Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Eight – 2 War for the Minds of Men

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Inception of Advanced Mind Control

Research was done to develop even more covert and vicious methods of mind control.

The Body Electric – early history of neurology…


Luigi Galvani noticed the twitching that occurred when dead frog legs were touched by two different metals. Experimenting with frogs, he applied electric current to the nerves of a frog and observed the contractions of the muscles in their legs. In 1791, he published his work on electrical stimulation of frog nerves.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Galvani’s nephew, Giovanni Aldini, showed that electrical shocks to the brains of dead animals and dead people – could produce twitches in several parts of their bodies.

Giovanni Aldini
Giovanni Aldini

Decades later, other researchers continued this work more systematically, electrically shocking the brains of live animals to figure out which body parts were controlled by which spots on the brain.

Thomas Willis, an English physician and psychiatrist, described in detail the structure of the brain and the system of nerves in the body. He assigned the nerves a new role in the control of the body, and considered their study worthy of a new word, neurology.

The spirit did not move muscles by brute force but rather the nerves carried commands from the brain to the muscles. Today we know that nerves transmit electrical signals.

Thomas Willis
Thomas_Willis in 1667

Note: Willis also had quite a “God” complex towards how to properly act around psychiatric patients.

Over them he exercises something resembling sovereign authority…Penetrating eyes seem to read his heart and to divine his thoughts as soon as they come into being. – Thomas Willis 51


Josiah_Stickney_Lombard_MD_-_Harvard_Class_of_1863In 1867 while being the Assistant Professor of Physiology at Harvard, Dr. Josiah Stickney Lombard conducted an experiment* where he fastened to the head just above the occipital protuberance, two little bars, one made of bismuth, the other of an alloy of antimony and zinc, which were connected with a delicate galvonometer capable of measuring 1-4000th of a degree centigrade; to neutralize the result of a gradual rise of temperature over the whole body. By long practice it was ascertained that a mental torpor could be induced lasting for hours, in which the needle remained stationary. But when a person knocked on the door outside of the room, or a single word was spoken, even though the experimenter remained absolutely passive, the reception of the intelligence caused the needle to swing through twenty degrees. This proved that regardless of what the supposed physical “awareness level” supposedly was, there was an intelligence present in the realm of the body that did not miss anything even though “not conscious”. 50

Richard CatonIn the 1870s, Richard Caton, a British physiologist, began a series of experiments intended to measure the electrical output of the brains of living animals. He surgically exposed the brains of rabbits, dogs, and monkeys, and then used wires to connect their brains to an instrument that measured current. “The electrical currents of the gray matter appear to have a relation to its function,” he wrote in 1875, noting that different actions -chewing, blinking, or just looking at food – were each accompanied by electrical activity.

* * *

– The mentor of Sigmund Freud was psychiatrist Josef Breuer. Doctor Breuer was treating Bertha Pappenheim in the summer of 1880. She was a disturbed woman showing hysterical symptoms. He found that when she recalled a series of memories back to a traumatic memory, one of her many symptoms would disappear. They noticed that simply remembering the incident was insufficient to produce a cure, the emotions had to be experienced for the release of symptoms to take place.

josef-breuerBreuer drew two important conclusions from his work with Bertha: that her symptoms were the result of thoughts that were buried in her unconscious and that when these thoughts were spoken and became conscious, the symptoms disappeared.

Breuer called this catharsis, from the Greek word for cleansing. It was also called abreactive therapy and talking therapy.

Catharsis – The process of bringing repressed ideas and feelings into consciousness. The reliving of past traumatic experiences buried in the subconscious, to release the repressed emotions associated with it.

The theory of a subconscious mind was then promoted by Sigmund Freud and others in the mental field.

The flip side of Dr. Breuer’s therapy discovery – they thought they could cause insanity.

It was observed in hypnosis that you can install a command when the person is in a trance state. The command phrase could be “when I touch my tie you will bark like a dog”. When the person is brought out of the trance he might obey that covertly installed command. The hypnotist touches his tie and the person would start barking like a dog.

The same idea was thought to be true during moments of unconsciousness that were caused by pain, you could install commands that would be obeyed after the person resumed consciousness.

Almost no one cooperates with this, so most of the time it does not work. The person may get the idea to bark like a dog, but he can decide to reject the idea and not do it.

Regardless, the idea that you could implant a command below a person’s awareness and have him obey it, was appealing to the slavemasters. They researched it and tried to find a way to make it work. They used electroshock to cause pain, drugs to knock the person out, and made hypnotic command statements to the unconscious person.

That is Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis.


Pain Drugs and Hypnotic commands

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1882 – The traditional British spymaster family was the Cecil family. Arthur Balfour was a member of the Cecil family. He created the Society for Psychical Research in 1882. It was the scientific study of mental and spiritual phenomena. These people are the first Scientologists. Scientology has always been under the thumb of the Cecil family – British intelligence. Sigmund Freud became a member of the Society for Psychical Research.

1891 – Cecil Rhodes forms a secret society to bring the entire world under British rule. It is called the Round Table. Arthur Balfour joins the Round Table, making the Cecil family the driving force behind the Round Table. The British plan to rule the world came to be called the New World Order.

The British Grand Plan to rule the world is to form a World government, led by Britain. In the end, individual countries or nations would be eliminated, bringing the entire world under British rule.

The British slavemasters have the idea that everyone in the world should be their subjects, under their rule.

Most people in the world do not have the idea that they should be subjects under the British nobility.

This is what the War for the Minds of Men is all about.

The British slavemasters have declared war on the rest of humanity. They have been using various devious methods in an effort to make people accept the idea that they should be British subjects under rule of the British nobility.

* * *

1898 – Dr. George Calvin Pitzer authors a book on hypnotism therapy –

…the hypnotic condition is not one of subjugation. It is a self-induced condition; a condition into which the subject consents to enter.

Without the co-operation of a subject we cannot hypnotize him.

Hypnotism never weakens the will…

…the subject never loses his moral sense, no matter how often he may be hypnotised.

Hypnotism does not change the fundamental principles of a subject’s education, and, while in hypnosis, right will still be right to him, and wrong will be wrong to him, no matter how deeply he may be hypnotized.

There is no such a thing as compelling or persuading people to perpetrate wicked deeds or submit to outrages while in hypnotic conditions, which they could not be induced to do or submit to in the waking state.

Good people may consent, in hypnosis, to the performance of many amusing things, but they never lose their moral sense…

This is evidenced by the fact that if we attempt, by suggestion, to induce a hypnotic subject to perform any act in violation of the settled principles of his life, he positively refuses to do it; he sometimes remains quiet, but if urged too much he will promptly wake up.

We cannot extract a secret from a hypnotic subject.


1903 – Frederick Myers was a member of the Society for Psychical Research.
He authors a book – The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death.

This is what he said about hypnosis –

The success of suggestion depends, not on the suggestion itself, but on conditions inherent in the subject. These are (1) willingness to accept and carry out the suggestion, and (2) the power to do so.

… the hypnotiser can plainly do nothing by his word of command beyond starting a train of thought which the patient has in most cases started many times for himself…

We cannot predict when the result will occur; still less can we bring it about at pleasure.

* * *

Carl JungC.G. Jung observed the body’s ability to reveal the unconscious mind. In 1904 Jung reported his experiments with recordings of the skin’s electrical activity, while conducting psychological interviews. Using a galvanometer, he found the electrical activity in the skin changed dramatically when he asked questions that penetrated the hidden emotions of his patients. He is reported to have exclaimed “Aha, a looking glass into the unconscious!” (Forerunner of the Scientology e-meter)

* * *

World War I was from 1914 to 1919. John Rawlings Rees and other psychiatrists in the British Army use abreactive therapy to treat soldiers with “battle neurosis”.

1920 – Tavistock Clinic is formed. John Rawlings Rees and his psych pals from the British Army join the Tavistock Clinic where they practice abreactive therapy (later called Dianetics) on soldiers and civilians. Rees is an agent for British intelligence and the New World Order. The subject of psychiatry and abreactive therapy comes under the thumb of the Cecil family and British intelligence.

The subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were tied together during their earliest days and both subjects have remained under the thumb of the Cecil family and British intelligence.

In 1929 German psychiatrist Hans Berger first measured and recorded the electrical activity of human brains. He coined the word electroencephalogram for his technique.


Berger’s electroencephalograms (EEGs) represented the brain’s electrical activity as complicated lines on a graph. He believed that certain recurring wave patterns with discernible shapes – which he called alpha waves, beta waves, and delta waves, could be linked to specific mental states or activities. The EEG was called a “brain-wave writer.”

berger_patientThe EEG is not mind-reading. The waves of the EEG do not actually represent thoughts; they represent a sort of jumbled total of many different activities of many different neurons. No one is quite certain as to what the EEG actually measures.

Researchers have been able to go beyond the old system of alpha, beta, and delta waves to pick out more subtle spikes, dips, and bumps on the EEG that can be linked to action, reaction, or expectation.

While EEG provides a kind of confused, collective sense of the brain’s electrical activity, there is a more direct way to tap into the brain: stick an electrode into it. This allows not only for the measurement of electrical activity in parts of the brain, but also for the direct electrical stimulation of the brain.

         Walter Rudolph Hess

Dr. Walter Rudolph Hess, a Swiss physiologist, experimented with conscious animals, by applying small electric stimuli to specific areas of the brain through fine needles. Starting in the 1920s, Hess implanted very fine wires into the brains of cats. After the cats awoke, he sent small currents down the wires. The stimulated areas caused reactions to occur in some part of the body.

He observed that stimulation of the animals’ brains affected their motions and moods. A good-natured cat turns bad-tempered; it starts to spit and attack.

Hess mapped out the various zones in the brain that control specific areas or functions in the body. In the 1930’s Hess was brought to the U.S. where he continued his research. 6

From this point in time, slavemaster research into advanced mind control will accelerate.

enslaverEnter the Soul-Suckers

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Development of Advanced Mind Control

The fundamental idea behind advanced mind control is the idea that you can implant a command phrase below the level of awareness of the person and they will then act on it.

ze patient he is cured

Implanting a command phrase can be done while the person is in a hypnotic trance or when they have been made unconscious by pain or drugs. They think it can also be done by addressing the command phrase to the person’s “subconscious mind”. The problem with this is that the person himself can decide not to go along with it. He may get the idea to “bark like a dog” but he can decide to reject the idea and not do it.

* * *

JohnRawlingsRees TavistockJohn Rawlings Rees worked for MI 6 (British intelligence) and was an agent for the New World Order. In 1934 John Rawlings Rees became Director of the Tavistock Clinic, where he is trying to figure out how to make soldiers into men who will kill other men, women and children. This is a problem for the slavemasters because people are naturally inclined to get along with each other in peace; they are not inclined to kill other people.

In war, people have been forced into killing other people that they have never met. You don’t know what kind of person your bullet is hitting – you could be shooting a very nice person, or the inventor of a vaccine. If you met these people in life, you would like them and not want to kill them. Most of the people on both sides of a military conflict are decent people who do not deserve to be killed.

Decent people on both sides of a war have been forced by their government to go out and kill other people that they never met and do not know. And the odds are that the people you killed, were decent people who did not deserve to die.

William Walters Sargant was a sadistic nutcase who pioneered the Pain-Drug-Hypnosis behavior modification technique. Sargant has some deep connections, starting with his mentor, Lord Moran, who was Winston Churchill’s personal physician. It was Moran who presumably gave Sargant his “in” with his later MI5 and MI6 connections.

Willim Walters Sargant Lord Moran
William Sargant                         Lord Moran

1934 – Sargant had a nervous breakdown and was committed to a mental hospital. He suffered from depression all his life, and treated himself with a variety of drugs. During this time, Lord Moran encouraged him to take up psychiatry.

Lord Moran, (Charles McMoran Wilson, 1st Baron Moran) as a mentor, sounds like an even more sadistic nutcase. Lord Moran had written a book after World War I called The Anatomy of Courage. He said the ‘problem’ with the majority of soldiers during WW I was they did not fire directly at the enemy to kill them, some even fired above their heads.

How utterly horrible – they didn’t want to kill people they didn’t know?


A strenuous propaganda campaign was put in place to label such soldiers as cowards in the minds of the public.

The average person was not a SADISTIC KILLER like the men who want these Wars. Now, we invent a “mental condition” called shell shock, or battle neurosis and go about doing horrific things to these men.

Lord Moran could be a double for the Dark Lord of the Sith
in the Star Wars saga, both in looks and in DEED.



In 1935 psycho-dog Sargant was offered a post by Edward Mapother at the Maudsley Hospital, where John Rawlings Rees was heavily connected through the Tavistock Clinic.

Maudsley HospitalMaudsley Hospital

Sargant worked in conjunction with John Rawlings Rees at the Tavistock Clinic, where Rees was trying to figure out how to MAKE MEN KILLERS. In a few years World War II would get started and Rees would go to work at Maudsley Hospital where he would practice his art of turning men into killers.

gordon thomas

Gordon Thomas was a British Broadcasting Corporation producer who was one of the first writers to gain access to CIA documents on MK ULTRA. Thomas also had several interviews with William Walters Sargant. Gordon Thomas wrote a book about what he learned Inside the Sleep Room.

Here are some passages from Inside the Sleep Room

When I was a BBC producer, Sargant had appeared on my television shows. … he told me about his work for MI5 and MI6

His early medical career was remarkable in the way he gathered to himself powerful men in medicine. Men like Lord Moran (Winston Churchill’s wartime physician) and Professor Edward Mapother. They guided him to the safe haven of Maudsley Hospital. It was there he began his serious research into what eventually became mind-control.

