Scientology Roots Chapter Twelve – Suspicious Deaths in Scientology

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Chapter Twelve

Suspicious Deaths in Scientology


Apocalypse –

When all secrets are revealed

– Webster’s, 1861

There are some times when a Scientologist has murdered someone for personal reasons – like when Rex Fowler murdered Tom Ciancio. Rex Fowler was an OT 8 Scientologist who employed Tom Ciancio. Tom quit but was still owed a last paycheck. On 30 December 2009, Tom went to collect his last paycheck. Rex murdered Tom with a handgun.

There are a couple of cases where evidence points to top Scientology executives murdering someone to prevent that person from exposing illicit activity by the executives. Those two murders are what we are going to talk about here.

Brief statements I make in this chapter are taken from another chapter that gives full details and documentation –
Scientology Roots Chapter Nine – Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career – Nine – 1 and Nine – 2

* * *

The British nobility has been working on a Grand Plan to make themselves the ruthless ruler of the entire world.

The Cecil family is one of the top British slavemaster families. They have been the head of British intelligence for the last 400 years and they have also been the head of the British government.

Robert_Cecil_-_3rd_Marquess_of_SalisburyRobert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil (Lord Salisbury)

In 1882, the Cecil family created the Society for Psychical Research. They developed the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology before Ron Hubbard was even born. That includes the therapy used.

In 1891, a secret society was formed to bring the entire world under rule by the British nobility. It was headed by a member of the Cecil family. They have a name for their world domination plan – the New World Order.

On 14 June 1923, Admiral Hugh Sinclair became the director of Secret Intelligence ServiceMI 6.

Admiral_Sir_Hugh_Francis_Paget__Quex__SinclairAdmiral Sir Hugh Francis Paget “Quex” Sinclair

Admiral Sinclair created some new Sections within MI 6, one of them was Section D.

Section D was specifically formed to conduct sabotage through political covert actions.

In 1928, British intelligence agent Ian MacBean recruited Hubbard into British intelligence. Thereafter, Hubbard carried out continuous intelligence assignments his entire life, working for MI 6 and the CIA. A lot of his intelligence work was related to MI 6 Section D.

Hubbard superspyRon Hubbard

World War II began on 1 September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill created the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in 1940. The SOE was the British intelligence unit that carried out the work of MI 6 Section D. The SOE specialized in espionage and sabotage.

British intelligence had infiltrated the American government and they placed their agents as the head of American intelligence agencies. One of those agents was William Donovan, who headed the Office of Strategic Services, which was the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. Another British intelligence agent who worked for the OSS was Allen Dulles.

You can say that American intelligence is actually British intelligence operating inside the American government.

Most of the work done by the OSS and then the CIA had to do with MI 6 Section D – sabotage through political covert actions. In Britain, that work was being done by Special Operations Executive (SOE).

Garland Williams worked for the OSS. In 1942 Garland was sent to meet with William Keswick, the Chief of SOE. After meeting with Keswick, Garland was sent home with SOE’s training manuals. 9

Here is one of the statements made in the SOE training manual –

“If the employee proves to be disloyal and is in possession of dangerous information,
he should probably be killed.”

* * *

World War II ended in August 1945.

The Central Intelligence Agency was created in 1947. Allen Dulles was a British agent who headed the CIA.

Allen DullesAllen Dulles

In 1948, Britain and the United States decided to create “stay-behind” paramilitary organizations, with the alleged purpose of combating communism. Arms caches were hidden and loyal members recruited which included many ex-Nazis. The stay-behind armies were created with the experience and involvement of former Special Operations Executive officers.  13

The code name for the stay-behind armies was Operation Gladio. Its cells were for conducting sabotage, guerrilla warfare, assassinations and coups. The existence of these clandestine NATO armies was a closely guarded secret.


Some of the Gladio cells were –

Austria = OWSGV
Belgium = SDRA8
Denmark = Absalon
Germany = TD BJD, largely the Reinhard Gehlen network, Frank Wisner was his CIA handler
Greece = LOK, Lochoi Oreinon Katadromon – Mountain Raiding Companies
Italy = P2 Masonic lodge (Catholic), many members of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), including Licio Gelli
Luxemburg = Stay-Behind
Netherlands = I&O
Norway = ROC
Portugal = Aginter
Sweden = AGAG (Aktions Gruppen Arla Gryning)
Switzerland = P26
Turkey = Ozel Harp Dairesi

The Operation Gladio cell in Las Palmas was set up in 1948. Operation Gladio was largely funded by the CIA and a lot of that funding came from drug trafficking. 15

Las Palmas
The United States has a SIGINT operation at a base in Las Palmas – Signals Intelligence is the interception of electronic emissions of all types to gather information. The base is also used by the CIA to train, fund and supply arms to Operation Gladio units in various countries.

The CIA acted as a cut out (a go-between, a front) for MI 6 Section D – sabotage through political covert actions. The CIA used coups to remove democratically elected Presidents in various countries around the world. The CIA then installed vicious dictators who engaged in human rights violations, torture and mass murder of the people.

Former CIA agent Philip Agee, who revealed sensitive information, insisted that “paramilitary groups, directed by CIA officers, operated in the sixties throughout Europe, perhaps no activity of the CIA could be as clearly linked to the possibility of internal subversion.”

* * *

On 27 February 1950, a group of Naval Reserve officers were asked to resign from the Navy and secretly go to work for the CIA as civilians. Ron Hubbard was one of those Naval Reserve officers who became a civilian working for the CIA. Hubbard worked with several other CIA agents to get Dianetics and Scientology going, starting in 1950.  12

John Star Cooke was one of the CIA agents who helped Hubbard get Dianetics and Scientology going in 1950. Cooke was the first Dianetic Clear and he continued to be a Scientologist forever thereafter.

Joh starr cooke youngJohn Star Cooke

On 25 March 1955, the CIA and LOK reconfirmed their mutual co-operation in a secret document signed by US General Trascott for the CIA, and Konstantinos Dovas, chief of staff of the Greek military.

Miles Copeland was a CIA officer who married a woman who had worked for the Special Operations Executive –
Lorraine Adie.

Miles Copeland juniorMiles Copeland junior

Miles Copeland headed a CIA unit called Political Action Staff, starting in July 1955. One of his juniors was Bob Mandlestam, who had recruited Frank Buchman and Ron Hubbard to be CIA agents working for the CIA unit – Political Action Staff, and that was a continuing arrangement. 10

…there was something called Moral Rearmament… an interdenominational politico-religious movement started by a nut named Frank Buchman.

What caught Bob’s [Bob Mandlestam] eye was the social level at which the movement operated. It was aimed exclusively at leaders… the arrangement we made with Moral Rearmament gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe.

When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology, the brainchild of another nut, this one a science-fiction writer named Ron Hubbard, we were on our way to having a political action capability which would make… Bill Casey’s CIA seem trivial by comparison.

‘MRA will hit ’em high, and the Church of Scientology will hit ’em low!’ Bob liked to boast, and he was right.

If you cynics who read this think I’m kidding, put the thought out of your mind.

Those operations we inaugurated in the years 1955-7 are still secret… It is a continuing arrangement…

The Game Player by Miles Copeland

Political Action includes various types of CIA covert operations both inside and outside of the United States –

financing for CIA covert operations – that involves drug trafficking which was used for the financing
mind control research
covert manipulation of a nation’s people and their leaders
coups and killing
giving support to CIA installed dictators

The CIA installed dictators engaged in human rights violations, torture and mass murder of the people.

Ron Hubbard and other Scientologists have given support at one time or another for that entire list.

A large part of the financing for CIA covert operations is from drug trafficking. Scientologists helped with that too.
It was major drug trafficking, hundreds of tons of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and LSD.

* * *

On 17 March 1965, Ron Hubbard writes a policy letter authorizing criminal acts against anyone the Church labels as being a Suppressive Person.

HCO PL  17 March 1965  Justice, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, The Fair Game Law –

A Suppressive Person or Group becomes “fair game”.

By FAIR GAME is meant, without rights for self, possessions or position, and no Scientologist may be brought before a Committee of Evidence or punished for any action taken against a Suppressive Person or Group…

…no Committee of Evidence may be called to punish any Scientologist or person for any offenses of any kind against the suppressive person…

The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology justice…

A truly Suppressive Person or group has no rights of any kind and actions taken against them are not punishable.

Gladio units were trained in Britain and by US instructors at a military base in Las Palmas from 1966 to the mid-70s.

The base was used by the CIA to train, fund and supply arms to Operation Gladio units in various countries.

In 1966 Ron Hubbard was spending considerable time in Las Palmas. Hubbard was a CIA agent working for the CIA unit called Political Action Staff – and that CIA unit was doing exactly what Operation Gladio cells were doing – sabotage through covert political actions.

When Hubbard was in Las Palmas he established the Guardian Office and the Intelligence Bureau on 1 March 1966. This was the vehicle for applying Hubbard’s Fair Game policies, those policies called for viciously attacking and completely destroying the lives of anyone critical of Scientology or its leaders.

In late 1966 Ron Hubbard formed the Sea Project that became the Sea Org, they operated multiple sea vessels.

The Sea Org and its ships were used in support of CIA Gladio operations.

In fact, with the Guardian Office and the Sea Org, Hubbard was preparing his Merry Band of Dupe Agents.

Hubbard’s CIA handler was Miles Copeland, he was the CIA’s leading expert on changing governments by force and otherwise. Miles engineered coups. Miles had gone undercover as a CIA NOC agent – Non Official Cover. He was stationed in Beirut, Lebanon from 1957 to 1968 – where Miles said he was building his own private CIA. So, by 1967, he had been doing that for the last ten years in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.  20

Mediterranean_Sea_countriescountries around the Mediterranean Sea

Miles said by 1967 he was able to –

…accelerate the attempt I had already started to establish a ‘private CIA’ by use of confidential arrangements with politically astute members of the client companies.

The Game Player by Miles Copeland, page 239

Hubbard and his Merry Band of Dupe Agents were now going to support CIA operations by going to sea. The covert hidden purpose of the Sea Org was to assist CIA covert political operations in countries around the Mediterranean Sea – the same area that Miles Copeland was working.

The Sea Org engaged in CIA money smuggling, gun smuggling, drug trafficking, and covert political operations.

In America, Scientologists who were CIA agents were peddling LSD all across America. They also were involved in major CIA drug trafficking – hundreds of tons of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and LSD.

John Star Cooke was one of them. He was living in Mexico, where he directed a dedicated band of acid evangelists called the Psychedelic Rangers. One of the things he did was he organized a concert in San Francisco where other Scientologists working for the CIA passed out LSD to the crowd.

John Star Cooke-and-Pablo-Brenda-and-Bobby-Bishop-in-MexicoJohn Star Cooke in a wheelchair in Mexico

On 20 December 1966, the first Sea Org ship was purchased, the Enchanter. 1, 2

Enchanter, renamed Diana

Hubbard possessed a huge drug chest with every kind of drug, including illegal street drugs. In the Spring of 1967 Ron Hubbard was residing in Las Palmas. He sent a letter to his wife, Mary Sue, stating that “I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.”  (Pinks and greys are uppers and downers, in drug slang.)   2, 4

There are reports of Sea Org members using marijuana in the early days of the Sea Org. 14

In April 1967, the Avon River was brought to Las Palmas and prepared for a major re-fit.

Avon RiverAvon River, renamed Athena

* * *

The Gladio cell in Greece was called the LOK. They were involved in the military coup in Greece on 21 April 1967, which took place one month before the scheduled national elections for which opinion polls predicted an overwhelming victory by left-wing George Papandreou. The CIA instructed the LOK to prevent a ‘leftist coup’ – as they called it. The LOK took control of the Greek Defense Ministry during the coup, while Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos gained control over communication centers, the parliament, the royal palace, and arrested over 10,000 people.

The coup was led by Colonel George Papadopoulos who had received intelligence training in the United States and had been an actual CIA agent for 15 years. He was head of the military junta that then ruled Greece. It was another case of sabotage through covert political action.

George PapadopoulosColonel George Papadopoulos

During the next six years the “Regime of the Colonels”, backed by the CIA, ushered in the use of widespread torture and murder of political opponents. They immediately suspended civil liberties such as freedom of thought and freedom of the press. About 8,000 suspected communists and political opponents were imprisoned. About 3,500 people were detained in torture centers and brutally tortured. Elections were suspended, making Greece a true police state.

Phillips Talbot, the US ambassador in Athens, disapproved of the military coup which established the “Regime of the Colonels” (1967–1974), complaining that it represented “a rape of democracy” – to which Jack Maury, the CIA chief of station in Athens, answered: “How can you rape a whore?”.

* * *

In August 1967, Hana Eltringham was invited to join the Sea Project, therefore she goes to Las Palmas where the Avon River is being renovated under Ron Hubbard’s supervision.  2, 17

In November 1967, the Royal Scotsman was acquired.

Royal Scotsman 1Royal Scotsman, renamed Apollo

* * *

In 1968 some Scientologists took some confidential Scientology materials and left.
L. Ron Hubbard issued an ethics order on those Scientologists on 6 March 1968.

The above issue also appeared in The Auditor magazine.

I call your attention to statement number 7, which says….

7. Any Sea Org member contacting any of them is to use Auditing Process R2-45.

Auditing Process R2-45 uses a gun to kill someone, to make them leave their body.   21


It was considered by many Scientologists that Hubbard was being “humorous and not serious”. However, putting it into an Ethics Order was not the same sort of thing at all, and was not a humorous addition by Hubbard.

The Church of Scientology has a policy called Fair Game. Anyone seen as posing a threat to Scientology is labeled as Fair Game and Church policy authorizes committing any crime against such a person, even murder.

* * *

Miles Copeland recruited Saddam Hossein in Iraq. Saddam played a key role in the 17 July 1968 coup in Iraq. Miles then helped Hossein set up the secret service in Iraq.

Jerry McDonald came aboard the Royal Scotsman (Apollo) in 1968. Jerry was an ex-US marine, a CIA man, a mercenary, among other useful talents. He always carried a gun. Ron Hubbard worked directly with Jerry in black operations.

In 1968, Ron Hubbard used a cover story to hide what he was really doing with a large crate of jewels on the Apollo.
The cover story was they were searching for treasure that Ron Hubbard hid when he was a pirate in a former life.

Mechanics of the Mind, an LRH lecture 10 January 1953 –

…I have approximated to a very remarkable degree the career of Commander Thompson

in the field of expeditions, explorations, I always favored certain quarters of the world, always went there and, when there, did certain things. It fits Commander Thompson’s record.

