A Study of the Use of Lurian Kabbala in The Unification Church Marriage Ceremony and Selection Process

In this article I offer proof that Sun Myung Moon and religious scholar Young Oon Kim pulled directly from the Kabbala in forming some of the tenets of the Unification Church selection process of those to be married.

~ published January 23, 2018 ~


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A Study of the Use of Lurian Kabbala in The Unification Church Marriage Ceremony and Selection Process


Is it True Love?

Or is it…

Control and Suppression by Spurious Religious Doctrine

By Virginia McClaughry




In the last two years I have worked together behind-the-scenes with 3 different Unification Church members to various degrees. A friend of mine, Robert, has interacted with many, many more and has also provided me with valuable information and insight.

One of the people that I specifically worked with was still a victim of one of Sun Myung Moon’s arranged marriages – we’ll call that person the “Nose” as a pseudonym.

This is a brilliant person. A truly wonderful mind entrained with an over-arcing desire to learn the truth about Moon. Unfortunately, that didn’t always apply to all forms of truth.

Many of these Unification people were baited into it through its promotion of Christianity-like promises of a New World. The Nose was no exception.

Motivated spiritually, but forever hampered by that atrocity of lies called ‘the Bible”, as a young person the Nose recounted to me their proclivity to wander the hills in their spare time, reading the bible aloud from the perspective of Moses. Presumably looking for ‘the promised land’ – although that’s just me taking a stab at guessing the actual motivation there.

The Nose was a victim of Moon’s marriage ceremony procedures. They were ‘placed’ with their current spouse by Moon himself, after a personal pilgrimage of sorts to Korea. Although I could cite many examples of the willingness of the Nose to examine many things about his former affiliation with the Uni’s (as I call them) the true nature of this marriage ceremony was not one of them.

This area still has such a hold on this person, that I believe it stands as a clear example of not only how ‘out’ is not really out of the Unification Church, but perhaps worse than that?

It shows the tremendous pain and yearning for that closeness with another person that is so strong, so unrequited, that the person would literally do anything to hold onto the shreds of decency, commitment and loyalty that they thought they were living in their life under the divine auspices of ‘the bible’ and Moon.

So much so, that this person continues to literally throw themselves (and perhaps others as well) under the bus to continue relationships that can never lead anywhere but a dull, dead-inside mediocrity at best.

It is to the Nose and anyone else out there similarly caught in this deadly cycle of the quest for True Family, that I dedicate this article.

January 23, 2018



My very first addition to our Unrepentant: Persons of Vision and Courage section of our Reading Library is Senator William E. Borah.

A truly amazing man, he stands out for so many reasons that I couldn’t possibly condense it down for you (and I wouldn’t want to) in this article. There is one thing that I’d like to mention that I covered in his article (not yet published).

That is, what was done to two out of three of the main people that he was working shoulder-to-shoulder with in attempting to slow, and even stop, the spread of insanity and world domination obsessions of two factions of what we call – The Slavemasters.

The British nobility is one. The Vatican is the other.

Both of them use religion, myths and fairy tales, in fact, just about anything but the actual truth about humanity’s real history. Their composition, who they really are and where they came from.

Both of them operate in very particular ways to try and bring about their hegemony over humanity.

I had long noticed that there is quite a bit of hypocrisy engendered by these people. A love of ‘science’ only extends as far as its useful to keeping their place over humanity. A love of ‘truth’ – same thing. One of the areas that is of particular interest to them, is what some would know as eugenics.

That includes both spiritual and physical, but it might surprise you to know that it is the first one that really keeps them up at night. Just WHO might come and inhabit one of these ‘human’ bodies? And how would we know?

At the same time, while refusing to share the actual knowledge that they are –  even though so incorrectly – using, they are aware that this kind of inhabitation is then recorded and has the potential of ‘going live’ or being available as knowledge to such a persons progeny.

It should be noted that is entirely dependent on the character of the “who”, let’s call them, that inhabit said progeny.

The slavemasters, when they completely fail to stop or control someone like a Senator Borah, have developed their own personal method for ‘getting even’, but also ostensibly to try and stop it from spreading. Or so they think.

In the Borah article, I talk about him and two other men who were instrumental in putting some serious dents in the slavemasters domination plans. Without exception, the two who had children (sons, in this case) had their children singled out for what I just described.

Expanding on that further, they were singled out for a Purging of any unwanted nasty characteristics – from the slavemaster perspective – that their parent(s) had; and for a Corruption of the person to such a degree that they turned against their parent and began working for the Slavemasters.

They did this with both men, and the only reason they didn’t do it with Borah is because he didn’t have any children they could do it to, or they would have!

This has also happened to both my husband and I. It’s being tried on our children, by the way.

This kind of treatment could literally be called a sort of inverse Badge of Honor, but it is one much higher than being cherem’d, or excommunicated or declared ‘suppressive’. This one is only done to the truly stellar, unrepentant, and immovable opponents of the Slavemasters.

I tell you of this simply to make you aware of the fact that the slavemasters are quite obsessed with figuring out ways to not only assuage their own inferiority complex to such ‘unrepentant’ people, but also to try and figure out how to prevent it from ever happening again

One way?

Bad relationships. Bad bloodlines being brought together that they think shouldn’t be or will essentially punish the two hapless people in some Machiavellian way.

On that note….let’s get into some of the ways this shows up in their ‘religious’ doctrines they have spent so much time spreading around out there.

Marriage as Eugenics


The principle of breeding in science is a simple one.

