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Chapter Five

Actual Jewish and Christian History


The Jewish Bible is called the Old Testament. It presents a fictitious history of how the Jewish religion got started.
The Christian Bible starts with the Old Testament then adds some additional books. It is called the New Testament.

Both Bibles start with the book of Genesis which describes their god. Jews and Christians have the same god.

The story says Yahweh, the Jewish god, made a covenant with Abraham the Hebrew. Yahweh said he would give the land of Canaan to the descendants of Abraham. After Abraham defended the area of Canaan from an invasion, the covenant was made and Canaan was known as “the promised land”. This allegedly happened about 1850 BC.

Canaan is also called Palestine

Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac begat Jacob. Yahweh gave Jacob a new name, Isra-el. Isra-el had 12 sons and the entire Isra-el family moved to Egypt, where the Egyptians used them as slaves for 400 years. The Israelites multiplied to 600,000. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt about 1446 BC. That event is called the Exodus.

Moses and the Israelites stopped by Mount Sinai where Yahweh dictated laws to Moses. The first ten commandments were written on two stone tablets that were placed in a gold chest called the Ark of the Covenant. Then the Israelites conquered Canaan and built the city of Jerusalem, with a temple to worship Yahweh. The Ark of the Covenant was put in the temple.

But there is no temple and no Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem.

There is no archaeological evidence
to support any of that alleged history.

Its fiction.

 * * *

Origin of Jewish and Christian Religion – the Nesilim

There was an ancient people called the Nesilim and their history is the actual history of Jewish and Christian religion.

Jewish religion, symbols, and dress derive from the Nesilim.


Picture this – you’re standing in the high deserts of Turkey, the hot sun is beating down on you as you take a panoramic sweep of an ancient city lying in ruins. You take off your safari hat and wipe your brow, then the back of your neck. You blink, your vision clears, and then you see it…

The year is 1834.

– written by Virginia McClaughry, in The Great Plan: President Jackson and The Nesilim

That archaeological find was the ruins of Hattusa, the capital city of the Nesilim.

Hattusa 1Hattusa – capital city of the Nesilim

Hattusa was located in Asia Minor, which is called Turkey today.

Nesa was an ancient city in Asia Minor – the people of that city referred to themselves as Nesilim.

asia minorthe city of Nesa in Asia Minor

There was an earlier people that inhabited Asia Minor until about 2,000 BC – and they spoke a language called Hattic. About 2,000 BC the Nesilim conquered them, and absorbed their people. Thus the Nesilim sometimes referred to their kingdom as “the land of Hatti”.

The Nesilim then built their capital city at Hattusa.

Hattusa city wallHattusa city wall

Lions Gate

Lion statue

Part of Hattusa – tunnels and rooms are dug inside this mound

The double-headed eagle symbol marked the entrance to the palace of the King. The double-headed eagle symbol was first introduced by the Nesilim. It is a symbol of divine power.

double-headed eagle at the Nesilim archaeological site of Alaca Höyük’

The above sculpture is carved into the inner side of the right sphinx marking the road to the Palace of the King.

double-headed eagle carved into sphinx

Double-headed eagle in a procession of gods and goddesses

The Freemason Jewish fraternity uses the Nesilim double-headed eagle symbol.

book cover – Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

The double-headed eagle’s true history was obscured by Albert Pike, a Freemason. Pike claimed that the double-headed eagle was the symbol of Gudea of Lagash. Gudea was the king of Lagash, a city in Mesopotamia around 2100 BC.

The symbol of Gudea of Lagash was the storm-bird – it was an eagle with a single lion head.

Portion of a Stele erected by Gudea of Lagash – Louvre Museum of Paris

the storm-bird – 2600 BC

The double-headed eagle showed up in Babylon after the Nesilim had conquered Babylon and made it a vassal state of the Nesilim Empire. The double-headed eagle symbol was originated by the Nesilim and only them.

Another symbol first created by the Nesilim was the winged circle, a god symbol.

Nesilim Winged Circle

Jewish fraternities use is the Nesilim winged circle symbol.

Winged circle used by Jewish sects, such as Rosicrucians and Freemasons

pope wearing Nesilim hatCatholic Pope wearing a Nesilim hat

King Tudhaliya IV with Nesilim god SharrummaNesilim tall hat worn by their “gods”

pope nesilim hatsCatholic Pope tall hats

The religious shawl worn by Nesilim priests had strands of fringe with religious meaning.
Jewish religious shawls have fringe with religious meaning.

The Nesilim were Aryans (white-skinned). They were not Semites (dark-skinned).

The type of skull possessed by the Nesilim is different than a Semitic type of skull.

stone carvings of Nesilim heads – notice the backward sloping forehead and large hooked nose

David Gaiman – former PR Man for the Church of Scientology – has a Nesilim profile.

Now we see that Jewish symbols, Jewish dress, and Jewish body type come from the Nesilim.

We will now go into how the Jewish religion also comes from the Nesilim.

* * *

Other names for the Nesilim are the Scythians, Saka, Ishkuz and Ashkuz – a mounted, somewhat nomadic people.

The Nesilim united king and priest to rule over the people and to conquer the world.

They were fierce warriors, very skilled in battle, and masters at using the horse-drawn chariot in warfare.

Nesilim_chariot_warfare_depictionNesilim stone carving

Starting around 2,000 BC, the Nesilim went on a campaign to rule the world. They conquered Asia Minor, Syria, Mesopotamia, Canaan and Egypt. Their pattern was to form small subject states, vassal states, which were controlled by the central government in Asia Minor. The size of their empire and what they ruled over fluctuated throughout their history.

