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Chapter Twenty Two – 1

British Intelligence Sabotaging America


The Rat Bastards

A “Rat Bastard” is one of the biggest swine that you will ever meet in life.
They will screw you over any chance they get. Most of them are sociopaths.

– from the Urban Dictionary

rat_bastard_comics_image_2Image from this comic book creator


The British nobility has a Grand Plan to rule the entire world.
They use British intelligence agents to accomplish their goal.

British intelligence agents have covertly caused considerable destruction to America.

People should have a basic understanding of covert intelligence agents and how they operate.

An intelligence agency is a unit within a larger group that it serves.

It has two functions – Prediction and Sabotage.

One type of intelligence agent is a spy. He infiltrates an enemy group to obtain secret information such as the location of his military units, their size and strength, their future plans of attack as to when and where, etc. In other words, the enemy capabilities and intentions. This provides Prediction.

Another type of intelligence agent is called an agent provocateur. He infiltrates an enemy group to cause disruption and destruction to the enemy group in every way possible. That is Sabotage.

An intelligence agent who dispenses propaganda is an agent provocateur.

The intelligence officer who recruits and runs agents is a case officer or handler.
The handler uses a motivation scale to recruit his agents.
The higher on the scale, the more trustworthy the agent is to remain loyal.

Political Agreement

Agents operate under a cover – pretending they are a friend of the enemy group they are infiltrating.
Their cover hides the fact that they are actually working for an enemy.

If they are exposed as being enemy agents, they lose their ability to deceive and influence.

This is what a cover looks like. If the sheep are fooled by the cover, it leads to their demise.


wolf hiding in the sheep

Intelligence and propaganda are weapons used in defeating an enemy.

Infiltration, manipulation by propaganda, and sabotage are acts of war.

Over 1,000,000 Americans have needlessly died in wars, with American involvement in those wars being directly traceable to covert British intelligence agents operating in America. These covert British agents are also responsible for national debt, income taxes, inflation, recessions and depressions.

An intelligence agent is just as destructive as an enemy soldier in uniform who is shooting people.

An intelligence agent is an operating enemy soldier

who is not making that obvious by wearing an enemy uniform.

The people who need a tank to roll up on their doorstep before they realize they are under attack –
they become a casualty in the warfare being waged by covert enemy intelligence agents.

* * *

The British nobility hides behind demented minions and front groups who do their dirty work and take the blame for it.

Let’s take a look at front groups and dupe agents.

The usual way a person becomes an intelligence agent is they have knowingly agreed to do it because the handler asked them to. But, that is not the only way that people become agents.

A front group is used when the main group cannot have any connection to the action being taken.
A front group is run by a knowing agent for an intelligence agency.

If the government wanted to get rid of a particular religious group, they cannot openly go about that because it is illegal for the government to do that. So, the case officer recruits an agent who will start a front group. The front group attacks the religious group that the government wants to get rid of, and therefore the government can deny responsibility for the attacks on that religious group.

The intelligence agent who starts and runs a front group is a knowing agent. He reports to his handler and takes orders from his handler. That knowing agent will employ other people to work within the front group. These other people have no connection to the handler and they have not made an agreement with the handler to act as his agent. However, they are still serving as agents for the handler, they are called dupe agents.

These dupe agents will deny they are being agents for an intelligence agency.
It is not what the agent thinks that makes him an agent, it is what the handler thinks.

Front groups are established with a covert evil purpose in mind. The intelligence agent who starts a front group is aware of the covert evil purpose. Other people are brought in who are usually decent people with good intentions. They are not told that the group has been formed by an intelligence agency for a covert evil purpose.

The dupes make the front group look like it is just a bunch of good guys doing good things. But the leadership is carrying out a covert evil purpose. The dupes help conceal what the top guys are up to.

The lower down people in the Freemason groups will go out and give a picnic to schoolchildren. This makes it appear that the Freemasons are just a bunch of nice guys. However, at the top of the Freemason front groups, you have evil men involved in a British conspiracy to rule the world.

The dupes always think they work for a good cause. But to maintain that idea they have to turn a blind eye to what the leadership is doing.

The true purpose of the front group is not defined by what the lower down people think and do.
It is defined by what the highest people think and do.

* * *

Intelligence agencies run covert black intelligence operations against people they are attacking. They are black because they are based on lies and they are somehow immoral. Framing a person for a crime they did not actually commit is an example of a covert black intelligence operation.