Hubbard is revealing that his expeditions and explorations were cover for doing intelligence work.

Just like Commander Thompson did in his various explorations such as collecting bugs, digging up ancient graves, etc. Those activities were only a cover story to hide what he was really doing in each area – intelligence work.

They did not find any hidden pirate treasure. But there was a large crate of jewels aboard the Apollo.

Sea Org member Larry Reeves said – “Because of legalities all this had to be kept secret, but I personally saw the treasure. It was kept in a huge wooden crate… the size of a small room. This carton was kept in the hull of the ship, near where I used to work. I opened one of the boards and looked through. There were ancient gold coins, and jewels of all kinds.”  2

Gold and jewels are a great way to provide untraceable funding for CIA black operations.

Sea Org ships were used as a smuggling service. The Sea Org ship Enchanter was used for smuggling money overseas. Hana Eltringham says – “There was lots of money aboard. We had to courier 7 or 8 million dollars in cash to Switzerland. And on a later trip much more than that was couriered. It was couriered from the Dutch Antilles island of Curacao, near Venezuela. LRH was really like a squirrel with nuts, stashing it. He stashed gold bullion too.”  2

Covertly shipping money on the high seas, by-passing all troubles encountered by going through the normal channels of different countries, was appealing to the CIA people who wanted to get dirty money secretly delivered to their overseas compadres.

Sea Org ships smuggled overseas dirty money, dirty gold, and dirty jewels. And they smuggled drugs and guns.

Three Sea Org ships, Apollo, Athena and Diana joined up in Corfu, Greece – starting at the end of July 1968.

They were there in support of the CIA Gladio operation…
the Regime of the Colonels.

It was right around this time that Sea Org member Larry Reeves saw the crate of jewels inside the Apollo.

Elena Lorrel was a Sea Org member who was involved in the covert political operations.
Elena Lorrel is not her real name, it is a fake name so she can avoid Church harassment.

Elena Lorrel said –

There are some missing chapters in the story of this period that are completely unknown even to many veteran Sea Org members. They have to do with what the ships were really doing as opposed to what we proclaimed to Scientologists we were doing.

What we were doing was James Bond stuff, in all these different countries. Some of the missions that we undertook were real intelligence missions: to the United Nations… as well as to almost every government of the countries we visited.

We were infiltrating these groups… trying to covertly back one political candidate versus another. All kinds of political manipulations like you would never imagine were going on, and it was all being pulled off by a very few people. So there was only a very small group of us that had to do it all over a period of 10 or 12 years.

We’d been out on the scenes where we had to break into Presidential palace grounds, con our way past guards, and so on.

Elena Lorrel and Cathy Cariatakis would go into some countries and ally it.

Elena Lorrel said –

In Corfu, Greece, LRH moved onto the Royal Scotsman (Apollo). The ship was in fact getting on very well with the military junta. Cathy Cariatakis, whose native language is Greek, had helped forge friendly relations with the head Colonel of the junta. This relationship was so warm that one of the junta attended the naming service of the Apollo, Athena and Diana.

Things went along splendidly and LRH was having an absolutely marvelous time dreaming up ideas for creating a base there on the island of Corfu. There were plans to establish a Saint Hill Organization and an Advanced Organization to be called the University of Philosophy.

Hubbard at the renaming ceremony in Corfu. The Royal Scotsman was renamed Apollo. scientology_I_smell_something_funny

Special Sea Org members such as Cathy Cariatakis were involved in local politics in Greece and had established very warm and friendly relations with the head Colonel ruling the country as a CIA puppet. The fact that the CIA regime was torturing, killing and violating human rights did not seem to bother Hubbard and his Merry Band of Dupe Agents, they had warm and friendly relations with the CIA dictators, despite all of the vicious actions by the dictators against the Greek people.  2

The CIA dictators had suspended elections. Hubbard did a newspaper story on democracy. The dictators did not want democracy advocated in Greece. On 18 March 1969 the Sea Org ships were ordered to leave Greece.

* * *

After Greece, Ron Hubbard and his Merry Band of Dupe Agents went to Morocco for their next CIA political operation. In June 1969, Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard bought and lived in a Villa on an estate near Tangier.


A U.S. State Department document reveals the strategic importance of Morocco –

11. CURRENT ASSESSMENT A. Strategic Importance of Morocco

Primary importance of Morocco is its strategic location commanding entrance to Mediterranean. US presence in Morocco helps assure against harassment of Sixth Fleet use of Straits of Gibraltar and lines of supply and communications to southern NATO… countries. Morocco also provides site for vital military communications…

Thus, continued US presence in Morocco is integral part of Western defense system.

a U.S. State Department document

Hassan II was the King of Morocco. He dissolved Parliament and ruled directly, provoking strong political protest.

King Hassan IIHassan II

Major General Mohamed Oufkir was the Interior Minister and right-hand man of King Hassan II. Oufkir forcefully repressed political protest through police and military clampdowns, pervasive government espionage, show trials, killings and forced disappearances.

Mohamed OufkirMohamed Oufkir

King Hassan was alarming the U.S. intelligence community because he was attracting too much negative attention towards the United States. Hassan was getting caught at the brutal treatment of dissidents in CIA-trained (and even built in some cases) secret sites where people were ‘disappeared’. Also, King Hassan made occasional gestures towards becoming pals with the Russians.

King Hassan wouldn’t listen to their subtler forms of advice trying to reign him in, so covert political action was resorted to – an attempted coup and an attempted assassination.

While Hubbard was getting himself set up to infiltrate King Hassan, there were more Sea Org adventures in America. Ron Hubbard had personally appointed Jerry McDonald as Commander of the Pacific Fleet of Sea Org ships that were operating off the West coast of America. One of those ships was the Makaira which belonged to McDonald but he had donated it for Sea Org use.


On 15 July 1970 drug agents boarded the Makaira where they found some marijuana and an arsenal of weapons. Some of the guns were stolen guns.

boatload of guns makaira jerry mcdonald scientology
Jane Kember, the Guardian World Wide, confirmed that Jerry McDonald was using the Makaira for drug trafficking. On 30 November 1970, a list of Suppressive Persons was issued. Jerry McDonald was not on the list and he never was declared a Suppressive Person.  11

Ron Hubbard used two Sea Org members to infiltrate the palace of the King – Elena Lorrel and Liz Gablehouse.

Liz made friends with a French girl named Bidea who had married into the royal family. Liz was then introduced to the king’s top people and invited for dinner at the King’s palace. Hubbard was very excited and said, “Bidea is the key to Morocco”.

At a party, Colonel Allam, (who was a personal friend of Bidea’s) began to become very friendly with Elena Lorrel. Bidea told Elena not to pursue anything with him because he was military. This overture by Colonel Allam was reported to Hubbard. He directed that they pursue the Allam connection. Liz Gablehouse protested that this would be violating the guidelines about meddling with the military, but to no avail. LRH was very excited about the turn of events and would hear of nothing but compliance with his orders.  2

Amos Jessup was with Hubbard in Morocco. Jessup says when they offered training to the Morocco government, they did not represent themselves as being Scientologists offering Scientology. They said they were Operation and Transport Corporation. Jessup says the training was not the point, their real goal was political.  16

– – – – –

In February 1971, Susan Meister, a 23 year old American girl, boarded the Apollo as a new Sea Org member.

Susan was walking straight into a snakepit of covert black intelligence operations and all manner of illicit activities. Hubbard was an undercover operative for British MI 6 and the CIA. Hubbard and his Merry Band of Dupe Agents were a swarming beehive of covert operations and secrets, secrets, secrets – that they did not want known.

On 25 June 1971, the Apollo was docked in the Morocco port Safi. At 7:35 p.m. Susan Meister was found lying across a bunk in the berthing cabin of Chief Officer Amos Jessup with a bullet from a .22 handgun in her forehead. She was wearing the dress her mother had sent her for her birthday, with her arms crossed and the revolver on her chest. A suicide note was on the floor.

The local police were called. Even though there were no gun powder marks on her forehead, they called it a suicide. It was unlikely that it was a suicide, her letters to her parents showed she was very happy.

What was she doing in Jessup’s berthing cabin? Jessup knew the real purpose for their presence in Morocco. Did Jessup tell Susan something about that and then she freaked out? She obviously had become aware of something very detrimental that was a threat if revealed to the public. And being a decent person, she did not agree with what she became aware of, was disillusioned, and therefore she posed a threat to exposing it.

Now this statement in the SOE and CIA training manual comes into play –

“If the employee proves to be disloyal and is in possession of dangerous information,
he should probably be killed.”

On 10 July 1971 King Hassan held a party at his seaside palace in Skhirat to celebrate his birthday. There was an attempted coup that ended the same day when royalist troops took over the palace in combat against the rebels.

After the failed coup attempt, Mohamed Oufkir was named Chief of Staff and Minister of Defense, and he set about purging the army. Hubbard sent Peter Warren and Amos Jessup to propose using the e-meter to interrogate the officers in the Moroccan army to find the remaining rebel conspirators. A team from Hubbard’s headquarters were sent to train the selected members of the military on the techniques of interrogation done with an E-meter.  18

On 11 July 1971 Susan Meister’s father arrives in Casablanca to investigate his daughter’s death, but found it impossible to make headway with the Morocco authorities (paid off?). He was shown a photograph taken aboard
the Apollo, showing the dead girl. He was told they did not know where the body was.

George Meister refused to believe that Susan had committed suicide. He visits the Apollo, escorted by Peter Warren, and later writes an account of his visit: “we were shown where Susan’s quarters were in the stern of the ship below decks where it appeared fifty or so people were sleeping on shelf-type bunks. Susan’s letter had mentioned she shared a cabin all the way forward with one other person. Next we were shown the cabin next to the pilot house on the bridge where the alleged suicide had taken place… . We were not allowed to see any more of the ship. I requested an interview with Hubbard as he was then on board. Warren said he would ask. He returned in about half an hour and said Hubbard had declined to see me.”

Later, Mr. Meister noticed that the film he had taken of the Apollo had disappeared. As George Meister was preparing to return home, Peter Warren tried to make a cash settlement with him, which offended Mr. Meister. At the airport Mr. Meister was accosted by a man who said “We are watching you and so are the CIA and the FBI.”

After returning home he found his daughter was buried in a Casablanca cemetery and he had her body shipped back to the U.S. His local Health Authority then received an anonymous letter before the body was returned. It said in part:

There has been a Cholera epidemic in Moracco … there have been recorded two or three hundred deaths. And it’s been brought to my attention that the daughter of one George Meister died in Moracco, either by accident or from cholera, probably the latter.

Mr. Meister received anonymous letters saying that his daughter had made pornographic films and that she had been a drug addict. George Meister says he was harrassed for the next six years.  3, 4

The facts that Mr. Meister was given the runaround in Moracco, the Church attempt to buy him off, the threats made against him, the lie about her cause of death, and the Fair Game actions against him to silence him – all go to show that the Scientologists were attempting to hide their guilt in the death of Susan Meister.

George Meister showing a photo of his daughter

* * *

In August 1971, General Mohamed Oufkir was making moves towards improved military relations with the United States. He did this on his own, not on orders from King Hassan.

MOROCCO: Major General Mohamed Oufkir, recently named minister of national defense and chief of staff, has requested improved military relations with the US.

During a meeting with embassy and military aid (MUSLO) officials on 18 August, at no time did Oufkir refer to the King or claim to speak for him.

– a redacted Central Intelligence Bulletin 24 August 1971

MUSLO – Morocco United States Liaison Office

In the National Intelligence Estimate for Morocco dated June 15, 1972 it states that –

Thus far, General Oufkir, who has firm control of the armed forces, has shown no inclination to move against the King. He would be tempted to step in, however, if Hassan seemed to be fumbling badly in handling the problems of government.

We do not have, however, any concrete evidence of plotting against the King in the Moroccan armed forces.

National Intelligence Estimate for Morocco dated June 15, 1972

Sounds like Ron Hubbard and his spies were reporting in quite well to the CIA, don’t you think?

Liz Gablehouse attended a party in Morocco. General Mohamed Oufkir had come back from America and arrived for the party accompanied by this dumb blonde who had worked in the consulate’s office in New York. The blonde told Elena Lorrel that General Oufkir had been at Port Holibert, which was a CIA training center and that he had been there secretly seeing the CIA. This was kept secret from King Hassan.

On 16 August 1972, King Hassan was flying back from France when four jets in the Moroccan Air Force opened fire on the royal plane. The plane was hit but managed to land. Eight people on the ground were killed when the jets strafed the ground trying to hit the king, but the King escaped.

No Americans were killed because US personnel were ordered away from the area prior to the jets attacking. That indicates American complicity because they had prior knowledge of the attack.  19

hassan ii plane assassination attempt august 1972

The next morning it was announced that General Oufkir was the mastermind behind the coup and he was shot.
The Scientologists were given twelve hours to vacate Morocco.  2

The Apollo had been expelled from ports throughout the Mediterranean, it was unwelcome in Mediterranean ports.
In the fall of 1974 the Apollo entered the harbor at Funchal, Madeira. Their motorcycles and car were unloaded onto the dock. There were hundreds of locals crowding around the wharf. The crowd started to stone the Apollo ship and crew. They threw the motorcycles and car into the ocean. The crowd was yelling “CIA! CIA! CIA!”    2

The Sea Org cover was blown in the Mediterranean. Ron Hubbard and the Apollo headed for the United States.


The Murder of Lisa McPherson


Whenever a person in Scientology becomes a threat to creating a bad public relations image for Scientology, other Scientologists prevent the person from leaving and they hold the person in captivity against their will.

The number of people who have been held in captivity over the years is a large number.

The Scientology handling for people having a “psychotic break” is to lock them up in isolation against the person’s will. The name of the handling is the Introspection Rundown.

A “psychotic break” can be a cover story for a person who has become disillusioned with Scientology – and their departure creates a bad public relations situation for Scientology.

The person is locked in a room with two guards at the door. The guards are not allowed to talk to the person in the psychotic break, they are only allowed to physically restrain the person. The reason for the guards is that the person wants to leave and makes many attempts to leave. But the guards prevent them from leaving until the Case Supervisor says ok. This is a direct quote from the technical material of the Introspection Rundown:

“Dear Joe. What can you guarantee me if you are let out of isolation? If the person’s reply shows continued irresponsibility toward other dynamics or fixation on one dynamic to the exclusion of others damaged, the C/S must inform the person of his continued isolation and why. Example: Dear Joe. I’m sorry but no go on coming out of isolation yet?”

