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Chapter Eighteen – 2

Scientology Disinformation Series



The Cecil family has been the head of British intelligence for centuries. Arthur Balfour was in that family.

Arthur Balfour founded the Society for Psychical Research in 1882. They conducted scientific investigation into mental and spiritual phenomena. That was the vehicle the British slavemasters used to develop the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.  9

They researched catharsis therapy – the reliving of past traumatic incidents as a mental therapy.

One of the subjects they studied was hypnotism. They found you could put some people into a hypnotic trance and then install a command that the person would follow after they were brought out of the trance state.
The hypnotist would say “When I touch my tie, you will bark like a dog.”

They wake the person up, the hypnotist would touch his tie and sometimes the person would bark like a dog.

This charade does not work with most people. It requires the cooperation of the person.

Frederic Myers worked at the Society for Psychical Research. He wrote a book in 1903 about their findings.
In his book, he talked about hypnotism.

 The success of suggestion depends, not on the suggestion itself, but on conditions inherent in the subject. These are (1) willingness to accept and carry out the suggestion, and (2) the power to do so.

… the hypnotiser can plainly do nothing by his word of command beyond starting a train of thought which the patient has in most cases started many times for himself…

We cannot predict when the result will occur; still less can we bring it about at pleasure.

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death Volume I and Volume II by Frederic Myers

Another expert on hypnotism was Dr. George Calvin Pitzer.   10
He said you cannot hypnotize someone without the person cooperating –

…the hypnotic condition is not one of subjugation.

It is a self-induced condition; a condition into which the subject consents to enter.

Without the co-operation of a subject we cannot hypnotize him.

…the subject never loses his moral sense, no matter how often he may be hypnotised.

…while in hypnosis, right will still be right to him, and wrong will be wrong to him…

There is no such a thing as compelling or persuading people to perpetrate wicked deeds…

Good people may consent, in hypnosis, to the performance of many amusing things, but they never lose their moral sense…

This is evidenced by the fact that if we attempt, by suggestion, to induce a hypnotic subject to perform any act in violation of the settled principles of his life, he positively refuses to do it

So, you can see, the hypnotist is not in control. They cannot hypnotize someone who does not cooperate. They cannot install a command and have the person obey the command, unless the person cooperates. Without the cooperation of the person being hypnotized – nothing happens.

The British slavemasters tried to use this as a method for covert behavior modification.

William Walters Sargant was a sadistic psychiatrist who worked for British intelligence.
Sargant pioneered the behavior modification method known as Pain-Drug-Hypnosis.

Sargant would knock a person out with drugs and electric shock them while implanting commands.
Ewen Cameron was a sadistic American psychiatrist who worked together with William Sargant.
Sargant and Cameron attempted to change behavior by using Pain-Drug-Hypnosis on people.

Willim Walters Sargant  Ewen Cameron 1945 - Musee
William Walters Sargant                               Ewen Cameron

Cameron received funding from the CIA to do mind control research – it was MK Ultra subproject 68.  8

Here is a CIA document on January 21, 1957 requesting to continue further PDH research by Ewen Cameron.
It is Application For Grant To Study The Effects Upon Human Behavior Of The Repetition Of Verbal Signals.


Look… the best behavior change they got only lasted for two months.

And it took continual electric shocking and continual implanting of a command phrase to get that.
The truth is, the person was showing them what they wanted to see to escape being further tortured.

In most cases they got no change at all!!

Occasionally they got one that lasted for a day.

Ewen Cameron gave a speech wherein he admitted implanting a phrase does not work.
They implanted a phrase in people 500,000 times while giving electroshock and drugs.
He said they were unable to produce a change in behavior. He admitted it does not work.

It is a fairy tale – the idea that you can install commands while a person is unconscious, and he will obey those commands when he is again conscious. He does not have to obey.

They tried using this to create a mind controlled killer, called a “Manchurian Candidate”. It is not possible.

In 1949 they paraded around a Catholic Cardinal who they claimed was brainwashed by the Russians.
It was propaganda. They said they needed to conduct mind control research for defensive reasons.
Their real reason was they wanted to develop an offensive mind control weapon they could use.
They also claimed they were researching drugs to find a “truth serum” they could use in interrogations

Truth serum my ass - from a Ripley drawing by rabbitcourageLieutenant Ripley – Alien

* * *

When the Society for Psychical Research was investigating catharsis therapy, they were getting people to relive past traumatic incidents by having them look at their mental pictures of the traumatic incident. They called the painful mental pictures “tumours of the mind”.

In 1950, L. Ron Hubbard called the painful mental pictures engrams.

Engrams are mental image pictures of incidents containing pain and unconsciousness.

The fundamental lie in Dianetics and Scientology is this statement…

The engram is the single source of aberrations and psychosomatic ills.

Any and all phrases in it can be considered commands. These commands react on the analytical mind in such a way as to cause the analytical mind to behave erratically.

– Dianetics, Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard

The lie is that command phrases in engrams make a person act irrational or aberrated.
The way this is being presented is false and it omits stating what is actually going on.

The engram phrase says – “kill all children”. The part that is omitted here, is that YOU have to decide to accept the idea to “kill all children” before you would put it into action.

You can decide to reject the idea to “kill all children”.