There are also black propaganda operations. Propaganda uses lies to manipulate an audience.
The audience is under attack because they are being fed false information to manipulate their ideas.

Propaganda is dispensed on every means of communication – newspapers, magazines, novels, books, radio, television, movies, music, video games, and the internet. Propaganda is one of their most used methods for behavior modification – they call it social engineering and the engineering of consent.

Black intelligence operations and black propaganda operations are covert, because the people doing them do not reveal who they are working for. Both are weak, they lose the ability to influence others when they are exposed as being based on lies or if the people doing them are exposed as to who they work for.

Those who are not alert to the actions of intelligence agents will have their lives adversely affected.

You recognizing enemy intelligence and propaganda agents undermines what they wanted to accomplish.

When they are exposed as being enemy agents, they lose their ability to deceive and influence.

One way you can identify an agent is by asking – Who benefits from what the person is doing?


The British Secret Service

One insane tradition coming out of ancient times was the uniting of King and Priest to rule the world.

One ancient deity was Mithra, God of Light and Wisdom.

Mithraism is the foundation of many religious sects that say God is Light.
Some Brothers of Light sects are Gnostics, Hermeticism, Rosicrucian, Freemason, and Kabala.
The members are called Soldiers of Light, Sons of Light, Children of Light and Brothers of Light.

From 782 AD to 1806 AD the King of Germany was united with the Catholic Pope in an effort to rule the world.
For centuries, the Catholic Church tortured and killed anyone holding different ideas than the Catholic Church.
People were forced to convert to Christianity at the point of a sword.

The previous slavemaster union of King and Priest to rule the world was –

King of Germany + Catholic Pope = German Holy Roman Empire

* * *

Cosimo de Medici was a wealthy Jewish banker in Florence, Italy. He wanted to undermine the Catholic Church.

Cosimo de Medici

Cosimo had a book commissioned in 1460 called the Corpus Hermeticum.
It is Brothers of Light religion, it says that God is Light.
The sect members are called Brothers of Light.

Corpus Hermeticum

Cosimo started the Florentine Academy which was the forerunner of Rosicrucians and Freemasons.
Mithra, the God of Light and Wisdom, was now being called Lucifer by Freemasons and others.

Now we come to the point in history that marks the start point for the contemporary era slavemasters.

In 1521, Martin Luther left the Catholic Church and started the Protestant movement.
The Protestant movement was then advertised as an alternative to the Catholics.
The Protestant movement was supported by the Brothers of Light Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

Elizabeth I became queen of England in 1558. She was a Protestant.

Her chief adviser was William Cecil. He was her Secretary of State. British intelligence was under him.
William Cecil started a dynasty where the Cecil family has headed British intelligence ever since then.

855px-Queen_Elizabeth_I;_Sir_Francis_Walsingham;_William_Cecil,_1st_Baron_Burghley_by_William_Faithorne_(2)sketch of William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth I, and Francis Walsingham
the sketch was made at the time of Queen Elizabeth

Francis Walsingham was underneath William Cecil. Walsingham set up spies all across Europe.  1, 52

Francis Bacon was Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order in England.

                               Francis Bacon

King James had Sir Francis Bacon oversee the writing of a Protestant Bible, the King James version in 1611.

The British Crown and the Brothers of Light are now working together.

* * *

The City of London is where many of the British slavemasters live, plot, and skulk around.

Within London there is a separate independent entity that is not part of London.

It is called the City of London. It has its own Mayor and government. A corporation runs the City.

city of london skyline

It is an area about a mile square…basically in the center of London.

City_of_London_and_its_boundaries_mapThe blue line shows the borders of the City of London.

Its borders are marked by dragons.

Dragon_boundary_marker_city_of_london    City_of_london_boundary_markers

The City of London is ranked as the leading centre of global finance. The families that consider themselves the “most powerful” make the City of London either their home or base of operations. They are referred to (and think of themselves) as “The Elite”. Some people say they are seeking to organize the world into one large medieval plantation.

The City of London is the place from which world wars have emanated.

In the late 1500’s the City of London suddenly shows up on the map – the time period of Queen Elizabeth I.

Sir Thomas Gresham was personal financier for Queen Elizabeth I.

Sir Thomas GreshamSir Thomas Gresham – Lord Mayor of the City of London

Sir Thomas Gresham founded The Royal Exchange in 1565. He founded it to act as a centre of commerce for London’s bankers.  The City of London increasingly became a major centre for banking, international trade and commerce.

