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Chapter Nine – 2


Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career


Chapter Nine – 1 shows Ron Hubbard was an agent for MI 6 and tracked that career up to early 1950’s.

Now we will track his intelligence career for the rest of his life.

The Slavemaster War

The two slavemaster groups seeking to rule the entire world are the British nobility and the Catholic Popes.
It is not my words they want to rule the entire world. It is their words. They are hung by their own statements.

Slavemasters say they are superior to all men and want a two-class society where they rule the inferior men.

The rest of humanity does not accept the idea that the British nobility or the Vatican should rule the world.
The people do not want to live under the boot and say-so of the British nobility or some pope-on-a-throne.

Most people in the world are decent people with good intentions.
They do not need a king, a governor, or a dictator to rule them.

All of this is the basis for the slavemaster War for the Hearts and Minds of Men.

The slavemasters say the purpose of war is to make an enemy accept an idea. They conduct open warfare using soldiers and bombs to force people into accepting their rule. They also conduct warfare through covert means such as using propaganda to manipulate people into accepting their idea.

They call their mind warfare – Psychological Warfare, Engineering of Consent, and Social Engineering.

They make use of front groups to manipulate people into accepting their idea they should rule over all others.
They have used the CIA to front for them in committing atrocious crimes against the people in various nations.

They claim they are fighting to uphold democracy and “defeating communism”. That is a lie.
They have removed elected officials and installed CIA puppet dictators who kill the people.

The people just want to live. Communism has no appeal to people who are being treated well.

The way to defeat communism is to treat the people well and help them with what they need to live.

They will love you for that. That is how to win their hearts and minds.

Killing them, abusing them and ruling over them will only get you hated.

* * *

The slavemasters have a special meaning for certain words. Here is what they mean by these words –

RULE The slavemasters say they are extremely superior to everyone else. All other men are inferior.
All other men must exalt the slavemasters, worship them, praise them and bend the knee to them.
The slaves must always submit, obey, comply and fulfill every desire the slavemasters have.

SOCIETYthe only proper society is one where the slavemasters RULE

SOCIAL being a willing subject in the slavemaster SOCIETY

ANTI-SOCIALrejection of or departure from the slavemaster SOCIETY



DEVIANT – same idea as ANTI-SOCIAL

COMMUNIST – a favorite label we put on people who are DEVIANT

WORLD PEACE – we won’t create wars when everyone is SOCIAL

When a slavemaster or his demented minions say you are anti-social they do not mean you are anti-people.
They mean you are not accepting their two-class society where they get to rule.

Now you know what they mean by their term social engineering.


Hubbard’s Next Intelligence Assignment –

Support The British Slavemaster Agenda


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

A tale of a fateful trip…

A tale of MI 6 agent Ron Hubbard and his Merry Band of Dupe


Commodore Hubbard

An ancient people called the Nesilim united Kings and Priests to rule the people and conquer the world.
That is slavemaster disease. The Nesilim spread into Europe and infected it with slavemaster disease.

From 800 to 1806 the Catholic Pope was united with the King of Germany – the Holy Roman Empire.
They slaughtered the people who did not accept the Catholic religion or rule by the Catholic king.

In 1452 Pope Nicholas V told the Catholic Portuguese King he could enslave all non Christians.
After the Pope authorized slavery, slave trafficking became rampant throughout Europe.  23

pope-nicholas-vPope Nicholas V

In 1558, Elizabeth I became Queen of England.

Her chief adviser was William Cecil. He was her Secretary of State. British intelligence was under him.
William Cecil started a dynasty where the Cecil family has headed British intelligence ever since then.

855px-Queen_Elizabeth_I;_Sir_Francis_Walsingham;_William_Cecil,_1st_Baron_Burghley_by_William_Faithorne_(2)sketch of William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth I, and Francis Walsingham
the sketch was made at the time of Queen Elizabeth I

William Cecil began urging Queen Elizabeth to expand British territory by making colonies.
They used slave trafficking and drug trafficking to finance their British Empire building.

On December 31, 1600 Queen Elizabeth I granted a Royal Charter to the British East India Company.
It engaged in slave trafficking. It trafficked opium into China, ruining the lives of millions of Chinese.

In 1638 the Portuguese King, united with Catholic Jesuits, initiated opium trafficking into China.

The thirteen British colonies in North America declared independence from Britain on 4 July 1776.
The British and a German Catholic state sent armies to fight the American Revolution. They lost.

The Americans rejected rule by aristocracy, and proclaimed that all men are created equal.
They drafted a Constitution that forbids titles of nobility and includes human rights and freedoms.
They made a law calling for separation of Church and State and advocated religious freedom.
They rejected rule by Kings and Priests and embraced democracy – government by the people.

The Catholic Popes ranted against American ideas of freedom and rule by democracy.
Certain British nobility and the Catholic Popes want a two class society where they rule.

The terms political left and right first appeared during the French Revolution of 1789 when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president’s right and supporters of the revolution to his left. One deputy, the Baron de Gauville, explained, “We began to recognize each other: those who were loyal to religion and the king took up positions to the right of the chair…”

The political right wing are advocates of the two-class system where Kings and Priests rule.
The political left wing are advocates of the people and rule by the people – democracy.

The left wing includes liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, and human rights advocates.

The Catholic Popes are violently opposed to “atheist communism”.
Certain British nobility are also violently opposed to communism.

The slavemasters oppose any nation where the people are seeking what happened in America.
They label them as being communists, even when that is not true, and then slaughter the people.

In 1830 Jardine, Matheson and Company of London took over opium trafficking into China.
Jardine, Matheson and Company trafficked 1,841 tons of opium a year into China.   169

The Chinese Emperors hated this British subversion of China and were continually trying to stop it.

chinese-opium-smokersChinese opium addicts

In March 1839 the Chinese Emperor put a stop to the opium trafficking. This led to the First Opium War.
The British attacked China with warships. The war ended with Britain getting Hong Kong as a colony.

* * *

In 1864 Pope Pius IX said –

the Catholic Church… should freely exercise even to the end of the world – not only over private individuals, but over nations, peoples, and their sovereign princes…

There is a statement they should rule the entire world.

Pope Pius IX

* * *

The Cecil family is one of the top British slavemaster families. The Cecil family was head of British intelligence.

Robert_Cecil_-_3rd_Marquess_of_SalisburyRobert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil (Lord Salisbury)

His sister had a son named Arthur Balfour. He was in the Cecil family and was a head of British intelligence.

Lord Arthur BalfourArthur J. Balfour  (left)

In 1882, Arthur Balfour created the Society for Psychical Research. They conducted scientific research into mental and spiritual phenomena. They developed the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. One of their ideas was to provide the data for a world religion.

You can read about that in Chapter Seven – The First Scientologists and Their Masters.

* * *

In 1891 Cecil Rhodes formed a secret society to bring the whole world under rule by the British nobility.

Rhodes said –

Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule…

…development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world…

The Cecil family headed British intelligence and they dominated and ran the secret society.    4, 5

The secret society has an Association of Helpers who are visible to the public. It is called the Round Table.
Lord Rothschild in Britain and other international bankers such as the Rockefellers, funded the Round Table.

This is the group that has the grand plan to rule the world – the New World Order.

They plan to create a World Government that is overtly or covertly controlled by the British nobility.

* * *

The plan to drown the American people with drugs began in 1901. John D. Rockefeller was making an effort to control the field of medicine. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was founded in 1901. Simon Flexner headed the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research.

Simon Flexner appointed his brother, Abraham Flexner, to survey medical schools throughout America. The “Flexner Report” vilified every alternative to drug-based medicine. The American Medical Association advanced its medical education rating system effectively eliminating about 600 of the initial 650 medical schools. By 1907, medical education was mostly drug-based medicine.

Rockefellers became linked with the German chemical giant I.G. Farben. Farben supplied the drugs and Rockefeller-educated doctors supplied the drug prescriptions. The AMA sought a monopoly by having an intelligence section that vicously attacked people who offered any alternative healing to prescribing drugs.

A multi-billion dollar drug industry grew out of this, supplying drugs with some horrible side effects, such as the potential to become blind, deaf, and even dead. Psychiatric drugs were then added in, increasing the risks.

This drug onslaught was soon going to be added to by supplying illegal street drugs that destroy the user.

Amy Winehouse's wax work unveiled

* * *

The Kuomintang – the Nationalist Party of China – advocated Chinese nationalism and democracy.
A successful revolt resulted in the Kuomintang becoming the ruling political party in China.
The Kuomintang founded the Republic of China on January 1, 1912. They were not communists.

Japan had invaded Korea. The Koreans demanded national independence from Japan. The Koreans issued a “Proclamation of Independence” and held a mass demonstration on March 1, 1919. They sparked off a demand for national independence in India and other nations. The people seeking to caste off rule by the slavemasters were not communists.

Sir Edward Grey had been the British Secretary of State. He sent a message for American President Woodrow Wilson, stating that America should not assist the Korean movement for independence. Consequently, America did not assist the Koreans and the Japanese violently suppressed the Korean movement resulting in massacres and other atrocities.    220

* * *

On 16 January 1920, alcohol was outlawed in America. Samuel Bronfman was a Jewish crime boss in Canada who made a fortune smuggling alcohol into the United States – it was the Seagrams Empire.

Samuel BRONFMAN LOUIS-STLAURENTSamuel Bronfman (center)

Samuel Bronfman and Arnold Rothstein went to Hong Kong to arrange smuggling opium into the United States.

Arnold RothsteinArnold Rothstein – nicknamed “The Brain”

In 1921, Rothstein opened up a British pipeline for smuggling heroin into the United States via his business agent in China, Jacob Katzenberg. Katzenberg hooked up with the British opium cartel and arranged the transit of the opium through Marseilles, France into New York City. The route, known as The French Connection, remained the primary pipeline of heroin into America up through the 1960s.  183, 228

Jacob “Yasha” Katzenberg

* * *

In 1921 the Round Table formed the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.
It was their means to infiltrate and covertly influence the American government.
CFR members have been American Presidents and other top government offices.

Council on Foreign Relations

In December 1921 Arthur Balfour attended the Disarmament Conference in Washington D.C.

disarmament conference 1921 marked cecil and bafour Disarmament Conference – red arrow points to Arthur Balfour

Arthur Balfour ordered evangelist Frank Buchman brought in to deal with the Conference delegates.  130  

Frank Buchman then gets sent to Oxford where he formed a group known as the Oxford Group.

buchman at oxford2Buchman at Oxford (far right)

On 14 June 1923, Admiral Hugh Sinclair became the director of Secret Intelligence Service – MI 6.

Admiral_Sir_Hugh_Francis_Paget__Quex__SinclairAdmiral Sir Hugh Francis Paget “Quex” Sinclair

Admiral Sinclair created some new Sections within MI 6, one of them was Section D.

Section D was specifically formed to conduct sabotage through political covert actions.
Section D also conducts paramilitary operations.

Frank Buchman and his Oxford Group were going to be used for sabotage through political covert actions.
Buchman was working directly for British intelligence – MI 6.

Buchman’s technique was polished up – he would invite people to talk to him about their personal problems. But, he was after something in particular – he was after what he perceived as the person’s weakness. He would probe for the specific events in their lives on which they felt the most guilt, then he would persuade them that they could overcome their weakness by confessing it to him. And, of course, becoming a faithful follower.

Buchman recruited many people using this technique, usually exclusively aimed at leaders who held a position of power and influence in the targeted country.

Buchman then took his flock known as the Oxford Group, and began his traveling salvation show to handle rebellious nations.  242  It was very much like the song Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show.

brother loves traveling salvation show

Here is a hilarious portrayal of the song Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show.


orange-Good_Road-8 buchman“The Good Road” as opposed to the “low road” –
one of the many melodramatic Moral Re-Armament theatrical productions

Buchman Bible-thumping in China and Korea, I’m sure it was all quite the show for those “sinners”.
It was actually a British intelligence political operation.

The Kuomintang – the Nationalist Party of China – was the ruling political party in China. Chiang Kai-shek assumed leadership of the Kuomintang on 6 July 1926. General Tai-Li was the head of Kuomintang intelligence and he hated the British with a passion. The British saw they could lose Hong Kong and their precious opium trafficking.

Chiang Kai-shek

The British were up to their usual slimy covert maneuvering to prevent China from getting out from under British influences. They sent Frank Buchman into China to undermine the rebellious Kuomintang government. It was sabotage through political covert action.

Buchman said many leaders are convinced that the world needs a moral and spiritual awakening. Buchman called his program Moral and Spiritual Re-Armament (MRA) and he used religion as the way to get access to a nation’s leaders.  131  

MRA was the forerunner of Scientology and other religious front groups formed by British intelligence to forward the British world domination plan.

By the late 1920’s, the Buchman program was in full roar. In 1928, British propagandist H.G. Wells, issued the program in a book titled The Open Conspiracy. The plan was to create a “new world religion” that would channel the power of religious zeal into implementing the goals of the conspiracy.

* * *

In 1928, Ron Hubbard spent six months in China with British intelligence officer Ian MacBean, who recruited Hubbard into British intelligence. MacBean introduced Hubbard to “The Great Gameand gave him a tour of British intelligence efforts in China.

On 1 January 1929 MacBean wrote to Hubbard, says Ron has been retained with the rank lieutenant.  24

Major_Ian_MacbeanIan MacBean – MI 6 British intelligence officer

Hubbard went from this –

Hubbard_1930sRon Hubbard on his way to China

To this –

Hubbard_Peking_1929Hubbard in Peking, under the tutelage of British MI6 officer Ian MacBean

Thereafter, Hubbard carried out one British intelligence assignment after the other for his entire life.

* * *

On 7 January 1930, Robert Vansittart took office as permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign Office.
This position is not actually part of the official appointed British government. It is a very powerful position.
The best way to describe it is – the position serves as the communicator for the British slavemasters.
The British slavemasters use that person to exert control of the government, especially all intelligence.

Taking orders from the slavemasters, Vansittart was over all British intelligence and propaganda.   239

Sir Robert Vansittart

* * *

Aldous Huxley was a propaganda mouthpiece for the British nobility world domination plan.
British propaganda is under and done by British intelligence. Huxley was an agent for MI 6.

Mouth of Sauron

In 1932 Aldous Huxley wrote a science fiction novel Brave New World. The world population is unified under the World State, an eternally peaceful, stable global society. Goods and resources are plentiful because world population is limited to two billion people. So, everyone is happy. Humans of various kinds are cloned in the laboratory in the right numbers to preserve the optimum social class ratios. A section of subnormal men are produced who would do the dull jobs of the community. Soma is a hallucinogen that takes users on enjoyable ‘holidays’. It was developed by the World State to act as a self-medicating comfort mechanism. The people are made content by the drug so they feel no need to rebel. (There is current research to develop such a drug.  252 )

Brave New World is propaganda. It presents a false image that the British slavemaster World Government is going to be a utopia. It is not going to be a utopia, it will be a complete slave state with all manner of atrocities committed on the people. The only part that is true is they plan to drug the people into oblivion.

William Wiseman was the head of MI6 in the United States. In the mid 1930′s Wiseman was sent to Hollywood where he used his influence to “encourage a favorable portrayal of the British Empire in American films”.


In 1936 Hubbard gets “called to Hollywood” (likely by Wiseman) – a British intelligence assignment.

Hubbard_1936_1937Ron Hubbard in 1936

In 1937, Aldous Huxley moved to Hollywood. He earned a substantial income as a Hollywood screenwriter.  2

Aldous Huxley says he was friends with Ron Hubbard. That friendship obviously began in Hollywood in 1937, when both writers were serving under William Wiseman in Hollywood. Huxley and Hubbard were MI 6 agents.

* * *

Lionel Curtis was a member of the Round Table.

…early 1938 …Lionel Curtis wrote a series of books and articles advocating a new federal organization built around the English-speaking countries. Ultimately, this federation will be worldwide…

…the chief obstacle to this union was to be found in men’s minds was perfectly clear to Curtis. To overcome this obstacle, he put his faith in propaganda, and the chief instruments of that propaganda, he said, must be the churches...

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, history professor

Frank Buchman immediately went to work on what Lionel Curtis just said.

In April 1938 Robert Vansittart created a special Bureau under MI 6 Section D.
MI 6 Section D was for sabotage through political covert actions.

Section D also carries out paramilitary operations. Its role was to organize and equip resistance units,
support anti-Nazi groups, sabotage, covert operations, and covert subversive propaganda.  238

On 29 May 1938, Frank Buchman said: “The crisis is fundamentally a moral one. The nations must re-arm morally.” Buchman gave a new name to his Oxford Group – Moral Re-Armament – and thereby shifted the emphasis from individual change to social salvation. Buchman dropped the old “winning people to Christ” and MRA was now held out as something acceptable to people of any race or religion. The MRA became less of a religious conversion group and more of a political action group135

* * *

Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany was a British operation. The Round Table men financed Nazi Germany.

Edward Wood was Lord Halifax, a member of the Round Table. In November 1937 Lord Halifax was sent to meet with Adolf Hitler. Lord Halifax was acting as the British Foreign Secretary, therefore he was officially representing the British government. Lord Halifax told Hitler he could eliminate Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.   6

Halifax (left) with HitlerLord Halifax (left) meeting with Adolf Hitler (center)

In September 1939 Germany invaded Poland and that was the start of World War II.

Frank Buchman was an ardent and vocal admirer of Adolf Hitler. Buchman even included Heinrich Himmler in his membership lists. Himmler set up and controlled the extermination camps.   134 


There is nothing moral about killing innocent women and children in Nazi extermination camps.

ADN-ZB Das faschistische Konzentrationslager Auschwitz Eine Gruppe Juden aus Ungarn nach der Ankunft in Auschwitz im Sommer 1944.


Buchman was quoted in the New York World Telegram as saying:
“I thank Heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defense against the anti-Christ of Communism”.

Frank Buchman, Ray Foote Purdy, and Admiral Richard E. ByrdFrank Buchman on the left, looking like a rat-man

Buchman was well into being one of the rat-bastards.


* * *

On 21 June 1940 William Stephenson arrives in the United States to head MI 6 in America.

William Stephenson SOE New YorkWilliam Samuel Stephenson, code name Intrepid

The Office of Strategic Services was an American intelligence agency during World War II.
William Stephenson got British agent William Donovan placed as the head of the OSS.

William Donovan

Allen Dulles was another British agent who worked for the OSS. The OSS was a snake pit of British agents.


Paul Helliwell worked for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II.   205

paul Helliwell_Smathers_law school 1938Paul Lionel Edward Helliwell

Paul Helliwell was the head of OSS Detachment 202 in Kunming, in the province of Yunnan, China.
Captain Lucien Conein also worked for the OSS as a member of Detachment 202.  167, 168
Paul Helliwell and Lucien Conein became CIA agents after the war ended.

lucien conein 1945Captain Lucien Conein

Yunnan kumming chinaYunnan China

Helliwell was chief of Special Intelligence in China for the OSS. The people in Southern China did not want money. Opium was the currency of choice. Colleagues from those days recall that Helliwell regularly used to buy information with five-pound shipments of opium (“three sticky brown bars” according to one man).   231

Mitch WerBell worked for the OSS and served in China, Burma, and French Indochina. WerBell carried out a secret mission for the OSS under the command of Paul Helliwell in China with E. Howard Hunt, Lucien Conein, John K. Singlaub and Ray Cline.   247


Helliwell gets an idea


His idea was to traffic opium to Chinese addicts to raise funds for ‘combating communism’.

Helliwell presented his idea to the head of the OSS, William Donovan, who discussed it with Allen Dulles and their British Overlord, MI6 man William Stephenson. They were delighted with the idea, and began funneling money to him for opium purchases.

Selling opium? Capital idea!

The money for the opiates would eventually come from Nazi gold that had been laundered by Dulles and Stephenson through the World Commerce Corporation.


In 1944 Frank Buchman was the leader of an assembly in America that intended to rile up the American people. Some Buchman followers in Britain wanted to attend the assembly but travel bans were still in place. Robert Cecil submitted a special request that allowed them to attend. This shows that Buchman was still an agent for the Cecil family.



Humphry Osmond was a British psychiatrist who researched drugs that produce hallucinations.

Starting in 1945, Humphry Osmond and Dr. John Smythies conducted a number of studies on the chemical composition and effects of the drug mescaline – having been inspired by the work of Albert Hofmann, who had discovered the hallucinogenic properties of LSD.

Osmond and Smythies noticed that the hallucination experiences of people on mescaline mimicked the symptoms of schizophrenia. They also observed that mescaline is structurally related to adrenaline.  30

* * *

In 1945 a group around William Stephenson formed a company – British American Canadian Corporation.
It was based in New York City. It would soon change its name to the World Commerce Corporation.
It was registered in Panama and had the purpose of providing funding for rebuilding Germany.

On April 2, 1945 the British American Canadian Corporation changed its name to World Commerce Corporation. All officers of the corporation were members of the OSS or William Stephenson’s intelligence network.

William Donovan became a Director, officers or stockholders included Sir Charles Hambro, Nelson Rockefeller, John McCloy, Richard Mellon, and Sir Victor Sassoon. Sir Charles Hambro was a Director of the Bank of England and a Director of the Special Operations Executive.

The Nazi money flowed in a circle – out of the Third Reich, through the Vatican, to Argentina, and back to Germany – through the World Commerce Corporation. The source of the miraculous West German economic revival was the same money that had been stolen during the war.   25, 26, 27

Some of the money was also being used to finance opium trafficking.

World War II ended in August 1945.

Allen Dulles helped to secretly bring major Nazi war criminals to the United States – to employ them.

Reinhard Gehlen was a senior Nazi intelligence officer tasked with intelligence gathering directed at Russia. During WW II Gehlen directed the torture, interrogation and murder by starvation of four million prisoners of war. Knowing the end was near for Nazi Germany, Gehlen laid plans for his capture by the Americans and buried his intelligence files on the Russians. On May 22, 1945 Gehlen surrendered to the US Army.

Gehlen offered a deal to the Americans to bring his resources to bear for them in exchange for his liberty and that of his colleagues. Allen Dulles made the necessary arrangements. On 20 September 1945 Gehlen and three close associates were flown to the United States to begin work. On this same day, the OSS was dissolved, but would soon be resurrected as the CIA.  2

Reinhard_GehlenFrank Wisner worked in the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. He became the man who oversaw and directed the Gehlen Nazi intelligence network.

Frank G. WisnerFrank Wisner

British intelligence has a unit called MI 6 Section D that does sabotage through political covert actions.
It also carries out paramilitary operations.

During World War II MI 6 Section D operated under the Special Operations Executive.

After WW II ended, the British decided to create “stay-behind” paramilitary organizations, with the aim of countering communism through sabotage, guerrilla warfare, assassinations and coups. Arms caches were hidden, and loyal members recruited – mainly hardline anticommunists, including many Nazis.

The stay-behind armies were created and trained with the experience and involvement of former Special Operations Executive officers. 2  It was a guerrilla warfare network with arms caches. It was code-named Operation Gladio.  64

The existence of these clandestine NATO armies was a closely guarded secret.


Some of the Gladio cells were –

Austria = OWSGV
Belgium = SDRA8
Denmark = Absalon
Germany = TD BJD, largely the Reinhard Gehlen network, Frank Wisner was his CIA handler
Greece = LOK, Lochoi Oreinon Katadromon – Mountain Raiding Companies
Italy = P2 Masonic lodge (Catholic), many members of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), including Licio Gelli
Luxemburg = Stay-Behind
Netherlands = I&O
Norway = ROC
Portugal = Aginter
Sweden = AGAG (Aktions Gruppen Arla Gryning)
Switzerland = P26
Turkey = Ozel Harp Dairesi

One of the earliest Operation Gladio cells was in Las Palmas.  64

Las Palmas

Frank Wisner oversaw the creation of stay-behind networks all over Europe – Operation Gladio. Allen Dulles was one of the key people in instituting Operation Gladio. Most Gladio operations were financed by the CIA. The CIA got the money from trafficking illegal drugs into the United States. 

* * *

The French ruled over French Indochina – which was Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. In September 1945, war began when Ho Chi Minh led a Vietnamese attack against the French to free Vietnam from French rule.

French Indochina.


The Golden Triangle was the largest producer of opium and heroin in the world.

the golden triangle opium

Poppies – the source for opium and heroin

poppy growing

The Golden Triangle was a source of enormous fortunes for the French and later the Americans. The French held control over the Southeast Asian opium traffic. Between 1946 and 1955 the Mixed Airborne Commando Group and the French Air Force managed the shipment of opium from Burma to Laos.  167  

Between 1946 and 1955, large quantities of opium were shipped to French Saigon headquarters in Vietnam.
The opium would be refined into the white powder – heroin. The Corsican Mafia smuggled the drug to Marseilles.
Then the Mafia would smuggle it into the United States.

heroin addict

After World War II Paul Helliwell and Lucien Conein operated throughout Burma, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
They became the top U.S. experts on the area ‑ as well as on the opium‑smuggling Corsican Mafia.
They became CIA agents, with Helliwell being a top man in CIA drug trafficking for Operation Gladio.

* * *

In 1946, Stanford Research Institute was formed as part of the slavemaster social engineering network.

William Talbot had worked for the Office of Strategic Services Psychology Division. William Talbot was the first head of the Stanford Research Institute. John William Gardner was another OSS man who went to work at SRI.

William TalbotWilliam Talbot



The Central Intelligence Agency was formed on 26 July 1947, inheriting some OSS personnel.

Paul Helliwell was another OSS man who went to work for the CIA starting in 1947.   205
Helliwell was the principal connection and architect of CIA opium and heroin trafficking.

The Italian Mafia, with its ties to the Vatican, played a key role in CIA drug trafficking. Italian Mafia Lucky Luciano, Nicolo Rizzuto and Calogero Vizzini worked with the CIA to organize a drug pipeline between Vietnam, France, and the United States.  175

Lucky Luciano 1947 Havana“Lucky” Luciano

RizzutoNicolo Rizzuto

Calogero VizziniCalogero Vizzini

Charles “Lucky” Luciano wanted to have another established heroin pipeline they could use in case anything went wrong with the pipeline through Marseille. The plan was to take Golden Triangle opium that was refined into heroin to Cuba. Then they would smuggle it into the United States. His partners in heroin trafficking were Meyer Lansky and Santo Trafficante junior. Luciano went to Havana in 1947 to set up the pipeline.   8, 177 

Santo Trafficante owner of Saus Sona' gambling casino 1958Santo Trafficante junior in Havana

* * *

In September 1947 the National Security Council was formed under the American President.
Among the Council was the Secretary of War, Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State.
The National Security Council is over all branches of the military and the CIA.

* * *

The OSS Research and Development unit became the Technical Services Staff in the CIA. Technical Services Staff was investigating applying chemical and biological warfare in covert operations. Within Technical Services Staff there existed a Chemical Division. It had to do with using chemicals (and germs) against specific people. Sidney Gottlieb headed the Chemical Division. Sidney_Gottlieb_real_name_Joseph_ScheiderBritish psycho psychiatrist William Sargant conducted behavior modification research for British intelligence.
American psychiatrist, Donald Ewen Cameron, worked along with William Sargant in the Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis behavior modification method.

Sargant and Cameron

Sargant conducted drug-related experiments on “military volunteers” at military bases in Britain. Sargant also did drug experiments at Britain’s most secret chemical and biological warfare establishment at Porton Down. Again “volunteers” from military mental hospitals and from military prisons were used.

The CIA sent two of its personnel, Sidney Gottlieb and Frank Olson, to meet with Sargant and learn from him. Olson and Gottlieb worked for the CIA Technical Services Staff. Olson also developed biological weapons for the U.S. Army at Fort Detrick. Sidney Gottlieb would soon be heading the CIA behavior modification and mind control research projects. 44

Porton Down aerial viewPorton Down

Notice that British intelligence is behind behavior modification and mind control research.

British intelligence is also behind the American intelligence agencies doing this kind of research.

* * *

After World War II the plotters and planners needed to find a new fear for manipulating the people and justifying military build-ups. Miles Copeland wrote a book about his career with the CIA. In his book he tells about a party he attended after World War II ended –

…I was little more than a fly on the wall at Washington social occasions, opening my mouth only to ask the occasional question, but I was all ears.

At one of the Lawtons’ parties… I asked, ‘Suppose we were to drop the whole idea of intelligence services, and struggle along with none at all, what would the country lose?‘

My question was received merely politely by most of the guests, but one of them, General John Magruder, took it seriously.

General Magruder went on to say that he’d spent the past month talking intelligence organization in high places… The top people in the Departments of State, army, navy and air force were busily concocting dangers that would justify increases in their respective budgets…

‘No one,’ Magruder said in answer to my question, ‘is asking what, realistically, we Americans have to fear in the post-war world.’

Before President Truman publicly took a stand against Soviet advances in his “Truman Doctrine” speech of 12 March 1947, there was no mention at all of the Soviets in the various directives and planning papers that guided our activities.

Miles Copeland     136

Two fears were chosen –

Fear of Russia and communism
Fear of Nuclear War

Those artificially manufactured fears were used to justify the most atrocious actions taken by the CIA.

The Cold War began in 1947. The two sides were the Eastern Bloc and the Western Bloc. The Eastern Bloc was Russia and its allies, the Western Bloc was the United States and its allies. It was called the Cold War because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two sides, although there were major regional wars in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan that the two sides supported.

The CIA conducted covert warfare in various countries through coups against Presidents that were elected by the people. They would then install and assist a CIA dictator who engaged in human rights violations, torture and mass murder of the people. Their excuse was they were “upholding democracy” and  “combating communism”.

That was a lie. Removing an elected President with a coup and installing a dictator is not democracy.

The British slavemasters, using their agents in the CIA to front for them, would use the communist label on anyone who was not going along with what the slavemasters wanted. They would apply the communist label to such people even when it was not true. Then they used that as an excuse to kill them. Even when they were communists, that is still not an excuse to violate their rights, torture them and kill them.

* * *

Cord Meyer recruited Timothy Leary into the CIA around 1947 when they were both being intelligence agents undercover as members of the communist front group The American Veterans Committee. 

Cord Meyer  Timothy Leary
.                         Cord Meyer and Timothy Leary


Paul Linebarger was Hubbard’s college pal. Paul worked in the OSS Psychological Warfare Branch in WW II.

In 1948 Linebarger wrote a book Psychological Warfare. He was the top black propaganda man for the CIA.   128

cordwainer smith real name paul linebargerPaul Linebarger

Linebarger stated the purpose of war in his book –

Your purpose in fighting is to make them change their minds.

– Paul Linebarger  128

The target of their covert warfare campaign are free men who are rebels against the slavemaster society –

If Christians, or democrats, or progressives — whatever free men may be called — are put in a position of underprivilege and shame for their beliefs, and if the door is left open to voluntary conversion, so that anyone who wants to can come over to the winning side, the winning side will sooner or later convert almost everyone who is capable of making trouble.

Sometimes individuals will be unpersuadable. Then they must be killed or neutralized by other purely physical means—such as isolation or imprisonment.

– Paul Linebarger  128

 * * *

In February 1948 the National Security Council charged the CIA with “the conduct of covert psychological, political, paramilitary, and economic activities”. The CIA was limited to that activity inside the U.S. It mostly had to do with paying newspaper reporters to issue their propaganda. That was all they were originally allowed to do.

On June 18, 1948 the National Security Council created an office called the Office of Special Projects.
It was headed by Frank Wisner. It was renamed the Office of Policy Coordination.

This is when some of the dirtier activities were specifically mandated to the CIA.
Three more types of covert activity were added to the psychological warfare mission:
political warfare
economic warfare
preventive direct action

The last one mandated support for front groups, guerillas, and sabotage (Operation Gladio).

* * *

In 1948, CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter sent Irving Brown to facilitate the drug trafficking operation.

Roscoe_H._HillenkoetterRoscoe Hillenkoetter

Irving Brown Labor Leader and CIA spy (right)Irving Brown (right)

Irving Brown recruited and hired Corsican mafia thugs and paid them with CIA money starting in 1948 – he hired a “rugged, fiery Corsican” named Pierre Ferri-Pisani to recruit an elite criminal terror squad to work the docks. For the next four years this goon squad beat people up, terrorized them, and even killed a few until they had complete control of the docks.  170

… the CIA broke the last barrier to unrestricted Corsican smuggling operations in Marseille. When control over the docks was compounded with the political influence the milieu gained with CIA assistance in 1947, conditions were ideal for Marseille’s growth as America’s heroin laboratory. The French police later reported that Marseille’s first heroin laboratories were opened in 1951, only months after the milieu took over the waterfront.  169

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

Brown worked with Arthur Koestler to get this drug trafficking network going.
Koestler worked for British intelligence in the Information Research Department.

Arthur Kœstler (British IRD agent), Irving Brown (CIA agent in charge of European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (CIA agent in charge of intellectual media) 2Arthur Koestler (left) and Irving Brown (right)



The Kuomintang – the Nationalist Party of China – was the ruling political party in China.
That government was called the Republic of China, headed by Chiang Kai-shek.

Mao Zedong was Chairman of the Communist Party of China.

Mao ZedongMao Zedong

The communists install a dictator who slaughters the people.
Stalin was the dictator in Russia who killed 21 million Russians.
Zedong was the dictator in China who killed over 100 million Chinese.

After World War II ended, civil war resumed between the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang.
In 1949, Mao’s forces defeated the Nationalists. Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang moved to Taiwan.
They became involved with the CIA in opium trafficking to obtain the funds needed to “defeat communism”.

General chiang kai-shek

Now operating out of Taiwan, Chiang Kai-shek resumed his duties as President of the Republic of China.
Chiang Kai-shek was married to Mei-ling Soong. She was the daughter of Charles Soong and Ni Kwei-Tseng.
Her father became wealthy trafficking opium into China for the British company Jardine, Matheson and Co.
Her mother was the most prominent Catholic family in China, she made Chiang Kai-shek convert to Christianity.

Chiang Kai-shek was well situated to help the CIA with opium trafficking.
His wife was in a combined Catholic-British opium trafficking family.

Eleanor Roosevelt meeting with Mei-ling Soong

* * *

The powers-that-be decided to make Frank Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament into a major cold war vehicle.
In 1949, his conference in Switzerland was attended by European parliament members and United States congressmen. This is the time that Buchman’s people recruited a young Korean named Yong Myung Mun.

He would change his name to Sun Myung Moon and start the Unification Church which was another religious front group under British intelligence. Moon called his movement the International One World Crusade.  137

Like the MRA, it was a political action group operating under the cover of being a religious movement.
It was another religious front group formed by British intelligence to forward their world domination plan.
The Unification Church established numerous front groups that were engaged in fighting communism.

reverend moon 1940sYong Myung Mun aka Sun Myung Moon




Right after launching Moon, MI 6 launched another religious group for promoting their New World Order.