You put X together with Y to try and achieve outcome Z.

This works marvelously well with most non-spiritually inhabited – as in place of operation from – life forms. It doesn’t work so well with spiritually inhabited ones – like humans.

In science, true science, a law should always work a certain way. Gravity is a good example. When it comes to humans, what we know (or have been given) as science here on our little planet, refuses to acknowledge a variable that is a constant. My husband described an individual spirits or the life-animating principle inhabiting humans in this post as:

Excerpted –

It needs to be made very clear here that one isn’t “just one”. If you were to express this mathematically, you would have a number 1 with an exponent of infinity.

Like this:


So if you were to add another “one”? The sum is not actually just two.

You would have:

1 + 1= 2∞x


  • Constantderives from Latin verb meaning “to stand with,” so something constant is continually standing with you and not wavering
  • Variable – apt to or liable to change as a result of intelligent direction either by responsive decision or whim
  • Infinity – is not a number, it is a potentiality without limit.
  • Intelligent – able to vary its state or action both independently (with no outside agent) and in response to varying situations, varying requirements, and past experience.
  • Whim – a sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unusual or unexplained

A 1 is a constant that at the same time is also always a potential variable depending on the decisions or the whim of the 1. So, it is an uncontrollable and unpredictable potential variable that is constant and cannot be eradicated. That is life.

That is why their “mind control” idea is a myth. They are wishing past a star for something that can never be made into their desired kind of constant – a constant-in-a-box.

End Excerpt


Therefore, any principle of eugenics as applied to humans runs into that variable that is constant when it comes to spiritually inhabited humans.

Plain speak – choice of whom to breed together will not reliably control the actions or decisions of the outcome even though it can provide material to be responsive to.

Therefore, it isn’t true science.

However –

This is not to say that certain physical characteristics, particularly frailties, can’t be ‘bred in’ or that certain life events and knowledge can’t be imprinted into the progeny of human sexual reproduction.

A little known German research scientist named Richard Semon well explored this idea of imprinting knowledge physically, in his book of 1904 called Die Mneme als erhaltendes Princip de organishchen Geschehens published in Liepzig 1904 – it was 353 pages.

Richard Semon


He called these ‘cyst-like’ areas of knowledge engrammes.

(english: engram)

Eugenicist Francis Darwin (son of Charles Darwin) enthusiastically championed the “engram” theory of Semon in his September 1908 Presidential Address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Francis Darwin

Francis Darwin

Semon describes what he means by engram in Chapter II.

Chapter II

I use the word engram to denote this permanent change wrought by a stimulus; the sum of such engrams in an organism may be called its “engram-store,” among which we must distinguish inherited from acquired engrams.

Note how he’s distinguishing between inherited knowledge, which would be passed from parents to progeny, versus acquired knowledge, which would be experiences of the progeny.

This acquired realm is as good a description as any for the reasoning behind what I mentioned earlier, going after an opponents progeny by the Slavemasters.

Obviously they can’t do anything about the parent’s knowledge, not really, short of a lobotomy or electro-shock therapy – which even then doesn’t erase any actual experience or knowledge. It merely introduces new experiences and/or tries to blunt the expression of the existing knowledge.

With the progeny, however, their reasoning is that they can kill two birds with one stone. By introducing extreme and repeated pain-pleasure drive type experiences into the life of the progeny to cause it to change direction and then later on, turn all that into inherited knowledge for any progeny it might have.

Understand? If not, no worries. Just take a moment and go over what I just said a few times. It’s just unfamiliar to you, that’s all.

The realm of the first method – introducing extreme and repeated pain-pleasure drive type experiences – is where both Psychiatry and Propaganda live. It’s what they were invented for. They are both attempts to infiltrate and coerce Life into doing someone else’s bidding.

Semon hypothesized that if an engram was continually repeated or stimulated within one individuals lifetime, that this can bring the engram “above the threshold” and lock it into the DNA, passing along to further generations.

Frequent repetition in the individual life and through successive generations raises these originally subliminal engraphic effects above the threshold, that is, they become hereditary engrams capable of manifestation.

To deliberately put two people together with no regard for either their compatibility or their background (let alone any other even more important considerations) is an attempt to influence the outcome in both of the above-mentioned ways ie: bad experiences for the couple, bad blood for the child’s form.

That is one example of marriage as eugenics.

It is also what Moon did in his selection process.

Please note: no amount of supplied experiences or inherited knowledge can ever truly control the decisions in life of any spiritually inhabited human. This section is just familiarizing you with how these people think, or maybe better put as what they wish they could do.

Even Semon noted this and I admire him for doing so, even if he didn’t want to actually acknowledge why this is.

p.84 – The Mneme

In a limited but fairly imposing number of cases we are able to influence inherited dispositions so effectively that the newly added engram not only remains in force during the individual life of the organism, but is transmitted to the offspring. Attention is directed to those cited on pages 57-64.

… From our prescribed human point of view the hereditary engraphic variability might almost be described as capricious.

*capricious – given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.

They had a problem with spiritually inhabited humans, in other words, that they didn’t have with animals or plants.

Semon is obviously trying to look at the idea there, that there is a decision point inherent in man that is different than that of animals. Hence the view of capriciousness.

Or as my husband put it, the variable that is actually a constant.

The –



Lurian Kabbala


The very first thing that I need to make clear immediately, is that the Kabbala lies in the realm of propaganda. It is one of many covert outcroppings of the myths and fairy tales created by the slavemasters (and those like them) to try and infiltrate and control the spirit, the mind, of man.