His early subjects were the victims of “acute battle neurosis.” [Note: in concert with Tavistock men] These were men who had simply cracked under the strain of a long war. But for Sargant they were ideal for his first steps into heavy sedation, drug-induced sleep, modified insulin treatment and barbiturate dosages.

Sargant had a vision, bordering on messianic zeal. He would lead psychiatry into a new world. His weapons would include epileptic-form convulsions, induced by the drug pentetrazol and electroshock; hypoglycemic coma, produced with insulin; psychosurgery and pre-frontal leukotomy. He outlined his methods in his book, Physical Methods of Treatment in Psychiatry. It became required reading for his growing number of medical disciples in Britain and America.

Using his highly placed connections to the American drug industry, Sargant’s arsenal of mind-altering drugs was unequalled in Britain. He was the first to treat – depending on the definition of “treatment”- patients with Thorazine, Stelazine and Mellaril; anti-depressants like Elavil and Tofranil; anti-manics like lithium carbonate. He gave them in combinations.

He scoured the psychiatric journals for news of new drugs. Sargant worked closely with Eli Lilly and Company, Hoffman-La Roche and Geigy. Other drug houses who regarded him with favor were Merck, Sharp and Dohme, Parke-Davis and Company, Smith Kline & French Laboratories, and Searle Laboratories.

From them came the drugs which did not free Sargant’s patients from their demons, anxieties and psychoses, but freed him to find more time to treat more patients. The drugs were no more than a means to control.

To give you an idea of what these psych drugs like Stelazine do to people, Mark Rathbun visited his brother Bruce in a psych hospital. This is his description of his visit…

…then one eye opened. [his brother Bruce] It was the most chilling moment of my life up to that point: he showed no recognition whatsoever. Zero. His eye was a pitch-black pit, no sparkle of life anywhere.

“What did you all do to him, shock him back to the stone ages?” I asked.

“No, Mark, he’s on Stelazine is all. For violent types it is considered necessary.”

“No, there is no drug that can do that – he’s gone, his lights are out. He didn’t even recognize me.”

“Well, Stelazine is pretty powerful. Some call it the chemical straitjacket.” 41

Most psych drugs are in a class called Phenothiazine. It is a synthetic compound that is used in veterinary medicine to treat parasitic infestations of animals. Any of a group of derivatives of this compound, used as tranquilizers.

Phenothiazine itself was introduced by DuPont as an insecticide in 1935.

Types of Phenothiazines and their trademarked brand names are as follows:

  • chlorpromazine (Thorazine)
  • fluphenazine (Duraclon and Prolixin)
  • mesoridazine (Serentil)
  • perphenazine (Etrafon and Trilafon)
  • prochlorperazine (Compazine)
  • promazine (Robinul and Anectine)
  • thioridazine (Mellaril)
  • trifluoperazine (Stelazine)
  • triflupromazine (Robinul)

Like Tavistock Clinic, Sargant combined abreactive therapy with Pain-Drug-Hypnosis therapy. The Maudsley Hospital become widely known, and successive groups of American officers were sent to Maudsley Hospital to be trained by William Sargant. 40

1937 – William Alanson White died. He was a Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University and the Director of Saint Elizabeths Hospital, which is a federal mental institution. White was a friend and a mentor to L. Ron Hubbard on the subject of the mind since 1930.

William Alanson White

Dr. Winfred Overholser was specifically chosen by the American Psychiatric Association to replace William Alanson White. Overholser then became Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University and the Director of Saint Elizabeths Hospital. Ron Hubbard would come to have a profound relationship with Winfred Overholser, as well.


Winfred Overholser was another sicko psychiatrist who was involved in mind control research and other kinds of evil.

Winfred Overholser helped enact the Briggs Law which provided for the mental evaluation of any person convicted of a serious crime. Of this piece of legislation, he wrote, “The significance of the Briggs Law is that it has provided for the prompt recognition of defendants who should be in hospitals, thus preventing trial of mentally ill persons.”

The law did not allow psychiatrists to testify in court cases and Overholser was instrumental in getting laws passed that allowed psychiatrists to testify in court cases. Overholser was also instrumental in overturning laws that required trial by judge and jury before a person could be committed to a mental hospital.

Upon becoming Director of Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Overholser immediately introduced insulin shock treatment. Shortly after that, he brought in an electric shock machine to be used on patients. Dr. Watson W. Eldridge, Jr. operated the electric shock machine, he even used it to “treat pneumonia”. 54

1938 – American psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron is working at Albany Hospital, where he began experimenting with a behavior modification technique called sensory deprivation. This is nine years before the CIA was formed and eleven years before the show-trial of Mindszenty in 1949.

This is yet another example of :

War is used as an excuse to attempt to legitimize torture.

1938William Walters Sargant was given a Rockefeller travelling fellowship to study in the United States. He was sent over to Harvard Medical School, to hobknob with the likes of Doctors Fink, Rinkel and Hyde. On a visit to Washington he arranged to meet lobotomist Walter Freeman and see three of his patients who had undergone psychosurgical operations. Although the results were not successful, Sargant resolved to introduce the operation into Britain.

For the past 40 years, Fink has been the world’s leading expert and defender of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

For the past 40 years, Fink has been the world’s leading expert and defender of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

We call it – Rinky-Hink science

MKULTRA Rinky Hink Science

World War II was from 1939 to 1945.

On the outbreak of war in September 1939 William Walters Sargant returned to Britain and was assigned to Sutton Emergency Medical Service. The hospital took both civilian and military patients. Now Sargant really had a large and captive supply of people to run his horrible tests and experiments on.


fadeimg9 thumbs_11-62


Insulin shock therapy.

lobotomy lobotomy2




You can probably picture completely psychotic whacko Sargant
just gushing about all the ‘fun’ he is having.

“Oh I think Electro-Shock is just FABULOUS.”

oh I think electric shock is just FABULOUS

He used modified insulin treatment, “sleep therapy” (inducing a coma with drugs), electroconvulsive therapy and psychosurgery (also called leucotomy). There were so many casualties under his sadistic hand, people that died, had personality deterioration, epileptic seizures, and even incontinence, that Sargant was reigned in. Sargant then combined his own psychotic cocktail of “abreaction”, where he gets patients to relive traumatic experiences, but while under heavy use of barbiturates.

(Hubbard did the same at Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium and Saint Elizabeths Hospital, combining abreactive therapy and PDH.)

* * *

19092571John Rawlings Rees and his Tavistock Clinic boys get their “deal” with British Military (and British Secret Intelligence Service) – they take over Psychiatry in the British Army – working primarily out of Maudsley Hospital.

John Rawlings Rees, the Director of the Tavistock Clinic, became Director of British Army psychiatry and brought the Tavistock Clinic group with him. This included psychiatrists Wilfred Bion, John Bowlby, Ronald Hargreaves, Jock Sutherland, John Rickman, and Tommy Wilson. Rees also brought psychologists Eric Trist, Ben Morris, and Harold Bridger.

They came together for the psychological studies of the ‘Northfield Experiment’, designed by Bion as an experiment in taking soldiers with emotional breakdowns and using a therapeutic community model to bring them back into service. This provided the first experiences in groups as well as the basis of Bion’s developments about groups. 14, 15, 25


Northfield Peer Pressure Experiment

Peer-Pressure- JOIN

Wilfred Bion and John Rawlings Rees developed a Tavistock behavior modification method wherein you use group peer pressure to make people give up firmly held beliefs.

Here’s an example of the ultimate in hypocrisy of the so-called “goodness” of this idea –

A bunch of COMPLETELY INSANE “PEERS who say that you are insane –

are going to ‘cure‘ you.

The Ultimate in Peer Pressure - surrounded by whackos saying YOU are insane

* * *

Heinrich Himmler was the head of the SS and Gestapo in Nazi Germany. Himmler oversaw a German group named Ahnenerbe that conducted military research. In 1940 the Ahnenerbe became a formal division of the SS. Ahnenerbe was the major source of funds for barbaric medical tests on prison camp inmates. One of the things the Ahnenerbe financed were the truth drug tests. They were looking for a drug that would make prisoners reveal secrets – tell the truth.  67

Adolf Hitler (left) congratulating Heinrich Himmler (right) UNSPECIFIED - OCTOBER 13: The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler Visiting His Headquarters And Congratulating Heinrich Himmler (Right), Head Of The Ss And The Gestapo, For His 43Rd Birthday, On October 13, 1943. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

At the Auschwitz concentration camp they tried out barbituates and morphine derivatives in various cocktails. SS doctor Kurt Ploetner tested marijuana and mescaline at Dachau concentration camp. The goal of the Dachau mescaline experiments on prisoners was “to eliminate the will of the person examined.”   78

* * *

The United States had no foreign intelligence agency when World War II began. British intelligence established, trained, headed up and directed the Office of Strategic Services.

Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was established in June 1942. The OSS was a swarming beehive of New World Order agents, which fact makes them British agents.

One of them was Allen Dulles, he was in the OSS, and he was a New World Order agent.


The OSS became the Central Intelligence Agency with Allen Dulles as its Director.

The OSS and CIA were headed by agents for the British New World Order.

OSS and CIA are not American intelligence agencies. They are British intelligence, operating inside the American government.

Since the OSS and CIA are part of the American government, that makes it appear that their actions are the actions of the American government, when in fact their actions are dictated by (and thus are attributive to) the British rule-the-world crowd.

* * *

On 31 October 1942, the National Defense Research Committee activated a committee to investigate the feasibility of using drugs in the interrogation of prisoners of war. The chairman of the drug committee was psychiatrist Winfred Overholser, Director of Saint Elizabeths Hospital, in Washington, D.C.

On 1 January 1943, the “truth drug” committee was transferred to the Office of Research and Development of the Office of Strategic Services – nicknamed Division 19.  77  (Division 19 was the combined OSS and National Defense Research Committee unit, headed by OSS man George White)

Members of the committee included Dr. William Watson Eldridge at Saint Elizabeths Hospital and OSS man George Hunter White.

Dr. Winfred OverholserWinfred Overholser

Per another CIA document referred to as OSS Truth Serum – George White and doctor Watson Eldridge were using marijuana as part of interrogating prisoners. Another thing that the OSS researchers (White, Eldridge etc.) specifically advocated was combining morphine with scopalamine, in which a “state of twilight sleep” could be induced and that under such conditions a person would talk freely about things that they wouldn’t normally. They used the mental patients at Saint Elizabeths Hospital as their guinea pigs for this truth-telling cocktail of drugs. It was disastrous for the patients. Some slipped into comas, they hallucinated, and one patient died of heart failure.

Doctors –

John Whitehorn of Johns Hopkins University
Winfred Overholser Sr., superintendent of St. Elizabeths Hospital
Roger Adams, National Defense Research Council
Watson William Eldridge, Chief of Medical and Surgical Services St. Elizabeths Hospital
Lawrence Kubie, psychiatrist with the New York Neurological Institute at Columbia


John Whitehorn Dr. Winfred Overholser of St. Elizabeths
Whitehorn                             Overholser


Roger_Adams_chemist Lawrence Kubie
Adams                               Kubie

November 24, 1943 – George Hunter White met with General George Veazey Strong to brief him on the results of the “truth drug” program. White’s presentation included details that experiments had, of course, been conducted on patients (against their will) at both Johns Hopkins University and Saint Elizabeths Hospital. 53

George Hunter White lg Strong_George_Veazey
George Hunter White      General George Veazey Strong*

*Strong is most famous for his service as Commander of the Military Intelligence Corps during World War II. During the time of White’s presentation, Strong was the Assistant Chief of Staff (G-2 – Military Intelligence) for the U.S. Army, from 1942 to 1944.

Nazi doctor Kurt Ploettner was testing drugs on concentration camp prisoners in an effort to find a “truth telling” drug that could be used in interrogations. In the United States the Office of Special Services was doing the same thing, and in 1945 they brought Kurt Ploettner to America to help them find a “truth telling” drug.

During this same time they are using Pain-Drug-Hypnosis behavior modification treatment on patients at Saint Elizabeths Hospital. Using shock therapy, the patient was induced into a state of shock/coma and then brought back to consciousness. Two of the therapies were drug-induced, either by insulin or metrazol; the third kind was induced by electrical current.

When slowly brought out of the coma with glucose injections, his or her personality would be temporarily “readjusted” (what a euphemism) and Doctors would then discuss problems with the patient in an attempt to “banish his delusions”. They called this good heart-to-heart psychotherapy.


* * *

1945 – Before, during and after World War II, William Walters Sargant was butchering people with various forms of pain-drug-hypnosis treatments. He combines abreactive therapy with PDH…

Concerning this time period, David Clark May writes:

William Sargant was practising narcoanalysis and abreactive therapy with ether, whipping battle neurosis cripples into dramatic abreactive displays of emotion and terror… 42

– John Rawlings Rees praises Sargants’ unbridled butchery of people –

“The battle neuroses have been treated effectively. There has been a tendency to move away from straight persuasion and hypnosis to the chemical methods of sedation, narco-analysis and modified insulin therapy, but the results as judged by returns to duty are little or no better than they were in the last war….

For this work we owe much to Sargant, Slater and other workers in the English Emergency Medical Service.”

Sargant himself made this statement…

“For several years past we have been treating severe resistant depression with long periods of sleep treatment. We can now keep patients asleep or very drowsy for up to 3 months if necessary. During sleep treatment we also give them ECT and anti-depressant drugs.”