It was Dianetics and Scientology, using MI 6 agent Ron Hubbard as the front man. It was launched in 1950.

Hubbard’s CIA pal, Paul Linebarger, received Dianetic auditing. In May 1950, Paul wrote a book praising it. 127

John Starr Cooke was another CIA operative involved with Hubbard and Dianetics right from the start in 1950.

Joh starr cooke youngJohn Starr Cooke

John Cooke had family in the CIA. His sister Alice had married Roger Kent, the brother of Sherman Kent.
Sherman was the right hand man to Allen Dulles in the CIA.  And, John Cooke worked for the CIA.  39, 97

In 1950, John Cooke and his wife went to the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation in New Jersey.
John Cooke was actually the first Dianetic Clear.

Peter Oser and his wife, Mary Oser, came in to participate in the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation.
Peter Oser was the ultra-wealthy grandson of John D. Rockefeller.

Peter Oser (right) John D. Rockefeller (seated)rockefeller-family

John Cooke mastered the techniques of Dianetics, and together with Mary Oser, he flew back to Switzerland and began auditing Peter Oser. Peter essentially became a follower of Cooke and began funneling huge amounts of money to Cooke and the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation.

It’s the usual –

come igor rockefeller - slavemaster
Put the money over here!

Sara Northrup was Hubbard’s second wife and in her divorce papers she said the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation received over one million dollars in 1950. (That is ten million in money today.)  14  And now we have a good idea of where that million dollars came from.

Miles Copeland worked for the CIA for several decades. He said this about Hubbard and Scientology –

…we planted an agent in the Scientology cult who became a ‘clear’ under the tutelage of Ron Hubbard himself, and then demanded and got more and more ‘operation expenses’ to be turned over, in addition to his own life’s savings, to the cause of Dianetics.

– Miles Copeland    126

John Cooke continued to recruit people into Scientology. He also helped the CIA operation to peddle LSD.

In 1950, Ron Hubbard and his wife went to visit with Aldous Huxley and his wife Maria. Aldous Huxley received auditing from Hubbard himself, but he could not locate any engrams, even under Hubbard’s direction. Hubbard audited Maria Huxley and she experienced some success in finding engrams.  34, 35, 36

Huxley was an early enthusiast for the work of J.B. Rhine at Duke University, which Huxley believed had established the reality of extra-sensory perception. 33  J.B. Rhine worked with William McDougall, who was the president of the Society for Psychical Research. That was the group created by the Cecil family – the British slavemaster family who heads British intelligence. The SPR developed Dianetics and Scientology before Ron Hubbard was even born. They then recruited and groomed Hubbard to be the front man for their subjects.

You can read about that in Chapter Seven – The First Scientologists and Their Masters.

* * *

In 1950, Frank Wisner sent Paul Helliwell to Taiwan. Helliwell’s supposed job was to help Chiang Kai-shek to prepare for a future invasion of Communist China – but what he was really doing was getting control of the drug routes. Helliwell created a pair of CIA owned front companies to supply and finance Chiang’s Kuomintang Army –
Sea Supply Company in Bangkok and Civil Air Transport in Taiwan.

Paul Helliwell organized Sea Supply, a CIA shipping company with a bunch of sea going vessels. It furnished weapons and other material to anti-Communist guerrillas in the hills of Burma, Laos, and Thailand. Based in the Golden Triangle, this Kuomintang mercenary army cultivated fields of opium poppies, and the CIA was drawn into the drug connection31, 205

Helliwell and the CIA took over Civil Air Transport (CAT), a Taiwan-based airline.
During the Vietnam war it was called Air America.


Using Sea Supply, Helliwell imported large amounts of arms that were ferried into Burma on CAT airplanes.
The empty CAT planes were then used to fly drugs (from poppy fields grown by the mercenary army) from Burma to Taiwan, Bangkok (Thailand) and Saigon (Vietnam). The opium was refined to heroin for the benefit of Chiang Kai-shek’s corrupt government on Taiwan, who was preparing for a future invasion of Communist China. The airline was a CIA company for flying opium and heroin around.  205

This was all part of Operation Gladio, which they financed through drug trafficking. CIA agents Paul Helliwell, E. Howard Hunt and Lucien Conein all then operated throughout Burma, Cambodia, and Vietnam to facilitate the Operation Gladio opium and heroin trafficking.

Paul Lionel Edward Helliwell (left)Paul Helliwell meeting Michael Hand and Frank Nugan.Paul Helliwell with Michael Hand and Frank Nugan

* * *

During World War II Klaus Barbie was Gestapo chief in Lyon, France. He was responsible for the deaths of 4,000 Jews, many of them children. He also sent another 7,500 people to their deaths. He personally tortured people.

Klaus Barbie - Butcher of LyonKlaus Barbie – the Butcher of Lyon

In December 1950, Klaus Barbie was given a new identity by the CIA – Klaus Altmann.

klaus barbie false name passport

The CIA then sent Barbie to Bolivia – where he devoted his efforts to developing Bolivia’s thriving cocaine trade57, 58   Barbie oversaw the making of the cocaine “paste”.

Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny also helped form death squads such as the Angels of Death in Bolivia and the Anti-Communist Alliance in Argentina.


In 1951 the Office of Policy Coordination headed by Frank Wisner was merged with the CIA.

Allen Dulles offered Cord Meyer a job in the CIA, under Frank Wisner in the Office of Policy Coordination.
Meyer ran Project Mockingbird wherein the CIA paid thousands of journalists to issue its propaganda.

Kermit Roosevelt worked in the CIA underneath Frank Wisner.

Kermit_Roosevelt_JrKermit Roosevelt junior

The CIA carried out coups and installed dictators, often at the request of the British.

British intelligence has a unit called MI 6 Section D that does sabotage through political covert actions.
It also carries out paramilitary operations.

The Office of Policy Coordination was the primary CIA unit that fronted and orchestrated MI 6 Section D sabotage through covert political actions. The CIA acted as a cut out (a go-between, a front) for MI 6 Section D. The CIA used coups to remove democratically elected Presidents in various countries around the world. The CIA then installed vicious dictators who engaged in human rights violations, torture and mass murder of the people.

* * *

During the 1950s, Lucky Luciano decided the Mafia would only traffic (not manufacture) heroin or cocaine.
Just before Marseille embarked on heroin production for the American market in 1951, Meyer Lansky went
to Europe and met with Corsican leaders. This is when the arrangement was made with the Corsicans.

Charles “Lucky” Luciano (left) Meyer Lansky (right)charles lucky luciano and meyer lansky..

The first heroin laboratories in Marseille, France were opened in 1951. French intelligence ran the opium trade under the code name Operation X. That lasted for a few years, then the CIA took over the opium trafficking.
The heroin was sold in America. 176

The Corsican mafia in Marseille was headed by two brothers – Antoine and Bartholemy Guerini.

antoine gueriniAntoine Guerini


Barthelemy Guerini centerBartholemy Guerini (center)


The Marseille Syndicate

the marseille syndicateFrank Olson (left) with Guerini brothers

The control of the Guerini brothers over Marseille’s heroin industry was so complete that for nearly twenty years they were able to impose an absolute ban on drug peddling inside France at the same time they were exporting vast quantities of heroin to the United States.   169

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

* * *

R. C. Mowat, who had been to Oxford, was a Buchman advocate in Britain. In 1951 he wrote –

People everywhere will turn to spiritual reality on a mass scale as it is correctly presented to them through Moral Re-Armament. We can either be the last survivors of a declining age, or the pioneers of an entirely new order of society, which will bring a flowering of the human spirit such as the world has never seen.

This is the promise of Moral Re-Armament. It is making possible the dawn of a new age.

The Message of Frank Buchman by R. C. Mowat, pages 51-52

* * *

On April 4, 1951 the National Security Council formed the Psychological Strategy Board (PSB).
The board was the Under Secretary of State, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and Director of the CIA.

This Board was the only decision point for what covert psychological warfare actions would be done.
The Psychological Strategy Board determines what the CIA can do and approves what the CIA does.

* * *

On 1 June 1951 British, American and Canadians met at a secret conference at a Ritz-Carlton in Canada.
They agreed to a joint venture in how to brainwash people – mind control and behavior modification research.

Sir Henry Tizard was the British intelligence representative. Two CIA officers attended the meeting.

Sir TizardHenry T. Tizard

The CIA minutes of the meeting show the group agreed there was “no conclusive evidence” that the Soviets had made anything akin to “revolutionary progress” and dismissed Soviet interrogation as “remarkably similar to the age-old methods.”

The minutes of the meeting indicate that their priority in brainwashing research was not defensive but offensive.

CIA documents show that Dr. William Webster, chairman of the Research and Development Board, will coordinate the American programs with the British and Canadian programs.  11 

The Research and Development Board was under the Department of Defense.
The DOD funded all branches of the military and the CIA.

william_webster_1952Dr. William Webster

They were interested in what CIA propagandist Edward Hunter described in 1951 – brainchanging.

Brain-washing is indoctrination, a comparatively simple procedure, but brain-changing is immeasurably more sinister and complicated. Whereas you merely have to undergo a brain-cleansing to rid yourself of “imperialist poisons,” in order to have a brain-changing you must empty your mind of old ideas and recollections.

…in a brainchanging, a person’s specific recollections of some past period in his life are wiped away, as completely as if they never happened. Then, to fill these gaps in memory, the ideas which the authorities want this person to “remember” are put into his brain. Hypnotism and drugs and cunning pressures that plague the body and do not necessarily require marked physical violence are required for a brainchanging.

He is describing the behavior modification method called Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis.

* * *

Allen Dulles became Deputy Director of the CIA in August 1951.

Al Hubbard was an OSS and CIA agent. He took his first trip on LSD in 1951. He became an apostle for LSD in the early 1950s. He personally introduced about 6,000 people to LSD. He became known as “Captain Trips”, traveling about with a leather case containing LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin.  2

.                               Al Hubbard mowing his lawn.

In 1951, Humphry Osmond moved to Saskatchewan, Canada to work at Weyburn Mental Hospital.

Osmond turned the hospital into a research laboratory. He conducted a wide variety of patient studies using hallucinogenic drugs, collaborating with psychiatrist Abram Hoffer. According to Hoffer, high dose vitamins and high dose niacin are potentially effective treatments for schizophrenia. High dose vitamins and high dose niacin is exactly what Ron Hubbard was researching at the same time.  2

HofferAbram Hoffer

Humphry Osmond, working with Abram Hoffer, performed extensive studies on schizophrenic patients using niacin and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as potential cures for schizophrenia. Learning that niacin might limit the production of adrenaline, they decided to dose their schizophrenic patients with large doses of niacin.  30

* * *

General Walter Bedell Smith was the Director of the CIA in 1951. His daily log proves many things.  17

Walter Bedell Smith  (center)

Here are entries in the log of the CIA working with the British in the stay-behind network.

September 15

U. S.-British-Greek discussions of stay-behind operations…

October 3

A British Secret Service agent in charge of the British stay behind operations in Spain informed OSO/Madrid in strictest confidence that this program may be turned over to CIA for financial reasons. OSO infers that the British may ask CIA aid in supporting it.

October 12

The first caching program for the U.S. Zone of Austria has been completed. Twelve caches, each consisting of a 2300 pound package of weapons, ammunition and explosives, were buried in Land Salzburg and Upper Austria.

* * *

The Gladio network is a fact but when it began being exposed to the public the involved people denied it.
The same thing happened on public exposure of CIA drug trafficking – the involved people denied it.   221

If you expect the people involved in a conspiracy to confirm it, that is a monumental mistake.

* * *

On October 23, 1951 the National Security Council issued Directive 10/5.
This Directive authorized CIA actions to be done worldwide.



On 28 January 1952 Allen Dulles wrote about what they wanted from their mind control research.

Dulles said –

Whether or not, and to what extent, any agent or procedure can be used to cause an individual to become subservient to an imposed control; and subsequently that individual be unaware of the event.

Medical Science, particularly in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy, has developed a variety of techniques whereby some control can be imposed on the will of an individual. The techniques include neuro-surgery, electric shock, drugs, hypnosis and others.



Allen Dulles

* * *

April 1952 – Humphry Osmond, wrote Schizophrenia: A New Approach, in which he said that mescaline produced a psychotic state identical to schizophrenia. Osmond advocated experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs as a means of developing a cure for mental disorders.

Osmond used LSD to help release repressed material from the mind which it was hoped would help the psychotherapeutic process. Ron Hubbard was also getting people to experience hallucinations by combining benzedrine with nicotinic acid – niacin.

* * *

In 1952, Osmond noticed the potential of psychedelics to foster mind-expanding and mystical experiences.

In 1952, Aldous Huxley wrote to Osmond, and asked him to supply a dose of mescaline. In the letter, Huxley was hoping that mescaline might help him to access a greater degree of awareness, and draw him closer to spiritual enlightenment.

Aldous Huxley headed a covert operation to subvert America’s youth with psychedelic drugs. That British intelligence operation promoted expanding consciousness through psychedelic drugs and religious groups. Scientology itself was part of that operation.

Psychedelic – drugs, especially LSD, that produce hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness.

lsd image


* * *

In 1952, the CIA was interested in psychic abilities such as psychokinetics and remote viewing. Psychokinetics is using psychic means to move an object. Remote viewing is using psychic means to see distant things without using the eyes. 46

The Russians were allegedly using people with psychic abilities for military purposes.
Psychic warfare means using a psychic person for spying and for psychic influencing.
Psychic spying is gaining secret information about an enemy, using psychic means.
Psychic influencing means putting thoughts into the minds of enemy leaders, it is a weapon.

Note – some definitions

parapsychology – science investigating mental telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis
clairvoyance – able to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception
psychokinesis – moving a material object by influence of the mind
psi – the aggregate of parapsychological functions of the mind

On 7 January 1952, a secret CIA document discusses a multi-level program to research and develop the use of extrasensory perception for “practical problems of intelligence.” The CIA began training it’s operatives in psychic spying. The U.S. State Department used visualization exercises to train its operatives in the use of psi faculties. The CIA set up an inter-agency committee to follow psi research.  198   

December 1952 – Ron Hubbard delivers a series of over 50 lectures in Philadelphia on processes for attaining a state he calls “Operating Thetan” (OT), described as a being stably exterior from the body and able to perceive, communicate, and operate in the physical universe without reliance on the sense channels or mechanics of a body. These lectures are called The Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures, PDC for short.

These PDC lectures are in alignment with the CIA training their operatives in psi faculties.

The three organizations publicly visible as having researched spiritual and mental ability are:

British Society for Psychical Research
American Society for Psychical Research
Church of Scientology

All three have always been under the thumb of British intelligence.



The CIA discontinued the subsidies of the Coriscan Mafia after 5 years, because by that time the profits from bringing all that heroin into the U.S. were so astronomical there was no need.

Irving Brown’s CIA case officer, Paul Sakwa, has confirmed that by the time CIA subsidies were terminated in 1953, Brown’s chief contact with the Marseilles underworld, Pierre Ferri‑Pisani, no longer needed U.S. support, because of the profits his newly‑gained control of the port supplied from the heroin traffic.   171

* * *

Allen Dulles became Director of the CIA in February 1953.

The intelligence agencies knew that the Russians and Chinese had not developed brainwashing methods.

In 1953, a high level military study group determined that neither the Russians nor anyone else had devised a means of turning men into robots and there was “little threat, if any, to national security,” the study said9

Knowing there was no brainwashing threat, the CIA lied to the public and said there was a brainwashing threat.
They said they needed to research brainwashing so they could find a defense for it. They actually wanted to see if they could develop a mind control method for offensive use.  9

On 10 April 1953, Allen Dulles spoke on “Brain Warfare” at Princeton University just before he launched Project MK Ultra. In his speech he distinguished two fronts in the “battle for men’s minds” –

a “first front” of mass indoctrination through propaganda
a “second front” of individual brainwashing

Allen Dulles also said –

The Chinese… have given us a term which has come generally to be applied to this treatment of individual minds: “brain washing”.

Actually, the Chinese subjected to Communism “thought reform” techniques experienced two treatments:

  • a “brain washing” which “cleansed the mind of the old and evil thoughts spawned by Imperialists of the West,” and
  • a “brain changing” which implanted the new and glorious thoughts of the Communist Revolution”.

…In our conception of the perversion of individual minds the term “brainwashing” seems aptly to describe this phase of brain warfare.

…it is necessary to close off with an impenetrable barrier the area within which the operation is to take place… physical and spiritual barrier… isolated… from the outside world.

One element stands out in all the known cases. It is endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep.

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…

…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation…   13

On 13 April 1953, Allen Dulles approved project MK-Ultra. MK meant the project was a Technical Services Staff project, followed by the word Ultra designating the most secret classification. It was CIA research into behavior modification and mind control. MK-Ultra was a secret 25 year and 25 million dollar CIA project – to investigate methods to influence thought, attitude, memory and human behavior.

MK-Ultra was an umbrella project with 149 sub-projects. Some sub-projects were research into LSD as a behavior modification method. Under MK Ultra drugs such as LSD were tested on unknowing citizens.

Sidney Gottlieb was director of the CIA mind control project, MK-Ultra and MK-Search, from 13 April 1953 to 10 July 1972. His real name is Joseph Scheider.Sidney_Gottlieb_real_name_Joseph_Scheider

* * *

On May 5, 1953 George A. Morgan submitted an outline to the CIA called The Doctrinal Program209
The outline was based on a paper prepared and approved by the Psychological Strategy Board.

Under point 1, he says the goal is “to create confusion, doubts and loss of confidence in the accepted thought patterns” of basically anyone deemed to be “under Communist influence.

Under point b, he discusses that this doctrinal program is meant to foster a long-term intellectual movement with the primary goal to: break down world-wide doctrinaire thought patterns which have provided a fertile intellectual basis for Communist and other doctrines hostile to American objectives.

Under Doctrinal Program point c it says –

Hence the major target of the doctrinal program is the developed, articulate mind. This mind, engaged in developing concepts and rationalizations and capable of projecting the same to others, possesses the ability to classify, analyze and synthesize. The developed mind contains a store of knowledge, prejudices, opinions, predispositions, and traditional use patterns of these elements. It is characterized by an active urge to present to others the conclusions of its mental processes.

Their targets are the smart people.

Morgan says: “Even though the developed mind is more frequent among the influential class, it is not a man’s
position, however, but his proficiency in using his mind, which designates him as a proper target for the doctrinal program.

The doctrinal program is the planned effort to bring this elite into contact with thought-stimulating materials which will prepare those intellectuals to accept an attitude favorable to, or predisposing this elite towards the philosophy held by the planners of the doctrinal program.

They want to hook us smart people because they influence other people. Morgan says we “carry a weight and influence in forming, or at least predisposing, the attitudes and opinions of the opinion-moulding leaders in an area.”

In a separate document concerning “Annex B”, Morgan says “the clandestine service has concurred” with this final draft – which means the CIA.   210

Look at page 2, these points in particular:

  • Infiltrate individuals into foreign associations and organizations with doctrinal potential (newspapers, universities, etc.) to influence their actions and output.
  • Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

Deviationist movements intentionally created?

Yep. They did that.

The CIA was about to have Ron Hubbard start the Church of Scientology.

The intelligent rebels are the target. They see what is wrong with the world and want to make improvements. They are capable of making trouble by influencing others to seeing what is wrong with the slavemaster society.
They wanted to convert the smart people into accepting the slavemaster society – the British New World Order.

* * *

In May 1953, Humphrey Osmond went to Huxley’s home and provided Aldous Huxley with mescaline .   2

Although Huxley did not equate mescaline with religious mysticism, he was nevertheless deeply impressed with the experience. “All I am suggesting,” he wrote, “is that the mescaline experience is what Catholic theologians call a “gratuitous grace,” not necessary to salvation but potentially helpful and to be accepted thankfully.” Huxley’s home was no stranger to experimentation by the time the mild-mannered Dr. Osmond arrived. The writer had experimented with mental techniques including parapsychology, sensory deprivation, extrasensory perception and phenomena. Huxley numbered among his friends the writers Gerald Heard and Christopher Isherwood, as well as the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love by Stewart Tendler and David May, Panther Books Granada, 1984
Note – verified through Hathitrust that this is in Aldous Huxley, a Biography by Sybille Bedford, vol. 2

* * *

On 9 June 1953, MK Ultra sub-project 8 began – the testing of LSD on unwitting subjects. Boston Psychopathic Hospital was one of the testing sites. The LSD was given a code name – serunim.  100

Humphry Osmond and Abram Hoffer had received a very large grant from the Rockefeller Foundation for LSD experiments on mental patients. CIA agent Al Hubbard paid a visit to Dr. Osmond in 1953. Al Hubbard was interested in obtaining some mescaline and Osmond supplied him with some.

Osmond and Hoffer were taught a way to “maximize the LSD experience” by Al Hubbard. Al Hubbard employed icons and symbols to send the experience into a variety of different directions: someone uptight may be asked to look at a photo of a glacier, a person seeking the spiritual would be directed to a picture of Jesus, and enter into a one-on-one relationship with the Savior.

For the next few years, Al Hubbard – together with psychiatrists Osmond and Hoffer – pioneered a psychedelic regimen. Al Hubbard would lift mentally-disturbed lifelong alcoholics out of psychosis with a mammoth dose of liquid LSD, letting them view their destructive habits from a completely new vantage point.  2, 32 , 37 

* * *

Mohammad Mosaddegh was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. He introduced social and political reforms such as social security, rent control, and land reforms. His government’s most notable policy was taking over the Iranian oil industry, which had been under British control through the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later British Petroleum and BP). Mosaddegh was going to use the money to do many things to improve the lives of the Iranian people. Britain made sure Iran could not sell oil by causing a boycott wherein they threatened any potential purchasers of Iranian oil.

Mohammad MosaddeghMohammad Mosaddegh

British Intelligence (MI 6) requested the CIA to orchestrate a coup against Mohammad Mosaddegh. Frank Wisner got Allen Dulles to approve $1 million for the coup. Wisner put his junior, Kermit Roosevelt, in charge of the coup – which went under the code name Operation Ajax. The British co-acted with the CIA under their code name Operation Boot. Mosaddegh was removed from power in a coup on 19 August 1953, organized and carried out by the CIA at the request of MI6.   2

Allen Dulles then asked Kermit Roosevelt to organize the overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala.
Kermit refused. He said:

…for a coup to be successful, the people had to “want what we want”. He did not believe that the “Guatemalan peasants wanted what the United Fruit wanted.”

United Fruit was a company owned by minions of the British slavemasters, such as Allen Dulles. United Fruit had long been taking advantage of countries in Central America, making huge profits from selling their fruit while keeping the people in slave labor conditions.


Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán was President in Guatemala, and he set about changing the United Fruit stranglehold on his country. He was making the Guatemala people the owners of the land and the businesses.

Map_GuatemalaGuatemala is in Central America


Arbenz was for the people – so he had to go.

Allen Dulles and pals got Arbenz ousted.

They got Edward Bernays to run a propaganda campaign that Guzman was a communist. It was a lie.
The CIA sent an army and planes, they bombed a military base and a government radio station.
A Naval blockade was instituted. The hired army marched on the capital, forcing Arbenz to resign.

bombing arbenz

Colonel Castillo Armas was installed by the CIA and became the new “president”.

Castillo Armas – slavemaster puppet dictator

The US Ambassador (CIA) furnished Armas with lists of radical opponents to be eliminated, and the Guatamalan bloodbath began. Thousands were arrested. Many people were tortured and killed. United Fruit got all its land back and to punish the people further for daring to support Arbenz, the Banana Worker’s Union was banned. Terrible working conditions and slave labor were back. Armas cut out one-third of the voters by barring illiterates from voting. He outlawed all political parties, labor confederations, and peasant groups. He closed down opposition newspapers and burned “subversive” books. Guatemala still has the worst record of human rights abuses in Latin America.

The Guatemala people protested and civil war emerged. Death squads were started. The death squads had lists of people that were “suspected communists”, or who opposed the existing system. They were hunted down and killed. The police, the army, and the death squads, were all armed and trained by the CIA. Peasants, students, labor leaders, and professional persons were jailed by the thousands by the Guatemalan military. Journalists, lawyers, teachers, members of opposition parties, and anyone who expressed sympathy for the anti-government cause were simply machine-gunned down. If anyone tried to improve the peasants situation, they were subjected to torture, mutilation, and death. And thousands more, just trying to live and overcome their poverty and the massive injustices occurring –  simply “disappeared.”

Che Guevara traveled throughout South America and witnessed the poverty, hunger, and disease. He wanted to help overturn the capitalist exploitation of Latin America by certain people in the United States. He had assisted in Guatemala’s social reforms under President Árbenz Guzmán. He went on to assist other countries in Latin America after that.

CheChe Guevara

LatinAmericaLatin America is countries south of the United States – Mexico, Central America, South America and Caribbean

British agents in the U.S were continually overthrowing Presidents in Latin America and installing their puppet Presidents who kept those countries in a poverty-stricken slave state, committed the most atrocious human rights violations, and killed massive amounts of the people. The CIA continued that tradition after it came into existence.

The method of overthrowing Presidents was to stage a revolution. They hire some mercenaries who act as agent provocateurs and they stir some people up. The mercenaries then lead an armed rebellion against the existing government and overthrow it. The other method is to pay a top military leader to stage a military coup to oust the existing President. Either way, they then install a vicious CIA puppet dictator who abuses and kills massive amounts of the people.

This same intelligence operation has been done in various countries around the world. This is all done under the cover story of “fighting communism”. In most cases the people were not actually communists. They were people who wanted to have control of their own country without interference from outsiders who owned the businesses and kept them in slave labor conditions. They wanted democracy and a government that recognized their human rights, like in the United States.

Both sides of this arranged conflict do the same thing.
The communists install a dictator who slaughters the people.
The anti-communists install a dictator who slaughters the people.

The sane way to “defeat communism” is to help the people with what they need to live. Communism would have no appeal to people who are being treated properly. But the slavemasters always use a destructive solution, ignoring constructive solutions that would serve the people better. That is because the slavemasters are parasitic sociopaths who profit from keeping others in a slave state.

Sociopath or psychopath – has a pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the welfare of others.

I was looking for a breath of life
A little touch of heavenly light
But all the choirs in my head sang no
To get a dream of life again
A little of vision of the start and the end
But all the choirs in my head sang no.






On 1 May 1954, Sun Myung Moon founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, in Seoul, Korea. It came to be called the Unification Church. Bo Hi Pak was a former Korean CIA and liaison to the American CIA. Bo Hi Pak became top deputy to Sun Myung Moon.

* * *

In 1954, Huxley produced a book called The Doors of Perception, describing his experiences when taking a psychedelic drug. It promotes taking hallucinogenic drugs and claimed that the drugs “expand consciousness.”

Psychedelic drugs were promoted as enabling spiritual insight, and a mystical state of consciousness.  2

The Doors of Perception was a psychedelic handbook, and Hubbard promoted it as a good book to read.




The campaign had officially begun – selling the idea of gaining spiritual abilities and expanding consciousness through hallucinogenic drugs and through spiritual enhancement groups such as Scientology.

Step right up folks, take a trip, and get your expanded consciousness!

victorian carnival barker

* * *

Timothy Leary was recruited into the CIA by Cord Meyer. In 1954, Timothy Leary’s CIA assignment was to devise a personality test. Leary worked with CIA contractor Frank Barron at the Berkeley Institute for Personality Assessment and Research. The Leary Test is used by the CIA to test prospective employees.  47

Government documents indicate there were eight government grants paid to Leary from 1953 to 1958, most of them paid through the National Institute of Mental Health, which was a funding conduit for the CIA MK Ultra program. Leary said – “the CIA sponsored his and all other personality assessment research. They also supported J.B. Rhine’s ESP experiments at Duke University”.   63

Ron Hubbard and Ray Kemp were also busy developing Personality Testing at the same time.

* * *

A CIA unit called Political Action Staff was created, which was under Kermit Kim Roosevelt jr.
Kim Roosevelt appointed Miles Copeland to head the unit but he was still serving overseas.
In the meantime, Kim Roosevelt appointed Bob Mandlestam to the unit and got him started.   126

Robert Mandelstam enlargeRobert Stanley Mandelstam

Mandlestam had observed that political leaders around the world were influenced by occult practitioners such as astrologers, mystics, and even voodoo magic. Mandlestam put into action a scheme he called “Occultism in High Places”. This was when he recruited Ron Hubbard to work for the CIA unit called Political Action Staff.

Kim Roosevelt had set my new unit in motion without me. He had told my first assistant, a bright and inventive young PhD named Bob Mandlestam, that he should get something started, anything that smacked at all of political action…

Bob eagerly put his imagination to work on some ideas he had been nursing since his university days. His first was what he called ‘occultism in high places’… a theory of political activism based on an impressively detailed study of ways in which leaders of the world based their judgements on one form or another of divine guidance.

…there was something called Moral Rearmament… an interdenominational politico-religious movement started by a nut named Frank Buchman.

What caught Bob’s eye was the social level at which the movement operated. It was aimed exclusively at leaders… the arrangement we made with Moral Rearmament gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe.

When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology, the brainchild of another nut, this one a science-fiction writer named Ron Hubbard, we were on our way to having a political action capability which would make… Bill Casey’s CIA seem trivial by comparison.

‘MRA will hit ’em high, and the Church of Scientology will hit ’em low!’  Bob liked to boast, and he was right.

If you cynics who read this think I’m kidding, put the thought out of your mind.

– Miles Copeland     126

Earlier in the year Hubbard had proclaimed that Scientology is not a religion.   214

Now that Scientology was working with the CIA in political actions, it was going to be presented as a religion.
On 4 August 1954 Hubbard sent out a mailing called Golden Dawn – it presented Scientology as a religion.  215
After Hubbard sent out the Golden Dawn flier he conducted a religious opinion poll in August 1954.   216

* * *

The war to liberate Indochina from French rule was won by the Vietnamese.
The French evacuated Vietnam and French Indochina came to an end in August 1954.


Miles Copeland was married to a woman who worked for Special Operations Executive (British intelligence) – Lorraine Adie. Copeland was in London during World War II where he became a lifelong anglophile (Brit lover).

MI 6 Section D conducted sabotage through political covert actions, and paramilitary operations.
MI 6 Section D was the British intelligence unit doing Operation Gladio, mostly using the CIA to do it.

The CIA acted together with MI 6 in carrying out sabotage through political covert actions.
The CIA unit Political Action Staff served as a front for British intelligence MI 6 Section D.
When Hubbard started working for Political Action Staff, he was working for MI 6 and the CIA.

Miles Copeland was the first member of the CIA to be officially designated a political action specialist.

Miles Copeland juniorMiles Copeland junior

Miles Copeland moved to Washington D.C. in July 1955 and took control of the CIA unit Political Action Staff.
Ron Hubbard immediately also moves to Washington D.C. and founds the Church of Scientology there.

On 21 July 1955 Ron Hubbard incorporated the Founding Church of Man’s Religion in Washington D.C.
In September 1955, he changed the name to Founding Church of Scientology.   179, 213

Miles Copeland said Scientology has a continuing arrangement with the CIA to conduct political action. 132

Those operations we inaugurated in the years 1955-7 are still secret… The ‘perfect’ political action operation is, by definition, uneventful. Nothing ‘happens’ in it. It is a continuing arrangement, neither a process nor a series of actions proceeding at a starting point and ending with a conclusion.

– Miles Copeland

Political Action includes various types of CIA covert operations. It includes financing for CIA covert operations, covert manipulation of a nation’s people and their leaders, social engineering, lobbying, propaganda, terrorizing, killing, coups, and giving support to CIA installed dictators and their cruel treatment of the people which includes human rights violations, torture and mass murder. Hubbard and other Scientologists have given support at one time or another for that entire list.

A large part of the financing for CIA covert operations is obtained from drug trafficking.
Scientologists have helped with that too.

Miles Copeland also said the CIA preferred working with a religious group that was so offbeat that anyone in the Agency who belongs to it may be fired as a security risk. “The CIA use of these groups should be entirely outside the diplomatic establishment, run independently of our embassies and consulates, and so managed that our diplomatic representatives can honestly disclaim responsibility for them”.  Miles said one way these groups are useful to the CIA is to smuggle anything into or out of a country.  217

* * *

In 1955 the National Security Council issued a Directive that remained in place until February 1970.

The CIA was authorized to:

  • Create and exploit problems for International Communism.
  • Discredit International Communism, and reduce the strength of its parties and organization.
  • Reduce International Communist control over any areas of the world.
  • Strengthen the orientation toward the United States of the nations of the free world, accentuate, wherever possible, the identity of interest between such nations and the United States as well as favoring, where appropriate, those groups genuinely advocating or believing in the advancement of such mutual interests, and increase the capacity and will of such peoples and nations to resist International Communism.

In areas dominated or threatened by International Communism, the CIA was mandated to:

  • develop underground resistance and facilitate covert and guerrilla operations.

Specifically, such operations shall include any covert activities related to:

  • propaganda
  • political action
  • economic warfare
  • preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition, escape and evasion and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states or groups including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrillas and refugee liberation groups; support of indigenous and anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world; deception plans and operations and all compatible activities necessary to accomplish the foregoing.

In other words, the CIA was officially authorized to support Operation Gladio.

* * *

Aldous Huxley tried LSD for the first time in 1955, obtained from Captain Trips Al Hubbard. Al Hubbard’s secret connections allowed him to expose over 6,000 people to LSD. He shared the sacrament with a prominent Monsignor of the Catholic Church in North America, and stormed the pearly gates with Aldous Huxley – in a session that resulted in the psychedelic essay Heaven and Hell37

Captain Alfred Mathew HubbardCaptain Trips Al Hubbard

* * *

The Vietnam War began 1 November 1955, and was fought in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
During the war the CIA was complicit in trafficking Southeast Asia heroin into the United States.
Under cover of the Vietnam War, the CIA took control of Southeast Asian opium trafficking.



In 1956 the people in Thailand tried to stop the heroin production and smuggling in their country. They achieved getting a government proposal regarding a ban on opium sales. Drug-trafficker and Thai Dictator Phao killed that initiative, claiming that “it wouldn’t be able to find revenue sources to replace the lost funds”.

* * *

In 1956, Aldous Huxley published an essay Heaven and Hell. Heaven and Hell refer to what Huxley conceives to be two contrary mystical experiences that potentially await when one opens the “doors of perception”.