And on that point, the whole idea about the engram being the cause of irrational behavior goes right out the window as being untrue.

And people will spend countless time and money on Scientology services in support of the engram fairy tale –
in the hopes that they can escape responsibility by blaming their wrong actions or behavior on this false idea –
“the engram made me do it”.

It is as bad of an excuse as “the devil made me do it”.

Least possible responsibility - marty gif

Whether Dianetic auditing can even find phrases in an engram is a hit or miss affair.

The Los Angeles Foundation cooperated with two university researchers, who tried to validate Dianetics by knocking a volunteer out with sodium pentathol, and reading him a passage from a physics textbook, while inflicting pain. In six months of auditing the subject failed to remember any of the passage. Hubbard dismissed the matter in Science of Survival, writing that :

“Psychotherapists with whom the Foundation has dealt have been eager to plant an engram in a patient and have the Foundation recover it….

The Foundation will accept no more experiments in this line…”

 – A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

That proves another point – it isn’t science.

In science, it happens that way every time and anybody can observe it. You know, science says there is a law of gravity. An apple falls off a tree and the law of gravity pulls it to the ground. It happens that way every time and anyone can observe it – that is science. Science is not a sometimes affair.

The place where Dianetics and Scientology does have some success is in assisting to relieve psychosomatic discomforts. But again, that is a sometimes affair. Some people cured their asthma with Dianetics and many others did not. So, success is an arbitrary, and that is not science.

The whole slavemaster idea that you can implant command phrases during moments of unconsciousness and the person will carry out the command after he is conscious again, is also not science. Most of the time the person will not carry out the command, and it is his choice as to whether he will carry out the command or not. So, whether it works or not is an arbitrary and that means it is not a natural law and therefore it is not science.

The person himself is always responsible for his decisions and actions.

is science.

* * *

William Sargant found imaginary incidents could also be used in therapy to stir up emotions.

…our experience in World War II suggested that the arousing of crude excitement might often be of far greater curative virtue than the reliving of any particular forgotten or remembered experience.

Indeed, the amount of excitement stirred up seemed to be the determining factor in the success or failure of many attempts to disrupt newly acquired morbid behavior patterns.

…we did not always find it essential, in abreaction, to make a patient recall the precise incident which precipitated the breakdown. It would often be enough to create in him a state of excitement analogous to that which caused his neurotic condition, and keep it up until he collapsed; he would then start to improve. Thus, imagination would have to be used in inventing artificial situations or distorting actual events…

The Battle For The Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-Washing by William Sargant

On the Scientology advanced levels Ron Hubbard’s science fiction stories are used as therapy.

The incidents to be relived are a science fiction story provided by Ron Hubbard. These imaginary incidents are called implants and they supposedly happened millions, billions, and trillions of years ago. Hubbard produced hundreds of pages of implant incidents.

Hubbard’s imagination knew no bounds when it came to dreaming up sci-fi incidents that allegedly caused a person to be aberrated. It is like a merry-go-round – round and round it goes and where it stops, nobody knows.

The following is the Scientology spin about implant incidents.

Thetans were trapped and implanted with contradictory commands while being tortured, such as with electric shocks. An example of contradictory commands;  To be – not to be. According to Scientology spin this left the thetan unable to decide about things and he thereafter went into apathy and was easily controlled, losing his ability to decide and act.

Not all implants contained contradictory commands, some were implants of a scene, such as a swinging sun. Some implants had both, contradictory commands and some scenes.

So the implant tells you to “kill all children”. But, you do not have to accept that idea.

And on that point, the whole idea about the implant being the cause of irrational behavior goes right out the window as being untrue.

Implants are just another reason offered up, outside of himself, as to why a person is supposedly aberrated.

No incident has sway over you, unless you say so. It is your say so that has all the power.
If you say it does not have sway, then it does not have any sway.

This is why they have worked hard to get you to believe in and agree with their subconscious mind theory.

They need you to make it work.

Hubbard’s science fiction stories that are to be relived begin on the Clearing Course.Once upon a time there was an all-powerful thetan…
And then the bad people came

The implant audited on the Clearing Course was 1 quadrillion years ago.

Repeater technique is used to discharge the implant, you start at the beginning and take the first item in the implant and repeat it until the meter no longer reads on that item. Then you do the same with the next item, and proceed that way through all items in it.

Here are some implants that Ron Hubbard provided.

Each one of these is straight out of what Hubbard wrote – it is him talking.

The Electrical GPM

It is an oddity as it has an electrical shock as the end word rather than a word. This was to CONVINCE a thetan he should think of himself as an electrical Being.

The Command Concept is Word & Shock. The Concept is the Command, the second “word” is the action of shock. The shock is an electrical impact and flow.