The Royal Exchange

This is also when the Cecil family becomes the head of British intelligence – and the City of London was the central place for plotting to become ruler of the entire world.

Sociopath or Psychopath – has a pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the welfare of others.

In carrying out their Plan to rule the world, the British nobility has been causing economic hardship, wars, death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people all around the world. They have demonstrated a blatant disregard for the welfare of others – they are the worst sociopaths in the world.

Sir Thomas Gresham suggested formation of the The East India Company to Queen Elizabeth. On December 31, 1600 Queen Elizabeth granted a Royal Charter to the “Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies” – Honorable East India Company. The British word merchant means banker.

The British East India Company engaged in slave trafficking and drug trafficking.

British East India Company smuggled opium into China, ruining the lives of millions of Chinese.
The British East India Company took over India, using the traditional British method for taking over a country.

Step 1 – economic takeover
Step 2 – government takeover

Starting in 1638, the British East India Company became the government in areas of India.
Similar takeovers would be done in other countries – such as Africa and America.
However, when an overt government takeover is not possible, they do it covertly.

Now they start their first big war. The Seven Years War started in 1756 and was fought around the world.
The struggle was over the colonial rivalry between England and France.
The Seven Years War ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
Great Britain emerged as the world’s chief colonial empire, which was its primary goal in the war. 2

From 1757 to 1766, British East India Company raped India. One part of that was the Bengal famine. The Company had sold the grain wholesale, when formerly, excess grain was stored in underground pits as a guard against famine. The famine killed millions of Bengal’s population.

Starving people in Indiastarving people in India

In 1767 the British East India Company import of opium into China reached a staggering 2,000 chests of opium.

Britain has been ruled by a malicious and oppressive Monarchy.

The British kings do not stand alone as being the single source of the slavemaster mentality and slavemaster bloodlines. They are surrounded by various advisors, men of title and position, and the heads of religious factions. These men and their descendants are just as much slavemasters as the royal lines. They pass on their titles and positions and mentality to their heirs.

They put on great airs as to how superior they are and how they are the best people in the world, which is a reversal of the fact that they are actually the worst people.

The British slavemasters are obsessed with hierarchies, like you find in the military. By this method people are subjugated simply by a rank. A moron or lunatic, can order around far better men than he – just because of his higher rank in the hierarchy.

By this method, you can have a lunatic in control, simply by giving him a high rank, complete with a uniform and bric-a-brac to pin on the uniform – all to prove his wonderfulness. But a uniform, title, and rank does not change the man who wears it – they cannot elevate him into being something better than what he actually is.

Through important-sounding titles the British slavemasters attempt to elevate themselves into a higher position than they deserve. They are psychopaths who should never be allowed to govern at all.

Here is the British hierarchy –

King and Queen
Prince and Princess

All of the above are known as “nobility”. It is an undeserved title – they are not noble.

Do you know what the action of giving someone a “Noble title” is called?


These people have falsely elevated themselves because of a bloodline or inheritance.

The above hierarchy system is called a Monarchy. The royals are self-elected rulers.

Consequently, it is a dictatorship.

A monarchy is not limited to rule by a King and Queen. It is an hierarchy of rulers.

Aristos – best
Aristocracy – rule by a hereditary nobility

This is the worst method of government because it allows imbeciles and sociopaths to rule. The people must disregard the actual character of these rulers and elevate them to a higher status than they deserve. The “lower classes” must call them “honorable” even when these people are the exact opposite of anything that could be called honorable.


In their march for world conquest, the British were establishing colonies around the world.
There were 13 British colonies on the East coast of North America.

British colonies are in red color

The British colonists in North America objected to tyrannical rule by the British nobility, which heavily taxed them and violated their rights. They rejected rule by monarchy and aristocracy, and proclaimed that all men are created equal.

The thirteen British colonies united and on 4 July 1776 they declared independence from Britain.
That was the start of the United States of America.
Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence.

Engraving of Thomas Jefferson – 1801

The British nobility sent British armies to prevent the colonies from having independence. The people in England would not volunteer to fight against the American Revolution because the British cause was bad. Thus the British troops were made up of convicts and hired German mercenaries. Colonists who supported the British side were called Loyalists.

british redcoats

The Americans had to fight for their freedom. The colonists who fought for independence were called Patriots.

american revolution 1

american revolution 2

The American Revolution war was from 1775 to 1783. The Americans won their freedom.

The slavemasters want a two class society where the royals and nobility rule over all other people.
The Americans rejected rule by monarchy and nobility, and proclaimed that all men are created equal.
They drafted a Constitution that forbids titles of nobility and includes rights and freedoms.
They created a democratic government, which means rule by the people.