Huxley described regions of the mind that one can reach with chemical substances like LSD or mescaline.
Huxley said this state of mind allows a person to be conscious of things they normally wouldn’t be aware of.
Huxley said these states of mind are spiritually significant2

* * *

In 1956, Harold Abramson administered LSD to OSS and CIA agent Gregory Bateson.  1, 98

* * *

In June 1956 Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein became President of Egypt.
On 23 July 1956, Nasser decided to nationalize the Suez Canal.
That inflamed British Prime Minister Anthony Eden.

Consequently, the British asked the CIA to concoct a way to kill Nasser.

Suez had just come on and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and British Prime Minister Anthony Eden hated Gamal Nasser’s guts. We were asked to concoct a way to kill Nasser. Eden would have shot Nasser personally.

These are the words of former CIA official Miles Copeland.

The Puppet Master interview of Miles Copeland by PENTHOUSE magazine, 1978



William Sargant was a British psychiatrist who worked for MI 6. He had pioneered the pain-drug-hypnosis behavior modification method. The patient is knocked out with drugs, given electric shocks, and verbal hypnotic commands are installed while he is unconscious.

American psychiatrist Ewen Cameron worked with Sargant starting during World War II. Cameron was another sadistic sociopath monster. Cameron and Sargant worked together doing behavior modification research for British intelligence and the CIA.

Ewen Cameron worked at the Rockefeller-funded Allan Memorial Institute.
It is part of McGill University in Montreal, Canada.   10

Willim Walters Sargant Ewen_Cameron_pic_from_1979_video
William Walters Sargant              Donald Ewen Cameron



 Allan_Memorial_InstituteAllan Memorial Institute

The CIA paid Cameron $84,820 for behavior modification research from 1957 to 1964.
It was MK Ultra Subproject 68.  

In hypnosis, a person is put into a trance. Then you can install a command that the person will obey when he is brought out of the trance. All of this does not work with most people. But that is where they got the idea to install commands after making a person unconscious with drugs.

There are two steps to behavior modification.

Step 1 – Removal of your personality and ideas
Step 2 – Install the new personality and the new ideas

The initial step of wiping out the person’s memory and identity was called depatterning. Drugs and brutal electric shocks were used to accomplish depatterning. The patients were subjected to months of chemically-induced comas meant to destroy their memories of themselves and their families – a human catastrophe that stripped more than 300 people of their identities.

Cameron’s patients were woken from drug-induced stupors two or three times a day for multiple electric shocks. The patient would be given an electric shock, followed by five to nine smaller ones, two or three times a day for up to thirty days. These electric shocks were severe, at 30 to 40 times the normal power. Hospital workers at the time have reported that the screaming echoed around the hospital.

The patients were dazed, incapable of taking care of themselves, often groping their way around the hospital and urinating on the floor.

Cameron wrote that his typical depatterning patient – “There is complete amnesia for all events in his life.”
The depatterning was considered completed when the victim had lost all his memory and identity.

Once this depatterning was completed, the second step was entered into, which was called Heteropsychic Driving. Hetero means other or different. In other words, they will now install a different personality or identity.

A helmet would be clamped on their heads and negative messages would be repeated into the victim’s mind for sixteen hours a day. These messages would repeat phrases like “My mother hates me, my husband hates me, I am a failure”, and so on, using recordings of the victim’s own voice. Cameron would also wire their legs and give them an electric shock after the completion of each message.

Recording the patient during psychotherapy sessions then playing it back to them – part of the “psychic driving” process.

Psychic driving - ewen Cameron.


Cameron wrote that this technique provided “direct, controlled changes in personality.”

Inside the Sleep Room by Gordon Thomas

His name was William Walters Sargant… He was the British end of the most sinister program ever approved by the United States government: MK Ultra, an intelligence agency effort designed to control all human behavior.

One of a series of research programs that sought to control and manipulate human behavior, MK Ultra included wide-ranging experiments with LSD and other drugs, hypnosis, electric shock…

Sargant, like Cameron, had devised a system where all patients in the Sleep Room received endless instructions on a tape loop. They were played through a recorder placed under each pillow.

…at the Allan Memorial Institute… patients received their messages through adapted football helmets strapped to their heads.

There was another link between Sargant and Cameron: Leonard Rubenstein. He worked for MI 5. At the Allan Memorial Institute he ran the “research and behavioral laboratory.” There he created the tape loops. He had flown to London to show Sargant how they should be fashioned.

From an excellent reference site concerning Ewen Cameron –

The Canadian MKULTRA programme took place at the Allan Memorial Institute (AMI)… AMI’s director from 1943 to 1964 was Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, who called his experimental techniques “depatterning” and “psychic driving.” Cameron subjected his patients to heavy doses of drugs combined with electric shock treatment, technically known as Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT), but not as Cameron practised it. In standard professional ECT, the patient is given a single dose of 110 volts lasting a fraction of a second.

Cameron used a dosage twenty to forty times more intense, two to three times a day, with the power turned up to 150V. The frequent screams of patients that echoed through the hospital did not deter Cameron and his associates in their attempts to “de-pattern” their subjects completely. Sometimes Cameron would combine this treatment with up to 35 days of prolonged sensory deprivation in a sealed environment. This constituted the “depatterning” phase of the treatment…

Cameron would then attempt to reprogram his victims with his “psychic driving” techniques, which consisted of messages played on tape recorders, repeated thousands of times through headphones. Usually ten days of “negative signals,” stressing the patient’s presumed inadequacies, would be followed by ten days of “positive” messages, encouraging the desired behavior. Psychic driving would take place for continuous periods of up to 16 hours per day.

The CIA invited Cameron to apply for funding from the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, a CIA front. From 1957 to 1962, the Agency supported Cameron’s work with grants totally $84,820.

Under the guise of mental treatment, patients became lab rats in slavemaster behavior modification research.

Linda McDonald was a young mother suffering from mild depression after giving birth to a child. She underwent 80 days of drug-induced coma where she received 132 brutal electroshock treatments that erased all memory of her previous life.

Linda_McDonaldLinda McDonald

Mary C. was a 52 year-old woman Cameron tortured. She was going through menopause and Cameron used those symptoms to diagnose her as a hypochondriac.

Madeleine Smith, a 28-year-old Canadian newscaster, was another Cameron casualty. Madeleine was taken into the operating room for brain surgery. The surgeon drilled a hole through her skull. An instrument was used to make several sweeping incisions through her brain.

While the surgeon worked, Ewen Cameron stood over the young woman, plying her with questions until he was assured the surgeon had achieved the desired result. When Madeleine vacantly stared and could only grunt in response, the surgery ended. Madeleine lived the rest of her life an automaton in the confines of an insane asylum.


Donald_ewen_cameronEwen Cameron

Maurice Duplessis, premier of Quebec, was a strict Catholic. He put the care of orphans in the hands of nuns.
Psychiatrists falsely diagnosed them as mentally deficient so they could be used in psychiatric experiments.
The orphans were chosen because they had no one to defend them and no way to fight back against abuse.

The orphans became inmates in a mental institution where they were sexually, physically, and mentally abused.
The children were subjected to electroshock, drug testing and used in Cameron’s mind control experiments. 

They do not care about anyone’s mental, spiritual, or physical well-being.

Their only interest is how to get people to do what they want.

Sociopaths put a white mask over their evil mask, cloaking their evil destructive acts by claiming it is help.

sociopath real person

British intelligence instigated behavior modification and mind control research in England, using sadistic monsters like William Sargant and John Rees. British intelligence then instigated the American intelligence agencies to do it – using sadistic monsters like Ewen Cameron.

MK Ultra Subproject 68 documents are filed under “68″ at The Black Vault, on disk 4 in folder number 17468.

Document # 52 mentions drugs that Ewen Cameron was using –


We propose to use LSD25… as a means of breaking down the ongoing patterns of behavior.

Cameron did use LSD as a behavior modification tool. The CIA would soon distribute LSD all over America as a behavior modification method.

* * *

Hallucinogenic drugs gave some people a terrible experience. But, by 1957 Humphry Osmond had observed some people had unusually pleasant experiences from hallucinogenic drugs. This had occurred so frequently that Osmond concluded it was a new phenomenon and that it needed a name.

Aldous Huxley proposed the name phanerothyme, which means spirit manifesting.

Huxley made a poem for his word –

To make this mundane world sublime,
Take half a gram of phanerothyme

Humphry Osmond made the word psychedelic, which means soul manifesting or mind manifesting.

Osmond made a poem for his word-

To fathom Hell or soar angelic,
Just take a pinch of psychedelic

Osmond announced the name psychedelic and it was popularized. It described the euphoric, perception-altering, mind-expanding effects of hallucinogenic drugs like LSD, mescaline, DMT, and psilocybin.  29, 30

* * *

The communist revolution in Russia killed 21 million people.
The communist revolution in China killed 64 million people.

Mao Zedong was the communist dictator in China, and he was going to kill another 45 million Chinese people.

mao speech 1957Mao Zedong

In February 1957 Mao started the Hundred Flowers Movement –

“Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land.”

Mao was inviting criticism so they could find out who their opposition was. A tidal wave of discontent and hatred was expressed in millions of letters sent in. Mao had the leaders killed or sent to a labor camp for “re-education” which means brainwashing. Mao then created a famine that killed 45 million people by exporting large quantities of food from China.

After it was over, Mao said that The Hundred Flowers Movement –

“enticed the snakes out of their lairs.”

That is the covert evil purpose for Scientology.

Remember, Hubbard and Scientology has a continuing arrangement with the CIA Political Action Unit to conduct “political actions”. Hubbard’s pal Paul Linebarger was the psychological warfare expert who also worked for the CIA Political Action Unit. Linebarger said the strategy was to take free men capable of making trouble and convert them to the slavemaster side. Those who were unpersuadable should be killed or neutralized by other purely physical means – such as isolation or imprisonment.

Many of the decent people see that things are wrong in the world and they care enough to want to do something to make things as they should be. Those are the people Scientology was to attract and then modify their thinking into acceptance of the slavemaster two-class society. Hubbard told Scientologists to support World Government –
and that is the British slavemaster plan to make themselves the ruler of the entire world.



Penthouse Interview with L. Ron Hubbard junior –

Hubbard: Two of the people we were involved with in the late fifties in England were Errol Flynn and a man who was high up in the Labor Party at the time. My father and Errol Flynn were very similar. They were only interested in money, sex, booze, and drugs. At that time, in the late fifties, Flynn was pretty much of a burned-out hulk. But he was involved in smuggling deals with my father: gold from the Mediterranean, and some drugs – mostly cocaine.

Penthouse magazine June 1983  – found at Arnie Lerma’s website 

 L. Ron Hubbard junior is a son of L. Ron Hubbard
He changed his name to Ronald DeWolf




Further proof that Hubbard was a British New World Order agent are in his lectures…

End of Course Lecture, an LRH lecture 1 May 1959 –

Now, a wonderful piece of news burst today as we complete this course, wonderful piece of news. The byproducts of atomic energy plants which make electricity have been declared waste previous to this time, and now a clever nuclear physicist has found out how to make bombs out of the waste products from electrical energy.

…almost any nation- Panama, the Argentine, almost anybody- could dream himself up a few atom bombs.

Well, that’s very, very happy. Because about this time somebody’s going to have to get some good sense and say, “We’d better knock off this thing called international boundaries because it’s not safe to have them anymore.”

* * *

The Meyer Lansky syndicate sent millions to Geneva’s Swiss Exchange and Investment Bank.  167
Swiss Exchange and Investment Bank was controlled by CIA drug trafficker – Robert Vesco. 161
The bank was used to funnel tons of dirty money for CIA black operations around the world.

 * * *

In 1959 Thailand unleashed a full military assault on the opium trade that forced the relocation of it to Laos.

General Vang Po was the chief of the opium-growing Meo tribesman. Vang Pao then ran operations using 30,000 Meo tribesman out of the CIA air base at Long Tieng, Laos. He used them to smash any opposition to the CIA’s drug smuggling by calling detractors “communists”.  Terrence Burke served as CIA station chief in Laos and oversaw the training of this army.

* * *

Gregory Bateson, who had worked for the OSS, became the director of a hallucinogenic drug experimental clinic at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital. It was an MK Ultra project funded by the CIA. The project studied how psychoactive drugs effected people – LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, and cocaine.

In 1959, Bateson gave Ken Kesey his first dose of LSD. Ken Kesey organized a circle of LSD initiates called
The Merry Pranksters. Kesey frequently entertained friends and many others with parties he called “Acid Tests” – involving LSD, Grateful Dead music, black lights, fluorescent paint, strobes and other “psychedelic” effects.

The Merry Pranksters toured the country in a bus disseminating LSD and building local distribution connections.

Ken Kesey was joined by Richard Alpert and Jerry Garcia. Out of this setting came the Merry Pranksters and the Grateful Dead. Kesey’s Pranksters were famous for administering the “Electric Kool Aid Acid Test” to large groups of adolescents attending rock concerts given by the Grateful Dead as the group toured the United States.  98

* * *

CIA agent John Starr Cooke was involved with Hubbard since 1950 and he was the first Dianetic Clear.
In 1959 Cooke got British author William Burroughs into Scientology.  38

William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, Tangier, 1950sWilliam Burroughs (left)



David Ziff joined Scientology in 1960 and worked directly with Ron Hubbard. He headed Scientology Publications Org, and was the editor of Scientology’s Advance! magazine. Ziff has family connection to Prince Bernard, who has a high position with the World Government slavemasters. 187, 188


* * *

In 1960, CIA agent Frank Barron founded the Harvard Pyschedelic Drug Research Center.
Timothy Leary followed Barron to Harvard and became a lecturer in psychology.

At Harvard, Leary’s mentor is chief pyschologist Henry A. Murray, who in the 1940’s also developed personality tests for the OSS and CIA. By the time Leary got to Harvard, Murray already had contracts with the CIA to test student volunteers.  47

In August 1960, Leary traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico and consumed psilocybin mushrooms for the first time. Returning from Mexico to Harvard in 1960, Leary and Richard Alpert began a research program known as the Harvard Psilocybin Project. Leary conducted experiments with psilocybin on himself and a number of Harvard students.

In the fall of 1960, Aldous Huxley was a Visiting Professor in Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  99  That is also where Harvard University is located.

In November of 1960, Huxley met with Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Alan Watts. Huxley led the meeting, which was a planning session for using LSD to behavior modify America. Huxley told them to target influential people for the LSD experience.

“That’s how everything of culture and beauty and philosophic freedom has been passed on,” Huxley told Leary. “Initiate artists, writers, poets, jazz musicians, elegant courtesans. And they’ll educate the intelligent rich.”   48

From the discussions at the Harvard meeting, Leary put together the book The Psychedelic Experience.
It was this book that popularized the term, “psychedelic mind-expanding.”   48, 99

Timothy Leary and Richard AlpertTimothy Leary and Richard Alpert

Michael Hollingshead was a British intelligence agent who worked with Aldous Huxley. He said –

…a small package from Switzerland arrived in my mail one morning containing one gram of Dr. Hofmann’s acid, which I had arranged to be sent to me. I had first heard of LSD from Aldous Huxley, when I had telephoned him at his home in Los Angeles to inquire about obtaining some mescaline, which he had recently been using. His information also included the name of Dr. Albert Hofmann and a caution, subsequently unheeded, to take great care if ever I should take any of the stuff: ‘It is much more potent than mescaline, though Gerald (Heard) and I have used it with some quite astonishing results really.’

There had been no difficulty obtaining even one gram of LSD—I simply asked an English doctor friend of mine [John Beresford] to write the order on a sheet of New York hospital letterhead saying that I needed this ergot-derivative as a ‘control’ drug for a series of bone-marrow experiments.

The Man Who Turned on the World autobiography by Michael Hollingshead

hollingsheadMichael Hollingshead

After taking LSD, Hollingshead contacted Aldous Huxley, who suggested that Hollingshead go to Harvard to “meet a Dr. Timothy Leary, a professor there”.


Eric Trist was a founding member of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. That is the leading British intelligence front group for a network of front groups involved in social engineering – the British slavemaster behavior modification attack on mankind. Stanford Research Institute is part of that network.   96

Eric Trist - TavistockEric Trist – Tavistock

CIA asset Frank X Barron was a founding fellow of Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.
It is located at Stanford University and Eric Trist was a fellow there the whole year of 1961.   93, 240 

Some of the “advanced” studies were psychedelic drugs and Scientology.

Center for Advanced Study Behavioral Sciences

At this time Stanford Research Institute was part of Stanford University.

Stanford Research InstituteStanford Research Institute sits on the street between Palo Alto, Calfornia and Menlo Park, California

Eric Trist was there just in time to get the ball rolling on CIA peddling of LSD aimed at America’s youth. He was another British intelligence agent provocateur – there to back up what Aldous Huxley had started. Eric Trist also acted as a case officer – he had his son with him, Alan Trist, who got involved with the Grateful Dead and Grace-Marie Haddy crowd. It was all part of a British intelligence operation aimed at America’s youth.

Willis Harman worked for the OSS and became a Professor at Stanford University after the war.
In 1961, Harman began being a “futurist” for Stanford Research Institute.  109

In March 1961 Willis Harman began doing MK Ultra LSD research at Stanford Research Institute. Harman employed Al Hubbard as a security guard for SRI. Harman admits, “Al never did anything resembling security work, Al’s job was to run the LSD sessions for us.”

Willis Harman and Al Hubbard shared a goal “to provide the LSD experience to political and intellectual leaders around the world.”  37 That idea came directly from Aldous Huxley, who was the main British intelligence operative in America instigating this entire operation.

willis_harman_changing_images_of_manWillis Harman

After first experimenting with LSD on helpless psychiatric patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto, they were now going to target the young people, such as the college students at Stanford. They were ready to launch the corruption of America’s next generation.

* * *

In April 1961, Robert Hunter (real name Robert Burns) met and played music with Jerry Garcia.

Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter and Willy Legate lived together in Palo Alto, California.
David Nelson, Robert Hunter and Willy Legate were involved in Scientology.

In the Grateful Dead band –
Jerry Garcia – banjo and guitar
David Nelson – guitar
Robert Hunter – bass guitar

Willy_LegateWilly Legate

Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter would go over to the apartment owned by Grace-Marie Haddy to listen to her record collection called Anthology of American Folk Music.  90, 91, 92, 93, 103, 104, 139


In May 1961, Robert Hunter took LSD for the first time at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto.
Hunter was the first member of the Grateful Dead to take LSD.    98, 138

Robert_Hunter_(Burns)_Scientologist,_MKUltra,_Grateful_DeadRobert Hunter

In the summer of 1961, Tom Constanten met Phil Lesh and they became roommates.
They became members of the Grateful Dead band. Tom Constanten was a Scientologist.

* * *

In August 1961 Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary attended the Fourteenth International Congress of Applied Psychology where Leary read a paper on ‘How to Change Behavior’ describing the induction of visionary mental states by psilocybin.

Michael Hollingshead was the Executive Secretary for the Institute of British-American Cultural Exchange.

This grandiose title meant that I was in the service of a semi-official British propaganda agency in the field of international cultural relations.

The Man Who Turned on the World autobiography by Michael Hollingshead

British propaganda is under and done by British intelligence – MI 6.

In September 1961, Hollingshead met Timothy Leary in Cambridge and was invited to live in Leary’s house and teach a course at Harvard. Shortly thereafter, he introduced Leary to LSD.

* * *

Fidel Castro was the dictator of Cuba with ties to communist Russia. The CIA assembled an army of 1,400 paramilitaries for invasion of Cuba to overthrow Castro. They invaded Cuba but were defeated because President John Kennedy withdrew air support for the invasion. In autumn 1961, President Kennedy removed Allen Dulles as the Director of the CIA.


The Esalen Institute was founded by Michael Murphy and Dick Price in 1962. Their goal was to explore work in order to fully realize what Aldous Huxley had called the “human potentialities”. It was a center for the development of human potential and offered a variety of methods – transcendental meditation, LSD, out-of-body experiences through hallucinogenic drugs, non-drug approaches to psychedelic experiences, and many others.

Gerald Heard had spent 10 years working for the Society for Psychical Research in London.
Heard had written pushing the benefits of mind-altering drugs to evolve human consciousness.
Gerald Heard was instrumental in influencing Murphy and Price to found the Esalen Institute.

Frank Barron was a founding board member of the Esalen Institute.  241

They were given support by Aldous Huxley and Gregory Bateson.
Alan Watts gave the first lecture at Esalen in January 1962.
Willis Harman led a conference on human potentiality.


Teachers at Esalen Institute –

Aldous Huxley    (MI 6)
Arnold J. Toynbee    (MI 6 British intelligence)
Abraham Maslow
Timothy Leary    (CIA)
Gregory Bateson    (OSS, CIA)
Richard Alpert    (CIA)
Ken Kesey    (CIA)
Alan Watts    (CIA)
J. B. Rhine    (MI 6)
Albert Hofmann    (discovered LSD, worked at Sandoz Laboratories owned by Warburg)

Aldous Huxley gave lectures on the “Human Potential” at Esalen in the early 1960s.
His lectures were fundamental to the beginning of the Human Potential Movement.

Esalen Institute spawned the Human Potential Movement. It formed around the concept of cultivating extraordinary potential that lie largely untapped in all people. It espoused that the inner-self should be freely expressed in order to reach one’s true potential.

In the middle of 1962 Abraham Maslow, became an important figure at the Institute.

The Human Potential Movement was strongly influenced by Abraham Maslow’s theory of self-actualization – and what that meant was realization of a person’s full potential. He stressed the importance of focusing on the positive qualities in people, with the end result of self-actualization. That was achieved through ascending levels to reach the top level. Maslow’s theory was fully expressed in his 1954 book Motivation and Personality. In 1962 he expressed it in terms of gradients.  2, 15

Maslow’s updated major text covering this was Toward a Psychology of Being in 1962. This is where the “gradients of awareness” or being starts coming into play. Maslow utilized a pyramid or upward pointing Triangle model, with it’s base correlating to “base needs” (Body needs) and it’s point correlating to “self-actualization” or the “higher self”.

In perfect lockstep Ron Hubbard begins plans for a GRADE CHART, with a “gradient scale of awareness”.
That idea was taken directly from Abraham Maslow.

It should be clear enough at this point, Hubbard’s deep involvement with “the Great Plan” to re-make over the rest of us, and it should also be understandable why Hubbard then completely rearranges the technical aspects of Scientology, with ascending levels of Awareness leading to “Total Freedom”, or to use the exact same concept from Maslow with a different name (words), to reach Self-Actualization – the top of the Pyramid, to ascend the gradient of awareness in order to join with the “Great Architect” of the Universe.  15

Abraham MaslowAbraham Maslow

* * *

This relates to the Doctrinal Program they created, where they want to influence the ideas of smart people.
The cults provided the lab setting for them to experiment with people.

But it was in the 1960′s that the idea of using these techniques on essentially freestanding populations was experimented with and the cults provided the laboratory setting for social influence processes where the people are not taken into complete physical custody.

– Lecture by Dr. Alan Scheflin    211

Scientology, Unification Church, Synanon, Esalen – anyone who got lured into becoming members?

You were literally lab rats.

 * * *


In March 1962 Barbara “Brigid” Meier met Jerry Garcia and became the love of his life.
Her mother worked for the Stanford Research Institute.  90, 93

* * *

MK Ultra was being run under the CIA Technical Services Staff. In 1962 some of the MK Ultra projects were moved under the CIA Office of Research and Development and it continued searching for ways of controlling human behavior. The ORD staff were also interested in parapsychology. 114, 115

Their parapsychology goals were –

whether psychics could read minds or control them from afar (telepathy)
if they could gain information about distant places or people (clairvoyance or remote viewing)
if they could predict the future (precognition)
influence the movement of physical objects or even the human mind (telekinesis)



Humphry Osmond joined a group of researchers at the Princeton Neuropsychiatric Institute in 1963. He worked with Dr. Bernard Aaronson, whose studies in hypnosis and altered states of consciousness were funded by the CIA through the Society for the Study of Human Ecology.  31

* * *

Captain Trips Al Hubbard showed up one day in 1963 on the doorstep of Timothy Leary. The captain had come bearing gifts of LSD, which he wanted to swap for psilocybin, the magic mushroom. “The thing that impressed me,” Leary remembers, “he had these most impressive people in the world on his lap, basically backing him.”  37

Among Al Hubbard’s heavyweight cheerleaders was Aldous Huxley.
By 1963, the highly publicized promoters of the LSD counterculture were –

Aldous Huxley
Timothy Leary
Ken Kesey
Richard Alpert
Alan Watts

Timothy Leary and another Harvard psychologist, Richard Alpert, were dismissed from Harvard university in May 1963. Leary and Alpert first relocated to Mexico, but were expelled from the country by the Mexican government. They then set up at a large private mansion owned by Billy Mellon Hitchcock in Millbrook, New York where they continued their experiments.  2

William “Billy” Mellon Hitchcock was a descendant of the millionaire Mellon banking family in Pittsburg. Hitchcock had a fifty-five-room mansion in Millbrook, New York. It was headquarters for Leary and gang for five years, a period filled with endless parties. British intelligence agent Michael Hollingshead was also living there.

Millbrook estate

Timothy Leary and Billy Mellon Hitchcock

This was no accident that Billy Mellon Hitchcock was involved in this –

British intelligence operation being orchestrated by the CIA.

Millbrook was a snake pit of British intelligence agents and their underling yes-men – the CIA agents.

David Bruce was a ROOM member – it was a British intelligence network in America headed by Vincent Astor.
His relative in England was Waldorf Astor, and he was a member of the Round Table.

David Bruce was another British agent who worked for the Office of Strategic Services. Bruce headed the OSS office in London where he worked directly with top British intelligence people, especially William Keswick who was Chief of the Special Operations Executive.

William Johnstone Tony Keswick

The Keswick family co-owns Jardine, Matheson and Company – which traffics opium.
That is who David Bruce was working with when he was heading the OSS office in London.

David K.E. BruceDavid Kirkpatrick Este Bruce

David Bruce had married a daughter of Andrew Mellon in 1926.
In addition, a number of Mellons served in the OSS.

Paul and Andrew MellonPaul Mellon and Andrew Mellon

Paul Mellon worked for the OSS station in London. Paul was a member of the British Roxburghe Club, together with the Marquises of Salisbury, the Dukes of Devonshire, the Morgans and the Rothschilds. The Marquises of Salisbury is the Cecil family, a top British slavemaster family that heads British intelligence.

Paul_Mellon_and_his_sister_Mrs_david_K.E._BrucePaul Mellon and his sister who married David Bruce

Paul Mellon was the uncle of Billy Mellon Hitchcock.

After the war the Mellon family maintained close ties with the CIA. Mellon family foundations were used as conduits for CIA funds. Richard Helms, Director of the CIA, was a frequent weekend guest of the Mellons.

Richard HelmsRichard Helms

Timothy Leary left Harvard for his new assignment which was to work under William Mellon Hitchcock.
Hitchcock founded the CIA front group – The International Foundation for Internal Freedom (IFIF) –
later named Castalia Foundation.

Multimillionaire Billy Mellon Hitchcock bankrolled the IFIF operation and later financed a huge black-market LSD manufacturing operation.  49, 88

Leary at MillbrookTimothy Leary at Millbrook

Leary was paid $2,000 a month to live and conduct his LSD experiments at Millbrook.

Walter Bowart was one of the people at Millbrook, he later wrote a book about it.  When Walter Bowart asked,
“Do you think CIA people were involved in your group in the sixties?” Leary said, “I would say that eighty percent of my movements, eighty percent of the decisions I made were suggested to me by CIA people.”

The entire LSD movement itself was sponsored originally by the CIA…

-Timothy Leary interview in High Times magazine, February 1978

Leary claimed from 1962 forward he operated as an intelligence agent aware of the world struggle for control of minds.
Leary said –
“I’m raising the intelligence of a very elite group of Americans… I think the future of freedom depends on a very small group of people who are smart enough to defend that liberty…”    63

The LSD was supplied by a Brit named Charles Druce.

Charles Druce is an unlikely figure in the history of LSD. He started his career as a clerk in various chemical merchants’ offices in London, moving up to trading in mail-order LSD in the early to mid-1960s when it was still legal.

Druce came to the attention of Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (aka Baba Ram Dass), former Harvard professors who set up a legendary psychedelic community in Millbrook, upper New York State. Druce supplied LSD to Leary and Alpert up to around 1966.

Alpert would fly over and stay in luxury hotels and pick up the acid in person to take back to the States. The full account of Alpert’s involvement has never been told… he had a dare-devil streak that involved for example on one occasion flying his own plane ( a Cessna 172) from Canada to the US high on acid as the last part of his journey.

English supplier of LSD to Timothy Leary and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love

 * * *

Sun Myung Moon was an agent for the British New World Order and the CIA. Moon called his movement the International One World Crusade. Moon’s Unification Church was brought into the United States in the early 1960’s. Frank Buchman had died in 1961, and his Moral Re-Armament group was now being replaced by Moon and the Unification Church.

Sun+Myung+MoonSun Myung Moon

* * *

Ngo Dinh Diem was the President of South Vietnam. Lucien Conein was instrumental in the November 1963 coup against Diem that resulted in Diem’s assassination.     223



Sir Anthony Brooke hooked up with Moon in Korea on 2 March 1964.

Brooke lecturing

Moon (center) looking Genyosha gangster, as usual. Brooke to his left.

Brooke was an agent for the British New World Order. Brooke was a member of –

Royal Institute of International Affairs (Round Table group)
Society for Psychical Research
Supreme Council of the Commonwealth of World Citizens
World Union

* * *

Further proof that Hubbard was a British New World Order agent are in his lectures…

International City, an LRH lecture 24 March 1964 –

I want to talk to you about a project having to do with world peace.

So here’s a plan, an International Objective is the name of the plan at large and the plan itself is the International City, which merely says a government of Earth.

And they’re all built around a central capital of its own which is very bombproof. Built under a mountain. Artificial mountain which you could never destroy. And a bunker of huge proportions and that of course would be an international parliament of Earth, which then had certain powers and so forth, over various nations.

Not unlike the United Nations today but with a different composition, a more British-American type of a composition so that you don’t get four or five favored nations who can overthrow everything else and you don’t get unequal stuff so that there’s some country that has twenty people in its population and it has a member in the United Nations who has as much say, you see, as somebody who has a billion population. I mean, that’s the way they’ve got it rigged now.

Seventh, bring about the creation of a small, effective armed force for the United Nations, dismantling or abolishment of all other war facilities. Well, naturally, if they were the only ones that got atomic bombs then their main police action would be devoted to whether or not anybody else was manufacturing atomic bombs. And they just make sure that that wouldn’t happen…

Persuade stable and real international economic measures. In other words, do something to keep money in balance, like the World International Bank, that tries to keep the lid on.

Persuade the United Nations and national governments that the activities of the United Nations and national governments should be limited to … And then we limit what a national government should be up to.

Hubbard told Scientologists to support the British New World Order

  • Elimination of international boundaries
  • One World government  (led by the British nobility)
  • One World Army
  • One World Bank and currency

Hubbard advocates the worst sociopaths in the world having direct control over the life of every person.


* * *

In 1964 Paul Helliwell was assigned to the Bahamas to set up offshore banks for CIA use.
He set up Castle Bank and Trust Company, which laundered CIA and Mafia money.

Helliwell served in a dual capacity as CIA banker and as legal counsel for the Cuban Mafia, specifically crime boss Santo Trafficante junior, who sold Southeast Asian heroin in the United States, as part of the CIA heroin trafficking network.  31, 205

Castle Bank had two major shareholders who were secret directors, and both were attorneys.
One was CIA agent Paul Helliwell, the other major shareholder was B.W. Kanter.

Helliwell also set up other CIA banks in the Bahamas, such as the Mercantile Bank and Trust Company.  31


Castle Bank was part of a vast worldwide financial network managed by American intelligence. The Agency used Castle Bank to facilitate the hidden transfer of huge sums to finance subversion, paramilitary operations, coups, bribery, and payments to foreign informants.   40

Castle Bank was the conduit for millions of dollars earmarked by the CIA for funding covert intelligence operations directed at countries in Latin America and the Far East. Castle Bank also served the mafia. Allan George Palmer, a known manufacturer and distributor of illicit drugs held an account in Castle Bank. Tony Accardo and Morris Kleinman were two examples of organized crime figures who had an account at Castle Bank.   205

Vatican banks were also laundering and reinvesting heroin profits for the Mafia.   16

* * *

In June 1964 MK Ultra became MK Search.

By 1964, Robert Hunter, Willy Legate, David Nelson, and Grace-Marie Haddy got into Scientology deeply enough that they moved to Los Angeles, partly because more advanced courses were taught there.  103, 105, 111, 112, 142

* * *

In 1964, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Ralph Metzner coauthored a book –
The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

They wrote –

A psychedelic experience is a journey to new realms of consciousness. The scope and content of the experience is limitless, but its characteristic features are the transcendence of verbal concepts, of spacetime dimensions, and of the ego or identity. Such experiences of enlarged consciousness can occur in a variety of ways: sensory deprivation, yoga exercises, disciplined meditation, religious or aesthetic ecstasies, or spontaneously. Most recently they have become available to anyone through the ingestion of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, etc. Of course, the drug does not produce the transcendent experience. It merely acts as a chemical key — it opens the mind…

The book contained the revelation that the psychedelic experience paralleled the death/rebirth experience described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Leary gained a reputation as a counterculture guru.

In the summer of 1964, Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters toured America in a bus and propagated LSD use. The Grateful Dead was part of the people who participated in the tour. They performed while Pranksters passed out LSD to the crowd. At the time, the band name was The Warlocks.

 kesey busMerry Pranksters bus



About 1965 the first “new” heroin labs sprang up in Laos under control of Laos General Ouane Rattikone.
They replaced using Marseille as the heroin refinery.

General Edward Lansdale served in the Office of Strategic Services and the Central Intelligence Agency. From 1965 to 1968 he worked in the United States Embassy in Saigon, where he worked closely with Nguyen Ky, the Prime Minister of South Vietnam. President Ky was initially in charge of smuggling the heroin from the Laos refineries to South Vietnam. The CIA airline established by Paul Helliwell, Air America, was used to fly the heroin from Laos to Saigon.

A. Dulles Director of CIA, General Edward Lansdale, Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, President Eisenhower,

Allen Dulles Director of CIA, General Edward Lansdale, Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, President Eisenhower

President KyNguyen Ky

Ouane-RattikoneGeneral Ouane Rattikone

* * *

On 17 March 1965, Ron Hubbard writes the Fair Game Policy Letter – it authorizes any criminal act against people who are “suppressing Scientology or Scientologists”.