As such, it is subject to what I call the Rules of Engagement that the slavemasters use in creating propaganda, particularly religious propaganda.

  1. They invariably lie about where the idea came from
  2. They invariably backdate some or all of the history of the idea
  3. They use a rhetorical device called declamatio. This is where a real person, whose identity remains hidden, invents a person quoting another invented person. More rarely, a real person will use their actual identity to present a previous declamatio pretending to verify it. These are called religious scholars.

That said, the Kabbala is but one of many methods that has been created to try and influence your outlook and decision-making process. Influence them towards a hidden end that serves someone elses agenda. Neither of which are revealed up front. Note: the hidden end often actually has nothing to do with the source material.

For example, Dr. Dee’s book on scrying angels. The hidden end of that book was how to create and relay coded messages while looking like one is talking about what angels and demons names are and how to ‘call’ them. Secret messages between people that others won’t know about. A simple, real, and quite down-to-earth but hidden end.

Same with the Kabbala. It isn’t actually about accomplishing what it says on its surface. You’ll see what I mean as we go along here, and no, I do not mean that the Kabbala is some kind of a secret special coded spiritual knowledge. Forget that idea. That’s part of its surface, its declamatio lore.

The teachings of the Kabbala do not come to us out of some mystical time in history. No, the grounding of that particular propaganda was well-founded in the aftermath of the loss of the American Colonies by the British, and especially after the severe butt-whipping they had suffered at the hands of President Andrew Jackson.

By the time it was the late 1800′s, the propaganda mills were working over-time. This is when we get the massive production of books for “the little people” – giving us the supposed histories of the Veda, Lurian Kabbala, and so on.

The Frankist/Sabbatei Kabbala teachings are also referred to as:


The Higher Torah

much like the Upper Bridge (OT Levels) in Scientology


What we are declamatio-style told are some of the core teachings of Isaac Luria and this Higher Torah (which there are no books actually written by him) are things like this:

Tikkun –

Each individual, as he or she travels along life’s path, encounters those persons, events and things that contain sparks that he or she is uniquely suited to redeem.The people an individual encounters are potentially suited to assist that individual in raising the sparks within his or her own soul. Each encounter and each life event is an opportunity to raise a spark of holy light or plunge the world even further into darkness.

As a more current cultural phenomenon, this is what they are teaching kids in video games. Do something right, you get a spark or points and your Life Meter goes up.

But, did you notice the parallels to what Semon was saying? I’m referring to the idea of acquired knowledge or engrams, and the choosing (by repetition) of what engrams to “raise above the threshold” and lock into place.


Life Events.

You see what I’m looking at there?

Now let’s apply that to the marriage as eugenics idea.

The people an individual encounters are potentially suited to assist that individual in raising the sparks within his or her own soul. Each encounter and each life event is an opportunity to raise a spark of holy light or plunge the world even further into darkness.

Ergo, you could put two people together in marriage to either raise them up or plunge them down. Ergo, you could also say that you were putting people together to raise them up, when in fact you were putting them together to plunge them down.

That last one is exactly what Moon was doing in probably 99.9 percent of his marriage selection cases. Per what the Nose told me, Moon teachings tell people that his selection process is designed to purify their spirits and their ancestors, which also consists of ‘purifying’ them by Moon having sex with their wives (on a via, sex while the wife is thinking about Moon and with a picture of Moon hanging in the room).

Yep. It really is that insane.

Now, the whole ‘sparks’ idea, by the way, isn’t just some religious-only propaganda. I mean, it is, but it has also been portrayed as science by, of all people, Thomas Edison.

I’m going to excerpt a section out of my William Dudley Pelley article here, that will give you a very good grounding in what has been said about these sparks as to science.

Begin Excerpt

Within a year of Mcdougall’s election and importation to America, we then see Thomas Edison, ASPR (American Society of Psychical Research) member, start pushing his “life units” idea of the “sparks” we are all made of supposedly.

Actually, the same year as McDougall’s election, was when he starts proselytizing about a new “machine” of his.

Taking advantage of the fact that many grieving family members (for loved ones killed in WWI) had taken an interest in being able to communicate with their departed loved ones. Thomas Edison had then promoted that he was working on a machine that would supposedly assist the departed to communicate with the living. This was in the October 1920 issue of American magazine entitled “Edison Working to Communicate with the Next World“.

Note: In 1916, Thieneman, a German Jewish scientist, called these entities Lebenseinheiten (life unit). Following that, Edison started using the term life unit to describe the myriad of entities inhabiting a human body.

“I don’t claim that our personalities pass onto another existence,” Edison later told Scientific American. “I don’t claim anything, because I don’t know anything…. for that matter, no human being knows. But I do claim that it is possible to construct an apparatus which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence who wish to get in touch with us… this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity.”


Edison and his “flux” machine.

You may recognize that term. It has been used in several TV series and movies like Back to the Future and the “flux” capacitor being one example.

Then came the New York Times article on January 23, 1921 entitled: Mr. Edison’s “Life Units”

Here’s a PDF of the full article and here’s some key excerpts –

Thomas Edison has announced his entrance into a new sphere, that of psychic research.