William Sargant used narcosis (sleep treatment) to overcome a patient’s refusal of electroconvulsive therapy, and to deliver electric shock without their knowledge.

Sargant wasn’t the only one hob-knobbing with John Rawlings Rees and Lord Moran, so did American psychiatrist Ewen Cameron.

In 1945, Lord Moran, Ewen Cameron and John Rawlings Rees went together to visit with top Nazi Rudolph Hess before he appeared for his trial.

Lord Moran (Dr. Charles McMoran Wilson) was also often seen socializing with soon-to-be CIA Director Allen Dulles and his wife, at events in London.

Ewen Cameron was another sadistic psychiatrist who worked with psycho William Sargant, both of them were connected to British intelligence. Sargant taught PDH to Ewen Cameron who then performed PDH research for the CIA mind control program – codename MK Ultra.

William Walters Sargant Ewen_cameron_evil_look

William Walters Sargant                               Donald Ewen Cameron

  * * *

Right after World War II, the Big Push in social psychiatry begins. Social psychiatry is “social engineering” – which means behavior modification for everyone in the world.

In all behavior modification techniques there are two steps:

1. Getting rid of your current personality
2. Installing a new personality that conforms to the ideas they want you to have

Basically, your new personality is to be a willing subject under British slavemaster rule.

Alan Gregg, the Medical Director of the Rockefeller Foundation

Alan Gregg

1946 – Alan Gregg, the Medical Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, was interested in finding out if there was a group committed to undertaking, under conditions of peace, the kind of social psychiatry that had developed in the army under conditions of war.

The kind of social psychiatry

Now think about this – do you understand what that really means?

Psychiatry on the rest of us.

Like the world is now one big mental hospital with these fruitcakes in charge of “curing” us.


John Rawlings Rees and other key members of Tavistock Clinic decided to form a group of men that Alan Gregg was looking for – a group committed to undertaking social psychiatry. They were given the Rockefeller grant which led to the birth of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, in London.

Tavistock Institute for Human Relations is a center for mind control research. Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was formed as part of the Tavistock network in 1946. Stanford Research Institute conducts mind control research. 4

* * *

After WW II, the top people in the Departments of State, army, navy and air force were busily concocting dangers that would justify increases in their respective budgets.  80

They chose two ‘enemies’ to present to the public –

fear of nuclear war
fear of communism

Another concocted danger was fear of “brainwashing” by communists in Russia and China.

* * *

Sandoz, a drug/chemical manufacturing company began “clinical trials” of LSD and marketed it under the name Delysid as a psychiatric drug, from 1947 through the mid 1960s. Psychiatric patients were used as the first guinea pigs for this new “wonder drug”. It was touted as curing a wide range of psychiatric ailments, anywhere from alcoholism to sexual deviancy. However, it’s true purpose was much, much darker.

“We were very interested in anything that could make someone schizophrenic,” said Milton Greenblatt of Massuchusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC).” 43

MMHC was originally called Boston Psychopathic, it is referred to as a “pioneering” mental-health institution affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Elmer Ernest Southard taught social psychiatry at Harvard. Southerd also led the Boston Psychopathic Hospital, which has a just horrific track of experimentation on “patients”.

* * *

Now that the concocted enemy was chosen, they took right off with the very first secret project created after the war – Project CHATTER instituted by the U.S. Navy in the fall of 1947. They tested drugs that could be used in interrogations. They experimented on mental patients looking for a way to obtain information from people against their will.   81


In September 1947, the OSS is restructured and renamed the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mind control research begun by Tavistock Clinic in World War II and imported to the OSS, was already well underway at this time, but was not yet “officially authorized”. The CIA then took up the project of devising methods for controlling minds. 82

* * *


1948William Walters Sargant was ordered (by John Rawlings Rees and MI6) back from Duke University to England in August 1948, where he was to stay at St. Thomas Hospital in London for the rest of his career.

St. Thomas Hospital and nearby Royal Waterloo Hospital provided Sargant with a 22 bed ward for his in-patients (this was to become his ward for continuous narcosis or deep sleep treatment). The basement was refurbished to use as an out-patient department (for electroconvulsive therapy, modified insulin treatment, methedrine injections, leucotomies, acute sedation with Pentothal and Amytal, and ether abreactions to treat patients)

At Belmont Hospital and at St Thomas Hospital, Sargant subjected patients to up to three months combined electroconvulsive therapy, continuous narcosis, insulin coma therapy and drugs. He keeps patients in a drug-induced coma for up to three months, during that time he gives the patient electroshock, drugs, and hypnotic commands.

Sargant used narcosis (sleep treatment)to overcome
a patient’s refusal
of electroconvulsive therapy,
or even deliver it without their knowledge.


He wrote in his standard textbook An Introduction To Physical Methods Of Treatment In Psychiatry:

Many patients unable to tolerate a long course of ECT, can do so when anxiety is relieved by narcosis … What is so valuable is that they generally have no memory about the actual length of the treatment or the numbers of ECT used … After 3 or 4 treatments they may ask for ECT to be discontinued because of an increasing dread of further treatments. Combining sleep with ECT avoids this …

All sorts of treatment can be given while the patient is kept sleeping, including a variety of drugs and ECT [which] together generally induce considerable memory loss for the period under narcosis. As a rule the patient does not know how long he has been asleep, or what treatment, even including ECT, he has been given. Under sleep … one can now give many kinds of physical treatment, necessary, but often not easily tolerated.

William Walters Sargant, 1967William Walters Sargant

* * *

In the spirit of gaining public acceptance of the concocted enemy of ‘communism’, the Vatican slavemasters did their part and trotted out Cardinal Josezf Mindszenty in 1949 as proof of ‘what the Russians could do to people‘. A show trial then took place in 1949, featuring Cardinal Josef Mindszenty. The Cardinal appeared zombie-like, as though drugged or hypnotized.

With a glazed look in his eyes, Mindszenty confessed to crimes of treason he apparently did not commit – demonstrating what “could happen” to anyone who could be “mind controlled” into talking. This presented the “problem” that “needed solving”. The Vatican did their part to sell people on the false idea of the “threat of Russian brainwashing”.

It was a staged farce.

Josef_Cardinal_Mindszenty Cardinal Josef Mindszenty

Enter ……mind-control experimentation in the name of “national security”.

Shortly after the show trial, a work group was set up by Fred Williams of the U.S. Air Force. It was called the Air Force Psychological Warfare Division and was located at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. The group was a clearing house for a larger network, some of the members of which were –

Colonel James Monroe (who later joined the CIA)
Albert Biderman, a sociologist
Robert J. Lifton and Herman Sander, air force psychiatrists
Harold Wolff and Lawrence Hinkle at Cornell
John Gittinger, CIA psychologist
Herbert Zimmer    12

1949 – after the field has been primed with “fear of turning men’s minds”, a Viennese doctor named Otto Kauders traveled to the United States in search of research funds. He gave a conference at Boston Psychopathic Hospital concerning the new drug. Kauder described how an infinitesimally small dose had rendered Dr. Albert Hofmann (who discovered it) temporarily “crazy.”

Robert W. Hyde’s colleague, Max Rinkel, an Army neuropsychiatrist and refugee from Hitler’s Germany, was so intrigued by Kauders’ presentation that he quickly contacted Sandoz Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, where Albert Hofmann worked. Sandoz officials arranged to ship some LSD across the Atlantic, and the “experiments” began.

Max_RinkelMax Rinkel

Robert W. Hyde, the deputy superintendent at Boston Psychopathic in 1949, experimented on himself with the new drug.

I think its a great idea - injection - vincent

Jay Stevens wrote about what happened with Robert in “Storming Heaven,”:

“What followed was fascinating. Right before their eyes, Hyde, the even-keeled Vermonter, turned into a paranoiac, as a swarm of little suspicions — why are those people smiling? Was that a door closing? — began eating away at his composure.”


Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea…

LSD moment - maybe not such a good idea - vincent

Dr. Robert W. Hyde 1956Dr. Robert W. Hyde

Dr. Max Rinkel, was particularly interested in using LSD to induce a schizophrenia-like state in mentally healthy people.

Rinkel and Hyde, then went on to organize an LSD study at the facility in which they tested the drug on 100 volunteers. They tested it on far more people than was put on paper, and not all of them were “volunteers”. They even tested it on children. It was a CIA sanctioned experiment.

Hyde went on to move his CIA backed experimentation to the newly founded Butler Mental Health Center in Rhode Island, and later on to Vermont State Hospital.

Robert W. Hyde Butler Mental Health Center in Rhode Island.

MKULTRA experiments have been documented at both Boston Psychopathic and Butler, and information is just starting to come out about Vermont State Hospital.

* * *

On 20 April 1950 the CIA’s mind control program Project Bluebird was then officially authorized. CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter approved BLUEBIRD and authorized the use of unvouchered funds to pay for its most sensitive areas. Project Bluebird investigated the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques, and the evaluation of offensive uses of unconventional interrogation techniques, including hypnosis and drugs.

CIA-contracted psychiatrists begin (or in some cases continue) secret experiments with ice-pick lobotomies, electroshock, hypnosis, pain, and drugs, including cocaine, heroin, and LSD.

Max Rinkel and Robert Hyde’s LSD experiments on psychiatric patients (without their permission) at Boston Psychopathic, now came under BLUEBIRD.

Dr. John Gittinger started working for the CIA in 1950, along with CIA agents James Monroe and Lawrence Hinkle specifically to do brainwashing. Dr. Gittinger supported both visible prongs of the “devils fork” – the strenuous brainwashing techniques and the more palatable “personality testing”, psychological assessment angle.

* * *

Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado was brought to the U.S. in 1950. He worked at Yale University where he continued the research of Dr. Hess. Delgado conducted research into direct Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB). He researched the use of pleasure and pain for mind control.

The brain receives and sends electrical impulses to the rest of the body via the nervous system. The brain is a switchboard that receives commands from a Being and it sends out electrical impulses which are control signals that cause something to occur in the body. All of the body’s functions are regulated through the brain.

Electronic brain implants work on the principle of introducing a controlled electrical signal, directly into a specific part of the brain, for the purpose of creating a specific reaction in the body. Electronic implants in the brain can either receive instructions via radio signals, passing them to the brain, or, can be interrogated via external radio signals to read brain activity at a distance. Advanced implants are capable of both functions.

* * *

British intelligence dispensed brainwashing propaganda and falsely attributed it to the Chinese.

Lincoln Star – February 29, 1951


See that acronym NANA at the top of the article? It stands for North American Newspaper Alliance, an alliance of the major newspapers in America, which had just been purchased by a “small group of investors” led by Ernest Cuneo and Ivar Bryce just before this blatant propaganda article came out. Ernest Cuneo and Ivar Bryce were British intelligence agents who worked for British Security Coordination and the OSS. (See OSS personnel database which shows Cuneo listed.) Additionally, Ian Fleming was the European Vice President for NANA.

Ivar BryceIvar Bryce

The article says –

“Brain washing” is the term Chinese use to describe the treatment Chinese communists have been giving returned American prisoners of war.

No, it isn’t. The Chinese had no such term. The word brainwashing was already in use much earlier in articles written in 1935, 1941, and 1946 and it had nothing to do with the Chinese.  83

Look at the description of what brainwashing supposedly is –

It is a set of lectures and indoctrination talks which the reds give individual prisoners to convince them that “capitalists” are all wrong and communists are their real friends in Korea.

Sounds rather mild, compared to what people like Ewen Cameron were doing to people.

* * *

In March 1951, the CIA initiated a “top secret” research program into “all aspects of special interrogation” through “exchange of information and coordination of related programs”.  72

On 1 June 1951 British, American and Canadians met at a secret conference at a Ritz-Carlton in Canada.
They agreed to a joint venture in how to brainwash people – mind control and behavior modification research.

It was a secret meeting to develop an offensive mind control weapon.
They agreed to secret human experimentation on how to break a person’s will.
Members of British intelligence and the CIA were in attendance.  73, 74, 75

Attending the 1 June 1951 meeting were –
Sir Henry T. Tizard, senior scientist from the U.K. Ministry of Defense and MI 6
Dr. Omond Solandt, head of Canada’s Defense Research Board
Dr. Donald O. Hebb, head of Behavioral Research section of Canada’s Defense Research Board
Dr. Caryl Haskins – American CIA
Commander R.J. Williams – American CIA     79

Sir TizardSir Henry T. Tizard

Canada’s Defense Research Board made minutes of the Montreal meeting wherein they state –

Dr. Hebb suggested that an approach based upon the situation of sensory isolation might lead to some clues to answering “the central problem” that interested this covert research coalition: that is

  • ‘confession,’
  • ‘menticide’ [means the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.]
  • ‘intervention in the individual mind,’
  • —together with methods concerned in psychological coercion.

Hebb suggested that by “cutting off all sensory stimulation . . . , the individual could be led into a situation whereby ideas, etc. might be implanted.

In response, Sir Henry concurred, stating that these issues “had become a matter of concern in the U.K.,” and adding that “the methods of psychological coercion . . . had been well developed by the [Medieval] inquisition” (Cooper, 1986, Appendix 21).

… As consensus formed about “research methods and design,” the group adopted Hebb’s suggestion that “experimental isolation in various forms for the production of sensory isolation” might place subjects “in such a position psychologically that they would be susceptible to implantation of new or different ideas.