Demos – the common people of an ancient Greek state
Democracy – rule by the common people

is a system of government wherein the people vote directly on the laws. Government by the people. Control of the government by the people. The supreme power is held by the people and exercised by them directly, rather than by their elected representatives.

When the people vote to elect representatives, that is called a Republic.
This is the method of government in the United States.

The Republic method of government has failed, because it has been covertly sabotaged by the British nobility. Many of the elected representatives are bought men who have represented British interests, and they have not represented the interests and will of the American people. (Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were two exceptions. They worked for the interests of the American people.)

George Washington was the first President of the United States of America.
He initiated a policy that America should keep out of European disputes.
The British call this American policy – isolationism.

George WashingtonGeorge Washington

I hope the United States of America will be able to keep disengaged from the labyrinth of European politics and wars. It should be the policy of the United States to administer to their wants without being engaged in their quarrels.

I trust we shall never so far lose sight of our own interest and happiness as to become unnecessarily a party to these political disputes.

Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice?

My ardent desire is, and my aim has been… to keep the United States free from any political connections with every other country, to see it independent of all, and under the influence of none.

– George Washington statements in his letters and his farewell address  6


Thereafter, Britain has been a covert enemy to America, using covert methods to undermine and control America. Britain used their takeover method on the United States – an economic takeover followed by a government takeover. The government takeover is done by infiltration of the American government with British agents.

* * *

German Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel, on his father’s death in 1785, inherited the largest private fortune in Europe.

William IX

Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name to Mayer Amschel Rothschild.
He acted as a financial agent for Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Mayer Amschel Rothschild had learned that loaning money to governments and kings was much more profitable than loaning to private individuals. The loans are bigger and they are secured by the nation’s taxes. 7 This is the banker game, loans to governments paid back by taxing the citizens.

The British nobility used their takeover method on the United States.

Step 1 – economic takeover
Step 2 – government takeover

They were assisted in the economic takeover by their demented minions, the Brothers of Light bankers.
British and Rothschild agents in America established their central bank in 1791.
It was for loaning money to the U.S. government.

bank of the united statesBank of the United States – built in 1795

Nicholas Biddle, agent for the Rothschilds, was President of Bank of the United States.

Biddle the chosen oneNicholas Biddle

In 1797, Nathan Mayer Rothschild moved to England where he would become an international banker.
Nathan and his descendants were very involved with the British nobility and their plan to rule the world.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Nathan Mayer Rothschild was voted the family patriarch, so the Rothschild international banking family is being directed out of London, rather than out of Germany.  2

* * *

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States, from 1801 to 1809.
Jefferson drafted and signed a law that banned slave importation into the United States.
Thomas Jefferson opposed rule by monarchy and he was a spokesman for democracy.

Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself.

Can he then be trusted with the government of others?

Or have we found angels, in the form of kings, to govern him…  58

Under governments of force; as is the case in all other monarchies…
It is a government of wolves over sheep.  61

It is a happy truth that man is capable of self-government…  59

…men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.  60

– Thomas Jefferson statements in his letters and his First Inaugural Address

* * *

Napoleon Bonaparte,
a Master Rosicrucian, was Emperor of France from 1804 to 1815.

He conquered most of Europe.

When the French army invaded Germany in 1806 – that was the end of the German Holy Roman Empire.

That was replaced by another union of King and Priest to rule the world –

British Aristocracy + Catholic Pope = the modern era slavemasters

The British nobility and Catholic Popes are aligned on a two-class society where Kings and Priests rule.
Thus, down through the centuries they have often worked together to bring about their rule of the world.

Napoleon killed seven million people in this war. This event was just a page in the British nobility + Brothers of Light History Book of Horrors. They were going to do far worse. They would go on to kill and cause needless suffering to hundreds of millions.

The British nobility and their demented minions, the Brothers of Light international bankers, have engaged in slave-trafficking, drug-trafficking, instigating and financing needless wars, self-serving banking practices and self-serving business practices.

The atrocities and cruelties they have leveled upon mankind would fill a huge book.
The modern union of King and Priest to rule the world has been the most vicious in history.

L’Aurore Naissante (the rising sun) was formed in 1807 in Frankfurt, Germany.
It is a Scottish Rite Freemason lodge, funded by Rothschild.
Salomon Rothschild was a member.   87

* * *

In 1836,
United States President Andrew Jackson paid off the national debt and then he closed down the British-Rothschild central bank in the United States. The people back then were not fooled – they called it the British bank.

