Scientology Roots Chapter Nine – 1 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career

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The British nobility has been working on a Grand Plan to make themselves the ruthless ruler of the entire world.

The rest of humanity does not agree to their idea that the British nobility should rule the world. They do not want to be obedient subjects, servants and slaves who live under the boot and say-so of the British aristocracy.

Most men want to live as free men who live under their own will and say-so.

Thus the British slavemasters conducted mental and spiritual research. Their real interest in studying the human mind and spirit was to learn how to control men, so they could modify his behavior into what they want all men to be – willing subjects under rule by the British nobility.

The Cecil family is one of the top British slavemaster families. Their family has been the head of British intelligence for over 400 years. Robert Cecil was the leader of an influential family called the Cecil Bloc.
He was the head of British intelligence and he was a British Prime Minister.

Robert_Cecil_-_3rd_Marquess_of_SalisburyRobert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil (Lord Salisbury)

One of his sisters had a son named Arthur Balfour. He was in the Cecil family and he was also a head of British intelligence and a Prime Minister of Britain.  20

505px-Arthur_Balfour,_photo_portrait_facing_leftArthur J. Balfour


Development of Dianetics and Scientology

Stephen Pearl Andrews was a leader in the religious movement called Spiritualism.Stephen_Pearl_Andrews

In 1871, Stephen Pearl Andrews authored this book –


Here are some quotes from that book:

Scientology is therefore Universology developed in the spirit of the Exact Sciences, and is wholly new in kind. It is the Core or Centre and the most distinctive Department of Universology… (page 37)

Scientology will re-assert and vindicate… Spiritualistic Realities and Tendencies…
(page 146)

It will be the supreme triumph of Scientology, the Exact Branch of this new Universal Science, to exhibit in Diagram, and by illustrative object-teaching, all the Root-thoughts of which the Human Mind is capable… (page 165)

The same year that Andrews started the idea of Scientology, the Cecil family took up the idea.

In 1871, Arthur Balfour and his in-laws form a private group to study paranormal phenomena.

* * *

Psychiatrist Josef Breuer was treating Bertha Pappenheim in the summer of 1880.



Bertha Pappenheim - pseudonym Annie O.










He found that when she recalled a series of memories back to a traumatic memory, one of her many symptoms would disappear. Breuer drew two important conclusions from his work with Bertha: that her symptoms were the result of thoughts that were buried in her unconscious and that when these thoughts were spoken and became conscious, the symptoms disappeared.

Breuer called this catharsis therapy. It was also called abreactive therapy and talking therapy.

Catharsis or abreactive therapy –

The process of bringing repressed ideas and feelings into consciousness.
It is the reliving of past traumatic incidents buried in the subconscious.

Sigmund Freud began using this cathartic treatment under Breuer’s guidance.

Sigmund-FreudSigmund Freud

* * *

In 1882, Arthur Balfour created the Society for Psychical Research. They conducted scientific research into mental and spiritual phenomena. They developed the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. All the basic mental, spiritual, and religious ideas in Dianetics and Scientology were developed by the SPR, before L. Ron Hubbard was even born. That includes the therapy used.

Sigmund Freud was a member of the Society for Psychical Research. The SPR also conducted extensive research into catharsis therapy. The subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were tied together from the beginning and both subjects were underneath the Cecil family, which means underneath British intelligence.

When Ron Hubbard was a teenager he was recruited by British intelligence. Thereafter he executed one intelligence assignment after the other for his entire life.

Hubbard superspy
They groomed Hubbard to be the front man for their subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. You can read about that in Scientology Roots Chapter Seven – The First Scientologists and Their Masters.

The common denominator that explains all of Hubbard’s actions in life ….


The Round Table

Cecil Rhodes mined diamonds in Africa and was one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Cecil Rhodes wanted to form a secret society –

Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire?

Rhodes described this society –

development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, … the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire….  21

In February 1891, Cecil Rhodes and William Stead met and discussed how to organize the secret society.

The General of the Society was Cecil Rhodes.

Society of the Elect (also called the Junta of Three) –

Alfred Milner
William Stead
Reginald Brett

Circle of Initiates

Arthur Balfour
and some others

Association of Helpers 
(also called the Round Table)  –

Lord Rothschild
Waldorf Astor
Edward Wood – Lord Halifax
Philip Kerr – Lord Lothian
Lionel Curtis
The Rockefellers
Other international bankers

The Association of Helpers is the visible aspect of the secret society. It is called the Round Table.
Lord Rothschild in Britain and the Rockefellers in America funded the Round Table.

Lionel Walter Rothschild - 'Lord Rothschild'Lionel Walter Rothschild

The Round Table members are in a junior position. They are not the top British slavemasters.

come igor rothschild and friends - slavemaster
Arthur Balfour and other members of the Cecil family joined the secret society. The secret society has always been dominated by members of the Cecil family. Alfred Milner married into the Cecil family and he became the head of the secret society. It was the Cecil family that gave power to the secret society.

The modern day slavemasters are the British nobility. At the core is the Cecil family.

This is the group that has the grand plan
to rule the world – the New World Order.


This is their Grand Plan –

Eliminate national boundaries
One World Government  (led by the British nobility)
One World Bank
One World Army
One World Court

One name they have given to their world domination plan is – the New World Order.

This is what the British New World Order looks like –

Slavemaster hierarchal society

At the top you have the British nobility as the ruthless ruler of every person in the world.
Beneath them are their demented minions such as the international bankers.
Then you have the world army that will use force on anyone not accepting slavemaster rule.
At the bottom you have the slaves who have no rights or freedoms, they can only do what they are told.

The top slavemasters remain hidden and are not named. They use minions as visible front men, who do the dirty work and take the blame for it. The demented minions are in a junior position, which grants them privileges, such as wealth or a certain amount of power, but they still have masters and take orders.

* * *

In their quest to be the ruthless ruler of the world, the British slavemasters have engaged in slave-trafficking, drug-trafficking, instigating and financing wars, self-serving banking practices and self-serving business practices.

They have caused death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people. Their cruelties and atrocities against mankind would fill a huge book. They are the worst sociopaths in the world.

Sociopath or Psychopath – has a pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the welfare of others

New World Order = the worst sociopaths in the world have direct control over every individual person on earth.

They will continue the atrocities they have always committed. So, the New World Order is not so new.

What will be new is having these sociopaths in direct control over your life.

And your rights, freedom, well being, welfare, and happiness – means absolutely nothing to them.

It would be the worst nightmare the world has ever known.

* * *

Ron Hubbard told Scientologists to support the British New World Order.

He advocates the worst sociopaths in the world having direct control over the life of every individual person.


perish the thought - wry ick face

L. Ron Hubbard was not “mankind’s greatest friend”.

As an intelligence agent for the British slavemasters – he was one of mankind’s greatest enemies.


Formation of MI 6

In 1909, the British Home Office became MI 5 and the British Foreign Office became MI 6.

MI5 is Britain’s counter-espionage service. It operates inside Great Britain.
MI6 conducts intelligence activities on foreign soil, outside of Britain.

Admiral Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming headed the new Foreign Section of the British Secret Service.
The new Foreign Section is called the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and MI 6.


Commander Thompson Mentor To Ron Hubbard

Commander Joseph Thompson was a medical officer (neurosurgeon) in the US Navy.

JCThompson1917 Joseph Cheesman Thompson

Joseph Thompson of the US Navy and Consuelo Andrew Seoane of the US Army, served together as spies in Japan starting in 1909. They pretended they were studying coastal reptiles and amphibians, but they were actually charting possible invasion routes and counting all the Japanese fortifications and naval guns that were part of Japan’s coastal defenses. Their espionage work went on from there into places other than Japan. In a subsequent assignment, Thompson was sent into China because of the Boxer rebellion there.

Commander Thompson had a career doing intelligence work using the same archaeologist, exploring scientist cover. He studied bugs and dug up ancient graves, sometimes operating under his real name and sometimes using fake names such as Dr. Victor Kuhne and Joe Tom Sun.  24

Commander Thompson would become the mentor to Ron Hubbard.

On 13 March 1911 Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was born. He is the son of United States naval commander Harry Ross Hubbard and Ledora May Hubbard. A friend of Ron’s father was US Navy Commander Joseph “Snake” Thompson.


All of the basic mental, spiritual, and religious ideas found in Dianetics and Scientology were already developed by the Society for Psychical Research, before L. Ron Hubbard was even born. That includes the therapy used.




Vincent Astor Intelligence Network – Naval Reserves

Waldorf Astor was an early member of the Round Table. He and his wife Nancy lived in an estate called Cliveden.

Waldorf and Nancy AstorWaldorf and Nancy Astor

Cliveden House

The Astors held regular weekend parties and the group that attended them was known as ‘the Cliveden set’.

Some of them were –

Edward Wood, Lord Halifax  (member of Round Table)
Philip Kerr, Lord Lothian  (member of Round Table)
Lionel Curtis  (member of Round Table)
Robert Brand  (member of Round Table)
Geoffrey Dawson  (member of Round Table, editor London Times)
Samuel Hoare  (Foreign Secretary, MI 6)

Waldorf Astor had a wealthy relative in America – William Vincent Astor.

William Vincent AstorWilliam Vincent Astor

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the US Navy from 1913 to 1920. Vincent Astor was good friends with Franklin Roosevelt, and they met during World War I to discuss using yachts to make a Naval Reserve Force. They selected their wealthy socialite friends to form a private intelligence network called the Naval Reserves. Their socialite pals were young men who shared the “right” schools, clubs, and connections, and all of them were pro-British. These reserve intelligence officers were under the Office of Naval Intelligence.  12, 15

Roosevelt as Assistant Secretary of the US Navy

roosevelt asst sec navy

Astor and Roosevelt had in common that their grandfathers became wealthy trafficking opium into China.

The grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Warren Delano Jr., was chief of operations for Russell & Co., a Boston trading firm which did big business in the China opium trade in Canton. He first went to China at age 24 and spent a decade dealing opium on the Pearl River before returning to New York wealthy. He admitted in letters home that opium had an “unhappy effect” on its users, but argued that its sale was “fair, honorable, and legitimate,” akin to importing wine and spirits to America.

Astor’s grandfather became wealthy from trading furs and trafficking opium.

* * *

Woodrow Wilson became President of the United States in 1913.

Woodrow_WilsonWoodrow Wilson

Edward House helped Wilson get elected and was Wilson’s closest adviser.

Colonel_HouseColonel Edward Mandell House

World War I was from 1914 to 1919. That was an European conflict that had nothing to do with the United States. American citizens were against America getting into the war. But the British wanted to get America involved on the British side.

Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming sent Sir William Wiseman to run the British intelligence effort in America. Wiseman and Colonel House were good buddies. Wiseman was the handler of House, and House was invested in controlling American President Woodrow Wilson. Wiseman and House worked together on handling Wilson to get America into the war.


Aleister Crowley was an MI 6 agent who had the cover of being in the occult. Robert Cecil was his patron who had sent him to Cambridge University for training as a “diplomat”. So, Robert Cecil himself was who recruited Aleister Crowley for British intelligence.

Aleister Crowley worked for William Wiseman during World War I and helped with getting America into the war.
In the 1920’s and 1930’s Crowley spied on Germans with occult interests. 17, 25

Aleister CrowleyEdward Alexander Crowley

Spencer Eddy, a wealthy New York socialite, was close friends with Franklin Roosevelt.

Spencer_Fayette_EddySpencer Fayette Eddy

In early 1916, William Wiseman recommends to Franklin Roosevelt to have Spencer Eddy start up a spy network to gather domestic intelligence. Eddy agreed to do it.

Commander Edward McCauley, Jr. was assistant director of Naval Intelligence and he acted as the handler for Eddy. Eddy recruited agents from the Naval Reserve Force. The agents in Eddy’s intelligence group were designated voluntary agents of Office of Naval Intelligence. 1

On 6 January 1917, Commander McCauley recruited all these voluntary agents into the United States Naval Reserve Force and gave them the rank of lieutenant junior grade. These men were made officers with temporary commissions and served as “volunteer agents” for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Vincent Astor was made a Commander in the Naval Reserve.  13, 14

The Naval Reserve was basically a pro-British private intelligence network headed by Vincent Astor.

A little later in time Ron Hubbard was accepted into the Naval Reserves as an intelligence officer.


Behavior Modification by Psychiatry

During World War I, John Rawlings Rees and some other psychs were brought into the British Army to handle officer selection and to treat soldiers suffering from shell shock. They called it battle neurosis when the soldiers did not want to kill and be killed.

Their interest was in how to make men into killers and how to choose men to lead and influence others to kill.

They used abreactive therapy on the soldiers, followed up by drugs and electroshock “therapy”.



In 1920, these same psychs formed the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology, also called the Tavistock Clinic. They used the same treatments on the civilian population then.

John Rawlings Rees made the following statements about Tavistock Clinic –

…the best results with the war neuroses are obtained when they have active treatment.

“Psychosurgery” in the shape of abreaction followed by simple re-education should as a rule precede a period of rest under narcosis.

There is, however, no question that the general method of abreaction followed by sedation is applicable to many cases in civilian life…  64

John Rawlings Rees - Tavistock

John Rawlings Rees – Tavistock

John Rawlings Rees was one of the psychiatrists who worked for British intelligence.


Hubbard Imitated Commander Thompson

1923 – Commander Joseph “Snake” Thompson had recently been to Vienna and was a personal student of Sigmund Freud on the subject of the mind and psychoanalysis.

Joseph Snake ThompsonJoseph Thompson

In the autumn of 1923, Snake was on his way back to Washington DC aboard the USS Ulysses S. Grant. Ron Hubbard and his parents boarded the same ship on 1 November 1923, also on their way to Washington, DC.
During this voyage, Ron meets Commander Joseph Thompson. 5

the_USS_U.S._Grant_coming_into_Seward_Harbor_Alaska_-_1941United States Ship Ulysses S. Grant

Commander Thompson was stationed at Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC – a mental health hospital.

Commander Thompson was very close friends with Clara Thompson. She worked at Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium which is only a few miles away from Saint Elizabeths Hospital. She was trained at Tavistock Clinic, the place where John Rawlings Rees was working.

Clara Thompson

Starting in 1923, Commander Thompson became the mentor of L. Ron Hubbard who is 12 years old at the time. Thompson spent many afternoons in the Library of Congress teaching Ron Hubbard about the human mind. 5

Further Introduction to Dianetics, an LRH lecture 23 September 1950 –

I was in the Orient when I was young. Of course, I was a harum-scarum kid; I wasn’t thinking about deep philosophic problems; but I had a lot of friends. One such friend was Commander “Snake” Thompson.

He had studied under Sigmund Freud, and he found me a very wide-eyed and wide-eared boy. He had just come from Vienna, and his mouth and mind were full of associative words, libido theories, conversion, and all the rest of it. He had served as an intelligence officer in Japan during the First World War.


The Story of Dianetics and Scientology, an LRH lecture 18 October 1958 –

Anyway, at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, where they have all the books on everything, he [Thompson] started shoving my nose into an education in the field of the mind. Now, that’s a very unusual thing to do, to take a twelve-year-old boy and start doing something with the mind. But he really got me interested in the subject – up to the point where I was pretty sure that Freud didn’t know what he was talking about.

Practicalities of a Practical Religion, an LRH lecture 3 June 1955 –

Now, another fellow who had been more or less my mentor when I was a little kid – as a matter of fact, I followed in the footsteps of this manCommander Thompson


I followed in the footsteps of this man –
Commander Thompson


Commander Thompson was an intelligence agent – not just in Japan during World War I, being an intelligence agent was his career. And that is exactly the career of Ron Hubbard, British intelligence agent, including him being the front man for Scientology. Scientology was always under the thumb of British intelligence.

Commander Joseph Thompson got Ron Hubbard started on his intelligence career.

Ron Hubbard followed Commander Thompson’s footsteps as an intelligence agent.
Mechanics of the Mind, an LRH lecture 10 January 1953 –

…I have approximated to a very remarkable degree the career of Commander Thompson

in the field of expeditions, explorations, I always favored certain quarters of the world, always went there and, when there, did certain things. It fits Commander Thompson’s record.

This man had a tremendous influence upon me.

Hubbard is revealing that his expeditions and explorations were cover for doing intelligence work.

Just like Commander Thompson did in his various explorations such as collecting bugs, digging up ancient graves, etc. Those activities were only a cover story to hide what he was really doing in each area – intelligence work.

The common denominator that explains all of Hubbard’s actions in life ….


Hubbard superspy L. Ron Hubbard


Vincent Astor Intelligence Network – The ROOM

Vincent Astor and his socialite friends required a retreat where they could gather in private to discuss political, financial and international topics. In 1927 Astor formed a secret society called The ROOM, which met monthly in an apartment at 34 East 62nd Street in New York City. All members had British ties and served as British agents. 4

34_east_62nd_street_-_the_ROOM_today_is_goneThe ROOM building

The ROOM was an outcropping of the previously formed Naval Reserves. The ROOM was the forerunner of the
Office of Strategic Services – which was the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The members conducted espionage in their travels around the world and they reported at the monthly meeting. Vincent Astor then forwarded the intelligence on to Franklin Roosevelt. It was a Roosevelt-Astor Espionage Ring.

astor and franklin rooseveltVincent Astor and Franklin Roosevelt

The most significant ROOM members were –

William Vincent Astor  (family connection in Round Table)
William Wiseman  (head of MI 6 in America)
William Donovan 
(Chief of OSS)
David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce 
(Chief of OSS in London)
Robert Gordon McKay 
(member of OSS)
Charles Suydam Cutting 
(member of OSS)
Frederick Trubee Davison  (member of CIA)
Somerset Maugham  (MI 6 agent)
Clarence L. Hay  (Naval Reserve intelligence agent)
William Rhinelander Stewart  (U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence)

Other important Room members were –

Winthrop Williams Aldrich  (son of Nelson Aldrich – who helped enact federal reserve system)
Nelson Doubleday  (publisher, friend of MI 6 agent Ian Fleming)
Barklie McKee Henry (schooled at Oxford University)
Kenneth B. Schley (close friends with Duke and Duchess of Windsor)
H. Nugent  (Kermit Roosevelt’s close English friend)
Reginald Fincke  (his daughter married a British nobleman)
Oliver Dwight Filley  (pilot with the Royal Flying Corps in World War I)
Kermit Roosevelt Sr. (son of American President Theodore Roosevelt, joined the British Army)
Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (son of American President Theodore Roosevelt)    27, 28

William Wiseman, the head of MI6 in the United States, was a ROOM member.  3

William_WisemanWilliam Wiseman

William Donovan, future head of the Office of Strategic Services, was a member.

The entire atmosphere of The ROOM resembled an intelligence office. It’s code name was The Club.

All ROOM members were pro-British and The ROOM had a purpose to promote Anglo-American ties.  29

British author Somerset Maugham was a ROOM member. William Wiseman had recruited Maugham into MI6 in 1916. He used book writing as a cover for doing intelligence work.

somerset-maughamSomerset Maugham

Some ROOM members belonged to the Explorers Club in New York City. ROOM members often used sailing trips, or “scientific expeditions” and “world exploration” as a cover for intelligence work. The Explorers Club flag was used for cover.

Some ROOM members who belonged to the Explorers Club were –

Charles Suydam Cutting
Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
Kermit Roosevelt
Clarence L. Hay

Suydam Cutting, Kermit Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt Jr. went on two intelligence missions into China and Tibet. Their cover story on one mission was they were “in search of the legendary big-horn wild sheep called Ovis Poli”. Their cover story on the other mission was they were “searching for the Giant Panda”.

Their intelligence mission had to do with an alliance between Britain, America, and Japan to try and control Tibet and reincarnate something called the “Shambhala Project” – which was a previous British intelligence plan meant to bring the East under Britain.  2

Though never attached formally to The ROOM, Franklin Roosevelt knew every member well. Roosevelt met with ROOM members aboard Vincent Astor’s yacht, the Nourmahal, where they spent long hours drinking, gambling, fishing, “frumping” and pursuing amorous adventure.  30



Hubbard Recruited by British Intelligence

In April 1928 Hubbard drops out of high school and goes to meet his parents in Guam.

On 30 May 1928 Hubbard traveled to China aboard the Mariana Maru, without his parents along.

Hubbard_1930sRon Hubbard aboard the Mariana Maru he is 17 years old

Hubbard apparently spent more than six months in China, because a journal entry in his diary on November 11, 1928 shows that he has left Peking, and is now at sea again.

This is the time when Hubbard’s British intelligence career gets officially going.

Major Ian MacBean worked for MI 6 in China. His wife was Phyllis Bedell and since childhood she was lifelong friends with Admiral Mark Kerr. His cousin was Philip Henry Kerr, a member of the Round Table who held top positions in British intelligence and he worked directly with Lord Robert Cecil. The point is – Major Ian MacBean had family connection right to the top of the British slavemasters.  57

Starting in June 1928, Hubbard gets trained by British intelligence man Ian MacBean, for the next six months.