  1. Create (shock)
  2. Create no (shock)
  3. Destroy (shock)
  4. Destroy no (shock)
  5. Love (shock)
  6. Love no (shock)
  7. Hate (shock)
  8. Hate no (shock)
  9. Be (shock)
  10. Be no (shock)
  11. Disown (shock)
  12. Disown no (shock)
  13. Use (shock)
  14. Use no (shock)
  15. Condemn (shock)
  16. Condemn no (shock)
  17. Seize (shock)
  18. Seize no (shock)
  19. Escape (shock)
  20. Escape no (shock)

The Tocky GPM

“Sun” swings across front left to right after each item…

  1. Create Sun Swing
  2. Create no Sun Swing
  3. Abide Sun Swing
  4. Abide no Sun Swing
  5. Enjoy Sun Swing
  6. Enjoy no Sun Swing
  7. Welcome Sun Swing
  8. Welcome no Sun Swing
  9. Share Sun Swing
  10. Share no Sun Swing
  11. Keep Sun Swing
  12. Keep no Sun Swing
  13. Hold Sun Swing
  14. Hold no Sun Swing
  15. Exploit Sun Swing
  16. Exploit no Sun Swing
  17. Deplore Sun Swing
  18. Deplore no Sun Swing
  19. Skip Sun Swing
  20. Skip no Sun Swing
  21. Continue Sun Swing
  22. Continue no Sun Swing
  23. Forget Sun Swing
  24. Forget no Sun Swing

“That’s what you get for making this Universe.” “Get Out”

Big Being GPM


Appearance of a Huge Being in sky.

  1. (a) You Must Survive; (b) You Mustn’t Survive
  2. (a) You Should Survive; (b) You Shouldn’t Survive
  3. (a) You Can Survive; (b) You Can’t Survive
  4. (a) He Must Survive; (b) He Mustn’t Survive
  5. (a) He Should Survive; (b) He Shouldn’t Survive
  6. (a) He Can Survive; (b) He Can’t Survive
  7. (a) They Must Survive; (b) They Mustn’t Survive
  8. (a) They Should Survive; (b) They Shouldn’t Survive
  9. (a) They Can Survive; (b) They Can’t Survive
  10. (a) We Must Survive; (b) We Mustn’t Survive
  11. (a) We Should Survive; (b) We Shouldn’t Survive
  12. (a) We Can Survive; (b) We Can’t Survive
  13. (a) All Must Survive; (b) All Mustn’t Survive
  14. (a) All Should Survive; (b) All Shouldn’t Survive
  15. (a) All Can Survive; (b) All Can’t Survive


We are supposed to believe that this was the basis of everybody’s specific aberrations?

People who beat their wife, are alcoholics, are sexually confused, etc. are now handled and no longer neurotic or psychotic because they’ve discharged imaginary implants?

These tockies and explosions and big bad beings who say get out just does not ring true, does it? And it is not true. The insane cannot run these incidents and then become sane. People who have done the Clearing Course still had their specific aberrations and some committed suicide.

Hubbard made exaggerated claims about the state of Clear, they are disinformation.

A clear, for instance, has complete recall of everything which has ever happened to him or anything he has ever studied.

A clear can be tested for any and all psychosis, neuroses, compulsions and repressions (all aberrations)… These tests confirm the clear to be entirely without such ills or aberrations.

Dianetics, Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard  (page 8, 171)

In Scientology, there is what is known as the Clear cognition.
The Clear cognition is – “I am the source of my own mental image pictures”.

You get some guy that’s looking at the straight pictures, you audit a few pictures, you say, “For God sakes, is that what these things are? Ha! I’m making the things!” …you’ve got a Clear on your hands.

Rationale of Create Series an LRH lecture 20 November 1959

It does not take years of study and auditing to get a person to understand that.
There is no need to spend a tremendous amount of time and money to learn that simple idea.

I Cleared a person recently in a matter of minutes. I had him create a mental image picture, then asked him if he was aware that he made it. The person said, “yes, I know I made it”. I told him he was now a Scientology Clear, because that is the Clear cognition in Scientology.

* * *

The most involved science fiction story of all is “revealed” on the level called Operating Thetan III.

Some religious sects say God is Light. Members are called Brothers of Light.

For 2,000 years the Brothers of Light have talked about the numerous evil demons that inhabit a human body.

Valentinus was the prominent Gnostic leader in the second century AD.
He wrote a letter saying – “the soul of man is like an inn, which is inhabited by many evil spirits”.


They sought to free themselves from demonic influence and then to unite with god.

That is exactly what is done in the Scientology advanced levels.

Rabbi Isaac Luria was a teacher of Kabala who purportedly lived from 1534 to 1572.

Rabbi_Isaac_Ben_Solomon_LuriaRabbi Isaac Ben Solomon Luria

Basically, the Kabala talks about that God is Light and he created souls and the universe by emanating his divine light. Each individual soul or spirit is a divine spark. The goal is to unite the sparks with the creator, meaning god. Many inferior evil souls inhabit the same human body and freeing these sparks makes it possible for the superior good spirits to unite with god.

Luria said –

It is the individual’s divinely appointed task to liberate those sparks that are entrapped within his own body and soul. Through proper ethical and spiritual conduct the individual is able to free the holy sparks, enabling the exiled divine light to return to its source.

Divinely appointed task? And we know this how...exactly?

Never mind – don’t tell me.

* * *

Scientology religion is an updated version of Brothers of Light religion.

Anatomy of the Theta Body, an LRH lecture 16 April 1952 –

We’re looking at theta bodies in their essence. …I want to drive this home very thoroughly, is there’s nothing strange about a theta body. You walk with them, you talk with them, you are them. Because a human being… is a composite of these bodies.