The Nesilim also conquered Egypt, so everything on the map was once in the Nesilim Empire

Note –
The Jewish Bible talks about a people called Hittites – “a fierce people that scared and terrified other nations”. It has been common practice to think that the Nesilim are the biblical Hittites. The Nesilim called themselves Nesilim, they never called themselves Hittites.

The Nesilim expanded their empire by war and treaty and everywhere they conquered they took on more gods and goddesses to the point they were known as the land of a thousand gods. The Nesilim pantheon included every god and religion there ever was in ancient times.

In India, Mitra was a Hindu solar diety. Worship of him spread into Persia as Mithra. In the Persian religion, Mithra was their God of Light and Wisdom, closely associated with the Sun.

Mithra was a major deity in the Nesilim Empire.

The fundamental aspect of the Mithraic system was the dualistic struggle between the forces of Good and Evil. Mithra and his devotees were battling the Powers of Darkness. The rituals were highly secret. Meetings were held in a cave, called a mithraeum.

In each Mithraic temple was a representation of Mithra killing a sacred bull.

Mithra is depicted wearing a Phrygian hat. Phrygia was located in Asia Minor.

asia minorPhrygia in Asia Minor, also notice the location of the Mitanni kingdom

Mithraism is the basis for many later Jewish religious sects such as Essenes, Gnostics, Hermeticism, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Kabalah practitioners and many others. All of them say God is Light – the members are called Soldiers of Light, Children of Light, Sons of Light, and Brothers of Light.

* * *

There once was a wandering tribe of mercenaries

– soldiers for hire –

who also hired themselves out
as manual labor to any king, nation or city that would hire them.

The wandering tribe was called the Habiru, from which the word Hebrew is derived. 3 In the ancient tablets the Habiru were also called Hapiru, Haberi, Hapiri, and the Egyptians called them Apiru. 3

They were also called the SA.GAZ. Their presence and activities were noted in Asia Minor, Canaan, Mesopotamia and Egypt. 3,6

The Habiru wandered around selling their services. There was a band of Habiru in Egypt who the Egyptians made into slaves, the Egyptian records called them Apiru.

* * *

Prior to the Nesilim conquering Egypt by invasion, they first infiltrated the Egyptian monarchy. The name of the infiltrator was Amenemhet, he was vizier and military commander for Egyptian Pharoah Mentuhotep III.

An Egyptian sphinx places his head on a lion, the lion being the Nesilim king symbol.

amenemhet IAmenemhet sphinx in Egypt

It was Amenemhet who brought Nesilim culture into Egypt. The major Nesilim deity was their storm god named Baal. He had a beard and was depicted with a weapon in one hand and a lightning bolt in the other hand.

Baalthe Nesilim storm god Baal

Amenemhet started the state-cult of Amun.  12  The name Amenemhet means – Amun is at the forefront. It was Amenemhet who first brought Amun into prominence, as the equivalent to the Nesilim god Baal. In the statue of Amun, you see Amun with the same beard as Baal, and wearing a tall hat like the Nesilim gods.

Amun statue at Karnak - British MuseumAmun statue at Karnak

King Tudhaliya IV with Nesilim god SharrummaRock carving at Hattusa shows Nesilim god wearing a tall hat

Amenemhet became Pharoah in 1991 BC by means of a coup against Pharoah Mentuhotep III. Amenemhet started the 12th Dynasty in Egypt, where he and his descendants ruled from Thebes, 1991 to 1783 BC.

amenemhet_I_amunAmenemhet I

Amenemhet was portrayed as ‘magical’. He brought the priesthood to power and installed the Nesilim practice of uniting King and Priest to rule the people. Thebes became the most powerful city in Egypt and was known as niwt-imn, “the City of Amun.”

Amenemhet and his descendants built the temple complex at Thebes, called Karnak. He used a quarrying force of ten thousand men. The Hapiru (Hebrews) sold their services to help build the temples. Avenues of lion sphinxes with ram heads connected the various precincts assigned to Amun and his ‘wife’ Mut.

sphinxes_amunKarnak temple complex

They also introduced a peculiar version of the creation myth involving ‘the eight’ components or ‘gods’ that made up the universe and life itself. This particular Ogdoad, as it was called, was only ever also found in Nesilim tablets.

Amenemhet I engaged in far more open consorting with the Nesilim. His son was known to openly mingle with them. Nesilim princesses were introduced into the Royal Harem.

Amenemhet I used the Nesilim system of government where you form small subject states which were controlled by the central government. Amenemhet ruled over about 50 local kings in Egypt. He punished rebellious lords who did not bend to his will. He sailed up and down the Nile, crushing his enemies and restoring the full power of the pharaoh over all of Egypt.

Historians debate over the date of an invasion that conquered northern Egypt, and how long the invaders reigned in northern Egypt, anywhere from 100 to 250 years. Some archaeologists depict the invaders as “northern hordes sweeping through Canaan and Egypt in swift chariots”. That horde was the Nesilim, using horse-drawn chariots they easily defeated the Egyptians who did not have chariots.

When the Nesilim captured Memphis around 1655 BC they founded the 15th dynasty of rulers in Egypt. The Habiru slaves in Egypt helped the Nesilim conquer and rule Egypt. Thereby the Habiru (Hebrews) were freed from bondage. They established a large garrison force at Avaris and ruled northern Egypt from there. Southern Egypt remained under rule of Egyptian royalty at Thebes.