Canada’s Defense Research Board minutes of the meeting clearly indicate that their priority in backing Hebb’s brainwashing work was not defensive but offensive operations against communist enemies.  74

The CIA’s minutes of the meeting concur, recording that the Montreal group agreed there was “no conclusive evidence” that the Soviets had made anything akin to “revolutionary progress,” and dismissed their interrogation as “remarkably similar . . to the age-old methods.”   74

CIA documents state that the results of the meeting were reported to Dr. William Webster, Chairman of the Research and Development Board.


william_webster_1952Dr. William Webster

This is the guy who was overseeing and directing the American mind control research in coordination with the British and Canadian governments. The CIA was not the originator of its research into mind control, Webster was over the CIA and its research into mind control.  76

This meeting is proof of direct British intelligence involvement in the CIA doing mind control research.

Nazi doctor Kurt Ploettner was sent to work with Hebb (get specifics from Virginia)

American psychiatrist Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron lived in Albany, New York. He commuted to Montreal, Canada every week to work at the Rockefeller-funded Allan Memorial Institute. It was part of McGill University in Canada. He carried out cruel psychiatric experiments on his patients there.

Allan Memorial Institute – a Rockefeller-funded psychiatric institute

Donald Hebb was a colleague of Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill University. Hebb began the research to develop an offensive mind control weapon. Starting in 1951 Hebb received about $10,000 a year from the Canadian Defense Research Board to develop the work on sensory deprivation.

Carried on by Hebb’s students, the results were startling: volunteer students placed in sensory isolation for over two to three days became depersonalized and unable to think, and they experienced hallucinations; they were then receptive to attitudinal change. 12

Sensory deprivation has been said to be the most horrible form of torture.


The CIA was part of the conspiracy to develop an offensive mind control weapon and it funded further research.

HebbDonald Olding Hebb

* * *

20 August 1951 – CIA Project BLUEBIRD was renamed as Project ARTICHOKE.

Project Artichoke was attempting to create a mind-controlled killer, who could be programmed to carry out assassinations. 43  The methods used for doing the programming included PDH methods (pain-drugs-hypnosis) including electroshock.

In January 1952 a Project Artichoke memo said “can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature.  84

This is a CIA document dated 18 January 1952 –    85

1952 – CIA Project Moonstruck: Electronic implants in brain, implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction of target.

Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control,
programming, covert operations.


* * *


New York Times 12 April 1953 –

Currents to Brain Produce Changes In Social Behavior

The social behavior of humans and animals can be drastically influenced by electrical stimulation of the brain, a researcher said yesterday. Dr. Jose Delgado… said painless electrical charges to the human brain had evoked such feelings as fear, friendliness and recall of long-forgotten events. In tests on monkeys and cats, there were definite changes in eating and sleeping, fighting and playing and sexual responses, he said.

Dr. Delgado, said his tests would at first, seem to “support the distasteful conclusion that motion, emotion and behavior can be directed by electrical forces and that animals and humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons.”

On 10 April 1953, Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA, spoke on “Brain Warfare” at Princeton University just before he launched Project MK Ultra. In his speech he distinguished two fronts in the “battle for men’s minds” –

  • a “first front” of mass indoctrination through propaganda
  • a “second front” of individual brainwashing

Allen Dulles also said –

The Chinese… have given us a term which has come generally to be applied to this treatment of individual minds: “brain washing”.

Actually, the Chinese subjected to Communism “thought reform” techniques experienced two treatments:

  • a “brain washing” which “cleansed the mind of the old and evil thoughts spawned by Imperialists of the West,” and
  • a “brain changing” which implanted the new and glorious thoughts of the Communist Revolution”.

…it is necessary to close off with an impenetrable barrier the area within which the operation is to take place… physical and spiritual barrier… isolated… from the outside world.

One element stands out in all the known cases. It is endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep.

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…

…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation…   71


On 13 April 1953, Allen Dulles approved project MK-Ultra. MK-Ultra was an umbrella project with 149 sub-projects.

MK-Ultra was a secret 25 year and 25 million dollar CIA project – to investigate methods to influence thought, attitude, memory and human behavior. Several psychiatrists were involved.

Sidney Gottlieb was director of the CIA mind control project, MK-Ultra and MK-Search, from 13 April 1953 to 10 July 1972. His real name is Joseph Scheider.


Sidney_Gottlieb_real_name_Joseph_ScheiderWithin the CIA, Richard Helms provided Dr Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA’s Technical Services Divisions with $25 million in funds between 1953 and 1963 for MK-Ultra projects studying human responses to drugs and environmental conditions that could manipulate individuals into adopting behaviors against their will.

Under MK Ultra drugs such as LSD were tested on unknowing citizens.

Mind control research was shifted between two divisions inside the CIA –

Technical Services Staff (TSS)
Office of Research and Development (ORD)

The CIA sent funding for mind control research through various conduits –

Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology (aka The Human Ecology Fund)
The Geschickter Fund for Medical Research
Scientific Engineering Institute
National Institute of Mental Health
National Institutes of Health
Office of Naval Research

The CIA admitted supporting research into human mind and behavior control at 150 institutions and these included hospitals, prisons, drug companies, and 44 universities.

Like the Nazis’ experiments, the usual targets were those considered “lesser human beings” such as prostitutes, people with non-white skins, and drug addicts. Thousands of prisoners were also forced to take part, and hospital and mental patients were used without their consent as experiment-fodder for these crazy people. 4, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16

All of this continues in a much more advanced way today.

* * *

1953 – Dr. Frank Olson worked for the US Army’s biological weapons center at Fort Detrick. Olson had his role in preparing anthrax and other biological weapons.

Dr. Frank Olson and Sidney Gottlieb were sent to England to observe what William Sargant was doing. They worked with Sargant, sharing information. They directly observed what Sargant was doing to people at Porton Down. Part of Olson’s work had been done at Porton Down, Britain’s ultra-secret chemical and biological warfare center.

Frank Olson was deeply disturbed by what he saw and he was about to become a whistleblower. Sargant alerted the CIA that Frank Olson was about to go public.

In order to prevent Frank Olson from going public with what he knew, they decided to take him to the CIA drop site for people they wanted “silenced” – Chestnut Lodge. But he never made it to Chestnut Lodge. They said Olson fell to his death when he jumped out of a hotel window. 9, 10

The truth was – Olson was killed
by CIA operative George White.

Inside the Sleep Room
by Gordon Thomas –

In 1948 [Sargant] was appointed director of the department of psychological medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, and remained there until his retirement in 1972, also treating patients at other hospitals…

Yet even they did not suspect that Sargant, as early as 1948, had made a Faustian bargain with Britain’s two intelligence services.

At military bases in Britain, including one at Maresfield …he conducted drug-related experiments on so-called “military volunteers.”

Other drug experiments were performed at Britain’s most secret chemical and biological warfare establishment at Porton Down. Again “volunteers” from military mental hospitals and from military prisons were used.

Porton Down

Porton Down aerial view

Porton Down spraying chemical weaponsPorton Down human experimentation

Porton Down Monkey testing

Continuing with Gordon Thomas –

American intelligence sent observers to monitor these tests. Among them was one of the CIA’s senior biochemists, Frank Olson, and Sidney Gottlieb, the overall head of the [CIA] MK ULTRA program.

The three men became close friends. On each trip they visited Sargant’s department at St. Thomas to study patient records. They also shared with Sargant the latest mind-altering research being carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Ultimately, as we shall see, these connections led to the 1953 murder of Frank Olson… Sargant had played a key role in alerting the CIA that one of its chief officers, Frank Olson, had been about to become a whistle-blower.

Shortly after 2:30 a.m. on November 28, 1953, Olson’s body was discovered, bloodied and broken, on the pavement of Manhattan’s Seventh Avenue, clothed only in underpants and a T-shirt.

The decision to terminate Frank Olson had been made by Gottlieb after Sargant had listened to Olson’s admissions in London in early November 1953 that he had taken part in lethal experiments on German nationals in post-war Europe.

Sargant, who had regarded Frank Olson as “steady as a rock”, had told his colleagues in British intelligence that he feared Olson was about to go public. Shortly afterward, at a CIA safe house at Deep Creek Lodge in western Maryland, Olson had joined other CIA researchers – ironically, to discuss the use of drugs like mescaline for further experiments in Europe.

CIA operative George White had acted as one of the hosts for the gathering. At some point during the evening he reportedly slipped 70 micrograms of LSD into Olson’s drink. Olson quickly became “sullen and disturbed.” A CIA scientist, Richard Lashbrook, escorted him to New York “to take care of him”…

White was one of the hit men the agency used for what it called “wet jobs.”

He had been killed by George White.


George Hunter White in MKultra daysGeorge Hunter White

Note –
James Starrs, a forensic scientist at George Washington University, led a team of experts …to determine the cause of death. After Olson’s body was exhumed in 1994, the team… found extensive skull fractures—far more than would have been possible from simply hitting the pavement. The most likely scenario, Starrs concluded, was that Olson had been smashed in the head with a hammer or similar blunt instrument, then his body was thrown through the window.

* * *

1953 – Dr. Ewen Cameron is elected president of the American Psychiatric Association. In his presidential address to the APA Cameron said:

Our best hope for a new world order and without hysteria… lies in science. With behavioural scientists as leaders, order would emerge from chaos. 3, 12

Dr. Ewen Cameron was an agent for the New World Order people.

Starting in June 1953, Ewen Cameron was carrying out Pain-Drug-Hypnosis treatment on mental patients in conjunction with William Walters Sargant.

* * *

Here is a case of the CIA using the Office of Naval Research as a funding conduit…

1955MK Ultra subproject 54 concerned the use of sound or “wave” weapons to cause brain concussions or amnesia.

Here is some testimony given in the 1977 Senate Hearings into MK Ultra –

CIA Director Stansfield Turner’s Testimony, pp 33-50

Senator SCHWEIKER. Subproject 54, MKULTRA, which involved examination of techniques to cause brain concussions and amnesia by using weapons or sound waves to strike individuals without giving and without leaving any clear physical marks. Someone dubbed it “perfect concussion” — maybe that was poetic license on the part of our staff rather than your poets over there. I wonder if you could just tell us what brain concussion experiments were about?

Admiral TURNER. This project, No. 54, was canceled, and never carried out.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Well, I do believe the first year of the project in 1955 was carried out by the Office of Naval Research, according to the information that you supplied us. The CIA seems to have been participating in some way at that point, because the records go on to say that the experimenter at ONR found out about CIA’s role, discovered that it was a cover, and then the project was transferred to MKULTRA in 1956. Again, this is all from the backup material you have given us. So, it was canceled at some time.

Mr. LAUBINGER. On project 54, it has got a rather sensational proposal in there, in terms of the work that they propose to do, and you asked about the proposal and I said, in fact, it was never funded under MKULTRA. Now, I overlooked — at least, my memory did not serve me correctly when I went through that file folder to see one memorandum dated January 10, 1956, which makes it quite clear, as a matter of fact, that that proposal was based on prior work that was funded by the Agency.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Well, do you agree or not agree with DOD’s statement here that even though the initial funding was Navy, it was really a conduit for the CIA?

Mr. LAUBINGER. I think that is correct.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Well, I am confused, because here again is another quote from a document that we have seen, which you have released and supplied to us:

Following is the technical progress made under the current [deleted] contract: (a) Specializing instrumentation and numerous testing techniques have been developed to obtain the desired dynamic data; (b) considerable data has now been obtained supporting the resonance-cavilation theory of brain concussion; and (c) preliminary acceleration threshold data has been obtained for a fluid-filled glass simulated skull.

It goes on to talk about a blast range and a 2,500-square-foot laboratory. The document notes that “Three blast test series have been run to date.” It describes a special blackjack device, “a pancake-type blackjack giving a high peak impact force with a low unit surface pressure.” 63

Through MKULTRA Subproject 54, the CIA gave $62,400.00 to the Office of Naval Research in 1955. The study was about how to produce concussions from a distance using mechanical blast waves propagated through the air. Under the heading “POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS OF THE RESEARCH FINDINGS,” the contractor said that such concussion “is always followed by amnesia for the actual moment of the accident.”

He also stated:

The blast duration would in the order of a tenth of a second. Masking of a noise of this duration should not be difficult. It would be advantageous to establish the effectiveness of both of the above methods as a tool in brain-wash therapy.

Another name for the “wave” type weapons is accoustic, and acoustic weapons research was ongoing at Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc. in Huntington Beach, California – according to an article by D. Pasternak titled Wonder Weapons, in U.S. News and World Report, July 7, 1997, pp. 38-46.

See other excerpts of article here.

Testing was also being carried out at nearby Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base; Mission Research Corps in Albuquerque, New Mexico; and the Armstrong Laboratory at Brooks Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.

These early research efforts under the umbrella of MK ULTRA would become the foundation of the non-lethal weapons that are currently active.

* * *

Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology was a funding conduit for CIA mind control research.

  • EcologyThe science of the relationships between organisms and their environments. The study of the interaction of people with their environment.

The term “human ecology” had been coined by Harold Wolff.

CIA Document defining Human Ecology, estimated date January 1, 1954 titled Protocol…Re: Human Ecology.


This document can be viewed at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives on disk 1, folder 146235.