Any one of them forms the foundation of what we called earlier in Dianetics “demon circuitry”. A circuit is quite real, but a circuit happens to be a being, an entity or an idle one, mimicking. What’s a circuit? A circuit is a psychotic stuck somewhere on the track who keeps mimicking somebody…

…the theta bodies themselves were very, very tricky to handle and one had to find out several things about them. …are there such things as demons, idle spirits, devils, any one of those things, or are they just psychotics, or what? The psychotic theta body is what we call demons

Now, let’s call these remaining theta bodies, souls. …you don’t like that word?
let’s call them entities. They are actually – have been gathered up in groups.

And it actually can get down to a point where the composite you… can actually be influenced by thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of theta lines which you have picked up…

How To Audit A Theta Line Part I, an LRH lecture 16 April 1952 –

 I’d like to talk to you now about how to audit an entity or a theta line.

The exploration of the theta lines has been underway for a very long time. It has been underway, certainly, thousands of years and, with myself, has been underway now, oh, better than fifteen years intensively.

Dianetics, the Evolution of a Science by L. Ron Hubbard –

 …it was necessary to hark back to the techniques of the Kayan Shaman of Borneo, among others. Their theory is crude; they exorcise demons….

Provisionally, let’s try to postulate that Man is good…. And we suppose something such as the Borneo Shaman’s Toh has entered into him which directs him to do evil things.

Man has believed longer that demons inhabit men, than Man has believed they do not. We assume demons. We look for some demons, one way or another. And we find some!

Anatomy Of The Theta Body, an LRH lecture 16 April 1952 –

You can reduce psychosis to this definition: Psychosis is the condition of an entity or “idle spirit,” you might say, moving in to control, but being stuck on the track.

But there is your basis on psychosis, and also on neurosis…

If you have a psychotic entity on your hands… you have to audit this entity…

Now, here you have, then, a simple problem of finding out where he is stuck in the track, and in what kind of an incident he’s stuck.

First, what entity is stuck, when is he stuck, and run it out…

And one after another, you spot and straighten up these entities.

Scientology has various words for the evil demons – theta lines, theta bodies, entities, circuits, demon circuits, demons, body thetans and clusters.

Just_a_quick_little_listen_couldnt_hurtIs that a Body Thetan I hear?

* * *

In 1882, John Ballou Newbrough authors a new bible. It was published in London in the same year as the founding of the Society for Psychical Research. The book was incorporated into the beliefs of the SPR.


Oahspe, a new Bible in the words of Jehovih and his angel embassadors
by John Ballou Newbrough

This is a Brothers of Light book. It says that hundreds of spirits attach themselves to the same human body. Some bind themselves together and some will go around in a group, following a leader. They are demons and they inflict pain and misfortune on the human being they attach themselves to.

These evil demons are called drujas. People are advised to not consult with the evil demons, instead they should consult the light of god that exists within themselves.

This book laid at the feet of “drujas” (evil fallen spirits) all the woes and insanities of man.
A misdirection if there ever was one – away from the real evildoers right here among us.

Description of the inferior evil demons –

Such angels as engraft themselves on mortals, becoming as a twin spirit to the one corporeal body, shall be known as re-incarnated spirits. But where such spirits usurp the corporeal body, as of an infant, growing up in the corporeal body, and holding the native spirit in abeyance, such spirits shall be known as damons (demons).

Spirits who inhabit mortals in order to live on the substance mortals eat and drink, and oft absorbing the strength and life of mortals, shall be known as uzians (vampires).

All the foregoing… shall be called drujas.

Now, behold, there were millions of angels in those days who knew no other life, but to continue engrafting themselves on mortals. And, when one mortal died, they went and engrafted themselves on another.

These were the fruit of the teaching of the false Gods, who had put away the All Highest, Jehovih.

Lika said: Such spirits as come to mortals purposely to inflict them with pain or misfortune shall be called evil spirits. And when they go in groups, having a leader, that leader shall be called beelzebub, that is, captain of evil (prince of devils).

And they inhabit mortals and the houses that mortals dwell in. Some mortals have one or two of them; some a score; and some have hundreds of them.

And if a mortal have greater wisdom and strength of soul than the drujas, he ruleth over them, to a good purpose, reforming them and raising them up out of darkness and helplessness.

But if the drujas have greater power than the mortal, then they pull him down in darkness, making of him a man to lust after the affairs of earth. Sometimes they help man to riches and great power; and if he have sons and daughters who are brought up in idleness and ease and luxury, then the drujas fasten upon them, leading them in their own way, of lust and debauchery, or hard-heartedness.

The man of riches, and kings, and generals, and fighting men, and harlots, and soldiers, are great treasures to them. The pleader (lawyer) is a favorite to them, for his vocation bringeth them in the midst of contention and craft and lying; he is to them a fortunate habitation.

They go not, for the most part, away from the mortal they inhabit whilst he liveth; nay, they have not wisdom or strength to go more than one length away.

Nay, there is nothing too low or foul for them; and for the most part they are but idiots, and deranged imbeciles, answering to any name or request like a man who is drunk, one so very drunk that he knoweth not and careth not.

