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Chapter Eleven

Scientology Thought Police


People are only allowed to have positive thoughts about the Scientology religion, the church and its leaders.
Anyone who sees something wrong with it will be attacked and silenced by the Scientology Thought Police.

The slavemaster tactic is to pin a label on the person and then destroy them.

The Catholic Church does this, they pin the label heretic or witch and destroy them.
Heretic – anyone who does not advocate the Catholic Church and all of its beliefs.

The Church of Scientology employs the slavemaster tactic – pin a label on the person and destroy them.

Anyone who sees something wrong in the religion, church, or its leaders is labeled a Suppressive Person.

The Suppressive Person label is an attempt to solve several problems –

1. People who did not improve with Scientology procedures.
2. To hide the truth about what is wrong with Hubbard and Scientology
3. To hide the truth about Scientology, as an arm of the slavemasters.
4. To hide the truth about crimes being committed by top management.
5. To have a monopoly by attacking competition.

Hubbard also said a Suppressive Person is an anti-social personality. The label SP is actually propaganda.

Most of the people that the Church of Scientology labeled as a Suppressive Person were Scientologists.
The vast majority of those people wanted to help people, and they wanted to help make a better world.
They cared enough to donate their time and money to make that happen.

These people are most definitely not anti-social personalities. One day they discovered something wrong with Hubbard or Scientology and now the cover-up begins by giving them the propaganda label Suppressive Person. For decades they were seen as a social personality, then magically, overnight, they suddenly became an anti-social person!

Calling them a Suppressive Person after they had spent decades of their lives helping –
is nothing but pure propaganda – to hide what is wrong with Hubbard and Scientology.

Church policy is to completely destroy the life of anyone who they have labeled a Suppressive Person.

* * *

The Catholic Church viciously attacked people who were critical of any Catholic beliefs.
The Catholics tortured them, killed them, and stole all of their possessions.

The Nazi Gestapo viciously attacked people who were critical of any Nazi ideas or Nazi leaders.
The Gestapo arrested them without trial, killed them, and stole their possessions.

The Church of Scientology viciously attacks people who are critical of Scientology or its leaders.
They try to get them put into jail and ruin the person’s life in every possible way.

Scientology labels any critic of Scientology as being a Suppressive Person (SP).
They are considered to be Fair Game. Any crime is authorized against these Fair Game targets.


ENEMY  –  SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

Even murder is allowed – and even murder has been sometimes recommended and used.
In an Ethics Order dated 6 March 1968, L. Ron Hubbard says to murder a list of people.



The above Ethics Order says –

…are hereby declared Suppressive Persons…

4. They are fair game.

7. Any Sea Org member contacting any of them is to use Auditing Process R2-45.

Auditing Process R2-45 is the use of a .45 caliber handgun to kill a person.   9

* * *

The Catholic Church, the Nazis, and the Church of Scientology are fanatics.

All of these fanatical madmen are Thought Police. They do not allow –

freedom of speech
freedom of religion
freedom of ideas

You must accept their false ideas – or be ruined.

They all use the same false idea to whitewash their crimes – they are “saving the world”.

In each case the people are being forced to accept a tremendous number of lies that are propagated within the subjects that these madmen peddle – and none are world saviors


Policy Authorizing Criminal Acts

Ron Hubbard wrote policies authorizing criminal acts against people declared a Suppressive Person.
Such a person is considered to be “Fair Game”, meaning any offense of any kind may be done to the person.

HCO PL  17 March 1965  Justice, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists,
The Fair Game Law

A Suppressive Person or Group becomes “fair game”.

By FAIR GAME is meant, without rights for self, possessions or position, and no Scientologist may be brought before a Committee of Evidence or punished for any action taken against a Suppressive Person or Group…

Suppressive Acts are clearly those covert or overt acts knowingly calculated to reduce or destroy the influence or activities of Scientology… As persons or groups that would do such a thing act out of self interest only to the detriment of all others, they cannot be granted the rights and beingness ordinarily accorded rational beings and so place themselves beyond any consideration for their feelings or well being. 

…no Committee of Evidence may be called to punish any Scientologist or person for any offenses of any kind against the suppressive person…

The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology justice…

A truly Suppressive Person or group has no rights of any kind and actions taken against them are not punishable.


HCO PL  23 December 1965  Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists,
The Fair Game Law

By FAIR GAME is meant, may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines of Scientology or the rights of a Scientologist.  …no Committee of Evidence may be called to punish any Scientologist or person for any offenses of any kind against the Suppressive Person…

The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics…

A truly Suppressive Person or Group has no rights of any kind as Scientologists and actions taken against them are not punishable under Scientology Ethics Codes.

...Suppressive Acts include…
public statements against Scientology or Scientologists
continued adherence to a person… pronounced a Suppressive Person
failure to handle or disavow and disconnect from a person demonstrably guilty of Suppressive Acts

Anyone making public statements against Scientology or Scientologists has committed a Suppressive Act.
Notice there is no qualification made as to whether the statements made were true or not.
Even if the statements made against Scientology are true, it does not matter.
Any public criticism warrants the label of Suppressive Person.