An autobiographical excerpt by Hubbard:

I was up and down the China coast several times in my ‘teens from Ching Wong Tow to Hong Kong and inland to Peking and Manchuria. I had a very good friend in the British Legation in Peking, Major Ian MacBean who was an intelligence officer. My friends were very kind to me, even indulgent, and I was extremely fortunate in having the friendship of a great many older men. They found me a good listener.

Ian MacBean took Hubbard on a tour of British intelligence efforts from Peking through northern China.

From the L. Ron Hubbard website –

…among those encountered through the course of his second Asian venture… was a Major Ian MacBean of the British Secret Service. Precisely why this MacBean would take a seventeen-year-old L. Ron Hubbard through a tour of British intelligence efforts from Peking through northern China is not known. Nonetheless, and as we shall see, MacBean’s lessons were to serve Ron well.


Hubbard, in his own words in Dime Adventure magazine, October 1935 –

I completely missed the atmosphere of the city, devoting most of my time to a British major who happened to be head of the Intelligence out there.


Originally published in the February 1935 issue of Five Novels –

It was on Hubbards second journey to East Asia that he met British Secret Service agent, Major Ian MacBean, who introduced him to “The Great Game,” the geopolitical tug-of-war between China, Japan, and Britain.   32

Major_Ian_MacbeanIan MacBean – MI 6 British intelligence agent


Hubbard_Peking_1929Hubbard in Peking, under the tutelage of British MI6 agent Ian MacBean


November 1928 – Hubbard is leaving China, going back to Guam.

January 1, 1929 – Ian MacBean writes to Hubbard, calls him a lieutenant and says he has been retained. 16

Dear Red,

You’ll probably hear this officially soon but I want to let you know first. You’re still a Lieutenant. You’ve been retained in spite of all the fuss the Ambassador made.

Please come back…


A copy of Ian MacBean’s 1929 letter to L. Ron Hubbard was an exhibit in the Gerald Armstrong 1 trial.



We see from this that Ron Hubbard was hired by British intelligence and given the rank of Lieutenant.

It was to be his lifelong career…

* * *

Starting in 1929, Ron Hubbard starts studying Scientology material. You can read about that in –
Scientology Roots Chapter Seven – The First Scientologists and Their Masters

1930 – Ron Hubbard enrolls in George Washington University where he studies civil engineering.

In 1931, Paul Linebarger was a student in the School of Engineering at George Washington University.

Paul Linebarger and Ron Hubbard met and became friends. The Hatchet was the college paper which had a supplement called the Literary Review, and Paul Linebarger was the editor. On 9 February 1932 Paul published Hubbard’s first story called “Tah”.   84,  85    

Linebarger_before_the_WarPaul Myron Anthony Linebarger

200px-Hubbard1932L. Ron Hubbard in 1932

After graduating from George Washington University, Paul Linebarger went to Oxford in England where he was groomed for his intelligence career.  84    

In the future, Paul Linebarger would be one of several CIA agents who helped Hubbard start Dianetics and Scientology. In addition to that, Linebarger and Hubbard worked for a CIA unit called Political Action Staff.
The head of that CIA unit was under Kermit Roosevelt junior whose father was a ROOM member.   86    


Intelligence Assignment in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico became a United States possession at the end of the Spanish-American war. Thereafter the people were used as slaves by the Sugar Trust – a joint British and American sugar refining business. The people of Puerto Rico found themselves in forced labor on sugar plantations, subjected to torture and rape with no ability to seek justice.

Pedro Albizu Campos was the leading advocate for Puerto Rican independence. He was elected president of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party in 1930. They wanted independence from the British and Americans who were both heavily invested in Puerto Rico.  37

Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads was doing medical research for the Rockefeller Institute at San Juan Presbyterian Hospital. In November 1931, when Rhoads was about to complete his research for Rockefeller, he wrote a letter that said:

…the Porto Ricans — they are beyond doubt the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere. It makes you sick to inhabit the same island with them. What the island needs is not public health work, but a tidal wave or something to totally exterminate the population. I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off 8 and transplanting into several more. The matter of consideration for the patient’s welfare plays no role here — in fact, all physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects.

When lab workers in the Presbyterian Hospital found the letter and photocopied it, all hell broke lose. The letter reached Campos, who displayed it for all Puerto Ricans to see, thus sparking a revolution amongst the Puerto Ricans. In January 1932, Campos published an article accusing Dr. Rhoads of killing Puerto Rican patients. Campos continued to make an international flap out of it.

Hubbard dropped out of college in 1932 and immediately went on an intelligence mission to Puerto Rico. He made two lengthy trips to Puerto Rico, which was a political nightmare at the time. The people in Puerto Rico were demanding independence.

The first cover story he used was he was going on a “Caribbean Motion Picture Expedition”. Hubbard rented the schooner Doris Hamlin and set sail on 24 June 1932. His final stopping point was Puerto Rico, where he got off the Doris Hamlin. Hubbard spent more than two weeks there in August 1932.  33, 34  Ship records show Hubbard departed San Juan on the SS Coamo on 25 August 1932.  35

Ron Hubbard’s second trip to Puerto Rico had the cover of him doing the “Puerto Rican Mineralogical Expedition”. Hubbard does this with a mining engineer named Joseph Buhrman Carper. Hubbard went to Puerto Rico on 26 October 1932, on board the USS Kittery. They spent a short time looking for gold in a river and the bulk of the time Hubbard was out gathering intelligence on the people in Puerto Rico who were rebelling.

Hubbard_in_Puerto_Rico_1930sRon Hubbard on the left

Carper and Hubbard constructed a sluice. Hubbard said –

“After locating a likely spot, Carper built a test sluice from discarded boards, and we began the task of sluicing the Negro in hope of fabulous riches. The sluice itself was a simple affair—a twenty-foot box without a top, a foot deep and a foot wide…”

Carper_and_Hubbard_construct_sluice The sluice constructed by Carper and Hubbard

On 20 November 1932, Hubbard writes a letter in Corozal, Puerto Rico –

“Carper and Wilkerson went out yesterday to see some property and left me running the sluice.”

In another Church collection, Hubbard says:

“…as Carper had left me in charge of the sluice for some days, I closed down shop and paid off the native workers with my last money. After that I sat on my heels and wondered what Carper had found which detained him so long out in the island.

But I did not have to worry for long about Carper and sluicing, as he suddenly took himself and the remainder of the eight hundred dollars out of the picture without even telling me goodbye.

After that I had ample time to study the history of gold mining in Puerto Rico, for I was too broke to do any prospecting other than with a pan…”

So, this mining expedition was a joke. They had one little sluice which they closed down within a month.

Pedro Campos was having a lot of pull with the people, especially the inland farmers who were called the jibaros.

The Church of Scientology claims that Hubbard “made the first complete mineralogical survey of Puerto Rico” during which he “sluiced inland rivers and crisscrossed the island in search of elusive gold” as well as carrying out “much ethnological work amongst the interior villages and native hillsmen or jíbaros“.

After closing the sluice, Hubbard had 4 months free to run around the island doing what he is really there to do, a psychological survey of the rebelling jíbaros. That was the intelligence mission, Hubbard’s employer wanted to find out how they could manipulate the jíbaros.

In another letter Hubbard says –

“…my friends in the North sent support to me in the form of Thomas Finley McBride…”

Thomas McBride
was a mining engineer who worked for American Smelting and Refining Company. One of its owners is William Rockefeller and Grant Schley was on the board of directors, he is the father of ROOM member Kenneth B. Schley. Now we see who Hubbard’s employer was, who wanted to get control of the political situation in Puerto Rico.

West Indies Minerals sends a letter to Hubbard on 30 March 1933 –

Dear Mr. Hubbard,

Due to the recent developments in the investigations of the deposits and properties under consideration on the island it is imperative that you return to Washington for a conference.

You will leave Puerto Rico on the first available transportation for New York and thence to Washington, D.C.

The “conference” would have been where Hubbard was debriefed on what he had learned about the jíbaros.

Ship records show Hubbard departing San Juan on 6 April 1933 on the SS Coamo bound for New York.  36

West Indies Minerals was also a joke. It was used to provide cover for Hubbard’s intelligence work in Puerto Rico.
Its small office had two guys with no experience in mining. It was closed down shortly for failure to pay taxes. 38

Pedro Campos was subsequently arrested on false charges and sentenced to prison in Atlanta, Georgia.
During his imprisonment Campos was subjected to human radiation experiments.

Campos with burns caused by intense radiationAlbizo being experimented on in prison
* * *

Between 1932 and 1941 Hubbard traveled extensively in Central America.    59

Roosevelt Meeting With Round Table

In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President of the United States. Roosevelt immediately goes to meet with Round Table members at Cliveden45  Franklin Roosevelt then assumed office as American President from 1933 to 1945.

Starting in 1933, Vincent Astor served as the intermediary for intelligence gathered by ROOM members and their agents, forwarding intelligence directly to President Franklin Roosevelt.

Roosevelt went to the Nourmahal for rest, and to escape from the burdens of office during the early years of his presidency. “This is the only place I can get away from people, telephones and uniforms,” Roosevelt wrote a friend in 1934.  31

William_Astor_aboard_the_NourmahalVincent Astor aboard the Nourmahal


More MI 6 Psychs Using Abreactive Therapy

In 1935, psycho-psychiatrist William Sargant went to work at Maudsley Hospital, where he worked along with psychiatrist John Rawlings Rees. Sargant used abreactive therapy in conjunction with drugs and electroshock, just like John Rees was doing during World War I.

William Walters SargantWilliam Walters Sargant

Sargant experimented with numerous vicious drugs and drugs given in combination. He also performed leucotomies. Sargant spent 38 years butchering people with his horrific treatments.




It was later revealed that Sargant worked for MI 5 and MI 6.

Intelligence Assignment in Propaganda

Ron Hubbard’s next intelligence assignment was issuing British propaganda.

William Wiseman was the head of MI6 in the United States. In the mid 1930′s Wiseman was sent to Hollywood where he used his influence to “encourage a favorable portrayal of the British Empire in American films”.


In 1936 Hubbard gets “called to Hollywood” (likely by Wiseman) – a British intelligence assignment.  39

Memory And Automaticity, an LRH lecture 16 December 1952 –

I worked for Hollywood for about a year… This is clear back in 1936 and 37.

Hubbard_1936_1937Ron Hubbard in 1936

In 1937, Aldous Huxley moved to Hollywood. He earned a substantial income as a Hollywood screenwriter. 52

Aldous Huxley says he was friends with Ron Hubbard. That friendship obviously began in Hollywood in 1937, when both writers were serving under William Wiseman in Hollywood. Huxley and Hubbard were MI 6 agents.

Huxley had written a book promoting World Government. Later in time, Huxley headed a covert operation to subvert America’s youth with hallucinogenic drugs. When Huxley wrote a book promoting hallucinogenic drugs, Hubbard recommended that Scientologists should read it.

Aldous Huxley

October 5, 1937 – John W. Campbell is hired at Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

March 1938 – Propaganda was so important to British Intelligence, that a special section was created for propaganda. It was funded by MI6 and headed by Sir Campbell Stuart.

Sir_Colin_Campbell_Stuart_June_10,_1944 Colin Campbell Stuart

The British slavemasters want to eliminate national boundaries and establish a World Government that is run by them. Thus British propaganda states that nationalism is the cause of wars. That is a lie. Individual nations are not the cause of wars, the wars have been caused by the British nobility.

May 1938 – John W. Campbell given full authority for Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

May 1938 – Ron Hubbard goes to New York, Street and Smith want him to write for their newly acquired magazine, Astounding Science Fiction. Out of ALL the writers there could be, they choose Ron Hubbard?
Naw, this is a plan going into effect. A propaganda plan.

Now Hubbard is on his new British intelligence assignment as a sci-fi writer. British propaganda is under and done by British intelligence, so when Hubbard starts pumping out New World Order propaganda in his sci-fi stories, he is working for British intelligence.L._ron_Hubbard_and_john_campbell.

The Radio Direction Finder

1938 – President Roosevelt asks ROOM member Vincent Astor to find out what the Japanese were doing on their far distant islands in the South Pacific. Astor has a sea vessel named Nourmahal which is equipped with a Radio Direction Finder. So Astor went to locate Japanese radio stations on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. He will report his findings to the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Astor used a cover story of being on a scientific expedition. He flew the Explorer’s Club flag to provide cover.

They are going to check out where the Japanese radio stations are:

Astor made elaborate preparations, including establishment of a recognition code word for the Nourmahal, tie in with the United States Navy radio network and a briefing by Director of Naval Intelligence Ralston S. Holmes. “Admiral Holmes (O.N.I.) told me he believed the Japs had a lot of Radio stations in the islands,” Astor advised FDR. “I should think that it would be interesting to know their exact location,” and “Nourmahal has a Radio Direction Finder.”  7


British Navy radio direction finderBritish Navy radio direction finder

Ron Hubbard would take a Radio Direction Finder and go on an intelligence mission in Alaska in 1940.


First Book on Modern Scientology

Scientology began in 1871 and was immediately commandeered and developed by the Cecil family.

Dianetics began in 1880 and it too was taken over and developed by the Cecil family.

Arthur Balfour founded the Society for Psychical Research in 1882. They conducted scientific investigation into all mental and spiritual phenomena. All the basic mental, spiritual, and religious ideas in Dianetics and Scientology were developed by the SPR, before L. Ron Hubbard was even born. That includes the therapy used.

The first book on Dianetics was written in 1893. The first book on Scientology was written in 1903.

The Cecil family is the head of British intelligence, thus both subjects were developed underneath British intelligence. Those two subjects are not Ron Hubbard’s subjects that he originally developed. Hubbard was the Johnny-come-lately that they recruited and groomed to be the front man for their subjects.

Hubbard started studying at age twelve, but he really starts studying right after getting recruited by Ian MacBean.

You can read about this in Scientology Roots Chapter Seven – The First Scientologists and Their Masters

* * *

Then, after considerable study, Hubbard writes the first book on modern Scientology in 1938 – Excalbur.

Universes, an LRH lecture 6 April 1954 –

There’s a book called Excalibur which was written in 1938. That book is about 125 thousand words and is the theoretical top level of philosophic principles which we’re still using. The word survive and the first principle of existence also appear in Excalibur and are run down to a considerable extent.

Introduction To The Eighth Unit, an LRH lecture 4 October 1954 –

Scientology is not the field of the human mind. Scientology is the overall science which also includes the human mind. So, it’s the overall science from which we could take all other sciences.

The first science, by the way, 1932, was Scientology, and it was Scientology still in 1938 when it was first really named. And then it was Scientology some more in 1947. And then all of a sudden it became Dianetics.

It was named Scientology in 1871, not 1932 or 1938, as Hubbard claims.

Introduction: The Q List and Beginning of Logics, an LRH lecture 10 Nov 1952 –

The Axioms were basically written on a summary of information which, began in November of 1938. And the basic Axioms of Dianetics were written at that time. It’s interesting that the material at that time was called Scientology. It appeared in an unpublished manuscript called Excalibur.


Who wrote the summary

and where they got all the data to summarize

had to be the Society for Psychical Research

The Society for Psychical Research was the only place that had collected all the mental, spiritual and religious ideas that are in Dianetics and Scientology.

* * *

Hubbard then presents the supposedly newly invented “Excalibur” theories concerning Man and The Mind to his “intimates” at the Explorer’s Club.

Grey Dianetics, an LRH lecture 27 April 1955 –

The first material on Dianetics became known to intimates of mine at the Explorer’s Club in New York City in 1938.

Those intimates Hubbard is referring to would be the ROOM members who were members of the Explorers Club.
They are British intelligence agents and so is Hubbard. Hubbard writing Excalibur was another British intelligence assignment.


Glamorizing British Intelligence

Rear Admiral John Godfrey was Director of Naval Intelligence of the Royal Navy. In May 1939, Ian Fleming became the personal assistant to Admiral Godfrey, who frequently used Fleming as a liaison with the Secret Intelligence Service (MI 6). 26

Ian Fleming was friends with Aleister Crowley and Allen Dulles. Fleming was in the occult and he was a writer.

Writers who glamorized British intelligence were Somerset Maugham, Ian Fleming, John le Carré and Hubbard. Every one of them worked for MI 6.

James Bond author Ian FlemingIan Fleming

Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond novels to glamorize British intelligence. The James Bond novels are pure propaganda wherein they portray British intelligence as being good guys protecting the world from bad guys who seek world domination. That is a reversal of the truth – British intelligence are the bad guys seeking world domination.

Ron Hubbard wrote some stories that glamorized intelligence agents.


Sargant Combined Abreactive Therapy, Drugs, Coma, and Electroshock

1 September 1939 – World War II began. William Sargant was assigned to Sutton Emergency Medical Service.

Sargant ran his horrific treatments on soldiers and civilians. He was using drugs to facilitate abreactive therapy.

Sargant combined his own psychotic cocktail of “abreaction”, where he gets patients to relive traumatic experiences, while they are drugged with barbiturates. (Hubbard did the same, combining abreactive therapy and drugs.

this shows the equipment they used for producing abreaction under narcosisWWI Thompson abreaction under narcosis

Concerning this time period, David Clark May writes:

William Sargant was practicing narcoanalysis and abreactive therapy with ether, whipping battle neurosis cripples into dramatic abreactive displays of emotion and terror…  65

Sargant said –

In 1944, we also began using ether to induce abreaction, instead of barbituates, we immediately noticed a great difference in our patients behavior. In most cases ether released a far greater degree of explosive excitement, which made their recital of events extremely poignant or dramatic. Another most striking observation was that sudden states of collapse, after emotional outbursts induced by ether, were far more frequent than after those induced by hypnosis or barbituates.

– Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-washing by William Sargant

Willhelm Mayer-Gross was brought in, he was an authority on insulin coma therapy.

wilhelm 'Willy' Mayer-GrossWillhelm ‘Willy’ Mayer-Gross

Psychiatrist R. D. Laing was there. He was horrified by what the British psychiatrists were doing to people.

R.D. LaingRonald David Laing

He wrote a book against abusive psychiatric treatment.

Willy was imported to Britain from Germany.

They wanted him to institute insulin coma shock ‘therapy’ on those labelled schizophrenic – even though it was known to have an abysmal ‘cure’ rate, basically non-existent. Only 1 in 20 had any sort of ‘improvement’ at all! And yet as a result of this one patient by the end of the WW II, 20,000 or more anxiety hysterias had had this treatment in the American forces alone and its use spread over the world as a ‘treatment of war neuroses’.

Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist by R.D. Laing

Insulin was administered until the patients went into deep comas and sometimes epileptic fits.  77

Insulin shock

insulin termination treatment

The policy was to put it in at a level at which epileptic fits were liable to occur, but to avoid them if possible. Backs could break. Light is extremely epiletogenic under a lot of insulin. The ward was entirely blacked out.

(epiletogenic means capable of causing an epileptic attack)

When people started to go into coma we, the staff, moved around in total darkness, penetrated only by the rays of the torches… which we had strapped to our foreheads.

It was essential to get each patient out of his or her coma before too long, because if we did not, the coma became ‘irreversible’.

Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist by R.D. Laing

insulin ward

Some remained in the coma and never again regained consciousness. Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) was used while they were in the coma, without their permission and even against their will.

Sargant said –

Many patients unable to tolerate a long course of ECT, can do so when anxiety is relieved by narcosis.

What is so valuable is that they generally have no memory about the actual length of the treatment or the numbers of ECT used. After 3 or 4 treatments they may ask for ECT to be discontinued because of an increasing dread of further treatments. Combining sleep with ECT avoids this.

All sorts of treatment can be given while the patient is kept sleeping, including a variety of drugs and ECT which together generally induce considerable memory loss for the period under narcosis. As a rule the patient does not know how long he has been asleep, or what treatment, even including ECT, he has been given. Under sleep … one can now give many kinds of physical treatment, necessary, but often not easily tolerated.

An Introduction To Physical Methods Of Treatment In Psychiatry by William Sargant

There were many casualties under his sadistic hand, people that died, had personality deterioration, epileptic seizures, and even incontinence. Failures in treatment were due to the patient’s lack of a “good previous personality”. These failures were sent to mental hospitals – permanently damaged and unable to function in life.

Psychiatrist R.D. Laing saw that they were not helping people, they were destroying them –

I was just beginning to suspect that insulin and electric shocks did more harm than good. In fact, I had begun to have to call into question my own sanity, because I was beginning to suspect that insulin and electric shocks, not to mention lobotomy and the whole environment of a psychiatric unit were ways of destroying people and driving people crazy if they were not so before, and crazier if they were.

Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist by R.D. Laing


Intelligence Assignment in Alaska

1 September 1939 – Germany invades Poland to start World War II. Japan would soon ally itself with Germany.

December 13, 1939 – Ron Hubbard writes from his New York residence, that “he was up at the Explorer’s club last night”…

Flag Order #67, the only “official” biography of Hubbard by the Sea Organization –

L. Ron Hubbard on December 12th, 1939 …was proposed as a Member of the Explorers Club of New York. He was duly elected a Member on February 19th, 1940.

This is an exclusive club and at least one member of the club has to invite you to join.

What got Hubbard invited was the fact that he was working for British intelligence. Members of the ROOM were working for British intelligence. Some ROOM members were members of the Explorers Club.

In early 1940, Hubbard was now in the Vincent Astor Naval Reserve private intelligence club. Hubbard was not officially in the Navy at this time, yet they gave him a rank, title and uniform.

When you have had the close calls I have had in intelligence through security failures, you begin to believe there is something in the subject. I was once in 1940 ordered out on a secret mission by the US to a hostile foreign land with whom we were not yet at war. It was vital to mask my purpose there. It would have been fatal had I been known to have been a naval officer. On a hunch I didn’t leave at once and the following day the US sent a letter to me that had I left would have been forwarded to me in that land, addressing me with full rank and title, informing me to wear white cap covers after April 15 in Washington. Had I departed, that letter, following me, would have sentenced me to death before a firing squad!

– Despatch from L. Ron Hubbard to his staff on 22 April 1967, referenced in Barefaced Messiah by Russell Miller, p. 234

Hubbard was soon going to be sent on another intelligence mission, this time to Alaska, flying the Explorers Club flag as part of his cover.

In June 1940, Philip Henry Kerr (Lord Lothian) assumes the position of British Ambassador to the United States. Philip Kerr was a member of the Round Table who worked directly with Robert Cecil. He would act as the handler of William Stephenson in America. Philip Kerr is family connected to Ian MacBean, the British MI 6 agent who recruited Ron Hubbard.

Ron Hubbard’s connection with British intelligence is not minor, he has some major connections that go to the top of the British slavemasters.

lord_lothian_obit_dec_1940Philip Henry Kerr


21 June 1940 – William Stephenson arrives in the United States to head MI 6 in America. Stephenson was tasked to obtain the assurance of American participation in secret activities throughout the world in the closest possible collaboration with the British”.

William Stephenson SOE New YorkWilliam Samuel Stephenson, code name Intrepid

His network was called British Security Coordination with headquarters located in Room 3603 Rockefeller Center, New York City. They actually occupied the 35th and 36th floor of the building.  49

rockefeller center 1940s MI6 BSC and OSS intelligence

William Stephenson was soon a close adviser to American President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On June 26 1940, Franklin Roosevelt sent a memorandum to Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Harold R. Stark.

I simply wanted to let you know that I have requested him (Vincent Astor) to coordinate the Intelligence work in the New York Area, and, of course, want him given every assistance. Among other things, I would like to have great weight given his recommendation on the selection of candidates.   10, 15

Astor held powers to control all local intelligence functions undertaken by U.S. Army Intelligence and the Office of Naval Intelligence in the New York area.

Frank Knox was Secretary of the Navy, he also acted as a British agent. William Donovan was a ROOM member. Knox recommended William Donovan to the British, and in July 1940 he sent William Donovan to England to find out if England could withstand a fierce German assault.

Frank Knox2Frank Knox

In London, Donovan was lavishly entertained by the King and Queen and Winston Churchill. The British schmoozed and groomed Donovan for the position they were going to assign him – creating THEIR intelligence apparatus in the United States. Donovan was kept in daily contact with the Ml-6 chief, Stewart Menzies. The Director of British naval intelligence, John Godfrey, gave Donovan a list of things the British wanted him to lobby for in Washington.  50

Donovan came back to the United States and was immediately approached by William Stephenson. Donovan and Stephenson immediately became “collaborators and friends.” William Stephenson reported to his superiors –

There is no doubt that we can achieve infinitely more through William Donovan than through any other individual. He is very receptive…and can be trusted to represent our needs in the right quarters and in the right way in the U.S.A.  40

Roosevelt said that Astor was in charge of selecting candidates.


July 1940 – Now that Astor is in charge of all intelligence in the New York area, Hubbard gets assigned to go on an intelligence mission in Alaska. He gets to fly the Explorer’s Club flag to help with cover, and proceeds to carry out his intelligence assignment.

Now he goes on the Alaska radio expedition. Hubbard has a radio direction finder with him. (British agent Vincent Astor used a radio direction finder in locating Japanese radio stations in the Marshall Islands.)

US Navy radio direction finderUS Navy radio direction finder

Japanese incursions along the China coast, made Alaska suddenly very key to the United States and Britain, militarily. Military radio communications to and from Alaska were being interfered with, making the defense of Alaska a problem.

Hubbard had several cover stories for what he was doing in Alaska:

  • “to win a bet”
  • “to gather material for a novel of Alaskan salmon fishing”
  • “to update the U.S. Coast Pilot guide regarding the coastlines of Alaska”

August 31, 1940 – Hubbard arrives at his destination – Ketchikan, Alaska.

Hubbard tied up his sloop, the Magician, at Thomas Basin.

hubbard_going_to_alaskaHubbard aboard the Magician

Due to “not enough money to repair a broken engine”, Hubbard hung around Ketchikan writing some stories and “contributing to the local radio station” until he earned enough money to fix the engine. This was another cover story to explain why he was hanging around for so long.

Almost immediately Hubbard began with his cover for access to the radio broadcasting equipment in the area. In September, he began hosting his own program called “Mail Buoy.” In one of the programs called Clearing the Airwaves Hubbard actually lays out some of what he is doing there. The important parts are:

RON: Here we are at the KGBU remote line station at Mountain Point in the midst of the equipment which enables KGBU to pluck programs from the atmosphere and relay them into your homes.

As the only chain broadcast station in Alaska, it is mighty important that KGBU receive these programs, especially at those times of the day when the highly magnetized and humidified air of this region resents being plucked by cracking and hissing instead of throbbing and crooning.

… [I have been] doing radio experimental work on beacon signals for the Navy Department, Fisher Research Laboratories, and the Cape Cod Instrument Company, I chanced to have some radio direction finders of high  sensitivity.

Some weeks ago, though I am not permitted to tell you the details, these direction finders played an exciting part in a slight adventure with a Nazi saboteur. They are so precise that a source of interference even if slight can be spotted at a distance of half a mile.


Now THAT is exactly what he was really in Alaska to do.
It was an intelligence mission.


Jimmy Britton was the owner of the KGBU radio station in Alaska. On 15 March 1941, Britton wrote a letter of recommendation for Hubbard wherein he stated –

he had not been in Alaskan waters a week before he detected, with his radio navigational instruments, a source of interference which had remained a mystery to the engineers of the Signal Corps, the Coast Guard and myself. Working with the FBI’s Mr. Naughton, Captain Hubbard was instrumental in bringing to justice a German saboteur who had devised it to be in his power to cut off Alaska from communication with the United States in time of war through the sabotage of Signal Corps signals.
8, 41


ron hubbard 1940 in ketchikan alaskaHubbard in Alaska – 1940

December 27, 1940 – Hubbard returns to Puget Sound from his Alaska mission.

Mechanics of the Mind, an LRH lecture 10 January 1953 –

…I have approximated to a very remarkable degree the career of Commander Thompson

in the field of expeditions, explorations, I always favored certain quarters of the world, always went there and, when there, did certain things. It fits Commander Thompson’s record.


Hubbard is revealing that his various expeditions and explorations
were cover for doing intelligence work.


Just like Commander Thompson did in his various explorations such as collecting bugs, digging up ancient graves, etc. Those activities were only a cover story to hide what he was really doing in each area – intelligence work.


Intelligence Assignment Naval Reserve

26 June 1940 – the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Harold R. Stark, is told that Vincent Astor is now unofficially in charge of all intelligence work in the New York area, including the Office of Naval Intelligence in New York City. This is the Third Naval District.

Vincent Astor is in charge of the Office of Naval Intelligence Foreign Intelligence Branch (code: OP-16-F-9).

On 4 February 1941, William Stephenson telegraphed the Chief of MI 6 –

President has appointed Vincent Astor as his personal liaison with me… This arrangement is a great step forward and should considerably facilitate our efforts.  49

March 8, 1941 – President Franklin Roosevelt, Vincent Astor and the Director of Naval Intelligence, Captain Alan G. Kirk, met together in a conference. Roosevelt officially appoints Vincent Astor as the Area Controller for the New York Area. Astor is now officially the head of all intelligence in the New York district, both Army and Navy intelligence. That put Astor over Naval Intelligence in the Third Naval District.   15

Astor is overseeing Naval Intelligence foreign espionage Op-16-Z (and also called OP-16-F-9).

Exactly one week after Vincent Astor was put in charge of all intelligence in the New York district, Hubbard applies for acceptance into the US Navy Reserve. On March 15, 1941 Jimmy Britton writes a letter of recommendation for Hubbard and sends it to the Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox.  41

Ron Hubbard’s first wife was Polly Grubb (alias Margaret Ochs). According to her, Ron Hubbard went directly to Frank Knox and got a Lieutenant junior grade commission.  42, 43

On 21 April 1941, the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations writes a letter accepting Ron Hubbard in the Naval Reserve as an Intelligence Volunteer Specialist.  44 

April 26 1941 – William Stephenson had taken William Donovan on a tour of British intelligence in the Mediterranean. The tour inspired Donovan for having a national intelligence agency – the idea of centralizing intelligence, coordinating intelligence.  51  Donovan then sent a long letter to Frank Knox recommending setting up a Coordinator for all intelligence.

In May 1941, Ian Fleming went to the United States, where he assisted in writing a blueprint for the Office of the Coordinator of Information. 52

June 10 1941 – Frank Knox sends a memorandum to President Franklin Roosevelt, recommending a new U.S. intelligence organization – the Coordinator of Information.

On 25 June 1941, Ron Hubbard was commissioned as an Intelligence officer in the Naval Reserve.

Hubbard appointment naval reserve July 5 special service

The Naval Reserve was the private intelligence network created by Vincent Astor and Franklin Roosevelt. Its members were their wealthy pro-British friends, who were recruited as voluntary agents into the United States Naval Reserve Force and given the rank of lieutenant junior grade. These men were made officers with temporary commissions and served as “volunteer agents” for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Hubbard was now being accepted into their ranks because he was a British agent.

From the official Navy website

The term Commissioned Officer generally refers to members of the Navy or Navy Reserve who have a degree from a four-year college or university as a minimum educational requirement and have gone through Officer Training (there are exceptions to the degree requirement based on extensive service experience).

Ron Hubbard only had two years of college, so he was not qualified to be a commissioned officer. This fact shows he was doing extensive service prior to his commission date of 25 June 1941 in order to qualify for the commission. And that points to Hubbard working for Astor’s private intelligence club called the Naval Reserve, which we already know he was doing intelligence work prior to being officially accepted and commissioned in the U.S. Navy.

William Stephenson was a close adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt, and suggested that Roosevelt put Stephenson’s good friend William Donovan in charge of all U.S. intelligence services.

11 July 1941 – President Franklin Roosevelt appointed William Donovan in charge of the Office of the Coordinator of Information. It was the forerunner of the Office of Strategic Services.

* * *

Ron Hubbard’s Navy records cannot be trusted. There are conflicting statements, missing records, and omitted entries in them to cover up what he was really doing.

This is a 1979 letter from the Navy, purporting to be an outline of Ron Hubbard’s Navy service record.  47 

79-letter-to-hess 1

It says Hubbard was on “inactive duty” from 7 October 1941 to 23 November 1941. A declassified record from the offices of the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations shows that Hubbard took an “Intelligence Course” from 21 October 1941 to 11 November 1941. This course is not mentioned in the above 1979 letter.

Here is the record from the SECNAV/CNO office files –  81 

SecOfNavy record-Hubbard intelligence course

15 October 1941 – Vincent Astor’s Office of Naval Intelligence Foreign Espionage and Special Intelligence Section was officially shifted to William Donovan’s Office of the Coordinator of Information. At the time of the transfer, thirteen agents had been recruited. David K.E. Bruce was one of them, Ron Hubbard was also one.  (See 67 in the References section)

20 October 1941 – Hubbard moves to the Explorers Club in New York.  73 

21 October 1941 to 11 November 1941 Hubbard took the Intelligence Course, underneath William Donovan.

This secret Intelligence Course was done outside of the United States, the proof is this letter that was sent to Hubbard while he was taking the Intelligence Course.  74 

hubbard out of the US

A Century of Naval Intelligence
documents that –

“At the outbreak of World War II, the Special Intelligence Section (OP-16-F-9) comprised one retired officer, two Naval Reserve officers, two enlisted sailors, and one Naval Reserve officer undergoing training in London.”   89

William Donovan had placed David K.E. Bruce as head of the OSS office in London and he worked directly with Tony Keswick who was head of the British Intelligence unit called Special Operations Executive. Keswick was the handler for William Stephenson. Tony Keswick was a co-owner and a Managing Director of Jardine, Matheson and Company which trafficked opium into China. Those are some really nasty connections for Hubbard when he was taking that Intelligence Course.

(Virginia wrote an article providing details about Hubbard taking this secret Intelligence Course outside the U.S.)

After completing the secret Intelligence Course in London, Hubbard was further instructed at Third Naval District Headquarters in New York, from 24 Nov 1941 to 14 Dec 1941. That is right where Vincent Astor and William Donovan are over Naval Intelligence.

This is page 2 of the 1979 letter from the Navy, purporting to be an outline of Hubbard’s Navy service record.  47 

79-letter-to-hess 2

Hubbard was stationed in Australia as an intelligence officer from 18 Dec 1941 to 2 April 1942.

Hubbard was stationed again in New York as an Intelligence Officer from 1 May 1942 to 24 June 1942.

13 June 1942 – President Roosevelt established the Office of Strategic Services headed by William Donovan.

From his first acceptance into the Naval Reserve, and the whole time Hubbard was in New York and Australia as an intelligence officer, he was underneath Vincent Astor and William Donovan. That makes it likely there are secret files on Hubbard in the OSS files that were put into the possession of the CIA.

* * *

13 June 1942 – President Franklin Roosevelt established the Office of Strategic Services, headed by Bill Donovan. The OSS conducted espionage and sabotage activities behind enemy lines.

September 1942 – William Donovan and the Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox, were friends. Donovan wanted to use the Office of Naval Intelligence as cover for his agents – meaning they would appear to be ONI agents but they were in fact OSS agents. Knox agreed to allow it.

Hubbard’s pal, Paul Linebarger, worked for the Psychological Warfare Branch of the Military Intelligence Service.  87  On 31 December 1942 the Psychological Warfare Branch of the Military Intelligence Service was transferred under the OSS. So, Paul Linebarger worked for the OSS.

June 1943 – The British were unhappy with the caliber of the American-trained spies. The British insisted that they be in charge of qualifying each and every American spy candidate. They established the Selection Assessment Board (SAB) wherein they gave the candidates a wide variety of psychological and practical tests over a four-day period. This was done at Winterfold House, but they called it Pemberly. They removed people not suited for undercover work and trained those who were qualified.  46, 55

Winterfold House courtesy Tony HamptonWinterfold House, code name Pemberly

* * *

Hubbard was commanding officer of the USS PC-815 from 21 April 1943 to 7 July 1943.


* * *

There is another time Hubbard’s Navy records are used to hide what he is really doing.

Hubbard had sent in a request to move his family to Portland. The answer to his request is the following document, which shows that Hubbard was given confidential orders on 7 July 1943.

Confidential orders to Hubbard

From 8 July 1943 to 11 October 1943, Hubbard is carrying out the confidential orders underneath the Eleventh Naval District Headquarters. There is no explanation about what he is doing in Hubbard’s Navy records.

* * *

3 December 1943 – Algol sent to Willamette Shipyard in Portland, Oregon for completion as an attack cargo ship.

algol in september 1944USS Algol

During the time that Algol is in the shipyard, Hubbard is not on board the Algol. He is basically stationed at the Shipyard but he is not staying there, he is running around doing other things.

Anthony Mitrano changed his name to William James Morgan. He was recruited into the OSS and he reported to William Donovan for duty assignment on 4 September 1943. Morgan was sent to the OSS office in London, headed by David K.E. Bruce. Morgan was then sent to Pemberly to work for the Selection Assessment Board.  46, 56

David K.E. Bruce

David K.E. Bruce

(Bruce shows up later in connection with a CIA operation to peddle LSD all across America, and some Scientologists were involved.)
10 December 1943 – Hubbard reported for duty at the Shipyard in Portland, Oregon. He does not go on board the Algol until 7 months later. Being stationed at the Shipyard leaves him with nothing to do and therefore free to go around to other places, which he does during this time.

Report on compliance 21 July 1944Report on compliance 21 July 1944 2

Hubbard_and_moultonL. Ron Hubbard and Thomas Moulton, Portland, Oregon 1943

While he is stationed at the Shipyard, it appears Hubbard took another action not mentioned in his Navy records.

William Morgan went through the testing at Pemberly, where he met an OSS agent who sounds like Hubbard.

I was invited to join one of the groups of candidates and go through the assessment with them so as to get their point of view.

There was another American in my group, who soon made himself disliked by his teammates and by anyone else who would listen to him.

He claimed to have made one hundred and sixty-three parachute jumps as a barnstorming daredevil, to have been a deep-sea diver, an airline pilot, and an automobile speed-racer, to speak French, Spanish, and German; and to have starred in Hollywood pictures.

The others would shout him down and demand proof, but he always contrived to produce it – newspaper clippings, snapshots, testimonials, idiomatic backchat in three languages.

At the end of his stay in Pemberly he was failed as a team-worker but given an exceptionally high rating as a lone wolf operative, with the reservation that his success would depend on how far he could cut down his boasting. He went into France several months before the Normandy invasion and, posing as a German, joined a German army unit. When the fighting became fierce he made his way to the American line with vital order-of-battle information. His coolness, self-assurance, and talent for plausible lying won him the Distinguished Service Cross.

 Spies and Saboteurs by William James Morgan

The Normandy invasion was on 6 June 1944. So, it was around March 1944 when this OSS agent was sent to France. The bragging he did sounds exactly like Hubbard, so did Hubbard do some intelligence work for the OSS? The CIA inherited the OSS files. The CIA refuses to release its files on Hubbard and Scientology, thus they are hiding things they do not want known. One of those things may be that Hubbard did some intelligence work for the OSS.

(Hubbard wrote a letter wherein he says he can speak Spanish, Japanese and some other languages.  48)

11 March 1944 – Hubbard fills out a Beneficiary Slip but the Captain of the Algol doesn’t sign it until 4 months later.

Beneficiary slip 11 March 1944Beneficiary slip 11 March 1944 2

About March to June 1944 – This is when the OSS agent is in France posing as a member of the German army.

This next document says Hubbard was training at Treasure Island from 3 April to 8 April 1944. Is this another case of using Hubbard’s Navy records to hide what he was really doing?

Report on Training in April 1944

6 June 1944 – The Normandy invasion begins. There were 6,939 sea vessels in the invasion fleet – they landed 850,000 men and 148,000 vehicles within a few weeks. It was the largest amphibious landing in history.

Normandy invasionamphibious landing at Normandy (France)

The OSS agent in France who was posing as a member of the German army, now makes his way to the Americans and provides vital battle information. His intelligence mission is now over.

Rehabilitation of Judgment, an LRH lecture 13 November 1959 –

I remember one sargeant going around with a – during an amphibious landing toward the end of the war, with a carbine butt, knocking out the gold teeth out of the mouths of the wounded.

Flag Operations Liaison Office memo, 28 May 1974 –

Serves with amphibious forces…1944…”

(British) The 1939-45 War Medal
(French) Medaille Commemorative Francaise 1939-45    54

To Members of Parliament, 1969 –


Commissioned US Naval Reserve early 1941
Served in South Pacific
Served as a captain of corvettes 1941   (see 66 )
Commodore of corvette squadrons 1943   (see 66 )
Amphibious forces 1944-45
Served in all five theatres of World War II

During World War II he served as an officer in the United States Navy and appears to have been seconded to the Royal Navy for a period.   59

There we have more evidence that Hubbard was the OSS agent infiltrating the German Army around the time of the Normandy amphibious landing.

21 July 1944 – Algol was commissioned and she immediately put to sea for trials. Now Hubbard goes on board the Algol to perform his duty as the Navigator.

Report on compliance 21 July 1944

algol in september 1944USS ALGOL AKA-54 underway in September 1944

28 September 1944 – Hubbard ceases being the Navigator aboard the Algol. He leaves for training at Princeton.

In August 1945, Hubbard moved into the home of Jack Parsons. Hubbard began his story telling at the communal dinner table. Hubbard claimed, while he was in England, to have had his skull measured by scientists at the British Museum.  53

That statement shows Hubbard was in England during the war – more evidence that he was at Pemberly.

