibited emotions of terror, anger, frustration and despair.

The value of the treatment, which had been in limited use before the war, was confirmed during the subsequent London blitz. It has since come to be called “drug abreaction”; the term “abreaction” dating from the time of Breuer and Freud’s early studies in the treatment of hysteria, when they observed that some patients were helped by “just talking it out.” Freud had found that “affectless memories, memories without any release of emotion,” were almost useless; meaning that unless a doctor could get his patients to relive the emotions originally associated with a repressed experience that had caused a neurosis, the mere fact of his remembering the experience would not constitute a cure. Sadler consequently defined “abreaction” as “a process of reviving the memory of a repressed unpleasant experience and expressing in speech and action the emotions related to it, thereby relieving the personality of its influence.”

On p. 67 –

“…In 1944, we also began using ether to induce abreaction, instead of barbituates, we immediately noticed a great difference in our patients behavior. In most cases ether released a far greater degree of explosive excitement, which made their recital of events extremely poignant or dramatic. Another most striking observation was that sudden states of collapse, after emotional outbursts induced by ether, were far more frequent than after those induced by hypnosis or barbituates. “

Note –

Sargant goes on to say that Pavlov noticed the same phenomena with his dogs, but he gave it the term trans-marginal inhibition.

Ivan Pavlov conducting “experiments” on his own poor dog!

Pavlov experimenting on his dog

Sargant points out that the same technique is used in religious and political conversion. The priest whips the audience into a state of emotional frenzy, which opens them up to accept suggestions from the priest that result in religious conversion.

Sargant included a little pictorial that he felt demonstrated this technique being used. He seems to particularly favor the “Southern Baptist” stereotype, although choosing a “snake sect” as somehow actually being representative of “the South” is rather disingenuous on Sargant’s part – probably intentionally so.

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy2

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy3

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy4

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy5

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy6

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy7

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy8

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy9

.Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy10

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy11

On pages 72 and 73 of Sargant’s book –

Battle for the Mind p72-73

Plain text –

Nevertheless, we did not always find it essential, in abreaction, to make a patient recall the precise incident which precipitated the breakdown. It would often be enough to create in him a state of excitement analogous to that which caused his neurotic condition, and keep it up until he collapsed; he would then start to improve. Thus, imagination would have to be used in inventing artificial situations or distorting actual events – especially where the patient, while remembering the real experience which had caused the neurosis, or reliving it under drugs, had not reached the transmarginal phase of collapse necessary for disrupting the new morbid behavior pattern.

This is important, notice that Sargant says that if remembering the real experience does not “reach” this collapse point, distorted events or completely imaginary ones would then be used.

This is exactly the same technique
that L. Ron Hubbard employed.


Such as in the “incident” that must be audited in Operating Thetan Level III.

Xenu and the Galactic Confederacy


Original OT 3 scan

Remember, this is right on the line of the CIA’s later focus of propaganda on freestanding populations. It was not to modify ideas, but to provoke action. It was not to change adherence to a doctrine, but to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action. It was not to lead to a choice, but to loosen the reflexes. It was not to transform an opinion, but to arouse an active and mythical belief. 8

Also on p. 72, Sargant writes:

“…our experience in World War II suggested that the arousing of crude excitement might often be of far greater curative virtue than the reliving of any particular forgotten or remembered experience. Indeed, the amount of excitement stirred up seemed to be the determining factor in the success or failure of many attempts to disrupt newly acquired morbid behavior patterns.”

Now we are getting to the point – how auditing is mind control.

Sargant, p. 73 –

One more point must be made in this context; many patients who have been subjected to repeated abreactions during a period of months and even years, on the psychotherapeutic couch, are known to become increasingly sensitive to the therapists suggestions. He may then be able to change their previous behavior patterns without too much difficulty; they respond more willingly when he attempts to implant new ideas in them, or new interpretations of old ideas, which they would have rejected without hesitation before they developed a “transference” to him.

This is exactly what goes on in Scientology – people are subjected to years of abreactive therapy, which opens them up to implanted suggestions from L. Ron Hubbard. Now they willingly accept the Gospel of Hubbard – resulting in behavior modification. They accept Hubbard’s numerous lies. They accept Hubbard’s presentations of insane practices such as trying to “integrate oneself” – as is the current practice – as well as older and still extant practices such as enforced disconnection and Fair Game. And they accept Hubbard’s forwarding of the command to support the British New World Order that turns the entire world into a “Happy Slave” state.

TRANSFERENCE in progress.

Hubbard auditingL. Ron Hubbard delivering abreactive therapy in front of an audience to “whip up” interest in his Dianetics techniques – 1950’s.

Makes all the kids marvel.

did she just do what i think he did

Next –

Let’s review again, one more time, what the points of focus of propaganda on freestanding populations was in the early 1960’s here.

  • to provoke action
  • to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action.
  • to loosen the reflexes
  • to arouse an active and mythical belief.

Hubbard’s lectures in several examples discussed that Scientology “handles amnesia on the whole track” , often in conjunction with discussing the myriad of invented “implant incidents” that had caused amnesia.

Remember, the introduction of this whole amnesia fascination, also happened to perfectly parallel the ORD’s interests:

Creating amnesia remained a “big goal” for the ORD researcher, states an ex-CIA man. Advances in brain surgery, such as the development of three-dimensional, “stereotaxic” techniques, made psychosurgery a much simpler matter and created the possibility that a precisely placed electrode probe could be used to cut the link between past memory and present recall. As for subjects to be used in behavioral experiments of this sort, the ex-CIA man states that ORD had access to prisoners in at least one American penal institution. A former Army doctor stationed at the Edgewood chemical laboratory states that the lab worked with CIA men to develop a drug that could be used to help program in new memories into the mind of an amnesic subject. How far did the Agency take this research? I don’t know. 5

In July of 1963
, Hubbard tries to offer a “suspension of disbelief” explanation for this seemingly endless river of coincidences with his behavior and his very strange explanations for man’s condition.

He says:

“Incredulity of our data and validity. This is our finest asset and gives us more protection than any other single thing. If certain parties thought we were real we would have infinitely more trouble … without a public incredulity we never would have gotten as far as we have. And now it’s too late to be stopped. The protection was accidental but it serves us very well indeed. Remember that the next time the ignorant scoff.”

– HCOB 29 July 1963 “Scientology Review”

Our finest asset?

Kermit the frog excited

There are so many things wrong with that statement it’s hard to know where to begin! Suffice it to say, he really reveals himself with that one.

Meanwhile, back at the ORD ranch (so to speak) they were also interested in parapsychology. 5

Agency officials wanted to know:

  • whether psychics could read minds or control them from afar (telepathy),
  • if they could gain information about distant places or people (clairvoyance or remote viewing)
  • if they could predict the future (precognition)
  • influence the movement of physical objects or even the human mind (telekinesis).

The above list of their parapsychology goals is from an excellent article by John Wilhelm called: Psychic Spying – Washington Post August 7, 1977

This is another reason Hubbard poured the coals on the whole “Clear” and “Operating Thetan” ideas – culminating in what are called the Advanced Levels of Scientology. Yet another “lab experiment”.

My wife and I have both done these levels and they have nothing to do with giving one any abilities that you don’t already have anyway.

You mostly spend your time trying to “free” body thetans (demons) – talking to the dead.


In fact – if one was not already well informed about all this (like my wife and I were prior to ever entering Scientology) it was somewhat likely that you would end up either a) permanently down this new rabbit-hole lab experiment of the slavemasters or b) against all ideas that even resemble what Scientology was actually a very, very, VERY poor imitation of.*

*I’ll be getting into that much later on in my book.

Either a) or b) was an acceptable result from a Slavemaster’s perspective.

If you find yourself in one of these? No biggie. Well it is, that someone tried to do this to you, but it isn’t hard to undo it. Just change your mind to not allow them to pigeon-hole your views into their stupid categories. After all..

You are the GOD when it comes to you.


Even they know that.


It irritates the hell out of them but they do definitely know that YOU are the king of the sky when it comes to you.



Basically here we have Hubbard lock-stepping away again with the nasty “control your mind” flunkies.


This time – with the ORD.


On that note – let’s resume our timeline discussion of Advanced Mind Control Weapons.

The set of documents concerning the reorganization of TSS during 1961 and 1962 [26 July 1963, Report of the Inspection of MKULTRA, Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk#4, folder 17748 – 42 images] also covers which areas/projects they were still interested in.

In May of 1962, The new CIA director John McCone had tasked the CIA Inspector General Lyman Kirkpatrick to do an inspection and re-organization of the CIA TSS division (Gottlieb’s area). Lyman was an OSS veteran and founding “father” of the CIA and had been serving as IG for almost 10 years by then. He was promoted to executive director though, and so the responsibility passed to John s. Earman Jr. The documents listed above are the result of his inspections.

Earman’s Washington Post obituary reveals a bit about his background. He had served in WWII as a Lieutenant Colonel and then in 1946 he joined the CIG (Central Intelligence Group) which was the forerunner agency for the CIA in 1947. He then served as special assistant to the Director of the CIA from 1950 to 1962 before being appointed Inspector General in May. He remained in this position until he died in 1974.

John_Samuel_Earman_Jr._in_1937_CIA_Inspector_General_laterJohn S. Earman Jr.

Image from the Kaleidoscope – publication of Hampton-Sydney College in Virginia.

A word on Earman –

Earman was involved in several projects to bring over Nazi supporters and war criminals to the United States as citizens, then using them, in some cases, in CIA black operations around the world. Please see CIA Inspector General Earman – The Fox investigating the Foxes for more information.

Now, let’s see what Advanced Mind Control Weapons projects the Foxes wanted to keep, eh?

In the big 26 July 1963 report detailing Mr. Fox’s

‘scuse me…

Mr. Earman’s “investigation”, he detailed how many projects had been initiated under MKULTRA, how many where still ongoing, and what they were still interested in.

*Remember, you can view all 40+ pages of this 26 July 1963, Report of the Inspection of MKULTRA at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk#4, folder 17748.

The report stated that there Gottlieb’s TSD had initiated 144 projects relating to the control of human behavior during the previous ten years of operation of the MKULTRA program. Gottlieb had pruned this down to Twenty-five (25) that he wanted to keep, and there were also a number of other projects that were still in the process of being terminated.

The report lists what are the active projects in Point 31, as follows:

31. Active projects may be groups under the following arbitrary headings. Many projects involve activity in two or more of the areas listed.

  • a. basic research in materials and processes
  • b. procurement of research materials
  • c. testing of substances on animals and human beings
  • d. development of delivery techniques
  • e. projects in offensive/defensive BW, CW, and radiation [BW=Biological Warfare, CW=Chemical Warfare]
  • f. miscellaneous projects; e.g., (1) petroleum sabotage, (2) defoliants, (3) devices for remote measurement of physiological processes

The men from ORD tried to create their own latter-day version of the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. Located outside Boston, it was called the Scientific Engineering Institute, and Agency officials had set it up originally in 1956 as a proprietary company to do research on radar and other technical matters that had nothing to do with human behavior. Its president, who says he was a “figurehead,” was Dr. Edwin Land, the founder of Polaroid. In the early 1960s, ORD officials decided to bring it into the behavioral field and built a new wing to the Institute’s modernistic building for the “life sciences.They hired a group of behavioral and medical scientists who were allowed to carry on their own independent research as long as it met Institute standards. These scientists were available to consult with frequent visitors from Washington, and they were encouraged to take long lunches in the Institute’s dining room where they mixed with the physical scientists and brainstormed about virtually everything. One veteran recalls a colleague joking, “If you could find the natural radio frequency of a person’s sphincter, you could make him run out of the room real fast.” Turning serious, the veteran states the technique was “plausible,” and he notes that many of the crazy ideas bandied about at lunch developed into concrete projects. 5

Scientific Engineering Institute, another CIA front group.

This is the man that headed it.

Dr. James H. Wakelin
(1964) President of Scientific Engineering

Wakelin is listed as President of the Scientific Engineering Institute through 1965, when he became chairman of the Army’s Research Analysis Corporation –

Wakelin_becomes_Chairman_of_the_Research_Analysis_Institute_of_the_army_1965History of Operations Research in the United States…, Volume 2; Volumes 1961-1973, By Charles R. Shrader

* * *

The MKULTRA subprojects on electric stimulation of the brain (that we have documented so far) are #94, #106, #142. MKULTRA subproject 94 is already documented in Chapter Twenty Six-2, it’s William Bledsoe’s project out of Panoramic and the Bio-Research companies that are tied into military research companies as well as Stanford Research Institute.