All Scientologists must disconnect from a declared SP. The Scientologists may not give any communication to the SP and may not receive any communication from the SP. Even if the declared SP is your spouse, child, parent, friend, employee or employer – you must disconnect. If you do not disconnect, you are declared an SP.

* * *

Ron Hubbard wrote a policy 1 March 1966 The Guardian. It established the Guardian Office, some of its bureaus were Intelligence, Public Relations and Legal. The GO dealt with critics of Scientology and its bureaus leveled a combined assault on targeted critics.

The Guardian Office was the vehicle for applying the Fair Game Policy, especially the Intelligence unit, which ran black intelligence operations against critics to cost the person his job, to get him jailed, and any other way possible to ruin the critic’s life completely. The Intelligence unit has staff in Churches all around the world and their daily task is viciously attacking critics and those who left Scientology to start their own groups.

Crimes are committed against the targets of these attacks, they are authorized by the Fair Game policy. Starting in 1966 up until today, criminal activity by the Intelligence unit has gone unabated, and that is a lot of crime. This book is not an effort to give all the details, I only mention enough of it so you can see what goes on, so you see the scene.

The Public Relations bureau also has a role in attacking critics.

Confidential Public Relations Series 24 of 30 May 1974 Handling Hostile Contacts/Dead Agenting

It is my intention that by the use of professional PR tactics any opposition be not only dulled but permanently eradicated. If there will be a long-term threat, you are to immediately evaluate and originate a black PR campaign to destroy the person’s repute and to discredit them so thoroughly that they will be ostracized.

The Legal bureau also has a role in attacking critics…

Ability March 1955, page 151 of the new Tech Volume II  –

The defense of anything is untenable. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK…

The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway… will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.

Following this policy, the Legal Bureau filed multiple lawsuits against a targeted person.

Hubbard told the Intelligence unit that every critic of Scientology had numerous crimes.It was standard operating procedure to find a crime the critic had committed and have them put in jail. It is not true that every critic has crimes, and failing to find a crime on a targeted person, the intelligence unit would run a black intelligence operation to set the critic up for a crime they actually did not commit. Planting drugs and then calling the police to get the critic arrested for possession of illegal drugs, is only one example of this.

I find it fascinating that Hubbard accused critics of having crimes, when the intelligence unit was reeking with crimes from their application of Hubbard’s Fair Game policy that authorized criminal activity against critics.

They have far more crimes than the person they were attacking, most critics had none.

Here are some quotes from directives issued to the Intelligence Bureau staff…

HCO Policy Letter 25 April 1968 Intelligence Actions –

The standard actions of Intelligence are:

1. Predict the trouble before it occurs by filing, cross-indexing, investigation of areas, statistics and other means.

2. Investigate for crimes, the individuals who are creating trouble.

3. Prosecute.

Reason is, it is only those people that have crimes that will attack us, and they will soon back off for fear of being found out when attacked back.

HCO Policy Letter of 25 February 1966 Attacks On Scientology –

This is correct procedure:

(1) Spot who is attacking us.
(2) Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse…
(4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.

Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way. There has never been an attacker who was not reeking with crime.


Extracts from an LRH Communication, 14 June 1970 –

I have a new system worked out to knock them out no matter what they do.

We started telling them to investigate newspaper reporters who wrote against us…
They have a vulnerability already worked – several guys have lost their jobs over this. How could they be hurt – all you have to do is spot it, figure out how to cost them their jobs and make them lose it.

We have some trouble getting the real background dope on these guys but they do pick up what the guy is doing in present time. So we change the procedure to spot it and cost them their jobs every time.

Hubbard’s policy on critics of Scientology  –

1. get them jailed (even if you have to frame them for a crime they did not commit)
2. cost them their source of income
3. run a black Public Relations campaign to destroy the person’s repute
4. harass the person by filing lawsuits on them
5. do anything you want to them, commit any crimes, until they are ruined utterly

* * *

People who leave the official Church of Scientology and start their own group that practices pure Scientology or an altered version of Scientology, are also labeled as Suppressive Persons and are viciously attacked as Fair Game targets.

HCO Executive Letter 27 September 1965 AMPRINISTICS –

Over the past 15 years we have seen a lot of groups splinter off from Scientology…

We call them “squirrels”…

They are each fair game, can be sued or harrassed.

Any meeting held by them should be torn up. Harass these persons in any possible way.

Under freedom of religion, people have a right to practice the religion of their choice. They have a right to practice pure Scientology or to mix it with their own ideas, and they do not need sanction from any “official Church” to do so.

But the people who started their own Scientology group have been treated as Fair Game.


Fair Game Targets

Here is one example of a person under attack by the Scientology Thought Police.

Paulette Cooper wrote a book The Scandal of Scientology.

The town of Clearwater, Florida held public hearings into Scientology in May 1982. Paulette Cooper was one person who testified. She wrote her first article on Scientology in 1968. She received a flood of death threats and smear letters; her phone was bugged; lawsuits were filed against her; attempts were made to break into her apartment; and she was framed for a bomb threat.