A man that marrieth a rich, lazy woman, receiveth with his wife a hundred drujas, or more. A woman that marrieth a rich, lazy man, or a gambler, receiveth with her husband a hundred drujas, or more.

Drujas rule over mortals more than mortals rule over them. It was because of their abundance and their power to do evil, that Jehovih commanded His chosen to marry amongst themselves; and to withdraw from other peoples, and make themselves a separate and exclusive people, that they might not be inhabited with drujas.

When a mortal dieth, and he had dominion over his drujas, not only his spirit will rise to the first resurrection, but his drujas also, whereupon they are all delivered into light.

When a mortal dieth, and his drujas had dominion over him, then his spirit becometh a druj also, and he becometh one with them, fastening on whoso cometh in the way…

If the mortal can not control his habit for intoxication, or gluttony, or avarice, or debauchery, or laziness, or lying, or hypocrisy, preaching what he practiceth not, or sexual indulgence, or vengeance, or anger, or tattling mischievously, then is he, indeed, a victim in the hands of drujas, and at the time of his death, he becometh one with them.

Mortal kings shall issue edicts against magicians and prophets and seers and priests; and the consultation of spirits shall come to an end. And man on the earth shall turn to his own soul, which is My light within him, and he shall cultivate it and learn to think for himself.  1

The demons were taken from other planets and shipped to a holding area

Onward moved the float, the fire-ship, with its ten million joyous souls…

Speeding swiftly across the swamps of Ull, where seven corporeal stars were dismembered a thousand million years ago, now set with a’ji’an fields, and forming nebulae; whereto they bring, at times, the drujas, the dark spirits of other worlds, that they may take on the semblance of corporeal forms to complete their neglected good works in times past…

…Presently, now, the float neared the borders of Chinvat, the earth’s vortex, just beyond the orbit of the moon. Here Fragapatti halted for a day, sending swift messengers down to the lower heavens, and to the earth, to resolve where he should anchor during dawn.

And, the next day, he ordered the lights lowered, and now slowly moved toward the rolling earth; down, down, till he reached the third grade of plateaux from the earth’s surface, called Haraiti. 7

The demons will be salvaged by the Light of God. Ships with walls of fire were to bring them to lower parts of Heaven, where the demons can rise to higher parts of Heaven by going up the grades of advancement.

The labor of the Lord God shall be to prevent drujas returning to the earth to dwell with corporeans; to capture drujas on the earth and carry them off to the nearest Lord’s heavenly place, and there deliver them. 6

I send wise angels down to them to deliver them out of darkness. And they come and bear the drujas away from thee, for thine own good and theirs.

Yea, the twain, not knowing it, will bind themselves together with great tenacity.

But thou shalt deliver them apart nevertheless, by stratagem, or persuasion, or with a strong hand. And when thou hast them separate, thou shalt surround the drujas with flames of fire, and carry them off to the boats, which are bulwarked with fire. And thou shalt deliver them in the places My Son, Yussamis, hath ready prepared for them.

Thou shalt not only deliver the drujas, but cause mortals to hate them.

Gessica had the vessels constructed with walls of fire around the margins, to prevent the drujas escaping. And there were built in all four hundred vessels, each capable of carrying one hundred million drujas.

And then the workers of the ship put it under way and carried them up to Hao-yusta, where the Gods and Goddesses received them, placing the drujas in pens, walled with fire, where they could be treated and restored to reason, after which they were to be liberated in installments…

Surround them with flames of fire and carry them off to the boats and deliver them to the prepared places, and cause mortals to hate them.

At’yesonitus and his generals, with their millions of angel hosts, cleared off the drujas of the earth, the angels of darkness.

Day and night At’yesonitus and his armies labored, ceased not nor rested, but in good method went right on, filling all the lowest place of heaven with their transport boats of fire.

And the boats sped hither and yonder without ceasing, loaded in their ascent with the screaming, frightened drujas, all under guard, and duly preserved against accident or harm by the wise angels over them.

Some drujas were easily captured and carried away; some weak, helpless and harmless; but hundreds of millions of them mad, and most desperate; some evil, fearful in desperate oaths, and foul talk, and dangerous withal.

But others were most pitiful in their love to linger with their mortal kindred; mothers, whose children dwelt on the earth; and children spirits, whose mothers dwelt on the earth. To separate them and carry away such drujas was a most heart-rending task, requiring God-like souls to accomplish it.

Jehovih had said: As a mortal mother will cling to the mortal body of her dead child, till her friends must tear them apart, the while all souls who look on are broken-hearted because of her love, even such is the bond betwixt the spirit of the dead and the mortal yet left behind.

But when My wise angels look upon them, and perceive they are carrying each other down in darkness, then shall they be torn asunder; and the spirit shall be taken away and provided for ultimate resurrection, and only permitted to visit the mortal kin under due guardianship.

On the battle-fields of the earth were hundreds of millions of spirits in chaos, still fighting imaginary battles, not knowing their bodies were dead; knowing naught but to curse and fight; roving over the battle-fields, and would not away, save by capture and being carried off.