* * *

Colonel Robert Park was a military intelligence man who did an investigation of the OSS and wrote a report.
In September 1945 the Park Report was given to American President Harry Truman. The Park Report said –

OSS is hopelessly compromised to foreign governments, particularly the British, rendering it useless as a prospective independent postwar espionage agency. Further questioning of British intelligence will evince nothing but praise because the OSS is like putty in their hands and they would be reluctant to forfeit a good tool.   72

Park wrote that if the OSS were allowed to continue operating it might:

…do serious harm to citizens, business interests and national interests of the United States…. It has all the ear marks of a Gestapo system…. It is therefore recommended that General Donovan be replaced at the earliest possible moment by a person who shall be recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.   72

The Office of Strategic Services was a ratnest of British agents. The OSS was the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. Allen Dulles was another British agent who worked for the OSS. He was Director of the CIA.

Allen Dulles

The OSS and CIA were not American intelligence agencies – they were British intelligence, operating inside the American government.

You can read about that in Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Two – 3 British Intelligence Sabotaging America.

If the CIA would release its secret files on Hubbard and Scientology, many things would come to light.


Intelligence Assignment Spying on Scientists

Ernest Rutherford was a physicist who was the Director of the Cavendish Laboratory in England. He is known as the father of nuclear physics. He was the first to “split the atom” in 1917. He ran the first experiment to split the nucleus of an atom in 1932.

Ernest RutherfordErnest Rutherford

* * *

Jack Parsons was inspired by science fiction literature. Jack Parsons was a rocket and chemical engineer, who conducted secret rocket propulsion research. He invented the first composite solid rocket propellant, and pioneered the advancement of liquid and solid-fuel rockets.

John Whiteside Parsons

Parsons was a brilliant rocket scientist who was the leader of the rocket program at the California Institute of Technology. Caltech was the birthplace of American rocket science and the intellectual hub of the California aerospace industry. A stellar assortment of scientific geniuses had wandered the grounds of Caltech’s Pasadena campus over the years, among them Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Linus Pauling.

Aleister Crowley had long been a British intelligence agent for MI 6, during World War I and after the war.

The MI 6 manual said – Cultivate the impression that you are an ass, and have no brains.
Crowley did exactly that, he went around cultivating the image that he was a brainless ass…

aleister-crowley   200px-Aleister_Crowley_in_Hat


But behind the facade was the real man, an intelligent and motivated MI 6 agent…

aleister-crowley-thinkerAleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley lived his cover of being in the occult by worshiping Lucifer and practicing black magic by summoning demons. Thelemic Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) was based on the teachings of Crowley. After a brief involvement in Marxism, in 1939 Jack Parsons converted to Thelema, Aleister Crowley’s religious movement.

In the summer of 1939, scientist Leo Szilard contacted Albert Einstein and warned him of the possibility of the creation of an atom bomb. He asked Einstein to warn American President Franklin Roosevelt of the unimaginable destruction possible by using a large mass of uranium.

Leo_Szilard_in_1945Leo Szilard

The Manhattan Project began in 1939. It was research that produced the first atom bomb. It was led by the United States with support from Britain and Canada. Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer was the scientific director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory that designed the actual bombs.  52

Einstein_oppenheimerEinstein and Oppenheimer

7 December 1941 – The Japanese Navy attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

26 December 1941 – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gives a speech to the U.S. Congress.  60


Churchill said –

Is it possible that they do not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they & the world will never forget.

When Churchill said that, Britain was helping the United States make the atom bomb, since 1939.

In 1942, Crowley chose Parsons to be the lodge leader and Parsons ran the OTO lodge from his mansion in Pasadena.

From 1942 to 1946, the Manhattan project was under the direction of U.S. Army General Leslie Groves.

Under the 1943 Quebec Agreement with the United Kingdom, the United States had agreed that nuclear weapons would not be used against another country without mutual consent.

On 1 June 1945, scientist Ernest Lawrence suggested giving the Japanese a non-combat demonstration of the bomb. That idea was rejected in favor of dropping the bomb on Japan without prior warning.   52

July 16, 1945 –  The first detonation of the atom bomb in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Before the first test of the atom bomb, Leo Szilard and a large number of fellow scientists working with him in New Mexico were worried about the terrifying implications for humanity regarding the uses of their work. The day after their first test, their fears became much more concrete and they knew they had to do something. So, on July 17, 1945, they submitted a signed petition to the President of the United States, pleading not to use the bomb on people – particularly Japan.

Their petition ended up with General Leslie Groves. He stopped their petition from ever getting to the President.   58

General Leslie Groves manhattan projectGeneral Leslie Groves

General Groves didn’t just fail to forward Leo’s petition, he spread communist rumors about him; he sought evidence of ‘crimes” he could maybe jail him for; he was on a warpath – “How dare they try and stop us from blowing up the Japanese!” – which, had already been decided, you see. The scientists were almost all fired and their petition was classified as secret.

Anyone who dared question the atomic energy policies was suspected of being communists and watched.

On 26 July 1945, American President Harry Truman agreed to a request from Winston Churchill that Britain be represented when the atomic bomb was dropped.   52

In August 1945, the United States dropped atom bombs on two cities in Japan – Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

.                          Hiroshima – 6 August 1945                                       Nagasaki – 9 August 1945


The British slavemasters wanted that done so they could point to it and say we need a World Government.

On 15 August 1945, the Emperor of Japan publicly announced surrender. The war was over, now it was just a matter of getting the official paperwork signed, which followed shortly thereafter.

Oppenheimer and many of the Manhattan project staff were very upset about the bombing of Nagasaki, as they did not feel the second bomb was necessary from a military point of view. Oppenheimer traveled to Washington on August 17 to hand-deliver a letter to Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, expressing his revulsion and his wish to see nuclear weapons banned.

Some of the scientists who had petitioned to not use the bomb were centered around the California Institute of Technology. Ron Hubbard was sent there to try to calm them down, but they did not calm down.

Jack Parson’s home was the meeting place for OTO lodge members and the meeting place for a variety of scientists, chemists, engineers, and nuclear physicists. One boarder at Parson’s home was the physicist
Robert Cornog, chief engineer of the Manhattan Project’s ordnance division, and a creator of the atom bomb.

Now Hubbard’s next intelligence assignment begins. He joins the OTO lodge and he moved into Parson’s home in August 1945, so he can spy on the scientists and provide inside information on what the scientists are saying and doing.


Ron Hubbard was friends with Aleister Crowley, they were both MI 6 agents.

The Tone Scale: Moving The PC Up The Scale, an LRH lecture 5 December 1952  –

A magician – the magic cults of the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth centuries in the Middle East were fascinating. The only modern work that has anything to do with them is a trifle wild in spots, but it’s fascinating work in itself, and that’s work written by Aleister Crowley, the late Aleister Crowley, my very good friend.

In October 1945 Oppenheimer was granted an interview with President Harry Truman. The meeting went badly after Oppenheimer remarked he felt he had “blood on my hands.” The remark infuriated Truman and put an end to the meeting. Truman later told his Undersecretary of State Dean Acheson “I don’t want to see that son-of-a-bitch in this office ever again.”

In November 1945, Oppenheimer left Los Alamos to return to the California Institute of Technology. Linus Pauling was a famous scientist who also worked at the California Institute of Technology. Linus Pauling and others established the Association of Pasadena Scientists in November 1945. Robert Oppenheimer was also involved. They wanted to prevent the destructive use of atomic energy.

The Association of Pasadena Scientists helped organize American physicists in opposition to the United States as a nuclear weapons power and to work for the abolition of the atom bomb as a weapon.  58

Oppenheimer was under continual FBI investigation for his past associations with communists. And some of the other scientists had communist connections. But calling them communists was just the excuse they used to investigate and disrupt them. The real issue was they were not in alignment with the British plan for America.
That is why Hubbard was sent in to infiltrate them.


World Government Police State

The British plan is to abolish nations and their world government will directly rule every individual person.

Lionel Curtis (a member of the Round Table) wrote a series of books and articles advocating a new federal organization built around the English-speaking countries. Ultimately, this federation will be worldwide, but en route it must pass through stages, of which the chief is federation of the English-speaking peoples.

This international commonwealth would differ from the League of Nations in that its members would yield up part of their sovereignty, and the central organization would function directly on individuals and not merely on states.

Until federation abolishes sovereignty and creates a true world government amenable to public opinion, the nations will continue to live in anarchy…

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, history professor

Psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan advocated world government. In 1945 he gave a lecture where he said –

I think that the peoples of the world would be less hesitant to become subjects of a world government eternally vigilant to maintain overwhelming destructive force, ready instantly to use every sanction and to destroy any who would again provoke war… if …it were certain that this mighty garrison state which would exercise sovereignty over every person in the world was to be but a temporary precaution to protect the helpless while men of good will would be working out a fully civilized way of life for the peoples of the earth..

Definition of Garrison State –

A centralized state dominated by military rather than by civilian personnel and policies, especially one whose military preparations threaten to convert it into a totalitarian state. A permanent military installation, a police state.

The slavemaster plan is to eliminate individual nations, and forming a police state exercising sovereignty over every person in the world. That is their true idea for their World Government. Anyone objecting to anything they do will be destroyed.

Then the British nobility sociopaths can do any vicious act they want to on any individual person or group.

That will be the worst nightmare the world has ever known.

Think about it.


Remaking Man Into British Subjects

The British nobility wants to be the ruthless ruler of the entire world. Most men do not want to live under the boot and say-so of the British nobility. They want to live under their own free will and say-so.

Most men do not have the idea that the British slavemasters want them to have. Therefore, the British slavemasters have created many front groups to remake men into consenting British subjects.

In 1946, Alan Gregg, the Medical Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, was interested in finding out if there was a group committed to undertaking, under conditions of peace, the kind of social psychiatry that had developed in the army under conditions of war.

Key members of Tavistock Clinic decided to form a group that Alan Gregg was looking for. They were given the Rockefeller grant which led to the birth of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, in London.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was formed in 1946 by a group of key men of the original Tavistock Clinic including John Rawlings Rees, Eric Trist, Wilfred Bion, Kurt Lewin, and John Bowlby.  61

So now they want to do psychiatry on everyone, like the world is now one big mental hospital with these fruitcakes in charge of “curing” us – using drugs, therapies, and propaganda to accomplish behavior modification.

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a sister to Yale Institute of Human Relations. Both are Rockefeller-funded. Both are rat-nest think tanks for hatching social engineering methods. They are part of a network of front groups practicing Social Psychiatry.

The Rat Bastards are trying to figure out how to control humanity to do their bidding.

Geoffrey Gorer worked for the Yale Institute of Human Relations and the OSS Psychology Division (renamed Research and Analysis). He wrote an essay which clearly illustrates the goal of this network. The essay was entitled The Remaking of Man.

One of the most urgent problems – facing the world today is how to change the character and behavior of adult human beings within a single generation.  62

In 1944 William Talbot started working for the OSS Psychology Division.

1946 – Stanford Research Institute was formed as part of the slavemaster social engineering network.

In 1946, OSS man William Talbot was the first head of the Stanford Research Institute.

In September 1947 the Office of Strategic Services becomes the Central Intelligence Agency.

British agent Allen Dulles worked for the OSS and he became the Director of the CIA.

Allen Dulles

Allen Dulles

Stanford Research Institute was continually used for CIA mind control research and the remaking man effort.

Later in time, CIA-funded Scientologists will work at SRI where they helped to develop mind control weapons with the praise of the Church of Scientology. Scientologists were also involved in the remaking man effort, CIA LSD research, and CIA LSD peddling.

It is really British mind control research by British agents who were heading American intelligence agencies.


 Intelligence Assignment Promote the British New World Order

British propaganda is done by British intelligence. When Hubbard issues their propaganda, he is working for British intelligence.

Proof that Ron Hubbard was an agent for the British New World Order is seen when he issues their propaganda in a story he wrote in August 1947. The story appeared in Astounding Science Fiction magazine. The title of the story is The End Is Not Yet.

The characters in the story attempt to form a federation to prevent destruction of the world by atomic war.

A character in the story is Banks. Banks says“Nationalism was the cause of wars…”
character Professor Haus says: “Nationalism will destroy this world.”



Further proof that Hubbard was a British New World Order agent are in his lectures…

End of Course Lecture, an LRH lecture 1 May 1959 –

Now, a wonderful piece of news burst today as we complete this course, wonderful piece of news. The byproducts of atomic energy plants which make electricity have been declared waste previous to this time, and now a clever nuclear physicist has found out how to make bombs out of the waste products from electrical energy.

…almost any nation- Panama, the Argentine, almost anybody- could dream himself up a few atom bombs.

Well, that’s very, very happy. Because about this time somebody’s going to have to get some good sense and say, “We’d better knock off this thing called international boundaries because it’s not safe to have them anymore.”

International City, an LRH lecture 24 March 1964 –

I want to talk to you about a project having to do with world peace.

So here’s a plan, an International Objective is the name of the plan at large and the plan itself is the International City, which merely says a government of Earth.

And they’re all built around a central capital of its own which is very bombproof. Built under a mountain. Artificial mountain which you could never destroy. And a bunker of huge proportions and that of course would be an international parliament of Earth, which then had certain powers and so forth, over various nations.

Not unlike the United Nations today but with a different composition, a more British-American type of a composition so that you don’t get four or five favored nations who can overthrow everything else and you don’t get unequal stuff so that there’s some country that has twenty people in its population and it has a member in the United Nations who has as much say, you see, as somebody who has a billion population. I mean, that’s the way they’ve got it rigged now.

Seventh, bring about the creation of a small, effective armed force for the United Nations, dismantling or abolishment of all other war facilities. Well, naturally, if they were the only ones that got atomic bombs then their main police action would be devoted to whether or not anybody else was manufacturing atomic bombs. And they just make sure that that wouldn’t happen…

Persuade stable and real international economic measures. In other words, do something to keep money in balance, like the World International Bank, that tries to keep the lid on.

Persuade the United Nations and national governments that the activities of the United Nations and national governments should be limited to … And then we limit what a national government should be up to.

Hubbard told Scientologists to support the British New World Order

  • Elimination of international boundaries
  • One World government  (led by the British nobility)
  • One World Army
  • One World Bank and currency

Hubbard advocates the worst sociopaths in the world having direct control over the life of every person.

* * *

August 1947
– Hubbard did his story promoting a federation to prevent destruction of the world by atomic war.

August 1947 – OSS man Cord Meyer forms the United World Federalists. 

United World Federalists sought to “save the world through a limited federation before an atomic war destroys it.”

Cord Meyer in 1948Cord Meyer

Meyer was an advocate for World Government and he participated in the founding of the United Nations. Meyer spent decades with the Central Intelligence Agency, becoming one of its highest-ranking officers. His main role at the CIA was Project Mockingbird which purpose was to influence the media towards CIA goals. The CIA had thousands of journalists on it’s payroll.

Cord Meyer recruited Timothy Leary into the CIA around 1947 when they were both being intelligence agents undercover as members of the communist front group The American Veterans Committee. Timothy Leary was later part of several CIA mind control projects (code name MK Ultra). Leary was also involved in a British intelligence operation being fronted by the CIA – peddling LSD all across America. Leary got a major distributor of LSD going, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Some Scientologists were part of the operation to peddle LSD and in CIA trafficking of other illegal drugs as well.   63, 64

Cord Meyer  Timothy Leary
.                         Cord Meyer and Timothy Leary

* * *

Hubbard was a guest speaker at a meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society on April 15, 1948. They published the minutes of that meeting in their magazine called Shangri-la. The minutes of that meeting state –

April 15th; 436th consecutive meeting:

At this meeting we added still another distinguished guest to our rosters – L. Ron Hubbard…

Mr. Hubbard spoke briefly about himself and his stories. He said,

“THE END IS NOT YET was not intended to be a great story; it’s sole purpose was to implant a half-dozen ideas in the minds of certain people. ”     80

* * *

The British and Vatican slavemasters are against Democracy – government by the people. They favor monarchy.
Ron Hubbard aligned with them by making multiple issues that are against democracy and favoring monarchy.

Declamatio is a rhetorical device employed by the slavemasters. They invent a character of the past and invent things said and done by the ancient fictitious character. The Greek philosophers are declamatios. Pope Nicholas V commissioned volumes of declamatio works around 1450. William Cecil of the British nobility commissioned volumes of declamatio works around 1580.

Aristotle thought slavery was a natural thing and that humans came in two types – slaves and non-slaves.
The slaves lack the ability to think properly, so they need masters to tell them what to do.

Plato was against democracy, since you are allowing rule by uneducated idiots. Plato said the ideal government is by philosopher-kings – and the lower classes should be the slave of the best person.

Zones of Control and Responsibility of Government, an LRH lecture 3 January 1960 –

Democracy is not the best political philosophy in the world; and nearly everyone will agree that a benevolent monarchy is.

You can get a socialist and a communist and nihilist and an anarchist and a capitalist and a royalist and anybody else you want to get together – a fascist – you can get them all in a room together. I’ve actually done this horrible trick, and gotten them all to agree on a political philosophy. And the political philosophy they agreed upon, utterly and completely, was a benevolent monarchy. But they said you can’t have a benevolent monarchy unless you have a benevolent monarch, and then YOU cannot guarantee the continuance of that government as a benevolent monarchy. So therefore that is bad.

But actually it’s the best form of government.

History shows that monarchy is rule by self-elected sociopaths who act as vicious dictators over the people.
Their atrocities and crimes against humanity would fill a huge book. They are the most evil men in the world.

A benevolent monarchy?

Monarchy is the best form of government? Hubbard should put his pajamas on because now he is dreaming.


Sargant Pioneers Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis

August 1948 – William Sargant goes to work at Saint Thomas Hospital in London, and stays there until 1973.

Sargant subjected patients to up to three months insulin coma therapy combined with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), and various drugs. He said in a talk delivered in Leeds:

For several years past we have been treating severe resistant depression with long periods of sleep treatment. We can now keep patients asleep or very drowsy for up to 3 months if necessary. During sleep treatment we also give them ECT and anti-depressant drugs.

Royal Waterloo Hospital was part of Saint Thomas Hospital. Sargant ran his sleep room in Ward 5 at Royal Waterloo. Sargant specialized in children and women. Almost all were teenage girls and women in their 20s.  78


Elizabeth Reed was just 22 years old and engaged to be married.

Elizabeth before Sargant got hold of herelizabeth reed before her treatment

She was diagnosed with ‘obsessional neurosis’.

Whatever the frack that meant.

come on!

There are many horrors that Elizabeth Reed recalls from her time at London’s Royal Waterloo Hospital… She describes a small, windowless room… just lit by a night lamp…

Heavily drugged and subjected to horrendous levels of electro-convulsive therapy and even lobotomies, the unluckiest were taken to the ‘Narcosis Room’, where they were put to sleep for weeks at a time.

‘It was so frightening. First of all, they injected you and you had an awful feeling of falling backwards into yourself.’

‘It was like being buried alive,’ she says. ‘I was lying there in the dark, hour after hour, and couldn’t move. I wasn’t aware of my body,  just my head in this darkness. You could hear people moving around and other people breathing and moaning.’

‘The worst time was when I started not to be asleep. I was awake, but couldn’t move or speak. It was torture, lying there for hours in the darkness.’

paralyzed narcosis
‘I can remember the sound of the ECT machine being wheeled down the corridor and it being switched on and off in other rooms,’ she says.

‘After ECT, you didn’t know who you were.’

‘…if you’ve been put in a sleep room, then your memories are not going to be clear.
I lost a huge chunk of my past. Many of us were left with pieces of our memory missing.’

‘He damaged us,’  says Elizabeth. ‘He destroyed our potential.’ After being discharged from Ward 5, she was unable to cope with her career in marketing and took jobs as a supermarket shelf-stacker and a cleaning lady.

‘It changed me. I lost interest in things,’ she says. ‘There was no way back to my old life. I am angry about what I feel I missed out on. I’ve lost chunks of my memory.’

According to Hilary Jameson… being admitted to Ward 5 was ‘like falling into the jaws of hell’. As a 17-year-old A-level student in Oxford, she stopped eating after her parents’ divorce, though she insists she was far from anorexic.

Hilary was forced to undergo ECT… ‘It was impossible to rebel because you were constantly drugged,’ she says.  ‘…most patients in Ward 5 were just young girls who had problems with their families. It was barbaric.’ Hilary adds: ‘It dulled me an awful lot. It knocked the spirit out of me. Taking so many drugs had a bad effect – by the time I was 26 I had ovarian cysts.’

…women like Elizabeth and Hilary… want to know how Sargant can have been allowed to get away with such monstrous behaviour. ‘ We’re still suffering from what he and his colleagues did to us.’

