Scientology Roots Chapter Fourteen – Hubbard’s Disinformation to Intelligence Staff

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Chapter Fourteen

Hubbard’s Disinformation to Intelligence Staff


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White Man speak with forked tongue

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The term “black propaganda” refers to a technique where an individual or group pretends to represent the positions of their enemy, and mixes a preponderance of facts with a careful seasoning of disinformation that will portray the enemy in a negative light.

In Ron Hubbard’s case, this would almost become a comedy – he does it so often. Carefully misrepresenting the enemy of mankind as being anywhere but where it really was – right where he is and who he worked for.

* * *

I worked for the Church of Scientology Guardian’s Office Intelligence Bureau from 1973 to 1981. I knew and worked with the top Intelligence Bureau staff members during that time. I can tell you they were not stupid people. Most of them were well above average in intelligence and some were very intelligent – the genius realm.

Ron Hubbard kept control over the entire Scientology network by being at the top of the command line.
Hubbard kept control over the Intelligence Bureau staff in another way –
by misdirecting them and feeding them false information.

The stated Aims of Scientology are a civilization without criminals, insanity and war.

Since that is the stated goal, it follows that the Intelligence Bureau should want to find out who on the planet was causing these wars. Left to their own direction, there was a risk that the Intelligence Bureau staff would have found out who was creating the wars.

That was something that Ron Hubbard could not allow, since he was an agent for the very people who were the cause of wars and other bad world conditions such as slavery, drug trafficking, and economic hardship.

Left to their own direction, the Intelligence Bureau staff could have found the British nobility have been working on a plan for world conquest, and they are responsible for causing death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people.

Nazi Germany was their operation. Through their demented minions they funded eugenics and Nazi Germany.
They told Hitler he could re-arm Germany and liquidate Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. When Germany invaded Poland that was the start of World War II.

Adolf Hitler was a nobody who lacked any position of power and the funds necessary to bring about Nazi Germany. They used Hitler to act as the front man for their operation, as one of their moves to achieve world conquest.

Scientology was one of their operations and they used Ron Hubbard the same way they used Hitler, to act as the front man for one of their operations to achieve world conquest.

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In other words, left to their own direction, Intelligence Bureau staff might have found out everything that I have documented in this book – the British nobility have been working to achieve a world conquest, Scientology is one of their operations to achieve that, and Ron Hubbard was their agent.

So, Ron Hubbard handled that by misdirecting and feeding false data to Intelligence staff.

On 6 May 1971 Ron Hubbard wrote a secret Guardian Order entitled Working Theory.
I am going to extract a few statements he made within this issue and comment on them.

But first, here is the issue…

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Working Theory 1

.Working Theory 2

.Working Theory 3

.Working Theory 4


In the above issue Ron Hubbard makes these statements…

Brilliant work in tracing the origins of the World Federation for Mental Health disclosed it and the National Association for Mental Health to have Nazi origins. Goerings, Cousin, Villinger, others others others were at the root of Naziism in Germany and brought Hitler to power!

Racial purity, genes, Man is an animal, etc. were originated (and still held to) by this psychiatric group.

In 1936 they dominated the Beers organization (NAMH).

In 1948, fleeing before war criminal hunts, these people formed the WFMH in London.

Nazi racial purity, gene theories etc. are taken from German psychiatry and psychology.

Apparently there exists somewhere a Nazi Memorial or plan to conquer the world.

By intelligence infiltration of governments, drug addiction and dependency and using psychiatry to eliminate political undesireables and minorities, a group is bent on world political conquest.


There are four networks in all, as we must include International banking.

The four must be run from somewhere, possibly privately not governmentally from West Germany.

…we should test out this new theory and see if it doesn’t lead us to a new origin point for world distress.


???????????????White Man speak with forked tongue



All of that is…




It is the British nobility who has the evil plan to conquer the world. Nazi Germany was their operation. Everything Hubbard is attempting to subscribe onto the Nazis and the psychiatrists – is in fact an operation of the British rule-the-world nutcase crowd.

Eugenics was started in 1869 by a British citizen named Francis Galton – documented fact.

Eugenics in Nazi Germany was funded by agents for the British New World Order – documented fact.

World Federation for Mental Health was founded by agents of the British New World Order – documented fact.