HCO PL 17 March 1965  Justice, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, The Fair Game Law –

A Suppressive Person or Group is one that actively seeks to suppress or damage Scientology or a Scientologist by Suppressive Acts. Suppressive Acts are acts calculated to impede or destroy Scientology or a Scientologist and which are listed at length in this policy letter.

A Suppressive Person or Group becomes “fair game”.

By FAIR GAME is meant, without rights for self, possessions or position, and no Scientologist may be brought before a Committee of Evidence or punished for any action taken against a Suppressive Person or Group…

…no Committee of Evidence may be called to punish any Scientologist or person for any offenses of any kind against the suppressive person…

The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology justice…

A truly Suppressive Person or group has no rights of any kind and actions taken against them are not punishable.

* * *

In April 65, Jerry Garcia took his first acid trip at Robert Hunter’s place in Palo Alto. Robert Hunter was back from Los Angeles where he had become a Scientology Class IV auditor. Thereafter Hunter was involved in the Acid Tests given at Grateful Dead concerts.  107, 108, 111

In July 1965, The Warlocks made their electric guitar debut. They would change their name to Grateful Dead.
Ken Kesey used them as the house band at his notorious Acid Tests, a series of public LSD parties.
The band was bankrolled by San Francisco LSD manufacturer Owsley Stanley.  106

Augustus Owsley Stanley III set up a private LSD lab in San Francisco and supplied the LSD consumed at the famous Acid Test parties held by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, and other major events such as the Human Be-In in San Francisco. He also had close social connections to leading San Francisco bands the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Jefferson Starship, he regularly supplied them with his LSD and also worked as their live sound engineer – and providing the LSD passed out by the Merry Pranksters at Grateful Dead concerts. Owsley associated with other early LSD producers, Tim Scully and Nicholas Sand.

owsley stanleyOwsley Stanley

* * *

CIA agent John Starr Cooke was living in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he directed a dedicated band of acid evangelists called the Psychedelic Rangers  – Mike Bowen was one of them.

Cooke was one of the Scientologists who engaged in CIA LSD peddling.

John Star Cooke-and-Pablo-Brenda-and-Bobby-Bishop-in-MexicoJohn Cooke wheelchair in Mexico

Aldous Huxley had said to target influential people for the LSD experience. Cooke had a master-plan for his Psychedelic Rangers – to target selected individuals for ‘enlightenment’. They would give these targeted people more than ten times the normal dose for a full-blown acid trip – they gave them 2,000 to 3,000 micrograms in an effort to “bring about a rapid and permanent transformation” of the person’s disposition.

British intelligence agent Michael Hollingshead met with John Cooke and they made a list of key targets.

In September 1965 Michael Hollingshead returned to his native London armed with five thousand doses of LSD. He established the World Psychedelic Center in London and provided LSD to influential people such as Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Donovan, William Burroughs, Alex Trocchi, and movie producer Roman Polanski (whose wife Sharon Tate would later be murdered by Charles Manson).  164

One of the frequent visitors to Cooke’s little kingdom was Seymour “The Head” Lazare. He was John Cooke’s financial connection into those lovely offshore bank accounts set-up by the CIA. 39  Seymour was a director of Investors Overseas Services, a fast-money laundry for organized crime and corrupt Third World dictators.

seymour lazarSeymour Lazar



Starting in early 1966, all the Grateful Dead did for six months was to perform at Acid Tests held by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters. 106

In the Acid Tests that meant to do away with old forms, with old ideas, try something new. When it was moving right, you could dig that there was something that it was getting toward, something like ordered chaos, or some region of chaos. The Test would start off and then there would be chaos. Everybody would be high and flashing and going through insane changes during which everything would be demolished, man, and spilled and broken and affected… and it’d go on all night till morning. It wasn’t a gig, it was the Acid Test where anything was okay.  Thousands of people, man, all helplessly stoned, all finding themselves in a room full of other thousands of people… It was magic, far out, beautiful magic.”

  – Jerry Garcia  110

hippie concerts

 * * *

After completing basic training at Fort Dix in the fall of 1965 Paul Withers was sent to Nha Trang, South Vietnam. …he was placed on ‘loan’ to the CIA in January 1966 and sent to Pak Seng, Laos. Before going there he and his companions were stripped of their uniforms and all American credentials.

One of the main tasks was to buy up the entire local crop of opium. About twice a week an Air America plane would arrive with supplies and kilo bags of opium which were loaded on the plane.

The Great Heroin Coup – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by  Henrik Kruger

* * *

Las Palmas is in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa. The United States has a SIGINT operation at a base in Las Palmas – Signals Intelligence is the interception of electronic emissions of all types to gather information. The base is also used by the CIA to train, fund and supply arms to Operation Gladio guerrilla warfare units in various countries. The purpose of these Gladio cells was to combat communist takeovers in various countries.

There was an Operation Gladio cell in Las Palmas.   64

Las Palmas

Gladio units were trained in Britain and by US instructors at a military base in Las Palmas from 1966 to the mid-70s.

In 1966 Ron Hubbard was spending considerable time in Las Palmas. When Hubbard was in Las Palmas he established the Guardian Office and the Intelligence Bureau on 1 March 1966. This was the vehicle for applying Hubbard’s Fair Game policies, those policies called for viciously attacking and completely destroying anyone critical of Scientology or its leaders.      (details are in Chapter Eleven – Scientology Thought Police)

Hubbard would soon form the Sea Org and support Gladio political operations being done by the CIA.

* * *

In February 1966 John McMaster became the first Scientology Clear.

John_McMaster-243x300John McMaster

In March 1966 Hubbard went to Rhodesia hoping to solve a political situation.

In Rhodesia Ian Smith formed an all-white political party that called for full independence from the United Kingdom without an immediate shift to black majority rule. The United Kingdom government refused to grant independence while Rhodesia did not devise a set time for the introduction of majority rule. In 1965, Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith and his government declared independence from the United Kingdom. Hubbard thought he could solve the crisis.

In early May, Hubbard produced  a ‘tentative constitution’ for Rhodesia which he felt would satisfy the demands of the blacks while at the same time maintaining white supremacy. It embodied the principle of one man one vote for a lower house, while real power was vested in an upper house elected by qualified citizens with a good standard of English, knowledge of the constitution and financial standing verified by a bank.

Hubbard thought the black population would welcome his ideas, even though it was obvious that the qualifications required to cast a vote for the upper house would exclude most blacks. Copies were dispatched to Ian Smith and to the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson.

Hubbard tried to ingratiate himself with the leading political figures in Rhodesia, without success. His various antics resulted in offending the whites and blacks. Hubbard received a letter from the Department of Immigration telling him to leave Rhodesia. On 16 July 1966 Hubbard returned to England.   62

* * *

On 30 June 1966 Richard Helms became Director of the CIA. Helms is known for his multiple assassination operations – Castro in Cuba, Trujillo in Dominican Republic, Diem in Vietnam, and Schneider in Chile – using Mafia figures John Roselli and Santos Trafficante for the job.  12

Richard HelmsRichard Helms

The summer of 1966 was when the Brotherhood of Eternal Love got started. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was described by Federal investigators as a “hippie Mafia of approximately seven hundred fifty people that allegedly grossed $200,000,000″.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love had it’s start in a car club called the Street Sweepers that was taken over by “Farmer” John Griggs in 1966.

It all started back in 1966 when a motorcycle gang from Anaheim, California, led by a man known as Farmer John Griggs, held up a Hollywood producer at gunpoint and robbed him of his stash of Sandoz LSD. A week later the bikers dropped the acid and Griggs had a life changing experience. Griggs, who had been addicted to heroin, kicked the habit shortly thereafter. Many members of the gang experienced a spiritual awakening. Griggs decided to spread the gospel of LSD.  50

In the summer of 1966 John Griggs traveled to Millbrook to meet with the High Priest of LSD – Timothy Leary.

And Millbrook was owned by Billy Mellon Hitchcock, who received regular weekend visits by Richard Helms.

Leary_and_GriggsCIA agent Timothy Leary and John Griggs

John Griggs was going to be the head of the major drug trafficking ring called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. And Billy Mellon Hitchcock would be their banker, putting their money into the CIA bank in the Bahamas – Castle bank – where they eventually lost their money to financial chicanery by two CIA agents, Billy Mellon Hitchcock and Ronald Stark.  31  This was how the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was a CIA drug trafficking ring, whether they realized it or not.

Timothy Leary worked in the promotion section of this operation – promoting what he called ‘God’s gift to young people’ LSD. He wrote books, he gave speeches, he received free air time on television. The sales pitch was on – but the operation needed some help in distribution.

Timothy Leary decided to found a religious group as a cover for distribution. This seemed like an excellent idea to John Griggs. Some of the druggies at Millbrook volunteered to work in the distribution section and became members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.  31, 42, 50

On 19 September 1966, Leary founded the League for Spiritual Discovery, a religion declaring LSD as its holy sacrament. Leary delivered a speech at a press conference in New York City where he introduced the phrase “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. Leary was promoting the creation of the counterculture movement that encouraged America’s youth to embrace cultural changes through the use of psychedelics and by detaching themselves from the existing society.

On 6 October 1966, LSD was made illegal in the United States.

John Griggs returned to California and started a church called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love in October.

The Brothers settled in Laguna Beach, a seaside resort thirty miles south of Los Angeles. John Griggs supplied a lot of LSD for a growing Freaktown where hippies danced barefoot across beaches and mountains.  31

Griggs and his group believed that just as LSD had cured them of their addictions and violent behavior, it could also transform American society into a glorious utopia. That idea is in Huxley’s book Brave New World, where the people are pacified by a drug.

The British intelligence operation to transform America’s youth with drugs was led by Aldous Huxley and was being orchestrated by the CIA and its agents. Huxley acted as an agent provocateur – instigating others into action with his ideas and suggestions. Timothy Leary was one of the CIA agents forwarding the British operation. Just after John Griggs had met with Timothy Leary, Griggs transformed his motorcycle gang into a CIA international drug cartel, operating under the cover of being on a religious mission.

The influence of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love upon the ‘counterculture’ that began in the 1960s was vast. They pioneered the first major hashish smuggling operation into the US. They became the first international LSD smugglers. They established the first major marijuana pipeline.

During the 1960s the Brotherhood was involved with major figures and organizations in the hippie movement that included Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey, Augustus ‘Bear’ Owsley Stanley, the Hell’s Angels, the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, and many more.  50

Brotherhood member David Hall, had been shipping Mexican marijuana into Laguna Beach ever since he met Griggs. Their supplier was “Papa”, and he oversaw a vast network of farms in Sonora and Sinaloa.

Sinaloa MexicoSonora and Sinaloa, Mexico

“Papa” Pedro Aviles Perez was the drug kingpin in Mexico, and also the first Godfather of the Mexican Mafia.

pedro aviles perez2Pedro Aviles Perez – “Papa”

Perez principally worked in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora (red marker near the U.S. border).
His many ranches in the mountains stretched from Sonora down to Sinaloa.


Rafael Caro Quintero was the right-hand man for Pedro Aviles Perez. 149

quintero 1985Rafael Caro Quintero

Corruption of Mexican state officials was brokered by Miguel Gallardo.

gallardoMiguel Ángel Félix Gallardo

Rafael Quintero and Miguel Gallardo became CIA assets for smuggling drugs into the United States.

Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo was the gang’s treasurer.

Ernesto Fonseca CarrilloErnesto Fonseca Carrillo

The first thing the Brotherhood of Eternal Love did, was establish a vast marijuana smuggling network out of Mexico, with Pedro Aviles Perez.

The Brotherhood started dealing drugs, mostly marijuana at first, which they snuck across the border in hundred pound lots after paying off police officials in Mexico. It was the first large scale smuggling operation bringing Mexican marijuana into the US. The Brotherhood rented a house in a town near Tijuana, Mexico. They would buy their marijuana, hide it in the fenders of their cars and drive across the border without problems.  42

Tijuana MexicoTijuana, Mexico

Famous surfer Mike Hynson was a member of the Brotherhood drug-smuggling ring. One day he walked into a warehouse with John Griggs and saw 50 tons of marijuana that was being stored there.

Hynson - brotherhood at time of endless summerMike Hynson

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love developed into a sophisticated smuggling and distribution network that stretched around the globe. They used false identification. During the next several years, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love established itself as America’s top hashish-smuggling ring­ with up to a dozen hash-stuffed Volkswagen buses and Land Rovers being shipped back from Afghanistan at any given moment­. They also smuggled cocaine.

The Brotherhood was also America’s top LSD-distribution ring, selling LSD obtained from Owsley’s lieutenants in the Haight-Ashbury.  50,  51

* * *

The World Anti-Communist League (WACL) was formed on 7 November 1966. The head of the Unification Church in Japan was one of the directors. The WACL was a front group for moving around money, drugs, guns, spies, installing dictators, and all manner of dirty dealings in the name of “freedom and democracy”.

William Buckley was a CIA agent who had a definite role in “political action”. Buckley was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the Knights of Malta, who swear loyalty to the Catholic Pope.

William Buckley was one of the World Anti-Communist League’s top U.S. supporters.

William F. Buckley jr. on the right

The CIA was the vanguard of America’s anti-Communist crusade, and it sent well-financed agents to every corner of the globe to mold local political situations – using front groups like the WACL – and Hubbard’s Sea Org.

 * * *

The San Francisco Haight-Ashbury district (drug and hippie area) had a newspaper called The Oracle.
The CIA used the newspaper to plant the ideas that they wanted the young rebel Americans to have.

John Starr Cooke was the mentor and CIA handler of Michael Bowen.
In 1966 John Cooke sent Michael Bowen to become staff at The Oracle.

* * *

In late 1966, Ron Hubbard formed the Sea Project. Hubbard and his Merry Band of Dupe Agents were now going to support CIA operations by going to sea. The covert hidden purpose of the Sea Org was to assist Operation Gladio. Sea Org ships were used for smuggling money, guns, drugs, and giving support to CIA
political operations.

On 20 December 1966 the first Sea Org ship was bought, the Enchanter, which was renamed Diana.

Shortly after that, the Avon River was purchased, which was later renamed the Athena.


In January 1967 Ron Hubbard had Virginia Downsborough bring the Enchanter to Las Palmas, which she did. Hubbard flew into the airport where Virginia picked him up and found him a hotel room in Las Palmas. The next day Virginia went back to see if Hubbard was all right, because he did not seem to be too well.

Virginia said – “When I went in to his room there were drugs of all kinds everywhere. He seemed to be taking about sixty thousand different pills. I was appalled, particularly after listening to all his tirades against drugs and the medical profession. There was something very wrong with him, but I didn’t know what it was except that he was in a state of deep depression; he told me he didn’t have any more gains and he wanted to die. That’s what he said: ‘I want to die.’ ”

John McMaster was on the Apollo when he saw Hubbard’s drug supply.

“It was the largest drug chest I had ever seen. He had everything! ”   61, 65

Within a few weeks Ron Hubbard was back on his feet. Then Mary Sue Hubbard flew in to Las Palmas and Virginia Downsborough was instructed to find the Hubbards a house. She rented the Villa Estrella in Las Palmas and Ron Hubbard lived there.

* * *

John Starr Cooke conceived the plan for the first human Be-In in San Francisco and he had Michael Bowen arrange it. Cooke was the CIA agent in charge and he was a Scientologist.   2, 31 165

CIA agents organized the ‘Be-In’. They printed up concert posters to advertise the Be-In.

January 14 1967 Gathering of the Tribes -Human Be-In

It was to be a ‘gathering of the tribes’ to join together in Golden Gate Park for a love pow-wow, to celebrate “love, peace, compassion, and the unity of mankind’. The Be-In was held on January 14, 1967. Twenty-five thousand men, women and children gathered in Golden Gate Park on that day. The CIA provided the LSD.

Passing out the LSD was John Cooke’s idea, and through his protege’ Michael Bowen the goal was to get control of the young American cultural and political rebels (referred to as the Radical Left) and to psychedelize them into ‘seeing the light’. I believe this was when the Brotherhood of Eternal Love helpfully dropped thousands of tabs of LSD on the crowd.


More Scientology-connected personalities were part of this; The Grateful Dead, Grace-Marie Haddy, etc.  41

The Grateful Dead was the “house band” for CIA peddling of LSD, with Scientologists in the band. They were friends with Grace-Marie Haddy – she was right on the cutting edge of steering America’s youth in a certain direction.

A clear voice from the platform said –

“Welcome to the first manifestation of the Brave New World.”


That was a reference to Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World. It is a British intelligence behavior modification attack against America, especially the youth. The chosen drug to pacify the population are the drugs that cause hallucinations. These were promoted as expanding consciousness and a path to gain spiritual enlightenment.


The primary promoters of these drugs and spiritual enlightenment were –

Adous Huxley  (British MI 6)
Al Hubbard  (CIA)
Timothy Leary  (CIA)
Ken Kesey  (CIA)

Expanded consciousness and spiritual enlightenment was also offered by Hubbard and Scientology.

Timothy Leary spoke to the crowd, dropping propaganda ideas like “the only way out is in” and so on.  40

leary be-inTimothy Leary speaking at the Be-In

* * *

In early 1967 Terry Milner was a class 7 auditor at Saint Hill, he then returned to Los Angeles where he was posted as Deputy Guardian Intelligence United States (DG I US). Grace-Marie Haddy became Terry Milner’s communicator.   94

Terry Milner

Grace-Marie HaddyGrace-Marie Haddy

* * *

Miles Copeland had been stationed in Beirut, Lebanon for a decade. He carried out CIA clandestine operations in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Copeland said he was creating his own “private CIA” during this time. One of the people Copeland recruited and ran was Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  18

Miles Copeland specialized in toppling leaders of governments.

The Gladio guerrilla warfare cell in Greece was called the LOK. They were involved in the military coup in Greece on 21 April 1967, which took place one month before the scheduled national elections for which opinion polls predicted an overwhelming victory by left-wing George Papandreou. The CIA instructed the LOK to prevent a ‘leftist coup’ – as they called it. The LOK took control of the Greek Defense Ministry during the coup.

The coup was led by Colonel George Papadopoulos who had received intelligence training in the United States and had been an actual CIA agent for 15 years. He was head of the military junta that then ruled Greece.

George PapadopoulosColonel George Papadopoulos

During the next six years the “Regime of the Colonels”, backed by the CIA, ushered in the use of widespread torture and murder of political opponents. They immediately suspended civil liberties such as freedom of thought and freedom of the press. About 8,000 suspected communists and political opponents were imprisoned. About 3,500 people were detained in torture centers and brutally tortured. Elections were suspended, making Greece a true police state.

Phillips Talbot, the US ambassador in Athens, disapproved of the military coup which established the “Regime of the Colonels” (1967–1974), complaining that it represented “a rape of democracy” – to which Jack Maury, the CIA chief of station in Athens, answered: “How can you rape a whore?”.

Miles Copeland was the CIA handler of Ron Hubbard. The Sea Org ships were about to go to Greece in support of the Regime of the Colonels.

* * *

Witnesses say Hubbard possessed a huge drug chest with every kind of drug, including street drugs.

In the Spring of 1967 Ron Hubbard was residing in Las Palmas. He sent a letter to his wife, Mary Sue, stating that “I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.”  (Pinks and greys are referring to uppers and downers, in drug slang.)  61, 65

In April 1967, the Avon River was brought to Las Palmas and prepared for a major re-fit.

* * *

In early 1967, Brotherhood members moved into shacks around Woodland Drive in Laguna Beach.
The neighborhood was called Dodge City due to frequent police raids on drug dealers living there.

The Brotherhood opened Mystic Arts World in Laguna Beach in 1967. It sold health food, books, smoking paraphernalia and other accessories of the psychedelic counterculture. The headshop became a meeting place for hippies and freaks, and soon more people wanted to join the church. Shortly after Mystic opened, a dealer sold a supply of hashish in ten minutes.  31, 51

Mystic Arts World Laguna Beach

Mystic Arts

By the spring of 1967 the Millbrook scene was collapsing, the entire place was under round-the-clock surveillance by the police. Billy Mellon Hitchcock closed Millbrook and moved to Sausalito, just north of San Francisco. There were two LSD chemists who were present at Millbrook and personally knew Billy Mellon Hitchcock. They were Tim Scully and Nick Sand. After moving to Sausalito, Hitchcock financed them to manufacture LSD.  31

Richard Alpert put Billy Mellon Hitchcock in contact with Augustus Owsley Stanley III, who manufactured LSD in his private lab in San Francisco. Timothy Scully worked with Owsley.

By 1967, Ken Kesey and his group, The Merry Pranksters, had handed out such quantities of LSD that a sizable drug population had emerged, centered in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

By 1967, with the “Flower People” and the “Summer of Love” in Haight-Ashbury, the United States was ready for the inundation of LSD, hashish and marijuana that hit American college campuses in the late 1960s.

* * *

The Sea Org was established on 12 August 1967. Hana Eltringham was invited to join the Sea Project.
She went to Las Palmas where the Avon River was being renovated under Ron Hubbard’s supervision.  61

Avon RiverAvon River

 * * *

In August 1967 Mike Hynson was in New Delhi, India. He carved a giant chunk of foam out of the bottom of one of the surfboards he’d delivered to India a few weeks earlier. He filled the hole with a bag of hashish oil, sealed the compartment shut, and shipped the boards to California. Hynson instructed the Brotherhood in the art of using surfboards to smuggle drugs.  69

* * *

On 20 September 1967 Ron Hubbard did a taped lecture describing his research into OT III.

According to Hubbbard, OT III is an incident that happened 75 million ago when Xenu was the ruler of the Galactic Confederacy, which consisted of 76 planets including Earth. Xenu solved overpopulation by capturing people on the planets and bringing them to earth in planes that looked like a DC 8.

space planes OT III
The people were stacked up near a volcano and then blown up by a nuclear bomb.

volcanos OT III

The disembodied thetans were pulled back to Earth by an electronic ribbon and implanted with various scenes and ideas like god and the devil for 36 days. Then they were boxed up into groups called clusters.


Hubbard says a human body has thousands of demons which he calls body thetans and clusters.
On the OT levels you are supposed to get them to leave.


* * *

Jerald Noel McDonald was well into Scientology before his release from the U.S. Navy.
In the fall of 1967 he completed Power Processing and then he joined the Sea Org.  74

Scott Mayer was living in Corona del Mar, 7 miles from Laguna Beach where Brotherhood members were running a CIA drug trafficking operation. Scott says he was recruited to be a Captain of Sea Org ships.  194, 195

Sworn statement by Scott Mayer –

In the late 1960s, I was living in Corona del Mar, California and working as a stationary corporation field representative. I still had my dreams of skippering a ship and had no ties to any place or any person. I was approached by a representative of the Scientology Sea Org to go into a ship training program as a ship’s master. Scientology needed people to run Hubbard’s ships because he wanted to expand the fleet.

A Guardian Office report lists the names of CIA agents in Scientology. The name Mayer is on the list.
Whether that is Scott Mayer or not is uncertain.  191, 192

captain-spence-scott-mayerScott Mayer memorial page by Arnie Lerma

In November 1967, the Royal Scotsman was acquired, which was renamed the Apollo.


On 18 December 1967 Jerry McDonald was released from the U.S. Navy. 

* * *

Klaus Barbie helped the CIA capture and kill Che Guevara in 1967. Ninety per cent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States is coming through CIA agent, Klaus Barbie.  58, 59, 60

klaus barbieKlaus Barbie

The cocaine trafficking was about to be greatly expanded.
Billions of dollars in cocaine trafficking were laundered through Vatican banks.  16

The Vatican Bank (IOR) was the main shareholder of Banco Ambrosiano in Milan. Roberto Calvi began working at Banco Ambrosiano in 1967. Calvi expanded Ambrosiano’s interests further; these included creating a number of off-shore companies in the Bahamas and South America.

While CIA agents Paul Helliwell and Robert Vesco were setting up the CIA banking network in the Bahamas, Vatican agents Michele Sindona and Roberto Calvi were spear-heading banking networks in Luxembourg and Panama.

The Vatican established a network of banks and front companies to launder CIA drug trafficking money that was used for financing Operation Gladio actions in various countries around the world.

* * *

Lawrence Allen Fassler was an American working with Pedro Aviles Perez. Fassler headed a massive marijuana smuggling ring, with its base in Culiacan, Mexico. The weed was flown to Tucson, Arizona, and thereafter transported by truck to San Francisco, California, for sale.


Warren Burl Hudson was a former U.S. Navy pilot who flew the planes loaded with marijuana.
udson was associated with Jerry McDonald80, 140, 146, 147

By December of 1967 Allen Fassler had been dubbed the ‘King of the Smugglers’ by agent Hugh Marshall of the U.S. Customs office in Tucson, Arizona and had become #1 on its most-wanted list. Fassler had become the single biggest supplier of marijuana smuggled into the United States from Mexico. His airplanes flew a minimum of 3 times per week bringing the marijuana.

Fassler_Rincon_high_1960_seniorLawrence Allen Fassler

Eddie Padilla was a Brotherhood of Eternal Love member, who was arrested driving 500 pounds of marijuana to San Francisco. Padilla was taking the marijuana to another Brotherhood member – Robert Ackerly, who was a CIA asset.

Ackerly lived in San Francisco right off Haight Street, he also was rather well-connected into the CIA scene, to put it mildly.

“I was the only Brotherhood guy who knew Owsley,” Ackerly says. “I only met Scully a few times, and I met Jerry Garcia and the Dead at the acid tests in San Francisco.”

Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou

ackerly_aka_chris_wheat_sf_biggest_drug_connection_1968Robert Dale Ackerly

Padilla jumped bail and went to Mexico to start working for Pedro Aviles Perez.  148  Padilla ran a hacienda for Perez. He oversaw the processing and distribution of the marijuana brought in by local farmers, which would include what was picked up in Culiacan by Warren Hudson.

Eddie_Padilla_real_name_gerald_jamesGerald James Padilla

* * *

In late 1967, Owsley Stanley was arrested. The king of the acid underground was caught by federal agents at his factory with a large stash of LSD and STP that would have netted $10,000,000 on the black market. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Billy Mellon Hitchcock then arranged for Owsley to get out of jail, and helped him launder his LSD profits through banks in the Bahamas – that would be the CIA banks in the Bahamas. 113

In late 1967, Glenn Lynd, and two other Brotherhood members traveled to Afghanistan in search of a permanent source of supply for hashish. They developed their most important foreign contact for hashish – Amanullah and Hayatullah Tokhi who reside in Afghanistan. Aman Tokhi worked as a janitor at the U.S. Embassy.

Glen and Marilyn Lynd

They purchased 125 pounds of high-quality Afghanistan hashish for $15 a pound and smuggled it back into California where they sold it for $900 a pound. That was the first 125 pounds of 24 tons of hashish smuggled into the United States from Afghanistan, Lebanon, and India by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.  56



Psychic Warfare
is the idea of using people with psychic abilities to spy on an enemy and to place thoughts into the minds of an enemy. When machines are used to place “thoughts” into an enemy, or to make him ill from the emanated waves, it is called psychotronics.

The United States Intelligence community was rattled by reports that Russia had made great strides in the science of mental/spiritual feats that might be used as weapons. The United States was far behind Russia. 116

American intelligence was alarmed that the Soviets would ‘get ahead.’ They called it the Psychic Warfare gap. American intelligence agencies acted quickly to recover from the Psychic Warfare gap. The intelligence community invested $20 million over the next 16 years on psychic warfare research. 117

Ron Hubbard responded by releasing OT levels 4,5,6,7 in January 1968 – with exteriorization drills and intention drills that placed a thought into the mind of another person. These original OT levels correspond exactly with Psychic Warfare skills – psychic spying and psychic influencing.  118

OT 4 –  As an OT IV you will be an exterior being, fully certain of yourself.

OT 5 – You will do drills outside your body to become acquainted again with the physical universe as a thetan exterior.

OT 6 – On this level you will regain your abilities as a thetan exterior to be where you want at will and be able to influence the universe of others.

OT 7 – OT VII involves OT intention and OT communication. You will rehabilitate and regain your ability to project intention across a distance.

One of the most important people in the efforts to close “the psychic warfare gap” was Dr. Hal Puthoff, who was in Naval Intelligence and employed by the National Security Agency. Ingo Swann was in military intelligence and worked for the United Nations. Pat Price was another person who was involved. These three people became Scientologists and they started on the OT levels. When they were done they would meet at Stanford Research Institute and receive CIA funding to develop psychic warfare capabilities for the United States.

* * *

OSS man, John William Gardner, was the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. He used his position to launch a research center at Stanford Research Institute in 1968, and one of it’s first tasks was to postulate the future of Western Society. It was actually a study on how and what to change Man into resulting in the book Changing Images of Man in 1974.

John W. Gardner - OSSJohn William Gardner

* * *

William Colby was a CIA officer in South Vietnam from 1968 to 1971. The Viet Cong were citizens of South Vietnam who were suspected of being communists. Colby oversaw Operation Phoenix which tortured and killed anyone suspected of the slightest association with the Viet Cong. They killed 60,000 people in just two years of the Operation which lasted for seven years.

Lucien Conein described it as: “If you don’t do what I want, you’re VC.”    218

The Vatican is heavily involved in anti-communist actions. It’s methods are showing here.
The Vatican has always tortured and killed people who don’t do what the Vatican wants.
They use the label heretic, now they also use the label communist to torture and kill them.

That is the British and Vatican slavemasters method – pin a label, then torture and kill.
They use the label when it is not true. Even when true, it is evil to torture and kill them.

operation phoenix - so called pacification by Colby CIA

william colbyWilliam Colby

The opium pipeline was from fields in Southeast Asia, through Corsican syndicates in Vietnam and Laos to Marseille, then smuggled into the United States. That pipeline was being replaced with a different pipeline through Hong Kong. Under cover of the Vietnam War, the Corsican network was essentially fractured.

Chinese laboratories in Hong Kong were producing some of the finest heroin in the world. In 1968 Santos Trafficante went to Saigon and Hong Kong to re-route the pipeline away from the Corsican/French Connection and send it through Hong Kong and South America using the American Mafia. 177, 224, 244

* * *

The BNDD had direct proof of the Panama Government involvement in drug trafficking.   245

The Panama Government accepted other forms of corruption, especially money laundering.

The Operation and Transport Corporation, Ltd. was a Panamanian corporation incorporated by Ron Hubbard on 15 February 1968. It took over from the Hubbard Explorational Company as Hubbard’s principal channel for extracting millions of dollars from Scientology entities. Ron Hubbard was a signatory on all major OTC accounts and OTC funds were controlled by Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard. The United States tax court found that OTC was a sham corporation run for the private benefit of Ron Hubbard and his family.  154, 155, 193, 203

The name of the registering agent is the same last name as the registering agent for the Vatican front groups and the World Commerce Corporation which laundered Nazi gold and money.

(World Commerce Corporation was registered in Panama and under the banner of the IOR (the Vatican bank) the Vatican admitted that it controlled in a partnership with Ambrosiano eleven ghost companies based in Panama).

Scott Mayer was aboard the Apollo at this time. He saw invoices being altered to put money into OTC accounts. He also knew about money being smuggled out of the United States. 194

Sworn statement by Scott Mayer –

At various times I was responsible for preparing mission orders and briefing couriers that would smuggle money out of the United States. The money would be sent out of the country to various places in the world…

I actually saw the area on the Apollo where the Guardian’s office financial people were engaged in a massive invoice altering project. My belief and understanding of the reason for the project was that discrepancies that could have been discovered between money `regged’ or obtained from Scientology organizations in the United States and when it arrived on the Apollo, having previously been diverted in part to various accounts in Luxembourg, Switzerland or other countries.

Pat Hunter was LRH Communicator International. She was the person who went to the Panamanian Consulate in Los Angeles where she purchased fraudulent licenses and certificates for Sea Org personnel. That was how Scott Mayer got his Captain certificate when he was not actually qualified for a Captain certificate. 194, 196

Sworn statement by Scott Mayer –

In the course of being part of Scientology’s ship master’s program, I learned that the ships always had fraudulent licenses and papers. Such phony papers included radio licenses, ship’s papers, records, crew certifications, seaman’s certificates and other such matters. For this purpose, Scientology used Pat Hunter, a woman who lived in South America. She had an excellent command of the Spanish language and customs and would go to the Panamanian authorities and act as the intermediary between Operation Transport Corporation (Hubbard’s personal holding company) and the Panamanian consulate. Her name was Pat Hunter.

As a result of various subterfuges, we did not even have to provide proof that people had successfully completed various training programs to get certificates. Pat would just go to the consulate, give them some money, get the books made up and have them officially stamped. When a new crew member was posted to a ship, Pat would take the papers down to the consulate and have them authorized: ship’s papers, seaman’s papers, etc. When courses were established, certificates from basic seaman up through captains, deputy captains, first mates and others were awarded by course supervisors of Hubbard’s courses and then processed through the consulate as described above.

Rough translation: The bearer of this card is suitable to serve as captain of the national fleet.
Ships of any tonnage and any sea.
Scott A. Mayer


scientology-international-management-organization-imo-in-1981Pat Hunter is standing next to Sue Krieger in this photo

pat_hunter_scientology_1981_2Closeup of Pat Hunter

* * *

Ron Hubbard and a few special Sea Org members supported Operation Gladio. A huge crate of jewels was on the Apollo, likely being smuggled to Greece for financing the Regime of the Colonels. Hubbard used a cover story to hide what he was really doing with the Sea Org ships. The cover story was they were searching for treasure that Ron Hubbard hid when he was a pirate in a former life.

Starting in February 1968, Ron Hubbard used the Avon River and its crew to search for treasure that Hubbard claimed he had buried in previous lives. While most of the crew were looking for the buried treasure, a few special Sea Org members were carrying out what they were actually up to – which was covert political operations.

Sea Org member Larry Reeves said –

“Because of legalities all this had to be kept secret, but I personally saw the treasure. It was kept in a huge wooden crate… the size of a small room. This carton was kept in the hull of the ship, near where I used to work. I opened one of the boards and looked through. There were ancient gold coins, and jewels of all kinds.”   61

No treasure was found that Hubbard buried in a previous life. The crate of jewels was not from that.

The Sea Org ship Enchanter was used for smuggling money overseas from Curacao. Hana Eltringham says –

“There was lots of money aboard. We had to courier 7 or 8 million dollars in cash to Switzerland. And on a later trip much more than that was couriered. It was couriered from the Dutch Antilles island of Curacao, near Venezuela. LRH was really like a squirrel with nuts, stashing it. He stashed gold bullion too.”   61

The convenience of shipping money, gold and jewels on the high seas, by-passing all troubles encountered by going through the normal channels of different countries, would have been appealing to people who wanted to get dirty funding secretly delivered to their overseas compadres. You know, people like the CIA.