In late 1972, the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence United States (DGI US) Terry Milner was busy framing Paulette Cooper for bomb threats. Terry wanted to find ways to destroy Paulette, preferably to have her put in jail for “her crimes”.  5

Scientology intelligence obtained blank pieces of paper with Paulette’s fingerprints on them. Bomb threats against the New York Church of Scientology were typed out, using the pieces of paper with Paulette’s fingerprints on them. It appeared that the bomb threats were done by Paulette, but in truth, she was being framed by Terry Milner, head of Intelligence Operations in the United States.

In December 1972 the New York Church of Scientology received the first two bomb threats “from Paulette Cooper”. The FBI was contacted regarding these “bomb threats against a Church.”

8 December — New York Church receives first bomb threat. 5

13 December — New York Church receives second bomb threat.  5

15 December — The FBI questions Cooper about the bomb threats. 6

When the first two bomb threat letters failed to produce a satisfactory result, a new death threat letter was sent to Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger.

By May of 1973, Paulette Cooper was indicted for bomb threats and perjury by a Federal Grand Jury. 6

They put out libelous publications about her; sent letters saying that she was soon to be imprisoned.
They sent false reports about her to the Justice Department, the District Attorney’s Office, the IRS.

At one point Cooper moved, and her cousin Joy, of rather similar appearance, took over her old apartment. Soon afterwards, before the cousin had even changed the name plate on the door, someone called with flowers. When Joy opened the door to get the flowers, he unwrapped the gun… he took the gun and he put it at Joy’s temple and he cocked the gun, and we don’t know whether it misfired, whether it was a scare technique… somehow the gun did not go off… he started choking her, and she was able to break away and she started to scream. And the person ran away.

Many of the 300 tenants in her new apartment building were sent copies of a smear letter, saying that Paulette Cooper had venereal disease and sexually molested children.

They made calls to her family, they knew a way to get to her was to harass her parents.

Scientology filed 18 lawsuits against her and stole her book from all the public libraries.

Cooper developed insomnia, sleeping for only two to four hours a night, and wandered around in a daze of exhaustion. At this point, she met Jerry Levin, who took pity on her terrible situation. At last she had a friend and confidant who would listen to everything. However, Jerry Levin was actually Don Alverzo, he worked for the Scientology intelligence unit.

Terry Milner was the senior handler for Don Alverzo. Don told me (after the fact) that he had been tasked to infiltrate Paulette Cooper by becoming her boyfriend under the false name Jerry Levin.

Even Don Alverzo was a false name though, as we found out. His real name is Jeffrey Kim Marino.

Two other covert operations they ran on Paulette, was an attempt to have her committed to a mental institution and an attempt to have her commit suicide. Mitchell Hermann told me about that some years later, when he was working at USGO intelligence under the cover name of Mike Cooper.

Mitchell Hermann

The covert operations against Paulette Cooper, were code-named Operation Freak Out. The covert black intelligence operations took a toll on Paulette, she provided pictures of herself before and after the Black Operations.

In 1977 the FBI raided the Scientology intelligence unit in Los Angeles and they obtained truckloads of evidence that proved Scientology black intelligence operations against a great many critics of Scientology.

Paulette Cooper was completely exonerated after the FBI found the Guardian Orders for the Operations against her. The bomb threat charges against Cooper were dropped.

There are lots of people Scientology attacked like that, sometimes even worse.

HCO Policy Letter 16 February 1969 Battle Tactics –

If you uniformly apply the tactics and strategy of battle to the rows we get into, press or legal or public confrontation, you will win.

If we and they are considered as two hostile and opposing nations at war, then a huge array of tactics and strategy become visible.

We must ourselves fight on a basis of total attrition of the enemy. Just go all the way in and obliterate him.

One cuts off enemy communications, funds, connections. He takes over enemy territory. He raids and harasses.

The only safe public opinion to head for is they love us and are in a frenzy of hate against the enemy, this means standard wartime propaganda is what one is doing…

You preserve the image or increase it of your own troops and degrade the image of the enemy to beast level.

Treat all skirmishes like wars.

HCO Policy Letter of 15 August 1960 Department of Government Affairs –

If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone… always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace. Don’t ever defend. Always attack.

* * *

Fair Game attacks on critics are used to terrify people outside of the Church.

Enforced disconnection is used to terrify people inside the Church.

Terrorizing people inside and outside the Church makes Scientology extremely repulsive.

* * *

In 1973 Ron Hubbard wrote a program for the Guardian Office (GO) to do. He called it Snow White. The GO was to get the files on Scientology held by every government agency. The intelligence unit committed numerous crimes in getting these files, breaking and entering was done, lock picks were used, and agents were sent in to get jobs at some government agencies.

One such spy was Gerald Wolfe who got a job at the IRS in Washington D.C. At night, Wolfe and his handler, Michael Meisner, would enter government buildings such as the Department of Justice, and copy their files on Scientology.

30 Jun 1976 – Gerald Wolfe was arrested in the main IRS building by FBI Special Agent Christine Hansen.
Wolfe was initially charged with the use and possession of a forged official pass of the United States.

