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Chapter Eight – 3

Scientology Is Brothers of Light Religion


An intelligence agency uses front groups to covertly carry out evil actions that cannot be done overtly by the group the intelligence agency works for.

The intelligence agent who starts a front group is aware of the covert evil purpose. Other people are brought in who are usually decent people with good intentions. They are not told that the group has been formed by an intelligence agency for a covert evil purpose. They are called dupe agents.

The dupes make the front group look like it is just a bunch of good guys doing good things.
But the leadership is carrying out a covert evil purpose.
The dupes help conceal what the top guys are up to.

The dupes always think they work for a good cause. But to maintain that idea they have to turn a blind eye to what the leadership is doing.

The true purpose of the group is not defined by what the lower down people think and do.
It is defined by what the highest people think and do.

All of that applies to the British intelligence religious front groups that advocate World Government.
Freemasons and Scientology are two of the religious front groups working for British intelligence.

Manly P. Hall, a 33rd degree Mason, wrote:

Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity – an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect. The visible society is a splendid comraderie of free and accepted men enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns.

The invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcanum arcandrum (secret).

In each generation only a few are accepted into the inner sanctuary of the work…

– Lectures on Ancient Philosophy by Manly P. Hall

Manly+P+Hall+Manly_Hall_2Manly P. Hall

The British Crown and the Brothers of Light Freemasons have been united for 400 years in a Plan to have the British nobility be the ruler of the entire world. They want to establish a World Government. One name they gave to their Plan is – the New World Order.

Starting in 1871, men working for British intelligence researched every kind of mental and spiritual phenomena there is. They developed all the basic ideas found in Dianetics and Scientology before Ron Hubbard was born. That includes the therapy used.

The British slavemasters do not care about anyone’s mental or spiritual well being. They were only interested in how to mold men into being willing and obedient subjects under rule by the British nobility. Therefore, the covert evil purpose of Dianetics and Scientology has now been exposed.

They call it “social engineering”. It is classic behavior modification.

Step 1 –  removal of your personality
Step 2 – install the new acceptable personality

Cumming and MI6 headquartersBritish intelligence headquarters

Ron Hubbard was a British intelligence agent and he knew the covert evil purpose for Scientology –
transform people into being a Brother of Light and a British subject by accepting World Government.

Ron Hubbard told Scientologists to support formation of a World Government –

I want to talk to you about a project having to do with world peace.

So here’s a plan, an International Objective is the name of the plan at large and the plan itself is the International City, which merely says a government of Earth.       

And they’re all built around a central capital of its own which is very bombproof. Built under a mountain. Artificial mountain which you could never destroy. And a bunker of huge proportions and that of course would be an international parliament of Earth, which then had certain powers and so forth, over various nations.

Not unlike the United Nations today but with a different composition, a more British-American type of a composition so that you don’t get four or five favored nations who can overthrow everything else and you don’t get unequal stuff so that there’s some country that has twenty people in its population and it has a member in the United Nations who has as much say, you see, as somebody who has a billion population. I mean, that’s the way they’ve got it rigged now.

Seventh, bring about the creation of a small, effective armed force for the United Nations, dismantling or abolishment of all other war facilities.  Well, naturally, if they were the only ones that got atomic bombs then their main police action would be devoted to whether or not anybody else was manufacturing atomic bombs. And they just make sure that that wouldn’t happen…

Persuade stable and real international economic measures.  In other words, do something to keep money in balance, like the World International Bank, that tries to keep the lid on.

Persuade the United Nations and national governments that the activities of the United Nations and national governments should be limited to … And then we limit what a national government should be up to.

– International City, an LRH lecture 24 March 1964

* * *

Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Mason, wrote:

Masonry… conceals its secrets from all except the Elect, and uses false explanations of its symbols to mislead… to conceal the truth. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.

– Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike

albert pike 2

Scientology is Brothers of Light religion. The religious purpose is to unite with god.

Knowing that, we can now decipher the concealed true meanings for Scientology symbols.