* * *

Lisa McPherson had joined the Church of Scientology in her hometown – Dallas, Texas.

She moved to Clearwater, Florida in 1994 to work for AMC Publishing Inc., a business owned by Scientologists. In October 1995 she attained the state of Clear.

About 10 days before Thanksgiving 1995, Lisa McPherson called a childhood friend to say she was coming home to Dallas for good. McPherson confides that she has much to say, but not over the phone. In a separate conversation with her mother, she says she was under heavy pressure at work and letting people down. She told her parents that she was leaving Scientology and she will be home for Christmas.

Lisa then had a car accident in Clearwater and undressed in front of the paramedics, telling them she needed help. The paramedics took her to nearby Morton Plant Hospital. Scientologists arrived and extracted Lisa from the hospital (its bad PR for Scientology). They locked her in a room at the Fort Harrison.

She was held in one of the Cabana rooms, well away from general public perusal – at the back of the property.

This is a 1967 photo of the Fort Harrison, but the basic layout of where the Cabana rooms were is essentially the same.

Toward the midpoint of her isolation in the room, she began to pound on the walls of her room with her fists.

The Case Supervisor for McPherson was Alain Bernard Kartuzinski. His wife, Corrine Joyce Kartuzinski, (ne Corrine Siegal) is called a cold-hearted woman by some.


Lisa had spent seventeen days in isolation when, on 5 December 1995, the Scientologists placed her in a van and took her to Columbia New Port Richey Hospital, which is 24 miles from the Fort Harrison. They did not take her to the nearby Morton Plant Hospital. They took her to the more distant hospital because Dr. David I. Minkoff worked at the New Port Richey hospital, and he was a Scientologist.

When the van arrived at the hospital shortly after 9 p.m., Lisa McPherson was dead.

An autopsy was performed. A report on the autopsy was filed by the Medical Examiner, Joan Wood. She found that Lisa’s body was covered with bruises, cockroach bites, and that she had been deprived of liquids for the last 5 to 10 days and had died of a blood clot brought about by severe dehydration. Test results also showed that Lisa was unconscious for one or two days before her death. 3, 5

McPherson represents another one of the numerous people viciously abused because they posed a threat to Scientology’s public relations image.

Lisa McPherson before


Lisa McPherson after being held in captivity and isolation by Scientologists


brainwashing = isolation, food and sleep
deprivation, physical and mental duress


This is one of the brainwashing methods used by Scientology for behavior modification.

On the Flagship Apollo, the chain locker treatment was only one of the brainwashing methods used for behavior modification. The person was locked in isolation in the chain locker of the ship and was not let out until they agreed to change their behavior. This included small children, such as a 4 year old boy that Ron Hubbard ordered into the chain locker.

The only communication allowed is this – “if I let you out, what can you guarantee me?” Like the chain locker, the person gains freedom from isolation by stating that their behavior is now changed, they accept the idea being forced on them to end the duress.

These autopsy photos clearly illustrate that Flag is not “the friendliest place in the world”.

The Clearwater taxi cab drivers tell stories of people trying to leave and being physically dragged out of the cab and back into the building. The best one was the guy who ran out of the Fort Harrison completely naked, clutching only a credit card in his hand, and told the cab driver to get me the f— outa here. The “friendliest place in the world” may hold true when you are at the registrar getting your wallet out to purchase their Flag services – but anything is possible after that.

* * *

Bob Minton established the Lisa McPherson Trust (LMT) to pursue criminal and civil justice in the wrongful death of Lisa McPherson. He bought a building down the street from the Fort Harrison Hotel, which is the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.

Kennan Dandar was the attorney for the LMT.

The top three Scientology executives were David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. They used underhanded methods to sabotage the justice system to escape justice.

They spent 30 million dollars to cover up their guilt in the death of Lisa McPherson. They also destroyed their own records that proved their guilt.

Subsequently, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder left the official Church of Scientology and recently they began to expose the underhanded methods that were used to undermine the justice system and thereby escape prosecution in the Lisa McPherson case.

On 15 November 2012, Marty Rathbun gave a deposition to Kennan Dandar, wherein Marty tells what they did to get out of the charges brought against them by the LMT.

The deposition has three Exhibits attached to it that you can refer to while reading the deposition. I have edited the deposition and the exhibits down to their main points.

Definition of ex parte = in the interest of one side only in a legal dispute


for the

Middle District of Florida



Civil Action No.

et al.,



NOVEMBER 9, 2012

taken by KENNAN G. DANDAR,


Q. Okay. Could you give us a a description of your history with the Church of Scientology?

A. Well, I joined the Church of Scientology in 1977. I joined what’s called the Sea  Organization, which is its priesthood, in January, 1978, and I served there until December 12th, 2004.

From approximately 1982 until I left in December, 2004, I answered to nobody other than David Miscavige, who was effectively the Supreme Leader of all Scientology organizations.

Q. What was your title, if you had one, and I’m sure you did, in 2000 — uh, let’s say 2000 to 2004?

A. I was Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center. And the Inspector General is the second highest ecclesiastical position in all of the Scientology network, answers only to the Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center, which is David Miscavige.

Q. All right. So is it fair to say you worked hand in glove with David Miscavige?

A. Yes, on a daily basis.

Q. I’m going to direct your attention now to the Lisa McPherson case.

And let’s start off with Exhibit No.1.

And just take a look at that. I think you’ll see it’s your blog or is that your website?

A. It’s a blog, yeah.

Q. Okay. And Exhibit No.1, is that your writing that is contained in this entire article until you get to Mike Rinder’s comments section at the last page?

A. Yes, it is.

Q. Is everything that you wrote in this blog, Exhibit No. 1, true?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. Is it based upon personal knowledge?

A  Yes.

Q. Okay. A Republican political consultant by the name of Mary Repper was hired. Who decided to do that?

A . David Miscavige.

A. And so a meeting got set up for her to meet with Miscavige at the Hibiscus Restaurant, which is on the premises of Flag, Flag Land Base in Clearwater, and David Miscavige said by all means.

…what he did do was retained her at a – at a pretty hefty, uh, flat rate retainer. Um, she had a monthly retainer, as I recall, in the, um, thousands of dollars, you know, per month. And she was all too happy to have a, you know, a retainer like that.

Q. Okay. So she set up these dinners at her house, and the Scientology movie stars were invited to come and woo the politicians?

A . Yes.

Q. So those — those Hollywood stars you name on Page 2 is Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Greta Van Sustern, and soap star, Michelle Stafford.

A . Yes. Correct.

Q. And you really did get the Pinellas County Sheriff and the Public Defender and the Mayors of Tampa and Clearwater to show up at these events?

A. Yes. In fact, the, uh, the sheriff, Rice was his name, was — was really Repper’s first major target because she was really tight with him and had been for decades. Um, and that was the first person she sort of won over to being friendly with Scientology.

And everything at that time, you know, from ’96 through 2004, really, was directed first and foremost at getting rid of the McPherson criminal case, getting rid of the McPherson civil case, and patching up the bad public relations damage that it had done, so that’s why she was brought in.

Q. What do you know about how the Church of Scientology got the Medical Examiner, Joan Wood, to change her opinion on the cause of death of Lisa McPherson?

 A. Well, it’s a long story, but, um, essentially Lee Fugate, who’s job was really ~- I mean, he was — his job was not lawyering. He did very little lawyering. He did mostly public relations work. And part of his public relations work was to mosey up to and become friendly with Joan Wood’s attorney, Jeffrey Goodis, out of St. Petersburg. And he arranged a personal meeting between David Miscavige and Jeffrey Goodis, which I attended with Lee Fugate. And, um, essentially, David Miscavige created this little bonding, um, scenario with, uh, with Goodis over months. Um, that’s how the — that’s how the thing essentially went down. And what he — what he essentially accomplished over a year period in the year 1999-2000, I guess, was or an eight-, nine-month period was essentially, really, to get Goodis to actually be representing Miscavige’s interests against Joan Wood’s, quite frankly. I mean, he had Goodis on such good terms that Goodis would consult with Dave Miscavige on how to convince Joan Wood of certain things.

Q. Was he being paid by David Miscavige?

A.. No, he was not. But he did receive a lot of perks.

Q. Such as?

A.. Such as, uh, 50-yard line Super Bowl tickets when the Bucs went to the Super Bowl. Uh, such as cufflinks that, uh, were probably worth a couple of thousand dollars, like really over-the-top cufflinks. Miscavige found out he had somewhat of a cufflinks fetish and, um, at least gave him at least two pair that I know of. Um, and then he got red-carpet-rolled-out treatment at the events at the Flag Land Base at the Fort Harrison Hotel that this church put on in the early 2000s to try to woo the local populous.

And, um, Miscavige found out through bonding with, uh, Goodis that his wife and he both were sort of goo-goo ga-ga over John Travolta. So Dave very carefully arranged that Travolta would go up to their table and give them personal face time and make them feel like they were personal friends.

Q. Now, I heard – Yeah. – and tell me if I’m wrong, but I heard that Joan Wood, the Medical Examiner, had a relative, either a brother or a cousin, who had some type of pressure put on him or her that caused Joan Wood to change her opinion on the cause of death.

A. Ken, I don’t know anything about that. Never heard of it, even.

Look, Miscavige and I met with Jeffrey Goodis on probably between one and two dozen occasions in Jeffrey Goodis’ office in St. Petersburg, and these are like anywhere from an hour to three-hour-long meetings in his conference room, personally going through the evidence that we were specifically tailoring to impinge on Joan Wood. And then having strategy sessions on how Jeff might be able to push her personal, professional, and emotional buttons to get her to accept these ideas.

And that’s how –that’s how it went down.
I don’t know about any cousins or anything like that.

Q. Okay. All right. Let’s talk about the judges now. What do you know about was it Miscavige’s idea? Is he the one that was, again, in charge of trying to influence judges involved in the Lisa McPherson cases?

A. Absolutely. And, uh and that really began with — with Judge Schaeffer. …in fact, that was Lee Fugate’s, that’s why he was hired in the first place.  …and one of the first things that Miscavige ordered me to do was to get with Jerry Feffer.

Jerry Feffer is senior partner — or was a senior partner at Williams & Connolly in Washington, D.C. He was David Miscavige’s personal attorney. David Miscavige had, uh, credited him with, credited Jerry Feffer with knocking out a number of criminal investigations on David Miscavige, personally, and the Church of Scientology from the mid ’80s all the way up into the 2000s. And so one of the first things he did was order me to get ahold of Jerry Feffer to get us, uh, some rainmaker counsel to make this case go away.

Q. Who was that?

A. And that was Weinberg, Sandy Weinberg, of Zuckerman, Spaeder. And, uh, and his big — his big line into handling this thing behind the scenes was he had Lee Fugate, who was a former State Attorney’s Office attorney in the Pinellas County office Pinellas-Pasco office, who was investigating this case. Lee Fugate was a former prosecutor there and, according to Weinberg and according to Feffer, had the, uh, the, uh, credibility, and the influence there to, sufficient to make this thing go away.

Q. So what was the plan to make the McPherson case go away?

A. Well, I mean, the first plan was to, uh, try to open up a line of communication with the State Attorney’s Office and prevent it from getting to the point of indictment.

And so — and so Lee Fugate, he ran into a lot of antagonism from McCabe and Doug Crow, who was the deputy and who was in charge of the case. But the line prosecutor -~ can’t remember his name, but if I had some time, I could look it up — uh, was good pals with Fugate, and.was in – and Fugate was in constant communication with him during the deposition period, pre-indictment, and reporting back on the sentiment and where the state Attorney was going and — and strategizing directly with Miscavige and myself on how to influence it not to get to the point of indictment.

Q. Did you know that the FDLE, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as well as the Clearwater Police Department wanted the prosecutor to file murder charges?

A. Yes.

Q. And was Lee Fugate charged with making sure that didn’t happen?

A. Well, that was part of it, yeah. I mean, we we wanted nothing to be, you know, we wanted no indictment. But, yeah, as you know, it ultimately led to abuse and neglect criminal abuse and neglect.

Q. So part of your article here says that the lawyers were paid handsomely to meet ex parte with the judges involved in the McPherson case. What does that mean?

A. Well, what it means is, is that, uh, Pope, the Pope firm, the first guy we hired was Ed Armstrong, who was doing a lot of real estate work, and he started building some PR bridges. And Ed was connected, and Ed knew and was personal friends with Judge Greer, who was on the probate case — the Lisa McPherson Estate probate case, and had a number of conversations with Greer about Scientology. But I know I got reports back from Armstrong, in the presence of Miscavige, where he would talk about how he laid in some bad news about Ken Dandar being a sleazy ambulance chaser and unethical lawyer, and, uh, and then some things about, you know, some positive stuff about the church.

A. Miscavige, you’ve got to realize, in 1998 when the indictment happened, he was there pretty much from 7 November, ’98, through the dismissal of the criminal case in mid 2000.

A. Well, of course, Ken, you know why it finally settled in May, ’04 is because I took off. I escaped the International Base in February, and I came back to Clearwater to do to try to sort things out with my wife. But Miscavige knew the handwriting was on the wall and I was a loose cannon, free agent, and who knows what I’m going to say. That’s why that thing — that’s why they finally ultimately settled with you.

Q. The McPherson case settled in May of ’04, so you were still there when it settled.

A. Right. But, Ken, you’ve got to understand. I escaped the International Headquarters on February the 3rd, 2004, on my motorcycle. I then contacted my wife, who was working at the Flag Land Base. I told her I got — you know, what’s going on at the International Headquarters under Miscavige is complete insanity. It’s a prison camp, it’s a torture chamber, and it has nothing to do with Scientology, and I’m out and I’m never going back there. She said, “Hey, what about me?”

I said, you know, “I’m just telling you, I’m never going back to the Int Base again.”

She said, “Please come back to Clearwater. I’ll get okay.” She got okay from Miscavige for me to go to Clearwater, instead of going back to the Int Base. I was there, though, for nine months, but I wasn’t in the loop on anything, Ken.

Q. …at the end of Exhibit I,  …Mike Rinder mentions about Lee Fugate and Judge Quesada spending a lot of time on Anna Maria Island.