The Egyptians hated the Nesilim rulers,

they called them the Heka-Khaswt

– meaning Rulers of Foreign Lands


The original Egyptian word was later perverted by biblical text collaborators (the latin Vulgate in 1527) to Hyksos.

Khyan was the second Hyksos (Nesilim) king in Egypt. His reign started around 1625 BC. His name with the title “Ruler over the foreign lands” has been found on seals and other artifacts in Hattusa. Objects with his name found at Hattusa indicate diplomatic contacts with the Nesilim in Hattusa.  13, 14 

Khyan‘s name is on this lion sphinx in Egypt, the lion being the Nesilim king symbol.Khyan lion

Apepa had the longest reign of all Hyksos kings.


Apepa sent a letter to the Egyptian king Tao II in Thebes with a complaint. He wrote that he couldn’t sleep at night because he was disturbed by the snoring and roaring of king Tao’s hippopotami in Thebes! (Thebes was 500 miles south of where Apepa was.) Soon after this message, king Tao took up arms against Apepa and thereby the war of liberation was started.  7

In 1540 BC, Egyptians from southern Egypt captured Heliopolis and laid siege on Avaris. The last reigning Hyksos king was Khamudi, and Khamudi negotiated a withdrawal of his army from Avaris. Khamudi and his army of 240,000 men left Avaris and settled in Canaan, where the city of Ur-Shulim (Jerusalem) was established. 1, 7

Some historians think that the Hyksos army fled from Egypt with the Egyptian army pursuing them. Historians do not always agree but what they think happened is at least based on archaeological evidence, rather than on biblical fiction stories.

The Habiru (Hebrews) who had formerly been slaves in Egypt, went with Khamudi in his mass exodus from Egypt.

About 1499 BC the Nesilim returned to Egypt with an army of 200,000. The Egyptians laid seige to them at Avaris, when the volcano at Thera erupted. It was the largest eruption in history, hot ash rained down from the sky, sulphur dioxide filled the air. Waves of frogs, locusts and other insects followed as they do in volcanic eruptions.

A peaceful departure was negotiated and about 200,000 Nesilim departed Egypt and settled around Jerusalem. 2, 7

Now we know that the dominant people and religion around Jerusalem, were the Nesilim and their religion. The Habiru were there with them, but they were junior, they were not the dominant people.

About 1478 BC the oracle of Amun declares Thothmose III as king of Egypt. He was a child at that time.

Thothmose III

When Thothmose III grew into an adult, he invaded and conquered Canaan.

The war resulted in a treaty between the Nesilim and Egyptians. Canaan was then under Egyptian rule.

Some descendants of the Hyksos kings remained in Egypt, and they held high positions in the courts of the Egyptian Pharoahs. One such descendant was Aper-el, who was vizier of Egypt. DNA tests on his mummy show he was not an Egyptian. Another such descendant was the very wealthy Yuya. He had a daughter named Tiye and a son named Aye. These Nesilim people of high position also had burial tombs in Egypt.

Queen TiyeQueen Tiye

About 1390 B.C. Amenhotep III becomes the ruler of Egypt. He married Tiye.

Some historians say Tiye was a Mitanni princess. Mitanni was a small kingdom of Hindu people living in southern Asia Minor, who also worshipped the Hindu/Persian/Nesilim god Mithra. Mitanni were eventually conquered by the Nesilim.

In a treaty between the Nesilim and Mittani, they both invoked the god Mithra.

Whether Tiye was Nesilim or Mitanni, one of her gods was Mithra, god of light and wisdom.

Amenhotep III, married to the Nesilim/Mitanni Tiye, introduced a new god to Egypt, Aten. Aten was another name for Mitra. Thus began the process of undermining the wealth and power of the priests of Amun.

Amenhotep III had a son, Amenhotep IV. Amenhotep IV married Nefertiti, she was a mix of Nesilim and Mitanni, who also worshipped Mitra. Amenhotep IV worshipped Aten, and continued the process of undermining the wealth and power of Amun priests.

A King of The Nesilim


1354 BC
– Suppiluliuma I is king of the Nesilim. He invades northern Canaan and takes part of Canaan away from the Egyptians. Part of Canaan is then back under Nesilim rule.

1350 BC – Amenhotep IV becomes the ruler of Egypt.

1346 BC – Amenhotep IV dismissed Maya, the high priest of Amun. Amenhotep IV then changed the name of the state god from Amun to Aten.

1345 BC – Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhen-aten. Akhenaten then did something unique, he said that Aten was the only god. All other gods were abolished.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti receiving life from the rays of Aten.
The rays of light end with the Ankh, the Egyptian symbol for life.
The belief is that Aten brings forth all that lives.

Aten was the sun god that brought light to the world.

Aten was simply the Hyksos (Nesilim) belief system under another name than Mitra.

Akhenaten completed the process of depowering the priests of Amun. He cut off funding for the priests of Amun and gave it to the priests of Aten. He closed the temples of Amun.

The son of Akhenaten was Tut-ankh-aten. He became ruler of Egypt but died at age 18.
He worshipped Aten, but later renounced Aten and changed his name to Tut-ankh-amun.

After the death of Tutankhamun, Aye, son of Yuya, ruled Egypt for 4 years. Aye was a high priest of Aten.
Following his rule, the traditional gods of Egypt were restored.

* * *

The people named in the Jewish Bible – Abraham, Isaac, Israel, and Moses – they are fictitious characters.

The only actual mass exodus from Egypt was when the Nesilim king, Khamudi, led his army out of Egypt and they settled in Canaan, near Jerusalem. As a result, the religion that existed in the area of Jerusalem was Nesilim religion.