Thus did At-yesonitus and his mighty hosts clear the earth. 1

Hoab now turned his attention to the hosts of panic-stricken drujas, who were constantly forming themselves in knots…

Thus proceeded Hoab and Athrava: First walling the place around with fire, so none of the druj could escape, and then dividing them into thousands of groups, by means of fire also; then creating subjective bodies for them, to which they bound themselves willingly, and which prevented them from fastening to one another.  2

And yet not much less were the labors and adventures of Yussamis in Ugadisspe and her six heavenly places, where his etherean hosts labored unceasingly, preparing places, and keepers, and nurses, and physicians, and teachers for the delivered drujas, the thousands of millions.

And Yussamis and his Gods developed the six heavens of Ugadisspe; established places for the tens of millions of drujas; and provided order and discipline, and altars of worship, and schools, and colleges, and factories, and all things whatsoever required in a primary heaven.

Jehovih said unto Yussamis: Thou shalt assort the drujas; the peaceful to themselves; the dumb to themselves; the mad, the chaotic, and all other of My afflicted ones; provided sections and places for them. And teachers and nurses and physicians; for they shall be delivered out of darkness also. Yea, every one of them shall become as a star of glory in heaven. 3

Nevertheless, there are many spirits in heaven who have not fulfilled either a spiritual or a corporeal life, and they can see but little and hear but little; for which reason I commanded that they should be called drujas, signifying, spirits of darkness.

…the Gods cannot deliver thee to My emancipated heavens, till thou hast served thy time in the lower heavens. One great light have I bestowed unto all men, that they may progress forever. … but to man only have I given progress. 4

Ahura had now toiled nearly two thousand years with his people, who for a great part had been drujas, but were now high in the grades. Of them, more than two thousand millions had been raised into light; had become Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, and had been delivered into the etherean worlds. 5

Is that a Druja in there - Scientologists in auditor mag 1976

In the Scientology level Operating Thetan 3, the Oahspe is liberally drawn from.

Ron Hubbard called this level the Wall of Fire.

Ron’s Journal 67, an LRH lecture 20 September 1967 –

I formed the Sea Organization of OTs in order to have an area where a Scientologist could come, who could safely then walk through this last wall of fire.

Here is the science fiction story Ron Hubbard created for OT 3 –

Xenu and the Galactic Confederacy


Original OT 3 scan

Text –

The head of the Galactic Federation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet – 178 billion on average) by mass implanting..

He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the principal volcanos (incident II) and then the Pacific area ones were taken – in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and there “packaged”.

His name was Xenu. Various misleading data… was placed in the implants.

One’s body is a mass of individual thetans stuck to oneself or to the body.

One has to clean them off by running incident II and Incident I.

…by BODY THETAN is meant a thetan who is stuck to another thetan or body but is not in control.

A THETAN is …a Scientology word using the Greek theta which was the Greek symbol for thought or life. An individual being such as a man is a thetan, he is not a body…

A CLUSTER is a group of body thetans crushed or hold together…

Incident II is over 36 days long. Capture on other planets was weeks or months before the implant.

The volcanic explosion on Earth to the point where “the pilot” says he is mocking it up is only a few days.

Sequence of Incident II for thetans on another planet –

Capture (being shot)
transport to Teegeeack 
being placed near a volcano
beginning implant up to “the pilot”
36 days of picture implants
transport to Hawaii or Las Palmas for packaging up into clusters

Incident II

75,000,000 years ago on this planet. Sometimes capture was on another planet and explosion on this planet, then called Teegeeack.


Incident I

Occurs at start of track (4 quadrillion years ago).



Locate… a body thetan or group (cluster). Run Incident II. If the BT does not blow off or ‘the group break up and blow, then run Incident I on individual BT’s. Each will blow off…

Incident II made clusters of BT’s.

Incident II sometimes forms gigantic clusters. In such there is a leader…

…if you run Incident II as far as “the pilot” it blows up or loosens up and those who don’t go away can be run on Incident I’s.

According to Hubbard, OT III is an incident that happened 75 million ago when Xenu was the ruler of the Galactic Confederacy, which consisted of 76 planets including Earth. Xenu solved overpopulation by capturing people on the planets and bringing them to earth in planes that looked like a DC 8.

space planes OT III
The people were stacked up near a volcano and then blown up by a nuclear bomb.

volcanos OT III

The disembodied thetans were pulled back to Earth by an electronic ribbon and implanted with various scenes and ideas like god and the devil for 36 days. Then they were boxed up into groups called clusters.


Hubbard says a human body has thousands of demons which he calls body thetans and clusters.
On the OT levels you are supposed to get them to leave.

So, what do Scientologists do on the OT levels?

They audit demons called body thetans and groups of demons called clusters.


The Scientology Bridge to Light is dedicated to handling these numerous evil demons. On the lower levels you are running the inferior evil demons through traumatic incidents. On the higher levels (the OT levels) you are sending the demons away from the body.

On the highest Scientology level you unite with god.

Well, I don’t know about that… sounds a little hokey to me.


A little levitation anyone -

* * *

On the advanced levels the demons are the new thing to blame for your aberrations.

The advanced levels offer up another outside reason for your bad decisions or actions.

So the body thetan tells you to “kill all children”. You do not have to accept that idea. And on that point, the idea about the body thetans being the cause of irrational behavior goes right out the window as being untrue.

Time to handle some of the bullshit going on here.

It is religions that have offered up the false idea that these Beings are inferior evil demons.