Michael Meisner, a member of the GO intelligence unit, was being sought by the FBI, so he was ordered to Los Angeles to hide out. Then he wanted to turn himself in and he was held against his will for months, locked in a house with guards 24 hours a day. Two more crimes were committed, harboring a fugitive from justice and illegal detainment. Holding people against their will is something that has been done frequently by Scientologists, when the person represents some kind of bad public relations threat to the Church.

8 July 1977 – The arrest of Wolfe led to an FBI raid of the United States Guardian Office in Los Angeles.
They confiscated truckloads of GO intelligence files. Those files proved the great number of black intelligence operations run by Scientology intelligence staff. Mary Sue Hubbard and ten other top GO staff were later convicted and went to jail.

Mary Sue Hubbard arrest

Right after the FBI raid, L. Ron Hubbard went into hiding.

Mary Sue Hubbard had cut a deal with the FBI, the GO staff would not argue against the government’s evidence against them, in exchange for not putting L. Ron Hubbard in jail. Ron Hubbard escaped jail that way – he was an unindicted co-conspirator in the charges.

In addition to the criminal charges, there was the threat of many civil lawsuits being filed against Ron Hubbard and the Church by the people who had been the targets of the Fair Game policies. Over thirty civil lawsuits were filed when the confiscated intelligence files were made public by the court.

Paulette Cooper was found guilty of a bomb threat against the Church by a grand jury. She had pleaded innocent to the charges but the grand jury did not believe her, thus she was facing being put in jail. The FBI raid found the Church intelligence files that proved Paulette Cooper was innocent – she had been framed by Church intelligence staff.

Paulette Cooper was just one of many people the Church had targeted like that for years.

Washington Post article 28 April 1978  by Ron Shaffer –

Effort to Silence Critics Seen in Scientology Data

Church of Scientology documents seized by the FBI indicate that the church has been waging an extensive, sophisticated campaign to identify, attack and discredit its enemies, including Justice Department investigators, other public officials and inquiring journalists.

The ‘attack and destroy’ campaign carried out by the Church of Scientology’s ‘Guardian’s Office’ to silence critics has involved illegal surveillance, burglaries, forgeries and many forms of harassment, according to sources close to an intensive federal investigation of the Scientologists’ activities. Sources said the ‘covert operations’ were documented in the Scientologists’ own internal memoranda and directives, which were seized by the FBI under court subpoena last July… .

FBI agents seized truckloads of Scientology documents in simultaneous raids on church headquarters here and in Los Angeles last July 8.


In 1981, the name of the Guardian Office was changed to the Office of Special Affairs.
Some of the old GO staff members were retained while others were dismissed.

The excuse given was that the GO had committed crimes. That was not the real reason because OSA was a change in name only and what the GO had been doing was continued by OSA, including running black intelligence operations on Scientology critics. Further crimes were committed, such as hiring The Minutemen, who acted as thugs and went around physically beating up declared SPs and other perceived enemies of Scientology.

These are the three top Scientology executives who ran the Office of Special Affairs.


The atrocities committed by OSA staff have been disclosed in sworn affidavits filed in court cases.
The Church offered to pay them to shut up and some accepted the money.

Vicki Aznaran affidavit –

I, Vicki J. Aznaran, of Mesquite, Texas, do herewith depose and swear:

1. That from the approximate dates of 1984 until 1987 I held the positions of President and Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Scientology organization called the Religious Technology Center (RTC) …

6. That also, to my certain knowledge, David Miscavige conceived, planned and ordered the implementation of the basic strategic and tactical actions of the church against those whom he considered to be causing legal or public relations conflicts against any church or against his personal and absolute control of Scientology. He also ordered the allocation of and made available funding for the financing of these actions, which included the declaring of those whom he considered to be his “enemies’ as Suppressive Persons, the implementation of the policies known as “Fair Game” against these persons once so declared, the infiltration of private and governmental environments which he deemed hostile to his absolute control over Scientology, the organization of vigilante groups within the organizations of Scientology to be used against those individuals whom he deemed to be his enemies.

7. That following Miscaviges’ orders, I transferred monies to Spain, and witnessed briefings by Miscavige …concerning covert operations taking place in Spain against former Scientologists…

8. That during this same period and as part of these same operations, a plan was formulated to destroy the reform movement in europe by completely eliminating the leaders of this reform movement, William Robertson, John Caban and others, by any means possible.

9. That additional orders were given to institute any action necessary including false denunciations, assaults by covert agents apparently in bad standing with the church, to infiltrate, offset and attack those leaders of the reform movement…

10. That the policies known as “Fair Game” are, as described in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, ethics policies, and other organizational policies are in fact continued as originally written by Hubbard, and that it is the purpose of the RTC to see that all of his policies are followed exactly as intended.

11. That the organization known as the Guardian’s Office, while apparently abandoned, in fact was moved from the position as a separate organization or network, and incorporated within the organizational structure of Scientology, and all of the purposes and most of the Guardian personnel have remained the same.