The Jewish God and Jewish Bible

In ancient times there was a people in Mesopotamia called the Anunna who made the other people be their slaves. The Anunna said they were gods, but they were actually just slavemasters claiming to be a god, so they could rule.

The same held true for all the other so-called gods in the world, they were just slavemasters claiming to be a god.

Mesopotamian clay tablets were written a thousand or so years earlier than the start of Jewish religion.

The tablets talk about the Anunna who had superior knowledge to humans who roamed in the wild.
The Anunna were the gods and goddesses and they used humans as their servants and slaves.  10

Mesopotamian tablet shows Anunna goddess Inanna with her lion

Enki was the initial leader of the Anunna.

Enki 2Enki is the Anunna “god” surrounded by fish

The Mesopotamian tablets state the following about Enki –

Enki claimed he was the creator of all
Enki “created” the first humans and had them work naked in gardens in edin
Enki gives the first humans some knowledge but denies humans immortality
Enki had Ka-in exiled from the land of edin
Enki warns a human about a river flood, his family and his livestock survive in a boat
Enki causes the single language of mankind to become multiple languages

The first book of the Jewish and Christian bible is called Genesis. One name for their god is Yahweh.

Genesis says:

Yahweh is the creator of all
Yahweh created the first humans and had them work naked in his garden of Eden
Yahweh denies humans immortality
Yahweh exiled Cain from Eden
Yahweh warns a human about a flood, his family and animals survive in a boat
Yahweh causes the single language of mankind to become multiple languages

So, the authors of Genesis just changed the name of Enki to Yahweh. They got the stories from ancient clay tablets, without saying that is where they got the stories from. The clay tablets were written a thousand or so years before the Jewish and Christian bible was written.

Now we have identified the Jewish god Yahweh – he is Enki. Take a good look at him.

Enki 1Enki is the Anunna god surrounded by fish

Many people in a dire situation, like soldiers in battle, have prayed for help from Yahweh and not received any help. Now we now why Yahweh does not answer any prayers. In praying to Yahweh, you are praying to Enki. Enki was a slavemaster, he does not care about the troubles of slaves.

All of the “gods” in ancient times were just slavemasters claiming they were gods to make men be their slaves.

Every god religion is the same – the gods are far superior, humans must worship and serve the gods.

That holds true of the gods in Mesopotamia, Canaan, Egypt, Asia Minor and everywhere else in the world.

There were hundreds of “gods” in ancient times. Jewish religion did not start out claiming there was only one god. Their scripture says the Jewish people are not to serve other gods. So, obviously they did not think there was only one god.

Nesilim religion in Canaan (called Canaanite religion) was the basis of Jewish religion.

The Jewish god was originally considered a storm god. 

The Nesilim capital city was Hattusa and their major deity was the storm god. The great Temple of the Storm God dominated the Lower City at Hattusa. He was their ‘great father god’ and the king of the gods.

The storm god was a male deity who was depicted carrying a weapon and a thunderbolt. That was the god named Baal, who had multiple names such as Baal Zaphon, Hadad, Tarhunt, and Teshub. His residence was at Baalbek on Zaphon Mountain.

baalbekBaal complex

Baalbek 2Baal complex

A stone platform was part of the Baal complex. Later in time, the Romans built a temple on top of the platform.

The two major Canaanite deities were El and Baal. Baal was a grandson of Enki.

Yahweh is firmly identified in the Hebrew Scriptures with El – a Canaanite god.

Like all the Anunna gods, Enki had multiple names.

One name for the Jewish god was Yahweh. In ancient times, the Phoenician word Yahwe was a word that meant god.

If there ever was a god on a mountain handing down commandments to his priest-king, it was Baal.

This map shows Baalbek. It also shows the Nesilim city Aleppo, and a Nesilim vassal state Ugarit.

Ugarit, Aleppo, Baalbeck

Remains of a temple dedicated to the Nesilim storm god were discovered at Aleppo.

storm god temple at AllepoTemple at Aleppo dedicated to the Nesilim storm god

Ugarit was a Nesilim vassal state that had a temple for El and a temple for Baal.

A 14th-century letter from the king of Ugarit to the Egyptian pharaoh places Baal as equivalent to Amun.

This stele was in the Baal temple at Ugarit. It depicts the Canaanite storm god Baal. Some “god”, eh?


Ugarit was an ancient city with tablets telling the same stories about the Anunna as were found in Mesopotamia. Those exact same stories were used to make the book of Genesis, the first book of the Jewish and Christian Bible. So, the Jewish bible stories were in Ugarit – which was a Nesilim vassal state.

The discovery of the Ugarit archives in 1929 has been of great significance to biblical scholarship, as these archives for the first time provided a detailed description of Canaanite religious beliefs, during the period directly preceding the “Jewish religion”. These texts have provided an understanding of Canaanite religion. The texts show significant parallels to Hebrew biblical literature.   9

The earliest evidence for Jewish bible writing is the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are dated from 150 BC to 100 AD. The Mesopotamian and Ugarit tablets were written before then, so now we have the earliest writings that formed the basis for the Jewish bible.

The Jewish “god” and Jewish Bible stories were within the religion of the Nesilim. The Nesilim pantheon included every god and religion there ever was in ancient times. What came to be called Jewish religion was not something new, it was just a new name for part of the Nesilim religion.

The Nesilim were the nurse and spreader of god religions.

Spreading the Slavemaster Disease

After the “gods” were no longer around, the ancient Nesilim priest-kings kept men as their slaves by claiming –
they were a god, or they were the son of a god, or they were the spokesman for a god.