Subproject 106 (MKULTRA: Electrodes, Russian Study 6) concerns implanting electrodes in the brains of animals and doing a study of all the Russian literature concerning mind control of this type. The project had been started earlier in 1959, but there was also a newer proposal now coming under the rubrick of Aldrich’s ORD. It is dated 22 May 1962, and is on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 3, folder 17362. Within that folder, is the first page of the newer proposal – image #10.



Image #34 shows that this particular project was first approved December 29, 1959.




Image #35 is the first page of that original 1959 proposal –



Image #36, the second page of this proposal shows why (and what) they want to study Russian research about.




MKULTRA Subproject No. 142 concerns implanting electrodes into animals for use in “direct executive action” –

ASSASSINATION – in other words.


James Bond 007 - Assassin

In this case – by animals.


The documents concerning this subproject are on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 3, folder 17402.

Image #10 shows the project from 1962 through the end of 1963, and shows Gottlieb’s name on it.


Image #13 is a Status Report and shows that research is ongoing concerning the neurological systems of “various species’.


Image #19
is the first page of the actual proposal. It details that the purpose is to: “support a small biological program of electrical brain stimulatoin involving some new approaches to the subject…”


New approaches?


It gets worse. Look very carefully at this:

The reason for separating this work financially from the other efforts in the Agency’s behalf is to allow him to engage in some very practical experiments…which would present security problems if this effort were to he handled in the usual way. Some of the uses proposed for these particular animals would involve possible delivery systems for BW/CW agents or for direct executive action type operations as distinguished from the eavesdropping application of [blacked out]

They are talking about that whatever these experiments are (related to assassinations for one thing) would present “security problems” and they don’t want anyone else knowing about it – including people working on other similar projects.

Security Problems‘ is a big red flag –
it means they are about to do something seriously evil.

dracula blood lust coming on

Plus, notice this part:

“…involve possible delivery systems for BW/CW agents…”

BW stands for Biological Weapons
CW stands for Chemical Weapons

One could surmise that this means they want to use animals as a sort of suicide bomber – that’s pretty disgusting, isn’t it?

In addition – the next image #21 talks about switching to cold-blooded animals – because they are easier.



Frog - I dont remember signing up for this
I don’t remember signing up for this…


Look! It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane!

No… it’s a bird bomber!

Kermit - omigod its a UFO

Slavemasters are really something – aren’t they.

I am a Slavemaster

Just full of wonderful ideas.

This early work branched into other arenas, resulting in the later creation of a cyborg beetle which National Geographic highlighted.

Note the wires going to the brain –

NGS Picture ID:1381455

* * *

1964 – B. D. Josephson, a long term supporter of the existence of paranormal phenomena, postulated the Josephson effect in 1962. This led to the invention of a device known as a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device – SQUID.

The first Josephson Junction was made at Bell Labs in 1963. A Josephson junction is made up of two superconductors, separated by an insulating layer so thin that electrons can pass through.

The Direct Current SQUID was invented in 1964 at Ford Research Labs. The RF (or AC) SQUID was invented at Ford in 1965.

A SQUID is used to measure extremely weak signals, such as subtle changes in the human body’s electromagnetic energy field. A SQUID can detect a change of energy as much as 100 billion times weaker than the electromagnetic energy that moves a compass needle. (SQUIDs can be used for measuring the magnetic field created by a Being.)

It measures functional activity of the brain. Physical processes by humans and animals, such as muscular or neural activity, create magnetic fields. DC SQUIDs, contained in a helmet-like device, measure the currents created by neural activity.

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) measures magnetic fields to enable brain imaging. A computer program converts the SQUID data into maps of the currents flowing throughout the brain.


Anaesthesiologists can use it to monitor depth of anaesthetia and level of awareness.

SQUIDs are used in the form of a helmut worn on the head, and they have also developed their use at a distance, without the helmut. Because they measure changes in a magnetic field with such sensitivity, they do not have to come in contact with a system that they are testing.

In the film Strange Days, they are used to record and play back human memories, which are exchanged on the black market. The SQUID records the perceptions of a person, such as what he sees, smells, hears and feels, including emotions felt. Then the recording can be played back so that another person can experience the same perceptions as the original person.

A person wanted to see what it would be like to rob a store, he purchased the recording of a store robbery that was done by a person who was wearing a SQUID helmut during the robbery. The purchaser of the SQUID recording would then put the SQUID helmut on his head and play back the recording of the store robbery, and he would experience all the perceptions and feelings experienced by the person who performed the robbery.

Photos of the SQUID helmut from the 1995 film Strange Days …


In the hands of slavemasters, it is used as a mind control weapon. For example, they make a recording of a sad feeling. On a day you feel happy, they transmit the recording of feeling sad, to ruin your happy feeling. The uses for mind control are numerous. 17

The tiny electrical currents in the brain produce magnetic fields outside the skull, these can be measured by magnetoencephalography, or MEG. MEG measures brain currents without physical contact. Los Alamos physicists have built a MEG “helmet” that uses 155 SQUIDs to provide “whole head” brain-current images.


Measurable brain fields are produced by an evoked response, that is, the electrical activity produced by the brain in response to stimuli such as sounds or light flashes. 18

Scan from article by D. Pasternak – Wonder Weapons, U.S. News and World Report, July 7, 1997


ran a small project that used magnetic fields to cause certain brain cells in rats to release histamine. In humans, this would cause instant flulike symptoms and produce nausea.

Scientists like Byrd are told their work would be unclassifiedUnless it workedthen the project goes “black”, often is taken away to be run by someone else, and becomes Top Secret.

* * *

June 1964 – MK Ultra became MK Search.

June 30th, 1966Richard Helms became Director of the CIA. One of the first things he did was pour the coals on getting results in the mind control field. Old projects were resurrected, abandoned projects were reactivated. Helms resurrected Subproject 94, brain implants.

Operation Resurrection was a subproject of MK Search. An isolation chamber had been constructed earlier by Dr. Ewen Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute (as part of MKUltra subproject 68) and this was then rebuilt at a laboratory of the National institutes of Mental Health.

Instead of humans, like Cameron had used, apes were to be subjected to a cruel combination of treatments in these experiments that occurred in 1965/66. First they were lobotomized, then kept in total isolation. The radio telemetry techniques that had been developed by Leonard Rubenstein earlier, were adapted so that radio frequency energy could be beamed into the brains of the obviously highly disturbed animals. 67

Many of these traumatized apes were then decapitated and their heads would be transplanted onto another body to see if the RF energy would bring them back to life.

Jackie Gleason

Heads transplanted?

why the fuck not

That was their attitude – they literally went completely Dr. Frankenstein on this one.

The apes that were NOT killed in this way were later bombarded with radio waves until they fell unconscious. Autopsies revealed that their brain tissue had literally been fried.

In the Human Drug Testing by the CIA section of the 1977 senate hearings, (p 90)

Senator Kennedy. Was the NIH involved in any of the research projects?

Dr. Geschickter. There was NIH involvement.

Senator Kennedy. Could you tell us the nature of that involvement?

Dr. Geschickter. I can tell you the nature of it accurately. One was on studies on concussion which they rocked the heads of animals back and forth to try to cause them amnesia by concussion of the brain. And that was for $110,000. The other, which was funded through this later business was the use of radar to put monkeys to sleep, to see if they could be, should I say, instead of Mickey Finn, they could put them under with radar directed toward the monkey brain.

Senator Schweiker. Could they?

Dr. Geschickter. Did they go to sleep?

Senator Schweiker. Yes.

Dr. Geschickter. Yes, sir. But, Senator, it showed if you got into too deep a sleep, you injured the heat center of the brain the way you cook meat, and there was a borderline there that made it dangerous.

Charles_Freeman_Geschickter - Georgetown University MKUltra doctorDr. Charles Freeman Geschickter

Yikes! Would you get a load of that guy?


The research just described by Geshickter is MKULTRA Subproject 62, conducted at the National Institutes of Health by Dr. Maitland Baldwin, a neurosurgeon.

Dr. Maitland Baldwin MKULTRA subproject 62 nbr2Dr. Maitland Baldwin

Documents concerning Subproject 62 at Black Vault, describe Baldwin’s interest in sensory isolation experiments and a status report stated that, “certain kinds of radio frequency energy have been found to effect reversible neurological changes in chimpanzees.”

In the publication resulting from Subproject 62, entitled, “Effects of radio-frequency energy on primate cerebral activity,” Baldwin, Bach and Lewis thank the Naval Research Laboratory and Rome Air Force Base for supplying equipment used to generate the radio waves.

Maitland Baldwin later received funding within MKSEARCH. The brain surgeon’s continued research of behavior modification within MKSEARCH Subproject 1 reportedly included experiments involving sensory deprivation, radio frequency energy, an attempt to cut off a monkey’s head and attach it to the decapitated body of another monkey. 65

* * *

As an example of Slavemaster utter (and insane) desperation to prove “men were animals and could be controlled like animals” one of the crazier projects to be revived by Helms was the less than successful Operation Mindbender – named after the early movie.

Sensory_Depravationsensory_deprivation_suit_and_tankSensory deprivation image from 1963 film The Mind Benders

Renamed Operation Spellbinder, the assignment was to create a sleeper killer, a real life “Manchurian Candidate.” A Hypnotist was recruited from the American Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. (this is probably the named – on CIA docs – psychiatrist at Ionia). He became known amongst the Agency staff as “Dr. Fingers” and was selected because his file stated that he would have no qualms about carrying out potentially terminal experiments. 67


Sounds like a dream guy straight of of the ideas of the first British Spymaster William Cecil “I went out and got me a base fellow” .

The stated intended victim was Fidel Castro, but here again, control of another person’s decisions and actions failed. After several of these failed attempts, the project was then written off, theoretically.

* * *

Non-Lethal Weapons is a term which was invented to cover a broad category which includes devices for beaming various kinds of energy at human targets in order to temporarily incapacitate them, or to control or affect their behavior. Since direct stimulation of the brain had failed so badly, this was their “new hope” for controlling men’s minds.

1965 – Richard Helms, as a director in the CIA, writes about CIA mind-control capabilities. He spoke of “sophisticated approaches to the ‘coding’ of information for transmittal to population targets in the ‘battle for the minds of men’… to control behavior.”

“Due to Project Pandora, it is now known that applied biological (and other) frequencies can also be used as direct “information inputs” (e.g., of feeling or emotion) and to reinforce brain rhythms associated with conditioning and information processing. One way to get such a signal into a human may be through use of a high frequency carrier frequency.” “There is no U.S. law specifically regulating these types of transmission. The public’s conception of “subliminals” is naive compared to capabilities.”

* * *

In 1965 the Moscow Signal was discovered. The American embassy in Moscow was being saturated by high levels of microwaves. This discovery was kept secret, and the embassy employees were not told of this. Instead, it was decided to study the side-effects on the people in the embassy.

A Dr. Milton Zaret who was a leading microwave scientist, was recruited by the CIA, for Project Pandora, based at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Dr. Zaret claimed that the CIA wanted to know “whether I thought electromagnetic radiation beamed at the brain from a distance could affect the way a person might act,” and “could microwaves be used to facilitate brainwashing or to break down prisoners under investigation.”

The Pandora scientists subjected monkeys to highly concentrated microwave frequencies, in order to study the biological effects.

Back at the American embassy, Ambassador Stoessel, whose office was situated at the beam’s center, suffered blood disease, bleeding eyes, nausea, and eventually lymphoma.

The Russians were also beaming waves at American citizens in the northwest United States, to pacify them – a tranquilizing wave.

Other frequencies (besides microwave) can also be used to affect the mind and body.

Jose Delgado (whose work was underwritten by the CIA and Navy) subjected humans to intense radio waves directed at specific portions of their brains. He reported that they experienced various emotions, sensations, and “colored visions”. Dr. Delgado also said that he thought these invisible weapons were “more dangerous than atomic destruction.” He also said “we may transform, we may shape, direct, robotize man. I think the great danger of the future is… that we will have robotized human beings who are not aware that they have been robotized.

* * *

The term Psychic Warfare
is essentially the idea of using people with psychic abilities to spy on an enemy and to place thoughts into the minds of an enemy. When machines are used to place “thoughts” into an enemy, or to make him ill from the emanated waves, it is called psychotronics.