The Catholics also portray them as evil demons. That idea is not only malicious, it is medieval.

Cutting a hole in the head to release the “evil spirits”

The spirits who may be hanging around a body are Beings just like the ones who have a body. They are not different than you and I. They are not automatically evil and causing you trouble. In life there are a few psychos but most people are friendly. The same goes for these Beings.

It is a scientifically proven fact that a person is still aware of their environment when they are –

  • supposedly “unconscious” from pain or drugs
  • in a hypnotic trance state
  • asleep

It is a scientifically proven fact that telepathy occurs awake, sleeping, and in a hypnotic trance state. Telepathy is universal. Everyone can do it and does do it. Most people don’t pay attention to it.11  Telepathy does not have to use words to communicate, an idea can also be transmitted and received.

So, any one of these spirits hanging around your body can perceive what happens during an engram. Any one of them can communicate an idea to you after you have become conscious again.

A Scientologist doing the advanced levels does it with a wrong beingness to handle these spirits.

  • First, the Scientologist is doing this for himself, not for the spirits he is addressing.
  • Second, his attitude towards them is wrong, he treats them like they are vastly inferior to him.

The only solution allowed is to get them to leave, like they are only a nuisance to be gotten rid of.

The idea of sending them away is ridiculous because a Being can send you a thought whether he is one foot or a million miles away from you. What difference does it make where they are, when they can still send thoughts to you from any distance?

The body thetans act under their own determinism, as every Being does. If one refused to leave, there is nothing you can do to make him leave. Those who have left, can decide to return. They will be wherever they decide to be. And that is as it should be.

And the idea they are causing you to be evil, neurotic, or psychotic is not the truth. If one of them did offer up a bad idea, you have to decide to accept it, thus only you are responsible for your decisions and actions.

If you are going to audit these spirits, treat them like you would treat a person you audit who has a body.

* * *

When a person does something admirable, they are willing to say they caused it.

When they do something incorrect, they sometimes avoid saying they caused it. They will look for some outside reason to blame for their incorrect or bad action.

The datum that the engram is the single source of aberrations is a lie. It is just spin – designed to sell auditing to people seeking to escape responsibility by assigning cause anywhere else but themselves.

The Scientology bridge to light offers up a stream of outside reasons as to why you are aberrated – an engram, the reactive mind, an implant, the body thetans – blame this and blame that, on and on. You cannot blame mental image pictures or body thetans for your decisions and actions. You, and you alone, control whatever you decide and do.

The Scientology bridge is a journey through a lot of levels that are false outside reasons for a person’s bad actions. And when you are done with all those levels, you are right back where you started from – that you are responsible for your decisions and actions, and you always were.

You are the answer to bad ideas, regardless of where they came from – your mind, your neighbor or a demon. The bridge is a circle in regards to that, you end up in the same place you started – you are the answer to bad ideas, you always were and always will be.

You are the answer to you, and you don’t need any system.

Denial of that truth can be likened to putting yourself into a pit.

Bridge of Blame - original image by ashensorrow

The Scientology bridge of blame can’t get you out.


You are staying in the same place no matter how much Scientology bridge you do.

No other person can aberrate you. Only you could do that to yourself. And since you are the creator of any “aberrations” you may have, you are the only person who can undo it. You can undo it anytime, all by yourself, without the hamster wheel called “the bridge”.

* * *

As to the idea that Dianetics and Scientology are improving mental health and making people sane –
just take a look at how the Scientologists act, including L. Ron Hubbard. There is your answer to that.

Pause the Show… And Take a Look

Pause the SHOW

I think I see somethingI think I see something


The sanity, or insanity, of any individual –
is in that person’s hands and only his hands.

Mental health therapy of any kind – cannot make a person be sane.

Any idea someone “got rid of” with Scientology procedures, they can change their mind back to that idea a few hours later. That is because he controls his ideas, not anyone else.

Now we are getting to the story of Michael Pattinson which well illustrates the fairy tale.

In February 1990, Michael Pattinson completed OT VIII. After spending $500,000 to do the entire Scientology bridge, his homosexuality appeared resolved until two months later when the urge returned.

Michael Pattinson is not the Lone Ranger. How many times, over and over, have we seen the same thing happen, where a Clear or OT had a psychotic break, or committed suicide, or murdered someone, or ran a money scam to steal people’s money?

Scientologists need to stop deluding themselves that Scientology makes people sane.
It did not make Ron Hubbard sane, nor David Miscavige, nor anyone else for that matter.

Anyone “becoming sane” was solely due to their own personal decision and they do not need any therapy to accomplish that. He simply decides to discard a wrong idea, all on his own, and then he is done with it.

Dianetics, Scientology, psychiatry, and all other therapies do not work.

You work.

And who said Responsibility is a bad thing?

Responsibility puts you in control – that is good news and the truth.

Responsibility is compassion and caring. The more of that, the better.

* * *

This picture made by my wife has more value in it than any of these mental subjects.

sociopath real person

She made this picture to show people what is going on with a sociopath. You notice the white good mask is attempting to cover up a larger black evil mask. You notice that both masks are attempting to cover up someone even larger than both masks – that is the guy himself.