A leading psychiatric expert, Professor Malcolm Lader of King’s College, London, recalls how, as a junior doctor, Sargant showed him his sleep room several times…

‘To be frank, I was horrified by what I saw,’ he says. ‘It was a fraught procedure to be sedated for that amount of time. Most importantly, there was no evidence that narcosis had any effect. He was doling out drugs in large doses that were way above the recommended maximum dose. I resolved never to send anyone there.’

Four patients are known to have died there and yet no one stepped in to stop him. In Australia and Canada, where Sargant’s methods were disastrously emulated, dozens of narcosis patients died.  78


William Sargant smirking as he prepares to torture a strapped down and defenseless woman in Ward 5.

narcosis treatment ward 5 william sargant

Harry Bailey trained with Robert Heath of Tulane University. Heath received CIA funding under MK Ultra to conduct research into electrical stimulation of the brain using surgically implanted electrodes.

Harry BaileyHarry Richard Bailey

Harry Bailey was chief psychiatrist at Chelmsford Private Hospital in Sydney, where he used deep sleep treatment resulting in the death of 26 patients. Bailey and Sargant were in close contact and were in contest with each other to see which of them could keep a patient in the deepest coma. Bailey was linked with the deaths of 85 patients.

 * * *

Sargant was the sadistic nutcase who pioneered the Pain-Drug-Hypnosis behavior modification method for MI 6.

Sargant was butchering people with pain-drug-hypnosis treatments. The patient is knocked out with drugs, given electric shocks, and verbal hypnotic commands are installed while he is unconscious.

Gordon Thomas was a British Broadcasting Corporation producer who was one of the first writers to gain access to some 200,000 CIA documents on MK ULTRA. Thomas had several interviews with William Sargant and wrote an article about what he learned Inside the Sleep Room.  

Here are some passages from the article

When I was a BBC producer, Sargant had appeared on my television shows.
he told me about his work for MI5 and MI6.

In 1948 Sargant was appointed director of the department of psychological medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, and remained there until his retirement in 1972, also treating patients at other hospitals…

Yet even they did not suspect that Sargant, as early as 1948, had made a Faustian bargain with Britain’s two intelligence services.

MI5 is the country’s prime internal counter-espionage service. MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, plans, carries out and conducts clandestine operations and intelligence-gathering on a worldwide basis.

In the late 1940s, at the outset of the Cold War, both services urgently looked for new ways to understand, combat and overcome the medical manipulations of Soviet and Chinese psychiatrists. In Sargant they found a willing tutor.

At military bases in Britain… he conducted drug-related experiments on so-called “military volunteers.” Other drug experiments were performed at Britain’s most secret chemical and biological warfare establishment at Porton Down. Again “volunteers” from military mental hospitals and from military prisons were used.

American intelligence sent observers to monitor these tests. Among them was one of the CIA’s senior biochemists, Frank Olson, and Sidney Gottlieb, the overall head of the CIA MK ULTRA program.

The three men became close friends. On each trip they visited Sargant’s department at St. Thomas’s to study patient records. They also shared with Sargant the latest mind-altering research being carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Porton Down aerial viewPorton Down

Notice that British intelligence is behind behavior modification and mind control research.

British intelligence is also behind the American intelligence agencies doing this kind of research.


The Big Push in Social Engineering

American psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan was an advocate for world citizenship. In 1948, he went to London where he was a key figure in forming the World Federation for Mental Health.

The First International Congress on Mental Health was held in London. It was attended by 2,000 people from various countries in the world. It was held on 16 to 21 August, 1948.

Before the conference got started, a group of 25 people met to discuss how to influence the 2,000 attendees into supporting the political objective of forming a world government. John Rawlings Rees, Harry Stack Sullivan, and Margaret Mead were key members in the group of 25 people.

They produced a pamphlet to hand out to the 2,000 attendees that contained this statement –
the ultimate goal of mental healthto help men to live with their fellows in one world.

The title of the pamphlet – Mental Health And World Citizenship

1948 Mental Health and World Citizenship Page 1

Noteworthy statements in this document:

Studies of human development indicate the modifiability of human behavior throughout life, especially during infancy, childhood and adolescence, by human contacts.

Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship.

Systematic explorations of the human mind in health, as well as in disease, carried out by psychiatrists and others in recent decades, give some conception of the nature and dimensions of the problems facing mankind today.

Prolonged enquiry has shown that the thoughts and conduct of the individual may be deeply affected by mental processes and experiences of which he is altogether unaware and which may be highly obstructive.

Few are entirely free from such handicap, which are a source of suffering and human waste. It is the function of all those concerned with problems of health and education to do everything in their power to remove these obstacles.

…the question must be faced as to whether survival is possible without adapting human institutions so that men can live together as world citizens in a world community

This then, as we see it, is the ultimate goal of mental healthto help men to live with their fellows in one world.

That the UN (United Nations) organisations consider all possible means of integrating national loyalties to the United Nations and to the world community.

Mental health = acceptance of World Government

They are saying mental health is being a willing subject under slavemaster rule. Everyone needs this.

That idea is a political operation masquerading as being mental health.

Cumming and MI6 headquartersBritish intelligence headquarters

Their political operation uses propaganda and other devious methods to accomplish their end that we should all be subjects in a world that is ruled and run by the slavemasters – for their benefit, not ours!

Thus began their campaign that everyone in the world
needs their mental health treatment.

MI 6
psychiatrist, John Rawlings Rees, was the first President of the World Federation for Mental Health.

Hubbard was on board for that “mental health” agenda, he was already their agent for their New World Order.

They said it would take millions of psychiatrists to run this political operation on everyone in the world, and there would never be enough. The solution was talking therapy because you do not have to be a licensed doctor to be a practitioner in talking therapy.


Intelligence Assignment Dianetics and Scientology

Now Ron Hubbard is going to do his part in the British slavemaster agenda to remake man.

Hubbard receives his final grooming to act as the front man for their subjects – Dianetics and Scientology.

1948 to 1950 – Ron Hubbard is allowed to practice abreactive therapy at two mental institutions –
Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium and Saint Elizabeths Hospital. Hubbard treats 1,000 mental patients.

Harry Stack Sullivan was the leading psychiatrist at Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium.


Winfred Overholser was Superintendent at Saint Elizabeths Hospital.

He had worked for the OSS, doing research into drugs that could be used in interrogation.  88 


St Elizabeth Hospital - Washington DC






John Campbell wrote a letter to Dr. Joseph Winter stating that Hubbard had treated 1,000 mental patients.

john w campbell 1957 John W. Campbell Jr.

Doctor Winter moved to New Jersey and got involved with Ron Hubbard and Dianetics.

Doctor Joseph Winter wrote a book about his involvement with Hubbard…

A Doctor’s Report On Dianetics by Joseph A. Winter, M.D. –

In July, 1949 I received a long letter from Mr. Campbell, in which he told me of some investigations in which he thought I might be interested. He told me that

“L. Ron Hubbard …has been doing some psychological research… He’s gotten important results. His approach is, actually, based on some very early work of Freud’s, some work of other men, and a lot of original research. The important thing, he finds, is that most serious psychological jams stem from some basic painful, dangerous experience when the subject was unconscious or incapable of conscious, analytic thought. A statement made under those circumstances is accepted timelessly, and without evaluation for truth, reasonableness, or anything else. Here’s the sort of thing that happens:

An amputee veteran, with loss of one foot… is in a hopeless despondency condition – just can’t adjust. The psychiatrist takes him back to the war experience with sodium pentothal, back to the time the mortar shell got him. They take him through, to the period when he passed out, and pick up again when he recovered consciousness in the aid station. Doesn’t seem to clear him up. He still insists he’d be better off dead.

Hubbard took him through, through the shell burst, and through the period of unconsciousness. That’s when it happened. A medic had come along, seen him and another injured man, said, ‘This guy’s hopeless – he’s better off dead anyway.’

…a conscious mind would evaluate and reject it. The unconscious mind can’t evaluate. But it records with the accuracy and permanence of a phonograph.”

During all my years as a doctor I had never considered … that a patient who was unconscious by reason of injury or anesthesia might be partially aware of what was going on. I answered Mr. Campbell’s letter and requested more information on Hubbard’s work. Within a short time another long letter arrived… discussing some of the implications of the abreactive effects of information received during unconsciousness.

He concluded by saying…

“This has been research; Hubbard has been working on it as a research program, trying to find out what causes what, and how to fix it. Therefore, with cooperation from some institutions, some psychiatrists, he has worked on all types of cases. Institutionalized schizophrenics, apathies, manics, depressives, perverts, stuttering, neuroses – in all, nearly 1,000 cases.


Suppressives And GAEs, an LRH lecture 2 August 1966 –

Now, you would just be amazed how many cases resolve in an institution. I know, I’ve put my collar on backwards many a day and audited psychos in institutions, in many a yesteryear.

I’ve audited psychos in institutions in many a yesteryear.

Jackie Gleason - You hold it like this

Hubbard spent years in mental institutions combining abreactive therapy with Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis (the same thing that MI 6 psychiatrist William Sargant was doing). Take a close look at what he says in the lecture below…

Institutional Dianetics, an LRH lecture 23 June 1950 –

One of the ways one can take a catatonic and raise his necessity level artificially is to feed him full of Benzedrine… You are not allowed to give Benzedrine, however. You do that in liason with a medical doctor.

The next thing an auditor should know well is the effect of hypnotism and drugs, and he should have observed this actually. In hypnotism one can reach the basic personality, and he can work out the emotional charges certainly from a psychotic case if the case can be hypnotized. So he must be prepared to use hypnotism…

You can take sodium amytal and give it to the psychotic who is raving, and within a short period of time find in his place an individual who is fairly rational.

Now, by the administration of sodium amytal, sodium pentothal, and many other drugs, we seem to temporarily restore the insulation.

The resistance to soporifics on the part of certain human beings has been a subject of great puzzlement to psychiatry for a long time. So these people have to be very heavily sedated before they succumb. They will succumb somewhere along the line.

So there is a great tendency then, because this person is resisting, willfully and maliciously – and is therefore guilty of mopery and dopery on the institution floor – to keep pumping him full of drugs in an effort to produce an amenable state of mind along the lines of “it does it on some patients therefore it should on others”.

…it is possible that continued sedation over a long period of time in very heavy dosages might bring about a physiological breakdown of the nervous structure. There is data on this subject which seems to predict the fact that such a breakdown might exist…

…it is possible that you may encounter in institutions people who have been under sedation so long that the toxic effects of it, plus the fact that engrams are going on in there continually, render them almost hopelesss as cases due to the enormous volume.

Working a patient with narcosynthesis is not very difficult when the narcosynthesis works, but give a patient narcosynthesis sometimes and you will find he merely goes unconscious.

One patient of which I have record was in a mumps incident. So whenever he was given sodium amytal, he went straight into mumps, a high fever turned on, glandular changes took place in his jaws, he became very restless, very wary, frightened, and then would pass through that into straight unconsciousness with no period of accessibility.

So, don’t depend on narcosynthesis to do anything spectacular for you…

It is possible for you to enter a case with narcosynthesis and start through a late life period of unconsciousness, restimulate it 100 percent, and not lift it or deintensify it…

So it would be possible for you to enter a case with narcosynthesis and drive a person insane who has not hitherto been insane.

I am not warning you on the use of narcosynthesis, merely on the possible consequences in using it. …because an inspection of the clinical records on the subject of administering narcosynthesis will demonstrate clearly to anyone that a good, sizeable percentage of those cases were much worse afterwards, and stayed worse. It was the fact that narcosynthesis was a variable that made me investigate it.

Another thing you must watch for in Institutional Dianetics is the use of positive suggestion during electric shock as practiced by many psychiatrists. They do not call it positive suggestion since they don’t recognize it as such. But it is quite ordinary to take a patient immediately after a convulsive shock and tell him, “Well, you’re all right here, you will be much better”… However, it is worse than hypnotism because there is physiological damage going along with it, even if its just a disturbed electronic balance to the body.

Institutional Dianetics is complicated, not so much by psychosis, but by psychiatric therapy. That is not a bitter statement, I am just asking you to confront this fact for what it is.

…if you go into an institution, you will find yourself dealing with people who have now been deprived of all civil rights, who are wards of the state, who are actually the property of the state…

What has been done physiologically to the mind by an electric shock, by insulin, by metrazol, we don’t know. What is done to the mind exactly by a topectomy, a transorbital leukotomy, no one knows.

Sigmund Freud blew himself a flock of fuses in 1911 when he said all was delusion in childhood because he had found prenatals.

Hubbard talks about administering sodium amytal, sodium pentothal, and other drugs in those mental institutions.
The drug sodium pentothal was restricted to CIA studies in psychiatric hospitals.

So, what is going on here is CIA mind control research wherein you combine abreactive therapy with PDH.

Hubbard talks about his involvement with Saint Elizabeths Hospital and Chestnut Lodge (he calls it Walnut Lodge).

The Logics, Methods of Thinking, an LRH lecture 4 December 1952 –

…there’s a place by the name of Walnut Lodge. They don’t see anything humorous in that, by the way; it’s Walnut Lodge. And that’s a spinbin down the line here. They sent three people to see me and every one of them was under treatment. And this was their staff. Have some fine patients though. Anyway, they treat only schizophrenia.

And they take somebody who is a dementia praecox… and they take him from Saint Elizabeths and they take him over to Walnut Lodge and he goes onto the books as a schizophrenic.

The Itsa Line, an LRH lecture 20 August 1963 –

They’ve gotten so idiotic with it now that if somebody goes to that Chestnut Lodge… I’ve told you about it before. That’s actually the name of the joint… But if a person is transferred to Chestnut Lodge, regardless of their symptoms before, they now have schizophrenia.

Future Org Trends, an LRH lecture 9 October 1962 –

The last fun I ever got out of mass hypnotism was hypnotizing the staff of Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington.

Dianetics, Scientology And Society, an LRH lecture 4 August 1966 –

It happens at Saint Elizabeths all the time, Washington. Now, institutionally, I’ve gone into jails and gone into institutions and looked at people. I’ve had lots of discussions with doctors on their patients and so on.

The Superintendent at Saint Elizabeths Hospital was Winfred Overholser, he had worked for the OSS.
The leading psychiatrist at Chestnut Lodge was Harry Stack Sullivan, an agent for the New World Order.

We have two psychiatrists who have MI 6 connections working in a leading capacity at those mental institutions.

Take a good look at this, now. Why would a mental institution allow a layman like Hubbard into the institution to practice on mental patients? They would never allow that!

It was allowed because Sullivan, Overholser and Hubbard were all agents under the thumb of British Intelligence. Obviously, British intelligence got the word passed to Sullivan and Overholser to allow Hubbard into the institutions. That is how it happened.

* * *

Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium, Saint Elizabeths Hospital, and Central Intelligence Agency headquarters –
are within 10 miles of each other. Ron Hubbard was involved with all of them.map_Chestnut_Lodge_and_CIA
The OSS and then the CIA were involved in mind control drug research on behalf of their British masters.

Chestnut Lodge had CIA-cleared psychiatrists on its staff. 22  Saint Elizabeths was a government mental hospital.

Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium and Saint Elizabeths Hospital qualify as a psychiatric House of Horrors.


* * *

At the behest of its British masters, the CIA was conducting mind control research in the late 1940’s –  90

A CIA Memo (written in June 1951) says:

C.I.A. interest is in the specific subject of devising scientific methods for controlling the minds of individuals. And so, in the late 1940′s some essentially uncontrolled experimentation was begun by various people within the C.I.A.

Some of the early CIA mind control researchers were –

Colonel James Monroe, CIA
Albert Biderman, sociologist
Robert J. Lifton, air force psychiatrist
Harold Wolff at Cornell
Lawrence Hinkle at Cornell
John Gittinger, CIA psychologist   19

Now we know that Ron Hubbard was also one of those people doing CIA mind control research in the late 1940’s.

* * *

Rear Admiral Sidney Souers was the first Director of the CIA (he served as its Director for 6 months in 1947).
He was sworn in by President Truman.

Truman and souers
In August 1949, Rear Admiral Souers proposed creation of a special unit wherein Naval Reserve (intelligence) personnel would work for the CIA in a civilian capacity. CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter wrote the following letter informing Rear Admiral Souers that his proposed special unit was not approved. CIA declass - Hillenkoetter to Souers 22 August 1949.

However, they went ahead and formed the special unit wherein Naval Reserve personnel worked for the CIA in a civilian capacity. On 27 February 1950, CIA Director Hillenkoetter attended the formal activation of the CIA Naval Reserve Unit. He noted it in his daily log book – I marked the log entry with a red arrow.   82

CIA FOIA Hillenkoetter CIA Naval Reserve Unit of civilians 17 Feb 1950.

You will soon see herein that L. Ron Hubbard was one of those Naval Reserve people who went to work for the CIA in a civilian capacity.

* * *

20 April 1950 – CIA Project Bluebird – researching interrogation, mind control and behavior modification methods.

The stated purpose of Bluebird was to develop –

the means to control individuals through special interrogation techniques
ways to prevent the extraction of information from CIA agents
offensive uses of unconventional techniques, such as hypnosis and drugs

CIA funded psychiatrists conducted secret experiments with electroshock, pain-drugshypnosis, and various drugs including cocaine, heroin, and LSD. PDH was being done at Chestnut Lodge and Saint Elizabeths Hospital, and Hubbard was involved in that for years. Hubbard would soon be involved in conducting mind control research under Project Bluebird.

May 1950 – Ron Hubbard writes Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health

Catharsis therapy, also known as abreactive therapy, is now being called Dianetics.

Abreactive therapy began in 1880. All the basic ideas and the therapy were discovered before Hubbard was even born. Psychiatrists working for British intelligence used it for 70 years before Hubbard decided to call it Dianetics.

Scientology 0-8 by L. Ron Hubbard –

Man had no inkling whatever of Dianetics. None. This was the bolt from the blue.


Hubbard dispensed some tremendous Fairy Tales in the Dianetics book –

The engram is the single source of aberrations…

A clear… has complete recall of everything which has ever happened to him or anything he has ever studied.

A clear can be tested for any and all psychosis, neuroses, compulsions and repressions (all aberrations)… These tests confirm the clear to be entirely without such ills or aberrations.

The reactive mind… thinks only in identities. …the reactive mind does not reason…

It is a new thought that man is motivated only by survival.

Those five statements are lies…

see Chapter Eighteen – 2 Scientology Disinformation Series 2
see Chapter Eighteen – 3 Scientology Disinformation Series 3 and 5

* * *

Cecil and Hubbard
Hubbard was the front man for the mental, spiritual, religious and political ideas of the British slavemasters.

Remember how they defined mental health in 1948. Mental health is acceptance of World Government.

That is a political operation masquerading as being mental health.

It is an undeniable fact that Hubbard advocated that “mental health” agenda –

acceptance of world government – the British New World Order

That is the covert evil purpose of Dianetics and Scientology.

The intended behavior modification – is to covertly transform you to accept rule by British slavemasters.


Intelligence Assignment Mind Control Research

The CIA sent funding for mind control and behavior modification research through various conduits, with each one named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research cover for the CIA MK Ultra program –

Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology  (aka The Human Ecology Fund)
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
The Geschickter Fund for Medical Research
Scientific Engineering Institute
National Science Foundation
Veterans’ Administration
Department of Labor
National Institute of Mental Health
National Institutes of Health
Department of Defense
Department of the Army
Office of Naval Research

The US Navy then asked Hubbard to resign the Navy and carry out mind control research as a civilian.

On Auditing, an LRH lecture 26 May 1961 –

You know, I resigned from the United States Navy in 1950 when they tried to pull me in and put me to work on the subject of research in the human mind.

But in 1950 they tried to kidnap me. They told me that I would be returned to active service to do this research if I did not return to do so as – in a civilian capacity at high pay…

I’m not supposed to say anything about the Bureau of Naval Intelligence.

The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology, an LRH lecture 31 December 1960 –

World War II they called it. And after that – I had done quite a bit of study in the last year of that war of the endocrine systems and a bunch of things – and I did an enormous amount of work in 46 and 47 which finally culminated in the writing of the book Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health, published in very early 1950 – May, actually.

Well, just about the time it hit the stands, I was in Washington, DC. And a very high ranking officer, a very, very, very high ranking officer you know, Brass!

I was teaching some of the psychiatrists here in Washington how to run engrams, or trying to.

Anyway, this bunch of scrambled eggs comes walking up the steps, and it was on a Monday…
He said, “How would you like to work for the Office of Naval Research?”
I said, “Doing what?”
“Oh, using what you know about the mind…, Uh – to make people more suggestible.”

“Sir,” I said, “I’m not interested.” After all, the book had just been published, the first Foundation was just forming, we were just kicking off and this guy wants to drag me into the Navy.

He says, “Well,” he said, “you’d better watch out… Because I can pull you back into service at your old rank.”

