Scientology Roots Chapter Nineteen – You Have Not Lost What You Sought

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Chapter Nineteen

You Have Not Lost What You Sought


Apocalypse –  When all secrets are revealed – Webster’s, 1861

Greek root – uncovering – a disclosure of knowledge, a lifting of the veil, revelation.

* * *

Rebels are people who see what is wrong in the world and a drive to make it how it should be.

A purpose for slavemaster religious groups is to attract the rebels and steer them on an unavailing path.

When any person in such a group comes to realize the path he is on is unavailing, he leaves.
He may leave in disappointment and with a conclusion there is no valid group for spiritual ends.
That suits the slavemasters just as much as when the person was in the unavailing group.

What attracted him in the first place was spiritual goals, a better world, a regained utopia.

A yearning for all things spiritual, an ideal world, a recovery of a past utopia –

You were not wrong. All of that is still true.

You have not lost what you sought.

And you are not alone.



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