The United States Intelligence community was rattled by reports that Russia had made great strides in the science of mental/spiritual feats that might be used as weapons. Some of the evidence was in the 1970 book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain – the United States was far behind the USSR.

The Russians had achieved breakthroughs in psychotronics. The American intelligence community was well aware that ‘psychotronics’ meant something psychically aggressive with real applications, something that threatened the well-being of the American nation.

In 1967, Zdenek Rejdák introduced the term psychotronics, intended to replace the term parapsychology. The main objectives of psychotronics were to verify and study the phenomena of telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis.


The term psychotronics came to have another meaning – the use of machines that send out waves that carry psychic warfare messages and can also be used to cause illnesses.

American intelligence was alarmed at the prospect that the Soviets would ‘get ahead.’ And so the phrase ‘the psychic warfare gap’ came into existence. The intelligence community invested $20 million over the next 16 years on psychic warfare research. 19
American intelligence agencies acted quickly to recover from the Psychic Warfare gap.
Scientology responded by releasing OT levels in 1967 and 1968 – with exteriorization drills and intention drills that placed a thought into the mind of another person. These original OT levels correspond exactly with Psychic Warfare skills – psychic spying and psychic influencing.

Advance! Issue 19 June/July 1973, Your Route to Operating Thetan –

Page images – (click to enlarge)

OT levels Advance iss 19 1973OT levels Advance iss 19 1973 - 2


Text – Particularly note OT Levels IV-VI

OT IV – As an OT IV you will be an exterior being, fully certain of yourself.

OT V – You will do drills outside your body to become acquainted again with the physical universe as a thetan exterior.

OT VI – On this level you will regain your abilities as a thetan exterior to be where you want at will and be able to influence the universe of others.

OT VII – OT VII involves OT intention and OT communication. You will rehabilitate and regain your ability to project intention across a distance.

One of the most important people in the efforts to close “the psychic warfare gap” was Dr. Hal Puthoff, who was in Naval Intelligence and employed by the National Security Agency. Ingo Swann was in military intelligence and worked for the United Nations. Pat Price was another person who was involved.

These three people became Scientologists and they finished the OT levels in 1969 and in 1971. They then got together at Stanford Research Institute. Scientific development of psychic spying and psychic influencing began. The research was funded by the CIA – Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price were all on the CIA payroll.


Scientology and the CIA were working together on yet another project. Scientologists worked for the CIA continuously on various CIA projects – drug trafficking, peddling LSD, behavior modification research, mind control research, psychic warfare research, and assistance to CIA political operations.

See Scientology Roots Chapter Nine – 2  Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career, for details.

There were a lot of other Scientologists involved in this and other CIA “research” at SRI.

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is part of the New World Order network, they specialize in developing behavior modification and mind control methods. SRI is in the Tavistock network and thus is part of the New World Order network.

The American Society for Psychical Research is under the thumb of the Cecil family, the British family that headed British intelligence and the British government. The Cecil family created the Society for Psychical Research in 1882, it is their group. It was the scientific investigation into mental and spiritual phenomena. It was the first practice of Scientology and these people were the first Scientologists.

The CIA was headed by agents for the New World Order and it is also under the thumb of British intelligence. Hubbard was an agent for the New World Order and Scientology has been under the thumb of British intelligence since 1882, it is their subject.

So, what we have here is several New World Order front groups all working together – the CIA, Society for Psychical Research, and the Church of Scientology – to develop psychic warfare capabilities for the United States. That research includes development of psychotronics machines that are used as a mind control weapon and also serve as a biological warfare weapon that can cause serious illness and even death; a silent gun to commit an invisible crime.

* * *

Psychiatrist Louis Jolyon West was involved in the remote viewing research at SRI.
West headed the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California in Los Angeles.

William Sargant was still butchering people using Pain-Drug-Hypnosis treatment in England.
West was an MK Ultra researcher for the CIA. In 1970, Sargant was working closely with West.

* * *

September 9-11, 1971
– The groundwork is laid for the remote-viewing and machines to boost telepathy project at SRI, in a meeting at the New York Parapsychological Association (ASPR) by presumably CIA agent Ken Kress aka Christopher Green.

Here is a PDF of the declassified CIA doc.

Example page –


October 1971 – Dr. John Wingate, in consultation with other members of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) in New York, invites Ingo Swann to work on psychic experiments with Dr. Karlis Osis at ASPR.

Dr. Osis, ASPR

Dr. Osis

Ingo Swann is involved in OOB (out-of-body) perception experiments at ASPR, the task being to verbally describe objects out of his sight in a target tray. He hits upon the idea of doing sketches, and this becomes part of the procedure of remote viewing.

Painting – Universal Intelligence by Ingo Swann

Universal intelligence by Ingo Swann

8 December 1971 – Ingo Swann performs the first “remote viewing” experiment ever. The goal was to try to describe the weather conditions in various cities. Swann was able to do it. Swann suggested the term ‘remote viewing’- since a distant city was remote from the experimental lab in New York. It was out-of-body viewing. 20

Ingo Swann is still doing remote viewing at the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR). Swann describes the experiment on 22 February 1972:

“Vera Feldman acted as the outbound experimenter. As usual, I sat in the OOB Chair.

At an agreed start time, I would commence trying to describe where she was. At five minute intervals, Vera would move to another location, and again I would try to describe where she was. The target location was the Museum of Natural History in New York, a few blocks away from the ASPR building.

10:45 AM – I think she’s in a room that’s round with a hallway and a flight of stairs to the south. There are large paintings on the wall. (Almost correct.)

10:50 AM – She’s in a large room that is darkened. There are lots of animals. (Correct)

10:55 AM – I guess that must be a long corridor and there is a telephone booth nearby.

11:00 AM – That’s the room with the dinosaurs in it. (Correct)

11:05 AM – I see something red. Maybe it’s a series of stones of some sort. That one seems confused, whatever it is. Lots of cases filled with things. (Correct)

We began joking about the fact that ESP could be used for psychic spying, etc.


On 30 March 1972 Ingo Swann writes to Hal Puthoff:

“I have been working for several months now in two directions, firstly at the American Society for Psychical Research on trying to increase visual capacity by extrasensory modes, and secondly at City College with Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler on certain psychotronic and psychokinetic effects. ” 20

Gertrude Schmeidler – working on experiments

Gertrude schmeidler

On 15 April 1972, physicist Dr. Russell Targ meets with CIA personnel from the Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI) and discusses the subject of paranormal abilities. Targ reveals that he has contacts with people who purport to have seen and documented some Soviet investigations of psychokinesis. Films of Soviets moving inanimate objects by “mental powers” are made available to analysts from OSI.

Russell Targ


Targ has recently joined the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). (Targ was also a member of the MKULTRA off-shoot organization, A Course In Miracles). Targ proposes that some psychokinetic verification investigations could be done at SRI with Hal Puthoff. 21

19 May 1972 – President Richard M. Nixon writes a letter to Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig:

“The performance in the psychological warfare field is nothing short of disgraceful.

We finally have a program now under way but it totally lacks imagination and I have no confidence whatever that the bureaucracy will carry it out. I do not simply blame Richard Helms and the CIA.” 22

Hal Puthoff headed the CIA’s Remote Viewing Program at SRI from 1972 to 1985. An ORD Project Offficer then visited Targ who had recently joined the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Targ proposed that some psychokinetic verification investigations could be done at SRI in conjunction with Puthoff.

These proposals were quickly followed by laboratory demonstration. A man was found by Targ and Puthoff who apparently had psychokinetic abilities.

On 4 June 1972, Ingo Swann joins Hal Puthoff at SRI. 20

Swann was taken on a surprise visit to a super-conducting shielded magnetometer being used in quark (high energy particle) experiments by Dr. A. Hebbard of Stanford University Physics Department.

On 27 June 1972, Hal Puthoff sent a letter to Christopher Kit Green, who at the time was only a young analyst, informing him of positive Varian Hall magnetometer results during an experiment with psychic Ingo Swann..

Puthoff and his magnetometerHal Puthoff and the Magnetometer.

In the Kit Green Interview 2008 Christopher Green aka Ken Kress discussed some of the details of this experiment.


…when the subject placed his attention on the interior of the magnetometer, the output signal was visibly disturbed, indicating a change in the internal magnetic field. Several other correlations of his mental efforts with signal variations were observed. These variations in the magnetometer were never seen before or after the visit. The event was summarized and transmitted to the Agency in the form of a letter to an OSI analyst [3] and as discussions with OTS and ORD officers.

+cited in Ken Kress CIA report which originally appeared in the Winter 1977 issue of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA’s classified internal publication. It was released to the public in 1996. Abstract and new postscript written by Ken Kress in January 1999 for publication in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

Ingo Swann allegedly uses his “ability to exteriorize” to spy on Russia, on behalf of the US Intelligence community. Pat Price was “the best” at remote viewing. In one experiment Price remote viewed a US military secret base and accurately described it, even reading the papers on the desks. After the June 1973 occurrence, (discussed shortly here) he went back East to work directly for the CIA, with Ken Kress (aka Christopher Green) as his handler.

Ingo Swann then set up a training program to teach others how to do Remote Viewing.


To test Swann’s program, CIA officer, Major Ed Dames, and five others go to SRI as a training group. The results were more than anyone had anticipated. Major Dames says that within 6 months the team members were producing psychically derived data with more consistency and accuracy than the most renown natural (untrained) psychics in the world.

Major Dames then acts as the Training and Operations Officer at the SRI Remote Viewing Program for “a new psychic intelligence community”. They were using the ability to remote view for spying purposes. 23

26 July 1972 – Report of an Out-of-Body Experiment Conducted at the American Society for Psychical Research: Participants: Dr. Carole Silfen, Janet Mitchell, Ingo Swann. The report describes an out-of-body viewing experiment of the same day, the results of which are highly suggestive that a point of perception exterior to the body is able to assume “at a different location the functions performed by the visual system and the brain in the body.” 20

A Defense Intelligence Agency report entitled “Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR” is published in July 1972.

“The Soviet Union is well aware of the benefits and applications of parapsychology research. Many scientists, U.S. and Soviet, feel that parapsychology can be harnessed to create conditions where one can alter or manipulate the minds of others.

Soviet knowledge in this field is superior to that of the U.S. The potential applications of focusing mental influences on an enemy through hypnotic telepathy have surely occurred to the Soviets. Control and manipulation of the human consciousness must be considered a primary goal.
Soviet efforts in the field of psi research, might enable them to do some of the following:

(a) Know the contents of top secret US documents, the movements of our troops and
ships and the location and nature of our military installations

(b) Mould the thoughts of key US military and civilian leaders at a distance

(c) Cause the instant death of any US official at a distance

(d) Disable, at a distance, US military equipment of all types, including spacecraft.” 24

Note –
parapsychology – science investigating mental telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis
clairvoyance – able to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception
psychokinesis – moving a material object by influence of the mind
psi – the aggregate of parapsychological functions of the mind including extra sensory
perception, precognition, and psychokinesis

CIA Office of Technical Service Contract 8473 is dated 1 October 1972

CIA official Dr. Ken Kress, who as of this date is assigned to be the CIA Project Officer over the remote viewing project – it is a $50,000 research contract with “the physicists at SRI” [Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ] for an “expanded effort in parapsychology.” 25, 26

Ken Kress aka Christopher Green on the left, in this picture.

CIAman Christopher Green with pat price and hal puthoff

pic taken in 1974 at an airport immediately after testing Price’s remote viewing capabilities from a glider

  • Reference – Book Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies: extensive accounts of Price’s SRI RV experiments; Price claims ability to change the weather, p. 117; claims alien base in Alaska, p 118; used in Patty Hearst kidknapping, p 171+; mysterious death in Las Vegas, p. 182; involvement with Scientology, 199; many other references.

The CIA-funded remote viewing lab at SRI continues for about 20 years.

Ingo Swann arrived to begin his CIA contract at Stanford Research Institute a few days before Christmas 1972.  26

* * *

Jolly West had done behavior modification research for the CIA. In was MK Ultra subproject 43.
He researched hypnosis, isolation and sensory deprivation methods of behavior modification.   71

Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West

West proposed a Center for the Reduction of Violence. The idea was to establish a remote location where young children would be brought to treat them with behavior modification methods before they turned into a criminal. That would prevent future violence if the children were behavior modified before they got a chance to become a criminal.