Life he conceives as a series of “units”…

These personalities are various groups of units within the larger group that constitutes life. When so-called “death” appears to drive life from our bodies Mr. Edison thinks that our personality “units” do not die, but continue to exist…

Mr Edison stated:

“I believe our bodies are composed of myriads and myriads of infinitesimal entities, each in itself a unit of life, which band together to build a man. Once conditions in the body become unsatisfactory… the entities simply depart from the body… Being indefatigable workers, they naturally seek something else to do. They either enter into the body of another man or even start work on some other form of life.

The individuals in the aggregate which we call ‘a man,’ the members of the swarm which …have collected to make that man, are 95 percent Workers and 5 per cent Directors. The workers cannot stop even though something may compel them from their habitat, that which has been ‘the body’ of ‘a man’. They must go to something else to build, as, for instance, to corn, a tree, grass …always working under the direction of the higher type among them.

The life units which have formed that man do not die. They merely pass out of the unimportant mechanism which they have been inhabiting, which has been called a man and has been mistaken for an individual, and select some other habitat or habitats.”

I bring your attention to this particularly key statement or position that Edison is taking.

Mr. Edison does not believe that any part of man, whether it be his body or mind is other than the result of physico-chemical reactions.

Alright, so see that? He is putting forth the idea that there is no such thing as a PERSON that is a SINGLE spirit.


Per Edison, we are a conglomeration of these “life units” or “sparks”. This, again, is a concept we will repeatedly have shoved down our proverbial mental throats in many TV series and movies since then. For example, Stargate Atlantis season 1, episode 12: The Defiant One.

Sparks, entities, life units – the Lebenseinheiten strike back!


The next really key thing to note is this:

Bad and Good Men.
“In the case of a ‘man,’ for example, he may be ‘ bad ‘ or ‘ good,’ in accordance with the trend of these dominant Individuals or in accordance with the majority quality or the individual which have gathered, more or less by chance, in the swarm which makes him up. He is ‘good ‘ if ‘good’ individuals are more numerous in it and dominate, and ‘bad’ if the reverse occurs.

Ok, now do you know why that is important?

Because it is in line with saying “bad” or rebellious, etc. etc. people are DISEASED and need either treatment or eradication, (to “disembark” the bad life entities). It is also directly in parallel with Hyslop’s long (and secret) research about telepathy etc. on those labelled schizophrenic.

Perhaps even more importantly? The above concept of what makes people “good” or “bad” opens the door to something we have all heard repeated at us ad nauseum since then.

It’s not your fault.

It’s your…

“life units”.

Humanity is inherently flawed…yada yada ya.

So hey now, look!

We can all have no responsibility whatsoever for our actions, and we have also been given the false idea that we can blame our genes, our “life units” for WHAT WE DO.

Not to mention, this is also a bid for that the “rulers” in our world (such petty, disgusting excuses for a spirit you never saw) well… see. They’re special because they have SPECIAL life units.

Edison actually says that too!

“Instances of startling ability, such as that, for example, which characterize a Rockefeller, are beginning to indicate to me the chance gathering into swarms of individuals in which qualities of a certain kind are paramount.”

Rockefeller? He’s actually using Rockefeller as a good example?

Man, is that a Kermit moment or what.

That man was a total nutcase and a very unintelligent monster. He wasn’t startling in ANY kind of ability, but it’s pretty clear where they are going with this though, lining up anything spiritual as somehow part of “biological” psychiatry – which lying Catholics Pope and British slavemasters supported the development of in the first place.

It may interest you to note that this “life unit” idea later shows up in the oddest places. Like Scientology. Here’s just two examples that clearly show the incorporation of this Edison crap by L Ron Hubbard.

The Whole Answer To The Problems Of The Mind, an LRH lecture 1 January 1961 –

If you don’t know anything about the life unit, you would know nothing about life.
And a thetan is a life unit.


Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health, Chapter Emotion and Life Force –

Where the individual finds himself ‘possessed of less and less life force,’ he is losing some of the free units somewhere. And the free units of this life force, in a society or an individual, are the extra surge that is needed to tame North Africa, divide an atom or reach the stars.

there are so many units of force per individual. …we can consider that man… has a ready number to hand for use in any given hour or day. He may manufacture these life units as required and he may simply have a given supply…

The manic with 500 units of directed purpose has been cleared. He now has 1,000 units of sentiently directed purpose.

Hence, discharging these frozen units is a vital and important part of therapy and the condition of the case will improve in direct ratio to the number of these units so discharged.

Consider these life units as free life energyTo free these units is the primary task of therapy



L. Ron Hubbard is adding his own little Lurian Kabbala twist into it though. He’s fixing or processing those bad sparks. Or as it’s put in the Kabbala, bringing them “into the light” – Tikkan Ha Olum.

End Excerpt


You can see right away how the Higher Torah or Tikkan is coming from that same basis as the Edison articles.

The people an individual encounters are potentially suited to assist that individual in raising the sparks within his or her own soul. Each encounter and each life event is an opportunity to raise a spark of holy light or plunge the world even further into darkness.

Juxtaposing that with this from Edison now, we can see that both he and the Kabbala are clearly presenting the idea that one’s soul is composed of these sparks.

Bad and Good Men.
“In the case of a ‘man,’ for example, he may be ‘ bad ‘ or ‘ good,’ in accordance with the trend of these dominant Individuals or in accordance with the majority quality or the individual which have gathered, more or less by chance, in the swarm which makes him up. He is ‘good ‘ if ‘good’ individuals are more numerous in it and dominate, and ‘bad’ if the reverse occurs.

Entering marriage as eugenics into the equation again now, ergo the theory here is that depending on who one is put with, a person with either a “good” or a “bad” dominant trend of sparks comprising their soul, would determine the outcome of life for the two individuals and their progeny.