1954 – Harold G. Wolff begins proposals for what would become the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. He was already involved with Project QK-Hilltop at Cornell Medical College. Project QK-Hilltop was created to study brainwashing techniques. It was a spinoff from James Monroe’s group at Maxwell AFB. 57

  • Note: In general, MK Ultra subprojects 48 and 60 provided the basic documents on the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

CIA Document dated March 5 1956 (titled Memorandum, consisting of multiple pages) made clear that work had been going on in this area since 1954, and was INDEED on the subject of brainwashing and interrogation techniques.

Human_ecology_proposalsThis document can be viewed in full at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 4, folder 17446, Image 105. The entire set starts at image #92.

Let’s look at some more documents. The first one concerns using it as a covert funding mechansim.


This document can be viewed in full at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives on disk 4, folder 17446, Image 147.

  • 1“It will provide a covert funding mechanism for projects which may wish to set up in the general field of […blacked] including the project at […blacked]
  • 2 – It will provide a covert mechanism for making contact with scientists in our fields of interest…

1955 – Harold G. Wolff officially organized the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

Wolff was personally recruited by Allen Dulles to direct the Society’s covertly funded programmes to identify effective methods of persuasion and interrogation… 55, 58


Check out those eyes….so cold.

Lawrence Hinkle was Harold Wolff’s partner in crimes against humanity. You can see him live in this video.

*1979 ABC News, Mission Mind Control, Hinkle’s interview starts at approximately 44:32 in the video

Lawrence_E._Hinkle_-_1979Lawrence Hinkle

Underneath the cover of the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, Harold Wolff and Lawrence Hinkle headed up extremely harsh research into mind control. 57

The Search For The Manchurian Candidate by John Marks –

Wolff pressed upon the CIA his idea that to understand human behavior – and how governments might manipulate it – one had to study man in relationship to his total environment. Calling this field “human ecology,” Wolff drew into it the disciplines of psychology, medicine, sociology, and anthropology. … Once he figured out how the human mind really worked, he wrote, he would tell the Agency “how a man can be made to think, ‘feel,’ and behave according to the wishes of other men”.

Following the Soviet model, he felt he could help his patients by putting them into an isolated, disoriented state – from which it would be easier to create new behavior patterns. Although Russian-style isolation cells were impractical at Cornell, Wolff hoped to get the same effect more quickly through sensory deprivation.

He told the Agency that sensory-deprivation …made the patient “more receptive to the suggestions of the psychotherapist.” He proposed keeping his patients in sensory deprivation until they “show an increased desire to talk and to escape from the procedure. Then, he said, doctors could “utilize material from their own past experience in order to create psychological reactions within them.”

Sensory_Depravationsensory_deprivation_suit_and_tankSensory deprivation image from 1963 film The Mind Benders

Sensory deprivation has been said to be the most horrible form of torture.

Look at this more closely:

“…utilize material from their own past experience in order to create psychological reactions within them.”


Here’s what the actual document said that Marks is talking about –

MKULTRA sub-project #48, which is in disk 4, folder 17446, image 104


This is exactly the same as what Dr. Ewen Cameron was already doing in conjunction with William Sargant’s psychic driving, where tapes of the persons words were played back to them over and over while in a suggestible state.

A CIA document dated March 4, 1955 shows the proposal for the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology (even though the name is blacked out)

human ecology 17446_0146.

This document can be viewed at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives on disk 4, folder 17446, Image 146.

  • Point 3 – “A need to know more about the genesis of the attitudes, behavior, and motivations of man and how these can be altered and controlled.”
  • Point 5 – “A need to know more precisely how stress situations stemming from interpersonal relations affect human behavior, attitudes, thought processes and bodily functions.”

MK Ultra sub-project #48 – this document shows that sensory deprivation makes the person more receptive to the suggestions of a psychotherapist.

Excerpt image #101

Excerpt image #102

These documents can be viewed at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives on disk 4, folder 17446, images 101, 102.

MKULTRA sub-project #48 – document dated 3 May 1955 further shows the fields of interest initially. The document is on disk 4, folder 17446, Images 148 and 151:

human_ecology_fields_of_interest_1 Human_ecology_fields_of_interest_2

The Human Ecology group moved out of its East 78th Street town house, which had always seemed a little too plush for a university program, and opened up a new headquarters in Forest Hills, Queens.

Agency officials hired a staff of four led by Lieutenant Colonel James Monroe

Sid Gottlieb and the TSS hierarchy in Washington still made the major decisions, but Monroe and the Society staff, whose salaries the Agency paid, took over the Society’s dealings with the outside world and the monitoring of several hundred thousand dollars a year in research projects. Monroe personally supervised dozens of grants, including Dr. Ewen Cameron’s brainwashing work in Montreal. Soon the Society was flourishing as an innovative foundation, attracting research proposals from a wide variety of behavioral scientists…59

James Monroe lied directly about the source of the Society’s money, claiming it came from rich New York doctors and Texas millionaires who gave it for tax purposes. That was his standard cover story with “unwitting” grantees.

My wife has discovered in her research that during WWII, Captain James L. Monroe was involved with psychological warfare. I don’t believe this part of his background has been mentioned anywhere that I have seen.

As an officer of the 305th bomber group he invented a bomb with which to distribute propaganda leaflets in 1943. It was named the ‘Monroe bomb’, and was developed from laminated paper containers that had been used to transport M-17 incendiary bombs.

In the pic below, he is adjusting the fuse on a bomb so that it will release psychological warfare leaflets at the desired height above the ground.


Military mag – Air Power History Spring 1998, Volume 45, Nbr 1

james_l_monroe_armament_officerJames_l_monroe_armament_officer_2 .

Bomb loaded with leaflets and ready to go.


Anthony Eden, Winston Churchill’s Foreign Secretary, visited Monroe’s 305th bombardment group. (I assume Monroe is in this pic, perhaps bottom right)Anthony_Eden_Churchhills_asst_visits_305th_bombardment_group

James Monroe had multiple CIA connections and oversaw the Air Force’s comprehensive study of Korean War prisoners, as well as personally supervising the work of Dr. Ewen Cameron. 59


He is also mentioned in a PDF my wife found of the actual report of the Secretary of Defense’s Advisory Committee on Prisoners of War from August 1955.

By the time of this report, he is now a Lieutenant Colonel and is described under the heading of consulting with the Defense Advisory committee as: “Defense Prisoner Officer, Office of the Director of Plans.”

You will notice that this report (and study) was “completed” prior to Monroe assuming his responsibilities together with Harold Wolff in organizing the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

Somewhere in here time-wise, Barnaby C. Keeney became President and Preston S. Abbot was the Director of Research Programs.

The public face of Human Ecology was that of a paragon of respectable mainstream research.


Harold Wolff and Lawrence Hinkle presented their findings to the CIA in 1956.

Originally written as a report for the Technical Services Division of the CIA in 1956, it was published in 1956 in a major psychiatric journal, the Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry, under the title, Communist Interrogation and Indoctrination of “Enemies of the State”: Analysis of Methods Used by the Communist State Police (A Special Report).

Hinkle and Wolff revealed that it was not drugs or bizarre tortures that resulted in confession; it was psychological warfare techniques that produced ANXIETY to such an extreme degree that “normal coping devices” could not prevail.


Then the torturers, Wolff and Hinkle, would present themselves as:


“friend and saviour.”



Now isn’t that interesting. The only time a Slavemaster or any of his demented minions look even vaguely good, is when he is the alternative to torture, sensory deprivation and extreme fear! Now pay close attention, because here comes the number one method to “produce the desired outcome” – which is a euphemism for:

we say - you do

Solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, and lack of information combined with skillful interrogation.


Note that the “lack of information” part is referring to sensory deprivation.

Another, more subtle way “lack of information” was done, was in a more pure form of psychological warfare. Deny the person any form of truth, and feed them lies and twisted truths instead. The first to develop this lovely technique were the Russians. The Chinese then modified it by adding the element of group pressure, which was a mind control technique developed at Tavistock Clinic. Adding conformity to a peer group’s attitudes was allegedly eminently successful with the American Prisoners of War.

MKULTRA experiments CIA base image Frankenstein

Wolff asked that the CIA provide him with all its information on interrogation and intimidation:

…including threats, coercion, imprisonment, deprivation, humiliation, torture, “brainwashing,” “black psychiatry,” hypnosis and combinations of these, with or without chemical agents. We will assemble, collate, analyze and assimilate this information and will then undertake experimental investigations designed to develop new techniques of offensive/defensive intelligence use… Potentially useful secret drugs (and various brain damaging procedures) will be similarly tested in order to ascertain the fundamental effect upon human brain function and upon the subject’s mood ….Where any of the studies involve potential harm to the subject, we expect the Agency to make available suitable subjects and a proper place for the performance of necessary experiments.” 57

The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology was also where Gittinger’s Personality Testing work would be umbrella’d.

Doctor John Gittinger testimony before the 1977 Senate Hearings into MK Ultra…

Kennedy_and_Gittinger(Reference 69)


Hinkle and Wolff’s “revelations” of 1956, inspired the military and intelligence services to greatly expand their plans for the study of mind control.

Wolff now submits proposals for further research (an extension of Sub-project 48) and this was MK Ultra subproject 61, a $74,000 project approved by Gottlieb in early 1956.

This document shows its purpose.


This document is on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 4, folder 17461, image #1.


“…to changes of behavior brought about
by actual loss of cerebral tissue.”

* * *

Another very important point
to understand here is concerning Sleep Deprivation.

In 1957, Harold Wolff had established that:

  • isolation,
  • sleep deprivation
  • nonspecific threats
  • depersonalization
  • inadequate diets

placed enormous stress on individuals. As compared to Soviet techniques, Wolff and Hinkle reported, their techniques took six days rather than four to six weeks. The main factor was and I quote: “the greater intensity of the sleep deprivation and particularly of the isolation methods.”

Sleep Deprivation is the number one tool used for breaking a person.

Hence the interest in machines that can disrupt this – even at a distance.

Note: There would be much more work done in this area of developing machines that utilized radio-frequency (and later microwave technology) to cause physical stress to people.

* * *

– Ewen Cameron received funding from the CIA to do mind control research – it was MK Ultra subproject 68.

Ewen Cameron was close friends with Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA. Cameron applied for CIA funding in early 1957. Dr. John Gittinger recommends Ewen Cameron to James Monroe, who then funds Cameron to perform Pain-Drug-Hypnosis mind control research.

Cameron received his CIA funding through Harold Wolff’s CIA front organization The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. The CIA provided $60,000 to Cameron for the brainwashing experiments.

Cameron and Dulles wanted to develop a method that would remove a person’s natural personality and then they could be programmed with a new personality. A major aim was to program people to carry out assassinations which could then be written off as the work of some “lone nutter”.

The initial step of wiping out the person’s memory and identity was called depatterning. LSD, brain surgery, and brutal electric shocks were all used to accomplish depatterning.

The patients were subjected to months of chemically-induced comas meant to destroy their memories of themselves and their families – a human catastrophe that stripped more than 300 people of their identities.

Cameron’s patients were woken from drug-induced stupors two or three times a day for multiple electric shocks. The patient would be given an electric shock, followed by five to nine smaller ones, two or three times a day for up to thirty days. These electric shocks were severe, at 30 to 40 times the normal power. Hospital workers at the time have reported that the screaming echoed around the hospital.

The patients were dazed, incapable of taking care of themselves, often groping their way around the hospital and urinating on the floor.

Cameron wrote that his typical depatterning patient – “There is complete amnesia for all events in his life.” The depatterning was considered completed when the victim had lost all his memory and identity.

Once this depatterning was completed, the second step was entered into, which was called Heteropsychic Driving. Hetero means other or different. In other words, they will now install a different personality or identity.

A helmet would be clamped on their heads and negative messages would be repeated into the victim’s mind for sixteen hours a day. These messages would repeat phrases like “My mother hates me, my husband hates me, I am a failure”, and so on, using recordings of the victim’s own voice. Cameron would also wire their legs and give them an electric shock after the completion of each message.

Recording the patient during psychotherapy sessions then playing it back to them
– part of the “psychic driving” process.

Psychic driving - ewen Cameron.


Cameron wrote that this technique provided “direct, controlled changes in personality.”


Under the guise of mental treatment, patients became lab rats
in the Slavemasters brainwashing research.


Linda Macdonald was a young mother suffering depression when she was admitted. She underwent brutal electroshock that permanently erased all memory of her previous life.

Mary C. was a 52 year-old woman Cameron tortured. She was going through menopause and Cameron used those symptoms to diagnose her as hypochondriatic. 56

As per John Marks:

In his proposal to the CIA front, Cameron also said he would test curare, the South American arrow poison which, when liberally applied, kills by paralyzing internal body functions. In nonlethal doses, curare causes a limited paralysis which blocks but does not stop these functions. According to his papers, … Cameron injected subjects with curare in conjunction with sensory deprivation, presumably to immobilize them further.

For the “sensory deprivation”, Rubenstein had specially built a “box” in the converted stables directly behind Allan Memorial which is also where the “behavioral laboratory” was. Cameron left one woman in for 35 days, but try as he might, Cameron could not get through to her.

As the aloof psychiatrist wrote in his notes: “Although the patient was prepared by both prolonged sensory isolation (35 days) and by repeated depatterning, and although she received 101 days of positive driving, no favorable results were obtained.” 56

Madeleine Smith, a 28-year-old Canadian newscaster, was another Cameron casualty. Madeleine was taken into the operating room for brain surgery. The surgeon drilled a hole through her skull. An instrument was used to make several sweeping incisions through her brain.

doctor scalpel

While the surgeon worked, psychiatrist Ewen Cameron stood over the young woman, plying her with questions until he was assured the surgeon had achieved the desired result. When Madeleine vacantly stared and could only grunt in response, the surgery ended. Madeleine lived the rest of her life an automaton in the confines of an insane asylum.