The Violence Control Center is actually the brain child of William Herrmann, a CIA agent, as part of a “pacification plan” for California. Herrmann works with the Stand Research Institute, the RAND Corporation, and the Hoover Center on Violence. 27

West submitted a proposal for one of these ‘special units’ to be in California at a former Nike missile base.
It was to be funded by a funding conduit for MK Ultra – the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

William Sargant made another visit to Jolly West. Together they had driven out to a former Nike missile site in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was the location that West and Sargant thought would be good for their proposed treatment center.   72

West had proposed that he and Sargant would work together, using Sargant’s previous research into “the pharmacology of violence-producing and violence-inhibiting drugs.”  44

On 11 January 1973 Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, announces plans for a “Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence,” to be headed by Dr. Joylon “Jolly” West. The center is to serve as a model for future facilities to be set up throughout the United States.

Some of the planned areas of study for the Center include studies of violent individuals, experiments on prisoners from Vacaville and Atascadero, experiments on hyperkinetic children, experiments with violence-producing and violent inhibiting drugs, hormonal aspects of passivity and aggressiveness in boys, studies to discover and compare norms of violence among various ethnic groups, and studies of “pre-delinquent” children. Plans include encouragement to law enforcement to keep computer files on “pre-delinquent” children, which would make possible the treatment of children “before they become delinquents.”  72

Earl Brian, Secretary of Health, is adamant about his support for mind control centers in California. He feels that the behavior modification plans of the Violence Control Centers are important in the prevention of crime.

The California legislature could see what was happening and labeled the idea, “Nazi science”.  4

West’s behavior modification specialties include hypnosis, drugs, sensory deprivation, brain surgery, electrodes planted in the brain to control people, and electronic devices to track and monitor his victims.

Brain surgery, drugging, electric shock, electrodes in brains to control behavior…

What is wrong with those guys…

Senator Sam Ervin was investigating abuses of human rights in relation to CIA mind control research.
Senator Ervin squeezes LEAA head Mr. Santorelli about the West proposal –

The use of human subjects in biomedical and behavioral research raises several fundamental constitutional and ethical questions, and I believe LEAA must develop guidelines adequate to protect fully the constitutional rights of the subjects of LEAA-funded research in these areas.

Since last March a great deal of information pertaining to the UCLA Center has come to my attention. Much of this information indicates that programs are being contemplated for the Center that raise profound moral and constitutional questions, and it would be extremely desirable for LEAA to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the projects under consideration.

Santorelli was forced to back down and Jolly West did not get funding.

* * *

In January 1973
, tipped off about forthcoming investigations, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered Dr. Sidney Gottlieb to destroy all MK Ultra records. Three years later, in testimony to the Church Committee, Helms confessed that the CIA had destroyed the files “so that anybody who assisted us in the past would not be subject to follow-up questions, embarrassment if you will.”

Dr. Gottlieb has testified, and former Director Helms has confirmed, that in ordering the records destroyed, Dr. Gottlieb was carrying out the verbal order of then DCI Helms.64

This was a cover-up action to hide the atrocities committed and the men who were involved in doing the research and committing those atrocities.



Rogues Gallery - Hubbard, Helms and Gottlieb

The US Intelligence community continued to research and develop mind control weapons but not under the codename MK-Ultra.

L. Ron Hubbard and other Scientologists had been involved in CIA secret mind control research, including assisting CIA drug trafficking, drug peddling, and were involved in CIA political operations. Reports about these immoral activities were circulated between governments around the world.

20 Apr 1973 – Ron Hubbard wrote the Snow White program, telling the Guardian Office to get all government files on himself and on Scientology.

This action is in conjunction with the CIA cover up
of its mind control research projects.


Hubbard pretended that false reports about him and other Scientologists had been circulated to governments – such things as accusing Sea Org ships of drug running and being a CIA ship. But, these reports that Hubbard called false, were actually true! Hubbard’s Snow White program was really an effort to cover up the crimes and illicit actions of Scientologists.

At the same time, Ron Hubbard and the CIA
are engaging in cover up actions.

The Guardian Office Intelligence Bureau infiltrated government offices to obtain their files on Hubbard and Scientology. Various illegal means were used, such as the use of lock picks to open locked doors and locked file cabinets.

These cover ups mark the initial stages of removing Hubbard as the Scientology front man. The illegal activities led to an FBI raid in 1977. Hubbard went into hiding to avoid prosecution, and in 1981 a new front man was installed to run the Church.


Ron Hubbard – 1973 television documentary

* * *

April 1973
– Ken Kress, CIA Project Officer over the SRI experiments:

“About this time, a third sensitive subject, Pat Price, became available at SRI, and the remote viewing experiments in which a subject describes his impressions of remote objects or locations began in earnest.”   25

I’d like to point out something important here, and that is what the REAL point of the top-secret work was there at SRI, which was not some kind of hokey “remote-viewing” – I think that was a misdirection, much like J.B. Rhine and his “ESP” card tricks student experiments versus his real work that he was engaged in at Duke University.

One reason that I say this, is because in April 1973 – Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ and Phyllis Cole were researching esp enhancement through machines under NASA and JPL, as well as mind-machine interfaces.1

Concrete evidence that electronic mind control was the true object of study at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was exposed by the Washington Post in 1977. When the Navy awarded a contract to the Institute, “the scientific assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, Dr. Sam Koslov, received a routine briefing on various research projects, including SRI’s. As the briefer flashed his chart onto the screen and began to speak, Koslov stormily interrupted, ‘What the hell is that about?’ Among the glowing words on the projected chart, the section describing SRI’s work was labeled … ELF and Mind Control.

‘ELF’ stands for extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves, from the very slow brain frequencies up to about 100 cycles per second. But the Mind Control label really upset Koslov. He ordered the SRI investigations for the Navy stopped, and canceled another $35,000 in Navy funds slated for more remote viewing work. Contrary to Koslov’s attempt to kill the research, the Navy quietly continued to fork out $100,000 for a two-year project directed by a bionics specialist.”

The “remote viewing” team at SRI was really engaged in projecting words and images directly to the cranium. It was not a humanitarian pastime: the project was military and test subjects are subjected to a lifetime of EM torture plied with the same thorough disregard for human rights as the radiation tests conducted at the height of the Cold War. The treatment subjects have received at the hands of their own government would be considered atrocities if practiced in wartime.

Mind control was also used in domestic covert operations designed to further the CIA’s heady ambitions, and during the Vietnam War period SRI was a hive of covert political subterfuge. The Symbionese Liberation Army, like the People’s Temple, was a creation of the CIA. The SLA had at its core a clique of black ex-convicts from Vacaville Prison. Donald DeFreeze, otherwise known as “Cinque”, led the SLA. He was formerly an informant for the LAPD’s Criminal Conspiracy Section and the director of Vacaville’s Black Cultural Association (BCA), a covert mind control unit with funding from the CIA channeled through SRI.

The Menlo Park (SRI) behavior modification specialists experimented with psychoactive drugs administered to members of the BCA. Black prisoners were programmed to murder selected black leaders once on the outside. The CIA/SRI zombie killer hit list included Oakland school superintendent Dr. Marcus Foster, and Panthers Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, among others. DeFreeze stated that at Vacaville in 1971-72, he was the subject of a CIA mind control experiment.

He described his incarceration on the prison’s third floor, where he was corralled by CIA agents who drugged him and said he would become the leader of a radical movement and kidnap a wealthy person. After his escape from Vacaville (an exit door was left unlocked for him), that’s exactly what he did. (He kidnapped Patty Hearst.)

EM mind control machines were championed at SRI by Dr. Karl Pribram, director of the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory: “I certainly could educate a child by putting an electrode in the lateral hypothalamus and then selecting the situations at which I stimulate it. In this way I can grossly change his behavior.Psychology Today touted Pribram as “The Magellan of Brain Science.”


Dr. Karl Pribram young

He obtained his B.S. and M.D. degrees at the University of Chicago, where he was staff at the NPI, and then later at SRI studied how the brain processes and stores sensory imagery. He is credited with discovering that mental imaging bears a close resemblance to hologram projection. 21, 28, 29

Washington Post article –

Concrete evidence that electronic mind control was the true object of study at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was exposed by the Washington Post in 1977. When the Navy awarded a contract to the Institute, “the scientific assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, Dr. Sam Koslov, received a routine briefing on various research projects, including SRI’s. As the briefer flashed his chart onto the screen and began to speak, Koslov stormily interrupted, ‘What the hell is that about?’ Among the glowing words on the projected chart, the section describing SRI’s work was labeled, ‘ELF and Mind Control.’

Psychic Spying – Washington Post August 7, 1977 by John L. Wilhelm –

Images from article –

* * *

15 May 1973 – Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann travel to Prague for the First International Congress on Psychotronic Research. 26

* * *

21 May 1973
– A CIA report on CIA questionable activities is forwarded to CIA Director William Colby, under the title “Potential Flap Activities.” Some of the activities are…

Operation Chaos, the CIA’s infiltration of American radical groups
CIA drug-testing programs
CIA role in Nixon’s domestic intelligence plan
mail interception
the bugging of American journalists
the CIA’s involvement in assassination plots against Trujillo, Diem, Castro   30

* * *

NSA facility at Sugar Grove, Virginia

NSA facility at sugar grove west virginia

Some “Remote-Viewing” data generated by Swann and Price, June 1973 – of Sugar Grove NSA secret facility.

sugar grove RV by price and Swann

sugar grove RV by price and Swann june 1973

Note: By 13 June 1973 Ken Kress aka Christopher “Kit” Green is in some hot water at the NSA.

Wednesday, 13 June 1973 CIA’s (Kit Green) finds himself at the center of an intense and hostile security investigation over the “coordinate remote viewing” descriptions of Scientology OTs Pat Price and Ingo Swann of the secret installation in West Virginia. The investigation soon extends to Price, Swann, and OT VII Hal Puthoff at SRI. The facility, ostensibly a U.S. Navy communications base, is actually a highly sensitive NSA installation.[94] The NSA’s David Young—who has been granted immunity by Watergate prosecutors—turns over to them a one-page memo revealing a 1971 plan for G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt to arrange a break-in at the office of Ellsberg psychiatrist Lewis J. Fielding.

Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies by Jim Schnabel – Dell (1997)

We own this book, and it includes some pictures concerning what the above quote is talking about.
The names Richard Kennett, Peter Crane, Mike Russo and Don Kurtis are pseudonyms used by Schnabel.

The name Richard Kennett, is a pseudonym for Christopher Green/Ken Kress employed by Mr. Schnabel.

* * *

The Church of Scientology publishes a magazine called ADVANCE!

In the following article the magazine acts as if the remote viewing research going on at Stanford Research Institute is a good thing.

There is no mention that Stanford Research Institute is part of the Tavistock network, which specializes in developing methods of mind control. There is no mention that Ingo Swann, Hal Puthoff and Pat Price are on the CIA payroll and that the CIA is funding their research at SRI. There is no mention that they are developing psychic warfare weapons at SRI. There is no mention that SRI is developing psychotronics weapons for the military.
There is no mention that the Congress in Prague that Ingo Swann attended, was a meeting for people conducting research into developing psychotronics weapons – and that these psychotronics weapons are for putting everyone on Earth under the influence of covert mind control.

Rather than exposing and opposing this research –
Scientology officially applauds it!

You might think that Church executives did not know what was going on at SRI. Not so! Pat Price was reporting to the United States Guardians Office intelligence staff exactly what was going on at SRI. I, Mike McClaughry, was one of the intelligence staff and I read part of the intelligence file on SRI – and they knew about the experiments at SRI. SRI was in my area of responsibility and I received no orders to do anything about it.

Thus we see that Church executives knew about it and condoned it.

An Interview with Ingo Swann, ADVANCE! Issue 21, October/November 1973

Pages from Advance 21 Interview Ingo Swann

Pages from Advance 21 Interview Ingo Swann 2

Well! Look at the sugar-coating the church is putting on this.

The article fails to mention that Swann, Puthoff, and Price are on the CIA payroll; and that SRI is developing psychotronics weapons. And it fails to mention the International Congress that Ingo Swann attended was a meeting of people who were researching psychotronics.

Psychotronics (in its current definition) is also classified as a biological weapon because the waves emanated at a targeted person or population can cause serious physical illnesses and even death, all done covertly without any apparent physical cause for the illness or death. It is a gun that can be used to kill without any charges being brought against the untraceable murderer.