A sociopath has two masks minimum, one called "sociopath" that hides him, and one called "normal" that hides the first.

A sociopath has two masks minimum, one called “sociopath” that hides him, and one called “normal” that hides the first.

The white mask and the black mask are constructs. Neither one of those masks are him. But people will lie and say those masks are him. Never buy that. Those masks are crappy substitutes for the person himself. You should differentiate between him and a substitute.

And did you know that you can attack and invalidate those crappy substitutes all you want and the person will agree with you every time, even if it is only secretly to himself?

He knows the crappy substitutes are not him, and he sees that you are validating him when you refuse to accept those lame crappy substitutes for him. You are insisting that he drop the pretense of crappy substitutes and live as himself, who we like very much.

To assist someone else, it takes a person actually talking to another person – not one or more masks talking.

In Scientology and all other therapies –

they never address



The practitioner does not even see you, let alone talk to you.

I cant see YOU

They only see and talk to your constructs.

Blind too YOU only see your MASKS

The funny thing is, when you deal with the guy himself, he already is sane, and he isn’t broken, either. He does not require any fixing, because his constructs never alter him. Therefore, he does not need to change himself; the only question is – how he is living. Will he choose to live as himself or choose to live within the limitations of a construct?

If you’re looking for a philosophy or system for improving human conditions, here it is…

Step 1 – Quit your lying…about YOU

                             Step 2 – See step 1

If you want to make the world a better place to live, then help remove all the lies that have been bottle-fed to humans down through the ages, and help de-power slavemasters.

And live as yourself, not as some crappy substitute for you.


That’s how to get the world the way it should be.





My wife, Virginia McClaughry, wrote the following on 24 August 2016 –

To me it was never, never, never “scientology” that worked. It was certain people who could even come close to seeing and engaging with me as I did them.

An extremely short list. Probably 1, maybe 2 people.

They could have been doing freudian analysis, wicca, buddhism, or praying to Jesus and it wouldn’t matter at all – IF they, the real being and only the real being, is willing to connect with who I am MINUS all the filters.

The reason why this is, is simple.

It is the PERSON that makes some thing or idea appear to work, but it isn’t the thing or idea that is what’s actually working, ever.

It’s the connection. The two as one.

Something very few in our current slavemaster-controlled culture are willing to do, even though they are all still fully capable of it. With even just a little prompting (which is useless unless they have decided they even want to connect) it doesn’t take much to resurrect most of the supposedly lost and “broken” being who was never any such thing in the first place.

Being something, however many somethings that is, can never change the guy’s true identity, his core. Not even he can do that, no matter how many personas he tries to layer on top to look like he can.

Targeting a system, a science, an idea as *why* something works between living beings, instead of acknowledging the living beings as the true source, is probably THE biggest lie being perpetrated on humanity, if I had to choose one.

My 1 cent, anyway.


Scientology Roots Table of Chapters



1. Excerpts from Oahspe Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih, Chapter XXI

2. Excerpts from Book of Fragapatti, son of Jehovih, Chapter XXIX

3. Excerpts from Oahspe Book of Lika, son of Jehovih, Chapter XXIII

4. Excerpts from Oahspe Book of Fragapatti, son of Jehovih, Chapter XXI

5. Excerpts from Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih, Chapter XL

6. Excerpts from Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih, Chapter II

7. Excerpts from Oahspe Book of Fragapatti, son of Jehovih, Chapter III

8. Ewen Cameron received CIA MK Ultra funding. It was subproject 68.

All the documents filed under 68 at The Black Vault, are also here at our blog on MKULTRA Disk 4 in the folder numbered 17468. This is doc number 48 of this particular 17468 collection.


9. See Scientology Roots Chapter Eighteen – 1 Scientology Disinformation Series

10. In 1898 Dr. George Calvin Pitzer authored a book on hypnotism therapy –

11. There have been many scientific experiments that prove telepathy.

Stanford Research Institute is one of the places that conducted scientific research into telepathy –

A book called Changing Images of Man is where we find they proved everyone can do telepathy.
(starting on page 95 of the report itself and especially page 98 which says:

However, a recent experiment, if substantiated, points to a far more radical departure from presently accepted psychological theory. This experiment, by Puthoff and Targ (1974), depends upon the discovery that if a stroboscopic light at about 15 flashes per second is shined in a subject’s eyes, a characteristic alpha component (around 10 or 11 cps) appears in his electroencephalogram. In the Puthoff-Targ experiment two remotely isolated subjects are used, some prior degree of rapport having been established between them. The light is flashed in one subject’s eyes and the other is asked to guess whether, in a given time interval, the light is on or off. While the second subject is usually unable to guess better than a chance basis, the telltale alpha component appears in his EEG. The important deduction is that unconsciously he knows with a certainty, in an extrasensory way, when the light is in the other person’s eyes – even while he is denying such knowledge to his conscious mind.

In other words, this watershed experiment appears to provide clear evidence of universal telepathic capacity with almost complete repression (for most persons) of awareness of this source of knowledge.

Demonstration of this repression phenomenon does much to explain the puzzling erratic character of psychic research data. It opens the possibility of radically new research methodologies in which the inhibiting effect of the “internal censor” is bypassed by utilizing responses (such as EEG components) that the organism has not learned to repress.

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