CIA officer Miles Copeland was Hubbard’s handler. Miles said one use the CIA has for a religious group is it can be used to “Smuggle anything into or out of the country – money, documents, equipment, a person”.   217

The Sea Org ships were often used as a smuggling service. They smuggled overseas someone’s dirty money, gold bullion and jewels. That someone was likely the CIA sending secret funds in support of Operation Gladio. The CIA obtained those secret funds from drug trafficking.

Mechanics of the Mind, an LRH lecture 10 January 1953 –

…I have approximated to a very remarkable degree the career of Commander Thompson…

…in the field of expeditions, explorations, I always favored certain quarters of the world, always went there and, when there, did certain things. It fits Commander Thompson’s record.

Hubbard is revealing that his expeditions and explorations were cover for doing intelligence work.

Just like Commander Thompson did in his various explorations such as collecting bugs, digging up ancient graves, etc. Those activities were a cover story to hide what he was really doing – intelligence work.

* * *

The Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) was created in April 1968.

* * *

Jerry McDonald boarded the Royal Scotsman in May 1968.
The Royal Scotsman was run aground in a Spanish port, and Ron Hubbard assigned everyone the ethics condition of liability. Ron made Mary Sue Hubbard Captain of the Royal Scotsman and they went on the Liability Cruise to get the ship and crew in better condition. Jerry McDonald was on board the Royal Scotsman during the Liability Cruise. The crew was given Joburg security checks and Jerry McDonald was given one by Neville Chamberlain.  75

Neville Chamberlain said –

We had to do all the Joburgs. I remember having to do one on Jerry MacDonald, who had just come on board. Jerry was a larger than life customer, a smuggler, hard case and general crook.

I started his Joburg “questions like “Have you ever stolen anything?” answers were “Oh yes blah blah blah”, needle moving freely, absolutely no response at all. So I decided to run a reverse Joburg.

“Have you failed to steal something?” BANG CRASH the meter went. Boy, was there ever some charge on it. Times he had the chance to steal and failed to do so.

It took HOURS to run it, there was SO much stuff. All sorts of things came up, many that would have seen him serving life sentences. Anyway, I did the job. We were good friends after that.

Jerry Mcdonald right, John O Keefe left, on Apollo
pic identified by Janis Gillham Grady

* * *

The Japanese section of the World Anti-Communist League, called Shokyo Rengo, was founded in 1968 as an alliance between top Unification Church officials and leaders of the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) such as Yoshio Kodama.

kodama yoshio

Moral Re-Armament, Unification Church and Church of Scientology were under British intelligence.
All three worked with the CIA in Operation Gladio anti-communist operations around the world.

* * *

It was 1968 when Timothy Leary left Millbrook. Billy Mellon Hitchcock gave Timothy Leary a parting check for $14,000. Leary and his wife moved to Laguna Beach to help facilitate the Brotherhood being the new supplier of LSD. He was greeted by the Brotherhood like a heaven-sent prophet, and he acted the part, preaching to the group about love, peace, and enlightenment. Leary and his wife, Rosemary, rented a house near the ocean and spent much of their time dropping acid and talking with the hippies on the beach.  31

Ever since Owsley’s arrest, a steady supply of high-quality street acid had been hard to come by. Timothy Leary suggested that John Griggs and the Brotherhood get together with LSD chemists Timothy Scully and Nicholas Sand. Nick Sand had began his illicit career by making DMT, a short-acting super-psychedelic, in his bathtub. Sand had been at Millbrook, and he followed Billy Mellon Hitchcock out to the Bay Area and started making STP in an underground lab in San Francisco.

                                                                      Tim ScullyTim Scully

Nick SandNick Sand

In June 1968 John Griggs met with Tim Scully and Nick Sand in the home of Billy Mellon Hitchcock in Sausalito. They made an agreement, the Brotherhood would distribute LSD made by Tim Scully and Nick Sand. The demand for street acid had skyrocketed ever since the Summer of Love, and these young men intended to fill the void created by Owsley’s arrest.  31

The two chemists were hard-pressed to find ergotamine tartrate, one of the key ingredients of LSD-25. Hitchcock contacted a European source for chemical bases, Michael Druce, who worked in London as a chemicals broker, a wheeler-dealer in drugs and compounds. Druce had supplied psychedelics to both Millbrook and the West Coast. It was Druce who kept Millbrook going when LSD was in short supply in the United States.  42

…LSD was banned in America… Tim Scully and Nick Sand, chemists associated with Millbrook and the legendary Owsley Stanley in the US, went underground to produce it. Druce – by now owner of Charles Druce Ltd – was approached by Scully and Sand to supply raw materials. Druce and a Ronald Craze, created a company – Alban Feeds – to supply Scully and Sand with Ergotamine Tartrate. The first shipment was 2.8 kilos – enough to make around 5.6 million doses of acid.

This arrangement worked well for over a year.

Operation Julie site

Billy Mellon Hitchcock bankrolled the start up costs for the lab, which started production six months later.

Here is a video clip of Nick Sand at Millbrook and then making LSD at the San Francisco lab –

Billy Hitchcock bankrolled the Brotherhood to set up an LSD and hashish oil lab in Costa Rica in 1968.

Billy Mellon Hitchcock maintained a private account at the CIA bank – Castle Bank and Trust in the Bahamas. Hitchcock served as banker for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, setting them up with accounts at Castle Bank. They were later told they lost their money due bad investments. 31, 50

In the summer of 1968, John Griggs and several of his Brotherhood cohorts established a second base of operations at a secluded ranch near Idylwild, California. They bought Forbes Ranch to provide a safe haven for their illegal activities.  31

Brotherhood smugglers flew to Europe; purchased Volkswagen buses, Land Rovers and other vehicles; drove them overland to Kandahar, Afghanistan – where they were loaded with hundreds of pounds of hashish. They were then shipped to California.  42

* * *

Warren Hudson (Jerry McDonald’s pal) was working for Allen Fassler flying Mexican marijuana into Tucson.


A Piper Cherokee Six was the type of plane Hudson flew.

Piper Cherokee SixPiper_PA-32_Cherokee_Six.

In June 1968 Warren Hudson flew to Tucson with a load of 813 kilos of marijuana. The marijuana was supposed to be sold to a Hell’s Angel biker named William Hottinger – but Hudson had a plan to steal the money derived from the sale of this load of marijuana. He enlisted two other Fassler employees in the plan, they were Edward Frank Rose and Gary Sloan.

They first sold 500 kilos for $27,000 cash. They next met with William Hottinger in the Santa Cruz Mountains where Hudson held Hottinger at gunpoint and stole $64,000 from him without giving Hottinger any marijuana. Hudson paid off Sloan and Rose and the three split up.

Hudson invested $50,000 in a 65-foot boat named the Blue Fin, which he docked in Wilmington Harbor.  146

The Blue Fin would soon be purchased by Jerry McDonald and used as a sea org ship.

san pedro port of los angeles wilmingtonWilmington Harbor, Port of Los Angeles

* * *

On 13 July 1968 Ron Hubbard personally promotes Jerry McDonald to Warrant Officer.  151

Ron Hubbard personally worked directly with Jerry McDonald in black operations. In July 1968, Ron Hubbard personally briefed Jerry McDonald and Otto Roos and sent them on a mission to go find and weed out Mafia connections in Scientology in Los Angeles. They were to also gather together and collectively cave in the Charles Berner group… by completely playing out OT 3. McDonald and Roos hired a Hollywood Studio, set the whole thing up, got the people in and ran the whole OT 3 story.  85

* * *

In late July 1968, Ron Hubbard says to a newspaper reporter – “You’d be fascinated how many friends of mine there are in the British Government”.  189

Miles Copeland, Hubbard’s CIA handler, is still operating in the Mediterranean area at this time.

Three Sea Org ships, Apollo, Athena and Diana – joined up in Corfu, starting at the end of July 1968.
They were there in support of the Operation Gladio CIA operation – the Regime of the Colonels.

It was right around this time that Sea Org member Larry Reeves saw the crate of jewels inside the Apollo.
Jewels are a great way to finance CIA operations with untraceable funds.

Elena Lorrel was a Sea Org member who was involved in the covert political operations.
Elena Lorrel is not her real name, it is a fake name so she can avoid Church harassment.

Elena Lorrel said –

There are some missing chapters in the story of this period that are completely unknown even to many veteran Sea Org members. They have to do with what the ships were really doing as opposed to what we proclaimed to Scientologists we were doing.

What we were doing was James Bond stuff, in all these different countries. Some of the missions that we undertook were real intelligence missions: to the United Nations… as well as to almost every government of the countries we visited.

We were infiltrating these groups… trying to covertly back one political candidate versus another. All kinds of political manipulations like you would never imagine were going on, and it was all being pulled off by a very few people. So there was only a very small group of us that had to do it all over a period of 10 or 12 years.

We’d been out on the scenes where we had to break into Presidential palace grounds, con our way past guards, and so on.

Lorrel and Cathy Cariatakis would go into some countries and ally it.    61

Special Sea Org members such as Cathy Cariatakis were involved in local politics in Greece and had established very warm and friendly relations with the head Colonel ruling the country as a CIA puppet. The fact that the CIA regime was torturing, killing and violating human rights did not seem to bother Hubbard and his Merry Band of Dupe Agents, they had warm and friendly relations with the CIA dictators, despite all of the vicious actions by the dictators against the Greek people.  61

Elena Lorrel said –

In Corfu, Greece, LRH moved onto the Royal Scotsman (Apollo). The ship was in fact getting on very well with the military junta. Cathy Cariatakis, whose native language is Greek, had helped forge friendly relations with the head Colonel of the junta. This relationship was so warm that one of the junta attended the naming service of the Apollo, Athena and Diana.

Things went along splendidly and LRH was having an absolutely marvelous time dreaming up ideas for creating a base there on the island of Corfu. There were plans to establish a Saint Hill Organization and an Advanced Organization to be called the University of Philosophy.

Cathy Cariatakis

corfu_1969_athena_naming_day_barry_watson_brian_livingston_john_mcmaster Barry Watson, Cathy Cariotaki, John McMaster and Brian Livingston – Corfu, 1969    202

* * *

On 6 August 1968, Ron Hubbard appoints Jerry McDonald as Deputy First Mate Royal Scotsman.  152

Jerry McDonald at the helm of Apollo
pic identified by Janis Gillham Grady

* * *

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was smuggling marijuana into the United States that they obtained from the biggest drug dealer in Mexico, “Papa” Pedro Aviles Perez and his right hand man Quintero. Pedro grew the marijuana in Sinaloa and Sonora, Mexico.

Some Scientologists were part of, and working with the Brotherhood.

Sinaloa MexicoSinaloa, Mexico

The Church of Scientology had a “ranch” conveniently located just across the bay from the stomping grounds of Drug Lord Pedro Aviles Perez. The ranch was in Rosarito.

rosarito, mexico

Ron Hubbard had personally appointed Jerry McDonald as Commander of the Pacific Fleet of Sea Org ships that were operating off the West coast of the United States.  86  McDonald was merrily making drug runs between Los Angeles, San Francisco, to South of the Border, where the Church had their “ranch”.

Hubbard had special Sea Org members who were carrying out CIA political actions that were unknown to the other Sea Org members. McDonald was obviously one of those special Sea Org members.

* * *

On 11 September 1968, Ed Rose went back to work with the Allen Fassler marijuana smuggling ring. 146

On 24 September 1968, Edward Rose heard from Warren Hudson, who had ripped off Allen Fassler.
Hudson wanted Rose to join him in a new business venture.

The following evening Rose was contacted by Allen Fassler, who asked Rose if Kenneth Oldright
“would be interested in getting rid of and recovering the money from Warren Hudson.”

On 29 September 1968, Edward Rose and Kenneth Oldright flew to Tucson to meet Warren Hudson. At the meeting Hudson said he was going to purchase a used B-26 bomber and start a new operation. They visited the International Airport, looked at the bomber, and had lunch. Hudson informed Rose and Oldright that he kept the Blue Fin at Wilmington and invited them to accompany him to the boat.

B-26 bomberB-26 bomber

Edward Rose flew to California with Warren Hudson, and remained overnight on the Blue Fin. The next morning, Hudson accused Rose of withholding $3,000 from the “rip-off.” When Rose tried to leave, he was strong-armed by Hudson’s subordinates and pistol-whipped by the cook [possibly Jerry McDonald]. Hudson then gave orders to start the engine and said they were going to dump Rose in the ocean, but Rose talked his way out of it by promising to join Hudson’s organization.   146

On 2 October 1968, Allen Fassler met Edward Rose and Kenneth Oldright at the Berkeley Plaza Hotel.
Fassler offered Oldright $5,000 to kill Warren Hudson and Oldright agreed to do it.

On 13 October 1968, Warren Hudson and his mistress checked in at the Ramada Inn in Riverside for the purpose of meeting with Kenneth Oldright to set up a “deal.” Oldright and a crony named Edward Chandler arrived at the motel and met Hudson in his room. They lured Hudson away from the motel on the pretext that they wanted to show him the Perris house Oldright had rented for storing narcotics in connection with the new operation. They left the girl at the motel about 8:30 p.m. When they left, Hudson was wearing an expensive Jaquet Groz diving watch and a distinctive gold medallion.

Oldright and Chandler killed Warren Hudson. (The skeleton of Hudson was found 4 years later.)   146, 150

In November 1968 Kenneth Oldright was arrested at the Palm Springs airport for smuggling marijuana.
He had in his possession Hudson’s medallion and Jaquet watch.

Allen Fassler told Hudson’s widow, Penny Hudson, that Warren Hudson was dead. Fassler offered to pay the widow $15,000 for the Blue Fin but she refused. The widow eventually sold the boat for $20,000.   146

The Blue Fin was purchased by Jerry McDonald for $20,000.  80  Where did McDonald get that much money?
On 18 November 1968 the Blue Fin went into operation as a Sea Org vessel.  87

* * *

Tom Constanten was a Scientologist and a Grateful Dead musician. He made his stage debut with the Grateful Dead on November 23, 1968.  Bob Weir played guitar for the Grateful Dead. Robert Hunter and Tom Constanten get Weir into Scientology.  91, 143 

Members of the Grateful Dead at Camp Lagunitas in 1966. From left, Ron 'Pig Pen' McKernan, Bob Weir and Jerry GarciaMembers of the Grateful Dead – from left, Ron ‘Pig Pen’ McKernan, Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia



By January 1969, Jerry McDonald is Captain of the Blue Fin ship which has officially been made part of the Sea Org ships operating off the West coast of the United States. It was renamed the Aries. It was fast, traveling at 50 mph. It was used to train Sea Org members. 76, 87

The Neptune was Mary Sue Hubbard’s ship that was also part of the Pacific fleet Sea Org ships.  140


Here is the announcement that the Blue Fin is made one of the Sea Org ships with Jerry McDonald as Captain –

NeptuneThe Makaira is another ship owned by Jerry McDonald that operated as a Sea Org ship.
Again, where did Jerry McDonald get that much money to buy the 110 foot Makaira?  140 


On 20 January 1969 Richard Nixon became the American President.
CIA drug trafficker Robert Vesco contributed $200,000 to his re-election campaign.    219

Richard NixonRichard Nixon

The people who are trafficking drugs put on a public face that they are “waging a war on drugs”. They stage large drug busts, with photos and media coverage. After that is done the drugs go back on the street for sale. Nothing happened to the drug trafficking, it was just a public show to fool the public that they are doing something about the drug problem, while they continue to be the very people trafficking the drugs. Nixon and Bush are two American Presidents who used this tactic.

Richard NixonNixon with transcript of Watergate tapes

* * *

In January 1969, Billy Mellon Hitchcock bought some property in Windsor, a small town north of San Francisco.
The equipment for a sophisticated drug lab was brought in. Tim Scully and Nick Sand went to work in the lab.

* * *

Mike Hynson had become best friends with John Gale. Gale was Dodge City’s biggest drug dealer. In 1969, the two opened their own company, Rainbow Surfboards in Laguna Beach. They would hide 15 to 20 pounds of hashish within the interiors of surfboards which they manufactured.  55

Hynson rainbow surf boardsBrotherhood of Eternal Love smuggling hashish in surfboards   (John Gale in the center)

Gale also became the biggest cocaine dealer in California.  51

Mike Hynson (left)          John Gale (right)mike_hynson_left_john_gale_right

* * *

In Greece, the CIA backed military junta that was ruling Greece had suspended elections. The leading military commander was Colonel George Papadopoulos, and he said one day there would be a return to democracy, but not right away.

Elena Lorrel said –

In Corfu, Greece… The ship was in fact getting on very well with the military junta. Cathy Cariatakis… had helped forge friendly relations with the head Colonel of the junta.

Then LRH had the idea to write an article on Democracy… He was very proud of the piece and ordered Cathy Cariatakis to have it translated and published in the major Greek newspapers. She did so. There are many versions as to why things went sour with the Greek government and resulted in Hubbard, the ship and its crew, being ordered to leave. One version, which seems the most credible, was that the military junta (depending for its very survival upon keeping the sentiments for a return to democracy at bay) did not appreciate the ideas expressed in Hubbard’s article. Being ordered out of Greece in March of 1969, was the second formal expulsion…

In March 1969 the Apollo was kicked out of Greece.

Hubbard and his special Sea Org members headed to Morocco for their next CIA political operation.  62

* * *

The LSD made by Scully was said to be purer than Sandoz. In March 1969, the first batch of “orange sunshine” LSD was made by Timothy Scully. Slightly under 1 million tablets were produced in this first endeavor. At this point in time, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was the largest supplier of hashish and LSD in the United States. 43

At a rock concert in Anaheim, it rained orange pills. A man wearing a T-shirt that read “Orange Sunshine Express” was scattering LSD into the air. The psychedelic sower was a member of the Brotherhood, and he was handing out as many as a hundred thousand doses in a single day.

Timothy Leary endorsed orange sunshine above all other brands. The orange pills had near-mythic status.
By the middle of 1969, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love had distributed 10 million hits of Orange Sunshine.
The lab shut down in June 1969, Sand and Scully had turned out ten million hits of orange sunshine.

* * *

On 6 May 1969, a Los Angeles IRS intelligence report indicates the U.S. Customs Office has been conducting an extensive investigation into the Blue Fin and its activities because of a previous report that the ship was involved in narcotic smuggling from Mexico.  78, 140, 153

There is a undated note in the U.S. Customs files that Jerry McDonald and his boat were being used for smuggling marijuana, working with Brotherhood of Eternal Love members who operated out of Laguna Beach, California.  80, 140

* * *

A 1969 U.S. State Department document states the strategic importance of U.S. presence in Morocco –

Strategic Importance of Morocco

Primary importance of Morocco is its strategic location commanding entrance to Mediterranean. US presence in Morocco helps assure against harassment of Sixth Fleet use of Straits of Gibraltar and lines of supply and communications to southern NATO and CENT0 countries.

Thus, continued US presence in Morocco is integral part of Western defense system. French defection from NATO, Soviet naval buildup in Western Mediterranean and growing Soviet military and economic presence in Algeria further enhance strategic importance of Morocco to US.

Strategic importance and economic potential of Morocco warrant special effort to blunt Soviet drive.  19

In June 1969, Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard bought a Villa on a beautiful estate in Morocco near Tangiers.
Hubbard used two Sea Org members to infiltrate the King of Morocco – Elena Lorrel and Liz Gablehouse.

King Hassan IIHassan II – King  of Morocco

Liz made friends with a French girl named Bidea who had married into the royal family. Liz was then introduced to the king’s top people and invited for dinner at the King’s palace. Hubbard was very excited and said, “Bidea is the key to Morocco”.

At a party, Colonel Allam, (who was a personal friend of Bidea’s) began to become very friendly with Elena Lorrel. Bidea told Elena not to pursue anything with him because he was military. This overture by Colonel Allam was reported to Hubbard. He directed that they pursue the Allam connection. Liz Gablehouse protested that this would be violating the guidelines about meddling with the military, but to no avail. LRH was very excited about the turn of events and would hear of nothing but compliance with his orders.  61

* * *

On 11 June 1969, the Grateful Dead did a benefit for the Church of Scientology in San Francisco. The Grateful Dead was part of the British intelligence operation being orchestrated by the CIA – behavior modification by “expanding consciousness”. This was accomplished through hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and through spiritual front groups, like Scientology. The Grateful Dead advocated both, taking drugs like LSD and also doing Scientology.

The Grateful Dead was a CIA band. LSD producer Owsley Stanley was the sound engineer for the Grateful Dead. Scientologist Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia have ties with the CIA drug smuggling ring – the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Just a little something they didn’t mention to the normal Scientologists who attended the event.

Concert poster for the eventGrateful_Dead_Church_of_Scientology_of_San_Francisco_benefit_1969

On 17 June 1969, Ron Hubbard made an announcement in the OODs (Orders Of the Day). The rock group People! had just joined the Sea Org and were reporting to the Commander of the Pacific Flotilla – Jerry McDonald.  86  Band member Geoff Levin had a history with Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter going back to 1961.

Hubbard had put McDonald in charge of the Sea Org ships operating off of the United States West coast.

Jerry McDonald and Sea Org ships are going back and forth between Los Angeles and Baja, California, supposedly doing drills. Irwin C. Jones saw the Sea Org ships in Ensenada, Mexico impersonating Coast Guard ships by bearing Coast Guard insignia. Mister Jones notified the Coast Guard on 7 July 1969.  77, 140

Ensenada,_MexicoEnsenada, Baja California (Mexico)

Sea Org ships Aries and Neptune were raided by U.S. Customs in 1969.  153

There is a undated note in the U.S. Customs files that Jerry McDonald and his boat were being used for smuggling marijuana, working with Brotherhood of Eternal Love members who operated out of Laguna Beach, California.  80, 140

* * *

Ronald Stark was a CIA agent who by 1969 had become one of the world’s leading suppliers of LSD, produced at his illicit labs in Europe.

In the summer of 1969, Ronald Stark had been making some contacts in England among the social psychiatry movement of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. One of these was David Solomon, an American researcher and writer on LSD and cannabis. Solomon had been working with Richard Kemp, and his partner Dr. Christine Bott, to synthesize some powerful liquid cannabis. Solomon had also obtained a supply of the LSD base, ergotamine tartrate, for a shot at LSD production, and Kemp managed to make some at a makeshift lab in Liverpool.

brotherhood kempRichard Kemp

In early August 1969, Farmer John Griggs died from an overdose of PCP under suspicious circumstances.  31

Griggs died a few days before the Tate/LaBianca murders. Charles Manson had done some Scientology and he had a group of followers called the Manson Family. He instructed his followers to kill people. Manson attended the CIA rat nest at Esalen Institute a few days before the Manson Family committed the Tate/LaBianca murders on August 9, 1969. It is not unfair to say that the initial Manson Family victims were up knee-deep in the Los Angeles underworld of organized crime, especially in the drug market.

Tim Scully and Nick Sand were running out of the raw materials they needed for making LSD. It was at this point that a mysterious figure named Ronald Stark appeared at the Brotherhood ranch. Stark was a CIA agent.
The CIA was changing handlers for their Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug trafficking ring.

Ronald_Hadley_StarkRonald Hadley Stark

Stark showed the Brothers a kilo (2.2 pounds) of pure liquid LSD, enough for ten million trips, and said he needed a distribution network in the U.S. for the LSD he was producing in Europe. Stark explained he had a mission to use LSD in order to facilitate the overthrow of the political systems of both the capitalist West and communist East by inducing altered states of consciousness in millions of people. The Brothers dug his rap. “We were definitely very gullible in believing the stuff he told us,” Scully said.  31, 53, 55, 72

Stark turned the Brotherhood into the largest LSD distribution network in the world.
Stark became banker and money manager for the Brotherhoods’ dirty cash.

Within weeks of Stark first meeting with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love in California, Stark convened a meeting with Richard Kemp, Simon Walton, David Solomon and his friend Paul Arnaboldi. The Great British LSD Plot was thus hatched. Stark introduced Richard Kemp to the Brotherhood’s chemists, Nick Sand and Lester Freidman. Kemp was soon working wonders at Stark’s lab in Paris and in the first run turned out a kilo of LSD.

The murder of John Griggs and making Ronald Stark the new CIA handler of the Brotherhood marks the beginning of the end for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug trafficking ring. The hippie drug traffickers who preached love and peace were about to be replaced with hardened criminals – Mafia drug traffickers.

* * *

The Operation Gladio cell in Italy was inspired by the Regime of the Colonels in Greece, and after meetings in Greece, it began taking action. The paramilitary group representing communism in Italy was called the Red Brigades. Opposing them was the Operation Gladio cell in Italy.

The Years of Lead were a political phenomenon related to the Cold War that was characterized by left-wing and right-wing terrorism beginning in Italy and later spreading to the rest of Europe – Germany, France, Belgium, etc.

There was widespread acts of terrorism carried out by both right-wing and left-wing paramilitary groups.Between 1969 and 1981, nearly 2,000 murders were attributed to political violence in the form of bombings, assassinations, and street warfare between the rival militant factions. Many of the right-wing groups involved have been linked to Operation Gladio.  2

Ronald Stark was going to be arrested in Italy for drug trafficking on behalf of the Operaton Gladio cell in Italy.

* * *

On 13 November 1969, U.S. Coast Guard boards the Makaira. It was Jerry McDonald’s boat but given to Sea Org management.  140


Charles Gailey junior is the Director of the 11th District Coast Guard Auxiliary, and they had a regular meeting on 18 November 1969. Gailey said the organization (Scientology and the Sea Org) is highly suspect of activities including murder, extortion, dope smuggling, and carrying U.S. money to communists. His source for that information was Lt. Commander Henry Hamilton, head of the 11th District Coast Guard intelligence division. Hamilton had gone to Customs and discovered the gun and drug smuggling charges. Customs told Hamilton they were taking out a Coast Guard ship to a Scientology ship on a tip and observed the Scientology crew dumping something overboard upon sighting the Coast Guard ship. Customs also has charges against Scientology for exchanging currency in Mexico for a profit.  140, 153

* * *

In 1969 the Guardian Office formed the social reform group Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).
It was for exposing and trying to stop the horrors of psychiatry.

On 21 November 1969, John McMaster wrote a letter to Ron Hubbard wherein he stated what is wrong with Scientology ethics actions and he resigned from the Sea Org.


Nick Bruce was a Scientologist in Washington D.C. Nicholas Bruce is the son of David K.E. Bruce.
A Guardian Office report lists Nick Bruce as a CIA agent in Scientology.  191, 197

* * *

Sea Org ships were being boarded by U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard looking for drugs and guns.

There is a undated note in the U.S. Customs files that Jerry McDonald and his boat were being used for smuggling marijuana, working with Brotherhood of Eternal Love members who operated out of Laguna Beach, California.  80, 140

Guardian Jane Kember confirmed that Jerry McDonald was using the Makaira to smuggle drugs140

Terry Milner was the Deputy Guardian Intelligence United States. His invented handling to cover up various Scientologists doing CIA drug trafficking, was to work with U.S. Customs on a drug smuggling project. Later in time, Jane Kember wants to use a different cover up story – that Jerry McDonald blew in early 1970 and used the Makaira for drug smuggling. That is a lie, McDonald never blew and he was never expelled.  140

On 15 January 1970, Jerry McDonald agrees to work with Terry Milner on a drug smuggling project with US Customs.  79 , 153  Notice that Jerry continually worked with the Sea Org and Guardians Office in the past and in the years to come. He was not blown and was never expelled.

In February 1970, Terry Milner tells Jerry McDonald that U.S. Customs believed Scientology was promoting and smuggling drugs because some expelled Scientologists were engaged in drug trafficking. And further that a person had been picked up by Customs while smuggling drugs and claimed that he was on a secret mission for the Sea Org.   153

From February to July 1970, Terry Milner reports to his seniors that Jerry McDonald is working with Customs and LAPD as an informant on the cycle set up by Milner to remove ex-Scientologists drug runners off Scientology lines. Milner claims that Jerry McDonald worked with Customs since 1968.  153

Time to pause and handle the bullshit going on here. who_are_these_people

  1. If they are ex-Scientologists they are not on lines, so no need to remove them from Scientology lines.
  2. There are many Scientologists involved in all kinds of CIA drug trafficking and they are never expelled.
  3. Jerry McDonald was working with Customs since 1968? Then why all the raids on SO ships in 1969?

U.S. Customs and the U.S. Coast Guard were continually raiding Sea Org ships in 1969 looking for drugs and guns. So, Jerry McDonald is obviously not working for them.

Ron Hubbard and the Guardian Office are not concerned with the moral issue of Scientologists trafficking drugs. They are only concerned with the bad public image for Scientology when they get caught. That is why they lie and act to cover up that many Scientologists are trafficking all kinds of illegal drugs on behalf of the CIA – and they are put up to breaking many other laws by Hubbard and the Guardian Office.

You have to know how Ron Hubbard and the Guardian Office think.

They do not care about morality or laws.

Their only concern, and their whole job, centers on Scientology’s IMAGE



An intelligence operation is totally dependent on appearance.

What it appears to be, is hiding what it really is.

An investigation would reveal their MI 6 and CIA connections.

That is what they are hiding and protecting at all costs.

* * *

The USS Grinnel was bought and made a Sea Org ship operating off the West coast of the United States.
It was renamed Bolivar. It was mentioned in the Orders of the Day on 24 February 1970.


 * * *

In 1970, hallucinogenic drugs like mescaline, LSD, and DMT were declared controlled substances.  30

Richard Kemp worked at Ron Stark’s lab in Paris producing huge quantities of LSD.   166

The Brotherhood was bringing in 1,000 kilos of hashish from Afghanistan in three deliveries a month.

* * *

On 21 May 1970, Department of Justice agent Joel Taylor writes a letter to Terry Milner –   141

I should like to take this opportunity to express to you the gratitude of my office as well as my personal appreciation for your untiring efforts, assistance and cooperation since January of this year.

Through your own efforts and those of your associates, we have been successful in a number of criminal prosecutions.

Joel M. Taylor
Supervising Special Agent

Terry Milner then attaches an affidavit that says they helped get several drug smugglers arrested who had attempted to link their drug smuggling with the Church of Scientology.  157

During the year 1971 a number of individuals involved in a large scale narcotics smuggling operation were arrested. These individuals attempted to link the Church of Scientology with their activities.

The Board of Directors of the Church requested that I conduct an extensive investigation into the matter… I conducted the required investigation with the end result being that key members of the drug smuggling operation were arrested. Over four and one half tons of narcotics were seized in two separate raids. A number of these individuals are still in prison.

Terry Milner got the date wrong in his affidavit, he said the year was 1971, it was actually 1970.

Brotherhood members such as Ron Gates and John Gale just got a slap on the hand in 1970, and after only a few months in prison they were released. The only thing accomplished by Milner and McDonald was they assisted the CIA plan to phase out the Brotherhood drug trafficking ring so it could be replaced by even more criminal Mafia drug traffickers.

* * *

Narcotics agents suspected the Makaira was being used to haul marijuana. A state narcotics agent, Garrent Van Raam, said it is believed the Makaira entered San Francisco Bay in late May with as much as 2,200 pounds (1,000 one-kilogram bricks) of Mexican pot on board.   81

Then the ship anchored in Sausalito around 23 June 1970 and then moved to Tiburon harbor. Undercover agents made friends with the occupants of the Makaira and arranged for a sale of marijuana. During the three weeks the Makaira was anchored off Tiburon, undercover federal and state agents said they had purchased marijuana on the boat and had learned it was to sail for the Mediterranean on a hashish buying expedition.



An agent who went aboard the Makaira, thought he saw a machine gun aboard and a search warrant was obtained to look for illegal weapons. Just before the raid, the Makaira left Tiburon for a short cruise, then returned. Agents think the crew expected a raid and dumped their remaining marijuana overboard on the short trip.

On 15 July 1970 drug agents boarded the Makaira where they found some marijuana and an arsenal of weapons. Sheriff lieutenant James Schwedhelm said some of the guns were stolen in recent burglaries at pawnshops in Garden Grove. Serial numbers on most of the guns matched those on guns stolen at Garden Grove recently.

The weapons were two semi-automatic rifles, a tear gas gun, eight rifles and shotguns and 35 handguns.
A large supply of ammunition was on board. There was also an Army sniper scope.
The agents believed the guns had been taken in trade for marijuana.

They arrested seven people. Jerald Noel McDonald, the ship captain, was held for investigation of having stolen property and illegally possessing a tear gas gun. The crew members were arrested for investigation of marijuana possession.

George William Lawson or
George William Lawrence
Robert Allen Drake
James Lee Harris
Albertus Willem Oldenburg

The two women on board were released – Vicki Jo Hartzell and Joan Heath Edwards.   81

boatload of guns makaira jerry mcdonald scientology

dist attorney and schwedhelm guns arrest scientology makaira

San_Bernardino_County_Sun guns makaira scientology sea org
Jerry McDonald was not being an informant, because if he was, the narcotics agents would have caught them red-handed with the ton of marijuana on board.

* * *

California State Narcotics Bureau supplied a tip to follow a privately owned Martin 202 airplane. In August 1970, the plane was tracked after it departed the United States. On radar, they watched the plane head toward Beirut, Lebanon.

The plane flew so low that it eluded Beirut radar, but Lebanese police started an immediate search. A police patrol found the Martin 202 parked alongside a large truck on a remote airstrip in the hashish-growing area of Baalbek, near the Syrian border. As police and truck guards fought a gun battle, the plane took off amid a hail of bullets.

Lebanese jet fighters scrambled after the plane, but it managed to escape them. The plane was forced to make a landing to refuel in Crete. The Crete police arrested the five Americans aboard the plane. The police seized 1,425 pounds of hashish worth $4,000,000 on the American market.


The five Americans were –

David Lee Mantell – Brotherhood member, Scientologist    43
Kenneth Connell – Brotherhood member, Scientologist
John R. Moore – Brotherhood member
Philip Irwin Amos – Brotherhood member
Robert Black – Brotherhood member

Two of their names show up on Scientology completions lists – Kenneth Connell and Dave Mantell.

David Leigh Mantell was a top member of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, working with Ronald Stark.

Sausalito attorney Michael Metzger was representing some of the Americans held in Crete. Metzger acted as an attorney for Brotherhood of Eternal Love members. Jerry McDonald visited Metzger’s home several times and offered a plan to use the Makaira to rescue the imprisoned Americans. Metzger told McDonald he wanted no part of the plan.  84

 * * *

Ron Hubbard declares “SP” the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

30 November 1970 – Squirrel Groups  –  (excerpted)

  • The Brotherhood – USA
  • Church of the final Judgement – USA, UK, EU, Mex.
  • Church of Satan – USA, UK, EU, Mex.The Process – USA, UK, EU, Mex.
  • Baron Berez
  • Marrianne De Grimston
  • Robert De Grimston (AKA Robert & Marrianne Moore or De Grimston-Moore)
  • Doug Rambo
  • Bill Deitsch

* * *

Jerry McDonald informed drug agents that he had seen Sausalito attorney Michael Henry Metzger use marijuana and offer it and other drugs to guests on three occasions. The drug agents obtained a search warrant. The affidavit attached to the search warrant said that the same informant had led to arrests of persons involved with a bargeload of marijuana in Southern California and to a big cocaine haul in San Francisco.