A. …Fugate had a number of ex parte communications with Quesada about the case because Lee Fugate and Frank Quesada were roommates when they were young prosecutors in the State. They were bosom buddies that went back to the beginning of their careers… But Lee Fugate reported on a number of occasions having went out drinking with Quesada, and talking about the case, and, again, pushing the same agenda: Ken Dandar is evil. Scientology’s good.

Q. Okay. Look at Exhibit No. 3. Now, this involves you and the destruction of the last three days of the Lisa McPherson caretaker notes. My question is, Why did they have to be destroyed?

A. Because they showed that Heather Hoff very explicitly was demanding that medical treatment be gotten.

Q. And who is the person saying no to her request?

A. Well, I don’t know. …Janice Johnson had sort of — had some influence. Alain Kartuzinski was supposed to be, you know, where the buck stopped, but he was actually being micromanaged by Angie Trent, who was the Religious Technology Center representative at the Flag Land Base. So, really, those three together were sort of working on this. So, I guess, I mean, in a way, I guess I would say Angie Trent really.

Q. Well, did David Miscavige have a role in this?

A. No. …David Miscavige and I didn’t find this out until after I left and — and connected up with Tom DeVocht and,um, a couple other people, Debbie Cook and Don Jason. All three of them corroborated this for me, um, was that David Miscavige was the person that was programming Lisa McPherson from way back in the spring of the year she died, and so his fingerprints— were all over her in terms of her descent into this psychosis that she went into.

I spent – you know, I spent six years and 28, 30 million dollars, um, defending that case

Q. Was any of that 30 million spent on the private investigators that came after me?

A. Yes.

I can tell you that there were a number of Pis who went to virtually all of your clients – your former clients who could be found, who talked them up just like the same program I told you about the judges, you know, try to buddy up to them, try to get them to detest or criticize you, and if they could get – if they could drive a wedge, they’d work it out over months and years to get them to turn on you.

We had you overtly followed to try to get you to you know, to get into your head, because that’s part of the policy of this noisy investigation I was telling you about.

I can tell you this, too. …sure we got your phone records. Because I’m, that’s a — that’s an automatic. In fact, the FBI’s investigating the obtaining of my phone records by the Church of Scientology right now as we speak, um, because they’ve gotten them from T-Mobile, which is my carrier. Um, but that’s done as a matter of course with somebody — with an enemy of your stature. We find out everybody who you’re calling. Okay? And then a whole investigation is done into all those people. So, you know, it’s quite possible they could have even prevented you from getting clients by finding out who you were in touch with and then, you know, influencing potential new cases.

There’s overt data collection and then there’s covert data collection. It’s like you find every single potential person who knows anything about the person, and then you check every public record or every record that’s — that’s obtainable. That’s overt data collection.

Then you have covert data collection, and, yes, that involves infiltration. They do that quite — quite often. But when I get the reports on covert data collection, they don’t say who the resource is or where — who it’s coming from.

Q. Who else was – besides you, who else was aware of the destruction of the caretaker notes of Lisa McPherson?

A. Uh, Elliot Abelson, who was a lawyer, in-house lawyer well, in-house general counsel. He was for the Church of Scientology. I think he was busted after the Debbie Cook, uh, blowup. But Elliot Abelson was in-house counsel, Mr. Fix it, in Los Angeles. …he was involved in the decision making, and, you know, he was right there reviewing the documents and deciding what needed to go and didn’t. And then, also, Lynn Farney, who was a legal, staff member at the Office of Special Affairs.

And David Miscavige.

Q. Well, what about the, uh, Exhibit 3; is that a true and correct copy of the Internet Village Voice where you talk about the attorney, Abelson, supervising the destruction of records in the Lisa McPherson death case?

A. It looks like it.

Q. And that’s your video that’s right on that first page.

A. Yeah.


EXHIBIT ONE 11108/031dayid-miscavige-the-cheater!
Case 8:12-cv-02477-VMC-EAJ Document 19-1 Filed 11/15/12

Mark “Marty” Rathbun’s Place
David Miscavige the Cheater

Posted on August 3, 2011 by martyrathbun

First order of business was hiring – at a very handsome salary – the number one Republican political consultant in Pinellas county, one Mary Repper. The program Mary and I developed under Miscavige’s direct supervision was simple. First, Mary finds out the favorite Scientology celebrity of each influential person in Pinellas County politics and government (including law enforcement).

Second, I contact that celebrity and close him/her to come to Mary Repper’s home for a dinner with a collection of those local officials who happen to love that particular celebrity.

The targets are won over by intimate face time with someone he or she is giddy over. The Mayor of Clearwater, the Mayor of Tampa, County Supervisors, the Pinellas County Sheriff, the Pinellas County Public Defender, many prominent lawyers, and a number of other local public figures attended these special evenings with a star.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Greta Van Sustern, and soap star Michelle Stafford each had their own special audiences appear to be spellbound face to face at the home of Ms. Repper.

We then used a number of the people so wowed at these events to get footholds in with judges in the Pinellas county courts – infiltrating the courts indirectly with the messages that “Scientology is good and being discriminated against”, “McPherson’s lawyers and family were bad, gold diggers exploiting Lisa’s death.”

We also hired lawyers who knew judges assigned to our cases in Pinellas County, and paid them so handsomely they were willing to make ex parte contact with and inculcate the judges directly with those same messages. That occured with Judge Beach who was assigned to the civil case, Estate Of Lisa McPherson vs Church of Scientology, and Judge George Greer, Church of Scientology vs. Executor of the Estate of Lisa McPherson in Pinellas county probate court.

The lawyer involved with Judge Beach was Lee Fugate of Zuckerman, Spaeder (Tampa Office)…

So effective were Fugate’s many ex parte, casual meetings with Judge Beach that Beach effectively extorted the McPherson family into accepting a settlement on terms they felt degraded and disappointed with having to accept.


EXHIBIT TWO II /08/scientology_use. php
Case 8:12-cv-02477-VMC-EAJ Document 19-2 Filed 11/15/12 Page 2 of 6 PageID 284

Scientology Uses Its Movie Stars to Woo Politicians,
Says Former Top Exec (OR: Tom Cruise Loves Coconut Cake!)

By Tony Ortega Wed., Aug. 3 2011 at 1:43 PM

Want to have Tom over to your place for dinner? Apparently all it takes is some yummy coconut cake. Another revelation this afternoon from Marty Rathbun, formerly one of the highest executives in Scientology who defected in 2004 and since 2009 has been criticizing church leader David Miscavige at his blog, “Moving On Up a Little Higher.”

In particular, Rathbun mentioned a concerted campaign by Scientology, as it was suffering one of its worst public relations disasters after the death of parishioner Lisa McPherson, to go on a charm campaign to woo and influence Florida public officials.

How did the church intend to loosen up Florida’s pols? By setting up lunches and dinners with its stable of celebrities.

McPherson had died in 1995, but it wasn’t until a year later that the public started to become aware of her unusual death at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida…

The Church of Scientology was indicted on two felony counts in 1998 over the death of McPherson.

As the criminal case and a civil wrongful death suit made their way through the courts, Rathbun says the church hit on the idea of trying to influence Florida’s opinion leaders.

“The point was to win these people over to Scientology, and support it politically and get the word back down to the courts,” he says. (The state dropped its criminal case in 2000, but negative publicity over McPherson was still a problem for several years as the civil case continued.)

The best way to counter the negative press, he adds, was with Scientology celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Greta Van Susteren, and soap star Michelle Stafford.

But Rathbun says the church needed help bringing together its stars with Florida’s political influencers. For that help, Scientology turned to Republican operative Mary Repper.

In 2003, the St. Petersburg Times reported that Repper had held a dinner at her house that brought together Tampa’s mayor at the time, Pam Iorio, and Scientology’s biggest star, Tom Cruise:

Repper denied then to the St. Pete Times that the church had anything to do with setting up the dinner, and she told me that as well, this morning, by telephone from her Florida home.

I also asked Repper if she was involved in bringing together Florida politicians with Greta Van Susteren, John Travolta, and Michelle Stafford. She denied that she had Travolta to dinner at her house. (Rathbun, however, says she did have him over for an afternoon lunch. “She didn’t have him for dinner. She had him for an afternoon with about 30 women politicians,” Rathbun told me.)

“She’s such a liar. We hired her in, it must have been 1999” Rathbun says.

That’s also the recollection of Mike Rinder, who was Scientology’s chief spokesman until he left the church in 2007. “I introduced Mary Repper to Michelle Stafford at a Hollywood Celebrity Centre event, and it was the biggest day of her life,” Rinder told me by telephone today. “She was flown to Los Angeles for a gala event. I was her host… I’d been to her house a few times, too, when I was the chief spokesman for the church. I actually took Tom deVocht to dinner at her house one day.”

Anyway, that’s an absolute — I’m not sure what the correct word for it is. It’s just lying, that’s the correct word,” he says, about her claim that she wasn’t “affiliated” with Scientology when the politician charm campaign was happening in 2003.

“I remember hiring her in 1998 or 1999. Marty is absolutely right. He was there and so was [church leader David] Miscavige. There was a lunch in the Hibiscus room in the Fort Harrison Hotel. It was Miscavige, Marty and, me, and that was her first time at the hotel,” Rinder says.

Choosing Repper to help them with Lisa McPherson damage control was no accident, Rinder says. “She was the campaign manager that ran Bernie McCabe’s election campaign. He was the state’s attorney bringing the state’s case against the church at the time… There needed to be influence, there needed to be ways of controlling the process. The police department was going after the church, the FDLE was going after the church, the state’s attorney was going after the church, Ken Dandar in the civil case was going after the church.”

Rathbun and Rinder both say Repper was hired to help the church influence political leaders in 1998 or 1999, and the state eventually dropped its criminal case in 2000.

“Honestly, I don’t think she had any influence [on the state dropping the case],” Rinder adds –the state’s case fell apart when medical examiner Joan Wood changed the cause of death to an “accident. ”

Still, Repper was something of a “kingmaker” in Pinellas County, Rinder says, and the church found her useful.

Repper denied that she was affiliated with Scientology at the time of the dinners, but she says she is working for Scientology today. “I do work for them now, yes. I do whatever I can to help them because I believe in them. I think they’re good people. The people in that church, I’m proud to know them. I used to be proud of Marty.”


Case 8:12-cv-02477-VMC-EAJ Document 19-3 Filed 11/15/12 Page 1 of 16 PageID 289

Marty Rathbun: Scientology’s Attorney “Supervised”
Destruction of Records in Lisa McPherson Death
By Tony Ortega Fri., Aug. 24 2012 at 7:00 AM

McPherson died after she was held for 17 days at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida following a mental breakdown. Her death became the church’s biggest crisis to that point, leading to a criminal investigation and years of civil litigation.

Rathbun was one of the top church officials whose full time job between 1996 and 2000 was dealing with that crisis. (He later left the church in 2004.)

Rathbun has previously admitted to destroying evidence in the case. But in this video, he provides more detail, and implicates Abelson.

In another interview with Mark Bunker, former top church spokesman Mike Rinder had characterized Abelson as “just a name,” an attorney whom private investigators could say they were working for as they performed operations for the church.

But in this account, Rathbun says Abelson was more of an actor, claiming that the attorney “supervised” the destruction of evidence, and in Abelson’s own office on Hollywood Boulevard.


Commentary by Mike McClaughry


23 February 2000 – Joan Wood changed the cause of McPherson’s death to an “accident”. Therefore, the guilty Scientologists escaped criminal prosecution when that happened.

The key part of Marty’s deposition came when Dandar asked this question –

Q. Now, I heard – Yeah. – and tell me if I’m wrong, but I heard that Joan Wood, the Medical Examiner, had a relative, either a brother or a cousin, who had some type of pressure put on him or her that caused Joan Wood to change her opinion on the cause of death.

A. Ken, I don’t know anything about that. Never heard of it, even.



That was the key turning point that got the guilty Scientologists out of the criminal charges and also harmed the civil case against the Church. There is no statute of limitations on murder. Those charges can be resurrected at any time, and they likely would be if it was proven that Joan Wood was coerced to change the cause of death.

Those charges would apply to Marty also, he was one of the guilty co-conspirators in covering up the murder, and possibly in causing the murder. So, he was not willing to state what he may know about coercion of Joan Wood.

* * *

The other key part of Marty’s deposition is the part that PROVES it was murder –

Q. Okay. Look at Exhibit No. 3. Now, this involves you and the destruction of the last three days of the Lisa McPherson caretaker notes.

My question is, Why did they have to be destroyed?

A. Because they showed that Heather Hoff very explicitly was demanding that medical treatment be gotten.

Q. And who is the person saying no to her request?

A. Well, I don’t know. …Janice Johnson had sort of — had some influence. Alain Kartuzinski was supposed to be, you know, where the buck stopped, but he was actually being micromanaged by Angie Trent, who was the Religious Technology Center representative at the Flag Land Base. So, really, those three together were sort of working on this. So, I guess, I mean, in a way, I guess I would say Angie Trent really.

Q. Well, did David Miscavige have a role in this?

A. No. …David Miscavige and I didn’t find this out until after I left and — and connected up with Tom DeVocht and,um, a couple other people, Debbie Cook and Don Jason.

All three of them corroborated this for me, um, was that David Miscavige was the person that was programming Lisa McPherson from way back in the spring of the year she died, and so his fingerprints— were all over her in terms of her descent into this psychosis that she went into.


David Miscavige was micromanaging the Lisa McPherson fiasco from beginning to end.

Marty was David Miscavige’s right-hand man and he didn’t know that? He’s lying.

Marty has done a lot of ranting about Miscavige, but when it gets down to the real nitty gritty, Marty’s bite lacks teeth.

Only David Miscavige had the ultimate authority to deny Heather Hoff’s urgent requests for medical care those last 3 days of Lisa’s life. And that denial caused her death and amounts to premeditated murder.


So the Scientologists say they are innocent of murder?


But they used underhanded methods to sabotage the justice system.
And they destroyed the caretaker logs, the evidence that proved murder.


And now they expect us to believe they are innocent?

* * *

Those of us who are very familiar with the subject of Scientology and their organizational policy –
know what the Scientologists did to Lisa McPherson – that they then covered up.

Lisa McPherson was an escalating bad public relations situation for Scientology.

Lisa went to Clearwater and attained a state in Scientology called “Clear”.

McPherson was leaving Scientology and when she got back to her hometown she was going to start talking about some negative things she had learned about Scientology. So, she was obviously disillusioned with Scientology and just after she had gone Clear. Now she is even more of a bad public relations threat, a recent Clear revealing negative things about Scientology.