And Scientology has an ethics section, pretending to handle out ethics!

I know of a person who was sent to ethics for telling a joke, meantime, people like Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige and the slavemasters go unaddressed when they need it most.

No Suppressive Person declares have been issued on any of the major slavemasters. If the Church wants to label people as that, then they should have done it on the right people -the slavemasters qualify for that label far more than anyone else.

Church executives knew what was going on at SRI and did nothing effective to stop it.

Why would they stop it?

The Scientology OT levels were designed to assist it!

* * *

Jose Delgado was interviewed in person by Cabinet Magazine, in 2001.

From the bottom of the page:

4 José M.R. Delgado, Congressional Record, nr. 26, vol. 118, 1974.
* Erratum: Since publishing this article in Cabinet #2, Spring 2001, it has come to our attention that Delgado did not in fact testify before Congress on that date. The quote in question was actually a compilation of statements from Delgado’s various publications, which were accurately cited in an article by Dr. Peter R. Breggins, The Return of Lobotomy and Psychosurgery. It was this article that was presented to Congress on 24 February 1972 (not 1974 as stated in the article). We regret the error.

This is a compilation of quotes, taken from different writings by Delgado, each one is accurate, but not necessarily in the order that you see this often presented as. Which looks like the below (and incorrectly alleges that on 24 February 1974 Dr. Jose Delgado told Congress – which is untrue) :

We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.

You can verify the actual sources of the mushed together statements above (as found on the internet) in Dr. Peter Breggins book bolded above, and also from Delgado’s book directly, that several of these statements were taken from – Physical Control of the Mind.

The New York Times article (full page scans are in the article The End Is Not Yet #2) quotes a bit of that book:

“The possibility of scientific annihilation of personal identity, or even worse, its purposeful control, has sometimes been considered a future threat more awful than atomic holocaust,” he writes. “The prospect of any degree of physical control of the mind provokes a variety of objections: theological objections because it affects free will, moral objections because it affects individual responsibility, ethical objections because it may block self-defense mechanisms, philosophical objections because it threatens personal identity.”

The New York Times then that according to Dr. Morton Reiser, chairman of the Yale department of psychiatry, there are “probably some frightening potentials” in Delgado’s work. “If you can use computer technology to send an unmanned space satellite to the moon, then it doesn’t seem utterly impossible that one day our computers will be sophisticated enough to be used to put thoughts in people’s heads.”

“…one day our computers will be sophisticated enough
to be used to put thoughts in people’s heads.”


Dr. Jose Delgado also said that the day would come when brain control could be turned over to non-human operators, by establishing two-way communication between the implanted brain and a computer.

Dr._Jose_DelgadoDr. Jose Delgado

The first un-classified successful transmission of the human voice directly into the skull of a living person was successfully demonstrated by researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in 1973, announced at a seminar from the University of Utah in 1974, and in the journal “American Psychologist” in the March, 1975 issue, article titled “Microwaves and Behavior” by Dr. Don Justesen.

I have retrieved a PDF file that documents the American Psychologist article.


Article by Don R. Justeson – Microwaves and Behavior


From the article:

…Frey and Messenger (1973) demonstrated and Guy, Chou, Lin, and Christensen (1975) confirmed that a microwave pulse with a slow rise time is ineffective in producing an auditory response; only if the rise time is short, resulting in effect in a square wave with respecting to the leading edge of the envelope of radiated radio-frequency energy, does the auditory response occur. Thus, the rate of change (the first drivative) of the wave form of the pulse is a critical factor in perception. Given a thermodynamic interpretation, it would follow that information can be encoded in the energy and “communicated” to the “listener.” Communication has in fact been demonstrated.



Joseph Sharp found that:

…appropriate modulation of microwave energy can result in direct “wireless” and “receiverless” communication of speech. They recorded by voice on tape each of the single-syllable words for digits between 1 and 10.

…By radiating themselves with these “voice-modulated” microwaves, Sharp and Grove were readily able to hear, identify, and distinguish among the 9 words.


Delgado also had an article in this magazine, called Two-Way Transdermal Communication with the Brain.



Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, began his career in 1961 as a research psychologist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research where, in 1970, he was appointed Deputy Director of Neuropsychiatry. He has also served as Chief of the Department of Experimental Psychology and Behavioral Radiology at Walter Reed. 4

Just after his successful (and unclassified) demonstration of voice-to-skull technology in 1973, he was given a job at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California where his project was now “classified”.

He worked at Ames from 1974 through 1993, the last five years of which he was director of space research:

As director of space research at the NASA facility, Sharp is responsible for the management of all space activity at the Ames Research Center, including the physical and life sciences, engineering and flight projects, grants to university scientists and contracts to aerospace industry. 3

As we documented earlier, Hal Puthoff and the SRI laugh-a-lots were actually focused on this very point – in April 1973 – Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ and Phyllis Cole were researching esp enhancement through machines under NASA* and JPL, as well as mind-machine interfaces.

PDF file of this report taken from NASA’s website listing.

Let’s jump ahead a little bit here, for a moment, and take a look at some of the work that Eldon Byrd was doing – that was taken into “black status”.

First, a couple points.

Ultrasound is vibration of the air above the upper limit of human hearing. Voice-FM uses a tone near the upper limit. Either a “tinnitus-like sound” or nothing is heard by the target.

Ultrasound/voice-FM can be transmitted through the air directly to the brain using a modulated microwave pulse or by piggybacking an ultrasound message on top of commercial radio or television.

Radio and TV can carry enough ultrasound messaging to be “heard” by the human brain (though not the ear) to be effective in conveying hypnosis. This was proven by the U.S. military forces in the Gulf War.

Ultrasound’s and voice-FM’s main advantage in electronic mind harassment work is that it can carry verbal hypnosis. The brain can “hear” and understand this “inaudible voice”, while the ear cannot.

One method for projecting either audible voice or voice-FM over long distances, is the “HyperSonic Sound” system, patented by American Technologies Corporation in San Diego, California.

Altered States Limited is a company in New Zealand that sells tapes which perform “suggestions” (i.e. hypnosis) using the Lowery patent voice-FM method, to hypnotize without the subject being aware. Here is an advertisement from Altered States Limited:


Only your mind can hear. Your ears hear nothing but your mind hears and accepts the powerful suggestions. You can safely play these tapes anywhere – in a car… or even as silent sleep programming. The listener can expect his subconscious mind to accept the suggestions with repeated listening. Examples of Suggestions:

You have the self-discipline to lose all the weight you want

You are a non-smoker, cigarettes disgust you

Quit smoking. Quit smoking. Quit smoking

You feel good about yourself

You detach from worldly pressures and experience an inner calm

You accept other people as they are

You are at peace with yourself, the world and everyone in it

You can accomplish whatever you set out to do

Be ultra-successful and become wealthy

Your body performs perfectly during sex without thinking about it

A similar idea of covert brain/body influencing is evident in ELF (extra low frequency) studies, which was the subject of Eldon Byrd’s work. From 1980-83 he ran the Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons project, where most of his research was conducted at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.

ELF_Weapons_Eldon_Byrd_Us_news_1997Article – Wonder Weapons, US News and World Report, 1997

You can view a text-only version here.

This is a picture of Uri Geller with Dr Eldon Byrd and Dr Ron Hawk from Lawrence Livermore Radiation Laboratory.

Byrd is on the right of Uri (center), I believe.

Uri Geller with Dr Eldon Byrd

Byrd found that by using ELF (or even ULF – Ultra Low Frequency) that he could induce the brain to release behavior-regulating chemicals.


“We could put animals into a stupor,” he says, by hitting them with these frequencies.” Byrd said that his project was, he was told, to remain unclassified “unless” it worked, and because it worked, he suspected that after these experiments and he was shut down? The project went “black” meaning classified Top Secret.

The US New articles documents some other types of NONLethal weapons, some of which are pretty interesting as to the effects that they actually CAN CREATE.

Such as the sonic weapons –


And Microwave Weapons.

US News 6

Along those lines – which are aptly named WONDER WEAPONS –

1997 USNews Wonder Weapons - non lethal weapons sized

For creating a more “cyborg” you –


Let’s look at a few other things that I’ve gathered together on the subject.

It is primarily older information that I gathered at one time or another. As we go along here, I aim to update this and add as much documentable, useable, and credible information as I can. Particularly concerning this field of electronic mind/physical control efforts that is such an ongoing obsession, and a method of punishment of political enemies of the Slavemasters.

Their Nemesis.


July 1974 – Pat Price is given coordinates supplied by the CIA’s Ken Kress for remote viewing experiments. Price identifies a Soviet military research facility at the southern edge of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test area in the Kazakh Republic. The accuracy of Price’s reports about the place was important in future funding of remote viewing. 26

15 October 1974 – Pat Price departs SRI. He is going to work for a coal company in Huntington, West Virginia, telling Hal Puthoff that he intends to return in a year with a fortune earned from psychically locating coal deposits. What he doesn’t tell Puthoff is that he is also going to be working directly for the CIA. 26

November 1974 –– A U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights investigated federally-funded behavior modification programs, with emphasis on federal involvement in, and the possible threat to individual constitutional rights of behavior modification, especially involving inmates in prisons and mental institutions.

Mind control experiments have been part of California for decades… But, it is not just in the penal society that mind control measures have been used. Minority children were subjected to experimentation at abandoned Nike Missile Sites, veterans who fought for American freedom were also subjected to the programs. Funding and experimentations of mind control have been part of the U.S. Health, Education and Welfare Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Stanford Research Institute, the Department of Defense, etc.

14 January 1975 – At least six CIA reports and memos are written (classified as Secret) from 14 January 1975 to 5 February 1975 regarding the success of the remote viewing operations with Scientology OT Pat Price.

One memorandum is concerning a test of remote viewing set up with Pat Price at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Having been given operational data such as exterior photographs and geographical coordinates, Price has “visited” two foreign embassies -known to CIA audio teams who had made entries several years previously.

In both cases, Price has correctly located the code rooms. He has produced copious data, such as the location of interior doors and colors of marble stairs and fireplaces that are accurate and specific. The operations officer involved has concluded, “It is my considered opinion that this technique – whatever it is – offers definite operational possibilities.

The CIA enters into a personal services contract with Pat Price March 1975. 25 He then went back East and worked as a remote viewer for the CIA.

Pat Price leaves from Huntington, West Virginia on 16 July 1975. He is on a several-week trip West. He first stops off in Washington, D.C.

Pat Price continues his trip West. In Las Vegas, Price is accompanied by an old friend named Bill Alvarez and his wife, Judy. The three check into the Stardust Hotel and go into the restaurant for dinner.

Price begins to complain that he doesn’t feel good, and ostensibly tells the Alvarezes that someone “had seemed to slip something into his coffee” at dinner in Washington “the night before.” Price soon feels so bad that he goes up to his room to lie down. He feels even worse, and calls the Alvarezes. They come to his room and find him on the bed in cardiac arrest. Bill Alvarez calls paramedics, who try without success to resuscitate Price. Price is declared dead in the local hospital’s emergency room.

Reportedly, a mysterious “friend” of Price’s turns up at the emergency room with “a briefcase full of his medical records,” which, along with the statements of the emergency room’s physician, apparently are enough to waive an autopsy – which would normally be performed on an out-of-towner who had died outside the hospital. 39

Note –
The names Bill and Judy Alvarez are pseudonyms, those names are not their real names. Terry Milner was the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence at the United States Guardian’s Office (located in Los Angeles) – when all of this was going on. He wrote an unpublished book that talked about Pat Price continually reporting about SRI to the intelligence staff at USGO. The book also talked about the death of Pat Price.

Terry Milner - large

12 Jun 1975 – Two CIA reports are done about a device being used at SRI in psi research:

L. W. Rook; LSR/ORD
Memorandum for OTS/CB
Subject: Evidence for Non- Randomness of Four-State Electronic Random Stimulus Generator

S. L. Cianci; LSR/ORD
Memorandum for OTS/CB
Subject: Response to Requested Critique, SRI Random Stimulus Generator Results 38

Here is documented evidence of CIA’s continuing involvement with the remote- viewing program at SRI.
Also, evidence of SRI developing psychotronic machines.

United States Patent 3,951,134
Malech April 20, 1976
Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves

Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject’s brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.