Looking like this probably –


This lines up perfectly with what Harold Wolff proposed in MK Ultra subproject 61, exactly that, cutting on brain tissue to modify behavior. Cameron was funded through Harold Wolff”s Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology and here he is carrying out exactly what Wolff proposed.

There you have it.

CIA officials found through work like Cameron’s that they could create “vegetables” but such people served no operational use. 11, 12

no operational use

Could that be stated any more coldly?


Donald_ewen_cameronEwen Cameron

What a total Renfield that man is – slavering away to do the bidding of his “master”.

Dracula and Renfield

Renfield and DraculaEwen Cameron was doing this mind control research with another sadistic psychiatrist, William Walters Sargant, who worked for British intelligence.

Sargant and Cameron




From Inside the Sleep Room, by Gordon Thomas

His name was William Walters SargantHe was the British end of the most sinister program ever approved by the United States government: MK Ultra, an intelligence agency effort designed to control all human behavior.

One of a series of research programs that sought to control and manipulate human behavior, MK Ultra included wide-ranging experiments with LSD and other drugs, hypnosis, electric shock…

Sargant’s Sleep Room was modeled on the one Ewen Cameron had created in the Allan Memorial Institute as part of the MK Ultra program.

Sargant, like Cameron, had devised a system where all patients in the Sleep Room received endless instructions on a tape loop. They were played through a recorder placed under each pillow.

Sargant had balked at Cameron’s proposal that he should use the system operating at the Allan Memorial Institute. There patients received their messages through adapted football helmets strapped to their heads…..

There was another link between Sargant and Cameron: Leonard Rubenstein. He worked for MI 5. At the Allan Memorial Institute he ran the “research and behavioral laboratory.” There he created the tape loops. He had flown to London to show Sargant how they should be fashioned.


This was MK Ultra subproject 68 – the effects upon human behavior of the repetition of verbal signals. Here is the initial CIA document for starting it.

Note: All the documents filed under “68″ at The Black Vault, are on disk 4 in the folder numbered 17468.

  • These scanned images of declassified MKUltra documents are all also available at the Internet Archive using the same numbering system. This was not easy to track down, let me tell you, and I thought I should provide this backup version just in case something should happen with black vault’s website.

The first one I’d like to take up is doc/image number 48 of this particular 17468 collection.

No routing code available.

The reason I chose this document first is because it gives you some dates. At the top you have January 21, 1957, but in point 2 it says that this “research” of the effects on human behavior of the repetition of verbal signals “have been under study…since June 1953.”

Here is the CIA document where Sidney Gottlieb approves MK Ultra subproject 68.

*At The Black Vault, this is on disk 4 in the folder numbered 17468, image #44.

Mkultra subproject 68 - approved by Gottlieb


Here is a CIA document showing that MK Ultra subproject 68 was continued for two more years, starting on 18 March 1957.

*At The Black Vault, this is on disk 4 in the folder numbered 17468, image #45.


Artane – a antispasmodic drug used to control convulsions from electric shock.

Anectine – a muscle relaxant used during electric shock. The person is still conscious.

Bulbocapnine – causes catatonia, convulsions, vomiting.

Curare – causes paralysis, used during electric shock treatment.

Here is an excerpt from a CIA document about MK Ultra subproject 68. The title is Application For Grant To Study The Effects Upon Human Behavior Of The Repetition Of Verbal Signals, dated January 21, 1957.

*At The Black Vault, this is on disk 4 in the folder numbered 17468, image #51.


Look… the best behavior change they got only lasted for two months. And it took continual electric shocking and continual implanting of a command phrase to get that.

The fundamental lie in Dianetics and Scientology is this statement…

“The engram is the single source of aberrations and psychosomatic ills.”

An engram is a mental image picture of an incident containing pain and unconsciousness.

The lie is that command phrases in engrams make a person act irrational or aberrated. The way this is being presented is false and it omits stating what is actually going on.

The engram phrase says – “kill all children”. The part that is omitted here, is that YOU have to decide to accept the idea to “kill all children” before you would put it into action. You can decide to reject the idea to “kill all children”. And on that point, the whole idea about the engram being the cause of irrational behavior goes right out the window as being untrue.

And people will spend countless time and money on Scientology services in support of the engram fairy tale – in the hopes that they can escape responsibility by blaming their wrong actions or behavior on this false idea – “the engram made me do it”.

It is as bad of an excuse as “the devil made me do it”.

Least possible responsibility - marty gif.

Furthermore, the idea you can even find phrases in an engram is a hit or miss affair.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack –

The Los Angeles Foundation cooperated with two university researchers, who tried to validate Dianetics by knocking a volunteer out with sodium pentathol, and reading him a passage from a physics textbook, while inflicting pain. In six months of “auditing” the subject failed to remember any of the passage. Hubbard dismissed the matter in Science of Survival, writing that “Psychotherapists with whom the Foundation has dealt have been eager to plant an engram in a patient and have the Foundation recover it…. The Foundation will accept no more experiments in this line…”


That proves another point – it isn’t science.

In science, it happens that way every time and anybody can observe it. You know, science says there is a law of gravity. An apple falls off a tree and the law of gravity pulls it to the ground. It happens that way every time and anyone can observe it – that is science. Science is not a sometimes affair.

The place where Dianetics and Scientology does have some success is in assisting to relieve psychosomatic discomforts. But again, that is a sometimes affair. Some people cured their asthma with Dianetics and many others did not. So, success is an arbitrary, and that is not science.

The whole slavemaster idea that you can implant command phrases during moments of unconsciousness and the person will carry out the command after he is conscious again, is also not science. Most of the time the person will not carry out the command, and it is his choice as to whether he will carry out the command or not. So, whether it works or not is an arbitrary and that means it is not a natural law and therefore it is not science.

The person himself is always responsible for his decisions and actions.


That is science.


As to the idea that Dianetics and Scientology are improving mental health and making people sane – just take a look at how the Scientologists act, including L. Ron Hubbard. There is your answer to that.

L. Ron Hubbard was nuts. And his use of Dianetics and Scientology did not fix that.

Scientology Roots Chapter Thirty Six shows Scientology does not make people sane.

Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Eight shows that acceptance of Scientology behavior modification results in Scientologists who act insane. They are not actually insane, but they have been influenced to act insane by donning the yoke of Scientogy bad advice on how to view life and how to live life.

What has happened with Scientologists is classic behavior modification

1. Removal of your personality

2. Installing the new personality


Scientologists no longer view life and live life as themselves. They view life and live life in compliance to the false Scientology datums they accepted through Scientology training and the Scientology environment.

See Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Five for examples of false data in Scientology.

See Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Eight for what type of personality is installed.

See Scientology Roots Chapter Thirty Four for what type of personality is installed.

* * *

1959 – Under the cover of more cherry-picked language, doctors Cameron, Levy and Malmo (also with Leonard Rubenstein) characterized Cameron’s psychic driving experiments as simply “repetition of verbal signals”.

Repetition Of Verbal Signals: Behavioural And Physiological Changes
American Journal of Psychiatry 1959, Volume 115, pages 985-991.


Ask yourself why – why does Cameron (and others like him) feel the need to use such homogenous language?

I mean, really. He makes it sound like someone just said something over and over to another person. Which doesn’t sound like much at all, now does it?

They do this, ‘cloaking’ I call it, because THEY KNOW how evil it is but they don’t really want others to see it that way or else they would be consigned to the dungeons of non-participation with anyone resembling human.


The dungeons of non-participation –
this is the worst sentence possible for a Slavemaster.


No one to torture, no one to play “superior” with, no one to do anything with.


isolation – from Latin nsul tus, made into an island


This “dungeon” as I call it, is not really a place per se, it is the state of isolation that the slavemasters and their demented minions are already in – that they then have to see whenever a person refuses to “break”.


Remember that.

* * *

In 1960
, in an article submitted to American Psychiatric Association, Ewen Cameron, Doctors Leonard Levy, Thomas Ban, and Cameron’s assistant Leonard Rubenstein produced a paper titled – Sensory deprivation: Effects upon the Functioning Human in Space Systems.

*OCR’d PDF here – sensory deprivation ewen cameron thomas ban and rubenstein



While most of the language is disturbingly aloof to the point of being inhuman, there is one particular passage that stood out to me for its coldness in relation to the absolute horror that these men inflicted on their “guinea pigs” (as they called people).

At the Allan memorial Institute, the effects of reduced sensory input upon human behavior have been studied in three different ways:

(1) by reduction in the amount of stimulas coming from the environment and received by the individual through his eyes and ears, and an attempted reduction of some of the tactile stimuli by limitation of the use of his hands;
(2) by reduction of input achieved through interference with the conduction of stimuli from the external receptors to the central nervous system;
(3) by reduction of the responsiveness of the individual to stimulation. [They used a drug called Sernyl] through interference with the conduction of stimuli from the external receptors to the central nervous system


Do you realize what is actually being said there?

The use of drugs to block or change the reception of information by the body is a completely unnatural situation, and is entirely useless as any kind of test of anything.

Other than how sick someone like Cameron can be towards others.

Changes tend to disappear within about a day after removal from the area of reduced input.


A day. That’s all they get.


There is variation from person to person in susceptibility to reduction in input. The factors controlling the variability are as yet unknown.


“…are as yet unknown.”

Ain’t that just a bitch…


Well, these “factors” are still unknown

Note – You are about to read a description of a science experiment on DNA. Scientific terms are used to describe the experiment and there is no need to try to understand those terms and what the experiment was, because I’m going to simply explain it right here. The scientists saw neighbor DNAs recognize each other. This mystified them. All they observed was life in action, but since they do not acknowledge the existence of Beings, they then have no explanation for what they saw life do.

A study documented in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B, in an article from 2008, by authors Geoff S. Baldwin, Sergey Leikin, John M. Seddon, and Alexei A. Kornyshev and colleagues and titled DNA Double Helices Recognize Mutual Sequence Homology in a Protein Free Environment.

Amazingly, the forces responsible for the sequence recognition can reach across more than 1 nm of water separating the surfaces of nearest neighbor DNAs…regardless of the underlying mechanism, the segregation of identical DNAs… provides evidence for homology recognition between intact double helices through physical forces as an intrinsic property of DNA. It is notable that some recognition of unknown origin …has been proposed as a necessary step preceding double strand breaks in homologous DNA recombination within cells.

Much work remains to be done before we know the mechanism of the recognition observed in the present study…

(My Note – Uh, Mr. Scientist… the “mechanism of recognition” is called a Being.)



Recognition of unknown origin.”


Yea. Cognitive recognition – I wonder where that came from.


By the way, other than the obvious that my wife has been teaching for years (that this is a who, not a what) it might behoove you to understand that this “recognition effect” – as it has been referred to – is:

Directly responsible for DNA Repair and Evolution.

Think about what that means.

Also, DNA repair – controlled by this “unknown recognition” point – is directly related to aging.

With regard to cells, a single Being can monitor, animate and give intelligent direction to any number of cells. It is not a case of – one Being for each cell.

It would be nice if all scientists would recognize that Beings exist.

If scientists want to do things with cell DNA, why don’t they try talking to the Being who presides over any particular group of cells?

Why don’t they try talking to the Being…

Good question.


* * *

late 1950sThe Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology funded former British Nigerian colonial psychiatrist Raymond Prince to travel to Nigeria to undertake ‘transcultural psychological studies’. Prince had no knowledge of the CIA’s funding of this research. Decades after the fact, Prince came to believe that his cross-cultural psychological research and filmmaking was funded not only to establish legitimacy for the Human Ecology Fund, but also to attempt to recruit foreign nationals into the CIA and ‘to collect psychocultural data on cultures and countries of interest to the CIA for psychological warfare purposes’.

That’s why they’re studying these cultures – and that’s why the subject of Anthropology was invented, it’s a cover and always has been.

A CIA document declassified in 1977 clarified that unbeknownst to Prince, the CIA’s view was that:

“…his study will add somewhat to our understanding of native Yoruba psychiatry including the use of drugs, many of which are unknown or not much used by Western practitioners. It will also assist in the identification of promising young [deleted by CIA censors] who may be of direct interest to the Agency.” 70

* * *

The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology rolled along, funding many, many programs of psychosurgery and every kind of pyshcological warfare and manipulation you can think of. But then…

Disaster struck.


The failed Bay of Pigs fiasco occurred on April 17, 1961.

Several assassination plots against Cuban dictator Fidel Castro utilizing CIA-recruited operatives from the Mafia had failed. The CIA then organized “revolutionary forces” to invade Cuba. When they obtained a foothold on Cuban soil, the US government would officially recognize them as the new government of Cuba and provide them with military support to oust Castro. But President Kennedy did not authorize the needed air support to the invading revolutionary forces and they were defeated by Castro forces on April 17, 1961.

President Kennedy fired Allen Dulles over this and vowed to dismantle and abolish the CIA. The Inspector General began an investigation into all the MKULTRA activities.

Within 2 months of the Bay of Pigs, the CIA had scrambled to re-organize its big umbrella feeder fund – The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. On June 1, 1961 it moved back to Manhattan, where its address was 201 E. 57th St., New York, New York. 55, 56, 58

The name was changed to The Human Ecology Fund.

James L. Monroe was now the official face of the new Fund, and was its executive director from 1961 to 1963; in 1964 David Rhodes became the executive director.