Now some classic Scientology tactics come into play – and it was all micromanaged by David Miscavige. Thus began the tactics that we have seen them employ over and over to people who were posing some bad public relations threat to Scientology.

One of those tactics is to use Reverse Scientology to drive the person insane. According to Scientology a “psychotic break” is caused by a whole series of wrong indications. Lisa was getting beat up by the ethics department, wherein she was intentionally being given one wrong indication after another.

Then another classic tactic of theirs was used – the arranged car accident in Clearwater.

All of this was supposed to get Lisa to back down and decide to be silent.

But Lisa did something they had not predicted. She took her clothes off and was naked in the streets right after the pre-arranged car accident. She told the paramedics on the scene that she needed help. Now she is creating an even worse bad public relations situation.

The paramedics took her to the hospital where they put her under psychiatric care. Now she is an even worse bad public relations situation. A Scientology Clear who is in need of psychiatric care – what bad public relations that is for Scientology – so the Scientologists had to get her out of the hospital fast, before she started blabbing the negative things she knew about Scientology.

Now they lock her up in isolation in a room against her will. Their envisioned end was that she agreed to not be a bad public relations situation for Scientology. It did not work. She did not give in to their behavior modification and banged on the walls to be let go.

After a week of abusive treatment in isolation, she was now a really horrible bad public relations situation for Scientology. If they allowed her out in her obvious bad physical condition and she went to the authorities – she could charge them with illegal detainment and various other charges. Now they are caught in their own trap, they can’t let her go. So they let her die, the ultimate way to silence somebody.


That is premeditated murder.


They can deny it all they want, but those of us who were in Scientology…


we know how you think and we know what you did.


The justice system failed to bring justice since it allowed itself to be covertly sabotaged.

However, we can still find justice where it really matters – in the court of public opinion.


We the people, find the involved Scientologists
of illegal detainment and murder.



Scientology Roots Table of Chapters


1. Bare Faced Messiah by Russell Miller
2. L. Ron Hubbard Messiah or Madman? by Bent Corydon
3. United States District Court Central District of California, Michael Pattinson vs RTC
Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)
4. A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack
5. St. Petersburg Times  February 21, 1997
6. Fighting Talk – Issue 11 – May 1995
7. E book of DartSmohen writings  (real name Neville Chamberlain)
8. Cached version of Ex-Scientologists message board discussions by Cathy Mullins posting as “Babycakes”

9. Garland Williams worked for the American intelligence agency Office of Strategic Services.

Garland H. WilliamsGarland H. Williams

In 1942 Garland Williams was sent to London to meet with William Keswick, who was Chief of a British intelligence unit called Special Operations Executive.

After meeting with Keswick, Garland was sent home with SOE’s training manuals.

This CIA declassified document was recovered from the internet archive. This document is from Major Garland H. Williams, (OSS Deputy Chief of Special Operations – Ref National Park Service publication) routed as Training Section, Intelligence. This is part of the materials Garland brought home with him from his meeting with William Keswick.

Here is one of the statements made in the SOE instructions –

“If the employee proves to be disloyal and is in possession of dangerous information,
he should probably be killed.”

Here is the first page of the SOE training instructions –

Here is the page that says to kill a disloyal agent –

10. Miles Copeland was a CIA officer who headed a CIA unit called Political Action Staff, starting in July 1955. One of his juniors was Bob Mandlestam, who recruited Frank Buchman and Ron Hubbard to be CIA agents working for the CIA unit – Political Action Staff, and that was a continuing arrangement.

Miles Copeland made this known in a book he wrote called The Game Player.

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_2

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_4

CIA uses Scientology from The Game Player by Miles Copeland

scientology continuing arrangmnt CIA - The Game Player by Miles Copeland

11. On 29 June 1968, Hubbard issues a Policy Letter titled “Enrollment in Suppressive Groups”. Now it was Church policy to label whole groups of people as being Suppressive Groups, and Fair Game policy applied to them also.

Squirrel Groups from November 30th, 1970

The following is a list of squirrel groups past and present. Anyone found to have ever been a member, or associate, or student or practitioner of any of these groups comes under the Policy, Enrollment in Suppressive groups.

Abilitism – USA
The American College Propriotary Ltd. – Australia
Amprinistics – USA, Aus. [,] New Zealand, UK
The Assoc. of Int’l Dianologists – USA
The Aus. Center of Applied Psychology – Aus
Balanced Determinism – USA
The Brotherhood – USA
Calif. Assoc. of Dianetic Auditors – USA
Calif. Dianetic Fdn. – USA
Church of the final Judgement – USA, UK, EU, Mex.
Church of Satan – USA, UK, EU, Mex.
Christan [sic] Spiritual Alliance – USA
Dianology – USA
E-Therapy – USA
Eumentics – UK
Harmonistics – USA
Institute of Ability – USA
Int’l Awareness Center – USA
New Principles – USA, UK
Personal Creative Fdn. – USA
The Process – USA, UK, EU, Mex.
Reform Church of Scientology – USA
Sciognostics – USA
Self-Realization – UK, USA
Trichotomy – USA
Trinitology – USA
Triology – USA
Vacuum Cleaning Procedure – USA
World Society for Everyman’s Freedom – USA

In some cases the groups no longer exist, but in many others they have simply changed their name and carried on as before, in which case the group has not been disbanded by any means. In any event, the final decision on whether a squirrel group has been disbanded or not rests with the Guardian’s office in Bureau 4.

Additions made by US:

Eductivism – USA
Anderson Research Fdn – USA
Defense or Thought – USA
Erhart [sic] Seminar Training (EST) – USA

The following people have been found by their consistent activities todestroy Scientology to be dangerous to Scientology orgs and staffs. They are few in number compared to our own, but regularly create more havoc than would be expected from their apparent spheres of influence.

We will not close the door forever on these few, but have withdrawn all forms of help as we are not in the business of saving wounded water buffaloes. Consequently any attempt by any of these listed to get back on lines, must be referred to Guardian’s Office Bureau 4 section for Internal Security. The Ethics officer or whoever is covering will then handle as per advices given to him from bureau 4.

Andy Anderson
Ivor Batchelor
Bob Bayford
Richard Benjamin
Baron Berez
Ava Berner
Chuck Berner
Neville Blaikie
John Bray
Ray Buckingham
Dave Cunningham
Don Cunningham
Nina Collingwood
John Damonte
Marrianne De Grimston
Robert De Grimston (AKA Robert & Marrianne Moore or De Grimston-Moore)
Bill Deitsch
Gene Eastman
John Farrell
Tuck Farrell
Alan Ferguson
Irving Fiske
Nora Goodwin
Peter Goodwin
Barbara Green
Bernie Green
Hazel Guest
Robin Harper
John Hoad
Jack Horner
Melody Horner
Edie Horsfall
Maurice Johnson
Peter Knight
Shirley Knight
John McMaster
Woody McPheeter
Frank Manley
Alex Moir
Ilona Moir
Doug Moon
Antoinette Pernetta
Mike Pernetta
Carol Pinkham
Jim Pinkham
Blanche Prichette
Leigh Richmond
Nick Robinson
Maxine Sanini
Jim Stathis
Polly Stathis
Frank Sullivan
Marianne Taylor
Rod Taunton
Harry Thompson
Marcus Tooley
Edgar Watson
Nina West


Sam Holmes
Doug Rambo
John Seffern
Simon Aungier AKA James Dudgeon
Junida Bajunid
Ian Bloggs
Asher Devers
Roy Edwards
Robert Ellison
Ron Frost
Margaret Frost
Richard Gosling
Bruce Henderson
Alan Joyner
Ian Marshall
John McElvenny
Bernie Green

Anyone who has PT or recent connections with any of these people is under suspicion and the information regarding the person should be forwarded to Internal Security Bureau 4.

12. Rear Admiral Sidney Souers was the first Director of the CIA (he served as its Director for 6 months in 1946). He was sworn in by President Truman.

Truman and souers

In August 1949, Rear Admiral Souers proposed creation of a special unit wherein Naval Reserve (intelligence) personnel would work for the CIA in a civilian capacity. CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter wrote the following letter informing Rear Admiral Souers that his proposed special unit was not approved. CIA declass - Hillenkoetter to Souers 22 August 1949

However, they went ahead and formed the special unit wherein Naval Reserve personnel worked for the CIA in a civilian capacity. On 27 February 1950, CIA Director Hillenkoetter attended the formal activation of the CIA Naval Reserve Unit. He noted it in his daily log book – I marked the log entry with a red arrow.

CIA FOIA Hillenkoetter CIA Naval Reserve Unit of civilians 17 Feb 1950
13. Wikipedia Encyclopedia – Operation Gladio

14. These are reports of drugs being used on board Sea Org ships. Ron Hubbard had a huge drug chest and some other Sea Org members had marijuana they were using.

Sea Org members Baron Berez and Doug Rambo were on a list of expelled Scientologists. Maybe that’s because per Neville Chamberlain – stoned Scientologists 7 (including Mary Sue) were apparently de riguer aboard the Royal Scotman during 1968/1969. Not too surprising, since L. Ron Hubbard himself was a user of street drugs, as he stated in a letter to Mary Sue when he was researching OT 3 in Las Palmas. Several Scientologists have witnessed and reported on Ron Hubbard’s massive drug chest and his use of illegal street drugs.

Relevant page of free ebook of Neville Chamberlain’s internet writings –


Note: Dart decides to “leave” ESMB (ex-scientologist message board) on January 4, 2011 – is where Dart Smohen reveals that he is Neville Chamberlain. For more information about Neville, Jerry McDonald etc. during the Corfu Caper time, see my wife’s Corfu Caper article. Both Neville and Baron Berez were “busted” (Hubbard liked to put heads on pikes to distract his sycophants) for drugs. See Corfu Caper and Hubbard “OODS” item of 1968 documented by Tony Ortega in his 2011 posting titled Writing OT VIII, a Pot Bust, and More From L. Ron Hubbard: Sailing the Apollo Dec 11 – 17


Baron_Berez_on_left__Captain_Bill_Robertson_middle_1968_approx.Baron Berez on left possibly (image taken from his New Civilization Blog post) – Captain Bill Robertson center, 1968 approx.


OODs – by “Commodore” L. Ron Hubbard


Goodbye, Mr. Berez. You who used ethics most wrongly were found with a huge tin of marijuana to be the most out-ethics person aboard.

B. Berez, you were the longest aboard in all the out ethics days of the old RSM.

We can blow some charge on that.

So goodbye Mr. Berez. I trust you will soon go up in smoke.



Cathy Mullins, a cook on the ship at the time, discussed her personal views of Brian Baron Berez.8

-click images to enlarge, the first is a screenshot of Cathy correlating her screen name as “babycakes” in 2010, the second is her comments on Berez.





I think we have found a somewhat current picture of Brian Baron Berez (feel free to correct me if I am wrong about that). Berez can be found shilling various ideas on the internet at the “New Civilization” website of Flemming Funch, one-time Captain Bill Robertson afficianado.

Neville, together with Frankie Friedman (who recently moved to our area of Northern Idaho – of all places – and is part of what we call the “Marty Party” of  “independent scientologists” and uses an assumed name of Frankie Freeman) were referred to as Hubbard’s thugs (bodyguards) in disgraced former British consul – John Forte (deceased) – book The Commodore and The Colonels. Neville was also referred to by Forte as a “British professional boxer”. Other documents and sources that I have yet to bring up, discuss that Frankie was a former Mob (Mafia)  pit boss in Las Vegas just prior to his entrance into the happy drug-smuggling and money-laundering crew of Hubbard’s Sea Organization. Frankie’s wife back at the time, was a former Vegas showgirl starring in one of their longest running shows (briefly, that is). Berez also came out of Las Vegas to Hubbard’s Sea Organization ships, in 1967. He, Terry Milner (Guardian’s Office Intelligence man) and David Ziff (editor of Advance! magazine) were all on the ship at the same time together, and completed Hubbard’s newly released OT 2 in 1968.


15. NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe by Ganser Daniele here

16. Amos Jessup was with Ron Hubbard in Morocco. Jessup was interviewed by email by an author working on a book. Some of his answers indicate what was really going on Morocco, it wasn’t about being Scientologists. The goal was political.

QUESTION 6. If the training wasn’t represented as being Scientology study technology, with the source being L. Ron Hubbard, how was it represented? Put in other words, what was the “shore story” used to close the government on authorizing this training?

AMOS JESSUP: We were not “Scientology”. This project, for all intents and purposes, was purely a corporate project offered to the Moroccan government by OTC [Operation and Transport Corporation] as far as I know.

AMOS JESSUP: The technology was a subordinate function to the PR and political gains desired.

17. Hana Eltringham Whitfield – talk given in Hamburg on 26 March 2010   –  Main source: Youtube

Disclaimer: This archive is presented strictly in the public interest for research purposes. All the copyrights of materials reproduced here are the properties of their respective owners.

[Hana was kind enough to send her whole transcript, which she did not have time to read completely at the Hamburg Symposium.]

Talk given in 2010 in Hamburg, Germany

My name is Hana Eltringham Whitfield.

I was a Scientologist and a member of the Sea Organization for over twenty years. I captained two of Hubbard’s ships, ran his organizations, and was Deputy Commodore under Hubbard in the United States for two years. After I left, and as a way of giving back, my husband and I began helping families retrieve their children and spouses from Scientology and the Sea Org.

I am speaking today to share my experiences about L. Ron Hubbard. Beginning with Dianetics, and particularly with Scientology Hubbard created a totalitarian culture that revolved around his claims that he was perfect, that everything he said was correct, and that he never made mistakes. Everyone else was a sinner; everyone else was wrong. The same culture permeates Scientology even today. In fact, we hear repeatedly from Scientology spokespersons how Scientology has done no wrong, and that everything it says is correct. It is as if Hubbard was still alive, and in fact, he is glorified as if this were so. It is this totalitarian culture that has everything to do with what is happening in Scientology today. It is this culture that will continue into the future because it is incapable of change and of correction from within. Hubbard conceived Scientology from a defensive public relations posture in which he always had to accuse others. This has never changed. This is the same culture that exists today. His followers do and say as Hubbard did and said.

I joined Scientology in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1965. I was twenty-four, educated, a registered nurse, altruistic, naïve, and looking for answers. I soon went to England, to Hubbard’s headquarters, at that time a friendly, pleasant place. Ethics conditions and declaring people suppressive were just starting to show their face. I trained to the highest levels then available, and graduated as a Class 7 auditor and an Organization Executive Course graduate. I was Clear #60. The training and auditing I received swiftly changed me into a person my family did not recognize. I had no doubt that Hubbard was perfect, and everything he said and did was necessary to salvage our civilization.