Inventors: Malech; Robert G. (Plainview, NY)

Assignee: Dorne & Margolin Inc. (Bohemia, NY)

Appl. No.: 05/494,518

Filed: August 5, 1974   32


In 1976, Puthoff and Targ received another 26k from the Navy to see if magnetometers could be affected by human beings. – through the Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute in San Francisco.Psychic Spying – Washington Post August 7, 1977 by John L. Wilhelm.

Note: Phyllis Cole was Targ’s research assistant for all this business.

Psychic Spying – Washington Post August 7, 1977


* * *

Quentin Hubbard with his sister Diana Hubbard Horwich
Auditor magazine #86, 1973


At the end of October 1976, Quentin Hubbard was found, comatose, in a parked car in Las Vegas with the engine still running, and no identification cards present to say who he was. Quentin was taken to a hospital where he died two weeks later, without regaining consciousness. He was not identified until several days after his death. Although no precise cause of death was determined, Quentin had certainly suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mary Sue broke down and wailed when she heard the news. There was an immediate cover-up. Documents were stolen from the coroner’s office and taken to Hubbard. The Scientologists were not told about Quentin’s death. 7

Note –
This event is part the process of removing Ron Hubbard as the front man.

front man Hubbard OUT

Los Angeles Herald Examiner, November 22, 1976

Mind-Altering Microwaves: Soviets Studying Invisible Ray

A newly declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report says extensive Soviet research into microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders, and even heart attacks.

Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intercranially (within the head) can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities, the study said. One physiological effect which has been demonstrated is heart seizure, the report said.

* * *

8 July 1977The FBI raids Scientology the intelligence unit in Los Angeles and obtains boxloads of evidence proving the numerous black intelligence operations being run daily against Scientology critics. Mary Sue Hubbard and other Guardian Office staff would be sentenced to jail and they served jail sentences. Ron Hubbard went into hiding.


* * *

On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s top secret mind control research program code named MK Ultra.

Subject of Committee: MK Ultra, The CIA’s Research into Behavioral Modification.
November 1977 – A Senate subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, chaired by Senator Ted Kennedy, focuses on the CIA’s testing of LSD on unwitting citizens.

Testifying before the subcommittee is CIA’s Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. Gottlieb said the purpose of the program was to investigate whether and how it was possible to modify an individual’s behavior by covert means.”

Gottlieb stated that the program was initially engendered by a concern that the Soviets and other enemies of the United States would get ahead of the U.S. in this field. 27

Now that’s some chicken-dancing there.

church lady live gif

This was NEVER about “the Russians”.

That was just a shore story.

10 May 1978 – The Stanford Research Institute remote-viewing team is called upon to rapidly try and locate, with remote viewing, a downed Soviet Tupolev-22 bomber that is configured for the gathering of electronic and photographic intelligence, and has gone down in the jungles the day before somewhere in Zaire.

The wreckage of the plane was found three miles from where the remote-viewers said. CIA Director Stansfield Turner briefs President Jimmy Carter on the successful operation and recovery.

In 1978, the intelligence community was so pleased with the results of the SRI team that funding was massively extended. A multimillion dollar project called “Grill Flame” was brought into being under the auspices of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Navy. The projects at SRI continued, but were greatly augmented at Fort George Meade in Maryland. The US Army Intelligence and Security agency became involved in the project… .” 33

The Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) sets up its own unit of military remote viewers at Fort Meade, Maryland. It is part of a remote viewing programme being managed by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that is codenamed Grill Flame. It has been described thus: “The…researchers, in rivalry with their Soviet counterparts, were attempting nothing less than the development of the perfect spies, human beings who, undetectably and at almost zero cost, could spy upon the most remote, sensitive, and heavily guarded locations.” 34

Joseph McMoneagle worked at Fort Meade and he was one of the government’s better remote viewers. He was also a consultant for the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) remote viewing labs (where OT VII Ingo Swann trains government remote viewers). McMoneagle executed more than 200 missions.

It’s all one hell of a show – ain’t it?

vincent - now thats what i like to see

They can’t do shit, and they know it.


However, there were a few dangerously “uncontrolled” public persons here and there who happened to be within Scientology, who had actually begun manifesting skills which the Slavemasters did not want to see the average person develop. (Especially if THEY couldn’t do it themselves.) The Slavemasters hadn’t expected this to actually happen, and although, of course, this was NOT BECAUSE OF Scientology, still – it rattled them.

They were concerned.I did not - wait - how do you know that

But behind the scenes, it was more like the characters in Independence Day – having a fit and a big argument, with one of them saying “It can’t be ALLOWED!”.

And so, they decided Scientology needed a re-working. A lowering of expectations, if you will. It was time to shift Scientology’s advanced levels away from focusing on “thetan abilities” and replace that with the “happy human” with a great job, nice teeth, and a fat bank account as the new role model.

Oh, isn’t it wonderful? Says Dorothy…

oh isn't it WONDERFUL.

Happy, maybe, but more importantly?


life with blinders on

Accordingly, the Church’s propaganda rag, Advance! magazine, (issue 53, July/August 1978) shifted its focus and used Ingo Swann (and his celebrity) to do it.

Advance 53 OTS in action Ingo swann 1978

Advance 53 OTS in action Ingo swann 1978 - 2

.Advance 53 OTS in action Ingo swann 1978 - 3

In September 1978
, Hubbard had another pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the artery to the lungs. Kima Douglas fed him a huge dose of his pills. He drifted into a coma. Scientologist medical doctor Eugene Denk was rushed from Los Angeles, to relieve her.

David Mayo was also sent to audit Hubbard. The procedures developed by Mayo are known as New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans (NED for OTs, or NOTs). 7

19 September 1978 – The original OT levels that had exteriorization drills and placing a thought in other people, are replaced with NOTs. Then all of the OT levels only deal with Body Thetans and nothing else. The last level (OT 8) is where you unite with god.

Summer 1980 – I, Mike McClaughry, was the Security Officer at the United States Guardian’s Office in Los Angeles. Major Bruce Rothwell was attempting to gain approval to go on the Scientology upper levels. I had several interviews with Rothwell.

Rothwell told me that the United States intelligence community considered Scientology to be a national security threat, because people who could exteriorize might spy on the government and military. Rothwell also said that the experiments at SRI wherein Ingo Swann affected a magnetic field with his thought, was alarming. Rothwell said that the guidance system for a nuclear missile is a magnetic field. Such people might affect the path of a nuclear missile.

Sounds like a great shore story to me!


Be Quiet. I’m tuning into the waves right now…

I'm tuning into the waves - be quiet

Army Mobility Equipment Command (Fort Belvoir, VA, United States)

Published: June 1, 1980

NASA Subject Category: Life Sciences


A decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create the perception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwaves. When people are illuminated with properly modulated low power microwaves the sensation is reported as a buzzing, clicking, or hissing which seems to originate within or just behind the head. By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created.

Kind of like having an evil gnome in your head that says things to you.

evil nome in your head

Today, the ability to remotely transmit microwave voices inside a target’s head is known inside the Pentagon as “Synthetic Telepathy.” According to Dr. Robert Becker, “Synthetic Telepathy has applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with voices or deliver undetected instructions to a programmed assassin.”

Silent (converted-to-voice FM) hypnosis can be transmitted using a voice frequency modulator to generate the “voice.” It is a steady tone, near the high end of hearing range (15,000 Hz), plus a hypnotist’s voice, varying from 300 – 4,000 Hz. These two signals are frequency modulated. The output now appears as a steady tone, like tinnitus, but with hypnosis embedded. The FM-voice controls the timing of the transmitter’s pulse.

The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), sometimes called “S-quad” or “Squad”. It was developed by Dr Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia, and is described in US Patent #5,159,703, “Silent Subliminal Presentation System”, dated October 27, 1992. The abstract for the patent reads:

A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio-frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude- or frequency-modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain… The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.

According to literature by Silent Sounds, Inc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyze human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these “emotion signature clusters” on another computer and, at will, “silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being”.

The system was used throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully.

Dr Michael Persinger is a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada. His work and findings indicate that strong electromagnetic fields can and will affect a person’s brain.

Temporal lobe stimulation can evoke the feeling of a presence, disorientation, and perceptual irregularities. It can activate images stored in the subject’s memory, including nightmares and monsters that are normally suppressed.

Brain entrainment:
This involves moods and sleep states. The low frequency electrical brain rhythms are characteristics of various moods and states of sleep. These moods and sleep states can be generated or at least encouraged using brain entrainment devices.

Brain entrainment signals cannot carry voice, which is a much higher frequency range. Brain entrainment can, however, be used to “set up” a target to make him/her more susceptible to hypnosis. 35


Brian Kohn’s Project:

Agency: AF Field

Contract Number: F41624-93-C-9013

Award Start Date: 17 May 93

Award Completion Date: 17 December 93

Proposal Title: Communicating Via the Microwave Auditory Effect

Principal Investigator Name: Brian Kohn

Firm: Science & Engineering Association Albuquerque, New Mexico

Microwave Hearing RF Hearing


In this research program, we plan to investigate a revolutionary new form of communication based on the microwave auditory effect. The study found that voice communications, via the microwave auditory effect, are highly feasible.

engraved skull angela palmer

1993 High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

HAARP zaps the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an ionospheric heater. The ionosphere is the electrically charged sphere surrounding Earth’s upper atmosphere.

HAARP is a series of connected antennas that send out signals instead of receiving. It is a superpowerful radio-wave beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas.

Remember Eldon Byrd’s 1980-1983 project here – which had already proven that ELF could be used to induce sleep and behavior altering chemical releases from the brain.

HAARP in Alaska

Haarp array

Twelve patents are the backbone of the HAARP project.

There are patents that are a wireless system for sending electrical power. They could beam electrical power, without wires, from a powerhouse to the consumer. This was technology developed by Nikola Tesla. It could be used to provide free electricty to operate electric cars and provide free electricty to every home. Rather than doing that, they use it for military purposes.

HAARP has military uses. Electromagnetic fields can be used as a biological warfare weapon. They can be used to disrupt mental processes. Further, it has the ability to spray large areas of Earth with electromagnetic waves. The signal is transmitted from HAARP to a satellite, then the satellite focuses the beam on targeted areas of the earth.

U.S. Air Force documents revealed that a system has been developed for manipulating and disrupting human mental processes through pulsed radio-frequency radiation over large geographical areas.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to the President, wrote about the use of electromagnetic technology. A system could be developed that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions. The document even tells the frequency ranges where these effects could occur – the same ranges which HAARP is capable of broadcasting.

A U.S. Air Force document states:

The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide-ranging. The electromagnetic systems can produce severe physiological disruption or perception distortion. The ability of individuals to function could be degraded to such a point that they would be combat-ineffective. Electromagnetic systems can provide coverage over large areas with a single system. 36

This is just shameful.


But maybe on the brighter side – as of June 2013, HAARP was sitting “closed”.

Alaska’s controversial HAARP facility closed — will it come back online?
Ben Anderson
Alaska Dispatch
July 22, 2013

Alaska’s High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has drawn its fair share of conspiracy theories over the years, as it sits in Gakona, an array of antennas intended to heat the Earth’s ionosphere and study the effects. Fringe thinkers have tenuously linked HAARP to everything from the 2011 Japanese Earthquake to mind control and hurricanes.

But if there are no major earthquakes or bizarre global weather events in the coming weeks or months, the folks at HAARP may have some explaining to do — the facility has apparently been shuttered since June, the power turned off as HAARP waits for a hoped-for change in contractors to operate the facility.

HAARP is a government-owned facility, primarily overseen by the U.S. Air Force, though the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funds a number of grant projects there. The project was previously managed by the Air Force Research Laboratory at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts, but is currently overseen by a research unit at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M. after the Hanscom unit was moved in 2011.

* * *

Intel Corporation was awarded a five-year contract in 1994, to develop a chip that would be linked to a global computer, using the excuse that all financial transactions had to be registered at the new world central bank. The computer would know everything there is to know about us at all times and would be able to send messages the other way, from the computer to us, feeding us messages and programming our consciousnesses. Robots would be exactly the word. 11

Dr. Jose Delgado said that the day would come when brain control could be turned over to non-human operators, by establishing two-way communication between the implanted brain and a computer.

Slavemaster experiments – “this is not a good look for me.”

slavemaster experiments - this is not a good look for me
Nature Magazine – January 22, 1998 –

Neuroscience is being increasingly recognized as posing a potential threat to human rights. This was one of the conclusions to emerge from the annual meeting of the French national bioethics committee held last week in Paris.