(Vicki Aznaran affidavit dated 27 January 1992)

Vicki Aznaran says throughout her Presidency of Religious Technology Center, that fair game actions against critics were commonplace. Fair game activities included burglaries, assaults, disruption of businesses owned by enemies, spying, harassing investigations and litigation, abuse of confidential communications in parishioner files, destruction of evidence, etc. The dismantling of the Guardian Office did not bring about a cessation of criminal activity. Vicki said the Office of Special Affairs continued the criminal activities, day in and day out.

Jesse Prince

In March 1983 Jesse Prince was promoted to Deputy Inspector General RTC. His only senior was David Miscavige. Scientology’s intelligence network is run by RTC. Jesse Prince was now the head of this. Prince took direct orders from David Miscavige on intelligence actions. After Jesse left the Church, he began revealing his personal knowledge of the criminal activities being conducted by Miscavige and RTC.

Jesse Prince says, under orders from Miscavige, he would order others to engage in illegal activities against perceived enemies of Scientology. These activities included, but are not limited to, wire-tapping, planting illegal drugs on enemies to set them up for being arrested, and destruction of documents that contained evidence of illegal activities. They also commonly went through parishioner’s confessional records looking for confessional material that could be used for blackmail or extortion. 1

1985 – A black operation was begun to physically attack witnesses for government litigation against the Church, and other “enemies.” The operatives have the code name “The Minutemen.” David Miscavige and Marty Rathbun would say to Eugene Ingram, wouldn’t it be nice if so and so got beat up. Ingram would assign one or two of his operatives to do it.

In 1986, one such vigilante was sent to attack expelled Scientologist, Bent Corydon. A big man went to where Corydon was working, and failing to find Corydon, he beat up one of Corydon’s assistants. The assailant said – “Since Corydon is not here, you’ll do.” He then yelled “You are standing in the way of Ron’s bridge!” and proceeded to punch the assistant in the face and knock him around.

In addition, obscene and threatening phone calls were often made to Corydon’s wife.

A Mexican Scientologist was also severely beaten up. There are many others. 2

Eugene Ingram

June 1986 – Jesse Prince was in the room when David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and Gene Ingram were planning a black intelligence operation to physically beat up an opposing attorney – Charles O’Reilly.
Prince was also in the room a few days later when they were celebrating having pulled it off. 3

Charles O’Reilly

July 1986 – A Los Angeles jury awards Larry Wollersheim $30 million in damages. The court found the Church guilty of practicing “Fair Game” against him (they destroyed his business) and awarded damages. One of the intelligence black operations run on him by Miscavige, Rathbun and Ingram, was a fake bomb placed on the doorsteps of his parents. Another was approaching his sister in a supermarket and telling her that Larry will not live to collect any money. Another was physically beating up his attorney, Charles O’Reilly. 4

Larry Wollersheim

Vicky Aznaran hired attorney Joseph Yanny, in 1984, to represent RTC in copyright litigation. While representing RTC, he witnessed a lot of RTC’s criminal activities. Therefore he stopped representing them in November 1987 and he and his associates were then subjected to covert black intelligence operations and physical assaults by The Minutemen.

Joseph Yanny

LA Times article – June 29, 1990

A Lawyer Learns What It’s Like to Fight the Church : Joseph Yanny represented the movement until a falling out. Now he says lengthy litigation and mysterious harassment indicate he’s become ‘Public Enemy No. 1.’

Los Angeles attorney Joseph Yanny was driving through rural Ohio in the pre-dawn hours in 1988 when he was pulled over by police, who had received a tip that he was carrying a cache of cocaine and guns in his rental car.

A telephone caller had supplied authorities in Ohio with Yanny’s name, the car’s description and license number, and the route he would be traveling to his sister’s house after a rock concert by one of his clients, the Grateful Dead.

Yanny was frisked and the vehicle was searched. No drugs or firearms were found, and he was released.

Police later concluded that the tipster had given a false name, leading them to speculate that Yanny had been set up for harassment.

And Yanny, though he can’t prove it, is certain he knows by whom: his former client, the Church of Scientology.

“I am,” he said with some pride, “probably Public Enemy No. 1 as far as they are concerned.”

Today, Yanny and Scientology are locked in bitter litigation. Their dispute illustrates how battles with the Church of Scientology often degenerate into nasty, costly wars of retribution and endurance.

Yanny worked for the church from 1983 to 1987, earning, by his estimate, $1.8 million in legal fees.

His chief job was to represent Scientology in a suit it brought against a former top church executive accused of conspiring to steal the church’s secret teachings. In 1986, Yanny scored a major victory for the church during a pretrial hearing.

But then Yanny and Scientology had a falling out. He says he severed ties because he disagreed with the tactics the group uses against its critics. Scientology says Yanny was dismissed because his performance was “inadequate.” They call him an “anti-church demagogue.”

Scientology lawyers sued Yanny, accusing him of switching allegiances and of violating the canons of his profession. They say he fed confidential church information to former members locked in legal battles with Scientology. He denies the accusation.

They further accused him of submitting “extremely inflated” bills and of working while intoxicated, an allegation that was subsequently dropped.

Since the litigation began, Yanny says, he and his friends have been the target of harassment.