See Scientology Roots Chapter Chapter Twenty Three – British Nobility Created Nazi Germany
See Scientology Roots Chapter Chapter Twenty Seven – Down The Mental Health Rabbit Hole

But Ron Hubbard misdirects the Intelligence Bureau staff into thinking its the Nazis and German psychs!


Did British agent Hubbard really think he could
get away with such blatant propaganda?

Hubbard, the good little British agent,
trying to hide his masters from view –

Dancing to their tune.

Cecil and Hubbard

Master: “Say it’s the Nazis and German psychs.”

Hubbard: “It’s the Nazis and German psychs!”

Hitler the enslaver puppet2

Hubbard ran a false flag operation by saying its the Nazis who have a secret world domination plan.

A false flag operation is where the perpetrator intends for the blame to be placed on a different party.
The term comes from the naval concept of flying another country’s flag to deceive and confuse other ships.

Hubbard also misdirected intelligence staff by saying the German psychs started the WFMH.
That was another lie, it was British psychs who were agents for the British world conquest plan.

Blaming German psychs was like submarine countermeasures that allow the submarine to escape torpedoes.

* * *


Update – November 20, 2013  –

Not long after this chapter was published, a comment was submitted that I feel raised a good point that I want to include and answer in this chapter.

Funny you should mention this about the intelligence staff possibly finding out about certain things in the world such as who the real bad guys were. I always wondered WHY Freedom mag went basically non existent in the 90′s. Very limited distribution, almost Taboo. Now it’s just some – once in a blue moon release with pure church propaganda. No research, just propaganda. And it’s a very rare blue moon when it ever comes out.

Then when I read your earlier articles about secret CIA / MI 5 experiments, as well as operatives for the New World Order, it dawned on me that the Freedom mag news team might eventually find out this type of stuff and how it aligns with Dianetics / Scientology mind control.

Answer from Mike –

Ron Hubbard became a British intelligence agent when he was a teenager and thereafter he spent his whole life carrying out intelligence operations on their behalf, which includes Dianetics and Scientology as one of those operations.

The CIA was headed by British agents such as Allen Dulles. Hubbard started working for the CIA in the late 1940’s. Right from the beginning, Hubbard worked together with other CIA agents to get Dianetics and Scientology going. Starting in 1954, Hubbard and Scientology maintained a continuing arrangement to work for the CIA Political Action Unit.

In 1973, the CIA decided to destroy their MK Ultra records, it was a cover up. Hubbard and other Scientologists were involved in that, so Hubbard initiated his own cover up by ordering the Guardian Office to get all government files on him and Scientology.

The lower down people in the Guardian Office were not let in on the secret that Hubbard was a British agent, nor were they made aware of his covert activities with the CIA. They were not let in on the secret that Scientology is a front group for the British slavemasters. So, they were dupe agents – decent people with good intentions who think they are working for a good cause.

Freedom newspaper was published by the Guardian Office and had some hard-hitting articles that were generally based on research done by the Intelligence Bureau staff. The Guardian Office had uncovered that Interpol was involved in drug trafficking, with complicity from certain US government officials, particularly the CIA. Immediately after that the FBI raid occurred, followed by the dismantling of the Guardian Office.

The Spymasters decided to remove Hubbard as the front man for Scientology, and through some attorney cut-outs they dismantled the Guardian Office and got rid of most of its personnel. They changed the name to the Office of Special Affairs and brought in their new front man, David Miscavige, and his small circle of yes-men blunt instruments who took over the functions of the former Guardian Office. Their stated reason was that the Guardian Office had committed crimes, but OSA continued to commit just as many crimes, so their stated reason is false.

They then took the Freedom newspaper articles and put them into a magazine and published it without giving credit to the former Guardian Office for the articles, giving people the false impression that OSA was who did the research and articles. And, they shut down the direction the research had been just beginning to go in – you do not see OSA doing such research and writing such articles as was last being done by the Guardian Office and its personnel.

You are right – Freedom newspaper and where it was headed – is Taboo!


Just full-on slavemaster sock puppets left there now.


And that goes directly to one of the main points I am making in this chapter.

So, the real reason for getting rid of the Guardian Office was to shut down those people who had the potential of finding out what is going on with this planet. Left to their own direction, there was the risk they just might discover all the things I am exposing in this book, including that Ron Hubbard was a New World Order agent and Scientology is a New World Order front group.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife for all  the excellent research she has done, which has made this book possible.

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