* * *

“In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)

Scientology Technical Dictionary, Definition of Scientology –

it is formed from the Latin word scio, which means know
It is formed from the Greek word logos, which means THE WORD

scio + logos = know THE WORD

The word Scientology means – know god, know the word of god

(People have different ideas about God, in Ron Hubbard’s case that means Lucifer.)

 * * *

Brothers of Light sects use the winged disc to represent a person on a path to god.

 * * *

Brothers of Light religion says that god is light.

Brothers of Light sects have a name for their ascending steps to unite with god – a Bridge to Light.

bridge to light2
Scientology pictures of the bridge always depict it as leading to the light at the other end.

Advance! magazine, Issue 18 1973 – THE BRIDGE is a term originating in Dianetics to symbolize travel from unknowingness to revelation.

(Revelation means a revealing of God and his divine truths.)

Advance! mag Issue 18 – showing the Bridge to revelation – it ends at the light (god)

From unknowingness to revelation is seen in this advertisement

unknowingness to revelation_-_scientologys_bridge_to_light_AD

* * *

L’Aurore Naissante is a Scottish Rite Freemason lodge that works with the British slavemasters.

L’Aurore Naissante means the Rising Sun, the New Dawn.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is a Brothers of Light sect. It had the grades of attainment from L’Aurore Naissante. Aleister Crowley was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Aleister Crowley and Ron Hubbard were both British intelligence agents, and they were friends.

The purpose of the Golden Dawn was to evoke angels, gods, and goddesses, and elemental spirits, in order to purify and exalt the individual’s spiritual nature so as to unify it with the “Higher Genius.” From thence the members would be brought into the light of a new dawn.

Now look at these two Scientology advertisements…

Scientology_ad_-_the_golden_dawnNotice – golden dawn of a new civilization

Notice_-_Golden_Dawn_of_new_civilization_-_ScientologyNotice the Golden Dawn title

* * *

Claude Doggins changed his name to Maurice Doreal. He formed a Brothers of Light sect named the Brotherhood of the White Temple.

Claude_Doggins_'Doreal__-_Time_magzine_1940sClaude Doggins (Doreal) on his throne

Doreal published a work he calls the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

All that exists comes forth from the Light, and the Light comes forth from the ALL.

Stood I before the Holy One enthroned in the Flower of Fire. Then from the midst of the Fire came a voice: Behold the Glory of the first Cause. I attained, as it were, to the God of all Gods.

Hear ye, O Man, the Sun is the symbol of the Light that shines at the end of thy road.

Found I that man is but living in darkness, light of the great fire is hidden within.

– Emerald Tablets of Thoth by Claude Doggins

The Scientology Admin Dictionary says the word “cross” derives from a basic root word meaning –

light of the Great Fire.”

No dictionary says that. They got that phrase from Doreal, he says that.

The Scientology cross represents the – Light of the Great Fire.

Light of the Great Fire =  god and the word of god

Rosicrucian_Cross_-_Golden_Dawn_Cross_-_Scientology_Cross* * *

Operating Thetan Symbol

The Scientology OT symbol relates to the OT, or T-O map of Judaism.

It is a map of the world that originated in Medieval times. Jerusalem is the center of the world.

The map dates to about 1300. It is on display at Hereford Cathedral in Hereford, England

The map shows the location of Jerusalem. It also shows the Garden of Eden in Mesopotamia.

The part of the map that looks like a T is the Mediterranean Sea.

A normal map has North on top. The OT map has been turned so that East is on top.

Here is the OT map with North on top, which is the usual way to look at a map.

You see the Mediterranean Sea. Below the Sea is Africa, above it is Europe, right of the Sea is Asia.

The map shows Jerusalem, and East of Jerusalem is Paradise, the Garden of Eden.

By turning the OT map to show East on top, you get the OT symbol showing to you.

Here are some other types of OT maps.

One map shows the 3 sons of Noah – Shem, Ham and Japheth, and their domains.

This view was based on verses in Ezekiel: I set this Jerusalem in the midst of nations, with countries round about her(5:5), and “living at the center of the earth” (38:12).