  • Note: there was a Washington branch of the Fund 1834 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009. 55

David Rhodes was a psychologist involved in a series of unethical drug experiments, including efforts to dose unsuspecting people with an aerosol potion of LSD supplied by an MK-Ultra research programme. 59

As the investigation by the Inspector General continued, more re-arranging occurred, as well as shifting of the program to “less visible” methods.

One of the other things that happened as a result of all this fall-out, was a PR maneuver concerning Ewen Cameron. That same year, 1961, suddenly Ewen gets elected as the first president of the World Psychiatric Association.

Psychiatry is an arm of the New World Order men and Ewen Cameron was their agent.

One of their latest achievements has been their attack on schoolchildren. They invented an abnormality they call attention deficit disorder. For this imaginary mental disorder they prescribe a harmful drug that is a derivative of the illegal street drug called speed.

If a child isn’t paying attention, he is not interested in the subject. Talk about something that he’s interested in and his so-called attention deficit will disappear. As with all psych drugs – the drugs do not cure the malady they are given for. So… no need to take them.

Psychiatrists turn people into slobbering vegetables with electric shock and lobotomies.

Cameron, with his sanctioned cruelties,
was their perfect choice to be the leading psych.

All the very best people.

all the very best people

Brain Implants

Now we come to 1959 and MK Ultra subproject 94 – the effort to control human behavior by sending electrical signals to the brain.

Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado worked at Yale University. He conducted research into direct Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB).

In the 1960’s Dr. Delgado conducted a research project of stimulating the brains of monkeys. The monkeys had brain implants which acted as a transmitter and a receiver. The brain implants transmitted brain information to a computer. The monkeys also had their moods and movements controlled by receiving commands to the brain from the computer.

Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, his wife Caroline Delgado, monkey with brain implant

Threatening attitude and aggressive behavior produced by brain stimulation.

It was 1953 when Dr. Jose Delgado told the New York Times that social behavior of humans and animals can be drastically influenced by electrical stimulation of the brain. Delgado said that motion, emotion and behavior can be directed by electrical forces and that animals and humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons.

Well, that is propaganda. They made it work on animals but…

it failed miserably when applied to humans.


The brain acts as a receiver and a transmitter. All of the body functions are controlled through the brain. When acting as a transmitter the brain can be likened to a switchboard – you apply a small electrical current to a certain part of the brain and it sends an electrical command to a certain body part to go into action. The body part can be an arm, leg or an organ that releases a chemical.

There is a Being who presides over the body and its functions. That Being is your partner in giving the body intelligent direction in life. This means there are at least two Beings associated with any given human body – You and your Partner. It is this fact that makes all of their mind control techniques fail on humans.

The brain is not the mind, it does not generate thoughts and ideas. A Being generates thoughts and ideas. A Being is a someone, not a something. You are yourself, you are not a body or a brain. You exist independent of a body and you can exist in conjunction with a body. At no time does this make you into a body, you are always you, with or without a body.

In brain implants, they are attempting to take away control of your body by You, by influencing your Partner (through the body). Either You or your Partner, or both You and your Partner together, can decide to not allow the result.

Control over your own ideas and directions to the body, regardless of the outside interference aimed at the brain, can be maintained.

With brain implants and other mind control methods….

They are trying to force action without decision.


But “something” – as they call it – just continually thwarts their attempts to gain control.

Delgado and others were able to create advanced brain implants that were controlled by radio waves from a remote control device.

Delgado is doing this the same time as MKUltra subproject 94 is going.


MK Ultra subproject 94 – the effort to control human behavior by sending electrical signals to the brain.

MK Ultra subproject 94 is found on black vault cd #1, the 17497 document series.

The proposal for subproject 94 occurs on 7 May 1959. The proposal states the ultimate aim of subproject 94 is to use Electrical Stimulation of the Brain on humans. The CIA funding for the subproject is sent through The Society for The Investigation of Human Ecology.

This document is on black vault cd #1, folder 17497, document 66

The ultimate aim of this investigation is to complete work which will permit the practical application of the system to (blacked out, human) problems.

“… 3. (Blacked out, The Society for The Investigation of Human Ecology) will function as cut-out and cover for this Subproject.


The first payment on Subproject 94 was 45,000 dollars on May 12, 1959.

This document is on black vault cd #1, folder 17497, document 1

Additional funding for Subproject 94 is given on 22 September 1959. Stimulation of dog brains will be added.

This document is on black vault cd #1, folder 17497, document 47

“…directional control of rats and burros will be extended to dogs


A memorandum on the continuation of Subproject 94 is made on 18 October 1960.

This document is on black vault cd #1, folder 17497 , document 30

Miniaturized stimulating electrode implants in specific brain center areas will be utilized.”

“The ultimate objective of this research is …to provide practical systems suitable for (blacked out, human) application.”

This document is an MK Ultra subproject 94 proposal.

This document is on black vault cd #1, folder 17497 , document 23

“…application of selected elements of these techniques to man.”

* * *

My wife tracked down information concerning MK Ultra subproject 94 – which I don’t think had been known before.

From her Brotherhood Series, Part 5A

Next up on CD #1, is one of the document series that I figured who was involved in this particular dark (top secret) MKULTRA sub-project.

Just to recap, these documents are from Black vault’s website that has a complete listing of declassified MKUltra documents. Using Black Vault’s layout, the following documents are on cd #1 main directory.

This is sub-project #94, which was research initially using dogs and other animals, with goals of identifying brain areas, implanting micro-electrodes directly in those brain areas, and then controlling brain action by remote-control, with the ultimate goal of human application.

I figured out that this involved a company called Panoramic Research, which one of the heads was private citizen Woodrow “Woody” Wilson Bledsoe, and he was accompanied by his friend Iben Browning. I have never seen anything linking these two with this particular MK ULTRA subproject.

Dr. Colin Ross is THE ONLY source that I originally found that connects MK Ultra subproject 94 with Panoramic Research. Colin wrote a book called Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists [Manitou Communications, Inc., 2000, which was reissued as The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists in 2006.]

Pages 326,328, and 330 discuss MK Ultra subproject #94, here’s a quote:

Most MK-ULTRA research concerned biological, chemical, or hypnotic means of behavioral control, but Contract 94 (classified Top Secret) with Bio-Research, Inc., and Panoramic Research, Inc., in 1959 was for “Brain stimulation studies – remote control of animal behavior”;

David Price published an article in Anthropology Today, (Vol 23 No 3, June 2007) that has a chart of Human Ecology grants from 1960 to 1963. Price’s chart shows Panoramic Research getting an 80,000 dollar contract, but has no connection to anyone’s name.

David Price’s chart:

My wife pieced all this together and figured out who was involved in this particular subproject.

This was the key:

A memorial from the University of Texas:

Panoramic Research, Inc.

In 1960, Woody, [Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe] along with Iben Browning and Lloyd Lockingen, left Sandia to start Panoramic Research, Inc. (PRI), in Palo Alto, California. The majority of the work involved AI-related contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense and various intelligence agencies.

We were constantly, repeatedly, searching for, proposing and trying out ideas which we hoped would “move the world.” That was one of the first AI groups before the term “Artificial Intelligence” came into use (Bledsoe 1976).


So… in 1960, just after the proposal for MK Ultra subproject 94 in 1959, Woody Bledsoe hotfoots it out to Palo Alto where Stanford Research Institute is located, and starts up Panoramic Research.

Bledsoe was there at SRI just in time for the CIA projects of Willis Harmon, Gregory Bateson, and Al Stolaroff’s second-generation LSD testing to begin it’s initial preparatory stages.

Woodrow Wilson “Woody” Bledsoe


Bledsoe already had top secret clearance because he had worked with Sandia, a Department of Defense contractor, doing nuclear weapons research starting in 1953. This is also where he met Iben Browning and they became friends.

Put that together with this, from David Price:


See how many other grants Browning and Bledsoe also had?


And now you know that Bledsoe and Browning (and Lockingen) were involved with the creation of Panoramic Research, and that they went to SRI territory – Palo Alto.

Stanford’s property and buildings sort of spans across both Palo Alto and Menlo Park, with basically one major street being a separation point between the two “towns”.

And now you know that besides multiple other grants being given them as individuals, there was also MK Ultra subproject 94 that they were working on, which happens to be exactly what Delgado was doing – almost word for word.

For much more about these two companies (BioResearch and Panoramic) see my wife’s article Brotherhood Series, Part 5A.

* * *

In 1961 Donald Hebb said –

…civilization depends on an all-pervasive thought control established in infancy…
maintained by the social environment… that we consider to be the normal one.

* * *

Several assassination plots against Cuban dictator Fidel Castro utilizing CIA-recruited operatives from the Mafia failed. The CIA then organized “revolutionary forces” to invade Cuba. When they obtained a foothold on Cuban soil, the US government would officially recognize them as the new government of Cuba and provide them with military support to oust Castro. But President Kennedy did not authorize the needed air support to the invading revolutionary forces and they were defeated by Castro forces on April 17, 1961. It was called the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

President Kennedy intended to dismantle the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Kennedy said he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”

Kennedy also planned to withdraw our military from Viet Nam. The CIA was using the bodies of dead American soldiers to bring heroin into the U.S. Thus the CIA did not want the war to end. The CIA trafficking heroin in the dead bodies of US soldiers was reported in the San Jose Mercury Newspaper.

Kennedy forced Allen Dulles to resign from Director of the CIA in September 1961.
goofy_allen_dulles_picAllen Dulles

The Inspector General began an investigation into all the MK Ultra activities. The CIA scrambled to re-organize its big umbrella feeder fund – The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. The name was changed to The Human Ecology Fund and James L. Monroe was its executive director from 1961 to 1963. 55, 56, 58

Sidney Gottlieb had to preside over the partial dismantling of MK Ultra. Numerous projects were terminated but some were more in the guise of appearing to be terminated that were in fact just shifted underneath “corporate” structures such as Stanford Research Institute – that were still in the vicinity of, or attached to certain Universities. The Society for Psychical Research’s ESP experimentation, for example, was shifted out from under Duke University to a private research institute founded by J.B. Rhine called Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man.

And so it was with MK Ultra subproject 94. It moved out from under the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology and Panoramic Research Inc., to being under Stanford Research Institute (SRI). At that time, SRI was still connected to the University of Stanford. Later on, student protests “forced” it to be separated from the university proper, but work carried on as usual.

Next, we see 

Delgado – 1962 approx.

Threatening attitude and aggressive behavior produced by brain stimulation.


Dr. Jose Delgado apparently perfected the Biological Chip (BioChip).

Dr. Delgado reported that he was able to elicit a range of emotions from his subjects by using small implants located in parts of the brain that then received their energy from ‘remote control’ FM radio waves. The stimoceiver, invented by Dr. Delgado, consists of wires running from strategic points in the brain to a radio receiver/transmitter located entirely under the skin. Through this device, Delgado was able to stimulate various emotions, sexual arousal, pleasure, specific body motions, and behaviour – all with the turn of a knob.

New York Times article 17 May 1965

‘Matador’ with Radio Stops Wired Bull

…sunlight poured into the ring, as the bull bore down on the unarmed “matador” – a scientist who had never before faced a fighting bull. But the charging animal’s horns never reached the man. Moments before that could happen, Dr. Jose Delgado pressed a button on a small radio transmitter in his hand and the bull braked to a halt. Then he pressed another button on the transmitter, and the bull obediently turned to the right and trotted away.

The bull was obeying commands in his brain that were being called forth by electrical stimulation – by the radio signals – of certain regions in which fine wires had been implanted the day before.

The experiment, conducted last year in Spain by Dr. Delgado, was probably the most spectacular demonstration ever performed of the deliberate modification of animal behaviour through external control of the brain.

He has been able to “play” monkeys and cats like little electronic toys that yawn, hide, fight, play, mate and go to sleep on command.

Delgado halts a charging bull – Spain 1964

– the scans of the entire New York times that I obtained some years back can be seen here: The End Is Not Yet #2.

Jose Delgado authored a book: Physical Control Of The Mind: Toward A Psychocivilized Society. He wrote:

Physical control of brain functions is a demonstrated fact… it is even possible to create and follow intentions, the development of thoughts and visual experiences. By electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear and disappear, sexual behaviour may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control

1968 – They tried brain implants on humans…

Nexus magazine #28, January/February 1992 –

In July of 1968, a CIA team flew into Saigon to experiment on three Vietcong prisoners at Bien Hoa Hospital, at Bien Hoa AFB which is 22 miles Northeast of Saigon.

Bien Hoa - US Army hospital in Vietnam

Bien Hoa Base AFB - photo taken in 1968
Bien Hoa AFB – 1968

Bien Hoa 3rd Surgical Hospital, (June 1, 1966)

Working in an enclosed compound, the team’s neurosurgeon and neurologist inserted tiny electrodes into their brains. Behaviorists then experimented on the men, arming them with knives and trying to induce violet behavior in them using the direct electrical stimulation. After a week of experimentation which failed to incite the men to attack each other, they were shot dead and their bodies were burned.

MK Ultra Subproject 119 was a literature review that included a summary of existing information on “Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.” It is a fact that they tested brain implants on humans, not just on animals. They had successfully controlled the animals but when they tested it on humans it failed miserably.

* * *

On 24 February 1974 Dr. Jose Delgado told Congress:

We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.

Delgado said that the day would come when brain control could be turned over to non-human operators, by establishing two-way communication between the implanted brain and a computer.