The Nesilim kings had slavemaster disease – the kings are far superior, ordinary humans must serve the king.

The Nesilim kings always had their priests at their side to help rule the people and rule the world.

There are a couple of ways to find these “rule the world” people. One of them is they love self-aggrandizement (that is not deserved) and symbols and brick-a-brack to prove their wonderfulness. Always marching around with symbols to try and prove their “divine right” to rule the world.

There are two Nesilim symbols that identify the Great Plan people – the planners, the plotters, and the thinkers.

  1. Nesilim double-headed eagle
  2. Nesilim winged circle

First we have the Nesilim Empire, which fluctuated in size between 2,000 and 700 BC.

Assyria was located in northern Mesopotamia, capitol city was Nineveh.Nineveh_-_capital_of_Assyria
The Assyrians were once part of the Nesilim empire. In 879 BC Assyria started on an effort to rule the world.

Assyria used the Nesilim winged circle as a symbol for their god, Ashur.

Assyrian god AshurAshur, the Assyrian god in his winged circle

The Assyrian god Ashur, also appeared in Persia under the name Ahura Mazda.
The next “rule the world” effort was the Persians, using the Nesilim winged circle symbol.

Persian emperor Darius ruled from 522 BC to 486 BC.

Alexander the Great of Macedon conquered the main Persian army in 333 BC. He led the Greeks in battle and his army went on to conquer the entire Persian Empire.

Then Rome began her march to world supremacy. The Romans defeated Macedon and it became a Roman Province in 168 BC. That same year the Greeks and Egyptians came under Roman rule.

The Roman Empire was established by Augustus in 27 BC.
As the Roman Empire expanded, Romans accepted more foreign gods and goddesses.

Mithra was the Nesilim god of light and wisdom. Mithraism sects existed in Asia Minor, now under Roman rule. Mithraism inspired many religious sects such as the Essenes and Gnostics. These sects say god is light and
the members call themselves Brothers of Light.

Mithraism was popular with the Roman army and they carried it back to Rome. Mithraism then became a major world-wide religion.

Yeshua was born into a Brothers of Light sect called the Essenes, around 4 BC. Yeshua practiced healing and had a following. There is one good idea in the Christian religion – you should love your fellow man. The rest of the Bible is Fairy Tales from start to finish. The closest it gets to the truth is when it presents a highly altered version of a few actual events.

The Romans executed Yeshua in 33 AD.

His followers were not all of the same opinion. Different schools of belief were formed up after the departure of Yeshua. Peter and Paul went to Rome and began the movement that became Catholic Christianity. The Catholics made many changes to the original teachings of the Essenes and Yeshua.

The Christians claimed that Yeshua was the Jewish Messiah. Some Jews accepted that idea while other Jews rejected it. Thus a new Jewish (Nesilim) faction was born that would fight the other Jewish (Nesilim) faction.

So, down through the millennia, we have had two Nesilim factions fighting each other

Christian Nesilim faction versus Brothers of Light Nesilim faction


Asia Minor was the base of the Nesilim Empire. The conglomeration of Nesilim gods and religions sat at the crossroads into Europe.

gateway between Asia and EuropeAsia Minor (Turkey) – gateway between Asia and Europe

The following slavemaster ideas originated in Asia –

  • Gods
  • Religions
  • Kings as rulers
  • Kings using god religion to make people subservient slaves
  • King mentality “we are far superior, people must serve the king”
  • King mentality “to rule the entire world”

The Nesilim were at the gateway for Asian slavemaster ideas to get into Europe.

They were like an insect that serves as the carrier for spreading a disease – slavemaster disease.

The Nesilim spread into Europe and were the foundation of German tribes that fought the Romans.

The Romans called them Germani, meaning “war men”.

The Nesilim called their kingdom “the land of Hatti”.  11   One of the earliest tribes in Germany, is referred to as the Chatti or Hatti. Some Nesilim had migrated into Germany, and that tribe was the forerunner of the German “Hessians”.

The Encyclopedia Britannica says: “The earliest known inhabitants of the country [Germany] were the Chatti, who lived here during the first century A.D. …. ‘Alike both in race and language,’ says Walther Schultze, ‘the Chatti and the Hessi are identical’” (“Hesse,” vol. 13).

Nesilim Hatti = German Hessians

The Nesilim practice of uniting Kings and Priests to rule the world, spread throughout Europe. The kings always had the leaders of the main religions at their side as their co-conspirators in their effort to gain more territory, more obedient subjects, and more power. The Nesilim slavemaster mentality was passed from generation to generation in the kingships in Europe.

Constantine I was the Emperor of the Roman Empire who converted to Christianity and made that the official state religion. The Council of Nicaea was held in 325 AD. Catholic Church officials met and decided on what constitutes the Christian faith. 5

Once again, it was the Nesilim tradition of uniting
kings and priests to rule the world.

In 330 AD Constantine I made Byzantium the new capital of the Roman Empire. He renamed it Constantinople.

Byzantium was a city that was on the boundary between Asia (aka the East) and Europe (aka the West). The larger black arrow on the above map shows you the location of the city. The city was first called Byzantium, then it was named Constantinople, and later it was named Istanbul. The smaller black arrow marks the capitol city of the Nesilim.

The Inquisition is the Roman Catholic Church suppressing heresy against Christianity. Heresy is any idea different from the ideas of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church killed heretics. The first heretics to be executed happened in 385 AD. This act was approved by a meeting of Catholic Church officials.