So he left feeling very complacent; and I immediately got on telephones. I had to find some place in the United States, a naval district, that was stupid enough to let me resign. And I found them, God bless them, right down here at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Potomac River Naval Command… It had admirals and everything, and I went in going, “Oohoo, oohoo, ahh, ahh, ahh.” I had a service record and I had my health record, had my resignation all written out. And, factually, up until 1947, I was unable to walk without a cane, I couldn’t see, I was blind. I got processing about that time, however, and ruined my naval record.

And I showed the old admiral down there how I could never be of any use again to the Navy, showing him all the casualties, you know, and sheets of paper… And he says, “You poor fellow. Yes, I’ll accept your resignation.” They rushed it up, got a special assistant to the Secretary of the Navy to okay it, and on Thursday, when the high brass came back to see me again, he says, “Well, have you decided?”

“Yes,” I said, “I’ve decided not to go in.”
He said, “Well,” he said, “I guess I have no other choice but to draft you in at your old rank.”
And I said, “I’m very sorry, but I’m no longer a member of the Armed Services.”

How We Have Addressed the Problem of the Mind, an LRH lecture 4 July 1957 –

You’re probably not aware of the fact that before the incorporation papers of the HDRF [Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation] were filed in 1950, the Office of Naval Intelligence right here in Washington, DC, threatened to call me to active duty to use what I knew about the mind.

…this officer from the Office of Naval Research, came to see me right here in Washington and he wanted me to go on as a civilian employee in order to use what I knew of the mind to make men more suggestible.

And I said, “No.”
…he said to me, “Well, all you have to do is say ‘No’ and I will call you back to active duty because you still are an officer of the United States Navy.”

So I went down here to the Washington Navy Yard, the Potomac River Naval Command, and I got my resignation accepted.

And Thursday the admiral came back to see me, and he says, “Well?”
And I said, “Well?” Fastest resignation on record. There wasn’t anything he could do about it then.

And I went back up to Elizabeth, New Jersey and the HDRF, the first research foundation, was formed, and we went happily on our way just throwing it all over the place.

A Postulate Out Of A Golden Age, an LRH lecture 6 December 1956 –

They said, “You know you’re still in the reserves and we can call you back to active duty on research in the field of the mind.”

I said, “Well, if you put it that way,” I said, “There’s nothing much I can do.”

But I was down to the Potomac River Naval Command, and I was through Bureau of Naval Personnel. …he said, “you’ve decided to come into the service as a civilian?

And I said, “No, I haven’t. I decided not to.” …and handed him my resignation, accepted.

But do you know that immediately predated, by one week, the opening of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation of Elizabeth, New Jersey?

All they wanted to do was get a piece of research done which they in their tyrannical fashion had decided was far more important than any other research that could be done. They wanted me to work on a project to make men more suggestible.

Ron Hubbard states he was asked to resign the Navy and perform mind control research as a civilian. He says he declined, but his actions tell the real story. He did exactly what they asked – he resigned the Navy, and as a civilian he established the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation and carried out CIA mind control research into pain-drug-hypnosis

So much for “I didn’t want to do mind control research”, then.


Charles Parker Morgan worked for the Office of Strategic Services.  91

Charles_Parker_Morgan_in_1931_-_lafayette_collegeCharles Parker Morgan

It was Charles Parker Morgan who suggested forming the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation69

1 June 1950 – Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation incorporated. Charles Parker Morgan was Secretary.
As Secretary, Morgan wrote a letter stating he was a Trustee of the HDRF and he had worked for the OSS.  70

The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation conducted CIA mind control research into Pain-Drug-Hypnosis.

Science of Survival by L. Ron Hubbard –

This form of hypnotism has been a carefully guarded secret of certain military and intelligence organizations. It is a vicious war weapon and may be of more use in conquering a society than the atom bomb. Pain-drug-hypnosis is a wicked extension of narco-synthesis, the drug hypnosis used in America only during and since the last war. But pain-drug-hypnosis, due mainly to the intent of the operator, is a much more vicious procedure. The Foundation undertook some tests with regard to the effectiveness of pain-drug-hypnosis and found it so appallingly destructive to the personality… Pain-drug-hypnosis is so effectively destructive that the Foundation has ceased experimentation along this line, having already learned enough and refusing to endanger the sanity of individuals.

Hubbard also does research into the remedy for PDH, another thing that the CIA wanted research on, to protect the minds of captured American agents who might get PDH’d. A declassified CIA document of 12 May 1949, shows that the Agency specifically wanted a counter-measure (remedy) against interrogation methods such as combinations of drugs and hypnosis.   68

Formative State of Scientology, an LRH lecture 6 December 1952 –

…you can use Creative Processing. The process of using mock-ups will flip out a PDH without ever touching it or addressing it. You can knock a PDH to pieces within 15 minutes of processing. And it takes longer than that to put one in.

A PDH could be so – a pain-drug-hypnosis – they knock the fellow out, they drug him – could be laid in with great rapidity… And you could get ahold of him and flip the PDH out.

Hubbard awarded Parker Morgan a fellowship for inventing the running of pleasure moments.   71

Parker Morgan was an attorney, and he was the attorney for the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation.  70

8 January 1951 – the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners brought litigation against the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation for operating a school for treatment of disease without a license.  76

Elizabeth Daily Journal

New Jersey Starts Action Against Dianetics

January 15, 1951

The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc., was accused of operating a school for treatment of disease without a license in a complaint by the State Board of Medical Examiners docketed today in Part I of District Court. The complaint was served on C. Parker Morgan, 275 Morris avenue, registered agent.

– Found at lermanet, also FBI files #124.

Parker Morgan told Hubbard to incorporate Dianetics and Scientology as a religion as a defense against such lawsuits.  92

 * * *

The sequence of events related to Hubbard doing CIA mind control research is –

1948 to 1950 – Hubbard participated in CIA mind control research at Chestnut Lodge and St Elizabeths Hospital
February 1950 – Unit formed for Naval Reserve personnel to work for CIA as civilians
April 1950 – CIA Project Bluebird is authorized
May 1950 – Hubbard asked to resign the Navy and conduct mind control research as a civilian
May 1950 – Hubbard does what they asked, he resigns the Navy and became a civilian
May 1950 – OSS man Parker Morgan suggests the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation for doing research
June 1, 1950 – Hubbard incorporates the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation and they do PDH research


Intelligence Assignment Research Radiation and Nicotinic Acid

Hubertus Strughold supervised Nazi mind control experiments at Dachau during World War II. Walter Neff worked with him. They experimented with mescaline and hypnosis. Mescaline has similar mind altering qualities as LSD.
Neff said the goal of the mescaline experiments on prisoners was “to eliminate the will of the person examined.

Hubertus Strughold

…doctors connected to the S.S. and Gestapo were doing experiments that led to the testing of mescaline on prisoners at Dachau. Germany’s secret policemen had the notion… that they could use drugs like mescaline to bring unwilling people under their control.

After the war, Neff told American investigators that the subjects showed a wide variety of reactions. Some became furious; others were melancholy or gay, as if they were drunk. Not surprisingly, “sentiments of hatred and revenge were exposed in every case.”

Neff noted that the drug caused certain people to reveal their “most intimate secrets.” They went on to try hypnosis in combination with the drug, but they apparently never felt confident that they had found a way to assume command of their victim’s mind.

…special U.S. investigating teams were sifting through the experimental records at Dachau for information of military value. Military authorities sent the records, including a description of the mescaline and hypnosis experiments, back to the United States.

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate  Chapter 1, World War II, by John Marks

Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services program to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment by the United States after World War II.

Operation Paperclip group pictureOperation Paperclip scientists

Under the leadership of Doctor Hubertus Strughold, 34 ex-Nazi scientists accepted Paperclip contracts and were put to work at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Doctor Strughold and his team began human radiation experiments, one such contract was with the School of Aviation Medicine, where he was the Chief Researcher.   93, 94

Doctor Hubertus Strughold

20 April 1950 – CIA Project Bluebird was authorized to research interrogation methods using drugs. Bluebird was run by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI). Nicotinic acid research was done under Bluebird and the reports were sent to OSI.

Hubbard researched radiation and niacin, it was his role in intelligence agency research into exactly that.

The Purification Rundown, HCOB 6 February 1978RA  –

My work covering vitamins and deficiencies, stimulants and depressants and the field of biochemistry goes back to the spring of 1950.

In the middle of the 1950s, I was doing work on radiation and I worked out that it must be niacin that operated on radiation. Niacin runs out radiation.

I have even found that there is such a thing as the “drug personality.” Drugs can apparently change the attitude of a person from his original personality to one secretly harboring hostilities and hatreds he does not permit to show on the surface.

The CIA researched nicotinic acid to produce psychosis, to treat psychosis, and taken in conjunction with LSD.

The University Vermont Medical School Pharmacology Department was testing radiation and nicotinic acid under the exact same contract as the one given to Doctor Hubertus Strughold.  94   Here is a 1952 CIA document about that.  95

This next CIA document talks about research into the effect of nicotinic acid on psychosis.

13 April 1953 –  CIA mind control and behavior modification Project MK Ultra begins.

Nicotinic acid research was a sub project of LSD research being done under MK Ultra. Here is a 1955 report on the effect of nicotinic acid given in conjunction with LSD.   96

Nicotinic acid was administered to one group of subjects at the height of the LSD experience and to another for three days prior to the administration of LSD. Tentative findings are presented which indicate that nicotinic acid, when administered at the height of the LSD experience, has a markedly normalizing effect.

The administration of nicotinic acid prior to LSD reduced disturbances in concentration and vision.

However, in some subjects it produced a psychosis, the primary symptoms of which more closely resemble the primary symptoms of schizophrenia than those most commonly found when LSD alone is administered.

Here is the Abstract of the above –


PROBLEM: The LSD psychosis has been compared to toxic and functional psychoses. Nicotinic acid has been used in the treatment of various psychoses. The authors hypothesis was therefore that nicotinic acid will modify the LSD psychosis.

METHODS: 10 male volunteers
Group A : 200 mg nicotinic acid at the height of the LSD experience.
Group B : 3 g nicotinic acid orally daily for 3 days prior to the LSD study.

One man also received 200 mg nicotinic acid 15 minutes after taking LSD.

RESULTS: Nicotinic acid given at the height of the LSD experience resulted in a striking reduction in all LSD-induced disturbances, except affective, in all subjects but one. The reduction of the disturbances occurred within a few minutes of the nicotinic acid injection and was maintained.

Group B: Difficulties in powers of expression and concentration were mild by comparison to those in group A before nicotinic acid. Visual symptoms, usually the most striking feature of the LSD experience, appeared as the major symptom in only 1 case. Disturbances of self-identity and reality were the major symptoms in 3 cases.

It is believed that the administration of nicotinic acid prior to LSD resulted in a “model” psychosis more in keeping with the schizophrenic prototype.

Ron Hubbard did his part in CIA research into radiation and nicotinic acid. He made a compound called Dianezene. It was a combination of vitamin B 1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and nicotinic acid.

Question and Answer Period: Auditor Effect on Meter, an LRH lecture 19 July 1961 –

Female voice: I would like to ask what vitamins or what composition of vitamins would be taken in an intensive and if they were allowed vitamin B, and C and iron and nicotinic acid.

LRH: You’re talking about Guk is its oldest phase. …Dianazene and other such mixtures.

The target of the atomic bomb is what gave us Dianazene and that is the one which has the iron and everything else in it. Now, let’s see, what is the formula for a Dianazene? I think it’s 100 milligrams of B 1… 15 grains of dicalcium phosphate (or calcium), 250 milligrams of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Now, that all by itself is Guk.

And to this, if you add iron and 100 milligrams of nicotinic acid… you’ll start running off all of the sunburns, all atomic blast flushes.

And we did quite a few tricks with this, but we were experimenting around.

Dianazene is the whole mixture of the ancient Guk plus nicotinic acid and is used only for the purpose of the discharge of radiation and is an experimental drug but does do some remarkable things.

Radiation, an LRH lecture 5 November 1956

Well, how do you administer this nicotinic acid? It turns on any phase of atomic radiation sickness.

Now, nicotinic acid is simply nicotinic acid. It is niacin, it is lots of things, but just remember it’s nicotinic acid.

…to this we can add all of our 1950 guk experience. And we experimented with niacin back then, not knowing what it was running out, but thinking it was running out only sunburn. Sunburn was an incidental thing that we were running out in 1950.

We’re liable to sell this to the Atomic Energy Commission.  In fact, we’re in action doing it right this minute as Dianazene.

Radiation And Its Relationship To Processing, an LRH lecture 8 November 1956 –

Nicotinic acid is advertised in the Pharmacopoeia as turning on a flush.  It says so; it says it’s toxic. But it’s a funny flush, isn’t it, that in 1950 displayed nothing but bathing-suit patterns on the body.

But how about a case that had all the sunburn run out by nicotinic acid in 1950, and for years afterwards is totally null on the subject, starts to run out face flushes, all with visios of Phoenix? Must have been facing in some direction when something flashed. Got it?

I don’t even tell you now that nicotinic acid runs out radiation. But it’s running out more than it ran out in 1950 and that’s for sure.

You have to be very careful in the field of research where you go for sources. Sources must be reliable. And you get a bunch of sources that are under confidential classification or secret classification and this and that, and you take the odds and ends and scraps which are escaping out from underneath this basket… and you often don’t get the complete, straight story.

But we found out quite independently that the administration of dicalcium phosphate, the administration of B complex and the administration of ascorbic acid are all actually necessary to the administration of nicotinic acid. We call this compound Dianazene…

I’m at this moment engaged in seeking to persuade any government agency that is in charge – because I find out now that the Atomic Energy Commission is no longer in charge of atomic energy; I think that’s quite interesting – but any agency that’s in charge of this sort of thing, to send us some “wictims”. Well, they’re proud men; they’ll send us some wictims. They’ll send us some people over that have been overexposed… And when we get our hands on them, brother, you could probably toast marshmallows on them, because we’ll start slugging them up.

Now, we’re going to get ahold of these fellows and we’re going to shoot them full of Dianazene. And we will get more data on this subject, and we will learn a little bit more about it. We will balance up our ration a little bit more. We also have to get equipment that measures the amount of count in an individual, you know, so that we point the equipment at him, and it goes b-r-r-r-r and measures the amount in there.

It isn’t, by the way, just nicotinic acid. We’ve already found out that it needs the other materials to really give it a good, hard punch.

So we look along this line and we discover, then – what do we do? What do we do with all this information when we’ve got it? – when we know the dosages, when they’re exact, when they’re right down to the smallest milligram.

Anyhow, we’ll take handfuls of this stuff and throw it into people and see what happens.  And when we’ve done that …we will, of course, issue a very complicated manual on the subject which will befoozle anybody. The most complicated manual: It’d be “The Care and Treatment of Radiation”.

The Scale of Havingness, an LRH lecture 29 November 1956 –

So here we have this problem and here we have this compound that we’re calling Dianazene. I gave this a lot of study last year…

Scientologists were used as test subjects in various experiments conducted by Hubbard within Scientology, without informing them they were being used as test subjects in CIA secret research projects. In the Dianezene experiments they were also not informed they were being subjected to a chemical that is known to develop psychosis.

Irvin E. Griswold was a Scientologist who was subjected to these Dianazene experiments in 1956. He wrote a letter to the Food and Drug Administration telling his horrific experiences from taking Dianazene.

During the course of the experiment L. Ron Hubbard lectured personally. He lectured about radiation. He lectured about Dianezine. He told us Scientology would be in when the final results of the experiment were analyzed. We were advancing our own cases by taking Dianazene.

Engrams, a word stolen from West Coast psychiatrist which according to Hubbard are moments of pain and/or unconciousness, run out (dissipate) quicker under Dianezine.

We started with 200 mg. Nicotinic Acid per day, we built up to 2000 mg. per day. We may have gone higher. This means 2500 mg. daily or 3000. The lethal dosage according to Hubbard is 90 grains of Nicotinic Acid…

After my head seemed to literally explode under Dianezine after being on it for perhaps three weeks and burning up with a 104 degree to a 106 degree fever for days, with my skin beet-red, nauseous, hardly sleeping, attending courses, auditing and studying until all hours of the night, I had a “psychotic break”. I thought I was telepathic. I thought I was uncontrollably sending “messages” to and receiving “messages” from, other Scientologists. It was a living, searing state of the damned that I could not stop. I wanted to stop. Oh, God in Heaven, how I wanted to stop.

I was actually afraid I would be killed by the Scientologists. Basic to this are my 1956 Washington Dianezene experiences. There were spoken rumors about some kind of “telepathic control” existing at the Academy, some kind of “telepathic overseeing” over student auditors and their preclears. I experienced some of this myself while under Dianezene. ESP or drug-induced psychosis, I was afraid in 1957 to tell my [redacted] that I had been on a drug when I wrecked my car. [in December 1956]

At that time I had just evicted myself from room in I believe the [redacted] having received a “telepathic order” from Ron Hubbard to “Get out of Washington!” I was under 2000 mg daily of Nicotinic Acid. …this was a few days after the “head-exploding” incident.    97

90 grains = 5831 milligrams, so when you take 3,000 milligrams you are taking half the lethal dosage!

 * * *

Hervey Milton Cleckley was a Rhodes Scholar, which makes him a British intelligence agent. He pioneered the use of nicotinic acid as a treatment for abnormal mental states and psychiatric disorders, starting in 1939.  98  Starting in 1952 psychiatrists tested high doses of niacin, 3,000 milligrams, in treating schizophrenia.  99

Hervey Cleckley wrote a book Mask of Sanity wherein he lists the characteristics of the anti-social personality. Hubbard took his anti-social characteristics tech from Cleckley.  100

* * *

In 1958 the Food and Drug Administration seized 21,000 Dianezene tablets due to misleading claims it was a cure for radiation, and that the label did not have the dosages correct. Scientology did not contest the action and the FDA destroyed the tablets. 101


Intelligence Assignment Research Speech-Inducing Drugs

MI 6 psychiatrist William Sargant used benzedrine for treating mental patients in 1936. Sargant “successfully demonstrated the value of the amphetamine benzedrine in depression”.  102  Smith, Kline & French then began advertising Benzedrine for “mild depression” in 1942.

MI 6 headquarters in America was located in Room 3603 of Rockefeller Center in New York City. They actually occupied the 35th and 36th floor.

rockefeller center 1940s MI6 BSC and OSS intelligence

William Donovan was head of the Office of the Coordinator of Information, the forerunner of the Office of Strategic Services. In October 1941, William Donovan set up the COI headquarters in Room 3603 of Rockefeller Center –
the exact same place that was MI 6 headquarters in America.

They wanted to obtain intelligence from German prisoners of war and thought they could use drugs in interrogation to get the prisoners to reveal secrets. They began testing drugs looking for a speech-inducing drug that could be used in interrogation. Some of the drugs tested were morphine, mescaline, marijuana, barbituates, and benzedrine.

Dr. Winfred Overholser was the Superintendent of Saint Elizabeths Hospital.


31 October 1942 – a committee was activated to investigate using drugs in the interrogation of Prisoners of War. They wanted to find a Truth Drug that would make the prisoners reveal secrets. The committee was first under the National Defense Research Council. The chairman of the Truth Drug committee was Winfred Overholser.

1 January 1943 – The Truth Drug program was put under the Office of Research and Development in the Office of Strategic Services. Per another CIA document referred to as OSS Truth Serum – George Hunter White and doctor Watson W. Eldridge were using marijuana as part of interrogating prisoners. Watson Eldridge was a doctor at Saint Elizabeths Hospital.  116

Another thing that the OSS researchers (White, Eldridge etc.) specifically advocated was combining morphine with scopalamine, in which a “state of twilight sleep” could be induced and that under such conditions a person would talk freely about things that they wouldn’t normally. They used the mental patients at Saint Elizabeths Hospital as their guinea pigs for this truth-telling cocktail of drugs.

The OSS became the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947, and the drug research was then being done underneath the CIA. The CIA had psychiatrists doing research into the pain-drug-hypnosis behavior modification method and PDH was being done at Saint Elizabeths Hospital. Ron Hubbard was involved in this, he spent years practicing abreactive therapy combined with PDH at Saint Elizabeths Hospital.

One drug Hubbard used at Saint Elizabeths Hospital was benzedrine.

Institutional Dianetics, an LRH lecture 23 June 1950 –

One of the ways one can take a catatonic and raise his necessity level artificially is to feed him full of Benzedrine. You are not allowed to give Benzedrine, however. You do that in liason with a medical doctor.

Hubbard was fascinated with benzedrine, he continued to recommend it in conjunction with Dianetic therapy.

Hubbard submitted an article to the Explorers Club Journal in 1949 – he recommends benzedrine.  103
(The red arrow below shows you where it is in the article.)

the-explorers-journal from scicrit website

explorers journal terra incognita hubbard benzedrine

The purpose of the Dianetic reverie is to wake the patient up. Narco-synthesis and other drug therapies have some slight use in Dianetics. But the primary technique consists of stimulants. The best stimulant is benzedrine; In its absence an overdose of coffee will do.