The T also represented the tau cross, a Christian symbol placing Jerusalem, their center of the world,
at the intersection of the T.

The OT map is also defined as the Old Testament map, or Orbis Terrarum.

The Tau Cross symbolizes the Old Testament, it was shaped in the form of a “T,” and is an ancient symbol of eternal life. It is so named from the Hebrew alphabet’s last letter X, which was pronounced Taw. This same sound transliterates to the Greek letter T.

The Tau Cross was also a symbol for Mithras in ancient times. Mithras is the God of Light and Wisdom –
he is the God of the Brothers of Light sects and their religion. Scientology is that religion. 

Tau or X has a meaning – it represents the fulfillment of the revealed word of God.

That is what the Scientology OT symbol represents. The person is on the Bridge to God.

At the end of the Scientology Bridge to Light is – the fulfillment of the revealed word of God.

Scientology has three theoretical states:

Operating Thetan
Cleared Theta Clear

Development of Scientology, an LRH lecture 13 December 1952 –  has this drawing:

In the tape itself, Ron Hubbard says:

And up here… this now existing black 40.0 here with a whole series of crosses under it – we would have an Operating Thetan. And up here at the top of the grand cycle, God knows how far up… We’ve got Cleared Theta Clear.

Cleared Theta Clear is a higher state than Operating Thetan, and as a state it appears to have gone missing, there are no Bridge actions for the state called Cleared Theta Clear. The only thing showing on grade charts are levels of Operating Thetan – OT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Hubbard put X’s under Operating Thetan – indicating OT levels culminate at revelation.

Those X’s are Tau Crosses. Hubbard called them crosses in his lecture.

The word Operating Thetan is a false explanation.

The truthful hidden meaning of the OT symbol – it represents a path to the revealed word of god.

And that is the truth, isn’t it? The OT levels end at OT 8 – the level where you unite with god.

* * *

For 2,000 years Brothers of Light religion has been saying that numerous evil demons attach themselves to a human body and human soul. They say the evil demons cause all of man’s woes.

Lurian Kabala says the evil demons are divine sparks that need to be liberated. It is the individual’s divinely appointed task to liberate the sparks of divine light that are entrapped within his own body and soul. Through proper ethical and spiritual conduct the individual is able to free the holy sparks. That enables you to unite with god.

The Way to Happiness is a Scientology booklet telling people how to live right.


The path on the booklet leads to L’Aurore Naissantethe Rising Sun – the Golden Dawn.

The path leads to light (God).

The sun rises in the East. So this is like the OT map with East on top.

Hubbard, the British intelligence agent, told Scientologists to support the British New World Order.

The British slavemasters want people who are happy to be British subjects, looking like this guy…

fake smileengineered personality

He is one of the clueless people on the bottom of the New World Order society pictured below –

You have the British and Vatican slavemasters as the ruthless ruler of every person in the world.
Beneath them are their demented minions such as the international bankers.
Then you have the world army that will use force on anyone not accepting slavemaster rule.
At the bottom you have the slaves who have no rights or freedoms, they can only do what they are told.

Ron Hubbard wants us to be under the boot and say-so of the most evil men in the world.

While pretending to raise you up to freedom – it is actually driving you down into slavery.

Scientology covertly transforms you into being a Brother of Light.
Scientology covertly transforms you into being a British subject.

And that is the covert evil purpose for the British New World Order front group called Scientology.

* * *

The old dustcover of the Scientology book Fundamentals of Thought had this statement:

Scientology is here to rescue you!

Now we see what was meant by that. All of us sinners who do not properly recognize and obey god
(the slavemasters), are being “rescued” by the Scientology Bridge to Light.

What that really means is this – all of you people out there who are not being proper slaves,
you will become proper slaves when you do the Scientology Bridge to Light.

On the OT Levels you will learn your inferiority, and so-called salvation –
by becoming a proper Brother of Light and a proper British subject.

No, thank you. I will never be a slave – so I will happily remain a so-called sinner.


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