Roman Emperor Theodosius I issued an edict in 391 AD prohibiting all pagan cults. Pagans believed in multiple gods, whereas Catholic Christianity was enforcing the idea that their god was the only god.

Mithraism officially disappeared, regardless, some of the ideas of Mithraism continued. Mithraism is the foundation for many later Jewish religious sects that say god is light and the members call themselves Soldiers of Light, Children of Light, Sons of Light, and Brothers of Light.

In 395 AD the Roman Empire was divided into the Western and Eastern Empires, with a separate Emperor over each one. Europe was the Roman Empire in the West, Asia was the Roman Empire in the East. The Eastern Roman Empire is also called the Byzantine Empire.

Gradually, the dualism of the Roman world was transformed into a state governed by the two-headed eagle
Kings and Priests united – just as it was in the Nesilim Empire. The two-headed eagle also meant dominance of the Byzantine Emperors over both East and West. The main symbol indicating who wants to rule the world is the double-headed eagle.

The end of the Western Roman Empire was on 4 September 476 AD, when the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire, Romulus Augustus, was deposed by a Germanic revolt and he was not replaced.

The Eastern Roman Empire continued until its collapse at the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1453.

 * * *

Muhammadibn Abd Allah was born in 570 AD in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. According to the Bible, Abraham was the forefather of the Jews. Muhammad claimed he was an ancestor of Abraham. In 610, the angel Gabriel began communicating with Muhammad. Gabriel commanded Muhammad to begin preaching.

Muhammad preached that complete surrender to god is the only way acceptable to God, and that he was a messenger of God, the same way as Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

Muhammad founded Islam. Islam means complete submission to God’s will. An adherent to Islam is called a Muslim.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the Anunna god Enki under different names for him – Yahweh and Allah.

Thus another Jewish faction was born that would fight with the other Jewish factions.

The revelations Muhammad received from God, form the verses of the Qur’an (Koran). The Qur’an refers to events in Jewish and Christian scriptures, and retells some stories.
In 620, the angel Gabriel took Muhammad to the temple in Jerusalem where Muhammad spoke with Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Muhammad was taken to heaven to meet Allah. Then Muhammad was returned to Mecca.

We needed more religious Fairy Tales? stooges 10

As if we didn’t have enough already?

The Jews ridiculed and rejected Muhammad. Fighting began between the Arabs and the Jews that has continued into modern times. Muslims are another vicious Jewish faction, they believe its good to kill the “infidels”, or so we have been told by the propaganda people. Criticism of Muhammad is blasphemy, which is punishable by death in Pakistan.

 * * *

The Holy Roman Empire was an attempt to
resurrect the Roman Empire in the West.

Charlemagne was King of the Franks. The Franks kingdom covered most of Europe.

He was a devout Catholic who maintained a close relationship with the Catholic Popes. He spent most of his life in battle and insisted on conversion to Christianity in the lands he conquered. In 782 he ordered the beheading of 4,500 Saxons who had been caught practicing their traditional paganism after converting to Christianity. Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as Roman Emperor in 800 AD. 

Charlemagne’s policy was “renovatio Romanorum imperii” (reviving the Roman Empire). He busied himself with conquering “the West” – Europe – and converting people to Christianity, at the point of a sword.

In 936 AD, Otto I became the king of Germany. The Germans were descendants of the Nesilim, especially the Hatti tribe, which became known as the Hessians.

Otto I, was also called the King of the Saxons –

the forerunners of the British Monarchy as well.

Otto I was the first “new Roman Empire” (Catholic Church) Emperor crowned in 962.

Otto I was the first emperor of the German Holy Roman Empire, which ruled over most of Europe.

His son was Otto II. In the West a claim to the right to display the double-headed eagle of Byzantium was made in 972 upon the marriage of Otto II with the niece of John Ionnis Tzimiskes, who was Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire.

In 973 Otto II was crowned Emperor of the German Holy Roman Empire.

German King + Catholic Pope = German Holy Roman Empire

Briefly, the double-headed eagle symbol showed up again in 1057, when Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, Isaac Comnenus, modified his emperor standard of the Roman single-headed eagle to the Nesilim double-headed eagle.

In 1058, a new king of the Seljuk Turks was crowned -Tuğrul Beg at Mosul was crowned as “King of the East and the West”. He adopted the double-headed eagle as their standard.

By 1068 they had taken control of the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Seljuk Empire became the target of the First Crusade in 1095. The Crusades were a series of wars undertaken by European Christians to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. Both the first and the fourth Crusades attacked empires bearing the double-headed eagle.

The Inquisition accelerated in 1184 AD when the Roman Catholic Church created the Holy Office of Inquisition into Heretical Wickedness. The Catholic priests tortured and killed heretics – anyone who held a different belief than the Catholic Bible.

The wealthy were prime targets for the Catholic Church. The Inquisition took over all of the heretics’ possessions upon accusation. Torture was used to get the confession, then the heretic was burned at the stake in the public square.

Other torture devices were used that were equally cruel. After confessing, the accused heretic was taken before the Inquisitors to be pronounced guilty and burned at the stake.

The atrocities committed by the Catholic Church in its effort to rule the world, have continued right up to now.
The inquisition was only one page in the Catholic Church History Book of Horrors.

The Fourth Crusade was in 1204, against the holder of the Nesilim two-headed eagle symbol – the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Roman Catholic Church backed crusaders (the Fourth Crusade) sacked Constantinople in 1204. So, the Roman Catholic Church gets Constantinople sacked, (where the double-headed eagle symbol is residing) and then less than 50 years later, the double-headed eagle shows up in the German Holy Roman Empire in 1250 as being the symbol of controlling both East and West.