He says that his Century City law firm was burglarized four times and that Scientology-related documents turned up missing; that he has been spied upon by a church “plant” working as a secretary in his office; and that private investigators have camped outside his Hermosa Beach residence and shadowed him when he left.

Jon J. Gaw, a Riverside-area private investigator who has handled a number of Scientology-related probes in recent years, said in a deposition that he used as many as “seven or eight” investigators to conduct surveillance of Yanny between June, 1988 and March, 1989. Two of his operatives took up residence on a nearby street, Gaw said, and tailed Yanny whenever he ventured outside.

Gaw said he later learned that private detectives for another agency hired by Scientology lawyers had been spying on Yanny at the same time. That agency employed a woman to live next door to him.

The woman, Michelle Washburn, said in a deposition that she was hired by Al Bei, a former Los Angeles police officer who has worked as a private investigator on Scientology-related cases.


Yanny made an affidavit about his knowledge of RTC’s criminal acts –

Joseph Yanny affidavit 13 July 1988 –

His associate, Karen McRae, was severely beaten by two assailants in Dallas, Texas.

Rick Aznaran, while under surveillance by Church intelligence agents, was the object of a hit and run accident in the State of Texas.

(Note – This is a common black operation by Scientology operatives – a car accident.)

His fiancee, Ms. Wilske, was the object of a hit and run auto accident involving the collision of the front and rear of her vehicle, destroying the car and injuring her.

While under surveillance by Church intelligence agents, he was stopped by 4 police cars and the officers got out and called him by name. They had information that he was in possession of firearms and cocaine. Yanny allowed them to search his car and nothing was found by the police. The police then interrogated the two intelligence agents and found them to be hired by a law firm that represents the church, Williams & Connolly.

Since he stopped representing the church, his offices had been broken into 3 times, once with a crow bar, and numerous documents related to the Church were taken.

Yanny was also informed of a group of vigilantes known as “The Minutemen” who were to go beat up dissidents and had in fact done so.


Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 29 November 1968 The War –

You may not realize it staff member but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for 18 years. We are using only legal means over the world. We don’t stoop to murder and rough house.

More lies told by Ron Hubbard. Crimes were being committed by Church intelligence in their daily running of black intelligence operations on critics. Sometimes even physical violence was used and there are several cases of suspicious deaths where murder is likely.

* * *


Here is another confidential Policy Letter by L. Ron Hubbard…

HCO Policy Letter 28 March 1972 Counter Attack Tactics –


1. These persons can always lose their jobs.  These jobs, permitting them power to destroy, are valuable to them.  This is A POINT OF VULNERABILITY.

2. If the person’s job is also not valuable to him or if he cannot be made to cost his job, something can be found which he is seeking to protect and it can be threatened.




D. Where A and C fail, use B.

(a) Wherever an attack is in progress (and even when being held off by counter-propaganda from PR or actions from Legal) at once swiftly draw up a precise program using Intelligence principles and cross filing to isolate the attacker.

(b) Identify the instigator.

(c) When identified or even suspected as the instigator, draw up a project which includes at least three channels to cost him his job.

(d) Draw up a second project at once to survey and discover what the person really is defending and threaten it effectively.

(e) Execute the projects rapidly.

(f) On achieving success inform PR so that PR can call off the PR counterattack and capitalize on any information gained if it does not expose Intelligence.

(g) Inform Legal so Legal can replan and utilize the information also gained to mop up.

NOTE: Intelligence in these regards is not feeding PR and Legal as the only fruit of its endeavors. It is OPERATING INDEPENDENTLY of these two functions with ITS OWN PRODUCT: I.E. A DISMISSED ATTACKER or its secondary product: a totally restrained and muzzled attacker.


I (Mike McClaughry) worked for the Church of Scientology intelligence bureau for 8 years. I know of another secret directive to intelligence bureau staff that gave instructions on how to design covert black intelligence operations. We were to find the Love, Hate and Protect buttons of the critic and his associates. These were then used to design covert black intelligence operations against the critic.

Example of using the Love button – The critic loves his wife so design a covert black intelligence operation to get her to leave him.

Example of using the Hate button – The critic’s boss hates homosexuals. So design a covert black intelligence operation that makes the boss think the critic is homosexual. Have a homosexual go into the critic’s work place and act like the critic is his lover.

Example of using the Protect button – The critic is protecting his automobile so design covert black intelligence operations that cause harm to the automobile.

I made a video about using the Love, Hate and Protect buttons to design covert black intelligence operations.

You can see my video expose here.

* * *

The intelligence bureau does a full investigation into the critic and all of his associates. They get the critic’s telephone bill and find every person associated in any capacity, his relatives, friends, co-workers and even people who provide services such as his barber.

They then send in covert agents on those people who go to work trying to drive a wedge between the critic and his associates. They attempt to cut off every person that likes or lends support to the critic. They will spend years and millions of dollars on this action.

Kennan Dandar was an attorney who was suing the Church. Here is a deposition of Marty Rathbun wherein he talks about this tactic being used against Kennan Dandar.