On 6 December 1970, drug agents raided the home of Michael Metzger. They found a safe which contained LSD, cocaine, marijuana, hashish and $5,440 in cash. Jerry McDonald subsequently testified to a grand jury which charged Michael Metzger with four felonies.  83

* * *

On 10 December 1970, Judge Peter Allen Smith freed Jerald McDonald, saying the district attorney’s office had not presented enough evidence at a preliminary hearing to hold him for trial on stolen property and weapons charges. Deputy District Attorney Michael Anthony said that he had been been unable to link the 60 guns found aboard the ship to any individual nor had he been able to find evidence that McDonald and his crew knew that many of the weapons were stolen.  82

Jerry, in a closed door meeting with the Judge, was able to just walk away free. You don’t have that kind of get-out-of-jail-free card without high government connections – the CIA would have that kind of pull. And per
Terry Milner, Jerry McDonald went on to do some more smuggling with the Brotherhood.



John Ingersoll, Director of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, suspected widespread corruption among BNDD agents, and in December 1970 requested the CIA’s assistance in rooting it out. Richard Helms, Director of the CIA, sent undercover CIA agents to work as BNDD agents in January 1971. It was a secret that some of the BNDD personnel were actually CIA agents.    243

CIA agents were then placed in the BNDD. Terrence Burke was one of them.   21

Lucien Conein was put in charge of the Special Intelligence Operations unit of the BNDD.
That unit was created just for him and staffed primarily by CIA agents.
While regular BNDD personnel managed BNDD legal activities.
The SIO unit managed BNDD activities that were not legal.

The CIA was able to protect the drug lords in the CIA drug trafficking network –
while eliminating uncooperative drug lords through assassinations and arrests.

Lucien Conein in 1981Lucien Emile Conein

CIA officer Seymour Bolten was placed as head of a new drug unit in its operations division his title was: Special Assistant to the Director for the Coordination of Narcotics. This was a powerful position, wherein Bolten had a free hand directing CIA division and station chiefs in drug control operations – to make sure their drug-trafficking operations were not compromised or interrupted. Bolten “screwed” the BNDD by taking dozens of CIA officers and slipping them into the BNDD. Several went to Lucien Conein. Top BNDD officials who resisted were expunged. So, the CIA took over the BNDD.  229

Bolten also screwed the BNDD (and the American judicial system) by using a CIA-staffed communications crew that intercepted calls from drug traffickers inside the U.S. to their accomplices around the world. This made everything they were  doing exempt from prosecution because evidence acquired by CIA electronic surveillance is inadmissible in court. Thus the CIA was able to protect its controlled deliveries into the U.S. merely by monitoring them. Numerous investigations had to be terminated as a result. Likewise, dozens of prosecutions were dismissed on national security grounds due to the participation of CIA assets operating around the world.   246

Lyndon LaRouche had formed the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC). LaRouche first established an NCLC “intelligence network” in 1971. Members all over the world would send information to NCLC headquarters. LaRouche would soon connect up with the CIA and hire Mitch WerBell, who had worked in the OSS with Paul Helliwell and Lucien Conein.   248

Five years later, Scientologists were using LaRouche as a valid source of information.    251
But his information did not point to the actual global dominators – the Vatican and British nobility.
Like submarine countermeasures, the torpedo attacks the wrong target, allowing the real target to escape.

* * *

Del Rosario, a former CIA operative, said –

In 1971 I was an operations assistant for Continental Air Service, which flew for the CIA in Laos. The company’s transport planes shipped large quantities of rice. However, when the freight invoice was marked ‘Diverse,’ I knew it was opium.

These shipments were always top priority. Sometimes the opium was unloaded in Vientiane and stored in Air America depots. At other times it went on to Bangkok or Saigon.

The Great Heroin Coup – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by  Henrik Kruger

* * *

Ronald Stark was also involved with Richard Kemp and Christine Bott, who were responsible for the production of most of the LSD in the United Kingdom during the 1970’s.  71

Ronald Stark said he knew lots of spies, and to some of his friends he even boasted of working for the CIA. Stark had a friend who worked with the CIA station in London. His CIA friend warned Stark about an impending raid on Stark’s lab in Paris. Stark shut down his French operation in 1971.

A few months later the American embassy in London assisted Stark in opening another sophisticated production center in Brussels, Belgium which masqueraded for two years as a reputable firm engaged in biomedical research. That is the CIA helping Stark to open his new drug lab. During this period Stark communicated on a regular basis with officials at the American embassy in London.

By the time it was all over, Stark had made twenty kilos of LSD – enough for fifty million doses! It was by far the largest amount of acid ever to emanate from a single underground source, and most of it was sold in the United States.  31, 72

* * *

In March 1971 the FBI legate in Madrid asks the FBI legate in Paris for information on L. Ron Hubbard. The FBI legate in Paris had a 263 main file on Ron Hubbard which was destroyed. Here we have an important cover up.
It is important because it must have been something awful, and it also reveals high level orders to make the FBI destroy their file on Hubbard.  204 

* * *

The existence of the heroin pipeline called the French Connection was first made public in April 1971.

In April of 1971, the arrest of Delouette and his guilty plea in connection with the seizure of 96 pounds of heroin in New Jersey last April was accompanied by the revelation that the S.D.E.C.E.—the French counterpart to the C.I.A.—was believed involved with the heroin trafficking. The indictment of Col. Paul Fournier, a high S.D.E.C.E. official, and his unwillingness to come to the United States for trial on narcotics charges lends credence to the possibility of high-level involvement. Further, a French con has refused to testify before the Federal grand jury in Newark on the Doulette Fournier affair.   228

Paul Fournier’s real name is Paul Ferrer.

* * *

On 6 May 1971 Ron Hubbard wrote a secret Guardian Order entitled Working Theory.     249
He misdirects the Intelligence Bureau staff by saying it is the Nazis who have a plan for world domination.

* * *

In June 1971 the USS Rexburg was purchased and made part of the Sea Org ships operating off the West coast of the United States. It was renamed Asia and was also called the Excalibur.


* * *

Clyde Ronald Gates was a Scientologist engaged in drug trafficking as a Brotherhood of Eternal Love member.

In September 1971 John McMaster was living in Laguna Beach with Ron Gates and Jim Morgan. 156, 158

Ron Gates was one of the Brotherhood members who used assumed names to obtain multiple passports. He had a U.S. passport with the name Ronald Thomas Gates, and another with the name John Christopher Friend.  158

Gates was just arrested for trafficking drugs and was now just starting to engage in a much bigger CIA drug trafficking operation with Daniel James Fowlie, another member of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love in Laguna Beach. Danny Fowlie worked directly with Rafael Caro Quintero, who trafficked over a hundred tons of Mexican marijuana into the United States. Danny Fowlie also worked directly with another CIA man in this drug trafficking operation – Robert Vesco. 160

Ron Gates is another Scientologist engaged in CIA drug trafficking.

On 6 October 1971 Ron Gates and John McMaster met in person with FDA agent James P. DiGrazia. 159

James DiGrazia wrote a memo of the meeting wherein he states –

Both Messrs. McMasters and Gates expressed their concern over the youth of America taking drugs and desiring very much to free them from this addiction with processing.

McMasters stated he hopes to work with a Ken Rains, Laguna Beach, California, in establishing and maintaining a ‘Freedom From Addiction’ center.

Mr. Gates asked me how to go about establishing a drug rehabilitation center for treatment of youth on drugs with processing.

Both Messrs. McMasters and Gates still profess the benefits of auditing but feel it does not have to be done inside Scientology.

Ken Rains and Terry Milner were on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course together, they knew each other.  22

Ken Rains lived in Laguna Beach and is another Scientologist associated with Brotherhood members.

* * *

The Cecil family is a top British slavemaster family that heads British intelligence. The Cecil family created the Society for Psychical Research in 1882, it is their group. The Society for Psychical Research conducted scientific investigation into all mental and spiritual phenomena. They developed the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology before Ron Hubbard was even born.

By 1971 Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price had finished the Scientology OT levels. They then got together at Stanford Research Institute to develop Psychic Warfare capabilities for the United States. Scientific development of psychic spying and psychic influencing began. That research includes development of psychotronics machines that are used as a mind control weapon and also serve as a biological warfare weapon that can cause serious illness and even death; a silent gun to commit an invisible crime.

The research was funded by the CIA – Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price were all on the CIA payroll. Scientology and the CIA were working together on yet another covert intelligence operation.

CIAman Christopher Green with pat price and hal puthoff

In October 1971 the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) in New York, invites Ingo Swann to work on psychic experiments with Dr. Karlis Osis at ASPR.

Dr. OsisDr. Karlis Osis

Ingo Swann is involved in OOB (out-of-body) perception experiments at ASPR, the task being to describe objects out of his sight in a target tray.

Ingo SwannIngo Swann

Swann later admitted he could not exteriorize and he had no idea how to exteriorize.  20

So…the fabulous OT levels didn’t work.

Imagine that.


* * *

Terence Burke was a CIA agent planted in the BNDD to work there and make it appear he was a BNDD agent. He was working in Kabul in November 1971 and had confirmed the Tokhi brothers as major hashish dealers in Afghanistan. They were who was supplying the Brotherhood with hashish.   89

Terrence Burke in  Afghanistan

* * *

On 8 December 1971, Ingo Swann performs the first “remote viewing” experiment ever. The goal was to try to describe the weather conditions in various cities. Swann was able to do it. Swann suggested the term ‘remote viewing’- since a distant city was remote from the experimental lab in New York.  119



In February 1972, the Excalibur was boarded by U. S. Customs and Secret Service agents looking for drugs.   153

Ingo Swann is still doing remote viewing at the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR).
Swann describes the experiment on 22 February 1972:

“Vera Feldman acted as the outbound experimenter. As usual, I sat in the OOB Chair.

At an agreed start time, I would commence trying to describe where she was. At five minute intervals, Vera would move to another location, and again I would try to describe where she was. The target location was the Museum of Natural History in New York, a few blocks away from the ASPR building.

10:45 AM – I think she’s in a room that’s round with a hallway and a flight of stairs to the south. There are large paintings on the wall. (Almost correct.)

10:50 AM – She’s in a large room that is darkened. There are lots of animals. (Correct)

10:55 AM – I guess that must be a long corridor and there is a telephone booth nearby.

11:00 AM – That’s the room with the dinosaurs in it. (Correct)

11:05 AM – I see something red. Maybe it’s a series of stones of some sort. That one seems confused, whatever it is. Lots of cases filled with things. (Correct)

We began joking about the fact that ESP could be used for psychic spying, etc.


On 30 March 1972 Ingo Swann writes to Hal Puthoff:

“I have been working for several months now in two directions, firstly at the American Society for Psychical Research on trying to increase visual capacity by extrasensory modes, and secondly at City College with Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler on certain psychotronic and psychokinetic effects. ”  119

Gertrude schmeidlerGertrude Schmeidler – working on experiments

On 15 April 1972, physicist Dr. Russell Targ meets with CIA personnel from the Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI) and discusses the subject of paranormal abilities. Targ reveals that he has contacts with people who purport to have seen and documented some Soviet investigations of psychokinesis. Films of Soviets moving inanimate objects by “mental powers” are made available to analysts from OSI.

Targ had recently joined the Stanford Research Institute. A Project Officer from the CIA Office of Research and Development then visited Targ at SRI. Targ proposed that some psychokinetic verification investigations could be done at SRI with Hal Puthoff. 120

russell_targ_acimRussell Targ

Hal Puthoff headed the CIA’s Remote Viewing Program at SRI from 1972 to 1985.

On 4 June 1972, Ingo Swann joins Hal Puthoff at SRI. 119  Swann was taken on a surprise visit to a super-conducting shielded magnetometer being used in quark (high energy particle) experiments.

On June 27, 1972, Hal Puthoff sent a letter to Christopher Green, who at the time was a young CIA analyst, informing him of positive magnetometer results during an experiment with psychic Ingo Swann.

Hal Puthoff and the MagnetometerHarold Puthoff and his magnetometer

Christopher Green discussed some of the details of this experiment –

…when the subject placed his attention on the interior of the magnetometer, the output signal was visibly disturbed, indicating a change in the internal magnetic field. Several other correlations of his mental efforts with signal variations were observed. These variations in the magnetometer were never seen before or after the visit. The event was summarized and transmitted to the Agency in the form of a letter to an OSI analyst…   121

Christopher_Kit_Green_aka_Ken_Kress_2008Christopher Green aka Ken Kress aka Richard Kennett

Ingo Swann used his remote viewing ability to spy on Russia, on behalf of the US Intelligence community. Pat Price was the best at remote viewing. In one experiment Price remote viewed a US military secret base and accurately described it, even reading the papers on the desks.

Ingo Swann then set up a training program to teach others how to do Remote Viewing. CIA officer, Major Ed Dames, and five others go to SRI as a training group. The results were more than anyone had anticipated.
Dames says that within 6 months the team members were producing psychically derived data with more consistency and accuracy than the most renown natural (untrained) psychics in the world.

Major Dames then acts as the Training and Operations Officer at the SRI Remote Viewing Program for “a new psychic intelligence community”. They were using the ability to remote view for spying purposes. 122

The United States Guardian Office Intelligence Bureau knew all about the CIA psychic experiments with Hal Puthoff, Pat Price and Ingo Swann. Advance magazine did two laudatory articles on Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff doing psychic research at Stanford Research Institute.  190

A Guardian Office report lists the names of CIA agents in Scientology. Puthoff and Price are on it. 191

* * *

In the summer of 1972, two million dollars in cash was smuggled to the Apollo. The money was taken from a Swiss bank account for the Operation and Transport Corporation. The money was stored in a locked file cabinet to which Mary Sue Hubbard had the only set of keys. 155

* * *

In 1972 a second research facility was created at Stanford Research Institute – The Center for The Study of Social Policy – Willis Harman was the Director. The research to postulate the future of Western Society was continued under this second research facility. The study was completed and the report released in 1974 in book form, Changing Images of Man.  45

* * *

In 1972, Mike Hynson and most of the Brotherhood had relocated to Maui­ after Laguna Beach became too hot­.

It all came crashing to a halt on 5 August 1972. In the largest narcotics raid that had ever taken place in California, police from Laguna Beach to Oregon to Maui to Kabul, Afghanistan, raided dozens of houses and arrested 53 people.

One of the Brotherhood members arrested was Glenn Lynd, who’d lived at the ranch with Leary and Griggs but had fallen out with the group. After moving to Grants Pass, Oregon, Lynd had boasted about the Brotherhood’s exploits to his brother-in-law, Robert Ramsey, who, unbeknownst to Lynd, had become an undercover informant for the Josephine County Sheriff’s Department.

To the surprise of everyone who knew him, Lynd agreed to cooperate against the Brotherhood. Over the course of several days, Lynd told members of the Orange County grand jury everything he knew about the group—how it had formed, how acid had been viewed as a tool of cosmic mind-expansion that could bring peace and love to the world, how Leary had come into their orbit, and, more to the point, how they’d smuggled all that hashish into the country.  51

John Gale only spent a few months in prison.

* * *

Liz Gablehouse attended a party in Morocco. General Mohamed Oufkir had come back from America and arrived for the party accompanied by this dumb blonde who had worked in the consulate’s office in New York. The blonde told Elena Lorrel that General Oufkir had been at Port Holibert, which was a CIA training center and that he had been there secretly seeing the CIA. This was kept secret from the King of Morocco.

The question is then, why did the Scientologists keep the secret from the King of Morocco, why did they not warn him about General Oufkir?

Mohamed OufkirMohamed Oufkir

General Oufkir was about to stage a coup in Morocco by assassinating the King. In August 1972, there was an assassination attempt on the King. It failed and the King went to France.

Some of the Moroccan generals admitted to conspiracy against the King and they were shot. Hubbard sent Peter Warren and Amos Jessup to propose using the e-meter to interrogate the officers in the Moroccan army to find the remaining rebel conspirators. A team from Hubbard’s headquarters were sent to train the selected members of the military on the techniques of interrogation done with an E-meter.

On 16 August 1972, the King was flying back from France when four jets in the Moroccan Air Force opened fire on the royal plane. The plane was hit but managed to land and the King escaped. The next morning it was announced that General Oufkir was the mastermind behind the coup and he was shot. The Scientologists were given twelve hours to vacate Morocco.  61

This has the markings of being another CIA political operation that Hubbard supported.

* * *

CIA Office of Technical Service Contract 8473 is dated 1 October 1972. It is a $50,000 research contract with
“the physicists at SRI” [Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ] for an “expanded effort in parapsychology.” Ken Kress was assigned to be the CIA officer over the remote viewing project.   120, 123



In 1973, there was public exposure of the joint British-American intelligence mind control experiments.

CIA Director Richard Helms was tipped off about forthcoming investigations, so in January 1973 Helms ordered Sidney Gottlieb to destroy all of the MK Ultra records. 3  Sidney Gottlieb, William Sargant, and Ewen Cameron destroyed all their records. This is a cover-up action to hide the crimes committed and the evil agenda of the CIA mind control research.

L. Ron Hubbard and other Scientologists had been involved in CIA secret mind control research and were also involved in researching and developing top secret psychic warfare weapons for the U.S. intelligence community. Hubbard and other Scientologists were also involved in a CIA operation in Greece. Scientologists were involved in drug running and gun running using Sea Org ships. Reports about these immoral activities were circulated between governments around the world.

On 20 April 1973, Ron Hubbard wrote the Snow White program, telling the Guardian Office to get all government files on himself and on Scientology. This is in conjunction with the CIA cover up of its mind control research projects.

Hubbard pretended that false reports about him and other Scientologists had been circulated to governments – such things as accusing Sea Org ships of drug running and being a CIA ship. But, these reports that Hubbard called false, were actually true! So, Hubbard’s Snow White program was really an effort to cover up the crimes and illicit actions of Scientologists – and some of them were Scientologists working with the CIA to carry out CIA covert operations.

The Guardian Office Intelligence Bureau infiltrated government offices to obtain their files on Hubbard and Scientology. Illegal means were used, such as using lock picks to open locked doors and locked cabinets.

These cover ups mark the initial stages of
removing Hubbard as the Scientology front man.* * *

The Navy awarded a contract to Stanford Research Institute on 15 April 1973 to explore the potential enhancement of ESP communications using a machine. The main researchers were Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff.  124

Concrete evidence that electronic mind control was the true object of study at Stanford Research Institute was exposed by the Washington Post.

The Navy had awarded a contract to Stanford Research Institute to research mind control using machines – “the scientific assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, Dr. Sam Koslov, received a routine briefing on various research projects, including SRI’s. As the briefer flashed his chart onto the screen and began to speak, Koslov stormily interrupted, ‘What the hell is that about?’ Among the glowing words on the projected chart, the section describing SRI’s work was labeled, ‘ELF and Mind Control.’

Washington Post article 7 August 1977, Psychic Spying? by John L. Wilhelm –


The Scientologists at SRI were researching psychic warfare – that means psychic spying and psychic influencing. The psychic influencing research included the use of machines – for mind control purposes.

* * *

On April 22, 1973, BEL Task Force agents arrested four members of Brotherhood of Eternal Love in Santa Cruz, California. Huge stores of false identification were seized, indicating this was a point of contact for BEL fugitives desiring false identification and papers.

On 25 April 1973, a Federal grand jury in San Francisco indicted Brotherhood members involved in the LSD operation. They were Ronald H. Stark, Charles Druce, Nicholas Sand, Timothy Scully, Michael Randall, David Lee Mantel.

A total of six hashish oil laboratories were seized, along with over 30 gallons of hashish oil and 6,000 pounds of solid hashish. Four laboratories were being operated within the United States, three in California and one in Hawaii. One lab was in Costa Rica, and one was in Afghanistan. Charles Druce, a British citizen, provided the raw materials.

In Orange County, California grand jury indictments were obtained on Amanullah and Hayatullah Tokhi, two brothers who were the sources of Afghanistan hashish for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

Other drugs and articles seized were 104 grams of peyote, 8 pounds of amphetamine powder, 13.64 pounds of cocaine. two marijuana canning operations, “Orange Sunshine” pill press, 7 vehicles, 546 acres of property in southern California, and over $1.8 million cash either seized or located in foreign banks. The Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board have assessed the Brotherhood of Eternal Love corporation for over $70 million in back taxes.

State Department officials working with Operation BEL agents uncovered 120 cases of passport fraud within the period of 1 year.

Brotherhood members continue to operate from outside the United States. Out of the 52 Brotherhood members indicted by State and Federal grand juries, 22 are fugitives, including the No. 1 man in both hashish and the LSD operations.

Some of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love Indictees were –

Timothy Frances Leary
Ronald Hadley Stark
William Mellon Hitchcock
Charles Druce
Hayatullah Tokhi
Amanullah Salem Tokhi
Gerald James Padilla
David Leigh Mantell
Nicholas Sand
Edward Joseph May

Ronald Stark and Charles Druce were among the fugitives.  43

Ronald Stark ended up with nearly all the Brotherhood money and property in his name after the feds broke up the Brotherhood network. 31

So what happened to the $200 million the Brotherhood had? Well, Operation Gladio costs money, ya know.

* * *

In the summer of 1973 Scott Mayer replaced Jerry McDonald as fleet commander of the Sea Org ships operating off the West coast of the United States.

Scott Mayer was captain of the Sea Org ship Excalibur. He knew about the Scientology ranch at Rosarito.
He and Jerry McDonald were going to go on a mission to kill Mexicans who were harassing the ranch.  73, 194

Sworn statement by Scott Mayer –

When I was a Scientology fleet captain in 1973 and 1974, we had only two ships and another small boat in the U.S. Pacific Flotilla, but we were getting ready to have additional ships in Mexico and San Francisco and part of my assignment was to put a fleet together…

At this time I was captain of the Excalibur which was an old navy ship.

While I was in the Sea Org, I was instructed to kill another human being by the Scientology organization. I was called in for a briefing by Alex Sibryski. At that time, Scientology had a ranch at Rosarito in Mexico which was being used as a nursery, a place for overflow kids that could not be housed in Los Angeles and a place to grow fruits and vegetables. Mexican bandits were allegedly harassing and hustling the ranch and stealing produce from it. Jerry McDonald and I were asked to put together a mission to go down to Mexico, take some infrared optics and some guns and rifles, wait for the Mexican bandits to attack the ranch again and then take care of them. We were told to kill them if necessary. I received these orders from Alex Sibryski.

We figured that if we “took out” the bandit leaders the rest would disband. It took 24-48 hours to get this done and in the course of that time I never saw any written dispatches on this but the mission was then canceled by Alex Sibryski. He said that there was a governess in-charge of the ranch and that the bandits had tried to attack her at the place and she had shot the bandit leader with a shotgun through the door and taken care of the problem.

Jerry McDonald was widely rumored to have been a former mercenary and a paid assassin in Europe. He was known throughout the Sea Org for taking care of difficult problems. If someone was giving a problem in some area Jerry McDonald would just appear there. Because of his reputation as having been an assassin, if he came on the scene, people would fear for their lives. They believed that he was working totally for Scientology and that he would do anything for Hubbard. Additionally, he was also the kind of guy who would have people over to his house every now and then and would get out his automatic weapons, clean them and put them together in front of people. He carried a 9mm pistol on him all the time and he was always talking about arms sales and deals that he was doing. As things turned out, he and I were not required to carry out the instructions to kill that we had received. However, if the orders had not been canceled I have no doubt that he could have performed the task.

Scott Mayer - Captain of the ship in the sea orgScott Mayer – Captain of the Excalibur

* * *

June 1973 – Pat Price went back East to work directly for the CIA, with Ken Kress as his handler.
Pat Price secretly reported everything about SRI goings on to his real handler – Terry Milner. 

* * *

In July 1973, President Richard Nixon called for the creation of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
The Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs was merged into the newly formed DEA.
Terrence Burke, secretly working undercover for the CIA, was appointed deputy director. 70

CIA officer Lucien Conein was working undercover heading a unit in the BNDD.
Conein’s unit was given a new name – DEA Special Operations Group (DEASOG).
The unit was staffed with CIA personnel.    225, 230

Some of the covert operations run by Lucien Conein were code named DEACON 1, 2 and 3.
DEACON 1 personnel engaged in CIA drug trafficking.
DEACON 3 targeted Mexican drug lord Pedro Avilés Pérez, who was assassinated.
The Perez drug trafficking network was then headed by CIA asset Miguel Gallardo.    226, 227

It was at this time that CIA drug trafficker Robert Vesco was protected from DEA investigation, after evidence was presented showing he was trafficking heroin.   234

* * *

In 1973 Frank Nugan, an Australian lawyer, and Michael Hand, a former Green Beret and CIA operative in Asia, established the Nugan Hand Bank. Hand established a branch in Hong Kong. The bank was involved in illegal activities, including drug smuggling and arranging weapons deals. Hand boasted that Nugan Hand Bank was paymaster for CIA operations anywhere in the world.  169

 Helliwell (left)Paul Helliwell with Michael Hand and Frank Nugan



In 1974 Brotherhood member Danny Fowlie moved from Laguna Beach to Costa Rica where he hooked up with CIA drug trafficking and money laundering man Robert Vesco.  161

robert vescoRobert Vesco

A Florida grand jury indictment charged that Robert Vesco:

  • he helped Columbia traffickers fly cocaine through Cuban air space
  • he underwrote cocaine purchases from the Suarez family in Bolivia
  • he underwrote heroin purchases from Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle
  • set up a cocaine-refining laboratory in Nicaragua

Vesco set up numerous front companies and banks for moving CIA drug trafficking money around. 161

Note: the IOS was an international “mutual fund” that somehow managed to accumulate an excess of $2 billion in investment capital on behalf of “unnamed subscribers.” This is that CIA banking scheme I described in another post, where depositors create accounts – with or without names – and “deposit” money, which shows on the books but is actually gone and in use by the CIA.

* * *

On 9 April 1974, a memo states that U.S. Customs is going to attempt to intercept funds going to Madrid on the basis of illegally taking undeclared money from the country (over $5,000.00 must be declared).

On 22 April 1974, George C. Corcoran junior, Assistant Commissioner Investigations Customs, writes a memo to the Commissioner of Customs, discussing unreported income to L. Ron Hubbard… He further states that the IRS has now furnished to Customs for investigation, information which may result in criminal action regarding violation of currency and foreign money transactions. He further notes that the Customs Office of Investigations will pursue the information to the extent of developing background information leading to and resulting in the interception of couriers, as this info would be of use to IRS in the preparation of a tax case.

On 23 May 1974, Joseph G. McGowan, Director IRS Office of International Operations, writes to the Director of Audit Division regarding L. Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard. He mentions that the Bureau of Customs is investigating Scientology for possible currency violation and the transferring of funds by courier system to L. Ron Hubbard.

In May 1974 the Church of Scientology of California requested that the DEA make available all records regarding the Church of Scientology. The DEA said its records were exempt because the information was contained in investigative files compiled for law enforcement purposes.     232

* * *

The next leap in Britain’s conspiracy against the United States was the report entitled Changing Images of Man.

The report was prepared by the Center for the Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute. The 319 page report was prepared by a team of fourteen researchers. An Advisory Panel to the project included Margaret Mead and Sir Geoffrey Vickers of British intelligence. The project was headed up by Joseph Campbell and Willis Harman.

The authors state the aim of the study was to change the image of mankind from that of industrial progress to one of “spiritualism”. The report was released in book form in May 1974 – Changing Images Of Man.   45

The de-industrialization of America began, with tens of thousands of factories leaving the United States and establishing themselves in countries where extremely cheap labor is available. Millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost.

The book advocates Scientology in various places, and discusses a spectrum of potential consciousness.

Hubbard is mentioned as one of the contributors who are in keeping with an ascending gradient of awareness.

This book fits into the British intelligence behavior modification operation to remake man through expanding consciousness – the means to do that being hallucinogenic drugs and spiritual front groups such as Scientology. That is what Scientology is really about, making people into what the British slavemasters want them to be.

changes images of man

Some of the works by Willis Harman are:

Global Mind Change: The New Age Revolution in the Way We Think
Higher Creativity: Liberating the Unconscious for Breakthrough Insight

Willis Harman said –

“By deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world.”  101

Willis Harman said –

“One of the most important aspects of these forces for change is the apparent emergence of a new worldview…

This emerging …modern worldview, involves a shift in the locus of authority from external to “inner knowing.” It has basically turned away from the older scientific view… and trusts perceptions of the …spiritual aspect of organisms…

The modern worldview is based on Western science… The core of the current challenge to the scientific worldview can be taken to be ‘consciousness’, which has come to be a code word for a wide range of human experience, including conscious awareness or subjectivity, intentionality, selective attention, intuition, creativity, relationship of mind to healing, spiritual sensibility, and a range of …experience and phenomena.”   102

Willis Harman said –

“There’s a war going on between your side and mine. And my side is not going to lose.”

* * *

In August 1974 there was a series of government telex reports regarding the Apollo. One telex said “the ship has reportedly made a practice of being in the parts of the Mediterranean where difficulties between nations were being experienced”. Another telex said “It is also said that behind this monumental ship, at its very heart, is the powerful CIA”.   201

The Apollo had been repeatedly expelled from ports throughout the Mediterranean, and was unwelcome in Mediterranean ports. In the fall of 1974 the Apollo entered the harbor at Funchal, Madeira. Their motorcycles and car were unloaded onto the dock. There were hundreds of locals crowding around the wharf. The crowd started to stone the Apollo ship and crew. They threw the motorcycles and car into the ocean. The crowd was yelling “CIA! CIA! CIA!”

The riot lasted a couple of hours until the militia moved in and cleared the wharf.

Because of all the political intrigues, the Sea Org ships became unwelcome in all of the Mediterranean ports. 61

The Flagship Apollo, with Ron Hubbard on board, heads for the United States. Hubbard intends to establish a Land Base for Flag. They head for the port at Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina

In 0ctober 1974 there was an airgram from the American Embassy Lisbon to the Department of State. It reports that the trouble-ridden Apollo has closed up shop in Portugal and has set sail leaving in its wake a widespread reputation that it is a CIA front.    201

* * *

On 10 October 1974, Guardian Jane Kember does an improper Evaluation on the Situation with U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard.  140  She found Terry Milner as the Who. She wanted to convene a Committee of Evidence on Terry Milner. Mike McClaughry was told at the time that Ron Hubbard had stepped in and said:
“No, he’s a friend.”

jane_kember - the guardian 1978Jane Kember

Her “Evaluation” is a joke. You cannot use false data in an Evaluation and have it come out right.

Her Evaluation is based on two tremendous lies –
1. Ron Hubbard is a good guy
2. Government agencies are acting on false reports about Hubbard and Scientology

Ron Hubbard and his Merry Band of Dupe Agents are reeking with crimes. You have Sea Org members illegally smuggling money and trafficking drugs and guns, you have Intelligence Bureau staff committing crimes in running black intelligence operations, you have other Scientologists trafficking illegal drugs and peddling LSD all across America on behalf of the CIA, and you have Sea Org members under Hubbard’s direction supporting CIA dictators who torture, murder and violate the rights of tens of thousands of people.

Jane Kember finds no fault with the criminal activities, she finds fault with government agencies trying to catch them in their criminal activities!

U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard were not acting on completely false reports.
Hubbard and his dupe agents calling all of them false reports is a lie and a cover up.

A proper Evaluation would have found Ron Hubbard as the Who behind the criminal actions. An investigation into him would find he was an agent for MI 6 and the CIA and he was a front man for the most evil men in the world – the British slavemasters. And there you would have the Situation.

The Situation is defined as the largest departure from the Ideal Scene.

Hubbard working for the slavemasters, the most evil men in the world = the SITUATION.

evil hamster miscavige

* * *

On 24 October 1974 Jerry McDonald is in comm with Captain Fox of Charleston Customs about the Apollo. Customs interest is in smuggling and finding out how wealth leaves the United States. 153

On 31 October 1974, the Justice Department had a subpoena they wanted to serve on Ron Hubbard, so they tell U.S. Customs to notify them if the Apollo shows up at any port. Dick Weigand was working for the Guardian Office Intelligence Bureau. The Apollo was about to dock at the port in Charleston when Weigand warns them that Customs and a U.S. Marshall are waiting on the dock to serve a subpoena on Ron Hubbard. The Apollo flees to the port in Curacao.

1 November 1974 – article in the News and Courier newspaper in Charleston –

Ship Eludes Customs Agents
A large number of Customs agents were in Charleston to keep watch on the Apollo, suspected to be carrying large quantities of narcotics and possibly large amounts of illegal US currency. A U.S. Marshall was waiting to serve a subpoena on L. Ron Hubbard.


On December 4, 1974 the Church of Scientology brought an FOIA suit against the DEA. The DEA had located 126 other documents. The majority of those materials were released to the Church. However, the DEA refused to produce fifteen documents in their entirety invoking the 7(C) and 7(D) exemptions as to each of the documents plus other FOIA exemptions with respect to particular items. In addition, portions of nine other documents were not released on the grounds of the 7(C) and 7(D) exemptions. Of these twenty-four documents, eleven contained information from non-federal domestic law enforcement authorities, seven had data from foreign law enforcement sources, and the other six contained information supplied by individuals cooperating with the DEA.     232



In January 1975 Dick Weigand was appointed the Deputy Guardian Intelligence United States.

In 1975 the Church of Scientology of California filed an FOIA request with the Central Intelligence Agency seeking all documents relating to any of its affiliated organizations or its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The CIA refused to release 25 documents and the Church appealed to the courts which ruled in favor of the CIA.
The CIA filed two affidavits citing the reasons to not disclose the documents.   199

The affidavits include a lengthy general discussion of the adverse consequences that could flow from releasing the information withheld. The release of any particular document, the CIA warned, could lead to one or more of the following harmful results:

breaching agreements with foreign intelligence services
refusal of intelligence sources to share information in the future
revelation of intelligence-gathering methods
disclosure of the identity of foreign or CIA intelligence operatives…

* * *

In February 1975 Italian police received an anonymous phone call about a man selling drugs in a hotel in Bologna, Italy.  A few days later at the Grand Hotel Baglioni they arrested a suspect in possession of 4,600 kilos of marijuana, morphine, and cocaine. The suspect carried a British passport bearing the name Terrence W. Abbott. Italian investigators soon discovered that “Mr. Abbott” was actually Ronald Stark.  31

Terrence W. Abbott was holding a genuine British passport, number 348489A, which was issued in 1973. The story of how Stark got the British passport will never be told – British intelligence refused to release their files on Stark. The FBI refused to share their files on Stark with the Drug Enforcement Administration when it was investigating Stark.