– Testimony of Jose Delgado – Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974

Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado

* * *

Currently, President O’Bama has authorized 100 million dollars for research to map the human brain.

Before you get too down at the mouth at all this hubris over slavemasters trying to control your mind, let’s take a moment here.

Coffee Break
neat gif girl leaning out


Ewen Cameron’s sensory deprivation failed to produce a permanent personality change. The change only lasted one day.

Ewen Cameron’s psychic-driving failed to do what it set out to do – remake someone. The best change they got only lasted two months.

Jose Delgado’s brain implants failed miserably when used on humans.

So too has the use of drugs similarly failed. In a strikingly clear statement contained in the 1977 Senate hearings into CIA mind control research, it was revealed that:

From 1977 Senate hearings, section on “truth drugs in interrogation” :

Most broadly, there is evidence that drugs have least effect on well-adjusted individuals with good defenses and good emotional control, and that anyone who can withstand the stress of competent interrogation in the waking state can do so in narcosis. The essential resources for resistance thus appear to lie within the individual.


Again –

The essential resources for resistance
thus appear to lie within the individual..


They know.


Perhaps now you may have a glimmering of why there is so much push on how one can be made “unconciously controlled”, how one can be “influenced” against one’s will, and so on.

They need YOU to create the idea, but even then?

You still are in control.


That really says something ugly about L. Ron Hubbard that he too was promoting this idea that one could be influenced against their will by “command phrases” in the so-called subconcious mind.

It does indeed.


They need you to agree to that idea for it to work. And that is why Ron Hubbard promoted the idea – hoping to get your agreement and cooperation.

So, Ron Hubbard and the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology are trying to get people into a frame of mind where they will permit slavemaster mind control to work.

That is Sick.

Want to know what mental health really is? That you do not agree to that idea! Therein lies your sanity and your freedom.

And not agreeing to that idea has another benefit – it does not cost you any money, it’s free.

In summary, attempted Mind Control by –

Control of Information – Failed
Propaganda – Failed
Group Dynamics – Failed
Brainwashing – Failed
Drugs – Failed
Pain-Drug-Hypnosis – Failed
Brain Implants – Failed
Covert Microwave Messages – Failed

In all mind control techniques they are in the back of the bus, they are not in the driver’s seat. All of their mind control techniques are completely dependent upon you deciding to cooperate. And if you do not cooperate, they fail. You are always in control of your thoughts, they never are.


In the next section of this chapter we take up the topic of Advanced Mind Control Weapons

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Attending were Sir Henry T. Tizard, the venerable senior scientist from the U.K. Ministry of Defense; Dr. Omond Solandt, head of Canada’s Defense Research Board (DRB); Dr. Donald O. Hebb, head of the Board’s Behavioral Research and chair of Psychology at McGill; and two Americans, Dr. Caryl Haskins and Commander R.J. Williams. These latter two were identified, in a “handwritten note” found in Board files, as “CIA”.

Canada’s Defence Research Board made minutes of the Montreal meeting. Author Alfred McCoy tells us –

As noted in the Board’s minutes of the Montreal meeting, “Dr. Hebb suggested that an approach based upon the situation of sensory isolation might lead to some clues” to answering “the central problem” that interested this covert research coalition: that is

  • “ ‘confession,’
  • ‘menticide’ [means the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.]
  • ‘intervention in the individual mind,’
  • —together with methods concerned in psychological coercion.”

Hebb suggested that by “cutting off all sensory stimulation . . .  the individual could be led into a situation whereby ideas, etc. might be implanted.

In response, Sir Henry concurred, stating that these issues “had become a matter of concern in the U.K.,” and adding that “the methods of psychological coercion . . . had been well developed by the [Medieval] inquisition” (Cooper, 1986, Appendix 21).

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Despite the Board’s later claims to the contrary, its minutes indicate clearly that their priority in backing Hebb’s brainwashing work was not defensive but offensive operations against communist enemies.

The CIA’s own minutes concur, recording that the Montreal group agreed there was “no conclusive evidence” that the Soviets had made anything akin to “revolutionary progress,” and dismissed their interrogation as “remarkably similar . . to the age-old methods.”

Behind closed doors, therefore, the defensive pretense evaporated, and these cold warriors decided to pursue control over human consciousness for offensive “cold war operations”: that is, ideological conversion and coerced interrogation (Cooper, 1986, pp. 31–32; Marks, 1979, pp. 29–31;CIA, 6 June 1951 and 9 July 1951).

References –
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Canada’s Defence Research Board minutes of the meeting clearly indicate that their priority in backing Hebb’s brainwashing work was not defensive but offensive operations against communist enemies.

The CIA’s minutes of the meeting concur, recording that the Montreal group agreed there was “no conclusive evidence” that the Soviets had made anything akin to “revolutionary progress,” and dismissed their interrogation as “remarkably similar . . to the age-old methods.”

75. The 1 June 1951 meeting was reported on in CIA documents. CIA documents state that the results of the meeting were reported to Dr. William Webster, Chairman of the Research and Development Board.

documents from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 149496.

Screenshot –


document from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 144788, image #1 –


william_webster_1952Dr. William Webster

This is the guy who was overseeing and directing the American mind control research in coordination with the British and Canadian governments. The CIA was not the originator of its research into mind control, Webster was over the CIA and its research into mind control.

This meeting is proof of direct British intelligence involvement in the CIA conducting mind control research.

Regarding Tizard being MI 6 – The origins of the SIS (MI6) scientific intelligence section lay in the creation of the Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence, under scientist Sir Henry Tizard. The ‘Tizard Committee’ began meeting in secret in January 1935. Under a 1940 reorganization of British Intelligence, “Special Duties”, the War Office liaison to the SIS was now designated MI6 – the first time this title was ever used with reference to SIS.
References – MI6 and the Machinery of Spying by Philip Davies; Britain’s X-traordinary Files by David Clarke

Dr. Omond Solandt, head of Canada Defence Research Board (DRB) – this is him.

Dr. Omond Solandt

76. Rearming for the Cold War 1945 — 1960 by Elliot V. Converse III

The 1949 legislation actually permitted the secretary of defense to give the Research and Development Board chairman decision power on all matters within the board’s jurisdiction.

77. On 1 January 1943, the truth drug committee was transferred to the Office of Research and Development of the Office of Strategic Services.

Truth Drug CIA doc

78. Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John Marks – as quoted by John Marks –

The goal of the Dachau mescaline (a drug with many of mind altering qualities of LSD) experiments on
prisoners was “to eliminate the will of the person examined.”

Walter Neff German research team member (head nurse) for Dr. Sigmund Rascher at Dachau Concentration Camp.

Walter Neff - whistleblowerWalter Neff

Dr. Kurt Ploetner was running another truth-drug program in Block 5 of Dachau. He was running one of the Ahnenerbe’s most noteworthy experiments – it centered around the uses of cannabis and mescaline. Under SS-Sturmbanfuhrer Dr. Kurt Plotner and an inmate-assistant, Walter Neff, drinks given to concentration camp prisoners were spiked with mescaline and the prisoners observed for signs of altered human behavior.

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Consequently, in the words of a later Canadian inquiry by George Cooper, QC, “a high-level meeting took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montreal on June 1, 1951.

Attending were Sir Henry T. Tizard, the venerable senior scientist from the U.K. Ministry of Defense; Dr. Omond Solandt, head of Canada’s Defense Research Board (DRB); Dr. Donald O. Hebb, head of the Board’s Behavioral Research and chair of Psychology at McGill; and two Americans, Dr. Caryl Haskins and Commander R.J. Williams. These latter two were identified, in a “handwritten note” found in Board files, as “CIA”.

80. CIA operative Miles Copeland Jr. revealed that after WWII the warmongers chose two ‘enemies’ to present to the public – Nuclear War and Communism.

The Game Player by Miles Copeland –

pearl harbor was intentional and choosing the new 'enemy' - Game Player by Miles Copeland-3

In those days, I was little more than a fly on the wall at Washington social occasions, opening my mouth only to ask the occasional question, but I was all ears.

At one of the Lawtons’ parties, during a heated discussion of who would get what jobs in the several embryo organizations, I asked, Suppose we were to drop the whole idea of intelligence services, and struggle along with none at all, what would the country lose?

My question was received merely politely by most of the guests, but one of them, General John Magruder, took it seriously. The top people in the Departments of State, army, navy and air force were busily concocting dangers that would justify increases in their respective budgets…


The ‘fear of communism’ and ‘threat of nuclear war’ are what Copeland detailed that they concocted as the enemy.


From the Senate Committee Hearings in 1977 –

1. Project CHATTER

Project CHATTER was a Navy program that began in the fall of 1947. Responding to reports of “amazing results” achieved by the Soviets in using “truth drugs,” the program focused on the identification and testing of such drugs for use in interrogations and in the recruitment of agents. The research included laboratory experiments on animals and human subjects involving Anabasis aphylla, scopolamine, and mescaline in order to determine their speech-inducing qualities.

The project expanded substantially during the Korean War, and ended shortly after the war, in 1953.


The earliest of the CIA’s major programs involving the use of chemical and biological agents, Project BLUEBIRD, was approved by the Director in 1950. Its objectives were:

(a) discovering means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means, (b) investigating the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques, (c) memory enhancement, and (d) establishing defensive means for preventing hostile control of Agency personnel. [4]

As a result of interrogations conducted overseas during the project, another goal was added — the evaluation of offensive uses of unconventional interrogation techniques, including hypnosis and drugs. In August 1951, the project was renamed ARTICHOKE. Project ARTICHOKE included in-house experiments on interrogation techniques, conducted “under medical and security controls which would ensure that no damage was done to individuals who volunteer for the experiments. [5] Overseas interrogations utilizing a combination of sodium pentothal and hypnosis after physical and psychiatric examinations of the subjects were also part of ARTICHOKE.

  • [4] CIA memorandum to the Select Committee, “Behavioral Drugs and Testing,” 2/11/75.
  • [5] Memorandum from Robert Taylor, O/DD/P to the Assistant Deputy (Inspection and Security) and Chief of the Medical Staff, 3/22/52.

The Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI), which studied scientific advances by hostile powers, initially led BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE efforts. In 1952, overall responsibility for ARTICHOKE was transferred from OSI to the Inspection and Security Office (I&SO), predecessor to the present Office of Security. The CIA’s Technical Services and Medical Staffs were to be called upon as needed; OSI would retain liaison function with other government agencies. [6] The change in leadership from an intelligence unit to an operating unit apparently reflected a change in emphasis; from the study of actions by hostile powers to the use, both for offensive and defensive purposes, of special interrogation techniques — primarily hypnosis and truth serums.

Representatives from each Agency unit involved in ARTICHOKE met almost monthly to discuss their progress. These discussions included the planning of overseas interrogations [8] as well as further experimentation in the U.S.

Information about project ARTICHOKE after the fall of 1953 is scarce. The CIA maintains that the project ended in 1956, but evidence suggests that Office of Security and Office of Medical Services use of “special interrogation” techniques continued for several years thereafter.

  • [6] Memorandum from H. Marshall Chadwell, Assistant Director, Scientific Intelligence, to the Deputy Director/Plans (DDP) “Project ARTICHOKE,” 8/29/52.
  • [8] “Progress Report, Project ARTICHOKE.” 1/12/53.


MKNAOMI was another major CIA program in this area. In 1967, the CIA summarized the purposes of MKNAOMI:

(a) To provide for a covert support base to meet clandestine operational requirements.

(b) To stockpile severely incapacitating and lethal materials for the specific use of TSD [Technical Services Division].

(c) To maintain in operational readiness special and unique items for the dissemination of biological and chemical materials.

(d) To provide for the required surveillance, testing, upgrading, and evaluation of materials and items in order to assure absence of defects and complete predictability of results to be expected under operational conditions. [9]

Under an agreement reached with the Army in 1952, the Special Operations Division (SOD) at Fort Detrick was to assist CIA in developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery systems. By this agreement, CIA acquired the knowledge, skill, and facilities of the Army to develop biological weapons suited for CIA use. 64

the above Appendix A (ref #64) also contains a great deal of information concerning the death of Frank Olson who had been experimented on with LSD – ordered by Sydney Gottlieb. It also included the fact that the Army was testing LSD on unwitting persons in foreign countries.

These experiments, designed to evaluate potential intelligence uses of LSD, were known collectively as “Material Testing Program EA 1729.” Two projects of particular interest conducted as part of these experiments, “THIRD CHANCE” and “DERBY HAT”, involved the administration of LSD to unwitting subjects in Europe and the Far East.

82. A C.I.A.Memo (written in June 1951) says:

C.I.A. interest is in the specific subject of devising scientific methods for controlling the minds of individuals. And so, in the late 1940′s some essentially uncontrolled experimentation was begun by various people within the C.I.A.

This led to a more structured programme that had the name Bluebird, later named Artichoke, MK Ultra, and MK Search. Under Projects Bluebird and Artichoke the attempt was made to bring together all known knowledge of interrogation techniques, truth serums, polygraphs, and hypnosis – to create an elite interrogation team with facility in all of those endeavours, and have them do the work that would be needed, first of all to protect against infiltration by enemy agents, and also to protect the minds of American agents who might get captured by Communist individuals.

83. Earliest use of the term brainwashing appeared in 3 articles –

Salt Lake Tribune June 10, 1935


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The_Lawton_Constitution_Mon__Oct_20__1941 lavaggio anticomunista brainwashing_

Morning Herald – January 28, 1946 –


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