Marty – I spent six years and 28, 30 million dollars, um, defending that case

Mr. Dandar – Was any of that 30 million spent on the private investigators that came after me?

Marty – Yes. I can tell you that there were a number of private investigators who went to virtually all of your clients – your former clients who could be found, who talked them up… you know, try to buddy up to them, try to get them to detest or criticize you, and if they could get – if they could drive a wedge, they’d work it out over months and years to get them to turn on you.

I can tell you this, too. …sure we got your phone records. Because I’m, that’s a — that’s an automatic. Um, but that’s done as a matter of course with somebody — with an enemy of your stature. We find out everybody who you’re calling. Okay? And then a whole investigation is done into all those people.

It’s like you find every single potential person who knows anything about the person, and then you check every public record or every record that’s — that’s obtainable.

Then you have covert data collection, and, yes, that involves infiltration. They do that quite — quite often.


My wife and I have had this done to us for the last 20 years. They infiltrated our children and other family members and then tried to get them to split away from us.

* * *

Scientology seeks to control people through terror both externally and internally.

The attacks on Scientology critics are designed to terrorize the critic into silence. Enforced disconnection strikes terror into the people in the Church. They are afraid to voice anything negative about Church leaders or about Scientology. And they shy away from those that make such statements, even when the statements are true.

The product of the Guardian Office was – acceptances of Scientology. Running black intelligence operations on critics is not just evil, it is stupid. When you harass them and ruin their life, now he hates Scientology with a passion, it does the opposite of making him accept Scientology.

So, these Fair Game attacks are not being done out of workability, they are done out of viciousness, desire for monopoly, and to keep control over church members – by threat.

The so-called Aims of Scientology are a world without criminality, insanity and war.

But the Fair Game policies make the Church members who apply Fair Game… criminal, insane and at war.

You end up with a lunatic criminal who is at war attacking the people who expose them.

The top executives of Scientology are proof of what kind of person Scientology makes.

* * *

The Church of Scientology is allied with the Anti-Defamation League in getting laws passed. The ADL is getting legislation passed to fine and put in jail anyone critical of Jewish beliefs, Jewish leaders, or Jewish literature.
Just like what Scientology does!

Birds of a feather, flock together.

* * *

Scientology does not stand for freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

As bad as that is – there is something far worse that shows just how sick it is.

Scientology does not stand for truth. And that goes for the practice of it by any of the groups practicing Scientology outside of the official Church. If any person goes around stating truths about Scientology, Ron Hubbard, the Church, the leadership – they will declare you a Suppressive Person and viciously attack you,
or in some cases, try to kill or incapacitate you.

If you state truths, such as Ron Hubbard lied about his background, or that he covertly received Church money,
or that he worked for the CIA, or any other derogatory truth about him – they declare you.

If you went around saying David Miscavige altered Scientology issues, or that Miscavige commits crimes –
they will declare you an SP and apply Fair Game.

To declare people suppressive and then viciously attack them because they told the truth –
illuminates how insane, evil, and sick Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology are.


The Cloak of Nice-Sounding Words

The Creed of the Church is true to form of all slavemaster groups. They seek to hide their dark character behind flowery, nice-sounding words – words like, love, harmony, peace, freedom. Their actions in life are the exact opposite of their nice-sounding words.

Flowery words are the sheepskin they put over their wolf body to hide they are a wolf.


Creed of the Church of Scientology –

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance.

That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.

Those are just words, the Church of Scientology does not practice those words at all.

Freedom of religion includes the right to not believe it. Freedom of speech includes the right to state in public what you do not believe. Thus Scientology critics have a right to state in public their disagreements with Scientology. But Scientology policy calls for viciously attacking them for doing so, with the intent to completely ruin the critic’s life.

If the critic was telling a lie, then show that he lied. That is all the Church needs to do.

It is a madman who ruins people’s lives because they exercised rights and spoke truth.

Scientology Thought Police actions have put the icing on the cake of Scientology evil.


Slavemasters Are Intolerant of Human Rights

In the Fair Game policies Hubbard says those declared by the Church have no rights.
What type of person has no rights?  Slaves! Slaves have no rights of any kind!

The Scientology Thought Police are here – to trick and force us into being proper slaves.

The freedom to make up your own mind as to what you believe and do not believe and to state in public what you believe and do not believe – is not objected to by anyone except the slavemasters.

It is the slavemasters who are intolerant of freedom of ideas, speech and religion.
They demand that all others accept their false ideas and use force against those who do not.

The slavemaster tactic is – pin a label on the person and then destroy them.

Fair Game actions against critics and enforced disconnection are slavemaster tactics.

Scientologists need to face up to just how much their thoughts and actions have been transformed by their participation in Scientology. They think and act like slavemasters – they act like robot-humans who allow Scientology datums to dictate their ideas and behavior.

Prior to Scientology, very few of them would have acted the way they do after being in Scientology. They would not have viciously attacked people who stated their disagreements with any religion. They would not have forced people to disconnect from family and friends just because they expressed their disagreement with any religion.

It is a happy day when you leave any slavemaster group and you go back to being you.