Denis Le Bihan, a researcher at the French Atomic Energy Commission, told the meeting that the use of imaging techniques has reached the stage where “we can almost read people’s thoughts”.

Advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense. Although the equipment needed is highly specialized, it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance. That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behaviour and brainwashing. It constitutes “a serious risk to society”.

In comic book parlance, it’s the Slavemasters version of “six-feet under”.

batman arch enemies

NEXUS magazine October/November 1998 –

Military Use of Mind Control Weapons

For years… the United States Department of Defense has been engaged in research and development of ultra-sophisticated mind-altering technology.

The March 23, 1991 newsbrief …describes a US Psychological Operations (PsyOps) tactic directed against Iraqi troops in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm …utilizing ‘silent sound’ techniques.

Subliminally, a much more powerful technology was at work: a sophisticated electronic system to ‘speak’ directly to the mind of the listener, to alter and entrain his brainwaves, …and artificially implant negative emotional states- feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness. This subliminal system doesn’t just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it; it implants that emotion in their minds.

The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), sometimes called “S-quad” or “Squad”.

By using these computer-enhanced EEGs, scientists can identify and isolate the brain’s low-amplitude “emotion signature clusters”, synthesise them and store them on another computer. In other words, by studying the subtle characteristic brainwave patterns that occur when a subject experiences a particular emotion, scientists have been able to identify the concomitant brainwave pattern and can now duplicate it. “These clusters are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being!”


May 1999 Albuquerque Journal –

Governor Gary Johnson has hopes that rapidly advancing computer technology someday could help solve the problem of New Mexico’s overcrowded prisons. Much to the dismay of inmate lawyers, Johnson at a private meeting in May 1999 raised the possibility that a futuristic form of incarceration could include implanting microchips in convicted felons.

Cubra told the legislative committee Aug. 18 in Albuquerque, “What the governor literally said … was, he took his index finger and thumb and held them about a half an inch apart and he said ‘We are this close to the time when we will have microchips avialable’ and then he took his left hand, took it to his temple and said ‘and we can insert the microchips into people’s brains and control their behavior that way 37

Electronic implants can receive instructions from radio signals, passing them to the brain, and can be used to read brain activity at a distance.

Nothing like being bombarded with an electrical storm to start your day off right.

mental masturbation

Journal of Neuroscience, September 1999 issue –

A Cat’s Eye Marvel – by Leander Kahney

In a dramatic demonstration of mind reading, neuroscientists have created videos of what a cat sees by using electrodes implanted in the animal’s brain. Garrett Stanley of Harvard, and Fei Li and Yang Dan of the University of California, Berkeley, were able to reconstruct in startling detail scenes flashed before a cat’s eyes.

The reconstructed scenes clearly demonstrate the scientist’s ability to decode the language of the cat’s visual system. By understanding the language of the brain, scientists will be able to create devices that talk to it.

I shall take it myself
NEXUS Magazine, October-November 1999 –

Aerial Mind-Control – The Threat to Civil Liberties by Judy Wall

USAF Commando Solo: Aerial Mind Control Broadcasts

The United States Air Force uses aerial mind-control broadcasts against civilian population as well as enemy troops. Some of these actions against civilians are done with the intent of influencing public opinion and the outcome of elections.

In a previous article, we examined mind-control technology, especially that utilizing Silent Sound, in which radio-frequency broadcasts carry subliminal patterns that entrain the listener’s brainwaves into a pre-selected emotional state. This technology was used during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, as part of the US Psychological Operations (PsyOps) directed against Iraqi troops.

To the Desert Storm offensive we can now add several other incidents. Alex Horvat, editor of The Probe, calls to our attention the 1998 video, Exotic Weapons of Mass Control, produced by Bob Fletcher.

“The excerpt played on Fletcher’s video is from TLC (The Learning Channel) and clearly states that Commando Solo was used in Haiti for what was called Operation Uphold Democracy. As the general populace was violently opposed to Aristide and most in favor of his ouster, it took nearly a year of this clandestine counter-programming to get them to change their minds.

Instead of butchering a population physically, we can now manipulate them mentally, virtually enslaving their thoughts with a criss-cross pattern of flights by an EC-130 (which is just a C-130 heavily laden with electronic hardware.)

We were not at war with the citizens of Haiti, yet the U.S. Government directed military weapons against this friendly civilian population. The U.S. Government sanctioned the “rigging” of the Haitian election by mental control of the people, programming them to cast their votes for the Americans’ favored candidate. And they had the nerve to call it “Operation Uphold Democracy”.

The rationale is always the same: “to make the world safe for democracy.” Yet what is democracy if not freedom? Freedom to think your own thoughts; freedom to express your own opinions; freedom to vote for the candidate of your own choice.

Fletcher’s video also mentions that the same technology was used against the Bosnia population for a week to influence their election. This was probably done during Operation Joint Guard in 1995.

The questions arise: If they have used mind-control broadcasts against foreign civilian populations to influence elections, will they use them against American citizens, or have they already?

Just what is this EC-130E Commando Solo? The United States Air Force has helpfully published a fact sheet… cost is more than 100 million each and there are eight in the inventory. Its primary function is “Psychological operations broadcasts”.

According to the fact sheet:

“Commando Solo conducts psychological operations and civil affairs broadcast missions in the standard AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands. Missions are flown at maximum altitudes possible to ensure optimum propagation patterns. A typical mission consists of a single ship orbit which is offset from the desired target audience. The targets may be either military or civilian personnel. “

Air National Guard EC-130 aircraft flown by the 193rd Special Operations Group were deployed to both Saudi Arabia and Turkey in support of Desert Storm.

Volant Solo, as the mission is now known, was instrumental in the success of coordinated psychological operations in Operation Just Cause. Operation Just Cause? this is another propaganda name, applied to the U.S. invasion of Panama to take out that country’s leader, General Noreiga, the CIA’s erstwhile partner in drug smuggling.

Military Psyops Against Civilians

In a phone call to the USAF Special Operations Command Public Affairs Office, I questioned the legitimacy of using these subliminal broadcasts against civilian populations. I was told that it was all perfectly legal, having been approved by the U.S. Congress! It may be okay by Congress, but I sincerely doubt that it would be approved by the recipient populations.

That conversation also elicited more information concerning the Commando Solo units. For instance, the Air National Guard of the individual states in the U.S. can also operate Commando Solo aircraft, should the Governor of a state request assistance. That means the PsyOps mind-control technology can be directed against U.S. citizens.

The Commando Solo aircraft have participated in the following missions:

– Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada, Oct-Nov 1983, Jan-Jun 1985)
– Operation Just Cause (Panama, late December 1989)
– Operation Desert Shield (Kuwait, Iraq, from August 1990)
– Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, 1991)
– Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti, 1994-1995)
– Operation Joint Guard (Part of a UN oepration in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1995)
– Operation Desert Thunder (part of a UN operation in Iraq)
– Operation Desert Fox (Iraq, 2 to 3 days in December 1998)

I searched through my copy of Jane’s Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems 1993/94.
…the book was informative as to the numerous types of electronic offence and defence systems available.

These include stationary and mobile land units (many housed in large trucks), shipboard and airborne models as well as space-based technology. If the military is spending US $100 million per airborne unit I think it is safe to assume that they have tried out mind control equipment with less expensive, roving land units (trucks), but use the airplanes to cover wider areas and hard-to-reach locations of the world.

And I might add, we can assume that they have tried out the efficacy of this mind-control technology. Even the US military would not waste $800 million on something unless it has been proven to work, and work effectively, even under the adverse situation of military combat.

The initial research into mind control in the USA was conducted under the auspices of the CIA. The flagrant abuse of human rights in experimenting on unsuspecting persons was based on the supposition that the veracity of experiments would be compromised if a subject knew that he was participating in an experiment. In the case of mind-control technology, this supposition might very well be true. But that does not justify its use…

Manipulating Mind And Body By Satellite

The next logical step in mind control would be to incorporate this technology into satellite communications. Since other countries are known to have similar capabilities, there could occur a situation in which electronic mind control warfare is waged against a civilian population, receiving conflicting mental manipulation from both sides. What would be the mental state of individuals so targetted? Would it cause a rise in mental aberrations and “schizophrenia”? And what are the limits of mind manipulations? Can people be forced to commit suicide? Can physical ailments or psychosomatic illnesses be induced?

It is not a far step from manipulating a person’s emotional state to influencing bodily functions. Indeed, much of the literature on documenting microwave effects on biological systems deals with precisely this phenomenon. In fact, studies of the physical effects of microwave exposure (including radio frequencies) generally preceeded studies of mental effects.

A meeting sponsored by Defense & Foreign Affairs and the International Strategic Studies Association was held in Washington DC in 1983. High-level officials from many countries met for this conference. They discussed psychological strategies related to government and policymaking. A summary of the agenda reads:
“The group will be discussing the essence of future policymaking, for it must be increasingly clear to all that the most effective tool of government and strategy is the mind. If it’s any consolation to the weapons-oriented among defense policymakers, the new technologies of communications – satellites, television, radio, and mind-control beams – are ‘systems’ which are more tangible than the more philosophically based psychological strategies and operations. “

“But we should make no mistake; it will be the ‘psychologically based’ systems which determine the world’s fate in coming years: the condition of the minds of populations and leaders. And we should not ignore the fact that the USSR [this was in 1983] is working on electronic systems to ‘beam’ messages directly into the brain. What good, then, are conventional systems if these types of weapons are not countered?”

Mind Control Against ‘Potential’ Enemies

On July 21, 1994, the US Department of Defense proposed that non-lethal weapons be used not only against declared enemies, but against anyone engaged in activities that the DOD opposed. That could include almost anybody and anything. Note that the mind-control technology is classified under non-lethal weapons.

A 1998 news item states that US Air Force General John Jumper “predicts that the military will have the tools to make potential enemies see, hear, and believe things that do not exist” and that “The same idea was contained in a 15-volume study by the USAF Scientific Advisory Board, issued in 1996, on how to maintain US air and space superiority on the battlefields of the 21st century”.

It seems that, in miltary parlance, a “prediction” means: “Don’t be surprised when you find out we’ve already got this, but it’s classified and we can’t admit to it just yet.”

Notice that General Jumper predicts that mind control technology will be used against potential enemies. The military and government agencies may apply this term to any group or individual they perceive as a threat to their own interests. Potential enemies may be counter-culture individuals, those of opposing political viewpoints, economic or financial competitors, biological undesirables, etc. It is part of the military agenda to identify potential threats so as to be prepared to meet them. Experience has shown that the US Government (the CIA and FBI, for example) has moved against these people or groups, slandering, harassing, even killing them, without adequate cause or legal sanction.

A weapon that can be used in secret lends itself to abuse by unethical individuals in positions of power. The military and secret services have shown themselves often to be lacking in ethical constraints. After all, the job of the military is war; it is killing people; and so, just how this is accomplished may be considered irrelevant.

Of course, it can be argued that it is far more humane to brainwash a person via mind control technology than it is to torture or kill them. Others vehemently deny this. They’d rather be dead than a mental slave to Big Brother!

The HAARP facility could be used to broadcast global mind-control messages.

A Worldwide Mind Control Mission

To return to the USAF Fact Sheet, it concludes: “In 1990 the EC-130 joined the newly formed Air Force Special Operations Command and has since been designated Commando Solo, with no change in mission. This one of a kind aircraft is consistently improving its capabilities. The next few years should see continued enhancements to the EC-130 and its worldwide mission.”

* * *


World’s First Satellite-Tracked Human Implant Device, 12-17-99 –

Palm Beach, Florida – Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. announced that it has acquired the patent rights to a miniature digital transceiver – which it has named “Digital Angel”.

The implantable transceiver sends and receives data and can be continuously tracked by GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology. When implanted within a body, the device is powered electromechanically through the movement of muscles, and it can be activated either by the “wearer” or by the monitoring facility.

* * *


Government to Fund Synthetic Telepathy Research by Laura Spadanuta 08/19/2008 –

The University of California has received a $4 million grant to study synthetic telepathy.

The brain-computer interface would use a noninvasive brain imaging technology like electroencephalography to let people communicate thoughts to each other.

For example, a soldier would “think” a message to be transmitted and a computer-based speech recognition system would decode the EEG signals. The decoded thoughts, in essence translated brain waves, are transmitted using a system that points in the direction of the intended target.

* * *


The Church of Scientology assists in covering up the use of cruel mind control weapons.