An opportunity for disaster in the hands of a madman or an intelligence operative posing as one.

What isn’t quite so visible here, but yet is still inherent, is the other idea about these sparks that both Edison and the Kabbala are actually saying the same thing about. They are both denying the variable that is constant aspect.

The –


You can see Edison dancing around this point when he says this –

…always working under the direction of the higher type among them.

This is him cloaking that this is actually a religious teaching he is espousing. “higher type” is a kind of code word representing God.

Notice this that Edison said –

The life units which have formed that man do not die. They merely pass out of the unimportant mechanism which they have been inhabiting, which has been called a man and has been mistaken for an individual, and select some other habitat or habitats.

Do you see how he’s making it clear that an individual personality does not survive the death process, and that personality never happens again?

That’s Catholicism, right there.

Catholicism says that man’s soul is created by God at once at the time of birth. Ergo, that soul never existed before. At death, Catholicism says that one’s soul goes back to God, never to appear in life as a human again. (for those reference minded out there, I’m not talking through my hat here about this. See Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science for catechism documentation)

Edison is saying the same thing. The sparks go back to the higher direction, never to be that individual again.

Kabbala is saying the same thing. The sparks go back to God, never to be seen or be that individual again.

Do you think all of these are saying the same thing because it is true? Or is this basically a Richard Semon frequent repetition pain-pleasure driven reinforcement attempt – One designed to keep prior engrams given to humanity as locked in “above the threshold“?

I suspect it is the latter.

But why?

Why would someone go to such lengths?

I think it is about hiding the truth.

The truth of the Ones.

When Mr. Hubbard did his confabulation of sources cobbled together to form what he called Dianetics, I think that in some perhaps very small way, that he was trying to undo some of these locked-in ‘engrams’. But I don’t believe that this was an altruistic intention on his part. It was a selfish one. He wanted it for himself, and was using his devotees to help him try and achieve Unity within one lifetime.

When people, or devotees of the Hubbard-types in this world, lock themselves into such hellish Alice-in-Wonderland realities as ‘the bible’ creates in people, they literally and figuratively are Casualties of War.



Doomed to repeat their mistakes in a world where Alice rules.


If someone was to ask me:

What is the way out for such people? I would say –

Open your eyes.

Your spiritual eyes.


And never mind the Queens of the world – –


The solution has nothing to do with healing anything. People in that situation will never heal because there is nothing to heal. It’s all a lie. Going from one kind of a lie to another is not healing.

It’s running away.

Destination: I am the sum of my parts (or my sparks). I am not responsible because there is no I.

This is a destination no one will ever be able to reach, except in fantasy-land. Perhaps that’s why people insist on its realness so hard. In any case, this is the kind of Wonderland drivel that passes for knowledge in this society. It only works on people who are already praying fervently that Wonderland is true.

That is not faith. It is delusion and illusion.

The word faith actually originally meant trust. Not trust in some hokey God or any other such fairy tale. Faith cannot be faith without the reality and existence of that (or who) is deserving of such trust.

So, for this to be diverted from and trust to be put in things that do not exist, or in people who are not deserving of such a strong degree of trust, requires one hell of a show. But it also requires agreement.

How to get it? Propaganda and Wonderland showmanship that follows the line of engrams already constantly repeated in this society. (I mean Semon’s defintion here, not Mr. Hubbard’s, by the way).

Both of which tactics Mr. Moon and his right-hand religious scholar woman, Young Oon Kim, knew well, and that is why he (or perhaps it was through Young Oon kim) incorporated Kabbalistic principles into what Uni’s call the DP or Divine Principle.  Nowhere is that more apparent than in his supposedly random selection process for marriage partners.

Note: the DP was put together by Young Oon Kim with the help of two CIA front group assets out of Berkeley, no less.

Using the Kabbala in Moon’s Marriage Partner Selection

Reading the forehead to determine one’s state of soul

That diagram or template was included in a pamphlet from Germany in 1785. This video I’m about to show you tells you a little bit about that pamphlet, but I would like to make clear that this is all straight out of the Higher Torah or Lurian Kabbala, a hot mess that was created by covert Jesuits during the time of what I call the Fredericks. A real spaghetti-mess of which one is which, let me tell you, all of which were Kings or Lords in the german area of one kind or another.

You can read all about that period, in detail, in these two explorations into that realm, because it happens to be the same time that the Illuminati conspiracy theory was also fabricated (to attack particular Americans like Thomas Jefferson with).


Here’s the video –


This has all been brought forward into more supposedly scientific aspects referred to as Body Language. I can tell you for a fact that is not a science. No one can ever tell what “I” am thinking unless I and my body want them to. This is not a problem with trustworthy people around, but it is very much a problem for those seeking that “hidden” read on me – always a bad sign when they are.

The person I call “the Nose” was trained in reading body language as a Unification Church member. Apparently this was common.

To me, this is absolutely ludicrous to do with someone who actually has their eyes open spiritually, because they will look at you and see you, not your body. So, any body language is not only moot, its more humorous than anything. Kind of like those tall birds in Florida that walk really comically slow when they are sneaking up on fishermen and freeze when they see you look at them – as if to say: “I’m not moving so you can’t see me.”

This is what one looks like. Don’t know what they are called though.


You get the idea.

So, this reading of the foreheads actually first showed up in the bible.