In August 1967, Hubbard created the Sea Project to evade the media and the law, though outsiders and general scientologists knew nothing of that. I was one of thirty-five people invited to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, to join him and help with his research, as he put it, to salvage the planet. Of course, I accepted; I believed. Then I met him, and began experiencing the way he treated those close to him as well as outsiders, people like all of you (conference attendees). It was only years after I left the Sea Organization and Scientology that I began to see the extent of his abuse.

I want to talk about some incidents I experienced in a one-year period to show that conditions within Scientology have not changed since Hubbard’s death.

I met Hubbard for the first time in Las Palmas in August 1965, when I joined the Sea Project. He had the ability to bring out the best in us as well as the worst.

On the good side, he inspired me to achieve things I never would have otherwise; captaining two of his ships through all weathers and conditions, running large organizations, and completing assignments that others said could not be done.

There were unforgettable exhilarating moments such as those on deck at night when he sat with us for hours as we passed around bottles of good Spanish wine. He spoke about civilizations that existed in the vivid constellations overhead, and he pointed them out, named them one by one, and spoke in detail about their inhabitants. I grasped those moments, hung onto them, and never wanted them to stop. As none of us were aware of what was really happening to us, we clung to what we perceived as good, and crazily justified the bad.

On the dark side, Hubbard exposed us and indeed thrust us into his world of cruelty, inhumanity, and abuse that would never have been condoned in any civilized country, and which he constantly redefined as positive, as the greatest good for the greatest number, and absolute requirements for enlightenment.

After arriving on board, I quickly found that Hubbard angered easily, and went into frequent unpredictable outbursts at us or the Spanish workers who were helping to refit the Avon River. I quickly learned from my peers that I had to rationalize his behavior. Everyone else did. Why? Because Hubbard was right. He was the only one who knew what it would take to overcome this civilization’s inability to confront and help itself. And we all believed.

There are so many revealing experiences I had with the man that I would love to give you, but I do not have the time.

He soon appointed me as his first Master at Arms, or Ethics Officer, and personally trained me for the position. During my second week on the job, Linda, Hubbard’s messenger, brought me a hand-written order to do with Terry Dickinson, an Australian electrician. Terry had failed to comply with Hubbard’s order to get a HF Sharps ship-to-shore radio purchased in New York, flown to Las Palmas and installed on the ship’s bridge. His punishment? He had to stay awake until the radio was on board and operating. If he failed, he would never be allowed to talk with the crew, eat with the crew, or sleep below decks. I read the order and froze. His messenger took it out of my hand and returned it, I presume, to Hubbard. To this day, I do not know if Hubbard was testing my loyalty. Or Terry’s. Or if he believed that that kind of inhumane action was required to raise my confront of evil, a subject he was obsessed with. Or Terry’s. Or if he simply wanted to see how much brutality and manipulation someone under his control would tolerate. Why did I comply? It was simple. I was well indoctrinated. I was in love with the whole concept of Hubbard, who he was, that he had chosen to return at that time, and that we were fortunate beyond belief to be there with him. Early on in Scientology, my emotions had gone into overdrive and blocked my rational thought processes and reality checks, and I was incapable of thinking logically. Added to that was the belief that Hubbard could do no wrong. That combination set up a circular logic that neither my peers nor I could escape. No matter what he did or said, or what shock tactics he used on those around him, we believed Hubbard was correct

Knowing Terry, a happy, fun-loving Australian, I knew he would not make it on his own. As I could not face him enduring the punishment, I vowed to stay awake with him until it was done. I forced him to stay awake for five days and nights, because that was how long it took to get the radio on board, when he could not, every moment of that long time. I pushed coffee and meals down his throat, and walked up and down the beach with him through the wee hours of the night when he wept that he could not go on anymore. Much later, my ex-husband, who was still a scientologist, reviled me publically for the brutality Terry experienced by my hand. He did not know the order came from Hubbard. He would not have believed me had I told him. Hubbard never published the order. It is probably now behind one of those 1,000-year doors which guard the underground storage depositories of Hubbard’s archives in the New Mexico desert, waiting for an unlikely future when humans will see that Hubbard was infallible. I believed I was doing it all for Terry’s salvation as well as my own. Terry left the Sea Org soon afterwards, a broken man. I often wondered, given that LRH was right, why Terry did not come through the punishment with success. Obviously, it was his fault that he did not, not that of Hubbard.

About the same time, Phoebe Maurer, another Sea Project member, was the first to be assigned Hubbard’s new ethics condition of Liability, and she had to wear a torn jumpsuit, a grey rag tied around one arm, and a large black mark on her left cheek. She was forbidden to talk to or mix with anyone. She had to stay on deck twenty-four hours a day, and sleep up there as well. She could not bathe or wash. The ship’s cook, Virginia Downsboro, had the choice of giving or not giving Phoebe any food. Hubbard’s policy of putting a head on a pike worked well; we were a compliant crew.

During that time, Hubbard lived in a villa outside Las Palmas. His Public Relations Officer, Yvonne (Gilham) Jenzsch, also a Sea Project member, lived there as well. Years later Yvonne confided in me that Hubbard made repeated sexual advances toward her, even though his wife, Mary Sue, visited him every so often and he knew Yvonne was married. Yvonne told me that the only way she was able to break free was to request an assignment away from the ship, and Hubbard finally sent her to establish and run the Los Angeles Celebrity Center. She remained there for the rest of her life, returning to Sea Org headquarters in Clearwater, Florida only in the late 1970’s to die … after she got cancer. Yvonne was one of the most loved and respected women in Scientology and the Sea Organization.

By October 1967, Hubbard declared the Sea Project a success, renamed it the Sea Organization, created the awe-inspiring billion-year contract, and assigned us the goal of personally helping him salvage the planet. The heady emotions we experienced acted as glue that further trapped us inside his belief system in which he continually reframed abuse as help, punishment as salvation, and unconditional obedience to his will as the only way to achieve total freedom.

Toward the end of 1967, Hubbard appointed me to the position of Captain of the Avon River, the 150-foot North Sea fishing trawler. And yes, I really was the captain, and fully responsible for the ship and crew. We trained new Sea Org recruits in sea practices, and naval conduct and etiquette, including navigating by the stars with a sextant. Later on, I also captained the 350-foot Royal Scotman for six months.

In early 1968, in Valencia, Spain, Hubbard released OT 3, the fantasy story about Xenu and body thetans. Emotions ran sky high. I, however, found the story incomprehensible, and from then on for fifteen years, I struggled to apply its sci-fi techniques while undergoing innumerable auditing reviews, retrains, and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of Dianetic auditing, all designed to make it possible for me to do OT3. Why did I stick with it for so long? Because the alternative, according to Hubbard, who was always right, meant I was suppressive, a degraded being, and beyond salvation. That is when I began to get headaches.

Hubbard appointed Peggy Bankston, a friend and Sea Org member, as his Personal Banking Officer. Peggy confided in me soon afterwards that she and Hubbard were having an affair. I was flabbergasted. But how could I doubt? Obviously, Hubbard knew what he was doing. A short time later, Peggy fell out of favor, and Hubbard declared her Suppressive. Did that cause me to doubt? Not for long. I am sad to say, I believed that Peggy was to blame for what happened to her.

Then Hubbard ordered Derek Green put into the chain locker for stealing jewelry and tossing it overboard. Granted, it was valuable, as at least one antique piece in the lot. But Derek was a four-year old child. Do you know what a chain locker is? It is a metal compartment at the front of the ship into the which the anchor chain is coiled when not in use. I was present when Derek’s mother, Felice Green, cried and pleaded with Hubbard to let her little boy out, and he brutally admonished her, “A child is an adult in a child’s body, and is to be treated like an adult. He knows he did wrong”, and then turned away. Derek had no blankets, no extra clothing. He was not allowed to leave the chain locker to go to the potty. He was in there for four days and nights.

Hubbard also assigned the entire Royal Scotman crew as well as their ship the Ethics condition of Liability for non-compliance. He stood next to me on the Avon River Bridge as the Royal Scotman sailed out of Valencia harbor to redeem herself. She had an enormous length of gray material tied around her funnel. The crew — men, women, and children — scurrying around on deck, all wore old jumpsuits, gray rags around their arms, and black marks on their cheeks. They were allowed only five or six hours of sleep each night, and limited hygiene. The whole scenario shouted unclean! Yet Hubbard exuded contentment. He walked around the Avon River Bridge, chest puffed out, nodding and smiling, saying, “That will do it!” I remember feeling a real deep fear in my gut, not so much about what Hubbard had done, but about the apparent wickedness he saw in the Royal Scotman crew that I did not, and the possibility that one day he might see the same in me. I thought my inability to see his punishment as something positive was proof of my severe limitations.

As soon as the Royal Scotman had completed the Liability requirements set by Hubbard and was back in good standing, he moved his quarters and personal crew back on board, and sailed the ship south to Melilla, French Morocco. We continued sailing around Valencia training new recruits.

Late one night, Amos, my Chief Officer, called me urgently to the bridge. Hubbard was on the radio, crying, begging me to sail immediately to Melilla to help him as he had lost control of the Royal Scotman. I was shocked as I had never seen or heard him that devastated, and I wanted to run the other way. By the time we arrived, the worst was over. My then-husband told me that a hundred new untrained recruits had come aboard and caused havoc. To regain control, Hubbard had ordered the recruits, as well as the Sea Org Officers who failed to hold the line, into the Royal Scotsman’s old water tanks, which were huge metal containers with small outlets, to chip out the ancient paint and rust. The sinners were in the tanks for up to eighty-four hours and longer, my then-husband one of them. They had to chip twenty-four hours a day without sleep. When someone stopped chipping or nodded off, a guard at the hatch hit the tank with a metal bar. I shuddered when I heard the chippers ate meals by hand out of buckets lowered down to them, and were given no toilet breaks, etc. Hubbard really enjoyed the punishments he assigned. He did not need wire fences. He simply shocked people into compliance with his will. My then-husband told me that had our ship, the Avon River, arrived earlier, Hubbard planned to appoint me Captain of the Royal Scotman “to fix everything”. I was horrified by what I heard, and I knew I had escaped a time bomb. But did I question how denying sleep could salvage people? Or withholding toilet paper? No. I was incapable of thinking logically.

Later, while I was still Captain of the Avon River that year, Hubbard sent a telex ordering me to put Nikki Freedman in the chain locker for five days. Nikki worked for Mary Sue Hubbard, LRH’s wife, who ran the Guardian Office World Wide from the Royal Scotman. Nikki was travelling with us on that leg of our voyage. I complied. But the thought of Nikki in that dark freezing metal compartment at night while we were at sea without warm clothes, limited food, and more turned me upside down … I couldn’t do it. After a few hours, I said to hell with it and took her out. Was I scared that Hubbard would punish me for non-compliance? Of course. Did he? No. What was amazing was that he never questioned me as to why I let her out. What was more amazing was that I never questioned disobeying Hubbard’s order and getting away with. It just showed the extent to which he controlled me, and indeed, to which he controlled us all.

Granada (British) TV has an extremely revealing video program of the Royal Scotman crew in those days, literally dressed in rags, filthy, bearded, and degraded. They looked more like prison convicts than an elite crew helping L. Ron Hubbard save the world, and not one of us saw and acted on the glaring contradiction.

The first overboard occurred that same year in Tunisia. Hubbard ordered the Royal Scotman and Avon River moved during a severe storm. I never understood why, as he taught us on no account to endanger our ships and crew unnecessarily, a solid rule I fully concurred with. One Sea Org Officer, tried to move a steel cable from the Royal Scotman by hand from one bollard to another on the dock, but the wind was pushing the Scotman away from the dock with so much force that he could not hold on. Later, with both ships safe, Hubbard ordered the man, Otto Roos, thrown from the Scotman’s bridge, a height of four stories or more. I wrote to Hubbard that night to give him the correct facts as to what happened; I assumed he did not understand the severity of the wind. My report came back with a note – “Never question LRH!”

Later that same year, in Corfu, Greece, Hubbard began ordering errant staff thrown overboard each morning in a ritual with all crew present on board and standing to attention. No one was exempt except Hubbard’s family. After a name announced, the person had to step forward and jump overboard, two and a half stories down – about 30 feet or 9.2 meter – into dirty harbor water. Each morning, Hubbard watched daily from a higher deck, his aides including me by his side. And each morning, a contingent of Corfu citizens gathered on the dock to watch the proceedings, many shaking their heads, and whispering to one another as the ‘ceremony’ proceeded. There was no way Hubbard did not see them — they were in his direct line of sight. When Hubbard saw the jumpers were beginning to enjoy themselves, he ordered their hands tied behind their backs before they jumped. Later, he ordered hands and feet tied. A week after that, he ordered blindfolds as well. His reason? The existing punishment was not severe enough to raise their confront of evil. Julia Salmon, about sixty years old and a senior Scientology Organization Executive in the Los Angeles Org for decades, was thrown over blindfolded, with her hands and feet tied. She screamed all the way down. When the sound stopped, Hubbard ordered a deck hand to jump in after her. Had he not, I think Julia may have drowned. She left the Scotman soon afterwards.

The same year, Hubbard ordered Mike Douglas, a fellow Sea Org officer, to clean out the bilges, where waste fuels, oils and water collect to form a black foul-smelling sludge. Michael had messed up. Hubbard went to talk to him, did not like what Michael said, and hit him so hard that Mike flew back into a metal bulkhead. Though injured, he received no medical care. He was down there a week under guard, again, with no sleep, food in a bucket, and you know the rest … That was the start of what was to become known as Hubbard’s Mud Box Brigade.

Another incident. Hubbard believed a Scientology executive from Celebrity Center, San Francisco, who was on board the Royal Scotman for Flag Executive Briefing Course training, was stealing employees from the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles. He told me she was guilty and ordered me to “Find her crimes!” I spent an eighteen-hour day investigating, and came up with zilch. That evening, Hubbard said to me, “I hear you have her crimes! I want them tonight!” I felt helpless, and I am ashamed to say that I gave Hubbard what he wanted. The next day, he triumphantly declared the woman a Suppressive Person. One could say she was lucky to be out of the Sea Organization and Scientology. But not to be treated that way … I do not remember her name. I hope she learns the truth someday and can forgive me.