On October 26, 2011 a Scientology spokesperson issued the following statement to

In short, the petition to investigate Scientology should be taken as seriously as the petition to “form a presidential commission to investigate the covert use of mind control technologies on American citizens.”

Could the spokesperson have made it any more obvious what camp Scientology has in?

Scientology to Slavemaster - Money Flow Chart

* * *

In 2013 President Obama announced funding for a research project into brain mapping.

In simple terms, they are trying to perfect a machine to read people’s thoughts – so they can find out who has thoughts against the New World Order. The machine will also be able to send non-verbal thoughts to people – so they can covertly manipulate their ideas.

A very recent New York Times article –

President Obama on Tuesday will announce a broad new research initiative, starting with $100 million in 2014, to invent and refine new technologies to understand the human brain, senior administration officials said Monday.

…it is directed at a problem that has seemed insoluble up to now: the recording and mapping of brain circuits in action in an effort to “show how millions of brain cells interact.”

…Three government agencies will be involved: the National Institutes of Health, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Science Foundation.

At the DARPA website they explain their involvement…

To help keep the country safe…

New tools are needed to measure and analyze electrical signals and the biomolecular dynamics underpinning brain function.

DARPA’s planned investment includes new programs to address …ongoing efforts designed to advance fundamental understanding of the brain’s dynamics… and analyze large data sets (Detection and Computational Analysis of Psychological Signals).

Those are some fancy words to say
they want to read people’s thoughts.

mind-cracking bus

This is all part of the whole Synthetic Telepathy camp, excerpts from that article:

Another planned new program is Silent Talk, to develop the capability to communicate without speaking by recognizing the neural signals for specific words. The brain generates word-specific signals prior to sending electrical impulses to the vocal chords, according to Darpa.

The plan is to recognize these “intended speech” signals using electroencephalography (EEG) and translate them into words, allowing covert communications. Initially Darpa wants to identify EEG patterns unique to 100 words commonly used by warfighters.

An article on the brain mapping project appeared in the March 2013 Esquire magazine, Prison Planet by Luke Dittrich.

Luke Dittrich highlighted the president’s plan to map the mind. In his research, Dittrich uncovered a paper by a few of the scientists involved in the BRAIN Initiative that reveals a more sinister aspect of the government’s quest to understand the mind.

The paper entitled The Brain Activity Map Project and the Challenge of Functional Connectomics  (PDF here) — includes predictions of the development of “techniques for wireless, noninvasive readout of the activity of neuronal populations.” In simpler terms, this research would allow those in control of the discoveries gleaned from this program to wirelessly access and control the brains of target populations.

Did you say machines can make me read minds2

What they are saying is they want to design a machine to read people’s thoughts and to send thoughts to people.

Winning The “War”

The slavemasters view and treat others as their enemy, that needs to be dominated and controlled by them. The reality of humans at this time is largely an engineered reality. Humans are subjected to a daily bombardment of propaganda and vicious false ideas.

Just because an idea shows up to you, does not automatically mean it is your idea. When you accept every idea as your own, without differentiating as to whether you actually thought it or whether it could have any other source, you could be assisting the slavemasters in their quest to control what you feel, think, and do.

The amount of covert manipulation you are subjected to in your daily living is amazing.

You sit down to watch a movie, to watch a television show, listen to music, read a book, or to play a video game, and you think you are simply engaging in some entertainment. No, you are under attack, subjected to a barrage of false ideas, to modify your behavior – to mold you into a subservient “good” person with the reality the slavemasters want you to have.

The slavemasters do not have to do all of the work to propagate their propaganda. Once they have originated a false idea, the people who accepted it then work for them to help spread the idea to others.

When you have accepted a false idea, you no longer perceive that you are under attack. Thereafter, whenever you hear the false idea, you think all is normal and as it should be.

There are a tremendous number of lies that have been put into circulation by the sicko slavemasters.

  • The US government conducts wars to make the world safe for democracy.
  • The US government is working to put a stop to drug trafficking.

Lots of people believe these (or rather want to believe them.

Public relations and psychotronics are weapons for covertly manipulating people.

The war for the minds of men – is a war. And the means used to win it are weapons.

Truth, love, freedom, friendship, adventure, fun, etc. – these things do exist. And there are people who live that way. The slavemaster-induced reality is not the only reality, life can be different. You can give in to their behavior modification or you can remain you.

The “war” is won by You being You.


The Genuine Article

In the movie Leap of Faith, Steve Martin plays the character Jonas. Jonas is a con man running a religious show wherein they do spiritual healings, which appear that way to the audience but they are actually fake. Boyd is another character in the movie who was a kid on crutches. Boyd discarded his crutches at the religious show, but not due to anything done by Jonas. After the show is over, Jonas and Boyd then have a private conversation.

(Jonas) Look, I run a show here. It’s a lot of smoke and noise and it’s strictly for the suckers. I’ve been pulling one kinda scam or another since I was your age, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to spot the genuine article. Because that’s what you gotta watch out for. Not the cops. You can always get around the cops. But the one thing you can never ever get around is the genuine article – and you kid, are the genuine article.

(Boyd) Are you saying you think you’re a fake?

(Jonas) I know I’m a fake.

(Boyd) Well, what difference does it make if you get the job done?

(Jonas) Kid, it makes all the difference in the world.

Nothing is more terrifying to the slavemasters nor more bitterly fought by them, than…

The Genuine Article

They are the slavemaster’s nemesis.


Hundreds of years of slavemaster work to build their smoke and mirror show…


can be quickly destroyed by the appearance of the genuine article…





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PDF – MKULTRA subproject 43 documents  – found in Black Vault CD#4, folder 17441 originally –
this is Dr. Louis Jolyon West subproject.

This document shows the CIA paid West $20,800.00 for MK Ultra subproject 43.

The proposal submitted by West was titled “Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestability” with an accompanying document titled “Studies of Dissociative States”.

Some quotes from West’s proposal –

Preliminary clinical research during 1955-56 has yielded promising leads in terms of knowledge of how hypnotizability can be influenced by pharmacological means. Several drugs have been identified that apparently are effective in speeding the induction of the hypnotic state, and in deepening the trance that can be produced in given subjects.

Experiments involving altered personality function as a result of environmental manipulation (chiefly sensory isolation) have yielded promising leads in terms of suggestibility and the production of trance-like states. There is reason to believe that environmental manipulations can affect the tendencies for dissociative phenomena to occur. Isolation, in particular, can markedly change the individual’s response to suggestion in the form of verbal communication.

It is proposed that new experiments utilizing special environmental manipulations, including sensory isolation, be begun with a view toward determining the ways in which the results of psychophysiological alterations can be quantified, and the ways in which these altered-states can be utilized in the production of increased influenceability in normal subjects.

Current experiments have definitely established a number of ways in which hypnotic suggestions can bring about states of marked psychological stress in suitable subjects, with resultant changes in neurophysiolosical and neuro-endocrinological function.

72. Jolly West planned to have a Center for the Reduction of Violence where he would use behavior modification on young children “before they got a chance to become a criminal”.

Senator Sam Ervin was investigating abuses of human rights, and there is quite a publication that came out of it, that had this document as one of its items –  (found at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives).

The first thing that happened in 1972, is that Dr. William Sweet tried to convince Congress of the need for “special units for study of violent behavior.” Starting on page 217 of the Individual Rights PDF is the Testimony of William H. Sweet, Chief of Massachusetts General before the Senate Labor-HEW Appropriations Hearings May 28, 1972.

The House and Senate Appropriations Committees for the 2nd Session of the 91st Congress agreed that a study of the causes of violent behavior leading to the critical injury or death of others should be funded by an appropriation of $500,000 for the first year operations.

This research has sought (1) to identify those with physical brain disease who are likely to be dangerously assaultive and (2) to develop medical and psychiatric means to help people to refrain from undertaking senseless violence.

In appropriate cases we have applied specific surgical diagnosis and therapy when there is unequivocal evidence of focal brain disease.

Two patients, after prolonged trials of psychotherapy, psychotrophic drugs, ataractics, anti-convulsant medication and other forms of medical management, did not have either their seizures or episodic behavior disturbance controlled and they had the implantation of amygdala electrodes, that is electrodes were placed into the… temporal lobe of their brains for recording, stimulation and eventual lesion-making.

The money would be allocated to several of the interested centers qualified for the research…

This testimony is being presented in behalf of the Neuropsychiatric Institutes of the University of California at Los Angeles – under the direction of Professor Louis Jolyon West

Dr Sweet: This has to do with special units for the study of violent behavior, methods of determining which individuals may be becoming dangerous to society. Means of identifying them and treating them.

The next thing that happened was that on September 1, 1972, Jolly West submitted a proposal for one of these ‘special units’ to be in California at an abandoned Nike missile base. (see PDF)

West proposal starting on page 334 –

The relationship of brain function to indiscriminately aggressive and impulsively violent behavior seen in hyperkinetic children

It is even possible to record biolectrical changes in the brains of freely moving subjects, through the use of remote monitoring techniques.

A telemetric system consists of small electronic devices attached to a subject that transmit via radio waves information regarding the location and physiological state of the wearer. A telemetry system provides a method whereby phenomena may be measured or controlled at a distance from where they occur- IE: remotely (Grisamore, 1965). It also provides long-range, day-to-day, continuous observation and control of the monitored subject, since the data can be fed into a computer which can act as both an observer and a controller.

…Schwitzgebel (1967a, b; Note: Harvard Law Review, 1966) at Harvard has been experimenting with a small portable transmitter, called a Behavior Transmitter-Reinforcer (BT-R) which is small enough to be carried on a belt…

An examination of published research in electrical stimulation of the brain suggests two crude methods of controlling human behavior:
by “blocking” of the response, through the production of fear, anxiety, disorientation, loss of memory and purpose, and even, if need be, by loss of consciousness
through conditioning behavior by the manipulation of rewarding and aversive stimuli…

…when one begins to implant endoradiosondes subcutaneously or to control actions through electrical stimulation of the brain, one runs into a particularly troublesome objection, which is often included within the scope of “privacy,” although perhaps it should be separately named as the “human dignity” or “sacred vessel of the spirit” argument.

Any system which allows him the freedom of the open community, which maintains an unobtrusive surveillance and which intervenes only rarely to block or frustrate his activities can surely appear as a vast improvement in his situation.

Studies of abnormal electrical activities within the brain, involving various brain diseases and brain lesions, will be carried out in the neurological and physiological laboratories to clarify their relationship to various types of violent behavior.

The subjects of such studies will include hyperkinetic children

West is talking about incorporating the ideas from The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior and Its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Parole which is Item VI.D.3 starting on page 609 of the PDF.

On page 644 –

We need to find the stimulus to which the subject responds. We also need to find out how he thinks covertly and to change how he thinks.

We need to dope up many of these men in order to calm them down to the point that they are accessible to treatment.

Those who can’t be controlled by drugs are candidates for the implantation of subcortical electrodes (electrodes plunged deep into the brain].

The next thing to happen was that William Sargant hops a plane from London to California to meet up with Dr. West. Together they drove out to a former Nike missile site in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was the location that West and Sargant thought would be good for their proposed treatment center.

Sargant said, “It was accessible but remote. Securely fenced, it was ideal for Jolly’s purpose—a Center for the Prevention of Violence.”

West proposed that he and Sargant work together, using Sargant’s previous research into “the pharmacology of violence-producing and violence-inhibiting drugs”.

West wanted to use a vacated Nike Missile base for his Center for the Reduction of Violence.
On January 22, 1973 West wrote a proposal letter to J.M. Stubblebine, Director of Health in California.

Jolly West’s Center for Violence proposal, if it had succeeded, would have been funded through the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, which was a funding conduit for CIA mind control and behavior modification research.

On January 14, 1974, Senator Ervin squeezes LEAA head Mr. Santorelli about the West proposal –

The use of human subjects in biomedical and behavioral research raises several fundamental constitutional and ethical questions, and I believe LEAA must develop guidelines adequate to protect fully the constitutional rights of the subjects of LEAA-funded research in these areas.

Since last March a great deal of information pertaining to the UCLA Center has come to my attention. Much of this information indicates that programs are being contemplated for the Center that raise profound moral and constitutional questions, and it would be extremely desirable for LEAA to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the projects under consideration.

Santorelli was forced to back down and Jolly West did not get funding.


*You can also peruse a complete listing of available Scientology Roots chapters.