Ash Wednesday, in Roman catholic countries attendance was mandatory under pain of excommunication or a trip to the Inquisition in medieval times. It is the beginning of “lent”. All Roman Catholics are “encouraged” to receive the MARK on the FOREHEAD with the sign of the cross.

In Revelation we read:

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

[…] And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. […] And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and [I saw] the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received [his] mark  upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

There are obviously supposedly two kinds of these ‘marks’ – one good and one bad.

This story in Revelation is a repetition (and throwing into the future) of one that appears in the book of Ezekiel, in which God tells Ezekiel in the temple that he will kill all the impure ones: those who have corrupted the house of Israel.

Then He called into my ears with a loud voice, saying, “Bring near those appointed over the city, and each one his weapon of destruction in his hand.” And behold six men coming from the way of the upper gate, which is turned northward; each man has his sledgehammer in his hand, and one man among them clothed in linen with a scribe’s tablet on his loins, and they came and stood beside the copper altar. And the glory of the God of Israel lifted itself from upon the cherub upon which it had been, to the threshold of the House, and He called to the man clothed in linen, upon whose loins was the scribe’s tablet. And the Lord said to him, “Pass through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and you shall mark a ?? upon the foreheads of the men who are sighing and moaning over all the abominations that were done in its midst.” And to these, He said in my ears, “Pass through the city after him and smite; let your eye spare not and have no pity. Old man, young man, and maiden, young children and women, you shall slay utterly, but to any man upon whom there is the mark you shall not draw near… – Ezekiel 9

Therefore, it isn’t much of a surprise to see this showing up (in however convoluted and expanded form) in the Higher Torah or Kabbala.

Let’s take a look at a sampling of current websites advertising that this reading of the ‘marks’ on the forehead can be taught.

First one

There are six aspects of a person’s countenance that need to be examined (and know this wisdom clearly). They are: the hair, the eyes, the nose, the lips, the face itself, and the hands – that is, the lines of the hands.

Second one

The kabbalists and Merkavah mystics determined who could learn their mysteries by reading palms and analysing the lines on the forehead. Apparently, these were foolproof ways in which to determine a student’s aptitude for the rigors of mystic life.

Apparently, therefore, this forehead reading is also used to determine who can learn these special “mysteries” of the Kabbala, as well as for other purposes.

Now let’s look at more formal Tikkan Ha Olum teachings that focus on these biblical marks.

First one

In Ezekiel 21 it states that when God was about to destroy the Holy Temple he told His angel to put a mark on the foreheads of the people. That mark was the letter tav. Those who were righteous received the letter in ink. Those who were wicked received the letter in blood.

The tav can represent ticheyeh, which means “life.” But it can also represent the word tamus, which means “death.”

There’s that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ marks idea again.

Second one

The Zohar teaches that our actions in this lifetime and previous lifetimes are shown on the forehead.

By looking at their foreheads he could recognize what people were thinking, what they had dreamt, what verse they had read when they ascended at night to the Garden of Eden. He would teach people an explanation of the root of their souls. He would read on their forehead both the positive things and the transgressions that they had thought about.

…The righteous [tzaddikim]…are able through the power of their souls to make them shine out from within the skin of people’s faces, and to transfer these letters through their skin so the they are revealed to the eyes of those that merit seeing the inner letters. This is how earlier generations were able to see a person’s sins written on their forehead, and also how the righteous now can see those letters.

The Kabbalistic Tradition: An Anthology of Jewish Mysticism by Alan Unterman

Creating a short list out of that one, we supposedly can glean purely from reading a forehead:

  • our actions in this lifetime and previous lifetimes
  • recognize what people were thinking
  • what they had dreamt
  • what verse they had read when they ascended at night to the Garden of Eden.
  • an explanation of the root of their souls, both the positive things and the transgressions that they had thought about.

But, it’s only the righteous, who can:

  • [make ‘letters’] shine out from within the skin of people’s faces, and to transfer these letters through their skin so the they are revealed to the eyes of those that merit seeing the inner letters.

And that last is the ‘how’ or the supposed procedure of seeing a person’s sins on their forehead.

So what is another purpose, and what is the end purpose for this reading of the foreheads?

The “raising of the sparks” is the vehicle of Tikkun ha-Olam, the Restoration of the World. The ideal of a restored and redeemed world, which overcomes chaos and evil, concretizes the values represented in the Sefirot, and is the highest possible perfection. For Luria, unity with god is completed only through the restorative acts of humankind.The Sefirot are the ten portals of light through which God created souls and the universe.

Kabala practitioners also regard the Sefirot as an ascending path to unity with god…There are superior and inferior souls, according to the organs with which they are respectively coupled. There are souls of the brain, souls of the eye, souls of the hand, etc. Each human soul is a spark from Adam, the first man. The first sin of the first man caused confusion among the various classes of souls: the superior intermingled with the inferior; good with evil; so that even the purest soul received an admixture of evil.From the lowest classes of souls proceeded the pagan world, while from the higher emanated the Israelite world. In consequence of the confusion, the inferior souls are not wholly deprived of the original good, and the superior souls are not altogether free from sin. This state of confusion, which gives a continual impulse toward evil, will cease with the arrival of the Messiah, who will establish the moral system of the world upon a new basis. Until that time man’s soul, because of its deficiencies, can not return to its source, and has to wander not only through the bodies of men and of animals, but even through inanimate things such as wood, rivers, and stones.

Luria claimed that man bears on his forehead a mark by which one may learn the nature of his soul. Such as:

  • to which class it belongs
  • the means by which it can contribute to the establishment of the new moral system of the world
  • how it can be freed from demon influences


to which soul it should be united in order to become purified.