Look at how high up someone has to be to be able to order British intelligence and the FBI.

Ronald Stark was in prison in Italy from 1975-79 following his involvement with a gang of drug-dealing fascist terrorists54  That would be the Operation Gladio cell in Italy.

Later in time, Magistrate Giorgio Floridia ordered that Ronald Stark be released on the grounds that he was a CIA agent and had been since 1960.  52

* * *

The CIA enters into a personal services contract with Pat Price in March 1975.  66
Pat Price then went back East and worked as a remote viewer for the CIA.

Director of the CIA, Stansfield Turner, said that they had found a man who could see what was going on anywhere in the world through his psychic powers. Turner said they could show the man a picture of a place and he would then describe any activity going on there at that time. Turner said the man died in 1975, so we know that he was talking about Pat Price. In the same news article, Turner confirmed that the Russians were researching using psychic abilities for intelligence purposes.   182

Pat Price leaves from Huntington, West Virginia on 16 July 1975. He is on a several-week trip West. He first stops off in Washington, D.C. Pat Price continued his trip West. In Las Vegas, Price is accompanied by an old friend named Bill Alvarez and his wife, Judy (not their real names). The three check into the Stardust Hotel and go into the restaurant for dinner.

Price begins to complain that he doesn’t feel good, and ostensibly tells the Alvarezes that someone “had seemed to slip something into his coffee” at dinner in Washington “the night before.” Price soon feels so bad that he goes up to his room to lie down. He feels even worse, and calls the Alvarezes. They come to his room and find him on the bed in cardiac arrest. Bill Alvarez calls paramedics, who try without success to resuscitate Price. Price is declared dead in the local hospital’s emergency room.

Reportedly, a mysterious “friend” of Price’s turns up at the emergency room with “a briefcase full of his medical records,” which, along with the statements of the emergency room’s physician, apparently are enough to waive an autopsy – which would normally be performed on an out-of-towner who had died outside the hospital.  67, 68

In October 1975 a CIA memo says the death of Pat Price effectively ends CIA Office of Technical Services involvement in ESP research.   233



The Church of Scientology had filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit on the Drug Enforcement Agency to turn over all documents in which the church is named. A newspaper article on January 8, 1976 says the DEA turned over 48 unedited documents, 41 partially censored documents and said there were 26 others that could not be released, citing the exemption in the law for “investigatory records compiled for law enforcement purposes.”   222, 232

So secret DEA investigations into drug trafficking name the Church.

The Department of Justice brings in people from England, France, and across the nation to testify at the Church of Scientology versus DEA FOIA case, to try and stop the release of DEA records that would have revealed their complicity in drug trafficking.   232
Among the government’s witnesses were –
Rocky Pomerance, Chief of Police, Miami Beach, Florida
Vernon J. Calhoun, Chief of the Division of Investigation and Narcotics, Nevada State Police
James Taylor, First Deputy Police Commissioner, New York City Police Department
David C. Dilley, Commander, Metropolitan Police and Intelligence Branch, Scotland Yard, London
Francis Le Moeul, Controller General, French National Police, and Chief, French Bureau of Narcotics

This represents the British, French and CIA heroin trafficking pipeline called the French Connection.

LeMouel threatened the U.S. regarding releasing DEA documents to the Church of Scientology. He said France will stop cooperating with U.S. narcotics agents if American judges force secret reports to be made public.  222

lemouel_sFrancois LeMouel


* * *

In 1976, Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ received another 26 thousand dollars from the U.S. Navy to see if magnetometers could be affected by human beings.  – through the Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute in San Francisco.   125

* * *

Around 1976 Daniel James Fowlie purchases a ranch in Orange County, California – called Rancho Del Rio.

Rancho.1222 Photo of the storied Rancho del Rio property that The Girl Scout Council of Orange County sold for $3.65 million after giving up on it as a campsite. The land has a colorful past, including Daniel Fowlie's marijuana and cocaine smuggling days.

Fowlie’s accountant, Joseph Cooper, later revealed that tens of thousands of pounds of Mexican marijuana was hidden in tanker trucks and smuggled into the United States to supply the Fowlie drug trafficking empire. Cooper testified that they made profits on 30 to 35 tons of marijuana during the smuggling, and that they had their highest profit in the high-grade pot they bought from Rafael Caro Quintero, one of Mexico’s biggest drug dealers.

Danny Fowlie is doing the drug trafficking with CIA man Robert Vesco.
Scientologist Ron Gates worked with Fowlie in trafficking drugs.

(Ron Gates and Joseph Cooper became government witnesses against Danny Fowlie when he was extradited for trial in the 1980’s.)

Clyde Ronald Gates told jurors that Danny Fowlie hired him to build a warehouse on Rancho Del Rio. It was during construction, Gates testified, that Fowlie moved a heavy table to reveal a hole leading to an underground stairway beneath a slab of concrete.

He (Fowlie) told me he had buried a container, a secret compartment as a secret room, or stash compartment,” Gates said. The room, a metal tank, about 10 feet tall and 30 feet long, was “used as an underground storage facility, hiding tons of marijuana.“  162, 181

dan fowlieDanny Fowlie



In doing Operation Snow White, the Scientology intelligence bureau infiltrated numerous U.S. government agencies, including the Justice Department. They did not just obtain files on Hubbard and the Church, they stole other documents. One particular Justice Department document was the Defeo investigation, which was an investigation into illegal activities by Drug Enforcement Agency personnel. Michael A. Defeo was a DEA officer who conducted the investigation and wrote a report to the Attorney General on what he found. The secret report revealed heroin trafficking by some DEA personnel, and it also mentioned Lucien Conein irregularities.    236

In June 1977 the Guardian Office issued a story in their Freedom newspaper which was based on the secret Defeo report. According to Guardian Office statements, they were investigating the heroin pipeline called the French Connection and had requested the Justice Department to investigate it. They also turned over evidence to Congress that Bolivian Interpol agents were trafficking cocaine.    250

This resulted in the FBI raid on the Church on July 8, 1977.

From a Church press release –

The government has spent more than 100 million dollars of taxpayers money trying to eliminate us while billions of dollars worth of heroin was being successfully shipped into the United States from France, over a twenty year period, by an allied intelligence organization. We broke a story on this just prior to the July 1977 FBI raid.  Just why IS this country infested with drugs?   200

1977 Guardian Office press release by Ken Whitman after the raid

On 8 July 1977, the FBI raided Scientology intelligence bureau locations in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Washington, DC. The Los Angeles raid involved 156 FBI agents. It lasted 21 hours and filled a 16-ton truck with documents. Now we know what they were actually looking for – they wanted to recover stolen government documents that revealed government officials complicit in heroin drug trafficking.

Clarence Kelley, Director of the FBI, sent a letter wherein he says “the search warrants were issued for the purpose of recovering stolen Government property“.  206

On July 8, 1977 the Guardian Office issued a press release stating they were raided because of their investigation into the French Connection heroin pipeline.

Two years ago we first heard the rumors that there was another aspect to the infamous “French Connection” that involved both Interpol and governmental officials. But it was not until a few months ago when the NCLE’s Director of Research toured Europe that we were able to uncover the first supporting evidence. Only weeks ago did we make this material public, requesting that the Department of Justice investigate the evidence we found. The Justice Department’s response came early this morning when FBI agents took sledgehammers, crowbars and lock cutters to our Churches and broke into our offices…

A few months ago the NCLE’s Research Director was traveling through Europe to find the drug and CIA connections we had heard rumored so long.

They have, in effect, proven to us that our research is correct, that there is a massive, international narcotics cartel heretofore unrevealed which is operating with the knowledge and consent of highly placed governmental officials both here and abroad who will go to any means and use any tactics to prevent its disclosure.

That secret cartel is behind the heroin and cocaine smuggling into this country and extends into the highest ranks of the French Judicial and police systems.   235

This led to the dismantling of the Guardian Office and ever since the Church has stopped any such investigations.

* * *

The Justice Department was pursuing charges against Castle Bank and its depositors. In 1977, pressure from the Central Intelligence Agency caused the Justice Department to drop what could have been the biggest tax-evasion case of all time. The CIA’s argument was – pursuit of the Castle Bank would endanger “national security.” This was because the bank was the conduit for millions of dollar earmarked by the CIA for the funding of covert intelligence operations directed at countries in Latin America and the Far East. A major tax evasion investigation of the bank would have endangered these CIA operations.  205



In 1978 CIA drug trafficker Robert Vesco sold his Rancho del Mar in Pavones, Costa Rica to Danny Fowlie.

fowlie compound and houseDanny Fowlie estate in Costa Rica

Danny Fowlie then assumed his role as CIA drug trafficker in Costa Rica.

Central_America map
Robert Vesco moved to the Bahamas where he ran into Carlos Lehder, who was researching an island about 210 miles off the coast of Florida called Norman’s Cay. Vesco convinced Lehder that the island could be used for cocaine trafficking – planes from Columbia would bring the cocaine to the island, then smaller planes would fly the cocaine into the United States.  163

Lehder entered the CIA drug trafficking network. He was co-founder of the Medellín Cartel in Columbia.

Carlos Lehder – Norman’s Caynormans-cay- lehder

Norman's cay - lehderNorman’s Cay

Carlos LehderCarlos Lehder

Robert Vesco introduced Lehder to Bahamian Prime Minister Lynden Pindling, who was a British asset.

Prime Minister Lynden Pindling in 1973 with Prince Charles during the Royal visitPrime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling in 1973 with Prince Charles during the Royal visit.

PBS SHOW NARRATOR: In the 1970s, 90 percent of the world’s coca was grown in Peru and Bolivia. After harvest, it was hauled to jungle labs, where it was chemically treated and processed into a powder, cocaine hydrochloride.

CARLOS TORO: The Pindlings were always willing to be part of this deal, and they made it possible for corporations to be formed, for banks to be opened – bank accounts – and for money laundering. And the Pindlings wanted to be part of it.

PBS SHOW NARRATOR: From time to time, Prime Minister Lynden Pindling would stage a drug bust. According to U.S. law enforcement sources, the Bahamian police would seize a load and photos would be taken. Afterwards the money and drugs would be handed back to Lehder.

CARLOS TORO: This was a facade kind of thing. You know, we and Mr. Pindling, I discussed it with him. At times he will say to me, “Carlos, we have to make an arrest.” I mean, we had the Americans checking on us. And we’re getting helicopters from them, and we’re getting financial aid, and we got a partnership here.

We’ve got to show that we’re doing the job. So he was corrupt. And that is why DEA had a problem getting into Norman’s Cay.

The Bahamian Commission of Inquiry said that between 1977 and 1983 Pindling received an unexplained $3.5 million more than he was paid in salary. The unexplained millions were from CIA banks making pay offs to Pindling.  178

* * *

In 1978, a Congressional subcommittee investigated the Unification Church and issued a report stating
“Among the goals of the Moon Organization is the establishment of a worldwide government…”

* * *

Pedro Avilés Pérez was the Mexican drug lord and godfather of the Mexican Mafia. Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo was the gang’s treasurer. It is believed Fonseca set up the death of Pedro Avilés Pérez on 28 September 1978. Perez had been targeted by CIA officer Lucien Conein, the operation was code named DEACON 3.     225, 226

Miguel Gallardo inherited the business and became the Godfather. The coup was the start of the Guadelajara Cartel, which was Miguel Gallardo and Rafael Quintero. Both of them became major CIA assets in drug trafficking and Operation Gladio.

felix-gallardoMiguel Gallardo – the new Godfather of the Mexican Mafia

Guadalajara,_MexicoGuadalajara, Mexico

Gallardo’s connection that helped him get all this drug business allowed was CIA asset Miguel Nassar Haro,
the chief of Mexico’s Dirección Federal de Seguridad (DFS – Federal Security Directorate).

Miguel Nassar HaroMiguel Nassar Haro



An Italian magistrate named Giorgio Floridia, released Ronald Stark from Italian prison in 1979. Stark managed to persuade Floridia, who cited “an impressive series of scrupulously enumerated proofs” that Stark had given him. Floridia also claims Stark worked for the Defense Department from 1960 on, and received paychecks from Fort Lee, in New Jersey. Stark was released on parole and disappeared days later.  54

giorgio floridiaGiorgio Floridia

* * *

Augusto Sandino had led a Liberal peasant army against the U.S.-backed government in Nicaragua. He was not a communist. While he sought relief for the poor, he did not advocate for a Marxist class struggle. Then the Somoza family came into power and ruled Nicaragua, backed by the U.S. government.

The Sandinista National Liberation Front was formed by students who were outraged at conditions in Nicaragua under Somoza. They were also outraged at consistent U.S. intervention in Nicaragua affairs. They united the workers and peasants to destroy the “present system of capitalist exploitation and oppression” being run by the Somoza government. They wanted to install a government that incorporated socialist ideas.

The Somoza government used torture, killings, and censorship of the press to combat the Sandinista National Liberation Front. They also refused to allow democratic elections. The Sandinista National Liberation Front came to be in control of the entire country. On 17 July 1979 Somoza resigned, giving control of the government to the revolutionary movement.



The Contras were the armed opponents of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The Contras were initially formed in 1980 and they received financial and military support from the CIA.

Central and South America countries

* * *

Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was a CIA agent in Bolivia involved in cocaine smuggling into the United States.

Klaus Barbie had taken Roberto Suarez Gomez under his wing. Gomez was called the King of Cocaine.

roberto suarez gomezRoberto Suarez Gomez

Suarez helped finance the military coup that installed a dictatorship in Bolivia in 1980.

Michael Levine was an agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). In 1980 he was working undercover operations to set up the biggest cocaine dealers in Bolivia – who produce the raw material for 90 percent of the cocaine entering the United States. That was run by Klaus Barbie.

Michael Levine

The Bolivian government was cooperating with Michael Levine and wanted to help the DEA to defeat the Bolivia drug barons. Michael Levine had arrested the two most prominent leaders of the Roberto Suarez cartel, and he claims that the CIA intervened to drop charges against one of them and reduce bail for another, allowing both to escape their US trial in 1979. Subsequently they returned to Bolivia and participated in the coup, along with the aid of Klaus Barbie.

General Luis García Meza Tejada was Commander of the Bolivian Army, also involved with the cocaine traffickers. García Meza forced a violent coup on July 17, 1980 – referred to as the Cocaine Coup. The Bolivia drug dealers, with CIA help, overthrew the Bolivian government. The Bolivia government ministers that were assisting Levine were tortured to death at the hands of CIA-sponsored paramilitary terrorists under the command of Klaus Barbie.

                                                 Klaus BarbieKlaus Barbie

Michael Levine’s 25 years as a DEA agent led him to the conclusion that the CIA is running the drug trade.

Dennis Dayle, Chief of a DEA unit in Central America, said: “In my 30 year history in DEA, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.”    58, 59, 60, 185, 186

You can listen to Dennis Dayle live interview of him from 1996 at Expert Witness Radio.

* * *

Bo Hi Pak was a CIA asset and right hand man to Sun Myung Moon. In 1980, Bo Hi Pak founded a front group called Confederation of the Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas” (CAUSA) – which was one of the first groups to give the Contras “humanitarian aid.”  174

CAUSA was an anti-communist organization based in New York City.

* * *

The Church of Scientology had sent an FOIA request to the CIA asking for its files on Hubbard and Scientology. The CIA refused to release some documents so the Church filed a suit. The CIA provided affidavits to the court stating the adverse consequences that could flow from releasing the information withheld. The release of any particular document, the CIA warned, could lead to one or more of the following harmful results:

breaching agreements with foreign intelligence services
refusal of intelligence sources to share information in the future
revelation of intelligence-gathering methods
disclosure of the identity of foreign or CIA intelligence operatives

The judge gave a favorable ruling to the CIA on 18 December 1980.  173



In 1981, U.S. Army Major General John Singlaub founded the U.S. chapter of World Anti-Communist League –
the United States Council for World Freedom.

john k singlaubJohn K. Singlaub

In 1981, Tim LaHaye founded the Council of National Policy (CNP).

Tim-LaHayeTim LaHaye

The Council of National Policy is just one example of so-called “evangelical” type front groups being filled with Intelligence officers, Moon representatives and Scientology members.

Here are just a few people in the Council of National Policy –

George Gilder (Board of Governors) friend of David Rockerfeller, member Council on Foreign Relations

J. Peter Grace
(member) member of British intelligence front group Council on Foreign Relations

Richard Bott (Board of Governors) writer for Washington Times which is owned by Sun Myung Moon

Arnaul D’Borchgrave (member) member Council on Foreign Relations, chief editor Washington Times

Sen. Jesse Helms (Board of Governors) member Council on Foreign Relations

Howard Ahmanson Jr. (Board of Governors) contributed to Council on Foreign Relations

Max Hugel (member) former special assistant to CIA Deputy Director for Operations

Ron Godwin (member) Vice President Washington Times, Vice President of Falwell’s Moral Majority

Robert Grant (Director) founder Christian Voice and American Freedom Coalition, both are Moon fronts

Rep John Ashbrook (Board of Governors) member of Moon front group Christian Voice

Allan Gottleib (member) board member of Moon front group American Freedom Coalition

Thomas R. Anderson (Board of Governors) board member of Moon front group Family Research Council

General John Singlaub (board member) World Anti-Communist League and Unification Church supporter

Oliver North
(board member) former staff member National Security Council

Alan Keyes
(member) on Ronald Reagan’s National Security Team

Edwin Meese (President) former Attorney General, former Chief of Staff

Pat Robertson (President)

J. Peter Grace (member) Council on Foreign Relations, worked with the CIA to remove classified info concerning former Nazi scientists so they could immigrate into the U.S.

Lt. General Daniel Graham (Board of Governors) Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Deputy Director CIA,  publicly endorses Washington Times. Also a member of the Moon organization, World Anti-Communist League, and board of Directors for Moon’s CAUSA.

– – – – –

Tim LaHaye’s wife, Beverly LaHaye, joined forces with a Scientology group Citizens Commission on Human Rights – in 1969, and on several occasions in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. In the 1990’s, Mrs. LaHaye spoke in a 1995 rally against psychiatric practices on children – CCHR was also present.

Beverly-LaHayeBeverly LaHaye



In 1982, Sun Myung Moon founded the propaganda rag newspaper, Washington Times. Bo Hi Pak, chief aide to Moon, was president and chairman of the board of the Washington Times. President Ronald Reagan read this paper every day.

Ronald Reagan and Bo Hi PakPresident Ronald Reagan and Bo Hi Pak

* * *

In December 1982 the U.S. Congress outlawed U.S. assistance to the Contras for the purpose of overthrowing the Nicaraguan government, while allowing assistance for other purposes.

The Contras were then funded by drug trafficking, and the US government was aware of it. Senator John Kerry’s 1988 report on Contra drug links concluded that “senior U.S. policy makers were not immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras funding problems.”

The Guadalajara Cartel (Miguel Gallardo and Rafael Quintero) prospered largely because it enjoyed the protection of it’s drug trafficking network by the CIA. Gallardo himself was considered an asset by the CIA. Gallardo provided a significant amount of funding, weapons, and other aid to the Contras in Nicaragua. Quintero lent the CIA his ranches in Jalisco and Veracruz so they could train the Contras.


Miguel Gallardo and Rafael Caro-Quintero supplied the Contras with guns and money.

The Guadalajara Cartel smuggled 4 tons of cocaine a month into the United States. One ton of cocaine has a street value of 200 million dollars, so that is 800 million dollars a month. There is no way the CIA was letting the peasants in Nicaragua have 800 million dollars a month, so who was really getting all of that money?

Gallardo’s drug trafficking was known to several U.S. federal agencies, including the CIA and the Drug Enforcement Agency, but he was granted immunity due to his “charitable contributions to the Contras”.

The Guadalajara Cartel cartel was linked to the Colombian cartels primarily through the Honduran drug trafficker Juan Matta-Ballesteros (also a CIA asset and Contra supporter).

Juan Matta-BallesterosJuan Matta-Ballesteros

According to a 1983 U.S. Customs Investigative Report, Ballesteros was the head of the SETCO airline, a corporation that was used for smuggling narcotics into the United States.

According to the Senator Kerry Committee report (Contra investigation) the SETCO airline was the principal company used by the Contras in Honduras to transport at least a million rounds of ammunition, food, uniforms, military supplies and personnel for the FDN (one of the earliest Contra groups) from 1983 through 1985.

For its services SETCO received funds from the accounts established by Oliver North.

Gallardo, Ballesteros, and Santiago Ocampo of the Cali Cartel would later head the largest cocaine ring in the world.

The Cali Cartel was a drug cartel based around the city of Cali, Colombia. Its founders were the Rodríguez Orejuela brothers, Gilberto and Miguel, and José Santacruz Londoño, also known as “Chepe”. They broke away from Pablo Escobar and his Medellin associates in the late 1980s when Hélmer Herrera, also known as “Pacho”, joined what became a four-man executive board that ran the cartel.

With connections to British mercenaries, countless spies in the government, and its vast surveillance network throughout the city of Santiago de Cali, the cartel was compared to the Russian KGB by the American DEA, calling it “The most powerful crime syndicate in history”, later called “The Cali KGB”.

At the height of the Cali Cartel’s reign, they were cited as having control over 90% of the world’s cocaine market.

By 1988 the number of drug users in the United States had soared to 18 million for marijuana, six million for cocaine, and 500,000 for heroin – a trade valued at $100 billion dollars.

Note –
San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb published articles titled Dark Alliance in August 1996. The articles alleged that Nicaraguan drug traffickers had sold crack cocaine in Los Angeles during the 1980s, and that drug profits were used to fund the CIA-supported Contras. Webb documented that the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of cocaine into the U.S. by the Contra personnel.


garywebbGary Webb

Webb supported his story with documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The evidence demonstrates that White House officials knew about and supported using money from drug trafficking to fund the Contras.

Cocaine pipeline financed rebels
Evidence points to CIA knowing of high-volume drug network

by Gary Webb
San Jose Mercury News

For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to an arm of the contra guerrillas of Nicaragua run by the Central Intelligence Agency, the San Jose Mercury News has found. This drug network opened the first pipeline between Colombia’s cocaine cartels and the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, a city now known as the “crack” capital of the world. The cocaine that flooded in helped spark a crack explosion in urban America – and provided the cash and connections needed for L.A.’s gangs to buy weapons.

…While the FDN’s war is barely a memory today, black America is still dealing with its poisonous side effects. Urban neighborhoods are grappling with legions of homeless crack addicts. Thousands of young black men are serving long prison sentences for selling cocaine – a drug that was virtually unobtainable in black neighborhoods before members of the CIA’s army brought it into South-Central in the 1980s at bargain-basement prices.

Gary Webb with one of his articles

Gary Webb was harrassed and had to leave the newspaper. The CIA conducted its own internal investigations. On March 16, 1998, the CIA admitted that the CIA had maintained relationships with companies and individuals the CIA knew were involved in the drug business. But this was excuseable because the Contra war took precedence over law enforcement.

Gary Webb then went to work for the Sacramento News and Review. On December 10, 2004 he was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head. At the time leading up to his death, Webb was working on another piece, and had mentioned to friends that he was constantly being tailed, had been receiving death threats, and had his house broken into.  2, 60

Two decades after Webb wrote his articles congressional hearings proved it was true.
The CIA itself finally admitted it was true. But at the time of the articles they denied it.



The secret Operation Gladio network first came to light in 1984 when one of it’s agents, far-right terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra, revealed its existence during his trial. This was denied and passed off as “crazy talk” until six years later.

* * *

Manuel Buendia was a Mexican journalist who was gunned down in May 1984 for exposing the CIA drugs for arms operation in Mexico. Buendia had tread uncomfortably close to illegal drug operations used by the CIA to ship arms to Contra guerrillas in Nicaragua. He was slain in a sweeping coverup of an international drug-dealing network that had the complicity of the Mexican government.

Drug Enforcement Agency documents disclosed at a Los Angeles trial in the murder of a DEA agent, show Buendia was investigating figures in government and the drug industry.

The DEA reports reveal agency interviews with an American, Laurence Victor Harrison, who set up radio communications for Mexican drug barons in the mid-1980s. Harrison said he knew that Buendia was investigating links between the drug trade and Mexican officials. Harrison told the DEA that Buendia got some leads from Javier Juarez Vasquez, editor of the newspaper Primera Plana. Vasquez had told Buendia about a ranch allegedly owned by drug traffickers and used by the CIA to train guerrillas. Vasquez’s tortured body was found a day after Buendia was murdered.   237

That was the Mexican Guadalajara Cartel who allowed the CIA to use its ranches to train the Contras.

Buendia had turned up information about airstrips owned by drug lords and used by the CIA to fly arms to Contras. The DEA report says pilots who flew arms were allowed to make the return trip more profitable by picking up cocaine in Colombia. Senate investigators confirmed the airstrips used by the CIA were the same ones used by drug traffickers.

* * *

In October 1984, the U.S. Congress forbid action in Nicaragua by the Defense Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, and all U.S. government agencies.

Retired U. S. Army General John Singlaub took over leadership of the World Anti-Communist League.
The CIA facilitated massive cocaine and marijuana trafficking into the U.S. to aid the Contra forces.

The CIA used the World Anti-Communist League to funnel money and weapons to the Contras and other anti-communist rebel movements in Africa, Central America, Afghanistan and the Far East.  174



Opinion polls indicated that a majority of the U.S. public was not supportive of the Contras. President Reagan lost much of his  support for his Contra policy within Congress after disclosure of CIA mining of Nicaraguan ports, and a report by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research found Reagan’s allegations about Soviet influence in Nicaragua “exaggerated”. Congress cut off all funds for the Contras in 1985.  2

The Iran-Contra scandal began in 1985, when President Reagan approved the sale of arms to a sworn enemy – Iran – and then used the money to fund the Contras to overthrow the government of Nicaragua.


Barry Seal was an American pilot who flew flights for the Medellín Cartel in the late 1980’s. He transported shipments of cocaine from Colombia to an airport facility in Mena, Arkansas. In three years, Seal later testified, he imported $3 billion to $5 billion worth of cocaine. Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas at the time and there have been allegations he was involved.

Barry SealAdler Berriman “Barry” Seal

* * *

Tom Tripodi worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency and then he went to work at the CIA. He wrote –

…narcotics was one of the major weapons in the intelligence game.

Not only did the drug traffic inflict irreparable damage to the target country, but the moneys collected paid many operational bills… the exploitation of a drug problem in a target country would provide an unending lucrative source of revenue.   207, 208

America has been the primary target country for drug trafficking.

It is an MI 6 chemical warfare attack on the American people.

Amy Winehouse's wax work unveiled




In December 1989, Grace-Marie Haddy is working on the Snow White program at the Office of Special Affairs.  95



Bill Clinton became President of the United States in 1993. He was a Rhodes scholar, trained at Oxford. That means he was recruited and trained as an agent for the British slavemasters – the same people who Ron Hubbard worked for, and the Church of Scientology is one of their front groups to forward their world domination plan.  180

As soon as Clinton takes office in 1993, the Church of Scientology magically regains tax exemption!

Bill ClintonWilliam Jefferson Clinton

shadow men scientologyDavid Miscavige with the British shadow man behind Scientology



Every action Hubbard took in his life, including Scientology, and what is wrong with it, is explained by this fact –

Hubbard was an agent for MI 6

Cumming and MI6 headquarters

Ron Hubbard told Scientologists to support the British New World Order.

He advocated the worst sociopaths in the world having direct control over the life of every individual person.


page divider 2014
Oppressive governments, wars, slavery, harmful drugs, economic hardship, human rights violations, churches attacking people, destructive psychiatry, self-serving banking practices and self-serving business practices make life on earth a hell.

All of that comes about because sociopaths have headed governments, churches and mental health.

That is a major point that needs a reckoning.

Scientology Roots Table of Chapters



1. The Search For The Manchurian Candidate by John Marks

2. Wikipedia Encyclopedia

3. Father, Son and CIA, by Harvey Weinstein

4. In 1891 Cecil Rhodes founded a secret society to bring the entire world under British rule.

Cecil Rhodes said –

Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States…   17

Rhodes described this secret society –

development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, … the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire….   18


Arthur Balfour and other members of the Cecil family joined and dominated the secret society.
Alfred Milner married into the Cecil family and he was the head of the secret society.


5. The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, professor of history

Cecil Rhodes… left his fortune to form a secret society, which was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire. …this secret society was created by Rhodes and… Lord Milner, and continues to exist to this day.

This society has been known… as the Round Table… I have chosen to call it the Milner Group.

Alfred Milner was able to dominate this Group… It is doubtful if Milner could have formed his Group without assistance… the Cecil Bloc gave him the political influence without which his ideas could easily have died in the seed…

The Milner Group could never have been built up by Milner’s own efforts. He had no political power or even influence. The power that was utilized by Milner and his Group was really the power of the Cecil family and its allied families…

6. The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, history professor

7. Ewen Cameron was paid was $69,000 from 1957 to 1964 to carry out secret Project MKUltra experiments for the CIA. His sub-project was number 68 – as documented in our CIA Declassified Documents section of the Reading Library here at the blog.

  • PDF – MKULTRA subproject 68 documents – found in Black Vault CD#4, folder 17468, this is Dr. Ewen Cameron subproject. Descriptive documents can be located starting on page 11, 48, and 52 – which has an interesting disclosure in that Cameron was trying to figure out if he could make people heal wounds by his “command” using his horrific psychic-driving technique that he learned from British psychiatrist William Sargant.

8. During the late 1940s and 1950s Santo Trafficante junior was heavily involved in Lucky Luciano’s and Meyer Lansky’s heroin smuggling operations.

Trafficante’s territory has been Florida and the Caribbean, where he served as one of Meyer Lansky’s chief retainers.

During the late 1940s and 1950s Trafficante [junior] was heavily involved in Luciano’s and Lansky’s heroin smuggling operations, and after his father’s death in 1954, he succeeded him as Mafia boss of Florida and fell heir to his relationship with Lansky.

…Southeast Asia was busily growing more than 70 percent of the world’s illicit opium, and the Chinese laboratories in Hong Kong were producing some of the finest heroin in the world.

…entrenched Corsican syndicates based in Vietnam and Laos had been regularly supplying the international markets, including Marseille and Hong Kong, with opium and morphine base for almost a decade.

Also see reference 177.

9. New York Times, August 2, 1977: Mind-Control Studies Had Origins in Trial of Mindszenty.











New York Times, August 2, 1977: Mind-Control Studies Had Origins in Trial of Mindszenty.

As some of the former high-ranking C.I.A. men recall now, they had looked into the vacant eyes of Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty at his treason trial in Budapest in 1949 and had been horrified.

They had been convinced that his confession had been wrung from him while he was either under the influence of some mysterious mind-bending drug or that he was standing before the dock in a post-hypnotic trance. The sight touched off memories of earlier “show trials” in the Soviet Union.

The C.I.A. leaders were certain the Communists had embarked on a campaign to control Men’s minds and they were determined to find a defense, setting out in earnest the next year–1950–with Project Bluebird, which evolved into Project Artichoke, then became MKULTRA-MKDELTA. With each code name change, they broadened their sweep, until there remained virtually no avenue of human behavior control they were not exploring.

Fears Seemingly Confirmed

Subsequent developments seemed to confirm their fears: The arrest in Germany of two Soviet agents armed with identical plastic cylinders containing hypodermic needles, said to cause a victim “to become amenable to the will of his captor.” Then, the startling confessions of downed American airmen to false charges of carrying out germ warfare against North Korea.

A short time later, however, in 1953, a high level military study group determined that events had not been what they seemed. Neither the Russians nor anyone else had devised a means of turning men into robots and there was “little threat, if any, to national security,” the study said.

The intelligence community rationalized: they would go ahead anyway, against the chance that the Communists might some day live up to their dread. Furthermore, they saw great potential in developing these tools for their own offensive use.

There was an “urgent need”, the CIA and other intelligence agencies argued to develop “effective and practical techniques” to “render an individual subservient to an imposed will or control.”

The CIA men, who led the way, enlisting the support of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Departments of Agriculture, Health, Education and Welfare and several other agencies, acknowledged among themelves that much of what they were setting out to do was “unethical” bordered on the illegal and would be repugnant to the American people. So they made certain that these activities were tightly held, known only to the director, Allen W. Dulles, and a handful of operatives and high-ranking aides.

“Precautions must be taken, one agency official wrote in an internal memo, “not only to protect the operation from exposure to enemy forces, but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general,” adding that this information “would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment [of the agency’s] mission.”

… “I think it was certainly worthwhile. .” said one former agency official who agreed to speak only with the promise of Anonymity. “People had quite a lot of fears, and if nothing had been done, people’s imaginations could have gone most anywhere. I think what we did helped. It proved that things weren’t as bad as people might have thought.”

10. The Ottawa Journal – Wednesday, July 7, 1943

Rockefeller funded Allan Memorial Institute


11. A meeting in Canada on 1 June 1951 with British, American and Canadian representatives who agreed on a joint program to conduct research into how to brainwash people – mind control and behavior modification research.

SCIENCE IN DACHAU’S SHADOW: HEBB, BEECHER, AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF CIA PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE AND MODERN MEDICAL ETHICS by Alfred W. McCoy, published in the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 43(4), 401–417 Fall 2007 Published online in Wiley Interscience ( DOI 10.1002/jhbs.20271 © 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Consequently, in the words of a later Canadian inquiry by George Cooper, QC, “a high-level meeting took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montreal on June 1, 1951.

Attending were Sir Henry T. Tizard, the venerable senior scientist from the U.K. Ministry of Defense; Dr. Omond Solandt, head of Canada’s Defense Research Board (DRB); Dr. Donald O. Hebb, head of the Board’s Behavioral Research and chair of Psychology at McGill; and two Americans, Dr. Caryl Haskins and Commander R.J. Williams. These latter two were identified, in a “handwritten note” found in Board files, as “CIA”.

Opinion of Mr. George Cooper Q.C. – this is a report by George Cooper who conducted an official investigation into what Ewen Cameron was doing at Allan Memorial Institute.

The meeting in Canada on 1 June 1951 with British, American and Canadian representatives is documented in Cooper’s Appendix 21, described as: Minutes of June 1, 1951 Canada/US/UK meeting re: communist “brainwashing” techniques during the Korean War

The meeting is noted in CIA documents from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 149496.