There are some drugs which assist reverie, however. The commonest and most easily obtainable is plain, strong coffee. A cup or two of this occasionally alerts the analyzer enough so that it can reach through deeper layers of “unconsciousness.” Benzedrine and other commercial stimulants have been used with some success, particularly on psychotic patients.

Dianetics, Modern Science of Mental Health; Book III, Chapter IX, Part Two: Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy; section “Drugs”

Sedation of the neurotic or psychotic is a very dangerous practice. If one must do something by way of drugs for these people, better effects, according to medical observation, can be achieved by the administration of stimulants such as benzedrine.

Science of Survival, p. 218

Case Factors, an LRH lecture 15 June 1950 –

We have to have some quick method of handling inaccessible institutionalized cases…

Leave soporifics strictly alone. He could get more thoroughly restimulated in trying to come off a soporific. I know because I made myself a guinea pig on one of those experiments, and trying to get off the soporific was a tough job.

If you have to grab hold of anything, grab hold of Benzedrine… Benzedrine doesn’t shut down the analyzer. It is said in the Handbook that as a stimulant Benzedrine helps blow emotional charges. This is true.

To handle such a case, I would put him on Benzedrine, and go back over the case and start picking up the deaths and emotional discharges…

Sara Northrup was Hubbard’s second wife. She was interviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. She said that Hubbard frequently took benzedrine.  104

* * *

20 April 1950 – CIA Project Bluebird was authorized to research interrogation methods using drugs. Project Bluebird was renamed Project Artichoke. In a CIA Project ARTICHOKE document dated October 21, 1951, it talks about all the speech-inducing drugs that they had been testing. In addition to LSD, this document also mentioned morphine, ether, ethyl alcohol, mescaline and Benzedrine.  105

Benzedrine was one of the speech-inducing drugs that was tested for use in interrogation.

The CIA sent funding for mind control and behavior modification research through various conduits –

Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology  (aka The Human Ecology Fund)
The Geschickter Fund for Medical Research
Scientific Engineering Institute
Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation
National Institute of Mental Health
National Institutes of Health
Department of Defense
Department of the Army
Office of Naval Research

The Department of Defense did a report on its experimentation programs that had participation by the CIA. The report also gives specifics on the Office of Naval Research being used as a conduit for CIA funding.   117

Here is the beginning of the report.

DOD report September 1977 CIA projects

This next part of the Department of Defense report says the Navy was used as a conduit for CIA funding of mind control and behavior modification research.


This next part of the Department of Defense report says the Navy contracted with a New York researcher to develop drugs and instrumentation for use in interrogation of prisoners of war. Benzedrine was one of the drugs investigated in the project.

DOD report September 1977 CIA projects 2

(5) Development and administration of speech-inducing drugs

This project apparently began in 1947 and ended in 1953.

It was performed primarily by a contractor located in New York and, in one aspect, by the Navy at a location in Europe. The involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency was apparently only as an interested observer. The project was funded by the Navy through the Naval Medical Research Institute. The Central Intelligence Agency records of this project are apparently in the BLUEBIRD .and ARTICHOKE project files.

The Navy arranged in 1950 to obtain marijuana and heroin from the FBI for use in experiments and entered a contract with a researcher in New York to develop drugs and instrumentation for use in interrogation of prisoners of war, defectors and similar persons. The security cover for the project was a study of motion sickness. The study began with six of the researcher’s staff as knowing volunteers. The project was expanded to cover barbituates and benzedrine. Other substances were evaluated.

Bare-Faced Messiah P. 147 –

‘GUK’ was a haphazard cocktail of benzedrine, vitamins and glutamic acid which Hubbard believed facilitated auditing.

‘I recall Ron telling a meeting about this great breakthrough in Dianetics,’ said Forrest Ackerman. ‘He said he had discovered a chemical way to audit yourself called GUK. It comprised huge quantities of vitamins which you took every two hours for at least twenty-four hours. If you took enough, he said, it would release the engrams within you without the need for a partner.’

‘The Foundation rented a huge complex on Rossmore near Beverly and loads of Dianeticists were holed up there going through the GUK programme…’

Volney Mathison built the first E-Meter in 1940. He called it the Mathison Electropsychometer. He used the device with his patients to investigate their inner problems. Mathison was a follower of Dianetics. Ron Hubbard incorporated the E-Meter into Dianetics and Scientology practices.

Volney MathisonVolney Mathison uses an E-meter to analyze a patient, circa 1951

Now we have all the ingredients for Hubbard to be assisting the Navy contract “to develop drugs and instrumentation for use in interrogation of prisoners of war”. Benzedrine was one of the drugs tested and Hubbard had plenty of people he could use as test subjects for the experiments. Hubbard also had the test subjects for CIA projects that were interested in the same thing.

* * *

By the way, when you combine benzedrine and nicotinic acid, like they were doing – it produces hallucinations.

Another well-publicized experiment occurred in a University Chapel in Boston on the evening of Good Friday 1962. It was here that twenty theology [religions study] students took part in Walter Pahnke’s Psilocybin experiments. Ten students were given 30 mg. of psilocybin and ten others were giver 200 mg. of nicotinic acid, laced with a small amount of Benzedrine to stimulate the initial physical sensations attributed to a psychedelic experience.

– Mushroom Pioneers by John W. Allen; Chapter 7. Mushrooms and Timothy Francis Leary
(The great site Erowid made this known)


Intelligence Assignment Research Personality Testing

The British nobility wants to be the ruthless ruler of the entire world. They have a problem, most men do not want to live under the boot and say-so of the British nobility. They want to live as free men who live under their own free will and say-so. Thus the British slavemasters seek and use methods to modify behavior, to transform men into what the slavemasters want them to be.

During World War I, psychiatrist John Rawlings Rees and some other psychs were brought into the British Army to handle officer selection and to treat soldiers who did not want to fight. 106  Their interest was in how to make men into killers and how to choose men to lead and influence others to be killers.

That was their interest in personality testing, to identify the men who would lead others to kill.  107

A two-pronged devil’s fork developed, for modifying behavior. One prong was the soft psychiatry approach, which was personality testing and talking therapy. The other prong was brutal psychiatry, which is using horrible drugs, electroshock, brain operations, and pain-drug-hypnosis methods to modify behavior.

After the war ended they decided to apply these behavior modification methods to the general population. They call it social psychiatry and social engineering. 108 Social engineering methods include using propaganda and religious front groups to modify thinking and behavior.

During World War II, John Rawlings Rees and his psych pals performed the same services as they did in WW I.

John Rawlings Rees - TavistockJohn Rawlings Rees

The Office of Strategic Services was an American intelligence agency, but it was really a rat-nest of British intelligence agents operating inside the American government. The OSS Psychology Division was formed to study people and their ideas to learn how to manipulate them. Margaret Mead and her husband Gregory Bateson were British agents who worked for the OSS Psychology Division. 109

In 1946, Alan Gregg, the Medical Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, was interested in finding out if there was a group committed to undertaking, under conditions of peace, the kind of social psychiatry that had developed in the army under conditions of war.

John Rawlings Rees and his psych pals decided to form a group that Alan Gregg was looking for. They were given the Rockefeller grant which led to the birth of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, in London. 110, 111

A network of think tanks for hatching social engineering methods was created. In 1946 Stanford Research Institute was formed as part of the slavemaster social engineering network. It was headed by William Talbot who had worked for the OSS Psychology Division.

William Fletcher TalbotWilliam Talbot

  Stanford Research InstituteStanford Research Institute

* * *

British intelligence was researching mind control methods and they got American intelligence agencies into it.

A CIA Memo (written in June 1951) says:

C.I.A. interest is in the specific subject of devising scientific methods for controlling the minds of individuals. And so, in the late 1940′s some essentially uncontrolled experimentation was begun by various people within the C.I.A.

20 April 1950 – CIA Project Bluebird was authorized to research interrogation methods using drugs.

20 August 1951 – Project Bluebird was renamed Project Artichoke. The purpose of Project Artichoke, was outlined in a memo dated January 1952 that stated, “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation?”

The methods used for the programming included PDH methods (pain-drugs-hypnosis) and electroshock.
Artichoke also attempted to create a mind-controlled killer, who could be programmed to carry out assassinations. 79

13 April 1953 –  CIA mind control Project MK Ultra begins. The following document states the purpose of MK Ultra.  112

The CIA sent funding for mind control research through conduits. One of these conduits came to be called the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, also called Human Ecology Fund. It was headed by Harold Wolff.

The focus of the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology was influencing and manipulating their subjects.  113

Wolff pressed upon the CIA his idea that to understand human behavior – and how governments might manipulate it – one had to study man in relationship to his total environment. He called this field human ecology. Once he figured out how the human mind really worked, he wrote, he would tell the Agency
“how a man can be made to think, feel, and behave according to the wishes of other men…”  79

* * *

Dr. John Gittinger was a psychologist who started working for the CIA in 1950. He oversaw mind control projects and supported both prongs of the devil’s fork – the strenuous brainwashing techniques and the softer “personality testing”, psychological assessment angle.

John GittingerJohn Gittinger

Gittinger worked on his system for Personality Testing that focused on personality traits, and how those traits interacted to determine behavior. His Personality Assessment System provided a psychological road map for exploiting an individual’s weaknesses.

In Personality Testing you look for his “buttons” (what he reacts to and is affected by) and use it to manipulate him.

A CIA Inspector General report states one purpose for Personality Testing –

The [Clandestine Services] case officer is first and foremost, perhaps, a practitioner of the art of assessing and exploiting human personality and motivations for ulterior purposes. The Personality Assessment System seeks to enhance the case officer’s skill by bringing the methods and disciplines of psychology to bear. The prime objectives are control, exploitation, or neutralization. These objectives are innately anti-ethical rather than therapeutic in their intent.  79

Hubbard also contributed to CIA Personality Testing research.

Ron Hubbard introduced Personality Testing [psychometric exams] in his 1951 book Science of Survival.

The book also gives an emotional scale –

Covert Hostility

Hubbard listed the attributes for each level and it was for evaluation of a person and for prediction of their behavior. He also said you can control a person by assuming one tone level higher than the one the person is in.

Hubbard had Julia Salman Lewis produce a Personality Test – the American Personality Analysis (APA). It failed to give Hubbard the personality trait results he wanted to see for British people.

One evening in 1955/56 Ray Kemp was discussing Human Engineering studies with Hubbard. Ray was involved in those studies while on tour with the Royal Navy.

Ray Kemp and L. Ron Hubbard - England 1950'sRay Kemp and L. Ron Hubbard – England 1950’s

Ray describes what happened next in the conversation:

Ron brought up the matter of the APA, stating that the test results did not seem to fit the observed results on students and pcs in London. I pointed out that… an American personality is not the same as a British, German, French, or any other cultural group’s personality.

Ron asked me whether it would be possible to write a test that was more general in nature, and would enable him to see in the test what he was looking for. He also wanted it to be in the same general format as the APA and if possible to have both tests interchangeable in the matter of what he wanted to see as information. As a result of quite a few months works, I eventually devised the Oxford Capacity Analysis. Note that it did not test personality, but rather the capacity of any person with respect to various traits and syndromes.   114

John Gittinger then worked out versions of his Personality Assessment System for various nations around the world. Gittinger learned to do that from Scientology.

In 1961 the CIA-funded book The Manipulation of Human Behavior was published.  115


The essays in the book include statements crediting research to grants from the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology and the Office of Naval Research.

Regarding the manipulation of human behavior, Hubbard was lock-stepping with the MI 6 and CIA agenda.

Ron Hubbard consistently used surveys to find people’s emotions and “buttons” on certain topics. He then issued advertising that is designed to get people into Scientology by covertly manipulating them through their emotions and buttons. You can see one example of him doing this in Scientology Roots Chapter Thirteen – 1 The Maitreya and Messiah Scam.

Formative State of Scientology, an LRH lecture 6 December 1952 –

Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that.

Contained in the knowable, workable portions before your eyes there are methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe; control mechanisms of such awesome and solid proportions that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology.

But what kind of kind of a government and what kind of a weapon is really serious?

…a weapon that destroys minds, that’s serious. Out of the knowledge which lies before you are sufficient technologies to take over, sieze and handle any government or people on the face of the earth.

You can control men like you would control robots with those techniques. The implantation, Black Dianetics, pain-drug-hypnosis are very mild methods of control.

Well, we’ve got new ways to make slaves here. Let’s see that none are made.

Did you ever read poor old George Orwell’s 1984? That would be, could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence.

Knowing the hidden history of Scientology reveals that Scientology is not about freedom –

it is about making slaves

Down through the decades there are so many times that Ron Hubbard and other Scientologists have been lock-stepping with what the CIA wanted done (at the bidding of its MI 6 masters) – it is impossible to ignore that –

Scientology and the CIA are dance partners on the dance floor of social engineering…

image courtesy of 123jump


Every action Hubbard took in his life, including Scientology, and what is wrong with it, is explained by this fact –

Hubbard was an agent for MI 6

Cumming and MI6 headquarters.

Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA, was an agent for the British New World Order. And so was L. Ron Hubbard.
Both men have the same masters and worked for the same agenda – they were aligned in covert operations.

Down through the decades Ron Hubbard and other Scientologists worked on CIA covert intelligence ops.

After 1950 the covert operations include major drug trafficking and supporting CIA dictators who kill people.

We take up that topic in Scientology Roots Chapter Nine – 2  Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.



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29. Society Chameleons by Raymond E. Spinzia

Burton Hersh, The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1992), p. 17, and Lawrence E. Gelfand, The Inquiry: American Preparations for Peace, 1917-1919 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1963), pp. x, xi. Rhodri Jeffreys–Jones, pp. 54, 74

30. Society Chameleons by Raymond E. Spinzia

31. The Roosevelt-Astor Espionage Ring by Jeffery M. Dorwart, professor of history

Vincent Astor to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sept. 26, 1934, Astor to Roosevelt, April 30, 1935, President’s Secretary’s File 116 (Vincent Astor), Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, hereafter cited as PSF 116, Roosevelt Library; FOR to Judge Kernochan, March 9, 1933, President’s Personal File 71 (Frederic Kernochan), Roosevelt Library; Raymond Moley, The First New Deal (New York, 1966), p. 66; FDR Personal Letters, I: 394.

32. Originally published in the February 1935 issue of Five Novels – reproduced in 2013 and available at Amazon

33. Oral history of James Free taken by the National Press Club

34. website called Maine Memory

35. Ron Hubbard is on the passenger list of the SS COAMO, departing from San Juan 25 August 1932 bound for New York

36. Ron Hubbard is on the passenger list of the SS COAMO, departing from San Juan 6 April 1933 bound for New York

37. A chart shows Great Britain is the largest investor in Cental and South America and West Indies

38. West Indies Minerals, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware, but lost its status due to non-payment of taxes. A blanket repeal of such corporations occurred January 15, 1937.


WHEREAS, Pierre S. duPont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this state. …the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

West Indies Minerals, Inc.

39. According to the Church of Scientology, Ron Hubbard was “called to Hollywood”.

40. OSS, an e-book by Richard Harris Smith

41. Jimmy Britton letter of recommendation for Hubbard, dated March 15, 1941

Britton letter to frank knox march 15 1941

britton to frank knox march 14 1941 2
42. Recently declassified FDA documents, Church of Scientology 121 files, A1 to A18 PDF; Inspector W. Remle Grove DRM/P Memo 2/4/63; Interview Mrs. Margaret Ochs on 2/18/63. (Polly Grubb)

Inspector W, Remle Grove interview Polly grubb hubbard knox
43. Margaret Lake’s Hubbard war history page

A record of personal correspondence between Hubbard and the Secretary of the Navy (Frank Knox) was located in the declassified office correspondence files of Knox in the National Archives.[56]

[56] “Index to Correspondence in the Office File of Frank Knox, 1940-1944”, from Boxes 1-14, Record Group 80, National Archives II, College Park, MD.

There is no specific date on the correspondence, other than that it took place between 1940-1944 (based on the archival records box title). Only a record of the correspondence appears to exist (not the correspondence itself) but it was noted to be in relation to the Explorer’s Club, and so probably took place in either 1940 or 1941.

An index of letters to and from Frank Knox. There is correspondence between Ron Hubbard and Frank Knox.


44. Ron Hubbard is accepted into the Naval Reserve as an Intelligence Volunteer Specialist.

Op 16-C hubbard april 21 1941

45. Cliveden Hotel website stating that Franklin Roosevelt went to Cliveden in 1932



46. Spies and Saboteurs by William James Morgan, published London, Victor Gollancz LTD 1955

Capt. William J. Morgan is listed in the OSS Personnel Database obtained from CIA FOIA records, RG 226 ENTRY 224, p. 329.

The 4-day assessment program of the newly formed SAB (Student Assessment Board – June 1943) was moved to Winterfold Estate, some time in the summer of 1943. The location is called Pemberley.

Winterfold House courtesy Tony HamptonWinterfold Estate aka Pemberley

47. This is a 1979 letter from the Navy, purporting to be an outline of Ron Hubbard’s Navy service record

79-letter-to-hess 1

79-letter-to-hess 2

79-letter-to-hess 3

48. In this letter by Hubbard he says he can speak Spanish, Japanese and some other languages.

hubbard letter apply for military school

49. Near the end of WW II William Stephenson wanted to make a record of what he had done. He had his subordinates write a book based on his records – British Security Coordination, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940 – 1945. BSC_book_spine
50. OSS in China : prelude to Cold War  by Maochun Yu – Yale University Press 1997

51. Donovan and the CIA by Thomas Troy

52. Wikipedia Encyclopedia

53. Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman

54. Hubbard war claims were talked about in Flag Operations Liaison Office memo, 28 May 1974.

Two of the people who talk about Flag Operations Liaison Office memo, 28 May 1974 – Karen Spaink and Chris Owen.

Karen Spaink chronography

Serves with amphibious forces (in Europe?) [Flag Operations Liaison Office memo, 28 May 1974] “

Chris Owen statement…

Hubbard himself claimed 27 medals. In an unsuccessful attempt to obtain from the US Navy the medals to which he believed he was entitled but had not received, he ordered his staff to write to the Navy to request his medals. His claims were detailed in Flag Operations Liaison Memo of May 28, 1974:

Navy Commendation Medal with 1 Bronze Star.
Purple Heart.
Naval Reserve Medal.
Organized Marine Corps Reserve Medal.
(British) The 1939-45 War Medal.
(French) Medaille Commemorative Française 1939-45.
(Netherlands) Bronzen Kruis.
Philippine Defence with 3 Silver Stars.
American Defence Service Medal with 1 Bronze Star.
American Campaign Medal with 2 Bronze Stars.
Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 2 Bronze Stars.
European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal (ETO Medal) with 1
Bronze Star.
WWII Victory Medal.
National Defence Medal.
Armed Forces Reserve Medal.
Navy Expert Rifleman.
Navy Expert Pistol Shot.

– RON THE “WAR HERO”L. RON HUBBARD AND THE U.S. NAVY, 1941-50 by Chris Owen, July 1999;list of medals at the top of

55. Rigden, The WWII SOE Training manual of Camp X

56. O.S.S. and I by William J. Morgan

57. My Dancing Days by Phyllis Bedell

Major Ian Macbean’s wife, Phyllis Bedell, wrote a book My Dancing Days.

Chapter 22, page 100, is what mentions her lifelong friendship with Admiral Mark Kerr.

I had invited Admiral Mark Kerr, whom I had known since childhood….We spent a delightful time listening to ‘Uncle Mark’ telling of his experiences.

– Phyllis Bedell

Mark Edward Frederic KerrAdmiral Mark Kerr

Admiral Mark Kerr was the great-uncle of Lord Lothian, Philip Kerr, who was a member of the Round Table and he worked directly with top British slavemaster Robert Cecil. Ian MacBean was not a minor agent in the world of the British slavemasters. Ian MacBean was connected to a member of the Round Table, through his wife.

lord_lothian_obit_dec_1940Philip Henry Kerr

58. Ron Hubbard’s Allied Scientists of The World – Linus Pauling Letters Question His Veracity by Virginia McClaughry

I recommend this page for those interested, as there is more to that story of how many scientists signed the petition, etc.

59. Report To Members of Parliament, 1969 –

Victoria Report on Scientology sent to Mr. Loftus (Mr. Loftus of the FDA) July 30th 1971. Document number A.F. 41-126; found in the declassified FDA documents, CD # 2, Vol 17 of 18 PDF starting page 1; section of Victoria Report Chapter 6: Hubbard- The Founder of Scientology, biography – P.52 of PDF

60. Winston Churchill Address before U.S. Congress, 1941. Sound disc. Original recording courtesy of Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University. Used with permission. Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum Collection, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress (151) You can listen to it here.