Apparently, this ‘union’ can be made to happen by certain ‘formulas’ of conjuring (as in magical ritual). This kind of bizarre ritualism actually shows upin the description that the Nose gave me of Moon’s purification rituals.

The Nose expanded on the selection process, telling me that Uni’s (prospective brides and grooms) are told that if Moon could see your forehead, then he could be able to see 7 generations into the past. I presume this was the reason for the Nose’s pilgrimmage to Korea. Moon could then ‘see’ the forehead and carry out this Kabbalistic ritual of ‘the righteous’.

The Nose further described that Uni’s were told that Moon needs to “see the ancestors” so he can know the right man and woman to put together for the purification of their souls and the creation of a True Family in themselves and in any progeny.

Now let’s look at what I found that Moon himself said on these matters, which is about 100 times weirder than the somewhat bland description that the Nose gave me.

Here’s Mr. Moon, referred to as Father or True Father. The diagram is created by me based on the description of it.

If you really understand spirit world, you will be so scared. …

[Father draws a chart, a big “X” with a horizontal line through the middle. On the left of the crossing point is physical world, on the right is spirit world. The crossing point of the X is the gate.]

This is a gate, a gate of love. Can you form a gate of love by yourself? No, it takes two, a man and woman, a father and mother. We must realize that we have evil, fallen parents. From evil parents, evil love, life and lineage were generated. Evil conscience, too. This is the first thing we should realize.

The fallen world should never have existed, nor the fallen spirit world. We must deny it, therefore, and root it out. Because of the fall, the fallen spirit world exists. To erase it, we must cut it off and go through the gate.

Compare the world with a tree. Fallen humanity is a huge evil tree. It has roots, trunk, branches representing nations, and buds. We must remember that we are descendents of fallen ancestors, that is a absolutely essential to know.

…All the sins and crimes of history are included in the evil tree. A beautiful woman’s hair is a few stalks of the evil empire. America is a big branch. Does America exist in God’s original ideal? No nation of the fallen world exists in the ideal world.

…If a wife hangs on to her husband’s love organ, she is connected to the entire universe up to God, the pipeline of love, life, lineage and conscience.

As they grow they finally meet at the center, where the vertical line meets their horizontal love. That meeting is their blessing, their marriage.

Once that marriage takes place, everything becomes one at the center. The distance in every direction is the same from the center. God, and Adam and Eve are at home. Their bodies will be as the flesh of one being. The vertical line comes down and spawns the horizontal development. That is the multiplication of children. God husband wife and children all require each other. God needs children as husband needs wife. This is the three object purpose.

If we divide the globe into twelve parts, each should be equal. The center represents the number 7, with 6 directions going out. Then all together it equals 8, and this is the new start. This is the center of the universe. The family is the nucleus of the nation, world and universe. The connecting point of every level must be 90 degrees.

When you look at a man, there is a vertical line from forehead to the love organ. It ends at the center of the body, the love organ, where new life begins. Then why does free sex exist? Why is there divorce and living alone? What of contractual marriage? These are symptoms of the Last Days. Without True Parents, humanity will destroy itself.

That is about a perfect description of this Kabbalistic chart.

Continuing with Mr. Moon, who is trying to explain away his false Messianic status by comparing his monetary and pecuniary success to those who are not with the program, so to speak.

…Some Christians who do prayer vigils all night, for the Lord to come, call Rev. Moon a false Messiah. But the ‘false” messiah is prospering and their prayer is not being answered. Rev. Moon has hundreds of thousands of core followers, and there are billions of Christians who believe the Lord is coming on the clouds. This prophecy existed at the time of Jesus, too. Now, what does cloud mean? An airplane!


But then he talks about ‘levels’ of soul or heart between husband and wife and how the ‘lower’ one has to serve the ‘higher’ one. Again, right out of the Kabbala.

…Even a Harvard Ph.D. who has a husband with no education, but has a higher level of heart, she has to serve him. She should have no arrogance.

There’s some random jab at Americans (more like wishful thinking on Moon’s part) about George Washington.

…In the spirit world, George Washington will bow down to True Parents.

And then…well now Mr. Moon really gets the old Kabbalistic bus rolling –

Continually remind yourselves that you are descendents of evil love, life, lineage and conscience. Each fallen person is like the president of a satanic corporation. Your family, tribe and so forth are traveling with you. You pass through the gate together when you receive the blessing. As president of the satanic corporation, you carry all the burdens.

…Can you carry 180 families, one tribe, through the gate? Once you do, you can build the nation and world. The time has come for all your relatives to receive the blessing.

Phew! If you compare that to the whole Tikkan Ha Olum idea in the Kabbala, it’s hard to interpret what Mr. Moon just said there as anything but straight out of that.

Finally, Mr. Moon launches into some probably thought to be artistic rendition of the Kabbala by mixing it with Ballet (of all things). The worst part is that the old pervert makes a bid for all the young, nubile ladies out there to get jiggy with unattractive old farts like himself, by saying that it will ‘lift them up’ to a higher spiritual level in the hierarchy.

The Universal Ballet is getting good reviews. True Parents founded it. Why? Ballet dancers reach up high. The man lifts up the woman, meaning that man wants woman to reach the kingdom, telling her, “please connect with the heavenly bridegroom.” But in original world, the restored husband will lift up his wife to that level. And it will not just be acting out kissing, but actual love-making, as Dr. Lee said.