These incidents happened in a little over one year. Keep in mind that Hubbard had three ships in the Mediterranean at the time, and I did not always know what was happening on the other two.

Abuses like these continued throughout subsequent years. Several people on the Royal Scotman (later renamed the Apollo) went crazy, psychotic I presume, and Hubbard ordered them confined and locked up in cabins for weeks on end in the ship’s stern; they never received proper medical or mental health care. There was the Rehabilitation Project Force, the RPF, created by Hubbard in 1974, which reduced crew to the status of sub-humans, living in dirty, unhygienic quarters, eating slop out of buckets with their bare hands, and not permitted to bathe or clean themselves in any way. What was their crime? Thinking bad thoughts about Hubbard or Scientology or the techniques or policy. RPFers lived in what used to be a huge old cattle hold below decks. One rickety ladder led way down to the bottom of the hold. One bare electric light bulb strung with rope illuminated the vast space, its dim light casting grotesque shadows with each movement of the ship. There were no beds, only dirty blankets, and mattresses strewn around. It smelt bad. RPFers performed only menial work scrubbing toilets and decks. Then there were Hubbard’s frequent rages and screaming fits, and one time I heard sounds like dishes smashing against a bulkhead in his private cabin. There were secretive flights to New York by Hubbard Aides and others for abortions either ordered or condoned by Hubbard. Then there were Hubbard’s Kahlo Ceremonies held several time each week in another hold for Scientology Organization Executives who were on board for training. Those who had erred in their studies had to smash cardboard representations of their organizations to pieces with hammers while chanting, “I have destroyed my organization”. Many ended up in tears and left their training incomplete. There was Susan Meister’s so-called suicide on board the Royal Scotman in Safi, Morocco, with her body shipped back to the US in a sealed casket due to a “cholera scare”. I was on the Royal Scotman when this happened, and helped Mary Sue with the investigation immediately following Susan’s death. There was no cholera scare in Morocco at that time. It was just a fancy PR caper that Hubbard called “a brilliant PR coup” to prevent Susan’s family from taking action against Scientology in some way. Two decades later, her father, Mr. Meister, called my husband and myself in Los Angeles, his voice breaking, pleading for help, still searching for information as to what really happened to his daughter, Susan. There was the young woman, Pearl O’Krackel, who escaped from the Scotman in Corfu. Hubbard had ordered her physically restrained on board, and she finally escaped from ship’s crew as they chased her through the town’s streets. There was the little body of one baby found dead in his crib in the filthy urine-smelling nursery at the Fort Harrison. A dear Sea Org friend of mine, Judi Light, whose daughter was raised in that nursery, told me there was more than one dead baby. There were children from three to nine-years old who, as punishment in that nursery, had to pick lint off the carpet for hours each day while reciting, “I am glad to be in the Sea Org”. And then there was the Rock-Slam Project in the late 1970’s in Clearwater, Florida, Hubbard’s witch-hunt, his grand purge to find those he knew were disloyal to him. It ended with hundreds of staff and executives from all levels assigned to the RPF and the RPF’s RPF. The list goes on and on … Every insider was safe only as long as he or she played by Hubbard’s rules. And every outsider was Fair Game.

And in 1978, there was my own inevitable RPF assignment in Clearwater. For one year. How did I ever think I could escape that fate? All I remember is the intense Florida heat, my head pounding, running up and down endless flights of stairs to clean toilets and mirrors. We were not allowed to walk. And we had to clean the mirrors only with newspaper, nothing else, or we were punished. My twin, Lynn Froyland from the Guardian Office, refused to confess her misdeeds, and was assigned to the RPF’s RPF, chained in the basement boiler room in the dark and heat, filthy, sullen and insolent, still refusing to cooperate. Years later, in response to my affidavit about her experience, she — still in Scientology — replied in her brief that “… it wasn’t that bad”. After I graduated — yes, in Hubbard’s culture, even the word used to describe someone’s release from the RPF was twisted to sound like a positive – after I graduated, a Board of Review granted me a full pardon, said I should never have been assigned to the RPF, and restored my back pay and my rank of Commander Right Arm. I was glad to get the pardon; but the assignment had broken my will. I was in pain most of the time. Auditing no longer worked on me; it had not for some years. I was almost unable to work.

When I began getting panic attacks, I knew I had to leave while I knew I had to leave.

When I walked out of the Fort Harrison Hotel, in Clearwater in March 1982, I had no one to go to. I had no family in the United States, having been born and raised overseas, and not one Scientology friend as I was a declared Suppressive. I had no money. I did not drive. And I did not dare go to the authorities, as I believed they were the enemy. Many people who leave Scientology end up in this kind of no man’s land — without family or friends, cut off from all avenues of help.

My husband and I have often been asked why people join Scientology, and why they do not leave more quickly. These are good questions. There is no quick answer.

I knew L. Ron Hubbard. I worked for him. I saw him do terrible things, and I saw him make us do similarly dreadful acts. Early on, I had no difficulty rationalizing his actions; few of us did. We believed Hubbard was who he claimed to be – a returned leader, a savior. We believed his claim that we had one chance to save the human race, that the time was now, that we dare not waste it, and that it was up to us and us alone. We had no idea what that entailed, or that we were being used by Hubbard to further his own selfish ends.

These beliefs are an integral part of the Scientology culture. The abusive behavior, the abhorrent control, the punishments, the cruelty, the manipulation, as well as the extreme and genuine camaraderie members have for one another, the intense pleasure of working toward goals believed to be worthwhile, and the deep gratification of seeing a percentage of Scientologists improve with auditing and training and live better lives, these are all contained in the culture. The extreme bad, and the extreme good. And it is all passed on generation to generation within Scientology.

People ask my husband and myself why do people join Scientology and the Sea Organization?

The answer is simple. People who are searching for answers they think they find them in Scientology. Most are intelligent, educated, sincere, and altruistic. They think they have found their true home, true friends, safety, security, and a worthwhile goal in life. They know nothing of Hubbard’s early years, his sex fantasies and practices in Pasadena, California; his numerous “affirmations” one of which is, “All men shall be my slaves”. Or that when he went to the Veteran’s Administration to increase his disability benefits, he affirmed repeatedly, “When I go in for the exam, the doctors will find me very ill. After I leave, I will have my full health again”. They know nothing of Hubbard’s financial irregularities, and that as far back as the early 1950’s after his many Dianetic Conferences, $10,000’s were regularly unaccounted for. Both Hubbard and David Miscavige have gone to extraordinary lengths to hide the documentation of these truths and multitudes of others in underground vaults in several American States, all reportedly sealed with 1,000-year doors.

Hubbard did not want the truth known. Neither does David Miscavige.

New recruits, unaware of all this, fall in love with the group’s ideals, and lose touch with their normal reality checks and the critical thinking processes with which they grew up. From that point on, they are as malleable in the hands of their controllers as people whose independent will has been taken from them. My friends and colleagues present at this meeting in Hamburg, have all experienced the same. For many years we had no idea that we were being controlled by others for their own benefit and not ours.

Another question is why members stay for so long through so much abuse? Because they believe Hubbard had the only techniques to remove their fears and concerns forever, to restore their full potential and return them to their original God-like state. They believe that only Hubbard knew that it would take going through hell and high water to reach his goal. This conditioning prepares one to suffer the worst depravities and abuses without question.

This is the guts of the Scientology culture, and what makes it all stick so hard.

Why do some people leave on their own? For many reasons. Something happens and they snap out of the trance state. Or they get ill. Or a loved one outside Scientology says something that shows he or she cares … It is different for everyone. These are the lucky ones.

Thank you to Ursula Caberta for giving me the time to address this conference. I am honored to be here.

18. Janis Gillham Grady’s statement –

The E-Meter training of the secret police was … ongoing while we were living in Tangiers.  While the secret police were being trained on the use of the Emeter, there was a sec check team doing sec checks on the fighter jet pilots to get the list of who was behind the coup.

19. A 29 August 1972 memorandum to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says –

Our own investigation shows that US personnel were ordered away from the operational area before the F-5s went off on their first strike.

20. Miles Copeland went undercover as a NOC agent, from 1957-68 the Copeland family was stationed in Beirut, Lebanon. He said he was building his own private CIA army. He did this in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

Rolling Stone’s 1986 article Secret Agent Man interviewed Miles –

…he was appointed chief of the agency’s Political Action Staff, the dirty-tricks department, in 1950. “Nobody,” he says, “knows more about changing governments, by force or otherwise, than me.”

Rolling Stone’s 1986 article Secret Agent Man

No wonder Miles Copeland’s kids formed the Police

By Robert Eringer | January 16, 1986

Double agents selling secrets to foreign governments; defectors running amok in the streets of Washington; allies betraying allies — these days spies are out of the shadows and on the spot. Yet espionage isn’t what it once was, and at least one Cold War vet fondly remembers overthrowing unfriendly governments, planning assassinations and performing dirty tricks. Most of all, retired CIA officer Miles Copeland (whose brood of rock & roll overachievers includes oldest son Miles Copeland III, manager of the Police and solo Sting; Ian, founder of the music booking agency FBI; and youngest son Stewart, drummer first for Curved Air and later for the Police) yearns for the good old days when secret agents kept their secrets secret — from the government and especially from the press.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Copeland joined the U.S. Army in 1940. Assigned to the Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC), he transferred in 1942 to the new Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the first U.S. secret intelligence agency. After the war, Copeland was station chief in Damascus, “putting Syria,” as he recalls, “on the path to democracy by starting a military dictatorship.” For this achievement, he was awarded a presidential citation. Copeland became a member of the Central Intelligence Agency when it was founded in 1947; he was appointed chief of the agency’s Political Action Staff, the dirty-tricks department, in 1950. “Nobody,” he says, “knows more about changing governments, by force or otherwise, than me.”

Copeland left government service in 1957 to form his own “private CIA,” which he claims became the largest private security service operating in Africa and the Middle East. Today the seventy-two-year-old Copeland and his wife, Lorraine, a well-known British archaeologist, live in a stone cottage in the tranquil hamlet of Aston Rowant, near Oxford, in England.

The White House has given the CIA part of the Job of handling terrorism. What do you think they will do that is different from what has already been done?

You know, you’re opening a real can of worms here. The difference between the CIA’s counterterrorist experts and this new kind that’s been proliferating all over the place is that the CIA has operators who know the terrorists, who’ve actually talked to a few, who’ve even lived with them, or who, like myself, have actually been terrorists. We understand the enemy, while these instant experts who’ve been advising the White House have never in their lives laid eyes on a terrorist, and they think of them as common criminals. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren’t, but where these recent “experts” are wrong is that they assume they are criminals simply because they are judging them as though they are Americans, brought up on American ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong. They are making moral judgments that aren’t relevant to the situation. What may be effective in combating crime is not likely to be effective in dealing with wrong doers who in their own eyes, whether rightly or wrongly, think they are engaged in some noble cause. The Pentagon wants to kill them; the CIA wants to win them over.

Who’s winning?

It’s not a matter of winning. Just different viewpoints. The president of the United States has got to say what is necessary to keep himself in office. We have a domestic foreign policy and a foreign foreign policy. The domestic foreign policy, which is the more important one, is what he has to do to make the American public think he’s doing the right thing. Whether it’s the right thing or not doesn’t matter. The American people have to think he’s doing the right thing because we have a democratic society. Now, the American people were highly indignant about what happened in Beirut [the hijacking of TWA flight 847 in June 1985]. They wanted to do something. They wanted to punish the people without regard to the consequences. The president had to say things to them, make threats, to show the American people that, by God, we were doing something. But the professionals inside the government were worried about the consequences of this. Because what it takes to please the American people is not what it takes to please a lot of people who did not grow up in the American culture but grew up in cultures quite different from our own. We’ve got most of the world against us at the moment. When we drag out our gunboats, bomb villages and kill a lot of women and children — a lot more than the terrorists kill — we turn the world against us. And the American people don’t care. They don’t give a damn. But those people whose job it is to look after the interests of the U.S. government abroad, they’ve got to care. They have to think of the consequences of everything we do. And they know the consequences of dragging out the gunboats are absolutely the wrong ones. In fact, these are the consequences the terrorists created acts of terrorism in order to provoke. That’s the purpose of terrorism, not to kill, maim or destroy, but to terrorize, to frighten, to anger, to provoke irrational responses. Terrorism gains more from the responses than it gains from the actions themselves.

So how do you deal with it?

You’ve got to know who they are. You’ve got to know their reasons for doing it. And you’ve got to manipulate them in one way or another. We have to somehow come to grips with the problem. The Israelis went in to Lebanon and killed tens of thousands of people. They say, “That’s exaggerating, we didn’t kill but 5,000 people.” Okay, let’s say they killed only 2,000 people, which is a very modest estimate. But they destroyed Lebanon. They then set up groups against each other, made chaos ten times worse than it already was. Instead of helping the Shiites — the Shiites welcomed the Israelis in — we, the United States, gave a billion dollars to the Israelis. One billion we gave because it costs a lot of money to destroy someone else’s country. We gave peanuts — Red Cross supplies — to the Shiites. What we should have done is gone in there and said to the Shiites: “Look, a lot of injustice has been done. We’re going to put your orange groves back and put you back commercially. . . . “

Is that your answer for potential terrorists? Give them lots of aid to keep them sweet?

No. Let’s get back to the reason these guys are terrorists. They’re terrorists because their orange groves have been destroyed and they’ve got nothing to do. They can’t even get to their farms because the Israelis have declared them out of bounds and destroyed a lot of them. Now, the CIA’s job is to explain all of this to our government. That’s the main job of the CIA — to go to the White House and explain to the president that the only reason these terrorists are terrorists is because of the way they’ve been treated, and they’ve got nothing else to do. In fact, I’ll tell you quite frankly, if people came into Alabama, my home state, and destroyed my farms and kicked me around and kicked my children around, I’m going to become a terrorist, just as the French became terrorists under the Germans in World War II. It’s understandable. The CIA understood this and understood it very well and explained it to the president. But we had pressures from Congress. The members of Congress don’t give a damn about foreign affairs. They give a damn about their next election. They have to do what makes them popular enough with their constituents to get reelected. And their constituency cares about one place in this world, and that’s the United States.

You have told me what we should have done. What should we do to combat terrorism now that the damage has been done?