Jackson in officePresident Andrew Jackson

Immediately after Andrew Jackson closed the bank, Nathan Mayer Rothschild died in 1836. His son, Lionel Nathan Rothschild, then dominated the house of Rothschild. Lionel established a virtual family monopoly for the flotation of large international loans. 2

lionel nathan rothschilldLionel Nathan Rothschild

Lionel Nathan Rothschild immediately began sending more agents to America to re-establish their bank and get the United States government back into debt. The Rothschild international banking family are Brothers of Light Freemasons, and for 200 years they have been major contributors to the British nobility effort to rule the world.

* * *

L’Aurore Naissante had members from Jewish families living in Frankfurt, Germany.
Some of the Jewish family names were:

Rothschild                          Guggenheim                  Speyer
Schiff                                  Oppenheim                   Hanuer
Seligman                            Adler
Straus                                Goldschmidt

Members of the Jewish families who belonged to L’Aurore Naissante, moved to New York City and helped establish the Independent Order B’nai B’rith in 1843 and Temple Emanu-el in 1845. Both of them advocate World Government.

Independent Order B’nai B’rith is a Scottish Rite Freemason lodge.

Some of the Jewish family names involved in IOBB and Temple Emanu-el were:

Rothschild                          Guggenheim                  Loeb
Schiff                                 Oppenheim                    Lehman
Seligman                           Adler                             Montefiore
Warburg                            Straus

They consider themselves leaders of a “Kingdom of Priests” and “Brothers of Light”.

One reason they were there was to assist in:

  1. re-establish their central bank in the United States
  2. get the U.S. government back into heavy debt with the bankers
  3. get U.S. citizens to pay off the government debt by paying income taxes
  4. get a controlling ownership of all major American industry

They used the slave situation in America to foment a civil war. British agents, such as Karl Marx, then agitated for the American civil war as the means to get the United States government back into debt.

The American civil war began in 1861, resulting in America being back in debt to the Brothers of Light international bankers. They eventually were able to re-establish their central bank in America. And they got a law passed to make Americans pay income tax to pay off the national debt.

At the same time, they were able to obtain a controlling ownership in all major industry in America.

* * *

This Chapter is continued in Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Two – 2

Scientology Roots Table of Chapters



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You_only_live_once_-_ivar_brycePhoto by Virginia

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87. Here is some documentation showing Salomon Rothschild was a member of L’ Aurore Naissante (Rising Sun). It is a letter in French. The last line in the letter says Salomon Rothschild is a member of Lodge Dawn Emerging from Frankfurt.

Vienna, 6 November 1814 (F. 3. 4468 ad 3565)

Personnages de Francfort desormais au service de la Polizei Hofstelle. Les francs-macons de Francfort.

Il lui rend compte qu’il s’est assure les services gratuits du Secretaire general de la Police Francfort Leverey (our Severey) et lui indique les adresses donnees pour correspondre surement. Il lui fait savoir qu’on a egalement reussi a s’attacher dans les memes conditions le Comte (?) Weyland et le baron von Vrints Berberich, que le Hofrath von Galler, qui appartient a la loge de Francfort, est egalement entre au service et qu’il l’a mis en rapport avec le baron von Vrints.

1. J’ai cru pouvoir me departir de la regle que je me suis imposee, et enfreindre exceptionnellement l’order chronologique en placant ici, en meme temps queces deux pieces, les trois suivantes quicompletent les renseignements relatifs au Tugend-Bund et a la franc-maconnerie.

Leverey lui a envoye la liste (ci-jointe a son rapport) des Fthree_dots_triangle_-_masonry  Fthree_dots_triangle_-_masonry  de la Loge l’Aurore Naissante, de Francfort, a laquelle appartient entre autres Salomon Mayer Rothschild, banquier de la Cour.  29

Translation of last line in the letter:

Leverey has sent the list (attached a report) of Fthree_dots_triangle_-_masonry  Fthree_dots_triangle_-_masonry  the Lodge Dawn Emerging from Frankfurt, which is among other Salomon Mayer Rothschild, banker to the Court.

Reference Les Dessous du Congres de Vienna, by Commandant M. H. Weil, published by Libraire Payot in 1917, which, in turn obtained its data from original documents of the Ministry of Interior, Vienna, the reference being p.p. 419 and 420, Vienna, 6th Nov., 1814, F, 34468 and 3565

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