61. Autobiography of Eric Trist published in “Management Laureates” edited by Arthur G. Bedeian, Volume 3, Copyright Jai Press, 1993

62. Geoffrey Gorer essay in 1956 – The Remaking of Man


63. The Cord Meyer Papers at The Library of Congress 

Time magazine article on Cord Meyer February 16, 1948  

The Time article said:

Cord Meyer Jr., 27, is a pale young man with a preoccupied smile and wavy brown hair. Since his discharge from the Marines, Cord Meyer has been a young man on a crusade. He is the president of United World Federalists, which seeks to save the world through a limited federation before an atomic war destroys it.

64. The Shaping of Psychiatry by War John Rees 1945 by John Rawlings Rees

65. Therapeutic Community Memories: MAXWELL JONES by David Clark MAY 2005

66. “Ron served in the Philippines early in the war and commanded the Fourth British Corvette, seeing service with anti-submarine vessels in the North Atlantic.” – A Short Biography of L. Ron Hubbard, The Auditor magazine, issue 63, 1971

There was no such formation. There was a Fourth Escort Group, which was a mixture of corvettes and destroyers operating out of London in Northern Ireland. However, this was involved in escorting convoys to and from the Russian Arctic; no biography of Hubbard has ever suggested that he served in that theatre. Source: Royal Naval Historical Branch, London –

67. The following sequence of events shows that Ron Hubbard was under William Donovan who headed the Office of the Coordinator of Information.

Reference – The Merging of ONI and OSS Resources – An Important Piece of The Puzzle – Complete Timeline by Virginia McClaughry (previously published but not currently published on our blog)

1939 – Office of Naval Intelligence first starts doing Foreign Intelligence (espionage).

26 June 1940 – the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Harold R. Stark, is told that Vincent Astor is now unofficially in charge of all intelligence work in the New York area, including the Office of Naval Intelligence in New York City. This is the Third Naval District.

Vincent Astor is in charge of the Office of Naval Intelligence Foreign Intelligence Branch (code: OP-16-F-9).

January 1941 – Astor is still in charge of intelligence in New York when the new ONI F-9 Special Intelligence division gets formed (OP-16-Z) the purpose of which was to recruit, train, and administer secret agents.

Commander John L. Riheldaffer, was a retired naval officer called to active duty to head this new unit. He immediately made arrangements with the State Department to get naval officers assigned as vice consuls. This included naval intelligence officers being attaches in U.S. embassies in foreign countries, which is what Hubbard did in Australia, he worked for the naval attache in Australia, Lewis Dean Causey.

3 February 1941 – Riheldaffer writes a landmark document detailing “what is special intelligence” basically. (“special” means secret). Riheldaffer makes clear that the actual status of not only the agents, but this Op-16-Z section itself should be secret to the point of disavowing any connection between the agent and this espionage agency.

The Special Intelligence Section of O.N.I. (F-9) was set up with the mission of operating an overseas espionage system.

8 March 1941 – President Franklin Roosevelt officially appoints Vincent Astor as the Area Controller for the New York Area. Astor is overseeing foreign espionage Op-16-Z.

28 March 1941 – Captain Kirk sends a secret memorandum to the commandant of the Third Naval District outlining the presidential directive regarding Vincent Astor’s new title as intelligence controller for New York. Astor held powers to control all local intelligence functions undertaken by the Military Intelligence Division of the U.S. Army, and the Office of Naval Intelligence.   15

21 April 1941 – The Navy Department notifies the Office of Naval Intelligence thatMr. L. Ron Hubbard is applying at Navy Yard, Washington, for a commission in the Naval Reserve, I-V(S).”

25 June 1941 – Hubbard is appointed to the Naval Reserve for Special Service Intelligence duties. Hubbards approval to the Naval Reserve, does list that he is assigned to Special Service (Intelligence duties). That sounds very much like OP-16-Z – the secret agents division formed January 1941.

Summer 1941 – Vincent Astor becomes ill and has surgery.

11 July 1941 – President Franklin Roosevelt establishes the Office of the Coordinator of Information. Roosevelt  announced that William Donovan would be the Coordinator of Information (COl), with a mandate to coordinate all branches of intelligence gathering overseas.

Office of Naval Intelligence Special Intelligence Section is transferred to the new COI.   2, 21

David K.E. Bruce was in the Special Intelligence section of the ONI in 1941. Now, he rolls over into the transferred ONI secret espionage branch, which is now under the Office of the Coordinator of Information.

The Censorship offices of the Navy (and other military) were also under the purview of William Donovan.

15 October 1941 – Vincent Astor’s Office of Naval Intelligence Foreign Espionage and Special Intelligence Section was officially shifted to Donovan’s Office of the Coordinator of Information. At the time of the transfer, thirteen agents had been recruited. David K.E. Bruce was one of them and Ron Hubbard was one of them.

21 October 1941 to 11 November 1941 – Hubbard undergoing Special Intelligence training, underneath William Donovan.

June 1942 – President Franklin Roosevelt established the Office of Strategic Services headed by William Donovan.

68. A declassified CIA document of 12 May 1949, shows that the Agency specifically wanted a counter-measure (remedy) against interrogation methods such as combinations of drugs and hypnosis.

(partial image of document titled Subject: Counter-measures Against Use of Interrogation Aids and Techniques)


This document can be viewed in full at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives on disk 1, folder 148374, image #1.

Note: These scanned images of declassified MKUltra documents are all also available at the Internet Archive using the same numbering system. This was not easy to track down, let me tell you, and I thought I should provide this backup version just in case something should happen with black vault’s website.

69. In a 1954 letter to the Better Business Bureau, Scientology Secretary John Galusha wrote:

The book, called “Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health” startled the publishing world, and Hubbard, by climbing high into the best-seller listing of the New York Times and staying there for months. Such instant popularity found Hubbard unprepared for the floods of mail and pleas for help.

Hubbard, interested only in research, financially independent without such royalties, was glad to listen to a proposal from one C. Parker Morgan and his publisher to let them form a Foundation to service this demand. Seven trustees, of which Hubbard was only one, formed on June 1, 1950 the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation of Elizabeth, New Jersey.

– Galusha, John (1954, 12 June). FBI File: HASI Letter to Better Business Bureau. Retrieved on 14 November 2011 from (FBI file).

70. In the FDA declassified records on Scientoloogy there is a letter from Parker Morgan wherein he states that he worked for the OSS and he is a Trustee of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation.

Parker Morgan to NYBBB july 22 1950 - OSS agent


Parker Morgan to NYBBB july 22 1950 - OSS agent 2

Parker Morgan to NYBBB july 22 1950 - OSS agent 3

71. Hubbard awarded C. Parker Morgan a fellowship in Journal of Scientology Issue 4-G – that’s a PDF of it.

page 3 ournal of Scientology Issue 4-G fellowships morgan thompson white72. Park report, RG 263, CIA papers, Troy Files, Box 6, Folder 20, “OSS-Park’s report,” National Archives

73. On 20 October 1941 Hubbard moves to the Explorers Club in New York –

Hubbard change address to explorers club

74. Some of the Intelligence Course Hubbard did was done outside of the United States –

hubbard out of the US

75. Lecture by Harry Sullivan – The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress

76. This letter shows the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners brought litigation against the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation –

letter to Dianna Bennett, National Better Business Bureau, Inc., New York - from State of New Jersey

77. Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist by R.D. Laing

78. The Zombie Ward by Barbara Davies – an article in the Daily Mail published 7 August 2013


80. From declassified FDA records

Hubbard was a guest speaker at a meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society on April 15, 1948. They published the minutes of that meeting in their magazine called Shangri-la. The minutes of that meeting state –

April 15th; 436th consecutive meeting:

At this meeting we added still another distinguished guest to our rosters – L. Ron Hubbard…

Mr. Hubbard spoke briefly about himself and his stories. He said,

“THE END IS NOT YET was not intended to be a great story; it’s sole purpose was to implant a half-dozen ideas in the minds of certain people. ”

 Here is the page in Shangri-la that talks about Hubbard –shangrila no 6 may june 1948 l ron hubbard

See Fantasy Times – Sam Moskowitz Interviewed About Hubbard by the FDA by Virginia McClaughry

81. Here is the full document of the Secretary of the Navy records showing Hubbard took an intelligence course from 21 October 1941 to 11 November 1941.

SecOfNavy record-Hubbard intelligence course
Source: “Name and Subject Index to the General Correspondence to the Secretary of the Navy, 1930-1942 (also includes Office of Chief of Naval Operations”, Microfilm Publication M1067, National Archives.)

This was found at Scientology Myths L. Ron Hubbard, the Navy & World War II : Revisited by Margaret Lake

82. The 22 August 1949 Hillenkoetter letter can be found here –  letter on record

CIA declass - Hillenkoetter to Souers 22 August 1949

The 27 February 1950 Hillenkoetter daily log entry can be found here –  Hillenkoetter Diary/Log p. 95

CIA FOIA Hillenkoetter CIA Naval Reserve Unit of civilians 17 Feb 1950

83. The National Security Archive
Gelman Library, The George Washington University
2130 H Street, N.W., Suite 701
Washington, D.C. 20037
Phone: 202/994-7000
Fax: 202/994-7005

84. Alan C. Elms, The Creation of Cordwainer Smith, Science Fiction Studies, vol. 11, 1984

85. from Alan C. Elms review of Bare-Faced Messiah by Russell Miller, that appeared in issue #2 of NYRSF back in 1988.

The two men liked to one up each other with their stories about their lives thus far, and both were ambitious in pretty much the same ways, interestingly enough.

The editor of the literary supplement during Hubbard’s final semester at GWU was Paul Linebarger, two years younger but a year ahead of him in school. Another member of the literary supplement’s staff has told me that Hubbard and Linebarger soon became intensely competitive toward each other. Linebarger made good grades, wrote as fluently as Hubbard, and was equally ambitious. Linebarger held a major advantage in their bragging sessions: he really had traveled extensively by himself, not only in China but in Russia; he really had studied the classics of Oriental wisdom and sat at the feet of Chinese sages, including the great Sun Yat-sen. Linebarger had also conducted a passionate romance in Peking with an exiled White Russian woman several years his senior, had narrowly survived a suicide pact with her, and had participated directly in high-level secret negotiations between the U.S. and Chinese governments — all before he was 18. Further, Linebarger was not above adding a bit of embroidery to these genuine experiences, to make them even more colorful. Is it any wonder that Ron Hubbard might thereupon dramatically expand the scope and drama of his own exaggerations, simply in order to stay competitive? And is it any wonder that when such exaggerations appeared to gain acceptance, Hubbard would try more of the same in the future?

86. The Game Player by Miles Copeland

87. Paul Linebarger worked for the Psychological Warfare Branch of the Military Intelligence Service during World War II. The Psychological Warfare division of the M.I.S. was transferred under the OSS on December 31, 1942.

88. A committee was formed on October 31, 1942 to investigate using drugs in interrogation of prisoners. Winfred Overholser was chairman of the committee. A little later, the committee was transferred under the Office of Strategic Services.

Truth Drug CIA doc

89.  A Century of U.S. Naval Intelligence

90. Memorandum for the record. Subject: Project ARTICHOKE 31 Jan 1975

91. Charles Parker Morgan in the OSS Personnel Database obtained from CIA FOIA records, RG 226 ENTRY 224, p. 329.charles_parker_morgan_oss_personnell_database

92. Parker Morgan told Hubbard to incorporate Dianetics and Scientology as a religion as a defense against lawsuits.

Bernard Loftus was a District Director for the Food and Drug Administration.

He wrote a book, Bud Loftus: An Irish-American’s Journey, by Bernard Loftus. On page 264 he said –


93. Interim Report of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, October 21, 1994; APPENDIX E SUMMARY OF AGENCY RECORDS RETRIEVAL

Several Air Force components have been involved in biomedical research, including… the School of Aviation Medicine (SAM)…

…the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) dealing with biomedical research …was established in 1947 and advises the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff on research and development.

The Air Force provided a list of more than 600 human radiation experiments, approximately 90 of which predate 1975.

94. Surviving Evil: CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermont – Karen Wetmore; Refs – United States Department of Energy Human Radiation Experiments. List of participating hospitals,universities, individuals. AF19(604)1093 School of Aviation Medicine, University of Vermont College of Medicine, 1955.

The School of Aviation Medicine and University Vermont Medical School contract grant, AF 18 (604) 1093 was funded in part by the Department of Energy.

In 1955 the Chief Scientist at the School of Aviation Medicine was Hubertus Strughold, former Chief Scientist for Research at the Dachau concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

Strughold conducted experiments using drugs and mind control in Dachau and is widely regarded as having been the first to do so.

After WWII, American military intelligence discovered files on drug and mind control experiments conducted by the Nazis in the concentration camps. …American military intelligence decided, as did the American government, to use some of the methods contained in the Nazi files on the unwitting American public.

The CIA and mind control programs were done, according to the CIA, to protect America from enemy threats. The experiments were inspired by the content of the medical records found in the Nazi concentration camps.

95. See the CIA Declassified Document Library section of our Reading Library, cd #1 main directorydoc series 144761

96. Agnew, N. & Hoffer, A. (1955). Nicotinic acid modified lysergic acid diethylamide psychosis. British Journal of Mental Science, 101,12-27. The full Abstract was found at the lovely Erowid website.

97. On 25 February 1969 Irwin E. Griswold wrote a letter to the Food and Drug Administration telling his experiences while taking Dianezene.

P10, P11, P12, P13 Folder 1 PDF, CD #1, FDA declassified records; unnamed source who participated in Dianezene eperiments in November-December 1956; report to FDA February 25, 1969, responded to March 4, 1969 by Harry E. Dutts (sp?) Assistant to the Director of the Division of Case Guidance, Bureau of compliance.
Note: Irwin E. Griswold is the writer of this document, as verified in a different document found in CD #3, Vol 12 of 18 PDF, FDA declassified records – letter from Irvin E. Griswold beginning on page 2, it is dated as received December 30, 1969.

98. Cleckley, H. M., Sydenstricker, V. P., & Geeslin, L. E. (1939). Nicotinic acid in the treatment of atypical psychotic states. The Journal of the American Medical Association, 112(21), 2107-2110.

99. Starting in 1952 psychiatrists tested high doses of niacin, 3,000 milligrams, in treating schizophrenia.

Psychiatry was using Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 27, 2014, Niacin and Schizophrenia: History and Opportunity by Nick Fortino, PhD Candidate – Evidence for the Niacin Treatment of Schizophrenia

Vitamin B3 as a treatment for schizophrenia is typically overlooked, which is disconcerting considering that historical evidence suggests it effectively reduces symptoms of schizophrenia, and has the added advantage, in contrast to pharmaceuticals, of mild to no adverse effects (22-35). After successful preliminary trials treating schizophrenia patients with niacin, pilot trials of larger samples commenced in 1952 – reported in 1957 by Hoffer, Osmond, Callbeck, and Kahan.

Dr. Abram Hoffer began an experiment involving 30 patients who had been diagnosed with acute schizophrenia. Participants were given a series of physiological and psychological tests to measure baseline status and were subsequently assigned randomly to treatment groups. Nine subjects received a placebo, 10 received nicotinic acid, and 11 received nicotinamide (the latter two are forms of vitamin B3). All participants received treatment for 42 days, were in the same hospital, and received psychotherapy from the same group of clinicians. The two experimental groups were administered three grams of vitamin B3 per day. Each of the three treatment groups improved, but the two vitamin B3 groups improved more than the placebo group as compared to baseline measures. At one year follow up, 33% of patients in the placebo group remained well, and 88% of patients in the B3 groups remained well. These results inspired many subsequent trials, and those that replicated the original method produced similarly positive results.

100. A PDF file of the Mask of Sanity by Hervey Milton Cleckley is available here.

101. The Food and Drug Administration files show that they seized 21,000 Dianezene tablets in 1958 due to misleading claims it was a cure for radiation, and that the label did not have the dosages correct. Scientology did not contest the action and the FDA destroyed the tablets. Here are two documents from the FDA files showing that.


p. 208. Cd #3, Box 2, Vol8 of 18 PDF, FDA declassified records  – March 7, 1968 letter to Mr. Alex Mitchell, London, Sunday Times from J.K. Kirk Associate Comissioner for Compliance

FDA Dianezene judgement

102. Paper – Guttman E, Sargant W. Observations on Benzedrine. British Medical Journal 1937;1:1013–5

103. Ron Hubbard did an article for the Explorers Club Journal in late 1949.

A blogger put up the original scans of the article, which I have also uploaded here. PDF – terra incognita

the-explorers-journal from scicrit website

explorers journal terra incognita hubbard benzedrine

104. In the recently declassified FDA records cd#1 Church of Scientology 121 files, PDF titled: H65 thru H110 Part 2, p. 46, is the last page of a document covering an interview with Hubbard’s previous wife, Sara Northrup, now remarried and named Sara Hollister. Sara says that Hubbard frequently took benzedrine.

Sara was interviewed February 12, 1962.

sara hollister fda interview hubbard 1962 H-65 THRU H-110 PART 2 sara hollister fda interview hubbard 1962 H-65 THRU H-110 PART 2 2105. In a CIA Project ARTICHOKE document dated October 21, 1951, it talks about all the “speech-inducing” drugs that they had been testing. In addition to LSD, this document also mentioned morphine, ether, Benzedrine, ethyl alcohol and mescaline.

Untitled Project ARTICHOKE document, found on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 144862, images #1 and #3. These scanned images of declassified MKUltra documents are all also available at the Internet Archive using the same numbering system.


107. The Transformation of Selection Procedures, The War Office Selection Boards by Hugh Murray for Tavistock

108. Eric Trist and Hugh Murray, The Foundation and Development of the Tavistock Institute to 1989, Tavistock Institute

109. From CIA Declassified document Summary of the Activities of the Psychology Division, Jan. 24, 1942  – Declassified in 2003.

110. Autobiography of Eric Trist published in “Management Laureates” edited by Arthur G. Bedeian, Volume 3, Copyright Jai Press, 1993

111. A New Social Psychiatry – A World II Legacy – Eric Trist Tavistock

112. See the CIA Declassified Document Library section of our Reading Library, cd #1 main directory.  doc series 144688

113. Harold Wolff’s proposals to the Central Intelligence Agency are in document #A/B, II, 10/68, undated “Proposed Plan for Implementing [deleted]” and in two documents included in document set 48-29, March 5, 1956, “General Principles Upon Which these Proposals Are Based.”

114. The OCA test was announced in the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International magazine “Certainty vol. 3 no. 4, 1956, Let’s Test It, by Ray Kemp.

Ray Kemp, in “Kemp’s Column — Putting it to the test“, International Viewpoints (IVY) Magazine #22, 1995

115. The Manipulation of Human Behavior can be found at the Internet Archive, and a pdf of it here

116. The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John Marks, pgs. 6-8

[October 31, 1942) …the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), America’s wartime intelligence agency, set up a ‘truth drug’ committee under Dr. Winfred Overholser, head of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington.

The committee quickly tried and rejected mescaline, several barbiturates, and scopolamine. Then, during the spring of 1943, the committee decided that cannabis indica –or marijuana –showed the most promise, and it started a testing program in cooperation with the Manhattan Project, the TOP SECRET effort to build an atomic bomb.

It is not clear why OSS turned to the bomb makers for help, except that, as one former Project official puts it, ‘Our secret was so great, I guess we were safer than anyone else.’

Apparently, top Project leaders, who went to incredible lengths to preserve security, saw no danger in trying out drugs on their personnel…

…While members of the truth-drug committee never believed that the concentrated marijuana could compel a person to confess his deepest secrets, they authorized White to push ahead with the testing.

On the next stage, he and a Manhattan Project counterintelligence man borrowed 15 to 18 thick dossiers from the FBI and went off to try the marijuana on suspected Communist soldiers stationed in military camps outside Atlanta, Memphis, and New Orleans.”

The program was transferred out from under the National Defense Research Council, and was put under the Office of Research and Development of the OSS starting January 1, 1943 – nicknamed Division 19.

Division 19 was a highly secretive combined OSS and National Defense Research Committee organization headed by Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell. Division 19’s first project was the ‘special weapons project’ which included obtaining and field testing drugs like LSD, concentrated marijuana, etc. It was headed by OSS man George Hunter White.

Also see British Security Coordination Compendium, Section II – The Party Boys

117. GENERAL COUNSEL FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE; date September 20, 1977; Title: MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, SUBJECT: Experimentation Programs conducted by the Department of Defense That Had CIA Sponsorship or Participation and That Involved the Administration to Human Subjects of Drugs Intended for Mind-control or Behavior modification Purposes; p.10,

*Note, this reference already went missing once (the DOD deleted the page) but the above link goes to the internet archive version, in case that ever doesn’t work we have also uploaded it here.


*You can also peruse a complete listing of available Scientology Roots chapters.

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