Well, most terrorists in the world are coming down to two categories. The first kind are people such as the Palestinians, who’ve had — listen, I’ve known this one family for the past forty years. The guy has polio, he’s crippled. He has some teenage kids who are nice kids, nice family. The Israelis showed up at six o’clock in the evening and said: “Everybody out! Everybody out!” They all got out, and the Israelis razed his house. He says: “I haven’t done a damn thing! I’m just looking after my orange groves!” They said, “You had a terrorist in your house six months ago.” First place, he said he hadn’t, and I believe he was telling the truth. But the Israelis had no good reason to believe he wasn’t — no name, no information at all. Now this is information that our embassy reported. This is official, not something I heard from the PLO information office. Now those two teenage kids stood there and watched their family being destroyed and their mother kicked downstairs when she refused to leave the house. Can you imagine their not becoming terrorists? They don’t have an air force or artillery. I had a Shiite ask me: “You say we shouldn’t use terrorism. What should we use?” Well, you shouldn’t use anything, we might say. You should make peace with Israel. Make peace with Israel? They’ve just destroyed my land! I have nothing! My house is flattened! The whole village is destroyed! This isn’t just the Shiites talking. Our own embassy says this. You know something that very few people know, and I suspect you ought to leave all this out, but the fact is, in the American foreign service, there are a lot of patriots. You’ve never seen such patriots in your life. They all fight for American policy, right or wrong. Central America, Vietnam, wherever, except in the Middle East. The whole career service in the Middle East spends all its time fighting its own government. Anyone who doubts that can use the Freedom of Information Act to get the cables, all of them pleading with our own government to stop this support of Israel to that point. I don’t mean stop supporting Israel, but stop the behavior of Israel, which is making them hated. And we are backing them against these people they’ve kicked around. And how did the Israelis get in power? Terrorism. You’d think they’d know something about terrorism since the heads of their government have been terrorists themselves. In fact, Israel wouldn’t be there if it hadn’t been for their effective terrorists. But they know nothing about terrorism. A friend of mine in Mossad [the Israeli intelligence agency] said: “Terrorism is not going to destroy Israel, but our counterterrorism might, because it costs us a million dollars a day. It might drive us into bankruptcy.”

So what’s the answer to terrorism?

Like I was saying, we have to find the reason these people are terrorists. The job of the CIA is to report why they are terrorists. Now I said there are two categories. The first, people who have been deprived and been ruined. The second category is this: A lot of these guys have found a way of life. They’re like gunslingers in the Old West. They drive Mercedes. There are professional terrorists now. It’s a profitable business. Maybe they were criminals originally, criminally inclined, but now they have political motivations to justify themselves. You’re not going to find them. Many of them are in Paris, and the French police don’t give a damn. The fact is that we are fighting a “proxy war” right now in which Soviet proxies face our proxies. Today’s war, between us and the Soviets, is a mosaic of regional wars. The Soviet policy is one of denial, not to gain territory for themselves but to deny it to us, to deprive us of the raw materials from Africa — cobalt, magnesium, chromium — that we have to have for a highly technological society like ours.

Are you saying the Soviets are behind terrorism?

No, they exploit the troubles. Most of the terrorism in the world today the Soviets do not instigate. They may train key people to go in and stir things up, but that’s as far as they go. The Soviets are delighted when we draw up a gunboat in the Beirut harbor. They love this. It makes people hate us. The thing we should have done about the TWA hijacking in Beirut was get the damn thing over with right away as the CIA advised.

And how would we have done that?

Let the Shiites loose. Forget it. We’ve lost this one.

Wouldn’t giving in like that encourage more terrorism?

No. What encourages them is to get all that prime time on television. They wanted the publicity they got. And they wanted us to look like jackasses, which they succeeded in doing. In a war, you lose battles now and then. The best thing to do is cut your losses and get the hell out. They were hoping we’d drag it out.

You think the media was out of control?

The media is always out of control. It’s not supposed to be under control. That’s what we have to live with in a free society. You can’t prevent the media from doing what it wants to do. But you can prevent the media from getting the information in the first place, by having rules for those who have the secrets not to release them to the media.

All right, how would the rules have worked in Beirut? How could you have prevented the madness that ensued?
You know, if a plane lands in Turkey right now, the minute they establish there are hijackers on it, you know what happens? Nothing. They cut off all communications. “We want you to release so-and-so.” Silence. They just sit there and rot as far as the Turks are concerned. So there’s no news whatsoever. It’s not unethical to give the press false information. We do have a kind of adversary relationship with the press. There’s nothing we should try to do to shut them up, but it is absolutely permissible to tell the press whatever is in the interests of the American people to have the press know or think. And they can use it any way they want to. They can be suspicious, as they should be. A good pressman is suspicious of what anyone tells him.

How does your vision of the CIA fit Western democracy?


Come on, what are Miles Copeland’s principles of democracy?

Let me tell you about democracy. First place, I remember Syria. We decided we were going to bring democracy to Syria. So we got a translator in Arabic, and we got signs. We were going to have an election. This is 1946, ’47. The signs say, Get Out And Vote For The Candidate of Your Choice. We had people coming in the embassy and saying, “Look, these signs are no good — they don’t tell us who the candidate of our choice is.” In the United States, if we had true democracy, it would be a good thing. But true democracy is impossible now because of the fact that the general population cannot possibly keep themselves well enough informed to decide on issues except on a very parochial basis. The average person, the best he can do is something he’s not allowed to do — that’s to vote for a man because he’s known to be honest and competent. But now a candidate has to tell you what his issues are and get elected on that basis. We have to sell the idea to the American public that there are many things about foreign policy the American people simply cannot understand, because foreign policy requires, above all else, judging people according to their own standards. The emphasis should be in choosing people we trust. Where the CIA can work as an institution in a democratic government is, we have to set up criteria where nobody can get into the CIA unless he’s honest and patriotic. And I think they’ve succeeded at that. The guys in the CIA are the most strait-laced people you ever saw.

Who gets your highest marks as CIA director?

I’d have to name two people, and for totally different reasons. I think George Bush was the best. He came in knowing he didn’t know a damn thing about the CIA, but he did know how to judge people whose opinions he could trust, and he listened to them.

Who is second?

Dick Helms. Helms lied to a congressional committee. That’s one of his fortunate traits, that he’s willing to lie to a congressional committee. William Colby didn’t have the guts to do this. Lacking patriotism, he did not lie to a committee.

Wait a minute — lacking patriotism?

Absolutely. Why should he tell a group things he knew would leak to the newspapers? He should have lied to them. If he were really a patriotic American, he wouldn’t have thought of telling them the truth.

And Helms gets high marks for perjury?

With me and with everyone who has ever been a career officer in the government. Absolutely. You can call it perjury if you like, and maybe it was, but he should have been willing to go to jail for it.

It’s okay to lie under oath if you’re in the CIA?

I said nothing of the sort. If what you know means that telling the truth is going to damage the national interest, it is your obligation. . . .

Who decides the national interest?

Do you want me to give you a hard time or do you want an answer?


Okay, I’ll give you an answer: The CIA is set up so that it’s impossible for a person as an individual to arrogate to himself the right to lie to a congressional committee or to anyone else. But what he can or cannot say is clearly specified from the day he is sworn in. He can lie to people who are not his bosses, who do not have security clearances. Most congressmen do not have security clearances. When Senator Frank Church asked me something, and he said, “Will you take an oath,” I said, “Senator, I’ll take the oath, and I wouldn’t think of telling you the truth.” Personally, I like Colby very much. He’s a very fine man, but he’s just the wrong kind of guy to be head of the CIA. He’s a good guy.

You’ve got to be a bad guy to head the CIA?

You have to be prepared, as a good soldier does. A good soldier could be religious and have read the Bible, but he’s got to go out and kill people. The CIA has to have a separate set of morals. In that sense, you have to be amoral.

Is it true you were once asked by your CIA bosses to kill President Nasser of Egypt?

My old boss, Frank Wisner, passed on to me orders that I was to “explore the possibility” of assassinating Gamal Nasser. Poor Wiz didn’t like doing even that. But the order came straight from the White House. Anthony Eden, who was Britain’s foreign minister at the time, believed the world would be a happier place without Nasser in it, and the belief grew to enormous proportions after the Suez fiasco. The head of British intelligence, who had a somewhat wry sense of humor, used to say that if either his boys or ours didn’t assassinate Nasser “professionally,” Eden was likely to do it himself “amateurishly,” and the results would be “messy.” Eden’s attitude was “At least we should look into it.” He said as much to his opposite number in Washington, John Foster Dulles, and Dulles discussed it with President Eisenhower, who said, in effect, “Anything to keep Tony quiet.” The order was passed down, from the president to the secretary of state to the director of the CIA — Foster’s brother, Allen — to Frank Wisner to Kermit Roosevelt to me. I was to visit Nasser, have coffee with him, say, “That’s an interesting vase you have over there in the corner,” and when he turned his head to look, make the motion of slipping a cyanide pill into his cup just to see if he would catch me at it.

Did you do it?

Sort of, and I didn’t have to use the “look over there” trick. Nasser kept looking the other way out of sheer boredom at what I had to say. Just sitting there with Nasser, rehearsing in my mind just how I would go about sneaking something into his lemonade or coffee, I saw how easy it would have been-theoretically, that is. When I got back from the Nasser experiment, I went into the whole question of assassination, from the philosophy behind it to all the ways of doing it.

Philosophy of assassination?

Very important. All these post-Watergate liberals forget that assassination was once a healthy alternative to war. There is only one justification for assassination: to save lives, lots of lives. One life to save many. But as for a weapon of strategy, that’s a different story.

What is the justification?

The rationalization by which the so-called war of dirty tricks is justified is that it takes the place of a real war in which millions may be killed. Given such a justification, anything goes. For example, you can sometimes gain points in the war of dirty tricks by killing an expendable person on your own side and blaming it on the other. But that kind of nonsense is talked about only in meetings where “contingencies” are being considered. In those meetings, it is permissible to suggest literally anything.

One CIA target was President Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, in the summer of 1960. . . .

Well, now, I’ll tell you a brief story to illustrate what a great farce that was. The CIA station chief in the Congo at the time, who I knew very well, was a very sober, conservative fellow who harbored the ambition to get into the State Department. Since he was really a CIA man, his State Department job was only a cover — and at a lower grade than his CIA job called for, to the disgrace of his wife. So his main worry was his wife, who was complaining that she wasn’t invited to parties and wasn’t seated high enough above the salt at dinners. And he was wondering how he got this lousy job in the Congo. One day he was contemplating the sadness of his lot when a message arrived from Washington. It had a code word which means this is something you take seriously because this comes from the White House. Ordinarily, when you get an order from headquarters you never obey it the first time because you’re not sure they mean it. It might be some guy telling you to do something to get himself off the hook, being on record as having ordered it. So you always wait until the second time. But if there’s a White House code word, you’d better take it seriously. The message from the White House said he was to assassinate Lumumba — to explore means to terminate with extreme prejudice. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The last thing he wanted to do was assassinate anyone, except perhaps his wife! But this thing said he had to go kill Lumumba, and he hadn’t the faintest idea how to go about it. Well, then another cable came in, saying somebody was coming out from the scientific section. And up showed this weird little Dr. Strangelove type. So not only does this guy have an order from the White House, he’s also got on hand this creep who was going to show him how to do it! Well, the station chief just blew his top, said, “The hell with this,” and told Dr. Strangelove to get the hell out.

What else did you get up to in the CIA?

Well, I got my foot in the door in the psychopharmacological department by virtue of my interest in assassination. There are two categories: those which are made to look like natural deaths and those which serve their purpose only if they are known to be assassinations. For the first kind, there is a variety of methods, most of them involving poison. Somehow you introduce into the body of your victim two separate substances, at different times, each of which is harmless by itself but which becomes poisonous when mixed with the other. You wouldn’t believe what those weirdos come up with! The congressional subcommittee which went into this sort of thing got only the barest glimpse.

What did they miss?

You can kill a man by putting a certain substance on a letter you send to him which gets into his system simply through his holding the letter in his fingers. You can make him allergic to almost anything — alcohol, aspirin tablets, even coffee or tea — that if he takes even a small quantity of it he will drop over dead. You can program a pair of dogs — even his own dogs — to savage him to death upon a given signal. You can do any number of imaginable and unimaginable things. But you don’t have to kill him; you can just make a fool out of him.

For example?

You can slip an LSD pill into his lemonade as he is about to make a speech or have an electric fan blow “distress gas” onto him, or you can doctor his notes so that simply by holding them in his hands he will absorb enough hallucinatory materials to make him think he is God. One of [Indonesian president] Sukarno’s best, most electrifying speeches, I understand, was made after one of his assistants, a CIA agent, doctored his shaving lotion. The agent simply forgot that Sukarno’s wildest ramblings were made when he was cold sober and that a hallucinogen could only make for an improvement!

What do you think of today’s CIA?

The organization itself is great, and Mr. Casey is tops, but the government won’t let it move, and the press is intent on preventing any secret operations it might try to run. As you know, unlike The New York Times, Victor Marchetti and Philip Agee, my complaint has been that the CIA isn’t overthrowing enough anti-American governments or assassinating enough anti-American leaders, but I guess I’m getting old. What’s keeping the agency inactive is Congress and disinformed public opinion. With modern communications being what they are, we’re supposed to be the best informed people in history, but we’re not. We’re the most informed, which is hardly the same thing.

You seem to take an active interest in American politics. Do your sons share your interest?

It’s my impression my oldest son, Miles, has actually contributed to Republican congressional campaigns, but I’m not all that sure. That’s one area of my son’s activities he doesn’t confide in other members of the family about. [Laughs] My son Miles — he wants everything everybody says about him these days to be cleared in advance.

Does Miles have anyone in mind for the presidency in 1988?

I know Miles has his eye on Congressman Jack Kemp [Republican — New York]. I think that’s his candidate, but I don’t know. [Miles Copeland III denies that he supports Jack Kemp or any other Republican or Democratic candidate for Congress or for the presidency.] He’s always planning several years ahead. Miles is pretty secretive about his affairs. He should have been in the CIA instead of me. Yeah, I’m “blah blah blah,” and he’s “hush hush.” I’m not sure he’s thought through all the implications of the power he’s got.

What do you mean?

The next time you go to a Police concert — say, one like that in Shea Stadium, with 70,000 young minds open to whatever the Police decide to put into them — you can answer that question for yourself.

From The Archives Issue 465: January 16, 1986

21. Auditing Process R2-45 is found in the book Creation of Human Ability

R2-45 is a method of getting a person to exteriorize (leave their body) by killing them with a .45 caliber handgun