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The book covers the hidden Roots of Dianetics and Scientology, it is an eye-opener!

mike_and_addison_001Author Mike McClaughry and granddaughter




Section I – The beginning of slavemasters and religions and corrects false Bible history

Chapter One – Advanced Knowledge in Ancient Times
Chapter Two – God Religion in Mesopotamia

Chapter Three – Torah Tales in Genesis
Chapter Four – Additional Torah Tales
Chapter Five – Actual Jewish and Christian History

Chapter Six – The Great Evil of Religions


Section II –  Scientology and its role in the British New World Order

SevenThe First Scientologists and Their Masters
Chapter Eight – Scientology Is Brothers of Light Religion

Chapter Nine – Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career

Chapter Ten – Hubbard Lied About Church Money
Chapter Eleven – Scientology Thought Police
Chapter Twelve – Suspicious Deaths in Scientology
Chapter Thirteen – The Maitreya and Messiah Scam

Chapter Fourteen – Hubbard’s Disinformation to Intelligence Staff
Chapter Fifteen –

Fifteen – 1  The New Front Man
Fifteen – 2   Estimate of the Situation

Chapter Sixteen – Copyright Hoax And Additional Crimes
Chapter Seventeen – Illegal $ecurity Checks on OT 7
Chapter Eighteen – Scientology Disinformation Series

Chapter Nineteen – You Have Not Lost What You Sought


Section III –  The harm caused by the British slavemasters and provides solutions

Chapter Twenty New World Order Police State

Chapter Twenty One British Economic Rape of America

Chapter Twenty Two – British Intelligence Sabotaging America

Chapter Twenty Three – British Nobility Created Nazi Germany
Chapter Twenty Four – British Slavemasters Instigated Communism
Chapter Twenty Five – Slavemasters in Latin America
Chapter Twenty Six – Catholic Pope Slavemasters
Chapter Twenty Seven – Down The Mental Health Rabbit Hole
Chapter Twenty Eight – War for the Minds of Men

Chapter Twenty Nine – Solutions To The Slavemaster Society

Chapter Thirty – The Final Chapter 

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  1. Wow – as an ex-Scientologist who managed to survive I’m grateful for your information. My wife who urged me to leave the group after her shorter involvement with it has often suggested that Scientology still thrives because it is part of an intel network, which some of your work implies as well (haven’t read it all yet).

  2. Wow, there sure are a lot of things to be said about this. I read, sometimes multiple times, the book part of this page. I understand the redundancy because it’s a cast of characters reminiscent of “War and Peace “. I think some sort of chart with a brief sysnopsis of the parts of all of the players would go a long way in untangling the bits and pieces. Be that as it may, this is an eye opener as promised.

    In the early 80’s I read Dianetics a couple of times and was struck by all of the things it said that I knew but had never been able to articulate . I uprooted my life and that of my spouse at the time to seek the adventure. After a couple of years in and out of the church and a lot of the experience of the words not matching the music, I pretty much dropped off, but it never left me completely. I filled up a library of books on religion, spirituality, philosophy and some psychology trying to puzzle out what was known and written about the nature of being. I knew that there were sources for Scientology, that it didn’t all come from the one guy, but never found the roots.

    This leads me to something I think should be acknowledged about most people who seek Scientology. It isn’t a trap designed for stupid people with evil intentions. To begin with you have to read to even get started on the path. That lets out a significant percentage of the population right there. It’s a trap for the “not quite bright” which after reading this, I’ve come to the conclusion means-those who refuse to accept that there are only masters and slaves in this world. Most of the people I met there were kind, helpful and very far from stupid. They believe they are on the path to freedom and they believe they are in it together.

    Speaking of masters and slaves, the slaves need to wake up to the fact that the masters are only there by virtue of one nifty math trick, division.
    Divide people against each other, groups against groups, countries against countries. The most sinister trick of all is dividing the individual against himself. That’s what religion does. Don’t doubt that sinners go to hell, but I have the solution for you. Sell them on the sickness then sell them the cure. Gosh, who ever heard of a reactive mind before Dianetics? We naturally seek to remember the pleasure and not as much the pain. What is conscious is what you are conscious of. With all of it’s perceptics, it’s just one mind and it’s yours. You might want to dig into it looking for a lost recipe, you might not. It’s yours to do with what you will. Isn’t that freedom?


  3. I left Scientology almost 40 years ago so for me it’s history. I suffered no disconnection or bankruptcy. Yesterday I jumped around in the book and found many interesting and even fascinating parts. Beautifully illustrated and a lively format. Very Well Done as we used to say!

  4. I just read Chapter Thirteen – 1, The Maitrya and Mesiah Scam

    It was an easy and informative read and gave me some more information about Buddhism. It kind of hit my “sweet spot” in that I enjoy getting an overview of most philosophical or religious subjects without getting into “scholarly detail” of most – laughter

    Under the picture of Nancy Many was a reference to “Sue” which I didn’t understand. Did I miss something?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. Sue worked on the Messiah Project and Nancy Many was told things about it by “Sue”.

      • Did you edit the chapter or was I totally blind the first time I read it?? lol

        At any rate, the question remains “Sue-Who”? laughter. Just as an editorial comment, a basically anonymous and previously unreferred to person enters the writing. Maybe it’s better just to say “Nancy Many was given a briefing . . . etc.” Or maybe just drop the whole reference. Anyhow, that’s the last editorial comment from me. I once unofficially edited a friend’s local history book so I like to show off my editor’s eye once in a while. 🙂

        I’m following your reasoning about Hubbard’s intelligence training. On Mark Rathbun’s blog some references have been made recently to LRH’s readings along that line. George White recently did an in depth study of LRH’s occult sources. Maybe at some time LRH dropped the intelligence part or made it secondary and went off on his own.

      • That’s funny. You made me laugh. No, you’re not blind, I did edit it. These are all still drafts.

        I think Sue may be a pseudonym for Laurel Sullivan, but I haven’t come across the proof of that – as yet.

  5. CHAPTER 16

    The bank informed the FBI about the forged check and Flynn told the FBI that Miscavige was the most likely person to have done this. So, the FBI investigated David Miscavige. Ingram fled the country to avoid prosecution for this and other crimes he committed in carrying out black intelligence operations. He would later return and continue performing black intelligence operations for RTC. 7

    1981 Eugene ingram indicted LINK TO PHOTO DOESNT WORK

    Eugene Ingram was a police officer until he was charged with illegal activities, as this news article shows –

    The_Los_Angeles_Times_Tue__Jan_27__1981_ eugene ingram indicted LINK TO PHOTO DOESNT WORK


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