Now wait a minute, there’s something very interesting here. EVERY other empire who started using the double-headed eagle symbol were then attacked by the Roman Catholic Church crusades – and then they start using the symbol!

This is very obvious that there are two geographical factions of the Nesilim fighting over who gets the symbol, which meant divine ruler of the world. These Nesilim factions are not fighting over different religious ideas, they are fighting over who gets to rule.

Double-headed eagle emblem of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, based on insignia of the Byzantine Empire. The head on the left (West) symbolizes Rome, the head on the right (East) symbolizes Constantinople. The cross and orb in the claws represent spiritual and secular authority – the uniting of King and Priest to rule the world.

The double-headed eagle showed up in 1250, in Germany, used by the Emperor Frederick II of the German Holy Roman Empire.

In 1433, Sigismund of Germany, Emperor of the German Holy Roman Empire, adopted the double-headed eagle. Since then the double-headed eagle came to be used as the symbol of the German emperor of the German Holy Roman Empire.

The Head of the Austrian House of Hapsburg was (with one exception) the German king and the Emperor of the German Holy Roman Empire from 1440 until its dissolution in 1806.

Pope Nicholas V was responsible for approving wholesale slavery and instituting burning of women as witches. 15

Thereafter, slave trafficking became rampant. Between 1450-1600 the Roman Catholic Church tortured and burned alive 30,000 alleged witches.

Pope nicholas V by Peter_Paul_Rubens in 1616Pope Nicholas V

The Italian astronomer, Galileo, was called before the Inquisitors for heresy. Galileo said the earth’s rotation gives the impression of the sun in motion across the sky. The Bible says the Earth is stationary and the sun moves.

  • Psalm 93:1 states that “the world is firmly established, it cannot be moved.”
  • Ecclesiastes 1:5 states “the sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises.”

Galileo was imprisoned for life for making a statement that contradicted the Catholic Bible. But he told the truth, the Catholics preferred the lie. Such is the work of the high priests of sacred fabrication and falsity, called holy scripture. Their method of operation is – accept the lies or be tortured and die.

* * *

Cosimo de Medici was a wealthy Jewish banker in Florence, Italy. He wanted to undermine the Catholic Church.

Cosimo de Medici

Cosimo de Medici had a book commissioned in 1460 called the Corpus Hermeticum. Marsilio Ficino translated the Corpus Hermeticum into Latin in 1471. It contains Gnostic beliefs. It is Brothers of Light religion re-introduced as “Hermeticism”.

Cosimo de Medici started the Florentine Academy, where they introduced the Corpus Hermeticum.
The Florentine Academy was the breeding ground of a conspiracy to overthrow the Catholic Church.

Ficino and other members of the Academy created materials to be used in attacking the “outdated dogma” of the Catholic Church. This group formed one of the earliest pockets of what would become known later as the Rosicrucians and Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

It was 1492 when Ficino declared that science and art would be used to liberate Man’s “God Potential”. It was a Jewish attack on the “outdated dogma” of the Catholic Church.

The Catholics responded with a counter-attack in Spain in 1492.

The Catholic sovereigns, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, authorized a decree on March 31,1492 – all Jews must leave Spain by the end of July or convert to Christianity. Those who stayed in Spain and did not convert would face torture and burning at the stake. Ten thousand Jewish families stayed in Spain by converting to Christianity. They were called crypto-Jews, Conversos, and Marranos. 30,000 Jewish families left Spain.

As the Inquisition continued to kill Jews over the centuries, the Jews used Rosicrucian and Freemason lodges for secret meetings and for making moves against the Catholic Church. Rosicrucian and Freemason lodges are Brothers of Light sects.

It is one Nesilim faction fighting another Nesilim faction, Christians versus the Brothers of Light.

The double-headed eagle symbol goes to Spain (under the The Imperial House of Hapsburg).

Hapsburg Spain refers to when Spain was ruled by the Hapsburg dynasty (1506–1700). Under Hapsburg rule, Spain reached the zenith of its influence and power, controlling numerous territories. Hapsburg Spain was, for well over a century, the world’s greatest power.
The Catholic Church was selling indulgences to make money. An indulgence forgave you for all sins for a period of ten days. Martin Luther was a German Catholic priest. He protested against selling indulgences, so he left the Church and started the Protestant Reformation. He was supported by the Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

Protestants were then advertised as an “alternative” to the Catholics.

The Catholic Church formed the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in violent opposition to the Protestants and Masons in 1534. They were a militant Catholic secret society who were sent to England to fight the Protestants and Masons.

The Freemasons worked in secrecy in England and Scotland, promoting Protestantism. The Masonic lodges were responsible for the Protestant movements in England and in Germany.

Now we come to the point in history that marks the start point for the contemporary era slavemasters.

In 1558, Elizabeth I became Queen of England. She was a Protestant. 

Elizabeth I - age 13Elizabeth I

On 31 December 1600 Queen Elizabeth granted a Royal Charter to the “Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies” – Honorable East India Company. The British word merchant means banker. The British East India Company engaged in slave trafficking and drug trafficking. They smuggled opium into China, ruining the lives of millions of Chinese for British profits.

Sir Francis Bacon was Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order in England. King James had Bacon oversee the writing of a Protestant English Bible, the King James version in 1611.

Sir Francis BaconSir Francis Bacon – a Rosicrucian

The British Crown and the Brothers of Light are now working together.

The British nobility are the actual slavemasters, the Brothers of Light priests and bankers are junior.
They serve as some of the demented minions that are used by the British slavemasters.