The coordinating point of all three countries programs was a Dr. Webster of the RDB, as laid out in this next document from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 144788, image #1.



Author Alfred W. McCoy tells us –

As noted in the Board’s minutes of the Montreal meeting, “Dr. Hebb suggested that an approach based upon the situation of sensory isolation might lead to some clues” to answering “the central problem” that interested this covert research coalition: that is

  • “ ‘confession,’
  • ‘menticide’ [means the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.]
  • ‘intervention in the individual mind,’
  • —together with methods concerned in psychological coercion.”

Speaking at length, Hebb suggested that by “cutting off all sensory stimulation . . .  the individual could be led into a situation whereby ideas, etc. might be implanted.

In response, Sir Henry concurred, stating that these issues “had become a matter of concern in the U.K.,” and adding that “the methods of psychological coercion . . . had been well developed by the [Medieval] inquisition” (Cooper, 1986, Appendix 21).

… As consensus formed about “research methods and design,” the group adopted Hebb’s suggestion that “experimental isolation in various forms for the production of sensory isolation” might place subjects “in such a position psychologically that they would be susceptible to implantation of new or different ideas.

Despite the Board’s later claims to the contrary, its minutes indicate clearly that their priority in backing Hebb’s brainwashing work was not defensive but offensive operations against communist enemies.

The CIA’s own minutes concur, recording that the Montreal group agreed there was “no conclusive evidence” that the Soviets had made anything akin to “revolutionary progress,” and dismissed their interrogation as “remarkably similar . . to the age-old methods.”

Behind closed doors, therefore, the defensive pretence evaporated, and these cold warriors decided to pursue control over human consciousness for offensive “cold war operations”: that is, ideological conversion and coerced interrogation (Cooper, 1986, pp. 31–32; Marks, 1979, pp. 29–31;CIA, 6 June 1951 and 9 July 1951).

References –
* – CIA. (1951, June 6). Minutes of meeting. Box 5. National Security Archive. CIA.
* – (1951, July 9) Memorandum for: Assistant Director, SI, Subject: Progress on BLUEBIRD. Box 5. NationalSecurity Archive.
* – CIA. (1952, February 12). Proposed Study on Special Interrogation Methods. National Security Archive.
* – CIA. (1952, May 1). Project NM 001 056.0. Box 8, National Security Archive

Regarding Tizard being MI 6 – The origins of the SIS (MI6) scientific intelligence section lay in the creation of the Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence, under scientist Sir Henry Tizard. The ‘Tizard Committee’ began meeting in secret in January 1935. Under a 1940 reorganization of British Intelligence, “Special Duties”, the War Office liaison to the SIS was now designated MI6 – the first time this title was ever used with reference to SIS.
References – MI6 and the Machinery of Spying by Philip Davies; Britain’s X-traordinary Files by David Clarke

Dr. Omond Solandt, head of Canada’s Defense Research Board (DRB) – this is him.

Dr. Omond Solandt


12. Senator Church Committee hearings of 1975 found that Richard Helms had been in charge of operations to assassinate Castro (Cuba),Trujillo (Dominican Republic), Diem (RVN), Schneider (Chile) using MAFIA figures John Roselli and Santos Trafficante to do the job.

13. Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953

14. Sara Northrup was Hubbard’s second wife. When Sara divorced Hubbard, she made a statement in the divorce papers that the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation received over one million dollars in 1950. See Cd #1, Folder #5 PDF, p. 156 of the Declassified FDA documents.


15. The Human Potential Movement was strongly influenced by Abraham Maslow’s theory of self-actualization – and what that meant was realization of a person’s full potential. That was achieved through ascending levels to reach the top level. Maslow’s theory was fully expressed in his 1954 book Motivation and Personality. In 1962 he expressed it in terms of gradients.


He first presented his hierarchal view of needs and being, in the 1940’s, and his much updated major text covering this was Toward a Psychology of Being (1962). This is where the “gradients of awareness” or being starts coming into play. Maslow  often utilized a pyramid or upward pointing Triangle model, with it’s base correlating to “base needs” (body needs) and it’s point correlating to “self-actualization” or the “higher self”.

Literally less than a year after Maslow’s text Toward a Psychology of Being was released in 1962, there is L. Ron Hubbard completely changing around the structure of Scientology, and it’s direction – the first real rumblings of which were in November/December 1963.

The Administrative changes begin showing in Scientology. A “General Classification Chart Issue One” is found in Scientology Administrative Bulletin (HCO) Policy Letter 26 Nov 63 “Certificate and Classification Changes, Everyone Classified”. This administrative change was immediately followed by an amended version the following month, HCO PL 11 Dec 63 “Classification for Everyone”.

*Both are in Volume 4 of the Organization Executive Course

The Technical changes as to the operational materials of Scientology, also began showing at this time, where in a Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lecture, Hubbard states:

– Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lecture #325, renumbered 1991: #357 Certifications and Classifications, given on 3 Dec 63)

[referring to someone hearing about Scientology]

He sees a chart up on the wall of where he’s supposed to go. This tells him at once that there is someplace to go, that there is a way to get there, and if various states of arrived beingness are described with great reality on this chart, and so on …

He frankly won’t look at the upper levels of the chart. They won’t interest him. He will be mostly looking at the immediately adjacent interests of the chart, you see. And he’ll say, those are a good thing to have and this is all he has to do. And this is all he has to study. And this is his practice of activity and it’s on this schedule and that sort of thing. And that [the hierarchal chart of beingness] shows him that he can move from that point on forward. The road then is not blocked out because he sees that every time he gets at one of these points, he can then take off to the next point similarly informed and equipped.

Hubbard then invents a story of “how he came up with” the degrees or gradients of awareness –
the real reason is because he was told to.

The other big shock that I had was just a very short time ago, I sat as innocent as could be. I was happily plotting away and working out the logical reduction for common denominators of behavior [that’s totally straight out of Maslow there] and I found out that the common denominator of behavior was degree of awareness – which you can put down if you want to as a very interesting datum. It’s the degree of awareness is the thing in common to all life.

That’s not true, but it’s interesting that he wants to present it as true, the same way as Maslow and Changing Images of Man does.

Here is another lecture from 1965, this one shows Hubbard preparing people that this is “research” and will change, but also beginning to promote the “low level” of man, in need of transformation.

– Saint Hill Special Briefing Course #59 6504C27, a lecture given on April 27, 1965

…there is no level called “Aware” see, or “Awareness.” …it’s degrees of awareness.
There is no such thing as being aware or not being aware.

It is all degree of awareness – a gradient, like all the scales…this is not the final scale at all…this is research in progress …I suddenly found myself looking at the human race and it was a horrible shock.” …it is a Scale of Awareness…find a person anyplace on that Scale of Awareness then the next action which you have to do in order to give him a case gain is to make him aware of the next level above that.”


In Changing Images of Man, they have a chart showing something very similar to this, all part of the “image” they wish Man to start making now.

16. Vatican banks launder Mafia money – See The Reckoning Chapter Nine Catholic Pope Slavemasters

17. The CIA director was General Walter Bedell Smith. This is his daily log. Internet Archive version saved here.
Barely anyone has talked about this document, one of the few was this man’s blog.

18. Rolling Stone 1986 article Secret Agent Man interview of Miles Copeland

19. A U.S. State Department document clearly reveals the strategic importance of Morocco

20. Ingo Swann wrote an auto-biography in 1996 titled:
Remote-Viewing The Real Story: An Autobiographical Memoir.

Swann described that in early October 1971, he began working with Dr. Karlis Osis at American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR). They were focusing on Out of Body Experiences (OOBE).

In Chapter 12 of his memoir, we find Swann saying –

My only reservation was that I did not have the least idea of how to float up to the ceiling. I was well aware of the famous OOB phenomena reported world-wide and since antiquity.

I had gotten all of the appropriate books, tried everything suggested in them, to little apparent avail.

Although many, including some of Osis’s other subjects, claimed they could “go OOB at will,” evidence of this was quite slim.

…if anyone could go OOB at will, then the world would certainly be a different place, and psychic spying in the OOB state would have already been incorporated into you know where. In 1971 out-of-body experiencing had not yet been hysterically hyped as it was soon to be.

I told Osis that I believed OOB to consist only of spontaneous factors, and usually within some kind of unusual situation, and that I did not know how to do it.

– On page 110 of this large PDF archiving all of Swann’s writings

21. A set of declassified documents called: Family Jewels (as a collection) contains several clear examples of CIA agents working undercover at the BNDD.

On p. 29 –

Note: CI stands for Counter Intelligence.


22. Terry Milner and Ken Rains were on the Briefing Course together. Ken Rains is listed as Scientology Clear #120 in Auditor magazine #19 from 1966. Terry Milner was #5, so he would have known Ken Rains there at Saint Hill in England where the first clears were made.


Ken Rains SHSBC honor roll -auditor-ww-27-1967

23. Pope Nicholas V authorize the enslavement of all non Christians

On 18 June 1452 Pope Nicholas V issued the bull Dum Diversas
On 8 January 1455 Pope Nicholas V issued the bull Romanus Pontifex

24. January 1, 1929 – MI 6 officer in China, Ian MacBean, writes a letter to Ron Hubbard, calls him a lieutenant and says he has been retained.

Dear Red,

You’ll probably hear this officially soon but I want to let you know first. You’re still a Lieutenant. You’ve been retained in spite of all the fuss the Ambassador made.

Please come back…


A copy of Ian MacBean’s 1929 letter to L. Ron Hubbard was an exhibit in the Gerald Armstrong 1 trial.



We see from this that Ron Hubbard was hired by British intelligence and given the rank of Lieutenant.

25. WORLD COMMERCE CORPORATION, S.A – incorporated in Panama 13 August 1945. Company #137653.
Source: opencorporates and Registro Público de Panamá,…, 15 Oct 2016. Overview document: PDF – world-commerce-corporation

26. The Nazi Hydra in America by Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins

27. The Secret War against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, p. 110–11

28. According to the Church of Scientology, Ron Hubbard was “called to Hollywood”.

29. Humphry Osmond In Memoriam by Abraham Hoffer, A History of Dr. Osmond by Abraham Hoffer
Journal Of Orthomolecular Medicine;

30. Pauling blog, post titled: Humphrey Osmond, The Original Psychedelic Psychiatrist

31. Acid Dreams The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties, And Beyond by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain

32. Flashback: Psychiatric Experimentation With LSD in Historical Perspective by Erika Dyck

Some of the most widespread trials in the Western world occurred in Saskatchewan, under the direction of psychiatrists Humphry Osmond and Abram Hoffer. These medical researchers were first drawn to LSD because of its ability to produce a “model psychosis.” Their experiments with the drug that Osmond was to famously describe as a “psychedelic” led them to hypothesize and promote the biochemical nature of schizophrenia. This brief paper examines the early trials in Saskatchewan, drawing on hospital records, interviews with former research subjects, and the private papers of Hoffer and Osmond.

The overwhelming experiences produced by LSD captured Osmond and Hoffer’s attention and prompted them to consider the drug’s value for psychiatric research. On the one hand, LSD seemed to produce a “model psychosis,” which provided a new method for studying symptoms of mental illness.

If an illness could be created by taking a chemical substance, then surely, they reasoned, a close biochemical investigation would reveal the metabolic reaction responsible for some (psychotic) ill-nesses.

33. New Criterion, February 2003, What Happened to Aldous Huxley?

He was an early enthusiast for the work of Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University, which Huxley believed had established the reality of extra-sensory perception. Huxley’s 1954 essay in Life magazine probably did more than anything else to bring Rhine’s “results” (which rested on a misapplication of the rules of statistical inference) to the attention of the broad general public. J.W. Dunne’s “experiments with time,” which involved sifting through one’s dreams for episodes of precognition, got Huxley’s attention. So did Dianetics, which was later incorporated into Scientology. Huxley and Maria, his first wife, had three or four sessions with L. Ron Hubbard.

It follows that our individual consciousnesses, our private selves, are in principle capable of apprehending the whole of reality. In Doors of Perception Huxley quotes with approval the British philosopher C.D. Broad: “The function of the brain and the nervous system is to protect us from being overwhelmed and confused by this mass of largely useless and otherwise irrelevant knowledge, by shutting out most of what we should otherwise perceive …” Mind at Large, says Huxley himself, “has to be funneled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system.” The contents of this much-reduced awareness are then encompassed and fixed (in the chemical sense: “to make nonvolatile or solid”) by language, so that they are, by definition, all that language can cope with. Connoisseurs of pseudoscience will spot the parallels with Dianetics here, though Huxley had formed his ideas long before Hubbard launched his own system on an unsuspecting world in the May 1950 issue of Astounding Science Fiction.

34. Aldous Huxley received auditing from Hubbard himself, and, although he did not complain about the therapy, he simply could not locate any engrams, even under Hubbard’s direction.

A Piece Of Blue Sky, by John Atack – Part 3, Chapter 1: Building the Bridge

Aldous Huxley, a Biography, by Sybille Bedford, vol. 2, pp. 116-7 (Collins and Chatto & Windus, London 1974)

Note – verified through Hathitrust that this is in her biography.

35. “By 1950, he [Huxley] was dabbling in Dianetics and giving credence to rumors of Martians in the skies above California. The reason scientists were not receiving their signals was simple, he told his son Matthew: “They are not using radar, but electro-gravitational waves, which will not be picked up until the suitable instrument exists.” Two “remarkable men” from Caltech were working on the problem.”

Correction: December 30, 2007

A review on Dec. 2 about “Aldous Huxley: Selected Letters,” edited by James Sexton, misstated the time by which Huxley “was dabbling in Scientology.” It was 1950, not the end of World War II.

New York Times – When the Future Looked Brave and New, by James Campbell – Published: December 2, 2007

36. Aldous Huxley, a Biography, by Sybille Bedford

LRH came to North Kings in person….Aldous and Maria had three or four sessions with Hubbard. He and his wife came to dinner, “stiff and polite” the first time, bringing two pounds of chocolates.

(Sara Northrup Hubbard, interviewed by Bent Corydon, insisted it was coffee and cakes rather than chocolates!)

Up to the present I have proved to be completely resistant – there is no way of getting me onto the time track or making the subconscious produce engrams… Maria [his wife], meanwhile, has had some success contacting and working off engrams and has been repeatedly into what the subconscious says is the prenatal state. Whether because of Dianetics or some other reason, she is well and very free of Tension.”

37. The Original Captain Trips by Todd Brendan Fahey Published originally by High Times, November 1991

38. CIA agent John Starr Cooke recruited William Burroughs into Scientology in 1959.


In a 1972 issue of Rolling Stone, William Burroughs expressed his support for Robert Kaufmann’s exposé, Inside Scientology. Burroughs openly criticized Scientology, saying:

“Scientology is a model control system, a state in fact with its own courts, police, rewards and penalties.“

For more information about the Scientology influence on Burroughs, please see this excellent article.

39. Black Magic in Tangier

Cooke had relocated to California by the early 1940s.  He often stayed with his sister Alice, who became a mother figure to John after their mother died in 1933, and her husband Roger Kent, a lawyer and Democrat politician.

40. Acid Dreams The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties and Beyond by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain

41. See The Grateful Dead: Hunter, Garcia, and Grace-Marie Haddy 1961: The Brotherhood Part 5A – Welcome to the REAL Scientology

42. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love by Stewart Tendler and David May, Panther Books Granada, 1984

43. Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973…0unit_djvu.txt

On Easter Sunday, April 22, 1973,  BEL Task Force agents arrested four members of Brotherhood of Eternal Love (BEL) in Santa Cruz, California. Some contraband was seized, along with seven phony passports. Huge stores of false identification were seized, indicating this was a point of contact of BEL fugitives desiring false identification and papers.

On April 25, 1973, Nicholas Sand, Timothy Scully, Michael Randall, and four other major figures in the LSD operation were indicted by a Federal grand jury in San Francisco, Calif. Four of these higher echelon members are still fugitives.

Mr. Sourwine – Now, for the record, would you identify the four that you did not name, and indicate which of the eight are the four that are still fugitives ?

Mr. Sinclair – Yes, sir. The individuals referred to are David Lee Mantel; Charles Druce, currently a fugitive; Lester Friedman; and Ronald H. Stark, currently a fugitive. In addition to these four individuals, one of those previously mentioned, Michael Randall, is also a fugitive.

A total of six hashish oil laboratories were seized, along with over 30 gallons of hashish oil and approximately 6,000 pounds of solid hashish.

Mr. Sourwine – Now, those hashish oil laboratories were in this country.

Mr. Sinclair – Some were.

Of these six laboratories, four were being operated within the United States, three of which were in California and one in Hawaii. Two others were being operated within foreign countries ; one in Costa Rica, and one in Afghanistan.

Mr. Sourwine – And with regard to the diversion of raw materials, the source of diversion in Europe, would you identify, that for the record?

Mr. Sinclair – Yes, sir; we will. That individual is Charles Druce, a British citizen, indicted on April 25th for conspiracy in connection with the illicit manufacture of LSD.

Mr. Sourwine – Go ahead, sir.

Mr. Sinclair – Grand jury indictments were obtained on Amanullah and Hayatullah Tokhi, two brothers who are alleged to be the sources of Afghanistan hashish for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. The Afghanistan Government has been advised of these indictments.

Mr. Sourwine – Now, where were they indicted ?

Mr. Sinclair – In Orange County, Calif.

Mr. Sourwine – Had they been in Orange County ?

Mr. Sinclair – Yes, sir, they had.

Mr. Sinclair – Other drugs and articles seized were 104 grams of peyote, 8 pounds of amphetamine powder, 13.64 pounds of cocaine. 2 marihuana canning operations, “Orange Sunshine” pill press, 7 vehicles, 546 acres of property in southern California, and over $1.8 million cash either seized or located in foreign banks. The Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board have assessed the Brotherhood of Eternal Love corporation for over $70 million in back taxes.

Mr. Sourwine – Which would indicate that the brotherhood according to the IRS, must have made something over $200 million in its illicit operations.

Mr. Sinclair – That is right, yes, sir.

On September 23, 1973, the State Department publicly announced that a tougher screening process would be used in the issuing of passports due to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. State Department officials working with Operation BEL agents uncovered 120 cases of passport fraud within the period of 1 year.

With these astonishing statistics, one might get the impression that the brotherhood organization is a thing of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. Out of the 52 brotherhood members indicted by State and Federal grand juries, 22 are fugitives, including the No. 1 man in both hashish and the LSD operations.

Brotherhood members continue to operate from outside the United States. On September 15, 1973, 923 pounds of hashish concealed in false bottom commercial sound speakers was seized in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is now known that this hashish shipment was enroute to southern California components of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973

List of fugitives from the above same source –


List of Brotherhood of Eternal Love Indictees


  1. Druce, Charles, England.
  2. Friedman, Lester, Dr., DOB 9/14/28. 361S Concord Drive, Beachwood,
  3. Hitchcock, William Mellon, DOB 9/6/30. Box 503, Millbrook. N.T.
  4. Leary, Timothy Frances, DOB 10/22/20, in custody, Califormia State Prison.
  5. Randall, Michael Boyd, DOB 8/27/43, fugitive
  6. Scully, Robert Timothy, DOB 8/27/44, San Francisco, Calif.
  7. Stark, Ronald Hadley, DOB 4/9/38. fugitive.
  8. Mantell, David Leigh, DOB 4/25/40, fugitive.
  9. Sand, Nicholas, DOB 5/10/41, in custody.
  10. Ackerly, Robert Dale. DOB 1/23/44. in custody, Federal prison.
  11. Andrist, Robert Lee, DOB 11/3/45, fugitive.
  12. Ashbrook, Travis Grant, DOB 1/9/45, fugitive.
  13. Bevan, Rick C, DOB 11/20/48, fugitive.
  14. Crittenden, James Leroy, DOB 8/14/42, Mariposa County, Calif.
  15. Dmry, Donald Karl, DOB 3/18/37, in custody.
  16. Gale, John Charles. DOB 8/4/47. Las Vegas, Nev.
  17. Johnson, Gordon Fred, DOB 3/25/45, in custody. California State Prison.
  18. Lange, Edveard Jeffrey, DOB 11/26/47, Orange County, Calif.
  19. Scott, Charles Frederick, DOB 12/28/41, fugitive.
  20. Tokhi, Hayatullah, DOB 1939, fugitive, Afghanistan.
  21. Sexton, Gordon Albert, DOB 1/29/46. fugitive.
  22. Smith, Brenice Lee, DOB 4/6/45, fugitive.
  23. Tiernev, Robert Edward. DOB 4/22/47, in custody, Panama.
  24. Tokhi, Amanullah Salem, DOB 3/15/33, fugitive, Afghanistan.
  25. Bevan, Ronald, DOB 9/19/46. fugtitive.
  26. Caserta, Daniel Phillip, DOB 8/9/47, fugitive.
  27. German, Lyle Paul, DOB 3/7/39, fugitive.
  28. Hall, David Alan, DOB 10/6/42, fugitive.
  29. May, Edward Joseph, DOB 2/1/33. fugitive, San Francisco.
  30. Padilla, Gerald James, DOB 8/13/47. fugitive.
  31. Stanton, Mark Patrick, DOB 9/20/46, fugitive.


  1. Allen, Linda Pohl, DOB 3/15/47, Laguna Beach, Calif.
  2. Arthur, David Alan, DOB 1/8/43, fugitive.
  3. Becker, Dale Andrew, DOB 12/28/42. fugitive, Australia.
  4. Bidwell, Thomas Blake, DOB 2/18/45, San Diego, Calif.
  5. Clay, James Henry, DOB 11/28/45, in custody, California State Prison.
  6. Crawford. Ronald Ray, DOB 4/15/43, Hawaii.
  7. Daw, John Robert, DOB 10/10/43, fugitive.
  8. Delaney, Calvin Larry, DOB 10/31/42, Hawaii.
  9. Harrigan, Russell Joseph, DOB 8/19/40, fugitive.
  10. Harrington, John Joseph, Jr., DOB 9/18/42, fugitive.
  11. Lynd, Glenn Craig, DOB 3/23/42.
  12. McAdams, Brian Kendall, DOB 4/9/46.
  13. McAdams. Yonica Menne, DOB 4/9/47.
  14. Otto, Jimmy Gregg, DOB 2/14/45, Laguna Beach, Calif.
  15. Palma, Franklin, DOB 1/18/46.
  16. Pohl, Gerald, DOB 6/31/48, fugitive.
  17. Pooley, Michael Lee, DOB 2/22/49.
  18. Pratt, Jill Barnett, D,OB 3/16/45, fugitive
  19. Reddy, David Mark, DOB 8/10/48, in custody, California State Prison.
  20. Pratt, Stanford Leon, DOB 8/6/45, fugitive
  21. Bowyer, Chester Allen, DOB 8/3/39, in custody, Federal prison




44. Inside the Sleep Room an article by Gordon Thomas, a British Broadcasting Corporation producer

45. You can find a PDF of Changing Images of Man OCRd in our Just Dox section of the Reading Library.

46. CIA interest in psychic abilities such as psychokinetics and remote viewing, is cited in Ken Kress CIA report which originally appeared in the Winter 1977 issue of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA’s classified internal publication. It was released to the public in 1996. Abstract and new postscript written by Ken Kress in January 1999 for publication in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

47. Counterpunch newsletter –  A Psychedelic History of the CIA

48. Tinker, Tailor, Stoner, Spy: Was Timothy Leary a CIA Agent? by Mark Riebling

Leary also consulted British philosopher Aldous Huxley, author of the psychedelic manifesto, The Doors of Perception. Huxley, who is at Harvard on a visiting professorship, urges Leary to form a secret order of LSD-Illuminati, to launch and lead a psychedelic conspiracy to brainwash influential people for the purposes human betterment.

“That’s how everything of culture and beauty and philosophic freedom has been passed on,” Huxley tells him. “Initiate artists, writers, poets, jazz musicians, elegant courtesans. And they’ll educate the intelligent rich.”

49. Lew Rockwell column

50.  Brotherhood of Eternal Love Video

51. Orange Sunshine: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and Its Quest to Spread Peace, Love, and Acid to the World by Nick Schou

52. Ronald Stark by Karen Eliot

53. The CIA was then training Tibetan exiles for guerrilla actions in their former homeland

54. Brainsturbator or…e_lsd_curtain/

The data about Ronald Stark at the site listed above, gives 3 sources –

ACID: A Secret History of LSD by David Black
Acid Dreams by Lee & Shlain
A Terrible Mistake by HP Albarelli – it is meticulously documented and broader than mere LSD history


56. Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973…0unit_djvu.txt

Mr. Sourwine – Do you imply that the LSD obtained from the Basel firm was legally obtained ?

Mr. Sinclair – There was a time when lysergic acid diethylamide was available commercially. The first person to synthesis it worked for Sandoz and Sandoz actually manufactured it commercially.

Mr. Sourwine – Thank you.

Mr. Bartels – At some point late in 1967 or early 1968, members of the brotherhood developed their most important foreign contact for hashish. According to subsequent indictment, this was the Tokhi brothers who reside in Afghanistan on the outskirts of Kabul, its capital city. Brotherhood smugglers developed elaborate and successful means of getting the hashish into the United States. One of their earlier techniques was to hide quantities of 15 to 20 pounds of the drug within the interiors of fiberglass surfboards which they manufactured.

Mr. Sinclair – in the latter part of 1967, Glenn Lynd and two other brotherhood members traveled to Afghanistan in search of a permanent source of supply for brotherhood hashish.

They purchased 125 pounds of high-quality Afghanistan hashish from their suppliers in Afghanistan for $15 a pound and smuggled it back into California where they sold it for $900 a pound. This was to be the first 125 pounds of nearly 24 tons of hashish smuggled into the United States from Afghanistan, Lebanon, and India by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. In the summer of 1968, brotherhood members traveled to San Francisco in an attempt to secure a permanent source of supply for LSD which they found. The LSD was to be called orange sunshine and the laboratory was to be set up in December 1968.

Mr. Sinclair – In March 1969, the first batch of “orange sunshine” LSD was made by brotherhood members in a laboratory located outside of San Francisco. Slightly under 1 million tablets were produced in this first endeavor. Numerous millions were to be made in the next 4 years.
At this point in time, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was the largest supplier of hashish and LSD in the United States.

Mr. Sourwine – You are talking about March 1969.

Mr. Sinclair – That is correct, sir.

Mr. Sourwine – Go ahead.

Mr. Sinclair – The center of their operations was still Laguna Beach, Calif., although they were fast becoming international travelers and were purchasing property in Hawaii, Canada, Central America, and several States neighboring California. From 1966 to 1971, members of the brotherhood traveled throughout the world using false identities with passports obtained under assumed names. Their operations were virtually untouchable during this period of time.

Mr. Sourwine – Their pretentions to be a religion do not do them any good any more, do they?

Mr. Sinclair – No, sir.

57. BBC news

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63. Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart

Bowart was part of the LSD experiments at Millbrook mansion in New York. He also had much inside dope on the CIA since he was married to Peggy Mellon Hitchcock, who was sister to Billy Mellon Hitchcock.

Operation Mind Control

64. NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe by Daniele Ganser  here

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68. Terry Milner wrote an unpublished book that talked about Pat Price continually reporting about SRI to the intelligence staff at United States Guardians Office. The book also talked about the death of Pat Price. Bill and Judy Alvarez are pseudonyms, those names are not their real names.

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70. video –

71. Operation Julie by Lee & Pratt

72. Operation Julie revisited: the strange career of Ron Stark, parapolitical alchemist by David Black

73. You can see the whole Scott Mayer affidavit at

74. In The fall of 1967 Jerry McDonald completed Power Processing at Saint Hill. You could only get Power Processing at Saint Hill at that time.

jerry mcdonald power p 9 auditor 33 1968
Power completions from October 1 to 14th November 1967 – Auditor #33


auditor 30 power processing only at st hill
Auditor #30 1967

75. Neville Chamberlain posted under the name Dart Smohen on the ex-scientologist message forum – on March 11, 2008 he made a post called Liability Cruise Part 2

Note: Dart decides to “leave” ESMB (ex-scientologist message board) on January 4, 2011 is where he reveals his real name.

Note: Neville Chamberlain was later declared by the Church of Scientology (under David Miscavige’s informal direction) in April of 1982, for, among other things, drug pushing and smuggling. It was in this ‘declare’ order that Jerry McDonald was also alleged to be an assassin, which Neville also indirectly gets accused of in his SP declare as “violence for hire”.

76. Scientolopedia

77. An evaluation by the Guardian Jane Kember, Guardian Order 1344 of 10 October 1974, – Exhibit 43 from FBI files, PDF.


The earliest data in Coast Guard files is a letter 7 July 1969 from Irwin C. Jones, Secretary of L.A. Yacht Club to Admiral Tighe, 11th Coast Guard District, which states that he saw 2 ships in Ensenada (Mexico) bearing Coast Guard insignia replicas and crew doing para military drills. States they are impersonating Coast Guard Ships and should be reported to the FBI.


78. IRS intelligence report dated 6 May 1969 –

6 May 69 An LA IRS Intel report indicates the US Customs Office to be conducting an extensive investigation into the Blue Fin and its activities because of a previous report that the ship was involved in narcotic smuggling from Mexico.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Ref: Exhibit XII [12] – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p189



79. Guardian Office intelligence report says –

January 15, 1970 – Jerry McDonald agrees to work with Terry Milner, then DGI US, on a drug smuggling project with US Customs.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Ref: Exhibit XII [12] – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p188

80. Clearwater Commission Hearings

In the Kember Exhibit 43, page 3 of the PDF, there are the following notes from the U.S. Coast Guard file –


81. Newspaper articles about Makaira drug and gun smuggling with Jerry McDonald arrested.

Daily Independent Journal – July 16, 1970 – San Rafael, CaliforniaDaily_Independent_Journal_Thu__Jul_16__1970_

Fresno Bee – July 17, 1970 

  San Bernardino County Sun, July 17, 1970


 Daily Independent Journal – July 17, 1970 – San Rafael, California


82. Daily Independent Journal – December 11, 1970 – San Rafael, California


83. Daily Independent Journal – December 16, 1970 – San Rafael, California


84. The Times – December 17, 1970San Mateo, California


 The Times – December 17, 1970 – San Mateo, California


Time Magazine – 9/14/1970 – Pursuit of the Poppy

EARLY one morning at the Nicosia airport on Cyprus, an American pilot filed a routine flight plan that would take his privately owned, unmarked Martin 202 directly to either Naples or Athens. Alerted by Interpol, the Nicosia air controllers were suspicious. Trailing the plane on radar, they watched it head toward Lebanon.

The plane flew so low that it eluded Beirut radar, but Lebanese police started an immediate countrywide search. Within minutes, a police patrol found the Martin 202 parked alongside a large truck on a remote airstrip in the hashish-growing area of Baalbek, near the Syrian border.

As police and truck guards fought a gun battle, the plane took off amid a hail of bullets.

Lebanese jet fighters scrambled after the slow propeller-driven Martin, but it managed to escape them. Finally, after flying an erratic course over the Mediterranean, the plane was forced to make a landing to refuel at Heraklion airport in Crete.

There, police at once arrested the five men aboard, including the pilot, former U.S. Air Force Lieut. Colonel John Moore, 50, and Copilot Philip Amos, 30. Crete police also seized 13 bags of hashish worth about $4,000,000 on the American market.

Record Arrests.

According to John T. Cusack, chief U.S. narcotics agent in Europe, it was the largest single haul ever made of U.S. – bound hashish. American agents had been closely on the trail of this particular drug ring for several months.

In a second coup, U.S. agents two weeks ago helped to break up the largest smuggling operation on record. Acting on American-supplied information, French and Swiss agents arrested two of the ring’s three members in Nice and Geneva.

Since 1965 the smugglers had slipped an estimated $500 million a year in heroin into the U.S. by secreting the white powder in washrooms of U.S.-bound jets, in banana crates, in imported autos, and sometimes in sealed cans labeled as fish.

Meanwhile, in Lyon, French police arrested two American smugglers and seized the small plane in which they intended to fly drugs to the U.S. In Mexico, police gave President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz some good news to take to President Nixon.

When the two men sat down to talk at Coronado, Calif., last week, Díaz Ordaz could tell the President that in recent days his agents had arrested 43 smugglers, confiscated 7.2 tons of marijuana and burned four large poppy fields.

These recent successes are the result of the Nixon Administration’s diligent effort to enlist other countries in the American battle against drugs.

Although tightened search procedures at U.S. airports and border crossings have managed to discourage some of the would-be smugglers, Washington hopes to choke off the flow at the source.

Other governments, especially those in Europe, have become more cooperative since the use of hard drugs has begun spreading among their own young people.

…In Turkey and elsewhere, however, U.S. efforts run squarely into the private-profit motive.

For example, a Turkish farmer can receive as much as $94 if he sells the harvest of an acre of poppies to smugglers. By contrast, he stands to earn only $4.83 an acre if he grows wheat.

The San Bernardino County Sun – August 30, 1970

The_San_Bernardino_County_Sun_Sun__Aug_30__1970_ The_San_Bernardino_County_Sun_Sun__Aug_30__1970_(2)

85. The O. J. Roos Story by Otto J. Roos (7 September 1984)

ENEMIES: He [Ron Hubbard] could be ferocious. July ’68 saw a very special Mission, personally and at length briefed by LRH. Myself I/C and Jerry McDonald (very tough ex US Marine) assistant. To go find and weed out Mafia Connections in Scn LA and to gather together and collectively cave in the Charles Berner group by completely playing out OT 3. We hired a Hollywood Studio, set the whole thing up, got the people in and ran the whole OT 3 story.

The Mafia part was a cinch. It made me a lot of enemies in LA, that was the “unreasonability” of the early SO days.


86. The 17 June 1969 Orders Of Day by Ron Hubbard can be found at OODS – village voice

Daily Report

You can write me a Daily Report any evening before Midnight if you think there is something I should know.

Our Courier returned successfully. It was all good news, some of it especially the DAC was wonderful.

The famous pop group The People finished a Concert to 15000 people and then reported to Com Pac Flot Jerry McDonald for SO training!

The E/R should divide watches into 6 watches as soon as easy to do and as we settle into Sea Routine.

The Bridge watches are about to be divided into 12 also when we are settled down at sea and it’s announced.

I’m calling a B of I on violation of command intention by slowing study by overheating in Hold II by no blowers etc.

We are sailing. Going first to anchor and then to sea.

A mail packet leaves today. Clear the traffic!



87. Auditor 46 – 1969


88. Village Voice article The Acid Profiteers, by Mary Jo Worth; August 22, 1974