Catholic Roots

Fair Game and enforced disconnection has its roots in the Catholic Church.

The Pope is the Catholic Church leader and all Catholics must obey him without question.
The Pope has the keys to Heaven and the Catholic religion is the only way to get to Heaven.

Heretic – basically anyone who does not advocate the Catholic Church and all of its beliefs

The Catholic Church has always viciously attacked heretics. The Inquisition tortured and killed them.

The Catholic Church has three practices for dealing with heretics –

1. excommunication – separates the person from members of the Catholic Church
2. Anathema – a major excommunication, it separates the person from the Church itself
3. Maranatha – stricken by the sword of Heaven, destruction of any kind leveled on the person

Excommunication excludes the person from any social action with Catholics.

Maranatha encompasses all manner of destructive actions against the person.
These include physical, financial, familial, and verbal attacks on the person.    8

A cult has a leader who must be obeyed without question.
The leader claims they have the only way to salvation or heaven.
They destroy the life of anyone who challenges their ideas or authority.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Due to false advertising inside the Church, Scientologists believe they will regain (as if they lost them somewhere) all of their spiritual abilities, like telepathy and ability to leave their body with full perception.

Those who did all the levels in Scientology did not achieve anything close to any of that from doing Scientology.

Scientologists are on a hamster wheel, it is always the next higher level that will deliver the promised goods.
They just keep paying for the next higher level but they never arrive.


The Good

The only thing even vaguely good about Scientology is a Public Relations item only (they don’t live by this) –
and that is the idea that You are more.

It can also provide some relief from psychosomatic discomforts.

And, if that were all that Scientology presented to the world – it would be fine.

But, that is not all that Scientology is doing in the world….


The Bad

Throughout history there is a repeated phenomena that occurs when a certain fanatical faction deems itself the savior of the world.

Examples of the phenomena are the Crusades, the Catholic Inquisition, and the Nazis.

Considering itself to have some kind of superior truth to other men – it then sets out to enforce its “truth” upon the rest of the world through the use of unjust force. This is an element of fascism.

Fascism is a type of government wherein a dictator maintains his position of power (which he should not have) through the use of rigid censorship, and forcible suppression of correct opposition.

As leader of his National Fascist Party, Mussolini presented himself as the strong-armed savior of Italy. He made use of a party militia – the Black Shirts – to unjustly crush opposition and to maintain his undeserved power.

Fascism sounds like an exact description of the Office of Special Affairs, wherein its intelligence operatives use force to silence just and accurate criticism of Scientology.

The Church criminal Intelligence bureau can be likened to Mussolini’s Black Shirts. Through the Fair Game Law – these secret police have been given a license to kill.

One has to wonder about a “truth” that can only be spread by bats and clubs, force and propaganda.

“Man can be handled by reason alone” is one of many falsely idealistic principles, which are preached but not practiced, by Scientology organizations.

All men have an inalienable right to speak freely, write freely and counter or utter upon the opinion of others
part of the Creed of the Church.

Scientology also promotes itself as “the road to truth” and “the road to total freedom”.

Yet individuals and units exist that work to suppress communication, truth and freedoms.

These movements always have the same justifier – the glorious end justifies the means.

The Catholic Inquisition was going to rid the world of heretics.
Hitler was going to save the world from the people with bad genes.

Scientology, whether as individuals or as groups, aims to “create a world without insanity, criminality, and war.

The Church and individual Scientologists are going make a world without insanity, criminality and war –
by using fascist units that are insane, criminal, and at war!

We do not believe Scientology in any form can make a world without insanity, criminality, and war – when it cannot even make its own executives that way – because it bears within it the seeds of evil from the men that have made the world the way that it is.

These fanatical movements always have the same justifier for their fascist crimes –
some admirable goal to whitewash their heinous crimes against humanity.

No admirable goal will ever make their fascist crimes anything but what they are – EVIL and WRONG.


The Ugly

Scientology has violated its senior policy – to deliver what was promised.

The promised results from Scientology are:

Theta Clear
Cleared Theta Clear
Free Spiritual Being

No Theta Clears have been produced.
No Cleared Theta Clears have been produced.
No Free Spiritual Beings have been produced.

That Scientology can produce these last three states is simply a belief  (without proof) that Scientologists have.

So, all the harm that is being leveled upon individuals by the Church is based on a belief.

But, even if Scientology could produce these states and people were achieving them –
that is still no excuse for fascist crimes against others.

But, worse yet, the promised goods, supposedly justifying these heinous deeds, are not even theirs to give!

Now we have a group that preys upon man’s yearning for freedom and all that is decent.

By dangling this carrot in front of him, he continually makes great sacrifices, financial and otherwise – but the carrot is always held out of his reach. It’s always the next level that will give him what he came for. He never arrives! He just keeps making more and more sacrifices for a hope that never comes true.

A group that takes advantage of men by offering hope – for things it does not deliver – is


And that is what is Ugly about Scientology.

We are not seeking the destruction of Dianetics and Scientology, we only want them to clean it up.
That means cancellation of –
Hubbard advocating the British New World Order
Fair Game practices
Enforced Disconnection

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