In spirit world, we needn’t worry about eating, sleeping and clothes. Everything is solved. How wonderful heaven is! There is nothing else than enjoying your life. A wife can lift up her husband with one finger, above her head, dancing about. During Swan Lake last night, Father was thinking that if he were the choreographer, he would have three on top of each other, not just two. Two men and one woman.

All of the above excerpts are from:

Gate of True Love, Reverend Sun Myung Moon at the Belvedere International Training Center, April 19, 1998
Translator: Rev. Peter Kim Unofficial transcription by Dr. Tyler Hendricks plus Hoon Dok Hae: Reading from Dr. Sang Hun Lee’s new book of teachings from the spirit world.

Now on to a description of how Mr. Moon came up with some of his selections concerning brides and grooms.

Father at 8 years old could both see and hear the spirit world clearly. He gave advice for matchings starting then, but was at first not taken seriously. He could see that the best matches were with enemies –then always the children/descendants would be greater.

Notice the part that I bolded. Remember what I said earlier? It wouldn’t create “greater” anything. Even by Kabbalistic standards, let alone Richard Semon’s ideas, this type of matching would drive people down deeper into darkness.

I believe that is exactly what Mr. Moon was doing, far more often than the alternative. Check out this next part, where we get this number or “letter’ mark on the forehead coming into play.

…Whether we stay [together] or not is based primarily on the merit of our ancestors. Those who stay have the good ancestors help or support. The 36 couples are not really different from others. There are some really good ancestors behind them. “Good” means they have the qualities of filial piety, loyalty, and fidelity. Spiritual attack comes to us all from evil, low spirit ancestors. When we joined, Father said he could see a number on our foreheads. This number is the years of ancestral merit we are given. When the number disappears, your real spiritual life and responsibility begins.

Sounding so scarily like Scientology’s explanation of what’s wrong with people’s relatives that don’t want them to join, that it’s downright unnerving – look at this.

…Judgement comes to us when others, especially relatives join. The lower, evil ancestors become scared that their sins will be revealed so they seek to pull them (and you) away. Their fear and guilt comes down to them (and you) bringing powerless, sad, guilty, and fearful emotions. (She shared an example of an early member.) We are the battleground.

And we’re going to go the eugenics route now –

…What is the difference between True Father and us? Blood lineage. God suffered and worked (was present) through his lineage for a long time. Korean history is a history of 5000 years of suffering. Never any peaceful time; always victimized by bigger nations.

Finishing up with blaming the 36 couples (his first marriage selectees) for Moon’s failures. Always a good misdirection.

The 36 couples did not believe, unite deeply enough. Father said we should all go to hell. Instead however, he gave us this chance to go out to the whole world as IW’s and testify and work harder again. Father’s life has been one of being attacked, running and escaping. Five thousand KGB agents were sent to the US at the height of the Cold War. Many were studying, watching Father. They discovered he is a man who gives and gives even though he is deceived. They concluded he is a fool. Why? Are the fools the one who stayed? Often very smart people came and quickly calculated that the DP, father, and the UC did not make sense. Merit of ancestors, intuition, heart, “good nature”, are traits in common with those who have stayed and persevered. We gain more power by testifying and witnessing

The above excerpts are from:

Renewing Our Life; Gil Ja Sa Eu, June 1, 2001, Washington, D.C. Family Church; Notes (unofficial and incomplete) by Edwin Pierson

Last but not least, there’s this particular revelation about the forehead.

“the part of the face that takes up the most space is the eyes, next is the nose, if the center of the universe is man the mouth represents all things and the forehead symbolizes “heaven”.

– Sun Myung Moon, The Process of the Blessing

The Nose told me that the Korean Leaders would come and tell the above, the whole forehead scrying thing, and that this was allowed because they were “representatives of father”. The Nose said that ONLY the Koreans could have this distinction to carry out this judgement-by-forehead because they were from the Fatherland.

For any of you scientologists out there, CMO messengers, anyone?

The fascinating thing to me about all this, well, there’s a lot, but let me rephrase that and say the most stand-out aspect of this secret selection process that only the ‘righteous’ – Koreans – can do, is what is not said.

The above was all I could easily find on the Marriage selection process itself. There’s almost nothing in writing or in speeches about this despite the absolutely prolific amount of material by Mr. Moon and his cohorts on just about any other subject under the sun, moon and stars.

I also note that no one, repeat no one, has bothered to even mention, let alone seriously consider the intelligence aspect in all this selection business. Moon was a tool of both Korean intelligence and the CIA. In fact, this level of avoidance (or maybe it’s denial) of ex-Uni’s approaches Big Red Flag time, as far as I’m concerned.

Some of them actually get stark, raving, bug-eyed hysterical at even considering to be true, the idea that they may have been put with someone specifically to screw both of them over, for some sick intelligence handlers whim or idea of a mind-control or eugenics experiment. Someone that they are, in some cases, still with. In such a case, I imagine that kind of hysterical reaction is driven more by denial than it is by any rational objectivity, because the idea of intelligence involvement isn’t far-fetched at all.

It was already admitted that Moon liked to put enemies together, you’d first have to figure out who were, or would become enemies, now wouldn’t you? Of course. And that would take some intelligence work, some research and investigation.

Perhaps I’ll address that separately.

For now, I hope this article helps some people out there to open their eyes.


For further reading on how the Kabbala actually came to be created in the time of Dr. Dee, please see Backdated Overpopulation Myths.

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