William Cecil was chief advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

William_Cecil,_1st_Baron_Burghley_William Cecil

The Cecil family has continuously been the head of British intelligence. They also act as the head of the British government. The Cecil family is one of the top British slavemaster families.

Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel, on his father’s death in 1785, inherited the largest private fortune in Europe. Hesse-Kassel in Germany were direct blood descendants of the Nesilim.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild acts as a financial agent for Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel and obtains enough funds to start his own banking business. One of his sons, Nathan Meyer Rothschild, moved to London in 1797 and operated as an international banker.

Napoleon Bonaparte, a Master Rosicrucian, was Emperor of France from 1804 to 1815.

Napoleon conquered most of Europe.

When the French army invaded Germany in 1806 – that was the end of the German Holy Roman Empire.

It was replaced by the new union of King and Priest to rule the world –

British Aristocracy + Catholic Pope = the modern era slavemasters

The British nobility and Catholic Popes are aligned on a two-class society where Kings and Priests rule.
Thus, down through the centuries they have often worked together to bring about their rule of the world.

Napoleon killed seven million people in this war. That event was only going to be one page in the British nobility + Brothers of Light History Book of Horrors. They were going to do far worse. They would go on to kill and cause needless suffering to hundreds of millions.

When Napoleon invaded Germany, Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel ran away in fear to Denmark, leaving $3,000,000 of his gold in the hands of his financial agent, Mayer Rothschild, who sent the gold to his son in London, Nathan Mayer Rothschild. That was the start of the Rothschild international banking practices.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild circa 1830Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Nathan and his descendants were very involved with the British nobility and their plan to rule the entire world.

L’Aurore Naissante (the rising sun) was formed in 1807 in Frankfurt, Germany. It is a Scottish Rite Freemason lodge. The lodge was funded by Rothschild and Salomon Rothschild was a member.

L’Aurore Naissante operates under the banner of two Nesilim symbols.

Symbol for 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason

Winged Circle used by Freemasons and Rosicrucians

William IX of Hesse-Kassel was a relative of the King of England. William IX returned to Germany when it was safe for him to do so. In December 1813, William IX entered into a Peace Treaty where he demanded a return of his lands, and that he have the title King of the Chatti.

He was granted the land, but they would not give him the title.

As far as they were concerned, the “King of the Nesilimnow resided in England…

* * *

The British nobility has been covertly working to be the ruthless ruler of the world. In 1891, a secret society was formed with the purpose of bringing the entire world under British rule. The secret society is dominated and run by the Cecil family.

The secret society has an association of helpers who are visible to the public.
The visible portion of the secret society is called the Round Table.
The Brothers of Light banker Rothschild joined the Round Table.

The British nobility, along with their demented minions, the Brothers of Light international bankers, have engaged in slave-trafficking, drug-trafficking, instigating and then financing needless wars, self-serving banking practices and self-serving business practices.

They have caused death and needless suffering to hundreds of millions of people.
The atrocities and cruelties they have leveled upon mankind would fill a huge book.

The modern union of King and Priest to rule the world has been the most vicious in history.


James Joyce said – History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.

The same can be said about religion.


Some lines in this song express my position on religions –

This morning I was born again and a light shines on my land
I no longer look for heaven in your deathly distant land
I do not want your pearly gates don’t want your streets of gold
This morning I was born again – a light shines in my soul

This morning I was born again, I was born again complete
I stood above my troubles and I stand on my two feet

I give myself, my heart, my soul to give some friend a hand
This morning I was born again, I am in the promised land

This morning I was born again and a light shines on my land
I no longer look for heaven in your deathly distant land
I do not want your pearly gates don’t want your streets of gold
I do not want your mansion – my heart is never cold.


Scientology Roots Table of Chapters



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Khamudy was the last king of the Hyksos, he had a garrison at Avaris consisting of 240,000 armed men. Egyptian king Ahmose I from Thebes captured Heliopolis and laid seige on Avaris. Khamudi negotiated a withdrawal of his army from Avaris. Khamudi and his army of 240,000 men left Avaris and settled in Canaan, where the city of Ur-Shulim (Jerusalem) was established.

The Hyksos later returned to Avaris with an army of 200,000 but were once again driven from Egypt and they returned to Jerusalem.

8. Biblical Archaeology Review. Aviram Perevolotsky and Israel Finkelstein July/August. 1985. Vol. XI No. 4

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11. This is a royal edict sent by the Nesilim King to the King of Ugarit. It shows the Nesilim called their kingdom – Hatti.

Letter from the king of the Nesilim to the king of Ugarit – Circa 1250 to 1220 BC
the letter is in the Louvre museum

A royal edict

This letter by king Tudhaliya IV of the Nesilim is addressed to his vassal, the king of Ugarit. It establishes rules for the use of horses by messengers between Hatti and Egypt. The king of Ugarit is to enforce this ruling as the messengers between the two empires have to pass through his small kingdom.

The royal seal

The Nesilim royal seal was circular. In the center, beneath a hieroglyph of a winged sun, the symbol of Nesilim royalty, are Nesilim hieroglyphs giving the name of the king, flanked by two other signs meaning “Great King.” Cuneiform signs around the border give the king’s title: “Seal of Tabarna Tudhaliya, Great King, king of Hatti.”



14. Wikipedia Encyclopedia – Khyan

15. On 18 June 1452 Pope Nicholas V issued the bull Dum Diversas
On 8 January 1455 Pope Nicholas V issued the bull Romanus Pontifex

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